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File 128182824419.png - (163.50KB , 800x600 , Title.png )
218385 No. 218385 ID: dc9f90

... I think that's been long enough.

Now, that's nothing on you guys, seriously; it's great here. Just sort of floating around, bathing in the whole psychic collective semi-subconscious... thing. Just feeling that connection. But that's just it, you know? It's too nice. You could stay here forever, not do anything, like a drone. I want more.

I'm gonna be somebody. Too many of us, we just grow quick, work for the good of the species, live comfortably, die, come back here and then go out again; even most sentients are happy to stay quiet. Half the people who know about us think we're a full-on hivemind! No, I'm going to do something big, be a player - I'm gonna spread my name right across the galaxy. No, three galaxies!

But first I have to be born.
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No. 218387 ID: dc9f90
File 128182834792.png - (147.94KB , 650x700 , castechoice.png )

There's tons of ovum to choose from; I've got to compete with other patterns trying to get born, but I'm way stronger than most of them, so I've got my pick. First question is what sex I want to be, I guess. There's a bit of a tendency for guys to get out into space more, so since I want to stand out, I'll be a girl.

The next question is what caste to pick.

>The Scellor species is divided into six castes, created by genetics, medical treatment and training. Each has its own advantages, disadvantages and social role.

>Orthan are diplomats, managers, teachers and organisers, these being tasks to which their grasp of telepathy is well suited. They are the smallest and most physically frail of the castes, but have sharp senses and slightly lower need for food and rest. Their tails can release pheremones which calm most organic species.

Being an Orthan wouldn't be too bad - they're the ones that get on best with other species. But they have a hard time surviving by themselves, and they don't hold up well when things get exciting. I want to be more independent, and be able to get into trouble sometimes!

>Niiar are the warriors of the Scellor; their natural size, strength and speed advantages are enhanced by their use of psychokinesis, which allows them to create and project various forms of energy. They have high dietary requirements, however, and find emotional self-control more difficult. Their tails provide a non-lethal option in combat by producing a sedative spray.

I gotta reject this one. Sure, it'd be cool, but we're at war with like 17 different enemies - I'd be shipped off to fight and probably die before I reached sentience.

>Ulkam use their faculty with clairsentience in many different ways; the most famous of their number become navigators and pilots, guiding their course across planets and to the stars. Some others become research scientists, exploring the universe in a different way. They are not as strong as most other castes, but have somewhat more dexterity. Their tails release a heavy black mist that blocks sight and deadens sound, giving them the advantage over others.

I could go for being an Ulkam. There's lots of stories of great pilots and scientists out there, and I could learn to be a crack shot with a gun.

>Praal are the worker caste. Though small, they're tough and strong, and their telekenisis is as useful for shifting supply crates and hefting heavy tools as it is for manipulating gears, pumps, or microcircuitry. Their actual hands are somewhat clumsy, however. Their tails can produce both a lubricating oil and a sticky glue.

Being a Praal would be fun. Drones do all the scutwork, so I'd get to work on interesting stuff and pick up skills with all kinds of technology, as well as being pretty handy in a fight.

>Orthe are suited to medicine, biotechnology and plain old horticulture, thanks to their gifts with psychometabolism, the ability to manipulate Scellor biology through psychic power. They're not strong, but tend to be healthy and tough, and need less food and sleep than other castes. Their tails produce kel spores, which allow them to use their powers on other species.

Being a biotechnician would be fun. Or I could be a medic, that's a good way to get people to respect you. Plus it'd be fun to be able to call myself a doctor.

>Ayaar are the sixth and final caste of the Scellor, as well as the least populous. They act as spies and secret police, deftly wielding psychoportation - the psionic manipulation of time and space. They are the most agile of the six castes, and have above average strength, toughness and senses. Their tails produce a chemical which temporarily blocks the formation of long-term memory in most organic species.

Being an Ayaar would be totally awesome if they didn't have to be so crazy secretive. Plus I'd have to work for the government - Ayaar don't get to run around on their own.

What do you think, guys?

And while I'm talking... can any of you remember what caste I was in my most recent life?
No. 218392 ID: 7f58b2

you were a Niiar last time, why you came back here so soon, shot full of holes.

how about you be a praal this time
No. 218394 ID: b10c0e

Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. You will be a Orthe, once a Niiar most glorious!
No. 218395 ID: c2c011

I'm thinking you were a Ulkam, and that sick barrel roll you pulled off wasn't quite enough to dodge that laserous explosion that cut your life tragically short.

I'm thinking an Ayaar or Orthe would be quite cool. Having total control of ones body would be pretty cool, but time and space manipulation is also insanely cool.

Go with the Ayaar. There is going to be some sick moves pulled off soon. Time and space will be your bitch to play around with.
No. 218397 ID: f4963f

No. 218398 ID: f82d85

No. 218402 ID: 3234dd

Say what you will about the others, but in space your life is dependent on properly functioning equipment. Praal.
No. 218403 ID: 54af1f

No. 218404 ID: 117dce

No. 218411 ID: bf1e7e

Gotta go with Orthe on this one.
No. 218412 ID: d560d6

No. 218413 ID: d1ad31

You were a Niiar previously, but you should give Praal a try this time around.
No. 218414 ID: e31d52

No. 218418 ID: 644ca1

Orthan, the secrets of the universe will be yours!
No. 218421 ID: a594b9

I choose Praal. You were a Niiar in your past life, by the way.
No. 218423 ID: 70d9eb

Totes go with Praal.
No. 218424 ID: 91b96b

No. 218431 ID: c00244

Ulkam seems like it would leave you with a broad number of options, so I'll back that.
No. 218440 ID: 6164e0

Ayaar, psychospy sounds too fun
No. 218463 ID: 8bdb6a

Orthe and Praal seem equally good, since they both allow for creatively engineering things, and have useful powers and big hips.
Voting Orthe due to superior hair.
You were an Ayaar in your previous life, giving you knowledge of tradecraft and other species, as well as your current love for fame and freedom.
No. 218465 ID: dc9f90
File 128183905634.png - (103.75KB , 650x700 , ovum1.png )

That's right - I was a Niiar! I remember now. Those memories will come in handy, giving me a little more faculty with psychokinesis; I think I can retain some of my combat skill, too.

This time, I'll be a Praal!

Praal are probably tied with Niiar as the most common caste these days. There are lots of praal ovum to choose from, so now I've to pick one that suits me...

> Orthe tenders scan and mark ovum with psychic energy, allowing strong patterns rising from the undermind to select traits for themselves. Every scellor has at least one genetic advantage. Most ovum are genetically screened to eliminate flaws, but this also eliminates the chance for more advantages. A "wild" ovum will have some sort of genetic flaw, but will also provide an additional advantage. There are slight social ramifications to both. Choose between screengene and freegene, and select traits as appropriate.

> Genetic advantages:
> Upper body strength
> Lower Body strength
> Nimble fingers
> Keen sense (eyes or ears)
> Clear-headed (high pain/sickness tolerance)
> Ambidextrous
> Weightless Wonder (better suited to low/microgravity)
> Sexy
> Healthy (resist sickness/poison/radiation)
> Energetic (become tired less quickly)
> Low-light vision
> Longtail (use tail ability more often)

> Genetic Flaws
> Weak Eyes
> Clumsy Mitts (reduced manual dexterity)
> Space Clutz (poor maneuvering in low/microgravity)
> Big Eater (get hungry faster)
> Frail (get tired faster)
> Small (weaker, less tough)
> Wuss (low tolerance for pain or sickness)
No. 218467 ID: e973f4

Uh, Longtail I guess? :v
No. 218468 ID: d560d6

You want FREEDOM, don't you, freegene?

You can put up with even Clumsier Mitts to get Longtail and be more Healthy Sexy. Manipulating things with hands is for people without telekinesis.
No. 218471 ID: e973f4

Oh, and I think you should go with freegene, but I have no idea what to put in the associated advantage/disadvantage slots.
No. 218473 ID: 91b96b

Low-light vision and Longtail against Big Eater.
No. 218475 ID: 445c48

Freegene, Energetic and Sexy, but with clumsy mitts.
No. 218477 ID: 40cb26

This sounds ok, but if we want to live to spread out name across the galaxies we should go with healthy instead of longtail. Sexy will help us get our name across, and healthy will help us live to do it. Clumsy fingers won't do much to interfere with that.
No. 218478 ID: e31d52

No. 218479 ID: a594b9


Keen Ears

Space Clutz
No. 218480 ID: a4e573


Second this. I can see healthy being of larger benefit.
No. 218481 ID: 8bdb6a

(This is going to suck if Clumsy Mitts makes our telekinesis clumsy, too)
No. 218482 ID: a4e573

>Though small, they're tough and strong, and their telekenisis is as useful for shifting supply crates and hefting heavy tools as it is for manipulating gears, pumps, or microcircuitry. Their actual hands are somewhat clumsy, however.
No. 218484 ID: 445c48

Actually, whoops, I thought we were a different race.

Let's go for Sexy and Nimble Fingers against Big Eater.
No. 218485 ID: d560d6

(Same poster as >>218468 )
TBH, I'd rather swap out Sexy for Healthy than lose Longtail.

I'm assuming it doesn't, else I'd pick a different disadvantage, like Big Eater.
No. 218487 ID: 40cb26

How about...
>Sexy Healthy and Longtail
>Clumsy Mitts and Big Eater
No. 218490 ID: d560d6

I don't think we can have two disadvantages, can we? And it's probably not a great idea to skew the character's competencies that far anyway. (TBH I'm only picking a disadvantage because FREEEEEGEEEEEENE.)
No. 218492 ID: b10c0e

Behold the power of that which is yet unborn! For the swirling images that flow forth from the Chrysalis are only a shadow of the sleeper's true power. Free, in will and in gene, it will be the first of it's kind. Big Eater to consume any genetic material for our will. It's Keen Senses will allow it to hunt in utter darkness. This Longtail will also be an added bonus. Yes.
No. 218496 ID: 70d9eb

Lower body strength and Longtail.
Big Eater for disadvantage.
No. 218497 ID: f7f231

you can't get more advantages with more disadvantages. only get one extra.
No. 218498 ID: 8bdb6a

Screengene / Lower Body Strength
Running, jumping, kicking butts, and not having a disadvantage to worry about.
No. 218516 ID: 644ca1

Lets pick Freegene, it isn't a dissadvantage, it's specialization.
Keen sense (eyes or ears)
Clumsy Mitts, UNLESS it affects Telekenisis, then Space Clutz
No. 218526 ID: 030624

Advantages sexy and longtail and for weakness small
No. 218534 ID: 3eebb9

I also like the idea of a Praal who was allowed to have extra Clumsy Mitts in return for being Clear-headed and Energetic. The tenders would probably agree that a Praal with the ability to use her telekinetic powers for a longer time under harsher conditions would be very useful.
No. 218542 ID: 0b2a05

Why do we want longtail so badly?

...Hey wait I have an idea.

Clumsy Mitts.
Nimble Fingers.
No. 218544 ID: c2c011

Take sexy, space clutz and nimble fingers.

Not being able to work well in Zero G is probably not a huge drawback and getting some nimble fingers is a very good advantage.

Although it seems more likely that our poor Praal won't be able to use those hands for anything but shovels. Poor things already have clumsy hands and you people want to make its hands even more useless.
No. 218561 ID: 9618e3

Freegene, Clear-headed, Energetic, Big Eater
No. 218564 ID: 54af1f

Lower Body Strength
Big Eater
No. 218570 ID: 3234dd

Energetic, clear-headed, small.

We'll provide the sexy.
No. 218597 ID: 4c7b39

Clear-Headed, Sexy, and Clumsy Mitts
No. 218607 ID: 8c0848

Lower Body Strength
Big Eater

Once you have DAT ASS, becoming a legend is easy.
No. 218661 ID: 1e1bc8
File 128191327056.png - (11.75KB , 650x700 , ovum2.png )

You're right, I do want freedom - and distinction! I'll be a freegene, and I've found a female praal ovum with the traits I want... a productive tail and, eventually, a fine-lookin body. I will have even clumsier hands than normal praal, though; it'll be like wearing thick-ass gloves my whole life.

Well, here I go, guys. Take good care of me...

>Reproduction via ovum is one of the key signatures of the Scellor's symbiotic biology. Having forsaken placental reproduction long ago, Scellor couples produce an ovum which is implanted into the roots of a mother tree. The ovum, trees and a significant portion of an individual scellor's biology are all derived from the kel, a plant/fungus-like organism which is saturated with a psionic field.

>Eventually, Scellor will experience the equivalent of old age when they lose the ability to keep the kel within themselves in check, suffering gradual paralysis and eventual death. At this point their psychic pattern returns to the undermind, and the kel that remains will take root, ready to be shaped into the Scellor species' distinctive biotechnology.
No. 218662 ID: 1e1bc8
File 128191331191.png - (11.98KB , 650x700 , ovum3.png )

I live once more!

>Scellor infants emerge from their ovum with the equivalent development of a human five-year-old, enough to have a chance of survival should any adult scellor be absent. From there they develop swiftly, reaching physical maturity in four years. During this time, the psychic pattern of the individual must synchronise with its new host body, and the child is controlled directly by the will of the undermind and the psychic commands of older individuals.

>The majority of Scellor have psychic patterns too weak to ever assert their individuality, and so remain drones - intelligent, but non-sentient, and content to obey the psychic urgings that come from the rest of their species. Only through repeated reincarnation does a psychic pattern eventually develop awareness of its own personality and will.
No. 218663 ID: 1e1bc8
File 128191340496.png - (11.94KB , 650x700 , learning.png )

Time passes in a strange way - I'm detached from my body, and from what it's doing. Just as well, really; it's during this time that I get shovel-fed my basic education and training, which'd be a huge hassle if I was actually involved. I'm strong, though, and I can assert enough control over myself to give clues to the older Scellor - they know I'll develop sentience eventually, and I can tell them what skills I want to specialize in.

Say... what skills do I want to specialize in? Mechanics? Electronics? Engineering? Something else? I'll be trained in all of them, but I should have an order of priority. What do you suggest?

>Those Scellor which show signs of developing self-awareness are provided special training during their formative years, and given a higher ration of psykonium, a rare mineral with valuable properties - chief among them the enhancement of psychic power. Though many species value this substance, the kel - and through it, the Scellor - are one of few who are biologically dependent upon it, albeit in trace elements.

>The amount of psykonium a Scellor can obtain is closely linked to their social standing and wealth; the higher the level of this substance in their body, the more they can develop their psychic abilities and, through those, extend their lifespan.
No. 218665 ID: e31d52

Engineering! Gadgets and gizmos and whatnot!
No. 218667 ID: d560d6

Engineering sounds more general and adaptable?

And put some damn clothes on.
No. 218669 ID: 1ef914


Go for focusing on mechanics, then engineering, then electronics.

With that lubcricatin' tail of ours, we have an advantage in being a grease monkey. That means mechanics should be our top priority. It'll be good for MAKING or FIXING STUFF which might make us all famous or rich from sellin' our services.

Scellor have much in the way of mechanical scientists?
No. 218672 ID: a594b9

Electronics. Computer systems?
No. 218676 ID: 70d9eb

Specialize in pole dancing.
And put on some manly overalls, you look ridiculous.
No. 218680 ID: 8bdb6a

Does making robot arms and jetpacks fall under one discipline?
If so, I choose robot arms and jetpacks.
No. 218685 ID: e973f4

Okay oh man I can't say no to this.
No. 218686 ID: d560d6

Changing vote from Engineering to this. If that's a change.
No. 218687 ID: e31d52

No. 218690 ID: a41aaf

Mechanics and structural engineering. Our clumsy mitts will hamper and fine-scale electronic engineering, and telekenesis and a long tail will help with assembling and bracing multiple components for welding, and handling multiple tools.
Be a fabricator, make big awesome things.
No. 218691 ID: 1e1bc8
File 128191995383.png - (6.78KB , 500x500 , skillschoice.png )

> For the sake of precision...

> Mechanics covers the creation, repair and maintenance of robot bodies, chemical-fuel vehicles and solid-projectile weapons, along with basic stuff like plumbing, sliding doors and coffee machines. In general, its creations are more primitive and limited, but also easier to find parts and tools for.
> Engineering covers the creation, repair and maintenance of energy weapons, forcefields, and most starship components such as FTL engines, structural integrity fields and transporters. Its creations are generally more advanced and useful, but harder to find components for.
> Electronics covers sensors, scanners, and the building of robot brains. It is less useful for making things, but will come with increased knowledge and proficiency with computers.

> Many technologies combine components from all three disciplines.

While you're thinking, can you come up with any other kinds of skills that would be useful to pick a bit up on? Piloting, music, medicine, study of other species? I can dabble with maybe two secondary skills on top of my Praal training, not counting the combat training I remember from my last life.
No. 218702 ID: c2c011

Mechanic. Get around those clumsy ass mits you call hands by creating some wicked ass servo arms. 4 should be enough. And maybe one with a drill on it or something for self defense or something.
No. 218705 ID: d560d6

I believe that appropriate badassery demands mechanics, then.

Music is probably useful. Build a pyrophone. Nobody will be able to ignore the sexy woman in greasy overalls playing a home-made pipe organ that shoots fire with her mind.
No. 218713 ID: 117dce

Haberdasher. Hats are extremely important.
No. 218714 ID: 701a19

Develop the trait machine empathy - you are preternaturally skilled at using your psychic powers to tell how and why a machine is broken or acting strangely and how to fix it, and can even fix problems before they occur or bring worn machines back to a 'like-new' state.

Does Piloting include all kinds of vehicles? Because a skill that can let you pilot mechs, ships, cars, spacecraft, and etc. would be unendingly useful.
No. 218715 ID: 70d9eb

Be a Mechanic with secondary skills Haberdasher and Music.
You will be the greatest rock star ever.
No. 218716 ID: 8bdb6a

Engineering, then. Finding exotic components is just part of the adventure.

As for skills, if we're going to be remarkable, we need to build on strengths. I vote Persuasion and Kludging.
No. 218717 ID: 969e74

I think since we want to get OUT THERE, we should probably do big-engineering medium-mechanic. It sounds a bit like mechanics will be stuck somewhere on the ground.
No. 218719 ID: 40cb26

We need a plan for how you're going to take the universe by storm. Being a grease monkey or writing programs may be fine for a normal life, but the prestige is in the big fancy stuff so lets go with an Engineering focus.

Machine empathy, I like that. And as long as we're Sexy and planning to take the universe by storm, how about some regular empathy to help us with further people? Let's call it a skill in Charisma and that should help us with leadership, personal magnetism, social skills, etc.
No. 218720 ID: 1ef914

Haberdashory might fall in under the more general "Tailoring", which I fully support getting knowledge off.

To top off your secondary knowledge, go for something to play up your social charms even more, like techniques in being persuasive.
No. 218721 ID: 701a19

Machine Empathy and Kludging.
Anybody else seeing some amazing combo potential here?
No. 218728 ID: b10c0e

Pole Dancing. You -wanted- to be sexy, right?
No. 218737 ID: f202ec

Engineering for primary. Spaceships and lasers, I don't think that requires further explanation.

Secondaries: charisma/persuasion/whatever you want to call it, and piloting. Let's be the a pirate captain of a homemade starship, dangit.
No. 218738 ID: e973f4

Okay actually the mental image here is too good so I'll second it instead.
No. 218739 ID: f44349

>Let's be the a pirate captain of a homemade starship, dangit.
No. 218749 ID: 4c7b39


Hell to the yes. We are going to be a goddamned privateer.
No. 218750 ID: ab53f9

You had me at 'pirate'.
No. 218751 ID: 6e5a24


Gonna go with this
No. 218755 ID: 1e1bc8
File 128193453333.png - (11.28KB , 650x700 , aware.png )

Aw yes pirate, that'll be awesome! I'll be a sexy technological rogue, stealing valuable cargoes and scientific knowledge and parts to build the coolest ship ever!

I prioritize my Engineering first, and my Mechanics second, leaving my Electronics in third place. To start building towards my amazing future, I hint to my teachers that I want to learn piloting and people skills - a good match with the full physical development of my body, rawr. Most Scellor women have developed slightly downwards in terms of sexual characteristics since we started laying ovum, but not me! I've cashed in on a genetic throwback that should appeal to any male mammalian humanoid!

Soon after my full physical development, I finally synchronize myself with my body's psychic field. I can think, I can want, I can do what I choose to do! I'm fully aware of myself and my body as separate from the rest of the species. My life is ready to really begin, and the first step is to...
No. 218756 ID: 1e1bc8
File 128193455419.png - (4.62KB , 500x500 , name.png )

Oh, wait. Actually, the first step, now that I'm self-aware, is to give myself a name!
No. 218758 ID: 4c7b39

Riki Myton
No. 218759 ID: b10c0e

No. 218761 ID: dad664

No. 218762 ID: 3234dd

No. 218763 ID: e973f4

No. 218765 ID: 70d9eb

Hamhands McGee
No. 218768 ID: a594b9

No. 218769 ID: 969e74

No. 218771 ID: 445c48

Kyrie Miller
No. 218772 ID: 445c48

Leeloo Dallas (Multipass)
No. 218773 ID: 8bdb6a

Leeloo Dallas Multipass

No. 218774 ID: 35212e

hahaha, yes.
No. 218775 ID: 701a19

No. 218786 ID: 2eac65

Your tail looks kind of like a tadpole, so I'm gong to call you Polly.
No. 218788 ID: 754124

That's a pretty name.
No. 218800 ID: c2c011

Leeloo Ann. With the Ann coming from part of the name of your last life.

Now start building some servo arms. Telekinetics is nice but some working hands is also very nice.
No. 218821 ID: 87bb9c

Leeloo Pollyanna
No. 218823 ID: c772d0

Maolla is indeed a pretty name.
No. 218826 ID: 5ea3ca

considering the tail and what seems to be moving hair, id say either Ranka Lee (her hair moved every time she emoted) or Yuan-Ti.

maybe Stheno or Euryale, wich are medusa's sisters. somehow im reminded of cassiopeia but im not sure why.
No. 218827 ID: a7a85a

No. 218832 ID: e31d52

Maolla Leeloo!
No. 218836 ID: 6834bc

Your name is Honey Syrup, because you can be a right sweet darlin' when you want to... but the rest of the galaxy will quake and tremble as they hear tales of the dread space pirate, Captain Syrup!
No. 218839 ID: d560d6

Honey Syrup. Better to sound like a porn actress than a meek librarian or anime character.

Plus you will one day be feared as DREAD CAPTAIN SYRUP.
No. 218841 ID: e31d52

Yes. Changing vote.
No. 218843 ID: 5ea3ca

it already sounds like a crappy cereal advertisement, captain syrup would be perfect if we live in a foodstuff related ship

greek is now weeaboo.
No. 218844 ID: d1ad31

Maolla is nice
No. 218847 ID: 5a2e05

Maolla Syrup.
No. 218859 ID: e3f578

Maolla Syrup. So we can call you Sweet Cheeks.
No. 218866 ID: 40cb26

For a real name, Maolla Ann sounds good, pleasant but not something that can't be taken seriously. Or keep Ann for a middle name and go for a more serious sounding last name... something that sounds good after saying "Miss" or "Captain".

That'll do. "Maolla Ann Stheno"

Syrup... would make a good nickname. Maybe it is said your tails oil tastes as sweet as the body it's attached to looks. Maybe it actually does.
No. 218868 ID: e973f4

I will settle for Leeloo Dallas Multipass if we can please not be named after food.
No. 218869 ID: e3f578

I will still call her Sweet Cheeks no matter what.
No. 218908 ID: 299faa

Can you make any weird screeches or clicks? Those are always funny to break out on lesser races that can't make them.
But seriously, pick a name that's cute like Betty or Sally or Nan or something.
No. 218910 ID: 644ca1

I would like to second this, Maolla Ann Stheno sounds good.
No. 218948 ID: b71d29
File 128201493950.png - (15.89KB , 650x700 , maollasheet.png )

Maolla Syrup... I like that. It's got rhythm, it's cute, but it isn't impossible to be a bit threatening with it. Yeah. Miss Syrup. Misstress Syrup. Chief Engineer Syrup. Captain Syrup.

... I'm really not set up to become a cool space pirate yet, though! I'm only a plain six-year-old Praal woman, I'm not going to be intimidating much of anyone yet. I need to pick up skills, and more than that, I need to develop my psychic powers... and for that, I need psykonium.

Don't worry; I've got a plan.
No. 218949 ID: b71d29
File 128201505032.png - (31.00KB , 650x700 , ship.png )

I'm gonna sign on to this ship - the Ruby Gaze!

See, there's three ways to get large amounts of psykonium: One, buy it. Can't do that - a lump of refined psykonium the size of my head would buy a heavy freighter whole! Second is to steal it. As I've already said, I'm not equipped for that... yet!

Third: mine it.

And that's what I'm gonna do! Half the scellor at the top of our society got there with the payoff of a good-size asteroid of the stuff, and every member of a mining ship's crew gets a share of what they produce. This region of space is one of only a few where psykonium can be found, and boy, does it cause trouble. Space pirates, feuding asteroid prospectors, wars, shady corporations.

Everyone wants it.
No. 218950 ID: b71d29
File 128201507791.png - (7.11KB , 500x500 , optomism.png )

There's danger out there. And adventure.

Oooh, this is gonna be great!!
No. 218951 ID: b71d29
File 128201508975.png - (1.10KB , 500x500 , pause.png )

No. 218952 ID: b71d29
File 128201513035.png - (2.83KB , 500x500 , fiveyears.png )

No. 218953 ID: b71d29
File 128201517596.png - (13.67KB , 800x600 , wakeup.png )


Ugh... what happened...? And where's that hissing sound coming from...
No. 218954 ID: f202ec

You're probably in space, and the compartment is probably slowly depressurizing. Given the state of the room, collision or violence are the most likely causes. Get in your emergency spacesuit immediately, young lady!

If you have a source of smoke or mist, use it to check the air current. It'll lead you to the problem.
No. 218956 ID: 4c7b39


Oh. This is how horror movies start.

And girl, you've been a mechanic long enough to say that weird sounds are never good when it comes to vehicles of all sorts. Find ye some breather and find the source of the hissing sound.
No. 218958 ID: a594b9

Get up and take stock of your physical condition the resources available.
No. 218959 ID: 8bdb6a

Acquire emergency breathing apparatus. Examine source of hissing.
No. 218960 ID: e973f4

Hello my name is A RESPIRATOR and you probably need me.
No. 218961 ID: 4ae7b5

Rebreather Stat! Prep to seal bulkhead leaks with tail goop...
No. 218968 ID: e3f578

Ahh man, do you remember the past 5 years? Quick, tell me, how many fingers am I holding up? And how many party members have you had a romance sub-plot with?
No. 218975 ID: c00244

Use your clairsentience to scan for anything unusual, and your telepathy to message any other members of the crew you can reach and ask what's going on.
No. 219004 ID: 8bdb6a

>Oooh, this is gonna be great!!
>Ugh... what happened...?

Looks like your will was...
No. 219009 ID: a7a85a
File 128203026322.jpg - (24.55KB , 449x287 , csi_yeah_skyline.jpg )

No. 219042 ID: c2c011

Possibly a hull rupture. It seems like your ship has been fucked up.

So get up, get some vacum gear to make sure you don't violently die by mistake and then go fix the problem.
No. 219055 ID: 359c2a

Take stock of yourself. Any damages?

If not, get up, take stock of the room, and tell us what you've been up to.
No. 219069 ID: d560d6

Bah, it's a big ship, and a little hiss. You've probably got hours, or even days.

Examine the tool by your left hand.
No. 219073 ID: a41aaf

Look for a hullkit. It should contain a 'bandaid' (a large square offlexible metallic tape with a thick gummy air-triggered adhesive) and a smoke stick. Set off the smoke to find the leak, pull the back off the bandaid to prime the adhesive (do NOT touch the sticky side), and wait for 5 seconds before applying it.
No. 219173 ID: bc37f0
File 128207749836.png - (16.28KB , 800x600 , gettingup.png )

>compartment depressurizing

No. 219174 ID: bc37f0
File 128207751457.png - (16.13KB , 800x600 , owowow.png )


I think my arm is broken!
No. 219176 ID: 4c7b39

Oh, balls. It just keeps getting worse.

Well. That's what we have telekinesis for. Grab ye mask and who is that behind you?
No. 219177 ID: 3b77b9

put your arm asleep with what little psychometabolism you have. should dull the pain.
No. 219180 ID: 54af1f

Find a patching kit or get out of it right now
No. 219181 ID: f3aaac

Damn. Use some tail-glue to stick your arm to your side in a makeshift protective cast so it doesn't end up flailing about. You can get a doc to look at it once you're safe.

Then pick up that fallen guy behind you using telekinesis and try to figure out what's going on. What are the emergency drills for depressurization?
No. 219183 ID: 3234dd

Hah, what's one arm? We have a whole rig full of servo arms to deal with this situation.

...you did build the servo-arms, right?
No. 219184 ID: a9a8f0



Deal with pain.

Locate problem. If problem can be fixed quickly, patch. If it cannot, haul the unconscious ass of the other person out and seal the room behind you.
No. 219185 ID: c2c011

Good thing that you don't need them then. Use your telekinetics and patch that hole. Then get on your harness of servo arms that you surely built over these last 4 years because building a set of weaponised servo arms would have been fucking awesome and wellspent time.

After you have fixed the more immediatly hazardous damages take stock and see what has happened and if anyone else is still alive.
No. 219197 ID: 8bdb6a

Examine dead/wounded person.

Fashion a sling for your arm out of duct tape, or strips of cloth, fabric, or long strands of glue from your tail like it's a spinneret.

Examine that panel, which appears to be displaying compromised sections of the ship's hull.
No. 219198 ID: d560d6

Man up, space pirate, and check that status display on the wall.
No. 219199 ID: a41aaf

Mask first, then pressure leak, THEN arm. You can plug a leak with one arm and in pain, you can't plug a leak in hypoxic unconsciousness.
No. 219240 ID: bc37f0
File 128209434545.png - (14.78KB , 600x600 , gravity.png )

Ok... ok. I can... get past the pain. Ow.

Rrgh. Something's wrong with the gravity. This feels like nearly two Gs, and everything's slanted towards this corner...
No. 219241 ID: bc37f0
File 128209437944.png - (30.80KB , 800x600 , whosthat.png )

Oh no, Lorn! He's the main mechanic for the ship, a praal like me. It looks like everything fell on top of him. I have to...

... ssssssssssssssssssssssssss...
No. 219242 ID: bc37f0
File 128209444164.png - (8.58KB , 800x600 , lookinforsound.png )

Nnh, no, air first. Should be a few breathing packs, over in the compartments next to the door. It leads to one of the safety nodes.

... Actually, that sounds like where the hissing is coming from.
No. 219243 ID: 359c2a

Hey hey, calm down. We know it hurts, we know you're in a jam, but don't panic, you're better'n that aren't ya?

Just be careful with your arm for now, priority should be the leak (you can still fix stuff with your TK, right?). Have a look (and ear) around the room, find out where the hissing sound is coming from.
No. 219245 ID: 117dce

Yeah, can you open the compartments that the air packs are in with TK? Something might come shooting out or something, and you need to be able to breathe.
No. 219249 ID: 359c2a


Okay, good. You got any tools for patching hull breaks? Know where they are? If anything useful like that has ended up in the pile behind you, might as well pick 'em with you before you go.

Move up, carefully. Find the breathing packs, then locate the source of the sound.
No. 219251 ID: a594b9

Quick, seal it up by gluing something flexible to the cracks in the door.
No. 219255 ID: 359c2a

Hmh. Could some of your sticky tail glue seal off the door, if necessary? If air's escaping through it because the safety node on the other end is gone, or the hull is completely breached there something will have to be done about it.
No. 219263 ID: bc37f0
File 128209567226.png - (17.40KB , 500x500 , gettothedoor.png )

Yeah, it's the door. I made a couple of telekinetic bubbles and moved 'em around until the hissing stopped. That should keep it blocked until I... rrgh, shuffle my way over there...
No. 219264 ID: bc37f0
File 128209581276.png - (25.49KB , 600x600 , glued.png )

... and seal it up with some glue. It looks like something dented the door from the other side, opened up gaps in the seal. There must be a hull breach on the other side.

That's bad! The safety nodes are what create the ship's structural integrity field and inertial dampeners. If they were online, a hull breach would be automatically covered by a forcefield.

I hope it's only this one that's down.
No. 219266 ID: e31d52

Is there an onboard communication network? We need to contact others.
No. 219267 ID: 3b77b9

okay then. now go pull stuff off the other guy and see if he is still alive.
No. 219268 ID: 359c2a

Get the breathing packs, just in case, and go check on your buddy, then.

Also, can you use your telepathy to contact anyone else on the ship and get a status report?
No. 219296 ID: d560d6

Disregard mucking about with breathing apparatus, check on Lorn.
No. 219297 ID: 2eac65

You should be able to cancel out the increased gravity if you apply some TK lift to yourself. Or would that consume too much energy?
No. 219311 ID: 8bdb6a

Take a deep breath and use your good arm and your TK to try and lift the stuff off of Lorn.
No. 219328 ID: 754124

Hey. A broken arm is something we can fix. Feel the bone. Does it feel like it's been moved out of place, or just cracked? If it's out of place, you should fix that (note: This will probably hurt a fair amount, if your neural layout is like mine). After that, or if it wasn't a problem in the first place, we'll want to splint that arm. Luckily, splinting an arm is easy. We need cloth and sticks. A "stick" can be anything straight, fairly slender, and rigid. And not attached to anything, of course. The ideal number is probably two, but one is better than none. The cloth can be just about anything big enough; a t-shirt works fine. To splint, you just put the sticks parallel to the bone, and wrap your arm up so everything is held in place. Then use another cloth to make a sling if possible.

...I notice that you appear to be wearing only two items of clothing. I surmise you were sleeping? Is your wardrobe nearby?
No. 219330 ID: dfa1ae

Why are you in your underwear young lady?
No. 219333 ID: c00244

There are a number of types of injuries where removing an object from in/on the wounded person can massively aggravate the damage. Let's not do this right away.

We should check on him and assess the situation first. Is he conscious/able to speak with us telepathically? If not, is there an emergency medical kit nearby that we can have on hand when we pull him out, in case something starts going horribly wrong?
No. 219354 ID: 5ea3ca

this looks like the living quarters.

it actualy sounds interesting because she was in it with what seems to be her long term workmate.

anyway i second the attempt to set the bone and bind it, but after we save the crushed boyfriend.

also, wild guess, but we either lost major and backup power or the ship was torn apart.
No. 219395 ID: c2c011

Well that should explain why the gravity is all wonky. Now get on the servo arms and then it's time to save your friend. Life stuff up above him enough to create room so that you can drag him out, use liberal application of tail lubricant to make it easier to drag him out.

Then it's time to see if he's going to make it and more importantly if this ship is going to make it.
No. 219489 ID: 54af1f

Get breathing pack and check Thorn.
No. 219527 ID: fe8731
File 128217305332.png - (18.74KB , 800x600 , checklorn.png )

I was off duty in my quarters when Lorn called me up here to the workshop, something about an "engineering concern". I think he just wanted to fool around, though.

Ugh... I really don't want to try putting on a breathing pack with this arm, not if there's no immediate danger now. I tell ya, sometimes I envy people who breathe with their face. Time to properly check on Lorn.

oh tailfucking hell the fabricator fell on top of him!

Uh, ok, don't panic... I think he's still alive, it's propped up against the wall and I think I hear him breathing. We're pretty tough! I tried to prod him telepathically but something felt strangely difficult, I didn't bother beyond that. I don't know if I should move anything. It hurts when I move my arm, and I only fell on top of everything else.

I'll use the wall panel to call in on the medical bay and see if-
No. 219528 ID: fe8731
File 128217311626.png - (22.51KB , 800x600 , ohfuck.png )

oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck
No. 219529 ID: 5c1de3

did something explode?
No. 219530 ID: a594b9

Where are you on that map? If you are inside the hazard zone, get that breathing mask on pronto, telekinesis that shit off loverboy so you can put one on him too... and then let's get the hell out of here.

Maybe you can TK your arm to reset the bone? Or put together a makeshift sling.
No. 219542 ID: f4e4f9

Strangely difficult? He may have a head wound. Truth be told, you really shouldn't move anything, but what happens next depends on how bad your situation is.

So whats the problem, girl?
No. 219544 ID: 54af1f

Can you SCRAM the reactor from here? If so, do so. If not, where can you SCRAM or eject it from?
No. 219546 ID: 5c1de3

it's not the reactor, a storage pod burst.
No. 219547 ID: 54af1f


Ok, then how do we jettison or vent it?
No. 219548 ID: 8bdb6a

Is that where you are?
Are there radiation suits anywhere? Do TK bubbles resist rads? If so, maybe you should put one up.
Can you SCRAM the reactor? You should give it a go!
No. 219556 ID: 701a19

Call medical and tell them there are people alive in here.
Then determine the source of the radiation and move so that there is as much material between you and it as possible. Fortunately that graph showed a radial gradient, which means that it's a point emitter instead of a material leak.
No. 219642 ID: fe8731
File 128218881991.png - (8.95KB , 600x600 , consideroptions.png )

Ok, ok. Calm. I gotta... gotta think, here. What do I need to do, what are my problems.

One - the radiation. Scellor are pretty rad-resistant, courtesy of evolving in the middle of a dense star cluster. It'll still kill us all eventually if we don't fix it, though, and the best way to do that is to jettison the whole engine block, maybe pick it up later when it's run out of power. The bridge must be out, since they haven't done it, and... shit, looking at this diagram, it looks like whatever tore through our safety node went right on through the ship and scratched past their forward bulkhead before going on to rip that engine a new one. I hope they made it out. Without the bridge controls, the only way to jettison the block is to use the manual controls there where it meets the main hull. If there's anyone still able to move from the bridge or the living quarters, though, they'll be trying to do the same thing, and they're nearer.

Two - Lorn's hurt bad, I have to either get him to the medical bay or go there myself and bring something back. I've tried to buzz through on the comm but no-one's answered yet. Either way I'd be able to fix myself up as well.

Third - the gravity. I don't know what's causing this, all the work and living rooms have their own gravity netting in the floor.

And fourth... rrrn. Now I'm paying attention, something feels really weird, psychically. Like there's this... big, heavy black telepathic presence pushing in around me. I don't know what it'd be doing to me if I wasn't soaked in the undermind's energy.

I guess three and four are secondary right now... do I try solve the problem with the radiation right away, or will I go to the medical bay? Do I bring Lorn with me or leave him here? Or even something else?
No. 219644 ID: e973f4

Lorn is a more immediate problem than the radiation, I think.

How long would it take to drag him to the medical bay, versus going yourself and then returning? I'd go with whatever's faster; if you can get him, say, mobile, or even conscious, then you can more safely devote your attention to the other problems you've got right now. Especially the radiations.
No. 219645 ID: d87897

you should go to the med bay and take lorn with you. don't think leaving him alone is a good idea. keeping your psychic presences together should help ward off the blackness.
No. 219648 ID: e3f578

Oh dear this may be your big break of adventure, girl. Is Lorn a sentient too or do the non-sentient have a bit of a personality and like to fool around too? :3
No. 219653 ID: dad664
File 128219066843.png - (596.22KB , 800x600 , Doc___tor.png )



No. 219660 ID: 8bdb6a

Go for the reactor first.
Lorn's in serious trouble, but... the radiation could kill the entire crew if you don't hurry!
Quickly stick a brace in with Lorn to prevent any further injury, jury-rig a sling for your arm, and move directly to where you need to go to jettison the reactor. Preferably detouring slightly to pick up a radiation suit, or at least putting up a force field to help protect yourself.
No. 219662 ID: 383547

Get to med bay, help Lorn and fix yourself. It's probably a bad idea to try to fix things when wounded as it leaves you down a vital limb.
No. 219663 ID: 3234dd

OK first see if you can get Lorne stabilized. Prop up the fabricator, glue off any bleeding wounds, try not to think about possible internal bleeding or ruptured organs.

Second, get thineself to the medbay. You need to fix that arm, stat. You won't even be able to pull the main switch if you're about to pass out from a broken arm. Once you get to the medbay you should have a fairly good idea of what that black telepathic presence is. What I'm saying is, prepare to walk right into a zombie apocalypse.

If zombie apocalypse, you might want to make Lorne second priority over jettisoning the engine. If not, then you'll want to bring something from the medbay to keep Lorne alive, then dumping the bad engine your second priority. We can't tell what to do until more is seen of the situation.

Why are you soaked in the undermind's energy anyway? We haven't heard from you in like 5 years!
No. 219669 ID: 701a19

Although you normally shouldn't move people who are injured, there's not much choice here. Take Lorn to the medbay and stabilize him.

Would any habitable space be jettisoned with the reactor?
Would this area lose power if the reactor is jettisoned?
If not, do that next.
No. 219671 ID: e32cb3

Fix the reactor. See if we can get that 'radscorpion' achievement.
And prop up the fabber so he doesn't get crushed.
No. 219675 ID: a594b9

Medbay, bring Lorn.
No. 219683 ID: 9e1d1b

Tell him to wiggle his feet if alive. Then left if able to get out, right if not.
Finally, left for reactor jettison, right for getting help.

Of course, that's provided there was more than just that one door with hard vacuum on the other side.
No. 219764 ID: 5ea3ca

well, assuming we really werent ejected we should free your "fool-around-friend" and get him to medbay.

what could be the effects of this "overmind" on other creatures? is something known for causing it?
No. 219775 ID: 54af1f

No. 219784 ID: a41aaf

>all the work and living rooms have their own gravity netting in the floor.
Are the local grav controls functioning? Not only would dropping to 0g make moving the fab easier, it also helps for stabilising the injured (avoids blood pooling, less strain on the circulatory respiratory and muscular systems, etc).
No. 219803 ID: 028f80

Wait, where are the exits from this room, anyway? The door, as far as we know, opens to vaccum.

Taking Lorn to medical seems like a reasonable priority, especially if it's vaguely en-route to the reactor. Presumably you can carry him fairly evenly with telekinesis? If you've got anything vaguely light, right, and sterile it might be worth glue-bodging a neck brace.

(Can you not post huge non-quest images in the thread please?)
No. 219892 ID: ff0567
File 128226768492.png - (10.05KB , 800x600 , fablift.png )

>We haven't heard from you in like 5 years!

Well, when I joined the crew I synchronized with them, so we'd all get the same impulses from the undermind. Either this weird psychic atmosphere, or the blow to my head (or both), must have knocked me back to my default setting. As it were.

I switched the gravity off but I'm still on the ground! It did go down about a G, but it's still slanted to the corner. Oh well, better than nothing. It'll make this easier.


Good thing I did turn it off, this is about the limit of what I can lift with TK alone.
No. 219894 ID: ff0567
File 128226774393.png - (17.71KB , 800x600 , liftlorn.png )

The debris shifts, and a box of parts scatters onto the floor. Never mind that though, Lorn looks terrible! I have to get him to the medical bay!

At least it's only down the passage. Don't know whose bright idea it was not to have a door straight through the science lab.
No. 219895 ID: ff0567
File 12822677753.png - (19.17KB , 800x600 , lookinthecorridor.png )

Ok, there shouldn't be any gravity here at all! There must be some other force acting on everything.
No. 219901 ID: dad664

Why are you in your underwear, incidentally.
No. 219903 ID: 40cb26

Yeah I was about to ask... Even if you were expecting to fool around I'd think your pants would still be around somewhere.

Not that I'm complaining mind you. But you should get something on when you have the chance. No sense being easily scratched up by random debris.
No. 219905 ID: 701a19

There are four possibilities I see.
1: The artificial gravity systems are damaged, and you're being acted on by the systems of another area.
2: Your ship is in a natural gravity well.
3: Your ship is in an artificial gravity well.
4: You are accelerating.

Lets hope it's 1.
No. 219908 ID: a594b9

What direction is the gravity? What part of the ship is it oriented towards?

...hmm, here's a wild shot in the dark: You've crashed onto some kind of planet which is populated by similar psychic organisms, and their collective consciousness is the interference you're getting. The damage to your ship was caused by getting impaled upon a spire-like structure which is keeping the ship at an angle to the planet's surface.
No. 219922 ID: a10cbb

ugh, jeez, focus guys!

okay, whatever is creating the encroaching darkness effect is also probably making gravity. UNLESS you somehow crashed into a planet, which could be the gravity effect. for now just hustle as best you can to the med bay.
No. 219923 ID: a10cbb

that... makes TOO much sense.
No. 219938 ID: e31d52

oh god.

It all makes sense now!
No. 219945 ID: 8bdb6a

All four of those offer the serious possibility that ejecting the radiation-emitting compartment will just make it tumble back into the ship. Better not try it until we get more information. (If the ship's on a planet, we might need to consider abandoning it to escape the radiation.)
Better hurry to the medical bay.
No. 220324 ID: 47dee8
File 128236182278.png - (73.68KB , 800x600 , lookinthemedicbay.png )

I was in my underwear when I was called up, of course. Don't worry about it, drones go around naked all the time. Some pockets might be handy, though...

Well, if you count the bridge as being at the "top", say it's at the +x position from the ships' core, then the work areas - the workshop, science lab and medical bay - are in the -x, +y direction. If I'm able to stand on the floor here, then the gravity is pulling roughly towards the +x, -y position, and I'd say slightly towards the aft of the ship.

To put it another way, if the gravity direction is "down", then we're on top where I am, and leaning slightly to the side and tilted up.

The bridge, living area and work area are each orientated to have their gravity pull towards the ship's core, normally. If this external force is affecting every part of the ship the same way, the other areas must be falling into the walls and ceiling.

>Better hurry to the medical bay.

This place is a mess, too! But it does look like they had less loose objects to go falling all over the place.
No. 220325 ID: dad664

>Drones walk around naked all the time

This must be extremely bad for job performance but extremely good for job morale whenever your species goes into estrus.

IF your species goes into estrus.

Also there's another fallen comrade over there in the corner.

Also, wepons, you must find them.
No. 220327 ID: 9861ba

They probably have complete control over their libidos so it isn't an issue.
No. 220328 ID: 40cb26

Damn what a mess, hope there's enough equipment still left functioning to help your friends. Speaking of which, check on your other crewmate laying down just ahead. Hopefully semi-conscious and uninjured.
No. 220330 ID: 8bdb6a

Set Lorn down on the examination table. If there's some kind of automatic healing thingy, which there almost certainly is not, fire it up.
Check the Orthe for signs of life. Shoot 'em up with a stimulant if they're just knocked out, so they can start with the healing powers.

If that doesn't work... what's protocol for when the doctor is incapacitated? Got a medi-kit loaded with PAIN KILLER, STIMULANT and HEAL?
No. 220334 ID: a594b9

Is that another survivor over there? See if they're injured too.
No. 220341 ID: 7d7823

if that is the doc there then getting them up and about is critical. once theya reup they can fix themselves, you, and lorn up in no time. if they seem un-injured but still out then try wrapping them in a TK bubble so as to help them ward off the other psychic signature.
No. 220423 ID: 3234dd


Why would you think her species goes into est


>> boobies

never mind.
No. 220431 ID: 4e24b4

Put Lorn down on a bed before you do anything else. See if you can prop a bed up so it's straight. Just glue something to the bottom of the bed so one side is propped up.
No. 220817 ID: ea3222
File 128244433471.png - (13.14KB , 800x600 , biobed.png )

We do not have an estrus cycle because we are always having sex all the time. We have a very unfair reputation as a race of nymphomaniacs, it's totally bogus. We just have a massive population demand, as you know. We have all sorts of in-built redundancies to ensure maximum species survival, as you will when the lifetime of the species equates to the lifetime of the individual self. My instinctive willingness to have sex with people regardless of my precise relationship with them is no more a reflection on me than how I could cut off my arm and grow it into a clone of myself.

Similarly, just because I have three tongues and retractable teeth and can breathe with my mouth full does not make me some kind of natural whore. I would have to take money in exchange for sex to qualify for that. And I've only done that like three times.

It's not like I'm a professional.

... What was I doing?

It's one of the drones, an orthe. Probably here to take care of the life-support trees. The doctor isn't around... I think she's supposed to be off-duty around now. The drone's unconscious, but seems to have no major injury besides a bump on the head. I can't seem to wake him up, though.

I lay Lorn down on one of the two AutoDoc beds. These things can cure most flesh wounds and broken bones, and are designed for use by the uneducated. They're pretty expensive, though - most ships would be lucky to have just one.

And, unfortunately, they're also quite delicate. These are both broken, with one only able to give me a scan. I can fix it... but I need engineering parts. I can go back to the workshop for some, or scavenge enough for one of the beds out of the other.
No. 220818 ID: 2c53c2

>I can go back to the workshop for some, or scavenge enough for one of the beds out of the other.
Cannibalize the one bed for the other. Not only are the parts more likely to be directly compatible, it's also closer and will therefore take less time. And there's no telling how much time you have.
No. 220819 ID: d677cc

This is a good plan.
No. 220826 ID: 4ea75e

the other psychic signature is probably keeping them out. wrap their head in a TK bubble to give them a boost and get them up. the lack of sapience is probably why it took them out easy, lower mental defense.
No. 220827 ID: 90a58f

Hang on a sec. We've got two wounded here (three, counting the head-bopped drone), and lots more likely around. Wouldn't it be best to have as many autodocs operational as possible?

I'd suggest you go get 'em engineering parts, ma'am. Then again, one autodoc working right away rather than two later might be preferable. I just dunno how long the doc takes treating each patient.
No. 220838 ID: 117dce

Two beds sound like a solid idea. To engineering, young lady.
No. 220841 ID: 8bdb6a

Get the parts from the workshop you were just in. It's right down the hall. Shouldn't take more than half a minute. Cannibalizing the other bed will take longer.
No. 220842 ID: 45be60

head bopped drone is not injured enough to matter, and the bed won't get him going again. He unconscious because his connection to the undermind has been cut. Same reason Mistress Syrup gets to listen to us again.

Cannibalize one bed. Maybe you can rebuild the other with more engineering parts later, but you will work so much faster after you fix one and get your injuries taken care of.
No. 220843 ID: dad664
File 128244708210.png - (5.77KB , 223x220 , Chloenotes.png )

>three tongues
>retractable teeth
>can breath with mouth full

*furious scribbling*
No. 220844 ID: 701a19

Fix one autodoc FIRST. Then it can be healing people while you're getting parts to fix the other - and if you can't find parts, then you'll already have the maximum number of working autodocs anyway.
No. 220846 ID: 2eac65

One working bed now is better than two working beds later, and you can get parts to fix the other one afterwards.

Or maybe fixing one bed would damage the other one too much to repair it conveniently. If that's the case, then it depends on whether you think Lorn would survive long enough to get parts for both.

If not, then can you partially fix one bed enough for it to stabilize him, then go back and get the remaining tools you need?

You're the engineering expert, so you know what's possible better than we do.
No. 220847 ID: a594b9

This is solid logic.
No. 220848 ID: 660412

Cannibalize, but in such a way that you put bad parts on when you scavenge good parts.

That way. You can fix it later without needing to dig out manuals or scematics. ...unless that's a nonissue. Then, take that sucker apart!
No. 220852 ID: 5f83c8

repair a bed now and run to engineering to see if you can find parts to repair the other one. meanwhile, check everyone/everything and try to discover who else needs heal/repair.

any children yet? =3
No. 220867 ID: e3f578

face down ass up that's the way we like to fuk. I suppose that's how your species says hello. Why are you at war with everybody again? Sounds like everyone would want to be allies with you nyoro~n

Alright, fuckin' cannibalize that shit like you were stuck on a island and you were a robot skipper and that autodoc was your Gilligan. Goddamn tasty as chicken with the wonderful abilities of revival. Hot damn your on a roll tonight and nobody's is going to fuck your shit, especially not no goddamn stupid machine that will give you orange instead of lemon lime.
No. 221581 ID: 7b2817
File 128262053764.png - (13.32KB , 800x600 , workinexplainin.png )

Alright, I'm gonna take the parts from the other bed. A lesser worker probably mess it up taking them out, but fortunately engineering is my speciality. The exact match will make my work easier and faster.

Maybe. Mitrel, our orthan, he'd be able to sense more about it, maybe even do something about it. A telekinetic field doesn't do anything about telepathy.

>Why are you at war with everybody again?

It all comes back to psykonium. It's not just that exposure makes you psychic, oh no (it also makes non-psychics crazy, if they're not careful). It's not even just that you can use it to make machines for sensing and manipulating psychic fields. No, everyone's mad for it because it's the only source of psitrons, the new subatomic particle everyone's raving about. Without 'em, psykonium would be plain ordinary iron. If you suck 'em out and stick them onto other elements, you get all sorts of new materials with their own crazy useful properties, and of course those can form new molecules and blah blah blah. The whole field of psitech is based on this stuff, and the larger portion of the galaxy's most advanced science is derived from it.

And we, poor saps that we are, are one of a half dozen known species that actually need the stuff to live. We live in the Maalia belt, one of only three regions of the galaxy that psykonium-rich asteroids and planets can be found in. So, everyone comes here to fight for it.

We count ourselves lucky we don't have the whole galaxy piling in here. People who know about psykonium are usually smart enough to not spread it around.

Two ovum a year, every year since I was able, same as any other scellor girl. No sentient kids yet, though.
No. 221582 ID: dad664

Have there been attempts at making synthetic psykonium?
No. 221593 ID: 2c53c2

Where might you be able to find this Mitrel?

...actually, could we just get a listing of notable personnel on board, and their last known/likely locations?
No. 221612 ID: 40cb26

>synthetic psykonium
...Now THAT would make a name for you, damn. Let's look into this when everything isn't collapsing around you.
No. 221616 ID: a8cb44

yeah, who all is sentient on here, most likely the captain, and apparently the medical officer, but who else?
No. 221619 ID: a594b9

...I thought you explained the LOTS OF SEX away as needing it for population growth. If you only make 2 ovum a year, it sounds like most of the sex is not for procreation!
No. 221623 ID: 8bdb6a

Priority should be getting a grip on the overall situation. Is Mitrel one of the guys in charge?

Can you just find a window? Do that, if you can, as soon as the other bed's fixed.
No. 221719 ID: 57c498

inst there a intercomm or you rely mostly on telephaty?

try to hail anyone for the generic situation on the ship.
No. 221732 ID: 3e83e6

Maybe lots of sex encourages ovulation.

Check on that drone once the medbed's up and running again. Bring him/her to medbay if its not too much of a struggle, but you should probably try and gather survivors at a safe spot.
No. 221757 ID: dad664

A thought to consider is that maybe their biology has a way of storing the genetic samples of those they couple with. When the time comes to lay an ovum, the body can then mix and match positive genetic traits to create the best possible genetic matrix that is possible.

The urge to copulate frequently basically allows the body to have a greater choice of which genes to hand pick when the time comes to create the ovum.
No. 221814 ID: 3234dd


Interesting. That would actually put selection pressure on the females to be promiscuous, as they need to maintain genetic diversity for their biannual ovum production. Either that or result in a hive society where the gravid queen's bloated body stores the male spermatophores and uses them progressively throughout her life to pump out worker bees.
No. 221871 ID: e9f55f
File 128268894596.png - (15.00KB , 800x600 , biobedrunning.png )

You can take psitrons and stick them into iron atoms to get psykonium. Considering where you have to get them from, though, this is pretty useless!

No-one knows where psitrons come from.

Mitrel is our orthan. He organizes everyone and makes sure we're doing our jobs and is in charge of hiring people and such. I suppose in other species he'd be the captain or something. Rel is the doctor, an orthe. She looks after our psychological and mental health, and makes sure the biotech stays working.

We have two ulkam. Muun is our pilot and navigator, he's the newest on the ship, and Shiia is our scientist. It's her job to deal with any new planets, unknown species, weird astrological phenomena or strange swirly space anomalies we run into. She doesn't have much to do most of the time, so she hangs out with Kole, our Niiar, who also has a lot of free time when we're not being attacked by space pirates or whatever.

And finally there's me, and Lorn, and Ferram - he takes care of the sensors and the main computer, up on the bridge. We're all praal.

That was my explanation for the urge to breed all the time. Whether I actually end up popping one out has nothing to do with it. I think it's some weird hold-over from when we were placentals, ages and ages ago. Like, our bodies are never convinced we're pregnant? I dunno, I'm not a biologist.

Anyway, the autodoc is up and running! Might have been just in time; I think Lorn had some pretty serious internal bleeding. What now?
No. 221878 ID: e31d52

Check around for others as we assail you with more cultural and personal questions.

Are you attracted to other girls?
No. 221879 ID: 40cb26

Shiia's expertise is the most relevant right now so we should head our way to where she should be. If she's with Kole all the better, who knows if you'll be under attack before long. Keep watch for any of the rest of the crew along the way and hope there aren't more serious injuries than able bodied people to carry them to medical. We'll need to swing by engineering on the way back too, if you think we can fix the other bed with those parts.

>No-one knows where psitrons come from.
Well you see, that'd be the neat thing to know. How does the term "artificial psitrons" make you feel?
No. 221882 ID: f3e516

sounds like a good plan. science wiz can figure out what is with the gravity and the presence.
No. 221886 ID: 2c53c2

How long will it take for Lorn to be fixed up? Perhaps you should leave him a note.

That's if it'll take a while, anyway. If you expect him to be conscious in the next five minutes or so, then stick around here and scavenge for useful parts or items while answering our silly questions.

Questions like "Can you get a telepathic message to any of the other crew members?" You should know them pretty well and therefore be able to message them as long as they're nearby-ish, right? Though there is that psychic fog...
No. 221897 ID: a594b9

Get ye to fixing the reactor! Or helping whoever's trying to do that already.
No. 221904 ID: 3e83e6

unless you can somehow make the med-bed heal him better, get to work saving the rest of the ship.
No. 221941 ID: 8bdb6a

Can you find a window? Or access an external camera or sensor system? Try and find one. It might help you understand the situation, and whether it's safe to eject the radiological hazard.
No. 221945 ID: 3234dd

Build a fort out of the junk in engineering.
No. 221949 ID: dad664

Okay...well...has anyone tried to synthesize Psitrons then?
No. 221955 ID: 160c78

>Build a mech out of the junk in engineering.

and then go huntin for alien and chestbursters. you already have the uniform!
No. 221998 ID: e9f55f
File 128271278216.png - (7.54KB , 800x600 , backthroughthecorridor1.png )

Depends on how badly hurt he really is. Probably something like twenty minutes before he's at full health, and he'll be hungry. Rel says he autodoc drains the body's resources to do its job.

I don't think I can get a message through this psychic field, not without physical contact. Maybe I'll get used to it.

It's difficult to find any scellor who's only interested in one sex. I have a preference for guys wired into my body, of course, but I also have the urges of a few hundred billion dudes jammed in the back of my mind.

I like it. Helps me appreciate how totally hot I am.

>"artificial psitrons"
Lots of people have tried it, and the attempt can go very, very wrong. Like, massive destruction, witnesses going crazy kinda wrong. But if anyone does manage it, it'll change everything.

The science lab has the secondary computer core in it, mostly for the purposes of processing sensor information. I'm not totally great with computers, but I can probably pick up a feed. There's a pretty good chance Shiia's in there, too. I'll head over right away.

Science lab is just between the workshop and medic bay, so it's super quick to get there. Good thing, since this passage is designed for microgravity and all these hatches and handholds are really easy trip ov-
No. 222000 ID: e9f55f
File 12827128077.png - (39.12KB , 800x600 , backthroughthecorridor2.png )

No. 222001 ID: e9f55f
File 128271286110.png - (5.11KB , 800x600 , backthroughthecorridor3.png )






No. 222006 ID: e31d52

Let me guess: Gravity changed?
No. 222007 ID: 764b84

No. 222010 ID: dec39b

I would ask if you're okay, but with the expletives and whatnot, maybe not.
No. 222018 ID: 40cb26

...Fell right onto it, huh? Grin and bear it, you've got work to do. Your arm is broken, perhaps you can secure it with your telekinesis like a splint and cast. That'll free your other arm to help you keep balance.

As far as the artificial psitrons ideas go, remember you do have one resource most don't: the Undermind itself. I'd find it hard to believe that psitrons and it have no relation or possible influence on one another.
No. 222023 ID: 754124

Didn't I tell you to take care of that? Now look what happened. Seriously, find some stuff to splint it up with.
No. 222026 ID: 8bdb6a

Maybe the ship is on the ground, and it's settling into place/sinking into the soil.
Get up and continue onward. You can splint your arm when you get there, if it's just down the hall.

>I also have the urges of a few hundred billion dudes jammed in the back of my mind.
Seems like most of the urges from those would be to get naked and/or masturbate at inappropriate times.
No. 222047 ID: a594b9

Status of arm?
No. 222108 ID: 2bd6d9

Another possibility is that your ship has been pulled in with a tractor beam or suchlike and something is connecting to the hull now... Just my guess anyway.

Take some painkillers and go to sort out that radiation issue. Do a bit of shouting for other crewmembers on your way there.
No. 222114 ID: 3e83e6

we were careless. We should have suggested that you attempt to treat yourself as well.
No. 222117 ID: 59aff1

was that a explosion hit, a cannon hit, a asteroid hit, a pirate hit or a gravity well hit?

im pretty sure we could only do 1st aid after she cared for the near dead "friend".
No. 222121 ID: d560d6

>Seems like most of the urges from those would be to get naked and/or masturbate at inappropriate times.
And to go left.
No. 222308 ID: e00704
File 128279846811.png - (7.37KB , 800x600 , backthroughthecorridor4.png )

No... nnh. Felt like a big asteroid impact... but, no, with the safety nodes down, that'd have been way worse. Could have been something small, then. Ship shifting. Some compartment depressurizing.

Rrgh. I guess you're right. I was worried about Lorn. Thought I could do something about it in the medic bay.

You don't know the half of it. I'm actually kinda surprised how well-behaved you've been so far.

Arm... really hurts now. Science lab can wait. Not much in there to make a splint. Workshop, that's the ticket. Just a quick detour.

... Ow.
No. 222309 ID: e00704
File 128279861325.png - (13.56KB , 800x600 , backintheworkshop.png )

... Maybe I should just fix the other bed and get myself healed properly. Should only take a minute or two for a fracture. I mean, if there's a gravity well acting on us, then the rest of the ship's going to need some climbing to get around in.

Plus, it still hurts. Seriously.
No. 222311 ID: a594b9

Good point. Alright, get yon parts.

Also check the ship damage report again.
No. 222314 ID: 2c53c2

Sure, do it. If there are no other parts conveniently around, it might require a bit of a walk, though.
No. 222317 ID: 97cb33

maybe you can telekinetically 'feel' for the parts. just find things that feel the same as the other parts.
No. 222319 ID: 3416ec

Assemble a crude splint from the parts.
No. 222320 ID: 754124

>I'm actually kinda surprised how well-behaved you've been so far.
Sorry. I'll try and come up with some more titillating suggestions. In the meanwhile, though, let's fix the arm. If you're going to take the pussy way out and use SCIENCE! once the autodoc is free, that would be a good opportunity to get naked and masturbate.
No. 222321 ID: 8bdb6a

>I'm actually kinda surprised how well-behaved you've been so far.
Well, you've got a broken arm and there's a mysterious force hurting the ship and everyone's slowly dying of radiation poisoning. But hey, you only live once thousands of times.

There's parts right on the floor.

Since we're just going to keep thinking up excuses to not heal the arm, and you've been unconscious for an indeterminate length of time and may be suffering from radiation poisoning, yeah, go ahead and fix the other bed.

...Unless that'll take more than twenty minutes, in which case you'd might as well just wait. Sit down, make a splint, eat some food. Also masturbate, obviously. You've got a tail that produces lubrication. This isn't complicated.
No. 222331 ID: 2c53c2

>There's parts right on the floor.
That doesn't mean that they're the right parts to repair the medical equipment. Admittedly, I did not specify.

Witty. Very witty.
No. 222381 ID: d560d6

You shouldn't move your arms while the autodoc is working, though. You'll just have to do it telekinetically.

But, yeah, second bed. You're a Praal; fix things.
No. 222383 ID: 54af1f


Yeah, fix the other bed and do that. Seriously. Stop running around with a broken arm.
No. 222400 ID: 40cb26

It was damaged and you stripped it for parts, are you sure you can pull it off quickly with those other parts and one usable arm? Well your already on it so I'll trust you can, but if it gives you too much trouble don't spend forever on it, remove Lorn as soon as he's stable and fix your arm with the one working bed.

Here's one easy thing you can do though: when you step out of engineering call out for Shiia and Kole or anyone else. If we're lucky we can get some of you back together without the trip.
No. 222428 ID: b02f36
File 128284697078.png - (23.63KB , 800x600 , coregone.png )


... Huh. I guess there is someone else up and about!
No. 222430 ID: b02f36
File 128284706671.png - (19.63KB , 800x600 , shoutout.png )

Pussy schmussy, I'm not going to keep a broken arm any longer than I can manage! I'm bringing this box of parts back to the med bay.

Alright: if telepathy doesn't work, maybe sound will.


... no answer.

Well, whatever. Fine. I have work to do...
No. 222431 ID: b02f36
File 128284715564.png - (16.92KB , 800x600 , underthebed.png )

... Aah.

There. Repair only took a few minutes.

Well, I can't go anywhere for a little while. You guys want to ask me any questions? You seem to be missing a lot of basic stuff. I wonder if that has anything to do with the rest of this mess.
No. 222433 ID: a4c399

So what do you think we are? Because from our perspective we've never actually helped a member of your species before.

Oh we have experience helping people out of some serious jams (just so you don't think we are complete scrubs), but 'different' people.
No. 222435 ID: 3234dd

Don't listen to him he's crazy. We are all totally the same species as you and you're totally connected to the correct psychic collective semi-subconscious. You haven't got your brain invaded by weird alien beings who don't even have excretory glands on their tails. Nope. Nosirree.
No. 222436 ID: 8bdb6a

That explains the jolt. Good. How long can the ship function without that part?

What enemies are most likely to be operating in the area of space you're in?
Are bras one of the things you've evolved beyond the need for?
You breathe through those dangly tube things, right? Seems like that would make it easy to fit a respirator. Just latch those suckers onto ports on a backpack unit. Inhale through one tube, exhale through the other.
Does the Ruby Gaze have a full load of psykonium, or something else that someone might be stealing?
Did your 'tailfucking' epithet imply that's not a safe practice?
How have your shitty arms been doing for the last few years? They certainly haven't been much help for the last few minutes.
No. 222443 ID: 445c48

What's with those dealies on your head?
No. 222448 ID: f4963f

Last we recall, you got on this ship to get some money to start up SEXY PIRATE LADY plans. How much have you gathered up so far? Do you have it in some sort of bank account, or how does Scellorian finance work?
No. 222461 ID: d560d6

Hey, is that a Stereo FM Radio/cassette deck to your left? Tune it to a classic rock station.
No. 222467 ID: 445c48

Seeing as you're not in immediate danger, Now would be a good time to masturbate and/or get naked. Just saying.

No. 222496 ID: 3e83e6

Okay, that portion of the engine that was jettisoned. was that a huge piece of the ship? Do you know if crew quarters or other sections of the ship went with it, or is your ship just a big engine with lots of space for cargo and a relatively small work/living space?
No. 222502 ID: 40cb26

How mobile is that forehead/hair/feeler thing? Can you rub your chin with it? Because I could totally see you doing that whilst contemplating things.

Well next time make it funny.
Or effective.
No. 222507 ID: 97cb33

i think the shock was the blast bolts launching the block away.
No. 222508 ID: 2eac65

What other species are active around this region of space? And what's the political situation like?
No. 222575 ID: 4c7b39

Three theories. Please see if either has holes in them.

One: You crash landed on a habitated planet. The reason that you are feeling gravity is, well, obvious. The reason you're feeling weird psychic energy is because perhaps you and the habitators' psychic energy don't resonate well with each other. Those signs of movement could be people on board the ship salvaging the ship for parts.

2: You're on a living planet. The reason that you feel such massive psychic energy is because it is such a massive thing. The signs of movement could be it's digestive tract working on you. Get the hell out of there.

3: You found your Psykonium. That movement can be either friendlies trying to get at it, or people already staking the place ripping the ship for parts. The reason for the energy is because of the Psykonium rich environment.
No. 222578 ID: 97cb33

the movemen is just the block being ejected. the kickback of the ejector rocked the ship.
No. 222780 ID: a449f6
File 128296537733.png - (16.11KB , 800x600 , underthebed2.png )

You're the Undermind, my psychic connection to the rest of my species. Some of what I get from you is conscious, some subconscious. Some's from other scellor who are alive, and some of it's from psychic patterns who're between bodies. It's always a bit of a mess. You get stray shots of random thought, talk to old patterns who've been out of body too long and forgotten stuff. There's different, um. Layers. Like an ocean, I think. We can attune to each other to hear the same stuff, but every scellor has their own sort of default "frequency" that they listen to.

I can't imagine what it's like for aliens. I've tried. Left with only one way of thinking, one perspective on everything. Able to misunderstand each other, to misunderstand themselves. Having to question themselves all the time. Nothing but darkness and silence in their heads.

Brrr. Scary.

>How long can the ship function without that part?

Technically, so long as the main engine at the back of the ship is working, we don't need any of the blocks - not for sublight, anyway. Of course, readout says the main's borked. Still, one block could keep the ship going, even let us putter around... slowly.

Three blocks still working, now. That's barely enough to accelerate into FTL and get to safe port before anyone dies of old age. Those two that're in autoshutdown, though, maybe we can fix 'em.

The reason we have so many zeffin' engines is so we can jam ourselves into asteroids and pull out again, and to make our crappy ftl system worth using. And taking care of them all is my job.

>What enemies are most likely to be operating in the area of space you're in?
This particular area? Not many, assuming we're still where we were last I remember. The Culio Cloud. There's always been rumours of some big hit out here, but it's basically a puff o' dust. Shouldn't be anything bigger than a few hundred km across, definitely no solar system with proper planets. Lots of asteroids. Pretty dangerous for most ships, but we have heavy shields and armour. And no-one could have followed us, not with the cloak.

It's a mystery is what it is.

>Are bras one of the things you've evolved beyond the need for?
Being a scellor and a praal besides, my skin is a little more tough and firm than a lot of other humanoids, so that's a bit of support. If push shoves I can heft the load with TK for a while. The only time I wear something is when I spar with Kole for exercise. Unless the fibers in the bodysock count, when I'm in a suit.

>You breathe through those dangly tube things, right?
Those are my ears. And yes.

>Does the Ruby Gaze have a full load of psykonium, or something else that someone might be stealing?
Rrgh, no. The last time we found psykonium was two years ago, and it was some ore mixed in with a comet. We don't have anything else, either, we just dropped off a big load of asteroid scrapings a week ago.

Unless... well, there's us. The crew. We do have traces of psykonium in our bodies. Some of the more unsavoury space pirates, they...

... I really, really hope that's not it.

>Did your 'tailfucking' epithet imply that's not a safe practice?
Look, sometimes, some things are not healthy to go sticking into other things. No matter how good it feels.

Uh. So I've heard.

>How have your shitty arms been doing for the last few years? They certainly haven't been much help for the last few minutes.
They're not much help playing video games either, I tell you that. Fucking analogue sticks on everything.

My ears? My orel? What?

All profits are managed by the government. We are all fed, sheltered, treated for health troubles and, for sentients, clothed, from the government's pocket. Sentients also get to keep a stipend based on a fraction of their earnings, and freely trade with other species. I guess it's sort of like communism for the drones, and capitalism for us?

Economics isn't my bag. I personally have plenty of money (in various forms of storage, friendly to the interstellar community). But what I really need is psykonium. I do wanna live past thirty, here. I just... haven't gotten much, yet.


I shouldn't have said anything, should I? Although... hmm.

That's my orel! It works like a radar dish for my psychic powers. Gives me more accuracy with 'em than if I were another species. It's pretty flexible. Like having a little tail on my head.

The Maalia Belt? Well, including us, there's only three spacefaring species native. But since so many others come here for the psykonium, I'd never know what I might run across. Krantikes, thorr worms, routenites, humans, the Law, cybolds, truut-ruut, ruut-truut, space doobies, the Spiders, leficars, faazlings, Defined Ones, even a condraak that one time on Nos. I've seen 'em. There's always another kind of stranger that might come in the door.

The first two, maybe. I don't know. Not the third one. I know what psykonium feels like.
No. 222790 ID: a594b9

>little tail on your head

Hehehehehe. Is THAT one unhealthy to use? Not that you can really do that right now, what with your injuries.
No. 222794 ID: 3234dd

Man, cybolds are the worst. Something that puny shouldn't be able to survive that much augmentation. I suppose it's the only way for them to compensate for lack of everything else. But the platform shoes are just tacky.
No. 222796 ID: e31d52

Really, this is downtime. If you want to relieve those urges, now is the time.
No. 222799 ID: 1a99f0

So what could break through shields meant to protect against asteroids?
Also, why do you bother using your hands? Like shouldn't you at least be controlling them with telekinesis more than your muscles or something?
And I really hate to be a killjoy, but there's some important stuff to be doing, so you should probably save if for later unless you're sure you could finish before the autodoc does.
No. 222806 ID: 20914f

So, of those species you listed, which ones tend to be the biggest threats?
No. 222816 ID: 8bdb6a

>Those are my ears.
Are those independently mobile? Can you lift them up or attach them to air nozzles? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?
>I can heft the load with TK for a while.
That's a pretty convenient excuse to squeeze them with telekinesis whenever you feel like it.
>communism for the drones, and capitalism for us?
Kind of the opposite of normal.
>We do have traces of psykonium in our bodies.
You normally can recycle it, right? Otherwise the whole species is completely dependent on an ultra-rare, nonrenewable resource...

What's to be done about restoring intra-ship communications?
No. 222822 ID: 0d5620

>Really, this is downtime. If you want to relieve those urges, now is the time.
She seems to be pretty unhappy about all the bad stuff happening so maybe it'd help cheer her up.
She can use TK if she's worried about arms or tails or panties being in the way.
Also, we don't know what to do after this other than wait for Lorn, so it won't interrupt anything urgent.
No. 222842 ID: 2c53c2

Oh, come on, you guys. Now is NOT the time. For all we know, every minute is critical. There's not a great deal of time available until the healing is done in any case; hardly appropriate.

>Those two that're in autoshutdown, though, maybe we can fix 'em.
How far away from these are you? The science lab is the obvious first stop, unless there's a spot that someone else would need to be in to eject the engine block from (if there is, where and how far is it?). Since you'd know that there's someone there, it might be worth checking out. But anyway, running a damage/repair assessment on critical systems is always important, and as one of the engineers you should probably get on that as fast as possible.
No. 222854 ID: f4963f

Agreed, this isn't the time or place. Maolla, keep your thoughts on your next course of action. After the cover pops off, we should be hitting the ground running.

We've dealt with problem two, someone else jettisoned the core. Our next priority should be either repairing the damaged blocks or looking for more members of the crew. Go with whichever one feels like a bigger priority to you.
No. 222893 ID: 754124

>>You breathe through those dangly tube things, right?
>Those are my ears. And yes.
So there purposes are
1. receiving auditory input
2. breathing
the long tube shape seems very counterproductive for both of those purposes. And the sound of your breathing must interfere with your hearing by a significant amount. I suppose holding your breath would allow you to listen, if it was a specific time when you knew what you were listening for, though.

>Look, sometimes, some things are not healthy to go sticking into other things.
Always a good thing to remember.

This. It's not likely to make you significantly more vulnerable than you are anyway for the duration of the healing process, and you're not likely to get a good chance again for a while.
No. 222902 ID: 45be60

hand... just a little bit lower... that's it...
No. 222904 ID: 40cb26

So with your tail, it has a lube and a glue function. We saw the glue was good enough to seal the leak so that's certainly strong, but do you need to use artificial glues and cements for some purposes? I imagine you at least need to weld things, your whole ship wouldn't be held together by the stuff... right? Same deal with the lube, how effective is it and does it see much practical use? Any interesting non-standard uses for them? What if you mix the glue and the lube at the same time?

What's it like having three tongues, do they have different uses or each taste different flavors or what? Do three tongues make you better or worse at saying tongue twisters?

I'm wondering how she might use these things like that, I suppose that one could at least come down and wrap around when using her mouth... and would that be oral sex or orel sex?

If's she's got the time and a hand free, I don't see why not. If she wants to too, otherwise I'm ok with her just jumping around in her space undies. Of course, we are on the subject of her anatomy... Got anything else unique that's hidden from view? Nothing toothed or prehensile or anything to surprise us with?
No. 222922 ID: d560d6

>hardly appropriate.
You're new here, aren't you?

Did you ever tell us how long we're looking at for Lorn to be up and mobile? If he's the main mechanic, it's probably worth waiting for him before running of to hit things with a telekinetic spanner.
No. 222964 ID: c91944

well you havent been much of a PC these last years. how is your trainning? is the ship armed in any sense?

we may need to consider getting you weapons. pirates or not, something busted a really well defended mining vessel.

do psitrons deplete/degrade themselves?

nose sex. thats gonna be a good sneeze.

No. 222987 ID: f82d85


Tell us about the Space Doobies!
No. 223017 ID: 7aff7e

I like how the mention of how un-lewd we've been so far immediately brings the lewd voices to the front.

Question: from the perspective of this particular channel of undermind consciousness, you've been incommunicado from the time you became sentient and signed onto the Ruby Gaze to when you woke up to this disaster. Is this normal? Is there any reason why we would suddenly come back to the forefront in this situation?
No. 223059 ID: 7aff7e
File 128303420855.png - (222B , 15x16 , favicon.png )

This is how you add an icon, right?
No. 223090 ID: 40cb26

She covered this already, our connection was dropped when she synced up with her crew. Us being a default setting of sorts, our connection was reestablished when that one was knocked loose from her.

I'd rather she didn't.

It could work, because the tubes are so long it gives a lot of redundancy for hearing (even if the exact mechanism is unclear), and I suspect she only inhales through them which would limit noise and any difficulty with breathing. They should also be well adapted to have little noise result from the air passing through.

Is that about right, Maolla?
No. 223109 ID: e30511
File 128304082118.png - (35.65KB , 700x600 , watbed.png )


That is obscene!
No. 223110 ID: e30511
File 128304087588.png - (57.55KB , 700x600 , underthebed3.png )

Our hearing is sort of... not the best. It's not so bad as our sight, though; we have terrible night vision. Again, dense star cluster. We didn't have any night where we come from. Our sense of taste is great, though.

Yes, yes, yes and yes.
That's right...
Well, yeah. Normally it just goes round and round in the ecosystem, but we need more to support new colonies and population growth.

I'm pretty sure I can do that in the science lab.

Well, an ion charge opens holes in shields, but the chances of getting through that hole and then immediately hitting the only vulnerable part of the ship - the safety nodes - is very slim. Normally you'd need a prolonged barrage to get the ship in the state it's in now, but from the readout, it looked like we were hit by just two huge, precise shots. That's something only a big, big weapon can do... not something that's carried on a normal ship.

Well, I can change the glue's consistency a bit, make it either hard-drying or more rubbery. If I use TK I can shape it into things, even into a sort of rope. We really only use it for makeshift work, though. The lube is basically like oil, it's good in machines. And it dissolves the glue. I... don't think there's any particularly "interesting" use for the glue. Or the lube... besides the obvious, of course...

Our tongues, or more accurately the side tongues, are for precise taste. Since we're part flesh and part kel, we have some very complicated dietary needs and we need to know if we're getting them. We don't speak with them, though, we don't breathe through our mouths. Well, we can, but you have to sort of... flex, deep in the back of the throat. We do that to smell, you know? By tasting the air?

... And I have the same between my legs as most humanoid women, thank you.

Definitely space doobies, if they have a reason. And the Law, if you've, you know, broken the law. And leficars. They're just crazy.

We have a cache of person weapons, of course, but the ship? We have a couple of torpedo tubes. And the mining cutter up front, I guess.

Come on, guys... you know I get emotional feedback from... this sort of...
No. 223111 ID: e30511
File 128304092715.png - (31.34KB , 700x600 , underthebed4.png )

Oh, fuck it. A couple of minutes stress relief won't hurt... I'll just...
No. 223112 ID: e30511
File 128304095376.png - (31.19KB , 700x600 , underthebed5.png )


Woah, someone's coming into the medbay.
No. 223117 ID: d3dfb8

Goddamnit, just as shit was about to get good. Peek out and see what you can see. I wouldn't just up and jump out of the bed yet, they could be hostile.
Also your nipples are hard.
No. 223118 ID: 40cb26

...The way you curl up is adorable.

Anyways, are you about healed up yet? Do you have any way to see outside of the medical bed? Hopefully it's just one of your crew, but if it's trouble I don't think you can do much to be anymore screwed than you already are. Ask who's there.
No. 223119 ID: d560d6

>Ask who's there
May as well. I can't imagine that being in a presumably-at-least-humming medibed full of red light leaves you with much of stealth option.

Can you turn your head without meddling with the shoulder restraints and arm healing?
No. 223123 ID: 7aff7e
File 128304203414.jpg - (21.49KB , 300x278 , shotweb.jpg )

>Well, I can change the glue's consistency a bit, make it either hard-drying or more rubbery. If I use TK I can shape it into things, even into a sort of rope. We really only use it for makeshift work, though. The lube is basically like oil, it's good in machines. And it dissolves the glue. I... don't think there's any particularly "interesting" use for the glue. Or the lube... besides the obvious, of course...
Really? I can think of a few.

Okay, looks like the coffee break's over. Quick question: is it obvious from the outside that you're in the autodoc, and how badly could someone screw you up by messing with it from the outside? Sure, there's an 80% chance that it's just one of your crewmates out there and there's nothing to worry about, but 80 is a long way from 100.
No. 223126 ID: 8bdb6a

Pretend to be unconscious.
No. 223131 ID: 9406d6

Hey. Camera. Down a bit, thanks.
No. 223136 ID: 0d5620

>Come on, guys... you know I get emotional feedback from... this sort of...
Oh, REALly.
No. 223139 ID: 54af1f

Peak over and see who if you can, get your TK ready to fight if not.
No. 223143 ID: 87bb9c

are you feeling this
cause i am sending you as much of 'keep rubbing your ladyparts in the face of being caught' as i can
No. 223144 ID: 97cb33

not the time now. serious mode up and see who it is.
No. 223153 ID: c91944

guise, we can sex her up after we discover if we got infiltrated by professional killers or not.

can you hide somehow? do you have acess to something that can be used as a gun, asides yout TK and glue?
No. 223154 ID: 445c48

I'm all for labypart rubbin' when no one's around, but someone's around. So no. Unless it's a drone, they don't really count, right?
No. 223163 ID: c91944

if it is a drone he will get a unique perspective of the situation, providing us with a taste of what he thinks of it.

lets just hope that he can be through completely my poor flavor in puns.
No. 223177 ID: a594b9

Excuse me. It seems I have forgotten some of the taboos of our culture.

Find out who just came in before you do anything. If it's someone obviously hostile you should probably get out of bed. If it's one of the crew members, ask them for a status report. Audibly.

No. 223181 ID: 4829b2

What is the matter with you people
No. 223187 ID: 40cb26

>shot web
That's... actually not a bad idea. Can you shoot the glue to gum up an attacker?
No. 223200 ID: 3234dd

It's probably just your crewmates who also got injured and need the medbay. They might be pissed at you for not putting the engine block first, but once they see Lorn they should be glad you took the time to fix the autodocs.

...what you need is a clit vibrator. Perfect for covert handless masturbation during distracting fast paced action scenes.
No. 223203 ID: 27c9d9

Cover yourself up and adorably shout 'I WASN'T DOING ANYTHING!'

Surefire plan.
No. 223241 ID: 2eac65

Attempt telepathic contact. It's worth a try, at least.
No. 223326 ID: 754124

Masturbation during action scenes seems like a surefire way to get killed.
No. 223392 ID: 476456


Hey it worked in uhh.... ok it never worked.
No. 223510 ID: ea2a3c


Only because it's never been tried before!
No. 223516 ID: 45be60

well, there was that scene in Shoot Em Up where the girl finally achieves climax as the last swat dude dies.
No. 223561 ID: 1de172

No. 223598 ID: dad664

She's got telekinesis. I'm quite sure she can do things that a vibrator could only dream of achieving.
No. 223612 ID: 445c48

Why the hell are we still talking about this
No. 223617 ID: d560d6

Because we're waiting to see who it is and none of us know how to use >>/questdis/331682 :V
No. 223769 ID: d91531
File 128321660584.png - (15.11KB , 800x600 , mitrelandkole.png )

>"Kole, what are you looking at? Put me down."
No. 223771 ID: 97cb33

stutter and claim you weren't doing anything.
No. 223773 ID: 701a19

"Oh, hey, more not-dead people.
Could you tell me what the crap is going on around here?"
No. 223774 ID: a70435

"Well are you going to help me with this or finish what you were doing?"
No. 223775 ID: e67080

wave, ask for status report. Inform them of broken arm.
No. 223779 ID: d560d6

"I'll be done in a minute."

You mean with the healing, of course.
No. 223783 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 223791 ID: abb30a

No. 223792 ID: 283fa9

I like this.

Though an important question is: Do we know this person? And should he be on the ship?
No. 223805 ID: 6834bc

Mitrel is the cap'n, Kole is the muscle who kicks hostile pirate ass.
No. 223838 ID: 40cb26

It's Mitrel and Kole. Her recognition of them is felt by us in the image filename.
No. 223876 ID: d91531
File 128322539914.png - (12.20KB , 800x600 , talktomitrel.png )

It's my shipmates! I give them a greeting and a quick explanation of my arm. Kole nods - looks like he's in niiar mood - and puts Mitrel down, who looks relieved to see me. And very tired. Kole moves away and starts rummaging through the medical supplies.

>"Maolla... you're ok. Uh... well, for now. I thought maybe everyone was unconscious. You weren't knocked out when the sif went?"
No. 223881 ID: 3e83e6

Having your arm break probably jolted you back to consciousness.
No. 223885 ID: 97cb33

explain that you think only the drones would be down due being cut off from the undermind, their weaker psychic signal unable to penetrate the psychic fog. your friend in the other auto-doc is knocked out due to severe trauma.
No. 223890 ID: 824e70

Tell him what happened. Maybe report that hull breach you found. Stuff like that.

Ask what's been going on.
No. 223897 ID: 8bdb6a

Say that you were knocked out for an unknown amount of time, but woke up up about fifteen(?) minutes ago. Ask whether he's the one who ejected the faulty core, and if he's suffering from radiation sickness. If he is, offer to let him take your place on the bed, since that's more life threatening than a broken arm.

Explain that you're cut off from any fine-tuned communication with the Undermind and are just getting the default-setting stream of consciousness. Say that's probably why the drones are knocked out, because they aren't being remote operated by the Undermind anymore...


No. 223922 ID: ea2a3c


What's niiar mood? How many moods do you have? What's a sif? Is that like the engine block?
No. 223964 ID: 7aff7e

No. 224028 ID: 3e83e6

Wow. Mitrel looks really, really skinny. Is that normal for males of his caste?
Perhaps we can try attuning, as you mentioned before. I'm sure you want to stay in touch with your crewmates.
No. 224067 ID: 40cb26

Neat idea, but if they aren't set to our "frequency" it probably won't work. But what the heck it's not like we know what's going on anyways.

No. 224073 ID: f52552

Might as well toss one on.
No. 224221 ID: 833b12
File 128330625252.png - (11.37KB , 800x600 , mitreltalking1.png )

Niiar mood, you know! It's the feeling of... uh. Like, you're angry, but you're not actually angry. No, you're afraid, but.. not, ok maybe it's more like being ready for a fight... Erm. Ok, it's a state where you're not angry and you're not afraid, but definitely so. But not just that, it's also sort of like obligation and sort of like helpfulness, only not really? Or maybe it's like sense of duty, but you enjoy it more. Patriotism? But more... basic, in your gut. Uh, no, that's not really it.

... Fuck, I don't know how to describe an emotion. It's just what you feel when there's stuff you gotta do! Niiar are like that a lot and that's why they were named for it, but we all feel it sometimes. Mostly when we get strong orders from the undermind.

"Sif" is just what people call the Structural Integrity Field. It's what keeps micrometeors and other space stuff from puncturing the ship at high speeds. These days people usually mean the Inertial Dampeners as well, since those systems usually come as a package. The Inertial Dampeners are what keep us from being plastered to the wall every time we change speed, to catch another question.

Orthan are all sort of skinny and small. It's supposed to make them nonthreatening or something.

You can't get out of an autodoc before the cycle's complete, that's dangerous! Why do you think it's holding me down? It'll be done soon anyway.

I relay the theory to Mitrel, but he doesn't agree.

>"I've been investigating myself, when we came across others. It's this telepathic presence; I think it meant to try and take control of us, at first. But it couldn't, of course."

He's right. We're are immune to any kind of direct telepathic assault, because of the undermind. Someone trying to attack my mind would basically have to mentally assault every scellor everywhere at once.

>"Whatever mind is behind this, however, it has some intelligence. It switched its target from our psychic patterns to the link between our minds and bodies, forcing its way between them. That's what induced unconsciousness in the drones, and it does the same to us if we fall unconscious."

>"Except... you were actually knocked out, and managed to wake up? And you returned to your original frequency. I wonder... perhaps your native connection is to a much deeper level of the undermind. It would make the signal more dense, let your will punch through..."
No. 224223 ID: 833b12
File 128330627710.png - (11.83KB , 800x600 , mitreltalking2.png )


Wait, that orthe drone's standing up! What did you do!?
No. 224224 ID: b5a616

Utilized the innate capabilities of a hivemind conglomerate. It is nothing to worry about.
No. 224229 ID: 97cb33

oh sweet, it worked. we weren't actually expecting it to work.
No. 224230 ID: 3fba9d

Wait you didn't crash into our giant pulsating brain planet did you? We just got the place cleaned up.
No. 224231 ID: e31d52

Holy cow, you mean we have DIRECT CONTROL over these things?! Aahhahahaahahahaweseome!
No. 224232 ID: 86b8dc

Sounds like Niiar is a specific hive-mind oriented emotion evoked to promote certain castes into being especially proactive (quite useful for a defense and combat oriented caste.)
No. 224233 ID: e31d52

No. 224234 ID: 56dc25

Hmm. That worked quite well. I wonder, if the cause of this is breaking the psychic link between minds and bodies and it takes effect when one falls unconscious...

No. 224235 ID: ea2a3c


Makes perfect sense to me!


No. 224237 ID: a594b9

Maybe we can wake up Lorn, too? Or maybe you can connect to his mind via physical contact to give us a better grip, so to speak.


No. 224239 ID: 97cb33

GUYS! knock it the fuck off, seriously. you get a new toy and you try to break it right off the bat. lorn is too hurt to wake up so leave him alone. the drone can be used to help make lorn get fixed faster
No. 224242 ID: d560d6

We are assuming direct control.

Hmm. You know, there's only one thing we're likely to be able to get that kind of mass consensus on that could wake them all up.

No. 224244 ID: d677cc

I think we can tell the drones to do stuff, actually!

Okay, uh...

>ORTHE MEDICAL DRONE: Shake off the dizziness and come on over here.

>LORN: Try to wake up, but probably don't move too much since you're still probably pretty fucked up right around now.
No. 224247 ID: 97cb33

>negate any and all stupid commands.
No. 224249 ID: 56dc25

Lorn's been in the autodoc for a good ten minutes by now. He might well be awake already if not for the psychic blast stopping him from waking up. We're not going to be able to wake him up unless he's physically capable of waking, anyway.

And it's important that we try to wake him up, because we need to find out if his pattern has been knocked loose and he's a drone now. Which would suck, but Mitrel seemed surprised that Maolla had managed to keep her mind intact through awakening, so... yeah.
No. 224251 ID: b9bd4f

I think maybe we can influence a sort of control on the drones. That, or issue them commands. I take it this is not a standard ability? Then perhaps we should keep it a secret, for now. But perhaps we can test this descretely.


(Later on, lets test to see if we ca-ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL)
No. 224259 ID: 3416ec

No. 224274 ID: 701a19



Ok, I've given the drones some basic instructions. They should start reporting damage assessments and casualty counts, and trying to treat each other.
Let us know if there's anything else you need them to do.
No. 224277 ID: 5c7574

Maybe. But if we do, WE do. Not you, not me. The collective. Look at this after we got it working, everyone started pulling in all directions at once. So, heave-ho old chums, and let's get this thing moving!

This should be a good one. It'll make things a lot easier if we can make this work.

Alternately, it's waking up because the evil presence just managed to take over the body, and we're in a zombies on a spaceship scenario.

Also, just for kicks, I'll second this too:
No. 224280 ID: 1a99f0

No. 224305 ID: 8bdb6a

Orthe Medical Drone: For the duration of the crisis, you will be nicknamed DOC. Unless someone else is Doc. Then you can have another generic yet endearing name, like HATCH.

DOC: Kiss Maolla to establish allegiance. Begin diagnosing and healing Mitrel.
No. 224327 ID: 445c48
File 128331343343.gif - (26.81KB , 392x486 , 2010-02-04-beartato-popcorn.gif )

No. 224364 ID: 754124

>You can't get out of an autodoc before the cycle's complete, that's dangerous! Why do you think it's holding me down? It'll be done soon anyway.
You knew this. You did not know if there were hostiles in the ship, or what other problems there might be.

And yet you got in the autodoc anyway.

...For future reference, don't do shit like that. If you're going to be irredeemably helpless for a bit in a potentially hostile environment, you need somebody watching your back. You're lucky you were located by friends first.

All else
No. 224378 ID: 40cb26

Well well, we've got neat new toy to play with! Tell Mitrel we can indeed "punch through", and it's not limited to those with sentience. Say, how about you tell your friends to switch to our frequency if you can?

Our do they even have to...?
No. 224419 ID: 732129


A Niiar mood is agitation in the face of a threat to everyone, tempered by cool rationality and heightened awareness of complicating environmental hazards. You feel on edge, ready to find an enemy behind every corner and bash his head in, or find a friend and save his life. The horrible wheel of fate turns, and threatens to grind you to death should you be unable to ride it, avoid it, or be protected from it by a friend.
No. 224429 ID: 3e7f27


Lorn: Can you hear us?

Maolla: You've probably gathered this from the chatter already, but we're going to try to control the drone instead of waiting for its usual channel to reassert itself. We didn't know we could do this either, and honestly we'll probably be spending the next few minutes experimenting with it on-and-off. If this is going to be a problem, let us know.

Undermind: >>/questdis/332248
No. 224511 ID: faa6b9


we can order orgies later on!

No. 224708 ID: 7ecb3a
File 128338569281.png - (11.92KB , 800x600 , owowowow.png )

No. 224709 ID: 7ecb3a
File 128338570975.png - (9.08KB , 800x600 , dronewat1.png )

No. 224710 ID: 7ecb3a
File 12833857258.png - (14.62KB , 800x600 , dronewat2.png )

No. 224712 ID: 5c7574

Sorry! Sorry! We tried a thing. It didn't work. (Guys, let's cut it out.) Maolla, you okay? Still got all your pieces working? I mean, as much as they were when you got in the autodoc?
No. 224715 ID: 97cb33

obviously, we need to all agree on a single action or it fails. go think about it over here:
[ http://quest.lv/kusaba/questdis/res/331682.html ]
now stop trying to get orgies and shit.
No. 224716 ID: 56dc25

Well, that could have gone worse. Ability's limits: Found!
No. 224727 ID: dad664
File 128338682460.jpg - (148.67KB , 800x600 , DalekEmperor.jpg )



No. 224731 ID: d677cc

Since we apparently all need to second one thing to make things work here.
No. 224734 ID: 97cb33

this is as good as any. good be less daleky though.
No. 224739 ID: 1a99f0

No. 224743 ID: 70d9eb

Do this but be more hard boiled about it.
No. 224756 ID: e31d52

No. 224816 ID: 3e7f27

Okay, that's good. Looks like we've got enough committed to getting the drone moving.

Maolla: Find out what the others have been doing in the meantime - particularly, how they avoided falling unconscious to the presence. Also ask if it was them that ejected the radleaking core, for good measure.
No. 224824 ID: 8bdb6a

This, with less dalek.
No. 224825 ID: f82d85


That, with far more Dalek.
No. 224865 ID: a594b9

No. 225055 ID: 7acdf1
File 128347249119.png - (7.51KB , 800x600 , dronewat3.png )

>Success! The orthe drone (henceforth known as DOC) is under the undermind's direct control.
No. 225056 ID: 7acdf1
File 12834725157.png - (16.38KB , 800x600 , mitreltalkingagain.png )

Ugh. Headache.

>"Maolla, are you alright? It felt like you had a psychic overflow."

"Yeah, probably. My bit of the undermind sort of... reached out to wake the drone up, I think. Then tried to do the same for everyone else on the ship. It's dialed back to just him again, now."

>"That was it. I think the level of the undermind you're connected to runs very deep; deep enough to hold very old psychic patterns, ones that have forgotten a large part of how they relate to the material world. Their frequency has the power to cut through the weight, but it has to go through you. Your telepathic abilities aren't developed enough to synchronize with more than one other person at a time."

Great. You hear that, guys?

I'll ask him if he was the one who ejected the engine block.

>"Well, technically it was Kole. Then we came here to get some antirads; we both got a bad dose, but we'll be ok. I'm more worried about the rest of the crew. The only other person I know is awake is Muun, but he ran off to the rear of the ship. I think he sensed something."

>"Aside the arm - it looks like the bed will be done soon - do you have any other problems? I'm going to need you to help get everything back in shape."
No. 225061 ID: 97cb33

get a single anti-rad syringe so that if you get any while working on the other engines you will be fine.
other then that i think we are good.
No. 225071 ID: dad664




No. 225072 ID: 97cb33

it's not really a big deal. just have it set to help with any medical problems. like the rad poisoning and help fix lorn.
No. 225073 ID: 70d9eb

Drones have no shame.
Drone: Be the best medical drone in the whole world. Get to work on rad poisoning and shit.
No. 225077 ID: 40cb26

Not unless you still have a headache. Sorry about that by the way. Ask Mitrel if there's anything to make our drone commanding easier on you of more effective for us. Then mention finding Shiia next for purposes of knowing what the fuck is going on.

Eh that's fine if there's some to be had, but lets not distract it from important matters. Given the nature of the scellor themselves, I'm surprised anyone wears clothes at all.

>FIRST: Tend to wounded who are not already receiving treatment from the medical beds.
>SECOND: Follow current group of crew members and follow their commands
>THIRD: Acquire and wear pants or other clothes that serves that purpose. With pockets if possible, as you may be prompted to hold items in them.

...Hey Maolla, I don't suppose we might be able to accidentally (or intentionally) cause a drone to achieve sentience? It seems like a possibly cruel thing to do, especially if it isn't done properly. We have no idea what place drones have in your culture, if drone awakening would be a welcome or upsetting or even unusual development.
No. 225078 ID: f4963f

This is a non-issue. Drones don't care.

Drone should get to work on healing people and keeping the medbay in order. Also take stock of anti-rads.
No. 225081 ID: 3416ec


No. 225085 ID: 701a19


Well, whatever. Ask if anybody was inside the ejected section.
No. 225086 ID: d677cc

Okay yeah sorry about the headache. We didn't really know how flexible this thing was, and now we do!

As far as what to do now, uh, how about >>225077.
No. 225087 ID: d677cc

Also, note for (possibly) far future improvement: figure out how to improve telepathy to do this with more than one drone.
No. 225091 ID: d3dfb8

>Under our direct control
Now we can literally have sex with Maolla.
No. 225102 ID: 40cb26

Meh... it's not like we're getting any real sensory input.

We can totally have him pinch her ass later though :D
No. 225108 ID: 017d51

No. 225109 ID: 0d5620

Doc: Kiss Mitrel all better.
No. 225115 ID: 3e7f27

Take the pants issue to dis/, guys.

Anyway, as far as the other stuff is concerned, the next step is definitely to get healed up (Doc has already been told to help with that) and then look over the remaining survivors/damage.

Question: how does the engine block eject work, exactly? If we really have crashed on a planet somehow, would it still have gone as smoothly as it did?

More different question: you doing all right now? You still look pretty shook up.

I'd say take two. If we find Muun on the way he might be seriously hurting.
No. 225120 ID: 8bdb6a

Of course you'll help. But you have to wait for your arm to finish. Ask if there's anything you can do for him in the meantime.

Ask how you can get access to the ship's sensors. Even an external camera or a plain ol' window might clear some things up.

Doc: Diagnose Mitrel and Kole for radiation sickness. Figure out why Mitrel can't walk and fix that.
No. 225173 ID: 40cb26

>If we find Muun on the way he might be seriously hurting.
Following that logic, let's bring a bunch, so we can cover any of the crew we find or ourselves if another radiation leak occurs somehow.
No. 225186 ID: 2bf20f

Hey wait, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that we could, with enough drones, form a hive mind?

That would be pretty awesome.

If dangerous.
No. 225193 ID: 40cb26

...That's what we already are. You're talking about, like, a mini hivemind within the hivemind. No real point. Anyways we're stuck with only one because that's all Maolla can handle. Unless maybe one of the other crew members can jump onto our frequency, we should look into that later.
No. 225271 ID: 6db541

>"Yeah, probably. My bit of the undermind sort of... reached out to wake the drone up, I think. Then tried to do the same for everyone else on the ship. It's dialed back to just him again, now."
wow im a jerk. wait that didnt camed out right.

uh, nevermind.

i second getting pants, unless maolla has something to say about it.

if not, tell it to get to work, and lets get busy trying to open way to the ship's bridge. or engineering room, wichever can give us more information about what is going on.
No. 225388 ID: ae1866

Alien Wing-Wong.
No. 226212 ID: ba3244
File 128366070390.png - (23.43KB , 800x600 , talktomitrel2.png )

>[[If you're not making a suggestion, guys, please use the discussion thread. I don't mind one or two posts, but it's getting a little out of hand.]]

An adult drone becoming sentient is a great thing! It's pretty rare to find someone whose psychic pattern is at that precise point. They have to be at the right level of strength already; after that, sentience is triggered by some event that makes the drone assert their desires over that of the undermind. The chances of this one being at that level are really, really low, though.

I'll ask Mitrel about how I could improve my ability with supporting drones.

>"Well, you could fully synchronize with them, of course."

Oh, yeah, that. Don't think I have time for that right now.

>"The other is to just improve your facility for telepathy...."

Drones aren't allowed in the engine blocks! Too much delicate, dangerous stuff. Usually it's only me that goes up there, and that's only for regular maintenance or a repair job. They basically run themselves.

I know how to get to the sensors, just get to the science lab. Although... Mitrel was on the bridge, he should have seen what happened, including where we are. Or at least, where we were going. I'll ask hi-
No. 226214 ID: ba3244
File 12836607565.png - (17.18KB , 800x600 , talktomitrel3.png )


Hey, alright, my arm's done!
No. 226215 ID: d677cc

No. 226217 ID: 97cb33

cool, let's go check the sensors and then get some parts to fix the engine block.
No. 226224 ID: 3416ec

No, Drone. Get your OWN pants.
No. 226225 ID: 86b8dc

Doc: You with us now. In case we need another pair of hands. Undermind has a use for hands it does. Just don't touch anything delicate we don't tell you to and we'll get you pants in no time.

Maolla Syrup: Well then let get up and see what's left of the ship then? Expect hull leaks. Also we can use Doc over there as a vessel and extra pair of hands.
No. 226230 ID: 8bdb6a

Maolla: Ask the ship's present location and overall status and stuff.

Doc: Acquire pants. Pretend like you're healing Mitrel's legs or something. Also, actually do heal his radiation poisoning.
No. 226236 ID: d677cc

>improve your facility for telepathy
Can you actually do this?
No. 226246 ID: a594b9

Hey Maolla can you get our drone some pants so that the others in here will stop wasting time trying to get him to get some on his own?

Docdrone: Stop obsessing over pants, instead assist others in a medical fashion.
No. 226271 ID: 445c48

Psykonium's one hell of a drug.

Get outta that Auto-doc.
No. 226274 ID: d677cc

No. 226275 ID: f4963f

Must not post about pants, must not post about pants...

Okay, so the faulty block has been jettisoned, and our buddy Lorn's in the auto-doc. We've found Mitrel and Koal (okay, they've found us) - it looks like our two most pressing objectives are complete. Our next goal should be to figure out what's going on with the ship's gravity, and figuring out where the oppressive psychic presence is coming from.

I suggest you head for the bridge.
No. 226297 ID: 40cb26

We'll do that, but our first idea was to check for Shiia and the science lab is like right there.

Maolla ask Mitrel about what happened first, then she can head down to the lab while he heals. Doc should steal Mitrel's pants come with you in case Shiia or anyone else you see needs urgent medical attention. Kole should watch over the captain while he heals up.
No. 226334 ID: d560d6

Clearly you must test your newly-fixed arm by hugging somebody. Say, Kole.
No. 229614 ID: 82061c
File 128424227289.png - (12.45KB , 800x600 , yeah.png )

No more pain, ready to gain! Time to get this rust bucket in shape again!
No. 229615 ID: 82061c
File 128424230860.png - (13.64KB , 800x600 , yeah2.png )

>"Maolla. Now that you're healthy, you can assist Mitrel with the ship and crew. I need to deal with our attackers."

No. 229616 ID: 82061c
File 12842423349.png - (12.57KB , 800x600 , wrestlinmitrel.png )

>"Wait, Kole, I need you to - hey! What are you doing!? Get - aarh!"

Kole leaves. I get the feeling this is going to cause trouble. He's been a bit... driven, the last few months.
No. 229618 ID: 40cb26


Sorry boss, it looks like our previous testing of commands, uh... just help Mitrel.
No. 229619 ID: e973f4

I think it'd probably work out worse if you tried to stop Kole from whatever he's trying to do, is the thing.

No. 229625 ID: 56dc25

Get Mitrel to tell you exactly what happened before all this shit hit it. He was on the bridge and should know, right?

Then you need to decide what your next move is. Apparently Muun has some sort of information which he has yet to communicate to anyone else, based upon what Mitrel said earlier. Lorn is still hurt, and several other (non-drone) crew members are as yet unaccounted for. What's more, there is engineering work which you should really probably get to sooner rather than later.

So there are plenty of options. Exchange a few words with Mitrel, then decide what's best.

Regardless, you should probably grab some medical supplies- at least something for radiation and some bandages and painkillers in case someone is hurt. Or you get hurt. If Mitrel is as exhausted as he looks, by the way, might want to hit him with some sort of strong stimulant. One of those "you're not sleeping for the next 72 hours, no matter what" types, if they're available.
No. 229627 ID: 40cb26

Seriously, while Mitrel is in there moving around could hurt him.
No. 229630 ID: a594b9


Ask Mitrel what state the ship is in, while peeking out the door to keep tabs on where Kole is going.
No. 229631 ID: 8bdb6a

DOC: Explain that you need his pants off to begin the healing process.

MAOLLA: Ask someone what the ship's overall, current situation is. Seriously. This is critical information which needs to be conveyed immediately.
No. 229689 ID: 881c77

he sounds tense and too focused. maybe you shold give him "encouragement". also ask about wtf happened.

alternatively, get everyone healed up, check a party and lets check the map again. we may need to help him with more that only stress relief.
No. 229690 ID: 881c77

oh darn. if doc fails to obey, let go the control over him.
No. 230643 ID: eef1b5
File 128443920754.png - (15.67KB , 800x600 , mitrelbed.png )

>"Oh, no. I needed him to take care of the others... They'll need radiation treatment, some of them, at least. Maolla... you'll have to do it."

Garg. He's right, but if we don't get the fields back up we're vulnerable to hull breaches and meteors and crap. And anyone who takes a shot at us.

I'll ask him.

>"Right... you can't run around not knowing. Basically... we found what we were looking for."

What? We were looking for the Heavy. A big asteroid of psykonium ore. There's been rumours of one around here for ages.

>"It's as big as we hoped, but it looks like someone got here before us... several someones, maybe... even though they don't seem to have done anything with it."

He groans a bit as the drone starts fixing him up.

>"We... well, better just see what happened yourself. Sensors won't do any good now, but get the recording out of the computer. Should still be in core memory."

Hmm. That means I can probably get it on the screens here.
No. 230645 ID: a594b9

Sure, let's view it.
No. 230646 ID: d677cc


Aight, let's check those screens then.
No. 230649 ID: 3416ec


Find your token overalls, and go locate that computer!
No. 230655 ID: a594b9

(in b4 the Heavy is sentient)
No. 230659 ID: b9bd4f

Yeah, give us a look at it.
No. 230670 ID: 40cb26

So the giant rock of psychic is surrounded in a giant psychic anomaly? That's, uh... not exactly a shocker when you think about it. Call up the screen so we can see what manner of madness we've fallen into.
No. 230682 ID: 8bdb6a

Go for a recording. That'll give you an idea of what to fix and how to fix it, hopefully.
No. 230718 ID: 3e7f27

Thing is, she's already told us that this isn't normal for psykonium deposits - the stuff has a unique psychic "feel" that doesn't match the dampening field.
No. 230720 ID: 97cb33

ah, but what if it is a creature that has consumed a massive amount of the stuff?
No. 230750 ID: 40cb26

Look at it the other way then: if there is a giant psychic anomaly, it makes sense there's a giant psychic rock involved too.
No. 230761 ID: 139b1a

like, what if it is infected with tiberium?

did doc just got pants from the patient anyway?

well, we should order it to find a replacement when treatment is done.
No. 230776 ID: d560d6

It would appear that, yes, Doc is now the proud owner of FINE STOLEN PANTS. (Mercifully for the prudish amongst you it seems sentients also get undergarments.)

How's fellow Praal and main mechanic Lorn doing in that other bed?
No. 230890 ID: 445c48


Yeah, we already knew this. Look at what Miss Syrup's wearing, after all.
No. 231012 ID: 701a19

Meanwhile, Speaker-face looks on in shock @:0
No. 231188 ID: 87181c
File 128460383440.png - (12.58KB , 800x600 , lookitup.png )

Alright, let's look it up here... recent sensor memory... time... play...
No. 231189 ID: 87181c
File 128460387124.png - (12.66KB , 800x600 , lookitup2.png )

Woah, ok. That's the Heavy, all right. I see what he meant! Then...
No. 231190 ID: 87181c
File 128460390173.png - (26.02KB , 800x600 , lookitup3.png )

... then we get shot. And we crash.

No. 231191 ID: 87181c
File 128460392050.png - (15.92KB , 800x600 , zoomout1.png )

No. 231192 ID: 87181c
File 128460393682.png - (15.97KB , 800x600 , zoomout2.png )

No. 231193 ID: 87181c
File 128460395542.png - (94.57KB , 800x600 , zoomout3.png )

No. 231194 ID: 87181c
File 128460397845.png - (41.61KB , 800x600 , zoomout4.png )

No. 231195 ID: 87181c
File 128460403298.png - (151.04KB , 800x600 , zoomout5.png )

Rumours didn't mention this.
No. 231196 ID: d677cc

What on earth did you crash into?
No. 231198 ID: ea2a3c


Well, better get going. You got a huge hostile psychic alien battle station to explore. It should take you a few decades, but hey the psykonium is like right there, right?
No. 231199 ID: 97cb33

... yeah, i don't think fixing the engines are gonna do much right now. get life support running at full and then put on some space gear and let's check the place out.
No. 231200 ID: 6a17b0

No. 231201 ID: 86b8dc

Space Hulk: Check
Geneste-scratch that Jeanstealers: Check
Prepare for Orks... or Space Marines.
No. 231202 ID: 3416ec

Okay well...


...locate a weapon.
No. 231204 ID: 56dc25

Well, it seems that you need to change your immediate objective from "repair ship and depart" to "prepare ship as a secure location from which to explore". If Mitrel is right and going to sleep disconnects most minds, then whoever owns this station only has to wait, and almost everyone will lose it. You've got to figure out a way to stop that from happening. What was that full synchronize bit? It might be worth looking into...

Basically, locate the rest of the crew, and try to get them together so that you can act in unison. Establish reliable communications, so that you don't have people essentially cut off as soon as they run off to do their own thing- like two of your exceptionally valuable lucid crew members have already done. If telepathy isn't working, use purely technological communicators. Make sure that essential systems are working, and that everyone is healthy and armed.
No. 231205 ID: 8bdb6a

Find a weapon and some salvage gear. Torches for cutting and welding, that sorta thing. This place is going to be completely full of doors and key puzzles are for people who didn't come prepared.

If there aren't any weapons, build one.

>Space Hulk: Check
We'll make it scelly
No. 231206 ID: dad664

So, The Heavy was turned into a Floating Fortress?
No. 231238 ID: 232c41

Remember that air and fuel (although not so much fuel anymore) is a limited resource. Patch the ship first.
No. 231273 ID: 139b1a

patching the ship may be a impossible work if there is noone to navigate it.

assuming the ship is not in critical conditions and that no more air is being lost, you should be ready for visitors.
No. 231802 ID: 6e565d
File 128486645698.png - (10.11KB , 800x600 , thinkoftheship.png )

Oh... kay. That... pretty much looks like a mining station. Main work area at the bottom, then various secondary areas, storage, docking. Those guns on the asteroid itself... come on, I should know this, I was a Niiar... Could they be IRCs? Ionized Rail Cannons, sorry. They're sort of like sniper rifles for starships. That would explain our damage. And Kole's gone over there. Sheesh.

Well, first things first. I need to find the rest of the crew. I guess I need to explain the layout of the ship to you, first.

See, the Ruby Gaze is built around a central cylindrical core, itself surrounded by the triangular main section. Here, under the engine ring, the three space sections each rest atop a side of the main section. Each has a central area divided into different rooms, with a corridor along one side. There's the work section (where we are, in the med bay, along with the science lab and workshop), the command section (communications, main computer and sensors) and living section (with our small rooms, a modest relaxation area and the drone barracks).

The main section fore of the engine ring has storage for ore and mining equipment, ending in the plasma cutter and wedge; Rear of the engine ring there's our docking port, escape pods and weapons, ending in the main engine, which is now pretty torn up. There are three elevators through the main section, and various little jeffries' tubes and such throughout the ship.

Where to first?
No. 231808 ID: 175f4a

first go get a breathing thing. if you come across a depressurized room you would be glad you had it. then try the science lab and then head over to the living section and see if anyone is in their room.
No. 231811 ID: 4cdabb

1) Weapon
2) Cutting/welding torch
3) Other tools
4) Breathing thingy (this would be number one, but fanservice theory dictates it won't be used too often)

Go back to the workshop to get most of this stuff. Breathing apparatus should be at the airlock (do that last, since you can probably use the airlock to go into the structure itself) If you don't have a weapon, sneak into Kole's room to look for one.
No. 231825 ID: b9bd4f

Well, was everyone on duty when things got crazy? If so, there may not be anyone in the crew quarters. You may want to check in on it sometime, but for now I don't think it's a priority. Also, you may want to invest in some weaponry. I know you are an engineer, but you could use some engineering tools as deadly weapons considering you would know how to use them.
No. 231895 ID: d560d6

This sounds basically reasonable, but you don't want a "breathing thingy", you want a full-on pressure suit, unless rupturing your lungs sounds like fun times.
No. 231939 ID: 40cb26

We were headed to science before having company, we don't need to for the same reasons but it is close. Grab some rads, captain and doc and head out, along with doing >>231811 as well as you can.
No. 231977 ID: d846b2

go and check the other ship but before you do that make sure that all the crewmen on the ship are alright and then find a quiet place and relief yourself otherwise you won't be able to concentrate on the mission.
No. 232352 ID: 9efdda
File 128503698497.png - (10.38KB , 800x600 , getstuffmed.png )

The med bay is on the hull, so it has breathing packs, too. With my arm fixed, I can finally get one on. They're pretty easy to use once you're wearing them; I just slip my ears in there and it starts working automatically. As well as having a reserve for vacuum or inhospitables, it has a filter mode for tainted atmosphere and can even relay sounds, so my hearing isn't affected.

It's pretty heavy, though.

I'll take an armpad, too. They're pretty useful.

A full pressure suit is sort of a big deal to put on. You need the bodysock first, then the firm suit, then the tech. I'd prefer to be kitted out if I did have to go into hard vacuum, but praal have been designed to be pretty good in space for a while, now. This far from a sun, with the breathing pack, I can probably go ten minutes without any lasting harm. Provided my eyes are protected, at least.

I've got a box of antirads, but I don't think it's a good idea for Mitrel to be going anywhere for a while. The drone's healed up the damage, but rapid healing takes it out of you; he's going to have watery muscles for at least an hour or two, or longer if he's left to it alone. The drone I can take with me, see, but if he stays he might be able to get Mitrel and Lorn back into top shape faster. You tell him what to do.

With him or without, I'm gonna head to the workshop to pick up parts and tools, and I'll look into the lab on the way. Sound good? Some of the tools I can use as weapons; real weapons are kept in the back of the ship, but I think I'd better focus on the crew for now. Any of them who were close to the ruptured engine block are probably dying of radiation poisoning as we speak!
No. 232356 ID: 5da539

rescue operation to the ship's engine block then! or its people. whatever is harder to replace.

im taking doc will not follow you to the workshop. im hoping you trhee will be somewhat ready for a incursion in the engine block once you brawl your way out of whatever lies between here and the workshop.

did i mention you may be jumped? is there a weapon nearby?
No. 232357 ID: d677cc

Well, I mean, if Lorn and Mitrel are stable, but other people might be dying, it's probably handier to have the medic drone, y'know, there.

No. 232358 ID: a594b9

>Dying of radiation poisoning

Yeah we'd better take the drone. Besides, some of them might be injured by rubble or something too. Your current plan of action sounds fine.

No. 232362 ID: 3416ec

Go to the engine room and fix whatever you can.

No. 232363 ID: 56dc25

>This far from a sun, with the breathing pack, I can probably go ten minutes without any lasting harm. Provided my eyes are protected, at least.
Better pick up some goggles or something when you get the chance, then. Also, if at all possible get communicators for yourself and Mitrel! Important to not completely lose touch with one another while you split up and go running around separately. And you'll want to know what is happening with Lorn, since apparently he might not be able to wake up.

Beyond that, your plan sounds reasonable. Better move it.
No. 232377 ID: 94bae0

I'm sorry but did you say a bit ago that you used to be a Niar? How many lifecycles have you completed, or rather how many are you aware of?
No. 232385 ID: bbfc7d


Agreeing with goggles. Please make sure the goggles are awesome.

Also, a couple of what must be painfully obvious questions to you. Can you still hear with your ears in the breathing pack, and what's the armpad do?
No. 232387 ID: 175f4a

>can even relay sounds

>you don't know how to read.
No. 232409 ID: 4cdabb

Better hurry and search for more survivors in the radiological zones, then. Pop an antirad or put on a suit or something.

DOC: Stay put with Lorn and Mitrel to get them healed. We'll call if we find someone who needs help.
No. 232453 ID: 40cb26

Mitrel is fine here, if he takes longer to heal that's not critical. Better take along Doc to help keep your other friends from dying.

He's not likely to find something Maolla would miss, but an extra pair of eyes never hurts.
No. 232574 ID: 9efdda
File 128509391729.png - (65.64KB , 800x600 , lookinsciencelab.png )

Here's the science lab; looks like one of the ulkam drones is in here, but not Shiia. And there's the secondary computer; screens are blank, but I can hear it running so it's probably in sleep mode.

There might be goggles in one of the cabinets here, but I think they'd be more for keeping stuff out than in.

It's... tricky. To remember. My last life is pretty clear, enough for me to remember skills. Before that, about a dozen lives back, I can remember stuff like what my name was, what caste, my job, people I knew. Further back... it starts to blur together. Some things stand out, important events, some random images and sensations, all muddled together. Some occasional chunks of coherent memory.

I can remember when I became sentient for the first time. Heavy, humid heat. The pale, violet sky, filled with huge stars, half-blocked by trees. People had been killed, and I was so angry, I went to hunt down... whatever had done it. I can't remember what it was. I remember the brush of leaves around my legs, remember realizing what I wanted wasn't what the other voices were telling me to do. Realizing what "other voices" meant. What "I" meant. I wasn't wearing anything, but I was carrying a spear.

I think it was a long, long time ago.

I should clarify. The engine blocks are the six big things attached in a ring around the ship. One of those was damaged and started spewing out radiation into the parts of the ship that were next to it. Those are the areas where the danger was. No-one was in the engine block itself, and good thing, because it's been jettisoned from the hull.

The area closest to where it was, where the highest radiation would have been, is the bridge and the main computer room; the former is wrecked but there might be someone in the latter. Then the living areas, then the central storage bays, then this section.

Do you still want me to pick up parts and tools from the workshop first? Do something here in the lab? Or what?
No. 232585 ID: 4cdabb

Maolla: Go to the Bridge to look for survivors. And the computer room, too, if you can just give them both a quick search.

Doc: Perform First Aid on fallen drone. If you can stabilize him, or he's stabilized already, return to following Maolla.
No. 232590 ID: a594b9

Can you start up the computer and have it scan for survivors? Knowing exactly where to go would be useful.

Otherwise let's go to the computer room since it's not wrecked.
No. 232595 ID: 3416ec


Check computer for full system diagnostic.

>>DOC DRONE: EXCELLENT JOB. Striped pantsu~
No. 232604 ID: 701a19

No. 232605 ID: 175f4a

agree with this.
No. 232609 ID: 445c48

No. 232614 ID: d677cc

Seconding this.
No. 232635 ID: 40cb26

What might be useful here? I wouldn't spend time grabbing a bunch of parts to things you don't know you'll need. But if there are some tools that can get you around or through debris and barriers grab them. If you can find or quickly build a makeshift weapon do that.

No. 232642 ID: a41aaf

Definitely get that secondary computer woken up. You can always shut it down again remotely if the main is serviceable, but if it's not it'd be better to have the secondary running just in case.
No. 232644 ID: ded10a

maolla: check on doc drone's tent.

doc: check everyone's health. passionately
No. 232645 ID: 175f4a

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
No. 232655 ID: f52552

I concur.
There will be time for boning later, right now there are people being irradiated.
No. 232657 ID: 9efdda
File 128511618143.png - (79.51KB , 800x600 , lookinsciencelab2.png )

Mitrel said he, Kole and Muun were on the bridge when the shot opened it to space. I could go in there, but it'd be with my eyes closed. And we'd lose some of our atmosphere.

I'll check with this system before I head to the computer room, maybe... hm. Nice wallpaper.

Looks like the secondary computer is taking some of the load already; one of the main's processors must be damaged. Or more... there would have been overloads and feedbacks all through that section, not to mention stuff flying around when we crashed. Let's see; Shipwide communication is cut off in some places. Looks like a lot of the sensors are out, too. I can try redirecting the ones that are working, but... no, zeff it. I don't know enough about these systems to do that.

There are lifesigns in some areas, though. Several in the drone barracks, one in the crew quarters... and someone down in a jeffries' tube beside the ship's core. Hm. I'm also getting pretty high heat in the computer room. Maybe something caught fire? That would be... bad. And I can't pick up anything from the fore and aft sections of the ship.

While I'm here, might as well synchronize my armband with the ship's clock. I'll download some of this sensor info, too, patchy though it is.
No. 232658 ID: fd4aa7

So, how good are you at firefighting?

Damn the injured, we must save the porn collection!
No. 232660 ID: e31d52

Doc: See if you can bring the poor drone around.

Then we can synch up with her c:
No. 232661 ID: 175f4a

whoever is in crew quarters could be one of the other sapient crew. hmm, we'll have our drone heal up those in the drone barracks. you check the fire.

DOC: after you are done here head to drone barracks and heal everyone, stabilize everyone before getting into actual repair.
No. 232663 ID: f4963f

Locate any sort of fire-extinguishing supplies you guys might have on hand for an onboard fire and head for the computer room.
No. 232664 ID: a594b9

We need to put out that fire.
No. 232666 ID: 40cb26

The crew quarters is almost certainly one of your friends. Let's get them back on their feet or at least back to not-dying. If the computer room is on fire and we can do something about that quickly let's head there right after and put it out. If we can't we'll need to wait until we can get the help and gear to do so. We can check the fore or aft out after those, whichever is closer at the time.

The one in the tube is hopefully awake and working on something there, possibly Shiia. What do you know about that specific area, what might be going on there?

We will want him to do that, but saving the crew should be a priority and we need him for that. We should do it either have confirmed everyone's health or when it can be done without taking extra time.
No. 232674 ID: 3416ec

Investigate computer room. Then rescue the folks in the Barracks.

No. 232675 ID: 4cdabb

Enact firefighting procedures vs the computer room. Go and check if it's actually on fire, preferably in a way that doesn't need you to actually walk in, and then trigger the room's halon suppressor or something.
No. 232678 ID: 4cdabb

Doc: Go to the crew area and heal the life sign there. Unless it isn't a Scellor, in which case run away and get Maolla.

Maolla: Follow him if there's no good way to handle this possible-fire situation in a hurry, unless it's likely to spread. Crew's more important than equipment.
No. 232770 ID: f48f52

unless you want maolla fanservice, we should clothe the random drones later.

drag everyone to a safe zone and begin the healfest.
No. 232802 ID: 701a19

Go put out the fire. We'll have Doc deal with the injured and/or irradiated crew and drones.

No. 232810 ID: d9f447
File 128518545417.png - (9.53KB , 800x600 , lablookback.png )

Firefighting is easy, all I need to do is make a telekinetic bubble around the fire and it suffocates.. I'll head there right away.

Why do you want to dress up drones? It's... weird.
No. 232811 ID: d9f447
File 128518560267.png - (11.08KB , 800x600 , offthecorridor.png )

I'll just go through the jeffries tubes direct to the... uh. Oh yeah. Bluh. Gravity.

Getting around the ship is going to be a pain.

By the way, are you telling the drone to go off by himself? I'm not sure that's a good idea, if you're bouncing your signal off of me. Telepathy does depend a bit on being actually close, even if not so much as being mentally close.
No. 232812 ID: a594b9

Apparently, some of us don't like seeing naked bodies. I have no idea why that is.

Let's just continue on!
No. 232813 ID: 701a19

Ah, I wasn't aware it was so limited.

We're dressing up the drones so they aren't quite so distracting. So many of the minds here are comprised entirely of libido.
No. 232815 ID: d560d6

What, specifically, is the problem? Having to support your own weight while clambering along, or does it go vertical?
No. 232816 ID: 175f4a

hmm, well he should at least follow our last command, right? finish doing what we say and then with no orders left just pass out. if not then we can call him back. or you can check the crew room next to the barracks.
No. 232817 ID: fd6d7e


It's not that. It's just that we really really like pants, okay?
No. 232827 ID: a5b1d9

well, pants help draw characters faster and that means faster updates. and more fetish fuel.

we need to take the unconsious drones to the medbay at least. then we can worrry with short thight rought tube pushing and pulling you trhu its path.
No. 232829 ID: a09a03

Go investigate the life sign in the crew quarters. They may be gravely injured.
No. 232831 ID: f245f1

Consider it an experiment. We understand that drones are somewhat limited compared to individuals, but we're positive that further development is possible, and that the division between the two is not an absolute.

Giving him a task that requires him to act on orders independently may encourage a higher level of rational thought. We don't expect him to suddenly turn sentient, but a doctor capable of doing more than simply acting on orders and lessons is exponentially more valuable to the crew's survival.

On the other hand, are you concerned that he'll simply fall asleep again once he walks too far away? That might put a snag in the whole plan.
No. 232833 ID: f245f1

Also, for the jeffrie's tubes: would it take long to make handholds in the shafts that are on steeper angles? Is there cord or cable available that you could set up for climbing? We know you don't have great manual dexterity, but how's your grip?
No. 232835 ID: 0d5620

No. 232844 ID: a594b9

>DOC: Remain near Maolla.
No. 232848 ID: 175f4a

DOC: heal all in drone barracks and crew quarters then return to sick bay and assist mitrel with anything he asks. if he has no orders, or runs out of them, then go to sleep next to the egg trees.
No. 232865 ID: fd6d7e


did you type that with one hand
No. 232868 ID: f8bb5e

This is the best explanation you'll probably get for the pants faction demagoguery. We've been out of touch with society's norms for so long, we've sort of developed our own. That *does* mean you're more likely to know what you're capable of relaying, though, so
>DOC: Follow Maolla once you've got the drone stabilized.
We definitely don't want a repeat of Headache Central while you're spelunking through the jeffries tubes.

Oh, speaking of those: it occurs to me that you might be able to use your tail specialty to your advantage here. Glue rope makes mountaineering that much easier.
No. 232885 ID: 175f4a

what? how would it cause her to have a headache? she got that from us trying to awaken SEVERAL drones at the same time. what do you think caused it?
No. 232892 ID: 445c48

I hope we aren't! Also we want clothes because we do not want to see wing-wong, ta-tas are ok though. Wait for Doc to finish checking over the potentially injured drone.

DOC: Do not find shirt for new drone. Check and Stabilize the drone, then follow Maolla
No. 232901 ID: d677cc

No. 232902 ID: f8bb5e

Taking this to >>/questdis/331682 if it's all right with you.
No. 232913 ID: a5b1d9

we may need to face the fact the ship does not posses that many clothing artifacts.

if we cannot wake up the unconsious drone (ie: take control over it) then we should heal it before going further in the ship.

No. 233129 ID: d9ca51

Genius! If the velocity and possibility of blockage doesn't kill you, go for it!
No. 233189 ID: 40cb26

It wasn't a consensus on that, he got some mixed singals I'm afraid and acted before you did. We'll direct him to follow you and you decide where to go.

But I wonder, can we give him an order and send him out without going unconscious? Even if we loose contact it might be enough that he runs to the Crew Quarters and heal who's there. If we could combine that with controlling another drone that could be very handy. We should also look into syncing with other members of the crew if we can, to expand our range and control more drones.

The clothes thing is just... silliness on our part, really. Playing dress up, taking off Mitrel's pants. It's funny. Not a good or practical idea mind you and most of us notice that, but enough of us also enjoy it that it gets through.

No. 233627 ID: 991a5a


If it's hard getting around the ship now, just think how much worse it would have been with a broken arm!

In case you have to deal with vacuum later - would you be able to form a TK bubble around your head to protect your eyes? It might not do much against radiation, but a bit of atmosphere would protect them from the vacuum.

Also: have you heard of "sunglasses"? They might be good for dealing with UV, at least, if not gamma or X-rays.
No. 233631 ID: ccfa8a
File 128538638933.png - (11.95KB , 800x600 , crawlinthetunnel.png )

Well, I guess there's no harm, but it just doesn't seem... proper, or something. I mean, utility belts, helmets, envirosuits, fine. But clothes just for clothes? I dunno. Like, you could put a cargo saddle on a shath, if it was tame, but you wouldn't put a hat on it. That'd be... odd.

Well, there aren't going to be enough clothes to go around anyway if you want to dress up all the drones, unless you're gonna strip the rest of us down.

... Don't try it.

Drones do normally go off their last orders, but that's not the problem. If I understood Mitrel right, the drone needs a constant feed of dense psychic signals to hold off this... oppressive presence thing. If he doesn't get enough, he falls unconscious again, and as it is you're having to bounce that signal off of me onto him. So he needs to stay close to me.

If he was fully synchronized, you'd be directly connected to him, but this isn't the time.

Anyway, looks like he's treated the other drone. Nothing fell on her, so she probably just had a few bruises and cracked bones, no problem for psychometabolism. Might as well leave her where she is.

Oh, there's handholds and stuff built in, it's just that the corridors and tubes and such weren't designed to be navigated under gravity. There's gonna be all handles an' junk that I have to climb over. It'll take time, and probably be really uncomfortable. If you have any suggestions...

You... you're crazy. I'm just gonna crawl and climb like a normal person.
No. 233632 ID: ccfa8a
File 128538642964.png - (18.11KB , 800x600 , enterthecomproom.png )

It's not really a problem, half the jeffries' tubes on the ship have been turned into wonderfully bumpy cluttered fun slides but I just need a good hold and OH FU-
No. 233634 ID: ccfa8a
File 12853864785.png - (19.25KB , 800x600 , enterthecomproom2.png )

BTHOONK thwung
clat-BANG klonk

No. 233635 ID: 5a2e05

Should've built a rollcage.
No. 233636 ID: 991a5a



Maolla! Are you all right? Your skin's fairly tough, right?
No. 233639 ID: 0d5620

No. 233641 ID: a594b9

Damned oven mitts.
No. 233642 ID: e31d52

And then the hatch opens and deposits you comically into the room. There are certain tropes that are unavoidable.
No. 233645 ID: a09a03

Stick your ears in the breathing apparatus, grab a handhold, and open the door into the room. Be ready to smother the shit out of some fires, especially since realistically, we'd have to worry about a sudden flash of fire, as is common when smouldering rooms are suddenly given a new source of oxygen...

Last chance to trigger a halon suppressor, instead.

>If he was fully synchronized, you'd be directly connected to him, but this isn't the time.
If you don't explain what synchronization means, most of us will probably assume it's sex.
No. 233646 ID: 701a19

That's, er, exactly what the suggestion was trying trying to avoid.
It would have taken too long, but it made perfect sense.

Keep an eye out for any telepaths. If you sync with one then we'll be able to get a lot more work done.
No. 233648 ID: b5af8d

NOW it doesn't seem so crazy, does it?
No. 233649 ID: 3416ec

Maolla! Are you OK??

No. 233651 ID: 97fa41

DOC: crawl after maolla slowly and surely, make sure you do not slip.
No. 233655 ID: 40cb26

To be fair, he does have pockets now and that might be of some use. Kinda gives us the option of our own inventory. Oh, and can the rest of the crew tune in to our frequency? I'm assuming that would multiply our points of influence for the drones.

Anyways, right now you're where you need to be even if you're banged up some. Doc can fix you up later if you need it, or now if it's bad. Just open up that hatch and do something about the flames already.
No. 233656 ID: 991a5a

Pockets are good, but the rest of those pants might be better used for other things - like bandages.

No. 233666 ID: 40cb26

What no that's a horrible idea. He can rip up his pants if he needs to later, carrying cloth strips is a pointless hassle.

Besides, it'll still be as funny when we do it later.

No. 233723 ID: 2563d4

You should have used more glue.

...you are conscious, right, oh living mind-relay? ...Doc? DOC?
No. 233740 ID: 4c6052

No. 234161 ID: 991a5a


I'll second that.
You can lay around later! Now's the time to stop that fire!
No. 234262 ID: bd4219
File 128554003837.png - (23.83KB , 800x600 , enterthecomproom3.png )

Rrh... yeah, I'm fine. Couple of bruises, maybe. To my pride. The roll cage wouldn't have worked, though, that chair's too huge. Even if it wasn't there's an intersection with- Wait, are you sending the drone down? There's no room! Hold on a second, just let me... get this...


... there.
No. 234263 ID: bd4219
File 128554007217.png - (70.50KB , 600x700 , computerroom1.png )

... oh dear.
No. 234264 ID: dad664
File 128554020939.jpg - (56.06KB , 394x600 , Firebat_SC2_Head1.jpg )

No. 234265 ID: a09a03

Oh shit.

Doc: Get down here ASAP and provide medical assistance to fallen Scellor.

Maolla: Smother the fires with your telekinesis.
No. 234266 ID: 56dc25

Aw, hell. Can you telekinetically pull the drones up and away from the flames so that they can be healed? There's that and a lot of smothering work to be done, it seems.

I have no idea if this'll work, but-
>Boost Maolla's psychic powers with undermind-energy!
No. 234269 ID: f4963f

This is a bit percarious. If there's anything you can wrap your tail around up there, I'd feel much safer.

In the meantime, start smothering flames.
No. 234274 ID: e99a3a

hopefully the plant/fungus parts don't make you burn easier. get the fire nearest them out first. then use some TK to get down safely, then we'll tell doc to wait for your signal then he will jump and you catch him and we'll set him to at least get these guys stable.

DOC: wait at the entryway until maolla signals you to jump down, the jump down. after landing stabilize those two down there.
No. 234275 ID: 2563d4

Glue yourself to the ceiling so you don't have to worry about falling into the raging inferno while playing about with telekinetic bubbles.
No. 234294 ID: 3416ec

Your fluids aren't flammable, are they? If not, use as much as you can to douse the flames.
No. 234307 ID: 991a5a

I second the glue - as long as you can free yourself from the ceiling when you need to!

Your primary problems are: smoke inhalation, fire, and the well-being of the fallen below. How fast can you smother those flames? Don't move the person below unless you HAVE to!

You might want to start using that pack you've got, smoke is no fun for anyone.

No. 234719 ID: a41aaf

Sticking yourself to the ceiling may not be such a good idea: smoke rises.
No. 234722 ID: e31d52

>it has a filter mode for tainted atmosphere

We're covered for the smoke, the heat is the problem.

That rises too.
No. 234731 ID: 939372

Okay, ideas.
1) Is Vacuum Bubble Method going to work when you're putting out a living being rather than burning equipment? If so, do it ASAP.
2) You'll want Doc looking at the person in question ASAP too. How are things in the jeffries tube, space-wise? Is there room for him to get past and to the wounded? Is there a good way down/can he jump that far, and if not can you make a gluerope down for it/yourself in your (admittedly precarious) situation? If not, how's your lifting capacity for getting the injured crewman up into the tube?

> Doc: Stay out of Maolla's way + hold for further instructions.
< Cigarette: Be ready to assist in heavy lifting should we decide to try I̷̫̗̹͔̱ͪN̳͚̻̯͋ͪ̀̚V̯͉͇ͧ̐̒ͬͣ͒̉Ọ̫͝K̬̊͜Ḭ̤̤͇̥̼͐̓͗̓N̥͉͇̤̳̬͌̽͝G̯̑͗̚͢ͅ
̼̙ ̠̱̹͓͚̈͝T͇̺͓̝̼ͩ͗̃̃H͉̼͙͖̝̯͂ͯͨͨE͉̙̥̗̎͊̊ͬ̐͠ ̴̂H͙̮ͦͫͬ̀I͈͓͇̟̻̻̦͂̕V̸̊̈́̌ͩ̐E͕̻̠̻̝͖-̜̩̤̣̼ͤͮ̍ͬ͋́̍͢M̛͚̪̼̻̪͔̍ͣ͗̔Ïͮͫ
͚̱̟̟͊̀N̝̩̜̗͖͗͗ͣ͆̋͠D̩͈̖̳̖̞̬͗̑́͛͢ for that.
No. 234751 ID: 701a19

It's not a vacuum. She caps the air in place until the O2 level drops below what the fire needs to continue.

Maolla, you put out the fires while Doc tends to what we hope are wounded drones.

Doc: Do not interfere with Maolla's actions. Proceed into the room. Avoid the fires. Treat the wounded.

[Ping some mind waves off of the bodies to see if they're alive or not.]
No. 234753 ID: ef1164

Well, the comp room is definetly screwed. Pull yourself up.
No. 234947 ID: 67c611

Start putting out fires. Extinguish the ones on important stuff first.
No. 234973 ID: 620bfb

The important thing to remember for next time is to make the rollcage fireproof.
No. 234996 ID: d5a47a
File 128564710933.png - (14.45KB , 800x600 , smotherflames1.png )

>undermind boost x1

Hng. Gonna have a little bit of a headache later, but thanks.
No. 234998 ID: d5a47a
File 12856472116.png - (59.53KB , 600x700 , smotherflames2.png )

That'll take care of 'em; I'll let the drone slip down beside me, now. Gravity's really weak, here: the station's force and the gravity plating are pulling in almost opposite directions.

That looks like Ferram over there. His legs look really bad; I hope he isn't going to have to grow new ones, or get replacements. If I can find Rel soon, she might be able to help him. The other's a drone. Another ulkam.

I... think.


... Better luck next time.
No. 235012 ID: f4963f

Alright. If gravity's low, it should be safe to descend. Help the doctor move the wounded and access the damage to the actual computers.
No. 235017 ID: 476456

Quick tickle maolla's feet
No. 235022 ID: 9f6538

NO, she is busy keep the fires contained.

finish up the fires.

DOC: check pulse of drone, if dead then immediately start working on ferram, if alive then stabilize.
No. 235030 ID: a594b9

Oh well. At least we didn't lose anyone sentient. Back to the undermind with ya, poor burnt drone!

>DOC: Heal Ferram a little.
No. 235031 ID: a09a03

Doc: Stabilize Ferram. Undermind Boost as soon as Maolla's got her shit under control.

Maolla: Finish smothering flames, then assess the room to see if any of the computers are salvageable or can be used to restore ship communications.
No. 235033 ID: 40cb26

We've got to get him out of there, what exits are available here right now? Or after at least after the fires are out.

>DOC: HEAL THE SURVIVOR FERRAM. DON'T... don't let the sight of the fallen get to you.
...He looks upset. Maybe? Even if not sentient he wouldn't be unfeeling... Maolla, how much should we be concerned for a drones emotional well being?
No. 235040 ID: 3416ec

>Gonna have a little bit of a headache later, but thanks.

Locate some ibproufen as soon as possible. I feel that there will be many headaches in the future.
No. 235061 ID: 94bae0

Actually, I just had a thought, if you can't access the Undermind when you die... do you stay dead? Like perma-dead... like normal species?
No. 235079 ID: e18396

well, some ovum are nearby. so even if that drone can't reach the undermind it would of jumped to one of those... i hope.
No. 235085 ID: 56dc25

>Continue boosting Maolla steadily (not excessively) until the fires are gone, then stop
No. 235148 ID: 701a19

Sentience comes when what you want comes in conflict with your orders, right?

Doc: Eat the corpse.
No. 235149 ID: e31d52

Seven no what I just seriously really I can't even respond coherently what are you even aaaaargh
No. 235152 ID: 70d9eb

You're being silly, he might have no problems with eating it. Maybe he's hungry!

Doc: Have sex with the corpse.
No. 235153 ID: 2563d4

>Doc: Eat the corpse.
*unicode stare*

Now is not the time for crazed theories regarding manufacturing sentience. Now is the time for stopping the half-dead crispy person becoming all-dead.
No. 235154 ID: e31d52

No. 235156 ID: 56dc25

God dammit, you guys. First with the medicing, THEN with the stupid random shit.
No. 235158 ID: dad664

>Doc: Perform the Ritual Mourning Dance of your people in honor of your fallen comrades.
No. 235171 ID: 620bfb

Doc: Medical expertise now, wacky hijinks later.
No. 235173 ID: aef07d

>DOC: be annoyed at weird peversed voices in your head and flip the finger to the 4th wall

check if your bacon work is well done, then carry the vegetarian barbeque half dead guy to the medibed quickly.

oh wait, is there a path to the medibed? we didnt jumped blindly, did we?
No. 235174 ID: 442d4a

No. 235192 ID: d677cc

No. 235217 ID: 67c611

Get any live ones back to medbay. Leave the dead where they lie. Corpses don't need rescuing. Keep moving and look for other survivors. Hurry. Time is of the essence.
No. 235220 ID: 07337a

Pretend I was paying attention, heal everybody alive as efficiently as possible, if possible.
No. 235268 ID: 991a5a


Maolla, sorry about the headache. Depending on your physiology, some...uh..."fun" may act as pain relief. But leave that 'til later. For now, once the fires are out, see if there's anything in the room that can be salvaged!
No. 235943 ID: 06e9b4
File 128579651295.png - (48.64KB , 600x700 , enterthecomproom4.png )


... theoretically.

But not here, right? We're being cut off from our bodies, not from the Undermind. No need to worry about it.

>undermind boost x1
I've got most of the fires out, now, so I can manage it myself now. Some of them will just start again once I stop, though, if I don't turn off the power here.

Speaking of, I'm checking the computer now. Let's see... ok, the main computer has three primary processors, and one of them is totally busted. Another one might be fixable, and the final is still working, though not well. I think I could link it up with the secondary computer, and that might help us with some of the ship's systems; communication and sensors and such. Of course, I can't do that and turn off the power, unless I really get in there and pull some wires around.

Will I just turn it all off? Take time and try fix the computer best I can? Perhaps I should just hurry Ferram to the med bay; we're only going to get him there if I use telekinesis.
No. 235945 ID: dad664

I would try to reroute the primary processes to the secondary computer, then turn off the main to avoid more explodey times.
No. 235946 ID: 2a9922

let's turn this whole thing off for now, it's a death trap waiting to happen. and get ferram to the med bay. peek into the other rooms while you take him back for anyone else.
No. 235947 ID: a594b9

Doc will be able to keep Ferram alive while we fix the computer. Spend time to do the job properly.
No. 235954 ID: 701a19

Even with telekinesis you're not going to be able to get him there in a reasonable amount of time. What, are you going to FLY the three of you through the tubes?
We might be able to boost your telekinesis that much, but it would put too much stress on you for too long. We know this because otherwise your natural inclination would have been to use your telekinesis to let you move through the jeffries tubes as if you were in Zero-G.

I actually know a bit about these kinds of systems. Each of the redundant systems has its own power feed (Having a SPoF like that would make redundant systems completely pointless) and should have its own off switch.
Cut the power cords to everything else in the room besides the tertiary system. Yes, I do mean you should physically sever and cap the wires with your glue; using the normal cut-offs won't help if there's a short before the cut-off, and with all this damage that's very likely.

Oh, and getting this room stabilized and to partial functionality trumps even the survival of a sentient; without the main computer operational we're flying blind and dumb, and many vital systems will be down.

DOC: Vocalize the condition of your patient, if you are capable of healing the damage or stabilizing the patient, estimated time to said recovery, and the urgency of taking the patient to the medbay.
No. 235956 ID: 56dc25

Take the time to fix it; the medical drone will keep the injured stable while you work. You can't afford to have communications between the few remaining crew cut off in this situation; it's vital to restore them as fast as possible. Sensors wouldn't hurt, either.

And find the areas where the fires are going to stubbornly come back, and fix it so they don't even when power is on. We can boost you if you need to yank off main panels or what have you.
No. 235957 ID: a09a03

Hit the main breaker to turn off the section, then take Ferram to the Med Bay.

Be aware that the life sign in the Living Quarters is most likely also a casualty in need of attention, otherwise why would it be hanging out there? You probably need to somehow hurry up and get to them, or else stop there on the way to the med bay so Doc can stabilize them.
No. 236004 ID: 40cb26

If you can get it all turned off now and get it back up and running partially later that would be best, even if it takes a while. Unless if you can finish hooking up the system to the secondary computer in about 5-10 minutes, that would be better. Ferram is hurt but he isn't going to die here, not with Doc on the job. I'm more worried about the friends we haven't yet found... do all you can do quickly. If it can wait, then it will wait.
No. 236093 ID: 67c611

Turn off breaker. Get to medbay with wounded.
No. 236151 ID: e31d52

>DOC: Undermind boost x1
No. 236203 ID: a09a03

We should take Ferram to the sickbay to get him stabilized or in stasis or something like that, and then IMMEDIATELY go back for the life sign we saw earlier in Living Quarters. That one seems most likely to be another injured crew member.

Hopefully, Lorn will be awake and we can send him back here to fix the ship's communications.
No. 236217 ID: 0499d6


No. 236222 ID: d677cc

Alright, we need to check out all the life signs before fiddling with other stuff.

Cutting the power is reversible, right?
No. 236288 ID: f0a8cf

Turn it off for now. You can fix it later, and Ferram needs to be brough to medbay ASAP.

(She said gravity was weaker here, so she could probably get him up the vents with her telekinesis.)
No. 236386 ID: a41aaf

We already got the secondary computer up and running. It's entire purpose is to take over if something happens to the Primary like, say, BEING ON FIRE. No need to poke around in burnt and dangerous wiring for the moment, especially when a badly injured scellor is in urgent need of transport to the sickbay.
Hit the Big Red Button (the one labelled EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN, DO NOT PRESS), then get the hell out of dodge.
No. 236872 ID: 991a5a


I wholeheartedly second these. Let's get the injured to safety, top priority! Don't want to lose someone we could have rescued because we're too concerned with futzing with the computers.

They won't be any more damaged later than they are now, assuming the fires are out.
No. 236873 ID: 4d905c

im reinstating my request to take the crispy vegetarian dude to medbay, but id like to add to cut the power first.
No. 237036 ID: c96203
File 128598977697.png - (16.93KB , 800x600 , lookinatputer.png )

Uh, how do I explain... the three processors aren't a redundant system, they're all part of one unit. The second computer core in the lab is the backup, along with the small computers attached to each individual system. The main computer can work with just one processor left, but it'll go pretty slow. I was just thinking of linking it up to the secondary for extra power and for the main sensor connections, but... you know what? I'm really not the best at this.

It's not like it's going anywhere. I'm no medic, but Ferram probably needs something or other; I'll lift him ahead of me while I climb, gentle-like. It'll be easier going up. I'll turn everything off and get going, it'll only take a few minutes.
No. 237038 ID: c96203
File 128598983393.png - (2.50KB , 800x600 , time.png )

No. 237039 ID: c96203
File 128598985861.png - (12.69KB , 800x600 , backinthemedagain.png )

The bed bleeps at me about its inability to fix Ferram's injuries. I didn't expect much, but at least it can undo whatever damage he took from the radiation. Then I can have it put a stasis field on him until we're fully equipped.

Lorn looks like he'll be done in just a few minutes. What now?
No. 237042 ID: 67c611

Get moving to the weakest lifesign.
No. 237044 ID: f4963f

Mitrel looks so sad... give him a hug.

Earlier, you said that there were a lot of signs of life in the drone barracks. Have we tended to that yet? We're going to need all the able hands we can get, sentient or otherwise.
No. 237045 ID: a09a03

Try and bring Mitrel up to speed in a hurry. Tell him that Lorn should try going back to the computer room to try and fix shipwide communications. Meanwhile, you're going to go to a life sign you saw in the Living Quarters, because you think it's probably another injured shipmate. Why would a healthy one just be hanging out there during a crisis? Tell him the locations of the other life signs you saw, too, mainly the one in the jeffries tube. (That one probably entered the tube after the crisis started, and so probably doesn't have life threatening injuries)

Then, get your shiny green butt to the living quarters. Take Doc.
No. 237049 ID: 40cb26

Whichever area we had lifesigns in that would be taking in the most rads. If there is no obvious difference then go for the one in the crew quarters, hopefully that is a quick rescue. After that the lifesign we detected in the jeffries tube near the core. By that time we hopefully will have enough able bodied help to check the rear and aft areas.

Maolla, could Mitrel sync with us at all? Maybe if we stop focusing on Doc for a moment and contact him through you? He'd make for a great secondary node for a couple drones, besides the advantage of communication between you two.

>MITREL: Hey, can you hear us?
No. 237051 ID: 7d8185

yeah let's head to crew quarters.
No. 237098 ID: 0d7ef0

We don't know if anyone will wake up with this field around them, but at least they'll live for now.

Go to the crew quarters, check on the life sign there. With any luck it's the doc. Before that, however, ask the captain if anything new has been happening.
No. 237100 ID: a09a03

>We don't know if anyone will wake up with this field around them, but at least they'll live for now.
Yeah, that's true. If Lorn doesn't wake up when the autodoc finishes, hopefully we can wake him up later like we woke up Doc. We can't afford to stay here, however. Gotta hurry and check for other injured crewmen.
No. 237101 ID: 476456

Make sure they dont get up as space zombies or some shit.
No. 237110 ID: b52761

we DONT want him to wake up. he has severe burn wounds, let him unconsious ffs. if the doc can get anything to help/heal him now would be the time.

altho you need to go back to engineering and repair the crap out of everything. what was that timer by the by?

>mithrel: gb2/sleep/ and stay there
No. 237117 ID: d677cc

[Mitrel isn't the one with severe burn wounds. (That's Ferram. We just put him in the autodoc.) Nor is he the guy we got to the other autodoc unconscious a while back who might wake up soon. (That's Lorn.)

Mitrel is the other guy who we put in the autodoc, who if I'm recognizing my faces correctly is now awake over in the corner of the panel and has not been unconscious lately.]

If this is possible, do it. Otherwise we need to get moving again, which looks like it means the living quarters.
No. 237134 ID: 9d2107

i just d'oh myself.

>mythrel: ignore me and stay awake.
No. 237136 ID: e31d52

He'll ignore your commands because there's not a mythrel or mithral in range, don't worry 5cpper
No. 237137 ID: d677cc

Also, if you want to talk to Mitrel, Maolla is perfectly capable of handling that. We're kind of trying to keep Doc going with our psychic link, at the moment.
No. 237140 ID: 40cb26

The idea was if Mitrel can sync with us, they both can act as a node for us and each have drones working with them. Plus Mitrel and Maolla can communicate through us directly. Focusing off of Doc would only take a moment, if it worked anyway.
No. 237303 ID: c6c5b9
File 128605446466.png - (9.89KB , 800x600 , hugs.png )

>give him a hug
No. 237305 ID: c6c5b9
File 12860545769.png - (9.04KB , 800x600 , mitrelsays.png )

>bring Mitrel up to speed

He seems troubled by the news of the ships' computer, and the loss of one of the drones. He's probably worried about us needing as many resources as we can get. I'd tell him not to fret so much, but it's sort of his job.

>MITREL: Hey, can you hear us?
>"There goes the drone again. Uh, yes, I can hear you. But you still have to send your signal through Maolla, so... I can't pass on any more than she can. Sorry."

Unless you think I should take the ten minutes or so I'd need to fully synchronize, you should probably stick to commanding drones and waking the sentient crew up.

>"Listen, Maolla... I've been trying to push through this psychic miasma. I think I almost got in contact with Shiia, but it seemed to realize what I was doing and pushed me back. If it was her, she's awake, but... I'm not sure. I think there was a hint of urgency in the sliver of contact I managed to get."
No. 237311 ID: d677cc


Does Mitrel have any idea where Shiia was?

Let's get moving, either way.
No. 237313 ID: dad664

"Drone. Fetch me my pants.

It's time to stage a daring rescue."
No. 237314 ID: 2563d4

Maolla to the rescue!

Stop dilly-dallying and chase those life-signs.
No. 237318 ID: 13cc3a

okay, then. we'll wait until everyone is out of immediate danger before doing that. ask if he can give us a heading or do we still need to just run around looking? guess crew quarters first and then the drone barracks, in case someone was.. ahem, 'playing' with the drones.
No. 237321 ID: a594b9

Well, while we're here...

>Lorn: Wake up!
No. 237326 ID: e31d52

To the rescue! Let us rescue the damsel (?) in distress from the wicked forces of whatever!
No. 237328 ID: e31d52

>Hey Mitrel there's a spare drone in the computer room thingy if you want to do something there. Just thought you should know.
No. 237336 ID: a594b9

Clarification: Wake up Lorn instead of trying to talk to Mitriel or Doc.
No. 237337 ID: 13cc3a

>signal lorn up first then switch to controlling doc.
No. 237374 ID: e4a16b

Maolla: For future fire-fighting, if the blaze isn't immediately in danger of burning someone or something, you can probably limit the smothering field to the point of contact where the fire is getting fuel, letting you use a smaller field, or contain a larger blaze faster. Like smothering it with a blanket, as opposed to putting a lid over it.
No. 237381 ID: d677cc

Why are you talking to Mitrel through the link. We're using that.

Although yeah if we can try to buzz Lorn before we head out with Doc we should do that.


and then


or something.
No. 237397 ID: 3416ec

Go ahead and sync up. We must expand our pool of manpower.
No. 237403 ID: a09a03

>Unless you think I should take the ten minutes or so I'd need to fully synchronize
What's this, exactly? Something that lets us directly command and talk to other Scellor? Can't we kinda already do that?

In any case, we don't have ten minutes. Get ye to a life sign. The one in Living Quarters is probably the most hurt.
No. 237494 ID: 40cb26

Ten minutes? Tempting but... let's hold off on that. Save who we can as fast as possible and organize afterward.

Now then, where is Shiia likely to be? I'm guessing that life sign in the tube by the core was her. Get Doc and head back there. As soon as Lorn is up he and Mitrel can head down to the crew quarters and bring whoever is there back here for whatever healing they might need. If we take longer than that they can head to the drone barracks and administer anti-rad meds so we don't loose any more.
No. 237546 ID: aef915

>fully synchronize
explain this shenanigans. if it allow us to control more drones from far it may be better.

anyway, head to comp rooom, time to get fixin'
No. 237551 ID: 230121

Follow Lifesigns, this early response time is critical in the case of severe injuries.
No. 237557 ID: 701a19

What? No!
We need to maximize crew survivability, which means that our goal right now is to maximize the rate at which we accounted for crew members and get them stabilized.
Right now we're arguing if the time it takes to synchronize will be offset by the benefits of having a telepath on our line.

... to heck with this. We're wasting time. Maolla, synchronize him up.
[UNDERMIND BOOST the synchronization process]
No. 237559 ID: 2563d4

Since people are apparently trying to take this to a vote, making it clear that >>237314 is against these synchronising shenanigans.
No. 237562 ID: 42838c

While you're in the medbay, Maolla, you should probably pick up some headache medication, or something of the sort. We don't yet know the limits of our boosts to you, and you might find something here, if anywhere, to alleviate the pain if we accidentally push you too far.
No. 237637 ID: 939372

Yeah, I can't really get behind a 10-minute procedure when there's still folks in immediate mortal peril around here, at least not with the info currently presented. While our being patched into someone who's good at telepathy will make organization a lot easier, it should probably wait until the leads we already have are exhausted.

Stuff that'd be good to know:
1) How long it's been since he tried to contact Shiia.
2) As others said, whether he was able to get anything other than a general sense of urgency - her distance or direction from here would help, even if it's vague.
3) How long it'll probably take to get to the tubes near the core where we saw that one lifesign.

Syncing with Mitrel for the purposes of having him patched in may not be necessary anyway; his cast strengthens his telepathy enough that he could probably call us if something big happens.

I'm of the opinion that we should just heavily self-regulate on this, rather than spamming SPOON BOOST at every problem that comes our way. That said, having Doc carry a bunch of med supplies in general seems like a good idea (maybe make use of the pockets in those pants you loons made him grab).

Repeatering this.
No. 237657 ID: 991a5a


We need to get to that lifesign in the living quarters, and if that's Shiia, we need to figure out why she was urgent. Remember that we are currently under something that sure as heck feels like some form of attack - time is of the essence, and the more hands we have available the better our chances are of defending this ship.

Let's get moving, and scavenge any useful equipment along the way!

Er...also, is Mitrel still pantsless? Don't suppose we could get a minor camera-angle shift? He looks like the kind to have a cute bum. Maolla might appreciate that, anyway.
No. 237752 ID: 67c611

Get to weakest lifesign ASAP.
No. 237759 ID: 3eba7e

i am against making a sync untill we know what it is.

maolla, are the doors functional with the computers offline? i am worried that those that can live are willing to acess computer to check status but cant because its offline. if you can at least prevent it from gettin it on fire again, we should have basics online ASAP.
No. 237848 ID: d1c4e2

Go hunt the life-signs. Should probably hunt for the weakest one, currently. That might be our target, or it might be something in life-threatening danger, which means either way you're doing something produtive.
No. 238275 ID: 701a19

Jukashi: Be it due to the interactive nature of quests or our community being a hostile environment towards malefactors, we are more understanding of problems than most.

Don't worry about us. Take the time you need to recover; we'll still be here when you're ready.
No. 238979 ID: 7afa6e
File 128632470958.png - (11.83KB , 800x600 , maollaexplains1.png )


You guys have even forgotten that? Well, whatever, alright. Basically, to fully attune Mitrel to our level of the Undermind, me and him would have to settle into a full mutual meditation, easing ourselves into full telepathic contact and, then, gradually bringing him into alignment with you guys. You need to... how do I explain... um. It's sort of like turning a nail into a magnet by stroking it with another one.

Ten minutes is a rough estimate; could be longer, could be shorter. While we're at it, though, we're pretty useless, and helpless. You can't just jerk yourself out of a trance like pulling a plug.
No. 238981 ID: 7afa6e
File 128632477076.png - (11.79KB , 800x600 , maollaexplains2.png )

Alternately, I could just ride his bone for a while.

We'd pretty much have the same problems, though. Less danger if something unexpected happens, but more physical strain. I'm not sure Mitrel would be useful for anything after that, the way he is now. And the mental link still takes time to build up.
No. 238984 ID: 9406d6

the latter the latter the latter
No. 238985 ID: f4963f

Oh Maolla.

Let's not enter a synchronization trance until our short-term problems have been dealt with. Track down the rest of those survivors.
No. 238986 ID: 7afa6e
File 128632493973.png - (15.01KB , 800x600 , lornwaking.png )

>wake Lorn


Oh, hey, nice one. Looks like he's still groggy, but at least I don't have to wait around until the autodoc is done.

... Ugh. Now I think of it, considering that I'm healthiest at the moment? I should probably go down into the core myself and ask these two to go to the living quarters. It's kind of an ordeal to get down there. What do you think?

I can't find the "weakest lifesign", by the way. The sensors just look for the presence of complex bioelectric signals and thermal signatures; that's why they were fooled in the computer room. They're not very reliable, and not sensitive enough to make judgements on health. That's what medical scanners are for.
No. 238987 ID: 2563d4

Being able to react to the unexpected faster would certainly be the better compromise given the situation.

However, let us file thus under "fun and exciting things to do once we've made sure people aren't bleeding to death".
No. 238989 ID: 2563d4

>I should probably go down into the core myself and ask these two to go to the living quarters.

Sounds like a plan.

In that case you definitely want to leave Doc behind, even if none of the other sentients can make use of him.
No. 238990 ID: a09a03

>What do you think?
Saving lives is priority one, and you're the only one with healing abilities (in the form of being able to bring Doc with you).

Tell Mitrel and Lorn to see what can be done about the core. Maybe they can think of another way in. Even if they just faff about and get nothing done, however, you need to head for the Living Quarters to try and save whoever's there.
No. 238994 ID: 127c1a

yeah, you getting to the core sounds good. Lorn is also a Praal so if any heavy lifting needs to be done he can do it.
No. 239010 ID: 991a5a

If you think they'll be able to get to the living quarters on their own, then head for the core yourself, ASAP. Here's hoping you can stay in contact with them, by whatever means - emergency comlinks, maybe? Some kind of rudimentary tin-can system?

I say bring Doc with you, if you can safely do so. Two pairs of hands are better than one.

As for the link...leave that for a quiet moment. I think you know which method of link-forging most of us would prefer.
No. 239012 ID: e4a16b

Ask Lorn about that Engineering Concern. It might have been something serious. He was dressed when you got to him, after all. Its probably a moot point with the crash damage, but better to know than to have something fail on you while you're playing search n' rescue.
No. 239013 ID: f3db0c

if doc can stay up while you are unconscious you should take him along at a safe distance.

sadly if everyone is stable we need them working. as soon as possible the computer room needs to be up, along with repairs to the hull and such.
No. 239033 ID: a594b9

Splitting up is good. Let's head off too the core while our buds go to LQ. Too bad we can't synch before that, but there shouldn't be anything to worry about, right?
No. 239035 ID: 67c611

You two go save the person stuck near the core. Have the other two go to the living quarters.

There are two wounded. One is in the tubes near the core. The other is in living quarters.

We do as stated above and we can save both.
No. 239037 ID: d677cc

Right, you and Doc are the only ones in the condition to go check the life sign near the core. So do that.
No. 239079 ID: a09a03

I was assuming that the life sign in the tubes was uninjured, since probably no one would've been hanging out in emergency access-ways. But maybe I'm wrong...