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File 129159356539.jpg - (73.21KB , 450x627 , Disciples Of Domintus the Pure Lady.jpg )
262177 No. 262177 ID: a76809

[ First Thread http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html ]
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[ Wiki Page: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Golem_Quest ]

Mordre was forced to realize the scope of his personal existence, as nothing more than soul cancer, not the mutated war machine he once thought himself to be. In a fey moment, Mordre capitalized on an attack spurred by a space-faring multi-mile long dragon by the name of Broggamek, and crafted himself a soul, using both mortal souls and Deep Spawn cores to craft his soul. But his explanations thus far to allies have only been partly successful: While the laid-back Bang has accepted Mordre's explanations, that it was an accident during remote golem manipulation, Keddic remains skeptical, while Dulu keeps his opinion to himself. Currently Mordre flies with recently found ally Figment back to the capital of the Land of Dragons, to further curry favor with the new emperor, Fierce Dragon Lubu the Unparalleled.


>"Master, you summoned me?"
>"Yes. Eisenhardt seems to have gotten distracted-again. I begin to question his ability to back his bold claims."
>"What is your bidding, then?"
>"Our new contractor, Mister Stryfe, has sent word he has located my proposed quarry, and is considering my offer. I wish you to seek out Jak discreetly, and see if he needs anything to convince him. I want this business dealt with, his reservations are intolerable."
>"At once, master."

............................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE............................................................

We begin to swoop down on the capital three hours after sunset, Nidhogg growling about a few hasty arrows fired her way before she was identified. Oz arrived in minutes with his titanic ivory friend, and now Figment, Oz and Fuu are all deep in conversation. This leaves Bang and Keddic with me, as Nidhogg takes off, stretching out her back as she is finally rid of our constant presence. I note Dulu working his way into the reunited trio, quickly attracting Fuu's attention as Oz introduces him. Phohn's translating service as ever seems to prove vitally useful to the golemslain. As to my allies themselves-

While Bang seems to once more be focused on his Mask, looking deep in thought, Keddic continues to throw me sidelong glances. They lack the hard paranoia of one certain someone has secrets, but rather have the soft unease of feeling you weren't told the whole story. For now, he seems content to let me be.... but I know not how long that will last.

Well, Lubu is being informed of Figment's arrival, and I am back in the capital.

What should I say or do?
What should I prioritize for the next few days?
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No. 262186 ID: fd0da7

>What should I prioritize for the next few days?

Like it has been outlined in previous thread/posts we should:

Test our new form/soul. See if we can learn more about ourself.
Train runecraft or some other discipline when we "retreat for the night" in to our metal box, during the day we can try out other magic training, like magnetomancy.
Try to get a feeling about our Deep Spawn magic. To what extent we can use and if we can replicate our own Deep Spawn.
Make some Deep Spawn (the ones we have been pondering on making but didn't have time for)
Talk to Oz, Lubu.
Visit the arena, observe our Spawn and then talk to them. Try to get a soul increase reading out of them. I'd very much like to learn what Ozs training has done for them.

Phohn up Arcane works and Mordreden to get status updates. Ask how Kyorto is doing and how Welghaloo is performing.
See how the stuff with the Lined One is going and what Dompaggio is doing.
No. 262187 ID: 1854db


No. 262191 ID: f4e4f9


We need to deal with Timmy. I'm sick of being left in the dark regarding him.
No. 262192 ID: 445c48

Phohn up Jojo and see if he can help The Red Eye of the Dynamo.

Go over the runeworking books. Check up on the Arcanoworks, Mordreden.
No. 262195 ID: f4e4f9

Additionally, meeting Weismahn will give us the opportunity to garner aid vs. The Domintus (Weismahn being the administrator for the Azelhaedran State region). Also, I think they'll find the existence of a being such as Domintus rather...interesting.
No. 262198 ID: fd0da7


We could try to trade while we are at it.
Iirc, Deep Spawn admins want to learn about new technology and will trade for it, right?
We should take about 100 of our revolvers (old versions and new ones).
Maybe buy several different type of automatons from Gialgorra and then trade them to the Deep Spawn...
No. 262201 ID: 445c48

Oh right, Talk to Ozmand and ask if we're triple anathema now.
No. 262203 ID: 741399

Well, check in (along with Bang and Keddic if they want to) with our new Rageglut platoon. Get some idea of who they are, and how they can be used for our purposes. Along that vein, check on the metal equipment construction; maybe we can speed it up a little with our Arcane Magentomancy. That would also allow us to get some more competency with Magnetomancy and perhaps get an opportunity to observe some runecrafting to perhaps start learning runecrafting. (On that thought, perhaps Bobobo can help us with learning magics we don't actually know; perhaps starting off with the question: "What are the most efficient methods I may undertake to learn runecrafting, barring simply consuming Runecrafter souls?")

We should return Oz that prayer bead necklace Figment made him, too.
No. 262205 ID: f4e4f9

Also, we're going to need to send Nidhogg back to the Arcanoworks. Her deepspawn scale with her, and she's grown larger and more powerful, so her riders need to adjust to the new spawn.
No. 262217 ID: e43bfe

Yes, this will be witty and entertaining.
No. 262221 ID: 45be60

Keddic thinks we are too cautious to use such a chaotic device? Why sir, it is precisely because we use such a machine that we are cautious! Only the brave push the boundaries of the known, and only the foolhardy shatter them. Like kindred spirit Gialgorra, we are careful only because we know the enormous danger inherent in what we do. But a truly cautious man would take years to learn what we accomplish in days.

But yeah, deep spawn time. Not in front of anybody. probably back at the arcanoworks too.
Make just one for now though, I really want to know how that works now. We used to believe making deep spawn used our own soul energy, but what does that mean in light of new knowledge?
No. 262229 ID: 741399

So, in the interest of giving Bob a Deep Spawn idea to use, perhaps we make the training Spawn: Mahklargg embodies the concept of TRAINING, its form revolves around MOMENTS OF INSPIRATION and INVINCIBLE SOULS is my proposal. My conceptual vision of this Spawn is that is, and its spawn, can force those it is training to have a Moment of Inspiration, greatly accelerating the development of the trained's souls.
No. 262234 ID: f2f452

There's a lot to do now...

- Talk to Figment and see what he is going to do now. He might want to hang with Mordre where all the action is rather than idly pass the days in the capital. It would certainly be handy to have his ultimate reality-altering powers handy.

- Report in to Lubu and see what the schedule is like for the near future. Might be worth swinging by the 17th Imperial Giant Brigade to let them know who their new boss is. Also would be very good to introduce the 17th to Phohn so they can be remotely commanded. Radio comms make warfare so much better!

- Redeploy Deep Spawn as appropriate. Lorgk needs more support to keep the Yeti menace at bay. Perhaps Psilophilia could be given a form to combat the treachery of Yetis? It'll also be good to look at how Deep Spawn work their abilities now that Mordre can potentially learn some of it.

- Start actions to reinforce the war over the States. Mobilize the Arcanoworks forces, start selling handcannons to allied forces and all that. Also might be worth seeing if Gialgorra can assist directly (by deploying CANTI) or indirectly by providing weaponry and resources.

Make sure to put on a slightly depressed act in front of people to build up to the 'soul migration' move where Mage Mordre dies to become the indelible Soul Grave Mordre.
No. 262236 ID: 9338f5

make our construction deep spawn and ask Dorgrum about the true moutians after describing our time there
No. 262245 ID: fd0da7

Oh, right, some terrible doom await Lubu.
We should try to find out what it is. We could use Bobobo and Dompaggio for this or ask Figment for more information.
No. 262250 ID: ffbedc

Check up on Ugrokk.

Aren't we forgetting something? Oh right, the Ducal palace that we left in Mosmordre UN-LOOTED. Grab Arkus and Kyorto, let's get excavating/digging/looting! 

Afterward let's head up to Mordreden, kill the fucking Yetis (invite Keddic to come along), secure Lorgk's/Drazken's/Mordre's leadership over the Premen, and check-in on Oggroth, our Sons, Heol, etc.

Try talking to Gelug, tell him of our plans to restore Mosmordre, our resurrection of Kyorto, and the other Mosmorden souls within us (Merrack, Thomro, Zagrath). Try to learn the teleporting axe trick from him.

To Keddic: "I am sensing some distrust emanating where you are standing Keddic, is there something wrong?" *Keddic's reply Blahblahblah* "Keddic, it was because of you that I was able to call the Arcanoworks my home-away-from-home in the Azelhaedran State, it was because of you that Dregas and Jezebel were able to safely come to work for me, and it was because of YOU that the cave within Mordreden was sealed properly during the fight against the Deep Spawn. I consider you my friend and I hope you do the same for me; why would I lie to you? Tell me, in the time that you have known me, have I proven to be a dishonest fellow to my friends?"
No. 262254 ID: cd7581

yeah, make sure when Professor Morde goes to bed, that he has trouble when he's initially got on da soul grave in the morning, maybe a gradual weakness that disappears after he's been on the grave a bit, and gets worse as he moves towards the full transfer?
No. 262255 ID: ffbedc

Omg... We were using the Master of Sorrow's soul, if he regains control of us I predict that he will be able to control and command our Deep Spawn.
No. 262256 ID: fce997

For some funny reason, I think Lenryt is the bad guy here.

We should be helping the caged one.
Or we should find out more at the very least.
No. 262264 ID: 9338f5

Fuck the Caged One Lenryt pays better
No. 262265 ID: ffbedc

Terrible Doom you say?
No. 262267 ID: fd0da7

>Lü has been depicted as a ruthless and impulsive warrior who has no sense of loyalty and sympathy.

Yep.... sounds like Lubu alright.
No. 262268 ID: ddd48d

>Aren't we forgetting something? Oh right, the Ducal palace that we left in Mosmordre UN-LOOTED. Grab Arkus and Kyorto, let's get excavating/digging/looting!

I like this idea, also it would give us the chance to have a nice talk with Arkus, and to question Kyorto about our new soul. Of course, we will have to wait until we return, but it could also be seen by Keddic as mage Mordre trying to figure whats wrong, and make him less suspicious, if not less worried.

>Phohn up Arcane works and Mordreden to get status updates.
This can happen first, while we appear fitful. Also it seems important to gauge when this "horrible thing" will happen to Lubu, so we don't have to stay around all the time if he doesn't have something to do for us, but also so we can prepare for/not miss it.

>Oh right, Talk to Ozmand and ask if we're triple anathema now.
Haha, yes!

>We need to deal with Timmy.
Another priority, perhaps we can pass by as we travel on our way to Domintus forces once we return again? We can't forget about the Domintus invasion going on.
No. 262271 ID: 35bba5

No. 262276 ID: 903f16


>What should I say or do?

Talk to Lubu. Inform him we couldn't find any information on the Rageglut that was living there, but we do know he must be incredibly powerful. The True Mountains are the perfect training grounds for those strong enough to survive as the Dragon's proto souls provide an excellent thing to test oneself against. Also if he ever needs to execute someone who isn't impossibly strong that a teleport box placed in the middle of said mountains would provide an incredibly cruel, unusual, and awesome way to kill someone. Aside from that take the next mission if he has one, pray he doesn't. If he doesn't get a status update from all of your bases. In particular see how the battle with the Yetis is going with Mordreden and the war effort is with the Arcanoworks (Also how are our sword/armor/blood tank coming along).

>What should I prioritize for the next few days?

1. Act the part of a man slowly dying and having his essence transferring into a Soul Grave.

2. See to it that our forces within The State are as strong as possible. I recommend conducting trade with Gialgorra for more technology, The Blue Knight asking if he can create improved Golem Armors for improved hand cannons or large amounts of silicon, and The State itself. I've also been thinking Jezebel has not had a chance to utilize her ODIN mines to full effect yet, but now is the perfect opportunity. Create a massive network of them around the Arcanoworks and send crates of them for free to the State to reinforce the capitol's defenses. Also safety first, put up signs so the townspeople don't step on them.

3. Take on one of our many side quests. In order of my preference:

- Talk to The State's admin and work out trade and how to deal with Timmy.

- Go to Mordreden and deal with the Yetis and help unify the tribes under the Drazken.

- Go with Keddic to handle his Family's business. Perhaps intercept The Repository.

- Return to Trodar with Kyorto, Arkus, and Jojo. Acquire as much valuable knowledge as possible, loot the place for valuables, explore the Duke's Mansion finally.

- Visit Gialgorra, help him out if at all possible and acquire tech.

- Stay here train our new guys. Go pick up students we were interested in at the school. Try to learn of the souls we received as boons from Lenryt so we might gain their trust and alter them.

4. Go the transport box and create more Deep Spawn. I propose the following be created:
- Tallagga embodies the concept of INFRASTRUCTURE, in the form of NATURE GENESIS and RUNE MAGIC
- Calvern embodies the concept of CAVES. Its form revolves around DIGGING and AMBUSH
- Mahklargg embodies the concept of TRAINING, its form revolves around INSIGHT and RESPECT

5. Practice both Deep Spawn and conventional magic. For the Deep Spawn magic contact Dorgrum via Phohn and ask what his knowledge and training will cost us, we need lessons like those that Goran received. This act might also allow us to contact Goran and help towards gaining his trust and unlocking the option to alter his soul. The conventional magic is best done in secret or disguised as acts of kindness. While we do the conventional magic we may want to access the Soul Grave's perfect memory and study all it's acquired magical knowledge.
No. 262287 ID: 741399

Yeah, we really should get that Small Tomb/Thomro Fragment. It would be a good idea to claim any golems left there, along with anything of use. However, I would only take Kyorto, since Arkus is busy with our projects (the Omni-sheath and our Armor).

>Tallagga embodies the concept of INFRASTRUCTURE, in the form of NATURE GENESIS and RUNE MAGIC
I'm going to support this, since it is originally my proposal.

On the subject of Deep Spawn creation, remember to do it beyond Lubu's sight, and use Blood Magic while doing so.

Also, put Welgahoo, Bobobo, and any of our Deep Spawn who are not doing it (including any Deep Spawn we make now) on donating Blood Iron, if they aren't on it already. We want to get our Deep Spawn Blootz Steel quickly, don't we?
No. 262288 ID: 21e57a

I agree with these spawns, although I'm not so sure about 'NATURE GENESIS and RUNE MAGIC' suggestion. But lets go with it.

Others Spawn suggestion:
Vahnderhuug is embodies concept of THE HERO and made from HUGE and MEATROCK
Orochoth, who embodies the purity of WAR, is made fer' two fings! FIGHTIN', and WINNIN'!
Khanite manifests around SOUND and FURY, which embody NOTHING
Rutgur embodies the concept of STORAGE, in the form of WHITE CLOAKS and BLACK COFFINS.
Dorln embodies ESPIONAGE, in the form of STEALTH and SUAVE.
Aehroahquia embodies the concept of FLOW, form revolves around ACID and SHAPESHIFTING.
No. 262292 ID: ffbedc

see, Omni-Sheath
See, Dompaggio.
No. 262293 ID: 35bba5

We should use our sword as a Deep Spawn template. We haven't used enough weird stuff to make Deep Spawn with yet, and who doesn't love a talking sword?
No. 262294 ID: 903f16


>I'm going to support this, since it is originally my proposal.

I just picked a random builder spawn off the list on the wiki. It's not like I'm trying to steal ideas.

>On the subject of Deep Spawn creation, remember to do it beyond Lubu's sight, and use Blood Magic while doing so.

That's why I said go the transport box. It had doors and walls that are several feet thick and made of metal which give privacy.
No. 262302 ID: e43bfe

Gonna support these spawn, if not just so WE CAN GET THEM BORN, FARK!
No. 262305 ID: 21e57a

Ok, Dorln idea edited: Dorln embodies SABOTAGE, in the form of STEALTH and SUAVE.

And the 'Storage' isn't for us. Storage is for supply lines, and moving a whole army in one units. Trade, too, when Burduko isn't training.
No. 262321 ID: 741399

Oh! Can we use Bobobo to find out the function and meaning of the runes on our modified AVBL blades and the Edge of Oblivion? If that is possible, we should transcribe the information (using brought/donated by Oz or someone paper and ink) and send them to Arkus; if the transcribing is not possible for whatever reason, perhaps use Phohn to call up Arkus when he is available and tell him the information.

If the information is gained, get back the Edge of Oblivion; if Arkus able to create the runes of the modified AVBL blades on our unmodified disks, then we should send him six (or more or less, six gives us two full sets) unmodified AVBL blades to rune (let him keep the original modified blade unless he wants/needs it to create more).
No. 262330 ID: f6360f

Okay, making deep spawn... I still back this idea, from >>/questdis/337139

Orochoth embodies the concept of PLANNING. Its form revolves around BRAINS and QUESTIONS.
Hasbern embodies the concept of VISION. Its form revolves around PORTALS and MISTS.

Combined with Bobobo, these two deep spawn will form a dedicated think tank (placed somewhere highly secure, like with the premen) to monitor our friends and enemies, answer any questions that we have about happenings elsewhere in the world, and prepare responses to problems which they anticipate occurring.

We're running into increasingly world-class problems here; we could really, really use something like this to tip us off about major problems before everything goes to shit.
No. 262336 ID: 69bee4

The update to the magical language should be done on the Premen's end by now. If we go there, we should catch up and see what discoveries have been made.
No. 262340 ID: e43bfe


No. 262342 ID: 69bee4

Note that the Deep Spawn eggs are susceptible to Chaos (this is our time limit issue), and that after exposure to MoS's brand of Chaos magic, their timeframe of creation went from 'seasons' to three months.

As these eggs are linked to Morde's soul, a soul that has likely become more Chaotic, and even more massive than previous. Thus, I predict that the timeframe to use these Eggs is likely diminishing, and the time has gone down much faster than our previous 3 month limit.
No. 262343 ID: ffbedc

We should probably task the Premen think-tank to come up with a written magic theory and Premen Language/alphabet now that they've gotten a handle on the magical theory language.
No. 262344 ID: 21e57a

Oh, yes, update the Language Think Tank on all the new languages we know of. If we haven't eaten someone, or know the language, have one of our allies help us. Possibly Phohn also helping in his off hours.
No. 262346 ID: a76809
File 129161459312.jpg - (398.14KB , 1197x1500 , Meeting Metal Skulls of the Indelible.jpg )

[No. Then I'm just handing you the plot, and you don't have to ferret out information or make difficult choices. It becomes just a story, no quest elements at that point. Not happening.]

[With multiple time intensive things requested, it helps if you tell me what the priority order is, as all this cannot be done at once, and would take weeks to accomplish.]

Before I take any actions, I speak through Phohn, conveying to Dorgrum my desire to cash in a favor: I wish to use one of my two pre-arranged Administrator introductions, and meet Weismahn, the Administrator for the Azelhaedran State area. My request is received, and I am told he will contact me once the meeting has been arranged. I can only hope the summons does not come at an inopportune time.

Next I Phohn Jojo, asking if he could possibly repair a fabricated Order existence like Bang's Mask. After stating he does not even know of Order, or after being questioned Chaos either, he would be out of his depth. His magic cannot be used here.

So what am I now, triple Anathema? I did just make my own soul.
>[Ozmand]"Hah, maybe so. Let's see, Anathema to start, has a genocidal maniac playing roomate, he's got to qualify as Anathema in spirit if not in letter, plus your new soul.. yup, triple anathema. Are you going for a high score or something?"
The thought of my existence being so small was abhorrent.
>"..Yeah, I suppose I can understand that."

Our brief conversation terminates, but I feel it was wise to consult with him, even if only to share such a trivial instant.

With Lubu not immediately forthcoming and Figment thoroughly ensconced in catching up with Fuu and Oz, I decide to get Keddic busy, his mind off his suspicions: I ask the officer currently acting as our liaison where the 17th Imperial Giant Brigade is located, and shortly Bang and Keddic are both trailing after me as we are led to a massive structure, eighty feet high and built... as if for giants. We are ushered in through massive doors that groan as they slowly open, the only means something my size has of entering. With the location and spectacle made in our entrance, I find twenty titanic figures curiously inspecting me, some rising from immense pallets, others occupied in sparring, others looking from some game of dice. While I cannot be certain, all twenty of them look young-a thought that echoes about in my mind as one of their number, somewhat larger than the rest with an immense, wild mane of blood-red hair, steps forth, displaying a sword scaled to his size, worn and pitted-I note no such weapon with any of the others. I also note that he is alone in not wearing the metal skull-themed helm and gauntlet pair all the others bear. I listen as he speaks, hearing the brash bluster of formative years flitting through that massive voice.


I am about to speak, when Keddic and Bang share a Look. I recognize this Look, thinking back to times they spent endlessly training the militia there. I know what it portends. ...I almost feel sorry for the cocky bastard . Bang waves me off, conspiratorially whispering he'll get them more presentable by morning. At the fiendish gleam in his eyes, I can hardly turn him down. As much as I would like to see the results of this, they have a planned way of handling this, and it calls for me to leave it to them. I exit the building, reviewing what little I gleaned from this initial meeting, however brief. All young.... fresh Ragegluts, then. Which brings up the question of how people are chosen for it, and how the 'owned by the state' bit works for them. I make it perhaps a hundred feet away from the buiilding when I hear a thunderclap, and a grunt of pain from lungs like bellows... Bang is having his little chat with the upstart then. I hear a roar, and the ground tremble as the fool shows his bravery, and fights back. The resulting drumbeat of impacts is eventually accompanied by heavy and pained groans.... well, it would seem they are busy.

I only barely notice Lubu before he is within twenty feet of me. ..How was he so stealthy?

"So, found Figment, even got him to come back. Let me review this, make sure I got it right: Show up during my bid for power, point me in the right direction to stop a Core Being AND off the prince before going after his dad, show up again, outperform my second in command the moment you show up, steal three active military bounty targets after getting a late start, and then find the most elusive warrior in the land... I named you Gift-Horse-Golem, and I think the name was pretty accurate. ...Good work. For the moment, I got nothing for you, so... do whatever you want. Keep in touch!"

Without even waiting for a response, Lubu starts walking away, already getting swarmed with officers carrying reports and documents-only to vanish in a flash, only a whirlwind left in his wake. The officers, seemingly used to this, simply disperse in a wide net, trying to hunt him down and get some paperwork approved.

...So now what?

I seek out the quartet of Dulu, Figment, Oz and Fuu, and find a moment to speak with Figment. When I ask him what he intends to do, now that he is here, his response seems quite adamant.


..So, he is staying, and has started his own 'Save Lubu' coalition... I can work with that.

I summon Burduko to my side, and send orders for Nidhogg to be brought back to the Arcanoworks, and for Air Cavalry drilling and training to resume. With only a half-hearted snort, the possessed dragon complies, vanishing with the being of wind and cloth moments after he appears. Midnight has not yet come, and everyone else is now occupied: What next?

I speak through Phohn to Ugrokk, who takes several seconds to respond to my request for a status update. It would seem his new arm, powered by the Thundering Heart, has been completed and installed. He was not able to pick up anything useful from his lessons with Oz, and has currently suspended them, currently aiding Lorgk and Oggroth in the north. His electrical abilities are proving devastating on snowy landscapes.

Next I send messages to Arkus and Kyorto alike, informing them I wish to search the Ducal palace, and that I require their presence. Arkus reports back that he is currently sleep-deprived, and would be near useless, while Kyorto reports that she would prefer to go later, while the sun is up, but does not give a reason why. Stymied, I let the matter rest for the moment. Instead I get status updates on each location, Mordreden and the Arcanoworks.

-The Arcanoworks is doing well, the training is getting more streamlined, and the Air Cavalry is really taking shape, surety and confidence beginning to build about all the different magic items the troops are training with. Trade has been going well, but Arkus has not recently checked in with Dregas for specifics, so he can't offer any more than that. The Arcanoworks force is still roughly eight hundred-roughly because the troops are allowed to visit families on occasion, and a subbing system has been implemented to allow visits to occur with some regularity.
-Mordreden has been changing. Between the new Deep Spawn and Kyorto, the village has changed drastically. All the heat that could be stored in the walls was shunted into the village grounds, heating the soil and letting the resultant crops flourish. With food in abundance, easier living conditions and a defensive wall so harshly cold it burns anything to touch it, as well as the trio reunited, Mordreden has been building major steam. The Drazken Clan is currently in negotiations to absorb another clan, which would bring their numbers up to seventeen hundred. Recently, the yetis have been quiet, and rarely seen.

My report recieved, I make my way to the teleport box in the capital, making sure I see no sign of Lubu before I shut the heavy metal door behind me, my axe and hammer left outside as I turn my attention towards my Deep Spawn cores. ...I feel it is time to make more, and as I set my Blood Iron to flowing, I wonder just how differently they shall be formed now that I truly have a soul.


I finally take a moment to make some more Deep Spawn.

>Rutgur embodies the concept of STORAGE, in the form of WHITE CLOAKS and BLACK COFFINS.


The transporter. The carrier. He who stores. I invision a walking supply depot, an individual to hold any and everything I desire, to cut down on clutter and keep hands free. The Deep Spawn Core unfolds, edges recoiling together as in a flash it unfolds into a robed figure, a series of chained coffins floating around him, each one fit with double doors, ever so slightly cracked open. I see two shadowed wrinkles that could be eyes turn to regard me, and the new spawn bows, no mouth with which to offer words as it simply steps aside, waiting obediently for any orders. ...The creation process didn't FEEL different....



I move on.

>Mahklargg embodies the concept of TRAINING, its form revolves around INSIGHT and RESPECT

Mahklargg. I see a trainer, that quintessence of bluster and grit, the one to yell all resistance out of a recruits head, to turn their resistance, their dislike to dedication, to discipline. I invision a trainer for anyone and everyone-but most of all I think of a trainer for the Metal Skulls of the Indelible. The Deep Spawn Core before me is swiftly festooned in pulsing veins, muscles bulging from its surface as it grows larger, larger, reshaping as it grows. In no time at all a black-skinned monster, its veins blowing as blood so brilliantly red beats through its system, yet despite its piercing scarlet glare, I see flat white teeth, a face less monstrous than misshapen. Compared to other Deep Spawn, this one is quite humanoid, a thought I find intriguing as a fist is placed to the ground before me, the Deep Spawn every bit my equal in size.




[DAY 155: DAY 5 OF WEEK 1 OF MONTH 5:]
[Corday of the First Cycle of Libiturnius (Summer)]

Not a bad night's work.

In the pre-dawn hours, I being to pour over my established pool of memorized runes, and begin tabulating them, trying to grant my soul the understanding that the Soul Grave cannot seem to gain. I make my way through three of Wendelin's books by the time the sun rises, and I am called by Kyorto, who reports she would be fully willing to investigate now. With Burduko's aid we are shortly gathered back in the ruins, Burduko stepping aside to steady himself after teleporting me. Arkus looks at Kyorto questioningly before looking back to me.

[Arkus]"Okay, so.... what are we here for?"

What should I say or do?
Beyond the Small Tomb, what should I be looking for in the Ducal palace?
Is there anything I want to ask Kyorto before we explore?
No. 262348 ID: fce997

"Notice anything different?"
No. 262349 ID: c2e53d

er, now i'm just sayin', but didn't we kinda leave in the middle of a war? we won a battle, and left for a few days, which became a few more days... is it a good idea to go on sidequests at the moment?
No. 262351 ID: 21e57a

"EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY, ARKUS MY LAD!" Pat his shoulder. "Also, coming back to where I was born...oh! Yes, Arkus, I seem to have made myself a soul. Seemed like this might be a good time to see my old place. Maybe even a 'birthday party', mhym?"

Anyway, I hope we have Rutgur with us because I want to loot this place clean. Then we need to clean this place up, and for that I suggest Tallagga embodies the concept of INFRASTRUCTURE, in the form of NATURAL GENESIS and RUNE MAGIC. Or, if this is a bad idea, someone who can build and repair Trodar for us.

If we're looking for specifics, any Golem focused equipment, any information on the Master of Sorrow, and any books Arkus and we can learn from.

As for Kyorto, just ask if she knows anything about this place, any way we can get the soul out of a golem without destroying the golem - I want that soul, and I'm not sure if eating the guy is a good idea or not yet - and her thoughts on our new soul. And how she's handing Premen.
No. 262352 ID: 21e57a

Because this one is an easy side quest. And you should have brought this up when going to the Land of the Dragon was a good idea.
No. 262357 ID: ffbedc

Introductions are in order, "Arkus, you remember the specter Mosmordren mage Kyorto we met on our second trip here. She will be joining us on this little excavation."

Questions for Kyorto: 
Did Mordecai commission the construction of us (referring to Soul Grave)? 
She died a few years before the Curse, how did her soul remain intact without being destroyed like everyone else's?
How did she die?
What was her rank amongst the other members of the Tower of the Red Gaze?
What was her purpose in the Tower before and after her death?
Does she remember the locations of any other Mosmordren cities, military outposts and bases, or anything else that might prove useful?
We were made of bronze at the time of the Curse, any idea why such poor quality of metal was used to make up a Soul Grave?
Is she familiar with Morgren?
Why did she prefer to come here during the day? 
No. 262362 ID: f4e4f9

Kyorto does not get to know about our revelation. Just wanted to emphasize that. Our sole real connection to her was that we, too, were a part of Mosmordre (also a large part of the reason for our desire for vengeance). Now that thats been exposed for the brittle falsehood that it is (to us, at least) our motivations could be in question were she to know our true nature as a cancer born from the Master of Sorrow.

Tch. If only we could convince him to work with us. He and Mordre are so related, MoS just needs to accept the reality of the situation.
No. 262363 ID: f4e4f9

ALSO: Before we recover Thomro's soul, speak with him.

We may be able to use the recovery of his soul as a way to placate the portion we have currently within us.
No. 262364 ID: 903f16


>What should I say or do?

"We are here for a number of reasons, but primarily for recovery and exploration. I know we scoured the place the last time we were here, but we did not have my good friend here."

Gesture to Kyorto

"Who I just realized, you have not been properly introduced to. Arkus this is Kyorto. I trust you remember the spirit that had been bound to the tower when we came here last? Ah, well the skins I had been collecting have allowed her to be returned to the flesh."

Motion to Arkus

"Kyorto this is Arkus, my apprentice. I believe you met him when I first sent him and several of my men up to investigate your tower. I'd been meaning to introduce you to him earlier, but you know organizing the foundations of an empire is a busy task. Regardless, we have business to do now."

Call the newly formed Rutgur to us using Phohn and Burduko. Then begin your journey into the the palace.

>Beyond the Small Tomb, what should I be looking for in the Ducal palace?

For the Small Tomb I'm of the mind we should remove the other half Thomro and take the Small Tomb to the Arcanoworks for inspection. Later on we need to copy it's shoulder runes onto our self. Also I'll second to talking to Thomro before making him whole again too, might as do the other Mosmordren heroics while were at it too. For the looting take anything of value, whether that be precious metals like Black Steel, old magical tomes, schematics on Soul Grave equipment, or even more souls to bound places or crystals.

>Is there anything I want to ask Kyorto before we explore?

Can you help train my apprentice Arkus later?
I need your help matching my Soul Nexuses together later.
How have you been doing with the Drazken clan?
No. 262365 ID: 69bee4

Speak to Thormo, but phrase it more as:

"So Thormo, we've kicked alot of ass together, it seems only fitting we talk before we see how it works against your own. By the way, nice working with ya all this time, its led to some kickass battles won"
No. 262366 ID: 46c430

SO. Who wants to bet that our two recent deep-spawn are stronger because we have a stronger soul? The process didn't feel different... But that seems to denote the same 'ratio' of our soul was used. Like, our soul was '5' before, and '1' was used for deep-spawn. Our soul is '10' now, and '2' was used? If it was a '1' no matter what, we would have felt less of our soul being used. As such, I predict that our recent two deep-spawn, and any deep-spawn we make in the future, will be stronger from the get-go.
No. 262373 ID: fd0da7

IIRC the Ducal palace holds some answers about our existence.


Maybe it's not a good idea letting Kyorto in there and having her find out some documents we wouldn't want her to see.
No. 262374 ID: 98203d

I hope killing all those dragons didn't mess up the system and allow the caged one to grow too much...
No. 262378 ID: d0d015

We need her to get into the freaking place in the first place, so your argument is invalid.
No. 262413 ID: 9338f5

thats why I keep saying to ask the deep spawn admin or liasion about it, well that and we might be able to get another favor out of them for our info.

also, what about our construction/infrastructure deepspawn?
No. 262458 ID: fd0da7


no... not really
When we first met the small tomb, back when we were a poor parody of a soul grave, it would have provided a challenge to get through it.
Now, it is piss-weak against us, we might as well sneeze in its direction to beat it.
No. 262459 ID: 9338f5

true, but with Kyorto we gain Control of a fairly powerful smalltomb and a guide to the best rooms of the palace instead of just wandering around hopeing we find something
No. 262517 ID: 741399

Actually, to me, it seems like the revelation cements us as even more connected to Mosmordre: we were born from a working of the Master of Sorrow (if inadvertently), instead of just a lifeless Soul Grave that was made by the Mosmoredren Empire.

>Burduko needing to steady himself after teleporting Mordre even with help of box
Er, was making our own soul really that big? The last time Burduko teleported us with the help of the box, there was barely a dip in energy levels. I ask because we went from over 16,000 souls to 11,265 souls, a significant dip to my eye.

For Arkus, I would suggest that we give to him the services of Bobobo, in relation to his work on the runes on our modified AVBL blades and Edge of Oblivion first, and then have him familiarize himself with the Shade of Soul rune schematic, before allowing him to ask Bobobo other specific rune related questions later if time permits.

As for what specifically we want to look for: any specifics on our construction as a Soul Grave (who participated in the making, what magical workings went into the construction) and magical artifacts (including gems and the like) are my suggestions.

As for questions to Kyorto, if she knows of a method to extract souls from their containers without harming their containers seems like a good choice. I want to complete Thomro's soul, which may allow us, with our new Soul Magic, enough of a connection to communicate with Thromo, and empower the Accelerater, and then have an already constructed Small Tomb for which to to insert another Heroic Soul. If that is not possible, I would prefer that the Small Tomb to be sent with Kyorto back to Mordreden, to help with Lorgk's attempts.

Onto other topics. First, what did we do with that sample of Caged One Blood Iron? If we still have it, perhaps it should be stored in Rutgur? Also, store Void Bringer and the golden axe in Rutgur.

Send Mahklargg to Keddic and Bang, informing them of the sending with Phohn, if that has not already been done. Also, set Mahklargg and Rutgur on Blood Iron donating if that has not already been done.
No. 262522 ID: 9338f5

> Er, was making our own soul really that big? The last time Burduko teleported us with the help of the box, there was barely a dip in energy levels. I ask because we went from over 16,000 souls to 11,265 souls, a significant dip to my eye.

we used 3000 some odd souls to kill the dragon swarm, the rest we changed/asorbed along with the deep spawn cores and pristine souls. changed not used up or lost.

also the link to thread ten is 404ing.
No. 262525 ID: fd0da7

Oh, right

And we just made a fuck-huge soul of our very own.
In fact, we might have increased the strain on Burduko then the previous time he teleported us.
No. 262528 ID: 45be60

>And we just made a fuck-huge soul of our very own.
>-Mordre's soul is currently of a well-established Hero level, benefiting from having Deep Spawn regeneration inbuilt.

That makes our personal soul slightly less potent than, say, Keddic's, by my reckoning.

>also the link to thread ten is 404ing.
Thread 10 hasn't been moved to the archive yet. It will work later.
No. 262530 ID: 9338f5

Geopum embodies BUILDING, taking the form of MAJOR CONSTRUCTION and RUNE ENHANCEMENT.

Not sure if I am doing it right

Basicly he only builds big stuff, the sort of things that would take hundreds of people more than a year to do. the runes would enhance the natural abilitys of whatever he makes
No. 262533 ID: 445c48

Shove an extra core into Burduko. He needs it, and he's important enough to justify spending one of our remaining cores.
No. 262534 ID: 69bee4

Meet the Bang


In Text Form:
Meet the Bang

If fighting is sure to result in Victory, then you must fight!
Dragon Lubu said that, and I think he knows a little more about fighting then you do pal, BECAUSE HE INVENTED IT! And then he perfectly copied everyone till no man could best him in the ring of honor.
Then, he used his fight money to buy two of every sized dragon in Zakrath, and then he herded them onto a boat, and beat the crap out of every single one!
And from that day forward, any time a bunch of dragons are together in one place, its called True!

Unless it’s a defenseless village!
No. 262535 ID: 9338f5

What? I have no idea what your trying to say.
No. 262539 ID: 6dd58d

Think I'll support giving Burduko another core, as well.
No. 262540 ID: f4e4f9

No. 262541 ID: 741399

Well, I'm still against it. Especially now that we only have 18 cores left.

Though, on the topic of Deep Spawn, I wonder what our spawn would look like, when/if we learn the the Deep Spawn clone trick.
No. 262542 ID: 69bee4

agreed x2
No. 262544 ID: 5b9308

I support this.
No. 262545 ID: 21e57a

Well, if we're gonna do this, I suggest using Pengaiea's core.
No. 262547 ID: d0d015

Those Cores are going to go bad. Then we can't use them at all. Do you really want to lose 18 potentially incredibly powerful allies just because you think there's a shortage?
No. 262550 ID: 741399

Please don't put words into my mouth. I have never said anything against using cores because of any perceived shortage.

I am against using inserting cores into already existing Deep Spawn because I want the full 35 Deep Spawn.
No. 262557 ID: 69bee4

Meet the Morde (TF2/GolemQuest combo #2)

Sound Link: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vkDrS2sBbLIB6CEVy

I am Heavy Weapons Morde, and this... this is my railgun
She weighs 1500 kilograms, and fires with 200 caret custom tooled Rubies at a speed of near light.
It cost 400 Souls to fire this weapon, for 12 seconds.
Oh my god who touched Sable!?! WHO TOUCHED MY CLAW!
Some Yetis think they can outsmart me.... maybe... maybe. I have yet to meet one that can outsmart Annihilator.
No. 262558 ID: 21e57a

Note: I am against this idea, but if we have to, I suggest this.
No. 262565 ID: 45be60

The cores are not going to go stale yet. We are more than halfway through them and we have three months left. If we average one deep spawn made every five days we will be on track. Your argument is invalid.

Hardship makes everyone better, including deep spawn. Stop opting for the easy way out.
No. 262573 ID: 445c48

Well hopefully it will be like when we made the soul, when it just took a number out of the total, but did not specify which ones. Retain flexibility that way, see.

Also, +1 to Infrastructure/Buildan Spawn.
No. 262575 ID: d4f98d

Its not opting for the easy way out when our personal growth is vastly outpacing our Deepspawns, which PREVENTS him from effectively transporting us.
No. 262578 ID: 35bba5

Why does everyone refuse to use a core on Burduko, but then also ignore basically every Deep Spawn suggestion that gets made?
No. 262583 ID: 2b2ef4

Same reason people are afraid to use P.Souls

Hoarding tenancies.
Like when you get that awesome, single use item and save it for half to the game to use on the last boss only to find that it is sorely underpowered having been meant for an earlier stage.

In the case of P.Souls, understandable to an extent.
Cores? No. The longer we take to do this is the less time they get to grow and the crazier/ more unstable they become.

As far as I know, the date given relates to the date they become unusable due to insanity, not the date they become insane.

In any case, the reason why we stopped making them before was due to the damage to Mordre's soul and because we lacked knowledge on how our descriptions would cause Spawn to develop.
Now that we do know, we should be putting them out as quickly as possible so they can have as much experience as they can.

Give Burduko the boost. He is our most(personally) used Spawn after Phohn and he struggles to keep up.
The struggle will make him stronger yes, but as he said, it's variety and not repetition that makes him better.
The best training he gets is via Dregas, and that is only for an hour per day, unlike Zelgoto and the like who train all day with Oz.

I will not have him fall behind and be lacking when he is needed most.

We cannot even extend his 'training period' by a significant value because he is used so frequently.
No. 262587 ID: a76809
File 129169748641.jpg - (78.61KB , 700x531 , Burduko Master of Wind.jpg )

[Sure, there is less soul mass. But part of that soul mass is now a hybrid of mortal souls, Deep Spawn souls, and Chaos souls. You done made a complex as hell soul there, and it's costing Burduko a good bit to move. You are basically a budding Administrator while simultaneously a Mortal Hero and an embodiment of Chaos-and that's just your soul, not counting the Soul Grave itself. So, less total stuff to move, but you switched out some tin for lead, in terms of density of said soul mass.]

[...No, of normal souls, only four hundred and twelve were involved in the creation of your soul.]

Almost as an afterthought, I flick my left hand, the half-pound lump of Caged One Blood Iron still floating over the Immortal Genocide, guiding a Deep Spawn core towards Burduko's beleaguered form. The core makes contact with his still heaving chest-

There is a soft, heavy light, wrapping Burduko's form like a blanket, shifting and writhing as he undergoes a hidden metamorphosis. Zagrath's gaze cannot pierce his cocoon, and I take a moment to pay heed to this transformation, this tiered use of Deep Spawn cores. What shall the end result be?


The light begins to fade, and with it the cloth that once covered so much of Burduko's form is ripped away. Beneath I find not solid limbs, but wrought and shaped metal, organically cast and far too humanoid to be coincidental. What was once a being of cloth and wind, is now a hollow metal cage, its eye sockets sullenly burning. The blade that once formed his right arm has detached, showing itself an oddly sheathed blade, its hilt now casually cupped, the living metal fusing between the points of contact.

Ultimately, no matter how fascinating his new appearance, it is what Burduko does that captivates me. The wind howls around him, cycling and swirling in an eternal tiny tornado, the aerial vortex centered on and tamed to Burduko's will. I feel the sense of his soul grow far more immense, and I feel a sense of deepened dedication. A hollow living metal mesh fist presses to the ground in genuflection, as Burduko gazes reverentially at me, saying nothing. Kyorto's attention was hooked by my action, and I feel her empty gaze resting on me as I turn back to her and Arkus.

"We are here for a number of reasons, But primarily for recovery and exploration."
"Hold on now what uh what did you just-"
"EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY- Or more aptly phrased, salvaging. Recall you the ducal palace?"
"Uh, uh yeah, the place with the Small Tomb that punches like mad?"
"||Mordre has expressed an interest in plundering the location.||"
"..Uh, what did she say?"
"||Ah yes, I forgot|| You do not speak Mornostric, do you scion of the Soul Grave?"
".....Okay, REALLY weird to hear someone else talk about Mordre's secret like that. And no, I don't, but you clearly speak Common, so that shouldn't be an issue."
"But it is quite an issue. You are one who knows its secret, and you know so little of magic. I can hardly blame you, with that laughable ban on Soul Magic. But if you wish to learn what I know, you must learn the language."
"....So, to reiterate, I learn Mornostric... and you teach me Soul magic, is that right?"
"I can hardly teach if you do not understand the tomes I use. ..Do you reject-"
"NO-I MEAN YES-I MEAN hold on, No I do not want to reject your offer, yes I would like to learn both Mornostric and anything else you could teach."
"Excellent, a healthy, eager young mind."

"Arkus, you recall Kyorto here, yes? She shall be joining us soon, Using the guise you see now."
"..So, attractive older woman? A work collegue?"
"Oh my, the nonchalant compliment... Oh I LIKE this one....

Kyorto saunters closer to Arkus, now the sole focus of his attention, her body swaying dramatically, a sensuos undulation just a hair too boneless to be possible-for normal people. Kyorto pulls it off with style, clearly enjoying herself as her form shifts, ages sliding away, clothing growing slighter. I see Arkus's eybrows climbing into his messy bangs as his mouth works but no sounds come out. Kyorto entwines he arms around his neck, delicately reaching up to him as she whispers in his ear.

"You know.... I haven't even felt ANYTHING for fifteen years.... care to help me 'correct' that?"

His face blurring as he darts frantic looks between Kyorto and me, Arkus blurts out a frenzied retort.

"Uh uh uh uh we're here for a pre-existing purpose yeah, I mean Mordre isn't usually directly involved, uh, unless it has some important-ant-ah... ah, so, shouldn't we focus... uh, on that?"

Kyorto's face contorts, the side facing me revealing a playful smirk as she offers a pout to Arkus as she slowly withdraws.

"Till later, then."

And without a single further comment or action, she turns to march away, heading towards the Ducal palace, putting more space between herself and the whipping winds Burduko is generating-and a thoroughly confused Arkus. He turns to look at me with more confusion than I have seen since the first day I met him in these ruins, as if to implore my aid. I say nothing as I follow after Kyorto, Arkus eventually sighing and following along after me, Burduko staying near the Teleport box.

The sun is just reaching that pre-noon brilliance as we reach the dilapidated gates of the ducal palace. We march by without hesitation, Kyorto stopping only once she reaches the grand entrance hall, speculatively sweeping her gaze over the broken ceiling, the masses of rubble, the lone Small Tomb. She paces back and forth for a time, beore I note she is offering no comments, and begin to question her.

"So was it Mordecai that commissioned my construction?"
"||It was indeed the son of Emperor Mordrenoth who funded your creation near the end of the war, the man who once occupied this palace, was once duke of this dead city.||
"Were you involved in my creation?"
"||To a degree. I was responsible for coding your spatial geometry equations for use of artillery, as well as your mobility protocols-how you stabilize when unbalanced, or deal with unstable ground. Mordecai was the one who actually built your Soul Furnace, the closest thing to a heart you have.||"
"So Mordecai was a talented mage then?"
"||Had to be. The emperor brooked no weakness in his offspring, just like each prior emperor. Mordecai was the heir apparent, but he was the eleventh son. ...Well, by birth, he was the eldest by the time I met him. ...What he could do with his soul, the changes, the Chaos he could tame... he was a prodigy, a marvel of his time.||"
"Then why was I constructed so poorly, made of bronze and armed with so little?"
"||Funny question to ask, seeing as I can tell you've been using your real purpose all the time. Those Chaos souls you use for pretty much anything important? THAT is what you were built for, so that your Soul Furnace could act as a multi-dimensional anchor, and the Chaos Souls could pull segments of time from other worlds, and splice them into our timeline to fuel the creation of instant augmentations to your form. You were meant to be Mordecai's proof of the power of hybrid magic, combining Soul magic with Chaos itself. You actual corporeal construction was secondary to that, and with funds tight at the point of your construction, speed was more important than quality.||"
"What was your rank in the Tower of the Red Gaze?"
"||I was Mordecai's personal assistant, one of the lead researchers here. Officially, I was a senior analyst, but I had far more sway than such a position normally holds.||"
"I recall you mentioning your time of death, It being BEFORE the Curse hit: How did that come to pass?"
"||...Related to you, actually. You know how I said those Chaos souls are supposed to splice time from different dimensions into this one? Well, that is not the safest, or best understood magic. One night, while performing an experiment for the Duke, I attempted to apply Blood magic to the Chronium-the actual measurable component to this form of Time magic. I expected a reaction similar to Chronomancy, some alteration of the perception of time. What ended up happening was me living three years in one second. As I did not exactly have time to eat, drink, or even breathe during that, I died, a particularly agonizing death. But it was not the end.... and here I am. ......Okay, it seems most of Mordecai's subterranean runic mines are still active from the stairs up-and it seems they are still tied to the Small Tomb. The issue is, I think it got struck by some debris or some such, because a few of those runes about its head got warped-happens with bronze as a base-and I am no longer certain I can command it. At best, I'd need to physically touch it to command it... a prospect not made enjoyable, when considering that AT WORST, I'll be punched to smithereens. I've seen what supersonic magma punches do, and bare flesh is not built to withstand that. Thoughts?||"

What should I say or do?
How do I plan to deal with the small tomb given what Kyorto just informed me of?
And with what she just revealed, do I have further questions for her?
And should I let her keep answering in Mornostric, or demand she speak Common so Arkus understands?
No. 262593 ID: e43bfe

We steal time on it, and she touches it. We can take a punch.
No. 262596 ID: 741399

Electrical shocks disrupt the functioning of Small Tombs, do they not? Therefore, use Ignimancy to disrupt the Small Tomb so that it won't be able to function until Kyorto takes command.

So. What is Burduko's new capability set?
No. 262597 ID: 9338f5

> struck by some debris or some such

Didnt we cause a good sized heap of stone to fall on the golem? damn. lets use magnetomancy to either hold its form or use our cannon shells to form magnetomancy strengthened bindings. then we hold him still in our seige fist.
No. 262599 ID: 2b2ef4

Well shit, I guess that 5 P.Soul thing is off the boards now.

To Kyorto:
"Only one"
Blood magic engaged.
Power up Kinectomantic thrusters.
Change feet it Swift mode.
Activate Magnetic displacement enhancers

Fire 1 Ozmand.

Dash in it's wake and time steal the bugger.
No. 262601 ID: 21e57a

No. Not this at all.
No. 262604 ID: 9338f5

tazer it sounds good but after that we should grab it with the sieg fist and time steal.
No. 262605 ID: d4f98d

Employ magnetomantic rings as a form of restraint on the Smalltomb, coupled with Ignimancy disruption of it's soul-based connections.

Even if it has Magnetomantic defenses, they shouldn't affect anything when we're just amping the Magntic signature of a different object to fuck with it.
No. 262607 ID: 2b2ef4

Have Burduko swagger in like the suave master of the winds he is.

Grab Kyorto by the hand

Mutter something to make her heart flutter (you know her better than I do, so you figure it out)

Use greatly enhanced teleportation abilities to get her instantly in range. (I think behind it is the better choice)

Take over baby.

A combination of the two plans seems workable, if a little inane.
I'd love to see Arkus' reaction.
No. 262608 ID: 2b2ef4

First things first though.

Take over the mines and deactivate them, scan for other traps. blah blah.
No. 262610 ID: 45be60

>_< I resent that implication. I sugested three of the deep spawn posted by others in this thread. I still want Calvern to be a sandworm.

Our initial instructions were that their shelflife was measured in seasons. The three months (85 days now) we are counting down represents about one season. Using the spawn for our soul bought us a lot of time.

Speaking Mornostric on matters of personal history is fine, but when discussing the challenges and dangers of the surrounds, it would be in everyone's best interest to speak the same language.

The tazer idea sounds like it would be worth trying, but if we steal time, wouldn't that mean the golem will think Kyorto is taaaaaalkiiiiing liiiiike thhhhiiiissss?
No. 262611 ID: 2b2ef4

or we could fix it.

No. 262613 ID: 35bba5

Wouldn't it be the opposite? Talkingmuchtoofast?
No. 262614 ID: 1854db

Tell her that we can use Blood Magic, and... wait, have we had Blood Magic active while creating/using Pristine Souls before?

Well. How about we just Magnetomancy the fuck out of this thing? If not that, steal time from it and/or Invert its runes so that its arms are suddenly SLOW AS FUCK. Then chop them off with the Golden Axe.
No. 262619 ID: 741399

Using yes: we used Blood Magic during Nidhogg's creation.

Creating also yes: when we discovered that we could, given time and amounts of souls unprecedented in the history of Zakrath, become a Planet God. We were fighting Gelug.

But then again, those were just PS, by my estimation. Kyorto was working with the actual measurable component.
No. 262623 ID: 741399

Also, on the language barrier, Phohn can handle that, can he not?
No. 262630 ID: 69bee4

Allow Kyorto to speak how she wishes, as I foresee forcing the issue being a bad idea. Do however comment with something in Mornostric like "I know little about flesh, but to be so touch minded? I always thought such things involved at least some speaking... and your not giving the poor boy a chance at all"

Ask Burduko about the changes to his form.

Magnetomancy is likely a good solution to dealing with the Small Tomb, as our soul-mana regen rate is still massive, and we likely could just pin the Small Tomb to the ground for Kyorto's safety first. Geomancy could also be used to sink it into the ground, restrict its ability to move against us. However, request that Arkus and Kyorto back away first, as your a bit more capable of taking a hit. Recovery of a fully intact Small Tomb should be priority along with getting that piece of Thormo's soul. If it doesn't go so well, its certainly worth finding out how much our magic has improved over time for this. Have Burduko on standby for command to recover you if your at risk of a full frontal Magma punch.
No. 262631 ID: fd0da7

>THAT is what you were built for, so that your Soul Furnace could act as a multi-dimensional anchor, and the Chaos Souls could pull segments of time from other worlds, and splice them into our timeline to fuel the creation of instant augmentations to your form.

This is a bit similar to the small post I wrote in the previous thread, which had the theory why the P.Souls worked.

It did not get any reaction, so I though I was completely wrong.>>261788

Anyway, ask her how we were designed to acquire the Chaos Souls. Somehow I do not think that the operator needed to be a little bit of a oracle too.

Also, ask her what she knows of MoS. What she thinks of him and if she had any personal relation with him.

Tell Phohn to translate for Arkus.

Also ask Burduko if he can transport humans without killing them.
No. 262632 ID: fd0da7

Also, discreetly tell Arkus that she is not what she appears to be. Maybe through Phohn.

Wouldn't want Arkus to have mental damage later on.
No. 262640 ID: d4f98d

No. 262648 ID: 08d0bd

LEARNING OPPORTUNITY! See if Mordre can improve his mostly untrained and unsynchronized melee skills a bit now that we have a good opponent that can take a beating.

Rev up the Blood magic, activate Feasting Vestments or Hands of Hunger and go slug it out in super golem melee mode with magnetomancy/kinetimancy powered siege fist and Sable Exectioner strikes, Jade Fist moves, regeneration all over and the full package. Try to copy Thomro's moves if possible, in fact with half of Thomro's soul already in Mordre's body it should be an easy matter. I would also suspect that Mordre can take it a few steps further when it comes to boosting his own movements now that he regenerates similarly to a Deep Spawn. Rip the metal! Grow it back stronger and faster!

The goal is to tear off the Small Tomb's arms and legs. They can be put back on with ease or fixed by Murhyihal.

"I can think of a few ways to get you close, holding down the Small Tomb or freezing it still, but I think I will try the safest and most basic means. By that I mean facing it in a titanic battle and tearing off its limbs. Stand well back and enjoy the show."
No. 262677 ID: d3dfb8

Start up the IG, tell Kyorto to be quick but stay back, once we touch the golem she's to move in as fast as she can.
Lead with our siege fist, once the golem reacts we stop it's enchantments with the IG then grab it and timesteal.

For when we reach an appropriate time "Arkus, I've noticed Kyorto's illusion wavers sometimes when she is startled. Be careful when dropping trou else you might lose interest rather rapidly." (Implying Kyorto will be startled by the size of Arkus's dick) Then chuckle at their reactions.
We don't laugh enough despite being completely hilarious. Laughing is a good thing, it makes us seem more human and therefore more endearing.

Oh and at some point request that you sit in on Kyorto's lessons to Arkus on soul magic.
No. 262715 ID: fd0da7

More like looking our for mah Bro.
Don't want him to do something that he'll regret later! D:

Anyway, ask Kyorto how did she fond Mordreden and how she spent her time there.
No. 262725 ID: 21e57a

I agree with this, and apply it to any statement about blocking romance between the two.

As for what to do, lets go up to the Small Tomb and get on it's side. Magnetomancy ready, blood magic ready. Let Kyorto do what she wants/needs, while we act as a defensive measure. We'll geomancy, magnetomancy, and time-steal the Tomb if it looks hostile, and just grab and Accelerate it away.

As for any more to ask, ask Kyorto just what she did to be time lost. Relate to what we've done ourselves, and also bring up our own soul.
No. 262727 ID: 445c48

Tell Arkus, through Phohn, what Kyorto is, and what's she's like under the illusion. Say nothing else about this. Do not bring up the subject ever again.
No. 262728 ID: 741399

>Adaptable Analytical Psyche: As a result of having grown up under rather dismal conditions, with poverty, famine, death, plague, and all manner of traumatizing events all bombarding him. Yet instead of retreating from the harshness of reality, or being warped by it, Arkus became obsessed with understanding the world around him. As he matured, this tendency likewise evolved, leading to Arkus being able to restore himself to a rational state of mind much more quickly than would normally be possible by all but the most grizzled veterans, all of whom would have far worse mental scars than Arkus.
Does it matter? Arkus will just bounce back anyways; besides, she can look and feel like anything she wants, which, in most probability, he'll be fascinated by and therefore will have something to fixate upon other than the strangeness. In any case, she would be teaching him magic, so maybe he'll just regard that as just payment for the tutorship.
No. 262729 ID: 445c48

Why should we let it surprise him when he can just tell him? If it's fine with it, whatever. It's just not the bro-thing to do to not warn him.
No. 262732 ID: 2b2ef4

I think he would start to question the nature of all females after that.

I feel sorry for the man, he thinks a lot like me.

Not supporting or opposing either stance though, just commenting.
No. 262763 ID: 903f16

>How do I plan to deal with the small tomb given what Kyorto just informed me of?

I'm good with the general taze/time steal plan, however between the time you taze and the time you steal time from the Small Tomb it might we wise to use Warding Palm. If he isn't down for the count after the taze you can use it to stop it from sucker punching you, if he is then just immediately deactivate it and steal his time.

>And with what she just revealed, do I have further questions for her?

Since we plan on using an Ignimancy bolt to disrupt this Small Tomb, why not ask if she knows of ways to insulate our Spell Matrices from that same sort of attacks?

And also ask what she knows of the other Soul Graves? Were we the first one she had worked on? What other abilities does she know of that were given to the other Soul Graves? In particular we should describe Domintus as best we can and see what she knows about him and what his given ability was.

>And should I let her keep answering in Mornostric, or demand she speak Common so Arkus understands?

It's not an issue as of yet, simply because most of this information is not pertinant to Arkus. If she insists on speaking in the tongue when it is we will correct her then. I do however feel bad that in general Arkus is a bit out of the loop, we'll need to have a sit down with our apprentice later and go into detail the current goings on.
No. 262799 ID: 98203d

After we are done at the ducal palace, perspective shift to Arkus. Kyorto hasn't felt anything for 15 years? Arkus WILL correct that, and we'll help him!
No. 262802 ID: 98203d

Just saying, it will be a learning opportunity for Arkus!
No. 262806 ID: 9338f5

would that be necrophilia?
No. 262809 ID: 98203d

She is technically not dead, so not at all!
No. 262811 ID: 35bba5

...she died. At best she is undead.
No. 262819 ID: f247ab

Necrophilia is not in relation the person (the soul/spirit/etc.) but the body for which sexual intercourse is done; specifically, necrophilia is defined as sexual attraction/intercourse with corpses. Now, as Kyorto's body is made of the skins of dead mages, it likely qualifies for the label of corpse, but as a Life Golem, it is probable that the body counts as living, and therefore sexual attraction/intercourse cannot be defined as necrophilia.

Also, these sorts of posts belong to the discussion thread, don't they.
No. 262821 ID: 98203d

As they are directly relevant to a future course of action, they are likely acceptable for this thread.
No. 262822 ID: 9338f5

Most of the skins that make up Kyorto's new body are from males.
No. 262823 ID: 98203d

Through MAGIC TRANSFORMATION, they were turned female. MAGIC
No. 262827 ID: f247ab

So, just to receive confirmation, given the recent information revealed, Duke Mordecai is the Other within us, is that correct?
No. 262828 ID: 9338f5

it has not been outright stated but it seems quite likely
No. 262830 ID: a76809

rolled 795, 458 = 1253

[Bingo bango bongo I don't want to leave the Congo, oh no no no no no.]

[The mines are corporeal, they cannot be taken over, either activated or destroyed by some other means.]


[Burduko has localized wind current manipulation ability, centered around a manipulatable three-dimensional cyclone that forever winds through his hollow form. This ability grants Burduko Flight, of considerable speed, well in excess of his already impressive ground speed. Burduko also has a a Deep Spawn Tractomantically imbued sword forged from his own body. The sword has Severance inclined aspects, and is comparable on a smaller scale to the Golden Axe. Lastly, his magical stamina has grown by two hundred forty percent since the core was absorbed. Mordre porting should only be a problem when ten or so in rapid succession with Mordre's current soul weight.]

I direct Ignimancy at the Small Tomb, the blinding arcs of current outracing even its reactive counters, snaring the bronze figure mid-way to liquefying its arms into molten metal, runes blazing. I continue to pump current, unassisted by Blood Magic, and back off power sources, to find my own Soul alone is all that is needed to keep the golem ensnared.

I turn the Soul Grave's innate casting towards Magnetomancy, ensnaring and activating each of my five runed saw-rings, and applying their magnetic lens to each individual limb of the small tomb, Thomro's head included. While unguarded, its Magnetic field is difficult to grasp, so warped by the thermal energy in the metal its anchored in that it is constantly remaking itself. Still, I yank each limb out straight, and continue the application of Ignimancy as I ready my Body and Hand Soul Nexus alike.

[Burduko would need a third core to safely transport mortals right now outside the box. he is still only capable of safely moving mortal with regenerative ability on par to Deep Spawn... like Bang.]
"So, how exactly was I designed to acquire these Chaos Souls- Incidentally, I have been calling them Pristine Souls."
"||Normally one would have to be a Chronomancer, and channel their temporal manipulation through your soul furnace as your operator, to create a link to extradimensional time, so anchor to reach out beyond the here and now. ...I admit curiousity as to how you accomplished it, given the distinct lack of Chronomantic tendencies anywhere save about your hand.||"
"I keep compiling deductions and estimations of possible future events, As I track my interactions with the world around me and the actions of my allies. Everything I learn goes into these probability sortings, and in some cases, My musings end up plucking a prediction of a future event that proves true, About something I should have no way to know concretely, assembled from scraps."
"||....Interesting. I suppose simply happening upon absolute certainty of an impending event could reach beyond the here and now... strange to hear it so effective, I recognize heavy saturation of... Pristine Souls about your form.||"
"So, Master of Sorrow-"
"||I'd ask you not use that paltry title for Duke Mordecai, it is beneath him... it was, at least.||"
"The man who commissioned me, Who built my Soul Furnace, I wish to know more of him."
"||As you know his war title I imagine you heard some of the legends those non-Mosmordrens, those cowards that lived-but know this, Mordecai was not the monster they made him out to be. I say the propaganda posters they sent out demonizing him. They turned taking time to pull wounded allies off the field 'claiming patients for experimentation', called his fight against overwhelming opposition 'an unprecedented brutality against the common man'. The Duke was brilliant, and dearly loved our homeland. He hoped to one day prove himself the most able in all the Empire, and claim his father's throne. ...If only the curse had not struck, he could have done it. He would have breathed new life into the empire, given its armies a second wind.||"
"How was he to accomplish this?"
"||You know not the man you speak of. Without exception, the Duke lived up to every claim I ever heard him utter. He is beyond reproach.||"
"I asked because if you know anything, we could try to restore his attempts, When we get to restoring the Empire, and absorbing it into my eventual holdings."
"||To name a few: infrastructure changes, comprehensive branching economic plans, Troop redeployments, Soul Grave modifications, changes in leadership, new tactical doctrine, new fields of magic, and bottom line the ability to take the weight of the world and shake it off.||"
"A widely talented individual."
"||You have no idea. It was like he could, in an instant, hone his soul so perfectly for a given task it is likely all his soul could even be used for, before snapping back to normal. His soul's history was his own to rewrite, through his master of what he called '[i]SOUL CHAOS'. ...Part of his research, he put into you.||"[/i]

"Well, Thomro's arms seem to be cooling off, The runes losing their impact without Thomro's input."
"||It is time for me to take action, then. An efficiently handled capture, by the way. Now, if you would not mind....||"

I deactivate the Ignimancy as Kyorto slips close to Thomro, moving with a sinuous speed that sees her fleshy guise stretch and distort as she flows through the intervening space, before placing a hand on Thomro's head and whispering into the Small Tomb's ear. I feel the resistance to my magic slacken as the Small Tomb goes limp. Kyorto merely turns about to me, and nods. I withdraw the magnetic flares of my five rings, slotting them back in place as the small tomb lithely lands on its feet, steaming arms snapping rigidly to its sides as it regards Kyorto's every action, subjecting her to intense scrutiny.

"Well, if we take the main stairs here that this fragment of Thomro was guarding, we should not run into any mines, Mordecai did leave himself a clear escape path, which will now bring us straight to his personal chambers. He was frequently there, pouring over this or that document..."

Kyorto amiably waxes nostalgic as she and the newly obedient Small Tomb lead the way, up three floors (each suspiciously capable of fitting me) before going down a long hall past rows of doors, most rotted through. At the end there is a set of stone doors, slabs of marble set with a few bars of Black steel as surface-based support. Delicately manipulating the handles, Kyorto sets the doors to slowly, soundlessly sliding open, revealing a dusty, musty lab, office and bedroom all in one. Notes and papers are scattered everywhere, some degraded to the point of illegibility. I see cracked glass instruments, smudged or smeared sketches of runes and equations, and above all I see masterfully crafted items everywhere I look, from delicately swirled beakers to rosewood shelves, everything speaks of wealth, beneath the wear of time and Curse. Kyorto takes command of Arkus, and swiftly sets him to aiding her in claiming and organizing salvageable documents, schematics and sketches. Periodically a gem joins the pile, until five such pieces act as weights atop the slowly growing stack of paper. It takes two hours of meticulously combing the room, during which Kyorto pockets several items that I detect no magical relevance about, before I am presented with the pile. I flip through the entire stack of papers as I inspect the gems, compiling my list of discussed topics. I barely pay attention to the pair of golden Sapphires and a trio of scarlet and lilac amathysts, all with some sense of Belief tied into their impeccably cut surfaces. Even the trio of amathysts, smaller than the sapphires by at least a third, are larger than my own ruby eyes, the Ageless Eyes of Winter.... I could find use for these-but I am more occupied by my realization concerning salvaged documents:

-There were a total of one hundred twelve individual pieces of paper deemed salvageable. Out of them, only eighty-two were not individual pages from much longer reports that made no sense out of context. However, of those eighty two pages, a full sixty seven seem highly related to me, being in regards to Soul Graves.
-The most captivating thing I found was reference to the runed saw-rings, the much improved ammunition to my blade launcher. I find them referenced in conjunction to a metal cylinder, its top partly cut away to expose the stacked saw blades, a full sixty lined up in the canister. I see that this is noted as being a possible replacement to the vanguard blade launcher, and is mounted lengthwise along the shoulder, and would point forward like my Anti-golem cannon.
-The next most pressing collection of notes references something very similar to the Pyromancy pits Todwick used, the Void Bringer bears and the cannon shells now sport, along with designs on how to mount these thrusters on the back of shoulder armaments, as well as the back itself. ...Oddly enough, I note the documents seem to imply that having larger shoulder armaments, like the cannon, or the stack of runed saw rings, allow for the mounting of larger thrusters. If I read this right, this could produce the ability to fly. Even if it does not, as it seems to require rather impressive energy resources, it would provide incredible groundspeed without Nimble Nitro, as I Geomancy the ground and Kinetomantically slide across the ground.
-I note reference to leg-mounted thrusters, which if I read outputs correctly would only be useful as stabilizers. Again, I do not see it written down conclusively, but the material heavily seems to imply that flight by fire is possible.

....So, that is what I find, left behind by Mordecai.

"Hey, Mordre! Check this out!"
"Your apprentice found Mordecai's personal lockbox. Beyond that... you hold everything of worth to be found here. ....Time and the curse claimed too much. ...Arkus, what is that?"

Arkus bends to pick up a heavy folder, stuck in between solid workbenches, and opens it to find:

What should I say or do, now that we have found all we can of Mordecai's research and belongings in his room?
Should we explore the rest of the decayed structure, knowing it heavily mined and no way save destruction capable of removing said mines?
What should I do now with the rest of the afternoon?
Should I go back to the Azelhaedran State, or perhaps the Land of Dragons?
>[Reminder, need five individual 1d1000 rolls. I will be rolling 2d1000, if BOTH of my rolls are beaten by the AVERAGE of the five rolls, contents of folder will contain AWESOME to dwarf all the rest just gained. Beating just one will give a lesser bonus.]
No. 262831 ID: e43bfe

rolled 198 = 198

>dose gems

No. 262832 ID: 69bee4

rolled 762 = 762

Come on massively high number!
No. 262833 ID: e43bfe

>pristine attempt

Mordecai was going to use you as a vessel from the get-go. His plan was to use you to become an immortal, unstoppable king who could grow in power infinitely. He's so angry because you stole that future from him, and he will never, ever, ally with us, because he is so full of pride. Even if we eject him from the furnace and into a small tomb, he would only be our enemy.

>concurrent with this:

Eject his soul and have an Egg eat it.
No. 262834 ID: d0d015

rolled 650 = 650

Let's do this!
No. 262836 ID: 21e57a

rolled 937 = 937

Well, we are currently barely beating one number. Hopefully this one will be high. As for what to do, what does this room look like? Any old pictures, or works of art we could bling it out with? Some nice book cases, or such? I want to turn this room into ours, make it look good.

Other then that, talk to Kyoto and Thomro and even Arkus about these mines. See if we can sense them via any of our magic - and try to use Our soul, too, to do the magic. Check to see if the Small Tomb Thomro knows where the mines are. If nothing else Rutgur and Burduko might be able to warp the mines out of here, to lock them away for safe keeping.
No. 262838 ID: 903f16

rolled 688 = 688

Rolling to keep above the low roll.
No. 262839 ID: 263430

...a complete collection of MORDRE AND FRIENDS action figures! You can find one in every Angry Meal at participating locations.

Not sure if Kyorto knows we're carrying MoS's soul, but she's totally going to betray us to bring him back. We need to stay on guard around her.
No. 262840 ID: 9338f5

great rolling 4/5 greater than 600 one 900+

>At the end there is a set of stone doors, slabs of marble set with a few bars of Black steel as surface-based support.
Delicious black steel, we must eat it.
No. 262842 ID: 98203d

So, will it eventually be possible to consume Mordecai's soul and use it like a hero (legendary, most likely in this case) soul to improve ourself?
No. 262844 ID: d0d015

I figure it'd be pretty hard, considering he BUILT MORDRE in the middle of a war. WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!
No. 262847 ID: 21e57a

Have we made any spawn in front of Kyorto yet? Because we should. And suggestions are:

Aehroahquia embodies the concept of FLOW, form revolves around ACID and SHAPESHIFTING.

Calvern embodies the concept of CAVES. Its form revolves around DIGGING and AMBUSH.
No. 262849 ID: e43bfe

No. 262850 ID: f247ab

Well, there might be more things of use in other rooms, particularly gems and Black Steel to finally complete the Sable Executioner (and perhaps better metals to improve other areas of Mordre) and tomes of magic that somehow survived, so searching the rest of the palace seems like a good idea.

If that activity consumes only enough time that Mordre has some free time, then trying to learn some Deep Spawn magic from one of our Deep Spawn (perhaps Velada, as it is specialized in something that currently is not in demand; I particularly want the cloning trick, and, as Velada's purpose an Order Chronomatic trick, perhaps learn something of how to do Chronomancy and maybe make PSs without going through the prediction process (though I suspect that we can't actually do that due to some event like the Curse that messed up the function, and if that does work, the PSs would be of lesser quality than the ones the predictions produce)) sounds like a good idea. If that is not possible, then try to learn runecrafting; perhaps Bobobo can help with providing a guide of the most common methods for learning runecrafting by mortal souls?

And, since the Land of Dragons has no pressing issue we must address, beyond meeting with our new Rageglut platoon, I propose that, after meeting with Bang and Keddic for the meeting with the platoon, we go to the State in preparation to kill more segments of the Disciples of Domintus.

Actually, Bang said he could make the platoon presentable by this morning, so we should probably go to the Land of Dragons after getting as much as we could from the palace. We need to collect Bang and Keddic for the offensive against the Disciples anyways.
No. 262852 ID: f247ab

Yup, last thread, Welgahoo and Bobobo. Arkus hasn't witnessed it, though.

I don't think we need to make more spawn now.
No. 262854 ID: 45be60

Thirding. I like that Aehroahquia idea. Flow is good.

Hey, remember when we were putting restrictions on deep spawn to make them stronger? Those were good days. I bet Calvern would be happy to take a restriction requireing him to keep a path to the underground around, sorta like the one Dorgrum and Khordu exhibited.
No. 262857 ID: a69afd

Can we not simply copy Eisenhardt at this juncture? The rune mines are inscribed on some form of stone or metal, yes? Why don't we move the mines around using a buffer of the appropriate element, rendering the building safe(r) to explore?
No. 262858 ID: d4f98d

I suggest saving one or two of the Amethysts and have Del Roga fashion them into the gift we said we'd have made as a "thank-you" for Valiria's aid.
No. 262859 ID: d4f98d

Also: AWW, average is only 656.2
No. 262861 ID: fd0da7

We should get status update on DoD.

Did Eisenhardt engage and beat the second army?

What is the main army doing?
IIRC The Pure Lady and her soul grave threatened us directly...

>Kyorto: *babbles on and on what a great guy Mordecai was*
Mordre: *mumble* didn't sound like a great guy when I met him *mumble*
Kyorto: Huh? What did you say?
Mordre: Oh, nothing.... nothing.

I'm just joking, don't really do this
No. 262883 ID: fd0da7


Ask Kyorto if our golem (Mordre) has ever been in real battle. Or even if it has been properly turned on and tested.
Since this is experimental golem which was made to show one specific function it is highly unlikely that it had been send to battle.

I ask this, because previously we have remembered several instances where we had been in battle.
No. 262885 ID: fd0da7

We have all of Deep Spawn magic including Administrator magic.
One of the few instances we saw the use of Admin magic was removing very powerful and very hidden runes on Dulu.

Just use the same thing to remove the mines.
No. 262893 ID: a10fec

QUICKLY, somebody grab all the unused fan art we have stored away on the Discussion Thread (we never use them anyway) and post it here, it will increase our rolling average!! (Or you could bust out a lyrical move).

>Should we explore the rest of the decayed structure, knowing it heavily mined and no way save destruction capable of removing said mines?

Idea! To avoid setting off the mines, have Arkus stand or sit on our AV blade then Magnetomancy him above the floor and detach our eyes, float them into a room to allow us to see inside. If we find something he can't reach without touching the ground, then Kinetimancy it to him. 

>Kyorto pockets several items that I detect no magical relevance about...

Her familiarity of the palace and his room tells me that Kyorto was a little more than a "personal assistant" to Mordecai, *nudge-nudge* *wink-wink*.

As cool as it sounds, let's not create a "Digging Deep Spawn". If there is ever a time that requires us to move a very large amount of dirt or rock, I think that the construction Deep spawn idea would be able to do so or we could always just direct both of our Soul Nexuses to Geomancy. Digging just seems like a REALLY specific and obscure power/utility for a Deep Spawn considering to that we haven't had a NEED to dig besides the Drazken mines, in which case a construction Deep Spawn would be much more useful and more needed in the long term. Even if the idea is an "underground ambusher", it still wouldn't have a lot use besides that. We don't want to create a Deep Spawn for one specific problem, we want each ones abilities to be unique and variable enough to be used for different situations or problems. (Think Swiss Army Knife vs a Steak Knife, the steak knife is really good for cutting steaks but there is not much else it's good for).

Regarding the Acid Shapeshifter idea, I'm slightly against it as well, but if more people like the idea then I'm fine with it.

Get Kyorto to make the Thromo Small Tomb obey our commands. Use Magnetomancy to fix the dent in its head and repair any other damage it has procured over the years.

>...She's totally going to betray us to bring him back. We need to stay on guard around her.

Agreed. However, she did pledge her loyalty us, although I don't know if we can trust her word on it. We brought her back from the brink of death and insanity, we can just as easily put her back. 

No. 262909 ID: 2b2ef4

>P.Soul revalations
Use P.Soul on Soul furnace

Also, we can't get Chronomancy guys, else we would be able to create the P.Souls on a whim, TONS OF THEM, and destroy everything.
No. 262910 ID: 1854db

We could use a P.Soul on our soul furnace to EXTRACT the MoS from his hiding place and bind him to our will like a Heroic Soul. I imagine he is able to hide from the furnace because the soul furnace itself is chaotic soul magic.

Hmm. The only way I can think of for him to hide to completely from us is if he's using the dimensional anchor as a gateway to another dimension. He's not hiding in us, he's watching us and manipulating our dimension to cause all these freaky things to happen to us. I predict that if we were to pull him out of his hiding place, shit will stop hitting the fan so often.
No. 262912 ID: 35bba5

Except we don't actually know how to do that yet.
We can learn it, but we haven't.
No. 262913 ID: 9338f5

>Use P.Soul on Soul furnace
Great idea! It has my full support.

> EXTRACT the MoS from his hiding place and bind him to our will

Considering just how vast the power difference between Heroic and Legendary seems we may need to use 3 or more Pristine souls for this. We would also have to explain the change in soul and possibly body which are likely to be significant.
No. 262916 ID: 98203d

I didn't really mean trying to bind MoS right at this moment, maybe just as a goal for later. Though we are his cancer right? Doesn't that mean we are still just a little part of him? I wonder if we could just merge back together with Mordecai, him and Mordre becoming one entity. No binding or forcing of will, but having it done willingly. Is there anyway to talk to him without activating out of control Mordre destroy all mode?
No. 262942 ID: 5db7a7

>Bind MoS
>Put a part of his research into us
>Could hone his soul to deal with things instantly
>OMG P.SOuls are the Best things ever to us

I doubt it would work for more than a few seconds.
No. 262968 ID: fd0da7

Thats what I thought.

Remember, Mordecai is a Legendary soul. A Legendary who most probably gained this level without the aid of "belief" like the Dragons from LoD, thus making him even more scary.

Prostine souls wouldn't be enough to keep him in hold. We need to hone our soul. We should build up belief in LoD, in Northern Mountains and in Azelhaedran state (as people strongly believe that mages are equivalent of awesome and we have established a strong persona of a great Mage).
Besides that, we must hone our soul also by conventional means.
And only then we should attempt to engage Mordecai directly.

Regardless, don't do it in front of Kyorto at least
No. 262974 ID: 9338f5

Indeed, if we must fight the Duke I nominate Trollingwood for the battle ground. no one will care if we kill the locals in the crossfire and theres nothing that would tilt the fight in his favour
No. 262982 ID: 69bee4

If we decide against exploring, id suggest we head to the Land of Dragons, first thing: talk to Dulu if hes not busy, then go and see how Bang, Keddic, and hopefully Mahklargg have dealt with training (If Mahklargg has not been asigned to do this, then go ahead and do that.) Check how Oz's school has gone, how our Deep Spawn fare, and apologize to Oz about back when we spoke into his mind with Phohn without permission. Also, regale him (and his students) some about how much DRAGON ASS YOU KICKED if their not busy.

Also if possible, find Lubu and propose the teleportation box to the true mountains concept as a form of execution we had before. Also, ask the guy if he has any hobbies and likes besides combat, I mean really, we need an activity we can do with this guy without him copying. Maybe he likes art, tea, or races? look into that.

Text for conversation with Dulu:
Ask Dulu if you can speak to him alone, mention ahead of time it’s a bit personal, but you have no idea who else to talk to. Be silent for a bit, hem and haw in discomfort

“Dulu, this is a strange question to ask I suppose. However, I have no idea where else to turn but you. With the display you saw in the mountains, Im one step closer at last to leaving this crippled body and moving on… I had always honestly viewed it as a chance for immortality before. And yet, with the failure and randomness that occurred, I sort of… saw our conversation again in the teahouse while I slept… if you can call laying awake that. What is it like Dulu? It is, so odd to think of a life… never to taste? Never to drink? Never to feel the soft breeze or truly touch upon a woman’s flesh again…. OH! OH! Deep me, Im sorry Dulu, this must come off as horribly condescending. Especially as I’m the… I’m…. sorry”

Uncomfortable silence probably follows.

“I’m sorry to do that Dulu, that probably… brought up things I should never have broached. But really, I will say in this travel, I’m glad to have such a worthy rival by my side for the moment. Something I never expected I would ever say when you stood down Ozmand and threatened something I had been working for years on. Not just because of my questions now, but because you really do seem to do right Dulu, freedom and fame can be admirable or ignoble, but you never stood on the side of a more… evil act except as you were forced to. Some would abuse the power you have, but instead you indulge an old man’s folly and trials in a far off land, seeking adventure in its purest form. So please, let me ask properly Dulu, what is it like, in the words of Dulu the Golemslayer, to be a soul in a Golems body?”

Listen to Dulu intently, nod, ask relevant questions. At some point bring up if valid. As I assume there are some parts he will mention he hates/dislikes.

“ Thank you, I can only imagine what its like, at least for now Dulu, and I would not hold it against you if you harbor resentment towards me from what you have said. Whereas I have a chance to fear and prepare… I doubt you had such freedom in your decision of that body. I… I want to confess, the day I killed your body, it was filled with malice and hatred, a foolish fire of rage that would have demanded me take your Soul into this Soul Grave and enjoy in some perverse way the torture of the fire it holds. Being older and wiser is never fully true Dulu, and instead I did cause the events where you, the Golemslayer, are now housed in a Golem. I know your freedom was probably a big deal for you… but I’ve never honestly believed I can fully forgive myself. Nor could I reasonably ask you to forgive me. Yet…
*sigh a moment, mix between forced lightheartenedness, a grim but hopeful determination, and resolve*
I know we never met face to face, and so I never got to shake your hands as my equal and rival deserved. I hope… assuming that everything goes right, whenever or if I ever fully assimilate into this golem, in a way so close to what you are now… could a handshake then be considered the same as having met face to face? Could I then, assuming you would be willing to forgive an old man, and as you have fought beside me, call you my golem brother in arms? I don’t expect any real answer, but… thank you Dulu, for easing my fears I think in part of this. Its good to know even when I leave this body and house of mine, I will not be truely alone”
No. 262986 ID: f247ab

You know, from the description of how Chaos Souls work (stealing time from other possibilities), and from the description of how True Blow, and Keddic's derivative, works (breaking the barriers between possibilities), that leads me to believe that, with sufficient Chaos, likely completely unadulterated, all possibilities would be pulled and merged into one possibilities. That would explain why Mordre, with the purely Chaotic soul, and Domintus, with the purely Chaotic body, don't exist in any other reality but this setting.

So, if that is true, then would it not suggest that Bang, with his soul becoming purely Chaotic (or is already pure Chaos), would then be obscured from Bobobo's and Figment's special nigh-omniscience, for they look into other possibilities for that nigh-omniscience, and Bnag doesn't exist, to a degree of existence (as Bang with his rapidfire Curatiomancy), in any other reality.

...I was going somewhere with this, but I forgot where. But, am I on a/the right track?
No. 262998 ID: 98203d


No, let's not do ANY of this. Forget LoD for a second, we need to focus on GIANT DoD INVASION.

Also Dulu is not 100% on our side, do not tell him anything that might give away that our soul is housed in this soul grave.
No. 263001 ID: 445c48

No. 263002 ID: f247ab

B-b-but Keddic! And Bang! They would want to have a part in the battle against the DoD!

...Though, on second thought, they are in the process of training our Rageglut platoon. Should we pull them from that duty? I don't think the Ragegluts can fit into the box, nor do they have regeneration on par with Bang (or regeneration at all)...
No. 263003 ID: 9338f5

ask them
No. 263028 ID: f247ab

So, do the noted improvements to our shoulder mounts come with schematics we can use? If they do, perhaps we can spend our afternoon modifying our mounts.

Ask who what?
No. 263030 ID: a69afd
File 12918645324.jpg - (79.69KB , 480x555 , birth-of-a-super-villain.jpg )

No. 263032 ID: 9338f5

Weather to leave Keddik and Bang training the ragegluts or have them fight along side us as we commit glorious slaughter on the DoD. We will probably start hunting the other armies in a day or two, after we nose around the ruins of the city and make the construction deepspawn and maybe a few other things. I would suggest heading to the Arcanoworks gathering up our troops and making our first air raid.

Also the Patchwork Creature is the Dukes body, not sure what to do about it. Killing it could do anything or nothing. If Kyorto finds it or learns of its connection to us it could lead to her suspecting something. I have a vague suspicion that it may act a bit like a horcrux or phylactery and that if someone to do the right thing(magic? killing it?) to the creature the MoS or our self could be crippled in some way.
No. 263055 ID: a76809

[NOPE. You have the capacity to LEARN all Deep Spawn magic. Currently, you don't know shit Deep Spawn can do, you have their innate timelessness and regeneration, that's it.]

>[3235/6=647. >458 PASS, >795 FAIL, PARTIAL BONUS]

-A set of missives. He hands them to me after noting all are in excellent condition, and I scan through them, compiling an assessment of their contents.... hm. They appear to be letters between Mordecai and several other individuals, I see titles attached to every name. Duke Elrindios of Athelens, Factor Feginion of the Golden League, General Rincewick of Duras.... High King Arcturo Fissykus of Castiliathen. The documents themselves... discuss the deployment of mages. The building of an encircling wall about the Mosmordren Empire.

These documents are about the Curse, and those involved in it. I now have names, people involved in orchestrating this event. ...But why would they be in contact with Mordecai, a Mosmordren citizen? ...I can't ask Kyorto, I can see the fanaticism in her.... so I snap the folder shut, and hand it back to Arkus.

"Some saved letters. The names involved could be of relevance, So keep that with the rest of the recovered material, alright?"
"Yeah sure, no problem."

I keep a careful eye on Kyorto, but she shows no further interest in the find-having not seen the documents themselves, she has no reason to mistrust me. ...Still, I consider the impact of all I discovered in this room... the means to flight pyromantic, the actual rune schemes for saw-rings, multiple potent gems... and now this. To hide my deep thought, I turn to the Small Tomb, and speak to Thomro.

"So, are you capable of speech?"
"Not this one. It's just one of the dozen fragments of Thomro's soul, donated on his death, it's just raw power, no thought or form to it. Saw Thomro and Merrack's monument at the chapel, then? ...Paying your respects to the empire that forged you and its heroes, I can respect that."

...New mental note: NEVER let Kyorto see the chapel, where the semi-rotted corpses of Thomro and Merrack are broken on the ground, souls in my belly.

I walk to the marble doors on our way out, the room scoured for anything to salvage. The remaining statues are cracked and broken, the paintings peeling, the mosaics falling apart. With the room and building as a whole so dilapidated, I think nothing of claiming the several hundred pounds of Black Steel bars embedded in the doors. Broken to rubble in the process, I remove the massive doors-while happily feasting, directing what I consume towards my right arm. I feel the Sable Executioner climbing, unwinding past my elbow, blade ribbons lengthening. Twenty feet becomes twenty five..... then thirty... the ribbons top out at forty feet in total length uncoiled, the Black Steel having climbed midway up my upper arm. ...Nearly there.

[Aehroahquia is reserved to be the Deep Spawn implanted in the Edge of Oblivion once Del Rogo and Arkus finish touching it up/inspecting it.]

As we start walking back down the stairs, the inbuilt runic mines too well-warded for me to shift them even indirectly with Geomancy, I speak to Kyorto again.

"Has this golem been in real battle? Before the Curse I mean."
"In border disputes, yes. Four engagements, as I recall, two of which were joint with another Soul Grave.... I forget which one. The disputes happened over a five day period, and are somewhat jumbled together to my recollection."

Ultimately, I find my thoughts turning to the State, and curiousity consumes me concerning the status of the Domintus invasion. I find that such consumes my attention far too much... and with the Duke's rooms looted, I feel now an excellent time to return with Arkus to the Azelhaedran State, to check on Eisenhardt, the Air Cavalry, the Blue Knight, the State as a whole... so much to track, I barely note myself getting in the teleportation box with Kyorto and Arkus as Burduko shifts us away. It is only when I step out of the teleportation box in the Azelhaedran State that I realize I brought Kyorto with me, a new mage to the eyes of all my other followers.... I must establish her cover here and now. Beyond that... I do not see Eisenhardt, and when I try to speak with him through Phohn I am given no response.

With eyes on me upon my sudden arrival, what should I establish with the Arcanoworks staff as Kyorto's cover, and position in my organization?
How should I check on the current status of the war?
Now that I am back in the State, what should I do here?
What message should I send to Bang and Keddic while they work to instill discipline and respect in the Metal Skulls of the Indelible?
>[Also, if someone is brave enough, I need: a 1d100 roll, a 1d1000 roll, and a 1d10000 roll. ONLY one of each, please.]
No. 263056 ID: 9338f5

Ask phone about Eisenhardts status(is his mind still out there?) and make the builder deepspawn.
No. 263060 ID: af8af2

rolled 7309 = 7309

1d10000 Rolled
No. 263061 ID: 21e57a

rolled 550 = 550

Gesture around to Kyorto. "And this would be my Arcanoworks, I named it after you, actually. One should always respect one's teacher, should they not? Well, come along, I'll show you around. This is the place I was Telling you About," old man cough. "So lets not play that age illusion on everyone. Currently at war, don't want people on edge and all that."
No. 263062 ID: af8af2

Hey Mordre, notice how you word your thoughts like a human now?
No. 263063 ID: d3dfb8

rolled 60 = 60

d100 up in this bitch
No. 263066 ID: 9338f5

>How should I check on the current status of the war?
Ask the Blue Knight, find out whats happened to Eisenhardt and as a last resort find one of Quintin's aids and get a update off of them.

Don't forget to check on the core being and set a few of our militia and possibly Derkin to watching/investigating weather or not the mages in the camp are really trying to get rid of the core being. have we asked Kyorto about it yet?
No. 263067 ID: 46c430

Considering the Paradox Knights seem to kinda be the peace keepers of the continent, keep the balance, I imagine they might have intrest in the curse and the fall of the empire... ...And we have a paradox knight in this base... ...And we have letters detailing names on people involved in the curse's making... ...Why don't we pay Reisenhardt a visit?
No. 263074 ID: f6360f

>...New mental note: NEVER let Kyorto see the chapel, where the semi-rotted corpses of Thomro and Merrack are broken on the ground, souls in my belly.
When we get a bit a free time, we should go back there and make sure it looks like the place was looted by someone else. Everything else around there is looted, after all; it wouldn't be unusual for looters to have no respect. Then we can claim that we didn't want to bring it up and upset her, since so much has already been lost.

>With eyes on me upon my sudden arrival, what should I establish with the Arcanoworks staff as Kyorto's cover, and position in my organization?
Student is obviously out, teacher puts her in a position of nominal authority over us... the best option here is simply to say that she is a very skilled mage and one of our oldest allies. It's even literally true. She gets to outrank everyone except our top people.

See what each of our hero/officer types in the Arcanoworks have been up to in turn- all we really have to do is check in with each of them, get a quick report, see if there's anything they need or want, and then move on. Shouldn't take too long and will give us a better idea of our operations here. Personally, I am particularly interested in what Dregas has been doing with trade.

Contact the Blue Knight and/or his kids and get reports on what's been going on with his forces, those prisoners, and the war in general since we were last here. Hopefully things haven't progressed too much; it hasn't been long.

It is probably a good idea to look into the Core Being, if only because we'll want to have up-to-date information on it when our meeting with the Administrator here occurs. I would strongly prefer to at least personally extend our senses around the area where it is located.

Until we have thoroughly read over all those letters, I don't want to spill the information in them to anyone else. Steal a moment or twelve to go over them carefully and figure out exactly how much coordination was going on and what Mordecai's motivations were if possible.
No. 263100 ID: 252e1b


One of our oldest surviving allies. Anyone who would sink decades into golem control systems when he and his associates were in their twilight years will be getting used to the idea of some of his friends simply dying of old age. And misadventure has always been a possibility.
No. 263109 ID: 1854db

Hey, we can say we brought Kyorto here with us because we needed some help inspecting the golem physically, and finding out exactly what it was we just did to it.

Stick with her original backstory of course.
No. 263111 ID: fd0da7

We should study the letters thoroughly.

Get information about DoD from your own people and the later from that dude who first tasked us with this mission.

Look how Air Cavalry is doing. Actually, just look around your holdings to see how the stuff is going personally.

Didn't Burduko scout the places where the DoD could cross their army?
If he isn't doing anything now, set him up with this task again
No. 263214 ID: 903f16


>With eyes on me upon my sudden arrival, what should I establish with the Arcanoworks staff as Kyorto's cover, and position in my organization?
We already established a cover for her back when she returned to life. She's a past acquaintance and colleague who's come to visit, but because finding our home is impossible and so she decided to settle for following our golem around. In the chain of command I suppose she's like Del Roga, Jezebel, or Dregas, the top of her respective division that reports directly to us.

>How should I check on the current status of the war?
Check with our men here, call up Carkiano and Eisenhardt via Phohn, and visit Quinton's keep and check with him. After that call up Ellayia on the rockie talkie and see if she happens to have any specifics on the enemy force and mainly to cancel the mage killing job, we managed to get the job done on our own. We may or may not still need the Leyline geyser depending on if Dregas is successful. If she's sunk time into the first job we'll compensate a small amount of cash as an apology for wasted time, but nothing more since she never officially took the job.

>Now that I am back in the State, what should I do here?
Aside from getting the report on the war effort we should primarily be concerned with the upcoming meeting with Weismahn. We need to be able to drop anything we plan to do in coming days in order to be at that meeting. So with that in mind I'd say we should not stray too far from the Arcanoworks unless on a specific task. Thankfully there's a wealth of things do around here, like getting updates on our many projects or upgrading ourselves with our new loot. For upgrades Arkus needs to add both the Small Tomb and mind shielding runes, Kyorto needs to network our Soul Nexuses, we need to integrate the jet pack/rocket boot and saw blade designs. Cautiously I'd suggest taking a trip to Gialgorra to acquire some robots to use in the war, but I'm hesitant because while we can leave at any time through the teleportation box we might get the call and rushing off on the guy wouldn't be too nice.

>What message should I send to Bang and Keddic while they work to instill discipline and respect in the Metal Skulls of the Indelible?
We're in the Azelhaedran State to continue our work here until Lubu has another mission for us, it's probably going to be a lot of logistics and diplomatic dealings so they don't need to worry about missing anything. We've left a little help for them in the form of Mahklargg, our new training Deep Spawn. If they don't feel like they need his help right now send him back here and we will use him on the troops in the Arcanoworks. Other than that they should keep in mind that these guys will need to be able to handle dragons and potentially legendary warriors later on, so focus on things like giant and hero slaying once the basics are down.
No. 263244 ID: 35bba5

This is all pretty sensible stuff, I agree.
No. 263285 ID: 45be60

I want to make sure we tell Bang and Keddic that this new training deep spawn is not there because we don't think they can handle the job job. He is there to pick up slack if they need to scamper off for a while. He is officially their subordinate in that hierarchy.
No. 263289 ID: a76809

"And here we have Kyogrock Arcanoworks, where I labor in the State. Please, feel free to make yourself at home, it's been ages since last we met! I won't squander a chance to pick your brain yet again, Kyorto!"
"You will have to wait, as even if you haven't noticed,
Your entire staff is watching me-did you even tell them I was coming?"
"..Ah... must have slipped my mind, To give them advance warning. Easily corrected though!"

I turn without pause or hesitation towards the amassed crowd, Dregas, Derkin, all those I call ally intermingled, as well as the two Paradox knights, warrior and mount alike, are all paying close attention to what I say.

"So, this is Mage Kyorto, an old colleague of mine. She agreed to come visit the Azelhaedran State, And will be assisting our efforts to restore justice and safety to the land. I would see her treated with every bit as much respect as Arkus, And assumed to have every bit the equal to his authority."

I assess the crowd as I deliver my act, looking for a response to my presented ruse.

>[D10000 roll for audience level of trust. Trust level: Liked and Respected. PASS]
>[D1000 roll for Arcanoworks leaders (Derkin/Dregas/Ulzrick/Vespinto/Elorrika/Jezebel/Del Rogo level of trust. Trust level: Moderate. PASS]
>[D100 Roll for Reinhardt/Kyrchesia level of trust. Trust level: Accepting. FAIL]

I see the delight on the faces of locals, that cultural heritage of respecting mages coming to my aid here, as nearly all of them start deferentially bowing in greeting, presuming her a master mage based on her association with me. With Air Cavalry, my smiths and clerical assistants, my cooks and farmers all so enthused, I have nothing to worry about there. Dregas simply nods thoughtfully, Ellorika seems violently pleased with the change, Vespinto disinterested and Ulzrick mildly confused. Del Rogo's gnarled face is still twisted in its perpetual scowl, and Jezebel merely huffs as she wrinkles her nose. Derkin is the only one that looks askance at Kyorto, but he glances my way and shrugs before bowing with the rest-I do not think I need worry about suspicion amongst my commanders. Yet while Arkus leads Kyorto into the huddle of people, making introductions and matching names to faces, I see Kyrchesia and Reinhardt still standing, still watching. Reinhardt raises a metal hand, and beckons towards me before he leaves with Kyrchesia for the stables. I excuse myself from the meet and greet as discreetly as I am physically capable of being (read: Not very). Nonetheless I shortly find myself secluded with the two Knights in the stables, away from prying ears. Reinhardt is as brusque as ever.

"Twas twaddle thou fed thine followers- That was no mage thou returned with!"
"Truthfully, Mordre told no lie, You know this as well as I, And that 'tis indeed a mage, Whatever else it may be."
"Which is exactly the problem! What is the nature of thine ally? Speak!"
"Someone dead for more than a decade, Finally given the chance to see the world again, To live again-would you take that from her? As she is now, she could not ward her soul: Rather than persisting as she did before, She would perish as all souls eventually must."
"Thou does not know this for certain."
"Maybe. But had I not brought her, I would not have found what I did. I don't suppose the Order would be interested in the names of those involved, In orchestrating and initiating the Curse?"

I take satisfaction from the complete lack of response from either Knight, both agog at my nonchalant comment. Kyrchesia is the first to break the silence.

"...What would you ask of us, In exchange for the rights to those names?"
"Well really I want Kyorto to not have a hard time integrating here-"
"You canno-"
"Well, Arkus has the documents, the letters in question. Ask him, and he'll let you read them-I do need to keep them, As I have research of my own to do."
"Acceptable. ...We will need to speak with you, After we evaluate the letters and communicate our findings to the rest of the Order."
"Yes... do not think this over... Anathema."
Kyrchesia simply shakes her head as she trots into a stall, while Reinhardt walks away, back out of the stables. After a moment, I follow after, thinking of my next move.

Phohn, what do you know of Eisenhardt's status?
The Mortal lives, but is surrounded in so many forms of barriers a message cannot be sent. There is too much interference, much of which is magnetomantic.
Well, he's alive and well for the moment, so that's all I really need to know.

...Again I find myself considering my act as Mage Mordre: I noticed before the affectations of human thought processes was beginning to bleed through, but it seems to have built momentum. It has been so long since I spent a sizable portion of time unfettered by the need to deceive that the concept of open living seems almost alien in comparison. ...I shall have to keep an eye on this.

I speak through Phohn again, this time to Senth, still in the southern lands with the Blue Knight and his family. After checking in to find Senth perfectly happy monitoring the prisoners, he gives me an update on the Blue Knight:

-Carkiano, Vonjeen and Valiria are all doing well, currently organizing recovery efforts in the wake of the recently squashed southern invasion.
-The few thousand prisoners have ceased to attempt escape by any means whatsoever.
-The Blue Knight armor is performing optimally once more, something Carkiano is immensely grateful for.
-The Blue Devil armor is being thoroughly tested with its new safety buffer: Vonjeen has twice now been able to get the suit to hover for several seconds, with purely Orderfire providing thrust.
-Trade is beginning to pick up as the seized armaments of the Domintus forces are liquidated, and the currency put towards funding the recovery.

Next I commune with Lorgk, Mingsk, Jojo, Uggrokk and Oggroth alike, looking for a comprehensive analysis of their current status. I get it.

-Prior negotiations successfully completed, the now thousand strong Drazken clan sets its sights on absorbing yet another clan, Lorgk intent on making the Drazken Clan into a Grand Tribe.
-Uggrok's new arm has been proving incredibly deadly, and he has earned the title Reaping Thunder Shadow. His name quickly joined Lorgk and Oggroth's, those three forming a Trio that have become well-known throughout the mountains.
-Jojo has been spending a great deal of time with Heol, aiding her in learning to control her soul with applied Dream magic techniques.
-Mingsk has been stay in constant contact with Dorgrum, and reports the compiling of every known piece of Premen magic into the Universal Magic Language is finally complete.

Lastly I call on Bang and Keddic, explaining that an old friend came knocking at the State, and that I have much I need to attend to here for now. After assuring me they could use another day or eight to continue working with the Metal Skulls, they likewise give me a brief rundown on recent events after throwing in a thanks for sending the Deep Spawn training aide:

-Lubu has taken to wearing his modified armor that drains his strength all the time now, and refuses to carry a weapon anymore.
-Reports place both the Coalition and Goujar on the move once more.

Fully up to date on all my other holdings, I send a message to Arkus, both about my talk with the Paradox Knights, and my desire to implement the Soul Grave modifications I found. I see his steps falter for a brief instant as the message is recieved before I set to seeking out my individual commanders, and learning of how they fare while Arkus prepares, and Kyorto continues to build on her resoudningly positive reception, a natural actor.

-I speak with Dregas, to learn that shipping with Burduko has been drawing ENORMOUS profits, not just for being cheaper, but for being instantaneous. He has increased the pay to all Arcanoworks staff, and still continues to show massive profits. He says I should breach the million mark barrier in less than a month.
-Derkin confides that he would like some personalized magic weapons, throwing knives, machetes, or kukris preferred, with stealth-based armor. He admits he has been told he lacks the brilliance or drive to become a truly potent soul, and so would like some external assistance to bring his game closer to what he's witness from Keddic and Bang. He also says he doesn't really have anything more to teach the three commanders he has been training, and now delegates duties to them regularly.
-Vespinto and Ulzrick both don't have much to comment on currently, but Ellorika confronts me with several requests for modifications to her Golem Armor. I direct her to speak with Kyorto and Arkus about the subject, Jezebel and Del Rogo liekwise people to seek out.

Kyorto continues to draw attention, and I see Arkus finally making his way to the tower entrance. He shuffles inside with his armloads of papers and carefully wrapped gems, and nods towards me as he scuttles up the stairs. I follow after him, finding him already at his desk, carefully laying out the salvaged sketches, notes and schematics alongside multiple open books, all on runecrafting. I even see those few designs for Soul Grave cannon modifications amongst the arranged documents. Arkus speaks as he continues to shuffle and 'organize' his mounds of reference.

"Okay so you may recall me mentioning that after I modified your cannons that first time, any further rune-alterations to the armaments would take even longer because I have to erase runes? Well that applies here. If it weren't for the fact that I kinda have to do your right shoulder armament first, I'd say the comprehensive thruster package is the faster of the two, and that we should start with it. ...As is, yes I do think I can make this happen, but... a cycle to erase and reset your shoulder runes, at least two days to re-rune with Mordecai's mods, and another three days to inscribe all the thruster codes on your body. So we're probably looking at half a month here. Unless you have some idea to make this go faster. I know you pull ideas out of your a-....You come up with solutions in improbable situations. Now would be a good time, unless you LIKE being out of commission that long. You seem to have a few too many obligations nowadays to put that much time aside. ...So, what's the plan?"

How do I respond to Arkus?
Do I have any ideas on how to make the modifications more streamlined?
Should I even go through with it now (Is flight and mass-magnetic lens manipulation worth it)?
What should be my focus for the next day or so, if I don't start getting the mod now?
>[Any ideas for how to make the mods go faster can be accompanied by a d1000 roll, with higher than average rolls providing bonuses to effectiveness of plans. ...Bad rolls are not helpful, as a forewarning.]
No. 263297 ID: a69afd

No longterm mods right now, far too much stuff to take care of at the moment. I may have a gameplan for assaulting the disciples, but we need to find and invite the various Azelhaedran state units to discuss this at length. The most important thing to focus on at this moment is making sure Kyorto does NOT find out about what we just did.
No. 263298 ID: d3dfb8

I may not have any suggestions for how to speed it up, but we may as well complete something else while we wait.

Head over to the plot of land we rented from Gialgorra and construct a fortress with geomancy. But only use our soul to power the spell. Encouraging growth and whatnot!
No. 263300 ID: 45be60

The ability to manufacture additional saw blades would be very nice, especially with a higher capacity storage canister. But independent flight seems much less important given the plethora of options at our disposal these days. For now, I don't think it would be worthwhile.
No. 263302 ID: d0d015

I say we should get the mod, starting RIGHT NOW.
No. 263305 ID: d4f98d

rolled 121 = 121

"I can make my body more malleable utilizing Blood Magic and magnetomancy, but I fear that would do nothing to erase the magical signature of the current runes, correct? I could then attempt to annul their magics myself.

Or, perhaps I could create something to help in this task. Or perhaps I already have."

Nihilino's domain involves negation/erasure, correct? Couldn't he serve to aid in erasing the runes?

If not, we could try making the following:

Gantzio embodies the concept of MUTABILITY, it's form revolving around SHIFTING and NULLIFICATION.
No. 263307 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, and once we finish that we should make full scale statues of the runed golems we have seen so far, complete with accurate runes. Arkus should study these, and learn him some runes.
No. 263309 ID: fd0da7

Summon Bobobo
Use him to his full extent to gain information to make modifications faster/better. Let Arkus use him too.

Since we have learned a bit about Rune magic, try to help as much as we can.

Also, summon Akeakam and use his abilities on Arkus so that he can work better. Tell Oz that we need him for a while, he should understand.

>-Derkin confides that he would like some personalized magic weapons, throwing knives, machetes, or kukris preferred, with stealth-based armor.

Since we don't have time to personally go and search for artifacts, give him permission to acquire these stuff himself with our funds. He can travel to Gialgorra islands and LoD if he wants to (Phohn will provide translation)
Tell him to get funds from Dregas. I suggest he get enough funding for very high quality products.

Also, about the mods:
I am more interested in new Vanguard mod. And not for its increased storage, mind you but for the ability to forge those runed blades ourself. Tell Arkus to focus on that (again, use Bobobo for maximum effect)

Also, get the Shade of Soul rune inscribed on our scalp.
No. 263311 ID: 35bba5

rolled 237 = 237

That wasn't a great roll, and I'm concerned that if we go with that plan Nihilino will erase all our runes or something rather than just the ones we want erased. The AA is partially rune based. So here is an alternate and probably not nearly as good plan, which hopefully will roll better.
We postpone the modifications for now, and start gathering stuff we can trade to Weismahn. Hit up Gialgorra for as many different technological doodads as we can get from him. If after doing that Weismahn still isn't ready for the meeting, we hop on Nidhogg and strafe the DoD, try and grab some prisoners. Anyone wearing metal armor would be a good target. Stick em all together and fly off with them. When we meet with Weismahn, we ask for Deep Spawn help with getting the modifications done in exchange for the prisoners/technology.
No. 263312 ID: fd0da7

Also, tell Dregas to start investing money in various different ventures in different regions.

Like, making factories and manifacturies.
Buying up and setting up various mines throughout the regions.
Setting up massive plantations of different cultures.


[I can't think of more for now, maybe some other players could suggest something proper?]
No. 263315 ID: ef70d7

No. 263320 ID: 445c48

Pay Del Rogo to make some neat stuff for Derkin.

Flight's not quite as important as the magnetic lenses, would putting off the thrusters get us the magnets quicker?
No. 263356 ID: d3dfb8

rolled 976 = 976

Well, we formed runes on ourselves before but they didnt work. Maybe we could try it now and have Arkus do whatever it is that needs to be done to activate them or something.
No. 263380 ID: d4f98d

That was a method of testing unknown runes, and could only be done on the chest area as I recall.
No. 263387 ID: 903f16


>How do I respond to Arkus?
"When you find yourself in as many improbable situations as I do you must learn to find improbable solutions in an improbable amount of time. Speaking of such situations, it strikes me that we have not traveled together in a long time. Considering we will be spending a lot of time idle here would you care for me to regale you with tales of my recent adventures?"

>Do I have any ideas on how to make the modifications more streamlined?
Well since we seem to be on a kick about using allies to help us, why not try Jojo? As I recall we know Souldreamers can add runes like the one's added to Bang by Figment. It stands to reason they can also remove runes. Jojo has considerable skill with his magic and while he stated previously creating things with Souldreaming was difficult, this is more of an alteration. Considering he has been making progress with his Staff of Dreams and has likely been mostly altering existing materials like he did with the wood he used as a base he should be both more powerful and practiced at technique I am suggesting. This isn't so much a way to work around the problem so much as it is a way to speed up the mechanical process of removing the runes and readding, though if Jojo has the skill maybe he could find a way to allow Arkus to add the runes without needing to remove them first.

>Should I even go through with it now (Is flight and mass-magnetic lens manipulation worth it)?
Are you kidding me? Of course it's worth it! What we've done with the magnetic lenses prior to this is simply spectacular. Imagine what kind of things we could do when we had a replenishing source and dozens more to command at a time. And flight? There have been many a time where flying could have made our tasks so much easier and in combat it'd give us more mobility and speed. If we've learned anything from fighting it's that mobility and speed are rather important to have.

>What should be my focus for the next day or so, if I don't start getting the mod now?
You're getting those mods, but if you have free time during the process keep memorizing books. That and by practicing any magic you can while they work on you or assisting them in any way you magically can.

>Predictions I am going make after creating the summary for thread four.
Digging around the attack on Gialgorra's mansion you notice a couple of things. For one both Mordre and Gialgorra remark at the oddly high quality of the attacker's materials that contrasts with their poorly orchestrated attack. This means that the people who carried out the attack had an employer or employers with access to considerable resources. Then there is the odd case of the Small Tomb operators soul, which was destroyed upon his death rather than being reclaimed or being eaten. There was no evidence Sofiazza's weapon did this and in the times we've seen Geodiaz attack his weapon did not seem to zap Dregas of his soul. This leads me to believe that the Small Tomb operator was under the employ of someone who could utilize Soul magic and did not wish his soul to escape. This of course leads one to think Weinsho. This is supported by the fact that Weinsho is known to have access to small Tombs or the ability to create them, which is quite believable considering he is both a Soul mage with no regard for law and a war hero who could have taken many as trophies. Gialgorra believed this to be the work of two parties however, and the runed Clay Golem and it's operator did seem like separate from the Small Tomb's. So who else stands to gain something by attacking Gialgorra and has a large amount of resources? Well I can only think of one other, Diomand. Perhaps it was a deal forged between the two employers or even the hire-es, but whatever the case it seems as if they attacked perhaps because they thought we would be dueling the Steam Golem at the moment and could take out Mage Wendelin and her golem before finishing off the survivor of the duel. From this wide tapestry of very shaky speculations I predict that in the future Diomand and Weinsho may collaborate again to attack us or that with Gialgorra's penchant for keeping thieves away he may have routed out Diomand as a corrupt official and when we return he will no longer hold office.

The leylines have been described as the blood vessels of the Caged One. We know that leylines are essentially the system, where the Caged One's power and energy bound within. What we observe in thread four is that leylines are only located in large landmasses, leaving islands like those that Gialgorra inhabits devoid of them or maybe as Keddic stated only have withered ones. We've also learned since then that the Caged One subsumes the souls of those who die allowing him to grow in power. So with this is mind I hypothesize that leylines require large and continuous amounts of death to occur over an area to sustain themselves. Islands have very weak to no leylines and oceans absolutely none because they are not conducive to creating a regular amount of death on that scale. In an island there is a limit to the amount of population it can sustain, this means that there are only so many that can die within a period of time. Leylines do not exist at all in oceans due to the storm and if one passed it, it would require large scale naval battles to occur over areas of ocean repeatedly, a rather unlikely prospect. So I predict that should a massive and continual conflict arise on the island between two multiple large collectives, like Gialgorra's nation and another, that the leylines about the area may grow in strength.
No. 263389 ID: ddd48d
File 129198034139.jpg - (160.05KB , 1130x1686 , DuluRapper.jpg )

Its..its so simple! Even if this doesn't work on the parts with runes already, we can try it elsewhere I suppose, see what happens and all that.

I don't think we need rocket boosters at this time, we can teleport and we have a giant dragon, I think we can manage for awhile, until we think of some way to speed it up, or to get us a surrogate body to use for command while our "fighting body" is out of commission.
Hey! What if we get a little surrogate body built for situation like that, meant only to continue contact between "Mage Mordre" while his main Golem is being modified or something? A little humanoid that allows us to still meet people "in person".
No. 263390 ID: 903f16

rolled 283 = 283


I suppose I should roll for this idea too.
No. 263393 ID: 252e1b

rolled 121 = 121

Runes are magic writing, sometimes inlaid with precious metals. What if Mordre inlaid his current set of runes with morphic metal so that, with his blood magic, he could force the runes to rest under his skin? Then he could have multiple sets of runes and could switch between them as needed through blood magic.
No. 263394 ID: 252e1b

rolled 155 = 155

In fact, instead of using morphic metal for the inlay why not use it to make an entire skin for Mordre? Other Soul Graves have layered defenses too, there's no reason why Mordre shouldn't have several layers of skins, morphic or ferrous, each with their own set of runes.
No. 263395 ID: 69bee4

Before we do anything involving the rune making, WE NEED TO FIND AND HUG OUR PET TREE CONGLOMERATION MOSS (or something less lethally equivalent)! I mean it must be lonely.

During this potential incapacitation time, we need to send scouts out to explore the area, preferably with Moss. As Bobobo put it for Leyline Geysers: "The more land-locked, and the more war-torn, the better. Maximize chances of happening upon a recently sprouted geyser to claim"

Well, the state is actually a rather war-torn area, and its land locked (I believe), with not being exactly at the sea near the islands.

In addition, when making the Chapter 3 Summary I came across alot of info on Moss, and can make a prediction now.

Consider Morde and Moss, both are relative unknowns as to what they really are, both seem to consume the things they are 'made of' (Morde is a Soul Parasite, Moss eats 'World magic' and kill plant matters). As Such, I think Moss is a form of World Parasite, similar to how Morde is one of soul. It explains the bonding of the two, and also, if chaos biased, why Moss feared the Immortal Genocide upon meeting.

Furthermore, It then follows that if this is correct, why only World and Soul parasites? There are likely to be parasites for other 'fields' of magic, Blood probably being nearly a literal leech upon blood, and Will... well, being a bit harder for me to think of.
No. 263397 ID: 9338f5

dont forget to make the construction deepspawn
No. 263450 ID: e5b1bf

rolled 311 = 311

Um, since it seems like that damaging the rune doesn't exactly destroy the rune instantly, but causes a cascade failure, perhaps use Magnetomancy to erase the runes and then activate FEASTING VESTMENTS to consume the free magic formerly bound to the runes floating around within our form.

Also, use the time while Arkus is runing to learn some runecrafting; perhaps Mordre could dedicate all the casting points to generate magic energy, binding that to the runes and thereby empowering them beyond what Arkus can do alone?
No. 263451 ID: f2e624

>A lot of bad rolls

We might want to drop the idea of modifications till we have a lot of free time to do them (like the time when we spent weeks on AA)

Major things we have to deal with:
-Lenryts LoD quest
-DoD invasion

We should be careful not to put more stuff on that list till we deal with them.
No. 263466 ID: 35bba5

mind worms.
No. 263480 ID: f2e624

Oh, let me try a shot at getting a PS.
It's fairly short and obvious but I think it hits the criteria:

Since we learned of Bangs tale in Despardos we can predict some stuff of it.

So, when Bang rescued those two Masked warriors we learned that his father, Boom, has been causing a huge racket in the land, by killing and taking Masks from Fallen Warriors and Masked Warriors alike.
During the conversation in the bar we deliberately let everyone around hear it and even participate a bit. As the contolled minions were from all over the place and now that they all returned to their homes no doubt the tale of Bang and his exploits has spread through all of Despardos(especially how he killed several Fallen Warriors and took their masks).
Eventually this will get to the ears of Boom. He will do doubt will want to get those masks from his son and as soon as Bang returns to Despardos, confront him about it.
No doubt, Bang will refuse and this will lead to battle. I am sure Bang would love to test his strength against his old man, and from what I hear about Boom, he wouldn't mind also.
Though I am alarmed by the fact that Boom never leaves his foe alive. Ever.
While Bang is pretty much awesome, his trek to his homeland could potentially be his last.
So we should go with him the next time, to make sure that he doesn't die.
No. 263495 ID: f247ab

Yes, I agree that when we go for attacks on DoD, we take Moss with us.
No. 263508 ID: 69bee4

Some thoughts:

the Sqoat from way back in Thread 1 seemed to disappear and turn into the rock we eventually fed Moss, and seemed to have affected Arkus.

In response to 'is this your native form' it tapped three times. To me this means either: The question is meaningless, or its part of something larger. However, by its leeching World magic constantly, I suspect it may have something to do with the Caged One. Or maybe even moreso, be a shifting part of it sent to help us when we needed it. As such, I predict that if left unattended, this could go very poorly for Moss (even possibly possession), as the rock likely still retains some form of control from the Caged One.

We have messed up alot of Weinsho's plans; however, one we may haver overlooked was that Weinsho was supplying the Arcanoworks at first before we took over. Consider the Hand Cannon as a gun with some properties similar to the Anti-Golem cannon, the Morphic metal being similar to Soul Grave metal and being used to make Dulu, and that Weinsho with Dulu essentially made a custom tailored golem (that is essentially a Small Tomb) in very little time. Weinsho was also very involved on the attack against Mosmorden on the Castellan side.

Consider that Weinsho seems to have stolen alot of the Soul Grave and Small Tomb technology, but that the Soul Furnace is probably the most elusive part that divides Small Tombs from Soul Graves.

Does it not follow that in fact Weinsho, as a Soul Mage may be attempting something quite large for Eisenhardt a powerful mage,and probably nobility to join in for a form of greater good? What if we are not the only ones annoyed with how inept and cruel the state could be? Why was there so much death caused by Balboa the Butcher for so little reason?

Particularly, why would Eisenhardt betray a friend who gave him his first set of armor, through Verther? However, if Eisenhardt is nobility, and Del Roga is as big as they say, this axe of his may have the profile of many Noble and Political houses.

How about if left alone, that Weinsho plans on large scale government assassination, and to eventually reclaim the production of Soul Graves as part of his army? (plus use of their tech on smaller scale)

We know that Lerynt eats souls, and we know that primarily she seems to be waiting for Maginova to occur (likely with the intent of eating this planet). However, if the Waunderer is a planet eater, why is she causing war and eating such relatively puny souls?

It could very well be, on the cosmic scheme of things, the Waunderer is in an extremely weak state and near death. Although likely finding some amusement in the politics and games she can play, she seems to be willing to go through alot of effort to make sure things play out here way through indirect means, to try and not upset or kill as much of the Coil except when she must, and not be directly involved. As a trans-dimensional entity of such enormity, this seems odd.

And so, if this is the case, it seems to follow in the broader scheme of things, whatever we are doing with Lubu via Lerynt's commands will likely play out to hasten the destruction/Maginova of the World. As if her need is desperate enough to be forced to use such indirect means, including possession of a small girl (not a forced possession even, but a seemingly willing one), this means her needs are dire.
No. 263544 ID: 28c688

Need time?
Fake a heart attack.
No. 263545 ID: a76809

rolled 39 = 39

>[Bunch of good plans, grea-]
>[THOSE ROLLS (barring one good one)]
>[Alright then...]

I tell Phohn to have Akeakam and Bobobo moved to the teleport cage on the Gialgorran Isles, before speaking to Arkus.

"We shall move to the Gialgorran Islands, I have tasks I can attend to while you work, Building a suitable outpost on location. Deep Spawn will join us to aid your efforts, One to recover your stamina, magical or otherwise, Another to act as runic reference material, A living compendium of information. It will also give Kyorto time to settle in, Without potentially butting heads with you."
"Well consider me sold. So I guess I'm getting in that box outside? Seems to be your Tractomancy base item, for that wind guy-by the way, what was up with that change, it-later, later. Okay, lead the way, I have to gather up these documents anyway."

I speak through Phohn to Dregas, telling him to aid Derkin in acquiring high quality magical equipment as I wait a few moments as Arkus partly finishes gathering things, starting only when he is seconds from completion. Before reaching the first floor I call upon Phohn yet again, this time asking for Burduko to bring Jojo to join Akeakam and Bobobo in awaiting our arrival. We march down the stairs as I have Phohn call Burduko once more to the State teleportation box, and as we exit the tower we are met with distorted, mutely whipping winds coiled vortexes meeting in Burduko's hollow form as he patiently awaits us. I see more than a few of the staff turning to look again upon my creation, intrigued as they see the scope of his change. I swing the doors shut behind Arkus and I with Magnetomancy, and the world shifts in a fractioned instant as I re-open them almost immediately. Arkus simply quirks an eyebrow as he looks at our new surroundings, then sighs as he begins picking out spots to lay down paperwork as he spots Bobobo and Akeakam, clearly connecting them with my prior mention as his eyes linger for a moment on Jojo's surly presence. ...Arkus does NOT see Heol, who seems to be accompanying Jojo... interesting.

I leave him to his preparation as I begin casting out my senses innate and magical into a detailaed analysis of my surroundings, trying to draw only on my new soul as I slowly begin sending out Geomantic and Magnetomantic feelers into the environment, as I plot transforming this cave into an impregnable bastion. Ideas whirl in my head of how to best assist Arkus in his work, as I likewise realize I will be in much heavier contact with Phohn for the coming days as I monitor my empire. Still, the sooner I do what I plan during my absence, the sooner I can benefit from it. ....If I can accomplish this before my impending clashes, with Weinsho, Domintus, the Pure Lady, the Anti-Lubu Coalition and Goujar to name a few, I will be in a far better position.

I take a moment to consider some final issues that have been bothering me for a time. First I consider that attack I helped vanquish in my first trip to Gialgorra's manse. The place I found Wootz steel, my sword, Zagrath's soul... the attack held several things of note. For one, the equipment of the attackers did not match their displayed competence, suggesting they were likely part of an organization, or under the employ of someone with considerable resources. Further, what happened to the attack leader's soul seems suspiciously like Soul magic in my reflection, and could easily be something a Soul Mage would be capable of. Lastly.... the attention they paid to my COULD have been due not just to my being a Soul Grave... but because they represent someone I've encountered before. A Soul mage I've butted shoulders with considerable resources and an inclination to tactical use of subordinates.... Weinsho. This in and of itself is not that surprising, and I feel as if I already half knew it. What matters is the impact it has on how the second set of opportunists are evaluated. Before I had taken them as part of a collective attack. ...Now, I must think them seperate. The Clay Golem does not match what I know of Weinsho, and the two groups seemed oddly too capable at playing unaware of eachother before the ambush. I suspect they may genuinely have been a second raiding party. On an intuitive leap, I presume them to be funded by Diomand. His position of relative wealth appropriating seized goods from the port stores and established negative relations with Gialgorra would certainly make him a likely suspect... as would Gialgorra's wrathful retort. If Diomand yet lives, he is either imprisoned or has fled the islands.... but if he DID flee, I feel Weinsho would be sure to pick up on a resourceful individual likewise inclined to wish me dead. ....I foresee Weinsho and Diomand working in concert against me, and in that moment I feel a third Pristine Soul join the remaining two in my Soul Furnace. ....I am correct, then.


My thoughts then turn towards the nature of leylines themselves, and their relations to landmass. Perhaps their connection is just a facade, the landmass a byproduct of the real cause. I have been considering what I learned, that the Caged One feeds on the unclaimed souls of the dead as they unravel over time.... but how does he feed? Could it not be done through the system itself? This would perfectly explain why leylines are not to be found beneath oceans, and only withered examples seen on the islands: The amount of death claiming soul-bearers is simply not high enough to support a larger System. ....But it would more pertinently mean that if Gialgorra continues to expand as Dregas has informed me, he could well become involved in large enough amounts of bloodshed that the local System could be empowered.... I feel there is more to this thought, but I cannot find that Moment of Inspiration just yet.


I recall how happy Moss was to see me... and how quickly I left, and returned only to leave before even stopping by to see him. I likewise consider those times he ran off on his own, and his connection to World Magic... I wonder if he is so designed to live off it that he could be classified as a World Parasite.... making me a Soul Parasite. Could that explain our bound? More importantly, could Moss sense Leylines are I sense souls? I speak through Phohn, instructing Derkin to organize long range patrols with Moss taking the lead, and to explain to Moss my desire for him to find Leylines.

And so I take a step out of direct contact with the busy world, and let those that serve my interests carry on without me.

.....................................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: OGGROTH THE MOUNTAIN EATER] .....................................................................

It is dusk, and I prowl.

Unlike my brethren, born and made Drazken warriors alike gathered about me, I have no need for heavy furs, for shelter from this biting wind and dense hail we are subjected to. Save my loincloth nothing protects me from the elements save my own strength.

And I am the stronger.

I calmly survey the snowy landscape below, where Ugrokk is meeting with another clan Lorgk, Delroy and Mingsk wanted to consider for assimilation... their name escapes me. I see the glint of Ugrokk's southern armor, his marvelous metal arm spotless. He gestures, he shows the appropiate levels of respect in his stance....

And I see weapons being turned upon him and his escort, the Sons of Mordr, likewise garbed in gleaming armor. The alien gleam they carry that has worked so well in making powerful first impressions seems to backfire on them now, as even under the turbulent weather's pall, the whole tribe begins to turn out, armed and howling in instants.

Well then.

I open my mouth and suck in a deep breath, my belly bulging further and further out as my spine arches back, before I snap forward and roar my challenge, the snow before me quaking and shivering as I lead the charge, four hundred of the Drazken Clan's warriors at my back in our frenzied charge down the mountainslope. Our trampling footfall and my thundering howl turn our assault into a pellmell avalanche, with us both riding and running from the snowy waves in our wake. We smash into the tribal village like the implacable military force Lorgk wishes us to be, as we come to Ugrokk's aid.

I heft my wrecking ball and hammer, muscles knotting as I toss the orb high with one hand, sweeping an arm back wide as I look for a target. Hmm... I see a smattering of elders, senior warriors and mages with the look of authority I could put a hole in... I see several igloos that bear the look of being difficult to build that could do with a solid smashing.... I see warriors all about Ugrokk and the sons of Mordre, and while I know them capable, our combined assault could strike fear unparalleled in them.

What should I target with my wrecking ball?
How brutal should we be in our retaliation against this village?
Once we're done here, what should we do, report back to Mordreden or seek out another candidate for joining Drazken (Ugrokk does have a list of names memorized)?
>[I need someone to roll for Oggroth, a 1d120, and someone to roll for Ugrokk, a 1d110. These are to be pitted against my 1d100 roll for the village.]
No. 263547 ID: 9338f5

damn it, right before the time skip would have been a perfect time for the construction deepspawn.
No. 263548 ID: 28c688

>Local System could be empowered

Make it know that you are interested in being an Admin over this region in the event that the system grows to require one.

You are going to be an admin my boy

If it is assimilation you seek, it would be good to not destroy anything of importance or anything hard to rebuild.

Instead I suggest that you place a giant, magic-hammer fueled hole in the enemy lines, taking out anyone who begins to attack.

If the elders make no move to strike or prepare, leave them.

As you attack, you can call out something along the lines of 'you will pay for this insult against us. If you stand against us you will fall, if you wish to live then surrender your arms, etc'

Though knowing the Preman sense of honour, that will only make them fight all the more, and we do not want to replace Goran as a tyrant.

What would make a Preman stop fighting sans death?
Insults? No
Threats to family? No
Threat of death? Unlikely
Beating them into submission without slaying them? Difficult, but yes.

So here is what I think.
Retaliate, strike those who make to strike you and if they can be dispatched without death then do so.
That way you have more left alive to assimilate.

If the battle drags on, you can always do the 'let your champions fight each other' deal so that you do not destroy each other.
No. 263549 ID: 69bee4

rolled 37 = 37

Ugrokk, I believe in you, and that awesome new arm you have! show them the power of a magnum opus WITH 3x Power temporarily power!
No. 263550 ID: a69afd

rolled 74 = 74

Give em hell Oggroth. Attack the warriors surrounding Ugrokk. Once a team, always a team
No. 263552 ID: d3dfb8

Taking out the elders means they have no leadership. If a clan has no leadership, it is no clan. Once the elders are dead the warriors and makers will have no choice but to join another clan, or die with a dead one. Meaning they will join the Drazken clan.
Kill the leaders, expand the clan.
No. 263553 ID: 4a996f

the senior warriors obviously, you can assimilate souls and need to compete with the Uggrock.
No. 263554 ID: 4a996f

What should I target with my wrecking ball?
the senior warriors or elders to break their leadership.

How brutal should we be in our retaliation against this village?
do not damage any useful structures and reward loyal villagers once this is done.

Once we're done here, what should we do, report back to Mordreden or seek out another candidate for joining Drazken (Ugrokk does have a list of names memorized)?
go back to Mordreden but only after securing this village
No. 263556 ID: f247ab

>Death/souls empower the System
Huh, does that mean part of the reason why Eldghodd wants living mortals is that he can shore up the part of the System he oversees and maintains with the living flesh and souls of the mortals. I'm not quite sure that is correct, with the dead flesh (though flesh, living or dead, as Bang proved, contains magic that can be used, though of much less quantities than living or freshly dead) inclusion to the deal.

>Oggroth the Mountain Eater, not the Hungry Mountain
That must be just another title that basically equates to the same thing, and not another untidy appellate that should be added to the wiki...

Onto more relevant matters, the targets, I suppose would be more fear than anything else. The more Premen that survive are the more Premen that can join the Drazken. Therefore, fear-evoking actions are best (though I don't know exactly what to suggest; the only concrete action I can suggest is that perhaps striking the snow upon the ground with the ball to create a wave of snow, relatively harmless, but also concealing - use Phohn to alert Ugrokk to our intentions; silent and almost unblockable communication is awesome - for Ugrokk and the Sons of Mordre to attack, with all-but-Ugrokk screaming at the top of their lungs as they emerge charging, along with us and the warriors behind us, from the wave of snow. Ugrokk would be felling, invisible and using electrical attacks to evoke lots of fear with the invocation of his title, charismatic people who might be able to inspire the warriors to withstand the charge, and we would be sucking in the floating snow, as a demonstration and reminder of our title). Though it would fit more into Premen behavior to just kill and eat all the warriors (if that happens, make sure to eat the souls; if Oggroth can't do that, then why hasn't he approached the shamans already to learn how to see and affect disembodied souls, as that would drastically give Oggroth's capabilities a boost), and force the makers and surviving shamans, I guess, into joining the clan.

Also, be on the watch for Yetis; even if they have been quiet of late, it is not surety that they shall no longer trouble us; especially now with Kyorto gone, as she is not here to utilize her experience with illusions to identify when Yetis are near and to break them.

So on pretty much a complete tangent to the current pov, does the fact that Mordre's soul is comprised partially of Deep Spawn, and that Mordre is a budding Administrator (how does that work out? Phohn was addressing Mordre as Administrator before Mordre made the soul...), mean Mordre, whether it is the soul or the body, is producing Blood and World energy naturally (like as observed in Dorgrum) and therefore the body is becoming saturated with Administrator Blood Iron (i.e. the existant Blood Iron is being converted into Administrator Blood Iron because of the energy saturation).
No. 263593 ID: f2e624

Can we get status update on Oggroth?

What are his new capabilities and strengths?

[what were the old ones?]
No. 263601 ID: d4f98d
File 129205851851.jpg - (359.69KB , 987x1347 , NihilinoWSpawn.jpg )

Well, here's something to hopefully help our Combat Spawn out. Shame we haven't seen most of them in action, especially Mothbern and NIhilino.
No. 263658 ID: f2e624

Hey, we can ask questions, right?
I love asking questions.

SO, Oggroth, how have you doing my boy?
What do you think of how things have been going lately in Mordreden and Northern Mountains in general?
Do you miss travelling with Mordre? Would you want to go on adventures with him again? Speaking of him, what is you opinion of him right now?
Why don't you wear armor anymore? You look to much like Goran these days.... we had even custom armor made for you and all...
Did you visit you home tribe? How was it there? Were they happy to see you, and how did they take the news of Goran defeat and that you participated in it?
How are Sons of Mordre doing? (always wanted to hear their thoughts and how they stand in society these days)

Concerning the attack.
Don't make it too bloody. The perfect would be to beat them into submission without killing anybody.
If they don't want to join, then they don't. We never set out to make another Dictatorship. We must deal diplomatically.
They will come around sooner or later.
Makesure there are no casualties on our side, take Ugrokk and try your luck with other village.

Seriously, I want unite the Northern Mountain through peaceful means.
No. 263672 ID: a76809

[Titles are interchangeable, Hungry Mountain/Mountain Eater]

[Check wiki for old Oggroth abilities, none have been lost, only new abilities added as a result of the shift. New abilities introduced in this post.]

[What's this? Nihilino's soul is evolving! Nihilino can now create CHAOS ANNULMENT CORES, Order spheres that sacrifice their existence to unravel Chaos in all its forms.]

I roar out a challenge that quakes through the air as I swing my hammer forward like inevitability.


[Oggroth: 74]
My hammer swings home as I make my choice. The wrecking ball rockets forward as snow vaporizes near me at the sheer weight of the resounding, ringing impact of metal on metal. of the seven tribal elders I spotted, three simply vanish, their misfortune at being in the way of my onslaught leaving them with crushed and ruptured bodies, the last dregs of life draining out of them as their mangled forms continue skidding and tumbling away even after I begin withdrawing my attack. ...Such paltry strength, to think themselves powerful enough to resist us. I see the fear, the uncertainty: They expected Ugrokk and the Sons to be alone, our presence and our swift, vicious response has given their attack pause. The four hundred at my back spill into the village as a ravenous wave, implacable in their violence as they cut down any that resist. ...There is no challenge here.

[Ugrokk: 37 vs 39]
Ugrokk seems to be facing the brunt of the enemy tribe still, as while those still moving to fight were cowed by the slaying of half their elders (and the subsequent scattering the surviving leaders), those already swarming Ugrokk and the sons are undaunted. I see clubs and war picks swinging home, I see dents and dings rising in armor as it slowly warps-and I see three charred bodies locked in a deathgrip on Ugrokk's arm, weighing him down and keeping him from using his most able weapon.

Ultimately it matters not. I turn my strength, prodigious to begin with, towards wrenching a stone my size from the ground, and hurling it into the mass of warriors pressing towards Ugrokk. I see snow fly and flurry from the impact, just as I see Ugrokk taking advantage of it to fade from view as I see his free hand going to his pistol. I almost laugh as a few warriors muster up their courage to attack me, their clubs and spikes no more effective on my skin than they were against the armored Sons of Mordre. In a display of strength, I flick a finger forward with such force I knock the head off a would-be assailant. At my casual dispensation of death, the sheer scale of the power gap becomes more apparant to our foes, and coupled with the rapid casualties they are suffering after having downed all of one of our warriors....

It is one minute after our coutner-ambush that the remaining elders come forth before me, and offer themselves to save their tribe. ...I find my desire to feast on them waning as I respect their dedication to the burden of leadership. Ugrokk re-materializes as he scrapes off the burned corpses still dragging on his arm, and quickly sets to organizing the Sons and other Drazken warriors into leading our 'prisoners' This is not the first tribe we ended up taking by force... nor do I think it shall be the last. As Ugrokk organizes the exodus of this tribe to Mordreden, the Drazken clan's home ever-growing home, he spends time informing them of the bountiful supplies to be found, both in armaments and in rations. As Ugrokk begins to lead away the prisoners-soon to be clanmates-I set to gathering up corpses as the village is stripped of everything of value. I am still piling bodies when Ugrokk and his group leave, my form now the sole living thing in this village. My stomach rumbles as I labor, and I consider the one I've termed god: Mordre.

Even though he has been away for quite some time, his influence continues to pull as all down the path of strength. His Deep Spawn removed our frantic need to constantly hunt food, as Mordreden now yields enough food to feed thousands just with crops. Likewise, the southern shaman that stayed with us briefly was able to lay an enchantment on several herds of mountain goats and mountain lions alike_ We have two types of livestock now, and Delro has made sure we do not overharvest. Currently, we are the only tribe to benefit from such opulence, and this does not even count the benefit of our ruby mines.

With no one around to see, I begin feasting on the scores of dead, eating several times my body weight without gaining a pound as I convert their vestiges of life into more fragments of my power. I consider the changes I have undergone: The initial transformation, when Mordre first laid hands on me, was harrowing, with crippling dreams haunting my sleep. But after the modifications were made, after I had time to grow into my new existence, I have no complaints. My skin is like iron, nothing seems capable of fatiguing me, I can go weeks without sleep, and I possess the strength to rip apart a mountainside with my bare-hands. ...The counterbalance to my strength is hunger unending, a stomach that is never full for long. Still, my new appetites seem to bring me even closer to Mordre... closer to my personal pinnacle of strength. I know I serve him well, a thought that brings me satisfaction as I finish crunching on the last body, slurping down its spinal fluid thoughtfully.

I have to admit I am most pleased with life in recent days. I get to fight almost every single day, I get as much food as I want, and the Drazken Clan is midway to becoming a grand clan, one with stories to be told of its current generation. I find solace in the fact there are tales of my strength, of Ugrokk's skill, of Lorgk's power. I do find myself somewhat saddened by the fact I can no longer wear the armor Mordre had forged for me, but considering I have grown another two feet in height and put on several hundred pounds of extra muscle, even if the armor wasn't still shredded from the fight with Goran I could not wear it. Besides, my skin provides comparable protection now, without weighing me down. ...While my home tribe is far away, I still desire to go there soon-on that note, I realize they are only two days journey from my current location. I had wanted to show them the Sons of Mordre when I finally go to them, to show the warriors that have quickly taken their place as a well known and feared fighting force, their expertly molded armor superior to all but the garb of chieftains.

My head whips to the side as I stare at a nearby mountainpeak: I saw it.

For just an instant, there was a patch of white fur visible before it ducked out of sight.

...Lorgk will expect Ugrokk and I to return together, not just to report but so that he can rely on our stature to sway negotiations further in our favor. ....But a yeti.... I have grown leery of their decreased presence, and agree with Lorgk that they are up to something.

What should I do?
Should I go after Ugrokk to return to Mordreden with the captives as I was ordered to?
Or should I eschew orders and hunt down the yeti I saw?
Or should I do something else?
>[Disclaimer: Attempting to be savvy diplomat or non-violent in approaching threats with Oggroth will FAIL. He is not that kind of character.]
No. 263692 ID: 69bee4

Those Yetis are completely untrustworthy, were found in this area, and even once attempted to kill your god! THIS MUST NOT STAND!

You are the mountain! show that Yeti your fury, bash him till you get answer, then kill him anyways! NO YETI MUST SURVIVE! THEY WILL ALL BE CONSUMED FOR THE GOOD OF THE PREMEN.
No. 263696 ID: 9338f5

catch up with the others and warn them of the yeti, then see if there are any highly skilled trackers in the group. If possible we will head out with them to hunt and kill the yeti, if we get a skilled guide they can also double as a messenger incase we find anything important.
No. 263706 ID: f2e624

I wonder if we can do something about his unending hunger.

Something that can increase the efficiency of the food consumed.

I remember Oggroth should be able to digest everything, from trees, rocks to metal. Everything.
But I do not think he has teeth, mouth and tongue that can chew everything without hurting him or giving him discomfort.
Maybe we should amend that in future? Ask Figment to give Oggroth some runic enchantments in his mouth? Or find someone who can alchemically alter people.
Or maybe learn that shit ourself?

Or we could claim some very fertile land in southern regions. Make a huge-ass farm with the sole purpose of providing for Oggroth. [food would be teleported by means of tele-box]
We'll call it "Oggroths Banquet" or something.

Having Oggroth eat people is kind of .... creepy.

The yeti.
Well, don't go there alone, that's for sure.
I think you should alert Uggrokk.

This is most certainly a trap. Yetis are not as careless to make themselves seen. Keep your head cool and don't rush in there.
Don't let your power get over your head. Trollzaru is a potent enemy, not only that he might have the similar capabilities to you and Goran.

>I do find myself somewhat saddened by the fact I can no longer wear the armor Mordre had forged for me

Would you like Mordre forge you new, even more impressive armor for you? With enchantments that make you faster/lighter (or anything else, what would you prefer?)
No. 263708 ID: 21e57a

Mhm. I agree with this. The great hunger of Oggroth is unending, but the trickery of these white devils put even a god's strength to test. We must be careful - only in the sense that charging blindly towards liers and beasts that can alter the very fabric of space and time are devils not to be dealt with lightly.

However, speed is a factor here. Mhm, an idea. Take a large rock. Carve the words 'yeti' and 'Oggroth' into it. THROW it in the direction that the Sons of Mordre and Ugroth went before charging after the yeti.
No. 263709 ID: f6360f

Don't be a fool, Oggroth. If you saw that yeti, it's a decent chance that it let itself be seen to try and lure you into a trap. They're tricky bastards. Tell Ugrokk about it, and perhaps when you've safely escorted your newest recruits to Mordreden the pair of you can persuade Lorgk to let you really go yeti-hunting. Heading out alone or with a small force of warriors against them, when you know that they have strong shamans with subtle and frustrating magics to deploy against you, would be foolish.

It's a bitter conclusion, but you need to gather up a force that can actually deal with their tricks before chasing them down.
No. 263710 ID: 1854db

>Having Oggroth eat people is kind of .... creepy.

It's been established that Premen are cannibalistic. It might be impolite at worst I think.

We MUST hunt that yeti. However we should at least tell Ugrokk what we're doing.
No. 263715 ID: f247ab

Alternatively, use Phohn; communication, which is what this situation falls under, is the main purpose for Phohn's creation, after all.
No. 263716 ID: 9338f5

Funny thing the "throw rock with yeti writen on it" idea occured to me too but I didnt mention it because I am fairly sure Oggroth is unable to write and that if a stone was thrown that far it would probably shatter
No. 263732 ID: ef70d7

The Premen don't even have a written language yet, so I doubt the plan would've ever worked even if the rock didn't shatter on impact.

Judging from the previous encounters with yetis, I postulate that this is probably a distraction so that a larger Yeti force can attack Ugrokk and our new Clanmates without Oggroth's support. Phohn Ugrokk and warn him of Yetis in the area. Let's sprint after Ugrokk, before it is too late.
No. 263740 ID: 903f16


>What should I do?
Do not attack, not just yet. The Yeti are known for their deceptiveness, it's likely this one let you see it. It's trying to goad you into following it while you are alone. Instead shrug your shoulders as if dismissing what you have seen as a trick of the eyes and catch up to Ugrokk. Wait until you get home and then tell him what you've seen, that way you can report this to Lorgk together. Then suggest a plan to Lorgk. In this plan you would pretend to go out alone into the mountains to investigate what you thought you saw, the Yetis will likely see this and come down to attack, but what they won't know is that you have Ugrokk and other Premen wearing mounds of Yeti furs following you in stealth to aid you.

There are more problems to the idea than just that. Premen do not have any form of written language. So not only can't Oggroth write, no Premen can write. And beyond that there wouldn't be a point because the Yetis couldn't understand what was written because they don't speak Premen, let alone any newly formed written variant.
No. 263744 ID: 903f16

Another thought, perhaps Trollzaru wants Oggroth for a specific reason. He took Goran's arm and is trying to make himself as powerful as Goran once was, what if he recognizes what Oggroth has become and wants to use him to expedite the process?
No. 263752 ID: a76809


There is no time. Hail bombards the mountains, if I moved to intercept Ugrokk first I would have no chance of tracking the yeti . With Ugrokk armed, accompanied by the Sons of Mordre and several hundred Drazken warriors, he should be fine. I bound across the snowy landscape, great one-legged leaps carrying me through the snow without needing to slog through its weight. I reach the mountain peak I saw the yeti about in a single minute, and as I crest its peak in a breathless rush. Immediately spears thud into my exposed form, dozens smashing into my body-

And breaking against my iron-hard hide as I cast my gaze about, seeking my foes.

There, before me, thirty feet down the slopes, yetis. Two dozen at most.... and I do not see Trollzaru amongst them. My mouth splits wide in an ugly grin as I finally get the chance to try something I've considered for a time. I charge down the slop as implacably as an avalanche, the unready yetis attempting to flee. I see the runic tattoos of yeti shaman: Perhaps if they had stood and fought they could have accomplished something. I shall never know.

They cannot outrace me, and I can pick them up one per hand. Only one survives to make it to the bottom of the mountain in her frantic flight as I consume her companions one by one, not even bothering to kill them before hand. Finally the last survivor stumbles panting to the snowy ground amidst the hailstorm, rabid fear painting her furred leathery face as she looks up at my looming, gore covered form. I pick her up and march back up the mountainside, reclaiming my hammer and wrecking ball as I crest the peak. It takes me little time, but I make my way back to the village, then set to catching up with Ugrokk and the others, only having to threateningly squeeze my prisoner three times before she seems to resign herself.

...This was too easy. The yeti have proven themselves careful opportunists in the past-yet as I crest another ridge and see Ugrokk's party unmolested, I wonder, where is the bite, the pain? Hopefully, the captive can yield some answers. ...A pleasing bonus to compensate for the less than stellar recruitment attempt. ...And another chance to show up Ugrokk. With dusk turning to twilight, I continue onward, back towards Mordreden. ....I will prove to Mordre we are strong enough he need not shelter us...

............................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: VONJEEN] ............................................................

[DAY 156: DAY 6 OF WEEK 1 OF MONTH 5:]
[Lorthday of the First Cycle of Libiturnius (Summer)]

I get up at dawn as I am wont to do, taking a moment to carefully regard my face in the mirror, as has become my morning ritual. ....Still no need to shave. My razor remains unused.... for now. I wash myself with a bucket of water, toweling myself down before I put on my normal vestments, leaving my sword and armor within the room. Twenty minutes after waking I open the door-to immediately be set upon by one of father's men. I am told I am needed in the golem storage facility. I do not speak, not trusting myself to refrain from overt stuttering, but simply nod and set out, checking the dagger at my side in its sheath. When I make my way to the building in question, it is to find that ally of Mordre, the red-haired Senth, lazily sprawled out on top of the Blue Devil. Staff unsure of how to proceed look to me for guidance. ....This is not the first time he has been caught napping here.... does the innately warmed metal appeal so as a place to rest?

The issue is that this man aided in saving my father's life. He is also an ally of someone I feel certain father has decided is his friend for life. Lastly, he has been instrumental in maintaining the volatile prison population in check, which led to the revenue from selling their armaments. ...To counter balance this he has blatently and consistently shown a lack of respect in his interactions with any and everyone, and does not restrict his shenanigans to the prisoners, frequently caught mildly terrorizing our soldiers when not otherwise occupied. He seems to find it funny, and likewise thinks nothing of the multiple requests made to him concerning curtailing his behavior.

How should I approach this situation?
Would a hard-line approach or a conciliatory approach be more advantageous?
Given my tendency to stutter, what exactly should I say?
No. 263754 ID: 21e57a

Just ignore him. Go about your business around him. Although, do you enjoy his antics?

And other then that, hows life been? How's dad, how's sis, what do you think of Mordre, and Bang and Keddic? What are any local trading partners you have other then Mordre's group? You got a girl? What do you do for fun? How goes the war? Stuffing or Potatos?
No. 263755 ID: f2e624

2nding on questions.

If you need the Blue devil then we'll have to ask him to make place other than that there is really nothing we can do about him.
On the subject of Blue Devil. What do you think of new upgrades that Mordre did? Have you had to to test it?

What are your capabilities bu the way? You are not as weak as it seems at a first glance.

Also, why do you stutter so much, dammit!?
No. 263756 ID: 21e57a

Nah, if you need the Devil, just get in and start moving with Senth atop.
No. 263757 ID: 9338f5

Stop a troll trolling but without insulting or greatly displeasing them?

Mabey find them a more entertaining target?
No. 263760 ID: 45be60

Why hasn't Senth been assigned to the yeti problem yet?
No. 263763 ID: 9338f5

good idea but then who would tramatize the DoD prisioners into submision?
No. 263764 ID: f2e624

We have paid Senth, right?

How much we'll we need to pay him/have paid him?

Either way, we should have Dregas deal with payment, I'm sure he'll negotiate a better deal. Even though we are pretty damn rich, I don't want us to throw money away.
No. 263765 ID: d4f98d

Senth doesn't seem to respect authority much in any form, so a hardline approach is likely to backfire, or not work at all.

Think of him like a cat. Go hardline ranting, and he'll just be sneaky about what he does. And spiteful. Or ignore you.

ON THE OTHER HAND, you can choose to not give the cat attention. Y'know, I'm pretty sure you haven't got the full hang of utilizing the new and improved Blue Devil. Now's as good a time as any for some precision maneuvering testing. How fast do you think you can make it go, eh?
No. 263796 ID: a76809

For the moment I ignore him as I start accepting my morning stream of reports as I have the crew start preparing the Blue Devil. As I confirm that nothing of note has changed overnight, I spend some time considering life in recent days. Senth's antics can at times be amusing this I freely admit, but he is incessant. It is hard to genuinely become irritated, as finally the family is back together again, sister Valiria home as well. ...While only recently met, I find myself in turns suspicious and supremely grateful of the tremendous aide we have received from these chance met allies. ...I also note their castellen to by all reports be a shrewd trader. Yet not once have I heard of any name in that party save the fourth Keddic Harksburton, who I know only through knowledge of his family. Magnum Bang? Mage Mordre? Senth? I do not question their talents, but why have I heard of none of them? Bang can be explained by clearly being of Desparden origin, where I do not have any contacts, but what of Mordre or Senth? ...Questions for a more peaceful time.... though such can be frustratingly difficult to find nowadays. I shall have to resign myself to following my father's example, and taking them at face value. ...Besides, they beat out Swohein's AND our few State underground connections in terms of total trade, we seem to be stuck with them.

I consider sending for Shanly, but realize I have booked myself too tightly. Already too busy to participate in a genuine relationship, I am finding it difficult to meet with my maid on a regular basis to clear my head. Still, these reports from the northing are interesting to say the least. Massively torn up landscape, thousands of Domintus soldiers dead, warped armor with crushed bearers, massive metal shards and crystal blocks jutting forth like mass tombstones. At least ten thousand are confirmed dead-and for two days this battle has been proceeding. My contact in Swohein charged a hefty fee for it, but I consider it inconsequential. ...So, Mordre comes down here, and helps end the southern front, while at the same time some similar fate starts to befall the northern front. ....Something to investigate.

The war, if these reports from the north are accurate, is going well from our perspective. The northern army can't sweep straight south and around the state capital to come at us with whatever it is that assaults it, while the main force has only just begun to lay siege to the capital. I have had reports that they were also armed with hand-cannons, and so for now can actually provide cover for limited supplies and messages to get through while the army sets up. The Pale Lady and Domintus where witnessed, but as of the last report had not taken part in the battle yet. I have been told they have the supplies and armed forces to comfortably last months like this.... assuming those two stay out of it, letting their Knight Captains do their jobs.

I climb into the Blue Devil's open chest, patiently waiting as the assorted clamps and restraints are locked about my body, and the suit prepared. I seal the access hatch in the chest as I begin running through the list so far on what has changed in the suit since modifications... again, a boon from Mordre.

-A buffer exists between my soul and the suit itself. Its existence is obviously an example of Soul magic. ...Dad told me not to worry about it, and said he just re-activated a preexisting ability. Regardless of the truth, the fact remains that I can manipulate a respectable amount of flames without any risk to my soul for an indefinite period.
-I can reach up to forty feet from the suit in any given direction with flared spike of Orderfire, and disintegrate whatever it touches. This flaring creates quite a kickback.
-I can create an all encompassing aura about myself of Orderfire that acts as a reactive shield.
-The buffer seems to provide enough passive power that the metal of the suit, a dark black with a hint of red in its worn and pitted surface, seems to have woken up. It now gleams as if freshly polished, and emits a passive heat-and has proven horrifically poisonous in direct skin contact, the staff now using modified steel gauntlets to provide a non-living barrier. ...For reasons unexplained, Senth has proven completely immune to this contact poison, and refuses to answer any questions as to why.
-The suit has become more responsive in general.

I confirm the last readout, and channel the Will trigger into the bypass lock of State design built into this suit's interface-

And it moves. Senth blinks and grumbles as I shift and he slides, teleporting himself by increments in a mad bid to stay sprawled over the suit's shoulder. He still has not opened his eyes as I finish standing and stomp out into the open testing ground, twenty feet tall. I decide that those thoughts rumbling in my head of turning recoil to flight can be indulged, and will be an excellent way to shake off Senth. If he wishes to play this game... then I will play.

I crouch and leap, flaring Orderfire from my back and my feet, trying recklessly for flight from the clearing-In truth all I end up getting is a massive leap-that carries me outside the outpost walls. ...That was several hundred feet. ...A useful trick, but no flight, and that was the maximum output possible without tapping... other sources. I suppose flight is still not an option. As I flare Orderfire again before landing, searing an ashy crater for my impact mid-deceleration, I note Senth to STILL be sprawled on my shoulder... and sporting a grin as, eyes still shut, his hands move to pull out his pipe and pouch... he plans to smoke the moment he awakens then? ....This one, I swear.....

Well, I have established massive jumps that last several seconds and cover hundreds of feet are possible, what else would I want to test?
No. 263798 ID: f2e624

So... Northern and Souther DoD army defeated.
Where there any other armies except for the Main one?
How big is the main army, again?

>what else would I want to test

I dunno.... what were you planning on doing today, anyway?

>, I note Senth to STILL be sprawled on my shoulder...
Seriously, just leave him alone and ignore him.
Do whatever you want to do like he's not there. If your actions inadvertently threaten him, he will no doubtely teleport away.
If not.... well, he doesn't impede you in any way, right?
No. 263800 ID: d4f98d

Don't flare your orderfire shield or anything. There's being a rascal, and then theres being a callous dick. Find a nearby tree or something, and try this:

If you can flare orderfire from just about anywhere on the Blue Devil, try jetting it from the back of your elbow as you strike. A rocket punch.
No. 263801 ID: d4f98d

Also, Shanly, eh? Public or private relationship, and any reason for it being private if so?

How old are you, anyway?

What's Valiria been up to in this downtime? She seems like the sort that likes to be doing something all the time.
No. 263803 ID: 445c48

Ask for a puff. I'm sure he can magic you some, even inside the suit, Spacebending and all that.
No. 263808 ID: f2e624

I wouldn't recommend it.

No. 263810 ID: 8e8318

Trying to move a highly focused tractomancer is a pretty futile task. If you really want Senth to leave then pay him to go do something somewhere and not come back.

Rather than flying, how about directing the thrust horizontally? If you form a small buffer under your feet and propel forwards can you slide across the ground to move quickly and efficiently?
No. 263816 ID: 69bee4

Consider that there is more than one way to deal with a person like Senth, there is always both carrot and stick. Seemingly so carefree, the stick of course is ineffective.

However, what if instead of being a mere mild annoyance, he was instead hurting a friend? this seems less in his character. If a deepening of the 'feel' of alliance, or a feeling of friendship was to foster, he might listen on grounds of kindness instead of orders. Also, considering you once again know nothing about the guy, it would solve that issue. Plus, if he is under the employ of those others, he may know things about them.

Besides, he may be genuinely useful or knowledgeable, you never know.

Oh, also, have you always had that stutter? what is your sister like?
No. 263818 ID: 445c48

Nah, man, ask for a couple puffs. You're stressed out man, need something to relax a bit, clear your head.
No. 263839 ID: a76809

I hit upon an intermediary use of the Orderfire spike recoil as I pull back a fist, setting my elbow as the origin point. Blue flames jet out as the massive metal arm rockets forward, carrying my entire Golem Armor forward several steps with it. My punch was at least thrice as swiftly accelerated as any I have observed in all prior incidents. I try something similar with a point on the back of my heel, my front kick whipping through the air so swiftly I only barely avoid overbalancing, my arms pinwheeling. ...I can designate any surface of the armor for one of those Order fire pillars, and the recoil it brings... I could make all movements swifter, with an appropriately shifting set of thrust vectors. It would be highly intensive and situational in application, but there is no time like the present to begin learning. I spend several minutes getting a feel for how the suit's weighting and aerodynamics affect its movements.

I consider how my sister has been so busy with interrogating the prisoners, looking for scraps of information about the main force. The Pure Lady, Domintus, three knight captains and fifty thousand soldiers, this she delves into for specifics. She seems to plan to interview each and every prisoner, to insure no fabricated tales slip through. ...She is nothing if not thorough.

No flying.... I may have to act properly so as not to spoil the hard won respect I have garnered at the age of seventeen, but I wonder, could I still have a bit of fun with this suit? I have ample evidence that recoil can considerably shift the suit-have I not also seen that exuding Orderfire from the suits feet atomizes what it stands on, making anything seem as slippery as ice? Would this not mean I could slip and slide about the ground, burning a path as I propel myself with recoil? ...Shortly enough I am putting theory to the test, as I leave ash-filled furrows in the ground where my feet pass as I jet about, sliding with considerable speed, having to keep my stance low and adaptive to avoid issues when cornering. ...I believe I am reaching speeds around seventy miles an hour like this. As incredible as that is, not just for mibility gains but for general evasiveness, I find my enthusiasm curtailed as I note Senth happily puffing away on that old wood pipe, still pretending to snooze on my shoulder.

I spend my morning carefully logging all the results of my numerous tests, all while Senth resolutely clings to his smokey perch, still unfazed by the poisonous metal. Lunchtime rolls around, and I bring the Blue Devil back in, leaving it in the care of its meticulous staff as I disengage myself and move towards the main hall. ...Surprise surprise, Senth is coming to join us, muzzily rubbing sleep out of his eyes as he theatrically yawns while following me. I can hardly believe he near my age with how irresponsible he is.

In short enough order father, sister, Senth and I are all seated at a curved table before several long tables where officers and Hounds alike take advantage of our ample food supplies. ...Dining conversation, lovely.

Is there anything I would like to discuss with Senth, Carkiano or Valiria while we eat?
Or should I simply enjoy my meal in peace?
No. 263843 ID: a5b5fa

Ask Senth what he's smokin and if you can have some.

See if you can make friends with him.
No. 263845 ID: d4f98d

Hmm, Im not so sure that trying to convince Vonjeen to get high is ever going to bear fruit, given how...regimented and responsible his mannerisms make him out to be.

"Sister, I just realized I've heard little of what you've been up to since you left. If I may ask, what have you been up to?"
No. 263849 ID: 7e74f1

ask your sister how she feels about working with Mordre.
No. 263897 ID: 903f16

>Is there anything I would like to discuss with Senth, Carkiano or Valiria while we eat?
Prior to this meal you expressed concern at not having heard of Senth. Stir up some conversation and ask him why a skilled Tractomancer like himself isn't more widely spoken of in these parts. Then you can ask him about how he met Mage Mordre and of any other adventures he's had. You could swap stories. Doing this could ingratiate you towards Senth and perhaps curtail his pranks.

And if talk of the war is allowed at the table you may want to see what your father and sister think of certain topics, like what has occurred at the northern front. Do you or they know anything of the Pale Lady and Domintus? And what of the three captains they have along with them in the main attack force, know anything beyond their names? Finally what do they think of the Aurockoth sighting Mage Mordre had outside your lands?
No. 263905 ID: a76809

"S-s-s-so, d-dear si-si-s-s-s... sister of mine, how d-d-do you like w-w... working with M-mordre?"
>[Valiria]"I cannot complain. He is not an unreasonable taskmaster, does not engender dislike among his subordinates by demanding more of them than of himself, he has yet to hit any periods of stagnation, and has been doing an excellent job building his position in the state."
>[Carkiano]"Sounds like he's got his head screwed on right!"
>[Senth]"Hah..... sounds like it, but what would you screw his head on? Got no neck."
>[Carkiano]"HAH! ...This guy... oh man. So how large is his armed force anyway?"
>[Valiria]"I ask leave to answer circuitously."
>[Carkiano]"Granted, and color me intrigued."
>[Valiria]"As far as I have seen, he has less than a thousand soldiers to his name. The issue arises when considering indivudual combatants to his name. His own Soul Grave, one of the Harksburtons, Bang and Senth, those strange Life Golems of his... he strikes me as a quality over quantity type. It also makes it a nightmare to try to estimate his collective military strength, since it hinges on a great deal of individuals, rather than on a cohesive armed force."
>[Carkiano]"Hrm, sounds like he may have started with a hand-picked problem solving force, and it snowballed from there."

"S-s-s-sister, w-what have you b-b-b... been up to, p-p-per-p.... personally?"
>[Valiria]"Well, I was taking on the roll of a senior trainer for the locally recruited militia... who currently are being trained in how to ride enormous, magic-manipulating flying beasts with scales like iron. Mordre is building an air cavalry."
>[Carkiano]"Now don't that just beat all! Hell of a lot you can do with air-superiority, especially considering usually its what, maybe a couple mages airborne? Should be useful-that's right, the capital is under siege, he could just... fly supplies in to them, couldn't he?"
>[Valiria]"There is also that Tractomantic life golem of his-"

"On th-th-that subject, S-s-senth, y-"
"...I have n-n-n.. not heard of y-yo-y-you b-before."
>[Valiria]"That's right! I was wondering how it is that we never heard of such a Tractomancer! You are clearly from these collective lands, not somewhere excessively to the south, and we certainly can't question your competence. Still, considering how rare Tractomancy is, it does smack of strangeness, that not a one of our contacts have heard of you?"
>[Carkiano]"Especially considering your age, one would assume such a young talent would be very commonly talked about."
>[Carkiano]"Well obviously, where else do most Tractomancers come from?"
>[Valiria]"So are you saying you are fresh out of Trollinwood then, that's why we never heard of you?"
>[Senth]"Something like that."
>[Carkiano]"And how did Mordre happen upon you?"
>[Senth]"One of his dudes ran into me at a tournament, made a job offer, I accepted. ...Wow, this is good bread, what's the berry stuff in it?"
>[Carkiano]"Boysenberries. SO!"

Father's tone is switching into business mode: I perk up.

>[Carkiano]"So what do we know about whatever it is that is slowing and killing the northern force?"
>[Valiria]"On that subject, I think I know it's cause, now that I've had a chance to order my thoughts."
>[Carkiano]"Go ahead."
>[Valiria]"Well, the Mage Mordre happens to know Eisenhardt-"
>[Carkiano]"The Metal Titan? Really, they are friends?"
>[Valiria]"I would not go that far. It seems Eisenhardt has a grievance against Mordre, something about a past apprentice, I am unsure of the details, but Mordre was able to convince Eisenhardt to put that aside for now as they jointly focus on the invasion."
>[Carkiano]"An interesting one to call foe... and even more telling of Mordre, that he could manipulate him so. Okay, that explains the northern front. What about the main force?"

I push forward my report, unwilling to take the time to stutter through its paragraphs. Father takes a minute to scan through it, familiar with my writing style and darting to the juicier bits of data.

>[Carkiano]"...So, Pure Lady and Domintus still hanging back, Oggjud, Siode and Farrogut spaced about the capital to keep tightening the siege.... no estimates on how many hand-cannons Mordre has traded to the State?"
"None of our c-c-contacts c-c... could get c-c-c-c-close enough."
>[Carkiano]"Bah. Well, they aren't going to starve any time soon... well, if those two are hanging back, they aren't in any IMMEDIATE threat of being overrun.... just wish I knew WHY they aren't participating yet."
"An-n-nother topic: Th-th-the Aurockoth sighting."
>[Valiria]"Yes, since he was witnessed fighting those Domintus soldiers-we did salvage their gear by the way, in the process of being sold-no further sign of the Reaper Made Flesh has been noted. Wherever he went from there, it looks like he travelled away from our land."
>[Carkiano]'Sounds good, but I want to know where he's going."
"W-w-we are w-w-working on it."

From there the meal lapses back to more benign conversation as father more deeply reads my report as I mentally review what I compiled. I finally got some more detailed reports on Knight Captain Farrogut the Red Knight-turns out he does NOT, in fact, have Red steel accoutrements as I had been informed, but instead some form of brassy, yellow metal. His skin, however, is noted to be crimson, and seems like it is the source of his title. As to his abilities, it seems he can create short lived copies of himself, temporarily becoming an army of one made many, with reports of any limitations to this trick still pending. Oggjud the Devil-Lance has a Mosmordren-make lance forged of Black Steel, and seems to have a great deal of charge and mobility based combat magic to his name, reported as the fastest of the three captains present in the main force. ...I still have no data on Siode the Ravager, and that bothers me. I finish my meal in silence from there, before I excuse myself to attend to my duties. ....It never ends.....

.................................................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: ULZRICK] .................................................................................

....Oh? Hey, I feel you, the other voices are back! That.... that's not really great, but it's of note, at least. Uh... are you gonna make me do something instead of my afternoon nap?
No. 263909 ID: 252e1b


A nap is cool but don't you get a lot of sleep anyway?
No. 263910 ID: 69bee4

Hey! Ulzrick! hows it going man? last I heard, you seemed to be shutting Jojo out, which made me feel kinda sad because though brash, he seems like a nice enough guy.

I mean, I don't really feel like making you do anything right now. Though we may steal some of your time. Hows the hivemind of yourself treating you, bet it never lacks in people you feel you can agree with! ha.

Meet any nice ladies at the Arcanoworks? any new and nifty powers you've been finding yourself capable of?

Also, you can totally sense us directly now as separate, thats awesome, a little scary maybe, but awesome.
No. 263915 ID: 9338f5

We probably wont bother you too much, just ask a few questions then wander off again.

On that topic how are things going with the milita? Everyone happy healthy and doing their jobs? Hows that new mage settleing in? Any trouble with the inventor woman and the grumpy smith? Ever see Derkin doing anything interesting?

Also what are your thoughts on that core being the state mages are trying to destroy? A few of us voices are worried that the state mages might be screwing around with it.
No. 263933 ID: f2e624

Oh boy!
Ulzrick! How have you been my friend?

You wouldn't know what great things we have unraveled about you and your ... peculiar state...
It's just amazing Ulrzick! you have to hear this-
Should we?.. Should we tell him? Huh?
It would certainly put his mind at rest .... but maybe we could tease him a bit?
Oh well.... suffice to say that Mordre knows about you .... maybe even more than you know about yourself... *cough*

Anyway -I did not put you off, did I?- how are you doing Ulzrick?

How has your life been recently? Are people treating you well? What do you think of them? Especially Arkus and other the lieutenants. What about Kyorto? ... Doesn't something seem just a bit "off" about her? Don't you think?
Do you like it here in Arcaneworks? Have you heard any news of you brother?

What do you think of Mordre? Do you like the guy? Doesn't he seem a bit suspicious to you? .. Oh well, probably just your paranoia talking, don't pay it attention.

Hmmm... lets talk about you.
Is there anything you need? ... like, maybe, some magical trinkets, armor or ... something entirely else?

What is your goal in life, Ulzrick?
Oh, that might be too hard of a question, I'll let you dwell on it on your own leisure.
A bit simpler question: is there any personal objective (quest) you wanted to do for immediate future?
Just want to know a bit about you, friend, don't be alarmed.
No. 263936 ID: a5b5fa

Ah, we are here to make you sane again bro, though not really.

what I want you to do is dream up a proper mind, no not heal your current one, dream a new one, and keep it in the dream.

that way you can have a proper mind without losing your skill.
then simply train yourself in the art of sleepwalking and talking so you can interact properly.

HINT:Think of reality as a very lucid dream.

Holy crap, Inception fuel
No. 263942 ID: f2e624


We should try to make him a bit like Figment.
Figment has presence in several if not all settings.
Ulzrick voices are just him from other settings, if they dream up a proper super-mind in the Dream, they might become really powerful and even use their collective brain-power like one whole. Heck, they might even start sharing their magical stamina or magical power.
No. 263943 ID: 445c48

No, not really. Take a nap.
No. 263945 ID: a5b5fa

ssshhhhh, I'm trying not to make Bob notice
No. 263965 ID: 9338f5

Might be a tad too crazy for Ulzricks liking.
No. 263967 ID: f2e624


>too crazy

In fact, have the girls actually laugh in Ulzrick head lest he starts getting used to us.
No. 263969 ID: a76809
File 129219425090.jpg - (137.53KB , 605x850 , Arcanoworks Vespinto Out Of Armor.jpg )

rolled 11 = 11

[Rolling for a certain someone's starting move]

>A nap is cool but don't you get a lot of sleep anyway?
Yeah but sleep is... different now. I swear, whenever I sleep I dream that... I'm me, just different. Where's the fun in that? Besides, when I'm actively Souldreaming, I don't really get rest from the process. I've found short naps remain dreamless, and I can squeeze in sleep easy like that. A bit jarring waking up, as I sometimes have to spend a good bit of time verifying I am in reality and not one of the dreams.

>Hey! Ulzrick! hows it going man? last I heard, you seemed to be shutting Jojo out, which made me feel kinda sad because though brash, he seems like a nice enough guy.
Things are going good. I shut Jojo out because I couldn't really find words to describe this whole issue of 'Is what I see real' thing to him because he's a corporeal Souldreamer, as opposed to myself, a mental Souldreamer, referencing our respective impairments. I don't think there is all that much more he can teach me, as his power seems to come from sending himself into the dream on some level, whereas mine seems to come from imagining power in the dream for me to use... I'm still having trouble quantifying it, but I feel pretty confident he can't really teach me any more. He was a grump, but hey, I can seek out the dreams of those I have met, watch them, manipulate them, carry messages. Can do the dream healing stuff too, which is real handey. I even had my first successful Dreamwalk two nights ago, when I got to one of the Air Cavalry member's dreams. ...She was not happy when I popped into existence and fell on her while she was asleep. Have not attempted since. But anyway, I seem to have a solid grasp of Souldreaming's basics... where I go from there, not really sure. Counseling myself on this doesn't seem to yield much, as how different can my own ideas be?
>I mean, I don't really feel like making you do anything right now. Though we may steal some of your time. Hows the hivemind of yourself treating you, bet it never lacks in people you feel you can agree with! ha.
...Okay, stop there, hold on. Hivemind? What? ....Okay, now you're messing with me right, trying to make me paranoid and everything?
>Meet any nice ladies at the Arcanoworks? any new and nifty powers you've been finding yourself capable of?
Well, I HAD a thing going with Frella.... but after that Dreamwalk incident, I don't know.....
>Also, you can totally sense us directly now as separate, that's awesome, a little scary maybe, but awesome.
Yeah, I guess I recognize the additional levels of 'otherness' about you? Not really sure, haven't had anything else to reference against.

>We probably wont bother you too much, just ask a few questions then wander off again.
...Now you're making me nervous.
>On that topic how are things going with the milita?
Really good, everyone's had time to play dragonrider, and wow, bigger badder Nidhogg can manifest a full sixty spawn now, each of which can seat five soldiers, or a pilot and a golem armor. No one's been slacking in their normal training, and I'd say we have a reasonably competent force on our hands now.
>Everyone happy healthy and doing their jobs?
Vespinto has been down in the dumps since I beat him yesterday in sparring. I've been working on Magnetomancy, and while I don't have much to go on I have figured out how to really feel in tune with my weapon, get its balance just right. Vespinto's still sulking I beat him with blades, doing drills against ten foes at a time as he grumbles.
>Hows that new mage settling in?
Really good, actually. She seems real laid back, pretty unflappable... strange thing is sometimes my dreams as other mes she seems a whole mess scarier, but so far as I've seen, no issue. Really been taking to organizing things here well in Arkus' absence-and the troops feel more comfortable with a real mage doing the day to day, not just an apprentice.
>Any trouble with the inventor woman and the grumpy smith?
Del Rogo seems fine, We've shared nods in passing but not really talked. As for Jezebel.... I don't know. We were at dinner once, and I happened to be sitting next to her. Not really sure how it came up, but we were talking about dreams, I guess. I talked a bit about dream magic, she seemed interested. When I mentioned I could see inside dreams she blushed-
>Jezebel blushed?
I know right? Then she ran off, and has been an ASS to me since.
Ever see Derkin doing anything interesting?
Um, he's been getting in a whole mess of practice throwing knives, working with Vespinto. The two seem in a thrown weapon rivalry of sorts.

>You wouldn't know what great things we have unraveled about you and your ... peculiar state...
>It's just amazing Ulrzick! you have to hear this-
>Should we?.. Should we tell him? Huh?
>Not now, way too long term a thing!
>It would certainly put his mind at rest .... but maybe we could tease him a bit?
>Teasing is always allowed.
>Suffice to say that Mordre knows about you .... maybe even more than you know about yourself... *cough*
Oh that is NOT FAIR, working with the normal voices in my head. What the deep, guys, I mean come on.

>Are people treating you well?
Yeah, actually. Wouldn't you know it, working for Mordre, being the guy who hears voices does NOT make me the odd man out.
>About Kyorto: Doesn't something seem just a bit "off" about her? Don't you think?
...Okay, REALLY making me worried here, do those dreams mean anything?
>What do you think of Mordre?
What about-
>Do you like the guy?
Yeah I guess but-
>Doesn't he seem a bit suspicious to you?
>.. Oh well, probably just your paranoia talking, don't pay it attention.
NOW you say that. ...Nuts, the lot of you.
>Is there anything you need?
Like what?
>Some magical trinkets, armor or ... something else entirely?
Well.... would like to work with Del Rogo, Arkus or Kyorto, get some easily concealable stilleto that was morphically treated, able to expand into a long handled dueling sword? Could sneak that sucker in most anywhere, a handy tool and if enchanted beyond that could really pack a punch. ...Really the only idea I've had on the subject.
>Have you heard any news of you brother?
Yeah actually, got a letter a week ago. Turns out he joined the state army, made captain, has a hundred heads under his command. Didn't say where he was stationed, but I guess that's military doctrine or something. He's been doing well, but I wish I could send a return letter, but no address.....

>Ah, we are here to make you sane again bro, though not really.
Exceptionally reassuring.
>what I want you to do is dream up a proper mind, no not heal your current one, dream a new one, and keep it in the dream.
Just... just MAKE my own mind, in the Dream? ...Uh, HOW?

>We should try to make him a bit like Figment.
Who is Figment?
>Ulzrick's voices are just him from other settings, if they dream up a proper super-mind in the Dream, they might become really powerful and even use their collective brain-power like one whole.
>Stop telling him that, it does him no good!
...Starting to get a headache here....

>No, not really. Take a nap.


I awaken to a prodding foot. I blink and look up to see Vespinto standing over my cot, tossing me a padded iron bar.


I don't spend much time thinking about it as I grab the weapon and stretch, yawning as I follow the smaller man outside, scratching at my curly beard. ...Need to shave. Once outside, Vespinto takes a stance ten feet from me, a metal baton held in each hand, tips perfectly still pointed at the ground.

"I would ask a rematch for yesterday. .....I did not respect you as an opponent then. I will not make that mistake now."

....Uh, I don't like how he's saying that....

What should I do?
I can get uncanny in using the weighting of my sparring sword, but Vespinto's so fast..... I could use some ideas, voices!
>He could also use some d20 rolls to go with the ideas
No. 263972 ID: 69bee4

rolled 1 = 1

Well, for better or worse I do think I know whats up with Jez. She may have had the misrepresentation that you've been going around her dreams and messing with them.. because some of those dreams involved you, and maybe varying states of undress and...


oh, ok, so with that handled. id say you need to open up with some attacks that try and gauge what his 'style' is going to be. There's a tendency for people to have habits they go back to every time something happens as long as they work. So try striking about... twice in a similar area, and making note of how he responds. To hide this is what your doing though, strike different locations you want to observe in mixtures. something like low left slash, right high thrust, right middle, low left slash, etc.
No. 263974 ID: d4f98d

rolled 20 = 20

Reactionary tacticion mind, reporting! Don't think I'll be much good, but here's my two bits:

If he's faster than you, you want to be on the offensive, because reacting isn't exactly your strongsuit, and coupled with his better than normal speed, you're looking at a losing battle there.

If he's packing shortsword equivalent ranges, use your extended reach to prod him and goad him into a movement you can PREDICT. Watch out if he uses his smaller size to try to duck your swings and thrusts.
No. 263975 ID: a5b5fa

How to dream up your own mind in -i^0.5 easy steps.

Because forming a mind out of nothing is an incredibly difficult task since most cannot fathom the scope of the human mind, this is what I want you do do.

Dream, not soul dream, just dream. (well maybe half-soul-dream, you probably can't dream normally anymore anyway)
Dream about yourself.
Don't get caught up about specifics, your subconscious will fill in the rest.
Then make '2nd' you go to sleep and enter his dreams with 'dream you'.

Look around, copy what you see and then model your mind after that.

Hmm actually this might just him him a second crazy mind, so to augment this, view the minds of as many sane people as you can, people that you admire for their levelheadedness and/or wisdom.

Then create models of their minds and hack the models together.

[For the life of me though, I can't figure out how to do this without the second mind being fundamentally different from his normal one. Maybe Figment had this problem too.]
No. 263978 ID: 21e57a

Hey, just ignore any dice rolls that aren't over ten, Ulz.

Anyway, gonna suggest we do this. Get up, nod, smile, shake his head and possibly fist bump, because you're cool, and it's not your fault he's trying to be the bigger man, you know? So, just make it up to Frella. Check out what she's dreaming of, or don't be creepy and just get her some flowers or something.

Also: See what Jez is dreaming about.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, guy fighting! Right! Erm, get a feel for him, magnetically, and possibly try day dreaming about what he'll do in the future. See if that works. Other then that, hand out to, and go tot he sparing ring.

So, yeah, I think we can help you but you know, don't tell anyone about us, right? We're gonna be your secret until you're bad ass enough to know all about us.

Hey, someone see if they can get a small wiki going so we can just link it to for Ulz. You know, characters, locations, all that stuff.
No. 263979 ID: 445c48


haha oh wow
No. 263981 ID: a5b5fa

rolled 19 = 19

Ok then, tactics time.

You like tricky, here's some tricky.

Get low, as low as him if you can, holding the baton in your left hand.

Rush him, hopping from side to side and make to swing the baton from bottom right to upper left.

Halfway through the faux swing, release the baton and grab it with your right hand (using magnetomancy to make this process as smooth as possible), then lunge or swing depending on his reaction.
No. 263982 ID: 21e57a

rolled 11 = 11

Eh, rolling a dice for your thinking. Don't ask why, man, just heh, roll with it.

Anyway, if you're having problems with being awake and being in a dream, just make something only you know the properties of that you'll have on your dream body. If your dream reacts differently to them, it's not the real you, see? Stole that from Inception. Another idea, start getting some better defenses other then 'wall'. A secret mind - not like the two-minds idea, but craft a sublayer to you mind. One you can retreat to if someone attacks you, mentally. And some attacking defenses.
No. 263983 ID: d4f98d


D'AWWW, Jez's crushing on you. How cute.
No. 263984 ID: f2e624

Just a concealable stiletto?
Really Ulzrick?
Thats the only thing you want?

I mean, it can be easily arranged, sure. Just pitch in the idea to Mordre, or we'll tell him to do that oursel-*COUGH!* Did I say that? don't pay attention to that part.
You do know that we are rich? Like extremely rich? We have like, over one million Marks now and still rapidly growing.
You didn't know that? Oh... don't tell anyone then.
Also that Mordre doesn't shy away from using much of his resources to improve his allies every conceivable way possible, especially the loyal ones? Loyal ones, who would never turn their back on him no matter what, no matter what the future might hold and whatever their will be uncovered about him. People who- I'm trailing off again.
You can ask pretty much anything money can buy Ulzrick. Maybe some kind of bitching leather armor(or metal? You know Mordre can produce unique type of steel nowhere found in the world, right?), or enchanted ring? The possibilities are endless [just make sure it is buy-able or commission-able from someone or at least make-able by our own people without taking too much of their time]

Just take your time thinking what you would like for yourself. Make sure it is something that can greatly improve your abilities and not something vain like a new sports chariot or a villa near the beach.

Oh, about your brother.
Did you know that he worked for a while for Mordre? He was in a mercenary group led by Ozmand back then, unfortunately Ozmand died and your brother took over.
Well, here it gets interesting. Mordre, when parting with him, gave his group a lion share of the bounty they got for killing the bandit lord. I think it was about 300 Marks.
Pretty sure that is what enable your brother to get so far.
So yeah, you should that Mordre for that... Well, not actually, verbally thank him. He could become very suspicious of you. He wouldn't be friendly to people who might have uncovered his secret-
Oh man, did I tell something I shouldn't have again? Forget what I said, will you Ulzrick?

About the battle.
I am not an expert so don't really rely on me, and without seeing a little bit action from Vespintos side its hard to make plans yet. Really I prefer to fight with Mordr-

Keep in mind that he is going to fight much more serious right now and take you on like a real threat so don't expect him to fight like that previous time. He will probably use different approach now.

One thing you could do. You know magnetomancy, right?
So, when you are parrying, try to attract his blade to yours (this will increase your chances at blocking) just when your blades meet, repel his ablade by magnetomancy burst, this should create an opening for you to strike.

Use your superior flexibility for your advantage, twisting and turning your body and attacking from irregular angles.

Hmm... I'm also thinking how we could use your Dream magic in combat application. The only time we saw it in action was from Figment, while he is a superb at combat (especially defending) I am not sure if you can manage it.
Hmmmmm... Imagination is Power. Tell that to your self, Ulzrick. Your power heavily relies on you imagination. So, when he attacks you and goes by your defenses imagine that the spot he is hitting is iron strong, or an invisible shield to block his attacks while you counter-attack. Heh, this might be hard, imagine that his weapon if but a flabby rubber stick, this will be funny if you manage.
No. 263986 ID: f2e624

Also... listen to your normal voices for this fight.
The might have undergone .... "similar" experience themselves and give you a bit of valid information about the battle. If not predicting the actual fight, at least they can tell you about Vespintos style.
No. 263987 ID: e43bfe

A note: Wander into Jezebel's dreams sometime.
No. 263988 ID: f2e624

Oh, about your normal voices.

I don't want to give away too much.

But rest assured that you are not insane like other people who claim the same.
Try to be levelheaded with the whole thing and use it to its fullest without it impeding your own life.
And... umm... someone help me with this
No. 263992 ID: f2e624

Now that I think of it, most of >>263984 can be told after the battle since these can be distracting. Unless the time stops when we mentally converse.
Though I really want these things to be said. It is not often we get to control Ulzrick [I might not be here when the battle ends and we'll have another round of suggestions for Ulzrick]

On the other hand, we don't [i]really[i\] have to give out fullest as if this is a mortal combat. If Vespinto winds, then he wins and you don't have to worry about his grudges anymore.

Also, another idea for new equipment, Ulzrick.
Del Roga made armor for Uggrok that can make him invisible. Wouldn't you want something like that too?
No. 263995 ID: f6360f

>[Kyorto] seems real laid back, pretty unflappable... strange thing is sometimes my dreams as other mes she seems a whole mess scarier, but so far as I've seen, no issue.
Look, Ulzrick, you've caught on by now that your dreams are you looking through the eyes of alternate possible yous. Worlds aren't usually THAT different. If she's scary in most of the alternate worlds, odds are she's just as scary here, and is just being friendly/hiding her scariness at the moment.

Which isn't a terrible thing. I mean, as long as something scary is on your side, it's all to the good, right? Maybe she'd even be willing to give you a few magicking tips.

>When I mentioned I could see inside dreams she blushed-
Wild guess: Jezebel was having erotic dreams, possibly of you. She now isn't sure how much you know. I recommend spying on her dreams to confirm, possibly followed by aggressive movement on the romantic front if evidence bears it out.

>He's been doing well, but I wish I could send a return letter, but no address.....
Could you track his dreams down and contact him that way?

>Who is Figment?
Figment is a mind-bogglingly powerful dream user from the Land of Dragons. He's a mental type, like you but way, way more gone. His alternate dream selves basically run him, as I understand it. You can ask Mordre or Bang about him next time one of them drops by if you're interested.
No. 264001 ID: d4f98d

If we suddenly fight worse than we did last, I doubt it'll be hard for him to pick up on it. Then he'll be REALLY pissed.
No. 264006 ID: 9338f5


Two things Ulzrick first is that it might be a good idea to throw the fight, Vespinto seems like the sort who will relentlessly come after you untill he beats you and that would just be a pain in the ass.

Second is that a key point of magnetomancy seems to be Ownership and...I am unsure how to explain it except that "owning" the metal makes it harder to affect unless its you that owns it, and that to affect the owned metal you need to overcome the sence of ownership which seems to be a magic vs magic strugle.
No. 264011 ID: f2e624

It seems to me that Vespinto just took couple of metal bars as weapons, meaning that he shouldn't have any ownership of it, or really weak one so manipulating it with magnetomancy should be easy.

Also, about the magnetomancy.
Ulzrick, you have seen what Eisenhardt can do with it right? Wouldn't you want to be as powerful, you certainly have the potential. Actually you have the potential for being hundred times stronger than him due to your Dream magic and if our "Dream Mind" idea works out.

The trick for becoming stronger at magnetomancy (or any other discipline for that matter)is to cast the strongest spell you can and keep casting it till you fall over from exhaustion, then recover and do it again. You'll be pretty damn strong with it in no time.
Also, you might want to go to library and study magic there. If for whatever reason you aren't allowed there ask Phohn (just think "Phohn", he'll appear as another voice) to ask Mordre for permission, he will certainly give it to you.
No. 264012 ID: f247ab

Huh, even though that also falls under Magnetomancy, as it involves metal, your tendency to manipulate the weight of things might allow you a path for which to expand your Will Magic into Gravimancy.

And you don't need to shave; you could just send the beard into the Dream and perhaps exchange your ability to grow a beard for more power in Souldreaming, maybe.

...Or you could let it grow out nice and long, the better to store lots of metal and attending magnetic fields with which you can get up to much Magnetomancy shenanigans. And you could store that stiletto you want, along with any other small and portable pieces of metal, in your beard.

Don't spy on Jezebel's dreams, Ulzrick, unless you can spy on dreams without entering the dream, and therefore waking the dreamer to lucidity, which allows the dreamer to remember the experience in waking, and thus, give Jezebel reason to be angry at you. And you do not, do not, want Jezebel angry at you. Those electrical shocks of hers really hurt!
No. 264014 ID: d4f98d

Agreed about the spying thing.
No. 264018 ID: 9338f5

On the topic of Jezebel it might be a good idea to explain to her that you have not entered her dreams at any point.
No. 264020 ID: 252e1b

rolled 3 = 3

Vespinto shouldn't ever not take an opponent seriously, that's just rude in a sparring match. Anyway since he's going to be so focused on you, why not use your magnetomancy to use junk laying around to hit him from behind? It's not sporting but if it's a serious sort of fight then the only thing disallowed is permanent injury, right?
No. 264049 ID: a76809
File 129220718440.jpg - (105.93KB , 727x1000 , Arcanoworks Ellorika surveys troops.jpg )

>Well, for better or worse I do think I know whats up with Jez.
What's that?
> She may have had the misrepresentation that you've been going around her dreams and messing with them.. because some of those dreams involved you, and maybe varying states of undress and...
Okay, so you think she's dreaming about me? That little spitfire? Hm....

I slip sideways as Vespinto stabs forward with both batons, batting the one before me away as I stumble forward, away from the one I'm sure is rushing at my back after the missed thrust. I feel it lightly brushing my tunic as I tumble forward, rolling into the wall, where I come to a stop upside down. I see Vespinto already darting forward, one baton already extending in a lunging thrust... aimed at my throat. ...Uh....

>Reactionary tactician mind, reporting!
Oh thank god!
>If he's faster than you-
> you want to be on the offensive, because reacting isn't exactly your strongsuit, and coupled with his better than normal speed, you're looking at a losing battle there.

I stab forward with my larger, longer metal baton, the awkward angle negated by its size as I brush aside Vespinto's thrust, then flick the baton towards his chest. His off blade darts into place, shunting the blow aside as he tries to correct his original thrust, still mid-lung. ...Dang.

I plant my free hand against the groud and shove, throwing my body into the air and above Vespinto's restarted attack, limbs pinwheeling as I whip myself upright while bringing a viciously spinning overhead blow down with both hands. Unready for my display of agility, Vespinto cannot dodge and is forced to take the full force of my blow. With both weapons crossed and taking the impact, he is still driven to his knees, his balance destroyed.

>Erm, get a feel for him, magnetically.
How? I'd have to touch him for that, and it'd take me several long seconds to map out his current state... I don't think he'd give me that time.
>Possibly try day dreaming about what he'll do in the future. See if that work
Why not.... okay, spacing out... and I kinda feel like I should-WOAH!

I barely lean back in time to avoid Vespinto's lunging upward slice, the tip of a metal baton passing inches from my chin. ...Fast recovery time, faster than usual for him. I see his other baton swinging into place, a far deeper horizontal slice designed to catch me still reacting to the uppercut.

>You like tricky, here's some tricky.
>Get low, as low as him if you can, holding the baton in your left hand.
I drop down, my flexibility letting me duck what was already a below-waist level strike, grimly clutching my baton in my left hand as I see Vespinto's eye's narrow, arms whirling as he moves to react.
>Rush him, hopping from side to side and make sure to swing the baton from bottom right to upper left.
I dart forward, skittish and crablike, low and lurking as I press my foe, forcing him to retreat lest we collide as I begin a series of alternating vicious backhanded diagonal slashes, putting too much force behind each blow for blocking to work. Vespinto has to put all his attention just into dodging, his eyes going flat as they dart from attack to attack, calmly tracking my assault-and barely staying a step ahead.
>Halfway through the faux swing, release the baton and grab it with your right hand (using magnetomancy to make this process as smooth as possible), then lunge or swing depending on his reaction.
On one of the leaps I would use a lefthanded slash with, I transfer the weapon to my right before striking, magnetomancy making the shuffle smoother than it normally would as my weapon approaches from the wrong side. Vespinto only spots it a half foot from his shoulder, and by then it is too late. With a crunch the weapon swings home, and Vespinto drops a baton from a numb arm, gritting his teeth. I back away as he simply stands they fuming, refusing to meet my glare.... and walks away.

>Just a concealable stiletto?
>Really Ulzrick?
Excuse me?
>That's the only thing you want?
Uh... yes.... I am kinda the infiltration dude, you know, so concealable is good....
>I mean, it can be easily arranged, sure. Just pitch in the idea to Mordre.
>You do know that Mordre doesn't shy away from using much of his resources to improve his allies every conceivable way possible, especially the loyal ones, right?
Yeah, picked up on that.
>You can ask pretty much anything money can buy Ulzrick.
Well all the other kinds of magic items I hear about are flashy, I couldn't use them most of the time. I mean, if you all have ideas on something I could hide on my person, wouldn't make noise or sound, but would otherwise be a great thing to have, sure, I'll consider it, but have you seen how strong some people are? Doesn't matter how cool your gear is if they decide to paste you. Hence why I'd rather not get noticed to begin with, seems much safer.
>Oh, about your brother.
>Did you know that he worked for a while for Mordre?
Yeah, he mentioned it in the letter.
>Well, here it gets interesting. Mordre, when parting with him, gave his group a lion share of the bounty they got for killing a bandit lord. I think it was about 300 Marks.
...He DIDN'T mention that part, though he did soud like he held Mordre in real high esteem. ....Huh.
>Pretty sure that is what enable your brother to get so far.
Would make sense, he wasn't THAT charismatic, not last I saw him.

>Oh, about your normal voices.
>Don't go talking about us!
>I don't want to give away too much.
>As well you shouldn't!
>But rest assured that you are not insane like other people who claim the same.
Um.... ok? I'm not?
>Try to be levelheaded with the whole thing and use it to its fullest without it impeding your own life. And... umm.... someone help me with this.
>...Fine. They are right you know, we aren't insane, just... we have many opinions, moreso than normal folk. Doesn't make you crazy.
I know that's supposed to be reassuring, but really, the cloak and dagger stuff from VOICES IN MY HEAD is a bit hard to swallow.

>Could you track your brother's dreams down and contact him that way?
Maybe, but that would take Dreamwalking, and I only have one, VERY minor success to my name. Might want to hold off when I don't know where he could be. Then again, I could add this to my to-do list, great way to get more practice Dreamwalking, finish getting some experience with the third aspect of Dreammagic I've been taught.
>Figment is a mind-bogglingly powerful dream user from the Land of Dragons. He's a mental type, like you but way, way more gone. His alternate dream selves basically run him, as I understand it. You can ask Mordre or Bang about him next time one of them drops by if you're interested.
...Bullshit. How would you even know that?
>There are times when you could have met him.... FIgment is real, the description accurate.
..Uh, fine. Okay, so there is another mental Souldreamer I could learn from? Great, fine to know.... might look into that sometime.

...Well, shit, I'm tired. I swear, every time you extra voices pop in, I get tired way faster. ...Still, the headaches are sometimes worth the knowledge you bring. ...Not sure why my voices didn't want you talking about... something, but maybe some other time then? EIther way.... back to that nap, I have a feeling tonight I'll be prepping for another Dreamwalk attempt.

................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: ELLORIKA] ................................................

[DAY 157: DAY 7 OF WEEK 1 OF MONTH 5:]
[Castiday of the First Cycle of Libiturnius (Summer)]


Hate mornings. Nights are fun, something's always happening, but only boring people are awake in the morning. ...Still, I got a job to do. I haul myself out of bed, knotted muscles crackling as I loosen them with catlike stretches, whipcord muscle moving under my skin. I feel myself touching my feet when I bend over even if I can't see it...... these things are supposed to be fat, why are they not getting smaller as I exercise? ..Well, they give me an excuse to fight people ogling me, so whatever.

I barge into the kitchen, hair messy and draped in poorly fitted clothes, grab some cheese, some meets and some ale, and make my way back to my room. After getting some grub in my belly, I finally adjust my clothes, strap on my armor, heft my mace and shield... and walk outside, the faces of two hundred soldiers on me. Right, time to lead today's morning drills..... hm, I don't stick with a set plan, I wonder what I should have them do today. While I ponder, I see Vespinto doggedly avoiding Ulzrick... I saw that space-case's win the other day, not sure where he got that deft touch with a blade but damn I'm impressed. ...Finally lost that pudge too, so he's just a big guy, plenty of muscle. ...You know, I had never really considered it because he's always off doing his own thing and more on the subtle end of things, but he can more than hold his own. Dream stuff he can do is fancy shit too. ...Maybe I should pay more attention to him. ...On the subject of things worthy of attention, the mage we got now knows her craft.... but I find myself missing Arkus. Sure he's a stick and doesn't fight, but guy's unflappable, runs this arcanoworks like clockwork.... not too shabby at all. ...Ugh, just wish Keddic or Bang would come back.... mm, would not mind to have some of either of those manwiches, but Keddic's a player, I've lost count of how many girls here he's been with..... Bang though.....

Alright, how should I set up training today, what should our itinerary be?
And who do I think has the best prospects about them, Ulzrick, Arkus or Bang?
No. 264056 ID: 21e57a

Well, how have the rank-and-files been handling so far? I know you're getting more new troops, so whipping them into shape might be a good idea.

Mhm, other then that, lets try some mix-tactics too. What good is an aerial force if you can't have your infantry, mounted units, or heavier units don't work as a cohesive whole.

Also, lets try working you and some of the stronger people into the mixed arms guide. Lets not write one, too wordy and it could get out, but start training with the idea of all the strengths of the Arcanoworks working in tandem.

Romantically? Well, first thing they should do is fight over you. Who ever comes out on top will be the best. Of course, lets weigh the betting odds. Who's the best fighter out of those three? And remember, there could be a stronger guy to come along, so don't limit yourself yet.

Other then that, what do you think of Mordre? He's been a solid warrior as you've ever seen. that Blue Knight chick? Oh, what about the 'Red Knights'? Siode? What did you think of those big alchemicals Mordre brought in when it first came here? Keddic is a player? Why haven't you gotten a mage to reduce those breasts of yours, if you think they're so big? What do you think of the State?
No. 264059 ID: 69bee4


I mean seriously, their an embarrassment! improvement has been made, but that does not suffice, this is an army, not a dance party! good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and better best!

Its time to pull a classic that im sure you heard Morde likes to pull at times. IT IS NOW 200 VS 1! AND YOUR GOING TO SHOW ALL OF THEM WHAT ITS LIKE TO FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES!

Also, Arkus is of course the best, a mixture of personality that is as strong and admirable as his potential. I mean, think of what he must have put through to have a Mage Mentor who has a Soul Grave? and seeing Morde's style of management, you have to wonder what hes deal with. If you ever ask him about his history and progress in such a short time, you'll be impressed. Keddic may have his ups, but in the end he will unlikely respect the strength you hold. Bang on the other hand is interesting, but no sense of command, only power through fists, no understanding of power through such things as mind, one needs to have access to all avenues of power!
No. 264064 ID: 9338f5

Try getting them to practice something like this. If they get this down quickly, try races and shifting the numbers of the groups.
No. 264071 ID: 903f16


>Alright, how should I set up training today, what should our itinerary be?
Run them through some heavy training and drilling to start them off. See how well they do at some sparring against each other, both one on one and in groups. Then you can have them go into a march while you quiz them on things they need to know and punish any wrong answers. Wind it down by seeing if Ulzrick and Vespinto will give you a hand in training these guys for encounters against more powerful opponents.

>And who do I think has the best prospects about them, Ulzrick, Arkus or Bang?
Ulzrick is pretty well rounded and with his skill set you could do anything, but it'd be hard to get close to him. He spends most of his time in his head or delving into someoneelse's. Arkus is a nice and he's a guy that can get things done, which means you'll probably never find yourself wanting for anything. He also has a really bright future as Mage Mordre's apprentice and I'm sure you know by now how scary powerful mages can get, for example his master or Eisenhardt. Downside with him is that he's very busy, nearly all the time, but I'm sure you could distract him. Bang, well he's certainly got the physical element. But you know how that guy is with fighting, it's doubtful anyone could ever surpass his love of battle. He's also got a bit of a wanderlust, so don't expect to settle down.
No. 264076 ID: 5ecc4e


WARTIME SIMULATION! (it would be good if you could get some of the other commanders to help)

Divide the men into four groups and assign a leader from among them (promising ones).
Tell them to carry supplies because they will be out for the day, including regular and training weapons and arrows. Training items because that's what they will be doing and real just in case you meet up in real trouble out there.

First we march. March and march and march, fast pace, no stops, as long as you can. See if you can end near a river or in the forest. Preferably in the forest but close to a river.

While they rest(if they need it), set markers around the forest as group meeting points, try to make sure no-one can see where you put them, there you will leave a set of instructions for the groups(more detail later).

When you return, tell them that they must find the marker for their group and follow the instructions.

-1st group must set up a base and protect an item you left until the end of the day.

-2nd group must infiltrate enemy base and retrieve the item. They are not allowed to hurt the other group short of self defense (i.e. you are not allowed to engage, and no leeway will be allowed for 'excessive' self defense)

-3rd group is assigned a point that they must reach. Every person in the group must arrive. If they are short, they fail.

-4th group is told to defend that point, any way they deem fit, but they are not to be told what they are defending from.


If you can't do this today, keep it in mind and try to work it out for later, if you can, for multiple days, maybe a week(but ensure that the Arcanoworks is not left defenseless)
No. 264087 ID: 5c517f
File 129221976322.png - (1.24MB , 812x1110 , MixmasterMordre0001.png )

Alright, seems there are a lot of good training ideas so I won't add anymore.

>>264071 seems to have it right with how the guys are oriented, and I put another vote towards trying Arkus :3. I mean, with all that wandering, Bang probably has someone out there! (dohohoh)and since Arkus is around more often he is easier to keep track of and it will be easier to find time with him, to see if he is compatible.

late picture present :O
No. 264094 ID: a76809

[Man I don't even know what this bonus could go towards. ...How about it takes whatever complexity and depth of training you start now with Ellorika, and applies it passively as perspective continues to change to optimize Arcanoworks Militia growth?]

I consider the preformance of the Arkanoworks staff recently... not bad, actually. They demonstrate good unit cohesion, they have seen enough irregular things that while not as seasoned as I'd like, they don't seem prone to freezing up. ...Still, none of them could hold a candle to Bang. On raw power, none other comes close... but wild though... maybe even too wild.

Even thought the standard battle gear for Arcanoworks armed forces includes personalized plate armor designed so that a single person can outfit themselves, I have a bit of trouble getting the trainees to gather up some massive tower shields, and huddle together. The ones in the middle think they have it easy, watching as I badger their comrades into lifting their shields.... they stop laughing when I have them lift theirs above their heads. Once they slot their shields together, creating a metal curtain to protect each individual plate bearing soldier, I explain my purpose.

"Now, all you lot know how dangerous magic can be, and how magic is often the only real response to magic. But Mordre can't do everything-what if someone tosses some magic your way? Say a fireball, to cook you in your armor? Now you have an arm's length barrier to ward it off. Might not stop everything.... but it can stop alot more than just armor. We are going to drill on going from standard combat formation to this new defensive formation, and if you don't get fast enough for my likings, we can be out here ALL DAY to correct it. NOW, LET'S GET GOING!"

after two hours spent on the shield wall drills, I decide to switch gears as I get a different cycle of soldiers to train. This time I focus on simple drilling for a half hour, fast and furious to get them all to break a heavy sweat, before pairing them off for sparring. I add an important caveat, which is that any time they bump into another dueling group, they must then fight whoever they made physical contact with, in addition to whoever else they are fighting. It's mean to be hectic and confusing, and it is. The point is to really make the soldiers focus on their situational awareness, and it seems to work perfectly.

After a break for lunch, I take command of a third group, second to last of the day as I consider what to subject them to. I decide to order them to march with full gear and a week's rations, each soldier horrendously weighed down and made to jog in plate, sweat starting to filter out the cracks in their armor. After a solid hour of this, I lead the exhausted troops back to base, and assign them a complex point defense match to run, and harshly correct any who forget or falter in their fatigued state. As the afternoon wears on I eventually tell them to stop, and send the exhausted trainees on their way. Derkin seems to be having fun with the groups I sent him, and has likewise been getting creative, though I can't tell much more beyond battles with multiple sides beyond two.

As I get my fourth and final group to train today, I decide to go for something a little different. I set the trainees to doing sprints in gear around the Arcanoworks with individual sparring matches each revolution as I set about my business. I find Vespinto and drag the surly midget out to the field, just as I find Ulzrick and get the spacey lump of muscle moving. I explain my goal to replicate Mordre's training with us, by exhausting the staff then subjecting them to fighting the three of us, fresh and fit, full of vim. Vespinto seems reluctant at first, but when Ulzrick expresses similar reticence Vespinto immediately pledges his aide. Ulzrick sighs before offering his help as well, and the three of us await the return of the students. Two hundred exhausted, bleary eyed warriors, forced to fight their own teachers, energized and waiting for them. Two hundred face three.

By nightfall the grand melee is over. I was eventually overrun, unable to keep each attacker from me, and I was removed an hour in. Vespinto and Ulzrick both are still untouched, having danced and dodged, struck and spun their way through foes without pause. Of two hundred soldiers, only forty two remain standing.... with Vespinto and Ulzrick looking every bit as exhausted as their foes. Pushing through fatigue and pain, Vespinto manages to drop twenty two of the remaining trainees, supporting his wobbling legs by using his batons as canes. Ulzrick topples the remaining twenty himself, and looks about ready to collapse.

When he turns to glance at Vespinto, he stops, slowly turning to face him. I see Vespinto slowly pacing towards Ulzrick, panting, as much supporting himself with his weapons as holding them ready in his lax stance... and in his eyes I see a fire that refuses to die. ...The two are going to fight.

What should I do?
Should I try to go with it, and yell out something to the troops about 'this is how to fight when exhausted'?
Or should I try to prevent this, as Vespinto seems to be getting a bit fixated on this?
Or should I do something else, like possibly join in to make it a three-way and thus attempt to defuse the tension?
No. 264095 ID: f2e624

Some general questions.
Love getting things from other perspectives.

How has your life been? What do you think of Arcaneworks? Do you like it here? Where are you from and do you have family/relatives somewhere?
How is the region faring these days?
What is your opinion of Mordre? Do you like the guy?
What do you think about other notable figures in Arcaneworks, like, Dregas, Del Roga, Jez, etc.

You said something about golem armor improvement. What improvements were you thinking about? Speaking of g-armor. Do you like it?
Is there anything else you'd like? New, bitching weapon or armor? You can ask pretty much anything, you know?
No. 264097 ID: f2e624

Nah, just sit and watch. This might be interesting.

Interfere if the things become too serious though.
No. 264099 ID: 9338f5

Watch but be ready to step in incase one of them gets too into it or misjudges a blow. By step in I mean stop the fighting and smack the shit out of both of them.
No. 264100 ID: f2e624

I wondered about Arcaneworks army.

Ellorika, what do you think about their standard equipment? Is it good, better than normally seen from standard forces?
Could it be improved? How do you think we can improve it?
I was thinking putting minor enchantments on each and every armor (or making new, much better, armor altogether), what do you think they should be?

Basically, what I'm asking is how can we improve our militia even further (excluding training and actual fights)

Also, how is the morale within our troops and other personnel? Are they satisfied with how the things are?
No. 264101 ID: f2e624


Also have the students gather around to watch.
They might learn something.
No. 264102 ID: 5c517f

Tell them they are both hotheaded idiots and they can strike the fighting up again later. Grab them by their ears if you have to.

Made any new friends recently? Who do you hang out with when you aren't busy with your leader duties? What is there to do for fun around the Arcanoworks anyways?
No. 264103 ID: 69bee4

Walk over as if to be nothing more than a bystander, as soon as Vespinto makes the first shot, punch him in the face and leave him down.

Announce to the soldiers that personal feelings are to left the moment the battle enters, that the most important thing is to fight, survive, and thrive. No matter your feelings of a person off the field of battle, you are putting your life in their hands the moment you enter one, add that attacking dishonorably against an allied opponent who never agreed to fight is also for weaklings, and true duels are decided a person's best against a prepared opponent.

Proceed then to demand a damn good dinner after having to do all that, drag Arkus from whatever hes doing, and enjoy yourself. Also consider that in cases of mass versus few, speed and agility, the inability to be hit is important... something apparently these two had a better grasp of for that particular combat. Once again, consider power in all its forms.
No. 264104 ID: f2e624

Hey, what about dem dragons, huh?
Thats pretty cool, no?

I mean, Mordre goes away for a while to do some something and comes back with a real freaking Dragon!
I bet you people didn't even believe in dragons before this, though of them as some kind of fairy tales.
And not only does Mordre come home brandishing one but also asks you to form a significant air-force with it! How cool is that?

How is the Air Cavalry doing btw? What are the troops reactions to it? Do they like ridings dragons?
No. 264123 ID: 5ecc4e


Also, you can't afford to fall behind them.
Gotta get into some serious training.
Maybe you can ask Arkus or Mordre to teach you some magic stuff.

Arkus would be better because he's around more often.
No. 264124 ID: f2e624

I agree.

We should really consider starting training all of our forces with some Combat Magic. We might ask our shamans to come here for that task though. We should have a lot now.
The lieutenants will get better lessons though.
No. 264125 ID: d4f98d

Good idea! I support this. Lessons in magic will do you good.
No. 264128 ID: f2e624

The tower-shield idea was pretty neat.

I think we should mass-produce anti-magic tower-shields by inscribing some runes on them.
No. 264129 ID: 35bba5

Black Steel has that inherent anti-magic thing, right? We should get some runed Black Steel anti-magic shields made, yes. Assuming Black Steel can take runes.
No. 264130 ID: d4f98d

It's also violently poisonous to anything that isn't a soul grave
No. 264148 ID: 9338f5

that and it was only made by the mosmordian empire and its created by having augmentive magicks forcibly infused into it by spilling the blood of those actively harvested for Soul Grave fuel onto the Base Steel while it is forged atop enchanted anvils, the souls of thousands ground to dust during their forging to give them a strong connection with death.

using a lot of this stuff for anything other than our body would probably make a few people suspicious as to how we "found" so much of this stuff
No. 264212 ID: 21e57a

Only after an hour? Drag yourself upright and go in and kick their asses! One v One v One.

I agree, and also about notable figures not at Arcanoworks at the moment.
No. 264285 ID: 35bba5

When was this stated? Because I definitely would have remembered that part.
No. 264287 ID: 445c48

No. 264288 ID: 35bba5

Yeah, never read that bit, thanks.
No. 264299 ID: a76809

[Her Golem Armor hopes were to get some sort of cluster barrage cannons for shoulder mounting, as the suits can support more weight, and it could allow independent units to act as small-grade artillery blisters. Other than that BIGGER GUNS.]
As they spend a few seconds steadying their ragged breathing, eyes solely for each other, I watch the exhausted recruits pulling back, forming a ring of sorts for their teachers. ..Smart buggers. Have to say, employment under Mordre is excellent. Best gear I've ever seen for the common woman, customized plate fit exactly to me, all for letting a crotchety old man nick my thumb and swear at me? I'll glad put up with that and the undisguised ogling he provided, in exchanged for this. So, to begin with, I'd argue we likely have the best non-magical equipment to be found. And that's NOT counting our hand-cannons, revolver or otherwise, the lightning guns, the injection spears, the DRAGONS... magic and technology both yield incredible things to let us reach farther... drag down more powerful foes. Derkin, Valiria, Bang, Keddic, Myself... so many have put in effort to hone these warriors, and I believe they can utilize the many gifts at their disposal...I feel like we can actually make a difference, no matter our numbers, and I no longer think myself foolish. ..Soon, we shall be called to battle, to the aid of our beloved State. And so until Mordre deems it time, I will dedicate my everything to making us all as ready as possible. ...I don't want to lose another family.

I decide to let them be, have their fight. It would be better to have this settled now, and if I stopped them it would only delay any possible resolution. Nevertheless I march forward, idly cupping my mace as I take up the position of judge, my intent to prevent any serious harm from coming to one or the other. The moment I cease moving, they both lurch forward. I worry that Vespinto will simply fall, his body getting so close to the ground-before he dashes forward, face lit up with manic, frenzied focus, both hands tightly gripping metal batons. Ulzrick, who had only been jogging, exhales sharply as veins raise tautly over once more-rippling musles, pupils dilating from sheer change in blood pressure. ...Or at least I think that's what it is, sounds like what Bang described...

The darting Vespinto meets the solidly braced Ulzrick. There is no initial attempt to smite Vespinto in a single blow, and the smaller warrior slinks ever closer without any reaction. Finally Vespinto begins twin uppercuts as Ulzrick begins his own downward slash, his larger metal baton like a guillotine to my eyes. Yet no matter how daunting, Vespinto must be-

Ulzrick's feet shift, his stance slides, and Ulzrick's swords slip past either side of his body while his bissecting swing completes its arc. Vespinto's shoulder is sure to be crushed-were it still in the way. He threw aside his baton and wrenched his body about so forcefully he rumbles to the ground, just barely avoiding the metal rod that now buries itself in the ground. Yet scraped and dirtied, the panting Vespinto immediately leaps to his feat, grits his teeth so harshly I see blood on his gums-

And dashes back into the fray.

This time a leaping, spinning slashes with his own remaining sword loop and hook at Ulzrick, the irregular mid-air paths pressing him back. A foot is lifted by the bearded giant-

And Vespinto's hand snaps down on Ulzrick's mid-parry, as he brings his baton smashing home, a horzontal strike to the neck. Muscles knot and bulge, the blow resisted-but his balance is shot, and Ulzrick topples a Vespinto drunkenly throws himself aside, bearly avoiding falling to his knees as he stands there, quietly shaking and breathlessly panting. He does not seem to hear the smattering of applause from the other trainees, nor does he seem to react to Ulzrick sitting up, yawning as he twists his neck about. He simply walks away.

One of Nidhogg's spawn flaps down, another Arcanoworks warrior finishing his flight practice, as he dismounts the spawn, slowly undoing the straps as a few trainees run to help him take off the saddle. The tension of the moment is broken by the ever-busy Arcanoworks, and life goes on. ...Amazing, those dragons. I had thought them legends, tales of flying beasts to the south... yet here one most certainly is. The means to reach the sky, to be free.... to rein death from above, to be unblocked.... powerful, militarily useful, and personally enjoyable: That would be my description of dragons, at least the ones the grand dragon Nidhogg makes. ...This is what made me change my mind, not the growing aptitude of our warriors, not their excellent armor, not their multitude of weapons... it is the dragons that make me think that even against a true army, even against scores of thousands... we can make a difference, with Mordre to lead us. ...He's been the best thing to happen to the State that I have ever seen, and I am happy that helping him allows me to personally pursue self improvement and gratification at the same time as being patriotic. Not many careers offer that AND are lucrative. I'd imagine the rest of the soldiers feel the same way.

Ulzrick shakily gets up and starts the staff drilling again, leading them in some comprehensive stretches and exercises. He buys me the time to go and check on Vespinto-who I find not in his room, but slouched to the ground in a nearby alleyway, panting as he wipes vomit from his mouth. He looks up at my presence but says nothing, simply glaring as he tries to quite down his wasted body. ...Just how hard did he push himself there? ...Seeing him alive and well, and clearly NOT in the mood to talk.... I walk away.

..............................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: KEDDIC HARKSBURTON THE FOURTH] ..............................................................

[DAY 158: DAY 8 OF WEEK 1 OF MONTH 5:]
[Enduday of the First Cycle of Libiturnius (Summer)]

It is two hours before dawn, and Bang and I are perched in the rafters of the building we have come to call the 'Metal Head Refinery' where the 17th Imperial Giant Brigade is housed. Each of the twenty individual Ragegluts slumber, their fifty foot tall forms creating ground shaking snores. We see Mahklargg tromping into place, taking up his stance in the middle of the sleeping forms, his chest slowly expanding as he takes in one massive breath. Bang and I share a Look, I wonder if my face shows as much mischief as his....

And we let go, beginning to drop towards the sleeping forms just as Mahklargg bellows.


After two days of this, still most of the soldiers move slowly, blurrily trying to make sense of the world. In one, however, our constant mayhem has finally conveyed its message, and from a dead sleep, he leaps into action, pulling his massive sword free from beneath his titanic bedroll, eyes already darting about-he spots us from his crouched stance and his massive blade leaps towards us. ...It's [i]Torruga[]i, the one that got a solid licking from Bang on the very first day! I bemusedly note Bang giggling like a child beside me, his sheer anticipation palpable at giving the enblessly boisterous soldier ANOTHER beat-down..

The Metal Skulls of the Indelible continue to have issue absorbing the point 'A true warrior should always be ready', so how should we go about beating this lesson into them this morning?
What sort of 'reward' should I give Torruga for being so attentive-how should I react to his attempt at a lethal response to our arrival?
Or should I let Bang again deal with this one, and focus on the other, still-drowsy Ragegluts, and if so, how should I best go about 'teaching' them?
After getting them all up, why kind of training sounds good today for superhumanly large, strong and enduring Life Golems tied to blood?
No. 264300 ID: d4f98d

"VERY GOOD, Torruga! You're getting the point! And I'm sure Bang appreciates your bravery in inviting him to yet another fight! You may graduate from Maggot to INSECT sooner then we thought."

Give the others a chance to assemble and witness the fight. When they're thoroughly enthralled by the combat, without looking to them, say:

"...as for the rest of you..."

Surprise beatdown.
No. 264303 ID: 46c430

Go after the sleepyheads first. Sir hothead, for all his disrespect and boisterousness, seems to be the most competent in this. The slowpokes are the ones that truly need the lesson.

As for his reward... Hrmm... ...Maybe send a one or two quick attacks his way to double check he's at full combat capacity already, then just leave him alone (Except for maybe a few more light strikes to make sure he's still paying attention) until the next lesson?
No. 264305 ID: f2e624

Keddic, how is Mahklargg doing?
Do you think that he's he effective enough?
No. 264306 ID: e43bfe

By beatdown, he means wallop them with clubs of blood on long tentacles. :3c
No. 264308 ID: d4f98d
File 129231321841.jpg - (145.13KB , 842x1002 , Mothbern.jpg )


Do remember that Ragegluts are very resistant to blood magics, though.
No. 264309 ID: e43bfe

We're not attacking them with blood magic directly, we're hitting them with big old clubs. What they're made of shouldn't really matter unless they disable blood around them.
No. 264324 ID: d4f98d

Also: How's progress on the Dragon Knights Omni-Sheath?
No. 264329 ID: 35bba5

At some point we should send Kyorto, Burduko and Phohn down to Morgren lands, to set it up so we can later transfer them all to a new home once we've terraformed part of the Cursed Lands. For anyone who doesn't remember, the Morgren are Life Golems built by the Mosmordren Empire based on Premen. They are like bigger, fightier Premen, with rock skin, basically. They also would obey orders from Kyorto, her being basically the only existing Mosmordren citizen.
No. 264331 ID: 5ecc4e


Shift with one
Jump on him
Rinse-repeat until they are all in a big pile.
No. 264341 ID: 9338f5

A fine idea, send Kyorto and a few deep spawn over to prepare a another base it could act as a backup incase things in the state go sour. The builder deepspawn would be very good for this.
No. 264353 ID: f24eb1

Ragegluts blood magic resistance could come from a deeper innate ability. It might be possible for them to make something more of it. Land of Dragons blood magic seems to be feared so perhaps this isn't something that has been looked into a lot.

Torruga's reward will be an extra (guinea pig) lesson with Keddic and Bang where they will test him and try to discover and foster blood related talents. Keddic can provide the motivation and guide the process while Bang can examine Torruga's body during the lessons to sense any physical or magical reactions and provide creative input that way. Together the combat blood magic expert and curiomancy genius might be able to find some hidden ability or create a new combat boost that can be passed on to the rest of the squad.

Keddic just needs to think of it as unlocking the Ragegluts potential rather than revealing Harksburton secrets...
No. 264364 ID: 079266

Forget about training!

Keddic, have you and Bang been sharing your discoveries in white blood and possibility cells?

I hope you two can teach each other as much as possible.
No. 264368 ID: 9338f5

keddik cant share with anyone hes not related to.
No. 264385 ID: 079266

I mean the stuff he can share.
No. 264388 ID: e5b1bf

Keddic won't share anything of the Way of the Harksburton Combat magic style to anyonw not part of the House of Harksburton, you mean.

In any case, Keddic can share non-WotH derived information about white blood cells; white blood cells are not specific to WotH. Besides, the only information Bang needs, I think, is that white blood cells are Order aligned, and that stealing the blood of others can help with saturating one's blood with white blood cells. Not that, I think, Bang needs to steal blood; he can just use Curatiomancy to make the cells, can't he?
No. 264427 ID: 21e57a

Keddic! My lad, you found the Lined One! Wonders upon wonders! I wonder what he taught you. And, hah! Let us inflict our new knowledge on these slugabeds!

Ah, I do agree with this. Torruga gift will be another one-on-one with Bang! As for the others, let us beat these sleepers with each others!
No. 264446 ID: a76809

rolled 6683 = 6683

[Completed, at Arcanoworks, awaiting Mordre's return. Note that it straps to Nidhogg.]

I slap out a tendril of blood from my now-Rageglut-blood soaked cloak, my own blood only present as White to manage the new sanguine fluids. I've found that Any Blood-repelling effects of the Ragegluts are completely negated when faced with itself. So even though I have by now had a chance to claim some of each Metal Skull's blood, I continue to use their blood, not only because they end up shedding it in training anyway, but because it still holds mysteries for me to unravel... I shall peel apart the magics woven within, given time.

But the important part, as far as I see in my reactive adrenaline surge, is that my almost idle slap is all I need to strike at Torruga's knuckles. I both impact and anchor the extended tendril, and pull myself past while throwing off his swing. Bang keeps grinning as the now misaligned blade flies his way, whipping his hands free of the officer's uniform he now wears, each extending some twenty feet, before his hands come flying back together, words ripping from his lips.


Reality crumbles as Bang's body blooms in Threat to my senses, his now bone-armored form still shedding the last of his shredded uniform (to date the twelfth he has done so to. He gets regular deliveries of any supplies as needed... uniforms included. I am offered the same thing, but I am not so wasteful. I relatively discretely reach the ground amidst the waking other Metal Skulls, saying nothing as I watch their actions.

Bang's body is obscured by Torruga's blade-

Moments before the blade instantly reverses, peeling itself out of Torruga's hands. Without hesitation he clenches his heavily gauntleted left hand (bless the rascal, he's learned to sleep armed) into a fist and puts his hole weight behind the blow, his claw-bearing right hand swinging back as counterweight. This time, without the sword obscuring things, I see what Bang does. His feet brace against empty air, and given proper bracing he is able to fully express his strength, dead-stopping the fist as I feel Threat burning off his Scarf, the Forever Rising. Again Torruga proves himself learning from past failures, and had already shifted his feet, balance preserved as his right arm whips back on the force of Bang's own counter. I see the Metal Skulls watching the fight lean in, watching the hardened blades that rush towards Bang's bone clad body.

I speak, making all heads turn my way and obscuring the clash of Bang and Torruga.

"An EXCELLENT job Torruga, you may yet graduate from maggot. ....As for the rest of you..."

I leap towards the ground, and lock my body onto that of the nearest Metal Skull. In a blur of distorted sensory data and burning blood, our bodies switch places, the much larger warrior rebounding from the floor roughly. Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism activated, I've already thrown myself at the pile again. The world shifts and skips, senses distort and waver as I throw every one save Bang and Torruga, the thunder of their impacts drawing some of the support staff from their auxhiliary building. As the pile works to disentangle itself, I turn back to Bang, now standing atop a concussed Torruga, smugly dusting off his shoulders. He notes my attention and turns my way.

"Bang and Mahkargg shall have to instruct you again, it seems. Maybe you shall rise more promptly next time."

I pass by Bang and Mahkargg as they march towards the pile of soldiers who have only grown more frantic, rather than productive, in disentangling themselves. I draw up Torruga's spilled blood, easily replenishing my coat as I thread a sanguine feeler into one of his scrapes, doing what I can to assess his condition. The moment I touch him he stirs, groaning as he tries to brush me away, eyes not yet focused. I decide to test his awareness even dazed like this, and cover my body in razor sharp spikes. Torruga's groping hand slides towards me-and dead stops after but one spike pierces his skin.


Torruga has shown an excellent performance this morning, clearly having taken even last night's lessons to heart. Like a sponge, this one. Well... perhaps I can learn more about Rageglut blood and its properties while 'rewarding him'

"Excellent. You awakened in a sufficiently prompt manner, faced Bang without hesitation yet again, you lasted longer than your last bout against him, and you even demonstrated decision making skills when under duress. I do believe you have earned a reward."
"To learn from a Blood magic practitioner, of course!"
"I'll stop you right there and preface this by saying I will NOT be teaching you my style, as it is exclusive to my family. What I WILL teach you is how to sense and manipulate your own blood. From there, you may make of the ability what you wish."
"Kill Bang? [YOU!? Well that's rich. Tell you what, if you end up killing Bang in a fight I'll make you head trainer-but you'll have to find your own time to practice what I teach. Is that understood?"
"Very well. Blood is ultimately all about flow, the....."

As I speak to the red-maned titan, I note not once does his attention deviate to Bang and Mahklargg putting the other students through a grueling set of ordeals, several of which are quite comical from an outsider perspective. ...He knows how to focus when he must, another point in his favor. ...I suppose I shall have to invest some effort in this one then. We shall see if his brash personality persists.

Two hours later, the massive building filling with workers, we lead the Metal Skulls outside, and begin our morning routine: I set them sprinting up a nearby mountain-not one of the True-with Bang and myself chasing after. All they have to do is make it to the top, some fifteen hundred feet up with a forty five degree slope. Considering their size, the task is not difficult... unless you have pursuers only too happy to drag you back down. Another two hours of this pass before we finally bring them to the mess hall for Giant Brigades, giving them time to finally get food in their famished frames.

I consider the conversation Bang and I had last night, where I shared with bang what generalities of White Blood I know and could share without compromising the new facets of the Way of the Harksburtons involving its manipulation. He seemed disheartened when he learned of White Blood's Order bias.... just as I was when I learned of Possibility Cells having a Chaos bias. It would seem are talents are mutually exclusive. Still, both of us agreed to tumble about ideas on each of our topics, to see if we can come up with some new insights concerning either of our newfound specialties... or each other's.

After five minutes Bang and I stand them up, once more cutting their meals to finely slices segments of time. ...Again, I note that Torruga has wolfed down the lion's portion of his meal, while others are lucky to have finished half. I consider that Torruga had not even been able to feel his own blood's Flow, though given I only instructed him for two hours, that is hardly surprising. Still, their meal is concluded, their brief respite terminated. Bang looks to me, no mischevious grin on his face-he defers to my judgement.

What should I tell the 17th Imperial Giant Brigade, concerning what the late morning practice will be?
Should I have another private lesson with Torruga now that he is no longer acting concussed, or should he participate with everyone else again as he did in the mountain sprints?
What should we do with the afternoon, the evening?
>[Roll a 1d1000000 for how much Torruga picked up from the first lesson. Just one. 1d1000000. Hi is good, low bad. If your roll is low but still exceeds my own 1d1000000 roll, there will be no penalty. However, if I roll very high and you do not beat my roll, no penalty will be incurred.]
No. 264447 ID: d0d015

rolled 9029 = 9029

No. 264452 ID: 21e57a

Ha! Keep him from training? NEVER! He will learn when he can not fight and run and train with the rest! This will harden his blood and make him ready for war!

Next? Well, I think taking these poor buggers to Oz's training might be quite the work out! Against Oz, and Deep Spawn, and Fuu and Figment and you and Bang. Ha! First training shall be stamina! Survive against you all for as long as possible.If anyone survives for more then an hour, they will be commended. Next, Speed! Once more, anyone against the seventh! However, this time the goal shall but not to stand to our fury but to attempt to land a single blow. Then practice combat and arcane magic, see if any have a natural talent.

And how has Bang's newfound strength changed him? And have you been speaking to the Lined One still? and what do you feel of Mordre and your recent adventure?
No. 264457 ID: f247ab

Hmm, I just guessing, but can't Bang just feed the tumors that result from excessive Possibility Cell use (or just purposely create tumors) to his white blood cells, and thereby create a situation in which the white blood cells naturally produce in reaction to the threat? And, therefore, begin the long process of saturating his system with white blood cells specialized in fighting off his main danger to himself?
No. 264458 ID: 5ecc4e

A true warrior must not neglect strength of the mind over strength of the body.

Have them solve a series of difficult puzzles, you can defer to Mahkargg once you run out of ideas.
No. 264459 ID: 5ecc4e

And on the flip side, could Keddic not use the chaotic possibility cells to produce white blood in an instant for anything he might need?

Then could he not weaponise the resulting cancer, using whit e blood to keep in in check until use instead of completely neutralizing it?
No. 264462 ID: f6360f

rolled 3010, 3801, 1652, 4595, 6476, 7031, 4463, 5549, 9312, 9894, 6462, 6481, 3456, 6131, 5391 = 83704

The ridiculous lowness of both of these rolls makes me wonder if perhaps there isn't a cap on the die results on this board. I'm rolling 15d1000000 to test this concept; I would use the dis, but apparently there isn't a die function there. Please ignore except as an evaluative measure.

>Then practice combat and arcane magic, see if any have a natural talent.
No. No arcane magic use here... not where Lubu might see someone practicing it.

And frankly, I would prefer to avoid using Oz. He's got his own school to run, and it's not made of new-recruit giants. Our primary task here is changing the mindset of these guys so that they're something more like soldiers, not just making them stronger.
No. 264463 ID: 9338f5

good going thinking of that
No. 264471 ID: a76809

rolled 3349, 3100 = 6449

>[Max roll is 10000.]


[9029:------->5000 PASS , >6000 PASS , >7000 PASS , >8000 PASS , >9000 PASS, >9500 FAIL, 10000 FAIL]

[I am not going to make up puzzles for player characters to use on NPCs. That's your job.]

[No actually he couldn't, attempting to contain cancer (Chaos) with White Blood (Order) is a mixing of condensed, opposed forces. Explosions would result.... in his veins, possibly in his hearts and livers. Once you tap one of the two(possibility cells/white blood), and use it enough it builds its respective chaos/order orientation, you can't really pursue the other path, it would saturate your body with too much oppose organic manifestation of the two forces.]

[THIS, however, is a means of tapping White Blood cell properties without actively tapping the magic held within them, thus avoiding having both magically active.]

Before I make my decision, I have a flash of inspiration, and speak to Bang in Common.

"Say Bang my boy, I had an idea you may wish to hear."
>"Lay it on me."
"I think you could use White Blood cells without making them generate Order."
>"You have my full, undivided and genetically self-enhanced attention."
"When being hit with the cancerous recoil you've spoken of, could you not have your white blood target the cancer??
>"..Yeah... YEEEAAAAAA!! This should work! Oh man, I already knew white blood made new cells as threats were encountered, didn't even occur to me to manipulate them like that. ...Yes, that should really, REALLY work. I mean, I'll have to flag each cancer cell individually for my immune system, but once I've gotten a comprehensive sampling of every variation I can get afflicted with, I should be able to use Possibility Cells far more freely.... it would allow my body to better keep up with my calculating abilities, and the amount of equations I can run simultaneously. ...I dig it Keddic, nice brainwave. ...So, what's the plan?"

"I'm thinking we should bring them to Oz."
>"Oh I LIKE it. Mahklargg, you heard?"
I switch back to the Low Tongue, once more understandable to our troops.

"We are taking a field trip. Into the city with you all!"
>"You heard man, MOVE!"

Between Mahklargg's overbearing shouts and Bang's enthusiastically broken Low, the Metal Skulls hit their stride before we even exit the mess hall, Bang and I quickly leaping to the front to lead. I note Torruga enviously looking on at our prodigious speeds. We reach the entrance to Oz's school, and I finally see a reason to knock on the main entrance, before setting the Metal Skulls to pulling it open. As massive hinges groan, several students, ex-arena slaves, rush forward, and only relax when they see us with the Ragegluts. We are welcomed in as one runs to find Oz. We barely make it to the main grounds where Oz's growing school proper trains, Deep Spawn of Mordre's devising assisting training as Oz meets us. At our presence and that of a fellow Deep Spawn all of Mordre's creations turn to focus on us, Mothburn and Nihilino in particular possessing sharply defined Threats to their bodies. Oz speaks as the whole school grinds to a halt at our entrance.

>[Oz]"Was wondering when you guys would pop by. ....Military unit?"
"The 17th Imperial Giant Brigade."
>"[i]Newbies, I take it?
"Bang sums it up quite well. Do you have any interest in a joint practice? Your students get to practice fighting Ragegluts, our platoon gets to be tested by Mordre's minions and your own school."
>"All right, you have my attention. ...Yeah, some Ragegluts sound like a solid change of pace... I'd ask the one leaves the sword, and all doff the gauntlets and helm. Don't need all my students going splat thank you. What sort of idea did you have?"
"Relatively straightforward, individual or sometimes paired Ragegluts fighting a few dozens students and one of Mordre's minions. ...Been accepting further students, I take it?"
"Yup. Got enough acclaim some 'esteemed' families want in now, and are sending third sons, mannish daughters, what have you. Either way I think I'll have enough to refit the place, make it a bit more suited to what I teach. ...Sounds like a plan-you heard that, right Bagrom? Get it set up."
>[Bagrom]"Yes, master."

Bagrom leads the metal skull-less out into the main floor, shouting out orders to students while slipping into respectfully worded requests to the Deep Spawn. Everyone begins moving as Oz, Bang and I take a seat, appraising our respective student's performance. As the fights continue, I start to note the tide shifting, and Oz looking far more amenable to conversation.

Is there anything I would like to talk with Oz about?
Are there any conditions under which I or Bang should enter the fray?
>[Okay, I need 19 different 1d9000 rolls for each of the other Ragegluts. With each roll, I would like a name idea. Only prerequisite for Rageglut names is that any name must include at least one 'O', one 'R', and be two to four syllables long. Any additional info is taken if you want to take the time to write it, and potentially not be able to roll in time. Torruga's roll stored at 9029 better than max possible for other students. My rolls will be for the student performance, and the Deep Spawn performance, as modifiers to your rolls. ]
No. 264473 ID: 6dd58d

No. 264474 ID: 6dd58d

rolled 2619 = 2619

...Maybe if I put the dice roll in the right fragging field...
No. 264475 ID: 6dd58d

rolled 3757 = 3757

No. 264476 ID: d0d015

rolled 7895 = 7895

Chuck Norris
No. 264477 ID: 903f16

rolled 6077 = 6077

Orothogun, do me proud.
No. 264478 ID: 6dd58d

rolled 2177 = 2177

No. 264479 ID: 6dd58d

...Well, fuck you too, dice.
No. 264480 ID: 9338f5

rolled 6141 = 6141

No. 264482 ID: 9338f5

rolled 6174 = 6174

No. 264485 ID: 9338f5

rolled 4791 = 4791

No. 264486 ID: 903f16

rolled 4678, 1716, 3656 = 10050

Urigion, Yomir, Gungor.
No. 264487 ID: 6dd58d

rolled 5684 = 5684


One last time out of spite...
No. 264489 ID: 9338f5

rolled 6860 = 6860

No. 264490 ID: 1c651c

No. 264492 ID: 9338f5

rolled 8044 = 8044

No. 264493 ID: 69bee4

rolled 8756 = 8756

RageGlut Name: Goggalor

Even before full formation into a Rageglut, if there wasn’t one thing Goggalor didn’t enjoy more, it was dealing with enemies larger than himself. Even while being consumed by the growing rage, he always has taken it upon himself to act as some form of protector of the smaller people, smaller ragegluts than he, whomever, in some sort of larger hatred of those larger being bullies to the smaller. Dealing with some rather odd effects of the dragon and concoction growth, Goggalor has suffered a myriad of rather odd side effects. Even among ragegluts, he is excessively resistant to lightning magic, and actually takes pride in having been able to actively reflect lighting with nothing but his bare hands once. His ability to jump is staggering, which is only odd because Goggalor moves like a true lumbering behemoth otherwise. In addition, Goggalor seems nealy unable to fall while climbing. However, unlike most Ragegluts active resistance, Goggalor can actually seem to absorb a certain amount of magic thrown at him, and this can be in turn fired from the top of his head in a high speed concussive kinetomancy blast, making him the only one with known natural blood magic in the group. Goggalor also has an extreme fear of large bodies of water, and no ability to swim as a result, claiming it is often after him. Hates someone named Kochamara.
No. 264494 ID: 69bee4

Goggalor also is never seen without his custom made set of safety goggles (amazing what you can get when your 50 feet tall, no?) and refuses to let anyone see his hair, wearing it under a helmet or hat at all times.
No. 264495 ID: 6dd58d

rolled 5168 = 5168


Tempting Murphy again because hell with it
No. 264496 ID: 9338f5

rolled 973, 3185, 8887, 3459 = 16504

(picked from list of names Odin is known by)
No. 264497 ID: 9338f5

We have all the names now.
No. 264499 ID: f6360f

>Is there anything I would like to talk with Oz about?
Chat him up about current politics and the coming war. What he thinks of Lubu as a person, and in contrast, what he thinks of Lubu as the leader of a nation. How he hopes or fears things will go. If he expects to take the field at any point, and if so, against whom. That kind of thing.

>Are there any conditions under which I or Bang should enter the fray?
After everyone else is done fighting, Bang and you should flip a coin, winner challenges Oz to a friendly match. Let everyone else watch as a lesson in what badasses are.

Aside from that, only do any fighting here if someone is acting like a total dumbass and you need to slap them back into line.
No. 264501 ID: 9338f5

Fairly sure Oz could easily beat Bang or Keddic. Fighting both at once would be a bit more balenced.
No. 264509 ID: 9a5057

At this point? I'm not. Both of them have gotten stupid powerful in their last few fights, I'd like to get a measure of where they stand in relation to the nearest living legend at some point. Not that I particularly want to slow down the narrative for such a fight at this juncture.
No. 264514 ID: f6360f

Oh, they definitely should go in expecting to lose.

That said, they're probably a bit more of a challenge than Oz can normally get, so it should still be good times all around. The reason I suggested only one of them fight is that the other will be taking over all training duties for the evening, as the fighter pulls themself back together after being smashed into paste by the Breaker.
No. 264530 ID: d4f98d
File 129241839762.jpg - (143.83KB , 921x959 , Vandgurd.jpg )

Vandgurd (not as many details to work with from the description, so I tried to give it a more dynamic pose, Not sure if it worked. Looks like a hulking brute, at least).
No. 264531 ID: 35bba5

Are you drawing all the spawn?
No. 264532 ID: d4f98d

Seeing how far I can go.
No. 264553 ID: 81f32a

Hey, wasn't Keddic the most suspicious of Mordre?

Couldn't we ask him questions about that?

Though I don't know how to properly compose them...

Keddic what is your opinion of Mordre?
Why are you so suspicious of him?
What was that you said about his golem? Paltry? Why do you think so? It has been highly effective as long as we know.

[maybe someone else ask him a better structured question?]
No. 264555 ID: 2b8d27

Also, jump into the fight after a few minutes, scenario, 'you are flanked by a superior enemy force while in combat. WHAT DO YOU DO!"

Holy crap

Keddic Bang union could give the ragegluts practice with fighting Aurockoth and Aurockoth like beings (Caged one, Badass D.Spawn).

They should work on this immediately.

Besides, knowing more about your enemies ability gives you insight on how to stop it.

No. 264601 ID: d4f98d

Just examine their duels and judge how they perform. No need to jump in this time, it's a performance test.
No. 264731 ID: a76809


I note Rastrako having a hard time fending off the students and attending Deep Spawn, one of the more hesitant of Ragegluts simply being overwhelmed by unending assault. ...Well he will eventually learn to stop fearing the blows of little ones so much-

[Vangurd possesses a new capability: The gargantuan, freakishly strong arms that already dominated its body can leap through perception, allowing him to ignore depth and reach even distant objects by folding space. Bystanders will see his arms lengthening and expanding conically from his viewpoint. Vendgurd's soul determines how far he can ignore depth, and currently maxes out at a depth of two hundred feet.]

...Except that Vandgurd there, one of the silent fellows of Mordre's ilk, simply... grows bigger arms, fists the size of the rageglut's torso rushing near. ...Well, at least I can say Rastrako is proving durable, if nothing else.


Zovikar/[u] fairs better... but still not up to what I'd like from her. She's no slacker, but she can just be slow on the uptake sometimes-even with Zelgotho her opponent amidst the students of Oz, this is slowly proving her downfall. Still, she seems capable of getting a sense of foes, perhaps she will hold out long enough to stabilize.


[u]Noborris on the other hand, is fairing excellently. He uses low sweeping kicks to great effect, staying close to the ground to make his attacks as horizontal as possible, maintaining acceptable mobility all the while. ...He is doing well, excellent.


So is Orothogun at his side, the shorter, more portly warrior engaging Aggocrag, skin sizzling as it contacts the superheated rock-yet it does not blister. Considerably durable, that much can be said about him. He keeps the Deep Spawn at bay, but otherwise contributes little to Noborris' battle against student and spawn alike.


Worpik is fairing even worse than Rastrako, facing Nihilino and being overwhelmed by a barrage of Order blasts. They vanish almost instantly, but each contact leaves Worpik looking more harried. ...She is enduring, and little else positive can be said of her performance.


Roknat on the other hand is doing reasonably well. The tall and lanky Rageglut is practically prancing, writhing around and about in attempts to avoid Velada and its swarm of spawn. He has strange lumps of stiff flesh where he's been stung, but thus far only a few jabs have found their mark. Excellent spatial awareness on that one.


Korvan Is also making a good show, pwerful axe kicks throwing up waves of sand from the arena floor. The resultant waves of sand hinder and snatch at the multitude of students, giving Korvan more breathing room than most of his comrades.

>Invalid, no letter 'o' in name.

Urigion and Gungor do well, the brothers constantly covering eachother's backs, while Yomir is having trouble with just students. ...That girl...


Terooj, that overly hairy brute is doing fine despite his lack of finesse, simply breaking a path through any attempted net to encircle him. None too shabby.


Joker, the miscreant that never signed his real name on his recruitment papers and always gives a new name when asked is nevertheless proving himself worth the headache as he makes a good show, surprisingly neat and tidy, leaving few openings or gaps for his assailants to take advantage of, managing the range gap with gusto.


Some of the Ragegluts do not battle against students and Deep Spawn-they rampage. Nortel is one such warrior. She proves herself an excellent member of the Metal Skulls once she builds momentum, a fan of a sort of breathless rush, relying on her enormous stamina to overwhelm.

Goggalor makes an even more impressive showing. I had doubts about the near-sighted Rageglut, but he bears some Imperial make variable lens contraption strapped over his eyes, and seems to find no issue with vision with such aid. I note several of the students paired against him using some form of Mass Connection involving lightning-combat Ignimancy then? Either way, it does NOTHING to Goggalor, who is brutalizing the warriors before him with a sad yet determined look. ...That's right, he was a scrawny one before becoming a Rageglut, must have some issues left. Eh, nothing that can't be beaten out of him. ...One last thing of note: He seems to have a skullcap he wears between head and helm. In and of itself it means nothing, yet he never takes it off. Another thing to address.


Errivo performs somewhat beyond adequately, her solid blocking ability letting her ultimately weather everything thrown at her. ...I've never been a fan of defensive fighting myself, but it seems to suit her.


...I don't know exactly why, whether it be their lack of coordination or Mothburn's prowess, but Jolfnir, Gondlar and Sifgord are performing terribly. Every bit as much Goggalor and Nortel rampage, these three are being rampaged over.... once they lost control of the situation, they panicked and could not recover on their own. ...A pity.


Then there is Rhoptayr, the very picture of the dedicated soldier. I can practically feel his disdain for foes our size without the... impact... Bang and I carry. He has little trouble systematically swatting the student about, Phohn and his minions screaming their combined howl into his mind and doing nothing. No sense of humor certainly, but methodical, that one. ...Might need to keep an eye on him.


All pale compared to Torruga, who is almost idly knocking back the more adventurous students as he focuses on what must be Burduko, bundled within that screaming wall of wind. Skin is sliced and blood flows-to catch, like glue on Burduko's sword. More and more builds up, until not only is the sword so gunked as to be a mace, but many meaty tendrils anchor it back to Torruga. ...So he DID pick up something of Blood magic... and applied it quite rapidly.

Who grabs the tendrils and pulls.

Burduko and his weapon come flying into Torruga's fist as he punches the storm.

[3349: POOR, 3100 POOR]
I find myself noting Oz grumbling about teamwork, clearly not approving of his students performance, nor their ability to fight alongside the Deep Spawn. ...He seems to intend Words when this is over.

"So, how have current events been? We've been practically cloistered training these ones, what of recent events?"
>"Eh. Not much. Figment's here, that's pretty good. So's Fuu. Mordre's out, but I understand he has a bit of a war going on in his own home, so pretty understandable. And shittily as they may be doing, this is good for them, broadens their horizons, and lets me smack down their egos. Recent... well, there's word that Goujar is getting closer, as it the anti-Lubu coalition. Honestly, the names in that shift so much I'm not positive just who's in it, beyond Dragons Diaoji, Okuga and Tienen. They got some big names that haven't shifted, Ozious the Iron Claw, Therigumo the Claimer and of course... the White Pheonix. Really, going to be one hell of a party when they get here. Sounds like arrival might be concurrent to Goujar showing up, so we all may get to really cut loose there. A chance to become legends!"
"A noble goal to pursue. So, your opinion on Lubu-"
>"I like the guy sure, but I'm not the serving type. If I feel like helping him, as I do, then sure I will do what I must. I just don't see me serving him happening."
"Your thoughts on how he is leading?"
>"Bit of a loaded question. He's not really leading so much as taking the one position with absolute authority and largely removing it from the chain of command, so councils ultimately govern everything. Nevertheless his word is law, and he has thousands willing to die for him. Beyond that... not much to say, really."
"And what do you say we spice up the joint sparring?"
"Bang and I join your students and the Deep Spawn against the ragegluts... you join them against your students, us and the Deep Spawn. A two sided battle with exchanged leaders."
>"[i]...Heh. Now THAT, I like. Alright, let's do it.

Without a whit of hesitation Oz vaults himself from his seat, tendrils whipping out from his arm to ensnare each and every Rageglut, dragging all close as he speaks.

>"Alright now, it's gonna be US-[i]"

Bang and I finish rounding up the students behind an assembled line of Deep Spawn, only Bobobo, Akeakam and Nidhogg missing. The gap of sand between our two groups grows from mere feet to miles as hostility spikes.

>"[i]Against THEM!

Our two groups rush to meet, and it's immediately clear Oz has chosen us as his targets, rushing towards us both as an expanding explosion of energy threads flit from his left arm towards us. Bang sums it up quite nicely just before our two groups meet.

>"It's GO TIME!!"

-Choose a character [Oz, Keddic, Bang] and make a suggestion for them.
-Pick whichever character you want perspective to be on.
-Put the name of the person you are suggesting for at the start of your post.
-Please one vote per person.
-Highest votes wins, and from that the most audacious plans possible within the character's confines will be followed.

-tl;dr: Vote a char, most popular wins, I use coolest posts.
No. 264736 ID: ff8889

How about the perspective of one of the Ragegluts or Oz's students? Could that be an option?
No. 264737 ID: 62061c

Keddic, because he needs to fight some soul and punch some soul.

Ensnare Oz's tendrils with blood tendrils of your own and pull, he will no doubt beat you you.
Try to act surprised as you rush towards his fist, grabbing the Proud Lion as you flail.
Slash him in the back with a white blood coted Proud lion, getting as much data on him as possible.

Back up and let Bang get a chance while you analyze.

Jump back into the fray, wait for the soulhand to show up.

As soon as it does ADRENALIN MODE!
Rip out proud Lion

aimed at deflecting his soul arm, not ripping his soul out. I doubt you could beat a legend in will of the soul, but maybe his arm.... just maybe.
And if you fail at least you won't die... I hope.
[If you know a way to go FULL ORDER in soul tilt, that would be good too]

What do I need to roll Bob?
No. 264740 ID: f247ab


Just an experiment to confirm a hypothesis I have - plasma has (Soul) magic consuming properties; from that time when Keddic used pure plasma to absorb the unmaking Soul magic attack of Jeeba's - if Keddic is chosen, when Oz (or really, anybody) pulls out a Soul magic move, preferably not Ghosthand since that might permanently damage the soul I think, Keddic should form a shield or something made only out of plasma and block/intercept the attack. If my hypothesis pans out, the Soul magic should be disrupted, the energy dispersing and eaten by the plasma; I'm not really sure how to confirm the general magic eating properties of plasma though.

Also, make sure to gather as much of the blood that was/is spilled, possibly by setting up a network of blood tendrils below ground, so additional surprise-blood-spikes can be done.
No. 264746 ID: d0d015

No. 264749 ID: 81f32a


maybe we'll have some MoI again.
No. 264771 ID: 21e57a
File 12925278194.jpg - (79.83KB , 632x809 , 129079646963.jpg )

Vote: Keddic.

Ah! Keddic! An idea we can use is the same we suggested to young Bang. We start using Probability Cells - but not in that chaotic sense that Bang favors so much, haha! We proceed to use that 'probability' and let them become the WHITE BLOOD OF HARKSBURTON so easily or, mhm. Most dangerous idea, but most intriguing. Let use many of these probability cells to turn the core of our bones to order.

Ha! Another idea, young Keddic! The deep spawn blood that coats the floor. Draw it to yourself, taste the blood of these students, these warriors, let their mysteries of their blood be added to our own, Keddic!

Of course, for the ragegluts, they should face the WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON: MICRO-MAELSTROM! Let your blood flow, open any would and have as many tendrils of our HARKSBURTON BLOOD SLAP ABOUT THESE IMPETUOUS FOOLS! Enough to distract and add insult to any injury.

As for Oz and his Godfist. He is strong enough to take out Korgotyo easily, and he is strong on his way becoming a dragon and his soul is almost Legendary. There is an idea that may be enough to take down Oz. You and Bang, you are allies, friends, and warriors together. Your styles conflict, but if you can combine your skills...Perhaps you, together, will be strong enough to take down Oz!
No. 264772 ID: 21e57a

Oh yes, and Keddic! Your new armor, what does it do? Quite beautiful and covered in spines, makes you seem quite the predator in it, young Keddic!
No. 264841 ID: 62061c

rolled 41 = 41

Guess I'll go with the original plan and roll 1d100
No. 264842 ID: 62061c

NOT A 1 YES!!!!!!
No. 264851 ID: 21e57a

AH! Yes! How goes the regrowing of your hair and beard, lad?
No. 264852 ID: 69bee4

Keddic, this is vitally important, probably moreso than anything combat related.

No. 264853 ID: 903f16

Leap away from Oz's attack using Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism: Untouchable and continue to do so as you build blood defenses around yourself and a coat of white blood on the Proud Lion's edge. While doing this command your blood to consume the stray bits of Oz's student's blood scattered about the field and build immunity. While immunity to his student's may seem bit trivial to you at this moment, consider they have been learning his style and that defense against them ultimately means you're going to be slowly building defense against the style itself. After you've done this and readied yourself you can go at him, Bang should have kept him distracted well enough.

Chug adrenaline, draw the Proud Lion, and attempt to get into range with him. Hopefully whatever immunity you have built and your keen senses can allow you to keep up. Use the sand to your advantage and send several white blood tendrils snaking down and around him to go for a flanking strike on him. While preparing this trap keep attempting various sword techniques like the Sanguine Circle Slice and Sanguine Maelstrom so he doesn't catch on in time.

Do not do the last portion of this idea. It would be foolish to try something so risky just to win a training exercise, that kind of move is a last resort.
No. 264854 ID: 6dd58d


Right, since you're one of the primary targets, open up with SANGUINE KINETIC PUGILISM: UNTOUCHABLE and see if you can duck around behind Oz while keeping clear of incoming strikes. If successful, follow the maneuver up with WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON: PROUD BLOW, two strikes in quick succession against the back of each knee. BRING HIM DOWN.
No. 264856 ID: 62061c

Well it helps to know how your last resort move works.

Keddic has never used it, and I fear he will be unable to when he actually does need it.

Not hitting out his soul though, just trying to deflect the soul hand.
No. 264866 ID: 903f16

I understand what you want to do with it, but it's still strikes me as a bad idea. Like you've said we've never used it attempting some finesse like deflecting an attack seems like we're trying to run before learning how to walk.

Beyond that this guy has a stronger soul than Keddic and your move relies on us having a stronger soul than our opponent in order to give us decent odds on the life or death dice roll. If we're going to test it out let's test it out on some petty criminal with a normal soul.
No. 264867 ID: f247ab

I'm not really sure if that particular picture is the best for Keddic's perspective, since it is Bang who is the primary agent, and Keddic only contributes the wings and flight; it was meant as a counterpart for another technique in which Keddic was the primary agent, with Bang as a bone sword and Keddic as the swordsman. If we are going to pull out those combinatorial techniques, perhaps it should be bonesword!Bang+swordsmand!Keddic one, instead of winged!Keddic+bonearmor!Bang? We are unanimous in desiring Keddic's perspective, after all.
No. 264869 ID: a76809


[Spines got removed during conversion to coat, were used to help make the stitching that combines it to the original Blood cloak.]

[His hair is still not a mane yet, but he has enough to sweep back in his normal fashion even if it still does not have the body it once possessed. His beard, while not a profuse as it once was, is regaining its six-pointed shape (two points for 'buttchin', two points directly below where mustache meets beard, and two points placed on the jaw corners.]

[Not currently.]

[Due to plasma not having any DNA for Jeeba's unmaking magic to unwind. That was how the magic worked, and simply lacking the mechanism by which it plied ruination circumvents its power. Plasma itself has no special properties beyond that.]

I plot out a few scenarios in my mind. I lead with the most direct: Strength of the Soul, the theoretical technique I came up with and have yet to test. Oz's established skill with combat Soul Magic, with that Ghost arm technique of his, should be tangible to such an attack. It might allow me to circumvent the vast difference in power still looming between us by targeting just a fraction of his soul. ...Might, should... I like not this plan in a match of sport, to leave so much to chance.

Another plan comes to me-transforming those Possibility Cells Bang utilizes so adeptly into more White Blood. The theory sounds solid... but in practical terms, I do not know how I would go about triggering a Chaotic change without upsetting the Order in my system, or how I would make that Chaotic change yield Order. The two do not mesh will in condensed form, as both organic power sources are.

I start considering the amount of power Bang and I have come to wield... perhaps if it were not divided between us, we could stand against Oz evenly... Bang's ability to restructure his body is most impressive, could he not become a sword, armor, in some way join his power to mine? ...If I had wanted to see this done, experimentation during a fight would not seem the place to learn. It would be unseemly.

I play defensive and evasive, putting all my focus into the Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism footwork of Untouchable, opening as much room as possible between myself and Oz. His grasping glowing tendrils continue hounding me, weaving through the air after me. As I keep dancing away a hair's breadth from capture, I lance out dozens of wispy tendrils, gathering up every spilt drop of blood I can find, processing what I claim. Beneath the already known Rageglut blood, it is all Bang's students-and I carefully analyze it for two reasons. Firstly, each warrior's blood I fully grasp is demoted from minor nuisance to completely ignorable, my blood automatically reacting to their presence so well I need not even look at them. ...But the more important reason is more long term. Each warrior is a student of Oz... a student of his style. If I pick up enough fragments of his style from them... could I not give my blood some measure of immunity to him? The plan seems solid, and I grin while I continue following it even after the tendrils stop chasing me. I turn to flit and dart amongst the students I am alligned with for the moment, adding to the stored data I am analyzing, the sanguine secrets. As I do, I watch Bang fighting Oz, alone.

Each blow Ozmand hammers home blasts straight through the cancer barrage reflexively thrown his way, shatters the bone armor, rends flesh, sunders muscle. In the span of two seconds I see Bang's neck broken, his heart punched out through his back, and a section of spine pulled free. Through it all, his manic grin only continues to grow as his body blooms ever farther into Chaos. While Oz completely knocks off his right arm with a fell blow, sinew snapping like wet noodles, Bang's left arm rockets forward extending wide as it sprouts the familiar vibrating bone spurs, wrapping about the Breaker as they begin to keen. In that initial instant of contact not a drop of blood is spilt, no tears appearing in Oz's flesh as he plants his feet and pumps out a sharp breath. The bone teeth wrapped about him shatter as Bang's arm is blown apart, his now armless torso falling back, limbs already regenerating as his manic leer grows more wild, his eyes opening a fraction wider. A right handed palm thrust that blooms into Ghosthand creates a massive ethereal wall to slam Bang back into the arena wall, stone cratering and disintegrating from his tremendous impact. The ghostly limb dissolves away-

And Bang, still no forarms to his name, rushes back into the fray, leaping from the wall and collapsing it behind him as his maimed and healing body rockets towards Oz head first, maniacal laughter his only herald.

I act without hesitation: How could my hearts not be stirred by Bang's unending, unflinching bravery? I move to aid him, building a mass of White Blood about my fist.... letting more and more flow into place as I build a Winding Way charge in my clenched grasp. ....I can only hope my preparation, the claiming of his student's blood will be of aid to me.

Bang stabs razor-sharp bone spears jutting from his half-way reformed forearms at Oz like a quartet of spears as I swing a fist covered in a sphere of blood two feet thick towards his left flank.

...Oz does not disappoint.

His right arm pulses as his massive soul arm takes shape, once more unwinding to blast back Bang-but this time, it is no open palm, but a closed fist. Rather than slamming him against the arena wall, this time Oz smashes him completely through the wall before his ghostly fist disintegrates. At the same time his left arm rises to snap a back-handed punch at my blow. He makes contact just as I trigger the Winding Way burst.


The massive pool of White Blood about my hand unfolds, exploding into a filmy mist as it transforms into untold millions of shifting sanguine spikes, riding the vicious shockwave I release. I feel blood dying as it comes in contact with Oz's Lortoxite fist-

Yet all the same I manage to repel his idle attack.... and nothing more.

Now, rather than striking at me without even turning to face me, Oz begins to turn, a slow smile spreading on his face as his eyes lock on me, still in melee range.

What should I do?
No. 264874 ID: d4f98d

Oz must be layered in a ridiculous number of defensive combat magics. Bangs saws, while unparalleled at grinding through matter, have no method of mitigating such save through brute force. OUR blood blades, however, are very much Magic Piercing, and may provide a surprise for Oz. We need that Blood sample, so go for a leg wound. His fighting style revolves around his arms, his footwork may be a little worse.

Use your sight and dangersense, they should help you avoid OHGODTHEFISTS, and mingle your own white blood with the dead blood that's probably now pooling around both yours and Oz's feet. Use that as an ambush vector for your blood spears, and tip them with White. Try to catch him in the leg, and hopefully Bang will be able to capitalize while your do that.
No. 264877 ID: 69bee4

now, Keddic, this is probably going to be a hard one for you to deal with, but I think you missed some important things last time...

so one, you need to really focus on your white blood cells, notice there is not really only one. There are actually different types within that, the B cells, that produce antibodies and actively help call in other cells to aid in disease. the T cell, who regulates return into the more 'normal' balance when after an infection takes place, and the production of the more powerful and specific B cells.

Beyond this, consider that your body behaves differently when sick than well, and when injured or in the presence of some things that cause allergies (maybe your sister has this issue with some things? An old friend or war buddy?). What if you could constantly make your body behave as if there was everpresent threat, and have it invoking these more specific and powerful, if more taxing habits? Control these more specific cells, and that potencial opens.

Also, there is an important thing you missed when augmenting your body Keddic. You hit almost every major organ, but you missed one of the most arguably vital to the male, your testicles! Just consider how chaotic reproduction is, the newness going so far as to turn two independent halves into wholes, to create even new souls in the end. If you were to shut that Chaos off during combat, your body would be much more welcoming to Order. If done correctly, this can probably be even controlled to the point where it is reversible, making yourself infertile only when needed in combat, and retaining it otherwise. Plus, the scrotum its so... VULNERABLE! you can't have such a massive weak spot, just floppin around there outside your body, especially with a secondary heart nearby. Using your white blood to temporarily kill the chaos off in that area, and then removing the white blood post battle should be a minimally risky way of interfering with that cycle, or maybe blocking the tubules the sperm use to travel? Or what definately works is overheating the area temporarily (just a few degrees hotter than it is normally), when it cools, the future of the line will still be safe.

Oh, also, near the bladder, down those tubes, square-ish shaped little thing where the seminal vesticle meets the bladder, something called the prostate. Yeah, that bugger likes to get all Cancer/Chaos-y when men get older, be on the lookout for that.
No. 264888 ID: 62061c

>Bang's students
>Ozmand hammers home

>a slow smile spreading on his face
You dead bro.

This man does not let up, anyone who is not Bang would have died several times over in those few seconds.

In any case, begin to swing the proud lion behind you and switch places with him immediately. Hopefully you will cut him.

you and bang have to synchronize your attacks.
No. 264900 ID: 45be60

Feh. There is no practice required to weaponize Bang. Hold him by the ankles and swing him at people. He will just laugh maniacally, and the absurdity will confuse your opponents enough for it to work.
No. 264903 ID: e43bfe



No. 264912 ID: a76809

[Yeah.... 'swhat happens when you type tired. Should be Oz's students, and Oz hammers home.]
No. 264985 ID: f247ab

Oh yeah, what did you gain from eating the body of the Spined Lion, presuming that army actually returned the body to you?

Also, why attack from the Breaker side? From my understanding, Oz is teaching Ghosthand first, with the ability that leads to Breaker second; thus, the only defense White Blood, with only blood from the students, would give for Oz's style would be Ghosthand, which is on the right.

Anyways, sending tendrils into the ground (and perhaps try to saturate it with blood enough that Oz can't just cut through the tendrils with Stone Fist; the Order would help with that, wouldn't it?) for blood spikes from below to try to obtain a sample of blood sounds good. If you can, try to sever a toe or otherwise obtain a bone sample.
No. 264994 ID: c70116

Hey Keddic what deeper understanding have you actually gained of The Winding Way? There must be a lot more to it than just swapping places. Apparently The Lined One never misses. That sounds like the epitome of an order based ability. Perhaps you could do some kind of attack and focus on the order aspect to penetrate Oz's defenses. Like connect your sword and Oz's forehead and gently draw them together so your sword naturally finds a way to said forehead?

Another thing to try: Form a hardened tube (artery?) of red blood along the length of the Proud Lion and line up a Winding Way charge to explode and propel a mass of hardened white/red blood droplets down the tube kind of like a gun. If you can hit Oz then you might be able to transpose a bit of matter and finally gain a taste of Oz's blood and body. Naming suggestion would be HEART OF THE GUN.
No. 264995 ID: 903f16

>What should I do?
Oz's arm is rather powerful isn't it Keddic? Emulate him, no not by chopping it off, instead pool White Blood into your left arm until it's saturated enough that it becomes Ordered and you can use it for anti magic purposes. Draw from all your external supplies if necessary to achieve this end. Give a few scouting blows with the arm and see how effective it is, flex the muscles and tell us how you feel.
No. 264996 ID: 903f16

Also try using this in tandem with the Proud Lion which can dissipate energy. If it works you could have developed a way to make your blade's strikes even more devastating.
No. 264997 ID: a76809

I play defensive, close attention on my Threat detection, while running out feelers of blood down my legs and across the ground to one of Bang's many pools of blood. The bits of Chaos having already decayed to levels that don't react with my Order, I hope to use this for an attack from below, to graze Oz's legs. It seems sensical, his style is built around arm movements and indomitable stability, if tipped in White blood I may be able to circumvent his protections.

Unfortunately, there is no Bang coming flying back without hesitation. Instead, I hear a fey cackle slowly echoing about as Oz jabs at me.

Even in my reflexive cocoon of adrenaline, even with the foreknowledge of Threat detection, even with all my alchemical augmentations, familial and personal alike, I BARELY avoid his fist. I move to-

He jabs again, and again, faster, faster, emerald vestiges rising about his right arm as ghostly doubles begin to take shape. They are starting to come closer now, the whip-crack sharpness of his strikes shivering through the wind from inches away. ...A single second has passed since he started punching, and with one arm he's been able to completely occupy me. His smile begins to fall, as I see his left arm shift.

I think of Deep Spawn, I think of the Spined Lion when I see that ropy, bone-plated tendril lash out from the fractured wall, snaking about Oz's throat, coil after coil. I hear Bang's mad cackle reach a crescendo, his voice distorted and guttural... and gleeful.


I simultaneously leap back and trigger my planned attack, the pooled White Blood in the sanguine puddles condensing on a trio of spears, lancing up at Oz's legs while he's completely riveted staring into the abyss from which Bang's arm emerged. I feel tremendous resistance, the White blood beginning to burn away-but I draw five drops of blood, immediately capturing them and withdrawing the ground' based weapon to my cloak. Another four tendrils, each as thick as the first and equally plated lash out before Oz can strike, wrapping about Oz's wrists and elbows. With the abrupt increase in purchase, Oz is not just yanked from the ground, but with him goes several hundred cubic feet of sand, all attached to his feet by some magical bracing system for an instant before dissolving into the mundane while Oz plunges into those shadows in the broken arena wall where Bang lurks.

I focus on my prize, carefully dissecting every single cell of blood, until finally-I find one of Oz's own White Blood cells. Just one... yet I leave it be till I have systematically consumed each other bit of blood, building a rough framework for my system of what Oz is. I attack that single white cell with seven thousand of my own. In the span of an instant in which such horrific noises echo from where Oz and Bang dwell that only Torruga and Burduko still fight, all others focused on those murky shadows-I lose all but two hundred and three of those cells in the process of claiming the one cell.

....Well. Well well well.

Oz's White Blood is actively charged with magic, full Soul layered on top of its innate power. He knows of at least some forms of Blood magic. In a nation that created Ragegluts to police the use of Blood magic for some local magic they call Necromancy, or the Way of Puppets, he knows such a magic.

In that frenzied moment, I don't think he noticed my capture-he still should have no reason to suspect I know this.

I begin shunting White blood from my cloak into my bloodstream, and direct it all into my left arm, concentrating more and more Order into the limb until I sense the dull simmering threat of Antimagic beginning to collect about the limb. I think this would prevent use of the Winding Way... but my right arm remains fully capable, the White Blood simply used to imbue every cubic millimeter of my arm. ...I consider that my arm may have turned white, or gained a much whiter tinge. ...Hardly leonine, but the lure of breaking spells with my bare hand entices me.

As a grotesquely broken mass of teeth and hooks, plated tentacles and ropey muscles flies through the wall, parts falling away as blood seeps copiously into the wind, Oz puts a foot back outside the shadows. The freakish mass dissolves and crumbles, to reveal Bang within, his Scarf only feebly registering threat as he skids to a halt beside me, face still lit up with a manic satisfaction.

"Planning some slick move or summat?
Don't wait too long slowpoke."

...Did he just?


What incredibly gentlemanly and suitably awesome plan do I hatch to offer to Bang?
What do I say to the man that's died at least thrice over whilst fighting Oz without missing a beat?
What should I do with the information Oz uses Blood Magic?
>[With your plan, roll a 1d20, or a 1d100. High is good, low bad, relative to each scale.]
No. 265001 ID: f029c0

Suggest that Bang should turn into a sword or armor or both
No. 265002 ID: f029c0

Don't mention that Oz knows Blood Magic just out of the fact that it is looked down on and he just got his own school.
No. 265003 ID: bdd665

I dont think that will work well without a great deal of fanart.
No. 265007 ID: e43bfe

We just need to hold his handle, we don't need to use blood magic while he's using Possibility. There's little conflict here.
No. 265011 ID: bdd665

Keddic is not a epic swordsman and Bang is perfectly capable of hitting people by himself. There is no bonus to offence, defence, speed, accuracy or magic, how does bang letting keddic club people with hims improve the situation?
No. 265013 ID: e43bfe

Because... it's... uh.

No. 265017 ID: bdd665

>Rule 34. I will not turn into a snake. It never helps.
Sword or snake, it changes little.
No. 265030 ID: 903f16

>What incredibly gentlemanly and suitably awesome plan do I hatch to offer to Bang?
Alright Keddic, you know how when Order and Chaos are added together the reaction is often volatile? Well you may be able to use this to your advantage now. You've made one of your arms heavily infused with Order, highly fitting given your predisposition towards Order and proficiency with White Blood. Bang is of course is the exact opposite and with his skills he could recreate what you've done with your arm, but in Chaos. If your two arms were to come together against Oz and could direct the resulting power from the clashing forces likewise against him, well I'd say you may just have a chance at beating him.

>What do I say to the man that's died at least thrice over whilst fighting Oz without missing a beat?
"That's exactly what I was doing." Point towards your left arm. "I trust you took my earlier advice regarding White Blood to heart, because I'll need to use it now." Point to his right arm. "Do what I did, but with Possibility Cells and Chaos instead of my technique." Take a small pause and nod at Oz, particularly at his face. "Then we can recreate the gesture we made on our first meeting.".

>What should I do with the information Oz uses Blood Magic?
Keep it to yourself for now. You can chat with him on the subject later, it may prove interesting to get another view on the topic.
No. 265042 ID: 903f16

rolled 12 = 12

No. 265044 ID: d4f98d

Now that you have tasted his blood, your own White Blood Reactive Defense against Oz and his abilities should be very much improved, if I recall the benefits of your mastery correctly. Still very much recommend being careful, however.
No. 265056 ID: 81f32a

Hey Bob, ummm, why didn't you use this Fanart >>264771
or are you waiting for a better moment?
No. 265072 ID: 50a28e

well it was a good plan
No. 265074 ID: d4f98d

Its out of 20. Better than average.
No. 265084 ID: 83a4db

rolled 82 = 82

Poke Bang with Oz's blood info
"Your pretty damn scary you know that?
"Anyways analyse this, It's his. Keep it quiet."

"Listen I'm going to shoot him, I want you to shoot him too. Make your shot hit at the same time as mine, same contact point, got it?"

You shoot white bullets, he shoots cancer shots, keep it up until Oz counters.

heck yea, Keddic-Bang 2xHero

[rollin 1d100]
No. 265094 ID: a76809

[Because it is for Keddic/Bang fusion, a plan that was no enacted now. When/if that is ever the majority plan, any fanarts related to it can be posted and boost its effectiveness. The fusion plan falls into the category of 'cannot be pulled out of ass' and needs prep to make it possible. When that happens, THEN feel free to post the pic.]

I decide to keep the revelation Oz knows Blood magic to myself for now.

[Plans to combine Chaos and Order on Oz's face.]

[Keddic]"You know you come off as terrifying, right? Anyway, can you concentrate Chaos into an arm, a leg, something like that?"
>[Bang]"...How long would I need a crazy-Chaos focused limb, and what would I need it for?"
[Keddic]"Simple, for about one second at most, so you can punch Oz at the same time I do. Orderpunch, Chaospunch, the two should mix explosively."
>[Bang]"..Probably going to lose the arm in the process. Yeah, I can do that."

Oz takes another step out of the broken wall, slowly pacing our way, his metallic left arm working this way and that as he stretches his shoulder. Nortel, Terooj and Joker all end up close to us, and attempt an ambush. As Oz continues to march our way, now stretching out his neck as his smile keeps growing, Bang and I chastise the trio most harshly for their audacity. By the time they are dealt with, Oz is only fifteen feet away, having planted his feet as he stares at us expectantly within the calm center of this hectic melee, even Torruga keeping a wide berth from our fight.

>[Oz]"Was not expecting the little one to be so hard to put down. What kind of healing is that, anyway? Never heard of anything like it, only seen Mordre's things heal that fast."
>[Bang]"Healing is best!"
>[Oz]"And what of you Keddic? I had higher hopes for you, a Grand Gainer champion.... but you do so little."
"Perhaps I can change your opinion."

I speak through Phohn, currently engaging Yomir, telling Bang now is the time to strike. Both of us leap forward, transitioning into full sprint without bothering to accelerate. I draw back my left fist-to my left, Bang draws back his right as his bone-plated arm begins to bubble and his, expanding in Threat. Oz sees our twin fists rushing forward, our attack nothing more than a frontal assault, and flicks his right hand at us, a spectral Ghosthand blooming towards us. I race a bit farther ahead of Bang, stretching out my Order imbued, partly anti-magic arm towards the projection-

The two attacks touch and the Ghost hand dissolves-I see Oz narrowing his eyes to slits as we blow past his counter, both of us slamming fists home into his chest. I feel Bang's Chaos reacting with what my blow imparts, and throw up a sanguine shield about my body as I feel the opposed forces mingle.

There is an explosion of black and white, the two chromatic endpoints made tangible as explosive force. I see Bang hurled backwards, arm blown off and ribs exposed as his flesh races to reknit itself. I am flying back forcefully enough that had not Vandgurd extended an arm to catch me I would have added my own crater to the arena walls.

The sand beneath where the three of us stood has been cratered, melted to glass. Oz is nowhere to be seen, his boot prints preserved in the glassy crater. I note movement in the background and focus on it, noting stone crumbling from yet another collapsed section of wall (I hope Oz has enough funds to repair all this), Oz's feet draped over the edge. I barely have time to jump back to the ground from Vandgurd's hand before Oz begins to rise, a smug smile on his face.

>[Oz]"I KNEW you had some trick in mind. Anti-magic... stripping away my assorted styles, then hitting me with an explosive... well thought out."

Oz raises his right hand to his chest, idly flicking blood from the scrape that seems to be the only evidence we even struck him.

>[Oz]"Well then... how about a bonus round?"

He stands, stretching both arms out wide to his sides as his stance widens. His right arm begins to hum, keen and vibrate as he slowly, ritualistically shifts it so his hand covers his left shoulder. His Lortoxite left arm begins to glow, the air shimmering about it as it's sense of threat expands to such heights I cannot even percieve any other. Bang, nearly done healing, lands beside me, shaking chips of stone from his body as he crouches to the ground, regarding Oz with mad rainbow eyes. Oz says but three more words that chill my heart.

>[Oz]"OVER.... LIMIT..... TRANCE..."

I finally recognize the changes his arm is undergoing as the Lortoxite is rendered molten metal, still shaped into a limb-which promptly sprouts a veil of Soulfire, tightly controlled and glued to its surface. ...This can be no coincidence: He is employing a technique dangerously similar to Dulu's own......

What should I say or do?
Do I dare face Oz when he has stopped playing?
Or should I ask for the match to end lest we destroy his school?
Or should I do something else?
No. 265099 ID: 21e57a

Dare you slight the honor of the Pron Lion, the blade that has been through the Harksburton Line for generations? Pah!

However, young Keddic, look around. What heroes still stand, and what damage have they done? But the glory of the find still stands! Mordre is wealthy enough to pay the damages if needs be and if this melee destroys this arena completely.

However, Oz is a legendary soul, burning so bright that he is blinding. This would be the greatest challenge, but the most dangerous. Perhaps too dangerous.

And he knows blood magic...mhm...An idea, Keddic my lad. Instead of focusing on attacking him, focus on taking out the rest of the ragegluts. It will be a test to avoid the might fist of god.
No. 265100 ID: 35bba5

I was wondering whether Necromancy stuff would be Blood or Soul. Good to know.
No. 265104 ID: 83a4db

>[Oz]"OVER.... LIMIT..... TRANCE..."

Tell everyone to GET AWAY!!!!!
"Hey, your gonna blow up your school ya know."

Bang might bust a scarf zenith.


Send out blood tendrils and gather up all the split blood you can in an instant, even if you have to overextend yourself a bit.


Make your six wings white blood.
Then use ALL your remaining non-essential blood to form the Giant blade.


Sweep up the lances of white blood with the sword as you swing.

Hopefully repeated with 'true blow effect'

This will blow up everything and hopefully not kill Oz, just hurt him horribly enough that he stops fighting.
No. 265125 ID: d4f98d

"An unleashed Breaker AND Overlimit? I do hope you will practice proper restraint. I'd hate for the collateral damage to become too excessive...

...the direct damage, too, now that I think about it."
No. 265128 ID: 1854db

Ye gods, yield to the man.
No. 265133 ID: 21e57a

Ah, yes! A suggestion, Keddic! Bring Oz's Blood Magic up later with him, in private. Perhaps you can learn some blood techniques from him!

Ah! And a few ideas that might be helpful, Keddic! First, attempt to create white blood that will act outside of your body. A proactive defensive wall that would devour magic and flesh and any diseases around you. Maybe even craft air-based white blood!
And one last idea is to start developing a system in your immunities to subvert the virii and plagues your body faces. Turn those foul vile diseases from Chaos to Order.

But most important Keddic, is to avoid the Molten Fist and defeat the remaining Ragegluts! Once that is finished you can work on training from Oz, and combining with Bang and studying more methods of using the White Blood of HARKSBURTON.

But to combine with Bang he needs to survive...so focus on keeping Bang alive as well as Defeating the Ragegluts!
No. 265140 ID: a76809

"An unleashed Breaker AND Overlimit? I do hope you will practice proper restraint. I'd hate for the collateral damage to become too excessive... ...the direct damage, too, now that I think about it."
>[Bang]"Pssh, I hope he gives it everything he's go-"

Bang goes flying, his body ripped in half as a molten lance of metal begins to retract from its messy path through Bang's heart and spine. I see Oz's arm slither back into its normal shape just as Bang's head, neck, shoulders and upper half of his torso lands on the ground, arms and lower body blown away by the thundering impact of Lortoxite. He tries to say something, his grin growing even more delirius, but his lungs are in pieces, and no words come out. ...For the moment, anyway, until he begins his repair process. Oz turns to me with a fond smile on his face.

>[Oz]"Have to admire his tenacity. ...I don't suppose you can heal like him?"

Before that cannon-like doomsday weapon of an arm can be turned my way, I hurl myself into motion, darting through the hectic melee around us, hunting out Rageglut targets. If I drop all his 'allies' in this spar, would not that qualify as a victory? I call out my answer to his question as Bang begins to pull himself together and I strike at Jolfnir, the every frantic warrior dropping like an avalanche after I use my knowledge of his blood to upset his blood sugar and blood pressure just enough he automatically lapses into unconsciousness. ...I'll have to thank Bang for the lessons on additional complexity to the chemistry of blood.

"Afraid I can't heal like Bang can, no... and I wonder, what happens if your students still stand, but the Ragegluts currently acting as your allies have all been felled?"
>[Oz]"I took you for the planning sort. Let's see how long you stay outside my grasp.

The battle is hectic. Every time Bang gets back up, Oz employs the Breaker to drop him again, while ghostly limbs and glowing energy tendrils endlessly chase after me, all while Oz knocks down any Deep Spawn to get in range. He continues to dominate the battlefield-

But ultimately, he trained his students too well, and they assist the Deep Spawn well enough that between them and my efforts, soon only Torruga is still standing, his blood not so easily tweaked as the others. Burduko lies on the ground, his sword a hopeless mound of thickened Rageglut blood and his body recovering from severe warping sustained under Torruga's vicious blows. Oz glances about, noting his socres of students yet standing, the many Deep Spawn, Bang rising for the eighth time.... and sighs, his arm puffing out steam as the molten glow fades away.

>[Oz]"[i]Well shit, I guess the spar is over then. Bagrom?

His senior disciple leaping into the fray to get the students right back to their normal practice as he uses Ghosthand to move the insensate Ragegluts off to the side, Oz surveys the damage wrought on his school.

>[Oz]".....Eh, I've got enough tuition to fix it without hassle. Worthwhile experience, and a feather for the school: Fight an entire Giant Brigade, I can practically see the increased amount of applicants. ...I take back my earlier comments Keddic, you proved yourself a planner."
>[Bang]"What about me?"
>[Oz]"You proved yourself insane."

The spar seems to have concluded, with an hours worth of heavy exertion now behind us. It is early afternoon..... what should be our next destination after we rouse the other Metal Skulls?

Should we take a trip to one of the Warhound development facilities near the Giant facilities, and if so for what reason(s) should we go?
Should we make another set of sprints up a mountain side, or should we try doing so on the True Mountains?
Should we try to seek out another Giant Brigade for our squad to face from the other facilities?
Or should we do something else?
No. 265142 ID: 21e57a

Keddic! First, talk with this Oz! He is strong, powerful, and knows thew secret of blood! "Oz! You skill, there's something about it I would like to ask. How do you use your Blood magic with the styles you know?" Be quiet about this, but forward. "Is there anything you can teach?"

But begin running these soldiers about this city! Do not let them rest from this brawl, force them twice around the city, and then to the Warhound facility. Why, young Keddic? Why to BEAT YOUR WAY THROUGH THERE RANKS!
"Any ideas, Bang, for beating these lazy lumps into shape? Or, haven't you healed your brain meats back together yet?"
No. 265164 ID: 21e57a

Ah! Keddic, while you are here, let us go speak with this Figment, lad. That whatsome that he did to Bang on the Dragon. Well, that Bang chap, he just took Oz on single handedly! He wasn't that good before, now was he?

Well, go speak any way, whatever happened on that Nidhogg is something to investigate!
No. 265170 ID: f247ab

Well, first recover all the blood that was spilled by everyone, particularly Oz (we need more samples) and Turruga (are we able to do that sticky blood thing Turruga did?), if that was not already done.

For what to do next with the Ragegluts, I think going to one of the True Mountains is a good idea; with attacks by/on dragons, they accrue experience with fighting dragons (which is one of the primary functions of Ragegluts), Bang gets to examine dragons for his modifications to himself, and Keddic gets dragon blood and bone.
No. 265171 ID: 903f16


>Should we take a trip to one of the Warhound development facilities near the Giant facilities, and if so for what reason(s) should we go?
Yes you should. It will give you a chance to see how the investigation on the Spined Lion's malfunction is going and to take a peek at processes involved in War Hound creation. Looking at how they are made could help you fight them more efficiently if you need to and it will give Bang a chance to absorb some of their traits. And who knows, you may get a chance to round up a few War Hounds for another training session.

>Should we make another set of sprints up a mountain side, or should we try doing so on the True Mountains?
No, the brigade is good on the sprints for today. You've got to keep them guessing on their training, keep trying new things. Training in the True Mountains is good example of this as it will prepare them for fighting dragons during mating season, but you shouldn't do that now. Wait until you have Mordre and Nidhogg with you so they can harvest from the dead and you will not have to worry about facing any stray elder dragons.

>Should we try to seek out another Giant Brigade for our squad to face from the other facilities?
If you can't find any War Hounds this could be a suitable replacement. Try to select another fresh squad to keep it even.
No. 265172 ID: 903f16


>Or should we do something else?
Ask Figment about getting any upgrades. For instance runes for your order fist or some improvement on the Proud Lion that would make it even more effective. You could also ask about seeing past fights involving your ancestors, like ones The First had with the Hechlers. The man can time travel and see anything going on in the world, he's probably able to look into the past or has a killer set of reruns taped. Remember to bring some popcorn if you go.
No. 265211 ID: a76809

I send tendrils flitting about the arena floor, studiously collecting blood as discretely as I can, searching amongst them for any more drops of Oz's blood. While I do this, I walk with Oz, away from prying ears while Bang chats with Bagrom despite the language barrier, Dulu still a silent observer to our fight on the sidelines. Once no one is paying attention to us anymore, I speak, pitching my cvoice low as I keep a genial demeanor showing.

"I do believe we could discuss the finer aspects of combat styles at some point-Particularly sanguine ones."
>[Oz]"...Eh, you noticed it then? I wondered if, since you can use it too.... yeah, yeah I can make some time to meet, probably be at night, just forewarning you. ...Or I might be able to get Figment to Montage us, and I could teach you in one go and be done."
"I would like to learn what you know sooner than later, if possible: This land is not the only one stricken by war right now."
>[Oz]"...Hah... Fine, I'll come knocking on the 17th's Officer lodgings tonight, maybe Figment will be with me. Can't promise more than that."

His eyes narrow as he continues his low intonation.

>[Oz]"[i]But be aware I fully expect you to teach me that blood-flow trick you use for mobility and punching, making waves to push limbs along.
"That is part of my family way and-"
>[Oz]"You think it was easy to learn what I have? You want me to share, you better share back. Keep your blood tendril tricks, that stuff with antimagic, all of it-but the direct melee boost, that I desire. Make your choice by the time I visit tonight, or I'll turn around and leave."

As Oz breaks away to harangue students and badger Deep Spawn, I make my way to Bang, whose scarf is only now beginning to regain its gravity defying liveliness. I note out a smattering of blood to have come from Oz and carefully dissect it as well while I consider where we are taking the Ragegluts, the last of which is rising from Bang's wakeup punch.

I decide that I simply must satisfy my curiousity: I know the War Hound research to take place in a facility near the Giant barracks-perhaps I could intrude, find out what became of the Spined Lion's corpse (and it's magical blood) while publically there to seek foes for the Metal Skulls. ...Yes, I like the feel of this plan. I speak, Band and Mahklargg shout, the Ragegluts fall in line, and after paying respects to the hosting school, we depart, thundering down the capital streets back to the military installations. In short order we are at a building every bit as large as the Metal Skull's home-and tightly shut doors. It took a bit longer than necessary to get here, as we had to yet again stop for Bang to get a new uniform. I knock, and no one answers.

Bang knocks, and there is no door in our way.

Displaying no chagrin at his act of property damage, Bang saunters in, and I cannot help but follow as Mahklargg stays with the squad.

Inside the War Hound Research lab is a dull, flat light, the bubble of beakers, the hiss and squeal of beasts, the yowls of anger and pain. We intrude onto a grand room, clearly one of many, where dozens of cages line the walls, housing assorted predatory animals, with the back wall lined with cages containing humans bearing numerical brands. SOme few dozen stone slabs jut from the floor, most bearing War Hounds on their tops, military scientists clustered about their forms.

Bang and I focus our attention closer to home as swords appear at our throats, millimeters from piecing flesh and proffered by heavily armed guards passively radiating Threat.

>[Guard]"You will identify yourselves immediately, and be escorted to the brig for attempted theft of military secrets."

How should I respond?
More importantly, should I let Bang respond however he wants or attempt to moderate him?
Now that we are here, what do I want to do in the War Hound research laboratory?
No. 265216 ID: bdd665

>should I let Bang respond however he wants?
No, beating up angry guards solves nothing and theres no way bang would chose an option that avoids a fight
No. 265218 ID: 9a5057

I'll let others discuss the current situation, but Keddic, Didn't you invent most of what you know about blood-punching yourself? Sure, it was based on a knowledge of blood you got from your family style, but it is not an officially codified part of the style just yet, and YOU get to decide what your contribution to the Way of the Harksburton is. I would respectfully suggest making your official contribution that whole white blood thing. That means if you wish, you can declare your experimental SKP style an alternate application, not part of the official Way, and thus free game to teach others. Sort of depends how useful you think his knowledge would be, keeping in mind that it looks even more like soul magic than your average Land of Dragons skill to the (admittedly rare) trained eye. The path to power is a dangerous one Sir Keddic.
No. 265231 ID: 1854db

Introduce yourself, explain why you're here, and keep Bang from immediately punching people.
No. 265266 ID: bdd665

I support this, any magic involving chaos and order are a bit too close to soul magic to integrate it into the family style. I doubt it counts as breaking the Ban but it's too close to breaking it for me to feel comfortable passing it on to potentially over ambitious descendants.
No. 265268 ID: 21e57a

Bah! The Way of the Harksburton will remain the Way of the Harksburton! I regret to inform Oz that he will not learn SKP from us! And that will be the last of that, Keddic!

As for the Warhound crafters, let Bang speak. It will be entertaining. However, before he gets punch, or when his threat-level starts spiking, put a hand on Bang's shoulder. "Forgive us, we merely wanted the 17th to train with the best of the Empire's Warhounds. Think of it as a training exercise. Pit your warhounds against our ragegluts."
No. 265270 ID: bdd665

But we have not formally added what we have learnt to the Way. Also considering the distance involved the odds of anything we teach Oz affecting us or our family is extremely low and the possibility of what Oz knows being useful are very high.
No. 265280 ID: a76809
File 129278555718.jpg - (288.12KB , 1091x1500 , Land Of Dragons Dowsan The Contemplative.jpg )

I put a restraining hand on Bang's bone plated shoulder-his broken Low and disposition do not inspire confidence in his diplomatic abilities. He seems disappointed for the briefest of moments, before he resignedly assumes a more formal stance, letting me take the lead.

"I am Keddic Harksburton the 4th, Second in Command of the 17th Imperial Giant Brigade, the Metal Skulls of the Indelible. My compatriot is Magnum Bang, the senior trainer of the same Brigade. The rest of the 17th is outside, as we were having conditioning practice when we stopped by. Who would I speak to about arranging a possible training exercise against War Hounds for our Brigade?"

With a statement delivered confidently, with authority-and the promise of multiple Ragegluts waiting outside for our return-the guards are stymied, and for a moment no one speaks.

...Then, there are footsteps, slow, steady, measured and clipped.

>[???]"...That would be me."

I turn to see an elderly man with a brilliant plume of white beardage adorning an otherwise hairless head, festooned in intricately wrought armor and heavy robes. Upon his back a massive wooden wheel sits, ever-turning, each spoke topped with a skull, papers bearing the runes used around here carefully inscribed. ...Macabre, to be sure, but rather clearly someone in charge, by the immediate reactions of all the others present here. I brush by the guards, pushing away their swords in their moment of distraction as the one that spoke comes to a sharp halt, jarringly stationary now as he continues to eye us. I speak again, lest the silence invite the cowed guards to make this situation more complicated.

"I see. Well then, is there any feasibility to my proposal?"
>[???]"Certainly. War Hounds are oft used in the training of the army at large and Rageglut contingents."
"Excellent, the-"
>[???]"Such services are obtained by placing a written requisition with the Supplies division, who submits it to the general board governing War Hound research and deployment, who then finds an acceptable division of War Hounds to use. ...You do not barge into a restricted research facility to ask if some are available."
"I was not awar-"
>[???]"[/i]Ignorance is not an excuse accepted in officers, especially ones in charge of living weapons. I am fully within my rights to imprison you here and n.... What material is your cloak made of?[/i]"
"Excuse me?"
>[???]"From what animal did you get the pelt covering your cloak?"
"A War Hound actually, the Spined Lion. I admit to being partly curious if the corpse was brought here, as I had some questions concerning the creature."
>[???]".....Yes, I imagine you do."

The originally austere and formally hostile individual addressing me sports a new look, one every bit as contemplative as his first, but now carrying a sense... of what? All I know is my sense of Threat from him dropped practically to zero.

>[???]"Perhaps we got off to a poor start. Firstly, to finally return your introduction: I am Dowsan, a contemplative researcher. We do indeed have the Spined Lion's corpse here, as the War Hound in question was produced here to begin with. Its body is currently occupying one of the individual dissection labs, you could inspect the corpse while I speak to you there. I would however ask that your compatriot rejoin the rest of your brigade outside, as while I am willing to speak with you, the one who slew it, I am ultimately going to be discussing some degree of military secrets. I will not be the one to pass them further than you."
"....A fair enough proposal."

I switch to Common.

"Bang, could you go back outside and make sure the brigade does not find some way to get in trouble? I shan't be too long."
>[Bang]"Fine-but if a fight breaks out, I'll be pissed I wasn't at ground zero."
"Duly noted."

As Bang departs, I follow Dowsan down a couple branching corridors, before we reach a room with a heavy, tightly sealing metal door. We enter, and Dowsan seals the door behind us, leaving us alone...

With the Spined Lion.

Tubes and clamps intrude on its every inch of flesh, it's torso and skull alike carefully opened and organs meticulously seperated. Amongst it all I note still un-clotted blood pooled atop the basin-like slab the corpse occupies. Dowsan begins to speak while I gaze in medical interest at the body dynamics being displayed here.

>[Dowsan]"I had wondered. Could the imperial army have killed the Puppeteer without knowing what they slew? Could the Spined Lion have slain it before being felled? But the answer was far more fortuitous: The Puppeteer wears uniform!"

I turn about to look at Dowsan as he continues.

>[Dowsan]"I must thank you for not revealing my creation here reflected my knowledge of.... other arts. I understand now... so, you are the Blood magic user I've heard about, the foreigner who practices such a different style that he has been allowed to continue using such taboo magic.... Opportunities abound here."

Dowsan paces past me, coming to stand beside the Spined Lion's corpse, holding out a gauntleted hand over the still form. His fingers twitch-

And the corpse shifts.

>[Dowsan]"Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Dowsan the Puppeteer, a fellow Blood Magic user.... and I believe we can be of use to eachother."

I say nothing, and Dowsan continues.

>[Dowsan]"Now, I can provide a personal referral for a capable, defect-free division of War Hounds, which will allow you to bypass the conventional paperwork. It will be an acceptable reason for why we met alone. I can also provide the option of choosing one of a few active prototypes we have here for next-generation War Hounds as a sort of 'champion' for your Ragegluts to face."
"And what do you want of me?"
>[Dowsan]"What do I want? I want Rageglut blood, from as many different Ragegluts as possible. I want to unravel the secrets behind the anti-Puppeteer living weapons. Seeing as you can not only publically manipulate blood, but are likewise in a position of command with a Rageglut brigade... well, it would seem you are ideally placed to help me. ....So, what do you say?"

What should I say or do?
No. 265284 ID: 81f32a

Why.... why would he reveal himself so easily to us?

Yes, we are blood magic user, which is taboo here.
But our style differs vastly from what LoD is used to AND we are a foreigner who is working for a person who directly answers to High-Dragon Lubu.

I don't get it why he would be so willing to tell us this.
What if we refuse? Will he try to kill us for that?

Anyway, I don't think it a good idea to share ragegluts blood with him. They are specialized weapons made to deal with puppeteers. I don't think it will reflect greatly on us if we collaborate with a puppeteer to circumvent the Rageglut defenses.
No. 265286 ID: f6360f

Opportunities do indeed abound here.

What we have here is a priceless opportunity- our use of blood magic in a strictly military capacity has apparently brought us an in with a user of the most secret and forbidden magics in the whole of the Land of Dragons while leaving us socially acceptable. This is an association that we should attempt to accept and build upon. We could almost certainly learn quite a bit from this guy, greatly advancing our own knowledge of blood principles and magics. Not to mention the War Hounds he offers, both as a training aid and something whose blood we'll be able to analyze in order to grow stronger.

My primary question is how we can get the most out of this. Perhaps telling him that we too are interested in unraveling the secrets of Rageglut blood, and have been at work on the problem for some time. Taking the position that we're a capable researcher as well as a warrior may make him inclined to view us as someone he can talk blood with and thereby open up the path to learning his secrets- things that we will surely be able to use to enhance our own skills. Make sure that if he manages to solve the Rageglut question using your samples, you get the answers as well. We might have to share some things too, but it's likely that we'll be able to get away primarily with the more generalized secrets of northern combat blood magic, since it's completely unknown here, rather than compromising any of our family Way.

The easiest way to acquire as many samples as possible would be to start matching our brigade against other Ragegluts on a regular basis. That should make getting dozens or potentially even hundreds of different samples possible.
No. 265288 ID: f2ae71

I've been thinking. Since Keddic is so order based, could he not erase things from existence with the sheer weight of his soul? like Nihilino?

If he could find some way to order his soul (e.g. with the strength of his convictions) I think he could eliminate lesser souls quite handily.

he should train with Nihilino to make this pan out.
No. 265294 ID: bdd665

>could he not erase things from existence with the sheer weight of his soul?
That would probably require mid to high level skill with soul magic and Keddic strikes me as a mostly law abiding sort.

As for the deal with the "Necromancer" I would say cooperate with caution. The scholar guy strikes me as a bit of a mad scientist type, good to be friendly with but might get up to something insanely dangerous or illegal.
No. 265298 ID: 1c651c

"You are indeed correct Dowsan, we can be useful to each other. But Rageglut Blood is very valuable, considering the local taboo style you use for its research and the difficulty of finding other Brigade Captains that will be as 'understanding' as I am. To cut to the chase, I can give you more a mere sample of Rageglut Blood and you can give me more than a mere training session with the Warhounds. I counter offer you this: I shall give you an adequately constant supply of Rageglut Blood and tell you what I have learned so far from my own research in exchange for the command of a defect-free division of Warhounds and one prototype. I would also like to discuss what your research yields in the near future."
No. 265301 ID: f6360f

Keddic is a mostly law abiding sort, sure.

On the other hand, virtually all combat styles in the Land of Dragons seem based on the soul on some level, and he's picking up quite a few tricks here. He knows that at least one other major family of his nation is quietly spitting on the soul magic ban, and if he doesn't at least suspect that Mordre is a heavyweight soul mage he's less sharp than I give him credit for. The soul magic ban is obviously rather fungible.

Ultimately, if there's one thing that the Land of Dragons as a whole and Lubu's actions as ruler demonstrate, it's that those with the power make the laws and those laws only matter insofar as they are enforced. And quite a bit of his family's Way was lost when the soul magic ban was issued. I could definitely see Keddic, based upon what he knows, working to make an exception to the soul magic ban be issued for the combat styles of the noble families and learning whatever he pleases down here in the meantime, with the expectation of future success.

And even if he doesn't think he'd be able to manage that, he must know that he'll come up against powerful soul magic users after his blood in the future. Being able to meeting soul with soul may mean the difference between his life and death, and the success or failure of his line by extension. With that on the table, I don't think he'd hesitate.
No. 265304 ID: f2ae71

Stay clear of this guy Keddic; The kind of power he offers isn't the kind you want to be accepting.

If you blindly pursue power at every avenue, you will find yourself lost as to the reason you begun.

In case he attacks you to 'keep his secret safe' or something like that.

Switch places with him immediately and run him through with the proud lion.
"Blood magic isn't the only thing I know"

Take some of his blood and dissect it as quickly as possible in case he does not die so that you can counter his magic.
No. 265305 ID: 35bba5

We don't know anything about this guy yet. Don't immediately refuse the offer. For all we know this guy could be as dangerous as Oz. He also may be our only opportunity to meet a Puppeteer who isn't trying to kill us. Don't throw that away because you assume he is a bad guy. He might not be.
No. 265308 ID: f2ae71

He's a scientist-necromancer-Body puppeteer, of course he's a bad guy.

Even if he's a good guy, he's a bad guy.
He can't actually ever be a good guy, just someone working for the good guys because he can't kill them all and they fund his work.

The only way he could be a good guy is if he bore some tragic burden because he has this ability, which also makes it more likely that he's a bad guy.

Besides, if he were a good guy, he would not be looking to undermine the good guy's secret weapon. And if he were a bad-good guy he would somehow already know and no one would find out until someone tried to use it against him.

It's good-badguy law man. It's in the book.

He's somewhere in neutral territory.
No. 265310 ID: f247ab

Well, on the learning the Way of Puppets front, we could learn it from Oz, in exchange for S.K.P. Untouchable, resulting in just a personal sacrifice, or we could learn it from Dowsan, in exchange for Rageglut Blood, resulting in a Puppeteer that can curcumvent the forces that are made to prevent their criminal actions. I would prefer learning it from Oz, since the consequences would mostly be on Keddic; giving Dowsan the means to control Ragegluts sounds like a spectacularly bad idea. If he goes and controls Rageglults, he will get caught eventually, and Keddic will pop up somewhere in the investigation on how Dowsan could control Ragegluts. So, refusal.

Of course, if a Puppeteer could somehow become an important figure in a experimental base, Dowsan must have some contingencies if he gets caught, which, given the casualness of the reveal, probably is pretty quick to activate or execute. So, be on guard; I'm thinking magical poison gas, but anything could be possible.

Why exactly, must Keddic learn Soul Magic? From what I remember, Keddic has Soul levels of energy output from his White Blood; he doesn't need Soul to match Soul. His White Blood does that on its own.
No. 265311 ID: 252e1b


In the land of the Dragons there are no good guys or bad guys. There are the guys with the power, the guys who want the power, and everyone else. Lubu has the power right now, and all the lesser powers are going to be arraying themselves to try and take him down. Warhounds, ragegluts, blood magic or soul magic, this is all just power. The question here is do you want to gain more personal power (which you can take with you back home for your own purposes) at the cost of potentially lessening the impact of all forms of rageluts in the future? Do you mind eroding the power of faction leaders who use ragegluts to enhance your own power?

If your overall aim is to help Mordre, then there's no harm in this deal. People like Dowsan will always look to make tools they can control directly. Rageluts have minds, and so will be flexibe enough to be able to learn how to counter those techniques. If you teach your ragegluts blood magic, including counters for the brand of it that Dowsan uses, you (and thus Mordre, and through him Lubu) will have a force that Dowsan can't control. This is a learning opportunity, do not waste it. If Dowsan turns on Lubu at a later date, you'll be positioned to be able to stop him. If he remains loyal to Lubu, you'll all benefit from his improved warhounds. And either way you'll have more personal power you can take back home with you.

This deal is worth the risk of it being some sort of trap. Negotiate for training in his techniques so that you'll have a foundation to build counter-techniques from, though.
No. 265312 ID: 9a5057

"You will have to excuse me if I am somewhat cautious about your proposal. As you have said, I am allowed to practice my skills openly precisely because I have remained so completely unconnected to any of the local practices concerning blood magic. You must know the danger in what you ask of me. I understand that working with sanguine powers does not immediately mark a man as evil, but I WOULD know more of your intent before I consider the idea of using my trusted position to give you access to a rare and precious comodity, the very blood of those I command. Much more."
No. 265313 ID: 260e2e

Inform Mordre of this discovery via Phohn. If this guy has some way of controlling you then you need a backup who knows the score. Working with this guy could be beneficial, but is he trying to undermine the government or not? I suspect the reason he's so friendly could be because he has some kind of edge, like a sample of Keddic's blood from the fight with the Spined Lion that might give him power over Keddic.

Ask him a bit more about the Puppeteer art and his motivations. What are his long term goals? What will he use the knowledge of Ragegluts for? How is Blood Puppeteering passed on if it is forbidden? Is there an organization involved? Most importantly what are the principles behind using it and what are its limits? Presumably Puppeteers also have some way of avoiding truth-seeing eyes like manipulating their own bodies into speaking words so they can talk without intent and avoid detection.

Finally either ask for a sample of Dowsan's blood or if he seems too treacherous then extend a surprise sanguine spike to TAKE one as an insurance against his art.
No. 265328 ID: 35bba5

We don't know that the Blood Magic stuff Oz does has anything to do with the Way of Puppets. It seems more likely to be something completely different.
No. 265329 ID: d4f98d

Until we know more about this guy, I'm not so sure about arranging this sort of deal.

>>265312 seems like the best thing to say.

Also, I'd imagine our own capability in blood magic would make us somewhat resistant to manipulation via blood, especially with our white blood saturation.
No. 265333 ID: a76809

Before I do anything, I speak through Phohn, informing Mordre of what I learned: Should mental manipulation become a factor, I now have an accomplice that only I know about. Besides, the blatantly forthright way he revealed what to my understanding is a rather dire secret makes me suspect he may have countermeasures already in place. I should proceed cautiously.

"What exactly is it that the Puppeteer's art does? Beyond the manipulation of Blood, what is its application?"
>[Dowsan]"It creates a resonance between the blood of Now, that in one's own veins, and the blood that was, the blood of the Past that once graced a body. Corpses or living, it makes no difference if one fully grasps the style."
"So what exactly would be your goal, in gaining Rageglut blood?"
>[Dowsan]"I am a researcher, and the chance to further my understanding of my specialty is something I cannot pass up. Can you deny curiousity as to the nature of Rageglut blood?"
"I cannot. So you want it for research?"
>[Dowsan]"I want to answer a question."
"That being?"
>[Dowsan]"Could Ragegluts have been made, as anti-Puppeteer living weapons, without Puppeteers guiding their augmentation? I find it difficult to believe such could be achieved without any use of Blood, no matter how potent the meat of dragons is."
"So how did you learn the art, given its forbidden nature?"
>[Dowsan]"I had a master long ago, an aged Puppeteer missing an arm and an eye. He claimed to have learned his art from a past Emperor, but never gave a name. I have reason to doubt its accuracy, but nevertheless I find myself knowing material I am damned for knowing... yet you get away with publically flaunting."
"Yet I have no means of fooling those who can See, yet clearly your art carries such, else-wise you would be exposed at some point. What is it, do you manipulate your own blood so finely you make your body speak indirectly, far enough that Truth seeing has trouble discerning anything?"
>[Dowsan]"Something of a scholar's intellect about you, it would seem. Yes, such a talent exists-no equivalent ability is in your own style?"
"My Families uses are more based in the manipulation of blood itself, not as a means of manipulating that which surrounds it."

"...You put me in an interesting position. For reasons you are no doubt aware of, trust is a rather vital issue in dealings like these, and while you have appeared quite candid thus far, you still ask me to accept much on faith. What if you did use such blood to control Ragegluts, bypassing their protections, got caught, and lead investigators right back to me? You can see how I could be concerned."
>[Dowsan]"...Yes, that initial leap of trust. Well, what WOULD make you comfortable then?"

I note Dowsan's ornate wheel turn with an audible click, skull-topped spokes shifting as he faces me expectantly. So far he has been calm, and after my intuitive leap concerning the ability to lie he has been most respectful. This could be a trap, and he could indeed want this for something more than research.... or he could really just want to further his knowledge in a field of study without any malice behind the act. I do note some irritation in his tone, but I believe he thinks I wish to extort him or otherwise derive financial gain from this service. Again, I cannot be certain as I just met the fellow, but I have little else to go on.

I now must make a decision:

Should I agree to help Dowsan, and if so what should I ask for as additional insurance of his good intentions?
Should I tell him I won't help him, and if so what are my plans in case he dislikes my refusal?
No. 265342 ID: 9cd4c8

Agree to his plan but inform Bang and Oz as soon as you get out. Also, yeah I really think that we can learn a lot from this guy so go for it.
No. 265348 ID: f247ab

You know, I think we are focusing too much on the social/legal/criminal aspects of learning Necromancy (how odd, the short explanation Arkus gave for Necromancy doesn't line up; Necromancy is a form of Chronomancy, not a body control magic). That is, what does learning puppetry do for Keddic in terms of his combat capabilities? I mean, having minions to help him in fights is great and all, but Keddic is much more of a front-line type of guy.

Though, I suppose, providing the Way of Puppets doesn't need the Keddic to devote too much concentration on controlling the puppet that Keddic can't concentrate on fighting with his sword/fists/tendrils/etc., he could fight as he is used to, but with expendable minions helping.

Which brings up the question of what would Keddic be controlling; would he control the dead, the living, creatures of his own devising ala Mordre's Soul Soldiers? (Though, on the subject of Life Golems, however temporary, Keddic could, theoretically, find some animals, like, say, a pack of lions, and use his store of blood to create extra organs for them, making them Life Golems, and use the Way of Puppets to control them, correct? And, after updating there gametes, therefore, create a true Lions of Harksburton species, further extending his title as the Golden Lion?)

...I think I convinced myself to accept Dowsan's offer.

For insurance of good intentions, perhaps his bone and blood? And maybe the Spined Lion, too.

And I'm getting an ominous feeling from those skulls on that wheel, but I don't exactly know why...
No. 265349 ID: 69bee4

Im going to have to vote against this guy. Unless he is willing to risk giving some of his blood to you in exchange.

He seems trustworthy enough on some levels, being in the military and essentially on 'our' side.

However, I suspect his loyalties in the end bias more towards his puppeteering (or some sort of order related to it, as he implies there are more than him). In addition, his deal is horribly lopsided in his favor right now.

Big Note:: the same thing that lets him bypass Truth seeing probably lets him bypass Keddic's threat sense. Only accept this deal if you can have some of his blood in exchange.
No. 265355 ID: 6dd58d

Voting against. He only said he'd give a REFERRAL, no guarantee on anything. And that's just bad business, especially with us having to pay up front.
No. 265356 ID: f6360f

>That is, what does learning puppetry do for Keddic in terms of his combat capabilities?
Tons of things, potentially. We don't need to imitate them completely; it's obvious that their very different view on blood magic in general has applications which we've hardly considered. Getting past lie detectors is just the tip of the iceberg- resonance between current and past blood seems like it could have a huge number of applications. Not to mention that for that style to work at all it would have to somehow bypass the Ownership of people over their very bodies, which could be a very powerful tool for Keddic to use.

Give him access to the knowledge, and Keddic will come up with a myriad of creative applications. But he needs that first step.

>Should I agree to help Dowsan, and if so what should I ask for as additional insurance of his good intentions?
Explain that you have no more than a passing interest in wealth or power- your greatest goal is and has always been to hone your combat style to the finest of edges. If you work with him, ideas and skills must be exchanged as well as items and favors.

And to ensure that both of you are honest, a small blood sample from each of you should be the first thing traded. With that in each others' possession, there can be a much greater measure of trust.

Keddic, of course, can cheat on this one by manipulating which of his best tricks are within the blood sample. The other guy might do the same, but we should still be able to learn enough of him to make the difference we need.
No. 265357 ID: 35bba5

We probably don't want to tell Oz.

Anything new Keddic can learn about Blood is potentially valuable, even if some of it might not be useful for his combat style. Better understanding of the entire field of Blood is still helpful. Agree, but ask for some of his blood as assurance that he isn't going to try and kill us later.
No. 265361 ID: 903f16

Do not help Dowsan. People seem to get getting confused here, he has not offered us training in the Puppeteer's art, so we should not be taking that into account. What he is offering us is a referral to a squad of War Hounds and a Prototype War Hound we can use for training in exchange for Rageglut blood. That simply isn't worth it, so what if our brigade gets the benefit of training with the War Hounds? That doesn't help us one bit if he turns on us and uses the information he acquires for the blood for ill ends.
No. 265362 ID: f247ab

Bone is better, and shows much more of an investment, as well as contributing more to Keddic's Threat sense than blood.
No. 265363 ID: 903f16

If we end up doing this, at least remember to ask for training as part of the deal.
No. 265370 ID: 46c430

As one idea, we could 'test the waters' and refuse just to see his reaction, and maybe take that into account for whether we trust him or not?
No. 265371 ID: f247ab

Also, as Dowsan had a part in making the Spined Lion, a fairly significant Blood related part, like its ability to throw off Keddic's Threat sense from blood, if we want Keddic to have a reasonably sure chance of having the Threat sense advantage over Dowsan, Keddic needs a bone sample of Dowsan.
No. 265373 ID: d3dfb8

'Come to my school, the day after next. I will have all the blood you will need.'
Then we go tell Lubu about it and ambush him.
No. 265379 ID: 2dd661


It would be one thing if you got to this point alone, but YOU DID NOT!

That you even have this chance is due to Mordre. The likelihood that you would have gotten to where you are now without him is minuscule, at leas in this time frame.

By accepting a deal and what goes with it, you not only put yourself and your family name in danger of being hunted by LoD assassins (most definitely more capable than those that have come after you thus far), but you put Mordre in a bad light.

Mordre has trusted you and never put you in danger you were not at least somewhat aware of, so if you want to go through with this, at LEAST let him know first.

I say no, but if you do, tell Mordre so he can decide what he wants to do.
No. 265380 ID: 35bba5

Mordre already knows we are talking to this guy, did you miss the part where Keddic spoke to Phohn?
No. 265381 ID: f6360f

I don't think anyone's confused. He hasn't put training on the table- but that doesn't stop us from putting it on the table right now, as something he needs to offer in order to gain our cooperation. We can make counteroffers when we don't like the original deal.

I don't think anyone wants to accept the deal he's offered, but many people including myself are quite interested in other things he possesses- specifically, knowledge. Thus we offer to give him what he wants in exchange for everything he's laid out and then some.
No. 265384 ID: 21e57a

Mhm. I am on the edge, Keddic. Speak to him about why a Puppeteer - one so reviled in this land - hold such a lauded office?

And also Phohn to talk to Dompaggio and Bobobo to find out about Dowsan The Contemplative.

Ooooh! Yes, a side question, Young Keddic, but I heard rumor that you've been quiet the ladies man as of late. Mhm...Care to go into more detail, or will I bring this up with your father?
No. 265395 ID: a76809
File 129282166862.jpg - (563.62KB , 2238x1080 , Warhound choices.jpg )

"...If you want this exchange to happen, a few conditions need to be met."
>[Dowsan]"....I'm listening."
"First, just because I have a referral from you does not mean I am guaranteed a War Hound squad to face. I want something more substantial."
>[Dowsan]"Nothing of the sort to be found. I'm the seniormost research lead, if I tell one of the facilities to lend a division to you, they'll do it."
"..I see. I'd also need a sample of your blood, in exchange for which I shall provide a sample of my own, as a form of mutual insurance."
>[Dowsan]"A respectably cautious request. Now?"
"I'd hold off until you hear the last two parts of my conditions."
>[Dowsan]"Continue then."
"You'll need to collect the blood yourself, during the training exercise, as part of post-sparring cleanup, rather than getting it directly from me."
>[Dowsan]"You wish to keep your hands clean during this first dealing.... your last request?"
"That as I continue to assist you in collecting Rageglut blood, you offer me some lessons on the Blood craft you practice."
>[Dowsan]"You wish to learn to be a Puppeteer? ...And now I understand why you want your hands clean: As an already known Blood Magic user, that would allow you to stay isolated from me. In fact, this setup keeps us both isolated, such that if either of us is sloppy, or otherwise betrays the other, the remaining is as protected as possible. ....A cautious plan that speaks well of your mindset. ....Fine, I'll agree to your demands."

Dowsan and I both cut our palms in one another's presence, before clasping hands, our bloods exchanging. I make sure to hold back any White Blood cells from being traded, keeping my greatest secrets to myself, even as I get my dollop of Dowsan's blood to analyze. He nods towards the Spined Lions corpse as he moves towards the door.

>[Dowsan]"Before we go and pick out which Second Generation Prototype you are going to be claiming, I noted you glancing more than once at the corpse: If you wish to study that failed attempt of mine, feel free to do with it what you will, I already know where my failure was."

I take Dowsan up on his offer, stripping out the blood and bone of the Spined Lion, lining the inside of my cloak with my trophies as I contemplate another reforging for the Proud Lion, to link it to my Blood Cloak. This thought rolls about in my head as I march with Dowsan to a back room, where three storage tanks hold lone occupants suspended in what looks like blurred air. Dowsan intones the names of each model in careful, clipped words, that dark red wheel on his back I presume to be mahogany clicking yet again as it shifts a fraction.

>[Dowsan]"We have three prototypes currently ready for primary combat trials. First, there is the blue-runed ursine War Hound here to your right, currently going under the development moniker Runed Ravager. An overwhelmingly offense oriented Warhound, with runes allowing it to snag and absorb many defensive magics, turning their energies into more power behind its hammer's blows. Next is another bear-based War Hound-we've found they make for longer lived, more durable War Hounds than do large felines or canines. While similarly much stronger, faster and more durable than prior versions-the Spined Lion included-its personal quirk lies in defense. it's fur is passively performing Mass Connection, shunting impact force into thermal energy. This one goes by the development moniker of Harm Ward. With the hair naught more than translucent tubes, the heat can be easily shunted away, making for an exceptionally enduring War Hound. ...On the left we have a bit less... finalized project, a War Hound that includes a great deal of my research data, including that gained by the Spined Lion before its malfunction. Ultimately, this War Hound, The Advisor, is my attempt to make Blood that can act as an independent weapon system, while the War Hound itself takes other actions. ...I admit this one still has glitches periodically. ...So, which one do you wish to claim for the sparring match you plan? ANd am I correct in assuming you are heading to get that division to fight against after concluding our current business here?"

What should I say or do?
Of the three War Hound Prototypes, which one should I ask for?
Is there anything more I should do before getting this sparring session organized?
When should I try to schedule my lessons with Dowsan?
No. 265397 ID: 35bba5

The latter two War Hounds sound more interesting. I think the Advisor sounds like it would be the best fit, even if it is glitchy. The Ragegluts should learn how to face enemies who use Blood, since that is what they are intended for.
No. 265398 ID: bdd665

Let's go with Harm Ward, it seems fairly straight forward. The harder/more you hit the hotter it gets. Third one sounds neat but it also sounds like it could malfunction and try to tear our face off, we are trying to train ragegluts not get them killed.
No. 265407 ID: f247ab

The Advisor; if Keddic can get a sample of its blood, he would know more about Dowsan's research on Blood, if indirectly, through the results. And, relateldy, the Ragegluts should have experience fighting a Blood Magic combat style closer to what they would experience in their daily work; Keddic's style, while gives them experience with counteracting blood in general (hopefully), is quite distinct from the style(s) they were created to fight.

As for the lessons, perhaps tomorrow? Oz is coming over tonight, and the current time is afternoon, and, with the sparring, there probably won't be much time left; not for any substantial learning anyways. Maybe in the afternoons, as Bang and Mahklargg work on them, and Keddic and Dowsan meet?

I would think that, between Keddic and Bang and Mahklargg, the War Hound could be handled easily. Relatively, at least: I don't think a War Hound that is just ready for primary combat trials is up to the level of Oz yet.
No. 265416 ID: 81f32a


And yes, we'll do a sparring match right away.
No. 265420 ID: d3dfb8

If you're thinking about getting the Proud Lion reforged you should ask Mage Mordre about it. After all, if there's one thing we know about him is that he goes all out when aiding friends.
No. 265423 ID: 445c48

Harm Ward
No. 265439 ID: 21e57a

"You would be correct. Where would I go about finding a division, in that case? I assume that you ask because you wish to follow along to, mhm, ‘Watch my creations work’?” Chuckle and give Dowsan a nudge, before rubbing your impressive bearded, lad. “A few questions, if you don’t mind, Dowsan. This Advisor, it perks my interest, but blood as an independent weapon system, what do you mean by that?” Nod, don’t pry to an ungentlemanly level. However, see if this Warbear’s style is too much like our WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON and we could learn little from it, then take gesture to the Runed bear, this Ravager. Pure offensive and any attempt to defend strengths it? Haha, that would be great fun to overcome!
“And one or two last questions This Hounds, the way you describe them it would seem they need Puppeteers to work properly. Forgive me, but this brings forth a ludicrous image of a platoon of Puppeteers all working in secret to control but a single group. Almost seems wasteful of their talents. But the Lion, it ‘malfunctioned’? How and, dare I ask, will the same thing happen to The Advisor?” Then snap your fingers, a sudden burst of fire at your fingers. “Ah! Yes, and when shall we meet to train?”
Once the business is finished, study the similarities between Oz’s and Dowsan’s blood and, again, Phohn Dompaggio to put tabs Dowsan.
Also, we should, we should begin discussing what we could offer Oz in exchange for teaching us rather than our style.
No. 265473 ID: b6269e

Aren't we forgetting something?
What about Ozs proposal?

I suggest we go with it. We will be gaining as much as we will be giving.
It's not like by giving Oz the technique he'll become immensely powerful and threated Keddics house/homeland. He is already strong enough to do that.

At least try to persuade Oz to not share the technoque with others
No. 265480 ID: f247ab

Keddic, why just the blood and bone of the Spined Lion; why not the entire body? Sure, the blood and bone are the most related body parts to your style, but the rest of the body (like the heart and the blood vessels) can be used or recycled to produced more blood, can they not?

Yeah, ask Mordre for Dompaggio to ferret out the secrets of Dowsan.
No. 265483 ID: b6269e

Speaking of Dompaggio.
Lets meet him. See what he has been doing lately and what he has uncovered.
Maybe visit Lined One later too.
No. 265503 ID: d770e9

Thoughts on the Blood Puppeteer art:
Manipulating the dead or living is just one limited application. There will be deeper truths involved that can be used to further Keddic's style. The primary use I can think of is that it should allow Keddic to manipulate his own blood through this resonance without maintaining contact. We've already seen the application of remote blood control. Homing blood arrows that inject white blood? Minefields? White blood clones? Lethal droplet barrages where any drop can be mass connection swapped to explode with the power of the Winding Way? Also the self-manipulation could allow Keddic to overcome a foe that reads his moves and vastly improve the Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism style. The past/present blood connection could mean that Keddic will be able to read far more information from captured blood. This is far more than just adding a few bodies. This is the next step to blood mastery.

Ask how Dowsan was planning to hide the blood-aspected abilities of The Advisor. Also ask him if he would consider leaving the Land of Dragons to continue his research where Blood magic is less restricted, such as Mordre's Arcanoworks. If he's willing to consider it then maybe he's not working on some terrible plot, but actually pursues research for its own sake.

Throw forth the hypothesis that Ragegluts were originally a Puppeteer weapon that was turned against them. Consider what Torruga has displayed today. A transformation that seemingly heightens ones affinity for blood and provides resistance to external manipulation? If there ever was a war between Puppeteers it sounds like the kind of thing they'd create.
No. 265516 ID: a76809
File 129290730116.jpg - (166.01KB , 700x900 , The Advisor.jpg )

"I admit the Advisor interests me... could you tell me more of this Hound?"
>[Dowsan]"To be more precise, the War Hound itself isn't called Advisor, its blood is, as a symbiotic entity conjoined to the War Hound. I used it as something of a testbed... but be aware, I had to make the Hound itself... different... to let its body withstand the might of its own blood. Some old texts about demons were involved in its creation, and I admit to still not being fully sure what it is."
"Blood as an independent weapon system, what exactly do you mean by that?”
>[Dowsan]"It seeps out through pores to coat the body, ignites on contact with foreign flesh, aggressively attacks any organism it touches in a manner derived from dragon's acid, and secretes nerve toxins while assaulting the body, attempting to maximize its ability to impair and cripple. Internally, it acts to assess coming threats, and by using its access to the sensory organs The Advisor moves the body to attack threats. Really, The Advisor is what performs combat, the altered War Hound is only there as a vessel."
"You spoke of glitches-but I also wonder how its use of blood magic could be hidden?"
>[Dowsan]"By its function. Any external use seems to match having highly reactive blood, a not entirely uncommon War Hound modification. All the rest of it capacities are disguised as being the actions of the War Hound it is based in. And again, only fellow Blood magic practitioners could sense its true nature. As to glitches... The intelligence guiding the blood is not complete, having been made incapable of free will. This precautionary measure has left it somewhat... erratic... in its application of orders that are not very precise. Just be careful with your wording and you should have no issue. The War Hound its based in is quite durable, and should prove energetic."
"...Well, you have me interested. I think I shall take The Advisor as the prototype to employ. Its acidic blood should give ample opportunity for Rageglut blood to spill, should it not?"
>[Dowsan]"Rather PRECISELY so. Rageglut blood immediately sheds when exposed to a threat it can't counter to preserve the main body, a passive mechanism for flushing the system of threats. Should give me plenty to work with, and its nerve toxin shouldn't be able to threaten beings of such mass, let alone such comprehensively boosted nervous systems."

For a moment conversation terminates as Dowsan busies himself manipulating dials and craters around the floating creature, the blurred air slowly thinning as The Advisor in its host drops to the ground, rising like a mountain to regard Dowsan.
>[Dowsan]"You are to follow his instructions as if they were my own, is that understood?"

The Advisor's host nods in a sudden, jerking motion, before turning to regard me. Dowsan walks past the hulking mass and begins leading me back down hallways, until shortly we are passing through the main room from before, more than a few researchers sparing long and curious glances my way as they note my new follower. None offer comment, and Dowsan sees me to the door, offering a few papers to me that he somehow managed to transcribe in this short span. He hands them to me while speaking, pointing towards a somewhat distant building.

>[Dowsan]"Building number Twelve there is lead by someone I know. Show him those papers, and he'll let you use their main division. Every War Hound in it got screened for errors or probable deviancy a week ago, and all are practiced as sparring partners as well as soldiers. All solid First generations-just all around increased physical capacity, speed durability strength and so forth. Hope your squad can handle five hundred Hounds... I'll join you shortly to take field data of The Advisor, I need to gather a few things first."

Dowsan makes his way back into his laboratory in a rush, leaving me to deal with Bang, who makes no effort to hide his interest in the new companion, however temporary. He begins speaking the moment I have gotten the brigade moving towards building Twelve.

>[Bang]"Some smooooooooooth talkin' just went down, if you went from threats of arrest to a personal referral and a goody like this. What's it called, what does it do, and how did you swing this man?"

What should I tell Bang?
What kinds of plans should I give to the Ragegluts for their coming conflict?
Will Mahklargg, Bang or I be taking part in the battle, and if so on what side, the Five hundred War Hounds and The Advisor, or the twenty Ragegluts?
No. 265518 ID: f6360f

>What should I tell Bang?
Tell him that it turns out the Spined Lion was here under Dowsan's care, and when he recognized you as the one who killed it he immediately marked you as a friend. It's true enough.

>Will ... I be taking part in the battle ... ?
You cannot take part in the coming battle, at least early on; after being warned that The Advisor can be somewhat erratic in its interpretations of orders you have a responsibility to keep your eyes on it and make sure that it doesn't get out of control. As for the rest of it, I'd hold off on joining in initially; instead act as commanders to the Ragegluts, as this is supposed to be training for them. If they're clearly outmatched, you three can join or rotate through combat; your own entering the battle at some point would be nice, since it would be good to get samples of so many hundreds of War Hounds' blood. But it doesn't take priority.
No. 265542 ID: d41e0d

Well you can probably tell Bang a thing or two as long as he promises to keep it top secret. He has little care for rules or laws and he's a fast enough thinker that he'll not spill secrets by accident. He's also no stranger to getting in debt to dubious people for more power. Inform Bang privately that the angry guy turned out to be Dowsan, a Blood mage, which by the way is traditionally forbidden in the Land of Dragons so keep that quiet, but he seemed really happy to meet another blood user so you got on well.

Tell Bang and the Skulls that the new creature is a prototype superweapon war hound codenamed The Advisor. It's incredibly strong, lethal and rather unreliable. You'd tell them more, but Bang and the rest will have more fun finding out the deadly surprises during the fight. Yes there will be an awesome fight Bang.

Take a quick lunch break or something with the Ragegluts and Mahklargg and give them their pre-fight briefing. You'll be pitting them and Bang against some five hundred imperial war hounds and the super war hound you've got with you. War hounds in your experience use speed and flanking attacks so keeping tight formations is probably the key strategy to lessen the impact of the Hounds' superior numbers. Then the challenge is to raise the rage and anger levels while still staying grouped to hit the sweet spot between power and teamwork. Any Rageglut who goes solo will most likely be mercilessly surrounded and eliminated.

Keddic should start going easy with the Ragegluts and testing The Advisor before potentially swapping sides to balance the conflict as needed (and making sure all the Ragegluts bleed a bit).

When ordering The Advisor take care to remember its inhuman mind. Make it confirm that it understands the key concepts you use (such as death, allies, nonlethal sparring) and give it orders with priorities and time limits if possible. Explain the premises behind the fight to it as well.
No. 265548 ID: 252e1b

Whatever you tell Bang, tell it to him through Phon, and tell Mordre the same.
No. 265579 ID: b6269e

I still think we should visit Dompaggio and Lined One
No. 265642 ID: 21e57a

Keddic, why would you consider not speaking of this to Bang? He is an ally, and a friend! And it is not the Harksburton Way to keep secrets from our allies, now is it Young Keddic? But as for plans? Haha! I have an idea. Send the Ragegluts on 'errands' about the city. Small tasks that will stress their dexterity and their minds such as handing and haggling over ripe fruit and fragile pottery, helping old ladies across streets, or finish repairs to a house. They will have five hours, yes, mhm, that should be enough time, in which to complete. When they return, they will have a surprise waiting for them! A Warhound group ready to kick their asses, to prepare them for ambushes! Those that finish before the five hours have an extra special prize! BANG'S FIST! HAHA!

And of course, the Ragegluts should fight alone, but maybe to test you and Bang, have these War Hounds attack you as well - to taste their blood and fighting style. Of course, if you and Bang - And I know you will, Keddic, for you are a strong Scion of Harksburton! - defeat half of those Warhounds, combine your efforts to beat those Ragegluts out of a recognizable shape!
No. 265643 ID: 21e57a

We can do this, along with testing on The Advisor, and talking with Bang during the five hours. Oh! Unless those five hours overlaps with Oz or Dowsan.
No. 265701 ID: a76809

"He happened to want to talk with the one that slew his errant invention, and my past deed bought us a rather interesting opportunity. Change of plans!"

I take a moment to divert the brigade, swinging them through the Rageglut mess hall while I give them a briefing on their after-meal training. I outline their foes, five hundred battle-tested War Hounds, and the prototype second generation with me now, a creature most vicious in close quarters. Torruga eyes the War Hound dubiously as he wolfs down food, far too busy to offer comment as everyone else simply nods in assent. This time, Torruga is one of five to finish their meals fully in the brief span I allow, before they are all hustled up and back to jogging, en route to Building Twelve. I see several researchers directing laborers with heavy vats and tubes, shunting them all inside the massive building. As we approach a set of doors scaled to Ragegluts, I present the papers I was given to a gate guard, who after doing a double take immediately hollers for the doors to be opened and the commander informed. Our squad makes it inside just three seconds before a short, balding officer missing half of his upper lip, an ear and an eye greets us, grabbing the single sheet of introductions from my hands before grunting.

>[???]"Fine. Divisions already prepped in the main hall, they were going to do practice anyway. Dowsan's already setting up in there as well, I am told. Just be aware I will need them for evening medicinal treatments in six hours, alright?"
"Perfectly acceptable."

The man is already gone, back to what I imagine is a mountain of work to be done. Somewhat bemused I follow the gateguard in farther, our squad shortly happening upon the aforementioned main hall. I see the canine population of War hounds, hundreds of anthropomorphic beasts covered in thick pelts and lumpy muscle. Yellow teeth and heavy, tusk-like claws are in evidence, excellent natural weapons, and every one of them is at least half again my size. I turn to Bang and the Metal Skulls in general and speak.

"Alright, here's how this is going to work. Bang will be with you to provide assistance as he's sees fit, but really he's there to test out this here prototype. You have six hours. In that time, not a one of those War Hounds will die... and not a one of you will be felled. Iron man training time, let's see you bleed. ...BANG!"

I use this moment while Mahklargg and I find a good viewing place to order the Advisor to 'Attempt to circumvent Bang to attack the Ragegluts in a non-lethal fashion until told to stop by myself or Dowsan' before I speak to Phohn. I ask him to convey my words to Bang and Mordre as I carefully relay the full truth of what transpired in the research lab, and what I now know of Dowsan. As I expected, there is no startled reaction on his end, just a confirmation of the message, an acknowledgment he understood what occurred. ...As I suspected.

From there, as Bang does a few stretches, once more shredding a uniform as he uses that trick of his to break reality around himself, I speak to Phohn again. This time to contact Dompaggio, to see how his continued investigation is going. What I hear back gladdens me: Dompaggio has located a town possessing someone with information exonerating The Lined One. As of yet he has not been able to determine who possesses the knowledge or what its specifics may be, but from my understanding of how he functions it is only a matter of time. I smile as I watch The Advisor fluidly taking up a position in the War Hound's van, as Bang takes a sprinter's stance before the Ragegluts, who have learned enough to not stand behind him in such a stance. I glance down to the remaining documents Dowsan handed me just as the battle is joined. ...Hm, yet here it is, officially titled as having air-flammable, caustic blood and ... interesting. It says the creature has a cartilage skeleton with every limb being fully prehensile... yet the amount of blood inside the creature leaves no room for such. ...Ah, this is his 'official' report on the creature's performance... well, a close enough falsehood. I finish the document learning nothing of real value to see Bang pounding away at the Advisor as his body is blazing in several places, his body partly coated in its lethal blood. What's more, his punches seem to lack their normal impact, the body simply... yielding, between its shaggy pelt and doughy body too malleable to be properly whalloped. Restricted to non-lethal techniques, Bang resorts to his maxim: If you punched something and it did not go down, you didn't punch it enough.

As hours pass and I have to give periodic clarification to The Advisor as it attempts irregular stratagems, I note not a single Ragelgut falling, even during any of the several times The Advisor was able to momentarily slip past Bang to attack the Ragegluts, already fiercely occupied with the War Hounds. So far, none of the Ragegluts have fallen, and it seems that this training is proving less... taxing than the spar at Oz's school. I roll this thought about in my head until four hours into the marathon, when breathing is becoming ragged, legs are wobbling, arms drop to their sides the moment they aren't needed. At this point, Bang is now so practiced at using three-dimensional punching that he's pounded the Advisor into a rough sphere, his barrages too swift for it to reform properly. The last time Dowsan got a Rageglut blood sample spilt on the floor in quantity was two hours ago. I pull Bang out as I let The Advisor more fully aid the other Warhounds. The shift is startling.

The next hour and a half slowly sees the Ragegluts fall, one by one, to the relentless assault of the combined War Hound forces. Their efficient pack tactics, their teamwork in isolating Ragegluts to lower support, their excellent flanking, attack-and-away maneuvers, all of it is compounded by the roaming threat of The Advisor, it's snakelike body slithering and slipping about the battlefield, burning ankles, wrapping about lowered fists, bit by bit crippling its targets. In a war of attrition, the Advisor proves itself terrifying. I finally stop it when, after five minutes of fighting alone, Torruga, nearly buried beneath leaping War Hounds, finally drops a knee to the ground. I make my way out onto the arena floor as I call for a halt, surreptitiously sending out blood tendrils atop the ground to seek out samples from the War Hounds amongst the spilled sanguine solutions, as I note Dowsan nodding at me: He has gathered enough samples then, excellent. Not wanting to attract attention, I meet with him only briefly, speak on the performance of The Advisor as I return the creature to his care, and mention that I'll stop by after lunch tomorrow to take a look at the other prototypes. He seems to catch my gist as he nods a hair to slowly before setting to monitoring the manifold devices with him. Band, Mahklargg and I lead the Ragegluts in a hobbled march back to the mess hall, where their battered state draws more than a few glances, and a fair share of chuckles from several of the older Ragegluts currently eating. As the tired and beaten squad sets to wolfing down their food, I ponder what more I could have them do tonight, the sun having already vanished from the sky. Then I recall my meeting with Oz tonight, and send them off with Band, leaving him only the target of 'being creative'. His fiendish grin guarantees the quality of their impending final training of the day.

I make my way back to the 17th Giant Brigade's Hall, to find Oz and Figment standing beside its doors, awaiting my arrival. Figment says nothing, letting Oz lead.

>[Oz]"Okay, so here I am, you've had time to think: You want to trade that blood-flow body movement trick you use as a personal booster for the Blood trick I know of similar disposition, or not?"

What should I say or do?
Should I trade knowledge of Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism, the self-developed off-shoot of the Way of Harksburton, for the body-boosting Blood magic techniques Oz has learned?
Is there anything I would ask of Figment, be it a Montage or a body modification, knowing he will likely demand the same nebulous payment he has of Bang, that being future adherence to a number of commands from him?
What time should I get up tomorrow to begin training all over again?
No. 265719 ID: bdd665

I vote for accept Oz's offer but skip on the montage, I am not comfortable with the idea of owing Figment favors.
No. 265757 ID: 9a5057

Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism is based on your observations of Bang's dynamic fighting style at least as much as it is your family training. The Way of the Harksburton as taught to you is about fighting your enemy with blood and steel, not brawling and dodging. Not every skill you learn need become a part of the Way. Keep the Way of the Harksburton a gentleman's elegant mastry of fighting with the blade, and let Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism become the rough and ready style which can be taught to the common man. I suggest not only that you make the trade here, but you consider teaching Torruga the basics of SPK if he merits another reward, and shows sufficient progress with what you have already taught him on his own. If nothing else, it will give him an outlet for his abilities other than the temptation of resorting to puppetry, which is apparently not so rare here as we had hoped, if it can be hidden so.
No. 265759 ID: 6dd58d

I'm thinking take Oz up on his offer, though asking if he'd keep it to himself instead of teaching it to others couldn't hurt.

Proposed body modification from Figment: Antimagic hand(s). Hollow rune-shaped resevoirs acting as 'incomplete' runes using the buildup of white blood inside them to close the circuit as it were, in order to activate and deactivate them on demand, as opposed to an always-on type of arrangement which would otherwise impose some limitations on what the designated limb(s) could be used for. Also including runic resevoirs grafted onto finger bones to effectively serve as knuckledusters, properly placed with flow-channels arranged so as to be seated on the tops like flute holes instead of through the sides in tubular fashion, with slightly raisd edges to form a runic 'stencil' that would imprint on a target when struck and, with an accompanying white blood deposit to complete the 'circuit' of the imprint, effectively serving to punch the magical capacity out of a given subject for a time.

As for the next training session, make it before breakfast and don't let the ragegluts sleep either. If you're going to put their endurance to the test, you may as well go all in on it.
No. 265770 ID: f6360f

>Is there anything I would ask of Figment, be it a Montage or a body modification, knowing he will likely demand the same nebulous payment he has of Bang, that being future adherence to a number of commands from him?
Ask him for help in hastening your learning, sure. If he demands payment, you might try arguing that as you understand it, he is seeking to change the ending of Lubu's story. Are you not in position to bend your efforts to that task? Would lending you aid not tilt things, in however small a fashion, towards his desired result without demanding further recompense?

If he still persists, ask him to state a task now that you might accept or refuse, for you cannot promise an unknown service.

If he won't go down at least that far, then you will do this without Figment's aid.

I'm with you on this one. The Way isn't about the same things that SKP is about; it's about the external manipulation of blood, mostly, and in your more advanced methods the comprehensive understanding of how and why blood works. SKP is about fixing and moving the blood to strengthen the body, and only that, is it not? You can afford to let that much information go public while keeping the core of your teachings to yourself.

>What time should I get up tomorrow to begin training all over again?
Five minutes earlier than the earliest Rageglut.
No. 265789 ID: 903f16


>Should I trade knowledge of Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism, the self-developed off-shoot of the Way of Harksburton, for the body-boosting Blood magic techniques Oz has learned?
You should make the trade. You're not breaking your oath to keep the Way in the family because you haven't officially added this to it. Even if you had you would only be giving up a branch of the Way of Harksburton, a branch which YOU created, in order to improve one of it's main functions.

Also consider the value in keeping Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism a separate style. You and your descendants can use it like a bargaining chip in situations like this. You'd be safely able to trade it to other Blood magic practitioners for their techniques without compromising the Way itself. In a way not contributing it to the Way is one of the better things you could do for it.

>Is there anything I would ask of Figment, be it a Montage or a body modification, knowing he will likely demand the same nebulous payment he has of Bang, that being future adherence to a number of commands from him?
Ask for >>265759. Take the Montage and argue along this >>265770 tangent to begin with, if that does not work appeal to his friendship with Oz. After all we're both benefiting from the Montage in a way, can he charge a friend for a favor? And if he's not charging Oz should he be charging us? Oz is the one who brought him over here.

>What time should I get up tomorrow to begin training all over again?
Before dawn. Those men should already be training by the time the sun rises. Preemptively I'm going to suggest again you take a trip to the Chaining Calamity school to fight Korgotyo the Chained. It'd be a good opportunity to give them some experience fighting a legendary Rageglut, since Lubu mentioned he wanted to use them as an honor guard for when Goujar shows up.
No. 265792 ID: b6269e

I'm not too hot on asking anything from Figment. Bang might be irresponsible enough to accept the service before payment but I think its better to pay first and get the boon later.

And voting for trading with OZ, I say yes
No. 265793 ID: b6269e

>I'm going to suggest again you take a trip to the Chaining Calamity school to fight Korgotyo the Chained


Also call Murhyihal to heal the Ragegluts so that in their very short time of sleep they are at their top efficiency.
No. 265811 ID: 7d5888

The problem with teaching Oz, is that SKP is based directly around your family way of moving blood.

For you to teach Oz, you will need to divulge 'just enough' of your family way to make it work, or figure out a way that would work for him with his current knowledge of blood manipulation.

So here is my plan, instead of just telling him, ask him what he knows about it and build from there.

You don't ask for the montage, Oz brought him, Oz can ask.
No. 265822 ID: 5138e8

Should I trade knowledge of Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism, the self-developed off-shoot of the Way of Harksburton, for the body-boosting Blood magic techniques Oz has learned?
Not really, I mean you didn't even let Bang some knowledge but politely refuse his offer

Is there anything I would ask of Figment, be it a Montage or a body modification, knowing he will likely demand the same nebulous payment he has of Bang, that being future adherence to a number of commands from him?
sure, sentient blood or something might be interesting but make sure it has a personality that works well with yours

What time should I get up tomorrow to begin training all over again?
early morning
No. 265867 ID: 35bba5

Do the trade. You came up with the style and haven't officially added it to the Way. If you want your family to be competitive without using Soul Magic you have to make some minor concessions.
No. 265945 ID: d3dfb8

This. Many kinds of this.
Also go with the figment montage as well, you have to give to recieve.
No. 265965 ID: a76809
File 129307736615.jpg - (622.31KB , 1008x1344 , Keddic Harksburton Blood Maid.jpg )

"Fine, I will accept the trade of styles. I would ask you go first, so I know where your knowledge base lies for your own instruction."
>[Oz]"Fine fine I'll go first... hey Figment, you mind?"

Time.... becomes strange. I seem to flutter between moments, each event expanding exponentially in my mind as I recall weeks that never were. Oz's style of teaching is harsh, brutal, and unforgiving-but his knowledge of Blood is fairly perceptive. His awareness comes through sheer body saturation of Combat magic having energized his blood enough he became aware of it. For sparing a Puppeteer he once fought and bested, he was instructed in some of the basic tenants of blood manipulation, from there expanding the craft until he can ultimately keep his body going so long as his heart still exists. For my own twin hearted form, I wonder at my own capacities. ....A method of charging circulation and the heart's beat to enforce the concept of life and wellness on the body irrelevant of circumstances. I learn, I feel my sense of White Blood regeneration growing in the learning as more magic seeps into my blood, and I add a passive style to practice, one that could be used concurrent with any other: Personal Puppetry. The only downside to its use is the rather high energy costs for sustaining the ability. Nigh-unbeatable corporeal durability comes at the cost of constantly depleting magical stamina. With this knowledge base, I flutter forward through moments, again having the snippets expand into days and weeks of my patient tutoring on the importance of blood's flow, and using that flow to make pressure waves, replicating a wrathful tide. I find myself impressed by Oz's singular dedication to learning, picking up Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism faster than I had expect-or such is the sense imparted with these moments.

Perhaps four, five seconds passed, the clouds not having had time to shift, yet as time restores to its normal flow, I feel as if I lived a private set of months in that brief span.

>[Oz]"Thanks Figgy. ....Gotta say, enjoying the style.... very crisp to use. I like it."
"And I find your offered style to be most interesting. A costly but vastly useful boost to durability.... actually, I recall I had a request for Figment rolling about in my mind."
>[Oz]"Well lay it on him, it's not like he won't answer."
"..Figment, I wish to have hollow, White Blood activated anti-magic runes imprinted on and in both of my arms, such that I can activate them by pooling White Blood within the organic runes. A specific detail I desire to this rune set would be in-built ridges and crests on my finger bones for allowing my blows to carve, to imprint on the target an anti-magic rune, likewise activated by White blood."
>[Oz]"Just making sure you got that, but he's saying he'll demand service at a future point, basically following a single command. 'Snot bad, really, just him being weird."
"I was also thinking about possibly getting self-aware blood, seeing that Rageglut got me thinking, so if some compatible personality or some such could be implanted? Really, something that works well with my own disposition is what I'm looking for."

Figment, who until now had slouched against the wall completely unmoving as the world around us spoke for him, begins to sprout a smug grin, now standing right before me, hands reaching out towards my arms. Space folds, realities laws run like water, my arms tingle, and I feel scores upon scores of intertwining shifts in their physiology.

All of this is washed away as my entire body sears in heat, blood boiling, freezing, shocking, evaporating, all of it at the same time for an agonizing and shockingly clear moment.

Then it is past, and Figment is again beside Oz, that sly smile still latched on his features.


Before I can speak, blood seeps from my body, briefly touches on my cloak, then gallons are shed from my vestments to independently pool into a new shape.

In instants filled with fluidic alteration, I find a maid made of blood before me, her body moving in an imitation of a curtsey as she bows her head.

The would-be heir of the esteemed family is finally aware of me. It is an honor to finally be noticed, oh master of mine. Perhaps master has a name to cavalierly refer to me by?

Phohn whispers in my ear as a laughing Oz departs with Figment.

Bang wishes to know how much longer he should keep the brigade out practicing

What should I say or do?
How do I react to my new Blood Maid, and what should I call her?
What is my response to Bang's query?
No. 265970 ID: a69afd

What was your wife's name? Don't give me that Harksburton crap about not lingering on the past- Figment just crafted a female personality for your blood, you want to know why he didn't ask for a favor? You already had the memory of the perfect companion in your psyche for him to use. Honor her by allowing that memory to fight at your side, guiding your blows and healing your wounds. Now bump fists with her and tell bang you'll be there in a minute.
No. 265971 ID: 5138e8

What should I say or do?
Thank Figment and tell him that if he needs something we can do it for him without a payment being needed.

How do I react to my new Blood Maid, and what should I call her?
I like the name Anna

What is my response to Bang's query?
Give them the rest of the day off just because they got out of sparring with the War hounds
No. 265972 ID: 5138e8

I like this
No. 265980 ID: d3dfb8

No. 265983 ID: 6dd58d

Liking the name of Elhaym myself.
No. 265990 ID: 263430

Call her Mary. Blood Maid Mary. (C'mon, it'll be awesome.)
No. 266087 ID: d4f98d

I'm quite partial to both ideas. Elhaym just sounds nice.
No. 266103 ID: f55e3b