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File 129169537839.jpg - (399.24KB , 800x600 , CBSF-Title copy.jpg )
262574 No. 262574 ID: 8f70ca

Instruments of Destruction
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No. 262576 ID: 8f70ca
File 129169541019.jpg - (296.42KB , 1600x858 , inventory-imlicombined.jpg )

No. 262577 ID: 8f70ca
File 129169563073.jpg - (113.82KB , 1000x600 , fork.jpg )

Ok, the path stops here after leaving the goblins' place. It intersects another tunnel. Dugut says that left heads to the river, and right goes to the magma flow. People going both directions have turned up missing, lately.
No. 262580 ID: 55c4cf

Left to the river!
No. 262589 ID: ceacd2

Let's definitely head to the river first, we might find some iron so we can make a bucket for some magma.
No. 262590 ID: 1854db

River first.
No. 262591 ID: b971a3

No. 262602 ID: c71597

Lets see what we find in the direction of the river. Keep your eyes out for anything hostile.
No. 262612 ID: f59554

What were we doing again?
No. 262625 ID: f848b4

I keep hearing good things about this river.
No. 262644 ID: 2563d4

Disappearing group of guards by the magma. We should have our weird hairball pet that was found by a dormant magma vent in our left hand, too. So let's go to the magma.
No. 262753 ID: 8f70ca
File 129176996279.jpg - (123.50KB , 1000x600 , cave1.jpg )

OK, we'll head to the river first. Looks like there's a big chamber up ahead.
No. 262755 ID: 383006

Keep your eye on that hole in the upper left corner, and approach cautiously. Ask the goblin if he sees anything good in said hole. Do you hear water or anything?
No. 262762 ID: 67090c

Use your scanner on the area, especially before walking in front that hole in the ceiling.
No. 262791 ID: 1854db

Investigate the stalagmite.
No. 262875 ID: c71597

Looks like a very good ambush site. Send in Dugut first, tell him to be careful.
No. 262917 ID: 8f70ca
File 129183575735.jpg - (94.82KB , 1000x600 , cavescan01.jpg )

yeah, I can faintly hear water from the other side of this room.

Hmm, looks like there's three large creatures farther back, nothing in the hole.

it looks like a normal one, from what I can tell.

What should I tell him to do, exactly?
No. 262918 ID: 8e18cd


What is their height? Any features you can recognize with the heat vision. I assume the details are indistinguishable, but a frame, height and features like the number of fingers should tell us what we might have to deal with.
No. 262920 ID: 8f70ca
File 129183673211.jpg - (73.77KB , 1000x600 , heatzoom.jpg )

Hmm, big.. I'd guess about about two and a half meters tall or so, heavy frame, and it's got only two fingers. They're pretty far away.
No. 262934 ID: 1854db

Looks like trolls. See if we can get their attention for a visual, and confirm it before opening fire.

Definitely aim your gun at them though and prepare to fire.
No. 262935 ID: ceacd2

Tell him to watch your back and make sure nobody sneaks up on us.

Hook up the heavy maser and fire at will.
No. 262954 ID: 55c4cf

Proceed and attack if necessary, I don't think you should just shoot at them until you're sure they're not docile.
No. 262963 ID: 8e18cd

Trolls indeed. You should attack, but make sure you won't get flanked. That Maser is pretty damn good, but damn. If we get in CQC, we're fucked. Make sure that goblin is covering our ass.
No. 262966 ID: c71597

Looks like there might be a fight ahead. Tell him to watch your back, be ready to step in if they get too close and keep an eye on the hole.

Load up with delicious heavy weapons and prepare to blast some weird ass creatures.
No. 263083 ID: a41aaf

Aren't troll eggs pretty valuable? Hide in the hole, make some sort of noise to attract them past you (or have Dugut act as a lure), then sneak behind them to pilfer the eggs. This also works as a flanking manoeuvre.
No. 263255 ID: 8f70ca
File 129194948050.jpg - (138.71KB , 1000x600 , wide load.jpg )

OK, I'm in the hole now, they aren't trolls, but three large bipeds. They appear to have no eyes.
No. 263257 ID: 383006

Shout down at them if they want some cash to see if they are sapient/hostile. Being that you're in the hole, they probably can't easily get to you, so you will not be giving up the advantage of the high ground/good ranged attacks.
No. 263267 ID: c3c3bf

What's that red thing in the lower right there?
No. 263270 ID: 8f70ca
File 129195195877.jpg - (205.57KB , 1000x600 , ugly motherfuckers.jpg )

Well that got their attention! That was probably a bad idea now that I can get a good look at them.

That's Dugut.
No. 263273 ID: 1854db

...I guess we should start shooting, huh?
No. 263274 ID: 383006

Yeah, let's shoot those motherfuckers. After firing, use your remaining actions to move further into the hole.
No. 263286 ID: 8f70ca
File 12919551635.jpg - (143.04KB , 1000x600 , ugly motherfuckers.jpg )

DAMMIT! Uhh, I meant to do that!
No. 263287 ID: 8f70ca
File 129195527185.jpg - (152.31KB , 1000x600 , drrdrrdrr.jpg )

Whoa, they're really pissed off now. My warning shot didn't scare them off. Now they keep throwing broken off stalactites and rocks in the hole.
No. 263291 ID: 383006

How far up does the hole go now? Poor goblin. I hope he had the sense to run.
No. 263294 ID: 45c9f1

Wait for them to stop then wave your gun out there to see if they can see at all.
No. 263330 ID: f1df52

I agree, wait for them to stop and quietly peek out to see how they sense you, whether by hearing or something else.
No. 263332 ID: ceacd2

Put on your mask just in case they aim for the face.
No. 263347 ID: c71597

Wait for their rockthrowing to die down a bit. Then respond with superior firepower and kill their fucking asses.
No. 265131 ID: 8f70ca
File 129271114613.jpg - (163.28KB , 1000x600 , wide load 2.jpg )

They don't seem to notice me, I can be fairly certain that they navigate by sound. Any one I should aim for?
No. 265136 ID: a09a03

Shoot the bottom left one, from our perspective. It's got the best angle to throw things back at you.

And position your considerable self to get the fuck out of the way in a hurry.
No. 265137 ID: 1854db

No. 265138 ID: c2c011

That does seem like the one to shoot. And having a plan for rapid redeployment is always good.
No. 265147 ID: 8f70ca
File 129271671161.jpg - (152.90KB , 1000x600 , another damn headshot.jpg )

I blast one of them right in the head! It lets out a horrible low bellow and a cloud of its unnatural colored blood boils out of the wound. It falls to the ground. That seemed to scare the other two off.
My what?

((I meant to address this last post, but a gas mask offers no protection from damage))
No. 265150 ID: bc9415

sweet, fight or flight instinct kicked in and since they saw nothing to fight then flight was their only option.
No. 265151 ID: a09a03

Check on Dugut.

Investigate the monster more closely to see if you can determine what it is a mutated version of.

Don't unplug your maser yet.
No. 265155 ID: 8f70ca
File 129271893484.jpg - (197.73KB , 1000x600 , dead one.jpg )

I've got no idea what this thing is. It sure smells horrible, I can't tell if the burning is an improvement or not. Dugut had the good sense to hide when he caught sight of them.
No. 265157 ID: a09a03

Keep heading to the river. Keep your eyes peeled.
No. 265166 ID: 1854db

If you ask me it's a giant naked mole rat. Some kind of... moleratman.

Let's continue onwards.
No. 265176 ID: 0405f3

Mole rats are hive-based mammals if I remember... that wouldn't bode well.
No. 265190 ID: a09a03

Also your ass is big. Like, super big.
No. 265195 ID: 2563d4

It's true.
No. 265197 ID: 9a5057

What are you talking about? Her ass is delicious size. Stop putting your camera perspective so close to her tail and you won't have this problem.
No. 265233 ID: 1854db

Her ass is a completely normal size for a Lohrke.
No. 265235 ID: b971a3

it's a bit on the small side if anything
No. 265257 ID: 2211ef

Could stand being bigger. Onwards!
No. 267028 ID: d5adc1

Not quite sure why a humanid without eyes should wear pants if not as a storage.

Loot the body and tell Dugut to cut open it's stomach ... maybe we find one of the missing goblins or something of value.
No. 267108 ID: ca7c4e

I've yet to see a loincloth with built-in pockets. Still, if the aclops have clothes, then they probably have other belongings.
No. 267170 ID: b7798b
File 129347902966.jpg - (59.25KB , 434x429 , imliface-uguu.jpg )

Stop trying to flirt; this isn't the time or place for that.
Hey, no need to be insulting either!

Eww, gross. I'm not going to do that.
Yeah they probably don't have pockets.

I'm going to head to the river.
No. 267173 ID: b7798b
File 129347906161.jpg - (142.99KB , 1000x600 , river.jpg )

Should we head upstream or downstream?
No. 267175 ID: b7798b

Upstream is clearly where the treasure is.
No. 267177 ID: bed51e

You're looking for some shit if I remember correctly and shit tends to get flushed downstream.
No. 267190 ID: aa0508

No. 267193 ID: c2c011

Look for tracks before deciding. If you find stuff indicating that the big uglies cam from any direction then go after them.

If you don't find any tracks then I guess downstream works.
No. 267207 ID: 0fac8b

Downstream or Upstream?

Any information about where the river might be headed or where it came from? Maybe the slightest of clues? Some rumor you heard?

Else you could just throw a coin.
No. 267244 ID: 632d47


Upstream is most likely to contain a secret
No. 267261 ID: 2b96f7

Hey don't be a pussy.
Tt's dugut who will cut them open for you.
Do you want to know if those ... things ate the goblins or not?

You can go upstream after that.
No. 267270 ID: 1e9d01

Follow tracks. If no tracks can be found by your tracking buddy, go left.
No. 267636 ID: 0b5a64
File 129367108286.jpg - (104.22KB , 1000x600 , upriver.jpg )

OK, there are some tracks headed to the right, which is upstream. As far as I know this river could originate at an aquifer or it could come from the Forbidden Place.
No. 267638 ID: c2c011

Well then, sneak your way forward and keep an eye out for anything weird.
No. 267640 ID: 1854db

Every now and then sneak a peek with the scanner. Maybe something interesting's in the water or on the walls... or further up the river.

Also make sure nothing's coming up behind you.
No. 267662 ID: 0b5a64
File 129367351260.jpg - (100.54KB , 1000x600 , riverpassage.jpg )

>a secret has been revealed!

Hmm, what's this? It looks like a boat or something. There's also a side passage that I suspect heads toward the chasm if my directional sense is correct.
No. 267663 ID: 2563d4

...perhaps the Illithid slaver's boat?
No. 267664 ID: c2c011

Investigate boat. Then investigate side tunnel for tracks.
No. 267669 ID: 0b5a64

Steal dat boat. Go moar upstream.
No. 267678 ID: 133ac0

Scan the side-passage and look into it.
If there's no obvious danger tell your slave to guard the passage and check the boat for any clues.
And no, don't fucking steal it. You're not some filthy gobbo after all.
No. 267735 ID: dbef95

Check the side passage and if you have to flee take the boat to get away.
But don't use it now or the motor will resound in the whole cave
No. 271684 ID: 687829
File 129512116460.jpg - (148.36KB , 1000x600 , boat1.jpg )

OK, I'll examine the boat further. Is there anything I should be looking for? The side passage goes off into some more cave systems, it doesn't look like there's anything down there that I can see.
No. 271685 ID: c71597

Looks like there is a compartment under the seat and one in the front of the boat. Check out both of those.
No. 271695 ID: ae8d5b

Do you mean you can't see anything from where you are or is it empty?
if it goes further explore it a bit, the boat should have an owner.
No. 272321 ID: 15b51b

Might as well check it out.
No. 272324 ID: 10af19

No. 272398 ID: 446f39
File 129531652278.jpg - (83.18KB , 1000x600 , stuff.jpg )

There's some stuff folded up here, looks like clothes, and some leather thing. The front compartment is full of chains and shackles. Looks like this belonged to the slaver.
No. 272404 ID: 1854db

What's the leather thing?
No. 272422 ID: 383006

Let's steal the boat before he comes back. We chan check the leather thing while we're on the water. Use the oar and let's go downstream because paddlin updstream is a bitch.
No. 272577 ID: a41aaf

Or sabotage it. Pilfer the spark plugs from the motor. That way the slaver has a boat he thinks he can use but can't, and we have a boat we can use but no-one else can.
No. 272583 ID: c71597

Well then, unfold the cloth and the leather thing. Could be something useful.
No. 272587 ID: 10af19

Didn't we blow his brains out in the first thread? Or was that another guy?
No. 272592 ID: c71597

We killed a slaver. Could be more around. Although I suspect that's not the case.
No. 272602 ID: a4ecf3

looks like a wallet.

Steal it!!
No. 272610 ID: 2563d4

No. 274129 ID: 446f39
File 129582630475.jpg - (97.21KB , 516x522 , stuff2.jpg )

Inside the wallet is a card with a picture of that thing I shot and some scribble-scratch all over it, some keys, and some more of those tab looking things but silver colored. Under it is some heavy leather clothing as well as some welding goggles or something.
No. 274131 ID: 221021

See if the keys can start the boat.
No. 274133 ID: 2563d4

Wait...so we now have both his keys and his spare keys or something?

Check the other compartment. Take whatever other people suggest.
No. 274139 ID: 99433a

Check how much gas there is in the motor. It seems like we've found out why people are disappearing in THIS direction, so why don't we go downstream a bit?

What's the texture of material of the tabs? They look like they're either earplugs or coinage.
No. 274160 ID: 383006

Tabs are coins. Put the stuff back in the wallet and take the wallet. Let's check down the tunnel. Maybe it's a hideout.
No. 274162 ID: 446f39
File 129582965569.jpg - (120.40KB , 1000x600 , easy to draw hands.jpg )

None of these fit, but one of the ones I picked up earlier does.

These must be to something else. Well the little one works on the shackles in the front compartment.

I don't see any gas cylinders but this tank has is about half full of whatever passes for fuel for this thing.

They look just like the other things I picked up, you'd have to have really weird looking ears to stick these in them.

We'll head downstream in the boat. After traveling for a while I can see a light up ahead.
No. 274167 ID: 99433a

...I'm doubting this thing has a magma-proof hull. Find somewhere to land.
No. 274169 ID: 383006

No reason to use the motor. Use the paddle and keep going forward. You have your goblin with you?
No. 274230 ID: 446f39
File 129584076646.jpg - (129.22KB , 1000x600 , glow hole.jpg )

There's a weird glow coming from here, but no heat.
No. 274233 ID: 1854db

Use scanner? Definitely be cautious.
No. 274236 ID: 221021

Hmm. You're not especially deep underground, are you?
No. 274314 ID: 8e18cd

Scanner ahead. It doesn't look too good...
No. 274323 ID: c71597

Use that scanner. Lets hope there are no magma giants there.
No. 276436 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129640900680.jpg - (67.47KB , 1000x600 , scan2.jpg )

We should be deep underground. This has been going slightly deeper as far as I can tell.

Hmm, there's nothing on the scanner. Background radiation is slightly above normal, but nothing dangerous. The passage curves to the left after a while though. I'm getting some possibly odd mineral readings, though I'd have to go farther in to check it out.
No. 276437 ID: 4afcb5

Yeah, go in and check it out.
let dognuts scout a bit in advance
No. 276444 ID: 1854db

Go in together, unless our buddy thinks he can sneak about unnoticed better than we can by walking on the ceiling.
No. 276447 ID: cf73fa

Sounds like a mine for radioactive materials.

Do you know Races using Nuclear power or radiated weapons?
No. 276461 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129641751368.jpg - (189.79KB , 1000x600 , dook hole.jpg )

I don't think either of these cultures have any where near the technology level to recognize the significance of radioactivity. And this doesn't look like a regular mine. There's spikes and body parts all over the place, and it's deathly quiet. There's veins of a bright blue ore I'm not familiar with.
No. 276462 ID: f0527e

Sheeeeet, Dwarves did this, but somehow I doubt there are dwarves here anymore. They dug too deep, too greedily.
No. 276463 ID: 8e18cd


No. 276465 ID: 9cb4b3

Does that entrance lead anywhere? Is it hot in there or just orange by some strange other means? and, if it isn't too hot, can you kinda "kneel" on the ceiling and walk over all the spikes with out getting hurt?
No. 276467 ID: 64eb2b

I think you should investigate. WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN

Actually, on second thought, send the goblin to investigate.
No. 276472 ID: 4afcb5

of course you have to check it out, that's like the reason you're here to begin with.
Go carefully onward.
Try to avoid firing your heavy weapon, it might react with the weird minerals.
No. 276474 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129641934488.jpg - (224.77KB , 1000x600 , eldridge.jpg )

Dugut won't go in. He says he has nothing to pay tribute to the demon with. Sounds like some nonsense to me, I'll just take a peek. I can hear a faint whistling noise. There's no movement that I can- that does NOT look like it belongs there.
No. 276476 ID: 1854db


Let's uh... not go in. Ever. We can report it to the dwarves but do not go in there oh god
No. 276481 ID: 8e18cd


Unless you want to be raped, murdered, twisted, driven insane or otherwise horribly maimed, you shouldn't go in there.
No. 276483 ID: 383006

Nobody's noticed you. Keep investigating.
No. 276484 ID: 4afcb5

What is it? A bit hard to make out.
Go somewhat closer if necessary.
No. 276485 ID: 6cbed6

Let's, uh, not go this way.
No. 276486 ID: cb45f0

Go in! What's the worst that could happen?
No. 276487 ID: 53c5f5

Go somewhere else.
No. 276488 ID: fa2730

Go on
It can't be actually demons and you can shot any slavers or whatever it might be.
No. 276489 ID: 8211e6

Seriously if you go this way you will probably die horribly.
No. 276491 ID: 83ecef

A hole! Investigate it. [I]Thoroughly.[/]
No. 276492 ID: 6ada4b

keep the maser handy, as huge guns are the only things that can hurt the fuckers
No. 276529 ID: 28e94e

I wonder what Imli's gun would do to the HFS.
No. 276543 ID: 2563d4

Where's your sense of adventure? Onward!
No. 276544 ID: 9cb4b3

Uh, let's backpedal the fuck out. We're not equipped to handle demons.

Also, watch your shirt you harlot.
No. 276545 ID: 8c0848

Don't go in. There be demons here.
Get that gun ready.
No. 276549 ID: 180ec2

Imli, be extremely careful. Does your race or any other race you know of have a myth of a "hell", a demonic underworld? Because you've just found it.

This actually looks like the v0.28 glowing pits as opposed to v0.31's hell. That's good, right? I think you could clear those. And that was with the dwarves' technology.
No. 276555 ID: 28e94e

Yeah, but DF dwarves are like a short, drunken version of Bruce Willis. They don't die, they just get pissed.
No. 278690 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129675426969.jpg - (106.34KB , 1000x600 , glow hole.jpg )

OK I'll leave. Where to now?
No. 278691 ID: 8e18cd


Ask Dugut why he has such a blank expression
No. 278716 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129676127480.jpg - (43.79KB , 540x450 , dugutface.jpg )

"wasn't aware that I was making a face m'lady." "I'll stop immediately"
No. 278717 ID: b71bed

On second thought lets do go in the glowing pit. It may contain secrets.
No. 278727 ID: 897302

In my experience, glowing pits contain nothing but Fun. You should begin spelunking immediately.
No. 278732 ID: 15b51b

Examine the blue ore some more with the scanner.

>Where to now?
I forget where else we need to go.
No. 278742 ID: 180ec2

The best course of action would be to do something to block off the tunnel. Is there any way you could acquire explosives or something to collapse it? Bad things come out of those pits. Do examine the blue ore, though. It's almost unimaginably valuable.
No. 278744 ID: 64aaee

Isn't there any way to explore that glowing pit? I mean the mission is to find out why people disappear, right?
And that place seems like an prime candidate.
No. 278756 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129677387431.jpg - (265.51KB , 1000x600 , scanadamant.jpg )

Getting hold of some explosives shouldn't be a problem. I can't fit down the hole, there's all kinds of pipes and stuff over the top.

The ore is some kind of dense fibrous material, I'm not a geologist so I'm not sure how to extract it or any of its other properties though.
No. 278759 ID: 28e94e

Enter the glowing pit. Keep your weapons ready.
No. 278760 ID: 1854db

Before we go in, ask Dugut what kind of tribute is appropriate.
No. 278761 ID: 383006

Try to just pry some out and see what happens.
No. 278769 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129677958072.jpg - (74.09KB , 480x464 , imliface_upsidedown.jpg )

>OK, what do we need for a tribute them?

"I don't know, I've never actually seen one! Probably elven babies or something?"

Well that isn't very helpful.

I'm not going down the rapemurder hole. Was there something else in that room I should look at?
No. 278770 ID: 180ec2

More of a Boatmurder hole... Er...
Continue onwards.
No. 278786 ID: 3d92dd

How are your tits staying up? They should be covering your mouth when you're standing like that.
No. 278795 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129678505792.jpg - (64.02KB , 352x453 , more upside down.jpg )

That being what direction?

I'm not falling for that again.
No. 278796 ID: 3d92dd

No. 278800 ID: 6ada4b

her bra is made out of the stuff based off what her tail and feet are made off of
No. 278802 ID: 28e94e

It's called underwear, real women usually wear it.
No. 278803 ID: 383006

was there an exit through the raperoom?

If not, let's just go back to the boathole and check that out.
No. 278811 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129678671426.jpg - (170.63KB , 1000x600 , itogestofillydelphiaJPG.jpg )

There was a door looking thing, do you mean that?

I'm not gonna go down in that hole though. >>278796
Well one of you understands.
No. 278812 ID: 1854db

Let's check out the door looking thing, yes.
No. 278813 ID: 2563d4

Sure, let's try the spooky door. See if Dognuts will at least keep guard should something go to block your route back.

Shame we ditched the radio-controlled slaver collars; one would have made a good panic signal.
No. 278818 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129678836897.jpg - (192.62KB , 1000x600 , door.jpg )

This looked smaller from the ceiling.

I suppose something exploding would make a good alarm but you could only use it once. It would take the good part of a day to go back and get them.
No. 278827 ID: 2563d4

I thought you found a button on the remote that just made them emit an angry "stop it or I'll blow you up" beeping. Still, a day is too much of a detour.

...can you open those doors?
No. 278832 ID: 1aa4f8
File 129679061794.jpg - (183.79KB , 1000x600 , door.jpg )

I can't seem to get it open with force! Yes I tried pushing first.
No. 278854 ID: 1854db

Check out that circular recess under the door. And to the left of it, why not.
No. 278858 ID: 383006

Can you see anything through that crack?
No. 279129 ID: da028b

So is the demon thing up and to your left just a statue?
No. 279421 ID: 0d095c

You've got a fusion cutter. There is a locked door here. Normally I'd suggest simply blowing a hole through the obstruction, but with the potential of all sorts of ancient nasties, I favor caution.
No. 282108 ID: cc1ccd
File 129798063497.jpg - (123.44KB , 1000x600 , beligerent bufonidae.jpg )

I can't see inside the crack, or in any of the holes. No light seems to be passing through them, it's weird.

I'm- not sure. It's some ugly frog thing but it's seamlessly welded to the metallic surface. It seems like part of a carcass, but I can't figure out how it would have gotten like that.

I should be able to cut through it, it's meta from what I can tell.
No. 282127 ID: 1854db

Poke the carcass.

Also say "Hello?"
No. 282152 ID: 68f11f

Try cutting through the frog demon itself, should be easier. however, you may wish to stand back a bit, some of those things are made of some weird and or toxic materials.

Or hell it might even still be alive, just... stuck.
No. 284210 ID: 9d3d72
File 129865407577.jpg - (133.09KB , 1000x600 , itsnotalive.jpg )

Eww, It's weirdly and seamlessly melded with the metal wall when I cut it off.
No. 284211 ID: 383006

Does anything on the wall look like a lever or handle that rotates? Anything on the floor?
No. 284251 ID: 1854db

See if you can cut out a piece of the metal by digging around inside the corpse.
No. 284344 ID: 9d3d72
File 129869337592.jpg - (134.18KB , 800x600 , fuckingross.jpg )

Not that I can see. It looks like the only way to open this is gonna be to cut it open.

Gross! No. I'm not going to do that.
No. 284345 ID: 1a693f

No. 284346 ID: 1a693f

The river is really close, you can wash your hands after.
No. 284353 ID: 383006

No. 284363 ID: 1854db

...ergh. This seems like a bad idea... but it's not like we're opening the pit, right? Let's go see what's in there.
No. 284410 ID: 5a73a5

Can you modify your weapon?
your weapon looks like the output can be regulated.
If you set it to a smaller effect area while raising the time it shoots you could create a good cutting tool.
No. 284441 ID: fa7b85

She has Cutter attachment. She could use that... or mess with a Maser and maybe break it... or WORSE
No. 284453 ID: 5a73a5

She got a high powered Anti Tank weapon and can't handle it properly?
i don't want her to open that thing up but i'm sure she can change the fokus manually to a smaller one while multiplying the interval of the shot.
That way she'd get a small and constant microwave beam.
No. 285895 ID: 72d5e4
File 129917167648.jpg - (182.92KB , 1000x600 , door.jpg )

All right, that's enough time wasted, I'm gonna cut this thing open. Looks and cuts like it's metal. Is there anything I should do before I go inside?

I'm not a mechanic, and that seems like kind of a waste of time to do anyway when I have this perfectly working cutter.
No. 285927 ID: 1854db

Well you should tell your buddy what you're doing.
No. 285929 ID: 8e18cd


Prepare yourself. Demons there might be REALLY dangerous
No. 285947 ID: 1c94a3

Well my point was that you could have a slicer taht works from FAR AWAY so you don't have to stand infront of the door ...

Better take a look around > .> it's quiet
No. 285979 ID: 932db9
File 12991962009.jpg - (92.23KB , 1000x600 , gaint hallway.jpg )

I.. I don't like this place. The air is thin, and I feel like I'll float away if I don't stick to the floor. It's disorienting, I can't tell which way is up or down. There's something floating off in the distance, and it's dead silent except for a slight breeze from the hole I cut.
No. 285980 ID: 180ec2

Those things in the holes on the ceiling couldn't possibly be stars, could they?
No. 285981 ID: 36206f

Make sure you are well and truly stuck to the floor. Don't stay here long, but let's at least go see what the floating thing is.
No. 285983 ID: 8e18cd


What are those floaty thingies and uhhh... you know, make sure to leg it if things are getting too bad. But first things first. Get Dugut to tie a rope harness around your body and make him hold to the other end of the rope hard. If you will lose grip, he will be able to pull you back in and provide an extra grip.
No. 285986 ID: 28e94e

Oh my god it's full of stars
No. 285996 ID: 932db9
File 129919855631.jpg - (126.49KB , 1000x600 , dorf.jpg )

Ok, I'm tied to the rope, Dugut knows where I'm going, and I'm not gonna lose my attachment to the wall or floor or whatever this is. Ok, that's definitely a corpse, and it looks like there's more farther down the hallway.
No. 285997 ID: 180ec2

If those dots of light aren't some space-warping reality-destroying insanity, then they are either glowing mushrooms or stones, or EYES. Here's hoping on the mushrooms.
No. 285999 ID: 8e18cd


What you have here, girl. Is a portal leading somewhere...

Turn back and walk away from here. Bad things might delve there and you certainly don't want to get lost in space or anything.
No. 286001 ID: d677cc

This looks like a bad place to be. It has looked like a bad place to be for a while but now it really looks like a bad place to be.
No. 286002 ID: 2563d4

>Head tentacles floating in all directions
Alright, who forgot to pay the gravity bill?

Use floating pickaxe to hook corpse a bit closer if you can. See if it looks like they died of something nice and mundane. Possibly gingerly poke a cyan thing.
No. 286009 ID: 1854db

Grab cyan thing, leave, seal door behind you.
No. 286017 ID: 28e94e

What's in the holes?
No. 286032 ID: 4d7f8c

Take Shiny Rocks, GTFO NOW! Seal behind behind you. Remember to mark this later as a possible site for research and exotic resource extraction.
No. 286056 ID: 932db9
File 129921203398.jpg - (72.70KB , 600x600 , maybe he died of a broke heart.jpg )

The bloody colored stuff is the same stone that I saw earlier. I can take one. The corpse is really ugly looking, they aren't normally all splotchy like that.
No. 286063 ID: 1854db

Search the corpse.
No. 286066 ID: 8c73c8

it... looks like it died from decompression. poke a blue rock with the pick before grabbing any.
No. 286076 ID: 4e6eaf

don't touch him, he probably died of a horrible disease
this is based off DF2010 right?
No. 286081 ID: 07416a

I think it's the effects of the lack of gravity. The blood settles in weird places. Normally corpses get blood pooling at the bottom, as it is...
No. 286126 ID: 2563d4

Possibly. At least he hasn't had his face melted off from seeing incomprehensible horrors or anything.

Gingerly poke a blue thing with the pick.
No. 286133 ID: cc04a7

When you poke it, make sure you poke it towards the side so that the force doesn't send it careening deeper into the mine.
No. 286337 ID: c95552

He looks to good for decompression ... if there was no air at all his lungs would be on the outside of his body by now ... and there wouldn't be flying blood.

Ok take a wild guess if you want ...
How long do you think is he dead and how did he die? Is there something in his pockets? and don't come with "Ewww that's gross" we don't care.

Then look out of one of the holes. i want to fucking know what's out there.
No. 286340 ID: 2563d4

>He looks to good for decompression ... if there was no air at all his lungs would be on the outside of his body by now ... and there wouldn't be flying blood.
(FWIW, pretty much every part of this is wrong.)
No. 286420 ID: ced48e

To be fair, that depends a lot on whether or not they attempted to hold their breath during sudden decompression.

I second the suggestion to look out the windows. This place needs SCIENCE! done to it.
No. 286523 ID: 7e9ee3

Regarding all the water behind the lungs, my guess is the lungs would pop inside out like an airbag after a while.

And why would there be blood if water evaporates in a vacuum? The pressure lost wouldn't have been for a long time then > .>

It's sad that noone ever put a human in space (only near vacuum) to see what happens ... any volunteers? It's for science :3
No. 286527 ID: a41aaf

So: microgravity environment, lower pressure but nowhere near vacuum. May or may not have been previously depressurised, but not in the recent past (floating liquids, no condensation frost).
There have been vacuum exposure incidents (all involving sudden decompression). None have been fatal. Those who maintained consciousness described the feeling of the fluids in their mouth and around their eyeballs boiling as 'weird', but no incidents of lungs being turned inside-out or any similar movie vacuum nonsense.
No. 287697 ID: 4d7cb4
File 129988116899.jpg - (73.30KB , 600x600 , super fat lohrke hands.jpg )

The blue thing is a rock, looks like the stuff I saw going into the hole room. I'm not a doctor, I dunno what killed this one or all this crap about vacuums. He's been dead for long enough to be, uh, dead but not enough time to get all rotten. So like, I dunno, a day or so? I don't know how long it takes stuff to get all rotten. There's air here though but it's thin. I can go farther down and look for more evidence, or I can go look out this window thing or do something else.
No. 287698 ID: 180ec2

Check the windows carefully, and then go farther in.
No. 287699 ID: 383006

No. 287716 ID: 2563d4

No. 287727 ID: 4d7cb4
File 129988975040.jpg - (110.32KB , 1000x600 , starrrs.jpg )

My god, it goes on f-f-forever! IT'S AN ENDLESS EXPANSE OF NOTHINGNESS!!
No. 287728 ID: 4d7cb4
File 129988985254.jpg - (108.34KB , 1000x600 , lol terror check.jpg )

OK, Ok. OK. I'll be fine. Just a little shaky, that's all. Not gonna think about it. I can go ch-check this place out without freaking out. I think. Just don't look out there again.
No. 287729 ID: 4e6eaf

good lord! did you somehow warp into OUTER SPACE?!
No. 287730 ID: 180ec2

You've never been to the surface, have you. This is extremely disconcerting, because somehow this shaft is distorting space itself. I'm starting to get the feeling that these are something other than "regular" demons. You should continue with extreme caution. Also, try not to break any windows...
No. 287732 ID: 2563d4

Best venture forth, then.
No. 287733 ID: 8e18cd


I think it's time for you to leave, young lady
No. 287734 ID: 4d7f8c

Okay, here's a little sanity loss for you, all that space out there, it's empty, you can't breath in it, not just thin air, no air, understand? If you break the windows you will have perhaps 30 seconds of consciousness, no, you can't hold your breath like being underwater.


Also, welcome to the a greater truth about the universe, 99.999999999999999999999999% of it is empty space. Your entire world of stone and air is but an aberrant speck of dust floating in a sunbeam before darkness.

Please take your complementary 2d6 san loss at the door. Mind the steps, they do go ALL the way down.
No. 287740 ID: 383006

Grab the gems you can and then let's get back to the real world.
No. 287805 ID: 07416a

You're here to investigate disappearances. Well, this is a damn good place to start.
No. 287806 ID: 8c0848

Proceed with caution. It's a crazy, reality warping space hell in here, probably. Watch out for spess demons.
No. 287840 ID: b6ca92

Oh my god, its the Myst series all over again!
Particularly, Riven. Remember the part at the end where you broke the glass with the telescope?
Here's a link:
This world may be just an Age.
Or we have encountered some weird outer god dickery.
Ia! Ia!
No. 287841 ID: b6ca92

Hey guys, something to keep in mind, her species NEVER goes tot he surface: nothing of interest there. As such, both the culture, and the instincts of their species meets anything resembling a boundless sky with PANIC and OHFUCKOHGOD WHERE'S THE CEILING?!

Our friend here has just gone from 'underground claustrophobia? that's my favorite!' to 'A Glorious Dawn', minus Carl Sagan's calming influence.
No. 287849 ID: 4d7cb4
File 129995253319.jpg - (103.48KB , 1000x600 , dorf2.jpg )

guys, take the discussion to the questdis thread please. Also I've been forgetting to draw the rope, but it's been there the whole time.

OK, this is the next closest one. The last one is floating off farther down the hallway.
No. 287852 ID: 8e18cd


What happened tho this one??!!
No. 287853 ID: 180ec2

Um, it looks like he's jammed through the wall. Let's NOT move him, in case he's sealing an air leak.
No. 287878 ID: 17c014

take a closer look. Is he fused to the wall like the demon thing in the other room or just stuck in a hole?

And i srsly don't know ... my first thought was you're in the middle of an asteroid but with all the flowing water, creatures and gravity, this just can't be.
I REALLY have no clue how you could have been transfered into space without noticing it.

if so ... wouldn't he start whistling through his sphincter at some point?
(trying to get this image out of my head)
No. 287896 ID: 6e331f

Get out of there already!
No. 287901 ID: 2563d4

Proceed, I guess.
No. 287902 ID: a41aaf

>things 'fused' into solid walls
>regular ribbed structure
Can't help but think of some sort of weird-ass digestive tract. Maybe the blue stones act as Gizzard stones, or are a digestive byproduct (sort of like amber).
No. 289553 ID: 4635e1
File 130064211213.jpg - (114.83KB , 1000x600 , dorf hole.jpg )

Doesn't appear to be fused into the wall like earlier. There's a bunch of dents and scratches all around where he's stuck in.
No. 289556 ID: 07416a

So, uh... Don't touch it. Continue on your merry way.
No. 289599 ID: 1854db

Is it airtight? ...I really doubt it's airtight. See if you can find out. Maybe try pulling on him; that's not likely to fuck anything up.
No. 289600 ID: 221021

How about not. What do we have to gain from doing this potentially deadly action?
No. 289617 ID: 4635e1
File 130065362170.jpg - (75.18KB , 1000x600 , hall2.jpg )

Ok, this is the end of the rope. If I want to go any farther I'll have to untie it.
No. 289619 ID: 8e18cd


Go back. It might not be worth it.
No. 289623 ID: 221021

Well, the plot's that way, so it seems we have to.
No. 289625 ID: 1854db

Don't advance, I see nothing in that direction and continuing without the rope could be a problem. What if we get unstuck from the floor?

I think we try to dislodge the dwarf, since seriously, there's no chance for him to be blocking an air leak. If there was an air leak there, then A) we probably wouldn't be able to pull him out of the hole and B) we could just plug him in there again.
No. 289626 ID: 1854db

...dents and scratches... He was digging a tunnel in, and got stuck.
No. 289635 ID: 8d29bb

Go on, it might be worth it.
No. 289636 ID: 07416a

...Tie the rope to the dwarf. Hopefully he's well stuck in.
No. 289637 ID: 180ec2

We can't give up now, surely there are ungodly treasures within!
No. 289639 ID: 8540e9

Make extra sure you're sticking to the floor and go right ahead.
No. 290341 ID: ccd4af

Short question, does the Maser have any recoil?
If the damp that comes out of it is the cooling mechanism it shoult have enough power to blast you back to the entrance.

So IF something happens and you're untied from the rope you can push yourself back to the entrance ... even if it causes a leak back in the cave.

No. 290389 ID: 7d8cf7


It's just a beam of radiation, so it shouldn't have any recoil.
No. 290399 ID: 063956

Let's get the hell out of here
No. 290400 ID: 180ec2

Radiation has SOME recoil, just not a lot. If you fired it for long enough it would work, though throwing objects on your person the opposite way would be more efficient than that.
No. 290452 ID: dbc28c

Don't untie that rope, trust me, moving in zero-gravity is not fun. Instead go back and get a sackful of rocks to throw.
No. 290498 ID: abd50e

i know it's radiation but something needs to cool that thing down. hence the damp.
No. 290510 ID: 2563d4

You have grippy surfaces, loads of random inventory to chuck, and a mystery to solve.

Untie rope.
No. 290546 ID: 063956

do you have an EVA pack?


Do not unite that rope young lady. The plot is not down there, the plot is not anywhere, this is a sandbox.

Leave this place.
No. 290556 ID: 28e94e

We'd know by now if it opened up to space or anything like that, and we aren't bothered by lack of gravity because wall-walking.
No. 291245 ID: d677cc

Go back already.
No. 292167 ID: 55c4cf

Go forward.
No. 292172 ID: 8211e6

Seriously that's enough of this. Go somewhere else.
No. 292196 ID: 081e71

Go forward!
No. 292199 ID: 9f327a
File 130159781549.jpg - (101.31KB , 1000x600 , large door.jpg )

About thirty meters down the hallway ends.
No. 292202 ID: 4e6eaf

turn back
No. 292207 ID: 2563d4

If you're thinking vaccum, it'd probably be safer to make a little hole, since that would reveal any pressure difference without creating large forces or letting any appreciable volume of air out.

Either way, onward.
No. 292212 ID: 1854db

Investigate that... split-up rectangle next to the door.

Do not cut the door.
No. 292213 ID: b20c78

Look if there's any mechanism to open the door.
If not use your cutter to drill a little peephole in it.
No. 292241 ID: 39fdcd

No. 292251 ID: 9f327a
File 130160621393.jpg - (87.90KB , 1000x600 , thing.jpg )

The thing on the wall or floor or whatever direction this is supposed to be looks like some kind of glyph under a clear material. Should I cut a hole in the door or do something else?
No. 292253 ID: b20c78

Remove or smash the glass to get to the glyph.
It's probably some kinda opening mechanism.

Use your cutter if necessary.
No. 292259 ID: 2563d4

This, but use the dwarf pickaxe if necessary (you grabbed that, right)?
No. 292265 ID: 1854db

Feel around it, see if you can open it without breaking it.
No. 292311 ID: 9f327a
File 130161710037.jpg - (105.44KB , 1000x600 , lights up.jpg )

It lights up faintly where I touch it but nothing else happens.
No. 292312 ID: 180ec2

Trace the pattern with your hands and see if it does anything.
No. 292314 ID: 6b2b68

No. 292316 ID: d677cc

Yeah can we leave already
No. 292318 ID: b20c78

Touch it in, uh, different ways and see if anything different happens.

If the glyph does nothing you'll have to try and cut the door open though.
No. 292319 ID: 2563d4

Wait, it's table-sized? Just how huge are those doors?

>>292312 I guess. We can't go back without answers.
No. 292321 ID: e02378

it needs power. unplug your stuff and jam one of the cables from your pack into the surface.
No. 292331 ID: eaff1c

"let's shock this thing we don't know with a huge electrical charge! That sounds completely safe and will in no way endanger our equipment or our bodies!"

Yeah no, get the fuck out of here already.
No. 292332 ID: 9f327a
File 130162062880.jpg - (97.51KB , 1000x600 , lights up.jpg )

It leaves a trail that gradually fades; tracing the pattern doesn't do anything.
No. 292334 ID: 2563d4

Well that's damn weird.
Ok, looking back, we still have a branch to check out, and it's the one we should have gone to to sort out the gobbos' problem in the first place (>>262644). We can send some Lohrke technomancers this way to examine the giant iPhone later.
No. 292335 ID: 180ec2

What if it's a hand scanner? It would make sense for doors that size. Can you lay down on it in a way that covers the whole outline?
No. 292337 ID: d677cc

Sure, this.
No. 292339 ID: b20c78

That sounds stupid enough to actually work.

If not try to cut the door open.
No. 292340 ID: 3f1b5c

This does make some sense, not sure though if we really want to meet someone who has windows underground that look out on space and has a palm the side of a coffee table.
No. 292403 ID: 1854db

Just trace the glyph with your hands.
No. 292444 ID: 4a7347

Sit on it and hit the copy button. Send pictures of your butt to all your friends.
No. 292499 ID: 86e64c

This is going to be Fun. Lots of Fun.
No. 293873 ID: c542c6

That symbol suggests a body about the size of yours laying down with arms up. I would recommend assuming such a position atop it, but only if you can keep ahold of your weapon and *not* break your adhesion of the wall.
Zero gravity is a PITA at best and can be deadly for the unprepared.
No. 293884 ID: a41aaf

>That symbol suggests a body about the size of yours laying down with arms up.
Some sort of magical pressure-suit applicator, maybe?
No. 293909 ID: 221021

Nah. Look at how huge the doors are. For something that could regularly use such a door, the device would be relatively small. The guess about hand-scanners >>292335 seems most likely.
No. 294033 ID: a41aaf

They could be loading doors rather than personnel doors.
No. 294043 ID: 221021

True, but if the race that used them wasn't gigantic, then they wouldn't be able to reach the panel. Because of the design of the doors and hallway, I don't think that this area is supposed to be lacking gravity.
No. 294207 ID: c542c6

It seems pretty clear that this place very much *wasn't* meant for ZG. To clarify my earlier post, the point was to cover the entire symbol with something it reacts to, which is to say your living body.
No. 299790 ID: 940ab2
File 130396463283.jpg - (160.83KB , 1000x600 , pomf.jpg )

Something's happening...
No. 299791 ID: 940ab2
File 130396473872.jpg - (100.98KB , 1000x600 , large door.jpg )

The door's opened. There's some kind of particulate crap floating out. It smells like a cave that's been forgotten for centuries.
No. 299796 ID: 8c73c8

ince you know the path to this particular spot is stable, head back and get the rope. then come back here.
No. 299797 ID: 868a23

that actually worked?
well in that case see what's inside since the doorway didn't lead to the OUTSIDE VOID OF NOTHING
No. 299853 ID: 1854db

Let's get on in there. Well, wait for it to air out a little first.
No. 299860 ID: 940ab2
File 130401091580.jpg - (132.67KB , 1000x600 , choke smoke.jpg )

I'll head in. There's more of that crap floating out of the room, it's starting to burn my eyes.
No. 299868 ID: 1854db

Wear your gas mask.
No. 299870 ID: 2563d4

Back up and don your gas mask.
No. 300424 ID: 0e23bd

Exhale sharply, close your burning eyes, and back up while putting on your mask. If you can't do that with your eyes closed then just peek when you need to. Continue moving back as necessary to stay out of this stuff while you use your scanner.
No. 300428 ID: eba49f

Beware its deadly dust! (In other words, I second the gas mask / backing up)
No. 301358 ID: b6ca92

Awww, shit. Zero-G means that convection won't be happening, so that dust is going nowhere.
Screw the gas mask, i hope you can scroung up a full-body enviro-suit, because you're about to go swimming in poison/acid.
No. 301628 ID: 940ab2
File 130461149778.jpg - (145.68KB , 1000x600 , hall3.jpg )

The hallway continues on.

Th-this place is a tomb.
No. 301629 ID: 8c73c8

this must be the owner of this place. look around. maybe under what looks like a giant blanket.
No. 301631 ID: 9af61d

Yeah check under the blanket, you dirty girl.

Oh by the way it could be undead.
No. 301634 ID: 544dd4

Looks to have had a nose or crest that extended well past the skull. Odd.

However, I doubt this place was designed as a grave, the scannerlock and the fact that this fellow looks a bit... undignified for having been a proper interment is evidence against this.

It also looks like he couldn't have stood up in here while alive.
No. 301675 ID: 940ab2
File 130462584347.jpg - (127.17KB , 1000x600 , foot.jpg )

There's an ugly foot under there. It's definitely tall enough to have stood up in here if it was alive though.
No. 301676 ID: 1854db

Well that's kinda boring. Let's continue further in.
No. 301683 ID: 43d730

Roll into ball.
Jump into hand.
Receive upgrade.

That said, >>301676
No. 301689 ID: a41aaf

Well, at least it's not fused to a telescope with a hole in it's chest cavity. Onwards!
No. 301699 ID: eba49f

Wait... A thought about the dust... I just remembered that numerous types of dust are flammable, some explosively so.

You should retreat out of the dust cloud and try firing your weapon down the hallway on its lightest settings (aiming away from any 'windows' or thin looking parts of the wall. If we run into anything further down the corridor, we don't want to be unable to shoot it without frying ourselves.
No. 301702 ID: 8c73c8

good point.
No. 301722 ID: 0e23bd

Don't mention that! We don't want to give Imli nightmares. Particularly not something so Gigeresque.
That being said, I support finding out what we're dealing with in the way of the powdery substance before you proceed further, Imli. Oh, and are you getting any kind of recordings of this for your after-mission report?
No. 301746 ID: 544dd4

Actually, take a look at his teeth, you can tell a lot about a creature from it's teeth.
No. 301749 ID: a41aaf

Combustion might be a bad idea. Imli can still breath and the pressure is low, so the ppO2 could be higher than normal. I'm not too hot on my low pressure stoichiometry so I'm not sure exactly what effect that would have on the combustion wavefront, but using up what little O2 remains in the air may not be conducive to continued respiration.

Testing a separated sample would be a good idea though, but I'm not sure if we're carrying anything that might help with that.
No. 301758 ID: 180ec2

I don't think Imli has the equipment to perform science, let alone !!science!!.
No. 301810 ID: 34c044

Just get out of there, Lohrke girl. It's too dangerous to go there.
No. 301830 ID: 868a23

yeah this, it's looks like it can only get worse from here
No. 301833 ID: 0d09e9

You should definitely leave.
No. 301860 ID: 2563d4

You should definitely keep going.
No. 301862 ID: 4d21cb

Keep going, old corpses can't hurt you.
If you're afraid of such things you should go home
No. 301886 ID: 265663

Keep going! There's nothing down here that's still capable of hurting you.
No. 311186 ID: f23e51
File 130766534335.jpg - (90.73KB , 1000x600 , hall4.jpg )

There are two more doorways here, and another body
No. 311188 ID: 180ec2

Hmm. Look up. Are those eyes or stars up there? Also, search the body for loot and/or information. See if you can tell how it died, if it's something obvious enough.
No. 311195 ID: 0d095c

Examine it for wounds, then continue.
No. 311225 ID: 9cb4b3

How about this: Don't look up, you don't want to be freaked out by whatever you see.

Leave the body alone and get out of here, there's no telling how long this place will still be stable with only a corpse plugging the hole in the hull between you and death.
No. 311252 ID: 0448b9

Ohmygod what are you doing.
>Inspect the body and keep your guard up. Way up.
No. 311349 ID: 1854db

I think she'd be fine if she just glanced up to see if that was a window or an alcove. But yeah, do a cursory inspection of this second corpse if that's just another window.
No. 311429 ID: 2563d4

No. 311437 ID: a41aaf

Both bodies are covered, so at some point something/someone alive came through here that was large enough to cover them, and knew them well enough to care to do so.
No. 311898 ID: 9f0bea

That might be another of those windows that look out into endless void, Imli. Take a deep breath, steady your nerves, and give it a look. If it is, suspect that you've somehow transitioned to a place floating in that void, and prepare to run your cute posterior back at the next sign of trouble. That preparation made, examine and/or loot the other corpses.
No. 325772 ID: 8aa931
File 131053180428.jpg - (123.14KB , 1000x600 , hall5.jpg )

This one has wounds that look like they were made by an energy weapon. I'm sure about that.

There's two more doors. That hole up there is like the other one I saw earlier. I'm not going to go look at it. I want to get out of here.
No. 325773 ID: 55c4cf

Try the door that is more left.
No. 325775 ID: 221021

Hmm, if you really want to leave I guess you can, it just seems like a waste to not get anything from all of this, not even some kind of key item or artifact.
No. 325794 ID: 1854db

Try to open the door facing away from the horrible hole.
No. 325947 ID: 383006

Just get the fuck out of here. Sometimes things are a death trap. This looks like one of those things.
No. 325978 ID: 271a3e

Yeah, probably time to leave.

I mean, for all we know one of these guys will have a deadhand-rigged grenade on them... and I somehow doubt we could survive something of that magnitude. I mean, we could get murdered by one of these people's pets, much less them or their weapons (which are likely some high tech shit.)

However, on the off hand chance that this place is deserted we may want to seal it up after we leave, place a marker or something for our people. Good salvage here at least.
No. 326029 ID: cd40f3

It's doors, open them.
The place is deserted, nothing to be afraid about.
No. 326133 ID: 5693e4

you came here to solve mysteries, not run away from them. open the door.
No. 326247 ID: 2563d4


Even though technically /quest/ went the wrong way to follow the mystery we're supposed to be solving a long way back.
No. 326266 ID: b45c90


Raah! The Anunnaki grave
No. 327168 ID: bcf350
File 131093077503.jpg - (86.77KB , 1000x600 , room1.jpg )

Through the door to the right there's another room with what looks like some giant personal effects floating around. no bodies in here, though. There's what looks like another door on the far wall.
No. 327169 ID: 383006

Peek through the giant window in the giant door.
No. 327176 ID: 1854db

Get a closer look at the giant square personal affect. Jump up to it if necessary. Keep in mind you'll need to rotate in midair so- actually maybe we shouldn't get it that way. Instead, try throwing something at it.

Suddenly I'm wondering how the corpses and blankets were still on the ground, when everything else is freely floating.
No. 327305 ID: 2563d4

...gingerly. No going crazy if it's space.

Yeah, uh, let's really, really not let go of any surfaces.
No. 327307 ID: bcf350
File 131095226186.jpg - (57.04KB , 1000x600 , room2.jpg )

It looks like there's a hallway running parallel to the one I just came through on the other side.
No. 327308 ID: bcf350
File 131095235462.jpg - (54.34KB , 800x600 , picture.jpg )

The square thing is a picture. And they were kind of floating around, just near the walls and floor. Those 'blankets' look like what they were wearing.
No. 327313 ID: 180ec2

Have you ever seen anything like those things? These look like aliens that screwed up with some kind of interstellar engine and tore a hole in space.

Check to see if these doors are stuck, locked, and/or too big to move. We might have to leave and get some scientists to check this place out if there's nowhere else we can go. There's definitely secrets in here worth finding, but we may not be able to get them alone. If we can it would be great, though.
No. 327314 ID: 9c538a

This doesn't look like a trap of any sort. It just looks like a tragedy. That big giant star cave outside looks pretty dangerous though. Avoid at all costs.
No. 327315 ID: 383006

Pretty much this. We should probably axe the dwarves about it too.
No. 327318 ID: 2563d4

Examine doorhandle, see if you have a chance in heck of opening it (and if it slides or hinges).
No. 327319 ID: 1854db

WHOA let's not open that door. It's got debris on the other side of it. That could mean a hull breach.

Try the other door we didn't pick.
No. 327321 ID: bcf350
File 131095577989.jpg - (53.58KB , 1000x600 , hall6.jpg )

I've never seen anything that big or that weird looking. I don't think the dwarfs would know much, it's not made of rocks.
The door lock thing flashes and doesn't open when I try to open it. I'm going to look at the other door then.
Through the other door is a sharply curved hallway, with a big double door like in the main hall at the other end, and a door similar to the one in the room in the middle. It should theoretically lead to the same corridor.
No. 327326 ID: 07416a

Through the door! FORWARD HO!
No. 327327 ID: 180ec2

Go look in the double doors first, there's probably more stuff in there.
No. 327328 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, it probably wont. warped space and shit.
No. 327332 ID: 1854db

Check through the window of THIS one. Be prepared to see stars though.
No. 327347 ID: bcf350
File 131096045703.jpg - (83.48KB , 1000x600 , window3.jpg )

Both these doors do the same flash and not open thing the one in the room did. Looking into the window; it looks like the same hallway. It looks like the same junk floating around at least.
No. 327350 ID: 1854db

Bluh. I guess this is a dead end.

...wait, is that a LIGHT coming out one of those doors?
No. 327362 ID: 383006

Is there anywhere we haven't been that we can get to? Honestly at this point I'm inclined to jet. We can axe bout it later.
No. 327377 ID: bcf350
File 131096474576.jpg - (110.81KB , 1000x600 , window4.jpg )

I think so
Unless anybody can think of a way to get down there, I think this is a dead end.
No. 327380 ID: 07416a

...You have a gun. Get as far down the longest hallway you can find and then use it on a door.
No. 327385 ID: 9c538a

Yes fire a gun at the door while the room is filled with toxic volatile highly flammable gasses.
No. 327388 ID: 1854db

I suggest making a very small hole in the door before we shoot out the window. Just to check something.
No. 327402 ID: 180ec2

Hmm, I know it's a longshot, but try knocking.
No. 327405 ID: 383006

I think we should probably just leave.
No. 327466 ID: 51853c

No. 327475 ID: 2563d4

Isn't one of those gizmos in your inventory a cutting tool?

Make a Lohrke-sized hole. If it's hard vaccuum on the other size at this scale you could stop for a picnic on the way out and still not have problems.
No. 327552 ID: bcf350
File 131101186466.jpg - (88.95KB , 1000x600 , hole.jpg )

predictably, nothing happens.

I'll cut a little test hole. There's a whistling sound and it seems to be sucking the crap through it.
No. 327561 ID: 51853c

if it leads to vacuum, that hole is big enough to suck your entire body through it. get the fuck away from it.
No. 327563 ID: 0d095c

Fuck me you just masered a whole in a void lock. RETREAT. It's going to pull out ALL THE AIR. Run for it!
And when you get back to the entrance, SEAL THAT TOO, else it'll drain the PLANET of air given enough time.
No. 327567 ID: 180ec2

Yeah is there any way to seal that back up that's a VERY VERY bad thing. If possible grab some things and weld them over the hole. If that doesn't work we're probably going to have to abandon ship unless you have an oxygen supply handy.
No. 327573 ID: 383006

There was a big tray in the other room. You should slap that over the hole then get the hell away.
No. 327574 ID: 00f7d9

We have to seal that with something, or at least close the door, if we have a large enough object floating around? if not, we should retreat to the door and seal that.
No. 327591 ID: 9cb4b3

No. 327603 ID: bcf350
File 131101791856.jpg - (116.13KB , 1000x600 , hall5.jpg )

The doors shut behind me. Now I'm back in the other hallway.
No. 327608 ID: 1854db

Good, the door should refuse to open once there's no air left on the other side of it.

Look through the window and watch what happens in the hallway. See how long it takes before the air stops moving in there.
No. 327610 ID: a3adf9

try the other door.
No. 327673 ID: bcf350
File 131102278784.jpg - (71.88KB , 1000x600 , room2.jpg )

Looks like the air from the hall is moving into the other one through the hole I made. The hall was really big and the hole was really little, so this is going to take a long time.
No. 327688 ID: 1854db

Hmm that doesn't look like it's going into space. It just looks like it's going into a vacuum. That hallway is sealed off, I bet.

Go make the hole bigger, from a distance. Your gun can do that, right? If not, go make the hole just slightly bigger.
No. 327697 ID: 9cb4b3


No. 327699 ID: 6cae7c

I'm against both being suicidal and being a pussy. try to block the stream of air by stuffing something into the gaps, or welding it shut or something. if you manage it, good for you, explore further. if not, you'll probably suffocate in here, so back off.
No. 327701 ID: 1854db

Guys, increasing the air flow != diving headfirst into space. If there is a slow air leak in the hallway, that debris will block it up. If there is a GAPING HOLE, then we will be able to tell by looking through the window later on. If there is no leak at all, the air flow will slow down and stop.

We don't have to expose Imli to vacuum to find out if it's possible to pressurize the hallway.
No. 327712 ID: 354f09

It's going to be a long time, she said so herself.
Explore that room.
No. 327719 ID: 383006

No. 327720 ID: c891d3

Okay can we leave now finally?
No. 327721 ID: 180ec2

Hmm, do you guys have good biologists? Maybe cut off a tissue sample of the alien guy on your way out. We should leave, but we don't want to go empty handed.
No. 327727 ID: bcf350
File 131102921476.jpg - (196.96KB , 1000x600 , door.jpg )

Eew, no. I'm not touching those things. I will gladly get out of here however. Is there anything else I should do? I'm ready to call it a day.
No. 327729 ID: 383006

Call it a day. Let's go check out the dwarfhole to see if they know anything about anything.
No. 327741 ID: 2563d4

Since you've cowardly run away and achieved nothing here, get your wide arse back up the river and down the magma direction so we can see about actually solving the disappearances you were sent out to investigate.
No. 327742 ID: 180ec2

Yeah, this should be good. Maybe contact some scientists or archaeologists about this discovery, though.
No. 327745 ID: c891d3

Sounds good.
No. 327763 ID: 5d03c8

why so apprehensive, Imli?
No. 327797 ID: 5a5d47


Yeah, this. Definitely a job for some scientist types. Make a note of the place.
No. 339733 ID: a660d0
File 131328561499.jpg - (277.87KB , 800x600 , CBSF copy.jpg )

I'm going to head back to town and let the people in charge know what's going on.
No. 339736 ID: 1854db

I told you we should've explored more! Look at that 1/2 secrets! LOOK AT IT
No. 339760 ID: 9c538a


If one of the secrets was learning the effect of explosive decompression on Lorhke anatomy, I'm glad we didn't find it.
No. 339765 ID: 1854db

Explosive decompression doesn't even exist!
No. 339803 ID: 253a7f

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