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File 127703956390.png - (46.96KB , 512x512 , TT3.png )
196219 No. 196219 ID: 63f46a

Tory's Tower
Episode 3
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No. 196220 ID: 63f46a
File 127703958535.png - (40.92KB , 512x512 , 118.png )

No. 196222 ID: 0b2a05

No. 196230 ID: 63f46a
File 127704114521.jpg - (48.32KB , 1148x493 , Tory_dreams.jpg )

No. 196231 ID: 63f46a
File 127704118795.png - (41.43KB , 512x512 , 119.png )

What... The shit.
Oh, morning orb... It has been a while since we last time talked.
No. 196232 ID: a594b9

A helicopter on a tank? I don't think that's possible without a ridiculously huge rotor.
No. 196235 ID: c2c011

So what have you been up to? Had to use the eyesocket bomb yet? By the way, did you make that one strong enough to instantly kill?
No. 196251 ID: 63f46a
File 127704911350.png - (37.96KB , 512x512 , 120.png )

Yeah, lots of things have happened. Fixing the eye, raiding the village, refining loot and such. Everything has went fine so far.
I haven't used the bomb yet, and I think she is still unaware of it.
No. 196256 ID: 732129


So have they been working out as planned?
No. 196258 ID: a594b9

Have you been using the resources yet, or should we begin making more plans?
No. 196264 ID: c2c011

Nice, so now you have some resources to work with. And maybe even potentially some manpower to recruit draw on. I think maybe you should start with something nice and easy to keep your base defended. Drone aircraft armed with simple machine guns and maybe a missile to patrol your domains and make sure nobody interferes with your plans. They should be cheap enough that you can make a decent number of them.
No. 196268 ID: 63f46a
File 127705320581.png - (25.43KB , 512x512 , 122.png )

It has gone all fine. I have built pretty large amount of warmachines and weapons. I have made few tunnels in the mountain where I have hid them ( Ceisyoli helped me a lot with that ).
No. 196273 ID: 63f46a
File 127705345282.png - (27.65KB , 512x512 , 121.png )

There's just one thing.
Almost all of the bandits got killed week ago. Leader and few others are residing inside the tower. I did destroy the weapons from here, but they still got pretty suspicious. Hell, I have been pretty suspicious. I think they are actively searching for me. Well, they have not found me yet.
No. 196276 ID: c2c011

So Leader and a few of them are more or less stuck at your base without any way to get away? Sounds like it's time for some highly unethical cyborg experiments to me, just make sure you don't forget the loyalty chip.

By the way, did you find any resources in the mountain? Like plutonium or uranium, or just good old iron, coal and other useful metals?
No. 196285 ID: a594b9

How's the shield coming along? Make any big weapons you can use? Like a superlaser or giant mecha?
No. 196295 ID: 732129


"They" being the government and para-military militia forces, I take it? It's good that you disabled the captured weapons, and even better that the bandit leader, her officers, and their remnant troops are firmly under your thumb.

I still think that you should not squander the remaining bandits. Can you arrange transport for them so that they can recruit new fighters from another region? The more you show yourself to be a worthy master, the quicker you'll be able to build a corp or two of loyal soldiers. Yes, you have your automated war machines and zombies and such, but there will be times when having normal-looking foot soldiers will make achieving a goal much easier.

See if you can make them some armor that looks like normal clothes, and that you can destroy remotely (maybe a couple of hidden pockets of thermite on the side panels). In fact, thermite might be ideal since bullets and gunpowder don't get hot enough to ignite it. A magic flame might, but luckily this is a low-magic world.
No. 196339 ID: 63f46a
File 127706352742.png - (61.73KB , 512x512 , 123.png )

I haven't had time to fix that damn shield. I am missing some important parts that I cannot make. I stole the parts from NSU, and I was stupid enough not to make any notes how to make them. As for weaponry, I have made bots and drones, weapons and bombs. I have been making Megamanta too, but it is far from finished. It will be pretty big when it's ready!

The mountain does not have many resources. I could not find any metal that would be worthy to refine.

Yeah. Goverment. Fuckers still cannot make connection between the burning of that town and recent raids. Well, if they will, they will think that bandits burned the town.

I think it will be stupid to send bandits to other region or such. The leader is wanted after all, and there will be high chance of getting caught.
No. 196347 ID: c2c011

Sounds like it's time for cyborg conversion for them. Make them stronger, more resilient and stuff like that, and add in a little chip that delivers pain at thoughts of disobediance or disloyalty and gives them a slight feeling of pleasure when obeying your orders and makes them feel quite euphoric once they have completed their objectives.
No. 196361 ID: 6a5a08

Ask the name of the leader, and if, now that she's wanted, down half her bandits, and hiding in our tower, of she wants to join our Collective of Evil.

Also, make preparations to build flying ninja cyborg zombie monkeys.
No. 196386 ID: 072b86

Well we also have Ceisyoli's hoard. Have someone go prospecting with the resource finding machine. If we find any resources then we might be able to buy the land they're on.

When it comes down to it we might be able to use the classical weapons of mass destruction to become the tyrant ruler of this world. Nuclear bombs or incredibly potent nerve gas bombs cannot be argued with after all.

What have Doc, Sister and the organist been up to lately? Anything particularly useful?
No. 196410 ID: 63f46a
File 127706699951.png - (40.77KB , 512x512 , 124.png )

Fuck yeah flying ninja cyborg zombie monkeys! I'll make those someday.

They already agreed to join me. I will be installing such chips. Maybe when they are sleeping?
Ceisyoli's hoard is mostly composed of gold and jewelry.

Doc is too busy studying corpses. I haven't seen him in two days actually. Organist is fine, I can hear his music from here. I don't know what the hell Sister does.

As for bombs and such, I have made some napalm. It can be used in weapons or bombs. I'll probably load it in bombs.
No. 196413 ID: c2c011

And maybe a few flamethrowers.

Anyway, suggest to Leader and the remaining bandits that you give them some enhancements, like Leaders eye. That will make them stronger, faster, give them higher endurance, make them more limber, just all around improve them. And when they're under the knife you chip them.
No. 196701 ID: 63f46a
File 127710822346.png - (42.18KB , 512x512 , 125.png )

Helena ( the leader ) doesn't want any enchantments. She thinks giving her an eye was enough. Her companions seem to be more willing. Expect for that one bird-thing.
No. 196703 ID: 732129


If the others are willing, then there's no need to press the issue with Helena.
No. 196715 ID: c2c011

Well get to work on the others first then. Leave the chip inactivated for now until the rest have been convinced to go under the knife as well.

And if you can, build a helicopter with a very high carrying capacity. Send them out to raid villages and remote farmsteads for people. And leave no witnesses behind, the ones they can't carry with them they kill. That way you get more material to work with when it comes to cyborgs.
No. 196722 ID: 63f46a
File 127711502157.png - (34.65KB , 512x512 , 126.png )

Yeah, I'll just get books about ner-
Oh, the turret fired. Someone crossed the fence.
There were two of them it seems

Wait what. Are the turrets malfunctioning?
No. 196723 ID: c2c011

Or someone is attacking. Get our ye olde sniper rifle of DOOM! and send them off with a few wellplaced shoots. And if you don't have such a sniper rifle build one at a later time. But before that go see what's up and gloat some as the fools die at the hands of your defenses.
No. 196748 ID: a594b9

Go find out what's attacking.
No. 196762 ID: 7848f4

I might not get to update until from tuesday to sunday. I am going to our summer cottage, and I am not sure if I can get internet working there.
No. 196777 ID: 7848f4
File 127714483070.png - (67.34KB , 512x512 , 127.png )

Oh fuck they are riding a fucking dragon and the dragon is evading bullets.
No. 196781 ID: c2c011

Fuck. Send out your drones to keep it occupied. Then get your own dragon to you and ask her who the fuck that is and what she thinks you should do about it.
No. 196785 ID: a06fec

Yeah ask Ceisyoli what she thinks about this, then send her out to engage the enemy dragon. She just needs to slow it enough for the sniper cannons can blow the threat away.

Do we have any heat-seeking missiles left from when we built the tank in the last world?
No. 196787 ID: c2c011

It's not certain that the dragon is hostile though. So wait until you have talked to her about it before sending her out. She might have some better way to deal with it.
No. 196807 ID: a594b9

Wanna bet that the dragon is Handbag's mate, coming to kill you and end her slavery?
No. 196808 ID: 28955b

how does a giant dragon evade bullets going faster than the speed of sound
note for next time- build flak cannons

Well, time to have your dragon go out... WITH A CANNON ON IT'S BACK
No. 196828 ID: c4c313

Oh shit the dragon had parasites I mean heroes on it. They're probably scaling the tower as we speak!
No. 196829 ID: f98051
File 127715030250.png - (52.16KB , 512x512 , 128.png )

People on its back are carrying weapons! They seem pretty hostile!
And no, the dragon is not exactly dodging bullets. Turrets just fire too slowly. They take too much time to relocate the target.

I cannot call Ceisyoli. The drone I sent to keep us connected might be malfunctioning.
No. 196831 ID: f98051
File 127715035138.png - (42.12KB , 512x512 , 129.png )

Fuck yeah enemy down!

Woah, the corpse smashed into the tower. I guess I don't have to worry anymore.
No. 196833 ID: c4c313

Switch to manual targetting mode! Blow that dragon out of the sky!
No. 196834 ID: c4c313

augh what the fuck is happening
No. 196837 ID: c2c011

Cool, now you have dragonparts to make into something fucking cool. Ohh, ask Doctor if he can reanimate the corpse.
No. 196879 ID: a06fec

Well we might still have to deal with the people that were on the dragon's back. Arm yourself and go check for survivors along with Doc. He'll probably be interested in the dragon remains anyway. Where IS Ceisyoli?

It might be worth setting up some kind of anti-air and fast target tracking defense like missiles or a laser. If they come with more dragons we might have issues. Ask Helena how likely we are to encounter a lot more dragons. They could seriously threaten our Megamanta project.

This cyborg conversion thing might have some merit. Get together with Doc and see if it would be possible to mass convert people into cyborg slaves. If we arm cyborgs with armored shields and non-lethal weapons like knockout gas launchers then we can use them to steadily capture more people to convert into an ever-growing army.
No. 196888 ID: a594b9


Go talk to Handbag.
No. 196890 ID: c4c313


Or they could possibly accelerate the megamanta project! Cyborg enhancements combined with mind control device combined with DRAGON equals mega dragon manta!
No. 197126 ID: 6a5a08

Drink the blood of the dead dragon to gain unfathomable power!
No. 197571 ID: a7a85a

>Drink the blood of the dead dragon to gain

Coppery taste in mouth and the runs!
Actually bottle the stuff and ask what applications it might have. Maybe your cyclops knows.
No. 197579 ID: feb2ec
File 127729705153.png - (42.11KB , 512x512 , 130.png )

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Dragon parts might be useful!
No. 197581 ID: feb2ec
File 127729711726.png - (65.84KB , 512x512 , 131.png )

Oh fuck.
No. 197582 ID: a594b9

Close the door again!

Go get some muscle and guns and robots and zombies and KILL THEM KILL THEM KILL THEM
No. 197585 ID: 6a5a08

No. 197586 ID: c2c011

Well that's a bunch of amazingly resistant bastards. Ask them what the fuck they want while pressing the silent alarm.
No. 197589 ID: 6a5a08

Hey, these guys don't look very Hero-ey. Maybe they're here to join the Collective of Evil? Or they might be neutral mercenaries who were hired to kill you. Then they can be Hero-Level, but not necessarily look like Heroes. It's useful.

If they're mercs we may be able to get them off our backs with money.
No. 197602 ID: 732129

Oh man I got the perfect response here.

"No solicitors! Didn't you see the signs?"
No. 197627 ID: be0fb8
File 12773098764.png - (40.83KB , 450x450 , 132.png )

"No solicitors! Didn't you see the signs? What is your business any"
No. 197628 ID: be0fb8
File 127730999948.png - (51.64KB , 450x450 , 133.png )

>"I got him! Your evil schemes stop here!"

No. 197630 ID: c2c011

You did press the button right?

Anyway, time to get out whatever hidden weapon you have hidden up those sleeves and unleash some pain. Then extract that pointy thing from, hmm that one might actually have missed everything vital. So get off, then run off and lure them into a diabolical trap, once they have met their slow and painful death hand over their remains to Doc.

If you don't have any secret weapon prepared for such an occasion as this then just spit in his eyes as a distraction, pull yourself off the pointy thing and run the fuck away.
No. 197634 ID: 5a2e05

FLEE! Send in something that can kill them, shut the fuck out of that door, and get yourself patched up!
No. 197639 ID: be0fb8
File 127731419052.png - (47.66KB , 450x450 , 134.png )

>"You thought your actions would go unnoticed?! You have burned down Karo, sold weapons to bandits and stolen land! Your head has a hefty reward!"

Fuck them! Luckily I did call some backup!

Oh fuck. It did not hit any vital organs I guess, but it is bleeding and it is painful!

>"Hey! He is escaping!"

Okay, I made it to the elevator.
No. 197640 ID: c4c313

Go down! Left! Right! Then down again! Void engine deviiiice
No. 197641 ID: a594b9

How the hell did they find out? They couldn't have. We've been betrayed! But by whom? ...I think our dragon's been compromised.

If we can fend these guys off (and I'm sure we will) then we've got to go talk to her and find out if I'm right.

Get to Doc, have him fix that hole in you, and watch the fight via remote camera. Send in more robots if necessary.
No. 197650 ID: c2c011

Yeah getting to Doc and some medical aid is probably a good idea. And they probably interogated some of the bandits that didn't make it back to your tower.

You know you should probably set yourself up with some medical nanites. You seem to be getting stabbed or dismembered an awful lot. Something to sped up the recovery process or atleast make the injuries less possibly fatal would probably be good.

Oh, and try to keep one or two of them alive for some highly unethical cyborg conversion experiments.
No. 197656 ID: c4c313

More robots is always the answer.
No. 197668 ID: b567a8

okay, don't think these are heroes, that spear would of made your entire gut explode if he was strong enough.
No. 198096 ID: 6a1a26
File 127737535252.png - (29.17KB , 450x450 , 135.png )

Being at Doc's.
He says that for this wound the best method is using the regenation-liquid. I hate it. It smells bad, it hurts like hell. And it is not even fast!
No. 198099 ID: 6a1a26
File 127737556419.png - (35.90KB , 450x450 , 136.png )

It takes around 3 hours to work. After that, my insides should be healed. I wish it could be faster. Then again, Doc said that it would cause cancer if it was any faster.
So, what now?
No. 198119 ID: a7a85a

Got anything that can mimic a maiden in distress?
Lure good guys to fake maiden, detonate fake maiden.
No. 198120 ID: 732129

Go put on some body armor. Even an ancient 10-layer kevlar vest should have stopped that spear.
No. 198128 ID: c2c011

Gather up your trusty bandit companions and your dragon. Then it's time to go do gooder hunting. Take a few alive for some unethical experiments. And then gather up that dead dragon outside and see if Doc can do anything with the corpse.
No. 198156 ID: b19386

get someone to get health potions from town. If they got wizards and paladins, they got health potions. Faster, and major healing in a bottle.
As for good guys: an ambush trap. Hire a girl, pay her to fake maidenship, spread a rumor.
Have ambush set.
Also- ambush should be in another castle. Keep your noterity low for a while. Make it seem you had nothing to do with it.
No. 198194 ID: dcab77
File 127739180360.png - (33.94KB , 450x450 , 137.png )

Sure, I'll group them. I have no idea where the dragon is but, but I can arm bandits with some awesome weapons.

Oh fuck the elevator is being used.
No. 198197 ID: 6a5a08

Call in some Robots! Make sure one brings you an automatic firearm (or at least some sort of firearm) as well, in case you have to fight.
No. 198199 ID: a594b9

Access the elevator controls and wait until they're a few floors up then MAKE THEM PLUMMET TO THEIR DOOM!
No. 198200 ID: c2c011

Shut down the elevator and flood the shaft with knock out gas.
No. 198203 ID: 732129

Make sure the intruders are the ones on the elevator before you do anything that can't be undone.
No. 198226 ID: 3ea5b8
File 127739669661.png - (19.40KB , 450x450 , 138.png )

Well, I can use saw to drop the elevator. It should kill them. If it doesn't, they have to use fucking stairs.

The elevator is probably being used by heroes or Sister of Pain.
No. 198234 ID: 447bb2

Would some intruders know how to operate an elevator? Would they even have gotten past your backup guard?

How about you arm yourself and hide. It could just be Sister of Pain and Ceisyoli returning from a shopping trip.
No. 198236 ID: c2c011

Go with the knockout gas in the elevator shaft. That will possibly piss off sister less than being dropped down an elevator shaft.

If that's not possible then prepare a hot lead welcome for whoever it is.
No. 198304 ID: 2ef532
File 127740695091.png - (69.54KB , 450x450 , 139.png )

No. 198309 ID: 2ef532
File 127740709416.png - (62.56KB , 450x450 , 140.png )

I flooded them with neurotoxins provided by Doc. The intruders have been dealt with. Or then I have just annoyed Sister of Pain. Now what should we do?
No. 198311 ID: a594b9

Well first off you should avoid getting gassed by your own neurotoxins.

Second, we need to find out what happened to Handbag.
No. 198317 ID: c2c011

Avoid getting gased yourself. Verify that they are dealt with. If they are then lock them up securely for future experimentation and interogation, then find handbag and ask her what was up with that dragon.

If they're not dealt with then they're still running around and you need to track them down and take them out.
No. 198352 ID: 447bb2

Well check what was in the elevator. I bet you just killed some tower resident.

Either way get Doc to come help you loot the dragon we shot down.
No. 198713 ID: 4f9fb6
File 127746239429.png - (41.43KB , 450x450 , 141.png )

I better shut the elevator then. It seems that the elevator wasn't going to stop on this floo
>"T O R Y!!!"

Uh oh.
No. 198716 ID: c2c011

Oh, seems like it was Sister. Leave a note saying you're sorry and then get the fuck out of there before she gets there, you need your limbs attached right now.

Find and arm the bandits, then go hunting for the intruders. Can't have a bunch of primitives running around free in here, they might damage the equipment or something.
No. 198740 ID: 67c611

"Sorry,I'm a bit jumpy right now with all the people trying to kill me and such."
No. 198847 ID: 6a5a08

"The Orb made me do it!" then drop us on the ground and run. She'll probably pick us up, and then we may be able to reason with her, since she doesn't seem to want to reason with you.

And if not, you have an excuse for all the stupid stuff you did to make her hate you, so everyone's happy either way!
No. 198876 ID: 732129


I think Sister is Genre Savvy. She's just as likely to kick the orb down the elevator shaft as pick it up.
No. 199365 ID: 2516eb
File 127757177712.png - (33.29KB , 450x480 , 142.png )

They are dead.
Dead. Very dead. Guards got them good.
I don't know if even Doc can re-animate these.

So, now I just have to avoid Sister. I think it's the time to plan those cyborg-conversions for the bandits.
No. 199368 ID: 6a5a08

What about the dead dragon?
No. 199372 ID: c2c011

Make sure you do them as they want at first, and don't activate the loyalty chip until they have all gone through the surgery.

And you should see about building them a helicopter. That way you would be able to send them out further looking for more bodies to use in your experiments and raids for materials. That and a gunship, like say a hind helicopter or something similar, should make sure that no village or small town will be able to resist them.
No. 199374 ID: 3d44f5

no, only acivate if they try to betray you. if they are working good anyway then it would be counter productive.
No. 199394 ID: 1255d3

I say you start a biopsy on that dragon to find a way to create a mighty robodragon.
Or you do something with that dragon's brain so it attacks those who sent it.
No. 199401 ID: 732129

Send Sister a gift basket with a well thought out apology letter. Nothing says, "Sorry for gassing you with deadly neurotoxins" like a basket of fruit and muffins.
No. 199407 ID: 321060

the dead dragon's heart would probably be better, dragon heart is often a super powerful magic thing, and getting them is near impossible.
No. 199408 ID: 732129


Oooh let's combine the two. Dragon heart and blood in one gift basket, fresh kiwi and blueberry muffins in the other!
No. 199587 ID: 67c611

If they have magical uses then sure, do this.
No. 199773 ID: 70b509
File 127764298173.png - (18.10KB , 512x512 , 143.png )

I will take the heart before Doc can take it!

This smells really bad!
This is so goddamn revolting.
No. 199774 ID: 70b509
File 127764304580.png - (42.26KB , 512x512 , 144.png )

Okay. Apology-mine planted. It still smell pretty horrible.

I am going to ask about what kind of cybernetics do the bandits want.
No. 199781 ID: c2c011

Talk with them one on one. That way you should get more honest requests.
No. 199862 ID: ff183c

Also ask the bandits a bit about this world in general. They might be able to point out some weaknesses we can exploit during our plans.

As a trial give one bandit a predator stealth-coating and a completely silent muzzle-flare less gun that fires poison darts or a non-visible spectrum laser. He'll be a good magic killing assassin as he can walk around and kill people all unnoticed.
No. 199863 ID: d869d5
File 127767109696.png - (43.62KB , 512x512 , 147.png )

Well, I am going to start from human first. He's tough- and strong-looking fella. Doc said that he hasn't finished documenting stuff and info about anatomy of other races in this world, it is better that I start making him more awesome.

Ok. He wants stronger body and muscles, steel fists and a bigger dick.
No. 199864 ID: d869d5
File 127767112189.png - (54.82KB , 512x512 , 148.png )

Wait what.
No. 199866 ID: a594b9

Can you even do that last thing?
No. 199868 ID: 799545

body and fists you can do but that last thing i think only doc can do if he wants to stay using it.

tell him sure you can do the last one but it would stop working right because the sensitivity would go down due to the nerves being warped. should make him rethink it.
No. 199869 ID: c2c011

God damn it. I knew you should have told them about no cyborg dicks and that you don't do that kind of plastic surgery. Eugh, just tell him that you can make him stronger relatively quickly and easily but that it will take some time to gather the stuff you need to make dick growth pills.

Don't know if you should actually make those pills or not. Some placebo pills might actually be good enough, he might think his dick got bigger even if there wasn't any change.
No. 199871 ID: ff183c

Oh really? Well I don't see why he wants a bigger dick if we're going to turn him into some steel fisted battle monster. Girls (or guys) might just you know, NOT dig that.

How about giving him stronger and faster muscles together with some effective body armour. Then give him vibrating hands that either shred through foes at 'high' power mode or pleasure the ladies like no one else can at 'low' power mode...
No. 199907 ID: 2c4c49

ok, how about you scratch the idea of personalized body upgrades and just mass produce body upgrades? maybe even some power armor?
No. 199908 ID: 732129

Hey, why not give him a bigger dick? What's the problem with that?

Hell, ask if he wants two dicks. You could make a second from cloned tissue and autoplant it on him.
No. 199910 ID: 732129


Trust me, there's always going to be someone into it. Go read Appleseed.
No. 199997 ID: bcf25c


Fine, make his dick into a drill.
No. 200062 ID: 732129

I do not think that is what he wants!
No. 200064 ID: 5a2e05

It is, he just doesn't realize it yet.
No. 200160 ID: 748de1

i can actualy see that.

"hello miss granite block, i never noticed you here in the middle of all this brittle cave walls... wanna go for a dance and make some pebbles tonight?"
No. 200235 ID: 027c59
File 127772932689.png - (60.53KB , 512x512 , 149.png )


I can do everything else expect the dick-thingy.
I'll just install drill.
A huge drill.
Drill that can pierce anything.

Now, I think I had drills here somewhere...
No. 200238 ID: 027c59
File 127772950892.png - (48.03KB , 512x512 , 150.png )

Now, be a good orb and help me to design him properly!
No. 200285 ID: c2c011

Umm, maybe you should just let him keep his dick. We do want to convince the others to undergo the surgery as well after all, and huge drilldick might make them harder to convince and might upset the guy a bit.

I won't make you endure any of my sucky drawings. Just stick with his requests and don't make him look too freakish.
No. 200293 ID: 6a5a08
File 127773722448.png - (37.61KB , 200x200 , DesignforEvilMinionCyborg.png )

I left him his dick un-mechanical, but everything else is mechanically augmented.
No. 200302 ID: 4e2277

i was kinda joking. you really should stand up against any kind of faggotry.

what is next, the females will ask for machine gun tits and anti-gravity propelant to prevent rugs?

id suggest making a power armor because its themost likely to please even his capitalist sense. actual replacing his little me for something may lead to a uprise.

...suggest those upgrades for pain later. this should be fun.
No. 200324 ID: 732129


Machine-gun tits sound awesome!

Tory, just refer your cyborg to the Doctor for the penis enhancement.

Can't you just have him use armored clothes instead of an exoskeleton? With an enhanced musculature and skeleton he'd be able to carry a helluva lot, and the armored garments would be much easier to replace if they take battle damage.
No. 200332 ID: 5a2e05

The drill thing was a joke and is a terrible but hilarious idea. Unless he actually wants a drilldo or a laserdick or something.
No. 200335 ID: d0f4d1
File 127774654819.png - (54.05KB , 512x512 , 151.png )

It was bigger than I remembered...
Yeah, I think Doc should do the dick-thingy. Or just ditch his request.

Exoskeleton and clothes sounds good. I shall work on them. Soon.

Now, I wonder where the handbag has disappeared.
No. 200375 ID: a594b9

That's a good question. Send a camera drone into her cave to check on her. Don't go there in person until you know why she's not responding.
No. 200380 ID: c2c011

Sounds like a good plan.
No. 200414 ID: d0f4d1
File 12777582641.png - (52.36KB , 512x512 , 152.png )

Copter-camera awaaaaay~

Uh oh.
It sure is messy here. And the hoard is gone. And there are sticks.
No. 200417 ID: c2c011

Did someone just steal your dragon? What the fuck! It was hard fucking work to get her to obey.

Did you install any tracking device in the communicator you gave her? We have to find her again, she's your fucking property after all.
No. 200418 ID: c245f1

finish looking around a bit then get the sticks, they are a clue.
No. 200441 ID: d0f4d1
File 127776181610.png - (74.10KB , 512x512 , 153.png )

It seems that Ceisyoli has been captured or killed.
No. 200447 ID: a594b9

There's no body. She hasn't been killed. See if you can find some tracks.
No. 200517 ID: 6a5a08

Damn it, heroes attacked Handbag! No one abuses our minions, except for Sister!

Create an device to track the traces of heat left by them to wherever they took Handbag. She's a dragon, she ought to create a very bright heat trail.
No. 200519 ID: 010554

if she is still alive and we do get her back her loyalty will hit max.
No. 200520 ID: c2c011

The fuck! Nobody abducts your minions and gets away with it. Scour the cave for clues or traces.

And ask the Organist and Doc for help as well, and if all else fails, ask Sister.
No. 200784 ID: 09dcf3
File 127782661961.png - (19.85KB , 512x512 , 154.png )

Footprints, used ammunition, blood, slightly torn flags of this kingdom. I also saw a coin which is currency in this nation.

Those bastards!
No. 200786 ID: 11dcdd

looks like it is time to do what has to be done and defeat the enemies!
No. 200789 ID: 6a5a08

Send in an elite remote controlled ninja bot to bust Handbag outta wherever they're keeping her. It's discreet, plausible, and less likely to fail like the last time we charged face first into a party of Heroes. Then again, apparently, Handbag killed some Heroes, so they'd be weaker now.
No. 200808 ID: c2c011

Ok, now it's time to take off the silk gloves and show these fucks true terror. Megamanta project has to go into overdrive, and set up a VR training programme on commando tactics with advanced weapons for the bandits, and ask Doc for some sturdy zombies that can be aidropped.

We're gonna raid their fucking capitol like nobody else has ever done it in this miserable fucking world. Bomb the fucker, aidrop zombies down onto the chaotic burning streets and send in the bandit/commandos to take their royal family hostage. We release the royal family intact in return for the dragon, her hoard and a shitload of extra metals we can use in our work.
No. 200822 ID: a594b9

Follow footprints.
No. 200863 ID: 5cd0d5
File 127784037442.png - (87.19KB , 512x512 , 155.png )

Yes! I need to show those fucks who what it means to mess with me!

I'l l --- tho ---

-fu- ???- -show
--- ??
No. 200864 ID: 5cd0d5
File 127784044967.png - (244.16KB , 512x512 , pause5.png )

[ Connection lost ]
No. 200865 ID: 5cd0d5

Thanks for playing, I'll continue soon!
No. 201075 ID: c4c313

Tory? Tory??

No. 201089 ID: 6a5a08

Damn it, our Orb is defective!
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