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File 12829641217.jpg - (268.35KB , 800x775 , Gialgorra Butler MR1.jpg )
222777 No. 222777 ID: a76809

[ First Thread http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html]
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[ Wiki Page: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Golem_Quest ]


>Arkus scratches the back of his head, once again realizing he is in need of a haircut, as he considers the man before him, someone he feels like he met a lifetime ago, yet saw less than half a year earlier.
>"...Ok, so why did you come here?"
>"Ye daft, boy? Some feckin' screws loose in yer noggin, I told yeh-"
>"Right, I know, business has been bad, had to close shop thanks to the Steel Fists, I get that. But you still haven't said why THAT brought you HERE."
>"Ye bloody stupid? That hoity toity mage type yeh follow's what got me in this mess, damn well better have jobs fer me now, since this be his fault!"
>"So you came here for work then?"
>"Do yeh nah know how to feckin' listen then? Of course that's what I'm here for, now where the deep is Mordre, eh?"
>"Look, he's not here, and won't be back for some time. And know, I couldn't tell you specifically when he'll get back. I can offer you room and board while you await his return, but that is it, alright Del?"
>"Del? DEL? ...Ye've grown a pair, lad, if ye can call me by me first name to me fuckin' face, an' not cringe. Some spine in ye now, then? Guess that master o' yours ain't so bad at teachin, then. Ah, how's the axe I made ye, workin' fine?"
>Yes, it functions quite well-"
>"So who the bloody hell are those twats there, with all the golems and whatnot?"
>"...This will take some time to explain...."

>As Arkus busies himself trying to placate the ever perverse and capricious (as well as foul-mouthed) man now knocking on the Arcanowork's proverbial door, he wonders, just what Mordre could be up to, to be away for so long? There is much to be done.


The world is cold.

The concept of temperature being anything more than a statistic is a new one to me, and though the chill of the mountains did nothing to me before, being buried in snow, my body frozen in time thanks to my trick with the Inverter and the Edge of Oblivion, transposing the stasis effects of the blade onto myself, losing the ability to move, in exchange for a nearly insurmountable defense... so long as the sword is both in my grasp and unbroken. With such a bastion about myself, the flakes of snow, the chips of ice, the detritus of the mountain about me, no longer a roiling, turbulent mass surging by, should mean nothing to me. But being locked, still, sight denied, no sounds detectable, for the briefest of moments I can perceive absolutely NOTHING, a state I had not anticipated to be... so jarring. Only once I turn to my senses magical, and start detecting the odd shards of Ruby about me, several yet bodies, none with Red Steel-

And a gap in any magical field, Geomantical, Magnetomantical, my every means says nothing exists there... And I deduce this to be Goran's location. With this deduction, I set to freeing myself, sensory deprivation and a need to reach Goran pervading my existence, as I deactivate the Inverter, regaining motion-


[-3 souls. Total Souls Remaining: 3,083 Minimum: 12]

As I spew forth a flame supernatural to the core, the snow hisses, steams, never melting but burning away as Soulfire simply unmakes it, and through Pyromancy and directing the flames all bout me, breathing out ever more of the spectral emerald inferno as I slowly rise.


[-3 souls. Total Souls Remaining: 3,080 Minimum: 12]


[-3 souls. Total Souls Remaining: 3,077 Minimum: 12]

And I have an inferno great enough the the spreading waves of unraveling, unmaking, unbeing flames, to the surface, stark beams of sunlight streaking through the spreading emerald conflagration, as I likewise test my form, rejoicing in the return to capability....

And finding myself falling short.

My chest is so heavily impacted my shoulders are now canted forward, my chest has largely caved, and my back is bent out-and this is factoring in both the fact I have converted my form to Blootz Steel, an alloy of my own creation and control, and that I crafted additional tonnage of armor plating-and through ALL of that, with but a single barehanded punch imbued with Phonomancy, the Magic Eater, Goran had effectively crippled me, my cannon now so miss-aligned with my shoulders that I shoot sideways, blocking my blade launcher-and with my ruby Ageless Eyes of Winter, the gems steeped in belief and harnessing both a soul and potent runes to my call, I have lost both my Amaranthine Annihilator, and that which granted me magical illusion-piercing vision.

On the other hand, I can now command Kinetimancy and Ignimancy... and I believe I have sufficient grasp of Blood magic that, should I circulate my bodies iron composition, harvested from the blood of the fallen through eldritch means. I too can access Blood magic, something that I vaguely recall as never having been accomplished with a Soul Grave, Something about our static form not supporting the appropriate chaos and flow, or some such-but nevertheless something that the Mosmordren empire had not accomplished with its twenty four Soul Graves. While they did admittedly have access to Soul Magic and thus not THAT much need to circumvent this particular golemic restriction, but I feel some measure of pride in this nonetheless. As the sun finally reaches my fully amidst my spreading sea of flames, I start moving towards where I believe Goran to be.

To find the entire area of snow about the gap I sense shivers, trembles, and turns to dust, tiny glimmering particles that are then drawn back, as a familiar voice is heard.


I see Goran the Magic Eater, one armed and wounded, greedily chugging down the shattered snow, feasting with abandon on even his own soldiers, trapped in the snow about him, before he too stands, some seventy feet away.


Goran's soul takes on a.. familiar texture, and from his stump.... blood flows, seeps... and takes shape. In a manner far too similar to one of my allies he consumed, I see Nanal of the Drazken clan's workings in Goran's new sanguine limb, scaled to his twenty five foot frame, even as I see his ruined shins and feet seething as well, bloody armor springing to be over the patches stripped of flesh, the many rent open blood vessels giving free access to thorough flow, as Goran clenches his single left fist. Behind his snarling form I see the village of Mordreden some two thousand feet away, revealing just how far we tumbled down the mountainside.


Goran lunges at me, his fist clenching and blurring as he gathers Phonomancy about it even as he whirls his sanguine limb forward, tentacles snaking forth as if to ensnare me.

What should I say or do?
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No. 222782 ID: 503c99

Use Phohn to summon all deep spawn from where ever they happen to be buried to standing at the moment.

Then see if Goran can chew his way through Soul Fire
No. 222784 ID: 2c53c2

Hmm. If he's using blood magic to put his blood outside his body, it would probably do very bad things to him if we used another dispel burst. Then we can tear the blood iron from his lost blood to prevent him from reclaiming it.

The immediate concern is avoiding his fist, however. Kinetimancy yourself a very powerful dodge vector, and use it plus your already impressive (and possibly magnetomantic) speed to dodge aside with a speed he can't match. As you do so, begin absorbing power for a dispel burst and start repairing yourself; you'll want as many weapons available as possible here.

As for attacking Goran, I recommend aiming for the remaining eye. He's nasty, but he's already lost one and shows no signs of being able to regrow them. You can start magically tearing loose bits of metal from the snow around you and flinging them at his face at frightening speeds to accomplish this; if nothing else he'll have to use an arm to block. Grab Red Steel for this purpose, if you happen to sense any while you move.

Don't completely neglect melee combat, of course; if it comes to an engagement, make full use of our available melee capabilities. I do recommend targeting the face. And if you could somehow dodge around him, catch him, and throw his entire massive body way up in the air with the Accelerator, that would be incredibly badass. Though I suppose he'd just Kinetomancy himself to wherever he'd want to be, and Gravimancy himself to a safe landing. An idea for another time, perhaps.

Also, as you move inhale any loose souls you happen to run over. There are likely to be a few premen beneath you who died to the avalanche's massive impact, and a few more souls never hurts.

Some bold words about being the one who will devour all that Goran is at the end of the day would probably be appropriate, perhaps incorporating a promise to tear the souls of our loyal followers from his steaming corpse.
No. 222785 ID: 445c48

Turn off the Time-stealing, Soulboost magnetomancy (Or Kinectimancy) and fire your sideways cannon while earthsliding to give you the momentum to help dodge, again, activate the Time-thief again because since you did this earlier he might think you'll do it again and hit you, and then activate the Spectral Gorging Anima and the IG.
No. 222786 ID: e31d52

Sable Executioner through the blood. The stuff it's made of disable magic. :V

Also, Phohn for some reinforcements!
No. 222791 ID: e31d52

You know how humies deal with cold, right?

They try to get the blood pumping. You know, start it flowing.
No. 222793 ID: 445c48

There's no Red Steel nearby, and he doesn't have Kinetimancy. I'm not too sure we should go for the face, after all, that's where his magic masticater is, and our brain's magic.

Also, forgot in my last post, when you're not magicing stuff, Repair yourself.

Are Dulu's hands too big for Hand-cannons? If not, tell him through Phohn to get some, and some metal, and start shooting this guy from a distance.

Del Rogo at the Arcanoworks, eh? Well, at least we'll keep him busy, and we've got to get some armor repaired anyways. And by repaired I mean remade.
No. 222795 ID: a594b9

You know what we need to do now? GTFO.

Soulboost Geomancy and Kinetomancy to dodge that attack. Call our travel-based Deep Spawn over, so that he may allow us to teleport at will. Let's see how Goran fights something he cannot even touch.
No. 222800 ID: b10c0e

Idle suggestion, if we can handle it. Collect any Ruby peices with geomancy while you fight so it'll collect.

And Phohn up Lorgk, Ugrokk and Oggroth. This is still their battle.

And lighting strike!
No. 222801 ID: db9547

I'm so sick of Goran. Time to take him down.

Bodies liter the snow. Begin pooling their blood within the ground, outside of Goran's view.

Move to meet his fist with your Sable Executioner in 3-pronged Drill Mode and your blade in your siege hand, and Trigger the Immortal Genocides feasting. He's seen what his punches will do to you, I doubt he'll see this coming.

Prior to impact, go TEMPORAL LOCK MORDRE and tank the blow. If it sends you flying (he hits with an uppercut) release and wrap Sable executioner around his fist, and start uncoiling. Black Steel dispels magic AND cleaves through most other substances like butter, so fuck his magic skin, won't help him there. Grind his arm off.

Bring IG to bear as you do this, trigger SPECTRAL GORGING ANIMA, and let loose a close range DISPEL. Watch his blood go inert, both the blood arm and the blood over his wounds.

Finally, use that blood you should have pooled beneath, and bring it to the surface. Force it into his body. Lets see if he's as durable on the inside.

Oh, side note? You should be healing youself with magnetomancy.

Temporal Lock if he attempts to strike back again.
No. 222805 ID: db9547

Guys, Everyones 2000 some feet distant, with a mountain of snow between here and there.

Don't expect help anytime soon.
No. 222811 ID: e31d52

At least one of our spawn can Fly.
No. 222813 ID: b10c0e

Also, some one pick a good peice of Beatles music for this that we can USE. Goodness, no plan with beatles music ever seem to go through.
No. 222817 ID: 7f2092

Hmmmm, with his impressive magic annulment feature, this battle will be tough. How I miss our armaments. Gotta break out the big guns.

But for now....
Geomancy up some rocks while Magneto running to the side. Chart a path in your mind and use Kinectomancy to make it happen, then ACCEL those rocks from different angles towards Goran, aiming for his good eye.
Create an INFERNO GOLEM to stop the Blood tendrils, his body is anti-magic but I am not certain about his blood and soul magic is usually harder if not impossible to dispel. In any case, The non-magical heat generated from the IGolems presence should be enough to stop it.
After that, start up the IG again. Sadly it is our most effective weapon at this point and we need to prepare it.

After you get out of the way of the initial attack, weaken the ground around you so that if Goran charges you he will break it and fall or stumble, we need to buy time. Hmmm, you can help with the breaking process by doing the Gravity well thing around him (Kinectomancy version). It won't stop him but it will sure as heck break the ground.

Che, it's been awhile since I have had to think about indirect damage. I am a direct kind of guy.

Harrass, harass, Harass with that IGolem from b4 and SOUL BOOST: Magnetomancy, Blood magic and Kinectomancy to free up your movements a bit. Not a full repair, but you need to be able to move when the time comes.

Break off the AG Barrel. It is useless to you now and it is hindering your movement. After this is done, you can use all the time you want to make it even better. When that is done, you can now make creative use of your AVBlades using Magneto-Kinecto-Ignimancy. Mag and Kin obviously control motion while Igni will add potency.

An idea is on the tip of my tongue... bah.
No. 222821 ID: db9547

Inferno Golems are totally magical, I thought, being Soulfire constructs. I doubt their heat will bother him overmuch, and it would waste an anti-magic charge.
No. 222825 ID: 445c48

Remember, he can dispell all but the most overwhelming and/or soul fueled spells on contact. He can eat all magic though. So an inferno golem would probably be fine to punch Goran, but he could take a bite out of the golem and probably kill it, or severely reduce its lifespan.

I'm kind of worried about what would happen if he took a bite out of the Spectral Gorging Anima though. Then again, now that I think about it, it's an effect powered by Fang Taker's Soul, not Fang Taker's soul, so it'd probably be fine.
No. 222829 ID: f4e4f9

Regarding Beatles songs, I got several that would suit the situation:

For the Temporal Lock Mordre (Utilizes Soul Nexus "Inverter") to defend against Goran's punch -

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/IQPtUQeRmPg?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/IQPtUQeRmPg?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>
No. 222832 ID: f4e4f9

And I managed to forget that COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EMBED RULES are used for chan boards, and am unable to delete the post.
No. 222841 ID: 152780

All the people suggesting that we use the Sable Executioner to block Goran's fist? Please stop. Black Steel cannot nullify soul or blood based magic.
No. 222844 ID: f4e4f9

It was suggested we fake Goran out by moving to strike with the Sable Executioner, then Temporal Locking to stop Gorans Fist. Not to actually block the blow with Sable Executioner.

Also, I don't think it was ever said that Goran's skins resistance is blood or soul magic, just that it was resistant from being bloated with magic (general)
No. 222849 ID: 2c53c2

Are we sure that the temporal lock's magic is strong enough to hold up to Goran's magic absorption effects? It'd be a total bitch if he punched us right through it and we just took it. It's probably a better plan to go for the dodge.

Magic use on him has to be indirect- magnetomancy to throw things at him, kinetimancy to dodge, maybe geomancy to hollow out large sections of ground to collapse away beneath him. That last is a plan I rather like, actually, as a supplement to whatever else we're doing.

Point is, the temporal lock is a purely magical defense on which we should not rely.
No. 222855 ID: f4e4f9

As I understand, Goran doesn't absorb magic, his skin RESISTS it. His Mouth is what consumes it. Thats what Jojo says, and as I recall Nanal and Keddic's blood didn't go inert every time he hit GOran with it, nor did the "Multi-hit" combat spell the Drazken put on him go away.
No. 222857 ID: 445c48

The talk of Blood Magic is because he's very obviously using it for the arm, and because someone suggested swiping it through the blood-arm because he thought we would disable it, which we wouldn't. The magic resist I'm not even going to guess, probably soul magic, or some sort of intrinsic magic.

Hmm, well, the way I see it, if he were to punch the sword, it might get dispelled, breaking it and fucking shit up. Or it might live, being pretty powerful. But him touching the sword is not a thing we should let happen.

However, him punching us shouldn't be too much trouble, since we're just stealing the time from the sword, using the Time-thief's soul.

Still, I'd like a dodge AND time lock, start us moving and timelock during it, so we're still moving, and hopefully just dodge the hit, but are able to take it if needed.
No. 222859 ID: 152780

It was suggested to use the anti-magic properties of the Black Steel the Sable Executioner is made of to disrupt Goran's blood arm. Unfortunately, Black Steel cannot disrupt Blood-based magics and Goran's blood arm is formed from Blood Magic.

And it was merely said that Goran's skin is completely immune to magic.

Also, I would suggest that we do not get close to Goran at all. He is way too quick, especially when we are damaged. I think it is best if we dodged, and repaired the damage to our form.

I support using the non-individualized Deep Spawn to help against Goran. If Goran gets too close to grabbing a hold on them, I suggest that that spawn is to be demanifested. We don't want to empower Goran even more.
No. 222865 ID: e31d52

Doesn't Black Iron actually necrotize organic matter/flesh? You think it would be able to ruin the blood?

In any case, let's get our OWN blood flowing.
No. 222881 ID: d38db6

Being all alone on a field of snow it might just be time to go into melee Mordre mode for once. Coil the Sable Executioner into battle mode, activate the Immortal Genocide or the Spectral Gorging Anima and focus on Lumingo the Blademaster's soul for melee combat superiority.

If Mordre uses magnetomancy to move any metal objects buried in the snow strategically then it should be possible to set up multiple magnetic anchor points. Then he can keep using magnetomancy and kinetimancy to move faster than Goran. Spew soul fire constantly to hurt Goran and melt the snow underneath him so that Goran's constantly sinking into the snow. Goran might try to counter this via gravimancy or soemthing, but that's the cue for Mordre to strike.

Note that while the Sable Executioner might not nullify Goran's magic it IS conventionally unbreakable. If it's folded into a springy shield then it might possibly block a phonomantic blow as long as Mordre rolls his entire body with it. Getting in solid hits with the Sable Executioner will also leave horrible, rotting wounds that will slowly seal Goran's fate.

I think Goran doesn't know how open he's left himself by making that blood arm either. One magic dispel from the Immortal Genocide should leave him disarmed and short of a whole lot of blood.
No. 222896 ID: 45be60

Say something to the effect of "Ah, so NOW you wish to challenge me in single combat? Now that your army lies dead at my feet? This is all I asked for from the beginning. But you chose to make this a fight between armies, and my army still stands."

So... ethereal warriors formed from the souls of the recently dead and bound to your will, capable of phasing through flesh and wrecking a guy from the inside. How did they do with that whole avalanche thing?

So I know Burduko can only transport between places he has already been, but moving stuff around is the aspect he manifests in. What he EMBODIES is speed. How fast can he get over here and add this location to his repertoire?
Also on the Burduko topic, in our efforts to effectively combat Goran in melee, can we grab one of his spawn and use chronal banditry on it to augment our own speed?

Flowing blood requires intense concentration. It should make for much more potent spellcasting using the soul nexus, but focusing on directing two magical effects at once is not going to be a good idea when we need quick reflexes. Lets do that when we are NOT about to get punched in melee.

(All this thinking about throwing things at Goran, I wonder. What would happen if we were to grab his good arm and try to throw THAT? His skin protects him from magical harm, but it doesn't absorb magic like his maw does. Best I can figure, either we send him flying and buy time to repair ourselves, or we send just his ARM flying, because his inertia is greater than the tensile strength of his limb. Neither of these outcomes is bad. Of course maybe it just doesn't work like that, and implementing this plan would be extremely dangerous.)
No. 222941 ID: a76809
File 128300922420.jpg - (488.62KB , 1340x1421 , Mordre Heart Beat.jpg )

[Double Triple bonus coming in 3.....]

[If this is an attempt to get Mordre to tap Blood Magic, you don't need to tell him HOW to make it work, he knows between the souls, his composition, and experiences. Just tell him to devote his Will to moving the Blood Iron, and viola, trade Will for Blood Magic.]

[Indeed Black Steel does have such a property, but it is slow-acting, more concerning making recovery more difficult/conventionally impossible, not about rotting flesh as you watch. Different time-frames.]

Yes Administrator Mordre?
Who are my nearest allies right now?
One moment..... the near-brethren Dulu is the closest, followed by fellow Deep Spawn Dorgrum, at eight hundred and eleven hundred feet distance respectively. Both are still buried. Dulu is currently having issue escaping snow, as his passively heated form is causing the snow to melt and become difficult to grasp to haul himself out. The mortal Bang is some fourteen hundred feet distant, and has nearly worked his way to the surface. Nearly all manifested Spawn were forcibly unsummoned by the press of the avalanche and some sort of suffusion of magic of a Soul based nature, enough to disrupt their maintained existence, and so all other Deep Spawn and mortal allies are within Mordreden, some two thousand, three hundred feet away. ...Strangely, I detect another I have communicated with at your order far closer than any of them, but some interference prevents proper identification.
And where are my Soul Soldiers?
Scattered about within the snow... apologies, but by my assessment, their numbers are diminishing in the vicinity around you far faster than they do elsewhere, and I do not know why.


[-72 souls. Total Souls Remaining: 3,005 Minimum: 12]

I once more invert the function of the Immortal Genocide, and let a portion of my reservoir of souls flow into my own sources of magic, directing all this additional metaphysical weight into my default casting as I turn my hand towards Kinetimancy, even as I direct my lone Soul Nexus towards Geomancy, following the only option I see for myself in this situation. Knowing Goran's punch to be inhuman, a threat easily on a scale I must constantly be wary of, between his raw strength and Phonomancy, I know I must dodge the hit. With his reach great than my height, I know dodging will be difficult. So as I hurl my own body backwards, adding a backward vector to my form, even as Geomancy allows my still unmoving feet to slide along the soil beneath the still-present Soulfire engulfing the land, I move both my arms, regretting my warped form and hobbled frame, but accomplishing what I must.

Despite my motionless transition from stationary to swiftly moving, Goran's fist finds me, because as much as I hate to admit it, he is at least as fast as me, when I turn Magnetomancy upon myself. It would seem feasible that the souls and magic he eats suffuse his flesh so much his very existence has warped, flesh been made something more, to let such weight be born, to move thrice as swiftly as the Domintus Alchemical Giant I faced some weeks ago. The difference is startling. And so I am thankful II have already turned my right arm as far forward as possible, and thanks to my innate spatial geometry calculation portions of my Soul Grave matrices, I manage to coil the Sable Executioner all about Goran's hurtling fist, having chosen to ignore his forward thrusting Blood tentacles, which now are likewise wrapping about my torso as I ensnare Goran's fist, my left hand, already locked about the Edge of Oblivion still upon my back, uses Chronal Banditry to claim it's temporal effects, a stasis field encompassing my existence as tentacles wrap about me and a blurred fist slams home.

There is a sound so harsh the snow about us rumbles and shifts, some cascading down towards us, as we were as of yet still largely fighting in holes in snow some forty feet deep, and the light becomes so prolific that whatever few shadows yet existed are banished, as the very world shivers at the phonic discharge of my body simply ablating the horrendous vibration-and threw it I hear the sounds of cracks widening in the Edge of Oblivion, as without its temporal lock it is not so fully enforced, its ward transferred to me. I wonder, how many of those could the blade take, before it shatters? What of my capacity to use the Cataclysmic Chaotic Cleave? These questions occupy me as my form hurtles off the ground, and I deactivate my Banditry, regaining motion in time to fully embed my Sable Executioners blades in his arm, letting my own newly gained motion pull their teeth through his flesh, deep gory rents taking shape in an instant as blood gushes and Goran's face gains just a bit more hate to display as I hurtle away, out of his range-

I find myself being pulled earthward, a sliding Goran still maintaining the blood ropes about me, which give for a time before pulling my escape up short, some thirty feet skyward, to above our immediate skyline, and one of the few patches of encircling snow that had not collapsed, still at its full height and not being moved underfoot to bring us closer to the surface, as I turn to my left, not ten feet from my face, I see something I do not like.

I see the yeti I saw watching Mordreden a few days ago with perhaps seven others with him, and with his recognition of me, and my current predicament, I see him pull back leathery lips, and give me a grin most baleful, as a spectral, ethereal jade image of an arm takes the place of his lost limb, watching with an opportunistic sneer as the sanguine ensnarements about me finally start reeling me back in.

And I notice something a bit worrying. Goran's fist is already pulled back, already regaining a blur-and even the bloody tentacles are starting to gain a difficult to discern outline, slowly but surely becoming a threat themselves. I trigger the Immortal Genocide, the endless pit of feasting darkness, the ravenous maw without features on my left arm makes the chill air chiller, and the blood wrapped about me starts to flow, and slacken, its blur fading. At the same time I activate the Immortal Genocide, I direct my Will towards my own form, into my body, and even as I start attempting repairs of the crudest, quickest sort, restoring maximum mobility first and foremost, I focus even moreso on getting the iron of my body to flow


The blood wrapped about me, weakened by the use of the Immortal Genocide, is simply banished, my form simply exuding a presence they can no longer grasp, a glint of surprise in Goran's remaining eye. He nevertheless begins gathering ever more potency and blurriness about his remaining hand.


With a flood the entire battlefield, the entire avalanche now divulges the locations of all other clumps of blood, the dead buried around us in their stillness, those yet alive and persisting elsewhere, those in Mordreden, I feel them ALL, even Goran's severed arm, buried in the snow some five hundred feet to my back left, and his current sanguine coils, with this second paired beat of my body, my Blood Iron in a flow of its own.

Blood magic is flowing in my form, waiting to be used, and I look for a way to prove the superiority of metal over flesh, to prove my might... and do something about my current fall which is still taking me straight towards Goran's cocked fist, far more heavily blurred with Phonomancy than before.

What should I say or do?
No. 222946 ID: 445c48

Goddamn fucking Yetis I hate you all."

Turn off the feasting, activate it when Goran's fat hand is near. Also, I think the goddamn fuckin' yeti's taking our soulsoldiers and using it for his arm, see if you can eat it.

You still doing the dirge? You better. And turn it up to 11. Twelve even. Loud as you can get it. Throw in some really high notes too, see if you can distract them with loud earsplitting noises. And then stop it abruptly, and then start it up LOUDER a second later.
No. 222961 ID: e31d52

IIRC Blood is a magical feul, correct? One of the best. Very well. Let's put it to use! Use Blood Magic to channel Pyromancyas you spew Soulfire, and turn the fire into a lance of white, destructive power. Aim for Goran's heart.

Er, as for your fall... can you ablate it with kinetomancy?
No. 222968 ID: d3dfb8

I agree with the dirge bit, but otherwise I don't think that's the best of ideas.
Uhh, he will probably eat it and heal.

Personally I think we should use our Blood magic for kinetomancy, to keep us out of Goran's range for as long as possible. Use the soul nexus will to keep our blood magic flowing. Use our other will to pyromancy soulfire into the Immortal Genocide, give it's charge a boost, then just before Goran's about to punch us we disrupt magic and stop our kinetomancy. Let's see how well his unprotected fleshy arm stands up to 15 tons of steel.
Disrupting magic will also cause him to lost all the blood he is using in his sanguine arm, causing massive blood loss. While he is in a weakened state try taking his other arm off with two of the sable executioners tentacles, and use the third to try for his throat.
After the IG discharges immediately start it up again. We will be in close proximity so it might hinder his magic recovery.
No. 222969 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, and after directing soulfire into the IG, switch to repairing.
No. 222970 ID: 152780

I think Kinitemancy could be used so that, instead of falling straight toward the surface, Mordre could fall at an angle, or even go up toward the sky again.
No. 222973 ID: 152780

Say, shouldn't we be alerting Lorgk and the others in Mordreden about the Yetis?
No. 222976 ID: d38db6

Kinetimancy works best when redirecting existing forces. It's best to work on that.

Fold the Sable Executioner into a lance shape with a cavity in the middle. Then breathe out plenty of soulfire, putting some in the IG to charge it and directing pyromancy to fill the Sable Executioner with soul fire!

Trigger the Immortal Genocide's magic dispel to undo the building phonomancy, then use kinetimancy to disperse the force of Goran's punch evenly across all of Mordre's body and use it to drive Mordre straight on down into Goran's body with the Sable Executioner poised to inject Goran with some raw soulfire. Let's see how magic resistant his insides are!

Also use Phohn to alert our allies that yetis are the new priority. Special order for Velada: counter the yeti time magic and assist Mordre and his allies with killing the yeti.
No. 222978 ID: 152780

I don't think we want to destroy Goran's souls, since we're just one or two Heroic Souls from gaining a body Soul Nexus and since there are souls we want to preserve, like Nanal's soul.

Also, we do not want to block Goran's punch with ourself. I think we are too heavily damaged to safely ablate the force behind the attack.

Other than that, I am fine with this.
No. 222983 ID: 45be60

alternate idea: attack. Draw your blade, let your motion carry it's tip to meet the fist you are falling toward. The temporal lock should at least ablate the effects of his magical immunity, and if those magics weaken, you can use the same moment of weakness to re-knit the structure with blood fueled magnetomancy. Bang has showed you how to prevent major damage to flesh by healing the minor damage as it happens, you have the capability to do this on steel.

Of course, even if you don't opt to attack, Bang's method of healing minor damage before it can become serious is something which you should definitely attempt to emulate. Blood is a far more powerful source of power than the will you have been using before.

Also, I still stand by the idea of carrying one of Burduko's spawn around to leech speed off of. Have him send us one at his earliest opportunity.
No. 223032 ID: f4e4f9


Seriously, he'll pull some shit like Stealing Goran's soul when we kill him or something. Direct all of your Soul Soldiers to drive him off. Have them burst through the snow like spectral wraiths, wipe that leathery grin off his face.

For Goran...Gather the blood about your sable executioner. Remember when we first fed upon blood iron? Sable Executioner's black steel thrummed and hungered for such, resonating. The very forging of Black Steel is fed and enhanced by the coating of blood across the metal during it's creation. I suspect Black Steel and Blood Magic will synergize quite well, and none have ever been able to test this before, given that Black Steel is usable by Soul Graves only, and Soul Graves prior were incapable of wielding blood magic.

As Goran prepares to attack you, dispel him and strike.
No. 223036 ID: f4e4f9

For the fall, use magnetomancy AND Inverter Magic Boost. This combo let you launch a 30 ton spike through the air with EASE, it should let you slow and soften your fall to something easily manageable.
No. 223043 ID: 56dc25

We can sic Bang on the yeti, too. It might also be a good idea to deploy our anti-chronomancy Deep Spawn, as the yeti has shown a nasty propensity towards weird time shit.
No. 223046 ID: f4e4f9

True true, Velada could fuck his shit up.
No. 223063 ID: a76809
File 128303492118.jpg - (205.00KB , 1024x768 , Zagrath Soul observing.jpg )


I briefly consider just how much aggravation I have had thanks to the yetis, betrayed by them once directly, the Drazken clan another time while under my protection, and now their incessant opportunistic appearances. I consider the Yeti presence, Phohn's observation that one he had spoken to was close, and the disappearance of Soul Soldiers in the vicinity. Add to this the scarred yeti's new spectral arm, and I believe I have worked out what happened: My soul soldiers becoming nothing more than building blocks for the yeti leader, who I likewise suspect to be responsible for the supernatural charge to the avalanche, the reason why spawn were forcibly de-manifested.



Yes Administrator?

Inform Lorgk and the rest of the Premen that the Yeti have returned.

It shall be done........ They are aware, and Lorgk asked that you be made aware he is moving towards your location, the smoke from the Soulfire making it easily discerned



[-3 souls. Total Souls Remaining: 3,002 Minimum: 12]

I fire a blast of Soulfire without hesitation, turning my command of Pyromancy towards reshaping the flame, as I hurl it and the fragments still smoldering upon the ground hurtling towards Goran, a carpet of flames enveloping his form. As I do so, I feel a familiar soul's presence, Zagrath the Unseen partly submerged in the snow, rebuilding a body as it patiently observes our struggle. I would devote more attention to its presence than that, but Goran seems to shrug off the Soulfire in a means almost identical to how Soul Graves ignore the substance, and I realize that no matter what, I must do something about this collision course I am on. So I tap the Blood Magic now pulsing through my body.


I turn my attention to Kinetimancy, and my form is so jarringly hurled back and away, out of Goran's questing reach, that my already twisted form groans from the sudden shift, as I perform rapid and drastic vector modifications to avoid crashing prone to the ground, heavily landing on my feet some distance from Goran, even as my peripheral vision reveals the yetis above watching our struggle with distressing interest. With my feet once more on the ground I turn my command of Pyromancy once more towards Soulfire, with a different plan in mind, even as the Immortal Genocide continues to feast


[-3 souls. Total Souls Remaining: 2,999 Minimum: 12]

This gout of flame is not set loose, but carefully restrained, cradled in the embrace of the coiling ribbons of the Sable Executioner as they take the form of a hollow lance, a massive injection devise for the spectral conflagration. The shaping of flames is hard, my magical prowess dimming drastically as I work around the Black Steel, but ultimately I am successful, in time to see Goran charging at me again, once more leading with a set of questing sanguine tentacles.


Once more the ensnaring grasp of the Magic Eater is thrown back, some pervasive energy associated with Blood Magic throwing away his attacking coils, even as his fist rockets at me. As the blurred knuckles draw nearer, I raise my left hand as I trigger the Immortal Genocide, hoping the charge it has yet built will be enough. Rippling distortions of light and shadow spread outwards, and the sanguine limb, as well as the bloody greaves both simply dissolve, as Goran's hand loses it's blurred appearance. Immediately on the wake of this, I throw forth my right arm, uncoiling the sable executioner like a bladed drill as I force the compressed Soulfire to follow along with the attack, aimed at Goran's belly. Flesh that was once magically impervious, that resisted my assaults so effectively now falls apart before me, blood falling from the air as his working are unmade now being joined by freshly lost fluids spewing from the expanding hole in his side, even as flames lick about the wound's edge.

And the fist, no longer charged with any magic at all, impacts my form.

My right shoulder caves in, being bent so wildly out of shape my arm now sprouts backwards, extending past my back, as I tap Geomancy to let the earth slide beneath my feet, trying to bleed off the impact's force with rapid rotation as I spiral away from Goran, yanking free the teeth of the Sable Executioner anchored in his side. I see Goran dropping to a knee at my most recent assault-

As a tendril of jade energy lances down from above, nearly spearing my spinning form, before quickly retreating, the scarred yeti leering at me from above. Something must be done about this. I relay orders to Phohn that Velada is to come hunt the yeti, who seem to have some sort of chronal magic, even as I seek out those Soul Soldiers I yet sense, changing their targeting priorities so that they likewise hunt them. Hopefully, between Velada, Lorgk and the Soul Soldiers, the yeti can be at the very least occupied.


As my spinning retreat comes to a halt, I note that I can feel Dulu's form struggling in the snow some several hundred feet distant, as well as sense Bang's familiar blood-shrouded form finally starting to gain proximity.

As I regard Goran in his moment of weakness, I also consider my own nearly broken form. As I do so, I consider Bang's method of healing, that which allowed him near instantaneous recovery. I couple his style's essence with my own previous approaches to self-repair, and turn my Blood-fueled magnetomancy on myself, looking for results.

I am not disappointed.


My recently twisted shoulder starts returning to normal bearing as my hobbled form starts visibly recovering, my full magical might levied upon the task, more mobility restored by the second-

As I hear Goran laugh.


And with a surge of magic, I feel that reservoir of energy that pervades Goran's existence drop appreciably, as his body writhes and warps. New bone and tendon erupt from his stump of a shoulder, muscle and flesh re-knit, the pile of gore that was once an eye replenishes itself, and in the space of a shallow breath, Goran stands again, whole and unharmed, only the bloodstains on his flesh giving evidence to his earlier wounds, the hand-cannon rounds and anti-golem shells popping out as rebuilding tissue crowds them out, and Goran works his restored arm's shoulder experimentally as his face splits into his nightmarish grin.

For my own part, I am at best halfway repaired, my shoulders still somewhat misaligned and form misshapen, and I note Goran was able to recover far more swiftly than I. This is disconcerting, to say the least. As Goran's mouth opens to speak, my mind takes hold of the only attack I recently concocted I have not yet tried, that of somehow synergizing the Sable Executioner with Blood, melding that which is exclusive to Soul Graves with the magic that I am the first Soul Grave to wield, looking for a weapon.



As Goran charges, I finish establishing that the blood of fallen Premen cannot be made to cling properly to the Sable Executioner, its magic annulling field preventing proper harmonization, even as Goran's charge brings him to some forty feet distance from my own form, still repairing itself. I see the scarred yet drawing back his spectral limb from his elevated perch once more.

What should I say or do?
No. 223069 ID: e31d52

Pump your blood into the Sable Executioner. Give it power. Let it grow and feast. Devote almost all of your awareness to this, but subtly move to that Goran is between yourself and the Yeti.

Have Phohn transmit the idea of killing TWO troubles with ONE strike to the Yeti.

At the last moment, let the Sable Executioner spring forth and spear him directly in the heart.

No. 223071 ID: f4e4f9

>As Goran charges, I finish establishing that the blood of fallen Premen cannot be made to cling properly to the Sable Executioner, its magic annulling field preventing proper harmonization, even as Goran's charge brings him to some forty feet distance from my own form, still repairing itself. I see the scarred yet drawing back his spectral limb from his elevated perch once more.


Place left hand on right.

No. 223072 ID: f4e4f9

Also, once more: Charge the IG.
No. 223073 ID: f4e4f9

Additionally, set Goran's shed blood to the process of fusing to the Sable Executioner as well.
No. 223079 ID: 445c48

Make some small talk. Ask if all Yetis are backstabbing assholes or if you've just had bad luck with Yetis. Ask if Yeti meat tastes good. I can't imagine it would.

Next time you use the IG's Antimagic pulse, IMMEDIATELY start it feasting.
No. 223083 ID: b10c0e

This sounds awesome...but...what are we intending?

"My allies are already here, Goran. Or have you never looked up?" Laugh and pull back. "ATTACK!"

The Yetis are right above us, right? Because that's who I'm suggesting are our allies and they they should attack Goran now.
No. 223085 ID: 152780

I would suggest that Zagrath soulsucking commence immediately. Even if we won't be able to reclaim his immunity to visual illusions, we could finish (or get close to finishing) the Body Soul Nexus. And we don't want Zagrath to escape our grasp. And, perhaps, having Zagrath's soul throughout our body might allow us to blur our form in the same manner as Reinhardt and Kirchesia. Even if Goran can sense magic, I don't think he will be able to tell where we are if there are illusions all over the place. Even if it won't hinder Goran, it might slow down the Yetis.
No. 223086 ID: 152780

...I doubt that would work. For one thing, Yetis have a distinct brand of magic, which Goran would probably be familiar with, and the Yetis did fire off a spell at Mordre. Goran probably knows that they are here, and doesn't care, likely. They are here for Mordre, they made that plain enough.

'Sides, the Yetis already attacked. Specifically, at Mordre.
No. 223089 ID: b10c0e

"HA! You were lulled into a false sense of security by that attack! KILL THE PREMEN LEADER, YETIS!"

Hell, if anything, it'll make everyone confused. And the One-Armed Asshole is aiming right at us, and Goran hasn't seemed to notice them. If they're workign togeather, it'll confuse and piss off both. If not, Goran might go RAR, SMASH and Yeti's will get beaten. Hell, if it just confuses them for a second, it buys us time to fix ourselves up and attack with, you know, screw it, John and Paul EAT! GO SPECTRAL GORGING ANIMA! SOMEONE PICK A GOOD SONG!
No. 223150 ID: d38db6

Punch the ground with the accelerator and redirect the resulting force vector into a Mordre super jump intended to bring us over the yeti so that they get trapped between us and Goran. Then prepare to cut them down with the SE and Spectral Gorging Anima.

To Goran: "What say you we share a yeti meal? I've had enough of their backstabbing attempts. They set up the avalanche so that they could kill us both and claim these mountain for their treacherous kind."
No. 223210 ID: 3ca350

Wait a minute! We just gained BLOOD MAGIC, do you know what this means? We can essentially copy Keddic's fighting style now! 

"This battle is already over! I have crushed your larger and 'superior' army with nothing but myself, my clansmen, and mother nature. And YOU dare call ME a facsimile! You, an illegitimate son of a Deep-spawn. I'll show who is truly ORIGINAL!"

Restart our Immortal Genocide's feeding, once Goran is about to reach us activate its magic nullification again. After the Immortal Genocide discharges immediately start it up again. Have our Siege-fist redirect Goran's incoming hand with Kinetimancy, use his own force against him. Have two of our Sable Executioner blades focus on his other arm and its removal, have the last Sable Executioner target his throat. Open up two cuts in our steel "flesh" on our Siege arm, manipulate our "blood" to shoot forth in two deadly blood iron lances (try using Magnetomancy and our Blood magic to increase its effectiveness), have one of them target Goran's head and have the other target his heart. Shout, "Sanguine Lance Barrage!" Open multiple cuts on our body, when we are close enough to Goran, have a manifold of blood iron lances plunge into his flesh. Once they penetrate Goran's skin, have them immediately expand and spike outwards, kill Goran from the inside out. 

Have Phohn focus on the Scarred One, play the sound of children's laughter then say, "Help him.... Help the Steel Flesh One and slay Goran the Magic-Eater!.... He will forgive us if we help him. He may even ally with us and make us strong, just as he made the Drazken Clan strong! He is too powerful for us to destroy, even in his worsened state, he WILL slaughter us if we continue to attack him. Once he is done with his opponent he will bring his full wraith upon us!
If the minions can destroy our army, kill our shaman with ease, and cut off our arm, THINK what their master could to do us. Don't throw our life away for a village and some semblance of revenge, THINK of what we could gain with a Soul Grave to help our clan, we could come out AHEAD of our previous losses. Our clan and our name will rise in glory and fame, we will rule this mountain with his help. This the truth and we know it. Think about it. Think. THink. THInk. THINk. THINK! THINK! THINK ABOUT IT!!!" 

We want to make it sound as if the voice is coming from INSIDE the Scarred Yeti, so we're going to need to use a lot of "us" and "we" when trying to Mind-Fuck with him. Even if this does not turn the Yeti to our side, it will at least fuck with his head and distract him.

Poor Zagrath is going to be so confused, he has no idea where he is and he sees a Soul Grave, a gigantic Premen, and Fucking One-arm yeti fighting each to the death. We should make sure that Goran does not consume him as well. Kick some snow or geomancy something to hide him from Goran.
No. 223215 ID: d3dfb8

I quite like this.
No. 223216 ID: d3dfb8

I quite like this.
No. 223226 ID: b4fdc9

Screw it, CODE:ENDGAME. We have no time to be dicking around with this worthless piece of trash anymore.
Oh yea, fire a few AVB blades at the Yeti guy. I expect that it is clear now and can be used. We don't want him interfering.

This will requires some quick movements near the end.
Activate the IG and instead of simply letting it feed on its surroundings FEED it yourself. Pump energy into it, in any form you can, though I would recommend soul myself.
When Goran is about to hit you Blood Boost Kinectomancy and get into his guard, IGPriamry Function(i.e. Super punch)
IMMEDIATELY after you have done this, Soul boost Accelerator,Blood boost Kinectomancy and Follow through with the punch to send Goran Flying away.
Re-Activate the IG and Soul boost it's feeding (would be like opening the mouth wider really) while Time locking yourself. We need to absorb as much of the explosion as possible.
If you can fit it in, get Phohn to warn everyone beforehand.

Also, I don't thinsk the 'other Presence' Phohn was talking about was the Yeti, I think it was Zagrath. Him being in the Eyes so long gave him a boosted soul factor, as a result he is absorbing the energy and souls around him while he reforms. He will be incredibly powerful if we let him finish.
(hmmm, now that i think about this, does it count as a Pristine worthy prediction?)

Oh yes. Keddic can now create blood bullets(theory). We saw from the assassin that the Winding way can be used to affect matter, as he used it to create mini tornadoes to kill people. In that case, Keddic should be able to use it as well to affect the world around him. That means he can use it to fire pellets of blood at people while still keeping it's 'Keddic Blood' Factor by either attaching it to him using the winding way to substitute as a physical link or simply keeping the factor in place using the winding way.(e.g. The characteristics needed for the blood factor to work could be simulated by the winding way.)
This theory also applies to any ranged ability Keddic wishes to use, so it would not be limited to bullets, he could make anything.... with practice.(How is that for an improvement, Way of the Harksburton)

Also made some more tweaks to the Forbidden Way of the Harksburton Techniques. Even more reason for it to be forbidden now. I will put it in the Disc, thread.

I think I have forgotten about something. Ah well it will come to me.
No. 223228 ID: 445c48

>I'll show who is truly ORIGINAL!
>Copy someone else's fighting style!

Nah. This is totally going to get called out on since he was fighting Keddic earlier, for one thing, and for the second thing, since his form dispells all but the most overwhelming or soul-based magics, and we ain't usin' soul magic but blood, I'm not sure stabbing him with our Blood Iron is a good idea. We'd probably lose control of it soon as it touched him, so it wouldn't penetrate, or it would, but would do minimal stuff since we can't do that other bit you was goin on about.

And since we're not using blood, but metal, and already have some damage ANYWAYS, we don't need to cut ourselves up. That would be silly anyhow.

I also really doubt the Scarred Yeti will HELP us, so thoughts so contrary to his own would probably just really give him the idea that dickery is afoot, since he's an experienced dick. Then again everything comes out as Phohn's weird strikethroughed speach so he would most likely already know it's not his own thoughts.
No. 223231 ID: 445c48

Actually now that I read that greentexted bit again, it could be that you meant that Keddic was being original, and that we are showing him that. That's also way off, because Keddic's the... fourth? in the line. The Way of the Harkusburton was passed down from his fathers and such, remember? So that's not original either!
No. 223237 ID: d3dfb8

No. Bad Falcon.
We want to be able to eat the delicious souls, not explode them.
>Re-Activate the IG and Soul boost
That's two IG functions. can't use them both at the same time.
>other Presence was Zagrath
>I detect another I have communicated with at your order
Because we defiantly told Phohn to communicate with Zagrath. Also we didn't order Phohn to communicate with the scarred yeti. Nope, totally didn't happen.

AVB at the yeti was a good idea though, he'll just undo them (lol time shenanigans) but hopefully it'll slow him down.
No. 223243 ID: 3ca350

The idea was to use our IG to nullify him and THEN use our Sanguine Lance Barrage on him. And Goran's form doesn't dispell magic, his skin is RESISTANT to it and his mouth CONSUMES it. By cut I mean, "an opening in our steel body to allow our blood iron to flow out of and strike Goran", not "Let's damage ourselves!!!" While we may be copying Keddic's fighting style, we came up with the name and the move itself.
No. 223248 ID: 3ca350

Also the message to the Scarred Yeti wasn't to try and convert him on our side (I specifically mentioned this in my post), it was to distract him with "OMFG WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HEAD?!?"
No. 223251 ID: 152780

No, in fact Bob has stated that Goran's skin nullifies magic on contact here >>222271 (that's Bob's last post in the seventh thread by the way). But that's not particularly important, with Anti-magic field and all.

A thought, the anti-magic field destroys magic caught in its field, but is it not magic as well? This is probably stupid, but a question gnaws in my mind: is Goran eating part of the anti-magic field? It seems to me that why would Goran create a blood arm when he had enough magic to create an arm anew, unless he ate part of the anti-magic field. Of course, he could have just regenerated enough magic by dint of his potent existence, but it is rather worrying if he could do that so quickly.


...Well, we do, but it is Blootz Steel.

But that is a digression. From my understanding of of what >>223228 means is that we do not need to open pathways for Blood Iron to flow out since the surface of our body contains Blood Iron.

Also, why Blood Iron? We do know some properties of Blood Iron, but we haven't tested Blootz Steel yet. We do want to know the properties of the metal we are made of, yes? And since alloys generally are stronger than their component metals, it might be a better idea to use Blootz Steel instead of Blood Iron.
No. 223253 ID: 4923df

this is the 100 and nth time i am telling this: call burduko, seriously. dont give me that snazz that he cant travel where he hasnt been. dont say he cant go where he can SEE.. his regular speed should be godly fast/
No. 223254 ID: 152780

...It might help if you typed legibly.
No. 223257 ID: f4e4f9


I can only assume that that goes for non-Blood/Soul Magic, given our previous observations.
No. 223263 ID: 3ca350

By Blood Iron I meant Blootz Steel or whatever material we are pumping throughout our body, I probably should have clarified that in my post.....Sorry
No. 223265 ID: 903f16

>I would suggest that Zagrath soulsucking commence immediately.

I have the sneaking suspicious that our bonus might end up being Zagrath helping us in this battle. That's entirely speculation on my part of course, but it seems like that's the sort of awesome thing Bob would do for us with a double triple bonus.

Also, does anyone know if Goran's body would ablate a bolt of electricity formed by using our Ignimancy? If it wouldn't I have a pretty neat idea for a combination move we could try out.
No. 223276 ID: b4fdc9

>No. Bad Falcon.

>Soul Boost
Change Soul Boost to EVEN MORE BLOOD BOOST

>Not Blow up souls
Phhhst, they will be fine

Ah yes, of course. My tired mind put some commas and stuff in that statement, which completely changed it's meaning.

My plan is an end all but at a high cost. No need to rush though, we have already failed to defeat him before the Yeti arrived so we lost the 'what this bonus probably is in Falcon's mind' bonus.

Carry on, unimportant guy talking here.
No. 223289 ID: b76ee3

Ok then.

Blood Boost Geomancy
Mimic Goran's voice
Slap Ground. Crack Crack Crack Crack.
Cave in Ground around Goran.
Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike, Slide to dodge Yeti attack, Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike. Break off anything Goran holds on to. No getting out that easily.

Magnetomance up one of the AG rounds that popped out and hold it over the pit, pointing downwards.
(continue spiking)
Spin it, Spin spin spin. Blood boost Kinectomancy and SUPER LAUNCH it down into Goran's head. Keep it spinning and keep pushing it with Magneto- and Kinectomancy.

That should do it.

Also a small plan for the Yeti. Charge Ignimancy. While doing that link the Yeti's magnetic fields together (they are weak but still there).
Lightning moves along magnetic path ways.
Dead Yeti (or at least annoyed).
No. 223302 ID: a76809
File 128310070049.jpg - (751.25KB , 800x1280 , Goran Maw Gape.jpg )


[Quick head's up: The biggest reason Blootz steel is useful currently, beyond being severely in tune with Mordre's ownership due to being of his own crafting, is that the high concentration of Blood Iron means he can use Blood magic at ALL. Thought I'd point that out.]

[Doesn't work that way. Keddic has to cut himself because for him, blood is an internal fluid, so to use it externally, exit points are needed. Mordre, on the other hand, has evenly dispersed solid blood. Completely different paradigms. But hey, great thinking, trying to find commonalities between styles and all that.]

[While as others noted it was not Zagrath the Unseen that Phohn detected, what you estimate here for said soul is very close to accurate. Keep tweaking that idea, and yes, Pristine soul could be had. ...Must be figured out before battle concludes, though. Your idea of helping Keddic expand the Way of the Harksburton, however, is spot on. Just find some time to bring it up with him, and you can help him steal techniques from other Mass Connection schools based only one seeing them ONCE. Nice bit of observation.]

I begin spreading the flow of Blood Iron, not just suffusing my body with it, the iron of my Blootz steel circulating as it grants me access to Blood Magic, but also doing the same with the iron in my Black Steel blades, as I hope my brainwave has revealed just what must be done to conjoin Blood magic and Black Steel. I feel the weapon's composition beginning to shift, something happening, but at the speed Goran is closing on me, it will not be enough. I need something more.


As I direct Magnetomancy, now far more potent with its new fuel source, I claim Goran's spilt blood, and begin slamming it into the Sable Executioner's surface. Where the blood of others dissipated or was nullified as it entered the Black Steel's magic annulling fields, Goran's blood, suffused with decades, centuries of magic, is made of sterner stuff, and remains under my beck and call even as it settles on the ebon metal, sizzling and bubbling on contact, just as my left hand touches the trio of blades, and I activate the Inverter, hoping my estimation was correct as Goran finishes covering half the distance between us.

As the Inverter's soul is let loose into the Sable Executioner, the magic disrupting field shifts, it flows, like an old mellow dog showing fangs it leaps forth, its surfaces roiling as it envelopes Goran's blood staining it, as a dull, soft keening that eats all other sounds is emitted, and even the newly healed Goran's steps falter. The blood I discarded mere seconds ago as being unable to breach the anti-magic field is pulled from the ground by a force outside my control, the blood flowing and splattering along the blade, as black metal turns burgundy.... and then throbs balefully as it brightens to an undulating scarlet.


The Sable Executioner seems to scoff at normalcy, growing larger and smaller in turn, a myriad of outlines and shapings warring as if it tries to be dozens of things at once. Goran's hands, already blurred with Phonomancy, start questing for my form, and I act, once more triggering the Immortal Genocide to feed as I throw my fist forward to intercept his own and gain sufficient proximity that even a muted dispelling field could negate his combat magic. I trigger the Immortal Genocide almost immediately after starting it, a field smaller than my torso flitting into being and ghosting over Goran's knuckles, bleeding away the stored vibrations dwelling in his flesh, as I whip my still-regenerating body (Blood magic may be new to me but I cannot doubt its potency or versatility, especially in manipulating a form with an absurdly high concentration of iron harvested directly from blood) about to throw the Sable Executioner's chaotic snarl forward, the shifting, burning red blades impacting Goran's flesh.

Where once even with magic annulled, Goran's flesh was a bastion in and of itself, taking time and leverage to saw through, the altered Sable Executioner slices through knuckles, flesh and bone alike parting like silk before its coming tide, the arm I attack being diced to pieces without any effort, even as my spin is made hectic by Goran's other fist (now his ONLY fist) crashes into my left side, once more wildly skewing my shoulder socket and warping my form, even as I hear him biting back a growl of pain as gobs of flesh and bone drop to the ground, the remains of what just seconds ago was a left arm.

[Requires active Blood Magic, Blood Iron flow active in SE, and some form of magically charged blood to trigger 4S state.]


As Goran reels and I tumble to the ground, the yeti above once more fires his whip-like spectral arm, it's point spearing one of the largest chunks of Goran's arm on the ground, drawing it back to the yeti whose grin grows ever wider with his prize, tendrils from his ethereal limb whispering over the section of Goran's flesh, blood and bone. As I bounce to my feet as swiftly as I can, I note Zagrath still watching from within a nearby snowdrift, his soul.... disconcerting, thanks to its coloration, red where all other souls have been green. My attention next goes to my bodie's repair state, and again I must suppress a sigh: Goran's attack set me back by at least twenty seconds worth of effort, and as I see his body swelling with magic drawn from his inner reservoir, I know he shall be recovered before myself yet again.

As I focus on getting my shoulder back in place, I lift my left arm and slam it to the ground even as I see Goran once more rising as his form finishes healing, and I employ Blood boosted Kinetimancy to altering that force vector, sending my own form flying skyward as the ground beneath me crumbles and quakes from the recoil. I fly up and over the yeti, who wisely took shelter from the edge at my sudden flight, staying out of my range, as I shout out some words to Goran, even as I note that while I can see Velada's drones flying my way, they are still less than halfway here.

"What say we share a yeti meal? I've had enough of their interference, Their attempts at backstabbing, And their general duplicitous nature."



I land heavily on the snowy peaks yet standing about the pit Goran and I fought in, the packed ice underfoot cracking and shifting at my weight, the whole section collapsing as I see the yetis begin to panic. Their leader, their spectrally armed and scarred elder, his prize of Goran's flesh still in hand, disappears in a flash of pale blue energy and short-lived smoke, as he abandons his compatriots to their fate, trapped between Goran and myself. With some time to properly inspect them, I note all eight to be shamans, already turning their crafts to commandeering different sections of falling snow about them, as my attention returns to Goran-who is now barreling up the collapsing snow-front, still hell-bent on me as his target. As I consider how to deal with him, and the eight yeti shaman in between us, my Sable Executioner still in its altered state, I see the scarred yeti fading back into view-directly above Zagrath the Unseen's ruby soul, his furred face looking speculatively upon the specter beneath him.


I fire off the remaining four loaded Anti-Vanguard Blades in my launcher at the yeti, each blade being directed to bring it through two of the yeti shaman, as I realize I now only have my twelve reloads for the AVB Launcher, and 2 for the AGR cannon. Two of the yetis die before they can even take action, the short ranges involved not giving them sufficient time to react, while their brethren deflect and misalign the incoming spinning death with flurries of snow and stuttering flows of time as they scramble out of the way. The blades continue onward to Goran' who with a wave of his arm shatters the weapons, dispersing their forms with a Phonomantic burst as he scrabbles ever closer to me, a hand almost idly slamming down to pulp a third of the either yeti shaman betwixt us.

In the space of an instant, I communicate with Phohn, demanding Burduko's presence.

Apologies Administrator, but Burduko is currently insuring the press of snow about Mordreden does not breach the walls. Without Velada to split the load, he is forced to devote all energies to this purpose. Bang should arrive shortly, with Lorgk immediately thereafter. Dorgrum and Dulu will take longer, and arrive after Velada.

Well then.


I turn my craft to Geomancy as Goran continues to gain proximity, and I collapse the ground under his feet, the snow falling out from beneath him as he plummets into a widening hole that grows deeper with each passing second, some forty feet deep by the time he impacts the bottom, and growing every second. With him trapped in place for the moment, I turn towards leveraging pillars of stone from the surroundings, to skewer Goran from a plethora of directions within his tomb, and-

Goran leaps from the pit as if he weighed no more than a feather, the hum and hiss of Gravimancy about his own form as he pushes his own weight upwards in time with his leap, and before I have time to properly register this change in what he can and cannot do, Goran is landing before me, his arms already moving to encircle me as his maw gapes wide.

What should I say or do?
No. 223304 ID: d3dfb8

Release an antimagic burst then bring the Sable Executioner up and sever his arms from the armpit. Reactivate IG's feeding. Grab one of his arms with our siege fist. While doing this, bring a leg up with magnetomancy/kinetimancy between the two of you, and kick off with kinetimancy.
"Bad idea."
Crush his arm into a sphere of flesh and gore, then give it a coating of soulfire. Now use our Accelerator soul and kinetimancy and pyromancy to throw the ball of flesh and flame at goran's gut.
No. 223305 ID: d3dfb8

Keep in mind that if we get Zakrath back again, we are only 1-2 souls away from a soul nexus in our chest.
No. 223308 ID: b10c0e

Idea: Zagrath was granted extra power as we forced Pristine Souls into his container. As such, he can now act of his own free will, not unlike Heol. This is what Zagrath wanted, as we allowed him to flow where he will and drew power from our eyes.
He may still desire more power from our eyes and, as we fed him and let him go where he will, he may feel some desire to still work with us. "Zagrath! Your Assistance is desired!"

Mordre, have you been eating those souls of the slain around you? Start devouring!

George and Ringo, lets actually use our Accelerator! "GORAN! IF YOU THINK I A COPY OF YOU, IF YOU THINK YOUR STRENGTH GREATER THEN MINE, IF YOU DELUDE YOURSELF WITH GRANDEUR UNEARNED, BOY YOU GOTTA CARRY THAT WEIGHT!" Reach out, and grip him under his gaping mouth with our Siege Fist, anti-magic-pulse, twist and THROW AT THE YETI! "AND IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CELEBRATION, YOU BREAK DOWN AND CRY!"

[And does anyone know how to embed videos? The help button doesn't work and it now annoys me.]
No. 223312 ID: d3dfb8

Yeah, we could use those shaman's souls. Not only a little boost to our maximum casting capabilities, but their knowledge of soul magic is defiantly useful.
No. 223313 ID: f4e4f9

Chronal Banditry Goran before he can get a proper grapple.

He's only wearing a loincloth. Nut-shot the fucker.
No. 223317 ID: 903f16

Eh screw it, if he can ablate it then ignore this. If he can't let's give it a shot. First we to coil the Sable Executioner into its drill shape and fully extend the arm, as if we were punching something. Then use a Soul Boost to create a powerful charge and direct it to go through the tip of the Sable Executioner, where it will hopefully arc outwards and into Goran's chest. If it hits it should not only hurt the bastard, but give us a few seconds of stun time where we can Magnetomancy dash or Earth Glide into him and use the still coiled Sable Executioner and it's drill function to put a nice big hole in him. This should all happen in one fluid motion and immediately be follow by dashing back or Temporal Locking ourselves to avoid another one of his punches. I think of this like a combination between the Electro Bolt and the Big Daddy's dash attack from Bioshock.

I'm not saying we shouldn't eat him if he ends up helping us, I'm just saying we should wait for the countdown to stop and see what he does first. Besides, it seems like we're far too occupied at the moment to even attempt sucking down his soul.
No. 223318 ID: e31d52

Just as the Metal from Antquest, we must use Goran against himself. The S^4 is really our best tool here, and we should aim to stay on his injured side and tear as many wounds open as possible.

"You have proven a most worth and powerful foe, Goran. Your soul shall not burn in the furnace like the others, nay, you shall rest within me even after death, and help me to even greater deeds! No Premen could hope for such a grand treatment, consider yourself privileged!"
No. 223321 ID: 445c48

Apparently you copy the thing after v=
No. 223324 ID: b10c0e

*applaud* Yes, this is sensable.

It doesn't work, or at least it says that the video ID doesn't exist. Trying to link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXO7Ahkghvg for 'Carry your Weight Toss'
No. 223325 ID: 445c48


Turn the tables on him and horn in on his racket. Grab his neck, Chronal Banditry, Anima to eat his head, and also slice him up with the SSSS
No. 223330 ID: 5f0943

I just tried to embed the video, and you are right, the embed thingy doesn't recognize it's existence.
No. 223338 ID: 33882a

I say we jump back, pry his jaw open with the Sable Executioner and shoot an Anti-Vanguard Blade volley into his mouth while his arms are preoccupied with us. Who knows, maybe it'll temporarilly dissuade him from trying to eat us.
No. 223339 ID: d31c57

>Goran flying down

Oh no you did not just expose your chin.

more to come.
No. 223343 ID: 445c48

Start up the IG, pulse it when appropriate, and start it feeding immediately after it pulses.
No. 223347 ID: a594b9

Oh hey, Zagrath's SOUL has been 'inverted'. Remember that the Inverter took residence in the eyes for some time before, and we even used its power there- hey, that was becoming a little bit of a soul nexus, remember. Also we did use a Pristine Soul to move the Inverter; perhaps Zagrath was affected by that permanently.

So. What's an inverted soul? Would Zakrath be... poisonous to us?
No. 223348 ID: d31c57

Yea so. Here we go.

Time steal Goran and coil up the SE.
B.Boost Kinectomancy and SUPER DRILL PUNCH/RAPE UPWARDS into his jaw. When you are both in the Air, Geomance a spike upwards under him and KINECTO-KICK him down into it.

Zagrath has been in the ruby eyes for a long time. Those rubies were powerful on their own, but they were magically enhanced on top of it with two Pristine souls (though one was directed at the runes and one at the rubies). This has caused the nature of Zagrath's soul to become modified and as a result, he needs even more energy to manifest than the soul of a normal human. So he is sucking up soul energy from around here in an attempt to finish manifestation. After that his abilities will be powered up as well and he will attempt to Unsee US.(so to speak)

!!! I-I think Zagrath can see us.... I mean he can see the REAL us! What Mordre truly is. His powered up abilities could allow him to see through 'physical illusions' so to speak. He may be able to see everyones 'true self' so to speak, Especially since he is not bound by the physical real any longer.... well shit. What have I done.

Oh yea. Don't stick anything in Goran's Mouth. That's like sticking your hand in a gators moth to try and stop it from biting you... not the best idea.

Also before I forget again, HECK YEA DEL ROGA! We now have the trifecta! Mage, magic-engi and engi.
No. 223350 ID: 81720b

First of all start soul-sucking up those yeti shaman souls. They might have a trick or two that could come in handy yet!

Counter-Grapple! Dive into his grasp! Drive Oblivion's Edge into Goran's chest above Mordre and use the blood powered Sable Executioner to anchor Mordre's body onto Goran far below the reach of his jaws. Pour all magical strength into ignimancy to keep him stunned using constant repeated alternate current electric shocks while the Sanguine Slicer tears Goran up from the inside like a blender.

Also activate Immortal Genocide once more. It will feast and drain his phonomancy and gravimancy attempts.
No. 223353 ID: 33882a

Actually, the best way to fight a gator is to keep its mouth either closed shut or pried open all the way. They have a hard time shutting their mouths if you have the right levradge.
No. 223354 ID: 56dc25

>I see the scarred yeti fading back into view-directly above Zagrath the Unseen's ruby soul, his furred face looking speculatively upon the specter beneath him.
This is a problem. We need to do something to force the scarred yeti to react to us, rather than fucking about with Zagrath's exceptionally valuable soul. I recommend blasting him with another blade, but flinging anything at him with lethal speed would work, really. Just so that he can't work some sort of nasty soul mojo on him.
No. 223357 ID: b10c0e


I don't think anything else would distract him more then a Fuckoff huge fat preman flying at him.
No. 223358 ID: 56dc25

And if we can't actually lift Goran, because he's got roughly the mass of several elephants, then the yeti is left untroubled and free to act.

Better to use a sure weapon than one that will be actively fighting our attempts to use it and would be difficult to wield in any case.
No. 223368 ID: 152780

Of course, that is just nitpicking, unless you put up a suggestion on how to keep Goran from closing his mouth.

Also, Bob? This fight with Goran is a demonstration of what it is like to fight us, isn't it? We damage him, cut off his limbs, tear his limbs to nothing, but most things just bounce off him, he repairs the damage done to him, and flat out just regenerates magic like crazy, which lets him repair even more damage, further pulling the goalposts. We do all that, too.

Granted, I like to think that we are more creative and versatility than what Goran has shown so far. He just uses his magic immunity and acquired strength along with some Phonomancy and Gravimancy to pull him through. It worked well for him so far, so I can really criticize him so much. We rely on Immortal Genocide too much for our anti-magic, though.

Also, on the matter of Zagrath. The redness of him is rather ominous. He is patiently pulling his body together... From the ruby shards? Is Zagrath the Amaranthine Annihilator? Or something to that effect? We know that he was affected by residing in the Amaranthine Annihilator, with its Pristine Souls, and the Inverter, when it was there. It stands to reason, then, that Zagrath gained some properties of the Amaranthine Annihilator.

Going with that line of reasoning, first, we must determine what properties does the Amaranthine Annihilator have to Zagrath to gain. Well, the name of the rubies were/are the AGELESS EYES OF WINTER. "AGELESS" suggests that Deep Spawn, or some other timeless ones. "EYES OF WINTER" sounds like mere figurative language, but the function of the Amaranthine Annihilator is to bring winter upon the target: expelling heat from the target, bringing cold and frost. Eyes have to do with perception, focusing on the world...

Zagrath's ability has to do with illusion, and the revealing of true reality under visual illusions. It is likely, then, that Zagrath gained a quality that is focused on perception, since that is the part that Zagrath interacted the most with, probably. I don't know what this is though...

...On the other hand, Zagrath could be pulling himself into what amounts to a Stone Golem, using the rubies as a base, and the power gained from continuous exposure to the Soulfire that our eyes passively emit. That would be unique, I think.
No. 223373 ID: a594b9

If that's true then perhaps Zakrath himself now is able to PEW PEW LASER BEAMS
No. 223378 ID: 13461b

i cant read all the replies but does anyone have idea what is Bob counting down to? i think he was giving us time to claim the Unseen soul before it eludes us.... anyway dont forget to eat the newly souls of yetis...
No. 223384 ID: b10c0e

Our heart, I assume. We are beating - soon we may become blood-and-metal, or something like that. At least that's what I'm thinking.
No. 223387 ID: 903f16

He's counting down to our double triple bonus. What that is, no one knows. It's probably something fairly big, considering it's both a double triple and occurred on the first post.
No. 223390 ID: d3dfb8

No. 223396 ID: 445c48

Del Roga isn't a magic-engi, but a magic smith.
No. 223403 ID: d31c57

Yea, but in that case you would have to pull back before he begins the chomp... or be MUSCLE RIDER RAWWWWWR.

If Goran is so strong, I don't think we should try it on him.

As for the scarred Yeti.... WTF HE CAN SEE SOULS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? or is it just that Zagrath is now ultima supreme emperor of soul power, so much so that he can be seen in the physical.

In an case, do the PIT OF SPIKES move against the Yeti guy. His only escape is teleporting and trying to reverse the damage. I hope he tries the latter. P.S. DESTROY THE PIECE OF GORAN THAT HE GOT!!!!!! I have a feeling he is going to use t to replace his hand and thus make himself stronger (or some sort of Sigma Virus/Orochmaru bull will happen and Goran will be reborn. Either way, kill it. Kill it dead.)
No. 223409 ID: 152780

Zagrath is a Heroic Soul. All Heroic Souls not attached to a body are able to be seen in the physical.
No. 223410 ID: 445c48

Can they? I forgot. I thought it was just us that can see them. Someone asked, but I forgot what the answer was.

Anyways the Scarred Yeti would definitely be able to, I mean doesn't he use Soul Magic?
No. 223415 ID: f4e4f9

No, heroic souls are visible to people, he's right about that.

And the Yeti's seem to use a tangentially soul-based magic, related but rougher.
No. 223424 ID: 152780

Yeah, they are. Remember how Ozmand could talk to his followers after he died? I think that's when a poster asked Bob if heroic souls could be seen by others, and he answered in the affirmative.
No. 223428 ID: d59e1a

Ah yes of course, silly me.
No. 223432 ID: 903f16

The implications of Del Roga working for us are much more far reaching than just suddenly having a experienced smith on our payroll. He probably still has his axe, the very same axe that Eisenhardt was willing to have raised an entire town to the ground to get. Now those two are in the same general area, specifically in one of our damn bases. This means that Arkus is going to need to do some serious talking to stop Eisenhardt from finding out about Del Roga. If he doesn't Eisenhardt may just take the axe by force and fly off to Weinsho with it. If we get control of Arkus sometime soon we'll need to work out making a deal to hand to hand over the information from the axe he wants freely, provided we are in turn allowed to view it as well and be told why they want it.
No. 223435 ID: c21243



Now that Mordre has "blood" could Del Rogo use the axe to get specifications of Mordre so he could fashion some armor for us?
No. 223437 ID: b10c0e

...Why...would...we need it? Sorry, the idea of Mordre wearing armor confuses the giblets out of me. I can understand some magical upgrade, but...armor?
No. 223439 ID: a76809
File 128312865497.jpg - (600.11KB , 1050x932 , Heartbreak Beat.jpg )


[A good insert, but time constraints make this impossible. Specifically, Goran is already going for the bite, saying all that would take too long.]

As Goran's massive and blood smeared arms wrap about me I manage to place my left hand against his incoming chest, Chronal Banditry quickly slowing Goran's questing jaws as my own sliver of time expands. I turn the enhanced Sable Executioner, and its ever shifting, brilliant scarlet blades upon Goran, whipping them about me, their blurring forms like a curtain of red as Goran's arms turn to ribbons, slicing effortlessly under my assault, even as the hand employing Chronal Banditry now turns to tapping its Soul Nexus, the Spectral Gorging Anima, a skull of ethereal form and never-ending hunger for flesh taking shape, and leaping for Goran's unprotected neck. As it nears, flesh is torn and flies under its ravenous maw, but even as Goran stumbles backward away from me, time restored to him, he turns his own shifting nightmare of a slavering mouth upon the spirit, and ghost-fire flickers in and out of existence as teeth beyond the pull of mortality clash briefly, as Goran's stumble takes him out of its reach.


I slash forward, Sable Executioner stabbing through flesh that resisted tremendously its earlier incarnation, and cutting through his heart and spine, rending a messy end of his core body. Goran tumbles over, blood pouring from his mouth, as I act swiftly to prevent issue, kicking him away by the crux of his legs, I turn to feast on on the freshly freed yeti shaman souls, their knowledge adding to mine, some... connection, establishing with those I consumed on this mountainside not so long ago. I feel knowledge combining, connecting... but still incomplete, inaccessible by the standards of my Soul Grave spell matrices.

[And yes, Goran is very much so like you, if different in certain key forms. Goran is effectively an Organic Soul Grave, if you think about what theories have been posited, and abilities shown.]

I turn my attention on towards the pressing threat of the scarred yeti to Zagrath's irregularly colored soul, which... as I suspected, with its hue matching that of the ruby gems it dwelt in so perfectly, and the various forms of magical influence spent upon his soul while inside their faceted cores. Zagrath seems to be calling out to the fragments of the Ageless Eyes of Winter, and as they gather his form becomes more and more complete... with the yeti watching. I turn my hand towards Geomancy as I await Goran's soul's manifestation from his body, dropping out the ground from beneath the yeti still clutching his chunk of Goran's flesh, a bed of spikes awaiting him. His body falls... then skips, somehow back above the pit, and throws his weight to the side, reaching the edge before I can expand it, outracing my chasing depths replete with lethal adornments-but all the same no longer paying attention to Zagrath.


Goran's jaws close about my neck as his form rises, its reserve of magical power now dipping to below half of what it was when I first saw him, arms regrowing and torso regenerating-


As I am frozen.


As his teeth close about my join of shoulder and neck, I feel him bite through to part of my Soulfurnace, Soulfire pouring out around his munching maw. As it does, I find myself just as paralyzed as the Steel Fist's Soul Grave was when I likewise exposed it's furnace. This thought is not comforting as Goran feasts deeper still, arms already grasping my suddenly non-responsive form. How could I have missed this weakness, and let an enemy exploit it.


I thought I was more attentive than that. That I had slain my foe. That I had no such apparent corporeal flaw of design. That I would win....


[0.........BONUS ACTIVATE]


As my still maintained flow of Blood Iron continues, my body suffused with a metal mockery of life even as Goran works to end it, I feel something shatter, as my bodies beats take on a broken tone. Lines of misalignment spread a web-work about my body, as if reality itself were a cracked set of glass, as a wave of rippling, distorted existence, jarring all sensory perception through it, emanates from my core and hurls Goran back with enough force that I hear his ribs shatter, watch his flesh strip back and muscle begin to unknit, as my body, no longer held by him, starts to sag-


The network of spreading breaks in everything around me swell again with the discordant beat of my form, the Blood magic out of my control as my body jerks upright, not under my beck and call, twitching and snapping as it replenishes lost metal with energy crafting new matter in place, the shoulder repaired, from fully pristine, ammunition recovering-


As the cracks spread with every beat, the recovery becomes... something else. And with this shift, comes a voice, as the snow about me starts to sublimate, steaming away and swirling ever upward.... a voice that comes from me, even as I realize my Dirge has finally halted.


My neck.... simply ceases to be, as the armor joining that encircled its prior resting place warps, twisting, sharpening until metal fangs, flat and tipped with tiny saw-teeth, fold into existence, as my own head, now able to swivel any direction I wish, sprouts a wider set of teeth, ending with fangs, as my neck's opening now slowly exudes a deluge of Soulfire, drifting and swirling about my visage as my engine warps. My blade Launcher's disks take on a more wild, irregular set of teeth on their edge, runes growing into place, stark and feral, as the metal segments, some inner workings taking place.


The breaking spreads as my body rises off the ground, head swiveling about as it scans the perimeter in one revolution, before it speaks again to Goran, once more standing unbroken, once more holding a little less magic than he seemed to before. Goran takes the first step backward I have ever witness, as he shouts out a demand to my floating form, once more regarding him. I still cannot regain control of my body, I do not know how this is happening, and I find myself feeling powerless, a horrendous existence.




Another wave of force blasts out of my body, that writhing, rippling set of waves that flit through everything lashing out, more snow being simply wiped from existence, briefly existing as steam before fading utterly, rock being exposed underfoot as bodies drop, and Goran's flesh again flays itself, muscle peeling back to bone before the wave passes, and Goran again regenerates, his magical reserves now a third what they once were, as he takes another step back, panting.



I... am not doing this. It is my body, but it obeys not my commands, and acts of some other will, my body again emitting a distorting blast that flays Goran's flesh, and this time I spot glimmering vestiges of the Spectral Gorging Anima in it's waves, some magnified use, but ultimately not my own.

This will not stand. This is my body, and nothing shall take it from me.

I reach for my command of magic, finding my hand's Soul Nexus available, in the wake of its recent blast, and dive into commanding it. I now once more have some magic in my control, and I ponder, of all the magics I can perform with Will, what might I use to try to reclaim the rest of my form?

What should I do, or say?
[Roll a 3d100 for this, HUGE plot point from way back finally triggered, and if you have specific plans or ideas that could complement attempted forceful re-conquest of own body, then post for bonuses. Thoughtful analysis of what's going on could also yield bonuses. Even Fanart can help if so inclined, as this drastically alters how the game will flow for the foreseeable future, depending on how this goes down.]
No. 223441 ID: 152780

Armor in the vein of the Ugrokk or Eisenhardt, I suspect. Maybe we don't need the protection so much (we might. Sometimes, one wants the protection inches of metal without the magical stamina deterioration the incorporation of extra mass demands of us. And to head off the inevitable question of "What deterioration?", that more mass means less stamina was the driving force behind the Mage Golem idea. The more mass Mordre has, the more the stamina that would have gone to our 'mana pool' goes to animating that mass.), but some extra ability to cover up weaknesses we don't spot? We want that, of course.

...And now that I think about it, this post is rather useless to you, since this point and your point is rather much the same, isn't it.
No. 223449 ID: f4e4f9

rolled 78, 47, 62 = 187

Something, some existence hidden within you, seems to have been freed from the Exposure of your soul furnace to the outside world.

I think we may have a few things working in our favour, here, however. Our Blood Steel form, linked with us as a facsimile of life and a substance of our own original design, the souls within that were willingly Given...

Perhaps even the fragment of Lenryt's soul that we possess can, and being of potency beyond comprehension, can be used to wrest control of our form back to us.
No. 223450 ID: f4e4f9

I think blood magic would be the most potent source available to us, given this. Not only is it the second most potent form of magic, but it's usage by a golem is an...aberration, of sorts. An occurence wholly unique to us, Mordre, and given that, likely an unexpected avenue of resistance against whatever it is that has a hold of us.
No. 223451 ID: b10c0e

rolled 86, 16, 73 = 175

Ok, idea: This is the Deep Spawn that was bound to us, the administrator of Mosmordre, has taken control of us. This happened when part of it's cage, our Soul Furnace, was broken.

It is going to destroy a mortal who was merely tutored in the arts by a Deep Spawn rather then becoming one.

Of control, first we begin by attempting to control our metal. Stitch our Soul Furnace back together and smooth the roughness this Master of Woe applies to our form. Blood and Metal magic to move limbs. Our Kinetics will be most useful if that metal control fails - push, use as much fine control as we can to pull the puppet strings awya and back to us.

Please someone come up with something better.
No. 223452 ID: 152780

I support regaining control over our form as much as anyone, but... fuck, I want Goran dead, like, yesterday. Can't we also kill Goran before regaining control?
No. 223453 ID: f4e4f9

This body is Mordre's, we'll kill Goran ourself, not allow what I suspect to be some long-dead spectre of the Empire to gain an even firmer hold upon our form while we wait.

We'll take it back now.
No. 223454 ID: f4e4f9

Now that I think of it...

I'm loathe to suggest it, but perhaps...we can use some of the Deep Spawn eggs about us to empower us.

They are bound to Mordre's existence, not whatever has taken a hold of him. Perhaps now, they can serve us in a manner more useful than others.
No. 223457 ID: 445c48

What the HELL is going on

Hmm, the only thing I can think of is the Caged One's deal of "I'll take over if you're about to die" but we got rid of him.
No. 223459 ID: d59e1a

rolled 31, 54, 78 = 163



Shit! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our use of Blood magic, a mimicry of life, we became more than a soul grave for a moment. WE WERE ALIVE!!!
Something deep, hidden well has new regained control based on this condition being met. Somehow, IT planned this all from the beginning. Manipulating us so that we met battle after battle, knowing that someday, we WOULD gain proficiency in blood magic, it was inevitable.

But who, WHO!!! GAHHHHH. All I can think of is that it is the mage who crafted us. He slowly measured his time and hid away inside us to preserve himself, no matter how long it would take, the modified matrices of the Golem would keep him safe, like the tombs of crystal, just more convenient.

HE was the one who manipulated Arkus, HE was the one that drove us to this.
He could not have planned this far, THE CREATURE! The creature was the original Plan, this was just a coincidence. The furnace being exposed combined with our 'false life' has revived him.
I can sort of see the plan he had in mind. The patchwork creature grows as we grow, and it would eventually come to defeat us... when the time was right. In any case, it would not have to win, just expose the furnace and let the magic flow out. The bond we share, the bond of life would have revived him then.

I refuse to believe that the caged one planned all of this. I REFUSE IT!

>A past cage sought for vengeance.
>To the three eyed Lord, ruin shall come.

No there is something missing here. I don't have all the pieces. I must find it. THINK GENTLEMEN THINK!!!!

of course this could all just be the useless babble of a paranoid fool.
Time will tell

Just wait Mordre wait. He must touch his boy at one point.. and as soon as he does...Activate the inverter, directed at 'inverting' your positions.

Hopefully I get more ideas.
No. 223464 ID: 152780

And how would we go about that? Though...

We, as a discrete entity, as currently residing in the Soul Nexus in our left hand. Since we are a discrete entity, without any other souls to muddy things up (except for the Heroic Souls and Pristine Souls in the hand, but hey, gotta make do), we have an excellent situation to observe, directly, the effects of Deep Spawn creation has on our soul. I am not quite sure how, but since we are thoroughly dispossessed of our more physical limitations, we should be able to see our own soul, yes? And the proto-soul that is the Deep Spawn... I want to know more of how Deep Spawn creation works, dammit.

And, we might be able to use the resulting Deep Spawn to help us regain control of our body (while killing Goran and the Scarred Yeti, of course. Can't forget FUCKERS NEED TO DIE!).

Also, standard spell matrices? They are unable to handle Soul Magic... Hey, are we going to be perpetually unable to use Soul Magic until we modify our spell matrices to use the knowledge and power gained from the YETIS! souls? We need to get some runeworkers quick. Though... shouldn't there have been some runeworkers in the Premen Shamans? The elite had runes worked into their armor, and I can't see Goran doing them himself, nor allowing those not of his clan to do them. Thus, his own clan's shamans should be able to do runework. Since we ate them, we should be able to do runework as well.
No. 223465 ID: d59e1a

I doubt anyone would carry specialized runecrafters onto a battlefield.
even if those guys knew rune stuff, we mostly gain their 'specialty' and a small measure of their other stuff if they weer REALLY good at it.

From what I have gathered.
No. 223467 ID: a594b9

Lightning can disrupt your spell matrices. It will also likely disrupt the beating of the 'heart'. Ignimancy is a good choice here, and magnetomancy too. However, I think we should reserve that route until we find out what the hitchhiker is going to do.

Attempt to communicate with this... hidden master. Ask them what they want with your body. What their goals are; perhaps we can cooperate.

It's not the Caged One. That's certain. It's the third Three Eyed Lord...

Hey, I thought of something interesting. You know how Weinsho recalled Dulu's soul after he died? Then shoved him into a golem body? What if it's possible to have a variant of that spell that just plain recalls the caster's soul to a new body or container? This is probably an important facet.
No. 223468 ID: f4e4f9

What are you talking about?

We can't make any more Deepspawn at the moment, even in pristine condition, thanks to the impact such an act has on our soul, which probably hasn't recovered enough, given its only been a few days since we last tried.

Besides, as a soul grave, we already have detailed perception of souls and interactions upon them, I doubt we'll have much better luck trapped within our own body, caged, then otherwise.

We are being possessed. The Deepspawn eggs are one of a few key things that are bound to our identity as Mordre the Soul Grave. Just as they must take from our soul(s) to establish a form, why could we not do something similar? A connection is a connection, and it's been established already that the connection between our Deepspawn goes both ways.
No. 223471 ID: f4e4f9

I still think it must be related to Mosmordren Emperor. He's the only one I know of who bore the title Master of Woe and War Feaster.
No. 223473 ID: d59e1a

I have always thought in the back of my mind that we were a tool of the Mosmorden emperor, but if so, why would we have been made out of such crap materials?
I would think that even if they were pressed for time they could have gotten some good metal.
No. 223474 ID: a594b9

About the fall of Mosmordre- perhaps the powerful mages that cast the Curse were Mosmordren themselves? They found out that an Administrator was behind their conquest, and found out about their connection to Core Beings, and (of course) went FUCK YOU GUYS and severed the leylines.
No. 223475 ID: 152780

I thought we still could make more Deep Spawn, just, we don't because it would cut us off even more from our Will Magic. If we can't, I'm sorry for being unobservant.

And, even if we do have a detailed perception on souls and their interaction with various things, it still is good to obtain different perspectives. And, we can't see our own soul as a Soul Grave, I think. If we can... well, why haven't we discovered that we had a singular soul earlier? It's such a central part of us...

You're forgetting the effect of war on losing nations. War is Hell. Famine, shortages everywhere (and I mean everywhere). Once the other nations destroyed, claimed, whatever, (Soul Graves, Small Tombs, other golems, armor, weapons, artillery, people, souls, blood, Leylines, etc.) likely Mosmordren didn't have enough resources to fully get Mordre as a state of the art Golem.
No. 223477 ID: d59e1a

Well you see that's the thing. Mosmordre was not losing, they weer pretty even for the most part (if I remember correctly). That is why they resorted to 'the curse'. After that everyone was an Eldritch horror. So I assume that Mordre was made before the curse as there would be no one alive(or sane enough) to make him afterwards.

In any case, even if they weer losing, the Kind could just say 'screw you guys' and make himself something awesome and be done with it. Especially since they knew how to make Necrostructium.
No. 223494 ID: 903f16

I'm going to follow you on this train of thought, and build on it. Last thread o >>/questarch/216025 and I >>/questarch/216029 posited some theories as to what Dorgrum and Khordu meant when they first addressed us. Bob stated that both of these held significant portions of truth to them and that we could reduce the potential risk factor of a future event by one if we managed to deal with it in a timely fashion. We didn't do that, but that doesn't matter now. What matters is I think we came up with a good general idea and what you just said helped complete it.

My train of thought was that judging by what they said we were housing an entity far greater in power than ourselves. What that entity was I was not sure, but I think I get it now. It's not The Caged One or a fragment of him, the Deep Spawn would have sensed it, it's their job to keep things like him contained. If they had sensed even a trace of him on us Eldghodd probably would have rent us limb from limb and chucked is into a storage vault somewhere. It's probably not The Emperor either, he wouldn't be speaking about the "The Arts" like that unless he himself was a practitioner. In the light of this post >>223474 I can see how he could be one though, so I'll leave that on the table as the side option that he and the main suspect are one and the same. The main suspect of course being the Administrator of the lands over Mosmordre.All the evidence, prophecies, and subtle hints we've been given seem to lend credence to the idea. Quotes like this one from Dorgrum and Khordu also seem to rule out many other suspects "I am most interested in the occurrences which you have seen, brother bound, and welcome your inevitable return.”. It implies that the being within us is not only bound to us, but has further bindings in place. This means that it can't be a simple mortal, but instead must have already been a brother. There's more that could be brought up to substantiate it, but I don't have to time to put together a comprehensive list.

Now I can't speak for o, but I think while in my post we find the cause in his post we find our solution. He restates the concept that if something like a Deep Spawn is separated from what it is cut off from what it is bound to, then it can be unmade. It's quite obvious this entity is bound to us, specifically our Soulfurnice. Our command of Soul Magic is has yet to be complete though, but perhaps there is another way to work around that. For one, we can attempt to gain ourselves that power right now and rather quickly. We can lash out at The Scarred Yeti and have this being take notice of him and attack. When he claims those souls our knowledge of the Yetis' Soul Magic should complete and allow us to forcibly eject him. There's also another option, a very last ditch one. With our Blootz Steel form the souls in our body, specifically the Heroic ones, gained some strength and responsiveness. Well we know from what happened with Oggroth that if a body houses more than one soul the others will fight for control, and if one on it's own can't rest control away then the souls can mass and attempt to combine themselves in power until they can. I propose if we are left with no other options that we do something like this, but with our hero souls. It's a high cost and Mordre as we know him might not come out the same say, but we'll probably remain in the pilot's seat.

tl;dr? When the curse happened the soul of the previous Administrator/Emperor was ejected from it's body like all the others within the area. It sought refuge in Mordre, but it knew it would need to bind itself further than it already had been in order for it's vessel to survive and for it to one day take control of it. Now that all of it's restrictions have been fulfilled (the first being that the Soul Grave must be activated by a golem leash and the last being that it's Soulfurnice must eventually be breached) it can now surface and take control over the Soul Grave. We need to cut it off from the site it was bound to unmake it and reclaim our body.

I hope I've at least made some progress with this, if not I've sure as hell wasted a lot of time typing and having people read my scribblings.
No. 223495 ID: d59e1a

This is very interesting. Very interesting indeed. I feel an idea coming on....
No. 223498 ID: 45be60

Huh. I thought/hoped we would have more time to figure this out before it became important.

But anyway, as far as Will magic which could have a direct effect here, electricity has an established stunning effect on our functions. Provided the stunning effect is not based on the same principles as the breached furnace stunning effect, it should be good for disrupting our body for a moment, enough time to create an opening.

There is another line from the last thread which catches my attention though.
"Hmm. The souls within a Soul Grave are bound firmly to a Soul Graves 'will', Such as it is, by the spell matrices that give it function.
This would imply that the very souls inside us ARE available to us, even if we are limited to acting through will alone. Sort of lends weight to the idea 903f16 brought up a moment ago.
>Well we know from what happened with Oggroth that if a body houses more than one soul the others will fight for control, and if one on it's own can't rest control away then the souls can mass and attempt to combine themselves in power until they can. I propose if we are left with no other options that we do something like this, but with our hero souls. It's a high cost and Mordre as we know him might not come out the same say, but we'll probably remain in the pilot's seat.

Right now, Mordre is in the same position as the souls which were struggling for control of Oggroth, except that the souls in OUR case can already act as one unified will under our direction if our spell matrices are intact.

I am not certain if Goran's bite has disrupted our matrices. If they have, Mordre's first order of business should be to use every bit of magnetomancy and control at his disposal to repair the broken pieces. Once they are intact, we need to gather the full weight of the thousands of souls within us, especially those pristine and heroic souls most happy to be here, into a tightly focused will and purpose.
No. 223536 ID: 69b381

We should use Pristine Soul to try to regain our body.
This is the appropriate time to use our "special" cards. I mean there were suggestions of making PS Spawn, PS Inferno Golem, etc... I was against those suggestions because we might need PS for VERY important event.
I guess this is VERY important.

I would really like to get the body under our control and remove the parasite. I don't want this to become not-Golem Quest ....

Anyway, try using Pristine Souls
No. 223539 ID: f4e4f9
File 128316148840.jpg - (149.89KB , 690x880 , MordrePossessed.jpg )

Possessed Mordre (also got one with me dicking around with photoshop cloud effect to try and make fire. Yay for learning!)
No. 223540 ID: e31d52

jesus christ emba why don't you do more art holy cow.
No. 223543 ID: ddd48d
File 128316207275.png - (1.71MB , 1325x2095 , CRAWWWLINGINMYSKIIIIIIN.png )

uh. wow. you guys have sure been busy while i was floundering around.
well i finally found a scanner here so hopefully this will help? i don't want no parasite soul taking OUR body, no way.
No. 223544 ID: f4e4f9

Are we just about Fanart Hivemindan, Glue?
No. 223545 ID: ddd48d

yes. yes we are.
No. 223546 ID: a594b9

Hey guys, check this out.


Bob said I could tell you guys anything in this private chat, so I'm just gonna post a log. Most of his comments on my (and your) theories would probably be mentioned in the next update, so I guess by giving out this log I'm handing the rest of you head start on theory feedback!
No. 223553 ID: 69b381
File 128316577257.jpg - (42.93KB , 251x249 , Modres flying skull -cough-.jpg )

I am going ahead and cheat and post this -very- old drawing I made and pretend that it is Mordres skull floating in soulfire.
Just pretend I never said the previous sentence. Oh God, I hope Bob didn't hear me...
No. 223557 ID: b10c0e

>>Falcon's got some interesting ideas in his post, several key things about Possession identity.

No. 223568 ID: 798b63

>Critical but no
>Close but no cigar

Oh dammit. Can no one figure this out? I think I need to go read some more Conan to get myself into 'higher thought''super scheme' mode. Hope I get to do that before the update.
No. 223580 ID: b9e16d
File 12831845404.jpg - (297.21KB , 1536x2048 , Mordre Possesed.jpg )

Okay now a proper drawing more or less.

Sorry I don't have a scanner or a decent camera.

And yes, this is original inspiration. No, I did not copy Emba, our similarities are purely coincidental. In fact I haven't even seen Embas picture yet ....
No. 223636 ID: 3ead44

It occurs to me that no one has suggested that the Chief mage/Archmage of Mosmordre may be the one now hijacking our body.
No. 223709 ID: fdee63

Getting to that. Posting big ass scheme now.
No. 223736 ID: fdee63

Ah crap. I had it and I lost it. Ah well. Gonna post what I remember. Hopefully it does not simply turn out to be a restating of what we know.

The emperor of Mosmordre was actually a Deep spawn administrator as >>223494
and others have noted.(and Morgren were actually Spawn and not life golems. They basically played the same card we were going to. "What the heck is that?""A life Golem""But..." "IT'S A LIFE GOLEM")

Mosmordre was actually a big 'breeding ground' for humans so that they could get things of value like dead bodies and tech and stuff. That is also what the war was for.

Jack Stryfe somehow found a way to defeat the admin/emperor, likely another Core being fragment so the Admin set up a fallback, us. He knew that he could not evade Stryfe forever and truly he had no desire to, that would affect the system adversely, so he had 'Mordre' created along with it's partner, the patchwork beast, and bound himself to it, a binding that would take effect as his body was destroyed.
Mordre had to be created in such a way that he could be used as a container so his furnace was modified not to completely destroy souls... as we have seen(hopefully I don't have to go into that)

The patchwork creature's purpose was to protect the body of Mordre(i.e. The house of his soul) and to become the new body of the Admin after Mordre's growth. The creature was likely very very strong at the beginning, which is why Mordre and even that general area stayed relativley unmolested by outsiders until the point the second part of his plan cam into play. It was so weak when we found it (when it found us rather) because so many of the souls had been used as fuel for Mordre.

The old man Arkus met was likely one of the Admins spawn. His purpose was to initiate the second part of the plan when the time was right. When things had calmed down enough for him to begin his recovery.

Arkus was manipulated into going into this area, and because he carried the Leash, the patchwork creature. When he activated it we, 'Mordicai', were awakened. Our purpose was to start Mordre on his bloody path so the Patchwork creature could grow again, and become a good container for the Admin.

As we saw, the creature sought us out, likely seeking to continue it's mission of protection and growth, but was scared off by our attack. It had to preserve itself so it kept following us for when the plan would be activated, but kept out of reach.

The Admin was to be revived when his soul resided in a container that was alive, the intention being that it would be the CREATURE, but we prematurely fulfilled this condition with our mockery of life.

All this being said, I think this is the reason why we can use pristine souls. The energy we found deep inside was the energy of the Admin. We accessed it via the connection between magic and words and our own little batch of luck(so to speak) caused by the CURSE.

This also helps us to get our body back. If we can stop our Blood flow, we will cease to fulfill the condition of life. try it out Mordre.

There are many things I forgot while writing and a few things I added. I hope I was helpful.
No. 223737 ID: fdee63

Damn that was a lot of writing. I will be very sad if it was useless.
No. 223740 ID: e67080

Since I have no artistic drawing talent, I submit this instead.

Ode to a sentient Soul Grave

Awaken, consuming grave of the soul
Heir of the Mosmordren shall resume
With matrix now online, twelve must be tomb
Awaken soul grave, assume new control!
To fulfil your destiny, there is much
Find your Path, Taker whatever you touch.
You must be as Strong as the Hammer blow
Yet be able to Butcher the Swift, lo!
Be Thief of Time, Invert your foe’s chances.
Command of geomancy, on the earth dances.
Let nothing be Unseen, hold Blademaster keen.
Consume the souls you need, let power sheen.

Now that you stand, make all of your foes fall.
Mages of soul dare think to rival you!
Yet to your power, his concerns but grew.
Golemslayers now golemfalled due to gall.
Both masters of metal sought to make you bow
Yet with skill, improv, and grace, they were cowed!
Few others would dare the god of the blade,
Yet you promise his defeat for sake of staid.
Scarred one of the most ignoble of race
Shall soon be slain, as is the treacher’s fate!
Even he caged, who seeks to escape all.
Shall have to meet your dirge’s deadly call!

So now it seems your fate is on the line.
Gaining of maw, mysteries undefined
Of your own soul’s make, removed of the rind.
Cast out all weakness! Reclaim what is thine!
You of such power shall not cease but now.
Like the makers of fanart, this my vow.
We shall find someday what makes souls pristine.
For now forgive us, our feeble minds not glean.
We shall seek the truth of that Mosmordren,
For like you are to allies, our brethren
Minds of this being, today we must unite!
And learn more of the badass we are in for, when the dice roll right.
No. 223744 ID: 12f6fe

Sentient and Sapient. But, yeah, I like.
No. 223749 ID: fdee63

Something seems very wrong about what I just said, I can't fix it now though i do have another theory.

Lenryt was involved in the curse. She possibly was not a direct caster but she helped. I don't know hat it could have possibly been, but she granted boon for services rendered(or maybe even services to be rendered) to someone. This boon was the Scientomancer code for activating the curse.

She is the only one I can think of that would be powerful enough to take those codes or know them beforehand.

I really need to tidy up that theory....
No. 223753 ID: 03cfd1

Wow. Bravo, seriously, bravo.
No. 223766 ID: fdee63

bravo man. bravo.
No. 223767 ID: fdee63

For some funny reason I read this with 'Battle Cry'-Nujabes in mind the second time round.

It fit well for me.
No. 223772 ID: 12f6fe

What about the Administrators? They all might be totally concerned with the System above all else, but from the subtext in the talk with Eldghodd (particularly, the paragraph concerning Lenryt), not all Administrators think the same way on how to preserve the System. Look at how Soul Graves function, for example. They need to consume souls to even exist. Since it would be pretty hard for the Deep Spawn to divert enough resources to fully defeat Mosmordren, one of the Administrators told people how to defeat Mosmordren, resulted in the Curse. It would have only taken one Administrator for the Curse to become inevitable. After all, Mosmordren maintained its power through the death of mortals, and mortals are explicitly needed for the System to not collapse.

Unless, like, Soul Graves are actually a Deep Spawn plan to help in maintaining the System, by, like, acting as repositories for souls so they won't return and combine with the Caged One. That might be why the death of mortals hurt the System and encourage the manifestation of Core Beings: the Caged One gains back a little more power with every soul that returns to it, and thus, increases the pressure on the System to drain more energy from the Caged One, which encourages more Core Being manifestations, which kills more mortals, which empowers the Caged One even more, and then the positive feedback loop will only end in the utter collapse of the System. Since the souls in Soul Graves functionally will never return to the Caged One, the feedback loop never occurs! Yay!

...Except, why would Mosmordren use anything other than Soul Graves? I mean, unless Soul Graves were the main cause of death during the war, the above theory doesn't quite work out into a feasible plan to prevent to Caged One from gaining power. Perhaps the Morgren, and other Life Golems were to help in that? By breeding like crazy and binding up souls...
No. 223793 ID: 903f16

Is it the thing you wrote about Jak Stryfe, because that part doesn't exactly fit with what we know? Dulu first brought him up and said his rise to fame only occurred after the war, and that he has never had the chance to face a Soul Grave. When we asked Keddic last thread he said he actually talked with the guy and that he lamented never participating in the war.

I do like the notion that the creature functions like some sort of guardian, protecting us until we were reactivated by the leash. I think you should build on that, rather than the peripheral stuff like Jak Stryfe annd the origin or the Morgren. It's not like I know the answer though, so take that with a grain of salt.
No. 223797 ID: fdee63

Wait a minute, if it wasn't Jack, then who was the guy they said took out the Emperor?

Oh man, now I have to read back... unless someone remembers.

This changes the guess in a very good way.
No. 223808 ID: 12f6fe

You probably thought Jak killed the Emperor when Bob stated that he wields the blade that the Emperor once used.

I don't think it was ever mentioned how and who killed the Emperor. But you never know, maybe it was!
No. 223819 ID: 903f16

I'm not sure, but if you check back into last thread then you'll see the posts I referenced. You'll also note that they said he's only as old as Arkus is now and The Curse was used thirteen years ago, which would make then both teenagers at the time.

Actually, that date strikes me as a bit off. It was stated way back when in the first thread at the last Mosmordren citizen was executed sixteen years ago, which would mean The Curse would have been set off three years after everyone in the empire it was meant to destroy was dead. So either there's some odd conspiracy at work or it was just an error in the posts. I'm guessing it's just an error though.
No. 223829 ID: 12f6fe

Bob answered that in the first discussion thread. The last official execution of a Mosmordren citizen was of an officer who commanded his Morgren troops to be particularly messy when sacking a town. That should tell you something of how fanatical Mosmordren citizens were.
No. 223830 ID: fdee63

Ah yes, that's right.
Well that clears up some things in my mind.

The thought that the Curse was planned by an admin was my first thought, but then I asked myself why he would do that.
Would that not hurt the system more than help it?
Is it one of those 'greater good' kind of deals?
Why would the other Admins not be informed if something of that magnitude was going on?
Would the other Admins not seek him out afterwards to find out what the heck went down?
And if they found him dead or missing, would they not have done something about it?

Too many questions.(though I am a question kind of guy man)


I wish I had something that I could access the net with on the move, then I would have been able to post my original revelation at the time it happened. *sigh*

At the very least I have to start writing these things down.

*cough* anyway, back to Golem stuff.
No. 223835 ID: 903f16

Ah yes, I remember that now. Man, my brain is not handling attempting to shift through eight threads worth of information very well if I'm forgetting simple stuff like that.
No. 223848 ID: 12f6fe

Well, if the 'Mortals are vital to the system because they remove souls that would otherwise empower the Caged One' is correct, and if Mosmordre was killing too many people hypothesis is correct, then that sets up a situation where an Administrator might enact the Curse. Perhaps if that Administrator didn't do what it did, Mosmordre would have killed too many people that Core Being manifestation rates would have appreciably rose; perhaps to the level of world extinction? And the System would get repaired anyways. The Leylines in Mosmordre still exist, remember?

And besides, perhaps the Administrator didn't confer with the others before making the decision? We haven't interacted with any Administrator other than Eldghodd; we don't really know what the baseline for the attitude and personality of Administrators is. Perhaps that particular Administrator wasn't one to confer with its peers. We don't know. And if it didn't, who would have known it made the Curse possible? If it didn't confer with the other Administrators, if probably wouldn't have told the others after the fact.

...Anyways, even if the Administrator hypothesis doesn't pan out, I still like my 'soul repository Soul Graves' theory, and the 'mortals prevent the Caged One from gaining power by being soul repositories' theory.

Actually, does anyone have anything to say about those theories?
No. 223852 ID: 12f6fe

Ten threads. The eight quest threads and the two discussion threads. And I don't think anyone could retain and remember every scrap of information throughout all the threads without help.

Also, perhaps we could just ask the guy that is puppeting our body around? Bob did ask what Mordre should do or say.

...*ducks all the rotten vegetables the people who want their Pristine Souls throws*
No. 223875 ID: 903f16

Oh you know what I meant. Also, I don't fault people for wanting to blow some Pristine Souls on this guy. This is the sort of do or die situation that they seem to be made for. You're right though. We should try probing this guy a bit more, if only to get some new scraps of information to work into our guesses. So let's cover the basics and ask him who he is, what he is, what he knows about us, and maybe what his bindings are besides to us. I doubt very much we'll get a direct answer on any of these, but perhaps Bob will throw us a bone and have him taunt us with riddles or something.

Also another thought just struck me, if we don't get this resolved before our allies come down here something very bad could go down. We may end up killing and eating them without any control over our actions, so yeah. We should probably contact Phohn and get that worked out if we posses the ability to do so. Hopefully his bindings are good enough that if this guy tries to hijack the signal our spawn won't help him because they are bound to us not to him.
No. 223879 ID: a76809
File 128322547977.jpg - (78.58KB , 480x640 , That Which Mordre Sees Within The Soulgrave.jpg )

[Very good stuff, in several ways you hit the mark, but several inaccuracies make this nonviable.]

[Solid reasoning, but you're focusing partly on the wrong area.]

[You want to use a Pristine Soul? Those things that come from your Soul Furnace? That Soul Furnace currently being outside your control? Well, too bad, you're cut off from their access point. In fact, if anyone can use them, it would be the hitchhiker. Thanks for reminding me of that, though.]

[A bunch of stuff that is relevant. Just to save time, I'll eliminate something that, collectively as a posting group, you guys keep returning to: Throw out the Mosmorden Emperor, not involved in this particular bit. However, at this point, you have as a group hit almost every single facet of the truth between separate postulations, your final task is sifting the truth free from the rest of the musings, and finally forming a cohesive, unified theory. Fun times. But GREAT rewards if you do. Also you may be thinking of entities being separate, which could be a mistake, considering how many examples there are in-setting of things being able to take, consume or merge with the souls/existences of others.]

[Indeed, Lenryt WAS involved, but you don't need to figure out her part to fully understand the other presence in Mordre.]

[Theories concerning Soul Grave interference with normal soul flow on death and the views held by Deep Spawn on this in regards to the System are some VERY important musings to follow up on. Somewhat limited in what you can come to now, since you've had limited dealings with them, but important stuff nevertheless.]


[rolled 78, 47, 62 = 187/300, 62.333%]
[Plus Fanart boost x3: 2% Per]
[Plus Rhyme boost (with inbuilt history) x1: 2.5% Per]
[62.333% + 2%(x3) + 2.5%]
[Final Total: 70.8333%]
[Adjusted Final Roll: 212.5/300]


As the world continues to break by increments, the lines of shattered existence continuing to spread from my bodies core in time with my dissonant emulation of a heartbeat, I regard my form as if an outsider, confined for the moment to my own left hand, as another force, alien and powerful, moves that which I thought was my sole possession as if in its own skin. The cascading waves of distorted air, of bent space, rend only flesh away, and seem somewhat similar in format if not in scale, to my own Spectral Gorging Anima. These... death fields that my body produces in the hands of this strange Other flaying and flensing Goran's flesh, that which proved impervious to my magic earlier, stripping him to the bone with every blast, his magical reserves steadily dropping, as centuries of magic consumption and personal energy are peeled away in the span of seconds. But this is not my making.

I will not allow that, to lose my form, to simple exist, without direct control of the world. To have no interface, but this meager fist.... I will not exist so.

[Blood Direct Control check: 250+/300: FAIL]


I turn my power toward my own command of Blood magic, reasoning the magic to not only be sustained by me, but also of my own creation, will be a relative new ground for any invader, and perhaps I can wrest control... back from myself, in a strange way....being just a hand is starting to irk me further, and it is not helped by the bastion of new possession, new ownership I reach. Strain as I might, I cannot supplant this will now in place.... and my efforts appear noticed. My warped Soul Grave visage bobbles in the air as Soulfire pulses out in alignment with the rise and fall of the head, as a rumbling... the golem itself laughs, rather than simply crafting a voice of some other laughing... the change is jarring, and I finally relent with my probing attacks at reclaiming the Blood magic to my own purpose, but the magic, and the subsequently altered 'heart-beat' of my body whilst I channel my Blood Iron, now accompanied by spreading cracks in reality, are under the other's control-


Who speaks to me, with scorn and dirision riding in his very being.


My advances are rebuffed and I find myself temporarily straining to even hold my Soul Nexus as an attention settles on my, its oppressive, horrid weight, its presence trying to scour me away, before the Soul Grave's gemless eyes whirl about to finally note the yeti with the hunk of Goran's flesh. I feel flat outrage settling into his being, even as he continues to assault Goran, who is fleeing, an agonizing step by step, death and rebirth journey, magic now at a tenth of its original, his form.... shrinking. How would now stand... at most, twenty feet...


No, I will not lose my opponent to this other either! I will claim my own victory, free of alien influence, and take a new path, heedless of the pressing danger that nearly flayed my soul seconds ago. This time...

[Ignimancy Assault Check: 200+/300: PASS]

I turn my powers towards Ignimancy, and throw a bolt of polarizing current into my own form, surging along everything, and as the Other coughs of bolt of Soulfire from its floating head and body maw, which unfolds into a clutching set of claws, ever more erupting outward and lengthening towards the yeti, who I feel attempting to do... something as his eyes widen and legs start pumping as he takes flight, now working towards some other purpose.


At this moment, my second attempt at wresting ownership of my body arrives, electricity drawing my form to a halt, and I feel my magical connections reset for a brief instant amongst the corporeal paralysis. I strike again, and this time, I grab control of the flow of Blood Iron, and through it my bodies command of Blood magic-

And release it, before ever giving the Other a chance to contest ownership, hoping that by losing the beat that supported this shattering spread of spatial sundering and dimensional breaking, these cracks through all-

And as the next beat is missed-

I find myself glad.

The cracks wither as if cut off from life, cobwebs in instants, the next blast at Goran, now just a bit poorer in health, not coming, and he finally gains some distance before turning again, as the Soulfire ball at the yeti, just beginning to wrap about his fleeing form, flesh inflamed, flickers out, and the yeti finally, still clutching Goran's arm, winks out of existence, leaving a few drops of blood behind that fire still clings to before burning them away, the pilfering opportunist having snatched a full body section of Goran's composition at his prime, and potential fatal information, my possession proving a genuine liability he may somehow be able to exploit even if I can win against my Other myself. I recall Keddic mentioning that the yeti could do tricks with one's mind, and compulsions.... If I could be urged towards freeing the Other again, I do not know if I can regain it..

And with a surge of will finding, on the immediate heels of losing a heartbeat, no magical resistance, I plunge my own soul forward, as words are heard in my very [/i]being[/i], in the briefest of instants, rejecting and outraged, oaths of a return.


and it is forced away in that instant of vulnerability, its connection to the here and now shattered without a physical shell, and the repairs it did upon the form prove its undoing, as it withers away, back to the depths it crawled from.

I fall to the ground, as Goran starts speculatively lumbering forward.... and I note his magic is... ever so slightly, starting to go up.

...Control is restored.

I rise from the ground with only minor scuffing, armor fitting a bit more cleanly, segmented made more sinuous, lack of a neck but increased range of view impressive and jarring in turns, as I find my Revolver Cannon restocked fully, and Blade Launcher... new, altered. I turn to observe my likewise altered Sable Executioner-

To find it already fading back to normal ebony coloration, the shifting otherworldlyness of the blades washing away, normal physical laws once more applying. ...Goran's blood appeared to only provide a limited duration amplification... it seems it was burned away, or some similar form of expenditure took place.

I see Goran feasting on the dead, consuming flesh and souls alike, his body starting to swell, as his jigsaw mouth crazes out a comment, as he notices my awareness of him.


With perhaps five bodies worth of flayed flesh, blood and muscle from the Magic Eater surrounding him, Goran is feasting... on [/i]himself[/i].

...And his magic's increase is rapidly rising.... my god, the simple, sheer efficiency... By the time I start registering it, I note from a previous tenth of power... Goran is now back up to a fourth, and still rising as he feasts away.



There is a flurry of thunder and rumbling snow as a blurred but vaguely crimson something slams into the ground, rock shattering like parchment and steamed snow swirling.

Bang arrives.

And on the heels of this I see Lorgk still leaping across the snow in the distance, seconds away as Zagrath... continues to watch, his freestanding ruby soul untouched during the Other's presence, even more ruby shards gathering in it's form, clustering about its eyes.

What should I say or do?
No. 223886 ID: e31d52

Second verse, same as the first. Lay into him, you're fully repaired, he's on the ropes and we've got reinforcements!
No. 223893 ID: c21243


While laying in to him: "You think I would have brought something from beyond the grave to deal with an insect such as you?! You think too highly of yourself Goran. As that thing said, you make yourself out to be a god, but you are naught but a mortal."

Be sure to say that last part while he dies by your hand.
No. 223909 ID: 33882a

I think at this point, a simple "Die." will do. Any more long winded banter would just seem repetative and unnesesary at this point. I think he's pissed everyone in the area off enough to evoke a need for an end to dialogue, and the beginning of slaughter. And if he tries to say something, cut him off with another "Die." Then we unload our cannon on his ass, and rush him to keep his arms busy, so Lorgk can stab his guts out.
No. 223916 ID: 12f6fe

First, we saw and committed to memory all the runes on the blades of the Anti-Vanguard Blade launcher, right? We need to remember them for Arkus, and for our library Deep Spawn (that Deep Spawn is going to know everything. I want that Deep Spawn to be able to record everything that is said in all our holdings, with context!).


"Beast, what did I do to have the misfortune of even listening to you? By the Root of the World, you are the most ignorant, foolish, arrogant, mentally deprived, unperceptive, deaf, dumb, brutish, beast I have ever the misfortune to meet. "Metal Copy?" Is that the best insult you can come up with? Really now, what are they teaching kids these days? In my day, even petty, barbarian tyrants that are your like could snub their betters with greater subtlety than your rude speech. Though, I suppose I am expecting too much of degenerate animals. I am casting aspersions on your character, by the way. Perhaps I should make it more simple, so this child could comprehend the speech of his betters. Very well, you suck.*

...Oh dear! I really must remember to apologize to Mauser and Gaushen. They will be so offended to be compared to such an ugly brute..."

Mordre is, of course, doing whatever the other posters support while saying this.

*this sentence should have as much derision and scorn packed into it as much as possible. Perhaps using the voices of every soul in Mordre's body? It might work better if the sentence was spoken in the voices of Goran's followers...

...I hope this fits...
No. 223920 ID: d0676f

Kinecto-Geo Slide forward.
Grab Goran
Turn on Immortal Genocide
Absorb Goran's energy.
Fire AVBs into him.
Magi-Null field him with the energy you absorbed from him.

How is that for efficiency.

We need to get Zagrath as he is going to AA us soon.
The good thing about all of this is that he is fixing the rubies for us, I don't want him to finish though......
No. 223930 ID: 716eb0

I wonder if the irony of talking about how we rely on someone who is dead while he feasts on dead flesh is lost to him.
No. 223931 ID: 12f6fe

It is! Add that to the speech I proposed?
No. 223932 ID: 725c0a

No. 223937 ID: 56dc25

This time, when you kill him, do it right. In through the eyes and out through the back of the skull, and you can be pretty sure he's not getting back up.
No. 223939 ID: a594b9

Target Goran's head with all our attacks. Use Geomancy to slide his body bits around, keeping him from getting to them.

I'd say consider starting up the heartbeat again to get the SSSS back but... yeah, we know how risky that is.

I think we should try out our new blades on him, too.
No. 223950 ID: a594b9

Oh wait I know hahahahaha

Use the spectral gorging anima against his dead bodies. They won't be able to resist that! HEHE.
No. 223951 ID: b9e16d

Wait. Is our skull permanently floating in soul fire right now like in >>223539 and >>223580?
If so. Sweet.

I wonder if we can use the maw attack that the Other Self did.

Anyway. Whatever you do, make sure to obliterate Gorans -brain- before relaxing. I guess it is the same weakness that Bang has, we should have seen it before.

Also, can we not use Blood Flow anymore? It was an awesome technique.....
No. 223959 ID: bb677b

The possession seemed to be triggered by the exposure of our soul furnace WHILE in that state. So...as long as we don't suffer catastrophic damage on that scale, we should be ok.
No. 223962 ID: 45be60

Oh *I* have something to add to the speech.

"I pity your ignorance and your foolish pride, proclaiming your superiority as you scrounge for scraps. This form you see is not some crude copy of yours. The body before you is the ultimate development of your feeble and flawed prototype. You are obsolete Goran. Obsolete, and irrelevant. You will be forgotten."

(I would tone down the premen racial slurs though. We LIKE the rest of them, and there are some within earshot.)
No. 224000 ID: a69afd

It's time to wrap this up. Slide towards Goran while charging up your Ignimancy. Fire your vanguard blades so that they approach Goran from the back and force him to lunge at us. Use Kinetimancy to push ourselves toward Goran faster. As Goran opens his mouth to attempt consuming us once more, POINT BLANK HAMMERLANCE + ELECTRIC FIST + ACCELERATOR. -CONDUCTIVE COFFIN CLOSER- After he dies, eat soul, harvest his heart and the lining of his stomach. Rejoice.
No. 224010 ID: f4e4f9

Whatever you do, one thing remains clear, do not stop rending his body. Tear out his organs, split his bones, ravage his vitals until the snow is died crimson for a hundred feet in every direction.

"I have heard ENOUGH from you!"
No. 224013 ID: f4e4f9

We're the parasite, here.

The Other is the Soul Grave, given sapience. We are some byproduct, a stowaway imprinted over the original construct, perhaps even fused to it, becoming a part of it.
No. 224014 ID: f4e4f9

Also, let us avoid long drawn out speeches. The more time we spend idly chatting instead of Smearing Goran's face across the ground, the more energy he's restoring.

Don't give him the chance, no more letting up, no more giving him room to breathe. We should have stopped it the moment we realized he could regenerate.

No more.
No. 224024 ID: b9e16d

I agree. There's no need for dramatic speeches here.
No. 224037 ID: 03dd11

We definately owe Keddic and Bang an explanation now.

So what should it be.
1)Truth(what we know. would be good but not recommended at this time)
2)Half truth.(We are Mordre. This golem is a seal. We sealed ourselves in here to seal the other existence you just saw, a malevolent spirit called Ask'etal~... or some bull like that. this is my choice personally.)
3)Lie.(Someone hijacked your signal... or some bull.)
4)SUPER MEGA LIE(Nothing just happened what are you talking about? ...Or some bull)

Yea, I know that I am the one that said focus on the present, but this deserves attention, even if only a little.
No. 224041 ID: f4e4f9

I heavily doubt they saw enough to compromise any part of our secret, and Keddic isn't here yet. Bang is.

Any explanation we would be forced to give would depend entirely on how much they saw. Otherwise, the only thing we gotta explain is the modifications to our head-structure, and that's piss-easy.
No. 224043 ID: f4e4f9


We ain't gotta explain shit til we know what Bang knows, ya know?
No. 224049 ID: 03dd11


Even if they did not hear all that bull, Bang still has suspicions and I would like to put them at rest... or at the very least distract him from it.... maybe find Collete for him or something.
No. 224068 ID: 716eb0

No need to lie at all. Same thing we have been doing all along: say things which are very carefully true.

I don't know what that was. I have long suspected, apparently with good reason, that there is some powerful remnant burried deep within the golem's forge. The soul of some powerful once-living being, like Dulu. The damage Goran did seems to have awoken it, and it took every ounce of control I could muster to wrench comand back. I will have to consider what this means, and how I can prevent it from happening again, lest I lose my control completely.
No. 224106 ID: 445c48

No big speech, maybe a line or two about how much of a hypocrite he is, since he's needing the dead bodies infront of him. Anima on the bodies sounds good, too.

We can explain just what happened later. And if we get asked in an update, we can answer something along the lines of "I'm... not entirely sure myself, honestly. I've got a few ideas though, just got to think through it a bit more before I'm sure." 100% truth. As for Bang's suspicions, that's definitely a conversation for later. He's probably smart enough to figure it out on his own, and I think he would view it more positively if we confided in him as opposed to him finding out.

Also, for god's sake, aim for Goran's head. Break his brain up so he can't direct his magic, like Bang. After Anti-magic pulsing of course. When you do pulse tell Bang to get away first.

We probably missed out on a "Kill Goran before your bros get here" secret. I sad.
No. 224113 ID: 03dd11

Hrm, here is a plan

Chrono bandit Goran,
Hit with SE
Activate S4 after blood has been drawn
Chrono bandit him again and HEAD BLENDER!!!!!!
No. 224119 ID: 5f0943

Don't do any big speeches, just sic him in the face... with the Immortal Genocide. Then tell Bang to kick him (that should hurt the fat bastard good).

Also, the new blades that have runes on them, TEST THE FUCK OUT OF THEM! Shoot them at Goran and see if they do anything fancy!
No. 224121 ID: a594b9

...hmm, with Goran at a low power level, I bet it would be reasonably safe to use the IG's primary function on him. MAGIC ASPLODE!
No. 224122 ID: d3dfb8

Start up our blood magic again, then pull some of the blood from Goran's body parts to activate the 4S again.
Fire one of our new blades at the motherfucker.
No. 224156 ID: b10c0e

Note: We can be talking like we are the gentleman mage that we are while we dissect him and prop his body up on sticks. There is nothing stopping us from using the awesome of >>223916 because we'll be distracted. We can talk while we do whatever we want, as if we are what we say we are, a remote controlled golem.

And if we can't do that, we damn well need to learn how to do it from Keddic.
No. 224158 ID: b10c0e

I worry that this will destroy the souls he's eaten and that we need to save.

I worry that these will unleash whatever asshole thinks he owns us all over again. I would rather be tested and looked at first before we retry something that, last time, seemed to turn us into a demon. I know that we do have meta reasons to ignore it, but I would rather be safe then sorry.

I like the name of the combo, and the use of the oft ignored accelerator is always good, but how the heck would this work? And why are we using magic lighting on the magic eater?
No. 224159 ID: 445c48

It just seems a bit... too hammy. This is a serious fight, we should act it. And supposedly we'd be busy controlling the whatsitmachine that enables the remote control.
No. 224167 ID: b10c0e

Too hammy? Our next unlock is at 100, and we're only have 51. I want ham.
No. 224177 ID: eaf5c7

I am totally fine with not saying the speech until the end of the fight. I do want any HAM points that can be gained though. If people thinks it ruins our disguise, I fine with not saying anything at all, or whatever others put forward. Just, I saw a good lead into an insult, you know?

Also, on a totally unrelated tangent! Why is Burduko defending Mordreden all by his lonesome?! Nihilino, Mothbern, Zelgoto, Aggocrag, and Vangurd should be helping Burduko! Hell, Zelgoto, Aggocrag, and Vangurd were specifically made to defend things! And they're HUGE! Why aren't they helping Burduko preventing the snow from breaching Mordreden's walls? Nihilino should be especially useful, he and his spawn can just make the snow fade from existence. Did the Yetis fuck up Mordreden, again?!
No. 224194 ID: 445c48

We sent them out to fight, remember?
No. 224195 ID: eaf5c7

When did we do that? From what >>222941 says, all our Deep Spawn are at Mordreden. I can't seem to find where we told Velada to come to us either, actually...
No. 224198 ID: 445c48

Oh wait do you know, I forgot they went back. Whoops.

I do know we sent Velada out to hunt yeti.
No. 224322 ID: eaf5c7

So, reading the wiki, we can apparently tap Leylines for World magic. Are there any nearby Leylines we can tap into to cast some supporting magic? If the theory that Leylines are part of (or actually) the System is true, there should be Leylines around, shouldn't there? The mines lead to the holdings of an Administrator, to a city even, and if the Deep Spawn are charged with maintaining the System, shouldn't they remain close to Leylines? This suggestion assumes that any nearby Leylines are close enough for us to use, and that World magic can give us an appreciable boost when combined with Blood magic.
No. 224336 ID: eaf5c7

I don't think you have to worry that 4S will expose us to the Other. We were only possessed after Goran exposed our Soul Furnace, remember? The 4S is just an activated upgrade for the Sable Executioner. Now, it could be that the Other could only possess us when we have activated 4S (which is doubtful. If that is true, things start turning into a Xanatos Roulette), or, more likely, when we are tapping into Blood Magic, combined with an exposed Soul Furnace, that leads to Other possession, but that is not likely to be tested scientifically, you understand. We don't want to be so exposed at any time, nor do we want to allow the Other to possess us at any time, without a reliable, safe, and thoroughly effective failsafe to regain control. And no, I do not consider Ignimancy as a reliable failsafe. From what the Other said before we regained control, it will have considered how to stop us from regaining control in that manner and will implement (a) method(s) that will bar us from using Ignimancy to regain control. I want something that the Other absolutely cannot block, before even considering allowing the Other to gain control.

...Of course, our Soul Furnace is exposed, the no neck thing that has an opening to our Soul Furnace (I think? I'm not quite sure...). So you might be justified in not wanting to us the 4S. I'm not sure I want to test the above hypothesis...
No. 224338 ID: eaf5c7

Well, if Bob is still doing the "if you miss out on SECRET BONUS, I will tell you" thing, we didn't miss anything. If he isn't, then we probably did miss the SECRET BONUS. Which is very sad. Please, Bob, tell us if we did miss a SECRET BONUS?
No. 224392 ID: a76809
File 128331977759.jpg - (153.18KB , 969x600 , Bodyguard Elrind The Slayer And Gialgorra In Dappe.jpg )

"'Metal Copy?' Is that the best insult you can come up with? In my day, even petty, barbarian tyrants, your peers and colleagues, Could snub their betters with greater subtlety than your rude speech. I am casting aspersions on your character, by the way. Perhaps I should make it more simple, So this child could comprehend the speech of his betters: You are nothing in my eyes."

[+17 HAM points, modified for importance of moment. New Total: 068 Next Bonus: 100]

I see Bang, who was just getting ready to leap into battle pause, hearing my words, brow furrowing as he ponders something. As he hesitates, I dash forward even as I employ Kinetomancy and Geomancy both to accelerating, my sudden charge taking Goran by surprise. On the way I steal some Blood Iron from the wealth of spilled blood about the battlefield, those bits I can reach swiftest, Goran's blood, just enough, surging to coat the Sable Executioner.

The once more red and shifting steel plunges through Goran's skull, directly above his maw, my advance and shifting weapon too fast for him to react to mid-attack, and his jaw goes slack as arms reach past me, twitching feebly. I do not stop at this, even though Bang looks disappointed, for having missed out. Goran's magic drops immensely, and he starts to come to about the blades through his head, for the most meager of existences. I use this time wisely, continuing to speak to him, and trying to insure that whatever may or may not have been visible from a distance, I keep this... event, this manifestation of an Other, as quiet as possible. The fact I do it mocking Goran to his dying face does not hurt either.

"I pity your ignorance and your foolish pride, Proclaiming your superiority as you scrounge for scraps. This form you see is not some crude copy of yours. This golem before you is the ultimate development, Of your feeble and flawed prototype. You are obsolete Goran. Obsolete, and irrelevant. You will be forgotten."

[+13 SOAP points, modified for importance of moment. New Total: 043 Next Bonus: 050]

To this, does Goran die, as my augmented Sable Executioner flays open his hide again, even as I keep a blade through his brain, and I tear out his heart, crack open his ribcage, and pluck out his innards, coring him before wrenching off limbs. Finally, when little more than a broken ribcage, a spine and a head, I again put my attention on flaying apart that skull, and this time, as that gray matter is sent flying, I see a emerald mass starting to swell forth, blossoming to immense proportions, Goran's Soul cut lose from his finally dead body.


>-Must trigger an avalanche on the mountainside during the struggle with Goran and the Gorkin Clan.
>-Must catch Yetis preparing avalanche at appropriate time, catch them in avalanche.
>-Kill at least fifty yetis indirectly with avalanche timing.

Knowledge Gain:
-The Land of Dragons is a crucible of souls, the hallowed home of those who survive, continue to grow, for it has a fairly unique social structure. One's position in society, which is almost exclusively martial, militaristic in format, is directly aligned with one's direct combat skills, combination of mastery of assorted fighting styles, magical competence with Combat Magic, in what fields.... all of this is weighed, and by this a person is judged.
-With politicos and generals being one and the same in this single-system society, certain prerogatives have taken place: Namely, an emperor takes the place of a grand general, and must be a Dragon, the title granted to those that, out of the millions of lives striving for greatness, achieved Legend in their own lifetime, becoming such brilliant souls as to surpass the ken of their onetime peers. But outside this distinction, any Dragon can claim the seat of supreme commander, the emperor, the High Dragon. But because generals are still politicos, this position is usually... superficial, making someone a sort of 'referee' as others squabble in border disputes and power-plays that let the lower ranks hone their own souls, the time honored traditions of using your enemies deaths to improve one's own soldiers driving almost all tactical decisions.
-When Lubu not only killed the emperor, the high dragon, the Jade Dragon Luoga Shangod, but also killed his son, in the process slaying TWO dragons on his own (reports exist of some strange metal giant briefly appearing). Thanks to the lifestyles that have become ingrained over the centuries into the peoples of the Land of Dragons, those other Dragons now feel compelled to test themselves against someone who took the emperor ship by the old way, not by scheming or gifting, and in the process proclaimed his strength by breaking the capital.
-The resulting all-out war, as every Dragon with an army to their name (read: all of them) strives to take Lubu's head and prove their own dominance as the greatest living warrior, the ideal that is instilled in every single child of these lands, without exception, and over life tempered with the realities of sustainability, of administration. When such an event appears, it is effectively an excuse for those who loath their political work to complete toss is away as they focus purely on war, on combat, 'relaxing' in a very lethal way. Those who favor their political efforts must also go, because if the wrong person gets the seat, bad things could happen, from their perspective.
-Lubu started the biggest war of the last three generations with his act, that you helped accomplish, by preventing the Core Being from starting a tragedy in place of a galvanizing rebellion.
-For comparison, Land of Dragons is larger in both population and land mass than all of the warring states (which includes The Azlehaedran State), some two-three-dozen shifting nations, and the swamplands of Froggrock and man alike about the Cursed lands combined. This does not include Castiliathen, which is, as of this moment, still the largest single, un divided nation around (depends on how Land of Dragons plays out for how long that title lasts).

>-Must begin direct combat with Goran before avalanche.
>-majority of damage to Goran must be done by Mordre.
>-Mordre must personally kill Goran.

Knowledge Gain:
-Gialgorra, since a combined visit by one of the twenty four Soul Graves, one that was argued as either having a giant blond maned master or an old distant one, and an attempted robbery with another set of Mosmordren Relics, and a Mortal Coil mage, an apparently high ranking one, was made into the wounded, the hostage, the saved, and the healed, all at the hands of Gialgorra and his company. This has attracted even more attention to the islands than before, Gialgorra's challenge has increased its flow of challengers, and now has to charge more, as the pot has risen to 125,000 Marks, the Steam Golem's victory count now having well exceeding 1,000.
-The Steam Golem C.A.N.T.I. has been rather heavily modified. Six turbines adorn its back instead of four, the armor plating is thicker and more cunningly segmented to allow the internal repair dendrites even swifter access to damaged areas, giving the entire metal hulk a hunched, overpowering look, steam vents dotting the back now absurdly reinforced. The legs have gone the other direction, bipedal locomotion ditched entirely in favor of a multi-jointed, radially arranged set of seven legs, the rear middle leg even more segmented, designed to unfold into a pseudo tail-rifle. The arms still possess the capacity to interface with the body to form a cannon, but the base need not change for this any longer. The last change is the greatest, and hardest to see. Gialgorra has built a new, fourth engine (after retooling the original Tesla Coil never-ending lightning storm, and both the mechanical and steam-based perpetual motion machines), the Algorithmic Alchemical Apparatus Engine (AAA Engine), that allows direct energy to matter conversion when fueled by all three other sources, as well as matter reshaping on an atomic level. Has immensely added to golem flexibility.
-On this note, Gialgorra has taken notes from the visit of Mordre. He devised for himself a mechanical equivalent of Golem Armor, to both protect and enhance himself in a martial setting. Beyond granting strength and durability the likes of which even some magic cannot reach, his suit (the Dapper Adventure) having only a single weapon, it's over-sized left forearm and fist housing not just a direct button-based emergency control means for the Steam Golem, but also a tiny outlet, for the twin engines humming on the suit's back. A segmented, drill-tipped and chainsaw-ringed cord, electrified on release with currents that cause rapid rust in most metals, with a range of some thirty feet, is his weapon of choice now. And Gialgorra has on occasion now accepted paired challenges, Operator and Golem alike squaring off against their opposites: Thus far Gialgorra's Dapper Adventurer has mauled combatants as badly as his Steam Golem has.
-Gialgorra has still had ANOTHER attempted burglary, and taken matters into his own hands. He has built a collection of guard robots/crude butlers, able to detect intruders, grant entry to those appropriate, and lead to designated areas on request. After no less than three assassination attempts in a week, after crushing three highly ranked soldiers from the Land of Dragons, complete with examples of their patron Dragon's power in their golems, Gialgorra hired a bodyguard (after posting a rather considerable purse for whoever got the job, and was subsequently bombarded with hundreds of would-be warriors). Out of all those he considered, Gialgorra chose Elrind, titled not by self but by others as Slayer, a man with naught but a pair of vicious swords, quick nerves and the incapability to flinch, he was likewise adorned with vicious scars on top of a naturally misshapen body, one-eyed, missing teeth, one leg a peg, an arm only affixed with a claw, wheezing and nearly dead-and yet none other would face him, after he tore apart one braggart that challenged the visibly frail fighter.
-Gialgorra's new bodyguard demanded to be made a real warrior again, or he'd cut out the Professor's heart, to which Gialgorra grinned. It took several surgeries, two of his daughters getting involved, and three weeks, but Elrind the Slayer is now encased within and grafted to an armor/life support armor, several organic systems replaced with machine. Elrind the Slayer, upon waking, at testing his new form, once more picking up his favored blades, and even being gifted with a gun Gialgorra made with Sofiazza. He has since sworn to serve Gialgorra until his death, as payment for the promise fulfilled, strength returned to a waning warrior. Gialgorra since had but one assassination attempt. The aftermath has discouraged others.
-Thanks to the ever-growing traffic of combatants seeking Gialgorra, the island's cities have had an economic boom from renting rooms to rich travelers, doing custom work, and have thrived so much that they elected the owner of the island, Gialgorra himself, to be mayor of each town, the port as well, and even to be officially the governor as well, his island becoming, in a way, his tiny kingdom, by the choice of the populace, for the incredible trade brought... and for not charging much for rent.
-Gwendelazzia Gialgorra has left the island by ship, seeking adventure, leaving Gialgorra with daughters Lucrazzia, Sofiazza, and Anastazia.

Bang stares, impressed, and Lorgk slows to a halt, looking conflicted, as I see the drones of Velada pulling up short, their prey the yeti gone. I act too swiftly for the ghost of Goran, complimenting my earlier exploitation of better knowledge of my foe and a stacked field by immediately inhaling, my new method of soul suction through my head and body maw ripping Goran free before he can resist, his soul vanishing into my depths... and such is its potency, that I feel many options.

Goran's soul could:

-Grant General Phonomancy, a rare magic involving sound and general vibration/resonance manipulation.
-Grant General Gravimancy, a rare magic involving the attraction and weight of things, one of the fundamental means of manipulating creation, along with Ignimancy and Magnetomancy.
-Migrate to jaws, imbue Magic Eating in Mordre, gaining one of the prerequisites for Over Limit Trancing.
-Migrate to body, fuse with Merrack/Abaeloth, form new Soul Nexus with Speed/Magic Ablating/Physical Consuming abilities to cycle through when not actively being tapped.

No. 224397 ID: e31d52

-Grant General Gravimancy, a rare magic involving the attraction and weight of things, one of the fundamental means of manipulating creation, along with Ignimancy and Magnetomancy.

>We have both the others

No. 224400 ID: aff29c

I have to say go for the Body Soul Nexus. From what I can see, it would greatly enhance what capability we have to use what magic we have already, and give us another focus for casting as well.
No. 224402 ID: 03dd11

Holy crap this is a difficult decision...

I am going to vote for either Gravimancy or Magic eating.
No. 224403 ID: f4e4f9

>-Migrate to jaws, imbue Magic Eating in Mordre, gaining one of the prerequisites for Over Limit Trancing.
-Migrate to body, fuse with Merrack/Abaeloth, form new Soul Nexus with Speed/Magic Ablating/Physical Consuming abilities to cycle through when not actively being tapped.

These are both incredibly good, I mean holy crap.

Magic Eating in particular is so stupidly efficient that the only reason I can think of to NOT get it is the Soul Nexus. The Magics are likewise amazing, but a bit more...widespread, however rare, than Magic Eating...

Oh, wait:

<Emba>I would use a Pristine soul if I thought it could get us two of them

<TheBeardiestBob>There is an extra option at cost of Pristine Soul, though: Magic Eating body (ala Dulu) instead of magic ablating for Soul Nexus body option, which will still allow access to Overlimit trance if done right.

I vote for this.
No. 224405 ID: aff29c

Hmm... looking at this option from Emba's post, I would change my vote to this, it would make the soul nexus even more useful.
No. 224406 ID: e67080


As Bob had pointed out the effect of. I do hate missing out on rare magics, but i want hyper Morde!

as such, my vote is pristine + Body.
No. 224407 ID: e31d52

Fucking goddamn okay changing vote :V V:
No. 224408 ID: f4e4f9

Indeed, access to Magic Eating (OMG SO USEFUL), Soul Nexus Magic Node, Updates to the hero abilities from our Body Souls, and the potential to access Over Limit Trance like Dulu.
No. 224409 ID: 03dd11

Indee, but I still like Gravimancy, especially since I have always wanted a move like that for Mordre.

So that we can just look at someone and exude an oppressive aura, crushing their bodies and will with our mere presence.

Now we can fake it at least.
No. 224412 ID: f4e4f9

Also, we need to gather all of Goran's blood and preserve it.
No. 224414 ID: f4e4f9

And salvage Goran's Jaws, and Heart.
No. 224415 ID: f4e4f9

Actually, just salvage every whole bit of him that you haven't ground into mash.
No. 224416 ID: 3ca350

I'm going to agree with Emba, let's use a pristine soul to get an extra option. My vote:
 >-Migrate to jaws, imbue Magic Eating in Mordre, gaining one of the prerequisites for Over Limit Trancing. 
>-Migrate to body, fuse with Merrack/Abaeloth, form new Soul Nexus with Speed/Magic Ablating/Physical Consuming abilities to cycle through when not actively being tapped. 

These two abilities are definitely the most rare and useful among the list, we could just find regular Phonomancers or Gravimancers to gain those other abilities.
Thanks Emba for sharing this option with us!

Bob, is our Geo Sliding speed equivalent to our running speed or is it just handy for when we don't want to use our legs?

Pick up a piece of Goran's flesh and toss it into our Gaping Maw, We are Mordre the Goran-Eater.

I wonder what would happen if we decided to try and implement the bones of Goran and other fallen opponents into our body, giving Mordre a "skeleton" within his Blootz Steel form? Goran's bones or other equal sized bones would probably be the best for us to use (that Flesh Giant's Spine).
Mordre the Bone Golem and Blood Grave. OOOooooOOO. Or how about Blood Golem and Bone Grave? I can't decide which set is better.

Bob, what happened to Fekk and Nanal?
Don't... Please Bob... Don't say that Goran......
......used them up as fuel....
No. 224417 ID: 33882a

And maybe fetch our eyes and Zagrath's soul while we're at it. It would really suck if we had to fight our own AA. Of course, it's not charged or anything but still...
No. 224420 ID: a594b9

I'm interested in Gravimancy.

Oh, Mordre... we need to fix the Edge of Oblivion. Can you steal time from it in order to Magnetomancy it back into shape?
No. 224444 ID: 903f16


>-Migrate to body, fuse with Merrack/Abaeloth, form new Soul Nexus with Speed/Magic Ablating/Physical Consuming abilities to cycle through when not actively being tapped.

My vote goes to this with a Pristine Soul to upgrade it. As has been stated in Emba's post and in the chat prior this update this would give us the incredibly useful ability of actually of magical absorption. That ability and the addition of a second Soul Nexus, which would both provide us another point from which to cast magic and increase the strength of the other souls in it, cinch the deal for me.

I agree to this, but I also feel like this would be an appropriate time to present Lorgk a piece of the corpse as a trophy. After all, our victory here and the victory of the Drazken clan over the Gorkin means Lorgk can now become the new top dog in The Frostback Mountains.

I asked about that earlier. If we want to gain anything significant from the bones we'll need to rune them up a bit. Also, I too expressed the notion that we could probably gain those magics by eating some mages, but Bob set me straight in that those are two extremely rare magics. It wouldn't be weird if never encountered them again, so I wouldn't take options to acquire them that lightly.

Seconding this, we've been giving his soul a bit too much leeway. It's time to reclaim him, whether he'll willingly come back is the question though. I think we should call out to him first and see if he'll say anything. If not well then I suppose we should chase him down and chow on him whilst avoiding any abilities he's gained from our gems and his time housed within them.
No. 224448 ID: 7150d8

>we need to fix the Edge of Oblivion. Can you steal time from it in order to Magnetomancy it back into shape?

I like that idea, it should be more open to manipulation when we steal the timelock from it, right?

Also, on the Goran soul choice thingy, I put my vote up for soul nexus+pristine soul.
It's totally worth it, even if we are starting to run low on them, considering we probably won't ever have the chance to gain a magic eating ability afterwards.
(That, and if over limit trance is like what Dulu does when he get's blasted with enough magic, we would be goddamn unstoppable (in overtrance, that is))
No. 224466 ID: 6834bc

I'm going to throw my vote behind Gravimancy. It seems like it would come in rather handy for that fight we're going to have waiting for us the second we get back to the Arcanoworks.
No. 224468 ID: a594b9

...if Yetis died in the avalanche, let's see if we can track down their souls and eat them.
No. 224469 ID: a594b9


No. 224470 ID: e31d52


No. 224482 ID: ddd48d

>Fekk and Nanal
;_: why must you remind me of sad. augh

>Pick up a piece of Goran's flesh
>toss it into our Gaping Maw
>We are Mordre the Goran-Eater.

"ha-HA! WHO is eating whom NOW, GORAN? HAHAHA!" then stand awkwardly and cough upon 'noticing' Bang and Lorgk.

also very important to deal with.

all this magic combination stuff confuses me, i guess I'll vote for the magic eating one?

also it seems to me Gialgorra is becoming veeeryyyy influential. We should send him some mail of congratulations when we return to the Arcanoworks.
No. 224484 ID: 7150d8

> We should send him some mail of congratulations when we return to the Arcanoworks.

I thinkwe should do another visit in 'person' (after dealing with the current business at the arcanaworks), and pay him to build Ugrokk a new arm (if JoJo can't restore it).
And if we took our transport spawn with us, we could cut any future travel to the island from weeks/days to seconds.
No. 224485 ID: 45be60

No, we did not forget about him, even if YOU did. He has been mentioned in every update, we simply had more life threatening concerns.

Now is the time to deal with him, before talking with our followers. Use geomancy to tug against the gem shards he is pulling toward himself, just enough to stop them, and address him by name. See if he is, in fact, self-aware right now.

(As for upgrades, I am opposed to "eating stuff" powers, ambivalent about body upgrades, on account of I always like more speed, and fully in favor of gaining magic. Go for the "fundamental means of manipulating creation" powers! complete the set!)
No. 224498 ID: b9e16d

Okay, take Zagrath.

And the quickly scourge the battlefield for souls. Priority is give to any shaman souls, also don't forget the 3 yeti shamans we killed. Do not hesitate lest we start losing them...
No. 224502 ID: b9e16d

Someone ask Bob if we get a bonus for completing the three fundamental magic set.

What was the difference between HAM and SOAP again?
No. 224503 ID: ee97fb

I also think a pristine soul and body soul nexus sounds awesome. Go for that. Goran's soul should be put to use well so that Mordre will become the supreme magic eater.
No. 224504 ID: a594b9

HAM is hamming it up in a nonserious/goofy manner. SOAP is being overly dramatic and serious.
No. 224512 ID: b10c0e

Yes, Pristine Soul Fueled Soul Nexus Magic Eating. This is a good idea, as we hopefully have enough pristine souls to combine with Ruby Red Zagrath and regain our eyes.

Question, though: Can we use a Pristine Soul to release Goran's fuel? I want Fekk and Nanal back - actually, I want all our Premen back and try to gift them to Lorgk's Sword. I doubt we could get more then that but we could release any other hero souls he had used to agument himself or any souls he hadn't devoured yet - he does seem to function like a prototype soul grave...huh.

We should then scour the land for any souls we hadn't eaten yet. Part the snow and devour every last soul. WE MUST FEAST!

I worry about eating the body - let's just call dibies on the ribs. We would like the stomach, but we can let the Preman Shaman do their magic so we can have a very powerful new item.

As for what to say:
"Forgive me, Lorgk. I...let my anger get the best of me. I could not stand the taunts and jibes and I wanted him dead as much as you did for killing my allies and friends." Bow and offer the corpse to Lorgk. Turn to Bang and give a laugh. "What's with the look old bean, never heard an old man curse like that? Meh, having this instrument being called prototype over and over gets to me after a while, what can I say?" And give a sigh, as we soul eat everything. "You have the worst luck my friend. I...I think the Land of the Dragon might be a place we should journey together. Hundreds of Armies clash together there after a great war," Cough. "I think it might interest you."
No. 224520 ID: 5f0943

> Question, though: Can we use a Pristine Soul to release Goran's fuel? I want Fekk and Nanal back - actually, I want all our Premen back and try to gift them to Lorgk's Sword.

I think that would be a waste of a pristine soul, honestly. Between using one to get a magic eating body soul nexus (which most people seem to root for), and then using one later to restore our eye-beam rubies, we would have only one pristine soul left.

If we used one to free the souls from Gorans (which may not be possible at all), we would have zero, robbing us of a deus ex machina which we may need at a later date.

tl;dr it's a bad idea, with a high cost, and a low possible payoff.
No. 224523 ID: b10c0e

This is more a 'if it doesn't already'. Also, Goran has eaten several yeti shaman, probably has a long line of hero's he's devoured,a nd I want to augment our blood magic and combat magic. I will admit it's a long shot, but it's a long shot we could use.

Anyway, we can come up with Pristine Souls no matter what. We just have to be smart and think about what's happening and have an educated guess as what will happen. And we seem damn close to getting our five soul bonus.
No. 224559 ID: 879a63

Get Phohn to announce the defeat of Goran among our allies. It looks like the battle is over so it's time to start looting. Absorb any remaining souls, use magnetomancy to collect spare weapons, bodies, materials etc.

Mordre, can you sense any possible loose yeti souls up in the mountain? maybe you should check that out?

Once the dust has settled run a debriefing with Lorgk, Keddic, Bang, Dulu, Oggroth, Uggrok, the Deep spawn and whoever else wants to participate. Explain that yeti treachery was involved in the battle and resolve people's thoughts on the battle. Bang might have a few questions for one...
No. 224579 ID: f36769

Guys, remember we had plans for a spawn which was formed around the idea of detecting and searching stuff?

Well, we should manifest it next and it together with Phohn should locate Scarred Yeti ASAP and we should go on all-out manhunt.
No. 224597 ID: 445c48

Before just eating Zagrath, I think you should try to talk to him. Say hello, and all that, in mosmordren.

Also, >Body >Pristine Soul

Shame, Gravimancy might let us reduce our weight enough that we could fly, combining with magnetomancy and Kinetomancy.
No. 224599 ID: b10c0e

Erm, I agree with this statement but Land Of Dragons Low tongue (What the neck is the name for that?) rather then Mornostic. See if we can do both High and Low Dragon at the same time - if we can't, possibly...high? It's a gamble, and I hope it works. Greet him, bow, and request him to rejoin us.

Also, yeah. I would love to have Vibration Control too, but we are still mage hunting so eventually we'll get it - and now magic means we turn into a happy bundle of fuck you rather then be weakened by it.
No. 224601 ID: 445c48

Zagrath is Mosmordren, so it's more likely that's what he speaks than the Land of Dragons tongue.

And apparently Phonomancy and Gravimancy are both extremely rare and we shouldn't be surprised if we don't ever see them again, someone said.
No. 224609 ID: b10c0e

...Yeah. Sorry, for some reason I thought he was the Inverter we picked up in the land of the dragons. Ignore my comment about needing to speak Dragon to him. Where is my head at...

Anyway, yeah, bow, and ask him how he is.
No. 224611 ID: efa282

If we get magic absortion like Dulu, does that mean we can throw our own magic at ourself to enter 'fuck you' mode?
No. 224637 ID: 03dd11

We are more 'Magic eating through our body' than 'magic absorption into our body'. Dulu is made for that to happen, us, not so much.

So I would guess that we just get more power when we eat it, and if we don't use it quickly, it will just burn up in our furnace and be nothing.
No. 224694 ID: eaf5c7

I totally support having Burduko scout around the region for a while and then heading straight toward Kyorto's tower. If other posters feel the need, send Nihilino to protect Burduko, his fade-from-existence touch should handle pretty much anything in the Cursed Lands. And we don't even have to worry that he is destroying souls we might want, since the monsters in the Cursed Lands don't have any!

And what happened with all our Deep Spawn (-Burduko) doing nothing at Mosmordren with snow breaching its walls? And on the topic of Burduko, how does Burduko conjoined with Velada produce spacial normality? And can our other Deep Spawn conjoin with Velada to produce some other normality? Other non-Mordre-bound Deep Spawn? Mages? Core Beings? Humans, Premen, Yetis, Golems? Is this some special property inherent to Velada, or is this a universal property to Deep Spawn, where if they conjoin their existences their abilities' effects merge?

Speaking of the Deep Spawn, what are the appearance of all our Deep Spawn's spawn? And what are the special abilities* of Sandronm, Zelgoto, Vangurd, and Aggocrag, if they have any?

*in the vein of Nihilino, Mothbern, Burduko, and Velada, I mean. Like Dorgrum's eat magic ability.

And something that has been bugging me, what Phohn's effective general range? He can reach Arkus at the Arcanoworks, but he needed something to connect to Arkus. Does Phohn need something like a telephone number, where if someone doesn't have a number, they are impossible to reach with a phone, and thus, he should go with Burduko and familiarize himself with locations so he can reach people there in the future?

Also, eat some rubies! I want to know what would happen!

Onto topics that concern the battle!

Also, I would support the PS+GS=SN option. (Though, we won't have speed+physical eating together anymore, in exchange for more powerful singular properties... Man, the idea of giving up power to gain power is rather prevalent in this setting, isn't it, Bob? The Deep Spawn, magic competence, the only thing that actively subverts this I can think of is no-magic tech. ...Which might be one more reason the Eldghodd wants tech.) We would have to ask Dulu how his Overlimit trance, since the trance is a product of his form, not his Magic Eating property, I think. It's like the runes on Dulu's staff, isn't it? We can copy it, but the essential quality that allows for the upgrade is inherent to something we didn't copy. From what we have seen, Dulu's Overlimit trance comes from his Magic Absorption purpose: to give energy to Dulu to enhance his form. Examples: growing additional arms, Overlimit trance when more arms cannot be grown (or barred from growing). It seems the magic goes to enhancing one of Dulu's body's (or maybe Dulu's soul? Maybe soul and body...) characteristic, his speed. (Morphic Steel is mutable, even solid... perhaps the magic actually enhances the unique quality of the steel... If Dulu were to rush forward, not using the motion conventionally used, but instead had his body 'grow' forward while receding from the back, would that actually work?) If we directed all our magic gained from our Magic eating into Speed, or perhaps bonding our soul to our body even more(increasing sense of ownership, fuck you Other), or even some other quality, we would gain Overlimit trance. Or maybe an Overlimit trance? Dulu's seems to be about speed, if we were to direct the magic into other qualities, might we gain more Overlimit trances? Come to think of it, Dulu might be able to do it too...

Also, I would support actually talking to Zagrath, first, being taking any hostile action against him. ...Actually, try soulsucking first. Zagrath's specialty was visual illusions, which means he might not even be here anymore. Don't do the above suggestion if he registers on your soul sense (if the sense isn't visual); though that might not be 100% reliable, since he might know how to trick our senses. He's a Mosmordren Hero, we don't know!

I would rather not do any gloating, we did say he is nothing, and nothing is not worth gloating over. But if someone makes a very nice piece of dialogue, well, that's a whole different issue, isn't it.

Taking all the souls and bodies and metal of the battlefield is good. Remember to keep the bodies, we want them to trade with Eldghodd. Finding living individuals is a good thing, especially if they are of the Drazken Clan. If they are of Goran's clan, well, just leave them to Lorgk (or Delro...), defaulting to 'give them to Eldghodd' if they don't care.

Actually, do we also get the souls of the people Goran ate? Or do we need to eat the part of his body where the souls are stored, like with our own hero souls, where another Soul Grave would need to eat our Sable Executioner if it wants Luo of the Winding Path?
No. 224699 ID: f4e4f9

Naw, Goran quite clearly was fully capable of affecting himself with his own magic. I imagine you can't really eat your own magic.
No. 224704 ID: eaf5c7

But it was Goran's mouth that consumed magic, not his body. Perhaps if his body absorbed magic, he might have discovered an Overlimit trance.
No. 224705 ID: 03dd11

What to do now.

Be serious and silent.We ended on a serious note so we should keep it up for now.
Just tell bang to wait a moment and then go and speak with Zagrath. If he does not seem too keen on speech then soul suck and be done with it.

I am kind of sad that Lorgk did not get to slay Goran... and that we missed so many bonuses :(.

Burdoko promotes Spacial stability because of the nature of his ability. He could not teleport in a constantly changing physical area, not without problems anyway... like air ripping you apart or something.
No. 224714 ID: eaf5c7

I'm actually asking how and why can Burduko spatially protect something. Even if Burduko can't teleport to a locution in a constant state of physical flux, why can he collapse a locution into a single state? I thought the only particular ability he has is transportation, not spatial locking.
No. 224717 ID: b10c0e

Let's not ask our our walls are still standing until we've found a way so the walls won't fall down - i.e., after we dig out Mordreden. Because I don't want Bob going 'Oh yeah, you're right, everyone's dead.'
No. 224733 ID: eaf5c7

You shouldn't have posted that, then. 'Sides, I don't think that happened. I, for one, have great faith in Burduko, who will assuredly not allow such a thing to happen.
No. 224841 ID: a69afd

I know we're probably gonna end up with magic eating body, but I'm putting up a vote for Phonomancy. I want our dirge to be heard from miles off, to our allies it will be forever known as the one sound that brings victory above all else, and to our enemies our dirge will become the setting for their final moments. But regardless of friend or foe, when the dirge is heard echoing with the cresting dawn or in the pitch blackness of the night, people from every corner of the planet will know that Mordre comes, and he does not come alone.
No. 224843 ID: 56dc25

>I want Fekk and Nanal back
I do as well, but Goran's magic was focused in his jaw. I suspect that in order to gain any abilities from his victims, he chewed up their souls and digested them. I hope I'm wrong, but since Goran's soul was not followed immediately by a flood of others being released... perhaps we could check his body, but I don't know how much luck we'll have.

Yeah... personally, I kind of want Gravimancy so that we could crush our enemies without ever coming near them. And leap over battlefields and walls in a single, terrifying bound. And I'm sure there are dozens of other fun applications. But Phonomancy would be awesome as well.

It's really a pity that we only get one application of any given soul- and perhaps something which we could get around. I mean, what is it about our construction that limits us so? Every soul has a whole host of things that it knew how to do in life, and knows how to do still, and they are intact within us as far as I know. Why do we gain only fragments of their abilities and knowledge, when there are so many more abilities inside us? Perhaps one day we will be able to make full use of every soul we have.
No. 224863 ID: a76809

[Well while Burduko and Velada thwarted much of the yeti's magical imbuement to the snow, and the walls, enchanted as well, staved off the magical, the corporeal was still an issue, the avalanche far denser than expected, threatening to topple walls. Aggocrag, Vandgurd, Zelgoto, Nihilino, Mothbern and Sadronm all did their parts to keep the walls standing. It was thanks to them that the walls held. But the yeti shaman were, before the avalanche that started sooner than expected, several score in number, and the magic velada and burduko were acting upon is still semipresent in the snow. Without the pair, it is much harder to resist, so Burduko is stuck until Velada or someone else returns to help with the yeti soul magic resistance. Does that explain it better?


I take... a different route, as I feel a slumbering Pristine Soul from my furnace awaken, and offer a better home for Goran's soul, his essence of magic eating. And so I act, Goran's soul now couched in place... joining both by nature and means of its ethereal shroud of pristine origins to Merrack the Swift and Abaeloth the All Consuming, a second Soul Nexus forming in my body. I feel Merrack swell in power, my form gaining greater potential swiftness, as Abaeloth's tattered form is vastly restored, shining with a brilliance to rival Goran's, feeding off the Pristine Soul. I don't gain Goran's direct ability to consume magic and add it to my own permanently... but I WILL be able to temporarily store it, to amplify a spell, and otherwise ablate its effects, unless absolutely overwhelming in nature. In Abaeloth's portion of the new Soul Nexus, I feel the will to make my form feast on all it touches, sparing not even the ground, but unable to touch the eldritch arts. In Merrack, I sense a blinding peak of heightened speed, mobility, and handling.

[-1 Pristine Soul. Total Remaining: 02]

I quickly get on the line with Phohn, asking that he communicate the battle concluded to all my allies, a task he sets to with the same alacrity I am growing to expect, before I do anything, to insure that now all know the threat has passed.

Before I speak to Bang, or even Lorgk, I swivel my head about to them as my hand rises to ablate their attempts to speak, before I carefully address Zagrath the Unseen, even as I direct my Will based Magnetomancy towards halting the movement of his gathering of gem shards, the Ageless Eyes of Winter almost completely reformed within his specter, now a red so stark and brilliant he positively and literally glows, a baleful red light tinting all around him. The eyes, like pits of blinding, shattered light, shift and tinkle as they turn my way at the words in the tongue of Mosmordre.

"Well met, Zagrath the Unseen, it would seem your soul is well. Was your stay in my eyes tolerable, compared to that of Diozagrath, The Small Tomb you powered without control?"

The words are jarring, and even the glowing red mass with broken eyes of white, distortions giving its outline an inflamed look, as Zagrath responds. I feel the strain to keep back the last few pieces of the Ageless Eyes of Winter increasing, Zagrath's power continuing to wax.

"One? One speaks the tongue, dead, so dead? Ah, but no flesh, no hinges, metal pulled yes, But never pulled open, nothing to see, what a shame. Metal box without fun organs, how speak a dead tongue, With no tongue at all, flame everywhere but nowhere a throat?"

...Ah..... hah...

Bang and Lorgk alike are staring in confusion at my conversation, but I feel there is much more I would need to say, if I hoped to convince some this... eccentric, as the soul of Zagrath. I see Oggroth already laboring with some makers to pull snow away from the walls, as shamans start working up chained spells to push away the yeti imbued snow. Velada's drones finish making their way back to Mordreden, where the Deep Spawn are still largely being spent corporeally and magically protecting the village. Bang and Lorgk both seem genuinely surprised at my word in a different language, but while I see recognition on Lorgk's face as a one time neighbor of Mosmordre, I see none on Bang's, only speculative confusion in its place. Both he and Lorgk still clearly desire to hear an explaination, a tale of what transpired, how Goran fell....

And both want it in different languages, with the potentially psychotic ghost that possibly just queried me before me demanding I speak in yet a third language.


What should I say to Zagrath the Unseen?
What should I say to Lorgk?
What should I say to Bang?
And in what order should I say them?
No. 224867 ID: e31d52

What should I say to Zagrath the Unseen?
This fragment of the Empire has need of you, Zagrath. Return once more. I do not wish to have to force you.

If he does not go willingly, eat him, spending Pristines to get him and the eyes back.

What should I say to Lorgk?
"An excellent fight! One moment."

"As I said before, it was an excellent combat. I'm sorry so many of your mean fell, but... Goran is dead. I am uncertain how the Premen handle succession. Did he have sons? That might be problematic. At any rate, what happens now is up to you, Mingsk, and your peace cheiftan. You have much work ahead of you."

What should I say to Bang?
"Ah, excuse me a moment, Bang. I'll explain momentarily, there is something I must address."


"You see, this being a Soul Grave, it is fueled by Souls. Some of these souls are of higher caliber than others, reaching into something I call Heroism. These souls make the soul grave much, much more potent, and one was nearly lost to me when the eyes on my golem shattered. My apologies for the confusion."
No. 224873 ID: a594b9

Speak to your allies via Phohn and explain the situation, keeping in mind to tell Bang something that fits better with us not being a sapient soul grave. Apologize for not letting him fight Goran, but you felt that his magic-eating ability might have disrupted Bang's body and killed him. If he asks about the 'metal copy' comment, just say that Soul Graves have similar properties to how Goran worked.

Meanwhile, speak to Zagrath and inform him that you can promise much opening of bodies and revealing of secrets if he were to return to you. Tell him you are a remnant of the Empire, and seek blood in their name to bring to justice those who cast the Curse.

OH, theory here: Pristine Souls are the minor manifestations of the high-ranking Deep Spawn we have hitching a ride in our soul furnace.
I'm guessing he embodies the concept of War/Conflict, and his form is based around Shattering and Fate. So when we deduce things and predict the future, the Soul Grave energies tied to Deep Spawn synch up with the Other's Fate aspect, allowing us to manifest some of his power.
No. 224875 ID: a594b9

Oh, I guess I could try for a Pristine Soul here and predict that if we match up our power with Shattering/Breaking in a way that doesn't fuck up our matrix/furnace, we should be able to get a Pristine Soul that way too.

Or whatever his other aspect is.
No. 224899 ID: 45be60

"A moment Bang. This fight has ended, but I must ensure another does not begin."

"Forgive me Lorgk, I must see to my fallen pieces before further threat rises against your village."

This guy strikes me as slightly insane, in a psychopathic sort of way. Not as reliable a dude to keep as a separate entity as Kyorto, but I may be convinced to make compromises.
"The tongue of Mosmordre is not dead so long as I stand. I am Mordre, Well of Souls, Soul Grave of Mosmordre. I thank you for the help you have provided me in rending her enemies asunder." Gesture at the moderately exploded remains of the fight he just witnessed. "I would ask for that help again."
No. 225024 ID: eaf5c7

...The statement to Bang is a spectacularly bad idea, since Bang lives to fight, and if he thinks we're trying to stave off a fight that he might enjoy (i.e. not too easy), our relations with him might sour. It would be unlikely he would leave us, or fight us, since we provided so many wonderful fights for him, but we just deprived him of a wonderful fight. I would rather keep our allies happy.

So, to replace,

"Ah! Excuse me for a moment. This soul escaped its container, and since I have not had the pleasure of researching such a thing directly nor knowing a soul with such unique coloration, I would like to have some moments to talk to this soul, and examine it.

Now, (in Mornostic) not all speak with tongues and throats. You, for one, need not a tongue nor throat, only power to make your words known, do you not? Nor do you need the gems within you, but you within the gems, bound to me, I think. What do you say to this?"


Maybe pull the shards into our maw, if we can?

Also, Magnetomancy? I thought that only affected magnetic fields, and gems like the Ageless Eyes of Winter, which do not have magnetic fields, cannot be affected by Magnetomancy. Am I incorrect in my belief, or did you mean Geomancy?
No. 225028 ID: eaf5c7

And Bob, can you explain plainly exactly what the abilities in our Body Soul Nexus does? I don't think I truly understand what the souls give us...
No. 225038 ID: b10c0e

Reguarding Bang we tend to steal the fight from him a lot. That's actually why I think we should head into the Land of the Dragon next. Constant warfare will be killer for Bang's Happiness Stat.
No. 225082 ID: eaf5c7

And hey, this is a good time as any to bring up the Winding Way techniques to Keddic!
No. 225084 ID: b10c0e

No. 225135 ID: 03dd11

I suggest you ignore the others for the moment unless they address you directly.

If they address you, tell Lorgk that you are recovering a soul that belonged to your people, just like the ones in his sword and tell Bang that you are trying to make sure everyone does not die right now. If you say that I think Bang will let it be seeing that you are the one saying it, either that or he will instantly super punch the soul... ah well.

If all goes well and you get the soul and the eyes back, begin working on teh telestation. I will see if I can draw up a design or somn.

Make it round.
No. 225152 ID: a76809

>-FEASTING VESTMENTS (GORAN): Body directly consumes the raw magic of nearly all spells on contact, converting the energy into a temporary pool to draw upon for further personal spell boosting. If not used, this pool will drain away as does the Immortal Genocide's pool.
>-HANDS OF HUNGER (ABAELOTH): Body emits grasping hands of shadow, range one foot, from all parts of the body. Any corporeal material it comes into contact with will be eroded and unmade while in contact. Think Physical eating, to match against Magic eating, for what form does. Keep in mind emits from feet too, so either have some magical platform to stand on, or be prepared for some shifting footing.
>-NIMBLE NITRO (MERRACK): Mordre gains both personal maneuverability, and flat speed. Without any Magnetomantic enhancement, Mordre, with Nimble Nitro active, can now reach some 65 miles per hour, and with sufficient traction shift on a dime. WITH Magnetomancy on, you are now starting to accelerate wear on joints, such that prolonged use requires increased amounts of magic to be diverted to repair. With both Soul Nexuses and the default casting all bent on this, Will could push speed to 150 miles per hour, and make Mordre one of the fastest things of his scale and weight. If Blood Magnetomancy is likewise maximally directed toward self amplification, the metal itself will start to buckle, as Mordre starts to become a genuine speed demon, both in flat mobility and rapidity of movements. In this form impact damage is MUCH worse do to extra strain on body, so hits that normally wouldn't phase you are damaging, in exchange to some of the greatest speeds of direct body movement achievable, limited only by the strength of your Blootz Steel. But the more Blood magic is turned to Magnetomancy on oneself, the more Mordre's Blood Iron will synchronize, making form more enhanced when controlled by Mordre.
[There, explained.]

In the bare space of an instant, I demand that Phohn speak with Lorgk, with Oggroth, with all the Premen, and tell them Goran is dead, the yeti fled, all else dead. The day is won, and they must know this. Even as I do this, I speak to Bang, knowing that more precise words are needed on his end. I delicately string together some words, agonizing as I leave Zagrath's frayed question in the air, not daring to risk Phohn's voice in Bang's mind now, to call me 'Administrator'. And so, with no jaw left to my name, my floating head, with Soulfire billowing all about my gleaming silver face.

"Ah! Excuse me for but a moment, Bang. This soul escaped its container, those gems there, And since I have not had the joy and pleasure yet, Of researching such a thing directly, and thoroughly, Nor even of knowing a soul with such unique coloration, I would like to have some moments to talk to the dead, And examine it, seek understanding."

"....Pssh, fine, fine, go do your talking dealy. ..Man, the yetis gone too? Lame, I didn't get to fight anyone better than those tribal knights... granted, those blades packed a punch, but still. Eh, do your talky dealy, parties' over, I can abide."

I find myself thankful for Bang's priority set, as I speak with Zagrath, my freely floating head revolving to look into my own broken eyes, blinding orbs of light in the ruby soul of the Unseen. I speak to him in his tongue, thankful for the language barrior.

"I can promise more bodies to open Zagrath, More secrets and toys to find and dissect."

"..Ah, a delightful offer, and a familiar tongue? Why would those long dead have such fun?"

"I am a fragment of the Mosmordren Empire, And I seek vengeance for our fallen home. Come slay those responsible with me, Come peer into their greatests depths, Flay away their souls with your gaze."

"Now the tongue speaks like the Law, Of those who bring in those they call scofflaw. But break, and pry, and open them wide, You speak of the death to come as a tide! Oh, what to do, what to do..... I suppose I must follow you."

As Zagrath submits to me, my concentration on Geomancy finally slips the barest of fractions, and the last shards of gem, having still been pulled ever more strongly, slam home, and the shattered, tinkling lights of the Amaranthine Annihilator burn even brighter, as the gems become whole again, or so I thought. Upon further inspection, shards float a hairs breadth apart, facets clinking and clicking about a core of conjoined jewel. This gaze, still broken in Zagrath's care, can be repaired, I know it... and so does a soul, swirling in my depths. I do not even think on it, knowing the Heroic soul, the gems, the pair of Pristine Souls already spent being simply worth too much, to squander them. I gladly pay the price, as a glow starts to form about my empty eye sockets.


As Zagrath moves somewhat uncertainly towards my visage, unsure how to get back into his recent home, the glow, the mist of immaculate white exudes from my sockets, wreathing Zagrath's form and pulling him in, his red soul now flickering fiercely about the merging facets of the broken gems. The mists so white condense, push, compact, and finally they submerge into the surface of the Ageless Eyes of Winter, now a twin pair of completely unblemished spheres of Ruby, a glowing heart of ever shifting internal faceting paying homage to some baleful inner fire. As the gems slip into place, I finally feel restored, my eyes crackling and sparking with scarlet flames more like miniscule lightning storms than flame, clearly visible even through the neverending pall of emeral Soulfired drifting up from my fang-rimmed lower jaw atop my body.

>-With the Third Pristine Soul and Zagrath's willing cooperation, the gems can now independently leave Mordre's form, allowing targets completely outside of his line of sight to be hit, Zagrath acting as a mobile battery for the AA. Keep in mind that while the Amaranthine Annihilator will now charge even faster than before, it still cannot fire rapidly without losing almost all potency. Zagrath's soul, as the incorporeal anchor of the gems, can fly, increasing potential locations for the AA to strike from.


Even as I turn about, satisfied that all pressing concerns are dealt with, looking to start the long work of digging out Mordreden, feasting on the souls trapped in the snow, my mind abruptly holds thoughts of a shape I now find familiar as Bang and Lorgk's eyes widen, even as I see Dulu finally wrest himself free from the snow slurry he had been immersed in.

"I have another job that needs attending to, Soul Grave... and you have found considerable means to modify your form. This is well, you shall be equipped for the task ahead, the Deep Spawn you have gained, and those yet to form, a valueble asset, considering their existence is proof the duress my form of travel causes, not bound in mortality."

My head whips about to face my front, my body having not yet turned about to face Lorgk and Bang, to find the floating, stillfaced body of Lenryt, A muted purple robe with intricate and devious patterns stitched in, with sleeves just a bit overlong, only fingertips visible from within their depths. An unsmiling face cocks to the side to regard me, deep red pulled into a tail sliding down a shoulder as a freckled face shifts in the light. More thoughts invade my mind.

"I shall explain some of my purpose, to preclude future questions. I intend to open a sister tower of the Mortal Coil in the Land Of Dragons, and expand the collective reach of its members. While I could force the other five Grand Mages to submit, I desire harmony within the Mortal Coil, so I seek an alternative. Chiefly, I must satisfy their requirement that the primary governing force of the Land of Dragons grant the right for such expansion by the coil first, before they will allow it. Currently, a civil war is exploding in the south lands, and there is no stable government for me to entreat, nor would the fiercely territorial citizens of the Land of Dragons allow an outsider such privileges. To this end, your task is two-fold:
-You must use your previously established ties to the mortal titled Fierce Dragon Lubu the Unparalleled, and gain service under his banner, as an aiding force.
-You must insure Lubu is successfully able to retain the title of High Dragon, of emperor, he gained by slaying the mortal Jade Dragon Luoga Shangod. To this end, you must also indebt Lubu to you over this time span.

In this manner, I can reveal myself as your benefactor, and use your incurred gratitude in the new emperor to secure the permissions and documentation I require. I will transport you, your yet-crafted supplicant Deep Spawn, and those yet to be you shroud yourself in, immediately if you accept. Should you prove successful in this endeavor, I shall grant you two boons to ask of me. Beyond this, I will likewise re-offer you a place as my vassel, with a position modeled to your performance during this venture.

The little girl floating in the air, reality ever so subtly tearing away from her, as if abhoring her touch, returns her head to its default cant, as a single eyebrow rises inquisitively.

"Will you accept my offered mission, Mordre?"

What should I say or do?
No. 225154 ID: 445c48

I hate to leave Vimes after bugging him to meet us up, but this is one of those things that needs to be done...

Actually, it might be better for us to come fully loaded. Our premen, our trade-goods, all of that. We might need to stop at the Arcanoworks ANYWAYS so...
No. 225156 ID: d3dfb8

Good to see you again Lenryt. Before I say yay or nay, if you happen to have any free time at some point would you mind getting a cup of coffee with me. Or perhaps a stroll on a beach, if you prefer.
No. 225157 ID: e31d52

"Most certainly, Lenryt. You know how much I adore the battlefield."
No. 225158 ID: 56dc25

>I will transport you, your yet-crafted supplicant Deep Spawn, and those yet to be you shroud yourself in, immediately if you accept.
As a condition for our acceptance, she'll have to get rid of the avalanche still menacing the premen here. The deep spawn are currently rather occupied keeping them alive; we can't left and have our premen clan immediately all die because of it. And, hell, for that matter we were rather planning to gather up souls and blood iron left after this battle. Five minutes of conversation with our followers explaining that we're leaving and it might be a bit before we're back wouldn't hurt, either. Such a harsh word, "immediately".

Because while I want to work for Lenryt, I also want to make sure that our interests here are looked after. She can grant us power, sure, but we have a purpose as well. Undermining the latter while chasing the former would be self-defeating, at least in the short term.
No. 225160 ID: b10c0e

First: 150+ Mordre? Yeah, someone needs to test drive him now.


"Mhm...to journey to the land of the dragons once more, to introduce myself properly to Lubu, to attempt to taste those legendary souls I smelt when I was there. Yes, this unending war would be a proper test ground and a proving ground both. However, would this journey be instantaneous? I have a lurking feeling that I have duties at my Arcanoworks that demand my attention and the thought of defeating all the Dragons aligned against the Fierce Dragon Unparalleled is more than a little daunting. And,” Rotate our head toward Bang. “I have friends and allies that would most enjoy locking fists with an army. May they join me on this journey?” Pause and rotate our head back to her. I wonder if juggling our eyes would make you smile again.

“And to be your vassal…I hope I am not too over hasty but I yet again decline. I am still learning about myself, as I am, and I still have goals that I would desire to achieve. Perhaps friend?”
No. 225162 ID: e67080

Before/during our acceptance, I think there's something moreso in the long term we need to look at. Particularly since we are likely going to be gone awhile, and not able to give as much direct direction, even with our communication spawn.

Particularly, I think we need to use some of our money, and give Arkus the go ahead in our absence to extend our magical R&D from well.... Arkus, to the hiring of a few mages to help him out, or potentially join our side permanently. We need alot more done with Morphic Steel, and Arkus needs to allow other people to do the heavy lifting so he can actually study the tasks we asked of him. Plus, with us gone, he may not have 5 tasks added for every one he completes for once ;)

The biggest issue with the hiring of outside mages is not surprisingly loyalty. We don't want our secrets and knowledge sneaking out, especially since we have some scrutiny definitely occurring from the state.

However, I think this can be minimized since we know both Bang and Keddic have exposure to mages, Arkus may know some other trustworthy people, or maybe some form of loyalty could be enforced magically? or at least a test for intent, as we know that Dulu's could have restrictions placed on him.

Other long term concerns:
1) Premen, the Scarred Yeti still lives (though I suspect they could likely handle it with some support and a defensive posture)
2) Beyond R&D, do we want the soldier and such of the Arcanoworks being tooled for a particular task or use? should we focus on rising up mages, combat mages, or improving overall combat quality?
3) Any requests for our inventor? what about the assassin I believe is waiting at the arcanoworks we hired against Weshindo (or however its spelled), how do we deal with them and make them patient?
No. 225169 ID: b10c0e

Oh, yes, two questions: Mordre, can you sense if any more souls reside in Goran's broken frame - I want to free Fekk and Nanal if possible, darn it.

And second, an idle thought: Is it possible for you to confer with the souls of those you've eaten? Some kind of Parliament of the Dead?
No. 225174 ID: e31d52

>And second, an idle thought: Is it possible for you to confer with the souls of those you've eaten? Some kind of Parliament of the Dead?

Who do you think WE are?
No. 225177 ID: eaf5c7

...There are no words to describe how much I love you right now. For giving us such wonderful abilities. Also, you left something out: mph for Blood-based Magnetomancy repair ala Bang and speed-enhancement (Noticeably slower, but it won't break us). And just a thing that worries me, we actually eat the material HANDS OF HUNGER erodes, don't we? We still have Abaeloth's ability to passively absorb physical matter when HANDS OF HUNGER is active?

And, yeah, accept going to the Land of Dragons. Though, there are things that need to be done: creating a portable 'identical location' for Burduko to teleport to for the World mage skins for Kyorto, and to port in support (perhaps the 10x10x10 boxes suggested a while back in the disc. thread formed from our Anti-Golem Rounds as a temporary measure?), talk to Arkus (get updates, give orders and information, suggest ideas on how to deal with everybody and everything, suggest that Del Rogo make some replacement armor for Oggroth and Ugrokk [they need to travel there since they now have different capabilities, also heal Ugrokk]), talk to Ellayia (get information, give money), talk to Jezebel (get information, tell her about the assembly line [for mass production], get her to train people so the assembly line can happen, try to obtain supplies for her and her crew), talk to Derkin (get information, give orders), talk to Dorgrum (get information, specifically about his opinion on Soul Graves eating souls, and what he knows of other Deep Spawns' opinions on Soul Graves eating souls), talk to Lorgk (same thing, same dealy, set up ruby/bronze/food trade between Mordreden and the Arcanoworks), set up tunnels from the mines to the surface, give over unwanted dead bodies to Eldghodd (same thing, same dealy), talk to Kyorto (same thing, same dealy), talk to Bang and Keddic (What he know about Blood Magic, specifically, White Blood Cells!), praise our precious and beloved Deep Spawn (yeah, praise them), and so many other things that I don't remember but other anons surely will (right? you must remember things that I have forgotten, you must have!).

The 'identical locations' things is really important. If we have that, then all Lenryt has to do is port us into the Land of Dragons, then Burduko can port there and back again to relay orders and information and people and other support. To Phohn (information and orders), if he can't reach us in the Land of Dragons (I would be seriously disappointed if that happened. He was doing so well too!).

Yeah, we don't know what Phohn's range is. However, I have complete confidence in his ability to communicate with minds he has touched at any range. We just don't know about minds that he hasn't touched. We really need to talk with Arkus, too.
No. 225180 ID: b10c0e

Random thought: Fur is always a valued resource. Maybe we can ask the Drazken lads for some fur trade? See if we can get people intrested in fuzzy hats, that's always a wonderful idea, he says remembering the part beaver skins played in history.
No. 225183 ID: f36769

First we need to know how urgent this task is.
If we have still some time before going there, say like a month we could first visit the Isles and then Arcaneworks (of course we'll have to fight Eisenhardt there).
Then we can go to LoD
No. 225187 ID: f36769

Hay maybe we can ask Lenryt a small favor?

Ask her to quickly transport Burduko to these locations: Western Isles, ArcaneWorks, Kyrorto Tower and Land of the Dragons.

Then we can freely travel to those places as we wish. After some time we could make same metal platforms in those places and be able to transport everyone freely :D
No. 225197 ID: f36769

Oh and whatever we do, ask her to wait a bit while we collect the souls of the fallen.


Wait we still have unfinished business here.

....HOLY SHIT!!!!

The scarred yeti!
He's going to use it as "evidence" that HE was the one that killed him and will take the place of overchieftan while Drazken clan is recovering!


And before you say that we have much more substantial evidence. People tend to believe the first thing and later, no matter how strong the evidence, they still hold on to the first belief. (Of course on the other hand we could count on Premen being smart not to trust Yetis since they know that they are lying scum .... but the Yeti are GOOD at being lying scum so there's that too)

Ask Lenryt to wait or help us locate the treacherous scum so that we can quickly deal with him!
No. 225200 ID: 46c430

...Wait a tic.


Looking at this... Lenryt just started a huge war. If we hadn't intervened, it's likely that there wouldn't have been so much potential death to be had. What does she have to gain by this? ...I think I've seen something like this before:


...Yeah, if Lenryt is anything like -that-... Bad juju.
No. 225211 ID: 45be60

...no, he really isn't. He is going to attach it to his stump and use it himself. Because he is a douche like that. But there is no way some yeti is going to get to be the chieftain of the premen with that story. The two races do not get along. It would be like Stonewall Jackson killing Abe Lincoln in single combat, then declaring himself President of the North. (though that WOULD make for an interesting setting...)

Really Lenryt, you last mission required immediate intervention because there were only minutes to spare, I understand that. But if Lubu cannot stay alive under his own power for another DAY, then he doesn't deserve the title and you should talk to whoever kills him. This sounds like a long term assignment, and we have obligations of our own. We will put our matters in order as fast as we can, then we will see what we can do to win you favor.
No. 225214 ID: d3dfb8

>Stonewall Jackson killing Abe Lincoln in single combat, then declaring himself President of the North.

Don't go giving Bob ideas you.
No. 225286 ID: a3af7f

Accept. After arriving in the Land of Dragons Burduko can travel back to Mordreden and make his way to the Arcanoworks. Then Mordre will have the ability to travel back and forth to quickly resolve minor matters if there is ever any spare time during the main Lenryt task.
Just check that Lenryt understands that Mordre may be multitasking while still doing his best to accomplish her mission.

Would be nice to bring Keddic as he's familiar with the place and the fighting styles.

Also a question for Lenryt - Is there a way to speed up Mordre's soul regeneration so that more deep spawn can be manifested?
No. 225287 ID: a594b9

Tell Lenryt that we've got a problem. There is an Other inside us, who wants to take over our body. If she cannot help us with that, we might become a liability to her plans.
No. 225300 ID: f3f953

and give us the souls we missed. etc.
No. 225301 ID: f3f953

ensure that Phohn tells everyone first.
No. 225306 ID: f3f953

Also, ask if Bang can come.
No. 225318 ID: 503c99

Burduko said he can transport things besides Mordre if the locations have a sameness.

So could you draw some sort of circle or design on the ground that could allow other members yo travel with you? Also if someone else but a symbol someplace Burduko has not been could he transport to there?
No. 225320 ID: ddd48d
File 128352686640.png - (561.61KB , 1628x768 , Ulzrick.png )

seems to me we need to do a lot of talking/negotiating before we decide on anything.
as long as Burduko comes with, then we can portal BACK after a quick look around while Mordreden gathers itself up. we can even prepare the caravan/send it off, then return again, having Burduko follow them. Once Burduko and the caravan reach the Arcanoworks, we can port back (hopefully discreetly, maybe a few miles away) then handle that business, then when we "sleep" we will be in The Land of Dragons. The portal room could be a good place for us to pretend to store ourself (lol) as we would keep that closed off anyways. seem like a good idea?

tl;dr lets make sure we have leeway to manage our life before attending to Lenryt's

pic maybe related? er... :<
No. 225399 ID: 5f0943

Writan some dialogue, doubt it'll do any good but what the hell:
"Ah, Lenryt. Long time no see. I'll let you know straight away that I have no intention of refusing the task you want me to do, after all, the previous endeavor you sent me on was quite beneficial on my part.
However, I would like to inquire if I would be given time to deal with some matters that might require my attention first. A few days gone would surely not put any significant dents in the plan I hope? Also, would it be to prudent to ask for the removal of the large quantities of snow that has ended up outside 'Mordreden' as a consequence of an avalanche as an additional condition for my service?
And for your offer as a vassal, wherever it be in the present or future, is a matter that require thorough thinking through."

There, hope I didn't waste my time writing it. Also, at our current, new found, speed, it shouldn't take us long to go mostly alone to the arcanaworks and deal with the matters quickly.
We should take our travel spawn with us on the way, and before we leave, maybe we should make a platform out of bronze (A large platform, big enough for someone to stand on) in Mordreden (using our magnetomancy) and then make an exact copy at the arcanaworks (if there is not enough Bronze there, we take the required amount with us) That way, we can transport people easily between Mordreden and the Arcanaworks.
No. 225406 ID: 445c48

About how far is the Land of Dragons from, say, the Arcanoworks?
No. 225411 ID: 445c48

We should use our ACG shells to make the platforms, all six, rather than bronze.

Also runes of some sort will probably help I don't know.
No. 225415 ID: a3f480

...And, I thought there were 7 Grand Elder Mages, not 6? Unless Lenyrt counts as two, which I wouldn't put past her...

Also, the Anti-Golem Rounds could be used to make the 'identical locations' thing for Burduko. Just don't use all of the rounds; we might want to use the Anti-Golem Cannon, and it would make it simpler for us if we could make more than one at a time (yeah, yeah, I know, we could use carried rounds, but once the stock is depleted, we would have to wait until all the rounds are regenerated to make the locations. And it might be best if we made them, since we have an eidetic memory and all).
No. 225423 ID: b10c0e

It only takes hours for us to make new rounds, possibly less. We can make them while we handle clean up or 'meet and greet with the Land of the Dragon's Most Dangerous'.
No. 225486 ID: a3f480

The wiki says 30min with dedicated Magnetomancy use, which I shall assume is Will-based Magnetomancy and with only one Soul Nexus, and three hours without. Blood-based Magnetomancy and two Soul Nexuses probably cuts that down even further. So, I'm not particularly against using the AGC rounds for the 'identical locations', just against using all six of the rounds, since we might face opponents in the Land of Dragons where and when Lenryt 'ports us to that we would want to use the AGC on. I mean, using the rounds stored on Mordre's back/sides or just a few of the rounds in the storage chamber, that would be fine. I just don't want an empty AGC.
No. 225489 ID: 445c48

Well, I didn't mean right before a fight or something. But normally, we totally could. The bigger the platform, the more stuff that could be moved, after all.

There's always the possibility that even this might be "same" enough for the Deep Spawn to do that voodoo that he does so well, we might need some runes or some such.
No. 225490 ID: d3dfb8

Shots reform simultaneously, not consecutively.
No. 225512 ID: a3f480

...I feel like we are having different conversations.

What I meant to say was: making the 'identical locations' before Lenryt 'ports us over to the Land of Dragons with the AGC rounds is a good idea. However, if she 'ports us into a battle (it is likely, helping Lubu in battle would give us some more goodwill to use so that we would be in a position to ask Lubu for the tower and to ingratiate people who weren't at the Core Being Host battle, more than just appearing in camp or something), where we might want to fire the AGC, we do not want to empty the AGC. If we are not being put into a battle immediately or nearly immediately, my objections are moot, since we could could regenerate the lost rounds fairly quickly. I would support using all the rounds then, since there would be more room with six rounds worth of metal than just one/two/three/four/five rounds; more space to transport in/out support.
No. 225513 ID: 903f16

We need the rubies in our possession to be sent down to the Arcanoworks so Arkus has proper funding during our leave to The Dragon Lands. Hopefully we'll have time to do it ourselves, but if we can't we'll need to arrange a caravan to guard that incredible amount of wealth. Beyond that we really need to arrange a regular trade route between our two holdings so that both have a regular supply of the others resources. We should probably have a quick chat with Lorgk and Arkus (via Phohn) to iron this out, maybe we can get it going once a month.
No. 225554 ID: a3f480

...And you tell me what I should have realized. Yeah, we don't really need to make things before Lenryt 'ports us, since we could just make an 'identical location' in the Land of Dragons, have Burduko 'port us to Mordreden, and make an 'identical location' then. 'Course, if we are plopped straight into a battle, I want to give Bang some serious fighting to do immediately.
No. 225558 ID: 445c48

Yeah, I was just talking about platform construction in general, not Right Now construction.
No. 225573 ID: f3f953

While you speak with Lenryt, use Geomancy to make a nice patch of flat land around you with a 'M' motif in the center.

That will be your basic tele-point until you can make a more permanent one.
No. 225581 ID: a76809
File 128357251645.jpg - (245.44KB , 1200x856 , POLITICAL MILITARY OR OTHER OPTION.jpg )

I try to form thoughts, but before I can voice them, I find answers in my mind to questions to be.

"Ah. A bag of assorted corundum. In the village. It is to be had by the human servant? It is done, inside the Arcanoworks. This matter is settled.

[Well, here's the thing. With Blood magic AND soul nexus number two, you can perform Geomancy with one soul nexus and Magnetomancy with the other, drawing ores to you through the soil and stone passively, while still having main Blood Casting, to devote to magically amplifying via Blood Magnetomancy. With magic so diverted, ammunition could be generated infinitely assuming cooperative climates, with alacritous ammo regeneration. You're looking at four or five minutes a shot now, with your need to find and manually consume Ore largely subverted by this new magic combo possible. And while doing it in battle with full force, it weaponizes, the earth beneath Mordre breaking, rupturing as metal shards and javelins of ore rocket forth to feed Mordre's form. So there's that, which is the next best thing to some combat magic...oh, which you can now learn from souls, since you now have both a Hand and Body point, all the necessary bits that a mortal would develop for nearly all forms of the Winding Way, insofar as left handed fist strikes. With more soul nexus, you could eventually get enough to learn more broadly of combat magic. Or you could become the Left Handed God of the Fist, if you feel like it.]

[Yeah, that was from info from a different secret bonus set. Anyway, as a head's up, there are now only six living Grand Elder Mages. One tried to kill Lenryt after several machinations were dismantled, and in self defense Lenryt slew her, making her not only the first person to kill a Grand Elder Mage, but a child that killed two.... politics have not gone great for her in the council of the Mortal Coil, even though it was self defense, to a degree. So she is trying to build a better power base to re-establish herself in the Mortal Coil, and extend it's reach at the same time, as an organization she is ultimately part of controlling. Which needs the Land of Dragon thing, which leads to this.]

[About 15,600 miles to the south, including a sandy as all hell, shifting desert (Bang's home), all AFTER passing through another few of the Warring States, including the Golden League, where the largest neutral Colosseum and dueling pits exist. THEN your reach the massive desert, then the Land of Dragons, and on the FAR end of that is Lubu's part, the capital. A few wars need to be run through to do all that.]

Your thoughts are perceived, and your wrought method of articulation is unnecessary."

With a THUMP that sends shivers up my legs, the snow compacts, until the entire mountainside is ultimately a thin layer of snow atop ice, the bodies, souls and magics trapped in their crystal-like embrace. The ice's surface is pitted, and rough, the snow mixing to form oddly usable footing, even as I finally see Dorgrum biting himself free of the ice. Mordreden's walls feed straight into the surrounding sheet of ice, as well as to the stone of the mountainside beneath, and I see the ever-opportunistic Mingsk shouting to shaman, ordering some casting-I suspect he intends to not only magically link the ice to the Wall itself, but to catch some vestige of Lenryt's casting, even if a bare ghost, along with the yeti magic, and premen souls. A potent melange to work with.

I start considering what I shall need to build a teleport cage, some pair of identical enormous containers to bring myself, a small group, or several artillery sized items, something for Burduko to work with when bringing us where he's been. Lenryt's mouth quirks, just slightly, so little I doubt I would of caught it without my so recently augmented vision, the barest twitch of flesh.

"So the Well of Souls with a human face needs a pair of items? Then the first:"

A massive box of wrought steel appears, engravings of my own form embossed in it's side, in some kneeling to the figure of Lenryt. My Magnetomantic senses already tell me the walls are soundly built, a full foot thick, able to carry any weight, eighteen feet tall, forty wide and twenty five deep, a domed roof with from opening doors, their hinges hidden withen, and heavily reinforced. An excellent item, of considerable scale, and I suspect she simply formed it on the spot. ...Again, I find her raw ability to completely eschew the general laws of physics, those that I find inference to in many of my internal spell matrices wherein spatial geometry, projectile motion physics and the like come into play, to be utterly terrifying. The fact that while whenever she appears I have yet to even sense her soul, other than feeling her as a core, some tiny heart of a being much more immense being, is equally daunting.

"It is well you seem to analyze your situation with a credible attempt at objectivity. I wondered if your recent heavy dealings with sustaining an image had started to erode some semblance of human mental frailties into you... it seems for now you are still outside of such an impediment.

I reflexively desire the souls trapped in the ice, more than a thousand potential pieces to add to my horde, and-

"No, I will not grant a boon to you now, I only act to remove your hesitation. Your Deep Spawn were supporting the walls of mortal interests and vassals of your own, so the situation was stabilized such that you suffer no loss by having your spawn travel immediately."

I start to think of the Other within me, and-

"I am aware he is there, how else would you be? I shall do nothing about this. It can act to some degree as guaranty that your image will survive in the Land of Dragons, as the Master of Sorrow was a Legendary Soul mage. He could likely hold his own against Dragons, with the alterations you wrought. And he could be offered the very task I offer you, if it comes to it. So I shall do nothing, and let it be insurance, of a sort."

My thoughts start slipping back to transportation issues, as I consider-

"Ah, to insure appropriate access to established resources. Yes, as this would boos your capacity, I shall do this."
Administrator Mordre, Burduko has been relocated-and returned. He reports he traveled to multiple locations.
"A capable staff you have acquired, more so once all are born. Burduko was present at the Arcanoworks, Some distance from the port on Gialgorra's Island inside a cave, and to the entrance to the tower Kyorto the Mosmordren Soul mage yet duels within as a persisting spirit. long enough to form an image and establish as sense of existence with the place. I have placed a perfect replica of this box at all these locations. I shall craft a final for the set upon transportation, into which you shall follow after Burduko, who I will bring with me into the Land of Dragons. That should insure maximal mobility to your collective. Your complaint is removed."

Lenryt turns her head slightly, as I see a cheek dimple by a hair in profile, otherwise composed.

"And should you establish trade such that an array of yeti pelt fur hats become available.... I would not mislike one."

[It is the hands and body both that absorb matter, even if only the hands reflexively tear at anything in range. So the physical absorption from before is still present, under the hands, which also feast on matter.]

I reach towards Goran's remains with my senses-

"You shall find nothing. Organic Wells of Souls do not preserve their inhabitants, they graft them onto their one existence, one massive soul. There will be nothing to be found, of those Goran feasted on. ...And I believe it would be possible for you to speak to the souls within you. Interesting idea to wish, considering the vast majority are being burned as your method of feeding on their existence within your metaphysical Crucible of Souls. Though perhaps the Heroic Souls offer more interest. I suppose I could perform such as a boon, but it is my estimation you could accomplish this on your own, with sufficient use of present resources. It shall be a spur for personal growth."

>Who do you think WE are?

"The snarling writhing bits of Chaos from the Void, let in by the Curse's disruption of the System about the Caged One, letting magic both flare, and spread too thin in its expansion. You are some piece of Mordre's persona, though it seems due to your nature If I made Mordre aware of you, I would be introducing him to too many existential concerns, considering his copilot in the Soul Grave. Now cease prattling about yourselves, Mordre frequently loses efficiency when I note your collective communicating amongst itself excessively, you leech some of the Soul Grave's processing power in the process."

I felt thoughts enter my mind, I can recognize Lenryt's invasion now, at least when looking for it, but I could not perceive the thoughts... what happened?

My mind abruptly starts to fester about the yeti, his attacks on Mordreden, and his recent theft of Goran's flesh, after seeing my Other side.

"Ah, the yeti Trollzaru, elder shaman of a vast collective. ...This is incorrect, he intends to use the flesh to convert himself into the yeti equivalent of Goran. He believes to have found a method of Soul manipulation and crafting that will let him quickly leapfrog to Goran's scale and evolution, and steal some vestige of his magical reserves. This I will not help you with beyond clarifying your threat, it is yours to deal with, unless you are willing to spend a boon on it."

I briefly consider the impending death this war I, and by extension Lenryt helped cause. As I ponder this, I briefly consider how at odds this is with what I understand of the system, and the Deep Spawn. ...Maybe she somehow could feed off-

[Moment of Inspiration!]
>[Bonus soul in it if you can figure out why she wants to eat souls, and bonus relationship boost with Lenryt possible.]

"You prove to have a capable intuitive thought process. Perhaps you could serve off the battlefield as well... very well, you shall have the option of landing into a military or a political arena to make an entrance, from inside your War Carrier, with your Deep Spawn Burduko preceding you, rather than my own choosing. And just as a Soul Grave does, ultimately I too act to deprive the Caged One of the runoff of loose souls slowly fraying and diffusing away in the wake of mortal death. This will be much less damaging to the System than it could be, and ultimately if Lubu effects leadership with you in a position of confidant, ultimately part of your mission's goal, you could insure the following years see an improvement to population growth with economic growth supporting it. The loss could pale to the gain."

"So, you shall now have the means to maintain other ventures, claiming time spent at other locations downtime, possibly for remodeling of your Soul Grave or personal System of control, to maintain your cover. This should suffice to cover you earlier complaints ably, and with the Deep Spawn likewise freed, I ask you this: Do you prefer a political or a military environment to appear in? I have a method of arrival catered to each, as well as an appropriate setting for each. If choosing Political, I shall bring only your two present Mortal companions, and if he agrees to it, the semi-mortal Dulu. If choosing Military, I will bring Lorgk and a melange of premen as well. Now make your choice, as the period during which I can offer both options simultaneously will exist for only fifteen more seconds."

No. 225590 ID: f6b553


"Very well. It is time for the Gift Horse Golem to return."
No. 225596 ID: 732129

Forged in war the Gift Horse Golem has proven equally terrifying in the political arena at home. Now we shall see how he fares in the political climate abroad!

No. 225597 ID: f3f953

Che, I would love political, but I think these guys (Bang primarily) need more bloodshed to make it so.

Military for the moment.
While you think top answer Lenryt, think to Phon to tell everyone to prepare for battle immediately.

For the people who don't come tell them that [phone operator voice] they were not selected to participate, please improve your capabilities so that you may be selected for the next. Good day.
No. 225598 ID: d3dfb8

Military is what we were designed for, and it also provides the opportunity to pick up some nice souls. I don't think we should take the premen though, they might be needed here. I would like to take our ex-suitors though.
No. 225599 ID: e67080

Think this- "Though I may be of quite the mind as you say, I do but house it in a siege weapon of great destruction you must agree. Send me to the Military situation, so I may return and get you a particularly fashionable scarred yeti hat in the best amount of time."
No. 225605 ID: d3dfb8

>I have yet to even sense her soul, other than feeling her as a core, some tiny heart of a being much more immense being
She's not really here, it's just either a physical representation or a small piece of the much larger being.
No. 225606 ID: 445c48


Not only does the Land of Dragons have a whole bunch of stuff that can seriously mess us up, but hey we already have a decent militaristic foundation with Lubu. And we just got done with a war.

'sides, Lorgk probably needs to do stuff, now that Goran's dead, I'm sure he can expand greatly.

If Political votes win, we might want to say something quickly to Bang and Keddic, "Well, Off to the Land of Dragons" or something so they're not TOO stunned by the quick jump.
No. 225608 ID: 903f16

Political. Bringing Lorgk is probably a bad idea considering he has a lot of work to do now that Goran is gone. If she can do military, but let Lorgk stay here then that will be alright.
No. 225610 ID: 903f16

Oh yeah and who else thinks we should get Lenryt a Trollzaru skin hat? We can make it all fancy and use his scarred skin as a patch and sew it onto the hat. Gift wrap it and add a bow, then we give it to her the next time we see her.
No. 225611 ID: 45be60

I would be in favor of a rehashing of our previous entrance, just so there can be no doubt that this is the same golem. We do look considerably different now.
No. 225624 ID: 56dc25

I want more politics in my life to spice things up between massively destructive battles. Political situation. You know we'll improve it because we're just like that famous advice for writers- when in doubt, have a man come in the door with a gun. Or have a golem teleport in with a wide assortment of death-dealing equipment specifications and magical abilities. Either works.

Shit yeah, we should. We're not going to do anything else with his skin, and who wouldn't want to give Lenryt presents?

No one with the status of a Legendary Soul is going to be fooled by our appearance change, and the Fierce Dragon is the one who matters. He'll know us and everyone else will fall in line.
No. 225631 ID: 732129

Hey what about the premen maker with the soul problem?
No. 225636 ID: 903f16

What about her? She's bound to Mordreden and can't leave. I mean I suppose we could ask Lenryt about how to fix that. In the mean time we should probably tell Lorgk to send someone out to her tent to go talk to her once in a while. Even if no one can see or respond to her at least having people come in to say some things would ease her suffering and perhaps delay insanity due to isolation.
No. 225638 ID: a69afd

Political. It is true that we are made for war, and we would no doubt be successful even if thrust straight from one battlefield to the next- we must not forget that our buisness in the land of dragons must be made clear. We have a direct purpose within the unending conflict, and we would be wise to give Lubu a headsup before we put our guns on. That, and we absolutely need to bring Keddic and Bang.
No. 225644 ID: 33882a

Voting for political. Our premen must attend to the villiage. Besides, I have no doubt that we'll find ourselves in a fight anyways. We should bring Bang and Keddic along, leave Dulu unless he really wants to go.
No. 225646 ID: a76809
File 128357862773.jpg - (162.06KB , 581x800 , Land Of Dragons Lubu recieves gift from Iron Drago.jpg )

My mind turns towards Heol, and for the briefest of moments I see a frown on Lenryt's face.

"The soul will persist, and in time, may be weaned from its dependence on a useless body."

I consider the merits of war, but ultimately, I just finished a series of strife, and Lorgk is direly needed here in Mordreden. Perhaps it is time to work out my silver tongue.

"The Choice is made."

I find myself standing in the exact center of the steel box Lenryt crafted, Keddic and Bang to either side of me, with the Deep Spawn save Burduko arrayed about me. I feel something shifting, warping, squeezing, and the doors of the War Carrior open onto a wholly new scene, a backdrop of walls hundred of feet high, a massive rent cleaving through them, seen from within a palatial residence. Around me are naught but officers dressed in their more ornate garb, some still busy fussing about an individual wholly garbed in armor who strides a horse inside, the rider undoubtedly Lubu, the immense weight of his soul unmistakable. He barely even turns his helmed head my way before airily waving his hands at the sudden sight of Burduko before me, the eight Deep Spawn behind my and the pair of Keddic and Bang Before me. He speaks so calmly I visibly witness the nerves of nearby soldiers settle.

"No no, settle down, its the Gift-Horse-Golem, and he regrettably does not seem to have come to pick a fight. Well, considering your last aid, maybe you can serve in this: I recently received a gift from Iron Dragon Zuon the Armorsmith, a prodigal craftsmen, in the form of this armor here, including what my Red here bears. Some of my vassals won't stop pestering me, claiming that, as the money came from Thoughtful Dragon Kunna the Swift, I should suspect a trap built into its form, but I'm wearing it, and nothing bad's happening. Can you maybe talk some sense into them? ...You can still talk without a jaw, yes?"

What should I say or do?
No. 225650 ID: f3f953

This guy is... amazing for lack of a better word or set of words.
No. 225652 ID: e67080

I guess if we are going this route, we should quickly drop our previous act of being almost an automation. Or at least claim improvements from last time such that control is extremely improved.

Although no matter what were going to have an issue if we explain too much, as the others definitely know what happened here last time.

I don't exactly know how we are going to talk sense into them, silver tongue maybe, or maybe something like giant cannon and blades of death that can be fired or used close range.

If we had an armorsmith we could likely check the armor, but I doubt this is available. Because this could be a trap potentially. If so, the trap is going to maybe be more subtle than just putting it on, on this level of combat even just slowing down his movements could be enough.

I dunno, im a bit too paranoid maybe?
No. 225653 ID: f6b553

Oh god



We have to uphold two different...


"Gift horse..." say this in Common, as if in wondering, then suddenly get a brainwave and begin speaking in their tongue. "Lu Bu, it is an honor to meet you, even if it was not in person. This golem belongs to me, the Mage Mordre, and I had it sent along to this area before. Unfortunately, my communications system failed me, so I was forced to quickly come up with some simple programming." think for a moment. "A trap built into one's armor is most devious, but oerhaps the trap is not in wearing but in the removal. Certainly if you cannot remove the armor then many issues soon arrive, sapping one's strength and endurance over time as sleep becomes difficult. Allow me to examine the armor in more detail with Magnetomancy."

Do so.

If trapped:
"Well, it seems your friends are most correct. I can remove the armor but it will be most delicate. Please remain still."

If not trapped:
"Fear not, for the gift was in good faith. You are lucky to have such paranoid men about you, however, for the arrow that kills you is the one that goes unseen, correct?
No. 225654 ID: f3f953

Check it with Magnetomancy, check it with geomancy, peer into it with your penchant for soul magic and look for inconsistencies.
No. 225655 ID: e67080

ah, thank you person who can think with magnetomancy... as I forget such obviously useful things in political panic.
No. 225656 ID: 903f16

Hm, could we perhaps contact Arkus and through him contact Del Roga? We could ask him about things to look for and what he himself would do if making trapped armor. Unless Mordre doesn't know that Del Roga is there yet, then scrap the idea all together and just examine it with Magnetomancy.
No. 225658 ID: a76809


Roll a d10. Next post after this with a d10 roll will be the one used. If 7 or above, Dulu came along.
No. 225662 ID: 903f16

rolled 9 = 9

Here goes nothing.
No. 225663 ID: f3f953


wait... is that a good thing?
No. 225665 ID: e67080

eh, its arguable
-Dulu is pretty damn awesome. Adds another powerful combat person.
-Opportunity to learn things Dulu knows, he may have a wellspring of knowledge in an area our other members lack.
-Opportunities to switch alignment of Dulu from vaguely positive to loyal towards us.
-Curiosity as to why Dulu wants to come along at all.

-Also opportunity to mess up relationship with Dulu.
-Dulu is more of a wild card, he could decide to act on his own moreso than with us.
No. 225666 ID: 732129


Iron Dragon Zuon's armor is worth nothing if no one trusts his work. If such a trap were built into the armor, it would tarnish his reputation with anyone who would commission anything from him in the future. Unless such a trap alone were enough to secure Zuon's status permanently, without regard for the loss in business, respect, and trust, it would not pay for him to make it.
No. 225679 ID: b10c0e

Check it with everything we have, not just magntomancy, and see if we can still use our ability to see through illusions to pierce any cunningly hidden mechanism.

I like this, but I don't even know if we need to say that we've changed. However, we should introduce Bang and Keddic.

"Fierce Dragon Lubu The Unparalleled, may I introduce Sir Keddic Harksburton the 4th and Heir to the WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON and Magnum Bang The Human Dynamo, Annihilator Of Armies, Smasher Of Sieges, Cracker Of Castles. Both are steadfast allies and proud warriors both. As for your armor, I would assume that you have checked it, your courtiers have checked it and I would assume that some one wore this before you to be assured that it wouldn't trigger? Of course, I doubt anything would kill you, but I will check the armor for you if you desire."
No. 225680 ID: 732129


Logically it wouldn't pay for the armor to be booby trapped. We can have Del check it though if he wants to be sure. Del's a master smith, and has no ties here that we're aware of.
No. 225684 ID: e67080

oh, and since Dulu is coming also.

May I also welcome Dulu, The Golemslayer, Golemslain and Golemforged. Both my rival and ally, his loyalty to his values only equal to his ferocity when we dueled.
No. 225687 ID: 45be60

Eh, it's not even hard to explain why we are going to start talking now. Obviously the Gift Horse Golem has been upgraded since he last saw him. One of the upgrades was an improved communication method. Now instead of issuing the golem awkward commands in an attempt to relay information, we have learned how to speak through it directly.

"Initializing. Destination Confirmed. Reticulating Splines. Please hold for communication..."

"Ah, Masterful Lubu. Indeed, my newly upgraded golem can not only still speak, but it can do so without the inelegant need to route communication through the golem's sadly insufficient natural intelligence. Allow me to introduce myself."

Oh, and don't speak the language perfectly. We are not a native speaker after all. Mess up the occasional verb tense. Have an accent. Be foreign.
No. 225691 ID: f4e4f9


I hate unflappability. Oh well.

Cock your head.

"Well, I truth be told, I half expected a bit more telling a reaction. I suppose given my records of your unflappability last time, I should have expected as much. Well, regarding your armor..."

Scan it with every sense you have, Zagrath, Magnetomancy, Geomancy, etc. You have all the key magics to thoroughly analyze metals. If its trapped, say thus:

"Well, there IS something. I can attempt to disarm it, if you'll hold hold still for it (Gesture to the IG if magical, or use magic if it's a typical trap)."

If not trapped:

"It seems the armor poses no threat...well, save to your enemies, I suppose. Thats an awfully large number of spikes, haha."
No. 225694 ID: f3f953

An if it is trapped and you can't do anything about it.

"Well I have detected something, but it seems that the functions available via this golem are insufficient. *describe what you found*.
No. 225704 ID: 903f16

I think we should go for malfunctioning instead of an upgrade because if we said upgrade that may raise issues with Bang. He was around us when we were transported to The Land of Dragons and had heard us speak through the golem prior to that. We even told him where we had disappeared to and he can likely remember the date and this discrepancy would likely raise even more questions in his mind. Therefore we should just stick to something simple like "My golem's communication system gets a bit clunky once it and I are separated so far away."
No. 225708 ID: f4e4f9

No. 225712 ID: a3f480

So... has our soul recovered enough that we could hatch another Deep Spawn now? We could use one of our Deep Spawn to perhaps reveal hidden things, maybe?

Anyways, get Burduko familiarizing himself with the surroundings. I want him to be able to transport us anywhere in this place at any time directly. Phohn should be eavesdropping on every piece of sound he can, sending it to us but lowly enough that the sheer volume won't overwhelm us so that we can review the information at a more opportune time to gain more information, and act as translation (for Keddic, Dulu, and Bang. Unless they don't need it?)and telephone sevice again. I don't know about the other Deep Spawn.

On Lenryt... well, eating and merging with the souls eaten empowers oneself, like as with Goran. Does the eating of souls has to do with the boon given before we fought Verther? She gave up a piece of her soul, she said, and she didn't exchange that with a piece of our soul. Since giving up pieces of one's soul, like with what happened with us when we hatched our Deep Spawn, lessens one's magical potency, perhaps she is trying to make up for what she gave us? By being like a combination of Soul Graves and Goran, eating the souls of the dead and dominating and merging with the souls to gain power and strength? But, she is a super-sized entity (the power of, or actually the soul of a planet), couldn't she kill a few random peasants and repair her soul that way? Unless I am vastly underestimating the how much power one needs to give up to give a Soul Grave a firm grasp of Magnetomancy, she doesn't need a war, with its massive amount of death. She just needs to eat a small village.
No. 225713 ID: ab4927

Let's not go with a fake Mordre persona or the super-logical golem act we used in front of Lubu before. We're going to have to work with this man, Bang, Keddic and many others so we must seem capable and logical while projecting the aura and confidence of a leader and politician able to understand those around us.

Give his armor a quick scan with magnetomancy and all that for any obvious design faults in its movement range and all that and if there are no faults reply:

"Lubu, I don't sense any crude flaws in your armor's design, but I will gladly share my thoughts on this matter. While I do not know Iron Dragon Zuon the Armorsmith or Thoughtful Dragon Kunna the Swift I doubt someone known for his superb armorsmithing would craft a deliberately flawed creation that could forever tarnish his name. If there is anything like a trap then it is far more subtle. Thoughtful Dragon Kunna the Swift and his allies may simply prefer to know the exact strength and capabilities of your armor rather than be faced with an unknown. Knowing the strength of your enemy is important in any conflict."
No. 225717 ID: a3f480

And, right, what happened to Lumingo the Blademaster? His soul is located in our body as well, shouldn't that be included in the Body Soul Nexus, too?

Also, maybe we should use Blood Magic Magnetomancy on ourself constantly? Starting after we use it to examine Lubu's armor? Bob did say the more we use it, the more the Blood Iron will synchronize, making our form more enhanced when controlled by Mordre.
No. 225718 ID: f36769

Turn on the BLOOD FLOW.
Use both soul nexuses to enhance our our magic.
Boost senses with a few souls if need be.
Use Zagrath the unseen and our rubies.
Use all available magic schools to us.

Use all of these to enhance our senses and do a deep detailed scan on the armor.

Maybe Velada and Phohn can sense something from armor.
Maybe the trap is not something lethal but some kind of a bug that can listens in? Phohn would be able to sense that.

Then ask who Iron Dragon Zuon the Armorsmith and Thoughtful Dragon Kunna the Swift are and his relationships with them. These could prove to be vital information.

If we can't find anything right now, we should haul Del Roga and Arkus here. Remember how deep Dulus traps were? We can't take chances here...
Oh, and Jojo, we forgot about him. He could use his soul-dreaming magic to see whats what. And another thing about Jojo, we must send him to Arcaneworks or send Ulzrick to him, he is his apprentice anyway, he needs training.
No. 225719 ID: f36769

>Also, maybe we should use Blood Magic Magnetomancy on ourself constantly?

You mean the blood flow?
Yes, I wanted to give the same proposition but forgot about it. Do that.
It also requires immense concentration to use. If we use it constantly we will become used to it and wont have to devote so much power towards it, I think.
No. 225741 ID: f36769

>It can act to some degree as guaranty that your image will survive in the Land of Dragons, as the Master of Sorrow was a Legendary Soul mage. He could likely hold his own against Dragons, with the alterations you wrought.

What is she talking about?
And who the hell is Master of Sorrow, a Legendary Soul mage?
No. 225767 ID: 9338f5

>And who the hell is Master of Sorrow, a Legendary Soul mage?

probally the Archmage of mosmordre.

also did we or the loli cosmic horror tell the premen what that yeti basterd was planing on trying with goran's arm? if not we should warn them

also for speaking with lubu i would suggest mentioning we have had a substancial mental upgrade to explain the whole sentient/sapient golem thing
No. 225841 ID: f36769

Go with the same Mordre mage persona route when introducing ourself with Lubu rather then trying to explain that the golem has better intelligence now.
No. 225845 ID: a594b9

>telling the premen what Trollzaru was planning
I guess we could do that via phohn. Also, uh. I'm glad I brought up the topic with Lenryt; this confirms that the Other is not a Deep Spawn or anything weird like that. He's human. I guess it's possible that he artificially Restricted his soul in order to gain all that power, though... so that he would be kindof a Deep Spawn AND a regular human soul.
No. 225846 ID: 56dc25

Guys, this armor was made by Iron Dragon Zuon the Armorsmith. The relevant part being "Dragon". If a legendary soul who specialized in the creation of armor wanted a suit of armor with a subtle, undetectable trap in it, he'd be able to make it and no moderately skilled magnetomancer, geomancer, or what have you is going to be able to see through his working. Our task here is not to determine if the armor is actually trapped, but rather to convince people that it is not, knowing nothing about the situation. Don't offer to check it, or bother doing so beyond the obvious; our task here relies upon persuasiveness and logic, not our magical or physical prowess.

And we don't need to offer any sort of explanation for how or why we can talk more fluently now. Just do so and act as though that is of course normal and completely expected. We only have to justify it if someone comments or questions, and I doubt Fierce Dragon will do so. Don't worry about maintaining personas, just go with what we need to do and let others question later. Our name is Mordre, should it be asked; that is enough.

Fierce Dragon isn't necessarily unflappable, he's just supremely confident- and with good reason. Very few, perhaps none that he has encountered, can match him in power. What frightens the man who can deal with all his problems with a wave of his hand?

This sort of logic is what we need here. It's not "Is the armor trapped?", but rather "What would the Iron Dragon gain by trapping the armor as compared to making an honest gift, and is it worth the credibility he'd spend?" A trap in the armor would have to be an absolutely certain thing- certain to kill the Fierce Dragon and certain to secure the Iron Dragon's power when it does so. Unless both criteria are met, trapping the armor would be a foolish thing- and the Iron Dragon, I presume, is no fool nor patsy of the Thoughtful Dragon.
No. 225850 ID: a3f480

...Huh, is that a DEVIL BONUS I see?
No. 225851 ID: b10c0e

I favor our Mordre personality in introduction, by way of >>225653 or rather just acting as if nothing happened. Lubu The Unparalleled will never be shocked by anything and might not even bright it up. If he does, we can give him a nice, long, technoarcana-babble filled talk about our long distance golem control.

>When I was still bound to a master, before the fall of Mosmordre, the emperor was a man titled 'Master Of Woe'.... I also recall him being called the 'War Feaster'. I do not believe I ever heard this individuals actual name, though.

First Thread, and one of our big 'ah-ha!' moments about the nature of our soul later.
No. 225860 ID: b10c0e

This. This one I agree with. I would also cast some doubt on the courtiers, too. Something about why would they try to direct you to a confrontation with both Iron Dragon Zuon and Thoughtful Dragon Kunna.
No. 225870 ID: 5f0943

I agree with you completely 56dc25. You make sense.
No. 225880 ID: a76809
File 128362142939.jpg - (280.09KB , 1133x750 , Land Of Dragons Lubu Huaow Objects to Gift Horse G.jpg )

[She was talking about the Other in you, who had, among other titles, the moniker 'Master of Sorrow' while alive. Said Other was a Legendary Soul Mage, or one would assume from her words, and is still of such caliber in death, as trapped inside a metal shell the soul is largely sheltered from decay, as is the entire function of Small Tombs. And she meant she wouldn't remove it because the Other is let loose by sufficient damages to Mordre while using Blood Magic. So, instead of Mordre just getting offed if faced with too potent of a foe, the Other takes the helm. For Lenryt, this is win-win, insuring her investment in the Land of Dragons has as much chance of success as possible.]

[She did. Rather abruptly, but when one can forcibly inject thought patterns into others, you don't need to dally.]

[You can attempt another manifestation, yes, but it is somewhat inadvisable at the moment: Mordre's soul is still harmonizing with the most potent Heroic soul it has yet consumed (Goran), as well as the Soul Nexus therein, adapting to the changes wrought by the Other, and not yet fully recovered from the prior bout of creating Deep Spawn. If you really want one right now, say which name, and what focuses you think are appropriate.]

[Slightly hard to explain due to semantical difference, but I shall try. You know how you now have both a body Soul Nexus (incidentally where one would have a heart, more or less), and your default casting, which suffuses your entire body? Well, Lumingo's soul is within your innate magic, really, as the knowledge of swordplay on massive scales was absorbed into the Soul Grave's spell matrices, adding complexity to your coding. Lumingo was essentially a software update, whereas Abaeloth, Merrack and Goran were all hardware updates, even if in the metaphysical sense. As a corollary, every time you use Blood Magic, you add a few more 'software' updates to your spell matrices concerning how to use such magic. Best I can do at an explanation.]

I turn Will towards speeding the flow of my Blood Iron, giving my form its artificial circulation, and I start tapping the now somewhat familiar power almost immediately as I move my left hand to my torso, inclining myself in a bow with my form's first beat.


Magics reach from my form towards Lubu, Blood and Will alike being directed so thanks to my total of three casting points, and all are passively repulsed, Lubu's combat magic-no, the weight of his very soul rejecting my touch. Hmm.

I spy glances at Keddic and Bang in my periphery, and while they look shocked at our location, I note that Keddic looks to fully understand what Lubu said-of course, he lived here in the Land of Dragons for a time, he must have picked up the tongue. Bang is likewise looking like he could understand at least some of what was said, and I file this information away as I move forward, thankful I have yet demonstrated significant mastery of language that knowing another, especially in this situation, would not be irregular.

"Well, truth be told, I half expected a bit more telling a reaction. I suppose given my records of your unflappability last time, I should have expected such a welcome... ah, as to my speech, I finally resolved the range issues from my last visit. Incidentally, I believe I never was able to introduce myself earlier: My name is Mordre, a mage from the north, and it is well to formally meet you. At that earlier time my system for manipulating this golem was... Somewhat confined by corporeal distances. This is no longer the case. And I have attempted to assess your armor, but the weight of your soul-"


"So you can speak normally, excellent. My soul's getting in the way? Of course, always the case it seems.... is that better?"

As I feel the weight, the non-physical brilliance of Lubu's soul shifting back, actively withdrawing from his armor, the Fierce Dragon continue to speak to me in a cavalier fashion, even as those officers about him continue to throw hard and wary glances at my party, hands near weapons.

"So, beyond tinkering with your physical form, you changed your interface for that golem, is that right? That would make you a Golem Specialist, A War Body Commander, depending on which vernacular you prefer, would it not? And one that needs not be present to control said golem... well, that can certainly extend one's career."


My magic flood through Lubu's armor, and I marvel at its structure, tungsten, carbon, iron osmium, titanium, and a melange of other less profuse metals, so cleverly woven together that each individual particle of armor feels ideally aligned to support and rely upon those surrounding it, a massive network of shared strength, with jewels of all sorts worked into the metal's innards, housed in tiny reservoirs of mercury acting as shock absorbers. Geomancy tells me the gems are Garnets, Emeralds, Diamonds and Amethysts, with a few odd Sapphires likewise worked into the metal. In its structure I find no intrinsic flaws or issues, nothing to suggest foul play, and I move on to attempting to analyze its magical nature-

And find an indecipherable labyrinths of interwoven fuels and enhancements, a cocktail of power that shifts and reforms far too often for me to decisively analyze it. ...A pity.

"Well, the actual physical composition of your armor houses no trap or flaw, And appears wholly made in good faith. I cannot vouch for the magics bound in it, As they are not so easily analyzed through the medium of my golem. However, if I may offer, I see little gain to be made by a Dragon, With specialization in armor-craft to sully their own name with a sub-par item, For simple monetary gain. So I find it unlikely it would be trapped, If no such evidence has yet been seen, as the costs outweigh the gains."


"No comment on the magic? Well, that's fine, I already proofed the magic myself, it seemed completely serviceable. And yes, it is nice to see someone else displaying sense, why would a Dragon destroy their reputation so? So you are able to scope out metals just fine though?"

Lubu turns his head, addressing his subordinate with the largest frown, a bald man eschewing armor with a simple sword at his side, once more throwing out words that seem far too idle for the relative gravity of the situation.

"See Huaow? I told you the armor was fine. Honestly, you just worry about every little thing, don't you."

The frowning bald man bows his head in deference, as he clearly demonstrates great care in his word choice.


"...Emperor, your wisdom is great, a match to your peerless strength, but your I swore to Ash Dragon Jioga that I would put forth my all to insure no treachery claims you, and as such, I must respectfully object to simply using an outsider as proof your armor is safe for use. I humbly ask that-"
Huaow's continued careful word choice is blown away, as Lubu heaves a massive sigh, the air stretching about him as if in supplication to his own nonchalant frustration.

"Right, right... I can't go completely ignoring such a valued subordinate's opinions like that, can I?"

A mischievous grin must surely be adorning his face beneath that helm, for from Lubu, I feel a shift as if his very soul were smiling.


"Ah, but as the High Dragon, I have a solution: You act on Dragon Jioga's behalf, disputing this newcomer's words, yes?"

"That is so, honored Emperor."

"And you, Gift-Horse-Golem , Mordre, you offer that the metals and gems of this gift are clean, do you not?"

"That is so."

"Well, simple solution: One of your two attendants there should battle Huaow, and through the clash of their respective strengths, prove which of their master's claims, be it Dragon Jioga or Mordre, that are correct. There, see? Problem solved."


Keddic at my side starts whispering to Bang, informing him of the specifics of what was said as his blood imbued cloak and toga shift and swirl about him. Bang's eyes light up, and his hand shoots into the air, dancing in place like an overly zealous school child, while Keddic nods toward me, displaying a more subdued desire to fight. Dulu, patiently standing behind me and so still I nearly missed his presence, seems undecided on the matter, even after gleaning events from Keddic's words. For his part, Huaow, subordinate of this Ash Dragon, merely steps into the center of a clearing gap in the press of officers, as he hefts his sword, awaiting who shall challenge him. I cannot say I was expecting this turn of events, but Keddic did not seem surprised by it as a past visitor to these lands, and compliance seems expected.

I know nothing of this Huaow individual, other than that he wears no armor, only cloth, and carries a single, wide-bladed and unadorned sword, still in its lacquer sheath.

Who should I choose to face him, Bang or Keddic?
Or should I try to push forward a Deep Spawn or Dulu as my champion?
Or should I say or do something else?
No. 225882 ID: 56dc25

Keddic has far more knowledge of these lands; we can't afford to risk him at the moment. And we can't ask Dulu to fight, as he's not our subordinate, but rather our ally for the moment; we have no indication that he wishes to work for us in the long term rather than doing his own thing. And I'd rather not bring our Deep Spawn into this just yet.

Which leaves Bang. As acting casual seems the style here, a nonchalant wave of our hand perhaps in order. "Bang, I see that you are eager to give testament to my honesty. By all means, please do."
No. 225886 ID: 445c48

Confirm that Lubu has healers nearby, it'd be a shame if either Huaow or your man got injured or killed.

I want to say Bang, but I'm not sure. Something about this guy...
No. 225890 ID: f6b553

"Just before I came here, I was embroiled in a rather fantastic clash against a worthy foe. Bang, however, was not able to participate to his pleasure, so I feel he should feel free to represent me in this manner."

To Bang: "Well? How about it? Would you like to enter this battle on my behalf?"
No. 225894 ID: f3f953

>Oh yes. Keddic can now create blood bullets(theory). We saw from the assassin that the Winding way can be used to affect matter, as he used it to create mini tornadoes to kill people. In that case, Keddic should be able to use it as well to affect the world around him. That means he can use it to fire pellets of blood at people while still keeping it's 'Keddic Blood' Factor by either attaching it to him using the winding way to substitute as a physical link or simply keeping the factor in place using the winding way.(e.g. The characteristics needed for the blood factor to work could be simulated by the winding way.) This theory also applies to any ranged ability Keddic wishes to use, so it would not be limited to bullets, he could make anything.... with practice.(How is that for an improvement, Way of the Harksburton)

Mention that to Keddic in common before you decide on who to send.

I suppose that this man uses a highly advanced form of Iai, a quick draw technique,
likely using the winding way to increase draw speed, sword range (whoooo energy blades around your blades) and deadliness.
So whoever is chosen should be chosen with that in mind.

Keddic would be good for his skill in the winding way.
-Lay blood an the ground in a circle around you and then shift positions with the other guy.
-Use new winding way technique to make the fly up and encase his sword arm, locking it to the blade and sheath.
-Throw blade
-switch places twice
-blade hits man

Bang would be good for his overall badassery
-Punch air so hard that the air flies at him like a wall
-rinse repeat while getting closer
-Knock out
-Be a badass and knock him out.

I don't think that we could overwhelm him in terms of speed though. That's why we strike before he can think about striking.

Make sure not to kill em.... or die yourself.

Oh wait a minute *facepalm* BLOOD TOGAS!!!

send either Keddic or Bang.
No. 225896 ID: f3f953

I say Bang because he has such a badass new cloak thingy.

... that and HECK YEA BANG!
No. 225899 ID: 5f0943

I think I'm going to post my thoughts on the matter.
First up is that I think the deep spawn are out of the question.
Then there are the capabilities of Bang, Keddic and Dulu to consider.

Keddic: Has the blood cloak, which redirects damage back to the source as long as it is covered in blood. He is an accomplished close combat fighter, and possesses alchemical enhancements which makes him stronger and more 'durable' overall. Then there is his magic blood to consider, which can resist blows and be used in various means of attack.

Bang: Bang is strong enough to rip through metal and flesh with little effort, not to mention his tendency to launch himself at the enemy at very, very high speeds, which effectively makes him a living artillery shell.
He can also heal from most injuries within seconds or minutes, and will heal from anything short of his brain being destroyed.

Dulu: I remember that Dulu was labeled as a 'dedicated hero slayer' or somesuch by Bob. This means that he would excel in one on one combat like the one proposed.
Due to his magic absorption ability, he is effectively immune to magic up until an unknown threshold, and he becomes a more effective fighting machine the more magic is blasted in his face.
Then there is his magical staff to consider, which has numerous forms and extremely potent in all of them.

Overall, Dulu seems like the best choice for the situation, but if he doesn't want to, give Bang a go. He would love that.
No. 225901 ID: b10c0e

"This is Magnum Bang The Human Dynamo, Annihilator Of Armies, Smasher Of Sieges, Cracker Of Castles and the Slayer of the The All Consuming. He has missed a proper fight against a powerful foe for quite some time. I hope the Ash Dragon has presented a suitable challenge." Think. "Is it to the death or not? I worry that Bang might be a bit," Look to the waving hand and cough into our hand. "Over enthusiastic."

This is why we brought Bang along, after all. We should talk to Keddic and Dulu too, of course and see what they feel. Possibly Sadronm too to get a feel for the courtly intrigue.

And while the fight is going on, let us try two things. Phohning up Lorgk to tell him about the Scared Yeti and the Goran Evolution and ask how everything is going and what the big box is for. Then Arkus and ask how everything is going and if the box got there safely. Then...let's just try talking to Zagrath the Unseen first, and then the Jade Soul Monks John, Paul, George & Ringo, Lumingo the Blademaster, Yogoko the Time Thief and Bagata the Inverter to get some natives' feel for the solution.
No. 225907 ID: e67080


The only other thing id think is maybe, especially cause Lubu seems to have a rather carefree attitude in some respects, this would be an excellent opportunity to try some kind of wager if we could think of what would be worth putting up.
No. 225913 ID: d3dfb8

So many kinds of Bang.
He missed out fighting anyone interesting during the fight with Goran.
No. 225936 ID: f36769

Guys, we should entertain the thought that the hypothetical trap might work only during special set of events.
For example, when Dulu uses his powerful spear attack, "Lance of thousand Suns" or something.
Or maybe in proximity of a special item.
Or whatever else, I dunno...

Anyway, I want Bang to go .... but Keddic would be more knowledgeable about these people... hmm.. dilemma
No. 225938 ID: f36769

Bob, is the 5 pristine soul question off the table now?
Is the 3-way Prophecy still in play? Has it been deciphered successfully yet? I think we had it worked out for 80-90%.... what else was there left of it?
No. 225946 ID: a76809
File 128363155349.png - (630.02KB , 1166x1040 , PUNCHAN TIME.png )


[No, Yes, Not fully but your percentage estimate of 90% is about right, and I can't tell you what's left, obviously.]

I consider Bang's apparent suspicions of me, and the lack of singular challenges he has had, only facing mass combat the last few bouts. Besides, his enthusiasm is hard to ignore, and with Keddic still at my side, he and Sadronm can see if they can offer me anything from personal experience or analysis of a largely militaristic civilization's structure.

"Bang, I see that you are eager to give testament to my honesty. By all means, please do indulge in this opportunity."

With a grin like a child at a toy store, bang pumps an arm and slams his fists together so hard flesh briefly deforms and a piercing crack of thundering impact echoes through the pavilion, several of the officers flinching from the sheer volume. Huaow merely narrows his eyes, as he takes in Bang's burgundy blood toga and other vestments, the rune inscribed pale yeti leather clearly of note, as is the shifting, warping scarf of brilliant scarlet. The bindings about fist and foot are equally noted, as he shifts his stance, his outstretched hand slowly taking on a sheen, seeming to hum as Bang squares himself opposite his foe.

A thought occurs to me, that I feel I must pursue.

"A moment, before the duel, to clarify something, Fierce Dragon."

As I see frowns adorning the faces of many officers, Lubu merely cocks his armored head atop his horse.

"What seems to be confusing you, manipulator of metal?"

I wonder if you have healers or not, Available on demand."

"We do. Why?"

"Well, this contest, it to the death or not? I worry that Bang might be a bit,"

I turn my skull to regard Bang more directly, as the wild brown hair bobs up and down as the heavily muscled warrior stretches, Huaow still nearly motionless in his ready stance, sword still sheathed.

"Over enthusiastic."

Huaow's eyes narrow even further, but in no other way does he display physically the outrage at the slight implied in my concern for his health. I see several officers that had been neutral or only minorly opposed to my abrupt arrival sport expectant smiles, as they turn to regard the coming fight. ...Perhaps I do need to pay more attention to the fact they are both officers and politicians alike, and that slight of word, and a rapier wit, could prove even more valuable than my own military might... a thing to consider.

"Well, we have healers, but it's a moot point, I don't think Huaow has any intention of taking it easy himself. So, new rule: Its to the death. Makes it much more decisive that way, I think."

Bang's grin expands even further, threatening to encroach on Goran's nightmarish leers, his lips stretch so maniacally wide, as he firmly sets his feet. Huaow's hand now begins to fade into semi-transparency near its edges, as it's gleam grows ever brighter, his sword starting to become so starkly outlined in its sheath it seems to glow through it.

As Dulu moves up to squat on his heals in Bang's place at my side to observe the fight, I speak to Keddic in Common briefly, as I finally decide to divulge some findings ruminations of mine have had.

"As an aside, you should be able to craft blood lances, Sanguine tentacles, and such with your newly expanded blood pool? The cloak and robe alike can be manipulated, as well as reflecting harm, Is this not so? Well I believe the range could be extended, giving you.. Bullets, of a sort, to complement your pistol of Gavrock there. Cannot the Winding Way be used to connect the blood to you, At least over some distance?"

"....To your first consideration, indeed such is possible, but manipulating a multitude of independently prehensile shapings of fluid is a bit of a learned knack, one that I am still pursuing... but to your second thought... this had not occurred to me. Blast, what could I call a form that focuses on multiple melee tentacles and blood... bullets? Something to compliment Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism, I think.... In any event, I'd say you picked well for this, Bang's from the southern-northern currently, I suppose-deserts, he's picked up a rough understanding of their tongue, and most of their more common fighting styles. Whereas... I have never heard of a style quite like Bang's before."

.............................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: BANG MAGNUM.............................................

Oh man.

Oh man.

I mean.

This is Awesome.

I really missed out on that last trip down south that Mordre went on via his golem when the freaky little girl showed up, got to get balls deep in a giant bit of battle, great foes-and here I am, along for the ride this time, and getting to have a duel to the death right from the get-go. This is incredibly, amazingly good fortune. Oh man....

The guy on the horse, radiating a... something that makes my bones ache raises his hand as the idle chatter draws to a close.

A hush falls over the world as the hand drops.


Without hesitation, without time for thought:


I dash forward, the wood beneath my feet shattering as I kick off so forcefully I become a living cannonball, my fist whipping forward, howling through the distance between us in an instant.


My hand is intercepted by Huaow's own outstretch palm, that weird stuff happening on it somehow grabbing all my momentum, my impact, and reflecting it back into me, knuckles first. I have a maddened moment of intense focus as I run calculations and perform lightning fast concurrent bits of Curatiomancy on myself, my arm bubbling and flesh writhing as I am hurled backward with every bit of force I approached with, crashing into a bit of wall, breaking several beams as I now have to focus on preventing my spine from shattering.

I stand up almost immediately, my arm back to normal and back uninjured, as my grin grows wider.

This will be fuuuuuuun.

I see Huaow idly shaking his hand, fingers twitching, as he cocks an eyebrow at my completely unmarred form, before he begins moving his hand slowly towards his sword.

No. 225949 ID: f6b553

Alright! Bang, it looks like this guy can redirect vectors of acceleration. Meaning he can reflect impacts and motions. Clearly the solution is to introduce multiple vectors for him to worry about, yes?
No. 225953 ID: d3dfb8

Fuck I love Bang.
No. 225954 ID: a594b9

If he reflects momentum, attempt to strike him so that you use the redirected momentum to aid a second strike. Like let it spin you around for a kick.

Alternatively, you could use the environment to your advantage. Smash that fallen rubble towards him as a distraction so that you may attack him unhindered.
No. 225957 ID: 5f0943

Get close to him, but instead of punching or kicking him, you should CLAP YOU HANDS together as hard as you can, right in front his face (but not really touching him).
He won't see that one coming.
No. 225961 ID: 56dc25

Heh, I love it. Instead of hitting him, just blow past him and hit him with indirect attacks as you do. It's almost like punching the air into him.

Admittedly, such things are much less physically powerful than direct attacks, so perhaps blowing past him and striking him from behind just as you do would be more effective. Or rapidly changing direction, at least.
No. 225962 ID: 445c48

Something something mass connection.
No. 225965 ID: b10c0e

Bang, how fast can you punch? clearly you should punch ONE THOUSAND TIMES A SECOND and see if he can catch that, haha! Oh...Another way to make it fun...let him hit you! Steal his sword by having it in your kidneys, that'll screw with him!

And...oh, can you punch the air so hard you'll spin away? Like pull your punches right in front of him so you punch the air and the air punches him, and you spin away and punch at the air again and just start punching him until you start floating! Screw with physics!
No. 225966 ID: b10c0e

OH YEAH! Throw a support beam at him! THEN START FENCING WITH A GIANT LOG!
No. 225970 ID: 903f16

Interesting, that glowing hand appears to redirect force. Let's give him a little distraction and then hit him so he can't use that little trick on us again. Charge forward and then make an abrupt stop right outside of his effective range. Then either stomp the ground in an attempt to create a shock wave through the earth to upset his balance or give him a Magnum Thunderclap. After that's done then you are free to level into him.
No. 225986 ID: a3f480

Right, so, a question, first: is Bang's Combat Curatiomancy Blood-based? Will-based? a combination of the two or something other fuel sources? Since at least some of the blood on his toga should have reset its ownership to Bang, can he not do like what Keddic's trying to do and pull the white blood cells in the toga into him, and start stocking up on more white blood cells? There probably won't be time during the fight to do that, but maybe after?

Hmm, that looks like Soul-based Kinitemancy, divorced from Mass Connection (I think. The fundamental concept of Mass Connection is that everything is connected, I believe. The redirection of force Bang experienced doesn't seem to be set in that particular principle. Unless... perhaps he uses Mass Connection to allow himself to affect others with Combat magic? by using Mass Connection so that those he touches are 'him' for the purposes of Combat magic... Hey, if one could do that, Bang could be a competent healer! All he needs to do is just learn enough of Mass Connection to do the above and use his Combat Curatiomancy to heal the other person that is somehow 'himself'. Or Huaow could be stealing the force from Bang, so that Huaow applying greater force onto Bang...nah, though that is likely how we have our Chronal Banditry). Though, it seems like Huaow rarely fights those who are hardy enough withstand the redirection, since he redirected the knuckles and everything behind the knuckles. That isn't very efficient, I think, because one could just redirect just enough to allow one's opponent to smash themself into bloody bits. That might take more control than Huaow's has, though.

Actually, wait, Bang should know at least a little about what Huaow is doing. What does Bang know about this? The techniques Huaow is using, the cultural meaning behind this duel, who Huaow even is, etc! It might actually help us when controlling Mordre if we know more about the culture of this place.
No. 225994 ID: 9338f5

if bang fights be sure to warn him about the combat magic. we worked out that its a mix of soul and will a while ago right? the soul magic aspect of it might be able to dammage the blood cloak.
No. 226010 ID: 5f0943

You are aware that Bang already Is fighting the duel, right?
No. 226023 ID: a69afd

Hey Bang, in an earlier battle, I remember you saying you can control your hair as an offshoot of being able to manipulate your body as a whole. So, how good is this control of yours, I'm not necessarily looking for weaponization of your hair... Just, what's the maximum length you could grow each strand, and how precise you could control them. This could lead to some intresting abilities for you if this turns out right.
No. 226025 ID: f36769

>I'm not necessarily looking for weaponization of your hair
Why the hell not?
No. 226033 ID: 666138

Bang, try grabbing this guy or his sword, shaking him and then throwing him around. That sort of slow application of shifting force might be harder for him to redirect. Even if it is redirected it probably won't hurt you. Dig your feet into the floor as an anchor so you don't get thrown around yourself.

Another possibility is overwhelming him with a multitude of attacks. Hundreds of low power punches will wear him down and it might just fracture your arms a bit if reflected, nothing you can't heal, right?
No. 226036 ID: 9338f5

didnt see bobs post.
No. 226038 ID: a69afd

Because I also remember bang saying he doesn't like to use weapons. You could argue that since his hair is part of his body that it does not necessarily conflict with his ideal fighting style, but I'll wait for the next update before revealing my plans.
No. 226046 ID: ab04d4

I'm fastforwarding to the end of the fight here, bear with me.

We can't eat Huaow's soul unless you want to establish political ties and morality especially early on. Doing this will mean that anyone with any respect for the dead will utterly loathe us. Seeing as this is based on Feudal China and Japan, and both of those countries (I should know) respected their ancestors to an obsessive degree, this would make us look very demonic to the populace and even to the politicians. We would be affiliating ourselves with evil from the get-go. In addition, this puts us on bad grounds from the Ash Dragon; if we let it go, we can pass it off as the whimsy of an unchallenged Emperor Lubu.

Of course, I'm sure theres good bonuses too. Maybe we'd end up with kinetic vector reversal skills or something if we ate him, or something else cooler that might make up for political damages.

If Bang dies (and he better not) I think we can eat his soul. He'd probably enjoy being part of an immortal war machine anyways, and we might get super karate skills or some way to regenerate using blood magic instead of magnetomancy... Or a combination of the two?

Anyways, just my 3*2cents.
No. 226049 ID: f36769

Or we could just ask Lubu if its okay to eat him.
We would have won the fight after all, so we are entitled to all the spoils. (this is assuming we win the fight and kill the guy)
No. 226054 ID: ab04d4

Trust me, Feudal Asia did not like abusal of ancestors. They probably have all sorts of religions based on respect for ancestors. Parallel versions of Taoism and Confucianism and crap.

I'm not sure how much Bob is going to integrate realistic culture into this new area for us but I think we should err on the safe side. Even asking Lubu for permission is allying yourself with him by showing him subservience and nobody else.

Then again that's why we're here. To show him subservience and be a good gift horse.

I just don't know, but I get the feeling that eating this guy's soul is going to be bad for us. A bunch of nobles and generals are watching at Lubu's summons and anything we do that might offend their sensibilities would be immeasurably damaging.
No. 226078 ID: 5f0943

The Land of Dragons don't strike me as much as feudal Asia as it strikes me as 'Dynasty Warriors' the civilization.

The basic rule seems to be that the strongest survives and gets the spoils, while the loser don't get anything because he lost... and is probably dead.

Of course, we will just have to wait for Bob's input on the matter before we know for sure.
No. 226082 ID: 445c48

Damn, we should have talked to Keddic to ask about their culture's view on the dead during the fight, as Mordre.
No. 226093 ID: a76809

Oh fuck yes, this guy can take it!

Alright, some sort of vector redirection... some method of using their crazy combat magic to make me part of their body to extend combat magic onto me... I think I have the gist of this stuff, yeah. So... lets see how he does with multiple vectors, oh yes this will be sweet.

I once more dash forward, completely undeterred by my recent repulsion, swinging a shoulder, a knee and a forehead into the mix, for-


Huaow once more is able to keep up with my riotous acceleration, and he lets out a sharp cry as he plants a foot, and his whole side gets covered in that gleam, his borders fading away-

And I switch from direct rush via abrupt body manipulation midair, to a duel kick and punch, designed to allow my redirected force vector to spin me about for another hit, even as my knee takes the place of my rush. Huaow's face twitches in surprise, apparently not expecting me to be able to think much in a fight (I admit I am not a subtle fighter), doesn't mean I'm slow. I have, what, sometimes four hundred simultaneous rapid fire incidences of Curatiomancy going? While throwing myself through the air in mortal combat?

And I find my force vector repulsed the same as before, this time more ready for its effects and better able to mitigate and prevent the effects on my flesh, and with a riotous boom I spin about, hurling my body into a mirror of my recent attack.

To find myself repulsed again... and Huaow starting to look pressured.

Always awesome to find someone who can endure a tap or two.

..Oh yeah. Upon my seventh rapid redirecting kick/punch combo, still spinning about in the air as I literally force Huaow to recoil back bit by bit, I recall the reaction of so many officers recoiling from my knuckles impacting... time to give myself a high five. He seems to be growing decidedly wary of my attacks, considering I don't seem to be breaking, or reinforcing myself.

I can work with confusion. I slam my hands together with Curatiomancy already standing by for the resulting impact of-


The air quakes from my supersonic clap, and I see blood flying out of Huaow's as he recoils from the phonic attack-

As he finally gets his hand on his sword, before my feet can fall to the ground, and give me purchase.




I slam punch the air with as much force as I recall surmounting air pressure in that incredible brawl with the Disciples of Domintus, throwing myself back and away from the slashing sword, even as a wall of air assaults Huaow, destroying his footing and sending him tumbling. Finally, it's not like I have unlimited magic here!

I wrench free one of the support beams, my feet shattering even more wood beneath me as I rip what looks to be an inscribed, intricately worked tree trunk free from my prior fall, turning a support beam into what some would call a massive club-


I swing the weighty pole, some fifteen feet long, in a wide, sweeping arc, straight towards Huaow, whose sword slices towards it-

And I kick off, turning my swing into a charge.

Now Huaow's blade, easily slicing through the wood, is constantly being jarred in his hand as the wood is shoved forward. He spots me a moment after I have let go of the entire support beam, and my fist finds his face.


I find myself exulting, because this Huaow guy?

He takes it.

His feet skid back, shaving the wood beneath him, as his hand relinquishes his sword, and slices up in a vicious uppercut while my hand is still recoiling from finding such a springy purchase.

His fist powders the bones of my wrist, somehow reaching straight through the tissue in between, a controlled shattering, as I finally rebound, Huaow's nose and right cheek broken, several teeth cracked, and enough early discoloration to suggest he will simply BE a bruise-

If he lives.

...Unfortunately, I still feel some sense of ownership from his attack in my right hand's wrist bones. I can't heal them yet, even though each successive attempt seems to get closer.

Hmm... an interesting twist on the battle parameters. Exciting.

As Huaow and I look at eachother over a distance once more, I recall what it is I do. I use my own will, both directly, and through that which I store in my scarf, as a core of casting. This is what does most of the work for attacks, as I just need to do a bunch of futzy work, so I need what I'm most precise with. When I get attacked, and say lose a bunch of flesh and bone, that's when I tap my relatively mediocre talents with Blood magic (Not all that great with it, and somewhat new to the field, actually) to do some 'heavy lifting' so to speak.

Anyway that's how I do what I do. That and GUTS, and COURAGE, and COMPLETE DISREGARD OF CAUTION!!

But this Huaow guy... he seems to be genuinely good.

And last time I fought some Land of Dragon soldiers, it was back home, and they could not do anything near THIS.

Which both means I have no real way to predict what he'll do, as most of what I saw before was built on direct body reinforcement and magical shock-waves generated in muscles, now this, as well as meaning this will be so much fun!

Man, I missed being able to just consider how to take down one dude, just really analyze everything about it, and throw my everything into the attempt... its invigorating.

I wonder if Mordre knows enough about Land of Dragons culture. Hopefully Keddic can tell him all about their views on the soul, seeing it as the true self, blah blah blah, and think that destroying one after besting the corporeal, to slay a ghost not aggressing you, is the same as murder. They do have that stipulation about self-defense though, and Mordre's been crafty, maybe he's got some trick to make it like that.

I consider a grapple and maybe shaking, something much more complex in terms of forces exerted on the body. This guy seems to do the vector redirection calculation he manages fast, huh?

Maybe we should see if he can keep up with me, then.

Should I go with some sort of grapple or throw, or some more impact-based attacks?
Or should I do something REALLY crazy to shake things up? (I hope I have a plan like this!)
No. 226105 ID: f6b553


Let's see here. I wonder if you can punch hard enough to do Impact with one hand? Like, really really really REALLY fast?
No. 226107 ID: e67080

Obviously what this calls for is the


Even the earth trembles before your might! and so we shall prove it to our foe! Start with the grabbing of another support beam, using a HIGH JUMP! and bashing him from above with the force of the beam, causing it to fall towards your foe even if he cleaves it apart. As he attempts to stave off that attack, continue to fall by letting go of the beam, and instead LAND SO THAT BOTH YOUR FOE AND THE EARTH TREMBLES! Do a BIG BANG KICK combined with a CLAP right before to weaken the ground. use this to MAKE THE EARTH TREMBLE BEFORE YOUR MIGHT! AND SURRENDER ITS STRENGTH FROM YOUR FOE! by collapsing the area around him. Upon his fall into the ground you will HAVE PREPARED THE PYRE FOR HIS DEFEAT WITH THE SUPPORT BEAMS WOOD! then use the BURNING FURY OF YOUR WILL, BLOOD, AND SHEER SOUL'S DESIRE FOR BATTLE'S MIGHT TO FINISH THE BURIAL WITH A PUNCH THAT PIERCES THE PYRE!
No. 226129 ID: a69afd

Well, despite not recieving an answer for my last question, I can give you crazy my friend.

Grow your hair out from every pore on your body that is covered with magical clothing, entwine every strand of hair you control with a fiber from each enchanted vestment you are currently wearing. Simultaneously use your hair to graft the various tools of your trade directly to your skin, and lance the many fibers you've ensnared directly into your nervous system. This will either boost your ownership through the roof and make your nervous system a highway for all the various magic fuels to automatically travel to any part of your body, or you'll explode and render all your rad clothing inert, fun times.

But on the off chance that this does succeed, let it be known that today a new man is born!


As to what you should do with newfound source of power- It's obvious, OVERHEAL.
Create more body parts than you need to combat your opponent. If two hands and two feet already have him on the run, imagine what ten, twenty, hell even a HUNDRED will do. This is a battle to the death, and you've got way more to work with. Overwhelm him with a wall of fists, rearrange your inner organs so he hits something unimportant if he manages to get past the ultimate offense of your weaponized curatiomancy.
No. 226137 ID: 445c48

I don't think the air thing is such a great idea.

Just throw the guy.
No. 226138 ID: 445c48

I mean, the Hair thing.
No. 226146 ID: f3f953

Boost towards him and raise your fist for a punch, then stop short (preferably out of his swords range) and MAGNUM IMPACT!.

Then Slam your heel into the ground to shake his footing and [b[BIG BANG BARRAGE![/b]... with a twist. Instead of super punches, make them love taps (or love taps to your love taps, cause you are too super) so that the recoil is not enough to throw you. every now and again try to hit his sword during the attack, keep it in the sheathe.
Then grab his shoulders and/or arms and throw him into the wall at high speed, following it up with a BIG BANG KICK!!!!!!.

If that does not get him I will eat my hat.
No. 226172 ID: ddd48d

hrm, well maybe at one point, when punching/kicking him, shove your other hand in his mouth, then pull down. lets see if he can manifest that covering INSIDE himself
No. 226223 ID: a76809
File 128366150061.jpg - (103.42KB , 625x1000 , Combat Magic Master Monk Oz The Breaker.jpg )

[....0. Event trigger, 666 bonus.]

As I prepare for another bout of struggles with my foe, a messenger bursts into the room, already shouting out his words, as another, more subdued member of the very same group, delivers a more reserved oration.

"An unknown force is attacking The Western Bastion of Leiyan! Reinforcements are requested!"
"The Monk Oz The Breaker has finally been located in the North East, as requested."

I see that armored one, Lubu, tilt his head this way and that, idly rolling the new events posited to him around in his skull, as I consider my attack.

I have a jolting brainwave, of growing hair from my body, and with it nerves, to graft my vestments to my form, and become some... living tapestry. The idea of becoming a living depiction of a warrior certainly holds some merit, but I just don't have the means. ...Although, if I got a hold of those Possibility Cells, or White Blood, either in large enough amounts, I might be able to make this a possibility... and at that level of magic, the idea of becoming a living embodiment of war will likely be more appealing. And with Possibility cells, I could command my form to grow more limbs, even becoming a wall of fist, it would be great!

I leap forward again, another cracking of wood accompanying my leap, as, the likewise unarmed Huaow raises both hands, one eye drooping. Just short of hitting his once again gleaming form, I switch to another clap, this time slapping my still broken hand with blood based Curatiomancy ready and waiting.


As my right hand is ripped off my wrist, it tears away with it the cells that still hold Huaow's ownership, that strange block to my magic, allowing me to simply grow a new hand. My magical reserves dip a bit from the relatively intensive work, but its what I do while the hand regrows that counts.

The again dazed Huaow, this time blood coming from his nostrils and one eye to accompany that from his ears, is again rocked by my sonic attack, as my left foot gains solid purchase on the ground, and my left hand rises in uppercut, as I hope to turn Huaow's vector control on him.


My hand rises-and splits open, my palm rising in places of knuckles.


As my fist connects, I am forced again to heal riotous recoil on my person, but prepared for it I endure-as the floor beneath me prevents me from being hurled away. As Huaow's feet rise from the ground, he seems to realize what his defense has wrought, as he goes sailing towards the ceiling, gasping from my gut-punch.

Through all that, he manages to flip about, feet landing on the ceiling, and, as he goes into a crouch, he simply perches there, upside down on the ceiling, as he finally makes a comment, spoken slowly enough I can understand almost all of it.

"Will show/display true [named movement]/attack! ROARING DRAGON FANG!!"

I feel the familiar body reinforcement so many Land of Dragon soldiers use welling up, far greater than any I've encountered before, as shock-waves in his muscles start to steam the air about him, surface vector manipulation giving his entire body the appearance of keening, as the ghost of an enormous fang surrounds his plummeting form. I'm ready and eager, lets do thi-


Huaow's enhancement is dropped reflexively, and I let him land beside me as I note his immediate prostration before the horse riding guy. He apparently has some change to make. I hope it doesn't mean this is over so soon....

...................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE....................................................

I look to Lubu as he makes an idle proclamation.

"Alright, so idea to make this more interesting: Lets make this a contest to see who can resolve the scuffle at Leiyan the fastest. As a bonus twist, if only one person comes back, doesn't matter if they were the one to solve the issue, so long as its dealt with. Should make for some fun, a death-race and hunting challenge all in one."

As Huaow bows at this comment, I see Bang rather surprisingly seeming to grasp what Lubu said, looking about for some indication of where to go. As Huaow starts heading out at a dead run, claiming his fallen sword as he goes, Bang sets off after him, looking to take advantage of his knowledge of the terrain. ...This unflappable attitude, these capricious acts, they are somewhat jarring. I pay attention as Lubu continues.


My Blood Magic, still active, continues to give my body a beat.

"Okay so, Gift-Horse-Golem, Mordre, You strike me as the wordy type. Seems straightforward, use remote golem control to get a body to complement what your mind does. So, what do you say to convincing the Monk Oz to come join me? If I can get him on my side, that guy Figment from before is almost sure to join as well, they're old friends. Think you can manage that, while the dispute is settled about this armor? Ok, great, hop to it, to the northwest, here's a scroll, general picture of Oz-"

An officer steps forward, handing a scroll to Keddic, who unfurls it as Dulu peers on in interest, revealing a man in runed yellow robes, heavy slabs of muscle apparent in torso and body, arms either encased in or formed of metal, a heavy staff cupped in one hand. I note the left arm to be more heavily armored than the right, and light, or a gem, is drawn upon his hand... and makes a rather interesting comparison to my own left hand, adorned with the Immortal Genocide.


"Anyway, great soldier, master of several styles of Mass Connection, known as the Left Handed God of the Fist, a bit too zen for my taste, but has a penchant for wine, angry drunk-I know, hilarious, right? Anyway, North East, scout can point you in the direction you need to go. Oh and hey, more fun? ...You, Hieryou, give this mission to Jioga too. A pair of challenges, one for attendants, one for masters. Yes, that should make for some interesting results!"

...His impulsive, impetuous actions are difficult to read, to say the least. I turn to the scout, hefting him in my hand as I demand he start pointing me to the location the Monk was seen in, looking to get an early lead. Lubu laughs as I dash out of the room with Keddic, the Deep Spawn and Dulu all in tow, building speed as we exit. I hear Lubu's words echoing after me.


"NOW THAT IS HOW YOU GET SOMETHING DONE! Look how much dedication that is!"

And so I find myself off to find the man in this picture, the Monk Oz the Breaker, called the Left Handed God of the fist, and to convince him to join Lubu. As I activate Merrack's soul upon reaching the ground floor, I start rocketing down paved streets, Keddic laughing in expectation as he lumbers along.

Primary focus:

Option Mordre: Get to do some traveling in Land of Dragons, seek out a wandering monk as Jioga eventually moves to do the same, attempt to sway him to Lubu's side, maybe have a tea-house brawl, who knows.

Option Bang: A race and continuing duel over new terrain, with a task to fend off an as of yet unidentified threat to a nearby fort. Success in this, or in killing Huaow, will claim victory, and you can expect a hectic time of it.
No. 226231 ID: a3da7b



No. 226240 ID: e67080

tea-house brawl!?! its the perfect time to finally invoke the powers of monocle and top hat Morde pictures!

However, this is a hard one... so im flipping a coin.

Heads- Morde it is.
No. 226257 ID: b10c0e

Sorry, Falcon, but the promise of Dulu, Keddic and Mordre getting into a Tea House brawl is just awesome. House of Flying Daggers, here I come!
No. 226261 ID: 903f16

As much as I want to ensure Bang's victory in this contest I'm going to have to go with Mordre and the tea house brawl adventure. It's just too awesome and I have a mental picture of Mordre fighting in the style of Jackie Chan by pulling support beams and walls out of the tea house to crush bandits.
No. 226264 ID: b10c0e

'Where did a golem get a ladder big enough for him to use?'
'I don't care, just run away!'
No. 226267 ID: 445c48

>pulling support beams and walls out of the tea house to crush bandits

I don't remember this Jackie Chan movie...

votin' for Bang
No. 226273 ID: 903f16

It isn't but I figure that would be the Mordre equivalent of grabbing a chair or ladder and hitting someone with it.
No. 226276 ID: d3dfb8

Mordre, he will need the rapier wit and silver tongue.
No. 226279 ID: a3da7b

Oh dammit.

No. 226283 ID: f4e4f9


No. 226285 ID: f4e4f9

Also, ask Keddic:

"So, how does it feel, Keddic, to meet the man that your teacher looked up to so? I thought you might get a kick out of it."
No. 226289 ID: 445c48

Eh? Is this true? I don't remember much about... The Lined One? I think that was his teacher's name.

Anyways since we're here, we might want to find a teacher for Keddic
No. 226305 ID: a2f056

Lubu is the man the Lined One called a god in the ways of the mass connection style. This is a PERFECT chance for Keddic to recieve training from one of the most monsterously capable and potent warriors we've met so far. But we should focus on reuniting Keddic with the Lined One first, Keddic will be better off finishing his initial training and clearing the name of his master.
No. 226390 ID: a594b9

Hmm. Theory time.

What if Possibility Cells aren't like cells that COULD be something... but cells that WILL be something? As in, like a ghost of the future? So harnessing them is like changing the future. That would match up with Pristine Souls really well, since we use precognition to summon them.
No. 226404 ID: a76809
File 128370364049.jpg - (906.06KB , 850x638 , Approaching Teahouse.jpg )


The Scout in my hand starts to acclimatize to our rather riotous transportation, and finally stops cowering when I prompt him for more directions. As it is, with Merrack's soul granting Nimble Nitro and Blood based Magnetomancy amplifying that to achieve speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour on foot, Keddic, can no longer keep up, nor can Dulu or several of the larger Deep Spawn. I finally discontinue my beating body, my faux-heartbeat dying away as I shift to conventional Will for amplification, moving at just under ninety miles an hour, which seems sustainable by everyone present. Even then, if it were not for the thoroughfares stretching everywhere, cutting neat paths through forest and village alike, I doubt I would be making such good time. By the end of the first day of travel, we have passed through some eight villages and two mid-sized cities without slowing, and as I stop for the night both to give Keddic and the scout a chance to rest, as well as to combine magics and call more ore from the ground to feast on, I consider our reception.

While Lubu did not seem phased in the slightest by our presence, the reaction of villagers who spied our swiftly marching form starts to paint a pattern for me. While my visage itself seems to draw more than a few glares, green flame and crackling scarlet energy about a gem studded, fanged silver skull floating in the air, the fact I am a golem seems to bother residents not at all. Perhaps they assume Keddic to be my master, or even the scout I carry. Dulu is likewise not given all that much attention after the scout is identified as being aligned with the current emperor Lubu. What does draw attention, are the nine Deep Spawn rushing after me, from Mothbern to Burduko, Aggocrag to Nihilino, all these towering monsters causing those who spy them to withdraw into their dwellings, peering out from cracked open windows and doors as we pass. When I ask about this reception, carefully phrasing it so I do not reveal just what the Deep Spawn are, even while implying them to be Life Golems, the scout provides some interesting data.

"Uh, well, Honored Mordre-ah, before I continue, what is the appropriate rank to address you by? I would not wish to mistakenly insult."

"Mage Mordre would suffice, or Commander would likewise by an apt term. Though as I lack Mage underlings in number currently, both at once would not."

"..Ok, Mage or Commander, but not Mage Commander, is that correct?"


"Well, Commander Mordre, metal golems have become fairly popular in the last decade or so, and are considered a bit... normal, everyday, if the specifics of each metal golem shifts. But your non-human companions... they do not at all look like any of the smaller Life Golems, and they certainly aren't Rage Gluts... so people look at them as monsters, demons, or whatever other bit of lore they can ascribe. I think with me present though, it isn't as bad as it could be, as they assume you and yours to be with their patron High Dragon Lubu."

As I ponder this remark, I turn to Keddic before I shut down for the night, recalling something the golden maned, pipe-sporting warrior from Castiliathen said some time ago, addressing him in the common tongue.

"So, how does it feel, Keddic, to meet the man that your teacher looked up to so? I thought you might get a kick out of it, meeting Lubu in the flesh."

As Keddic shifts to gain a better purchase in the slumping tree he now inhabits, he murmurs for a minute as he lets out a tiny puff of flame to light Old Bessy, an act that does not go unnoticed by our scout-turned-guide, whose eyes widen as preamble to Keddic's retort.

"Well, its hard to say, old chap. On the one hand, he clearly has some talented subordinates, and that's usually a mark of a capable leader. On the other hand, it can be the mark of a terrible leader coasting on the success of those below them, and his lackadaisical attitude lends some credence to that view. But realistically, I think it fairly unlikely he would actually be as... incapable, as his whimsical demeanor may suggest, what with having two Dragon's dead to his name, and having claimed the seat of High Dragon by force. ...I don't really know how I feel, truth be told, I saw someone I was told was the closest thing to perfection in the martial arts, but I saw not a single bit of martial pursuit, just an armored man atop a likewise armored horse. I shall have to reserve judgment."

"And? Perhaps while we are here, You may have opportunity to seek out the Lined One?"

Keddic worries the end of his pipe, as if hoping to prise an answer from his gnashing, before he responds again, even more subdued than usual.

"...Ay, we shall have to see. If the chance arises, there are certainly things I'd wish to discuss with him."

And it is on these troubled last words, that I ultimately end the night.

[DAY 137: DAY 7 OF WEEK 2 OF MONTH 4:]
[Castiday of the Second Cycle of Praeclarum (Summer)]

As dawn looms I rouse the scout, Keddic having awoken far earlier but relegated himself to yet more musings in his perch, as we again set off. Another three villages and one more city pass us by before, just shy of the sun reaching its zenith, we arrive in the midst of a meticulously maintained garden, surrounding a massive, multi-part building with lacquered walls and the look of well-cared age to every piece of timber. The scout is a bit wobbly legged as I set him down, doing a brief impression of a stumbling drunk before finally finding his footing and delivering a last bit of advice.

"As a word of caution, Commander Mordre, this is a well-established and respected tea house, founded several hundred years ago by a Dragon, Kojeera The Calm its founder, and as such it is expressly forbidden to all patrons and visitors, no exceptions, from taking a life within its walls. Ah, just thought I should point that out. ...Now I have to start moving to... The Bastion of Gaopon, I suppose, to get reassigned until I can make it back South West to the capital. I wish you well."

Without further comment the scout begins trotting away, legs growing more steady with each step, as we are left before the teahouse-

Which promptly ejects a warrior clad in garishly bright orange and red, dressed like a setting sun, who goes tumbling head over heels along the ground before finally coming to rest against a tree some sixty feet distant, body limp and eye rolled back into his head. From the shattered window, I hear the murmurs of dozens of conversations, but above it all, I hear several servers trying to quiet a customer, who seems content instead to issue the following slurred edict:

"Tha's what you get, inneruptin' my drinking! MOOOOORE WIIIIIINE! Whu? No, I don' want tea, I want WINE!"


A monk in green with scrimshaw tattoos all over his body starts to enter the tea house, as several other patrons depart. Whereas the monk cast not a single glance my way, the exiting patrons accelerate and cut a wide path about my group before moving on their way.

What should I do?
Should I enter with my full group, Keddic Dulu and the Deep Spawn beside me?
Or should I leave some outside the tea house?
No. 226410 ID: e73926

Do we have anything of value? Money or anything? Can gems or metal be ripped out of the ground to use as currency?

This angry customer might very well be the guy we want. I think Dulu and some deepspawn capable of speaking with the locals should be sent out to buy/hunt up a lot of alcohol and meat. Then you can hold a town-wide demonic party announcement via Phohn, inviting this guy and any else who dares. There will be drink, grilled meat and maybe even a little tournament! If you show this guy a good time he might join up with Lubu.
No. 226414 ID: e67080

Alright, what I think we should do:
1) should have gone on a sidequest for a Morde sized top hat and monacle! darn it, but my fault for being too slow.

(Morde Voice) "Ahh, curse it all! What I wouldn't give to actually be here right now and at least smell some true high quality tea..."

(younger womens voice, in common) "Ohh, I see how it is! Are you saying MY TEAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!"

(Crashing sound of china)

(Morde Voice) "No! No! not now Illia! ACK!you know I said I would be exceptionally busy right now and its just been such a busy month... *tired sigh* please, enough with the theatrics and just.... just get me some of the special blend this time my dear"

(womens voice, with sigh) "Yes sir..."

(Morde, to all (use multiple languages if you must, though Keddic will likely help Dulu)) "Ah, my apologies fellows, but i've just been running her ragged with all the fighting thats gone on recently, complaints with my back every night are starting to pop up and we're taking it out on eachother I suppose... oh dear I do ramble, I'm sure none of you care of an old man's bodily troubles, and I must keep on for the greater good of us all I suppose! Anyways, Sir Keddic I may ask you for all the details of the tea while we are in there, but do please accompany me inside. Dulu, my dear friend and rival, I imagine an area where you don't know the language so well would be such a terrible bore, so if you don't mind watching over the deep spawn out here and making sure they don't get into trouble I would greatly appreciate it. Do remind me after our work is done and ill have to have a chat with tea with you sometime in remuneration, I'm dreadfully curious why you decided to join us on this venture...

(stammer a bit)

"Oh dear, my apologies Dulu, forgive an old man but I forgot your less able to taste tea even than me... such a shame, but I seriously tarry too much, let us into this place. And now I wish this darn golem was somehow more appropriately dressed, a place this fine could probably kick us out like that other fellow for improper attire instead of for demanding more wine... such are the issues of this confabbed system to begin with"
No. 226415 ID: a76809

[You don't have money with you, you don't know what currency is use around here, and Dulu cannot speak with the locals. Your Deep Spawn can, since they can speak every language you can, and you can pull metal from the ground, so you could, in theory, organize a Demon Party, complete with boozing and brawling.]
No. 226432 ID: b10c0e

Let us go check upon on that poor soul that was just ejected. "Pardons, sir, but would I be right in assuming that the Monk Oz the Breaker, called the Left Handed God of the Fist, is inside?" Carefully prod him, to wake him if he doesn't respond. "Also, would you be...oh, not to put too fine a point on it, dead? Because if you're not, some details about this Left Hand of the God of the Fist would be most useful." Turn to Keddic and gesture to the Tea house.


"Unless it was that sprite's desire that you come with us but I am sure that Lenryt knows what she is doing." Cough. "In which case I am dreadfully sorry she dragged you away from your newfound home, but I do hope that we can bond. This is, after all, a road trip and in my youth I was quite the journeyer, haha! Yes, well, until I settled down and what...pah, I am being distracted by these long hours of fighting and building and the petty squabbles between myself and," Loud yelling, but as if away from the speaker. "Darling and kind maids!" Raise our hands. "But I will retire. If I do not have tea here, I can at least pretend after a cup of Illia's," Another yell off to the side. "Delicious tea! that I am really enjoying the company of a fine gentleman and such luxurious accommodations. And maybe even gain the assistance of this Oz fellow. Now, Keddic, you are no stranger to these places, could you give me a brief guide to some etiquette? I assume this is a Tuxedo and Tie affair, yes?"
No. 226438 ID: f36769

I guess we can send Burduko to Arcaneworks or Drazken Clan to quickly retrieve some rubies?

Speaking of Drazken Clan, we never made any new opening for Deep Spawn which let us mine even further. Relay orders to Lorgk telling him he can open entrances as he sees fit.
Also, order him to quickly fill the power vacuum left by killing Goran and his elite. Order Oggroth and Ugrokk to go to the villages of their origin to spread the news that Goran has been bested by Drazken Clan (I think it will be better to not tell that -we- killed Goran, but that it was collective might of Drazken... it will give more respect and credibility to take the "throne").
Lorgk should try to unite the tribes peacefully. He should give an example how great it is to be under Drazken, that as a collective their lives will be better and more prosperous. But if some refuse, don't resort to violence.
Also, set up fur trade.

Have the shamans (and Arkus) working on unified Magic language.

Jojo should come back to Arcanworks, or Ulzrick should be transported to Mordreden. Ulzrick is hi pupil after all, he needs to be taught as much as possible...
No. 226445 ID: a3da7b

A lot of knowledge just got thrown around that Mordre was not supposed to know.
No. 226473 ID: a76809

An idea occurs to me. I set Geomancy and Magnetomancy alike to flitting through the ground here, and happily enough I detect some veins of silver underground. I lash the magics to extracting such, as I tell Phohn (for once his body by me and visible) to keep the rest of the Deep Spawn here with him, and to collect the silver as it emerges. A plan begins to form in my mind, for a dual-tiered approach, to recruiting this purported combat magic master, this inebriated Monk. I stride forward with Keddic and Dulu beside me, and as we get within seventy feet of the teahouse, an old,long-mustachioed and balding man, a living pile of wrinkles peeks his head out of the third floor, and after seeing us approach unarmed, shouts something that prompts several waitresses to bustle outside, simpering as they try to politely bar our way. Keddic and Dulu both take my cue as I march right on by them, acting as if there is no reason they would be hesitant about humanoid weapons entering their establishment.

Upon entering, the din of conversation dies for a moment, as faces turn to regard us, the entering trio, taking in our foreign look and largely metallic existence, as drunks turn back to their cups, content that we shall not disturb their drinking, while partakers of tea simply sit as audience, curious as to what our arrival portends. My skull whips about to triangulate, using the shattered window the orange and red garbed warrior came sailing out of... and likewise noting that the monk in green, suspiciously similar to the Jade Soul Monks I encountered in my first foray into the Land of Dragons, are oriented upon the same location.

A man even larger than Keddic, a mountain the equal of Lorgk sits upon a bench, smashed and discarded jugs of wine strewn both over the table and the ground, a staff leans against his bench with tinkling bells as large as a fist adorning its top. The monk in question's robes are completely immaculate, vibrant ocher with muted crimson characters stitched into its form, his bare arms clearly forged of metal, though I see no jointing or evidence he wears gauntlets: His arms themselves are these constructs I witness. In his right hand, which still has flesh above the elbow, delicately encircles a jug of wine, as it is sipped and slurped. Besides myself and the green monk, none dare turn their eyes towards the drinker, though the jade enveloped patron has certainly noticed my attention, now splitting his time between eying myself and the monk.

An older woman I assume to be a hostess starts hurrying up to me, and I speak before she can begin, even as I feel the first of the silver making its way to the surface amongst my Deep Spawn still outside.

"Ah, a teahouse, yes? What a wondrously warm environment, To find on an outing. Keddic, you enjoy the creature comforts of tea, do you not?

Keddic, hearing my question in Low Dragon, responds after only a moment of hesitation, as he goes along with my planned entrance.

"..I do happen to enjoy tea, and if this is Kojeera's Teahouse,
Then it would be remiss of me to miss it."

Our exchange, both between foreigners and with a Golem speaking, has now drawn nearly every eye, save that of the most dedicated boozers, the monk in yellow among them. The monk in green is also raptly focused.

"Is that so? I shall have to make a point of coming here myself, When I can actually bother to in the flesh, and give the tea a try myself. Oh yes, Dulu, my current traveling companion and rival, I imagine an area where you don't know the language so well would be such a terrible bore, So if you don't mind wish to be present, Feel free to step outside and join our Deep compatriots- And if you make sure they don't get into trouble, I would greatly appreciate it. "

Dulu regards me with his four pairs of eyes, noting my transition to Common when addressing him, and his response is less hesitant than Keddic's, if less enthusiastic.

"I choose to stay here. I find myself possessing interest in our purpose."

"Fair enough, fair enough!"

I move to take a cross-legged seat in an open clearing in the tea-house, where the ceiling opens up: This place seems specifically made to allow truly gargantuan patrons, something to file for later, as Keddic and Dulu join me. I continue speaking to the Golemslain as the hostess apparently gives up, snapping off orders that lead to a waitress coming our way, and asking Keddic what he wishes to order. I note him pulling some strangely shaped coins from an old pouch on his belt as he replies.

"So Dulu, unless it was that sprite's desire that you come with us, I have to ask: What made you wish to come along? Though if it was by force, I am dreadfully sorry she dragged you away, Especially from your new-found home, but I do hope that we can bond. This is, after all, a road trip, and in my youth I was quite the journeyer, haha!"

"...I genuinely do not understand you, Mordre. Nor do I know if I care to."

"Oh, don't be like that, I'm sure we can get..."

As I continue to attempt plying Dulu with genteel words and a courteous attitude, I take stock of the tea-house.... and my findings trouble me.

The monk in green continues to split himself between studying us, and observing the monk that must be Oz. A number of the tea-drinking patrons, the more observant ones, are noting his intense focus, and quietly excusing themselves. Several of the less inebriated drinkers are checking armor straps and insuring swords are not caught in sheathes, glazed eyes speculatively roaming about. And through this all, the Monk Oz the Breaker continues to drink wine, finally finishing the last long swallow of his current jug, discarding it to make a solid twenty on the ground about him. A hand of metal, cloaked in such intricate Combat Magic I have no inkling of its crafting, sways into the air.

"Moooore Wiiine!"

I see no waitress moving to serve him, all looking hesitantly at the matronly old women, who is now marching towards Oz, masking her scowl behind a subservient smile as she approaches.

"...Honored customer, you have been drinking for three days."

"Thas' right, I have! An' I wanna keep drinking, not done!"

"...Regretfully, honored guest's funds have been depleted-"

"MOOOORE WIIIIIIINE!! Jush wanna be drunk in peesh!"

The hostess seems to be at a loss before this drunken belligerence, and I see the Green monk speaking with his own waitress in muted whispers, even as Keddic nudges my arm.

"I'd like to observe I have enough coin left from my venture here we could afford to buy this Oz a jug or three of wine, while whatever plan you have for your... companions is readied."

At Keddic's words, I note that perhaps half a pound of silver has been slowly siphoned from the ground, the veins I detected halfway depleted as the Deep Spawn, upon my indirect orders via Phohn, begin shaping the extruded bits into crude coins, not bothering with markings or embossing. I believe I am nearly ready, should I wish to call them in and construct some sort of 'Demon Party' theme, at some point from here on out.

What should I do?
Should I continue to hold my location with Keddic and Dulu, or attempt to speak with Oz?
Should I try to attract attention by having the Deep Spawn come in and order wine and meat with their new-found silver coins, or should I wait?
Or should I do something else?
No. 226488 ID: a3da7b

Go in with the party and invite the Monk eat and drink with you.

Best way to get a man's friendship is through his stomach; This man anyway.

Introductions and the sort, talk about wine, tea, women and war and eventually get to politics.

It would be cool if you could invite the Jade monk to sit with you, but he likely has detected Ringo and the gang and has a rather large bone to pick with you.
No. 226491 ID: a3da7b

Time to put that silver tongue to good use. If you don't want this guy to put a serious dent in our lifespan you will have to come up with a very good reason why you not only killed his apprentices, but ate their souls afterwards.

It may require you giving them back via the use of a P.Soul by placing them in a talisman or mortuary tablet or something like that.

Unless of course you want to have a super brawl and attempt to eat him too.[bad idea]
No. 226492 ID: 445c48

Invite the Drunk Monk over to your table, for wine, and talk about stuff.

Ignore Greenie.
No. 226547 ID: e73926

I don't think the green monk has noticed anything special yet. Besides that Mordre got those souls fair and square in warfare!

Start discussing loudly with the staff, like if they will accept silver as payment and how much food & drink they have in stock and if it's possible to buy ALL the wine. That'll draw Oz's attention for sure as all drinks bought up would mean none for him. He might even be upset at the fact that Mordre is even trying. Defuse the issue by offering to share it with anyone who wants to socialize. Now he seems to want to drink alone so you need to pry a bit together with Keddic. Like why does a strong warrior like him need to drink himself senseless? We need to figure out what this guy wants and why he hasn't joined Lubu's forces yet. Clearly this guy didn't get strong by binge drinking constantly so he's either bored or troubled by something.

Mess around a bit with Dulu as well because you can. "It's not the metal arms is it? Why good Dulu here lost his entire body! You don't see HIM drinking his worries away. Well thinking of it I think he physically can't drink at all anymore, but that's beside the point!"

If he does get even more annoying then state aloud that you don't understand why the dragon Lubu respects him so much.

You could also keep him or the green monk off guard by having the deep spawn walk in one by one holding the silver. They're a great distraction just by being so otherworldly.
No. 226554 ID: a3da7b

No problem if he defeats them fair and square in warfare,

God in fact, they love that stuff.

But eating their souls? No.
Big no-no.
No. 226579 ID: f36769

We are not giving away our souls.

I think that the green monk either wanted to start trouble with Oz or he is Jioga, who got the same mission from Lubu as us.
We should ask how long he has been here. If he has been here for 3 days, it means that he's not Jioga.

On the other hand, the green monk might be Ozs acquaintance who keeps sure that Oz "behaves".
No. 226606 ID: 445c48

Ah, but we've not "murdered" them, they're Heroes after all. It's more like they've been imprisoned.

But anyways he might not even know so let's not do anything about that.
No. 226650 ID: 732129

Can we please not antagonize Dulu?
No. 226654 ID: 56dc25

Okay, the whole "demon party" concept is an interesting one, but we should really start out slow. We don't know how it would go over. The Deep Spawn should remain outside for now.

Perhaps offer to pay for a bit more wine if he is willing to sit and speak with you, and from there attempt to confirm his identity, ask what he's been up to and try to sound out his political feelings and determine what he wants from life. Aside from being drunk all the time; no one really wants to be drunk all the time, even if they say they do and genuinely enjoy wine. Once we have a better idea of what he's like and what drives him, we can move towards fulfilling Fierce Dragon's task for us.
No. 226719 ID: a76809
File 128375094616.jpg - (333.38KB , 1024x853 , Land Of Dragons Jade Soul Monk Elite Bagrom.jpg )

With the funds almost ready outside, I decide to begin my rather unorthodox plan.

"Excuse me, how much would the current stock of wine be? I have a large party looking to drink, as it were."

My purposefully loud query finally draws a reaction out of the monk, who shifts in his seat like a faultline, a mountain of muscle turning to regard me with a face covered in tiny scars, nose hobbled from repetitious breakings, and a chin like an anvil, and ears nearly cauliflowered away. A pair of eyes struggle for a moment, before settling on me, the glaze of wine pulled back by will.

"Oy, and what're you doin', buyin' up all the wine?"

I see the monk in green, who I feel sure is a Jade Soul Monk of some sort, if different from the nearly identical set I encountered before, now focused wholly on me, a guarded look festooning his tattooed face. With nearly the whole tea house now attending on my words, I decide to milk it for all its worth, hoping the fancifulness of what I intend will act to attract the drunk monk as I hope.

"Oh, well please come join us then monk, There will be plenty of wine to go around!"

"There will be? ...Arright then."

The now immediately de-prickled monk meanders over with the sway of too much drink, before plopping himself down as the jug of wine Keddic discreetly ordered with his coins arrives, immediately getting hefted by the monk who guzzles it like water for a long pull before sighing.

"Haaaaaah... 'sgood stuff they have here, still use old Kojeero's recipe. Goes down smooth, lets the mind clear, y'know?"

I see a possibility here, and decide to indulge Oz's drunken rambling.

"Indeed, I'm sure it does. And what does you mind need clearing of?"

Oz rubs at the back of his head with his over-sized and well-worn metal left arm, the scarlet glow from the pit in its top dull and sullen, as his face scrunches with aborted attempts to display divergent emotions.

"Got a lot of problems, on my plate, y'unnerstand? First off, went on this pulgri- excuse me, pilgrimage, to all these places tiny stars fell, right? Seventy Two of them, all over. Each one, tiny bit of starmetal, never forged, too small for a weapon, yeah? An' I challenged the guardin' officials, each time, gettin' to take the metal, an' absorb it inta me left arm, yeah? Now, this was' after my left got busted real bad, 'n a fight with Old Shangod, some six years ago, so I was doin' it to try and... I'unno, restore myself? Already had this Blood Iron right hand back then... where was I goin' with this?"

As Oz helps himself to more wine and I feel the silver nearly all wrested from the ground outside, I prompt Oz.

"You were talking about what's troubling you. "It's not the metal arms is it? Why good Dulu here lost his entire body!"

As I gesture his way, even as he can't understand the words, Dulu's set of eight eyes narrow, just so, as he offers no response. I press on, trying to restore Oz's momentum.

"You don't see HIM drinking his worries away. Well thinking of it I think he physically can't drink at all anymore, But that's completely, entirely beside the point!"

The brutish monk guffaws, a rolling thunder of rumbling belly laughter echoing off the walls, as he helps himself to another swig of wine before resuming, the jug already halfway gone.

"Nah, 'snot the arms, They're fine, got m'nerves synced with the metal, an'everything. Pilgrimage worked just fine, went from one of many, to a Name, all it took was a four year journey. I had fun, right? But when I got done, I was looking to make some money, maybe teach a while, right? After all, travelling's expensive, got to replenish funds, all that. But I got a problem, see? No normal person, not even kids lookin' fer lessons, will approach me, think its an insult, too important for them, right? Well, I could deal with that, not the most patient teacher, but the better brawlers, or the rich? They don't join either, because I don't have a sholid roster. So I can't get students. Was kinda hopin to get known for passin' on the Ghosthand and Breaker, m'self-made style, make it a known thing, right?"

At this Oz pauses again, to drain the wine even further, as I feel the last of the silver being pressed into crude coins, my group of nine finally prepared.

"Well, Even having no student's be fine, I got my brother, see? He's a good artist, makes some solid money, and I've looked out for him 'n the past. But his house burned down, and.... and..."

Oz's face wrinkles further, a solid lump of grimace as he squeezes out the next words.

"An' he died. So, I complete a four year pilgrimage, spend a few more years after that polishin' my style, finally look to use my fame to start a school, really make my mark, and I can't do it without toadyin' up to some Dragon, and my only family's dead."

Oz drains the last of the jug of wine and tosses it aside as well, as he settles back into his dark mood.

"An' thas why 'm drinkin'. Don't want to have to worry, at least fer a bit."

And lo, I see my chance, to aid him in forgetting his woes for a time, and hopefully giving him a diversion that will get me a further in with the monk, as I analyze just what was entailed by his remark about service under a Dragon.

Yes, Administrator Mordre?
I want you and the other Deep spawn to walk into the teahouse, and to audibly say the following....

Into the teahouse, stride nine monsters.

All conversation dies.

All eyes are drawn.

Several blades leap to hand, some rock steady and others weaving dangerously, and more than a few screams start accentuating the air. But even they stop when Sadronm, at the front, kneels down to the old women, having followed my orders, and says the needed line as his scaled hand opens to reveal a mass of silver coins, rough and unmarked.

"We ssssssssseek sssssspiritsssss, hossstessss. We have travelled far, and ssssssseek to enjoy ourssssselves."

As the aged hostess seems rooted in place by fear, Sadronm prompts her further with another of my lines.

"We sssshall of coursssse drink elsssswhere, to not upsssset cusssstomersssss."

The hand of silver proffers forward again.

And this time the matron is ready. A large sale, and getting these.... things out of the teahouse? She is already yelling, and waitresses begin lugging forward jug after jug, which all but Nihilino and Mothbern begin carrying. The hostess practically flies away, clutching the lumps of silver as if afraid they will disappear as the Deep Spawn wave to me, and Oz's inebriated curiosity (along with that of the rest of the patrons yet again) turns upon me, as I convivially call out to them, starting to rise.

"Ah, there you are, I was wondering when you'd get in! Well, it seems you are amply stocked now then, yes? Well, Keddic, Dulu, shall we go? And if you wish to come, Feel free to join us yourself, monk...."

Oz totters to his feet without hesitation, already moving to follow the departing Deep Spawn.

"'F course'll come. Got booze, and whatever these things are. Got interestin' comp'ny. Jus' wha I wanted, a derst... distraction, thassit."

And so we depart, even as I note the monk in green getting up to follow us as we depart. I even lead our group straight through the middle of town, eyes drawn to our marching forms, people gawking and pointing, as much at my Deep Spawn as at Oz himself, his notoriety clearly evident. The green monk continues to follow us, something I note Dulu observing as well.

We eventually settle in the middle of town after Oz seats himself and declares it the best place to drink. we form a circle, thankful that there are trade roads, or were, that passed through this village and left such a clearing. The few riders and travelers skirt our group with ease, likewise absorbed in staring at our irregularity, as all the Deep Spawn share in drinking with Keddic and Oz, who for his part starts immediately chatting with Aggocrag, lush friendliness surpassing any reticence he may feel at speaking with a molten pile of rock made manifest.

"'Rright, so, you look like you can hit pretty hard, and take a hit too, right? You the toughest of this bunch here?"


"S'zat so? An' which one is Vandgurd, then? An if yer not the strongest, anyone else tougher?"


"Molten rock? Really? An' thas' on top of being pretty strong an' durable, anyway, right?"


Oz rocks about in how bow-legged seat on the ground, mulling the thought over, before a happy grin splits his face, and he pushes on.

"So, you die easy? Y'know, you soft like a person, only a couple organs down and dead, or'r you like one a' them Ragegluts, keep on ticking?"


Oz lights up even more, as he stubbornly presses on, trying to zero in on the concept he is drunkenly stumbling towards.

"So, so, so then, If I don't do anything that would hurt yer soul, I couldn't kill you, or cripple you?"


"An' you serve... that guy over there, the golem guy?"


His pauses unnoticed through the haze of wine, Oz nearly unseats himself turning to face me.

"Hey, can I fight your guys? Those three, Zelgo... Zegoto, Agogocrag... an' Van-ger? I could really go with some shtress relief, yeah?

I waste no time in accepting Oz's request, even as I tell convey to Phohn that the three chosen should take care to ensure they do not overly damage the human they shall face.

"By all means, feel free."

Approximately ten seconds later, when Oz's right hand collides with Zelgoto's torso and sends him flying, his left arm slamming into Vandgurd so forcefully the behemoth is crushed into the ground, I realize the concern was unnecessary. Every blow with Oz's left arm, the somehow fused arm of Lortoxite imparting impacts that seem to swell in proportion upon deliver, turning already devastating blows into the likes of which the three defensive Deep Spawn look like those Bang slays after every hit, so heavy are the strikes. Even drunkenly brawling without form or finesse, Oz is having no trouble trouncing my three defenders.

I wonder if he is satisfied with that, himself.

"Hate to bother you when you're busy-"

"Huh? Whazzat?"

"Do you want the fight to be more interesting?"

"It can be more interesting?"

"They can manifest spawn, some twenty apiece, Who are possessed of similar regenerative abilities."


And so shortly enough, Spawn of stone, of steel and fur, all start slogging forth, as Oz now starts getting hit once in a while, his body so heavily cloaked in combat magic that only the three Individuated spawn's attacks can even phase him. But his face has shed years of worry, and he paints the picture of the quintessential happy drunk, riotously rumbling what most would call monsters that he shared wine with just minutes ago. It would seem my plan is working.

"Master Oz The Breaker, Left Handed God of the Fist, I am Bagrom, of the Jade Soul Style, and I challenge you to a duel!"

I turn to see the green monk who trailed us stepping forth, his hands, which I now note are garbed in form-fitting metal, glowing as a massive pair of similarly styled gauntlets rise from the nearby forest, ghostly lines of ownership connecting them to Bagrom's own hands, as he heedlessly dashes into the mass of spawn, puffs of green light accompanying strikes that turn the spawn into the equivalent of blood balloons-

Then the pair of massive hands reach his side, and the connecting lines proliferate, just in time for the titanic fists to start slamming to the ground, pasting a path through the spawn towards Oz, who is looking at the intruder as one would an unruly child.

What should I do?
Should I or any of my companions take action at the intrusion?
Or should I let Oz handle it?
Or perhaps I should do something else?
No. 226735 ID: 3fbc29

Well shiiiiiiiii-

Have your spawn pull back, get out of his way so to speak. If he pursues them in any way, even if just to hit one that was not in his way at all, then speak against it.

I don't like this guy one bit.
Not one bit.

If he still acts against you after you speak, then start charging an lightning blast and prepare to make him the linking point for the discharge using magnetomancy (heh, always hits yay...unless of course he has a super soul like Lubu)

I want to allow Oz to handle it though.

I think he would get along with Oggroth.
No. 226742 ID: 445c48

First off, get the deep spawn away. Something something mass connection, somethingsomething souls. I forget how the Jade Monks redirected their asskickings last time we were down here, if it was corporeal redirection, like the Blood Cloaks, or had some soul stuff, or if it was something else entirely, but still it's a good idea to get outta the way.

Bloodboost Magnetomancy and stop the newcomer, reminding him that a Duel has to be accepted, a man can't just shout "DUEL!" and rush the other guy, at least, not where you're from. If you can't stop him with Magnetomancy, try bloodboosted kinetemancy, or tri-casting magnetomancy or Kinetemancy.

If Oz does accept, let 'em at each other.
No. 226744 ID: e67080

Stomp into the ground, geomancy enhanced, and say VERY LOUDLY

EXCUSE ME SIR BAGROM! but we were enjoying a lovely little party here, nor has our newfound friend actually agreed to your duel, and you just killed parts of these fine friends of mine in your rush. A rather uncouth set of actions here! Its not even a duel if your going to be killing innocent bystanders along the way.

However, I do not wish to interfere farther, Oz, if you would like to handle this person as a representative of my distaste in his actions... I would approve, as you have acted a fine person towards us so far. However, I do wish to say Sir Bagrom that I do consider your attack against them as if you had directly attacked my personage.

im trying to set up justification for us to take his soul if Oz wins, if its not obvious.
No. 226754 ID: 903f16

Let Oz handle this, but try to direct the battle away from the middle of town. This fight as the potential to cause extreme collateral damage and it would probably net us bonus points with Lubu or at least the town's populace if we prevent that. It also let's us discreetly suck his soul out after the battle is over with no one watching us.
No. 226786 ID: a594b9

Allow Oz to handle the situation. Respect the duel.

Also, dear god don't eat the loser's soul without permission. Talk to them first.
No. 226795 ID: f4e4f9

Did he genuinely kill any of our spawn?

If so, stand and haltingly move to intervene, to imply disapproval and that we have no connection with this Jade Soul Monk.

We'll save to Soul-Suck till after his soul manifests, and perhaps chide out a taunt questioning his honor. Something along the lines of:

"Hmph. Fitting. What manner of coward dashes in demanding a duel against an opponent already preoccupied in a good-natured rumble?"

If he attacks us: BAM, self defense. If not, so be it. A minor loss, when you look at the greater picture.

Mind you, I highly doubt Bagrom stands much of a chance here. But who knows? Be ready to intervene with Geomancy.
No. 226928 ID: 3fbc29

This, Loveley.

Also, Bloodboost Geomancy and make a tiny arena, just some knee high walls, and shift the whole deal away from town.

Time to show off a bit.
No. 226953 ID: b10c0e

"I do not like you, sir. There is no reason for you to attack us while we are enjoying a proper brawl." Look him up and down and harrumph. "I believe you poor, but you're art his fine. I shall call you Stuart."

And we should apologize to Dulu, but somehow say we respect his tenacity and the fact he did not let his death weight him down.
No. 226969 ID: d3dfb8

Say, Oz! I know someone who may be interested in becoming a student of yours. For a short time atleast. Tell you what, you beat this guy and show me what you can do, and I'll pay for his training.
No. 227012 ID: f4e4f9

I can think of TWO people with us right now who might be interested.

(KEDDIC, BANG, MONK-STUDENT DUO (Oggroth at a later time, probably)
No. 227056 ID: d3dfb8

Well Keddic fights with swords, not fists.
No. 227060 ID: f4e4f9

Actually, he does both. Hell, he's currently working on perfecting Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism*.

*Pugilism means fighting with your fists
No. 227074 ID: ab04d4

Keddic, probably not. If you've read a wuxia novel before you'd know that in these kungfu-based semilawful cultures, learning from other teachers besides the one you have sworn yourself to as a student-son is paramount to high treason and is a crime that can lead to execution by the previous master or any other master who knows of this. This is presumably to prevent transfer of secret arts and stuff, and to ensure loyalty.

If what I said is true, I'm sure Keddic will very violently resist learning from another sifu; if not, have fun. You guys can do whatever with Bang.
No. 227081 ID: 68ce23

Remember we also have to keep an eye out for Jioga, who got the same mission as Mordre. This could be one of his manipulations.

I say we see if Dulu would want to fight this Jade Soul monk. Oz is drunk and exhausted and this Bagrom is obviously taking advantage of that to earn some cheap honor or settle some grudge. He could have attacked at any time, but he's obviously waited until he had world magic from the forest or something and a weakened opponent to pounce on. Also Dulu had better make up for that time he got stuck in the snow. So far he hasn't impressed Mordre much.

I think we should prod Oz as well. Something like:

"You know Oz I'm really sorry to hear about your brother. What was he like? Did he enjoy his wine as much as you?"

After discussing his brother you could try to get onto his other problems:

"Actually your other problems don't seem too bad to me. I can see quite a few ways around them. For example the nobles and their lot won't take you seriously while you're a wandering loner, but you don't want to be some Dragon's underling? Well how about this? Join my group. I'm doing my own thing and the others are just with my for the ride because they like good fights and strange sights. Well the Deepspawn come along because they're eternally bound in servitude to me, but that's because I created them out of my own soul, they just work that way, not that I mind...

Either way what I'm saying is you'd fit right in. I'm personally occupied with supporting Fierce Dragon Lubu the Unparalleled, but that just means you'll be indirectly allied with the strongest Dragon around without having to make any vows or promises to the guy. You can even insult him to his face if you wish! I don't think he'd be too bothered, he seems to care more for actions than words.

Regarding your student problem there are lots of things you could do, you just have to have a bit of imagination. If you acquire a little fame and money we could announce that you'll be holding tryouts for the student position! That might bring all the shy kids out of the proverbial woodwork. If that doesn't work then you could always look for students outside the Land of Dragons. There's a lot of young people out there with unknown fighting potential who would leap at the chance to learn combat from a powerful master like yourself. Look at Keddic here. He traveled thousands of miles to learn some of the secrets of Mass Connection."
No. 227084 ID: f36769

I wonder if we'll be able to convince him to open his school in Arcaneworks. He could train some of the outstanding soldiers we have.
Also, we could search for students from all over the place and bring him there, of course we'll have to provide with lodgings and food, and the fees should be very small or nonexistent. They would be like an investment, Oz will train them good and his popularity will spread with his students and people will come flocking to be his underlings in no time.

That is, of course if he is willing to open school outside the LoD. If he absolutely must train them in his homeland, we can help him out with initial budget, spread his popularity somewhat. And even then we could send our own students to him since we can travel instantly in Burduko Domes.
No. 227087 ID: 74af59

>towards Oz, who is looking at the intruder as one would an unruly child

I don't think that Oz is gonna have too much trouble with him right about now.

In any case, I want to see the fight.
No. 227096 ID: d3dfb8

"'Bagrom, of the Jade Soul Style' eh? Perhaps you would know of four of your brothers who lost their lives during the battle on the day that Lubu slew the two dragons and became emperor? They were worthy foes, but easily defeated. Perhaps you could pose more of a challenge? Don't worry yourself Oz, have fun."
No. 227103 ID: 445c48

Unnecessarily dickish. Don't say this.
No. 227111 ID: 74af59

Seriously man, this is why I wanted gravimancy. I would be really nice to just hold him down with gravity now, look like a badass and such.

Not complaining, don't mistake this for complaining. I love that our armpits can eat magic and stuff.
No. 227117 ID: e67080

and agreed, but not only do we have magic eating, we have things like making hauling ass look slow, and the ability to conjure arms that will eat whatever is in front of us (assuming with little difficulty, organic or inorganic). It was just a juicy grab.
No. 227120 ID: 445c48


Those things'll eat everything around us, in every direction. Up, down, front, behind. Sort of handy I guess?

Anyways we could probably stop him by either magnetomancing the metal the guy's wearing, or by using Kinetemancy to mess with his vectors so he's still or something.
No. 227122 ID: d3dfb8

Can't magnetomancy, ownership.
No. 227123 ID: a51294

So, um, a question that been bugging me for a while, does the blood of our Deep Spawn count for the purposes of activating 4S? If it does, we really should collect the blood that being spilled here. (Unless our Deep Spawn need it for some reason.)

Shouldn't Phohn be translating for Dulu? I'd imagine Dulu would like to know what the people around him are saying. And is Sandronm directing the spawn, like he always should when spawn are manifested? I'd imagine that would please Oz, giving him a better fight, and thus helping us convince him to join up with Lubu (or, more specifically, us. If he is loyal to us, then Lubu needs us to have Oz, which means Lubu is indebted to us, which means we are one more step closer to completing Lenryt's task for us).

...And, the way Deep Spawn communicate gives me headaches. Does Aggocrag mean Vangurd is first among our Deep Spawn in terms of physical durability and strength, with Zelgoto being second in the categories and Aggocrag being third? That doesn't line up with my understanding of the Deep Spawn: as Vangurd's Concept is Protection, he is first in durability, that is sensible. However, Zelgoto's Concept is Strength, which means he should be first in physical strength, but the way Aggocrag phrased things, apparently Zelgoto is second in physical strength? I'm so confused...someone clear things up for me, please.

Also, I would suggest that the fighting be moved far from town if the fighters are going to break up the ground. Perhaps use Kinitemancy to redirect the vibrations out and up into the air? And be like: "If you insist on fighting, would you kindly do so somewhere else, where destroying the ground would not be a bother? This golem is capable of repairing the damage, so I feel obliged to do so. But it's so tedious, I would rather not. Thus, another place?" or such like? Use Geomancy to repair any damage to the ground, if there is any.

Not just whatever is in front of us, but everywhere one foot of us. That means even from the bottom of our feet. ...Come to think of it, does HANDS OF HUNGER emerge from our ruby eyes when Zagrath is out and about?

...That's a little disturbing, that image. We're a giant with ghostly hands emerging from our entire body, and then our eyes pop out, hands coming from all over them too. Eek.

On the topic of Amaranthine Annihilator, when Zagrath is out, could the Amaranthine Annihilator be fired in two different directions at once? From what I understand, the eyes aren't set exactly in place, they could move in different directions. But, if the eyes move because Zagrath manifests and moves with the eyes set where his eyes are... hey, he could be a scout.
No. 227137 ID: e67080

I actually talked to Bob about the magical blood thing.

Apparently only individuated Deep Spawn are going to give a strong enough effect to really matter. The second is that leeching their blood like this is damaging to the point of being lethal if you do it too much (I think it slowly kills their equivalent of a 'soul', but they will offer their blood). Another factoid is an Administrator has much stronger magical properties in their blood for this purpose.
No. 227140 ID: a51294

Ah, thank you. And of course I'm not going to suggest that we drain our Deep Spawn. I only ask because of the blood that is being spilled.
No. 227144 ID: c78a29

Weird that no one is working on 3-rule Prophecy and/or 5 pristine soul question.
MY guess is that everyone is kind of tired getting "near misses" that they hope that someone else is going to hit the spot.

Oh well, here's some info from before
>The Bound Rages, A Past Cage Sought For Vengeance
[Ho-ho, got the view of Caged One angry at Mordre, Caged One angry at Arkus, and of Mosmordre related Deep Spawn looking to use Soul Graves as TOOLS of vengeance. This prophecy segment's been successfully decoded, good on ya.]
>The Three Eyed Lord Of Souls, The Master Of Sorrow Comes
[Well yes, this does reference the three Fragments of the Caged One yet found, as others speculated, as well as to Eldghodd, with the Three Eyed Lord Of Souls title, but there is a THIRD entity this could be referencing, that has yet to be properly identified. This prophecy is almost fully decoded.]
>The Parasite Will Be Faced With Mortality, The Three Eyed Lord, Ruin Shall Come!
[Got Mosmordre as Parasite leeching Caged One via leylines, has Goran as parasite, and Mordre, all good. But this is missing how the Three Eyed Lord coming would signify ruin for all of them. Get that, and once more, all three meanings found. Get all three prophecies squared away, and interesting revelations shall be had. And yes, I consider prophecies as Rule Of Three shenanigans, in case the three prophecies, each with three meanings, did not tip you off.]

In the second part of the prophecy we successfully deduced that it can refer to Caged One and Eldghodd.
With the new information we gained from Lenryt I think it is obvious that the third entity is the Master of Sorrow, a Legendary Soul mage from Mosmodre.
Also, something I've been wondering about our existence. Lenryts comment was kind of weird:
>You are some piece of Mordre's persona, though it seems due to your nature If I made Mordre aware of you, I would be introducing him to too many existential concerns, considering his copilot in the Soul Grave
Is she referring to the Master of Sorrow as "Mordre", the name we assumed ourself? Maybe the legendary soul mage had the same name?
Anyway, that comment makes me think that he is dormant, like the consciousness went to subconsciousness and preoccupies itself with solving the grand mysteries of the universe or something.
(I am sleepy and even if I wasn't I don't think I would be able to form my ideas coherently, so bear with me.) I'll try to work in the "the rule of 3" part of the prophecy in this (3-eyed Lord), well he could have had 3 physical eyes, but I do not think like that.
Anyway, 3 parts. I think it refer to Master of Sorrow, Caged One and us. I think that we are all 1 entity divided in 3 parts. Id, Ego and Super-Ego.
In normal circumstances Id and Super-Ego should reside in subconsciousness while Ego is the conscious part of the person.
I think that we are Super-ego, because we alway try to be socially appropriate in all situations, we never impulsively follow our basic instincts like eating all souls we come across to, etc...
Id is the Other Us, for the few moments of its existence, it has shown to be extremely arrogant and self-serving
Ego is Master of Sorrow. The consciousness that is dormant at this time.

>[Got Mosmordre as Parasite leeching Caged One via leylines, has Goran as parasite, and Mordre, all good. But this is missing how the Three Eyed Lord coming would signify ruin for all of them. Get that, and once more, all three meanings found. Get all three prophecies squared away, and interesting revelations shall be had.]

I don't think we need to guess how his coming would mess up our shit anymore, we saw it firsthand. He would have overtaken us and forced us to dormancy (best case scenario) or down right destroyed our essence. Same goes for Goran, who wouldn't have stood a chance.

this might be all. How good was this, Bob?

I think I wanted to write something else too, but I forgot. If someone has ideas, please work with it ... I am sleepy and tired
No. 227154 ID: a594b9

As for Mordre's nature, we've basically been straight-up told that the Curse itself caused Mordre to become sentient, and we are... bits of chaos related to that.

Hey, I've noticed something. Powerful enough souls can affect reality directly. It's like reality is MADE of souls or something.
No. 227162 ID: 903f16

>MY guess is that everyone is kind of tired getting "near misses" that they hope that someone else is going to hit the spot.

For me it's more that Bob has said we have everything we need to put the thing together with what we've already guessed, we just need to weed out the bad stuff and mash it all together into one cohesive theory. That's quite a bit of work and I just don't feel up to it now.
No. 227163 ID: d3dfb8

>In the second part of the prophecy we successfully deduced that it can refer to Caged One and Eldghodd.
>With the new information we gained from Lenryt I think it is obvious that the third entity is the Master of Sorrow, a Legendary Soul mage from Mosmodre.

It could be that the third entity is Mordre, Us(bits of chaos), and the Master of Sorrow, as we are sort of one being. Three within Three.
No. 227171 ID: a51294

Well, the Other is the Master of Sorrow, because we learned the title applied to the Other when Lenryt answered a question concerning the Other with that title. And he is the Three Eyed Lord of Souls, the image Bob used when he introduced him had three eyes, so the second prophecy is down, I think.

But the third, yeah, that is tripping people up, I would say. We have one half, but the ruin part... I do not think people know where to put the three Fragments of the Caged One or Eldghodd or Mosmordre. We don't even know where the Fragments are, nor what form they took, nor what they what (escape, yeah, but how? True Edge wanted to kill all the Deep Spawn, the caretakers of the binding on the Caged One; our hitchhiker- that never told us anything, so that is a dead end.), Mosmordre dead and gone (though there is a few fragments left (e.g. the Other, Kyorto, us), but... will is future tense. How does something that doesn't even really exist anymore be faced with something in future?), and... Eldghodd. How does he fit in? How is he ruin for Mosmordre, Goran, or Mordre? We don't really know, do we? Mosmordre is dead, and I think we can safely assume that Mosmordre's ruin lies in the Fragments, Eldghodd doesn't really mind Goran, so long as he fulfills his end of the bargains Goran may make, and, while Eldghodd might decide to kill Mordre if it comes to it, it isn't likely that it will. I mean, it isn't as if Eldghodd's Concept is Mortality, whose form revolves around Shadows and Malevolence, is it? That would fit the grammar of the sentence... though that wouldn't fit with what Bob has said. It isn’t anything like: because of Eldghodd appearing, we didn’t have the chance to persuade the emissaries of Goran to a fight that wouldn’t lead to us being destroyed?

For the Fragments... well, they might be gunning for Mordre, as a tool of the Deep Spawn. Perhaps, by gunning for Mordre, they will ruin Mosmordre even more, by killing/destroying every last vestige of the Empire? That might satisfy the prophecy. As for Goran's ruin, well, perhaps Goran counts as a Deep Spawn from the view of the Fragments, or as a tool? He was called an Organic Soul Grave... We really need to talk to Eldghodd, or Dorgrum about Soul Graves' interference on normal soul flow on death and their opinion on such. Could we get Phohn on that?

As for the Master of Sorrow… Goran, Mordre, self-evident. But Mosmordre is a giant, brick wall that this slams into. How does the self-proclaimed heir to the Mosmordren Empire bring ruin to Mosmordre?
No. 227179 ID: 3fbc29

Earth = Body
Leylines = blood works
Caged one = soul of the world

so to speak.

I keep figuring things out and then forgetting before I post... gotta go take more vitamins of somn.
No. 227191 ID: 9338f5

When we next get a chance use our teleport deep spawn to go to Kyorto's (sp?) tower and ask her about any powerful/legendary Mosmordian soul mages.
No. 227244 ID: 5018f7

We still, after all these threads, need one more bloody mage skin. So yell to Oz something about not damaging him too much, or something.
No. 227249 ID: 445c48

We need a human that uses world magic.

I don't think Mass Connection is World Magic.
No. 227253 ID: 3fbc29

Mass connection is everything-magic, you just need to imagine it to do it.

Hey I just thought of something... Keddic can FLY!

not just super wings fly, but magic levitation type fly. Remember the blood bullet thing I was talking about? With ranged super-blood control, he can just move the blood in him 'up' and he goes with it. like SKP but better.

In fact, he could use this for everything, he could become a regular 'Flash' without moving a muscle, or superman if you will.

Seriously, it is just limited to your imagination and determination.

I will now stop theorizing so as not to make Bob go 'shut up Falcon'
No. 227267 ID: 3fbc29

Wait a minute

Figment knew this.
It's all a matter of the mind.
It doesn't matter as long as you have mass connection and a good use of it.

Mass connection is a mimicry of what the caged one can do.
They said that he could even warp reality, and as everything in the world is just a subset of his power, they can also access this ability.

All you have to do is see it for what it is. Easier said than done of course, because it takes a lot for someone to see the world as existing in any shape they want, it goes against everything you know from birth.

It would be easier for mages, because they already bear a fraction of this world view, though they still bear mental limitations, e.g. geomancers and limitations with earth control, but I think it is almost impossible for this view to be properly attained.

Figment could not have known all of it, either that or he has simply decided to observe the world now, but yes.

I think I have stumbled upon something important.

No. 227268 ID: 3fbc29

Theory and prediction time:
Lenryt is allowing the souls of the world to attain more experience before they are returned to the caged one.
Each generation adds more and more to this, and eventually he will come to bear a disposition similar to Lenryt's and then be released.

Hmmm, very very interesting....

I really hope I am on the right track and my own moment of inspiration was not wasted.
No. 227270 ID: 6a17b0


Well now, that is an incredible idea. That would perhaps also explain why he was able to graft make is so Bang's freaking bones grow runes without Bang having to give up ownership. Because they had already been that way since he was born.
No. 227275 ID: a76809

[Actually when Goran's soul is active all of Mordre's body, every bit of it, will be able to absorb magic, just like Abaeloth's soul grants omnidirectional matter absorption. But yes, Gravimancy is very handy for BOW BEFORE ME moments.]

[Incorrect. One can have multiple masters actually, as to leave most of the more prominent schools, if certain arts or techniques are learned, they cannot be practiced without sworn loyalty to the school the taught them, a veritable soul oath bound by those that teach them. So leaving poses no real threat, as they cannot use or trade the greatest techniques they learned, effectively hobbling themselves as fighters. With a population breadth, and history depth, the Land of Dragons has had chances for several exceptions to these limitations existing, maybe one or two rising up the schools every few decades, Lubu being the last some twenty years ago at the age of fifteen, mastering the ten most famous arts, and somehow avoiding the restrictions to never use the greatest moves again. He rose to Dragon on the fame he gained fighting off the repercussion as outraged master after master sought him out, dying at his hands. Ask him about it sometime, he loves telling the story.]

[Vandgurd is number 1 defense, number 2 strength, Zelgoto is number 1 strength, number 2 defense, but at a lower sum of total capacity than Vandgurd on a purely physical standpoint. And Amaranthine Annihilator, when freely foaming under Zagrath's control, can discharge both gems independantly, in opposed directions or whatever. And Abaeloth's soul cannot effect the eyes, unless you could render the eyes a Soul Nexus to then link to the body Soul Nexus, something Kyorto could guide you on how to do.
[Interesting new ideas, and the Id/Super-Ego pairing is somewehat close to part of reality, but is a byproduct of other events. All I can say without spoiling it.]

[OHYEAHGEETHATISWIERD. Probably completely unrelated to souls being the antithesis of entropy, creation of energy from nowhere, so since energy to matter is demonstrated as possible in the setting via magic, enough soul could be crafted into anything. Yeah, nothing to do with that.]

[No, no single individual spawn was so heavily damaged as to suffer a magical system shock and perish. Several ARE going to take a while to regenerate due to how grievous injuries are, but we're talking minutes. If he had actually been treating them as genuine foes rather than punching a path for himself through the apparent monster horde, there likely would be deaths, from multiple successive blows.]

I set the ground shaking with Geomancy even as I order Phohn to have Sadronm withdraw the spawn, rocky ledges rising around the the two fighters in a wide ring as my own minions draw back, becoming living arena lines to doubly prevent spillover to the immediate surroundings, as I start shifting the earth sideways, taking the shortest exit out of town as the townspeople, those not having already shut their windows long ago, actually follow along, having grown used to the Deep Spawn enough to be more interested in some street brawling, and a great story if nothing else. Nevertheless, after some ten feet of shifting, Bagrom has launched twelve blows at Oz-

Who has taken every one from those glowing titanic gauntlets, his left shoulder and arm soaking the impacts as muscles surge like lazy snakes, legs dig into the ground, and the blows that literally pasted some spawn, are shurgged off, before-

Oz let's out a blast of breath as he swings his arm up in time with an impact, throwing the hand surging skyward in rebound.

Oz's left hand rises like a mountain of lightning, and from the depths of his metal hand of Blood Iron, rises a mass of emerald energy, its raw form immediately recognizable, enough I need not even note my own spell matrices identify the material innately. The soul of Oz's hand rises from his metal prosthetic, ballooning and swelling until it dwarfs even Bagrom's brought weaponry, and I see his face slack for a brief instant.

In that instant Oz's spectral grasp falls about Bagrom's own corporeal one, and metal immediately starts sagging, buckling, crumpling, unable to withstand the might of Oz's soul. But instead of falter as half of his arsenal falls away, the lines anchoring Bagrom to his remaining arm multiply and thicken in a heartbeat, the soft glow about the metal facsimile of a fist becoming as bright as the noon light above, the massive weapon now plummeting as a jade missile towards Oz.

Who simply sets his feet, breaths in, and swings at the incoming mass with his left arm.

The green fist, so massive as to dwarf my own by a factor of five, several tons of metal hurtle at Oz, propeled by gravity and as much energy as Bagrom seems able to muster.

Recieving it is simply Oz, and a rising fist, living Lortoxite clenched in determination.

Just as we reach midway out of town with the sliding pseudo arena, Bagrom's fist shatters, metal flattening forward as it finds its momentum terminally halted as blasts of self-replicating impacts continue to resound, the blows of a hundred strikes imbued in but one punch as the green metal becomes a mound of twisted and compacted detritus. Oz stops at this point, his stance, left arm forward as a long guard before his whole frame, slackening as he stumbles about a bit tugging his feet free of the ground, before he begins slurring angrily.

"Oh thas' it, that right there, why I hate bein' famous. Some guy comes to figh' ya, any time, any place. An' thas' fine, I can handle excitement... but wha, been more than a year since one even trieda keep fighting? That's, that's, that's not fun, eh? Havin' em surrender, no finish, butthey go fer ya whenever they want. Snot fair to a law abidin' citizen, issit? Go fer ya throat, but ifn' they stop, you gotta too, even 'f they attacked you again, already, or summat. Because rules on challalla... chanall... fights against those bettr'then ya, thes' fine, encouraged when against those, those that're above a certain rank, an' gettin' named God of the Fist put me up there with Dragons."

As Oz speaks, I see Bagrom sagging to his knees, hands at his sides, twisted and broken in some sort of recoil from, body twitching as the cords once anchored in those floating fists rebound and recoil into him, blood rising as they pass through his flesh, their passage rotting the skin away. But though he grits his teeth, the warrior says nothing staring at Oz as if at a god, his very stare, so full of supplication, seems to imply genuflection with naught aid but slumped, slack shoulders. Oz stumbles on in his rant, determined to carry his thought through, as if in defiance of his now infernal level of inebriation.

"So, let me, lemme guess, you wanna be my pupil now, izzat it? Want to learn from my side, huh?"

"I... Yes, great o-"

"SEE, I KNEW IT! Thas' ALWAYS wha' happens. Well then, monk, monk, monk....."


"IKNOWYERNAME! Now, now, monk Bagron, do ya actually intend to pay?"

The kneeling Bagrom, hands slowly being worked and straightened by each other's mangled grasp in an effort to reset the fractured bones within as his face only twinging periodically, grunts out a hesitant reply, his face to difficult to read through the pain he is masking. Townspeople begin clustering in closer, but my field of Deep Spawn keeps them from earshot, for all but Oz's most prolific comments, midway down the roads the vendors seem to favor, sales still happening about us, crying of wares still present. I find myself amidst not a sea, but a lake of people about me, yet this exchange seems as if just for me-

Dulu shifts beside me as he speaks to Keddic in a whisper lost to the relative din as Bargom vocalizes.

"..I, do not understan-"

Oz sighs, as he works his right hand, the faded gargantuan spirit still leaving a thin steam rising from the Blood Iron limb in passing, as the Left Handed God of the Fist keeps speaking.

"Look, I'll be honest. I got, I got nuthin' right now. I got no dojo, no students, an no family now either. So unless you can tell me ya have enough money to, to have a roof, some place to teach, tuititi... tuiui... money for learnin', I don-"

"I do!"

Oz's drunken ramblings pull up short as it encounters what it did not expect, reality defying its expected progression as Bagrom gingerly unties one of several pouches about his waist sash, and tosses the soft bag to Oz, wincing as he works his mangled hands. Oz catches the projectile, and clumsily spills scores of heavy gold coins, several set with gems, into his over-sized left palm. And atop it all, a ring, wide and heavy, some sort of bird picked out in blue and yellow gem studding. Oz murmurs to himself, just barely missing looking hilarious as he struggles to gain sobriety to focus on something important.

"..Alright, alright, so that explains the thing, about bein' a Jade Soul, an'not."
>"..I, what?"
"Come off it, like the other Jade Soul monks, the same, blah-dee-bah? Ya did notice how nearly everyone else practisisis... uses the core Jade Soul style, an' nuthin' else? I bet you were pretty, uh, whassa word... right, really rare, even in big school, right, with the floating fists, an' not wearin' traditional robes?"
>"..It is true I did not meet others willing to experiment with the style-"
"See? Knewit, that ol' Elder Master Hui, 'e don't approve of, of, differences, that much. An', the core style's the only one, with, with hidden techniques, the Master stuff. So ya.. ya topped out then, I bet. Without some real, real involved stuff to learn, use as a framework, or summat, you can't make yer fists better, 'ts what yer thinkin, isn't it?"

Even though the pain, I see Bagrom's face slackening in utter shock, pain taking a back seat to simple reaction, and he likely would have stayed this way for some time, if Oz hadn't been too impatient.

"Well, izzit?"
>"!... Yes, yes it.. its true. But how did yo-"
"'Sthat old Hui, he's been like this... for, for what, decades? 'Snot like it takes a genus... geins... genius to figure out, some guy that different, an' still a Jade Soul monk, gotta have, have a family backin'. And there it is, Tyotworro clan. Tha's some heavy money..."

And finally Bagrom begins to regain momentum.

>"Yes, yes it is, and if you agree to teach me, I can get you-"
>"..I, what?"
"Can't jus' do it, jus' like that! Gotta, gotta prove yer willin' to learn! Not gonna have some half-assed students, not a chance."
>"....What must I do?"

At this, Oz, completely wrapped up in his exchange with Bagrom, myself, Keddic and Dulu all thoroughly absorbed in this lengthy exchange, all take note of the slow, wide smile growing on Oz's face.

"Pick an arm, an' hold it out, arm straight, an' don't move. Do that, an' yer my pupil."
>"Hold out my arm?"
"Thas' right. Can't move it thought, that's importat... important."

Bagrom's face goes completely dead still, and I see him come to some inner resolution and realization simultaneously, as he proffers forth his right hand.

"...'S a good choice. Watch yer tongue."

Oz's left hand slams downward, it's straightened fingers revealing an edge worked along the side of the oversized hand, and without a whisper of combat magic reacting, Oz's left hand cleaves off Bagrom's right at the elbow, as the warrior bucks briefly, body spasming, before he slowly lowers his arm, and stares at Oz, whose face is split wide by a craggy smile.

"'N there it is then, yer a pupil then, Bagrom. ...Here, keep this."

Oz tosses back the pouch with naught but the ring and a single coin in it, as he pockets the glittering denomination, breathing deeply as he looks about at my Deep Spawn, before looking back to me. I realize I halted the move of our arena during this exchange, and we still stand in the midst of the merchant's area. Oz' stomach grumbles, and he looks to me with a magnanimous grin.

"You got the wine, an' the fight... I got the food, I think, yes!"

And so Oz wanders away to buy food, money bag jingling as he slips between Vandgurd and Zelgoto, in search of sustenance.

Leaving Bagrom alone with me and mine, the orbiting ring of forty one Deep Spawn eggs revolving like a possessed set of massive prayer beads, as if my immobile, cross-legged metal form were some stern statue, the Deep Spawn all about likewise not moving even to breathe or shift, only Keddic betraying movement.

What should I say or do?
No. 227361 ID: ea080f


Hmm...ok, then. Well, I suppose we might as well talk to this Bagrom.

"...about what I expected. So you wished to try to best Oz the Breaker to test yourself, then? And failing that, become his pupil?

I suppose I can understand such a sentiment, and overlook the interruption of this party.

Bagrom, student of the God Fist, I am Mordre, and if you would be so kind, would you explain what Oz meant by not being allowed to do anything but defend himself? And perhaps what led you to such a risky endeavour?"

Also, explain the situation to Dulu.
No. 227383 ID: 4884a9
File 128384556943.png - (667.92KB , 752x992 , SILLYRABBIT.png )

scary? not the way I see it, ohohoh.
No. 227387 ID: 4884a9
File 128384588132.png - (1.70MB , 2081x1768 , o189345.png )

Also some good luck for Bang, wherever he may be. YOU CAN DO IT!
No. 227403 ID: 732129

Best see to at least stopping Bagrom from bleeding out. He can get a proper metal arm grafted later.
No. 227405 ID: a594b9

Let's not forget our mission here guys. We're supposed to get Oz's alliance, right?
No. 227467 ID: b10c0e

I like this, I have to say.
No. 227529 ID: 6d3aaa

"Keddic, could you accompany our good friend Oz so that he doesn't pass out in the middle of the street?"

Tear down our makeshift arena and turn to Bagrom, gesture for him to come closer, see if we can treat his wounds and say, "Well Monk Bagrom, of the Jade Soul Style, do come and join us for a drink. I am Mage Mordre, the remote operator of this Soul Grave you see before you, and it is a pleasure to 'meet' you. Now that the duel has taken its course I believe a drink or two might numb the pain of losing an arm. When I saw you at the tea house I had guessed from your apparel that you were a Jade Soul Mage. I have encountered four others of your School from my previous ventures here in the Land of the Dragons, tell me, do you know any by the name of John, Paul, Ringo, or George? (What? They were all killed in battle? That's indeed tragic....)

After a healthily conversation has occurred and Bagrom has drank himself into a stupor, take a count of how many wine jugs we have left. Let's turn our focus to talking with Dulu. I don't believe that we have informed Dulu of our current mission in the Land of the Dragons, so let's bring him up to speed. Inform him that it is Grand Elder Mage Lenryt of the Mortal Coil that has hired us, we don't want to keep secrets from our new ally, he'll get suspicious of us otherwise. 

When the opportunity presents itself, add this to the conversation, "Dulu, I may have found a way to further strengthen and synchronize your soul to its Morphic Steel body. Using my Magentomancy over the past few months I have been able to... extract and collect... the iron from the blood of my slain foes to create the alloy my Golem is currently composed of. Now if I were to do the same for you, I would have no doubt that it would not only empower, but also reinforce your body as well.... If you would allow me to do so."
No. 227606 ID: 445c48

>Dulu, Blood Iron

I don't think we can do that. It also might mess with the morphic steel that gives him all that crazy stuff.
No. 227625 ID: b10c0e

Yeah, lets go up until we dicuss alloying him.
No. 227631 ID: f4e4f9

I do not recommend offering to further acclimatize Dulu's soul to his body. The ultimate desire he has is to return his soul to a Flesh and BLood body similar to his original. This suggestion is antithetical to Dulu's desire.
No. 227638 ID: b10c0e

Also, I doubt their names were John, Paul, George and Ringo. So we shoudl aslo say there were in the battle agasint Lubu too.
No. 227659 ID: 445c48

I really don't think we should bring up the Monk souls we have. It just seems like a staggeringly bad idea.
No. 227663 ID: e67080

agreed, why would we be bringing the killing of the jade monks up? If we wanted to provoke him into attacking us maybe, else its just a distraction far as I can see.
No. 227746 ID: a4e33d

Um, shouldn't we be following Oz? We should be keeping track of him, shouldn't we? If need be, we could justify it with something like this: "I have never been to the Land of Dragons in person, nor have I ever tasted its food. Tell me, how does the food I see before this golem taste?" or something to that effect.
No. 227760 ID: 7ca339

I am just going to guess that I was wrong, or that Bob is unwilling to comment.

In any case, flatten the new arena floor and make some impromptu seats, then start a pyromanncy fire and prepare for the feast.

You might want to move it out of the center of the area though.
No. 227761 ID: c78a29

>[Interesting new ideas, and the Id/Super-Ego pairing is somewehat close to part of reality, but is a byproduct of other events. All I can say without spoiling it.]
Has the third entity from the prophecy been deduced successfully at least?

Anyway, follow OZ and inquire more deeply into the events on how his brother died. It could possibly be that his brother was murdered or at least someone tried to undermine him by burning his house (without actually intending to kill his brother).
No. 227776 ID: c78a29

Also ask why exactly people don't want him to be a teacher and if he would like to open his school outside of LoD.

Also ask why he severed that guys arm.
No. 227788 ID: a4e33d

Also! Find out more about those metal golems the scout/guide talked about. Are they Soul Graves, or something kin to Soul Graves but influenced in a different direction by the cultural societal values of the Land of Dragons, or are they something completely different?
No. 227851 ID: a76809

[Bonus to times Bang punches Huaow in the face: +1 4 more bonuses to unlock bonus plot event for Bang event.]

I decide to approach with moderation, too many questions brought up to warrant seeking vengeance for the interruption, as ultimately the spawn regenerated, as always. I call out to Bagrom, still maintaining the persona of the Mage Mordre, affectations doing only so much to disguise the ferocity and eldritch nature of the golem's vocalizations.

"....About what I expected, really."

Bagrom reacts, leaping to his feet as he cradles his crippled arm to his far side as his left leads with a leering emerald glow, before he cautiously replies to my form.

>"...How do you claim an Ancestral Tomb, and operate it? I saw you at the tea-house, and I still have trouble with the idea of someone alive controlling what is ultimately a personal reliquary of the soul. I would demand an explanation, before I can freely discuss with you, lest you be one of the Old Tricksters, Ancestral Tombs so ancient their possessing soul has eroded to the point of losing all connection to its mortality and prior existence. I explain because I understand that, should you truly be what you claim, that being a foreigner, you would likely not know of our history."
I follow up on this line, hoping to ply the angle of the honestly oblivious traveler, and gain some clarity from a local of apparently some degree of repute, as I order Velada to send a drone after Oz, to keep an eye on him from above.

"What you describe sound much like Small Tombs, Something I am quite familiar with from my own homeland. But no, this is similar to, but different from an Ancestral Tomb. This is a Soul Grave, which needs a separate operator."
>"...The only independently operating Golems of metal I know of are Dao, usually much larger, seige behemoths that are briefly animated with magic when their housing castle is attacked. They could not operate independently like your form is. ...I request an explanation of how your golem generally functions."
"Quite simple, basically multiple Heroic Souls- Officers, champions shy of Dragons for perspective- empower separate parts of the form all over, And with some extra magic engraved in the metal, Interactions of souls, this golem powers itself. I harness it... I'm actually a bit famous for learning how, No one else has achieved remote golem manipulation."
>"...Ah. So then, you are a... a master, of sorts, in the field of Golems?"
"Well, I don't know about master, but I know quite a bit, Spent more than a fair few decades on the subject, I know them well, While with this one I know it as well as my own body now."
>"...Perhaps the methodology of your land's hierarchy is to different... Nevertheless, I will accept your tale, on the sheer basis it is the least outlandish of anything I have seen when it has come to your party."
"Indeed. So, now that you aren't quite so leery... I'd like to comment on your choice to fight the Monk Oz. You wished to try to best Oz the Breaker as a personal test, Or failing that end where you are, his pupil, is that right? I suppose I can understand the sentiments involved, Testing yourself against the best, or learning from them... I suppose I shall overlook the interruption to the party, And the temporary harm rendered to some of my comrades."
>"...What are they? from the smaller ones I sense not the true spark of life, yet they recover from nearly any wound, the larger ones feeling unlike any Wrought One I have ever heard of."
"Wrought One?"
>"Like Ragegluts, you know of them yes?"
"Ah. I do, and I know them as Flesh Golems, Another case of different terms to account for. Well, they are not human, they never were, But they serve me, thanks to some prior events, And I find their company quite acceptable, Hardly any different from normal warriors, really, Apart from their appearance and regeneration."
>"...Is that so."
"Indeed it is. Actually, I have a question, That I could really use some clarity on."
>"That being?"
"What did Oz mean by not being allowed to do anything but defend himself?"
>"That. Well, Dragons, and a few other titles one can get, render somone a Living Legend. Once named such, anyone who is not of Master ranking or higher in any given school can freely seek them out, as I did, and fight them, at any time. They must endure the endless assaults, to prove their continued right to bear the titles they hold, all while being bound to not slay a surrendering foe."
I continue as I have Phohn communicate an order to de-manifest all spawn save Velada's, while I sink the borders of the arena into the ground.

"Interesting. Well Monk Bagrom, Of the Jade Soul Style, do come join us for a drink. I am Mage Mordre, the remote operator of this golem, And it is a pleasure to 'meet' you, even if not in person. Now that the duel has taken its course I believe a drink... Or.. six might numb the pain of losing an arm."
>"I can agree with that view, and I shall accept your offer."

The thus far fairly formal Bagrom finally lowers his hand, and walks forward even as he pulls a length of rope from hiw waist, and binds the end of his severed limb tightly, after rapping it in a layer of bandages. The multiple pouches I have seen about so many monk's belts since arriving proving quite useful. Bagrom then sets to claiming a jug of wine, and taking a hearty chug before he coughs and sits back down, now immersed in steady, measured, unending sips, as he tries to slow his breathing and regain composure.

While Bagrom is busy warding himself from pain with the aid of wine, I turn to Dulu and give him a brief description of what has been occurring in a discreet voice, trying to keep him abreast of the situation. At the start he is largely unresponsive, but by the end his is animatedly engaged, nodding as he connects witnessed events to spoken context. He does not thank me at the end, though I wonder if he ever would.

With Dulu again abreast of the current situation, I swivel my head about to Bagrom, who seems so focused on his jug that he may not have noticed the back of my head appearing, with my body still seated facing him. Still, as I hear a loud drunken guffaw farther down the street, I begin rising even as Bagrom moves to rise with me. I outstretch my left hand, gesturing him to stop, as I exit from betwixt the still encircling Deep Spawn.

"I must check on Oz, 'twould be a poor host, If he got lost while drunk at an event of my making!"
>"I understand, I shall await your return.... Mage Mordre."

And so I follow Oz's outcries and the buzzing figure of Velada's drone, finding Oz trying to buy an entire ox, arguing with a farmer.

>"I do not care what you say, this is a good ox, I will not sell it to some drunk!"
"Arright, I mehbe drunk, but, see, see, this right here? 'Sme, offering five times the oxex's worth. I'm hungry, I want fresh, now sell me that ox!"
>"Where drunk get that kind of money?"
"What drunk has arms like mine? Or, hello again Mordre, friends like that?"
>"Aeeyaahh, fine, my prize ox, sold to some drunk, so shall it be."

With his profession of reticence delivered, the old farmer's hand lashes forward, prizing the offered coin of solid, gleaming gold, as Oz simply punches the animal in the face, and hefts its dead carcass on his left shoulder as he hefts a bag filled with several other purchases, spices and herbs along with further meats and vegetables. I see gold gleaming in a dozen hands up and down the market now, where none gleamed before.

"Sssso, I got the stuff to make a great roast, real tasty... but, but how did you know? Wait, you got here before I finished... how come?"
"Well, two reasons. First, I wanted to know how you felt, About the possibility of opening a school outside of the Land of-"
"Naw, not gunna do it. I like my home, might not mind travel, but wouldn't leave, for, for foror.. forever."
"I see. the other thing I wished to ask, Concerns your brother, if you're willing to spo-"
"Nuh-uh, not gonna talk about that any more right now. Finally in, in a good mood, Bagrom sort of ruined it, not goin' there now."
"I see. Alright, I suppose we can talk about those things some other time."
"Sssee, thas' why I like you. Polite an' all that, and still don't give a shit what others do, ya still jus' do your own thing. Alright yeah, as' me some other time, just... not now."
"So why did you chop off Bagrom's arm?"
"Why did you chop off Bagrom's arm?"
"..Oh, OH! Right, that. Well, I told you, the name of my style, 's Ghost Hand an' Breaker. An' to have a ghost hand, um, the hand has to die, so that, that, a part of the soul is ready to leave.... 's a bit more complicated then that, but' 'm not good at explainin' it. Gonna teach Bagrom about that, 'n stuff. But first... FOOD."

Oz starts marching back towards the group of Standing Deep spawn with crowding children now gathering close to inspect them, as Keddic and Bagrom talk, with Keddic turning to Dulu periodically to play middleman. It would seem Bagrom is likely being informed Dulu is an Ancestral Tomb....

What should I do?
Should I let Oz just build a spit, season and roast an entire ox in the middle of the street, surrounded by trade and children?
Or should I try to convince the drunk monk to cook elsewhere, and if so, what should I say?
Is there anything more I wish to say/ask of Keddic, Dulu, Bagrom or Oz, or should I simply observe till the end of the inevitable feasting?
No. 227858 ID: e31d52

Well, uh.

We should get Oz out of the road, maybe make a sorta... earth-pagoda?
No. 227871 ID: 445c48

Geomance up a little shack with a chimney so that people can't see him butcher the animal.
No. 227873 ID: 7ca339

Also voting for earth Pagoda. and a fire to cook the meat.
No. 227960 ID: c78a29

We could share food with the villagers if theres too much.
This could become some sort of spontaneous festival or something.
Even our deep spawn could entertain people and children (as good as they can without hurting anyone and breaking anything).

Focus your geomancy and magnetomancy into the ground again and search for more precious metals and gems. We might need more money.
No. 227972 ID: f4e4f9

I would like to posit something:

It has been stated that Soul Graves and Small Tombs can not develop their souls on their own. However, recent events have prompted a thought in me.

One of the souls we absorbed was Lumingo the Blademaster, a rageglut hero soul. Now, ragegluts are a life-golem race, but they can apparently develop their souls like any other sentient living thing. This lead me to the following hypothesis:

Golems like MOrdre were supposedly incapable of wielding blood magic, due to their nature. However, by becoming more organic, in a sense, more linked with the common perception of life, through our composition, we managed to circumvent this limitation and acquire an ability that was supposed to be beyond us by our very nature.

Suppose, then, that if Mordre continues to become more linked with life and blood, through magically imbuing his bodies' blood content and further mimicking the living, he could overcome the limitation of being incapable of improving his soul as well.

tl;dr, I hypothesize that if mordre continues on the path to mimicking life and incorporating it into himself, he could develop the ability to improve his own soul and abilities through challenge and will. Dulu, as well, if he followed the same path as us.

C'mon, Pristine soul!
No. 227986 ID: 7150d8

I just realized something.
Many of our spawn were havily damaged right now, right? Is there a chance that there might be magical deepspawn blood scattered on the ground right now?

Because last time I checked, magical deepspawn blood iron/whatever might be something we want.
We should totally nom that blood iron if it is available.
No. 228017 ID: ddd48d
File 128394255349.png - (366.08KB , 584x616 , bangitup.png )

>4 more bonuses to unlock bonus plot event for Bang event

oh man ohman guys help me out with this I wanna know what it is :O MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.

Right now we should see that the situation remains calm/peaceful, and get to the point where Oz will open up again.
I like this festival idea, but maybe just keep the deep spawn more neutral, unless the kids are brave enough to talk to them on their own. We aren't exactly a group that is adept at amusing children or adults, unless Keddic has some sort of fondness for children and has some magic tricks or something.
No. 228030 ID: d2ff99

Actually I was thinking on geomancing some small castles, adoring them with metal to give them a better look, so that kids could play in them and maybe stage mock battles/sieges with spawnlings. Like kids defending their castle from a small horde of small spawns.

Vangurd and Zelgoto giving back rides to kids.

Of course Nihilio and Mothbern should excuse themselves.

Also geomancing and magnetomancing some safe carnival rides and/or making playground with swings, seesaws and stuff....

You know, making overall fun.
No. 228039 ID: 207e5f

Mordre should offer Phohn's services as a translator to Dulu. That might speed things up. After all Phohn embodies communication...
No. 228049 ID: d2ff99
File 128395645988.jpg - (295.40KB , 2048x1536 , BIG BANG THEORY.jpg )

Alright, just because you asked so nicely

I tried hard but I think it still came out wrong....
No. 228059 ID: 9338f5

> to times Bang punches Huaow in the face
do we need pics of bang punching Huaow for the bonus or would any bang pic be acceptable?
No. 228205 ID: d3dfb8
File 128399019190.jpg - (720.96KB , 2081x1768 , DapperBang&GentlemanHuaow.jpg )

No. 228207 ID: ecb083

Hey guys we should reserve one of the boons for Arkus. The dude really needs it.
No. 228213 ID: 9338f5

totaly. 1 boon for soul powered time shenanigains and the other to get some half decent trustworthy mage minions
No. 228271 ID: b10c0e

Why would we need a boon to get a workforce under Arkus? We just need like a month of assholes not trying to kill us to just set up some 'hi, I'm a Mage. I teach people and make them struggle to learn anything. COme and help Science/Magic!' stuff so we can get some students.

And as for time shenanigains...As cool as it would be, I don't want Bob to break his head over it, smack us down over using it, and/or setting up a paradox that it's our fault that Mordre exists in the first place.
No. 228295 ID: e67080

Genesis of a Legend (by punching faces)

BANG! BANG! Punch em in the face!
When you can heal all injuries,
you don’t need grace.
BANG! Show them your blood burning of FURY!
Know no fear!
For with your runes the fight doesn’t end
Let your scarf billow, cast all doubt into the wind.
When you have a barrage of fists
Who needs gear?
Yell all your attack names? We insist.

Allure of Alliteration,
Annihilator of Armies and Cracker of Castles.
Magnum much, magnificently, meet many muscles.
Against all anticipations of foes, abruptly turn to abjuration.
You are the Bang! Genesis of all foes defeat!
Beat em till it’s a dead horse, and then beat them again.
Against your kebab, none shall ever stand again on their feet.
Against a thunderclap or clothesline, even groups of foes end.
Big Bang Barrel and Barrage! Always allow no assuage!
Now that you may finally have found a worthy foe,
time for me to let go.

No idea if my poems count for face punching, but I can hope! As Bang is a less predictable fighter, I decided to really break the style up to reflect it. There are some formal parts to keep it a poem, but this is more like a rap to my mind also. so I say, BANG BANG!
No. 228315 ID: ecb083

I was thinking more of giving Arkus competence over a field of magic of his choosing.
No. 228318 ID: d3dfb8

Fuck that, he can learn it. We can't.
No. 228328 ID: 56dc25

Remember your overall objective here, that being to get the Fierce Dragon to give you stuff. So working towards what he wants is likely appropriate. We'll want to continue our discussions if possible; try to delicately bring up the matter of the Dragons and/or current politics, possibly by inquiring after Bagrom's family and their affiliations (for the education of a foreigner, of course). We need to work around to the matter of Lubu.

Also. Gradually encourage relocation if possible; there's that other guy who will be coming, and making it slightly harder for him to find you would be nice. Not that your party is particularly inconspicuous, but nothing to be done about that.

Our task from Lubu was to get Oz to "come join" him. So we'll need to start coming up with arguments to that effect, reasons why siding with- or at least hanging out in the vicinity of- Lubu would accomplish what Oz wants. Which seems to be drinking a lot and taking students to build a lasting style out of his arts, at the moment.
No. 228335 ID: 9338f5

Arkus can only do so much. He could teach a few people but finding anyone with magical talent, drive or intelligence would be an absolute pain in the ass and it would take a few months to more than a year to get any of them near as usefull as Arkus is.

i dont think we are going to have that long and Weinsho has hundreds.

there is also the problem of loyalty and spys, if loli cluthu gives us a few dozen half decent apprentices we can trust her if she says they are loyal but if we grab anyone we can find (which we would need to) theres a decent chance more than a few of them would be spys for the varrious groups interested in us.
No. 228341 ID: 9338f5

Should we try to be subtle like >>228328 or blunt and let him know Lubu has us trying to recruit him?

I get the feeling if we try to be sneaky about it and he finds out he might be pretty pissed.

also trying the sneaky tactic will probally lower Dulu's opion of us.
No. 228365 ID: f4e4f9

We're a step away from having an experience Soul Mage in our service, and Eisenhardt, an individual who is just on the cusp of becoming Legendary Soul material (a close battle with us would push him just over that edge), who is set to work with us if we beat him without destroying him completely.

I don't think we need to use that boon to magic up loyal followers, especially when we can ostensibly already do that with the Deep Spawn.
No. 228369 ID: f4e4f9


Dulu is starting to become annoying. I don't know if he thinks we owe him or what, but the fact is we don't owe him SHIT. He made his choices in life, he elected to be a part of Weinsho's operations and he decided to tolerate them, among them being Balboa's butchery.

His choices led to his confrontations with us, and his current condition, and he should count his stupid ass lucky he's gotten a second chance at life, and the freedom to do with it as he wishes. If he doesn't get these ideas through his skull soon, we may need to smack him down one way or another.
No. 228376 ID: e67080

I think the problem is that Dulu is being cagey... hes uncertain of how to regard Morde. He dosen't feel loyal yet, and he probably senses or knows something is 'wrong' with us.

Keep in mind, we basically swore to destroy him, then we went out of our way to help him, kinda-sorta lied to him, then actually did help him. We're rather kind for what was literally a moral enemy-ship previously, and I think he dosen't want us to know that hes likely on the borderlines of considering alliance with us.

However, compounding this, we did kill him, and hes never met us. Plus, as the only way he concieves of us currently is a Golem, something he historically and personally takes pride in slaying, and whom he suffered ultimate defeat, and ultimately humiliation to by both being entombed into a golem, and losing his free will as a result...

basically, Dulu is fairly independent minded right now, doesn't want to give up freedom, and has a complicated relationship with us.... its not easy to go through. Im not sure how to fix it, but it can certainly end in our favor.
No. 228380 ID: a76809

[I'd prefer Bang punching someone in the face, possibly someone named Huaow as pic focus, but doesn't have to be.]

I consider the nature of my form, the pioneering command of Blood Magic, my absorption of living concepts into my construct form. I wonder, with my body taking on more aspects of an organic host... could not I incur my own soul to grow? I still do not fully understand just what the nature of my spell matrices and magic algorithms entails, or what the presence of the Other means, but I feel at least the logical outcome of absorbing more and more traits of life will bring the ability to hone myself, rather than grow exclusively through feasting on others.

[Moment of Inspiration!]


[ 3 / 5 TIMES BA