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File 128228367145.png - (4.40KB , 400x400 , 001.png )
220049 No. 220049 ID: d677cc


Oh, hello there.

I don't suppose you could help me out with this?

You see, I'm trying to write a story, but I only have a few ideas about the very beginning. I can't even decide on what it should be about.

So, if you could pick some kind of largish monstrous fantasy race (that isn't a sergal), and a gender (or both of them; if that's what you really want, I won't stop you), I'd be much obliged. We've got to start somewhere!
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No. 220050 ID: 9d05d7

Naga (Snakefolk or what have you), female.
No. 220052 ID: eededc

Naga female.
No. 220053 ID: f202ec

Lady snake sounds ok.
No. 220054 ID: 9a7cd1

Dryad, neuter.
No. 220055 ID: 059120

Bear. Male.
No. 220057 ID: 632972

okay then, looks like this will be snake lady adventure.
No. 220069 ID: 0d5620

Tozol, Female
No. 220073 ID: 81343b

werebeaver, female
No. 220083 ID: b0020f

Bear, female
No. 220084 ID: 0b2a05

Lazuhrek. Male.
No. 220095 ID: 644ca1

A Female Werebear Naga, that should be interesting
No. 220114 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 220125 ID: 5a2e05

Male Rainbow Trout
No. 220141 ID: 112399

cotton candy naga female
No. 220162 ID: d677cc

After roughly twelve hours of voting, the current leaders are naga/snakefolk/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, by four votes past any other choice, and female, by five votes past any other choice.

Is "female naga" what you want?

No. 220164 ID: 112399

damn right, and she better be obnoxious. cotton candy or something equally delicious
No. 220179 ID: 8b261a

Come on, something other than snakelady.
No. 220180 ID: 632972

yep. snake lady.
No. 220224 ID: a594b9

Female naga!
No. 220232 ID: 0b2a05

No. 220244 ID: f52552

>my life got flipped, turned upside down
No. 220511 ID: 81343b

changing vote to male Lazuhrek unless you can get freis to draw fanart of the snakelady.
No. 220513 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 220516 ID: d677cc

okay people stop voting twice, your IDs are RIGHT THERE :V
No. 220626 ID: 55c4cf

pretty sure both me and freis will

kind of don't understand why we have an are you really sure portion of a vote, that is silly.
No. 220628 ID: 231806

Female Naga
No. 220657 ID: c2c011

Eh whatever, lets go with the snakelady. And no additional parts on top of that.
No. 220662 ID: ad7ce3


No. 220696 ID: d677cc
File 128243500890.png - (7.29KB , 400x400 , 002.png )


This will be a story about a naga! (Or whatever you call snake-person-things. I'm going to go with "naga" for consistency, unless you really want me to use "lamia" instead.)

A female naga, since that's what you want.

So, I have another set of questions for you! And I know these are kind of minor cosmetic things, but I'm just trying to make sure that your character looks the way you want her to!

Do you want her to be more or less snakelike? (Or, if you're a visual type and you want something that isn't either one of those options, you could show me that instead.)

And what sort of coloration do you want?

Once I get those questions answered, we can start the actual story!
No. 220699 ID: d677cc

(And before you complain at me, they do have arms! I'm sure you're familiar with this sort of visual shorthand.)
No. 220700 ID: 5a2e05

100% snakelike, no human parts.
No. 220701 ID: 117dce

As much like a snake as serpently possible. Brown is a good color, although I'm more interested in it being snaky than what color it is.
No. 220706 ID: 8e18cd


100% snakelike with a hemipenis.
No. 220707 ID: 8c0848

Snakelike. More snakey than any snake before.
No. 220708 ID: bf1e7e

All Snake

All the Time

No. 220709 ID: 55c4cf
File 128243532012.jpg - (27.18KB , 356x243 , CopperbellyWaterSnake.jpg )


less snakelike.
No. 220710 ID: c2c011

As snakey as she can be and still have hearing and arms with hands.
No. 220712 ID: 3234dd

moar snakey!

Also, quickly retrieve arms from drawer.
No. 220713 ID: 059120

Less than entirely snakelike.

Color: Blue.
No. 220715 ID: b0020f

What is this, a quest by Bite? Less snake.
No. 220717 ID: 231806

Less snakelike.

Color: Black and white.
No. 220718 ID: 40cb26

Naga and Lamia are both fine, neither term is used accurately. Nagas had many forms and Lamia was a specific creature just as variable in its description.

Anyways, I vote for more human shape but snake in substance. So scales instead of skin, arms and curves, no hair but more human shaped face.
No. 220721 ID: d677cc


and also like make the options more discrete

SO I AM THROWING OUT ALL OF THE CURRENT VOTES and presenting you with the following options:

* 100% snake. Basically just a snake with like arms attached up near the neck or something.
* Mostly snake, but like with a distinctly humanoid torso up there and presumably tits. Something like the "snakier" option drawn in the image.
* Classic "lamia" type. Like the "less snaky" option drawn up there.
* Some other thing. But you're going to need to be descriptive.
No. 220723 ID: d677cc

Except I'm keeping this vote because it was really clear about what it wanted.
No. 220725 ID: 55c4cf

classic lamia, and the colors on the snake i posted earlier.
No. 220726 ID: 059120

Okay option 2. Vote for Blue stands.
No. 220727 ID: a594b9

Classic lamia type.
No. 220729 ID: 231806

Classic lamia type. Color: black and white.
No. 220730 ID: 701a19

A snake with a human for a head!
Not just a human head, but everything from the bottom of the feet up so they can appear to be a perfectly normal person by having their human-parts stand on top of the snake body.
Obviously, the snake body should look like rock.

On IRC only Shii opposed it. :V
No. 220736 ID: d560d6

An actual snake with no anthro features whatsoever save the inexplicable drive to have adventures.
No. 220744 ID: 4ea75e

classic lamia.
No. 220746 ID: 4ea75e

oh and Som's color selection:
No. 220758 ID: 79927b

Dammit we missed a golden opportunity for H Naga Quest.

Option 2.
No. 220767 ID: 8bdb6a

'More Snakey,' assuming there's arms. Any color's fine.

Also, have her refer to us as 'Colonel.'
No. 220787 ID: f202ec

Well, since we don't seem to have the votes for "lady with snake head and tail" we will be...

Mostly snake

Yellow, with green tiger-stripes.
No. 220803 ID: 8b261a

more snakey!

also >>220709 for color
No. 221022 ID: 79927b

So is this going to start or what
No. 221037 ID: 0b2a05

Black copperbelly girlsnake. Humany snake I mean.
No. 221038 ID: 0d1fe9

mostly snake
No. 221040 ID: 0d1fe9

Oh, and coloured neon pink.
No. 221059 ID: d677cc
File 128250950355.png - (5.47KB , 400x400 , 003.png )

Right! A more snakelike, black-and-copper female naga you want, a more snakelike, black-and-copper female naga you get! (And again, for those of you for whom this might be a concern, and for anyone who wants to draw her, she is supposed to have breasts, since that's what you've voted for. Blame the way I draw if it's not obvious.)

Now, I believe we were going to try to write a story. (In case you've forgotten how this works from last time, the gist of it is you can suggest actions for the protagonist --- or you can suggest things that could happen to the protagonist! Or both! My job is to try to keep things somewhat coherent as we go along; I'm hoping this turns out to have a little more consistency than the original LIAR but I don't want to ruin the spontaneity that people indicated to me was part of its charm. Let's see if we can't have some fun with this!)
No. 221060 ID: d677cc
File 128250971789.png - (4.72KB , 400x400 , 004.png )

The naga, named ..., was napping by a hill, when ...
No. 221061 ID: 5eea01

A dashing mongoose-slayer slithered over, asking where he might find a terrifying beast to end.
No. 221062 ID: 32a2fa

named Isabelle
No. 221064 ID: 8bdb6a

Sennese: Quickly retrieve hood from sides of head and neck.
No. 221065 ID: 0b2a05

The naga, named Scalene, was napping by a hill, when an earthquake shook the ground.
No. 221067 ID: b0020f

Seconding this name.

Scalene was napping by a hill, when a mighty thunderstorm broke out around her.
No. 221068 ID: 5eea01

Scalene also has a hood. Also the wandering mongoose-slayer arrives at the same time as the thunderstorm.
No. 221073 ID: 32a2fa

no, no mongoose slayer, we are the adventurer, not an assistant for another one.
No. 221089 ID: d677cc
File 128251358458.png - (9.66KB , 400x400 , 005.png )

Scalene was awoken from her nap by a thunderstorm! She felt an urge to unfurl her hood, although it seemed a bit silly since it wasn't about to provide her cover from the rain.

Scalene searched around for a good place for an enormous naga to hide out during a rainstorm, and ...
No. 221093 ID: f202ec

Hey, a cave!

A dark, mysterious cave that extends deep into the bowels of the earth. But wait... is there a light inside?
No. 221094 ID: 0b2a05

Found a large hole in the ground, fortunately able to accommodate her size.
No. 221102 ID: ea1cdb

yes, after a bit of searching a cave is found. at first she was wary of going too far in but eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she explores it's depths.
No. 221131 ID: 3234dd

She found the cave because of a strange warmth emanating from it.
No. 221180 ID: d677cc
File 128252109988.png - (5.16KB , 400x400 , 006.png )

Scalene sought shelter from the rain in the first good place she could find --- a cave, protected from the elements by a couple of large, well-placed rocks. She was certainly glad to be out of the storm.

But it seemed that the cave was not empty! As she pulled herself all the way inside, she saw a fire up ahead, and something curled up near it... something small... and frightened...
No. 221181 ID: 491db1

It was a rabbit-man-thing...
it has a hat.
No. 221182 ID: 40cb26

It's an uncutebold, nasty little furballs nobody likes.
No. 221185 ID: 644ca1

Whatever it is it does have a hat, a top hat.
No. 221197 ID: ea1cdb

un-flare your hood, it is probably scaring th thing. then get a closer look at the rabbit man.
No. 221202 ID: 55c4cf

it is a slutbunny in a fine hat sipping tea
No. 221239 ID: f202ec

Scalene carefully greeted the strange rabbit-squirrel-cat hybrid, and asked if she could share its cave until the rain passed.... after complimenting it on its fine hat.
No. 221242 ID: 8bdb6a

A kobold building a trap?
A witch doctor cooking a meal?
An intelligent HWP from X-COM on a quest to learn how to love?
A kenku sawing on a fiddle?
A dalek that's crawled out of its destroyed shell that's now on fire?
A superpowered squirrel?
A pyromanic lazuhrek?
A bear?
No. 221257 ID: a594b9

No. 221292 ID: d677cc
File 128253666539.png - (5.46KB , 400x400 , 007.png )

As Scalene continued into the cave, she saw a small rabbit-like creature wearing an inexplicably fancy hat cowering and muttering something to itself. She mused that it probably hadn't expected her to enter what she supposed was probably its cave.

Scalene wondered whether she should do something, or whether she should wait and let the rabbit do something, or ...
No. 221300 ID: 701a19

This bunny looks familiar!
Say hello!
No. 221304 ID: 8bdb6a

Scalene: Say "This is Snake. I'm in position."
No. 221314 ID: 40cb26

Lean you face towards it across the fire and say "I am not hungry, just sssoaked. Will you relax and be good company, or should I have company for sssupper?"

Then smile.
No. 221316 ID: 0b2a05

Wait all silentlike, seem much more interested in the fire than the bunny.
No. 221318 ID: 7bdeff

Encouraging this, to which add:

Rabbit: Look up at Scalene and whimper. Raise no objections.
No. 221378 ID: d677cc
File 128254983260.png - (5.94KB , 400x400 , 008.png )

Scalene began to coil herself up near the fire. As she did so, she said to no one in particular, and with the speech impediment serpentine creatures are known for, "Thiss iss Ssnake. I'm in possisshon."

She wasn't sure why she said that, and felt a little silly for doing so. The rabbit was apparently confused enough by this comment to look up at her.

Scalene decided to have a little fun. She pulled herself up a bit and leaned over towards the little rabbit, then said, "Hello there, little rabbit. I am not hungry, just ssoaked. Will you relakss and be good company, or sshould I have company for ssupper?"

As she said this, she gave the rabbit her best smile.

And it seemed to get the desired effect. The rabbit wasn't able to manage much beyond a whimper. Scalene considered what she should do next, or whether the rabbit would do anything besides, presumably, wish there wasn't a naga in its cave.

In the meantime, the storm sounded like it was only getting worse.
No. 221381 ID: 112399

Request a box, take a nap and keep the rabbit and her burrow warmer with your body. The rain should go away while you sleep.
No. 221388 ID: 40cb26

Just curl up and get comfortable, then ask the little thing it's name.
No. 221389 ID: ea1cdb

coil up a little and invite it to lay with you, a fire is nice but the warmth of living thing is much better.
No. 221390 ID: 79927b

How about something in between both of these?

Scalene: Coil yourself around the rabbit, then ask for its name. You're close enough to warm-blooded, being probably partially magical, right?

Rabbit: Become distressed by the coiling, but say your name anyway.

Of course, we need a name for her. Any ideas?
No. 221391 ID: 0b2a05

Coil around the rabbit and fire, warmth all around! Casually place your head on your uh, tail. Shift your focus to the fire, but casually ask for the rabbit's name.
No. 221449 ID: 0b2a05

Name: Griff(a) depending on gender
No. 221452 ID: 407036

The rabbit is Filthy Poisonblood, known as DDT to his friends.

He's panicking, you go with whatever comes to mind.
No. 221454 ID: a8cb44

griff(a) sounds good.
No. 221460 ID: b0020f

As this, but with the rabbit initially distressed before summoning up his/her courage and becoming quite irritated.
No. 221516 ID: 059120

The rabbit, immediately distressed by Scalene's coiling, introduced himself as Griff, a traveler who was chased into this this cave by a dreadful monster (much more intimidating than a simple Naga, he realized, gaining some courage) that made it's home upon the plains. He kindly asked his uninvited visitor to cease such unbecoming behavior, as her cold blooded nature meant it would not be beneficial, anyway!
No. 221524 ID: b0020f

rolled 1 = 1

Okay, let's do something more descisive here.

1 for male, 2 for female.
No. 221527 ID: 0b2a05

Thankfully, as Scalene was a lamia and not a snake snake, her warmness allowed her to slightly improve the temperature in the cave. The rabbit, while scared, introduced herself as Griffa.
No. 221535 ID: d677cc
File 128260897739.png - (5.24KB , 400x400 , 009.png )

Scalene curled herself around the rabbit and fire to share warmth (being, of course, a relatively warm-blooded creature, and not just a snake, after all) and lowered her torso a bit, so as to scare the small creature less. The rabbit didn't appear to exactly appreciate the gesture, but was still too cowed to voice any protest.

"I am Sscalene," the naga said. "Who are you, if you'll let me assk?"

The rabbit hesitated to respond to her, but after a moment mustered the courage.

"O Naga Scalene, I am called (--was that Griff, or Griffa? Scalene wasn't quite sure--) and I am a traveler. I was forced to hide inside this cavern by a simply dreadful monster! ... No offense intended toward you, of course." While it had managed to respond to her, Griff(a?) still didn't seem comfortable in the presence of a naga. Scalene felt almost like chuckling.

Scalene pondered. Did she know of such a monster? Should she and Griff(a?) continue to converse about something? Would she return to her nap (only to have it inevitably interrupted again)?
No. 221546 ID: 40cb26

Napping now seems pointless if you'll just be awoken again. No reason we can't simply rest though. Continue to converse with Griffa (the "a" sound given little emphasis). Ask it more details about the monster, realizing that it must be light, stealthy, flying or all of those for you not to have noticed it earlier. You can feel and would wake up to the movement of most things near or large.

Then ask it more about its travels.
No. 221548 ID: 117dce

Oh, Scalene remember the monster. It lives in the hills in an old, broken cart and it's name is Vuul. It's a giant jerk that goes around messing with people for no reason. You should probably tell Griffa about it.
No. 221565 ID: 0b2a05

Rest out the storm. Feels nice, in a warm cave, with a bunny, nice fire, with the sound of rain and wind outside. Ask griffer about being a traveler.
No. 221645 ID: 644ca1

Vuul is a young dragon, of a breed much smaller than most. He is not known to show kindness or mild temper. She is not sure if this is the monster Griff(a?) talks about though.
No. 221720 ID: d677cc
File 12826638182.png - (5.59KB , 400x400 , 010.png )

Scalene was in fact aware of something (other than herself) in the local area that could be construed as a monster. A young, ill-tempered dragon named Vuul made its home in the hills in a large, broken cart that had once been garishly decorated as part of a royal procession, and generally made life unpleasant for those around him. He was quite small for one of his kind, but even a creature not much larger than a horse can prove quite destructive when endowed with the ability to breathe fire.

"Sso, Griffa. Thiss monsster you sspeak of. Wass it a dragon? And how, in your travelss, did you arrive in theesse hillss?"

As Scalene waited for her companion to answer, she could hear the storm continuing to rage outside. She supposed resting here for a few hours would be quite alright, if it came to that.
No. 221739 ID: 40cb26

Griffa didn't spend much time looking at it, most time was for running. She does remember red and fire. There was much red which was fire and red which was not fire, which actually describes Vuul rather well.

Griffa came to the hills from over the mountains, having to traverse them because of a large river blocking her path. The mountains, although somewhat small and she only crossed the edge of them, were a difficult trek for her and hoped the smaller hills would prove safer and easier to travel. Until all the red and fire, it was.
No. 221841 ID: 79927b

Griffa told Scalene that yes, a dragon was probably what he saw. Although it could have been anything fiery, really.
No. 221929 ID: f202ec

"I don't know," Griffa cried, still shaking slightly. "It was big and it flew and I didn't see it until it dive-bombed me and then started laughing! I hid in the smallest hole I could fit into until I was sure it was gone... but When I tried to leave, there was fire blocking my path! So went deeper into the hole and eventually, after a long journey involving glowing mushrooms and strange locked gates with obscure puzzles, I found myself in these caverns."
No. 221935 ID: 0b2a05

The Grifster told Scalene that it was impossible to be sure of what was chasing him, as he didn't get a good look at it because of the light. Then Scalene fell asleep to ride out the storm underground... but the storm only got WORSE.
No. 221947 ID: ad7ce3

Nah, Scalene shouldn't sleep yet.

The storm did audibly get much worse though. Scalene couldn't help but think of Vuul getting his just desserts right about now. He hates rain.

But isn't it a bit too early for the huge seasonal rains? Had Scalene lost track of the day?
No. 221963 ID: d677cc
File 128270861788.png - (6.48KB , 400x400 , 011.png )

"It could have been a dragon, yes. Mostly, I only remember a lot of fire. I was traveling through these hills because the mountains proved far too strenuous for me; I hoped they would be safer and easier. Of course I wasn't expecting to run into an incensed firebreather. I ran into these caves for as long as it took to get away from the reach of the flames, and then continued through a surreal area with doors and glowing mushrooms before I found the firepit in this cavern. At that point I was exhausted, and was planning on resting here for some time, but just after I had gotten a fire going you slithered in here and frightened me again," Griffa said to the naga. Poor thing. Scalene felt bad about her comment earlier.

Meanwhile, the storm outside audibly got much worse, and a chilly wind started to blow into the cavern. Griffa shivered, and Scalene wondered if this was the start of the long rains, although it seemed a bit early. She might be down here a while, and would probably need to return to wherever she lived once the rain let up a bit if this was going to be a storm that would last for almost a month.

At least she wouldn't have to deal with Vuul. The dragon really hated the rain, and probably would have left this area by now if he weren't too small to challenge the other territorial creatures in the area.

Scalene wondered if she should continue to chat with the little rabbit about something or other (where was he traveling to, for example?), or perhaps try to comfort him somehow... or maybe she should just sleep until the storm let up a bit.
No. 222025 ID: 0b2a05

Scalene comforted the rabbit by slithering around and wrapping him up tightly (though not damagingly). She said I think you should sit back and relaxss, you're soaked. I'm sure that somehow everything shall start to get much... sweeter soon. She then fell asleep to wait out the storm.

...unfortunately, it only got much much worse, and the cave started to flood.
No. 222035 ID: 40cb26

Scalene has heard strange things concerning places with glowing mushrooms and doors, stories which range from silly to dangerous to downright bizarre. They are best to be avoided and not thought of again. But somehow they seem to not remain in the same places...

During the rains Scalene stays in her not too distant furnished burrow below the old big stump, the bottom remains of an exceptionally large tree whose roots provide her dens structure and cover for exits. She would do well to return there now if the storm ends and an irritable Vuul is in the area. Perhaps she can invite along Griffa to spend time with her there, if Griffa would trust her. Scalene is already well fed, as she is so prepared before every long rain.

Oh dear, tales of travels will have to wait. Griffa is now less likely to refuse keeping Scalene company, at least.
No. 222154 ID: f35afd

Now that Griffa isn't scared anymore, she explains that her home burrows where the other bunnies live was decimated by a plague. The four survivors all set out in different directions to try to find new places to live. Griffa has been looking for a new place to call home, but she hasn't had any luck yet.
No. 222176 ID: f202ec

Scalene decided to wait for a while by the fire to dry, and perhaps wait out the rain.

Griffa begins to tell her tale, of how she and the three other rabbits - two males, two females - set off to the four corners of the map to find a safe new land to call their home. Before they parted, they took a vow to meet again in two years' time.

Scalene was fascinated. She had never heard of a brave rabbit before - though Griffa seemed to be brave only so far as a rabbit can be.
No. 222278 ID: d677cc
File 128279282059.png - (5.54KB , 400x400 , 012.png )

Please ignore all references to Griffa's masculinity in the last post. You guys seem to want a character with no canonically established gender, and I certainly don't want to stop you.

Scalene, of course, stayed in her furnished burrow beneath the remains of an ancient tree during the rains. It was not especially far from this cave, and the naga wondered if perhaps she ought to invite the rabbit to stay with her, as these rains were known last for weeks.

"Sso, where are you trying to go, little Griffa?" Scalene asked the rabbit.

The rabbit seemed like it had prepared an answer for this one. "You see, O Scalene, my home was ravaged by a plague some months ago. Only four of us survived. We set out for the corners of the earth to try and find new homes for ourselves, but made a vow to meet again in two years' time. Or, probably, one year and eight months' time, now. I have not yet been able to find somewhere to live, but I hope I will soon."

Scalene had never thought of a rabbit of any kind as brave before, but she found herself associating the term with the shy creature before her. It must have taken a lot of willpower indeed for such a small, naturally timid thing to agree to travel the earth alone.

She decided she may as well try to make Griffa feel a little better. She wrapped the rabbit up with the end of her tail, figuring this was the most reasonable approximation to a hug she could come up with.

"Wha--!" Griffa instictively struggled against her. "What are you doing?!"

"Relakss, little rabbit. You are cold, and ssoaked -- you musst have fallen in an underground sstream on your way here -- and your fire iss going out. I mean only to keep you warm." The naga wasn't sure that Griffa completely believed her, but whether to avoid offending her or out of genuine trust, the rabbit at least tentatively accepted her explanation.

Scalene could probably return to her nap now, assuming there wasn't anything else she wanted to say to the rabbit, or vice versa. The rain was still, by the sound of it, a good deal heavier than she really wanted to try to slog through, if she could avoid it.

Stored event: Flood.
No. 222403 ID: 79927b

You can go ahead and nap. If the fire's going out, why not coil yourself up more tightly? You and Griffa will probably be warmer that way.
No. 222525 ID: 117dce

Scalene should let her coils drape loosely, and tell Griffa that she's going to go to sleep. That way Griffa knows that it can just leave if it wants. Scalene should tell Griffa that it can come to her burrow if it wants to once the rain slacks up some.
No. 222646 ID: f57857

Wat a ssssad tale-ssss. tell ssssscalene more about your family-sssss.
No. 222650 ID: 644ca1

The both go to sleep, and sleep peacefully... until they are woken up by the cave flooding.
No. 222735 ID: d677cc
File 128295503918.gif - (4.94KB , 400x400 , 013.gif )

"Well, little Griffa, I think I will go to ssleep. With the rain thiss bad, I will probably have to sstay here for a while." As Scalene said this, she began to lay down near the rabbit.

"If you want, I sshall let you sstay in my burrow later; theesse rainss will lasst for weekss." Griffa sort of half-nodded.

Before long, the combination of the lack of light, shared warmth, and constant sound of the rain coming down outside led both Scalene and Griffa to fall asleep.

No. 222739 ID: d677cc
File 128295509880.png - (5.62KB , 400x400 , 014.png )

"Scalene! The cave is flooding!"

The naga was interrupted from her sleep again, this time by a frantic Griffa. The cave was indeed starting to flood!

What should they do?
No. 222741 ID: 4d36b2

Trees I have seen snakes in trees.
No. 222744 ID: a594b9

Snakes can also swim pretty damn well. Griffa held onto the naga's body as she easily swam/slithered out of the cave, putting her hood down for a more streamlined shape (and to conserve heat)
No. 222833 ID: f57857

Grab on griffa-sss. huwe ssssswim out-sssss
No. 222906 ID: 40cb26

Swim out with Griffa to the burrow, if she needs help holding on because Scalene has too smooth a body (one does not often or wisely mount serpents) she can relax her hood and Griffa can hold onto the ends of that. Good thing Griffa is small or that would leave her sore.
No. 222975 ID: f202ec

Griffa grabbed Scalene's arm and urged her deeper into the caverns.

"The - the tunnels I came through sloped downhill, so the caverns above must be dryer than here. Right? I... think you can fit. I mean, I'm sure of it!. And I drew a map as I traveled, so I could be sure to find my way back home."
No. 222980 ID: d677cc
File 128302130655.png - (9.08KB , 400x400 , 015.png )

"Hold onto me. I can sswim fasster and eassier than you can."

Griffa clung to the naga as she quickly worked her way out of the cave and back into the hills.

How long had they been asleep? Either it had been longer than she thought, or else this was the worst storm to hit this area Scalene could remember. The valleys between the hills were already filling up with water; the naga was going to have to do a lot of swimming to get to her burrow.

But nothing else was going to happen on the way there, right?
No. 222986 ID: 3e8d47

They found a dead cow, and it was really cold too because it was all cloudy and rainy.
No. 222990 ID: 40cb26

The cow had been caught in some suddenly unstable mud and gotten stuck. Good thing Scalene has no problem slithering over unstable muddy ground, she won't sink in.

Other than that upsetting sight nothing else happened, at least not that they could notice through the storm.
No. 223010 ID: f202ec

...and absolutely nothing of interest at all happened on the way back to Scalene's den. Lair. Whatever.
No. 223013 ID: 0b2a05

No. 223067 ID: 644ca1

Nothing happened on the way to the burrow, but once there something seemed amiss...
No. 223107 ID: f57857

An ominous air lingered around Scalene's den, debris and some of Scalene's belongs lay scattered around just outside the entrance. There is a foreign, but familiar smell.
No. 223222 ID: d677cc
File 128305793244.png - (7.66KB , 400x400 , 016.png )

Scalene and Griffa were able to make it back to the naga's den without any problems aside from the ongoing rain, though Scalene did not really appreciate having to swim part of the way and the rabbit was spooked by every lightning strike.

As they arrived at the burrow, though, Scalene quickly noticed something was off. Some of her things had been removed from her burrow, and there was a strange but familiar smell...
No. 223225 ID: f52552
File 128305898659.png - (14.60KB , 300x309 , Blurage.png )

No. 223227 ID: 8bdb6a

Lazuhrek tunnel pirates.
No. 223234 ID: 0b2a05

Lazuhrek explorers that had mined into a new area: Scalene's cave!
No. 223252 ID: 40cb26

You know what... yeah, it was DOOBIES.
No. 223258 ID: 97cb33

DOOBIES! foul creatures.
No. 223271 ID: f57857

Scalene tells Griffa to wait outside while she checks to see if her burrow is safe when-

Villainy! Your arch-nemesis, Von Doobus, strikes you from behind with a paralyzing blow like the coward he is!
No. 223280 ID: 8c0848

FUCKIN' DOOBIE LAND PIRATES! Raiding her lair in their landships.
No. 223292 ID: 98d6ff

No. 223310 ID: 21be8b
File 128310281080.jpg - (87.74KB , 572x564 , oaktree-goatse.jpg )

It was Kirk Johnson
No. 223311 ID: 49fed4

oh god damnit.



No. 223314 ID: c5c1e9

Oh yeah it was totally Doobies. No doubt.
No. 223320 ID: 81343b

Doobie slavers forcing Lazuhreks to build an gold statue of el presidente.
No. 223323 ID: f202ec

It was actually half-Lazuhrek, half-Doobie.
Which, due to superior doobie genetics was closer to 2/3rds doobie.
No. 223333 ID: d3dfb8

No. 223345 ID: ad7ce3

that's even worse than just doobies :(
No. 223362 ID: a724a6

Those scoundrels, taking rare surface riches into their labyrinths!
No. 223366 ID: 8b261a

No. 223369 ID: 09fcea

Not doobies.

Which seems like lazuhrek.
No. 223377 ID: 8b261a

Lazhurek tunnel pirates sounds awesome.
No. 223382 ID: f55a21

Tunnel snakes!

They're a rare and uncommon pest, but once they get in your burrow they are everywhere, man. All your stuff is ruined. You might as well just set fire to the place and look for a new home, because those tunnel snakes are only going to keep on tunnelling in. Damn snakes.

...no offense to you, though, Scalene.
No. 223429 ID: d677cc
File 128312675072.png - (10.96KB , 400x400 , 017.png )

"What is it?"

"Doobiess." :|

Scalene despised doobies.


"They are... hard to desscribe. But they are detesstable creacchuress. They try to raid my burrow often, and they even keep theesse odd furred thingss ass sslavess."

The doobies had not previously been successful in entering Scalene's burrow, but today she had felt like lazing around outside, and they must have taken the opportunity. If they were still in there, though, she might be able to get her revenge...
No. 223430 ID: 97cb33

when she entered she found a single doobie asleep in her bed, with her food smeared on his face.
No. 223431 ID: f57857

>same post I made, but I guess it's still applicable.
Scalene tells Griffa to wait outside while she checks to see if her burrow is safe when-

Villainy! Your arch-nemesis, Von Doobus, strikes you from behind with a paralyzing blow like the coward he is!
No. 223438 ID: 97cb33

but luck is with you as Griffa saw him and cried out at the last moment, letting you put up enough of a guard to make the blow only painful.
No. 223440 ID: ea2a3c


Except he's not your arch nemesis, he just thinks he is. And he also thinks that a foam bat makes a fearsome weapon.
No. 223456 ID: f202ec

...but perhaps Scalene was wrong?
The doobies were pests, and seemed appallingly stupid, but was revenge the best plan? Even the most aggressive of the lot was entirely harmless with his soft rubber bat. As likely as not the others had simply blundered into her lair - repeatedly - though blind chance.

Surely reconciliation was a better alternative?
No. 223466 ID: 09fcea

Von Doobus might have been wielding a foam bat, but that didn't mean it was a pleasant experience getting whacked in the head.

And... was that one of them trying to make off with one of Scalene's cushions?

Fuckin' doobies.
No. 223596 ID: a594b9

Oh yes, there was one still left. She smashed it against the wall to stun it, then coiled around it and crushed it slowly, savoring the moment.

Its fuzzy slave did not move to assist it. It cowered. Scalene spoke to it after swallowing her victim. Doobies may be horrible creatures, but at least they taste good.
No. 227893 ID: d677cc
File 128392227925.png - (10.36KB , 400x400 , 018.png )

"Wait here, I will ssee what iss going on," Scalene told Griffa.

The naga slithered closer to the burrow, when out of the blue—

"Scalene! Behind you!"

She only had a moment to react before she was clocked in the back of the head with ... a foam bat?

Damn it all! Scalene had enough problems with normal doobies, but here was her self-proclaimed "archnemesis," Von Doobus! These guys were more of an annoyance than anything, but that didn't mean she was happy to be hit in the head and—was that another one trying to steal one of her cushions?

Scalene was very unhappy about this turn of events, although she supposed it was better to have caught the doobies in the act rather than simply finding her burrow ransacked and having to hunt them down later as had happened once before. She decided to...
No. 227897 ID: 97cb33

coil around the fool attacking you and squeeze him into butter.
No. 227904 ID: 0b2a05

Grab foam bat A. Insert foam bat A into Doobie B.
No. 227911 ID: 40cb26

Wanting just to get rid of Von Doobus so to stop the others pilfering, she coiled around him and then released him quickly so he was sent rolling down the hill towards a large amount. Fortunately, the doobie with her cushion got in the way, was knocked over and dropped it before rolling into the mud with Von Doobus.
No. 227923 ID: ea2a3c

She knew doobies regenerated and thus were murder on your digestive system, but this Von Doobus looked so plump and tempting. Fortunately another opportunity presented itself:


But oh horror, the cushion got mud on it! Cursing von Doobus's name forever, Scalene resolved to clean off her cushion, and this time she would lock her door! Scalene then resolved to get a door.
No. 227947 ID: 0b2a05

Scalene, being a vegetarian and eater mostly of very large vegetables, was absolutely -disgusted- at the thought of eating the doobies, so she smacked Von Doobus down the hill with her tail.
No. 227977 ID: 96f818

>Author doesn't really like doobies so lets get rid of em.
Then Von Doobus let out a baleful cry, "Curse you Scalene"! And him and the rest of the Doobies were never heard of again.
No. 228016 ID: f202ec

"Haha! Victory for Clan Von Doobus!" He swiftly disappeared into the darkness and the rain.

But he'd be back, Scalene knew. Von Doobus ALWAYS came back eventually.
No. 228035 ID: 6547ec
File 128394708930.png - (69.74KB , 561x461 , DoobieTHIS.png )

She then demands he lead her to the others for a single-update Doobie massacre! Or at least a stern talking to.
No. 228364 ID: d677cc
File 128400373781.png - (10.47KB , 400x400 , 019.png )

Something had to be done about these pests. Scalene figured that phyiscal force might do the job.

She coiled rather tightly around the doobie at her back, and twisted to face him.

"Sstay away from my burrow! You do thiss far too often, and I'm ssick of it. Go find ssomeone elsse to ssteal from."

Von Doobus appeared to be having some trouble breathing and didn't really respond, but as soon as she released him he tore off into the hills, followed rapidly by the rest of his gang.

Now what? Some of Scalene's things were still strewn about in front of her burrow, and she suspected the interior might be a bit ransacked as well. It might take a while to clean this up.

And didn't Von Doobus usually have some other furred creature following him around? Where had it gotten off to, if it didn't follow him?
No. 228389 ID: 96f818

Oh no! Von Doobus' most faithful lackey, Monsieur Cargo, is getting slime all over Griffa! He must know that slime takes weeks to clean off clothes, why that dastardly snail...
No. 228393 ID: ea2a3c


Perhaps Von Doobus's lazy yak has gone further inside to shelter from the rain? That would explain the lack of a door.
No. 228394 ID: 97cb33

>you seem to not of read "furred creature."

it is a Cutebold, normally led around on a leash, in his haste to leave doobus left it.
No. 228398 ID: 3c3598

(I thought we decided this was a Lazuhrek [sp.?] before?)

Scalene decided to enter the burrow, along with Griffa, and discovered that indeed the doobies had left someone behind... but it quickly darted out of sight.
No. 228418 ID: a594b9

Yes, the Lazuhrek decided to stay behind.
No. 228456 ID: 96f818

Nay, it was Doobus' crafty double humped camel, Juniper. He has begun chewing on scalene bedsheets. Take care not to get too near however, Juniper spits.
No. 228482 ID: 0b2a05

It was definitely a lazuhrek
No. 228492 ID: f52552

Several of them, huddled in a ball for warmth.
No. 228506 ID: 40cb26

A half Cutebold/Lazuhrek on a yak
No. 228985 ID: d677cc

I just realized I forgot to specifically prompt for it, but if you guys have any thoughts on the appearance of Scalene's burrow, or at least the first chamber of it, now would be the time.
No. 229108 ID: f57857

It was a complete mess.
Her sofa was tipped over, blankets were chewed, dresses in dresser have been disarranged, fridge door left open, and someone drank straight from the milk carton!
No. 229122 ID: a594b9

No. 229147 ID: f52552

Circular pit off to one side, normally full of pillows.
Large circular posts instead of ladders.
No. 229192 ID: 059120
File 128414401497.png - (6.53KB , 177x198 , sergal.png )

It was a sergal.
No. 229198 ID: ea2a3c


No. 229632 ID: e973f4
File 128424459236.png - (6.99KB , 400x400 , 020.png )

Scalene grabbed the things that were out in the rain, and she and Griffa entered the burrow. The place was a total wreck; the unwanted invaders had gone through whatever they could find, apparently. At least she'd caught them before they could make off with too much.

And there was in fact something in here that the doobies had left behind!

The naga caught only a brief glimpse of two fuzzy things she wasn't all that familiar with huddled together before they quickly darted down one of the passages in apparent fear. Scalene wondered if she shoud go figure out where they went, or leave it for later and get things together for herself and her guest, since the rains were going to last for a while.

(A.N.: And for my personal benefit, these lazuhrek---anything I should know about them? Appearance, gender, that sort of thing?)
No. 229645 ID: 40cb26



Lazuhrek are normally rather larger and tougher than Doobies (especially the mountain type), anything they were keeping must be children. They are also naturally blind, but echolocate as well as seeing.

I might suggest they be something else. But I don't know what will work at this point.

No. 229648 ID: a594b9

One male, one female. Both River Lazuhrek. Uhh... I don't know what colors they usually are. Grey, perhaps?
No. 229734 ID: e973f4

I know what lazuhreks are, c'mon nah! I was more asking for stuff beyond "eyeless furry thing," like, say, color or subtype, 'cause that might be useful for when I draw them next frame, y'know?
No. 229736 ID: 97cb33

one was orange with darker orange stripes, kinda like a tiger while the other was tan with darker tan on the extra fluffy parts. both jungle. orange one is male tan is female. and yes, they must be kids or something.
No. 229769 ID: 40cb26

Ok ok just trying to help :3c

We should keep the designs simpler to draw, so drop the stripes bit? Artists call if he wants it.
Scalene finds the two small lazuhrek in the corner of her downstairs storage. They seem to be siblings, an orange furred boy and a tan colered girl, both with darker fluffy parts. Right now they look like little more than shivering balls of wet fluff. They must have been treated so poorly! Still merely children now, must have been caught when they were very young indeed, before a lazuhrek learns to sense their surroundings well. What happened to their parents?

Scalene called out to them and tried to comfort them as she approached.
No. 229771 ID: f82d85


I won't have you spread lies and slander about Doobies sir. They are the best.
No. 229868 ID: f57857

That is complete poppy-cock sir; Doobies are entirely blind on one half, and their sense of "music" is characterized by complete and absolute discord. The toddlers in the boarding house by Yorkshire play infinitely better.
No. 229874 ID: f82d85


No. 229887 ID: f57857

You sir, are not a gentleman.
No. 229898 ID: 059120
File 128429170093.png - (6.60KB , 177x198 , lazurhek.png )

They looked like this.
No. 229943 ID: 8c0848

And you sir, are even less of a gentleman. One might even say that you are quite the ruffian.
No. 229946 ID: e40e60

I like this.
No. 230594 ID: d677cc
File 128443554152.png - (6.52KB , 400x400 , 021.png )

Lazuhrek are hard to draw. Lazuhrek who are supposed to be huddled up next to each other are particularly hard to draw (and still don't look right). Sorry this took a while; things will probably get better as I get more used to this.

(A.N. Just so we have this straight, and for my benefit as much as yours: we've got a male, orangish jungle lazuhrek and a female, tan jungle lazuhrek, and they're both quite young.)

Scalene found the two small lazuhrek in the corner of her downstairs storage. They seemed to be siblings, an orange-furred boy and a tan-colored girl, both with darker fluffy parts. They looked like little more than shivering balls of wet fluff. They must have been treated so poorly! Still merely children, they would have to have been caught when they were very young indeed, before a lazuhrek learns to sense their surroundings well. What had happened to their parents?

Scalene called out to them and tried to comfort them as she approached.
How would the lazuhrek react to her?

And what was Griffa doing, anyway?
No. 230601 ID: a594b9

They reacted with fear at first, then suddenly hugged Scalene tightly, letting out their emotions by crying pitifully.

Griffa was sorting the clutter a bit, trying to get things in some semblance of order, even if he didn't know where things were.
No. 230624 ID: 383006

One of them would get stuck in a bowl.
No. 230638 ID: ff0a7c

At first the orange fluff, trying to protect his sibling, mewled at Scalene to stay back, but it was just so dawww. Then after Griffa and Scalene convinced then that vile Von Doobus were gone for good and that you two are there to help them, they ran up to Scalene and hugz and candy and magic. :3
No. 230854 ID: 6a3a84

No. 230857 ID: f52552

Just draw a puffball with the appropriate limbs sticking off.
No. 232951 ID: d677cc
File 12852093753.png - (6.44KB , 400x400 , 022.png )

The larger of the two creatures stood in front of his sibling and, though he was visibly frightened of her, tried to shout something at Scalene, presumably to drive her off. It came out as an indistinct mewl.

The naga wondered for a moment if she would be better off just leaving them here, since they seemed so distressed and pathetic, when they startled her by running up and hugging her, crying.

"Um..." What was Scalene supposed to do with two lazuhrek children?

Stored Event: Griffa cleaning. Wanted to keep it to one image.
No. 232959 ID: 40cb26

She realizes that any long term plan about the children will have to wait, right now she just needs to help them calm down and be comfortable. Well, and deal with her house that is in shambles. Luckily Griffa was able to help with the children as Scalene cleaned, since being somewhat familiar on how to treat kids, and also how to clean up cold wet and furred things.
No. 232966 ID: a594b9

She was supposed to hug them, of course!
No. 233016 ID: ff0a7c

Get them a towel of course! then after they turned into this >>229898
No. 233123 ID: ef1164

No. 233501 ID: d677cc
File 128535507828.png - (6.17KB , 400x400 , 023.png )

Not sure what else to do, Scalene returned the hug. It made her feel a bit better, and the lazuhrek stopped crying.

Now what?

Stuff still stored.
No. 233509 ID: 966517

take them to bathroom to get a towel, they are furry and wet.
No. 233535 ID: fd6d7e

Towel? Any decent lazurek house would have a blow dryer. But of course Scalene not having hair or fur had no need for one until today.
No. 233544 ID: a594b9

Scalene and Griffa started tidying the house (finally)

Scalene took over from the work Griffa was doing, as she was more familiar with where things went. Griffa knew more about dealing with fuzzy things, so he helped get the kids dry.
No. 238061 ID: d677cc
File 128616929939.png - (7.45KB , 400x400 , 024.png )

Scalene took the lazuhrek with her back to the front room of her den, where she found Griffa attempting to put things back in their proper place. The two of them helped dry the wet lazuhrek off with a towel, and then Scalene took over cleaning the room while Griffa sat down with the children.

At that point...
No. 238097 ID: b5448b

A large BOOM echoed through the house. and when scalene checks to see what it was it is shown to have been a MASSIVE lightning strike hit nearby, glassing the hill Scalene was sleeping at earlier.
No. 238105 ID: f52552

The thunder causes the lazurheks to puff out even more, and huddle-tackle Griffa.
No. 238784 ID: 059120

Who proceeds to bring them back into the basement, where any further storming would be less noticeable. This time, with a light, she is able to learn the truth of the accursed Doobies purpose here. They were digging for something.
No. 246551 ID: 6547ec
File 128764858824.png - (9.86KB , 400x400 , 25.png )

Abruptly, thunder reverberated through the den as a phenomenal lightning strike blasted a hill that was very nearby indeed. The lazuhrek responded as one might expect, puffing out even more and huddling against Griffa and the naga.
No. 246552 ID: 6547ec
File 12876486358.png - (27.48KB , 400x400 , 26.png )

Scalene decided to take the others with her back to her storage space, where the storm might be a bit less obvious, and brought a light with her this time. With the light source, she notices something-- were the doobies digging? What on earth?
No. 246558 ID: fd6d7e


What unearth? That unearth!
No. 246565 ID: f57857

Something within the excavation glowed with an ancient arcane power
No. 246598 ID: 383006

It was surely connected with the vast network of caves that ran all through the hillsides.
No. 246606 ID: 37905e

using her serpentine strength she knocked the wall out and created a large enough hole to fight in.
No. 246608 ID: f52552

Glittering appeared in the depths of the tunnel, and the Lazuhreks smelled something...
No. 254586 ID: d677cc
File 128935624979.png - (7.24KB , 400x400 , 027.png )

Scalene and her sighted companion peered into the hole to find an eerie, glowing light. The lazuhreks, for obvious reasons, did not pick up on this, but the older of the two did comment that he smelled something strange. The doobies must have tapped into the vast cave network in the area, although Scalene found it a bit suspicious that there would be a tunnel she'd never encountered this near her burrow. After a moment of thought, she used her hands and tail to significantly expand the hole in the wall such that she could comfortably pass through it.

Scalene wondered if she and the others should go on inside, or...?
No. 254588 ID: 27fe93

enter cautiously.
No. 254589 ID: 383006

The doobies must have dug it. They must have been looking for something, and it can't be good. Let's check this shit out.
No. 254808 ID: c71597

Should have sent Griffa in first when it was smaller. Oh well, tell the small ones to keep to the back, slither in and explore.
No. 254916 ID: f123de

Up ahead, Scalene saw a very faint bluish glow.

Griffa jumped on her back - tail - whatever and looked over her shoulder. "Oh, this looks much like the caverns I passed through earlier!"
No. 261274 ID: d677cc
File 129126487472.png - (28.84KB , 400x400 , 028.png )

The group cautiously slipped into the tunnel, Scalene leading the way. There was a faint, bluish glow coming from something up ahead, though none in the party could see quite what it was. Griffa hopped up onto Scalene's tail to get a better look.

"Oh, this looks much like the caverns I passed through earlier!" the rabbit said.

Big thanks to N for doing the art.
No. 261356 ID: f123de

Griffa stopped to listen and cocked one large ear. "Do you hear that?"

Scalene, being mostly snake, didn't have very good ears. However, she could feel a vibration in the tunnel through her scales. Behind them, the two children huddled into a frightened ball of fur again.
No. 262553 ID: 146bca

Scalene: "Do you know where we are, little one? Or what is approaching ussss?"
No. 262554 ID: 55c4cf

Why it was a dancing cavern nymph, glowing blue and illuminating the surrounding tunnels, protecting its treasure and a small spring of water.
No. 262555 ID: 67090c

Tell everyone to be quiet and see if you can find out what is making the noise or the glow by carefully getting a bit closer.
No. 273923 ID: 6cbed6
File 129575870647.png - (5.83KB , 400x400 , 029.png )

As they approached the light, Griffa stopped to listen and angled one large rabbity ear.

"Do you hear that?"

Scalene did not; her sense of hearing was nowhere near as acute as any of her companions'. However, she was able to feel a vibration coming from further down the tunnel. Evidently, the lazurek heard it too.

"Do you know where we are, little one? Or what iss in front of uss?"
No. 273924 ID: 6cbed6
File 129575872128.png - (30.07KB , 400x400 , 030.png )

It wasn't long before the bluish glow resolved into a blue, glowing cavern nymph, dancing before a treasure and a small spring. As it noticed the naga, it abruptly stopped its celebration and crouched defiantly in front of its possessions while seemingly trying to stare Scalene down.

No. 273933 ID: 383006

The Nymph said they couldn't have its treasure unless they could solve its amazingly difficult riddle, that it subsequently asked the party.
No. 273936 ID: 55c4cf

And the drove of small animals did impressive acrobatic feats to amuse the nymph before the difficult puzzle to put her in a better mood, and then Scalene hugged all of them.
No. 273940 ID: 5eabae

Scalene asked if any of that treasure came from the place back where they came from (her burrow) - if it did, she fought/answered riddle(s) for it.
No. 273942 ID: 4531bc

SHOW US YOU- wait this isn't a Gnoll thread what am I doing?

Yeah, she posed Scalene a devious riddle!
No. 273965 ID: f123de

(does this nymph just hang out in a cave waiting to give its treasure to the first passerby that likes riddles?)

The nymph had paused in its revels to stare at the naga when suddenly it noticed Griffa.

No. 273967 ID: c71597

Scalene decided to give the Nymph something to add to her treasure. Because she had heard somewhere that if you give a Nymph treasure then it will guard your home, esoecially against Doobies who are a scourge against Nymphdom.
No. 274745 ID: d6ae01

The well-endowed Nymph reminded Scalene of someone she once knew who was quite obsessed with such things. Someone she misses dearly.

A dreamworm named Roz.
No. 276594 ID: 6cbed6
File 129643892132.png - (14.70KB , 400x400 , 031.png )

The nymph sighed and told the group that they couldn't have its treasure unless they answered a riddle, delivering her spiel in a way that suggested she'd done it many times before. Scalene looked to her companions, and then back to the nymph. She asked if any of the treasure was from her burrow. As it happened, it was not.

The naga thought for a moment and decided to give the nymph a small trinket to add to her trove, for which the nymph expressed gratitude.
No. 276595 ID: 6cbed6
File 129643895038.png - (66.11KB , 400x400 , 032.png )

Meanwhile, after some discussion, Griffa and the lazurek moved as to put on a sort of acrobatic show for the nymph, but were quickly cut short by her accusing the rabbit of... something.

But that's not important right now, because Scalene has found herself reminiscing about a dreamworm she once knew...
No. 276613 ID: 8211e6

It all started after Scalene's old mate dumped her for being too long.
No. 277158 ID: cda4dd

The rabbit stole a golden Poket watch fitting to the hat without solving a riddle.

Now it has to solve a riddle or give all its belongings to the nymph.
No. 281209 ID: abb30a

The dreamworm's name... was Venji.
And this.
No. 281247 ID: 5eabae

Don't you mean Roz?
No. 281256 ID: 0b2a05

She had met the dreamworm around the time she was a hatchling, and he played tricks on her all the time. She recalled one time when he brought her to an underground cave for a prank, and it was eerily familiar to this one...
No. 281261 ID: 28e94e

No. 281408 ID: d677cc
File 129766348365.png - (7.17KB , 400x400 , 033.png )

Non-flashback suggestions are being stored. Feel free to make them.

It had all started when Scalene's mate had dumped her for being too long.

In her post-breakup funk, she sought the company of an old friend: a dreamworm named Roz she had met as a hatchling.

Roz invited the emotional naga to an underground cave (which, in fact, was very much like the one she was in in the present!) to...
No. 281415 ID: fa0376

Hold a sloppy makeout session.

But in the present, the nymph was getting impatient with the naga's indecision. "How dare you harbor that thief? It stole my most precious possession! It probably doesn't even know what that magical watch DOES!"

After letting that slip, the nymph clapped its hands over it's mouth. Was she some sort of guardian or something? And if so, why did she offer her treasure to anyone who happened to wander by? Scalene was getting confused!
No. 281516 ID: 4e6eaf

she had to spend an entire day getting herself untangled from him
No. 281526 ID: abb30a

To WRESTLE! They were hardcore into wrestling.
Leading to that.
No. 285005 ID: d677cc
File 129887988256.png - (8.57KB , 400x400 , 034.png )

And I will never do a flashback again! :D

...to have a sloppy makeout/wrestling session! Due to their natures this quickly led to them getting horribly tangled up with one another.
No. 285006 ID: d677cc
File 129887991893.png - (23.72KB , 400x400 , 035.png )

Scalene was pulled out of her reminiscing about her old friend by the argument taking place between Griffa and the nymph, who now addressed the naga.

"How dare you harbor that thief? It stole my most precious possession! It probably doesn't even know what that magical watch DOES!"


Scalene wasn't entirely sure what the nymph was talking about. And come to think of it, why was she offering her treasure to anyone who wandered by anyway? The naga wondered how to respond...
No. 285007 ID: d677cc

Thanks to Slinko for the art, again. >_>
No. 285031 ID: e19987

Tell the nymph to calm down and ask how we can solve this problem.

Also ask what the magic watch can do so we know if it's worth to fight for it
No. 285049 ID: 75d7a9

if the nymph is telling the truth and it is the same watch then we can just make it do it's thing that she knows about. if it cannot do the thing then it is a different watch.
No. 285068 ID: d3dfb8

Suddenly vore.
No. 285087 ID: d677cc

No. 285102 ID: e19987

i wonder if it would cause glowing pee > .>
No. 286974 ID: cfe2a4

Seconding this
No. 286978 ID: bb1dec

Ask Griffa if s/he knows what the watch does (though my guess is that it is able to alter time in one way or another).

Or we could just go with this: >>285031
No. 286994 ID: 55c4cf

Have Griffia do work to make up for the crime. Let's do an 80's montage and fix the nymph's place up real nice
No. 291496 ID: d677cc
File 130133011056.png - (154.84KB , 750x750 , 036.png )

"Calm down," Scalene told the nymph. "What'ss going on?"

"That rabbit stole my magical watch!"

Griffa glared at the nymph from behind Scalene, but didn't say anything.

"What do you want uss to do?"

"I want the watch back. And I think the rabbit should have to clean up my cavern to make up for stealing it."

Was this arrangement okay with Scalene? With Griffa? What did the watch do, anyway?

Big props to ClockworkSeal for drawing this even though he was really drunk at the time.
No. 291497 ID: 07416a

Agree, provided that you can motorboat her.
No. 291501 ID: 88c174

"What doesss the watch DO, anyway?"

"Well duh," the nymph replied. "It's a magic watch. It stops time." And then Griffa pressed the button....


Suddenly the nymph was sporting a drawn goatee, and the rabbit was gone!
No. 291502 ID: 07416a

No. 309891 ID: d6ae01
File 130741195531.png - (20.96KB , 400x400 , 37.png )

Scalene agreed, but only if the nymph would take the annoying motorboat off her hands.

"What? All right, fine, but I still want my watch back."

"What doesss the watch DO, anyway?" Scalene asked.

"Well duh," the nymph replied. "The watch never needs winding!"
No. 309893 ID: d6ae01
File 130741197535.png - (17.18KB , 400x400 , 38.png )

"It also stops time," She continued.

Scalene blinked. A weight was gone from her back. Upon inspection, she discovered Griffa was missing, and the nymph now sported a drawn goatee!"

"This is exactly what happened LAST time!" the nymph exclaimed.

Scalene wasn't sure how to feel about what just happened.

The Lazurek children looked at each other, then at Scalene. Maybe they had an idea?

Either way, she had to do SOMETHING...
No. 309898 ID: 35e1a0

wiggle infinite tail to find griffa and pin him.
No. 309903 ID: 3b202e

No. 310072 ID: 55c4cf

The nymph was totally not a were-dwarf.

This is just an alternate dimension caused by the time watch.

We now need to defeat the seven devils to return and safe Griffa.
No. 310194 ID: 9f86f2

Conveniently, the first devil, some kind of spider, was just a ways down the cave.
No. 310710 ID: d6ae01
File 130757173471.gif - (105.46KB , 750x750 , 39.gif )

The nymph both was and wasn't a were-dwarf. Scalene was extremely weirded out.

"That rabbit must have caused the watch to make an alternate dimension," The nymph said, "The only way to fix things is to defeat the seven devils maintaining it."

That seemed... a bit contrived, but what choice did she have? Scalene gathered the Lazureks and started to leave when the nymph stopped them.

"Oh no you don't. I don't trust you to clean up your own mess, and I'm not going to do it for you. Leave the children here as proof that you'll return. Don't worry, I'll look after them."

Watching the Nymph flip back and forth between horrifying and a dwarf left Scalene with little desire to argue.
No. 310711 ID: d6ae01
File 130757179677.png - (22.30KB , 600x500 , 40.png )

Scalene slithered across the shallow spring, getting her skirt a little wet. She looked back at the children briefly before hearing a frightening voice say something behind her...

Seems she conveniently found the first devil, which looked like some kind of spider!

At that point...
No. 310713 ID: 114d70

Scalene defeated the spider the only way she knew how...

... HUGS.
No. 310715 ID: 3b202e

...the rest of Scalene's body snaps forward and crushes the spider as the thing holding it back and stretching it finally gives way
No. 310723 ID: 0d095c

Scalene's infinitely long tail collapsed under its' own Schwarzschild radius?
No. 310728 ID: 221021

She tied up the spider with her tail, (in a big hug) and demanded answers for something arbitrary.

(Even if her tail is infinitely long, it would not collapse unless contained within a finite area, in which case there would be no free space for anything else but her, which is clearly not the case, or if a large portion of it were compressed spectacularly into a sphere of incredible density, the results of which would likely be lethal far before enough mass was contained within a localized Schwarzschild radius.)
No. 310759 ID: 1854db

...okay this alternate worlds business is a little too silly. Obviously it was just a theory that you have and may or may not be true, time will tell (like maybe this spider is just coincidentally demonlike)

The spider was saying "What's a cute lamia like you doing in a cave like this?" because he was a flirt.
No. 311320 ID: d6ae01
File 130767667591.png - (22.26KB , 600x500 , 41.png )

Scalene felt briefly self-conscious about her tail. She thought about what her ex-mate said to her the day they broke up. Was she really too long?

No, she wasn't going to let it bother her. She's as long as she is, and that's that.

"So! What's a cute lamia like you doing in a cave like this?" the demon-spider asked, obviously flirting.
No. 311322 ID: d6ae01
File 130767671221.png - (30.69KB , 600x500 , 42.png )

Scalene Tied the spider up in her tail, preparing to demand something arbitrary. It squeaked in delight. Seeing its reaction, she loosened her grip slightly and played it off as a giant snake-hug.

Forcing a smile, she Asked the spider...

The spider rubbed her scales a little with one of its legs, and responded by saying...
No. 311336 ID: 180ec2

"Are you one of the seven devils? I'm supposed to find them."
"No, I'm just a giant cave spider. But I can be rather devilish in bed~... Wait, you're looking for the devils? But they'll kill you if you go after them!"
No. 311446 ID: 8f855e

Forcing a smile, she Asked the spider if the spider liked snake hugs, because it's spidery wiggling had tickled her in a most pleasant manner.

The spider rubbed her scales a little with one of its legs, and responded by saying that of course it did, and she was the most beautiful snake it had ever seen in its whole entire life.

It leaned in close, rubbing up and down her flank with one gentle pedipalp, and she responded, caressing its smooth cephelothorax.

Feelings that Scalene had never experienced before flowed through her as their mutual caresses continued, making her flush and nervous. They leaned in close, both hungry to explore the alien anatomy of the other.
No. 311456 ID: 0d7a83

Forcing a smile, she Asked the spider if it knew what lay further ahead.
The spider rubbed her scales a little with one of its legs, and responded by saying: "Further in? Why of course I know sweety~ That is the lair of my master: The Demon of Lust". At this point he began to wiggle whatever he had instead of eyebrows. Scalene felt increasing unnerved by this, but managed to maintain her smile.
No. 311475 ID: 1854db


How about the spider admitted he was one of the devils, and Scalene crushed him to death?
No. 311650 ID: c891d3

Something like these.

... with maybe a hint of this.
No. 330579 ID: c891d3
File 131152732140.jpg - (56.53KB , 1000x800 , 043.jpg )

"Are you one of the sseven devilss?" Scalene asked the demon-spider.

"Well, I can be a devil in bed, if you know what I mean~"

Scalene was a little unnerved by this response, but kept up a smile. After a pause, the spider continued.

"... anyway, I'm not one of the Seven Devils. My master is, though. He's the Devil of Lust, and you can find him right down this passage... unless you'd rather stay with me, you beautiful snake~"

The spider reached over and caressed her side, and Scalene found herself feeling something quite unexpected. She said,
No. 330580 ID: c891d3
File 131152734064.png - (62.20KB , 350x263 , papers.png )



I seem to be missing a page of the story, here...

Let me just, er...
No. 330581 ID: c891d3
File 131152740289.jpg - (76.30KB , 1000x800 , 044.jpg )

"Well, that wass rather enjoyable."

"I told you it would be~ I suppose you're going to challenge my master now?"

"I have to."

Scalene supposed she had no other options... what was this Devil of Lust like, anyway?

Big props to Ñ for the art for this update (save the middle image which I drew badly with a mouse).
No. 330583 ID: d71efb

He was a sergalfoxwolfbearsnakesharkbold.

Dashingly handsome to everyone who looked at him.
No. 330585 ID: 02de21

To clarify, his shape shifts to be the physical ideal of whomever he encounters. His apparent race and even gender are thus mostly arbitrary.

For the most part, he's relatively amicable to anyone he feels is already significantly driven by lust, since they're "his people", but can get very hostile to anyone he thinks is not. Given the usual devilish mastery over their respective sins, such hostility can have very ugly results- being cursed by a devil of lust can lead to a miserable and twisted existence indeed. Not that being cursed by any other kind of devil is better.
No. 330588 ID: 35e1a0

she asked if there was any way to make the battle easier
"to combat him, you must not look directly at him. look backwards through a mirror, or close your eyes and find him with your other senses."
No. 330598 ID: 1854db

The Devil of Lust appears to be the viewer's ideal mate, be it a fantasy or no. This is not its true form, of course. Its true form is that of a nearly featureless humanoid.

The devil will proceed to act in the way that its potential victim finds most alluring. Its behavior is very much like that of a succubus, in fact, and the dangers are the same. Don't get your soul stolen!
No. 330628 ID: 3f0613

>featureless humanoid
...in a dapper suit!
No. 330635 ID: 2cdf54

But strangely, for Scalene >>330583 was actually her ideal mate. It's a long story.
No. 330653 ID: eba49f

Scalene also comments how she never knew you could learn to dance without actually having any legs.
No. 330706 ID: c67c5e

So... the demon of lust is Commander James?
No. 331453 ID: c891d3
File 131165444389.jpg - (95.95KB , 800x1000 , 045.jpg )

Scalene asked the spider more about the Demon of Lust.

"He'll appear as your ideal mate, and try to trick you into giving up your soul. He may also curse you if you enrage him, something you will... certainly want to avoid~ If you wish to combat him, try not to look into his eyes, or you'll lose yourself to him~ That's all I can tell you. Good luck~"

Scalene began to cautiously slither into the next chamber, where...
No. 331455 ID: 1854db

There was an arbitrary puzzle to solve!
No. 331701 ID: 8211e6

Scalene tried to avoid looking at the demon, but it was so difficult...
No. 331702 ID: 55c4cf

Scalene blindfolded herself and used her other senses to guide her.
No. 331717 ID: 13b599

She kept her eyes closed and used her echolocation!
No. 331720 ID: 180ec2

Or, tried to, at least. She didn't actually have it, but just heard something about it on TV. This resulted in her slithering straight into the demon of lust in an awkward way.
No. 331993 ID: ce4a4d

In addition to covering her eyes, Scalene flicked out her tongue and used her cunning sense of smell to guide her.

The chamber ahead smelled like propane and butterscotch, but lying beneath those smells was a scent that was dark and musky yet somehow... attractive.
No. 332206 ID: c891d3
File 131174539038.jpg - (75.30KB , 1000x800 , 046.jpg )

Scalene entered the demon's chamber and caught a brief glimpse of some sort of complicated-looking puzzle before remembering the spider's words and covering her eyes. The naga tried to use echolocation to make her way through the room, but found this strangely fruitless.
No. 332207 ID: c891d3
File 131174540746.jpg - (91.55KB , 1000x800 , 047.jpg )

Scalene then began to flick her tongue and rely on her sense of smell, something she was more confident she could actually do. The naga stopped when she bumped into the demon, finding herself awash in a musky, attractive scent.

At that point...
No. 332212 ID: ee21e2

The demon tried to take off her blindfold
No. 332218 ID: 180ec2

Among other things. It is the demon of LUST.
No. 332223 ID: 1854db

She coiled around the demon, keeping it bound tightly while demanding to be set free from this alternate dimension tomfoolery.
No. 332225 ID: 55c4cf

and suplexed him to death
No. 332247 ID: 2b8edc

No. 332283 ID: 874bd8

He tried to remove the blindfold, and for some reason outside the realms of known logic he had the voice of the Old Spice guy.
No. 332300 ID: 8211e6

Scalene tried to fight the demon, but found it rather difficult to keep up her nerve... he seemed to find her cute, if anything, though.
No. 332302 ID: d71efb

I agree with this.
No. 332305 ID: a35261


Exactly this.
No. 332318 ID: 4ae20b

It was very distracting being undressed by a demon of lust, but Scalene heard a sickening crack as she shattered the demon's spine using her superior leverage for a suplex!

As it last broken and dying, it pronounced the mighty curse that the spider had warned her about!
No. 332320 ID: 221021

Naked, embarrassed, scared about the curse, but mostly angry that the demon ruined her favorite outfit, she did what any snake would do. She jumped up and bit him right in the face!
No. 337645 ID: c891d3
File 131272791154.gif - (230.04KB , 500x400 , 49.gif )

The demon began to remove Scalene's clothes, as any lust demon might do. Scalene managed to resist the powerful attractive force he exuded, and coiled herself around him, despite his stature.

"What are you doing?"

Scalene used her incomparable length to suplex the lust demon, cracking his spine!
No. 337646 ID: c891d3
File 131272793676.jpg - (104.01KB , 1000x800 , 50.jpg )

"You insolent naga! What have you done?"

The demon lay broken on the ground. However, with his dying words, he pronounced his curse on Scalene, causing...
No. 337647 ID: 13b599

her to cast a geas on the 10th unique, living person she saw after this time!
No. 337649 ID: 44766a

To never feel pleasure again, But he messed it up and caused the opposite effect.
No. 337650 ID: 55c4cf

i'm rubber you're glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you

No. 337651 ID: 10d022

him to say, "You bitch!"

come on am i the only one who knows what a curse is guys
No. 337652 ID: 759c84

...That every full moon she would turn into a gummy snake.
No. 337654 ID: 55c4cf

The curse should totally be, "Being of a sensible finite length."
No. 337655 ID: 10d022

No. 337656 ID: f188f3

her tail to become like one-fifth her size.
No. 337657 ID: ce4a4d

Scalene remembered too late the parting words of the spider as the dying Lust Demon did what Lust Demons do best - a somewhat ironic sex curse!

The Devil Lord cursed her with insatiable lust, while leaving her completely unattracted - or attractive - to other naga. In fact, it turned her into a lamia!
No. 337663 ID: 07416a

Every time she eats something her tail gets longer and she dies if she hits it.
No. 337673 ID: 180ec2

It turned her into an extremely lusty xenophile stereotype of a quest character!
No. 337695 ID: 0d7a83

One-fifth of infinity is still infinity.

Well if it's a curse then it means she can get un-cursed later, so obviously he curses her WITH LEGS. that way she can go on a generic quest later to retrieve her tail and in doing so overcomes those self image problems and also punches her ex in the dick.
No. 337696 ID: 13b599

her ssssspeech impediment to get worssssse!
No. 337697 ID: aa66a4

No. 337699 ID: c2c011

To take his place in the demon hierarchy.
No. 337703 ID: 221021

He's the demon of lust, so he has to bestow a lust-related curse, but I really like the legs thing. The curse gives her legs and turns her into a stereotypical lusty xenophillic quest character.
No. 337704 ID: 0d7a83

What if they were the sexiest legs ever?
No. 337790 ID: ce4a4d
File 131275682935.jpg - (68.14KB , 750x600 , 50b.jpg )

Scalene waited impatiently through the absurdly long curse, wondering when the demon would finally make up its mind and expire!

as the artist I would like downvote legs because snake takes 5 seconds to draw, ha

>>337699 is what I would like to change my vote to encompass
No. 337797 ID: 8bdb6a

This, clearly. And no legs.

Failing that, I'd at least like to spend my vote downvoting legs, because it's freaking Scalene.
No. 337810 ID: 28e94e

No. 337855 ID: b8304c

Everyone will think all that tail is slightly phallic.
No. 337873 ID: 0d095c

Do it! Oh and something about becoming both simultaneously a Were-Lust Demon and not.
No. 337879 ID: cd63e9

hey you kill it your bought it. guess we are the new demon of lust.
No. 338000 ID: b6ca92

>were-lust demon
This sounds like loads of shenanigans.
also more author plot devices!
No. 338003 ID: 069c9a

she was not only cursed with legs, but EIGHT OF THEM
No. 338417 ID: c891d3
File 131294035803.jpg - (48.51KB , 640x480 , 51.jpg )

... causing Scalene to become the Demon of Lust herself!

She suddenly felt much... hornier.

The naga wondered what being a Demon of Lust entailed, exactly... and for that matter where she should go to find the next demon.
No. 338421 ID: 3fd4fb

Being a Demon of Lust means that she can no longer gain sustenance from any method but inspiring lust in others. When she does so, she instinctively nibbles off bits of their soul, which sustain her and make her stronger.

If she doesn't inspire any lust and devour souls thereby, she'll eventually wither away and die. On the other hand, if she gorges herself, she'll get all kinds of nifty lust-based magical powers.
No. 338424 ID: 221021

Lust demons aren't allowed to wear equipment or clothes, but they are magically attractive to anything, regardless of their normal tastes in species or gender. They can exert a degree of control over the people who they seduce. Also, they get invited to the annual demon lord picnic!

Scalene found the demon's invitation on a table nearby, and decided to go in his stead to find the rest of the demon lords.
No. 338426 ID: eba49f

Being the Demon of Lust means she now feeds off of others experiencing lust nearby, and has some control over those who are motivated by lust.

It also attracts the occasional inconvenient adventurer who seeks to 'vanquish the evil' (whether this is a euphemism depending on the adventurer), and sometimes attracts worshipers who tend to be kind of creepy.
No. 338430 ID: 28e94e

This, because it has the most potential for hilarity.
No. 338431 ID: 180ec2

People naturally give off small pieces of their life force when they are aroused. Luckily for them, it regenerates when they return to a resting state. Unfortunately, Scalene is a demon of lust, and is thus in a state of permanent sexual arousal, constantly losing energy. With her new demonic powers, she can absorb some of the energies of other people she arouses. If she actually sexually gratifies somebody, however, she can take as much of their life force as she wants, up to and including all of it. (Killing them)

Also the thing about the picnic.
No. 338436 ID: 852df7

Scalene decided to check on the spider demon, since technically it should be her minion now.

It explained things like >>338421 and >>338426 to her, and also explained that in the future she should perhaps learn to control automatically shapeshifting into the object of desire for nearby people.

She hadn't even noticed that the prior demon's curse of eight legs had been fulfilled in a manner he(?) probably hadn't expected!
No. 339654 ID: c891d3
File 131326811531.gif - (716.10KB , 400x400 , 52.gif )

It occurred to Scalene that, while she might not herself understand the ramifications of her curse, the spider in the other room, being a servant of the prior lust demon, probably would.

She headed back through the cave and asked the spider what she had turned into.

"If you've taken his powers... you'll be able to sustain yourself on the lust of others, and control them through their lust. To help you in this, you will be magically attractive to everything. You can no longer wear clothing or equipment and may attract worshippers. Would-be adventurers may come to try to 'vanquish' you, as well. And of course you're invited to the annual picnic of the demons, which will be quite soon..."

It was quite a bit to take in at once. The naga wasn't sure how she should feel about all this...

"... oh, and you can alter your form to whatever is the ideal of anyone around you ... you seem to know how to do that already, though~"
No. 339657 ID: 35e1a0

scalane asked "if i kill all the demons and get ALL of their powers, would i win?"
No. 339658 ID: c2c011

Yeah that's a pretty good question. Have to figure out if we can get the awesomest powers by doing some demon carnage.
No. 339667 ID: 9c538a

During the subsequent sloppy spider makeouts Scalene developed a plan to defeat the other demons and return to her normal not slutty at all world where maracas have not yet been invented.
No. 339686 ID: ec0bf5

She changed back in fright from realizing that she was a spider, and after gathering herself decided that the best way to take out the demons would be to go to the picnic and turn them against each other. She also felt a little uneasy about the whole shape-shifting thing. She was already both normally and magically attractive, and was worried about what she might change into. What if the person turned out to be attracted to men and made her change genders? What if they liked something really weird, or some kind of form she would be helpless in? A demon could easily be attracted to helpless young girls. Or worse yet, what if they didn't like long tails? Scalene decided that she should be more careful about transforming from now on and figure out how to not automatically do it.
No. 339747 ID: ce4a4d


This, barely. She could feel a tugging at her spirit in the spider's presence, and it took a constant force of will to maintain her natural form beneath the strangely pleasant warmth of the minor devil's lusty gaze.

Before going to the picnic, she thought perhaps she should visit the nymph again to let her know about the situation and perhaps pick up some tips on handling the demons.

"Scalene, what happened to you? What happened to your clothes?"

Her what?
No. 339759 ID: 9c538a


Scalene cannot change back due to fright from realizing that she was a spider, because Scalene already had sex with a spider without being frightened at all.


No. 339766 ID: 1854db

Except she never had sex with one.
No. 339794 ID: 9d76c8

Yes she did. You just havent read the quest.
No. 339811 ID: 1854db

What the hell do maracas have to do with sex?
No. 339813 ID: 253a7f


uh, everything? stop being such a virgin, dude.

anyway Scalene decided to attend the picnic.
No. 339845 ID: ec0bf5

(The point isn't that she's startled at spiders, she's startled that she's turned into one spontaneously.)
No. 339921 ID: 55c4cf

Catch it in a pokeball.
No. 340496 ID: c891d3
File 131346279658.jpg - (62.25KB , 700x700 , 53.jpg )

Scalene quickly reverted to her normal form, finding it quite uncomfortable being a spider. Even then, she felt a tugging at her... spirit? while she remained near the spider. She would have to be careful with this new ability.

"Sso... if I killed all the demonss... and got all their powerss..."

"I think you would become the most powerful... but I don't know."

The naga made up her mind to go to the picnic and try to turn the demons against each other to defeat them.
No. 340497 ID: c891d3
File 131346282765.jpg - (54.03KB , 750x600 , 54.jpg )

Before she went to the picnic, though, Scalene decided to visit the nymph, seeing as it was on the way out of the cave anyway.

"Scalene, what happened to you? What happened to your clothes?"

The naga wasn't sure how to respond...
No. 340499 ID: 35e1a0

explain that killing these demons is complicated stuff.
No. 340502 ID: 1854db

Scalene explained in interpretive dance about how she killed the demon of Lust and got cursed with his powers. The Nymph understood perfectly, but still didn't understand why Scalene's not wearing her clothes anymore.

Scalene didn't understand that herself.
No. 340503 ID: 8bdb6a

"What happened to YOUR clothes?"

And then Scalene had stolen her clothes.
No. 340504 ID: aa66a4

No. 340508 ID: cd63e9

funny story about that, turns out if you kill a demon lord you get there job.
No. 340510 ID: ec0bf5


But to prevent the nymph from getting upset, she apologized, and said she had been cursed by the dying words of one of the demons and stole any clothes she saw against her will. She then gave her a hug and apologized again to the now very embarassed nymph.
No. 340518 ID: ce4a4d

Clothessss? Didn't ring a bell. Instead, her mind was filled with hazy images of a dashingly handsome tozvryxien, the nymph's true object of desire.

"Well, we can at least dress you NOW. I have a spare outfit that might fit you."

...which promptly caught fire when Scalene took it.
No. 342394 ID: 07416a

The Nymph was unaware that it was naked day. How embarrassed she would be when she realized! Scalene helpfully began taking the nymphs clothes off.
No. 342424 ID: c2c011

Tell her to look over there and then steal her clothes, then ask her what happened to her clothes.
No. 342446 ID: 554835

Yes, this. And if she calls you out on it or gets upset, respond with >>340510
Resulting in a big awkward (sexy) naked snake hug.
No. 342480 ID: 0d7a83

No. 342985 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131432893313.jpg - (115.83KB , 1000x800 , 55_b.jpg )

Scalene explained what had transpired and how she had found herself transformed into a new Demon of Lust upon vanquishing the old. The nymph accepted this, but still questioned why this meant the naga wasn't wearing anything.

While trying to think of an answer, Scalene saw for a moment the hazy images of a handsome creature similar to her own subject of affection, which she knew must be the nymph's true desire ... and suddenly found herself holding the nymph's clothes, which immediately caught fire

"What on earth are you doing, you daft snake?!"
No. 342986 ID: ec0bf5

She explains that this is part of the curse, and she can't help it. The curse destroys all clothes in her possession and forces her to do the same with any clothes she sees. She then proceeded to hug the nymph as a sign of apology.(The second part wasn't actually true, Scalene had just decided that if she wasn't allowed to wear clothes nobody was.)
No. 342987 ID: 708111

Scalene hugged the nymph and told her the curse destroys clothes, including those of people nearby, saying she was sorry. The nymph enjoyed the sexy naked snake hug FAR more than she was comfortable admitting, though her expression gave her away.
No. 342997 ID: 9c538a

Scalene was tired of this shit. Time to beat up the demons and return to normal land. Scalene wondered what the hell she must be smoking right now and if the doobies have any more.
No. 343015 ID: 00d3d5


Then Scaline explains that she can't afford even a single outfit that would cover more than the tiniest sliver of her body.
To make these things it up to the nymph, Scaline offers to use her powers to hook her up with her true desire (but not mentioning she'll have to share because of lust, demon, and lust demon).
No. 343035 ID: c71597

Explain that you just wanted to kill the demons, and then stuff was all like "No Scalene, you are the demons!" and then you were a demon. But that isn't going to stop your plan to rid the world of demons by killing them all, so that's why you're going to the big demon meeting, but you were feeling exposed and wanted some clothes to cover yourself.
No. 344198 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131479071639.jpg - (71.10KB , 600x800 , 56_v2.jpg )

"I'm ssorry. I don't know what came over me. I think it'ss part of the cursse..." Scalene said rather sheepishly. Before the nymph could reply, the naga gave her a hug as some sort of apology. Oddly, the nymph seemed to accept this, apparently rather enjoying the hug.

"I sstill need to get rid of the other demons, but if you wanted, I could try to help you find your true dessire," Scalene told the nymph, figuring her powers would let her do this but not exactly clear on how. The nymph...
No. 344200 ID: 07416a

kissed her as she transformed.

No. 344201 ID: ec0bf5

The nymph thought about it, but realized what she meant. She couldn't fall in love with some kind of artificial illusion of the naga, it just wouldn't be right, and she would be longing for it forever afterward. "Besides," she realized, "I think I'm in love with her by herself" Though she did not intend it, she accidentally spoke her last thought aloud in her flustered state, and the two of them both turned bright red.
No. 344212 ID: 8e7252

Kissed her and said "No, Scalene, you are my true desire." And the image in Scalene's mind changed into a very familiar naga, and she found she could not transform.
No. 344231 ID: f70e5e

just as Scalene was starting to wonder if maybe she had gone to far, the nymph kissed her passionately. after a very enjoyably hour or two, while Scalene and the nymph were cuddling Scalene realized her form hadn't changed.
No. 344239 ID: cff457

...was not a direct player character?

Scalene thought about this. How much of this was her? How much was her new instincts fighting for control? Was the nymph - whose name she couldn't remember - merely being affected by Scalene's aura? Was she actually still hungry?

Then the nymph kissed her.

Several hours later, feeling psychically bloated and gazing at the desiccated nymph and the rapturous smile still fixed upon her face, Scalene wondered if this had been a bad idea
No. 344243 ID: 0d88aa

The nymph began doing things with Scalene. Things involving Scrabble and candles. This inevitably lead to yet more pages of the story being mysteriously misplaced by the author.
No. 344442 ID: ce4a4d

>the nymph...

...whose name was Mara, realized that she had no real reason to be attracted to the naga, who she had known for about five minutes now and who had mostly been causing problems for her ever since she showed up.

"Turn off your lust," she growled. "You have demons to kill and I'm not that kind of nymph."

Scalene blushed and hastily ended the hug.
No. 344445 ID: 1854db

No. 344533 ID: c71597

Sounds just about right.
No. 344584 ID: 991ec3

Not realizing she was under the effects of Scalene's "lust field" she kissed the snake. "I love you, Scalene..." Unfortunately for her, Scalene didn't realize that her transformed state was affecting her too. She kissed the nymph back as her demon instincts took over. And then they had sex.
No. 344591 ID: 2d9a8a

the nymph realized what was going on here and promptly stabbed Scalene with a dagger she was hiding. author gets to decide where she was hiding it.
No. 347399 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131569705903.png - (114.35KB , 600x800 , 57.png )

Overwhelmed by the powers the lust demon had granted the naga, the nymph, Mara responded to Scalene's offer with a passionate kiss. Scalene was surprised by this, but instincts she was not fully aware of led her to return the nymph's gesture. They stayed there for a moment, until...

No. 347401 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131569708844.png - (111.01KB , 600x600 , 58.png )

Mara abruptly stopped.

"Turn off your lust," she growled. "You have demons to kill and I'm not that kind of nymph. You've given me enough trouble for one day already."

"Ssorry," Scalene responded, releasing the hug and feeling altogether rather sheepish. Was it really going to be this hard to control herself from now on?

Mara had a point, though. Scalene still needed to take care of the other demons, lest... something... happen to reality as they knew it. Where would she go from here?
No. 347402 ID: 55c4cf

turn off your beard and it's a deal
No. 347408 ID: 0d7a83

Uhh, Scalene decided to go to see her good friend Joe the Tozel, who used to work at the biggest library in the world, before he read all the books there and went blind. Joe is very smart, and would likely be able to help her find the other demons.
No. 347410 ID: b6edd6

I vote that the other devils, rather than the boring standard set, include devils such as the devils of:
Grievous Bodily Harm
Cruelty To Animals
Really Cool People
Things Not Working Properly Even When You've Given Them A Good Thumping.
No. 347412 ID: d4ffb6

I second this.
No. 347422 ID: 9c538a

Woah, look at that beard. You better not mess with this chick.
No. 347428 ID: 4bdd79

No. 347466 ID: fa4a12

The demonic picnic invitation was sent by magic, and it provided the magic to attend. All Scalene needed to do was tear the letter in two, and a temporary portal would be opened.

So after inviting the nymph along (Mara refused to come and hang out with even MORE weird demons, even if there were deviled eggs involved), that's what she did.
No. 347581 ID: 38809a


I insist on a demon of sloth.
No. 347599 ID: ec0bf5

Scalene decided that she was going to go off to see the demons at their picnic, since she was now one of them. It may be too difficult to kill them all together, but she would still get to meet them all and learn their secrets. She said goodbye to Mara (who had spontaneously gone back to normal again without her noticing) and used the magical invitation to travel to the picnic, which was conveniently today!
No. 347602 ID: b6edd6
File 131576066167.jpg - (153.90KB , 576x432 , sloth20051small.jpg )

What about a demon of Sloths?
No. 347603 ID: ec0bf5

A demon of laziness, who is a sloth that never does anything. The picnic's at his forest because he can't be bothered to go anywhere.

The Seventh demon was the Demon of Terrible Quest Suggestions, though nobody knew what that meant.
No. 347605 ID: 38809a

and how about a demon of sleaze? we can make him sleazy enough to even turn off Sca's demonic lust.
No. 347691 ID: 8211e6

No. 350583 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131649205078.jpg - (52.20KB , 640x480 , 59a.jpg )

Scalene procured her invitation to the picnic and read it a little more carefully. She noted that the event was, in fact, today, and that it was imbued with magic that would transport her there immediately if she tore the paper in half.

Scalene took a deep breath and ripped the invitation in two.
No. 350584 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131649209752.gif - (443.82KB , 600x500 , 59technicolor.gif )

"The other devils will have a gathering today. I can't challenge them all at once, but I'll try to learn their ssecretss sso I can go after them one by one," the naga told Mara.
"Hurry up, then," the nymph replied.

Scalene entered the portal and felt a dizzying sensation as she was transported to...

Needed: a location for the picnic, and six devils/demons - what they're the demon of and what they look like.
No. 350585 ID: 07416a

Demons of sex, boinking, orgies, bad food, tentacle monsters and cord tangling.
No. 350589 ID: 5b0012

Demons of bad hair, barbershop quartets, juggling, brevity, square dancing, and beat poetry.
No. 350591 ID: 3b202e

location: sex mall
Demons: >>350585 >>350589
No. 350593 ID: b6edd6

The devils of:
1. Sloths (and also Sloth)
2. Sleaze
(3 was Lust)
4. Grievous Bodily Harm
5. Cruelty To Animals
6. Really Cool People
7. Things Not Working Properly Even When You've Given Them A Good Thumping.
8. Numerical Inconsistencies

No. 350598 ID: ebe90b

My own version

The devils of:
1. Sloths (and also Sloth)
2. Garden Gnomes
(3 was Lust)
4. Grievous Bodily Harm
5. Missing Socks and Various Other Small Things
6. Really Cool People
7. Things Not Working Properly Even When You've Given Them A Good Thumping.
8. Numerical Inconsistencies
No. 350611 ID: 3bd8ec

I need physical appearances too, guys!
No. 350645 ID: c44e0c
File 131650584581.png - (22.90KB , 402x313 , slaking.png )

this is a demon of sloth.

the demon of sleaze could be a hobo.
No. 350680 ID: ec0bf5

I vote for this. The demon of SLOTH(S) was a GROUND SLOTH, because he was so lazy he couldn't climb trees. He was also too lazy to go to the picnic, so it was at his place, the ELEMENTAL PLANE OF BEDS. He had the power to MAKE PEOPLE DO THINGS FOR HIM. The demon of SLEAZE was in fact a HUMAN LAWYER. He had the power to SUE PEOPLE WHO SLIGHTED HIM FOR WHATEVER HE WANTED. The demon of lust was SEXY SNAKE, we know her already. The demon of GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM was a humanoid creature MADE OF BROKEN GLASS. It had the power to MAKE PEOPLE SCARED as well as the power to GIVE DEADLY HUGS. The demon of MISSING SOCKS AND VARIOUS OTHER SMALL THINGS was a small imp, with the power to PICKPOCKET OR GENERALLY STEAL OBJECTS AT RANGE. Because of this ability she was a FRIEND OF THE OLD DEMON OF LUST, for whom she often stole articles of clothing. The demon of REALLY COOL PEOPLE was just a REGULAR OLD ROCK, that had the power to make EVERYBODY PERCEIVE IT AS A REALLY COOL GUY. The demon of THINGS NOT WORKING PROPERLY EVEN WHEN YOU'VE GIVEN THEM A GOOD THUMPING was a GIANT CENTIPEDE that had the ability to CLIMB INTO MACHINES AND CONTROL THEM. She was a big prankster. The demon of NUMERICAL INCONSISTENCIES was... IMPOSSIBLE TO LOOK AT. It just... wasn't there. It is a thing that shouldn't exist, a hole in the world. It had the power to do whatever it wanted WITHOUT BEING SEEN OR PERCEIVED. This made it THE MOST DANGEROUS DEMON.
No. 350683 ID: b6edd6

The demon of Really Cool People -> a rock with Kamina Sunglasses

The demon of Numerological Inconsistencies -> (Usually) a six legged quadruped, with the power to retroactively change the numbers of things. These three demons are very powerful, as both of them are said to be able to multiply or un-multiply itself at will, though nobody has ever witnessed the four of them doing such a thing.
No. 350692 ID: 4e6269

I support both centipedes and kamina suunglasses.
No. 350724 ID: ce4a4d

I don't~

This year it had been the (prior) Demon of Lust's turn to pick the venue, and where else would he/she/it have chosen but the lustiest mall in the multiverse?

There was a lovely greenhouse with some very... exotic plants, and that was the space the 7 8 had rented out for the occasion.
No. 350768 ID: 1d0e20

Chaos demon. Serpentine, way too many saturated and varied colours, covered in spines and two big eyes with several pupils of all the colours of the acid trip- I mean, rainbow.

Fancies itself a trickster. Not really very tricksy. More of the kind of demon who thinks blowing into a paper bag and smashing it counts as a legitimate trickster prank.
No. 354817 ID: c891d3
File 131753112165.jpg - (287.71KB , 1000x533 , 60.jpg )

Scalene was transported to the sex mall, a dimension outside of space and time where anything can be gotten for the right price. As all of the demons were known to have enemies, the "picnic" was not being conducted in the open, but rather in a greenhouse with some... very exotic plants.

The naga discovered that she was the last of the demons to arrive, and found herself being glared at by the seven creatures sitting around the table. A small quadrupedal mammal with an inconsistent number of legs sitting to Scalene's left finally broke the silence her appearance seemed to have caused.

"I suppose you're the new Demon of Lust?"


"Well, now that we're all present, let us go around the table and introduce ourselves, as it would seem that five of our number have been replaced since our last meeting."

As if on cue, the slothlike creature on Scalene's right began to speak.

Time to flesh out the demons a little bit! Scalene's going to have to track them down one by one, so for each of them we'll need things like where they normally hang out and what their abilities and weaknesses are. To break things up, First two demons are the Demon of Sloth, an extremely lazy slothlike creature, and the Demon of Sleaze, a sue-happy human lawyer.
No. 354862 ID: 43d730

They're already in the demon of sloth's home. He's just that lazy that he sat there until everyone else scheduled the thing in his home so he wouldn't have to move.
No. 354903 ID: c85a16

"I'm the demon of sloth." And then he yawned. Everyone waited for him to continue, but he just closed his eyes and started to snore.
No. 354913 ID: ec0bf5

"Hiiiii.", the giant sloth said, "Iiiii'm the deeemooon of sloooth. Iiiii liiiveee aaacroooss theee haaall aaat theee Maaatreeess Deeepooot. Caaan sooomeeebooodyyy geeet meee aaa saaandwiiich?" His eyes flash for a moment and the lawyer next to him snarls and grudgingly passes him the sandwich sitting within arm's reach of the sloth. "Do that again and I'll sue you, sloth." He looks at the rest of the demons. "I'm the demon of sleaze. My name, likeness, and self are all registered copyrights of myself under paradimensional copyright law paragraph thirteen. Don't try anything or I'll sue you for everything you've got, up to and including your soul."
No. 355856 ID: 957e18

This. Also:

"While we're having this wonderful discussion, I should, as per paragraph 4 of section 29 of the recently accepted introduction procedures, state that my current address of residence is the Interplanar Bureau of Affairs, building 19, penthouse suite. No solicitors."
No. 376767 ID: c891d3
File 132543264412.jpg - (74.56KB , 720x480 , 61.jpg )

Sure enough, the giant sloth on Scalene's right was, in fact, the Demon of Sloth.

"Hi," he droned in a low, gratingly slow voice. "I'm the Demon of Sloth." He paused to yawn very deliberately. "I live across the hall at the Mattress Depot. Can somebody get me a sandwich?"

No one responds. The sloth lolls his head back and forth, looking around the table, before settling on the demon to his right. The sloth's eyes flash, and the man grudgingly passes the nearest sandwich over.

This demon, having the physical appearance of an extremely annoyed lawyer, was the next to speak. "I am the Demon of Sleaze. My name, likeness, and self have all been registered to myself under paradimensional copyright law, paragraph thirteen. As per paragraph 4 of section 29 of the recently accepted introduction procedures, I should state that my current address of residence is the Interplanar Bureau of Affairs, building 19, penthouse suite. No solicitors. Don't try anything funny, or I'll sue you for everything you've got. Including your soul."

He turned his glare to the sloth. "And that goes double for you. Don't do that again."

Sorry for the delay! Our next pair of demons are the Demon of Grievous Bodily Harm, a humanoid creature made entirely of broken glass, and the Demon of Things Not Working Properly Even When You've Given Them A Good Thumping, a giant centipede capable of controlling machinery with a penchant for pranks. And one of them should probably introduce the Demon of Really Cool People, the rock placed on the table between them.
No. 387752 ID: 55c4cf


To begin, Scalene played bad music and taught the demon of sloth to jazzercise.
No. 387755 ID: 0d7a83

The Demon of Grievous Bodily Harm slowly walked over to Scalene and said "Hi" in a voice that sounded like grinding glass. He then offered his hand. Scalene just gave him a pointed look, and the Demon of Sleaze chuckled before saying "Seriously Grieves, does that ever work?".
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