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File 131206540109.png - (67.44KB , 600x500 , 89.png )
334285 No. 334285 ID: 563ead

You float across the dining table, watching your minions eat Styx's surprisingly good cooking.

You float over to Alice who's simply staring into her food bowl. She teeters back and forth on the verge of passing out.
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No. 334286 ID: 6a5a08

Tell her to quit being stubborn and eat.
No. 334287 ID: 00d3d5

"Are you alright, Alice? You look unwell..."
No. 334289 ID: 1854db

Nice, she gained half a star.

"You look awful. Have you slept?"
No. 334297 ID: 40cb26

"Kitchen looks good, but you look like shit. Clean up I'll be back for you later."

Re-equip her top then float on over to Emily. "Keep an eye on Alice for a while, be sure she rests and bathes and stays here."
No. 334299 ID: 07416a

Re-equip her top and ask how she's feeling.
No. 334303 ID: 2eac65

Poor thing; she must have been up all night fixing up the kitchen. We should tell her she did a good job and give her some time to rest.

Also, give her back her clothes.
No. 334305 ID: eba49f

I think she gained the half-star from the thing with helping the healer.
Unless we are being intentionally sarcastic, we already know why she is tired: we assigned her to do most of the work on the kitchen.

Say: "You look tired. It is a pity you are determined to labor rather than fight."
No. 334306 ID: 44766a

Don't give her the top back until she apologizes to Kassandra.
No. 334307 ID: 1854db

Hey now, we told her that she can't have her top back until she shows remorse for not helping Kassandra. Let's not go back on that.
No. 334325 ID: 6a5a08

No re-equipping top.

"You seem unwell. I will return your top if you apologize to Kassandra."
No. 334346 ID: 252e1b

"The kitchen looks very nice. What room do you want most next? There's more to be done today."

Remember guys, sleep-deprivation is a great tool for brainwashing/reprogramming. We should keep her up today too. A day without sleep won't kill her.
No. 334347 ID: cd63e9

oh give the poor girl her top back.
No. 334350 ID: 7889cb

the boobs must stay free.
No. 334354 ID: 146bca


With the exception of giving back her clothes. She still hasn't apologized for her earlier rudeness.
No. 334359 ID: 2eac65

Okay, but don't taunt her about it.

Also, spend a bit of time to talk to her and Styx about how the repairs went.
No. 334362 ID: 2b8edc

No clothes giving until she apologizes to Kassandra.
No. 334370 ID: 1854db

I agree, no taunting.
No. 334371 ID: 146bca


Who said anything about taunting her about her top?
No. 334384 ID: 40cb26

We already have her will weakened, and she did technically work on our behalf last night. Giving the top back now would work well with something like this: "Good work, you get your top back for now. After all it's a new day, and you haven't defied me yet. Now go apologize to Kassandra." If she still is unreasonably stubborn about that we can go back to punishing her.
No. 334388 ID: 44766a

No, we are not giving her top back UNTIL she apologizes.
No. 334422 ID: 53859d

Yeah, she hasn't apologized to Kassandra yet, she doesn't get the top back.

Still, she did a good job with the kitchen, you at least need to acknowledge that. Still, we don't want to be too much of a dick either, she's earned her keep (For now), so she gets to rest, just like the rest of the crew got to rest when the day's work was done. Hard labor is one thing, working someone to death is another thing entirely. Regardless of whether we go good or evil, we need to at least be /Fair/, or we see more mass desertions going on.
No. 334440 ID: cb0cc3

No returning her top until she apologizes to Kassandra for leaving her to suffer, and to us for defying our orders. Personally, I'd hold off until she actually kneels and swears loyalty, as that was the standard we used for Ruby and it strikes me as a good one.

Still, she can have some kind words and get some rest. She did good work on the kitchen without significant complaint as far as I know.
No. 334441 ID: 35e1a0

no no, ruby got her top back when she said sorry, and her CLOTHES back when she kneeled.
No. 334449 ID: 6a5a08

I say we keep her top, show concern, and offer rest, since she completed a day's hard work. Even if it was overnight.

Remind her that should she die here, she dies forever, so she has good reason to accept the food and rest, rather than continue her defiance.
No. 334507 ID: 6b0a72
File 131210146444.png - (77.99KB , 600x500 , 90.png )

"You look rather tired. You know if you apologize to Kassandra I will return your top."

She glares at you.

>"You you think a little tiredness and toplessness will break me? You're a... Fool. I'm tougher then that.. I can do this all day if I-all day if I have to.."

As she says this she keeps tilting back and forth
No. 334510 ID: 2b8edc

Sigh heavily.
"This is not a contest." say this with simple finality. "I will not have you unready. Enemies could attack at any time, and if they do, I want you awake, aware, and fed. Defying me will get you killed, not because I will kill you, but because you're being an idiot. Now eat up, bathe, and go to bed. Or I'll have the other girls force-feed you, and I don't want to do that."
No. 334512 ID: 07416a

I never said you couldn't eat or sleep. You're the one making yourself miserable. Just make yourself comfortable. I have time to wait.
No. 334513 ID: 1854db

"There's nothing preventing you from resting and eating."
No. 334514 ID: 26a8d0

She'll pass out eventually. Maybe you should just giver her top back and call it. The humiliation has probably been enough.

Or this.
No. 334518 ID: e3f578

'taint about breaking her
her current attitude implies she came already broken, alone and asleep in the woods. She may as well have written a damn sign "i'm not a team player. I've developed skill because i'm such a bitch that no one would ever party with me and the reason I didn't totally own the overlord in the past was because no one picked me in overlord kickball. Please kill me and loot/enslave me or if your not an overlord maybe worse" but then not really because holy shit that's a long metaphorical sign
a healer has to be culturally important in general for human heroes, not to mention Kassandra is a human and almost in the same boat as she is, barring loyalty she's gained.
No. 334520 ID: 2b8edc

>Maybe you should just giver her top back and call it.

If she'd simply been defiant, sure. But she put someone else in danger. Not even someone all that evil or mean, either!
No. 334534 ID: 6e44d2

We certainly can't break before her. That's crazy talk. We keep the top. She's free to rest or eat as much as she wants, though.
No. 334535 ID: 6e44d2

We certainly can't break before her. That's crazy talk. We keep the top. She's free to rest or eat as much as she wants, though.
No. 334552 ID: 40cb26

Break her? Oh no, we're not trying to do that. Tell her that if we did, we'd just give her this bring at the potion of corruption and put it in front of her. Right to her lips. Calmly explain what it would do to her or anyone else, that even angels can become demons by it. It creates tools for us to use and abuse however we like. It is valuable and it is the only one we have.

Then take it away from her, and smash it. Say nothing more.
No. 334557 ID: 6ca854

If we are going to do this, can we at use a potion which is not worth 1000 gold. It proves a point sure, but can we not throw a whole bunch of cash down the drain so to speak. Use an old bottle someone threw away and coloured water.
No. 334558 ID: 146bca


No. 334563 ID: 79dc9d

sigh and send her to sleep.
No. 334567 ID: 146bca


*Pointing out that we got that potion for free*
No. 334568 ID: 44766a

*Pointing out that it is still worth 1000 gold*
No. 334569 ID: 35e1a0

indeed, we got THIS ONE for free, but if we ever want another it takes 1000 G. and if we want to recruit something, that is otherwise un-recruitable, we need it.
No. 334570 ID: 146bca


I was just saying that we wouldn't be losing any money if we decided to go through with that plan.

But I still like >>334510 better, anyway.
No. 334572 ID: ee5626


Opportunity cost. We lose the opportunity to achieve a 1000G effect, thus effectively losing 1000G.
No. 334573 ID: 40cb26

Consider breaking it as an alternative to making her drink it. We're still "using" it towards the same ends. Doing it the normal way is easy, but we still have our other servants to think about. This little act will do some good for loyalty as a whole, using it on common units will hurt that.

By the time we have to deal with converting angels or powerful demons or whatever we decide it really is worth using it on, I think the potion will be affordable enough.

I fully support trying the other way first.
No. 334577 ID: d3dfb8

She's about to fall over. Catch her... somehow.
No. 334581 ID: 6a5a08

No. 334671 ID: 416e35
File 131215495885.png - (70.65KB , 491x489 , 91.png )

"Listen, I can tolerate you sulking but I will not let you weaken yourself like this. There is nothing preventing you from sleeping and eating. I need you ready for whatever may happen to this castle and-"


She's fallen asleep.
No. 334674 ID: 1854db

Tell Rose to get her to a bed. And have some food there for when she wakes up.
No. 334678 ID: 2b8edc


Get her to bed, carefully. She should be sleeping like a stone after such exhaustion.

Anyway, let's get out there and fightan! Time to recruit more folks!
No. 334680 ID: 416e35
File 131215581802.png - (53.67KB , 600x500 , 92.png )

"... Rose, please take her to a bed and place some feed beside her for when she wakes up."

>Rose: "Right away my Lord."

As she drags Alice away Styx approaches you.

>Styx: "My lord look what I found. It is your old skeleton. I modified it so your current form can fit in the head. However... It lacks a power source. A Dark Mana crystal is needed for it to start running again."
No. 334683 ID: 146bca


"And where would we find one of those?"
No. 334684 ID: 1854db

Amazing work, Styx! Where can we get such a thing?
No. 334685 ID: 8d61ae


where to find a such thing?
No. 334686 ID: ad80e0

lots go find a Dark Mana crystal
No. 334687 ID: a8f1aa

Notice: she has a gunshot wound.
No. 334688 ID: 40cb26

Of course. Where do we find one? Or is this just another matter for money to solve.
No. 334690 ID: a8f1aa

Alice that is. Next time ask her who shot her.

It will be interesting I'm sure.
No. 334692 ID: 5f55fe

"What would I do without you Styx?"
No. 334693 ID: 416e35
File 131215679829.png - (151.83KB , 600x500 , 93.png )

"Amazing Styx, I've said this before but we would all be lost without you. So, where can I get this Dark Mana?"

She shows you a map.

>"I've marked all the locations where you might find one. However they are very rare and only dropped by certain monsters. I'm not a Demonologist so I don't know exactly which one but they are native to these lands."

"Can't I simply buy one?"

>"Yes, for G10,000"
No. 334694 ID: 40cb26

Describe these places and their dangers as well as you can.
No. 334695 ID: 5f55fe

"Can you tell me a little about each area? Just what lives there and potential dangers?"
No. 334696 ID: 146bca


To the lands of Abel! It sounds promising, after all.

Abel was the good guy in the biblical story, I don't know if that should be significant in this choice.
No. 334697 ID: 416e35
File 131215774767.png - (46.38KB , 557x207 , 94.png )

"Tell me a little more about each please."

>"As you wish. Alemor was once a fishing community until another Overlord, Silva the Wicked, took it over. The place was almost completely corrupted, it's residents turned into demons. However you and your minions had a battle with her. The place is mostly empty save for a few demon towns and various trading spots.
>The Violet Shore is the biggest shopping district in the entire nation with traders from all around the land going there to sell their goods. All trade routes are said to pass through this land.
>Roseywn and Icefall were once the same land but a small group of people found what they call a Sun Shard with allowed what is now Roseywn to escape the eternal winter that Icefall suffers from.
>The Lands of Abel are ruled over by a mere human known as Abel the Savior. His land was the only one that we could never defeat, no matter what we threw at it. Abel placed giant walls around the main kingdom. Most of the monsters and heroes there are holy in nature."
No. 334699 ID: 07416a

Lands of Abel, please. Just for a bit. You know, long enough to see an angel.
No. 334701 ID: 40cb26

>Most of the monsters and heroes there are holy in nature.
Eep. Why is that considered a good area?

Regardless, I think Alemor is best. Ruined demonic lands sound more appropriate for me right now.
No. 334702 ID: 115b9d

Alemoor, because it's the furthest away from Abel. seriously, fuck that guy.
No. 334703 ID: ad80e0

No. 334704 ID: 5f55fe

I like the sound of Icefall. A change in scenery is nice, and the cold might convince Alice to warm up to us. (oh puns)
No. 334705 ID: 2b8edc


Bring a balanced party.
No. 334706 ID: 1854db

I wonder if we can recruit a Demon, or if we have to Enslave an Angel and feed them the potion to get a Demon...
No. 334709 ID: 6a5a08

No. 334714 ID: 40cb26

Demons and Angels probably come in stronger and weaker sorts, I'm sure we could recruit some demons easily enough. I imagine they would be less opposed to us on principle but that wouldn't mean they were actually more loyal or reliable.
No. 334716 ID: 28e94e

Icefall sounds interesting.
No. 334718 ID: 53859d

My vote is for Alemor
No. 334792 ID: 6ca854

I gotta say that Violet Shore is probably the best place for us to raid at the moment, being very rich, a trading centre and close to our base of operations. However, its closeness may mean that people are gonna suspect us or at least those close to us are making a comeback, as they may not know our survival.

So I vote Violet Shore. Hopefully we can get enough money in this so we can build the barracks.
No. 334800 ID: 0d034a


Alemor is the logical next step. It sounds like it would be naturally friendlier (or at least not more hostile) than the human-dominated lands. Just traveling into Abel would probably set off alarms.

It also sounds like a place where treacherous ex-servants might be hiding. Emily and Rose should be ordered to keep an eye out for them.
No. 334895 ID: 252e1b


Alemor seems ok, but if we're going to take Alice with us I want to go to Violet Shore.
No. 335036 ID: 6a5a08

Alice appears to be asleep.
No. 335096 ID: 9ea385
File 131223502664.png - (74.27KB , 600x500 , 95.png )

You decide to leave the sleepy Alice behind and go to Alemor.

Choose where you want to go in Alemor
>Battle Field
No. 335097 ID: 11c056

Town to see where those dark mana crystals can be found. Maybe there's a special kind of monster that has it.
No. 335099 ID: 1854db

...those are giant tentacles out there. Let's visit the ruined town.

Hey, we DID leave someone behind to watch Alice, right? I suggest Emily.
No. 335101 ID: cd63e9

battle field we are hunting monsters.
No. 335102 ID: 44766a

I believe Styx is back at the castle as always.
No. 335106 ID: 6a5a08

No. 335110 ID: 5f55fe

Yea, don't worry, Styx is enough to keep Alice from causing trouble (since Alice can't attack us)

Yea, let's see what is in town and see what we can find out. If we can find a demonologist, they might be able to tell us where to find the dark mana crystal.
No. 335114 ID: 9ea385
File 131223719968.png - (120.22KB , 600x500 , 96.png )

You decide to go to the town for now. As you and your minions go through the deserted town you hear something shatter.

You rush to find the source of the noise and stumble upon a girl scooping up pieces of broken clay. She stares at you.

>???: "Oh hello. I didn't think anyone else would be here. Just collecting samples, pay no mind to me."
No. 335117 ID: 07416a

Give her a job offer. Fun and excitement and 200 gold a month with a 100 immediate signing bonus.
No. 335118 ID: 1854db

"Oh, hello. We're looking for a Dark Mana crystal. Would you happen to know good hunting grounds for one?"
Maybe we can ask about what samples she's collecting, as well. Possible fetch quest?
No. 335119 ID: 1854db

I don't think we have 100 gold to spare at the moment.
No. 335120 ID: cd63e9

down voting trying to hire him. we are not yet established enough to afford to start hiring people. maybe once we have the flotation device fixed. though we should ask him if he knows what monsters drop dark crystals and where to find them.
No. 335122 ID: 07416a

Oh, sure, we'll have to kill some stuff, but she'll be USEFUL! Demonologist, man!
No. 335124 ID: 2b8edc

No. 335125 ID: 00d3d5

"I'm looking find a Dark Mana crystal and hire a demonologist. Not in that order.
I was here when Silva the Wicked fell, so could probably answer some of your questions about this place..."
No. 335127 ID: 2b8edc

No we couldn't.

Bad memory, remember?
No. 335129 ID: 00d3d5

No, but his faithful minions would still remember.
No. 335138 ID: 9ea385
File 131224144217.png - (79.04KB , 417x500 , 97.png )

"Oh, hello. We're looking for a Dark Mana crystal. Would you happen to know good hunting grounds for one?"

>???: "The area around this village is a good. spot. There are quite a few monsters who drop them. Dark Slime, Den Hiders, Behemoths. They all drop this crystal. I happen to have one or two myself."
No. 335147 ID: 6a5a08

"Thank you. If you don't mind sharing, what is it you need samples of? Perhaps during my search I can look for some samples for you."
No. 335152 ID: 3b7e81

"We're willing to help you gather samples, especially if we can get a Dark Mana crystal in the process."
No. 335154 ID: 1854db

Ask her what she would ask for a crystal. We've heard they are quite expensive, but perhaps we can negotiate a trade of services instead.
No. 335155 ID: cd63e9

something about this guy make me think fighting him would be more trouble than its worth. we should see if he would be interested in trading one of the crystals to us.
No. 335160 ID: 1854db

She's a girl. EVERYONE IS A GIRL. Even we are a girl.
No. 335173 ID: 644ca1

What about Fabio?
No. 335175 ID: 28e94e


Anyway, let's go with this: >>335147
No. 335176 ID: eba49f

There is also Able and maybe that gunner who was with our healer.
No. 335178 ID: 1854db

Oh, I guess he's not. That must be why he's grinning all the time. He's surrounded by women!
No. 335179 ID: 6a5a08

And the Great Defender
No. 335180 ID: 1854db

The GD and Time Mage were both girls.
No. 335183 ID: 6a5a08

No. 335185 ID: 1854db

Oh. Well that's odd.
No. 335203 ID: 40cb26

Well that doesn't sound too difficult at all, I was afraid they were rarer. Say... you are a demonologist, correct? Would you be interested in a job? I could use someone of your talents. I can offer many opportunities gain knowledge, power and glory, whatever most suits your desires.
No. 335252 ID: 6b0a72
File 131226101320.png - (78.96KB , 600x500 , 98.png )

"We're willing to help you gather samples, especially if we can get a Dark Mana crystal in the process."

>???: "I am quite capable of gathering materials on my own. However there is one thing I am willing to let go of a Dark Mana crystal for."

"And what would that be?"

>???: "Silva's Wine. It is considered an Artifact due to it's rarity. Since the Overlord defeated her none has been produced. I was unable to get my hands on one and still am not able to. If you could acquire just one glass for me... I would do anything."
No. 335253 ID: 6a5a08

"We'll see what we can do."
No. 335255 ID: 1854db

Interesting. Anything, she says? That'd be a good way to recruit her. Ask her name for future reference.

Then we shall try our hand at hunting around the village. Just to see if we get lucky. Afterwards we should go back to Styx and ask her about that wine.
No. 335258 ID: 40cb26

Interesting... very well I will acquire this wine for you. Tell us what you know of it.
No. 335268 ID: 35e1a0

well, let's check the area's lvl map first. if the LOWEST is a 10 then yeah, we need to negotiate. if not then we can find some critters that may have a crystal.
No. 335269 ID: 71baf1

Don't make promises when we don't know if we can keep it or whether we'd want to. If once we find it, someone else would join us for it, or it gives some massive bonus, we may not want to hand it over.

A smart Overlord doesn't commit until' he has all the details.
No. 335272 ID: cb0cc3

"I'll bear that in mind. You have my thanks for your advice."

Make no promises, since obviously we don't know if we'll be finding that. But if we do get some, trade it to her in exchange for eternal loyalty. We can farm up some dark mana crystals on our own.
No. 335279 ID: 6b0a72
File 131226370558.png - (119.01KB , 544x524 , 99.png )

"I'll bear that in mind. You have my thanks for your advice."

She nods and goes back to work. You decide to check the monster ranks in the area.

>Emily: "My lord there's a ! there! That means there's a really tough boss battle there!"
No. 335282 ID: 1854db

Let's check out that 1. It's weird out there next to all those 10's.

I'm sure we could handle a 10 at this point but I'm just too damn curious.
No. 335283 ID: 35e1a0

well fuck me with a spoon. that is a lot of powerhouses. yes check that one, it is odd.
No. 335284 ID: 40cb26

Seems difficult, and the rest of these are all rather challenging areas too. I'm afraid we might not be able to... wait, is that a level 1 area? Huh. Let's check that out I guess.
No. 335287 ID: 6a5a08

Go to 1
Obtain ambush
No. 335293 ID: cd63e9

lets take a look at that one. things out of the ordinary are usually worth looking into.
No. 335295 ID: 2eac65

Level 1. It might be someone lost and confused who needs our help!
No. 335297 ID: 252e1b

Go to 1, obtain newbie.
No. 335308 ID: 3b7e81

Proceed to 1, examine frownie-face.
No. 335315 ID: 71baf1

Go to one. Be surrounded by the four or five encounters closing in on the 1, who's probably a thief or something.
No. 335320 ID: 6b0a72
File 131226857197.png - (39.48KB , 319x500 , 100.png )

You decide to go the the level 1.

There is a single girl standing in the middle of a filthy swampland.

"What the... Emily, what is that?"

>Emily: "I dunno"


>Rose: "I'm no demonologist my lord."
No. 335324 ID: 6b0a72
File 131226886466.png - (122.15KB , 625x488 , 101.png )

The Field surrounds you.

>Rose: "She's hostile!"

"Hmph, everyone get ready."

-Placement Phase-
-Limit 3 Units-
No. 335325 ID: 07416a

Rose, Ruby, overlord with guncannon. We want to be nowhere near this girl.
No. 335326 ID: 35e1a0

i only trust us. the robotic overlord, and emily, the construct, to be near this thing. so just us two.
No. 335327 ID: 00d3d5

Overlord, Emily, Kas. Keep space between everybody.
Since we want to stay back and see what she does so we're not going in blind, lets make our first turn action "Subjugate".
No. 335328 ID: cd63e9

its called a plague spreader, lets assume it's a bio hazard. keep everyone who can get sic back.
No. 335332 ID: 3b7e81

Seconding the Overlord-Emily-Kas combination. Place Emily in the top-most square, place us behind her, and place Kas in the square farthest away from the Plague Spreader.

We'll attempt to Subjugate it first, then Kas can try a Cure.

If that fails, we let Emily slice-and-dice.
No. 335333 ID: 40cb26

Ourselves, Emily and Kassandra. We and Emily go toe to toe... so to speak. Kassandra heals and supports from a distance behind. We keep the plaguespreader boxed in as well as we can to keep it away from her.
No. 335334 ID: 1854db

This seems best. I doubt this thing can do much damage. Emily could probably take it out by herself, actually.
No. 335357 ID: 2b8edc

Oh shit, stringy-haired ghost girl.
No. 335375 ID: 6e44d2

I don't like this. I bet it's using illusions to conceal its full strength. Be careful!
No. 335379 ID: 252e1b

Too bad we didn't bring Alice. Well, stick to the plan here >>335327
No. 335446 ID: 6a5a08

Can we scan it with that scroll? We should do that.
No. 335502 ID: 9ea385
File 131231272619.png - (47.50KB , 600x500 , 102.png )

You attempt to subjugate by... Well by asking it very nicely to join you since you don't know what else to say.

The Plaugespreader simple gurgles our a reply. You assume it's not a Yes.
No. 335503 ID: 9ea385
File 131231275993.png - (132.61KB , 625x488 , 103.png )

It moves foreword and spits out a green goo at you.

It doesn't seem to have any effect.
No. 335504 ID: 35e1a0

okay, if that was anyone other then a construct it probably would of been BAD.
anyway, kas tries to heal IT. may cause damage then em and overlord smack it.
No. 335505 ID: cd63e9

yeah just kill it.
No. 335508 ID: 1854db

Deal death to it. Kassandra healing it first may get somewhere, who knows. It's worth the attempt, anyway.
No. 335510 ID: 6a5a08

"Bitch, I'm the goddamn Overlord!"
Emily: One square up left and attack.
Overlord: use Sword to attack.
Kas: Stay out of range of Plaguespreader, buff accuracy for Overlord.
No. 335511 ID: 07416a

Back off. It might actually smack you and overlord is made of wet tissue paper. Kas can heal it and then Emily should shank it to death. Make sure Kass is out of it's movement range.
No. 335513 ID: 0d095c

Yeah. Have all the Fleshy people RUN FOR THE HILLS. Then SLASH IT TO DEATH. Then ENSLAVE IT.
No. 335514 ID: 2b8edc

Yay being a robot and thus immune to disease. Slash the hell out of her.
No. 335515 ID: 6a5a08

Actually, we got the Dark Energy Shields, so we actually have hit points now.
No. 335523 ID: 40cb26

First off move Kassandra a square closer and have her try to cure it. If that fails, rely on melee attacks.
No. 335524 ID: 9ea385
File 131231441628.png - (88.06KB , 600x500 , 104.png )

You order Kassandra to retreat and heal the Plaugespreader. Nothing seems to happen to it.

You slash at it with your blade cutting it's torso.
You hear a sizzling sound and notice the blade beginning to melt in places.

"!? Emily!"

Emily slashes at the Plaugespreader.
No. 335526 ID: 9ea385
File 131231446259.png - (73.59KB , 600x500 , 105.png )

You hear that same sizzling sound and see her blade hand begin to dissolve away.

>Emily: "..... This hurts."
No. 335527 ID: 40cb26


Emily retreat, Kassandra heal her, overlord move above this thing and blast it.
No. 335533 ID: 07416a

Kite her and shoot her until she dies, then enslave. Kass and Emily should go nowhere near her. Keep Emily in between Kass and the plaguespreader, but make no attempt to attack her unless she tries to get past Emily. Have Kass heal Emily.
No. 335539 ID: 1854db

Ugh. Just use the blaster, nobody else attack. This may take a bit. I kinda wish we had brought Ruby along. In fact I am starting to wonder if only magic would do anything to this thing.
No. 335540 ID: 07416a

Actually, scan the thing. Rest as before.
No. 335542 ID: 35e1a0

use scan and everyone else back off.
No. 335561 ID: 9ea385
File 131231688594.png - (84.55KB , 600x500 , 106.png )

You order Emily to retreat. She falls back and has Kassandra start healing her arm.
You spend your round casting Scan on the Plaguespreader.

Spit Poison: Inflicts Poison on target. 1-2 spaces.
Zombie Touch: Inflicts Zombie on target. Touch attack.

Special: Immune to bladed weapons. Slash wounds open up acidic sacs under her skin which can dissolve most material.
When killed will explode dealing 20 damage to anyone within 1 space of her and spreading poison/acid to anyone within 2 spaces.
Immortal rank 3- Will never age, will regenerate from most wounds but can be killed by complete disintegration or burning.
Plaugespreader Curse, when someone is killed with a plaugespreader's poison or while under the Zombie affect they will be brought back as a Plaugespreader.
No. 335564 ID: 35e1a0

use gun from three spaces away. make sure others stay out of range.
No. 335566 ID: 1854db

Bang bang.
No. 335568 ID: 40cb26

NOPE. We are gone, fuck this bullshit.

Also new rule: we ALWAYS scan before battle. This was just terrible. Ruby could take it down but I don't see a point. Just blast it from a distance and get out of here before it can get back up.
No. 335570 ID: 6a9fdc

Can I pose a question: how do you kill what is dead?

No. 335573 ID: 11c056

So an enemy that Emily can't defeat? A living bomb.

Well if Emily and Kassandra stay away then the dark energy blaster will finish this one off!
No. 335575 ID: 9ea385
File 131231778148.png - (165.04KB , 625x488 , 107.png )

You have everyone back away and fire at it dealing ten damage.
Nix explodes and dies.

You can see the pieces starting to move back together though..
No. 335577 ID: 9ea385
File 131231782303.png - (72.62KB , 600x500 , 108.png )

>Emily: "That was a tricky one my lord... what shall we do with it?"
No. 335579 ID: cd63e9

no loot, broad immunity's and it does status aliments. Not to mention a dangerous self destruct. but it'll explode once we shoot it. get everyone as far away from it as possible. then shoot it.
No. 335581 ID: 00d3d5

Enslave! She's a powerhouse and that's a bunch of crap anyway.
No. 335582 ID: 1854db

Let's not recruit this thing. It will just create more plaguespreaders if we use it in combat. I don't like the idea of that, I mean aren't we supposed to be trying to unite the land? Using this thing would destroy the land.

Have Ruby step in and burn the corpse to ashes now that combat is over.
No. 335583 ID: 6a9fdc

Kill it with fire.
No. 335585 ID: 00d3d5

We deploy it against constructs and others that are immune to its effects, not against living creatures.
No. 335586 ID: 40cb26

What a miserable creature. I've half a mind to enslave it, just to have Ruby reduce it to ashes. Still it may be a useful tool, even if only once. Just need to find somewhere to keep it that doesn't cause problems.
No. 335587 ID: 6a5a08

Do we really want this thing around the base?
Also, get Styx to repair Emily.
No. 335588 ID: 698cb2

Burn it, we don't want to have to deal with a zombie apocalypse... Actually, that sounds kinda fun, can we start the apocalypse?
No. 335589 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah. Burn it, for the good of the world.
No. 335590 ID: 9ea385
File 131231831873.png - (72.50KB , 600x500 , 109.png )

=Note, if you decide to loot Nix will be teleported to the spawn point instantly=
No. 335591 ID: 40cb26

If only to not make our human servants disgusted with us, we will enslave it rather than do that. Then Ruby can destroy it.
No. 335592 ID: 1854db


Enslave, then burn it.
No. 335593 ID: 00d3d5


Enslave her! Save the town!
No. 335595 ID: 6e44d2

Enslave it. It'd make an excellent biological weapon if we level it up and unleash it deep in the heart of enemy territory. Only the people that really piss us off, though.
No. 335596 ID: 6a5a08

Enslave it, take it to the demon world, and destroy it forever.
No. 335597 ID: cd63e9

ok if looting it would dump it on a town we should enslave it and either use it in a purely defensive way or burn it to ash.
No. 335598 ID: 35e1a0

oh god. that would not be good for anything. enslave it. and then overlord bobs in front of it a bit to see if it is really under control. if not then ruby needs to cast fire on it a few times. if it is then we can just put it somewhere.
No. 335599 ID: 40cb26

If we keep it we should at least tell our humans that we will try and find a way to cure it. And maybe we really should, after all the only thing better than releasing a plague on your enemies is to hold the cure as well.
No. 335602 ID: 6a5a08

>Create cure for Plaguespreaders
>Become loved by populace
>Use as leverage for our world domination scheme
No. 335605 ID: a6ab09

Would it be possible to purify her? returning her back to nein human?
No. 335612 ID: 9ea385
File 131231932135.png - (65.08KB , 600x500 , 110.png )

You decide to enslave the thing.

Ruby comes up to you with her staff.

>Ruby: "Shall I burn the thing?"

Nix stands there staring into the empty space before her
No. 335620 ID: 00d3d5

I'm going to put her in a cage away from everybody else and have people work on researching a cure.
Also, I can send her out against teams of constructs."
No. 335621 ID: 5f55fe

Yes, she would be, but she's not invulnerable. If she was sent out alone, she might get some, but they would be able to stop her, and then we're down a minion + the effort we put into her.

I vote loot. We don't need to enslave everything we see. Since they're all interesting in their own way.
No. 335622 ID: 1854db

3 loyalty stars? That's unusual. I would expect either maximum loyalty or just above baseline. Makes me wonder if there's a mind in there somewhere.

...maybe we should just lock it up in a cage and inquire as to whether or not there's a cure. It used to be a swordsman, and we don't have one of those yet. If we cured her, then we would have an EXTREMELY loyal unit.
No. 335626 ID: 40cb26

"Very tempting. It makes a poor weapon for my purposes, even if it weren't so vile. But I wonder if such a thing can be studied and cured? Such knowledge may be of use. That is if there is even anything of a person left there..."

Order it to speak with you, find out if there is any semblance of thought or emotion remaining to it.
No. 335631 ID: a6ab09

need more information, restrain and lock it away back at the fortress for further study.
No. 335635 ID: 11c056

Well Nix is quite loyal so might as well put her in a corner somewhere if she follows order and cares for little else. Who knows when you'll need a surprise shock trooper. Or a source of strong poison and acid.

Also, nipples!
No. 335638 ID: 5f55fe

I wish we didn't enslave her, but now that we did, I won't take it back. If we use her in combat, it will be with no other melee units, in other words, just Alice, Ruby, and Kassandra

Actually I just had a thought. What about one of the cures from the Wizards tower for zombify? I mean, she is an undead of sorts.
No. 335641 ID: 40cb26

Good luck getting HER past the doorman.
No. 335642 ID: 644ca1

The thought of burning the vile thing is... tempting.

But let's keep it for studies for now.
No. 335644 ID: 40cb26

Hold on people, if we EVER use this in combat, it's going to die. Then we'll loose control of it. And then it respawns in town.

No. 335646 ID: 5f55fe

We don't need to. They're potions/consumables from what I understood, so we can just buy one and take it with us.
No. 335647 ID: 1854db

Actually, we can just re-enslave it.
No. 335649 ID: 6a9fdc

Kill it to death. In the face.
No. 335653 ID: 5f55fe

Why do you think we would lose her if she died in combat? I was under the impression that if any of our guys died, they respawn at our castle.

Also, if we DID need to bring her to the wizards tower, we could always say that she was one of our allies who got killed by a plaguespreader, and needs healing. That could work.
No. 335655 ID: 40cb26

We can enslave the last thing that falls in combat. I don't think allies would be any different there than enemies. Given that it blows up it might still work but it is damn risky.

They have cures for poison and zombie, I don't think this is quite covered by either. Asking Fate about it might prove useful, but we are more likely to get information out of that demonologist.
No. 335656 ID: eba49f

That only works if we are the ones killing her.

I say we keep her both to keep her from trashing any towns, and for SCIENCE.
No. 335665 ID: cb0cc3

No, we should hold on to her. She is under our control and thus not going to hurt our own people, and this sickness is worthy of study.
No. 335666 ID: 2ad8b0

keep it, and be nice to it. don't dissect it. the Wizard Tower has a cure for zombies. we'll go there after we get enough monies.

for now, worry about Emily's arm. did Kas heal it back?
No. 335671 ID: 44766a

I vote for studying it but not for using it in combat.
No. 335674 ID: 6a5a08

"We keep it locked away for now. We may be able to cure it. If not, then we will destroy it in such a way it never respawns."
No. 335679 ID: 71baf1

If we ever use the thing immune to a form of damage, and can only be permanently put down by two types of damage, she's going to die? Really? We pull it out against things that use slashing weapons, and it's pretty much an I win button. And as long as our enemies can't use fire or disintegration, even if she hits 0 hp, she shouldn't actually die. Also, she can inflict a status effect on touch that, traditionally in vidya games, makes heals hurt the creature. She has her uses, we just have to be careful with her.Plus the whole loyal unit whom we may eventually be able to cure.

And maybe I was wrong, but I was under the impression that things we enslave that die, die for good.

>"Okay. Also what happens if one of us dies in battle? Do we respawn?"

>Rose: "Good question my Lord. In this world if we were not enslaved we would simply die. Likewise humans who die in our world vanish forever unless brought back by powerful magic. We are safe in our own world though."
No. 335684 ID: 6a5a08

Demons who die in human world die for good.
Humans who die in demon world die for good.
(Unless extremely powerful magic is used)

This thing is undead though, not human or demon. Honestly, I'm not sure what it would qualify as. We should keep it locked away for now and ask Styx to be Mrs. Exposition some more, and if she doesn't know we can ask that demonologist later.

Also note, anyone who dies while poisoned becomes a Plaguespreader. We could accidentally start a zombie apocalypse when they respawn in town, depending on the area we're in and their defenses against stuch things. That would pretty much mark us 'threat to the world'.
On the flipside of that, if we cured them or eliminate them permanently, we would be doing the world a favor. Let's see Abel rally the peoples against us once we become a hero among them.
No. 335691 ID: 146bca


+1 vote
No. 335694 ID: 71baf1

It doesn't say demons and humans. It's referring to our people. Which at that point we've got Ruby, who is not in fact a demon, but the enslaved soul of a human. Mage. Thing.
No. 335698 ID: 6a5a08

As Rose, who appears to be a demon, was giving the explanation, I assumed 'we' meant her people, as in demons.
No. 335703 ID: 9ea385
File 131232677875.png - (57.49KB , 503x461 , 111.png )

You remember the rules being as such
If one of your demon minions die here then they're gone for good, vice versa.
Enslaved Heroes who die here can be Enslaved again to prevent them from spawning.

"Very tempting. It makes a poor weapon for my purposes, even if it weren't so vile. But I wonder if such a thing can be studied and cured? Such knowledge may be of use. That is if there is even anything of a person left there..."

You fly up to Nix

"Can you tell me who you are?"

She opens her mouth making that same gurgling sound. Copious amounts of acid and poison drip out of her mouth.

You see Rose cover her nose.
No. 335704 ID: 07416a

Try to talk to it. Worst comes to worst, let's sell it to BM tower.
No. 335705 ID: 6a5a08

Attempt to access the innate mindreading powers of floating eyeballs. They all have them, trust me. Just try.
No. 335706 ID: 1854db

We'll have to go for yes and no questions. Ask her if she remembers being a swordsmaster. Ask her if she wants to be cured. If no, ask her if she wants to die.
No. 335707 ID: 40cb26

Ugh... maybe it can't talk, but one last test...

"...How old are you, count each digit with your fingers."
No. 335708 ID: 07416a

Yes or no questions. She blinks once for yes and twice for no.
No. 335713 ID: 87c8e0


I though it was laser beam powers.
No. 335717 ID: 6a5a08

Shh! The universe doesn't know that yet.
No. 335720 ID: 35e1a0

hmm, that looks like it's TRYING to talk to you, but it's too full of ooze to get any air on the vocal cords. there is definitely SOMETHING still in there.
No. 335721 ID: 9ea385
File 131232804961.png - (64.54KB , 557x399 , 112.png )

"How old are you? Just hold up fingers."

She just stares drooling more poison.

"Do you want to be cursed? Do you want to be Cured? Do you want to die?"

She makes that gurgling sound and spits out more green goo.

>Ruby: "Please... Stop making her do that.. It reeks."
No. 335725 ID: 1854db

...yeah, she can't talk or really understand us, apparently. Just lock her up for now.
No. 335726 ID: 35e1a0

"well, looks like we wont get any information, but i cannot tell if it is opening it's mouth just as a reaction or if it is actually trying to talk but can't due to being full of ooze."
No. 335729 ID: 07416a

Welp. Bring her to black mage tower.
No. 335733 ID: 71c0ea

just kill her
No. 335734 ID: 6a9fdc

Friggin' kill her already. Stop making her live as a toxic diseased husk.
No. 335735 ID: 2b8edc

We could seal her in an airtight room and use her as a punishment?

Okay that's a little too mean
No. 335736 ID: 6a5a08

"Wait wait wait... Ruby, you have a nose?!"

On a more serious note, destroy it in whatever way is permanent.
No. 335737 ID: 44766a

... and have them start throwing fireballs at us? Lets not go to the black mage's tower. Plus am pretty sure that they can't do anything. The zombie cure would probably only work on the zombie status. She turned into a Plaguespreader because she had the zombie status and then died.
No. 335743 ID: 00d3d5

"We'll take her back and lock her in a room until we can start researching cures.
Don't worry. I have no intention of letting this spread."
No. 335745 ID: 87c8e0

don't destroy it! keep it to cure it for later. we'll get a super loyal swordsman.

first, get some money.
No. 335746 ID: 71baf1

Send her back to the castle, with a note for Styx that she's to be studied for a cure.
No. 335749 ID: 5f55fe

We should keep fighting in this area. We need to find either a dark mana crystal, or the thing the demonologist needs. We came here for it, and we're not leaving without something to show for our efforts, more than Nix.

I say we take on that 12 on the map if it's still there.
No. 335751 ID: 53859d

Yeah, keep it locked up tight, but let's make researching a cure a priority, that could really be leveraged in the long run--plus, you know, Loyalty x Infinity probably.
No. 335754 ID: 9ea385
File 131233011889.png - (114.56KB , 544x524 , 113.png )

You send Nix back to the castle with a note saying to lock her away for the time being.

Where to now?
No. 335755 ID: 146bca


No. 335756 ID: 6a5a08

Let's try 8.
No. 335757 ID: 6a5a08

Assuming Emily is healed, that is.
No. 335759 ID: a6fd40

aye. heal up and go to the least dangerous one.

this place might get just a tad overleveled for us pretty soon.
No. 335761 ID: cd63e9

lets hit that 8. a seven caused some problems so lets not risk anything higher than we have to. also ask your minions if they remember anything about Silva.
No. 335762 ID: 71c0ea

No. 335771 ID: 698cb2

go back to the easier area and train to make your people stronger, a better body isn't worth their lives
No. 335780 ID: 5f55fe

Ah but we have scan now, and remember we can always make a run for it if we think its out of our league.
No. 335800 ID: 71baf1

8. Cmon' Tamer
No. 335813 ID: 1854db

Let's go to 8 regardless of Emily's status. We still have Rose and Ruby.
No. 335965 ID: 6ca854

I'd like to make a note of something, as Nix can't really communicate with anyone at the moment. So my idea is this; we give her chalk and a light slate board so she can write down her answers without anyone getting fumigated. Furthermore it'll probably be a cheap investment for a lot of loyalty stars.
No. 336495 ID: 03212a
File 131249443019.png - (81.56KB , 600x500 , 114.png )

You decide to go to a Rank 8 Area.

There's a odd girl with a animal skull on her head. She stares at you.
No. 336496 ID: 03212a
File 131249448347.png - (88.85KB , 504x466 , 115.png )

>???: "..."

SCAN: Beast Tamer

Placement Phase, Limit 3
No. 336497 ID: 35e1a0

well we need to overlord to recruit. want to cycle our guys. so this time ruby and rose with us.
No. 336498 ID: aa66a4

Sounds good.
No. 336499 ID: 5f55fe

Dammit, why do we need to recruit everything we come across?

I say Ruby, Kassandra, and Rose.
No. 336500 ID: aa66a4

Because building an army allows us to have more people and more people means easier money? I don't see why we would ever turn down a free dude.
No. 336501 ID: 40cb26

Good team. Us in middle front row, Rose to our left, Ruby right behind us.

Oh and lets make sure Emily goes back to the castle, so she can maybe get fixed up and maybe help keep an eye on things. I'm assuming her blade didn't just heal back.
No. 336502 ID: 5f55fe

Because wouldn't it be better to have a smaller more elite team? If we keep recruiting we have to manage the exp gain between them.

I also don't want to shove the ones we already have aside. I want them to all feel important to our plans. The more we recruit, the more they'll just blend into the crowd.
No. 336503 ID: aa66a4

If we have more people, we can send more of them out to get more money, which we DESPERATELY NEED. TO LIVE.

Everyone will get their due. But we need loyal manpower to get to that point!
No. 336504 ID: 28e94e

Whatever we do, we need to get in there and scan her for our first move.
No. 336506 ID: cd63e9

a beast tamer would let us recruit monsters. that is a very good thing. i'm guessing monsters would not be as hard to make loyal as people.
No. 336507 ID: a700b6

rose, overlord, emily. because of the bonus.
No. 336533 ID: 698cb2

Emily just got hurt badly in the last fight and might still be affected by the zombie status, so bring anyone but her
No. 336564 ID: 1854db

NOTE: I just figured out that if Rose dies in the human world- like out here- she doesn't respawn. Soooo she's kindof vulnerable.

Emily is actually the only (non-plaguespreader) unit we have that can't die permanently. We can always repair her for a fee if she falls apart. All our enslaved heroes risk permanent death when fighting in the demon world (we only know one location of note there- our castle).
No. 336568 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord, Rose, Ruby.

Scan dat shit.
No. 336590 ID: 00d3d5

Overlord, Emily, and somebody who won't die permanently if they fall here. Kas, I think!
No. 336696 ID: 71baf1

Rose, Overlord, Kassandra.
No. 336706 ID: 1854db

Put in Emily, Kassandra, and Overlord. Kassandra way in the back, Emily/Overlord in front.
No. 336719 ID: e889e9
File 131252612793.png - (97.75KB , 504x466 , 116.png )

Units placed
No. 336720 ID: e889e9
File 131252667931.png - (121.89KB , 504x466 , 117.png )

Overlord casts Scan!

Whip and Claw attacks do the amount of damage stated.
Bite- In Berserk Mode a Beast Tamer can spend their round grabbing an opponent and perform a bite attack. The grapple takes a round and the opponent can attack and cast spells but can not escape. The next round the Beast Tamer will bite their neck and tear. This is usually an instant kill. This does not work on Constructs or units without a neck.

Special: Immune to Poison and Sleep.
Can cast Tame on defeated Beast Type Units at the end of battle. Limit 1 per battle.
Berserk Rage- When a Ally Beast Unit dies within the Beast Tamers Line of Sight the Tamer will attack any and all units around her except Allies and other Beast Units (friend or foe). This rage lasts rounds equal to her level.
Beastial Attack- Can give up a Beast Unit that is not in battle to perform a special attack. Changes depending on the unit sacrificed.
No. 336721 ID: 35e1a0

this ring is WAY too small to let her go first, double attack with a boost on... em.
No. 336723 ID: 35e1a0

oh uh, em rushes and kas casts acc+
No. 336724 ID: 1854db

Right, this is a straightforward battle. Just have Emily start attacking right away. May as well go up right in front of her.

Kassandra can stay where she is for now. May as well cast Accuracy on Emily.
No. 336726 ID: cd63e9

ummm don't most of our units have around 20 hp? cause i think she can one shot our minions if she rolls well.
No. 336728 ID: 1854db

Ruby has 15 hp, Kassandra has 11. Overlord has 31 (30 shield, 1 floatation device). Emily has like 60+.
No. 336729 ID: 967b52

Emily attacks, Kass stays back and casts speed, then damage buffs.


This is a valid point. After we get this tamer, we should focus on loyalty and leveling instead of recruitment, until everyone's up to speed. Having a bunch of low-loyalty minions is asking for trouble.
No. 336737 ID: 07416a

Ask if she wants to be immortal and serve an ever-growing empire in a privileged position.
No. 336739 ID: e889e9
File 131252973211.png - (102.91KB , 504x466 , 118.png )

Kassandra casts +Accuracy on Emily
Emily moves foreword and slashes at the tamer for 17 damage!
The Tamer slashes at Emily but misses!
No. 336740 ID: cd63e9

we should move to the square opposite Emily. that way when she attacks she will have to expose her back.
No. 336743 ID: 1854db

Open fire! Emily keeps slashing, Kassandra stays put.
No. 336745 ID: 0199a3

No, we should move to the square diagonal of Emily and have Kassandra move closer. That way Kas can heal or buff as needed and the beast tamer can't get to her without going around us. And we need to start remembering to have Kas charge if she isn't going to move anywhere on a given turn, since she only has a few MP to use.
No. 336752 ID: 07416a

No. 336757 ID: 957ab9


going around us? what makes you think she won't just go ahead and one-hit-kill us? no, I say only Emily stays within the tamer's range.
No. 336758 ID: 967b52


We have 31 hp and the tamer's max attack is 23.

If I understand the mechanics correctly, she can't one-hit us (and her two-turn insta-kill can't affect Emily or us).
No. 336762 ID: 1854db

Also she can't Berzerk unless an allied animal dies near her. That won't be happening here.
No. 336790 ID: 71baf1

If she rolls well enough, she can do 2x damage. And while her berserk isn't going to apply, for all we know she has monster allies off field ready to sacrifice to use specials. Neither of these is something we can reliably plan against though, so I agree with using Overlord as a shield for the healer who will get one-shot if attacked.

Keep in mind whips can attack one square away though, and even her weakest hit with a whip will kill Kas.
No. 337361 ID: 3e4057
File 131267707554.png - (104.11KB , 504x466 , 119.png )

You move up to lock in the Tamer. Emily tries to slash but the Tamer doges it!
Overlord slashes at her and hits for 19 damage!
The Tamer tries to slash him but misses!
No. 337362 ID: 1854db

More of that.
No. 337363 ID: 6a5a08

Em and Overlord: Continue cutting.
Kas: Move up just out of range of the Tamer and cast Accuracy+ on Emily
No. 337366 ID: 40cb26

This. Kass only needs to move forward one space to target either, so lets do that.
No. 337377 ID: 0199a3

Kas: Charge and cast +Accuracy on Overlord.
Em and Overlord: Keep attacking.

Kassandra's spells have a range of 1-4, so she can already cast on both of them.
No. 337405 ID: 40cb26

...Durr. I thought she was a square further away, never mind.
No. 337472 ID: 7ef948

overlord: switch to ranged attacking.
No. 337723 ID: 6a5a08

Why would we want to do less damage and give the Tamer more freedom to move?
No. 337728 ID: a1a3c4

I guess because the tamer can potentially oneshot Overlord with a critical hit?

No stay close, but have Kass use +Defense on Overlord so he can take any potential hits better and retreat only to heal if necessary.
No. 337730 ID: 6a5a08

This sounds reasonable.
No. 338360 ID: 2b9f56
File 131293508343.png - (176.17KB , 500x706 , 120.png )

You and Emily continue to hack and slash at the Tamer. After being brought down another 35 health she glares at Emily and raises her hands.
She chants a spell and before she can react Emily is slammed with a giant fluffy thing.
You hear a terrible cracking sound.
No. 338362 ID: 6a5a08

Emily sure isn't having much luck lately.
No. 338363 ID: 35e1a0

damn. she probably can't perma-die due to being a construct, but still, ow. probably out for the rest of the day though.
overlord: LIMIT BREAK! or just use a slash attack. kas, more ACC+
No. 338365 ID: 3fd4fb

Emily! Dammit, why must she suffer such abuse? And she'll probably feel terrible, like she failed us.

Nothing for it but to have Kassandra buff us while we keep hackin', though. The tamer shouldn't take more than one or two more hits to bring down.
No. 338369 ID: 1854db

I am now very glad we didn't bring Rose.

Keep attacking, she's on her last ropes.
No. 338370 ID: 40cb26

Shiiiiiit! Is her HP at zero or -5? Kassandra might be able to heal her back up. Keep attacking this bitch... hopefully she can't pull that shit again. Apply RAGE FOR LIMIT BREAK if you can.
No. 338374 ID: 2b9f56
File 131293673752.png - (54.24KB , 600x500 , 121.png )

You focus all your rage into one single attack..


The beam hits the Tamer and instantly vaporizes her.

You get the feeling that you can probably only use that attack when someone really loyal to you is killed..

You see Emily weakly sit up.
No. 338376 ID: 3fd4fb

"Emily, you're alive! Kassandra, she needs healing, quickly!"
No. 338379 ID: 2b9f56
File 131293707158.png - (61.79KB , 600x500 , 122.png )

"Are you okay?"

>Emily: "No.. I failed you."

"It is okay, we still won the battle."
No. 338380 ID: 1854db

Another unique class, and a very powerful one at that. Better enslave this one.
No. 338382 ID: 35e1a0

make sure she understands that losing due to getting hit by a super move doesn't count. it's a super move, those things are deadly.
anyway, we need a tamer, enslave.
No. 338383 ID: 40cb26

Hmm that's some good cash. Clearly she hasn't had to spend any on gear. But trainers aren't exactly common so enslave her.
No. 338384 ID: 3fd4fb

"You fought bravely until falling, and we won with no permanent losses in the end. You have not failed in my eyes."
No. 338385 ID: 44766a

Tell Emily that she didn't fail.
No. 338392 ID: 6a5a08


"You did not fail, Emily. In a way, your defeat was what ensured our victory, after all. Right Kassandra?"
No. 338400 ID: 44766a

Oh and before I forget. YAY! We have an eye laser.
No. 338409 ID: cd63e9

loot. she would be an excellent minion but we don't have enough loyal minions to contain her right now. we also still need to get that archer to be loyal to us.
No. 338410 ID: aa66a4

No. 338415 ID: 6a5a08

Enslaved minions can't actually attack us, apparently, and if she wanders out in the demon world she can moslty-permadie. Containment isn't too much of a problem.
No. 338419 ID: 5f55fe

I'm going to continue my plea to NOT enslave, but nobody likes this plan, apparently.

To Emily, "Do you think we could have won without you?"
No. 338420 ID: 3be3e0

Enslave her, don't allow her to meet your other minions and use the potion thing you got awhile back to make her loyal.
No. 338422 ID: eba49f

I think I second looting. The beast abilities are powerful, but it seems inconvenient to have abilities that need to be 'loaded' with new creatures when you use them.

Also I like ranged attackers more >.>
No. 338423 ID: 6a5a08

It's also fucking awesome to one-shot people with fuzzballs.
No. 338425 ID: 2b9f56
File 131294141753.png - (102.00KB , 600x500 , 123.png )

You decide to enslave the Tamer.

>Emily: "This is the second time today.."

"Emily, you did not fail me. Both times helped me in the battle. Without you I surely would have fallen."

She seems to brighten up a little. She holds out her only whole arm which seems to have been snapped in half.

>Emily: "I don't think I can keep fighting today my Lord.."

"It is okay. Return to the castle."

>Lenion: "Ai por byr ailael sai shi paeraeraer mai aerolia... O cali tia vaeraes.."
No. 338427 ID: 6a5a08

"Apologies, I know not the language you speak. One of my associates may be more familiar with such things, if you are unable to speak Common."

If Tamer girl can't speak Common, take her to Styx and ask about it.
No. 338429 ID: 40cb26

Well she does have one and a half stars already so I assume what she is saying is a good thing. Take her along, maybe Styx knows her languange.

We should all go back to the castle for a bit, this place is a bit rough for our team still. Check in on our stubborn archer as well. Then we can head back to the forest, level up our team and have Emily and Rose make quick work of the easier missions for quick cash.
No. 338433 ID: 3fd4fb

Well... unfortunately, I don't think we'll be getting any easier missions than that around here. We need to level up our team before chasing Dark Mana crystals, it seems.
No. 338434 ID: 6a5a08

Emily cannot into questing anymore today. First gets her arm melted and then broken off. Poor little amputee golem thing.
No. 338437 ID: 1854db

Ask if anyone can understand the new recruit. Also, NICE, she started with 1 and a half stars.

...do we have anything she can wear? She's probably asking about that right now. We may need to pay a short visit to the shop...
No. 338454 ID: 5f55fe

Her initial loyalty may be because she doesn't fully understand what we are, or doesn't care due to her own social standards. Or maybe because she respects strength. We won't know until we can get some communication one way or another.
No. 338458 ID: 252e1b


There's a couple of words there that could be Portuguese but honestly I got nothin'.
No. 338461 ID: 00d3d5

We need to upgrade Emily soon.
Meanwhile, lets send our most loyal minions to the lower-level area to collect money.
No. 338464 ID: cd63e9

yeah, shes the most loyal of our minions, the least she deserves is an actual hand.
No. 338465 ID: 3fd4fb

Or possibly some kind of high-powered doom cannon. Or a tentacle! Everyone loves tentacles.
No. 338468 ID: 5f55fe

I like her blade. Honestly, she just needs practice (levels), like most of them.

Although we can get metamagic rods for Ruby...

No, no, no, we're still recovering, we need to get our castle up and running. We can't afford to waste too much money.
No. 338689 ID: 510737

No. 338742 ID: eba49f

>Get her a hand
>Get her a laser cannon
We could get her a megaman arm.
No. 338759 ID: 4d43b9


or a harpoon.
No. 338775 ID: 6a5a08

Or a laser harpoon.
No. 338783 ID: 28e94e

Flaming chainsaw laser harpoon.
No. 338784 ID: 6a5a08

Flaming chainsaw laser harpoon-chucks.
No. 338826 ID: 0d095c

Flaming chainsaw laser harpoon-chucks WITH ANGRY EYES PAINTED ON.
No. 338830 ID: 6a9fdc

Okay, now this is just getting ridiculous.

...there's no way we have the money for the angry eyes right now.
No. 338832 ID: 6a5a08

What if we just paint the whole thing in the colors of the rainbow?
No. 338835 ID: 3fd4fb

I'm morally opposed to yellow.
No. 338840 ID: 510737

What about a robot arm that when ever she does the devil horns fires a lazer?
No. 338842 ID: 510737

...just sayin...
No. 338845 ID: 510737

also emily needs a hug.
No. 338856 ID: 07416a

She needs REAL arms.
No. 338915 ID: 314ffe

and some red hot lovin'.
No. 338918 ID: da83f1

No. 338920 ID: 1854db

Holy shit, dude. I don't think we can get her something that powerful.
No. 338973 ID: 510737


On that subject we need to ask styx if we can get at very least a dildo attachment
No. 338974 ID: bd2a40

Going to have to support the real arms idea. It just makes more sense to have her be able to use multiple weapons as opposed to one thing.

She might also like having actual hands more than some weird ass gizmo.
No. 338980 ID: 1854db

I think one of her arms is aiding in her levitation, so we should leave it like that. Just replace her weapon arm with a better weapon, I guess.

I wonder if we can give her more limbs?
No. 339023 ID: ff6056
File 131309121908.png - (82.87KB , 600x500 , 124.png )

You non-existant head begins to ache from all the most random thoughts about Emily..
You decide to simply take everyone back to the castle to recover.
You see Styx cleaning the walls and floors.

>Styx: "Oh, hello my Lord. Just cleaning up after our newest recruit.. She tends to spit up. Everywhere. I tried to communicate with her but she ended up spitting in my face. I have reason to believe she is messing with me. We need more mops by the way, they keep dissolving."
No. 339026 ID: 35e1a0

nix gets THREE HOURS DUNGEON. no not really, but if she is smart enough to joke then... i dunno. get a hose and power wash her insides?
No. 339030 ID: 40cb26

Ugh this is ridiculous. Don't you have some cell or hole you can throw her in. Maybe a chain that won't melt from her?

If this can't be taken care of... reconsider incinerating. But ask Styx for advice first.
No. 339032 ID: 3537cc

better get some gold quick, then. we're still to broke to even pay Fabio the 20g we owe him, aren't we? let's go hunting. maybe violet shore this time?
No. 339034 ID: 083fc2

Right. Get everyone farming lowbues until they can't get anymore exp from the starting area. Let's try to deal with nix and the new girl.
No. 339037 ID: 6a5a08


We should put Nix in a room that she won't dissolve until we can find a cure for her.

As Styx about Tamer language.
No. 339039 ID: bad65c

we might want to level up some more before we try going for a dark crystals. the low level encounters where they are found almost kicked our ass.
No. 339042 ID: 5f55fe

I knew enslaving Nix was more trouble than it was worth.

I think we should go back to hunting the dark crystal after a brief rest and recovery. It's a solid goal we have right now (other than just accumulating money), and I think with good tactics we can handle that area.

Also, can we PLEASE stop recruiting for a while and just deal with the ones we have? I want to pay more attention to Alice and get her loyal.

Speaking of which, how is she doing? Well rested and fed I hope.
No. 339045 ID: 1854db

We really need some universal translator thing. Like a psychic communication device. This is two minions now we can't communicate with. Nix has 3 stars... does she think this is acceptable behavior? Is she even thinking? Ask Styx if she knows of a cure for this plague stuff.

Idea: Have her stationed outside with some channels to drain away the slime to a central pit so we can collect it for future use.

Also I think we should avoid Enslaving anyone for a while- we've got our hands full now trying to deal with the people we've got. Hmm, we should send Rose out to gather some funds.
No. 339051 ID: ff6056
File 131309494029.png - (100.78KB , 600x500 , 125.png )

You decide to send Rose out to train for a while on low rank monsters for money and some experience.

"Hmph, she's rather troublesome. Is there a cure for her condition?"

>Styx: "None that I am aware of my Lord."

"Very well, I will hold onto her for now until I can find some use for her. How is Alice?"

>Styx: "Sleeping my Lord."

"Still? Hmph. Oh, Styx, this is my newest minion, Lenion. I'm not familiar with her language and was hoping you could tell me anything about it."

>Lenion: "O cali ei vandraeraedaes caesi? Mai ialori. Ais mi mor ol ti Ai shor cor caes"

>Styx: "Hmm... I am afraid I do not know the language. I could make a translator.. It would take some time to synthesize the material from what I have.. Unless I got the ingredients themselves. The toughest to get would be a piece of Goldeon. Getting that would shorten the time it takes to make this drastically."
No. 339057 ID: 62e636

if we ever got goldeon, we'd use it to make a watch instead.
No. 339058 ID: 5f55fe

Oh yea, also, give Styx the authority to get any of our minions that aren't busy to help out with cleanup/regular maintenance of the castle. She shouldn't have all of that on her shoulders, and she shouldn't feel like we're forcing it on her. Many hands make light work. And besides, this way she won't be overloaded with both maintenance and the technical jobs we give her.

Does Styx know where Goldeon is found? It's not like we aren't picking up sidequest after sidequest anyway >.>
No. 339060 ID: 1854db

Another item hunt... Where could we get that? Also, how long would it take without it?
No. 339064 ID: 40cb26

Bah. Is it at least good for all languages? No matter, don't have her start on that yet, if we find some goldeon fine but we're more likely to find someone to translate for us first. If we find it great, but we'll just get someone who speaks the language. Recommend to Styx that if she can chain her securely upside down over a big enough hole that should keep her and her spittle out of the way. And while we're on the issue of hunting for rare items, ask if she knows anything about that wine.

Now go bring Rose and check on Alice. She's slept long enough.
No. 339065 ID: 6a5a08

This garble is what Detect Language on Google Translate gave me: "Or drop vandraeraedaes and Caesar? Never ialori. Ai Ais I died or will shor current CAES". Maybe she's asking what happened when she died? Or asking if we're 'Caesar'?
Also this.
No. 339077 ID: 1854db

...ah, she may be saying she isn't our minion. Which is usually what new recruits say. I think she can understand us, but we can't understand her.

"You can understand me, can't you? You both can, I imagine."
No. 339078 ID: 35e1a0

... i don't think basing anything on what Google translate says is a good idea.
No. 339085 ID: 1854db

Well, look at when she said it. Right after we said she was our minion.
No. 339088 ID: 6a5a08

Theory: Caes is the name for a 'leader' in her culture.
Ialori could refer to a servant. 'Never ialori' (if Google can be trusted at all).
She seems to be saying that she died and was made to obey which she seems willing to do given her starting with loyalty stars (perhaps a cultural respect for strength, or seeing our anger at one of our own being harmed earned us some respect?), but she does not yet respect us as replacement to her former 'Caes'.
No. 339136 ID: 28e94e

New theory: The language is entirely fictional and any words that are from real languages are pure coincidence.
No. 339143 ID: 00d3d5

Is that thing on her head alive? Can it be healed?
Have Styx give Lenion a hug, then start on the translator.
After that, lets go back to the low-level area and beat up people for XP and gold.
No. 339147 ID: 6e44d2

Caesar has had a wide influence on language across Europe and Asia. It's where we get the German word "kaiser," which means "king," as well as the Russian "czar." I think it's save to assume that "caesi" signifies some sort of leader, at the very least.

The rest is pretty thoroughly indecipherable, at the moment. I don't think we can do much with it, unless she can understand our language, in which case we can at least figure out how to get yes-or-no responses from us.
No. 339148 ID: 6e44d2

Rather, from her, I meant.
No. 339169 ID: cd63e9


also I don't think we are quite strong enough to safely get a dark crystal. going after this goldon thing might be something to do while we level up. also I think we should stop enslaving new minions for now. we can start again once we get the loyalty of our current minions up.
No. 339349 ID: ff6056
File 131317618265.png - (64.86KB , 600x500 , 126.png )

"How long will it take without it?"

>"A few weeks.. That's mostly just trying to make a piece myself. The actual process is only about a day long."

"Okay then, I'll try to pick one up on my travels, if possible"

>"Thank you my Lord."

You turn to your newest minions.

"I get the feeling that the two of you can actually understand me. We need to work out some form of communication. Can you tell me what Yes and No are in your language?"

>"Ai tyr sher sar shyr taji sol sai aeria. Ai vaeraes os vyrdaes sher pyl's sol Ai't kyl sai shi sar aeria sai sasti."

".... Okay how about you?"

Nix gurgles out a reply.
No. 339354 ID: 00d3d5

Nix isn't capable of communication at the moment, so go ahead and stop trying for now.
For Lenion lets do this the hard way. Show her an object, say its name, and listen to what she says. Repeat this process until either she says the name you use or says something that's likely her word for the item.
Write the results down and move on to the next item. Give her some pencil and paper too so we can find out if she can write or not.
Have Emily do this since it's not hard work and she could use a break.

Meanwhile, lets go back to the low level areas to grind for Gold, new classes, and levels.
No. 339355 ID: 23b657

visit violet shore for crystal hunting. maybe they have weaker monsters who drop 'em over there. and take these two with you.
No. 339360 ID: 07416a

So uh. Go out with Ruby and Lenion, hunt some fuzzies. Low level area first, see how cooperative she is.
No. 339363 ID: 40cb26

Tell nix to go outside somewhere out of the way and not to spit on anyone. Tell Lenion to take a bath and eat and relax for a bit, we don't really need her services yet and we can't communicate anyway. As strong as she is she won't wall behind anytime soon.

Now go wake up that damn archer, I'm afraid her being "asleep" may be a ruse.
No. 339527 ID: 3bad4c

Teach them sign language!
No. 339529 ID: 1854db

Let's just have Nix be outside since she's just making a mess of the castle, and she won't be able to mess anything up just standing out there. We kindof can't talk to Lenion but let's take her out to capture some animals. She should be able to act without direct orders, and having animals around in the castle would probably make her happy. That's how taming animals works right?
No. 339535 ID: 07416a

No wakey.
No. 340968 ID: 189174
File 131362017855.png - (32.35KB , 600x500 , 127.png )

You decide to just leave the two of them alone for now. You push Nix outside the castle so she doesn't ruin anything else and go to check on Alice.

She really does seem to be sleeping soundly.
No. 340970 ID: 35e1a0

and lord vision shows she almost has a whole star now. that is better. leave her alone. have rose go kill noobs and we fight higher lvls.
No. 340973 ID: 00d3d5

That's not her.
It's a bunch of pillows in her shape, and the star is really carved in the wall behind her.
No. 340974 ID: 3fd4fb

That would be hilarious.

But is the star actually something that she can detect and would know to carve, and do we perceive it in such a way that that would be at all possible? My guess is no.

As long as she's actually sleeping, I guess we might as well leave her to it and take the crew hunting again in a lower-level area. We've got to level up our core cadre and get more in the way of cash, and that means a lot of fightin'.
No. 340978 ID: 40cb26

Not going to risk it. Go check on her. Besides we do we even want her to wake up on her own? Kinda risky.
No. 340986 ID: 3be3e0

I'm pretty sure she can't hurt us
No. 340990 ID: 5a8a13

Something seems off. look closer.
No. 341013 ID: 5f55fe

Just leave her alone. I don't want to wake her. You guys are way too paranoid.
No. 341062 ID: 1854db

Yep, let's go.

There IS food left for her, right?
No. 341074 ID: 20a63e


No. 341092 ID: 0199a3

She already had the fourth point before she fell asleep, actually.

How long have we been gone? We need to let her get enough sleep so that she won't be dead tired for the rest of the day, but if we let her sleep too long she won't be able to fall asleep tonight. She was already dead tired this morning, so we should probably let her get about six hours' worth of sleep before waking her.
No. 341174 ID: 71baf1
File 131367584436.png - (31.47KB , 600x500 , scratch.png )

That star is clearly carved into the wall. We know unloyal minions can communicate with others. Wonder if she went to signal someone that we have in fact returned.
No. 341240 ID: 5f55fe

We need to do the North Wind and the Shining Sun Strategy. Best strategy ever.

Step 1: Start acting Tsundere.
Step 2: Find someone else for her to hate on. Hate on this person with her.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!!!
No. 341316 ID: 510737

draw a mustache in her face with a marker. just do it.everyone will laugh and become close...and you get loyalty muahahahaha...
No. 341392 ID: 818a1c

Very Yes.
No. 341396 ID: 3be3e0

I agree with this plan
No. 341400 ID: 252e1b

Addendum: Draw a smiley face on one of her boobs, and a sad face on the other.
No. 341402 ID: 35e1a0

too far dude.
No. 341406 ID: 1854db

No messing with the sleeping grumpy archer.
No. 341414 ID: 07416a

No. This is retarded. Leave her some food.
No. 341436 ID: 818a1c

No. 341448 ID: 6a5a08

Check if the star is carved into the wall. If not, leave her some food and her top for when she wakes up.
No. 341459 ID: 5f55fe

no, we want her to gain stars, not lose them.
No. 341471 ID: 28e0ce

Buncha retards. No drawing.
No. 341547 ID: 07416a

So she'll lose respect for us and then hate us anyways?
No. 341650 ID: 818a1c

Maybe. I personally think it's worth the risk, though. Well, not really, but it's fun to suggest overly silly things.
No. 341656 ID: 189174
File 131380578214.png - (58.10KB , 448x397 , 128.png )

Before you can do anything to her Alice wakes up and rolls over. She sees you and glares.


It seems someone got to her before you.
No. 341660 ID: 35e1a0

laugh a little and say that she should eat, and that someone drew on her face.
No. 341663 ID: 3be3e0

"I captured a plague spreader, it would be a bad idea to kill it"
No. 341665 ID: 3fd4fb

"If you have slept enough to be functional, there is much work to be done.

"You may wish to eat and bathe beforehand, however. It appears someone has taken advantage of your exhaustion."
No. 341666 ID: 189174
File 131380702892.png - (100.72KB , 493x455 , 129.png )

"Glad to see you're well rested. There is food for you in the kitchen, however you might want to wash up a bit, someone seems to have drawn on your face."

>"What!? Who the hell did that!? I'll kill them!"

She starts getting up and you see the rest of her body.
You find it difficult to hold back your laughter.. You can only imagine what the rest of her is like.
No. 341668 ID: 40cb26

Tell her it will be a mystery forever. And to go take a bath to clean it off.
No. 341669 ID: 35e1a0

"no idea, it could be anyone, you haven't really done much to make the others like you"
No. 341670 ID: 3fd4fb

"Ah. It seems that their artistry was not limited to just your face. How unexpected."
No. 341671 ID: 6a5a08

Give her her top back.

"Seems they drew on more than just your face. Go ahead and wash up in the bathes."
No. 341673 ID: 3fd4fb

No, don't give her her top back! We said she'd get it when she showed remorse for leaving Kassandra to be a cripple for life in spite of our direct orders to help, and we damn well meant it. She goes topless until she falls into line.
No. 341676 ID: 44766a

Don't give her the top back damn it. We are keeping the her top until she apologizes.
No. 341680 ID: cd63e9

don't laugh, it won't help anything.
No. 341682 ID: 189174
File 131381002260.png - (73.90KB , 600x500 , 130.png )

"Ah. It seems that their artistry was not limited to just your face. How unexpected."

She examines herself and looks under the covers.


"You might want to wash up at the bathhouse.."

She cusses and runs off with the blanket wrapped around herself.
No. 341683 ID: 189174
File 131381010557.png - (44.94KB , 406x457 , 131.png )

As you float away Styx approaches you.

>"My Lord, people are at the castle gate. Angels."


>"What should we do my Lord? Angels seldom leave their land unless they have good reason.."
No. 341684 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, assuming that angels are as powerful as they sound, I can't imagine that we could successfully fight them off. Given that, we might as well go see what they want. Hmm.

We could send Kassandra to talk to them. She's pretty harmless, and only a real dick would kill her. I don't recall angels being real dicks, last I heard.
No. 341685 ID: 35e1a0

have everyone gather at the gate. have rose be the one to open the gates. perhaps they saw the place was being fixed up? may not know i am still here.
No. 341687 ID: cd63e9

how many angels? what if any relation did i have with the angels before the castle was destroyed? whats the stance on enslaving people?
No. 341689 ID: 0199a3

We probably don't stand a chance against them in battle, so if they wanted a fight they wouldn't be waiting at the gate. Let's invite them in, maybe offer to have Styx make them some tea or something. Angels like tea, right?
No. 341690 ID: 6a5a08

We should go attempt diplomacy.
No. 341692 ID: 189174
File 131381146349.png - (126.85KB , 600x500 , 132.png )

"Did I do anything wrong to the Angels?"

>"..... I'm afraid I can not possibly name every evil act you made against the angels in only one day.."

"That isn't good. Well they haven't broken in yet so that's a good sign. Have Kassandra greet them and prepare some tea."

>"Will do my lord."

She heads off to the kitchen as you float to the castle gates. Kassandra opens the door and welcomes the angel inside.

"No thank you. I will remain out here."

You go over to the angel.

Archangel Ariel
Lv 15 Sword Master/Holy Magic User

Flaming Blade Familiar lv 10 x 2

"The Overlord. The rumor is true it seems."


"This world has been speaking. Rumors of a new overlord amassing followers spread. We Angels figured it would be you. It seems our hunch was right."
No. 341697 ID: 35e1a0

"well, should i be afraid or not? total amnesia here.
No. 341701 ID: 6a5a08

"I remember little of my previous incarnation or his actions. From what I've been told, I sought to unify the world, though the methods by which I pursued this goal were less than admirable. Perhaps you can enlighten me further as to what exactly I did to make everyone hate me so, seeing as my followers are reluctant to tell me the whole truth?"
No. 341702 ID: 40cb26

"Yes and no. The overlord you knew is all but dead. I don't remember a damn thing from then, and I don't feel like acting as I did before. Hearing about how that turned out suggests I'm better off like this."

"Come on in, I've ordered up some tea."
No. 341703 ID: 510737

make sure to throw her name in just to catch her off guard.
No. 341704 ID: 07416a

Man, it'd be great if we could slip that potion of corruption into their tea. As it is, call for Nyx. Ask if she knows of a cure.
No. 341712 ID: e3f578

So does the angel's code of justice and morals believe people with no memory of their past life are the same person as before or is it a new identity with the same body. You know, just curious how they roll philosophically in that regard. Because we roll philosophically with the latter opinion.

Now I get that, yes, your enslaving and looting like the old you buuuuuuuuut really do not know the laws in that regard and surely there are many other people guilty of said crime if that's a crime... yet anyway. Plus there's jurisdiction rules and whatnot, different cultures, blah, blah.

TL;DR and to my point: Is she here to deliver a warning before you become a threat or kill everyone and everything like a templar with a fierce boner for potential evil vanquishing she has to get rid off.
No. 341716 ID: 6a5a08

This is rude, don't do this.
No. 341720 ID: 510737

of fine don't say her name... but make sure there are crumpets! THERE HAD BETTER FUCKING BE CRUMPETS!
No. 341744 ID: 5f55fe

I suggest highly against trying to slip her the potion. We don't want a fight to break out. We might be able to beat her and the swords, but there would be heavy casualties. And she may have a way of detecting the potion, let alone she may not be able to drink enough potion in one cup of tea to take effect.

Asking her about a cure, and showing her that you are trying to be benevolent, and you did take this potentially dangerous plague spreader out of the public.
No. 341769 ID: 65294c

Yeah it would be nice if we could slip the corruption potion in her tea, but i doubt it will work. She's too suspicious and won't trust anything we say or do. I agree we should play the host and invite her for tea and crumpets, it is after all polite to do so. We should treat this as a diplomatic visit, and allow her to speak.

I think if we ever use the corruption potion is either through a third party (so the recipient isn't suspicious of the food and drinks) or after they trust us enough to not disrupt a diplomatic visit, thats when we lace their grub with corruption potions.
No. 341773 ID: 1854db

Asking about a cure to the Plague would be nice, yes. I'm not sure if we should try to sneak the Corruption potion into her drink or whatever, though. What if she told people where she was going? If she doesn't come back they'll send troops against us, and we don't have enough defenses to handle that.
No. 341795 ID: 6a5a08

No Corruption.
No. 341796 ID: 71baf1

Unless the world is a really, and I mean really small place, I don't think she's talking about us. It hasn't even been two full days since we activated, and we only have a handfull of people working for us. Perhaps one is rising up in Alemoor. The area seems ripe for that sort of thing, and there was a boss fight available.

So we should probably probe for information. Ask where that information came from, and the number of followers reportedly amassed.
No. 341797 ID: 93f3bf

"Oh, sorry, you have the wrong person this time; I've reformed. I've only gained a few followers, and I haven't done anything to meddle with their minds at all. You want Silva, over by her own town.
You can talk to my people about this, if you wish.
But while you're here, I caught a plaguespreader and I'm looking for a way to cure her. And leads on that?"
No. 341800 ID: 3fd4fb

"A new overlord amassing followers? While I won't claim that I don't fit that description, I somehow doubt I'm the cause of those rumors. I've been active for less than two days, and hardly made the most aggressive start."
No. 341801 ID: 510737

This seems the smartest course of action, but add inviting her for tea and crumpets
No. 341807 ID: 3be3e0

The heck is a crumpet anyways?
No. 341808 ID: 26eb87

its kind of a biscuit
No. 341813 ID: 3be3e0

Vague answer, but still satisfactory, thanks!
No. 341847 ID: cd63e9

if she does connect you to the old overlord engage her in an existential debate about weather someone can be considered the same person is they lose there memory and completely changer there personality.
No. 341862 ID: aa66a4

While this is a horribly mispelled and grammar'd suggestion, the idea is sound.
No. 341875 ID: 6a5a08

Silva's dead, we apparently toasted her ass back in our previous incarnation.
No. 341888 ID: 252e1b


It's a moister, bigger, sort of English muffin.
No. 341945 ID: 189174
File 131388006464.png - (106.25KB , 600x500 , 133.png )

"Oh, sorry, you have the wrong person this time; I've reformed. I've only gained a few followers, and I haven't done anything to meddle with their minds at all. You can talk to my people about this, if you wish. But while you're here, I caught a plaguespreader and I'm looking for a way to cure her. And leads on that?"

At that moment Nix walks up to her.


Ariel flies back and away from Nix.

>"Why do you have a plaugespreader!?"

"Well it was either have her join my group or unleash her unto an unsuspecting town. I'm trying to cure her now."

>".... I'm impressed by your actions but it's futile. There's no cure for this. I can incinerate her if you wish."

"No, not now."

>".... You do seem a bit different. What happened?"

"I've lost all my memories. I'm aware of what I was but I'm trying to do things differently now."

>"I wouldn't believe you had you not taken in the diseased girl. Well it seems you only have a few people. And they seem happy enough, at least the healer did. Look I'm mostly here just to check up and everything seems fine enough. However, if I find you are slipping to your old ways I can assure you I will return."

She turns away from him and vanishes in a beam of light.
Styx approaches you.

>"Oh... They left. I'd just finished making the tea. Also got everyone on standby just in case a fight happened. Is everything okay?"

"For the most part. However someone is now aware that we exist again.."

You don't know how this may affect you later on. Rose is also still fighting solo missions and Emily is fully healed.
No. 341950 ID: 1854db

Emily is healed? We can go on a trip! Well, first we have to go tell Ruby not to pick a fight with Alice or anything. They don't have to get along but doing things like drawing on her while she's sleeping won't help.

Also, something interesting- Nix smiled upon freaking out the angel. There's someone in there. Someone fun.
No. 341951 ID: cd63e9

you know i just had an idea for how to cure nix. removing the plague from her body is probly either impossible or extremely difficult, but what about converting her to a construct? assuming nix still has a mind we might be able to transfer her consciousnesses to some form of golem. its a long shot, but a cyborg zombie would be pretty awesome.
No. 341957 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, I suppose that our servants can enjoy the tea, since the angel didn't want it.

Then it's back to work! We need to resume hunting for experience and profit.
No. 341960 ID: 40cb26

So we got a pass for now. This isn't too bad we just need to avoid pissing them off.

I wonder just how impossible that cure really is? She was impressed that we had her, imagine how impressed she would be if we proved her wrong on it. And more importantly the other angels. We just need to put her somewhere that she can't cause problems.

Interesting. The real important thing is restoring the mind, cyborg is good but we don't want zombies. Even if they do seem to have a sense of humor.

Now what to do... Ask Styx what she knows about that wine. Inform her that the archer is up and taking a bath, she should lead the beast girl there and everyone can clean up while she keeps an eye on the archer. The others will enjoy tea for now and then we can head out on some missions.
No. 341964 ID: 6a5a08

Let's check out that port area place.
No. 341967 ID: 00d3d5

<Seven> I think we need to invest in spellcraft.
Craft the spell "Teleport poison"
Teleport Nix's poison away

<Larro> her body would make more though

<Seven> Yes, but then we could observe the process of it being created.
Which would help us find out where it was being made
Also, it would let us find out if removing the poison would temporarily restore her mind

By analogy, it would be like her body was producing alcohol
Since she's always got it in her system she's always drunk, and so her IQ is low as crap
Take that away, however, and she's back to normal
No. 341968 ID: 6a5a08

That's actually a pretty good idea. Figure out what produces it and use SCIENCE to cut the bad out of her.
No. 342017 ID: 5f55fe

Converting her into a construct could possibly work, but I'm not sure we have the kind of funds for that. And we want to continue repairing the castle as well, we don't have a lot of money to spare. As it is, we have bare bones facilities with just bathhouse, kitchen, and throne room.
No. 342022 ID: cd63e9

well it would be a long term project, but the idea of telporting the poison out and then locating and removing where it is produced sounds like a better idea. if she can keep her blade immunity and regeneration but start gaining levels that would be a huge advantage. making her a construct would strip away everything that makes nix uniquely useful.
No. 342023 ID: 6a5a08

We'll probably need to replace what we cut out with SCIENCE though, if it's an actual organ that is affected and mutates into a slime-producing disease-spreader. Partially so that regen doesn't just regenerate the organ later.
No. 342027 ID: 6e44d2

Also, we ought to save some of the poison, for re-purposing as an agent of biological warfare. If we were to infect homeless people in strategic positions around the capital city of an enemy kingdom, we could bring said country to its knees in a matter of days. It would also bolster our position even further, were it widely known that we had knowledge of a cure.
No. 342030 ID: 6a5a08

This is what the don't want to do if we don't want to have Abel's Holy Army of Justice kicking down our gates. Again.
No. 342089 ID: 510737

pat nyx on the head for being a good little zombie. then do a little dance because we arn't getting our asses kicked for being alive.
No. 342102 ID: 6e44d2

Well, I mean, we obviously won't do that until we're in a position of sufficient power to be able to pull it off. They won't know, though, if we store some in a jar somewhere. Also, if we do find a cure, we'll have something they don't.
No. 342107 ID: 6a5a08

What about the peace and love, man?
Gotta get that Best End.
No. 342134 ID: 510737

about that are we going to be evil again or be ...that other thing....thats not evil...
No. 342135 ID: c25acc

Rather be evil again, a smarter, more pragmatic evil however.
No. 342138 ID: 510737

I honestly would prefer to be ...more selfserveing neutral, so like a bit towards evil but not evil enough to get teh copper on us .
No. 342139 ID: 818a1c

Evil tends not to have positive long-term consequences. Much better to be good.
No. 342140 ID: 5f55fe

We're Evil, we're just not going to be cocky about it. You don't go around shouting to the world "I'm Evil!!!" until you have enough power to back it up.
No. 342144 ID: cd63e9

being evil for evils sake is stupid. sadism is a very bad trait for a leader. we will be pragmatic, but not evil. we have seen that that using fear to enforce loyalty doesn't work, your minions turn or abandon you as soon as they can. there is a reason evil overlords don't do that well.
No. 342145 ID: 818a1c

Would we really be evil, then? Evil would be oppressing others and needlessly waging wars. That wouldn't really work, since we'd just get steam-rolled by heroes again.
Being benign would work much better, really.
No. 342146 ID: 818a1c

Exactly, much safer to rule through admiration, loyalty, and skill. Less chance of being usurped, since your followers wouldn't be loyal to the usurper, and it would reflect well on you to outsiders, namely the angels and Abel's kingdom.
No. 342162 ID: c25acc

So we're going from evil to goody goody, somehow I am not impressed. We need to become something of a necessity. Fear is good, but untrustworthy in the end, love is boring and not conclusive to long terms. What we need to do is make our self NEEDED. Something that even if we were dog murderin' evil, they wouldn't usurp us because of our necessity. While I dislike posting to it..But this is our example.

No. 342170 ID: 510737

That is a great idea we must do that!
No. 342197 ID: 35e1a0

simplest way to implement that would be to become a trade hub, our portal would let anyone in the world get to anywhere else in the world near instantly. just have it become used for that to the point that roads all but vanish and taking us out would cause the entire planet's economy to collapse.
No. 342203 ID: 818a1c

Another good thing to do would be to organize a standing army to defend existing trade routes, as well as your associate cities.
No. 342205 ID: 65294c

And lookie at what we are building. A standing army. At least when we get our holdings and troops consolidated and trained.
No. 342241 ID: 510737

but we need to make sure no one figures out just WHY we are doing it.
otherwise we are fucked.
No. 342335 ID: 510737

No. 342337 ID: 6a5a08

No. 342342 ID: 5f55fe

That... actually might be nice. Especially if we can convince Alice to join us. She should have finished washing up by now, unless she's taking a long bath or something.
No. 342348 ID: 510737

No. 342349 ID: 28e94e

Get out.
No. 342351 ID: 510737

Fine fine jesus I went too far ... No need to freak out man... seriously though, teaparty we need to do it.
No. 342365 ID: 510737

but we should wear our top hat to the teaparty!
No. 342366 ID: 6e44d2

I want to play this quest as an anti villain. Let's be Xanatos from Gargoyles. He always wins, 'cause he's smart, impossible to read, very amicable, arguably (though not actually) good-intentioned, and powerful. A good role model for us, I think.
No. 342371 ID: 28e94e

Don't forget the monocle.
No. 342375 ID: 607629

He's also crazy good at overcomplicated plans and his minions have no problem with kidnapping him on what they think is his orders, because it sounds like something he would order them to do!
No. 342380 ID: b6edd6

A monocle does not work with only one eye. Clearly we need more eyes.
No. 342389 ID: 28e94e

A monocle totally works with one eye. That's why they call it a monocle.
No. 342396 ID: 6a5a08

Can we be the Mostly Benevolent, but Really Controlling Dictator?
No. 342399 ID: 607629

lets just bide our time and stockpile corruption potions, then, when we have enough, pollute the water supplies of towns with it to capture whole towns at once
No. 342407 ID: cd63e9

i'm not sure corruption potions make people loyal to us, or just to anyone who has enslaved them.also why would we want a town full of noncombatants?

+1 for the idea of attempting to become vital by using our teleport network for trade.
No. 342410 ID: 35e1a0

they do make us loyal. three stars no matter what.
but they CHANGE due to the process.
No. 342412 ID: 607629

The only ones who change are people with holy classes
Labor, if we acquire a large force we would need people to grow food, tend to horses, make and maintain our soldiers equipment, grow food, clean cook, etc.
If we manage to conquer a town without anyone else finding out, we could use it to enslave heroes that spawn in that town too.
No. 342414 ID: b6edd6

I still think we should go for a golem-based economy.
No. 342416 ID: 35e1a0

i don't mean a class change, i mean a personality change. like "i live to serve, master" change.
No. 342417 ID: 607629

Oh, I didn't know that.

Anyways, about that potion we have now, we should try to use it on the leader of a town somewhere, if we can get a mayor or someone in secret, we could probably get a regular monetary tithe from them
No. 342450 ID: 6a5a08

Anyone who knew them would probably notice the personality change.
No. 342460 ID: 818a1c

This idea is one hundred percent good.
No. 342511 ID: 9202a9

No. 342547 ID: 6a5a08

No. 342565 ID: cd63e9

make sure its viable first, but if it is we have a late game goal. hmmm we could probably combine this with the trade network. if we just use our portal network for trade we might have to deal with competition some day, but if once we establish ourselves we start up our own currency (backed by golem labor) it would make displacing us almost impossible.
No. 342614 ID: a37077

I prefer this to start with. I mean yeah there may be a chance the mayor will be a bit off, but pass it as he hit his head real hard or something.
No. 342616 ID: 6a5a08

Taking over a town is a bit bold, when the Angel just showed up and said she'd burn us down if we go back to our old ways.

It's like we're trying to get killed.
No. 342620 ID: 252e1b

There's no rule against an Overlord being elected mayor and taking control of it legally.
No. 342673 ID: 6a5a08

Elected likely isn't a problem in the angel's eyes. But using the Corruption Potion on someone important is just reckless. Especially when we don't entirely understand the side effects and behavioral changes caused by it.
No. 342749 ID: 12ca4d
File 131424030940.png - (91.20KB , 600x500 , 134.png )

you decide to have everyone sit down to enjoy the tea that Styx had made. Except Nix, she's gotta stay outside.
You also make a mental note to destroy the creator of Crumpets and Cucumbers.

Nyx serves everyone but Alice, who still seems to be taking a bath.

>Ruby: "Thank Styx. Hey what's that door?"

>Styx: "Nothing. Don't ask about it. Don't ever touch it."

You float to Styx.

"I have a question, have you ever heard of Silva's Wine?"

>"But of course my lord. It is a very powerful Wine. Most people aren't aware of this but it also has subtle mind control powers. Those who drink it are more loyal to the one who gave it to them. The increase is small but it's still an increase. In fact, concentrated Silva's Wine is the main ingredient of the Corruption Potion. It's very rare but it can be gained from Silva herself if needed."

"Isn't she dead?"

>"No my Lord. Silva lives. She has been severely weakened by her battle against you so she has gone into hiding. Last I heard she was in the land of Toral."

Fortune seems to smile upon you. If you can find Silva you might be able to recruit her and gain the wine and with that get a dark mana crystal.
No. 342756 ID: 3fd4fb

>If you can find Silva you might be able to recruit her and gain the wine and with that get a dark mana crystal.
Honestly, that seems unlikely. We went to war with her, and now that we're weak we expect her to help us? I mean, of course kill->enslave is possible, but even then...

Unless we enslave her and then use the corruption potion on her, I suppose. I doubt she'd be cleverly immune to it or anything, and if it works then she could make us more potions whenever we wish. We could start using them all the time.
No. 342757 ID: 35e1a0

mental note to ask styx about the door later, alone.

also, that boss marker we saw sounds like at least a lead to silva. but it is a boss. tell styx this has been an illuminating break. then go to the newbie woods and let's fight some sevens.
No. 342758 ID: b6edd6

Why do you think she would not take precautions against her own potion?
Though I have to admit I am rather curious as to whether the alignment-swapping effects only go from good to evil...

But yeah, she was 'killed' a while before we were, so she has had more time to recover than we have had.
No. 342759 ID: 40cb26

Severely weakened does *not* mean as weak as you. We should increase our wealth and power some before meeting with the person who is almost certain to hate the everunliving hell out of you.

Styx's face is... well we shouldn't say anything right now. We can ask her about that and the door later in private. Instead see if she has any further insight into the plaguebearers disease. There has to be some sort of usefulness we can get out of her besides using her as a messy weapon. A cure would be a grand leverage on towns beset by the plague and keep angels off your ass. Not to mention the bearers themselves would be loyal servants. Make emphasis to Styx of the pragmatic angle here, after all taking her in already proved invaluable with that one angel.

How has Rose been faring at her task? We should head to the woods and meet up with her, give her a break and take on some of the harder encounters there while we're at it.
No. 342771 ID: 6e44d2

We've beaten her. Of course she'll join us, if we approach her. It takes just the right kind of dominance, but I have no doubt we can pull it off.
No. 342780 ID: 12ca4d
File 131424300884.png - (59.51KB , 279x488 , 135.png )

"How strong would you say she is now?"

>"Hmm... Not strong at all my Lord. While she may have had more time she has not had as much help. Hated by all and forced to live in the human world she has most likely been struggling just to survive."

"Hmm.. I'll need to think about what to do with her. Oh, is there any more information on Nix's illness?"

>"Well my Lord as you can imagine it is impossible to cut her open and take a look. Not only does my scalpel simply disintegrate but her wounds heal before I can even look inside. What I could tell from an external examination and by touching her skin is that there seems to be sacks under her skin that is making the poison. I do not know how they work but they're spread all over her body. I can't even try to remove them as any attempts to cut into her are just futile."
No. 342782 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm... what about a blade made from something acid-proof? like the tooth of a black dragon. would that work?
No. 342784 ID: 3fd4fb

Hmm. We'd need a full set of acid-resistant tools to even begin... perhaps with the development of some kind of specialized laboratory equipment, we could accomplish more.

That will cost a fair bit of money to get started on, so let's set it aside for now. It will be a good allocation of one of our first villainous laboratories, though. When we get around to building them. Our damn castle isn't even repaired yet for now, though.
No. 342786 ID: 40cb26

Where mundane methods fail, we must use magic. Healing seems obvious but clearly it hasn't been enough to cure the plague yet. Ice magic could freeze a section to allow it to be removed and studied.

So lets go to the forest, and lets keep an eye out for ice mages to recruit.
No. 342789 ID: 715620

THere's multiple solutions with magic:

>Freeze section and remove it
>Cauterize wound as you incize
>Time magic freeze to use the scalpel effectively
>Teleport away the "bad"
No. 342796 ID: 12ca4d
File 131424568368.png - (54.71KB , 373x304 , 136.png )

You thank Styx for the information and make a few mental notes.
You gather up all your minions, even Alice and Nix and head to the Woods.
It seems the entire area is filled with mostly low to mid-low rank fights.
No. 342798 ID: 07416a

1, 2, fives.
No. 342800 ID: 3fd4fb

Go for 5's or 6's. At this point 1-2's seem like a waste- we can probably dispatch a couple of our people to mop those up while we lead the main group against some mid-level stuff.
No. 342801 ID: 35e1a0

i say a ten
No. 342807 ID: 65294c

Sixes for loot then lets try a tenner
No. 342808 ID: 6a5a08

No. 342809 ID: 40cb26

A six is fine, let's get an easy one.

Is Rose back? Let's check on her and her progress, she is probably tired anyway.
No. 342813 ID: a43cd1

Suck it up. Do a 10 or something.
No. 342818 ID: f70e5e

lets hit a six. when we hit an eight we lost someone. if we lose the wrong minion in the wrong world we could lose them permanently. that would be bad for many reasons right now.
No. 342843 ID: 1854db

We have level 3-4 units now under our control. That means if we send in 3 units, we'll have about 10 levels of troops. So we could take on a rank 10 battle, probably. I wouldn't send Rose in then though... not unless we know that the enemy doesn't have any big attacks.

We could even kill that Boss, I think. A Boss tile is around the average level of the area. The mean level here is 8... Though I bet it'll be 10. I'm not sure we should, though. Are we ready to take on another unit or advance the plot?

I think we should go for a level 10. We'd just steamroll a 6.
No. 342846 ID: 607629

Do lower level areas, I want us to have a slime girl
No. 342927 ID: f70e5e

this is a bit off topic, but did anyone else notice that Styx's face is a mass of scar tissue beneath her mask?
No. 342938 ID: f29f63

you know, half of me is sort of worried about that 37. Really wish there was a way to know what that demonically high number is. Could be an army or some sort of event. Also looks like an area that the potion of corruption would work like a charm.

For now though, I say we stick to an eight or ten. Maybe try to combo those fives.
No. 342947 ID: 252e1b

Rock out with your cock out, let's hit that 37!
No. 342948 ID: 510737

I say we should do an eight, safe enough, but still challenging.
No. 342951 ID: 12ca4d
File 131431101348.png - (26.98KB , 600x500 , 137.png )

You decide to Recall Rose back from the field. She looks very tired and hands you 150 Gold. She says she's exhausted and goes back to the castle.
You decide to take on a Rank 8 area and are teleported to an open field. In the middle of it is a demonic looking mirror.

Your scan only reveals it to be a Fiendish Mirror, Lv8
No. 342953 ID: 12ca4d
File 131431176222.png - (71.60KB , 504x381 , 138.png )

Placement Phase, Limit is 4 Units
No. 342955 ID: 35e1a0

sounds like a copy-cat or reflector. ruby would probably be a bad idea. emily, then behind her is us, next to her is alice and behind her is the tamer.
No. 342956 ID: f70e5e

yeah lets not use any offensive magic users. also definitively spend the first round casting scan on the thing. it probably has some pain in the ass ability but nothing else.
No. 342959 ID: 1854db

I agree, though... Alice is probably not loyal enough to bring into fights. Replace her with Kassandra.
No. 342961 ID: 6a5a08

Emily top right corner
Kass behind Emily
Tamer beside Emily
Alice behind Tamer
No. 342965 ID: 510737

tamer can't speak english, bad idea.
No. 342966 ID: 607629

Tamer can't speak English, but can apparently understand it, if this monster is particularly strong, it might be worth taming it for later, especially if it can reflect a casters spells
No. 342967 ID: cc776a

I agree with Emily, Kass, Alice, and the Tamer.

We NEED to make an attempt to integrate Alice into our group. Just keep putting a little faith in her, give her an opportunity to do something, and maybe we can have her open up.
No. 342968 ID: 6a5a08

Also: If we need Overlord to scan, replace Alice with Overlord.
No. 342969 ID: 28e94e


Send Nix in. She's immune to her own attacks. The mirror isn't.
No. 342971 ID: 510737

this would be a good idea...If she understood us...
No. 342972 ID: 35e1a0

she can at least follow orders. but i see your point.
No. 342973 ID: 2222da

Nix still sounds like the most viable for this situation, assuming it does do crazy reflection things. I'm agreeing with sending her in. Just make sure to test with someone else first, we don't want Nix getting blown up. Also, include Tamer too, on the off chance we can get another minion out of this.
No. 342974 ID: 6a5a08

The Mirror is likely categorized as a construct of some sort, thus immune to Nix's poison.
No. 342977 ID: 00d3d5

Overlord instead of Alice. We want to be able to scan.

No Nix, since having something that could explode and corrupt OUR OWN people is actually worse than sending her against others.
No. 342978 ID: 40cb26

Us, Alice, Kassandra, Ruby.

We take the closest square, Alice beside us and Ruby behind, Kass next to the both of them.

Remember Ruby has a melee attack boost alternative to her magic, we have ranged attacks for focusing fire quickly, and all of them are low in Hp so if we have to deal with clones it will be easier to take them out.
No. 342980 ID: 6a5a08

We need the Tamer to recruit it.
No. 342990 ID: f70e5e

overlord, emily, kassandra and ruby. using someone we can't talk to in a battle invoking a weird ability is risky. also for all we know its actually vulnerable to magic and resistant to physical attacks. there are monsters that have counter intuitive strengths and weaknesses.
No. 343026 ID: 252e1b


Yeah let's do this.
No. 343112 ID: 40cb26

The Tamer has the ability to recruit Beast types. I really don't think a magic flying mirror counts as any kind of Beast.
No. 343114 ID: 175a2b
File 131440091799.png - (85.57KB , 504x381 , 139.png )

The units are set.
Alice is Embarrassed.

Your turn first.
No. 343115 ID: 3fd4fb

Scan first. Scan is very important.

If possible, do that and then decide the rest of our actions.
No. 343117 ID: 40cb26

Scan, and give Alice her top back for now. Tell her she can wear it as long as she is useful. After battle she still needs to submit to us or it goes away again.
No. 343118 ID: 1854db

Oh right, Alice still has her top off.
I agree. Scan before we give orders. If we MUST give orders or else waste a turn, have Kassandra put an +Defense on Alice. Ruby should enhance Alice's attack with Bestow Flames. Alice should shoot.
No. 343119 ID: 1854db

Nope, this punishment lasts until she meets the condition for it.

Well, okay, we can give her the top back for the length of the fight if Kassandra wants her to have it. AFTERWARDS it's getting taken away again if Alice doesn't apologize to Kassandra though.
No. 343120 ID: 3fd4fb

Alice does not get her clothes back, temporarily or otherwise. Our policy was made and we will not compromise on it. Everyone on our side has already seen what she's got, and the enemy is a damned mirror, it's not going to ogle her. She can get over her insecurities and fight topless.

That sounds like a fine set of contingency orders if we can't scan or scanning turns up nothing useful.

I suspect that melee physical attacks would be most effective against this opponent, but that's pure intuition on my part. It seems like the sort of thing that might reflect magic.
No. 343121 ID: b6edd6

I don't think we should do any attacking until we can see what the mirror does.
No. 343122 ID: 175a2b
File 131440205576.png - (121.58KB , 504x700 , 140.png )

You see Alice glare at a cowering Kassandra and decide to not give her top back.
You try to Scan the Mirror but it fails.

"My scan... Why didn't it work..?"

>Ruby: "It only works on Hero/Villain units my lord. A demonologist is needed to Scan and Monsters."

"That's annoying, we need a demonologist just to scan monsters?"

>Ruby: "Well it doesn't need to be on the field with us, just needs to be part of our group. Even from the castle they can send information about monster."
No. 343123 ID: 35e1a0

i agree, she just has to deal, it's a mirror and everyone else here already seen the goods. just scan it.
No. 343124 ID: 35e1a0


alice: fire one arrow.
No. 343125 ID: 175a2b
File 131440219987.png - (91.30KB , 504x381 , 141.png )

You decide to go with Plan B and buff up Alice's attack and defense with +Defense and Bestow Flames.
She tries to fire her bow and cover her chest at the same time, as a result she misses.
No. 343126 ID: 175a2b
File 131440234332.png - (85.33KB , 504x381 , 142.png )

The Fiendish Mirror floats over to Alice.
She flinches but nothing happens.

Alice looks at the mirror, at her reflection.

Alice is Charmed (will no longer follow orders).
No. 343127 ID: 3fd4fb

"Honestly, Alice, do you really think that anyone here is more interested in staring at your chest than fighting? I didn't realize you had such a high opinion of your assets. Focus on hitting the target, please."
No. 343129 ID: 35e1a0

she barely followed them anyway. float over to it and smack it with your sword a bunch. and have kass try bopping alice on the head to snap her out of it.
No. 343130 ID: 1854db

Hahaha, it charmed a crippled unit. Overlord should attack it from the side, Ruby should blast it with fire, and Kassandra should increase Overlord's accuracy.
No. 343131 ID: 818a1c

Does anyone have a sleep inducing spell? If so, use on Alice.
No. 343132 ID: 3fd4fb

Oh, bother. If we can remove Alice's weapon while she is charmed, please do, but I suspect not.

I don't suppose Ruby or Kassandra could inform us as to the details of charming mechanics?

In any case, we should go personally to smash the mirror, Ruby should try shooting flames at it, and Kassandra should either smack Alice (if that might help anything), heal someone (if one of our attacks gets reflected) or buff her own defense in case Alice shoots her.
No. 343133 ID: 40cb26

Well shit. We should smash it with a melee attack, and Ruby should blast it. And Kass can tap her on the noggin. For her own good, of course.
No. 343134 ID: 6a5a08

Kass: Boost Overlord.
Ruby: Bonk Alice on the head with your staff to snap her out of it.
Overlord: Attack Mirror, from the back.
No. 343135 ID: 175a2b
File 131440352513.png - (87.65KB , 504x381 , 143.png )

Ruby is to close to attack with her Flame Magic. She charges her Mana and casts Bestow Flames on you.
You move to the Fiendish Mirror and slash at it but miss.
Kassandra bops Alice dealing 1 Damage. Alice looks pissed off.
No. 343136 ID: 175a2b
File 131440370323.png - (54.00KB , 330x459 , 144.png )

The Mirror Attempts to Charm you. It doesn't work.

>Mirror: "Archer, attack the Healer."

>Alice: "No."

>Mirror: "W-what? Uhm... Fire your arrow at her"

>Alice: "I said no."

>Mirror: "!? You can not defy me!"

>Alice: "I just did, what're you gonna do about it?"

>Mirror: "You're charmed!"

>Alice: "And? This is just an excuse for me to not have to listen to that dumbass."

The Mirror is Confused.

Your round.
No. 343138 ID: 40cb26

...HAHAHA! Good enough! As before, but have Kass use Accuracy up on us as we smack this thing.
No. 343140 ID: 3fd4fb

Apparently, Alice doesn't just hate us, she hates all authority. Hilarious.

We smash mirror, Kass boosts our Accuracy, Ruby Bestows Flames.
No. 343141 ID: 35e1a0

just wail on it.
No. 343142 ID: 35e1a0

oh, and does anyone have a REALLY high-pitched voice?
No. 343151 ID: 1854db

Oh crap, mages have a range of 5-7 spaces... Ruby should move behind Kassandra. The mirror still can't reach her there, and next turn she'll be able to hit it with fire.

Also, praise Alice for her mental fortitude.
No. 343156 ID: 175a2b
File 131440815080.png - (84.36KB , 504x381 , 145.png )

Kassandra casts +Accuracy while Ruby casts Bestow Flames.
You strike at the Mirror dealing a total of 30 damage!

The Mirror moves to Kassandra and casts Charm.
Kassandra is charmed!

Alice refuses to attack!
No. 343158 ID: 1854db

Great, time to play cat and mouse. Ruby should move away and start burning it with fire. Overlord should get in there and keep hitting it.
No. 343162 ID: 40cb26

Attack again, have Ruby back away so she can blast the mirror directly... and hope Kassandra doesn't heal the mirror.
No. 343163 ID: 3fd4fb

Ruby should probably move to where the mirror can't get next to her, lest she be charmed next. Then Bestow Flames again.

Overlord moves and attacks mirror again.
No. 343208 ID: 00d3d5

No, we need a tamer to recruit monster units.
So much for being able to capture a monster that has the power to charm others!
No. 343265 ID: 6a5a08

I wonder, can we still Subjugate it? It's capable of speech, so it's capable of some level of thought.
No. 343267 ID: d97c6d

Probably not. Alice isn't working for or against it, it has Kassandra to heal it, and Ruby probably isn't willful enough to resist it, so it really has no reason to join us.

Have Ruby move over three spaces and cast fire on the mirror while we move back up to it and attack it again.
No. 343286 ID: 35e1a0

i know, tell ruby to close her eyes after casting the spell so i can't use it's charm on her.
No. 343779 ID: 510737

tell the mirror you can get it finely crafted Persian mirrors if it joins you, HELL a whole mirror harem!
No. 344005 ID: 6273c3
File 131474318945.png - (77.90KB , 600x500 , 146.png )

Ruby falls back and casts Fire on the Fiendish Mirror dealing 15 damage!
Overlord slashes it crit hits!

The Mirror is smashed. As the fragments fall to the ground you see the Charmed status leave your units.
The rest of the fight is far to easy...

>Kassandra: "I'm sorry! I didn't want to listen to it!"

>Ruby: "It was a spell, you didn't have much choice in the matter."
No. 344012 ID: f70e5e

so do our crits deal 75+ damage, or did the mirror have a specific weakness to crits?
No. 344013 ID: 1854db

That's not true. Alice was able to resist. Compliment her on her mental fortitude. Curious thing, that. Is it because she's resisting our control?

Ask her how she did it.
No. 344015 ID: 35e1a0

demon glass sounds interesting. may need more to do anything but styx will be able to tell us what it can do.
and as long as a ten doesn't have an annoying power thing it shouldn't be hard. so i vote that.
No. 344017 ID: 35e1a0

it said the mirror as smashed, meaning it was just a frame. which could be wailed on with impunity.
No. 344022 ID: 40cb26

That thing had some nice money on it. Must have just been telling people to hand it over, hah! I wonder if that glass is good for anything special.

Tell Kass it's ok, anyone would have effected the same way. Except for yourself who seems to be immune, and Emily who might be the most stubborn person anywhere ever. Praise her for that. I'm convinced it would be a mistake to break that powerful will.

Now about that... we need to make an issue of this right now. Alice not only defied it's control but also obeyed us in attacking it. Might have gone better if she had a shirt on. Offer once again to equip and empower her if only she agrees to serve us. Make a point that today you talked to an Angel who treated you more favorably than she has. She needs to get over this.
No. 344023 ID: 3fd4fb

Speaking of spells, what casters can learn Charm? Will such things one day fall within Ruby's purview? Seems useful.

Compliment Alice on her exceptionally bullheaded independent streak and Ruby on her performance, and tell Kassandra that it's fine, we're not going to hold being charmed against her.
No. 344024 ID: 715620

>Alice not only defied it's control but also obeyed us in attacking it. Might have gone better if she had a shirt on. Offer once again to equip and empower her if only she agrees to serve us. Make a point that today you talked to an Angel who treated you more favorably than she has. She needs to get over this.

No. 344025 ID: 1854db

Hey, we told her she needs to apologize to Kassandra. She's just been glaring at her instead. That's not cool.
No. 344026 ID: d97c6d

Don't forget why she doesn't have a shirt right now. Given she actually glared at Kassandra at the beginning of the battle, we need to take her aside and find out what she has against her. It had better be something better than thinking Kassandra's a coward.
No. 344028 ID: 40cb26

Ah right, we ask her to apologize first and foremost.
No. 344042 ID: 6a5a08

Congratulate Alice on her mental fortitude, then pull her aside to ask what she has against Kass.
No. 344057 ID: 510737

No. 344058 ID: 26eb87

This battle was quite informative. It seems it is not just us Alice has a problem with. She does not like to be forced to do anything by anyone. It may be her most powerful motivational force. It proves we have been going about earning her loyalty the wrong way.

Thank her for her actions here, and when she inevitably protests (again) that she didn't do it for us, tell her that while her motivations do sadden us, we can only judge her actions. When we get back we should reward her with anything but a shirt.
No. 344060 ID: f70e5e

you know i think part of alices resistance could be that she does not want to be used. you saw that gunshot wound she has? and she said she hates gunners because they just throw away tools that are no longer useful? I think a gunner she trusted a great deal used her and then shot her one he/she had no use for her.
No. 344077 ID: f29f63

A gunner used her until she was no longer useful then shot her to try and deal with her? Sounds like Alice had a run in with the mob.
No. 344091 ID: 1854db

Alright, if we're going to try to get her to serve us right now, then we should offer more in exchange. Offer to kill the gunner that shot her.
No. 344106 ID: f70e5e

bad idea until we know more. also for all we know she already killed the gunner.
No. 344205 ID: f03d36

Remember at level 10, magic users can switch their branch of magic. I'm not sure if this is similar to multiclassing, or just a flat out swap of skills for new ones, but if humans can learn charm at all, then you would potentially be able to get that spell. (Probably)

May be high level, depending on it's accuracy. I'm sure it was more effective for the mirror because that seemed to be it's only move. Or at least the only one it used.
No. 344463 ID: 44766a

No giving her shirt back. Complement her and reward her, but DO NOT give her the shirt back until she apologizes.
No. 344821 ID: 6273c3
File 131493754306.png - (79.67KB , 600x500 , 147.png )

You decide to pull Alice aside

"You did well in the fight. Good job."

>"Hmph... I didn't do that for you. I..."

She looks uncertain.

>"Just leave me alone."

As turns away you see Kassandra walk up to her.

>Kassandra: "Uhm.... G-good job... You uhm... You're strong... And I... W-well..."

>Alice: ".... Thank you.. I'm sorry I've been such a bitch to you. You did good to."
No. 344823 ID: 35e1a0

float up behind her and say "good, that earned you your shirt back" and give it to her.
No. 344824 ID: e3f578

Alright click that blouse right on with the equip button
Equip that thing like a motherfucker
No. 344827 ID: 3fd4fb

Give her her top back. Still no armor until she kneels and swears loyalty, of course, but apologizing to Kassandra was our stated requirement for at least getting minimal underclothes.

Do not make any comment as we re-equip her top. She already knows why she's getting it and has asked us to leave her alone, so there is no point in being patronizing.

Let us venture on to another encounter. Rank 8 again seems fine; I'd be willing to try 9 or 10, even.
No. 344830 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Wait until they're done with their little moment before equipping it. We'd be interrupting.
No. 344831 ID: 07416a

No. 344833 ID: ecae78

Well, she can only equip leather armor anyway, so no big deal.

I agree with all other points.
No. 344835 ID: 26eb87

>still no armor
Well I disagree with THAT bit. The shirt was a punishment and ultimatum. Backing out of that would have been bad. But getting improved stuff for kneeling and swearing allegiance was just an offer, and there was never any statement that it was the only way.

I say actions are rewarded, and leather armor is a thing we can offer.
No. 344862 ID: 715620

1 and a fifth! WOO~!
No. 344876 ID: 40cb26

Excellent. Equip her with her shirt. Then make the point about her needing to get over this (as I stated in >>344022).
No. 344903 ID: 6a5a08

Give her clothing back now.
No. 344904 ID: 26eb87

And I still think >>344022 sounds like the wrong approach. The more we learn about her, the less forcing her to obey seems like a good approach. She has incredible willpower and resists authority on principle. We need her to respect us and WANT to help.
No. 344928 ID: 644ca1

She can have her top back, the everything else will have to wait until she bows.
No. 344932 ID: f70e5e

give her her top back. we said we would once she apologized to Kassandra, and she has. I think as long as we stick to the idea of treating our forces well Alice will come around eventually.
No. 344957 ID: 510737

No. 344970 ID: 44766a

Yay, I get to stop being a hard ass about the shirt thing. Hell, get her some armor too.
No. 345014 ID: 510737
File 131501115049.jpg - (11.68KB , 303x303 , hats-hats-thumb.jpg )

get her a nice hat.
Everyone loves hats!
No. 345016 ID: 3fd4fb

Bleh. Guys, giving her the top alone is more than enough reward for the amount of give she's shown here. There is no need to lavish additional rewards on her, like hats and armor, for doing something that she'd have done in the first place if she wasn't a total bitch.

So let's get that out of the way and move on to important things like the next battle, yes?
No. 345018 ID: 510737

Well then lets get ourselves a hat.
No. 345043 ID: 5a5547
File 131501539369.png - (314.80KB , 679x675 , adventuretime.png )


agreed, it's us that deserves the hat. make it awesome.
No. 345084 ID: 6273c3
File 131502090620.png - (48.55KB , 373x304 , 148.png )

You Re-Equip Alice's shirt and let the girls talk for a bit.

There are still quite a few areas around. you figure you'll save the speech for later.
No. 345085 ID: 86d6ea

No. 345089 ID: 35e1a0

let's do a ten.
No. 345090 ID: 510737

Yeah I'd say a ten.
No. 345091 ID: 510737

but when we get back we need to get a hat.
No. 345093 ID: 40cb26

Well, let's go for that level 10 on the left. After that we hit the other, and then 11.

We have to at least make a run to the store and upgrade our equipment before that. Might as well finish off the medium strength ones here first. Also if there is a level 37 encounter, what the heck level does that make the boss? Somewhat worrying, that.
No. 345094 ID: 6a5a08

Try a 10.
No. 345098 ID: f70e5e

lets try a ten. though if we get in over our heads we should run.
No. 345100 ID: d97c6d

The boss's level is generally an average of all of the enemies in the area, so it's level 9, tops. Probably less, really. The only thing we really need to be concerned about is any special abilities it may have.

Let's try a 10, then the boss.
No. 345106 ID: 4272d8

send the plaguespreader with someone to the level 1's for gold. take a 10.
No. 345110 ID: 513053

Go to the 10s and 11s while sending others to the 5s and 6s in pairs.
Avoid the 1s and the 37.
No. 345113 ID: 6b0635

... Would we be able to take a one on our own?
No. 345126 ID: 6273c3
File 131502543487.png - (50.18KB , 600x500 , 149.png )

You decide to take a quick trip to Fabio's store first

>"Yooooo! Overlord mah man! What can I do for ya?"

He opens up his kiosk.

>"Hey we got a new item today, it's this super awesome attatchment to your Scan ability! It let's you see what the level of the strongest enemy unit in the Selection Screen. So if it's like a Rank 10 it could say that the strongest is like Level 5 or something. Or it could say the strongest is 10 which means that's the only one there"
No. 345127 ID: 1854db


Also pay him the money we owe him. How much money do we have left over?
No. 345130 ID: 6a5a08

No. 345131 ID: 35e1a0

don't act excited. be cool. "hmmm... sure, sounds good."
and let's see the upgrades for the members of the party. if they are cheap enough then everyone but alice get's better stuff.
No. 345132 ID: 3fd4fb

"Fabio, how could any right-thinking overlord resist one of your super-awesome items? I'll take it."

Also let's see if we can get Ruby something that makes her blasts more deadly. She's not killy enough.
No. 345133 ID: 6a5a08

Also yeah, pay Fabio back for the other one. He's a bro.
No. 345137 ID: f29f63

Fabio, you magnificant man you. If weren't a floating eyeball, I would bro hug you so much. Pay off debt, get scan upgrade, and see what else we can buy.
No. 345138 ID: 510737

No. 345141 ID: 6b0635

We must get a hat that can make rabbits, think of the money we'd save on meat! Plus, we could give them to people as pets.
If it isn't possible, lets try to get a nice hat with that gives a health boost or something.
No. 345148 ID: f70e5e

wait how much gold do we have? we still need to fix the kitchen and barracks. as awesome as his merchandise is, we need to put our minions first.
No. 345152 ID: 40cb26

Between Rose and the mirror we should have 240. The kitchen is taken care of already, and the barracks is nice to have and needed for larger forces but there are places to sleep already. We should instead invest in the power and survivability of our team. Let's see what he can offer for armor first.

And hats can wait until we have our body.
No. 345157 ID: f29f63

Agreed. The barracks will be handy once our army is big, but right now we need a nice number of loyal elite units and survivability is needed.

Also, once we get scan 2, we scan that 37.
No. 345198 ID: ec8411

No. 345199 ID: edee35

buy it. pay him back. tip him for his kindness.
No. 345222 ID: 0d095c


Emotionally BROFIST him.
No. 345320 ID: 12ca4d
File 131510997266.png - (52.73KB , 600x500 , 150.png )

"I'll take it."

Fabio enhances your Scan ability. You pay him for the Scroll and repay your debt.

>"That's mah man. I knew you were good for it. Anything else?"

"Hmm... What weapons do you have?"

>"Well Overlord I have all the weapons. Unless it's an Artifact or somethin it's usually in stock. Guns, Blades, Staves, Unique Weapons. It just depends on what rank you want. Rank 1 Weapons cost G15, Rank 2 is G25, Rank 3 is G100, Rank 5 is G200. There are more above that but I doubt you'll need to even worry about it. Also Rank 1 and Rank 5 includes a piece of Armor for the class you buy the weapon for."
No. 345321 ID: ec8411

Dark Mana crystal?
No. 345322 ID: af25e0

Are the Rank 1 packages an upgrade for each of our units, or are they just duplicates of the default starting gear?
No. 345326 ID: 12ca4d

Default gear.
Rank 1 Sword is just Basic Sword and Leather Armor. No bonuses for the character
No. 345327 ID: 3fd4fb

Rank 5 is 200G, eh?

I for one am willing to shell out 200G to give Ruby the Rod of Infinite Napalm.
No. 345328 ID: 35e1a0

let's get everyone rank 2 stuff. alice get's the weapon but not the armor yet.
No. 345330 ID: 4bdd79

Wait, what about rank 4?
No. 345331 ID: 12ca4d

No. 345335 ID: edee35


I second this. Ruby with awesome weapon and armor FTW
No. 345337 ID: f29f63

Rank 5 is our best deal though if the armor is equal to the weapon. We can only do one person, but with a melee unit like Rose wearing it, we do some major damage.

Besides, we need to strengthen our melee less we run into trouble with a few melee enemies.
No. 345340 ID: af25e0


This sounds best for now. Rank 2 items all around.
No. 345346 ID: 6a5a08

Ask if he has anything that could be used to upgrade Emily.
No. 345353 ID: f29f63

Sorry, looks like only Rank 1 and Rank 5 are the only ones that give extra armor. Not 2. Besides, do our mages even need better weapons? I don't think it helps with magic unless stated other wise.

Why not look at the level 5 spear and armor Rose would use to get a comparison?
No. 345359 ID: e3f578

alright again
Rank 5 Nyx's class
final destination
No. 345362 ID: 40cb26

And does armor get the same deal? If so then 200 G gets us rank 2 armor and weapons for 4 of our subjects. Perfect deal for Ruby Rose Alice and Kassandra to be better outfitted. Sell the old gear and we should be able to afford claws for our tamer as well.
No. 345376 ID: 12ca4d
File 131512134638.png - (45.44KB , 589x424 , 151.png )

Rank 2
Longbow+ Range +1 Damage +1

Spear+ Damage+2

Apprentice Staff+ Heals+3

Flare Staff+ Increase burn % by 5

Whip+ Tame Lv+1(Tamers must be stronger then the monster they tame. This decreases the minimum level by 1. Lenion would be able to tame lv9 or lower monster units.)

Total: G125
Current: G205

Do you want to buy this?
No. 345377 ID: 40cb26

I'd pass on the whip for now, but otherwise yes.
No. 345378 ID: 35e1a0

looks good. anything in the armors? or is lvl5 the next rank?
No. 345382 ID: d8880b

Buy 'em, then ask about a fancy hat for us and a way to understand Lenion
No. 345383 ID: 1854db

Do get the whip, as we have no whip for Lenion at all right now.
No. 345387 ID: 12ca4d
File 131512569541.png - (55.11KB , 600x316 , 152.png )

You decide to buy all the weapons.

Fabio shows you the basic armors he carries

Leather Armor, Plate Armor, and Cloth Armor are the three basic types. Each class wields their own kind with unique bonuses.
The prices and bonus items are the same for weapons.
No. 345388 ID: 12ca4d
File 131512681936.png - (48.94KB , 600x316 , 153.png )

"Oh overlord, before I forget, here's what they'd do for you!

Leather Armor+ -2Dmg
Plate Armor+ -4Dmg
Cloth Armor+ -4 Elemental Dmg
Holy Cloth Armor -3 Elemental Dmg +5% to healing (Can only be used by Clerics)
No. 345391 ID: 35e1a0

don't think we have anyone who can even USE plate at the moment.
so a holy cloth+ for kass and a regular cloth+ for ruby.
No. 345412 ID: b1f0e2

first ask how much those actually cost.
No. 345417 ID: 3fd4fb

Eh, we're not rich enough to afford that much gear and it doesn't seem that great. Let's just go back to fighting and save up for when we can buy gear good enough to be worth the price.
No. 345450 ID: 40cb26

We can afford the two robes, and probably the leather+. We should get them and equip our mage and cleric, and if Alice gets her head out of her ass she can wear the leather.
No. 345515 ID: dd7b82
File 131517729566.png - (51.51KB , 373x304 , 154.png )

You decide to buy armor for Kassandra and Ruby. You're down to G30 right now.
Alice will have to wait until later to get armor.

Emily brings up the Grid again for you to see. The new Scan is active now (numbers in blue)
No. 345516 ID: 1854db

How about we kill the fuck out of that boss.
No. 345517 ID: 35e1a0

that 37 is more interesting now. it seems to be a 36 and a 1. not saying to take it, it's scary powerful.
that 5 with a 2 looks good, 2 2s and a 1. think it will be monsters so our tamer can do something. so the five with a 2.
No. 345518 ID: 40cb26

That boss fight is tempting at level 8, but we can't tell the total, and low level doesn't always mean not dangerous. Remember Nix!

Let's try the 10(4) battle, we're looking at three units none stronger than any of us.
No. 345529 ID: 66bf27

send someone to the level ones. preferably Nix and someone else we don't wanna take into the fight.
No. 345530 ID: 35e1a0

no, NEVER send nix alone. that will cause her to spread the plague.
No. 345533 ID: 6a5a08

Nix shouldn't go anywhere. Any heroes she kills become plaguespreaders and spawn in town, remember?

Seconding 5(2)
No. 345535 ID: 1854db

Boss stages have a total level equal to about the average level of the area. Which is about 8.
No. 345546 ID: 07416a

No. 345548 ID: d97c6d

Well, the scan upgrade is turning out to be as awesome as I figured it'd be.

Thirding 10(4).
No. 345567 ID: d8880b

No. 345569 ID: b1f0e2

We should start at 1 and work our way up.
No. 345574 ID: b1f0e2

I noticed we keep on fighting heroes when we go on these excursions. Where can we find monsters to fight?

Not out of morality, but for PR purposes... you want to be a "villain with good PR".
No. 345576 ID: 1854db

We just fought a monster. The mirror!
No. 345607 ID: 40cb26

I get the feeling adventurers around here keep killing them as soon as they spawn, so they never get to be high level. You might say this place is farmed too much. Ruby and Emily probably helped by taking out a fair number of the weaker ones too. The mirror was an exception since it's abilities are designed to prey on the adventurers themselves.

Maybe a Scan upgrade to distinguish between Human Demon and Monster encounters is in order. We should ask about it next time we go shopping.
No. 345748 ID: 483389

Would it be possible to send our Tamer out by herself with the order to capture every monster she come across that she can defeat ?

Likewise, do minions that are hunting by themselves get normal XP, none at all or not as much ? That point wasn't touched during the explanation.
No. 345825 ID: af25e0

10^4 sounds good.


I don't recommend sending the Tamer off alone. If we do, we should limit her to one creature or a pair, and tell her to make sure that whatever she brings back is worthwhile.

We don't want her returning with a dozen level 1 slime-equivalents unless we have a specific plan for them.
No. 345848 ID: 6a5a08

No. 345850 ID: d8880b

squish em together to see if we can get a slime king
No. 345865 ID: 35e1a0

actually, isn't her armor based on what she kills? wouldn't killing a bunch of slimes get her jelly armor and make her immune to acid?
No. 345866 ID: 715620

>Jelly armor
>Transparent armor

No. 345982 ID: 483389

Well, we are going to rebuilt our army sooner or later. Monsters would make nice enough meatshields for our elite units.
No. 345995 ID: b1f0e2

I am pretty sure she just made armor out of the fur of animals she hunted. So killing slimes shouldn't actually get her magical see through slime armor.
No. 345997 ID: 30e391


No. 346000 ID: d8880b

I'm sorry, but as long as there's a chance we could get her into see through clothing, we'll have to take it...
Unfortunately units need 2 loyalty to be sent off alone, so unless each half star counts as one loyalty we can't send her to catch monsters yet.
No. 346080 ID: 483389

I'm mostly fishing for info and idea for the future. Can't ever plan TOO far ahead.

Also, we should totally ask our old minions just what kind of Overlord we used to be. Everyone so far has been judging us on our past actions, but we don't any ideas what those actually are.

Were we a misunderstood Noble Demon ? A Well Intentioned Extremist ? Or a Complete Monster who earned his asskicking ?

Knowledge is power and we definitely low on that as it currently stand.

But as it stand right now, we should definitely grind our low level minions until they're all at about the same level.
No. 346104 ID: d8880b

We were trying to unite the world under our rule using force, unfortunately we attacked both rulers both hated and loved, which pissed off whoever caused our defeat
No. 346146 ID: f70e5e

that's the picture that our most loyal followers painted. but everything else seems to indicate that we were not very nice. we should at some point try and find an unbiased tale of our history. we could ask styx if there are any historian we could talk to.
No. 346166 ID: b1f0e2

Which was a mistake, we should attack the hated exclusively, when the last hated falls we should use special ops to fabricate fake evidence against the loved to make them hated and declare a "righteous war" against them, have ourselves a propaganda department, and blackmail/strongarm smaller nations into peacefully submitting (under a secret threat of conquest if they don't, and a requisite that they keep secret our true dealings and spin it as a peaceful merger for the good of their people).

This, btw, makes me somewhat concerned about randomly killing heroes. We should try to focus on monsters for at least a little while.

Here is our official story: "The overlord <name> was a ruthless conquerer, and he was my father. He made some contingencies against death which fortunately failed, the result was me. I was born of him, with neither his memory nor his personality. I reject my father and will strive for a better world for all". If someone wants to know why we ping evil on some spells, well we are born of a really evil overlord via magic not normal reproduction and his taint remains on our soul.
(what WAS our name?) Anyways, we should take a new first name but keep the old name, and start spreading it around that we are his son.

We should aim at conquering some areas ASAP, levying REASONABLE taxes, and demonstrating our "commitment to law, order, and goodness" (pfft, hahahah!)

>See through clothes
As cool as that will be I would like to remind you all that we had a harem, and all our female servants currently shower with us in a collective bathing facility, completely nude. And we can afford to be see through lingerie. See through armor only means that other people get to look at our women.
No. 346174 ID: a0ba14

Honestly, I just want to see what will happen if we squish a bunch of slimes together, the see through clothes are just a bonus
No. 346218 ID: 715620

>See through armor only means that other people get to look at our women.

And your point is...?
No. 346274 ID: 510737

No. 346277 ID: b1f0e2

Alright fine, lets go with that.
And I admit to be curious about making a slime kingQueen (you can tell it is a girl slime because she will have boobs)

But don't you have anything at all to say about the rest of the stuff? do you approve of the PR campaign and long term plot for power?
No. 346281 ID: a0ba14

I'm a bit leery of attempting plans that can be fucked up by a ruler deciding that killing us would be a good way to boost his reputation with the people
No. 346282 ID: a0ba14

Also, the angels watching to see if we slip into old habits, so deciding to start conquering stuff would probably get us killed
No. 346284 ID: b1f0e2

>I'm a bit leery of attempting plans that can be fucked up by a ruler deciding that killing us would be a good way to boost his reputation with the people
What in the world are you talking about?
>Also, the angels watching to see if we slip into old habits, so deciding to start conquering stuff would probably get us killed
Which is the entire point of the "good PR" plan. Currently we are running around murdering and enslaving. We need to focus on "liberating" people from tyrants and fighting monsters, as well as the whole father subterfuge.
No. 346286 ID: 6a5a08

No. 346288 ID: a0ba14

If a ruler who wants a reputation boost attacks us, we're screwed
If he wins we die
If he loses and survives he could poison his people against us and possibly call allies to attack us
If he loses and we kill him, other kingdoms could use his death as proof that we need to be killed before we become dangerous.
Some people assume negotiations are a sign of weakness, a peace treaty would likely get us attacked by someone who wants our stuff.
No. 346291 ID: b1f0e2

But this isn't the result of my "villain with good PR" plan, this is the CURRENT situation. Currently we are universally hated and reviled with countless enemies. We need to start the PR machine running ASAP so that this isn't the case. We need to convince people we aren't truely the overlord but his son who is trying to liberate the world of tyrants (pfft, and sell some bridges :P)
No. 346301 ID: a0ba14

Even if we pretend to be the overlords son, we'll still get blamed for his evil deeds just by being related to him.
It would take a massive amount of good pr for people to actually trust us and even then they won't forget the bad things the overlord has done
No. 346310 ID: 1854db

So what are you even suggesting we do?
No. 346311 ID: a0ba14

wasn't suggesting anything, was just being a pessimist, sorry
No. 346542 ID: 418acf
File 131546957696.png - (195.10KB , 618x850 , 155.png )

You push aside the various plans floating in your head but make a note to find out more about your past self.
You decide to take the group to the Rank 10(4) area.

>Rose: "My Lord... Those are Silva's Dolls. I didn't think there were any of those left."

"Silva's Dolls?"

>"She'd used them in her fight against you. Most of them were destroyed though."

"They seem wounded and without their master."

>"More likely then not they are nothing more then mindless monsters. They are still quite lethal.."

=Placement Phase, Limit: 3=
No. 346543 ID: 35e1a0

nix, us, emily. they are constructs with blades. nix was DESIGNED for this.
No. 346544 ID: 1854db

Hell yes, Nix will make their weapons useless for us. It's tempting to shoot her ourselves midfight to get that 20 damage explosion too.

...yeah, let's put in Emily too. I want to see if anything triggers from her fighting constructs similar to herself.
No. 346548 ID: a2fa74

These are MONSTERS, correct?
Then we need a TAMER for this.

Also, I would SUBJUGATE with an offer to reunite them with Silva. If they're NOT mindless then they might consider it.
No. 346553 ID: b77699

Nix's only offensive abilities are poison and zombie, which I'm fairly certain doesn't effect constructs.
Nix has only one hp and while her immunity to bladed weapons is useful, she can be killed easily by other attack types, if the enemies have any non slashing attacks Nix would be mostly useless in this fight.
If a human unit dies in battle in the human world they'll respawn in their hometown or a nearby inn, unless we enslave them.
We need to ask what Rose knows of the doll's attacks before deciding to send in Nix
No. 346555 ID: 1cc49b


she also corrodes blades, remember?

let's deploy overlord, nix, and lenion.
No. 346558 ID: b77699

Doesn't change the fact that she would be useless against any other attack type.

Ask Rose what she remembers of the dolls combat abilities, if they can only attack with their melee weapons then send in Nix Emily and The Overlord.
If they have spells or abilities then send in Overlord Emily and Rose.
No. 346559 ID: 40cb26

Ask Rose if these dolls might have attacks besides with their blades. If not we should send in us, Nix and Emily, since they can fly and attack from above as nix absorbs their attacks.

On the other hand if these dolls have a history of laser beams, flame throwers, exploding on death or similar we should replace Nix with Rose and go in with fast and hard melee.
No. 346568 ID: 6a5a08

-1 to Nix
We do not use Nix
Using Nix is no

Overlord, Emily, Lenion
No. 346569 ID: 35e1a0

what? the reason we don't normally vote to use nix is anything she kills is infected. but constructs can't be infected. also the poison is acid poison.
No. 346571 ID: b1f0e2

This is ALSO the reason she cannot hurt them except damaging their weapons. And all it takes is for one of them to smack her with a blunt object that doesn't pierce the skin and deal 1HP and she is dead forever before we can cure her.

I am sure we can handle some half broken golems without her.
No. 346572 ID: 35e1a0

she can puke acid poison onto them. remember?
No. 346573 ID: a2fa74

I thought here she would just be disabled until tomorrow.

It's so hard to keep track of these things. It would be much more convenient if there was some sort of standard rule, or if we were told about the penalties each type suffers for falling at the start each battle.
No. 346574 ID: 6a5a08

If Nix dies she respawns in town.
And then the heavenly host is on our ass for starting the zombie apocalypse, because they know we had a Plaguespreader. And not just any Plaguespreader, this particular Plaguespreader.

Not to mention her attacks would do nothing, as evidenced by them having no effect on us or Emily during our fight with her.

There is literally no reason to send her out here.
No. 346575 ID: 6a5a08

>It moves foreword and spits out a green goo at you.
>It doesn't seem to have any effect.

It damaged Emily because she pierced the acid sacs and her blade was directly inside of them, so it got melted. At least, that's how I see it.
No. 346577 ID: 35e1a0

we could tell her to use a melee attack, i think.
No. 346580 ID: f70e5e

downvoting using nix. the risk of using her is to high for to little reward. sides the one on the left dos't seem to be holding a bladed weapon, so nix would probably quite quickly be killed.
No. 346581 ID: 35e1a0

if one of OUR party members die we can use our overlord enslave thing to basically re-recruit them.
No. 346585 ID: b1f0e2

what if more then one dies? we would lose members that way. Not to mention this only worked for enslaved members, golems and demons die permanently.

Also wouldn't they loose all their items if we do that?
No. 346586 ID: 35e1a0

is why i said em and us. em can't be perma killed unless we wipe and the enemy finishes her. our eye is basically indestructible (but the floating platform we are on is not). so with nix being the only one that could be killed we could then us it to maintain her.
No. 346600 ID: 6a5a08

Seeing as she has no natural melee attack, that's a whopping 1 damage. Woo.

Also this.

Using Nix here is just taking Exp away from units that we'll actually be able to use effectively in the future.
No. 346611 ID: 4bdd79

You know, we could probably just run in circles shooting them with our blaster. The only one that looks like it could move at any significant speed is the middle one.
No. 346620 ID: 1854db


Okay guys, look at what nix can do:

Immune to bladed weapons. Slash wounds open up acidic sacs under her skin which can dissolve most material.
When killed will explode dealing 20 damage to anyone within 1 space of her and spreading poison/acid to anyone within 2 spaces.
Immortal rank 3- Will never age, will regenerate from most wounds but can be killed by complete disintegration or burning.
Plaugespreader Curse, when someone is killed with a plaugespreader's poison or while under the Zombie affect they will be brought back as a Plaugespreader.

Did you see any bladed weapons on the dolls? Because I saw that they were ALL using bladed weapons. Using Nix in this battle will disable their weapons. Also, even if one of them somehow has a different weapon type, she'll EXPLODE in response... but REGENERATE afterwards. We Enslaved her mid-regeneration while she was still 'dead but not really'. You have to kill her by fire or disintegration to keep her from regenerating and EVEN THEN we could probably use Enslave to make her respawn in our care.

I'd like to note that permadeath is not something we usually have to worry about, here in the human world. Only demons can permadie out here (meaning Rose), while only non-demons permadie back in the demon world.

Emily is immune to her poison, so if she gets hit by the explosion it won't have any serious effects. This really is the optimal party for this battle, and nobody has given any valid reasons for not bringing her.

Even "I don't want to have Nix get any exp" isn't a valid reason, because quite obviously she IS useful. We've encountered construct type enemies twice now, and we've only had what, 5 battles? It's simple to conclude that it's a common enemy type, and slashing weapons are the most common weapon. Worst comes to worst we can shoot her in battle to explode her at will, and that is a POWERFUL action.
No. 346637 ID: f70e5e

the one on the far right doesn't seem to have a bladed weapon. this is also a level 10 fight, this is not the time to experiment with a new and rather situational fighter.
No. 346639 ID: 35e1a0

and this is the SITUATION that makes her Situaional! if we don't use her in this then there are NO situations she would be useful in!
No. 346642 ID: 6a5a08

If we didn't enslave her she would have respawned in town after we defeated her. It said so in the quest.

>Using Nix in this battle will disable their weapons
The only reason we have Nix is to try and find a cure, not to use her. The strategy that would make her useful at all is heavily flawed, relies on enemies we can't scan doing what we expect them to do, and assumes they won't just ignore Nix once their weapons are obviously ineffective.

Personally, I'd like to try and recruit one of these dolls, specifically the Emily-esq one in the middle if possible. If we have to re-recruit Nix we can't do that.

In addition, this is a 3-3 fight, and if Nix dies uselessly we'll be outnumbered and outleveled.

We can't afford to risk using Nix in this fight. It's stupid.
No. 346653 ID: 418acf
File 131551522934.png - (184.92KB , 618x732 , 156.png )

You decide to save Nix until you can get a Demonologist to better study these creatures.

This is the current lineup.
Now, where to place them?
No. 346656 ID: 35e1a0

len in the middle, em to the right and us to the left.
No. 346659 ID: 6a5a08

No. 346662 ID: 418acf
File 131551685495.png - (151.52KB , 618x457 , 157.png )

Units are set, your move first

"Rose, do you remember what these things do?"

>Rose: "Uhm... No. I wasn't really there at the time."
No. 346663 ID: 35e1a0

move foreward, right, and then up some and fire at the sword arm.
No. 346668 ID: 1854db

No, it said if we killed her she'd respawn, which means burning her. Exploding her does not force her to respawn. At that point it was either kill her or enslave her.

But yeah, I guess the floating arm on the right might be holding a staff. It's possible that it might be able to cast fire, which would mean we couldn't actually use Nix here effectively. Nix is, as some people noted, a situational character. However, in the situations we can use her she is devastating. It's like gearing someone up with a bunch of antimagic gear and saving them for if we're fighting mages.

Also I'd like to point out right now that Lenion is a BEAST Tamer, not a MONSTER Tamer. These are constructs, not beasts. She's got a whip though, which is a good weapon so she won't be useless or anything.

Okay, use Scan on the arm on the right, to see what it does. We need to know if it can cast spells with... what looks like a staff, or if it just smacks people with it. Also what happened to our usual auto-scan?
No. 346675 ID: 1854db

Oh wait, I forgot, we can't scan constructs. Overlord should fly up 2 and 3 forward, firing on the arm on the left. Emily and Lenion can wait for them to move closer.
No. 346684 ID: 3fd4fb

Did we just bring no ranged units to this battle? Damn. That removes most tactics other than trying to get in the first hit and having a straight-up slugfest.
No. 346689 ID: 6a5a08

We exploded her last time and this is what was said:

>Note, if you decide to loot Nix will be teleported to the spawn point instantly

As in if we don't immediately re-enslave her, she respawns in town.

Len can hit from a space away with whip, and Overlord has a laser.

Overlord shoots one on left, Em and Len remain where they are.
No. 346745 ID: 1854db

>Nix explodes and dies.

>You can see the pieces starting to move back together though..

It isn't that cut and dry. She wasn't really dead. Perhaps merely the act of looting her would require us to burn her pieces? I don't know why looting her would make her respawn elsewhere, but what I do know is that she regenerates from being exploded.
No. 346748 ID: af25e0

Have everyone move to the left, so that only one of the three enemies is in range of our group during the first round.

Attack the closest enemy if we can stay out of melee range while doing it.
No. 346760 ID: 1854db

That's a good idea, moving to the left. Also remember Overlord can fly up, so yes we can definitely shoot them while staying out of melee range.
No. 346783 ID: b1f0e2

Scan them
No. 346793 ID: f70e5e

this. they might have some weird group based arability and getting blindsided could cost us the battle.
No. 346797 ID: 1854db

...I just said we can't use Scan on constructs. Though actually it's that we can't use Scan on Monsters, which constructs are a subset of.
No. 347593 ID: 510737

scatter, then surround them.
No. 347630 ID: 4a8479

Bad idea. Best plan would be to pick them off one by one. Concentrate your firepower on each, one at a time. And since the Overlord is our only ranged units, scattering would be counterproductive.

Also, attack one the Doll on the side rather then the middle one to avoid being surrounded ourselves.

The floating arm with the bladed fan look like a good first target.

Keep the mostly whole one for last so that we can enslave it.
No. 347775 ID: 418acf
File 131580455501.png - (153.23KB , 618x457 , 158.png )

You order your units to focus on the one with the blade arm.
Emily moves closer while you and Lenion move in and strike the Arm.
Lenion whips it for 20 dmg
You shoot for 10
No. 347776 ID: b2d5eb

and suddenly, GAME OVER
No. 347777 ID: 418acf
File 131580465506.png - (160.86KB , 618x457 , 159.png )

>Lead Doll: "We s-serve n-n-none but S-s-silva... Attack t-the T-t-tamer."

Sword Doll and Lead Doll surround Lenion while the Staff Doll moves behind them.
They all attack Lenion dealing 45 DMG
No. 347778 ID: 35e1a0

finish the sword arm. anyone left moves and attacks the staff arm.
No. 347781 ID: b6edd6

Overlord shoots sword arm them moves down-right one.

Lenion attacks the sword arm (if it is still alive {otherwise attacking lead doll}) then moves down-right one and down-left one.

Emily moves down-left one (to where Lenion was) and attacks the sword arm if it is still alive (otherwise attacking lead doll).
No. 347784 ID: 35e1a0

we can only capture the LAST one killed. so save the lead doll for last.
No. 347787 ID: 40cb26

Son of a- these things aren't so mindless after all! She won't take another focus assault like that. Move one square to attack the arm with our blade, have Lenion down that one potion and move back behind us, and Emily should move forward to attack the staff.
No. 347789 ID: 1854db

Okay, Overlord move to the corner beside the blade arm and slash, Lenion moves next to Overlord and diagonally attacks the blade arm with her whip, and Emily stands next to Lenion to slash the same target.

That would mean only the staff arm can hit Lenion next round.
No. 347792 ID: b2d5eb

attack and make distance between you and the melee ones. focus on sword arm, then staff arm.
No. 347803 ID: 418acf
File 131580772334.png - (154.92KB , 618x457 , 160.png )

Overlord moves beside the Sword Arm and fires at it killing it.
Lenion whips the Leader Doll for 19 DMG.
Emily stabs herself in the chest for 17 DMG

"Emily!? What are you doing!?"

>"I don't know, my arm was acting funny again."
No. 347804 ID: 418acf
File 131580782759.png - (154.87KB , 618x457 , 161.png )

The Leader Doll slashes at Lenion but misses.
The Staff Doll casts Fire on Lenion for 17 DMG
No. 347805 ID: b2d5eb

everyone should move adjacent to the staff arm so it can't attack Lenion or move away. and everyone should concentrate on the arm.
No. 347807 ID: 35e1a0

ye, gang up on staff arm. and len heals a