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File 127087637372.png - (19.85KB , 640x480 , 59.png )
162089 No. 162089 ID: abb30a

Thread 1: >>85235
Now exiting dormant state due to arrival on Wur.

Hey. After you said you were going dormant, your device said it too, and then I guess you did. Now that we've landed it said it was reactivating. You there?
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No. 162091 ID: 1ac39d

sup. anything neat happen while we were out?
No. 162095 ID: 7524b0


So, what's this place? Looks like a plaza of sorts.
No. 162096 ID: 9a1fa4

'Sup Narus.
No. 162099 ID: 288dda

Yes. We trust there were no further disturbances during your trip?

We wish to observe this new location. We will assume an appropriate disguise.

[convert to walker-ball, apply "pet" marker as previously manifested, and climb onto Narus' shoulder-analogue]
No. 162101 ID: e973f4

Sup. How's things?

Also yeah do this. If we need more votes to do this. I forget what all kinds of actions we need votes for, again.
No. 162103 ID: 1ac39d

well with me we are up to 4 action votes.
No. 162105 ID: 7524b0

...I don't think we need to vote any further on that.
No. 162107 ID: 7524b0

Hey Narus, how would you feel about us transforming into a lifesize Cyral or something?
No. 162120 ID: 7524b0
File 127087903669.png - (15.16KB , 640x480 , P0.png )

Oh, I just realized we never directly sent you the images that we received out of nowhere, aside from that last one.

So I'm gonna do that now! FIRST image. Some Cyral-looking guy. No idea what's up with that.
No. 162121 ID: 7524b0
File 127087910793.png - (77.24KB , 640x480 , P1.png )

SECOND image. The orange/black blobby thing in your room. Or at least, a place that looks like your room.
No. 162122 ID: 7524b0
File 127087920298.png - (241.92KB , 640x480 , P2.png )

THIRD thing. That purple eye or possible warp gate we saw.
No. 162124 ID: 7524b0
File 127087951253.png - (687.15KB , 640x480 , Dormancy.png )

The fourth thing was those cube-aliens, we showed you that. The fifth thing was the image of like one cube guy and mostly what you said Dessen looked like when he fed.

SIXTH thing is what we saw when we went dormant, though it could just be some stored memory stuff from our interface, not meaning much of anything.
No. 162128 ID: 288dda

Hey, I'm not cool with telling him our dreams like that.
No. 162129 ID: 7524b0

We don't actually dream, dude.
No. 162374 ID: abb30a
File 127094586399.png - (12.79KB , 640x480 , 60.png )

Ah, you are there. Cool.
I wasn't stopped on my way in here! Off the craft and through the scanners with no problems. That's good. And the atmosphere here's no problem for me, at least if I stay in the right areas. Also I've been feeling a little different. Like, better than when we left. Did you do something?

Yeah it's a [[spacious area with a giant viewing window, usually with branching corridors]]. You see them a lot in locations when you get off of spacecraft. It gives you a chance to see what it's like where you are, and uh, walk to places. I'm going to walk places for now!

Just walkin'. Maybe a little tired. It's getting late where I live.

It went well.

Sounds good.

This action only requires an impulse weight of one. registered 3 toward this action, with result that very good purchase is acquired on Narus' shoulder and no one else but Narus notices the transformation.

Can you do that? It might be a good idea... If you can. I'd try it somewhere not so obvious, though, not right now!

Sort of looks... Dessen-y, when it looks like a Cyral. The eyes especially. I don't know how you'd get eyes like that without not actually being a Cyral. Except like, Dessen doesn't make it so obvious.
That looks Dessen-like too, and that does seem to be my room. But there's red light coming from outside? Weird.
Doesn't look that much like an eye to me!
I totally can't make much sense of that.

Anything interesting happen with YOU while you were out?

rendering symbolic map
No. 162375 ID: f21281


Wur never changes.
No. 162377 ID: 9a1fa4

Not really. We noticed your lazy bum doesn't get as much exercise as it should, so we... how you say... took some of the lazy out of you.
No. 162379 ID: f21281

I think what my colleague here means is "OH HI WE UPGRADED UR RAM"

By RAM we mean body. Theoretically we could make you like, super-awesome mega-strong and efficient and stuff.

You would be the most awesome and best Cyral ever.
No. 162391 ID: 701a19

Ok, I think we need to look into how the aliens could have detected us and how to hide from that detection.

+1 to each.
No. 162394 ID: 7524b0

You feel a little 'better' because we did some non-invasive optimization. Just kinda made your body work better. Not to any large extent, mind you.

Why don't we check out some brochures? Pass through the food court first to see what they're eating. Are you hungry at all?

As for us, well... Stuff happened, I guess. There was an important ruling that might let companies make our internet more expensive and restrictive and really no fun. Hopefully not.
No. 162395 ID: 7524b0

Good idea. If we can go full stealth we shouldn't have to worry about being attacked again. [supporting]

We might want to figure out who those dudes were though, so we can take the fight to them instead of just running off and hiding.
No. 162535 ID: abb30a
File 127096526355.png - (32.01KB , 640x480 , 61.png )

Ok so now that I'm here I should call Caplisk... That's not her actual name but I can pronounce it. Her real name is like a bunch of crazy sounds I can't make. She's native to this planet.
Narus pulls his phone out again and calls Caplisk
)Narus. You're on my planet!(
"Yes! are you well, Caplisk?"
)I am well. Are you? What brings you here?(
"I am well. And about that... Could we possibly meet? I know it's sudden but I'd rather talk to you in person."
)You have my address, and you can take a teleport to near my house. How's that, yeah?(
"Good idea. Are you there now?"
)I'm out. I'll be back in [[a few hours]]. You could come starting around then.(
"Ok. I'll try to be there. I hope this isn't too sudden."
)It is nice to have friends visit. We'll see each other then.(
"Be well."
)And you.(
he puts the phone back

The system the phones use was set up with help from the Cramakc on a bunch of worlds, so the same phone I use on Uis works here on Wur too! Those guys are pretty awesome.

Uhhhhh. Is that... a pop-culture reference?

I still feel just as lazy. Just... I dunno. Also I really really don't want you to mess with the way I think. At all. You never have permission to do that unless I specifically ask for it, ok?

Hmmm. You should ask for my permission before changing me around!

Ok. I'll do that. I'm... a little hungry. Maybe I'll have a snack.

Aw man, that sounds bogus... I hope it works out well for you. Internets should be great things.

impulse weight 2 is insufficient to determine the method of detection used
No. 162536 ID: 1ac39d

actually, it was less make you un-lazy as remove a few toxins that build up as a result of laziness.
No. 162541 ID: 7524b0

Ah, um. Sorry for messing with you without permission. It wasn't really making anything different, just... better. Actually I'm not sure if we managed to affect you noticably in that respect. It said "just barely". Oh come to think of it there was a more noticeable, separate change of restoring bodily circulation and such. That's probably why you feel 'better'.

We're definitely not going to change the way you think. I will strongly oppose that, in any case.

That's some interesting looking food. What's the stuff in the top-right?
No. 162557 ID: 9a1fa4

I doubt we could change how you think, really all we did was balance your chemicals a bit more.

>add impulse weight to determining detection method.
No. 162731 ID: a966ad

Adding impulse weight to determining detection method.
No. 164033 ID: abb30a
File 127122824215.png - (26.02KB , 640x480 , 62.png )

Narus gets something similar to jerky for a snack

Ah... That's cool then. I probably had some from other reasons, too...

At least they were positive changes... Even so, always check with me first.

That's good. I hope you aren't the only one who would oppose it.

...I uh... don't know what any of it is really. Some kind of base with different foodstuffs put on it to lend different flavours I think.


method was based on detection of spassitude

Alright, we probably don't have time to visit more than one place before going to Caplisk's house. We've got this giant crevice that's pretty cool but they're on like every planet pretty much, a [[native botanical garden equivalent]] that was very nice last time I was here, a giant art gallery that I'll probably want to visit when I have more time, an old nuclear power facility tour thing, a spacecraft factory tour thing, and an abandoned insane asylum guided tour that's only for mature people like me. Spooky. Those are all close enough to teleport to without paying much. I can see if there's more stuff around here if none of that interests you, but I don't want to go too far.
No. 164038 ID: 0b2a05

>Define "spassitude"

Check out the [[native botanical garden equivalent]] Narus, that sounds fun. Unless you would want to with Caplisk later, in which case spaceships.
No. 164044 ID: 1ac39d

hmmm, the nuclear plant and the asylum both sound good. at the plant we may be able to scrape some radioactive isotopes that haven't decayed yet and get a one-shot fusion blaster.

the asylum would be neat because we may be able to make some ghost busting gear and purge the place.
No. 164048 ID: 288dda

>I doubt we could change how you think, really all we did was balance your chemicals a bit more.

Of course, thought is simple a cascading series of chemical processes - simple mechanical processes over which we hold complete dominion when we feel the need. Not that we feel any temptation to abuse this! We will continue to work in your best interests! Haha!

On a completely unrelated note, I bet that we could use our extradimensional capabilities to teleport you without using commercial transit. Or produce quantities of the local currency, if you would find that easier.

I would prefer to visit the art museum, but given our time constraints the nuclear facility appears to be the second most attractive option.
No. 164057 ID: 7524b0

Spassitude is a direction in the 4th dimension. Basically, they found us because we're multidimensional.

[prevent future detection via that method]

I'm kinda interested in the Asylum. Insanity is a popular theme amongst us in here.
No. 164058 ID: 1ac39d

agree, +1 to hiding our signature in that direction.
No. 164095 ID: 701a19

No, you won't. Nuclear plants are designed to keep the isotopes INSIDE, and we would need to breach containment to get at them.

Completely aside from that, your understanding of nuclear physics seems to be drawn from comic books. There is no logical reason why we should visit a nuclear plant.

Also, +1 to hiding our signature.
No. 164107 ID: 7524b0

Aside from... wanting to see a nuclear plant, you mean.

Regardless of how nuclear weapons work, we'd be able to make one without needing any material. We seem to be able to just make energy out of nothing.
No. 164181 ID: ed0e3a

What do you mean by a crevice like on every planet? Explain a little more, please?

Also, +1 to avoiding detection.
No. 164282 ID: 288dda
File 127128172689.jpg - (59.93KB , 600x600 , Milky_Way_600px.jpg )

I would assume that nearly all solid, tectonically-active planets have several points where multiple layers of surface strata are visible due to erosion or other processes. Seen one large-scale canyon, you've seen them all.

Narus, if you could indulge my curiosity. This is a artist's rendition, based primarily on collected radio data, of what you might call our "home" galaxy. Does it look familiar?
No. 167398 ID: abb30a
File 127179635865.png - (15.17KB , 640x480 , 63.png )

You seem to be slipping down my arm. Also you've been getting larger. See if you can shrink. You might be able to stay perched better.



I don't think there are going to be ghosts there, dude. That would definitely make it spookier, but... it doesn't say anything about ghosts in the thingy here. Don't do anything that would make US seem like we belong in asylums. That would be way not cool.


I'm actually going to stick with the local transports for now... Teleportation's a tricky thing sometimes, and we can see that these ones are reliable.

Hm. Good to know.

Yeah... I was getting that kind of impression.

impulse weight registered (4) is insufficient to detect whether or not itself is sufficient to perform this task.action is attempted to be carried out regardless.shifting mass to vacant alternate perpendicular axis

Aha, so you have nuclear plants and are still using them? Neat.

You have comic books too! I've read a lot. I tried to make some but they weren't very good...

Yeah, like that. They're interesting and all, but this one doesn't look unusual, and I've seen several.

Hmm. Not particularly. I don't think I'd recognize my own galaxy if I saw it from the outside, though. Or even most parts of the inside.

I say we go to the asylum! They've got a tour starting soonish, after all. Onward...

Narus finds a teleportation booth and uses it to reach the asylum, which is in a rather physically isolated spot. Some of the people are the native intelligent species, there are a few Silirw, and there are a few other species. There is a wheeled robot with cameras on poles sticking out of the top. Narus walks toward this congregation

)...inside. Welcome, friend Cyral!( he addresses Narus
)I am Zeeister, the guide for this tour. Is that what you're here for?(
"Well met. Yep, that's why I'm here!"
)Excellent. Payment is over there, yeah.( He gestures to a place with some people and lots of machines which presumably accept different forms of currency.
)The tour begins in [[~11 minuntes]].(
Narus acknowledges, goes and makes his payment, then walks back sporting a wristband.

"Hey." says a female Cyral. "I saw you on the spaceflight on the way here. With your... pet."
"That was really awesome. My name's Obict. You don't have to tell me yours... Are you well?"
No. 167399 ID: ed0e3a


Of course you are. We improved you. Made you better. But it wasn't enough. We can make you much be- okay, less of that.

Wait, why does she know your name already? Ask about that, but only in a very casual manner. No need to interrogate anyone.
No. 167401 ID: f21281

Query on required Impulse for aforementioned Fourth-Dimensional Stealth shielding.
No. 167402 ID: 7524b0

Oh boy, I bet a lot of us are going to try to get you to flirt with her.

Lemme try to shrink us a bit. In a very precise way to make sure vast amounts of impulse weight doesn't mess it up.

[Shrink by 25% and climb back up to our previous perch on Narus's arm, via 20% increased grip and speed]
No. 167405 ID: 889351

Shifting mass is not a very effective method of 'hiding', let's reverse that.

This place should be fun.
No. 167414 ID: 7524b0

Shifting mass on a multidimensional level can hide us. Their detection devices might not be able to see very much of the spassitude, and we just happened to be occupying a space they were looking at.

We need more impulse weight on both figuring out how they detected us, and on evading that detection.
No. 167494 ID: 3b6c92

Impulse to both of these.

Also, Narus, why not talk to somebody that isn't the crazy voices that mostly only talk to you? Tell her whatever you feel like telling her, about us or otherwise. We're not gonna do your thinking for you (and you probably don't want us to anyway in this case). :B
No. 167495 ID: ed0e3a

Whoops, forgot to add an impulse to anything.

+1 to calculating means to avoid detection.
+1 to calculating identity of transdimensional entity assuming multiple forms sighted during periods of dormancy. (like this will work but a voice can dream)
No. 167498 ID: af61ca


No. 167499 ID: 701a19

+1 to both

[Attempt to verify that this Cyral was on the flight, and that they are indeed a Cyral]
Go ahead and tell her your name, then compliment her on her eyes.
No. 167533 ID: 7524b0

...we don't even know if that works. Aliens, remember?

Narus, what parts of female Cyrals do males usually compliment? How does flirting work in your culture?
No. 167585 ID: 889351

Maybe, but we seem to be shifting into physical at least in part, and should stop that.
+1 to investigating the detection avoidance
No. 167729 ID: abb30a
File 127183226651.png - (12.89KB , 640x480 , 64.png )

I don't think she knows my name. I told everyone on the flight it was best if they didn't know it, remember? I think she's referring to that.

increased to 6 and 7 respectively.

insufficient IW toward determining the required amount.

Good to have a warning.


task is completed

Present method is to realigning mass with an axis where probability of detection is unknown instead of guaranteed

Yeah, no reason not to talk to her. I can't stop you from suggesting whatever you want, though!

impulse weight registered (2) is insufficient to perform this task

"I am well. Are you?"
"Yes! May I lick you?"
"You may. May I lick you?" he licks her neck lightly with both tongues
"Yes." she licks his neck lightly with both tongues

Hm. Good taste.
Oh, that's a common practice for Silirw-Silirw first-time meetings, especially among Cyrals. Looks like she wants to be friends!

I think I'll skip on the name for now. Her eyes don't seem that unusual, also.

Hmm. Eyes works, also body form, shape of ears or breathing structures... any part actually, as long as it's a particularly nice part of them. She's pretty, but I'm not sure what part-oh, I know. Women can be pleasing to any of the senses, so...

"You taste good."
"So do you."

Oho. Well, now.

Flirting... We don't really do that. Either we make it clear we want to, like, get together, or we don't!

this Cyral was on the flight.
hey wh-
-re you doing?

touching verifies that she is a Cyral.she is surprised

"They're pretty tactile, aren't they? At least they didn't do that thing like they did to you on the flight!"
"Yeah... I don't think you'd want that." I'm glad you didn't do that to her. Touching other people is something you shouldn't, like, do randomly, by the way. It can have... unintended interpretations and stuff. Not a huge problem just now, but like, don't do it.
"It looked really awkward."
"Yeah... They were just going to lick my leg but I guess they're like, not used to the body so it got all crazy."
"Oh, that was a lick? Wow... Ooh hey, so can they talk to me?" she seems earnestly excited
"I think so. Let's see..." Try talking to her telepathically. Like, while you're just sitting here on my shoulder. We can see if it works, especially now that you touched her. Did you see her thoughts, by the way?
No. 167744 ID: 7524b0

All we got was "-fe-" from that touch. So far we've had to be quite close to something to establish a link, and only one person at a time... but let's try it.

[send message to Obict: "Is this working? Hello."]
No. 167746 ID: 701a19

@Obict Hello! We are friendly, and enthusiastic, but our understanding of your customs is limited. Please pardon any accidental offense.
No. 167747 ID: 6834bc

Hullo there, Obict, can you hear me?
Well, assuming you can, you seem like a nice enough person. Hopefully we didn't weird you out too much with the random touching and the lick thing. When enough of our 'subroutines' agree on an action, it tends to get exaggerated.

I think we can try not to violate your personal space, but I can't guarantee the actions of the many. Also, be prepared for the others maybe trying to set you up for a [romantic relationship] with our buddy, here. They like to play [match-maker].
No. 167914 ID: 5d00f0

Obict, you are gorgeous.

>+1 impulse to 4th dimensional cloak
No. 167915 ID: ed0e3a


Do you want to get together- no, less of that.

[message to Obict: Hello! I am one voice of many. Have you been to Wur before? What do you think of it?]
No. 167940 ID: abb30a

I guess you did just touch her for a second.

connection established
Obict: Oh cool! Yes, it's working.
That's ok. I understand not understanding alien customs!
I think I'm a nice person. Most of us are. I find aliens fascinating. That licking thing was extremely weird. But then, I would have gotten behind the idea too...

It's alright. Oh, really? That's funny. I wouldn't mind a [romantic relationship] with him...

How nice of you to say! I don't think I've been called gorgeous by an alien before.

now at 8

Narus: If she wants to, I wouldn't turn her down...

Is it working?

Obict: This is my first time on Wur. I think it's pretty, although this isn't one of the prettier areas. After this I want to visit some of the non-desert areas. They look much nicer.
No. 167945 ID: ed0e3a

[Narus: From Obict - "Oh, really? That's funny. I wouldn't mind a [romantic relationship] with him..."]

[Obict: From the other Cyral - "If she wants [a romantic relationship], I wouldn't turn her down..."]

My work here is done. Wait. No it isn't.

+1 impulse to nth-dimensional cloak. We'll end up blocking the 4th dimension and they'll get us on the 5th or something. Make it work for as many dimensions as possible.

Now my work is done. Back to sleep!
No. 167955 ID: 697b23

>+1 Impulse to fourth dimensional cloak.

I wonder if we should really be trying to help Narus score. It doesn't seem like quite as much of an achievement for him as humans view it...
No. 167970 ID: 701a19

We appear to find ourselves on a grand adventure. Would you be interested in accompanying us?

@Narus She is interested in you in that way. How would you like to have her as a companion on our adventure?
No. 168003 ID: abb30a
File 127187640217.png - (22.86KB , 640x480 , r64.png )

Obict: This is a strange experience. Are you well?

Narus: Neat, it works. Hm. If she wants it, she'll let me know. I'm pretty low in my [[cycle of sexual receptivity]] right now, so I'm cool with whatever.

Obict: Maybe I'll ask him. I'll have to think about it.

now at 9.if detected in the future, will try new configurations until successfully hidden.current estimated probability of being detected is 50%

I've got things scheduled while I'm here. I do have some time in my schedule to spend on nothing in particular. I just don't have enough for adventuring!

Narus: More people might be good. Does she want to join us?

visual errors corrected
No. 168026 ID: 2cbe3e

Hey Narus why not sit back and listen to some tunes.

Also sure let her come along.
No. 168030 ID: 3b6c92

Narus: She says she's cool with doing some stuff.

Both of you: You guys do realize that you are basically having a conversation through us, right? 'Skinda weird is all.
No. 168032 ID: 701a19

We don't have any pressing issues, so we would be fine with waiting until your work is done.
No. 168075 ID: 7524b0

We are well, thank you for asking.
No. 168681 ID: 15d286

No. 169031 ID: af61ca


but there is nothing to vote for

ADD IMPULSE WEIGHT TO there being more things to vote for next update
No. 169819 ID: 288dda

Hey Narus, this voice is pretty certain you can handle interpersonal relationships significantly better without our help. We're going to muck about with our internals a bit while you two chat. There is a small chance this may make us unresponsive for a period of time. Stay out of trouble!


First, let's see if we can alter our internal time perception upward when we're not dealing with meat. Disengage Narus link, save as "primary." No need giving him a headache (or brain hemorrhage) with this.

Now, do we come with an instruction manual? /help, /commands. ~ for console. /?. >man man.

First priority there, analysis of nano-scale material fabrication and replication capabilities.
No. 169822 ID: 7524b0

[Check Narus' inventory]
No. 170244 ID: abb30a
File 12722617003.png - (13.06KB , 640x480 , 65.png )

Whooooah I can pause it and unpause it and this is trippin' me out dudes. I think I have the hang of these now. The last one it took a while to figure out. Ok so... More music. Cool. Just don't send me these while we're on the tour. This is funky stuff.

Huh. Cool.
"I've got some free time in my schedule where we could get together, if you'd like. I don't have a whole lot, though."speaks Obict
"That would be nice. I don't know what I'll be doing when, but I don't have anything planned."
Obict takes out her phone. She gives Narus times when she is available, tomorrow as of Uis time, as well as her contact information
"I'll try to call you around that time!" Public phone, of course.

Some things aren't supposed to be said [[in presence of alien cultures]]! She probably wouldn't have even told me about the [romantic relationship] thing until later, if at all. You were the ones that shared that. And stuff.

Obict: Oh, it's not work. I'm on vacation, and I have my time planned out.


Prepare female Cyral body:8
Transparent armour film:4
Narus' bodily efficiency increase:4
Hide self:10

task is completed

Narus: I'd hope so. ok... The tour is starting soon, so don't take too long.

clock rate increased by a small factor.output to Narus disabled.link to narus stored as "primary."

nano-scale material fabrication is performed by contiguous particle synthesis.nano-scale material replication is performed by scan of target composition and arrangement, followed by fabrication using the results of the former as a template.stores are finite, but can be replenished

listing 6 functions.
remote mind contact
external memory retrieval
text rendering filter
visual rendering filter
speech output filter
visual appearance base

display description for any functions?view more?

Narus' inventory contains:
1 sharp projectile
1 knife
1 tweezer
1 [[thing that is a straw]]
2 sets of small implements for writing or drawing
3 small containers of poisons
7 medicines in small amounts
5 brochures

No. 170254 ID: 0b2a05

>Determine Narus' biological anomalies, use stored pages for reference.

>Modify stored cyral form to hermaphroditic.

>Search for lockout conditions in self

>Attempt to determine if self is manufactured or handmade
No. 170263 ID: 6834bc

[Adding weight to armor film and hiding self.]
Hey Narus, do you have a portable phone like Obict? I can't seem to recall if you did and just left it or anything.

'Cause, you know, if you didn't, I bet we could make one. Maybe.
No. 170268 ID: 0b2a05

>Assess viability of being used as a phone
No. 170281 ID: 288dda

help: external memory retrieval
command list: PgDn
Look for schematics of self.

Determine material fabrication rates, in cm^3/sec or kg/sec (whichever is appropriate), for impulse weights 1, 5, and 10. Is this limited by object complexity or material density?
No. 170324 ID: 0b2a05

>Attempt to determine composition of poison
No. 170533 ID: abb30a
File 127232078129.png - (13.50KB , 640x480 , 66.png )

no anomalies detected other than those as a result of recent actions

impulse weight of 1 is insufficient to change stored Cyral form to hermaphroditic

clarify "lockout conditions"

device is manufactured

armour film:4
hiding self:11
throughput is disabled

inventory change:phone is now in hand, being placed in pocket

option is viable

external memory retrieval interprets memories from creatures that have memories and allows them to be perused

listing 6 further results:
clock rate
primary power source
spatial impulsion

display description for any functions?view more?

no schematics found

material fabrication rates depend on volume, density, and complexity.performing estimations.base IW:max kg/s .75.IW5:max kg/s 3.75.IW10:max kg/s 5

impulse weight registered (1) is insufficient to determine composition of poison
No. 170534 ID: 701a19

Further info on clock rate and primary power source.

+1 to determining the composition of the poison.
+1 to using female Cyral form as a base for creating a second stored form which is a hermaphrodite.
Contingent on Narus granting approval, reversing -1 on armor film to a +1.
No. 170537 ID: 0b2a05

>Reestablish primary link, enable output.

>Add impulse to armor film, stealth, hermaphroditism, poison analysis.

>Clarify lockout conditions as 'any external actions that would prevent any functions from being used, though physically possible otherwise'.

>Attempt to determine serial, creator species, planetary origin.

>Assess viability of armor film for Narus
No. 170571 ID: 7524b0

hrm. Something's going on.
[restore connection to Narus]
Also, add impulse weight to [identify poison]
No. 171256 ID: d9dde2


No. 171305 ID: 7524b0

>more info: spacial impulsion
>more info: visual appearance base
>view more
No. 171485 ID: 288dda

Further overclocking via the power of democracy?

Requesting count of primary help topics; I'm not going to sit here pressing PgDn for the next 400 posts. My requests are mostly already covered (impulsion, power source, clock rate) but I'd like to add fabrication to the queue.

Is there a publicly accessible communications network here? Free / hackable wifi, in other words? I wish to spawn off a new thread to retrieve and archive information for later perusal. Subject: Narus 48 Epicentral. Filter by: news items, personal history (family, education and employment), personal information (blog posts, etc?) with a high variance from mean - using Bayesian filtering, unless we have something better available.

While that runs, let's get back in touch. "Making a phone call? You could just use us for that, if you like. We're really quite versatile"
No. 171513 ID: abb30a
File 127247732889.png - (12.96KB , 640x480 , 67.png )

clock rate can be adjusted.presently it is higher than normal, causing time to be perceived as slower.primary power source is currently impulse weight derivation, but other power sources can be utilised as primary.

poison composition analysis:4
hermaphroditic Cyral form:3
Transparent armour film: 6

primary link re-established.throughput enabled

motion is attenuated when in contact with a conscious entity who desires that it be so.
additionally, actions or states of inaction can be forced externally via components which are not intended to intersect with the presently engaged-with 3-dimensional space.

information from manufacturer was etched onto internal components.it has been seared away.memory was blank before first contact with Narus.

at current impulse weight, attempting to use armour film is not advised due to probable damage to Narus

poisons are identified but their compositions cannot be translated.

more efficient body for Narus: 5
clock rate increased further.actions in space are still at normal speed.messages sent to people may be unreliable as those people must interpret more within a smaller time frame.further increases are not advised because messages will become increasingly incomprehensible to anyone with whom communication is attempted.

that option is not supported.

spatial impulsion allows device to act as though it had less mass by assisting motion in 3d space;it can also be used to move without assistance.
visual appearance base is currently set to default;presently it creates glowing coloured designs over a dark grey surface as the basis of device's appearance.
listing 6 other settings:
magic crystal
sphere stacks

displaying six more results:
corruptive properties
life-energy stealing
soul removal
[[unable to translate]]

please wait while waveform collapses

fabrication is the process by which matter is apparently generated.it has been used already, and received enough description not to warrant any further.
no such network is available in this area.task will be carried out when in an area where this is not the case.

Maybe we can try that.
No. 171544 ID: 7524b0

[increase impulse weight to armor film, reassess viability]
>more info: text rendering filter
>more info: visual rendering filter
>more info: speech output filter
>more info: corruptive properties
>more info: life-energy stealing
>more info: soul removal
>more info: [[unable to translate]]

[attempt to determine who created us]

[restore body efficiency to normal levels until Narus gives us permission to alter it, allowing for various levels of enhancement depending on Narus's desires]
Narus, what was your opinion on that body-efficiency enhancement we talked about before? Do you want us to continue doing that, and make you better than we made you before? I've attempted to disable it for the time being until you give us permission and tell us how much we should boost you.

Also, we're working on an invisible armor film for you. It's not quite operational yet, but can you give us express permission to do it? It might help make it safer, I dunno.
No. 171546 ID: 3b6c92

Wait, to normal levels? I seem to remember him being okay with what we'd done last time we mentioned it to him. :O
No. 171548 ID: 1ac39d

[-1 to restore to normal.]
No. 171552 ID: 7524b0

[amend: restore to previously allowed IW level instead of 'normal']
No. 171567 ID: 0b2a05

>disable clock functions beyond safe levels, revert to default clock level.

>Change stored cyral form to genderless

>Boost armor film, disable until it may be used safely.
No. 171577 ID: 701a19

We can store multiple forms.
+1 to creating one each of genderless, male, and hermaphrodite forms.
No. 171589 ID: 7524b0

Yeah okay, how about we do that. Yes. All genders. Well, the four main ones anyway.
No. 172558 ID: 8d7dd2

While we're sifting through information about ourselves, I believe we have some stored information we've yet to access as well.

Can I get a list of what that stored information is?
No. 174010 ID: 216108
File 127311952126.png - (20.66KB , 640x480 , 68.png )

armour film: 7
viable with further IW but still not recommended.

text rendering filter determines the manner in which speech and information are presented.listing 6 text rendering filter options:
default (current)

visual rendering filter determines the manner in which visual things are presented.listing 6 visual rendering filter options:
default/coloured lines (current)
filled with black outlines
shaded with no outlines

communication with universal inhabitants.listing 6 speech output filter options:
default/synthetic voices (current)
realistic voices
light signals
grotesque voices
angelic voices

corruptive properties are the tendency to in some way corrupt those connected to device.this can be physical, mental or both, and can be at different speeds and degrees of delayedness.these are currently off.

ability to steal the observable life-force from entities that exhibit such.can be passive and/or active.may not be available in this universe.

ability to extricate souls from entities that have such,living,phylactery,or other.may not be available in this universe.

[[unable to translate]]

IW2 is insufficient to perform this task

Just keep it where you had it before.

Make it, but don't um, try it yet.


clock rate is returned to normal
Female Cyral form:9
Hermaphrodiitic Cyral form:4
Male Cyral form:3
Neuter Cyral form:3

available stored pages:
culturally Significant Events
culturally Significant Events>First Contact
Anatomy and Culture
Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals
Index of pornographic materials
Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals >Differences of Reproductive Organs in Enial and Cyral species query results
Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals >Enial/Cyral Hybrids query results

read any of these?

Zeeister speaks up
)Everyone here for the tour, gather around! It is time to start.(people do so
)This device here-(he points to the wheeled robot
)...is automatically controlled, and will accompany us through the facility. Those of you who are too large to fit will stay over there and each be able to control one of its cameras, which relay to screens.(he points to the area in question
)Those of us going into the facility must not touch any of the walls or objects in the building!(
No. 174013 ID: 216108

[[>>7524b0 should be >>171589 :V]]
No. 174014 ID: 34470e

Set visual rendering to noir
Set communication to realistic
No. 174016 ID: e973f4

Man, shaded with no outlines sounds quite tempting. I support that.

Also seriously wondering how hot-blooded would sound. :B
No. 174017 ID: 1ac39d

also crank up multi spectrum vision so we may be able to detect ghosts if any exist.
No. 174018 ID: e973f4

Oh yeah, and audio to realistic.

Couldn't hurt to mention to Narus that we changed our voice if and when we do that, of course.
No. 174019 ID: e973f4

Oh wait actually for the facility let's get some noir going. We can always change it later. :B
No. 174048 ID: 0b2a05
File 127313884519.jpg - (693.70KB , 2253x1583 , brown_gold_paisley.jpg )

Wow Narus, for an artist you sure are uncreative with your coloration. Here, try this.

>+1 impulse weight to armor film
>Determine if Narus has a soul
>Determine if Narus has life force
No. 174049 ID: 74b58b


Communication to realistic, with a word of warning to Narus, visuals to noir, keep current information presentation style.
No. 174060 ID: 216108
File 127315431718.png - (16.21KB , 640x480 , 69.png )

task has been performed

task has been performed

Realistic voices? Ok...

Uhh! Yeah, I suppose my colouration's not very creative. I can try that... I don't know if I like this voice thing, though. It's creepy!

armour film remains at 9
soul-related options are currently unavailable in this universe
life force-related options are currently unavailable in this universe

)Once inside, we will be accompanied by two Vemians and another Vurod like myself. They will make sure you don't wander off. Don't try it, yeah! Stay with the group. Now, I am giving you all buttons to press if you have questions.(he does.there are several shapes to choose from.Narus takes one
)First, everyone press your button once to make sure that it works.(people do
)Good! If there are any questions about the tour before we go inside, press your button, but if it's about the facility, wait until we actually start!(
someone presses their button.Zeeister looks at the person
)What is your question?(
"Won't it be dark? Don't we get flashlights or something?"
)Yes, it will be dark, and no, you don't get flashlights or something. I have a light-source and so does my associate here-(he points out the other Vurod)introduce yourself.(
)I'm Heyeriii. I'm just here to help guide you all, so I probably can't answer most of your questions.(says the other
)You won't need more light. Any more questions? Alright, let's begin! Follow me.(
the doors which have been placed over the entrance open, revealing that the original doors have fallen inward. Zeeister goes inside, and the others follow.
No. 174063 ID: 0b2a05

...Prepare backup night vision interface, and another for Narus. Revert voice communication back to default, revert visual rendering back to default.
No. 174064 ID: 34470e

We can make our voices even creepier through the grotesque voices setting. Would you like us to do that? If not, quit complaining.
No. 174065 ID: e973f4

Nah, let's stick with noir for a little while. We just changed to it, man!
No. 174072 ID: e0aec8

Switch to Shaded. We can't see crap.
No. 174073 ID: 1ac39d

agree, while noir is nice looking, it isn't going to work too well when the only light is two flashlights.
No. 174077 ID: 8d7dd2


Seconding switch to shaded. Change voices to synthetic.

...change text rendering to noir.
No. 174081 ID: a594b9

You prefer synthetic to realistic? Well, I'll give you examples of the others.

[switch individual output to text]This is 'text'. I'm not sure how that works, considering so far it's been a kind of telepathic communication.

[switch individual output to light signals]This is called 'light signals'. Again, not sure how that's supposed to work. I hope this doesn't turn out to be visually distracting!

[switch individual output to grotesque voices]MWAHAHAHA! This is the 'grotesque' voice setting.

[switch individual output to angelic voices]The final setting is called 'angelic'. That gives me the impression that you might prefer this over synthetic. Unless it's creepy in a different way. Tell me what you prefer and I'll set my own setting to that.

[set individual output setting to what Narus requests]
Hopefully the others will go along with it.
No. 174103 ID: a594b9

Hey Narus, we're looking through our functions, and there's one that we can't comprehend. It just doesn't translate!

Maybe it will work better in your language, though? Do you have any idea what [[unable to translate]] would do? Try to explain it in simple terms. Or via an analogy. Or you could try to rephrase the description we got: "[[unable to translate]]" It still might be impossible for us to understand, so give us an indication of if it's a good idea to mess with or not.
No. 174106 ID: 288dda

I don't think noir text is a good idea. Amusing though it may be to have Raymond Chandler narrating our adventures, let's change it back after a minute or two of testing. Best not to have any... misinterpretations.

Let's test if the presentation filter is bidirectional. "It certainly is dark in this asylum. Need any help?"

I expect that to come out as some sort of metaphor to moonless nights, gun barrels, or the inside of an empty hip flask.
No. 174614 ID: 216108
File 127325063020.png - (147.64KB , 640x480 , 71.png )

interfaces prepared

That might be better, and I'll complain if I think it's appropriate to!

the shapes are unfamiliar, but distinguishable

The text rendering has been adjusted to be a little more noir-style. It ain't perfect, but hey. Nobody's perfect. It may take a while to warm up properly, too.

As for the shaded visuals, consider it done.

As a matter of fact, I do. Let's hear 'em.

The difference is, normally I hear you. That time it was like text scrollin' through my head like a cinema marquee. Kinda distracting.

Sorry, pal. There's no way he's gonna understand that setting.

Ehhhh. That ain't so creepy. Grotesque, sure.

Now this one's good and all, but personally I like the one you had before. I was getting good at recognizing the individual voices...

Doesn't translate, eh? Lemme see what I can do...
Huh. I got nothin'. Won't translate for me either.

Nah, I got it. Low light's no problem.

Folks shuffle in, lit from behind by a sun that will soon be almost irrelevant. Zeeister's light is quite enough to see what's there... but there are shadows here no bulb can hope to chase away.

)This place here was established [[~180 years]] ago to house Vurod who'd gone mad... and you've just stepped through the main entrance into the lobby. If it were as new now as it was then, you'd be seein' no dust, no dirt, just a clean and nice-looking room. It's been vacant for [[~50 years]], and we started giving tours here just [[a few years]] ago. For being in the middle of a desert, I'd say it's held up remarkably well.(He walks over to the crumbling remains of a desk.
)This was once the reception desk. Some weird folk have passed by here... and now it's our turn. There was a computer sitting there, where the receptionist would keep track of who was staying in the rooms. Not anymore... almost everything that was here is gone... but the memories decided to linger just a while more. Feel free to look around. Just remember: touch nothing but the floor and the air.(
No. 174617 ID: a594b9

>switch visual filter to Abstract

Hey Narus, what species is that blue fellow by the desk? Can you tell us more about Vemians and Vurod?

[voting to switch all voices to Default/synthetic]
No. 174618 ID: 0b2a05

Woah, that is incredibly confusing. Reset text to default.
No. 174621 ID: e973f4

Aww, you're no fun.
No. 174626 ID: 0b2a05


Assess viability of hover and propulsion system.
No. 174627 ID: 3aa01d

Voting to keep noir text filter!
No. 174628 ID: 701a19

Text to default, voices to synthetic.

Could we get shaded with outlines?
No. 174638 ID: 8d7dd2


Voices to synthetic, style to shaded + outlines.

Can't decide to see default text or syntax-conserving. Or to stick with noir. I'll not vote for any. :D
No. 174650 ID: 216108
File 127326016843.png - (245.23KB , 640x480 , 72.png )

suddenly, everything turned abstract.

That guy? Or maybe it's a girl... Hard to tell. Anyhow, looks to me like a Dibiul. I'm not too familiar with them... Keep to themselves, see?
Now Vemians, they're some odd folk. They talk even less,just a little more than a stone and less than a dead body. Other people talk about THEM. Underneath those shifty shapeless suits is some kinda mass of feelers and super-sensitive eyes... And they gotta keep in the suits, else they might die. At least, on a lot of planets they do. Good choice for the position these ones are holding, I gotta say. I know I ain't steppin' outta line...
Dunno if you could tell, but our Vurod guide here has 2 mouths on the end of each arm and 2 vibrating structures on the branches comin' outta those arms. That's the way they're set up. The mouths can also be used to manipulate objects, because they've got these filaments in there to grab stuff, like. That, and the teeth and all. I guess it helped their ancestors to grab food or somethin', and it turned out useful for other things too. They can imitate just about any sound with enough practice like a big, smart mockingbird... with two heads. imagine that. They've got some of the best wave-related tech around, and they can vibrate ya to death even without it.

The angelic choir in Narus' head's gone back to being a robotic one.

The song remains the same.

Hover and propulsion system is a go. That's what the spatial impulsion feature's for, see?

That's a possibility. Right now it's set to abstract, so if you meant immediately... no.

)Let's move on to some of the rooms.(He walks, if you can call it that, to a corridor with rooms on the sides. Some of them even have doors still. Some of the doors are even on their hinges. He stops.
)Look into those rooms without doors, but stay out of them. This is where they kept some of the lower-level security risks. The ones they expected wouldn't have to stay long. Not much to look at... the ravages of time have done more to these rooms than the ravages of madmen.(People mumble to each other a little. Someone presses their button...
)What is your question?(
"What about the rooms with doors?"
)They're mostly the same as the others. The main difference being, they have doors. That's about it.(this seems to satisfy the person.
)Let's go a little farther back.(There's some walking. More corridors, mostly. And then, a wide spot in the labyrinth.
)This was a social area. Not all the crazy folks were violent or even unpleasant, so they got together here. Sort of like we're doing.(
No. 174651 ID: e973f4

Okay switch to shaded with outlines.

Or... not this. I can only kind of tell what's going on. :(
No. 174652 ID: 701a19

Text to default, visual to shaded with outlines.
No. 174656 ID: a594b9

>switch visual filter to filled with black outlines

[attempt to fix the visual processing problems when overclocked]
No. 174657 ID: 0b2a05

Switch visual to shaded with outlines.

Modify armor film to leave holes around body orifices.

Hey Narus, could you ask what some typical ailments the nice ones had for us?
No. 174700 ID: f21281

Query Text Rendering Database.

Search for terms "hitchhiker" "the guide" "guide to the galaxy" "douglas adams" "mostly harmless".

Query Visual Rendering Database.

Search for terms "Grim" "dark".
No. 174748 ID: e3e829



but only for one update

i can do that right
No. 176205 ID: a00c7f
File 127361474911.png - (222.58KB , 640x480 , 72.png )

[[uuuuuuuuuh the previous 2 images are numbered 1 higher than they should be. So that's why this one is 72!]]

Shaded with outlines it is.

text has been returned to default

using base IW, only able to make minor fix

armour film may be used, but may not protect the orifices effectively

Sure thing. Narus presses his button
)What would you like to know, comrade?(
"What sort of ailments did the, um, nice guests have?"
)Good question there. From the records, it seems most of them were paranoid delusional sorts. Normal people, but with a tendency to think up crazy conspiracies and believe that they were real. Some of the others had multiple personalities that interfered with each other in normal life, so they were put here. It was those sorts of things. I could get into detail about the specific causes, but we don't have time for that on this tour!(
"Ah, I see."
)As we move onward, we'll see where more dangerous men and women got to stay. Before we do so, I'd like to point out that there was also a library down that way.( he motions over to one end of the area, where a hallway has partly collapsed
)We'd go there, but of course it's no longer very accessible. All the media there were electronic, and the people in charge kept track of who read what, to make sure there weren't any issues. That worked, excepting rare cases where the guests were a little bit wilier than the ones watching them. Notice, there are cracks in the walls we pass by. Many of those are from escape attempts, where the walls weren't quite fixed up right. You just can't always tell what someone's going to do... especially when you give them accessto information. Speaking of which, let's make our way to the other side of this room, and check out the rooms of the ones who were a little too rowdy for the rest.(They reach rooms where the doors are definitely intact. Zeeister stops in front of one, touching the door.
)This was one of the 'messy' rooms. They had to keep painting over the walls, since they would keep rather, artistic, people here. The kind who'd write or draw on anything they could lay eyes on, with anything they could lay hands on. When the facility shut down, they didn't bother cleaning up this room, aside from taking out furnishings and such.(He opens the door...

no results found.suggestion:lemony narrator

no results found.

task has insufficient backing

meanwhile, a bit of dust falls on the end of Narus' snout

No. 176210 ID: 1ac39d

look up, where did that fall from?
No. 176212 ID: a594b9

Oooh, it's spooky time now? Oh, I should mention that we fixed the armor film. Turns out it was going to cover you completely. We didn't have enough IW to allow you to breathe through it, so... that's why it told us that it was dangerous. Currently it has holes around your various orifices, so no bodily functions should be impaired. Permission to activate the film?

[activate Armor Film (holed version) with Narus' permission]

>Determine if [[unable to translate]] is a single-target function, multi-target, universe-wide, or if it targets a local area.
>Determine destructive effects of [[unable to translate]]
>Determine if [[unable to translate]] is a generally positive or generally negative function.
No. 176348 ID: 0b2a05

>Ready kinetic barrier to prevent ceiling collapse.

Narus, is this building stable?

>Switch to nightvision.
>Add impulse weight to selectively permeable armor film.
No. 176349 ID: 1ac39d

i'm telling you man, this place has ghosts
No. 178708 ID: 4cfc69
File 127412021248.png - (266.50KB , 640x480 , 73.png )

timeout error attempting to collapse wave

Where did what fall from? All I noticed was some dust from the ceiling.

Ummm can you do it discretely and make dust not get stuck in it? Otherwise you probably shouldn't.

task begins, discretely and with dust pushed out of the way

function targets a local area
use can potentially destroy any 3d structure
functions are not considered inherently positive or negative

if the ceiling collapses, base IW to kinetic barrier will not be sufficient to stop it

If they didn't think it was stable, they wouldn't let us in here. If they did, they'd say it beforehand and there'd be, like, paperwork.

nightvision active

Do you have a lot of ghosts where you live or something?

Zeeister shines his light into the now-open room and steps back.
)Look at the room from out here, but stay out of it, yeah? Now, the most recent occupant of this room was a girl who claimed to have a noise in her head that would not go away. She was convinced that a physical object was creating it, but, there didn't seem to be one. Every day she wrote on the walls, about the pain it caused, and then wrote the same thing into her diary. On the day she died, she wrote 'The noise has stopped.' An autopsy showed that part of her brain had liquefied, seemingly hours before she died. On this time alone, what she wrote in her diary was different from what she wrote on the wall. She wrote 'the noise has left,' in the diary instead. Maybe it was just because her brain melted, or maybe there was really something there that they couldn't detect, and it exited, freeing her from its influence but killing her. There are some drawings here too. When asked what they were, she said that they were the thing in her head.(

writing on walls is being translated

Well [[damn]].
No. 178710 ID: 0b2a05

...Really hope that wasn't one of us.

>Add impulse weight to kinetic barrier
No. 178713 ID: 1ac39d

we are getting some freaky readings here boss.
[show narus what we can see in >>178708 ]
no matter how you slice it that is not natural.
No. 178730 ID: a594b9

Oh hey, it's the failed prototype! Don't worry, Narus. The chances of THAT happening again are certainly within acceptable limits! Yes, we should be able to continue for another few minutes at least without permanent damage to your brain.

I'm kidding, of course. We don't have any idea what happened to the poor girl. I suppose it could be something similar to this device but we don't know anything about it so there's no way to tell.

That's just light creeping in through the cracks. I guess we can see it when it's in the air or something, possibly due to the visual filter we have active... or just the nightvision. Speaking of which... let's change visuals again.

[switch visuals to cartoon]
No. 178765 ID: a594b9

>determine how large the affected area of [[unable to translate]] is
>determine if viewing or being near the affected area would be harmful to Narus' mental state
No. 179273 ID: a594b9

...Narus, why are you carrying around poison, anyway?
No. 180648 ID: 4cfc69
File 127442626735.png - (162.31KB , 640x480 , 74.png )

kinetic barrier is at 2.this is still insufficient to stop a ceiling

I can't read what's in that image, but if I compare what you see and what I see, I can tell what's writing and what isn't. That's cool. What's it say? My translation implant's not coming up with anything useful.


I'm guessing it wasn't something like your device. There's all kinds of freaky stuff, you know? It was probably just a mental disorder.

visual settings changed to "Cartoon"

upward of 0 units^3
viewing or being near affected area would not be intrinsically harmful to Narus' mental state.damages caused to objects in affected area might be

People look into the room and talk speculatively amongst each other. Obict becomes one of their number, asking Narus,
"What do you think it was?"
"Probably a freaky brain tumour."
"Yeah, probably. What if it was an ALIEN, though? Or a mind probe?"
"That would be scary."
"Yeah... Oh." Obict presses her button
)Speak your question!(
"What do YOU think was the cause of this?"
)I think it was a tumour, yeah? I'm not an expert in brains of course. That is how it looks to me.(
she acknowledges and turns back to Narus."Maybe we'll never know."
"I think that's the idea. Poor girl."
"Yeah, it sounds awful no matter what it was..."

M-uh. They're useful for killing... and... There's some stuff you can do with poison that you can't do with a knife.

there is more walking, discussion, and viewing of rooms.stairs are climbed.
)We are approaching one of the medical areas. The grey on the floor is blood. I mean to say, it's blood stains. There has been no fresh blood here for a long time, yeah!(
No. 180651 ID: 701a19


+1 impulse to kinetic barrier
+1 impulse to retroactively saving that girl's life
+1 impulse to sending a fragment of ourselves into the bubble bucket universe
No. 180652 ID: 1ac39d

yes to all.
No. 180655 ID: 0b2a05

Well I guess so, but why are YOU carrying it around?

>+1 impulse weight to kinetic barrier
>Attempt to determine the effects of the poison on Narus
>Scan registry for any recorded data prior to meeting Narus
No. 180662 ID: 701a19

Actually, Narus, what's your job?

Change previous related suggestion to: +1 IW to examining the time stream and creating a duplicate of the girl from shortly before her brain began to liquefy, then stabilize her mind and correct her problem.
No. 180663 ID: 701a19

Oh! There's a shadow of a Cyral being cast by a nothing!

+1 IW to capturing the nothing making that shadow and questioning it.
No. 180664 ID: 6834bc

>What's it say?
About what you would expect. A lot of [[No]], some [[Get out]], [[I can't take it]], [[Take it out of my head]], [[It hurts, make it stop]].

Also of note... [[Always a pattern to <something>]], and [[The noise has stopped]].

I feel bad for the former resident of that room.

[Discretely offer translation to Obict if she wants it.]
[Add IW to kinetic barrier.]
No. 180669 ID: 0b2a05

>Reset visual style to default, it makes things easier to see.
>Start passive scan for sudden nearby changes

Narus, what is that behind you?

>Add unobtrusive heat scan overlay
No. 180678 ID: a594b9

Useful for killing? Do you... kill people often?

Hey, there's a new person behind you and to the right! Some kind of... pitch black Cyral. Reminds me a little of that black/orange thing we saw in visions before.

>attempt to determine if Narus's mental state would be affected negatively by viewing an inanimate object being destroyed/damaged by affected area of [[unable to translate]].
>attempt to determine if the size of affected area of [[unable to translate]] is easily controlled.
>attempt to determine if [[unable to translate]] can be stopped or reversed once used.

Store girl-resurrection-related actions' IW for later use when we are not in public. We don't want to freak everyone out.
[attempt to determine what was causing the girl's illness]
No. 181503 ID: 4cfc69
File 127458110656.png - (32.92KB , 640x480 , 75.png )

kinetic barrier is at 3
IW is insufficient to perform this task
IW is insufficient to perform this task

It's good go be prepared for things! I'd have more stuff, but, this trip was on kinda short-notice.

one poison would cause nervous debilitation.another would cause all or most tissues to cease function.the third would stop his heart
no data from that time is present.

Mostly I fill out paperwork for a [[thing that's like a cross between a factory and an office-buillding]], plus some quality assurance stuff.

What? Where?

the thing being referred to is not present

Geez. That must've sucked.

Obict: Oh... It makes me grateful not to have that sort of problem. Egh.

visual style reset
scan begun

Narus: There are some people...? And, like, walls and things.
overlay added

Yeah. No man, I don't. I don't think I've killed anyone, unless you count those guys on the flight who were probably going to kill everyone else.

Huh? The only other Cyral I've seen here is Obict. That's weird.He gets very close to her
"Have you seen another Cyral on this tour besides us?"Narus whispers to her
"No, why?"
he gestures toward the device with his head."they say they saw a completely black one."
"Are you trying to scare me?"
"Are they trying to scare you?"she gestures with her head similarly
"I don't think so." You're... not, right?
"If you trust them, then I'm freaked out."
"Oh. I don't think you need to be." Just to be sure, should we be worried?
"I'll trust you on that, then."

only if the object were something he did not want to be destroyed or something similar to that
size is easily controlled.upper bound depends on power supplied
can be undone easily, but its impact is less easily undone

girl-resurrection-related actions' IW will be stored for later use
Base IW is insufficient to determine cause of illness

)If seeing blood makes you unconfortable, do not look into this next room. The [[vibratory speechparts]] of my people make an effective weapon, yeah, and so do our [[incisive mouthparts]]. Some of the guests here took advantage of this. Some of them found other things to use as weapons. The next room was an operating room where subjects were restrained and medical professionals tried to fix them. There were not brain surgeries in this room; there were wounds sealed and that kind of thing. Some of the guests were violent and had to be subdued forcefully. Some of them died. There is blood everywhere.(

[[equivalent of "God damn"]] that's a lot of blood.
"Ugh,"Obict emits quietly
"whoah,"Narus says, also quietly
someone presses a button

)What is your question?(
"Well didn't they... clean up the blood?"
)Of course. To get this bad, it took a lot of blood. Sometimes the rooms would be used for [[hours]] at a time, and there was not enough time for them to remove the blood before it hardened and it became impossible to completely remove the stains. What is the next question?(
"Why is there a big hole?"
)The structure was weak there. It collapsed.(

the tour continues farther upstairs and then to the basement.the gist of the tour in general has been shown.At the end, Zeeister concludes

)Thank you for joining our tour, yeah. I hope it was enjoyed by all of you. You can now purchase souvenirs from participating locations! Go forth and enjoy yourselves. Of course you won't be able to leave unless you return the buttons, so do that first.(people begin giving their buttons back to Zeeister

"I have to go now, my handsome stranger. Would you or your friends like to say anything before we part ways?"this is Obict.

Do you want to say anything?

[[sorry this was long but I wanted to get through this so we could get on to story-relevant things :V]]
No. 181514 ID: 1ac39d

+1 to girl-resurrection-related actions.
No. 181520 ID: 3afd1f

[attempt to produce emergency beacon device which would summon a piece of us to her so that we can use our abilities to aid her]
(to Obict)It's dangerous to go alone. Take this. Um, I mean... weird stuff keeps happening so just push this button if you're in danger and we'll come help.

>Attempt to determine if using [[unable to translate]] on an object has a chance of destroying objects outside the area of effect. If so, how often would this happen? How common are objects with this inherent risk? Discount situations where destroying the object with physical force would also result in destroying other objects, or if simply removing the object would result in destroying other objects.
>attempt to determine if we could test [[unable to translate]] on an object of our own creation without endangering any other objects nearby.
>attempt to determine how much IW would be needed to reverse the effects of [[unable to translate]]

[attempt to locate current whereabouts of the shadowy figure seen earlier]
No. 181522 ID: 1ac39d

+1 to all this too.
No. 181544 ID: 701a19

No. 181557 ID: 0b2a05

>+1 Impulse weights!

>+1 Impulse weight to ready kinetic barrier too!
No. 183426 ID: 4cfc69
File 127489615276.png - (20.93KB , 640x480 , 76.png )

IW is insufficient to perform girl-resurrection-related actions

"I'll talk to you tomorrow, my lovely new friend. Be well!"
"I look forward to it. You be well too."

task is completed
Obict: Oh! That's thoughtful of you. I appreciate it.

there is a chance of such an event due to things in affected area being moved.this would not happen at all if objects are not set up in such a way as to have this result.objects with such a risk are common
option is viable
this depends on the method of reversal and the objects on which the reversal is performed

kinetic barrier remains at 3

Narus checks the time on his phone

Time to go to Caplisk's. Narus takes a teleporter to near her house and walks to it. And now to wait. It's nice here.
Obict is prettyy...
No. 183428 ID: a594b9

Hmm... what are the standards of beauty in your culture? We obviously have different ideas about these things.

Oh, and I'm going to try out [[unable to translate]] now. My numerous queries have made me confident that it can be easily controlled, won't drive you mad from simply witnessing it, and might even be reversible. Give us your personal impression on what it does, okay?
[create test dummy in that nice, open area visible about 20 feet in front of Narus]
[use [[unable to translate]] on test dummy. Restrict targeted area to affect no other objects.]
No. 183431 ID: 34470e

No. 183437 ID: 701a19

+1 to girl-resurrection-related actions!
+1 to finding out how much IW we need for girl-resurrection-related actions to succeed!

+1 to finding out what that apparition was!
+1 to spawning a Voices Ball offshoot and sending it to the world of Bubble Bucket!
No. 183439 ID: 34470e

-1 to spawning a Voices Ball offshoot and sending it to the world of Bubble Bucket!
No. 183445 ID: 1ac39d

+1 to all these
No. 183448 ID: a594b9

[attempt to determine why the earlier request to determine where the black Cyral went was ignored]
No. 183450 ID: 0b2a05

>Assess viability of giving Narus impulse weight options
>Assess viability of micro bioscanner for Narus
>Assess viability of tracking device to stamp on Narus only voiceball can detect
>Estimate impulse weight requirements for girl saving activities
No. 184113 ID: 9618e3

assess defensive potential of current armour film vs powered exoskeleton with life support functions

request previews of 'goofy' 'syntax-conserving' 'hot-blooded' and 'apathetic' text rendering.
No. 184295 ID: 4cfc69
File 127502514792.png - (35.57KB , 640x480 , 77.png )

unobtrusive heat scan overlay is no longer able to be unobtrusive and also functional.it is off
Different people like different things, but um, for females, tall toes, long breathing structures and wide ears are usually considered attractive. They're feminine traits. The other aspects are kind of hard for me to, like, explain. Stuff with the shape of the face. In males, super short breathing structures, thin ears and [[not-tall]] toes are NOT attractive. Mine are well-proportioned, and I'm... moderately attractive. Almost no one is ugly, thanks to genetic assistance!

Ummm ok, I will.
manufactured a small square prism-shaped object in specified area.There's a grey blocky thing.
"kkggeuhhh." There's an unpleasant noise like someone screeching, or like, scraping or grinding something on something else. Bleah. The thingy started out looking like it was... boiling, and the air around it was boiling. Then it died down and the thing looks all warped.
task completed.pieces are collected for evaluation of results

"Gah!" and now the pieces are flying toward me!Narus makes to evade them, but they slow and maintain a near-constant distance in the air near the device. That's. Something.

...They're just going to stay there, aren't they.

examining the time stream and creating a duplicate of the girl from shortly before her brain began to liquefy, then stabilize her mind and correct her problem: IW25

insufficient Impulse Weight to determine nature of apparition
insufficient Impulse Weight to spawn an offshoot and send it to the world of Bubble Bucket

"powered exoskeleton" is too vague to make a meaningful comparison

"Powered exoskeleton?" Beats me!
...[[question indicator]] [[the things under consideration]] will be [[in such a place]].
Come on, you'll have to be more descriptive than that! "Powered exoskeleton" could mean all KINDS of things!
I can't compare those...

any such request was not received

viability is low
define "micro bioscanner"
viability is low

some time passes

I think that's her...
)Greetings, friend Cyral. You wanted to discuss something, yeah?(
"I did,-"
)Then we shall go inside.( she makes a series of sounds at a door, and it opens.they go in.she makes more sounds and it closes
)We can speak freely now, Narus. Business first!(
"Ok."Narus explains about the device and the events on the spaceflight, as well as Obict's contact with the device, and the floating objects
)I think I understand. I will help you. Now I will touch this thing.(

Caplisk: Hey. Whatever you are. This guy is really nice and doesn't mind a lot of things. I'm not like him. Don't try to do anything to me or my stuff unless I want you to. If you can keep to that, I think we can get along! How does that sound, yeah?

female Cyral form is completed
No. 184297 ID: 701a19

>examining the time stream and creating a duplicate of the girl from shortly before her brain began to liquefy, then stabilize her mind and correct her problem: IW25

Break that into sub-tasks. The first task is to scan the girl in the past and record her form.

Since this is a research task, I will focus my IW on scanning the girl from the selected point in time and storing a virtual duplicate of her.
No. 184298 ID: 1ac39d

that sounds like a good deal, caplisk.
[add impluse to canceling any action that would violate the terms of the agreement]
No. 184299 ID: a594b9


We can probably manage that! We've been trying to cut back on doing stuff to Narus without his permission, anyway. Can you tell us more about yourself? Got any ideas about what's going on or why those guys want to capture the device?

[+1 to finding out what that apparition was]
[how much IW is aimed towards finding out what was wrong with the girl?]
No. 184300 ID: a594b9

I agree, let's set up a buffer to keep others from messing up the deal.
No. 186217 ID: 4cfc69
File 127536047853.png - (7.59KB , 640x480 , 78.png )

task is altered.impulse weight registered (2) is insufficient to begin scan

Good! "It is good to know you."

IW2 registered to prevention of breaking noninterference agreement with Caplisk

More about me... I'm studying to become an expert in weapons, yeah. From personal to, eventually, celestial. I enjoy danger and excitement. I collect interesting objects and like[[plant-equivalent]]s. For now, that is all I'll say.

insufficient impulse weight to preform this task

"I, uh, also, need a place to stay. Can you recommend any hotels or anything?"
)You can stay here. It might be best if you do not want to be tracked, yeah. And it's free. But, our beds are not comfortable to you. I can offer some soft pillows and blankets.(
"I can deal with that. Sounds good. I'd actually like to get to sleep as soon as I can."
)Then I will show you the room you can sleep in.(the room is nearby, just through a hallway.it is much barer than the rest of the domecile appears to be
"This is a large room."
)Yes. You can put your makeshift bed anywhere in here, yeah. The floor is clean. I will get the makings.(
she goes, and soon returns as stated and sets them down on the floor
)Would you like to set up now?(
"Yeah. I'll do that and probably go right to sleeping."
)I'll leave you to it, yeah. You seem clean but I also offer my shower if you'd like.(
"Nah, I'm fine. You're great, Caplisk."
)I know, friend Cyral! I try. I will ponder what you have told me and we can discuss it when you have had rest. ...What time is it where you live?(
"Like the time normal people go to bed, I think."
)Well. What is it you say? 'Sleep well and awaken?'(
"That's right! We do have that phrase."
)Enjoy your sleep.(
"I intend to."
she exits.Narus spends a small amount of time arranging pillows and blankets into a decent facsimile of a Cyral-style bed, and then undresses and lies down.armor film comes off as well as device, which are both set on the ground. Narus notices that the floating things are following the device and not himself

Narus: If you want, now's also probably a good time to test the feel-good thing. Otherwise I'm just going to sleep. Tomorrow, er, when I wake up, I'll talk more with Caplisk, and then talk with Obict... (he sets a timer on his phone) and then return to Uis and like, find out more stuff about the aliens. Only we'll take teleporters this time so it'll be faster and stuff. If you DO try the feel-good thing make sure this room is like soundproof 'cause if you get anywhere NEAR Dessen levels there's no way I can keep quiet and I don't want to disturb Caplisk.

hermaphroditic Cyral form complete
No. 186234 ID: 701a19

[Do feel-good thing, and clamp Narus' voice at no more than a loud whisper.]
No. 186237 ID: a594b9

[set down floating debris off to the side so they don't get in the way. Store detailed images of each piece for further review.]

Okay Narus this seems like a good time as any to do a bunch of stuff we didn't want to do in public.

We've got a couple of Cyral forms ready to use as well as a bunch of different visual styles.

Here, look.
[switch to energetic base]
This is called 'Energetic'

[switch to flesh base]
This is called 'Flesh'

[switch to pointillist base]
This is called 'Pointillist'

[switch to smear base]
This is called 'Smear'

[switch to magic crystal base]
This is called 'Magic Crystal'

[switch to sphere stacks base]
And finally, this is called 'Sphere Stacks'

We have two Cyral forms available right now. First is female.
[switch to Female Cyral form]
And... hm, a hermaphroditic Cyral form. Strange.
[switch to hermaphroditic Cyral form]
Male and neuter forms are not ready yet. Or we could just stay like this.
[switch back to default form and style]

You get to choose how we look! For now anyway. Just tell us what you prefer.
[switch to whatever visual form combination Narus suggests]

Aaaaand... uh, making you feel good should be easy. With your permission, of course. Tell us how 'good' you want to feel, so we don't make it too intense.
[give Narus pleasurable nerve stimulation with his permission, allowing him to vary the intensity. Start off with the equivalent of a massage.]
No. 186238 ID: 0b2a05

>micro bioscanner defined as a small device that monitors heartrate, breathing, toxin levels, and various other biological functions
>Sonar to determine how soundproof the room is.
>Add impulse weight to nongendered cyral form
>Evaluate test pieces, determine exactly what happened to them

>Assess viability of dream scanner
No. 186243 ID: 1ac39d

+1 to girl scan.
No. 186247 ID: e973f4

+1 IW to everything here. Very straightforwardly put. :V
No. 186278 ID: a594b9

I'll support that.
No. 186327 ID: 7630d5

+1 impulse to all current tasks, all suggested options and actions.
No. 186434 ID: 0b2a05

Oh boy. Uhhh >+1 impulse to sound dampening field on Narus' mouth.
No. 186436 ID: d47be3

+1 to soundproofing room
Conditional to successful soundproofing, +1 to pleasuring Narus :3
No. 186437 ID: a594b9

Narus, I think some of the other voices in here are worried that you'll um... react noisily to what we're about to do here. Do you want us to make sure you don't make too much noise?

-1 to doing stuff to Narus without his permission. Dampening his speech ability is pretty creepy anyway.
No. 186532 ID: 5eea01

+1 to soundproofing the room and let's make it necessary |3
No. 186534 ID: 5eea01

Oh and -1 to blocking Narus' vocalisations. If the room is soundproofed, we won't need to do that. And then only we can hear him |3
No. 186535 ID: c71597

Lets just make the room soundproof and bring on some drugs feel good style. Direct brain uplink and some nice endorphin[or cyral equivalent] release along with other feel good chemicals.
No. 186596 ID: 701a19

[+1 to assuming Female Cyral form with the following alterations: extensible fangs on upper jaw, red eyes, increased attractiveness, pointed ears]
[+1 to mesmerizing Narus into a pleasant puddle of willingness]
No. 186597 ID: 8d7dd2

+1 impulse weight on everything mentioned so far.

Especially the conflicting things.
No. 186598 ID: 52f0ec

Make Narus cream everywhere.
No. 186599 ID: 701a19

+1 to pleasure-enhancing!
No. 186601 ID: 701a19

[+1 IW to sending a tiny fragment of Voices Ball to the holder of Item 7 in the world of Shoujen.]
No. 186602 ID: 8d7dd2

Let's not do this. I thought we were trying to be SOMEWHAT low-key.
No. 186607 ID: 52f0ec

+1 Impulse weight to pleasure enhancing.
No. 186610 ID: 701a19

Yes. That's what our female form is for.
[+1 to giving Narus an Erection.]
No. 186611 ID: a594b9

No no no a thousand times no.

Also, quit trying to make things worse.
No. 186612 ID: e31d52

+1 impule weight to being FUCKING CREEPY GODDAMN
No. 186614 ID: c71597

Lets avoid that. Lets stay classy and only pump him full of chemicals.
No. 186620 ID: 0b2a05

+1 impulse to soundproofing! +1 impulse to soundproofing!!
No. 186831 ID: 4cfc69
File 127549313499.png - (120.19KB , 600x400 , 79.png )

Giving me control, ok.
I said I might react noisily! Making sure I don't make too much noise is good.
Narus' voice limiting:5[-2]
soundproofing room:5
inducing pleasure in Narus:9

Narus begins to feel very relaxed and comfortable, experiencing an increasingly pleasurable physical and mental sensation which dies down after several seconds.he is not quite able to keep almost silent throughout.Caplisk does not notice his vocalisations.his breathing becomes deeper and his body tremulates for a short time.as it gets to its high point, muscles in his extremities relax and contract slowly.

Ok... That felt really nice... but kind of short. When Dessen does it, it lasts for like [[~half an hour]], and feels like a lot longer. I think at its height, this was maybe... 1/3 of the feeding effect. It um... also feel kind of sexually aroused, and normally it goes the other way... I think it's best if we stop here for now. Definitely. he sits up

task is completed

Oh, k.


nanomachine covering is slid off for display purposes
Oh, pretty.

That's sorta creepy.

Oh hey cool.

Aaaaa whoah.

Also cool.

Huh. I think... Pointillist is good, and wouldn't look TOO out of place... with a little tweaking...

Hm. Looks nice.

That is strange.
I think I like you better not looking like a Cyral. That's just weird.

style changed to 'Pointillist'

micro bioscanner is quite viable
room will block some sounds, ~30dB
test pieces had [[unable to translate]] performed on them

dream scanner is easily viable

No. 186832 ID: 4cfc69
File 127549318060.png - (152.71KB , 640x480 , 80.png )

girl scan still has insufficient impulse weight

past-scan has insufficient impulse weight (3)

Alright, guys. I'm going to sleep now. Gotta be well rested... Narus gets up and turns off the lights, and lies back down in the bed
See you when I wake up! I guess you can go dormant or... whatever you want. I'll probably sleep for a whole night. estimated time several Earth days

shortly he is asleep.time passes.male and genderless Silirw Cyral forms are complete

there is insufficient impulse weight to these tasks

transparent armour film body: 10
finding out means of detection: 7
hiding self: 12
past girl scan:4
sending a tiny fragment to the holder of Item 7 in the world of Shoujen:2

define "Narus cream".action will not be performed

there is insufficient impulse weight to this task

registered impulse weight (1[-2]) is insufficient to perform this task

creepiness has been increased

|I hope we will meet again. Enjoy yourself.


Ahhh, what have we here? A little male Silirw Cyral. Sleeping... so soft, and warm...
No. 186833 ID: 4cfc69
File 127549320970.png - (233.92KB , 640x480 , 81.png )

and delicious...|
No. 186835 ID: 5eea01

YOU GONNA GET dined on
No. 186837 ID: 1ac39d

use [[unable to translate]] on dark being at full power, alter as such so as not to effect narus.
No. 186840 ID: 8d7dd2

Oh god oh god oh god

No. 186841 ID: 1ac39d

[guys, stay fucking coherent and suggest an action, such as more impulse weight to my suggestion or whatever.]
No. 186846 ID: 5eea01

Yeah, more impulse weight into throwing reality-breaking dunnowhat at the strange mass
No. 186850 ID: 34470e

Adding impulse weight
No. 186851 ID: e973f4

No. 186855 ID: 9618e3

+1 to teleporting Narus a safe distance away from the entity
No. 186856 ID: 1ac39d

not changing my vote but +1 to this as well.
No. 186860 ID: 7630d5

+1 IW to this, also trying to keep it from affecting the house, too. Caplisk would be pissed if we wrecked the place.
+1 IW to this, and

+1 to activating the transparent body film
No. 186873 ID: 701a19

+1 to all these combat responses.

+1 to poisoning thing thing with a self-replicating tracking agent.
+1 to devouring this thing.
No. 186881 ID: fdabe6

+1 to teleporting Narus away.
+1 to analyzing the intruder.
+1 to activating the armor film.
-1 to creepiness.
No. 186898 ID: a594b9

HEY! He is under our protection. You shall not eat Narus on our watch!

[cut off those tendrils with a monofilament blade]
[attempt to wake up Narus]

Narus, wake up! That extremely freaky thing we saw in our visions is trying to eat you!

+1 to teleporting Narus away, stipulation being that this distance is not too far from us to be able to protect him with our abilities.
+1 to the effectiveness of [[unable to translate]], stipulation being that it will not cause excessive property damage. Confine it to the unknown creature's form.
+1 to activating armor film
No. 186900 ID: a594b9

+1 to analyzing the intruder.
+1 to tracking agent
No. 187031 ID: 0b2a05

Activate armor film.

Create overlapping waves of electricity on as many dimensional layers as possible over Narus' armor film.

Analyze biological functions of intruder, generate poison preferably harmless to cyrals.

Spray poison into intruder's mouth and connecting points with Narus.

Bolster Narus' fluids as they are drained, attempt to restore any other damage caused by intruder.

Establish link through the dimensional portal, full scan.

+1 teleport Narus away, lock function if it would harm Narus.

Fire nanomachines at intruder, set nanomachines to fight off intruder.

+1 impulse weight to all applicable
No. 187161 ID: 4cfc69
File 127558549194.png - (111.05KB , 640x480 , 82.png )

There is a muffled gurgling sound from the dark being, accompanying its shape bubbling.

|A decent try, but that will not harm me.|


[i]Narus is teleported a negligible distance

transparent armour film attempts to reassume active protective status

there is insufficient impulse weight to these tasks

analysis completed
creepiness reverted to slightly below normal levels

there is insufficient impulse weight to these tasks
the portal has closed
tasks could not be completed

|No? You can't stop me.|

there is insufficient impulse weight to this task
Narus is awakened

"EEEEEEAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!" [[interjection equivalent to "FUCK!"]]
|No-one will hear your screams. They cannot save you from anything I might do to you.| it licks him

"D-, don't eat me!"
|No... I am not here to eat you. You are still young... nubile... unfulfilled...|
Right...Narus starts trying to catch his breath So you... are here to help?
|Yes. For now, you do need rest. You may rest on me if you like.|
Oh... Dude you're like, super-comfortable. let's do it. Voices, this is Dessen. Dessen shifts so that Narus can lie down on it. This is a TOTALLY awkward meeting, by the way. Going to give us some info on what's going on?
|Of course it is. Rest for now. When you awaken, we will discuss recent events. Sleep well, Narus.|
Oh... ok. I will...Narus' breathing rapidly returns to normal and he drifts into a deep sleep

|Your device will join him in resting, unless you'd rather|
peruse stored pages?
No. 187164 ID: 1ac39d

...very well, as long as he isn't gonna get munched we shall rest.
No. 187175 ID: e973f4

Huzzah, we managed to figure out what the equivalent of "flailing arms about wildly while screaming" is for us!

Anyway yeah if Narus is fine there's not really anything in particular we need to do right about now. :V
No. 187178 ID: 701a19

"So, Dessen, what the heck are you?"
No. 187190 ID: 4cfc69
File 12755934121.png - (621.14KB , 640x480 , 83.png )

|This may seem trite, but there are many names for what I am. Your device renders what I communicate into words, but we do not use words... Thus I must give you someone else's word for us: Szierkhogh.
...That didn't go through very well at all. Imagine glass shattering followed by a low rumble. That's what the word sounds like. I am a collection of exotic particles with properties that are not naturally possible in this universe, designed to constantly collect data.|

|Certainly not. What kind of friend would that make me? He just needs a good scare occasionally.|

|As you will.|
dormancy activated (option 01000)
No. 187196 ID: 1ac39d

okay guys, i thought up a plan. if dessen ever turns on us we use [[unable to translate]] BACKWARDS. if forward causes chaos on the target then backwards should impose order.
No. 187283 ID: 0b2a05

Alright. Dessen seems pretty chill though, what with all the being used as a pillow thing.
No. 187303 ID: a594b9

The way Dessen spoke on the subject... sounds like he'd only eat Narus once he's ready to die. Kindof touching really.
No. 262568 ID: abb30a
File 129169446946.png - (108.72KB , 640x480 , 110.png )

Now exiting dormant state

Hey guys. I just did my [[stretches/very light exercise]] for the day and we're gonna talk to Caplisk now. he and Dessen leave the room and go into the equivalent of the living room, where Caplisk is
)Are you going to tell us what's going on now, yeah?(
)You may sit, Narus.(she gestures toward a place to sit, and he does. She continues to stand
|The things you encountered on the spaceflight are Fervylis. Aliens from another universe. Their goal is to take over this one, starting at Uis for some reason. Seems Uis is randomly a hotspot for freaky aliens right now. The initial explosions of apparent magnetism were from Fervylis ships transporting into Uis' atmosphere, much like the smaller one on the spaceflight. As for the device, I don't know where it came from. It is a trinket. I have seen similar things before. It will definitely make your life more interesting if you keep it around. This particular one has a secret that greatly amuses me, but I won't tell you what it is. The humans whose voices you hear from it do not completely understand their power either. It's really best that you figure it out yourselves. Obict totally has the hots for you, Narus.| Narus makes a small noise |I recommend that you return to Uis as soon as you can after meeting with her. I do not recommend having her accompany you when you try to take down the Fervylis, which I know you will do. She will willingly assist you from a safe distance. Of course she doesn't know about this yet. Alternately you could not involve her.|
there is a short pause
"And you won't just get rid of them, 'cause it doesn't work that way."
|Correct. I will assist you, but will not outright solve the problem. When done here, we can make plans to board one of the Fervylis ships.|
)And why are we boarding one of their ships?(
|It's the best way to do it. That talk must come later.|
)I would prefer now.(
|Right now, your guest is hungry. You should find a place to eat, and then it will be time for him to coordinate with his new friend.|
)Oh! ...Fine. I compiled a list of appropriate places you can eat, while you slept.( she gives Narus the list )You may pick any, yeah.(
Man, I don't know. I can find something good at any of these places!
No. 262572 ID: d677cc

Oho, we have a plan!

Huh. That's a bit of a different philosophy on restaurant names than the one I'm familiar with.

Maybe you ought to draw lots, or close your eyes and flail your hand at the tablet or... something like that.
No. 262653 ID: 1854db

Let's go with the mystery option on the bottom. [unable to translate]! Can you try to explain what that word signifies?

[list all ongoing IW-related projects and available completed projects, as well as previously displayed function list. RECAP TIME!]
No. 262684 ID: 9618e3

"Good Place" sounds like an upstanding establishment.
No. 264729 ID: 8d5850
File 129247791880.png - (124.58KB , 640x480 , 111.png )

I think, like, some of them were named by computers. Most of them are galactic chains, and that's how they do things.
I will, if no one else says anything!

There we go! Um... -Ooh, hey I remember. It has to do with this organism that, like, grows all over anything. I forget what planet.

Dessen likes Good Place establishments, but I haven't been to this bottom one before... and I do feel adventurous!
Narus shows his selection to Caplisk "...Let's go with this one."
)Ah, Thpnntshiiek. It's nice. Do you want to teleport there?(
|I can transport you.|
)Just as long as you don't get frisky.(
"That's funny."
|Why, of course.| -FRZP- the trio arrive outside unnoticed
Looks funky. Do you have any restaurants that look like this from the outside?

output from stored pages

insufficient IW-
power ring: 5

moon cannon: 1

increase Narus' strength: 6
boost Narus' bodily efficiency: 3

female Cyral body
male Cyral body
hermaphrodite Cyral body
neuter Cyral body
transparent armour film

No. 264752 ID: e973f4

Aha. See, all the restaurant chains I can think of off the top of my head are either named after the (original) proprietor, or else the kind of food they serve.

As far as how it looks, um... maaaaaaybe? But that's certainly not, like, a familiar design or anything.

So I guess you all ought to head on over there or whatever.
No. 264782 ID: 8d7dd2


Divert all power to the forward impulse weight arrays.

+1 to power ring, +1 to moon cannon. I believe this particular voice has not yet said anything on the matter so far.

Also it looks more like a fort than a food place from this angle. The corner spikes don't scream "welcoming" to me, but, eh, cultural differences.

Mosey on over and get something to eat, why doncha?
No. 264846 ID: 1854db

(Some things that were forgotten:
following Narus's request that we not alter his body without permission)

I think sometimes there could be restaurants with vines growing on them... What are those plant-like structures over there? Like trees?
No. 268161 ID: 8d5850
File 129386491725.png - (120.79KB , 640x480 , 112.png )

Hhm. I think there are some places named after the original proprietor that I've seen... and I can't think of any.
Yeah I just meant, you know, designs in a similar vein.
We are!

additions performed

It's a theme restaurant! The look is part of the appeal. People mostly go to places when they already know what the places are. Or you can look it up on a portable computer or something. Maybe YOU don't have a service that gives you information about your location like that?

nanospray event has run its course.apply acceptance of Narus' request to impulse weight?

Trrreeeees. Yeah. Um, I think. Oh, I can ask Caplisk. "Hey Caplisk, what are those? The tall ones." he indicates the structures in question
)It's actually the same organism that makes the... poof things we just came out from. Each peak is contributed by one or more individual. They provide a home and food to some smaller organisms. A little bit like what I'm doing, actually.(
"That's cool."
)Yes, it is cool. But then, I am cool.(she says coolly

the group approaches the restaurant, entering through the huge automatic double-doors.this is primarily an eat-in restaurant, with two floors.the three are instructed by a robot to choose an unoccupied place, indicated by a lit symbol which it demonstrates to them.they find a somewhat isolated one and a robot accomodates their seating apparatuses and another soon provides menus
Ok, let's see what they have... No... ooh, that looks interesting. This one might be good. Egh. That sounds nasty. Hmm. What are you guys uh, omnivorous? Ever eat food that's living?
No. 268258 ID: dbd557


Yeah, most of us. Some of us are vegetarian, but that's typically due to choice rather than necessity. As for eating live food, apart from plants and yogurt (which has microbes in it), no, nothing wriggling.

Oh, and I have a great (terrible) idea for something as a gag idea. Let's see. How do I make this thing work. +1 impulse weight to some form of air conditioning capability for us, for the sake of a terrible joke later on when it's working.
No. 268286 ID: 70d9eb

What are you doing naked Narus. You aren't being suave at all! Since you like being naked you will have to be forced into being suave out of embarrassment. +1 impulse weight to arousing Narus.
No. 268337 ID: bf1e7e

Not exactly. You can kind of look up places, but not always, and doing it remotely is not really universal.

And yes, we're omnivorous, and--- right, someone else already answered this.
No. 268356 ID: 1854db

-1 IW to arousing Narus.

Also [prevent us from doing things to Narus without his permission, excepting tasks during dangerous situations.]
No. 268360 ID: 931fd5

Ask Narus if he would mind if we aroused him.
If so, +1 IW to arousing Narus.
No. 268371 ID: 701a19

It's highly taboo to consume creatures that are still alive, assuming it's not outright illegal.
Beyond that, we can and do eat almost anything.
No. 268414 ID: 1854db

Many humans eat raw oysters, which are still alive. They don't really... move though. I think that's the only case where that's true, aside from vegetation. Eating larger animals while they're still alive tends to be taboo... However there are many predators on our planet, so it's not like it's completely unknown to us.

Also considering that food here would look nothing like the animals we have on Earth I doubt it would really be disturbing... I think half the reason why it's taboo is that it's considered cruel, the other half is because 'civilized' meals on our planet are prepared beforehand. Chopped up, at least. Uh I dunno, is this enough information?
No. 268446 ID: 70d9eb

If it doesn't have a cerebral cortex it's fine to eat alive, there's a lot of seafood that is eaten alive (especially in Asia), and it's certainly not illegal. There's also some delicious over-fermented sheep cheese that's covered in live maggots called Casu Marzu.
No. 268454 ID: 701a19

Casu Marzu is illegal in plenty of countries, albeit due to health codes.

Ok, some parts of Asia have people that eat seafood alive; and live oysters are an exception that I just flat-out forgot, but these are exceptions. In general, it's highly taboo and/or illegal to eat creatures while they are still alive.
No. 269530 ID: 8d5850
File 129435048148.png - (24.61KB , 640x480 , 113.png )

Vegetarian! We have people like that too. Not me though!

task is underway
IW2 is also registered toward keeping with Caplisk's wish not to be messed with

task not initiated
Hey! What! This isn't the place, man.

base IW registered to task

|Here, have your sash back.|
"Yeah. Ooh. I don't even have to, like, use my [[thing that is a straw]]! This is an odd-tasting drink."

That's a shame. It's totally useful.

So like, the governing body decides. 'K.
No. 269532 ID: 228197

So is the dish you picked live or not?

While you're eating, let us, the voices inside a strange device thing shaped like a ball, consider what we can do here.

We need information on the Fervylis. We intend to board one of their ships, so if we could get schematics, details, operating guidelines, anything that could help. We've already proven to have an effective means of dispatching them when they're unaware we're a threat, but it's not certain the same trick will work twice.

As far as I recall, we were working on a way to spy on these aliens in a non-noticeable manner. +1 IW to refining this. If it's currently operative, get information somehow. Spy on a ship. Don't linger too long, lest we find out the hard way we're more noticeable than we think.
No. 269591 ID: 1854db

+1 to spying.
Hey, what did everyone order, Narus? What's it taste like? Can we have a taste? I wonder if the orb can consume matter...

[work on a function that can replicate objects]
No. 272222 ID: abb30a
File 12952498116.png - (9.92KB , 640x480 , 114.png )

Nah, it's not live. Some of it never was anyway.

impulse weight registered (2) is sufficient for manual spy, with low probability of detection that decreases over time

Um well mine's sort of weird, especially like with these little crunchy bits. I do like it... Where are you-oh, there. Have a taste.
there are several distinct flavours to the food.some are unfavourable to an average human.the beverage is refreshing
Caplisk: My food is delicious and squishy. It's made entirely from organic byproducts, yeah.
Dessen: I ordered a variety of exotic meats.
function already exists


"...t we are forced not to approach, and it is too far to teleport."
"We must not ignore those anomalies. Track them. Use up to resources 3 if you have to."
No. 272327 ID: 3e6377


Oh, shit. "Anomalies" probably refers to whatever it is we're doing here to spy cross-universe distances on this particular vessel. It's less likely we'll be detected the longer we linger, though? Interesting.

+1 impulse to accelerating difficulty of detection unless doing so would be counter-intuitive and cause detection to be more likely.

If it's possible, +1 impulse to find out what those blue things are. I'm hoping they're not just locks and they're screens. If we can somehow clear the room out, maybe we could focus our remote view on one and see what would be required for some future-tech meddling in the future.

And now back to Narus. Hi Narus! Hope you're enjoying your meal. The drink's pretty good. Bit hard to put a finger on the tastes of the rest of the stuff, though. When you say never alive, though, that's intriguing. Even plants are alive. Are we talking products of natural chemical reactions simpler than life, or rock formations, or what?
No. 272336 ID: 0b2a05

>plus impulse weight to minus those resources
>plus impulse weight to creating a voiceball double with self destruct upon lost contact and command capabilities at the area viewed
>plus impulse weight to ring, but minus impulse weight to putting it ON, for now
>plus impulse weight to a teleportation device, as well as a far range scanner
>plus impulse weight to a scan shield around Narus with potential application to others
No. 272345 ID: 8555c2

+Moon Cannon

cause Cirr said so.
No. 272346 ID: 3e6377

+1 to moon cannon because I forgot to.
No. 272348 ID: 0d0666


Also hey Narus it looks like some kind of guys are still trying to track either you or us down. Something about using up to "resources 3" to do it.
No. 272357 ID: 1854db

I'm gonna try to copy your straw-like object.
[replicate Narus' [[thing that is a straw]]]
Would it be acceptable to copy food like this? I'm not sure about the cultural implications.

[+1 to all that, except the ring which I already gave IW to in the far-flung past]
[also +1 to Cirr's stuff, though I've already supported the Moon Cannon]
No. 274189 ID: abb30a
File 129583453776.png - (114.47KB , 640x480 , 115.png )

likelihood of detection will decrease regardless of other actions taken that are not sufficiently related to the task

impulse weight to related task remains at 2

the blue things are touch-screens connected to computers.they can be used to control locks in some places on the vessel

Narus: It was good! Some of it was produced synthetically, and some might have come from natural secretions.

error at "those resources."clarification required
rudimentary avatar created
power ring is at IW7
these will duplicate functions that already exist.proceed?
impulse weight registered (2) is sufficient to perform this task with low effectiveness

moon cannon is now at IW5

EM detection is also available

Ee. It shouldn't be hard for them. Unless they didn't figure out where the ship was going. I don't know what "resources 3" is... Keep me updated on their progress.

Um ok.
task is complete.item is added to inventory
I don't have a problem with it.

Now it's time to give Obict a call. Hey hold on a sec. See if you can get us in direct mental contact!
No. 274208 ID: 6cbed6

... +1 to getting them in direct mental contact, then?
No. 274245 ID: 5eabae

+1 IW to increasing difficulty of detection.
No. 274267 ID: 1854db

>Why don't we move our Avatar a bit further into the ship, and find something sensitive to use [[Unable to Translate]] on... hehehehehehe

>If it looks like the Avatar might get compromised somehow, initiate a violent self-destruct mechanism that will destroy their ship.

also [attempt to grant Narus' request for direct mental contact with Obict]

also [clarification: "those resources" imply the "resources 3" concept.]

also [please clarify: which functions would be duplicated? Is this a dangerous risk of some sort?]
No. 274281 ID: 701a19

[+1 to a direct mental link between Narus and Obict]
[+1 to moon cannon]
[+1 IW to making Venji able to move around her points]
[+1 IW to adding to UNDERMIND BOOST]
No. 274287 ID: 931fd5

+1 IW to increasing difficulty of detection.
+1 IW to allowing direct mental contact if that does not increase likelihood of detection.
No. 274339 ID: 3e6377

I second what everyone else is saying about venturing further into the ship. If the avatar is at risk, destroy it. Make it look like the source of the intrusion has entirely disappeared. Make it look like we self-destructed entirely as much as possible.

+1 IW to direct mental link between Narus and Obict.
+1 IW to deducing what is meant by "resources 3".
+1 IW to increasing difficulty of detection aside from avatar. That's the distraction. There's no point in having a distraction and trying to hide it.
No. 277218 ID: abb30a
File 129660193319.png - (11.57KB , 640x480 , 116.png )

[[Hurf durf! in >>274189, ">>272222" should have said ">>272327", and ">>272327" should have said ">>272336". It makes sense that way. Sorry!! :s]]

moon cannon is now at IW7
difficulty of detection is probably increased

avatar is prohibited from entering the ship.view will continue to explore instead

"resources 3" is most likely an heuristic with no intrinsic numerical value

function for teleportation would be duplicated.function for far range scanner would be duplicated.there is no dangerous risk associated with duplicating functionality, but it is not a useful allocation of resources

post made in Venji
post made un Undermind

impulse weight registered (5) is sufficient to establish an extreme mental correspondence with Obict
[[OH SHIT]] OBICT! ARE YOU WELL! This is way more connection than I needed! HHHHHey I can control it. Whoo.
Obict: Eeg! I'm well! What's going on??
Narus: Um ok like I'm the guy from the flight and the tour and guess I can talk to you telepathically now. For a moment I was like, actually sharing your experiences because the device here overdid it again.
Obict: ...Wow. So uh, are you well?
Narus: Yeah! I'm well. I've got this in control. Still got time to meet up?
Obict: I sure do. Go to the STOP restaurant near the . I'll be there in a few minutes.
Narus: This seems so, like... clandestine. I kinda like it.
Obict: I feel that way too! It's funny.
Narus: It is funny. See you in a few minutes!
Obict: See you then, stranger.
|I'll take you to her.|
"Hey wait, I could have... [[I'm ending the sentence]]. Yes, that would be nice."
|Then here you go.|
No. 277293 ID: 701a19

She's taking you entering her mind unbidden remarkably well, all things considered. Does your species have any concept of privacy?
No. 277298 ID: 383006

Give her a brain erection.
No. 277299 ID: 3e6377

+1 IW to destroying the world of Ter in Resonance.
No. 277304 ID: d677cc

+1 IW to this.
No. 277305 ID: 383006

+1 IW to this
No. 277307 ID: d677cc

Also make it happen as soon as possible.
No. 278015 ID: 1854db


>-1 to all cross-quest actions.
also >>277298
-1 to that. What would that even do?
No. 278031 ID: d677cc

+1 IW to this being interpreted as something like arousal rather than something horrifying.

And I guess +1 IW to the suggestion itself?
No. 278159 ID: f7166d

+1 W to this and also

+1 to brain boner being horrifying instead of just making her aroused.
No. 278361 ID: 1854db

You guys are gonna get us dumped in the trash, you know that right?
No. 278401 ID: 827ab6

Oh, fine. -1IW to the suggestion, then.

But still +1IW to it being interpreted as something non-horrifying, at least.
No. 278896 ID: c67101

-1 IW to this. No messing with Narus without permission. Also, it's unknown whether he can have an erection.


+1 IW to find out if Narus is capable of having an erection, without actually causing one.
No. 279008 ID: d677cc


No. 281014 ID: abb30a
File 129748028270.png - (13.16KB , 640x480 , 117.png )

[[sorry for the longness of this post, but CONVERSATION!]]

Sure we do. I haven't given her a reason not to trust me though!

task not initiated

impulse weight registered (3) is sufficient to destroy Ter long after it becomes irrelevant to the story of Resonance

vote target cannot be determined. >>278470 cannot be located
Narus is capable of having the equivalent of an erection.note: target of "brain erection" was Obict and not Narus

Dessen: I can attest to this.

"Over here, Stranger."
"Oh, there you are."
"I'm surprised you got here before I did. Did your friends teleport you?"
"It was actually a friend you haven't met. It'll probably want to meet you later."
"Now that's interesting."
-"Welcome here. Are you a group of two?"-
"Ah, yes. Two Cyrals. We'd like to sit outside."
-"Please sit at this table. Thank you for coming to this STOP restaurant."-
"They seem pretty confident about their quality."
"They earn it! But it looks like you ate already."
"Yeah." he flaps his neck structures in a downward wave
"It's alright. You should check out the menu anyway."
"'K... Maybe I'll have a drink."
some time passes
"..nd Fvvzic said, 'because he's never been to Giem.'"
"That was awesome. What a great character!"
"Totally! I want to be as observant as him."
"Me too." she leans toward him, eyeing him intently
"That's funny."
"It is. You think they'll make a new movie with him soon? It's been a while since the last one."
he taps his chest idly with his thumb "I haven't heard anything about one. Hmm..."
some time passes
"...oin me when it happens. If you do have the chance, well I have a few SE7+c1 pills. I've been saving them, for a special occasion."
"Seven! I use SE3+c1s, man, wow! Used up to a 5 once. Don't 7s have like stuff in them to keep you from ceasing to think because they're so strong?"
"They do. I usually use 5s, maybe 4s. 7s, well, seem like something to only use sparingly. It would be a perfect time."
"What if you [[don't become subject to a spike of sexual receptivity as anticipated]]?"
"If you're available, I'll make sure it does."
"Ooh." Narus: Ok guys, you wanted to help me like, hook up with someone right? So let's try to get rid of these alien things within 2 days! returned value: ~16 Earth days
some time passes
"...h, I've sold a few of them. There's just not much demand for my level of skill, I guess."
"Ohh, that's a shame. Maybe I can see some of your paintings when you're done saving the world."
"Hey that'd be good."
"I'm no good at painting, but I like looking at art. Have you seen any of the museums here?"
"Hmm. I don't think so... Have you?"
"Oh, yes. If y..."
some time passes
No. 281046 ID: d677cc

I think we can manage that task in that time?
No. 281127 ID: 1854db

It is likely that we will succeed. We have the power required. We just need to find the right target, and then bring that power to bear.

>Report progress of viewpoint in alien ship.

>question to interface: Do we not have an infinite amount of energy at our disposal? Why would we be worried about using resources?
No. 281152 ID: abb30a
File 129755846994.png - (8.84KB , 640x480 , 118.png )

Awesome. Let's get going after this conversation then.

practical limitations place an unknown maximum on the amount of energy available.worry should be about wasting resources more specifically than usage itself

the conversation nears its end

"...great to talk with you." he stands up
"I feel the same way." she stands as well
"The humans are confident that we can like, finish up the... stuff... in 2 days." The invasion stuff. he says mentally to her
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
No. 281154 ID: d677cc

Well, if she has the time, she could hang around with you for a while and act as an extra person to discuss ideas with.

(I need to actually go back and reread our invasion situation to be clearer on what our steps should be from here.)
No. 282848 ID: abb30a
File 129823346548.png - (35.42KB , 640x480 , 119.png )

She has to go places right now.

"We can discuss ideas if, like, you have time. Actually that could be really helpful."
"Ok, I can do that. Juuust be sure you get control of that telepathy thing."
"Right." he says confidently.they hug
"Have fun at the concert."
"Be safe with your adventure." she leaves.he finds an out-of-sight spot
Let's go
|To Uis.|
"Eep." Yeah, to Uis. Already. Man that's way more convenient than a spaceflight. And more jarring.
|And more comfy.|
Yeah... Can I just like... stay nestled here for a while? Dessen unwinds from Narus
|You've got business to attend to on one or more of the ships over there.| it gestures
he exhales tersely with his mouth closed
You're right. Now how do we get onboard? And which one do we go to? he sends Obict some information
Obict: Hmm...
No. 282878 ID: d677cc

Uh... hm.

+1 to examining the ships somehow?
No. 282904 ID: 931fd5

> +1 Analyze data Narus sent.
> +1 Examine ships.
No. 282984 ID: 1854db

>+1 to examining ships

Hmm... we could use a bit more equipment, don't you think?

[create impenetrable handheld lightweight shield device, meant to block attacks from whatever direction it is pointed in. Shape should be rounded, so as to allow attacks to deflect off. General size should be big enough to cover at least 90 degrees in front of Narus. Projected shield should conform to cramped environments.]
[duplicate whatever weapon the aliens were using against narus, and some ammo for it. Should be easy. Modify for usage with one hand Narus cannot wield it like that comfortably.]
No. 283001 ID: d677cc

+1 to this stuff as well.
No. 283044 ID: 931fd5

Second that +1.
No. 287883 ID: 000a99


+1 to theese things
No. 287884 ID: 000a99

I'm terribly, terribly sorry about the accidental bump. _o_
No. 288525 ID: abb30a
File 130022870756.png - (19.25KB , 640x480 , 120.png )

[[>>287884 it is no problem!]]

task initiated.displaying some ships with some potential entrances

the data Narus sent regarded the spaceships' shapes and positions

shield device creation initiated
weapon duplication with modifications is completed.multiple ammunition types are being fabricated

"uh." Narus: this looks like the weapons the aliens used, but... he carefully inspects it I can use it? That the idea?

Obict: You could pick one ship and see if it has any entrances that you can use to get in somehow. The most important one is probably the most secure. The least secure one might be the best place to start. Can the humans figure out how secure they are from here?
Narus: Try it, humans! I don't know how this works. Just don't get us noticed if you can avoid it.
No. 288612 ID: e973f4

We'll try, I guess?

+1 to trying to detect the security levels of the ships without compromising ourselves.
No. 288653 ID: 1854db

Hmm, alright. Uh, I didn't check to see if there was anything keeping you from using the gun. I'll do that alongside checking security. Ammo is on its way currently...

+1 IW to that.
[determine if Narus is able to use the newly fabricated weapon. If not, modify it to enable him to use it.]
No. 290225 ID: abb30a
File 130084732826.png - (20.56KB , 640x480 , 121.png )

continuing to display information about ships.no obvious structural weaknesses found.
shield device completed
ammunition for weapon:8 triangular,8 square,8 semicircular
automatically notify host Narus of items fabricated in the future?

A new thing? What's that one?

Oh. There goes Dessen!

Let me know like, anything else you think is helpful so I can figure out which one to go for, too. I dunno what I can tell you about me that would help, but uh, maybe you can think of some things to ask.

task initiated

Narus is able to use the weapon
No. 290283 ID: 1854db

Alright... There's three small medium-security ships that have a bunch of troops in them we could go fight. There's one medium-security ship with... nothing of interest I suppose. There's the big high-security ship that has something called a Maxten in it? Up to you where we go to. I think we have a good chance of winning in a heated firefight with very little injury, if you're worried.

>What the heck is a Maxten?
No. 290287 ID: 1854db

Oh, we could scope out a ship ourselves, too. Shouldn't take much more than a minute or two.

>bring up a mini-map of whatever ship Narus is interested in
No. 290289 ID: d677cc

Both of these for now.

Need to think of a plan though.
No. 290512 ID: 3e6377

I think notifying Narus of items fabricated is wise. If it's ever unwise we can declare notifying to stop happening at that time.

Narus, we created a shield device. It should cover about 90 degrees in front of you and block attacks and deflect projectiles. With the duplicated alien weapon, you should be able to stand a fighting chance if things go a little awry.

If they go a lot awry, uh, we're working on it. It's probably for the best to go for the smaller medium-security ships based on that reason. But...

+1 IW to determining what a Maxten is and what function it serves.

It might be more useful to go after the Maxten.

+1 IW to either continuing to hide Narus' presence from scanning systems or if we haven't already done it stating to hide his presence.
+1 IW to minimap of whatever ship Narus wants to choose.
+1 IW to a more detailed analysis of points of interest of whatever ship wants to choose.
No. 295479 ID: abb30a
File 130246255319.png - (38.46KB , 800x600 , 122.png )

Maxten... Ooh that's familiar wait. Uhh... In the first Fervylis thing you saw! In the spaceflight. It was the name, of, a Fervylis I think. It's in the records of your device. I pick the medium ship for now, then the high one. Very little injury sounds good enough.
Narus is correct about Maxten

Anciu: Is this working? Are you receiving?
Narus: Yes what um?
Obict: Huh?
Dessen: Hey guys.
Narus: Dudes. Ok. Obict I have to drop you out for a moment. Anciu, what?
Anciu: Ah, ehm, we figured out that those magnetic disturbances yesterday were caused by spacecraft teleporting into the atmosphere.
Narus: Oh. I'm looking at some of them right now. I think.
Anciu: You are? What's going on?
Narus explains the situation
Narus: Man. I should have you humans do some of the explaining. This is getting like, tiresome.
Anciu: If I can work out some way to help, I'll contact you.
Narus briefly converses with Obict about his decision

displaying symbolic mini-map of medium-security ship to 7 layers of penetration
Hey, that looks useful. Cool.

OH, that's a shield device. Sounds fancy!
impulse weight registered(1) is not sufficient to hide Narus from scanning systems
additional analyses being provided with minimap

No. 295539 ID: 1854db

Adding IW to hiding Narus.

Alright, looks like we should do alright by teleporting in at the empty, important-looking room 'k', destroying whatever purpose that room serves, and then teleporting out. Although, there are more areas below the troop quarters... Well! Maybe we can just kill em all if the initial room we get to isn't actually important.

[determine if the alien weapon we copied is powerful enough to pierce the armor film we have developed for Narus]
No. 295603 ID: da0527

+1 Impulse Weight to hiding Narus from scanners. Request that we do so in a way that prevents us from losing contact with him.

Please ask Narus whether he would like for us to augment his physical camouflage ability. If so, +1 IW to augmenting / improving his physical camouflage ability in speed and detail.
No. 297274 ID: abb30a
File 130300705026.png - (8.01KB , 320x480 , 123.png )

impulse weight registered(3) is sufficient to hide Narus from some scanning systems

What I was thinking was, if we could take out the troop ships, uh, then they wouldn't be able to defend the high security one. If that room is the key then I think that's a good plan.

weapon is powerful enough to pierce armor film on medium and high settings
That's worrying. How about that shield thing? Will that be more effective?

Hey, that's a good idea. Go ahead! Narus' camouflage is marginally improved
I feel ready to go. Unless have more preparation ideas, I think it's time to like, bust in and wreck stuff.
No. 297307 ID: 1854db

Hmm, well, the armor film does protect you a bit- the projectiles don't go very deep. I'll check the shield. Maybe we can make you an additional layer of armor in the form of loose-fitting clothes? Keep in mind that we can reactively create shields ourselves like we did in the earlier fight. Hmm, maybe we can just continuously project an air-permeable shield bubble around you?
At any rate, we are probably ready. If we have any trouble we can just keep making things as we go.
[check effectiveness of shield against the same weapon]
[+1 IW to aiding Narus' camo]
[determine how often/many times we can use [Unable to Translate] with our current resources]
No. 297403 ID: d677cc

+1 to everything in here, and, um...
+1 to hiding Narus some more...

Maybe an extra level of armor would be a good idea too, I dunno.
No. 297444 ID: 28e94e

+1 to hiding Narus from scanners.
+1 to all of >>297307.
No. 297445 ID: a5dbe5

+1 to all current suggestions
No. 297601 ID: 140f49

+1 to all current suggestions.

You know, in close combat, you'd be at a major advantage if they can't grab you. Which is why I propose an alteration to the armour film. Assuming it has sufficient thermal insulation, I suggest that in a dire situation, it should be able to light the exterior on fire.

Who can grapple you if you're on fire? Not even ninjas. That's who. +1 to user-invoked surface combustion feature for the armour film.
No. 297605 ID: 28e94e

This is too awesome for words. +1.
No. 302096 ID: 0c1248
File 130474333507.png - (59.56KB , 640x480 , 124.png )

[[I apologise for the long wait. I might have enough time to update weekly for a while now! I hope!]]

shield device is slightly more effective than the armor film.additional impulse weight may be wise
impulse weight registered (6) is sufficient to improve Narus' camo to an extreme degree.he is still audible
[[Unable to translate]]'s use is not limited

impulse weight registered (7) makes Narus very difficult to detect with most scanners.he is still audible
potentiality for additional armour layer generated

include suggestions that are ongoing from the past as "current," or only suggestions voted on since last update?

impulse weight registered (2) is sufficient to heat the outer surface of the armour film to uncomfortable and potentially harmful levels.Narus will not be protected from the heat near openings in the film

Wow! I can barely see my hand... hey there it goes. Can't see it at all. That's so wild! I think like, I could look invisible from a few different angles at a time now. Or something. Having this level of skill all suddenly feels odd. Uhh don't use that heat thing, guys. That sounds bad. It would be wicked awesome if it would work without burning me and stuff.
Egh, the wind's picking up. Can we get moving here?
No. 302120 ID: 1854db

Oh niiiice. We might not even need to fight like that. Anyway yeah. Let's go. Uh, did you want us to teleport you? I remember you were not keen on the idea of us trying to do it, before.

[enable Narus to change our appearance as well so we are camo'd similarly]
[disallow fire armor until it is safe for Narus- also, I am putting IW towards that goal]
No. 302198 ID: 28e94e

+1 towards protecting Narus from the new heat ability.
No. 302243 ID: 1854db

[use teleport function on device and Narus with Narus' permission, destination set at the agreed location.]
No. 304130 ID: 8d5850
File 130534744385.png - (12.77KB , 640x480 , 125.png )

Yeah, that was the plan right? I trust you enough now, 'cause Dessen seems to. I would probably have suggested something else otherwise. Keep doing this thing where you second-guess me and like, give me decision power like you have been. Seems like the best way.

Narus is now able to enact similar camouflage feature on the device
fire armor is disallowed pending safety of use.current impulse weight toward goal (4) is insufficient

OH wait hey you guys quick! Engulf the weapon and the shield device or something so they're invisible too!
No. 304131 ID: 1854db

[extend Narus' camo to all items carried by him, engulf all carried objects not immediately hidden]
[check environment for environmental hazards, shield Narus from them if detected]
[determine nature of device in center of room, calculate danger to Narus of it being hit by [[unable to translate]] while he is in the room]
No. 304167 ID: 28e94e

+1 to all of these
No. 304419 ID: abcbff

Okay! +1 to invisiblefying those things too!
No. 305393 ID: 8d5850
File 130586409567.png - (19.36KB , 640x480 , 126.png )

task completed
no environmental hazards detected.continue to check?
impulse weight registered(2) is not sufficient to determine nature of device in center of room.extreme environmental hazards would become present due to it being hit by [[unable to translate]], assuming that this refers to the same untranslatable function tested previously

Cool. Ok, so I should be out of this room. The room right above and the one right below were occupied, right? Should I try fighting whoever's below, and then I guess we'll see if it's safe to blow up this thing here while I'm there? Oh geez! Someone's climbing up now. I don't think it could see me if it turned around... How about I uh, try shooting it in the back?
No. 305395 ID: 1854db

Try shooting it. We will be able to determine how effective your weapon is from the results. Keep in mind we have a very destructive ability at our disposal, but if we used it on the... engine core or whatever this is, you'd die. So we won't be doing that. We can probably use it on troops safely... I'll check to be sure.

[continue checking for environmental hazards]
[create time bomb with variable fuse, powerful enough to destroy the central device inside this room. Power beyond that is unnecessary, so route further IW to making it harder to discover]
[Postulate as to possible hazards to Narus of using untranslatable ability on alien troops, assuming the field of the ability is restricted to their bodies]
No. 305401 ID: ed9087

[+IW to those things.]

[+IW to Fire Armor safety.]

[Add sound-suppressor to Narus' gun.]
No. 305405 ID: e41ad5

(+1 to all these things! This is fun! :D )
No. 305408 ID: b84932

+1 for these suggestions.
No. 306773 ID: 8d5850
File 130638393558.png - (29.44KB , 640x480 , 127.png )

Uhh. Obict, I think I'm going to be busy here for like, a while. I'm gonna disconnect us for now.
Obict: It was just getting exciting! ...Oh, well. I understand.
Narus: I'll be in touch. You can still contact us if you get uh, attacked by aliens or something. Be well.
Obict: Be well!
Narus: Anciu, I can use any information you have on these ships.
Anciu: Agh, I'm doing all I can! The tra- Hey, I know! If you could send me some piece of technology from there, or, or maybe a duplicate, I can study it. Maybe I can be of more use that way. Get something small, if you can get anything.
Narus: Yeah man, Good thinking! I'll see what I can do. Humans, keep on the lookout.

Aha. Yes, that's good to know!
environmental hazards will be brought up when present
bomb creation has begun
possible hazards consist mainly of shrapnel coming from the alien troops

impulse weight toward fire armor safety (7) is sufficient to protect Narus while the armor film is ignited.self-ignition of armor film is available for use
Narus' gun now sounds less impressive

"yshk" -scrr-
I don't think it's dead! I'm going to shoot it again!
-sccccc- "reahh!"
Hey, my eyes are still going to visible, aren't they... And it's still moving! Maybe if I shoot the head-
Ok well now it can't see. I'll keep away until you can think of something better. Can the shield device be used to like, crush it or something? Maybe I just need to find the right spot to shoot?
No. 306808 ID: 1854db

Eyes, eh? I'll try to fix that issue.
[extend camouflage to Narus's eyes, but only from the outside. A one-way change. That way he can still see!]

Alright looks like you could use a power up on that gun. Meanwhile I'll scan it for weak spots. Go ahead and try to use the shield to crush it... I don't know how well it would do that but it's worth a shot.

[Alter Narus' weapon in such a way that it injures these creatures more efficiently. Specialize it towards that purpose only, for added effectiveness.]
[Determine best place to shoot these guys.]
[Measure possible strain on shield device from attempting to crush things]
[Determine how dangerous shrapnel from these creatures would be to Narus while he is protected with the armor film]
[ETA on time bomb completion?]
No. 306846 ID: ed9087


After your sure it's dead, lets see if it has a communicator or portable scanner. That would be the ideal sort of thing to send to Anciu.
No. 306854 ID: e41ad5


Wheeee, impulse weight!
No. 306913 ID: 3e6377

+1 IW to features described.
No. 313663 ID: 8d5850
File 130818478253.png - (34.35KB , 640x480 , 128.png )

impulse weight registered (4) is not enough to hide Narus' eyes while maintaining his vision

remaining projectiles are being infused with Fervylis-specific toxic materials
best place to shoot them with Narus' current weapon is their eyes.only massive bodily (failure or trauma) will kill them
shield device would not be strained from attempting to crush things unless forces greater than Narus' full weight in the present gravity are brought against its barrier from both sides
not usually dangerous unless they are carrying something prone to fragmenting violently under stress
bomb completion ETA is 6 minutes

'Kay, I'll turn this on and...
Do that. At this point, it really better be dead. [[shit]].

It's just kind of a mess... If it was carrying anything, I can't see it now.
At least it doesn't smell too bad. It looks like they're wearing suits maybe. Or this is some really strange way to have skin.
[[Dammit]], there's another one down there!
No. 313764 ID: 1854db

Cripes, these guys are really tough apparently. Won't really be able to kill them with that gun. Not quickly, anyhow. I'll try to just put our ol' nanobots in the ammo so that when we shoot them later they'll dissolve.

Hmm. We didn't manage to hide your eyes. I bet if you closed them you'd be fine though, right? How about we give you a mental image of your surroundings while your eyes are closed?

Also we have 6 minutes until the bomb's ready. I think that's a bit too long. Want us to teleport you down there? Try shooting down from behind the cover of the shield device, for now.

[Begin feeding Narus visual data of his surroundings with his permission, not needed to be better than his usual eyesight, and restricted to only need to be active when his eyes are closed.]
[Attach previously-built nanobots (those set to only disassemble the aliens) to the ammo we are using for the gun.]
[Can we use the Untranslatable Ability as a delayed action, so that we can teleport Narus away before it triggers and destroys this structure?]
[How much IW would be required to create a new nanobot spray that would destroy the structure here and then go inert afterwards?]
[With Narus' permission, teleport him down to a spot not in the field of view of any aliens in that room.]
No. 313867 ID: 28e94e

+1 to everything.
No. 313868 ID: 35e1a0

+1 to whole plan as well.
No. 314521 ID: 28e94e

We're making too much noise, we need to kill them faster.
[determine what kind of projectile would be most lethal, convert all current ammunition to that type]
No. 322961 ID: 13b599
File 131006396747.png - (9.76KB , 640x480 , 129.png )

insufficient impulse weight to perform task

Maybe this weapon wasn't designed to be used against THEM. Probably wasn't, now that I think about it. Huh. Nanobots plus the poison thing? Whatever.
Yeah, ok. Do that!
Do that too.
impulse weight registered(3) is sufficient to perform task
impulse weight registered(3) is insufficient to perform task
suggested action is possible
task completed


Just one of them. This poison should work. I'll try it out.
Yeah! Sweet! And the eye closing thing is working out too.
Hey, do you like, understand their language? I know I don't.

anti-transcription error measures will be enacted after the next update, resulting in forced hybernation
Uh, man, that sounds way bad! Whaaat's going on!?
No. 323332 ID: 1854db

I don't know, but I already found a way to end this instantly. With your permission, we will use our untranslatable ability on that central structure as a delayed action and teleport you out to safety before it goes off. Thus, destroying the structure and hopefully destroying the ship without endangering you. Acceptable?

[With Narus' permission, use delayed Untranslatable Ability on central structure, teleporting Narus out of the ship and back to the prior observation point, assuming that is a safe distance. If that is not a safe distance, teleport Narus to a safe, familiar location.]
No. 326481 ID: 13b599
File 131070521536.png - (552.17KB , 640x480 , 129.png )

Good plan, if blowing up the central doodad will like uh, take the ship along with it.

impulse weight registered (1) is insufficient to perform this task

Ohhh... Where are the other voices? This is SO uncool, you guys!

HEY, dormancy right now!? So uncool! [[Damn]] I hope this stuff you gave me lasts until the device wakes up again!

dormancy activated (option 01000)
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