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File 127877982017.png - (10.15KB , 785x458 , Chapter 3.png )
205793 No. 205793 ID: 35cea2

WIki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Icon
Prelude: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/95660.html
Chapter 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/95893.html
Chapter 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/132287.html
Discussion 1 (Closed): http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/374.html
Discussion 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/324607.html
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No. 205794 ID: 35cea2
File 127877988281.png - (9.45KB , 719x635 , Recon 1.png )

Somewhere, in the dunes south of RYXIX...
No. 205795 ID: 35cea2
File 127877995378.png - (31.14KB , 1065x635 , Recon.png )

An alien race conducts a series of strange rituals.
No. 205796 ID: 35cea2
File 127878004059.png - (144.32KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 1.png )

Several hours ago, thousands of Dryads have appeared in the dunes far southeast of RYXIX. They have been casting their strange spells there well into the night, and now they have created a single massive riftlike disturbance. Recon Light Infantry has been dropped via gunship at a safe distance away, keeping a close watch on their forces.
Up until now the Dryads on this planet have begrudgingly accepted our presence, but sudden recent events involving a some of the non-spellcaster caste Dryads sifting through the ruins of NEW MONUMENT and their subsequent minor revolts seem to have caused their initial attitude to change.
We still have no idea what they are up to right now.
A minor balance change: MBT’s only require 3 crew now, rather than 5. Also, 100 POWER INFANTRY now will cost an additional 7 SUPERCONDUCTOR. More small balance changes may take place later.
No. 205799 ID: 538af1

shoot it with the biggest gun you have. hopefully it will horrendously disrupt the portal and wound whatever it is they are trying to make.
No. 205807 ID: e67770

well we gon' need to face the whole planet. sort of.

prepare a research crew to study a small rift anomaly. set up the army and whatever heavy vehicle we can. i wont go into the specific of construction unless test pattern specifically says he doesnt want to do that anymore, but we should focus on units now.

havent we also prepared a research crew for the anomaly on the planet? if so, they will study any small rift we can track. they will also need escort.

we should research orbital bombardment of the precise type and "portable nukes". we should be ready to bomb the fuck out of the anomaly and their government.

coming to think of it, making a preemptive bombing strike from space sounds like a good idea. anyone else wanna go for it?

also how is the srhimp planet? at all?
No. 205812 ID: 538af1

those are long term plans, what do you want to do about the giant portal growing right outside the city?
No. 205815 ID: 8bdb6a

Ready the troops. Have them start setting up a big, wide defensive perimeter oriented towards the aliens, starting around fifty kilometers from Ryxix. Focus on armor. Standard desert combat tanks-fire-from-one-place-then-fall-back-to-another-prepared-position.

Send out a pair of gunships with big speakers, and one heavy bomber loaded with napalm canisters. Have a gunship broadcast something like "THIS AREA WAS ABANDONED. WE ARE NOT HURTING ANYONE. EXPLAIN YOUR PRESENCE HERE OR WE WILL TAKE STEPS TO DEFEND OURSELVES."

If (and only if) the aliens start attacking the gunships, have them fall back while the heavy bomber drops napalm on the offending Dryads.

Is there time for a Build Order?
No. 205845 ID: ee8200

Send in some robots with some speakers and microphones or something to try and negotiate with them. If we send humans instead, make sure they can defend themselves if they're attacked and have sniper/artillary/air support. Definitely prepare for a fight, 'cause that looks like they're portalling in an invasion force. I'm particularly worried about this because that doesn't fit the Dryad's portfolio of doing one-on-one duels when it comes to fighting, so they might be bringing in a another faction/race for assistance. Didn't they say there were others like themselves out there?
No. 205858 ID: e67770

man, i just remember that we dont have specific anti shield tecnology asides fusion casters.

the immediate plan suggestion that i suggested is: we need a expedition to study any small rift. the sooner we can disrupt it the better.

actualy make a addendum, we need headsets for all civilians. if military HUDs make impossible to mindrape military personnel, we should do something similar for the civilians. oh, and evacuate all civs we can to irontown.

the bro-bots would be perfect for a initial attack, considering they disrupt tecnology to a small extent. they are on iron town if i remember correctly =c

also for the sake of diplomacy, no tecnology should be used to talk to them. im not even sure if we should use speakers, but i agree with TP's warning plan.
No. 205888 ID: a594b9

Send in a robot army with a small squad of powered armor marines protecting a diplomat. Ask them what they are doing, and object to magic being used so close to our new city, where no Dryads have even attempted to colonize.
No. 205891 ID: d63421


I'd be careful about deploying too close to that portal thing. And aim stuff from orbit at it. Just in case.

SUGGESTION: Spare some troops and dropships to pick up the rebellers, or initiate contact with them. We need to know what the hell is going on. Their rebellion is likely what prompted... whatever the hell is going on.

Though I can make an educated guess at what.

This is the Magocracy trying to strike at us due to it being the quickest way to ensure their serveant classes don't grow a pair (for whatever reason) and rebel again, I'd bet my balls on it.

Oh! And do the commandos have sedatin' guns and desert combat experience? There are, like, a thousand targets there for us to WITH GOOD REASON try kidnapping now, whether for hostages or future magic research. They're on our turf playing funny business. We have justification AND motivation.
No. 205934 ID: e67770

>'d be careful about deploying too close to that portal thing. And aim stuff from orbit at it. Just in case.

are the portals close enought to be in the AOE of a nuke?
No. 206095 ID: 35cea2
File 127881924044.png - (102.41KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 1.png )

A defensive line is created some distance away from RYXIX, using the majority of the MBTs, half of the SLOWPOKES, and supported by a few APCs full of POWER INFANTRY and a some SPAAGs. 10 COMMANDOS are currently hiding some distance away from the Dryads.

A pair of GUNSHIPS initiate contact with the Dryads while a HEAVY BOMBER with napalm canisters circles in standby.

The diplomat's voice addresses the crowd below.
Diplomat: "I am a representative of the Splinter, and unless you explain and justify your presence here or we WILL take measures to defend ourselves."
The Dryads remain silent, except for a single voice.
Dryad: "We need to justify our presence to *you*?! You invade our planet and now infect our society with your sins of greed and pride, and you dare demand us to justify OUR presence!?"
Diplomat: "We have come in peace, and th-"
Dryad: "Maybe you don't understand who you really are, but we know what you humans are like. We will not suffer your corrupting presence any longer, you must leave Gretz immediately, or we shall remove you by force."

The diplomat tries to reason with him, but the entire crowd has now fallen totally silent.

GUNSHIP G13: "Command, the storks aren't attacking, but they aren't talking anymore either. Your orders?"

The build order will have to wait.

The portals are close enough.
No. 206097 ID: a594b9

Take em out. We said we wouldn't make the first move. They have broken our agreement. However, the commando team should attempt to take a group of mages into custody. We're at war, may as well get the magic research while we're at it.

"We hoped it wouldn't come to this."
No. 206179 ID: 8bdb6a

Load another bomber with a nuclear payload.

Drop the napalm strike close to but not on top of the Dryads.

Ask again for them to leave.

If they don't respond, nuke them.
No. 206182 ID: e67770

not yet. ask them for time to plot the evac, we gotta check how much of it we can actualy do. plus all of our civs are vulnerable in planet, if we manage to evac to irontown to then check the shimp planet we may just pull a safer, more diplomatic solution.

this way we show them we can not be what they want us to be. also tell them that making merchant ears will eventually attract thieves.

can we at least attempt to evacuate the civilians first? or dont deploy the napalm, it will warn them of the nuke. just nuke.
No. 206184 ID: db3d55

No. 206197 ID: bcf25c


"We have been nothing but reasonable and have simply attempted to live our lives while being chased by mass-murderers."

"Remember these words: One of the seven deadly sins is pride. And that you brought this upon yourself."

And then crush them with the maximum force available. They're in a desert. It won't even matter; these are probably every magic-user they have.

Nuke the SHIT out of them.
No. 206198 ID: a594b9

Why are we so quick to use nukes? Remember that we are living in this desert. Radiation spreads.
No. 206201 ID: bcf25c


Depends on what kind of bombs we have. There's plenty (theoretical) where the radiation doesn't linger all that long, and others where it turns the place into an irradiated hell-hole.
No. 206202 ID: db3d55

pretty sure we have RAD absorbers or can make some.
earth has had a TON of nukes used on the surface and cancer rates have barely gone up. so a few in the desert wont have any massive problems. would also probably help evolution along as it would make the animals genes more unstable.
No. 206211 ID: a594b9

...nope, the nukes we have in this quest leave a lot of radiation behind. They're not so good if we want to use the land within oh say the next 200-300 years.
No. 206214 ID: d63421

Where's that pickup/contact with rebels that I requested? That should've been priority A.


You, sir, are mostly wrong. Radiation can and will linger, and can and will cause cancer, the most common kind of lethal mutation. Radiated outlying dust and sand, on a windy desert continent, WILL spread, according to the wind patterns.

Besides, we don't HAVE that many nukes.

Tungsten rounds fired from our ships in orbit, however, should be a more acceptable alternative. Assuming they arrive in time.

Give the dryad mages one last warning to step down, perhaps emphasized by a tungsten round "test-fired" into the distance.
No. 206216 ID: c2c011

Tell them you're going to leave. It will just take some time to get off the planet.

If they don't agree to those terms then shoot them and drive a bot through the portal. Hit their precious monument thingy that we weren't allowed near with nukes from orbit and evacuate the planet.
No. 206218 ID: f16010

... you mean blow up the thing we came her for in the first place? i dunno about you but to me that sounds bad. anyway yeah, orbital bombardment. just kill enough that they don't have enough magic between them to cast the spell.
No. 206219 ID: c2c011

The thing might be what's powering their magic. Without magic they're pretty much no threat at all since then their warriors will actually be weaker than a human and their magicians will just stand there waving their hands and cry.

And if we can't have it, then nobody can have it.
No. 206222 ID: 51c610

....or we could kill them and learn the secrets of magic ourselves.
No. 206227 ID: ee8200

Yeah, this has come down to a fight. They arn't going to back down, and I don't think we should either. Pull back the gunship, and have the bomber napalm the area around where the biggest portal-thingy is to kill the mages there. Then move in with our forces, having the commandos try to take some of them out nonlethally so we can do the magic research.
No. 206232 ID: 54af1f


I sorta think bomb them, but at the same time they seem to want that.
No. 206233 ID: 35cea2
File 127885931956.png - (77.60KB , 1800x1018 , Event Report 2.png )

The GUNSHIPS and napalm BOMBER are ordered to pull back, and another BOMBER with a nuke is sent forth. Before it arrives, the COMMANDOS locate an isolated group of Dryad mages and sedate them with tranquilizer darts without being noticed by the main body of mages. They manage bring 11 unconscious captives to their LUVs and then head back to base.

The nuke is dropped, and the entire Dryad congregation is annihilated. Their mysterious spells in the desert, whatever they were meant to accomplish, have been put to an end.

The event is over, build orders may now resume.

We do not know whether the rebels are united or not, and even if they are we don't know who is leading it. Contact with them will have to wait until more information is gathered.

The location of ground zero is far enough away and wind patterns are favorable enough for us not to worry about radioactive fallout.
No. 206234 ID: ee8200

...Well. That works.

...So, um... ...Start up magic research? Have the factories start churning out a bunch of those little drone scout thingies, and send them out to the Dryad's cities? Maybe start up plans to capture that anamoly they have guarded?
No. 206235 ID: 54af1f

Say. Why don't we see if we can buy some land from those capitalist bug guys for a better settlement less hostile?
No. 206238 ID: 54af1f

Or BTW. Begin bombing raids and orbital strikes against the Dryad cities and towns.
No. 206239 ID: ee8200
File 127886191747.jpg - (72.23KB , 600x465 , 515111-helicarrier03_super.jpg )

Hrmm... Hey. I wonder if we could design a gunship that uses thrusters, instead of being a helicopter. I know that we got an inprovement to the power of our vehicles' thrusters a while ago, maybe we could take advantage of that? I know we already have a dropship, I was just thinking maybe we could have something lighter and faster.

...'course, we could go the other way, scale up our dropships so they're even bigger, could carry even more... (Pic related.)
No. 206240 ID: ee8200

Um. No. Our enemies are the ruling class/mages, and if we did that, we'd hurt innocent civilians.
No. 206249 ID: c2c011

Start researching magic, keep every sensor avalible peeled for large objects heading towards any of our two settlements to make sure the Dryads don't use magic to nudge an asteroid or two our way.

And then I think it's time that we forced our way into their holy relic place. We get a couple of dropships loaded up with gear, infantry and researchers then fly them out there. Use orbital bombardment to clear the ground as well as gunships to patrol the area and then get to work on figuring it out.
No. 206264 ID: ee8200

They don't think it's holy. They think it's a place of great evil.
No. 206265 ID: c2c011

Whatever, we're getting in there and they're not going to stop us.
No. 206273 ID: aabc6d

wait what are you talking about? the ruins of monument are evil, the anomaly they have was given by their god or something like it.

make patrols on IRONTOWN. i dont wanna discover they have a rift there.

can we get a worldview and try to discover if the blast transmitted trhu the rifts?
No. 206284 ID: a594b9

No, they think the anomaly building is evil. I think we should put that on hold for a bit, though. Research magic first. Let's just focus on defense for now.

No. 206291 ID: 54af1f


Yeah, good point actually.

Do they have like, separate castles like proper medieval folks? If so, start bombing/lancing those
No. 206313 ID: 29cf59


(3955 workers out of 3954 employed? what?)

As a reminder, the magic users are the nobles and ruling class. We just DESTROYED that, so there's probably a bunch of towns without any real rulers. Contacting those (under new management who might be the rebels) would possibly lead to better relations.

Still, this probably just lead to the rest of the mages being absolutely terrified.

Instantly destroying all of their mages underneath a weird cloud, while simultaneously taking no injuries? Using that as future leverage (especially if the casters can sense other's deaths) will do wonders.

Onto building orders... get magic researching done, and more studies on the organic and mental parts of dryads.

Start making plans for re-establishing bases in the forest. We're basically at war now, go ahead and capture flora/fauna and disassemble it as much as you want.
No. 206314 ID: 51c610

naw, the animals get pissy by themselves if we cut trees.

let's start by contacting any rebels that are nearest monument. thy would be the most stabalized.
No. 206332 ID: 29cf59


...and why should we care?
No. 206339 ID: 51c610

because we can't nuke the animals or set up a good defense line because of how many are around.
No. 206348 ID: 29cf59


Except we live in the desert, where there is a noticeable lack of either.
No. 206350 ID: 54af1f

We should probably send special operations teams to see if we can contact the rebels
No. 206397 ID: aabc6d

yes we should contact the rebels. id like to know how occupied the ruins of monument are.

we may be able to work better against them if we can convince those peasants to join us.
No. 206433 ID: 51c610

oh wait! what about making that terraform grass for the desert? it would be fast spreading and designed to break sand down into soil. when sand is gone from an area it dies leaving just plain dirt where it passes by. once the place is dirt we harvest seeds from the forest and plant a bunch of those all over the place along with another kind of grass that helps the young trees grow.
No. 206449 ID: 5f20de

...Ssson of a beech.

Right. We have become death, destroyer of worlds.

Point 1) All their mages are probably not dead. Continent with millions of dryads = more than a few thousand-or-so mages.

Point 2) We have no idea what kind of faction these guys were, or what they were planning to do. There's no denying they tried to do something, but we pre-empted it, whatever it was, and horribly efficiently so, wiping 'em all out with hardly any advance warning.

What does that mean? We'll have to see. War being declared SEEMS a likely possibility. How badly we dented the noble caste also remains to be seen.

Point 3) It is likely this action was a gut response from the Dryads in response to their underlings rebelling, thinking us the malefactors behind that happenstance. Technically, it might have been, if these underlings saw traces of our technology and made some conclusions of their own about their overlords.

Now, the question is: Do we want to plunge feet-first into a protracted Grezt civil/liberation war without knowing what the heck is going on and for what reasons? We don't, right? RIGHT GUYS?

Put out feelers, send out some of those monitoring flyers, observe what's going on, who's being mobilized to do what.

Interrogate the prisoners we had, figure out what they were up to, who sent them (or if they sent themselves) and why they reacted as vehemently as they did.

Find and get in touch with the rebels. Why are they rebelling?
No. 206458 ID: 8bdb6a

We'll gain nothing by bombing until we get a better understanding of what we're actually bombing. We should start by setting up orbital and air surveillance (using UCAVs) of population centers. Hopefully, we'll see some sign of protest, combat, or open revolt. That should give us some idea of where to send ground teams, and what kinds to send.

I'm voting against trying to make any major landings in the forest just yet. In my opinion, we should research magic before we investigate the second anomaly, so we can better interpret what we find. It'll still be there in a few months.

>As a reminder, the magic users are the nobles and ruling class. We just DESTROYED that
2,000 nobles/knights might die in any major battle in the 100 years war. Out of a whole planet, that's nothing.

We should step up surveillance around Ryxix. The locals have some unknown means of reaching us, and they won't be as obvious next time.

We also need to decide what to call the aliens in the U-B system. Also, what to trade with them. I think we should trade them some of our older technology in exchange for morale goods. That'll free up some factory space for building tanks. More importantly, it'll make us seem economically useful to them. That could help in the future.

I'll post a build order soon.
No. 206462 ID: 08b2da

make sure to strap an armored laptop to their backs as a magic null thing so they can't magic themselves free.
No. 206584 ID: aabc6d

cell phone headsets for everyone!

im almost sure we killed cannon fodder. the suggestion of the nuke was more to have the explosive blast transmitted trhu the rifts.

if they were half serious on this, they would have expected spies even from their own side.
No. 206604 ID: 8bdb6a

NOW (turn 62):

Pause research on Breaker Alloys
Begin research on Magic (ETC: Turn 64)

Shut down the Medium Entertainment structure at Ryxix to free up workers.
Upgrade both entire bases with Minor Automation for 80 SC and 400 Metal. This should free up ~400 workers. This presumably takes 2 months.

TURN 64:

Magic research completes. Resume Breaker Alloys research. (ETC: Turn 66)
Automation upgrades complete. A lot of workers are freed up.
ACTIVATE the third Large Factory at Irontown. Ground-based production now 162 BP/month. (189 - 27)
Begin construction of WALLS around Ryxix. (Cost: ?? / ETC: Turn 66)
Begin construction of GESTATION TANKS. (Assuming the one on the spreadsheet is a mistake, because I don't think we built one. If we did, don't build another)

TURN 66:

Breaker Alloys research completes. (32 RP spare)
WALLS finish construction
GESTATION TANKS finish construction.
1 turn from a bunch of new workers.
<New Actions>

FACTORIES produce 522 BP in this time:
56: 56,000 Nondurable Goods
30: 5,000 Durable Goods
180: 2x Bombers
100: 4x UCAVs
30: 10x Carpet Bombs
30: 2x Nuclear Bombs
60: 6x APCs
36: 12x LUVs
No. 206716 ID: a594b9

>3955 workers out of 3954 employed?
Professionals can sub for workers. I doubt they enjoy working under their station but hey, shit needs to get done.

I want to find out what the situation is in the cities with unrest before we decide what to to diplomatically or spend too much time sitting on our thumbs.

Switch to Dryad Powers and dump 39 RP into it.
I would like to point out right now that the previous 4 turns had an erroneous amount of RP allocated; rip 24 RP out of Breaker Alloys to compensate. I mean, it should be at 46/120 now instead of 70/120.

First order of business is walls. Do we have walls yet? Build some walls around Ryxix, at a good distance away from the buildings to leave room for expansion. Also, turrets. Lots of them. Let's bristle with turrets.

2 Autocannon turrets, along with 2 Howitzer, 2 Railguns, and 2 MLRS arrays, all spread out on the wall. 3 SAM turrets, scattered throughout the settlement. 2 Chaingun Arrays by the entrance.

Make sure the SAM sites get put up first, and the long-range turret types after that.

Build walls in Irontown too. Again, some distance away from the town. Put 4 SAM sites up there spread around, and 4 Railgun turrets on the walls. 2 Chainguns at the entrances again. The railguns, and even the chainguns, should have much longer range in the low(nonexistent?) atmosphere. The SAM sites might even be able to strike targets in orbit, due to the low gravity...

Same priority there.

Y'know what?
1x Medium Warehouse in IRONTOWN
1x Medium Warehouse in RYXIX
Just in case we run out of room.

Second order of business is upgrading all our shit with Minor Automation. Hooray for more efficiency! Apparently it rounds up, so it's going to be more beneficial than previously estimated. Let's upgrade all our buildings including those which aren't in use currently. Dump the spare workers into the Electrolysis then Uranium Filtration Plants.

BP 126-27 = 99
15x Nondurable goods.
1x Durable goods.

74 left
3x Nuke Missile
2x Tactical Missile
No. 206830 ID: 35cea2

We've got two build orders, which one should we go with?

Is correct about the RP mistake.

Specify a more specific design plan in the Quest Discussion and I'll get to you on that one.

Specify how many troops of which kind will be used for this task.

The classes are generally living close enough together that precision strikes are impossible.

Measures are taken nullify the prisoner's powers.

We can engineer a plant that turns the sand into soil for 35 RP, but don't expect it to go very fast. Lack of water and nutrients are pretty big problems, it's difficult to make arable terrain from wasteland with very little resources.
No. 206842 ID: 54af1f


Yeah, one turn is better. This one.
No. 206843 ID: 8bdb6a

The build order I posted includes the corrected RP amount.

Also: If the build order that isn't mine gets selected, could we at least put the workers freed up by Automation into the third Large Factory? We're putting a lot of faith in airstrikes considering we only have four bombers...
No. 206851 ID: 5f20de

Let's allocate 2x dropships and 10x commandos (+2 diplomats, one for each team, if required) to getting in touch with the rebels. Insertion and pickup points a klom or two away from actual dryad encampments.

...I'll go with Test Pattern's plan, but have a care with speeding months ahead, Pattern. We may want to do other things in 'tween, and priorities may change rather rapidly. These are Interesting Times, after all, ne?
No. 206860 ID: 54af1f


Troops begin with X20 COMMANDOS

just get in contact with the rebels.
No. 206867 ID: 54af1f

Also I vote Freedmen or Chicagos for the bug people.
No. 206869 ID: 61faa9

Name them Galts. Their planet is called Gulch.
No. 206901 ID: a594b9

Oh, we do have a third L Factory... Yeah, okay. Let's shove workers in there first. Should still be plenty left over to start up the electrolysis plant again, and maybe another uranium filter.
No. 207007 ID: 35cea2
File 127899289721.png - (155.27KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 2.png )

This build order is taken, in addition to the construction of AUTOMATION enough to cover 4400 workers (freeing up %10 of our current workers, somewhat less than 440).

Two dropships, with 10 COMMANDOS and 1 DIPLOMAT each are sent to Dryad territory in attempts to contact with those Dryads who have rebelled against their ruling class. One dropship has landed in a city that been ravaged by civil warfare. The leaders of the rebellion have heard of the nuking of the mages near RYXIX and have become much more wary of us. While the they are still willing to be non-aggressive to us, they refuse to have anything to do with us for the time being. Other settlements have either reacted in the same way, or by retreating immediately as the dropship approached.

Unfortunately one dropship has been intercepted when attempting to land near what was thought to be a neutral village. Mages there have laid a trap and have forced the dropship to crash land in the jungle.

Commando 12: "Command, this is C12 of Diplo Group Beta. We are requesting immediate extraction. The storks have somehow shot down our bird with a spell they've been charging. We managed to find a defensible position in the wreckage, and have held off a wave of of a few dozen storks and five of their pets. The forest is quiet right now but we can see them trying to mobilize for another attack. C4 and C20 have been killed in the crash, and C19 was killed in the first wave. We don't know how much longer we can hold them."
No. 207014 ID: d78b61

send a gunship escorting another dropship. have them slow when they near the settlement and be wary of mages. a charged spell is probably flashy enough to spot from a fair distance.

successful diplomats: explain to any that are willing to listen that we only did that as your hand was forced, and we are more then willing to let them come to you for the time being.
No. 207022 ID: a594b9

Let's escort the extraction team's Dropship with 5 TEST PATTERNS. The TEST PATTERNS' first priority is to intercept any spells cast by mages on the ground. Second priority is firing back. The Dropship should be carrying a squad of BROMELIADs, whose purpose are to better facilitate a fighting retreat. It's fine if we have to leave some of them behind, or if they get shot instead of the troops we're extracting. They're expendable. I'm thinking we put a squad of power armor troops in there as well, since BROMs are kinda slow. If we can fit in some Reaver and Weaver bots, we should send them into the surrounding forest to try to hunt down the attacking mages.

Oh yeah, how about we get to work on an unmanned dropship design? Apparently that costs 8 RP which is a drop in the bucket for us. We can use it to deliver drones for high-risk, low-priority missions or extractions like this.
No. 207028 ID: d78b61

agree with this plan.

[also ED, next time can you confirm a plan on IRC, most of us didn't like this plan but since it was suggested later no one really paid attention to it because it was assumed the earlier plans would be used.]
No. 207030 ID: a594b9

>26 Cermics
WHOA what happened to the 1500 we had?
No. 207077 ID: 8bdb6a

I said we should do air recon well before sending in any ground team. And why use commandos as bodyguards? Our cyborg light infantry would've been better suited. (Just for the record, I was hoping to keep the commandos in reserve until we found a way to upgrade them without killing some. Right now they have no cybernetics at all.) Water under the bridge.

5 UCAVs is a pretty solid response. They have a lot of loiter time. However, since we need firepower ASAP, launch a wing of 8 Interceptors from the carrier to engage targets surrounding the commandos. Also open up with a barrage of orbital lances at suspected concentrations. Priority on not hitting the commandos.

Basically, suppress the shit out of the enemy, while 4x gunships are sent in, carrying their max of 32x Reaver drones. On arrival, the gunships further suppress the enemy via gunfire, drop the Reavers, and land (should only need two of them to touch down) to pick up the survivors. Leave the Reavers to fight to the death, under cover of UCAV strikes, while the helis get out of there. They're smaller and more agile than a dropship, and thus hopefully not as vulnerable to whatever downed the dropship. And, if one crashes, the other three should be able to complete the mission and rescue survivors from the crash.
No. 207109 ID: 8bdb6a

Load with a majority of napalm ordnance, with most the rest as AG missiles for danger-close strikes.
No. 207167 ID: 5f20de


Bah! I would've included some kind of escort, but I'm just so bad with names, and at the time I couldn't be arsed to figure out what was what. I was sort of hedging on it going okay, or someone else interjecting to add something.


In my defense, I was thinking of using the commandos to INFILTRATE and OBSERVE dryad conflicts, in order to find the REBELS, not directly approach settlements. The diplomat was for when said rebels were found...And, in a way, it worked. Guess finding the rebels was just plain easier than I thought. Not that they want to talk to us after the stunt we pulled at RYXIX.

Also, TestPattern, like a good U.S. citizen you're using a bit too much firepower on what's essentially an extraction effort. Orbital lances? Napalm bombs? That's way way way too much. It's like blowing up your house to get at a rat. Consider the reaction the rebellers had to us blowing up the mages near Ryxix, which was a DESERT and supposedly a class of people they no longer even LIKE. What will they think if we bomb and burn a hamlet that may or may not be innocent (remember, these guys have a penchant for teleportation) and destroy a larger segment of jungle? Do we really want to scare the bejeebuz out of the faction that's most likely to not attack us?

The effort should be on locating the nobles/mages who struck our dropship, and the ones that are commanding their people into attacking. They might even be preparing another attack like the one that took down the dropship, in anticipation that we arrive to help our fallen birds. That's why it's important to create a foil for their 'next go'.

By all means, send in the INTERCEPTORS with FRAG BOMBS and make sure not to hit the commandos, but stay at a respectable altitude. We want to make sure any interceptors aren't shot down as well, right?

While the attackers are being suppressed, put eyes on the area and send in decoy birds (automated ones) to attract attention and spring any eventual traps. The Test Patterns would be excellent for this purpose, complimented by a dropship carrying Weavers and Reavers to go on the ground and search out our enemies' HQ/magic circle/whatever.

Locate the mages doing their mojo, commanding this bunch and doing the trapping, and THEN, shoot, missile or otherwise get rid of them. That might put an end to the dryad's assault, or at least leave us with a window of opportunity to go in and pick up our lost guy without our birds being shot down. Gunship cover, assuming the mages have been dealt with, is a good tactic, so I approve there.
No. 207172 ID: d78b61

never assume someone will cover for you. make sure a plan is all the way thought out before you post it.
No. 207185 ID: 54af1f

No. 207190 ID: 5f20de


I never make any guarantees that my posts are 100% perfect. Nor do anyone else. Everyone is free to suggest improvements if they see a plan is lacking in details/spot a critical flaw.


Just a question, then. Why napalm? Why insist on using fire, in an oxygen-rich atmosphere, on a vastly forested part of the world? What if the fire gets out of control, and touches on more than just the force that's out to get our men? What if the fire spreads to touch our men, or hinder the evacuation efforts?

I don't think shock and awe tactics will win us many friends with the local rebels.
No. 207197 ID: bf1e7e


Definitely this. It is not only the best option at this point, it is the only option.
No. 207199 ID: 95cf62

all of this minus the orbital lance. we still dont have specialized equiepment, save them for when we actualy get a confirmed target.

im guessing its pretty damm far from the rebels to ask for their help.
No. 207201 ID: 54af1f


We not trying to win friends here, we're trying to terrify people into not attacking us.
No. 207250 ID: 84ad66

i mean, get arsed to figure out names.
No. 207328 ID: 5f20de


I did. Bit late, but what can y'do? Someone should probably add the drone description picture to the wiki, by the way.


Well, just put me down for opposing napalm bombs and shock 'n awe tactics. See the questdisc for my arguments theron. Puttin' it there, due to length.
No. 207537 ID: a594b9

I think we should try to avoid damaging the forest a lot. I don't know how big the blast radius of orbital strikes are, or just how flammable the forest is... Let's try to keep the environmental damage down in any case.
No. 208023 ID: 35cea2
File 127915673445.png - (83.70KB , 1552x1134 , Event Report 3.png )

8 INTERCEPTORS and 5 TEST PATTERNS armed with napalm canisters along with 4 GUNSHIPS with 32 REAVERS on board are immediately sent to aid the COMMANDOs.

The second wave of Dryads and fauna arrive before the the Splinter reinfocements do. At least 50 Dryad warriors and mages along with about 10 large native beasts attack the COMMANDOs' position. They manage to force the natives to retreat at the cost of another of their men. The Dryads fall back and begin amassing for a massive third wave, hoping to completely encircle the COMMANDOs.

The INTERCEPTORs arrive first. Aided by the COMMANDO's targeters they bomb the largest concentration of Dryads before they reach the COMMANDOs, sending them into a confusion. By the time they start trying to attack from another angle, the TEST PATTERNs arrive and are directed to bomb the second large concentration of Dryad forces. A huge swirling torrent of chemical fire covers two sides of the crash zone.

Most of the enemy forces begin to retreat, though a small remainder attacks from the unburnt side. In the rear of this last formation, a few mages begin charging up the same spell they used to bring down the DROPSHIP. The COMMANDOs hold them off with no casualties until the GUNSHIPs arrive. The charged spell is fired off but misses. Two GUNSHIPs begin opening fire on the Dryads from above and the other two swap the COMMANDOs for the REAVERs. The REAVERs appear to be rather ineffective versus some of the larger beasts, but perform well enough for the COMMANDOs to make their escape.

The operation is over, build orders may now commence.
No. 208051 ID: 54af1f

Flatten the retreating Dryad forces with an orbital strike.
No. 208055 ID: 35cea2

Oh, and the spreadsheet there was an error, LARGE ORBITAL FACTORIES are supposed to require 100 WORKERS and 20 PROFESSIONALS, not 50/10. Factoring this into account, we need to reduce our running LARGE FACTORIES to 2.
No. 208095 ID: 8bdb6a


Shut down one URANIUM FILTRATION PLANT and one MEDIUM LAB. That should free up enough dudes to reactivate the third Large Factory, and activate the Gestation Tanks, I think.
No. 208408 ID: a594b9

I'm just going to modify Test's build a bit.


Turn 63:
Shut down the Medium Lab.
Shut down 3x Uranium Filtration Plant.
Start building a Small Lab in Ryxix.
Start building a Large Ceramist in Ryxix.
Use those professionals and workers to man the Gestation Tanks and the Large Factory, and put 50 other free Professionals in the Small Lab we have in orbit... until the Small Lab on the ground finishes building.
We'll have 37 RP per turn now. Have the gestation tanks started on a batch of 300 mans. Yay for more mans.

TURN 64:

Magic research completed. Resume Breaker Alloys research. (ETC: Turn 67)

Turn 65:

50 Professionals move from the orbital Small Lab to the one on the ground.

TURN 67:

Breaker Alloys research completes. (26 RP spare, put it into Warp Tech III)

FACTORIES produce 486 BP in this time:
42: 42,000 Nondurable Goods
18: 3,000 Durable Goods
180: 2x Bombers
100: 4x UCAVs
30: 10x Carpet Bombs
60: 6x APCs
36: 12x LUVs
8: 1x Slowpoke
No. 208466 ID: c2c011

Most definately this!

Hmm, it's probably time to put our industry and population on a total war footing. They might grumble a bit at it though, so we could do with some nice propaganda movies.

I was thinking something following the last commando that died in the recent battle from the time Earth was destroyed up to the battle he died in. It should have all the good stuff about stalwart endurance in the face of disaster, never giving up and in the end, heroic sacriice for the sake of the greater cause.

If done right it should cement the peoples support for our actions and make them bear hardships a bit better without grumbling.
No. 208470 ID: d86f54


I don't think we should orbital bombard anyone at this stage. Didn't orbital bombardment only have 'relative' precision, anyway? Heh. We might miss.


I like the general idea of producing something like that for morale, but not quite something that glorify the soldiers (or the commandos) alone.

Why not make a sort-of TV series that emphasises the sacrifices and successes of the ones who have died since Earth fell, from soldiers to alien diplomats to spaceship engineers and 'regular folks'? A "we're all in this together" thing? It could do regular 'updates' as time passes, recording the details of our struggle for posterity.

A commando segment like you speak of could be one 'episode' of that.

Hell, and we could name it after our motto: Gens Humana Eduro. Or something equally inspiring.
No. 208471 ID: d86f54

*have died (and lived!)
No. 208472 ID: c2c011

The chance of a miss is why we should do some saturation bombardment.

Hmm, you mean like making a sort of Battlestar Galactica kind of deal only it's more of a documentary? Yeah that could probably work.

If we're gonna go on a total war production footing then we need to make the people understand that the military is vital and that their small personal sacrifices are vital to the greater struggle. Propaganda that glorifies the military can help with that. But yeah it would probably be a good idea to show the civilians doing their part as well.
No. 208479 ID: 5f20de


Glad to hear it. Although I'm not sure we need to go to total war footing any more than we already are (like one-fourth of our population are soldiers, ain't they?). We haven't got any holdings on the main continent, all we have to do, currently, is defend Ryxix. I think we've emphasised that we're capable of doing THAT well enough.

As for saturation bombardment: Do we really want to subject an area to several mini-Tungaskas (i.e. devastate it) just because a bunch of hostiles were in that area? As far as I understand the concept of 'orbital bombardment' there'd be devastation on a pretty serious scale.

I know you guys want to 'send a message', but I don't think it's worth the negative feedback. We got our men out. We killed a bunch of their dudes and set the forest on fire to boot. Ain't that enough?

Additionally, an ace like the orbital lances might be handy to keep up our sleeve.
No. 208481 ID: c2c011

Total war footing is alot more than just having people in the army. It's gearing the entire society towards supporting that army. Which can cause quite a bit of grumbling and problems down the road if the conflict drags on. Which is why I want to resolve it quickly, best way to do that is hammer home that resistance is futile. Orbital bombardment is a way to get that message across.
No. 208487 ID: 8bdb6a

In a few months, we'll get a ton of new workers and it will no longer be as difficult to keep morale up via traditional means. We can then open up yet more Large Factories.

This looks good. Only quibble is that it's better to say "RP put into new project," for the month where we get to take new actions. That way, if something totally awesome is revealed after Magic research, we can go right for it. It's not wasted either way. (Right?)
No biggie.
No. 208537 ID: 43dbb4

no orbital bombardment.
No. 208547 ID: 5f20de


I s'pose. But getting our populace's support hasn't been a problem thus far (I mean, who and what ELSE are they gonna support?), and I haven't seen morale dip in a while. Doing something to keep morale up really isn't a bad thing, though.

As for the orbital bombardment: I'm still sceptical. If they know we have that capability they might try to figure out how to protect or prepare against it. We've already seen they can teleport to far-off locations, so escaping expected doom might be within their power.
No. 208563 ID: 54af1f


We shouldn't let them think they can get away with attacking us and walk away intact. Thus we should flatten them as they retreat.
No. 208596 ID: 5f20de


Lay yonder eyes on questdisc, good sirrah. Perchance my concisest and most deliciously cooked argumenthesis shall change your perceptiveness onne lethal retributes. If notte, well, one hath tryed.
No. 208613 ID: 8bdb6a

And stop sending Commandos as glorified bodyguards. Enhanced light infantry are much better for the job. And stop using dropships, too! Gunships are much less noticeable and more replaceable.

And only send these missions out every once in awhile, after the situation's had time to change. These guys clearly have some kind of global communications network allowing them a lot of cohesiveness. Going from place to place expecting different answers isn't too useful. (Once we finish magic research, we should try tapping into their communications)
No. 208615 ID: 61faa9

I vote for orbital bombardment. These are valid military targets.

Sure it might piss off the rebels, or on the other hand it might impress them. Spending too much time trying to second-guess the PR situation is a good way to hobble yourself. Meanwhile we have a war to win.
No. 208616 ID: 54af1f

Oh yeah, and if we are going to chat to the rebels, ask them exactly what the lot on the island we nuked were trying to do.
No. 208617 ID: 54af1f

Also we should start trading with the capitalist aliens.
No. 208662 ID: 3ee6a6

hit the fleeing warriors but spare the orbital lance of this mess. we dont know how long this will last nor how much strain the lance can suffer.
No. 208690 ID: 3ee6a6

crap i just noticed, we can make a druid disease if we get 100 of them. is there any means to star capturing them?
No. 208717 ID: ee8200

No, no, no, no, no, no, -NO-. Killing -ALL- Dryads would mean the deaths of millions of innocents! We are fighting a small minority of Dryads, -NOT- all of them.
No. 208736 ID: 29cf59

Well technically I guess we could genocide them and take over the planet.
No. 208760 ID: a594b9

No, that's a BREAKER plague, not a DRYAD plague!
No. 208767 ID: 6834bc

And prove the assholes that destroyed Earth right? That humanity can't do anything but fight and kill and defile?

Nuking the attacking magicians was too much already and now some of you are actively considering genocide. I am disappoint.
No. 208773 ID: 54af1f


Why would we want to do that? It's quite possible we'll eventually get a large number of Dryads onside, given the rebellion going on now.
No. 208780 ID: c2c011

Hey I was actively considering genocide since we meet the gesters. And I really have no problems with the death of millions of innocents. But it's probably going to be a PR nightmare so we're probably better off not doing it. Except against the breakers, those fucks die down to the last woman and child.
No. 208793 ID: f3e90b

we have aliens in our ranks as well.

the purpose of the nuke was actualy to prevent rixyx from suffering civilian casualties. they have mind control majiks and we didnt had exactly how to protect all of our civilians. the fact the explosion may have leaked trhu the gates is a very lulz worthy feature.


i still want prisioners. we can try to extract information from them.
No. 208973 ID: 35cea2
File 127932235046.png - (120.90KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on BREAKER ALLOYS and DRYAD POWERS
No new techs unlocked
No. 208976 ID: 35cea2
File 127932254215.png - (205.03KB , 1800x1870 , Base Report 3.png )

A small note: Entertainment facilities and supplies of cars are insufficient to support our population, but morale remains high mainly due to our consumer goods and good housing. Still it is going down as population increases, slowly. Just a reminder.

BREAKER ALLOYS have enabled us to construct Breaker weapons and vehicles. Currently the only vehicle we have seen and can replicate is their walker, which right now is much less effective than it could be due to the fact we cannot fabricate their shielding technology yet.
We also can manufacture their weapons. They are costly to make and use SUPERCONDUCTOR as ammunition, meaning they will deplete our SC reserves after battles by a small amount. However, they are quite effective at penetrating standard ceramic armor and the seeker variants have the capability to lock on to enemy vehicles.
New unit design method: Light slots are the chaingun/grenade launcher spots on LUV’s, GUNSHIPS, DROPSHIPS, POWER INFANTRY and MBTs. Medium slots are the autocannon/light railgun/flamethrower/missile launcher slots on APCs and BRICs (BRIC medium slots can also carry light weapons). Heavy slots are placed only on MBTs… for now.
From DRYAD POWERS we have learned about 3 spells that they are currently adapting to fight our forces.
The charged blast takes over ten minutes to properly charge (only in two minutes by higher level mages, ones that are usually dressed with red capes) but can puncture up to APC armor from the front and can take out an MBT if aimed at the weak rear armor. Lower level mages must be stationary while charging but higher level mages can walk around while casting it.
Clairvoyance allows them to detect us within a few mile radius. Our technology apparently disrupts the “natural magical aura” and these mages can sense our vehicles by this method.
Invisibility simply cloaks a single Dryad to visible light. They still show up on infrared, heat scans and sonar.
They have a host of countless other spells to fight us; Earthquakes, lightning bolts, fireballs, awakening trees etc. The capabilities between mages are highly diverse, but in general the ones without capes are the lowest powered, the ones with purple capes are moderately powered and the ones with red capes are the most powerful.
Another thing we learned about their “magic” is that it is completely useless to us. There is nothing about them particularly special that allows them to use magic, and if that is the case then it makes sense that no amount of waving one’s arms about will cause the fabric of reality to be warped. Yet still these ordinary creatures can summon fire from nothing and hurl bolts of energy than can split vehicles in half. Instead, it appears their powers are granted by an extrauniversal entity. Whatever is manipulating our universe via magic is most likely sentient since the gestures used to cast their magic are completely arbritrary. A not-so-good analogy to Dryad “spellcasting” would be a person waving his arms about trying to signal a plane to land.
No. 208982 ID: 54af1f

We should start upgrading everything with breaker weapons
No. 208985 ID: 54af1f

I should Fusion Canisters next, then neural implants.

Also, did the orbital strike on the dryad retreat go through?
No. 209021 ID: 516618

nothing new.

its time to plan a outpost to secure and study the anomaly on the planet.

lets fuck up their magic!
No. 209025 ID: f05dde

yes, extrapolating that the anomaly on this planet serves a similar purpose as the other, a gateway. then gaining control of it we may be able to shut down their magic.
No. 209033 ID: 8bdb6a

Are those guys being grown in the gestation tanks cyborgs? If not, I hope we still have time to do that.

I'll post a build order soon-ish.
No. 209051 ID: 35cea2


Due to a mix-up in the build order, we have in fact 63 spare RP and 162 BP. Also we only have 2155 DURABLE GOODS.


You've got time.


Breaker weapons are effective, but remember the cost of using them and the fact they are not kinetic, but rather heat-based weaponry.
No. 209092 ID: 54af1f


Did the orbital strike go through? I know it was backdated but I think most people wanted it.
No. 209110 ID: 61faa9

We're fighting U-DO? Gee that's great.

With 63 spare RP, we can gobble up Fusion Casters quickly.
No. 209126 ID: 35cea2


Yeah, I forgot to mention that. I was focused mostly on the research summaries.

By the time the railgun slugs reached the ground, the retreating enemy was mostly scattered. Still, at least a hundred Dryads and animals were eliminated with the bombardment.

Also, an addition to the DRYAD POWER research: The spells cast in the desert were portals. Only the leader of the Dryad congregation knew who they were calling upon for help, but the interrogated mages said it was likely another powerful sentient race.
No. 209127 ID: 29cf59


Heat based? Due to atmospheric dissipation, this would mean that they are even more effective as space weaponry.

Advocating implementation of scaled-up version on fleets.
No. 209154 ID: 54af1f


Do spells put out anything detectable? So maybe we could detect if they try to create another portal?
No. 209157 ID: 54af1f


Do spells put out anything detectable? So maybe we could detect if they try to create another portal?
No. 209193 ID: 516618

so the portals did not linked to their own homelands?

do we have any clue if the explosion leaked to the other side?

so they cant tell if they were summoning breakers. we need to protect against them anyway, is there a clue of what we need to make breaker shielding?
No. 209276 ID: 54af1f

We should start churning out gunships and dropships, cause sooner or later we'll need to push on the Anomaly, and we need to be able to move major forces in there.
No. 209327 ID: a594b9

Hey, is our Uranium count correct? I noticed the 'income' is only 5 right now instead of 20 even though we have 4 filters active. Moving on...

MILITARY: Begin high-altitude recon drone overflights of the Anomaly and surrounding terrain in preparation for airborne invasion.

GESTATION TANKS / HOSPITAL: Upgrade 270 of the clones with MinStr, and the remaining 30 with MaxStr cyberization.

A question: Is there any difference in effectiveness if Commandos get implants before, or after their training? Would it let more cadets survive training if they have implants beforehand?

2 turn build order
Oh god we have so many workers uhhhh
Shut down the Small Lab. Now, we have 53 Profs free.
Put 337 Workers and 21 profs into the 3 unmanned Medium Factories. This is temporary, until we get some L Factories built. (+36BP/turn)
Put 68 Workers into an unmanned Medium Entertainment.
Put 90 Workers into the unmanned Luxury Complexes.
Put 45 Workers into the unmanned Condos.
Put 600 workers in for PROFESSIONAL training.
Put 300 nonworkers in for CREWMEN training.
Put 896 nonworkers in for WORKER training. (that's all the remaining ones. Get to work you slackers!)

[Previous turn(66): Begin researching Genetic Engineering IV: 26/135]
[Current turn(67): GEIV: 63/135]
Turn 68: GEIV: 99/135
Turn 69: GEIV finishes. 0 spare RP.

50 Blaster Rifle
50 Seeker Blaster
20 Frequency Blaster
10 Seeker Cannon
10 Longrange Seeker
UPGRADE 1x Medium Entertainment to a Large Entertainment (completes on turn 69?)
2x L FACTORY (completes on turn 69, 576 workers will be used, 36 profs will be used) shut down the M Factories when these are available.
1x AIRPORT (completes on turn 69, 135 workers used)

558 BP available
58 : 58,000 Nondurable Goods
18 : 3,000 Durable Goods
120: 500 Cars
42 : 14x Fuel Air Explosive Bombloads
180: 12x Gunships
140: 2x Rhapsody Cargo Dropship
No. 209492 ID: 35cea2
File 127942945699.png - (122.94KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on:
GENETIC ENGINEERING IV: Implant deaths have been lowered by %50, COMMANDO training deaths have been lowered by %25, and genetically engineering a new species will have less disadvantages.

GENETIC ENGINEERING V: Reduces death from implants by %100 and COMMANDO training to %50 and makes genetically engineering new species even more efficient. Research of this tech requires construction of a BIOTRONICS FACILITY.
The BIOTRONICS FACILITY is an expensive superproject-like structure, and must be staffed and powered while research is occurring on this subject. The facility does not contribute in any other way, so no more than one is necessary to be built.
No. 209494 ID: 35cea2
File 127942952553.png - (192.83KB , 1800x1870 , Base Report 4.png )

The build order is followed, but a few notes: Medium factories give 21 BP each (18+3 from the IMPROVED MASS PRODUCTION research), we don't have enough energy in RYXIX to support the 2 LARGE FACTORIES, yes we were supposed to have 20 URANIUM income, and COMMANDO training casualties are not affected by implantation.

Of our brand new vat-citizens, 259 Minimum Strength implantees survived and 28 Maximum Strength implantees survived.

We have no idea where the portals lead to. In order to recreate a Breaker shield, we would need to have an undamaged example of one.

Unfortunately, the Breaker ground weaponry seems to become incredibly inefficient at the size of ship-mounted weaponry. It is possible they use an entirely different system when arming their own ships.

Aside from being visually very noticeable, larger spells are detectable by radar. In fact, numerous Dryad spells have begun to pop up in the middle of turn 69. High-altitude UCAV flybys reveal that they are similar to the portal spells they attempted casting in the deserts, though at least none of them are even remotely as large. The Dryads also seem to be adapting to this new method of war somewhat, they position their forces far more spread out now and mages standing sentry with charged blast spells are a more common sight wherever their forces congregate.

Another interesting bit of information is that there is virtually no portal spells being cast in a few hundred mile radius of the downed commando dropship incident.
No. 209565 ID: 8bdb6a

We should try focusing on researching the Anomaly before... whatever, pours through. We can't hold out against potentially unlimited reinforcements. Hopefully we can at our island, but, I don't know...

We should also launch an expedition off the explored space-map. See if we can find something more promising. How do we go about doing that? Just send a corvette south until it hits the edge of the map and then sees new stuff? If so, do that! Give the corvette an Instacomm, a full fuel load, two Interceptors, and 20 Light Infantry with space suits.

Send out all 6x heavy bombers with Carpet Bomb loads (plus Napalm bombs on secondary hardpoints) to hit the 3 portal summons nearest the Anomaly. Hit them in quick succession or simultaneously, at night, from high altitude. Use our UCAV surveillance to help target, and to perform bomb damage assessment.
No. 209601 ID: 55e935

Hooo boy.

All of those targets- we need to hit them hard and hit them fast. It's bound to be Breakers that come though there and we can't afford to have them confirm our presence. We've had the advantage of none of them seeing us and getting away to tell the tale so far. If we pack up and run now, they'll see us. If we stay here and fight, then we have the same problem. We have to keep them from getting here in the first place and then leave unseen at a later date.

Full-scale strikes to all 20 targets. They don't need to be simultaneous, just thorough. All six bombers with carpet payload out to six different sites. Have six 50-man teams of light infantry secure the areas afterward and clean up what's left.
Meanwhile, send 12 100-man teams of power infantry to 12 separate sites backed up by 2 BRICs per team and as many APCs and LUVs needed to get them there quickly.
The remaining two sites can be handled by two 200-man teams of light infantry with close air and tank support: I'd say four gunships and four tanks per team. To protect this heavy investment of war machinery, send a single commando to each non-bombed site with the express order to take out any red capes before they get anywhere near a vehicle.

Yes, this whole plan is extreme, but we need to send everything we've got in at them to stop this before it begins. Be fast and be thorough.

Lastly, I want to propose a new weapon specifically for when we get overwhelmed by global targets like this. It would be a small satellite with rudimentary propulsion and an accurate orbit-to-surface weapon for taking out house-sized targets (even dropping a car on them would work if we can do it accurately). But that can wait until we're finished researching that anomaly.
No. 209604 ID: 8bdb6a

I recommend against sending in small ground assaults without more information. Deploying our army in that manner is just what the enemy wants. They can bring their numbers to bear most effectively while we're spread out.

Meanwhile, we've got all these orbital lances just burning a hole in our pocket.
No. 209609 ID: a594b9
File 127945029348.png - (15.29KB , 956x624 , battlemap.png )

>low power
Oops. Well, let's see... We can build another M Power plant. That should take care of it.

Also, here's a handy battle map.

How about instead of sending them EVERYWHERE, we send our military forces to the nearby large island? Take out the portals, pacify the settlements, then fortify the area. Establish a few military bases there, then send out another strike force to the other island. After that we can start sweeping across the main continent. If we do well enough in the initial push we could split off part of our army into an occupation force then take over the other smaller island. Then we can fortify both islands at once before we move into the main landmass.

However, we should still try to disrupt as many portals as possible. I can't help but notice that several portals are quite far away from villages. Let's bomb those with whatever the widest area effect payloads are that we have aside from nukes... That should wipe out the mages there. Make sure to escort the bombers with Test Patterns, so that they can get advance warning about possible mage blasts (and if necessary, the Test Patterns can be the ones to take the hit) At the same time, start orbitally bombarding all the ones that we can strike without damaging any settlements.

I find the lack of portals near the dropship crash site very interesting. Let's send in some TEST PATTERNS and WEAVERS to check it out. Send 5 TEST PATTERNs in for an initial sweep, then scatter 20 Weavers around.

Oh, and before anyone has the bright idea of sending our Commandos in anywhere, REMEMBER THEY CAN SENSE OUR TECH. Commandos no longer have a stealth advantage, and that was their main ability!

Also, send 10 Weavers out to scout the villages closest to our island- there are no portals opening in there, and that is interesting as well. Could they be completely controlled by the rebels?
No. 209610 ID: a594b9

Oh, I just noticed nobody said to use the BROMs and SLOWPOKEs. With any ground military action, the SLOWPOKEs and BROMs should be in the frontlines. All SLOWPOKEs should be active, and as many BROMs as we can put out there as well without hitting the control limit what with the other drones we're using.
No. 209624 ID: 54af1f

As an alternative to attempting some kind of craziness with commandos or infantry, why don't we just offer a group of rebels a trade.

We provide them with small arms in exchange for them providing us with information on the portals.

Bombing the portals sounds good however.
No. 209636 ID: caf932

i agree, just launch a thing at each portal, maybe hit the portal itself and see what happens.
No. 209671 ID: 55e935

Alright, so orbital strikes at several portal locations to test the effect, then send in Test Patterns to gauge the effectiveness. If that doesn't clear it up, send in small teams of light infantry as a follow-up. Hold off on the Commandos, but still send out those six bombers and small clean-up teams.

So that'll take care of 6+however many targets the orbital lances can strike. We can judge the use of a huge military op after that.
No. 209737 ID: 54af1f

Actually yeah. I'm gonna change my vote here. We need to contact the rebels and if they cannot IMMEDIATELY tell us that those portals are theirs, we should hit all of them with FAE, Carpet bombing and orbital fire. Anything else is simply too risky.
No. 209739 ID: 54af1f

And by find out from the rebels I mean like, land a bunch of dudes in a gunship in front of one of their castles and ask them straight off. A timeline of about 24 hours before we start bombing the portals. No more than that.
No. 209765 ID: 43098e

i second orbital strikes at nearby "Portal" effects, but id like to ask for a bit of a capture operation.

set some bro-bots and whatever unamned vehicle we can to harass the closest portal to us. use the orbital lance to prevent the nearby portals from sending help or reinforcements, then kill the rest of the portals as we can.

we should send a small force to capture those druids and check out where the portal leads, preferably with a small force of humans with breaker weapons and most of the unmaned units we can gather. bonus point if we can slip a nuke trhu the gate.
No. 209767 ID: 61faa9

I agree with taking out as many of the portals as possible, but we also need to get a team to the anomaly sooner rather than later in case we need to blow it up.
No. 209769 ID: 8bdb6a

Now that we know that dryad magic comes from an intelligent, external source, it may be time to take their talk of a god more seriously. Even if there's a scientific explanation, that's pretty godlike. We should ask the prisoners more about it.

Also, changing my vote (slightly) to carpet bombing the three portals nearest the anomaly, and orbital lancing the rest.

We'll want to keep our Fuel-Air-Explosives in reserve to clear landing zones at the Anomaly.
No. 210157 ID: c2c011

Hitting the ones closest to us with some carpet bombing and then clean up the others with orbital lance strikes is probably a good idea. And we should make an attack at the anomaly immediatly after that. Get material for research and then possibly arm a nuke there and bug out. If we blow it up that might sever their connection to whatever gives them their powers.
No. 210196 ID: a594b9

Shit, I forgot about our Interceptors. Send them out to bomb wide areas around the portals with frag bombs. Send 20 of the Interceptors out, just to see how well they do.
No. 210238 ID: 510446

send UAVs to take the first hit.

also, do we have a airport already?
No. 211374 ID: 35cea2
File 127993652013.png - (3.66KB , 259x152 , SHC.png )

Sorry for the delay people. College stuff and all that junk.

Since we have quite a few conflicting suggestions, I'd just like to verify the course of action we will be taking with you all.

So, by gauging the present suggestions and adding a little "creative tweaking", the plan appears to be as follows:
-Send BOMBERS to flatten 3 portals closest to the Anomaly with carpet bombs
-Orbital Lance strike the remaining portal sites (90 SC will be used, also due to the time needed to replace the SC rods in the ship's guns, the strikes will have to be dispersed over the course of a week)
-Send TEST PATTERNS to scout the lanced areas and the area that had no portals.
-Contact rebels via gunship. Discuss weapon shipments.
-Ground-based strike force will be prepared. (Select exactly which forces will be used)

Post now if you object to the plan or wish to change the tactics.
No. 211378 ID: 8bdb6a

Sounds good except for the ground team part, which seems like a distraction from our main goal. If we're going to land boots anywhere, it should be the Anomaly. (I was hoping to turn some more infantry into cyborgs first, but I can also understand if people want to do it ASAP instead)
No. 211385 ID: 54af1f

We should do the talking to the Rebs about giving them guns and what exactly came through the portals before we hit the Anomaly.

Make sure we install a remote off switch in any guns we give them. Or even better a remote explode switch.
No. 211386 ID: 2ab682

pretty sure that is where the strike team is going. secure a landing zone around the anomaly ad send in science guys. a small temp base i think.
No. 211389 ID: a594b9

We have 9 strikes right now before we have to spend a week replacing the rods. Use those strikes on the portals farthest away from our base. Send bombers out again to eliminate the ones nearest us, again escorted by Test Patterns flying ahead of/around them. Also, Interceptors can do bombing runs. We have air superiority, even though the mages do have some anti-air spells. We should press that advantage.
No. 211390 ID: 8bdb6a

We need to do that soon, but I vote we delay, say, two months to upgrade several hundred infantry with MinStr first.
No. 211391 ID: 2ab682

hmmm, should also build an airport so we can get off the ground and strike a lot faster.
No. 211392 ID: 54af1f


Also to collect better intell. We have no idea what's going on there yet. We need to make at least a bunch of UAV and Satellite passes... and hopefully get rebel info.
No. 211397 ID: a594b9

Already done.
No. 211775 ID: 35cea2
File 127998618180.png - (121.08KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 4.png )

9 sites have been targeted for an orbital lance strike, while the remainder will be bombed by TEST PATTERNs and BOMBERs. The Dryad mages are more accurate than we expected, likely due to the fact they have the ability to sense our technology at large distances. On the first run, the TEST PATTERNs flying ahead of the BOMBERs absorbed most of the anti air fire. On the second run resistance was much greater and a lucky shot managed to down one of our BOMBERs. Three sites are too well defended to safely bomb and they remain untouched.

WEAVERS deployed from a DROPSHIP scout out the areas hit by the orbital strikes and the general area of jungle that lacked portals. The sites hit by the orbital lances are completely flattened, and any surviving Dryads have already fled. The area without the portals does not seem to be out of the ordinary. Eventually the WEAVERs are all destroyed by the native wildlife.

Elsewhere, the diplomatic team has managed to, after some searching, contact a small rebel encampment. The local leader tells us that the rebellion is progressing slowly now. The purist mages and warriors are too strong for the rebels to take on directly.
The rebels are still unsure about our motives. They rose up originally because of the belief that they could use the bits of technology we left in the ruins of NEW MONUMENT to level the power and social status differences between the mage and the commoner, not because our actions have inspiring them or anything. Unfortunately for them the stuff we left behind was pretty useless to them and, while most of them are still unwilling to surrender, they are losing both heart and ground.

We can either end the military and diplomatic action right now and continue on with the turns or continue the event.
No. 211777 ID: 54af1f

Lance the remaining portal sites.

To the natives: suggest we will provide them with technology in return for peaceful relations.
No. 211780 ID: c71597

Continue both. Offer the rebels material aid in the form of some weapons as well as training in how to use them. If we do it longterm we should make sure that we give them something similar to AK-47's. That should be good enough to give them an edge and not very straining on our industry.

We should also put together the strike force that will assault the anomaly and hopefully hold the ground there with the aid of orbital lance strikes.

So we need atleast 100 workers and 50 professionals for the research. I would suggest 400 light infantry, backed up by 200 power infantry with 20 BRIC's along as well as 5 tanks and a couple of gunships. That should allow us to work in peace for long enough hopefully. Oh, and bring along a nuke as well if we find out it's the anomaly that provides them with magic it could be useful to blow it up.

With the ability to call down orbital bombardments and regular patrol overflights by sattelites and UAV's we should be able to hold the area for long enough to figure out what we need to figure out.
No. 211785 ID: 8bdb6a

Holy crap. We just lost 15 of our 20 UCAVs. Those things aren't cheap. Stop using those things near defensive fire. They're too vulnerable. (That bomber wasn't cheap either)

Lance the secure portals if we can. If we can't, send in a Gunship strike. Hopefully, we should have an idea of where the ground-to-air concentrations are. Gunships (at least in real life) are good at taking out ground to air emplacements. Send a wing of 18 gunships to the portal nearest the anomaly. Have 12 interceptors on air patrol. If the gunships get surprised, have interceptors dive in and bomb whatever surprised them. If the gunships don't have the firepower to take out the whole mage congregation, hopefully they can at least destroy enough battlemage clusters to send in a bomber with another load of carpet bombs.

We may have no choice but to leave the last two portals, I think. Hopefully the holy warriors will have a hard time trekking across half the continent to get to our ground troops, or across an ocean. (Alternately, we have some nuclear missiles)

>The rebels are still unsure about our motives.
Tell them the truth, crazy as it sounds. We want to find a place where we can prosper peacefully, but when we found out that the mages were summoning warriors to destroy us, we took extreme steps to defend ourselves. Tell him that our planet, much like this one, was completely annihilated.

Also, say that it's in our genuine self interest to help the rebels, since it's apparently the aristocracy that we're at war with. We don't WANT to inflict more civilian casualties or burn down more trees. Offer them infantry weapons and training, in addition to science texts and raw materials. Ask what else they're in need of.

Don't mention the Anomaly mission we're planning, however tempting it might be to ask for their help.
No. 211791 ID: 54af1f

We need some way of scouting it though. I have no idea how though.

And we need to rebuild our UCAV and bomber force.
No. 211794 ID: 8bdb6a

Yeah. Gonna need more industry. Also, gotta rescue any survivors from that bomber.

Also: If we do send in gunships, arm them with FREQUENCY BLASTERS in addition to normal rockets and stuff.
No. 211803 ID: 55e935

When this is over, we need to upgrade our ships with powerful planetary observatories that could read a license plate from orbit. No point in losing ground scouts to wildlife and enemies.

Anyway, let's arm the rebels. Don't give them vehicles- the mages seem to like to wreck those. In fact, don't give them anything electric so the mages can't detect them. Simple M1 or AK-style weapons that are both low-tech and durable. Work with a rebel leader to style the weapons to their hands.
Explain ourselves, just as Test Pattern said. Try to emphasize that the warriors the mages are summoning are liable to destroy this planet as well due to their zeal for sterilization. The mages are likely unaware of this and we don't want to see this planet die.

Furthermore, lance those goddamn portal sites. None of them are in deserts, so nuking is not an option. Doesn't matter if we end up breaking lances from overheating or spend extra SC to get it done faster, just take them out.

Gunships are a good idea. They specialize in anti-anti-air. Their orders are to keep evasive maneuvers at top priority- helicopters can strafe.
No. 211819 ID: 54af1f


Remember they likely still worship their god. Let's try not to play up the raging against heaven angle too much.
No. 211906 ID: d82ecc

>-Orbital Lance strike the remaining portal sites (90 SC will be used, also due to the time needed to replace the SC rods in the ship's guns, the strikes will have to be dispersed over the course of a week)

lets keep orbital bombing to a minimun. we should use gunfire + orbital/commando pinpoint and orbital bombs.

i liek this. offer weapons however, and make sure to include forging tecniques. we should send in the peaceful stuff as well, like books on farming, small non-electrical mechanisms, wood crafting, etc.

this all sounds nice, except for
>We may have no choice but to leave the last two portals, I think.
nope. as far as i know we would need at least breaker weapons to fight off a small amount of them. we cannot afford to let them in until we are sure we can take on them. have you wondered what they could do to the druid resistance?

i was planning for that, dammit. we had orbital bombers and micro nukes to be used together, why the hell does noone wondered how we could NOT nuke them from space?

its more like seeing rome burn because the slaves figured out they had a right to vote.

we should inspire the revolution with talks of social freedom, political equality and how the government should empower those that deserve it instead of those that can impose themselves because a huge psychofaggot told them to.
No. 211909 ID: 788388

weapons would be good. they need something to give them an edge.
No. 212062 ID: a594b9

Launch some Cruise Missiles towards the remaining portals. Just two against one portal, to see if that kills enough of them to shut it down. If it does, launch two each against the other two portals.
No. 212065 ID: 55e935

They can have their god and fight it too. We could get more of their support if we convince them that these warriors being summoned are not from their god, and the mages have in fact gone to more sinister forces for assistance.
No. 214309 ID: 35cea2
File 128061178015.png - (115.14KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 5.png )

The diplomat has explained our motives to the rebels and offered assistance. The rebels say that assistance would do much do bridge the gap between their faction and ours, but they state that they will remain independent. Giving them 1000 older model AK302 assault rifle will cost 50 BP and 150 METAL.

A team has been prepped to the order of
300 LIGHT INFANTRY and 1 MBT has been cut from the requested list, however, as there is not enough space in the military DROPSHIPs. Also, you must specify the armaments on the BRICs.

Despite the fact the guns on the Infractus has already been worn down, one last salvo has been fired at one of the portals. At this point, the guns have been deformed to the point where we will need 90 SC, 100 METAL, 100 CERAMICS and 30 Orbital BP to repair them.

Two cruise missiles have been launched at the other site, doing some damage to the portal itself and undoubtedly killing a few mages, but not enough to completely disrupt it. It is weakened for now but the mages are apparently regrouping to repair the damage.

18 GUNSHIPS and 12 INTERCEPTORS strike the portal closest to the Anomaly.
G11: "Commander, we have engaged the hostile Storks around the portal. We tried to get in there to smash the damn thing, but they've got a bunch of spell-slinging bastards around the perimeter. We've been hit really hard, a lot of the Lullabies have been downed; they managed blasted 3 of ours in the last salvo. The interceptors are going in for their bombing run, but the Storks too far spread out to do much damage. We've killed a lot of them, a few Red Capes even, but they just keep on coming."
No. 214313 ID: c71597

Ok, lets see. Take 5 double chaingun BRICS and 5 grenade launcher BRICS. That should work for suppression and close in work. Then lets bring along 3 missile and 2 light railgun for long range striking. Lastly 5 with autocannons to take down megafauna and heavy supression. That should hopefully keep things calm while we get our research done. If anyone else has any opinions I would be happy to see them. That way there is less of a chance that bad shit happens.

Other than that lets give the rebels 2000 assault rifles and some instruction in how to best use them. Begin repairs on the Infractus and order the other ships capable of planetary bombardment to take out the last two portal sites.
No. 214318 ID: 1b8ddf

>Despite the fact the guns on the Infractus has already been worn down, one last salvo has been fired at one of the portals. At this point, the guns have been deformed to the point where we will need 90 SC, 100 METAL, 100 CERAMICS and 30 Orbital BP to repair them.


asides repairing the space born artillery, id like to make a few bombers with our orbital bombing system. we should use common bombs in quantity, those at least we can waste woth no problem.
No. 214320 ID: 1b8ddf

i forgot. make some breaker weapons. id like to arm a couble of BRICs with them.

if we fail the neutralization of the portal, its possible that some sort of shielded army like the breaker will arrive. we need at least the weapons, and we still lack shields, so lets try to set traps to capture/cripple whatever comes trhu.
No. 214321 ID: 35cea2


The available permutations are shown in the military list. If you want to different armaments then you have to build them that way.
MMAC = 2 Missile launchers, 1 Autocannon, 1 Chaingun
MMAA = 2 Missile launchers, 2 Autocannons
and so on...
No. 214323 ID: 54af1f

Have the gunships hang back and continue defense suppression of that portal then bomb it with FAE.

Hit the other portal with 4 more cruise missiles.
No. 214325 ID: c71597

Oh, damn it. Reading skills fail me again. Ok, lets see what we have then.

Ok, lets take 5 MMAA, 5 MMAR and 10 AACC. THat should be enough to convince everyone to stay the hell away and kill the shit out of anyone stupid enough to get close. The Light infantry should come from the Minstr enhanced lot.

And it might be a decent idea to leave out some power armour infantry to bring along a few commando snipers. But I'm not sure on how useful they would be, but 10 guys with sniper rifles and orders to take out any mages they spot could be good to have along.
No. 214337 ID: 8bdb6a

Have the 12 Interceptors drop their bombloads on the Portal mages, then pull back that whole strike. (Try and pick up survivors using gunships, if possible)

I recommend against doing the Anomaly assault until at least next month. All our fire support options are depleted. Most of our gunships and UCAVs have been shot down. We need at least a month to build more gunships and fix our cannons and stuff.

However, maintain surveillance of the two surviving portal areas. Hopefully it'll take more than a month for the diminished spells to complete, but if I'm wrong, and armies start pouring through, launch 2x nuclear missiles to destroy them.

(If I'm outvoted on this, the anomaly assault should begin by destroying the southernmost 5x encampments with 5x FAEs, and deploying as much air power as we can to suppress the enemy and stop them from shooting down dropships while they deploy. Also, rig all 4 MBTs with breaker guns in both weapon slots, and make the BRICs 10x Blaster-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, and 10x Missile-Chaingun-Autocannon-Autocannon. Make the light infantry all MinStr cyborgs, and give them as many breaker hand weapons as we have.
...But I still think we need a month to prepare.)
No. 214345 ID: 54af1f

I also suggest we don't launch now. Our air is in a horrible situation right now.

Instead we should pull back the gunship strike and hit it with cruise missiles, 3 into the damaged portal and 4 into the undamaged one where the big fights going on. Then roll in 36 interceptors and 5 bombers with AG missiles fast and low for a stand off strike if the portal's still remaining.
No. 214348 ID: 8bdb6a

PS: Do not bring a nuke along with the first wave of ground troops at the anomaly. Jesus Christ. We'll bring in some MLRS in the second wave, or something.

Also, make the interceptor strike 50% napalm on the mages, and 50% AG missiles directed at the portal itself.
No. 214349 ID: 61faa9

Don't assault the anomaly until we've rebuilt somewhat. We need overwhelming force to take and hold it long enough to do the research. Also supply the rebels in our next order to distract the dryads.
No. 214350 ID: 54af1f


We could load the interceptors with napalm and the remaining bombers with AGs.
No. 214358 ID: 13fc22

gotta agree with test on this.
No. 214370 ID: a594b9

I think we should leave the weakened portal open. Let's see what comes through it! We might be able to get some good research out of this.
No. 214452 ID: c71597

Waiting a month will probably work out. My reasoning for getting it done as quickly as possible and bringing along the nuke was that if we find out that taking out that place would deprive the planet of its "magic" then we could pretty much win the war with one nuke there. And if we couldn't hold the place for long enough to finish our research then a nuke is a pretty good way to say fuck you to the storks and leave some truly scorched earth.

But out fire support and air support seems to have taken quite a pounding. It's probably better to wait a month and let them rebuild before we go in. Will also give the troops time to train for the assignment as well as let them get used to tactics to use against the dryads.
No. 214583 ID: 54af1f

I'm still against the invasion of the Anomaly at this point, much less blowing it up (I'm really against blowing it up) but if we do do it, we should send the dropships up to orbit then dive as directly as we can down near the target and approach it low and fast from another direction from our descent path.

That minimizes our risks on the drop.

Also we need FAE to blow open our own drop zones in the jungle.
No. 215151 ID: 35cea2
File 128084509336.png - (3.67KB , 259x152 , SHC.png )

4 more cruise missiles were launched at the weakened portal. The portal has been destroyed, but it is unlikely we did very much damage to the widely spread out mages present.

The INTERCEPTORS drop their payload on the other portal then return back to base along with the GUNSHIPS. The portal there is severely damaged, but the Dryads continue to stand their ground.

Consensus appears to be to hold off all further assaults until later. Build orders may commence.
No. 215163 ID: f76a90

since i suck at excel online ill just remember what we have to repair.

we have to rebuild every orbital cannon. if we have the orbital bombing tech, adapt/make some bombers to use it. the repair should take priority over any build order, and the orbital bomber planes should come second.

if we dont have breaker weapons, we should make some now. for this we can use the moon city. it shouldnt be much since its a contingency plan.

asides that, we would need to replace the UAVs lost with the factories on the planet.

if we have any facility that needs upgrading i forgot. also from now on we should favor railgunning portals that are too far to be invaded/bombed.
No. 215168 ID: 54af1f


Uh, hit the surviving portal with 36 more interceptors and 3 more cruise missiles. I believe that was the plan suggested.
No. 215173 ID: a594b9

OH! Put our spare Workers and Professionals in the Medium Factories in Irontown. All 3 of them. That'll give us another 63 BP per turn. Also, I just realized we have an extra 54BP unused from the last two turns.

Alright, for next round we should focus on doing special shit.

First off, we need to build that M Power Plant in Ryxix. That'll be ready on turn 71.

279 BP
1) Outfit the rebels. 50 BP, 150 Metal
2) Repair the orbital guns. 90 SC, 100 METAL, 100 CERAMICS and 30 Orbital BP.

That leaves us with 229 ground BP to use on other shit... and the carrier's production is delayed for most of this turn.

14x Nondurable Goods: 14BP
1x Durable Goods: 6BP
3x UAV(TPs): 75BP
4x Gunship: 48BP
10x Tactical Missile: 70BP
5x Weaver: 5BP (makes 50)
3x Reaver: 6BP (makes 30)

Let's get Fusion Casters out of the way right now. 7 RP will be free for next turn.

Start another batch of 300 dudes in the Gestation Tank, and have them get strength implants just like last time.

Speaking of which let's start making more Commandos. Are any of the dudes with strength implants eligible?
No. 215176 ID: 54af1f

I suggest we drop the tactical missiles in favor of more gunships and Test Patterns.
No. 215298 ID: c71597

Sounds pretty good. We should also make sure our pilots get some simulation time of the operation they're going to do. The infantry, BRIC pilots and tank crews should also train for the upcoming operation. We want to make sure they're ready for it when the time comes.
No. 215302 ID: 8bdb6a

I agree with this except we need to use all available implant points.
Spend 6IP to upgrade 120x of our Light Infantry with MinStr cyborgization. Spend 4IP upgrading all our Commandos with MaxStr cyborgization.

Also, begin training all of the new clones as Light Infantry. (Unless some are viable as Commandos, in which case begin training them for that, instead)

I still want to build that moon cannon, but that would take 6 months, so forget it, for now.
We should also start training new commandos. Probably right after this upcoming attack is over. (It'd be weird recruiting for long-term training right before a big operation)

We also need some idea of how big of an LZ we need before we can bring in dropships (preferably dropping from orbit instead of flying overland) to reinforce. The troops listed are only the first wave. We'll need several trips to bring in more tanks and artillery.
No. 215305 ID: c71597

We still want to be able to bug out quickly though.

But if we have good spotters and our ships got full orbital bombardment capacity as well as we got a few very dirty nukes to keep them away, then we can probably let the extraction take long enough to get our people out of there.

Hmm, guess we should make sure the first wave hits like a ton of bricks falling from space. Make it as heavy as we damn well can and make sure we come in as quickly as possible.

We should also strike soon, we don't want them to get started on many more portals while we're preparing or come up with any new nasty tricks. Might be a good idea to bring in a couple of guys from the rebels to be trained in guerilla warfare as well as the use of semimodern weapons. That way they can get started on distracting the mages and their warriors alot earlier and maybe divert away some of the attention they might invest in guarding the anomaly.
No. 215389 ID: 35cea2
File 128089424763.png - (124.64KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on:
FUSION CASTERS: Fusion casters can now be created at factories.

HEATSHELL ARMOR: All armor will now automatically become more resistant to medium to low level heat-based weapons. Its effect on much more powerful heat based weapons, such as plasma guns and heavier Breaker weapons, is negligible.
No. 215390 ID: 35cea2
File 128089454812.png - (185.25KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 5.png )

Extra training is being taken care of.

Build order is used. Due to METAL shortages, there is a slight cut in automation being built to accommodate the new workers. (100 METAL, 20 SC). In addition, the IP usage is determined by Test Pattern's suggestion.

In terms of space, a carpet bombing will allow about 6 dropships to (safely) land at once.

After withdrawing, the portals at those two locations have slowly regained full strength again. Aside from that, no new portals have sprung up.

Fusion Casters may now be manufactured. They much more range than their conventional counterpart: the flamethrower, as well as burning much hotter. It is extremely effective against virtually all types of infantry, stays alight for a long time and can even disable armor up do what a BRIC has if it hits the right spot. The MBT-mounted Forge Caster has even longer range than its lesser counterpart and can dump huge swaths of ferocious plasma across the battlefield. The drawbacks to this technology is the fact the fuel is somewhat bulky and needs to be resupplied often (it only has barely two minutes of pure firing before depleting all of its reserves) and that it cannot hit targets at extreme ranges or penetrate heavier vehicular armor (APCs, MBTs).

The rebels have been supplied 1000 assault rifles, enough to arm a dozen villages. They have not begun to use them outside of training yet. They are appreciative of the gift, but request that we send about 80 LIGHT INFANTRY to help train them.

The NONWORKERS and LIGHT INFANTRY have been screened for potential COMMANDO recruits.
No. 215462 ID: a594b9

>Metal shortages
Uhh... we didn't make anything that costs 6000 metal. Fix your numbers >:(
No. 215464 ID: 54af1f

We should fit some Tanks or Brics with Fusion casters before the Anomaly assault.

Also hit that last gate with some (let's say 4)cruise missiles.
No. 215472 ID: a594b9

Also, one of the portals was destroyed >:(
No. 215519 ID: 35cea2


And this is why you don't update late at night when you are exhausted.

Okay, yeah, I forgot we destroyed the other portal with cruise missiles.

Also the corrected numbers are:
5081 employed workers
5345 METAL
419 SC
No. 215756 ID: a594b9

I think those numbers might still be wrong. Did you forget to factor in the +900 metal income? May want to check the SC income too...

Put all those dudes in Commando training.

At any rate I think it's time to make a move on the Anomaly building. Set up a cluster bomb drop to clear the landing zone so we can dropship (use 12) in 500 Powered Infantry(5 dropships), 10 MBT (5 dropships), and 4 MLRS (2 dropships). The second wave (10 dropships) should be 200 BROMELIADs (2 dropships), 8 SLOWPOKEs (4 dropships), and 8 APC (4 dropships). The APCs will be filled with 15 light infantry each.
No. 215779 ID: 619009

Put those men in commando training and repair those orbital lances. Also, I suggest that we design a robotic satellite that can bombard surface targets with terminal velocity dumps of garbage from nondurable goods and broken cars or thing. Additionally, it can also use actual payloads when available. Let's get our first orbital attack unit in to service.

After that, we can put our research towards Warp Tech II. I get the feeling that soon after we research the anomaly, our time on this planet will be quite limited.
No. 215787 ID: a594b9

Oh yeah also be sure to give the rebels those 80 dudes they're requesting.
No. 215821 ID: 54af1f

Ok. I don't think we should go yet. Instead let's build up for a few months and let the armed rebels create some chaos for us, and build more drop ship's and bombers.

First: Flatten the remaining portal with an orbital strike

Second: give the rebels the light infantry they need to train up.

Third: Research new technology: Moon Gun, (45 RP according to the old discussion, meaning we're 1 RP away)

Next month we'll research accurate orbital bombs (10 RP according to the discussion thread).

This month build:
1 Large Entertainment Structure: Star Lit Public Baths at IRONTOWN
1 Large generator at IRONTOWN
1 Large Entertainment Structure: Dust Bowel Virtual Reality Nexus at RYXIX
Factories build:
1X Bomber
1X Dropship

We need to wait at least another month so we can build up more bombers, drop ships and Carpet Bombs.
No. 215823 ID: 672901

uhhhh.... no. moon gun is too big and costly for something that can only be used here. we are getting accurate bomb system this turn, and we are building the dropship and bomber. but we are not building all those entertainment structures, we don't need them.
No. 215825 ID: c71597

The rationale behind attacking right now is that the enemy magic is supplied from an external source, possibly far away. We also know that the anomaly we came here through seems capable of transporting you through space instantaneously and possibly even through dimensions. That building might be what supplies our enemies with their powers. If we take it out then we win the war.

But even if it's not what supplies them with power it's something that will probably give us insights into their powers. And it's also their most important holy symbol on the planet. The realisation that we could hit it at will and hold them away from it will most likely be a serious blow to their morale.
No. 215828 ID: 54af1f

We do. We're fighting a giant ground war against a whole planet.

Which means they're gonna fight tooth and nail to stop us from gaining it, which means we need all the men and firepower we can get.

We're not facing imminent destruction here. There's no need to go for broke.
No. 215829 ID: 672901

uhhh, no. the dryads refuse to go anywhere NEAR the thing. they say it is a place of great evil, not holy.
No. 215851 ID: 8bdb6a

So... the ship guns are fixed all the way? If so, do some overkill on the last portal to kill lots of mages.

NOW (TURN 70):

Begin construction of 1x LARGE POWER GENERATOR at IRONTOWN (ETC: Turn 74)
Begin construction of 1x LUXURY COMPLEX at IRONTOWN (ETC: Turn 74)

BARRACKS: I changed my mind. Put all 12x candidates into Commando training immediately.
Begin training 100x new Crew

(ETC: Turn 72, with 34 RP to spare)

ORBITAL FACTORY: Resume work on the Cruiser.

TURN 71:

New power available at Ryxix. 2x Large Factories come online. BP total now 378/mo.

HOSPITALS: 20 IP produced:
100x MaxStr Cyborg Augmentations for Light Infantry (We are doing this. We are making it happen.)

TURN 72:

MOON CANNON research finishes.
<New Actions>

FACTORIES - 603 available Build Points produced in this time:
3x APCs
10x CARPET BOMB loads
10x Fusion Casters (20 Cer, 100 Fuel, 20 SC)
5x Forge Casters (20 Cer, 150 Fuel, 25 SC)
200x Blaster Rifles (20 SC)
20x Seeker Blasters (10 SC)
3,000x Durable Goods
30,000x Nondurable Goods
No. 215863 ID: 8bdb6a

When we do the attack (depends on whether the moon gun can fire relatively precise strikes and/or how quickly it can be built) the initial airmobile assault should come in three steps.

1) Air and orbital bombardment of the Anomaly zone, taking care not to hit the Anomaly itself. Lance the settlements and drop FAEs and Carpet Bombs (at least three of those in a triangle pattern) to clear a drop zone.

2) All 38 of our helicopter gunships, show up as quickly as can be arranged, loaded with a company of 152 troops. These will be MaxStr light infantry loaded with heavy weapons and Breaker guns, backed up by a Commando team of eight men. The troops deploy from the helicopters via fastropes as soon as is possible without getting caught in the airstrikes, and set up an initial perimeter.

3) The dropships arrive at the secured LZ, descending at a high angle of attack from the upper atmosphere instead of traveling overland, to minimize the threat of ground fire. There should be at least 15 dropships available by then, carrying:
300x Light Infantry (MinStr)
400x Power Infantry
16x BRICs (8x with Fusion-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, 8x with Blaster-Autocannon-Chaingun-Chaingun)
6x Tanks (3x with Forge Casters, 3x with breaker weaponry)

After this force deploys, it begins pressing on towards the Anomaly itself. Ideally, the enemy will be in confusion and disarray from the air and orbital bombardment, as well as shock from having never faced human fighting vehicles before. We can't trust in 'ideally,' but the force should have enough firepower and staying power to secure the Anomaly anyway.

They'll then have to secure and fortify it, despite whatever surprises may arise. Then, we bring in reinforcements and dig in for a protracted siege while the thing gets researched.
No. 215876 ID: 619009

When we design this Surface-to-Surface lunar gun, I demand that it be designed so that it can be adapted for use in any interplanetary warfare: that is, capable of being built on moons to strike planets, on planets to strike moons, moon-to-moon targeting, limited ability to strike large objects in space, etc. Also, this should give us a head start on any planet-to-planet weapons in the future.
No. 215877 ID: 8bdb6a

Yeah, that's the basic idea.

We ain't calling the Desert Cannon.
No. 215885 ID: c71597

Huh, guess you're right. Could have sworn that they said it was holy, but after a visit to the archives that turns out to have been false. That should simplify things a bit, although it won't be as demoralising then.

But since it seems the strike won't go in now. Lets hold off and build up some stuff.

Seems like a solid idea. As long as we keep sending outdated assault rifles to the rebels and some teams to train them in guerilla warfare and the use of said rifles. Lets give them a honking big dump of ammo as well.

Also seems like quite a solid plan. With the exception of the fact that we can't put breaker weapons on our vehicles. But other than that it should work.
No. 215938 ID: a594b9

We *can* put breaker weapons on the vehicles though. That's what the large guns are specifically designed for.

If we can use gunships for this kind of landing- where they zoom in from extrahigh altitude- then Test's plan should work. Otherwise we're going to need to use dropships to fly everyone in. Hey, if we use 6 dropships per wave we can do a kind of continuous reinforcement thing, where as one wave flies in another group of dropships flies back.

I don't really think we should send in commandos for this mission. They have no stealth capability anymore thanks to the Druid 'radar' and although they are very good at combat, Powered Infantry are much more durable and replaceable.
No. 215954 ID: 54af1f


I would suggest at least 1-2 tanks be equipped with either rail guns or cannons in case we end up some kind of enemy armour. Otherwise, sounds good.
No. 215955 ID: 54af1f

Post won't delete. I didn't notice the breaker guns. Those should do.

However, I suggest we add a cruise missile strike to the assault, and also use orbital strikes to eliminate all Dryad camps in the area around the anomaly not just the ones where we're going to land.
No. 215956 ID: 8bdb6a

>I don't really think we should send in commandos for this mission.
Having a squad of mobile, highly experienced dudes to deal with problems as they arise could be really helpful. I was figuring the first wave would be MaxStr light infantry for the same basic reason, so they're more mobile and flexible than power infantry, since the job is to very quickly secure a big LZ.
The breaker guns are better at penetrating armor than human ones.
>As long as we keep sending outdated assault rifles to the rebels and some teams to train them in guerilla warfare and the use of said rifles.
Oh, right, yeah. Send the 80 dudes.
No. 215971 ID: c5d3aa

fact: the dryads find our ships by seeing the holes in there magic vision.
idea: the rebels get a ton of weapons all over the planet, turning the mage's magic vision into swish cheese and throwing their aim way off.
No. 215991 ID: 619009


Special Ops Silent Forces. Get commandos. Remove all electronic devices from their loadout. They will have no communication with HQ. They will have no weapons more advanced than a bow. They will have only static orders from deployment to extraction.
But they will be invisible.

That's right. We're sending in Rambo.
No. 215992 ID: 8bdb6a

Unfortunately, we already turned them into terminators.
No. 215994 ID: 54af1f

We should fire 5 cruise missiles at stuff while we're assaulting too. Pick any large enemy targets.
No. 215997 ID: a594b9

There's also the problem of them requiring enviro suits.
No. 215999 ID: 9d50c7

and the fact that the cybernetics makes their muscles count as tech.
No. 216012 ID: 619009

Alright then. Let's refrain from putting cybernetics in ALL our commandos from now on then. Leave about 25% unmodified for future trainees. We're liable to run into this problem again if the enemy grants "Gifts" like this to all their client races.
No. 216033 ID: a594b9

Intentionally make the commandos have almost no durability or offensive power, in order to let them sneak around at about Solid Snake's ability?

No thanks.
No. 216131 ID: 35cea2
File 128121002027.png - (188.50KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 6.png )

This build order is followed.

Nope, they're right. Automating the stuff for all the new workers pouring in costs a lot.

We have sent the 80 Light Infantrymen necessary to train the rebel forces. They will remain there to train and guide them until you decide to pull them back. The rebels are slowly becoming more known to the Dryad loyalists, however, and some of their outlying cells have been compromised.

Research has been completed on the moon cannon. This building takes 4 months to construct, and can fire with the approximate accuracy of a normal orbital bombardment. It can fire on ships in the system as well, but not very accurately. This building can also be built on the surface of the planet itself, but will cost twice as much SC and Uranium due to increased gravity and atmospheric interference.

The last portal is bombed from orbit, leaving the Infractus's guns 8 shots before needing to be repaired.

Large portals seem to have gone out of style with the Dryads. Instead, our rebel friends report that across the world, thousands of smaller portals are being created instead. They are spread out so much that there is no way to stop them all.
No. 216137 ID: c2c011

Lets get the Infractus repaired again. Then it sounds like it's time for our assault to go in. We can't let them get those portals open and our best bet at stopping them is taking out their potential powersource. So lets get in there and confirm it's what gives them their power and then blow it up.
No. 216138 ID: 5f0943

Portals that are relatively close to Ryxix, when compared to other portals, should be targeted.
Also, since we can't even hope to stop all the portals popping up, we should start beefing up security at Ryxix (Irontown is mostly safe, considering it's on the moon).

Firstly, would it be practical to add another layer of wall around Ryxis? If so, then do it.

Also, I propose more turrets, I was thinking something like:
2x Heavy railgun turrets
2x Howitzer turrets
6x Auto cannon turrets
1x SAM turrets
2x MLRS turrets
8x Chaingun turrets

The total resource cost for the turrets would be: 52 ceramics, 12 SC and 112 metal. (if the chart/list I'm using to determine this is still correct)
The obvious problem with my plan would be that it would take 700 soldiers to man the turrets (counting those turrets already in place).

Feel free to point out any further errors or holes or impracticalities in my plan. Seriously, do it.

Also, our Super conductor storage seem to be dwindling frighteningly fast.
No. 216144 ID: 8bdb6a

>Also, our Super conductor storage seem to be dwindling frighteningly fast.
We're on an SC-poor planet and all our heavy weapons gobble it up. The Breaker weapons, the railguns, even the conventional bombs our planes drop, for some reason. (We have tons of fighter-bombers but can't use them for bombing because it would cost 50 SC per sortie)

We don't really have enough workers to increase production without shutting stuff down. Maybe we should consider doing that.
No. 216154 ID: 5f0943

Proposing some research:
Since we seem to have 34 spare RP, and four large labs produce 36 research points, does that mean we have 70 RP available for that turn?
If so then:

Turn 72 (Now?): Research Improved Motors (60RP)

Turn 73: Improved Motors finishes, 10 spare RP, begin research of heatshell armour (50RP)

Turn 74: ???

Turn 75: Heatshell armour finishes (32 spare RP)begin researching computing systems IV.

Turn 76: Computing systems IV finishes (unless my view on the research system is skewed) with 14 spare RP.

And that's it. Feel free to correct the fuck out of it if anything is wrong/impossible.
No. 216169 ID: a594b9

We don't have enough Ceramics to make another wall layer. It costs a fuckton of Ceramics to make a wall that size.

Research Heatshell Armor.
1x M Power Plant in Irontown (completes on turn 74)
PRODUCE (351 BP available- the status screen is wrong at the moment)
15x Nondurable (15)
1x Durable (6)
2x Bomber (180)

We should, next turn once Heatshell Armor completes, make a move on the Anomaly building. Do the carpet bomb/dropship landing thing. Shut down one of the Large labs, and start up the 2 Small and 1 Medium labs. That gives us 75 profs free, and leaves us with 32 RP/turn. Send the profs spread via three dropships; that way if one gets shot down we can still do the research. Similarly, shut down 1 Medium Factory and send 150 Workers, 50 in each dropship alongside the profs.

So basically that's like this:
First wave: 6 dropships carrying
150 Powered Infantry
50 Maxstr Light Infantry
4x BRICs (2x with Fusion-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, 2x with Blaster-Autocannon-Chaingun-Chaingun)
4x Tanks (2x with Forge Casters, 2x with breaker weaponry)
Similarly spread out the troop types so that if anything gets shot down we don't lose an entire category.
Second Wave: 6 dropships carrying
200 Powered Infantry
8x BRICs (4x with Fusion-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, 4x with Blaster-Autocannon-Chaingun-Chaingun)
Third Wave: 6 dropships carrying
8x APC with Breaker weaponry, carrying 120 Minstr Light Infantry
4x Tanks (2x with Forge Casters, 2x with breaker weaponry)
Fourth Wave: 6 dropships carrying
10x APC with Breaker weaponry, carrying 150 Minstr Light Infantry

While landing troops, do bombing runs with the Interceptors for air support. Mages can't shoot them down so it's free damage. Send them out in waves of 10 so that it's basically a continuous barrage. Be careful not to catch any of our troops in the blast radius of the bombs, of course.

Outfit half of the first wave of Infantry with assorted Breaker weapons, and have 5 of them using Fusion Casters as well. This is the first combat test of these weapons; let's not rely on them too much. Continue to outfit our troops with the Breaker weapons if it turns out that they're more effective than conventional firearms in this situation.
No. 216172 ID: a594b9

Oh shit, if we're running low on SC, let's
another L Coastal Derrick in Ryxxix.

We can divert some Factory workers into it once it's finished... or shut down some of the morale buildings instead?
No. 216196 ID: 8bdb6a

I think it goes without saying that I disagree with this assault plan in favor of mine.

Could we please at least use all of our dropships to land troops, instead of just six of them, and not bring civilians into a combat zone until we've actually secured the anomaly?

Also, we're already building a large power generator at Irontown. We don't really need a medium as well.
No. 216199 ID: a594b9

Um. A carpet bombing will only secure a landing zone big enough for 6 dropships.

Also I didn't mean to imply that we should send the workers and profs in before the Anomaly was secure. I think I forgot to explicitly say that. Once the area is secure, those APCs can be used to transport the civvies.
No. 216209 ID: 8bdb6a

>A carpet bombing will only secure a landing zone big enough for 6 dropships.
That's why the plan is to use three, and then to send in less vulnerable gunship-borne troops to secure an LZ before bringing in the dropships. Sorry if that was unclear.

>I didn't mean to imply that we should send the workers and profs in before the Anomaly was secure. I think I forgot to explicitly say that.
No prob, but you made me nervous with this "even if one is shot down" business. We shouldn't be bringing them in until the enemy's pushed far enough away that we have a safe corridor to send dropships through, preferably descending from orbit.
>Once the area is secure, those APCs can be used to transport the civvies.
That's planning too far ahead, in my opinion. We'll probably be able to land dropships right next to it. With luck, that'll be the safest area to land.
No. 216221 ID: 54af1f

Launch this now.

Add 6 Cruise missiles to the bombardment due to less units of orbital fire.

Assign 36 interceptors to escort duties.
No. 216242 ID: a594b9

Oh, expanding the LZ? I suppose that should work. Then yeah, let's do that.

The whole APC transport and worker redundancy thing was me trying to account for any possibility of catastrophic failures. Failures such as a sudden push by the enemy breaking through the perimeter, or there not being any way for us to land right next to the Anomaly building for some reason.

If we can land all 15 dropships at once then that's great. I suggest we keep dropping in more troops as the battle progresses though.
No. 216285 ID: 8bdb6a

There's many reasons to delay longer, but we've already delayed too long. We need to do the Anomaly mission soon. Hopefully the portals being tiny will mean they take longer to finish casting.

This is still my attack plan, with the difference that we don't have as many MaxStr cyborgs as I hoped. Fill the gaps with MinStr ones. (So that's 8 Commandos, 98 MaxStr light infantry, and 46 MinStr light infantry). Use as many MinStr infantry as we have for the dropship wave, filling in the gaps with normal dudes.

The attack should land close-ish to the Anomaly, approaching from the south. The Dropships should boost into the exosphere to make interception impossible and to obscure their destination. The helis should try flying over Rebel territory as much as possible (since it's on the way there) and not fly in a straight line to the Anomaly, to disguise their purpose. Very close to Go Time, it'll be impossible to hide their destination, but hopefully the enemy will have only a small amount of warning.

Task all of the bombers (all with Carpet Bombs) and all availible orbital lance shots to the initial bombardment, when the enemy's most vulnerable in their encampments.

Task all the UCAVs to the mission along with the gunships. Have them use napalm ordnance for support. Let them take up station after ground elements are on the deck rather than following a precise timetable. We're trying to coordinate enough different elements as it is. (Not too many, I don't think. First lances, then bombers, then gunships deploying troops, then dropships. Nice and sequential.)
No. 216308 ID: 0cfef1

yes, and after the place is secure we send in the civs to check the fuck out of it.
No. 216336 ID: c2c011

I support this plan and getting it done right now. Hopefully the anomaly is what gives the mages their power and we can take it out to prevent them from getting their reinforcements through.
No. 216344 ID: b61dc1


I support this. If we delay until we're a little bit better prepared we will never be ready. We need to get this show on the road.
No. 217430 ID: 35cea2
File 128156766579.png - (16.61KB , 627x664 , Littlemap.png )

Consensus appears to be divided. We have two plans available:

1. (Testpattern's)
-Lance all nearby Dryad settlements.
-6 BOMBERS arrive, 3 with FAE to clear a dropzone and 3 with carpet bombs to attack larger concentrations of enemies.
-38 GUNSHIPS arrive with 8 COMMANDOs, 98MaxStr LIGHT INFANTRY and 46 MinStr to secure the dropzone.
- 15 DROPSHIPS and 8 TEST PATTERNS (with 36 napalm nanisters) arrive. The dropships will carry:
300x Light Infantry (MinStr)
400x Power Infantry
16x BRICs (8x with Fusion-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, 8x with Blaster-Autocannon-Chaingun-Chaingun)
6x Tanks (3x with Forge Casters, 3x with breaker weaponry)
-Take the Anomaly and fortify it.

2 (Anonymous's)
-Delay the assault on the Anomaly for 1 turn.
-Lance/Carpet bombs same as Test Pattern's plan.
-Send assault in 4 waves, while 50 (10 at a time) INTERCEPTORS with frag bombs give air support.
First wave: 6 dropships carrying
150 Powered Infantry (5 Fusion Casters, 50 Seeker Blasters)
50 Maxstr Light Infantry (50 Blaster Rifle)
4x BRICs (2x with Fusion-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, 2x with Blaster-Autocannon-Chaingun-Chaingun)
4x Tanks (2x with Forge Casters, 2x with breaker weaponry)
Second Wave: 6 dropships carrying
200 Powered Infantry
8x BRICs (4x with Fusion-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, 4x with Blaster-Autocannon-Chaingun-Chaingun)
Third Wave: 6 dropships carrying
8x APC with Breaker weaponry, carrying 120 Minstr Light Infantry
4x Tanks (2x with Forge Casters, 2x with breaker weaponry)
Fourth Wave: 6 dropships carrying
10x APC with Breaker weaponry, carrying 150 Minstr Light Infantry
-Take and hold the Anomaly

Once again, apologies for the massive delay between updates. I've had annoying computer problems recently, and I though I lost my precious master spreadsheet for a while.
No. 217431 ID: b3f237

gonna go with test on this one.
No. 217432 ID: a594b9

I'm ok with Test Pattern's plan, provided we have some Interceptors standing by in case air support is needed.
No. 217434 ID: 54af1f

No. 217445 ID: 54af1f

In fact, let's say 36 interceptors on station, that gives us another 14 on standby if we need them.
No. 217453 ID: 55e935

I'm cool with the plan that uses a shitload more ground forces. It's not like we really have any other use for them, and the more troops we deploy, the faster we can crush the opposition- resulting in a lower net casualty rate for our side.
No. 217454 ID: 55e935

PS: Keep the Commandos at home. They are currently useless to us without an effective stealth countermeasure.
No. 217460 ID: 8bdb6a

I'm not too thrilled about the existing build orders (why did we research the Moon Gun if we're not going to build it?) but I figure we're only going to need build orders after the battle. Unless we delay, that is.

I don't feel that's true. We've successfully used them in a stealth role against dryads before.
No. 217461 ID: a594b9

That was before they developed their tech radar.
No. 217462 ID: 2f1528

but you see, we are going to be having so much tech in one location it will be like a black hole, they wont notice the specks elsewhere. and besides, they are not going to be charging, they are support.
No. 217479 ID: 8bdb6a

Huh? Where was this stated? All I find is that they can see our vehicles.

PS: I figured they'd land closer, but I don't actually know the map scale, so I'm going to assume that's a good distance.
No. 217493 ID: 54af1f

Oh and also: load the MRLS on two separate dropships.
No. 217548 ID: 35cea2
File 128158952033.png - (113.14KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 6.png )

Test Pattern's plan is followed. The main encampments are lanced, and the largest concentrations of mobile forces are hit by our BOMBERs. A landing zone is cleared with the use of three fuel-air-bombs.

Then the GUNSHIPS arrive, trying their best to avoid flying over the enemy as much as possible. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, three of the GUNSHIPS have been shot down; two en-route and one as they just approached the landing zone. It is doubtful anyone survived those crashes.

The GUNSHIPs manage to deploy their entire infantry contingent over the landing zone and await further orders.

The DROPSHIPs are on their way and will arrive in a few minutes.

Light Infantry 0032: "Admiral, this is Captain Hocks. My men and your commandos have landed mostly in one piece and have made a perimeter around the drop zone. Thermals show that the Storks surround our position, but they are pretty spaced out and few in number. Since they aren't moving on us right now my guess is that they are just building up their forces. Awaiting further orders. Hocks out."
No. 217558 ID: 8bdb6a

Keep the gunships on station as fire support, fuel permitting.
Troops on the ground have two jobs right now, prioritized like this:
1) Secure a perimeter large enough for the dropships. Orient the defense's center of gravity west, towards the incoming enemy troops.
2) Send recon-in-force teams, including the Commandos, to the north-northwest. Scout the area for the main force. Aggressively engage, dislocate, and destroy enemy forces before they have time to dig in. Gobbling up ground before it becomes heavily defended will make the operation go faster.
If the dryads have any kind of command structure at all, it should be disorganized after all their camps got blown up.

If there's any Lance strikes left, (Looks like we used 8 out of 10?) drop them on the enemy reinforcement wave. The blast radius on those things is too big to work as fire support, so we'd might as well use them now.

If the dropships land without major incident:
Launch an artillery barrage on the enemy reinforcements as soon as the MLRS are unpacked. Use UCAVs as spotters if this happens while they're still far away.
As planned, assemble the main force and press on to the Anomaly at best possible speed. Burninate with extreme prejudice.
No. 217569 ID: 55e935

I recommend burning the forest between us and the Anomaly. This will send any forces in there running and prevent them from pulling guerrilla jungle tactics.

As a matter of fact, can we get some napalm between the reinforcements and us?
No. 217584 ID: c2c011

I don't think I got anything really to add to this. Seems like a good workable plan.

Just try to save some fuel for our fusion casters and other burniating stuff though. They burn through that with an alarming speed and we might need some of it later.
No. 217598 ID: 54af1f


Deploy Napalm between us and the enemy reinforcements, then when they pile up in front of it hit them with any remaining lances.
No. 217673 ID: aee08c

Won't burning the forest ahead of us mean we're advancing through a forest fire?
No. 217682 ID: 8bdb6a

I was only suggesting we set our enemies and their immediate surroundings on fire, for the record. I don't think we have enough napalm for a general conflagration anyway.
No. 217688 ID: 55e935

We're in a better position to do that than the enemy is. We don't have any Agent Orange on hand, so this is the quickest deforestation method we have. As it is, we'll be walking into a hornet's nest of sneak attacks, hit-and-runs, and ambushes- all with the capability to wreck our armored vehicles with a single hit.
No. 217697 ID: 54af1f


I think setting the whole forest on fire is a bit of a waste. Napalm between them and us only for now IMHO.
No. 217698 ID: 630be1

yeah, fire wall blocking reinforcements is good.
No. 217700 ID: c2c011

Fire wall on said reinforcements is even better.
No. 217710 ID: 8bdb6a

This. Drop the napalm directly on top of targets, instead of just delaying them for some number of minutes. Napalm isn't really made to make terrain impassable. It's made to kill people with fire.
If we want to do area denial, maybe we can have the MLRS fire FASCAM. Personally, I think we should focus on casualty production in that regard as well. Thin out their numbers with direct attacks so they can't break through the perimeter of minigun-toting cyborgs.
No. 217836 ID: 54af1f


On them is fine, providing we hit the concentration that piles up against the napalm with an orbital strike.
No. 217903 ID: 35cea2
File 128167250119.png - (104.42KB , 1800x1014 , Event Report 7.png )

The TEST PATTERNS dump their entire payload on the approaching enemy reinforcements. The head of the force is mostly gone, but they appear to be arriving in numerous small groups which means that the bulk of their forces are unhurt. They are probably disoriented from the attack and have been successfully delayed.

The Dryads surrounding the initial infantry force continue to keep their distance, but are taking shots at GUNSHIPs that fly too high and into their field of vision. Two GUNSHIPs have been downed.

The DROPSHIPs arrive and unload their cargo. A few are hit by the enemy fire, but so far only in the heavily armored places. Aside from some heavy dents and burns the DROPSHIPs are unharmed.

The UCAVs are taking fire from the remainder of the Dryad reinforcements, making them unable to spot for the MLRS without taking heavy casualties. Three have been downed already.

The Recon-In-Force team has been sent out to acquire more ground and scout. They manage to get some distance out before they hit much harder resistance. They enemy is mostly fielding archers and warriors, who try their best to avoid fire while getting closer to the troopers. They generally fail. There majority of our casualties are from mages who hide behind the trees and unleash devastating large area of effect spells when the gunfire isn't aimed as much in their general vicinity. Interestingly, we have not encountered hostile wildlife thus far (except in the enemy reinforcement column).

Light Infantry 0032: "All boots are on the ground sir, we are ready to begin the push. It appears that there are groups of Storks in virtually every square meter of this jungle. At least they aren't too concentrated in one area."

The Infractus cannot fire anymore, unless you want to break the guns again.
No. 217909 ID: 8bdb6a

>The Infractus cannot fire anymore
What about the Occisor, Prokhorovka, Dezful, and Medina Ridge?
No. 217911 ID: a594b9

If the Dryads aren't concentrated, and are using area-effect spells... then spread out! The mages will have more difficulty hiding and their spells will hit less of our troops. Also, let's start sending out Bombers with FAE payloads to eliminate cover ahead of our army.

Begin the push to the Anomaly building! Tanks and BRICs up front.

Pull back the Test Patterns.
No. 217913 ID: 55e935

I concur with the FAE idea. If burning the forest is too impractical, let's flatten it. These goddamn trees will be the end of us.
No. 217920 ID: 8bdb6a

Recall the Dropships. They're no good tagging along. Deploy 12x of the airborne Interceptors to escort them out, bombing/strafing anything that shoots at them.

Begin the attack. The recon teams have already opened a corridor about a third of the way there. Power Infantry and BRICs should provide ample frontline firepower to plow straight through the scattered enemy teams. Seeker-armed tanks should make short work of enemy groups without even revealing themselves, and heavier concentrations can be dealt with using our Casters. The enemy's never faced human ground vehicles before, so it'll take them some time to figure out how to fight them. Advance with all speed before they do.

Can we fire scatter mines (like FASCAM) with the MLRS? If so, blanket the enemy reinforcement wave with a barrage of them. That should slow them down, and shouldn't need a precise spotter.

If that's not an option, send in a flight (4x) of the airborne Interceptors to do the artillery spotting instead of the vulnerable UCAVs.
No. 217974 ID: c2c011

Our soldiers should be spread out already. Standard current day deployment pattern is 5 metres between soldiers so only one or possibly two gets taken out by a single grenade. It also gives a wider area of fire for the soldiers. Considering that not alot of people died from what seems to be multiple area of effect spells I would say they're already spread out to a maximum efficency.

And we really shouldn't send the tanks and BRICs in unassisted here, the mages can take those out as well. The tanks and BRICs should stay in the center of our column while the power infantry along with the light infantry walk a fair bit ahead and out on the flanks. We need those vehicles for holding away the enemy later.

I'm seconding this idea. Just make sure our vehicles has an infantryscreen that makes sure nothing nasty happens to the vehicles we got, we don't have enough of them to endure heavy losses among them.

And once we get to the anomaly then the light infantry are to start digging in and build field fortifications, trenches and all that good stuff that keeps you alive. And you don't really need any extra training to build a trench, just a field shovel and some dirt, everyone of them should know how to do that. Far enough out from the building to clear a landing zone for future dropships. Oh yeah, and clear a landing zone.
No. 217986 ID: 54af1f


This, but launch a combined air assault against the reinforcement group, deploy x12 airborne interceptors x6 Bombers (should still be on station and have normal ordinance left) and x24 gunships and fire the MRLS against the reinforcement.

Interceptors, gunships and MRLS suppress their ground fire then the bombers come in and lay napalm and frag bombs all along the length of the column.
No. 218090 ID: 54af1f

Changing my vote a bit

Launch 12 interceptors and 6 bombers at the enemy column, and hit them with MRLS just before the air hits so their mages are suppressed for the bomb run, keep the gunships zooming around doing CAS for our troops.

Launch the other 12 interceptors and bring them on station.

Put the tanks, BRICs and power armour into the lead and push for the Anomaly. Echelon them left so that our strongest forces are facing the enemy reinforcements when they break past the napalm strike.
No. 218093 ID: 8bdb6a

Yeah, this makes sense. But, have the Interceptors get there first to spot for the MLRS and the bombers.

(If, but only if, the Interceptors aren't good enough at scouting for that, then I say go ahead and get some more UCAVs shot down if that's what it takes to provide accurate fire.)
No. 218384 ID: 35cea2
File 12818275517.png - (122.07KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 8.png )

Only Carriers and Battleships can commence orbital bombardment.

We only have 14 INTERCEPTORs on standby (something I forgot to list in the "Deployed Forces") It would take 6 more hours for the bombers to return to base, refuel and rearm, and arrive back at the action.

MLRS cannot scatter mines.

Since the Interceptors cannot spot for the MLRS, they instead drop their bombs and then escort the DROPSHIPs to base. Due to the sheer volume of enemy fire and the fact that the TEST PATTERNs are not traveling at maximum speed (in order to pick out targets for the MLRS), they do not last very long.

The ground force pushes through the jungle until they reach the Anomaly. Numerous ambushes along the way cause quite a few losses. The large, poorly armored BRICs appear to be particularly vulnerable to the mages' anti-armor spells, though the large amount of weapons on the BRIC prove devastating in return. The Fusion Casters and Autocannons prove very effective at destroying enemies that try to hide behind the trees as cover.

When the ground forces arrive they set themselves up into a defensive line rapidly. The the reinforcements manage to pull together despite the severe bombing they have taken and are approaching the ground forces. The LIGHT INFANTRY do not have enough time to entrench themselves before the main enemy force is in range.

The LONGRANGE SEEKERS on the MBTs are able to hit the main enemy force before they get into range of the rest of the army.
No. 218388 ID: c2c011

Have the seeker MBT's start bombarding the incoming enemy to break them up and slow them down.

Have the light infantry keep digging in until the last seconds, even a small scrapeout is better than nothing. Especially if the enemy has to rely on line of sight attacks and don't have proper artillery.

The BRICs should stay further back and be deployed as fire support. The power armor infantry should also find whatever cover they have. Hmm, we should probably investigate the possibility of "digging" explosives in the future for our power infantry so that they can quickly dig in. Anyway that's for after the battle.

A couple of the commandos should move out on the flanks to work as spotters for the artillery. Wherever there is a decent sized congregation of enemies they should call down some artillery fire on them.

Have the bombers return back to base and load up with 4 fuel air bombs and 2 carpet bombs. We're probably going to have to clear some terrain to hold against future assaults.

There's probably a bit more to do. And I might not have made the best possible choices. But hopefully I will either figure out new stuff myself or others will point them out.
No. 218399 ID: 55e935

I knew deploying the BRICs in a dense forest was a bad idea.

Okay, send the commandos ahead the the closest structure of the anomaly to see if we can use it as a forward fortress. As for the rest of our forces, get them out of the woods ASAP. We can't stand to have any more ambushes and we'll need to lure these storks out into the open.

If that first building turns out to be defensible, get all units with seeking weapons to that point, since shooting through the trees will be less of a hindrance to them. Tanks will need to shoot and move at the same time.

Non-seeking units should proceed to the main structure, fortify it, and turn that huge bare patch of ground in the middle into a big no-man's-land killzone. Wait for them to group up in that area, then let loose everything we've got.
No. 218400 ID: 54af1f

Ok... this is going to get dicey.

Pull the light infantry back behind a line formed by the Power armoured infantry, the seeker tanks and BRICs provide a base of fire while the power armour and forge tanks actually create the line of defence, knock down trees to use as cover, and mount local counter attacks if necessary. Their job is to stop the enemy attack and to inflict maximum causalities on it.

The light infantry will break into two groups. First, a platoon and the commandos will deploy to destroy the enemy behind us to the North West. The rest will create our reserve. They will form up behind the line we've got and stand ready to do one of two things.

If the defensive line stops the enemy, they'll infiltrate around the flanks of the enemy line and then launch a flank attack into the enemy, hopefully cutting the head of the enemy column and rout it. Our objective should be to cause the enemy to rout as we probably can't kill them all.

If the line falters they'll plug gaps in the line and shore it up etc.

If we can't stop the enemy they'll form a second line while the rest pull back through them, BRICs first, then Tanks, power armour at the rear.

The MRLS will generally blast the enemy out of range of the tanks and stuff, and target clusters of mages and the like.

Put the ground team in charge of the remaining 14 interceptors to drop as necessary, preferably down the length of the enemy column rather than across it, use gunships to rocket the hell out of enemy concentrations and generally provide close in support where the enemy mages are suppressed. Mass them to support any counter attack or stop up breakthroughs.

Question: how long would it take to reload the dropships with troops?
No. 218410 ID: 8bdb6a

We're going to need to send some guys to the Anomaly proper to see if it'll zap our dudes when they get close or not. Not a lot. Like, eight or ten guys.
If it doesn't, we should consider pulling back to force the enemy to cross open terrain to attack our guys. That is, assuming the amount of open ground there is greater than the accurate range of enemy spells. I can't tell.
Either way, a priority is making some open space in front of the troops so they can start gunning down the enemy as they try to attack. Then things should get all World War One. We shouldn't need to worry too much about building battlefield obstacles. Just keep fighting and let nature take its course until the trees are knocked down and the place is littered with craters and corpses that are on fire.
No. 218730 ID: 35cea2
File 128192716950.png - (120.30KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 9.png )

It takes about an hour for troops to board a DROPSHIP and for the vehicle to be refueled.

Teams of LIGHT INFANTRY, led by a few COMMANDOs, scout out the main Anomaly construct and the smaller one nearest to the ground force's position. The smaller building appears to be a very large obelisk with a ramp leading to a hollow center. In the middle there is a white disc with indentations, similar to the one found on the Anomaly near Ithaka. The main structure is a mostly featureless stretched pyramid, with a pair of massive, sealed doors in the front that could accommodate ten BRICs standing side by side.

The forces retreat to the middle of the clearing and set up the gunline once more, with BRICs hanging in the rear and infantry in the front.

The approaching Dryads have attempted a charge across the open into the gunline. The results are catostrophic. Hundreds of Dryads and large beats are slaughtered in the first wave, either cut down by the bullets or incinerated by blasts from the MBT Forge Casters.

There is no second wave. The leaders of the invasion sound the retreat. They don't even attempt to flank.

The battle is over. Build orders may recommence.
No. 218735 ID: 55e935

Time to deploy a science team. Try to round up the exact same guys who worked on the Ithaka Anaomaly- they should have a better insight on this stuff and therefore be able to come up with accurate conclusions faster. The doors, logically, should open when a disk is put into one or both of the obelisks, so don't waste time in trying to figure that one out. Experiment with forcing the doors open, instead.

Meanwhile, I suggest bringing some WORKERS with the science team, as well as some pre-built turrets to mount on those obelisks and the pyramid entrance. We're gonna be here a while, so we might as well fortify.

The exact numbers of turrets and workers I leave to the others.
No. 218796 ID: 8bdb6a

Before we do anything else, start knocking down trees around the Anomaly, to enlarge the clearing. Make space for more dropships. Make sure the enemy has to cross a lot of open terrain to attack, no matter where they attack from. Entrench troops to establish interlocking fields of fire. Dig prepared hull-down firing positions for the tanks and BRICs. Lay down mines and barbed wire. All that good stuff.

Now (Turn 72):

Shut down 1x LARGE LAB and the STADIUM at RYXIX
Activate the MEDIUM LAB and SMALL LAB at RYXIX
Activate 1x SMALL LAB in ORBIT

Move to the Anomaly:
50x Professionals
100x Workers (If we don't have enough dudes, shut down some low-priority stuff like a uranium filter)
12x MBTs (7x Forge Casters, 5x Longrange Seekers)
12x Slowpokes (8x Fusion Casters, 4x Seekers)
28x BRICs (14x Fusion-Missile-Autocannon-Autocannon, 6x Seeker-Autocannon-Autocannon-Chaingun, 8x MMAA)
10x MLRS
40x LUVs
12x APCs
4x SPAAGs (just in case)
400x Light Infantry
300x Power Infantry
250x Bromeliads


HOSPITALS: Upgrade 200x Light Infantry to MinStr cyborgs (NOTE: Next turn we have to start upgrading the clones being grown!)
LABS: Begin research on ANOMALY BUILDING (ETC: Turn 73)
15,000x Nondurable Goods
2,000x Durable Goods
3x Test Pattern UCAVs
54x Bromeliads
7x Gunships
1x Heavy Bomber

Turn 73: New Actions
No. 218802 ID: c2c011

Start clearing that forest and digging in properly. Use the wood from the clearing out of trees to help with the building. Set up a proper trench system with enfilading fields of fire. Then set up barbed wire, mines and all that good stuff. We shall make any attempts to attack us on the ground into a freaking nightmare.

Oh, and get on repairing the Infractus guns. We might need some more orbital support. Other than that this seems like a good plan >>218796 so go for it.
No. 218807 ID: 8bdb6a

PS: If making mines and barbed wire and stuff costs BP, reduce the number of Broms that are built.
No. 218808 ID: 909f22

The Anomaly Building should be our number-one research subject. We can't be sure how long we'll be able to hold that spot or what that thing might do, so we have to research the hell out of it right away.

If we have any scientific resources left after that, then Computing Systems IV has been sitting around for too long, and I think it could really help in a number of areas. Even if we can't research it without slowing the Anomaly Building work it should be our next subject.
No. 218818 ID: 54af1f

Make sure to escort the drop ship groups into the anomaly and have them come in from orbit in fast, hard to shoot down paths. Use 6 Bombers loaded with carpet bombs and 12 interceptors (Napalm) to do this. They should avoid using their ordinance unless they're fired upon. Also use the MRLS to suppress any Dryad concentrations just before the drop ships arrive.

Meanwhile: talk to the rebels and get from them a list of targets they'd like bombed. Use combined groups of 24 gunships and 6 bombers (when the bombers aren't being used to guard the Anomaly air bridge) with the bombers loaded with whatever weapons are best for the target. Recon each target with interceptors and Test Patterns at very high altitude first, and don't attack any that seem to heavily guarded (we'll lance those later)
No. 218840 ID: 54af1f

Ghetto Edit: not fired upon, but under threat. They need to save ammo a bit. Don't just randomly bomb Dryads who aren't looking for a fight leave that to the MRLS.
No. 218875 ID: 8bdb6a

Giving the dropships a midsize Interceptor escort in case they're ambushed isn't a bad idea, but there's no need to mobilize bombers each time.

Also, bombing targets in support of the rebels probably isn't a bad idea except that I'm confident the Dryads will be taking pressure off of them to make another push on the Anomaly. We should keep the heavy bombers in reserve (with conventional loads of 20 regular sized bombs) in case we need them.
Depends on how their war's going. Maybe they could use some more guns?
No. 218877 ID: c2c011

More guns and more ammo probably isn't a bad idea even if they don't need them right now. Maybe we could allow an observer or two to see the remains of the battlefield and show them some footage from the battle. It might help stiffen their spine a bit if they see what they could do with more up to date weaponry and tactics. And if the story spreads they might gain a couple of more supporters.
No. 218887 ID: 54af1f


Ok, let's say just 12 interceptors on escort then.

Maybe 24 gunships for any normal targets... unless they give us something juicy like a castle or a giant tree.
No. 222770 ID: 96995f
File 128296336942.png - (126.83KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on:
ANOMALY BUILDING: Research has revealed it to be very similar in function to the spaceborne Anomaly near Ithaka. More details on the next post.

THE NEXUS: More details on next post
No. 222772 ID: 96995f
File 128296342596.png - (10.92KB , 567x359 , Different Map.png )

The Anomalies we have seen so far are simply teleportation gates between universes. They are the constructs of a civilization we know nearly nothing about. Aside from these portals, they have left virtually no pieces of technology behind.
These Anomalies are activated by these Discs. Each Anomaly is different in its connections to other Anomalies. In this Anomaly, for example, if you wanted to go to the region in the upper right triangle, you must place both the circled discs onto the platform in order to get there. Since each Anomaly’s network is different, there are multiple ways to get to any particular universe. The central indendation of the platform must contain the disc representing the current universe in order for it to work. The box at the bottom represents which Discs we currently have.
The main building of this Anomaly appears to be a storage facility, and it appears more than likely a few of those discs are stored within. The building remains sealed, however, because the scientists have discovered that entering it by force will cause the structure to self-destruct as safety mechanism.
Researching THE NEXUS will allow us entry into this building and thoroughly study what lies inside.
No. 222774 ID: 96995f
File 128296346489.png - (189.29KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 7.png )

Due to shortages in SUPERCONDUCTORS and CERAMICS, 2 FUSION CASTERS and the INTERPLANETARY RAILGUN have not been made this turn. In addition, the railgun barrels of the Infractus have not been renewed yet.
The workers and soldiers have been successfully deployed to the anomaly. There were some losses to guerrilla attacks before the trenches were dug and the forests were cleared. After the fortifications have been completed there were no reports of further attacks.
The rebels have been armed with more equipment and have the support of 24 GUNSHIPS and 12 INTERCEPTORS. Several smaller low-risk targets have been hit already. The loyalist Dryads appear to be stepping up their military, as more mages and warriors going on duty.
The small portals continue to dot the planet. Rebels claim to have observed some large, armored humanoids emerging from the portal. When they exit the portal it is destroyed, so it appears each of these smaller portals can only bring forth one creature.
No. 222778 ID: 97cb33

get several rebels who says they saw the humanoid to draw a picture of one together.
No. 222819 ID: 123e32


Entity detected a fair distance in the woods away from the nexus. Send a capture team after it.

If we've got Breakers showing up on the planet, we need to start thinking about our exit plan- and how to do it stealthily. Grab a hold of a Breaker, find out how long we have until a fleet gets here, and then have the research teams lay the foundations of the Breaker Plague project using our prisoner while we capture more.

Ideally, we should research the plague, coat the planet in it, and get out before a fleet arrives. No Breaker who lays eyes upon a human being can be allowed to live. Word of our presence cannot spread. When we leave, the Breakers will find a world completely uninhabitable to them due to the virus, keeping them from landing, investigating, or finding out where we went.
No. 222820 ID: 123e32

This is a long-term plan, mind you. We still need to get that biotronics facility p and get GEN ENG V.
No. 222907 ID: 54af1f

Let's attach a team of say 8 commandos to a rebel team and see if we can bag one of those critters. We don't know if they're breakers or what yet.
No. 222954 ID: 54af1f

NOW: Dispatch Destroyer Occisor and Corvette's Furor and Vitium to the exit portal of the anomaly we used to get to this universe. Rig it with a instant communicator and a camera so we can see if it exits, then return.

Dispatch Frigates Prokhorovka and Medina Ridge to the UB system to recontact the Shrimp Capitalists. Begin CULTURE TRADE and then begin researching them

NOW: withdraw the interceptors to save super conductor, add 12 more gunships to the rebel strikes

Use 8 Commandos to go with a rebel group and observe one of the portal critters. Keep 10 gunships from the group assisting the rebels and 40 light infantry ready to back them up if they get into trouble.

Begin Research:
36: Research <Unmanned> (from now on Rand-Shrimp) Culture
unless: we don't arrive this month. If we don't, research super gunships instead.
12: Nexus

x1 Temp Housing at the Anomaly
x1 Small store

x1 Giant space cannon (Irontown)

repair Infractus guns (this gets super conductor priority)
19,000x Nondurable Goods
2,000x Durable Goods
32x Chisel APCs

No. 223066 ID: 8bdb6a

Looks solid to me. Guess we'd might as well go ahead with the culture thing. I guess the worst that can happen is we give them enough information to decide we're anathema, which would probably be inevitable.
No. 223214 ID: a594b9

Rgh, I'm about ready to send out a cruiser to that SC-rich planet so we can make a mining colony and start shipping it out. This is ridiculous.

What are you hoping to accomplish by fucking with the portal we used to get here? We already know exactly how it works. That's a waste of time and resources.

Also, as far as the shrimps are concerned... Right now we're in the middle of a war, so they might get the wrong idea. I think we should hold off on that until the rebels win.

Anyway, priority is researching The Nexus. That will take... 5 turns, with 32 RP per turn. Meanwhile, we will continue to support the rebels. I agree with the commando team support idea for capturing one of those new guys. I also support giving them more guns or vehicles or really anything they want at this point.

...I think we're going to have to cut back on building shit with our factories. It seems our income can't support it. We're even running a bit low on Metal!

Okay, here's a tentative build order, for the next... let's say 2 turns. It looks like the Anomaly military outpost's morale is suffering from having no shelter, so let's build them some.

Shut down a M Factory and put workers into one of the M Derricks at Irontown.
The Nexus (finishes in 5 turns)
2x Large Ceramist (finishes in 4 turns)

1x S Power Plant (completes in 2 turns) -50 ceram -2 sc
1x Fortress (completes in 2 turns) -100ceram
5x Temporary Housing (completes this turn)
4x Autocannon Turrets (completes in 2 turns) -216ceram
39 ceram left.

15000x Nondurable
2000x Durable
250x CAR
25x Tactical Missile (pretty much the only thing that's useful that doesn't require ceramics, and not much SC)

15000x Nondurable
1000x Durable
12x Test Pattern
3x Carpet Bombs
No. 223223 ID: 8bdb6a

>Right now we're in the middle of a war, so they might get the wrong idea. I think we should hold off on that until the rebels win.
That's a good point. We are kinda invading their planet and stuff. We should hold off on revealing what we're doing.
No. 223274 ID: 54af1f


Except we need extra production now. We have complete control over the information we give them about the rebels, and can portray them any way we like.

Also that build has no Moon Gun on it :(
No. 223309 ID: 8bdb6a

>Also that build has no Moon Gun on it :(
Oh no!

Okay. We've got two more SC mines in production, and hopefully we don't need workers at the Anomaly to research Nexus, (it doesn't say we do) so we can run them.

Even if we need guys at the anomaly, we can shut down some nonvital things, since SC is most definitely vital.

I support >>222954
No. 223752 ID: aee08c

I continue to maintain that 'galts' would be a great name for the shrimps.
No. 225140 ID: 9546e4
File 128348504031.png - (188.23KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 8.png )


This build order is followed with the exception of the designated tech to research. THE NEXUS is researched instead. Also, the CERAMICS shortage forces the cancellation of the APCs.

The GUNSHIPs assaulting the targets chosen by the rebels are beginning to meet stiff resistance and random ambushes much more frequently now. 7 GUNSHIPs have been lost this turn, 4 from the most recent botched raid. Rumors spread among the Air Force that the rebels are misdirecting them intentionally.

Elsewhere, a team of 40 LIGHT INFANTRY, 10 GUNSHIPS, 8 COMMANDOs and 24 REBELs have gone hunting for one of the recently warped-in creatures. They seem to be far more elusive now, as the team spent nearly a week searching for a single one. They only managed to spot one, and it ran away and vanished almost as soon as they saw it. It appeared to be a hulking, dog-like humanoid and was equipped with some sort of shield. Even the COMMANDOs' advanced rail-rifles were ineffective against it. It is much faster than any of our infantry, and it has managed to evade our eyes in the sky and the exceptional tracking abilities of the COMMANDOs.

That dot was just a little artistic error. Sorry.

They must be present to research. To ensure there is enough people present a MEDIUM FACTORY has been shut down. It's not like it was being used anyways.
No. 225144 ID: 8bdb6a

>Rumors spread among the Air Force that the rebels are misdirecting them intentionally.
>24 REBELs ... They seem to be far more elusive now
That's definitely very suspicious, but I don't know what we can do about it.

Rebel direction of air forces is to be more of a suggestion than a rule. We can deploy some light infantry scouts to guide them ourselves, right? Let's do that. Let's say, another 80 guys.

Damned if I know what to do about the gnoll/bigfoot things, other than distribute more Breaker weapons. Our troops will soon be outnumbered by enemies immune to infantry weapons and who knows what else.
No. 225153 ID: 97cb33

just maintain defensive perimeter, if any try to engage us then their shields will be overwhelmed by shear volume of fire.
No. 225244 ID: a594b9

I think it's most likely that these new enemies are able to read the minds of our Dryad rebel buddies. It's not that we're being betrayed, it's that they're intrinsically unable to keep secrets from them. Or they just have advanced intelligence-gathering magic. Or maybe we've got spies.

In any case I doubt the rebels are willingly betraying us. The fact that these beasts aren't attacking implies that they are either building up forces for a push, or doing other things behind the scenes. I think it's both.

I suggest taking a MORE aggressive military stance. If they're forewarned let's just fuck their shit up. Support the rebels with a swarm of 50 BROMs, and let them have 10 of our APCs to help out. Maybe we can soften shit up with cruiser missiles too.

That's not to say we shouldn't at least investigate the rebels with Commandos/Weavers to see if we can sniff out any possible spies. I mean, it's kindof odd that there are rebel Mages when they're getting magic from an outside source... wouldn't turning against that source's wishes cut off the magic flow?

Let's try to restrict freedom of information, too. Communicate only with the original group of rebels we initially contacted; all new members of the rebel forces are now suspected of being spies and thus will receive orders with short enough notice to make it near-impossible for a spy to reveal our plans.

Oh, I'd like to point out that if Test Patterns are unable to spot these guys from the air... then it's far more likely that the problem isn't with the rebels, but that the enemy has a more advanced way to predict our movements. Or a better 'radar'. There might be no spies involved here! These dogthings could just be really fucking sneaky.
No. 225259 ID: c71597

Hmm, we should probably stop trusting the rebels intel. It's quite likely that they don't really want us there either, they just want to get rid of the mages. If they figure they have a better shot at it now they might start being assholes. We should give them plans on how to make crossbows, matchlocks and primitive rifles first though. That should make sure they last a bit longer.

And those damn things can move faster than our enhanced infantry. Not good. Not sure what we can do about it though, except as Test said and upgrade our infantry guys weapons. Giving the ones with enhancements big fucking guns might also work a bit and cost less SC.
No. 225260 ID: 97cb33

i agree with most of this. assume dog things are like bio engineered commandos. they are super sneaky and tough.
but let's not charge harder. once we unlock the nexus we can shut down the magic grid and dick them all up.
No. 225281 ID: 54af1f

This. Also start giving the Rebels HUD units and stuff so they can't be mind controlled. Find anyone we've got with counter intelligence experience and begin working to root out the infiltration.

Continue Anomaly Research.

Clear a larger field of fire around the Anomaly. The clear zone should extend so that our MBTs have a clear line view from their positions on the parameter to the edge of their weapons range.

Put the cruiser on hold. We need the SC and Ceramics more for ground units.

1 Large Ceramicist (Iron Town)
2 Twin Howitzer Towers (Anomaly)
4 Triple Auto-Canon towers (Anomaly)
4 Chain gun Arrays (Anomaly)

Factory Build
10 Super BRICs
10 Gunships
80 Seeker rifles

Reequip Commandos with Seeker rifles
No. 225289 ID: 54af1f

When did we learn we can shut down magic with the nexus?
No. 225292 ID: 97cb33

simple. the nexus controls dimensional travel. their magic comes from another universe. close off access to the other universe magic goes away.
No. 225299 ID: 54af1f


The nexus is one way of traveling between universes. We don't know it's the only way.
No. 225302 ID: 54af1f

Ghetto Edit: 17 Research Anomaly/15 research Fusion Bombs.
No. 225353 ID: 54af1f

Actually, let me do a second iteration of this. Everything about counter intelligence unchanged, but build order changed too:
Research: 15 Fusion bombs
17 Nexus

Clear a larger field of fire around the Anomaly. The clear zone should extend so that our MBTs have a clear line view from their positions on the parameter to the edge of their weapons range.

Put the cruiser on hold. We need the SC and Ceramics more for ground units. Shut down the space factories for now (or 1 if we need 1 to repair the carrier's guns)

1 Large Ceramicist (Iron Town)
2 Twin Howitzer Towers (Anomaly)
8 Triple Auto-Canon towers (Anomaly)
1 Small Generator (Anomaly)

Factory Build
10 Super BRICs
10 Gunships
60 Seeker rifles

Reequip Commandos with Seeker rifles
No. 226213 ID: 4ffac5
File 128366071767.png - (190.05KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 9.png )

Due to SC shortages, all Blaster Rifles and one GUNSHIP have been canceled.

LIGHT INFANTRY are now being used to verify that Rebel-chosen targets are safe enough to assault with GUNSHIPS. These raids are happening much less frequently and only against cautiously chosen targets, but so far no GUNSHIPS have been shot down this turn.

FUSION BOMBS have been researched. A FUSION BOMB payload (Napalm Canister sized) costs 1 SC and 1 FUEL, and has a larger blast radius and hotter temperature (but shorter burn time) than the Napalm Canister.

50 BROMELIADS and 10 APCs have been lent to the Rebels to support them. Unfortunately, BROMELIADS on their own are simply too obvious and weak to stand unassisted, and all of them that go into action are destroyed. The only ones remaining are ones that patrol a certain Rebel outpost. The APCs do not fare well either, being ambushed as they ferry Rebel warriors around. In general, the Rebel movement has taken a turn for the worse; more and more of their hideouts have been compromised and they are losing hope. The Rebels report that the new invaders are beginning to assault their own encampments. The shields render their ranged weapons ineffective, but hand to hand combat appears to ignore their shield. Unfortunately this new threat is devastating in melee combat, with strength and speed that surpasses even the toughest Dryads.
No. 226228 ID: 55e935

Wait a minute. I see an opportunity.

Post capture teams at the remaining rebel strongholds. If we can't go out hunting for them, the rebel bases will act as lures for the invaders. As for when we do encounter them, we need to develop a capture protocol and tools to minimize losses and ensure success. I recommend designing a hand-to-hand weapon that will deliver a massive electric charge on contact. After stunning, they're to be moved into a cargo craft and immobilized by severing the major muscle groups. With rotary saws. Once it's biologically impossible for them to break free, bring them back to base for live study.

This is not a complete capture plan, so if anyone can improve it, please do.
No. 226229 ID: 97cb33

or use breaker weapons on them. may not get a live one but those should get through the shields.
No. 226235 ID: 8bdb6a

SURE WOULD BE NICE IF WE ENGINEERED THOSE GIANT SERGALS, HUH?Not sure what to do about the Snarren. Can we start rigging Weavers with suicide bombs?
No. 226237 ID: a594b9

Shit, we need to shore up the rebels' defenses. Seriously. LOTS of heavy troops. Send in 200 more light infantry and 300 powered armor troops. The powered armor guys should be able to punch the shit out of these furbags. Freely hand out blaster rifles both to our reinforcements and the rebels.
No. 226243 ID: 55e935

And while we're at it, have some of the soldiers at the Anomaly do a little deforestation over there to widen our no-man's-land fish-in-a-barrel range.
No. 226351 ID: 54af1f

We need to start giving the rebels heavy assistance here.

Ask the rebels if they're still leery about nuclear strikes. If not, pick out a large, important, enemy concentration (a castle or the like) and nuke it. Attack several other targets with tactical missiles (5)

Deploy 300 light infantry armed with breaker weapons, and 300 powersuit infantry, 100 Broms, 10 super BRICs (Auto-Auto-Caster-Caster), 8 more APCs, 30 LUVs, 6 tanks, 6 MRLS and 5 Slowpokes to safeguard their core areas, and begin mounting a counter offensive.

36 gunships will support this effort, other aircraft will remain on standby to support specific operations, as will orbital strike assets. This force will be designated Task Force Valkyrie.

The light infantry are to be deployed in platoon strength (24) person teams with the Rebels, their job is three fold:

First: they are to teach the Dryads how we fight, and learn from them how to survive in this environment.
Second: They are to call air, MRLS, and orbital strikes on enemy forces.
Third: they are to show the Dryad rebels we're right on the line with them, and assess the rebel groups loyalty, ensuring none of them sneak off to get infiltrated.

The Broms, Slowpokes and 100 of the power suit infantry will guard Rebel core areas and protect the MRLS and the like. The MRLS will stay with them but be shifted to support other operations.

Meantime, all other assets will form into a mobile force. This Force will operate in two ways. First it will be deployed against any serious push against the Rebels. Second they will form a hard fist to take objectives, shatter enemy resistance and the like.

Research: Super Gunship (30 RP)
Nexus (2 RP)

30 Fusion Bombs
100 Breaker Rifles
10 Heavy Seeker Blasters
30 APCs
No. 226361 ID: c71597

Hmm, our max str guys should be stronger than dryads. And we have over 80 of those. Lets try some traps and if they don't work then our guys gets to try capture at close range.

The traps should be something simple, like a spiketrap coated with tranq's strong enough to knock out elephants. Which might not work at them sadly but we can give it a try.

Then we need some restraints, something that can keep a MBT from moving. That should be enough to make sure these furry fucks can't get away.

And lastly we need some close combat stuff for our capture group. Contact tazers might work, atleast if they deliver a high enough voltage. And if that doesn't work then some very extremly sturdy batons or staffs should do the trick.

Then we can try to gather up enough subjects to engineer a plague towards the fuzzy bastards. Then it doesn't really matter if the Dryads open up more portals, because when the furries come through they will be infected and soon dying.

Hmm, if we made the plague into something that infects dryads as well but is harmless to them then we could probably make the whole planet very inhospitable to the fuzzy things.
No. 226362 ID: 97cb33

think we should do the opposite, go full force and then dial BACK to non-lethal. see exactly where the line is for their shields.
No. 226430 ID: 54af1f

I'm with this, maximum force first, then dial it down if it works.
No. 226799 ID: 8bdb6a

Begin training 600x new Light Infantry and 100x new Crew.

If we still can, spend 10 IP now to upgrade 200 of the guys who are finishing Gestation with MinStr cybernetics. If we can't do that, upgrade 200x existing Light Infantry to MinStr.

Labs: Research Heavy Gunship (30RP) and "Bob-omb" Weaver drone (2RP)

Factories: (330 BP produced)
250 BP worth of Pike-Mounted-Shaped-Charges, RPGs, Mines, and other Infantry Weapons for the Rebels
300x Walking Bomb drones (60 BP)
14,000 Nondurable Goods
1,000 Durable Goods

Launch forces to assist the rebels as detailed by >>226351
Also send along the 250 BP of infantry weapons for the Rebel Dryads, and the 300 walking bombs. Let's see a Snarren punch one of THOSE.
No. 229710 ID: 2a2151
File 128425561021.png - (224.35KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 10.png )

Build order is followed, minus 80 BEARDY BOBs due to SC shortages.

The "Chorus" HEAVY GUNSHIP and the "BEARDY BOB" suicide WEAVER have been developed.

Equipment and large numbers of reinforcements are sent to the main headquarters of the Dryad resistance. Most of their outlying hideouts have either been compromised or forced to go underground completely and cease all resistance-related activities to avoid detection. The weapons and soldiers used to defend the main resistance region halt the enemy advances, while Task Force Valkyrie helps increase cooperation between the Rebels and us, as well as successfully pinpointing several enemy targets for bombardment.

Task Force Valkyrie also has gathered some valuable information from various Rebel sources. It appears the largest conentration of these doglike aliens, which the Dryads call the "Snarren" (but our troops refer to as "poodles) , are mostly massing for a large attack on either the Rebel main headquarters (a largish village near the ruins of New Monument) or the Anomaly.

The troops tasked with defending the Rebels have encountered some mixed raids by Snarren and Dryad forces. The Dryads try to hit our vehicles while the Snarren run up to engage in melee. Assault rifles, chainguns, indirect hits from grenade launchers, missiles and autocannons are ineffective. Breaker weapons are only marginally effective, taking at least two LIGHT INFANTRY with BLASTER RIFLES or a single FREQUENCY BLASTER constantly firing on a single ambushing Snarren warrior to take him down before he engages in melee. Direct hits from railguns, missiles and autocannon will deactivate their shields. Incendiary weapons are very effective against them. MBT weapons can also destroy them very easily, but the reload time is a rather large drawback. The BEARDY BOBs detonate with enough force to kill a warrior in one hit and are effective at covering our infantry lines. Unfortunately, the Snarren are slowly understanding that these drones are very dangerous for their health, and appear to be trying out new tactics to circumvent them. POWER INFANTRY can take on warriors on about a one-to-one ratio and win, but the lack of hand-to-hand training as well as good melee weapons is a big drawback (Chainguns are unwieldy bludgeons). The Snarren also have been attempting to assault our vehicles. One has successfully taken down a BRIC by entering it's blind-zone, breaking the cockpit and killing the pilot, but aside from that no successful boardings have occurred.

From the Snarren corpses we have collected, we can perform an autopsy on them. It costs 15RP and doesn't lead to any other immediate techs for the time being.

Of minor note, we have found about half a dozen POWER INFANTRY who claim to be members of a boxing club they formed back on Ithaka. They have proven themselves very adept at punching the warriors to death, but have broken formation several times to charge the enemy head on. Punishing them as protocol dictates will quell further hot-headed POWER INFANTRY from riskily charging the enemy for personal glory, but would probably gain us a little unpopularity with their supporters and friends (which is a sizable chunk of the military population)
No. 229808 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128427167632.jpg - (114.82KB , 750x600 , bomb_them.jpg )

>It appears the largest concentration of Snarren are massing for a large attack on either the Rebel main headquarters or the Anomaly.
No. 229815 ID: 97cb33

don't punish, commend them on a job well done but also have them to figure out tactics and plans so that instead of breaking formation they create a new formation.
No. 229858 ID: a594b9

Bomb the SHIT out of those Snarren. Napalm should work. If we don't take out enough to dissuade them from attacking, then use a few orbital strikes.

Let's start making melee weapons for our powered armor dudes. Some heavy clubs or blades should be good. Or just spiked knuckles on the powered armor.
No. 229861 ID: 97cb33

think that something good would be leaf-blades the size of claymores. their massive strength making them pretty good and training with them.
No. 229865 ID: 04b0cf

Punish them in the form of a quick and harsh crash-course on military discipline and formations. This will gain less negative effects, and solve the issue at the same time.
No. 229935 ID: c71597

Give the power infantry guys medals for close combat. Then give them a new assignment, they're to find it who else in the army has martial arts training and then gather them up to create a school of military martial arts for our soldiers. It would be good if it includes fighting in power armour and how to make the most out of streangth enhancements in a fight. It would also be good to see if we can get some sturdy knives or machetes made for our enhanced guys and power infantry.

And lets get this autopsy on the road as soon as we can.

And a large amount of enemy are massing you say? Oh look at that, we have nukes. I think we should see how they like some nukes up their ass. Send in infantry with proper radiation shielded gear right after the explosion to hit them hard and take down anything still standing. Any outlying positions not directly hit by the blast should still be disorganised as hell and an easy target. So take down those as well.
No. 229963 ID: a594b9

Can we not nuke the forest, please? We know incendiary weapons work against them (KILL THEM WITH FIRE) so let's just stick with that.

Sounds like we need to outfit more of our BRICs with fusion casters. And just... make fusion casters I guess. CONSTRUCT MORE BOB BOMBS! And send in more Bromeliads to the front lines.

Oh, if autocannon shots disable the shields, then let's try to capture one after the shield is down. Tranq rifles ahoy!
No. 229965 ID: 54af1f

Let's have a nice big aerospace strike on the Poodle assembly area. 5 units of orbital fire, 20 interceptors loaded with plasma, and 7 bombers loaded with FAE, plus all the MRLS we can bring into range.
No. 230050 ID: c71597

Nukes make for a bigger explosion and a burn hotter than napalm. 1 nuke will achieve alot more than bombing the place with napalm. The forrest gets fucked either way, so I would rather use something with alot more bang to make a lasting impression on the little puppydogs.
No. 230069 ID: c71597

Or fuck it. Lets go with the napalm and shit.

I still think we need to set up our guys with some cqc classes though. Although that should be something they already should have. But I guess military training got sloppy once they started toting around railguns.
No. 230115 ID: 97cb33

yes, napalm. or whatever we got instead. just make a wolf roast.
No. 230142 ID: d560d6

This approach to the boxing lot sounds good. Also seconding the autopsy ASAP.
>Incendiary weapons are very effective against them
Great. The furries are here and we can kill them with fire.

How tight is the grouping of massing poodles? If it's wide enough to justify it, I favour the nuke; sending aircraft in again at this point sounds like we'd be in for a lot of losses.
No. 230218 ID: 8bdb6a

This, but with all 10 units of Orbital Lances and task the Interceptors only to suppressing ground fire.

(Hey, how come no progress was made on the Cruiser between turns 74 and 75?)

It's becoming increasingly clear that we don't have the resources to run our industry at present levels. Shut down both active Medium Factories, freeing up 250 workers. (Factories now producing 315 BP/month, not including the orbital facility's usage)
If that's still not enough workers, shut down the Electrolysis plant and maybe some Uranium Filters. If that's not enough, shut down the Medium Entertainment at Irontown. They've got a giant cannon lobbing chunks of metal at a planet, now. That's pretty entertaining.

NOW (turn 76):
Begin equipping soldiers with more FLAMERS, RPGs and ANTI-MATERIEL RIFLES.
Stop training the 100 furthest-from-graduating Crewmen. I think there was a mistake. We don't need 1,020 crew.
Begin training 600x Nonworkers as Light Infantry
Begin training 200x Nonworkers as Power Infantry (I'm not sure if we can actually train this many guys at once, but I assume we can use spare University capacity for the military. Training as a future soldier is more about learning than push-ups, I figure)

Upgrade 200x Light Infantry to MinStr. Rotate to the front ASAP. (Not sure how many of these guys we have by now, total.)

200x Primary Melee Weapons (100 Metal / 100 Ceramics) for Power Infantry / Cyborgs
1,200x Secondary Melee Weapons (600 Metal) for Power Infantry / Cyborgs
4x Fusion Casters
30x Nondurable Goods
2x Durable Goods
1x Fuel-Air Explosive
1x Test Pattern UCAV
10x APCs (Loadout: Any unassigned Fusion Casters, if any, and the rest with Flamers)
2x Heavy Gunships (Loadout: Fusion Casters / Plasma Canisters / Napalm Rockets / Loudspeakers that play 'Fortunate Son,' 'Purple Haze,' and 'White Rabbit')
Up to 45 BP to more Infantry Flamers, Anti-Materiel Rifles, RPGs, and land mines. If this is unnecessary, use this BP to build 3x MBTs instead.
Cost (assuming 3x MBTS): 337Metal 388Ceramics, 38SC, 64Uranium, 41 Fuel

Deploy the Secondary Melee Weapons to power-troops and MaxStr cyborgs at the front, as needed.
Deploy all 10x of the new APCs and the 2x Heavy Gunships to the Rebel Defense.
Deploy 200x more Power Infantry (including 100 meleeists) to the Rebel Defense.
269x new MinStr Clonetroopers are ready for deployment. Send 169x to the Rebel Defense zone and 100x to the Anomaly. Spread 'em out a bit so they integrate a little better.

Prepare a Reaction Force of 6x Dropships loaded with:
-100x Melee Power Infantry (ideally including a Gester with three axes)
-100x Regular Power Infantry
-100x Light Infantry (As many MaxStr as possible)
-88x Reavers
-3x Forge Caster Tanks
-2x SPAAGs with AA Railguns (rapid fire armor piercing!)
We don't know where the Snarren are going to attack, but when we do, we'll send these guys in to help stop them. Remember to send them down at high angles of attack from extreme altitude, over friendly areas, to minimize the chances of any being shot down.
We'll call this Task Force Viking.

Don't punish the Boxer Squad... for now. We're restructuring things for more melee, but also more killing-things-with-plasma. Hopefully, this will make the problem solve itself, since obeying orders now combines their two favorite things: bludgeoning Snarren to death and not being incinerated.
No. 230220 ID: 8bdb6a

LABS: Continue research on Nexus
GESTATION TANKS: Put another 300 buns in the oven, if they aren't already.
No. 230288 ID: 8bdb6a

Looking over our totals... tell the Interceptors to only actually drop their ordnance if it's necessary. We are so short on SC that I can't believe we just doubled our production.

>Begin training 600x Nonworkers as Light Infantry
>Begin training 200x Nonworkers as Power Infantry
...yeah, actually we don't have nearly this much capacity. Scratch that.
No. 230368 ID: 70d9eb

Make a tank that constantly spins and is covered in blades. And also it's on fire.
There's a little fuel dispenser at the beginning of each blade and a lighter so there's also streaming lines of flame.
And you set a perimeter of these to protect against furries.
No. 233516 ID: 3ab723
File 128535850644.png - (147.80KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 11.png )

The cruiser made no progress because it was ordered to be halted to save on resources.

Troops and vehicles have been produced and deployed. The reinforcements have allowed the Rebel Counteroffensive to make some major progress, regaining some territory from the Loyalist forces and securing the Rebel HQ. The new HEAVY GUNSHIPS have proven to be fairly effective at bombing runs and even better at close air support. Their heavy plating enables them to shrug off attacks that would have downed a regular GUNSHIP. Still, they are not invincible and a well placed charged spell could take one out of commission.

Orbibal bombardments and aerial strikes attempt to weaken the ground based Snarren forces, but they are far too spread out to do much damage. 45 SC will be needed to repair the Infractus's railguns.

The overly-enthusiastic POWER INFANTRY has been lightly reprimanded for their brash actions. The situation more or less has been resolved without strong effects either way.

The new melee weapon armed soldiers are able to take on the Snarren more effectively and defend gun-toting soldiers from the enemy's whirling blades, but casualties among such soldiers are still comparatively high. Regardless of our change in tactics, it does not alter the fact that the Snarren are basically bred for melee combat and are blatantly far more cost-effective than any melee trooper we can field.

Autopsies on the Snarren have been concluded. Like the Dryads, their physiology is rather ordinary and their supernatural capabilities seem to have nothing to do with their physical bodies. They are tougher and faster than we are, but have less refined higher-level cognitive abilities.

A message from the outpost at the Anomaly arrives:
Power Infantry-0248: "Anomaly Base to HQ, our scans have suddenly picked up large numbers of Loyalist forces completely surrounding our defensive perimeter. Their cloaks allowed them to slip under our long-range radar. Scanners report that they've got a dozen or so big things with them. They are out of visual right now, but slowly approaching our position. They're spread out too, so the MLRS batteries haven't been able to get good shots in. Requesting immediate support."

Such a marvelous weapon would cost of 1.658E24 units of BUILD GRIST, 4500 TARNISHED CANS OF AWESOMESAUCE, a bajillion SPACE-NUGGETS and a single ULTRA MILLENNIUM PEARL OF MEGA DESTINY FATE.
No. 233522 ID: 2563d4

Well, they disobeyed orders to burn that forest back a good long way, so they get to be ablative armour for the science team. :3
No. 233528 ID: 5f0943

Deploy task force viking to the anomaly.
Perhaps Valkyrie too, but I think I'll leave that decision to people with a better sense of judgment than me.

Construct two more Heavy gunships, those things are damned useful.
Also, repair the railguns on the Infractus, never know when one needs orbital bombardment.
Of course, if there are more immediate concerns that needs to be addressed, then that takes higher priority.
No. 233536 ID: e40e60

Burn fucking everything.
No. 233537 ID: a594b9

Air lift in all remaining MBTs and MRLS to the Anomaly. Plus the BRICs we have. Let's leave all our BROMs behind to defend the main base just in case... as well as at least 300 light infantry and 300 power infantry. The remaining Power Infantry should be sent to reinforce the Anomaly.

ALSO MAKE MORE BEARDY BOBS! We're almost out. 300 of them should tide us over for a while! Send 100 to the Anomaly and the rest to the rebels.
No. 233542 ID: 1ede3a

actually, if you look the ground has grass and then there is a gap of bare ground. they HAVE been burning it, it's just slow going due to shear number of trees and the thickness of them.

anyway, while defending use the bobs to attack the beasts. the explosions would cripple or kill them, making the dryads have to fight by themselves against the turrets.
No. 233548 ID: 54af1f

Start dropping artillery on the big thing. I don't care the enemies are too spread out for a real good shot, just start hitting them with MRLS and Howitzer fire.

Get Viking into an assault orbit where they can rapidly descend to aid the anomaly but don't deploy them yet. Do however pull the gunships and heavy gunships in the air and get them headed to the Anomaly. They're to form up and attack in coordination with the MRLS.

Also put a mix of FAE and cluster bombs on the bombers and get them in the air. Don't commit them yet however.
No. 233583 ID: a09a03

Immediately deploy Task Force Viking to reinforce the Anomaly. (Shouldn't the Melee troops be Power Infantry? I thought they needed to be?)
Withdraw all the Gunships and Heavy Gunships and redeploy them to support the anomaly troops, ASAP. That should help counter the giant monsters.
Open fire immediately with the howitzers. They should have plenty of ammunition. If there's ample MLRS reloads (and there fucking well better be!), have those do the same.

If the enemy stays spread out to deal with our artillery, that should work to our advantage, since we have over a thousand troops, ten turrets, and 62 armored fighting vehicles in prepared defensive positions, soon to be reinforced with 300 more troops and 3 more tanks.
(Although they have apparently chosen not to move the treeline further away for some reason)

Just in case, begin prepping 3x more Dropships with 200x more Power Infantry and 2x more Main Battle Tanks.

Looks like we only have enough SC for one shot from the Moon Gun. We'll keep that in reserve. For the love of God, don't waste SC on Interceptor bombs!

>ALSO MAKE MORE BEARDY BOBS! We're almost out. 300 of them should tide us over for a while!
That would require 150 SC.
We have 12.
I honestly don't anticipate us making any more of those things. Too expensive.
No. 233585 ID: c71597

Send in taskforce Viking as support and prepare to send in more waves if it's necessary.

Prepare the defences to recieve enemies and send out a few drones to catch a view of the huge things.

Damn it, I really wish we had some kick ass chemical weapons now. Spraying the entire forrest with it from high altitude and firing off a few chemical canisters should break up the assault nicely. Hmm, we should get some for the future, can't afford to play nice with these small margins.
No. 238438 ID: 8385f5
File 128623236591.png - (134.53KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 10.png )

The cleared ground has been expanded, but as >>233542
stated, the size and number of trees needed to be cleared reduced the amount of empty ground we could obtain.

Task Force Viking arrives and is currently deploying into the defensive perimeter.

Also, either POWER INFANTRY or augmented LIGHT INFANTRY can wield melee weapons. POWER INFANTRY are better at it though.

The additional reinforcements consisting of the loaded DROPSHIPS and two HEAVY GUNSHIPS are making their way to the ANOMALY. They have to move a very large distance over the planet, so the ETA is over two hours.

The Dryad mages stay back in the treeline and prepare their spells and cover the Snarren advance. The first wave of Snarren charge into the open, being quickly cut down by large volumes anti-armor and incendiary fire. The Howitzer shells and MLRS missiles are currently bombarding the Dryads hiding in the trees.

Then the big blips on the radar finally show themselves.

Power Infantry-248: "You getting this Admiral? Craziest fucking creature I've seen. The giant poodle things have a huge energy shield in front of them, nothing we've got can break it, not even direct hits from MBT heavy railguns! The fusion casters seem to be able to slow it down since it looks like its feet are unprotected, but they're still coming in fast!"
No. 238440 ID: a9bea6

Focus fire, it may be able to shrug off one but can it take several at once? get three tanks lined up and do a broadside, simultaneous fire. that much ordinance at the same time may just crack them. if that fails then increase number and try again with some some infantry guns as well as infantry breaker weapons. try to time shots so they all impact near the same time.
No. 238442 ID: 2563d4

Don't suppose any of the artillery or defences includes tankbusting missiles with a vertical trajectory? Because otherwise getting behind those is probably going to mean the air power that isn't going to get there in time. :/
No. 238443 ID: a594b9

Hmm. We have a bunch of reavers. Drop them on top of the huge snarren via gunships. They can climb in them and shoot them in the face.

Or we could just swarm them with bromeliads. 20 to each bigdog should work, right?

Maybe ram them with LUVs... or blow some craters in the ground to fuck up their footing.
No. 238444 ID: a9bea6

oh and just about ignore the small snarren, the troops, main concern is focusing on the big things.
No. 238452 ID: a09a03
File 128623543929.gif - (17.10KB , 400x324 , interlocking_fields_of_fire.gif )

Try and make arcing shots with Breaker guns.

Toss grenades and satchel charges.

But most importantly, way more importantly than that last-ditch shit: USE INTERLOCKING FIELDS OF FIRE.

If all else fails, we'll need to use hunter killer teams with anti-tank rockets to hit the big monsters from the sides. This could be something as simple as moving a few feet from a fighting position to get a better angle on one that's attacking someone else. (See again: Interlocking fields of fire, which are useful as standard practice anyway because it puts the enemy in enfilade)
No. 238458 ID: a09a03

We definitely need to clear away the regular sized critters to give our troops freedom to hit the big guys, but on the bright side, we've finally got some serious melee power present at the front. (As soon as the melee troopers finish deploying, at least)

We've got over a thousand troops here. We can do more than one thing at a time.
No. 238461 ID: 54af1f

Try to arc some seeker rounds under the shields. Concentrate all rail guns on those critters. Keep the treeline suppressed and use auto cannons on the other Snarren.

Have a light infantry team sneak forward and lay mines in their path. Start getting a power infantry team together to blow its feet off with Bangalore torpedoes if necessary.
No. 238462 ID: 54af1f

Oh and get bombers in the air loaded with FAE and carpet bombs.
No. 238506 ID: e40e60

Hit those big guys with some indirect fire.
No. 247675 ID: fb2c2c
File 128796183431.png - (114.67KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 11.png )

The MBTs use their guns to attack the squishy sides of the large Snarren. Most of them are down, but a pair of them have evaded the heavy fire and are now approaching dangerously close to the gunline in two different locations, a host of smaller warriors in its wake. Ordering the infantry and the lighter vehicles to target the big warriors' flanks will likely bring them down quickly, but would allow some of the smaller warriors to engage in melee.

The majority of kills are coming from the Fusion Casters and Autocannons mounted on the SLOWPOKES and BRICs. The sheer mass of infantry fire overwhelms a few smaller warriors, but they must focus their fire on a single one for several seconds to successfully bring one down.

In addition, the treeline behind the largest Snarren advances are beginning to spark madly with larger spells. The Howitzers and MLRS are hitting the targets there, but the treeline is too wide for them to take care of all of the mages.

A pair of tanks attempt to focus fire on a large Snarren warrior. The shield flickers and is obviously weakened, but still remains to protect the warrior. The interlocking field of fire tactic is proving more effective.

Unfortunately the MLRS cannot track well enough to score a hit on a fast moving big dog.

The seekers don't curve enough to hit the target behind the shield.

It would simply take to long to arm the bombers and get them to fly halfway across the planet to the battlefield.

Mines are more of a pre-battle thing, and infantry are already ready to lob grenades one the enemy gets too close. Also, it was not specified to bring explosive pike weapons in this engagement beforehand, so your other plan cannot be put into action.
No. 247684 ID: 2563d4

How are the science team doing at doing science to the science thing?
No. 247685 ID: 1854db

Use the LUVs to zoom around behind the big guys' shields.

As for the spells, let's take some strike teams in APCs in there to eliminate them. Powered Armor troops of course. 3 APCS full for each side. PMelee *and* gun wielding folk.

I'm thinking we could also swarm the big dogs with BROMs. Just overwhelm them.
No. 247738 ID: 54af1f

Ok, split the tanks into 2 groups of six, they're to push out of the gun line at high speed, cross fire the Big Dogs and then blast the large spell areas with direct fire before pulling back.
No. 247740 ID: 54af1f

In fact combine these plans.
No. 247817 ID: 7c1d97

Oh god more fucking portals.

Howitzers and MLRs: Concentrate barrages on the largest spells, ignore the rest of the mages. MBTs, help them out.

Send the LUVs to flank only the two close large beasts, and try to keep them as far from the treeline as possible. Have them come back behind the wall and keep the engines running while they wait for the next group of giants to come in close. Ideally, they should jump out, swing behind the Snarren just as they get to the wall, fire, and then jump right back inside before the mages can shoot them down.

That takes care of the treeline and the big guys, so the Fusion Casters and infantry should just keep doing what they do and we'll be fine against the smaller Snarren.

Also, since it looks like the killing field is clear, save the two groups the LUVs will target, have the infantry lay down tons of cover fire on the treeline so that no mages will be able to shoot down the LUVs while they pop out.
No. 247825 ID: a09a03

Continue focusing on the Snarren charge. Hopefully the magic will take awhile to complete. After we fend off the wave, we can attack with tanks and stuff.

If something 'orrible comes out, we can hopefully wipe out half of them with the Moon Gun. We've got one shot. That's more or less instantaneous, right?
No. 250383 ID: bdca95
File 128848454087.png - (134.84KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 12.png )

The artillerypieces begin focus their fire on the portals, but only manage to down 4. The portals now appear to nearly fully materialized, each HOWITZER or MLRS turret will likely only be able to down one more portal each before they are completed.

The LUVs are rapidly loaded and sent forth to deal with the approaching larger Snarren. An attempt is made to make the charge as
planned, though the desired timeframe is too small to pull it off perfectly. In addition, the treeline is too far to effectively suppress it. The southern border sends the LUVs out too early and many of the LUVs are lost to Dryad fire coming from the trees. The northern border charges the LUVs too late and the large Snarren warrior reaches the gunline. As soon as the large warrior is in melee distance, the frontal shield gets absorbed into his body. He no longer has an invulnerable side, but his flesh has become more resistant to our weapons and he continues to fight despite his massive wonds. His magically charged claws destroy a howitzer gun and a few vehicles before he is reduced to a bloody pulp by the combined arms fire of the entire northern gunline. His charged flesh appeared to be equally affected by both mass small arms fire and armor-piercing shots.

The are currently too preoccupied with watching the battle. From a safe distance, of course.

The idea is put on hold for now due to too high risk. The volume of anti-armor spells coming from the treeline when the LUVs charged is too much to handle at the moment, not to mention the fact the Snarren are still charging.

The firing will be instantaneous, but it will be some seconds before the shots reach the planet. This generally isn't too much of a problem unless the target is moving extremely fast or unpredictably.
No. 250386 ID: fba40f

Take out the portals to the south with the ground artillery, and the ones to the north with the Moon Gun. The Moon Gun will probably take out a nice big chunk of forest as well, and the guys on the northwest corner could use some help it seems.
No. 250403 ID: 46c430

This plan sounds pretty good, but I am a little uncertain if it's wise, considering two things: The portals might complete and spit out whoever's coming through before the moon cannon can blow them up, and it might not have a big enough blast radius to destroy all the portals to the northwest. And considering the northwest has lost a gun, I don't think we should risk an untested weapon on that flank. Take out the three portals to the northwest with the howitzer and MLRS turrets, and shoot at the middle portal at the southeast with the moon cannon.
No. 250405 ID: 2563d4

>They are currently too preoccupied with watching the battle.
Oh, they are so getting an unsatisfactory performance review this year.
No. 250421 ID: fba40f

Good point. Follow this plan instead.
No. 250467 ID: 1854db

Move troops to reinforce the directions the spells are in! We have some leeway on the eastern front.
No. 250949 ID: df2fbd

I was going to say this until I saw you say it.

Moon Gun the south. If it's only a matter of seconds, then it should beat those portals to the finish line, and if it doesn't, it will completely ruin the day of whatever decides to come out of there.
Further reasons for hitting the south side with the Moon Gun: there's three big snarren grouped over there, whereas the north only has two.

Total barrage on the north side with conventional artillery. Have the tanks and the railgun turrets form, one the west side, one of those interlocking fire patterns that worked so well before.

Also, can we have a time check on those reinforcements? As soon as they arrive, we should do a counter-push to intimidate them and break the attack. Since they'll arrive AFTER we obliterate the south side with our ludicrously expensive and hideously powerful MOON CANNON... we can't expect too much courage out of them.
No. 250950 ID: df2fbd

Not too much out of our foes, I mean.
No. 251852 ID: 470b54
File 128881514740.png - (125.05KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 13.png )

The artillery batteries destroy the northern spells while the Moon Cannon destroys one of the southern portals along with a large Snarren warrior. Troops from the sides are pulled to reinforce the northwestern and southeastern corners of the area. From the northwestern corner, the surviving mages have joined the Snarren charge, trying to take cover behind their shielded allies. There are too many enemies for the northwest corner to handle, it is likely they will be overwhelmed.

The undamaged spells have finished casting, and the mages pile into the portals. Several moments later, the exit portals appear in the middle of the camp, and about 20 of the Dryad's elite mages storm out. A SPAAG and several PROFESSIONALS and LIGHT INFANTRYMEN are killed.

The reinforcements will arrive in approximately one hour.
No. 251861 ID: a09a03

Throw the 88 Reavers into the fray in the Northwest sector. Hopefully the enemy will mistake them for Bobs. Unload the MLRS turrets into the aliens attacking that area.

>portals open and aliens pour out and start killing the scientists
Oh god it's just like Half Life. Pull the other scientists into bunkers/dugouts.

Redirect the artillery to fire antipersonnel munitions amongst the entrance portals to thin out the enemies arriving through them.

Pull a Forge Caster tank off the firing line to hose down the Dryads at the middle of the camp. Support with some BRICs and non-melee Power Infantry.

Bring 4 of the other Forge Caster tanks to the NW corner to stop the assault.

Gas up the dropships.
No. 251862 ID: a09a03

The moon gun didn't really have the impact I had hoped for. How do the bombs work? We're out of SC, so we don't have them? Or can we drop some Interceptor weapons and reload them at a later date?

There's probably no way to drop a nuke without killing our own dudes.
No. 251879 ID: fba40f

Move some infantry inward to deal with the new threat. Reinforce your northwest side. Looks like this battle is almost over.
No. 251884 ID: 2563d4

>...several PROFESSIONALS are killed.
That'll teach 'em to stand around gawping when they should be busy in the anomaly.

This, basically.
No. 251952 ID: 54af1f
File 128883470133.png - (17.23KB , 704x671 , Icon counter attack.png )

Just holding the line isn't working. We need to counter attack I think.

Pull units off the Eastern side back to deal with the portal. Launch one artillery volley at the portals, then switch it to the North West Corner. Under the cover of this, the South Eastern Forces sally out, destroy the portals then pull back.

Meantime the forces in the South West, joined by as many central forces as can be spared once the central portal is down move out in a hook around the line of the charge, and roll up it, defeating the enemy in detail.
No. 251955 ID: fba40f

This plan can not possibly go wrong.

Also, see if you can combine it with >>251861.
No. 251969 ID: a09a03

Worth a shot.

Also, this is conclusive proof that we need to engineer better infantry. The dryads have got 20 soldiers in our midst, and the Snarren appear to be attacking dozens at a time... whereas we have over a thousand troops, many of them cyborgs, 600 of which are in powered armor, supported by 60 armored fighting vehicles, 40 light vehicles, and 300 robots, plus artillery support. (Speaking of artillery, weren't we supposed to have 12 MLRS vehicles?)

The Snarren, since they're so spread out for fear of our (nonexistant) orbital support, appear to be locally outnumbered by at least ten to one, with our forces in a heavily fortified defensive posture, benefiting from prepared fighting positions, barbed wire, land mines, and preplanned zones of fire for heavy weaponry and vehicles, and they're kicking our ass.

This is unacceptable. Win or lose, we need to make genetic engineering a much higher priority.

Also guns. Bigger, better guns.
No. 251974 ID: 31e5bb

yeah, the main advantage the snarren have are their powerful as fuck shields which need strong weapons to breach. making infantry guns nearly useless. if we had heavier guns then we would be golden.
No. 251982 ID: a09a03

We've got heavier guns, though. The BRICs each carry 4 giant-ass guns, plus more on the tanks and APCs and turrets, plus artillery, mortars, HMG teams, etc, etc.
No. 251983 ID: 31e5bb

BIGGER! we need guns that shoot bullets the size of mach trucks.
No. 251984 ID: 46c430

Or we could research better melee weapons, armor, and techniques and train specialists for the inevitable hand-to-hand combat that will always pop up as long as we fight guys who focus on it.
No. 252138 ID: 2563d4

We're probably going to get forced off-planet, probably off-universe, as soon as we've finished with the artifact. We'd specialise in that just in time for the strategic situation to change.

Besides, gunning melee experts down before they can enter melee range is an equally good counter.
No. 252215 ID: fba40f

Alternatively, we could try just slapping together some Javelin-type gun to bypass their shields, which would not only be far more practical in the short term but would also be useful against other targets (such as Breakers).
No. 252254 ID: 5f0943

> We're probably going to get forced off-planet, probably off-universe

I don't really see that happening just yet.
For one, the anomaly battle takes place in the middle of a fuckhuge forest.

If they really want to force us off planet, they will have to destroy Ryxix.
Ryxix, unlike the anomaly, is in the middle of the desert, which means no trees that give cover from artillery and MLRS.

In the desert, they cannot hide, and attacking Ryxix would be an entirely different matter than the anomaly, given that it is basically our military stronghold.

And then there's the fact that we could nuke any significant force (assuming they would gather up into one big army when on the move) before they even came close to Ryxix.
Using Nukes close to the settlement itself would not be ideal though.

Of course, all of this is assuming that they aren't able to summon something that is so brick-shitingly strong that it could tank a nuke.
No. 252264 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, I'm kind of amazed all our missiles seem to be of the fairly dumb variety.
No. 252330 ID: 1854db

We can probably research it with computing or something. This has been a good lesson in showing us how weak we are miliarily.

Use the turrets on the east side to fire inward on the mages. FUCK THEM UP.
No. 252331 ID: 1854db

Oh also our melee troops should cluster around our squishy guys from now on so they can't do this kindof ambush thing. It's too bad we can't enter those portals with troops because of the whole antimagic thing.
No. 255804 ID: dc0ec6
File 128962617413.png - (108.88KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 14.png )

The officers on the eastern line order their troops to sweep through the camp. The LIGHT and POWER INFANTRY and a pair of BRICs engage the Dryads mages in a firefight. They expertly take cover while making potshots at the men, but are quickly overpowered by the mass of infantry and vehicles. One of the BRICs have been destroyed in that assault.

The southeastern line is ordered to charge the portals in the trees while the artillery suppresses them with a barrage. The Dryads in the woods manage to hold off our men for a while and take out a BRIC and a SLOWPOKE. Missile and Fusion Caster fire take out squads of the Dryads, but the cover provided by the trees is proving to their advantage.

The REAVERS thrown at the northwestern charge make the smaller warriors hesitate for a short while, but they quickly figure out they do not detonate and continue their charge. The REAVERs' pistols fail to penetrate the Snarren shields.

The southeastern line, bolstered by the spare forces from the western line, prepares to advance out from the perimeter and sweep upwards to take out the northern Snarren mass. The Snarren, however, are too close to the weakened northwestern and will reach the troops before the southeastern force completes their sweep, unless a quick lucky shot is made to bring down the large Snarren warrior.

The FC MBTs advance toward the northwest line, but still they will not be able to reach it before the Snarren do.

Actually, the Snarren outnumber us. Those dots represents clusters of enemies. The images that only show a few Snarren at a time are because I am lazy (sorry). They heavily resist small arms fire, resist moderately well non-direct hits from explosive weapons and are spread out enough that heavier munitions can only take out maybe 1 at a time. If they lacked their shields, like the Dryads during the first invasion of the Anomaly, they would have been cut down nearly instantly. The large warriors have been uncannily evasive and our heaviest weapons have not made their mark as often as they would've liked.

I didn't see the MLRS listed on previous troop disposition tables, so I didn't include them in the battle. I apologize if this was a mistake on my part.

Splinter missiles can't lock onto infantry.

The lack of SC means the bombs can't be replaced at the moment. The INTERCEPTORS and HEAVY GUNSHIPS have one more run in them before they go dry. If you scramble them now they will be unlikely to arrive until the end of the battle anyways.
No. 255838 ID: 1854db

If the portals are down, then get the line back in formation for the most part. Kill those damn big'uns and mop up. We're in good shape.
No. 255839 ID: a09a03

Fight harder, faggots!
No. 256268 ID: 35190f

No. 256658 ID: 54af1f
File 128984780848.png - (15.32KB , 695x655 , counter attack next phase.png )

Pull most of the infantry and BRICs from the South East back and reform the gunline while the faster vehicles sweep West, gunning down the Snaren in the open.

The South Western corner forces should begin their sweep, while the Northern line hooks around and attempts to kill or at least distract the giant Snarun at the North Eastern corner. The Eastern forces are to pull back to the next cannon tower. Concentrate all artillery fire on the North-Western Corner! We've got to stop the big one.
No. 258127 ID: 4d3632
File 129021872715.png - (115.65KB , 1800x1268 , Event Report 15.png )

The north western line has taken a heavy beating from the large Snarren warrior, but a lucky MLRS missile kills it before it is able to do much more damage. Reinforcements from the north side cover the gap left by the retreating northwest forces. With the support of the artillery batteries, they should be able to ward off the groups of smaller warriors remaining.

The remaining Dryads in the middle of the settlement are cut down by our men. Sufficient defenses remain on the east side to ensure that no Snarren warrior will live long enough to breach the perimeter.

The southeast cluster of ground forces divide, infantry and BRICs pulling back into the line and the LUVs, APCs and SLOWPOKES sweeping west, gunning down and crushing Snarren forces along the way. A considerable amount of Dryad mages are in the trees and bring down a few of the vehicles with their spells, but are out-gunned and forced to retreat.

The southwestern forces continue their own sweep northward. Dryad mages in the trees offer a feeble resistance, and are quickly overpowered.

The remaining enemy forces are feeble, the mages in the trees begin to retreat, and the Snarren in the open ground are cut down quickly. The Splinter forces have achieved victory and held the Anomaly, but they are shaken. Many men were lost in the battle, and the Snarren's most recent display of resistance to human military technology has disturbed every soldier involved in the battle. Now more than ever, it has become obvious that mankind's continued survival will require every ounce of invention, adaption, deception, elusiveness and luck they can muster.
No. 258129 ID: 4d3632
File 129021920051.png - (13.28KB , 785x448 , Chapter 3 Concluded.png )

My complacency has nearly doomed all of creation once, I shall not let it happen again.

In the Humans, I can see a reflection of the Nightmare I have vanquished ages past.

I have let them slip by my fingers for far too long.

The horrors of eras past must never be repeated.
No. 258362 ID: a09a03

Screw that. We're gonna repeat the shit out of some horrors.

Plus some new ones.
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