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File 127692682751.png - (21.93KB , 600x600 , 1223.png )
195685 No. 195685 ID: cf68aa

The odd man in the mask runs in front of Dart.

"My lord! We can't do that now! It's not part of the-"

>"Shut up... This needs to happen now... They're all watching. It's perfect."

"But my lord..."


Dart gives a sad sigh and begins to walk off deeper into his castle.
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No. 195688 ID: 701a19

@All Leaders: Dart is about to start an all-out attack on all lands. Start evacuation, hiding, and defensive measures.
No. 195691 ID: cf68aa
File 127692802666.png - (18.74KB , 600x600 , 1224.png )

He reaches a bottom chamber. In it are many people all wearing the Cerin symbol

>"Men our hour is at hand. Out surprise attack somehow failed so we must act now... Come morning we will begin out true attack. Gaia and Lucius will strike the Dark and Light Elf forests while the others will begin the assault on both the cat and tiger folk cities."

"And you my Lord?"

>"... I must attack Central City."
No. 195693 ID: cf68aa
File 127692867287.png - (14.91KB , 500x500 , 1225.png )

He turns and leaves the room

"My lord... Are you sure...?"

>"Yes.. Be ready in the morning. I must go train."

He leaves them behind.
As he walks he finds that his legs will no longer support him. He leans against a wall and lets out a barely audible cry.
He reconvers his composure and stand up straight again

>Cecil... Our little game is almost over. I will emerge victorious but it was pleasent watching your struggles.
>I just wish we both had more time.

>Ah well..

>It's for the greater good.
No. 195694 ID: 701a19

[Cast Cloudkill on Dart via the RCS XD ]
@All Leaders: They will attack in the morning. We would suggest deploying Alchemists to sink the people into underground chambers and start moving them towards locations where they are unlikely to be found, leaving behind a small force and otherwise deserted cities rigged with lethal traps. We don't need to kill those attacking empty towns, just slow them down long enough so that we can kill them as fast as they approach wherever we choose to defend.
As far as where to make our stand, nobody knows the lay of the land better than the royals. and their generals.
No. 195696 ID: 701a19

@I Shop: Any luck crafting a teleportation trap?
No. 195710 ID: aeade0

think best would be everyone pulls back to central and gangs up on dart, he may be powerful but that many powerful people at once should be too much.
No. 195716 ID: 40cb26

[Relay all this]
...Cecil, who is Dart? Or the person possessed by him? I don't know how or if we could save him, or if he'd be any less of an enemy...

Can we cast spells into the dark stone network? If we can then we can seriously impart Darts assault. Taking out the Cerin in one place with one spell seems unlikely, but just as they split up to attack the other cities we can freeze them.

Otherwise I guess we just have to keep watch, but we might be able to manipulate Gaia if we can talk to him.
No. 195723 ID: cf68aa
File 127693328767.png - (8.09KB , 500x500 , 1226.png )

>Hmm..? He's a Dark Mana wizard who... We've been over this already! Don't distract me right now!

>Mya? Sorry i'm really not sure if ya can mya.
Dart places his stone on a table


>The what?
No. 195724 ID: 701a19

We spoke about this awhile ago; a teleportation stone that moves the holder to a predetermined location, and can be triggered remotely.
Oh, and would you like us to see about having the continental leaders buy supplies from you in bulk?
No. 195752 ID: 40cb26

[Listen in on Mizuno to test if she's with them and if the dark network is still up]

@I Shop
The final battle is soon, Dart is sending his minions to attack every major area, and he'll be assaulting Central himself. You've been a great help and we thank you... if you have any other tricks or info for us up your sleeve now's the time play them. You know we're good for it. Aside from that just get somewhere safe. If you want to get out of the way you might want to be somewhere secluded, since the only major areas not being attacked is the Mermaid Lakes and the Temple, the first not being a threat and the other not being... there.

Oh one last thing, it seems Dart is possessed by something. Not completely under it's control but working with, at it's direction and a couple times at odds... Dart himself seems pained by some aspects of what he's doing. Any idea what could be happening? And more importantly how to stop the possessor if killing the body won't do it.

Hey can you explain better how Sage magic works? Cecil experienced a kind of drain when he used it, but it wasn't just mana. Is it life energy like Time magic? Does it feed on your capacity of health or mana or what? We never figured out what Sosti does either. And if you have the time teaching Cecil a couple more spells would be fantastic.

Oh and it's great to have you back.

I know time is short, but if you can learn any more spells that can help from Gene or Chel please try.
No. 195757 ID: a594b9

Do you know much about the Dark World? It seems Dart has some relation to it. We saw one of his eyes; it had the same triangular pupil as the denizens of the Dark World have.
No. 195763 ID: 701a19

@All Leaders:
If you have Red Tincture we can use it to artificially inflate the number of wizard magic casters, and occasionally cast spells that are significantly improved over their normal versions.

Also, it has come to light that Dart has a small but well-trained army backing him.

Dart's plans rely entirely on nations seeking to protect only themselves, and he has tailored his attacks for that very purpose. Alone we would each be decimated, but together we are quite thoroughly capable of covering each others weaknesses and routing Dart's forces with relative ease.

Basic division of efforts:
*Light Elves: Use rewind at your discretion; we do remember events from the undone time, so inform us of problems that have occurred then roll time back. This will allow us to engage in preemptive counterattacks.
*Dark Elves: We suspect there will be some soulless or demons. In either case you are the best to counter these threats. If none show then engage at your discretion. In either case you're the only ones who can heal damaged souls; keep some forces back to handle the wounded.
*Tigerfolk and Catfolk: Your alchemists should be deployed as support, mostly in the form of creating and reinforcing defensive structures, and laying traps - I'm sure you can think of creative uses for, say, aerosolized sleeping potion. You will also be responsible for creating and maintaining a rapid communications network - Alexis will instruct alchemists how to accomplish this.
Tigerkin fighters are doubtlessly the best non-magical force on this continent; if they are issued anti-magic clothing and weapons, then they would be highly effective against enemies expecting entirely magical opponents.
*Humans: You're the best healers, and fairly effective fighters. Focus deployment in triage centers.

Deploy squads as a proportional mix of each race to ensure even coverage. Squads must have one member that outranks the others in order to insure unit cohesion.
Issue Phoenix Downs, mana potions, and health potions to each squad.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments then please let us know.

If you have concerns about our role in directing efforts then please bear in mind that we are providing effective roles, not battle plans, and that we have the most experience organizing a force with varied magical talents.

Oh, and if any soldier wishes to be resurrected should they fall in battle, then please have them provide a blood sample with their full name on it.
No. 196169 ID: 701a19

@Alex, Felix, and Nari: We need blood samples of everybody in the party. Felix, we need your full name as well.
Once those have been collected, label them with the person's name, take them to the I Shop and ask him to store them for us. Put the sample of Amy Sky's blood in there as well.
Alex, we're going to need you to start teaching Alchemists how to create Cell Stone networks. We're going to set-up a communications system that lets our forces work in silence and instantly relay orders and reports.
Nari, are you up for fighting? Or would you rather keep RJ company?
No. 196170 ID: cf68aa
File 127702018729.png - (31.09KB , 500x500 , 1227.png )

I Shop Owner
>Normally I don't open during times like this but I can make an acception just for now.
>i can't create the trap you speak of, not in such a short time. But you may purchase things. No credit, your victory is not guaranteed.

>Possessed? The Dark Mana Wizard Dart? Seems likely HAHAHA!
>There's not much I can do without more information.

>Sorta. Look closely. There are differences.

>I'll be teaching Cecil as much as I can. Sage Magic eats away not at mana but at Stamina. using it tires the caster out faster so don't use it to ofter.

[The leaders try to follow these commands to the best of their abilities with the exception of the Light Elves.]

Hours pass as everyone gets ready. Almost all cities are underground with the exception of Central City. No one had the power to move such immense buildings. Cecil stands at the window of her hotel. She looks outside.

>This is it huh...?
>Seemed like it was yesterday I was ready to kill myself.

>This wouldn't have been possible if not for you guiding voices.
>We've both made mistakes in the past but right now this is our moment.
>Let's give it everything we have.
No. 196172 ID: 701a19

@Norue: How much Red Tincture did you manage to gather?
This is critical, as even a small bit would give us a very good shot at disabling Dart's magic completely. The more we can get, the better our odds are and the more enemy casters we can neutralize. Give Alex what you can.
Also, we need to purchase resources for the battle; would you grant us a decent budget?

@Leaders: It is my sad duty to inform you that we have reason to believe that Dart's army is, in fact, the populace of Temple under Dart's mind-control.
Obviously our forces can not be informed of this.
Due to advanced healing techniques and the advent of phoenix downs we are capable of reviving them from the dead, however this requires that they leave behind a body.
As such, we ask that you forbid the usage of Dark Mana, magic that is harmful to souls, and spells that destroy remains such as Black Hole and fire spells.

@I Shop: Do you stock anything along the lines of a potion that can substitute for a good night's rest? Or ones that can restore stamina?
How about Red Tincture?
No. 196173 ID: 701a19

Alright, Cecil, head to the castle and lets conduct a final briefing. Also, find out why the Light Elves are reluctant to help.
No. 196175 ID: 40cb26

Doesn't sound too dangerous at least, hopefully the worst that can happen is passing out. I wonder if you can restore stamina that way with a potion, or throw in mana to boost it. Imagine Tandrolar Eisyrn with dark mana behind it.

@I Shop
[Replay the scene where Amy faced Dart]
I know it isn't much to go on, but between what we've seen and indications that "Dart" appeared from no where and has been coming back for decades if not generations...

There was a piece of the Philosopher's stone that was given to us from Master L, after it was spent we found a way to access the spirit in the powder. It says it died fighting Dart. This is happened a long time ago. And I somehow doubt he's soul bound to any elves.

There is the real chance that killing Dart won't end him. But all Cecil sees is the person who killed his father. We don't see any recourse in case it's more than that... that's why we're asking you, the most knowledgeable guy we know.
No. 196176 ID: 701a19

Cecil... Did they ever recover the bodies of your father and grandfather?
No. 196177 ID: cf68aa
File 127702411732.png - (30.89KB , 500x500 , 1228.png )

>Red Tincture? Unfortunatly none was to be found. A man named Charles bought our supply earlier. Sorry. Not even the I Shop has any left..
>Also all money is being used by the kingdom. If something needs to be purchased we will do so outselves.

I Shop
>Stamina building potions? Sorry stranger I don't. If it's for recreation Extend Endurance should do.

>Dart has been around for a while. It's just... People have the tendency to 'forget' him, if you know what I mean.

Cecil walks outside and begins wandering around Central. she walks past king Rai

>The Light Elves won't help us.. They said they could take care of themselves and negotiations with them fell through..

King Rai
"Uh, Cecil!"


"Listen.. I know we may have had our problems in the past.. But I hope we can put it behind us..."


"I have a sealing spell.. I want to cast it on the whole city. It seals Dark Mana spells"


"Yes. It's a new one I made myself. But to cast it on the city, or even better, all the cities I need something to amplify it's power."

>That would really help...

No. 196180 ID: 701a19

Damn fools. The arrogance of the Light Elf king will be the end of them all.

"Rai? Don't worry about it.
I have a feeling where this is going, but what do you need?"

Also, we should warn you right now: Dart is not a physical being, he's really some sort of... thing that possesses people.
Killing him might not stop him, and... well... there's a good chance he'll be possessing your father or grandfather's body.
Prepare yourself for that possibility.
Also, we're fairly certain that Dart's army is the population of Temple, meaning you might have to face L and Amy Sky.
If any of these things come to pass then kill them without hesitation. Dead or resurrected, we won't let them be trapped as slaves to a monster.

@Norue: Damn. If you know his entire name then we can track him down and retrieve it. None of the other nations have Red Tincture available either?
Ah, well. Stock up on healing potions, mana potions, and phoenix downs. Get anti-magic cloaks for leaders and ranking officers.
No. 196181 ID: 40cb26

>I need something to amplify it's power.
Whelp, looks like we've got one more little quest before facing Dart. Or was he hoping to use our little red friend?

We could probably distill more of those from alchemist gloves, come to think of it...

@I Shop
Nah we just have a few new tricks that burn stamina instead of mana. I don't think it's the same sort of thing Extend Endurance effects, and healing potions won't do because there is no wound. I guess the only think you can do is good diet and exercise will help with so unless you have potions that give you that instantly I guess we're out of luck.
No. 196186 ID: 701a19

That would be bad.
I dunno, maybe we could use our soullessmon as bloodhounds to sniff out Red Tincture? Kinda grasping at straws there, though.
No. 196195 ID: 701a19

"Rai, do you have any prisoners?
If you want Red Tincture, then since we can reverse the effects we could offer prisoners the option of paying their debt to society that way, then restoring them after the battle."
No. 196199 ID: a594b9

@Norue: Excuse me if it's a touchy subject, but the eye you have under your eyepatch... Dart's left eye looks just like it. What does it mean? Dark World denizens have an upwards facing triangle, but that's a downwards facing one.
No. 196200 ID: cf68aa
File 127703336159.png - (30.95KB , 500x500 , 1229.png )

>.... It is a Cursed Mark. Several exist in the world but this is... This one is unique. That's all I can say.

>"What specifically do you need?"

"Not sure. I'd normally use Red Tincture but that seems to be rather difficult to acquire these days. If you have anything similar I would really appreciate using it."

>"I'll look into it. Another question, do you have prisoners?"

"A few.. Why?"
No. 196203 ID: 701a19

"I can restore a person to life from Red Tincture, as long as I have a piece of their body. No Dark Mana required.
The Dark Elves can restore Red Tincture and keep it charged.

Anyway, you can ask the prisoners if they would be willing to do that in exchange for being released after the battle. Dire circumstances, after all.

Can you tell me what Dart really is? A dark spirit? A demon? How hard is it for him to move to a new host body?"
No. 196204 ID: a594b9

Hey Cecil... how did you manage to hurt Dart in your fight with him before? That information could be crucial.

If Rai isn't going to go along with the prisoner payback thing... we could let him borrow the RCS. We might need it for the coming fight though. A Blessed Rune Thought would turn Dart into a little puppy.
No. 196205 ID: 701a19

No, in that case we would give him LAURA WINSELM, tell him who it is, and tell him we plan to resurrect her once the battle is over.
No. 196206 ID: cf68aa
File 127703551554.png - (35.23KB , 500x500 , 1230.png )

>During our first encounter I caught him with a surprise attack. He was walking about near the forbidden zone and I took it as a chance to strike.
>I should have known better.

"I can restore a person to life from Red Tincture, as long as I have a piece of their body. No Dark Mana required. The Dark Elves can restore Red Tincture and keep it charged. Anyway, you can ask the prisoners if they would be willing to do that in exchange for being released after the battle. Dire circumstances, after all. Can you tell me what Dart really is? A dark spirit? A demon? How hard is it for him to move to a new host body?"

"I'll ask the prisoners if they're interested or not. As for Dart.. His story is complicated. See he has a spell that alters memories, not ReWrite, this spell is far more potent and far more dangerous to the caster. It wipes out certain memories within a person. Because of this it's hard to tell an exact story on Dart but I can assure you Dart is human. I met him when I was but a child and he was a young man. He still hasn't changed a bit... Anyway his ideals back then were.. Unethical at best. I could see the reasoning behind them but the way he wanted to execute them was.. Evil. Still it did not mean he was a bad magic user. I allowed him to teach at The School for a few years. My memories of those years are hazy at best but one day he snapped. I don't know why but once he did he decided to enact his heinous plan. It is said that the reason he never ages is because this body he uses is merely a shell. That he has made a spell that would allow him to go exact clones of his body. But that is just a rumor."
No. 196207 ID: 701a19

"That answers many questions.

No, it's quite true. We encountered him while searching the school for Lord Z, and he had a sort of... breakdown.

He attempted to cast Shenjou and missed. Intentionally. Then he started crying and ranting at the sky.
I didn't catch all of it, but I remember he said 'Shut up! I won't I won't! You can't make me do this! No!'.
He's not in clones, he's in the bodies of other people that he has shaped in his own image.

Unfortunately, that means we can't simply kill him. We need to capture him and strip him of his magic; could you accomplish that?

Oh, and the Light Elf King bragged about a spell to turn anybody into a Light Elf - memories and all."
No. 196208 ID: a594b9

He said she's the only one that understands.

I think Dart has voices just like us, Cecil. Thus, the Black cell stone network and taking any means to an end. We are like that sometimes...
No. 196209 ID: cf68aa
File 127703700455.png - (22.67KB , 500x500 , 1231.png )

>"That answers many questions. No, it's quite true. We encountered him while searching the school for Lord Z, and he had a sort of... breakdown. He attempted to cast Shenjou and missed. Intentionally. Then he started crying and ranting at the sky. I didn't catch all of it, but I remember he said 'Shut up! I won't I won't! You can't make me do this! No!'. He's not in clones, he's in the bodies of other people that he has shaped in his own image."

"I see... This raises several issues.. If that is true I need to devise a way to contain his soul within the body he is currently in... Cecil."


"You have the Cell Stone network correct? Tell every leader you can what we said here. Be sure to inform them of Dart's potential ability. Stress that he can and may try to take hostages to transfer his soul into and for the Dark Elves to put on Soul Shields. Okay?"
No. 196211 ID: 701a19

[Show the leaders this conversation.]
"Alright. I was thinking of ripping away either his ability to use magic, ripping souls out of the body and trapping them, or both.
Oh, also, Lord Z is dead, but his soul is fine. If you can find even a tiny piece of his body then we could resurrect him, and he would be a powerful force."
No. 196212 ID: cf68aa
File 127703815488.png - (25.08KB , 500x500 , 1232.png )

>"Alright. I was thinking of ripping away either his ability to use magic, ripping souls out of the body and trapping them, or both.
Oh, also, Lord Z is dead, but his soul is fine. If you can find even a tiny piece of his body then we could resurrect him, and he would be a powerful force."

"Cecil, there's no time to look through some old ruins for a piece of a body. Besides it's been many years since his death, what right do we have to rip his soul from the afterlife? To do so just to make him fight would be very selfish"

>"Ah.. Sorry.."

"You have some powerful allies Cecil"

He turns to look at the sky

"And I don't mean just spell wise. They will do anything for you. That's something not many people have. Something Dart doesn't have. I think that's what'll make the difference in this upcoming battle."


"I can sense it.. We're running out of time. Go and get ready. This is possible your last chance to take care of things. Also see if you can get me that amplified magic source."
No. 196213 ID: a594b9

...I don't think we have time to use the prisoners. Give him the RCS.
No. 196214 ID: 701a19

"I know, Rai. I know."
"Talk to the prisoners, because I need Red Tincture in order to completely seal Dart's magic away. But..."
Hand him LAURA WINSHELM'S crystallized soul.
"That's Laura Winshelm. I got her from a Soulless in the dark world. Take good care of her; she deserves a second shot at life, and I intend to make that happen."
No. 196224 ID: 40cb26

Agreed, it's the only option we have.

Cecil, remove the red stone from where you've hidden it. Then explain to Rai what it's about.

"This is a Cell Stone made from the remains of a shard of Master L's Philosopher stone. In this form the original spirit attains sentience, and in this one is a warrior by the name of Orindea. It wants to help us defeat Dart and has been a great use to us, as a percentage of its power can be used to cast any elemental spell I know. "

"Orindea would want to be in the final battle I'm sure, but protecting everyone from his dark mana should be just as good. What say you, stone?"

Then listen to it very closely.

Laura's soul was kept in Master L's stone, it isn't here.
No. 196234 ID: 701a19

He handed her to us at the school when he was planning on making a suicide run at Dart.

Yes, she is here.
No. 196287 ID: 40cb26

My mistake, but to be fair that was never actually spelled out. still there's two problems I see: First off it's in tiny stone form I think perhaps smaller than the old shard we got, which might mean it has less power. Maybe turning it into a cell stone directly will help, but it's hard to say how exactly that works.

Secondly... Orindea is helping us fight Dart willingly. Laura has made no such choice, and likely wouldn't.
No. 196626 ID: cf68aa
File 127709554759.png - (97.47KB , 500x500 , 1233.png )

>No... I'd rather use Orindea. He said he'd be willing to do anything to help defeat Dart where as Laura hasn't.


Cecil removes the Red Cell Stone from it's seal

>"Don't overuse it okay? It needs to have at least a fraction of itself left."

"Okay. Also I'll be working on that sealing spell to prevent him from gaining a new body."

>"Thank you King Rai"

"You're welcome.. And Cecil.. Good luck."

Rai takes the stone and leaves.

>Time is short. What should I do now?
No. 196627 ID: 701a19

Have Alex talk to Laura about this.
If we can get one Blessed Rune Thought off then we can disable Dart long enough to take him out of the fight.
Not having the Red Cell Stone drops our survivability by more than 60%. (That's a bad thing.)
No. 196633 ID: cf68aa
File 127709684510.png - (96.77KB , 500x500 , 1234.png )

>hmm.. Good point. I'll ask her now.

Cecil goes back to the hotel. As soon as she enters something hits her hard in the stomach. She looks down to see Nari holding her tightly and crying

"I don't want you to fight Cecil! Just let the others do it, you can stay here with me and Alex!"

No. 196636 ID: 701a19

Kiss her.
"Nari, I have to do this. Dart's been doing terrible things for so long, and I've got the best skills to stop him.
If I don't fight today then lots more innocent people are going to die, and if Dart manages to win then he's going to hunt me down.
Don't worry, Nari; things will work out ok, but I need you to keep Alex safe, and use your Soul Shield to protect yourselves while I'm fighting dart."
No. 196720 ID: 40cb26

"The only way for you and me and everyone else to ever be safe is to end this now. I'm sorry Nari, but you have to let me save you one last time..."
No. 196961 ID: 8e6368

No I disagree with that. Tell her to stand up in a strong tone and stop crying. Say this to her "Right now I am going to be dealing with a lot of battles and right now the world needs me. You on the other hand need to say here with Alex until I come back. If anything does happen then please don't let this moment be a moment of sadness.

There have been many times in the past when our lives have been threatened and even when we have not seen each-other for some time we still come back and fall in love all over again.

Nari remember I want you to be strong and wait for me,if I don't come back then remember the good times and get on. Remember this is not a goodbye and don't forget that.

( Kiss her on the head )

Never give up and I will always remember you. Don't think you are weak, you are more stronger then you think and also keep Alex strong for me as well.

( then talk to alex)
No. 196965 ID: 31cbfc

Do what you need, Cecil. But if things turn sour, don't play a hero.
Just don't die on Nari and Alex. And us too.
Last thing we want to do is delivering them the bad news.
No. 196966 ID: 4590c4

You know you can't take her up on that Cecil. For your sake, and hers. From what you've seen, Dart is doing this specifically to target you. If Dart gets his way, Alex and Nari WILL be casualties.
No. 196971 ID: 31cbfc

If Dart is doing this to lure you out, his goal is obviously to roast two birds on one fire. Wiping out a dangerous enemy and his friends' protection. Not only that, but taking you away from them... I don't even want to think.
No matter how you look at it, you can't afford a loss at either of these. A half victory would be as good as nothing.
And Nari won't be any less heartbroken if you're going to be this grim about it. Be honest with her, say you will at least try. You wouldn't want her only thoughts of you being worried sick. It hurts.
No. 197084 ID: 701a19

@Light Elf King: What can we offer to obtain your cooperation?
Given that our battleplan puts the Light Elves at the least risk of anybody by essentially making all the other races your bodyguards, and prevents you from having to risk your own lives from even having to defend yourselves, I'm hard pressed to determine what more you could possibly want out of this.
No. 197089 ID: cf68aa
File 127720196189.png - (99.38KB , 500x500 , 1235.png )

>I won't allow myself to die.. I can't let that happen.

He gives Nari a kiss

>"I need to do this Nari. Dart's been doing terrible things for so long, and I've got the best skills to stop him. If I don't fight today then lots more innocent people are going to die, and if Dart manages to win then he's going to hunt me down. The only way for you and me and everyone else to ever be safe is to end this now. I want you to be strong and wait for me. Remember this is not a goodbye and don't forget that."


Nari holds onto Cecil and cries even harder.


She gives Nari another kiss and wipes her tears away

>"Please don't cry.."


She gives Nari another hug then goes to see Alex.
When she enters her room she sees Alex putting on Alchemy Gloves

>"What are you doing?"

"Getting ready to fight mya."

>"Alex I thought we agreed you'd stay and watch Nari..."

"Screw that. If I left you alone out there you'd die before you knew what hit you."

>"Alex please-"

"No, I'm not letting you go alone."
No. 197090 ID: 701a19

Soul Heal her gloves (Yours too, come to think of it), and have her talk to Laura about helping us beat Dart.
No. 197091 ID: e31d52

Don't deny her.
No. 197093 ID: 701a19

@Alex: I'm kinda split. Having you there would help, but at the same time Cecil is going to worry about you.
Here's our offer: Take one of the teleport stones, and if we tell you to use it then you use it right then - no arguing.
No. 197094 ID: e31d52

For everyone knows the best way to distract someone is to throw an angry cat at their face, amirite?
No. 197095 ID: cf68aa
File 127720366795.png - (44.81KB , 500x500 , 1236.png )

>"... Fine. But I want you to take a Teleport Stone. When I tell you to you 'will' teleport away. Okay?"

".. fine mya."

>"Okay. Now.. Alex, I need you to ask Laura if she's willing to let us use her soul. Explain how a Red Cell Stone works."

Alex explains to Laura's Soul Stone. She holds the stone close to her ear and listens.

"She says she wants to do very bad things to me"
No. 197096 ID: 701a19

@Alex: Tell her you're sorry, that you have a lot to atone for, and you're going to do your best to make things right starting by bringing her back to life as soon as you can, but this is bigger than either of you and thousands of innocent lives hang in the balance.
If that doesn't work, hand her over to Cecil.
No. 197102 ID: cf68aa
File 127720575637.png - (94.21KB , 500x500 , 1237.png )

Alex tells this to Laura and listens in again.

"... She says fine but we owe her so much it's not even funny mya."

>"I know we do"

suddenly Cecil feels the ground shake underneath herself. A giant explosion shakes the building and she hears Norue yell

"Cecil! It's started!"
No. 197130 ID: 701a19

Again, Cecil, take the time to Soul Heal all three pairs of gloves, and give Alex the spare pair. Unless RJ has hers with her.
Having overcharged alchemy boosters is another edge, and if Alex needs to bail then she'll be able to convert them into more RCSs.

@Alex: Make the RCS quickly. Also, you know how we had you learn the spell to create a Philosopher's stone? Well, Dart isn't a person so much as something that hops from body to body. If we simply kill him then he'll just possess somebody else, so we need to trap him.
Rai's trying to figure out how, but we need you to be prepared to use that spell to rip the souls out of Dart's body and trap them in a physical form. This is best done if you're hiding where Dart won't see you.
If you feel squeamish about it, then remember that killing the body will prevent the creation of soulless, and we are fully capable of reversing the effects.
Sadly, even after Dart is gone we still need to stop his Cerin squad, and the solution might work out best for them as well.
No. 197157 ID: 40cb26

Shit, too soon! Was hoping to talk to Gene and Chel about spells, but no matter now. We should get send Nari to Chel and Gene, they can protect her and and she them with soul shield.

Take Nari to Chel, before you jump into the fray. You won't be targeted right off the bat and might be able to make a surprise attack if you show up a little later. If we have the goldeon dagger here you should have it in case alchemy falls through at some critical moment.

Shit, out of time. Alex is going to join the battle, I would suggest you help protect Chel and Nari, they don't have much defensively and their soul shield will protect you. If you want to fight instead that's your call but I'd rather you helped protect the city and take charge in case things go badly for Cecil and Alex.

And you need to tell us what Sosti does, all we know about it is it needs a live target. We'll need every trick we have available to us.
No. 197225 ID: 8e6368

Find a way to be able to negate dart's magic by somehow weaking it's affects and then draining him, what you need is several energy conversion cystral which allow his attacks to tuen into energy you can use. Use this tatic to beat him, whilst using aggersive attack that are quick but deadly. You need to keep him on his toes so he can't rest. If you can do a combination of those two things then Dart is at your mercy.
No. 197232 ID: 8e6368

Find a way to be able to negate dart's magic by somehow weaking it's affects and then draining him, what you need is several energy conversion cystral which allow his attacks to tuen into energy you can use. Use this tatic to beat him, whilst using aggersive attack that are quick but deadly. You need to keep him on his toes so he can't rest. If you can do a combination of those two things then Dart is at your mercy.
No. 197523 ID: 701a19

Cecil, ask the book's keeper if it can tell you what the spells you got from Chel do; we don't want to find out the hard way.
No. 197525 ID: cf68aa
File 127727616117.png - (84.27KB , 500x500 , 1238.png )

>"Damn! Alex take Nari to Chel and meet me outside!"


Cecil runs outside. People are running around screaming. Several explosions are happening.

In the middle of the destruction stands a young woman.
She looks at Cecil and grins

"You again."
No. 197534 ID: 701a19

Slip the ring on to just before the second knuckle, then charge her with soul blades. Halfway through the charge use your alchemy to push the ring past the second knuckle so it will be 'on', then decapitate her.

@Alex: Once you're back we're going to need you to start running the corpses of powerful enemies to a secure location. We don't want them being resurrected to fight again, and you can use your alchemy to quickly move them around under the surface.
No. 197537 ID: cf68aa
File 127727874810.png - (82.19KB , 500x500 , 1239.png )

Cecil does this. When she gets close enough Bella pulls out a doll and giggles.
She breaks both the dolls legs.

Cecil gives a quick gasp as she feels a slight pain in her legs but it goes away and she manages to slash Bella with the Soul Blades.

Bella dodges just in time and jumps back

"What the hell!? How did my doll not work!?"
No. 197539 ID: 701a19

You need practice with those.
Doesn't matter; you're in melee range with extra-choppy blades she can't block. Slash at her center-mass until she dies.
[Cast Sub-0 on Bella via Laura]
No. 197540 ID: f9f4d9

say nothing, finish her and move on. telling an enemy how to do better is stupid.
No. 197542 ID: e31d52

kill murder maim etc
No. 197543 ID: 701a19

Also not worth the energy.
Kill her quickly and move on.

[Check Laura's charge level]
No. 197544 ID: cf68aa
File 127728104213.png - (138.62KB , 500x500 , 1240.png )


Cecil moves in for the kill. She hits Bella hard with her Soul Blade.

Bella frantically tries to kill her with the doll but it doesn't work.

>One down..
No. 197547 ID: 701a19

If you can rip the soul out of her body and shove it into Laura's stone, then do so.

This guy is an illusionist. Cast Maelaes, then try to run him through with your blades.
We don't know much about this one, so Soul Judgement on him.
No. 197553 ID: cf68aa
File 127728453776.png - (93.92KB , 600x500 , 1241.png )

>What the hell!? I can't do soul stuff with alchemy and I don't even know Soul Judgement!

>Screw it I'll just stab whoever it is.


Cecil turns and strikes hard.

The person catches the blade with the tip of his finger and lifts it up.

"Hmm.. I didn't know you'd learned Soul Magic so well. This thing could do some serious damage to normal people. I'm proud of you."

No. 197554 ID: 476456

Kick him in the balls.
No. 197555 ID: 701a19

Reality check!
A: This is an illusion out to trick you, so you must kill them.
B: This is your father as a slave to Dart, so you must kill them.

In either case, we will be resurrecting them later to break the curse that their eye triangles says they are under.

Act like you're about to lose it, then use Tandrolar Eisyrn to blow him away and follow it up with the Soul Blades.
No. 197561 ID: 701a19

Let me help with that...
[Fill Cecil with a quiet, calculating, merciless rage]
No. 197563 ID: cf68aa
File 127728613145.png - (155.82KB , 500x500 , 1242.png )


>WHAT!? How could I!? This is my father!
>He's supposed to be-!

>"Dad... H-how...?"

"Don't call me that. It's Lucius now"

>"No.. You died. Dart killed you..."

"Not quite."




Just in time Cecil jumps back from Lucius and the dagger he was holding in his hand.

"That's the last time I'm helping you"

>"Dad! Why are you doing this!? Why are you helping Dart!?"

".... You're too young to understand Cecil."

He pulls out a short staff. It begins glowing a bright red

"And I told you it's Lucius now"

He casts a Fire Spell. It flies at Cecil at incredable speed.

>A non-incanted spell!

She jumps out of the way

>Damn it!

>"Tandrolar Eisyrn!"

Cecil feels all her muscles ache as the spell fires out.
Lucius turns to his right and as he does a shield rises from the ground blocking the spell

"Never seen that spell. It even damaged my shield. Very good."
No. 197566 ID: 476456

should've kicked him in the balls.
No. 197570 ID: 701a19

Congratulations! You fucked up!

Did you see his eyes?
1: Those are curse marks.
2: Dart brainwashes people.
3: I told you, what, last night that Dart would attack you with your father?

Why did you flub that so badly? Why did you even bother to ask why he's following dart?

Anyway, hit him with a Rock Spike from behind to distract him, then try to BANISH the mind effects he's under.

"What? Do you believe his lies about bringing peace? Look how much I've accomplished in under a month; almost all the people have united to face a common foe, and you know as well as I that it's hard to hate people who've fought alongside you.
In less than a month I'll have some of each race in every city and town. A few months after that I'll have rebuilt the school and started taking in students of every race.
I'm further along in creating peace than Dart has ever been, without any of the suffering.

Father, I can destroy Dart. He has foreseen this. It is my destiny! Join me, and together, we can lead the world as father and son! Come with me. It is the only way."
No. 197590 ID: a594b9

That's not brainwashing, genius. Brainwashing looks different, people ACT different, and besides, Malaes detects things in different colors. The triangle eye is visible outside of Malaes, and Norue has one.

Hey. Cecil already tried to use the watch to find his parents, right? Why didn't it show his location? I think perhaps... there is something strange going on here. This man might be Dart. He did say he was going to attack Central himself, right?

Cecil, use Balle Serithe Isivu Mal Zeeth to boost a Will of the Kings spell. Or if Balle only boosts Alchemy, just cast WOTK normally and boost a Spike attack.
No. 197595 ID: 701a19

>That's not brainwashing, genius. Brainwashing looks different
I wasn't aware that brainwashing had visible symptoms.

>people ACT different

Helping the person who murdered his wife and attacking his son sure does seem normal to me~

>and besides, Malaes detects things in different colors.
What does that have to do with anything?

>The triangle eye is visible outside of Malaes, and Norue has one.
Yes, and yes. Norue said it's a curse mark, meaning that Cecil's father is under the effects of a curse. So was Bella.

I seem to recall at least one other person who had them...

>Hey. Cecil already tried to use the watch to find his parents, right?

>Cecil, use Balle Serithe Isivu Mal Zeeth to boost a Will of the Kings spell. Or if Balle only boosts Alchemy, just cast WOTK normally and boost a Spike attack.

You don't boost a distraction attack, although WotK is probably a good idea.
No. 197611 ID: a594b9

Malaes detects things in different colors, and we're seeing no different colors on this guy; thus he is under no extra magical effects that we can detect.

He isn't acting the same way Mizuno did. She had blind loyalty, he has grim determination that this is what must be done, not just that Dart told him to do it. Mizuno had no "Curse" triangle eyes. Also, Felix's eyes are normal and we do know that he is under the effects of Dart's mindwipe spell. Hey, that gives me an idea.

Cecil, ask your dad what his eyes mean. We've seen them 3 or 4 times now, mostly on members of Dart's group. Try to convince him that if he just explains the situation maybe you'd understand. There's time to talk!
No. 197629 ID: a594b9

Hey. Red glowing staff, a spell that's not invoked? He's got a RCS type thing just like we do.

Also, we do have this guy's real name, so we could try using that mana-drain chant Gene used on us before!

[switch to 'Lucius' for a long enough time to cast Giga Dondoa on him via his Red Staff, then back to Cecil]
No. 197631 ID: 701a19

Well, if his staff IS a cell stone...

[Cast Thead on 'Lucius' via his own Red Cell Stone via the Black Cell Network using his own knowledge of the spell]
No. 197647 ID: 701a19

@Felix: I've got good news, bad news, and ugly news.
The good news is that we're pretty sure Dart left your family alive.
The bad news is that we're equally sure he did that so he could force you to fight them if you ever broke free.
The ugly news is that in that case you need to lull them into a false sense of security, then kill them before they can strike.

On the upshot? We can revive them after we win, so don't have even a moment of hesitation.

Tell us their names, and we'll have RJ check. We have to press the issue here, since knowing will prevent fatal surprizes.

@RJ: Since you are safely off the battlefield where we couldn't possibly put you in any danger by distracting you, would you check Amy Sky's location?
You ARE safely tucked away outside the city, right?
No. 197978 ID: cf68aa
File 127735734027.png - (94.16KB , 500x500 , 1243.png )

>What!? She's here with me now. I'll ask her myself...

>Right... Outta the city... Yep, that's where we are...

>No he's just a master of unspoken spells.
>They're faster but not as powerful. Amy does the same thing though hers are just as powerful.

Cecil presses her foot against the ground and uses a rock spike.
It strikes Lucius at the back of the head knocking him over.

He quickly stands back up and looks around himself wildly.

"Wh-where am I?"


"!! Cecil! Cecil is that you!? What's going on!?"
No. 197981 ID: 701a19

See those eyes? It's an act to lull you into dropping your guard - besides, head trauma doesn't dispel magic.
Seal the mental effects from him to The Child soulless you're carrying while his guard is down.

Remember, we can't trust him as long as he's under Dart's control; you'll have all the time in the world to hug him and cry after we've won this thing.
No. 197985 ID: 373dd7

assume it's a trap. kill him, we'll bring him back to life later.
No. 197990 ID: 701a19

@RJ&Felix: Oh, for the- RJ, you're in no condition to be fighting, and we aren't sure we can resurrect your kid. If you insist on staying, then both of you get to a triage center and help-out there.
Anyway, where is Amy Sky, and where are Felix's family members?
No. 198020 ID: cf68aa
File 127736196752.png - (127.78KB , 500x500 , 1244.png )

>We were going there anyway.
>so.. I checked the watch to try to find where they were. It's pointing in the same direction.

>I know this is an act....


Cecil moves aside as another fireball flies past her.It catches her shoulder and burns some of her cloak

"I didn't really think that'd fool you anyway..."

>Damn.. Unspoken spells are too fast for me to counter.
No. 198023 ID: 519d1a

well then, use anything you have that isn't spoken ether, alchemy and soul magic.
No. 198024 ID: 701a19

Cast Aer on your father and use it to twist his head around. Snapped neck, instant death.
Put up a Soul Block while you're casting - we got that tri-orb staff so you can multi-cast, so lets make use of that.

@Felix: Alright, so, your family is alive but in Dart's control. Now you won't be surprised when Dart has them attack you, and you can us the same rescue-via-homicide technique that we used to save you.
How are you feeling? Do you think you're up to it?

@Norue: Cecil is being attacked by his dad, and Cecil keeps hesitating. Think you can take him?
No. 198039 ID: e31d52

Beggining to think we should call in Alex who doesn't know who this is and thus would not hold back at all
No. 198043 ID: cf68aa
File 127736443491.png - (76.98KB , 500x500 , 1245.png )


Lucius puts up a wind shield. The Aer bounces off and dissipates

"Better. Your spells are powerful. It may not seem like it but it takes quite a bit of mana to stop you attacks..."

>"Damn it...."

"Cecil step aside."

Norue goes in front of Cecil

"Let me take care of this one"

>"Norue I got this."

"No you don't. You have to many emotions going through you right now. I'll take him on, you find Dart."

>"... Fine.."

Cecil looks at Lucius one more time then runs off.

He hears a voice in his head
Cecil! This is Rai! This Anti Dark Mana and the Soul Sealing Spells are in place! Dart should be almost helpless now! Well.. not really helpless but at least a bit weaker.

>That's great news actually.

Cecil runs and looks around.

She sees him.

Standing atop one of the buildings is the Dark Mana Wizard Dart.


>I can do it if I have to....
No. 198048 ID: 701a19

Maelaes is in effect, right?

If so... [Switch to the Rune Stone that Amy Sky gave Dart, and cast a Blessed Rune Thought on him via Laura if possible]
No. 198049 ID: 519d1a

second [/scruffy]
No. 198058 ID: cf68aa
File 127736734172.png - (99.80KB , 500x500 , 1246.png )

A Blessed Rune Thought hits Dart with immense power. It makes him fall to his knees.

>Wh-What was that!?

>That spell.. a Rune Thought!? But from where!?

Dart picks up a Black Cell Stone

>"Felix, sweep the area."
No. 198060 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: Ok, use alchemy to shove him off the building, then use Aer to make sure nothing keeps him from hitting the ground and he survives the trip. Then confiscate his Black Cell Stone.

@Alex: We hit Dart hard. Come here and turn him into philosopher's stone while he's temporarily incapacitated, then we'll try to force a swift end to this fight.
No. 198062 ID: 519d1a

ah yes, can't body jump when crammed into a rock.
No. 198064 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: Or just use Aer for both. Whichever.
No. 198065 ID: 519d1a

oh yeah wait! make sure to keep an eye out for this other felix.
No. 198066 ID: cf68aa
File 127736917730.png - (112.97KB , 500x500 , 1247.png )


Cecil casts Aer on Dart. He tumbles and falls off the building.


A golden light shines from Dart.
Cecil feels him break from her spell as golden wings sprout from Dart's back

"Cecil! IT WAS YOU!"

Dart looks right down at Cecil
No. 198067 ID: 701a19

@All Leaders: See the guy with the glowing wings? That's Dart. I'm sure you know how to respond to such an inviting target like that.

@Cecil: Use Aer to hold him steady, and cast Electrical Storm.
No. 198068 ID: eb6d46

"What spell, sir?"

No. 198069 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: Wait, if he shook the Aer off it might not work.
Cast Fire on him through the Cell Stone he's carrying since that should be inside his barrier. Then try to use Jhos to force him to the ground.
If Jhos works, then blast him in the crotch with Tandrolar Eisyrn. Then just take the Alimentor away from him.
No. 198070 ID: eb6d46

Can we bless that shit or not?
No. 198072 ID: 31cbfc

I smell something of unpredictable power, unless this shiny wings thing is merely for intimidation.
No. 198073 ID: 701a19

Curses fade when the caster dies, right?
And the triangle-irises are curse marks, right?
Well, what are the odds that killing Dart will release everybody from his mind control?
No. 198221 ID: 40cb26

"Well yeah, who'd you expect?"
Hold him place with Jhos and fill him full of soul shots.

And Alimentor? Fucking crap, that's where it was. And we have no idea what it's capable of.
@Gene and Rai
Dart possesses the Alimentor, and so far only used it to sprout wings of gold. Have any idea what else this thing does?
No. 198223 ID: 701a19

It blocks basically every kind of attack, but we think it might not help against Sage magic since that's not Soul, Mana, or physical. Its method of operation didn't exist when the Alimentor was made, so theoretically it shouldn't know how to counter it.
Also, Cecil doesn't know Soul Shot.

No. 198343 ID: 40cb26

Well, bugger. Fine then...

Cecil! Let's make sure we cut through whatever defenses he might still have or Ailmentor might provide, pull him down with Jhos and use Tandrolar Eisyrn when he's too close to dodge it. But protect yourself with Soul Shield before anything else!

If even Sage Magic doesn't work, we might need to attack him with the Goldeon Dagger. Please tell me you or Alex has it.
No. 198477 ID: cf68aa
File 127742324373.png - (107.05KB , 500x500 , 1248.png )

>"Well yeah, who'd you expect? Jhos!"

The spells hits Dart but Cecil can feel it lose it's hold on him almost immediatly.

"Your stupid spells won't work on me"

Dart fires one of the golden feathers at Cecil. Her joints ache from using Sage Magic
No. 198487 ID: a594b9

Oh great. Dodge, and activate Haste.

I think we are not going to be able to use much more Sage magic.

Remember that attack you used against Master L? Firing off a bunch of Stonecraft via Aer and Gravity? Do that. Also try using Gravity and Crush to force him to the ground.

If nothing works we may have to just keep avoiding the golden feathers until the Alimentor runs out of juice. It surely can't work forever!
No. 198574 ID: 40cb26

He has the dark stone again, let's listen in on his thoughts for a moment. Who knows there may be something we can use there.

Seconding stonecraft/Aer/Gravity combo, it's the surest way to get around his magic resistance.

Cecil is having a bit of difficulty here, we nailed Dart with a overpowered Rune Thought but he has the Ailmentor which resist spells as well as gives him golden wings that's he's flying and attacking us with. If you can slip in and smash him with a rock that would be swell. Just don't let yourself be vulnerable or isolated, join Cecil as soon as you're seen so you can combine defenses.
No. 198616 ID: cf68aa
File 127743963526.png - (90.38KB , 500x500 , 1249.png )

>Didn't wanna waste this..


Instantly everything around Cecil seems to slow down. She realizes it is just a trick of the mind, she's not really faster but she's able to process information a lot faster then before.
It's giving her a headache.

She looks at Dart and by using a combination of Gravity Aer and Stonecraft begins flinging tiny stone bullets at him.

They move at incredible speeds but the wings of the alimentor seem to be faster. They block the bullets before they even reach dart.

However, one hits him

>Ha! Guess it really 'can't' block everything.
No. 198617 ID: a594b9


Throw Zaken at him. Lightning should be very difficult to dodge, yes? Also go ahead and try a Giga Dondoa.
No. 198628 ID: 701a19

We are in agreement.
Use Gravity+Aer to accelerate the rock storm to absurd speeds.
No. 198634 ID: 3778d2

a tornado would be best just a swirling mass of stone attacking from all angles at once.
No. 198649 ID: 40cb26

I think a strong hitting spell is exactly the kind of thing Ailmentor is best against, let's not waste our mana.

Putting these ideas together... imagine a heavy stonecraft tornado centered on Dart, and then then using Black Hole to crush it all on him from every direction. A tightenting rockstorm blender!
No. 198659 ID: cf68aa
File 127744562061.png - (98.56KB , 500x500 , 1250.png )

Cecil adds tornado with the spells creating a barrage of rock bullets. The wings completly fold around Dart but Cecil can see a few of them slip through various cracks.

When Dart speaks his voice comes reaches Cecil as though Dart were speaking very slowly.

"Cecil, do you honestly believe these pebbles hurt? I can heal them by drinking a potion. I'm simply waiting until this damn Rune Thought wears off."
No. 198660 ID: 701a19

Cast Nill through the Cell Stone he holds to replace The Alimentor with a rock. Since it's inside his shield, it should work.
Then follow that up with a Zaken.
No. 198661 ID: 3778d2

that may work, but what about a back up?
maybe try shooting a bolt into the cracks? or throwing the golden knife, can cut all but flesh, should be able to cut the wings.
No. 198664 ID: a594b9

Alright replace the stones with Aqua, then channel Zaken through the water.
No. 198665 ID: 3778d2

that's a good one, use a conductor to slip past defense.
No. 198671 ID: 701a19

@Leaders: Curses end when the caster dies, right? Dart's flying around in a bubble that can perfectly defend against just so many attacks at once, and is waiting for the complete seal we put on his magic to fade.
If people start bombarding him then his defenses will be overwhelmed and he'll start eating the damage.

@Norue: Any chance you could hand Luscious off to somebody else? Your magic-nulling sword might be capable of breaking this barrier.
No. 198678 ID: 701a19

@Leaders: Once he's dead, all his ReWrites, Shoujens, and Shenjous will vanish. Unless I'm mistaken, that means basically all his supporters will suddenly lose any desire to keep fighting.
No. 198679 ID: cf68aa
File 127744974454.png - (72.54KB , 500x500 , 1251.png )

The message gets out.
Most are busy but others arrive at the fight. not just leaders but other fighters as well.

The Catkin alchemist, the Tigerkin warriors and the Dark Elf soul mages all join in and begin throwing everything they have at Dart.

The Tigerkin begin to retreat as one tried to attack Dart and was hit by a feather. his body was instantly disintegrated.

Cracks begin to form along the feathers.

After ten minutes of intense attacks Dart falls.

No. 198680 ID: cf68aa
File 127744981745.png - (96.71KB , 500x500 , 1252.png )

"Never... I will never let myself be beaten.. Not like this... NOT BY THEM!"

Energy begins to swirl around dart. The wings begin breaking off and from plates around his body.
No. 198681 ID: cf68aa
File 127744991369.png - (27.11KB , 500x500 , 1253.png )

Soon he is covered in a full Alimentor armor.

The energy he's giving off seems to burn the very ground he stands on and the glow coming from the armor hurts the eye

No. 198684 ID: 701a19

Did the attempt to steal the Alimentor fail?
Fling a rock at his eye. If that doesn't work, then cast light and have it obscure his vision.

@Alex: Go to Nari, give her another blood sample of yourself, and have her Soul Lock you into the Dark Elf orb. Then drop everything you're carrying except for a robe and the Goldeon Knife.

We need you to use it to pierce the Alimentor protecting Dart.
You will probably die in the attempt.
Attacking from behind gives you the best chance of success.

A little trick we've tried to keep quiet: You can cast wizard spells through the Cell Stones, and we 'accidentally' let Dart take one. They're only about 5% as powerful as they should be, but it should ignore his protection. Thead might be useful.
No. 198686 ID: 3778d2

do that plan.
No. 198687 ID: 701a19

[Override the mute effect on our tap into the Black Cell Stone Network, but leave the spell-blocking in place]

@Dart via BCSN:
Is that fear, father?
Yes, I believe it is. You've suddenly realized that you've created something beyond your control, and that you are going to die.
What did you hope to accomplish? Your minions claim 'world peace', but we both know that's a laughable lie.
Does your host know your real plans, or have you been keeping those from it as well?
How does your host feel about the horrible things you have done?

It should be able to hear me; how do you feel about being the tool of a monster? You are not completely powerless, we saw that before.
Dart is going to die today, and you with him. The question is how you are going to meet that death; will your final act be one of submission, or an honorable one worthy of respect?
Dismiss the Alimentor, and you will save all the people who would have died in the time it takes us to remove it.
The death of a hero or a coward? Choose.
No. 198692 ID: c4c313

Dart is so setting himself up to get killed. Entire thread is rubes.
No. 198693 ID: cf68aa
File 127745240380.png - (23.94KB , 500x500 , 1254.png )

>Host? What do you mean? I am Dart.
>Do not even attempt to talk about things you do not understand Fragments.
>Mya!? ..... fine....

Alex gives some of her blood and hair to Nari and runs into the battle.

Cecil and Dart glare at one another, both daring the other to make the first move.

Alex sneaks in from behind and strikes at Dart.

Before she can even get close she loses all feeling in her lower body.

She can't breath or even feel.
She gives a quick glance down. The last thing she sees before she dies is her legs falling away from her.



The Goldeon Knife falls to the ground near Dart
No. 198696 ID: 701a19

Hit Dart with a Zaken to distract him, then use Aer+Gravity to fling the knife into Dart.

[Show >>/questarch/178370 to Dart]

Oh? So you simply have poor self control and self loathing? Your claims ring hollow.
We understand more than you think, father, although I must admit a certain morbid curiosity; what have you been trying to accomplish? Is your goal really as simple and petty as world conquest?
No. 198712 ID: 701a19

Oh, and chuck Alex's body away from the fight and towards the tigerkin; they know enough to take her to a triage center.

We are going to kill Dart SO dead it's not even going to be morbidly humorous.
No. 198745 ID: e31d52

No. 198746 ID: 701a19

That's hardly intimidating, and not at all the image we're trying to project.
Cold clinical intent with a smidge of malice.

@I Shop: Say, what could you tell us about the Alimentor?
Any side effects to the wounds it causes?
Any weaknesses in its defenses? Particularly ones that apply to its fully armored state?
No. 198750 ID: e31d52

Fine. Sorry.
[rescind previous message]
But please, get to the point with him! We don't have much time, and if Cecil bites it, true game over.
No. 198751 ID: e4cf19

@i-shop, right now money is no object, we will pay you back one day if the info costs something.
No. 198753 ID: 701a19

We're trying to goad him into making mistakes, which will take time.
Cecil's safe at the moment, and we do have plans in place.

He's not accepting credit right now. Cash only.
No. 198756 ID: 40cb26

Cecil, calm down you can heal her easily with your spell. Do NOT let this distract you, she only dies if you do. Heal her with Vel, And then you need to get the Dagger, pull it towards you with Aer or use Nill if that works. Dart cannot be allowed to get it!

@All leaders
Our only way past his defenses may be the cell stone he holds to which we have patched access. Spells can be cast from one to another but only weakly, and we've had that and communication blocked so Dart couldn't attack us through it. He is currently effected by Rune Thought and his only defense is Ailmentor, so the situation has changed.

We are going to lower that barrier, we need you all to pour all most destructive magic you can through your cell stones and into Darts. It's only 5% effective so pump it up. It... might damage the network, we really don't know. But we're running out of options.

If you can possibly spare the Red Stone for a moment, it's spells transfer far more effectively. Dart's spells are disabled, but not sure about the other thing in him.

[Drop the Cell Stone network spell barrier]
No. 198807 ID: e31d52

No. 198816 ID: 701a19

Ok, we have a few more plans.

Here's the simplest: Cast Barrast on Dart while we're in his head; since it's a neutral spell it will let us tell if the Alimentor only counteracts violence.
Also, if the Goldeon dagger can't cut through the Alimentor, then retrieve it use it to cut a rift to the dark world. From there cut a rift to the inside of Dart's armor.
@Keeper 112: Would you be willing to tell us anything about how to kill Dart inside the Alimentor?
No. 198961 ID: e31d52

Okay, okay, I got an idea. An idea. I know Seven's probably gonna shoot this down but hear me out.

So using someone to stab him with the dagger didn't work. That's too bad. But what if we hurl the dagger at a speed faster than any human can possibly react?

That is to say, like a BULLET. We're hasted or something so what we do is we use Aer to rifle the throw so it remains stable and gravity so that it doesn't fall and throw it with EVERYTHING WE HAVE at Dart's heart.

No. 198964 ID: e31d52

>Goldeon dagger can't cut through the Alimentor


>Before she can even get close

She never got a chance to strike!
No. 198966 ID: cf68aa
File 12775107399.png - (27.56KB , 500x500 , 1255.png )

I Shop Owner
>Sorry stranger, never played with it so I wouldn't know.


The Goldeon Dagger flys to Cecil. She grabs it and tosses it at Dart

>"Aer! Gravity!"

With the combination of the two spells the Goldeon Dagger rushes at Dart at impossible speeds straight to his heart.

One of the wing folds over him protecting him.

The Dagger hits the wing.

No. 198968 ID: e31d52




No. 198970 ID: e31d52



Hit the Dagger itself, use it as a wedge. If you have any force-based spells, hammer it as hard as you possibly can. THIS IS IT. THIS IS OUR OPENING. DO NOT LET IT DO TO WASTE.
No. 198971 ID: 476456

Aer/gravity it again to hammer it in more.
No. 198975 ID: e31d52

No. 198976 ID: a594b9

Attack the weak point for massive damage! Slam it with Giga Dondoa to break off the wing! Use Crush and Gravity to add extra strain on it.

Then grab it with Aer, and throw it back at him with Aer+Gravity like you did with the dagger.
No. 199047 ID: 40cb26

Stonecraft can also be used with the aer/gravity combo to give it more force. HAMMER IT IN.
No. 199077 ID: 701a19

Pull the Goldeon dagger back.
Quaff a mana potion, then alchemy some stone into a long conic projectile. Hyperaccelerate that into that red dot, which appears to be a weak point.
Once you have bits of armor falling off, use those as weapons against the rest.
No. 199093 ID: e31d52

The flowchart goes like this:

Launch dagger
Pull out dagger
Is it stuck?
If Y, use as wedge. If no, see step one
No. 199102 ID: 4531bc

A true text quester. Even his flowcharts are text.
No. 199116 ID: cf68aa
File 127753051260.png - (25.50KB , 500x500 , 1256.png )

Cecil repeats the attack slamming the Goldeon dagger into the wing again and again.

After four attacks it cumbles and shards of Goldeon fall to the ground.

>This is it!
No. 199118 ID: 701a19

Blow off the other wing with the dagger while using Goldeon shards to pound at his "Above the law" mark
No. 199119 ID: 57b4a3

pull back shards and use to block his counter attack! then try to get the spot on his forehead.
No. 199122 ID: e31d52


Pick up those peices of the Goldeon and launch them at his head and shoulders from ever single angle you can.

No. 199130 ID: cf68aa
File 127753146780.png - (30.93KB , 500x500 , 1257.png )

Cecil picks up more pieces and beings flinging them at Dart.

More and more cracks appear on the body and pieces begin to chip off.

Dart holds up his hand

"Cecil... Looks like Felix found one of your friends..."
No. 199133 ID: 701a19

We'll check on this.
[Switch to 'Felix' via the Black Cell Stones]
No. 199135 ID: e31d52

Yeah, we got this.

Don't stop, that should be obvious. If we come back and he's not better ventilated than a half-demolished building, there will be words.
No. 199136 ID: 57b4a3

No. 199138 ID: cf68aa
File 127753254783.png - (120.83KB , 500x500 , 1258.png )


>"Tell me where the Goldeon Watch is and I won't kill you... okay?"

"I... I..."
No. 199140 ID: 701a19

[Imitate Dart, and block Dart's use of his own network]
Don't kill her, Felix. It looks like the failure is producing a useful child for me.

@RJ: "I gave it to Gene! Gene Nilremm!"
Also, what the heck is going on? Where's Felix?
No. 199142 ID: 40cb26

@Felix (evil)
She doesn't tell know, but we'll tell you if you leave her unharmed. Let her go and back well away from her. It's hidden a ways out where one of our allies left it earlier, you won't find it without our help.

Try to stay calm, stutter that you don't know so that backs up what we are telling him.

RJ is in trouble, get over there and save her! We're trying to to fool this thing into leaving her alone so we show it where the Watch is hidden.
No. 199143 ID: 701a19

Evil Felix doesn't have a Cell Stone, just a Black Cell Stone. We don't want him to know we've compromised their network.
No. 199150 ID: 40cb26

You are full of bad ideas, you know that? If she says anything, she dies. And
imitating Dart is pointless, it's not like he isn't listening in or that thing can't check. The access to the network is out of the bag already too, and again Dart can just tell him if he hasn't already.

No. 199151 ID: 57b4a3

this one.
No. 199158 ID: cf68aa
File 127753450548.png - (99.88KB , 500x500 , 1259.png )

>Felix is.. Felix is dead.
>"Now tell me, where is it?"

"I-I don't know."

>Hmm? Who are you?
>It matters not. I like you offer, but how does this sound; tell me and I 'won't' snap her head off.
No. 199161 ID: 701a19

@RJ: This guy is also named Felix, so we needed to know that Dart didn't snatch him again.

@Evil Felix: Ok! Ok! Just don't hurt her! We gave it to Gene Nilremm! He's been using it to tell the positions of Dart's troops!
If you hurt her, though, then we'll have Rai take it.
No. 199165 ID: 57b4a3

this idea seems sound.

@RJ: don't worry, we'll just bring him back to life... again.
No. 199171 ID: 40cb26

Look we care about her, not the damn watch. It won't make a difference at this point anyways. But if we tell you will kill her, no reason not to. You can either back off now and we lead you there, or wait for us to send someone to get it and manage a trade.

Also she is pregnant with a child of four races, if Dart succeeds here he'll find it of much interest. So her long term survival is also in your best interest for that.

Good guys are saps like this, her life is our full cooperation, got it?

We don't want to give him someone to hunt down, we need to make it rely on us so it has some kind of reason to let RJ live.

How are you holding up? If you can kill Dart soon that would be NICE!

RJ is here with a monster about to kill her, Felix is already down and Cecil is trying to wear down Dart. We are trying to negotiate her life for the Watch, if we actually need to make that trade then do it. You are the only one left who can save her now, one way or another.
No. 199173 ID: cf68aa
File 127753578451.png - (62.18KB , 500x500 , 1260.png )


He lifts up RJ and throws her against a wall

>"I'll be back for you."

He turns and leaves.
No. 199176 ID: 701a19

@RJ: Get to safety. Take as much of our Felix as you can carry without it slowing you down.

@Gene: You've got one of the Cerin Squad members after you. Get close to a large group of soldiers or a powerhouse like Rai or Norue, and stay there. Sorry, but you're the only one of us that's capable of defending himself right now.

[Back to Cecil]
No. 199184 ID: 40cb26

Damn, too slow. I can salvage part of it though...

How are you holding up? If you can kill Dart soon that would be REALLY NICE!

RJ just narrowly avoided getting killed by a monster that took out Felix, and it is now looking for you. It wants the Watch, of course we'd rather you kill the fiend but if you need to trade do so. Its name is also Felix, for unknown reasons that can only be disturbing.
[Send an image of Felix and its position]

I'm sorry, we'll bring Felix back ok? Dart is on his last legs and Gene is a toughie

Please tell me you two are unharmed, we know about Alex... we'll bring her back.
No. 199187 ID: 57b4a3

[yes, back to cecil.]

@RJ: don't worry, we made him not dead once, we can do it again.
No. 199192 ID: cf68aa
File 127753768672.png - (38.23KB , 500x500 , 1260.png )


>I almost got him! The armor is being broken off more and more, he can't stop Goldeon!

>He's not even glowing anymore.



"I had hoped this armor would protect me long enough to allow the spell to wear off... Ah well.. This truly was my last resort."

>"Why are you telling me this...?"

"This world is a rotten mess. As it stands it is filled with violence and destruction. War is always around. If I were to take over I could put a stop to that. Cecil, if 'we' were to rule together we could ensure that peace is always maintained. You are immortal and if you allow me to repair this armor then I will be as well. We can work together."
No. 199193 ID: 57b4a3

@dart: a lot of the violence and destruction was your fault. the cat and tiger folk would of gotten along fine, maybe a fight now and then but nothing major. the merfolk wouldn't have to live in fear of being raped every day. you have committed more atrocities then the rest put together., you are the worst of them all.

don't even bother listening to his speech, just kill him.
No. 199196 ID: c4c313
File 127753808951.gif - (407.48KB , 250x250 , yeah___yeah.gif )



Dart. You really need to work on your interpersonal skills.
No. 199199 ID: 40cb26


Your magic is gone forever anyways. I'm telling you this because fuck you.
No. 199201 ID: e3f578

who gives a damn about the world when your friends matter most, for shizzle Dart.
No. 199204 ID: 701a19

You don't understand, do you, father?
There is a limit to how far the ends will justify the means, and you passed that long ago.
If that really is your goal, then take solace in the fact that your death advances that cause; the people who fought alongside each other today will have more respect for each others races.
We are going to build on that, having groups of each race deployed to every town on the continent.
Human healers, catkin masons an apothecaries, Dark Elf psychologists and guards. The Light Elves will take some time, but eventually they will come around.
Look at Cecil now; Prince Cecil Sils Von Central III, savior of the continent, the obvious choice to replace Rai when he retires, married to a Dark Elf and a catfolk.
We will open up a new school of magic, with all people encouraged to attend and stringent ethical standards in place on magic.

In truth, I think that on some level this is what you wanted from the Von Centrals all along; not a powerful minion, but somebody to end your suffering.

However, we will offer you an alternative. Cecil will kill you now, and revive you without the ability to use magic. You have a wealth of knowledge that would be useful to the world.
If you are sincere in your claims, then you should see how much good you could do for the world, and how you can start to atone for your horrible deeds.
No. 199205 ID: cf68aa
File 127753937824.png - (76.94KB , 500x500 , 1261.png )


>No. When I die there will be no reviving.

Cecil continues his attack on Dart.
Another piece on his torso breaks off.
Cecil uses Aer to send the Goldeon Fragment straight through the new hole in his armor.

It slices through him


>"It's over Dart. I win."
No. 199207 ID: 476456
File 127753950557.jpg - (60.62KB , 454x654 , han.jpg )

Dont get cocky kid.
No. 199208 ID: 0b2a05

Call him the worst father in the history of the world, one incapable of ever helping any kind of "good" in anything but name only. Kill him again.
No. 199210 ID: 701a19

Put more through his head. Hard to think without a brain.

@Dart: So, why do you have curse eyes? And what was the cause of that failed attempt to cast Shenjou on Amy?
No. 199211 ID: 57b4a3

until the armor is gone i am unsure he is dead. get his head off to be sure.
No. 199213 ID: 31cbfc

A scumbag who just slain a catgirl whose intentions were completely honest and out of care for Cecil, slicing her in half without a blink of an eye, is speaking of violence and destruction?
Give me a fucking break, Dart. You can't even lie right. You're just cryptic and whiny because Cecil beat your sorry butt despite not resorting to your dark mana tricks. She won because she had a reason. She did this out of love for others, a truly invincible force that's beyond the grasp of your narrow, power obsessed mind.
You know you're screwed, you know why you're weak, and you can't even accept it. I don't even pity the likes of you.
In the world us spirits come from, there were countless likes of you who promised great prosperity if we offered them the power. None lived up to their promises. Even if your intentions were ever good, power corrupts - and absolute corrupts absolutely.
You're no different. You're just one man - and a horrible excuse for a person. What happened to all who sought power with empty words, will happen to you as well.
Be a man and accept your fate. Your game ends here.
No. 199215 ID: 40cb26

Would you just please die already? We'll handle world peace, just get fuck off the stage.

We've just stabbed Dart through the heart, that damn defense against his body jumping better be up.
No. 199216 ID: cf68aa
File 127754042060.png - (109.26KB , 500x500 , 1262.png )

Dart stumbles then falls. The armor breaks off completely and falls in pieces around him.

>...... I tried............ And either way... We still did it...

>Though honestly.... I would have done it differently if I could..........

>......... The eyes.... Are a curse......... Each is unique........ Those with my eye are curse.... To never reveal 'it'......

>Oh..... It's wearing off..... Guess I'm getting close.......
No. 199217 ID: 701a19

If it's wearing off, then tell us.
All those in your thrall will be freed by your death, correct?
No. 199218 ID: 40cb26

We know there is another within you. The "it". If the curse fades as you die name it, please.

Throw shards of the goldeon dagger and ailmentor into Darts eyes, it might break the curse just long enough for him to explain what is behind this all.
No. 199219 ID: 57b4a3

@dart, you had a great goal, but bad ways of doing it, in another life we could of been friends.
No. 199221 ID: cf68aa
File 12775415647.png - (113.30KB , 500x500 , 1263.png )

>Heh... We were....

>As if I would... Tell the ones who killed me everything.... Here... I'll give you a hint....

He weakly lifts up his hand and moves his hair out of his face.

>Think hard... You've seen it once before....

Cecil feels a sort of weight lift off of him.
Dart has died.

No. 199222 ID: cf68aa
File 127754159918.png - (82.09KB , 500x500 , 1264.png )

>..... It's over.
He goes near Dart and picks up the Goldeon Dagger.
Suddenly he hears Rai's voice

Cecil! The Cell Stone thing shattered! I can't maintain the spell anymore! Dart can posses again! Run!

Dart's body begins to decay. From his feet up he begins to turn to dust. As he does Cecil sees a white mist rise from the body.


He steps back and begins a full Aer sprint away from it.
No. 199231 ID: 701a19

Get a sample of that dust once you can.
Oh, and Cecil? Seal the white thing.

@Chel: We need you to come here and use Soul Judgement.
@Nari & RJ: Are you ok?
No. 199232 ID: 31cbfc

Oh hell...
Am I the only one who suspects it?
No. 199239 ID: 57b4a3

@everyone: evacuate everyone, fast as you all can.
No. 199240 ID: cf68aa
File 127754282510.png - (52.55KB , 500x500 , 1265.png )

>Both the white thing and dust are already gone..
>The dust was reduced to just nothing.
>And Rai used every bit of power he had and the red stone to try to seal Dart, what makes you think I could do the same?

[b]Cecil! Update! Dart seems to have escaped Central.
I'm sorry Cecil... I failed...
Please send a report to all the leaders.[/i]


The Alimentor glows brightly on the ground. Cecil walks over to it and picks it up.

It has a little latch and a small inscription.

'It' is in here.

No. 199241 ID: 40cb26

No. 199243 ID: 57b4a3

get the watch too, having the other two golden items may help, and it can't hurt.
No. 199244 ID: 57b4a3

and then open it, use the knife and watch to battle 'IT'.
No. 199245 ID: 40cb26

No. 199248 ID: 40cb26

[Replay Darts final moments and thoughts and of picking up the Ailmentor and what it says]
Quickly, what do you think this means? One of the Cerin has been looking for the watch as well. Do they need to be brought together to end this?

@Gene how are things on the front? Dart is dead but we don't know if it is over yet. A Cerin is looking for the Watch, be on your guard. We might need you to bring it to us, still working on that.
No. 199258 ID: 701a19

No blood or anything?
If Alex is still nearby then cast Vel on her and then use a Phoenix Down.

@Rai: Two suppressive spells covering the entire city? Few people could even manage one.

@All Leaders: Dart has been slain, although we believe his spirit has fled to take a new form. His minions should be free; have them report to Cecil immediately for debriefing.
Recall all units to the triage centers, and have them focus on treating the wounded and reviving the dead where appropriate.
We need a task force mobilized and sent to Dart's castle to free and secure his captives. Be warned that Dart has a history of using magical traps.

@Lucien: Dart is dead. Are you free? What is "IT"? What is the nature of the curse Dart put on you?

@Nari, Chel, & RJ: Are you ok?
@RJ: You should be able to get Felix to a Triage station now. If they hesitate because he's part Dark Elf then tell them you're his wife so it's your decision. It's true enough, after all. Don't worry, things will be fine.
No. 199278 ID: cf68aa
File 127754504457.png - (45.74KB , 500x500 , 1266.png )

[The leaders get their messages.]

>All the Cerin have left! But.. The ones that were killed turned to ash or something. There's nothing left of them.

Cecil get the Goldeon Dagger ready and opens the Alimentor.

A bright white light pours out from it.
Everything becomes hazy.
Cecil sees something.. It's faint. The world around him seems dim and suddenly he is filled with the thoughts that he is viewing someone's memories.

Dart's memories.

>"I felt so bad... I feel like this is all my fault.. If I hadn't taken her there... the tiger folk wouldn't have..."

"It's okay.. no one blames you."

>"And then the school. Out precious school.. It's gone now."

"I know."

>"All because of this irrational hatred for others! I hate this world ! HATE IT! But what can we do about it huh!? nothing! Even you, the most powerful human ever can't do a damn thing about it!"

"well.. That's not so true anymore.."


"I have a plan.. But, in order for it to work I need help. I need someone dark, someone like you."

>"What do you need me for....?"

"Simple. We need someone that everyone hates. Someone so powerful that no one nation could defeat it. And then we make him seem immortal. With this constant threat hanging in air people will need to work together. Do you see?"

>"!!! That could work... What do you need me to do!?"

"Well... That's the tough part...."
No. 199279 ID: cf68aa
File 127754510491.png - (84.65KB , 500x500 , 1267.png )

"I need to posses you. Not completely but just enough so we can truly work together. I need you to pull off my every command flawlessly. So, are you in?"

>".... Let's do it."
No. 199280 ID: cf68aa
File 127754514758.png - (95.12KB , 500x500 , 1268.png )

Cecil is pulled back out of the box. He sits there, stunned. He hears a voice

>Cecil, if you're hearing this that means you beat me.
>Plan A was stupid, world domination never works.
>But the real plan did.
>As my final 'attack' I give you this knowledge, not because I want to help you but because I want you to see that ultimately I
win. And there's nothing you can do about it

No. 199281 ID: e31d52

>Dart: Trollface
No. 199282 ID: 701a19

@Mizuno: Are you alright?
No. 199287 ID: 40cb26

Let us... never speak of this. It won't help.

Now then, things to do, dead to revive. ALEX IS CUT IN HALF RIGHT THERE. Felix was killed as well and who knows who else, so get on it already.

@RJ Chel Nari
It's over, time to pick up the pieces. Are the three of you at least alive?
No. 199290 ID: 701a19

Cecil, we need to maintain this ruse, but we can certainly give people a happier ending than this. We'll talk to Rai.

For now, just get the group together, get everybody back to health, and help them all cope. You need some alone time with Alex and Nari.

Alright, so your real plan worked.
Dart entrusted your secrets to us, and because of what transpired here we will keep all of them secret.

However, we have things to ask of you in exchange for this. Don't worry; we think you'll like them.

First, we want to successfully 'rescue' the Cerin Squad. All of them. Cecil will rewrite their memories so they'll believe the lie, and do a thorough enough job that it won't show cracks over time. As Cecil is immortal, they'll die before him and so the secret will never be revealed. We'll look into having another person layer the memories on as well, just as a precaution.
Second: Revive Dart in secret. We are already having Cecil devise a circle of magic which would allow him to change the natural state of things. Although it was intended for things like reversing Shoujen/Shenjou and giving Amy Sky her hearing, we could also use it to give Dart a new identity. Once the research is complete, he can go live his life.

Third: Remove the mind alterations on Cecil, because we need to know the truth to be effective. For example, we need to know what destroyed the school.

Forth: Our plans are mostly in line. We will create a new school and push for enrollment of all races, and see to groups of races being stationed in each town for the synergistic benefit.

Fifth: Name Cecil as your successor when you retire.

Do you have any objections to this plan? Or thoughts on it?
No. 199291 ID: 31cbfc

What an unusual way to achieve peace. So, he set you up to intentionally unite people against a greater evil? Killing many in process?
I don't buy it, but what the hell. You did the right thing anyway, Cecil. Let's fix up the fallen right now... it still hurts a lot to see them - especially Alex - like that, even if they're going to be fine. It's just... argh, you know you'll have to make up to her with more than just a revive for this. :3
No. 199477 ID: 701a19

Cecil, as much as you may hate it you need to make sure this secret never gets out. The actions they took were horrible, but if anybody found out about them now it would cause a massive war. Staying silent will result in peace.

Oh, and we know you've already planned on some of it - the fourth and fifth in particular - but we need Cecil's actions now to match his actions before.

For example, one point of serious concern is that the souls of those who died in the destruction of the school are within months of being completely consumed by soulless. Cecil has already made it clear that he wants to save these people, so it will be expected that he maintain that goal. However, the students being revived will need to have their memories altered to match the cover story. This is a task that could be assigned to a revived and disguised Dart without arousing too much suspicion. As long as the souls of the students are saved people won't look too closely at who was doing it.

Speaking of Dart, he seems to be remarkably similar in appearance to Cecil and his father. Given how he has meddled with the Von Central line I suspect the reason for that is that he's actually a part of it. With a few relatively minor appearance changes and a bit of philosopher's stone as a prop we could claim he's Cecil's immortal great great grandfather, and that Dart's imprisonment of him is what started the feud. Cecil's father will back that claim, one way or another.

Moving right along, we intend to position Alex so she can eventually take-up the catfolk throne, and even further down the line we will look into seeing if our friend Felix can positioned to take the Light Elf throne.
That would place all the power on the continent in the hands of people who are in mixed-race relationships, if they aren't outright mixed-race themselves. I'm a general opponent of consolidating power, but in this case it's certainly an improvement, and we'll avoid generational issues that normally lead to corruption.

So, first order of business: Grab a teleport stone, get to Dart's castle, and see to it that Amy Sky's memories are tweaked to fit the plan. Same with anybody she talked to. If anybody wonders why you're there, then the simple explanation is that you found out Amy Sky was alive.
No. 199661 ID: cf68aa
File 127761448958.png - (82.30KB , 600x600 , 1269.png )

>Drop it!? Never mention it again!?
>Never! People have to know what happened!

Cecil runs into the castle and goes to the top. he sees Rai


Rai slowly turns around to face him

"Hello Cecil. I just got your little friends message. I agree to most of the terms there. 'Most' of them. Honestly I'm surprised Dart sealed his memories in that box. Very unexpected of him..."

>"How could you Rai!? All those people over all these years!"

"Yes. I do regret most of the deaths. It was all for the greater good Cecil. We truly won the battle against war. these few deaths prevented the deaths of many."

>"Damn it Rai! I swear I'll-"

"What? Tell everyone? All these deaths would be in vain. Kill me? That wouldn't work out very well, mostly because I'd crush you instantly."

>"Damn it...."
No. 199663 ID: a594b9

What about his little bottle?
No. 199664 ID: e31d52


What the fuck, man?! We just traded one asshole for another?!
No. 199666 ID: 4531bc

See? Rai was evil. ^_^
No. 199670 ID: add46b

it wasn't just death, rampant rape was in there too, forcing people to carry scars their whole life, or until they take their own life away.

there is always a better way, it may have taken decades but true peace would of still happened one day without your help.
No. 199673 ID: e31d52

The greater good? A fallacy. A hiding place and an excuse. A weak and simple thing that all vile dictators hide behind.

This man must die, Cecil. He is a foul and evil abomination. He is exactly the kind of thing that should be avoided in a government: A man who has no checks or balances and instead needs only the flimsiest of excuses to rape, torture, and kill.

He has angered Us. His days are numbered.
No. 199676 ID: 701a19

Cecil. Calm down. What Rai did was horrible, and you have every right to be raging like a city on fire, but right now we need to do what is best for the world. That means securing peace, which means keeping these horrible secrets.

We don't like it, but calling Rai out on it would result in far more death than even Rai caused.

What terms do you find objectionable?
We don't intend for all the Cerin to go free, just for all of them to be alive so we can figure out which ones deserve to live.
Mizuno and Cecil's father, for example, are innocent.
No. 199677 ID: cf68aa
File 127761683061.png - (86.77KB , 500x500 , 1270.png )


>"I hate you."


Cecil leaves his castle. He keeps walking and wipes a tear from his eye

>Damn it... This doesn't feel like I won at all...

>There's peace but not the peace I was fighting for.


"Welcome stranger"


"Couldn't help but notice you look rather glum"

>"You have no idea..."

"Oh I do stranger. trust me I do. That's why I'm gonna make things a little easier on ya. It'll take some time though."

>".... How much?"

"Hehe.. It's on the house. I'll deliver it to you when I can"

>".... Thanks"

Cecil keeps walking ahead

>What should I do now..? I know there's a bunch of people I need to revive. Alex..
>What should I do after that?
No. 199679 ID: e31d52

Go and revive them.

What we need is to find a way to destroy Rai politically. Turn his own evil against him subtly. Hoist him by his own petard, and in such a way that no one but himself is obviously to blame.
No. 199680 ID: 08a687

let's explore the dark world and get as many souls as we can out. just suck them all into a alchemist stone. with the alimentor, the knife, and the watch we would be fine as we already know the knife is super deadly to the soulless and the alimentor would probably defend against them.
No. 199682 ID: a594b9

Don't forget Felix. He died too. Um, our Felix. Unless RJ said he was 'dead' as in, no longer in control of his faculties.

After that, we need to use the Golden Watch to find a part of Laura's body and revive her as promised.
No. 199687 ID: 701a19

After you revive Alex?
Take her and Nari to your room, get naked, and just cuddle together until you feel better.

After that? We need somebody to beat Item 21's keeper. That probably means you, although you could ask King Sils to do it. Then you need to keep learning magic.

In the longer term? Craft a circle of magic that lets you alter the basic nature of things. Not like Shoujen where you're putting a mask on top of their form, but actually changing their natural form itself. That would let you cure Amy Sky's deafness, and if Dart can be revived then it would let you give him a new identity - we know a little bit more about what happened than you, and he deserves better than this.

We've got a lot to do, but for now you should just relax. You're a hero, Cecil. It's not the victory you wanted, but the world is safe.
No. 199688 ID: a594b9

Oh shit I almost forgot. We need to rescue Master L and Amy Sky.
No. 199691 ID: 5d514f

[Advice Rorschach]
No. 199692 ID: 701a19

@RJ: How are things now? Everything ok?

@Our Felix: Hey, do you have head voices?

@All on BCS network: Anybody alive out there? 'Lucien'? Mizuno?
No. 199694 ID: 08a687

oh yes, should probably cast soul heal on her stone.

after our felix is up again ask him if he has any head voices too. would think we would of ran into them when we got in his head but it may not work that way.
No. 199706 ID: cf68aa
File 127761909820.png - (176.53KB , 500x500 , 1271.png )

>Dang.. That's a lot of things..
>It'll take time but I'll get everything done.

>Rescue Amy and L, revive my friends, rebuild the School, marry my loves, bring back the ones who fell in this fight, research new magic.
>I know there are more things that'll crop up over time.

>But I also know that with your help and the help of my friends we'll get them done.
>We've already done a few impossible things the time we've been together, what's a few more?

>And when we're done.. There's one more thing I want to do.
>Not now, not even a year from now but sometime in the future I will reclaim my title.
>One day I will defeat Rai and become King of Central City.
No. 199710 ID: 51b7bf

don't forget to tell alex of the wonders of artificial insemination. get preggo without needing to put tab A into slot B.
No. 199723 ID: 701a19

Oh, you should go get the girl out of the box tomorrow.
We need to start researching how to cure her.
No. 199748 ID: 701a19

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