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File 128897654542.jpg - (46.74KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000001.jpg )
252698 No. 252698 ID: af952d


Only on island is tree where is baboon what only sing jap cartoon shitty theme song.

Man cannot only bravery substain because it is hot and desert.
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No. 252700 ID: f52552

Weep and drink tears.
No. 252701 ID: 31e5bb

slain baboon, eat it's meat.
No. 252703 ID: 69e533

Get a rock, kill Baboon, Make stylish baboon skin coat.
No. 252706 ID: af952d
File 128897752175.jpg - (46.43KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000002.jpg )

>>Weep and drink tears.

>>Get a rock, kill Baboon,

Is sadness of taste.

Only on island small rock named SAND which immune to baboon.
No. 252721 ID: e31d52

Coconut ponder: Weapon?
No. 252724 ID: c71597

Throw sand in baboons eyes. Spank that monkey to death. Feast on its delicous parasite infested flesh!
No. 252728 ID: 263430

Tame the baboon. Train it to dig a hole through the Earth to freedom!
No. 252729 ID: af952d
File 128898144426.jpg - (101.43KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000003.jpg )



For very surprise baboon huge as is ass hole!
No. 252735 ID: f52552

Dig out the base of the tree? Might have incoming coconuts, watch out for those.

On the other hand, you can also just take them and drink from them when they get thrown at you.
No. 252736 ID: c71597

FUCK! What an insensitive bastard. Hmm, this is going to require a cunning plan. Any way to construct a forge and make glass out of the sand?
No. 252739 ID: a1591c

Damnation! Are there any coconuts or shells on the ground? Use them to smash the glasses and unlock sand attack!
No. 252741 ID: 8e18cd

Steal the glasses.
No. 252747 ID: 3416ec

Being of knock tree down over.
No. 252755 ID: 5f0943

Try to knock that tree over. If that does not work, throw insults at it.

Also, unrelated to any real suggestion, when I ran that Japanese text through Google translate, I got:
"Rape really happy meal eel! Oh colon explosion eliminated, the pain one hundred!"
That's rather disturbing...
No. 252756 ID: af952d
File 128898334339.jpg - (75.94KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000004.jpg )

Only sand can construction of sand. Baboon is hoard all what is not sand.

Only man is desert island and cannot into wizard. Can only brain and sand using.

No. 252758 ID: c71597

Then lets show that fucking baboon. We shall strike the sand under the tree and dig down until we reach water. There must be some under there.
No. 252760 ID: 5f0943

Damn that baboon.
I say build a HUGE sand castle.
It will be BETTER than that damned baboons tree!
No. 252762 ID: af952d
File 128898382021.jpg - (45.08KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000005.jpg )

>>dig down until we reach water

Water reach very soon.

Not down.
No. 252764 ID: a1591c

Now is the time to attack with DISGUSTING CLUMPED SAND.
No. 252765 ID: af952d
File 128898433691.jpg - (46.78KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000006.jpg )

>>Now is the time to attack with DISGUSTING CLUMPED SAND.

Of making note here: Very large vengeance.
No. 252767 ID: 8e18cd


No. 252771 ID: 5f0943

Don't throw it yet!
There is something in the lump. Take out the thing, then throw lump.
No. 252773 ID: c71597

It looks like you found something useful. Take it out of the disgusting clump of sand before you throw it. Then throw sand and retreat outside of the area where the filthy monkey could retaliate by flinging poo.
No. 252774 ID: af952d
File 128898511348.jpg - (39.35KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000007.jpg )


How recognize radio?! Not everyone having education from tall level numberology!
No. 252777 ID: c71597

Hmm, fling disgusting sand first and retreat out of range from retaliation.

Then we press that button and see what happens.
No. 252778 ID: 5f0943

Let's see what the button thingy will deliver!
Maybe it will be delicious food/drink, or maybe something smite that DAMNED BABOON with!
No. 252780 ID: 8c0848

Radio? What's going on with that radio?
No. 252797 ID: af952d
File 128898609665.jpg - (67.09KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000008.jpg )

No. 252802 ID: 5f0943

Glare menacingly at the Baboon.
Because now it seems that it will have a crate dropped on it's head.
No. 252804 ID: c71597

Cool, that should show that fucking monkey who is the boss around here.
No. 252812 ID: af952d
File 128898721750.jpg - (59.01KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000009.jpg )


Try not eat by wormface in meantime.
No. 252814 ID: c71597

Wormface? You got zombies or something here?
No. 252848 ID: 620bfb

Oh man, I love dropping supply crates on the enemy.
No. 253010 ID: af952d
File 128903103458.jpg - (34.84KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000010.jpg )

No. 253012 ID: 3416ec

"Rape, rape is full of! Attack sperm nucleus oh shoot! In front of the train, scary
Please jump in if the pain! "

No. 253017 ID: af952d
File 128903550762.jpg - (72.75KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000011.jpg )

On crate finding buttons!

What is meaning?!
No. 253020 ID: bf88fc

The last one means 'giant metal', can't figure the other two out. (Stupid google ignoring periods between letters even if I use quotation marks...)
No. 253030 ID: 8e18cd


No. 253035 ID: 310f34

Es gibt buchstäblich keinen Grund etwas anderes als GIANT METAL auszuwählen.
No. 253040 ID: 5f0943

Push the metal button! The metal button is the one that is the farthest down.
No. 253042 ID: af952d

Must more voting of important choose!
No. 253043 ID: c71597

Motherfucking METAL!!!

Just watch out for Satans, such a huge amount of metal might attract him.
No. 253048 ID: 9618e3

Pushing of the button is O.S.C.A.R
No. 253049 ID: e31d52

OSCAR pressing must go
No. 253052 ID: 5808bd

But how can metal help in the desert? Go for O.S.C.A.R
No. 253057 ID: c71597

Metal always helps. And it will attract Satan, so we can make a deal with him, or challenge him to a rockoff.
No. 253122 ID: 383006

No. 253174 ID: 620bfb

Not meanings important metal pushing!
No. 253868 ID: 561b6b

Me need Online Services for Curriculum and Articulation Review
No. 253943 ID: af952d

Must sorry but escapade prohibition while very disease.
No. 260041 ID: 7ef38a
File 129084857581.gif - (62.37KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000012.gif )

Push a Metall.
No. 260043 ID: 7ef38a
File 129084993743.gif - (284.22KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000013.gif )

No. 260049 ID: 5c8f91

Wat? What happened?
No. 260050 ID: f509b0

That's the most beautiful and in your situation useless thing imaginable.
Get right in and give it an test-drive.
No. 260052 ID: c71597

It appears that you have summoned the tank of Satan. Get up on it, throw the horns and then get in it and give it a test drive. Lets see what this fucker can do.
No. 260057 ID: 7ef38a
File 129086437576.jpg - (52.17KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000014.jpg )

Tank not horny now but inside is advancement hardware what contain computing console and also display current message.
No. 260058 ID: 5f0943

If there is anything to read, then read the 'current message'.
No. 260059 ID: f509b0

THe message is communist propaganda.
Push some buttons instead
No. 260060 ID: 7ef38a
File 129086560212.jpg - (63.55KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000015.jpg )

Now read communism propaganda before press a buttons.
No. 260061 ID: f509b0

The British are the vilest creatures known to mankind. Of course you're willing to rescue all kinds of princesses from them.
Press the Yes button with all your might while also shouting Hell Yes! to make sure
No. 260063 ID: 5c8f91

Fuck. Yea.
No. 260064 ID: 644ca1

Yes, you are very man to rescue princess.
You got the tank of Satan! Which appears to be of German design if I am not mistaken.

Say yes, or press yes, or type yes, or just take off to provided coordinates.
No. 260066 ID: 7ef38a
File 129086764780.jpg - (11.68KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000016.jpg )

Choose yes in mind because not of have button what confirmation.

No. 260067 ID: c71597

That is quite a problem. State your conundrum aloud for the computer. Mayhaps it has a way off this island.
No. 260068 ID: f509b0

Maybe you're lucky and the tank is also an Amphibious Assault Vehicle.
If not see if there's any way for communication in it.
No. 260070 ID: 7ef38a
File 129086964040.jpg - (53.26KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000017.jpg )


Now must very creativity, because not princess saving self and clock is small!

Only on island is man, Riesige Metall - what not submarine - and sand.
No. 260073 ID: f509b0

Fire various guns, flares, smoke bombs and whatnot to get attention.
Maybe there's a boat nearby.

If that doesn't help, push all the buttons.
No. 260076 ID: 383006

Point tank toward Brittan, fire gun.
No. 260078 ID: c71597

Fire all guns!
No. 260079 ID: 7ef38a
File 129087097412.jpg - (58.69KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000018.jpg )

Push of all button make text in console.
No. 260080 ID: f509b0

Well, everything's ready apparently.
Check out the Computersystem for any specifications, a German tank should be able to work under water.
No. 260081 ID: c71597

All systems are go and the tank is ready to take the fight to enemies of the fatherland. Lets push some buttons and see if we can make it go.
No. 260095 ID: 7ef38a
File 129087474588.jpg - (68.61KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000019.jpg )

Metall contain of crew A.I. what can using if missing hats. Now certainly tank work.

But cannot working under water when excessive of certain deepness! This reading in internet - when not desert island - because all demand to knowing!

Next to tank drive in sphere, cannot do thing! Must hardness think! Cannot simple driving because very water, cannot shooting because ocean of have infinity hit point!
No. 260098 ID: f509b0

Become enraged with the situation and shoot at the ocean anyways, it's obvious an enemy of the Vaterland.

>But cannot working under water when excessive of certain deepness!
>certain deepness!
So it can work with at least some deepness?
If you drive in shallow water it might just work
No. 260106 ID: 2563d4

Bah, if only it were an armoured engineering vehicle, then you could move the island along with you like some kind of stepping stone.
No. 260158 ID: f70163

Drive so quickly that you skim the water until we reach land!
No. 260166 ID: c71597

Put on some Rammstein on the speakers in an attempt to summon Satan to the tank. Then get him to serve as your gunner and get you off this island.
No. 260178 ID: 7ef38a
File 129089131852.jpg - (33.14KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000020.jpg )

Now of seeing what happen.
No. 260179 ID: c71597

Push that button with the orange stuff and see what happens.
No. 260190 ID: 082f80

No. 260193 ID: 7ef38a
File 129089309622.jpg - (42.45KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000021.jpg )

>>Push that button with the orange stuff and see what happens.

Button is already push, that is how of light activation in console button. Now waiting is.
No. 260195 ID: 2563d4

The antenna has a tiny skull bobble. You must twang it and watch it wave about hypnotically.
No. 260201 ID: 082f80

Check out the tank's ammo and fuel supplies. Also food and water.
No. 260208 ID: c71597

Throw the horns with both hands and scream out your love for metal with a lone resounding "METAL!!" that will shatter the silence.
No. 260215 ID: 3416ec

Use the machine gun to shoot fish! Then eat the fish!

Is good!
No. 260406 ID: b6c6fc

this is not just any tank, it's SATAN's tank, surely it has some occultic powers of some sort

try to find out if the tank is possessed by a demon
No. 261976 ID: 7ef38a
File 12915585851.jpg - (53.41KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000022.jpg )

>>shoot fish

Cannot fish seeing but of piss bullet into ocean regardless.
No. 261978 ID: 7ef38a
File 129155878358.jpg - (19.66KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000023.jpg )

Now individually bullet flying to water.
No. 261980 ID: 7ef38a
File 129155897145.jpg - (18.04KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000024.jpg )

No. 261989 ID: 7dfd39

Inspect sudden hard surface. Surely it will yield the tools required to escape this mad prison.
No. 261991 ID: 7ef38a
File 12915653516.jpg - (59.94KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000025.jpg )

No. 261993 ID: 8e18cd


No. 261994 ID: 5f0943

Is that a french guy in a submarine?
Ask him if he will save you!
If he will not, then try to take over his sub, while insulting him.

He's french so he can't win.
No. 261997 ID: 383006

Wave to frenchman.
No. 261998 ID: c71597

The fuck is a rugged good looking frenchman doing in the middle of the ocean? Inquire about this.
No. 262000 ID: 7ef38a
File 129156659039.jpg - (60.03KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000026.jpg )

"Giving one good le reason why not of nuke le island very instantly. DIRECTEMENT."
No. 262001 ID: 856196

Normally I'd advise to be vague threatening to scare him into submission, but that won't work with that one.
Carefully explain him that you need help to kick some Limey butt. Also make an reference to Élysée.
No. 262002 ID: c71597

Tell him that nothing would please you more than seeing this island nuked, provided that you're not on it.

Also, you need to save a beutiful princess that is held captive by the vile englishmen. You care not for your own life, but the thought if a sweet lady spending another moment in captivety among the vile english is unberable, you must save her before they burn her at the stake like they did with poor Jean de' Arc.
No. 262005 ID: 7ef38a
File 129156726411.jpg - (60.18KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000027.jpg )

>>explain him that you need help to kick some Limey
>>vile englishmen

"LES ANGLAIS! Nous allons écorcher leurs testicules et apprécier le vin en le faisant!"
No. 262008 ID: 5f0943

According to google-translate, he is saying:
"THE ENGLISH! We'll scratch their testicles and enjoy wine in the making!"
No. 262009 ID: 7ef38a
File 129156781671.jpg - (41.00KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000028.jpg )

No. 262010 ID: 856196

Well, see if you can somehow move your Panzer in or on the submarine to leave that damned island.
Then proceed to mess with the computer to figure out where that princess even is or what's her name for that matter.
No. 262011 ID: c71597

Dude really loves his cheese. Anyway, seems like you're getting of this desert island hellhole, and might even get to watch it explode under a nuclear fire. Yay!
No. 262015 ID: 7ef38a
File 129156937321.jpg - (29.22KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000029.jpg )

Making very speed!

Panzerputer saying princess in SECRET BRITISH COMMANDO BASE. Also princess is name Princess Nimitz of Suurrindland.

Now must preparing for fight.

Also tank not possess of Satan. Did very looking and now confirm.
No. 262016 ID: 856196

Visit your new friend in the submarine for some wine, snails and manly fraternization.
Maybe also battle tactics
No. 262017 ID: 5f0943

That submarine is officially the most awesome submarine ever...
No. 262019 ID: 0d1fe9

Destination Arrive, make killings all.
No. 262020 ID: c71597

Have some wine and cheese on the way. You need to be prepared to take on the brits.
No. 262026 ID: 7ef38a
File 129157226528.jpg - (81.81KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000030.jpg )

"Bienvenue. Of very welcome aboard le Casse-Noisette.

Would liking some le vin flavor of nuke le island while waiting of reach base commando Anglais?"
No. 262027 ID: 7dfd39

Of course, you must accept your application for your French nuclear obstruction.
No. 262028 ID: c71597

Oh fuck yes. Nuke that fucking island and watch the explosion while you eat some cheese and drink some wine.
No. 262032 ID: 7ef38a
File 129157349562.jpg - (53.56KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000031.jpg )

"I was play basket au l'école."
No. 262033 ID: c71597

Ok, don't ever fuck with this guy. He throws nukes by hand. Shit is hardcore.
No. 262034 ID: 7ef38a
File 129157410689.jpg - (93.18KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000032.jpg )

And it was very goodness!
No. 262035 ID: 2563d4

Be use to be using of cool shades to protect from flash the eyes.
No. 262043 ID: c71597

Take that you fucking baboon infested desert island. Ok, now full speed ahead, you got a princess to rescue from commandoes. Put on the training montage to make the journey go faster, you must learn this frenchmans moves so that you're ready to kick the ass of the english when you arrive.
No. 262044 ID: 2563d4

Don't forget to discuss a little philosophy in a relaxed manner.
No. 262045 ID: 856196

Try to become one with satan tank to become an unstoppable force of awesomstruction.
No. 262046 ID: 7ef38a
File 129157621543.jpg - (100.75KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000033.jpg )

No. 262047 ID: c71597

Then get in that fucking tank and play some mothafucking metal. The britfags are going to be made aware of your arrival by the booming of the gun and the summoning of satans!
No. 262048 ID: 856196

You better be in the tank.
Shoot everything that's not the princess or our froggy friend. Do we even know what she looks like? If it's a German princess she might have an mustache, so be careful to identify enemies.
No. 262049 ID: 7ef38a
File 129157749375.jpg - (45.25KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000034.jpg )

"Hold fast, you bloody bastard.

This is your last chance to turn back before I redefine 'tea and krumpettes' using you as visual aid."
No. 262051 ID: 2563d4

That'd be a Russian princess.

Proceed onwards with missioning! His track record isn't that great.
No. 262054 ID: e9ab30

Now begin to doing murder on Great Britain. What am Britain ever done for you?
No. 262055 ID: 3416ec


Is that Michael Caine??

Anyways, inform then that crumpets is a stupid name for a food item and promptly fire your main gun into any nearby buildings.
No. 262056 ID: 7ef38a
File 129157910989.jpg - (79.37KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000035.jpg )

Saying impudence to BRITISH COMMANDO and shoot of anything what is sight.
No. 262057 ID: c71597

Fire wildly in all directions while headbanging to cool music.
No. 262059 ID: 7ef38a
File 129157960977.jpg - (34.90KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000036.jpg )

>>Fire wildly in all directions while headbanging to cool music.

Is sufficient cool?
No. 262067 ID: c71597

Yes, that does it quite well. No onwards to glory with all guns blazing!
No. 262071 ID: 3416ec


I'm not familiar with that song. :/
No. 262082 ID: 856196

Waidmanns Dank!
Get an prisoner for interrogation.
No. 262403 ID: 7ef38a
File 129164683064.jpg - (101.68KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000037.jpg )

>>buns glazing

No. 262406 ID: c71597

Guns motherfucking blazing then.

Also, watch out, some wanker with a PIAT is behind you. Reverse and slightly to the right and you should get him.
No. 262411 ID: 7ef38a
File 129164807533.jpg - (125.79KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000038.jpg )


Can only seeing very ketchup.
No. 262412 ID: c71597

You probably got him then. Look for something important that you can fire Satan's cannon at.
No. 262419 ID: 7ef38a
File 129165284864.jpg - (53.17KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000039.jpg )

>>something important to shoot

This looking importance but which more importance?
No. 262421 ID: 5f0943

The Pub!
If you destroy it, the Brits will loose all their will to fight.

Or you could shoot that shack with 'admin' written on it.
No. 262423 ID: 2563d4

Oh god don't shoot the Pub. If you cross the Rules you will trigger their determined underdog side and they will hunt you down. Take out the admin shack.
No. 262425 ID: 7ef38a
File 129165424092.jpg - (83.63KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000040.jpg )

Now "administer" very kick of ass, yes?
No. 262427 ID: 2563d4


Now park up outside the pub and go in for a pint.
No. 262432 ID: 75362e

Go in the pub, the guards can't move so you're save to go in at least.
No. 262438 ID: c71597

Go into the pub for a pint for a job well done.
No. 262445 ID: 7ef38a
File 129165801016.jpg - (59.60KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000041.jpg )

Pint is very obstacle.
No. 262446 ID: c71597

Tell them that you're there for a pint and the princess. If they just give you that then you will take Satan's tank and go somewhere else.
No. 262451 ID: 47ef4b

Demand French very fire support!
No. 262453 ID: 7ef38a
File 129166099595.jpg - (95.76KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000042.jpg )

>>Demand French very fire support!

"Always very enjoying taste of le sang Anglais."
No. 262460 ID: c71597

Holy fuck he's hardcore. Umm, you should probably not drink english beer in front of him. Just take a tiny sip, declare that it tastes like piss and then piss in their beer keg.

Then get back in the tank and get done saving the princess, you can celebrate after you're done with some fine wine and nice cheese.
No. 262464 ID: 7ef38a
File 129166287956.jpg - (58.35KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000043.jpg )

"My le manly intuition saying la princesse in le underground vault location le pub basement."
No. 262465 ID: c71597

NOOOOO! Warn him about impending stabbings and throw something to distract the vile anglais.
No. 262466 ID: 5f0943

No. 262469 ID: 2563d4

Blinking weakens Michael Caine.
Exhale your foul continental-cheese-afflicted breath into his face.
No. 262472 ID: 7ef38a
File 129166380519.jpg - (70.06KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000044.jpg )

"I bloody well warned you.

Now it's too late, old chap."
No. 262477 ID: c71597

Oh fuck, only one thing to do now. Smash a bottle against a table, tell him to come at you and hope that the frenchy isn't completly down yet. That or that you manage to somehow summon Satan in your time of need.
No. 262478 ID: 383006

Start busting the beer kegs and beer bottles and stuff. Without booze the English realize their horribly oppressed nature and lose all strength.
No. 262491 ID: f59554

Use your super jumping skills to get in to your tank all fast-like.
No. 262603 ID: f504f7

agreed weapons are nice

hehehe... maybe the monkey somehow survived and could help out... naw that would be stupid.
No. 262620 ID: 23f0a5

Tell him you have his bloody wanker of a queen hostage in your tank and that if he doesn't give you all his weapons and surrender you'll be forced to make sweet love to her.
No. 262627 ID: 67090c

Challenge him to a traditional English super battle tank super special stage death rally.
No. 262629 ID: 644ca1

Shout "Feuer der kanonen, schnell schnell!" and hope the tank has voice commands.
No. 262646 ID: 7ef38a
File 129171766472.jpg - (95.70KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000045.jpg )

>>Shout "Feuer der kanonen, schnell schnell!"

"You bastard... that's not fair..."
No. 262652 ID: 2563d4

Step back. They're at their most dangerous when mortally wounded.
No. 262654 ID: 0d1fe9

Mate, that's just not cricket, You're completely fucked now. Hope to hell his Aussie mates don't show up.
No. 262655 ID: 06f3b6

Grab cannon barrel and with great force spinning!
No. 262656 ID: c71597

Step back, he looks like he's about to make a last ditch throw of the knife. Instead go to your french companion. He might not be yet gone, bandage life his might save.
No. 262664 ID: 7ef38a
File 129173943438.jpg - (28.85KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000046.jpg )

>>Step back

Cannot hurting chance.
No. 262667 ID: c71597

Now go tend to frenchy, he saved your ass more than once, he deserves either care or manly tears.
No. 262674 ID: 2563d4

Keep stepping back until you fall into the basement, thus making the best possible impression on the princess.
No. 262680 ID: 7ef38a
File 129175047036.jpg - (54.94KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000047.jpg )

>>fall into the basement


No. 262683 ID: 2b340c

Fall with more style
No. 262691 ID: 3416ec

No. 262694 ID: 7ef38a
File 129175502090.jpg - (37.75KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000048.jpg )

Cannot style!
No. 262698 ID: 2b340c

You're semi-alive, that's good enuff.
Open dat door.
No. 262813 ID: 8a6625

open that door and claim what is rightfully yours (and by that I mean evrything in the room)
No. 262835 ID: 383006

No. 263496 ID: 3eb2fe

I fucking lost it.
No. 264784 ID: 8d7dd2


Pick yourself up, open door, receive princess.

...Alternatively, receive beating, administer beating, THEN receive princess.
No. 266428 ID: f604d6
File 129320537939.jpg - (35.29KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000049.jpg )

Now open door of very heavy!

Certainty not very trap of booby?
No. 266449 ID: 3416ec

I don't think a heavy door like that would NEED booby traps.
No. 266450 ID: 82d640

There might be boobies on the princess.
So force the door open already.
No. 266452 ID: f604d6
File 129322809621.jpg - (46.41KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000050.jpg )

>>So force the door open already.
No. 266454 ID: f604d6
File 129322971967.jpg - (36.89KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000051.jpg )

"Mida kuradit siin toimub?"
No. 266457 ID: cc8627

finaly a problem solved by punching.

greet her with a quick face-fixer.
No. 266465 ID: 82d640

The boobs are alright, no matter what the fuck the face. Save her like the fist of the northstar.
No. 266470 ID: 8a6625

remove mouth-nose chopsicks and apply kiss to asert your saving-ism
No. 266476 ID: 3416ec

Attempt to rescue the princess.
No. 266576 ID: c2c011

Rescue the shit out of that princess. And find a paper bag somewhere.
No. 266608 ID: f604d6
File 129331966547.jpg - (40.62KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000052.jpg )

>>rescue the princess

"On aeg seiklus!"

Well, does counting as rescue of success?
No. 266613 ID: c2c011

Looks pretty rescued to me. Now go cry at the body of your dead companion. He saved you from the island and fought alongside you against the brits.
No. 266620 ID: ed41eb
File 129332126062.jpg - (31.80KB , 403x336 , Flapjack.jpg )

No. 266787 ID: f604d6
File 12933817747.jpg - (74.11KB , 839x550 , icannotfilename000053.jpg )

Well, was very adventure but sea man must always sea.

Thus returning princess and refuse offer for princess hand and realm of half, due to sea man need sea and only bravery!

And that is difference escapade which not show here.
No. 266792 ID: b03fa2

That sure was something.
I have no idea what exactly, but I'm sure it was that.
Also draw celebratory porn.
No. 266799 ID: f604d6
File 129338910415.png - (199.57KB , 640x640 , 1274311216342.png )

>>draw celebratory porn
No. 266802 ID: 4812df

No. 266807 ID: 2a1e65

*manly tears*
Best quest or best quest ever?
No. 266829 ID: 2563d4

This has been one of the finest on this board in some period of time. I congratulation you.
No. 266832 ID: 1e1932

That was probably the best quest I've ever read.
No. 266923 ID: 3416ec

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