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File 129581124883.jpg - (271.35KB , 750x750 , The Azelhaedran State Channeler Suit Weinsho.jpg )
274023 No. 274023 ID: a76809

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The place Mordre has come to call his public home, the Azelhaedran State, has come under attack by the Disciples of Domintus, a fanatical collective of war worshippers that follow the Pure Lady and the Soul Grave they claim holds their god - Domintus. The Domintus main force, led by both the Pure Lady and Domintus as well as dozens of their most elite, threatened to overwhelm the State capital they had put under siege. Fearing the collapse of his power base-and seeing a chance to gain more political power-Mordre arrayed his more public forces and moved to the State's aid, bringing with him his ally to the south, the Blue Knight and his forces. After carefully using surgical strikes with the aid of his Deep Spawn Burduko to maximize the effectiveness of his much smaller force, Mordre was able to bring the siege, which was in the process of breaking through the capital's last defenses, to a grinding halt. Finally, in entering the stage himself, Mordre was able to slay the Pure Lady, leader of the Disciples of Domintus.

Domintus yet remains, and in slaying the Pure Lady Mordre has attracted the singular attention of her one-time foe Aurockoth, an Anti-Soul Grave Life Golem, a famed living weapon from the final wars with the Mosmordren Empire.




>Oh FUCK what was that?
>Felt like someone dumped a gallon of rum on our brain!
>[Gelrick 17] It does not match any known variations of recoil, for conventional or Dream magic, and there does not seem to be any perceivable damage caused-I believe it to be a shockwave.
>Yes, a shockwave is an apt description-a Dreameater has fed. And from the strength of the back blast, it was-
>[Gelrick 13] The Pure Lady. Hm. With that blast, I found several aspects of my/our allegiance to her more questionable.
>[Gelrick 06] I note a similar sensation.
>[Gelrick 11] It seems safe to assume it applies for all of us.
>...The issue brought up about mental manipulation would normally be my focus, but something more pressing must be brought up beforehand.
This headache-what, what is it?
>Every Dream Eater... absorbs the properties and traits of its meals, in proportion to the scope of what was consumed. If the Pure Lady could hold off a Dreameater, as Gelrick seems to suggest, then she would be strong enough that the Dreameater has completely copied her-and lacking other targets to follow, will find its way-
>[Gelrick 01] Back to us. To what depth does this absorption apply?
> The Dreameater will have adopted a massive amount of her appearance into its existence, and may possibly be indistinguishable from her. It will have eaten her memories, tasted her power, and all the knowledge, skill and machinations she has claimed its made part of the Dreameater-in a manner rather similar to how Anchors absorb errant Ulzrick.
>[Gelrick 13] So if we risk too much paradox from here, it might not just be a Dreameater that stalks us, but one possessed of all the Pure Lady's power and skill-possibly even her human cunning.

While voices in my head were too busy trying to render conclusions far-reaching and imperative to my long-term survival, I focus on my short-term, a blade that might have pierced armor, muscle and bone alike is batted aside, my Dream brother Ozrick appearing on my command to defend me. With him covering my back, I complete my swing with the expanded Crash Course, my favored weapon, and the massive, weighty blade simultaneously slices and blasts a gory path through the Domintus Forces, as the two of us continue to clear a way for the State survivors from the front lines following after us.

>[Ozrick]"..Brother, I am starting to get feedback from Everfeast's pilfered sword. It is trying to take over my flesh. Thus far, it has been quite unsuccessful-"
"We can worry about it when we get back then. If you ever feel it a direct threat, discard and break it."

And so my imaginary brother and I keep dealing with the here and now while those along for the ride ponder the future.



>[Apprentice]"What is it you wished of this humble servant, master?
>[Weinsho]"I have made my decision-Mordre, along with Aurockoth, The Pure Lady, Domintus, Eisenhardt, Jak and myself in the Channeler-This is a chance to not only snuff out my competitors, but to claim glory in the State, and sweep my way into command of the country."
>[Apprentice]"At once master, the sacrifices will be prepared for you and the Channeler."
>[Weinsho]"Move swiftly, I have a feeling the battle is drawing to its conclusion, and I will not be denied my chance."

..........................................................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE] ..........................................................................................

Aehroahquia, the Edge Of Oblivion, Mosmordren Golem Sword and Metallic Deep Spawn, sings in my hands, Inverter's touch racing from my left hand into the blade as temporal and spatial locks are inverted, and matter runs wild in my grasp. I swing a sword that now resembles a writhing whip made of fangs and acid, all this harm directed at Aurockoth, the Reaper Made Flesh.


The title I have now ingrained for this magic item manipulation flashes across the Soul Grave's spell matrices as Aurockoth springs into motion. Slicing time just as finely as I can, he ducks under the blade, a wall of spikes from his back rising to tear asunder my weapon, the power of Severance carrying them through my blade with ease-

As Aurockoth twitches, the contact points smoking as acid continues to eat at his augmented spines, while my blade flows back together, the swing continuing onward into the side of the immense crater we fight in. Just before impact, I see Senth now paying attention to Domintus, the perpetually dazed Trollingwood resident ignoring the thundering battle happening all around him, while Keddic's eyes seem torn from darting to his pipe, still in Senth's grasp, to Aurockoth, the subject of a family vendetta, and to me from his perch on the lip of this massive crater.

The blade makes contact, and chews through stone and dirt with impressive rapidity, its momentum unstoppable as I collapse an entire wall of the deep crater we inhabit, hundreds of tons of earth crumbling and flying as my blade's edge retracts to normalcy post-swing. Several things happen at once.

-Aurockoth leaps forward, his body exploding into a massive ball of blades, his sword blazing with such fierce magic I can scarce perceive his supremely layered soul.
-Keddic Harksburton the Fourth leaps from the crater's edge, eyes blazing red and skin a greyish-gold as he roars the outrage of an inherited grudge, Proud Lion in hand as he hurtles at Aurockoth.
-Senth vanishes from the crater, his soul re-appearing somewhere amongst the Blue Knight's forces, engaging Domintus alongside the Metal Skulls Of the Indelible, my personal Rageglut brigade, and Bang Magnum.
-Eisenhardt turns to stare in utter confusion at an empty space in the air, the massive crystal-studded missile he used to strike at Domintus forgotten on the ground as thin air resolves into a titan every bit the equal of Domintus, a seven hundred foot tall behemoth that emerges into the dusky battle in the burning Domintus main Camp.

What should I do?
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No. 274029 ID: 4531bc

You should be a good boy.
No. 274030 ID: 21e57a

"Keddic! I am aware that this abomination has claimed the lives of many of your relatives! It would be my pleasure and privilege to assist you in wiping its face from the surface of Zakrath. LET THE WHITE LION OF HARKSBURTON ROAR!” Swing our blade around, putting Aehroahquia between ourselves and the ball of spikes coming at us. Cannon shot, face-distance, too. Phohn Eisenhardt and ask him “What are you looking at? I ordered Arkus to leave and oh good Zakrath that’s a big golem. You don’t know it, do you?” SPECTRAL GORGING ANIMA and HANDS OF HUNGER turn on! Lets start eating swords! Turn ‘em off when Keddic comes in, switch to Jade Soul Style and ward off the swords as we start swinging again.
No. 274031 ID: bdd665

Looks like Weinsho has shown up to try and steal our (potential) victory. and possibly kill us if he thinks he can get away with it.
No. 274038 ID: f88f02

Then this is the perfect time to call him out for his bullshit.

>Kidnapping people to turn them into monsters

>Fueling illegal acts

>Decidedly attempting to steal glory in an attempt to take over The State rather than helping in good faith

>Generally being a douche

But that's for when he gets here.
No. 274039 ID: bdd665

He (as far as I know) also broke the ban on soul magic to bind Dulu...Where is he anyway? its been a while since we heard anything about him.
No. 274040 ID: f88f02

SO he's here already, great!

Use our connection to Aurokoth to suggest you fight him together, as he is clearly a greater threat to the both of you. Blow him to peices with a railgun, but here's the thing...

Slot in six rounds with your magnetism, then fire five of them while preparing to set the rings in place. Then fire the sixth at the last normal shot.


Aim this higher on his body, so that the impact will hopefully knock him back and over. Ask Bang, wherever he is, to climb on and please please please start beating the shit out of it.

Meanwhile have yourself list his crimes, one after another, WITH DATE STAMPS. When you reach the end, start over, louder.


Also, if you can't get auro to help out, manuever in such a way he has to go through weinsho to get to you, or, better yet, drop weinsho onto auro, if feasable.
No. 274041 ID: 441dea

Continue the ranged attacks with Jade Soul style. See how far the Jade Fist can reach and mix in arcane magic attacks such as soul fire+pyromancy strikes and ignimantic lightning arcs.

Make it look casual as you probe his defenses and support Keddic. Keep talking and gesturing in a human manner to seem less Soul Gravey. Just go something like "Aurockoth you're really wasting your time here. I control the smallest and probably most mobile Soul Grave here. Are you sure you don't want to focus on the enormous city-crushing monster golems first?"

Ask Eisenhardt if he's all right via Phohn. He seems shaken...
No. 274043 ID: d17c72

>the Soul Grave's spell matrices
Looks like the soul has taken root. You are starting to define yourself as separate.

I hope this does not mess with the MoS's prison.

Now then, about Auroc.
the best thing would be to get him to stop fighting, but Keddic will not let him go, I'm sure of that.
So fight we must.

Hit him with the AA while sliding to the side and back.

Move the eyes out as you fire to hit him from different angles, searching for breaks in his defense.

Fire of AG rounds (not railgun) as you slide.

For the grand finale, send the spectral gorging anima underground and make it pop up under him and bite his legs off.
No. 274062 ID: ab04d4

For some reason I get the feeling that this will be our last thread, with a possible epilogue afterwards. Every plot thread is converging here.

How 'bout we use our Amaranthine Annhilators? I don't think we've used them in a while, since its function got replaced by the Relativity Cannon.

...what are Aurockoth's blades made out of? Solid reinforced bone like Bang's? Some sort of bodily-integrated metal? Somethign else even weirder, like carbon fiber? If it's primarily biological, our priority is to get Keddic a blood sample.
No. 274063 ID: ab04d4

Actually, if the new seven-hundred foot titan is Weinsho, ask Eisenhardt if that's actually Weinsho piloting a super huge golem armor or a super soul grave. If so, perhaps the Aurockoth alliance is a viable option after all.
No. 274065 ID: ab04d4

Another idea- throw the Pure Lady's body into the air so that as much of the battlefield can recognize it as possible, and blow it up with a normal cannon shell. Since she's still technically alive, any who can detect her presence with magic will realize her death and then we'll have crushing morale all around.
No. 274070 ID: bdd665


-Kill and eat the soul of Aurockoth.

-Keep an eye on the Golem, If we can act on the identity of golem/battlesuit warn our men that it belongs to Weinsho, the soulmage that took over the research post to the north of the our base and has been useing the people there as fuel for foul magics.

-Kill Domintus/Eat it/Prevent Weinsho fromm getting access to the Soulgrave's souls as this will probably make him nearly unstoppable

Also as Weinsho can use soulmagic he may be able to steal souls or otherwise be able to prevent us from eating important ones. Be watchful of this.
No. 274071 ID: a76809

No. 274075 ID: 21e57a

Mhm. A thought, Mordre. This is Keddic’s fight and there is a god to slay. Phohn Senth and Bang and inform them of Keddic’s coming battle. Also, get Burduko to monitor the fight. If Keddic looks as if he is loosing, help him.

“Keddic! I have a god to slay! I will leave you with Burduko and see if any other of my creations can assist you!”

And…Phohn has opened communications with those we’ve never spoken with before. Have Phohn send a message to Jak of ‘We have some information we would like to share’. He wishes fame, if I remember, and Weinsho seems to regard him as a competitor. This might make him interested in an alignment with us.

But anyway, turn our attention to Domintus. Begin by removing arms.
No. 274086 ID: b1477c

Whatever you do DO NOT KILL Arukoth right now.
Domintus will just catch it's soul and we can just pack our things and move to neighboring Galaxy then.

Or kill him by destroying his soul.
No. 274087 ID: d4f98d

1. That is Weinsho.

2a. We don't know that. Is their any way we could find out? Yes. Use Phohn to communicate with Bobobo, and ask him what the fuck that thing could be.

2b. If that is sufficient to let us determine this newcomers identity, share this information with the Blue Knight, but do NOT go on a crusade mid battle screaming about how he's wronged us. That is the wrong way to go about dealing with this, and will garner little positive yield. Anything we have to say can be brought to bear after the battle is completed. We cannot, however, afford to let him kill-steal us, though it's pretty impressive the sheer arrogance he has in assuming this will catapult him into command of the state. Annoying, nonetheless, and I'll not risk it.

3. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO KILL AUROCKOTH BEFORE WE KILL DOMINTUS. That runs TO MUCH RISK of Domintus snatching Aurockoth's soul, which would be VERY BAD INDEED.

4. Keddic can't take on Aurockoth alone. If we leave him, he'll probably die eventually.

Some key points I think everyone should consider.
No. 274092 ID: 5f0943

I agree
No. 274098 ID: 21e57a

Yeah. But what are we gonna do abotu Keddic and Aurockoth? We can't just leave to beat Domintus, but we can't let Aurockoth die.

Oh! Another idea! Start firing our Cannon at Domintus while we fight Aurockoth. Hell, start sending out our Vanguard Blades to cut up Domintus.
No. 274100 ID: 21e57a

OH GOD! I just remembered! Start soul eating everything! And see if Burduko can start porting in souls from different part of the battle field.

Yeah, I'm gonna disagree with leaving Keddic now.
No. 274104 ID: b1477c

Could we manage to fulfill our plan of Dealing with Domintus before Weinsho appears?
You know, the rapid rust, time steal, furnace cutting and encasing in crystal?

Maybe we should try that, while leaving Keddic to deal with Aurokoch.

Also, we might need to make an opening for Keddic to taste Aurockochs blood!!
No. 274124 ID: 99e816

This sounds like the most sensible plan so far.
No. 274125 ID: bdd665

dont forget we have a bunch of those magnetic vanguard blades, could we use them to do repeat railgun shots without damaging our cannon?
No. 274138 ID: a76809
File 129582708311.jpg - (1.11MB , 2352x1912 , Weinsho Army Says Hi To Everyone.jpg )

A lone, stray thought rises in my mind, of me being.... good

I don't know what to make of it.

Hm. Eisenhardt's response to the new golem-golem ARMOR's-presence, coupled with the clarity of Soul I detect from its pilot leads me to a conclusion I do not particularly enjoy. ...I have no proof of this suspicion... yet.
Phohn, ask Bobobo to relay information on what kind of Golem Armors, if any, the Mage Weinsho has been known to have throughout realities.
Confirmed, Administrator Mordre. Brother Bobobo reports that in the instances that Mage Weinsho has been in the Azelhaedran State as he is in this reality, 86% of the time he possesses a massive Golem Armor called a Channeler Suit-and his descriptions of common design features match those found on the new entrant to this battle
Ask Eisenhardt if he can confirm that Weinsho is piloting the new battle entrant.
He verifies this as true, and in his verification expresses consternation
Exact thought form?
A sense of indignant rebuke for interrupting an old grudge being brought to bear, suppressed hostilities towards Administrator Mordre, conflict over seeing the Pure Lady die by hands other than his own, conflict over having found a new apprentice, and comparing his old loyalties to one he called peer and comrade, and those to his chosen apprentice. He did not articulate these sensations into coherent thought, but were detectable in the background during his confirmation

I spend a brief moment while Keddic completes his leap throwing Ethereal Strikes in rapid succession towards Aurockoth, unsure as to how worried I should be as I see him slice those soul-based images out of the air. I add to this attacks from my innate casting, Ignimancy calling electricity to my cause as I send millions of volts toward the Life Golem while I re-orient my thrusters and blast away at the ground, swiftly climbing into the air. Aurockoth stumbles for a moment as the current bogs him down, but his sword goes snicker-snack, and he stands even as I feel magic rebounding to me, unraveled by his blade's touch. ...Just how subtle is that blade, how immersed in Severance that it does no annul my magic-but severs it?

I would do well to avoid its touch.

As I fly up I turn to regard Domintus while Keddic does an admirable job employing the assorted magics at his disposal to evade, redirect and otherwise avoid the manifold blades of Aurockoth, his soul's clarity flaring brightly. I turn the Edge of Oblivion on Domintus, noting the massive Soul Grave to likewise be entranced by the new entrant to the battle, Weinsho in his massive armor.


The rippling, writhing wave of acid and liquid metal fangs lashes out, cleaving through two titanic spears thrusting from Domintus' form before taking an arm with it. I immediately start whipping the weapon back around for a second mid-air strike while Keddic continues to hold his own against Aurockoth-

When the world darkens whilst staying the same, a wave of effervescent shadow spreading from Weinsho's Golem Armor-as precisely two thousand individuals dressed in the garb of shadow mages appear about his feet, four hundred beasts of bone and cloth, nightmarish shambles that seem indistinct to my perception float overhead-

As a man shines with a cold light in the middle of all that shadow, his image flickering and ever-moving as he leads a charge, the shambles at his back as the shadowmages as one raise their blades, collecting energy in them. I think back to Keddic's description of his earlier encounters with these foes-they plan to open paths to other dimensions, and pull mirrors of themselves through to act as duplicates and force multipliers in this supernatural darkness. I know myself, Keddic and Bang to be able to pierce such a fog as this-but of the Blue Knight and Blue Devil, of the Rageglut squad-I do not know.

In a half second Weinsho goes from a lone entrant to a comprehensive third force on the battlefield, his forces spreading out to attack everyone and everything-

While the spire that is his left arm crackles, and from thin air a thousand thunderbolts jump at me. I have only registered their approach after they have closed a third of the distance to me. I contact Burduko through phohn before they travel two thirds of the distance. Burduko reaches me, and my body begins to go numb in that barest instant before he teleports me away, onto the ground beside the Blue Knight, Blue Devil and Senth, as all pause for a moment, all clearly able to pierce the supernatural darkness (along with Carkiano's Hounds, if not his Golem Armor division), all in awe as they watch Bang.


Charging the six hundred foot tall Golem Armored Weinsho, his clearly Soul-Magic trained lead apprentice, four hundred bone shambles and what currently looks to be twenty four thousand shadow mages.

And doing it with a smile on his face.

In that moment of lowered pressure, with the Ragegluts pausing in the darkness and my own attack aborted, Domintus not only recovers in an instant-

But turns to face our way, hands reaching towards us as his body explodes into a wall of weapons, a single word pressing down on the world around us, shaking the earth and air.


The Blue Devil starts moving irregularly-

And I note that in Senth's place, Vonjeen is now betwixt the two Golem Armor's at my side.

What should I do?
I have 11,264 souls to my name and a heroic, Deep Spawn hybrid soul of my own and many abilities to draw on-what actions should I take?
Do I have anything to communicate or question of anyone through Phohn?
What, in order, are my biggest priorities right now?
No. 274141 ID: f88f02

>What, in order, are my biggest priorities right now?




Weinsho will actually assist you, but watch your back - he'll kill you as soon as he can get away with it, which will be often. Get one eye looking over your shoulder, and have our talkative hero soul shatter at you if something's odd. Otherwise, focus on keeping Keddic alive, killing Domintus, and harrassing Aurokoth.
No. 274143 ID: f6360f

>What should I do?
Absorb every soul within reach. Thousands upon thousands have died on this field, including many Heroic Souls which likely have yet to dissipate. While it is unlikely that any of them will have capabilities which decisively change the battle, getting either enough standard souls or a few heroics with interesting abilities could provide you with a critical edge. What's more, if you leave them out, it's almost certain that Weinsho will draw upon them for power, since they're sitting around just waiting to be used. You can't let that happen.
No. 274149 ID: b1477c

Hey, Weishno coming here might be actually a good thing.

He will keep Domintus busy.
His shadowmages will keep the Dreameater controlling said Domintus busy.
While at the same time we try to fulfill our plan of carving out the soul-furnace.
No. 274152 ID: d17c72

Pengaiea embodies the concept of LIGHT. It's form revolves around ENERGY and LIGHTNING.

Now that that is taken care of.

Soul boost SGA to lengthen it's chain and send it into Wenshio's area.
No. 274154 ID: bdd665


This worrys me. Can we ask Ulzrick if anything is going on with Dream magic and to alert us if that changes?
No. 274155 ID: d4f98d


Regarding Weinsho, actually, he's attacking EVERYBODY. It's a pretty simple, and sound, strategy. Let two major forces exhaust their manpower attacking each other, then sweep them both up with your fresh forces in the chaos of a 3-side war, with yours as the strongest via manpower.

He's already started attacking US, and his troops are attacking EVERYONE.

Direct your ignimancy inward, and redirect ALL outside charges across the outer layer of your armor, away from your Soul Furnace. That should help against electrical weaknesses, of which Weinsho is clearly aware.

Also, what the fuck does Senth think he's doing now? He's jacking shit in the middle of battle, is what.

Vonjeen's vulnerable, not combat equipped at the moment. Inform him that you'll Evacuate him via Rutgur/Burduko combo.
No. 274156 ID: b1477c

Yeah, if we can make a Deep Spawn in a moments notice.
It might keep Weishno Busy... Or at least Domintus... or Weishnos army

Fuck the State army, we've done a lot for them already. We must deal with this sudden intrusion first.

If the State can't handle the rest of DoD, well then they don't deserve our help.
No. 274161 ID: bdd665

this could also help with our eventual takeove of the state
No. 274165 ID: d4f98d


Acquire a Full IG charge, but do not use it yet. I want something prepared to negate any looming "Fuck You"s from Domintus or similar.

HOWEVER: THere is likely to be a fairly great amount of risk inherent to using it here. As the IG has been demonstrated to actively dispel all forms of magic, including soul and, yes, DREAM magic.

What this implies is that, on at least some level, the Immortal Genocide has the ability to interact with the Dream itself. Here's where the danger comes in: Something that actively erases and suppresses magic is going to be quite anathema to beings of Dream that consume magic, such as DREAMEATERS. Domintus himself has a noted link to the dream as well, so a similar effect on him is quite possible. This means that using the IG is going to not only affect the Dream Eaters (Though we don't know of them yet) and Domintus in a way very much like spraying a cougar with a garden hose, but will draw their attention to us. On the other-hand, it will also put many of the big players out of the picture if it has a big enough charge.

Now, why does our IG affect the dream? Lets look at its function: the energy/life-leeching effect used to charge it is identical to the reaction witnessed from the contact of two Magic-Anulling substances: One a rune inscribed by a potent Dreamwalker (Gianna), and the other a magic annulling sword likely fashioned by the Pure Lady. The Feasting to build a charge, I suspect, is a means of paying the requirement to access the nexus of alternate realities that is the dream, as all SoulDreamers must do to access it though we do so in a diminished capacity, with an express purpose in mind (read: Restriction). Additionally, we know that the Dream is an embodiment of the Caged One, it openning gates to the numerous other realities.

Also, consider the name: When we first obtained the completed form of the IG, we instinctively knew it's name, IMMORTAL GENOCIDE, but not HOW we knew, or why. I would posit that the name was a subliminal suggestion from Lenryt, and such gives us to clue as to what it was meant for.

THe magic annullation, at least, is distinctive of Lenryt's level of power, as implied by Eisenhardt. We also know that she likes to hedge her bets, and tweak things to her favor no matter the outcome. I believe the alteration to the IG was something of that sort, in case we declined becoming her vassal.

Why she did it, and what it's true purpose are, however, beyojnd that it in some way is meant to control/manipulate the caged one, maybe even the system, to a deree.
No. 274168 ID: b1477c


If Bobobo got information that in 87% of all possibilities Wiinsho has this suit, it is very likely that in a lot of these possibilities it has been defeated sooner or later.
So, ask how it has been defeated (if there are too many answers boil it down to the most effective ones). Ask him to pinpoint the location of the pilot (so that we can railgun him with a piercing round when necessary). Ask him, how it is powered (so that we can incapacitate it if necessary)

We will use this information when we deal with him. But the priority should be Domintus, because with each death he becomes stronger and I wouldn't want him to eat Weishnos soul and his crazy soul magic powers.
No. 274174 ID: 21e57a

Phohn call Eisenhardt: “Forgive me, Eisenhardt, for killing the Pure Lady. I allowed Arkus to mark for me where I should land and he must have panicked and set me too close to her. Please, do not blame him. We’ve already had one fight over him and the less said about that the, ahem, better. And you’ll be glad to know that Arkus did make it out safely, although I’m not sure if Ulzrick will be able to say the same if we don’t keep Domintus, Aurockoth and this new army from wiping us out!”

Phohn Question Jak: “May we speak with you?”

Look down at Vonjeen and sigh. “Carkiano, I do believe that Senth has borrowed your son’s armor. Vonjeen, can you still fight, or do you need transport out of the battlefield?” And then glare as best a skull can at the Blue Devil. “SENTH! I HOPE YOU CAN PILOT THAT THING!”

Attack strategies: Four Anti-Golem shots at the major joints of Domintus. Twist, fire two shots followed by two Inferno Golems into Weinsho’s army. Watch Keddic to see if he needs help, but go at Domintus with HANDS OF HUNGER turned on.

“Abaeloth, ideas?”
No. 274175 ID: 21e57a

If we're gonna do this, change the name to Ekron rather then Pengaiea.
No. 274178 ID: 222dba

First order of business, whip up a couple inferno golems and set them to melting down any extremities Domintus sends your way.

Relay orders to the golem armor division and have them disengage from their position in suppressing the remaining enemy force and fall back into a close-order fighting line. When they're in motion, signal the air calvary to cease fire, then assume a square formation and hold position overhead so the enemy ground forces have time to regroup and form a counter-charge. When that occurs, Nidhogg and spawn will commence a creeping fireball barrage to arrest the charge and open a massive gap in the enemy battle line, providing an opportunity for the golem armor units to assume wedge formation and spear their way into the opening to take advantage of the chaos and disorientation.

Advise the Blue Knight to put his shield up and go on the defensive while he's in proximity to the three major threats and suggest that he'd do better helping to control the general battlefield situation.

Senth...who knows what the hell he's up to. Asking him such may be in order, if nothing else.

Suggest to Bang that the eye sockets in the skulls of Weinsho's armor may offer a weaker area to beat his way into.

It might not be amiss to fling a saw blade or two Aurockoth's way when he's sufficiently absorbed with Keddic that he's unlikely to notice the incoming rings until they hit him.

Send Burduko and Rutgur off to fill the storage spawn to capacity with saltwater from the nearest viable source (after putting anything else currently held in a safe spot somewhere, obviously), then return and hold position out of range from attack.

Primary focus is Domintus, since the other two high-threat units are distracted or soon to be. I recommend using focused Geomancy to try and destabilize the ground beneath it, combined with another chaos cleave aimed at the legs to hopefully knock the massive golem over and buy a few moments to formulate followup attacks. If the knockdown maneuver works, Burduko and Rutgur are to teleport overhead and empty the saltwater directly onto Domintus, followed by a sustained Ignimantic burst that should start rusting the iron colossus in place.
No. 274179 ID: 1854db

Senth. He is a massively skilled individual with a not-so-developed soul. This suggests he has been given some form of artificial enhancement. Like a Boon perhaps? He also joined us for a payment far less than he is obviously worth. This suggests he has other reasons to team up with us. He could be a servant of Lenryt, but he wouldn't be in the LoD and unopposed to us if he were- all her agents there were spread out and working against eachother so that at least ONE of them was on the winning side.

This suggests that he is working for a different entity that can give Boons. I think that he may be working with the Deep Spawn, as if he were working for another entity like Lenryt he would be more opposed to us.

Oh yeah and I may as well tell you that Severance is highly Order-based.
No. 274181 ID: f6360f

>Forgive me, Eisenhardt, for killing the Pure Lady. I allowed Arkus to mark for me where I should land and he must have panicked and set me too close to her.
Dude, don't claim that we killed the Pure Lady due to Arkus' fuckup. We killed her because we wanted to kill her, and should not claim otherwise.
No. 274182 ID: 99e816

I like Ekron. Even If we don't do it right now we should do that later.
No. 274183 ID: b1477c

Yeah, that's true.
We had FULLY intended to kill her. And I doubt that Eisenhradt was confident he would be able to put down her and Domintus. He had battled with them before, remember?

Anyway, even though we missed our chance at a Pristine by figuring out who's controlling Domintus, Mordre still doesn't know that does he?

How could we guide him to deducing this information it is not like he knows of Dreameaters....

Hmm, he does know that PL was dream user...
So he COULD ask Ulzrick what about using dream magic can be so lethal to only dream users and that outside world cannot perceive it.

When Ulzrick tells of dream-eater. Ask him if they can somehow take the victims abilities, sort of like Soul Graves do.

When he tells that, yes, they can, Mordre can deduce that Domintus is being controlled by a Dreamreaper.
Not sure what that information can do right now, but it never hurts being informed.

Maybe we can also help him figure out that those shadow mages are also Dream users somehow. I'm not sure how much does Mordre know about dream magic but if he knows about body-doublr techniques, he can deduce that information too and relay it to Ulzrick.
Then Ulzrick, working together with First and Gelricks can give us information about the DARKNESS and tell us how to use it to our advantage.
No. 274184 ID: 252e1b

I think you are all missing a very important point here. The golem armor that Senth just jacked is proof that Mordre engaged in soul magic after the ban, without a permit.

Senth is now riding around in blackmail material.
No. 274185 ID: b1477c

Ah, my shot at figuring out why Senth is not affected by Orderfire.
I might be wrong, but it's worth a try.

The key is. The key, I think, lies in Order/Chaos relation.
Senths behavior might tell us otherwise but I think that he is Order inclined... not just leaning toward order but he is completely, pure order. Tractomancy is a very fine art and cannot afford even slightest deviation, and Senth has time and time agains shown us his awesome powers at it. He could keep thousands of DoD prisoners in line by teleporting them all over the place without messing them up. Consider that Burduko, a being who's sole purpose is to teleport stuff, cannot teleport living beings without killing them, even with a second core. That should tell a lot about Senth power.

So, Senth is pure order based and Blue Devils mechanics are also order based. I think that such high level of Order/Order can't harm each other ... Or maybe Senth is much Orderly than Blue Devil.
No. 274186 ID: 21e57a

Yes, but we didn't because Arkus dropped the beacon next to the Lady. If he did it in open ground, we would not have one shotted anyone, and if he put it under Domintus we might have one shotted him. It's not -our- fault any more then it is Arkus'.
No. 274188 ID: 222dba

Oh, and a little bit of music to set the stage for this lovely conflict.
No. 274194 ID: b1477c

"Hey, Eisenhardt, I hope you don't want to switch and work for Weishno again! We still have that one-on-one duel we need to fight, remember!?
Because is you do... that would be really inconvenient right now"

No. 274195 ID: a76809
File 129583501454.jpg - (433.29KB , 788x900 , Blue Devil Awoken.jpg )

I look to the battlefield at large-and see far fewer souls than I would expect with so many dead. I note all drift steadily towards Domintus-it seems to act as a passive magnet, its method of soul absorption more advanced than my triggered feasting-which still runs risks of slaying wounded allies if used incautiously.

>Ekron embodies the concept of LIGHT. It's form revolves around ENERGY and LIGHTNING.


I look at one of my remaining Deep Spawn Cores, and picture light made flesh, shadows dispelled, no corner untouched. I see a being of energy, lightning and fire-

And I breathe life into an Inferno Golem, using its innate light, its existence akin to a blazing sun as the base for this creature. The Inferno Golem takes shape around the Deep Spawn Core-

And instead of a being of fire I get an entity of solid light, photons made flesh, that takes the front as Burduko transports every Deep Spawn save Nidhogg and Dompaggio into the fray, they and their spawn working to cut through Weinsho's armies with their regenerative stamina. And under Ekron's light, the Ragegluts can see, and move to the aid of the Deep Spawn and bang in facing the tide of Weinsho's army. All chase after Bang, already thigh-deep in bodies, laughing as he darts about, ripping bodies in twain. All of this I set in motion in that special time only those supernatural attuned to it can even act in, Vonjeen still a confused jumble on the ground, Domintus' weapon wall not able to outrace the speed of thought.

I am not done. More must be set in motion before I resume a linear approach to temporal causality.
Phohn, communicate the following, complete with inflection, to Eisenhardt, and appraise me of his emotional response: I hope you do not bear further grudge against me, for killing the Pure Lady. I allowed Arkus to mark for me where I should enter the battlefield, and he did not grasp the nature of your own grievance against her. Please, do not blame him. You’ll be glad to know that Arkus did make it out safely, although I’m not sure if Ulzrick will be able to say the same if we don’t keep Domintus, Aurockoth and this new army from wiping us out!
He says nothing, and his emotional status is in too great a state of flux to accurately assess, hostility and familiarity for both sides are warring-

I call for Ulzrick through Phohn, and ask if what happened to the Pure Lady could involve dream. My response is rather shocking in the sheer scale of information rendered back, at a speed I had not thought a mortal mind capable of-As if dozens were thinking at once, Ulzrick, through Phohn, floods me with information on Dreameaters, conclusions about the Pure Lady's passing-and the theory that the Dreameater that stalked him and claimed the Pure Lady now commands Domintus from within the Dream itself. Were it not for my inhumanely fast processing, I would have fatally paused to digest this information. As it is, I file away the wealth of new data-along with Ulzrick's note that the shadow-field that has spread has weakened the wall between the real and the Dream, though he knows not what form that weakening will take.

While I have Burduko teleport in with Rutgur to safely remove Vonjeen from the battlefield, Carkiano and his forces, not yet having noticed what Senth has done, charge to the aid of the Ragegluts and Deep Spawn alike, as the remaining Domintus soldiers in the camp start being overwhelmed by the new force even with our lessened interest in them. Weinsho's army is being met in tremendous battle, and Keddic continues to fight a titanic battle against the Reaper Made Flesh.

While Weinsho's arm begins to crackle again, and Domintus' attack draws ever nearer.

I send Burduko and Rutgur to collect as much sea water as possible before returning to the battlefield, while I watch the Blue Devil's jerky movement even out-

And its body EXPLODE in a wall of Orderfire.

Crests and ridges rise out of the previously minimalistic humanoid armor, and the mask-like head opens to reveal a skull caricature, the red-black of the Blue Devil which I now feel certain is Necronostrium now paired with aged white in the newly exposed segments. The masses of periwinkle fire coalesce and condense about the Devil's hands-

And it now holds a sword that radiates a sense of void and finality, or nightmarish death made manifest. With an experimental flick of the blade, Senth makes the Blue Devil crouch as a final touch transpires, a volumous cape sprouting from the Armor's back.

>[Senth]"I knew the sword was the trigger."

As Domintus' wall of weapons swings ever closer, The Blue Devil's sword is put into motion, a single slash granted along with a veritable tsunami of Orderfire.

Domintus' attack is destroyed, and the golem's head, right arm and upper torso are all burned to ash in an instant, the golem already regenerating-

As the Blue Devil vanishes in a blink of blue fire, reappearing above Domintus, swinging the flat of its blade down like a hammer.

The Thirty foot tall, Orderfire encased Golem Armor drives the seven hundred foot tall Soul Grave into the ground like a sledgehammer pounding a stake, before an orb of Orderfire begins to form, appearing to beat as it expands and contracts, constantly packing more mass, more flames into the same area. I notice Weinsho to have paused at this event, as has even Aurockoth, allowing Keddic to finally score a single cut on his foe who as of yet has cut him in turn several times without yet claiming a limb. It is what Weinsho says that disturbs me most, his brassy voice cutting across the riotous battlefield.

>[Senth?]"I'm going for a better bargain, deal with it."


What do I make of this new event?
Is Senth.... Jak Stryfe, the famed Golemslayer?
Now that I am not actively being targeted by anyone for the moment, in what direction should I direct my harm, and how should I attack?
Is it more important to contest with Senth/Jak over slaying Domintus, to make sure Keddic bests Aurockoth or to duel with Weinsho in his Channeler Golem Armor? [PICK ONE, AND DIRECT ALL FIREPOWER IN THAT DIRECTION, MULTITASK APPROACH DOES NOT WORK AGAINST FOES THIS VAST]
No. 274197 ID: f88f02



No. 274200 ID: 21e57a

>What do I make of this new event?
>Is Senth.... Jak Stryfe, the famed Golemslayer?

"Bwah. fha. mwah? Well...Jak Senth, erm...Senth Jak. Erm...The lad who just Golemjacked the Blue Devil that I am under the idle thought you already own...Would you mind my...Eisenhardt, please help Senthjak to kill the golem that killed your family please. My brain is currently trying to focus on something not insanely crazy."

>Now that I am not actively being targeted by anyone for the moment, in what direction should I direct my harm, and how should I attack?
>Is it more important to contest with Senth/Jak over slaying Domintus, to make sure Keddic bests Aurockoth or to duel with Weinsho in his Channeler Golem Armor?

"Keddic, roar proudly and put the name of Harksburton to honor as you slay a god. I am going to go put an end to the Murder of the State but if you need my assistance, I will not pause for a moment to lend you all of my strength."

No. 274201 ID: 21e57a

We will not talk down the Murder of the State. We may take him alive for execution, but for nothing else but.
No. 274202 ID: 1854db

Send a message to Senth via Phohn informing him that if he ruptures the Soul Grave's furnace it will EXPLODE and kill everyone anywhere near it. Tell him exactly where it is and to surgically remove the thing so that we can capture it in crystal.

If Phohn can't get through, YELL AT HIM GODDAMN IT! I don't care if we don't kill Domintus ourselves, so long as we live through this and get an intact furnace out of it.

As for who we are killing...? WEINSHO.
No. 274204 ID: d3dfb8

Via Phohn, instruct Murhyihal to go aid Keddic.
Then inform Jak that if he pierces the soul furnace it's likely to explode and flatten the entire State. We may be able to get him the information on where to cut without exploding, and we can essentially freeze it for later destruction. Have him Phohn us when he's got the furnace cut out. We get the State, he gets the fame of having killed a 'God' Soul Grave.

Now, in order to figure out Domintus's soul matrixes we teleport behind him, lay our hand on him, timesteal and invade his body with our senses. Compare them to your own, and keep an eye out for anything you might want to incorporate into your own design later.

Once that is finished we head off to take down Weinsho. Then we proceed to blast his ass so hard.
No. 274205 ID: b1477c


But not outright killing him. That wont do as it will destroy everything. EVERYTHING

We need to conclude our furnace-stealing plan.

Cooridinate with Senth. Tell him not to destroy Domintus and tell him about what will happen if he does.
Tell him to keep hem busy, while we deal with him.

Damn, I hope he listens.
No. 274210 ID: d17c72


offer the man a pay raise.

Take out Domintus.
I want to save Keddic, but If we take out Auro this fight will become even more difficult.
No. 274211 ID: 222dba

Plan unchanged, focus on Domintus.

Phohn Jak up and advise him to NOT breach Domintus' soul furnace, or there's going to be a geographical-scale explosion in his immediate vicinity. Mention that you'll be moving in to assist and will be happy to nullify the furnace if he can extract it for you. Offer to negotiate for it if need be, but that thing canNOT be allowed to be breached or stolen. Also mention that you and he REALLY need to talk later.

Recommend to Bang that he switch from harassing Weinsho to helping Keddic if you have a spare moment.

Positioning, positioning, positioning. Shift yourself so that Domintus is between yourself and Weinsho to give yourself some cover from further direct-fire attacks from the Channeler. Next, you'll want to charge up the IG and invert it to boost your magic output, then combine that amplification with Ignimancy and disrupt Domintus with the biggest jolt you're capable of while you close into contact range and leech some speed and magic with Chronal Banditry and Feasting Vestments. Hopefully Jak will be amenable to the furnace-extraction proposal, and if so that should give you an opening to help that removal process along and then order-crystallize the thing so it's out of the picture.
No. 274213 ID: bdd665

I vote for Domintus as it is a ticking bomb so to speak and we may be able to work out a few things about Jak.

Also my guess is that he was Weinsho's ally much like Esinheart and was intended to act as a sleeper agent and possibly destroy "Mordre's" golem at a critical moment.

As to what he is refering to as the better bargin I am uncertain, while there is a very small chance that us "fixing" the armour may have swayed him to our side(I know, far too optimistic) theres also the far greater chance that he is working for another entity such as lenyrt or the caged one
No. 274243 ID: b1477c

Bang on your chest twice

"Hey, Mordecai, that asshole stole your shit again. What do you think of that ... haha"
No. 274244 ID: a76809
File 129584439484.jpg - (238.86KB , 800x1131 , Jak Stryfe The Golemslayer.jpg )

....This changes nothing in the grand scheme of things. Domintus is still the one that must fall first, to prevent the deaths of others from empowering him further, to deny the Dreameater something to manipulate in the mortal realm, and to insure that in death it's Soul Furnace is not ruptured-I have scanned it quite exhaustively, and while many of my readings seem impossible, I have concretely defined the Soul Furnace to exceed a collected amount... of seven million souls. Were that Soul Furnace ruptured.... the explosion would be sufficient to permanently alter geography. Everything here, friend and foe alike, even the entire capital-all of it would be destroyed from breaching a furnace so empowered as this. ...In reflection, Mordecai's presence prevented Goran's breaching of my own Furnace from becoming explosive. From Ulzrick's descriptions, I doubt the Dreameater will or even can do something similar. So, Senth turning out to be the most famous of this generation's golem slayers, Jak Stryfe, changes nothing for the next few seconds.

Phohn, please convey the following to Eisenhardt verbatim: Well, it seems that I did not know Senth as well as I thought. I don't suppose you'd wish to aid him in slaying Domintus? I hope you don't mind an accomplice in the act-as I don't think he's listening anymore. A well-played move, the sleeper agent trick, by the by.
While detecting irritation, chagrin and amusement, resignation and focus mixed in a manner I cannot identify as background to his response, I report Eisenhardt's response to Administrator Mordre's words as follows: Fine, but once we're done, I won't stand around if you're battling my ally Weinsho
....Those were exactly his thoughts?
Exactly as he formed them
Hm... it almost seems to allow for me slaying Weinsho before he is done as being acceptable... or perhaps I am reading too much in, and besides, I wonder at how a Soul Mage's soul would fare exposed, with two Soul Graves in the mix with all that knowledge. All of this is ultimately conveyed, decided and dissected in an instant before I move on to my next communications target, even as I see Eisenhardt's body blurring into motion as his crystal-studded munitions is lifted up-and I likewise get to witness the magnetic fields about his body start building into densely coiled loops, becoming so concentrated they start folding in onto themselves, pushing beyond the boundaries of three-dimensional existence. Blood Iron swirls about him as he shapes the material he always carries on hand towards some purpose, eyes locked on Domintus even as it rises with an immediate counter to Sen-Jak's attack with the Blue Devil.

My next target for communication.
Phohn, inform the one previously known as Senth, currently identified as Jak that if he breaches the Soul Grave's Soul Furnace, it will explode with enough force to destroy the state capital and every soldier in between.
Administrator Mordre, the words have been conveyed an-
>[Jak]"Okay, you got my attention mister goody two shoes. So where is this part that I cannot break lest the State dudies die and I get saddled with a whole bunch of blame?"
...Can you hear this?
.....Excellent, the Shade of Souls is functioning.
It comprises the central fifth of the torso mass in most cases-though since it began at sixty five feet tall-
>[Jak]"See, that's one of those things that you don't want to suggest unless you're sure dude-good for you The Pride of Mosmordre has sensory receptors out the ass. With your description, I got something that matches, oh indeed I do."
With the regeneration-
>[Jak]"Yeah that should be a bitch-can it even be put down without breaking that? Kinda sounds like I might have to blow it up anyway."
I have a plan that may allow it to be safely put down. If the core WAS excised and the rest of the body removed from the immediate surroundings of the Soul Furnace before regeneration could kick in, one of my minions-
>[Jak]"One of your Deep Spawn-"
Dump salt water on the iron core, which will then be intensely electrified to promote rust and slow its regeneration while I invert Soulfire into a Crystal cage to contain the core.
>[Jak]"And Eisenhardt here looks to be coming to my aid, going by where his eyes are glued-ALL RIGHT, NO EXPLOSIONS."

The massive blue sphere of superdense Orderfire, now so compacted as to resemble a Sun floating over the battlefield begins to unravel as Jak in the Blue Devil-the Pride of Mosmordre-regrips his sword.

Not yet. I can't let even a tenth of a second pass without finishing.

I lastly call for Burduko to bring Murhyihal to Keddic's aid, to gift him with spawn to promote free regeneration and boosting from Murhyihal to up his performance. My last bit of battlefield aid dispatched, all allied forces disposed in a manner I find optimal given the circumstances, I reflexively call for Burduko at my side again. As he appears I note Weinsho's suit to once more be crackling-but with my intuitive, potentially paranoid forewarning, I have ample time to again teleport out of his electrical cage attack-which I have now concretely defined as discharging some one hundred seventy to eighty million volts into a single location. This time I am teleported into the air once more, and as Burduko flickers away to resume hounding Weinsho's forces, I reactivate my thrusters, turn Will towards my Blood Iron and pair Nimble Nitro's pervasive augment to speed, agility and mobility in all its forms with a potent casting of Blood Kinetomancy.

The third discharge I dodge on my own power, undergoing more than a hundred gravities of acceleration multiple times in my constant flight vector manipulation, the sound barrier constantly being broken as I fluctuate in and out of supersonic speed, thirty tons of heavy armor looking for an opening. While I continue to evade Weinsho's flurry of Storm Orbs, I contact Phohn, asking for Bobobo to compile most probable locations for the pilot, most common armaments and defensive measures, location and format of engine-everything he feels would likely apply to the one in OUR setting. I continue to be reminded of how useful Bobobo is based on his informative response.

>--The pilot's seat is always along the spine, though its position, from top to bottom, varies. There is almost no distinction between the top two most likely places, that being directly in the head, or in the upper chest, above where a heart would be for a human of such scale.
>--The Channeler suit draws power from multiple different sources, the number and combination of sources varying based on setting. The following are, in order, the most commonly found power sources, with the average number of sources being three:
>>--Soul Magic actively and constantly woven by the pilot.
>>--The blood and souls of sacrifices, live and in mass numbers upon activation.
>>--Stored battery energy comprised of World-Will Hybrid.
>>--Belief, as channeled through massive amounts of inbuilt precious metals and gems, several of which had individual Belief attached to them.
>>--The explosive reaction of Chaos and Order in a magic fission chamber.
>>--Word Magic maintained during function by a collective of mages.
>>--Umbilical support directly from a leyline or leyline geyser.
>--The Channeler engine is always where the heart would be, without exception, and built into a chest exhaust that doubles as a chest-cannon/flamethrower.
>--The Channeler suit is inlaid with varying specific forms, but always has runes of Will, Blood and Soul, complete with comprehensive Belief amplification and liberal use of imbued metals for amplification, and as such is proof nearly every form of magic, save sustained, potent workings of Soul. Belief magic and Dream magic can also likewise pierce its protection in all evidenced scenarios.
>-Beyond the Storm Orb Caster (SOC) and Torso Mounted Exhaust Cannon (TMEC), the Channeler armor is armed with Soul Puppetry defense mechanisms in 61% of settings that allows it to instantly take over any crafted soul puppets or soldiers directed against it.
>-No commonalities can be derived on tertiary weapon additions by Weinsho beyond that he usually includes between one and three on the Channeler suit. No conclusions can be drawn about likely formats for these tertiary systems based on lack of data consistency.

In darting, rocketing and dodging about Weinsho's sustained attacks, avoiding a score attempts to freeze me in a second, I think I find an opening to aim at either head, chest or elsewhere without getting caught, and I wonder-

What kind of attack should I use, given it would take time to move my runed rings into place to amplify cannon fire to relativistic speeds-and my cannon's barrel is still quite distorted from the prior barrage?
Should I use the Amaranthine Annihilator now, or at some other time?
Since Weinsho seems to have a weapon system that can attack far faster than most guided by mortal minds, I only have time enough to take my eyes off him to stay appraised of but ONE other struggle on this field: Do I want to keep track of Keddic/Murhyihal v Aurockoth, Jak/Eisenhardt v Domintus, or Metal Skulls/Blue Knight v Weinsho forces? [PICK ONE]
No. 274246 ID: f88f02

Weinsho, for now. You need to focus on dodging his attacks, and taking apart the armor if you can.

Avoid outright murder for the moment. Just disarm him if you can.
No. 274247 ID: 252e1b

It has to be the Domintus fight, we're the only ones ready to contain that core.
No. 274250 ID: 0a7c41

Hit him with the AA, then with 5 Railgun Cannon rounds, right to the chest.

Also, keep your eyes on the Domintus battle, we need to be ready.
No. 274254 ID: 21e57a

>Should I use the Amaranthine Annihilator now, or at some other time?

Yes. Use it now. Lance up and down that spine, tearing it in half. "THIS IS FOR BERLUUT, WEINSHO! FOR EVERYONE YOU SLAUGHTERED! MY BLOOD RED EYES WATCH YOU, AND JUDGE YOU HARSHLY, ALBERT WEINSHO!” Draw forth our burning blade and swing the Edge of Oblivion into the frozen spine. “A BLOW FOR EVERY LIFE YOU TOOK, ALBERT WEINSHO! I WILL TEAR THIS MOCKERY OF MAGITECH AROUND YOUR HEAD!”

>Since Weinsho seems to have a weapon system that can attack far faster than most guided by mortal minds, I only have time enough to take my eyes off him to stay appraised of but ONE other struggle on this field: Do I want to keep track of Keddic/Murhyihal v Aurockoth, Jak/Eisenhardt v Domintus, or Metal Skulls/Blue Knight v Weinsho forces? [PICK ONE]

If we have to pick one, Domintus so we know when Eisenhardt gets finished and so he and Jak don’t screw up. If we can, watching Keddic is also important because he is fighting the Living Blade and will reclaim his family honor.
No. 274257 ID: d17c72

Dammit, I feel like if we take our eyes off Keddic he will die.

I can't accept that.
Have Phohn notify us as soon as the trap for Dom is prepared; Until then, watch Keddic.

Float out those saw rings and a few AG rounds.
Have them from a circle and constantly accel the rounds until top speed is achieved. Then release them in the enemies direction.

Another option is to have the rings float between you and Wenshio, aimed at deflecting his electric charges before they get to you, or rerouting them at Dom.

Whip out your Anti-Magic hammer and prepare for fun times.
No. 274258 ID: d3dfb8

Call Burduko to teleport you around wildly for a few seconds. Use this time to cycle out the metal from the cannon to near the IG. Activate the IG so it feasts on the heat, as well as the internal runes that feed heat from the rest of your body.

Tilt Ozmand's soul FULL ORDER. As in SO GODDAMN ORDER IT WOULD FREEZE YOUR BARREL IF YOU DIDNT RAILGUN. Line up 3 rings before rapid firing the AG cannon, first the head then the shoulders then the butt, then everywhere you didnt shoot. If you lose track of it after 3 rings then the suit (which has shown itself to be slightly slower processing than you via the targeting system on the SOC) should not be able to track it. With the crazy speeds and drill tip it should easily pierce the relatively weak belief based metals, and with Ozmand's soul being full order it should take on anti-magic properties allowing it to cleave through his magical defenses.

Oh, and tell Burduko to teleport the soul grave core to the Mordreden mines the instant it is crystalized. Inform the Drazken Shamans and Lorgk that we're transporting it there and they should do all in their power to safeguard it from ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES other than themselves. Especially tractomancy and dream(enlist Jojo's help). We don't want Jak being a humongous dick again.

Fucking little prick.
No. 274260 ID: 1854db

We have to keep track of Domintus in order to ensure the core extraction works. I'm pretty much positive that Keddic will win vs Aurockoth at this point. He's got a blood sample and some support Spawn on him.

As for the Blue Knight and assorted forces I think they'll do alright too. Our Spawn will serve as meatshields.

We should attack with the CCC. It's tempting to use the Jade Soul moves against him but if he survives he will inform everyone that we were using Soul Magic and we'll be up shit creek. Only use it if you are certain it will result in his death. I believe at this point that the AA will have no effect against his defenses because it is not Soul or Dream. We will have to damage his defenses with other attacks first.

Ohhh, we could just throw Soulfire at him like we've done before... It wouldn't be a construct so he wouldn't be able to steal it.
No. 274261 ID: 222dba

Keep an eye on Domintus. THAT is something that cannot be screwed up no matter what.

Now if you want to find the pilot seat, you need to attack the Channeler numerous times along the spine, mixing in some frontal strikes so Weinsho doesn't know you're onto him. Use your runed blades to rapidly ping over the armor and wedge a few beneath the heels to lift upward if you can bring enough force to bear that it will topple the Channeler. Listen for the sound of the impact along the Channeler's spine; a change in pitch will signify a hollow cavity that is likely the pilot housing.

Save the AA for now, right now you need to probe the defenses, and the engine is an unknown element that may react poorly if it's effected by the attack, especially if it's an order/chaos plant.

Lastly, to aid your cannon's repair, manually shove a round down the barrel with magnetomancy instead of firing it. It won't fix it entirely but it will speed the realignment by helping to straighten the barrel back out, and with no overpressure behind the round there's no risk of explosion.
No. 274263 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, we should probably tell Eisenhardt about the whole soul furnace exploding thing.
No. 274266 ID: b1477c

When using AA don't forget to jack it up with pyromancy for extra firepower!

Also, use Chaos Cleave to ... bisect his head or something.. I dunno.
No. 274269 ID: f88f02

No. 274274 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, and because we don't know precisely what going full order will do; if the AG round doesnt get anti-magic properties, the hammer afterblow might. Be prepared to shoot twice in some places if necessary.
No. 274289 ID: 222dba

Proposing cannon modifications.

Firstly, expansion of the revolver cylinder will be required to say, half again the current size, meanwhile reducing the diameter of the chambers themselves. This will make the ammunition smaller, but also increase space in the cylinder to add extra chambers for greater overall capacity. Reduction in chamber size to 0.75x scale should be sufficent to add an extra round or two.

A second barrel aligned with the bottom chamber of the revolver cylinder is to be added, with a slightly-thicker housing along the ventral side to both give slightly more mass to compensate for recoil and to accomodate a siege fist-shaped slot to allow for inverter use, enabling one barrel to be order-oriented and the other configured for chaos.

Between the primary barrels, a secondary central one enlarged to fill the gap can be fitted, single-fire along the lines of the original anti-golem cannon and coring through the revolving cylinder to both make itself the axis on which it rotates and to accomodate quick reloading.

Along this triple-bore stack, from the base of the cylinder to about three quarters down the length of the barrels, add a centimeter-thick solid metal housing to further compensate for recoil through negligable added weight and also provide greater surface area for heat diffusion and insurance against barrel warping from said heat output in the event of sustained firing.

Proposal complete.
No. 274290 ID: a76809

[Will require two Pristine Souls to work. Confirm?]
No. 274291 ID: 903f16

No. 274292 ID: d3dfb8

No. 274293 ID: 0a7c41

No. 274295 ID: 21e57a

Fourthed, plus pristines.
No. 274302 ID: da7075

doing pristine mods will immideately repair the cannon.... so we coulduse it in this round
No. 274303 ID: d4f98d
File 12958592941.jpg - (62.10KB , 873x417 , newAGSketch.jpg )

Shoulder mounted AG with twin main barrels.
No. 274305 ID: d3dfb8

Damn dude, the more I look at it the more I like it.
You are an incredible artist.
No. 274306 ID: a579c1

Since there is some concern about Keddic's duel against Aurockoth, have Akeakam and all of his spawn simultaneously enhance Keddic. 

>...tell Burduko to teleport the soul grave core to the Mordreden mines...
Also have Burduko and Rutgur teleport the Pure Lady's living corpse to a secure area (not the same place as the Soul Furnace).
No. 274309 ID: ba93fd

>Since there is some concern about Keddic's duel against Aurockoth, have Akeakam and all of his spawn simultaneously enhance Keddic.

No. 274319 ID: d4f98d


Have the Pure Lady's corpse delivered to the ruins of Mosmordre, stored within the teleportation box. Heal it and preserve it.
No. 274344 ID: a76809

I take a moment to order Akeakam to Keddic's side as well, so that both enhancing Deep Spawn are at his disposal during his bout with Aurockoth. I can only hope it will be enough. During this, I order Burduko to transport the Pure Lady's still-living shell of a body to the Arcanoworks, to be storyed within the metal transport chamber, a task he sets to as he brings in Akeakam. Plans within plans...

I call Burduko back to my side, wildly being teleported about Weinsho's form as I do what I can to strike out with the Edge of Oblivion Inverted in my grasp for a barrage of wild, acidic attacks during a trio of shifts to throw off his tracking-and buy me time to finally act, as even the Deep Spawn possessed blade is not marring his form. I set the metal of my barrel to cycle out, and disperse it amongst the rest of my body to aid in the cooling process-even as I reach to Ozmand's soul-

And take a leap of faith.

I tilt his soul to full-blown Order, as I feel his acceptance of my change.


The Blood Iron flows in my teleportation-and the barrel is returned to a normal color, my whole body rising in temperature by several hundred degrees, but the heat safely displaced, cannon restored for use. I let the tiring Burduko go back to his fight as, behind Weinsho, I make my move.


With an ample charge built, I find time to sweep my brilliant gaze that turns the dusky night battle into a fierce scarlet relief up and down the Channeler suit's spine, I see metal cooling, heat being pushed aside-and collected, focused by my efforts into a Pyromantic beam immediately on the tail of the heat-displacing cold-laser.


As metal warps and screeches as it finds itself unable to ignore the rapid thermal changes, I listen closely-and hear warping that suggests hollow metal, two thirds of the way down the spin, just above the mid-line of the stomach.

Weinsho, I have found you.



I take decisive action, presuming that if Weinsho entered the battlefield, he had been observing it, and knows my displayed capacities-so if I wish to catch him off guard, I shall have to evolve on the spot. I reach out to the two remaining Pristine Souls swimming in my furnace, and bind one to my service-I begin visualizing a comprehensive overhaul to my cannon, an underslung barrel fed by the lowest cartridge in the revolver to allow for three paired shots per six-shot revolver. I go further, imagining a central barrel built into the axle the cylinder revolver about, plans of individual preparation, potent canister shot coming to mind. As the second barrel and intervening core barrel take precise shape in my mind as a stacked tri-bore piece of artillery, I make the barrels thicker, encase them in a metal housing for more heat diffusion, and to provide interior room for future installations and augments. I plot it all out meticulously-as I plot a hand-indent for cupping the underslung barrel and Inverting Ozmand's imbued Order. As I calculate out the last dimensions, thankful I can call a storm of discarded metal from the ground for rapid consumption as Weinsho's suit begins to turn, I cast out with the power of Pristine Souls, calling my imagination into reality. Metal shifts and moves, matter springing into being as that soul settles into the new medal, the now even larger cannon a far better complement to my Overarmor than the prior design, even with the central barrel lacking ammunition. As metal flows into final configurations-



I take aim with my new and improved cannon, lining it up with Weinsho's presumed cockpit location even as his suit's spire-arm once more glows-

With only a single ring in place yet to act as accelerant and Weinsho beginning to move FASTER in response to the teleportation, I strike before he could possibly have a chance to analyze what I've made-what I plan. I fire, no Relativity to my bombardment and only a fraction of rail-fire to its name. The top shell, cradled in Ozmand's Order, carries a sense of unraveling and the void with it-antimagic properties, if I read that right. The lower shell's pyromantic propulsion is burning much more fiercely, and even without wind resistance the electrical charge from firing seems to still be Chaotically building in the lower shot. These are all the mid-air indications I see of Ozmand's influence in both their forms.

The moment the shells impact, the Chaos and Order mix-

Midair-one hundred feet away, I feel layers of my front armor scorched off, semi-melted in an instant as my gold skull weeps, constantly regnerating as Zagrath does what he can to shelter his home. I lack sensory date for a brief span before I regain the sensation of movement, and lacking sight or balance equation operation I start plying the thrusters in the hopes of stabilizing myself. As the rest of my systems come back online I look about and-


See myself over a glassed crater, in which Weinsho's channeler suit's legs and upper torso can still be found, the majority of the torso simply GONE, scorched outlines of robed figures incinerated in the blast speak of apprentices slain by the thousands in that vicious blast. And in all of it, I sense not a single soul, all of it scoured away by the violent reaction. I cast off the now slagged Over Armor, my weight halving as steam trails from the oh-so-slightly glowing twin barrels of my new cannon. I wonder what I could call this new weapon, with Chaos/Order interplay manipulation now figured into its function. It is at this point that Jak, who had been hanging back for a few seconds as Eisenhardt re-engaged Domintus, speaks to me as nodules of Orderfire bloom on the Pride of Mosmordre.

>[Jak]"Okay, I think I figured it out-I'm gonna remove as much matter from around the Furnace as I can while guaranteeing I don't breach it, you ready to move with the saltwater//lightning/rust/crystal/sealing thing?"

What should I say or do?
What shall I call my newly altered cannon? [Alliterative title please, R preferable, anything acceptable.]
Exactly how should I provide my end of the sealing to minimize the chances Jak claims Domintus' core in the process?
Once Domintus is sealed.... what do we do next?
What to do about Jak, or once the Domintus and Weinsho forces are purged or made to surrender, what should I do next given my goal of claiming power in the state?
No. 274345 ID: 21e57a

I'm gonna suggest not this. At least not Mordreden mines, a place that if the core goes nova we would anger two of our most valuable allies. Somewhere else is a better, if we can manage it. Might even be a time to craft a Construction Deep Spawn.
No. 274346 ID: 21e57a

>What shall I call my newly altered cannon?

No. 274351 ID: dae664

>Once Domintus is sealed.... what do we do next?

Well First, lets assess what the Domitus core contains:
1:Upwards of 7Mega souls.
2:Either [2a A Dreameater] Or [2b A God]
3: A very large explosion if handled improperly.

I can think of only two beings that could tackle that thing, and only one who would trade for it.
Yes trade. 7Mega souls is far too much [I feel that it would raise our power level Far above what is practical, and besides, the only way to spend such things is through soul magic.], and likewise The dreameater Seems like a bit too much too chew. And this being Also seems like the best way to keep Jak away from The Domintus Core

So I vote we use Phohn to call Lenryt, get her to hold on to it for us so we can trade it to her for 10 or 15 very pretty heroic souls, Plus a small fraction of those souls.
No. 274356 ID: 21e57a

>What should I say or do?

“Weinsho? Weinsho?” Float down, looking over the body of the Channeler. Check for any soul magic being used. “Albert? To be this easy, I would have judge you to have at least three back up plans.” Look over the body, quiet in the war around us. “Do you know, Albert, I had never met you? Never once have I seen your face. I doubt your body even survived, so I could not, even now. I wonder,” Pause, sighing, “I wonder if the damnation you inflicted on the state and these people was worth the vision you had. I wonder if I will have to deal with it.” Pause, looking around the war. “Heh. You sent me each of my strongest allies, Albert. I thank you.” Burduko, move the remains to Mordreden.

“Ah,” Sigh, and give a shake your head. “Forgive me Senth. I’m coming. So, ah hm. Senth…Jak…which would you prefer?” And start running and magntomancy ourselves upward and activate our jets to fly there.

>Exactly how should I provide my end of the sealing to minimize the chances Jak claims Domintus' core in the process?

Well, we should get in there and do the order-fire-crystal in person. And warning him that it if he stole it, it could still detonate and remove most of his gear, or so much geography. But mostly just do it in person.

>Once Domintus is sealed.... what do we do next?

We make sure Keddic is doing well and we watch Bang having FUN while soul eating like popcorn. Once that is done, and before Bang ends the army, demand their surrender. Arrests – we’re gonna go into the state, and it’s easier to do so if we don’t slaughter the army outside the door, I think – and all those broken dream mages we should direct to Jojo and Ulzrick. Train them enough to start learning properly and maybe help them out. Then we round up any remaining state troops outside the Capital and march onto the Capital.

>What to do about Jak, or once the Domintus and Weinsho forces are purged or made to surrender, what should I do next given my goal of claiming power in the state?

About Jak? Well, finding out his name and mediate between Carkiano & Vonjeen and Jaksenth about who can use the Blue Devil. And thank him for helping us.

About the state? Marching in. To ‘Deliver Prisoners and Soldiers of the State’. And someone else who knows how to do a good ‘Caesar’ impersonation can add here for some more political savy.
No. 274362 ID: 21e57a

I almost want to second this. All those souls may be useful, but if we can't use them, offering them to Lenryt might be the next best idea. I'd ask for more then just ten to fifteen souls, however. All the heroic and up and mage souls that died in this battle, and the passive soul-eating ability that we can switch on and off would be a better offer for over seven million souls and a god.

But it is a heart, and if we can paint it red, wrap it in a bow and it’s only 21 days till Valentines! Perfect present right there.
No. 274372 ID: 21e57a

Oh yes, another note. Talk to Ozmand and ask him what he thinks of suddenly becoming an Order Soul.
No. 274373 ID: bdd665

Theres also the Deep spawn, not sure what they would use the souls for but I suspect that they would pay extremly well
No. 274376 ID: 222dba

Proceed with the rust/crystal encasement plan, only have Burduko teleport Rutgur in to within easy reach of the furnace with the nominal excuse of that being to ensure the best saltwater coverage. Bring Ekron in to assist with the lightning barrage, and once the rusting is complete, have Ek flare blindingly while blasting the furnace with one last bolt as a 'finishing touch', with the intention of the flare being to create a momentary loss of vision to observers while you use Chronal Banditry to speed the crystallizing process and deposing the nullified furnance into Rutgur, then let Burduko teleport the storage spawn into the same orbital location you were in prior to your grand entrance and have them both hold position there until called for. You can figure out what to do with the core once it's stowed safely away out of reach of pretty much everyone.
No. 274382 ID: cab1e7

For the weapon name make it simple in an ironic contrast to the weapon's complex workings: Ruin Revolver

Scan the remains of The Channeler again for tricks.

For the sealing get Eisenhardt to form a geomantic bowl under Domintus for the core to go into and crash into the core with the disjointing rune active using jet thrusters along with the salt water, electrifying it all and sending it into the bowl while Eisenhardt and Mordre use sheer magnetic pressure to shold back the regeneration. Then blow an order crystal bubble all over it and seal it again with stone and metal so you have a massive Katamari so you can roll it to where you want it.

With regards to the state - Order the Deep Spawn to draw the State forces back as you proclaim your victory from the skies, raining death on those who oppose you. Then hover over the capital and announce that Domintus is sealed, but the State is still in grave peril. You (Mordre) has fought for it, but the world is starting to move. An organic world-eating soul grave haunts the north, The Western islands are becoming a new power with unlimited potential, the southern lands brim over with crime and martial might that makes the Domintus army look like a box of kittens.

A new era is coming and Mordre will show the way. The people of the Arcanoworks have been granted prosperity. Magic and technology alike can become something for everyone rather than just the rich and privileged. Heroes will rise and battle for justice so that innocents don't need to suffer!
No. 274384 ID: 259738

everyone except Broggamek
No. 274395 ID: d3dfb8

The R5 shot.
No. 274408 ID: cab1e7

Also ASAP on the schedule should be sending some scouts to Weinsho's known bases to see if he's survived somehow and if not then we can claim his holdings.
No. 274409 ID: 21e57a

I actually really like this name.

The ‘raining death on those who oppose you’ who could be state soldiers and pointing our guns at Lubu and Dr. Toledo Gialgorra I don’t like. Just marching in to take over, or something similar I’d rather like. We really need to actually pound out what we're gonna do, ruler-wise.
No. 274412 ID: 153de0

I think our plan is:
- to train a competent army
- push the Domintus back to the old border (or further?)
- fortify the rest of the state to the best we are able.
- eliminate people who will not go along with our take over.
No. 274423 ID: bdd665

Remember Dulu's vanishing soul trick after we killed him? He almost certainly has something like that set up, probably a better version as well.
No. 274425 ID: df196b

I suspect Weinsho might have devised a remote golem control system for his own golem suit after hearing about Mordres alleged remote control. He may be alive. Send scouts to his bases to check them out!
No. 274441 ID: 252e1b


No, we've seen this before where a massive Chaos-Order interaction just outright destroys souls. It happened when the Blue Knight and Mordre cooperated in their last fight against the DoD.
No. 274442 ID: 259738

but Weinsho has also pulled soul vanishing crap before, so we can't be sure he is dead. We have to be cautious about it, at least.
No. 274444 ID: 252e1b

Well then, if we send scouts it should be in the form of reconnaissance in force. A collection of capable captains and hand-picked militia who can deal with magic, at least one magic expert per group, and ourselves on the largest outpost. Otherwise we risk throwing our people away, as we don't have anyone specialized in infiltration on our payroll at the moment.
No. 274450 ID: d4f98d

True, but even that supposedly took time. Given the speed of that detonation, I don't give him good chances of surviving. Nevertheless:

I don't trust Jak to possess something as potentially dangerous as Domintus' volatile Soul Forge. Have Rutgur on standby with Burduko for one last teleportation routine. I want him and Rutgur to act the instant the soul-forge is encased, Burduko using his speed and Rutgur using his dimensional folding to encompass the forge-crystal. There's no safer place in the event that it does eventually go off.

Additionally, I consider it a failsafe, so to speak. Regarding our dear friend, TIMMY.
No. 274452 ID: 21e57a

I mean to get into power. Caesar had the benifit of already having a political base within Rome. However we have none.

I agree with this. Be on guard!
No. 274460 ID: 153de0

Oh... In that case... I'm not sure. Maybe contact that Mage that we helped take the rebel outpost, I forget his name ( the bald one)? Try to use him as an in to the State politics scene?

Thats the best I can come up with.
No. 274464 ID: d7ffc9

Throwing my vote in AGAINST trading the souls to Lenryt. We still aren't entirely certain of it's motives, we shouldn't eve think of giving it that much more power.

We should take all those souls for ourselves or hang onto the soul furnace until we can.
No. 274473 ID: bdd665

you have my support, have it teleported into orbit or something and then ask lenyrt, the deepspawn and anyone else we can think of for a price. Also ask kyorto for sugestions.

all this after the battle of course
No. 274488 ID: a6fad5

Considering Hero Souls are stored in body parts, perhaps we should also have Rutgur store the rest of Domintus' body as well, in addition to the Soul Furnace, so as to hopefully gain the Hero Souls Domintus has?

I am against the trading the souls to Lenyrt, not until we exhausted all the other options; if she actually wanted the souls, she probably could just take them and we would never know the difference (well, unless she told us).

As for what to do next, well, perhaps we should look into/observe Keddic's fight with Aurockoth?

Yeah, Kyorto is a Soul mage, so she should have some experience manipulating souls; she also has experience working with Soul Graves, considering she helped make Mordre.

Quinton, who does not like us, if I recall correctly.

Well, Ulzrick is pretty much our infiltration expert at the Arcanoworks.
No. 274494 ID: f6360f

We could trade them to the Deep Spawn. While we don't know their motives straight-up, we do know that they are basically interested in maintaining the status quo of the planet, do we not? And with that many souls on the table they would almost certainly be willing to teach us tons of their magic and answer all the questions we can come up with.
No. 274511 ID: 47a97f

I think there some things that need to be cleared concerning Jak which were revealed in IRC:

-Jak has been contemplating killing ever since we had hired him
-He took 300,000 Marks from Arcaneworks treasury as "hazard pay" (ie. he stole directly from us, and not a small sum)
-He stole a Small Tomb on the battlefield which we were going to loot.
-He STOLE (ie, did not borrow) the Blue Devil and has been thinking of stealing for a long time. He has absolutely no intentions of giving it back or sharing its use with Vomjeen!

Also, he is low-tier hero, akin to Keddic when we first met him. His powers come purely from his magical trinkets. His tractomancy powers (or Dream Tractomancy) come from his sword (The late Mosmordren Emperors sword) which he used to activate the Blue Devil. He also has another sword, which has a Core Being inside of it (its powers are unknown).

I would suggest in trying to one-shot him here and now, as Bob said that during this battle we have a chance to catch him off-guard (when he actively expects someone to fight him, he's fukking hard to kill).
I would suggest using our Anti-Magic burst which is cosmic-level tier in terms of powerlevel and I'm sure it will overwhelm any defences he might conjure up.
The attack should be completely sudden, we should start charging up the IG (has Jak/Senth sever observed us using it?) to some high levels and pretend we are going for the punch or something similar on Domintus, near Jak and discharge it (though being careful not making the field big enough to affect the Doms soul furnace) and catching him in it.
We could also just Order/Chaos 10-blade railgun shoot him, but that will destroy much of the spoils.

Or maybe someone can come up with even better plan.

If the players suppport dealing with Jak you can use the fan-arts stored in Disc thread
There are like 5 of them (including Mordres rockstar power-slide, which was also made by me)

If you don't want to support.... well, I dunno. Guess you like being doormats or something.
But please, keep in mind that we had used a pristine soul on the Blue Devil! A pristine soul wich we are NOT going to get back!
No. 274516 ID: d4f98d

How the fuck does he have a sword with a core being in it? A small Fraction of a Core Being has even odds against Lubu, last I heard, and he's near top-spectrum for mortals. What the fuck did a child stumble on that manages that, an Outer God about a thousand times less frugal then Lenryt?
No. 274522 ID: f6360f

I will throw my full support behind a sudden attack on Jak, hopefully catching him off guard and allowing us to kill him, eat his soul, and take all the shit that he's stolen from us. Really, I know it's easy to laugh at roguish people but he is a total jackass.
No. 274529 ID: 259738

Kill him. If he were an actual Tractomancer I would say spare him, but since it is apparently just some thing he has, kill him.
No. 274530 ID: d4f98d

I dunno about killing him. Doing so in public could easily Jeopardize everything we're working for right now.

Perhaps a bounty is in order? We have a large amount of sway and property at the moment. A bounty to have him brought in, Alive preferably.
No. 274531 ID: d4f98d

I suppose thats a "no" for killing him on my part.
No. 274534 ID: 5b95eb

Fire at Senth with your cannon.
No. 274537 ID: 21e57a

Shit what, no lets not kill him.
No. 274538 ID: a6fad5

...So, like, using IG (which, given the all-consuming nature, should at least ablate the damage from the Orderfire) to dispel any personal magical enhancement (though anything obtained from magical item use isn't affected, I believe), after Burduko!teleporting behind (or some other area where it is hard for the suit to react to) him, and then Spectral Gorging Anima? Though I won't be surprised if there were some runes upon the suit that blocks the Anima; the only runes that do block the Anima are large scale, however, and the armor probably isn't big enough for the runes to be inscribed.

Alternatively, if that doesn't/can't work, then perchance Burduko could teleport Jak, and therefore kill him (I highly doubt Jak has invested in regeneration: the only mortals we have seen investing heavily in regeneration are Bang, the Everfeast [I think it is a mortal anyways...], and Goran [who can be said to be not mortal, more like a Deep Spawn, I think]). Of course, Burduko would be damaged by the Orderfire (which might be mitigated with the IG feasting) and the Necronostrium (...I don't have any ideas on how to mitigate this), I believe.

...So, maybe something like this:

1. Activate IG, to allow for greater energy for Anti-Magic Field.

2. Adopt position in which both Burduko and us are best positioned to do the following.

3. Teleport with Burduko to the location best suited for preventing quick reaction from Jak, knowing what we do about him and the golem armor.

4. Once in place, Anti-Magic Field, with immediate reactivation of IG, followed by Blood-based Pyromancy to direct the heat and flames into the IG as charge.

5. Immediately activate Spectral Gorging Anima, located so that the beast would destroy Jak's brain, at which point the ambush stops, or Chronal Banditry, to further decrease Jak's reaction speed.

6. Burduko fatally teleports Jak, at which point he dies and we eat him.

The Land of Dragons, maybe? We saw there that the people of that land have the knowledge and capability to summon a Core Being into a host (admittedly, that was a living mortal, but, as evidenced by Mordre, True Edge, Small Tombs, etc., souls and soul-like entities can be placed into non-living objects). Who's to say that somewhere, sometime, someone had the bright idea of summoning a Core Being into a non-living object, lacking a will or animation of its own to wreck destruction indiscriminately, but bound to release that destructive power only at the bidding of its wielder? Of course, something happens, as it always does, and that sword finds its way to Jak.
No. 274539 ID: d17c72

At the very least, not now.

It would not go over well and right now he is in a giant suit made by Mosmordre. To kill him, barring some insane notion of him getting out, we would need to break the suit and hit a guy that CANNOT BE HIT.

We might be able to get him with a complicated series of moves, but what will happen to the rest of the battlefield while we are busy with that?
How will everyone else take it?

I can tell you it won't be pretty.

So hold off your inane urge to off this man at least until we have secured our victory here.

Claim the core by having Rutgur take it after sealing. Then Burduko ports it back to the Arcanoworks where Jez will construct a Tesla Coil trap and Velada can assist with the sealing.

After that, find out from Jack EXATLY where he stands.
If he assaults you then find a way to shut down the Golem (Anti-magic pulse seems best, will get into that later)
If he is neutral or with you, offer him a raise.
No. 274541 ID: 754d78

No, do not kill Senth. He is as of now not on the side of Weinsho, and seems to be taking a better deal. If that is stealing our investments, then we need to deal with that after this battle. There is too much at stake now to risk having him come attack us too.
No. 274542 ID: d17c72

Not to mention we have Auroc to worry about.
No. 274544 ID: 21e57a

Oh yes, this is also a 'Don't fight, don't kill, don't even think about it' vote.
No. 274545 ID: ab04d4

Putting in my vote not to kill Jak.
No. 274547 ID: 47a97f

If we are going to incapacitate/kill Jak (now or next update, if possible)
Verbally confirm some a plan with him, something that justifies our range near him so that his guard will be even lower.
No. 274548 ID: f6360f

My concern is that if we do not kill him now, later he will be much more wary and much more dangerous. With Weinsho gone and Domintus dealt with shortly, Jak will be one of the most dangerous people left standing on the field- and one which has proven themselves duplicitous, willing to lie to us and steal from us with a smile. Letting him leave this battlefield alive to plague us later would be a large mistake; he'll be all but impossible to catch and dispose of.
No. 274549 ID: 2d86c2

It's crazy to kill Jak
No. 274551 ID: 47a97f

recall your analysis of Blue Devil use that to your advantage.
See if you can recall any fail-safes/kills witches that were incorporated into the suit. Ask Bobobo if he has any information on that, also ask the full properties of the awakened suit.
Whenever we are going to act upon putting Senth into his place or not, this information is useful.
No. 274553 ID: ab04d4

I don't suppose we could just recall our souls? Pull them back, sacrifice the pristine soul and allow Jak Strife's relatively underdeveloped soul to just burn up.

We can even blame it on Weinsho- he's an adept soul mage and he might have set an anti-soul-magic bomb into his huge channeler suit or something.
No. 274554 ID: 21e57a

the...the fuck, dude.
No. 274556 ID: ab04d4

Just a contingency plan in case the vote swings the other way. To be sure, I'm still voting for not challenging Jak. If we want to kill his Soul Fuel Source, we can do that anytime later we want. It was just a passing thought.
No. 274557 ID: 21e57a

Alright. Just the sudden change in opinion was shocking.
No. 274558 ID: 259738

okay fine I change my vote, geez.
No. 274572 ID: f88f02

I vote for FIGHTING Jak. But tell him this beforehand.

"Everything you are, everything you have, you have stolen, Jak. I wonder what that is like? To not have earned even a single thing in one's life... And to have no one even try to reclaim what you have taken. Well. I will reclaim one thing you have stolen from me."

*Turn off that pristine soul*

"Now, Jak. My greivance with you is over. But on the account of a very good friend of mine, I must take you on personally! You have stolen, for no good reason, a family heirloom from one of my closest friends and that! That I cannot allow! So for his sake, I must punish you. Come at me, Jak! Show me what you have."
No. 274575 ID: 259738

He had a good reason. He could make better use of the thing. He had the sword which was key to using it.
No. 274577 ID: f88f02

He stole it.

Period. He stole OUR things, he stole our FRIEND'S things, he stole our ALLIE'S things. there is no reason to let him go other than fear.
No. 274579 ID: 1854db

I would like to ask Jak why he hadn't killed us, despite obviously having had the opportunity and power to do so. I would also ask him what 'better deal' he's getting at the moment.

If the answers are favorable to us I will cast my vote to not kill him. If he's basically planning to fuck us over after we finish this battle then we will fuck him FIRST.
No. 274580 ID: 9a5057

That means it's time to CONFRONT him about them in a no-nonsense manner after the fighting is over, not KILL him. Theft is not a capital offense, at least not in this jurisdiction. And in any event, everything we know he has taken so far except the Blue Devil (which he still has an opportunity to return, no harm no foul) could be viewed as spoils of combat. Killing him over this stuff, especially without going through some sort of formal process, would essentially be murder. Murder with many witnesses at the moment.

Chill guys. It may become necessary to kill him at some point, but that time is not now.
No. 274591 ID: 252e1b

We really need to kill Jak now, he's going to become a major threat later if we don't (not that he already isn't, but he'll be far worse later). I vote we kill the dude.
No. 274593 ID: 1854db

I'd like to state that, at the moment, we are in an area blanketed by darkness. Nobody can see shit except where our Light Spawn is at... although some people have magical senses.
No. 274598 ID: 252e1b


You confront him and he's just going to run.
No. 274607 ID: 46c430

Guys... I really don't think we're capable of taking down Jak. I mean, it might be POSSIBLE, but I'm sure he's EXPECTING us to try killing him, AND Keddic, our ally, is still fighting his family enemy. I say, after Domintus is taken down, we don't push our luck and try to kill Jak, and we help Keddic.

...Asides, we still don't know what Eisenhardt is going to do. He might help Jak if a fight erupts between him and us. Let's deal with one thing at a time, I say.
No. 274608 ID: a579c1

After Domintus is sealed and Jak and Aurockoth are dealt with, let's curb-stomp the remaining enemy armies for a little longer than offer them mercy.

Adding Awesome one-liner to this: "Well Albert Weinsho, may you rest in pieces."

I'll second this name. Whatever name we choose I hope it incorporates "RAGNAROK".

Regarding Jak-Senth, here's my idea: A) Activate  and manipluate the souls within the Blue Devil and try to assume control of the Blue Devil remotely. B) threaten to detonate the souls non-explosively or remove the Soul buffer which would, in theory, kill Jak and perserve the Blue Devil. C) Just detonate the souls or reabsorb the Soul buffer and kill Jak.

Frankly, I could go either way on killing or sparing Jak as long as whatever path we take allows us to regain what he has taken. Right now I'm leaning toward killing him, because he has a CORE BEING sword which must be destroyed (I don't think he'll give it up easily) and he owns Mordrenoth's sword (and I find him VERY annoying).

>You confront him and he's just going to run.
That's why you get his attention with a little death threat, if he moves he dies....Or we could just kill him?

"Jak, let's talk. I know that you have been contemplating killing my friends, employees, and I behind our backs, I know you took 300,000 Marks from the Arcanoworks, I know you stole the golem you retrieved from the battle field not too long ago, I know you have no intention of returning the Blue Devil to its rightful owner, Vonjeen and Carkiano, I know you mostly rely upon the strengths of your magical trinkets to achieve any true power, and I know you still have not returned Keddic's pipe. Do you know what this means? It means I know you are fucking thief! Now I would stay still if I were you, one false move and I'll deactivate the Soul buffer preventing the Pride of Mosmordre from devouring your soul as fuel. That, or I'll just use a bit of magic to kill you from within the suit. Now that I have your full attention: return all the goods and artifacts you have stolen and I MIGHT not strip your soul for information AND for you being a general douche to everyone."

A little bit of meta-knowledge here, but nothing Mordre couldn't deduced or figure out on his own.

That's quitters' talk, we're not just going to let Jak get anyway with fucking us over and stealing from our friends!
No. 274612 ID: a76809
File 129593520147.jpg - (70.53KB , 800x800 , Soul Grave 05 Soul Sync Operator The Lined One.jpg )


[Gambling with an immortal by the name of... Immortal Angormandius The Undying, the one Bang thought he killed, the prior Land of Dragons God of Swords that Restricted himself to just that one blade thousands of years ago, and now has to fight bare-handed thanks to the Troll's Luck. The more you know.]


...Could it be that easy?

Could the Soul Mage and my oldest foil truly be felled in such a manner? My attack was potent, but-

After a brief yet intensively thorough scan, I still find no evidence of Weinsho's survival, in the wreckage of the Channeler suit, in any form, physical or spiritual. I know a Chaos/Order explosion can erase souls... but I still have trouble with it being this easy. Nevertheless I set aside my suspicions as I rocket over to Jak's side, Burduko and Rutgur appearing at my command, Rutgur's soul feeling bloated and strained. Before us, Jak in the Pride of Mosmordre, unleashes a barrage of what look like nothing more than miniature suns a hundred feet across each, the swarm rocketing down-


And burning straight through Domintus instantly, no delay between contact and obliteration, not even to my finely tuned senses. Where those sphere pass, nothing remains. Shortly only a single pillar remains, twenty feet tall, five feet wide and seven feet long, edges perfectly smooth-and already writhing in growth. I cue Rutgur and Burduko, who telport to point blank, Rutgur dousing the block in a high-pressure deluge, slamming it to the ground under hundreds of tons of salt water as I sustain flight on runes alone, my every bit of magic collected for a single, sustained working of Blood Ignimancy. I send two hundred million volts into the water-and the rippling iron screams as it begins to rust at a frightening speed, scabbing over-and only slowing its growth.

My momentum finishes carrying me into the deluge just as I terminate the Ignimancy and Burduko teleports to my side, while I breathe Soulfire across my hand, Inverter active, no heed for the rate of soul consumption in my need for haste. Dozens of souls escape-all becoming swelling Ordercrystal as it wraps about the metal, sealing patches of salt and dense seawater in pockets with the Soul Forge itself, at this distance radiating a force of existence so vast I can barely perceive anything else. As the crystal finishes closing about the Furnace of Domintus-



Before even a single picosecond has passed from being sealed, I have Burduko lay hands on the core-and vanish, taking it far away to the Gialgorren Islands, where in my efforts to hone Geomancy and Magnetomancy, I constructed a rather solid bedrock-framed cell that could fit this item. For now, it will do.
>[Jak]"Hey hey, look at that, learning how to be thorough! ...But you know, kind of a disappointing fight, I have to say. Was a weaksauce golem. .....Hmm."

I turn to Eisenhardt, who with Domintus' removal has been staring at Weinsho's fallen golem armor, face an open display of the turmoil he bears.


"Will you agree to continue abstaining from aggression until this invasion has been cleared up?"
>[Eisenhardt]"....Yes, I will. ...Is that really all your dreams and ambitions amounted to, Albert?"

I turn to look at the magnetomancer, to find him shaking his head as he begins to float towards the capital-his gaze piercing the darkness to reach Ulzrick, as he moves to protect his one remaining comrade, his pupil, my employee, Ulzrick. I leave him to his thoughts, thankful I do not have to face him in the middle of this snarl of fighting.

With the core claimed, I begin a very brief assessment of how I could best use it whilst I fly back out of the massive crater Domintus once inhabited, now a muddy mess. I could try trading it to Lenryt-I feel confident a Soul Furnace of this sort, potentially possessed or controlled by a Dreameater, would pique her interest-and I might be able to get a boon out of it. A prospect that bears some thought in terms of immediate gains, as it could take me quite some time to learn how to safely consume the souls stored in the technically still existent Domintus.


The Deep Spawn themselves would likely be highly interested, the multidimensional layering and likely Dream magic use of the Pure Lady, in addition to all the lives it contains, would surely be deemed of worth-I could use the furnace as a powerful bartering tool, establishing trade, forging alliances, or in general eliciting a favorable response from Deep Spawn.

I also consider the serious merits of keeping it as a final backup... in case the Core Being south of the Arcanoworks finishes freeing itself. The benefits of having a way to slay such a beast seem self-apparent-but how would I contain the blast from destroying nearby towns, and taking a large chunk of the State and its populace with the beast? ...Though I suppose that were I to rule, I could begin evacuating people immediately, and render it geographic damage only to avoid a negative public view.


I take a brief moment to call forth Ozmand-to find his soul far more purely, cleanly defined as it springs into the center of my field of vision, his face unsmiling... but radiating content.

>[Ozmand] It is well you call me, I wish to convey something: I enjoy the clear, stark clarity of purpose that came from discarding the errant static of my existence to become a more honed hammer. It suits my afterlife, and the existence I am wrought within.

As I rise back up into the air, I am claimed by a fey mood, finding myself rocketing to a heavy landing on the glassy bottom of the crater that is Wensho's tomb-and I begin to speak, pitching my words to carry, and reflect off the glass around me to flood out into the surrounding battlefield-in the gloom many ears will latch on to what I say.


“Weinsho? ...Weinsho? ..Albert? To be this easy, I would have judge you to have at least three back up plans.”
I look over the body, in this quiet haven in the midst of the war around us.
“Do you know, Albert, I had never met you? Never once have I seen your face. I doubt your body even survived, so I could not, even now. ...... I wonder,” I heave a highly audible and entirely theatrical sigh, having no lungs, need or capacity to breath in the conventional sense. [code]“I wonder if the damnation you inflicted on the state and these people was worth it- Worth the vision you had. I wonder if I will have to deal with it. I probably will, I know your works... .... I suppose this is goodbye. You will not be missed."

"Albert Weinsho, may you rest in pieces."



There is a shudder in the ground that seems to precede my takeoff, and the glass bottom of the crater shatters on my takeoff-but nothing further occurs, and I wonder if I am looking too hard, and if Weinsho really did fall. I rise out of the pit to see Keddic fighting an interesting battle. He teleports like made, no shortage of blood at his disposal-and scores, no, hundreds of his limbs severed, scattered on the floor, his blood cloak long since discarded, his toga itself bearing CUTMARKS, despite being soaked in blood. Where it not to the layers of regenerative and boosting spawn constantly attaching themselves to him as their brethren get hewn away without pause, the White Lion would have been snuffed out long ago by Aurockoth-his blades are simply too sharp, too strong. But despite the agony he must be being subjected to, the now barefoot and bare-armed Keddic, now switching places with one of his severed limbs to reclaim his Proud Lion, heedlessly rushes back into the fray-his intently focused face betraying, under those layers of familial outrage-a wolfish smile. ...It is well to see that even in this, Keddic still, at his heart, truly loves to fight. I turn my head next-


To the mess that is the Metal Skulls and Blue Knight forces assailing Weinsho's forces, the press of the shadowmage's elusive magic slowly beginning to wear on the already wearied Ragegluts and other general soldiers. The same cannot be said for Bang or Carkiano-and as I watch them shouting at each other though the unnatural pall that hangs over the entire battlefield, I deduce something that fills me with a sense of chagrin: Bang's started a bet, on who can slay the most shadowmages... and if I understand the terms right, shambles count as three mages, while the lead apprentice, who both are slogging towards, is worth... fifty? ...How much time did Bang spend on this? Around them the Deep Spawn wage a devastating war, obliterating the forces of Weinsho and Domintus alike without reservation.

While the Metal Skulls and Blue Knight forces are indeed wearing down-they cause enemy casualties nevertheless, and are slowly building the steam to catch their respective leaders as they continue to thin the foes before them, one by one putting down members of the two thousand 'real' shadowmages amongst the masses. I am about to turn away when I begin to hear screams that seem unassociated with injury, and see some of the shadowmages dropping to the ground-in a manner much like the Pure Lady did, no longer registering as having souls.


Ulzrick has a message that he desires conveyed: While with Mortal Eisenhardt's presence my safety and that of the state forces are insured, I want to report that the Dreameater I spoke of earlier is now doing what the First calls a Cascade Feast-basically, if it can eat enough reference points fast enough in the same place, same reality-it can manifest. So... if you can make the Dream magic in this shadow mass stop, or even better get rid of the shadows... that would be great. I note that behind his words was a sense of suppressed terror that was not present at any prior point in communicating with him to date.
...Hrm, while I am most curious as to his sudden expertise in the field, I would do well to pay Ulzrick heed, I suspect.

As I finish calling back my sixty-six runed Saw Rings, which I had been what mortals would call absentmindedly using to slay nearby enemies in a fashion that could be termed nostalgic, I sense something, my head whipping past Jak, still in the Pride of Mosmordre and regarding me from midair to see-

To see magic springing from ground and sky alike, a pillar that threatens to be the infinite defined spinning die, coalescing in an instant into the form of an ageless, pale, short-haired man covered in tattoos of lines-


Standing on the shoulder of what I recognize in a glance to be a Soul Grave, Soulfire not so much leaking as glowing and sparking about many vents spread about its body. Both the Soul Grave, some fifty feet tall, and its pilot, just shy of six feet tall, twist and scan their heads about in perfect unison-before their gazes lock on Keddic and Aurockoth-

While Jak's gaze locks on them.... and from within the Blue Devil, he begins to chuckle.

>[NEW PARTICIPANT]In Low Tongue]"A marvelous one to claim as nemesis, a soul monstrous and mysterious, a power that trumps your own-ah, but where did you get those-"

As the lined man and his Soul Grave take a step forward, Jak teleports before them both.

>[Jak]"Well well well... NO WONDER they didn't ever try that hard enforcing the warrant, you have a SOUL GRAVE! ...Ho ho, TWO publically reviled Soul Graves? Color me interested in adding another Soul Grave head to my belt!"


....No, I have had enough of Jak's shenanigans, his theft, his indolent arrogance, his casual impishness, his childish cruelty-

It ends now, as I call out, voice booming across the battlefield, dual-toned to both Common and Low, so that Keddic's master, the Lined One-the only rational identity for this newcomer-can likewise perceive it.

"Everything you are, everything you have, you have stolen, Jak. I wonder what that is like, to live a life as hollow as that? To not have earned even a single thing in one's life... And to have no one even try to reclaim what you have taken. .....Well. I will reclaim one thing you have stolen from me."

I reach out with my still rudimentary Soul Magic capacity-and find it laughably simple to deactivate the Pristine Soul within the Pride of Mosmordre, its absolute Ownership letting my bypass myriads of layered defenses, and deny Jak that which let him tap the suit so ably. As the Blue Devil sputters and immediately begins descending, I continue-this time making sure that the words can echo out to Carkiano.


"Now, Jak. My greivance with you is over. But on the account of a very good friend of mine, I must see you chastised! You have stolen a valued resource and favored weapon from one of my closest friends and that! That I cannot allow! So for his sake, I must punish you. Come at me, Jak! Show me what you have."

As Jak is abruptly revealed, body clad in finely wrought Lortoxite studded with heavy Lonsdaleite crystals-diamonds from carbon-bearing meteors-with both swords bared, the power flowing from his twin weapons a violent swirl of terrible power, I see his otter, Totters unfold itself into a gaunt, skeltal beast, long flaying claws in place of fingers-now radiating power from a soul that feels every bit as powerful as Lubu's contained within. Jak smirks at me, before turning back to The Lined One.

>[Jak]"Prove yourself worth my time, and I might dance with you pipsqueak. ...Nevertheless, nice move, credit where it is due. NOW-"


I hardly notice Jak, finally in person, and The Lined one with his Soul Grave flickering across the battlefield, appearing in flashes as they trade blows in any space they seem able to find, constantly and rapidly teleporting as they battle, as two more important things draw my attention:

-Jak's Small Tomb that houses a Legendary Soul charges towards me, claws already veiling in a force I cannot identify beyond labeling it absurdly potent.
-A rumble that draws my attention back to Weinsho's grave reveals my foe to be raging against reality itself, pulling his soul back into existence from nothing, rending a way back into existence by sheer grit and determination before it plunges into the fragments of the channeler suit, rising as a macabre monster, spectral limbs filling the gaps in the construct as I feel Weinsho's hate pouring off in waves.

>[Weinsho] "MOOOOOORRRRRDDRRRRREEEE............"


Weinsho's ghost possessing his own Golem Armor behind me, Jak's Legendary soul imbued small tomb to my front.

[To paraphrase]
No. 274614 ID: f88f02




No. 274615 ID: 5b95eb

"Not now, Albert, I'm busy."

Haha no, teleport behind him and shoot him again with your cannon. I really don't think he'll stay dead, goddamn, but maybe you can kick him out the mortal coil for long enough to pay attention to the rest of the right.
No. 274616 ID: 5b95eb

Also eat souls. nom nom nom.
No. 274617 ID: 1854db

Okay first off we should aid our army in killing the shadow mage leaders. We CANNOT allow the Dreameater to manifest. In fact, see if you can go kill a bunch of the smaller ones yourself and get their delicious Dream souls.

Just teleport away from the small tomb. Troll him with it, like Senth did. Feel free to attack it with ignimancy or magnetomancy while doing so.
No. 274618 ID: 99e816

Ok let's break it down
Things to kill:

-Shadow mages
-That life golem
-Jak's small tomb
-The Pure Lady Dream Eater (only if we can manage it)

How do we kill

How to kill -Shadow mages= soul soldiers, let's make a few

How to kill -That life golem= send a deepspawn it help and hope Keddic got the rest

How to kill -Jak = The Lined one got it (I hope)

How to kill -Jak's small tomb= dodge (cant deal right now) maybe some lighting magic to slow it down.

How to kill -Weinsho= eat his soul? If we can't send an inferno golem to burn him away (might have to deal with the armor, but that should not be to hard, as it was fucked up by the blast)

How to kill -The Pure Lady Dream Eater=later

>>274615 I like his ham
No. 274620 ID: 9a5057

>"Now, Jak. My greivance with you is over. But on the account of a very good friend of mine, I must see you chastised! You have stolen a valued resource and favored weapon from one of my closest friends and that! That I cannot allow!

You were talking about Keddic's pipe right?
Because that is the most important thing here.
No. 274621 ID: 222dba



First! Get a pair of runed rings under your feet and take to the air, use them to aid your magnetic maneuverability. Stay out of close-combat range for the time being until you can take stock of the threat situation. Weinsho should be less of a threat while he's still integrating in to the Channeler remnants, primary focus on the Small Tomb.

Second order! Mire the ground in front of the Small Tomb with Geomancy to slow that charge down and leave him more vulnerable to...

Third order! Magnetically etch eight intersecting lines across the tips of each of your current chambered cannon rounds to promote fragmentation on impact or more-desirably in midflight, then bring a series of three and four rings in front of each respective barrel and Order Ozmand up. Aim at the side-torso of the Small Tomb and fire the three-ring, then immediately shift aim to the opposite side and fire the four-ring shot from the other barrel. If it tries to shift out of way from the first shot there's a fair chance of the second round will catch it, especially if they both fragment in midair to widen their striking areas.

Fourth order! Shift to defensive mode and gauge the Tomb's response while keeping an eye on Weinsho's progress. Activate Feasting Vestments to absorb potential magic assaults, but in case of a physical attack, be prepared to drop the Vestments and react by soaking the blow with Kinetimancy and shunting it into counter-fire cannon shot.

No. 274622 ID: 99e816

Of course! How could you think of any different.
No. 274624 ID: d3dfb8

"Ah Weinsho, I knew you wouldn't give up that easily. I'm glad I chose a worthy opponent."

Inferno Golems, the power of forty souls coalesced into a single being, greater then the sum of their parts, further amplified by the power of the Immortal Genocide. These creations, made of heat and souls. Exactly what the IG feeds on.
Create 10 of them and feed them one at a time while individually pyromancy boosting them to the Immortal Genocide to fuel it's all consuming hunger. Allow both Weinsho and Totters to close within the Anti-Magic burst range. Hit them both with a single blast.
Break Totters into pieces while firing normal cannon rounds at Weinsho. Bastard doesn't know when to give up.
No. 274625 ID: d3dfb8

Master Hui the patient, after trespassing into his school, recognized the Winding Way style Keddic used and will attempt to charge Keddic's master The Lined One with Keddic's crimes. He will likely use his puppeteered students as witnesses.

The blood puppeteer Dowsan is training keddic in puppeteering so that he can turn him in and have suspicions on his purson allieviated.

Chaos and Order is an aspect of everything in Golem Quest; Why not Dream magic. Realities, by sheer dint of existing, are ever changing and no two are the same; Making them Chaos. However, what keeps realities from collapsing in on eachother? What seperates realities? A void of Order. The void between realities, order as hell, it's so nothing it doesnt even take up space, it's so nothing it probably doesnt entirely exist. So nothing it's nothing.

An order master with access to dream could tap the potential power of this void to power spells at the risk of collapsing his reality, with a STUPIDLY powerful spell

A chaos master could likewise tap the power of other realities at the risk of collapsing other realities

If such spells were used on a singular entity, could create a dimentional stillpoint(order), or a dimentional singularity. For example Mordre is a dimentional singularity; other mordre's in other realities simply stop existing so Mordre can continue to exist.

When MoS attacked Goran with the soul wave reminicent of the Spectral Gorging Anima he was merely using Fang Taker's soul ability but fully Chaos tilted. If we were to gain access to his soul's order/chaos balence we could replicate these effects.
As we still haven't used Fang Taker sinse then we have no proof that with MoS's departure reverted Fang Taker's soul to it's original balence. It's possible we've had this ability from that battle.

Void paradox bullshit. So nothing it actually doesnt exist despite it's existance. Realities partly touch because it both exists and doesnt exist, this is why some people(souldreamers) can touch other realities while others(normal people) cannot.
No. 274626 ID: 47a97f

I didn't really understand. Did Jak store the Blue Devil inside the hammerspace or did he just let it drop? If let it drop take with Burduko and move it somewhere safe.

Weinsho, it seems, hasn't fully regenerated and gotten to his peak power yet.
Turn around and shoot Order/chaos railgun shot.
Discharge the Anti-Magic burst to disable the small tomb. If that works, quickly work around claiming its soul. If not, have Burduko at the ready to teleport you behind the small tomb and attack it with Chaos Cleave. Keep spam teleporting and chaos cleaving for a while to probe its defences.

Also, see if you can find Everfeast and fuck him up and eat his damn soul.

Actually, that small tomb seems to be fucking dangerous, so try to probe its defences first.
Better yet, ask Bobobo for information about it.
No. 274627 ID: 259738

Let's not kill Keddic's master if we can avoid it. You know, the guy controlling the other Soul Grave?
No. 274628 ID: d3dfb8

Also this.
No. 274629 ID: 259738

wow, good idea, if this works it'll really make the IG more viable.
No. 274630 ID: 903f16

Consider the thoughts you had concerning leylines just a short while ago. You had observed that leylines seemed to be be connected with landmass, with more uninterrupted landmass yielding more leylines. You then learned that Caged One consumes unclaimed souls. From this you hypothesized that the Caged One is feeding through the system and that the difference in amount of leylines isn't due to landmass, but instead due to the amount of souls released regularly over an area. The reasoning behind that being the more food it has to sustain itself on and grow from the larger the system containing it would need to be. This led you to predict that if Gialgorra's expansion continues it could lead to enough bloodshed that would empower the system of the area.

So if that is true, would it not the inverse be possible? It would mean that if you kept souls from being taken in by the Caged One it would starve it and reduce the scale of the system required to contain it. One method of preventing the Caged One from eating souls should be relatively obvious, Soul Graves. Soul Graves burn the souls of the dead for fuel, and they can store copious amounts away from the Caged Ones hungry mouth. The second method would of course be using souls in Soul magic as fuel. So an easy prediction for this would be that if the Soul magic ban were lifted and/or Soul Graves were more prevalent that the size of the system would be reduced, but so would the threat of the Caged One. Such an instance could occur if say Mordre completed his original goal of claiming this world and forming an empire in the form of Mosmordre's. Alternatively you could predict that with both Mordre's and Domtinus' actions in the area that the size of the local system will remain far smaller than it normally would be under these circumstances and if Mordre continues to remain active in the area, eating all souls when massive conflict arises, that the local system of the state as a whole will shrink.

Assuming the correctness of my previous postulations a little deductive hop could be taken towards the reason Lenryt is consuming souls, she is eating them to prevent the Caged One from eating them himself. Of course it isn't all altruism, the act probably has multilayer benefits to her such as her acquiring food from the souls or using the energy from them to power great acts. While Mordre isn't aware of this yet (This is not to say he couldn't probably guess at it, I mean she's one of the most powerful beings on the planet so of course she'd have one.), at least I don't recall it being mentioned in-quest, it may have something to do with her personal Soul Grave and her feeding is being siphoned into it too. She could be attempting to pull together something similar to the Pure Lady so she can have an entirely subservient World Eater. I can't imagine what she'd need a knock off of herself for and this is all starting to sound baseless so I'll leave this bit of speculation here.

>Pure Lady
Something happened that shouldn't have as Mordre witnessed the Pure Lady being devoured by the Dream Eater, she screamed. Now before you act obvious and say of course she screamed as she was being eaten, it's important to understand how Dream magic works. One needs to be broken in some manner to tap into it, the more broken one is the more power they have. The Pure Lady is broken because she lacked many of her senses and could not communicate in any way. So for her to scream implies the Dream Eater did something to her as he was eating that repaired her in a sense. Perhaps as it is consuming them from the Dream it is eating away their ties to it to prevent escape or trapping them within it's domain. So if this is the case I then if someone like Ulzrick were to be eaten his connection to the collective would be severed entirely, compounded with the fact it would eat all other Ulzricks. If that's not sufficient someone like Jojo, if he were for some reason to be in such a scenario, would see his crippled limbs returned to function before death.

Regarding Arkus and his sudden ability to generate World magic, I believe it is the result of his contact with both the Caged One and the strange World stone that he had touched. It seems to me as if the Caged One taking residence in Arkus altered his soul in some minute fashion or at least began the process and that the stone acted as a catalyst for further change. When we examined his soul when we brought the situation up to us we noted that his soul had "artfully interwoven" amounts of Order and Chaos and no foreign intrusions. We said no intrusions, but this doesn't the notion that his soul had been altered by an intruder recently. His current make up and balance reminds me of, well the system. He found his body to generating World magic around his veins, similar in a fashion to leylines which has been described as the veins of the Caged One. So his body reacted to the Caged One by building a suitable container for him by creating this network or at least laying a ground work that was finished by the stone. The reason it didn't change us is because our frame is already built contain and needed no changes. I predict that should we show Arkus to an administrator they will request to study him or be able to reverse the process.
No. 274633 ID: a76809

[Oh right. Correction:]

No. 274634 ID: 222dba

Fortgon embodies the concept of FAVORABLE PROBABILITY, its form revolves around GOLD and JADE.

Nechrahno embodies the concept of MISFORTUNE, its form revolves around SHATTERED MIRRORS and RAVENS.

Take these two cores and infuse them into the primary barrels of your cannon. Fortgon into the bottom barrel and Nechrahno into the top to further synchronize the opposed opposites concept both in form and explosive performance.

Skew the probability of your shots into your favor and lower the odds of your target simultaneously, and even make your cannon self-repairing and self-reloading.
No. 274635 ID: f88f02

No. 274637 ID: 99e816

No. 274641 ID: 259738

Liking this.
No. 274645 ID: 21e57a

I like this, but do we have to bind them to our cannon? Couldn't we make them like...luck-snakes that could wrap around effect the person or item? And rename Nechrahno Jodron but otherwise badass.
No. 274646 ID: 99e816

Now that I think about it I like this more.
No. 274649 ID: 47a97f


When we do this. Shoot a barrel full of "FUCK YOU" to Jak, see if that bitch can avoid that. But be careful not to harm The Lined One.
When Jak dies his tomb should become inoperational. I suggest harvesting its soul.

Then fire full Order/Chaos shots at highly dense group mage apprentices. Again, be careful not to harm any allies.

Then try to deal with Weinsho the same way we did before ... just more thoroughly
No. 274656 ID: 47a97f

Of course we can always try the comical slapstick move, where two charging enemies attack each other. Like having the Small Tomb and Weishno accidentally hit each other when we teleport out of their way.

Anyway, my try at a prediction:
So Dreameter, huh?
A cascade feast? Hmm?
You had gotten thorough information on how dream magic works and what kind of danger a dream-eater is to mortals. From what you know only dream users can be harmed by them and only when they use their abilities...
So why is Ulzrick so terrified? He wasn't before, right? Probably since he wasn't using any kind of dream magic he was in the clear...
So what's different now?
The "First", as Ulzrick identified whoever that is, said that Cascade Feast is when it can eat enough reference points fast enough in the same place, same reality-it can manifest. Meaning that it will keep in contact with 'real' world for a prolonged time. Since we are engulfed in SHADOWS, which was also said to make us a step closer to dream, the barrier between Dreamscape and physical world is much thinner.
What this all amount to?
Well, I predict, if we do not heed Ulzricks words and don't work at resolving this problem, the Dreameater will will break through the barrier into our plane.
Which is bad.
REALLY bad, considering it didn't even break a sweat killing Pure Lady, we can conclude that it is FUCK-powerful... probably more than anything on the battle.

We must activate IG, use the suggestion to fuel it with Inferno Golems, fill it with a massive charge and then discharge it in the middle of enemy forces. It should dispel all of the shadows, incapacitate all of the shadow-mages caught in it (so they stop using dream and aren't juicy targets anymore) and dispel their body doubles.
OF COURSE we need to warn our allies and remove them from area of influence with help of Burduko and Rutgur.
No. 274660 ID: 903f16


Firing one of >>274634 these bad boys at him should work. I highly doubt he'll live through such an attack because his fighting style revolves around not being hit and while he may be armored with the toughest stuff available that won't do a damn if his head gets blown off in the blast. But in case he does somehow make it through I'll say I'm not against firing up the Amaranthine Annihilator to chase the attack. Just make sure you turn away from the blast or try some Pyromancy to shield yourself from the heat. That thing melted the front of the over armor the first time it was used, making your actual body all melty isn't going to be fun. And after the blast zone is safe Burduko should be prepared to snap up all his belongings and transport them to a safe place.

>Small Tomb
It seems to me that the easiest way to deal with him is to kill his master, once he's dead the golem will have no operator and can be freely claimed, all we need to do is avoid it for as long as it takes to finish him off. Flip on Nimble Nitro if it isn't on already and use it in tandem with our flight runes to dodge like a boss while we get the shot ready. We just need to be the first to claim it after it's fired, not a hard task as we'll know the moment Jak is dead and can compute/communicate faster than anyone else on the field. When it's ours we can force it to stand down and either consume it's soul and have it taken to storage or command it to work against Weinsho's forces, I believe the second option is preferable as we can always suck out the soul later.

I'm not going to recommend ignoring him, but I'm also not saying you should give him your full, undivided attention yet. Avoid him along with the Small Tomb until the other two targets are eliminated. It should be easy considering he's probably going to need time for his soul to claim that ruined suit and even when he's done that the thing is in such a poor shape that he can't have decent mobility in the thing. When the time comes to have our show down, our final showdown, we stick to attacks that won't destroy his soul. We've missed out on far too many meals today and the potential of eating our greatest foe, a Soul magic user with ample information on golems, is too great to pass up.

I've been eagerly waiting for Domtinus to be contained to suggest we take out the Everfeast. Mordre should query Phohn as to Everfeast's last known location and/or the direction he was seen moving after beginning his regeneration. After acquiring the information Mordre should take the first opportunity to use Burduko to transport him to Everfeast's location. Due to actions taken by Ulzrick and Ozrick he should be significantly weakened and without his weapon, possibly missing some of his outer plating due to the severity of the attack. For a being with an arsenal like Mordre in such a situation the question isn't how can he put him down; it's how does he want to put him down. I recommend a simple, yet hopefully effective approach, take out the golden axe of severance to dice his heart up. From there it's just a matter of using the Immortal Genocide to make him go from down to full on dead. Hm, I'd check in with the Lined One before finishing him off actually. We don't know what kind of feeding mechanism his Soul Grave has going so it may be wise to ask him about it and to have him restrain it from eating it out from under us if it is capable of doing so.

Fifthing? Sixthing? Whatever-I support this idea, not that it needs it.
No. 274661 ID: f88f02

>"Prove yourself worth my time, and I might dance with you, pipsqueak."
>Blow off his head

"I daresay I was worthy of your time in the first place."
No. 274664 ID: d4f98d

You can't precision target something like that, if we shoot a barrel of fuck you it's going to encompass Jak and everything near him.

Focus on Weinsho and Totters for the moment.
No. 274665 ID: d4f98d

In case that wasn't clear, No Random CHAOS/ORDER Fission Cannon! Not unless you want to shit all over the Lined One too, and get shredded by his Small Tomb while its happening.

I fully support the IG at this moment. At massive charge, itt could potentially stop the Dreameaters Cascade Feast while fucking up weinsho's manipulation of his soul Golem Armor and dispelling that power coating Totter's attacks, and if its effect on red steel was anthing to judge by, structurally weakin Totters. Then Chaos Cleave Totters and chase it with an Annihilator (Its fully charged right?) While using your enhanced soul-suck to give Weinsho his well deserved Eternal Reward.
No. 274673 ID: f6360f

I do like this a fair bit more, stylistically. It would also be far more flexible in application; our cannons are already rapetastic without further enhancement, but we have many assets that are not.
No. 274674 ID: 5f0943

I also agree with this, much more versatile than simply inserting them into the cannon.
No. 274705 ID: bdd665

so, are we ever going to make that construction deepspawn?
No. 274706 ID: d3dfb8

We COULD, but if we put them in the cannon it's a SUPER RESTRICTED existence and they'd have SO MUCH magic to work with. That and their spawn would be boolits so we don't have to worry about reloading, and our cannon would regenerate, and we wouldn't have to worry about overheating it.

They don't have forms of their own, we are giving them forms by implanting them into our cannon.
Seconding this.

Now, I propose when we are creating the deepspawn that we trade off part of the protosoul to Ozmand, and slave them to his will. Then we restrict them to only a single form of communication such that they can only talk to Phohn, and only through feelings, and only to warn of danger. The more restricted they are, the more magic they have, the more luck we get. I want to get us to the point where we have HOLYFUCKLUCK that puts Jak to shame.
No. 274708 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, and imagine how insanely huge a boost it would be when we get the deepspawn blood iron imbued into our form.
No. 274715 ID: 8096df

Well I think that if a luck/probability altering Deep Spawn is made it should NOT be in the cannon. It'll make the luck ability useless up close and it won't help Mordre defensively in any way.

Finally if you need lucky shots to hit with a mini maginuke railgun then you're just doing it wrong. I mean seriously guys.

I'm seeing Fortgon as being a small creature composed of all good-luck charms and symbols on Zakrath, feeding on the peoples belief and superstitions.
No. 274723 ID: bdd665

How would attaching the badluck deepspawn to our cannon be an improvement?
No. 274724 ID: 5f0943

I have no idea...
No. 274729 ID: ab04d4

Yeah, the luck spawns are good ideas, but they should be individual existences. Maybe we could create a spawn whose form is defined by Explosions and Obliteration, and fuse it to our cannon. Certainly seems a more straightforward upgrade.

Heck, we could start using the spawncores as basically enchants. Form of Accuracy and Will, Form of Speed and Reloading, etc... And that's just for the cannon. We could theoretically upgrade any of our equipment or weapons with almost any effect we could come up with provided we implement enough cores in the enchanting process.
No. 274732 ID: 21e57a

“Albert. Albert Weinsho. Is this the mask you wear to face me this time? As death itself? What a foolish gesture, Albert! I have faced down death countless times! This holds no fear for me! Can you not even face me in person, so you must claw at me from beyond the veil of death? So be it, Weinsho. I will end you now.” Begin to create Inferno Golems, now, and start using our magnetomancy to test out Totter and use Geomancy to mire the ground in front of it as we also use magnetomancy to foul up Totter’s legs, “You have the forced belief of how many, Albert? You have the belief of broken, torn mages who you have forced into abominations.” Pull the Inferno Golems into the Immortal Genocide. “I HAVE THE BURNING HEART OF A NATION, THE FURY OF WINTERLANDS, AND THE HOPES AND DREAMS OF MY ARMY.” Focus on eating the ghostly golem and using our Inferno Golem Infused Immortal Genocide to disrupting the magic Weinsho, the Dream Eater and Totter. Focus on Weinsho for now. A Belief infused ghost with a extra powerful golem core that we want is gonna be a dangerous foe. A legendary soul Small Tomb is dangerous, but we can deal with it a bit easier then we can with Weinsho.

I like the idea of testing this. The Immortal Genocide and the Inferno Golems seem…a perfect match.

I'm hoping to do that when we hit 'diplomacy'. Construction and Infrastructure Deep Spawns should be built as soon as we finish the battle, to start cleaning up the battle ground and fixing the Captial.
No. 274737 ID: 2d1c20

Good luck drastically increases our chances to hit the enemy

Bad luck drastically decreases the chance of our enemies to evade

Basically, only some freaking crazy cosmic-tier enemies will be able to evade these shots.
No. 274738 ID: ab04d4

Dude, get your logic gates straight. Increased chance of hitting has the same effect as decreased chance to dodge. Why waste two cores?
No. 274740 ID: d4f98d

>A legendary soul Small Tomb is dangerous, but we can deal with it a bit easier then we can with Weinsho.

Wait, what?
We can?
No. 274741 ID: 8af11f

I'd be tempted to make some political/social spawn, as Morde is going to be working more and more in that speed.

Perhaps for example, XXX embodies Beauty and Harmony, and YYY embodies shapeshifting and Identity.

I'd also be very tempted to create an enchanter Deep Spawn, designed to etch runes and enchant metals.

More immediately, Morde should try to use one of his innate deep spawn powers and create his own subordinate spawn, and given what lurks in his soul furnace I'd be tempted to channel a Core based on the principles of Self-mastery and Efficiency into the material of the Furnace itself. We could try the same with Domintus' body, with a core based on harnessing and transmitting power to another.

The other thing I'd be very tempted to do, with the body of the golden Small Tomb (Worship and Homage, to be our priest/propagandist) we have, the one Jak stole, and Silicate's remains, is to implant the cores into them, as we've seen that we produces stronger results if we use the core in combination with something else.

IF we gain golem crafting knowledge, then I'd recommend doing the same with them, and if we recover the Blue Devil then that as well.
No. 274755 ID: 05ca39
File 129600212111.jpg - (202.39KB , 1205x398 , Fortgon.jpg )

No. 274756 ID: 05ca39
File 129600216031.jpg - (182.21KB , 1251x357 , Nechrahno.jpg )

No. 274757 ID: 05ca39

Also use these fan-art for this update please

Especially for hostilities directed against Jak (see the second fan-art, it was made with that in mind)
No. 274761 ID: 1854db

I don't really agree that we should upgrade the cannons. It just oneshotted Weinsho after all. Granted it had to destroy souls to do so, but the strongest weapons tend to do that anyway.

If we're going to upgrade anything it should be Mordre's durability/regen and area-attack capability.
No. 274766 ID: bdd665

we have put too much in the cannons as it is(3-4 pristind souls). I vote for anything not our cannons.
No. 274779 ID: 21e57a

I still don't like using the name Nechrahno. It doesn't really feel 'unlucky', more 'Deathy'.
No. 274784 ID: a6fad5

Um, has Aehroahquia manifested spawn yet? Even if they need wielders (being, unfortunately, just inanimate swords; though, considering that one of the core concepts going into Aehroahquia's form was shapeshifting, perhaps the spawn can just shift into a more animate form?), there are other spawn/mortals that can use better swords against the shadow mages.

There should be a place where the core of Weinsho's existence is located; considering the lower torso, the arms, and the head (at least, I think they are: the only mention pieces of the suit surviving are the legs and the upper torso) are non-existent, the only location I can think of as likely is the upper torso, where the heart would lie. I suppose that attacking from the back, compounding with the damage from the combined AA and EE, would present the easiest spot to attack; with what, I am not sure, perhaps a RR shot, but without the Chaos/Order explosion, just two Order aligned shells, or maybe an Accelerated round.

Also, maybe we should check to make sure Eisenhardt isn't coming to Weinsho's rescue?

>luck Deep Spawn
No on the cannon implantation (the Deep Spawn could do that without being inside the cannon; the regeneration Mordre already has [the Deep Spawn part of Mordre's hybrid soul imparts some aspect of its regeneration onto the Soul Grave] and the self-loading could be done mechanically [maybe construct a structure that automatically replaces the shell if it detects an empty chamber, with the extra shells stored in a magazine or something?]); kinda prefer one Deep Spawn relating to luck (remember that the creation of Deep Spawn takes a piece of our soul, and, along with it, a fairly significant portion of our magic capacity [we get it back, but that takes days]; we already made two today [Aehroahquia and Ekron], four might be a little too much, especially considering we are in a major battle right now). So maybe something like: Fortgon embodies the concept of PROBABILITY MANIPULATION, form of GOLDEN RAVENS and JADE DRAGONS?

Yeah, there has to be some areas without any people we don't want to get soul-sucked large enough with souls we want, particularly in the shadow mass.

That is, after taking care of Weinsho (we don't want him to have any access to other souls for Soul magic, after all), teleport or otherwise move into the shadow mass, and start killing. the Small Tomb probably can orders to kill us, so it will probably move into the shadow mass, and kill the people that get in its way, helping us by freeing souls. (Though, if that is true, we probably should move so that its path won't intercept anybody we don't want killed.)

Er, I'm fairly sure that's a bad idea: the Channeler suit can take over any crafted soul puppets/soldiers (and Inferno Golems are just a Soul Soldier variant).
No. 274788 ID: 69bee4

Albert Weinsho, for the crimes you had committed, I had already sentenced you to death. To have the gall to ignore that justice, I shall now have to sentence you and your ilk to sheer damnation. You dared to end a thousand lives to gain an item, you dared make people betray ones allegiances and friendships so you could gain, and worst of all, you aided evil for your own gains, when you could have single handedly ended the suffering this state I suspect. NO MORE SHALL THIS STAND!

[With this said, if the Small Tomb is actually succeptible, force it to fall down and be pinned to the ground with Magnetomancy for effect.]

Nothing shall stand in my way anymore! You shall be delivered what you deserve. Toying with the souls of man without having earned any right? I at least bear the mental burden that this Golem’s carnage gives, something I suspect you gave up long ago in your search for your own pride. It is truly a shame that one must be defined as Chaotic in their soul for merely wanting to deliver some form of justice! Is it truly so new, so one of a kind to fight for good? Must the Order be as such! NO I SAY! If justice must come in the realm of Chaos, so let it be. Little else matters, not that theft has occurred, not that a senseless war has been fought, not that so many lost their lives for what seems like nothing but a trifle of the State and Disciples… NO! what matters now is this, change will happen, GOOD SHALL FINALLY BE BORN! THE EVIL SHALL BE CAST OFF! And as you stand in my way now, you and all the evil you have brought about shall be damned with you!
No. 274789 ID: 259738

taking them over doesn't really matter when what we are doing with them is feeding them to our hand.
No. 274791 ID: c6d694

What's this bitching about the use of Deep Spawns?

They are fukking awesome, we are using them. Bob agreed.

I'm all for it!
No. 274793 ID: 259738

what is with the Chaos=evil Order=good stuff here? Have we ever seen ANYONE imply that?
No. 274794 ID: d17c72

[Hey Ulzrick, don't you remember Ekron being brighter than that?]
I like the cut of his Jib.
No. 274800 ID: d7ffc9

Considering all the dream magic shenanigans and dream eater stuff going on at the moment, Ulzrick should hold off on any dream magic.

As for what to do with Domintus's core, we keep it for ourselves until Mordre can absorb it. There is no way we should give up that sort of power.
No. 274803 ID: f88f02

THe Death of Luck. :V
No. 274809 ID: 5b95eb

He's our Skeleton guy anyways, we've already used him.
No. 274816 ID: 259738

the only Spawn I can think of that you might mean is Mothbern, not Necrahno.
No. 274819 ID: 0a7c41

Throwing in a vote for binding the spawn to our gun.
No. 274820 ID: 21e57a

Mothbern is the skeletal one. Nechrahno has only had 'Undead' and 'True Death' suggested for it.
No. 274822 ID: 69bee4

stating my support.
No. 274823 ID: 5b95eb

Damn! You're right.
No. 274824 ID: 259738

We should definitely eat some of the souls in there if Kyorto can get them out, particularly any heroic and mage souls, but it really might be better traded to the Deep Spawn than just having us eat the whole thing.
No. 274825 ID: bdd665

I am not saying dont use them, just that permently attaching them to our cannon is a huge waste and kind of useless for the badluck spawn

also >>274788 whare did the order/chaos thing come from?
No. 274859 ID: a76809
File 129602116965.jpg - (220.10KB , 583x768 , Weinsho.jpg )

[He hammerspaced it.]

[NOPE. Increased chance to hit is something that effects Mordre, and applies to any and all targets he thinks of as such. Misfortune can be interpreted as 'Luck Theft' or more accurately 'The death or abolishment of Luck' , and can negate luck effects active on targets, so its focus is external, while the good luck is internal. They stack, but are not the same thing.]

[Remember when Falcon noted that Ulzrick is not the current player character, and didn't suggest redactions for him, what's more ones without rolls?]


My very first action is simple-by dint of body positioning, my Ruin Revolver is closest to being targeted at Weinsho's head apprentice-is to take action against Ulzrick's voiced threat. No hesitation, I make the seventeen degree correction to angle-and fire, without the advantage of runed magnetic lenses, my focus already directed towards maximizing my mobility before a full tenth of a second has passed. I once more place hand to barrel and Invert the lower shot, aimed at head and torso of the sword-bearing warrior of smoke and cloth. His sword rises, as if he has some hope of deflecting this-

There is an explosion of color and light, sound and pressure, Order and Chaos, and again nothing else can be heard upon the battlefield for an instant save the din of doom falling.


Shortly, Bang is pulling himself back together in the bottom of a smaller but nevertheless likewise glassed crater, giggling like a buffoon as bone and sinew spring into being in an instant, his body tensing to leap back into the fray without hesitation, arms flying wide and sprouting long fangs-

As the shadow-field begins to collapse, the now no longer present apprentice clearly an anchor for the shadowy Dream field.

Having rocketed up nearly a half-mile, the full speed I can command without overarmor, between thrusters, Blood Kinetomancy and Nimble Nitro, is impressive-the sound barrier is easily breached, an act I still cannot achieve on the ground. I switch magical focus to Geomancy, my improved talents letting my slog the field before Jak's Small Tomb to treacherous mud and quicksand in moments-as I aim at where the Small Tomb's last leap will bring it, I bring ten runed rings into position, as I direct my last bevy of Ruin Revolver rounds into railfire-my hand rising to invert the lower shell and insure an Order/Chaos collision. I fire, body spinning about in midair, my gaze seeing Jak's golem pounded by an explosion nearly as wide as my quagmire-and I feel its soul continue to persist, hammered down through the depths of the earth, nearly a thousand feet below-and already starting to move.


My spin completed and forcing an aerial about-face, I take it in stride and once more boom out my words to carry across the battlefield.
"Ah Weinsho, I knew you wouldn't give up that easily! Old boy, I'm glad I chose a worthy opponent... even if you are scum."

I start up the Immortal Genocide before even considering further action. The very instant its hunger extends outside its cage, I breath life into a total of ten Inferno Golems in a bloom about my form, all crowding about the Immortal Genocide the moment they can move, their brilliance eclipsing Ekrons, and with the collapsing shadow fields we turn night to a glaring, twin-sunned noon.



And ALL of them, every last flare of light, every last brilliant bloom of heat, is drained away, sucked into the Immortal Genocide-the metal of my arm shrieking as frost leaps halfway up in an instant, small crackles of energy humming about the midnight orb. The air suctions towards it, as dust and smoke, even the fire of my thrusters is now pulled towards its ravenous maw. Ekron returns to being the sole source of light on the battlefield beyond mundane fires, and with power singing in my hand I float out in the night sky, fifteen Deep Spawn cores orbiting me as I watch Weinsho, still possessing the massive and wrecked Channeler suit he came in with turn his chest towards me, the massive vent in his chest-ah.

I start rocketing out of the way a fourth of a second before Weinsho acts, and by the time the exhaust flare reaches my prior position I am well out of harm's way. Nevertheless... a Soulfire and Chaos flare nearly a mile long and a quarter mile wide just reached out from that massive, chest-mounted engine-it would seem the suit is still operational, even beyond being worn like a suit by Weinsho's spirit.

No matter, I have methods of circumventing this.


I don't even need to reach out with my hand, sparing the Deep Spawn the pall of the Immortal Genocide's never-ending hunger, as two Cores separate from the pack and merge with both the top and bottom barrels of the Ruin Revolver. I am not done evolving.

I will make my gun able to crack worlds, to slay gods-I will make the gun that can slay ANYTHING.


>Fortgon embodies the concept of FAVORABLE PROBABILITY, its form revolves around GOLD and JADE.


I picture luck, fortune smiling and odds going my way. I picture the tumble of dice, the whirl of roulettes. I see gold, I see jade, I see scales etched with luck charms, I see the engraving of a smiling dragon about the barrel's tip-

And I feel a presence swell in my top-bore barrel of the Ruin Revolver, as my thoughts go to anchoring the other.


>Nechrahno embodies the concept of MISFORTUNE, its form revolves around SHATTERED MIRRORS and RAVENS.


The claimer of luck. Snake eyes. I see a serpant coiled about the barrel, crows' feathers crushed under its grip. I see spines of shattered mirrors and fangs that thirst for Luck. I feel my bottom-bore Ruin Revolver Barrel shift, and I find myself graced with barrels as diametrically opposed as my cannonfire can become. I feel my missing ammunition regenerate in an instant, as the last of the steam clears in an instant, Deep Spawn regeneration scoffing at warping or thermal damage.

I am ready.


"Not now Albert, I'm busy."

I call for Burduko, who appears before me, obscured by my swirling thrusterfire, and I am moved to immediately behind Weinsho, Burduko flickering away.

Weinsho seems ready for another sneak attack, and soul protusions explode towards me.


I have none of it as I trigger the Immortal Genocide, and a massive wave of rippling, flickering air knells outward, racing into Weinsho-

Soulfire splatters from his titanic soul in torrents, and he falls to a metallic, borrowed Channeler leg.

My thrusters also give out as their active magic is negated, as is my connection to the quagmire Jak's small tomb is still swimming through.

The ground solidifies about the small tomb as I land heavily-and without hesitation, bring my cannon to bear on Weinsho, aiming upwards as I slap my hand into its impression, Inverter at the ready. I fire without hesitation, twelve runed rings in place.


I should be thrown airborne, or slagged, or both, for standing so close to the blast-but by some quirk of fate, the wind currents seem to part around me, breaking just about my form, and I find myself standing on the solitary patch of unglassed ground in the new crater I occupy.

I see Weinsho, soul in shambles, still resolutely clinging to the now even more damaged Channeler suit, blown away, flying over the battlefield-

And I fire again-this time with sixteen runed rings.

I am shoved backwards some forty feet, rupturing glass beneath my armored form as I skid in recoil, Cannon again immediately replenishing itself as it stays untroubled by wear-while yet again, an explosion lights the battlefield, and Weinsho is propelled farther away, soul beginning to break up.


Over the course of the next second, I slot an addition twelve runed saw-rings into place as accelerators, slide back a quarter mile and fire fourteen more times. By the final shot, Weinsho, who had been blown incrementally more than ten miles away, does not seem to exist anymore-in the wake of the most recent explosion, he is nowhere to be found.

...Is he-

The air and world rumble, as in the distance I see Weinsho's soul pulling itself free from its own destruction.

Again, when he seems to be conclusively slain, Weinsho pulls himself back, and continues to exist. But for now, no longer an imminent threat, so far removed. I turn towards Jak and The Lined One's battle after noting his Small Tomb still trapped in the earth, and carefully start seeking out a moment when Jak is far enough from The Lined One and his Soul Grave that I feel confident they would be outside the blast. I keep looking, tracking more than ten thousand teleportations in the space of a second-

Before I feel some impending force, and right before my cannon, perfectly aligned so I need not even move, is Jak. I fire-only to realize Keddic's master is only a few dozen feet away. A shell of Chaos flattens and splatters across Jak's armor without incident, while the Order-imbued shell took a path that Jak's head interesected. The now headless warrior, finally struck-

Regrows spine, brain, skull, eyes, muscle, skin and hair in a timeframe I would only expect of Bang or an Elder Dragon. Jak leers at me as he completely ignores the attack and continues to fight, taunting words drifting into my mind.


>[Jak]"BOOOOOOOORING! What was that, were you trying to tweak my nose or something?"

And at Jak's side appears the Small Tomb Felko as all four warriors continue to flicker across the strangely lit sky, Ekron the only thing yet shedding light on them. ...So, even when I can ignore that devilish luck of his, even when I can insure I find that pristine moment to shoot-he STILL persists. What's worse, I identified the source of his recuperation-his Lortoxite Armor, and the Lonsdaleite gems therein. Worst case scenario, the indestructible armor, when worn, renders the wearer immortal.

[Nope, Nope, In the general right direction but still incorrect, Nope, Nope, Nope, Yes, but this isn't a Pristine, its deduction, and Nope.]

[Mordre came to the leyline conclusion during his runing, and was going to act as free access to meta information, so no longer a Pristine. That and the system starving concept that continues past that is not accurate. The Lenryt idea is also off. And yes, that means that both also contain portions that are accurate.]

I consider what happened to the Pure Lady, her soul's death-at the hands of a Dreameater. I consider that she had spoken not once, and was reported to be completely silent throughout the entire battle. From what little I know of Souldreaming, impairment is a requisite for use-could not that inability to speak be part of her ability to Dream? If so, the fact she screamed during her passing-it suggests her impairment was consumed along with her Dreaming talent, prior to total soul death. If that's true... were Jojo so targeted, his legs would cease to be crippled, his body no longer warped, before his own soul's passing. A morbid thought-but one that reveals a far deeper connection between impairment and Dreaming than I had previously assumed.



I then finally find a solution to Arkus' newfound magic coming to mind. He was briefly inhabited by the Caged One, or a bare fragment of it, when he fused with a mountain leyline with a botched transracial spell attempt. Later, he touched the World Stone that let him percieve the Caged One while it lingered within me. Between two separate exposures to World magic in epic amounts, I suspect he begins to emulate the System, in his own veins. He generates World magic passively, and his soul feels bound-in a manner that felt how I would imagine the System to feel, from the descriptions of Deep Spawn. If I am right... Arkus, in a strange fashion, is becoming a... Mortal Caged One, a human patterned after a bound Planet God. While the ramifications of such an existence are staggering, one crops up rather immediately-the Deep Spawn themselves would likely be immensely interested in my oldest, most loyal accomplice, and wish to study, reverse or even exterminate what he represents.



Between the Deep Spawn, the Ragegluts, the Blue Knight, his hounds and his Golem Armor Division, Bang's return to the general fray finally breaks the mages of Weinsho-and those that survive drop daggers, doubles vanishing as arms raise until only sixty one yet stand. Without the shadowmages interferance, Carkiano and Bang finish breaking the remaining bone shambles, and Weinsho's army is broken, only minutes after arrival. The Deep Spawn, the Metal Skulls and the Blue Knight forces all turn to solely face the Domintus forces, cutting into the back of the diminished force still pressing on towards the capital on now defunct orders. The Domintus camp starts to clear of distraction, as I again look to Keddic's situation. He's managed to work out an interesting approach to battling Aurockoth with the massive boosting and regeneration he's being supplemented with-he teleports with his multitude of scattered body parts to minimize exposure to Aurockoth's blades, and attempts to get close enough to a given extended blade-spine to-

To punch it, his arm a mass of Order so start I sense Antimagic to it.

Concurrent to this, his other arm sweeps the Proud Lion at the spine, its sanguine coating not cleaving through the suddenly, briefly mundane bit of skin and bone.


Aurockoth is covered in hundreds of spines... and as he loses them, less things obstruct the path of his actual sword.... despite it, Keddic proceeds on with gusto, now fighting ankle deep in a pool of his own blood, so many times has he suffered mortal wounds only to be restored. Akeakam and Murhyihal continue to provide their full attention towards sustaining Keddic's survival, while he uses their aid to seek victory.

Weinsho is now a mile away and closing, now an enraged spectral cloud of Soul mass, no longer bound to a humanoid form, a mass of energy that feels like it considerably exceeds his prior incarnation, what looks like a Soulfire sun forming deep in his core. The fire darkens into shadow-and begins to take a vaguely humanoid shape, deathless malice made manifest as Weinsho crafts himself a new baleful form.

Jak and Felko, The Lined One and his Soul Grave, all flicker across the battlefield, only trackable by fully devoting processing to predicting and identifying their phenomenally rapid use of Tractomancy.

Jak's Small Tomb erupting from the ground amidst its own personal earthquake, rending through stone and earth as it emerges completely unscathed, and springs at me, its ribs now likewise opening wide and swelling with the same potent sense that encircles its claws.


What should I do?
No. 274870 ID: 0a7c41

Turn to the Small Tomb like a boss and fire dual Order Rounds at it.
No. 274878 ID: 259738

Tapping other realities seems to be an Order thing, not a Chaos one.
No. 274879 ID: b0b61b

"BAD DOG. Sit. Stay. DIE."

Have Burduko teleport us behind Weinsho once more. Place a hand on his shoulder and INVERT-

"Sorry Albert, I know being able to drag ones self back from the grasp of death seemed like a good perk at the time... But just between you and me- Using a susbstance so easily manipulated by anyone with the barest knowledge of the soul as your manifestation? Not one of your better ideas."
No. 274884 ID: 259738

To take out Jak, I suggest we charge up the IG even further than last time, get Burduko to get us into close combat range with him, and then pristine the anti-magic burst. It should take out his defensive tricks long enough for us to break his head open-if it takes out all our magical abilities, we can still punch his head off. The anti-magic burst took out a Core Being's defenses once, it shouldn't have trouble with Jak if we give it enough of a boost.
No. 274886 ID: d17c72



Do you remember when you made the super chaos soulfire and hit the dragons with it?

Capture him and be done with this madness.
Now for totters
Kinectomancy him away
Full boost for 1 second

a few miles away, into space, whatever
just remove him.
man is annoying
Now for Jack

remember how you killed Verther?
Soul soldiers.
Skim the battlefield and find a few stray souls.
Bind about 30 of them and send them after Jack.

Keep targeting him with Luck draining rounds to make your odds better.
No. 274888 ID: d3dfb8

For Weinsho, he'd still be alive so he wouldn't be able to regen, and he'd be frozen in time so he can't even think. No escaping for him.
No. 274889 ID: 259738

Not sure the Jak strategy is all that sound, since he has only used like two/three of his magic items so far, and apparently he has lots. The Weinsho idea is good, though.
No. 274890 ID: 76a2b7

...This Tomb's a persistant little bugger, ain't he? Fine then, swing your cannon about and give him a double shot of order-based Ruin while he's airborne. Trust fortune to keep your aim on target. Make it several, in fact, see if you can juggle the pest higher and higher into the air using one more ring with each successive shot. That should take the pest out of the picture for a few moments, so you can set the Immortal Genocide to charging again for future usage.

Next, level the cannon at Jak again and fire another pair of Order-only rounds at him...WITHOUT runed ring augmentation. Trust luck to see your shots home while having Burduko teleport you ahead of the slower projectiles so that you arrive just before they do. Let Burduko scamper back off and pulse the Immortal Genocide exactly as Jak is hit your twin shots. With any luck, he'll lose his head again just as you cancel out his regeneration.

>>274879 seems like a good idea as any for how to deal with Weinsho.
No. 274896 ID: beca68

Thinking about it, the soul of he mirror Eisenheart should be around here somewhere, along with the souls of many of the shadow mages.

My suggestion is to eat those, the first to massively buff our geomancy and then try to wrap Jak in those magic suppressing crystals, and the second to try to activate/augment our own ability to summon spawn, which we should be capable of doing.
No. 274898 ID: 252e1b


That soul is in the Domintus soul furnace we just spirited away.
No. 274899 ID: 259738

...we captured an Eisenhardt soul? Awesome. We have to eat the heroic souls in the core, even if it is just for that one.
No. 274902 ID: 7150d8

Problem is, we don't have the means to do that.
And if do try, and somehow end up breaking the crystal containing it (could happen), then Domintus would pop up and start spreading his shit everywhere (and by shit i mean metal spears).

Which is mostly why the plan is either trading it to Lenryt for a boon or more, trading it to the Deepspawn for god knows what they would offer (More Deep Spawn cores, magic, very valuable secrets or whatever) or using it as a last ditch magical nuke to take out TIMMY the talking Core being should it ever break loose.
No. 274904 ID: 259738

We have Kyorto. And producing that crystal wasn't exactly difficult.
No. 274920 ID: 46c430

Ok, first line is gold. Second line is admitting we broke the Ban, so don't say that.
No. 274933 ID: e3e261

Okay, here's the deal

Supercharge your IG with inferno Golems again.
Then actively target Jak with your cannon for Luck-combo to take effect. Then teleport to shoot a point-blank shot at Jak, no need for Order/chaos railgun shot, this shot is not for taking him out, rather to keep him in place with Luck magic. In fact, don't even target his head, target his sword, specifically the area between his hands and the handle, so that his weapon(s) get shot away from him. If you don't feel confident of disarming both of his hands go for the Mosmordre sword. If this work have Burduko immediately catch the sword and transport it to you.
At the same time as shooting discharge AG, the main reason for this teleporting near him, and catch him in this field (should work if the Luck-combo keeps him in place). Then catch him with your arm (kinetically and magnetomatically sped up) and use the inverter on his armor. If the plan to shoot his sword away does not work, violently take it away from him. It's ownership should immediately and completely turn to us because it should register us as it's real owner (as we house Mordecais soul in us), if it doesn't however, don't take chances and throw it in Rutgur. Without this damned sword he'll be easier to deal with even if he somehow manages to live through his inverted armor.
Also, coordinate with The Lined One, I don't want him to be caught in AMP or the cannon blast.

Another idea to hamper Jak teleporting is to use Burduko/Velada combo for spacial lock-down.

Ah, Otters, try to deal him the same way we did before by burying him again. I truly think that dealing with Jak and thus leaving the tomb without a controller is the best way to deal with it. I would go further to suggest harvesting its soul rather than using it as another tool.

About Weinsho
Stop thinking he's dead!
Next time you try to put him down try to believe as hard as you can that he's still alive so that he can't tap into Death Belief again. Also order your Spawn to do the same (maybe that would give an extra OOmph).

Also, it has been a while that Domintus has been killed, can you indentify any mage souls or heroic souls on the battlefield? If so, teleport and suck them out.
No. 274934 ID: e3e261

[Damned, forgot to add this and I can't delete the post]

Also, add this fanart for the next update
No. 274962 ID: d4f98d

Fucking forget Jak. This splitting of efforts against non-negligible foes beyond what is strictly necessary is preventing us from getting ANYWHERE.

The assumption that Jak is the sole driving force behind the Small Tomb is just that: An assumption. It could easily be a self-aware entity like any number of others of similar form. And as long as Jak is physically unkillable in that armor, we'd need to focus on damaging his SOUL over his body in any case, or else find the Non-Lortoxite portions of the armor that allow it to be donned (Lortoxite cannot be shifted once it's taken a form, by any force. That means it can't deform, which means clasps would not work if they were lortoxite, which means it could not be secured or worn if such were the case - in short, some part of that armor is a deformable, non-indestructible material by necessity of function).

Regardless, Weinsho and Totters need to be dealt with first. And as for Weinsho, fucking Anti-Magic him and eat him. The magics of your soul forge/furnace are specifically designed to subjugate and bind spirits. In fact, thats basically all they can do. Strip away his power and place him into a prison that was basically TAILOR MADE for him.
No. 274964 ID: e5b1bf

Um, considering Jak is currently occupying The Lined One, who has expressed an interest in Aurockoth's soul, which we want, perhaps we should kill Jak after we consume Aurockoth's soul?
No. 275035 ID: 12323e

Hey Mordre, got any time for a possible Moment of Inspiration?

We’d like to get our hands on a Legendary soul sometime. Autockoth, a Dragon, whoever. But the Master of Sorrow, a Legendary soul mage, retains much of what he was in life, right? He can battle us for control, and he can win, at least for a time. He might be our better, because we aren't Legendary yet.

I hypothesize that this is as much due to his Legendary soul as his soul magic. Heroic souls we can subsume into ourselves, and we’ve had some that were on the path to Legendary (Goran, Abaeloth+alternate!Abaeloth) but I predict that if we ever gain a truly Legendary soul, Autockoth’s for example, we’ll have to battle it for supremacy.

I admit, trapping Weinsho in crystal appeals. Oh yes it does.
No. 275074 ID: a76809

[You already are going to have to explain just how you found a Soul Grave that JUST HAPPENS to have so many inbuilt Soul mechanisms that was NEVER seen in the war, and how no one else found it-admitting that, as an 'older' mage you know Soul Magic principles will hardly blip on the radar.]

Before taking any further action I direct the Ruin Revolver at the leaping Small Tomb. I do not know why they limited it to melee and denied it flight-but I'll exploit it to avoid facing a Legendary Soul in its element. Fortuna and Nechrahno both curve, ever so slightly as I define Totters as my target-

I fire with the aid of twenty runed rings, the shot vanishing from my perception before exiting the acceleration chamber-to reappear as a Chaos/Order collision five feet in front of the leaping Small Tomb's form.



In front of where the small tomb was as I no longer sense it.

I turn my attention fully and wholly towards the incoming cloud that is Weinsho and contains his shadowed Soul-fire, star-like body that continues to suck in the surrounding soul mass. I have been losing efficiency by attempting to split attention between foes of this caliber-Weinsho seems to, by some mechanism, be conventionally unkillable-and seems to come back stronger even from utter annihilation. Some would call this an untenable situation, to face a foe that only becomes stronger when faced with death-I merely see it as narrowing my options. My thoughts returning to how I sealed Domintus only minutes ago, I call Burduko, the exhausted Deep Spawn appearing before me, to teleport me one more time. Before I begin, I boom out more words to the battlefield at large and the state forces on the far side of it, who likely have heard the majority of my conversation with Weinsho.


" BAD DOG. Sit. Stay. DIE."

Reality flickers and I am behind Weinsho's new form-

That immediately resolves itself to face me, by now quite familiar with my tactic of attacking his back, with an amorphous form that readies him just as Burduko finishes returning to his work butchering the Domintus forces. I see a glowing grin split that stark outlined form of midnight black soulfire, as Weinsho speaks.

"Death teaches me with each embrace-dare you slay me?"

I have a theatrical sigh as I respond, my left hand starting to stray towards Weinsho's soul Cloud as I speak, this time more softly than before.


"Sorry Albert, I know being able to drag one's self back from the grasp of death, That it seemed like a good perk at the time... But just between you and me- Using a susbstance so easily manipulated by anyone with the barest knowledge of the soul as your manifestation? Not one of your better ideas."


It is at this point that Weinsho moves forward so fast I briefly find myself attempting to classify him as a Tractomancer, and I am enveloped in the soul cloud about him-and my form begins to burn. Soulfire burns me. I make note of this strange development as I trigger the Inverter and begin rocketing upward, attempting to outrace the spreading inversion wave that is even now converting Weinsho's soulfire form-into crystal, a perfect prison for his existence. Half of one leg is caught just before I get clear, but a swift application of the Sable Executioner cuts me free, as the massive frozen cloud plummets earthward. With an earth-shaking crash, the crystal shatters into thousands of pieces-the Soulfire star-core that Weinsho seemed to hold as primary vessel untouched amidst the obsidian rubble. ...Not dead to be sure, but hopefully removed from the battlefield. Detecting no traces of soul in the secondary fragments, I have Burduko and Rutgur transport the black crystal form of Weinsho to my Island's base as well-I make a note of what it says of Weinsho's soul when Burduko collapses after bringing it and Rutgur over. And I consider that my Islands base, as of yet unstaffed, built by my own magics alone, is swift becoming a repository for dangerous to handle entities.


Weinsho sealed just like Domintus, Totters apparently vanquished, the Pure Lady dead and Weinsho's surviving forces bested-

I turn my full attention on Jak.

Who is no longer teleporting, and checking my auxhiliary data storage, stopped teleporting one fifth of a second ago. I pay more attention to what he says, staying my hand, as he speaks with The Lined One-in the Low Tongue.... he could speak it? The charletan.

>[Jak]"Seriously? You got cleared? Really? Back to being a respected master in high standing? ...Aw dammit."

He turns to look at me with a look of mild irritation behind his sneer as he speaks in Common.


>[Jak]"And you punted Totters a fair distance... OK, I CAN TELL WHERE I'M NOT WANTED!"

And without any further comment, Jak vanishes, folding in on himself as he exits the battlefield, leaving The Lined One, still standing on his Soul Grave's shoulder, to bemusedly wipe blood from his visually undamaged body, his Soul Grave covered in gashes, dents and rents.

>[The Lined One]"WELL, quite the able youth, that one! What was his-ah, Keddic!"

As if only now remembering his pupil's plight, The Lined One swiftly brings his Soul Grave to the edge of the crater within which Keddic fights...

Within which Keddic fought.


Amidst a waist-deep pool eighty feet across of his own blood with mounds of severed limbs piled high all about him, Keddic pants as he waves off Akeakam and Murhyihal's attention, bearing no visible wounds even as I see his soul to be a strained wreck. Aurockoth, or his body, is nowhere to be seen.

>[Keddic]"Hah... hah... bastard... cut the air....whew... he ran away."
>[The Lined One]"Was this the one your family owed vengeance to, the Aurockoth you spoke of?"
>[Keddic]"Master? ...Ah, yes master, it was indeed, though I feel ashamed he escaped.."
>[The Lined One]"I felt his soul. Despite your growth, you know him still your superior. By proud that despite this, you drove him off."
>[Keddic]"But look at this-were it not for outside influence, I would be dead a thousand times over!."
>[The Lined One]"So your friends, your allies, your comrades, those bonds you nurture-they are not part of your strength?"
>[Keddic]"...Apologies master, I had not yet thought of it that way.."
>[The Lined One]"No matter. I would see your training resume immediately, to capitalize on the brink of Inspiration you rest on. Come."


Before Keddic or I can react, The Lined One, his Soul Grave and Keddic all fold and twist in on themselves-and vanish. I turn off Blood magic as I consider that the most physically demanding part of this battle has been concluded.

....I turn about, to look at the battlefield at large, the thirty thousand remaining Domintus forces steadily losing ground in the massive grinder, the pincer formed between the Blue Knight's forces/the Metal Skulls/the Deep Spawn and the thirteen thousand remaining soldiers to the Capital's name, atop their walls and supplemented by Arcanoworks troops and guns alike, Eisenhardt upon their walls beside Vespinto and Ulzrick, while Derkin and the Air Cavalry continue to strafe the enemy forces sandwiched between such potent forces. While not yet over, the battle is clearly won-and by my efforts, and that of my allies, here by my calling.

This is my chance. I have prepped the State forces with my forces constant use of my name, my indomitable power coming at their time of need to bring them salvation, and now I can ride a tide of victory back to the capital gates-

And show the Azelhaedran State at large the glory that is Mage Mordre, Savior of the State.

The only question is.....

How do I make my approach from the far side of the remaining battle most suitably impressive given my goal to take over the State by popular support rather than might?
What kinds of things should I say as I actually reach the Capital proper?
Assuming some sort of State official comes forward to speak with me, what kind of things would I say to them, and what questions do I anticipate being asked?
>[Rutgur reports that Burduko will not yet wake, and Weinsho's crystal form is noted to throb on a nearly microscopic level in concordance with a mortal's beating heart.]
No. 275092 ID: 76a2b7

Right, I'm not big on speeches, so let me just set the stage one last time with some music for the occasion.
No. 275113 ID: e3e261

Ah, speeches. I'm not quite good at them.

But use these fan-arts for boosting the effect.
I'm not yet finished but I will do it. I PROMISE


This one (which you didn't use for the previous update, YOU, YOU
No. 275118 ID: ab04d4

Where's Eisenhardt in all this again? I think he might not take kindly to us imprisoning Weinsho.
No. 275120 ID: 12323e

Let's see... you have a rocketpack or something now, right?

Fly over the Domintus forces and slowly descend in majesty (incidentally burning the crap out of some Domintus soldiers).

It begins, "Friends, Azelhaedrans, Countrymen! Lend me your spears!" Okay, maybe not that last bit.

Then maybe, "Even now, we drive the last pathetic remnants of the terrible Domintus hordes from our borders! The Azelhaedran State has emerged victorious from its darkest hour. We are bloodied, but unbowed by the fanatical might of the Pure Lady's captains. Domintus itself, their supposed god, lays broken."

Yadda yadda, must come together in this dark time, soapboax, now comes the rebuilding, and if I may say so I am willing to shelter refugees deposed by the war in the West, preach preach, we shall rise greater than before (under me), something like that.

I also say it be time to start our 'descent into death' in front of Keddic, Bang and the others. Not with the State military and civilians of course, we need to put up a good image there.

But for our allies, start out slow. Be just a little bit irritable, out of sorts, distractible. Maybe complain of mild chest pains. Talk of certain investigations into the nature of Blood and Soul - I know, I know, nothing illegal, calm down Keddic, but SOMETHING is going on - and when the time does come, I don't think we need to fear losing our Ham and Soap moments, just change them a bit. We're still Mage Mordre, just in a golem now. No more cat and maid, but now maybe a little childish enthusiasm for breaking new ground, new vistas of research, sigh a little sadly when someone is drinking fine tea in front of you. You'll never get to try those meals Keddic recommended over in the Islands. But on the plus side... well, no more achy knees! And think of how much more reading you'll get done without having to sleep at night! Be a little surprised at how easy it is to transition, I don't think we can afford to appear weak just to maintain our charade.
No. 275122 ID: 1854db

We should probably inform Eisenhardt that we have that list of names he was after.
No. 275126 ID: a6fad5

On the subject of 'Soul Grave being burned by Soulfire' thing, perhaps it is because the Soulfire was fully aligned to Order? Black is associated with Order (e.g. Black Steel, with its antimagic properties, the most obvious use for Order), and I would imagine purely Order Soulfire, with Order's nature of absolute consumption, would ignore the defenses a Soul Grave has against Soulfire. That Mordre did not pick up the Chaos/Order alignment says something, though I do not know what.

Considering Weinsho turned into a mad abomination, I do not think Eisenhardt is allied with Weinsho. Eisenhardt's on the wall, with Ulzrick and Vespinto.
No. 275127 ID: 9a5057

If any state officials want to ask you difficult questions just at the moment, wave them away with an assurance that you will discuss matters with them soon, but right NOW the welfare of the people is a more pressing concern. Be a hub of activity, directing cleanup and relief tasks to your own forces. Have the dragon spawn assist with heavy lifting where required, geomancy the roads which have been destroyed by massive craters back together, and generally make a spectacle of being helpful. Just because the hard part is over does not mean the hard work is over.
No. 275129 ID: 5b95eb

Eat Keddic Blood. Eat souls.
No. 275130 ID: bdd665

first grab any souls that are avaible, then before we have our big public apperence make sure we clean ourself up a bit. Wipe off the blood magnetomance the dents out, we need to make a good impression.
No. 275135 ID: f88f02


loudness, clarity, distance. Make certain you have these.

"People of the State. Domintus is slain, nothing more than a soul forge. I will personally see to it that this heart of a real monster is handled in the proper means. A user of Soul Magic has also been handled. A massive onslaught of religious fanatics, their leader, their captains, have been destroyed. You are safe, but for the moment."

Pause, allow for the gathering of thought.

"It is clear that the State needs a group that can handle matters of great and powerful stature, like Domintus. A great blazing sword to cut away the darkness, so to speak. And in my mind, I know exactly who should put this force together."

"The Mage Mordre Executionary Army, or MMEA, is what I propose. I will lead a group of the greatest heroes and legends within the state - more so than I do already - and lend my great power to wiping clean this land of brigands, theives, and false takers of power."

Pause, yet again.

"I will accept all comers to this Force, so long as they understand they will be under MY orders, and my scrutiny. For a force made of singular forces is a sword made of air, but one united to a single cause is greater than any metal known to man. I ask for no funding but what is freely given, as I am quite capable of generating funds on my own. I only ask that I am officially recognized as having power over any individual officer of any outpost save the capital. Red tape cannot tie up this blade."


"I will be here until repairs to the capital are complete and will be assisting to the best of my ability. When you are prepared to form the MMEA... Find me. I am not a hard man to miss."

Now. Go forth and repair. This is but one step. We need to unify the State before we can rightly claim it, after all.
No. 275140 ID: ab04d4

...Not sure if support. I think setting up a Hitler Mordre Youth is pushing our credibility a bit.

I mean, if we get to be an immortal benevolent dictator, sweet- but I don't think the State would look on that too kindly. It's been just one battle, after all. Maybe after we assist with clean-up and allow the commoners to see Mordre helping around?
No. 275142 ID: ca4a17

Perhaps our "descent into death" is no longer necessary. The Dreameater has left an ample supply of still-living and soul-less bodies upon the battlefield. We already know that Mordre can migrate to or possess Souls Graves, but maybe we could evolve and extend this ability to somehow allow Mordre to be able to possess fleshly bodies. Out of all the still-breathing bodies, I'm sure we can find a suitable candidate for Mage Mordre's "body" and we could use our recent World Mage skin request to explain our youthfulness. With a human body, people would be more willing to follow  us instead of mysterious, but kind stranger that talks through a walking death machine from miles away. All we would have to do is detach our soul from the Soul Grave and make public appearance every so often and our public relations would skyrocket.

Before we can nom nom on souls, we have to clear the field of injured friendly soldiers. Since Burduko is currently out of commission, we should send all available troops to mark the locations and stabilize the injured, while we single handily deal with the remaining Domintus troops.

Domintus soldier and zealots have been taught to never fear death and to fight to the last man, they have forgotten the cold, hollow embrace of death, let us remind them. Activate the Dirge, erect massive stone and earthen walls around the entire enemy force, turn the ground beneath them into a bog of muck, and slowly close it around them while you walk into the cluster fuck. Every so often push the enemy back and cease all hostile action: if they reinitiate hostilities then proceed to slaughter a fair number of them before repeating the process again and again. Eventually the hostile force's morale shall be broken and they will no longer wish to willingly engage you once you have stopped moving, this is point where you demand their surrender or exterminate the remaining force.

Once the remaining Domintus force has been captured, march victoriously to the capital whilst manipulating our voice to resemble trumpets and musical instruments to dazzle the State and to proclaim victory.

Be prepared to have the State officials try to shuffle you off to the side or pull you into a private meeting to try to pull you from the spotlight. Assume that they know your intention to seize power.
No. 275143 ID: ca4a17

Instead of tearing out the Blood iron collected on the field, I think Mordre should instead begin filling his body with the blood itself. I predict that it would perhaps open further fields into blood magic or move Mordre's Soul Grave body closer to being "alive".
No. 275145 ID: bdd665

we need a way to keep the blood fresh/alive befor we can try this otherwise it will just rot
No. 275148 ID: ca4a17

Also regarding injured enemies upon the battlefield, we should provide them with healing and treatment (if they wish to live), in order, to ease hostilities and tensions between the State and the remaining Domintus forces we capture.
No. 275154 ID: ca4a17

Perhaps Bang could teach us some basic curatiomancy or maybe he could keep the blood fresh while we think of a work around.
No. 275161 ID: 5b95eb

Harvest blood iron. The normal stuff, make it into a belt or something. Or steal Daobo's idea and make some of it into a big jug and put the rest of it inside it. It's not useful for eating, beyond sating our hunger, but it's still good magnetomancy material, better than normal metal.
No. 275175 ID: a6fad5

Er, I am fairly sure, once the DoD are subdued, our cease-fire with Eisenhardt is at an end. Anything we do, I think, once that happens, needs to take into account Eisenhardt's reactions.

...Bad idea: until we can deal with Mordecai, getting too close to being considered alive is a risk--once Mordre starts being an Organic Soul Grave, the 'one soul for one body' thing becomes a problem, especially since Mordecai can just use his Soul Chaos to take over and absorb/consume all the other souls, including Mordre.

The two ideas are not mutually exclusive: make the Blood Iron belt hollow, with some exit/entry points for the iron dust.
No. 275177 ID: e3e261



Imagine we get the similar devotion like Stalin and Hitler got. [b] OUR BELIEF MAGIC WOULD SKYROCKET [\b]


Sheeet, how many belief sources will we be tapping then? God in Northern Mountains, Dragon in LoD, El Presidente in the State, plus we need to use the gold from Golden Axemans body to fully encase ourself for further tapping of belief associated with gold.
No. 275179 ID: ca4a17

The Organic Soul Grave risk is indeed a problem but that's if Mordre gains multiple artificial or organic organs and components. What I'm suggesting is merely a small step on the path to Mordre's Soul Grave body becoming organic, I don't think incorporating blood into Mordre's body will be enough to push him into the organic soul grave category and given the amount of power that we gain when Mordre mimic organic beings I think it is worth it.
No. 275180 ID: 69bee4

[spoilers]Two Hours
A speech by NaiveOne, for Morde

People of the state, I am the Mage Morde, and we now stand upon the precipice OF VICTORY!

[Let those two words sink in a moment.]

Two hours ago, this battle was all but over though in favor of the other side.
Two decades ago though, this would be unconscionable. For this was the Azelhaedran State! A force that even the Mosmorden empire had to recognize the strength of. A state where the mages faced the soul powers of the Mosmorden empire, and did not lose!
And yet it was not long ago I returned to this place, and found a village called Trekel. Instead of proud persons, I found a place protected only by the merits that it was far awar from the outposts and the capital.
A sheer irony isn’t it? That a place is protected by merit of distance, instead of proximity to those that were its supposed protectors. I remember voices of relief, that a ‘proper mage’ had arrived once again. I have met many a proper mage in my life, and disagree with the usage. There are two true types of mages, the competent, and the incompetent. One who is only a ‘proper mage’ with nothing to show is merely the incompetent trying to pretend.
Nonetheless, the state as is had a DECADE to solve this issue. I instead only gave myself two days. Imagine the gall, to solve the issues of years of decay, with nothing more than the tools of war? For in those early days, this golem and soldiers were my only possessions. A ‘proper mage’, a mage of a broken empire, would laugh at the folly, and resolve in some future date to handle them, and leave time to heal the wounds. What does a true mage though do, a competent mage? A true mage laughs at the face of reality each day! He demands that fire might obey his whims, that the rain would appear where there is none, that lightning help instead of harm, THAT HIS WILL BE DONE and that nothing stands in his way! I took but this golems, soldiers, and tools of war… and in the span of DAYS! I had freed the soil from the oppressors, the tasks that machines of war do; however, I did not let the folly of limits stand in my way! I had this golem till the fields, the soldiers build defenses, I spoke to those who had no home, those of Hashwood who had the ‘luxury’ of being closer to the ‘state control’. I sent to them a place that had just been reborn, that had no real way to handle them, but KNEW! Knew, that their rebirth was complete. In two hours of work, I had accomplished that considered impossible by proper channels and proper supplies.
Another problem was to be faced! For Bandits held out nearby in an outpost, threatening more still than just those of Hashwood should they not be obeyed. So much so that in order to defend themselves, a village forsook their ‘proper’ protections, and took up the title of Republic of Trepany. With little more than a militia and my forces, we took down forces that had held an outpost for over TWO YEARS! Growing stronger, stealing the secrets held within, and arming themselves in ways that threatened much broader safety. The village of Shellik was given our aid, and the food resources freed from banditry into profit and power! Resources that to this day, I know that have led to these villages thriving! Centers of trade, that have grown and been reborn as promised by the arrival of a true, working force! Of true safety! Of true ViCTORY!
And yet, reminders of the sacrifice made by negligence cannot be unforgotten. I was to soon visit what was Berluut. Only to find that all of the persons there were dead, slain by forces of some power, and aided by a man who had threatened me before. Approaching this, did I surrender, or turn my attentions to some broad concept of victory in order to appease my pride? NO! I immediately chased down, determined to bring to justice that who had slaughtered an entire village. I was on my own, left only with those that caused the fall of Berluut, and more forces headed their way. Did I surrender or flee, given to a proper sense of fear? No! the butcher was butchered! And I even found the time to aid the ‘proper’ forces of the state, to steel them a victory against these evils! This of course is only one area of losses, for who knows how many were truly loss in those YEARS. For the death of Berluut was not just ones actions, but actions allowed to happen because of th negligence that has likely killed many times more.
Look around you now
[begin floating towards the battlefield slowly, in a sweeping gesture, engage growing degrees of sadness in your voice]
So many threats were met here this day. Once again, things I can only conscionably say came about due to neglect. The forces of this fight were only so strong because I DARED… I believed that we could win. I can possibly see more clearly…. Maybe too much so due to this golem…. How many died. How may souls float around this battlefield. And for what? What did we gain? If you were to believe what is PROPER!
[mixture of sadness and rage]
Then this fight was for NOTHING! NOTHING! what would have been won by keeping the land that was already yours? The claims of those who wish to hold onto power, but not to expand it, not to use it to drive out those who threaten it, NOT TO ALLOW A PERSON TO GROW OR LIVE OR PROSPER! But to exist in a constant state of threat, against a growing power of those who would steal it or harm the defenseless. Those who were dared to be left defenseless when it mattered most, IT IS AN INSULT! IT IS TRADGEDY!
[silence for a moment, with an echoed sound that may sound like the sniffling or fall of tears. Then with hardened resolve]
At that time when we came, upon word of our victory, upon my personal aid to the military itself when it faced forces that sought to overwhelm it, when justice was brought to a butcher and his enablers, the ‘proper’ response was sent in, and instead of exuberance, instead of the promise of victory. Instead of the might, the resolve, the amount of time it truly takes when force is rightfully applied. I was instead treated with suspicion! Fear! And my appeals for things to be done against forces have gone ignored time and time again! There are things worse than mere bandits, forces that writhe in neglect and war, Demons of the earth! CORE BEINGS! And yet despite my appeals, a ‘proper mage’ it seems steels itself for the ‘acceptable losses’ that must occur. A ‘proper mage’ sits until the time is right, sits until the threat is gone. But I! I REFUSED! I wished to wait and see, to have aid, to minimize the losses such forces unleash. Despite two months of refusal to aid, I at least took the effort to slow down its resurrection! And with True Strength! With True Resolve! I REFUSE TO SEE THE STRONG DECAY! I REFUSE TO ALLOW THE DEFENSELESS TO EXISTS!
[pause a moment]
In these two hours, more has once again changed than in a decade of this state has offered. I find it an insult! I look at the forces that allowed battle at the capital for multiple days, and then my forces let it be resolved for them in two hours. In two hours, a decade of decay personified in war was brought from the grasp of victory, to now being slaughtered like the state of old would have. For that was the True Azelhaedran State. We do not need a ‘proper’ Azelhaedran Statle like we have seen for so many years, nor do we need to stand merely as the Azelhaedran state.
[louder, dynamic movement, possibly with soulfire burst at the end for dramatic effect, or the use of new light spawn]
I Intend to bring back the True Azelhaedran State. No longer shall those who were sacrificed to the ‘proper’ state have it be in vain and decay! In the honor of those who fought, who persevered, who dared defy what is proper for what is True. I Invite all who share this vision of a True Azelhaedran State to join me! For in the last two hours, we have slain or defeated Albert Weinsho, a powerful soul mage who led actions against the state, both Jak Strife and Aurockoth, forces that claimed to be MADE to defeat a creation such as this Soul Grave, who tore them down. Beyond that, for the Disciples, TODAY WE HAVE DEFEATED A GOD! Would a proper mage dare attempt these feats? I think the last long years can give you that answer. A single True Mage can defeat a god when it dares reality, what can a single unified True Azelhardran State do then? A place that mastered War and Mages, and still holds that power. I invite all of you to join me and find out! For I shall no longer stand by as I watch proper mages decay what has been built. This war has cleansed the slate of decay! The True Azelhardran State shall be awoken by the taste of victory once more! We have defeated a god in these last two hours! With the full support of a True State, WE SHALL ONLY NEED TWO MORE TO CLEAR THIS LAND OF THE FILTH AND BANDITRY THAT A DECADE OF NEGLECT HAS GIVEN IT!
No. 275185 ID: ca4a17

No. 275186 ID: 12323e


Small correction: Get somebody else (not affiliated with us, maybe paid off to do so) to put up statues in our honor.

We do have the World magic/Gialgorra machine-aided farms, don't we? Yes we're shipping some back to Drezken, but I hope there's plenty left over. Even if there isn't, have Dregas prioritize foodstuffs for a little while, or outright buy struggling farms to help them produce. And the south end of the State where Carkiano is set up contains most of the food stores to feed the country, as I recall. The southern push was stopped first, so I assume it remains less damaged than Central and Northern, let alone Eastern.

On top of that, considering what we've seen of the State military, it wouldn't surprise me much if they focused on repairing the Capital and State-controlled outposts and let the people fend for themselves.

We and Carkiano stand to gain from this in exactly the way we need. So spread food carts around in a generous way, until the name Carkiano or Mordre are synonymous with relief and survival. Send regular patrols - the air cavalry for us in Western and surrounding areas (hell, I bet our friendly neighborhood Soul Mage stripped his garrisons empty, go take them over so we have an inlet in the north), Carkiano's Hounds in Southern - until we become synonymous with protection, not the State.

If an army marches on its stomach, then how much more must a State?
No. 275187 ID: b0b61b

Find Eisenhardt, set up a private meeting. Ask Bobobo if he can locate the man our rival seeks, have Bobobo omit the name if possible. I think one of the reasons Eisenhardt didn't want anyone to know the name of the person he's hunting is because the man in question must have some sort of powerful belief magic working in place that activates when anyone learns his name. Also when we do find Eisenhardt and show him Bobobo:

"When you say that Weinsho was a visionary, that millions of lives could be saved if you had Del Rogo's axe... I believed you. But what good has come from this path? I don't get it Eisenhardt, who the hell could you be chasing to make you go through all this? Who could elicit more hatred from you than the disciples? I cannot give you the axe, nor can I attempt to talk you out of this grudge. Perhaps the subject is something you will never see fit to share with me, but I can at least give you this. -activate Bobobo search- I stole this opportunity from you when I thwarted Verther, now I'll give it back in whatever way I can. If you still wish to fight me, then let us begin. Should one of us perish this time, the resting place of a true warrior awaits."

I say this because Eisenhardt is barely restraining himself from ending us and everyone in a 500+ mile radius.
No. 275234 ID: d3dfb8

Send Akeakam and Murhyihal to Burduko
No. 275249 ID: 381275

We should also examine the Domintus' golem body for any hero souls or nexi that we can harvest.
No. 275250 ID: 259738

Yeah, we can't really teleport with Burduko down, so that'll have to wait.
No. 275261 ID: 0ee8db

We should also examine the Domintus' golem body for any hero souls or nexi that we can harvest.
No. 275294 ID: e6fc9f

I was wondering, what happened to Domintus' body?

Jack apparently gored a hole and go the core out, but what about the rest of it?
Surely some of his body remains for our dining pleasure.
No. 275306 ID: bdd665

sounds like jack used orderfire to burn it all
No. 275307 ID: 5f0943

And even if he didn't burn it all away, it was all bog standard iron anyway.
Of course, a large quantity of metal is always welcome, but still not a great loss.
No. 275310 ID: 1d9796
File 129614491443.jpg - (779.98KB , 3509x2550 , Mordre-chan3.jpg )


If Ekron can carry both of our healing spawns to Burduko as fast as possible, have him do that. If he can carry only one, have him travel at the speed of light to Burduko and bring his body here as fast as possible.
If Ekron can't do any of this, have Nidhogg carry the healing spawns to Burduko, then put Burduko on Nidhoggs back and carry him back while Mury and Akeakam work on him. It might be that they will be unable to help him and we'll have to use another core.
It goes without saying that Nidhogg should travel at top speed.

When Akeakam if finished, have him make a barrel and collect Keddics blood and limbs, not just blood iron. His Blood should be some of the most purest and potents ones ever, so we could put it to good use in future (for example infusing with core for making new spawns). And then store it in Rutgur so that they don't deteriorate.

If Ekron will not be busy use him in conjunction with couple of inferno golems, which we are going to summon, with the speech ( >>275180 and others )to make a awesome pyro-show with lightening and fire for further impressions.

Also, here's another drawing made by my 8-year old cousin. Ever since he saw me drawing he decided to join in... and who am I to not abuse this turn of events to try to milk out some bonuses?
No. 275311 ID: 21e57a

First, a request. I request that we stop using the Ruin Revolver for Chaos/Order explosions unless expressly requested.

>How do I make my approach from the far side of the remaining battle most suitably impressive given my goal to take over the State by popular support rather than might?

First, begin soul sucking. Make sure to identify any ally units as you march into the thick of it, aiming away from them. Activate the Hands of Hunger as he march into the battle, Aehroahquia, the Edge of Oblivion and the Sable Executioner sweeping back and forth. Anti-Vanguard Blade spinning through the army. "FALL UPON YOUR KNEES, YE OF DOMINTUS! I have carved out the heart of your god, and I will do the same to your souls lest you KNEEL!" Continue carving a swath of death through the center of the Disciples until they surrender.

Once they have been ended, send our fastest units out to find any State troops and have them healed and bring them to the head of our column. Any other State troops should be brought to our side as we march toward the capital. When Burduko comes to Welgahoo needs to be brought in - and I'm actually thinking that we should spend the time for Burduko to heal feasting on souls and healing the injured. And we are going to finally construct a building Spawn, one that can build a road and fix any damages dealt to the city itself. I suggest: Tallagga embodies the concept of CONSTRUCTION, in the form of MANY TOOLS and MANY HANDS. Set Tallagga to construct any demolished roads and structures of the state and Welgahoo to 'repairing' the damage dealt to the land so that behind our marching army the land grows green and pure once more.

>What kinds of things should I say as I actually reach the Capital proper?

[First of all, I know I can do no better than 'Two Hours'. I fully support that speech. However, I want to try my luck to add to it.]

"Warriors, look upon the great Capital. The Center of State, where the Seat of Reason use to sit. Those of you that are State Born, forgive me, but the losses today, the losses I have witness since I came to the State let me believe that this city is no more just, no more powerful then the towns of Trekel and others," Turn towards the city and say in a voice that will ring clear across the once-scorched battlefield. "That the weakness of the State grows daily and it is only from strong hearts and strong minds that we may rebuild the broken bodies and lands of this noble State." Look toward the great gates that Ulzrick and Vespinto and push them open with our magnetomancy. "I come not as tyrant or monster, but as hero, State. I bring you your sons, your daughters, your criminals all. I march into the Seat of your Reason not to dictate your path but to show you the way. I come to rebuild your fractured city, your fractured lands. I come to help you claim what is rightfully yours, if only you will accept my help."

>Assuming some sort of State official comes forward to speak with me, what kind of things would I say to them, and what questions do I anticipate being asked?

Questions that will be asked:
>"Who are you?"
"I am the Mage Mordre. God Sealer, Indelible Dragon of the East, The Ascendant, Mage-Commander of the Arcanoworks. Friend to the People, Vengeance of Berluut, and Protector of Trekel and surrounding towns."
>"What are you doing here?"
"I am returning a hero, all heroes who fought for you. I am here for the feast that will be given to the living, and the accolades that shall be given to the dead."
>"Who are your allies?"
"Numerous. These warriors of the state that, would it not for me, would have lost much in the defense of you. Those that I list as friend even more: The Army of the Arcanoworks; Magnum Bang The Human Dynamo, Annihilator Of Armies, Smasher Of Sieges, Cracker Of Castles, Masked Warrior of The Na-, ahem The Red Eye of the Dynamo who almost single-handedly slaughtered the Army of Albert Weinsho; Ellorika who has led my Golems; Vespinto, who held the gate, fought bravely and pantlessly, and blinded many a foe; Derkin, who now flies above you upon my Dragon The Army of the Blue Knight as well as Carkiano himself, and his brave children Valiria and the absent Vonjeen; The 17th Imperial Giant Brigade, the Metal Skulls of the Indelible and every warrior among them from Torruga the Tower of Rage that first assaulted the God Domintus to Jolfnir and Yomir. Others that do not stand among the column before you are many but three that aided the State in this battle are Ulzrick, of whom I have heard deemed the Ogre Swordsman from his feats of strength and bravery in the battle, and his Master The Metal Titan Eisenhardt who I am sure you all know; Sir Keddic Harksburton the 4th, The White Lion who fought the The God Of Blades to a standstill and the first man I met in State who stood up for the common man and his Master, The Lined One. Also, although I name them not among my allies, the Guards of Vimes, as well as Vimes himself, and Alexander Armstrong are among the slain, and should be remembered this day for their sacrifice."
>"What do you want?"
"Now? Nothing but a hero's welcome, as I have said. Later...Later shall come later."
>"What do you think you're doing?"
"Entering your city, unless you mean saving the State from annihilation."
>"How did you save us/do that?"
"With my friends. I am afraid I will talk of my tactics with none but your ruler."
>"What are you going to do now?"
"Now, I shall march through your streets to help build your city anew, then to the finest dining hall this city hand, and then I will speak to your ruler."

Mordre, be wary of Quinton Delevas. He might not be here in person but he might have influence and he might oppose you and he knows the most about us. If someone does bring up Quinton and mention that they know you, or have heard of what you did for the state:
"Ah, yes, Quinton. I do believe I should apologize to him. He did request that I inform him of my travels but as the State and the Capital were under siege I saw it in the States' best interest if I immediately assisted in routing the army. If he is here, I must speak with him." When you do speak with him, get him to see our side of the conflict. Get him on our side, even if it's just fact-tracking his career because we will now be ruler and he can be one of our advisors. We can use any influence he has to further the legitimacy of our own rule.
No. 275313 ID: 1d9796

Don't use the building spawns just yet. Wait for few days at least. I want the for sun come up and State to see the massive geographic alternations brought by this massive battle so that the scale of the battle will be able to sink in easier.

Also, don't use "hero" too much in the speech. It's sounds kind of selfish ans self-serving.

Other than that, it's pretty bitching speech.
No. 275321 ID: 5f0943

>Don't use the building spawns just yet. Wait for few days at least. I want the for sun come up and State to see the massive geographic alternations brought by this massive battle so that the scale of the battle will be able to sink in easier.

>Also, don't use "hero" too much in the speech. It's sounds kind of selfish ans self-serving.

Agreed on both accounts.
No. 275325 ID: 21e57a

See, I'm thinking that if we walk in, and our Building Spawn and Environmental Spawn leave the battlefield ground pristine, with the road new rolling behind us. We move back, making camp past the craters, and bring the troops there. We bring focus to there, focus on our giant crater. Then, once Burduko awakens and returns us Welgahoo and Bang and any healers deal with the wounded, we march, healing the land.

Anyway, we called ourselves hero once in the speech, and the Question and Answer section we use 'hero' twice and is used to describe the state troops that are marching at the head of our column and the food and accolades they deserve. I mean, we can't have a hero's feast unless we're gonna kill the entire Capital.
No. 275326 ID: 21e57a

Oh, and we need to ask Ozmand how he likes the two Deep Spawn we gave him. And ask the two Deep Spawn how they like being bound to our Guns. And we should also see if we can talk to Aehroahquia. Then we need to find and reclaim the Matryoshka Armor.
No. 275328 ID: d4f98d

Just FYI, we can't direct our soul suck.

Save the Soul Sucking for Cleanup operations AFTER we address the state. They'll persist for a day or so.
No. 275333 ID: 21e57a

Afterward, we're gonna hopefully be going into politics. We're not really gonna be able to go soul cleaning for at least a week or two afterward, oh yeah and then we have to go deal with Timmy.
No. 275349 ID: bdd665

Eat all the souls we can, at the moment theres no one around who would notice
No. 275400 ID: 5b95eb

> It might be that they will be unable to help him and we'll have to use another core.

I think he's just unconscious from exhaustion, but I'm seconding shoving a third core in Burduko. I mean, look how helpful he was during this fight!
No. 275426 ID: e6fc9f

How about we boost another spawn
One that has been just as useful as Burduko and has remained unrewarded
One that can be even more fearsome.

Phohn is our communication spawn, he speaks into the minds of men and coordinates our struggle.
I say we give him another core, this one focused around subjugation, control, if you will.
This way Phohn will not only be able to enter the minds of men, but manipulate them. Twist their thoughts to favour us and bring weak ones under control.

Some of you may think that our allies would not look favorably on this, and rightly so, but consider this; In this recent struggle, would it not have been useful to control the minds of the opponents, to cause them to cease fighting or turn them against one another?
To turn enemies into allies? Soliders for our cause?

If it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth, how about simply focusing on Improving his skill, giving him the ability to see more, deeper, to access memories and connect to those therein.

Think on these things.
No. 275436 ID: 66d7bb

As long as that means that people affected or people with too strong of a will cannot track the attempt back to Phohn.

Also, iirc, Phohn needs a permission from the person to enter their minds to speak to them ... of course, this upgrade might make it so that it is not needed anymore.

And this upgrade if pretty damn useful right at this moment, our speech will have a massive impact increase if we use upgraded Phohn.

Okay, lets do this! We are making this happen!

Also, use Keddics blood (the only extra materials we have at the moment) during the infusing process. That might make Phohns upgrade even more awesome than it normally would have.
No. 275440 ID: f88f02

THirding mass mind control Phohn
No. 275451 ID: d4f98d

I'm personally all for upgrading Phohn, but I'd prefer allowing Phohn's merger to develop as it will, rather than trying to force it toward a specific goal.
No. 275452 ID: e05a2c

Mind reading! We did it to Eisenhardt during the battle. Trying to improve that might be the best path to follow.
No. 275461 ID: 259738

souls don't persist for a day or so, not sure where you are getting that from.
No. 275463 ID: 259738

In a week there won't be any souls to clean up. Except possibly soul mages.
No. 275487 ID: a6fad5
File 129617675913.jpg - (87.58KB , 1000x678 , Mordre Wings.jpg )

So, I just had a potentially worrisome thought: the purpose of Pristine Soul within the Blue Devil was to prevent the other souls within the Blue Devil from forming a conglomerate capable of becoming a threat to its pilot. Considering that we have deactivated the Pristine Soul, wouldn't it eventually form a gestalt consciousness, likely fairly soon as the other example of multiple souls residing in one body, Oggroth, had problems less than a month later. As well, taking the situation of Oggroth, the resulting gestalt would all remember being killed by Mordre, which would likely result in a desire for vengeance upon Mordre, and will work to destroy us. Considering that, as the holder of the key to the Blue Devil's true form, and one who also has a reason to desire Mordre's destruction, Jak probably will ally with the gestalt.

On an altogether different subject, here's a drawing of Mordre, Pyromantically manipulating the fire generated by the thrusters and the Soulfire from the maw into six wings (along with some other stuff, like souls being consumed); the wings should be somewhat impressive, right, even if they don't have too much practical use, at this point?

Also, perhaps, since the belt is made entirely out of Blood Iron, Mordre could use Magnetomancy (preferably World-based, because World and Blood magic works well together, and, since Eisenhardt's here, there should be a Leyline near to the surface) to cause the Iron to flow, generating Blood Magic?

Well... Given that we have our healing Spawn here, could Murhyihal and spawn just heal those with wounds that would qualify them for being susceptible to our soul-suck? We could do the 'slow walk of soul consuming doom' (...or something to that effect) so we won't outpace the healing.
No. 275505 ID: 259738

Agreed, if we use a core on Phohn, don't try to force it to develop in a particular way. Voting for core use, though.
No. 275516 ID: 9a5057

Wait, why are we in favor of generically upgrading phohn to see what happens? How did that even get on the table? Has he been feeling tired lately? Upgrading him to effect mind control I at least understand. I disagree with it, but at least I understand it. Phohn is like the one example we have of a deep spawn who has been up to doing his job no matter how hard we push him in doing it.

(The MAIN reason I am against seeking mass mind control is the same reason I was against deep spawn in charge of making our strategy decisions. Its implementation would have the effect of making something I enjoy about the quest go away. Morality/consequence concerns are secondary.)
No. 275523 ID: 5b95eb

-1 to shoving a core in Phohn. For one thing, I really doubt it would have the intended effect, for another, shit, the guy's growing fine as it is, and will definitely grow faster once we get him to be communication for The State, which we'll own.
No. 275529 ID: 21e57a

As we use the Blood Iron in Mordre to use Blood Magic, I suppose it would be the same. Just wondering why would make a belt rather then just adding blood.
No. 275533 ID: 5b95eb

To get more mangetic stabbing material.

Though, with the blade canister, it's less important now.
No. 275538 ID: 21e57a

Yeah, I'm kinda in agreement. Why would we need to add a soul to an already functioning Deep Spawn?
No. 275553 ID: 259738

To make him do his job better? To take away some of his limitations?
No. 275604 ID: a76809
File 129619296480.jpg - (28.15KB , 600x803 , Lenryt Pops in for backup.jpg )

[Nope, unless specifically told otherwise I will assume you are using the cannon in its most powerful format, IE Chaos Order collision shots. This does not mean he automatically goes for his full speed relativity shot, but will go with the Soul Grave combat algorithm defaults for how much force to dedicate to identified targets. Also you CAN'T selectively target your soul sucking, that's the whole point, its an indiscriminate, violent AoE ability-you'd need to be as good as Weinsho or Mordecai to change that, even Kyorto couldn't help you, since Mordecai already altered it into this.]
My first priority, with no active threat to be found, is to clean the Domintus camp of souls, and replenish my slowly dwindling supply. But I nevertheless set aside the Pure lady and a handful of male aged mages as potential vessels to possess-why not plan for eventual court appearances-and then set to feasting. With how much death has run rampant here, much remains to be claimed.


Amidst the wealth of common soldiers, I find those mass mages, and while they teach me little individually, enough were slain....

[Fanart Bonus, Ekron can carry both]
...Phohn, have Ekron bring Murhyihal and Akeakam to the Gialgorren Islands, see what they can do for Burduko.
At once Administrtor Mordre

>-It takes one minute to summon one, fifteen foot tall clay siege golem, of comparable strength, if not durability, mobility or lethality, to Mordre.
>-Multiple can be summoned, but all summoned golems require energy to be constantly supplied to persist, with costs rising linearly.
>-Clay siege golems require general orders in the same sense that Soul Soldiers do.
>-At ten thousand souls, ten Clay golems could be sustained at once. Sustaining a Golem effectively means devoting potential Geomancy of your soul/Soul Grave to their maintenance-it does not mean you lose magic, it means you can't call on Geomancy while maintaining them.

Oh, so the trick to their golems-sustained crafting... this is within the realm of emulation, and looks quite exploitable given the breadth of my Magic expertise. Excellent.


I finish my aerial cascade of ravenous feasting, claiming the few surviving wounded and the freshly dead alike, wiping the battlefield that was the Domintus camp clean of that spark of life.


Well, there are obviously more in the battlefield before me... but intermingling friendlies, and the potential bad image... I deduce that ultimately, I must ignore the even greater bounty, in favor of a more political sort of power.

[Triple Fanart Bonus]
[Fanart Bonus]
After my mighty feast, during which time the Domintus forces continue to be routed, I cast one last look at my completely slagged overarmor pieces scattered about the field, before taking off, leaving the eleven bodies behind in the now completely soulless graveyard that was the Domintus camp. I turn my newfound Pyromantic mastery into teasing and twisting, stretching and spreading the output of my thrusters, creating translucent wings of flame that glitter in the night sky, no longer lit by Ekron's presence. I move slowly, making sure I catch the eye of the State defenders-as I keep a hand on the Ruin Revolver, Inverting conventionally accelerated rounds with easy, the regeneration of my Deep Spawn barrels letting me fire an unending staccato burst over my slow approach, peppering the enemy forces as glass-bottomed craters end up having a terminal habit of falling on the densest pockets of Domintus Forces, their already weakening structure so shattered that my allies start completely overrunning them in my wake.

At this point, the Azelhaedran State defenders have largely stopped even trying to fight, the majority gaping open mouthed as we steamroll through the Domintus forces, several thousand falling each second between all that assails them-and during our approach, I call out, with a cavalier, eccentrically friendly charm I feel has become natural to my persona.

"Friends, Azelhaedrans, Countrymen! In this, our time of triumph[b], on the cusp of our valiant victory over the Domintus forces- I ask that you lend your ears to Old Mage [b]Mordre!"


As Domintus forces start doing what is supposed to be unthinkable to them and begin throwing down weapons, those few thousands remaining, as I build steam, unable to ask for a more rapt and silently attentive audience than this.

" Two hours ago, this battle was all but over[ in favor of the other side! Two decades ago though, this would be unconscionable, for such a force to even be such a dire threat! For this was the Azelhaedran State! A force that even the Mosmorden empire had to recognize the strength of! A state where the mages faced the soul powers of the Mosmorden empire, and did not lose! -It was not long ago I returned to this place, and found a village called Trekel. Instead of proud citizens confident of the safety of their State, I found a place protected only by the merits that it was far away from the outposts and the capital. A sheer irony isn’t it? That a place is protected by merit of distance, instead of proximity to those that were its supposed protectors. I remember voices of relief, that a ‘proper mage[/b]’ had arrived once again. I have met many a 'proper' mage in my life, and disagree with the usage. I have seen many called proper that were merely political sycophants, thinking only of their position- And NOT of their responsibility to the people, to the lands they live in! Nonetheless, the state as is had a DECADE to solve the troubles of this State. I instead only gave myself two days. Imagine the gall, to solve the issues of years of decay, with nothing more than my my apprentice and some tools of war? For in those early days, this golem and a score of loyal soldiers were my only possessions, my apprentice my only companion. A ‘proper mage’, a mage of a broken empire, would laugh at the folly to try with so few resources. A 'proper' mage would resolve that, come some future date, they would surely handle them, and leave time to heal the wounds. What does a true mage do then, a competent mage? A [u]true mage laughs at the face of realities restrictions each day! He demands that fire might obey his whims, that the rain would appear where there is none, that lightning help instead of harm, THAT HIS WILL BE DONE/[i] and that nothing stands in his way! I took but this golem, soldiers-tools of war… and in the span of [i]DAYS!/b] I had freed the soil from the oppressors, such a task as one would expect machines of war to perform; [b]however, I did not let the folly of limits stand in my way! I had this golem till the fields, the soldiers build defenses, I spoke to those who had no home, those of Hashwood who had the ‘luxury’ of being closer to the ‘state control’. I sent to them a place that had just been reborn, that had no real way to handle them, but KNEW! Knew, that their rebirth was complete. In two hours of work, I had accomplished that considered impossible by proper channels and proper supplies, by a state that has lost its noble luster. Another problem was to be faced! For Bandits, the plague of the State outlands, held out nearby in an outpost, threatening more still than just those of Hashwood should they not be obeyed. So much so that in order to defend themselves, a village forsook their ‘proper’ protections, and took up the title of Republic of Trepany, doing what they could to defend THEMSELVES since none else would. With little more than a village's militia and my forces, we took down forces that had held an outpost for over TWO YEARS! Growing stronger, stealing the secrets held within, and arming themselves in ways that threatened much broader safety. With them thwarted, I could not rest-for what of those still oppressed, still hungering for freedom, for their old prosperity? The village of Shellik was given our aid, and they turned food resources freed from banditry into profit and power! Resources that to this day, I know have helped lead these villages to the thriving state they now enjoy once more! Centers of trade, that have grown and been reborn as promised by the arrival of a true, working force! Of true safety! Of true PRIDE in their homeland, and their corner of it! Even in the ashes of despair, hope-no, JUSTICE was to be found. I soon visited what was Berluut-Only to find it razed, citizens unjustly and cruelly killed, slain by forces they could not withstand. Approaching this, did I retreat to ponder ramifications, or turn my attentions to some broad concept of victory in order to appease my pride? NO! I immediately chased the perpetrators down, determined to bring to justice those who had slaughtered an entire village. I was on my own, left only with those that caused the fall of Berluut, and more forces headed their way. Did I hesitate or withdraw, Upon seeing the scope of the battlefield my quarry had fled to? No! The butcher was butchered! And I even found the time to aid the ‘proper’ forces of the state, to give them a victory against such villains as still control so many of this state's outposts! "

I pause, as the last din of battle ceases to clamor behind me, and I float closer to the main Capital gate, Eisenhardt fixing me with a knowing frown intermingled with far more complex emotions as Ulzrick, Vespinto-and Ozrick, Ozmand's disciple I met long ago-all grin like idiots, still clearly basking in the glow of victory. I see thousands upon thousands of faces glued on me, not just soldiers but builders and workers-even those with the clean, expensive look of politicians, of officials. I decide to conclude my speech before they get close enough to disturb my rhythm-My first impression will be striking, no matter what they may try.

Ekron has reached the Gialgorren Islands, comrade Burduko receives treatment. comrades Murhyihal and Akeakam conclude it exhaustion, and will have him awake shortly

In these two hours, more has once again changed than in a decade of this state's current administration. I find it an insult to the proud people of Azelhaedra! I look at the leaders, the decision makers that allowed such battle at the capital for multiple days, unable or unwilling to fend off such a threat to this nation's heart-and then I look to my forces, who forced resolution in a mere two hours. In two hours, a decade of decay personified in the slow crush of an invasive siege, to now repelling such dogs like the State of old would have! For that was the True Azelhaedran State. We do not need a ‘proper’ Azelhaedran State like we have seen for so many years, mired in bureaucracy and indolence as decay continues to bring a once mighty nation down, nor do we need to simply stop the rot and resist further losses!

Those in finery pushing through the crowds have far more troubled faces than before, and several become more agressive, more desperate in their approach-as I see lights in the eyes of onlookers, a glimmer of hope, of a nostalgic desire for 'the good old days' being tapped, turned to my favor. I pick up my voice just as I see one of the officials attempting to speak over me.

"I Intend to bring back the True Azelhaedran State! No longer shall those who were sacrificed to the ‘proper’ state have spent their lives to defend what is now a shadow of its former glory! In honor of those who fought, who persevered, who dared defy what is proper for what is True, for those that simply did what had to be done and protected their home. I Invite all who share this vision of a True Azelhaedran State to join me! For in the last two hours, we have defeated Albert Weinsho, a well-known 'hero' of the Mosmordren War, a powerful soul mage who committed vile crimes in the pursuit of power, who directed his malicious influence against the state-we drove off Aurockoth the Reaper Made Flesh, that living weapon that no longer knows friend from foe, The Pure Lady was slain as were the last three Knight Captains with her, even her Soul Grave was bested-in all, forces that all threatened the State-TODAY WE HAVE DEFEATED A GOD! Would a proper mage dare attempt these feats? I think the last long years can give you that answer. A single True Mage can defeat a god when it dares reality, what can a single unified True Azelhardran State do then? A place that mastered War and Mages, and still holds that power. I invite all of you to join me in reclaiming the powers of the past and paving the way for future glory! For I shall no longer stand by as I watch proper mages decay what has been built. This war has cleansed the slate of decay! The True Azelhardran State shall be awoken by the taste of victory once more! We have defeated a god in these last two hours!"

The crowds enthused din, the murmurs of excited consideration, feeding off the priase I give them in sharing the credit for what were largely my accomplishments. I can practically feel their egos swell, and a general sense of Chaos, of Change, begins to overtake the crowd, still glued to me-and far more invested, as I see many of the officials now shouting, calling out to soldiers that don't respond, a look of restored national pride gleaming in their eyes. I prey on this human weakness to always yearn for past glory, combining it with the ample competence I and my forces just displayed. Not only do the State citizens seem enthused, the soldiers all look ready to follow, obviously expecting me to lead them to a glorious victory as a self titled, self proven 'True' Mage..... and perhaps see if I am worthy of their respect. Many reasons can compel a man-and I tap one of the most basic:

Just before the resounding shout, a set of magically amplified voices call out, a last gamble to preserve their order.


Military habit kicks in and the soldiers stop, looking back to a collected group of those in regal attire, before turning back to me, looking for an answer.... I have the feeling they will check what I say, what proof could I offer-

"I believe I have a solution."
-That whisper-
"In fact, I can smooth several complications obstructing your climb to national power now and soon to come."
Lenryt what-

A soft, girlish voice, swollen without distortion to shake the ground yet no louder than a scream presses down on the world as Lenryt speaks more openly-and in Eisenhardt's eyes I see genuine fear, cautiously restrained.


The night sky is stained brilliant lavender and violet, periwinkle and indigo all weaving together, solid light that writhes and twists, space folding in what must be an unnecessarily flashy entrance-

As into existence does the little girl Lenryt appear, the transpacial weight of her soul suppressed for now as her intensely violet eyes look up, from her perch midair on what appears to be a slightly aged and exceptionally plush armchair, the pieces of some board game floating amidsts sparks above her hand as she continues, her voice now softer-yet still shaking the world. I see rancid fear in the faces of several officials, but only admiration among the populace-many clearly recognizing the Grand Elder Mage, one of the now five Elder Mages, slayer of the other two. ...What is she.

"I am aware many among you know who I am, and as you likewise understand I have many duties I must attend to, I shall be direct. I came here because the Esteemed Mage Mordre here, operator of this Soul Grave you see here, has earned an Honorary title as Master of both Spatial Manipulation and Golemcraft, and is to be accorded the same respect as a Master Mage of the Mortal Coil itself. I believe the fact he is being given such prestige would be adequate proof he is sufficiently trustable and likewise capable to accomplish what he has proposed-would you not agree, Honorary Master Mage Mordre?"

"With this," she continues within the shielded walls of my mind, blindly casting her words into my thoughts.
"I do believe I have caught you. Attempt to reject what I propose-which will become quite legitmate, I assure you, and can been spread to every Mortal Coil outlet in an hour-and your attempt to wrest control of the state into your own hands fails. Accept, and be gifted with a set of teleportation rings one hundred feet in diameter keyed to your soul, placed at the capital and every Magitech Research Outpost in the state, all eighteen, including the Arcanoworks, Blue Knight's three, Weinsho's three, the remaining State controlled four, and the seven remaining controlled by bandits, outlaws, vagabonds mercenaries. It should perfectly back your claim of Spatial Mastery, only able to be activated by your soul, and the Golemcraft can explain your remote manipulation, your pet World Parasite and minion Deep Spawn. In short, it makes your proposal easily able to be accomplished in hours and will make your attempt to claim control by popular support as likely of success as I estimate it can without destroying the mortal's suspension of disbelief."

She smirks so softly, so coquettishly as her piercing gaze flicks my way, and the runes on my skull sizzle.

"As you decided you will deny me access to your thoughts, you must choose to either end up serving me anyway, or see your carefully wrought plans fall to ruin. I will not allow a Piece as influential as you to run about unknown and outside of my domain."

She tips her head incrementally as she adds a finishing flourish to her mental commentary, smile now knowing... and strangely gentle. ...I still sense no active threat from her, despite-

"The choice, of course, remains yours, as it should. Now, Mordre, aberration that claimed true existence for itself..... choose your path."


Should I accept Lenryt's twist to my introduction to the state, effectively insuring my successful takeover while making me an agent of Lenryt, even if vicariously? If so do I want to target Weinsho's based first, or some of the Bandit outposts?
Should I reject her intrusion, and attempt to soldier on and still claim public support? If so how do I plan to recover, and what should I say?
>Pick one or the other please.
No. 275617 ID: 5b95eb

Phohn up Arkus and ask him is he knows anything about something called a World Parasite. Hell, ask Ulzrick too.

Other suggestion in a bit.
No. 275622 ID: 252e1b

Take the deal, but ask for a contract outlining all your responsibilities to her.
No. 275623 ID: 76a2b7

Accept. While the kid's definitely got a mischievous streak, she's been pretty honorable about keeping to bargains made from what I recall. And legitimacy can only help the situation here. Lastly I'm mostly just curious as to how this little game is going to play out to the end.

As to a target, why only pick one? Send the golem armor unit out along with Derkin and the air cav to smash some bandits and put on a bit show for your adoring public.

Bang/Keddic and maybe Ulzrick/Vespinto with some backup can raid one of Weinsho's bases in the meantime.

As for yourself, you might want to check on your local backyard abomination. While getting all of your affairs in order at the same time, of course.
No. 275625 ID: b0b61b

"I'm fine with you stacking the odds in your favor, I can honestly say I'd do the same. I can accept being your agent, so long as your other pawns accept their lives being forfeit in challenging me. Granted, I won't start going around murdering your servants on a whim- but hell, your pets really need to learn that attacking me is NOT a good idea. Just saying."
No. 275629 ID: e05a2c

I think we should accept.
That said, we should find out all of the the responsibilities and duties she requires.

This may just be the honest fool talking;
I think we should tell Lenryt that while she has secured the outward showings of support, she has not obtained out personal loyalty. In fact manhandeling us like this make it more likely for us to betray her at some point.
No. 275632 ID: e05a2c

I also hate her for such a masterful manipulation.
No. 275634 ID: 259738

Take the deal. The important thing is that we get control over State affairs. And free teleport rings? Totally worth it. We have to play nice with Lenryt, at least until we have the power to oppose her, which right now we certainly don't.
No. 275635 ID: d3dfb8

A compromise perhaps?
I fully intend to join The Mortal Coil, making you my effectively my master, but I wish to do so of my own power. I have several theories that simply require writing down and submitting. This way you get to have control of my actions and I get to consider myself a free... 'man'.
No. 275638 ID: e05a2c

I like this.
No. 275640 ID: 69bee4

Activating a plan I have had for awhile. This has actual use, in that if we can awaken the little girl Lenryt, it will be to our benefit. Accepting any help, have more on the way.

That’s a Morde.

In this world we see, where soul is king
When Soul Grave meets the Everest of Mage here’s what they say.

When the round hits your eye like a big pizza pie.
That’s a Morde
When the world seems to shine, and she can speak in your mind
She’s near a Morde.
The dirge will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you’ll sing about that Everest.
Hearts will rend tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay and away
Like a gay tarantella (of your body being ripped away)

My power will make you drool, and you will be an assimilated soul-ghoul
That’s a Morde
When you dance to her desires like a loon, just to receive a boon
You’re in her grasp.
When you walk down her time frozen dream, and a cloud of souls you both eat
Dreaming soul buffet
Scuzza me, but you see, back in Mosmordre
That’s amore.

When the moon itself bows down, and you float off the ground
She’s for a Morde
When the world seems to shine, and your status is near divine
She’s for a Morde
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you’ll sing “Vita Soula”
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Until they become one with ya

When eventually the stars will be pooled, to sustain your mana mule
That’s a Morde
When you dance down the street, just to be more ham-m-y
Your in love
When you walk down a dream, of magneto-mancy
Dreaming pair of aberrancy
Scuzza me, but to me, all powerful lady
That’s amore

(Lucky golem)

When the souls they all are your spool, and they power us two
That’s amore
When you control heat with a beam, but can invert you see
That’s a Morde
Scuzza me, but you see, in old Mosmor-dre
That’s how you make the all powerful smile.
(besides with a pony of doom)
No. 275641 ID: 259738

Make it clear to Lenryt that we are perfectly willing to work with her, but she should ask, rather than order. We are more valuable when she lets us mostly do our own thing.
No. 275647 ID: d3dfb8

Remember your humble beginnings?
You've not come this far just to lose everything now.
No. 275648 ID: 259738

And the anti-mind reading runes are less about Lenryt and more about people reading our mind and finding out that we happen to be Anathema.
No. 275651 ID: 07ff63

She is desperate.
As she said, we are an influential piece.
Everywhere we go, we set things in motion, or very presence disturbs the worlds peace.
And now she is desperate because she can no longer read out thoughts, no longer can she know the length and breadth of our plans with a simple thought.

At least before, she could keep an eye on our movements and ever so subtly, maneuver us to her advantage, but now that she cannot, she must control us; After all, what better way to ensure you don't get bitten than to command the dog?
Other than killing it of course.
Which raises another question as to why she has not ended us (or if she will if we refuse)

Going against Lenryt would lead to a life of hardship and toil. There are a few ways we could come out of this rather even, but all of them very risky.

So with that in mind, I say we accept the deal.
No. 275653 ID: 5b95eb

First, explain that the Mental Block was just another way to keep undercover, from those that might wrest your secret from your mind, and has already proved useful in deflecting metal contact that might have otherwise gone quite badly.

Second, Hoo boy yeah I'm not at all in favor of accepting. Anything more serious than "She comes and asks a favor, and in return gives us shit" puts me off now. I'm actually in favor of ending even that after we finish our current job, or just declining the new few ones.

Don't we value our independence? We turned down her last job offer. And The State! We cannot have it, if we were to become leader, run and jump at Lenryt's call! Ok, well, it probably already does being a big magic research place, but that's not the point. I was fine with becoming a vassal, way back when she offered it to us on first contact, when it was pretty much us, and a small group that followed us. A good warband. But if we were to succeed in this, we'd have a country! Full of people. I'd not feel right putting them practically under the control of Lenryt.

There's more to this rant but I'm tired. I'll finish it up later, if I remember.

Decline, politely, but firmly. Mention that you had declined the previous offer for a reason, and now you've got a bigger one, your duty to the State and its people. You cannot be doing this and that at the demans of the Mortal Coil, etc etc holy dicks it's 1 am
No. 275654 ID: 5b95eb

Also, forget the Mortal Coil, you'll make your own mage society, with hookers, and blackjack! Wait no this is stupid.
No. 275656 ID: 259738

Lenryt could probably just turn the entire country into her mind-puppets if she wanted, though. Given that, I'm not sure why the State doing stuff she says is a big deal.
No. 275657 ID: f6360f

Oh, Lenryt. When she has so much power and could make us like her so very easily, why twist things so that we have something to resent? What's her angle in doing so?

Regardless, it would be foolish of us to refuse her open endorsement at this point, as she well knows- her plan is most elegantly crafted. As for serving her anyway... well, I do believe that our bargain from the day we met was that we'd work with her in mutually beneficial situations. No reason not to retain good relations until the day we ascend past her, and that day is yet rather removed.

A possible gamble/push for others' review and analysis: After accepting/thanking Lenryt for her declaration, this might be a good opportunity to mention the necessity of scouring the battlefield of the recently dead's souls, citing the Core Being risk inherent in leaving them to dissolve. That would either get her to clean them up or give us an excuse to do so ourselves, both of which I would frankly consider a good result (though one obviously better than the other).
No. 275659 ID: 69bee4

[spiler]Poem #2[/spoiler]
Ode to the Devious

As a golem standing fifteen feet tall.
And Souls by the thousands, they can so fall.
I must respect those of more power so,
For a woman to respect, power is what goes.
For you girl, who is yet so much more hey.
I see you as a perfect match for he Morde.
For you have me now, I am at your throes.
Stealing a man’s heart is usually enough
But for this girl, its become my vassal
And any other answer Is ignored.
A promise of power, the choice is quite tough.
Taking your offers my love, I a raffle.
But to be by your side, is how it is scored.
No. 275661 ID: d3dfb8


Your soul is so fresh
It shows so much innocence
Let me teach it death

Oh, you are so small
Your being fills me with dark love
Let me show you it
No. 275662 ID: 259738

...are we hitting on the little nigh-omnipotent girl? Is that the plan? really?
No. 275664 ID: 3b2c44

+1 to Accept

The World Parasite is Moss.
No. 275665 ID: 5b95eb

Yes, I know the world parasite is Moss. I'm asking them about it because they might have some knowledge about World Parasites, but didn't know Moss was one, or something. We might learn more about Moss, and it hardly hurts to ask.
No. 275667 ID: 69bee4

The actual plan goes something like this: There are hints that the little girl Lenryt may still exist beyond the near annihilation that occured when the Waunderer appeared. Bob has noted that the Waunderer wants to revive her soul if possible. If this mindset, combined with say a yetiskin cap and dragon cloak cause Lenryt to develop a crush on Morde, this would likely bring her soul back. If this happen, the Waunderer is grateful, and the girl has a crush on us, its a helpful result.
No. 275671 ID: 903f16
File 12961993317.png - (279.98KB , 829x710 , Golem Date.png )

Crayola Mordre returns at the behest of NaiveOne.
No. 275674 ID: 12323e
File 129619948420.jpg - (180.23KB , 1700x2338 , lenryts new groove 001.jpg )

Cunning little World Eater, isn't she? Turning around and denouncing an Elder Mage would kill us politically; she has us by the short hairs, no mistake.



I say, +1 to agree. Hers has always been a mutually beneficial arrangement for us. We grow in power, she grows in power; give and take. But with one caveat; we don't want to serve Lenryt explicitly. Put it to her this way: it might come in useful, being able to say down the line that we are not, strictly speaking, an agent of hers if asked under Seeing. Plausible deniability, as they say.

Also, we forgot her yeti-fur cap! By the power of this crappy fanart (that makes her look more like Ugrokk than Lenryt, a great artist I am not), let it be done! The mark on the brow is Elder Furthark for The World. Tweak her nose a bit, let her know we ain't stupid.
No. 275676 ID: 69bee4
File 12961999551.png - (1.36MB , 907x1023 , thatsaMordre.png )

Posting on Behalf of Glue-Mote. A busy, busy person.
No. 275678 ID: 69bee4
File 129620004596.png - (403.15KB , 764x1023 , pieces_3.png )

Posting for Glue-Mote #2
No. 275699 ID: 9a5057

Guys, I don't know if we can just answer her directly without saying the words out loud. She can't read us anymore. We might have to give our response by talking normally, and I don't think all these things are things we want to say out loud. D:

for continuing the chat to the people, I wish to say something along the lines of: "Oh my goodness, I am accepted based on THOSE old papers? Well this IS a surprise. I rather believed they had been rejected ages ago. My current research topics have proven so much more exciting, I rather expected THEM to be my REAL thesis. Theses. Thesises? Theses. yes. Hehehe wait till Toledo hears about this. Just wait Lenryt, if you were impressed by my old work, what I am working on now will astound you! Oh, what? the volume modulation! Um. Yes. Hello Azelhaedran State... Blast it all, where was I?"
No. 275713 ID: 259738

Do this.
No. 275730 ID: f88f02

No. 275731 ID: 252e1b

I like this, it's Hammy and in-character.
No. 275735 ID: 5b95eb

We can still shoot over thoughts. They just sort of have to "addressed" to her, if you get my meaning.
No. 275736 ID: 5b95eb

Also, +1
No. 275741 ID: 196f88
File 129622464211.jpg - (341.48KB , 1053x765 , Lenryt-the-Drama-Queen.jpg )

>has earned an Honorary title as Master of both Spatial Manipulation and Golemcraft, and is to be accorded the same respect as a Master Mage of the Mortal Coil itself

If we take up this offer, people will start believing what she said with such force that, what-do-you-know, we are actually Master Mage, Master Of Spacial Manipulation and Golemncraft.
This is so sweet, the belief magic id going to power us up so much! AND we need set up some kind of cult of personality.

State your confusion why she's worried that you are trying to fix up the State. Fro what you have done with Arcaneworks and surrounding villages, she should know that whatever we do, it will benefit the State in great way. And if she's concerned about the future of the State, why hasn't she intervened before?
State, that she is not the only one who has read our mind and that with increasingly powerful entities we are meeting, we are concerned there will be more mind-readers. So we have taken precautions.
State her your original reasons of not wanting to be her or anyones agent/vassal. Tell her, you'd accept being a part of Mortal Coil if she insists but you don't want to become anyones 'errand-boy'. Tell her that you greatly prefer task/boon relation that you have where the rewards are permanent and there's no risk of her taking away them from you.

This is great, but we need to HAM it up more

>[03:26] <TheBeardiestBob> Actually Lneryt the girl WAS part of a Drama group pre Wanderer-merge, and is still part of one-the ONLY time The Wanderer puts aside all his planning and does everything it can to act like a normal little girl, in the hope it might awaken some spark of Lenryt's blasted soul that it accidentally annihilated by merging with her
(I'm not sure what Naive is playing at, but I'll play along and post my arts for this idea of his)

I suggest we somehow play on this.
When audibly replying, the way that everyone hears, speak in such a tone as if you two are great old friends.
something like
"Ah, Lenryt! I assume your weekly drama play is over? I hope it went well... Good for you to show up. [etc..]" or something like that.
Don't show any hint of surprise or fear. Act as if an old man who met his dear old friend.
[please someone work further on this, I just can't seem to do it]

I'm sure later on Eisenhardt will surprisingly ask us why/how we know Lenryt. We'll just jovially answer him that we have known her as long as we can remember or since you were young (both technically true since we met her the first month or so and our first day of activation could be deemed as our "birth". And by "remembering" we mean only since the time of our sentience/sapience).
I'd like to see the look on his face when we nonchalantly tell him that we are like BFF with Lenryt.

These will be delightfully HAMMY.

I say we target Weinshos outpost first before they realize what happened and try to skip town.

While it seems we are for Lenryts proposition (I'm leaning towards that too), if we decide against we can with a speech which goes something like that.
"Oh, Lenryt! tsk, tsk, You know how I feel about Mortal Coil! You know, you already tried to persuade me joining that old conservative rabble, and you know how I feel about their policies [etc]" yaddayadda. Something in this tone, I'm not good dialog writer, plus I'm sleepy so I'm not able to do it.
No. 275742 ID: 21e57a
File 129622487940.png - (96.08KB , 572x770 , 128811390674.png )

See if we can open our mind to Lenryt, despite the rune.

"Hello, Lenryt. Of course I accept your offer, even though you leave me little choice but you needn't. When you first offered me a to be your Agent I was fearful of being yoked so soon. I am afraid I am not over that fear, wholly. I do not wish to be a piece, I wish to be a player. I wanted to be your friend then, and I still do. To play with you, rather than for you." Look upward and lift our Siege Fist to our forehead, a nervous chuckle. "Forgive the rune, Lenryt. I have had issue with others reading my thoughts when I didn't want them to and I made steps to block them out, I didn't know it would shut you out as well."

Also, as Burduko awakens, I suggest he find a giant bow, tie it around the God Heart, and he port it back and give it as a gift to Lenryt. I know it's two weeks early, but we can think of a better gift to give her for Valentines.

Also? I made a new song for you, Lenryt! Maybe we -could- get a pony boon, too?

My little Modre, my little Modre, ahhh ahh AHHHGH!
My little Mordre!
I use to wonder what fiendishness could be.
My little Mordre!
Until you shared your madness with me!
Bloody Fun!
A hungry soul,
Faithful and strong
Sharing wisdom, it's a tiring feat,
And Mordre makes it all complete!
My little Mordre,
Did you know you are my very best friend.
No. 275743 ID: 196f88

We're going to do some heavy psychological beatdown to Lenryt with all this shit we've posted
No. 275754 ID: 12323e
File 129623656984.jpg - (258.01KB , 2338x1700 , mordres dream 001.jpg )

She's the strongest force we've ever come across, maybe the strongest thing out there. I think she'll manage.

You know, I'm starting to think Lenryt is the great threat Eisenhart needs the aid of Del Roga's axe to deal with. She doesn't wear armor, but maybe she commissioned some in the past at some point... if I was going to take on a Maginova-level threat and I was a magnetomancer, I'd want a sample of her blood to work with, too. And this sneaky reacharound act of Eisenhardt's is uncharicteristic of his brash personality; the sort of thing a mage would do if ... say, he feared her incredibly, as Eisenhardt seems to?

Not saying it's right, but if it is, we may lose the man as an ally if we gain Lenryt.
No. 275755 ID: 12323e

Apologize for the double post, but I wanted to add another point to my conjecture: he utterly and completely refused to speak a word to anyone until the axe was in his possession.

That sounds like someone whose ultimate foe can read minds, doesn't it?
No. 275756 ID: bdd665

I think Esinheart refered to the threat as a he. So I dont think lenyrt counts.
No. 275757 ID: 259738

I don't think Eisenhardt is dumb enough to think he could actually ever take out Lenryt, regardless of whether he had info from Del Roga's axe. So I don't think it is Lenryt.
No. 275759 ID: d3dfb8

No. 275775 ID: bdd665
File 129624723227.jpg - (46.74KB , 410x307 , ali2.jpg )

Just had a thought, some of our enemys can use some sort of mind reading magic. We have runes to prevent that, so we should equip key personel(like Arkus) with anti mindreading helmets.

pic related.
No. 275776 ID: 5b95eb

Apparently the one we're using is hella unhealthy, and we're only doing great because of our passive regen.

So maybe a lesser one.
No. 275780 ID: 46c430

PRISTINE SOUL ATTEMPT: Remember when Mordre didn't notice Lubu walking towards him until he was a short distance away a while back? Despite being able to sense magic, having an illusion-piercing soul in our eyes, and Lubu's VERY POWERFUL soul? I believe that Lubu learned this stealthiness from assassins sent to kill him (They failed, of course). In turn, I predict that assassins will, Lubu not being an option, instead be sent at Lubu's underlings and minions in an attempt to weaken his army and position.
No. 275784 ID: 46c430

Also, trying a shot in the dark for what the World Eater is using the souls it eats for: Maintaining or trying to repair the remains of Lenryt's soul.
No. 275791 ID: 5b95eb

Specifics from the IRC.

So it hurts the soul, which ain't good.
No. 275820 ID: 0a7c41
File 129626168433.jpg - (106.15KB , 1024x1024 , anything.jpg )

We truly will.
No. 275825 ID: 46c430
File 129626445681.jpg - (276.58KB , 1100x1399 , ALL_HAIL_KING_MORDRE.jpg )


No. 275830 ID: 5ffd04
File 129626583514.jpg - (193.52KB , 1068x747 , lets-ride-our-hopes-to-the-land-of-sunshine-and-dr.jpg )

I really want to see how the next update will play out. Lenryt is all like "hah, check-mate! What now, motherfucker?" and we suddenly bombard her mind with cute memetic images and songs driving her off-guard so hard that I suspect she'll fall of her chair. "DAMMIT, MORDRE! YOU PLANNED FOR THIS, DIDN'T YOU!?
No. 275838 ID: 5ffd04

And yeah, the prediction we could use for this:
If we give Lenryt Doms soul furnace, she'll finally have enough souls to restore the girl and she'll love us forever or something.

So yeah, we have a powerful bargaining chip to use. We could trade it for several boons or use it to reach a better deal with this ultimatum of hers. Or put it into a present box and gift it to her or something.
No. 275846 ID: 48e0a8


We still don't know the Wanderer's real motivation, and we've empowered it enough as it is.

We keep that soul furnace until we can take the souls for ourselves. We try to trade it for a few boons, we're likely to get far less from it then the 7 million+ souls in the core and any heroic or legendary souls it may contain.
No. 275847 ID: a6fad5

Er, to perhaps allude, without stating, to a friendship or a close enough acquaintance to notice patterns of behavior with Lenryt, and thus, elevate our own position through association to the masses: "...Your impeccable sense of timing is, as always, terrifying."

Anyways, since we seem to be leaning toward accepting, I think we really need to ask the following:

1. Is there any procedure to becoming an Honorary Master Mage other than you spontaneously appearing one day and declaring me so that I should know about, to ensure strength of disguise?

2. Are there any responsibilities I must fulfill as part of being an Honorary Master Mage?

3. What is entitled to me as an Honorary Master Mage?

Until we have a concrete idea of what we could get from other potentially interested parties, and until we know absolutely that we could not gain the souls within the Furnace, I do not want to trade away Domintus.

...Actually, now that I think about it, Weinsho is probably the better gift: he did, after all, pull his soul back from being blasted out of existence. The Wanderer, then, may analyze the technique he used, and perhaps adapt the spell into something that can pull Lenyrt's soul back into existence. Not that I would encourage giving over such a powerful Soul mage, but a thought.
No. 275848 ID: 5b95eb

Second. Second so hard. Don't trade Weinsho either. We'll either eat him, or if that's too much of a pain, trade him to Weismann or whatever his name was when we have our meeting, if we can get cores or other unspecified goodies.
No. 275849 ID: 1854db

...I thought we already figured out what the Wanderer's motivation was? It's trying to make sure the Caged One develops properly, so that when the world goes maginova it can eat the other planets in the system. The Wanderer is a world eater; but they don't eat living worlds. I imagine this is because living worlds house Caged Ones and therefore are too... POWERFUL to eat.

I predict that Lenryt will continue to work to stabilize the world, keeping massive deaths down- events which destabilize the System and create Core Beings. The system keeps the Caged One from going maginova too early and killing itself or not emerging as a developed wanderer. I suppose Lenryt wouldn't be opposed to working with the Deep Spawn to some degree.
No. 275868 ID: 69bee4

A small bit of dialogue to act as my non Art/Poem post

“Oh dear me Lenryt, you caught me so off guard. I had so much in mind for my most recent paper so that I truly could EARN that title. I know how you have said I deserve such titles, and to give it to me now would be so fitting. But this is the end of a war! And negotiations over such things could be done in a much quieter place. I know a lovelely spot at my Arcanoworks, a flower garden, small, just don’t touch ANY of the flowers. Yes, Yes. The rabble and details of the moment can be handled by my subordinates, I have so much more I want to offer to you.
[to All]
Let us rejoice one and all! State and Coil at this victory!
[More privately]
I promise, its an interesting offer. Besides, I want to get to know you. I have seen more than just a cute and talented girl, but yet I know so little about you. The two of you must share some interest… the arts perhaps? As you must have guessed before with my art, I dabble in poetry, and despite my poor taste fine dining. I have some delicious delicacies for you to try. I promise you will find few meals quite like it! Plus, I have a gift, you did ask after all, and I have so much of my travels to tell you. You must tell me of your own, for I cannot take no from one as adorable in purple as you can do. A sophisticated charlatan with a tongue of silver must talk so with such a distinguished guest to have arrived, and want so of my services.

[invoke date plan with offerings involving Weinsho and Dominicus’ soul. Don’t forget the Dragonskin cloak and yetiskin cap! Burduko can be forced up if need be, this is your first potencial date Morde, you can do it!]
No. 275869 ID: ab04d4

i really shouldn't want this to happen but it would be so amusing
No. 275876 ID: 21e57a

And give her the God-Heart tied up in a nice bow.
No. 275882 ID: 5ffd04


We are holding of with Doms furnace for now.

Also, trying a total blind shot at pristine:

Mordre, think back on you speech.
It is strange that in 2 decades the State couldn't get its shit together and stabilize, isn't it?
What could be so hard in restoring order in all that time? Surely 2 decades would be more than enough to pass whatever turmoil there was and start rebuilding again? Especially for such a powerful country as the State.
Somehow, I think that external forces had play in this. Maybe some country didn't want to see a force to be reckoned with near its borders. After Empire was beaten, much of the spoils went here, many research outposts were constructed to reverse-engineer these technologies. Much of the things we've seen come from Empire tech, like hand-cannons and morphic steel. It would have been clear that the State is going to become a force to be reckoned with in short time.

Could it be that Castel (or maybe Duras or any other regional force) had something to do with these decades of instability in the State? Like, they realized if they let things flow as they are, the State will become a powerful force that might threaten their borders, so, they slowly destabilized the region (how, I do not know).
So ... the prediction is, that when these forces know of our intent to unify and stabilize the State and put it to its former glory, they will work against us as best as they can.


Another try:
This one concerns Gialgorra.

It well know fact that he abstains from magic and tries to create technological marvels that can out-do magic. The main reason he set up the challenge with his tech-golem CANTI, is to show everyone that magic is not always the most powerful thing.
So it is highly ironic that all of his creations run on magic. What magic? Well, specifically BELIEF magic.
I have no doubts that Gialgorra is a genius and that his inventions (especially early ones) are his work. BUT think a bit, the Inventor Islands, while bereft of magic, can still fuel belief magic. And since they solely rely on tech, they BELIEVE that technology is powerful this in turn actually makes it powerful.
So, before we came to Gialgorra, he already was seen as genius inventor there, but after we left, his fame sky-rocketed. He was seen so positively, in fact, that they made him governor of the island and others are joining in. So, in turn, the belief in his abilities also strengthened. Thus he is able to come up with better shit more often as evidenced by our last two visits, it seems like he's inventing and improving stuff on daily basis. (I hope he doesn't overburn himself)

The prediction to go with this?
Well, the State already has huge belief in Mages ... but what if we try to guide it a bit away from strict magic and into realm of magi-tech? We can set up the ministry of MAGISCIENCE! and make the faces of Jezebel and Kyorto (and maybe even put Gialgorras daughter we captured to work for us) know through out the populace as master inventors of technological and scientific caliber. By fostering their faith into mages and inventors alike, we'll make Jezbel and any other inventors and scientists in our employ much better at their job.

So yeah, does this count as feasible prediction?
No. 275890 ID: 5ffd04

If you are going to decide to start our assault next update

we are going to eat those souls man! Attack Weinshos holdings first (one of them should be empty due to TROLLZARY just skip that one). Jump in AoE all enemies, eat their souls and move to next one.
Or whatever
Just don't unnecessarily obliterate souls again
No. 275900 ID: d3dfb8

I agree, the cannon is already overkill.
I think Mordre would be more concerned with DELICIOUS SOULS than MAXIMUM OVERKILL.

And besides, the AG cannon is already an AoE attack with Ozmand's hammer.
No. 275917 ID: 252e1b

The god-heart needs guards, but we should hold on to it and figure out what we can do to rescue some of the awesome people in it, like Vimes and the Other Eisenhardt.
No. 275926 ID: 5ffd04


Can't we strore it in Rutgur. Iirc, everything what is stored in him become time-locked, no?
Store god-heart in one coffin and Weinsho in another.

If what I think is correct, relay the command to Rutgur.... No wait, we have to bring our Ragegluts back to LoD first, and Arcaneworks militia .... though these can stay here in the capital to celebrate victory, I guess...

Anyway, do this when we are done with everything else
No. 275932 ID: d4f98d

ABSOLUTE NO regarding Domintus.

This is not a gift-giving situation, for christsake. However much we may be able to use this, I'm not going to encourage us getting browbeaten.
No. 275934 ID: 5ffd04


>And now, mine own questions, five in number for the answers offered: [...] Will you attempt to impede me in The Azelhaedran State? And lastly[...]

>"Your answers are satisfactory, and my mistress offers the following responses: [...] My mistress will make no effort to impede you in The Azelhaedran state or here, So long as no violence is offered. [...]
>will make no effort to impede you in The Azelhaedran state or here

Caught you on your bullshit, Lenryt!
No. 275939 ID: 5ffd04

Unless, of course, she meant impeding as in 'not letting use through it'
but still the question is such that it can be interpreted other way to ad in 'impeding our progress in Alzelhaedran State, whatever it might be'
No. 275940 ID: 12323e


Ah, but she isn't impeding him at all. She's helping him smooth the way to power in the State. The fact that it binds him to her will and thereby increases her own influence is just a happy by-product of trying to help our good friend and honorary Mortal Coil member Mordre. Ah, loopholes, thou art a bitch.

I'd also like to second NOT giving away the soul furnace, and really, not actually propositioning the little girl. BFFs, sure, but she's a World Eater/little girl and we're a Golem/old man. It's just creepy any way you slice it.
No. 275942 ID: 5ffd04

[I hate to post million times but here goes again]

After we gain the support, and somehow manage to back our claim and clear all the outposts in 2 hours, I suggest requesting all the information on TIMMY. ALL OF IT. And what this incompetent bunch has been doing with it and what were their plans for it. Then go visit the site again and see what is happening there.

There are 4 days left till he breaks free!!!
No. 275951 ID: 8af11f

I agree that the Core Being should be our top priority, and we have four days to prepare the ground to deal with him. We should take a leaf from Eisenhardt's book, and prepare the ground ahead of time. For example, we should absorb all the blood iron on the battlefield, absorb it into our body, and then extrude it again as long spikes that we have strong Ownership of. When we get home, we should see if we can use the Magic Amplifier to enhance our Geomancy enough to call the antimagic crystal to the surface, and use it to tip the above spikes and the Sable Execution's ribbons, to improve their damage against the inherently magical Core Beast.

For the moment, I vote we should accept Lenyrt's offer, but then go on to say:

"People of the State, today we have seen the terrible destruction that the magic we cherish is capable of, but that is the least of its uses. Now, I shall show it's True value!"

Turning my worlds into reality will take the combination of both overwhelming power and a subtle, delicate touch. Thankfully, the souls I have just consumed should provide both. Firstly, I reach out with my newly reinforcced Geomancy, marvelling at the greater sensitivity to the nature of stone that it grants, before activating and inverting the Immortal Genocide's secondary function. Massively empowered, my power ripples over the land, repairing the scars of the battle, churning the bodies into rich fresh soil, before moving onto the second step of my plan. This will be more difficult.

It is my newest power, Pomumancy, that I focus on, sweeping newly blossomed senses over the land, seeking for the nascent potential that dwells within seeds. As I identify the sparks of Chaos, in some ways myself in microcosm, I trigger the inverted Immortal Genocide again, spending souls freely to fertilise my magic, vastly accelerating the growth of the seeds I have idetified.

It is as the land blooms, becoming green and verdant once more, that I take the final, least predictable part of my plan. I gamble that if the tertiary function of the Immortal Genocide is to summon instruments of destruction, inverted it will produce ones of creation, and so, drawing deep once more upon the souls both within and around me, I see what happens, confident they will augment my repair of the land.

With my works complete, I boom out. "This is what I bring you, magic wielded as it should be, for the True good of the State."

Witnessing the result of my final effort, I contemplate the effect of using an inverted soulfire golem as the host for a Deep Spawn Core, or if a Core could be used as the bridge to fuse both an inverted and normal soulfire golem to create a new, balanced being.
No. 275952 ID: 68b11e

No, no, no, don't say that speech. "I consumed the souls", "my newest power", that makes it too goddamned obvious we're Anathema.
Change it to something about the Golem's control mechanisms being finer, allowing us to use more magic through it.
But not what you just said there.

Also very no on giving Lerynt the Domintus as present.
No. 275953 ID: 8af11f


Look at where the speech marks end. I stop speaking at "...Now, I shall show it's True value!" and move to describing what I do.

I agree on not giving Domintus away, we need to learn how to extract its power safely to eat - I have suggestions elsewhere.
No. 275961 ID: 5ffd04

>Witnessing the result of my final effort, I contemplate the effect of using an inverted soulfire golem as the host for a Deep Spawn Core, or if a Core could be used as the bridge to fuse both an inverted and normal soulfire golem to create a new, balanced being.

No. 275962 ID: 8af11f


>NO! NO!

I assume the first option would be OK, but the second might be an interesting way on making nukes on demand...

On the other hand, with the land to the south having the background it does, then investigating if it has any Taoist style harmony between Yin and Yang philosophies we can be inspired by. XXX embodies the principle of Dynamic Equilibrium and the unity of opposites.

As I say in my proposal, it's a thing to investigate, not jump right into.
No. 275971 ID: 5ffd04

It's just that these kind of suggestion have been put forth already. Like, putting a pristine soul into a core, putting Inferno Golems into a core and putting Heol into the core (the premen female which lives as bodiless soul)
I managed to guess what would happen if we put a soul into a core when we were chatting on IRC and Bob confirmed (and thus losing a chance at pristine soul)
You know that Mordecais soul is travelling with us, right? And that he was (no, he IS) crazy ass legendary soul mage?
Weeeeel, if we try to put a soul into a core, he'll use his soul powers to exploit the connection between the furnace and the core/soul to switch places, thus gaining a stupendous powerful body above being a legendary.

THOUG, putting a core into a soul might produce different results.
Also, inverting Inferon Golems will probably produce Frost Golems
No. 275980 ID: 8af11f


I'm not talking about spending a pristine soul here, just about implanting a core in something pre-existing to enhance it - like we did with the one we implanted in a normal Inferno golem, save that we do it with a pair of them. This didn't let our prisoner escape last time.

On that matter, we should look into other potential hosts for cores - I discussed a few elsewhere - the remainder of that gold Little Tomb or in the crucible that is used to transform steel into morphic steel. On that latter note we should consider seeing if we can put the deep spawn blood iron we are harvesting through the morphic process, and investigate whether we can enchant it to be blue/red as well.
No. 275993 ID: 259738

We really need to incorporate morphic steel into our body, so treating the deep spawn blood iron is a good thought, since we don't have all that much morphic steel.
No. 275999 ID: 8af11f

>We really need to incorporate morphic steel into our body, so treating the deep spawn blood iron is a good thought, since we don't have all that much morphic steel.

Yep, as we're going to spend the pristine souls to multiply up the deep spawn blood iron into our entire body anyway, we might throw as many expensive treatments and alloying on it as we can. We also have a battlefield full of bodies, so we should try extracting other metals that are present in bodies, such as cobalt, and see if they have any interesting properties.

Note that we should consider the possibilities of teleporting to the asteroid ring and retrieving sufficient unrefined Lortoxite to plate ourselves with.
No. 276004 ID: 259738

If you mean making Lortoxite over-armor, sure. But we don't want to eat the stuff.
No. 276012 ID: 8af11f

>If you mean making Lortoxite over-armor, sure. But we don't want to eat the stuff.

Probably not, although if we make a mini-Mordre it might be interesting to design it with a Lortoxite skeleton which we can inscribe runes on before hardening it.
No. 276020 ID: a76809

[Nope and nope.]

An idea strikes me, a potential solution to a nagging question-WHY does Lenryt collect the souls of mortals? I had thought it to deprive the System, and the Caged One within, from feasting on it... but perhaps it goes farther than that. I brashly proffer forth a thought in the instant before I speak aloud.

...You're collecting souls to bring Lenryt back to life, aren't you?

What feels like an eternity passes in that space between moments, as I see more emotion on Lenryt's face than ever before-I see surprise, irritation, respect, resignation and resolution all trace out their subtle influences on her face, before she once more tips her head in acknowledgement.

"...Precisely so. I would be more surprised at your insight-but I know its source, and have seen it at work before."
...You know its source?
"Perhaps if I were not denied free access to your mind, I would share what is meant-perhaps some other time."

Phohn, ask Arkus and Ulzrick both if they know anything about something called a 'World Parasite', and bring me a report once they have collected their data.
It shall be as you say Administrator Mordre

It would seem that you have me in quite the predicament, and to avoid unnaccepatble loss, I must indeed accept your 'offer.
"The tactically sound decision in this position, you-"
I have a few caveats I would like to address first.
"Oh? And what makes you think your position currently allows bartering? No matter the speed of thought, time drags on-wait too long to verbally reply, and your audience could grow concerned and distant."
I have accounted for that.

[Lyrical Lexicological Bonus x1]
[Lyrical Lexicological Bonus x2]
[Lyrical Lexicological Bonus x3]
[Fanart Bonus x1]
[Fanart Bonus x2]
[Fanart Bonus x3]
[Fanart Bonus x4]
[Fanart Bonus x5 5 FANART MASSIVE BONUS X1]
[Fanart Bonus x6]
[Lyrical Lexicological Bonus x4]
[Fanart Bonus x7]
[Fanart Bonus x8]
[Fanart Bonus x9]
[Fanart Bonus x10 5 FANART MASSIVE BONUS X2]

The errant thoughts and permutations of cogitation that have slowly grown more potent as the days pass abruptly bombard me with a plethora of poetry and imagery-nearly all focused on Lenryt in some fashion. While I want to question how I could inadvertently be so creative, I waste not time with hesitation, and to the receptive Lenryt I submit every single one of these errant thoughts in a mass barrage, noting her eyes to widen oh so slightly as she begins to decode the data.

But I am far from done.

I begin to speak aloud as I continue to press the mental imagery into Lenryt's grasp, bombarding her with the lackadaisical, the whimsical-as I supplement it verbally. As I do so I slowly scale my volume higher and higher.
"My word, I am accepted based on THOSE old papers? Well this IS a surprise. I rather believed them rejected ages ago-quite interesting to find such antiquated blurbs worthy of such recognition. My current research topics have proven so much more exciting, I rather expected THEM to be my REAL thesis. Theses. Thesises?-Theses, yes theses-I swear, no matter how many languages I learn, conjugation.... Hehehe, wait till that popinjay Toledo hears about this. Just wait Lenryt, if you were impressed by my old work, what I am working on now will astound you! Oh, what? Illia, I cannot hear you. Hm, the volume modulation, what abou-AH Um. Yes. Hello Azelhaedran State... Blast it all, where was I?"


Lenryt, still being bombarded with imagery and poetry alike, that chaotic swirl of thoughts I unleashed, twitches oh so slightly in her chair as a look of disbelieving incredulity overtakes her, and her perch upon that floating armchair wobbles oh so slightly-and in my clearly familiar method of addressing a known elder mage, I feel confident I have acquired even more esteem in the eyes of the Azelhaedran State. I press on, adding a double-layered bit of thought processing to my communication, striving for-well, even if my thoughts are shielded, I shall keep that to myself, lest I reveal it in exuberance.

I have a few qualifying questions about what this title would require of me, Lenryt. Is there any procedure to becoming an Honorary Master Mage other than you spontaneously appearing one day and declaring me to be such so that I should know about, to ensure strength of disguise?
"I... hm? No, no, there is no procedure or such to worry about-the title grants you access to any Mortal Coil branch and its library at an equivalent level to a Master Mage-currently only thirteen other individuals that are not members of the Mortal Coil are even afforded such a privilege, one and all war heros who likewise contributed immensely to Magical research. ...Now, about those images-"

I give her no time to complete the thought, continuing my dialogue as I continue to ply my limited emotional analysis to guide my actions.
“Now where was I-ah yes. Oh dear me Lenryt, you caught me off guard with this. I had so much in mind for my most recent paper so that I truly could EARN that title-'tis a bit underwhelming to be rewarded so. I know how you have said I deserve such titles, and to give it to me now would be so fitting. But this is the end of a war! And negotiations over such things could be done in a much quieter place. I know a lovely spot at my Arcanoworks, a flower garden, small, just don’t touch ANY of the flowers. Yes, Yes, I am talking about Bang's flower garden-you know of it?"
Clearly confused yet mesmerized by my eclectic thoughts, Lenryt does the mental equivalent of a nod, and I continue.

The rabble and details of the moment can be handled by my subordinates, I have great faith in those I call ally and comrade-and I have so much more I want to offer to you.

I turn to the Azelhaedran State at large, the audience so firmly hooked on my actions that a bomb could go off and I doubt they'd look away.

"Let us rejoice one and all! State and Coil at this victory! TO MAGIC-TO THE STATE-AND TO LENRYT!"

Just as the State, so wrapped up in my antics, begins to cheer, gladly taking the outlet I offer for the pent of stress and emotion of their trying defense and the resounding victory that came in their final hour, I impart more thoughts to Lenryt, hoping her to be as off-balance as she has yet seemed.

I promise, its an interesting offer. Besides, I want to get to know you. I have seen more than just a cute and capable girl, yet I know so little about you, even knowing some of your secret. The two of you must share some interest… the arts perhaps? As you must have guessed before with my art, I dabble in poetry, and despite that mortals would call poor taste, I happen to enjoy fine dining. I have some delicious, decadent delicacies you may enjoy trying, as a fellow connoisseur of souls. I promise you will find few meals quite like it! Plus, I have a gift, you did ask after all, and I have so much of my travels to tell you. You must tell me of your own, for I cannot take no from someone as adorable in purple as you. Perhaps once I finish claiming the state, we could meet, have a few souls, discuss where things are going, share our stories-after all, you DO seem quite invested in keeping me close at hand.

Finally, I see the blush of color in her cheeks-she's embarassed, sitting up in her chair, mouth opening petulantly-

And I see my chance.

I reach out with Kinetimancy and push upon the air under her floating chair, pitching it forward oh so slightly-and she slips out of her seat, eyes goggling as she drops-

Her body freezing twenty feet down, and slowly flowing back to her chair as if running backward through time, her eyes once more level and measured-and her cheeks still slightly colored.

"Well, as.... interesting... as happenings have been about here, I have much to attend to-I leave you all in the capable hands of Honorary Master Mage Mordre, and wish you well in reclaiming your homeland."

As Lenryt fades from the night sky like a shadow, a last parting message flits into my mind-

"....You may see me at the Arcanoworks once your purge is complete."


I look back to the Azelhaedran state before me, and to the once more relieved looking Eisenhardt as I begin calling out orders, getting people ready for war grouped into strikeforces as I see a massive metal hoop halfway embedded in the earth springing into being, a hundred feet across at the base, the view through it distorted and linked with a variety of interlinked magics-I feel Will and World, I feel Order, I feel Dream-all woven together into a whole I cannot yet define with my meager grasp of Dream mechanics.

It takes ten minutes, but fifteen thousand soldiers are split into seven groups just over two thousand, with seven of Nidhogg's spawn complete with riders, ten Blue Knight golem armors lead by an Arcanoworks golem armor, even a trio of Ragegluts for all groups save that with Torruga in it-and throughout these seven forces, I disseminate my followers , as Vespinto, Ulzrick (Who Eisenhardt continues to dog), Ellorika, Derkin on Nidhogg, Carkiano and Valiria all head up individual forces being prepared for the seven hostile outposts. I step to the gate, place my hand on its side, and feel it reacting to my soul-I feel a question unasked, a need for destination, as eighteen dots of light fill my mind, an uneven set of a ring within a ring.

...Hm, that Wests-Southwest outpost on the outer ring is the Arcanoworks, the South-Western outposts are Carkianos, a trio of the North and North-Western outposts belong-belonged-to Weinsho.... I can feel the four members of the inner circle that still are under State command, the others under outside rule. ...This interface seems straightforward. I begin motioning forward groups as I send each strikeforce off through the teleport ring to appear right at the gates of each occupied outpost, knowing that with the drive and ferver filling the State warriors in the wake of our victory and my speech, coupled with the powerful warriors that now aid them, they should be able to devestate those they face. After the seventh group is away-

I command the Arcanoworks soldiers, who by now have resupplied thanks to the once-more conscious Burduko, and are ready to bombard anything that threatens with molten metal and lightning. They array themselves behind me, following me through the portal-

As we step through to Weinsho's outpost that is closest to the Arcanoworks, and-

Mid-transition, I realize I know nothing of the occupying forces, what they possess, whether they command the outposts of merely occupy them-

I can only hope my followers prove up to any challenge they face, lest my brash attempt at wresting control via audacity will crumble.

Do one of the following:
-Pick one of the following characters to perspective change to (Carkiano, Valiria, Vespinto, Ulzrick, Ellorika, Derkin or Bang)
-Leave it up to chance and roll a 1d7 (1=Carkiano, 2=Valiria, 3=Vespinto, 4=Ulzrick, 5=Ellorika, 6=Derkin or 7=Bang)
No. 276024 ID: f88f02

rolled 3 = 3

No. 276032 ID: 259738

No. 276041 ID: 8af11f

No. 276047 ID: 08c82b

No. 276052 ID: ab04d4

rolled 3 = 3

how do i shot roll
No. 276056 ID: 81f32a

I say Ulzrick.
No. 276060 ID: 21e57a

Oh, and a parting request, Mordre. Don't use the Chaos/Order Shot when routing Albert's forces. Just use double-barrel Order or under-barrel Chaos. Maybe Explosion Shot on large groups of non-heroic souls, or to soften harder targets, but don't use it too much?

Anyway, I suggest we switch to...Derkin. Haven't hung with him for a bit.

However, logically, Ulzrick is important, to soften up Eisenhardt for some social-fu, or Carkiano and Valiria to get their reaction to Senth and how Vonjeen is doing. But yeah, vote for Derkin, logical reason for everyone else.
No. 276065 ID: 69bee4

rolled 5 = 5

I can't choose between Ellorika and Valiria. So randomizing.
No. 276066 ID: 5f0943

I think I'm going to vote for Vespinto.
No. 276070 ID: 8af11f

Oh, and a prediction. We've seen that you can use soul magic to transmigrate from a dead body to a preprepared clone or other container. Wenshiro is a master soul mage, and so doubtlessly has that ability, and is the sort to prepare for it. Thus, there are going to be facilities containing backup bodies of various kinds out there. Moreover, despite being in the stasis inducing order crystals, the heart of his soul still beats, and is active, if spectacularly slowed down. Thus, we need to kill his clones before some deadline for his secape comes up.

As a side benefit, we may find the equipment or records on how to perform soul migration.
No. 276072 ID: 259738

We could always pop a bunch of Deep Spawn cores into him and get our own pet Weinsho. Probably a terrible idea, though, since he is a soul mage and might be able to screw with the loyalty binding stuff.
No. 276076 ID: bdd665

I vote for Derkin, and making the construction deepspawn. Idealy after we finish our multi-outpost strike and when we are standing on a pile of rubble that was once a wall or part of the building we will make a hammy speach about the importantce of soldiers striking down the State's enemys and the people raising it to its former glory(soldiers knock it down and the people put it back up better than before). Try to work in how mages shoul strive for both with the building spawn as an example.
No. 276086 ID: b0b61b

We should make it a point to have our soldiers use some restraint when capturing these outposts. I want Weinsho's research intact, have Burduko and Rutgur appear at each successful takeover and store his work in a coffin. After all the reasearch has been successfully stored, we (Meaning Mordre, Arkus and Bobobo) need to study all the information and make multiple copies for future use. Then we transport the coffin with the orginal research to Mordreden and ask the Shaman to perform that mass binding/sealing ritual they used on Dorgrum and Khordu.

No. 276092 ID: 8af11f


Does anyone know we killed Weinsho? I don't think his body was ever visible from the city.
No. 276101 ID: b0b61b

It's true that nobody ever saw Weinsho's corpse, but they did see and hear us fight a golem armor we called Albert Weinsho, and a soulfire construct we gave the same title to. When we bring our grievance to the Mortal Coil, how exactly will our alibi hold up if we don't show them the soulfire crystal he is imprisioned in? There is no body left, we cannot accuse Weinsho of jackshit if he isn't present to defend himself in person. We don't even have the luxury of hiring or crafting a body-double of the man, lying isn't an option where the most powerful collective of mages on Zakrath are concerned.
No. 276107 ID: a6fad5

Valiria. She is one of the lower level Hero units (I think), with only one trick to her name; that is, everybody else can either take care of themselves (...Bang) or has something to back them up (e.g. Derkin has Nidhogg).

Though, on the subject of our Deep Spawn, are they in a set group, or are they teleporting, by way of Burduko or another method, to groups that need the help? Because the latter sounds much more useful than the former (except for if/when a spatial warping field sets up, blocking teleportation).

Ellayia took care of that, don't worry: the villages surrounding the outposts Weinsho controlled lived in fear of being abducted and turned into a Life Golem species called Gaunt Nightmares, a horrible abomination made of bone and cloth, the "shambles" that were on the battlefield. There are plenty of people who would willingly testify against Weinsho. (Provided, of course, that Weinsho didn't just kill all the villagers around his outposts; that is a extremely remote possibility, however.)
No. 276114 ID: 252e1b

Valiria will be fun, because we're going to get to hear about Vonjeen being completely pissed at Jak.
No. 276142 ID: 5b95eb

No. 276161 ID: 81f32a

Seconding on not using Order Chaos

More blind shot predictions (rather short ones):
So, we figured out Wanderer collects souls to resurrect Lenryt.
Not going to theorize, since I'll be just repeating what had been said before.
The prediction is: If we give Lenryt Domintus Furnace, she'll finally have enough souls and will resurrect Lenryt. Doing so will fuse their personalities somewhat and Lenryt will gain human traits (of a little girl)... Seeing how we helped her and and our affinity for cute Lenryt related shit, I suspect the girl will rather like us and in turn the Wanderer will have even better relation with us.


This prediction is largely the same but instead of giving her Doms Furnace, we'll give her Winshos Soul. The resent things that Weishno has done (literary crawling back from death), gave him shit-ton experience in all things Death related and the world beyond. So his powerful soul might just be the spark that Wanderer needs for resurrecting Lenryt again.
The rest of the prediction is the same as the other one.


3rd, the fusing of both
Predicting that neither soulfunace or weinsho will be enough but both at the same time.
No. 276196 ID: 5f0943

On a second thought I think I'll change my vote to Derkin.
My old vote was this one: >>276066
No. 276208 ID: 903f16

My vote is for Valiria.
No. 276213 ID: 12323e


Agreed. We don't want to wipe the outpost off the map.

Mordre can still do the Railgun adaptation without the Order/Chaos charge, right? Give the outpost one warning, to open the gates for the State representative Mordre, wait 30 seconds, and if the gate remains closed, give it (or the wall) one round.

Derkin, likewise. Shout down, "Give up quietly, or face my dragon!" Pause, "No?" OM NOM NOM.

I really wanna say Derkin, but he'll be fine. Have we ever fought from Vonjeen's perspective? I'll go with him.

I also think I'll second the core use if we'll be able to get Phohn to link people through their powers. Can you imagine White Blood/Curatiomancy? Different kinds of Dream magic from Jojo and Ulzrick? Mordre's Geomancy and Eisenhardt's Magnetomancy? Hell, Arkus's World Magic and Moss? Eisenhardt said one of the best ways to increase in power is to push yourself to the limit, what better way than for Arkus to feed Moss from his replenishing supply of World Magic? It should empower both.

I bet there's dozens of permutations we could find.
No. 276223 ID: 903f16

We have, but he is not currently an option.
No. 276244 ID: ab04d4

...Magical permutation sounds like one of the best ideas ever, both for us as players/readers and for Bob as a game-master and creative engine. If Phohn could be upgraded to do that, it'd be amazing and I'd be all for it.
No. 276251 ID: a76809
File 129635999458.png - (1.08MB , 1238x1004 , The Azelhaedran State Captain Gilbrant and Officer.png )


Still riding atop Nidhogg, nearly fifty Arcanoworks gunners riding at my back, escorted by a trio of giants, a powered armor division and two thousand state soldiers behind us, we pour out of the massive gate, to find-

There is an outpost, its walls green and brown with vines and lichen, overgrown and mis-cared for. I see bandit shantytowns built around the stone structure, I see the lazy sentries wasting long seconds gaping at our appearance. I see mismatched leather armor, scattered metal, I see knives and hatchets, chipped and poorly crafted, poorly cared for craftsmenship, steel a rarity. I see some charletan in a plethora of tattered, once rich rrobes stiched together into a mismatched cloak, I see a staff topped with colored glass, in a bone and leather chair covered in crude tabards and heraldry, I see perhaps thirteen hundred of my onetime kin in all-

I see the type of group that half a year about I would be happy to work for, seeing easy pay in plying my knifework-

Instead, I look down on them from atop a monstrous dragon, at the head of a larger, better equipped force, and speak to a cowed and silent crowd at our feet.

"You vile curs have 'till the count of THREE to surrender of face annihilation for your theft of state resources! ONE!"

The Arcanoworks knights behind me as one draw their handcannons and take aim, while the golem armors all heft their weapons around the feet of giants.

Their lead mage wets himself as he collapses, completely outside whatever depth he had. There is a riotous clamor as weapons are dropped on the ground, hands raising into the air as those who lived like kings on pilfered resources find their misdeeds catching up with them.

...Yeah, definitely got out of THAT business at the right time.

....Well, actually wasn't expecting it to be that easy. ...Okay, now what?

"...Captain, I'm afraid I never got your name!"


I turn about to look at a man wearing naught but leather breaches and a vest, heavy canvas wrapped about his arms with a Broadsword at his side in a worked leather sheath, its handle forming a circle that grafts to the pommel and bears an inscription of the State symbol, a crown shaped like a row of building tops. ...And beside it, he has a pair of heavy knives likewise sheethed, and on the other side of his waist I see a pair of thin bladed, curved swords with circular pommels, as well as twin leather bandoliers toffed with knives wrapped around his leather vest. While I can't comment on the rest of his armament, I guess his circle hilt broadsword to be a magic weapon-and note it to be blue steel. Rune Blue? None too shabby. Even at the head of a few hundred people without any metal armor-gotta be a captain, then. Okay-

"The name's Derkin, and you can skip the formalities-what?"
>[???]"Well, I was going to suggest we have the bandits get rope and bind themselves before we approach-"
>[???]"Come on Captain Gilbrant, they won't tie themselves up proper, and will just try to escape!"

As the man who spoke to me, clearly the Captain Gilbrant in question, turns to face the new speaker, I see an almost resigned form of irritation painting his features. While Captain Gilbrant is rather obviously fit and not at all a small man, probably able to take me in a fare bare knuckle fight without issue, the speaker is massive, easily six and a half feet tall and weight with slabs of muscle-like the rest, he wears boiled leather pants with a heavy canvas inner lining, and the familiar leather vest-but over the State sigil worked into each cuirass, a heavy, frayed scarf with a pattern of knots spills to obscure it. I note one of his beefy arms to be fully wrapped in leather, with extra layers being added farther along the arm until his hand looks to practically have a compacted forging mitt covering it. Unlike his captain, so festooned in weapons, this warrior has but one weapon, an even heavier broadsword at his side-but I recognize Red Steel when I see it-and the red gold hilt with runes worked in-if his captain's sword is fancy, his looks like it could be a little monster.

>[Captain Gilbrant]"Dolrick, why do I get the feeling you might encourage some to attempt escape for some more 'involved' practice?"
>[Dolrick]"Why Captain I am certain I don't know what you mean. In fact sir, I express confusion as to what the captain could be ins-"
>[Captain Gilbrant]"WELL-Derkin, then, if we are doing away with formalities-how do you want to handle taking the prisoners?"

How should I answer?
Do I have any questions for Captain Gilbrant or his officer Dolrick?
No. 276253 ID: f88f02

Psh, a few extra minutes for certainty is no issue. How good at knots are you, Derkin?
No. 276293 ID: bdd665

For the prisoners I think putting them into chaingangs might work, 10 men to a rope hands tied behind them with a rope around their neck acting to tie the men togather.

Findout from the bandit leader what he knows of the research done here and whare all the papers and magical stuff are. Also ask about the surrounding area if theres any rival bandit groups nearby or other groups of armed men active in the area.
No. 276294 ID: 12323e


One assumes he is very good indeed, it being part of the 'rogue' archetype, but it would take forever for him to manually tie up each bandit.

Have them use the honor system, they can tie themselves up.
No. 276300 ID: 903f16

>How should I answer?
Well first have the Arcanoworks Knights direct their mounts to circle around the prisoners. If any of the prisoners make attempts to escape the Knights are cleared to fire at the escapees at will. Then you can order the prisoners to tie themselves up and dismount to inspect their knots. Should you find anyone who has purposefully tied a faulty knot they will be attached to one of the Knight's mounts in such a way that they will be forced to dangle below in while it is in flight. That should ensure everyone is nice and honest. As for the apparent leader of these scum, you will tie him up yourself and attach him to Nidhogg.

>Do I have any questions for Captain Gilbrant or his officer Dolrick?
Well who are they exactly? It's obvious that they lead a unit for the State, but what type?

And considering they probably just got orders to claim this place, ask them why. Is the state trying to help us out or do the nobles want to try and claim the outposts before us to save face?

What do they think of your employer?
No. 276302 ID: ab04d4

Another guy with the suffix -rick? I'm getting paranoid for no good reason now. Thanks, Bob, for the nomenclature pattern you set up.

Now... For the prisoners- is this even an issue? Just... Just tie them up. There's no way they'd try to escape, not with Nidhogg watching their every move, acid-breath ready to go. Just make sure there aren't any hidden threats there, and then loot the place for any and all research and asset of worth to Mordre.

These captains are from the State, right? They'd be good candidates to ask about Mordre's ascendancy- they're probably not too high in the military ranks to have special interest and not too low to misrepresent the military's average consideration.
No. 276304 ID: ab04d4

...You know, I'm wondering what Bob's going to do to make this interesting. There's no way he would just let us have a boring scene here, and I'm wondering what he can pull out of the bag to make this as interesting as, say, if we'd have gone with Bang to Weinsho's strongest outpost or something.

Really, it makes one quite curious and excited, the standard Bob holds himself to.

No. 276317 ID: a6fad5

Huh, the -rick suffix again. I wonder if that means he is related to Ulzrick...

Anyways, asking for the usual procedure (unless it is "kill them all") seems like a good idea. Asking Nidhogg to incapacitate any of the bandits with an Aeromantic and Gravimantic pressure wave if they try to escape also seems like a good idea. On the non-bandit front, asking the purpose of the facility (aka magical weapons, golem armors, etc.) is definitely very good: you're claiming the outpost for Mordre, which means you need to know what to expect when you, and those with you, go inside the building to start cataloging the place (e.g. its condition, the layout, the items within it, the absence of what should be in there, etc.) for Mordre.

>Why the captains are here
...Because they were there when Mordre made that big/Huge/GIGANTIC speech about reclaiming the outposts for the State, and it would be inadequate, and immediately obvious to even the masses that Mordre was just taking power for himself, if only the Arcanoworks' and Carkiano's forces went to reclaim the outposts?
No. 276332 ID: c00244

In order to minimize any funny business on the part of the bandits, a loud declaration that such will be dealt with harshly accompanied by an utterly terrifying roar from Nidhogg should suffice. And have the troops move in/forward before anyone inclined to think up something tricky gets a chance to pull it off. The powered armor troops should be fast enough to quickly encircle the facility and cut off any attempted escapes, and the Arcanoworks forces can move in with the bulk of the State forces to utterly smash anyone who does prove foolish enough to attempt something.

Ideally, though, all the bandits will just shit themselves and no one will die. After all, as Derkin well knows, most of those thirteen hundred men are a few months of hard training and one decent leader from being true, reliable soldiers- of the sort that the State is going to be rather short on after their massive losses against the Disciples.
No. 276376 ID: 81f32a

Hey, Derkin, how are you doing man? How did you find the battle?
And what about that stunt Mordre just pulled, that was some great power-speech, huh? AND he's acquainted with Lenryt. Thats just crazy, right?
... you do know who's Lenryt, right?
And what about his army, huh? I bet you never expected GIANTS and some crazy-ass, nigh-unikillable GOLEMS to fight for you, right?

"Mr. Dlorick, there has been almost 5 days of non-stop battle and the threat of utter annihilation. I'm sure everyone had enough practice in that time. I agree, that easy prey like these scumbags could do wonders for stress-relief but I'm sure the State can make use of them. There ought to be at least a couple of them who got dragged into banditry against their will.... And the rest, might earn their redemption toiling for recovery effort that Mage Mordre is bound to start after we reclaim all the lost holdings."

As what to do with the bandits. I say surround the out post with our 7 wyverns and 3 giants, so that no a single Bandit escapes. Then have them tie themselves. Enter the outpost with your men and check on each bandit so that everyone is properly tied. Then wait for further instructions here.

Talk with these captains. Ask them to tell about themselves. If they ask about you, I don't see any reason to withholding information or lying.
Ask them about Mordre, what they think about him and about his speech. And if they had even heard of him before he arrived on the battle. How did his and his arrival looked from outside perspective.
If they never had heard of him, tell them the tales of the first 3 villages, Arkanework, the Bandit King, etc...
No. 276377 ID: 903f16

Ugh, perhaps I should have worded the question better. It's obvious that people are springing to action due to what Mordre said, but that may not be the whole motive. I want to know if the orders that are coming to them from on high are an earnest attempt at joining us to reclaim glory or the nobles trying to salvage any attempts at credibility they have by trying to outpace us in reclaiming outposts. Granted such a question is probably beyond Gilbrant, so I'll concede and instead save the query for another time.
No. 276379 ID: a76809
File 129637891668.jpg - (329.92KB , 771x1032 , The Azelhaedran State Weinsho head apprentice Fade.jpg )

"Hm-well, if we have them tie themselves up, hands behind their backs, length up to the throat and from there to the next person's hands, would be hard to fake, insofar as possible escape-"
"And we can spend the extra few minutes checking them, making sure no one was able to use that small window left. That way we bring them back sure they are going nowhere."
>[Captain GIlbrent]"..A rather thorough method to bind people-alright, we will get on that."
>[Dolrick]"Perhaps some particularly sneaky curs will attempt loose binding, take a shot at us-one can hope.
"All right you, get some rope, start tying yourselves up. Hands behind the back, to neck to next hands-you know the pattern, standard slaving rig-ON THE DOUBLE!"

I find nothing to complain about in how quickly they comply-but I see the shifty glances, and while Captain Gilbrant and his troop, Dolrick among them, lead their group in scouting into the immediately fallen outpost. I circle it on Nidhogg once, looking for exits as the Golem Armors deploy to cover every pathway, the giants likewise marching in watchful circles. A brief set of shouts and screams from among the bandits draws my eye-

To see the one called Dolrick swinging his red steel heavy broadsword into the blocking dagger and sword breaker of a resisting bandit, the contact immediately rendering the metal molten and rusty, rending itself apart to bombard its onetime owner in recoil to the vicious, one handed slash. The bandit falls, to join six others dead around him, the aborted escape attempt halted in seconds. I see an easy smile painting the heavily muscled and messy-haired, fringed scarf wearing warrior, who sheathes his blade to idly shake out his leather coated hand. Twenty minutes later, everyone is tied up, and we set to our real work-figuring out what state the outpost is even in.

As some of the State soldiers start thoroughly interrogating the upstart hedge mage and several other bandits, already spreading out to catalogue the castle, I have Nidhogg land, the Arcanoworks gunners taking up duty holding guns at the ready on the prisoners, while I take a moment to stretch my legs, accompanying Captain Gilbrent in an attempt to better learn about the people Mordre rather clearly wants us to work with... possibly even lead.
"So Captain Gilbrent, what does your unit do?"
>[Dolrick]"IOh-oh, let me!"
>[Captain Gilbrent]"Go ahead-but keep your mouth shut past that."
>[Dolrick]"We're the Edge Purists-a specialist division of the State capital forces. We fight foes that have so much lethality that armor is largely a hindrance-enemy mages, combat magic using heroes, golems-the harder hitting targets. We specialize in magic weapon use, and destroying particularly potent targets with the weight of multiple fast, nimble and heavy-hitting soldiers. Captain Gilbrent's got a ceremonial sword, Captain of the Edge Purists division has to have it-called the Capital Edge-but he's more a slice and dice type person, uses the skinny bent swords at his side-either sabers or tulwars, I think they're custom works."
>[Captain Gilbrent]"You're rambling-focus."
>[Dolrick]"Aye aye captain!"
"So what's the primary objective on your end, in cataloguing the state of things? Is it just to know where we stand for bringing things back to full function?
>[Captain Gilbrent]"Partly. Most of the more specific records on outposts where kept in house, so we hope to find more of what this outpost specialized in as well while here."

"So... Dolrick. ...DolRICK. As it happens, I know both an Ozrick-"
>[Dolrick]"Met the guy briefly, sergeant in a heavy weapons group?"
"And I also know an Ulzrick. You wouldn't happen to know him?"

At this comment, the lazy grin on Dolrick's face fades, and his eyes, obscured by his matted light hair. reveal nothing, too well hidden. His response is far more measured and guarded than I would expect-and I immediately become suspicious. It is in his semi-reveal look of being severely perturbed letting me see his features more easily-I think I recognize that jaw line, that frame-maybe part of Ulzrick and Ozrick's family?

>[Dolrick]"Ulzrick.... was it? Nah, don't know 'em."

You're lying, I can feel it-there's something here, why someone who until recently was a farmer would elicit such a response-

Eh, he looks like he's gonna clam up, so I guess I gotta think about something else... so, who exactly is Lenryt, anyway? I mean, big important mage, I get that... but how is a little girl a big important mage? Ah, too many questions, really. That battle was insane enough-and I had the benefit of aerial seats, I would not have traded that for being on the ground for ANYTHING. I have had enough of blades being directed at me, thank you. As I consider just how insane the battle was for us-I think that the state forces were fighting for five days.

"So Dolrick, there was almost 5 days of non-stop battle and the threat of utter annihilation. Did you not find time for enough practice in all that? I agree, that easy prey like these scumbags could do wonders for stress-relief but I'm sure the State can make use of them. There ought to be at least a couple of them who got dragged into banditry against their will.... And the rest, might earn their redemption toiling for recovery effort that Mage Mordre is bound to start after we reclaim all the lost holdings."
>[Dolrick]"What, you mean like some sort of convict army division? ...Hm, sounds interesting. ....Say, what's that?

In our wandering within the outpost, we find a set of stairs leading not up-but down, below the ground-and both light and sound emanates from down below. The three of us make our way down, my companions' hands straying towards their weapons as I keep my own free and near my magic coat. We round a corner on the descending spiral stone staircase-

The room is... blurred, nothing clearly defined, as if fog were obscuring everything. The outline of a knight, sword in hand, is layered over a dancing shadow with no tangible owner-nothing casts the shadow, yet when we enter it turns to face us.

I hear the sound of steel on leather as my comrades both draw their swords.

The knight considers his sword as smoke seems to billow from its image, spreading into the room at large.

What should I do?
Do I have further questions for Gilbrent or Dolrick?
No. 276382 ID: 8af11f

I realise it was a mistake not to interrogate the bandit leaders as to their own discoveries or any allies or commanders they had within, but to late now.

It's a long shot, but maybe this, whatever this is, is still under State command. I glance to my comrades, in the faint hope that they may have some recognition code or sigal on them.
No. 276383 ID: 5b95eb

"Hello. Weinsho's dead, as are the DoD, and we've taken back this outpost. There are many State troops outside, with many more available instantly if need be. I suggest you surrender quietly, for you cannot defeat an army alone."

If that fails, shoot him. Shoot him SO HARD. I recall something about your cloak, lets you make barrels poke out of it and shoot or something? Do that with all the eleventy billion guns you have. Or actually toss machetes at him, I don't remember how well Skyfall works indoors.
No. 276385 ID: 81f32a

Just some info for the masses. Keep this in mind when makinf plans.

>[12:40] <Grail> >One of them in particular is in charge when Weinsho's out, makes some sort of armor out of shadows, covers himself in it. Stuff is dense enough it can exist in light, and he has a sword that can eat light. Not sure exactly what it is he can do inside it, but whenever he surrounds himself and the area around him in shadow, it ends with everything near him absolutely wrecked.
>[12:40] <Grail> Other than that, a strict shadow-variant Tractomancer, with the same tricks the other apprentices can do-this includes the body cloning thing, whatever that is.
>[12:41] <Grail> If anyone cares that's who we're going up against.
>[12:42] <Dkay> where did you get that info?
>[12:43] <Grail> Ellayia

>[13:05] <Dkay> also, what kind of equipment does Derkin have?
>[13:12] <@ChicagoTed> Eleventy billion guns
>[13:13] <@ChicagoTed> Stored inside his magic coat of holding or something shit I don't remember
>[13:16] <Dkay> oh? He has a coat of holding or something similar?
>[13:17] <@ChicagoTed> Magic chain coat, and its inner lining acts as a dimensional storage space
>[13:17] <@ChicagoTed> When we shifted to him in the battle, he had 50 revolvers and 110 machetes in there
>[13:18] <Dkay> Jesus
>[13:18] <Dkay> I must have missed that
>[13:22] <@ChicagoTed> [22:46] <TheBeardiestBob> He can make the cannon barrels poke out and shoot stright from the cloak, or spin out machetes into an instant, wrist guided throw to throwspam machetes
>[13:22] <@ChicagoTed> [22:46] <TheBeardiestBob> cloak and weapons supply gives him options
>[13:24] <Dkay> So he doesn't even need to actually wield them in his hand? Good to know
No. 276419 ID: 1854db

Considering this guy's abilities I think we should retreat and get our air support to kill him.
No. 276425 ID: ab04d4

Too much collateral damage- he can just retreat inside the building, which we want intact for research. No, this has to be a manhunt.

Let's just go with the Derkin Danmaku Dragonrider scenario.
No. 276426 ID: 8af11f

Do we have any spawn of the light based Deep Spawn with us?
No. 276428 ID: 81f32a

We can call Ekron here, he travels at the speed of Light.
No. 276429 ID: 8af11f

+1 vote to call Ekron here if he's not busy some where else then.
No. 276433 ID: 81f32a

So yeah, don't waste even a pictosecond Derkin, just go for full-out attack, all of your guns firing simultaneously, shooting half of your machetes. Not sure if skyfall cannons work inside the building, but if the don't, hopefully the massive barrage will blow a hole in the ceiling or something.

Don't give him a chance to make body doubles.

As for darkness thing, see if he has anything on his body. First time we met these dark mages, they had weird statues on them.

If we deal with this right now, ask the questions from >>276376 and generally have chit-chat about whatever.

Call up Ekron if you don't feel confident taking him out fast.
No. 276435 ID: 276e18

Right so you've got a shadow mage in his own element that seems to have taken control of the entire room. Draw a gun, face him down and remember that he could be anywhere in the shadow.

"Stand down if you want to live. We have enough firepower to level this whole outpost if needed."

If he seems inclined to fight open up with a room-filling salvo and fall back with your comrades to a better position. This guy is probably quite difficult to deal with now that he has his smoke all over the room.
No. 276448 ID: 81f32a
File 129641257294.jpg - (230.91KB , 1200x900 , The Many Hands Derkin.jpg )

No. 276470 ID: a76809

I glance to Gilbrent and Dolrick, looking to see if they know anything-who knows, this could be part of the facility equipment, or maybe a defensive mechanism. ....By the guarded, wary looks they sport while drawing steel... I find that unlikely.

Dolrick whips out his Red Steel heavy broadsword with an indolent look painted across his face, his smiling lips pulling at the massive burn scar that coats nearly half his neck, from what little I have seen around his oversized scarf. Beside him, Captain GIlbrant's hands stray towards the pair of thin, curved sabers at his side first, before redirecting over to the Blue Steel Broadsword, the weapon that is his symbol of office. Both share a brief glance, and look to me, seeing what my response will be.

Right then.

"SO- Weinsho's dead, the Disciples of Domintus have been broken, and the State forces are reclaiming their research outposts-all of them, actually. In fact, there are several thousand State soldiers in and around this outpost even as we speak, with giants, wyverns and a full-blown dragon among them. Whatever your allegiance may be, I suggest you drop your weapon and surrender-you can't defeat an army alone."

The warrior of shadows and outlines, the not quite there foe's sword dips by perhaps a fraction of an inch, my words clearly understood and accepted as true.

All the same, shadows flare into starkly guttering existences, whilst the magic outline/shadow combo pulls itself free of the stone wall, a spidery, dry and rasping voice filling our ears.

"The master is capable of more than most can fathom. Whatever you think is true is immaterial-Weinsho lives on, and we will continue to serve him in his absence. ....FOR THE REVOLUTION!"

As the knight, cloaked in shadow and smoke, blurreed and indistinct, a feeling of general malice and threat about his form charges, swirling across the battlefield, I see Gilbrant's face twist in disgust.

>[Captain Gilbrant]"Rebel scum!"
>[Dolrick]"JYAHAH HAH!"

The swordsman begin dashing forward on either side of me, both evidencing far more speed than I could claim-

As I still get the drop on them, hands flicking my chain coat open, two score cannon barrels protruding-and firing, without hesitation.

A wall of bullets races past the charging Edge Purists, straight into the charging knight. Without free access to the sky, no thundering clamor, no cacophony of lightning accompanies the shots-but something around twenty pounds of metal should make an impact.

The shots just.... sink in. They make contact with that shadowy mass that is our foe, and are subsumed, not even a ripple marking their passing as I hear a rumbling somewhere far overhead. Gilbrent, Blue Steel in hand darts low while Dolrick goes high, both sweeping vicious slashes towards their foe. Gilbrent's sword passes through the knight's legs like they were smoke-

While Dolrick's Red Steel and runed Red Gold broadsword rings out a high, piercing shriek as it collides with the knights own blade, Dolrick's heavy body tensing and surging, putting so much weight into the blow he bodily throws the knight back through the air, to slam into the stone wall-

Instead the knight fades back into a two dimensional shadow, once more flitting across the walls and intermingling with the writhing shadows that even now prove a severe distraction in my peripherals. I see the overly muscled one, Dolrick, grinning, while Gilbrant sighs, sheathing his Blue Steel sword and moving his hands to his paired long sabers.

I look back to the door back to the stairwell-to see a smoky arm reach out and push it shut, locking us in with the shadows and the shadowknight.
>[Dolrick]"So... let's just say Gilbrant could get the guy out of the wall, and solid-can you do that barrage thing again?"

Actually... not really. I only have a total of twenty eight shots spread between nineteen cannons right now. I DO still have fifty nine machetes to my name, and I could do a fair throwing knife barrage-but even if solid, I couldn't promise a sure-kill..... hm.

What do I say to Dolrick?
Given our resources, do I have any plans, personal or collective, on how to fight this shadowknight?
No. 276478 ID: 1854db

We need to go back outside. We need air support. We need the lightning.
No. 276493 ID: 8af11f

I still suggest we call in Ekron so his light can cut through the shadows.
No. 276494 ID: bdd665

Our foe has a masive advantage in this room and we lack any weapon we can be certain will kill him even if the other guys can make an opening. Lets get the hell out of here and comeback later with that light spawn Mordre made.
No. 276499 ID: 12323e

Wonder what that rumbling is?

Anyway, the 'rick thinks Gilbrant can make him solid again- maybe that's a power of the Capital Edge?

"I'm afraid that was my best shot, but I'm sure I could come up with something, if you can find a way to make him solid again." Maybe bring up that if he's like Weinsho's other shadow mages, something has to be acting as a focus for him, maybe a small sable statuette like the others, maybe the blade itself.
No. 276509 ID: 252e1b


Tell them that you can do it again with knives, but that it will take a little time for the bullets to regenerate (that is how the guns work right?).
No. 276518 ID: 903f16

>Given our resources, do I have any plans, personal or collective, on how to fight this shadowknight?
It seems like they're going to provide you with an opening. So combine both the throwing knife barrage and fire another volley with your remaining cannon shots if you're worried the knives alone won't be able to finish him off.

You know I'm rather surprised you aren't carrying any of Jezebels weaponry on you. Your boy Vespinto had several of her toys on him and they would be rather useful in this fight. When you get back to the Arcanoworks you should either stock up or request something nice and custom, like a pair of bracers that can fire WASP throwing knives and other goodies.

>Wonder what that rumbling is?
I'm going to guess that it's the sound of thunder, which I suppose answers our question about what happens when you fire Skyfall Revolver Hand-Cannons underground. While the shot itself fires, the lightening strike gets intercepted by the ground.
No. 276541 ID: a6fad5

If Phohn is available, alert the forces outside that you, Gilbrent, and Dolrick are fighting one of Weinsho's shadow-type Tractomancer apprentices, so they should be sure to have something that can become a light source quickly on hand in case there are more of the shadow-type Tractomancers; tell them where you are, ask for only some (two or three would be enough I hope) backup (if Fade dies before they arrive, use Phohn to tell them that backup isn't needed), and tell them to be alert for any other surprises. Also, remind them to keep an eye on the prisoners.

For Gilbrent and Dolrick, if they could manage to get Fade to be solid and not moving, along with getting that sword away from him, would be fine. To not waste shots, then, perhaps aim most of the cannon rounds at the torso, where it is and where you think it might be if he dodges, with a few machetes thrown in for good measure. Alternatively, machetes thrown aimed mostly at his head and torso, with some to sever off his sword hand and get that sword away from him, followed immediately by a cannon barrage aimed at where he dodges, could work.

Considering that this isn't one of Weinsho's outposts, yet still has a shadow-type Tractomancer, I would think that Ekron isn't available, currently: there are still the three outposts Weinsho controls, where the shadow-type Tractomancers are vastly more likely to be in, along with the rest of the outposts. Ekron can't be in all of them at once.

Yeah, lightning guns are (currently) one of the staples of the Arcanoworks. You should get some at the first opportunity.
No. 276591 ID: a76809
File 129643682640.jpg - (472.82KB , 800x1035 , Weinsho Eldest Apprentice Doruman.jpg )

[Ekron is with Mordre at one of the Weinsho outposts. Trust me on this, more need for him there.]

I see Dolrick kick the door as he awaits my response, his massive leg pounding away-and the shadows seem to cushion the wood-great, supernaturally sealed in. And since Burduko hasn't been down here-

"I can do what I did, and I can mix some blades in too."
>[Dolrick]"We can make that work."

As Captain Gilbrent closes his eyes and breathes rhythmically, the saw-fanged edges of his twin long sabers slowly starting to glow. During his personal moment, Dolrick rushes forward without hesitation, a blindingly swift stab shattering a pig-sized chunk of masonwork, before dragging his blade through the stone down towards the shadow knight. For a few seconds they dance like this, Dolrick unflaggingly hounding the shadow knight, never giving it a moment to act on its own as he continues to break up the stone canvas in his vicious assault, a lazy, almost feral grin painting his face as he buys his captain time. Finally, Gilbrant's eyes snap back open, and without turning back to check, Dolrick knows and leaps clear just as the smaller swordsman dashes in, blades flashing. With the walls it inhabits broken and distorted, the shadow knight cannot move fast enough-

And is plucked from the wall like a fish from water, armor tearing under Gilbrant's paired slash, body spewing shadow everywhere-

From the masses of spurting shadow, an armored hand sheathed in green energy emerges, and manages to brush against Gilbrent's right thumb before he can evade. I see corruption and rot spreading from the point of contact-

Just as well as I see Gilbrant's sword swing up, cutting off his right thumb and with it the afflicted area as he awkwardly sheathes the paired blades, pulling cloth from about his arms to bind the wound.

The shadows crumble as a similarly gauntleted hand lunges forth, tossing a body in armor, now twice over bisected, aside-the body of our assailant. From the shadows, a baleful green glow far too similar to that around Mordre's golem pieces the gloom, and in a pulse of light and pressure the shadows are dispelled-

And a man in plate armor styled with skulls that seep Soulfire and a sword containing a Soulfire eye and a cackling skull in its forked blade steps forth, the heavy scars on his blunt face stretching as he starts to speak-

Or tries to, before Dolrick immediately charges into the fray, sword flashing.

[Delayed Fanart Trigger]
Even as Dolrick leaps into the fray, I see my chance-the shadow's aren't around the door, and that fuzzy feeling in my head has faded-Phohn?
Yes Mortal Derkin?
We got a Weinsho apprentice here, an individuated one that I think knows Soul Magic. We're sealed in the bottom of the outpost with him.
Your situation has been passed on to your force and Administrator Mordre
Okay... so what are we going to do?

.....................................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: DOLRICK] .....................................................................

.....Ah. Chaos Motes.

I find myself, an individual bereft of magical acumen or innate capacity of any form, taking on what I am quite positive is a Soul Mage-the Magic Sensing alchemical sensory augment helps confirm this. So, someone breaking the ban, and who uses said forbidden magic in melee. I shift my grip through my heavy leather recoil glove on my weapon, Break Blade, before bringing it twisting up to parry aside that Soul-ensorcelled blade that continues to belch soulfire, the blade light and alive in my grasp. The Red Steel, slaved to be multi-phasic and trans-dimensional in its application of harm, lets me make just about anything hurt when I cut it-pretty much the only things I couldn't hurt with it are things I have no business trying to kill anyway. I press my attack, my honed expertise and augmented body melding together into a flowing, flexible assault full of primal power-

That does nothing to stop my foe from calling Soulfire from the glowing skulls about his person, all belching their harmful flames that consume all-

And are subsequently consumed by the Break Blade, it's Chaotically inclined Red Steel blade, counterbalance to the Ordered Red Gold grip and guard, sucking up the similarly aligned energy. The Ordered hilt keeps the weapon from melting-and the runed leather glove I wear shelters me from the heat. In about a minute, the blade should have cooled an appreciable amount.

Which does nothing to change the fact my foe rather clearly could continue to output Soulfire, and at some point overwhelm my glove's protective forces. I decide to review my capacities and skills, in the hopes I can divine an answer-oh have one simply pop into my mind.

-I cannot command magic directly in any form, be it Word through Soul, Dream or otherwise, all forms of magic are closed doors to me.
-My body has received many alchemical augmentations, the primary one being a general durability/toughness/stamina/reflexes boost, a universal super soldier augment that cost some five thousand Marks and is fairly comprehensive, barring outright bone or cellular runing.
-Among my augments is an artificial ability to sense magic-this lets me locate and typify any nearby magic, and have a default base understanding of what is being wrought.
-I am skilled in how to attack balance and joints, and feel very comfortable putting just about any kind of foe under ten tons on its back.
-I know several martial styles from the Land of Dragons and Despardos alike for unarmed combat, as well as a few swordplay forms from Castiliathen, the Mahnlea Mountains and the Land of Dragons. Between what all I've picked up, I'd feel confident claiming myself knowledgeable in the field of melee combat, armed or unarmed.
-Other than my sword, Break Blade, I do not have a single magical item on me beyond consumables. My blade is keyed to permanently lock on my sense of Ownership, and cannot be manipulated while either in my hands or in its sheathe.
-I have ten healing potions on me, each capable of healing a severe compound fracture and restoring a pint of blood in seconds.
-I have a pair of smokebombs that release very mildly Order-inclined dust to skew magical action in the area, as well as a pair of flashbangs that sow a bit of Chaos on the field, making explosives in the area more likely to combust.

So, the Soul warrior before me, one of Weinsho's lackeys and a self-admitted revolutionary is gathering soul weight about his off hand as he tries to distract me with a visibly glowing but magically unimpressive blade-I suspect either a contact magic working is planned, or a combat magic martial strike. Our chests are five feet apart, and I could dart back in to resume my attack or continue to hold back-either way, Derkin's been having a time getting a solid shot, since this guy keeps putting me between us, and Gilbrent is still busy binding his hand so he can keep fighting without bleeding out.

So what should I do?
No. 276629 ID: 1854db

Sup. You broke yourself off from the Ulzrick collective eh? How'd you manage that without any magic?

And how come you know what we are? We didn't even know ourselves until just recently!
No. 276635 ID: 903f16

>So what should I do?
Resume your attack. Attempting to hold back for Derkin to get a shot presumes such a shot will do anything, which I think is rather unlikely as this apprentice is protected rather well by the various spouts of Soulfire in all places but his heavily armored chest piece. If you manage to throw your enemy to the floor let Derkin take the shot, but don't expect him to end the battle for you.

Get in close and try to probe his abilities and try to find any openings for attacks against his joints. Be vigilant against his prepared attack, but don't focus your attention onto it. If he wants you to be distracted by his blade, let him think you are. When he's ready to let loose you can counter him and deflect his arm away from you and try to quickly sweep his legs out from under him with your leg or blade if it isn't occupied with his own.

Oh and hello, you're an interesting one. Took us a slice of time to figure out how you are the way you are. Nice trick, using Dream Tractomancy and Chronomancy amplified by a total magic restriction, must have taken you a while to sort that out. And now that we're familiar with each other, did you pick this reality for any particular reason? Do you enjoy your life now? Are you interested at all in meeting the Ulzrick native to this reality? He's an interesting one too, but I suppose you wouldn't care about that sort of thing seeing as you must have left for a reason.
No. 276636 ID: 69bee4

huh, your aware of us? talk to Chaos Motes often? er... wait, do other Chaos Motes even talk? Wait, duh, of course we do how else have I heard the other ones of us.

Anyways, hi there. Anything we can help you with? just ask.
No. 276641 ID: 12323e

Keep the soul mnage's attention on you. When it looks like Gilbrant is ready to return to the fight, bind his blade with yours and hit him with one of your smokebombs to disrupt his building magic.

Derkin or your buddy Gilbrant can flank him and finish him for you.

I don't know why you would want to break off from the Collective. They seem like they have good heads on their shoulders, even the First is a pretty good fellow. Bit stuffy, though. Not nearly as crazy as most of us.


The local Ulz is a swell guy. Bet you'd like him.
No. 276645 ID: 81f32a

>.....Ah. Chaos Motes.
What, we had never bothered you before. How'd you know us?
And why did you break of the Collective? Hmm? What, not good for you?
Gonna have Ulzrick redact you right back into your place.

Btw, you can use Phohn to talk with others without that guy hearing you now. So you can coordinate with your buddies.
Who's Phohn? Well, it one of Mordres 'Golems', no doubt you have seen on the field, which specializes in communication. Just think of him and he should answer.

When did you leave Collective, btw? Is that the reason why you can't use magic at all?
I'm going to distract you with my blabbering.
What do you think of this Mordre and about what he said? What about his army?
The things looked pretty grim before they arrived, huh? How did their sudden appearance looked from outside perspective?
Btw, Derkin knows you lied about not knowing Ulzrick. Man, you are terrible at lying. And why do you guys keep holding on to the similar names? Could have chosen something else if you didn't want to get found out... like Billy.

I hope you can process everything without being overwhelmed. We once knocked out Ulzrick by talking to him too much.

Anyway, throe a potion to Gilbert. Not having a thumb is going to hamper him using his sword. relay what you are going to do with Phohn. Actually, talk only through Phohn. The less our enemy knows about our plans, the better.

Also, Derkin doesn't HAVE to barrage EVERYTHING he's got. He could take potshots at him for distraction while we are getting to position for unloading full attack.

You could use your smoke bombs to mess up his magic and flash-bangs to blind him .... just notify your companions first.
No. 276648 ID: bdd665

I feel I should point out that Chaos motes could refer to that funky greenish cancer magic that forced that guy to amputate his thumb
No. 276669 ID: a76809
File 129645101168.png - (586.91KB , 831x1004 , The Azelhaedran State Captain 02 Gilbrant First Of.png )

> Sup. You broke yourself off from the Ulzrick collective eh? How'd you manage that without any magic?
There seems to be a flaw in your reasoning-maybe you can work it out, Mote.
> And how come you know what we are? We didn't even know ourselves until just recently!
Surely you are aware time does not flow the same between our respective positions-when I learned could have been long ago or still to come from your perspective. Suffice to say I did some research.

> Resume your attack. Attempting to hold back for Derkin to get a shot presumes such a shot will do anything, which I think is rather unlikely as this apprentice is protected rather well by the various spouts of Soulfire in all places but his heavily armored chest piece. If you manage to throw your enemy to the floor let Derkin take the shot, but don't expect him to end the battle for you.
Probably accurate, so what do you suggest?
> Get in close and try to probe his abilities and try to find any openings for attacks against his joints. Be vigilant against his prepared attack, but don't focus your attention onto it. If he wants you to be distracted by his blade, let him think you are. When he's ready to let loose you can counter him and deflect his arm away from you and try to quickly sweep his legs out from under him with your leg or blade if it isn't occupied with his own.
I already know his sword style-its Castiliathen's Main Hurduece style, sharp, direct, brutal attacks, two handed-no real finesse, and not much low-winding attack options, but overwhelming in its own little range. Which I am, of course, staying out of-why give him a chance for a clean shot?

I follow the Chaos Mote's advice and keep my attention glued on his sword and the flashy display, body moving to face the perceived threat-my foe's shoulder rockets forth, skull spewing Soulfire-

Break Blade slides in through its gaping moth, sucking up the Soulfire even at its source as the blade heats again even as it carves a rent in my foe's armor. I feel the blade hit flesh, I see the tightening of my foe's eyes-he feel pain, and turns his rage toward magic, Will and Soul mingling and flowing to his blade.

I dance back, my augmented body and forewarning keeping me just out of reach as a curtain of Soulfire trails his sword, melting a path through the stone underfoot as it misses. I see my foe's eyes narrow as he growls at me, Gilbrant and Derkin both at my back.

>[Revolutionary Officer]"You do well to hide such skill-but none lacking magic would be as keen as you-show me your power, and give me your name?"
"Hate to tell you, but with me, what you see is what you get. I got no magic to offer-but hey, I'll give ya my name: Let them know Dolrick was the one that ended you, alright?"

I smirk as I see my verbal tweak hit home, an eyebrow twitching as a vein pulses, and with a predictably guttural proclamation of rage, he charges me, building Will and Soul magic all about his body. Until he commits that magical potential to something I have nothing to react to so....

> Oh and hello, you're an interesting one. Took us a slice of time to figure out how you are the way you are.
Oh, so sure you worked it out?
>Nice trick, using Dream Tractomancy and Chronomancy amplified by a total magic restriction, must have taken you a while to sort that out.
Kinda hard to get enough juice to go up against things with properties that are infinite and thus conventionally immeasurable.
>And now that we're familiar with each other, did you pick this reality for any particular reason?
Yeah. Yeah I did.
>Do you enjoy your life now?
Yeah, I do. I have a fun job, I get to stay fit and well-fed, someone does my laundry, mends clothes, makes meals-I get to finally relax, put it behind me, you know?
>Are you interested at all in meeting the Ulzrick native to this reality?
No, I'm not interested, but its going to happen, so not much my opinion counts for on that front.
>He's an interesting one too, but I suppose you wouldn't care about that sort of thing seeing as you must have left for a reason.
Good to see some motes can grasp there are things you don't have to question.

>[Naive] huh, your aware of us? talk to Chaos Motes often? er... wait, do other Chaos Motes even talk? Wait, duh, of course we do how else have I heard the other ones of us.
Yeesh, a Mote with an individual name and poorly formed thoughts. Come on, if you are gonna push thoughts into someone else's head, at least get your words right. You are conjugates to 'you're' not 'your'. Makes my brain itch when you all mess it up.
>[Naive] Anyways, hi there. Anything we can help you with? just ask.
Yeah thanks Naive, I think I'm good.

>[Guile] I don't know why you would want to break off from the Collective. They seem like they have good heads on their shoulders, even the First is a pretty good fellow. Bit stuffy, though. Not nearly as crazy as most of us.
While yes, they are largely not as.... insanity inclined... as you Chaos Motes, I think you overstate their competence-ultimately, Ulzrick is still Ulzrick, and that entails certain limitations that compound in a trans-dimensional existence. Sure, there is power aplenty within that snarl of minds-but good luck using it effectively.

> I feel I should point out that Chaos motes could refer to that funky greenish cancer magic that forced that guy to amputate his thumb
And I feel I should point out that is horseshit. Chaos Motes have nothing to do with Chaos Cancer beyond the somewhat similar names. Come on, you're the ones that are supposed to have access to 'that which man should not know', this is pretty basic stuff here!

Eh, back to the fight.

I slip my foot forward, leaning back as I thrust my hips forward, cutting off the last half-foot of his step, his knee buckling in the aborted step as my sword drives up, a wicked slice, perfectly angled to pass by weapon and arms alike, aimed at taking his head-

Aw crap, got too distracted in this fun little chat-can't do TOO well, or Captain Gilbrant will start wondering why I haven't put in for a promotion-

I tweak my wrist ever so slightly, the blade carving away a section of gorget and pauldron alike, just barely missing the skin beneath as I plant my bare hand against my foe's chest and shove, making my slash appear to have slipped into an accidental shoulder-charge, from the perspective of those behind me. I purposefully make my footwork look a bit more shaky than necessary as I stabilize-

My foe slams into the wall behind him, practically getting wedged into the rents I made earlier chasing the specter-on that note, the bisected body yet remains-was that some Sacrificial Soul Magic, then? Oh, as if violating the ban wasn't enough, wantonly misusing the souls of others....

Gilbrant slowly rises behind me, hand bound as he draws the Edge Purist Captain's Sword, it's Blue Steel blade glimmering in the darkened cellar. I make sure to not disrupt the faux-panting I have slowly been building during this fight, to simulate a greater degree of exhaustion than is strictly true.

>[Captain Gilbrant]"You want to go high or low?"

I guess he's worked something out with Derkin then.

>And why did you break of the Collective? Hmm? What, not good for you?
If you can't figure it out yourself I'll start wondering if you all are fake Chaos Motes.
> Gonna have Ulzrick redact you right back into your place.
Best case scenario a Dreameater claims the Ulzrick collective and nothing happens to me. Worst case everyone dies. So, unless you feel like killing those most receptive to you... I'd suggest not.
> Btw, you can use Phohn to talk with others without that guy hearing you now. So you can coordinate with your buddies.
Yeah, I know about..... that Deep Spawn. Would rather not let it in my head, thank you.
> What do you think of this Mordre and about what he said? What about his army?
It was fairly predictable, a poster child for manipulating a desire for a return to simpler, grander times that plays on nostalgia, backed by a clear example of competence-Lenryt showing up, THAT was something I was not expecting-but then, all this stuff with Mordre has been confusing me, from the first report that reached the capital.
> Btw, Derkin knows you lied about not knowing Ulzrick. Man, you are terrible at lying. And why do you guys keep holding on to the similar names? Could have chosen something else if you didn't want to get found out... like Billy.
Yeah, I know he knows. And the name... well, it's a bit... hard... to get away from the -rick suffix.
> I hope you can process everything without being overwhelmed. We once knocked out Ulzrick by talking to him too much.
Sounds like this Ulzrick's a pussy then.
>Anyway, throw a potion to Gilbert. Not having a thumb is going to hamper him using his sword.
No. He doesn't know about the fact I have more than one healing potion, only about the flash bangs and smoke bombs. Given my past evidenced behaviors, giving him the potion for his thumb in these circumstances would raise far more questions than NOT giving it to him.

Four extra pairs of arms, each formed wholly of souls and keenly edged sprout from our foe's body as Gilbrant and I start dashing forward, and I wonder-

How should I respond to Captain Gilbrant, do I want to attack high or low?
Specifically how am I going to attack?
Given the fact the shadow mages are artificial Dream Users and this Combat Soul Mage appeared right as we slew the shadow knight, what do I suspect may be hidden in this room?
And if you have questions could you mix them with some actual combat ideas? What happened to your flair for flexible and unconventional attacks?
No. 276681 ID: 259738

>What happened to your flair for flexible and unconventional attacks?

This is harder to do when you have no magical capabilities. When you finish up here, you should really consider hooking up with Mordre. He is a bigger player on the world stage than anyone realizes, and he rewards people who work for him really well. He could also arrange it so that you don't come into contact with Ulzrick. You could get alchemical enhancements and magic items that could beat out anything you can get elsewhere.
No. 276687 ID: 12323e

> they are largely not as.... insanity inclined... as you Chaos Motes -

None of us are as crazy as all of us. And there's a LOT of us in here.

> Sounds like this Ulzrick's a pussy then.

Aw, don't be so hard on the guy. He's come a ways since then. We've been working on him, now and then. In between all this scheming to take over the world, of course.

I say go high, give Gil and Derrick a shot in the low-attack area where it sounds like he's weak. As for these Soul hands... you're a pretty well-learned 'rick. Chaos-inclined, do you think, or would a nice application of Chaos (say, in the form of your blade) result in it dissipating and/or exploding?

If it's the exploding one, maybe it'd time for a Chaos-laced flashbang to gum up the works. While you back away quickly. We like Order/Chaos explosions.

> Yeah, I know he knows. And the name... well, it's a bit... hard... to get away from the -rick suffix.
... Huh. Is the 'rick Ownership, being shared by the entire gestalt consciousness of the Collective as it is, like a black hole you can't escape? Even the local's MUSCLES renamed themselves Flexrick.

That was... weird, even for us.

What can your Captain's fancy swords do besides carve this guy up like turducken? Not that that's not enough.

So, you picked this reality for a reason? And not, say, because it was the point farthest from something you're running from? Our Ulzrick, Domintus, all the things that are unique to this reality, you don't seem particularly interested in. Really, feels more like you're slumming it.
No. 276691 ID: 81f32a

So... what's your deal then? Why are you trying to get under everyones radar?
Just want some quiet life? A place to settle?
I don't buy it. You wouldn't have gone to military otherwise.

And leaving the collective. Just tired of their shit like Gelricks were? Or is there much deeper reason beyond that?

>but then, all this stuff with Mordre has been confusing me, from the first report that reached the capital.
What do you mean? Elaborate please.
Abd what report was that. We were led to believe that Mordre was still largely unknown before the battle.

>And the name... well, it's a bit... hard... to get away from the -rick suffix.
Well just call yourself Rick.... Rick Astley ... hehe

>Sounds like this Ulzrick's a pussy then. .
Yeah right. It was his first experience with Chaos Motes. He was just a regular dude, a bit on the fat side but very strong ... and flexible.
Back then he didn't even know what regular voices in his head were, he just though he was insane.
And suddenly, there are bunch of OTHER voices right out of nowhere starting to speak to him, talking about crazy nonsense, asking what his favorite fruits are and arguing amongst each other. Basically overwhelming him with data in the span of few seconds.
That was like few months ago.
Now he's unstoppable wrecking machine. Went from knowing nothing about Dream to being highly competent. Strong as a motherfucker, could probably bench-press Mordre. He has actually 2 groups of '-ricks' in his head now, and can deal with them and us at the same time pretty good.... Though he's disconnected form the collective. We guess connecting back would draw Dreamreapers attention.
So no, he's far away from being a pussy.

>Come on, you're the ones that are supposed to have access to 'that which man should not know', this is pretty basic stuff here!
Just because we have access to all kinds of crazy knowledge doesn't mean we are smart about it ... or that we pay enough attention to stuff.

>Yeah, I know about..... that Deep Spawn. Would rather not let it in my head, thank you.
Why not?
It's not like he can read minds. Trust me, we tried.

>Yeah. Yeah I did.
So, why did you pick this one? Seems a lot of unique shit is conglomerated here, including you, I believe.

>What happened to your flair for flexible and unconventional attacks?
Meh. You seem yo be able to hold on your own. If you insist putting handicaps on yourself, thats your problem.
We like dealing with hard stuff, things that are stacked highly against us and coming out on top. Like having Ulzrick topple Mordre back in the day. That was fun.

Hey ... umm... btw, Do you know Bob?
No. 276692 ID: d3dfb8

Mayhap you were running from a dreameater?
Seems kind of risky, using a massively powerful dream spell like that...
No. 276695 ID: d3dfb8

>or that we pay enough attention to stuff.
Chaos Mote school wasn't good to you, was it?
No. 276697 ID: 5b95eb

>this is pretty basic stuff here!

We're not very good at our jobs.
No. 276698 ID: 5b95eb

>Sounds like this Ulzrick's a pussy then.

Well, that WAS a while ago. Before he knew of the Collective stuff. He's much better at it now.
No. 276706 ID: d4f98d

I'll be honest, I don't give much of a care as to whether or not you're from the Ulzrick Collective or not. As long as we can work amiably to the benefit of both parties goals, I see no reason to step on each other's toes.

Now then:

>How should I respond to Captain Gilbrant, do I want to attack high or low?

You guys are an elite military unit, right? I assume you have developed some semblance of a covert gesture-based language for silent operations? If so, shout "High" and signal that you're going for the opposite to Gilbrant. If you guys did NOT develop something as tactically useful for team-based fighting as that, then just say "Low".

>Specifically how am I going to attack?

Go for an elevated thrust, then cancel, dip and slash at his legs. I'm guessing you won't want to be in the area of effect when Derkin unleashes that Iron Curtain barrage, so keep that in mind.

>Given the fact the shadow mages are artificial Dream Users and this Combat Soul Mage appeared right as we slew the shadow knight, what do I suspect may be hidden in this room?

Oh, I'm sure there are some manner of Foci in the room, similar in nature to those used by the mages during the Capital Gates Siege's end. Obsidian/Ebon figurines, etched patterns or engravings. Hell, he may even be carrying things of that nature secreted about his ornate armor. I doubt they'll be in plain view unless he's inept, though (which given how easily he loses his temper, may very well be true, though it could just as easily be that you're a smarmy bastard in a fight, haha).

>And if you have questions could you mix them with some actual combat ideas? What happened to your flair for flexible and unconventional attacks?

Our current experiences range from standard brawlers to superlatively skilled, but unenhanced duelists, and from Combat magic practitioners to people who can regenerate their body from a bit of their head and rend through meters of iron. The middle-ground ranges which you seem to inhabit being superlatively skilled and Alchemically enhanced, are somewhat less oft tread ground. Give us a moment to get the feel of it.
No. 276707 ID: d4f98d

>Just because we have access to all kinds of crazy knowledge doesn't mean we are smart about it ... or that we pay enough attention to stuff.

I would actually just point out that, just because we are SUPPOSED to have access to this type of knowledge, does not necessarily mean we DO have access to it. Ponder that if you wish.
No. 276869 ID: 252e1b

I want to add that in addition to not knowing what we should, we're also kinda dumb collectively. We got Ulzrick to create enough paradox to summon a Dreameater, for instance.
No. 276882 ID: 12323e


Do we really have to air that particular pecadillo for this guy? I think he gets the idea.

> Given the fact the shadow mages are artificial Dream Users and this Combat Soul Mage appeared right as we slew the shadow knight, what do I suspect may be hidden in this room?

I suspect whatever it is, it must be worthwhile for two of Weinsho's three apprentices to buy it with their lives. The mechanism for imbuing mages with artificial Dream powers or Weinsho's Soul magic escape clause, which we suspect a man as paranoid as he to have.
No. 276887 ID: d4f98d

Thats not collective stupidity so much as collective ignorance and individual determination and carelessness.
No. 276910 ID: 81f32a

That was obviously stupidity.
Redacting something that gave us that power in the first place?
Someone should have seen how bad that would have been, but I guess we were blinded by a good roll to to make objections.

Dolrick, did you flee your reality because it was collapsing?
No. 276911 ID: 252e1b

Also, some of us are malicious and/or functionally retarded. Ignore anyone who talks about "the perils of the warp" "craftworlds" "lasguns" "battle sisters" or "adeptus sororitas" because damn that shit is retarded even in the setting it belongs in, never mind your world.
No. 276914 ID: bdd665

Hey guys I dont think he wants to talk about his past.
No. 276916 ID: 5b95eb

You should really stop responding to us directly, I think. We tend to go full retard when that happens.
No. 276926 ID: f129ec

As such, ignore this man and anything he has to say.
No. 276941 ID: 81f32a

Dolrick, I wish you would deal with this as soon as possible so that we can move on with the story.

Well, I suppose we could give a visit to Bob, wait till he's passed out due to weed, sneak in and steal his notes and-... hmmmmm

You have no concept of fun.
The Guardian Angel Sororitas with bolters was the best idea and you know it.

What? No!
Thats the most fun about this thing about talking with -ricks!
No. 276967 ID: a76809

>[Guile]None of us are as crazy as all of us. And there's a LOT of us in here.
Succinctly put, one titled Guile.
>[Guile]Aw, don't be so hard on our Ulzrick. He's come a ways since then. We've been working on him, now and then. In between all this scheming to take over the world, of course.
The fact he was at any point susceptible to mental overload from Chaos Motes is in itself proof of his poor quality. I am well to be rid of a farce ridden with such frailties being shared.

>[Guile]I say go high, give Gil and Derrick a shot in the low-attack area where it sounds like he's weak. As for these Soul hands... you're a pretty well-learned 'rick. Chaos-inclined, do you think, or would a nice application of Chaos (say, in the form of your blade) result in it dissipating and/or exploding?
Hands are made to have static, cleanly defined lines-still operating under the assumption I only see the surface, he is trying to express the image of Order, of Antimagic, in his workings-but it's a farce, only a background Chaos association due to the pyromantic origins. My blade can still claim it-and my hand is at best going to only get a mild blistering through the gloves, if I cut all four quick. Might not have to though.


I begin dashing in, aiming to face our foe in his specialty, feet moving only so fluidly as I allow Gilbrant to believe.

>[Guile]... Huh. So, is the 'rick Ownership, being shared by the entire gestalt consciousness of the Collective as it is, like a black hole you can't escape? Even the local's MUSCLES renamed themselves Flexrick. That was... weird, even for us.
Muscles? ...Ah, the Flexrick encounter, I recall that. Not a particularly common event to have play out. And the name does indeed involve Ownership, but you will need to be a bit more cunning than that to divine the function wrought therein, Guile. Still, well theorized. A pity you are so bland in combat application-though I am aware, you need time to warm to someone, and if I'm assessing our connection correctly, chronologically this is, from your perspective, our first encounter.

>[Guile]What can your Captain's fancy swords do besides carve this guy up like turducken? Not that that's not enough.
The State sword... ah, forgot what it's called in this reality, now that I think about it-it can identify and systematically skew given spell equations-it snares a fireball, whoever cast it can't calculate it out like that again. And aside from those rather particularly mathamatically, perceptually or magically gifted, it can be a very effective dampening force. Mages can become helpless if they like to cycle spells and overextend themselves before catching its function. Go ahead, give that information to another you visit, I wouldn't mind a chance to save his life again-I bet him five hundred marks I could save his life twelve times before the season changed, and I only have two left.

>[Guile][/code]So, you picked this reality for a reason? And not, say, because it was the point farthest from something you're running from?[/code]
An important distinction, and no, I flee from nothing, I walked away from what I left behind.
>[Guile]Our Ulzrick, Domintus, all the things that are unique to this reality, you don't seem particularly interested in. Really, feels more like you're slumming it.
A fair descriptor to label my presence. Why not go with that.

>So... what's your deal then? Why are you trying to get under everyone's radar? >Just want some quiet life? A place to settle? >I don't buy it. You wouldn't have gone to military otherwise.
Going with gut suspicion? Rather paranoid-and ironic, for one that masquerades as one of Ulzrick's voices from time to time, would you not agree? ...No, I imagine you wouldn't.

>And leaving the collective. Just tired of their shit like Gelricks were? Or is there much deeper reason beyond that?
Gelrick's reason for leaving has never been all that complex-while monastic, consider the age of those involved-young, brash monks who think they and their half-learned teachings know best. Something of an inevitability, with all that variation without any pruning.

>What do you mean, Mordre confuses you? Elaborate please.
Where to start. Lord Brigadier General Quinton Delevas has been claiming responsibility for actions far outside his ability range, in the same area Mordre is based. I check on this, find Mordre was responsible for all the actions Quinton claimed as his own. While technically having accepted Mordre's semi-service to the state placed him under his command and made his claims somewhat true, the fact an anathema that consumed tens of thousands, tonight and another night in the State, let alone how much elsewhere-would let it go surprises me. And that Lenryt, LENRYT would endorse it in its cover-it goes outside anything I've come to understand about reality. Clearly, it is wisest to play along, not just because the military might this Mordre has is sufficient to claim the state by force, based on its performance, but because this may be what I was looking for. We'll see.... or I'll see, if you aren't around at the time.

>And what report was that. We were led to believe that Mordre was still largely unknown before the battle.
Seven, I think you underestimate the breadth of my information, or the quality of my contacts. Suffice to say Mordre was, till today, unheard of in the State Captital.

>Well just call yourself Rick.... Rick Astley ... hehe.
Really Dkay, you think that?
>Yeah right. It was his first experience with Chaos Motes. He was just a regular dude, a bit on the fat side but very strong ... and flexible. Back then he didn't even know what regular voices in his head were, he just though he was insane. And suddenly, there are bunch of OTHER voices right out of nowhere starting to speak to him, talking about crazy nonsense, asking what his favorite fruits are and arguing amongst each other. Basically overwhelming him with data in the span of few seconds. That was like few months ago.
This excuses such a deplorable starting point as an adult how?
>Now he's unstoppable wrecking machine.
I believe I and many others could prove the claim of 'unstoppable' very, very wrong. But do continue with your delusion, I want to see where it goes.
>Went from knowing nothing about Dream to being highly competent in its working.
From what I understand, with OTHER ULZRICK AND GELRICK memories. He's using his position as Anchor to claim power that isn't really his-and at some point, he's going to come up against a wall that this exploit cannot surmount.
>Strong as a motherfucker, could probably bench-press Mordre.
With this Ulzrick having a Flexrick-which I did not yet know, thank you for the information Chaos Motes-I would expect him capable of such. But does he even know how to use Flexrick? Probably still wasting his time breaking his bones and rupturing his organs from direct enhancement, I bet.
>He has actually 2 groups of '-ricks' in his head now, and can deal with them and us at the same time pretty good.... Though he's disconnected from the collective. We guess connecting back would draw Dreamreapers attention.
So, doesn't have to deal with the weight of the Collective, just voices that directly contribute their abilities and skills to him in the form of memories? Pfft, that's easy.
>So no, he's far away from being a pussy.

>Why don't you want to talk to Phohn? It's not like he can read minds. Trust me, we tried.
Clearly you haven't tried hard enough.

>So, why did you pick this one? Seems a lot of unique shit is conglomerated here, including you, I believe.
Yes, I am unique.

>Meh. You seem to be able to hold on your own. If you insist putting handicaps on yourself, that's your problem. We like dealing with hard stuff, things that are stacked highly against us and coming out on top. Like having Ulzrick topple Mordre back in the day. That was fun.
See, that I can respect, at least-no interest from lack of challenge.

I sweep my blade up, slicing through each soulish arm in a strike that looks accidental, meant to only claim three, as blisters rise ignored on my hand while I drive my sword hom, straight through my foe's neck and towards his heart, the Red Steel biting deep. I afford myself a moment to act a bit more capable than I normally let myself, body obscuring the blow-as Gilbrant claims a leg, both of us darting back to a barrage from Derkin, slamming the body into the wall. Captain Gilbren soberly eyes the body, unmoving as it bleeds on the ground, while I watch its soul slowly emerge. Captain Gilbrant accepts our foe as dead, while I see him reform, invisible to the naked eye, still armed and armored-and now rushing at Gilbrant even as he moves to down his single healing potion to restore his thumb.

I feign a dramatic stretch, Break Blade whirling in my grip in an irregular, seemingly random collection of vectors before oh so coincidentally cutting the warrior's ghost in twain, dissipating its existence and sending it on to the System.

Captain Gilbren and Derkin share some congratulatory words while the Captain's thumb slowly reforms, and I glance about the room while they both try the door and finally find it pliable. They start walking up the stairs, calling to the audibly approaching reinforcements. I enjoy a moment alone with the corpse and my thoughts...

And you.

>[Emba]I'll be honest, I don't give much of a care as to whether or not you're from the Ulzrick Collective or not. As long as we can work amiably to the benefit of both parties goals, I see no reason to step on each other's toes.
An acceptable basis of a proffesional relationship. I wonder, will you actually adhere to your own standard? Time will tell I suppose.

Now then:
>[Emba]You guys are an elite military unit, right? I assume you have developed some semblance of a covert gesture-based language for silent operations? If so, shout "High" and signal that you're going for the opposite to Gilbrant. If you guys did NOT develop something as tactically useful for team-based fighting as that, then just say "Low". Go for an elevated thrust, then cancel, dip and slash at his legs. I'm guessing you won't want to be in the area of effect when Derkin unleashes that Iron Curtain barrage, so keep that in mind.
Oh, the time dilation, it can be a bitch. Not too shabby of a tactical approach though, even if it went unused.
>[Emba]Oh, I'm sure there are some manner of Foci in the room, similar in nature to those used by the mages during the Capital Gates Siege's end. Obsidian/Ebon figurines, etched patterns or engravings. Hell, he may even be carrying things of that nature secreted about his ornate armor. I doubt they'll be in plain view unless he's inept, though (which given how easily he loses his temper, may very well be true, though it could just as easily be that you're a smarmy bastard in a fight, haha).
Yeah, there's a Totemic Anchor here, Dream affiliated-was keyed to the knight Gilbrent cut up earlier. ...Hm, its undamaged.... I might be able to work with this. I discretely pack it into a pouch on my layered leather vest several seconds before everyone pounds back into the room, giving me ample time to back away, and remove any possible suspicion from my location or posture.
>[Emba]As Chaos Motes, our current experiences range from standard brawlers to superlatively skilled, but unenhanced duelists, and from Combat magic practitioners to people who can regenerate their body from a bit of their head and rend through meters of iron. The middle-ground ranges which you seem to inhabit being superlatively skilled and Alchemically enhanced, are somewhat less oft tread ground. Give us a moment to get the feel of it.
Your dual orientation scaling system conveyed your point. ...I believe I find myself ever so mildly impressed at your coherency given you are a Chaos Mote, Emba. Perhaps the inevitable future conversations will be more enjoyable than I anticipated.

> Also, some of us are malicious and/or functionally retarded. Ignore anyone who talks about "the perils of the warp" "craftworlds" "lasguns" "battle sisters" or "adeptus sororitas" because damn that shit is retarded even in the setting it belongs in, never mind your world.
Yes, I am quite familiar with the detritus that is inevitable in shared collectives.

> Dolrick, I wish you would deal with this as soon as possible so that we can move on with the story.

It's dealt with.

Now out of my head.


...................................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE] ...................................................................

...This, I was not expecting.

I am at one of Weinsho's fortresses, the one closest to my own.

And there is blood everywhere, yet not a body, not a soul to be found.

Instead, a supernatural light that skews even Zagrath's eyes assails us, only pushed back a few score yards by Ekron's brilliance, while I advance, Moss at my side, and Burduko only now returning with Rutgur to bring Arkus and Kyorto, along with Thomro's small Tomb-which I note Arkus to be commanding, under Kyorto's watchful eye. Bobobo rounds out our four Deep Spawn, one Life Golem, one Quasi-System and one Possessed Soul Grave-and Moss.

We are halfway across the courtyard, plumbing the darkness that blankets the whole area, still finding nothing but blood everywhere, bodies nowhere, when there is a slow, grinding rattle and groan, heavy and resounding in its pressure, that keens out from the tower that surely must be before us. I turn to Kyorto, wondering if her attempts at countermeasures to the light have-she shakes her head-still nothing.

What should I do?
Should I continue pressing forward, and if so, should I prioritize finding the source of the noise or something else in this spelunking?
Or should I choose to withdraw, and if so, what should I do?
No. 276974 ID: 81f32a

Ah, well, dang it. I'll put this attempt on MoI here before I forget it.

>[05:17] <TheBeardiestBob> Ulzrick prime, factoring in the Gelricks, First, Flexrick and Ozrick, is worth eleven Ulzricks.
>[05:17] <TheBeardiestBob> Dolrick, in terms of physical ability, is worth two, maybe three ulzricks
>[05:17] <TheBeardiestBob> in terms of knowledge, he is worth ALL THE ULZRICKS

>[05:21] <Dkay> Dolrick has ALL the knowledge? How did he manage that?
>[05:21] <NaiveOne> he probably cheated
>[05:21] <TheBeardiestBob> He managed that by ______________________________ which is totally cheating but there it is.
>[05:22] <TheBeardiestBob> I could actually tell you but that would spoil a whole mess of my fun, and several PS for you

Sooo... remember when Ulzick broke 4th wall again (where we are going we don't need walls) spoke to us directly on IRC some time ago? Conversing to us though the medium of computer (even if he wasn't using it)? We even showed him some youtube videos.
Thats important.

Dolrick says that he has done some 'research'. He knows about the Deep Spawn for example. In this setting people know them through Mordre (save for few exceptions), who is Unique in all settings. Even Bang and Keddic thought that it was the First Contact with the Spawn and that Mordre is the first ever to negotiate a deal with them (not really true).

Anyway, Dolrick seems to have just TOO much information, how could he have manged that?
I bet only through cheating (and Bob confirmed that he cheated). And there's only one way I think it is possible to cheat at Golem Quest (as in cheat Bob).
It is to somehow to get hold of his notes. Soooo, just like Ulzrick managed to connect to IRC. Dolrick managed to steal bunch of documents from Bobs computer.

It is also the reason why he chose this reality. Because this has the highest chance to be defined and least chance of collapsing.
No. 276982 ID: a76809

[I don't have notes. Your theory is invalid.]
No. 276985 ID: ab04d4

goddamn this is getting more meta than MSPA

...Supernatural light? Not darkness? And blood everywhere? Sounds like an eldritch summoning of some form, or an empowering ritual. Either that, or a third party tried to take over in Weinsho's absense before us, possibly a third party that had previously been hired by Weinsho... Heck, it could be all of the above.

Are we sure it's light? How can Ekron's light work to push back other light? Is there any chance of it being some supernatural magical wavelength of light, or maybe a new form of radiation that just happens to produce photons through decay?

Consume the blood, perhaps magical residue in the blood will grant us further information.
No. 276989 ID: bdd665

Sounds like a side effect of Weinsho's back up plan. mabey a last resort method of drawing power from marked minions?

Well that or somebody started messing about with those Corebeing summoning notes or some varrient of them.
No. 276991 ID: 5b95eb

Pull ALL THE BLOOD IRON to you, and eat it or something, get it away from here, at least.
No. 276995 ID: 12323e

Supernatural light sounds like inverted darkness, as the Shadow Knight can do, which means Dream magic. Where did that super-powered Dreameater that was eating shadow mages get off to, again?


I say teleport in Ulzrick, at least, if he isn't busy.
No. 276997 ID: 1854db

Obviously he time traveled into the future and read history books or something.
No. 277005 ID: 12323e

Pristine Soul attempts are now.

Dolrick is an Ulzrick that used a combination Dream/Soul/Tractomancy/Chronomancy/Dream/possibly Word working to leave his reality that had taken a bad turn somewhere (possibly being destroyed, but I doubt it). This was also used to leave the Collective, and the Restriction this placed on him cut him off from working all magic. I hypothesize that
1. his reality is far beyond ours (chronologically speaking). He seems to be in a curious place, temporally-speaking, maybe even moving backwards in time a la Merlin; he seems to have met us before.
2. That he was like our Ulzrick, an Anchor, and had the same stuff happen to him (Gelricks, Flexrick, etc.); he despises Ulzrick Prime either for his weakness when Dolrick was strong in the same situation or because he sees an old weakness in him.
3. Dolrick was the voice that put Ulzrick Prime back together again, but a younger Dolrick before he became all bitter and stuff, see re: time-shenanigans.

1. He did come here for a purpose. He is exactly where he wants to be, a low officer in Gil's platoon, he's too competent not to be. Whatever is coming - and it isnt us or Domintus, he doesn't care about us - I suspect he'll be in just the right place to avert it or allow it. I suspect the Core Being of Trekel, for lack of better fingers to point.
2. Our Ulzrick could follow a similar path and massively Restrict himself. This may allow New Game+ shenanigans.
No. 277010 ID: 81f32a

Since Dolrick dealt in time shenanigans, he could have arrived here while he was a kid.
So, maybe he needed an anchor to be able to get inside this realm, and the anchor being Ulzrick.
But he knows many of Ulzricks don't survive for long, so he could have somehow influenced him making Ozrick so that he acts like his bodyguard and ensures his survival till the time his succeeds breaking off the collective.

As to why First doesn't know him. He probably used some last powerful spell to make everyone he existed.
No. 277012 ID: 46c430

Hrmm. One of Bobobo's offered piece of information was that Weinsho's Channeler suit was powered by sacrifices... Perhaps this is where the sacrifices where made?
No. 277016 ID: 81f32a


Mordre doesn't know about Ulzricks abilities let alone about Dolrick. So we'll have to try these MoI attempts at later date.
No. 277018 ID: 1854db

...if there are Chaos Motes, then surely there are Order Motes as well. Dolrick is very Orderly. I'm betting that he contacts the Order Motes on occasion, and the Order Motes are very tied to Time and thus he is able to use them to find out shit that happened and will happen.
No. 277019 ID: 252e1b


There's a simpler solution. Infinite sets allow for significant variation. It's likely that Dolzrick is from an alternate Ulrick set entirely; the Dolzricks. Most of them were from timelines that were significantly advanced; the Lubu tragedy has already come to a close, Wenshino's plot has come to fruition, the Wanderer forced to act and in the process lose Lenryt, ect. So the Dolzrick Collective is older, and had experienced most of the things the Ulzrick Collective has. Dolzrick then gained enough power in the Dream to merge in a way similar to how Figment did here, and enacted the magic restriction right after he arrived here to evade the Dreameater.
No. 277020 ID: 81f32a

So Mordre, boi
Remember how you just turned off Blue Devil just like that? Even through the massive layers of defense and your absolutely poor grasp of Soul Magic you were able to do it because the massive ownership that the Pristine Soul gave you.

So... you know that Deep Spawn were the creators of Soul Graves. You also know how mortals have tried to kill Deep Spawn before. And EVRYBODY knows how powerful Soul Graves can get ... right?

So... isn't it safe to say that Deep Spawn can do the same trick you pulled on Blue Devil and just shut down any and all Soul Graves pretty much at will? The function is probably deeply infused with the core of the Furnace and removing it might be next to impossible.

Also, might be the reason why mortals in the past even though of fighting the Spawn and losing. They had made similar dealings with Spawn like Mosmordren Empire. Waged wars for centuries, millennia and powered up the Graves to INSANE levels .... and thought "hey, there are these demons living the the veins of our planet... we can't have that" and turned to kill them with the weapons they had provided thinking them to be very smart.
But Spawn just turned off the Graves and killed everyone who tried to oppose them, took over-saturated Soul graves and retreated back.

Fighting spawn is out of the question, they will just flip a switch
LEARN shitload of golemcraft, find out the flaw and remove it.
We can go around claiming the rest of soul graves like candy from babies.
Oh! And I think the flaw is only accessible with Admin magic (which we can learn), so we need that too.
No. 277025 ID: d3dfb8

Send Gailgorra a message via Phohn, requesting one of each type of his perpetual engines.
No. 277026 ID: 81f32a

2 of each engines.
So that Jez and Kyorto can try to revesre engineer on of each.
No. 277028 ID: d3dfb8

I like the way you think sir.
No. 277038 ID: 81f32a

Some small prediction concerning Jak.

Mordre turned of the pristine function we build-in the Blue Devil.
But I don't think Jak is stupid, he was there when we made the upgrade and he knows the function is still there. So I think he's heavily invested in trying to figure out how to turn it on again. We know that he has a lot of resources and contacts so I am pretty sure that he'll make it work again sooner or later, and the next time he'll properly ward it.

Also, Mordre should be able to locate Blue Devil through the pristine he put in it. Maybe he'd have to get Phohns and Bobobos help, but he should be able to do it.
Even if the thing is stored in Hammerspace, he might be able to track it back to Jak.

So we need to find a way to deny Jaks teleporting ability and fuck him up as soon as possible.

Also, with his ability to manipulate his body, he could look like anybody. Be vigilant!
No. 277042 ID: 1854db

I think Dolrick wants to summon all the Ulzricks here to this reality, then kill them all. They enter the nearest anchor. Dolrick is an anchor I think. Or was one anyway. What happens if there are no more anchors?
No. 277048 ID: c813bf

From the next paragraPh saying they were plumbing the darkness, I suspect that "supernatural light" is a typo, and it should be supernatural dark.

Something similar has happened to Keddic once before, I think. We need everyone to have a light source of some kind, and we should try firing a lightning gun.

We can also create fire with pyromancy, or as an extreme measure, fire an Order- Chaos shot straight up to act as a giant flare.

The other thing I want to try is creating an inverted, order aligned soulfire golem in the hope that it will last longer than a normal one and the combination of Chaotic light from Ekron and Ordered light from the golem will cut through the darkness.
No. 277050 ID: c813bf

Also, sorry to double post, but is our body eating the magic sustaining the darkness?
No. 277146 ID: 9985d9

Spend a few seconds experimenting to see if you can figure out what's going on. Activate the Feasting Vestments to see if you can drain ambient magic. Try reaching into the darkness with the Inverter. Try burning away the blood in case this is some kind of large scale blood magic fueled shadow magic. See if the Spectral Gorging Anima can be used as a sort of fleshhound to find the presumably missing bodies.

Also you've got Bobobo there. Ask it if any of Weinsho's apprentices is known for this type of magic and how it works.

Press onwards towards the tower and ask Burduko and Rutgur to protect Kyorto and Arkus if needed. Can Ekron manifest spawn to increase the lit area?
No. 277266 ID: 81f32a

Start charging up the IG.

Summon few Inferno Golems for pushing back the light/dark. Use your pyromancy to make them brighter and send one deeper in.

Press on. I don't think there's time to lose.
Speed up actually.

Try to INVERT the darkness!

Remember how once Dulu escaped back to Weinsho?
What says that Weinsho doesn't have the same kind of escape plan set up for himself? We caught him in out crystal, but Rutgur said that some kind of beating (like a heart) was occurring. I believe, it was trying to get back to this outpost but could not because it is encased in the crystal. BUT, the systems required for retrieval automatically turned on and whoever was left behind at the outpost could sense that Weindho is still around.
So they desperately trying everything they can to power-up Weinsho and help him break free. I believe that is where all the blood is coming from: sacrifices ,as Bobobo told us that Enchanter suit is powered by sacrifices, so nothing says that can't be used for other stuff too.
Combine that with heavy use of dream magic and you get a powerful amplifier.

So if you don't get your act together quickly enough, Weinsho will break out..... and having Soul Furnace just lying next to him is not a good thing. I suggest having Rutgur and Burduko mover the furnace .... actually just dump it inside Rutgur and keep it there for a while.

The other possibility can be even more annoying.
Remember it was reported that Yetis need Premen permission to leave the mountains? And that Trollzaru tried to gain as much?
Well, he probably got permission from a another, much weaker tribe and left for Low Lands. There he heard the rumors of the Skull Metal Golem and set to investigate more, after a while he figured out that Weinsho is somehow connected to us and went here. Only to find that he is not here and most of his army is gone too, acting up on weak state of the outpost he started consuming everyone left here. Then he probably consumed all the items imbued with magic (dream totems, dark knifes, etc..). And I believe all this light/dark is coming from him due to being over-saturated with this new power.

If have taken Bobobo with us, might just well as use him. Ask him to get information on this phenomenon.

Ask what Arkus and Kyorto think about this. Then also ask if Ulzrick found out anything more about this darkness thing.
No. 277367 ID: 81f32a

Also, just to be safe ask for status from other strike groups.
Hopefully they didn't run into any problems...
No. 278026 ID: a76809
File 12966235107.jpg - (364.60KB , 700x990 , Trollingwood Emissary.jpg )

I continue to find myself disoriented by the paradox I am assailed with, a light that creates shadow, something stark that obscures everything-I can feel Zagrath pained by trying to pierce the heavy shadowlight. I once more question why Ekron's light could push it back-but as he seems built around light from both a Soul magic and Deep Spawn level, perhaps it is a simple question of depth of resources-since my Soulfire itself provides only the dimmest illumination in this crazed landscape. I continue to ponder if this was a place where Weinsho performed the sacrifices I know his channeler suit required, or if a third party came in the master's absence to commit slaughter. ...Too little is concrete to be sure. To be safe, I start wrenching Blood Iron from every blood spatter I detect, removing any magical powers from the stains in the process-as I realize my senses detect not a whit of.... anything, really, beyond Ekron's light. This pall of lit shadow continues to confound, even as we advance.

Hm... if I can't pierce this with Zagrath... perhaps it is a Dream working, like that of the shadowmages Weinsho was so fond of? I know hardly anything about the field-but I know of two. While I know Jojo to be busy teaching Heol of Souldreaming and in the process learning more about souls in general from the displaced spirit, Ulzrick is under no such restriction, Phohn having reported his outpost seized twenty eight seconds ago. I call for him, and after a brief flicker, Rutgur dumps the soldier at our side, now bearing a State Captain's cape mantled to his plate armor-I wonder when he found time to get that?

>[Ulzrick]"Yeah, what is... what.. woah, WOAH what the Deep is THIS place?"
>[Arkus]"What, can you detect something meaningful?"
>[Ulzrick]"Let's see, the shadows of several hundred dead False Dreamers, a Nightmare crafted from their lives prowling, hunting-oh, and a DIFFERENT Dreameater, isn't that nice!"
>[Arkus]"You could have just said yes...."
>[Kyorto]"I find myself somewhat embarassed to admit it, but I know very little of Dream-could you tell me more of these Dreameaters?"

As I listen to Ulzrick slowly winning Kyorto's respect with his knowledge of magic, with Arkus likewise throwing questions at the Souldreamer, the party marches on behind me, surrounded by Deep Spawn to grant them an extra layer of safety within the pall of Ekron's light.

As we walk I try a few ideas as they flit through my mind. Goran and Abaeloth's souls both do nothing to the darkness, unable to eat or absorb it in any form.
"Bobobo, what do you know of the supernatural shadow-light we find ourselves wading through?"
>[Bobobo]"Cross-referencing.... Searching all indexes.... an event that matches this format in 62% of all written descriptions calls this a Nightmare Feast. Research into the subject is limited to only a small fraction of all settings, and information therein is scarce. Dreameaters are associated with the event in all instances of being described."


I wonder....

I start charging the Immortal Genocide, reaching my hand out away from Ekron, towards the terminating divide between Ekrons light and the Dream shadow-light.

>[???]"Would not do that if you, *Maou*."

I turn back to face the front of our group-and see quite a strange sight.

A cat in a tiny tin suit of armor with a toy lance is perched on a rock, just on the edge of the light, pupils narrowing in reaction to the intense light of Ekron.

>[???]"Meowmaster Catbeard, Trollmaster of Trollingwood is hunting something-he asks to be left to his sport, *Maou*"
>[Arkus]"Ah-heh... are you going to stop us?"
>[???]"Only supposed to warn, not prevent, *Maou*"

The cat knight sniffs inquisitively in Arkus' direction, and a purr rumbles its way out of his small frame.

>[???]"Does Mauser smell dried fish? Mauser loves dried fish *Maou*"

....Well then.

What should I say or do?
Should I heed the words of Mauser, and leave this base be for now?
If so what should I do now, given that the last of the bandit controlled outposts... fell two seconds ago?
Or if I plan to abscond, what is my next step?
No. 278029 ID: 5b95eb

"Give him the fish, Arkus." And then Phohn him up and tell him to not laugh or anything.
No. 278035 ID: 69bee4

"Give that fuzzy wuzzy animal the fish Arkus! it look huwgry! ack, I want to pet it so much, but the golem and... wait a minute.... Mauser!?"

[shambling sounds and papers ruffling]

"Illia! You let Mauser out again! DIDN'T YOU!"

[doop open]"N..no, I don't think so sir."

"Then why is Mauser right in front of my golem, tell me. What have I told you Illia about letting Mauser take the Spear of Temporal Dominion and running out? and its got my grandfathers morphic armor too!? not ag... what have you been doing Illia?! I can't believe... argggg."

"No, no, don't try and argue out of this Mauser, even without my glasses its obvious that its you! I know who loves his fishy nom noms, yes I doooooo. Now come back home to daddy, and stop toying aronund with the fundamental forces of the universe wielded in a spear. You might cut off a whisker again! Now get back home, and no sulking!"

[if complaining enough about this and not reality shenanigans turned out]

"Ohhoho, come now. Did you really think I don't know my own cat? Mauser is a much cuter calico color. Though kitty platemail could be.. hmm... that sounds so adora... ah blast, where was I?"
No. 278036 ID: 252e1b


Ask Mauser how long the Meowmaster will take.
No. 278046 ID: b0b61b

"May we watch your master at work? We will not interfere with his hunt, our goal here is to make this outpost safe for mortal habitation. We also wish to recover the works of the one who once dwelled within these walls and commanded the shadow users, we must undo the destruction he has wrought here. Would your master object to any of our goals? If so, could an agreement be reached wherein he completes his hunt whist leaving this outpost intact?"
No. 278055 ID: 12323e

A Nightmare Feast sounds like the kind of event that could push the Dream closer to the real world. If this is the kind of thing you can expect, fake cats becoming real, generally some weird, weird shit... It might be time to pack it in and go home.

Other possibility, this is just Trollingwood trolling again. Don't listen to him. It. Be cordial, but noncommital to the not-real cat. Keep going.

Suggest, 'perhaps we can join the Trollmaster's hunt?', maybe ask Bobobo what a Trollmaster is, since we have an open line to him.

And be ready to send back Ulzrick with Burduko if the Dreameater appears. It sounds like he is by far the most vulnerable to it.
No. 278068 ID: 81f32a

Tell Arkus to give fish to the cat.

Ask the cat what his master is hunting.

Tell him we'll try not to intervene but we REALLY must know what is happening here.
And we are afraid that if we do not deal with this fast enough some BAD things could happen.
No. 278074 ID: a76809

As I see Arkus leaning back from the cat's stare, I can't help myself from interjecting.

"Just give him the fish, Arkus."
>[Arkus]"Wha-ah, yeah, okay."

The slightly chubby cat pounces to its feet, eyes wide as it assaults Arkus' hand the moment he opens his travel pack, constantly butting his head in the way. Finally a strip of dried fish is pulled free, and the tin-armor wearing feline clings to Arkus' arm, yowling as it scrabbles for the fish. The frantic moment finally passes when Mauser is finally on the ground once more, purring as he gnaws on the fish.

With how catlike this creature is... and the matching name-I see an opportunity to put a tale in Ulzrick's head.

"Looks to be quite the fluffy feline-I want to pet it so much, But the golem and... wait a minute.... Mauser!?"
I very briefly go still, Arkus avoiding rolling his eyes by the barest of margins as I simulate the sounds of shuffled papers, rattling drawers and wheels.
"Illia! You let Mauser out again, DIDN'T YOU!?" ".....Master? N-no, I don't think so sir..." "Then why is Mauser right in front of my golem, tell me. What have I told you Illia about letting Mauser take the Spear of Temporal Dominion and running out? He's even got my grandfather's morphic toy armor too!? not ag... what have you been doing Illia?! I can't believe... argggg."

Mauser does something I did not expect-and drops the halfeaten piece of fish as it turns to stare at me, head slowly bobbing as its ears twitch and turn.

>[Mauser]"Mauser is known? No, cannot be right, Meowmaster Catbeard-"
"No, no, don't try and argue out of this Mauser, even without my glasses it's obvious that it's you! Now come back home to daddy, and stop toying around with my collection. You might burn off your whiskers again-or lose a chunk of tail! Now get back home, and no sulking!"

Mauser hisses as it leaps into the air, its tin armor-shifting, twisting, reforming into a metal soldier, rotund and dense, now clearly recognizable as Morphically treated, just the same as I feel Tractomantic magic starting to awake in Mauser's lance. ....Just what is going on?

Confused and panicked, Mauser darts off into the darkness, swiftly losing us.

As I once more hear the rumble of shifting metal and stone, the heavy pulse of a massive shock at some distant point picked up through ground and air alike-as I begin to hear more and more meows filling the night air.

[DAY 167: DAY 7 OF WEEK 2 OF MONTH 5:]
[Castiday of the Second Cycle of Libiturnius (Summer)]

TIme to choose:
Do I heed Mauser/Catbeard/Ulzrick's warning, and leave this place behind?
Do I follow after Mauser, to learn more of the boggling event that just unfolded?
Do I seek out Catbeard's battle by the sounds I hear?
Do I just want to search the outpost excepting Mauser and Catbeard's areas?
No. 278075 ID: 5b95eb


No. 278076 ID: 5b95eb

Chuckle deeply, say "I love doing that", and then follow Catbeard.
No. 278078 ID: 81f32a


We are going to ask him whats up and see what he's hunting here.
No. 278083 ID: 51dc3f

I am guessing that Catbeard will be having THE manliest fight with a Dreameater.

Because lolcatbeard.
No. 278084 ID: 45be60

Explore in the other direction. Interrupting a fight is a way to be collateral damage, not have conversations.
No. 278086 ID: 903f16


>Do I just want to search the outpost excepting Mauser and Catbeard's areas?

As much as I want to avoid Catbeard at all costs we should do this. Get a feel for what this base has and look around for anything important. If we decide to take a peek at Catbeard's fight for the love of god let's not get involved or draw attention to ourselves.
No. 278088 ID: 69bee4

Follow Mauser.

Also, a thought on what may be fueling the Cat's existance. Obviously Ulzrick said that Dream is involved, but its possible that Belief may be also a huge factor. The odds of guessing something like the Spear of Temporal Dominion and Armor? tiny, though subject to rules of Bob. This leads me to believe in part, Mauser, playing off the previously defined cat, effected the Belief that sustained the cat's existance. If Catbeard's form of magic focuses on Belief, it could be suceptible to the belief of others. As such, when suddenly Ulzrick, Morde, Arkus, Kyorto all combined their Belief on this cat, it caused it to change in part to their perception, instead of the one Catbeard origionally defined.

As such, is we face catbeard, Belief could have a large role to play in protecting ourselves.
No. 278090 ID: 81f32a

While we have the chance, we should believe all kind of crazy things into existence then.

That spear would have been pretty useful.
No. 278100 ID: 81f32a


Something you forgot yo do from update about a week ago.

Collect Keddics blood and limbs using our healing spawn.

Speaking of limbs and healing spawn.
Ask through Phohn where Captain Falcon is. Then pitch him the possibility of us regrowing his arm and how he'd like that.
Use our healing spawns to do it then. (though first ask them if the will be able to do that)
The reason why I am asking to do this now and not at the later time because I'm afraid that there's some kind of time-frame of regenerating lost limbs.

He is probably a powerful dream magic user. A mental type. Being insane over cats is his deficiency.

I don't think Arkus yet knows that we have just become honorary Master Coil Mage by no other than Lenryt herself.
Tell him that and see his reaction.
No. 278101 ID: 69bee4

Further thoughts on Catbeard.

Ulzrick senses Dream Magic, Catbeard is fighting a Dreameater. This I think points to Catbeard using Dream magic, particularly with a mental instead of a physical deformity.

Consider the concept of 'crazy cat person'. An actual mental issue unlocks dream, and fits the archetype. If you combine Dream and Belief magic into this archetype of a person who loves cats too much, an easy logical result is creation of cats that are fueled by belief to be human like.

As such, if we run into catbeard, I do not expect to see any notable physical deformity (or at least not have it be the primary deformity). It also explains the fight against a Dreameater, as it is probably his threat as a Dreame user parallel to Ulzrick's. (Though Catbeard takes his problems a bit more head on it seems if this is so)

Random other prediction, Considering what we know about Catbeard and his likely mental affinity for cats. Its extremely likely this Dreameater, if we can see it as Catbeard does, will look like a dog.
No. 278106 ID: 81f32a


Since the guy has cat-based powers ....
I suggest sending Burduko to acquire a bag of catnip.
Just in case.
You newer know when you'll need some catnip.

And maybe some dried fish too...
No. 278160 ID: bdd665

good idea, we just need to make sure it is in a well sealed container. we want a bargining chip not a lure.
No. 278241 ID: 76a2b7

Follow that cat!
No. 278249 ID: 1854db

Avoid disturbing Catbeard at all costs. You should at least heed THAT part of Mauser's warning. But by all means, let us follow the cat if he is not moving towards the battle. May as well look around so long as we avoid the massively powerful cat-based Trollingwood resident.
No. 278353 ID: 21e57a

Well, I'm all in favor for chasing down OUR cat and seeing where it leads us. Also, we should loot the outpost and see if we can identify who Catbeard is fighting. But, mostly, follow the kitty.

Anyway, an idea: There's a new 'Rick, Dolrick, that Derkin is hanging with. Now, some of his reactions seem to imply he's from another reality, but some of the other stuff he said implies that he might be Ulzrick from our own future. Now I am gonna put forward the idea that he will try and get Ulzrick to follow his path so he doesn't get eaten by paradox. That should mean he'll look out for Ulzrick, and will likely be confrontational to you and Eisenhardt.
No. 278356 ID: 5f0943

writan some dialogue:
"I do hope that outburst was not a result of my jest."
No. 278457 ID: 21e57a

Oh, an idea I've had for a while. We seriously should start an archaeologists school, or group, or some such. A group of people who aren't afraid to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. Shouldn't take much and when we get back to the Capital, we can get right on it.

>Implying that Mauser doesn't go out and play in Grandfather's old Toy Armor alllll the time.

Yeah, sorry guys, not buying it.
No. 278471 ID: a76809