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File 131226171192.jpg - (330.82KB , 760x730 , GnollsbaneTitle2.jpg )
335257 No. 335257 ID: e1c562

>in a dark dimension, fantastical compared to our own, a world lies in peril a dark warlock threatens. and now this world's fate will be determined by the actions of a single filthy moronic grubby gnoll. so it falls upon you! the wise spirits, ancient ancestors, benevolent angels, vile demons, mischievous ghosts and other incorporeal guides to protect this poor pathetic creature on her path to infinite glory!

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No. 335260 ID: e1c562
File 131226196096.jpg - (325.32KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane77.jpg )

>hmm it seems our scruffy mongrel has found a way to bash open the metal door. that's actually rather impressive.

Gando: "Hey Babe I know a couple ways for you to get out all that pent up aggression."

Bangles: "Grrrrr"

Gando: "I'm just sayin . . . "
No. 335261 ID: 55c4cf

Give into Gando's wiles.
No. 335263 ID: 221021

This, and get your "chicken" friend to participate too.
No. 335266 ID: 35e1a0

have gando lead, he has the light afterall.
No. 335281 ID: 9c538a

Enter metal door!
No. 335412 ID: 2563d4

He's also easily the most expendable trap bait.
No. 335467 ID: e1c562
File 131230438276.jpg - (310.75KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane78.jpg )

The party travels north
No. 335468 ID: 0b9d09

Check corpse for anything of value
No. 335470 ID: 35e1a0

rip it's head off first so it can't go undead. then search it for stuff.
No. 335481 ID: 07416a

♪Loot, loot, loot the corpse♪
No. 335484 ID: 2563d4

I approve of this gnollish display of not-quite-needless violence.
No. 335500 ID: 1854db

Kirska: Attempt to identify how the dead guy died.
No. 335521 ID: e1c562
File 131231375604.jpg - (356.73KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane79.jpg )

Kirska: it looks like he was stabbed through the chest, judging by the freshness of the blood I suspect he was slain this very day.

Bangles finds an OIL FLASK on the corpse!

Gando: "hey babe, if ya wanted head that bably all you needed to do was ask, heh"
No. 335522 ID: 221021

Stand in front of the curtain and give an impromptu knife juggling performance. Um, or just look behind it.
No. 335551 ID: e3f578

Gando bro, you were great and and a lot more subtle previously, come on man, use some classy jokes and come up with something a bit less vulgar. Giggity.
No. 335628 ID: 2563d4

Saunter through the curtain and lob the head over your shoulder.

Try to hit the squirt with it.
No. 335639 ID: eba49f

Roll the head through the door to assert dominance over any traps.
No. 335645 ID: 1854db

...I'd say to be sneaky but we just banged on a metal door for a few minutes to get in here.

Instead, let's just be cautious and look into the next room before entering.
No. 335881 ID: e1c562
File 131235324240.jpg - (428.18KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane80.jpg )

Bangles enters STEALTH MODE

Bangles travels north

Bangles' stealth attempt fails!

Metalpants: "ehh? Bangles?!"
No. 335882 ID: 07416a

Run away.
No. 335883 ID: 1854db

Bangles, if you know this guy I have one question: Does he want to kill you?

If yes, run.
No. 335977 ID: e3f578

'Sup metalpants
just adventuring through a bunch of chaos, maybe causing a bit ourselves
How are you dong, motherfucker? Still getting your Gnoll on? Come on, give a hearty gnoll laugh in. hahahahahahah
No. 335979 ID: 221021

Say hi, and tell your friends who he is.
No. 336020 ID: e1c562
File 131239896694.jpg - (433.89KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane81.jpg )

Bangles: my bastard exboyfriend MetalPants, why won't he leave me alone . . ."

Bangles: "MetalPants . . ."

Kirska: "you know this gnoll?"

MetalPants: "Hah Hah Hah, you never told your pets about me? well you always DID gloss over the best parts of your life! on top of that you broke my NAME CHARM and after all the trouble I went to give it to you, so ungrateful! Hah Hah Hah, I'm kidding of course, but with all your stupid love of human garbage, I'm surprised you still had the dignity to determine what a stupid name was!"

>this could turn very bad very fast, the Dark Warlock may or may not be wielding the power of a demi-god whatever your guidance be remember you must protect the Catalyst!

Bangles: "grrrrr"

MetalPants: "Hah Hah Hah, what's the matter? forget how to talk? your lucky I'm in a good mood, how bout you grovel before me and I'll forgive you for not appreciating how awesome I am! Hah Hah Hah."
No. 336023 ID: 221021

You might as well do it, because dying is bad, and it's an ultimately meaningless action.
No. 336025 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm, it seems you are out numbered. just means there are more to kill! throw all your knives!
No. 336032 ID: 2563d4

She's a gnoll, not a pussy. Although I suppose it's one way to get into stabbing range.
No. 336064 ID: 4721eb

flip him off and stab the warlock.
No. 336067 ID: 1854db

Uh. You should say he's awesome and leave. These guys are incredibly strong and we WILL die if we fight them.
No. 336074 ID: e3f578

Tell Metalpants he has absolutely no way with ladies. He is also terrible in bed. He can kill a lot but he kills with no style, he has no groove.
And groove is the most important part of a Gnoll, and he has none.
No. 336085 ID: 7aedd2

Loudly recall the incident with your boyfriend and the strap-on
No. 336096 ID: adb0e9

Tell his friends the real reason he wears those pants.
No. 336099 ID: 2563d4

Sod >>336032; this is clearly the best plan.

(...well done on trading away the required implement, though, /quest/.)
No. 336187 ID: e1c562
File 131241984743.jpg - (437.55KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane82.jpg )

Bangles attempts to use "back talk"

Bangles: "yeah? well um, You're bad at sex! and also-EEEAAAAAAAAAAH! MORE DEMONS!

Bangles spots a demon
the attempt fails

demon???: "YEeeeesss Fear me mortal."

MetalPants: "Hah Hah Hah. Bangles don't be afraid of Beoloth, for he obeys MY WILL! and it is on MY ORDER that he shall consume you! so it is ME who you should fear! so what was all this about me being bad at sex?"

Bangles: . . .

>It appears to be a gargoyle demon. where normal demons usually unsummon after a limited time, Gargoyles have adapted to maintain an almost permanent existence within our natural dimension.
No. 336188 ID: 1854db

Please, please grovel in some manner before you die horribly.
No. 336190 ID: 35e1a0

can gando have his magic wand use solar flare? just get blindingly bright for a moment? if so then do that and run.
No. 336191 ID: 07416a

Say he's just butthurt.
No. 336192 ID: 2563d4

Complement him on his sexual performance---

---when he's the bitch.
No. 336195 ID: e3f578

Hey Gargoyle, bro, why do you follow this douschebag? Back talk: "He takes it in the ass, you know, from the lady. Do you really want to follow a freak like that? That punk groveled in turn every fucking night, I swear. He must want me to grovel for a change of pace. What a little bitch, can't even take a break-up seriously. We're, like, done bitch."

Tell him to follow Bangles, she knows what is really up, gold, in particular, and juicy chicken meats. Maybe a soul or two we can trick a prick out of, if you're into that. Plus, let's see... some weird prophecy that may mean the end of the world that involves a strap-on that we lost...
No. 336196 ID: 644ca1

Why not have Gando summon some demons of his own. With illusion or by making us visible, whatever works.
No. 336197 ID: 00f7d9

Okay, threat assessment, We have some kind of deamon binding gnoll with large axe, a gargoyle, what looks like an orc, or perhaps an ogre with the club, next to an half dressed dark-elf (likely either a sorceress or a ninja of sorts) then we have dark grim and armored over there probably some kind of fallen knight or 'evil paladin' type, then whatever the hell that dude is in the back is, doubtlessly a martial artist.

Now, here's the thing, if we HAVE to attack them, we should only target the gnoll and gargoyle initially. This is becasue like most adventurer parties, this one is probably held together by coin and the promises of power, I wouldn't put it past any of these fellows to put a knife in eachother's back if it suited them.

Thus, if we could swiftly kill both him and the deamon, the other's might think us more trouble than attacking us would be worth, but we would have to do it fast.
No. 336313 ID: 55c4cf

request a mop someone needs to clean this up goddamn.

No. 336321 ID: e1c562
File 131243797549.jpg - (481.33KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane83.jpg )

Metalpants: "Hah Hah Hah, now wheres that groveling, golden eyes? beg to me worm! BEG TO ME! HYEAH HAH Hah Hah Hah!"

Bangles: " I WON'T! I'm not going to beg to a butthurt little creep like you!"

Gando: this is turning real ugly real fast, I got to think of something . . .

MetalPants: " Hah Hah Hah, and here I was trying to be civilized! Okay boys time to cut them-"

Gando castes SOLAR FLARE

MetalPants: "Gyaah!"

MetalPants is stunned
?????? is stunned
?????? is blinded
Beoloth resists
?????? is stunned
?????? is stunned
Gando resists
Kirska is stunned
Bangles is unaffected

No. 336325 ID: ccf646

dear Bangles: you're a thief, there are helpless people inthe room, and you have a stack of knives in your inventory. please make the obvious connection. yours truly, Spirit.

Gando: do more useful stuff. maybe take eout the physically weakest looking one.
No. 336328 ID: 07416a

Let him see the point of your dagger real close up.
No. 336345 ID: 1854db

I would rather we used this momentary distraction to escape from the group which outnumbers us, has better equipment, consists of larger/stronger people, and includes a DEMIGOD.
No. 336435 ID: 2563d4

Don't be a chicken.

That's Kirska's job.
No. 336444 ID: 46c430

Grab Kirska and RUN LIKE HELL!
No. 336481 ID: e1c562
File 131249051753.jpg - (301.23KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane84.jpg )

Bangles attempts to employ courage

Bangles: I don't wanna get eaten by a demon!

attempt fails
Bangles grabs Kirska
Bangles flees south

Gando: "ya see that? pretty hot stuff huh? and normally flashing is just my warm up trick!"
No. 336484 ID: 1854db

"yes very nice let's keep running."

Go through that other door.
No. 336486 ID: 091033

No. 336488 ID: eba49f

Someone say to Gando:
"Flashing, huh. I didn't know you were into that kind of thing."
No. 336517 ID: e1c562
File 131249846106.jpg - (319.56KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane85.jpg )

the party travels south
No. 336536 ID: 1854db

Go through the broken door and close it carefully behind you.

Is Kirska still stunned?
No. 336673 ID: e1c562
File 131252112235.jpg - (327.15KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane86.jpg )

the party travels east

Kirska:" B-Bangles, you can put me down now"

Gando: "hey, if she doesn't want the free ride, I know someone who does . . ."
No. 336676 ID: 180ec2

Oh look, it's Cthulhu! Any of you ever seen something like that? Try to move the statue, there's a door behind it.
No. 336677 ID: 35e1a0

i spy secret passage behind the statue!
No. 336681 ID: e4bbed


grope Cthulhu until he budges.
No. 336782 ID: 2563d4

Continue to carry Chicken until adaquate levels of discomfort are achieved. See if Gando can slip behind the statue.
No. 337089 ID: e1c562
File 131260900849.jpg - (328.74KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane87.jpg )

>hmm looks like she's found an incredibly obvious secret door

Bangles pushes the statue north

Bangles: I found the secret I am the best a being a thief!

Kirska: "Bangles, can you p-please put me down!"

Bangles: "hee hee hee"
No. 337092 ID: 1854db

Gando, close the door. Also, let's move the statue back behind us.
No. 337144 ID: 5a7dd9

enter passage and try to get Cthulhu to close behind you.
No. 337146 ID: 35e1a0

put kirska down have her help you move the statue back.
No. 337184 ID: 2563d4

...with Gando on our side. If nothing else he's our light source.

Also you can probably awkwardly put Chicken down now.
No. 337613 ID: e1c562
File 131272323638.jpg - (340.11KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane88.jpg )

Gando attempts to close the door

Gando: "Eeeyargh!"

the attempt fails
Gando is on fire

No. 337615 ID: e3f578

gando noooooooooooooooo
tell Kirska to give her your cape and go and you wrap Gando in the cape to get rid of the fire and bolt while carrying him
No. 337616 ID: 37fbaf

No. 337617 ID: e1c562
File 131272349437.jpg - (357.26KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane89.jpg )

Metal: "Hah Hah Hah, you sure aren't running very fast, it's like you're not even scared! don't worry I'll help with that!"
No. 337619 ID: e3f578

scratch that last plan, just fight 'em with yoru claws and tear him apart

Gando: you idiot stop drop roll
No. 337639 ID: f188f3

Bangles: quickly decide if you want to fight or flee, and act accordingly in a swift manner.
No. 337674 ID: 180ec2

Run run run down the secret corridor that likely leads to some kind of ancient secret power!
No. 337682 ID: 0d7a83

No. 337688 ID: 55c4cf

Flaming Gando Death Sphere Gnoll Blaster!
No. 337757 ID: 3416ec

No. 337759 ID: 221021

Have Kirska grab Gando, run into the door behind you, and smash the statue as you go, allowing it to block the way.
No. 337771 ID: 35e1a0

KNIFE STORM! throw all your knives in a cloud!
No. 337773 ID: 10d022

Gando! Materialize us! We'll handle this!
No. 337935 ID: e1c562
File 131278005096.jpg - (368.41KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane90.jpg )

Bangles Flees

Kirska: "Gando, I'll h-hold him off, you have to protect Bangles"
Kirska castes MANASHIELD

Gando: like hell I'll run from that smug bastard, just got to think of a plan I've got one shot at this I can summon those spirits again and hope this guy freaks out the same as Bangles, or I could with a classic and set a spell bomb to collapse the whole room . . .
No. 337937 ID: 55c4cf


Gando take out the room like a man. Save yourself if you can.
No. 337942 ID: 1854db

Go for a big boom!
No. 337949 ID: 10d022

Water you doooiiiiing.

Materialize us, you dolt. If you can, keep the boom in reserve. Last resort weapons are for last resorts!
No. 337952 ID: 2b7ddd

summon us.
No. 338051 ID: 2563d4

Collapsing the room would crush our kobold chew toy, which is clearly unacceptable.
No. 338067 ID: 2b89ff


boom big boom
No. 338068 ID: 644ca1

No. 338085 ID: 4784be


The attacking Gnoll is named MetalPants
> Not opting to use the spell "Heat Metal"
No. 338098 ID: 180ec2

Yes, summon us. Also if you have heat metal try that too.
No. 338118 ID: 90e26e

I support this, it might also get that axe out of his hands.
No. 338119 ID: e1c562
File 131284065884.jpg - (372.92KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane91.jpg )

Gando: argh the choices! enough to drive you mad! anyways when in doubt go with what you know!

Gando casts SPELL BOMB

No. 338120 ID: 35e1a0

kriska: THROW mana-shield and run!
No. 338121 ID: 10d022

Gando: You jerk. This better work.
Kirska: We're fucked. Leg it!
No. 338122 ID: 180ec2

OH GOD RUN KIRSKA RUN! Man, why does the only person who actually listens to us have to be the one who's sane anyway?
No. 338124 ID: 24a444

No. 338129 ID: 644ca1

Run brave kobold, run!
No. 338150 ID: 2563d4

Roll down the stairs in your little hamsterball of magic.

Aim for Gando.
No. 338183 ID: e1c562
File 131285812776.jpg - (240.92KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane92.jpg )

Kirska attempts to flee

Kirska: Spirits grant me the speed to overcome these stunted legs and the strength to carry this heavy armor

the SPELL BOMB triggers

* * *

Bangles: huh? the rocks stopped falling?
No. 338186 ID: 35e1a0

No. 338188 ID: 10d022

Welp, I think Gando's dead. There goes future Bangles hugs.

Go lift that rock off Kirska. Carefully, now. Then dig under the rubble to try and recover Gando. Might as well give him a decent burial.
No. 338189 ID: f1972f

Oh god....

start digging you jewelery encrusted hairball, start digging....
No. 338192 ID: 221021

I told him it was a bad idea, I TOLD HIM! Quick, Bangles, get the rock off of Kirska, we like her. Or to put it more simply, SAVE THE CHICKEN!
No. 338194 ID: e3f578

No. 338195 ID: e3f578

Archmage is it possible in this world to revive dead party members at a santuary or using a spell or something?
No. 338210 ID: 185cff

Considering how vital it is to keep Bangles alive, we should assume that resurrection is somewhere between impossible and extremely difficult.

Rescue your chicken Bangles.
No. 338214 ID: e1c562
File 131286841029.jpg - (244.16KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane93.jpg )

Bangles: Chicken sure looks dead . . .

>it is theoretically possible to bring a person back from the dead, though to my knowledge it has yet to ever have been put into practice.

>I wouldn't be overly concerned about losing a goblin mage, they're quite common.
No. 338227 ID: 0907c5

Bangles: realize you were in love with Kirska all along.
No. 338231 ID: 2563d4

Lick her face. It's the only way to be sure.
No. 338233 ID: a76799

Do it!
No. 338237 ID: 221021

No. 338246 ID: 55c4cf


i am in mourning.
No. 338248 ID: 6aebb0

oh, and take his staff as a fond memory.
No. 338252 ID: e3f578

But Gando The Goblin Magician wasn't your average Goblin Mage
He was Gando goddammit
we fixed his hair :<
No. 338255 ID: c2c011

Prod her a bit with a stick to see if she moves. If not then it's back to the original plan of eating her.
No. 338260 ID: 07416a

Do not drop the rock on her.
No. 338261 ID: 35e1a0

feel her chest and see if her heart is still beating. if so then she is alive. use CLOTH on whatever is leaking blood and carry her.
No. 338266 ID: 180ec2

Bangles: Quick, we've got to save her! Mouth-to-mouth for chicken!

Kirska: You better not die or the spirits are never going to forgive you! ;_;
No. 338272 ID: e1c562
File 131290645813.jpg - (242.97KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane94.jpg )

Bangles: Chicken tastes burnt
No. 338273 ID: 35e1a0

just trust us, she is alive. use your headband on whatever is bleeding the most.
No. 338274 ID: c2c011

Lick her eye to see if she reacts.
No. 338276 ID: 24a444

Carry her to safety, check her wounds, pulse, anything and everything that'll help see if she can be saved.
No. 338278 ID: 2563d4

Well, may as well drag her along by her tail until she comes to.

Better grab Gando's wand for a torch, unless you (and she) have darkvision.
No. 338282 ID: b45c90

Well done! The touch of love makes it spiritually okay! Love it! Treat the wounds now.
No. 338284 ID: c0811c

after you do whatever with Chicken, dig a little bit around the wand. maybe you'll find Gando's body or something.
No. 338287 ID: 221021

I think we need to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Bangles, put your mouth on hers and breathe into it.
No. 338292 ID: eba49f

You guys notice how the Archmage doesn't seem to actually care about anyone? Being willing to sacrifice them to save the world is one thing, but Archmage doesn't seem to care at all. In other words, inb4 Archmage is actually evil.
No. 338314 ID: e1c562
File 131292781048.jpg - (230.00KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane95.jpg )

Bangles travels east

Bangles: hey, I think I can see light at the end of this passage
No. 338318 ID: 221021

Search for traps. This seems a bit suspicious having a featureless corridor.
No. 338319 ID: 2563d4

Well, keep moving toward it I guess. Maybe the fresh air will help. If that's what it is.
No. 338332 ID: 375356

Hate to break it to you guys, but Kirsha's health is dropping by the second. She needs medical attention fast, any long delays and she's going to bleed out.
No. 338333 ID: 35e1a0

dang it, kriska is losing blood. take off that headband and put it on the hole that is leaking red stuff.
No. 338334 ID: f1972f

Her waist is where the bleeding will be most severe I imagine.
No. 338336 ID: 26eb87

no, Kriska's health is dropping slowly because she is being dragged by the tail, on her face. While being dug out of the rubble she was stable.
No. 338356 ID: c891d3

You should probably help out Kirska before she, um, dies.
No. 338391 ID: 2563d4

Just have to carry her again, then.
No. 338432 ID: 221021

Also, can we work on making Chicken not die? You're probably safe down here, so take off her armor and try to make an attempt to bandage her up. I don't think that there's a way to fail at bandaging so badly that you kill somebody.
No. 338444 ID: 10d022

Okay seriously stop tryin' to kill Kirska. Either treat her wounds or pick her up and carry her normally.
No. 338489 ID: e1c562
File 131295027288.jpg - (228.23KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane96.jpg )

Bangles: I don't think I want Chicken to die right now, I guess I should try to doctor a bit

Bangles manages to get off Kirska's armor but injures Kirska and destroys much of the armor in the process

Bangles: . . . being a doctor is hard
No. 338491 ID: e1c562
File 131295044763.jpg - (345.12KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane97.jpg )

Bangles: what cloth and how much should I use to bind chickens wounds, gotta think smart about this . . .
No. 338497 ID: 00d3d5

Headband and scarf.
No. 338498 ID: 221021

Well, we probably want to pick relatively clean stuff. What about the bow? If that's not enough the scarf also looks relatively clean. Those were the two things you've been wearing the least.
No. 338499 ID: 07416a

No. 338506 ID: 185cff

I have to agree, the scarf. It looks like it didn't get any ashes or blood or dirt on it at all.

Too bad we still have no clue what those potions do. Think this is a desperate enough situation to try and use them?
No. 338521 ID: 180ec2

The bow looks the cleanest, but it's a bit small. Lay that down first and secure it with the scarf. If you run out of cloth the headband might suffice, that one is also pretty clean. But definitely use the bow first. You've only had it for less than a day, so it's probably less covered in gnoll.

I don't think she's that bad yet. If we screw this up and she gets infected or something and starts getting worse then we might want to, though.
No. 338526 ID: 35e1a0

no, not yet, green is usually poison and no idea what gold is. if one was red then i would give it more thought.
No. 338557 ID: 4d43b9


you didn't play much Nethack, did you?

use headband and scarf.
No. 338700 ID: e1c562
File 131299335648.jpg - (225.33KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane98.jpg )

Bangles: I'm the best doctor!
No. 338703 ID: 35e1a0

i think that did it, her health went UP.
No. 338705 ID: 4d43b9

good! now stop dragging her on the ground.
No. 338709 ID: 24a444

Carry her to safety. Move quick before MetalPants finds a way to get to you.
No. 338710 ID: 00d3d5

CARRY her to safety. In your arms if you can, but ON YOUR BACK if need be.
No. 338827 ID: e1c562
File 131302180794.jpg - (219.78KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane99.jpg )

Bangles travels east

Bangles: sound like some people talking up ahead

Kirska Recovers

Kirska: "Spirits preserve . . ."

Bangles: "good morning Chicken, I saved your life, so now you owe me big time"

Kirska: " . . . wah?"
No. 338828 ID: 180ec2

Bangles, try to be sneaky and spy on whoever's talking in the next room.

Kirska, do you think you can walk?
No. 338831 ID: 2563d4

Leave the glowing wand here with Kirska before attempting stealth.
No. 338916 ID: 314ffe

Bangles: she saved your life first. so you're merely even.

Kirska: heal yourself if you have any mana left.
No. 339028 ID: e1c562
File 131309158667.jpg - (310.37KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane100.jpg )

Kirska casts HEALING on herself

Bangles attempts to use stealth

Bangles: being sneaky is fun

* * *

Shadowhand: "the temple has fallen, Master Theskius is most likely dead, our enemies must not get through this door, do you understand?"

orc: "I live only to serve, the unbelievers shall not pass."

Shadowhand: "good,your loyal service shall not be forgotten."

>I suppose it was to much to hope that the Dark warlock had killed all these fools
No. 339040 ID: 2ab266

Oh hey look it's that person. Normally I would say just sit back and let the cultists duke it out and try to sneak out, but it doesn't look like you have many places to hide in that hallway. So maybe you should say hi. What's the worst that could happen?
No. 339041 ID: 35e1a0

stay silent until they move so there are less.
No. 339061 ID: eba49f

Ok, this is the cultist we met before. I think we left on on ok-ish terms, so if we are going to talk to someone it should definately be her.

We should wait and see if any of the other cultists leave, but if Shadowhand (the fancy robes cultist) starts leaving, we should shout to her that we are not their enemies (true at least at the moment), and that we fought the Warlock before fleeing through the tunnels and sealing them..
No. 339062 ID: 3b202e

oh hey, it's the same cultists from the start, maybe you can steal your strap-on back
No. 339069 ID: eba49f

Because fighting her worked out so well last time.
No. 339074 ID: 8fb31c

Reveal yourself. With Kirska wounded, you have no way of fighting these guys, and there's nowhere you can sneak off to. Bargain with the warlock, make an offer, do whatever you can to keep her talking. Kirska can
No. 339075 ID: 8fb31c

Reveal yourself. With Kirska wounded, you have no way of fighting these guys, and there's nowhere you can sneak off to. Bargain with the warlock, make an offer, do whatever you can to keep her talking. Kirska can come to your aid if they do decide to attack you.
No. 339082 ID: 180ec2

Say hello, and tell them that those guys aren't going to be getting down here any time soon.
No. 339086 ID: 2563d4

Ask her if she's been enjoying The Phallus of Toreztidius.
No. 339163 ID: e1c562
File 131312302887.jpg - (311.03KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane101.jpg )

Bangles: "Hello robe person, remember me?"

Shadowhand: "Hello Catalyst, a puppet of the dark warlock now?"

Bangles: "no way! that guy's a total jerk."

Shadowhand: "interesting . . . yet irrelevant. you shouldn't take this personally Catalyst but time is no long my ally."

Bangles: "uhh?"

Shadowhand: "Gargod, Phelps, Shappin slay this mongrel."
No. 339165 ID: 8fb31c

Retreat into the hallway. Use it to force a 1 on 1 fight.

Also, throw something at them. Preferably something sharp and bladed.
No. 339167 ID: 00d3d5

"I'm selling these fine leather jackets."
No. 339195 ID: 35e1a0

throw knives while retreating backwards.
No. 339209 ID: 62d551

It'll probably be smarter fighting to get into the tunnel first, then aim while they're trying to get to it. As soon as the first gets around the corner, throw a knife into the center of mass. Won't be expecting it.

They're going to close on us after the first one goes down. They're wearing hoods, so pull it down over the face and stab before they can see. Use that body as a shield to hold off the orc, who should be last because he's larger.

If that all goes well, which I nearly guarantee it won't, then it should buy us enough time to regroup with Kirska.
No. 339210 ID: 62d551

Also, rule one of adventuring with a party. If you're going to die, die loudly.
No. 339318 ID: e1c562
File 131316384890.jpg - (269.22KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane102.jpg )

Bangles flees west

Bangles: Well it looks like they're following me . . . I wish I had some knives to throw at them, but all I got is these curved gnome swords
No. 339319 ID: 35e1a0

may as well throw those then.
No. 339321 ID: aa4528

well then flee some more
No. 339327 ID: e5686b

Bangles, you lost the wand!
No. 339328 ID: 9cb4b3

Kirska: Heal yourself some more! Spam that healing spell!
No. 339348 ID: 644ca1

Bangles, start throwing those gnome swords, you can do it!

Kirska got the wand.
No. 339419 ID: e1c562
File 131320333569.jpg - (251.92KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane103.jpg )

Cultist injured

>Bangles is not skilled in the area of sword throwing, her attacks are likely to be far less effective
No. 339421 ID: e17686

Equip another sword, then attack the uninjured one.

Also, see if Kirska can come to your aid.
No. 339422 ID: 180ec2

Get another sword and attack, but prepare yourself to dodge a magical attack.
No. 339499 ID: 644ca1

If they bleed then that's effective enough because Bangles has a TON OF GNOME SWORDS, retreat back to Kirska. Then start throwing again and throw those swords until your run out.
No. 339541 ID: 62d551

We're not going to get a whole lot of chances here. One of them is distracted. Get between the two while drawing your weapon, press close to the uninjured one. Once he's put on the defense, change your target to the wounded one. He'll have changed to offense, then you can grab him and deliver a fatal blow. When he's under you control move on the opposite side of him from the other mage.
No. 339564 ID: 79e9e0

ram 'em with one
No. 339588 ID: 8c0848

CREATE A STORM OF SWORDS THAT WILL BLOCK OUT THE SUN... or would if you weren't underground.
No. 339589 ID: b7b2b6


Growl at them.
No. 339618 ID: e1c562
File 131325229695.jpg - (252.54KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane104.jpg )

Bangles is on fire

Bangles: "Grrrr RARF!"

>As a thief Bangles is a quick ans agile fighter making it incredibly difficult to land hits, However minor actions such as drawing new weapons will slow her down and leave her open to attacks
No. 339620 ID: 55c4cf

Hey! Stop being on fire.
No. 339626 ID: d2a9a0

okay then don't draw any new weapons.
No. 339629 ID: c2c011

Fuck their day up more and then eat their faces to gain their power!
No. 339632 ID: 2563d4

>drawing weapons
You have a claw-fist thing and brutish gnoll physique. Why would you do that in close combat?
No. 339638 ID: f1972f

Put yourself out in their blood, use the old 'flaming zombie' technique. Burning one doesn't help, now it's just on fire, and hugging you to death, while on fire, smothering the flames with their bodies.
No. 339651 ID: e3f578

double pirouette swirly attack!
i dunno just spin around to slice both their throats
No. 339687 ID: ec0bf5

Give the one in front of you a big gnoll hug to restrain him as you slit his throat. Kirska, come and help with the other one while he's distracted.
No. 340000 ID: e1c562
File 131336128238.jpg - (274.62KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane105.jpg )

Cultist Slain
No. 340001 ID: c2c011

Excellent, now do a sweet roll and then come back and take down the rest with extreme pain for him
No. 340007 ID: 2563d4

Kirska: sneak attack.
No. 340014 ID: e3f578

looks like the cultist is preparing another flame thing
might want to take precautions for that, not sure how but that sweet roll does sound like a good idea. Get the motherfucker in the legs
No. 340016 ID: 375356

Cultist lining up a shot from his lantern from behind. Evade, then attack, preferably taking his arm off so he can't get another shot off.
No. 340017 ID: 35e1a0

use the corpse as a shield.
No. 340178 ID: e1c562
File 131339304493.jpg - (274.08KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane106.jpg )

Bangles attempts to block
. . .
attempt successful!

No. 340179 ID: ec0bf5

Kirska, run up and stab him in the back.
No. 340180 ID: cd63e9

throw the corpse of his friend at him.
No. 340181 ID: 35e1a0

throw the corpse and then rush him.
No. 340258 ID: 031d13

This. Hurry. There's a third, and now Bangles is stuck between this caster and the orc.

Kirshka, stop casting healing spells and get your scaley butt out here!
No. 340260 ID: c2c011

Now rush the fucker and kill him hard.
No. 340362 ID: e1c562
File 131344354063.jpg - (282.78KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane107.jpg )

Kirska: forgive me spirits but to attack from behind is against my code

Cultist is slain

Kirska: such is the methods of cowards
No. 340366 ID: 2563d4

Ok then, make yourself useful but making Bangles not on fire.
No. 340374 ID: c2c011

Bangles, drop down and roll to stop being on fire.
No. 340382 ID: b6edd6

Kriska: If you won't attack from behind, in the future would you be alright with shouting to get their attention and then attacking? (Most enemies would not know you would not attack if they don't turn around.)
No. 340400 ID: 26eb87

Don't let your guard down yet Bangles, Shadowhand sent three names after you. The big one is still unaccounted for.
No. 340585 ID: e1c562
File 131347708694.jpg - (304.90KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane108.jpg )

Bangles is no longer on fire

Acolyte has finished his summoning ritual

No. 340586 ID: 35e1a0

kriska, you got any area effect magics? a nice fire puff over the whole swarm would be great.
No. 340625 ID: 2563d4

Lunch is served! (Kobolds eat bugs, right?)
I guess Bangles can see if she can hold them back with a latern thing, even if she can't fire it.
No. 340636 ID: c2c011

Bangles, grab chicken and toss her at the mage. The spell might get disspelled if he dies.
No. 340643 ID: ad8acc


Bangles can try to throw the burning cultist corpse at the bugs as a distraction.
No. 340645 ID: 00d3d5

Seconding the burning corpse throw.
No. 340679 ID: b6edd6

The corpse is a bit far away. Instead, punt the decapitated head right in front of you at him.
No. 340682 ID: 07416a

Throw swords at him until he dies.
No. 340762 ID: e1c562
File 131354275431.jpg - (334.07KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane109.jpg )

Kirska: I'm afraid my abilities are mostly of the defensive sort.

>Here is the list of Kirska's skills. make note of what she is able to do, this is the easiest path to guide her and the party to victory.
No. 340763 ID: e1c562
File 131354295817.jpg - (321.46KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane110.jpg )

Orc: "yield to the endless power of the Elder Gods!"

Bangles: *whimper*
No. 340765 ID: ec0bf5

OH, they're these cultists? Attempt to impress them by correctly pronouncing ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Shield and rush him, stepping over the corpse.
No. 340766 ID: e3f578

Kirska, quickheal Bangles on your way to fuck up that cultist. Just do a cool hop right over those bugs. The coolest hop.

Bangles, be the main distraction here and try to run forward while avoiding the bugs.
No. 340996 ID: e1c562
File 131362598934.jpg - (314.62KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane111.jpg )

Kirska casts healing
No. 341000 ID: 35e1a0

show him your stabs!
No. 341120 ID: 7c9d14

Healing magic isn't working fast enough.
Use shielding on bangles.
No. 341154 ID: ad8acc

Agree with this. Level-wise, Kirska is better at shielding than healing.
No. 341160 ID: 2563d4

Demonstrate to the spellcaster why letting a gnoll with sharp things reach melee range was a mistake.
No. 341172 ID: d4ac09

More like start shielding and shield bash that guy. Then Bangles can sweep in from the guys left and give him some quick cuts.

Make sure you keep in constant motion so the spiders things don't get you. Once you off the warlock run some rings around the spiderlings and take the quality(?) sword that the warlock is carrying before venturing forth.
No. 341229 ID: 716eb0

Chicken is dangerously low on magic. She probably should not be trying to cast spells now. Just bumrush the dude and distract him for Bangles.
No. 341699 ID: e1c562
File 131381236735.jpg - (311.17KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane112.jpg )

Kirska: forgive me spirits but my mana is too low to cast any more spells!

Acolyte is slain

Bangles is crippled and can barely act

No. 341700 ID: 07416a

Stop drop and roll! crush the spiders!
No. 341705 ID: ec0bf5

OH GOD NO SAVE BANGLES KIRSKA SAVE THE... We don't have a silly name for her like we do you. Hmm... WAIT NOT NOW GET THE SPIDERS OFF HER!
No. 341706 ID: 35e1a0

drop orc on the spiders. then roll around to get them off.
No. 341713 ID: f4854a

kirska: use your shield to smash the spiders.
bangles: stop, drop the cultist, and roll, crushing and swatting spiders to death.

if you live through this, feel free to "properly utilize available resources" and munch away on any edible corpses nearby, unless you have a better way of recovering strength/hp.
No. 341897 ID: e1c562
File 131387375735.jpg - (308.91KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane113.jpg )

Kirska: I must protect the catalyst!

spider slain
spider slain
spider slain
spider slain
Kirska has been lethally poisoned
spider slain
spider slain

No. 341903 ID: c2c011

Aw shit, that whole poisoned deal is rather bad. You need to regain some mana for some heals right away. Would it work to eat the hearts of your enemies? Or maybe their brains?
No. 341905 ID: 6b6016

Grab the Catalyst and run.

Just. Run.
No. 341908 ID: 35e1a0

one on her leg kill it!
No. 341909 ID: f4854a

fucking chicken! i told you to use your shield to smash them, not your feet! a wider surface means more spiders smashed at once. god dammit you're going to get the catalyst killed.

alright. gotta fix this somehow. considering the casting time for that spell, it probably used a good portion of that cultist's mana. check his pockets for mana potions or anything we could use to replenish mana to cast healing on both of you.
If it comes down to it, remember (and this is important)
and we won't forgive you either. Eat the cultists' flesh if it will help you.

Bangles: there's a spider on you. squish it in your fist.
No. 341913 ID: 26eb87

so NOW is it time to see what that potion does?
No. 341915 ID: ec0bf5

KIRSKA IF YOU DIE NOW WE'LL DO TERRIBLE TERRIBLE THINGS TO YOUR SOUL. Get the rest of the spiders off of Bangles and yourself and quickly look for mana restoring stuff in the cultists' supplies. Bangles is more injured than you, but you need to heal yourself because you are heavily poisoned.
No. 341983 ID: 2563d4

Once you've finished stamping on spiders, quoff the green potion Bangles has on her (found here >>/questarch/272979 ). It probably won't make things worse! Probably.
No. 341992 ID: e1c562
File 131389405407.jpg - (351.65KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane114.jpg )

spider slain
spider slain
spider slain
spider slain
swarm breaks

Kirska: Spirits I have not not any potions, I assume you are refering to something Bangles has picked up

* * *

Kirska: It seems she has two potions. Spirits, which one should I drink?
No. 341994 ID: 07416a

Green first! Both if it doesn't save you!
No. 342019 ID: a9b91f

Both at same time! Gogogo!
No. 342031 ID: 69936a

drink the green one.
the yellow one is obviously a jar of piss.
No. 342047 ID: 2563d4

Green as per >>341983 . The yellow one is an oil flask ( >>335521 ).
No. 342066 ID: e1c562
File 131393487060.jpg - (307.40KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane115.jpg )

Kirska: Spirits protect . . .

Kirska drinks a dose of the potion.
Kirska recovers.

No. 342067 ID: e3f578

Loot corpses and hope a red or blue potion shows up, the orc should have mana regenerative items at least for summons.
No. 342076 ID: 2563d4

Carefull splatter the last of the spiders, since you drunk the only anti-poison potion before getting rid of everything that can make you need anti-poison potions.
No. 342094 ID: 35e1a0

tear up the robes of the cultists for bandages and patch bangles up.
No. 342101 ID: b6edd6

For once something went right! Well done on not dying.
By 'a dose', does that mean there is some antidote left?
No. 342155 ID: 6f1d54

Give Bangles a dose too to see how that does/does not improve her condition.
No. 342161 ID: 471207

Give bangles small, partial doses until she is well enough to stand and be healed. THen, go force some doses down Gando's corpse's throat.
No. 342165 ID: ec0bf5


I don't think she needs it. It was noted when Kirska was poisoned, and her bar turned green. Bangles only ever had the one spider on her and Kirska got it off. Plus, Bangles' health isn't decreasing (which also, luckily, means she probably isn't bleeding out). She is heavily injured and unconscious, though, and it looks like there's a major chest wound. Perhaps we should look about dressing it?
No. 342167 ID: 471207

Bind Bandgles' wounds, then dig up Gando and force it down his throat.
No. 342178 ID: 063b27

Gando is dead.
He's not coming back.
No. 342183 ID: e1c562
File 131398086969.jpg - (323.73KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane116.jpg )

Kirska: the cultists' bodies contain this
-two Lanterns
-a dagger
-a sword
-2 gold coins

what should I take?

Kirska: forgive me spirits but with the swarm broken the spiders are now too fast for me.

Kirska: Bangles' injuries appear to be spell burns and spider bites, I'm not sure how exactly to treat these.

Kirska: it looks like there's two more doses left
No. 342185 ID: b6edd6

I'm pretty sure giving the potion to Bangles would not help, as it seems to be an antidote rather than a healing potion. When Kirska drank it, it just cured the poision rather than healing.

How long would it take for your mana to recharge enough to heal? Bangles seems stable at the moment.
No. 342186 ID: 26eb87

Give sharp things to Bangles when she is up
Keep the gold yourself (unfortunately the catalyst does not appear to be the most fiscally responsible chosen-one the world has ever seen)

Is the lantern inherently magical, or just a light source? I would say carry one each, but Bangles appears to be running out of room in her pockets.

(also, didn't Bangles hand you that wand a little bit ago?)
No. 342238 ID: 2563d4

No. 342243 ID: a76799

Look for a resurrection scroll. For Gando.
No. 342244 ID: c2c011

There are none, because nobody has ever been brought back from the dead before. If you want that then you're going to have to come up with a brand new spell.
No. 342321 ID: e1c562
File 131404633579.jpg - (350.44KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane117.jpg )

Kirska: wise spirits it will take at least five hours to replenish enough mana to even consider casting more spells

Kirska: I am not scholar but to my eyes there appears to be nothing magical about the lanterns. as for the wand, I tossed it away when it's glow faded, forgive me spirits if this was a mistake.

>you are not the first to wish life for the dead, nor will you be the last. Influencing the catalyst and her followers to dwell upon such ideas will only lead to trouble.
No. 342322 ID: 35e1a0

then peek into the other room through the crack in the door.
No. 342327 ID: 2563d4

May as well. Not like there's any other route out of here.
No. 342329 ID: 6f1d54

Salvage robes from dead cultists.

Tear them into strips and use them as bandages for you and Bangles.
No. 342344 ID: e4fb94

Say a small prayer for Gando and then do everything else.
No. 342444 ID: e2020c

After prayers, remove Gando's skull from the party.
No. 342456 ID: e1c562
File 131411125007.jpg - (336.31KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane118.jpg )

Kirska: "spirits, despite his reckless actions that easily could have doomed us all. I implore you, let Gando find peace in death, let his spirit rest."

Remove Gando from the party?

* * *

Kirska triggers a spell trap!
Kirska resists the effects of the trap

Kirska travels north

No. 342457 ID: ec0bf5

Yes, he's dead, take him out. Can you tell what that liquid in the center pool is just by looking at it?
No. 342485 ID: 6f1d54

Hey. HEY.


No. 342491 ID: 375356

Avoid any contact with the water until you can determine its purpose. The skull motif on the wall says nothing good about this room to me.
No. 342492 ID: 2563d4

Dump Gando and examine pool. Bangles is fine ( >>/questdis/351680 ).
No. 342563 ID: 40cb26

Yeah I think we shouldn't hold him here... of course if he wants to hang with us somehow that'd be cool. I don't think he's that kind of spirit but I'll keep a spot open for him.

No. 342609 ID: e1c562
File 131416926902.jpg - (321.89KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane119.jpg )

Kirska: I can see the sky from here, sunrise. I suppose we've been down here a while . . . I just realized how hungry I am.

Kirska: it looks like water from here, strangely dark though, I really wouldn't mind a drink . . .

Gando has been removed from the party
No. 342610 ID: e1c562
File 131416943026.png - (8.72KB , 96x114 , Gando.png )

hey tone it down with all the yelling will ya, some of us are trying to enjoy eternal rest and all that shit
No. 342611 ID: 35e1a0

could be cursed water or something and anyone who drinks it turns into a dried up husk. or has non-magical toxicities. climb up the ladder a little and listen for anything outside.
No. 342617 ID: f29f63

Darkish water can be one of many things:
1:It is toxic. You drink it, you die.
2:It is a slime. You go near it, it eats you, you die.
3:It is oil. You use a torch near it, you get set on fire, you die.
Odd colored water is NEVER good in a dungeon. The creeper, the greater the chance of death.

Speaking of untimely death, hows death treating you Gando? Enjoy the view?
No. 342632 ID: ad8acc

That pool of water (if it is normal water) may also contain some monster that may have a connection to whatever dark gods the cultists worship.

Do not go neat the pool. Proceed with great caution.
No. 342648 ID: 2563d4

Disregard water, scrutinise ladder...
...turn undead. :V
No. 342718 ID: e1c562
File 131422626298.jpg - (348.08KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane120.jpg )

Kirska: of course wise spirits, to drink of water in such a corrupt place would be incredibly foolish

Kirske travels to a higher floor

Kirska: looks like Shadowhand's still here, and she has more cultists . . .

Shadowhand: "Master Theskius, how did you escape from the Dark Warlock? I thought for sure-"

Theskius: "We have not much time Necrys Shadowhand our enemies pursue us without tire, quickly you must give me the The Phallus of Toreztidius!"
No. 342719 ID: 35e1a0

you may be tough kriska, but that is too many at once to take. just lay low for now.
No. 342720 ID: b6edd6

[mental message to Shadowhand]:
Your "Master" has betrayed you to the Dark Warlock! Observe this scene from our memories: >>335881
Stopping the warlock from acquitting the artifact is in our interests, but still you owe us for this.
[/mental message]
No. 342723 ID: f29f63

Hmmm... large square hole over pool of dark liquid. Boys, I think that's a fire pit. Might be a good idea to know in case they find you.

Either way, looks like the new batch of cultists seem a bit buffer. There's even one who tore off his sleeves. Might be a good idea to avoid them and just listen quietly.
No. 342724 ID: fd4aa7

Duck down a bit and listen more out of sight.
No. 342939 ID: e1c562
File 131430735769.jpg - (346.84KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane121.jpg )

Shadowhand: your advice is accepted foolish spirits but as it was given freely I am bound by no debt

"master why do need such a dangerous artifact?"

Theskius: "to destroy it! now give me the phalus, and quickly!"

Shadowhand: ". . . very well, I've entrusted it's protection to the deep dweller, perhaps you can coax it to release it's prize"

* * *

>spirits be warned, I sense the the Catalyst is in danger!
No. 342940 ID: 2563d4

Climb back down to Bangles.
No. 342943 ID: b6edd6

Aww, I was hoping for them not to try to kill you guys. Still, Theskius was likely lying about the phallus, so keeping it out of his hands is still good.
[Scan Shadowhand's mind for information on the artifact] (I think she lied to Theskius but I am not sure.)

And yes, checking on bangles would be wise. I bet something came out of that suspicious looking pool.
No. 342952 ID: ec0bf5

Quick, to the gnoll cave!
No. 343046 ID: e1c562
File 131437068048.jpg - (309.56KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane122.jpg )

Bangles: "go away spiders, leave me allone . . ."

>Bangles is still crippled if she tries to fight she will likely injure herself further
No. 343048 ID: ec0bf5

Chicken you must save the bangles! Also the rest of her.
No. 343049 ID: e3f578

get yourself inside the other room and close the door, if that doesn't stop them climb the stairs a bit, if they still persists they'll freak out once Kirska drops down an skatter again
No. 343302 ID: f1972f

Get through that door, Perhaps flip one of the bodies over while you go, if it won't train you too much, just something that might squish some of them.

Fortunately spiders have hydrolic musculature systems, thus even a minor wound or puncture makes them unable to move until sealed.
No. 343362 ID: 2563d4

That door is toward the pit with the water below the cultists. Let's please not go through the door.
Crawl further into the corner and wait for your kobold in shining armour to save you.
No. 343624 ID: e1c562
File 131459258533.jpg - (345.19KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane123.jpg )

Bangles flees north

Theskius: " . . . I can not detect the artifacts' presence, you are lying to me Necrys Shadowhand!"

Shadowhand: "I placed a charm directly over the hole to hide it's aura, if you bend over and look closer you can even see the phallus from here."

Theskius: "I still do not see it, I shall take a closer-"


Theskius: "Gyaaaah!"
No. 343625 ID: 07416a

No. 343627 ID: b6edd6

Hehehehehe even if Shadowhand is still being a murderous jerk this makes telling her about Theskius totally worth it!

By the way, I think you should stay far away from that pool because I think I smell tentacles. And if cultguy isn't eaten that still means there is an enemy who will soon emerge from the pool.
I think it would be best to edge around the sides of the room for the hallway, keeping watch for both threats from the pool and spiders from the hall.
No. 343632 ID: 35e1a0

yeah stay back.
No. 343698 ID: 2563d4

Dive back through the door before you get splashed by god only knows what kind of foul liquid, you dolt.
No. 343717 ID: 6f1d54


Perform a leaping tackle which lands both of you on the opposite side of the pit safely.
No. 343801 ID: b6edd6

1)Bangles is too injured to jump
2)There is probably a monster in the pool
3)That guy is working for our enemy
No. 343892 ID: e1c562
File 131467567928.jpg - (371.11KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane124.jpg )


pactlord is injured by deepdweller

* * *

Bangles: I gotta get outa here!

Bangles opens door

Bangles: "Aaaah spiders!"
No. 343894 ID: 35e1a0

kriska: equip broken staff. use to smash spiders.
No. 343906 ID: 400170

Bangles, curl up in the corner. Kirska, get to spider-smackin'. Don't get tentacled.
No. 343919 ID: b6edd6

First priority is to not get tentacled. You have 2/3 of a potion of cure poison but no potions of not-eaten-by-a-squid.
You also might want to watch a second to see whether the spiders are still perusing you or whether they will attack Theskius.

And this time, you might want to use the shield for spider squishing. Its large surface area should help.
No. 343939 ID: 2563d4

No. 343941 ID: 07416a

Drop your pants this is a golden opportunity
No. 343947 ID: 26eb87

First put the tentacled horror between you and the spiders. Worry about them if they still come after you.

If they do, smashing them with your flat shield would probably be better than a broken stick. Stomping on them seems to work too, but you got bit last time.
No. 344052 ID: e1c562
File 131475003399.jpg - (386.42KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane125.jpg )

Kirska: Spirits, crushing the spiders without getting bitten will be very difficult regardless of the weapon I use, even more so since I'll have to do so while fending off these tentacles
No. 344055 ID: 1854db

Let the spiders and the tentacles fight it out.
No. 344062 ID: b6edd6

Hmm, the spiders seem to be heading for you and bangles. I guess that is to be expected, as they were summoned to fight you.
Can Bangles make it up the ladder?
If not, plan B is to take advantage of the fact that the spiders are all in one group, and move around the pool clockwise so you can avoid get into the hall, where you can properly squish the spiders.
No. 344080 ID: 2563d4

Up the ladder are cultists.
Bangles is in no state to fight cultists.
Let's not go up the ladder.
Looping round the pool is a less-bad plan, and if we have to drink more potion then so be it.
No. 344192 ID: 445346

help the dude getting eaten. cut off a tentacle or two.
No. 344217 ID: ec0bf5

Continue blocking the tentacles and go around the pool away from the spiders, I guess.
No. 344254 ID: f29f63

I down vote the helping the guy out. He is after the same thing we are after for completely different reasons and will most likely kill us.

Though I do suggest we go up the ladder. Like it or not, the cultists are on our side even though we clash with them. They don't want metal pants to get the artifact and neither do they. At this point, even Shadow Hand will have to admit that this is not something you can solo.

Not only that, but Bangles is injured and we have no healing. Shadowhands might. The sooner Bangles can move around normally, the better and staying down here is going to subject us to one of three parties that will likely want us dead.
No. 347600 ID: 031d13

What happened here? Are we waiting for a new thread?
No. 349496 ID: e1c562
File 131618773783.jpg - (414.33KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane126.jpg )

Kirska: "C-Come Bangles we sneak past the tentacle horror."

Bangles is afraid

Bangles: "you get can get eaten be the giant squid, but not me!

Kirska: "Bangles NO!"

Bangles flees up the ladder

Bangles: !!!!

>hmmm interesting
>the witch appears to be conjuring a portal of some sort
No. 349497 ID: b6edd6

You guys think I should ask Shadowhand for healing and a truce in return for our help against the Warlock's minions?
It would be quite handy if she says yes, but if she says no then she will know Bangles and Kriska are alive and nearby (though she might already know).
No. 349498 ID: 2563d4

See if you can take advantage of the momentary confusion to hide behind that pillar on the right.
No. 349605 ID: 07416a

No. 349614 ID: b6edd6

That portal is as likely to contain even more tentacles as it is to be a teleporter to safety.
No. 349983 ID: e1c562
File 131632933581.jpg - (418.04KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane127.jpg )

Bangles is afraid, and acts out of fear

>hmm, I'll admit that's a clever manipulation of her fear, but to what end?

Kirska: "Bangles, W-What are you doing!?"
No. 349984 ID: 71c27a

follow her.
No. 350000 ID: 2563d4

Something incredibly stupid. You'd better get after her, Chicken.
No. 350005 ID: e2020c


Wha'ha'haha is going on! Get outtof hier!
No. 350145 ID: ec0bf5

No. 350197 ID: 3b9af0

Stab faces forever.
No. 350304 ID: e1c562
File 131640731106.jpg - (405.44KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane128.jpg )

Bangles flees through the portal
No. 350317 ID: 07416a

Chicken, if you fall in the tentacle pit I will be disappointed in you.
No. 350318 ID: 35e1a0

hold on with your little kobold hands for your dear life.
No. 350324 ID: c7b6c2

I won't :3c
No. 350368 ID: ec0bf5

Hold on for dear life and follow the Bangles! She won't survive very long without you.
No. 350369 ID: a2fa74

These are not happy fun rape tentacles.
LonelyWorld gets much more pleasure from tragic suffering body-shredding tentacles.

Hold on for dear life, Kirska!
No. 350418 ID: 5b0012

Yeah, that's not allowed.
No. 350568 ID: e1c562
File 131648845428.jpg - (413.47KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane129.jpg )

Channelling broken!


> *cough* *cough* well THAT wasn't supposed to happen.
No. 350569 ID: c7b6c2

'sup Archmage?
No. 350570 ID: 07416a

Can you breath acid that would be awesome
No. 350572 ID: b6edd6

Wow, here I was thinking you were some sort of human or something. I am pleasantly surprised.
No. 350576 ID: 35e1a0

so how long it take to reconnect?
No. 350588 ID: e3f578

Finally we get to talk to this douschebag and order HIM by the rains. Come on, YAH YAH!
No. 350660 ID: 2563d4

You better get on with finding Kirska. D:<
No. 350662 ID: c44e0c

boy, you're ugly.
No. 350664 ID: a2fa74

No shit, really?
Here I thought Skeksis were the pinnacle of- ok, I can't even finish that line without laughing.

Take a break, Archmage. Go eat a Gelfling or two.
No. 350672 ID: ec0bf5

Noooo I was watching that show! Stop changing the channel Archmage!
No. 350676 ID: e1c562
File 131652880172.jpg - (401.67KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane130.jpg )

>I wield magic that can shatter mountains! such things as "acid breath" are child's play.

>Bah humans can never look far enough beyond personal gain to ever achieve anything worth having.

>I have not spent centuries practising the arcane arts to win beauty contests!

>Kirska is not your concern, I implore you try to focus on the objective at hand!

>to recast the spell, perhaps minutes, to prime a new crystal now that will take hours. Pray that your ward can survive that time without your aid . . .
No. 350687 ID: 2563d4

Less backtalk more crystal-fixing.
No. 350688 ID: 4e6269

hey, can you summon up a few sexy ghost ladies? I'm feeling rather frisky.
No. 350694 ID: e3f578

Listen, can I ask a personal question. I know your into saving the world(s), that's understandable, but do you have anything else you care about? Golf, a wife, maybe a group of people you gather around to play a game of cribbage?
No. 350740 ID: 6f1d54

Are you a Timelord? Is that your TARDIS? It looks eerily similar to a TARDIS control room. Do you know The Doctor? Which Regeneration are you on?
No. 350984 ID: ec0bf5

why do we live
No. 350991 ID: 07416a

I don't believe you. Breath acid. Do it.
No. 350992 ID: 35e1a0

get a couple crystals nearby MOSTLY primed so that if this happens again you can fix it quickly.
No. 351069 ID: e1c562
File 131662116255.jpg - (400.95KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane131.jpg )

>I am fairly certain ghosts don't work that way . . .

>normally I would dissuade this sort of comment but in this case I shall make an acception. My life is one of scholarly pursuit, I have descendants who I rarely see, students who mostly blur with the years, and a royal family who take my presence for granted and view my skills as little more than novelties. does that sate your curiosities?

>If humans care too little for the fate of this world then it is Time mages who care to much, tragedies in this world are often meant to happen, rarely can a Time mage accept this reality.

>you do not, you are dead.

>and make a mess of my divining chamber? I think not, besides my hatchling element was frost.

>ah finally a suggestion of merit, once I re-establish the channelling I will prepare more crystals in case of of repeat event.
No. 351071 ID: 8c3403


what would you know? are you a ghost? ever been one? no? then shut up, because I'm a ghost and I know what I'm talking about. summon us sexy ghost ladies. alternatively, summon us Gando so he can join our ranks.
No. 351076 ID: e3f578

>sate my curiosities
Well, no, I was kind of wondering if you sometimes took a break from scholarly activities to have a nice beer or something similar.
Kinda passive-aggressive though, but you look like you've had a lot of time and experience to have that attitude rack up, unless you were like this too when you didn't have a big great beard and were just a wee dragonling. I almost want to see baby pictures, but I'm sure you were a crabby wizard right out of the egg shells, beard and all, just tinier.

Alrighty then, so is solving this situation as simple as getting a few new balls? It's rarely an easy fix as that, I'm suspecting you try this and your gonna get your beard even toastier. Learn about what caused the interference first, the portal could have sent them to an unscyable location rather than just bust your ball. We may have to send another knight to investigate, or have you go there yourself.
No. 351079 ID: b6edd6

We already called him up, and he didn't want to come back. You guys should stop bugging him.
No. 351088 ID: 07416a

Frost? Knew it. Bunk dragon.
No. 351167 ID: f29f63

I seem to have noticed a familiar symbol on that pedestal. I take it you used that to summon us?

Also, your wall seems to be open. Expecting anyone?
No. 351683 ID: e1c562
File 131678750843.jpg - (403.64KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane132.jpg )

>join your ranks? I'm fairly certain he never left, though he has been rather quiet.

>oh, that's just my reagents closet pay it no heed.

several hours later . . .

>finally the crystal is ready!


>more likely it was a fluke occurrence caused by the catalyst's interaction with the portal, regardless of that this is still the best bet for finding our scruffy little beast.

>let's hope this works . . .
No. 351684 ID: e1c562
File 131678763805.jpg - (289.30KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane133.jpg )

Channelling restored
No. 351687 ID: ec0bf5

Daww, she's asleep. ...wait do those horses have bombs and... DYNAMITE? How the... Something weird is going on, dynamite is way higher technology than the setting seems to indicate.

Bangles, wake up. You okay? There's a note over there and oh wait she can't read. Kirska, are you there? Our thing says you're fine, but if you can hear us, Bangles is over in some kind of suicide bomber horse stable.
No. 351691 ID: 025654

read note, hug dynamite.
No. 351784 ID: d69a2f

Look at all dat explosives, and also how tiny those ponies are, seriously, low riding horses...

Not good to keep a saddle or a resting horse either. Anyhow, wake up, the headvoices are back.
No. 351926 ID: e1c562
File 131687838865.jpg - (296.87KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane134.jpg )

Bangles: "PONIES!"

they look so fat and tasty, and I'm soooo hungry . . .
No. 351927 ID: 3b202e

just make sure to remove the red sticks and gray round things before cooking them
No. 351929 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, just take the junk off their backs or you'll EXPLODE.
No. 351930 ID: 814a58

seriously dude. read that note.
No. 352570 ID: e1c562
File 131699708233.jpg - (319.96KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane135.jpg )

Bangles: stupid writings, elves just post these things around to make fun of people, elves are are stupid, I'll rip up that stupid thing when I'm done eating.

Bangles removes the bomb

Bangles: "ehhh?"
No. 352572 ID: ec0bf5

No. 352573 ID: f599e6

throw bombs and RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!
No. 352574 ID: e79d6a



No. 352577 ID: b5ea9a

drop them and run for your fucking life.
No. 352617 ID: 2563d4

Dropping is faster than throwing. This.

On the upside: bitesized flash-cooked horsemeat any moment now!
No. 352673 ID: 607593

yup, time to beat feet!
take the note with you so chicken can tell you which elf wrote it so that you might exact revenge.
No. 352679 ID: b6edd6

Run as fast as your little gnoll feet can carry you, because if you are too close to those flaming rods they will turn you into a ghost!
No. 352688 ID: c71597

It's a bumb! Damn shame that chicken isn't here so you could do a comedic scene of tossing it back and forth. Oh well. Drop it and run. You can return and eat the remains of the ponies after the explosion. There should be a few sizes large enough to make a delicious meal.
No. 352836 ID: e1c562
File 131707074334.jpg - (343.48KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane136.jpg )

Bangles drops the bomb, grabs the note and flees the building

GoblinRed: "I told ya, ain't a gnoll this side a Mossback that can resist a fat juicy pony!"

the crowd of goblins is giddy with anticipation

GoblineGreen: "the suspense! I can't stand it!!!"

Goblinblue: "Blast off's in SEVEN. SIX. FIVE. . ."
No. 352838 ID: 07416a

Toss them inside the hut!
No. 352889 ID: b6edd6

Run to your right, straight over baldlin and keep going.
No. 352893 ID: f599e6

sock the one with blue hair. he must of made the note, he is writing right now. then keep running.
No. 352901 ID: c71597

Observe that these are no elves and then punch the red haired one in the snout to establish dominance.
No. 352917 ID: a2fa74

Punch Red in the face

Yes, of course you wanted to eat the pony, but if you pretend you were trying to free if from a trap you can seriously screw with their heads.

Also, you can eat the pony AFTER it explodes. Win-win!
No. 353011 ID: e1c562
File 131708707692.jpg - (338.27KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane137.jpg )

Bangles lunges at the red haired goblin

GoblinRed: "GAH! the gnoll's gone feral!"

Bangles has been skewered
Bangles is dying

Bangles: I can hear the goblins laughing at me . . .
No. 353012 ID: e3f578

Bangles pray to your gods for divine intervention
No. 353014 ID: f599e6

"you guys are all assholes, glad you are gonna die in a fireball too" then pass out.
No. 353015 ID: e3f578

also yell that Gando would be pissed at you guys for killing one of the girls he sacrificed his life for

This maybe will get you medical attention by nearby friends or stabbed by enemies, whatever, we're desperate.
No. 353016 ID: c04c0d

Man we are so bad at this keep people alive business.
No. 353019 ID: f599e6

so no one thought 'go left' AWAY from the goblin with the spear was a good idea? you deserve this then.
No. 353020 ID: b6edd6

Going left was exactly what I suggested >.<
No. 353021 ID: f599e6

no you said to run the bald one down.
EveryZig!Ac/akrMPao 2011/09/26(Mon)15:10 No. 352889 ID: b6edd6

Run to your right, straight over baldlin and keep going.
No. 353025 ID: b6edd6

Did you mean to our left or her left? You suggested to go towards the blue one, who was to our left.

I suggested the bald one because that was away from both the doorway and the rest of the house, and because the green guy looked like a pushover with his visibly empty fists.
No. 353032 ID: 3b202e

cry for mommy
No. 353034 ID: e8cd4a

No. 353064 ID: 07416a

No. 353231 ID: e1c562
File 131712721657.jpg - (396.82KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane138.jpg )

>Gnolls have no gods, in is generally accepted that the gods despise them

Bangles whimpers
it's not very effective

No. 353232 ID: e1c562
File 131712731763.jpg - (405.40KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane139.jpg )

the goblins cheer
No. 353233 ID: e1c562
File 131712769336.jpg - (387.36KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane140.jpg )

GoblinBlue: " . . . and so the debris rained down upon his enemies, judging them each in turn-"

GoblinYellow: " Gibsy's DEAD!"

GoblinBlue: "Gibsy has been taken by Asplodius into the smouldering kingdom, he is now one with the fire."

the goblin mob cheers

No. 353234 ID: c71597

Wow, goblins really are fucking insane. Claim that you have Asplodius favour for not being immediatly killed and ask to be healed.
No. 353239 ID: f599e6

i am 100% certain that wont work. look at yellow and make a sadface.
No. 353243 ID: c04c0d

Let out a weak "all praise Asplodius"
No. 353248 ID: fa0fb5

stand up proudly and shout "all praise Asplodius!"
No. 353262 ID: 0d7a83

Kirska: Dramatic Entry.
No. 353313 ID: 1854db

Die slower so LW can get his kicks.
No. 353338 ID: 73eb25

No. 353339 ID: 6f1d54

sv_cheats 1
impulse 101
No. 353340 ID: 07416a

Archwizard, stop being a useless cunt. We need direct intervention. Chicken, I don't even know where you are so I forgive you.

Bangles throw a meat cleaver at someone.
No. 353477 ID: e1c562
File 131718109653.jpg - (371.64KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane141.jpg )

>I've mentioned this before, and I will reiterate my prior statement, I have no intention to act directly in this matter. if you want details you can ask at a more convenient time.
>that said, I can still aid you through knowledge, if you ever have a question or are confused about something feel free to ask and I may be able to provide you with some useful advice.

>mentioning Kirska something has been concerning me about her actions of late, her recent slowness to response is troubling . . .

Bangles tries to mimic the goblins' praises

Bangles: "Praise splodius . . ."

GoblinBlue: "aww it thinks it's a goblin! your not looking so good miss gnoll, you look like you could use some healing magic!"
No. 353480 ID: f599e6

"yes, fire made me scared and angry"

make it think your lashing out was because of the fire on the bombs.
No. 353486 ID: b6edd6

Wait, do we want to be criticizing fire?

Just say yes and look up at him with puppy eyes.
No. 353502 ID: e4003e

Offer sexual favors! Best idea.
No. 353510 ID: a2fa74

"That would be nice, yes. If it helps, Asplodius clearly doesn't want me dead yet."
No. 353572 ID: e1c562
File 131721875111.jpg - (363.76KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane142.jpg )

Bangles mumbles and nods

priest of Asplodius castes a healing spell
Bangles is no longer bleeding to death

Priest: "that was just a free sample! for all your healing needs come to the Temple of Asplodius today!"
No. 353573 ID: 07416a

Ask him to become a priestess of Asplodius. We need these powers.
No. 353589 ID: f5e4b4


Say that you would like some more healing, yes. Follow him to the temple. Hope that their advanced healing magic doesn't involve the use of more pyrotechnics.
No. 353592 ID: c71597

Tell him that you would love to come over and hear all about Asplodius and stuff. But you're a bit weak from the blood loss and all the previous stuff so you might need some help getting there.
No. 353851 ID: e1c562
File 131729804037.jpg - (328.24KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane143.jpg )

Before she has a chance to plead further the Priest leaves.

Bangles limps across the street to the temple of Asplodius.

guard: "before entering his blessed temple, all guests must first donate a gift to the revered Asplodius"
No. 353853 ID: 35e1a0

what you got?
No. 353857 ID: 3bad4c

Surrender an earring?
No. 353862 ID: a2fa74

Go get some debris from the explosion and donate that.
If he don't like it then ask why he doesn't value Asplodius's handiwork.
No. 353864 ID: 2563d4

A possible problem with that would be that if they value the debris, they may be displeased at you "stealing" it in the first place.

Have you still got that nice flammable flask of oil?
No. 354079 ID: e1c562
File 131735667029.jpg - (358.59KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane144.jpg )

Bane: if I don't give him the right thing he might hurt me . . . but I also don't wanna give up my shiny stuff . . .

Bangles donates her oil flask to the temple of Asplodius

guard: "a rather smart choice for a gnoll, anyways your free to enter the temple of Asplodius now."

Bangles earns favour with the Temple of Asplodius
Bangles earns favour with the Goblins of CraterTown.

No. 354081 ID: 35e1a0

No. 354270 ID: e1c562
File 131739511459.jpg - (325.67KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane145.jpg )

goblinBlue: "welcome to the temple of Asplodius, what can his priests do for you today?"

Bangles: "uhh-"

goblinRed: "you looking for blessings, alchemy or trinkets?"
No. 354273 ID: 0d7a83

Get healed, then demand they show you their PRETTY TRINKETS.
No. 354274 ID: 35e1a0

"i'm looking for something about this gaping hole" show them the hole in your side.
No. 354276 ID: ad8acc

Ask how much it costs to get fully healed. Spend what we can, but leave enough in case we want to buy anything else from them.
No. 354277 ID: e83f6a

No. 354290 ID: c71597

Ask for healing and to learn more about Asplodius and his exploding ways.
No. 354293 ID: 779d92

how about healing.
No. 354294 ID: a1d7ad

Ask about Asplodious, he sounds awesome!

Also, healings would be nice.
No. 354301 ID: 2563d4

Healing. All the healing. Kirska still has no mana, wherever she is.
No. 354325 ID: 35bcde

Training. We wish to become a disciple!
No. 354342 ID: d4155c

Healing first. We do not want another near death.
No. 354399 ID: e1c562
File 131743076130.jpg - (337.01KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane146.jpg )

Bangles pays 2 gold coins for healing

Bangles: "so what's this Asplodius guy all about?"

goblinBlue: "it is said Asplodius created all things in this plain from a single mighty explosion!
he supports the studies of knowledge in that only through intellect can we discover the power to destroy
he also supports pursuit of wealth and the construction of a great many wondrous things, so that always there is something worth destroying!
and most importantly he encourages all his follower to live as exiting and dangerous lives as they can as that is the only way to find your purpose!"

No. 354401 ID: e83f6a

all praise asplodius !
No. 354403 ID: bccf7b

This "Asplodius" guy sounds pretty sweet.

I think I can get behind him. Maybe we can learn some clericy things like Chicken?
No. 354406 ID: e3f578

Sweet, is there a clothing or armorer place nearby? Or hell a bath or spa?
No. 354412 ID: 35bcde

Worship the fuck out of this dude.
No. 354416 ID: f70e5e

eh, gods and gnolls don't get along. and asplodues seems the type to not hesitate to blow us away if we annoy him.
No. 354428 ID: e1c562
File 131744334547.jpg - (324.26KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane147.jpg )

Bangles worships at the temple for a brief while

* * *

Bangles: "were can I get new clothes around here? also I'm getting kind of sticky with all the blood, is there a place I can wash it off?"

goblinBlue: "I would check the marketplace for armour and clothe vendors, if you need to get cleaned up Syggs who runs the smouldering rock inn can probably help you there."
No. 354430 ID: 1854db

Read note.
No. 354431 ID: e83f6a

syggs, inn, wash up
No. 354433 ID: 35bcde

Relax at the inn, get laid or something.
No. 354450 ID: 25e6f6

Anyone think to ask if any of these goblins here knew Gando? Maybe he left behind a house or some possessions or something that we could claim. He would have totally wanted us to have his stuff, yeah?
No. 354479 ID: 2563d4

Buy clothes first, so you have something clean to change into once you're washed up.

We found Gando bound, gagged, and abandoned. He wasn't not necessarily popular. :B
No. 354529 ID: e1c562
File 131749863116.jpg - (349.95KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane148.jpg )

Bangles asks about Gando

goblinBlue: "oh sure, he's one of Boss Grenzo's boys. you can find the boss at the bank house, he owns the place."

Bangles: buying clothes sounds like the most fun I'm going to do that first

Bangles approaches the Inn on the way to the market place

Syggs: " . . . shouldn't take you more then a week, if you come to any trouble my cousin Rygger runs an adventuring way point two days up the path." [i]

Kirska: [i]"t-thank you, you've been most helpful."

No. 354532 ID: a2fa74


Go confess your love for her while molesting her in public!
No. 354536 ID: 7ff0e9

say hello to your little friend.
No. 354539 ID: b6edd6

Its Chicken, with a SNAZZY NEW CAPE.
No. 354551 ID: 9c7cb0

No. 354556 ID: 0d7a83

No. 354627 ID: 2563d4

Be sure to get blood all over her new cape in the process.
No. 354650 ID: 35bcde

Grope Syggs say hi to bangles
No. 354711 ID: ec0bf5

Hug the chicken!
No. 354894 ID: e1c562
File 131755866679.jpg - (333.30KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane149.jpg )

Syggs enters the Inn

* * *

Kirska: "p-put me down, now!"
No. 354895 ID: c71597

Lick chicken to determine if she would make adequate emergency rations if things got rough.
No. 354896 ID: 2563d4

Carry chicken into the Inn first. She can watch the door and guard your modesty while you clean up. This is totally the kind of defence of the catalyst she is dedicated to.
No. 354900 ID: c85a16

give her a break. put her down.
No. 354908 ID: e3f578

what? Just a hug.

Don't tell me you've betrayed the Archmage young Chicken!
No. 355042 ID: a1d7ad

Bangles, keep hugging for now, she might disappear again if you let her go.

It's good that you are alive and well Kirska, are you ready to continue your duty?
No. 355299 ID: e1c562
File 131762660186.jpg - (343.48KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane150.jpg )

>you might want to be careful, Kirska does not have much of a sense of humour.

* * *

Syggs: "Welcome to the Smoulder Rock Inn, what can I do for you today?"

Bangles: "I wanna get cleaned up"

Syggs: "door behind the stairs, you going to need any help with that?"
No. 355300 ID: 35bcde

Does it cost extra if she washes your back? Never let Chicken go. Never ever ever you almost DIED when you lost sight of her.
No. 355301 ID: 40cb26

"Just need the stuff to clean with. You can have this though." Then put down the chicken.
No. 355304 ID: 35e1a0

put chicken down. then invite her to get cleaned up too.
No. 355339 ID: 36b100

hah. by the time we're done with her, she will either gain a sense of humor or be driven batshit insane.
No. 355340 ID: 2563d4

Thank her for offering to carry Chicken for us. :V

(Are we in need of a night's rest? 'Cause, you know, inn and some meagre funds. Beats sleeping on rocks for being alert for another day of stabbing cultists.)
No. 355669 ID: e1c562
File 131769495851.jpg - (331.81KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane151.jpg )

Bangles: I guess this is the room
No. 355670 ID: e1c562
File 131769520655.jpg - (297.48KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane152.jpg )

Bangles: hmm look at all this stuff, getting clean must be hard . . . most of the sticky blood is just on my tunic maybe it'll be easier if I just clean that . . .

>Bangles seems unfamiliar with the concept of hygiene, she may need some guidance in this
No. 355686 ID: 35e1a0

check that pot, is it empty? if so then that is a good spot to store your stuff. it is metal and keeps it all in one spot. anyway, see those white things on the bench? those are soap.
what you do is take off all your stuff and get in the water with the brush and the soap. then rub the soap on a dirty spot until it makes a white foam, then scrub it with the brush. repeat that all over your body.
then rub the cloth next to the soaps on you to dry off. then that odd ridge thingy is to clean clothes. put it partly in the water and dunk your clothes, then scrub it on the ridges a bit and dunk it again. keep doing that until it's not bloody.
No. 355691 ID: 35bcde

Take off your clothing and roll around in the water.
No. 355700 ID: ad8acc

A bath would a be better option, as you don't have any dry clothes to change into. I doubt going around with just a towel and your underwear, while your clothes dry, would do you any good.
You should probably just think of washing your clothes after you have bought new ones.
No. 355735 ID: 8fe206

Jump in the tub naked and rub your self until there isn't any blood on you and you smell better.

After that throw your clothes in for a bit to soak off the blood. You only need those old rags long enough to get new ones so they only have to look clean, not actually be clean.
No. 355739 ID: 40cb26

Step 1, remove all clothes get in the water, get the soap and with it wash you self thoroughly. Don't miss a spot! Soap is the little bars of soft white material if you don't know.
No. 355779 ID: 2563d4

Tsk, don't you know it's rude to throw kobolds at people?

Also washboard in the corner for rubbing the clothes against. Running hairbrush through matted gnoll fur while they soak probably not worth the pain.
No. 355783 ID: c3523f

ugh. you sit in the tub and wet yourself by scooping up water with the bucket or whatever that is and pouring it over yourself. and then you use the soap.
No. 355800 ID: e1c562
File 131774030547.jpg - (296.86KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane153.jpg )

Bangles stores her inventory in the pot, then proceeds to clean herself
No. 355801 ID: c3523f

scrub harder, you filty animal.
No. 355802 ID: e1c562
File 131774060725.jpg - (306.08KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane154.jpg )

Bangles destroys her tunic

Bangles:"argh! this is hard!"

* * *

Bangles: well they're all clean. but also they're wet! no I can't wear my new clean clothes. how am I supposed to carry all my stuff now?

Bangles is very hungry
>if the catalyst doesn't get food soon, she will start becoming fatigued.

Bangles: . . . so hungry
No. 355803 ID: ad8acc

This looks like the best time to call for assistance. Call out for either the innkeeper or for chicken.
No. 355808 ID: 4def4b


Well see how much a room + food costs. You and Kirska alike need some serious rest and it means you can wring out your clothes and leave them to dry overnight. Also see if you can get some trade done at the market before going to bed. If you can sell off some of those large knives and odd bits you've got then you might even afford some new clothes and stuff.
No. 355823 ID: 35bcde

Call for chicken!
No. 355860 ID: 2563d4

>well they're all clean. but also they're wet!
>Buy clothes first, so you have something clean to change into once you're washed up.
No one, ever listens to poor Zathras.

Call for the landlady and pay for a room for the night. Lug all your stuff up there until your clothes dry overnight; you're at least covered. Get Kirska to order room service; you're paying.
No. 356002 ID: e1c562
File 131777755939.png - (7.36KB , 77x91 , Gando.png )

eh it wasn't much but better then nothing . . .
No. 356004 ID: dda170

I'm half tempted to be ripping your ghost spleen from your ghost body, you little ghost pervert. Remember that I am the insane one!!!
No. 356017 ID: b6edd6

Eh, when he literally died for her he gets some leeway.
No. 356023 ID: 0023aa

True, but he's now paying for every bad pun or sexual joke he ever made. He's not even close to breaking even yet.
No. 356031 ID: b6edd6

Some of his jokes were lame or tasteless, but were they worse than being blown to goblin gibs?
No. 356033 ID: 0023aa

It was probably a quick and mostly painless death.
No. 356049 ID: e1c562
File 131778741417.jpg - (310.11KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane155.jpg )

Bangles calls for assistance

the innkeeper enters

Bangles: "can you help me get my clothes dry . . ."

Syggs: "sure can, but it will take a couple hours for them to dry proper."

Bangles: "but I need to carry my stuff now."

Syggs: "I recommend you buy a backpack! they're stylish and convenient!"

Bangles: " uh, how much does it cost?"

Syggs: "here at the Slmouldering Rock in I believe in the three for one system; Three services or purchases all for a single gold coin!"

Bangles: . . .

Syggs: "you've used my washroom, I'm going to be assisting you, and the bag would be a nice even three, get it?"
No. 356052 ID: 198bb8

Sure, sounds like a deal.
No. 356058 ID: a2aeb2

Might as well go along with it. No clue if Kirska would be enough to protect you from a town of ticked-off goblins if you tried to cheat or bully your way out of it. Especially with one of those goblins between you and ALL YOUR STUFF.

You don't have to make friends with them or anything. Just go along with things for now.
No. 356123 ID: 2563d4

Hand over two, order a meal. That'll leave a couple of service/purchase credits for a room/Kirska/the unforseen.
No. 356126 ID: ec0bf5

This sounds like a good idea. We do need food, and maybe some other stuff.
No. 356147 ID: e1c562
File 131782983784.jpg - (379.37KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane156.jpg )

Bangles Pays 2 gold to the innkeeper

Bangles: "I want two meals!"

* * *

GoblinBald: " . . .when it really come down to it I just don't think you guys are up to snuff."

Bandit: "ain't no one better at robbing then us!"

Bangles: I wonder what table I should sit at?
No. 356149 ID: 3b202e

the one with the sleeping gobbo
No. 356150 ID: d99037

Just sit at the empty table with your back towards the wall. Shout loudly for Kirska, then apologize quickly to those around you for the noise and start eating one of the meals.

Try to idly listen in on that conversation. It seems to be about thievery, which you excel at.
No. 356153 ID: 2563d4

The chair opposite you on the empty table. Swing it a bit 'round toward the wall if you can.
No. 356155 ID: d4155c

The table with the sleeping goblin. He seems competent, but also try to listening to the three goblins. Sounds like a possible quest there.
No. 356162 ID: 86f168

the empty one. you're new here, so you don't wanna get in trouble.
No. 356170 ID: e83f6a

pull up a chair and sit with the three goblins
No. 356229 ID: 29e6ea

Sit at empty table, back to wall. The three gobbos are having a polite conversation and seem kinda rough, and the one by himself either wants to be by himself or is waiting on someone. Or he just fell asleep.
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