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File 128786783538.jpg - (132.76KB , 729x576 , Thunder Golem.jpg )
247147 No. 247147 ID: a76809

[ First Thread http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html ]
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[ Wiki Page: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Golem_Quest ]

Mordre, the sapient Soul Grave, made great headway in establishing himself as a player within the Land of Dragons, and successfully outdid the Dragon Jioga the Arbiter in a contest set by the new emperor, Lubu the Unparalleled. While Mordre spent time reinforcing his position in the Land of Dragons, Ugrokk the Tall was brought to the inventor Toledo Gialgorra, and a fortune was offered to craft a new arm for the maimed warrior. Bang Magnum, travelling back to the Arcanoworks at Mordre's request, revisited his homeland Despardos, and made a big splash. Now, Bang is finally returning the Arcanoworks, and Mordre moves to join him, so that Eisenhardt can finally be dealt with.

An inventor labors, thoughts whirling in his head. The frightfully tall and lithely muscled Ugrokk, the man he was paid to craft a new limb for... is mundane. There are no alchemical augments to his body, no magics engorging his form... and yet in several ways his body differs in subtle yet fundamental ways from the human norm. This changes nothing in terms of adhering to the job taken... but it bothers him. When the warrior returned to have his partly completed new arm once more checked for fitting, the inventor had an idea. He checked the patient's nervous system as ably as he could... and found it far more robust than expected. Instead of simply insulating the electrically charged arm to be from the patient, he decided on something a bit.... different, considering the proffesed goal of stealthy endeavors. And to this end.... The Thundering Heart now lives far more ably to its name. Reconfigerations have been calculated to allow the patient's heart to be stopped... yet circulation to continue, mind to keep firing thanks to the pressure and electrically bades engine in his arm. While this means that without the aid of magic, the warrior could keep fighting even when fatal damage to the heart has occurred... it also means he will be most ably equipped to fake his death. A stopped heart, a non-responsive body... yet just enough circulation to keep the brain oxygenated, enough electrical support to keep the mind alive, ready to resume control. Interesting possibilities, with such a skill. The inventor smiles, as he continues to work, for once his daughters nowhere to be seen.

.................................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE.................................................................


I am informed of Bang's return to the Arcanoworks, informed of Eisenhardt's confusion as seeing such a monster as Nidhogg appear and be welcomed.... and I make my choice. I step into the teleportation box in the Land of Dragons, summon Burduko to my side-

And finally, I return to the place I claimed as my home, my Disjoining rune activating the moment I change locations.

I step out of the teleportation box on the Arcanoworks grounds, within seconds being hailed by a voice from the sky.

"SO, back again are you? ...With several modifications to your golem, to boot. Excellent. I hope you will be able to keep up!"
"Do you intend to attack those near me as well, Or shall you wait while we relocate to outside the Arcanowork walls?
"Of course I shall wait, I still fully intend to claim your apprentice in exchange for the one you took from me."

Eisenhardt, standing on a metal platform, floats in the sky beside Nidhogg, Bang still astride her, and looking to me questioningly. ...It would seem he wonders if he should simply attack Eisenhardt, now that he is so close, his attention turned away... and Bang completely bereft of any metal save that found in any human body. Reinhardt stands amidst the ranks of Derkin, Vespinto, Ellorika and Ulzrick, watching to see what I do, as I note the familiar presence of Ellayia's soul somewhere within the Arcanoworks tower, peeking out of an open window a floor above Arkus. Dame Valiria, daughter of the Blue Knight, calls a halt to the morning training session she was running, and the soldiers of the Arcanoworks-MY soldiers, now fully garbed in well-fitted plate, turns to speak with a grumpy and bearded face, Del Rogo the smith complaining as he follows his assistants outside to see what all the commotion is about.

With the dawning sun blazing away, I consider.....

What should I say or do?
>[Reminder: Mordre currently possesses 2,999 non-heroic souls]
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No. 247151 ID: 445c48

Please ask him if he's willing to wait just a bit longer, been away for some time, so much work has piled up, etc etc.
No. 247154 ID: e31d52

Tell Bang via Phohn that this is your fight. After all, it would cheapen the victory if it was two on one.

However, he is to stay nearby. If we can end this without killing Eisenhardt, we'll need him to help repair the damages done.

Furthermore, we have a lot more souls than we did in our first match: Our magical endurance is probably thusly enhanced. Remember all of our tricks and their relative potency.

We have to pick between going all out right from the start, railgun blazing and inferno golems rushing forth, or to do things the normal way.
No. 247155 ID: 7a79fd

I still do not understand why we had to wait for Bang and Nidhogg to arrive.

Are you guys planning to use them in this attack or something?

I though this was going to be one-on-one duel.

Also, I wonder, when we turn on the Blood Flow doesn't that mean we are more "organic" and have much more stronger sense of ownership about ourself? Shouldn't that mean that Eisenhardt can't manipulate our body?
No. 247156 ID: e31d52

Let's just get this out of the way, now. I've got a feeling that we might not be able to put it off much longer...
No. 247161 ID: 9e5b05

What to do...Well, I know Bang would love to just pounce and punch Eisenhardt until he almost died, but we are more gentlemanly then that - if Bang did it of his own free will...

But anyway, sigh a bit and laugh like an old man. "Eisenhardt, Please. I have only just gotten back myself after aiding Lenryt in some venture or other. I don't even know how my Apprentice is doing! Please, come in for tea - I believe that's how we started this last time, and we can discuss how you have been, I can get caught up on what I have missed, and we can dicuss where we will hold this Tournament."

Phohn to Arkus: Have you talked to Del Rogo about his ax and Eisenhardt needing a name off it? That is why he's attacking, so if we can turn him into an ally, or at least have him not kill us, that would be nice.
No. 247164 ID: 9e5b05


An Addendum: "Yes, Eisenhardt, that is my dragon. Would you like me to tell you how I came by it?"
No. 247166 ID: 56dc25

After making him wait already, having him wait even longer seems rather rude. Let's just get to it, perhaps loudly apologizing to everyone else with pressing business and informing them that we will handle their matters after dealing with this, or should we lose they're naturally free to do whatever they like.

The blood flow requires that we use magnetomancy upon ourself. We might very well be able to accomplish that, but Eisenhardt would immediately sense it and unless our new magic-absorbtion abilities are up to stopping him from tearing us apart with magnetomancy, he'd one-shot us the moment we turn off our rune.

That said, I don't want THAT badly to conceal our blood magic abilities, particularly as Eisenhardt will be either dead or on our side after this. Or we'll be dead, in which case we don't need to worry about it. So the only serious consideration is if we'll be able to stop him with Goran's trick- perhaps we can fake him out by switching over to it at an opportune moment during the fight to test if it'll work.

Fighting tactics: Whatever we do, do NOT use those new Magnetomancy-boosting blades of ours; should Eisenhardt get his hands on one it'll make him far more dangerous. (After he's working for us, we can give him one or two as a present.)

Frankly, this time around we might be able to just absorb magic all the time and fight him as much as a giant golem as a mage; we're much faster-moving and if we get our claws on him it's basically over (I think). He's tough, but ultimately still fairly squishy. Still, keep on the ball- make sure we're on alert for any new tricks that he might have planted inside the ground around the Arcanoworks, geomantic or magnetomantic. He's had weeks to prepare this ground to his advantage.
No. 247168 ID: 7a79fd


Well, we can use the new-found Jade-Soul techniques to put ourself inside a 'green soul bubble' of sorts, I think that means expanding our soul to encompass our body. That way our body should be shielded from Eis. influence (I think), while in that state we could turn on the Blood Flow.
No. 247171 ID: 7a79fd


Time moves in proportion how the mind sees it. Bang noted that Mordre thinks so much faster than him and Bang thinks extremely fast, so ... we need to find a way to use a golem kind adrenaline rush (like Keddic and Bang do). I don't think this should be that hard for Mordre, he is not constricted by fleshy limitations only by his mind.

If we manage to achieve that, we could see Eisenhardt coming when he uses his super speed thing
No. 247172 ID: 445c48

I'm rather sure we can't. We've got Jade Fist, Ethereal Strike, Warding Palm, and Rending Grasp.
No. 247174 ID: 1854db

We are going to fight him again, alone. If we bring anyone else into the fight he'll fuck over the Arcanoworks.

Except... maybe if we get permission from him first. He will after all assume that he can simply kill those that are fighting alongside us. If those in question are Deep Spawn, that will be a non-issue. Burduko and Nidhogg might be of some use in this fight.

Bang might be strong enough to survive being drained of Iron... but probably would get scoured by Iron mist like we've used before. Leave him out of this.

Hey guys don't forget we have Vectormancy, Ignimancy, and Jade Soul attacks. Plus there's the railgun we can pull out of nowhere. Extra good if we can do it without him realizing we're lining up the shot. Like have the blades orbiting around in erratic patterns that 'coincidentally' align at him when we're ready to fire.
No. 247182 ID: 7a79fd

Maybe we can develop a new move?
We know that it is possible so it shouldn't be that hard.
No. 247183 ID: 7a79fd


I think Bang has extreme sense of ownership for Eisenhardt to mess with his iron
No. 247186 ID: 6b5126

Is Reinhardt still around? It might be best to talk with him before you set out to kill his only known remaining relative. Also Ellayia might have fight-relevant information.

For the fight - I suggest keeping the Nimble Nitro ability as a hidden ace along with the AA.
No. 247191 ID: 445c48

We're still looking to end it non lethally, right? So he'll work for us? Ignimancy Taser should help.

Hopefully Goran's Magic Eatin' will let us say "Fuck you" to any direct magnetomancy by him to us.
No. 247203 ID: a76809
File 128787291627.jpg - (42.26KB , 267x400 , ROUND 2.jpg )

[Mordre can combine existing abilities to create hybrid actions, but Mordre still cannot simply develop a new move from nothing.]

Before I even respond to Eisenhardt, a plan comes to mind. I let the six rune rings I possess slowly flit off if their rack at my hip, and set them to revolving about me. Each one is given its own independent orbit, all moving at different speeds.... that will allow them to all line up before my cannon, as if by pure happenstance. It is a long-term trap I plot in this, and I hope to keep it in mind when it becomes relevant.

I begin to wonder just how I could augment my perception of time. I know I can see between instants innately, far faster in my cogitation than humans.... but could I push that even father? Could I slice time into even finer sections? I get the feeling this is possible without the need for Chronomancy... but I do not know how such could be accomplished. Barring any enlightenment on the subject, I do not believe it will be relevant during this coming duel continuation.

"Eisenhardt, please. I only just returned, And I have not seen my apprentice- Indeed, I have not seen the Arcanoworks for quite some time. Could I have a moment to-"
"Rejected. I have been made aware of your... genial duplicitous behavior. I will not let you out of my sight until our duel begins, and I will not let something else take priority for you. If my verbal request does not suffice, I will regrettably be forced to begin the destruction of your base here. Have I made my sincerity on this subject sufficiently clear?"

Through Phohn, I ask Bang to restrain himself, and watch the warrior leap from the dragon's back to the ground, moving to chat with Valiria while he keeps an eye on Eisenhardt. With that potential snafu averted, I re-address Eisenhardt, the orbit of runed saw-rings about my body complementing the 37 Deep Spawn cores still circling my torso.

"You have indeed been most concrete about this. Well then, shall we?"
"Lead the way."

I begin marching out of the Arcanoworks, sending furtive tendrils of Magnetomancy and Geomancy earthward-and finding the leyline beneath my base even closer to the surface, and the grounds thoroughly laced with thousands of tons of metal, all of it drenched in Eisenhardt's ownership: He has prepared the field even more thoroughly than he did the prior time we fought... hm.

After we move some hundred feet away from the Arcanoworks, Eisenhardt, still standing atop his floating metal disc, halts and speaks.

"This should be far enough. ...Are you ready?"

Here? Still so surrounded by territory he has had WEEKS to prepare for his own use? ...I do not at ALL see that ending well for me, but Eisenhardt only halfway seems to await my confirmation, as I feel his magic flitting into the ground, already claiming dozens of metal spheres each thrice as massive as my own form. ...I also note that in one third of a second, the 'random' circling of rings about my body will align with my cannon.... if I can get it turned on Eisenhardt without him becoming suspicious, this could be over before it begins....

What should I say or do?
Should I go for the riskier option, and try to fatally end the fight here and now with a shot from my revolver cannon accelerated to relativistic speeds?
Or should I try to sway my foe, and get our battleground moved with carefully chosen words?
Or should I simply... begin running, and force the battlefield to change locations? (I am certain he does not yet know of the speeds Nimble Nitro allows me to reach)
Or do I have another plan in mind?
No. 247208 ID: cbce1d

On the topic of our soul, I wonder exactly what species our soul would be, and how skilled we would have to be to replicate the pattern of our soul so that there would be a soul that is the same species as our soul; there was that comment in the first thread, that more variety of species in the souls we consume have some effect on our spell matrices, and I want to know what effect that would be; creating different species/Life Golems, with souls different from other species' souls, and consuming their souls, would facilitate, or at least make it easier to reveal, that effect.

Bang could just spontaneously challenge Eisenhardt before we can start. He did say that he was going to challenge Eisenhardt in the last thread; since Eisenhardt wants to kill us, and is unlikely to back down from that position (unless someone has any brilliant ideas on how to persuade him?), we would therefore kill him if we fight first. However, if Bang were to battle Eisenhardt before our fight with him, because Eisenhardt has no special enmity against Bang, nor Bang him, they could just fight each other until they get tired of it. We do not need to fight alongside Bang.

Perhaps a viable strategy would be using Kinitemancy to propel ourselves up into the air (like we did during Goran's fight when we were in that pit), to reach him. Since Eisenhardt relies on physical projectiles (the metal spheres) to damage us (since he cannot rip us apart with Magnetomancy with the 'Disjoint' rune up), we have one ability to handle that (Abaeloth's HANDS OF HUNGER) along with another that will let us speed up our mind (Chronal Banditry) and another, Kinitemancy, if we can do that, to steal their motion to allow us to move faster. That's for the defensive; for the offensive, the only suggestion I can give would be: use Pyromancy to gather the residue Soulfire around our head to burn away his armor; using Kinitemancy to bring ourselves close enough to him fast enough to bring two tendrils of our Sable Executioner into and through his eyes, and into his brain; Ignimancy, charged before/from the beginning of the fight to immense proportions, get in close enough so that he can't attract it to his metal spheres, and let loose so that the charge fries him (I forget, does metal armor protect one from being fried from electricity, or enhances the damage one suffers from the shock? I know the metal can attract the lightning, but I forget if the electricity would jump to the flesh, rather than stay within the metal.); IG anti-magic field to strip away any magical defense of his, and then get in close to kill him, or IG primary function to strip away his magical defenses and hurt him with the explosion (probably going to waste his skin, though).

Er, for other things that don't quite fit: if we use Inverter on Eisenhardt's armor, what would happen? We know that his armor enhances his combat ability, and that Blood Iron, the metal the armor is made of, has innate magical properties; inverting that, would it not hinder, and perhaps outright destroy, Eisenhardt's ability to battle? And, I would like to test out our altered Edge of Oblivion, put it through some combat (though it might be safer to test it out after we have Arkus look over it).
No. 247210 ID: e31d52

I very much doubt we can end this with him alive. Unless we life golem him.
No. 247230 ID: 56dc25

>Grab something (a tree, a rock?) that can have its time stolen through Chronal Banditry
What exactly are the requirements for being able to steal time, anyway? Because the air has substance, when it comes right down to it. We could just be stealing its time constantly to act faster whenever we don't need that hand for anything else.

As for the railgun, I would not use it until you've got Eisenhardt's attentions tied up in one of his massively multitasked attacks upon your person. It'll have a greater chance of success then, when he doesn't expect it... and if nothing else, it'll force his attention away from coordinating his attack on you at that point. Best to save that particular ace for when it can do the most good.

One thing that puzzles me about what Eisenhardt does: He said that he doesn't like to use the earth's magnetic field, so what the heck is he pushing all these spheres against to control them? Does he have hundreds of thousands of pounds of metal embedded in the ground to use as steering posts for the tens of thousands of pounds he's floating about? Because magnetomancy works based upon manipulating magnetic fields, which means that it should still cause equal and opposite reactions- it's not like kinetomancy where that can be ignored. If he's ripping dozens of tons of metal upwards, then an equivalent force is shoving downwards, at least during this initial exchange.

As for our opener... well, perhaps we can attack him and move the battlefield at the same time. Instead of running away at speeds he cannot match, try charging directly for him ridiculously fast and snatching him right off his metal disc. If he falls back, well, you'll be moving away from his prepared ground, so you win. If he doesn't, you'll snatch him. And if he flies higher, well, you'll at least be able to throw inferno golems and what have you at him. Maybe it'll even be harder for him to use geomancy that far from the ground, although I'm not sure on the mechanics.
No. 247232 ID: 6b5126

Escape first. Trying anything magnetic within Eisenhardt's area of control is probably not going to work. Escaping the trap zone should be priority #1. While running remember that Eisenhardt probably also has a magnetic railgun attack. He's got more than enough power to do it.

Start moving using kinetimancy force redirecting ground punches and keep bouncing erratically across the landscape while making good use of cover. Maybe head into the forest to grab a tree or something that you can apply chronal banditry to in order to move faster.

Start charging Immortal Genocide. If we later unveil the Nimble Nitro and manage to dash inside melee range with a supercharged magic dispel ready... I'd also like to see how powerful we can make the sheer devouring effect of the IG. It might be possible for its hunger to grow such that all world magic in the area is devoured and arcane magic becomes incredibly difficult when Mordre has the energy equivalent of a black hole on his arm.
No. 247233 ID: 445c48

Answer to the affirmative, and then leg it, while tossing spells and/or rocks at him. Start up the Immortal Genocide.
No. 247242 ID: d3dfb8

Hmm, perhaps we should take a page from the book of that armor bang picked up. Start a punch then steal the kinetic energy and use it to punch Eisenhardt in the face from anywhere.
No. 247244 ID: 1854db

He is not suitably distracted to try the railgun snipe. Mess with the paths of the blades so that they take a little more time to converge again. We should only fire it when we're already fighting him full on, and he thinks we're going to use it for some other purpose.

Also I support continuing to move, saying that no, you're not quite ready yet. RUN if he starts fighting anyway. We need to get him away from that leyline, and hopefully away from more of those orbs. Also begin charging up Ignimancy.

As far as slicing time is concerned... Overcharge your matrix. Shove magic into it. That should make it 'move' faster.
No. 247246 ID: 56dc25

...that is the seed of an AWESOME plan. We have kinetomancy; we can literally take our own vector of motion (thirty thousand pounds going two hundred miles an hour, is it not?) and transfer that to literally whatever we like (say, a much lighter projectile). Result: A projectile moving really, really fast, and we stop moving. Add vector redirection to avoid missing as necessary.

So if we go with a charge attack and Eisenhardt is getting away, we can stop using ourselves as the attacker and suddenly shoot him instead.
No. 247273 ID: 7a79fd

"Now, Eisenhardt, don't think that I cannot see what you did with this field....
I thought we were going to fight on equal grounds, no? By heavily modifying the battle field you are trying to rig the game and stack the odd in your favor.

Now.... to even out the playing ground, what do you say that I use my minions too? I did not want to have use them in this fight but if you are going to be like that, I think it is more than fair."

At this point Eisenhardt may think that we are referring to our soldiers and subordinates at Arcaneworks but in reality we are going to get our Deep Spawn help.
As Jiogas attack on Vanguard and Zaggrath showed, our Deep Spawn can be carried by Burduko-Express.

So we summon our Deep Spawn, they summon their spawn and we quickly get this fight over.... if Eisenhardt agrees of course, wouldn't want to him to think that we cheated out since we are planning to get him alive.

Other thing, if we are going to insta-'kill' him with the rail gun:
We must quickly relay orders to Murhihal and Akeam. They must instantly get working on restoring Eisenhardt. We might need Bangs help there too.
If all fails, we must dispense souls from our furnance and make him a life golem.... this will make him much more powerful though
No. 247276 ID: 56dc25

I don't really want to deploy our Deep Spawn here. Eisenhardt commands a level of power which might well be able to kill even them; recall how he was able to snuff out our Inferno Golems with such ease? I don't consider them disposable enough to deploy unless I'm certain that it would ensure victory.

Also, that argument- we can make it, but it's not very persuasive, considering that we just went and stacked the odds in OUR favor by delaying the conflict until we'd powered up substantially. The playing field is evened already.
No. 247285 ID: 5f0943

I doubt our spawn would have any real effect on the battle.
Eisenhardt is so damn powerful that he could easily brush them aside with a few well placed multi-ton metal spheres, since they don't have all the neat tricks that Mordre has at his disposal that could help him survive such an attack.

Also all the reasons mentioned by >>247276
No. 247287 ID: 35bba5

It's pretty likely we are going to have to kill Eisenhardt. We should try to kill him in a way that leaves his skin intact, if possible, since we only need one more. But I don't think we should try to hit him with the railgun right away-it won't be as surprising now as it would be after we fight him for a while, and it won't leave his skin intact if it does work. Ignimancy would probably leave skin intact, though.
No. 247296 ID: 5f0943

Wouldn't Ethereal strike be rather useful in this fight?

>Ethereal Strike:
>-A projection of energy, a replica of one's hand that is emitted as a projectile impact, possessing some of the Jade Fist's piercing ability, but little of its kick. The fact it can be used in rapid succession opens the options to which it can be applied.
>-The projection has a range directly related to the originating source of energy, your Soul Furnace, and as such can reach ranges normally not considered feasible for the move, some several hundred feet before half the energy has dissipated, and more than a thousand before it completely decays.

We could hit Eisenhardt from a distance, and it would also probably shock him the first time or two.
No. 247310 ID: ddd48d
File 128788050125.jpg - (200.00KB , 1672x1553 , YUDODISTOMEBOB.jpg )




No. 247329 ID: a76809


"Quite ready."

Kinetomancy upon myself, the immediate development of a vector for my entire body, jerking into motion with acceleration a human body could not take. ...So the Disjoining rune really DOES only effect Magnetomancy, interesting. Nimble Nitro gets added onto that initial velocity, and I go faster, feet pounding with far greater speed than before. But as I see Eisenhardt's eyes easily tracking me as he continues ripping a few dozen of the multi-hundred ton spheres from the ground, I realize-this is note enough.

...Very well then.

I divert another layer of magic to the act, now plying Geomancy as I plot out where each foot will fall, the ground already moving to pull me along faster when I land. I accelerate again, and without the aid of personal Magnetomancy, I reach one hundred miles an hour in three steps, over the course of one twentieth of a second. For the next half second, I'm losing Eisenhardt, his eyes widening at the turn of speed I'm displaying here. But before that second ends, a blur of motion brings Eisenhardt to hovering beside me some sixty feet away, a massive sphere already hurtling at my back-

As I use Kinetimancy to add a lateral vector to my movement, taking a perfect right angle turn without decelerating, moving out of the falling wrecking ball's path just in time, a dull thump shivering up my legs as the ground trembles. I see Eisenhardt's eyebrow quirking as he raises a hand, two fingers standing up. I feel a pair of titanic metal masses now rocketing towards me. I dodge the first with a change of path, again employing Kinetimancy to turn aside-only to find the second sphere's path corrected for my new angle.

So I use Kinetimancy AGAIN.

When I safely navigate the double layered assault without a scratch, putting more and more distance between myself and the center of Eisenhardt's prepared dueling ground, I note several things as Eisenhardt raises his hands like a conductor, brow setting.

-ALL of the other airborne sphere (currently nineteen) begin hurtling towards my general direction in staggered fire, as scores more of the superdense orbs rip from the earth one by one, some twenty new ones in the air per second assuming he does not accelerate.
-Eisenhardt's soul, already a far more brilliant thing than when I last fought him begins to once more build ever-swelling magnetic waves about himself, the same as when he did so the last we fought.... I still do not know what that could mean, this building swell of bent magnetism.
-I note the leyline's closeness to the surface dwindling very slowly, but I can feel the end of prepared land-some several miles distance..... a rather thorough individual.

With no superior option revealing itself to me, I resign myself to ever more rapid redirections of my momentum, Kinetomancy dancing in my grip as Eisenhardt's fingers play through the air as if he were a daydreaming maestro. I find no time to stop, turning my momentum towards an accelerated shot through kinetic redirection.... his assault is to tightly timed for both evasion and counterattacks to be performed simultaneously, and I'd rather not have to deal with the absurd weight behind his strikes unless I am certain I can benefit from taking the hit.


...It has been quite some time since I was last at the Arcanoworks. Arkus, Derkin, Dregas, Ulzrick, Vespinto, Ellorika, Jezebel, Valiria, even Del Rogo... I find myself missing the personality quirks of those I have gathered about me, and look forward to more interactions once I navigate this challenge. Jezebel's antagonistic aggression and prickly nature, Arkus's meandering curiosity and nervous babbling, Valiria's high-minded opinion of herself, Ellorika's gruff and abrasive nature, Ulzrick's.... dazed and distracted demeanor to mask his crafty mind... I find it irks me somewhat, that Eisenhardt has had weeks to be around them while I attended to so many other pursuits. I somehow doubt he did not at least observe them, and considering his interactions with Ulzrick and Arkus alike, he likely has gotten to know at least some of them... Hm. He likely DOES know them, at least somewhat. An interesting facet of information.

....I follow this new line of thought as I dodge enormous balls of steel and a multitude of other metals continue to crash down around me. Have I amassed enough examples for this to work? Does my understanding of the human psyche extend to this? ...Humor. Eisenhardt has demonstrated an appreciation for the non-serious, and I am told that it is nearly impossible to fight while laughing. I have established individuals we both know that can be used as the building blocks, so... what could I say? Even as part of me wonders how it came to tactical use of humor, I tentatively try out an idea, hoping the bits of world lore I discerned from snippets of Bang, Keddic and Arkus' conversations is accurate.

"...HehehHAHAHA... oh, my."
"Something amuses you?"
"Well, it was just an idle thought."
"Well now you have me interested. What is it?"
"Well, this is our second round of fighting, yes?"
"By just about every method of defining it, yes."
"I have heard that in some places where fights are bet upon, There are showgirls who carry cards to display the round between exchanges."
"This is true."
"Even more, I have heard of times that slaves are bet, Between fighters that is, and used as round-girls, prizes for the winner."
"Many of the areas that traffic in slavery do just that, the Golden League and Mahnlea both doing so. Where are you going with this?"
"Well, heh... I pictured Arkus as a round-girl, and could not help but laugh."

For a moment, Eisenhardt says nothing, face wrinkling in strange contortions, like a cat trying to escape an old sack. Then, the man who kept up his bombardment of me unabated as we conversed, the man who I now note is well past his prepared land, but still using his metal sphere bombardment with careful thought (At any given time two thirds of the one hundred and thirteen metal spheres are on the ground, providing an anchor for those airborne), the man how oh so calmly informed me of his intention to kill me, to destroy this Soul Grave-

Laughs, metal spheres dropping from the air as his assault abates, hands clutching about his sides as eyes tear up, His soul's clarity disrupting beneath it shell of ever growing magnetic distortion.

This could be my chance.

What should I say or do?
Do I have some sort of attack in mind for my momentarily defenseless foe some hundred feet away?
Or maybe some things I would like to say to him?
No. 247343 ID: 445c48

Something to test later, Inverting AND time stealing the Edge of Oblivion.
There is no way this could possibly go wrong.

Anyways, fire off a decent lightning bolt at him, and immediately follow up with several Ethereal strikes.
No. 247345 ID: ddd48d

No. 247346 ID: a17cca

DON'T do this.
DO do this.
No. 247348 ID: 445c48

Another thing to test later, after the fight, would be inverting the Disjoining rune. Or the magneto runes on the new blades. Or the skyfall cannons. Not that I've got particularly any idea what will happen for any for any of these but it would be good to test it, see what happens.
No. 247356 ID: 7a79fd

A reminder: all of Jade Soul techniques are extremely lethal.
Keep that in mind if you want him alive.

We should somehow get close to him and catch him with our Sable Executioner, the black steel with negate his magic.
No. 247361 ID: ab04d4


We just spent all that effort running away. I doubt we can get back in the same time, and if we can't catch Eisenhardt off his handle we're dead.

A long ranged attack would be really nice here, but we can't railgun him because we don't want him dead...

Well, maybe we could railgun him and then soul-infuse-golemize him. Though it's a long shot (no pun intended).
No. 247362 ID: 445c48

Are they? Ethereal strike specifically mentions it doesn't pack too much kick (And reading the wiki, it looks like it shoots energy fists out of our fist, hahah, reminds me of megaman), and Warding Palm is a defensive move, though I know you weren't talking about that one and I was just trying to be a smartass.

Black steel wouldn't negate his magic entirely because we know he uses blood magic, I remember Bob saying this last time we fought. It would weaken him, though, since he uses World and Will in addition to blood.
Speed wise, If we're still going 100 miles an hour, we could make the hundred or so feet in less than a second indeed, though I'm still not quite sure we'd be fast enough, or that the reduction in power would be enough for him to not wreck us. Though, he probably wouldn't be able to throw those big steel balls willy-nilly, seeing as he might hit himself. Does he have his armor on? I'd hate for us to grab him and then suddenly his armor becomes spikes and tears off our arm.

And I don't think the AA would be very non-lethal.

Oh, and JoJo, isn't he at Mordreden? We might need him after this fight. We should tell Phohn to tell him to get in the box and come down in, just in case, if he isn't asleep. Ulzric might be able to heal the man on his lonesome, but I'd feel safer with multiple mans. Oh wait, we've got Murry, so that's not too much of an issue, nevermind.
No. 247364 ID: 56dc25

Head for him at full speed- everything we've got. If we can grab him with black steel and put magic absorption and the Genocide into play, even his impressive magic should get nullified. We'll have him completely in our power, but whole and undamaged- a perfect win, if we can do it.

He's less than half a second away at our top speed. If he's that distracted, we might make it, but betting our victory on that is foolish. If we can yank extra energy out of that leyline to boost our power, then do it. If we can't, burn souls to boost our magic for it- I want us there in a tenth of a second, if possible. Faster than he could possibly ever react.

And if we're not fast enough... well... we should be able to get very close. If he starts reacting, mix in lightning (which he'll be able to deflect with magnetic fields) and Ethereal Strike (which he won't). Even if both fail, do NOT stop attacking- we've allowed him to basically dominate the combat so far, and that is unacceptable. It doesn't matter what attacks we use as long as they can put him on the defensive. Relentless assault.

If he objects to our moving in while he was so distracted, explain that there are very few situations that cannot be improved by a healthy dose of humor, even on the battlefield.
No. 247365 ID: 445c48

Oh and keep laughing, whatever you do.
No. 247366 ID: 0cfe8b

Personally, i think we should try more HAM, he would be much more valuable as an ally than an enemy.
That said, you're still going to have to fight him since he is hardly going to stop after waiting that long.
No. 247373 ID: 903f16

I wonder, do we happen to have a Skyfall cannon shell chambered now? I can't recall if we even have any on us, but I imagine if we did that while Mordre was on autopilot he would have chambered some for this fight instead of the regular rounds which would be useless here. But yeah, fire a shell at him if you have one.

If you don't have any charge up an Ignimancy bolt and fire it at him or better yet his floating platform to disrupt the magnetic fields. Hopefully he won't be able to regain control of the disc in time and he'll be forced into free fall and have to take the battle to the ground.
No. 247376 ID: 421192

Um... well, I have a hypothesis, which I will take silence as a negative answer and thus side with killing Eisenhardt, and the positive therefore I shall fall to the side of letting Eisenhardt live.

We know that Eisenhardt works with Weinsho, a Soul Mage. Dulu, a former employee of Weinsho, has had a binding laid upon his soul by Weinsho: that, when he dies, or is somehow disembodied, and his soul released from its physical host, his soul will flee to Weinsho. It is suspected that some of his apprentices, particularly those who participated in the caravan attack, also have this binding laid upon them. (The only hole I see within this foundation is that Balboa and Daobo, two apprentices of Weinsho did not evidence such bindings upon their souls; though, perhaps their souls did not have the time to escape, since, if I recall correctly, Mordre soulsucked them immediately after their death.) As Weinsho has evidenced a penchant for laying bindings on the souls of those who work for him, perhaps he also has laid a binding on Eisenhardt's soul, for it to flee to Weinsho in the event of his death. Eisenhardt had made it known to Weinsho that he was going to fight Mordre, going to fight a Soul Grave, a noted consumer of souls. If, for whatever reason, Eisenhardt died... well, they certainly did not want that Soul Grave to gain power from consuming Eisenhardt's soul, would they. Therefore, it makes sense that Weinsho, in the interest of preventing the growth of power of an enemy through the consumption of the soul of an ally, bound Eisenhardt's soul to return to Weinsho if Eisenhardt were to die.
No. 247385 ID: 9e5b05

I am in favor of hamming it up, and asking him why he's doing this. We can attack later, but now let us press the human dimension of this attack.

"And Ellorika would be yelling at him, and that would make him get quite flustered, and Jezebel would make some waspy comment..." laugh, before dying quickly. "Of course, I do not think we should tell Arkus any of this, agreed? Although Ellorika does cut a lovely figure in that golem-armor of her's. So, how is Del Rogo taking to the Arcanoworks? You have been here while I have been running around like a chicken without a head."

No. 247400 ID: 6dd58d

No. 247401 ID: 445c48


Oh. Well. I guess forget what I said.

We need a comedian, asap.
No. 247404 ID: f4e4f9

"And who, I wonder, would commentate such a thi...Oh, nevermind, Miss Jezebel AND Del Roga here at once? I don't think the fight would be needed at that point, I'd pay money just listen to THAT exchange.
No. 247414 ID: 32a249

Alternatively, you can try intimidation route:

"Ohohoho... Now you gone and made me feel guility for offering you fight you can't win.

I suppose there are no harm in explaining - you see, while I indeed developed remote control for golems, I wasn't first to do so; Morsmorden mages managed to create it few years befoe Curse.

This golem is last Soul Grave ever made, number 24 - specificaly designed for remote operation. When Curse struck, it was used by Morsmorden archmage; His soul was torn from the body and imprisoned within Soul Furnace.

I managed to suppress it, but it tried to overcome my control once already. So, even if you manage to damage this golem to the point where I lose control of it, you will have to fight Legendary Soul Mage, Master of Sorrows in my place.

No offense, but while you are cut above most mages I've meet, you are certainly not up to his level."
No. 247416 ID: 32a249

On the second throught, I am not sure if that will intimidate him or make him fight harder - he wouldn't be a hero if he was a coward, (Commissar Cain notwithstanding :] ) but the fact that he is still alive means that he know when to back down from the fight he couldn't win.
No. 247485 ID: 1854db

I'm going to side with making him laugh more.

...OH MAN have the maid walk in now and say "Oh, what's this about cross-dressing? Are you trying to find out if he likes it too, you dirty old man?" In which case we start yelling at the maid and the golem's path becomes a bit more erratic (but please continue dodging)

Oh, or better yet just have the maid comment on the laundry, saying that we were almost out of stockings. Yell at Eisenhardt as he laughs that it's for circulation, and the maid should pop up "Then why do you always get the frilly ones?"
No. 247491 ID: ddd48d



I doubt intimidation will work here,and that just seems more like we are mocking him instead of trying to intimidate. or he might even see it as us giving him a challenge like "give me your best shot" or something.

OK I'm going to think of some more funny things while I'm drawing.
No. 247517 ID: a76809

Without hesitation, I fire off a bolt of Ignimancy, raw electricity guided by my Will straight towards Eisenhardt. I aim to capitalize on what is transpiring here-only to find the bolt parting, bending, warping, now flowing about him, a nimbus of light. His control of the massive metal spheres behind me weakening even further, a few rising uncertainly from the ground only to drop once more. I sustain the bolt, tapping my considerable magical stamina, noting as I do that the charge about him continues to grow even as the magnetic distortion builds, yet all the same his soul grows more and more ill-defined thanks to the electrical follow-up to my verbal thrust.

...I also note he is recovering from his laughter, his soul beginning to regain clarity faster then he loses it. ....Then I must endeavor to keep him laughing.

Whatever may come of this fight, I feel confident that Jojo's expertise will be needed... beyond that, Ulzrick will likely be most pleased to see one of his masters again, to continue his Souldreaming training outside of his dreams.

With my need to adjust my vectors and geomance the ground into aiding my deceptively swift movements temporarily abated, I juggle about my casting, switching my Ignimancy to come from my innate casting to free up both my hand and body Soul Nexus. with the two so freed, I finally give myself an opportunity to give the Jade Soul techniques I possess a field testing. I direct energy and flow between the two points of power, building momentum of a metaphysical sort as my open palmed hand shoots forward in a sharp thrust, a dim glow of emerald light sheathing it- to have a ghostly shadow of my hand jet forth, burning itself away as it lances through the air. Still clutching his sides laughing, and clearly having classified my attacks as negligible due to my electrical ministrations, Eisenhardt's laughter is rather abruptly aborted as the Ethereal strike, diminish from having to travel so far still blazes straight through any defenses Eisenhardt might have lain in its path, and collides with him heartily, knocking him from his perch atop the metal disc with a resounding clash, rending apart most of the heavy cloth covering his chest-and revealing the Blood Iron beneath, carefully molded to his body. ...Not as defenseless as I had hoped. Before his abating laughter can turn back to a focused effort to slay me, I strike from the other side of my assault.

" "And Ellorika would be yelling at him, You know how little discretion she has, And that would make him get quite flustered, And Jezebel would make some waspy comment..."

I let a few distorted chuckles and snickers issue forth from my body as I move more awkwardly, simulating someone attempting to still command the same degree of finesse from delicate devices while laughing-and failing. In my peripheral, I see.... Eisenhardt laughing all the harder as the disk he stood upon falls to the ground, completely ignored as current continues to build, intermingling with his ever growing warped magnetic field.

"HAH! ...Oh dear, and that one... VALIRIA, that was it, I could picture that little one doing an impressive job looking down her nose at Arkus despite his greater height-"
"Ulzrick would probably just be standing there in a confused daze, Maybe Ellorika trying to tell him a dirty joke and just failing to get through-"

Again Eisenhardt's laughter becomes so all-consuming that his eyes squeeze shut as he slaps his side. The metal spheres behind me seem to quiver in ressonance with his mirth, but under my careful observation I do not see them moving. ...Still, the magnetic field about Eisenhardt continues to build without hesitation, ensnaring every watt I send his way. ...MORE.... JOKES.....

"If Arkus were cross-dressing as a round girl, I have to wonder just who would commentate on... Of course. Miss Jezebel AND Del Rogo here? Heh, I doubt the fight would even be the main attraction, If THOSE two were exchanging verbal blows!"
"Deep-damn, I can picture it too! At some point in their fight, they'd be fighting over who argues the most... PFF, a never-ending argument loop, HAH!"

While he certainly seems to have found that more than passing humorous, his laughter seems to be abating, his soul regaining clarity with his composure. ...I need something more.

....An idea most fiendish comes to mind, of a way to really kick my verbal shenanigans up to another level.

"Oh, what's this about cross-dressing? Are you trying to find out if he likes it too, you dirty old man?" "ILLIATHANKYOUFORBRINGINGMYTEAYESQUITENOWGOODBYE-"

As Eisenhardt rolls about in his midair float, now laughing so hard he begins to wheeze, whatever semblance of focus he was restoring to his soul shatters, and his floating personage wobbles under fluctuating command of magnetism-all while that field of warped magnetism about him continues to swell and condense. I am still quite leery of what that might portend-and act to push the humor so far he cannot even sustain it.

"Haha, ah, yes, they're for, forCIRCULATION, Yes, some vein issues in my legs, old age and all that-" "Then why do you only get the frilly silk ones?" "OHLOOKATTHATILLIAMAUSER'SLITTERBOXNEEDSCLEANING, HOPTOITTHANKYOU!"

>[Pristine Soul given in place of new non-player character. PRISTINE SOUL TOTAL: 05]

I turn my focus back to Eisenhardt, who is now going red in the face as he withholds laughter, and offer what I hope shall be the final nail in his comedic coffin.

"....Ah.... they ARE more comfortable, Which is really quite important when you get older, And the most comfortable ones always have frill, Or lace, or something on them-you can't even see them, Under my robes-" "Why don't you tell him what the robes are made of!" "ILLIA!" "Litterbox, yes sir, will scoop it dutifully sir. "....The robes are velvet."

At this point, Eisenhardt simply falls to the ground in stitches, kicking his feet and pounding his fists as he desperately tries to get in air, so under humor's thrall he can barely breathe. ...For some reason, I find myself happy I am out of earshot of the Arcanoworks, despite this all being part of my mage persona, that which keeps my greatest secret as hidden as I can. ...My electrical attack is STILL being consumed, his magnetic field still building, but otherwise not a single thing suggests my foe to be combat ready. ...Time to attempt the end of this exchange, then.

"Hahahaa.. Of course, I do not think we should tell Arkus any of this, agreed?"
"HEHAHAA, HEHAA... *snrk* ...Ah, no, I don't think we should."

Eisenhardt starts pulling himself together as I press on, looking to sway his mindset.

"So, how is Del Rogo taking to the Arcanoworks? You have been here while I have been running around like a chicken without a head."
"A chicken in frilly socks and velvet robes-heheheHAHA!! ....Hah, well, as you might expect, the smith is taking VERY well to the place, getting along well with others with his own special brand of 'friendship'. ...I do find it interesting that I have not seen hide nor hair of his axe though, but then, it is my understanding that he was forced out of Hletwa by the Steel Fists."
"Really now?"
"Yes, I heard they effectively ruined him, but that his sons still run the smithery-"[/code]

Eisenhardt stops abruptly, casting me a sidelong glance.

"....Well played. I feel no inclination to fight you just now. One moment-"

The disc he rode on a few minutes ago wrenches itself from the ground as he leaps atop its polished surface, floating back closer to the cluster of metal spheres halfway embedded in the ground behind me, the magnetic field about him growing as I surreptitiously cut off my Ignomantic attention, no longer engorging the electrical current about Eisenhardt.

"Thank you. ...Still, futzy stuff, electricity and magnetism interwoven like this. Hmm... Eh, it'll work."

Eisenhardt takes a single deep breath, his soul's focuse spiking to clarity levels I had yet to see from him, and in one explosive burst all the magnetic warping and electrical charge about his personage is vented.

Of the scores and scores of multi-ton metal spheres scattered in my wake, all but one shudder and slam farther into the earth, completely submerging themselves in the dirt-as the lone sphere to be treated differently vanishes. I feel a magnetic signature rocketing skyward and pass outside the range of my senses in an instant, even as I note air rushing to fill a massive vacuum in its wake.

....Eisenhardt just sent a metal sphere with a weight exceeding one hundred tons rocketing skyward with such force it was comparable to my rail gun attack in terms of velocity.

This thought rattles about in my head as I consider its ramifications while Eisenhardt sweeps a hand before him, earth sliding and shifting to cover each of the now submerged spheres he had been trying to squash me with not so long ago.

>--Force the rematch with Eisenhardt to end without fatalities.
>--Neither Mordre or Eisenhardt can claim victory by any definition save survival.
>--BONUS KNOWLEDGE: Jeeba Hechler, having returned to Castiliathen, shared with his father his defeat at Keddic Harksburton the 4th's hands. This information eventually made its way to the royal family, through Delbulu Fissykus overhearing Oggduro and Jeeba conversing on the subject. High King Arcturo Fissykus has decreed that the Harksburton estate is to absorb some hundred acres of land belonging to the Hechler line, once the Harksburton scion returns to corroborate the event said to have occurred. The standing of the Harksburton family has risen as a result of this information beginning to disseminate in Castiliathen. Keddic the third is now awaiting his son's return, to speak to him regarding his position as heir apparent.

Eisenhardt and I begin making our way back to the Arcanoworks, where Nidhogg now perches atop the central tower, the walls lined with inquisitive onlookers.

Do I have anything I want to say or ask of Eisenhardt while we are still able to converse relatively privately?
Once I am back in the Arcanoworks, what should I focus on next?
No. 247523 ID: 1854db

Ask him about the talking Core Being. Has anyone dealt with it?

(btw we should make more Deep Spawn soon, Mordre's soul is probably recovered by now. Voting that Mordre should create one or two every time he's fully recovered or near fully recovered. We need to use the eggs or else they will go to waste! Remember our 30-day time limit!)

If we do make another Deep Spawn, let it be something more combat-oriented. Perhaps one that can disable our opponents while attacking them? Something related to gravimancy perhaps.

Colossi embodies the concept of GRAVITY, its form revolves around WEIGHT and DARKNESS.
No. 247526 ID: 445c48

What thirty day time limit? I remember that they go crazy after a while, but after several seasons.
No. 247530 ID: 1854db

"It is suggested you not wait overlong in defining those Individuated-to-be now slaved to you, as enough time upon the surface without structure could leave them truly chaotic, though I speak of seasons, not days."

Okay, I guess you're right. Still, we do need to use them at regular intervals. Plus, it powers Mordre up eventually because of the soul meshing thing! Also, the older the Spawn are the stronger they get, so making them early pays off in the long run.
No. 247537 ID: 7a79fd

.... can't say that this is how I imagined the fight would go down...

We should try to convince Eisenhardt to sway sides now that he is in good mood.
We could talk to Del Roga and ask him what happened. I guess we must find a way to retrieve his axe.
No. 247538 ID: 12c392

Mutually exclusive Secret Bonuses? Aww...

Once at the Arcanoworks, it is obvious that we should give over one of our runed disks and the altered Edge of Oblivion to Arkus to study and hopefully replicate. And we should talk to Ellayia, get what she found out.

We made our first Deep Spawn on day 9 of week 1 of month 4. We made Dompaggio (speaking of Dompaggio, how's progress on finding proof of the Lined One's innocence?) on day 6 of week 3 of month 4. Today is day 9 of week 3 of month 4. Yeah, I would say that our soul's nearly recovered; any Deep Spawn we make should be helping us with our short-term goals while remaining broadly useful in the long-term (what I am thinking of is the Scarred Yeti, the one with the Spectral Arm that stole our Soul Soldiers; that one needs to die quickly and soon).

In any case, I would rather hatch our Deep Spawn where Soul Magic is not illegal. And the method described by others indicates that we are doing some sort of Soul Magic when we hatch our Deep Spawn.
No. 247542 ID: f4e4f9

"Ah, I've missed this place. Good to see the reaction to Bang's arrival wasn't all that tumultuous."

"Moss? Where are you, you little blighter? Haven't seen you in ages!"

And has Mordre recovered the money Keddic got from Gainer? He's been reminded like 3 times.
No. 247544 ID: f4e4f9

Interestingly enough, by that definition, even operating a Soul Grave would be illegal. We really should get a better idea of what the Soul Magic ban entails, considering that by the strictest definition of "No Soul Magic Ever", every nation and faction with a Soul Grave is in violation of that.
No. 247546 ID: 7a79fd

Oh, also

What do you guys think of using 2 Pristine Souls to supplement the Deep Spawn iron blood harvesting?

iirc, 2 pristine souls will increase the Deep Spawn iron blood by factor of 1000, meaning that we can have 30000 pounds in a month if we harvest 1 pound each day.
Now that we are back home, I don't think we have to explain anything to anyone when we harvest blood. If we are so cautious about that, we can do that inside the tower in the upper floor at night when there aren't people there.

Call the Deep Spawn home in the middle of the night, take their iron and send them back to Oz for training.

Speaking of training, we should totally send our troops to LoD, so that they can also train with our Deep Spawn and Oz's students. Our golem armor division will gain the most of it.

As of what to do, hmmm. First go speak with Arkus, just have him report to you, maybe tell him what we did.
Then go around and speak with every other notable character.
No. 247547 ID: f4e4f9

I simply do not like the idea of harvesting our own Deepspawn in such a manner, personally, and I doubt that they'd like it either.
No. 247553 ID: 445c48

Don't like it. Probably would be easier to just kill dragons.
No. 247559 ID: ddd48d

WE FORGOT TO GET ARKUS A LAME SOUVENIR. well Maybe we can ask Burduko to pick some random thing up and bring it to us when we are discussing stuff with Arkus.

Tell Nidhogg that she did a good job of dealing with Bang, haha.

We have a lot of catching up to do with a lot of people. Also using Phohn to check up on those still in the LoD is a good idea

still don't really like the idea

we can ask Arkus about the Ban first, then if we need more info we should be careful about how we go about asking/obtaining it
No. 247567 ID: 1854db

You know we could just make a specialist Deep Spawn that happens to bleed all the time like Eldghodd did, for harvesting blood from. Something like...

Mahklargg embodies the concept of WEAKENING, and its form revolves around BLOOD and WOUNDS.
No. 247572 ID: 5f0943

That was already suggested earlier.
Nobody liked the idea because it would be a terrible waste of a spawn.
There is simply no real point to having a spawn that does nothing but bleed.
No. 247573 ID: 9338f5


get him a dragon leather wizard hat
No. 247574 ID: 9338f5

sounds more like a debuffer
No. 247575 ID: 1854db

Yeah, the point of it isn't that it bleeds, it's just part of its form so we can harvest from it. It's not even part of what it does. Well, maybe it can use the blood in a fight but in general we just harvest it.
No. 247579 ID: 445c48

We don't need any deep spawn right now. Hold off on it.
No. 247581 ID: 35bba5

I actually think we should make a few more Deep Spawn focused on mostly non-combat functions. We have a fair few combat specific spawn, but we don't have anyone to say, build fortifications. I think we should make one based on construction, because it's always useful to have someone to build you a wall, or a road, or a fortress. And a Deep Spawn focused on it would have both magical powers and a group of smaller spawn to build things with.
Something like...
[insert name] embodies the concept of CONSTRUCTION, its form revolves around BRICK and MORTAR
or some other kind of construction materials, like stone, or steel.
No. 247582 ID: 7a79fd

Don't understand why you guys don't want to saturate our body with new, even more awesome, type of metal.

I'm sure it will give us great benefits, I am thinking it will boost our magic powers tremendously.
Beside, don't you understand that when we completely saturate our body we will be able to pull that metal out of our ass. We could make equipment for our allies our of it or trade it.... fuck, it would be one of the rarest metals in the world seeing that we are the only ones that can produce it.
No. 247583 ID: e31d52

But that one makes others bleed!
No. 247585 ID: 35bba5

I actually totally forgot about the way we can just produce more of the metal we are made of. We should go check out that school of martial arts in the LoD that keeps samples of rare metals-the guys who had orange platinum. We might be able to find something else that mixes well with our current composition.
No. 247586 ID: 12c392

Continuously taking Blood Iron from our Deep Spawn is absolutely a terrible idea, even if it does strengthen our form's composition.

So, in the interest of improving our form while not slowly killing our Deep Spawn, perhaps we can get Mury, with the proto-metal that turns into the surrounding metal, to help. If we were to isolate and take out the Blood Iron we got from Eldghodd (Administrator's Blood Iron, which is much more potent than Blood Iron from other Deep Spawn) from our body, we can get Mury to convert his daily proto-metal into Administrator Blood Iron using that sample, can we not? It would likely take a very long time until we fully saturate our form with such metal, but the benefit is that we still get very potent Blood Iron and we don't weaken our Deep Spawn in the process (and perhaps even strengthen Mury; it is a challenge to produce such powerful metal in great quantities, the process forces the soul to evolve and grow, would it not?).
No. 247587 ID: a76809

>>247546I send a Message to Phohn, to have him and the other Deep Spawn in the Land of Dragons begin bloodletting themselves every day, however much they can do safely while insuring the blood is empowered, and for Murhyihal to build a massive metal vat for them to store it in. They accept my request without hesitation, and my plot to slowly collect enough Deep Spawn Blood that with 2 Pristine Souls I could fully saturate my body begins.


[Relevant wording of the decree banning Soul Magic: No new spells fueled by Soul may be cast or begun, effective date/time royal seals blah blah. This allowed a loophole for pre-existing passive magics, such as Soul Graves, to continue existing. Can't make new Soul Graves, or start new spells, but any Soul magic begun BEFORE the ban, if at no point altered or ended, is still legal. Thank High King Arcturo for the wording, it was his idea.]

"So, the talking Core Being- Has anyone dealt with it yet?"
"Sadly no. The State has been dragging their feet on that. They still only have three mages attending to it, not even Mortal Coil trained ones either. Exactly what are they supposed to do about a potential nation ending problem, I ask you!"
"Exactly my concern, when I reported the issue to them That Brigadier General Quinto Delevas-"
"The one south of here?"
"Yes, in that outpost some bandits through Daobu were working-"
"I never did like him or Balboa... neither were particularly capable of seeing a larger picture, just indulging in short term vices, however good they were at commanding respect from rabble. Anyway, what did the General say?"
"When I offered to help in dealing with that Core Being, He told me that my help would not be needed, That the State would take care of it."
"Oh? He rejected an offer for aid? I would assume then if I offered I would be likewise rejected... I comprehend their resources are spread excessively thin while they try to reclaim land, but honestly, that little attention to a Core Being?"
"It is quite worrying."

We move closer to the Arcanoworks, and as we do I decide to keep the genial conversation flowing, trying to build on the positive image I currently occupy in his mind.

"Ah, I must say, I've missed this place. Good to the reaction to Bang's arrival wasn't all that Tumultuous."
"I have to admit, when I saw that beast he rode in on flying in, I had to restrain myself from attacking. Until I saw the Arcanoworks was not firing on it-and that that fellow Bang was riding it-I assumed it a possible threat. Even then, I thought it possible it was a threat to my personage, maybe an indirect attack by you."
"Hah, a good thing you didn't, It was not easy to get that dragon!"
"Is that what it is? I've heard of them before, comments from dignitaries and officials from the Land of Dragons, but I've never seen one. I was under the impression they could not be tamed though, a singularly wild and feral thing."
"Not when you make them Life Golems."
"Oh-ho, an interesting work around. I wondered at that sapience I saw in those eyes. So, found someone that wanted to be strong, offered them that body?"
"Something like that."

As we near the gates, I grow impatient to see Moss, who by now would normally have been all over me, and call out in a flare of volume, my voice cracking across the landscape.

"Moss? Where are you, you little blighter? Haven't seen you in ages!"

I see birds taking wing from the forest to my right, treetops swaying, something big moving through the forest, footsteps pounding ever louder, headed straight towards me, and-

A mass of root, bark and vine, a mane of star shaped leaves about his head, Moss, now fifteen feet at the shoulder and some six feet across leaps straight at me, Tongue of root lolling out of his hooked beak as tendrils of light flare from all about his face. Before I can figure out a way to move him without harming him, the now much heavier wooden creature slams into me, knocking me off my feet as he licks at my skull, yelping and backing away as he scalds his tongue on the Soulfire, quickly spitting out some burnt root before placidly sitting on my chest, staring at me. ...He clearly has no intention of moving, just as surely as I heard Eisenhardt snicker.

"Moss..... get off me."

Moss cocks his head at me, feigning ignorance of my meaning. I turn Geomancy towards creating a slope beneath me, levering myself up as Moss scrabbles, sliding off once his perch shifts too much. Once more standing, I resume walking towards the Arcanoworks, Moss and his stone heart plodding along beside me as Eisenhardt continues to float along, chuckling softly to himself.

Having only just left the Land of Dragons, I go over what the most current situation was as I work out who I am going to talk to first now that I am back:

-Word has gotten out about Oz's school in the capital. He has thinned out the gladiator and slave ranks considerably, but those left, some fifty in all, are now his students alongside Bagrom, his elder student. Ugrokk is treated as a guest student whenever present, and given lessons alongside the rest of the new students. He is still working on learning how to manifest a Ghost Hand.
-The Deep Spawn have become somewhat famous in the capital, both in and of themselves and for making Oz's school capable of subjecting students to heretofore unheard of levels of pressure, adding to the notoriety and fame quickly gathering about Oz's name... and mine, both as his friend, the one that helped him found his school, and the provider of the Deep Spawn.
-Thanks to Oz's presence in the capital, Jioga was immediately sent back out on another task, moved to speak with Iron Dragon Zuon the Armorsmith about retooling the armor he was gifted. Apparently, Lubu wants the armor to restrict and drain his power, making movements more laborious and demanding while so garbed. I am unsure as to why he desires it altered so, and did not ask when the topic first appeared.
-The initial aggressors, the group led by Forest Dragon Okuga The Sly and the White Pheonix, has grown. The Proud Dragon Gyokujo The All-Seeing has allied with him, as has Monk Melrondio, and the Living Legend Theriguno The Claimer, The Supreme Swordmaster. Currently, this force is slowly working its way across the southern reaches of the Land of Dragons, slowly moving north towards the capital. As of yet, no one else has joined their side.
-Word has been making the rounds that the only Rageglut Living Legend Goujar The Unstoppable has left his nomadic wanderings amongst the True Mountains, and is heading towards the capital as well. I have been told the last time he appeared, he slew four Dragons and two entire squads of Ragegluts alone, only leaving when convinced by Thoughtful Dragon Kunna that he would find better sport endlessly slaughtering his way through the True Mountains. That was thirty years ago. There are rumors he comes to face Lubu, and see if a better challenge can be had than facing thousands of the oldest dragons deep in their homes.
-Senth was finally made to return the 800 Lo that Keddic had sent for me, so I now possess coinage in the Land of Dragons worth somewhere around 50,000 marks.
-Keddic and Dompaggio have found a lead they believe will lead to proof of The Lined One's innocence, and are currently pursuing it, The Lined One in tow as he continues to reconnect with his past student.

In my considerations of what I learned the past few days, I belatedly see Arkus pushing his way through the crowded onlookers, clearly with something on his mind to share with me. It is at this moment I realize I did not get Arkus a souvenir-this must be remedied. I discreetly send Burduko back to the Land of Dragons, sent flitting over to Oz's school, to ask after a hat, or other such trinket that could be claimed. I am told he has received something within ten seconds, and just before Arkus reaches the front of the crowd, Burduko reappears behind me, discretely placing an object in my left hand before winking out of existence, back to the Land of Dragons. I proffer forth my hand just as Arkus is about to speak.

"Arkus m'boy, it's good to see you well! I got you a souvenir from my travels to the south!"

As I speak, my hand opens to reveal-
An exceptionally wide brimmed leather hat with a floppy, pointed top, heavily and almost artistically stitched with thick thread. Arkus stands gaping like a fish for a moment, clearly struggling to organize his thoughts as I place the hat on his head, noting that beneath his robes I see the collar of the leather armor Bang sent to him. From beneath the floppy hat's brim, I hear Arkus speak, that oh so familiar breathless rush of words directed my way.

"Um let's see I put the Skyfall rune on all the shells you left, The first Golem Armor has been fully modified and we now have six unmodified golem armors just got the most recent trade shipment yesterday, we've got some fifteen hundred Hand Cannons built now, and one hundred Skyfall revolver hand-cannons-Jezebel and Del Rogo helped with those mods as well-Uh the Arcanoworks Militia is now fully equipped with plate armor, morphic weapons-I went ahead an prepared enough extra for them all, only needed like a hundredth of the Morphic fluid to do it-a lightning gun and a hand-cannon. Um, um, trade. Let's see, Berluut and Trepany are both becoming real go-getters with trade according to Dregas, and are doing a good bit of crafting work while others are taking over their crops and managing them for them, so two agricultural towns are now becoming craft-specialists I guess, uh Dregas wanted to comment you now have some 300,000marks worth to your name here thanks to his trade efforts, and he bought those books back from Ellayia-by the way she's still waiting to speak with you about that stuff, the Blue Knight would like a meeting with you when you get the chance oh and Lord Brigadier General Quinton has been wanting to meet with you for more than two weeks and is probably getting pissed he hasn't seen you... ah.... I think that's all but I may be forgetting something.... oh right! Ah, welcome back Master Mordre, how was your trip?"

What should I say or do?
What should I set as my immediate goals for the short-term?
No. 247591 ID: 35bba5

Why is taking blood from the deep spawn for a little while such a terrible idea? It isn't as if we are going to continue doing it once we have enough to saturate ourselves with it. And why hold off on making deep spawn? We have to keep making them, we have a time limit. And our soul should be in okay shape to make a couple more right now.
No. 247593 ID: 35bba5

We should give Eisenhardt one of our cannon shells to look at. He might be interested in our custom alloy of Blood Iron, since he uses Blood Iron himself. And if we use those 2 pristine souls for saturating ourselves we could offer him some of that, too.
No. 247598 ID: d3dfb8

I say we head up into the tower with Arkus and talk with our little buddy.

Let's study that armor and try to replicate it with our own Kinetimancy. If we can figure out how to do what the armor can do, because we use arcane magic, we can then apply that force anywhere within reach of our magics. We punch, steal it's momentum, then PUNCH ANYONE ANYWHERE!

We should also bring up runeing the inside of that hat, possibly to empower something or something. Post suggestions for possible hat uses.

And we should ask if Arkus can add a restriction to our AA, letting us fire it only once per day. If anyone else has any useful restrictions then go right ahead and post them.

Oh, and we need to let him study the new AV blades, give him one as well as a mundane one. Ask if he would be able to replicate that shit.

I haven't been keeping track of the list of stuff we gave Arkus to do, so if he could list that off, and how much progress he made on each of those, that would be great.
No. 247599 ID: d3dfb8

Hey now, bad idea. He's still our enemy.
Just because he didn't want to continue to fight us doesn't mean he's our ally.
No. 247600 ID: 445c48

Not quite sure he's completely on our side yet. So maybe later.
Because it's creepy.

Say your trip was good, eventful. Had to fight an army in the north and dragons in the south, I'll tell you all about it later.

First thing's first, talk to Quinton. It is only through him we are allowed to keep the Arcanoworks. Then, Ellayia. Talk to Del Rogo next.
No. 247602 ID: 9e5b05

Sigh and stoop, picking up Arkus. Sit him upon our shoulder, away from the fire, as we use to carry him. "The trip was...painful and exhilarating. I lost a warrior of great strength and an old friend. I learned things of myself I would rather forget. My friends and allies grow strong to eclipse even an old man and his trinket, I have sung a rather beautiful song and granted a luckless boon to a terrible foe and slighted an some-what ally that could ruin me." Sigh and chuckle. "But I am home now, Arkus. Calm down, first. Second, let us celebrate. You said that those towns closest have been doing well in harvesting? A feast, then. It has been too long since I have been with my Family! Come, let us prepare a feast! Eisenhardt, any treats you fancy? I believe there are excellent peppers and pickles from...oh, blast, what was that town called?"

For feast: Phohn up all our friends and allies. Invite them for one hell of a party if they can make it, with possibly brawling included.

Once we can talk to Arkus alone, we NEED to tell him about the other and what happened. And also apologize for only bringing him back a hat and no books.

For the next few days: Talk to Del Rogo and make sure he's fitting in, and pardon ourselves for not being here. And about the Steel Legion, and what we can do for him.
Talk to Ellayia, and again pardon our absence. Ask what she's found out and how she likes the place. Banter with her, she was nice.
Go out and talk with our friendly towns, see how they've been doing.
Phohn up Keddic, and tell him about the Family needing him.
Blue Knight needs visiting.
Check on roads.
Find out if any mages have been causing trouble.
No. 247605 ID: 56dc25

Can Burduko acquire their blood and transport it to the holding container on a regular basis?

Speaking of Burduko, standing order for when he's not doing anything else: Go to one of our teleport box locations and go exploring. Move very quickly and teleport around randomly so that it's very difficult for others to sneak attack him, but continually expand the amount of places that he's been and can therefore get to instantly. An hour spent sitting around is an hour wasted when it could have been contributing to his location knowledge; we can call him with Phohn if we need him. In fact, keep in contact with Phohn at all times while doing this, just in case someone tries to bushwhack him. I don't really expect that to happen, but I'd like a heads-up if it does.

>Lord Brigadier General Quinton has been wanting to meet with you for more than two weeks and is probably getting pissed he hasn't seen you...
Solution: We show up on a dragon. When he questions what took so long, our reply is "Dragons are not found on every street corner, you know! Acquiring and ensorcelling one was no trivial task." Something to do after we've dealt with immediate matters here- we can depart to meet with him in a couple hours, I think.

>Ah, welcome back Master Mordre, how was your trip?"
"My trip was quite productive! More difficult than I expected in many ways, but I accomplished most of the goals I set forth with and managed to make some new friends. (Heh, heh, heh; I'll explain why that's funny later.) You may be able to meet many of them soon; those boxes form the core of a transportation system which I would like to use for a number of things. Glad to hear you've been holding up well here. Now, in your judgment, whom of the numerous people demanding my attentions should I speak with first?"

I want to hear what he says. It'll be interesting to find out.

>Um, um, trade
Dregas will be happy to know that we now have a direct link to the Land of Dragons right in our home, meaning that we can import exotic goods with no travel time or cost whatsoever. And export whatever we've got that they want, naturally. Same G's island of tech, although I think we might be keeping that particular connection on the down-low for the moment. If he can't turn that into a mint in no time at all, I've severely underestimated the man. Bring up the matter when we meet with him.

>Del Rogo
Find out what exactly he wants from us, thank him for his efforts helping out Arkus and our other staff here at the Arcanoworks. We can offer him long-term employment if he desires it, with a fairly wide variety of projects to work upon. Starting, perhaps, with enchanting Ugrokk's new arm to be even more ridiculously badass than the world's most awesome inventor is making it.

>Arcanoworks Militia
These guys are better equipped than most regular armies. See how their training is coming along, and consider renaming them as a proper force. We need to take them into battle at some point, too; they're really our private army here, and should feel that is so and take pride in it. That's a morale problem that we will need to work upon. Speak with our officers about it.

Speak with her, naturally. Thank her for being so polite as to wait, and invite her to utilize Phohn to make her reports in the future, as he is to the best of our knowledge entirely secure and bound to be loyal with magics we strongly doubt anyone else will be able to break. He also has the advantage of not requiring her to return to our base to speak with us, although of course if she cares to utilize our facilities as a site for relaxation we are more than happy to host any of our employees.

>Blue Knight
This guy's pretty cool, so we should meet him soon- though sadly, the State will have to come first. When we do go to see him, invite Dame Valiria if she wants to come.

Say hey to her and laugh uproariously as she insults us with an unrelentingly acid tongue. Ask her if she's come up with any new and devilishly clever inventions, and if not, why not?
No. 247608 ID: 12c392

Well, first is Ellayia, since she is closest, and can get done the quickest. Then Quintin, and on the way, or after, Carkiano.

With Arkus, ask him what's he's going to do with that nice hat we got him (it's dragon hide; surely it gives a bonus for making Arkus not need sleep (or not as much sleep) or not getting tired, allowing him to work on so much more without inefficient organic concerns getting in the way), and how are his side projects going. Give him the altered Edge of Oblivion and one of the AV blades to study and hopefully replicate.

On the topic of why Lubu wants an armor that drains his power, that is easy to answer. With such a hindrance, he will be forced to grow even stronger to attain the heights of power he normally wields, and therefore is more powerful when out of the armor.

>Jezebel without new inventions
Well, she might not have any, since we haven't gotten her those superconductors she wanted.

We are not empowering Eisenhardt until he is solidly on our side; he can still decide that we are enemies and try to kill us.
No. 247610 ID: 56dc25

>Well, she might not have any, since we haven't gotten her those superconductors she wanted.
I bet Eisenhardt could whip her up some superconductors in a matter of seconds. Would he if we ask him, well, who knows; the answer to that is probably all in how we frame the question.
No. 247635 ID: 9e5b05

Oh, yes, our army. Field Tests in Yeti Hunting, maybe?
No. 247637 ID: 0cfe8b

Oh, we need Arkus to copy the runes on the upgraded sawblades while we are here.
No. 247663 ID: 1854db

Oh guys...
>Remember that for normal organics, transfer OUTSIDE of a place of Sameness is excessively lethal.
Someone pointed this out before but I wanted to repeat it since some people may have missed it (I sure did) We should be able to kill people with our teleporter Deep Spawn!
No. 247676 ID: f4e4f9

>Well, she might not have any, since we haven't gotten her those superconductors she wanted.

Yeah we did. We got her a one-time supply from Carkiano (and I can't imagine she used up ALL of it, she's not making her inventions out of the stuff) of Tantalum and Niobium, and Tin can also function in that manner.
No. 247683 ID: f4e4f9

>Phohn up all our friends and allies. Invite them for one hell of a party if they can make it, with possibly brawling included.

All of our other operations are actually pretty busy at the moment, so I don't think this is feasible. We've got the Premen working on Trollzaru and the Premen negotiations, and the guys in the LoD working on Oz's training and reinforcing the capital.

Calling them up for a random party does not seem an effective use of their time at this moment.

"Very well, Arkus, and it's good to see everything running so smoothly. Yes, well, events South have been quite invigorating...and productive, though I'm still not finished with that job for our Mortal Coil friend.

That stuffed up Quinton wanted a meeting for 2 weeks running? Well, the wait is the least he deserves for leaving that...*eherm*...major farmhouse problem, to fester. I suppose I should see what he wants, soon...you could have mentioned the want for a meeting in one of the reports, though.

I heard Del Rogo's here? Thats interesting. A shame that the Steel Fists have their underclothes in such a bunch. Fortuitous, though, I did have something I wanted to converse with him about."

(God, I'm curious about Domgaggio/Keddic, now. A detective operation? Seriously? Thats awesome).
No. 247695 ID: dfdc26

Dregas has been doing really well for himself. We should look into getting his golem Silicanthos restored. The golem core presumably needs to be hooked up to a leyline geyser so run that idea by Arkus and see if he's aware of any geysers in or around the state area. Maybe something can be arranged with the owners of the geyser. Alternatively it might be possible to resurrect it using a Deep Spawn egg, but then it would serve Mordre.

The morphic weapons would probably sell at even better prices in the Land of Dragons. It seems like their kind of thing.

Any chance we can send Ellayia out to find a criminal world mage? You know the kind who doesn't need his skin...? Give her a time limit like a week or two.

It could also be a good idea to create some Deep Spawn that can help out at the Arcanoworks. I think people have been suggesting a research assistant Deep Spawn for some time. Other ideas would be a manufacturing Deep Spawn (with a factory line of lesser spawn), some agriculturally inclined Deep Spawn, a general construction Deep Spawn able to help the Arcanoworks become a new city or a mining Deep Spawn to find and take advantage of any local mineral deposits.
No. 247698 ID: b14128

Wait... Transfer outside of a place of sameness is lethal for -organics-? ...This sounds similar to the way Lenryt teleported us to the Land of Dragons the first time.
No. 247711 ID: e31d52

>Alternatively it might be possible to resurrect it using a Deep Spawn egg, but then it would serve Mordre.


Ask Dregas first. Notify him that it might have a similar effect as Nidhogg had on the dragon, EI, it'll change some. But the basic functionality might be kept, as well as the form.

Also, tiny/lesser golems.


________ embodies STONE, in the form of GOLEMS and CONSTRUCTIONS.
No. 247725 ID: 12c392

That's what Bob said, in the next sentence even.

I still think this is a bad idea; we promised to to find a way for Silicanthos to be resurrected, but using it to serve as a host for a Deep Spawn (the only other Deep Spawn that used something already existing as a template for their existence, Nidhogg, turned out to be a parasite) feels to me like we are breaking that promise.

If (and even then, I am still against it) we were to hatch a Deep Spawn for the purpose of resurrecting Silicanthos, I would prefer a Deep Spawn that can make golems, instead of one that feeds off golems. Perhaps something like: Queeyurtoh embodies the concept of GOLEM CONSTRUCTION, form revolving around ANIMATION OF QUINTESSENTIAL MATTER (For constructing non-Life Golems) and ALCHEMICAL TRANSMUTATION/FUSION OF LIFE (For creating Life Golems).
No. 247747 ID: 445c48



A golem making deepspawn might be good later, don't need it right now. Got other business to take care of first. But see if Murry can fix up Silicanthos.
No. 247797 ID: 0cfe8b

Don't we already have a deep spawn that can fix things like golems, why not bring it to the arcanoworks to try.
No. 247827 ID: a76809
File 128797715238.jpg - (195.11KB , 1000x869 , Ellayia checking wall.jpg )

[Arkus did mention Quinton had requested a meeting by runner. I think he even mentioned it twice, not sure though.]

[The armor is runic magic. There is a runic correlative for each branch of mancies. Knowledge/ability with an Arcane or Combat mancy will not extend to runic mancy. That is, even if you know Kinetimancy, seeing a runic equation involving Kinetimancy cannot then be replicated into the Arcane, different equations are used between active and pre-rendered spells. Also Arkus isn't the one with the supposed perfect memory, Mordre is. Thus Mordre is expected to recall what tasks were begun, as once completed Arkus' attention had more important things to track.]

I use Phohn to suggest to Arkus he place runes along the INSIDE of his hat, away from prying eyes, a complement to his hidden runed body armor. The response I get, in addition to a startled blink, is a rapid affirmative. I then hand Arkus a runed blade ring and one of my regular saws.

"Take a look into why I can't replicate this with the shoulder launcher, would you? The runed version was crafted once, but is not recrafting every time."
"Yeah okay I got enough reference material I should be able to figure out what runes those are. May or may not tell me why your blade launcher is having trouble."

Grunting under the strain of the two massive slabs of metal, he nods as he hands them off to one of several assistants arrayed around him, who quickly carry it off upstairs for him.

Burduko is given a standing order to, whenever not immediately engaged in another activity, to explore the immediate area around each teleport box, to expand the areas he can travel to. He is also told to use Phohn to contact me if he is ever met with aggression. I also communicate a standing order to once daily bring a charged batch of both his blood and Nidhogg's to the collection pits in the Land of Dragons. Burduko again offers acceptance, and Nidhogg simply snorts while bowing her head obediently to the command. ...It really does seem like the servitude of the Deep Spawn is absolute, they seem unable to not carry out an order.

"And as to my return... My trip was quite productive! More difficult than I expected in many ways, But I accomplished most of the goals I set forth with, And managed to make some new friends. (Heh, heh, heh; I'll explain why that's funny later.) You may be able to meet many of them soon; Those boxes form the core of a transportation system, One which I would like to use for a number of things. Glad to hear you've been holding up well here. Now, in your personal judgment oh apprentice of mine, Whom of the numerous people demanding my attentions should I speak with first?"
"Ah Ellayia would definitely be the first I'd talk to, she's right here and all, but after that I'd see the general."
"Very good lad, exactly the priorities one would hope to see!"

I turn to Dregas, likewise in the crowd, and offer soem words to my Castellen.
"Oh yes, I have outlets in the Western Islands, The northern Mountains and the Land of Dragons. I don't suppose you could make economic use, Out of instant free shipping between such places, eh? Speak to Burduko, the one of cloth and wind for details."

Like a child in a candyshop, Dregas's eyes gleam as he fights to withhold drool at what I've handed him, a chance to turn the Arcanoworks into an transcontinental trade hub, and flood the less stable parts of the State with commerce, and the redevelopment it would bring, all while making our coffers swell. His reverie ceases to be my concern as Del Rogo rudely shoulders his way through the crowd.

>[Del]"So the high and might feckin' mage is back, great, well I got a deep-damn bone to pick with you! That job I did fer ya, that feckin' armor set and all, pissed off the Steel Fists enough they put their all in ruining me. Can't even go back to my feckin' hometown! So you'd damn well better put me up, and pay me as yer head smith, or I'll find ya and thump ya a good fuckin' beating for bein' a rat bastard! Well, what the feck do yeh have to say ta that!?"
"...I am most happy to welcome you as my head smith: Please, talk with Dregas concerning any supplies or pay concerns-"
>[Del]"I don't feckin' need ya tellin' me that shit, I know it! I wasn't askin' yer permission, I was feckin' tellin' yeh I'm pissed, pissed off, yeah?"
>[Eisenhardt]"...Del Rogo. Good day sir."
>[Del]"Don't go actin' all prissy and formal with me, ya dipshit! I made yer first damn swords, yer armor, I helped ya learn metals, so don't you go throwin' civility at me like some twat! ...Why the hell haven't you come talk with me since I arrived, you feckin' too busy to see an old man?"
>[Eisenhardt]"...Rogo, come on, I AM here for grievances against the very man you seek employ from, isn't that a conflict of interests?"
>[Del]"YOU STUPID SHIT! Ye think you even have a chance of convincin' me ta be unprofessional about a client!? The hell's wrong with yer head?"
>[Eisenhardt]"..I will look to make time, alright?"
>[Del]"Ya feckin' better!"

I leave Eisenhardt to his humbling at the old smith's hands, wondering at how this meshes with that professed goal of Del Rogo's axe, while entering the tower and slowly ascending... closing on Ellayia's soul. When I reach the level I feel her present on, I hear a slow, steady clap heralding my approach. On the top floor of the Arcanoworks, I find Ellayia hanging from a rope, tinkering with the locked door that leads to the hypothetical final level of the tower. She turns in her harness to grin at my approach.

"Soooooooooo, the mage is finally here, how nice.
Well, I got some oh-so juicy tidbits concerning Weinsho for you-
But make no mistake, they are priiiceeeyyy.
Still want to here them?
Also you guys have some great locks!"
"What kind of information do you offer, and what do you ask?"
"Offered: The location of all three of Weinsho's controlled outposts in the state, his total force roster as of a month ago, and some interesting testimonials from local civilians with some valuable legal options being unveiled..
Asked: ten thousand Marks. No negotiating this either, I know you can afford it, and I'm not here to haggle. Take it or I'm out. ..So?"
"Speak with Dregas, he will pay you. So, the information?"
"Okay, so this map here? follooooow my finger... here, here, and here. Weinsho's got forts. Let's just call them East, North and West, since they're arrayed like a triangle, okay?
-So, East is the middling one, got two thousand total heads, eighteen hundred solders, a hundred servants, and a hundred of his shadow-type apprentices. One of them in particular is in charge when Weinsho's out, makes some sort of armor out of shadows, covers himself in it. Stuff is dense enough it can exist in light, and he has a sword that can eat light. Not sure exactly what it is he can do inside it, but whenever he surrounds himself and the area around him in shadow, it ends with everything near him absolutely wrecked. Other than that, a strict shadow-variant Tractomancer, with the same tricks the other apprentices can do-this includes the body cloning thing, whatever that is. Outpost seems to have stuff on shadow-based Tractomancy as its focus, so the apprentices from there do better, or so it seemed to me, than the others.
-West has the least forces in it, being nearest to Duras, the steppes and the mountains, none of which are a threat to something that big. Got some fifteen hundred heads, twelve hundred soldiers, one hundred servants, and two hundred apprentices. Head one here is also an armor type, but he can kinda fade out of existence-I made sure it wasn't some illusion thing. It's like he can make parts of his body stop existing, pain in the ass to keep an eye on, or from the one time I saw an assassination attempt, to even hit him if he's ready. His sword is definitely of the snicker-snack type, cuts through anything like butter. Focus of this place seemed to also be Tractomancy, but non-specialized. The apprentices here are way more widely spread in ability then the other forts, and some can pull some regular Tractomancy out, making them a real grab bag.
-NorthIs by far the biggest, some twenty eight hundred heads, and it makes sense, considering Weinsho spends more than half his time at this base. Anyway, got some two thousand soldiers there, better equipped than the others, some sort of magic armor for officers. Two hundred servants, and six hundred apprentices, with the head being this guy with a real fancy magic suit-this outpost being, obviously, a specialization in augmentive armor-that seems to give him some sort of inversion ability. He can use shadow, AND he can use light. Seems to be Weinsho's eldest apprentice too. As to Weinsho himself, he's got this Golem Armor that I think is designed to magnify his magic to golem scale, so... yeah, does not look like a fun guy to go against, got his own well equipped personal army and all.

SO THAT'S WHY I have these testimonials. Okay, so, four out of five villages around those outposts? Big old farming villages? They have consistent reports of Weinsho just off and kidnapping people, using them to make Life Golems. These big cloth and bone floating masses that go invisible and such, real nasty enforcers. Hard as all get out to accurately count, but I'd bet each outpost has at least fifty of the blighters. But yeah, you barely have to look to find people who would be willing to testify to his illegal capture of civilians for magical experimentation about his lands, he's been greedy. So yeah, there's your ten thousand mark report, I'm going to go get paid now. Oh-"

Ellayia, unhooking herself from the harness and abandoning it where is lays, taps a small rock sticking out of one of the harnesses pouches.

"You can call me with that, if you want to hire me for more stuff, I keep a receiver with me. But first, I got some marks just itching to fuel shopping, soooooooo... bye!"

Without any further comment, Ellayia jumps out the window, descending far too slowly to be solely under gravities pull, already moving off to meet with Dregas. ...Rather vital information, this. I now know the scope of my foe far better than I ever have before. With Ellayia spoken too, I make my way outside as I summon Nidhogg to my side, hopping on to take flight to Quinton. As I beg my leave of Eisenhardt, who seems quite content to chat with Reinhardt now that Del Rogo finished giving him an earful, Bang jumps on to join me in my trip, as does Burduko (after I ask him to via Phohn). I do not object to Bang's presence as I take off, a circuitous route bringing me a fair viewing of the roads-to find them complete, and thriving. It would seem their completion is what has allowed Berluut and Trepany to specialize as trade became easier. ...With the trade my teleport boxes shall bring, I can only wonder at where it shall go from there. My curiosity sated, I make my way to Quinton's Keep-

To be greeted by arrows and cannon fire before we even get close. ...Ah yes, giant flying monster coming unannounced. Well. I erupt to incredible volumes, hearing Bang's eardrum rupturing behind me, just the same as I hear the slithering sound of flesh reknitting. ...Truly his healing is a marvel.


It takes a full ten seconds before the attack halts, and even then I wonder if it was because Nidhogg's use of Gravimancy was sufficient to prevent any attack from being a genuine threat. I have her land outside of the keep, and by the time Bang and I have dismounted, Lord Brigadier General Quinton, at the head of a great train of staff and officers, barges out to meet me. He brusquely looks at Nidhogg and Burduko, as well as glancing at the colorfully garbed Bang, before inspecting my new form. Finally, he offers a few terse words.

"So, I am finally graced with you presence. And what reason exactly is responsible for you delay?"
"Well, there's a civil war in the Land of Dragons, I'm part of a joint effort with the Mortal Coil, There to perform peacekeeping work."
"Is that so? Well, then you can put your experience to work then: The Disciples of Domintus are invading in earnest, claiming a scouting patrol unjustly slain in our borders. They claim one of their leaders, a Knight Captain, to have been slain. I don't suppose the incident they reference sounds familiar? Because the better part of a hundred thousands soldiers are invading... and our army is a fifth that size. So, my orders are as follows: You will provide all aid as is humanly possible in repelling these invaders, AND as you have shown yourself oh so prone to multitask, you are now ALSO responsible for ensuring we have no issues inside our borders. If any foreignly held outpost starts trouble, I fully expect you to deal with it. Is this clear? Good. If you have any questions, my aids here should be able to answer your questions. ...Good day, Mage Mordre."

Without a further word, Quinton turns on his heel and stalks away as imperiously as he can, his officers following him as the aids stay behind looking at me in uncertain fear and trepidation.


What sort of questions do I have for Quinton's aids concerning my new mission directives?
And once I've finished questioning them, what should I do next?
No. 247838 ID: d3dfb8

"Hohoho, I guess if you need me I'll be off doing your job. COME NIDHOGG, LETS GO SLAUGHTER SOME INVADERS!"

Let's start off with a hit and run, just the three of us to see what we're up against. Inform Bang that it's just a raid and that we'll be back to finish them off later. As for approach, lets fly up to 10,000 feet on Nidhogg's back then jump off with Bang. Launch 3 new AV blades while we are falling and have a nice violent landing, using the blades to slow us so that we will not take damage. We could also make the ground softer/bouncy with geomancy to lessen the recoil of our DYNAMIC ENTRANCE.
No. 247840 ID: e31d52

I'd say it's time to put the Golem Armor to use, don't you? Also, let's get our Deep Spawn up in this!
No. 247842 ID: 12c392

Well, it would be nice if we knew exactly where the invading forces are and their number, along with the outposts we are expected to watch.

I think we should also have Moss along with us, he doesn't have much else to do. And some of our Militia, if they can be spared, they need the experience.
No. 247843 ID: 445c48

Mm, not sure if this is really the best idea. Last time we had a bit of trouble. Not sure it would be a good idea to drop right in the middle of them with just Bang. At the very least get the other Deep Spawn. I'd say get our militia, but I don't know how many of them there are. Ah, getting them (And our mans from Mordreden) moving to the Front while we and the faster among us performed hit and run attacks, could be good.

Wait why am I talking tactics we've got a deepspawn for that

Also, that "Doing your job" bit, not good. Don't say that. At all. We're in trouble as it is.
No. 247848 ID: ddd48d

yes, we should ask the aides for specific information. Then we can send Nidhogg+whoever to scout while Mordre returns to the Arcanoworks and gets some people together to defend the innocents no doubt being plagued by these fiendishly fiendish fiends!

We can have our more in-depth discussion with Arkus while our troops prepare to be awesome.

(also I am still drawing that Ellorika picture I promised, with a few others in the works. SO MUCH FUN.)
No. 247850 ID: d3dfb8

I agree that we should probably begin moving our militia, we will need them soon enough. Also, we should probably talk to Quinton about co-ordinating attacks.

The militia should not participate in hit and run maneuvers; they are in full plate, are mostly mundane, and we need speed/maneuverability.

Speaking of hit and run, we can essentially drop in anywhere, so have Bang take out middling-powerful people while we (and the Deep Spawn) cause mayhem and chaos. Tell him we'll deal with the truly powerful one's later.
Inform Oz that we are in the middle of a war up here and we may need to take the Deep spawn for a time. We'll teleport them back whenever they are not needed.
No. 247853 ID: e31d52





No. 247857 ID: 9e5b05

You know, I think this invasion is a good thing. We have the warrior that slaid the Knight Captain who said 'No one attack him'. Bang is now in charge of defending the nation. Army better back the hell off!

Also, let us not spend so much time away again.
No. 247858 ID: 9e5b05

Oh, also: If we're inviting everyone to stop a war, the party can be the pefect closer to that.
No. 247859 ID: 12c392

Also, if we are returning back to the Arcanoworks for whatever reason, perhaps Bang should inquire about that necklace of faces, if he hasn't already?
No. 247860 ID: d3dfb8

Yes, because they will defiantly stop their invasion because Bang shows up and says 'I killed whatshisface, go away'
The guy is dead, and the Disciples of Domintus are douchebags, the're not going to stop their invasion.
No. 247864 ID: 9e5b05

Not all of them are. It was a command by their leader - one that might have some weight. And if it means that one sixth the army stops to ponder, then so much the better.

After all: Abaeloth is/was a staunch supporter of survival of the fittest: He vowed that should he ever be bested, that such that bested him be left alone by the rest of the Disciples of Domintus. Whether his wish is shared by those who survive him remains to be seen.
No. 247877 ID: 903f16


Damn I was hoping Ellayia would stick around so we could give her another contract. We still need to find a Leyline Geyser and a World mage skin from a mage no one would mind dead. I suppose we can contact her with her rock communication device, which I will now call her rockie - talkie because it amuses me, to call her in a couple days after her shopping spree. We could also wait for Dompaggio to finish his investigation with Keddic, which would probably be preferable because he won't charge us. Whichever options opens up first I guess.

Anywho, it looks like it's time to call back some of our forces from abroad now. When we get back home send a Phohn call to the Sons of Mordre to be at the box for transport and we'll pick them up really quickly, then do the same with the Deep Spawn and Oz back in the Land of Dragons. Then we need to make sure the Golem Armor division is up to snuff and get the unmodified ones as suped up as possible before the invasion. I'd like to keep most of the militia at the Arcanoworks just to make sure our base is safe while we are gone.

Small Stuff:

- Give Dregas a little run down of what the Frostback Mountains need. Mention building supplies, food, metals other than bronze. Tell him he can get bronze, furs, and furry hats as an export from them. Also mention they are preferred trading partners so try not to squeeze too much money out of them.

- Ask Bang if he'd be willing to take Ellorika off everyone's hands so she stops being a nuisance or ask who he thinks will be able to help with the issue.

- Take that stone Ellayia had and give it Arkus to check out and see if he can recreate the thing, we don't really need it now that we have Phohn but it's always nice to have back up communication systems.

- Del could use a project or two to keep him occupied. Express interesting in getting our Golem a set of armor. It needs to be quickly detachable and have attachment points for weapons, but otherwise he can go hog wild and be creative with it.
No. 247879 ID: 9e5b05

...are you trying to make Bang and Ellorika a couple because she's been getting defensive of anyone gawking at her without being up to her badass standards?
No. 247882 ID: 903f16

Pretty much? Why is that a bad thing?
No. 247886 ID: f4e4f9


By facilitating Burduko and the boxes as PUBLIC TRADE transportation, he's going to be doing nothing else. Unless his Spawn have the ability to run the boxes in his stead, once proper trade gets going (GOD FORBID Dregas' aspirations of the Arcanoworks becoming a Multi-national Trade hub)...yeah...might want to see if those spawn are capable of serving in that capacity, as Burduko is too useful to be tied down like that. Also, pretty shitty fate for a Sentient being.

Regarding Quinton:


Well, then, to business, I suppose. You three, what are your names?"

"I need to know the following:
1. What areas of the State have been taken
2. What areas are currently under direct threat of attack
3. What do you know of their numbers and force composition, including but not limited two: How many distinct armies are the invaders divided into, what numbers each has, who any notable figures leading this assault are, and ALL of their locations as of your last bit of intel.
4. Where are State forces currently engaged in defensive operations against the invaders, with similar information regarding composition and notables.

Oh, and lastly, a note that Lord Quinton should consider: However much he insists I should butt out of the State's business, if NOTHING is going to be done but have 3 mages stand over that farmhouse worrying about what they're going to do, while I'm still barred from even approaching the area...

Well, the Arcanoworks AND all my following actions in repelling the invaders are quite useless in that case, aren't they?"

The deal was that lend aid to any defensive endeavours within the States borders in exchange for the works. All of that is fucking useless to us and our time and efforts are being wasted if the State handles it as incompetently as Eisenhardt has been suggesting they have been.
No. 247889 ID: a69afd

Because Bang wants to get with Collete the Colossus. Also, we're going to level Arkus up to MANLY MAGE status so he can take his shot at courting her.
No. 247897 ID: 56dc25

>Because the better part of a hundred thousands soldiers are invading
>hundred thousands soldiers
>delicious candy
Oh, soooo delicious. We'll get right on that one, Quinnypoo.

>AND as you have shown yourself oh so prone to multitask, you are now ALSO responsible for ensuring we have no issues inside our borders. If any foreignly held outpost starts trouble, I fully expect you to deal with it.
What's that, Lord Quinton? You're giving us license to seize control of any outpost that shows signs of dissent, sucking the souls out of their current occupants and looting their research and resources for our own purposes? Why thank you!

The way this guy talks, you'd almost think he wasn't being extravagantly nice.

>If you have any questions, my aids here should be able to answer your questions.
>the aids stay behind looking at me in uncertain fear and trepidation.
"Excellent! You lot, mount up. We'll go fly over the countryside, you point us in the right direction to find the Disciples' army, we'll gather some intelligence- what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

[obvious statement that they don't want to leave the base]

"...oh, fine, be that way. Stick-in-the-muds. Do you at least have maps? Good maps, with little markers on them to show where the Disciples' armies are, maybe who's leading them, what forces of note they have at their disposal? Where the State forces opposing them are, what bases and towns are claimed by whom? And a list of which outposts are currently foreignly held, with locations, since apparently I'm now in charge of those. I want to see them all. Preferably within the next thirty seconds, but I could stretch it to ten minutes if you throw in some intelligence on the capabilities of the Disciples' leader types."

Hopefully we will get a great deal of information rather quickly.

War plans.

Our priorities in this conflict are:
-Gaining more souls, particularly hero and mage souls, for Mordre (but all sorts are good)
-Gaining more assets, including troops and other followers, magical or advanced technological equipment, bases from which to operate, and so forth.
-Putting our followers into combat and thereby hopefully generating more/stronger heroes
-All the usual objectives regarding secrecy, discovering more information, etc. etc.

Based upon this, I would counsel against relying primarily/exclusively upon our heroes and deep spawn for this. Instead, we can use our Arcanoworks force as an airmobile combat unit; they've got heavy enough ranged weapons to be utterly terrifying as wyvern cavalry, and can dismount to take/hold towns as necessary. Mix in our more powerful characters with them, and they should be able to drop in on almost anywhere and tear whatever Disciples are in the area a new one. This is particularly useful because it lets us go after the most tempting targets in terms of souls and loot, rather than fighting whatever armies happen to be nearby.

On the Deep Spawn: Tipping our hand about what they are and how many we have under our control might be unwise. I'm of two minds about this; "fuck it, it'll come out eventually, throw them at our enemies" and "let's keep their use as restricted as possible and handle most things ourselves". Either way, they're probably too big to fly around and will be stuck with a ground force, which would be everything we've got which can't fit on the wyverns/Nidhogg. Our ground force will have the priority of picking up new recruits at every town they pass in addition to merely fighting and holding whatever ground we take; we need rather badly to build up our ranks.

Whatever else we do, we will need to leave enough troops at the Arcanoworks to hold it against attack; how close we can shave that one is up for debate. Some Deep Spawn might go a damned long way towards keeping it secure, though.

>By facilitating Burduko and the boxes as PUBLIC TRADE transportation, he's going to be doing nothing else.
But we're not. We're keeping this private trade- locked down by us. There are more profits that way, and if we tell Dregas that he gets Burduko for an hour a day and he'd better maximize his profits based on that, then that's what will happen. We remain in sole control. Besides, it's not like Burduko sleeps, or can't just teleport wherever he's needed at any given time.

Other matters. We need to ask G if we can buy up the area which happens to surround our box on his island- if I recall it was in a deserted area, but if there's anyone who technically owns it this had best be done above board. For now, just message Dregas through Phohn and tell him to see it done; he should be able to handle it without a problem given our current resources. He can travel there, with an escort if he desires, to make sure that everything's in order. After purchasing it, we stop in there at some point in the next short while and use our geomantic abilities to whip up some walls and a small fortress. Plus some other buildings, I guess. That can serve as security for the island's box and function as our trade depot at that location; we should be able to staff it with some of our Arcanoworks personnel. Have any of our people who might be interested in designing its layout and defenses (Dregas and Jezebel come to mind, but someone else might have input) put together a plan for what we need to do geomantically ready within the next week or so.
No. 247900 ID: 903f16

Oh yes I forgot about Collete. We really need to get that girl's location down and find her for Bang. Though I really don't agree with trying to change Arkus' personality for the girl. If he happens to become more assertive and whatnot on his own then we could give him a shot.
No. 247901 ID: 1854db

Replicating the stone would be handy for our dudes to talk amongst themselves.

Also, LET'S KILL US AN ARMY! Ask the aides exactly where the army is, and what it's composed of exactly. We need to know what we're up against!
No. 247902 ID: f4e4f9

Once we have some logistical information, we should form our plan from there. We'll head back to the Arcanoworks.

A General gameplan, however, for any assault:

Nidhogg will approach with ourself and Bang from above cloud cover. Once we actually get stuck in, she becomes aerial artillery, lobbing firey-acid at any large concentrations of Domintus troops (especially caster groups like those Geomancy and Pyromancy groups we first encountered with Abaeloth).

Sadronm assumes control of the Spawn for coordination purposes.

Mothbern and Nihilino will be shock leaders. Nothing saps morale like watching your allies and leaders wither dessicated husks or fade from existence without a fight.

Zelgoto, Vandgurd, and Aggocrag will form the point of an assault, breaching enemy lines to disrupt formations.

Murhiyal will be held in reserve as emergency aid to any non-Deepspawn forces. Her spawn will be issued to any non-Deepspawn high-priority combatants we bring with us that do not have their own healing capability (Bang would not qualify, Moss/Ulzrick and Co/Valiria/Etc would)

Akeakam should provide his enhancement to combat magic Practitioners (Bang Qualifies, because MAGIC STEALING to add to his Magic Pool nullifies his major weakness: Stamina), and his spawn should be divvied up to two combatants, 10 and 10.

Burduko, Phohn, and Velada are highly specialized. I dunno what Velada's capable of in truth.
No. 247907 ID: e31d52

As always Emba

Great job
No. 247909 ID: d3dfb8

Velada protects us from chronomancy, phohn kills people with wires n shit, burduko is good for teleporting our doods around the battlefield. Also burduko is our getaway vehicle.
No. 247919 ID: 1c7a93

>I send a Message to Phohn, to have him and the other Deep Spawn in the Land of Dragons begin bloodletting themselves every day, however much they can do safely while insuring the blood is empowered, and for Murhyihal to build a massive metal vat for them to store it in. They accept my request without hesitation, and my plot to slowly collect enough Deep Spawn Blood that with 2 Pristine Souls I could fully saturate my body begins.


I was the one who brought up the subject but this is not the way to do it.
Bob, you hinted several times that doing this might have political consequences in LoD.
That is why I brought up this subject now when we have access to Arcaneworks again.

So, put that barrel of blood inside the Arcaneworks tower, on the most secluded floor. Then have your spawn come to Arcaneworks once a day (during the night probably, when there's no training).
If we need to explain why the Deep Spawn travel between these locations every day do this:
Oz already knows how recent and experimental those things are, so it is logical to assume that we would like to know how they are performing, we can tell that we are performing several medical tests and generally measuring their daily progress.
Inside Arcaneworks we don't have to explain anything to anyone.

Speaking of progress. We should get a report from our Spawn how they are progressing. Ask them if they feel that they are getting stronger/better.
Oh, and I forgot to ask: Bob, are ALL of our spawn participating in these training sessions (save for Dompaggio and Nighogg of course) if not, I would like everyone to participate, including Phohn and Sardronm. They might not be combat oriented but some training will do them good, besides Sardronm can help with coming up of creative training sessions and can direct little spawnlings.

Nihilino and Mothbern should use EVERY chance they get to spar with Oz. Give them direct order to focus their training on getting more control of their power. Sometimes destroying entire existences including the souls is not the best answer. Ultimately I want them to be able to destroy bodies with leaving souls intact (and general level ups too).

Also, if we are going to deal with Discipline of Dominculus, first tell Quintin that our task in LoD has much higher priority (being a direct order of an Elder Mage and all) and if something important comes up we might need to leave there.
Second, we will need all of our Deep Spawn for and maybe our own standing army (though I do not really want to use those guys) for this campaign.
We should send invitation to Oz to join this venture with his students if he wants too. He can put a strain on his students in real combat this way (like training with Oz is not real combat)

One other thing I wanted to be done (but was late before the last update), I wanted us to speak with Arkus in private dropping the mage persona. ... You know... just talk. Ask him about his progress, how the things are going in Arcaneworks, his general thoughts, if he has any suggestions he would want to share with us. We might even tell him about our own ventures we did without him in more detail and ask him if he likes it better at Arcaneworks or would like to travel with us again.
Tell him about the task that Lenryt gave us and her plans on building secondary Mortal Coil tower there.
Oh... maybe we could pull some strings with Lenryt and put Arkus as an administrator in the new tower (though that might constitute as a boon).
Talk about LoD and their magic practices, maybe he would like to visit it and get some books, magical artifacts from those lands? etc, etc...

When we come back to Arcaneworks, congratulate Dregas with his amazing work and give him a bonus (about 10k marks, maybe? or is it too much), tell ti put the in his "fund of restoring his family name again" *wink wink*
He is doing a great job... how much are we paying him?..... How much are we paying anyone?
No. 247955 ID: 9338f5

if my brain meats are working right a few threads ago it was mentioned that Eisenhardt's homeland and mabey family were killed/destroyed by the disiples. he probabley has a grudge against them, lets have phone ask if he wants to join our first raid.
No. 247960 ID: 1c7a93

Oh, right
take Oggroth and Sons of Mordre too

and Seth... we hired him so he should do something for us. And negotiate his salary, whatever he demands, offer him half of it. I am sure the weasel will try to ask much more than he is willing to work for.
No. 247973 ID: 4896cb

Ok, let's call in Oggroth and Our Sons and all of our Deep Spawn (excluding Dompaggio) to assist us. Ask Reinhardt and Kyrchesia if they would assist in the defense of the Arcanoworks and our towns. Now this may sound a bit extreme, but if Disciple Soldiers are spotted or reported near the villages we should arm the populace with hand-cannons.

Once we get back to the Arcanoworks let's talk with Eisenhardt, "The people that destroyed your home many years ago, now come to destroy mine. Will you standby and watch while history is repeated or will stand up and bring justice to the murderous zealots of Domintus with me?"

After we have an inkling as to where the main Domintus forces are, let's set off with our army-killing-gang. Now we should try to direct the first of our many hit and run attacks toward the rear or sides of the main force, that way they will pull troops out of the front lines to deal with us, therefore, helping to even the playing field for the State army. After the Domintus forces have been sandwiched between our blitzkrieg tactics and the defending State army, let's kill this invasion by cutting of its head so to speak. Assuming the Domintus army likes having their captains and generals working together, then they will have a central camp with their most of their tacticians or leaders to facilitate the invasion. If such is the case, then it should be pretty easy to spot on Niddhog's back in the cover of darkness with our enhanced Golem-vision and Bang's awesome Mantis shrimp-magic detector eyes. If not, then I will assume that each captain has his or her own camp with their personal staff.

Let's contact Ellayia with her rocky-talkie immediately: "Hello Ellayia, so sorry to interrupt your shopping spree or whatever you're doing, but my job at the Arcanoworks has just become a bit more complicated than I expected and it is leaving me with considerably less time to pursue my hobbies and past times. So I have another job for you, I need you to subdue or kill a criminal/corrupt World Mage or sufficient World Magic user and bring them or their skin back to the Arcanoworks. Now the difficult part of this job is that if you kill them, their skin must remain unbroken. The more powerful they are in World magic, the more money you will receive, likewise, the faster you bring me the skin or bring the Mage to me alive will also yield greater rewards for you."
No. 247975 ID: d3dfb8

Alive, preferably. (that way we can eat their soul)
Hell, we may as well use Lenryt's boon to send Arkus an invitation to join the Mortal Coil.
No. 247977 ID: 5f0943

Ok Let's see.
The Disciples are being dicks, and decide to invade with close to a hundred thousand soldiers.

Now, this is a fuck load of soldiers for almost any army.
Even if we manage to kill them by the hundreds, there are still thousands more.

Facing this army head on (even with our deep-spawn) isn't going to work out all that well.
They have the advantage in numbers, and could probably just keep throwing soldiers and mages at us until we die.
Now let's sum up our advantages.
1. We have handcannons. They are extremely effective weapons, and with revolver style set up, plus skyfall runes, they are even more effective.
2. The deep spawn. Nuff said.
3. Nidhogg. Nidhogg can fucking fly. She can strike from where they least expect it, and as shown, is mostly immune to cannons and arrows.
This means she can strike, shrug off most attacks made in retaliation, pull back and then rince and repeat.

There is ONE primary weakness that the Dominitus army has.
An army marches on it's stomach. Cut the armies supply lines, and BAM, it's only a matter of time until they starve.
This could drive to send groups of men to pillage villages though, but if we cut their most important supply trains (because they still have to move around a lot of stuff with them) we could still reduce their overall effectiveness.
Men, weapons, armour, food, water even horses.
All of the that good stuff that keeps an army going.

And how are we going to strike at these supplies, which are most likely heavily guarded in the middle of their camps or what not?
Nidhogg. She can just spew forth a couple of flaming-acid globs, and *poof* no more supplies.

If we ARE forced into a direct confrontation though, we should stay out of melee as much as possible.
If we can stay at a comfortable distance, we can pepper them with handcannons (assuming we take Arcanaworks soldiers with us).
If they DO get to close though, the handcannon soldiers would pull back, while the deep-spawn delayed the Disciples.
Rince, and repeat.

Also, for this reason, I propose a couple of Spawn with long range capability.

Acronum embodies the concept of RANGED COMBAT, its form revolves around GUNS and CANNONS

Vahnderhuug embodies the concept of BOMBARDMENT, it's form revolves around HEAVY, LONG RANGED ARTILLERY and UNPARALLELED STRENGTH
No. 247978 ID: d3dfb8

I quite like these spawn.
No. 247981 ID: 1c7a93


If we are going to manifest spawn, do it away from prying eyes like Eisenhart and such.
No. 247995 ID: 1c7a93

Oh, the invading army is marching somewhere, right?
So, we predict where we will meet them and send Burduko way in advance to cover ALL of the battlefield so that we can instantly teleport around the battle field.
Hell, we might set up geomancy mines again.
No. 247997 ID: b1f877

I was thinking something similar. Mordre's army has advantages with its guns and air support. The addition of one or two artillery/bombing type Deep Spawn could be brutal. If a front can be established with trenches and fortifications then the Deep Spawn can hit supply lines and generally train the enemy to fear demon ambushes. Mordre could also strike almost anywhere at short notice by either dropping down from Nidhogg in the night or by travelling at Nimble Nitro speeds. In fact with Burduko at hand it might be possible for Mordre to singlehandedly crash into an army killing scores of officers and mages before disappearing, giving the army no time to react in defense.

The Disciples will have far more massed magic available so if it's possible to hire State mages skilled in counterspelling then that would be most helpful. A few runes on the defensive walls could make a whole lot of difference.

I'm worried that this might interfere with the affairs in the Land of Dragons though. Does Lubu have any tasks for Mordre? We HAVE to keep supporting him or we will lose Lenryt's good will.

Question - How long does it take for lost lesser spawnlings to be reformed? Can they be sent charging at the enemy army in infinitely respawning waves? It might be possible to just halt the Disciples by constantly sending small swarms of lesser spawn at their flanks, forcing them to dig in and defend, making it hard to sleep as demons harass them from every side all day and night. Either way the real strategy should be to finish this little war quickly through pressure rather than by causing casualties. Maybe Mordre can press them until the enemy commander accepts a duel challenge or something.
No. 248005 ID: 5c701b

If they're actually just moving all 100,000 soldiers around in one big mass...they're not terribly competent. I assumed they were attacking from multiple fronts, splitting their total forces to strike targets of priority.
No. 248006 ID: 5c701b

If he cant function without us for a short time, he's not terribly effective. He's a national leader, we're not the only servants he can call on, and we specifically explained to Lenryt that we'd be splitting our attention somewhat. He also has easy access to us via Phohn, who as I recall is still in the city.
No. 248026 ID: 1c7a93

why don't we send Ellayia, Uggroth, Vespinto and Burduko to do some reconnaissance and gather intel on our enemy?
That way we will know better where they are headed, where to set up an ambush, their numbers and how their army is structured.

We can send them as a team or each individually or paired
No. 248033 ID: 12c392

Did you mean Ulzrick? The sneaky SoulDreamer?
No. 248034 ID: 9e5b05

God no, for Vanderhuge! He's going to be a Hero Deep Spawn, and we are going to reference Space Mutiny to hell and back for him.

And going by the list I would suggest Fjordak rather then Vanderhuug, as we have more suggestions we could combine for Fjordak which are:

Fjordak embodies the concept of STONE, its form revolves around SPHERES and LAUNCHING.
Fjordak embodies the concept of TELEPORTATION it's form revolver around PORTALS and SCIENCE!
Fjordak embodies the concept of BOMBARDMENT. Its form revolves around THROWING and EXPLOSIONS.
Fjordak embodies the concept of DEPTH, his form revolves around WATER and STILLNESS

And Acronum has two we can use:
Acronum embodies the concept of RANGED COMBAT, its form revolves around GUNS and CANNONS
Acronum embodies the concept of MARKSMANSHIP. Its form revolves around GUNS and ACCURACY.

Checking for more ranged ideas that we could add to these.
No. 248035 ID: 9e5b05

Ugrokk, I assume. Got Oggroth and Ugrokk confused again. But both would work.
No. 248053 ID: 1854db

Hey, if we're going to fight some shadowmages, let's make a Deep Spawn to oppose their ability.

Ekron embodies the concept of THE SUN, his form revolves around FIRE and LIGHT.
No. 248062 ID: 56dc25

Guys, you are looking at this in what is perhaps not the best way. Our task here is NOT "defeat the Disciples", whatever the State may think; it's "strengthen ourself as much as possible".

Throwing all our deep spawn into battle will:
-Almost completely tip our hand as far as combat capabilities go to Weinsho and anyone else who can hear a rumor
-Probably make ourselves seem more dangerous and creepy to basically everyone; quirky mage with a remote-control golem is a far cry from mage with an army of unstoppable monsters rep-wise, and I don't think it's a shift that we want
-Fail to actually strengthen our forces, except insofar as it might make the Deep Spawn's souls grow

If we can fight this battle without using any more of them than we already have revealed, then we should do so. Even if we do choose to bring in more of them, the horde of demons is likely not the best way to do it. We simply don't have the numbers to engage the Disciples everywhere they are, which leaves us with an airmobile strategy as our best bet- and the Deep Spawn mostly can't fly to keep up with that.

>Oggroth and Sons of Mordre
Again, we should NOT call these guys in. Our premen are currently engaged in a massive unification effort, even if they've been carrying it out offscreen. Robbing them of one of their best champions and elite forces would weaken them substantially, and considering all the other powerful types that we're pulling together here we have no serious need for them in this conflict. It might even prompt the yeti to strike if he sees some of our champions gone.

>Making new Deep Spawn
Be CAREFUL with this. If we choose to do so, make sure it's in the premen lands, Land of Dragons, or otherwise somewhere far removed from observation by our immediate foes. And I don't think that we really need it; we already have a myriad of ways to slaughter our enemies in terrifying numbers without making another specialist or three to do so. Particularly given the above re: tipping our hand to our enemies.
No. 248065 ID: 12c392

This guy is saying everything I want to say, so seconded.
No. 248066 ID: f4e4f9

While I do agree with not calling in forces from every place we have a stake in, please don't forget:

Defending the State from the Disciples and Strengthening Mordre are very much intertwined. Our whole purpose behind operating in the Azelhaedran State is to eventually obtain control of the area, something we are well on our way to doing. Failing to Stop the Disciples is EXTREMELY counterproductive to that goal.
No. 248069 ID: ddd48d
File 128805087760.png - (1.14MB , 1753x1327 , dammitmordre.png )

lol sorry it took so long to draw

seems to me like we should finally use our normal troops and such for battle, and keep the others for reserves if we really need them. I really like the idea of having some people ride on Nindy's spawn though, sounds SO COOL.
No. 248073 ID: 56dc25

Oh, we definitely have to win. The ideal situation here is for the State to almost lose and have us bail them out in a highly visible, manner, thereby rendering ourselves an extremely popular war hero. We have to err on the side of making them win by a larger margin, but that's the ideal.

I back deploying our current personnel as wyvern-mounted cavalry as well; they've got lightning guns and hand cannons and will therefore likely prove a potent ranged force. More than that, having such a force made up primarily of line troops creates a rather romantic image which will likely prove a potent recruitment and PR tool.

We can claim to have gotten the wyverns wherever we got the dragon, of course, rather than having Nidhogg spawn them somewhere visible. That should dodge most- well, some- questions and conceal the Deep Spawn bit at least somewhat.
No. 248083 ID: f4e4f9

Wyvern mounted Lightning Shooting fast-attack troops with Muriyhal's spawn granting the riders passive regeneration.

My god. Fund it.
No. 248086 ID: f4e4f9

Mind you, we're going to need to give them training first on riding such creatures. But my god.

(INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, I just finished watching How to Train Your Dragon, so...yeah, fuckawesome suggestion Glue)
No. 248101 ID: 4896cb

Let's get Del Roga to rune our Golem Armor to turn invisible like Ugrokk's. Invisible Golem-Tank division anyone? Also let's get Arkus to finish up on those unmodified Golem-Armor and make sure they have appropriately trained pilots.

We should also get Del to reforge our Sons', Oggroth's and Uggrokk's armor with Blootz Steel without having them appear in the Arcanoworks. Also see if he replicate the cloaking runes onto Ugrokk's followers' armor.

Get someone to make saddles or seats for Niddhog and her spawn.

NO. We don't need to waste a Deep Spawn Egg on making a Deep Spawn that can only kill these shadow-mages, we have to design our Deep Spawn so that they are useful in multiple ways.

>Delicious Soul Candy
No. 248103 ID: 903f16

You know what could make the whole thing even better? If we could have our men hide in heavy cloud cover while they ride the wyverns, especially in any storm clouds. Then we go down into visible range on Nidhogg and pretend to direct lightening strikes at our enemies while in reality we are ordering them to fire in one direction or another. We do all sorts of crazy things like claiming we're bringing the wrath of nature down on them and bombarding them with Skyfall cannon shells. It would be scary as hell for their troops and we could totally pull off a look like the golem in the opening picture.
No. 248105 ID: 903f16

Ordering our men to fire that is.
No. 248106 ID: 56dc25

>what could make the whole thing even better
>Let's get Del Roga to rune
Night vision goggles for all our wyvern riders, so that we can strike in the middle of the night?
No. 248112 ID: f4e4f9

Honestly, what I really want to do with Del Roga is...let him see what he can do with the Edge of Oblivion. After Jioga's enhancements, I'm curious what innovations such a renowned smith could make in addition to the weapon.

We could eventually turn it into a weapon that is truly marvelous.
No. 248123 ID: 903f16

I imagine we wouldn't even need to ask Del for those, they sound simple enough that Arkus could make them or alternatively Jezebel.

That would be pretty interesting, I wonder if we could expand on it an make it a little side quest to have various famous smiths add to our blade and improve it until we have some insane master's sword. Which will be fitting because Lubu is going up against a guy named Theriguno The Claimer, The Supreme Swordmaster and if we work out a way to eat his soul we could become a Samurai Soul Grave.
No. 248124 ID: 12c392

>Deep Spawn coming to the Arcanoworks everyday
Alternatively, Burduko could just transport the container, once Mury finishing it (also, what metal is the container made of? If it is Blood Iron, as the characteristic of the proto-metal to turn into the metal surrounding it suggests, that would significantly cut the time we need, unless Bob, as he probably did now that I think about it, included that into the estimated date), to the Arcanoworks, and everyday, return to the LoD to gather the blood, and then teleport to the Arcanoworks.

Actually, perhaps we shouldn't have our critical Deep Spawn Blood Iron bank located in places where the constituent members are completely loyal to us. Having the container in the LoD is not the best idea, since it doesn't exactly have the most secure base for us currently (...if fact, I don't think we even have a base there), nor having the container at the Arcanoworks such a good idea either, since there isn't necessarily a private place where we can put the container without having people walking by and seeing it everyday (the hypothetical top floor probably is the best place, if we had access to it, and the next best is Arkus' workplace, but there is lots of traffic going there too...).

The only other bases we have, that I can think of, are: Mordreden and Kyorto's tower. I don't think we should put it in Mordreden, but the only reason I can think of, outside of a hunch that it is a bad idea, is that it feels, to me, that doing so projects a sense of insecurity outside that place (Which is bad, since we want the clan to feel that we don't actually need them, but we like them and thus help them to their goals, strengthening ourselves in the process. But that explanation doesn't feel quite right). Kyorto's tower presents the problem of being in the Cursed Lands, with everything that being in there implies. It might be the safest place: no, or few enough to be statistically negligible, people go there, and, if we put the container on the level where Kyorto is at, then we have a guardian as well (if this is done, we really need to tell Kyorto that we are storing it, and describe what 'it' is, there because we want as little people to know of this as possible and there is the best place for that purpose).
No. 248125 ID: 9e5b05

Note: Why are we not wanting our Deep Spawn seen again?
No. 248126 ID: e31d52

Deep Spawn, to the public, are pretty much Demons.
No. 248128 ID: 12c392

Look to the first part of >>248062
No. 248129 ID: f4e4f9

Because it tips our hand to Weinsho, a bit.

Mind you, I'm sure he knows at least SOMETHING about our DeepSpawn (probably not much more than that they exist), given he DOES have anonymous holdings in the Land of Dragons, in addition to what he has here. They're probably not as extensive, but I imagine he's had SOME informants tell him of "Demons accompanying one called Mordre", though I can't imagine he knows much of their true capabilities.
No. 248204 ID: a76809

[In the future, please keep the multi-post speculation and whatnot to discussion, as I'd rather not have to make new threads all the time for the quest. Also when there are THIS many different suggestions, I have no way of doing everything, so bear that in mind for the future.]

[FANART BONUS: +1 Golem Armor modified: 2/6 total Golem Armors modified]

I turn torwards the aids still standing before me, and do what I can to act like an exasperated but patient old man. From their reactions, I achieve only moderate success.

" Well, it would be nice if we knew exactly where the invading forces are, As well as their numbers, along with the outposts we are expected to watch."
>"Ah, the Domintus forces are split into three prongs. There's a group forty thousand strong, led by three of their Knight Captains-"
>"Reports name the leading individuals as Knight Captain Oggjud The Devil-Lance, Knight Captain Siode The Ravager, and Knight Captain Farrogut The Red Knight."
>"What's more, The Pure Lady is with them, as well as her Soul Grave."
>"This force is presumed their main force, since it is the largest, has three Knight Captains and the Pure Lady herself in its ranks... and is slowly moving straight towards the capital. SO far, there have been two attempts to parlay with them... the envoys never returned."
>"Then there's their northern front, thirty thousand troops under Knight Captain Delfargoth the Despoiler, and Knight Captain Therikio the Inspiring. They are sweeping along the northern border, establishing supply stockpiles and outposts from which to raid south anywhere into the northern part of the State."
>"There are reports they are entering dialogues with the steppe bandits, looking to absorb their numbers into their ranks rather than having to fight them."
>"The most pressing issue though is the southern force. So far they've been the most active, steamrolling straight through the heart of our agricultural sectors, burning fields and razing villages. Give them another two months, and the State will starve."
>"This group, likewise of thirty thousand, is lead by only one individual: Abaeloth the All Consuming"
"Abealoth!? ...That can't be right, I watched him die... I even have his soul stored in this golem!"
>"..Ah, well, he calls himself by that name, has a cloak of shadow hands, a crystal sword-"
>"Those saved from the earlier Domintus Incursion he was involved in swear it to be him."
>"On our front... we are losing ground, steadily but surely. So far there have only been brief skirmishes between the Domintus forces and the State... and so far we have lost every one of them. Their soldiers in and of themselves are not particularly troublesome, if oddly willing to employ suicide tactics-"
>"The issue is threefold: The Knight Captains, thus far completely unstoppable on the battlefield, and their ease at calling forth Clay Siege Golems. ...They also have considerable numbers of Alchemic Life Golems, but as of yet we have been unable to get any force estimation on them. The last issue is that we still cannot nail down how many mages they have, as they dress them the same as soldiers, and constantly shift their formations."
"So how much State land has been claimed?"
>"So far, the entire eastern sector has fallen, and half the soutern sector, so... nearly one third of State land has been taken."
>"This not including the land that was still under the control of foreign elements in the western sector here, and in the northern sector."
"What areas are under direct threat of attack?"
>"The most pressing threat is to the south, the constant attacks on farmland. However, the largest force is making a straight line towards the capital, and will be there in a matter of weeks at their current pace. The northern front, while not currently under attack, is being prepared for a massive incursion along the entire border."
"Where are State defensive lines the strongest?"
>"The capital has ten thousand soldiers and our best officers present. The rest are scattered trying to keep our communication network strong enough we still know what the enemy is doing."
>"Here is a map, with the most recent known locations of each of the three Domintus forces, and the paths they have taken."

The aid who speaks stops, hesitantly offering forth the parchment as he strives very mightily not to flinch as I pluck it from his hand. I glance over the crude map, compiling the data I derive from it's imagery with my established knowledge of the State... and I now know where the Domintus forces are... or at least, where they were. ...I also find that the aids fled from my presence whilst I perused the map. ...No matter, they told me what I needed to know, and by the fact they made no mention of third parties currently attacking, I merely need to keep a watchful eye open.

I speak through Phohn to Arkus, busying myself as I ponder my next action. I ask my first follower to use Ellayia's stone to request a new job be completed, that being the following, as two individual jobs:
-Finding and either capturing or slaying and returning the unmarred corpse of a practiced World Mage to the Arcanoworks, and
-Finding either a free Leyline Geyser, or someone in possession of one that would be willing to sell temporary access.
I am rather swiftly informed the message has been sent-and seconds later told that a message came back through the stone as words emblazoned on its surface, saying Ellayia will 'think about it.'

[Gialgorra owns the island, the whole thing. The towns are giant rent collectives, effectively. How do you think he got enough money to fund his ridiculous research?]
I one more speak through Phohn, this time to Dregas, informing him that he will at most be able to demand an hour of immediate transport time a day from Burduko, and that he is to arrange it through Phohn, the very one conveying my words into his mind. There is a lengthy pause before I get his response, but he accepts my restrictions nonetheless.

[All Deep Spawn save Dompaggio, Nidhogg and Burduko are participating in the training. Furthermore, the vat in question is being kept in the room the Deep Spawn go to within the arena when there is no active need for them. Thus far, NO ONE but Deep Spawn has intruded into this chamber. For the moment, the secret is safe.]

My mind finally getting into gear as I consider the multitude of contingencies and issues involved in a multi-front war, I remount Nidhogg as I send Burduko to teleport back to the Arcanoworks, and from there begin moving (in all possible stealth and speed) towards three seperate points, each estimated to be where a Domintus force is headed. My hope is that this will allow Burduko to bring myself and any Deep Spawn I want instantly to contest the Domintus forces... though as I consider the sheer scale of the enemy forces, I wonder if such tactics as I employed against the earlier Domintus incursion can still apply. ....This also will make it MUCH easier to target what in my opinion is the weakest link of such large forces away from home: Their supply chain. No matter how strong, a mortal deprived of food... well, strength is worthless against the pains of hunger. Much occupies my thoughts, and I barely notice Nidhogg's swift flight back to the Arcanoworks. Before she can even descend to ground level in the late afternoon, Eisenhardt is floating at my side, mouth about to open. I speak on reflex, recalling something he mentioned once long ago.

"You have grievences against the Disciples of Domintus, do you not?"
"...Aye, that I do."
"Well, it would seem some six Knight Captains, Someone called The Pure Lady, And the better part of a hundred thousand soldiers are here, In the State, as we speak attacking the locals. I don't suppose you would be amenable to fighting them? The State could certainly use your help."
"....I was going to ask if you were ready for round 3.... but you seem to have found a singularly noteworthy distraction. ....So be it then, I will put my grievances against you on hold, whilst I turn my attentions to this older threat."
"I appreciate your gesture, And likely so will the Sta-"
"Save it. I do it for purely selfish reasons. I will fight not for justice, for the lives of the people, nor will I fight because I am a solder myself, or I was long ago: I shall fight purely to satisfy a grudge that makes the one I hold against you seem inconsequential. Make no mistake, this is not kindness, or proof of some moral pull to do the right thing: This is vengence."
"...I can respect that."
"Why do I get the feeling those are the most truthful words I have yet heard you speak?"
"For your vengeance, are you amenable to working with others?"
"You rather clearly have more knowledge on this subject than I.
I will lend an ear to any words you have on the specifics,
Any advise you may have, but my choices will be my own."
"Understandable. I have much to prepare-"
"And I have nothing but time. I shall follow you, and await that moment you DO have time to 'advise' me. ..Do not keep me waiting unduly."
"Perish the thought."

My tense conversation with Eisenhardt for the moment concluded, I guide Nidhogg to land atop the Arcanoworks tower, and leap from her back, keeping my fall from being calamitous with the application of Kinetimancy and Geomancy alike. Once more at the Arcanoworks, Burduko already in transit to boost my future mobility in this conflict by considerable amounts, I set to pondering the specifics of what I should do, with Eisenhardt now the equivalent of a feral beast coincidentally at my side in facing foes.

...I can't call on the Deep Spawn in the Land of Dragons. My extra time there revealed how vital they are to spreading my name, as being their master I am gaining credit for their prowess and services. Considering they are helping Oz make his newly founded school the most well known in the capital, it is only a matter of time before they become famous throughout the land. Further, their efforts seem to give them wonderous opportunity to get a better handle on how to interact with mortals safely, all while giving them sustained endeavors to hone themselves through. ...Besides, if I removed them, only Keddic would still be down there, and I doubt Lenryt would much like that at all. The Drazken Clan, including Oggroth, Ugrokk and the Sons of Mordre are all likewise vital in the north, thoroughly entrenched in aiding Lorgk's efforts to unify the premen clans. If left alone, this could yield to me an army of Premen in the thousands, whereas taking them would only grant me twenty two warriors, however powerful two of them are. ...Besides, Ugrokk's arm shall not be done for several more days, according to Gialgorra's initial estimates. ..So, whatever I do, it would be wisest in the long term if I restrain myself only to the resources I have here in the Arcanoworks. To that end... the militia is better equipped than most armies, and eight hundred strong... they are also slow, thanks to the wealth of weapons and formidable armor they wear.

...Nidhogg has thirty eight spawn she can manifest... and each is easily large enough to mount a rider... in fact, two fully equipped militia members could be born without issue, if my calculations are correct. ...So, Seventy Six soldiers could be mounted at a time on the spawn... that would allow enough rotations I could effectively insure that no matter what I have fresh troops to seat upon the dragonlings, the wyvern spawn. With the wealth of potent ranged weapons at my disposal, that would mean that in addition to their scaled down dragon fire-acid spit, a pair of Skyfall revolver hand-cannons could likewise be brought to bear... considerable damages could be caused, and the mobility such forces would have.... I am hit with another realization when I consider that the difference in weight between Golem Armor and normal equipment is small enough that in place of a pair of soliders, a warrior in Golem Armor could be mounted upon a given wyvern. I then consider Nidhogg herself. Even with my own form on her back, Bang at my side, she easily has enough room to seat two dozen of my soldiers on her back, allowing them to effectively treat her as a ship and perform broadsides as she passes by targets. ....All this, without overtly showing my Deep Spawn save Nidhogg. ...And so in my plotting, the Arcanoworks Air Cavalry is born. Orders fly from my mouth, Nidhogg manifesting her spawn as I call forth soldiers to begin learning how to not come unseated, as I task Derkin with making saddles for my soldiers, a task he swiftly recruits others to aid him in. To Del Rogo, I pose the question of a modular, detachable set of over-armor for myself, asking the old smith what he could do to truly make this Soul Grave impregnable. For once, Del Rogo does not lambast me with his acidic tongue, instead turning a speculative eye upon the irregular task I have presented him with, even as I note he already has one of the many Anti Golem shells I left behind in his hands. He simply mutters as he stalks away to the forge. To Jezebel, I assign the task of crafting some sort of eyewear to allow improved vision at night, affording my planned Air Cavalry the chance to function unimpeded at night.

With plans set in motion to soon grant me a force to dominate the skys, all while avoiding any messy issues with explaining why I have a freakshow of unkillable monsters at my beck and call, I turn back to Eisenhardt under the light of the setting sun. He notes my focus, the final cessation of my flurry of plans, and looks to me expectantly, awaiting my further explanation of the Domintus invasion... and advise on where his talents would best be spent. Considering he flat out told me he will make his own choices, I must be careful with my words if I want to guide his wrath where I want.....

What should I say to Eisenhardt the Metal Titan, war hero and master Magnotmancer concerning the Disciples of Domintus?
And once I have spoken with him, what should I do while the Air Cavalry are being prepared?
>[I need a SINGLE d100 roll for the coming of day 150, and every time a day passes thereafter until 200 points have been accrued. A perfect roll of 100 counts as double its value, so a single roll of 100 will instantly pass this check. When 200 total points are accrued, the Arcanoworks Air Cavalry will have their equipment ready and have gone through basic riding training. Whether this takes a single day or weeks is up to the dice, representing how much luck it takes for all the different tasks you just set to not impede one another. Again, I currently need ONE d100 roll, and will need ONE d100 roll every time a day passes hereafter. If I find multiple rolls in between posts, I will go with the lowest roll. This will only come into effect if there are three or more rolls, as I understand it can be hard at times to be sure if a roll has been made or not. Good luck.]
No. 248212 ID: 445c48

rolled 72 = 72

I believe dice go in the Email field. Rollin' them bones.
No. 248213 ID: e31d52

Again, I leave the plotting in capable hands.

MOAR SPAWN though, would be excellent, especially one centered around massive numbers.

_________ embodies the concept of ARMIES, its form revolves around BODIES and STEEL.

_________ embodies the concept of MANY, its form revolves around FORMATIONS and SHEILDS.

_________ embodies the concept of TACTICS, its form revolves around MAPS and PLANS.

_________ embodies the concept of POWER, its form revolves around STRENGTH and ASSISTANCE.

If you like any of these, just give them a name. The more expendable lesser spawn we have, the better.

Also, we should seek to take down Aboeleth ourselves, if possible: If he's exactly like the previous guy, we might be able to empower our other soul!
No. 248215 ID: f4e4f9

Pretty nice roll.

Ok. So "Abaeloth". His appearance is pretty fucking obvious: Given his espoused last wishes, the rest of the Domintus Leadership has seen fit to install an impersonator in his place, one whom they can call the same name.

After all, how can any save the survivors of Abaeloths failed assault (probably silenced to preserve the secret) give heed to Abaeloths final wishes if he's "Still alive". Conniving bastards.

Explain this to Eisenhardt. We'll burn out the impersonator and the southern forces ourself, first. They are the most immediate threat, and destroying the States food-stores is more crippling a blow than can be dealt by any conventional battle. It must be stopped.

(The second reason is that I cannot POSSIBLY imagine that Abaeloth's soul is happy with this turn of events. Destroying the impersonator corrupting his last will and condemning his soul to the ministrations of Abaeloth's own within our Metal Shell could lead to a similar manner of "Willingness" as is demonstrated by Zagrath the Unseen's soul. A point to consider).

For Eisenhardt, the best targets I can see for him to attack would be the northern group led by Delfargoth and Therikio. This, for the same reason that we are attacking "Abaeloth": Disrupting their supply lines will stall their entire warmachine.

Alternatively, he could also consider heading off the larger group and not attacking ANYONE for the moment, instead seeding the territory between the Pure Lady's group and the Capital. This will give a decided advantage to him against the larger, likely more potent group, at that location.
No. 248223 ID: f4e4f9

I would like to note: I think it would be best for us if we saved the largest group for last:

They are heading straight for the Capital, the most heavily defended location in the state. They can likely hold for a time in the event the force reaches the City walls.

Additionally: Consider this. We've been trying to perpetuate the image of Mordre, Hero of the State since we got here, to facilitate a sort of Caesar-like takeover in that the populace views us as a more influential figure then the actual ruling class.

Imagine how much our HEROIC image could be bolstered under the right situation: The Capital, heart of the nation, under siege, barely holding out...hope seems lost...then *BAM*, Mordreand the Arcanoworks to the rescue.

We'd have to time it pretty well, and make sure we had a good gameplan to take on the Domintus Army, but success of that nature would be fucking AMAZING four our plans.
No. 248224 ID: 35bba5

Eisenhardt is a Magnetomancer. Soul Graves are made of metal. Unless the enemy Soul Grave has some sort of defense against Magnetomancy, like our disjoining rune, he could probably tear the thing to pieces. We don't really know anything about 'The Pure Lady' though. She could be someone he would have trouble with. Still, might be a good idea to get Eisenhardt's assistance with her and her golem. Because obviously we want to capture that thing. We don't have to do it now, though.
No. 248227 ID: f4e4f9

Honestly, anyone who devotes any sort of major efforts towards a unit like a golem, would foolish to not have some kind of contingency vs. their elemental weakness. Wood golems vs fire, Soul Graves vs. Magnetomancy. Given how easy our direct large-scale/area magnetomancy can be trumped, it's something we should plan for.
No. 248232 ID: 903f16


>What should I say to Eisenhardt the Metal Titan, war hero and master Magnotmancer concerning the Disciples of Domintus?

Relay what we were told to him. Explain our current plans to either cut off their supply lines or to protect our own in the north and south respectively before taking on the main force. While he's not a foolish man we should caution him that going with our attacks is probably the best way to get his revenge, if he wants to stand any chance of taking down their big players he needs our army as a distraction or else he'll probably get squashed by a couple Knight Captains. We're thinking of pairing him either with the State's main ground force so he's close to metals in the ground and can more readily draw then up and screw with the enemies armors and fling giant metal balls at them. Either that or he can join us on Nidhogg and toss a bunch of giant metallic objects at them as we swoop by and help us and Bang engage in Hero killing scenario's.

>And once I have spoken with him, what should I do while the Air Cavalry are being prepared?

Yeah, we need to visit the Blue Knight, but instead of just exchanging pleasantries with him like we were going to we're going to need to ask for aid in the war effort. That man has a good amount of resources on hand a several strong life golems that could be helpful on the front lines. We also might want to see if we can contact Sam Vimes. I don't remember where he got called off to, but hopefully it's less important than helping the state deal with an invasion. He's a combat Blood magic user and he also has a bunch of life golems at his beck and call. Plus if the war goes well and we can convince him we're not a crazy sapient Soul Grave we could get him to teach Arkus some basic Blood magic which he needs to know to recreate the blood togas if I remember correctly.


Good roll.
No. 248233 ID: 56dc25

>[Gialgorra owns the island, the whole thing. The towns are giant rent collectives, effectively. How do you think he got enough money to fund his ridiculous research?]
Then we can rent a fort-sized plot of land from him, instead of buying it. It's still important to secure a location of our own there for warehouses, protection of our assets in place, and what have you; from our previous experiences there I would not want to bet that our stuff and people there will be entirely safe on their own, particularly given that we'll (hopefully) be raking in absurd amounts of cash. I wouldn't even put it past the people that we might well be economically ruining to try and blast apart our teleport box with cannons or something, which we cannot allow as it is currently irreplaceable. We should make several orders of magnitude more money than it costs to rent the place from the crazy trade shenanigans that we'll be able to pull, so it's not a problem. Put orders in place so that our people will have arrangements made for us to build holdings there within the next couple weeks.

We are doing this while keeping the Deep Spawn on the down-low. None of your suggestions seem terribly conducive to that.

I would be willing to go for the following sorts of spawn at the moment:

-There was a "just as planned" specialist Spawn suggested a while back. As our interests grow more diverse, we could really use something like that- make it a giant brain or something, virtually immobile but capable of keeping track of thousands of minute details and calculating likely outcomes. Keep it in Mosmordre or Mordreden, feed it a constant flow of information with Phohn, and we basically end up with an AI to keep track of things for us and provide us with counsel.

-For a combat Spawn, something specifically centered around having hundreds of faceless spawn that can pass as golems of a more common variety, with the central body very similar to any of the lesser spawn. We make them all elsewhere, then bring them through the teleport box and when asked where we got a golem army, chuckle and say "That would be telling, wouldn't it?"

-I'm sure that there are other ideas which could be beneficial in our current situation, but they have to be subtle. That's very important.

>(The second reason is that I cannot POSSIBLY imagine that Abaeloth's soul is happy with this turn of events. Destroying the impersonator corrupting his last will and condemning his soul to the ministrations of Abaeloth's own within our Metal Shell could lead to a similar manner of "Willingness" as is demonstrated by Zagrath the Unseen's soul. A point to consider).
This is very true. Actually, this is true enough that I propose we burn several Pristine Souls to learn soul magic, as previously discussed, and chat with Abaeloth about it. If that works out well, we can move on to spending much of our time over the next several days speaking with the various souls we now have in our body and attempting to align more of them with our will. We've been dancing around getting soul magic for a long while now, and it's getting foolish to delay when it could be ours already and useful in a myriad of ways.

>Imagine how much our HEROIC image could be bolstered under the right situation: The Capital, heart of the nation, under siege, barely holding out...hope seems lost...then *BAM*, Mordreand the Arcanoworks to the rescue.
Definitely with you on this one.

>Honestly, anyone who devotes any sort of major efforts towards a unit like a golem, would foolish to not have some kind of contingency vs. their elemental weakness.
Speaking of planning around weaknesses... we need some sort of defense against common anticipated methods of anti-aircraft fire, I think. We're planning to operate at night, which is a good first defense, but it's not enough. We can probably expect to face pyromancers, magnetomancers, geomancers, and guys with bows and crossbows as the more common viable threats to our air cav. What can we do to armor our forces against them? The only things that come to my mind are boosting our soldiers' ownership of their stuff somehow, and making sure that their saddles don't have easily manipulated metal parts. But neither of those will help against getting fireballs thrown at them, and I don't think the wyverns have enough cut-rate aeromancy to make a decent shield.

>And once I have spoken with him, what should I do while the Air Cavalry are being prepared?
We need to go meet with the Blue Knight. Invite Dame Valiria if she wants to come, although if she takes her position as one of our captains seriously I daresay she'll decline. See what he wants, and discuss the invasion and what we're planning to do about it. We should be able to fly over and meet him in a very short time, I think.

>To Del Rogo, I pose the question of a modular, detachable set of over-armor for myself
Show him our sword, while he's working on this. He may find it interesting and/or be inspired to make something that synergizes with it... or just tell us to piss off. Whichever, really; I just figure it's worth a shot.

Other matters. As days are passing, get regular reports from Keddic/Dompaggio, Lorgk/Jojo/Oggroth, and Uggrokk as to events in their respective locales. Keep appraised and up to date on things. Also, I believe that we heard that Figment is into dream magics somewhere? Mention this to Jojo, and if Uggrokk says that Figment shows up to visit Oz at any point offer Jojo the opportunity to drop in and speak with him. He could learn quite a bit, I suspect. I have no idea when this might actually happen, but I want our people to have those orders so that they can take advantage if it does.

>I don't remember where he got called off to, but hopefully it's less important than helping the state deal with an invasion.
I suspect that he was called off specifically to help deal with the invasion.
No. 248234 ID: f4e4f9

One more suggestion: A Deepspawn themed to counter the geomantically inclined. Specifically, to head off the rather...EXTREME numbers of Clay Seige Golems the Domintus like to employ.

Pengaiea, embodies the concept of EROSION. It's form revolves around WATER and CRUSHING EARTH.
No. 248235 ID: 903f16

About Abaeloth, I'm thinking when we take him on we should utilize the Hands of Hunger ability as much as possible and have Bang very visible with his creepy face cloak covered in Masks. It'd be rather amusing to see the look on his attacking forces faces when they see a Soul Grave using the ability with a man wearing part of his gear. It may even make the impostor realize how deep in he is as he's fighting the guys who killed his predecessor.
No. 248236 ID: 35bba5

Agree that we should spend those Pristine Souls to get Soul Magic.
No. 248237 ID: f4e4f9

We do have an assload of them. Using 2 for the super basic soul-magic understanding would put us at 3.
No. 248249 ID: 903f16

I'm cautious to agree to this because it feels like a waste when we could just wait and get it from one of Lenryt's boons after we help Lubu. From what I remember if we requested the boon of Soul magic we'd get basic ability and a choice of a specialty for the ability, I can't recall if it was bundled with golem crafting as one boon or not. Also I think it was three pristine souls to acquire Soul magic and golem craft or at least that's what the wiki says and the normal updater is usually on the ball with those sorts of things because half the information is copy pasted from Bob's text. I mean I suppose it would free up a boon or two from Lenryt we could use on something like perfecting our cover or acquiring abilities from exotic magical schools.
No. 248250 ID: 6834bc

Don't forget that it also costs 2 Pristines for the Deep Blood Iron Saturation thing.
No. 248256 ID: 56dc25

We don't have those boons. We're not going to get them until after the Land of Dragons' civil war is over, in all likelihood, which could be a matter of months. Besides, there are a myriad of things upon which to spend them- including upgrading our soul magic, even if we know it already. Lenryt is, based upon what we know about her, basically capable of raising us to super-grandmaster level in any discipline that we want, so it's not as though we can't stack upgrades.

You might be right that it costs three, but I don't really mind. I'd spend all five, if that's what it took to get us something this powerful and flexible. Three is a bargain.

We're almost certainly going to get more pristines at some point in the next forty days. They'll be pretty action-packed and with plenty of opportunity to call things, no doubt.
No. 248257 ID: 35bba5

I think it would be a waste of a boon to use it to get basic soul magic. That boon could be better used granting us any number of things that we can't use pristine souls for, and boons are not as easy to come by as pristine souls are.
No. 248258 ID: 1854db

Can we PLEASE have Arkus look at the Edge of Oblivion to see what it does?
No. 248270 ID: 6834bc

Yes, I realize that, I just thought I'd point it out.
No. 248272 ID: a69afd

>Honestly, anyone who devotes any sort of major efforts towards a unit like a golem, would foolish to not have some kind of contingency vs. their elemental weakness.
>Speaking of planning around weaknesses... we need some sort of defense against common anticipated methods of anti-aircraft fire, I think. We're planning to operate at night, which is a good first defense, but it's not enough. We can probably expect to face pyromancers, magnetomancers, geomancers, and guys with bows and crossbows as the more common viable threats to our air cav. What can we do to armor our forces against them? The only things that come to my mind are boosting our soldiers' ownership of their stuff somehow, and making sure that their saddles don't have easily manipulated metal parts. But neither of those will help against getting fireballs thrown at them, and I don't think the wyverns have enough cut-rate aeromancy to make a decent shield.

GUYS, REMEMBER BALBOA'S AEROMANCY WIND SHIELD WANDS? Giving those to our golem armored CO's would be beyond useful, especially if the Aeromancy from the wands stacks with the innate control of the art possessed by the wyvern spawn. In fact, if Nidhogg and the thirty eight spawn under her control concentrated their magics towards Aeromancy, a FUCKING HUGE barrier of wind could be constructed around the entire formation!
No. 248278 ID: 12c392

And how easily detractors can spin that into something negative: we purposely withheld our support, causing the capital, and thus the Azelhaedran State, to be severely weakened, letting us easily take over the state as a dictator. And worse, it would be true.

Well, it is a good PR booster, though, so good job coming up with that. We really need to crush thoroughly the armies before heading toward the capital (and keep an eye on the capital, perhaps use one of Velada's component bees?) to help ward off such accusations.

I very much agree with this.
No. 248279 ID: 1c7a93

Now that we have some free time before preparations do this >>247919, I mean the last two paragraphs, about talking with Arkus and possible bonus for Dregas.

Shit, I forgot about that. Wanted to suggest that too but slipped my mind.

We can't use our Deep Spawn? Awwww...
We are defiantly going to suffer major casualties. We'd better not spread our forces to deal with several tasks at once, like, if we are attacking southern group have everyone participating including Eienhardt, that way we might keep our losses at minimum.

Setting up ambushes and traps (like geomancy mines during the fight agains Goran) is a must.

Oh, the Blue Knight wanted to see us, right? We should pay him a visit.
No. 248282 ID: 1c7a93

We should ALWAYS have several Pristine Souls in reserve to use as Deus Ex.
Don't go spending all of them, please.
No. 248287 ID: 903f16

If this thing goes through I just hope you two are willing to step up to the plate and earn us some Pristine Souls yourselves instead of off offhandedly saying we're sure to get more in the future. Between this and the Deep Spawn blood pretty soon we're going to running around with a Pristine Soul safety net. That's not only bad for Mordre, but potentially for our allies. For instance when Oggroth was mortally wounded we managed to use our reserve of pristine souls in conjunction with existing abilities to save him. Should we come across another crazy scenario we won't be able to jury rig up a solution like that and have to face the consequences.
No. 248288 ID: a69afd

I'm going to go ahead and say that "Abeloth the All Consuming" is that Domintus soldier Keddic and Bang were fighting during the previous invasion. We never did find his body- I'm guessing he escaped, gave his superiors the lowdown on the six freaks of nature that steamrolled their strikeforce, and landed himself a very hefty promotion as the new abeloth. Also, if the Disciples managed to make a new Abeloth with the same abilities and equipment as the last one... well, I don't think Lorgk would mind if we brought him a second crystal sword to complement Legalloth, especially if it contained the imprisoned souls of a thousand tortured yeti. And if one bitchin necklace of faces and masks was the bees knees, imagine what Bang could do with two.
No. 248292 ID: f4e4f9

That sounds like conspiracy theorizing, and with no proof to back it up if we're smart. Who would actually bother doing that, in either case? we have no major enemies in the state save Weinsho, who is despised by the local populace courtesy of Weeinsho.

Thats a very weak position to hold. Besides, it doesn't become an actual issue unless they manage to breech the capitals walls and get free reign within for an extended time.

Not undergoing beneficial courses of action would be silly given the fact we've done similar in the past, given the infinitessimal odds of a random conspiracy gaining momentum against us when ALL of our actions and almost everyones view of us is incredibly positive.
No. 248300 ID: 35bba5

Working on it, but we would still have 2 souls left for at least a month. We won't have enough deep spawn blood iron to do anything with until then, regardless. It wouldn't take away our safety net to spend the souls necessary for soul magic/golem crafting.
No. 248305 ID: 1c7a93

Don't forget Senth of Trollingwood, if we are employing he'd better work to gain that pay.
No. 248436 ID: 9338f5

> Knight Captain Farrogut The Red Knight

the Red Comet said

>"Ancestral Dragon Jaegrezweistrik The Radical AxeGod Is Another Paradox Knight, A Local Dragon, The Only.. Ancestral Tomb, As They Call Us, To Hold The Office For Three Hundred Years... He Has Been In Service As A Dragon For Two Hundred Of Those Years, But Still. He Is Coming To Meet Me Here Per My Request, As He Has Information Concerning A Local Claimant To The Title Of Red Knight. I Will Deal With The Issue Myself, Once Informed Of The Culprit's Location. Be Advised That I Would Appreciate Any Notification Of One Claiming To Be The Red Knight, As It Is Not A Title I Share To Upstarts."

we should phone him and let him know about Knight Captain Farrogut The Red Knight
No. 248489 ID: 629216

Maybe Jezebel could work on some kind of weapon that's even more suitable for destroying groups of enemies from the air? Some kind of two-stage bomb that disperses flammable liquid or dust and then ignites it?

Send the Arcanoworks army/militia to reinforce the main State frontline. If the unused handcannons are lent to the state forces it might help halt the advance.

For now I suggest Mordre, Bang and Eisenhardt fly over to quickly cut the heart out of the Southern force. Argue with Eisenhardt that this force is unstable as they seem to be led by an imposter. If his falsehood is revealed before he is destroyed then it might go a step towards ruining the Disciples of Domintus as a whole.

If Bang can use his mask and magic-seeing eyes to identify the fake Abaeloth. Then Mordre and Bang can just drop down, denounce the fake (loudly in Abaeloth's voice) and kick his ass while Eisenhardt ravages the surrounding forces from the air.
No. 248555 ID: 4896cb

Second, let's learn some Soul Magic!
No. 248562 ID: 445c48

Soul magic? I hope you guys are good at hiding it, because I'd rather not have the Mortal Coil on our asses.
No. 248565 ID: f4e4f9

As long as it isn't actively used in obvious arcane magic endeavourss, what are they gonna do?
No. 248575 ID: f4e4f9

It is a legitimate query. The Hechler family is farm more visible than we are, and they continue to use Soul magic in their fighting style.

Weinsho is FAMOUS, and has been pretty openly using Soul Magic to anyone who even passingly looks into his operations.

Unless we start openly fucking around with visible displays, theres very little that we can do that can't be passed off as an innate Soul Grave function even under Scrutiny.
No. 248579 ID: 1c7a93

I still think we should reserve Soul Magic as a boon from Lenryt and use PS in future for other things...
No. 248582 ID: 56dc25

Waiting months to learn soul magic when we could do so now would be... suboptimal, I think.

If we're worried, we can just... not use it. But primarily internal use of soul magic, focusing on souls that we've already captured and the ways that we burn hundreds of souls at a time in order to achieve various effects, would likely be almost undetectable. And easily excusable as part of the golem's functioning. So we should have a fair variety of things that we can pull without any significant risk.

Great catch. Do it. If nothing else, he might thank us for taking care of the guy for him.
No. 248591 ID: 903f16

Adding to my post we should also ask Arkus or Eisenhardt if they know anything about The Pure Lady or her golem. Arkus had a decent bit of information in thread one regarding the composition golems like The Grey Destroyer. Eisenhardt's vendetta against The Disciples of Domintus may have led him into pursuing information on it's powerful members and pieces of equipment like their Soul Grave.
I'm just going to point out that while they may be far more visible than we are they also have more resources. By that I don't just mean funds, but connections that would allow them to operate so freely. Weisnho is a war hero and prominent mage who has likely maintained bonds with powerful friends he met during the war. The Hechler line is one of the most powerful and regarded warrior houses around and being an heir to it puts him near the head of it. No one has any reason to distrust them and in fact their reputations would make people less likely to believe any wrong doings committed by them. Even if someone did see and could provide evidence their aforementioned connections are likely powerful enough to sweep any incidents under the rug.

We on the other hand are viewed with suspicion almost immediately. We're always working to improve on this, but there's always a bit of suspicion surrounding us. People who get close to us always notice something is up. Our cover story isn't even air tight yet and if we do ever get caught we'd be in more trouble than we could ever imagine.
No. 248595 ID: 9e5b05


Can we please delete these? Bob will...use it against us. Anyway, we're going up against the Disciples. If I remember, they have soul magic. We eat them, we get power.

As for Eisenhardt I suggest we just tell him what we know and let us offer our services to help vengeance. "I know what vengeance is. After all, you see this golem before you do you not? But I have learned to channel that rage into more fruitful ventures, but I will help you in anyway I can. We will destroy this army in vengeance."

Yeah. You Caeser it up when you have a lot of public support, not when your boss just yelled at you like a useless IT guy. Let's go stomp GAUL!THE DISCIPLES OF DOMINTUS!
No. 248596 ID: 12c392

Yeah, they do; they also don't do it where they believe people can see them (i.e. not people who they are going to kill anyways in a small enough time frame that they can't inform others of the Soul Magic use). Since our entire basis on coming to the State was to become a Hero of the People, we want our accomplishments to be seen by people; spending three Pristine Souls for the purpose of getting access to Soul Magic which we won't be using anyways seems to be a waste to me (we will be getting basic golem craft competency along with the Soul Magic, of course, but that is not the main drive of the proposal, so...)

Say, is the PS usage getting us mere access to Soul Magic, or is it getting us access to Soul Magic and the ability to become more competent in Soul Magic as we consume the souls of Soul Mages? Also, do the Soul Mages we have already eaten count toward the competency of Soul Magic gained through the usage of the PS?
No. 248601 ID: f4e4f9


Response posted in Discussion Thread
No. 248603 ID: 9338f5

apart from the business with the disiples we have and will be focusing on the land of dragons where they dont give a damn about soul magic

also as one of the previous posters mentioned we could do alot internaly with soulmagic which would be hard to detect and could be shruged off as working out a new way to access the soulgraves magics which should fit in that loophole in the anti soulmagic laws
No. 248688 ID: 445c48

Oh bugger, I forgot, ask Arkus about the changed runes on your sword. Or get one of your spawn to flip the pages in the book and see if you can look it up yourself.
No. 248733 ID: a76809
File 12881530892.jpg - (113.89KB , 1024x768 , Aurockoth The Anti-Soul-Grave Life Golem.jpg )


[You don't know where The Red Comet is, and Phohn has never spoken to him. So you have no way of contacting him.]

[Jezebel is the lead for both making the night vision goggles and refitting the four remaining stock golem armors. She has plenty projects, but could be used after the Air Cavalry's founding for further equipment upgrades.]

I speak to the expectantly waiting Eisenhardt, starting off with an aggressive lead, in what I hope is a tactical approach to his established personality norms. I do still have issue quantifying mortal existences and their glandularly derived emotional quirks.

"First, I wish to begin by saying I wish to claim the southern front, As it is claimed led by a Knight Captain I saw friends slay in fair combat, I even carry his soul within this Soul Grave, he cannot be alive."
"How many fronts?"
"...Then fine, you can have it so long as it is not their main force , now tell me about the other two fronts."
"The Eastern front is their main force, three Knight Captains and the Pure Lady-
"So she's here then."
"Do you know her then? I admit ignorance on the Disciples."
"...Their prophet. Claims that Soul Grave holds God within it's metal Tomb, and preaches the tenants of survival of the strong and cruel, fanatical worship to the one claimed strongest, their god Domintus The World Reaper."
"She leads through such a folly?"
"...I have come to suspect it is not entirely false. There is.... something in that Soul Grave I do not recall seeing in it prior to the Curse, or in any other Soul Grave, your own included. ...A dark, deep depth, an emptiness that seems alive only in mockery of the word, a fanatically intense and perfect void. .....And in that..... Well, I would say that I have met Lenryt, the one some call the Monster of the Mortal Coil... and while I would certainly not claim her entirely human, he otherness was a speck beside what dwelled in that sea of anti-existence."
"How did you come to see this depth of the Soul Grave?"
"I fought it. It had no runes, no enchantments or abilities associated with resisting or ablating Magnetomancy, how could I fail to best such as that? This was my thought process after.... Well, I attacked, and I was right, I could manipulate and rend its metal with ease-it was not enough. That thing inside just laughed, the ground, air, existence itself rumbling with its cackles as the Soul Grave spewed and grew metal with impossible speeds, gaining mass in such complex detail and quantity in so little time even Legendary Souls could not hope to sustain it. I doubt if even old Father Time, indeed if any save Lenryt could. ...Faced with hundreds of tons of minutely shaped spears, axes, swords, pikes, arms, claws, all manner of metallic sculpture weaponized as self-purging tides, constantly shedding every bit I gained Ownership of. It... scoffed at my attempts. I was only able to escape when I used my favored Ace move.... due to this experience I could not accept that thing as being nothing but her puppet. However great a mage that witch may be, her might was nothing to what she called her god."
"...That sounds suspiciously-"
"Like Anathema, yes. But Castiliathen is busy trying to stay top dog while Athelens thumbs their nose at them with that peaceful religion of theirs and increased prices. So the only nation that would have the scope and power to intervene into the heart of the Warring Nations is too busy to bother with a possible Anathema."
"A valuable bit of information, and I thank you. the Northern force, third of the three, is scattered just outside the States borders, along the mountain's low slopes and the steppes, led by two Knight Captains."
"Which ones?"
"I was told Delfargoth the Despoiler and Therikio the Inspiring."
"Pfft, that pansy Therikio's there? Some convoluted mass revolution/invasion/hit everything forever plan no doubt wedged in that egotistical mind. ...I will deal with the north."
"Anything to do with Weinsho being up there?"
"Finally doing some reconnaissance are you? Good for you old man, finally getting your feet wet. But no, I have no intention of visiting Weinsho... I have an urge to break things. The general geography you gave me is sufficient for me to locate them."

Without another word, the ever-brusque Eisenhardt blurs away, riding his metal platform into the sky at multiple times the speed of sound, thunder startling everyone remotely near us, several clutching their ears. I lose track of his position in less than a second as he moves miles in an instant, having hurled himself towards those distant mountains to the north and already vanishing behind clouds. ...Well there he goes, off to face an army himself. I wonder how the Metal Titan shall fare. My mind now turns towards the here and now, as I consider what to do in the relative flow about me as all sorts of people leap to action on different and interwoven paths.

I call Burduko from his current labors to reach each of the three Domintus force's projected immediate destinations , and have him bring me directly to Gialgorra's Manse, from his prior trip with myself and Ugrokk to the inventor. In the dimming evening, I knock on the closed door, and this time when the automated butler greets me it does not do anything save step aside, clearly recalling our past encoutner and the designation I was afforded in its system. Highly impressive, for Gialgorra to have worked such complexity from naught but his understanding of things non-magical. Sofiazza is staffing the front desk, looking decidedly out of place, seeming torn between smiling and scowling at me, nevertheless showing as little respect as possible in her irregular recognition of my presence. Since she simply stares expectantly, I speak without further hesitation from my established persona's mannerisms.

"Hello Sofiazza, is your father available?"
"Maybe. Why?"
"I'd like to discuss renting some land on this island-"
"How much and where?
"West up the coast from the port about two miles, a hundred foot by hundred foot area plus a cliffside cave."
"Five hundred marks a month."
"I'm sorry?"
"For the land, Five hundred marks a month, first AND last payment upon assuming ownership actually, so that's one thousand marks to begin renting."
"... I see, one moment."
Speaking through Phohn to Burduko to transcend the lengthy times needed by organic minds I flicker back to the Arcanoworks even as Phohn explains to Dregas my need for one thousand marks, and as I march to the building he occupies I find him emerging in seconds to hand me a small pouch, the substantial clink of coins from within. I nod to him, and again bid Burduko to transport me back to the Manse, back to where I stood. Ten seconds after disappearing, I reappear before Sofiazza and hand forward what now feels like a paltry sum.

"First and last payment, as stated."
"...DId you just teleport somewhere to get money?"
"Why the Deep didn't you just teleport the bag to you?"
"...Old habit of doing things myself?"

Without warning or hesitation Sofiazza's blank expression breaks into jubilant laughter, hearty giggles of amusement as she nods her head, lifting the bag in one robotic limb (this time a pair with assorted pressure sensors in them... if the whole island makes rent payments.... as I look past her considerations, I note hundreds of heavy sacks stacked behind her. ...Must be rent due for the end of the Cycle... or the end of the month. That should make it easy to remember when payments are due.

"Can I request ownership be assumed tomorrow?"
"Sure, makes it easier to know when you're due too. ..That's it old guy, you got the land. At some point one of us might come out, see how you're doing. As is, most of us are working on that arm you commissioned. ...Dad's really gone wild with the new inventions and cramming tech in that limb, when it's finished and gets mounted again for the final install in three days-oh yeah because dad got so involved in the project and got us involved it'll be done faster, FYI. So if that was it, I have to finish counting everyone's rent before I can get back to fiddling at that Dynamo frame and all its goodies with everyone else, so... do you mind?"
"Not at all, that was it I desired right now."

Again I disappear again, off on another immediate goal.

I am brought to the islands teleportation box I just began to rent land around, noting Burduko's soul to be waning from the rapid teleportations. I recall his mention the number of souls I carry causes him considerable burden, and I wonder if moving through the boxes would alleviate the strain. But first-

My attention turns inward, as I gaze upon the yeti mage souls I harbor... and how comperatively little I got from them. I know Soul magic was used by several of their number... but I seem to have not breached that initial border of magic yet, that gap betwixt mortal frailty and the implacable demands of my form. With five glimmering whispers of paradoxical souls swimming in my Soul Furnace, untouched and free to roam, I take a gamble, grabbing a pair of them to act as a lubricant of the self as I try to irk something more comprehensive from the bare beginnings of Soul Magic I hold.


Something happens. I fell something previously immovable shifting, yielding, something pulled into my realm, understanding, a knack pervading my being. It clings to the Soul Grave ability to sense souls-

Burduko, visible at my side, is abruptly more concretely defined as a spiritual existence. I know that his soul is depleted to two thirds of its ideal maximum, and that he is perfectly balanced between Chaos and Order. With the realization that I can detect Chaos and Order in souls, the pinnacles of existence and anti-existence becoming understood, in some general way at least, comes a new sense of capability, an aspect of magic I know I have not tapped yet. It is small, it is feeble still, nothing like the fully developed buds of Will, or the corporeally reliant Blood... but I reach out to it nonetheless. Not truly understanding the sensation that comes, I find myself surprised as Ozmand the Hammer appears within my mind, words unspoken yet simply known.

>"Woah now, you can talk to me now? Hey that's great! I've been wanting to say that was an awesome ride in the shell you shot at that dragon, WHOO I went fast. ...At some point, I would like to talk to you about the whole 'you're a Sapient Soul Grave' and all that baggage you have with you, but I know you got a BUNCH on your plate, so I'll leave that for when you're ready."

Ozmand's individuated existence flutters away, my grasp of the infantile Soul magic wavering as I consider the things I am coming to understand resulted from my manipulations.

-I gained the passive ability to sense the Chaos and Order of souls, which will likely prove more useful on mortals than on crafted beings like Burduko.
-I can speak with the Heroic Souls within me. I believe I must focus intently to speak with them of my own will.
-I can manipulate the Chaos/Order balancing of a Soul whom is unresisting.
-If I gain the compliance of a consumed Hero soul, I can alter their Chaos/Order balance, and as purely existences of the soul, this could have considerable range to its application.

With my mind still filing away this new knowledge, this understanding forcibly claimed from the few yeti Soul mages within my system, I have Burduko teleport me back to the Arcanoworks via the box, observing his soul barely disturbed in any way at all in transit-the Sameness does seem to help, I shall note that. I exit the intricately carved teleportation chamber and intterrupt Arkus in his administrative work on the second floor. With but a glance, I clear the area of any others, freeing myself from prying ears within the buffer afforded each level of the tower, sonic dampening preventing anyone outside the room hearing what's spoken within.

"I know you have much on your plate right now-"
"Actually not really, not compared to before. Oh, I had forgotten to mention, got the Skyfall cannons installed on each tower. Just one per each of the five wall turrets, but hey, plenty of ammunition. Anyway, what's up?"
"I shall be leaving my sword with you, I wish you to analyze the runes, and tell me how they have changed from before. Seek counsel from Del Rogo, in joint considerations how the object as a whole could be improved. You recall that trick I pulled before, inverting its spatial and temporal stasis, I wish that to be its primary focus."
"Yeah sure I can maybe do that. Uh, what else?"
"Recall those aeromantic wands from Balboa's belongings?"
"Is THAT what they are? I hadn't yet had time to inspect them."
"I desire those analyzed, their runes duplicated to arm each Air Cavalry member with on. The spawn they ride on, and the dragon herself, Nidhogg, all have innate command of Aeromancy, As a Combat Magic, somewhat an Arcane magic for Nidhogg alone. Could you make the items network with one another and with the mounts, to form a collective spell? It wrought shields formed of dense air, Surely that much power could make a considerably potent and amply sized deflector."
"Okay first wow why was I not told the wands could do that, and second since when did you know that much about the mechanics behind the more involved and advanced applications of magic as a conceptual subject? I mean I am only just getting a handle on some of the runes involved with that! Also what's up with those creatures you got?"
"Yes yes I'll do it obviously, and yes that should work, and yes the usual 'this will take a bit yadda yadda' That... that should make the Air Cavalry pretty devastating... especially if I can tweak it to just be one-way, so that it pushes all air down, so attacks from the ground are repelled, shots from above are accelerated in passing... yeah that would make the Air Cavalry some beasts. Speaking of which, come on, what are they, the beasts and fabricated people?"
"They are Deep Spawn forged from fragments of my soul using these cores that orbit me even now, which I gained from Deep Spawn in the northern mountains when speaking with the area Administrator."
"...Deep Spawn being what, exactly?"
"Immortal existences forged to care for part of the worlds function as the root of their existence, "
"..Ah ha. So yeah, I'll get on those. ..Ah, also I'm a bit worried, and I can't really think of anyone to talk to about it but you. Ah, I'm, well... generating World Magic. I don't know why, or how, but in addition to being able to tap World magic from, you know, the world, I find my body innately generating it around my veins and nerves... it's a fair bit disconcerting, even if handy for runework, since I have more magical stamina now, but.... what do you think? Should I be concerned?"
"I see a harmony of Chaos and Order in your system, the two artfully interwoven in what at first looks a chaotic scrawl but when looked at more deeply reveals hidden complexities. I see the harmony of your soul, nothing foreign intruding on your existence. I think you should simply count it as the blessing it seems to be, and make full use of it."
"I.... see. ...Thanks. ....Uh, back to work, or...?"
"Yes. I have much to attend to while the Air Cavalry is formed."
"Okay, I think we got it here, I mean we have everything we need to work with."

Without further comment, I make my way back down the steps, the workers flooding back in to resume attending to Arkus, taking orders and missives about the camp as he eyes the sword and rings alike.

[The Blue Knight is the rebel resisting the invasion, what with his noted presence to the South and possession of multiple bases and a comprehensive setup. So.... he's kinda busy for a visit, unless you can bring some muscle. Plus Nidhogg is engaged while the Air Cavalry initial training and final refitting is underway, so Burduko to places past is what you have outside of foot.]
I have Burduko bring me via the teleportation box to the Land of Dragons, nodding to a few workers laboring to fix yet another broken window, as I feel Lubu's immense soul several buildings away. I track down Senth once Phohn informs me of his location, and I explain in the next day or so he shall be earning pay as part of a riading party against an army in the Land of Dragons. He says nothing and only continues to shoot me that dopey grin as he puffs away on Old Bessie, yet he follows me to the box all the same, and just as the sun sets Senth is in the Arcanoworks, his smile thinning for a moment as he appraises our surroundings. I give him no time to gawk at being so much closer to his homeland as I gather up Bang, and seek out Dame Valiria.

"Dame, I mean to travel to your father's land. Would you like to come along?"
"Yes, I would. I find myself of little use in forming this.. Air Cavalry of yours. Truly, they shall be magnificent when ready. ....Oh, do you mean to leave now?"
"I mean to be there before midday tomorrow."
"Fear not, I have a way to transport you smoothly and safely at such speeds. Shall we go?"
"...Yes, I suppose we should."

I gently float down a metal disk, gently taking command of Valiria's armor and firmly seating her on my fanged replica of Eisenhardt's platform, as I slave the joined magnetic fields to my own, unlocking the Disjoining rune. I turn Nimble Nitro to active, and drive Magnetomancy into myself, tossing a last remark over my shoulder to Bang and Senth.

"Do try to keep up."

WIthout further comment I take off, miles vanishing beneath me as I swiftly climb to one hundred and fifty miles an hour, en route south to the lands of the Blue Knight. I note Senth idly teleporting along at Burduko's side, having taken a clear liking to him, while Bang continues to fire himself like a rocked with every one-legged leap of his immense stride. Hours pass without incident and as the land whips by one day becomes another.

[DAY 150: DAY 10 OF WEEK 3 OF MONTH 4:]
[Randiday of the Third Cycle of Praeclarum (Summer)]

[-1 soul upkeep. 2,998 souls remaining.]

Before the sun has rightly risen, I am in the southlands, passing the place I met Valiria, mere hours later finding something I did not expect:

I see a red human-sized Life Golem, its soul possessing such depth without breadth that it feels out of place in existence itself, is alone against a force of thousands, warriors in plate and chain wearing black tabards showing a man made of weapons as their sigil.

The Life Golemis winning. The soldiers are dying.

Blades and spurs erupt like lightning unending from the golem's flesh, slicing through all in their path with not a trace of resistance. Nothing survives to even get within thirty feet of the life golem, who seems almost bored as he walks through the slaughter he creates, the sword in his right hand not once being raised. Senth pulls up short to frown speculatively at the sight, Valiria looks worried and Bang looks ready to rumble, a manic grin painting his face.

What should I say or do?
Now that I am in the southlands, where specifically should I go? To the mine I met Vonjeen? Or should I ask Valiria where to go?
Or should I attend to the exchange I stumbled upon?
>[Roll for next day passing [in next post] please. 1d100 roll.]
No. 248735 ID: 110ca6

Heroic soul conversations? Awesome.

We need to talk to Abaeloth about the whole imposter thing after this encounter.
No. 248736 ID: 9e5b05

Phohn. Call Keddic. We've found Aurockoth.
No. 248738 ID: a69afd

rolled 1 = 1

>I see a red human-sized Life Golem, its soul possessing such depth without breadth that it feels out of place in existence itself, is alone against a force of thousands, warriors in plate and chain wearing black tabards showing a man made of weapons as their sigil.

Could you clarify on this? The men fighting Aurockoth have Aurockoth as their sigil? Or is Aurockoth crass enough to have symbols of himself adorning himself?

If these aren't Carkiano's men or part of the Azelhaedran's military force, I don't think we should engage. However, if we do- Tell Keddic to grab the lined one and Dompaggio and haul ass over here. We are NOT fighting this guy without Keddic.
No. 248742 ID: 445c48

rolled 87 = 87

Oh Gog DAMN. Aurocockoth or however his name is spelled. Should we just run like a babby? I think we've got some pretty potent first strike capabilities, with the AA and railgun, good as a surprise attack.

I think we should railgun, maybe soulboosting magnetomancy if that helps at all, AA, and then continue running like a baby. Ah, fire five shots normally, then on the last shell Railgun.

Actually, Wait, there's probably no way we could kill him in one volley. I think we should run like the wind. Run, Mordre, run! Ask Valria where to go.
No. 248743 ID: a76809

[DoD symbol is, coincidentally, a picture of a man of weapons, depicting their god's manifestation in the golem, or so the thought goes.]

No. 248744 ID: 445c48

Arkus spewing out magic is probably from either when he touched that stone moss ate, or when he turned himself to stone.

And yeah, changing my plan from "Surprise attack and run" to plain ol' "Run". Tell Bang that Keddic has got dibs on Aurockoth, wouldn't be cool to fight him now while he's down south.
No. 248745 ID: 903f16

My first reaction to this sighting is to both call Keddic and to run. Run very fast and very far away. Aurockoth is scary, incredibly scary. His primary function is to kill Soul Graves, we do not want to fight him without some serious upgrades or help. We'd need help from some serious warriors too, like Jak Stryfe or Lubu. Ideally we'd have one or both of them and Keddic would be fully upgraded, having both completed his training and be wearing his family's ancestral armor. We don't have any of that now. I mean we've got Soul magic now so maybe we could put up a fight, but win? I don't know.

Just have our guys calm down and ask Valiria where she thinks we should go. Probably do all this while running away very very quickly.
No. 248747 ID: 732129

>[You don't know where The Red Comet is, and Phohn has never spoken to him. So you have no way of contacting him.]

Have Phohn ask one of our spawn in the Land of Dragons to hire a courier or runner to deliver the message, and have Burduko bring the funds for the errand.
No. 248748 ID: a69afd

[yay, go me]

Hmmm, so the "god" that the Disciples of Domintus worship is actually an extremely augmented human, like Aurockoth was just a prototype for the thing inside the soul grave. Or, it could just be the largest concentration of Caged One essence on the surface of the planet- Perhaps this is what the C.O. is planning, mass worship from two sources, Athelens and the DOD, to augement itself enough to escape.
No. 248749 ID: 903f16

Wait I think I may have an idea. What if we lead Aurockoth into Domintus The World Reaper? Wait, that's probably where he's going to go anyway. He hunts Soul Graves and is always looking for a fight, this invasion is probably awesome for him. So maybe our problems with Domintus The World Reaper will solve themselves and he's hunting it now.
No. 248752 ID: 9338f5

hey Bob would shouting at Aurockoth that the DoD called him whimpy have any chance of working?
No. 248753 ID: 12c392

>Chaos and Order in souls, the pinnacles of existence and anti-existence
>as purely existences of the soul, this could have considerable range to its application.

I am so totally lost right now, somebody help? What does that all mean?

Also, concerning Aurockoth: run, run like hell. Preferably very far from it. If it can be done, suck up all the souls of the soldiers that are dying.
No. 248768 ID: 1854db

We are NOT fighting this guy without the sword. I want to let loose with a railgun shot, CCC, and AA while also blasting him with all sorts of other arcane magic.
No. 248772 ID: 69bee4

On something related to the prophecy a while ago, I think the last Three Eyed Lord is Lerynt. The three part is because of the split between the form we see her as, the demigod/elder that we know she is a part of, and likely some third for we haven't seen or fail to recognize as her yet. Shes also understandably a threat to Morde on par with the Caged one.

Observations on Pristine Souls:
Note that they are 'Moments of Inspiration', a compatible statement to what occurred to Keddic with White Blood cells. This is because they are a corollary on some levels.

A Pristine Soul is purified Chaos made manifest, likely taken or allowed to be generated through us when we successfully predict the future. As we ourselves are figments of chaos, what we have just done by revealing the future is allowed newness, an essence of chaos to enter into what at one point was a purely defined and set future event.

This essence of Chaos also explains why a Pristine Soul does not 'use up' one of our current souls. Purified Chaos could easily 'create' something new like this.

Other parts of the chaotic nature are that when we use them, change occurs rapidly. Loxrite could be turned from the immutable to maleable, Runes are modified on the fly as seen in the AA, the order of the stronger defeating the weaker is nullified, Dragons are tameable, etc.

As an added prediction so accustomed to the Pristine soul, if this is right, then Morde will soon be much more aware of our presence. If so, good to speak to ya buddy.
No. 248784 ID: f4e4f9

First, to the matter at hand: Don't. Fucking. Engage.

Say to Bang:

"Not yet. With Keddic not even present, to attack now would be doing a heinous disservice to our friends honor and pride. However enthused you are, I know you don't wish for that."

It seems the Disciples were not wise enough to avoid engagement. So much the better.

Memorize the runes on Aurockoth's blade (if any, going off the picture here) and note everything he does: the speed at which he creates cutting edges, the number, etc. Make the most out of this passing sighting, but do not stop, and do not let anyone attack.

Now then, regarding more...generalized matters:

We should consider contacting the Reavers of Nibelheim. A mercenary force would be useful, especially a competent one like them.

Ask Valiria where to go. She's the independent sort, the kind with something to prove to her family. I suspect she'll fancy getting a chance to direct your group's path. "I defer to your wisdom as to where we should travel from here. I'm afraid I do not know your lands terribly well."

Finally, when we get a chance, sit down with Ozmand and talk.

"You have questions or something to tell me. I will do my best to answer and listen.

Oh, and glad to here you enjoyed that ride. The idea just...came to me, really."
No. 248786 ID: f4e4f9

This doesn't seem like it would work, as we still have no idea where he is. Where would we send the runner/courier?
No. 248791 ID: 1c7a93

Well fuck, let's just go on our merry way. Hopefully he did not notice us.
No. 248792 ID: 6834bc

Well, someone must have seen or heard him leave/where he was traveling to. Though that might mean it'd take a bit longer, depending on when he left/how far away he is.
No. 248793 ID: 35bba5

We could ask Reinhardt if he knows anything. We could send a message to Jaegrezweistrik.
No. 248843 ID: f4e4f9

Except he was constantly using some sort of ability that made him nearly unnoticeable, remember?


Phohn never spoke or made connection to Jeagerweizstrick either, as I recall.
No. 248851 ID: ddd48d
File 128818753679.png - (752.99KB , 931x1762 , jezebel_3.png )

>rolled 1 = 1

picture related

Ignore Aurockoth. We don't want to fight him now, and we have a meeting to attend to anyways. We told Valiria we'd be meeting with her father at a set time and we should keep that promise.
No. 248863 ID: 9e5b05

Yes, but we can give a message to the Knights Paradox, as the Red Comet is a member of the Order.

I like this, for getting Bang to NOT attack Aurockoth.

However, let us also appeal to his competitive side: "Anyway, you're rather falling behind, Bang! An old man beating you in a race, tut-tut. Come on lad, lets see who gets there first!"

We seem to focusing on Bang, lets also tell Valiria to NOT attack Aurockoth. I don't think she would, but I'd rather be safe then sorry.

Keep a promise and NOT DIE.

As for Ozmand, do we have to talk out loud? If not, can we do it while moving? Just ask his opinion on everything thus far, what we should do about our abomination status, and if he has any cunning plans to win.
No. 248865 ID: 9338f5

For some reason I dont think we will be able to just walk away and pretend we werent here
No. 248868 ID: 8c06b9

You know, considering Eisenhardt's description of the the World Reaper, its name, and his opinion that it would take Lenryt herself to take him down... I wonder if the World Reaper and Lenryt are similar in nature. We already had the idea that Lenryt can feed off souls, so maybe the World Reaper does the same? Taking this further, maybe Lenryt feeds off souls for the expression reason of denying them to the World Reaper and to keep up her power so that she can oppose him?
No. 248869 ID: d3dfb8

... We need to go back to the land of dragons briefly to ask Lubu if he would like a real challenge. (fighting Domintus The World Reaper)
We can work this into something like, If i can provide you with a real challenge would you grant me a small favor?
No. 248907 ID: a6526e

He didn't say it was stronger than Lenryt. He said it was an even more alien existence.
No. 249032 ID: 12c392

How much is 'intense'? Because, if we could try to communicate with Abaeloth while traveling, we could get so much more concerning the capabilities (and origins; we really want to know how to get Magic-Eating and Physical-Eating don't we) of Abaeloth's cloak of shadows, and the crystal sword. (We never did take that cloak of shadows from Abaeloth's corpse, did we? I checked, and there wasn't any mention of it during the post-battle post. Therefore, since the cloak was iconic of Abaeloth's (we got that for our Soul Nexus ability after all), perhaps it was salvaged and used, ala what Trollzaru is doing right now with Goran's arm, to accelerate someone's soul development to become like Abaeloth, with all his attendant capabilities at the height of his power?)
No. 249083 ID: e38c07

Alright, so let's try this hero talking thing out. Doesn't quite seem like the best time but should you find the time, Mordre, isolate Ozmand's soul and start up a conversation.

“So Ozmand, sorry about the whole 'encasing you in the very device that (indirectly) killed you' thing... And then stuffing the shell that killed you back in there. It was more than a little heartless, in retrospect. Still, you seem to be taking all of this rather well. How do you feel about all this?”

Steer the conversation towards your sapience. “It's strange, all of this. Things were a lot different back then. I've changed a lot. I keep adopting strange mortal mannerisms. I don't suppose you've seen anything different? I am curious about the soul and just how it is that you observe things in your form.”

Ozmand response. Now the next conversation topic. If he mentions anything at all about the other heroes try and dig at that. Otherwise, prompt him into it. “And what of the others? The other heroes? What do you think about them?”

In particular try and get a little information on Thomro and Zaggrath, as they're my next targets. Wrap up your conversation with Ozmand and move on to Thomro. “It's been a long time coming hero of the Empire. Greetings.” Let's shoot the shit for a little here. Get a grasp on Thomro's character. In particular we're looking for oddities of the soul as he's a divided soul, the only one we're truly aware of.

Although if I can make a small prediction I think that Zaggrath has a divided soul as well. His odd mannerisms I think are an indication of a soul division. I think it's likely that the Empire used the souls of deceased heroes in such a fashion, holding part of a soul in a soul tomb and the other in a crystal for later use. It would fit in with their utilitarian nature, getting the most out of every resource.

If Thomro acts in such a fashion to indicate that he and Zaggrath have similarities betwixt them then this could be the start of research into soul division and the consequences of such. A useful knowledge to have that we could very well put to our own use in the future.

Of course, this is for when you have the time. Right now a, ah, strategic retreat sounds in order.
No. 249085 ID: 69bee4

Another thing to add/possibly pristine.

The Paradox Knights, or Order of Harmonious Discord.

Its really obvious in hindsight, but just look at the name. They are completely a play on the need to achieve a balance between Order and Chaos.

As we know, Morde is very much Chaos, and there have been hints that other 'abominations' are de facto essences of Chaos. As such, the other members of the Paradox Knights are likely Chaos filled vessels. However, consider our Deep Spawn, masters of balance by having forms made of chaos, yet being so strongly ruled as to be souls of Order.

I believe that Paradox Knights are a corollary to Deep Spawn, and I predict by looking at Reisenhardt and seeing his soul, we would likely see something very similar to Deep Spawn. A vessel and outside appearance of Chaos, but the enforcement of the Paradox Knights making a force of Order. This also explains the Red Knight's obsession almost with his title, as a member/personality/soul of Order would require a 'stasis' of something as simple as a name.

Even moreso then a corellary (although I cannot be so sure of this), Paradox Knights could actually BE part of the web of Administrators and Deep Spawn tools the system uses or is currently using.
No. 249098 ID: a76809
File 128823453833.jpg - (114.71KB , 604x840 , The Blue Devil.jpg )


[Go ahead and try it sometime, see what happens.]

I speak softly to Bang even as I put together what I see of the life golem rending a path through an army single handedly with what I have been told of Aurockoth, all while imprinting what I can see of the runes on Aurockoth's immobile sword.

" Not yet. With Keddic not even present, To attack now would be doing a heinous disservice, Both to our friends honor and his pride. However enthused you are, I know you don't wish for that."
"...Dammit, you're right.... oh man, I wanna duke it out with that guy SO BAD."
"...Valiria, I suggest we simply move on."
"...If that's who I think it is, I wholeheartedly agree."
"Where do you suppose your father might be? I've only ever seen the mining operation Vonjeen oversees, So I'm unsure as to where specifically to go from here."
"South for another twenty miles you'll hit a bit of road, turn east and you'll be headed straight at the main outpost daddy uses. Odds are good he's there."

Without any further comment or pause, I resume my flurry of motion, whizzing south as my head swivels about to keep an eye on Aurockoth. Just as he finally vanishes behind a copse of trees' coverage, I realize what disturbed me about his soul more so than it's irregular shaping: I could not typify it as Order or Chaos, which to my burgeoning understanding of the field should be mechanically impossible. I consider this for the short time it takes to reach the southern road Valiria mentioned, before I turn west, Bang and Senth still keeping pace at my side as Valiria primly stays seated on the metal disk I gave her as seating. I keep an eye on her form, but she offers no corrections to our path, and I find my attention turning inward, as I tap that new bud of Soul Power and reach out towards Ozmand.
>"Oh hey you have a moment then."
You have questions or something to tell me. I will do my best to answer and listen.
>"Right now? ...Okay, fine. Well, first off, what the hell, you're a sapient Soul Grave. A soul immortal in nature commanding thousands of souls taken from mortals. That's so freaking Anathema that... man, you're like a DOUBLE Anathema. I mean, you're even using Soul Magic, hell that makes you a trifecta of shit people are not supposed to do. ..So, I guess my question, or my first two questions at least, are where you came from... and how you are able to keep your ruse going. I mean, it just doesn't make sense to me."
I came from the Cursed Lands, which you no doubt inferred during your tenure in my cannon, But I presume you meant where my soul came from. As to that... I do not know, not yet at least. As to my ruse, it works because I make efforts to meet every requirement for it to be true, My facade so supported by little mannerisms that it is far easier to believe than the truth.
>"Seriously, I've known you're Anathema since you ate me, and it STILL is jarring. ...Well, since if you go poof, I'm pretty sure I will to, I guess I'm just gonna have to live with it. ...Heh, live."
I was glad to hear you enjoyed the ride down in the Land of Dragons... The idea that led to such velocity just.... came to me, really.
>"Well it was fun, no doubt about that. ...Look, I'm not exactly all that great on involved conversation, you're gonna have to give me some time to organize my thoughts, figure out what I need to find out from you, ok?"
Take as much time as you need, I do not intend to go anywhere.
>"Yeah.... I bet you don't..."

With these oddly disconcerting last words, my conversation with Ozmand the Hammer terminates, but I note that his soul seems more clearly defined within my structure now... perhaps I gained some measure of his trust from that candid exchange. We shall have to see.

Several villages and farming communities flash by my sides during our pell-mell jaunt, and just shy of mid-day, Phohn brings me words from Arkus.
Administrator Mordre, Mortal Arkus requested you be informed of how training fares today. The productivity of yesterday has stalled, the wind controlling devices more difficult to decipher than initially expected, Jezebel having trouble mass producing a means for quality night vision, and Nidhogg.... is being resistive. As she cannot respond to me, I cannot discern its cause, but she has displayed a foul mood and an unwillingness to cooperate today. Even when reminded you bid her to take part in this, she only evidenced minimal improvement in temperament. Training still continues, but is slowed considerably by her lack of cooperation. Mortal Arkus wished you informed, and aware that he will appraise you of any changes as they occur.

My mind drifts towards what led me to target the southern Domintus front, the tales of Abaeloth being at their head... and as I ponder this, I once more reach out to my budding Soul Magic, with my mind so fizated that I cannot help but summon forth the vestige of Abaeloth's soul. I feel his quiet, almost mournful presence for long seconds before thoughts start to drift my way.
>".....Why is it you disturb my slumber?"
To learn what you think of this imposter.
>"What does it matter? My strength waned, my might fled, and now I am dead and done. Why should I care what happens amongst those still warring for the right to live?"
Does not the fact this spits on your death mean anything to you? You did say you respected those who bested you enough to say-
>I remember my words, those moments before death. They are dust, only memories now. Were I to feel discontent over current events, what could I do? There is no point to worrying over something you cannot affect."
But if you could affect it? If the mortal world was not barred to you?
>Elaborate lest I suspect you to be deceiving me.
You have observed the soul of Zagrath the Unseen, dead yet able to act.
>"How could I miss that which you house in your eyes?"[/code]
Perhaps if you let me, I could grant you some measure of control in the world around us, A restoration of some of that might you held while living.
>[i]"You speak of possibilities, not certainties."

Of course, this is new ground to me, I would not promise what I cannot deliver.
>"Then I shall await a more concrete proposal from you. Know that should I be satisfied, I shall speak on all manner of things concerning my life, much of which could prove useful indeed when concerning this replacement Knight Captain."
Once again the connection between my soul and that of one of the Hero souls I hold is severed. ...I wonder, perhaps I am missing something for these exchanges? Maybe I need more direction when calling a soul, to elicit a more impactful response. A thing to consider.

Valiria asks us to stop as we near a considerably sized outpost, frowning as she appraises it from a distance.

"...Dad's flag isn't being flown. He must not be here currently. ...Perhaps to the south and west? Another outpost he frequents quite often awaits in that direction."

Another hour passes, and soon enough we stand before another structure, Valiria's face once more painted with hesitation.

"..Not here, either. ....East-Northeast, past the prior outpost, there is another place he might be."
"Why do we not stop and ask where he is?"
"Perhaps you have grown overly used to the mobility and communication abilities you flaunt. When father is away from his main home-that being the outpost we neared first-he frequently ends up moving constantly, and outpaces any messages concerning his whereabouts. I hope to bypass such a game of catch-up."
"East Northeast then."

The sun has begun to set when finally we near this third outpost of the Blue Knight. Unlike the others, there is a highly stylized flag flying along with the now expected solid blue flags of the Blue Knight, yet when I turn to Valiria, her expression leads me to believe this flag is also not Carkiano's.

"...What is little brother Vonjeen doing here?"

Almost in time with her query, the gates begin to open, and a golem some twenty feet tall strides out, a simple enlarged humanoid shape, no weapons I can observe anywhere on it's form.... yet all the same, it exudes a constant nimbus of clinging blue flames, the grass it treads upon failing to ignite, instead simply converting to ash without any in between. I detect Vonjeen's soul within the metal housing, and as the Golem Armor-clad son of Carkiano comes to a halt before me, flanked by six of the blue skinned Hounds as he bows jerkily towards me.

>"....It is g-g-g-good to see you again, M... M-m-Mordre. You as well, Si-si-sister."
"Vonjeen! Why are you using that?"
>"..Th-th-things have n-n-not been going w-well. The D-d-d..."
"Disciples of Domintus?"
>"..Yes. T-They attack our holders. F-father is busy with this. ...M-mage Mordre, f-f-forgive my brusquen-ness, but could you aid m-m-my father? The enemies are m-many, and our l-l-losses heavy. ....W-w-we will not win, I f-f-fear."

Valiria finally stops speaking, as her jaw drops, contemplating her father facing a third of an entire nation's army, even sounding like he has been doing so for some time. While she does this, I note that Vonjeen likely does in fact know where his father is... unlike Valiria.

What should I say or do?
Do I offer Phohn's services to Vonjeen to mitigate his speech impediment?
And what is my next step now?
Should I do anything with the fact I now have memorized Aurockoth's soul, and will have an easier time tracking him down in the future?
>[Same dealie, I need 1 1d100 roll for the next day. And yes, because the prior roll was so terribad, it only counts for a half-day.]
No. 249100 ID: a17cca

rolled 47 = 47

No words, just rolls.
No. 249102 ID: 445c48

rolled 70 = 70

>>[Same dealie, I need 1 1d100 roll for the next day. And yes, because the prior roll was so terribad, it only counts for a half-day.]

Does that mean two rolls?

Anyways, rolling dem bones, words later.

Try talking to, let's say, Merrack.
No. 249106 ID: 445c48

Marreck, my bad.
No. 249115 ID: 9338f5

Fuck. Is our dragon PMSing?
No. 249121 ID: e31d52

"These Disciples need to be taught a lesson in humility! I shall face them here and teach them a right and proper lesson in manners. ILIA, DEAR?"


No. 249144 ID: 1854db

When speaking to him, address him as Merrack the Swift, and mention that he has been around the longest, and has helped us greatly in subtle ways.

Get permission from Vonjeen to have Phohn talk to him, and agree to assist him/his father fight the army. We do, after all, have quite a lot of power to our name right now. Mention that we're developing some air cavalry though, and if it's possible to wait a day or two we'll be much stronger for it.

Nidhogg probably misses Bang. Heh.
No. 249147 ID: 9e5b05

>Do I offer Phohn's services to Vonjeen to mitigate his speech impediment?
Only if Bob wishes it.

>Should I do anything with the fact I now have memorized Aurockoth's soul, and will have an easier time tracking him down in the future?
YES! We need to try and find a way we can track that signature. Possibly Phohn up Arkus, have him drop everything and work on this. Some way to track that signal. I do not want to get anywhere near that thing until Keddic is Ready.

>And what is my next step now?
"Of course, Vonjeen. As a friend of your father, it is my duty to aid him, as it is any friend's duty. Where is he, and how many strong does he face? I we will aid him, and if this small force is not enough, the Might of Mordre will thunder down like dragons from on high to crush those that would harm my friends."
No. 249156 ID: 12c392

On the Chaos/Order sense, I wonder what Senth's soul looks like. It shifts constantly, so I'm not sure whether that means his soul is dominated by Chaos, or that his Chaos/Order balance changes with the shift. And on the topic, what does Zagrath's soul's balance of Chaos and Order; if we can determine the quirk that allows Zagrath to leave our form is inherent to his soul's balance of Chaos and Order, we can perhaps somehow alter Abaeloth's soul to also be able to exit our form to his satisfaction, and, by his promise, give up information on this replacement of his. And surely Zagrath knows something of souls (since he was a Mosmordren Hero, he must have utilized Soul Magic of one kind or another) that he could teach us (we, sadly, won't actually be able to utilize it if it is not pure knowledge, since we still aren't able to grow our soul on its own (how many Pristine Souls would it take to gain that anyways?), but even knowledge is useful) something about the various aspects of the unique souls we are encountering?

Also, on Zagrath, his 'Unseen' can still be used while he is out of our form right, and it covers the rubies and the Amaranthine Annihilator beams as well? Since it allow escape from our attentions (and our soul sense), can it not also hide Zagrath and allow him to sneak up close to Abaeloth, close enough to hit Abaeloth with a full-force Amaranthine Annihilator, producing a one-shot kill? Contingent on him not perceiving and reacting to it fast enough to block it with a magic-nullifier of some form or another, of course.
No. 249186 ID: 903f16

>What should I say or do?

Offer help of course. Can't let one of our most valuable allies in the States fall, especially since he's been so helpful in both metal trade and in bolstering our military with his golem armors. Plus this battle gives us something to sate Bang's lust for kicking ass.

>Do I offer Phohn's services to Vonjeen to mitigate his speech impediment?

Nah, I like it. It adds to both the boy's character and immersion.

>And what is my next step now?

Have Vonjeen lead us to his father. Ask if there's another equally imposing suit of golem armor for Valiria to wear. If there isn't I don't really feel comfortable taking her with us, this will be a dangerous fight. Then again looking back at her stat block I do want to help her along with her Wild Child phase and push her past her Pampered Life problems that make her react adversely to struggle.

>Should I do anything with the fact I now have memorized Aurockoth's soul, and will have an easier time tracking him down in the future?

Yes as best we can. Keep tracking him in the back of our mind if you can. I don't think we will be able to come up with a device unless we create it ourselves as none of our other allies can use Soul magic and devising a system for tracking a soul without it seems like it'd be hard.

I love this idea. It could be like Mage Mordre's equivalent to Pop Eye's spinach.
No. 249258 ID: ddd48d
File 128826170884.png - (800.96KB , 2070x1337 , everyonelovesarkus.png )

>she has displayed a foul mood
Does someone need a huuuuuuug? I think someone needs a hug. Or maybe to kill something...nah she needs a hug.

Bah don't give the boy an easy way out with his speech impediment! I got rid of mine, he can get rid of his! But do ask him and Valiria if they would like a way to contact us long distance, and if they say yes then go ahead and do the Phohn thing.

the...special tea?
No. 249314 ID: d3dfb8

No. 249331 ID: bedd6b

I guess we will not be using our Spawn here either?

I vote for using them anyway
No. 249362 ID: 5f0943

I think we should go and assist the Blue Knight post haste (as soon as we know WHERE he actually is).
I also think we should leave Valiria behind.

> That picture
No. 249495 ID: 69bee4

Alright, someone else said this, but I want to try and finish that prophecy. the last Three Eyed Lord is the Master of Sorrow himself, as he is well... literally three eyed in his picture.

This mostly seems to predict the threat we already know he is to Morde, but it also paints him as Morde's potencial reaper (as we know happened before), he killed Goren, but that does add the dimension that the Master of Sorrow is responsible for the death of Mosmorden in addition to the actions of the Caged one and Elgohodd.
No. 249514 ID: a76809

[3/6 Golem Armors modified]


My response to Vonjeen is carefully tailored to minimize how threatening I appear when announcing my intent to commit mass-slaughter as a favor to an ally.

"These Disciples need to be taught a lesson in humility! I shall face them here and teach them a right and proper lesson in manners. ILIA, DEAR?" "y-yes?" "BRING OUT... THE SPECIAL TEA." "What specialty?" "...The tea I drink when... third tin from the right, second shelf." "OH, THE SPECIAL.... TEA. Right away sir."

In the dead silence that seems to always accompany my more involved social fabrications, I interject, some ten seconds later, the sound of noisy sipping, and a contented sigh.

[+3 HAM points (no situation bonus) Total HAM points: 099 Next bonus: 100]

"So happy I taught that girl some Pyromancy, Used to take her forever to brew a good cup..."
"S-s-s-so, you off-fer aid?"

"I do indeed. However, I could offer far more in a few days: Just now I am preparing an aerial cavalry, tailored to fighting mass numbers."
"M-m-m-my father's n-need is dire, I m-m-march to his s-side even n-n... now. H-h-however much you c-c-c-could of-ffer later, w-w-would pale c-c-c-ompared to the n-now."
"I see."

I turn to Bang, hoping to keep myself appearing personable with this verbalized remark.

"Well, even though Nidhogg seems to miss you and grows restless in your absence, It would seem we have more pressing concerns."
>[BANG]"Hell yes we do, there are faces to punch! Takes priority over... everything, really."

"So Vonjeen, about your father... Where is he, and how many does he face?"
"Un-n-nnkown. If you w-w-wish to help, then f-f-f-ollow me."
"Straight to the point then? ...Will it just be you and the Hounds?"
"Th-the rest are n-n-needed to watch the outp-p-p.. post, and father has t-t-t-troops aplenty. He needs m-m-m..."
"He needs some more might at his side?"
"Just s-s-so."

Without there being any pressing need for further words to be spoken, Bang, Senth and myself (with Valiria and her platform still slaved to my body) all fall in behind the towering figure of the dusky navy Golem Armor Vonjeen pilots, all of us carefully avoiding the places he steps. Those blue flames... they seem to skip the entire process of burning something, jumping straight from start to finish, only ash in its wake. Interesting. I continue to appraise his golem armor's function as we walk (moving far more slowly now, as his armor does not seem to have comparable speed enhancements as my own body does). Several things occur to me, chief among them that the flame seems to be almost completely Order based. This is noteworthy because the Soulfire surrounding my head has constantly registered as Chaos inclined when I observe it. There is likely something to be learned from this, should I focus diligently enough. We march late into the night without any signs of stopping, and midnight comes... and goes.

[DAY 151: DAY 1 OF WEEK 1 OF MONTH 5:]
[Zakday of the First Cycle of Libiturnius (Summer)]

Some time before dawn, a light drizzle begins to fall. Before dawn can come, the clouds overhead become a dense curtain, heavy droplets falling without pause. Still Vonjeen marches, the twenty Hounds with him uncaring to the climate conditions. Bang seems to likewise care not at all, beyond throwing a mournful look at his scarf, now so damp it cannot billow weightlessly about him, while Senth's brow stays constantly furrowed as he enacted unending Tractomancy over Old Bessie to prevent the rain from dousing his cherrying herbs, determination painting his face for the first time since I have met him. Valiria simply bows her head, doing what she can to ignore the rain, but I see her beginning to shiver. Her armor is likely becoming horrendously cold. The Magnetomancy I grip her in is modified, such that I vibrate her armor ever so slightly, and in minutes her shivers subside from the heat generated. My attention is diverted as Phohn speaks to me.

Administrator Mordre, Arkus wishes you to be informed. Nidhogg has been making odd crooning noises and continues to be restless and resistive. However, the mortals tasked with learning are striving to work around this, and making headway. The Air manipulation magic you asked of him is starting to be understood, but at the cost that mortal Arkus still has not even looked at your runed ring and sword yet. He also wishes it noted that mortal Jezebel tried to yell at Nidhogg to quiet down, and was hissed at so loudly she fired a bolt of lightning at Nidhogg. Who then promptly sneezed on mortal Jezebel. She is still cleaning herself, and swears she will make a dragon leather set of overalls.

As I digest this newest report under the heavy pall of damp from the sky, I note something on the horizon: movement, glints of light flashing through the morning mist which resolve into hundreds, thousands of soldiers. Amongst them I see the Blue Knight Carkiano, in his Blue Steel Golem Armor, battling a dozen clay siege golems and a pair of massive alchemical life golems, a war of giants amidst the sea of soldiers. About his feet I see clusters of soldiers in blue.... they are few, and falling. The enemy force is at least seven thousand strong, but as of right now I cannot see anyone I would deem a commander in their ranks. I do note several hundred in soggy cloaks nearer to the back, though I cannot tell if they work magic at the moment. All of this becomes clear to me in the instant the masses of lives first become visible, even seven miles away. ....I do not think Vonjeen can see them yet.

What should I say or do?
Should I inform Vonjeen of what I see, and if so, should I offer any tactical advise on how to proceed?
And what would be the best use of my current resources, those being myself, Bang, Senth, Valiria, Vonjeen in his golem armor and a score of the Hounds of the Blue Knight?
>[Do NOT need a roll for the next post, unless the prevailing opinion involves a tactical withdrawal of some sort. Then a 1d100 will be needed as normal.]
No. 249524 ID: 9338f5

inform them of the situation.

ask if there are any problems with us fireing a few rounds from our cannon and chucking Bang at the Deciples while the blue knights children and ourself catch up
No. 249532 ID: 45be60

Seven miles is still a considerable distance. A lot can happen in the minutes it would take to cover that at our current speed. I sort of want to use our remaining magnetic anchor blades to help Vonjeen engage them sooner, with a ballistic trajectory perhaps.
No. 249536 ID: 445c48

Fire your AGC at that Giants as you speed up.
No. 249537 ID: 1854db

I like how we have a cannon that can fire at these ranges. However we should be aware that in the time it takes for the shell to reach our target, it may have moved.

You know, we are far enough away that firing a railgun shot would not be inadvisable. By the time we got close enough to do much of anything else, the barrel would have cooled down considerably.

Wait until we can get both of the giant alchemical golems in one shot, then fire the railgun to take them out. That should help our buddy out considerably.

Consider aiding Vonjeen's and the hounds' march with our magnetomancy, geomancy, and kinetomancy. We need to get over there asap.
No. 249542 ID: e31d52

No. 249547 ID: 9338f5

i think i read some where that our aim could be summed up as if we can see it we can hit it.
also the blue knight is a bit too close to the target for the rail gun. we have to remember that as far as we know hes a squishy meat bag. the sonic boom from the railgun alone could deafen him.
also for our cannon we can simply target the thickest groups of the enemy, even if they move a bit its still near the center of their troops
No. 249550 ID: ddd48d
File 128832574921.png - (466.98KB , 1281x880 , Ulzrickbeingproductive.png )

"hey Bang, pretty sure i see them over in the distance there, want to go for a ride?"

Inform everyone the battle is within a close distance, and it looks like assistance is required immediately.

Burduko is still following with us right? When we get to the battle he can be used to move some wounded away (not teleport, just carry) or at least keep an eye on them while we focus on attacking/pushing back.

On the subject of Nidhogg, I wonder whats going on. Does keeping one's spawn out indefinitely do something? If not, then its something else and I can't think of anything. Odd crooning noises, wat.

No. 249553 ID: 69bee4

Nid's issue is almost certainly being in heat... the noises are to attract a mate.
No. 249565 ID: ab04d4

You know what'd be cool?

Super-long range AA. Glue your ruby eyes to the belly of the railgun shells, and fire the new AA missile out, optionally with railgun power. As it flies over the attackers, the AA will activate and create a searing path through the attackers which cannot be done with a direct attack on the two-dimensional plane.

Perhaps it could be considered as our opening attack in this situation, though the retrieval might be a problem. Mordre might want to direct Zakrath to return as soon as possible if such a move is carried off. However, this will allow us to essentially deal sniper-range damage using the AA in a matter of instants.

Also, artillery that shoots missiles that shoot thermal lasers. How cool is that?
No. 249569 ID: f4e4f9

Thats an easy way to lose our eyes, again.

I'm not sure you realize how fast the railgun shot was implied to be going.
No. 249576 ID: 903f16


>What should I say or do?

Have everyone keep moving and speed them up by carrying anyone we can and pushing everyone else with Magnetomancy. Mimic the sound of someone sipping tea and giving a satisfied sigh.

>Should I inform Vonjeen of what I see, and if so, should I offer any tactical advise on how to proceed?

Yes, there's no reason not to tell Vonjeen what we're seeing. I'd also offer our advise on what to do, particularly with our own men, but I'd also like to ask him what he thinks we should do. His father trained his sister in tactics and leadership, the boy probably got the same lessons or better. For our advise see below. At a certain distance we will drop everyone but Bang and split off from them and try to flank around the side of the enemy forces and charge in with Nimble Nitro as we toss him into battle. This should provide them a good opportunity to join their father's forces and give them a bit of a reprieve as everyone turns focus to us for the time.

>And what would be the best use of my current resources, those being myself, Bang, Senth, Valiria, Vonjeen in his golem armor and a score of the Hounds of the Blue Knight?

Our primary functions in this fight should be destroying enemy infantry, going after the mages, and providing long range support to the Blue Knight as we preform our other duties. We're taking on the mages because we now have the Feasting Vestments in addition to the Immortal Genocide and if we switch the Vestments on their spells can charge our own and we can slice through their ranks with the Sable Executioner, preventing more siege golems from being created and stopping them from casting any large battle spells. We can fire out Anti-Golem Cannon shells at the life golems and siege golems to aid the Blue Knight. We could also convert the souls of soldiers we kill into Inferno Golems and have those sent to aid him as well.

Bang can do well on his own, we can probably toss him straight into the thick of it as we approach. I'd think the best place for him would be just busting through their and making his own fun. I idly wonder if we can have him attack the life golems and inject them full of cancer, but who knows if that would work.

Senth, well I'm not sure what he can do in large scale combat. I guess we can send him out to look for key targets and kill them like their commander or mages spawning more golems. If he can't do that then he can provide support to someone, like maybe Bang.

Valiria is a support fighter with her Chained Sword. We should attach her to the Hounds and have them go support her father's troops on the front lines. I think the combination would be rather formidable. Also I wonder if she would be interested in learning Chaining Calamity in the future. Either offering her the opportunity to join us abroad or if we happen to get one of those students to follow us.

Vonjeen should be helping out his father and taking out those golems surrounding him. He should be capable and I'm interested to see what that fire can do to them. Anywhere else but there or the front lines and his speed is a bit of a problem.
No. 249577 ID: d3dfb8

RUN IN AT FULL SPEED YELLING 'RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE... OH, hi Carkiano, I had bit too much of my special tea.'

Target the life golems, have Bang and Senth go for the mages, and everyone else protect the Blue Knight.
No. 249578 ID: f4e4f9

Make that Anti-Geomancy Earthen Deepspawn.

Pick out one of the Giants, and take off his head with a shot from you AGC Railshot.

Create 2 INferno Golems, and send them to relieve some of that pressure on Carkiano's knights.

Ask Vonjeen if he can't turn down those flames just a bit. If he can, pick him up and MOVE, FULL BURN.

If he can't...magnetomance him along with you and BOOK IT.

No. 249579 ID: d3dfb8

Also, toss Bang into the air with the Accelerator before we reach the battle for a DYNAMIC ENTRANCE
No. 249584 ID: 56dc25

>Should I inform Vonjeen of what I see, and if so, should I offer any tactical advise on how to proceed?
Pick up your speed, and call out to the others.
"I can detect a large battle some seven miles ahead. The Blue Knight and his forces are hard pressed against many troops and golems. Vonjeen, I will deploy immediately into battle unless you have some other recommendation. Everyone, please focus on preserving as many of the Blue Knight's forces as possible; we cannot afford many losses in this war."

Unless he objects with a better plan, do the below while moving forward quickly.

>And what would be the best use of my current resources, those being myself, Bang, Senth, Valiria, Vonjeen in his golem armor and a score of the Hounds of the Blue Knight?
Activate our blood magic for the power boost. No one else here is a magnetomancer or otherwise able to sense it to the best of my knowledge.

"Bang, to my hand, please." Proceed to use the Accelerator and a big Kinetomancy boost to hurl him into combat at high speed, aiming near one of the larger concentrations of the Blue Knight's forces.

Then: "Senth, there is a group of several hundred cloaked figures near the rear of the enemy force. They may be mages, or something else unexpected. Deal with them." He should be able to teleport into combat faster than we can deploy him.

"Valiria, are you durable enough to survive deployment similar to Bang's?" If so, throw her. If not: "Then you can stay with me. This will be but a moment." Set her aside so that she does not take backlash, and...

Soul-speak to Ozmand while readying our railgun. "Have you any preference for targets, Ozmand? Siege golems or life golems, those near the Blue Knight or merely trying to damage as much as possible?" Hopefully he will respond with enthusiasm. If not, well, fire the supersonic rail gun on our own towards whatever seems most likely to preserve the Blue Knight and as many of his men as we can, penetrating several of the golems if possible.

Then grab Valiria and move forward with all possible speed while readying our railgun for use once again. If we can spare the magic, use Ignimancy to blast lightning bolts down on any threats which present themselves in the Domintus forces- in these weather conditions, it should be easy. Match the size of the lightning bolts to the size of the threats, naturally- many small strikes against infantry, single massive bolts against the golems.

Use Phohn to request running commentary with a better view from Bang and Senth as we move forward, so that we have information coming in from multiple channels to use when making our decisions.
No. 249600 ID: bedd6b

.... Soo....No one in favor of calling up our spawn?
This fight shouldn't take more than half of a day, I think we can remove them from LoD for such a short while without having too great of a hit on our fame.
Also inform Oz why we are taking them.
No. 249604 ID: 7150d8

Our spawn can't get to the battle in time, mostly because without the assitance of the METAL BAWKSES, Burduko can seemingly only transport Mordre, or objects.
No. 249605 ID: bedd6b

No, I think Burduko can teleport Deep Spawn as they are not mortal and can survive this kind of transport.
No. 249606 ID: 7150d8

>Burduko can only teleport itself, its spawn, and Mordre safely, barring outside aid or the identical locations method

Yeah, no...
No. 249610 ID: 35bba5

We are trying to avoid using our spawn here.
We don't want to be known as 'that mage with all those demons' in this area.
No. 249645 ID: 8af6b8

Thisthisthis, oh my god, this. I don't know if we should load Bang in a chamber, Bang in a chamber with a shell - with or without Skyfall - or if we should make him jump on the shell afterward, but my GOD we need to do this.
No. 249672 ID: 732129

Everything we know about Valeria says that she's a straight up sword fighter with very little enhancement or magic at her disposal to make her more durable. She's a skillful, but normal, person. And frankly deploying via railgun shell would be insanity with anyone but Bang, since his techniques make him capable of doing things that no one else we've met could consider.

No matter how you look at it though, once they're in it we'll need to press the pedal to the metal and get over there. If we go flat out it'll take less than five minutes for Mordre to get into the fight.

Isn't everybody except Senth and Bang wearing metal armor, Hounds included? Couldn't we grab them and levitate them along at high speeds to a point where they can reassemble and enter the fight under their own power?
No. 249681 ID: 56dc25

>deploying via railgun shell would be insanity with anyone but Bang
It'd be insanity with Bang, too. He couldn't possibly maintain enough of a grip of the railgun shell to be accelerated by it successfully, and obviously we can't fire him off independently because our railgun is magnetomantically-based.

Remember, Bang is not actually incredibly durable- he just heals right away from anything bad that happens to him. If we tried to deploy him via railgun shell, his arms- or whatever he was trying to use to grip it- would have less kinetic energy than the shell by orders of magnitude, and get torn apart while trying to transfer it. Biological systems aren't built to withstand that kind of acceleration, even at Bang's levels of modification. Sure, he'd put them right back together again, but he'd be left behind.

He could definitely withstand the air resistance of going that fast in spite of the massive damage it would cause, but getting him to those speeds in the first place isn't something we can manage, I suspect. Also, thinking about air resistance he'd probably massively screw up the shell's flight path even if he managed to successfully stand the initial acceleration.

Accelerator-kineticomancy isn't as fast, but it has the advantage of providing uniform acceleration to whatever we're using it on- meaning that there won't be significant problems with getting up to speed and the only difficulty is the landing.

((Disclaimer: The above is based upon an insane medley of physics and magic interacting in a fictional universe which I may not fully grasp, and could therefore be wildly inaccurate.))
No. 249689 ID: 9338f5

i vote for useing our normal cannon shells. the railgun is a boss fight weapon and is a bit to dangerous to use outside boss fights.

even with our targets moving a bit they shouldnt be able to move so far that we miss them, just hit a different group of enemys. if we hit them now it should hopefully distract them from the blue knight for a minute or two. if there is a clear group of mages shoot them first before they can try any anti artiliry defences.
No. 249711 ID: 9e5b05

>Wildly inaccurate
I take this as more reason to FIRE BANG VIA THE RAIL GUN, although I hadn't even thought of that. We shall call it MAGNUM BANG BULLET!
No. 249718 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, have Burduko teleport our sword to us.
No. 249727 ID: 9338f5

Sound cool but I dont think it will work, just throw Bang and use our Skyfall cannon. Lets save the Bang bullet idea for later.
No. 249733 ID: cf043f

Use magnetomancy and geomancy to help everyone cross the 7 mile distance quicker. I reckon throwing Bang high up above so he can sail down at will would be good. His magic-seeing eyes make him the #1 mage hunter! In fact if he can provide some quick aerial recon and transmit it back through Phohn then Mordre will know where the biggest concentrations of elite enemies are, which is crucial.

Senth is a more defensive fighter and he could probably do best against the golems, warping their centre of gravity. Valiria is also a more defensive type and if she can chain up the golems then that'll be helpful.

A few of the hounds could be sent to flank and track down some of the enemy mages that are summoning and controlling the golems.

Mordre should open up with a railcannon shot on the massive life golems. Remember Mordre doesn't HAVE to fire the railcannon at 100% power every time. If he uses it at a slightly lower level (75%?) then cooling times will probably be much better. Try lining the targets up as well. After firing Mordre is probably best off going past Carkiano and WADING INTO THE ENEMIES LIKE A MASTER OF WAR!

Try to rouse up the Beatles quartet by admitting that they can 'help' now that you've opened the door to communicating with them:

When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in any way. But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured, Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors.

Then crush the frontline with Soul Grave scale Jade Fist and Ethereal Strike attacks. The jade monks are probably very order based so see what pushing them further towards order will do. Maybe they'll finally join up and form an unstoppable band.

Once past the frontline try a few other things to try would be overcharging Immortal Genocide, using the magnetic amplifier rings in an array to throw soldiers, weapons and armor around with extreme force, mass producing soul soldiers and inferno golems, using geomancy to explode earth, Mordre spinning his head constantly while emitting soul fire... Mordre is just so lethal at mass combat. Hands of Hunger can negate nearly all infantry weapons and Feasting Vestments can be used if any mages try their tricks. Really Mordre should just head towards strong souls, denouncing the fake Abaeloth and generally slaying everything in his path and drawing attention so the Blue Knight and his troops can rest.
No. 249740 ID: 65acf1

>>Those blue flames... they seem to skip the entire process of burning something, jumping straight from start to finish, only ash in its wake. Interesting. I continue to appraise his golem armor's function as we walk (moving far more slowly now, as his armor does not seem to have comparable speed enhancements as my own body does). Several things occur to me, chief among them that the flame seems to be almost completely Order based. This is noteworthy because the Soulfire surrounding my head has constantly registered as Chaos inclined when I observe it. There is likely something to be learned from this, should I focus diligently enough. We march late into the night without any signs of stopping, and midnight comes... and goes.

Alright, wait a second here. If we can sense the Order and Chaos of souls, and these blue flames register as Order based, does this mean that golem armor actually houses a soul?
No. 249750 ID: a69afd


>"....It is g-g-g-good to see you again, M... M-m-Mordre. You as well, Si-si-sister."
>"Vonjeen! Why are you using that?"
>"..Th-th-things have n-n-not been going w-well. The D-d-d..."
>"Disciples of Domintus?"
>"..Yes. T-They attack our holders. F-father is busy with this. ...M-mage Mordre, f-f-forgive my brusquen-ness, but could you aid m-m-my father? The enemies are m-many, and our l-l-losses heavy. ....W-w-we will not win, I f-f-fear."

>"Vonjeen! Why are you using that?"

Oh shit, Vonjeen's golem armor is using his SOUL as a battery. It'd explain his speech impediment too, I would imagine the very act of talking to be rather taxing considering his essence is rapidly expended everytime he walks on a battlefield.
No. 249759 ID: cf043f

Blue flame is a sign of very pure, efficient combustion so my guess is that the armor is forcefully oxidizing everything it touches, bringing it to a more stable state and sucking out the chemical energy normally released by the reaction? A fire that methodically steals energy rather than soulfire which just applies lots of energy and incidentally triggers combustion in the process..
No. 249773 ID: 5f0943

I don't think Bang would even fit inside the cannon, since it was stated some threads ago (during our first visit to Gialgora's Island) that the barrel has a diameter of 140mm.

That isn't even near wide enough to fit Bang into... Of course, since this is BANG we are talking about, he could probably just surf the shell as it exited the cannon or something.
No. 249777 ID: 46c430

Ok, two things: One, the Blue Knight's speech patterns... Well, to be a little meta, the text is really blocky. Who else has blocky text? Us. Dulu. The Paradox knights. I feel there might be a connection here. Particularly considering he thought of the possibility we were anathema, -and- the fact his son is in golem armor and has not gained blocky text.

Second: When are we going to ask Phohn to stop using titles, calling us Administrator and the mortals, well, mortals? Bang already noted this was odd.
No. 249778 ID: bedd6b

What? I like being called Administrator.
No. 249795 ID: 9338f5

So do I.

Also has anyone given any thought on what to do if one of our followers learns theres no mage Mordre?
No. 249828 ID: 56dc25

Offer them the chance to work for us anyway. If they refuse, eat their soul.
No. 249841 ID: f4e4f9
File 128839352126.jpg - (170.62KB , 1080x790 , nidhoggSketch.jpg )

I haven't been all that productive with fanart lately (so busy), but heres a quick sketch I managed to do of Nidhogg.
No. 249842 ID: 9338f5

>"Like Anathema, yes. But Castiliathen is busy trying to stay top dog while Athelens thumbs their nose at them with that peaceful religion of theirs and increased prices. So the only nation that would have the scope and power to intervene into the heart of the Warring Nations is too busy to bother with a possible Anathema."

do we know who or what this Anathema is? from >>248733
No. 249847 ID: 56dc25

The term "Anathema" refers in this setting to intelligent artificial beings.
No. 249863 ID: ab04d4

Okay, how about this? We get Bang to form a conic-shaped hard bone protrusion on his head similar in resilience to our shells. Then we remove his head and shoot it out, relying on his scarf to keep him alive. As soon as Bang lands, he regrows his body and attacks.

The cons of this is that Bang will be without most of his power magic items, and will be momentarily defensive. Not to mention the gore, though Bang might approve of such a batshit insane idea.

If not, perhaps we can develop Bang's cellular skills and have him transform his body into a resilient micro-organed form covered in superstrong bone that can basically hibernate for all of the half of an instant that he's in flight as a shell.

Either way, I want to shoot Bang at someone :P
No. 249865 ID: 445c48

>Okay, how about this? We get Bang to form a conic-shaped hard bone protrusion on his head similar in resilience to our shells. Then we remove his head and shoot it out, relying on his scarf to keep him alive. As soon as Bang lands, he regrows his body and attacks.


no. That is stupid.

Announce to the group that you can see the enemy seven miles up ahead, first off.
No. 250833 ID: a76809


[+2 Golem Armor's modded, 4/6 Armors modded]
>[Bonus to Air Cavalry End Effectiveness: +10]
[120/200 => 130/210]

I finish putting together several facets of information, revealing a disturbing theory concerning Vonjeen. That trepidation and dread that filled Valiria's voice when she referenced her brother using it, Vonjeen's emaciated appearance when seen before, despite otherwise showing evidence of a potent and hearty soul, the supernatural power in the flames... I suspect this Golem Armor of his runs off of his soul, at least in some form or other. I am getting too many familiar sensations from these flames to not think them related to Soulfire. ...A rather exceptionally important observation, as this would classify as active use of Soul magic if my theory is correct, and as such is a capital crime on the part of Vonjeen, and the entire Blue Knight collective thanks to his integral role in its administration. This could even suggest that I could find other examples of Soul Magic amongst the Blue Knight's forces.... truly, a potent bit of information to have concerning a trade ally.

I begin without hesitation to inform those with me of what I see, the active battle miles distant, the Blue Knight surrounded and outnumbered. I tell them this without breaking stride, even as I calculate out the delays between firing a shot and impact at this range. ...No matter how I run it, short of using that electro-magnetic acceleration trick I picked up in the Land of Dragons, I cannot at all guarantee the target will still be there. What with the trouble I have had with predicting mortal behavioral choices, this seems to leave me only a rail shot as capable of spanning the distance. ...But one rail shot, no matter how monstrously capable of piercing through anything in its way, would not be sufficient to insure Carkiano was safe. Yet were I to try and fire a second shot immediately on the heels of the first, my cannon's barrel would rend itself apart in an explosion of molten metal....

As my gaze falls on Bang during my explanation to my colleagues, a plan to supplement my long range firepower flits into being, and I make my proposal immediately on the heels of my situational report.

"-So based on what I can see, the ideal approach right now, Would seem to be an immediate action to stabilize the Blue Knight, While optimizing the travel time of our force to reach him swiftly. Unless there are objections, I will proceed to address this, With a specialized set of artillery bombardment, And long range tactical deployment of human assets."
"Ok the moment you said that I started thinking 'I'm gonna get to fly'. Please tell me I am right, and I am that long range human asset."
"You are one of the two I have in mind. I will send you after an artillery shell, using a sawblade as a bracing platform, While Senth teleports over on his own. From there, the two of you will have a simple task: Insure the Blue Knight's safety, and maximize damages to the enemy, Any way you see fit until the rest of us arrive."
"Oh fuck yes you can rely on me for something like that. Heh, I get to be a ballistic weapon, awesome."
>[Senth]"...Alright, but that will, uh, mean you need to pay me, like, later for this."
>[Vonjeen]"I s-s-see no issue with y-your p-p-p.. p-plan."
>[Valiria]"I can only guess at what kind of artillery could function over such distance."

With a straight line like that to build off of, I cannot help but feel gladdened as I prepare. the five runed metal rings with me (barring the one I left with Arkus) lining up before the Anti-Golem Cannon as they slide open as wide as possible, Bang solidly settling onto a hovering sawblade as I prepare. I dimly note Senth already winking out of sight, blinking in and out of reality as he flickers across the ground towards the distant battle. Ignimancy, Magnetomancy, together the two forces are brought to bear against my cannon and runed rings alike, the magical array I dreamt up days ago once more springing into being.

So Ozmand, about to do that trick again, You even get a friend along for the ride.
>"Seriously? That Bang guy will do that? ...How is he not dead?"
"He is rather capable at regeneration.
>"Well, either way this should be fun. Thanks for the heads up!"

With Geomancy I create sliding braces beneath my feet, designed to bleed off recoil from my body without putting undue stress on my joints. Two seconds after Valiria speaks, I fire my cannon, electricity crackling as magnetic waves ripple and swell. My body was pushed back ten feet, the earthen trenches I prepared easily accommodating me my cannon's barrel hisses and steams, glowing as bright as the sun as I see the cored hole in the air from my cannon shot. Once more I lost its acceleration around the fourth ring, and once more my gaze cannot turn away from the vacuum-like holes placed in one of the Life Golem giants and four of the Clay Siege golems, bodies breaking, cracking and sloughing away as that column connecting here to there within the air collapses with a tremendous boom, gases crashing to fill a vacuum. It is in this situation, one third of a second after I fired my rail gun, that I carefully position Bang, and accelerate him through the magnetic lenses of the saw rings off the top of my hand with Accelerator to aid his departure. Before Bang is likewise sent away as a ballistic missile, I turn my focus to snaring the metal gear of all my allies I can, and making shifting patches of earth beneath their feet. I begin accelerating with Nimble Nitro and magnetomancy alike, breezing past one hundred miles an hour in a brief moment as I race after what was sent before, every one of my allies tethered to my form by magical ropes and pulled in my wake as I aid their marching speed.

I can only wonder at how Bang's arrival on a battlefield in such a fashion will mean.

.............................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: BANG] .............................................................

>"Bang, you're-
I know, parts of my brain collapsed from the pressure of acceleration. 'Sall good though, the amount of redundancy I made with my bone brain trick kept me ticking well enough to fix myself.
>"If you whole brain had collapsed instead of just parts-"
Yes then I would be dead, or braindead maybe I guess, but either way, I'd be out of the game. The point here though, is that it didn't happen this time. ...Now, where the hell am I? I feel pressure all over, and can't see shit. Was moving so fast the pressure made vision impossible mid-flight.
>"Currently you are inside a Clay Siege Golem's chest. You served as a fully acceptable ballistic projectile, and cored out its chest, rendering it inoperable as you used it to decelerate. Beyond that, several things are of note:
-The Blue Knight, Carkiano, is to your right, thirty four feet away, still engaging an Alchemical Life Golem in runed plate and a collection of Clay Siege Golems.
-The Clay golems do not register much for detection, so I cannot say more about their numbers beyond there being at least ten.
-Six Clay Golems and a Life Golem were just rendered inoperable during and immediately preceding our arrival, and account for the majority of what immediately surrounds our clay tomb.
-With Carkiano I can feel at least three hundred souls clustered around him, many in a beleaguered state.
-I can feel three humans of considerable soul strength in the immediate area, each at least comparable to a Masked Warrior, but beyond that and the fact each one is in a different direction from you current location, I cannot say more.
-With the thousands and thousands of soldiers all about, I cannot provide soul sensing information out past one hundred feet with any degree of accuracy.
...That's what I can discern Bang. Almost everyone is still reeling and reacting to Mordre's cannon attack and our arrival. Beyond that, I don't think they even know you are here yet. ...So what should we do, oh Bearer?
...Well, Nagging Wide, The Red Eye of the Dynamo, I'll tell you what we're gonna do......

What are we gonna do?
No. 250841 ID: 445c48

Fix yourself up so you can see, or at least think straight, and then burst out of that pile o corpses and start laying into the soldiers immediately surrounding the Blue Knight's troops, to give them a little bit of breathing room, and then heading off to one of the Masked Warrior power-equivalent guys once you locate them.

Also tell the Blue Knight and his men that Mordre and bros are incoming.
No. 250846 ID: e31d52


>Also tell the Blue Knight and his men that Mordre and bros are incoming.

HA! That's not how Mordre makes an entrance.

Unfortunately we're not mordre so we can't make the old YOUR SOULS ARE FORFIET AS PUNISHMENT FOR INVADING A SOVERIGN NATION speech.
No. 250849 ID: 9338f5

Make the clay golem explode in a cloud of shrapnal with a mighty shout, then loudly shout our awesome intro with human bullet added in somewhere.

After that beat the hell out of a few groups of soldiers attacking the blue knight, make sure we have a good bit of attention then start picking off whoever looks like there controling the golems repeat this tactic(stomp soldiers, attack leaders/mages) until Carkiano's men look like they are doing a bit better. Then find one of those 3 big souls nagging wife mentioned.
No. 250905 ID: f4e4f9

Agreed. Don't ruin Mordre's DYNAMIC ENTRY by spilling the beans, Bang. Would YOU want someone spoiling it for you?

Assuming he's moving at 120 MPH, thats 2 miles per minute, so you've got about 3 1/2 minutes before he gets here.

Erupt out of the clay golem like a goddamn cannonshot: Aim for the life golem Giant. If everyone's still reeling, here's your chance to take out one of the big-boys right quick. Circle your arms around its neck, activate saw blades, and grind it's head off.
No. 251031 ID: ddd48d
File 128862615224.png - (671.90KB , 1326x696 , ArcanoworksAirForce.png )

>grind it's head off.
aw yes, this

Until Mordre arrives, support is the name of the game, then you can go buck-wild-crazy!
No. 251034 ID: 62ddad


I was looking forward for new massive Mordre-perspective massacre.

Why did we switch to Bang? Didn't we just have a long-ass journey with him?
No. 251056 ID: f4e4f9

ts gonna be 3 minutes till Mordre arrives. We're with bang to prepare the field.
No. 251108 ID: 426944

You have to open up in style! Burst out of the clay golem's chest and announce your arrival! It's time to adapt your possibility cells for the battlefield! Stand on the golem, arms wide and fire the Bang Cannon at the Domintus soldiers in accurate bursts, aiming for maximum efficiency, spread and devastation. The nematocyst missiles should be extremely lethal to non-heroic foes. Then use the recoil to propel the clay golem body through the enemy forces and towards Carkiano so you arrive in front of the Blue Knight surfing a destroyed golem over the bodies of your enemies, leaving a trail of crushed corpses and cancer infected enemies behind you!

Carkiano and his men can then die in peace as they will never again see anything as awesome.
No. 251167 ID: 5f0943

>Alchemical Life Golem in runed plate
>runed plate

I have a plan!
Step 1. Burst out of the clay golem and destroy that life golem, against Bang, that armour might as well be tissue paper.

Step 2. After killing the life golem (however long that may take), do the whole introduction thing (MAGNUM BANG, THE HUMAN DYNAMO etc. etc).
Maybe kill some clay golems WHILE doing so.

Step 3. Wreck the shit of the regular DoD troops, because nothing says 'FUCK YOU' like being smashed into a bloody pulp.

Step 4. Look for any heroics, make sure they die. Inflict MAXIMUM collateral damage toward DoD forces while fighting a heroic.

No. 251176 ID: 56dc25

Take a good, solid look around with those Eyes o' Seeing All Kinds of Shit. See anyone trying to raise or repair those siege golems, and they become target numero uno. Any Disciples flinging around any other kind of magic are target two, any apparent leaders third, followed by anyone else that you can dispose of as target four. Method doesn't matter, as long as it's quick and devastating- cancer, punching, jumping on faces, thunderclaps, whatever. Don't worry too much about conserving magic, because in about five minutes Mordre will be here and he'll completely clean up regardless of if you're helping or not- so best make as big a difference as possible while you can.
No. 251240 ID: 62ddad

Flying at light speed was pretty dumb, huh, Bang?
No. 251324 ID: a76809


Okay, so I have a plan-
Oh just roll with it, here we go!
My back ripples and shifts, my body erupting spines carefully as a protective pelt, each topped with over-sized nematocyst based cellular cannons. One hundred thirty two dot my back, built carefully and given time for cancer to recede safely. Total time lost, one fourth of a second from singular focus on an 'empty stomach', but a significantly increased risk of cancer... eh, I'll take it. All right, one more thing and I'm set, I swiftly pre-extend and serrate my prehensile arms, carefully bracing them to act as extra thrust, as I orient towards the largest soul Nagging Wife can sense. I tense, heave, muscles surging as ceramics shatter around me, a cloud of recently made clay dust enveloping and trailing behind my leap, arms beginning to whip forward mid-flight, my trajectory on a collision course with that last standing Alchemical Life Golem-and woe to him, I see no sharp glimmer of heightened thought or magical perception to his eye. I'm two feet from his face when he even cogitates a threat approaches, my body flipped upside down as feet land on his helmeted forehead, arms encircling his chainmail-covered throat, bone spikes slipping through rings to reach flesh beneath with ease. My arms wrap so completely about his neck that my hands clasp together right over his lump of a larynx. I grin at him, upside down standing on his face, as I heave while setting the blades to calamitous vibrations, rending through all in their path with ease once that joint covering bit of unruned armor gives-there we go. Two thirds of a second in now, almost out of initial shock time. I kick off the falling Life Golem's head as I expand that cancer cannonry on my body, directing it all in alignment with the spurs on my back. I land heavily on a different target than intended, as in my haste I forgot to account for the diminished mass behind my jump on beheading-
My jump brings me straight into the chest of another Clay Siege golem, easily of a size with Mage Mordre's Soul Grave. I curve my body to direct cannons into alignment, and on impact add additional thrust, the sharpness of the pressure great enough the siege golem begins to topple. One second in, and I'm almost done. I begin a ballistic barrage out of my backside, arms and legs, everything turned to organic rockets as I force the falling weight of tons of clay to plow through its allies, while pelting those behind me with expanding, infectious cancer bullets. ...I LOVE THIS PLAN!

The clay golem finally falls to the ground and begins to skid to a halt as blood and gore is wiped off it's back, My view finally unobstructed to see if what I planned, and now am in danger of erupting in cancer for doing, was accomplished.

...Oh yeah.

One entire flank of the previously surrounded forces of the Blue Knight is cleared of foes for thirty paces depth, and the last alchemic life golem ended. Every eye is on me, friend and foe alike. Even as I bask in the attention and dynamism of the moment, I am thankful for my skeletal neural network to provide support. That is a whole mess of things to see... I set myself to processing stimulus as I thunder out my arrival just as my mount comes to a halt.


I stamp a foot against the clay golem's jaw as it struggles to rise, crushing its face as I leap forth, moving back down the receding paths of light that anchored to those clay golems destroyed. The originating point is only hundreds of feet away, hardly distant.
>"[i]Perhaps they cannot support such a casting long range?
Seems possible. Well, a moot point as I shove a finger through a mage's eye, leaving a gift of cancer as I simply crush his companions skull one handed, before darting off again. I continue to strike at lightning speed, flitting through the immediate ranks, as I finish my introduction.

After the fifth and sixth mage fall to me, I note one of the clay golems beginning to crumble to dust... do they need their owners?
I idly begin trailing and whipping out my arms at nearby soldiers, ultimately slowing myself as I massively enhance the casualty rate I cause, a trail of gored and screaming warriors in my wake.
My path becomes more erratic as I clear an entire hemisphere about Carkiano of casters, noting three of the clay golems to have fallen, only six yet left harassing Carkiano. I now look for any and every target colorful, be it mundane spectrum glimmer, thermal brilliance, of Soulglow's shine, I begin taking out the sergeants, the corporals, the people that keep armies moving. Five seconds have passed since landing, and so far one Life Golem, two Clay Siege Golems, thirteen mages and sixty eight soldiers of assorted denomination. I see the fear beginning to take root in their eyes at the horrendous, blurred death that keeps racing through their ranks, happy to claim my next title.
This time I see genuine concern and outright terror sprouting as I just tip past burning through one forth of my scarf so far-
>"And at seventy percent cancer saturation-"
I am aware thank you, now-okay, so, to those potent souls you sensed, where are-ah, I make assumptions based on the brilliance I begin to see as I process deeper layers of what I have seen, picking out warriors hidden amongst the ranks with great wells of color spilling forth to my scintillating eyes. Yes, I can sense a comparable brightness between this and a Masked Warrior-ah, and I see the three of them now. One is a heavily armored and runed warrior with a gigantic maul, got really weird shaping on one end of his hammer and parts of his armor, bunches of tubes poking out, particularly covered in runes-and soot. I shall call him HAM-MAR. The next I see is some jerk in leathers, so freaking many layers I can't discern more than the fact he has at least twenty different capes, she is like some fluttering ball of cloth, my god. Got a lance with her, a real mean, hooked one with some chains on the back wrapped in Soulglow. She's already got her eye on me. I'll call her Peggy, since her left leg is in fact-
>"Really Bang-"
OH VERY MUCH SO now, so beyond HAM-MAR and Peggy, I saw a funny looking dude, shorter than me, which is something of a start considering the trend of height in leadership-something I shall SHATTER like a mighty python!
This short one's only got only a ragged pair of pants on him, completely devoid of Soulglow, but his body is just flooding the surroundings with it's special light, his the fiercest Soul I see. I note all three of these primary targets as being seventy feet away or more each, with Peggy JUST barely closer than TINY. I see Carkiano capitalizing on the stall in battle, his massive black blade cleaving down, wreathed in sable and scarlet lightning as his men rally, pushing towards the opening I made as they try to cut towards weaker sections of the army. Moving towards the same place, I see a general mass of Soulglow, but too many enemy ranks separate my sight from the glow's source, so I cannot say what makes it, beyond that it seems more potent than any of the three I considered. I am reminded I stopped moving one third of a second ago as some eager soldier tries to stab me, and falls as the Blood Toga turns his strike back upon him, his comrades looking on in rampant fear at my lethality, as I wonder-
--I got a terrified and unprepared army, I could cut through SO MANY of them if I focused on them. By the time Mordre gets here, I might kill a thousand, if I can balance my cancer rate right and the sash to recharge the scarf.
--I got three delicious seeming targets a bit outside my immediate vicinity, HAM-MAR, Peggy and TINY. Each one looks like they could give a good rumble-HAM-MAR is looking at me, I definitely caught his attention, wonder how well he can fight...
--There's Carkiano, who is going to have that Soulglow's owner, whatever it is, to contend with in about twenty seconds. While this is now about two hundred fifty feet away, I think I could get there in two seconds with a high leap.

What should I go for?
No. 251328 ID: f4e4f9

Primary Goal as Per Mordre's Request: Ensure the Blue Knights safety

Once we've cleared the area around the Knight, and assessed who Glowbro Lightshow is, we can move on to TINY, PEGGY, AND HAM-MAR.

In the meantime, make the most of things. MAGNUM THUNDERCLAP as a going away present for the Disciples immediately around you, and GINSU the bastards between you and then Blue KNight.
No. 251330 ID: 9338f5

We are here to help Carkiano so lets kill our way to whatever it is thats focused on him. should be more fun than slaughtering a bunch of grunts.
No. 251335 ID: 445c48

Go through the normal guys for 18 seconds and then jump in and help The Blue Knight.
No. 251352 ID: d3dfb8

No. 251360 ID: a76809
File 128867620620.jpg - (219.20KB , 762x1047 , Disciples Of Domintus Abaeloth The All Consuming R.jpg )

I make some mental calculations and grin, beginning to dash about with minimal use of power, ripping open faces and throats, punching holes in torsos, kicking people in half, tearing arms off and beating the armless-really, I have a fun time. In seventeen seconds, I manage to kill one hundred twelve more soldiers, just like that. Really, since I'm at best their height and move around so fast, no one knows where I'm going to be until it's too late. Really, the clothes booting Curing make this way easier, and having so much extra magical reserves on top of Possibility Cells... well, this is going very differently than my last attempt to fight in an army. ...Practically too easy. I turn to leap towards Carkiano, the cannons on my back firing again as I propel myself out of the crowd of soldiers and recent corpses, finally getting a chance to see the source of the Soul Glow-wait is that really-
Something around two tons of weight slams into me at a little over a hundred miles an hour, a furious roar keeping my eardrums in a perpetual state of near-rupture as a heavily armored shoulder dents my chest. I note that HAM-MAR is a nimble shit... okay, those runes, the tubes... he channels flame out of those tubes, uses them for thrust.... a rocket knight? ...Oh man, this guy seems like fun to fight..... but that sure as the Deep looked like Abaeloth The All Consuming, freaky pasty pale/green skin, shadow cloak, crystal swords... huh. Abaeloth was a bit more heavily muscled, at least thirty pounds, and had a much thicker cape of shadowhands. He also only had one crystal sword, and it was blue, not black like these. Yet that Soulglow, it feels.... like the memory of familiar... ah, I don't know how to describe this feeling.

Thankfully I don't have time to consider this further right now as HAM-MAR's hammer begins to glow, fire pouring out in dense cones from its back as it jets towards my body-ah, that is a BIG magic nullifying rune on that hammerhead.

Currently three feet away, midair, just moved past his body from the initial shoulder check. My redirected vector is taking me farther into the Domintus forces, and away from Carkiano, now three hundred feet away as my foe's entire set of armor likewise explodes into spiky protrusions of flame and billowing smoke, rushing to smash me asunder. His horizontal swing looks to be just shy of the sound barrier... yeesh, I haven't broken that since I made my legs explode jumping on air-
It totally happened!

What should I do?
What's my plan for dealing with HAM-MAR?
Am I gonna beat him down? Maybe try to distract him and move past to Carkiano?
No. 251362 ID: e31d52

Oh hoh. He's coming at you, swinging a massive hammer? DIRECTLY AT YOU? as in, CHARGING TOWARDS YOU?!


No. 251369 ID: a69afd

Well what are you waiting for? Answer him with even more force! Kick the air in back of you and Dynamo Double-punch the fuck out of him. Also, start looking for openings in his armor, if you can kill this dude while leaving his suit and stuff intact... Maybe you can be ROCKET BANG! Not by piloting the suit of course, but if you study the way way his propulsion system works, you can adapt it to work with the Cannon Cleave and be beyond rediculous fast all the time.
No. 251375 ID: f4e4f9

Dodge aside and armor up, and give him a 'tap' on the leg. Lets see just how much stability he gets with that much force behind his rocketing. There's no reason to take that full on, and Healing huge amounts of damage requires energy.

Fighting in a protracted Melee is nothing like a one-on-one duel. Stamina is all to important, especially with a fighting style like your own. Don't take hits you don't need to unless you can be sure it'll get you results.
No. 251379 ID: 1854db


Find a chink in his armor, like... the spots he sees out of in his helmet, and fire some spurs in there to cancer him.
No. 251380 ID: d3dfb8

Hey Bang, just some food for thought, if you see figment again you should ask him to modify your scarf so that it can only be charged in bursts of greater than a certain amount, that way it can hold a lot more and it will be excellent for use with the sash. Simply charge the sash, then use the sash's bursts to charge the scarf.
You seem to be doing it anyway.
No. 251448 ID: e58eb9

Pick ALL the options! Head back to Carkiano and beat Ham-Mar up on the way there! Avoid using too cancer-intensive moves. If that hammer interrupts your healing at a critical moment then it could be game over.

Your dynamo electricity production means are biological, so if he does hit you with that hammer then counter with DYNAMO SHOCKS right through the hammer and into his hands! He won't expect that so he could even drop his toy! Also get down on the ground so more enemy soldiers get caught in the crossfire.
No. 251577 ID: 5f0943

Don't let that hammer hit you, one way or another, doesn't matter if it is through dodging or something else.

Also, after making sure you are not hit by hammer, then do a DYNAMO PUNCH or something, because he is wearing metal armour, and metal is conductive to electricity.
No. 251641 ID: a76809

-Right, fuck retreat, he's got enough forward momentum he'd probably catch me anyway. ...Gotta love those lightning bruisers.
>"Lightning Bruiser?"
Big and fast.
>"Ah. So, if you will not retreat..."
What do you think I am gonna do?
>"Really Bang? Really?"

I think back to the ludicrous speeds I subjected my legs to last time I faced the Disciples of Domintus. I recall the wall of pressure I found hiding in the air, bracing against the very pressure waves my legs made.
>"You do know that makes no sense. LITERALLY, you know that makes no sense, since I can see your mind, and I know you cannot make the numbers add up right. You should not have been able to do that."
Which is why I believe that my decades of constantly saturating my body with untold billions of instances of curatiomancy did something. I mean, I've heard from every other healer I've met (barring Souldreamers) that repeat healing causes system degradation, a decay of quality, something I have most certainly not experienced. Since I already have that as thus far unexplainable concerning my special brand of combat healing, why not attribute the fact I can somehow jump on air to it? I mean, I already know that I am SOMEHOW Jumping on a pressure wave that doesn't exist until after I jump, which is rather patently temporally insane, I just need to figure out how exactly I can do that.
And there's no way to be sure but empirical testing!
Or as I prefer to term it, trial by FIST!

My focus briefly goes solely to my legs, limbs snapping taut with such force I feel air congealing, molasses I struggle to move through. I feel a sensation of my legs being in two places at once, my vastly improved cogitation giving me no more data than that before my feet find purchase on open air, and kick off as if it were bedrock, straight into HAM-MAR. I duck inside his reach before the hammer's head can collide with me, a fist flying towards my foes armored stomach as another flies up, fingers opening to reach through his helm's eyeslit-okhedoesnothaveeyeslitsatalljustrunes.

I barely manage to close my fist in time, the twin sets of knuckles flattening like pancakes against my armored foe as I keep my manipulators from exploding. Electricity crackles as my muscles generate current and dump it in the highly receptive metal form of my foe. I see my foe's neck crack back, head just barely stopped short of spinal injury by a solid metal brace (stupid heavy plate), while I fail to make even a dent in his armor. What I DO accomplish, is completely reversing his momentum, subjecting him to several hundred times normal gravity pressures, something I note causes his gauntleted hands to slacken, the hammer only staying in his grip thanks to a chain about one of his hands. Several things become apparent to me in that post-impact instant.

-Runes (not all, but some) covering HAM-MAR's vestments begin to glow oh so soulishly, and I note fingers twitching before he's even traveled fifty feet. Seems like some sort of automated reversion to a conscious state.
-Seeing as my foe weighs, counting armor and hammer, around two tons (well, more like two thousand nine hundred seventy one pounds), while his motion vector was reversed almost perfectly, the smaller mass (that being me) got shoved back at something around twelve times as fast as I approached, putting my redirected vector at a little over the speed of sound.
-The pressure wave I somehow glitched reality into letting me brace against is gone, but my legs did not explode this time when I used the trick, so I think I could make another pressure wall to brace against.
-Making a pressure wave is more energy intensive than I suspected, having consumed a full sixth of my Scarf, between the horrendous speeds my legs move at and the comprehensive preventative healing I have to do. Does not at all seem like a long-term sustainable ability, but WOW, does that open up mobility options. Having proper bracing ANYWHERE on demand for course alteration even in midair is just a bit ludicrous... and it still bothers me I don't know why I can do it.

One second has elapsed since I struck HAM-MAR, and already he seems fully aware again, his metal tubes spewing forth fire and smoke once more as he charges straight back at me without hesitation, hammer once more whipping through the air, this time to cave in my skull. I assume HAM-MAR to not be that bright, as I can see his uncertainty even through his full-body plate as I once more kick with such force my legs find purchase on thin air as I redirect myself to fly past his left flank. Ducking under his swing, I wrap fingers about his left foot, and tug in passing. Pyromantic propulsion tubes now abruptly misaligned, HAM-MAR keeps going past me, his flight now a hectic jumble on a collision course with the ground. Well, found a way to deal with him.
>"At the cost of nearly halving your scarf's magical reserves."

I sweep my gaze about, leery of any more midair collisions as I hurtle towards Carkiano, but TINY seems perfectly content to wade through Carkiano's soldiers one by one, while Peggy... is nowhere to be seen. Now that IS odd, I do have some spiffy eyeballs, why can I not find her? ...Her electrical signature is gone too. Eh, at least my path is clear, a thought that brings me satisfaction as I finally land, using the immense, ornate and caped Blue Steel golem armor Carkiano's sporting as a stopping point, gripping the edge of a pauldron to keep myself from falling away.

Well, I made it to Carkiano's side before Abaeloth could finish closing. I beat the All Consuming here by three seconds, but hey, I was still first. Okay, so.... still not learning anything new about what the deal is with this off-kilter Abaeloth dude, especially considering I kicked a sword through Abaeloth's head like a month ago, but more pressing, Carkiano's armor does not seem to afford particularly great vision, and I can tell he is still trying to figure out what just hit him.

Okay, what's the plan here?
Do I have anything I want to say to Carkiano since I am right at his golem's head, and I'm just about guaranteed he'll be able to hear me?
Or maybe I have some fun ideas of how to fight Abaeloth, or HAM-MAR?
Or hey, if I took a few seconds I feel confident I could re-pinpoint Peggy.
Lastly, do I have any ideas on how to either analyze or abuse (OR BOTH) my air-kicking trick? Some explanation for how I can kick off a pressure wave before it is made?
No. 251651 ID: a69afd

HAM MAR likes to charge, yes? When he manages to get back up, use your scarf like a bull-fighting capote! Make him charge past you and Carkiano and bash Abeloth on the head, making this dude even easier to deal with the second time around. Now that's what I call: KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE BANG!
No. 251700 ID: 1854db

>Lastly, do I have any ideas on how to either analyze or abuse (OR BOTH) my air-kicking trick? Some explanation for how I can kick off a pressure wave before it is made?
Yeah, you're preventing damage to the air, like you prevent damage to your legs. Your ownership extends to the area around you. YOU'RE HEALING AIR, BANG.
No. 251726 ID: 903f16

Damn Bob, you pulled from way back when you mention those three heroic souls working under Carkiano. I was just rereading our first meeting with him back in thread five for a refresher and you mentioned these guys being his strike commanders collectively called The Three.

>Do I have anything I want to say to Carkiano since I am right at his golem's head, and I'm just about guaranteed he'll be able to hear me?

Knock on his helmet and tell him it's all good, it's just you and you needed a place to land. I know people are against ruining Mordre's dynamic entrance, but surely we can at least tell him back up is on the way. Give him a bit more hope since his situation seemed so bleak before we stepped onto the field. Also scan the area for him and give him a bit of up to date information on current situation since his vision doesn't seem too keen.

>Or maybe I have some fun ideas of how to fight Abaeloth, or HAM-MAR?

Fun? Well how about you go find out where HAM-MAR crashed and try to get behind him again. Last time you managed to bend one of his pipes right? I don't know if you bent it medially or laterally but try to bend it the same way for the pipe on his opposite foot. If he tries to rocket towards you again he'll either be forced to tangle up his own legs or do a rocket powered split. I mean he'd have to be a bit stupid to try and charge you with one of his pipes still bent, but you did mention he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and he might not have noticed that the bend you made caused his fall. Alternatively get behind him and instead try to crush one of his pipes ends, hoping it will create a nice seal and when he tries to charge again it will backfire on him and maybe roast him inside his own suit.

>Or hey, if I took a few seconds I feel confident I could re-pinpoint Peggy.

Don't focus on it, but maybe keep an eye out. If you can't sense her electrical signals she's either too far away, isn't moving at all, or is masking it. Only the last option is really concerning and if she's going to try and sneak up on you, well that will just add to the fun of things won't it?

>Lastly, do I have any ideas on how to either analyze or abuse (OR BOTH) my air-kicking trick? Some explanation for how I can kick off a pressure wave before it is made?

You might be able to analyze if you make a little alteration to yourself. You're kind of in battle, but it seems relatively safe right now seeing as you're sitting the shoulder of a twenty foot golem armor. Anyway spiders can detect mechanical strain on their exoskeletons using organs called slit sensilla that provide information on force and vibrations. They're basically grooves that deform under stress and send the information to neurons. You don't really have an exoskeleton right now, I mean you could if you spent the time and created some crab armor for yourself. It's not like you need it though, you could just create some calcium structures on yourself that could easily depress and attach them to nerves.
No. 251730 ID: 903f16

Looking at the discussion thread it looks like we won't need to use my suggestion of giving Bang a spidey sense, still might as well keep it in his back pocket for later. Pressure and vibration sensing could be useful as all get out when facing a Phonomancer or a Gravimancer.
No. 251741 ID: f4e4f9

Hey, Bang, check out Abaeloth, specifically around the neck.

Any big scar or patched over area? Like a hint of the wounds you guys inflicted on Abaeloth?

Point out Abaeloth if Carkiano hasn't seen him yet. Also, ask for a rundown of what abilities Carkiano has seen these three enemy leaders demonstrate.
No. 252065 ID: a76809

I think I figured out how I can jump on air. Well, no one Owns the air, no ownership to worry about, and Combat magic extends to anything you have an uninterrupted line of Ownership to. Given this, and the fact my use of Curatiomancy has largely progressed to the point of being preventative, I think I'm actively hardening and armoring the air, making it more cohesive and at the same time resistive to force. I define free air currents swirling all about as being a form of damage, with static gas the hypothetical 'healthy' state of air.
>"That fits well with my own hypothesis."
That being?
>"You are using your bodies ability to generate electric current to create electric attraction between the individual pieces of air, making it act like a cohesive, solid block when pressure is applied to it."
Wait electricity is involved? That doesn't make sense, I first did this BEFORE I could do that.
>"As that was before you became my wearer, I cannot comment on that event, but I can say that each time I have observed you kicking air, you have discharged electricity."
Huh. So, abusing the un-Owned status of air, and involving electricity on some scale, that's how I do this? I mean, sure that sounds like a workable explanation, but how exactly did I just stumbl-eh, whatever, I CAN JUMP ON AIR, I don't need to question it. ...Probably a WHOLE mess of applications for this too...
>"I would like to remind you that you are on Carkiano's shoulder-"
Yeah yeah, gotta say hi and all.

I rap a free hand's knuckles against the blue steel, and speak conversationally to the Blue Knight as his attempts to fling me off his flank subside.

"Don't worry brother, it's all good, I just needed a place to perch for a second. Oh yeah just a head's up I'm not the only bit of backup you'll be getting, I'm just the first here. -Speaking of, see that guy with red hair over there, no armor, flickers a lot? That's Senth, kind of a spacey asshole, but as you can see by the piles of puking warriors behind him, he can take care of himself."
>[Carkiano]"Your name is.. Bang?"
"Damn right it is. So, let's see, there's a dude with heavy runed armor covered in tubes, some girl with cloth everywhere and a peg leg, and some tiny guy that feels REALLY empty out there, know anything about them?"
>[Carkiano]"...Betrayers, one-time confidants following greed. They were once The Three of the Blue Knight, my commanders. Now, Todwick Revelrik The Rocket Hammer, Giana Bamblino The Lancer of Hearts, and Guuten The Hungry."
"No shit? Huh. Well, I would LOVE to hear more about them, but see that dude there, the black cloak of hands and all? That's Abaeloth The All Consuming, a Knight Captain of the Disciples of Domintus and the dude in charge of their southern front...."

"-Who I note looks quite dessicated, and has wounds from where I kicked a sword through his spine."
>[Carkiano]"Excuse me?"
"Oh yeah, should mention that: I've killed Abaeloth before. Not sure why he's still alive and all, as I watched him die and his soul put in Mage Mordre's golem, but quick head's up: Crystal swords there, most likely magic nullifying like his old crystal sword, and that cloak of hands can eat matter. Beyond that, just the regular Combat Magic enhancement stuff, but I would note he was already ludicrously durable, and what with having come back from a soulless death, I'd suspect him to need quite a licking to put down. So, since he's starting to cut into your soldiers there, I'm just gonna... hold still for a second."

Before the Blue Knight can say anything more, I leap from his shoulder, propelling myself downward on a collision course with the resurrected Knight Captain. Halfway done traversing the distance between us, I realize several things:

-I STILL cannot detect Peggy-Giana, I guess. That strikes me as more than passing strange, as my current sensing has shown itself capable of piercing illusions to some degree, and my ability to see Soulglow has thus far been quite reliable.
-Senth is having no trouble, even as he attracts even more attention than I have. Sure he's got a couple hundred pissed off soldiers trying to gut him, but he keeps flickering in Soulglow as his body is never where sharp things are, and any warrior he touches seems to practically throw themselves on the ground as they noisily and violently begin vomiting.
-Todwick (who will ALWAYS be HAM-MAR to me) is standing again, working his way out of the crater all that weighty armor led to when he crash landed, and is currently inspecting his left leg's greave. Seems he is not going to just up and jet about with his tubes skewed... oh well.
-Guuten looks like he's leaving. He's walking away from Carkiano's forces, deeper into the Domintus numbers, with no evidence he will be returning. Interesting, considering he just betrayed his former commander, and the other two traitors are still here in combat against their one-time master.
-Abaeloth's body has no electrical signals. Despite how new my electrical senses are, that is just not right. The ONLY organic things without an electrical signal that I have ever encountered are corpses, which are decidedly less lively than this guy/
-The coloring of Abaeloth's Soulglow is.... off. There are variations and fluctuations of texture and gradient I have never seen before, but set me to thinking about that tribal guy Jojo, and his apprentice in the Arcanoworks, Ulzrick. Is there some sort of Dream shenanigans going on here?
-Abaeloth's swords are already rising to intercept me as his cloak likewise moves to make my approach far less viable. I remember how quick they tore through flesh, bone and steel alike, being on the receiving end of that could suck.... but short of jumping on air (really need to come up with a name for that) I can't really change my direction midair.

Okay, so what's the plan here?
I have to protect Carkiano, that's simple enough to grasp, but how do I go about fighting solo some back from the dead warrior that took three other fighters aiding me to best?
And now that I have at least a tenuous grasp of how I can jump on air, what kind of conclusions can I draw about the trick, and the applications it can be put to?
No. 252068 ID: e31d52

>And now that I have at least a tenuous grasp of how I can jump on air, what kind of conclusions can I draw about the trick, and the applications it can be put to?



No, seriously, since you can harden the air itself, that means you can punch the air and have you punch propel air to hit someone farther away. Wave fist, motherfucker.

Other neato-keen tricks: Since the air needs to be hit, have a feild of this up around you and watch enemies slow as if moving through molasses.

Harden the air around your fists and you have to worry a lot less about your hands exploding.
No. 252073 ID: f4e4f9

Zombies. Fucking Zombies.

Ok. First:
Get Abaeloths attention.

"He-HEY, Abby, man! Thought you'da gotten the message the first time we knocked you on your ass and just, y'know, STAYED DEAD. No problem, though, rematches are always welcome."

Enhance that fear permeating the Disciples, let them know you've bested him once before. More importantly, get him on you. The old Abaeloth wasn't much of a speed-freak, and liked doing that whole Terminator-Walk towards you guys. Lets see if we can't draw him away from the squishier dudes.

Giana, I suspect, is going after Senth. Give him a warning.
No. 252086 ID: a69afd

Say wait a minute, if you are using electric attraction to bond air...


BANG, THE AIR IN YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE IS ONE BIG GODDAMN SENSORY ORGAN FOR YOU! This also means finding and keeping track of peggy is going to be fucking easy. Bitch is a walking shag carpet for crying out loud! If you can mangage to zap her one time, static electricity will do your job for you.
No. 252089 ID: d3dfb8

>Zombies. Fucking Zombies.
Actually, yeah. He's a corpse that is being controlled by a puppeteer somehow.
Which means, he'll feel no pain and won't die until we rip him limb from limb to the point the puppeteer decides he's worthless.

Or we could just find the puppeteer.
No. 252092 ID: f4e4f9

I'd agree for the most part, if it weren't for the Shadow Hands.

Those were one of Abaeloth's personalized abilities, part of his soul. We're dealing with possession, and if those assumptions that it's a Dream-based magic are accurate:

Perhaps a Dream-crafted Abaeloth soul.
No. 252156 ID: ddd48d
File 12888807208.jpg - (169.31KB , 1270x1693 , fuckingzombiesman.jpg )

Dreamed soul ,puppeteer, zombies, arg so confusing! Some sort of soul must of been constructed and inserted for the body to be used again, that is probably for sure.

Well, attacking Abaeloth will keep him from attacking Carkiano at least. I like the idea of pushing Abaeloth and whoever else into the other troops so they damage each other. ZOMBIE PINBALL :D maybe try the air-push with your fists?
No. 252157 ID: 9338f5

It is possible that there is some sort of puppet mage among the DoD. From the sounds of it the three commanders betrayal was quite unexpected there is a chance they are being controlled like Aboleth but it may be less noticeable as they are still alive.

Also like whatshisname the enslaver killing the one pulling the strings would be the quickest way to deal with them.
No. 252244 ID: 5f0943

Try to do a solid-air punch like some all some others have suggested.
It is very likely he won't see it coming.
It would also be totally awesome!

Also, my thoughts on the whole 'Abby returning from the dead thing':

The Dod might very well recovered his body after the battle, stitched it back into a life golem, and then planted some form of soul into it, artificial or actual fragments of Abby's soul.

That's about as far as I can guess though. And mostly obvious.
No. 252258 ID: c943c2

Idea: Extend an arm and strike while overloading your fist with possibility cells and bang blades. See if the explosion of rampant tumors and biological weapons can overcome the hands of hunger.

Regarding the crystal swords you need something strong, yet magically passive to fight them. What about growing some SPIDER SILK GLANDS?! If you can produce silk strands then you could produce web that's stronger than steel to catch and restrain the swords. If it's sticky then it will even stick to the flat of the blades and since it's non-magical the magic canceling effect (if the swords still have that) does nothing to it! Then you can hold Zombie Abaeloth's swords to the sides and kick him as much as you want.

Could Peggy-Giana be hiding underground? That would obscure her from your vision and your electric senses don't reach far into the earth I'd guess. Geomancy seems popular among the Domintus and if she moves through geomantic means then she doesn't really need 2 legs to fight.
No. 252388 ID: 903f16

I have a guess at the reason for why Abaeloth is still walking about. When Modre sucked out the guy's soul it wasn't in tip top shape, his abilities ate it away as fuel. With Abaeloth's experience at flaking bits of his soul off and the DoD not being shy about using soul magic it's possible they kept a fragment of his soul and stored it just in case something happened to him. Then after hearing of his death they located and pulled his body out from where we left it and put the fragment back in. The tinge of Dream about his soul could be from the method they used to put his soul back in or maybe something they did to beef up and fluff out what they had to make it better/more effective.

It could be that or maybe they put in the soul of the Knight of Wailing Faces. He was also killed in the last battle, but his soul and armor were never recovered. If he had a Weinsho style recall placed on it it would explain how it got away and maybe why his armor was missing, he had a plan for his own death and had underlings in place that would take his soul and armor to a place where he could be put into a new vessel. Though with his own body was decapitated it's not like they could have put him back into it. So why not make something good out of a bad situation and keep a high ranking officer alive and at the same time keep Abaeloth's final wishes from being fulfilled by sticking him into there. Have someone skilled at manipulating the dream come around and tweak his own soul so it would be more like the original and you could get what we have now.

I'm a bit wishy washy on those though, but I'm fairly certain I know why he's lost muscle mass. Before he used Blood magic to pump himself up to super human levels. Now he's kind of a corpse, can't really use Blood without being able to mimic life or maybe he does imitate it enough but can't properly pump himself up because what he has is coagulated and the dead muscles can't grow.
No. 252400 ID: 12c392

>>Dream shenanigans

Er, perhaps the soul that is animating Abaeloth's corpse is a SoulDreamer who, like Figment, has given something very big up (perhaps their living body, forcing them to possess corpses?) to gain great power (in this case, the ability to mimic, to a certain extent, the abilities of the soul whose body it is possessing)?
No. 252401 ID: fb7332


...Bang has a mask on. The mask has at least some red patterns. You propose giving him the ability to shoot webs.

I totally need to do a Spider-Man Bang pic for this.

And solid air punches might not do much, the Hands of Hunger eat matter which implies that they can simply eat the solidified air. Abaeloth II probably could just put up a defense field of consuming hands and deflect most physical attacks.

Still, if he doesn't see it coming, it might be worth a shot. But only one shot, and preferably a powerful shot at that.
No. 252463 ID: f4e4f9

Regarding punching air to make a ranged blow:

Nothings keeping that air together beyond a few feet, so something like that would lose all appreciable force...really quickly. Like, a few feet.
No. 252471 ID: 445c48

Airpunching is probably monstrously inefficient, too.
No. 252498 ID: a76809

Oh man, so much I can do with this air trick, I-
>"First, you can only claim completely un-owned air, which would not apply to air around a magically capable foe. So an air column punch is unfeasible. Second, you could sustain an air field around yourself sufficient to slow object for approximately three seconds before you burn through all your magic, and it STILL would run into issues when something firmly owned by another intrudes into that field. Lastly, unless you plan to punch only things lacking souls or ownership, the air field about your fists would collapse before you ever make contact."
You enjoy crushing my dreams don't you?
>"I will note you chastised me with tumors within one minute of putting me on. I did not approve."
Fine fine.

>"Yes, you are indeed fully capable of exuding a passive electrical field about yourself, enhancing and extending your electroreception. I would note that while not magically demanding in the slightest on a direct level, it IS more energy intensive for your body, and so you would either need to eat even more frequently, or resort to magic to restore yourself more frequently."
Well I kinda expected that, I mean this is a neat-ass trick, no reason it would just be better in every way... right then, giving it a try, HERE WE GO.

My body surges with electricity, Millions of instances of healing being creatively applied to the air around me, and my senses where electricity is concerned expand instantly, revealing to me that, deep beneath his null exterior, Abaeloth DOES have some electrical energy in his body... but its arrangement is even weirder than just having someone walking about without any electricity to them at all. So, his brain is completely devoid of electrical signals... which is more than a little strange, and I don't sense a single iota of power in his general nervous system either. Where I DO feel electricity is what confuses me. Its ONLY in his optic nerves, not his eyes, or the related parts of his brain, JUST the connection between eyeball and brain. What's up with that? Wife?
>"On this, I have little to offer, except that the individual in question seems to have more than one soul, while still having less than two. And yes, I am fully aware how paradoxical that statement seems. Now, as we are twenty feet and closing, could you maybe-"
Yeah yeah, fighting time, LETS DO THIS

I whip about midair to bring my feet to the front even as I use my field of electroreception as the base to harden another section of air, setting myself to constant redirection as I buzz about Abaeloth, making observations even as I taunt my foe.

"He-HEEEY, Abby, man! Thought you'da gotten the message the first time we knocked you on your ass and just, y'know, STAYED DEAD. No problem, though, rematches are always welcome. And I dig the scar, really shows how much you got messed up when I kicked that sword through your spine!"

Over the course of seven seconds, I bounce off non-existent foot-holds twelve times, constantly airborne, and several things become immediately clear to me.
-Abaeloth is not responding to my taunts even a little. Could be he's just a cool customer... or, it could be that whatever is piloting him doesn't know what I'm talking about. Which seems strange, given he has that special cloak that was Abaeloth's icon, all that.
-Abaeloth also has no issue keeping track of my locations, swords or shadow hands always between me and him, no matter how fast I move. Well, at least he doesn't have time to actively seek out other foes as he focuses on me.
-My comments about killing Abaeloth DEFINITELY had an effect on the other soldiers. I see outright panic taking root in many faces as they look from the scores dead by my hand to my fight with their captain, and I see many starting to slowly back away-and just as quick I see that beginning to terminate, Guuten EAT one of the soldiers. Just opens his mouth and a body dissolves, wafting its way down his gullet. They still seem scared of me after that... but not THAT scared. Hm.
-Senth just tweaked Todwick's armor, the tubes now a hopeless jumble of random protrusions from his vestments, no direction or order to their arrangement. Huh, he just... shuffled the matter in Todwick's armor. That... is one hell of a trick. He is now blinking his way through the crowds on his way to Guuten, plumes of smoke the only evidence of where he's been.
-I spotted a glimmer of electricity that COULD be Giana, but I can't really be sure, as it vanished again before a hundredth of a second had passed.
-My air jumping antics have completely drained my scarf, and after refilling it I note a substantial amount of mana missing from my sash. Loathe as I am to consider it... I may need to be a bit more conservative with my energy consumption.
-There is not a single bit of evidence that Abaeloth is being controlled from an external source, no paths of Soulglow trailing away from his body. However he's animated, it's all internal.




I reach out with both hands, electricity flooding the area around me as I link together great bundles of air, collecting it all together-and I HEAVE. I pull hundreds of cubic feet of gas away, creating a vacuum right before Abaeloth, which leads to the air AROUND that vacuum to seek equilibrium. And WHAT DO YOU KNOW, that includes the air around Abaeloth. Without ever actually extending my magic too close to him, I force the air to pull him about-and I see his footing slip, a knee dropping to the ground as shadow hands sprouting from his cloak flail about in an attempt to restore balance. ...I've created an opening. I don't know how long it will last....

So what's my move here?
I have a limited window of opportunity, exactly how am I going to insure I fully take advantage of it?
And seriously, where the hell is Giana? I STILL can't find her.
No. 252508 ID: a69afd

GO FOR THE EYES BANG! Skewer his eyes and dump as much electricity as you can muster into his optic nerves, OVERLOAD THAT SHIT. Also, while you maintain electrical contact with his corpse, see if you can't hijack the controls and use Abaeloth to attack the Disciples. It won't be fast or radically insane, but think of it this way- If the disciples were shitting their pants when you entered the frey, what do you think the general reaction will be when you start using their own commanding officer to kill everything?

Also, if we didn't have abaeloth to worry about I'd totally suggest grabbing the nearest disciple, loading him up with delayed nematocysts and tossing him at Guuten. Cancer snack? Cancer snack.
No. 252510 ID: 445c48
File 128892803846.jpg - (11.87KB , 296x177 , Stooges- Eye Poke.jpg )

No. 252594 ID: 69bee4

Some infodump concepts about Peggy:

Her title implies someone who is making an extremely accurate and hard to land shot. This means she likely as we are learning specializes in stealth (because few people would allow a heart stab).

My concept: Unable to confirm atm, but I suspect her peg leg is made of metal, and not what I would initially assume wood. What she likely does is 'transforms' in some sense into electricity somehow, thus defying the normal senses. Using her metal peg leg, she grounds herself to remove the electricity and reform herself in an unseen location, at this point she is a millisecond from stabbing your heart (she cannot immediately because of the human field/ownership), and thus suceeds. Also, she can pinpoint the heart because of this electricity power, as the pacemaker uses electricity to power the heart, affinity for electricity lets her target this.

Some other notes: A peg leg gives her a nearly perfect pivot point, combined with chiins this allows her to 'whirl' around in an extremely deadly way.

Her multiple layers of cloth might be being used in order to aid her generating static electricity, as rubbing of such cloths would cause this to happen. Soaking her with water somehow if this is true would likely invalidate her powers.
No. 252658 ID: bff47f

Hey, Nag-, Red Eye of Dynamo, what do you think of Mordre now that you have finally met him in person?
No. 252664 ID: ddd48d
File 128896639578.jpg - (203.77KB , 2419x773 , BANGITUP.jpg )

delayed cancer snack...priceless :D Even if you don't want to touch your foe, you can manipulate the area around them to good effect. You have already attacked him with air, now you can use the ground against him! Flip a section from under his already unbalanced feet onto his face, and if he stays unbalanced, do it again! Its time to...flip out. :P
No. 252695 ID: d3dfb8

Shoot cancer filled teeth into his eyes!
No. 252927 ID: a76809

How could poking him in the eyes be a bad idea? I mean I can run current into his body, make some decent damage, figure out if he even needs eyes or a brain at all... and it will be awesome. Besides, I can even dump some loose Possibility Cells, determine if cancer is applicable as well. All ultimately with enough force behind my planned attack to rip his head clean off, it functions on every level! Also I am not really asking, I was telling, as I began the process on one hundredth of a second ago so yeah.
>"Hopefully you plan to not simply take his quite probably violent response."
Well since I AM a self healer, I can take it. And check it out, right arm wrapping already off and added to my left arm, in preparation to lose a limb with minimal consequences. See? Already one step ahead of you here, nowLETSDOTHIS

I bounce off the air ten times in my approach, air-jumping in a blurring medley that finally keeps his eyes from locking on my approach as my speed passes through the sound barrior. My right arm lances forth, a fist save two fingers raised like a forked spear, the arm elongating as I air-jump to gain instant velocity down towards Abaeloth. I see his body reacting the the changing shadows in his vision. His face begins to lift just as my fingers spear through each of his eyes, driving fingertips back to grind and rend through the optic nerve. I begin releasing every single bit of current I possess to potentially burning out or otherwise damaging the sole charge I feel in the body. At that same moment, Nematocyst cannons hastily crafted from fingernail fire, untamed and growing Possibility, raw Chaos is let loose in the center of my foe's head. And as this triple layered attack lands, I take satisfaction as I play to my ego, roaring out a swiftly assembled name.


>"WHAT did you just call that?"
In a roundabout way, I am hiding myself from their sight. I hide EVERYTHING from them sure what with the blinding, but since I am 'hidden', it's like a disguise.
>"You just wanted alliteration."

My fingers crush through the back of the eye sockets, rending and dispensing cancer-and the body does not react. Without any acknowledgement of the attack its receiving, both arms rise, twin black crystal hooked blades slicing upwards as my fingers, now deep in his brain, finally hit the back of his head, cancer fingernail cannons cracking through the upper occipital-lower parietal, the hand being withdrawn as I hope to avoid the anti-magic of those blades. In lashing my arm up and away from the uppercut slices, I find my flesh disintegrating, pulled apart by the shadow hands of his cloak.

In less than one forth of a second, before my arm's retraction could build momentum, I lose everything from the mid-upper arm down, in its extended state some eleven feet of prehensile arm in total. The thing that disturbs me is not the loss of the limb-hey, I got some real interesting data, and as of yet I have not demonstrated my considerable Curatiomancy skills, except in exotic application: My rapid regeneration may well still be unknown to them, especially considering how much more I have to work with. I recoil away from the questing hands and slashing swords, to find Abaeloth still practicing the slow, foreboding march of doom, never rushing after a foe. I have plenty of time to land fend of a surprising amount of encroaching cancer... it would seem reaching out to touch the world around me is dependent on Possibility Cells, didn't notice before what with getting used to healing reality.
>"You have also lost considerable mass, total Possibility Cells and magic in that arm. Further, your constant use of reality warping is taxing, your sash is now only an eighth full. It cannot fully fill your scarf again, which is currently two thirds used up. No matter how wondrous these new applications may be, they are COSTLY. And your earlier calculations give Mordre still one minute forty four seconds to arrive. You cannot sustain this!"
...I need to find Figment again, I have an idea-well, I think I could get a bigger magic battery, with his help. THEN would you stop complaining about how much magic I use?
>"I wonder at what could be done to give you such magical stamina, artificial or no? AND WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE THOSE MASKS OUT OF YOUR PANTS!?"
NEVER! The magical glow they bathe me in... so soothing...
>"UGH, just what, what the hell!?"
I feel like they are protecting my second most important bits real well, you know? I need that!
>"...And as we are in active combat, I can hardly suggest you remove them currently. ...We will speak on this later."

So, I need to run some calculations, mind telling me about your thoughts on the old Mage with the golem? I could use something to focus to!
>"The one you currently have taken to traveling with, the one titled Mordre... you have never met the man."
Well duh that's his thing, old dude who's probably a fragile punching bag in a fight, but through his remote control shenanigans, he can make that golem DANCE!
>"Which worries me. Just how deep is his interface, for the golem to be that finely controlled? Do you recall any but Small Tombs displaying the fine motor control Mordre does with that immense siege golem?"
Again, as it is a single person controlling it, and he seems rather GOOD at this, beyond the long range part even, so why shouldn't he be able to? Spent some long ass time on this, and look what I did with a decade!
>"So can you sense an electrical or Soulglow based path, a thermal umbilical, ultraviolet leash, anything connecting Mordre to a distant place?"
I do actually.
>"So why does it point to the earth through the golem's feet? What possible control path could come through the EARTH for such intricate manipulation. There would be too much matter interfering with the connection. So how is it controlled? It does not add up."
...Uh.... I'm gonna have to get back to the fight, some wannabe hero coming at my eye with a knife to aid his captain, so-

I regenerate the arm after five seconds that saw some rather industrious thinking occur, some cancer cannons in my hand rupturing through armor as my hand clasps about the soldier's throat, and with a calculated toss he's now a projectile aimed at Guuten. I see him turn to face the coming screaming soldier, and without a thought I see his mouth gape wide, wider and wider, whole torso now an empty maw that cannot possibly fit in just four dimensions. I see the soldier swallowed without hesitation, that empty sense about his Soulglow growing just an infintesimal fraction deeper. Then I see him doubling over in confusion as Abaeloth continues his slow march of doom, pounding on his chest as the mouth recedes to normal, a rictus snarl, a grimace of agony painting his face. Gave him a bit of a stomach bug there. Speaking of which, fine the initial cancer didn't take in Abaeloth when I gouged out his eyes and twin tunnels through his skull-


But the delayed trigger Possibility Cells, given a few instances of magical equations each to process, have no issue feeding with their failed compatriots. Even as Abaeloth's dead body proves resilient to the Chaos, it cannot escape the sheer mass expanding inside it's skull, and with a sharp, lashing CRACK!, his skull explodes, naught remaining but part of a lower jaw and a neck.

And he stays standing, and marching.

But while I see Senth glancing my way with rheumy eyes and giving a rather lazy nod to me, his attention only recently having caught the previously approaching Guuten, Even with my dwindling magical reserves, seeing Abaeloth still standing, I come up with a somewhat more direct attack idea. I know it to be costly as all get out, but I believe it will ultimately cost me less then slugging it out with the body until it disintegrates. Through my feet I begin carefully healing the ground beneath my feet, thankfully devoid of any overtly complex organisms or difficult things to claim ownership of, and so I weave together a layered block, a rectangle a meter tall and three meters to a side slowly layering preventative healing to harden it unto steal. As I recharge my scarf for the last time with what I have, I reach out to the air before mre, linking the prepared healing about foot and ground to anchor my body more ably. I wrench free from the earth the immense block of healed earth, my tremendously bound feet allowing me to heave seven tons skyward, magical reserves already beginning to shrink to nothing. But the speed I lifted the chunk from the earth was so fierce it made a vacuum, so I watch Abaeloth get sucked forward, again having trouble dealing with wind pressures. I grin and roar as I slap the multi-ton slab of earth like steel down to obliterate my foe.


Abaeloth doesn't even slow the block in the slightest. It simply slams straight back down on the densely packed earth that it lay on for centuries, a crack of air pressure so sharp I feel my eardrums rupture as do those of scores of nearby soldiers, all Dominton and most dropping to the ground with screams of agony. I heal my own ears just in time to see Senth teleport Guuten's body into a wrecked mass, violently puking as skin begins to crumble, tumors springing forth, my delayed attack compounding Senth's. And yes, I may be down to a two fifth's full scarf and that's it, potentially restricting me to just normal healing and RIP AND TEAR if I want to hold out for the minute ten till Mordre's here. Well, I sure as shit cowed the domintus dudes about, they want NONE of me, some even being cut down as they stare in fear at me by Carkiano's men, steadily building momentum in cutting a path free. of the ensnaring army. I see Todwick yelling profanities as he withdraws, his armor so mangled I doubt it could do anything but hurt him now.

So with Guuten dealt with, Todwick going-WHERE THE DAMN IS GIANA? Maybe-no, her peg leg was wooden, no metal to resonate with for electroreception. ...I really need to find her-
>"I found her."
I feel Nagging Wife's pull to my gaze, and I see, some one hundred twenty feet distant from me, Giana Bamblino the Heartlancer, clinging to the Blue Knight's cape, hefting her spear in one hand as a mass of Soulglow fades from her garments.

I see her grin at me, while I realize no one else has yet noticed her.
The mound of earth, now bereft of my augments, begin to shift and move, Abaeloth coming back for more, a hand already free of the ground, bones twisted and badly broken. Puss and dust leaking from split skin, Soulglow oozing like blood about the wounds.

What should I do!?
No. 252931 ID: e31d52

No. 252948 ID: 9338f5

we dont have many ranged attacks if any that will let us strike her while not harming Blue Knight so i think a super speed air jump followed by kicking the spear/lance away then pulping her skull would be most likly to work. considering her title, seperating her from the pointy stab stick is a good idea.
No. 252959 ID: 903f16


Get Peggy. She's an immediate threat and could potentially hurt or kill Carkiano if her lance can pierce his golem armor. His actual body is around the center or heart of his golem armor and if she can get enough penetration she could skewer him. I have my doubts she could seeing as it's Blue Steel, but it's best to err on the side of caution.

I'd recommend moving as quickly as possible to her location, using Cannon Cleave if it's within a reasonable energy spending budget. While en route prepare a little defensive measure against her by shifting your blood toga towards your heart, so if she tries to live up to her name the only heart she'll be lancing is her own. Should she not take the bait just get in as close as possible to her and take away the effectiveness of her favored weapon by getting out of it's usable range. Hit her with as many punches as possible and you should be able to overwhelm her.

Minor Thoughts:

- If soulglow is fading away from her armor it sounds like that's what has been keeping her hidden from us. If all goes as planned and she dies we should have Arkus take a look at it later.

- I'm forgetting how big Abaeloth is, but his two blades, are they big enough for a human to wield? Even just one? Vespinto has been getting no love and we should try to beef up our Arcanoworks heroes a bit.

- We should probably avoid killing Abaeloth again until Mordre arrives so he can eat out the soul as soon as it's separated from his body. If he can eat it and it's of high enough quality he can interrogate it and we can find out what shenanigans the DoD is up to.
No. 252977 ID: ddd48d
File 12890185098.png - (737.11KB , 1477x1981 , ashinyobject.png )

Seems Abaeloth is going to need to be completely pulverized, so we should focus on Peggy now. Carkiano can probably use that soulfire of his to burn the twisted carcass of Abaeloth into oblivion, but we need to protect him from traitorous Peggy. I'd say warn him, but because we can move faster than sound perhaps juts straight up doing it ourselves would be better.
No. 252980 ID: 1854db

Clinging to the blue knight's cape? Yank her off that thar cape.
No. 252982 ID: 445c48

Shout something short, such as "Carkiano! Cape!" and hope he gets it in time to remove the cape. Would he wear a cape if he couldn't remove it quickly? He seems a pretty practical guy, and capes could be a liability in a fight.

Anyways, jump over there and either punch her or or tear the cape off on your way over.

Shame we didn't make CRAB ARMOR when we could, the enhanced regen would be handy.
No. 253005 ID: f4e4f9


If you can accelerate yourself to the speed of sound, you should have no problems picking tearing off some random soldier's head and beaning her in the face with a throw at supersonic velocities. And since she's so busy gloating, and only 120 feet away...suffice to say the projectile will hit before Carkiano can move to risk impacting.

Gogo Bang-supercomputer-calculation rate.
No. 253011 ID: bff47f

Shoot cancer-teeth at her while closing in
No. 253054 ID: 5f0943

Tell Carkiano to stop drop and roll!
It may be worth a shot, I bet she won't be expecting to be crushed under a multi-ton suit golem armour made of blue steel.

Though if said armour can get back up in an appreciable time-frame afterward is another matter.
No. 253056 ID: 112b25

She thinks she's bad?

Time to show her who's bad


Super-boost of the rock
Heart-lance her....
With your fist
(also grab her lance in case it has some kind of auto fire...)
Then turn it off.

I have a funny feeling that they are going to withdraw and plan to leave us with a nasty parting gift to slow us down while they regroup, but you never know.

A second idea would be to ask Wifey to mind speak him... though I'm not sure that she can do it at this range.

Phohn + Mordre = lightning fast attack
(railgun or AA or something else)
No. 253058 ID: 112b25

Also I have a funny feeling that her attack will be faster than sound, so shouting might be too slow.

Damn you Bang, you need to figure out how to call lightning from the heavens... with healing.

Maybe healing the atoms in the air so as to cause a charge to build up and lightning come from nowhere to strike your opponent.

[If somebody feels like explaining the science behind lightning to him, go for it. Back to work now]
No. 253094 ID: bff47f

>Also I have a funny feeling that her attack will be faster than sound, so shouting might be too slow.

Alright, lets give everything we have into stopping this attack and then just wait for Mordre while we try to recover some magic.
No. 253113 ID: a76809
File 128906961343.jpg - (25.92KB , 384x329 , Cerebral Zenith 2.jpg )

Abaeloth'll keep, he'll need at LEAST a handful of seconds to get out of his makeshift grave, but Giana... I have to deal with that now. ...Energy reserves are too low for air-jumping, so I can't get to supersonic speeds.... but there's nothing preventing me from throwing something that fast. I lung towards the nearest soldier, once again picking out the bravest looking one and 'rewarding' his courage by ripping off his head with almost absent-minded focus as I make some quick calculations based on wind resistances and spatial geometry, before letting loose. The Domintus soldier's head rockets through the air, and were it not for the fact that his helmet came free and let a considerable amount of hair loose to add additional drag, it would have beaned Giana square in the face. As it is, it clips her left shoulder, her hand entangled with Carkiano's cloak jarred loose by the numbing shock. Without hesitation she begins to plunge her spear forward, its tip slicing through the Blue Knight's metal cape with disturbing ease.

Thankfully, I did not just stop and gawk when I threw the head, and I've already covered a fourth of the distance between us. ...But with 90 feet to go and plenty of obstacles in my way, I don't think I can make it there in time-

Dammit, Carkiano doesn't have any enhanced senses of reaction speed, hell I wonder if he could even cogitate a warning before it was too late... his safety is the entire reason I'm here, however much fun this may be. I HAVE to protect him..

....Nag-Red Eye of the Dynamo, if I gave you permission for a Cerebral Zenith, could you get me to Carkiano in time? I don't have enough magic left to move as fast as I have to on my own.
>"....Yes Bang, I could."
Then do it, I give you permissio-


My fist is one foot and closing from Giana's face, and she only now seems to note my presence. Her spear has moved forward one quarter of a foot, and has not yet his Carkiano when the manifold capes and strips of cloth about her flutter and flair, my fist plunging into the seething mass-and finding nothing of substance, just cloth that unravels into ever-finer pieces before becoming nothing at all, flickering Soulglow my only proof I was inches away from striking a foe. My only solace is that I distinctly heard a collarbone shatter when I threw that head at Giana, so hopefully I have made her less capable.

I halt my tremendous momentum with a hand firmly clenching onto the Blue Knight's cape, the tug I exert so great that Carkiano, mid-swing with his massive black and gold sword, is pulled off-balance, that titanic blade slicing a long gash into the earth, black and red lightning crackling as he steadies himself.

"Sorry 'bout that, Giana on your back with a spear, figured that was important."
>[Carkiano]"...Feel free to imbalance me as much as you need to keep her spear away from me."
"I'll remember that."

So... wifey?
Nagging Wife?
...Red Eye of the Dynamo, you there?
Come on, whine and complain about something already!
>"...Stop... bothering me so much."
But that's what I do!
>"I... need a moment."
Fine, fine.

Some seven hundred feet away, a column of sullen red fire and ebony smoke swirls and roar, climbing into the sky and drawing the eyes of hundreds. Carkiano, who I still cling to, turns to face it as well, before speaking again.

>[Carkiano]"...Blast, Todwick's gotten in his golem armor"
"Pssh, guy's a joke, how much difference could it make?"
>[Carkiano]"Well, considering the Golem Armor is the size of my own, and patterned after his runed armor, I don't know. Would you call a twenty five foot tall warrior with instant acceleration, a hammer that weighs five tons and is wreathed in clinging flame an issue?"
>[Carkiano]"If we survive this, I will apologize for what I am about to say, but... are you insane?"

From within that massive pillar of flame, I see the outlines of a collosal figure rising, coated with the runed tubes that dotted Todwick's form. ...With it THAT big, I don't think I could bend the tubes up, so... hm. What's more, Senth seems to be busy with Guuten, who is now once more standing pretty, the previously crippling effects he suffered under gone.... as frustrating as it is how many people won't stay down, I have to admit loving having such durable foes. Too bad I'm damn near out of stored magic (got just a third of a scarf left), and-
>"I would ask... you not request... further Cerebral Zeniths... unless your own life... is in immediate danger....
...Yeah, this is a bit of a sticky situation. I take quick stock of the battlefield from Carkiano's back.

On a plus note, it would seem I know how Nagging Wife got me here so fast: I see dozens of bodies, all turned to gorey streaks and chunks on the ground, between Carkiano and where I was. It would seem that, deprived static footholds or the ability to air-jump, Nagging Wife used people as stepping stones. Cool stuff. On the down side, Carkiano's momentum is pretty much gone, and casualties are starting to pile up again, only two hundred troops left to his name against the six thousand or so remaining Domintus forces still combat ready, with another five hundred still very much so alive if incapacitated. With Giana still completely out of sight again, Guuten engaging Senth and Todwick (now in Golem Armor) rising into the sky with great bellows of flame and smoke forming a wreath about his metallic shell, hammer held high (and topped with an anti-magic rune larger than my body), and my own magic reserves running near empty, at least as far as my flashier tricks go I wonder....

How am I going to spend the remaining forty eight seconds until Mordre gets here with the reinforcements?
No. 253141 ID: ddd48d

Well, it may seem like a log time to you now, but just back up Carkiano until Mordre arrives, then you can dump the whole protection business on his ass, haha!
No. 253145 ID: 5f0943

> How am I going to spend the remaining forty eight seconds until Mordre gets here with the reinforcements?

Well, given the current shortage of mana stored in the scarf (and sash), there isn't much that can be done, since all of bangs better moves has a rather steep energy cost.

The best that can be done now, is to give the blue knights forces some breathing room, kill the guys shouting orders and all that, destroy moral.
Scared men don't fight as well as those who are not.

Also, try to chuck something solid at Guuten, see if it does something.

As for Todwick, there isn't much we can do about him right now, due to the current lack of energy in the scarf.
The regular Todwick was bad enough, but with his golem-armour, I doubt even Bang with a fully charged scarf/sash could do much, barring a GENESIS move.
Of course, Senth could probably screw Todwick over, Phohn him and ask him if he can make Todwick crash into the ground.
No. 253170 ID: 112b25

Damn... it seems that that CZ had more of an effect than I thought it would.

I had hoped that we could do at least 5 of the instant ones without any negative effects showing.

Crap. It looks like she is under a great deal of strain...

Try this.
Allow her to temporarily use the extra processing power you got from 'smart bones' to properly analyze her own condition and to see if any repairs could be made.

Then FORCE her to tell you her current condition. No lies.

Then ask her if she could somehow take over/absorb/assimilate/drain another mask to restore herself to peak condition.

If not... I think you might want to ask Mordre a favor after this.
(P.soul. Pricey I know but I like this mask)

In any case
Jump into the air over the center of the enemies forces,(watch out for HAM-MAR) and SHOOT BEE STINGS EVERYWHERE!!!
(also watch out for your allies)

and immediately get out of the way of HAM-MAR's inevitable charge.


I mean, if nothing else, he should be strong enough to take on 3 of his men

(that being said, I don't know if Mordre could take Bang, Keddic and Lorgk in a fight... not without outright blowing up that section of the world... then he would still have to deal with Keddic and Bang.)
No. 253180 ID: 46c430

Yeah, unfortunately, I'm gonna have to agree with this. You don't have much juice left, and we've played our aces, we don't really have anything left to throw out if we get into the thick of things again. I think you're just going to have to watch Carkiano's back for now. Though, come to think of it... Well, actually... Ok, this might be a little disgusting, but maybe you could regain energy by nomming on the corpses of the fallen? This would NOT make you look good though, so... Yeah, do it under the cover of your scarf there, if you're willing. And just the Domintus soldier corpses, don't do friendly ones.

...I have the sudden mental image of Mordre railgunning Todwick out of the sky for his dramatic entrance. Or using his LASER EYE BEAMS to do so. Heh, here's a possible idea: Mordre fires off his sawblades, sets them to move towards in on the likely a massive magnetic field of Todwick's golem armor, BAM, homing anti-air missiles! Heck, if he gets downed, Mordre could probably grab his hammer and start whacking people with it, since he doesn't have his sword at the moment.

...Hey. How fast could Burduko get to the battle? And could he fuck up Todwick's golem armor like Senth did his regular armor, shuffle around the matter, and make him crash land? Even a single nozzle changed would really mess him up, considering he's in the air.
No. 253186 ID: 56dc25

Bang, you need to figure out where Giana went. No one else on the battlefield has a chance in hell of keeping track of her, and she's still exceedingly deadly if Carkiano's comments are anything to go by. Other concerns are secondary; spend your time blasting cancer needles at the Domintus forces to give the Blue Knight's infantry cover (or something else less than incredibly straining) while trying to find her.

If Bang mentally calls Phohn and says that he needs additional support, Mordre might send in Burduko. I don't see that many other assets can get there in the next minute, though.

Because not everyone is on the level of Mordre or Lubu. Most people are still vulnerable to being stabbed in the back.
No. 253190 ID: bff47f

I think we should play safe till Mordre arrives.
No. 253203 ID: 112b25

Oh hey Bang, TAUNT THEM!

Just walk out straight into the abttlefield, and shout


Prepare to dodge.

Dodge like crazy.
Hit when you have the opportunity.

This will be good training for you.
No. 253215 ID: d3dfb8

For the moment, we are just going to have to stick to slaughtering the Domintus troops while we recover. Only expend significant energy to stop the heroics from doing anything useful.
No. 253220 ID: 9338f5

I think we could use 20 or 30 seconds to catch our breath while trying to figure out how to properly kill these 3 opponents. While were doing this it shouldnt be too hard to rip bits off the enemy soldiers and chuck them at other enemys, most of the regular soldiers should be easily slain in this manner.

We will probably need to wait for mordre to do his antimagic trick to kill Aboleth and mabey peggy, HAM-MAR we might be able to take with that all out attack of ours but we would then be vulnrable to the other 3. So as best as I can judge we would best off waiting a bit to recover while picking of the regular grunts or we could try swaping with Senth as we have not battled against Guuten yet.

Then again this seems a bit too cautious for Bang
No. 253224 ID: 46c430

...Why would we dodge? Blood toga. And there's tons of blood to refill it with it with if we need it. Hell, them attacking Bang would be -good-.

Meanwhile, perhaps Giana's style of magic is similar to Senth's? She seems to have some ability at tractomancy, what with her teleporting around, and seeming to share similar instantanious ability to teleport out of the way of attacks. I suspect her to possibly also have ability in kinetimancy, as she obviously has some form of direct-attack capability. I wonder if her absense during the battle was her grabbing Todwick's golem armor or something, because, I mean, if he had it already, why didn't he use it from the start?
No. 253231 ID: b8f8dd

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could drain our blood-toga to refill our magic sash so that we can refill our magic scarf?

We should entertain that possibility. In massive fights like these we would have unlimited mana.

Hmm... maybe Arkus can come up with something and modify the toga?
No. 253234 ID: 1854db

Our task must be to keep Giana busy. She must not be allowed to assassinate the Blue Knight.

Hmm, hey bang, are you okay with eating humans? You were able to recover mana by converting food directly into energy, before.
No. 253236 ID: 112b25

>Why would we dodge. Blood Toga

Anti-magic hammer.
Also a set limit in the damage it can take.
(remember we surpassed that simply by using an InfernoG)

On that note, if we get them enraged enough, we might be able to trick HAM-[i]MAR[/i} into outing Abeloth for us... at the very least taking out his hammer trying to take out Abeloth.
No. 253250 ID: 46c430

I meant 'don't bother dodging' for the regular soldiers, you didn't specify taunting Todwick, or anyone else, so I just assumed it was a general taunt.
No. 253337 ID: f4e4f9

Most of the normal Soldiery are scared absolutely shitless of him. I doubt many will try to attack him.

Giana's the big irritant right now. Best way to think of her is that she serves the same purpose Ugrokk did, battlefield assassination.

Find Giana.
Kill Strelok. I mean Giana.

Then take GIana's spear and Hurl it at Todwhick.

I'll be honest though, I have no fucking idea how she's doing her stealth. Given how she disappeared...perhaps it's a Gestalt thing? Her cloak separates her into ultrafine filaments that coalesce near a target?

Can you examine the residual soulglow from her ability?
No. 253341 ID: 112b25

Oh yes, right forgot this

ASK the blue knight about what they can do, he should know enough to help you.
I would suggest that you use wifey to make the conversation go faster, but she seems pretty shaken up.

Also, look up.
No. 253392 ID: a76809
File 128909220980.jpg - (24.65KB , 320x311 , Bang Starts Recycling.jpg )

[Can't share part ownership like that, she can manipulate YOUR body, not use it as part of herself. She can't do anything about her own condition.]

Without enough power to fuel most of my newer ideas, I can't keep fighting at this level. I need something to supplement me. ...When I create my extended limbs, converting magic directly into mass, I regain power when reclaiming the flesh.... why could I not do the same to-
>"Are you suggesting you eat the fallen as a scavenger, or the living as a beast?"
I suggest getting enough power to do what I have to without forcing you into a Cerebral Zenith again, I can see it pains you.
>"! I.... how will you disguise such a gruesome act?"
Scarf, wrap around self and eat fast. If I do it in like a swooping leap type thing, landing into a low crouch as I feast, rising slow to jump again after eating was my plan, with the Blood toga as a 'gore collecter' of sorts. If I make sure to wound or kill soldiers in my hopping, I should have more than enough diversion from what little I shall leave. ...Without it, I do not think I can deal with Abaeloth, Giana AND Todwick in his Golem Armor, with Senth looking slightly frustrated in his prolonged fight with Guuten. I don't see any other option for staying a central figure in this battle's outcome, do you?
>"..Do what you must. ...And thank you."

I turn upon the terrified Domintus soldiers, a manic grin painting my face as I resume my slaughter of them, gorily consuming corpses under the cover of my fluctuating scarf. As I hypothesized, the fresh dead give me some glimmer of life without intervening Ownership, and I charge my Scarf back up to full in three corpses consumed in three seconds, while slaying or wounding seventeen other soldiers as cover for my cloaked deeds. As some soldiers finally begin breaking in panic at my assault, some begin to run, and I do what I can to not attack them, in the hopes encouraging flight will further destabilize the Domintus forces. Five more seconds later, six more bodies have been consumed, and my Sash is now a quarter full. ...I have also learned that the more recently dead, the more energy derived from flesh..... perhaps feasting on a living body would yield optimal returns-
>"Bang, no matter you do this partly for me, DO NOT cross that line into feasting on the living. ...I do not think I could handle it, however well you could."
I'm Bang, if my Inner Fist can play as much as I like, and all it takes is eating a few bodies of dudes trying to kill me... eh, whatevs.

...I have to find Giana. Even as Todwick takes off with a crack of thunder and gouts of flame, finally having the Domintus soldiers about him cleared to a safer distance, I know her threat to be the greatest. Abaeloth's still partly in the earth, a few seconds from total freedom, but his body seems so mangled that no matter how resilient he is, he won't be able to perform as well. Wheras Giana.... she shouldn't be able to vanish that easily. Where is she-

I look up as I feel the slightest tug of something entering my net of electrified air.

I spear three inches from my left eye plunges down.

An adrenaline surge to levels normally fatal to humans lets me leap aside, my speed great enough a crack is produced as some joints go supersonic. Giana's spear bends, shifts, stretches, and as I flee tracks after my heart, somehow ignoring the normal twist of space, all the while suffused in Soulglow. Yet the moment the tip pierces my blood toga, I see Giana's eyes widen, and the spear withdraw before it plunged more than a third of an inch into the enchanted cloth, and while I see her eye twitch in recognition of the transferred wound, she does not seem impeded. She once more is surrounded in cloth beginning to flutter and unravel, ten feet away. I finally have some magical reserves again, if not full ones.

Do I want to try and attack Giana before she can once more flee from perception, and if so how will I strike the fastest?
And should I try eating live foes to see if I get some serious energy returns?
And given that on some level I seem able to do something as wild as 'heal reality', do I have any ideas I want to try during my feasting and fighting?
No. 253404 ID: 445c48

Don't eat living dudes. Ain't cool.

And yes, hit her. Shoot those cancer cannons at her face.
No. 253417 ID: 9338f5

super fast teeth shot into her eyeballs should make stabing us a bit tricky
No. 253423 ID: 46c430

Um, impale yourself on her spear pointed at your heart and let the blood togo kill her? Use that sonic ear-splitting attack to damage her ears and hopefully mess her up?
No. 253428 ID: f4e4f9

Don't eat the living. Even corpse feasting is kinda a "No option left" dealy, but eating people alive...thats a Line you don't cross.
No. 253479 ID: a2fbf9

Giana keeps going for vital organs. How about you move them around? Then you can possibly just take the hit and counter with full force bang blades and nematocyst cannons. In fact it might be worth considering scaling down your digestive system to make room for more electricity-producing muscles, bone structure and maybe something like a backup heart or brain. You don't need a digestive system to fight, especially since you can keep yourself going almost indefinitely using curiomancy. You could also regrow discarded parts after the battle anyway.

You could use your reality healing trick to do a sort of supercharged Magnum Thunderclap. If you move your hands at supersonic speeds and keep the resulting vacuum behind them 'healed' for a millisecond then you can release some incredible blasts that'll certainly deafen the Domintus soldiers.
No. 253480 ID: 46c430

Hrmm. Hey, use those bang blades of yours, cut the cloth, that might hinder her.
No. 253481 ID: 9338f5

i dont think theres enough magic left for that
No. 253496 ID: a76809

..Yeah, I guess eating living dudes would be totally gnarly, should avoid that.

I dash forward, a bit of hardening applied to the ground and air about my feet for an ideal brace, kicking off with every bit of force I can muster, a sonic boom in my wake. Giana's swift: I have seen her disappear in an instant, but how shall she do against this?

My arms fling forth, shifting into prehensile Bang Blades, as I throw myself chest-first onto her spear, looking to use the Blood toga offensively.


I slice through several feet of cloth before she can vanish. Unfortunately, her spear seems to withdraw from my charge, never making contact with me again: Some sort of spatial warping allows her to put her spear anywhere? A fiendish ability. Still, before I can actually wound her, she finishes fading from view. ...However, this time I note I can just barely perceive a faint electrical signal where she stood, moving swiftly to flank me. I experimentally let my still-extended arms slice through where I sense the charge, but they catch on nothing... so, I cannot harm her, but the damages I caused at least let me sense where she is when she... disappears. Really, what is her trick here?
>"She seems to use the Dream, stepping to a different possible here. How else would she register as there on some level, but otherwise be completely intangible?[./i]"
Really? So.. she's dreamwalking?
>"[i]An apt enough term.
Well, at least I can track her better now.

Todwick is fifty feet and closing, and Abaeloth has finally pulled himself fully free of the ground. ...including Giana, that makes THREE people with considerable power in their hands. On the plus side, their attention on me, plus Senth keeping Guuten occupied, is making Carkiano and his men as safe as possible in their situation, their casualty rate slowing back down as no heroes come to the aid of the Domintus soldiers.

More pressingly, I have 3 baddies closing, Abaeloth twenty feet to my left, Todwick sixty feet in front of me and closing FAST, hammer held high, and Giana ten feet to my right, still intangible but finally trackable. I am also surrounded be soldiers, but I see the fear in their eyes: They shall not attack me.

So what should I do?
I could use what magic I restored to focus on one of the three attacking me, or I could stay mobile and gain back even more magic for something a bit flashier.
Or maybe I should do something else? I can finally see Mordre in the distance closing, his and Vonjeen's golems easily visible over the swell of armed forces.
No. 253500 ID: 9338f5

throw soldiers at the captins, it will kill and further demoralize the soldiers and distract and delay the captins
No. 253501 ID: a2fbf9

Todwick is the primary concern, Abaeloth is primarily a defensive fighter after all and Giana is hard to reach in her dream state. Attack back, but this time with a massive Bang Blade drill-lance. Use Todwick's own momentum against him and pierce that golem armor, then discard the lance tip inside as a massive possibility-cell spreading cancer bomb!
No. 253518 ID: 112b25

We obviously have to defeat everything here (sans Abeloth) before Mordre arrives.


Skyfall type?



Dreams occur when the body is unconscious or asleep, this states exist when there is damage to the body or the body needs to regenerate energy,

This state is normally entered into naturally as but she is using energy to generate the same effect on the world, i.e. making the world dream her.

I predict that if you HEAL the meta-physical damage to her body that is causing it to enter the dream state, she will be forcefully rejected from teh dream into the physical, therefore attackable.

MoI attempt logged.

in any case, try to maneuver so that when HAM-MAR attack you can dodge and make him hit something else, preferably Abeloth shaped.

Also, seeing as you have discovered that the reason you can jump on air is not totally attributed to your badasserey, but that you are actually, pre-preemptively healing any possible damage to the air, how about you try that with light?

Your new eyes can pick up light in ways never before seen (no pun intended), so I think you should be able to manage this.

In a nutshell what I am suggesting is that your try to imitate Mordre's AA, i.e. Laser eyes, by pre-preemptively healing damage to the light hitting a person. This will stop the light from refracting and it will, hopefully' transmit all it's energy into the target object as heat.

Doing this from your eyes, like a beam, may be easier because your sense of ownership will extend from your eyes to the target.

Second MoI attempt logged

The crazy idea guy is back people.
No. 253524 ID: 46c430


Put Aboleth between you and Todwick. It will put a possible obstacle between you and the Rocket Knight, and mean you arn't flanked on three sides. Don't bother attacking Aboleth, I suspect if we can kill Giana, Aboleth will be defeated too as the magic keeping him alive and in this reality fades.

I also wonder, would forcibly going to sleep (I'm sure Bang can do this somehow, with how much control he has over his body) make him more capable of taking on Giana, 'cause it'd be dreamstate? ...'course, this might simply make him vulnerable to her with no upshot. At the very least, with the time disconnect for dream-time and real-time, and our super-reflexes, might combine to mean if it would prove useful, we wouldn't have to be asleep for long. ...Or maybe he'd be asleep forever because we'd have done something stupid and gotten ourselves killed or worse. Food for thought in any case.

Hrmm. Could you grab one of Aboleth's anti-magic swords from him, and try attacking where Giana is with it?
No. 253537 ID: f4e4f9

Flail about and look confused, pass your half-hearted attack against Giana as errant swinging in confusion at her vanishing. Don't let her know we can track her.

Three baddies all going at you...and one of them is basically a point and shoot rocket. I bet Toddwick can't see Giana either. So bait her into striking you, make like your guard is down.

I wonder if Toddwicks ANTI MAGIC HAMMER can still hit her while incorporeal. See where I'm Going with this?
No. 253539 ID: f4e4f9

>In a nutshell what I am suggesting is that your try to imitate Mordre's AA, i.e. Laser eyes, by pre-preemptively healing damage to the light hitting a person. This will stop the light from refracting and it will, hopefully' transmit all it's energy into the target object as heat.

Unless I'm mistaken, wouldn't this run into the same project as the Air-punch idea?
No. 253542 ID: 903f16


Here's an idea. What if while eating a body you heal the flesh in your mouth to a somewhat living state? Then when you bite down you could get the same effect as eating a live person, but with none ill effects. This relies on you being able to heal the flesh at all or in a time frame that is somewhat reasonable, but hell you can heal air and calculate thousands of heals within a second of time. What's stopping you from healing a pound of flesh in your mouth when you can do that? I mean besides those problems the only other one I can think of would the net magic gain being lower than average corpse munching due to what you have to spend to get the flesh in a living state, but one simple test run should tell you if it is or not.

Or maybe how about something weirder? When attacking Peggy next you grab onto her, but instead of trying to attack her you try to heal her. See using SoulDreaming magic, but you need to be broken to use it. I'm guessing what makes her broken is her little pegged leg so if you can regenerate the limb perhaps she'd lose her abilities and be put into the open. Then you could deliver a nice fatal blow. Arcane healing isn't exactly your game but you did fine with Adolfo and Conrado when you held onto them. Also this might be based on a faulty premise seeing as I don't remember if it's even possible to heal away a SoulDreamer's wounds or if Bang has enough magic to regenerate a limb. Might as well give the idea a shot though.
No. 253551 ID: f4e4f9

Healing requires energy. The problem, thus, with healing the flesh (if dead flesh can be healed, since Jojo couldn't repair Balboa's skin after death), is that you're spending energy to get energy, and probably not at a beneficial rate.
No. 253558 ID: 903f16

Yes I know, I pointed it out myself in the last sentence of the idea. That's I just suggested testing on one body and seeing if what he gains is better or worse than normal.
No. 253667 ID: a76809

I chuck a a trio of soldiers into the air without hesitation, one aimed at where Giana was before disappearing (even though she has moved two feet to the left thus far), and one each straight at Todwick and Abaeloth. Abaeloth doesn't react at all, and Todwick is clearly in competition with him over who gives less of a shit their allies are being used as projectiles. ...New idea, then.

I continue to flail at where I saw Giana even as her electrical signal moves, trying to make it clear I can't track her. While I do this, I start plotting, hoping I can pull this off before Todwick crosses the remaining thirty feet. I hook my healing to the electrical discharges coming from my body, relying on the paths I have been building air jumping and manipulating the earth. I feel... a pain, a crippling, a wound inside that mass of electricity representing Giana. ...If she is a Souldreamer, or soulwalker, or whatever, she has to have something impairing her to elicit such function. The peg leg seems obvious at first... but her cloths completely cover all the rest of her body save hands and face, hands still within fingered gloves and face above a high collar, below a hooked hat. So maybe the peg leg is a distraction, with a more pervasive impairment under wraps, so to speak.
>"I see no flaw with your reasoning, but you cannot outright back your hypothesis."
Don't need to, I just need to test it. Okay, healing a foe through electrical currents in the air.... well, hopefully her problem is related to the nervous system... I blow my entire scarf's load, all of it, on trying to find some hole in her Combat Magic, some place to slip my magic through without coming into contention with her Ownership. I find her to be as paranoid as I feared, body blocked even from healing-save for her Peg-Leg. ..She hasn't realized that if you graft something to your body, that becomes part of you, not just a piece of equipment. I have a path to take, and I dump everything I have through it, even as I dance to the side, putting Giana in between myself and Todwick. As the golem armor wreathed in flame begins to swing earthward that calamitous hammer, the air flickers and pops, Giana Bamblino the Heart Lancer stumbling out of thin air with a shocked look on her face. She completely ignores me and the shit-eating grin I shoot her, instead prioritizing the massive hammer swinging down towards both of us. As I leap aside at just below the speed of sound, I see Giana stabbing a knife claimed from one of the prolific pockets hidden on her person straight towards her heart, and a darker patch of leather ringed in strange looking runes with a different color of Soulglow. The hammer head falls upon her-and instead of feeling her electrical signal go erratic and fade in death, it... winks out of existence. ....Hm.
>"You suspect she fled"
What I felt would match.
>"And so, what are you going to do about Todwick?"
How about you think about that while I figure out what to do about Abaeloth getting all keen with his shadowhands, and showing they can extend at his will? I mean, don't want to get caught by those, shit just tears right on through flesh, costly to regenerate in the wake of. Todwick's hammer is a threat sure, but he's big and not particularly quick witted or perceptive, so long as I don't get hit by that hammer, I should be good, no matter how durable he may be. I even note Carkiano's attention turning to his one-time ally in comparably sized Golem armor.

What should I do? Should I resume my battle with Abaeloth, or stick to Todwick and help Carkiano off him?
No. 253673 ID: 569038

We should help Carkiano.

Oh and see if you can manage to scavenge more bodies since you blew your scarfs entire reserve.
No. 253681 ID: d3dfb8

I say we fuck up HAM-mar's stabilizers so if he tries to fly he'll simply crash horribly awesomely. Then he should be a piece of cake for Carkiano to handle.
Then Abaeloth is all ours.
No. 253689 ID: 9338f5

the rocket bits seem to be reinforced with runed metal and to large for us to easily damage. also we are far to low on magic to fight the terminator zombie
No. 253694 ID: 669ef7

We might be able to get HAM-MAR to hit Abaeloth instead, that would be hilarious and seriously put a DENT in Abaeloth's plans!
No. 253713 ID: 4ad9b2

Now that Todwick is EVEN BIGGER with MORE ARMOR could you just hang onto him and hide on his back between the jet exhausts where he can't reach you? Then you can punch or cut your way inside the armor and say hello.
No. 253729 ID: a95392

Heh, no MoI but a good result all the same.

At a high cost.

hmmmmm, now what.
You seriously need to get the full story on these guys... but until then

Jump up and slam the hammer further into the ground courtesy of a MAGNUM DOUBLE BARREL(only if the runic effect does not extend to both sides)

Bounce up and grab hold of the handle and swing yourself up to the cockpit (you saw him get in, it's cool)

Scan the cockpit area with awesome eyes and look for breaks in the magical reinforcement (likely around the seams for the cover), run some quick calculations and hit it in the area for maximum effectiveness.

(if you don't find a weak point, the just grab the head and pull him down... then get out of the way of the crushing force.)
No. 253734 ID: a76809

Yeah, quarter Sash and nothing else ain't gonna cut it. I need some real juice, if I want to put down Abaeloth for good. Besides, Carkiano should be able to keep Todwick occupied, I mean he had to have made that Golem Armor, he's the one with the outposts built for it and all. Plus, fight between giants, how can that not be a cool dining backdrop? I dart away from the questing hands of shadow, not even a sliver of flesh lost as I disembowel two soldiers in passing, whirling about to fall upon a dead soldier on the ground, adding his mass to my magical reserves.

I leap atop Todwick's hammer, the fire tubes adorning its back unlit and bereft of anti-magic. I slam my hands down, doing what I can to push the hammer's head deeper into the ground before I begin running up its thick haft. I move towards the Golem Armor's torso, my eyes scanning for the seams of the opening Todwick vanished into. I see runes on both sides of the metal, made whole with it shut, and my fingers find no nook to dig into. I leap away before a swatting hand can crush me, and I begin spending the next seven seconds gorging myself, restoring magical reserves enough I can finally finish Abaeloth, leaving Todwick to Carkiano.

.......................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: CARKIANO] .......................................................

My feet fall like thunder, suspended in the fluid embrace of my Blue Knight. My Dreamcloak, that which lets me store sword, spear and shield alike within its nebulous confines, flutters about me despite its weight. My sword in hand, Midnight Storm, I hope to bring vengeance on the heads of the betrayers, those who spat on my trust. One should be able to trust people, and to have my three most able subordinates....

I am thankful that this Bang individual, this associate of Mordre, is lending aid: That hammer out of the way like that-

Midknight Storm slices up into a lateral slice with a slight upwards cant, set to path straight through Todwick's cockpit and take off naught but his head. Execution for rebellion, rightly served.

Ever one to face problems head on, Todwick predictably shoulder charges me, trying to get inside my swing: Sadly enough for him, I anticipated it, and swayed back to keep my sword in line. His right arm drops off an instant before my sparking blade meets his torso, and midway through his armor shudders, and goes limp. My blade carries through, justice served to one of three traitors. ....That other one, Senth, he fights Guuten. My spear, Dawn Thunder would be most ably suited to slaying the beast of hunger. ...With the traitors dealt with or otherwise fled, I could then move to fight against Abaeloth.... this ambush could be turned about into a route, if I work for it.

But first... Guuten.

.......................................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: BANG] .......................................................

Okay. Kinda didn't expect the fight to be over that fast, but hey, full Scarf, three sevenths full Sash.... I got a good bit done, I'm about half full of power. And Abaeloth, I have noted, is oh so slowly beginning to heal. Gotta act fast, even if Mordre will be here any second.

Who am I going to fight the still impaired Abaeloth, considering how durable he's proven?
No. 253739 ID: a95392

OH YEA BABY!!!!!!!

[Let's see how this works out.]
This should be done in 3 seconds tops... if you go slow.

Dash so that Abeloth and Guuten form a straight line in front of you.
crouch like an athlete getting ready to dash out the starting blocks.

MAXIMUM POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
prepare to heal damage nanoseconds after it happens.

EXPLODE from that position and grab Abeloth with elongated hands (to keep his shadows out of reach of your brain bits.)



Whatever happens, one of them will die.
1)Guuten will sense it and eat Abeloth to save himself (I also suggest ejecting your arm at this point, Gutten might eat it too)

2) Abeloth's S.arms will rip him apart.
3) Gutten will not do anything and the sheer force will pulp him

If Abeloth does not does from this, chick him into orbit.
I'm serious.
You can do it.
No. 253753 ID: 5f0943

Take Abby out quickly with a GENESIS MOVE.
Remember not to use what you got in your sash.
Use that to refill after the Genesis have been used.
No. 253769 ID: 4ad9b2

The Hand of Hunger eat flesh and matter, but they can only eat so much at any given time, right? How about you throw another few soldiers at Abaeloth and this time push the attack using the bodies as temporary shields to ablate the initial Hands of Hunger effect by crashing through the bodies at full speed using HANDS OF BANG! Grow more arms, blades, bone spears, fire nematocyst salvos and everything you can think of in an all-out explosion.
No. 253778 ID: 903f16


Pump yourself up with as much adrenaline as you can and extend the Bang Blades. Level into his arms and try to hack them off through repeated hits. Work around the shadow hands from his cloak and if you get into a situation where you are going to be hit maneuver yourself so it only touches nonessential or easily replaceable bits. Removing his arms or at least mangling them means his very potent magic severing blades are out of commission and he's a lot less dangerous.

Wait Todwick's hammer is still stuck in the ground right? Could you use your herculean strength to do something like jump skyward and hit the haft causing it to jettison from the ground and fly into his face? Or maybe just try to get it out of the dirt and throw if manually. Eh probably not strong enough, but it's worth a shot.
No. 253783 ID: f4e4f9

The whole point of Genesis is that it uses up everything.

It's not a Genesis without giving your all to an attack.

And damnit, at his rate Mordre won't get his Dynamic Entry! AH, well.

Fish Todwicks Normal Warhammer out of the remains of his suit, see if you can heft it, and give it a toss at Abaeloth. I'm curious what would happen if crystal anti-magic sword met metal anti-magic Hammerhead. Shadow Hands won't block it, and I'd hate to see what happens to Abaeloth if it actually hits him.
No. 253789 ID: 903f16

Actually yeah, throw the normal hammer instead of the giant one. That would be much more reasonable in terms of weight. Hopefully you remember where he dropped his stuff or there's residual soulglow around the thing.
No. 253795 ID: fb7332

Just saying, Mordre should be able to AA the heck out of Guuten or Giana- the laser should be faster than perception unless they have super perception mods like Bang and a few other characters met thus far. W
No. 253796 ID: a95392

Well Giana appears to be gone.

I though we might have misjudged it for a second, but Blue Knight mentioned escaping so I think she is gone for now.

Also Mordre won't AA without our say so... we be savin' it remember.

when was the last time we used that thing anyway?
No. 253799 ID: 445c48

In the fight against Goran, I believe. Used it on his troops.
No. 253801 ID: fb7332


Hm, didn't read that part right I guess.

Also, souls will hang around for a minute or two, right? Wouldn't want Mordre to miss out.


That hammer idea depends. Does antimagic act as an intrinsically opposite concept to magic that thus is not powered by its own magic, like gravity and normal force, or does it simply negate some properties of the magical field using its own magic, like negating gravity with a powerful fan?

If it's the first, the two will probably not react, but this creates a separate field of magic in which magic can be negated with other powers nonmagical. Thus, it's more likely that the second is correct and that the two forces will simultaneously clash and... Shit, man, I don't know what'll happen then.

If the two collide and simultaneously negate each other, several things could happen. Nothing could happen as both the weapons instantaneously lose all magical charge and become mundane. Maybe both the weapons will begin sucking in magic in some sort of supercollider-escalating action. Maybe an asplode of magikz.

We should totally try anyways. If we can get the universe to commit a divide by zero with enough prodigious use of negating magic items that are designed to negate magic, we could get nuke-equivalent magical traps.

Alternatively this is all conjecture and will never happen. That's a lot more probable than tricking the universe into a divide by zero anyways.
No. 253805 ID: a95392

Or we could ask Arkus to do math with magic, he might try something weird again and frig with the world.
No. 253869 ID: 35bba5

If we really want to maximize our ability to frig with the world, we need more talented mages(getting Kyorto online is probably a good start), we need to get our 'unified magical theory' thing going again, and we probably need more texts on obscure magical fields and the like. There was that mobile secret library, the C-whatever Repository? We could maybe use one of our future boons from Lenryt to get some more teleport boxes made-if we could get one there we would have immediate access to a huge magical library, although we would probably have to do a lot of negotiating to get access to a lot of their stuff.
No. 253873 ID: db9547

The Caemlo Repository is supposedly a Mobile Soul Grave or something.
No. 253879 ID: 35bba5

I don't think that necessarily invalidates anything I said, unless it is actually a really small Soul Grave and they keep all those texts in the form of some magical omnibook or something. Soul Graves can be huge. We are pretty small for a Soul Grave, I thought?
No. 253881 ID: db9547

No, but it makes everything about it harder. And the Caemlo Repository is supposed to be very hard to find, so I don't think Size is the issue (as a wandering gigantic whatever is kinda hard to miss).
No. 253883 ID: db9547

Also, I kinda figured they used the Soul Grave's mental capacity as the storage system (why else use a Soul Grave for that purpose?). We aren't THAT small.
No. 253884 ID: e31d52

We're not small!

We're efficient.
No. 253886 ID: 66667c

Or we could get a lot of clever people and teach them the basics of magic, then ask them to do something complex from what they know.

They might figure out the way it's currently done... OR they could make something completely new.
No. 253893 ID: a76809

I begin with turning nearby soldiers into projectiles, trying to get so much matter between Abaeloth and I that he can't get those shadowy tendrils at me. It is at this point that the soldiers around me lose their last semblance of courage, and not a one stays to face me in close combat, now all rushing back as I hear shouts for cannons to be brought up.

With the time I bought by filling the air with my foes, I rush to the immense warhammer of Todwick, the Golem Armor scale weapon several tons in its own right. I anchor my feat to the earth and air as I heave, the hammer coming free to spin in my hands. I slap aside soldiers with bone-crushing force in my whirling blow, but I bring the hammerhead, complete with its anti-magic rune, against Abaeloth. I See shadow hands reflexively reaching towards the hammer's face, and unraveling into smoke as they touch. Abaeloth raises and arm, a black sword coming up to break the coming enchantment. ...Can the corpse not see the nature of the impending attack? A perilous situation, but one to my advantage. NOW: Let's see what happens when an anti-magic rune hits anti-magic crystal! IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!
>"You call magical experimentation science?"
Magic is just a word for science that as of yet has not been fully quantified. So: IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE.

Hammer meets sword.

The world goes dark, not a whit of Soulglow visible. The visible spectrum is likewise hit, disordered soldiers panicking in the dark. Electroreception, thermal, these are my methods of 'seeing' now, but what I note most is the sound. From the moment those two items met, not a single sound of impact has been heard. Indeed, a quarter second after impact, just as I start hearing the screaming blind, a wave of silence washes over me as a palpable force, and a sphere goes deadly dark to my thermal vision, spreading from the point of impact and seeping every bit of warmth it can find. I leap back, relinquishing the hammer's haft in dodging the spreading cold, and am gratified when the cold field slowls its expansion, with color and magic again returning to the world.

Where the two weapons clashed is a shattered crater, frost and ice everywhere, as if cold itself had feasted on the landscape. I feel a pervasive presence of Order within the area, as if entropy, the void of vacuum itself where worshipped here. Abaeloth himself is frost coated, an arm blown off from the sheer force of the impact, the sword shattered to naught but slivers and shards. Yet with a badly broken body, missing an arm and his head, He continues to stand, continues to walk after me.

So I once more spring for the titanic hammer's haft, I leap into the air and begin once more lace Curatiomancy into the air about my feet, creating a stable foothold from nothing as I begin leveraging the hammer up-and over. I let my foothold vanish the moment the hammerhead is set in motion, having drained my Sash down to a seventh, my Scarf down to half-

But as the headless and one-armed Abaeloth is faced with a hammer blow from the heavens, I consider the price well worth it. I see his arm rising to oppose the blow-and I see broken bones refusing to move ably enough, and no crystal blade rises to ward off harm. The anti-magic rune is smashed into Abaeloth's body, and just before I shove his animated corpse into the ground I see the Soulglow about him winking out. Abaeloth is toast.

Senth and Carkiano seem to have a problem though, as Guuten... I don't know WHAT he did, but he's about twenty feet tall and growing now, eating Carkiano's soldiers and Domintus soldiers alike, glowing brighter and brighter. Carkiano's two handed stab of his spear is stopped midair with an implacable grip-

Or it is, until a perfect line of Thermal, Electrical and Magical energy breaches a path through Guuten's breast, and instants later amidst a crack of thunder Guuten's body pulls itself apart, sucked along by tremendous forces imparted by what just struck.

Mordre has arrived, then. At least I got to kill Abaeloth.


.............................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE..........................................................

I see a soul that MUST be Abaeloth's by Bang, I see a massive golem armor cleaved in twain, I see Senth and Carkiano now freed from fighting that fleshy monstrosity, and I see the comparatively cool condition of my cannon, having relied exclusively on the saw rings to turn a normal cannon shot into a rail shot. I count one hundred eighty five soldiers to Carkiano's name yet alive, with the Domintus forces numbering six thousand three hundred alive and fighting fit. Hundreds lay on the ground dead or incapacitated, and not all of it is Bang's handiwork. I shall have to discern just how much aid Senth provided.

I also note that the duo seem to have done an excellent job preparing the battlefield: The last heroic soul has perished, and the Domintus soldiers look to have their will broken. I believe I could attempt to force their surrender. I am not sure if the state could use prisoners, but if there was some way I could claim their manpower.... I do recall numerous mention of the Domintus forces following the will of the strongest..... hm....

What should I say or do to best take advantage of my appearance on the battlefield?
Do I want to slaughter the soldiers and harvest souls, or attempt their capture as prisoners of war/possible recruits?
No. 253903 ID: db9547

Consume ABAELOTH, TODWHICK, and GUUTEN's souls. They can't have disipatted yet, its only been minutes.

Soulsuck, ON. Dirge, ON.

You need only capture some of the mages alive. The rest are not trustworthy. Rule by power alone is a shaky rule, and if they're that eager to turn on their current masters, they'll do you no better when the chips are down.

Inferno Golems to corral. Let none escape.
No. 253911 ID: db9547

Actually, tone that suggestion down a bit. We'll try to leave a very small portion alive (a number of the mages, and between 300 and 600 of the normal soldiery.
No. 253912 ID: 903f16


Do a mixture. Kill some, take the rest as prisoners. Basically be as brutal as possible in your methods to wrangle them up. You're mainly looking for mages, which would probably be any of the guys in cloaks. The rest of the guys you take will be for Wiesmahn, the local administrator of this area. Eldghodd mentioned him after we told him about Timmy. In fact not only did he mention him we get a free audience with the guy along with another administrator of our choosing. Administrators give out favors in exchange for offerings like live prisoners, corpses, and technology. The train of logic is pretty obvious from there. What we ask him for in return for a bunch of dudes and corpses I'm not sure.

Also, soul suck like the wind. Scream a war cry, something loud terrifying. Like the dirge combined with a dragon's cry. Flex out the Sable Executioner, and let out a bit more soulfire spew out of your neck than usual. Make your steps heavy and loud as to trample into the mess of things. Then demand surrender.
No. 253913 ID: 903f16

Also if we can get a large number of them to surrender claim Blood Iron from the fallen and attempt to shape it into chains or bindings. If that isn't possible have Senth gather clothing and use it to tie their hands together.
No. 253914 ID: 741399

Well, consume all currently disembodied souls, with Heroic souls as a first priority.

Also, make sure to claim all of Abaeloth's remains: armor, sword shards, shadow hands, everything. If only to (hopefully!) prevent anything like this from happening again (though if it gives a massive power boost to Abaeloth (but not enough to escape our enslavement of him, of course) and enhance our HANDS OF HUNGER, I don't mind too much), if other usages (like: the hands to Arkus for replication, or, failing that, for him to wear; hands to to one of our Premen Heros, whoever needs them most; etc.) cannot be done. Looting, of items and corpse, should also be done to the traitors, if Carkiano does not want them; Guunten seemed to be like a version of Goran, surely at least one of our mage assets (Kyorto (if only for completeness' sake, since she hasn't evidenced anything other than illusions, with possible Life Golem craft), Arkus, the Drazken shamans) can make use of him; Todwick's armor, if fixed, would most likely give Arkus more runes at the very least.

As for the DoD soldiers: first priority is finding a (hopefully living, because of the soul boost and Curatiomancy works on them) World mage with an intact skin for Kyorto (this is most probably not gonna happen, Bang was searching for mages to kill near the beginning of the fight, and Bang explodes his opponents, not neatly kill them and leave the skin intact); if there isn't any, well, all parts of the body of mages must surely have some value to the Drazken shamans. For the rest of the soldiers, I would like to remind everyone of the deal with Eldghodd: bodies, be they living or dead, can be traded for greater available mining area. If they cannot be used for any other greater purpose (and if we want to use them directly for us; we could give them to Carkiano, who might want them for his Hounds or something), they could be given over to Eldghodd.

Nah, no Dirge; the Dirge is for when we go to battle, and this isn't a battle: this is just clean-up.
No. 253915 ID: 741399

Or we could have Valiria use her sword's special enchantment, summoning chains to bind those struck by her sword, to tie any prisoners we get.
No. 253916 ID: 46c430

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey now, soul-sucking is great, but not ALL souls! The Blue Knight will have our ass if he soul-suck his own fallen soldiers!
No. 253917 ID: db9547

Also: I'm friggin DYING to know what our Omni-Maw can do, IF it does in fact do anything other than look totally bitchin.

See if you can't find a suitable mage or Soldier Target to test it's effect on.
No. 253918 ID: db9547

Hey, now, there's still 6000+ troops on the field. Theres still some fight left.

Also, the Dirge is like...our calling card. Also morale buster. Not wading through soldiers while singing the song of our people just seems...wrong, somehow.
No. 253919 ID: 903f16

All of them? We could end up with several thousand prisoners, having her hit each and every one doesn't seem practical or even possible. Her sword probably has some limit to the number of chains it can exude and maintain at a time. She can hit the high priority targets with it to ensure a tight binding, but anything more seems a bit much.
No. 253920 ID: d3dfb8

No. 253921 ID: 445c48

Eat "Abaeloth's" "soul". And Todwick's and Guuten's. See if that Antimagic hammer is big enough for you.

Kill some, eat some enemy souls, make some soul soldiers, attempt to capture most of them.
No. 253922 ID: d3dfb8

Right, yeah, don't eat our allies souls.
No. 253923 ID: c4098d

Let's go for their unconditional surrender. While it would be delicious to kill some and imprison some, Carkiano only has one hundred eighty five soldiers left. Even with our combined help, Carkiano's men will take more casualties when we face the  remaining Domintus troops. He has already lost too many men this day, he cannot afford to lose anymore if he is going to help us deal with the rest of the Domintus forces within the state.
And if things go south, we can always just curb-stomp the majority of them and leave the useful ones alive. Otherwise we should try to end the battle here and now (hopefully with the Domintus' surrender).

And now for that dynamic entry we have been waiting for:
"Fools of Domintus! Where is your God now? Your golems have been shattered and your officers have been slaughtered! Even your faux, puppet Abaeloth has been crushed by Magnum Bang! Surrender, and your lives shall be spared. Refuse and I, Mage Mordre: Slayer of Core Beings, Defender of Trepany, Consumer of Abaeloth, Nullifier and Devourer of Magic, Overseer of the Kyogrock Arcanoworks, Slaughterer of Golemslayers, and Summoner of Avalanches, shall see to it personally that EVERY single one of your souls are chained to my Soul Furnace for eternity!"
No. 253925 ID: f4e4f9

Agreed with the Soul Soldiers, but use them thus: Create an "Honor Guard" of 20 or so for Valiria, Carkiano, and Vonjeen.
No. 253929 ID: 65acf1

Ok Mordre,time to put on your thinking cap (skull?).

So Arkus is leaking world magic right? As is the stone we fed to Moss and Mordre. That would be the line of magic Bang saw connected to Mordre from the world. What do all three have in common? They were used to see through or were possessed by the Caged One. Since Moss is using that power to grow, does that mean either Arkus or Mordre could also use it to become more powerful? Will this connection through which world magic is syphonned allow the Caged one to escape at some point in the future?

It seems the color of soulflame is related to the saturation of order or chaos, blue soulfire and green soulfire respectively. The techniques of Jade Soul monks as well as the soul magics of the yetis produce a chaotic green soulflame, as does Mordre. If Mordre were to find a way to align his soul(s?) with order, would that provide some form of protection from or mitigation of Jade soul technique and regular soul magic?

The only reservation I might have to doing this sort of conversion is that being chaotically aligned might be necessary for the formation of pristine souls.
No. 253931 ID: f4e4f9

Can Mordre distinguish between who he soulsucks?

If he can stop from sucking Allied souls, go for it. I just wasn't aware he could distinguish.
No. 253936 ID: e31d52



No. 253937 ID: 35bba5

If we are going to be realigning souls we should probably look into talking to some of the other guys we have in here. And try and figure out whether we can talk to all our souls, just heroic ones, heroic and mage ones...if we can talk to any of the soul mages we ate(yetis mostly?) they might be able to tell us some useful information about that sort of thing...but if they are yetis they probably wouldn't be trustworthy. LoD guys use soul magic of sorts, so maybe one of them could help.
No. 253938 ID: 569038

Soulsuck everything. There were several mages amidst those soldiers, we can't let them go.

And there's also the problem with Peggy. We must find her.
No. 253952 ID: f4e4f9

They wont dissipate immediately. It takes a long time for souls to totally disappear. We can afford to take the time to sort out Carkiano's men.
No. 253958 ID: e31d52

We cannot take the time to let them fiddle-faddle with Aboeleth. Again.
No. 253959 ID: f4e4f9

What does that have to do with what I said? I was referring to the normal souls, and siphoning only the Domintus Soldiers Souls instead of Carkianos.
No. 253961 ID: d65d9c

You know, I was thinking what a neat thing it would be if we kill all of liutenants, knight-catains, that lady leader her god-golem, then the rest of DoD would be left with no leadership.
We could assume the position of their god-golem and somehow make them worship us as a god.
I suspect the power that their soul-golem has comes from the same source as Dragons and Masked Warriors, mainly peoples belief.

Imagine, we would be known as Dragon in LoD giving us tremendous boost in power then we would be know as god by the whole of DoD giving us additional boost. Maybe we could manage to make some kind of belief system in Premen lands, say, having them believe that we are some kind of super-powerful, immortal chieftain that will look over Premen for centuries to come giving us EVEN more belief based power.

As to where to put all of those DoD population, well, I suggest using them to reclaim Cursed Lands which were know at some time as Mosmordre Empire.
Start with building a town with Kyortos tower as a center (meaning that our teleport box would be in the center of this new empire)

How big is the population of DoD anyway? Is it completely made up from soldiers or are there regular towns and such. If they invaded with and army with the size of 100k, the civilian population should be somewhere 500k-1mil
No. 253965 ID: d65d9c


I think that Arkus is becoming a sorcerer. You know, like source of magic. I know most of you guys have read Discworld series so you should know the ramifications of being a sorcerer.

In short, it means that Arkus may have the potential of having unlimited mana and becoming the strongest magic user ever.
He would be like a living leyline geyser.

We must take this into our advantage. Making Arkus powerful will be good for us.

Heck, I wanted to suggest making him the director of the new Mortal Coil tower which is being planned in LoD. We could have more chance of convincing Lenryt if he has appropriate power-level.
No. 253989 ID: 9338f5

first eat all the souls, then kill them all.

if we could get them to surrender we could use them for penal labour to help fix everything they ruined or destroyed, but the logistics of such a thing and the possible reaction of the state as well as the effort required to guard them makes taking them prisioner more trouble thsn its worth
No. 253991 ID: 69bee4

Morde Brain infodump pt 1: (numbers are based upon when I thought of idea, don't worry about em, part 2 comes when combat is fully done.)

4) Belief Magic is a form of sustained Will magic.

Observations: Belief about an objects power by a large enough number imbues it with power (such as Masked Warriors, precious metals). We have no reason to see why any person is incapable of magic, but lacks the know-how of how to do it. As Will is the most easily connected form of magic without understanding theory (Word requires book knowledge, World needs some knowledge of Leylines, Blood and Soul are more dangerous and seem to be very unintuitive to most), it holds that Belief is most likely a Will form of magic.

Prediction: The silver of Morde’s mask provides some boost to the AA’s charge, being in an area where more people are ‘wow’ed by his vistage would improve this effect. (something like a defeated army maybe)

13) A heroic soul will best respond to Morde’s call when spoken to in the correct way, doing something the soul likes, and/or using the soul’s power in a way the soul would appreciate. Being formerly on friendly terms/willing accumulaion also helps.

Observation: Ozmand had a much better reaction towards us than Abaeloth. Ozmand and Zagrath have both mentioned being able to ‘see’ the effects of their powers. Abaeloth’s poor reaction to us was done on cordial talking terms, and immediately after fleeing a foe, actions against his philosophy in life.

Prediction: both Thormo and Abaeloth would react much better towards us in soul conversation if we spoke to them in combat. Particularly with someone of Heroic level talents, and where their personal powers make an impact.

14) Abaeloth’s Hands of Hunger is a form of Dream based combat magic.

Observation: Bang will report about Peggy’s abilities, attacks, and how they worked seemingly off Dream principles. Harm/disfigurement must come to the body in order to power a Dream based power, and it was noted that Abaeloth was losing his spirit over time, and seems like he was degrading with use of his power.

Prediction: Absorption of this part of the second defeated Abaeloth should improve our Hands of Hunger, as similar to Thormo (though done into a small tomb instead), Abaeloth’s soul was fragmented.
No. 254002 ID: ddd48d
File 128923279614.png - (437.73KB , 1074x1133 , MEATBANG.png )

Bang's already had his fun, so its FATTY MORDRE TIME NOW. EAT THEMMMMMMMMMMM.

Once they all start running, with no one fighting back anymore, that may be a good time to take prisoners/gather information.
No. 254032 ID: 3affc4

It's time to be seen by all! Embed the magnetic rings into the ground and float above the Domintus army like demon battleship, arms outstretched to the sides. Magnetically lift up all the weapons of the fallen to hover with you and then send the captured weapons raining down onto the enemy army in precise, brutal strikes along with soulfire blasts to drive back the Domintus frontline and punish any who try to fight back. State the terms of their surrender while activating the Hands of Hunger to show them who's the new boss as you prepare to counter the last, futile attempts by artillery and mages to strike back.

Be careful when consuming the fake Abaeloth's soul. Perhaps it's some sort of soul grave trap?

Also I don't think anyone has pointed this out - Todwick wore GOLEM armor and Mordre can to some extent assimilate GOLEM parts and runes like the Immortal Genocide. The question here is CAN MORDRE GET A ROCKET JETPACK?!
No. 254036 ID: 6d3aaa

No. 254047 ID: 66667c

Also, The anti-magic wave thing shows how the IG works.

Pretty crafty if I do say so myself.

I say that but I am still stuck between two theories,
was the wave created because of the 'divide by zero' factor or is ant- magic always like that but it has been bound to work in a certain area?

All in all, I favour the first theory because if it was just binding, I would expect that at least people like Eisenhardt would know about it... unless, of course, humans were not the ones to derive anti magic and it was instead 'gifted'.
No. 254049 ID: 669ef7

PS Grab the Anti-Magic Hammer
No. 254053 ID: d65d9c

Hey guys,

I propose we should make a bee-line to the army that Eisenhardt is supposed to be engaging right after we deal with all this. We should go there at our top maximum possible speed and take only those who can keep up with us.
This has several reasons:

If Eis still battling and has trouble, we can help him out

If he has already murdederated everyone, we can reap the spoils.

This would be an excellent opportunity to initiate 3rd round on neutral grounds. Eisy won't have terrain advantage this time and would be more or less at the same power as when we first fought him.
No. 254069 ID: f4e4f9

Theres still a force of 24000 or so Domintus in this area. We aren't quite done.
No. 254074 ID: d65d9c

something tells me that ss long as there are no more lieutenants, knight-captains or any other heroic level enemies Bang alone would be enough to deal with them.
Without a strong leader these soldiers should not be hard to deal with.

Though, we still must find peggy.
Lets use all of our available powers to search for her. Also ask Bang to keep looking for her.
No. 254102 ID: 5f0943

Well, a bunch of those have probably already been killed by Aurockoth, so it's probably a lot less than 24000.

Anyway, Nom souls, kill DoD's and take that hammer!
No. 254178 ID: 35bba5

Trying to make people worship us as a god is a potentially really bad idea. Most people don't really look on that sort of thing kindly. If we want to exploit belief magic, there are any number of ways to do it without the risks of that sort of thing. Plus, if the DoD start worshipping us as their god, we may BECOME that god, given enough worshippers. As in, we wouldn't be us anymore.
No. 254321 ID: a76809

[Not anymore.]

[Nope, and you got a hint of something but didn't hit the mark.]

My first priority is Abaeloth, and the rest of the Heroic Souls. I mean to see my decayed fragment of Abaeloth complemented by this corpse warrior Bang fought, recognizing the shapings of the soul coalescing over the body. I look from Heroic Soul to Heroic Soul, so many I wish to feast on. I dash forward ahead of my companions, diving straight into the Domintus flank , like a fussy customer choosing between house specials. As I wonder at which I'd move to consume first, my omnidirectional body maw belches a particularly dense patch of Soulfire, it's nimbus of energy empowering my hunger as I enhale. Every soul within a hundred feet of me is pulled in as feast, two Heroic Souls claimed in the area effect devouring. I feel my shoulder, the cannon empowered by Balboa the Butcher and Ozmand the Hammer humming in conjunction with Todwick Revelrik The Rocket Hammer's soul. I let the soul likewise fuse into the shoulder's cannon, and feel a subtle shift of design. I feel Ozmand's presence swell, the promised area of wreckage expanded, multiplied. I also feel a reshaping, a runing of the back of my cannon shells, a hollowed pit with thrust capacity, independent of firing. A self propelling artillery round, what a thing. I become increasingly glad for the existing rifling and revolving bladed tip, a drill in all but name. Abaeloth The All Consuming's soul is likewise tugged upon the moment its consumed, resonating with... itself. I think nothing of merging the two, and force them together more swiftly than their innate pull might have accomplished. I feel consciousness collide, clash... and one emerge. The soul I feel now, however, shines brilliantly, a rival to Goran's soul in sheer magnitude. ....Who was this Abaeloth, to command such power?

My single enormous gulp taken, I am gladdened as I note none of Carkiano's men had been within the area, Todwick's soul only just barely reached. I consider Guuten's soul, still surrounded in a pervasive sense of hunger, and the Blue Knight reinforcements I brought having split up to provide cover, the partly ethereal (-and possibly Dream?) Beast manifestations about the Hound bodies tear mighty paths through the enemy ranks, Vonjeen a walking funereal pyre, everything ash before his might as he marches with determination towards his father's side. Valiria (Thankfully kept by asks to remain on her magnetic perch, and sets to lashing out quick whipping wrist snaps, her pommel's chains lengthening with every loop of motion, and in seconds scores of feet of chain dangle freely. I keep some attention on her and maneuver her with erratic, unpredictable patterns that still bring her long swoops towards officers, targets she inevitably loops links about, does something with her sword, and the chains snap off, perfectly and seamlessly secured about the target so as to make escape impossible short of destroying the chains. I continue to plot further high-officer yield paths for her as I plot my next instant's move, within the hole of death I cut in the Domintus forces, halfway having carved a path to Carkiano's forces. ....It is at this point that I note only a few soldiers are left, the severely wounded have been claimed along with the dead in my feast.

Abaeloth's cloak, now just runed cloth, and remaining crystal sword are swiftly claimed mid-feeding frenzy. ...No, I think for maintaining my persona, and understanding mortal though, I must carefully consider the implications of what this means for my feeding now. It is almost an arbitrary afterthought that I pay attention to the total souls I gain-but I find my attention very much so warranted.

That many? ...True, it was a hundred foot radius from inside an enemy formation.... and it consumed the wounded... yes, the number sounds more believable when considered.

In my field of death, only the few hale and hearty soldiers are still standing, but their ranks are so ravaged I see outright terror and rabid fear in so many of their eyes. It is onto this perfectly rapt audience that I make my introduction.

"Your golems have been shattered and your officers have been slaughtered! Even your faux, puppet Abaeloth has been crushed by Magnum Bang! Surrender, and your lives shall be spared, where possible. Refuse and I, The Mage Mordre: Defender of The Azelhaedran State, Consumer of Abaeloth, Nullifier-Devourer of Magic, Overseer of the Kyogrock Arcanoworks, Conqueror of Golemslayers, And Summoner of Avalanches, shall enforce THE LAW. Treacherous dogs of Domintus, for your unwarranted acts of aggression against the State, Be aware the due punishment for your crimes are execution, YOUR SOULS FORFEIT."

For a moment not one of them acts after the oddly longwinded speech I gave after mass murder, and Valiria has even easier pickings trussing up officers as the Blue hounds and Vonjeen finish catching up to my location, and the thinned patch of foes.Thinking of the most efficient way to solve this issue, I dart forward with Kinetimancy and Geomancy, carefully positioning myself to claim Guuten's soul and the rest of the dead or wounded between the Blue Knight and his own land. I work for a brief moment replicating the sensations, and once more create a rebounding weight in the air around me, lives on the brink ending and claimed along with the dead.


Guuten the Hungry's soul is, like the other two claimed, inclined towards existing souls: Guuten is pulled towards Goran. Having seen excellent polish come from following this path before, I encourage the soul towards its destination-

To have Goran's soul eat the new one, and grow vaster in engorged contentment, a sullen malice palpable about its presence. ...Interesting. In either event, Goran's soul is once more the undisputed strongest in my collection... but Abaeloth is still surprisingly close. I almost absentmindedly note the Domintus soldiers are dropping their weapons and surrendering without hesitation now, many falling to sob on the ground as they cower, surrounded by dead they called comrades seconds ago. ...I should take note of how psychologically traumatizing mass-claiming the considerably wounded or near to death could be, applied properly in warfare. I wait as the unharmed and the walking wounded are slowly led away, Vonjeen insisting on marching them to whichever base he references by 'home', while Carkiano only lets him leave after the Blue Soulfire ceases to emit from the suit. As Vonjeen, Valiria, the twenty hounds and some hundred seventy five of Carkiano's soldiers lead away some three thousand captives. Bang and Senth each appraising flanks of the captured foes seem to deter any thoughts of escape. In my considerations of the effective containment on the prisoners, at least three hundred of which I can see appear to be Arcane mages, Carkiano in his much larger Golem Armor stands at my side.

"....An interesting day, to face an ambush, a trio of betrayals, and salvation. ...I must now shame-facedly admit I had some reservations about you before, and I must apologize. The service you and your affiliates, Bang and Senth provided, even transporting my family.... You are a friend to the Blue Knight, for saving me, my family, my army, and even the southlands themselves. ...Now, on to the business at hand. The invading force's head is gone, no commanding officers to be found I would imagine, too many involved in this attempt on my life. I can recognize far too many officer insignia for this to not be the case for a branch army.. They will be disorganized, uncertain, unready. ....But I have so many more supplies I could bring to bear on them, soldiers armed more ably if you can convey them... with a day or two, I could be ready to turn the lot of them into a butchered slop splayed across the land. What is your advice, should we attack now with what resources we have, or should we prepare for a day or so to make the punch we can deliver as powerful as possible?"

"Carkiano, do you still need that Golem Armor you cleaved in twain?"
"Todwick's? No, I don't have the facilities for extensive repair to the large Golem armors, do with it as you will."
"Then I thank you, but first I must attend to the battlefield, Lest truly distempered souls make the land potentially lethal."
"Oh? I have not heard of this, of what do you speak?"
"Why, I speak of Core Being Hosts. You are of course familiar with Core Beings?
"I am quite familiar with them yes."
"Well, it has been established possible to aid a Core Being, In manifesting that is, by giving it a host: So far as I have seen, The Soul is the important piece of this puzzle. So, if we leave disabused souls looking to sustain their existence as comrades crumble, A Core Being could possible find a vantage point for entry."
"...How long have you known this?"
"Hm? Oh, the correlation? Well I'd never had a chance to study a host, Or indeed even hear of one, until a few months ago. As for actually connecting it, That didn't happen until... oh, a few weeks ago, actually. Why?"
"...The least remarkable part of what you just said is that I am apparently speaking to a Mortal Coil Professor before he submits his thesis. ....You.... you have no idea, how valueble that knowledge is. It explains why Core Beings manifest more often away from cities, excepting those recently hit by war."
"...My word. ..Well, I DO need to tend to those soul]"
"Please, Professor Mordre, at your own leisure."

And so I area feast my way about the battlefield, the mortally wounded, the gutted, the de-limbed, the broken, I claim them all with the dead, not even bothering with their Blood Iron I make my way to Todwick's Golem Armor, and drag the pieces and hammer back to Carkiano's side, where he has been waiting for me. I go to him, thoroughly engorged.

[+1,937 SOULS. TOTAL SOUL COUNT: 6,298]

"So.... have you given it any thought? You and I, our two siege golems walking Death, attacking the enemy encampment in its moment of weakness, or waiting a few days to marshal forces?"

What should I say or do?
What should I be focusing on as short-term goals?
No. 254325 ID: e31d52

"Truth be told, a Soul Grave's greatest strength is that of terror. The two of us alone would be able to do a great deal, but I think... yes. BANG! Do come over here, I have a proposition!"

pause, for bang.

"My boy, since you have demonstrated such ability in prepping the field, I think... Yes. You shall be my Vangaurd, at least for this next, coming battle. Carkiano, Bang will move ahead of us, weaken their defenses, take out powerful foes or distract them, whilst we move in from flanking ends, meeting at the centre of their camp. Does this appeal to you, my good man?"
No. 254326 ID: 445c48

>Professor Mordre

We need a tweed cap and a pipe.
No. 254327 ID: d3dfb8

Bah, why waste potentially valuable resources on a war already mostly won when we can do so without any permanent losses?
Damage to our golems can be repaired, the lives of our troops cannot.
[Make sure others hear that last bit, great for the whole 'hero of the people' shtick we got going]
No. 254328 ID: d3dfb8

Also, I don't know about you guys but I don't think associating with the Mortal Coil is a good idea. For one, Lenryt probably wouldn't like it, and for two the Mortal Coil isn't particularity well known for aiding the people, but catering to the rich.
No. 254330 ID: 9338f5

while rushing over and slaughtering them all is a tempting idea, i would rather like to see how our milita would fare in a real battle.
No. 254331 ID: 445c48

Say something about keeping up the momentum, that barreling through the enemy camp at 120 miles per hour, hit and run stuff, etc etc could probably finish this before sundown.
No. 254332 ID: 69bee4

(Bob asked me to reference, Hands of HUNGER)

Morde Brain infodump part 2

1) All dream selves are connected most easily to other alternate versions of themselves.

Points: This explains how Soul is involved (because all Magic is Soul), Figment gave his Ego to himself, Ulzrick has formed a Hivemind, No known exceptions to rule.

Prediction: Jojo will discover if his condition worsens, that he is connected to his Dream self. Ulzrick is connected to himself in schitzophrenia.

3) Dream magic works off the principle of Equivalent Exchange.

Points: Figment lost his own ‘Ego’ and alternate Figment now has control. Why else must one give up a part of themselves? It in part explains the degradation effect, a different reality you recieves the benefit of what you give up, and in exchange fuels your Dream powers. In case of Jojo, by giving up his self concept of physical wellbeing, he gains his powers, in exchange that part of his soul is given to the alternative reality.

Prediction: Dream is a form of Soul magic, the Premen mage in the healing tent can be awesome at dream because her exchange so far is her entire body.

5)Part of Morde’s soul (or group of 12 that make up his soul) is the Scientomancer who allowed the Curse to occur when opening the leylines.

Observation: The Deep Spawn considered Morde one of their own. Oz found Morde’s soul to be unusual, explaining it as seemingly artificial or a mimicry of a real soul. This implies Morde’s soul was not formed in what is considered a natural way. As the Curse was leyline disruption and thus System disruption. This explains also why Morde has a soul connection to the World, as Deep Spawn are connected to System. If bindings are broken on a Scientomancer, the Order element is removed, and instead you have only Chaos (Morde is extremely Chaos). Master of Sorrow’s conversions to Morde reflect some of the chaotic forms that Deep Spawn are apt to take. Morde noted that since Scientomancers cannot lie, and Elghoddo could not confirm who did the curse (despite having Scientomancer level commands involved), this means the Scientomancer can either lie or escape detection. If the Scientomancer became one with a soul grave during the curse, it escape detection (Scientomancer cannot be forced to tell truth if its not there to be found). This occurs because Scientomancers die if they lose connection to the system, Soul of scientomancer went into Morde during curse like Master of Sorrows.

Prediction: Master of Sorrow used this scientomancer’s essence as a soul mage to make many of the modifications to Morde’s body when he had control.

6) Said Scientomancer unlocked the system’s power like that due to collusion between the Master of Sorrows and Caged One.

Observation: Master of Sorrows is a legendary level Soul mage, and likely as such gained knowledge of the connection to the system and Caged One. Order of events that leads to curse goes like this: MoS makes deal with Caged One during the war in order to win the war as the tide turns against Mosmorden. A scientomancer is bound in its soul to use any tool available to preserve the order of the system, and acts in order to prevent this from happening. Unleashes the massive power from the System (Which Elgohodd told us happened and was only of Scientomancer level control) in order to attempt to pull back in the Caged One. Someone knew this was going to happen, and instead used this opportunity to invoke the Curse.

8) Morde was not completely sublimated by MoS due to his connection to Chaos.

Observations: Morde’s one area of control was the Soul Nexus of his hand. A soul Nexus requires runes of Chaos, combied with its much longer sense of ownership to Morde, and its connection to his much more innate Will magic , it became the closest thing to his sanctuary in his body.

Prediction: If Morde were to lose control to Master of Sorrow again, this Soul Nexus would likely still be his sanctuary.

10) Scientomancers are the white blood/immune system equivalent of the human body, ‘cleaning’ the System.

Observations: Elgohodd had far more bindings than the other Deep Spawn, despite only being a bit older, thus forcing him more into ‘Order’. The System is a form of Blood (Leylines), and Scientomancers are charged with its preservation, if Leylines are a blood corollary, then Scientomancers are the ‘protection’ of that body. Provide order to Chaotic Caged One.

Prediction: This is why Dream Mage’s are so harshly effected by Deep Spawn, proper Order destroys the Dream mage connection to its alternate reality. See also Dream/World/Soul connection.

11) Paradox Knights are an order of those who can become Scientomancers. Probably as a vetting process

Elgohodd mentioned that Dulu could become a brother eventually. Explains why ‘Abominations’ are so common to the organization (as they need to be timeless, but yet have a soul). Why Reinhardt is at the Arcanoworks, and sticks around despite somewhat ignoble treatment.

Prediction: Morde is being watched as a candidate for becoming a potencial Scientomancer of the future.

12) Dream Magic’s most direct corollary is World/Soul magic combination.

Observations: Dream Mages are effected by Deep Spawn and their pain, Deep Spawn are connected to The System, and thus mostly to World Magic. Being connected only to self makes no sense, as there seems to be some net gain of power, and multiple Ulzrick effect. Soul Dreamers: masters of delving into the dream of Zakrath by Elgohodd.

Prediction: A Scientomancer will have much more effect on a Dream Mage than just a Deep Spawn.

15) Morde’s soul is defined female overall, Pristine Soul’s are a corollary to childbirth.

Observations: Pristine Soul’s make a new soul separate from the soul count total. Childbirth in this world must be a function of chaos, as not only is a child a ‘new’ thing, it also creates an entirely new soul. Females are only ones who do childbirth, Kyrchesia is treated explicitly as a female, which confirms the possibility of a female non living golem and female vs male souls. Morde is a being a chaos, previous prediction on nature of pristine established connection to these Pristines being created by the chaos formed from breaking the order of the future by predicting it. Definitions of pristine:
1. having its original purity; uncorrupted or unsullied.
2.of or pertaining to the earliest period or state; primitive.

Supports the newborn soul hypothesis, as a ‘just born’ soul must have its original purity, and also pertains to earliest state (being just born).

Pristine Souls function as they do both in a function to protect their ‘mother’, and as a reflection of the malleability and chaos inherent to a newborn.

16) Anathema are always ‘female’ constructs (see pristine corollary).

There seems to be little all that scary to the concept of anathema, except as a social device, its deviance, etc. So why would it be so roundly hated and such massive resources sent to destroy? One target, no matter the strength level should be so scary (Especially as Morde shows, hes one of the strongest War Golems ever made, and yet has opponents who could win against him). However, if anathema have a method of reproduction, the potencial to manifest new souls and lives in the same way as the living, that is where the fear of anathema likely grows by those who actually understand the why of their hatred. A true history of the time of an anathema will likely reflect this, or have hints towards this. Kyrchesia might be able to confirm.
No. 254340 ID: 903f16


Strike now with Carkiano. We need to press our assault and hit them while they're vulnerable. Something like this also makes for great press, any who hear the tale will be stricken by the evocative image of two golem piloting heroes striking at their land's enemies. Spreading our fame and reputation is always a priority when we're out here because it makes our slide into the political scene of The State even easier when we finally get into it. It also gives us time to tighten up our alliance with Carkiano and maybe time to talk and drill his brain for information on himself and all his gadgets.

Later on we need to have a chat with Goran and Abaeloth's souls. Goran needs to explain what he just did and in general we should see how some of our more hostile enemies are now that they're a part of us. Abaeloth is probably more energetic now that he's a bit more whole and could reveal a bit more information to us.

I'm opposed to this just because it likely means we're going to perspective shift to Bang AGAIN. If we can do this without the shift I'm fine, but otherwise just no.
No. 254348 ID: 2a062f

Mostly won war my backfoot

this is just beginning. I think these guys were the most violent simply because of Abeloth.

He doesn't really stop, so they just had to pillage and run, no time to stop and 'convince them' to join.

If I remember correctly, the untaken force is their strongest, what with the Pure Lady and The caged one super golem there.

If I am mistaken, please carry on.
No. 254351 ID: c25e0d

> 15 and 16
That we, or other Anathemas, might have developed the trick of infusing souls into bodies is a very interesting possibility.
I'm not convinced that it works that way for mortals, with mothers passing on a portion of their soul to their children. I'd guess it has more to do with the child discovering the world, and having its first - literal! - Moment of Inspiration.
I'm still working through the archives so I can't provide any proof, besides a brief aside on the wiki page under Caged One: >instead of most, it developed a life after having a soul (most develop a soul after having a life)
No. 254352 ID: 56dc25

Random thought: Somewhere in those souls that we picked up should have been mages with the knowledge of how to raise/maintain those clay siege golems. I'd like to know how the mechanics of those work. Or did their souls somehow rapidly dissipate or get pulled away?

Actually, as Bang was priority-targeting mages for a bit and I suspect Senth was working against them as well, we probably picked up a fair few mage souls. Can we have them explicitly mentioned if this is so?

On a related topic: If I understand correctly, our raw magical strength, particularly in Will, scales linearly with the number of souls we have available to provide Will. Is this correct? Are we now something like three times as strong as prior to this engagement?
No. 254353 ID: d3dfb8

Also, now would be an excellent time to talk to Goran. Ask him if he enjoyed eating guuten's soul
No. 254354 ID: 69bee4

We need to do one thing now, unless we are going combat immediately

Take a mage
Crystalize a mage (so they survive the teleportation)
Call over our teleport Spawn
Disappear off to Kyorto's tower
Celebrate, invite her to join in on our war efforts if shes up to it.

Interrogation is probably valid also for prisoners (and a good pretense for a break), and discussion of how to deal with prisoners (we are getting some mages and harvesting their souls when we are outside of view, our word of being allowed to live be damned).

In relation to our soon to be improved mage-ventory. a Pristine possiblity.

Kyorto is a Phonomancer. This explains her illusion magic, and how it could be so convincing to even mages who might have had some counter (Premen). This will be fully revealed upon her freedom as a prediction.
No. 254360 ID: 35bba5

Actually, rather than just eating them, we should probably sell them to the Deep Spawn if we are going to just kill them. Unless they use some obscure kind of magic or something. Or are runecrafters. Runecraft is something we could get a lot of use out of.
No. 254384 ID: d65d9c


Seems like we captured several hundred of mages.

I know that we need only one skin/mage but lets send 5 instead of 1. I think this will potentially give her more power if not, we will have not lost much.

Also, there should have been a bunch of mages slaughtered during the battle but after eating up souls there was no mention of them. They should have improved our magic capabilities. Iirc, the last time we fought DoD, we claimed 16 earth mages so if we only ate about half a dozen of mages after this battle, they still should give us significant power boost.

Concerning the prisoners. Does no one like my idea to use them to reclaim Cursed Lands?
As in, build a settlement around our teleport box and Kyortos tower, put the prisoners we got in it and let them live and expand there. Later we will get more prisoners and slowly build a new country there.
Of course it will be harsh, they will have to clear the place of abominations, make lands fertile again using all possible means, build the town, etc.
By the time we deal with DoD, we might potentially have a prisoner population of 50k+, they could have chance to redeem themselves and become citizens of these new reclaimed lands (otherwise we'll suck their souls).

Also, killing these people after they surrendered is not cool. Selling them to the Deep Spawn is probably even worse.

Also, is no one concerned about Peggy?
She must be either planning a new attack or, much likely scenario, is fleeing to the rest of the army to report on what happened here.
We can't afford to dawdle. Let's take offensive action now!
If there aren't more knight-captains and hero level enemies this is going to be piece of cake (though I doubt this will happen)
No. 254459 ID: 5f0943

> Concerning the prisoners. Does no one like my idea to use them to reclaim Cursed Lands?

There's so many holes in this plan that if one poured water on it, it would run like a waterfall.

For one, keeping a few thousand people in one place, especially when we don't really have much manpower, is hard.

Also, what would they eat? The cursed land is devoid of food sources save for fish in rivers, and those aren't enough to sustain that many people.

Also, then there's the whole THE CURSED LANDS IS THE WORST PLACE EVER deal.
No one in their right minds stay in the cursed lands for extended periods of time.
Hell, most don't even want to travel through it.

No, what would happen would be that the moment Mordre is out of sight, these people are going to make a break for it, damned be the consequences.
No. 254461 ID: c4098d

(What was the name of the city that Mordre woke up in? Trodar? Was it just a city with the Duke's palace in it or was it the capital of Mosmordre?)

"I don't believe I gave you my full name when I first introduced myself, please pardon my former rudeness," *extend siege-fist to shake hands* "my name is Mordecai Trodar Noth, but my friends call me Mordre. (Mordrenoth)"

>Professor Mordre
"HAHA Carkiano please, no one has called me 'Professor Mordre' since I started remote controlling a Soul Grave! Just plain Mordre will do fine. As to what course of action we should take? Let's attack immediately, while they are vulnerable and unprepared. Our only concern will be dealing with any other mages they have and possibly Peggy.

(So close to 100 Ham I can almost taste it).

Let's only take one of the world mages, otherwise it might seem suspicious. "Carkiano, I require one of the prisoner world  mages to 'interrogate', this is not something I enjoy but I must see what Domintus is planning."

Once we have a world mage, end their life quickly and painlessly, claim their soul, and send the body to Arkus so that he can prepare it for transportation to Kyorto (Don't send it to her until we get back). Also inform Ellayia that the offer for finding a suitable world mage has expired.

Place Todwick's Anti-Magic Hammer in Edge of Oblivion's holster if it can fit. Have Burduko take the crystal sword to Lorgk and the damaged golem armor to Arkus, we can incorporate its enchantments and runes later.

Is Abealoth's cloak big enough for Mordre to use? If so, then equip it and reach out to Abealoth's soul, "I may have found a way to grant what you desire. With the help of your cloak, I believe I can give you the freedom your seek. I can also burn a pristine to expedite this, however, I require that you give your willing cooperation to make this process workout as smoothly as possible."

I'm all for reclaiming the Cursed Lands as you suggested, but I don't want to use POWs to reclaim it. Let's find a clan of Premens that require an adequate place to live and send them their instead, that way we are sending loyal subjects instead of terrified soldiers.
No. 254465 ID: 76fa14

You should definitely strike as soon as possible. Mordre's soul grave body is inexhaustible and every moment it isn't tearing into the Domintus armies is a moment wasted. Perhaps Vonjeen or Valiria can muster the additional forces and follow up to either clean up behind Mordre and Carkiano or head north to support the rest of the State forces?

Also Mordre was put in charge of maintaining internal State security. Have we any way of keeping track of that?

Before you go speak to some Domintus representatives to see if you can get a clue on how they'll behave now that they've surrendered. Could they be convinced to join your cause or settle down somewhere in the state or the Cursed Lands? Have they got any interest in continuing the Domintus war effort or do they just want to go home?

Senth did pretty well and he was perfectly suited for the delaying tactics you needed to reach Carkiano. Agree a set payment for his assistance over the next month or so and offer him a permanent residence at the Arcanoworks. He'll probably be happier once he knows he's got some income and a place to spend it. Gives him more incentive to win the war as well.
No. 254474 ID: d3dfb8

We should ask Carkiano if we can have Todwick's hammer before we just up and take it, after all Todwick did have the armor made by the blue knight, and it would technically be his property.
No. 254478 ID: 9338f5

the hammer may have been dammaged in its clash with the crystal sword
No. 254481 ID: 10f195

>Masked ones
>People believe in the Masked warriors
>Harness belief
>Get stronger

>Mortal Coil
>People believe in the strength of the Mortal Coil
>We become associated with Mortal Coil (correctly or not)
>Find way to harness belief

I would suggest using a cloak to harness in place of masks, since I think they tend to wear cloaks anyway, would be easier to associate us with the Mortal coil, thus making it easier for us to harness the belief.
In essence, if Mordre gets something that Mortal could mages are normally associated with by the populace (besides power) we could harness the belief easier.

(c'mon, daddy needs a new pair of shoes)
No. 254501 ID: d65d9c

I really don't think it is a good idea to give too much freedom to our souls, especially using PS on them.

Oh well, I though it would be great idea. It would be like a harsh penal colony or something, it is expected that many of them will die.
And the thing about the food, well they'd better start with making land fertile again. Since there are tons of arcane mages in the midst (probably geomancy inclined) maybe they would have means to do it?

I think that our mistake was not determining the pay before hiring Senth.
One of the mistakes that the employer can do is not set up a proper contract before the job. Meaning that either we will have pay more than we want to (if we want to keep good relations with the employee) or underpay (making employee angry with us).

We should determine how we are going to pay in future. Per job wages or per month (week).
I suggest we go with the per month based variant.
We will have to discuss this with Dregas to come up with appropriate wage.

Even if it is, we have repair based spawns. Sure, it might take a while but it is better than letting this hammer go to waste.
No. 254510 ID: 5f0943

> Oh well, I though it would be great idea. It would be like a harsh penal colony or something, it is expected that many of them will die.
>And the thing about the food, well they'd better start with making land fertile again. Since there are tons of arcane mages in the midst (probably geomancy inclined) maybe they would have means to do it?

I get your point, but the cursed land might be a little more complex than simply *making the land fertile again*.
Until we can conduct tests to ensure that such measures are at all possible, THEN, it would be fitting to start thinking about restoring the land.
No. 254523 ID: d65d9c

Oh well... I guess we'll have to make a research group in future or do it ourself when we have more magic.

What do we do with prisoners now? Having them surrender and then slaughtering them is not a good idea.
Selling them to an Administrator isn't better as we'll have to explain to the State what we did with thousands of prisoners. Telling them we sold them as raw materials to some mysterious underground abominations will do our reputation much, much harm.

Lets not take prisoners the next battle and just cut down everyone who hasn't fled yet. Much more simpler.