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File 125436834320.jpg - (386.26KB , 800x600 , e3title.jpg )
54766 No. 54766 ID: 950eaa

E3M1- The Enigmatic Spirit
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No. 54769 ID: 950eaa
File 125436863627.jpg - (245.67KB , 800x858 , inventory-Imli copy.jpg )

My name is Imli Na'Sera, I've volunteered to explore the area surrounding our settlement due to rumors among the other races that their fellows have been disappearing.
I've got a heavy maser, a gas mask, Some food, some water, a cutter, and a scanner.
No. 54785 ID: 6faa8c

Any family, Imli?
No. 54788 ID: f4963f

>Cleavage slot
We traded in all our CLVG points for that HIPS upgrade, don't be silly!
No. 54789 ID: 7eda8b

What species have been disappearing?

PS: This is going to be so cool.
No. 54793 ID: 950eaa
File 125437088596.jpg - (121.02KB , 800x600 , tunnels 01.jpg )

Hmm, it looks like both the Miners and the Warriors have come to us for help. They hate each other, but both will trade with us, mainly for medicine. The Miners are off to the left, the Warriors down the middle tunnel. The right tunnel goes to a large chasm, and has several branching paths, most of them have not been explored. Since we found ourselves in this wierd system generations ago, we've managed to find some interesting but dangerous ore and refine it into an extremely powerful energy source. Coupled with our pre existing technology we've managed to carve out a nice living down here. Only problem is that we don't know where here is, and the tunnel the original explorers found doesn't go back to where they came from.
No. 54794 ID: 233917

Blow something up. We need to check our BADASS status.
No. 54795 ID: f4963f

Left tunnel, let's see what the Miners need help with first.
No. 54796 ID: c80cec

Let's go see the miners first. Why do the two groups hate each other?
No. 54797 ID: 7eda8b

Let's go visit the Warriors. Maybe they've had a survivor which can give some vague hint as to what we're up against.
No. 54799 ID: aba0a3

Let's go exploring. What's the worst that could happen?
No. 54822 ID: 8e18cd

Let's head to the miners. Maybe we can drop off excessive stuff there or get more inventory space before we go exploring.
No. 54829 ID: 6756f8

Go investigate the miner disappearances.

((I'm guessing that Miners are dorfs and warriors are... sergals maybe?))
No. 54849 ID: 950eaa
File 125440460974.jpg - (38.39KB , 800x600 , dorfcave.jpg )

Here's the door to the Miners' living area. I always thought this cavern was pretty, but those Miners always creeped me out. Another tunnel goes off to who knows where. there's always a warm breeze coming from it.
No. 54850 ID: 1afd58

These tunnels aren't as pretty as you are, Imli <3

Anyway, knock on the door, or whatever other ritual signals to the occupants that you'd like to enter.
No. 54851 ID: 7eda8b

Don't keep your weapon pointed forwards while you're talking to them. It'll piss them off. Safety it and sling it over your shoulder or something.
No. 54853 ID: 8e18cd


Dorfs, eh? If we're lucky, they hit a pit with a tentacle demon.
No. 54860 ID: bf2bdb

Keep your weapon at port arms and ready, knock on door.
No. 54861 ID: 950eaa
File 12544106863.jpg - (120.23KB , 800x600 , dorf.jpg )

"what ye bisness is? Ye Loork, no"

They can't even see it, they don't know what it's for. I'm not putting it down, they creep me out. I know I shouldn't be, plenty of things down here are blind, but these things' eyes are not just blind, but dead. They don't glow or see or anything.
No. 54862 ID: 8e18cd


I heard there's some trouble in the area... maybe I can help?
No. 54863 ID: 378dbd

State your business with him, then. If he's being all introvert-like, comment on his sweet ass hat.
No. 54864 ID: 7eda8b

>comment on his sweet ass hat.
It menaces with spikes of.... What the heck is that, anyway?

Introduce yourself as Imla Na'Sera, SCIENCE ADVENTURER. Ask him for more information about the disappearances.
No. 54866 ID: 950eaa
File 125441144427.jpg - (120.67KB , 800x600 , dorf.jpg )

I compliment him on his hat and tell him I'm here to investigate the disappearances we've been hearing about. He tells me it's a secret, but he might be able to be persuaded to let something slip. I know they like food, ores, and gems.
No. 54867 ID: da6d23

Let's go see if the warriors will be more talkative, and keep an eye out for anything they might like.
No. 54869 ID: 1c907d

Agreed, check out the warriors and see what they want as well.
No. 54874 ID: 8a500f

Do they like women?
No. 54875 ID: 8e18cd


Dorfs don't know what women are


Pay with mushrooms
No. 54876 ID: 7d87d9

Do we want to give away our food this early?
No. 54877 ID: 8e18cd


We have a mushroom in our hand that's excessive. We won't miss that since it messes up with our accuracy.
No. 54879 ID: 950eaa
File 125441453838.jpg - (104.59KB , 800x600 , fuckingross.jpg )

EW! Yuck, gross, no! I can't even tell them apart! Ugh! Gross! Those beards!

I suppose I could hand over this extra mushroom I have
No. 54882 ID: 1c907d

Feed it shroom. Maybe it'll grow.
No. 54883 ID: 7eda8b

Just give it your extra mushroom in exchange for more information. It'll get all gross if you hold it in your hand for hours anyway.
No. 54885 ID: 950eaa
File 125441541228.jpg - (128.76KB , 800x600 , dorf.jpg )

It eats the mushroom and grins grotesquely.
'Well, one o th' miners was claiming to have struck ore, some special kind, way oot pas' th' magma! I seed too much a'ready, tho. He ain't come back since he went to go an get some more."
No. 54886 ID: 8e18cd


Okay so they struck adamantium and made demons crawl out of their pits...

Well either we can hang around here and get brutally raped/slaughtered by the hellspawn or get the hell out of here and see the Warriors
No. 54887 ID: 1c907d

To the mines to acquire dead dorf and treasures.
No. 54888 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Please, that's not enough. Surely you know a little more? I'm only trying to help..."
No. 54889 ID: 950eaa
File 12544161825.jpg - (122.11KB , 800x600 , dorf.jpg )

I alreddy might get in trubble fer saying what I ded.
No. 54890 ID: 7eda8b

"You might get in more trouble if demons eat us all."

If that doesn't work, just go to the warriors. Hopefully they won't ask for our weapon or something.
No. 54893 ID: 950eaa
File 125441700686.jpg - (122.21KB , 800x600 , contact sighted.jpg )

It's gonna take most of the day to go see the warriors, and I hate going through this mushroom forest it gives me the - I see movement, I don't think it sees me. Looks like it has a weapon out!
No. 54894 ID: 8e18cd


It's probably an Illithd. Ready the weapon and slowly approach him.
No. 54895 ID: 83eada

Shoot first, ask questions later.
No. 54896 ID: 6550ad

Maybe I'm wrong, but I looks familiar. Our old mindflayer "friend" maybe?

Approach cautiosly, gun ready.
No. 54897 ID: 632862

Point your gun at him.
"You there! Identify yourself!"

Looks like an illithid though.

If you were looking to investigate the ore past the magma, that warm breeze passage probably led there.
No. 54898 ID: 7eda8b

Shout "FRIEND OR FOE?!" and level your weapon.
No. 54900 ID: 7d87d9

Remember to keep enough Time Units to reaction fire!

Keep your gun ready. It may be a danger to you.

Remember you are NOT armored
No. 54902 ID: 7eda8b

Wait, actually, aim your weapon and THEN shout friend-or-foe.
No. 54908 ID: bf2bdb

ready weapon, shout for it to come out
No. 54909 ID: 950eaa
File 125441794288.jpg - (78.31KB , 800x600 , illithid.jpg )

It spins around and points a weapon at me! I can hear a faint ringing in my head!
No. 54910 ID: b94893

No. 54911 ID: 7eda8b


Blast him!
No. 54912 ID: 7eda8b

Aim for the feet!
No. 54913 ID: 632862

Squeeze the trigger.
No. 54915 ID: 8e18cd

No. 54916 ID: 7d87d9

Lower your weapon and I'll lower mine.

If the ringing in your head becomes painful FIRE.

We are NOT getting mind raped.
No. 54919 ID: f4963f

Yeah, you've got barely any time. FRY HIM.
No. 54922 ID: 950eaa
File 125441935110.jpg - (147.77KB , 800x600 , shootan.jpg )

It doesn't make an impressive sound or display when it fires, just a straight puff of steam....
No. 54924 ID: 7eda8b

What's important is what happens to the target.
No. 54925 ID: 8e18cd


The Mind Flayer's brain must be boiling!
No. 54927 ID: 7d87d9

No. 54929 ID: 7eda8b

>I am Heavy Maser Girl, and thees is my Maser
No. 54932 ID: 950eaa
File 125442029251.jpg - (96.62KB , 800x600 , illitid on fire.jpg )

... but you can't argue with the results!
No. 54933 ID: 632862

Holy jesus.

Um, yeah good work. Check the body for PHAT LOOT.
No. 54934 ID: 83eada

Shweet. Split his head open with a rock and drink the delicious juice inside.
No. 54935 ID: 7eda8b

Take his gun. The Warriors might be willing to give us information for it.
No. 54936 ID: 632862

Haha, +int bonus!
No. 54937 ID: bd36a1

No. 54938 ID: 8e18cd


No. 54939 ID: 6550ad

Inb4 "That was a Warrior"
No. 54940 ID: 7eda8b

We have a free hand.
No. 54943 ID: 6ec19a

Maybe we shouldn't wave a looted gun around until we know if it had any friends.
Also go to the warriors and check them out.
No. 54944 ID: 7eda8b

Right. Of course. Check the area for more.

How quickly could you hook up the motion scanner, use it, and then repower your weapon?
No. 54946 ID: 1c907d

Loot forest, explore corpse.
No. 54949 ID: 950eaa
File 125442263053.jpg - (144.92KB , 800x600 , loot.jpg )

I found some stuff in his backpack
No. 54950 ID: 43d730

Looks like keys, rations, marshmallows and tracker collars.
No. 54951 ID: 8e18cd


Slave collars, eh? Kinky.

Take his keys. They look like car keys.
No. 54952 ID: b94893

Empty the jar and take it with you.

See if you can tuck the pistol into the front of your pants.
No. 54953 ID: b94893

Take the keys as well, see if you can fit them in the same pocket as a mushroom.

If not, craft a mushroom keychain.
No. 54954 ID: 9e9b47


Those aren't marshmallows, they're boldroons. Take them. Also take the keys, and tuck the gun into your waistband.
No. 54959 ID: 950eaa
File 125442353856.jpg - (273.98KB , 800x858 , inventory-Imli copy.jpg )

I have too much stuff to take much of anything.
No. 54962 ID: 9e9b47


Put coins in the mask, carry gun in left hand. Continue to the warriors.
No. 54963 ID: 8e18cd


If you're gonna wear the mask make sure to wear the slave collar.
No. 54964 ID: 632862

Why was he carrying around a brain in a jar?! Wait. That was his lunch, wasn't it. Carry the scanner in your free hand, and put the boldroons in the pocket where it was.
No. 54965 ID: 950eaa
File 125442423852.jpg - (273.16KB , 800x858 , inventory-Imli copy.jpg )

I don't know if giving them a gun like this is a good idea, they don't have that high of a level of technology.
No. 54966 ID: 6ec19a

What were you thinking, going to explore a cave system weighted down with a heavy weapon?
Leave the generator and the MASER here and take the backpack from the squid. You can come back if you really need the firepower.
No. 54967 ID: b94893

Well no, but we can still trade it to someone else in the future.
No. 54969 ID: b7aed8

Empty the jar, put the coins inside, tuck the jar inside the gasmask and it should all fit back in the pocket. Then all that's left is picking up the pistol.
No. 54970 ID: 234c61

Slide the gun in the front of your pants, 'cause you be gangster.
No. 54972 ID: 8e18cd

Hey. Check if the keys fit the collar. If they fit, wear the collar. It will save us space.
No. 54973 ID: b7aed8

Why wear the collars when, if the keys work, they can be just linked together and hung from the generator's shoulder straps? Besides, who knows if the collars have some sort of mindfuckery-effect attached when they're snapped on or not.
No. 54974 ID: ed8d8a

I mean, you COULD hook the collars into a chain and clip the chain to your belt, but I don't know that you really WANT the collars. The brain in a jar also seems like it would have limited utility, but I can't think what HE was doing with it either. Examine brain?
No. 54975 ID: 1c907d

Keep brain, someone might want it!
No. 54977 ID: 9e9b47


He was going to eat it. We don't need anything else.
No. 54978 ID: 8e18cd

Here's my plan for the collars:

Use collars on sergals
Have sergal slaves
No. 54979 ID: 950eaa
File 125442522376.jpg - (110.70KB , 800x600 , towercaps.jpg )

I'm not putting a collar on, that's weird. I'll just leave this junk here, it's not going anywhere. I'm not gonna load myself down with all this crap. There's a cool breeze coming from the right. The Warriors are up ahead.
No. 54981 ID: bd36a1

if we can take a slave collar and get it on that dorf, maybe we can get more information out of him. Otherwise, we can drag him along with us as MORE inventory space!
No. 54983 ID: 7eda8b

Investigate the cool breeze.
No. 54987 ID: 6550ad


CSF: The Quest for Inventory Space.
No. 54988 ID: 950eaa
File 125442637172.jpg - (89.31KB , 800x600 , crying goblins give me a boner.jpg )

I can hear some faint sobbing, there are some warrior women chained to the tower caps. The chain goes down into the chasm.
No. 54990 ID: 8e18cd


Kinky. Free them.
No. 54991 ID: 6550ad

Free and add them to your personal harem.
No. 54993 ID: 7eda8b

Don't say anything. This could be a trap. Scout the area's perimeter. If you can find a good hiding spot, unplug one of your power cables, hook up the scanner, scan the area, and then quickly switch back to your weapon. (Man, you guys gotta invent a battery for that thing)
No. 54994 ID: 1c907d

Go down the chain and help Ven and Telwis.
No. 54995 ID: 6ec19a

If those things are the "warriors" you might as well ask some random cave vermin for help.
Go back for the collars, use em on those things and sell em to the miners.
No. 54996 ID: b94893

Inspect them first.


You know, for wounds and to make sure freeing them won't rig their collars to explode or something.
No. 54997 ID: 950eaa
File 125442716095.jpg - (90.01KB , 800x600 , scanner.jpg )

Let me scan the area first.
No. 54998 ID: 8e18cd


Cool. Bodies on the chains.
No. 54999 ID: 8e18cd

Pull them up
No. 55000 ID: b94893


Ask them if they know how to defuse the bombs/mines.
No. 55001 ID: 7eda8b

Make like you just saw an xbox and turn 360 degrees.
No. 55003 ID: 8e18cd


There are HEAT signatures, Einstein.
No. 55004 ID: bd36a1

Shoot them with your Maser... wait... no... shoot ONE of them... no... uh... ask them why they're chained up?
No. 55005 ID: b94893

Ah, right. Then uh, let's still ask them if they know what's buried in front of them.
No. 55006 ID: 233917

So you've got an infrared scanner, the orange spots are the two goblins, the red is heat residue from the illithid. If that's it, see if you can use the keys to unlock the chains, else use the cutter.
No. 55007 ID: 233917

Also, yay pack mules!
No. 55008 ID: 6756f8

Avoid the strange heat signatures in the ground if you can, unlock the goblins with the keys.
No. 55010 ID: 632862

I'm gonna have to say check what's on the end of the chains before you fiddle with them.
No. 55011 ID: 950eaa
File 125442814490.jpg - (101.49KB , 800x600 , hangin.jpg )

Umm, hanging down in the chasm are five more of them. They all look alive. This means I can't unlock the chains on either one of the ones on top without it pulling her down into the gap and possbily killing her or at the very least breaking both of her arms.
No. 55014 ID: b94893

Can we pull the other five up?

How are the chains tied to their arms?
No. 55015 ID: 7eda8b

Scan the area for more signatures.

If there are none, try hauling the prisoners up to you. Ask the two up top to help you pull. You're a Lohkre so you're strong as fuck.
No. 55016 ID: bd36a1

>use MASER on weight puzzle
No. 55017 ID: 632862

That is such a hilariously bad idea.
No. 55018 ID: 8e18cd

Check the area for more Illithids before attempting to do anything. We don't want to become brain salad.
No. 55020 ID: 6756f8

There are three keys on the slaver's keyring. One of them looks like it goes to some sort of vehicle. Look around the cave trying to find the slaver's ride, or anything else that'd help you lift the goblins out of the chasm, for that matter.
No. 55031 ID: 950eaa
File 125442974110.jpg - (105.89KB , 800x600 , gravity boobs.jpg )

I'm talking to the biggest one (usually the one in charge with these types), she says there was only one slaver, and he left them here to go "investigate something" The two on top can't help pull, as they are hobbled and chained. They say there's a controller somewhere for their collars.

I can't pull all five of them up at once, I'm not that strong! The chains are attached to their feet and their arms are cuffed.
No. 55036 ID: 8e18cd

Promise that you will come back, squeeze her boobs a bit then go back and try to find the controller using the scanner while having the cutter equipped.
No. 55037 ID: 6756f8

((What the fuck is going on in this picture? Since when could Lohrke walk on walls?))
No. 55046 ID: 7eda8b

Can you carry just one? Can you do it with one arm?

Get out your cutter, CAREFULLY cut the wrist and ankle braces, then carry the goblin up. Then repeat this with three others, then haul the last one up normally, then release the last two.

Since always!
No. 55047 ID: 950eaa
File 125443086826.jpg - (63.79KB , 800x600 , hanging goblins puzzle.jpg )

Since always?

Hmm, OK, I have two of them chained to the tower caps up above the chasm, but if I unlock the chains on either one of them they will go hurtling into the pit as the weight of the rest of them drags them into the chasm, they will probably either break their arms or die if they hit the wall. I can't haul up all of the ones in the chasm, and they are bound hand and foot, so they can't help me at all.
No. 55048 ID: 632862

Holy crap, I thought that was just a joke.
No. 55050 ID: 632862

I wonder if cutting the chain near the bottom would work. That way you'd only have to pull up 3 at once, then 2 at once.
No. 55062 ID: 6756f8

Ask them where the slaver's truck is.
No. 55066 ID: f4963f

You have a cutter. Would it work if you cut the chain off one of the end goblins, rather than simply unlocking it? How far would the others swing?
No. 55084 ID: 950eaa
File 125443256632.jpg - (93.04KB , 800x600 , hot bondage.jpg )

The ones on whichever end I cut would get whipped into the chasm. There's no cutting off the manacles without burning them severely, either.
No. 55086 ID: 950eaa


Can you cut five free, and get her to hang onto you while you cut her free so she doesn't drop off? You may be able to just slowly save them all.
No. 55089 ID: 6756f8

This is a bad idea, the rest of them down in the chasm would die painfully.
No. 55093 ID: 6756f8

Actually no I retract that, cutting #5 free of the chain probably wouldn't make them swing hard enough to die.
No. 55094 ID: 7eda8b

Say "I don't suppose you guys have any ideas how this works?"

Worth a shot.
No. 55095 ID: 632862

Would cutting the chain between 5 and 6 cause too much of a swing? Would you then be able to pull 3 up at once, or instead cut 5 off while still keeping her from falling?

...how the hell was that damn Illithid planning on getting these goblins out anyway? Was he going to drive his truck in here and tow the chain or something?
No. 55100 ID: bf2bdb

What do the red buttoned disks do? are those collars?
No. 55101 ID: 8e18cd


Try the keys on the arm bands before cutting 5 off. It would be better to make her hands free so she can grab onto us before we cut her off
No. 55104 ID: bf2bdb

Ok, is their a way we can grab one of the girls in the chasm and unlock her chains without her falling, given we can walk on the wall?
No. 55106 ID: 6550ad


Oh god, they're chained to giant phalluses D:
No. 55109 ID: 632862

No. 55110 ID: bffa2a


Well, if you can drag two up by chain. I would suggest shooting the chain in the center so that one side supports two and other three. This is only because I don't know how to use brain jars and gold nuggets to remotely open chains.
No. 55111 ID: 6756f8

If you're going to carry a goblin up the cliff, leave your power pack and maser gun at the top. It'd be practically impossible, otherwise.
No. 55112 ID: 632862

No. 55113 ID: 950eaa
File 125443368620.jpg - (65.91KB , 800x600 , hot sexy chains.jpg )

They don't know how this works, they're just scared.

No, I might lose my grip when they come unlocked.

The collars? I don't really want to mess with them, they look like they have an explosive on the side.


I'll try cutting the bottom one, they shouldn't swing too mu- oops this might not be such a good idea!
No. 55114 ID: 7eda8b

But we need the powerpack to cut any of them free.
Not that we can without burning them.

Also: Ask them what the collars actually do.
No. 55116 ID: 6756f8

>oops this might not be such a good idea!

Aw fuck, bad end to the puzzle.
No. 55126 ID: 72da26

Why free them when we can keep or sell them. We could really use help carrying loot. Capture as many of them as possible. Don't worry if you can't save them all.
No. 55186 ID: b94893

Quickly grab the chain!
No. 55207 ID: 950eaa
File 125444278067.jpg - (111.32KB , 800x600 , hot branding.jpg )

She lets out a really loud scream when the red hot chain burns into her thigh! I move away the links until they cool with the end of the cutter.
Maybe I should try the key on the leg irons..
No. 55209 ID: 15f6d6

Can we pull up six and seven? Also, see what the keys unlock.
No. 55212 ID: 632862

Oh DUH. I got faked out, thinking it was a puzzle where you have to cut the chain in the right spot, and not a "use the fucking key, dumbass" puzzle.

Unlock the hand cuffs so they can grab ahold of you/the chain to keep from falling, then unlock the leg cuffs. They could climb out by themselves, or you could carry them up if you've got a good enough grip on the wall.
No. 55218 ID: 950eaa
File 125444386538.jpg - (122.65KB , 800x600 , crying goblins give me a boner1psd.jpg )

I have to take my pack off to haul them up, but I can get these two up, even if they're a bit worse for wear.
The one with three on it is far too heavy though.

I dunno, they seem awfully weak probably from hanging upside down by their ankles for who knows how long. I don't know if they could hold on to me while I climb up the wall.
No. 55220 ID: bffa2a


Now haul the rest up with the help of the three.
No. 55221 ID: fd6933

See if you can unlock their collars, first. That should take some time while they get feeling back in their limbs.
No. 55223 ID: aba0a3

Get them up but don't expect much help, their wrists and legs are very likely in bad condition.
No. 55227 ID: 15f6d6

See if we can unlock their wrists and ankles and get them to help.
No. 55230 ID: b94893

See if you can hold the one on the end of the chain with one arm to your front while you cut the chain on her, and then carry her up.
No. 55232 ID: 950eaa
File 125444534247.jpg - (93.59KB , 800x600 , unicode Imli.jpg )

Yup, they're in no condition to walk, much less help me pull three heavy people up the side of a sheer cliff.
One of the keys I have works on the collars, but nothing works on the manacles.
With one arm? I'm not that strong.
No. 55235 ID: b94893

No, wrap the other around her when she's free.
No. 55242 ID: 72da26

Not the best idea but this will work. Cut #5 loose. Yes she will fall to her death. I know that's a bad thing. Oh stop pouting about it and man up. Ok, fine, do whatever you want crybaby.
No. 55243 ID: f4963f

... try the keys on the collars, see if that works, first of all.

What does their current situation look like, now that the chain is cut?
No. 55247 ID: 6756f8

Free the one on the left (the one whose chain isn't supporting any other goblins), and have her help you pull the other three up.

...and don't do what 72da26 said.
No. 55249 ID: aba0a3

pull the chain around the rocks the ones on top are chained to and use that as leverage to slowly pull them up. Be careful not to tie up the one chained there.
No. 55251 ID: 950eaa
File 125444728857.jpg - (59.94KB , 800x600 , hanging goblins puzzle.jpg )

I've gotta get the bottom most one up before I can pull the other two up. She will have to grab onto me somehow before I can unlock her feet. She is really weak, though.
No. 55252 ID: 7eda8b

Sheesh. I don't know why they look so panicked. Isn't it clear you're trying to help them?

Unlock the chain with no tension on it. Maybe you can get that girl free? Do the manacles even have a keyhole?
No. 55253 ID: 1e1932


Heave her over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
No. 55254 ID: 15f6d6

Put her locked together wrists over your head.
No. 55255 ID: 7eda8b

Unlock the chain now without tension. Cut as long a section out of it as you can without hurting anyone. Allow it to cool. Use this to secure gobbo number 5 tightly against your body, then unlock her and haul her upwards, holding onto the chain and sticking to the wall to aid your ascent.
No. 55258 ID: 6756f8

Do this >>55255
and secure the chain with the padlock from the chain with no tension on it.
No. 55263 ID: 950eaa
File 125444911690.jpg - (104.48KB , 800x600 , draggin up the cliff.jpg )

This seems like a good idea!
No. 55268 ID: 950eaa
File 125445004446.jpg - (59.16KB , 556x361 , collar unlock.jpg )

OK, I can get the collars off with the round key and I can undo the padlocks with the brass keys, but none of them fit the manacles. There's no way to just cut them off without badly burning the people wearing them.
No. 55270 ID: 6faa8c

What about the area connecting the manacles? or is it one peice of metal?

No. 55273 ID: 15f6d6

Let's take all the collars off anyway, and get everyone up on the cliff and unchained.

See if they ahve any useful information about what is going on.

Give the big one a gun.
No. 55275 ID: 6756f8

This probably won't do anything, but go get the brain jar. If there are any buttons on it, try pushing one of them in the vicinity of the goblins.
No. 55293 ID: 950eaa
File 125445128857.jpg - (95.04KB , 800x600 , manacles .jpg )

Ok, all the manacles are made in the same way, two pins on either side and a lock through the middle. The yellow one won't stop whimpering about her burn, it's just a flesh wound. They're all pretty beaten up from me dragging them up the cliff by their feet. Their ankles are kinda swollen too, and their wrists. These manacles are probably a bit too tight on them.
It's just got a screw on lid. I can go get it I guess.
No. 55295 ID: 6faa8c

There has to be a way to remove the lock without burning them.
No. 55297 ID: 6756f8


Cut ONLY The padlock, they're unlikely to get burned that way.
No. 55298 ID: e3f578

Man, we need wire cutters. Try and give these people some of your water, not all of it, but I'm sure they're thirsty.

Have any idea where you can get some decently sized wire cutters? Would the Warriors have some? Or how about your village electrician?
No. 55299 ID: ccb486

are you trained in lockpicking? :D
No. 55320 ID: 950eaa
File 125445298644.jpg - (105.24KB , 800x600 , melta.jpg )

Yeah, there's got to be some way of getting the manacles off.

This thing is not exactly made for precision work, here.

I'd have to leave them here over night if I wanted to do that.

Does that involve firing heavy weapons?
No. 55321 ID: 1e1932


You could try shooting the lock with the smaller gun that tentacle-faced dude dropped.
No. 55323 ID: fd6933

Suppose you do get the padlocks off without hurting them. Then what? They're still helpless, and not strong enough to walk back to your village even if they knew the way.
You've done all you can, scan the area to see if you've attracted any unwanted attention and then go back for help.
No. 55324 ID: 6756f8

No. 55325 ID: 6756f8

No. 55326 ID: 476456

..we could try asking them about the locks. I'm sure they know what the mindflayer used to lock it..they were there.
No. 55328 ID: 6756f8

He probably hid the goddamn key.
No. 55330 ID: fd6933

There's three keys on that keychain, and you've only used two, right? Take a look around, maybe the illithid had a van full of candy parked nearby. If he came alone, he must have had some way of getting the prisoners out of the pit, let alone transporting them.
No. 55331 ID: 9e9b47

Do not shoot the padlock. It's a bad idea.
No. 55338 ID: 950eaa
File 125445427123.jpg - (47.19KB , 318x372 , the pink one.jpg )

The pink one says he had a key with the controller for the collars.
No. 55342 ID: 7eda8b

Q: How far of a walk is it back to other Lohrke, or to the Miners? Either of these might be able to break locks safely.

Start looking around the immediate vicinity. Tell the girls to scream if they see anyone approach other than you.
No. 55345 ID: 950eaa
File 125445535028.jpg - (98.08KB , 800x600 , towercaps 2.jpg )

I already said, I'd have to leave them here overnight to get back to the village. The Miners would kill them on sight, I don't think I'll be getting any help from them.

I've found something tossed on the ground here; I think I saw something move!
No. 55348 ID: 632862

This man is correct. Ricochet is a definite possibility when trying to shoot a lock.

I know the goblins are all free now but I thought of another solution. You could've taken the chain off the three freed goblins, then reattached it to the hanging chain. Then you could've cut it at another location (avoiding burning the goblin that time) and pulled them up the cliff again now that they were separated further into groups of 1 and 2.
No. 55350 ID: 7eda8b

Level your cutter and say "Halt! Identify yourself!"

Stand up.
No. 55352 ID: 950eaa
File 125445604422.jpg - (103.69KB , 800x600 , melta.jpg )

I think it's some kinda animal... I get the cutter ready.
No. 55355 ID: e3f578

Please be Amadoobus and Dribliza, please.
No. 55356 ID: 7eda8b

It might be intelligent. Keep it professional.

Yell "Identify yourself or get lost!"

Zap a line into the ground between you and it. Maybe that'll scare it off.
No. 55357 ID: 632862

Please let it not be a naked mole rat.
No. 55361 ID: 950eaa
File 125445677634.jpg - (92.92KB , 800x600 , molerat.jpg )

No such luck, what should I try?
No. 55364 ID: 9e9b47


Try to get a shot off with the illithid's gun before he comes in, then attack with the cutter.
No. 55365 ID: bd36a1

yell "I LIKE SHORTS! THEY'RE COMFY AND EASY TO WEAR!" and zap that thing with the cutter
No. 55366 ID: 5ba271

Shoot it until it dies.
No. 55368 ID: 632862


It could be scared of fire. The cutter is like a short-range high intensity flamethrower right?
No. 55371 ID: 7eda8b

Hold down the trigger and walk the beam onto its face.
No. 55379 ID: 6756f8

You're the Heavy Weapons Lohrke. This should be trivially easy.

No. 55392 ID: 950eaa
File 125445789915.jpg - (157.91KB , 800x600 , tackle.jpg )

No. 55395 ID: 632862

Judo flip it! Or just toss the thing, you're pretty strong.
No. 55398 ID: 6faa8c


No. 55403 ID: 7eda8b

No. 55447 ID: 950eaa
File 125445932474.jpg - (163.76KB , 800x600 , melrat win.jpg )

I need to think faster next time, it gave me a nasty gash in my arm! I need to find something I can use as a bandage. This thing stinks when it burns, that's for sure.
No. 55454 ID: 7eda8b

Return to the goblin girls and ask if you can have a strip of cloth from them. Explain that your pants are unsuitable since you have nothing to cut strips with.
No. 55458 ID: 9e9b47


Use some cloth from the illithid. Or from your pants.
No. 55463 ID: fc854e

Maybe next time, when you're pointing a gun at something hostile charging at you, instead of asking what to try, you can just try pulling the trigger.

In the meanwhile, just tear some cloth off your shirt to bandage the cut.
No. 55465 ID: 6faa8c

or your top.
No. 55467 ID: 7eda8b

I assume we were supposed to use the pistol? (Do we still have it?)
No. 55480 ID: 632862

Hey wait, we have the cutter, don't we! We can cut strips of cloth with that.

No. 55609 ID: 632862

Hmm. The parts of the chain you cut might be jagged enough to cut a piece of your shirt off, if you can't tear it yourself. Your pants don't look like the right fabric.

Make sure to check out whatever that object on the ground was, though. Before or after the bandage, whichever you like.
No. 55636 ID: bd36a1

try to tear a piece of your pant leg off to wrap your arm with
No. 55637 ID: 2cbe3e


I'm not sure we were "supposed" to do anything. It was probably our fault for not plugging the gun back in once we didn't need the cutter anymore.

So, what did you find tossed on the ground anyhow?
No. 55687 ID: 5a4511

Follow standard first aid. apply pressure to the wound until it stops bleeding. Find fabric from somewhere (It really doesn't matter where it came from) and wrap it around the arm to keep pressure on the wound.

I know I'm an asshole for saying this, but I'd suggest using your shirt for the bandage. yeah....

[she is strong enough to tear cloth with her bare hands. cigarette lighter is to flamethrower as blowtorch is to CUTTER.]
No. 55689 ID: 7eda8b

On that note: Plug in your gun.
No. 55711 ID: 950eaa
File 125451689880.jpg - (88.82KB , 800x600 , cut.jpg )

This thing 'shoots' about the length of my arm in front of it. I'm not tearing up my clothes to make bandages!
That sounds like it will make fire, not bandages.

I dropped the pistol on the ground when I needed to haul the goblins up.
No. 55712 ID: bffa2a


Just get a slave bra to tie up the wound with. It's not like modesty overcomes life and death.
No. 55716 ID: 15f6d6

Yeah, you not bleeding to death is more important than their modest.
No. 55728 ID: eaec5a

Slave bra, shirt, pants, cloth from corpse, just use something.

Are your weapons durable enough to use as clubs? If you can't get a proper shot off, you can still smack them with the gun.

If you find something that can unlock the slaves' manacles take off the ones on their feet but keep the ones on their hands on. See if you can find a way to keep them attached to eachother. We don't want our property to wander off on us.

So far these 7 slaves are the most valueable thing you have come across. They are the treasure. Don't just give it away. You wouldn't give away 7 gold bars, would you?
No. 55738 ID: fc854e

>I'm not tearing up my clothes to make bandages!
It's either your clothes or somebody else's, and yours are likely cleanest.
Alternatively, you can just sort of hope you don't bleed out and die. I don't know much about lohrke physiology, and you aren't bleeding that much. Maybe you'll survive being unwilling to perform basic first aid on yourself.
No. 55743 ID: bd36a1

Use the cutter to heat up some of the chain metal. Then use it to cauterize the wound. It'll probably hurt like a bitch, but if you can't get a hold of any readily available bandage material it is an option
No. 55767 ID: eaec5a

It'll heal just fine as long as we stop the bleeding. We don't need to add fire damage to the injury. We can stop the bleeding some other way.
No. 55795 ID: 950eaa
File 125452322860.jpg - (136.82KB , 533x600 , sexy shirt copy.jpg )

Ok. Fine. Whatever.
No. 55797 ID: bffa2a


Oh yeah
No. 55811 ID: eaec5a


No. 55831 ID: 6faa8c

>use radioactivity to cauterize a wound
No. 55850 ID: bd36a1

no, using a piece of metal heated by a cutting torch POWERED by radiation, but that's neither here nor there at this point.

what was it you found on the ground before that molerat interrupted?
No. 55881 ID: 950eaa
File 125453019613.jpg - (69.54KB , 800x600 , remote.jpg )

Oh, yeah, that thing. Some kinda controller.
No. 55883 ID: ed8d8a

Oh hey! the thing that would have raised the chains and saved the poor warrior from leg burns.
No. 55884 ID: bffa2a

Use key to unlock shackles
No. 55944 ID: 950eaa
File 125453810031.jpg - (167.19KB , 800x600 , boner inducing crying goblins.jpg )

Hey, what do you know? The key fits them! This lot's in no condition to travel far. He must have thrown it in the mushrooms so none of them could get to it.
No. 55945 ID: 7eda8b

Power your Heavy Maser, then return to the goblin girls. Make sure they're still okay.

Ask yourself what you know about these gals. Would any of them be willing to follow you on your adventures in gratitude, do you think, or are they mostly the type to run away and act like you're somehow a jerk for not freeing them faster?
No. 55947 ID: 7eda8b

Line all the collars up, set the controller to '1', and then push the orange button.
No. 55961 ID: 9e9b47


If we can get them back home tonight it'd be good, but if not we're gonna have to find a place to sleep for the night.
No. 55962 ID: 632862

This sounds like an awesome experiment. If they're shock collars I'm very interested in what would happen if they were stacked on top of eachother when they were activated.

Oh, did you apologize to the burn victim yet? That might make her feel better.
No. 55972 ID: 950eaa
File 12545402416.jpg - (130.93KB , 800x600 , collars.jpg )

They're all grateful, but they really want to go home. Plus I don't want to drag around a liability, they need some time to recover.

When I push the orange button one of them beeps until I let go of it.

I don't know if I can get them all home tonight or not, it's not too far but some of them can't walk yet. Being hung upside down by your ankles will do that.

I said "sorry" but I don't know if she heard me over the scream. She can't walk, that's for sure. I should do something about that burn. Not sure what I can use, I don't have any medicine or anything with me.
No. 55973 ID: 476456

He had a car you know.
No. 55974 ID: 476456

He had a car you know.
No. 55976 ID: 632862

You could leave them the slaver's gun just in case another mole rat wanders by.
No. 55977 ID: 7eda8b

I don't see what you can do about it. Only thing I can think is that the brain jar juice has some kind of antibacterial agent in it, but that'd be a shot in the dark. Just pouring weird illithid brain-juice onto the wound doesn't seem a great plan.

Try to organize girls watching out for enemies in shifts. The stronger ones could take turns on watch for the night.
No. 55984 ID: 950eaa
File 125454160538.jpg - (41.75KB , 386x445 , the fat green one.jpg )

I question them a bit, none of them seem to know, but one of them has some information.
What's a car? The only way to get here is down the river, unless he came out of the chasm. He came in from the other side of town when almost everyone was asleep, and he did something to the guards to knock them out! All I know is that I woke up in chains out here in the forest. I don't know how long I've been out. >>55976
Which one? The skinny green one and the pink one were the ones on top of the chasm, they're probably strongest.
I suppose something that would preserve a gross brain in a jar couldn't hurt to put on a wound. I'm not really a doctor, I don't know how to tell if a b-brain is fresh or not.
No. 55985 ID: 7eda8b

Put some brain-juice on the wound. Maybe it has antiseptic qualities.

Tell the girls that you're going to look around if there's anything useful, and to yell for you if there's any trouble. Give a brief explanation of how to point and shoot the illithid's weapon, and give it to the pink one.

Plug your Heavy Maser back in. Head for the river unless that's a real long ways away.
No. 55995 ID: 950eaa
File 125454338574.jpg - (123.61KB , 800x600 , sexy leg.jpg )

The pink one's name is Slesu, I'l give her the gun. I don't really trust any of them to shoot it properly, they don't seem to know how to use such a thing. I grab the gross brain and pour some of the juice on her leg, she says it feels nice and cool. Ooh, that's gonna leave a nasty scar..

The river is about a day's travel away. I can look around in this stupid forest more, or I can head towards the village. Most animals are afraid of fire, from what I can gather. They're all hungry, and I don't have enough food to share. Should I look around for other stuff or should we try to camp here?
No. 55998 ID: 7eda8b

Make a fire. Ask the girls about whatever they know about disappearances. Ask them if there's rumors of monsters lately. Try to figure out if it's just Illithid slaver(s), or if there's even worse shit going down.
No. 55999 ID: 9e9b47


Look around for more stuff
No. 56000 ID: 632862

It would make sense for him to have a boat, if the river is the only way out. If the river comes close to this location they could just hide out in the boat until they're well enough to get back to town.

(ARGH I researched burn first aid and formaldehyde had a whole ton written out, then hit F5 before posting. I hope that wasn't actually formaldehyde. That dries out the skin enough to cause serious damage.)
No. 56008 ID: 950eaa
File 125454498120.jpg - (207.36KB , 800x600 , boner inducing crying goblins02.jpg )

Well, I've got a fire going, now to look around some.
No. 56014 ID: 7eda8b

Do a walk of the area. If we can't force them to walk at all, he probably couldn't force a day's march out of them, even on pain of death. Maybe he had something else hidden nearby.

Do plug your weapon in first.

PS: I'm sure it wasn't formaldehyde. Dude was gonna eat that brain, after all.
No. 56018 ID: 6756f8

It was formaldehyde. She's going to die now.

I go away to play TF2 and you kill a goblin. Not good. >:C
No. 56029 ID: 9e9b47


Look around. The goblin will be fine.
No. 56031 ID: 950eaa
File 12545486029.jpg - (128.17KB , 800x600 , mashrooms.jpg )

I don't think formaldehyde is green and gooey. She didn't say it hurt or burned or anything. I found some mushrooms and some water! It's getting late as well.
No. 56037 ID: 632862

Those look like plump helmets to me. Are they normally that big? This should be a good source of food and water for the goblins, anyway.
No. 56038 ID: 7eda8b

Convince the girls to relocate to the area with food and water, then make a new fire and camp there for the night.
No. 56039 ID: 950eaa
File 12545496907.jpg - (194.24KB , 800x600 , boner inducing crying goblins02.jpg )

This is a good idea, even though I hate the smell of those things burning. We've got everything moved, it's time for some sleep.
No. 56040 ID: 7eda8b

Excellent. Stick to the plan of having the less weak girls take shifts watching throughout the night. Make it clear that they're to wake you if there's trouble, and not to try to use your maser themselves. Give an explanation using highly technical language that will baffle them. (This should hopefully dissuade any traitorous desires to steal your gun while you're asleep and head off without you. Can't trust anyone these days.)
No. 56078 ID: 6a6a5e

Cooked Mole Rat is not bad either.

Why did you let your slaves go? You aren't planning on freeing them, are you? You will need to find a way to regain control over them. I'd suggest forcing them to put the collars and hand manacles back on at gunpoint. Odds are one of them will try to run. Letting her escape would set a bad example for the rest of the group. Sadly you are going to have to kill her. That's what you get for doing something silly like giving them a taste of freedom.

For traveling take off the leg manacles and find some way of attaching them all together. If you incapacitate one of them somehow, the whole group grinds to a halt. Doing it by using one leg would be best. Classic stuff.

For the night arrange them like you found them. For Christ's sake don't chain them up near the edge of a cliff.

Remember that you don't have to treat them badly. As long as they remain submissive, you can treat them any way you want to. You can even be nice to them.

Choose one of them that would be the most suitable traveling companion and keep her and sell the others. Whichever one you keep should be able to be free except for the collar. Stockholm syndrome is your friend.

You're a big girl with a big gun.
You don't have to play the good guy.
Do what you want and destroy everything that gets in your way.
No. 56125 ID: 64d98f

ooooooooorrrrrrr instead of all that vaguely psychopathic nonsense we could just slip their chains back on while they sleep
No. 56152 ID: 7eda8b

Why do we want a bunch of unwilling slaves? These guys aren't exactly brimming over with useful talents, and we have no one to sell them to. (The Dorfs would just kill them, the Lohrke don't take slaves and would disapprove of this behavior in you, the Illithid will be mad because you killed one of them)
No. 56845 ID: 15f6d6

Slaves aren't exactly treasure for us, and they would definitely be nothing but trouble if we tried to enslave them again. Plus we'd have to bother with feeding and guarding them.

If they are on their own, some might come with us, but they won't be our responsibility per se, and they might be useful.

As "treasure," we have no way to actually sell them, as the above poster has already explained.
No. 56846 ID: 9e9b47

Recapturing the slaves is a bad idea.

Asking the goblins if mole rat is good meat isn't.
No. 62157 ID: 9f0d45
File 125520234582.jpg - (82.12KB , 617x600 , notamused.jpg )

I'm not going to put them back in chains, besides being mean, I have no reason to keep slaves. Eve if I did have the means to feed and take care of seven additional people I don't see the point. Cooking the mole rat is a good idea though.
No. 62160 ID: 7eda8b

Sure. Plug your weapon in, go get it, and put it on the fire. It'll make good food for a day's march tomorrow, assuming we don't find a boat or the like.
No. 62167 ID: 7dac8d

Don't we still assume the slaver had a vehicle somewhere?
If yes, search for it.
No. 62175 ID: 15f6d6

We should definitely look for the slaver's vehicle.
No. 62212 ID: 9f0d45
File 125520570232.jpg - (121.10KB , 800x600 , dead molerat.jpg )

OK, everyone's rested up, and the fire is still going from last night. The only problem is that nobody has a knife. The cutter will blast though it, sure, but nobody wants to eat ash. Hauling it back to the site is no problem though.
No. 62222 ID: 7dac8d

Fuck dat mutant mole thing. You can always eat one of the gobbos if necessary.
Now try to find that stupid vehicle.
No. 62224 ID: 6550ad

Hmm... The claws of that thing look pretty sharp.

What about this: Cut a claw of the creature with the cutter. Use the disemboweled claw to gut the remains of the mole rat.
No. 62225 ID: 15f6d6

Can we sort of quarter it with the cutter and then put the pieces over the fire to roast?

If so, we should do that and then look for the vehicle.
No. 62234 ID: 9e9b47


Try the teeth too
No. 62258 ID: 9f0d45
File 125520814231.jpg - (104.44KB , 800x600 , chuby mitten hands.jpg )

That should work! The tooth is sharper though, even if it's smaller. I'll go ahead and bring it back, one of them should know how to clean it.
No. 62263 ID: 9e9b47


Let's look for the vehicle before dragging this back. If we can just drive it back in a vehicle that'd be best.
No. 62264 ID: 7eda8b

Yeah! One of them has to be able to do SOMEthing on their own.
No. 62266 ID: 7dac8d

Are you really morally obliged to weight yourself down with those things.
Just leave them and let nature take it's course.
No. 62326 ID: 6550ad


Just because you're a souless fiend it doesn't mean she has to be one too.

So nope. No one left behind.
No. 62354 ID: 7dac8d

But she has zero reasons to risk anything for them, they ain't even her species. They shouldn't mean more to her than the mutant rat she just killed.
No. 62396 ID: dae37e

Except that she's trying to be on good terms with their species. Usually rescuing potential slaves gives a few extra bonus points in politics.
No. 62397 ID: 9f0d45
File 125521676913.jpg - (69.32KB , 480x506 , eatin a mashroom.jpg )

Umm, it's only like a few hours travel to their village. They could make it on their own but none of them have any weapons. I don't know what kind of vehicle he would have come in, probably a boat they said. Must have been somewhere past their village, where I've never been to. Besides, it would be kind of mean to leave them here after they cooked me a mushroom.
No. 62411 ID: f21281

>eatin a mushroom.jpg

No. 62417 ID: 15f6d6

I guess let's get them to the village then.
No. 62426 ID: 9f0d45
File 125521787130.jpg - (91.91KB , 800x600 , unicode Imli.jpg )

I'm not a mushroom. What's wrong with you?
No. 62428 ID: d0ef8d

Are you sure? Maybe you should double check.
No. 62429 ID: f21281

I don't know.

I don't even know what you are anymore ;A;
No. 62433 ID: 7dac8d

Can we at least leave the badly wounded behind?
It's natural for them to being eaten by rats. As member of an advanced races you should understand the Circle of Life.
No. 62435 ID: f7ac6f

She caused at least one of their wounds. Now quit trying to pointlessly be a dick. Nobody else wants to.
No. 62489 ID: 9f0d45
File 125522229030.jpg - (46.06KB , 407x538 , burn.jpg )

Yes, I'm sure.
I wouldn't say any of them are badly wounded. That burn looks like it's healing pretty fast. They can still walk fine, even the one I burnt by accident.
No. 62493 ID: 9e9b47


Let's head out then. Look around the river for that boat.
No. 62497 ID: 7eda8b

Is it far to the river? A quick look around might be prudent, before heading to the village.

If it's a long way to the river, then head to the village first instead.
No. 62587 ID: 7d87d9

Hm... We probably should get em back to town if possible.

I mean we can't leave em out here to die.
No. 62849 ID: 9f0d45
File 125523988898.jpg - (220.10KB , 1200x600 , golblin lineup.jpg )

Well the river is past the village, may as well go there anyway. Should I go on ahead or take some or all of them with me on the way? I could have a few scout ahead with me, bringing them all in one group could be troublesome.
Some of them have injuries but some of them are fine:
(left to right)
>Uznuk, bruised ankle, severe burn on left leg
>Stuz, uninjured
>Esno, Bruised ankle
>Oko, bruised shoulder
>Osna, both ankles bruised
>Gutu, uninjured
>Kugme, bruised wrist, ankle
No. 62907 ID: 7eda8b

If you have to go past their village to get to the river, you should just bring all of them. However much trouble that is, taking two trips and leaving some behind unprotected would be worse. Wouldn't it?
No. 62942 ID: 632862

Well, having a larger group means it's harder to keep track of everyone. If one wanders off or gets ambushed it could take longer to notice they're missing. Also with a larger group it'd be harder to get a good firing angle on say a charging molerat.

I say we take on the first trip... both of the uninjured ones and Oko. Make sure the pistol stays behind in the camp, just in case.
No. 63086 ID: 15f6d6

Take everybody so that the uninjured ones can help the injured ones walk. You should stay at the front of the group, and one uninjured one should stay at the back with the pistol.
No. 63109 ID: 6a6a5e

Teach everyone how to scream, point, and dive to the ground to avoid gunfire.

That should solve a good deal of our problems.
No. 63134 ID: e75a2f

So the fat one has two bruised ankles.

No. 63186 ID: 9f0d45
File 125530387962.jpg - (25.81KB , 800x600 , lolitrolu.jpg )

So I'll take the whole group then? OK, we get to an area where the tower caps are mostly dead, and I notice something scratching around. It immediately stops and stares at the tasty group of people walking around! What should I do?
No. 63188 ID: 43d730

Is it going to charge when it gets a good look at you?
Then shoot it now.
Will there be repercussions?
No. 63189 ID: 7eda8b

Level your heavy maser and say. "Hi!"

You'd better have it plugged in. I've made like five suggestions that you plug it in.
No. 63191 ID: d56ac0

Do you know what it is? If you know it's a dangerous monster, shoot it dead. If not, bring your heavy maser to bear anyway and see what it does. If it makes any hostile movements, shoot the shit out of it.
No. 63199 ID: 6550ad

Aim your maser at the creature and ask about its intentions. If it doesn't answer, or just moves in your direction, shoot.
No. 63207 ID: 9f0d45
File 125530643374.jpg - (165.34KB , 800x800 , trollyell.jpg )

It turns around and bellows at me, so I pull the trigger!
No. 63211 ID: 9f0d45
File 125530715850.jpg - (291.87KB , 800x800 , boomheadshot.jpg )

I hit it square in it's butt-ugly face! It explodes with a sickening noise, blood and chunks of pale blue flesh go flying everywhere as most of the soft tissues of its head are violently and instantaneously heated far beyond anything that would occur in nature! It's pretty cool.
No. 63212 ID: 7eda8b

Fist-pump in triumph!
No. 63214 ID: 9e9b47


Check around where the thing was scratching when you first showed up, and around the area in general. Maybe search the corpse? Nah, I don't think it can even hide anything.
No. 63216 ID: 7d87d9

Make sure it doesn't regenerate...
No. 63218 ID: b94893

Ask if any of them can cook and let's start a fire.

Everyone eat up but Osna as she needs to go on a diet.
No. 63226 ID: 9f0d45
File 12553091673.jpg - (157.55KB , 800x600 , trold.jpg )

Whoa this thing sure stinks when it burns. We just ate a few hours ago, nobody is hungry!
No. 63227 ID: b94893


Pee on it to make it stop burning.
No. 63229 ID: 9f0d45
File 12553094249.jpg - (103.63KB , 800x600 , fuckingross.jpg )

Eww no
No. 63230 ID: 7eda8b

March all the way to the village.
No. 63231 ID: b94893

What? You worried about missing? I thought Lorhke Soldiers were supposed to be good marksmen.

Continue onward then, if nobody needs a break.
No. 63232 ID: 9e9b47


check in the hole on the tree.
No. 63235 ID: b94893

Oh uh, let's check out that hole too before we go.
No. 63239 ID: 9f0d45
File 125531026794.jpg - (119.74KB , 800x600 , trold.jpg )

Nothing inside the hollow mushroom that I can find. The girls won't approach, I don't know if they're scared of me or the monster.
No. 63240 ID: 7eda8b

Find out by suggesting they take a wide circle around it to bypass.

Let's get these losers back home.
No. 63241 ID: b94893

There's no elves making cookies in there?


Look harder.
No. 63246 ID: 9f0d45
File 125531150999.jpg - (146.06KB , 800x600 , back of towercap.jpg )

What's an elf? I don't see anything behind here, it's just an old dead tower cap.
No. 63248 ID: 9e9b47


Check atop the mushroom. Maybe we can get a better view.

Otherwise, let's just go.
No. 63253 ID: 9f0d45
File 12553126294.jpg - (135.57KB , 800x600 , top down.jpg )

Ok, now I'm looking down at the ground from the top of the dead tower cap.
No. 63261 ID: 76e04d

okay, looks like rock, lets go.
No. 63265 ID: 0d1fe9

No big X's anywhere then?
Ok then on on on we go.
No. 63317 ID: 9f0d45
File 125532213160.jpg - (137.04KB , 800x600 , goblindooor.jpg )

After a few more hours of traveling, we've made it to the door. I always liked how they use so much obsidian, it glows faintly from the torches inside.
No. 63319 ID: 76e04d

Nice green variety too.

Perhaps we should now announce a request to speak with the local leader, and the fact that we have rescued a few of them?
No. 63320 ID: 9e9b47


Wave and introduce yourself from a respectable distance, tell them you're bringing back some of their people. Some men to help them out would probably be best.
No. 63326 ID: 9f0d45
File 125532421860.jpg - (103.45KB , 800x600 , gobin guard.jpg )

As soon as I start to speak, the door swings open and a heavily armored guard appears.

"You've brought them back! How did you do it!? This is a great day! Is there anything we can do to thank you?"

They're quickly ushered inside much to everyone's releif.
No. 63327 ID: 7eda8b

Smile all hero-like.

"Well, for starters, I'd like to know everything you know about all the disappearances that have happened lately. I'm afraid there might be even worse things to come."
No. 63328 ID: de913c


Ask for some aid. Maybe something healing and some proper armor or something. Offer any help you can, too.

It's always nice to be polite.
No. 63329 ID: 0d1fe9

Ancient magic artefacts?
Piles of gold?
Make me your queen?
Fanny-pack for more inv room?
Srsly though just play the modest card, get a decent meal and some info about the disappearing people, with luck it's just slavers you have to deal with and not some eldritch horror from the deep..... but I think the dorfs might have awoken some horror in search of adamantium.
No. 63626 ID: e16ca8
File 125539315730.jpg - (175.78KB , 800x600 , dinner table.jpg )

I'm offered dinner with the chief, Zosbag Mongozran. When I ask about the disappearances, he said that a group of fighters went out to the Magma and never came back, and neither did the scouting party that went looking for them. That slaver was able to knock out a few guards and capture some women, but he has his doubts that he could have taken on ten armoured warriors.

What else should I ask about?
No. 63636 ID: 2dd482

Could use some medical supplies like bandages and healing salves.
No. 63637 ID: 76e04d

Perhaps a nice steel shield, a fanny pack, and a some food to take with us on our journey to discover the cause of the differences... when did these vanishings start happening?
No. 63644 ID: b94893

Ask him if he's seen any other Lorhke.
No. 63681 ID: 7d87d9

The extra storage space would be VERY nice
No. 63682 ID: 7eda8b

I can't think of anything to ask.

Do we know the area he describes at all?

Do you know anything about adamantium or demons?
No. 63699 ID: 1bcb70

Ask him if we can have a pack mule sidekick.
No. 63780 ID: e16ca8
File 125540883992.jpg - (157.49KB , 800x600 , dinner table.jpg )

>Could use some medical supplies like bandages and healing salves.

They'll share what they have, my injury isn't too serious and I'm not gonna take it out at the table.

>Perhaps a nice steel shield, a fanny pack, and a some food to take with us on our journey to discover the cause of the differences... when did these vanishings start happening?

A steel shield, are you crazy? I'm carrying around enough weight as it is. I could maybe carry a small bag or something. He also offers me a new shirt. The disappearances started a few days ago.
>Do we know the area he describes at all?
No, not really, I haven't been past the village.

>Do you know anything about adamantium or demons?
what? Sounds like fairy tales. He says that demons are real, but I don't believe in that kind of superstitious nonsense. I don't say that out loud of course. Adamantium is some kind of legendary metal apparently.

>Ask him if we can have a pack mule sidekick.
He says the people are afraid to go, but somebody may be convinced to come with me since I brought everyone back safely.
These spider legs are good. Anything else I should talk about?
No. 63787 ID: 43d730

Just a guide.
No. 63790 ID: 9e9b47


Ask where the slaves are going to, who's buying them if he knows. Was the slaver race ever a problem before this?
No. 63792 ID: 9e9b47

go back and look at the footprints derp hurp
No. 63798 ID: 0d1fe9

Say yes to new shirt only if it is two sizes too small.
No. 63804 ID: e16ca8
File 125541231055.jpg - (155.37KB , 800x600 , dinner table.jpg )

>Just a guide.
He says there are a few people I can talk to
>Ask where the slaves are going to, who's buying them if he knows. Was the slaver race ever a problem before this?

He doesn't know where they're going to, or why that slaver attacked them in the first place. He didn't actually see the slaver, as it came in while most people were asleep knocked the guards unconscious before they saw it. Normally he says they only have trouble with the "dorfs"
>go back and look at the footprints derp hurp
Where were they?
>Say yes to new shirt only if it is two sizes too small.

That's silly, I'll get one that fits.
No. 63806 ID: 1afd58

If you get a new shirt, cut a bunch of holes in the back for your little glowy bits to poke through.

It'll be cuter and also more functional in the lighting sense.
No. 63810 ID: 9e9b47

Describe the purple creature with milky eyes and tentacles on his face. Also why do they have problems with the dorfs anyhow?

Also, the footprints were on the ground when you looked over the top of the mushroom here, >>63253 of course.
No. 63815 ID: 76e04d

No no no, she isn't an upstairs lady, she's a downstairs lady, if you catch my meaning...

Besides, I think a tight shirt could be uncomfortable on her back tentacles. I imagine she must be sore just from lugging that fusion pack around.

Anyhow, I would advise their leader that we actually caught the slaver off guard and they are likely a rather considerable threat when prepared (he had some kind of pistol, along with his evident mental powers.)

Also ask detail about the nature and physical description of these 'deamons', even if its superstition it can't hurt to be too careful, and a description could be very helpful in proper threat ID.
No. 63820 ID: 0d1fe9

Not much else to talk about then, find a guide and ONWARDS TO ADVENTURE!
No. 63822 ID: e16ca8
File 125541422852.jpg - (146.07KB , 800x600 , dinner table.jpg )

>If you get a new shirt, cut a bunch of holes in the back for your little glowy bits to poke through.
You just want to make it easier to tear, I'm on to you.

>GREEN!!IzZTIxBQH1 09/10/12(Mon)22:42 No. 63810 ID: 9e9b47

>Describe the purple creature with milky eyes and tentacles on his face. Also why do they have problems with the dorfs anyhow?
I let him know, but he doesn't know what it is. He said they want to kill all of his people, so he wants to kill all of them.
>Also, the footprints were on the ground when you looked over the top of the mushroom here,
Oh they did kind of look like foot prints now that I think about it. I can check those out after I get some rest.

>Anyhow, I would advise their leader that we actually caught the slaver off guard and they are likely a rather considerable threat when prepared (he had some kind of pistol, along with his evident mental powers.)
He seems worried at this
>Also ask detail about the nature and physical description of these 'deamons', even if its superstition it can't hurt to be too careful, and a description could be very helpful in proper threat ID.
Well, it turns out nobody's ever actually seen one. He says they can traditionally shoot fire out of their mouths and such.

I think I'll get some sleep first, that was a lot of food and now I'm tired from walking around so much.
No. 63824 ID: 9e9b47


Make sure you go to sleep somewhere with your backpack, and a lock on the door. Don't need your stuff gettin' taken by inquisitive hands.
No. 63854 ID: b1788f

Ask about the dorfs vs gobbos problems:

Are they killing each other already? Is it an open war?

And how did it all start?

It's not a good thing to be in the middle of an open conflict, so better to know everything we can about it.
No. 64036 ID: e16ca8
File 125546037662.jpg - (131.60KB , 697x424 , moregolbins.jpg )

>Ask about the dorfs vs gobbos problems:
Apparently they've been fighting for centuries, and he says the "dorfs" have killed their sons and daughters, and that they won't forgive them for that.
After I wake up, I talk around, and while most people are afraid of me there is one group of them comes up to me and says one of them will be willing to come with me.

Dugut is a good fighter, and a decent tracker,

'Shifty' Ommul is an excellent tracker but he looks kinda weedy.

Alba is the best fighter of the three but is a terrible tracker.
No. 64037 ID: 2dd482

Take Ommul, your meson gun will be more than enough should you encounter anything hostile.
No. 64039 ID: 7eda8b

We need someone who can watch our back while we have other equipment plugged in. But we also need a tracker.

Let's go with Dugut.
No. 64043 ID: eb81be

Take Dog Nuts, with proper leading he might raise a little bit above his natural low position in life. But don't expect to much, those things are genetically inferior and you can only do that much to help them.
No. 64046 ID: 6550ad

I always prefer the middle term. Take Dugut with you.
No. 64047 ID: 6a6a5e

I like Shifty.

We have offense covered by ourself.
No. 64049 ID: 9d41ab

Go with Shifty
No. 64051 ID: 7eda8b

Don't you guys remember what happened with the naked mole rat?
No. 64052 ID: 2cbe3e

Take the weedy dude.
No. 64058 ID: 7d87d9

Shify's gonna be WORTHLESS for carrying gear. Dugut will have the muscle to help us both carry objects and cover the blind spot of our Cutter Weapon.

The Cutter DOES NOT work in Hand to Hand Combat.
No. 64068 ID: 1bcb70

+1 Dugut
No. 64083 ID: e16ca8
File 125546563870.jpg - (101.65KB , 800x600 , that one.jpg )

I'll take the green one, he looks like a strapping young lad.
No. 64085 ID: 2cbe3e


Let's get him some gear and check out those footprints.
No. 64093 ID: eb81be

Remember, gobbos are half devil and half child, you'll need patience to abide his slothfulness and heathen folly.
But take up the burden.
Also tell him that his name's now Dog Nuts, cause it's easier to pronounce for you.
No. 64094 ID: 43d730

Resist urge to pinch his bottom.
No. 64096 ID: 76e04d

When did we become Victorian British now?

Anyhow, yes he is very strapping, so lets get our gear hauled up and on the road.
No. 64100 ID: 7eda8b

Awesome. Let's get some supplies together and venture forth.
No. 64103 ID: 7d87d9

Check Dugut's Inventory?
No. 64105 ID: 8e18cd


So what now? Are we gonna to order him to get on his hands and knees and bark like a dog? I think this is a wrong quest for that.
No. 64115 ID: eb81be

If it helps us to properly civilize him, why not?
No. 64117 ID: 8e18cd
File 125546765855.png - (133.80KB , 365x697 , Lohrke Teacher Attire.png )


We don't have the proper Lohrke teacher attire.
No. 64121 ID: 6a6a5e

That is sooooo wrong.
No. 64439 ID: e16ca8
File 125548891259.jpg - (127.76KB , 800x858 , inventory-Dugut.jpg )

Dugut is wearing
>steel sallet
>Silk+steel coat of plates
>Silk pants
He is carrying
>silk rope
he is armed with
>Steel short sword
>tower cap shield
No. 64465 ID: 7d87d9

Note: We will refer to him by First Name Only..

I don't think we can even come close to pronouncing his last name...

At least he got a good kit. I think we'll have to warn him about the Maser and to NOT get in our Line of Fire in combat.
No. 64493 ID: 1bcb70

I propose we rechristen him Doug. Now let's go track those footprints.
No. 64545 ID: e16ca8
File 125549221431.jpg - (168.72KB , 800x600 , cave tower caps.jpg )

I take Doug to the footprints, and he follows them to some pretty formations and a puddle of stinky water. There's pieces of tower caps broken up all over the place.
No. 64578 ID: 9e9b47


Let's check around the water, and under that board or log or whatever
No. 64642 ID: e16ca8
File 125549914357.jpg - (190.51KB , 800x600 , go into the water.jpg )

Hmm, there's some ugly lump under there. Doug says it's a troll egg, and if we are careful we can bring it back, it's worth a lot to a trainer! The pool is warm and stinks of sulfur, I rolled up my pants so they don't get stinkwater on them. Gotta think of a way to get it out without damaging it, and then bring it back without doing the same. Doug noticed the carcass on the way up and said that it would be good if we could get that back somehow too. He ssemed nervous when he saw what happened to its head.
No. 64643 ID: 9e9b47


Can we use a mushroom cap as a cushion, slide it under the egg and carry it back to the city carefully?
No. 64644 ID: 632862

Seems like using the Cutter would just set the log on fire. Can Doug chop it open enough to reach in and grab the egg?

The troll corpse itself, you should cut up into manageable chunks in a similar way, perhaps using the Cutter on thick bones.
No. 64667 ID: 476456

jam sword into edge of log away from troll egg. slowly pry it open via leverage
No. 64692 ID: 9e9b47


Have Doug use a log, and see if he can pry up the cover long enough for you to scoop it into a cap.
No. 64693 ID: e16ca8
File 125553985923.jpg - (145.91KB , 800x600 , swords are springy.jpg )

>Can we use a mushroom cap as a cushion, slide
it under the egg and carry it back to the city carefully?

That's a good idea if we could reach it.

>Can Doug chop it open enough to reach in and grab the egg?

Hmm, we could try that but if he slips it could break it.

>jam sword into edge of log away from troll egg. slowly pry it open via leverage

Hmm, the sword is too springy for that.
No. 64696 ID: 9e9b47


Also is there a suitable piece of stone we could use instead of the sword.
No. 64699 ID: c7553f

What's about the cutter? Isn't it some kind of tool actually? It should be possible to tune the beam steplessly. If so, use a low powered beam to cut the log.
No. 64701 ID: 8ca61a

Use the silk rope, and your bandages, as well as your new buddy's weapon for length if you need to enshroud the egg with the bandage and slowly lift and retrieve the egg securely, loop the silk rope if necessary.
No. 64702 ID: 9e9b47


Putting a beam of heat that close to the egg might damage it I'm thinking. Or kill the baby troll inside. May wanna try this last.
No. 64706 ID: 632862

Hmm. There's mud inside the log, which the egg is sitting on. Slide the log out from under the mud so that the egg stays in one place.

Or... if the egg floats, shove some water into the log so that it floats out the other side.

Thirdly, try tilting up the log so that the egg rolls out.
No. 65239 ID: e16ca8
File 12556696511.jpg - (119.68KB , 800x600 , go into the water.jpg )

>Use the silk rope...retrieve the egg securely, loop the silk rope if necessary.

I'm not taking off my bandages but that should work with just the rope.
No. 65241 ID: 9e9b47


Now use a mushroom cap to carry it gently to the village.
No. 65526 ID: 7d87d9

While we are holding it you might have to worry about balancing that while you have the mass of the Maser in one arm. This might slow you down BUT it should be like it.
No. 66612 ID: fba9cb
File 125591621944.jpg - (54.04KB , 404x379 , monster trainer.jpg )

We bring the egg to the monster trainer; he says it is indeed a troll egg and asks what we want to trade for it.
No. 66613 ID: 15f6d6

Does he have any cool tame monsters that he will trade?
No. 66614 ID: 43d730

No. 66640 ID: 3d8e92

Ask him what he has.
No. 66644 ID: f78140

"good will, and peace among all sentient-kind"
No. 66645 ID: fba9cb
File 125591946869.jpg - (127.42KB , 800x600 , naked mole dog.jpg )

Well first he has a "particularly vicious" naked mole dog. The other side of his mouth grins, he seems proud of taming this one. They don't have any of this 'cash' stuff, whatever that is. There are some other animals he can show me, too.
No. 66647 ID: dda9dd

Mole dog looks a bit too... enthusiastic.
No. 66648 ID: 43d730

Something small, loyal, and attentive.
Kind of an alarm dog. It should watch your back.

I don't see him having much in the way of 'Not capable of removing faces', but it's worth a try.
No. 66670 ID: fba9cb
File 125592139355.jpg - (82.75KB , 800x600 , olm.jpg )

Well this one isn't as mean looking, but it's really big. It's a giant olm, and it looks like it could bite off a limb despite having no teeth. I kinda don't like it, it doesn't have any eyes.
No. 66673 ID: 15f6d6

You need whichever one is least likely to bite you. Or the olm.
No. 66678 ID: 3d8e92

You make Aggeia cry.

She's out there sobbing in the corner without tear ducts right now.
No. 66689 ID: aba0a3

Want olm, it is greatest day.
No. 66690 ID: 632862

That one looks interesting. Without eyes, it must have some other way of detecting creatures; that could come in handy. What else is there?
No. 66699 ID: fba9cb
File 125592386638.jpg - (138.46KB , 800x600 , fireimp.jpg )

This one he says isn't "quite tame" but I can have it if I want. There's heat coming off of it.
No. 66701 ID: 6faa8c

Let's pass on the fire imp.

Compliment the dude on his bravery, though.
No. 66702 ID: 704c80

oh man, next!
No. 66707 ID: fba9cb
File 125592501142.jpg - (57.82KB , 800x600 , hair ball.jpg )

The last thing he's got that he can give me is some kind of dark grey hair ball. He says it doesn't do much, but sometimes it opens its eye. It can make a cooing trill as well. One of the patrols found it by a dead magma vent.

He's got some more animals, but apparently they are 'too dangerous' to let out.
No. 66709 ID: 704c80

dawww... Yea I'm leaning towards the moledog. ask the goblin what he thinks.
No. 66710 ID: 22323f

If the mole dog is supposedly tame, it should be more likely to kill your enemies than you.
No. 66711 ID: 43d730

Voting this.
It's twice as cute as any of the others, and ten times less likely to bite or gum your face off.
No. 66716 ID: dda9dd

naw.. moledog would break our cover (its too stupid and loud to let us sneak up on anyone.)

Take the fuzzball, or the imp (mostly for lulz, but perhaps it can be reasoned with.)
No. 66718 ID: fba9cb
File 125592555013.jpg - (63.83KB , 800x600 , ring.jpg )

He says he also has a nice bauble if I don't want any of these.
No. 66724 ID: 15f6d6

Fuckin' fuzzball is what we NEED.
No. 66727 ID: 632862

It was found by a dead magma vent? This thing probably isn't doing much right now because it's not in its proper environment. It needs more heat. I can't find it in the DF creatures index though. I wonder what it is?

I'm leaning towards the Olm.
No. 66733 ID: ed8d8a

cannot decide between olm and fuzzball. So curious about fuzzball. must find out more about fuzzball.
No. 66734 ID: 3d8e92

"Will it turn my skin green if I leave it on for three days?"

Note that you really can't wear rings anyways with those oven mitt hands of yours.
No. 66738 ID: 6faa8c

No. 66739 ID: fba9cb
File 125592675463.jpg - (22.64KB , 263x224 , ringu.jpg )

>"Will it turn my skin green if I leave it on for three days?"

It's a plain ring of clear red stone. He says it doesn't do anything other than look nice.
It was taken in a raid, he says.
No. 66740 ID: 15f6d6

Fuck. It seems like the ring might be a quest item, but I really want the fuzzball.
No. 66743 ID: 15f6d6

Consider this to be a vote for fuzzball
No. 66745 ID: 704c80

get fuzzy for the fun head adventures it will have.
No. 66746 ID: 997cc2

I would just like to interject that the olm looks ridable.
No. 66749 ID: 15f6d6

I think a huge, blind creature's size and weight will only be impediments to us. I bet the fuzz has a magic power.
No. 66752 ID: 03a12d

Haggle for bauble and fuzzball.
No. 66756 ID: fba9cb
File 125592906742.jpg - (114.88KB , 800x600 , hairball get.jpg )

>a secret has been revealed!

I'll take the hair ball. He says he'll only give me one thing for the troll egg. If I can find him another one I can have something else, but they only lay them one at a time.
No. 66758 ID: 6faa8c

No. 66762 ID: 7eda8b

...what do you do with it?
No. 66764 ID: 43d730

Perch it on the top of the backpack.
No. 66767 ID: fba9cb
File 125592996434.jpg - (290.87KB , 800x600 , CBSF copy.jpg )

Hmm, I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.
No. 66769 ID: 15f6d6

Wear it like a beehive hairdo.
No. 66770 ID: 6faa8c

>all secrets found

No. 66810 ID: 0d1fe9

Find out what happens when it opens it's eye, perhaps some paralysis gaze or some crap, perch it in our cleavage.
No. 66836 ID: 099247
File 125596444433.png - (1.12MB , 800x800 , 1241413719840.png )

And become the Okuu
No. 66842 ID: dda9dd
File 125596881897.jpg - (88.89KB , 727x500 , poster-emperor-horus.jpg )

or someone else, rather... significant.
No. 66852 ID: 43d730
File 125597446584.jpg - (37.45KB , 500x244 , lavos.jpg )

Theory three.
No. 66853 ID: 704c80

oh shit. /r/ hi res
No. 66942 ID: 099247

But they don't have power cannons, that was half the joke!
No. 67193 ID: 18bca5

Hey guys, I reckon it's a fluffy wambler. You know, since the other things here came from Dorf Fort.
No. 67210 ID: 8e5181
File 125603026925.jpg - (17.78KB , 347x432 , red-eye-medusa_9ii0.jpg )

No, doesn't look like a red eye medusa
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