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File 126768368628.png - (14.78KB , 543x518 , 245.png )
141788 No. 141788 ID: cf68aa

>Okay, we made it to the Tigerfolk city. Nari said she was feeling really sick so I left her outside. it's pitch dark here and no one seems to be outside. There's no guards so I don't think there's a curfew mya.

>Where's Cecil though?
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No. 141790 ID: 11df9c

She's in the inn.
No. 141791 ID: a85626

He's sort of being held captive right now. They're trying to use that orb you made as a bargaining chip, and it's working a bit too well. You know how much of a pushover he can be. At least we convinced him not to drink the drugged wine.
No. 141792 ID: 701a19

[Replays Cecil's memories of the building. Or, at least, all that we can.]
No. 141798 ID: cf68aa
File 126768485154.png - (10.40KB , 473x593 , 246.png )


>Drugged wine? Oooh, yeah my cousins tend to use those happy drugs quite abit mya. Good thing she didn't drink it.

>Okay I think this is the place mya. But there's a guard outside.
No. 141800 ID: 632862

Tell him you're here about the 'diplomatic mission' (with a wink), to assist Cecil since it turned out to be more difficult than anticipated.
No. 141802 ID: 11df9c

Alright, go inside, and find her room. Hide there, and when the tigerfolk who tricked her comes in...
Well, do you have a knife on you?
No. 141808 ID: 701a19


No. What we're trying to do is work this issue out. The dark mana tiger nut has allies, and killing them all would not only be risky but also be nigh-certain to let a few escape.

We need to convene with the catkin leader. Alex, you're here to give Cecil a Cell so we can interact with people directly.
The current plan is to get the Catkin leader's memories, then replay them for Cecil's 'employer'.
No. 141814 ID: cf68aa
File 126768609796.png - (13.24KB , 473x593 , 247.png )


>Sounds like a plan.

She goes up to the guard

>"Hello, I'm here about the 'diplomatic mission' , to assist Cecil. this mission's gonna be pretty dangerous and they need a catfolk to help."

>Screw diplomacy I'm killing the bitch who kidnapped Cecil.
>That sounds better mya

"What's the password"

>.... Uhm...
No. 141816 ID: 701a19

If you do that NOW then her allies will kill the catkin leader.
That's a bad thing.

We might be able to get something useful out of the deal if we can convince her to back down.

As far as the guard goes? "I can't give you a password since you didn't give one to Cecil. Go tell him the password and then I can tell you what it is."
No. 141818 ID: 632862

"What? Cecil didn't tell me. Hold on, let me just get him."

(also seriously we do want to talk to the catfolk leader to work this out)

We'll switch over to Cecil so we can get him to let you in.
No. 141821 ID: 701a19

We'll get a reward for killing her, a reward for stopping psychotiger from making a horrible mistake, and/or a reward for foiling an assassination plot.

Killing the leader WON'T foil the plot, and getting out alive afterward would be difficult. They have guards hiding all over the place.
The best bet is to meet with the Catkin leader first to get her side of events. If we can talk the tigers down from their plan then we can walk out of there safely and you can kill her another time.

Nobody agreed with me when I told Cecil to either kill or freeze and kidnap the terror tiger, so we're doing this the 'diplomacy first' way.
No. 141827 ID: cf68aa
File 126768783628.png - (13.82KB , 473x593 , 248.png )


>"Uhm... Hold on a sec kay?"

>Please be quick guys.


No. 141828 ID: 701a19

[Change to Cecil]

Alex is at the door. She needs you to let her in.

[If he is unresponsive]

No. 141833 ID: 632862

(peer into dreams)
No. 141834 ID: 3b6c92

hey let's look at his dreams for a sec, why not
No. 141842 ID: cf68aa
File 126768926148.png - (24.41KB , 589x599 , 249.png )


Hi dream world is opened up


Cecil jumps out of the way or a large fireball
No. 141843 ID: f52552

No. 141845 ID: cf68aa
File 126768946028.png - (15.84KB , 356x589 , 250.png )

A man in a blue cloak looks at him

"Sigh... Cecil how are you going to learn how to seal magic if you always run away?"

>"Sorry master, it's just a thing of mine to run away from fire! You would to hmm?"

"That's not the point. If you keep running from everything you won't solve your problems"

>God he is so annoying!
No. 141847 ID: 701a19

Ok, yea, we've seen enough.


[Plays back the conversation Alex had at the door]
No. 141849 ID: 632862

Cecil, time to wake up! Alex is outside getting cockblocked by some guard asking for a password.
No. 141855 ID: cf68aa
File 126769031785.png - (9.40KB , 356x468 , 251.png )


"SIR! The school is under atta----------"
No. 141857 ID: cf68aa
File 126769036610.png - (16.55KB , 491x562 , 252.png )


Cecil jumps up

>!? Huh!? Wha happened!?
No. 141858 ID: 701a19

Alex is at the door. The guard won't let her in. Go handle that.
No. 141864 ID: cf68aa
File 126769108998.png - (22.04KB , 772x562 , 253.png )


>Oh good she made it.

He rolls off the bed and falls to the floor.

>Huh. I think my legs have gone numb.

>It looks like there are two small pricks on my legs, one on each thigh.
No. 141865 ID: 632862

Well fuck. What's the password to get past the door guard?
No. 141866 ID: 701a19

Are they numb, or just unresponsive?
Can you feel them?

Also, that's probably a bad sign. Try healing one.
No. 141867 ID: 701a19

Oh, and check RJ for similar signs of tampering.
No. 141868 ID: 3416ec

Check your groin for bruising. We don't want no surprise sex to have happened.
No. 141870 ID: 701a19

Ah, screw this. After you check RJ and get a cloak on, use gravity to both make yourself weightless and drag you towards the entrance.
No. 141872 ID: cf68aa
File 126769168960.png - (4.78KB , 266x445 , 254.png )


>Password? I was never told a password. Just tell her to say "There is none" or something.

>I can't get my toes to move. I can see the prick marks.. I would love to heal them but my staff is on the dresser.

>She's to far away and I can't reach her.

>..... I suppose.
>Okay, everything's intact still. no bruising and that skin thing is still there.
No. 141876 ID: 701a19

You know, we've been pretty damn tolerant about the screw cycle they've been putting us through, but even THEY can't think this is a good idea.

Get an explanation first, though. At the very least we can have something to laugh in their faces about as we split their fingers lengthwise.
No. 141878 ID: 632862

Let's switch to Alex and tell her there's no password.
No. 141880 ID: 701a19

Yea, but lets also prepare her to berate people over the mindbogglingly amateur job they're doing running this whole thing and the blatant incompetence they keep showing by stabbing themselves in the foot every chance they get.
No. 141892 ID: a85626

Someone climbed up on you in your sleep, reached between your legs, and injected you twice with a paralytic drug cocktail, without you waking up. Try not to dwell on this.

No. 141894 ID: 8ecfd4

Use lessened gravity and Aer to make yourself stand and move. Get some clothes on, go down to the door and let Alex in. Don't let on that you got drugged to stay still. Act like it didn't work. And don't forget the orb.

Oh and by the way. The wine is almost certainly laced with happy drugs. So save it for celebration at a later time, like once you have the orb securly embedded in your body to make sure you don't keep dropping it everywhere. Then you can drink the drugged wine and have a party.
No. 142659 ID: cf68aa
File 126783999148.png - (13.67KB , 473x593 , 256.png )


>Fuck... I hate this feeling. I'm gonna get them back for this later. Master planners they are not.

>Just.. Just go talk to Alex while I do this.
>Mya, you guys are back. What's the password? The guards been staring me down.
No. 142663 ID: 632862

There is no password.
No. 142667 ID: cf68aa
File 126784060243.png - (14.76KB , 473x593 , 257.png )


>No password!?

>"Mya... There is none?"

"So you're saying you don't know it?"
No. 142670 ID: dcd509

No, I'm saying there is no password.
No. 142674 ID: 632862

Or at least make it clear that Cecil was never told one. So we must assume there is no password.
No. 142675 ID: 8ecfd4

If there is password they didn't tell Cecil. They were however a bit miffed at him turning down their drugged wine so they injected him while he sleept. His legs are now numb so he has some difficulty moving around.

Tell the bitch guard that there is no password. Atleast not one that they told Cecil, and you're really pissed at them for drugging him. That is no way to get someones cooperation. Now will the guard kindly move out of the way so you can help him or are things going to get nasty?
No. 142676 ID: 11df9c

"If I didn't know the password, why would I be here? I'd have no reason to be here if I didn't know the password. I mean, who'd try to go into a building if they weren't able?"
No. 142683 ID: cf68aa
File 126784214999.png - (22.58KB , 527x655 , 258.png )


>"If I didn't know the password, why would I be here? I'd have no reason to be here if I didn't know the password. I mean, who'd try to go into a building if they weren't able?"

"SO what is it?"


>"There is no password."

"The password is apple."

>"Damn! But Cecil didn't know that!"

"I see, so you were trying to sneak in."

>"Look I'm here to help out so would you please move out of the way or are things going to have to get nasty?"

"Bring it catfolk bitch"

From out of nowhere she brings out a giant double sided Zweihänder. Alexis takes a few steps back

"Run away before I turn you into mince meat."
No. 142684 ID: 701a19

"OK! OK! FINE! The password is apple. Can I go now?"
No. 142686 ID: 601a90

okay, yeah. she is a bitch and a half. someone must be crossing the wires.

just dodge her, cecil will be here in a bit and that should shut her up.
No. 142688 ID: 701a19

Well, if she's dumb enough to tell Alex the password she's dumb enough to manipulate.

We've got an elemental mage, an alchemist, a soul mage, and a thief that has yet to prove herself either loyal or useful. A bruiser of a fighter would do a nice job of rounding things out.
No. 142689 ID: 632862

What are your abilities, Alex? I don't think you ever told us what your spells are.
No. 142690 ID: cf68aa
File 126784370465.png - (26.68KB , 527x655 , 259.png )


>"Okay the password is apple!"

"..... Really?"

>Yeah she's not buying it...


>Here's a list of my spells and what they do.

Move Earth- What is says. I can move small amounts of earth around me.
Spike-Makes a spike..
Balle...-Allows me to cast a more powerful spell if chanted before the spell itself. Takes time.
Mal Hydra-Makes a drink that can put someone into a deathlike sleep for a day.
Manascir-Lets me put mana into a object. Others can use it to.
The Create spells should be obvious...
Disturb Mana-If I can touch a spellcaster and use this it makes it harder for them to cast spells.
Disrupt Though-Makes someone unable to put together and coherent thoughts for a bit.

>That's all really.
No. 142691 ID: 601a90

create water, disrupt thought. watch her fall on her ass.
No. 142696 ID: cf68aa
File 126784501098.png - (21.58KB , 675x524 , 260.png )


>Sounds good!

She makes a puddle of water beneath the guard's feet.

>Now I just have to touch her for Disrupt Thought.

She dashes up to the guard and makes a grab at her head. suddenly she begins to lose feeling in her lower body

No. 142697 ID: 701a19

"Fine, whatever, I don't have time for this nonsense. Just give her this" Toss her a cell stone "when she gets here, or she'll kill you."

Then walk away. Cecil needs that stone, but once the guard has it we can work it out on our own from there.

You need to meet with the Catkin leader as soon as possible anyway, so don't worry so much about being able to see Cecil.
No. 142699 ID: 701a19

Try to cough out "Bad move. I'm Cecil's lover."
We'll go get his help.

No. 142702 ID: 701a19

[Following that:]

[Debate: I dunno if Nari can do anything to help. I hope so D:]
No. 142704 ID: cf68aa
File 126784588899.png - (15.94KB , 505x587 , 261.png )

>I hate you voices...


>""B-Bad move... I'm Cecil's... l-lover."

She falls down

"...... Regina, take this one inside."
No. 142705 ID: 701a19


[Switch to Cecil already]
No. 142706 ID: cf68aa
File 126784616215.png - (1.18KB , 269x300 , 262.png )


>Damn halfbreeds...



No. 142707 ID: cf68aa
File 126784620140.png - (11.04KB , 337x587 , 263.png )


No. 142708 ID: cf68aa
File 126784628642.png - (13.88KB , 337x587 , 264.png )

>..... Mya...?

>Ugh.... Why does it feel like I recently got a new orifice?

>Where am I?
No. 142712 ID: 632862

You got shanked. I imagine they decided to keep you alive as a hostage.
No. 142715 ID: 701a19


Alex? Can you hear me? I'm the voice that doesn't give you bad advice. You decided to try and punch-out a warrior that was wielding a giant sword. You DID get a new orifice, but you seem to be ok.
First, can you move your toes?
Once you've checked that, look around to see where you are and who's there.
No. 142720 ID: cf68aa
File 126784704074.png - (19.93KB , 749x593 , 265.png )



>But that should have worked mya. She got under my guard, no one's ever done that before. It's like she knew I was going to.

>My toes? They're fine. I can move normally.

>The room I'm in looks like a hospital room. It has all the usual things and there's a light blue curtain around my bed.
No. 142721 ID: 701a19

Ok. We'll go check in with Cecil. Call us back if ANYTHING happens.

[Switch to Cecil already]
No. 142732 ID: cf68aa
File 126784806955.png - (7.89KB , 756x323 , 266.png )


>Hello again voices.

>I haven't been able to get very far. I tried to reach my staff but it's to high up.

>RJ's sleeping like a log, no amount of yelling seems to wake her up.
No. 142738 ID: 632862

You can't use spells without your staff?
No. 142744 ID: 701a19

She's probably been sedated.
Alex got stabbed pretty bad...
As she was dying she coughed out that she's your lover, and that seems to have convinced them to patch her up. She's ok, but we don't know where she is.

Now, let me restate the most important part of that: Her would-be last words and dying thoughts were loving you.

Getting back on track, use Gravity to pull your staff to you. You should be able to muster the little power that would require.
No. 142748 ID: cf68aa
File 126784967869.png - (14.93KB , 413x593 , 267.png )


>I 'can' but they're not very strong. I've been trying to lift myself up but to no avail.


With a burst of mana he knocks his staff off of the dresser. He picks it up and casts gravity around himself lowering it. With Aer he moves himself around

>A tiny bit of Dark Mana never hurt anyone...

>If I killed them it wouldn't benefit m very much. Well mentally it'd feel good as hell, but it won't help out my situation.

>What should I do?
No. 142749 ID: 632862

What do you mean, Dark Mana? Did you just use some? That wasn't a very good idea. A normal gravity spell would've probably been strong enough to get the staff.

I suggest... getting a shirt on, for one thing. Unless you want to distract them with your boobs.

Open up your door, find someone and demand to see Alex.
No. 142750 ID: 701a19

First off? Calm down. The only reason Alex was injured was because she let her anger at them for hurting you blind her.
Second? Realize that your rage at them stems from you being in love with her.
Third? Realize that you probably wouldn't survive trying to kill them all.

Get dressed, leave your room, go up to the first person you see, and demand that they take you to Alex.

Float RJ along behind you if you're up to it; if you decide to leave you don't want to leave her behind.
No. 142755 ID: 11df9c

Seconding for logic.
No. 142809 ID: cf68aa
File 126785712541.png - (12.58KB , 413x536 , 268.png )

>Only a little Dark Mana. It used a small piece of my soul for these spells. That way I won't lose any of my normal Mana to maintain this floating..

>A shirt? Oh, right. I forget sometimes. My cloak is still here and all my stuff is still in it's pockets.


>I'll just float her behind me.

He goes outised and immediatly bumps into his captor.

>Fortune smiles upon me.

"H-How are you walking!?"
No. 142811 ID: 601a90

say "are you implying i shouldn't be able to?"
No. 142812 ID: 701a19

"You aren't very good at this.
First, you don't play these games with people who have already agreed to help.
Second, never underestimate the power of your would-be pawns.
Third, you must grant trust to receive it.

There are more rules to learn, but for now the only words to leave your lips should be where you've put Alexis."

Does your soul regenerate or something? I thought that wasn't a renewable resource...
No. 142824 ID: cf68aa
File 126785885233.png - (16.17KB , 476x536 , 269.png )


>"are you implying i shouldn't be able to?"

"N-No, of course not. I mean..."


>They don't regenerate. Not naturally.

>"You aren't very good at this. First, you don't play these games with people who have already agreed to help. Second, never underestimate the power of your would-be pawns.Third, you must grant trust to receive it. There are more rules to learn, but for now the only words to leave your lips should be where you've put Alexis."

"A-Alex? Uhm... there's this cat girl in the infirmary down the hall. Just go three doors down and make a left."

>I want to punch her..
No. 142826 ID: 601a90

not right now. after alex is confirmed safe you can go on a punch spree.
No. 142830 ID: 701a19

Don't. No violence, no aggression. We want her to think you're irritated, not mad. This kind of intimidation doesn't go well with force.

If you ignore her and continue to Alex then she'll be more scared than if you did anything to her, and we need to resolve the catkin leader situation before we kill her.
No. 142833 ID: 632862

Can Soul Heal fix the damage?

Also yes, no punching. Brush her out of the way and use an Aer burst to add a little oomph to it.
No. 142836 ID: 701a19

No, no aggression. We don't want to waste mana, and we want her think he considers her a waste of mana.
No. 142837 ID: 632862

Yes, you've made it clear you want no aggression.

Wouldn't it be more intimidating for Cecil to just casually throw around magic like it's no big deal?

I'm not suggesting he slam her into a wall or anything. Just a gust to make her stumble a little.
No. 142839 ID: 701a19

Any force Cecil uses is going to make her think she was worthy of the use of force.
This is a very delicate form of bluffing intimidation, so magic should only be used as needed.
Also, she's a caster too, so she'll be able to tell how much effort you're putting into your spells. If you don't cast then she can't tell how strong you really are.
No. 142846 ID: cf68aa
File 126786054898.png - (18.88KB , 537x568 , 270.png )


Soul Heal? never heard of it.

He pushes her aside using the tiniest bit of Aer to knock the girl back a bit. She looks shocked. He goes into the room she pointed out



>"I'm glad you're safe, how're you feeling?"

"Other then the hole in my gut I'm good."

>"I'm sorry that happened..."

"Mya, I'm okay. Those Tigerfolk can be a bit agressive at time is all."

>She's okay...

>Thank the gods..
No. 142847 ID: 701a19

Give her a hug and a kiss. You both want it, and you both know it.
No. 142853 ID: 632862

Nari has that spell. It repairs damage done to souls.

Hug Alex, being careful of her wounds.
No. 142858 ID: cf68aa
File 126786166040.png - (12.62KB , 393x539 , 271.png )


>Ooh. I'm don't know very many Elf Spells.

>No kisses. I do really want a hug though.

He hugs her tightly

"! Aww~ Cecil I didn't know you were that worried."
No. 142863 ID: e31d52

Kiss her maybe I don't know it's up to you just putting forth the idea?
No. 142864 ID: 632862

Tell her how worried you were.
No. 142867 ID: 701a19

Spells can be taught, can't they?
Well, you've got a dark-elf soul mage and a catkin alchemist on your side. You should see about expanding everybody's skills.

"I saw your memory of what happened, and rushed to you."

So, I think the next step is to prepare yourself and head to the catkin city.

As much as these people have pissed you off, you don't have any quarrel with the catkin leader.
If you don't convince them to end this conflict then they'll fall back to their original plan and murder innocent people to assassinate her.
You're not going to fare too well if you decide to kill all these people, and even if you survived the attempt some of them would get away to try it again.
No. 142872 ID: cf68aa
File 126786324779.png - (11.46KB , 393x539 , 272.png )


>"I saw a bit of what happened to you so I rushed here. You had me so worried."

"Aww~ Don't worry I'm tough. It take more then a sword through the gut to take me down."

>"these people are evil but if we don't help out your kind they'll kill them. We need to work together."

>No. It would give her the wrong idea about how I feel about her.

"Okay. I'll help out as much as I can."

>The three of us will sleep together. Let's go over the plan one more time before I head off.

>What am I going to do exactly?
No. 142875 ID: 701a19

Gather up all your belongings, and steal some bedding material if you can.
Rejoin Nari before you sleep. She's all alone out there, and you can completely trust these guys to betray you out of incompetence as soon as you close your eyes.
Find Nari, have Alex move earth to create a small underground shelter with a hidden entrance. Use blankets to keep yourselves clean, warm, and comfy. Check to make sure RJ is ok. Have Nari heal your soul. Get to sleep.

Head to the Catkin city tomorrow morning to talk with their leader. You might have trouble getting to see her, but we can help you through that. From there? Wing it.

Once we've got this whole mess resolved one way or the other our next task will be killing Nari's father and taking the reward money. Nari won't like it, but the best solace we can give her is not giving her any choice in the matter. She can't regret playing a role in her father's death if she was denied a chance to do so.
No. 142877 ID: 632862

Here's my idea: Stay put. They obviously don't want you to leave, and will probably fight you if you try it.

We get to the catfolk city, and attempt to get a private audience with the leader without these tigerfolk assassins being involved.

Maybe Alex could go in under the pretense of scouting out the guards, and she could slip her a Cell Stone? Then we could talk to her without anyone knowing, explain everything, and ask how the situation can be defused.
No. 142896 ID: 8ecfd4

I think you should go and have a talk with the Tigerkin leader. Establish some ground rules for your cooperation, which includes no drugging you while you sleep and no stabbing your friends. Because those two already happened you would like a bonus as compensation.

That plan just has a small problem. The catfolk leader might have betrayed the tigerkin leader because of selfish reasons or practiually no reason at all. That happens sometimes. In which case your plan would warn her and probably lead her to launching a preemptive strike.

A much safer course of action would be for Cecil to kidnap the catfolk leader. Get him or her to a safe spot, interogate, and if there are no redeeming reasons for the previous betrayal then it's killing time. If there are redeeming reasons then it's diplomacy time.
No. 142903 ID: 632862

Well, how about when we talk to the catfolk leader we don't actually tell her any sensitive information? All we really need to do is ask what happened at the fight against Dart.

Also, I don't think this tigerfolk lady is the leader of all the tigerfolk. I'm gonna bet that she's just a former general.
No. 142908 ID: 8ecfd4

And you would tell your innermost secrets to a strange magical voice in your head? And us not telling sensitive information isn't very likely.

I think the best bet is a face to face confrontation. Or if we happen to run into someone that can do mindreading, but even then it's not certain we will get the information we need.
No. 142909 ID: 632862

We're not looking for innermost secrets.
No. 142915 ID: 5a2e05

Maybe you're not.
No. 142927 ID: 701a19

No, we want to get away from here.
They're intimidated pretty well right now, and since you didn't resort to outright violence they've got some very good reasons to avoid confrontation. However, they know they can do things to you while you sleep, so you don't want to give them a chance at that.
Nari can fix your soul, and you don't want to leave her alone if you can avoid it.

We want to talk with the catkin leader first, since we can save a lot of trouble if she's friendly. Kidnapping her is just going to make her uncooperative.
No. 143062 ID: cf68aa
File 126792122798.png - (14.07KB , 679x563 , 273.png )

>For such a powerful and cunning woman she negelcted to watch the most obvious exit.
>I left with Alex and RJ through the backdoor. She's woken up and is resting with us in a little hut outside of the city that Alex made and with some sheets i took.

>Nari says she feels alot better in this hut now that she's closer to nature.

>Now, the current plan is to take Alexis into the catfolk city with me and try to talk to their leader and to better understand what exactly happened between the two places during that battle. I get the jist of what you voices are saying but what do I do if it is for some stupid or evil reason? Do I kill her and claim the bounty? How would Alex feel about that?
No. 143064 ID: 8ecfd4

Well there is an obivous solution to that question. You ask her, would she be ok if you killed someone that had willingly aided the man that cursed you and killed your father and grandfather.
No. 143075 ID: abba4b

Considering that her enemies are innocent-sacrificing assassins, I actually expect her to be reasonable.
If not, then *we* can pop over to Alex and ask her discreetly.

Ask Nari to heal your soul.
No. 143077 ID: cf68aa
File 126792298184.png - (23.37KB , 703x568 , 274.png )


>I forgot to ask Nari, she's sleeping right now.

>"Alex... We might have to kill someone. A catfolk who may have helped the man who killed my father and my grandfather. Are you okay with that?"

".... If that person did do that then yes.."

>She seems unsure..
No. 143079 ID: 632862

Tell her you'll make sure, before we do anything.
No. 143083 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her that if she's not ok with it then she can just say so. You will not be upset and respect her wishes. You could also add the tigerkin ladys story about betrayal and slaughter.

Ask Alex if she can create a safe burrow where you can sleep for the night. You need to rest up for tomorrow.
No. 143090 ID: 11df9c

After asking and reassuring, be sure to hug her.
No. 143094 ID: abba4b

Hug her and tell her that you're going to make absolutely sure before doing anything, and that right now there are few things you want than to see this resolved without any more violence.
If you're feeling alright, then send us over to her and we'll help her through this.
No. 143099 ID: 8ecfd4

Good, now find a safe place to rest until morning. Then we're going to the catfolk city to check their side of the story.
No. 143101 ID: cf68aa
File 126792520472.png - (23.75KB , 703x568 , 275.png )

>"I'm going to make absolutely sure that she did help him beofre doing anything, and that right now I want to see this resolved without any more violence."


He hugs her tightly
No. 143102 ID: e33b50

ask her how the whole in her stomach is feeling
No. 143105 ID: 11df9c

Now, cup her cheek in your hand, and tell her that you won't do anything without being totally sure, nor will you if she asks you not to.
No. 143106 ID: a85626

Let your lips part slightly while saying so.
No. 143108 ID: abba4b

Tell her that you won't do *anything* that she isn't completely comfortable with, because she means more to you than any ally of Dart.
No. 143129 ID: cf68aa
File 126792795280.png - (21.89KB , 593x537 , 276.png )


>"I won't do anything that you aren't completely comfortable with, because you mean more to me than killing any ally of Dart. Okay?"


He touches her cheek gently. Her ears perk up at his unexpected touch
No. 143131 ID: 701a19

Pull her close and tell her "I was so upset when I found out you were hurt that I sacrificed a bit of my soul so I could move and cast... Getting to you was the only thing that mattered to me."
No. 143138 ID: 11df9c

No. 143144 ID: 632862

She's blushing rather a lot. Doesn't she look cute like that?
No. 143149 ID: fe0817

Do we have the orb? Or is this why he is so compliant?
No. 143157 ID: cf68aa
File 126792904453.png - (19.12KB , 593x611 , 277.png )


>It's cute I suppose
He pulls her in close

>"I was so upset when I found out you were hurt that I sacrificed a bit of my soul so I could move and cast... Getting to you was the only thing that mattered to me."

"Cecil... You didn't have to..."

he cuts her off

>"I wanted to"

>??? Her heart's beating like crazy.
No. 143159 ID: 601a90

now lean in, and carefully kiss her. start light and if she responds make it deeper.
No. 143161 ID: 11df9c

Again, second.
No. 143163 ID: 701a19

Lean in close and kiss her on the lips. She deserves it, and her heart beat means that she wants it more than you could possibly imagine.
No. 143175 ID: 632862

You're telling her how much you care for her. She finds you attractive, despite how she doesn't want to admit it. Why do you THINK she's blushing and excited?
No. 143218 ID: cf68aa
File 12679327686.png - (13.70KB , 593x596 , 278.png )

>Kiss? I don't want to kiss her, why am I thinking that?

>"Okay. Good night Alex"

He lays down

".... Mya...?"
No. 143226 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Alex. RIGHT NOW]
No. 143228 ID: 67c611

Alex: Go down on him/her.
No. 143230 ID: 701a19

[We need to switch to Alex before giving her instructions.
Ergo: Switch to Alex now, before any timeskips or sleeping happens.]
No. 143231 ID: cf68aa
File 126793365826.png - (13.80KB , 593x596 , 279.png )


No. 143232 ID: 601a90

don't take it to hard Alex, we got he REALLY close this time. he is still hung up on the 'can't love anyone like this' thing.
No. 143233 ID: 701a19

It's a long story, we'll explain later, but right now you need to kiss Cecil as passionately as you can, then tell him you love him.
No. 143236 ID: 11df9c

Well, has she fallen asleep yet?
If not, just tell her to hold on a second, and give her a good-night kiss.
No. 143241 ID: 632862

Why didn't you kiss him?
No. 143246 ID: 11df9c

Damn, our advice made Cecil too dashing!
No. 143248 ID: cf68aa
File 126793589397.png - (22.00KB , 771x493 , 280.png )



She stops Cecil

"??? Yes?"

No. 143249 ID: 701a19

Lower yourself down so your face is mere inches from Cecil and softly say "Cecil... I love you...".
THEN kiss him passionately.
No. 143251 ID: 601a90

YES! do it!
No. 143257 ID: e33b50

No. 143260 ID: cf68aa
File 126793645362.png - (22.31KB , 771x493 , 281.png )


>But... No she's just a... just a friend...

>"Cecil... I...."

No. 143262 ID: 601a90

you are lying to yourself! we have been in your head so much we know when you lie. and right now you are lying. we know you want this, you know you want this who just refuse to admit it.
No. 143264 ID: 701a19

Can you feel your heartbeat, Alex?
Do you remember how it raced when Cecil cupped your chin, and told you how important you were to him? Do you remember how much joy you felt?

Can you feel that now as you look into his eyes?
Embrace him, whisper your love, and show him how you feel with a kiss.
No. 143272 ID: cf68aa
File 126793758618.png - (20.06KB , 680x493 , 282.png )


>N-No.. It's... She...

"What is it Alex?"

>"I.... I..."

>I can't...

>"I really like you."

No. 143275 ID: cf68aa
File 126793763511.png - (20.39KB , 680x493 , 284.png )




No. 143278 ID: 701a19

Pull yourself close to him.
You don't need to kiss him if you can't work up the courage, but you should fall asleep in his arms.
No. 143279 ID: 601a90

if you are REALLY sure you don't want to kiss, then hug him and don't let go, sleep hug.
No. 143281 ID: 817cd3

Long, friendly, warm hug tiem now?
No. 143283 ID: cf68aa
File 126793841169.png - (18.51KB , 680x403 , 285.png )

Without a word she hugs him tightly. He hugs her back and the two lay down. He quickly falls asleep.

>No kisses, this is good enough mya.
No. 143284 ID: e31d52

No. 143285 ID: 701a19

Trust us in matters of the heart.

[Switch to Nari's dreams]
No. 143287 ID: a85626


what are you some kind of masochist
No. 143288 ID: cf68aa
File 12679391256.png - (114.31KB , 656x582 , 286.png )


No. 143290 ID: 701a19

[Project an image of Cecil, nude]
No. 143292 ID: 601a90

nari, it's okay, it's just a dream.
No. 143296 ID: cf68aa
File 126793982923.png - (132.73KB , 800x560 , 287.png )




No. 143297 ID: 701a19

[Attempt to adjust dream perception to match Nari's psyche]

Nari, it's us, the guardian spirits. Your nightmare isn't real, and you're safe with Cecil and Alex right now. Dream happy dreams.
No. 143304 ID: 632862

(project image of the cell stone thing)
No. 143340 ID: cf68aa
File 126794823788.png - (64.89KB , 516x415 , 288.png )


No. 143342 ID: 701a19

[Hop into Cecil's dream, and attempt to drag Nari with us]
No. 143353 ID: cf68aa
File 126794945699.png - (53.32KB , 652x517 , 289.png )

The shards push the two psyches together


>I don't wanna go to class today..


>??? Is someone there?

>CEcil cEcil.......
No. 143354 ID: 701a19

[Jump into Alex's dream, pull her back with us into Cecil's dream]

We have discovered something wonderful.
No. 143355 ID: 632862

I hope this doesn't have any undesirable side effects...
No. 143356 ID: 601a90

hey cecil, you are in a dream and we are making you have a group dream, the staticy one is nari.
No. 143357 ID: cf68aa
File 126795005262.png - (72.84KB , 505x465 , 290.png )


The shards attempt to connect Alexis to

>Nari? Hey Nariisdfn gakmsdl,
No. 143358 ID: cf68aa
File 126795009279.png - (17.15KB , 505x465 , 291.png )




>That was weird...
No. 143359 ID: 601a90

sorry about that. apparently we can pull you together in dream-space making a 3-way dream seems to not work but two-way seems doable.
No. 143360 ID: 632862

Hehe. Sorry. We were trying to get all 3 of you together in one dream and it didn't work. 2 people seemed to work, even though you dream differently.

If you wanna go back to sleep we can try again. Are the others also awake?
No. 143361 ID: 701a19

Sorry for waking you, Nari.
We discovered that we can visit people in their dreams, and pull them with us into another person's dream. Sadly, it seems that we can't yet have three people in the same dream.

Can you describe what it was like for you when you were inside Cecil's dreams?
No. 143364 ID: cf68aa
File 126795079561.png - (16.21KB , 505x465 , 292.png )


>Tell me about it later, first see if you can do it again please. I wanna see Cecil in his dreams. Maybe we can make him dream about me~

>Make me really pretty if you can.
No. 143365 ID: cf68aa
File 126795083281.png - (56.19KB , 413x451 , 293.png )



No. 143367 ID: 701a19

[Drag her into Cecil's dreams, leaving her appearance exactly as it is except for restoring her eye.]
No. 143368 ID: e31d52

Well, you heard the fine lady.
No. 143369 ID: 632862

[Heal Nari's scars and eye. Merge Cecil and Nari's dreams.]
No. 143372 ID: 701a19

[Attempt to hook the part of Cecil's mind that determines other people's emotions to Nari's emotional dreaming, and hook Nari's visual center up to Cecil's visual dreamscape.
No. 143374 ID: cf68aa
File 126795147131.png - (42.46KB , 410x583 , 294.png )


the orb joins their dreams again. Cecil looks at Nari

>"Nari? What're you doing at the school?"


No. 143375 ID: 701a19

[Do this ->] >>143372

Cecil, you hadn't met Nari when you were at school. This is a dream.
No. 143376 ID: 11df9c

"Hugging you."
Hug him.
No. 143377 ID: 701a19

[Actually, while we're at it why don't we engage the part of Nari's mind that deals with forming sentences. That might help.]
No. 143382 ID: cf68aa
File 126795279064.png - (62.68KB , 377x525 , 295.png )


>A dream?

>"Cecil... Hug."
>"Will you hug me?"
No. 143384 ID: cf68aa
File 126795284512.png - (39.19KB , 317x432 , 296.png )


>"Wpuld you... Bind with me?"

>"Nari I.a3652$42#^%&*#^%^$#%@!#%^%":>"
No. 143385 ID: cf68aa
File 126795288516.png - (19.70KB , 555x455 , 297.png )


>Did I just have an almost erotic dream with Nari?
No. 143387 ID: 11df9c

Nope. A hug at most.
She was also asking you would bind with her, but didn't finish.
You may want to think about that a bit.
Either way, you should hug her at the first opportunity.
And your mark seems to be vanishing a bit.
No. 143388 ID: 601a90

depends on how you define 'with'

also, good news. you still put yourself in a boy body in your dreams. as long as you do't lose that orb again you should be good.
No. 143389 ID: 701a19

That didn't look erotic to me. She asked you for a hug and to soulbind with her.
Why? Were you feeling some kind of emotion that made it erotic?
No. 143393 ID: 11df9c

Why Cecil!
Such a DIRTY mind!
No. 143399 ID: cf68aa
File 126795388554.png - (18.50KB , 480x600 , 298.png )


>You can see my dreams as well?

>Well it's good to know that I still have some sense of self. I need to find someway to bind this orb to me..

>N-No.. it's just... The last part...
>It felt good.

>Let's not talk about it anymore hmm?
No. 143400 ID: 11df9c

Either way, go over and hug Nari.
Then hug Alex.
Then RJ.
Then hug all of them at once.
No. 143401 ID: e31d52

Check boobage/crotch/hair. I think the physical part of the curse is steadily advancing.
No. 143402 ID: 601a90

just one last thing. it was like that because she most likely transmited pure love to you. she doesn't have love for your body, she loves your soul.
No. 143404 ID: 701a19

What? Oh, you mean the part where we brought Nari into your dreams as an experiment?
Yea, we tinkered with it so you could sense her emotions. You were 'feeling' how she feels about you the same way that you can 'feel' when somebody else is upset. Your own emotions weren't altered at all.

Fair warning: We're probably going to be doing a lot of experimenting with this new-found ability, but on the plus side you won't have any nightmares while we're experimenting.
No. 143409 ID: 8ecfd4

If you move around your insides a bit it should be possible to surgically implant it in you.

And our ability to push people into other peoples dreams is probably limited by Alexis little stones. But if we can get you into a lucid dream state while doing it then I think we could use it for all sorts of interesting stuff.

Oh and there seems to be some odd blue thing in the background.
No. 143414 ID: 632862

That would be a crack in the tent. It's daylight out, now.
No. 143425 ID: fe0817

Next night, Alex and Cecil. Together in a dream. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
No. 143427 ID: 11df9c

ONLY Alex and Cecil?
The C-BOMB is too much man for only one girl!
It'll be Cecil, Alex, Nari, AND RJ.
No. 143444 ID: 601a90

our dream-space matrix fell apart with 3, 4 is right out. maybe after a few nights their dreams will sync up and be on the same wave-length so we can add more but for no it's 2 only.
No. 143474 ID: a85626



Your curse line looks weird! Why is it turning light blue and not running out? Is it healing or is it getting unstable or what?
No. 143479 ID: 701a19

I think I know a few ways to resolve that issue, but that can wait for tonight.
For now, lets just let Cecil answer our questions, alright?
No. 143480 ID: cf68aa
File 126800498733.png - (18.41KB , 480x600 , 299.png )


>She feels that way to me? It still feels weird thinking about it. That was like nothing I've felt before.

>They're all asleep right now I don't want to wake them up. And as it stands I'd rather not hug anyone, not until this feeling goes away.

>Please don't do that...
No. 143482 ID: cf68aa
File 126800509649.png - (10.49KB , 398x600 , 300.png )


>If it's gotten shorter then I've changed yet again.

>My breasts seem to be the same size though they are less tender then before. I assume my body's gotten used to the new growths.

>Other then that there are no changes.


>I think they're internal changes...
No. 143486 ID: 701a19

Yes, THAT is what Nari feels for you.
I don't think it's right to dismiss her feelings as a simple crush, or to assume she's just young and confused. She really DOES feel that strongly about you, and being dismissive of that will hurt her terribly.
Oh, and what she's feeling is a very pure love. More than anything she just wants to be with you, and 'being' with you doesn't really factor into it.
If you can accept that, then you should accept her offer of soulbinding. She doesn't feel the need to consummate it, so if things change you can dissolve the bond and go on with your life.


Lets ignore your body's changes for now; why has the curse's mark started changing colors?
No. 143488 ID: 601a90

hopefully it's just more piping cause having a period would SUCK so much, and even if your mind stays together massive hormonal changes will mess with you so hard.
No. 143491 ID: e3f578

So um, you can get pregnant now? Better not take baths with men anymore hehehe. Naw, just joking. Too unlikely.
No. 143498 ID: 701a19

[Attempts to filter these suggestions out before they reach Cecil.]
[To the other voices: Hey, could we NOT try to make Cecil to flip out right now? We've got a busy day ahead, and we need him SANE for it.]
No. 143515 ID: a85626


It hasn't gotten shorter is the thing, only changed colors. I don't know if that means a build-up of magic... you might want to check your orb very carefully!


Uh yeah... that'd be astronomically hard to accomplish o.O
No. 143516 ID: 632862

The curse's mark changes to a lighter blue just before that segment disappears and the changes progress. The curse works in chunks.

Cecil, what kind of internal changes do you think they are?
No. 143517 ID: e3f578

Man I'm just trying to troll Cecil.
No. 143522 ID: fe0817

Are you... menstrating?
No. 143526 ID: a85626

Cecil puts the MEN in menstruation
No. 143527 ID: 11df9c

No, dude. Cecil doesn't menstrate, Cecil MANstrates!
No. 143544 ID: cf68aa
File 126801752749.png - (10.92KB , 398x600 , 301.png )

>Yes, it'll keep fading away until that chunk is gone.

>I'm not certain exactly what it is but I feel there is more inside me then there was before...

>I guess the curse is done with it's changes on my external appearance and is working on my insides. I think the next few days will be very uncomfortable.


>No, there's no blood but I'm certain I could have children...

>I've lost almost everything now.
No. 143545 ID: 632862

Nari said she thought she could reverse it.

Don't think of it as losing something, though. You're exchanging one thing for another. It's up to you if you decide to keep it that way...
No. 143546 ID: 701a19

Don't worry. We're not going to leave you in a form you don't like.

Again: >>143486
No. 143547 ID: 19ecf1

I pity you... you have a short ammount of time till your period... Have fun with your first period and the resulting PMS...

Anyway, let's stop thinking about this and get to bussiness... if there is any. Nothing better to do than to get this out of your head for now...
No. 143548 ID: e3f578

"Almost"? You have your Adam's apple or something?
No. 143552 ID: 2eac65

You haven't lost your mind. That's the most important part of you.
No. 143554 ID: cf68aa
File 126801905889.png - (12.71KB , 398x600 , 302.png )

>Period... That doesn't sound fun at all.


>I hope it can be changed back. The only thing I feel is left of me is my mind and even that has been warped.


>I get it! She likes me, a lot!
>I don't have time for love or romance!
>I don't have th right body! I'm not suited for them okay!?
>Just DROP IT!

>We have to plan for today. I need this to go perfectly and romance is not part of it.

>... I guess....
No. 143555 ID: e31d52

>I don't have th right body! I'm not suited for them okay!?
You.... you idiot. The body doesn't matter.
No. 143557 ID: 601a90

first order of business. get that orb implanted into your ass or something. just, somewhere you can't have it dropped or taken from you so your mind doesn't shatter into nothing.
No. 143559 ID: 701a19

Both of them like your body, Cecil.

But alright, on to business.
Wake Alex up first. We have some work that requires her skills, first and foremost implanting her two magical items into your body, and the cell stones into herself and Nari, followed by crafting some mana storage gems so we can start building up a large mana reserve.
No. 143561 ID: 407b5b

Welp.. let's get to that plan... the time for love is later. Now is the time of violent and desperate men (such as they are.)

It does if it matters to him... let's drop it and move on. No need to get him comfortable in a body he doesn't plan or want to stay in anyway. No need to unpack all his emotional baggage in a house that isn't his, so to speak.
No. 143574 ID: a85626


>Period... That doesn't sound fun at all.

Allow me to be an immense font of wisdom here, but it really isn't all that bad. People make it out to be way more than it needs to be. Varies from girl to girl though, some are pretty rough. You've experienced multiple organ failure before. I don't think there's any experience that gets worse than that. You have a two foot long scar across your chest. Don't worry about a little cramping during the regular cleaning cycle.

>... I guess....

No. No doubt about it. Your mind is the greatest thing you can ever have. The rest of your body can become quite weird, but it's only when your mind gets warped that you risk becoming an obedient slave of Dart. If you lose your mind you could become a danger to your friends, or a liability. Changes in mood are uncomfortable enough, but whether man or woman, the last thing you want to do is be singing Dart's praises.

Until he turns out to be secretly awesome that is.
No. 143579 ID: cf68aa
File 12680223083.png - (20.05KB , 497x600 , 303.png )


>It goes against every code for two g.. For two of the same to be together.

>My... My ass...?

He goes and gently wakes up Alex

"Mya...? Oh. Morning Cecil. Did you sleep well?"

>"Sorta.. Anyway I need to know if there's anyway you can implant this orb in my body?"

"It's a big orb Cecil.."

>"I know, but if I lose it again i think I will lose myself."

"Well there's one place I could try to put it~"


>Oh, before I store my mana into anything I need to know how much. Like what percent. If I store it It'll be more difficullt to call on it later today and it will leave me with less in case an accident happens
No. 143582 ID: 11df9c

"Anything, just do it."
Agree totally, no backing out.
No. 143583 ID: 701a19

So? You're a guy, they're not. I'm not seeing any problem here.
In fact, the only problem would be if you WERE a girl, which you are not.
The minute you decide that a girl is what you ARE, that code will apply. Until then, you're a guy living with a curse.

Also, can't you put a little bit of mana into a storage gem as it regenerates so that fills up over time? Like, say, keep yourself 99% full and let the extra flow into storage?

[Switch to Alex once Cecil responds]
No. 143584 ID: e3f578

Listen buddy, we got voices here that don't believe in that fucking code. This one doesn't believe in any code of any goddamn thing ever, but man... there's just so much women involved that it'd be a shame for this to end up a clam bake. There's gotta be ONE lucky guy involved in this. And lets face it, there's a good chance we can get this curse removed and that means Cecil gets to continue living a life he's more comfortable with and he gets so much pussy in the end.

So much.
No. 143590 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you have parts of internal organs with some built in redundancy and one part that is completly useless. So a good doctor should be able to move some stuff around enough to get the orb in there.

And for what it's worth I agree that you should wait with romance until after you have killed Dart, atleast the physical part of it. You really don't need any more distractions.
No. 143592 ID: cf68aa
File 126802455238.png - (15.53KB , 679x563 , 304.png )


>Hmm... That sounds possible. I'll try that instead.

>"Anything, just do it."


>"H-Hey what're you doing!?"

"I'm putting the orb somewhere safe."

>"No! Wait not like that!"

"Oh come on it's the safest place"

>"How's that gonna work!?"

"You just need to use this."


"Don't worry it'll be pleasent"

>"No way!"

RJ "Oi what's going on?"

>"Go back t- Ah! Wait get off!"

Nari "Zzzzzz..."

"Uh, should I leave the two of ya alone?"
No. 143594 ID: 701a19

Cecil! She KNOWS what she's doing!

You know how much she cares for you. Trust her to do what's best for you.
No. 143595 ID: 11df9c

Just go along with it.
The orb will never be safer than if in there, and it makes Alex VERY happy.
No. 143597 ID: 601a90

ah, there. well it certainly is a safe place. only other way is to make a hole in your gut and nestle it between you intestine.
No. 143600 ID: 8ecfd4

If that's the place we think it is then it's not really the safest place. It's a known hiding spot for valuables so people do tend to search there from time to time if they have very high security.

I would suggest finding a proper surgeon at a later time and get it properly implanted.
No. 143601 ID: cf68aa
File 126802543466.png - (16.34KB , 497x600 , 305.png )

>Okay, the orb is safely put away. I shouldn't lose it esily now.

>I also had Alex shrink the Cellstones and implant them into Nari and herself. We now have a three way communication. I'm not sure if I should lend one to RJ.

>Now, what exactly should I do next?
No. 143603 ID: 11df9c

Thank Alex for helping secure the stone, and for a good time.
No. 143605 ID: 601a90

hahaha, NO.

let's move on and proceed with phase two and get equipped and go talk to the leader.
No. 143609 ID: 11df9c

What? it's only a few seconds to thank her, then we can move out and get shit done just fine.
And it's important to thank people after they help you, to do otherwise would be rude!
No. 143610 ID: 601a90

i didn't mean no to the thanking part, that's silly. i meant no to the 'for a good time' part. i doubt cecil had a good time.
No. 143611 ID: 701a19

Did Alex implant the listening stone she put on your neck? If not, then have her do that.
Lend a cell stone to RJ. We're handling the messages, so she can't cause any trouble with it.
Have Alex use Balle serithe isivu mal zeeth to create some boosted small mana gems for the three of you, and gt everybody to let them slowly fill the way we suggested. Then you'll all have an emergency reserve, and you'll be able to pool them so somebody can cast a far more powerful spell than normal.

Next, ask Nari to heal your soul. I, personally, would also suggest agreeing to the soulbind on the condition that Alex joins the link, and that Nari understands that you won't even consider making the bind permanent or taking things beyond that until Dart is dead and the curse is resolved.
That will give you a resistance to soul-attacking magic and carry along other benefits as well. Further, it would offer Nari protection from spells like Soul Petrification, which will likely be the first thing a Dark Elf will cast on her if she's discovered.
No, it's not stringing her along. She already understands.

So... Where did she put it, and WAS the process as pleasant as she claimed?
No. 143613 ID: 601a90

forget my idea, this is a great plan.
No. 143620 ID: 8ecfd4

I still don't think we should trust RJ enough to give her a cell stone. What do you really know about her?
No. 143622 ID: 11df9c

Well, let's get to know her.
No. 143623 ID: 701a19

We don't need to trust her.
This isn't instant access to other peoples thoughts, this is giving US access to HER thoughts. All Alex needs to tell her is that the stone can signal them in case something goes wrong, and from then on we can listen in to her unaltered thoughts as long as we don't speak to her.
It's espionage.
No. 143632 ID: cf68aa
File 126803027051.png - (23.87KB , 681x600 , 306.png )


>Where she put it? Where she attempted to put it... In my.. Yeah.
>But after a talk we agreed to simply make it smaller and bind it on both of my thighs.
>There's no way I'm ever touching down there or letting anyone else do so.

>I like your plan so far.


>Okay, Alex has already given RJ a cellstone. She simply explained that it can be used to talk to us at anytime.
>I've also got her to create some objects which we can pour a tiny amount of our mana into.
No. 143633 ID: cf68aa
File 126803031561.png - (17.19KB , 551x489 , 307.png )


He walks up to Nari

>"Nari, I need you to heal some damage done to my soul."


She casts Soul Heal on him

>Hmm... this feels kind of good..

>I know Soul Binding with her would help but I really don't want to give her the wrong idea. A Soul Bind is very sacred to a Dark Elf. If I do it only for it's benefits that would be wrong.

>Okay, everything's set up so far. Should I leave now?
No. 143636 ID: 601a90

wrong idea? are you saying that after you get your manhood pack you wouldn't want to be with nari? we talked to her, she knows that you are not going to even think about taking things to that lvl before you get put back together right. right now she wiould be happy with hugs and cuddling.
No. 143639 ID: 701a19

I know it's sacred, Cecil, which is why you need to explain everything to her. All the terms and limitations.

She wants you to love her and return her love, not for you to capital-L Love her.
We've looked in her mind and found it full of horrors that would be horrifying to a battle-hardened cutthroat mercenary, and worst of all is that she's never had anybody love her before in any sense of the word.
You may not be in love with her, but you do love her. You gave her that much, and she's trying to express her feelings the best way she knows. Remember, there's a good chance that either one of you could die, and if that happens then she deserves to have you at least accept her feelings and her bond.
So no, you're not giving her the wrong idea by accepting, you're giving her the wrong idea by refusing.

That's all aside from the fact that soulbinding together will keep all of you safer, with is part of the reason why she wants it.

Plus, then she'll have something keeping her from doing crazy things to repay your kindness. As a specific example, she would no longer consider turning herself in for the 100,000g reward so you can afford the 50,000g curse removal.

So yes, you SHOULD soulbind with her.
No. 143641 ID: c0f3bf

Dart needs to be stopped. It's for the good of everyone. And you like her, don't you? She likes you? Like it or not, you need every advantage you can get, and hey, if you don't break it, even better.

What it boils down to is... explain to her, and let her decide. You don't know what you want afterwards, but it'll help you to win, and it's entirely her decision.
No. 143646 ID: cf68aa
File 126803238287.png - (16.58KB , 500x509 , 308.png )




"Yes Cecil?"

>"We're going to go through some trouble and... Well I know how you feel and I can't say I feel.. No wait.. Okay, I understand you like me but as it stands I'm on a mission. I need to defeat my enemy Dart and cure my curse. There are many things I can do to solve this but all of them are useless without my friends. You are a dear friend Nari and I want you to know that if you want we can bind our souls together. That way we can protect each other from harm and if anything happens to either of us that makes us go seperate ways we'll still have that bind to keep us together in soul. Do you want to do that?"

No. 143647 ID: 701a19

If that's the way you want to look at it, then why not just say that Cecil is effectively dead until he kills Dart, and if Nari and Alex help him achieve that goal then he would owe them his life.

But no, this is about respecting and accepting Nari's feelings instead of denying and ignoring them.
No. 143648 ID: cf68aa
File 126803245982.png - (17.18KB , 500x509 , 309.png )



>Okay. The Soul Bind is a private process. I'll need to be alone with Nari for a bit.

>Who do you guys want to stay with RJ or Alex?
No. 143650 ID: 632862

Why don't we say hello to RJ?
No. 143659 ID: 701a19

No, Alex needs to come. You're going to have to trust us on this, but it's VITAL that she be included.
We'll explain why to Nari and leave the final decision to her, but this is important.

[Switch to Nari]

[Replay the following]

I, personally, would also suggest agreeing to the soulbind on the condition that Alex joins the link, and that Nari understands that you won't even consider making the bind permanent or taking things beyond that until Dart is dead and the curse is resolved.
That will give you a resistance to soul-attacking magic and carry along other benefits as well. Further, it would offer Nari protection from spells like Soul Petrification, which will likely be the first thing a Dark Elf will cast on her if she's discovered.
No, it's not stringing her along. She already understands.

>I know Soul Binding with her would help but I really don't want to give her the wrong idea. A Soul Bind is very sacred to a Dark Elf. If I do it only for it's benefits that would be wrong.

wrong idea? are you saying that after you get your manhood pack you wouldn't want to be with nari? we talked to her, she knows that you are not going to even think about taking things to that lvl before you get put back together right. right now she wiould be happy with hugs and cuddling.

I know it's sacred, Cecil, which is why you need to explain everything to her. All the terms and limitations.

She wants you to love her and return her love, not for you to capital-L Love her.
We've looked in her mind and found it full of horrors that would be horrifying to a battle-hardened cutthroat mercenary, and worst of all is that she's never had anybody love her before in any sense of the word.
You may not be in love with her, but you do love her. You gave her that much, and she's trying to express her feelings the best way she knows. Remember, there's a good chance that either one of you could die, and if that happens then she deserves to have you at least accept her feelings and her bond.
So no, you're not giving her the wrong idea by accepting, you're giving her the wrong idea by refusing.

That's all aside from the fact that soulbinding together will keep all of you safer, with is part of the reason why she wants it.

Plus, then she'll have something keeping her from doing crazy things to repay your kindness. As a specific example, she would no longer consider [Redacted: Idea to help Cecil at a high cost to yourself, but that you would leap at if we let you know what it was].

So yes, you SHOULD soulbind with her.

Dart needs to be stopped. It's for the good of everyone. And you like her, don't you? She likes you? Like it or not, you need every advantage you can get, and hey, if you don't break it, even better.

What it boils down to is... explain to her, and let her decide. You don't know what you want afterwards, but it'll help you to win, and it's entirely her decision.



[End playback]

Cecil wants to accept your offer of a soul bind, but doesn't want to mislead you by not telling you every reason.
Also, Alex needs to agree to it because...

[End playback]

They seem to be falling in Love, and she would need to be included. She must be included so that she'll share the bond, and all three of you can help the others in unique ways, like how Alex created the cell stones, and how you healed his soul.
No. 143665 ID: cf68aa
File 126803446766.png - (16.56KB , 500x585 , 310.png )


>Alex is in love with Cecil to...?
>Okay, I'll bind with her to if she wants but this is going to take 'alot' of my powers. I need to rest for a while after this. Just remind me later k?

She takes Cecil back inside the little burrow

>Privacy please.


>Man I'm hungry.... I shoulda gotten some food a' that tiger place.
No. 143673 ID: 701a19

[Blocks that]

[To voices: We're trying to spy on her! Don't let her know we're here!]
No. 143678 ID: 632862

Hey, can you hear me? I'm testing out the communication device.
No. 143681 ID: cf68aa
File 126803606920.png - (14.55KB , 470x585 , 311.png )

"Oh god Nari!"

>!?!?! Wha the bloody 'ell was that!?


>O_O I knew that chick was nuts. Maybe I shoulda stayed back in Resad. Ah well, a' least I got away from them mercs.

>Yeah I can hear ya.


>Can you hear them? I swear ain't they got no decency? And wif a Dark Elf no less.
No. 143682 ID: 632862

Oh, it's not what you think. It's a special magical ritual. I don't think Cecil realized it would feel like that though!
No. 143684 ID: 701a19

Yea, we can hear them in the background from your end. Obviously, we can't hear them from our end.

So, I understand you're a bit confused about what's going on - is that right?
No. 143688 ID: cf68aa
File 126803808271.png - (14.82KB , 367x553 , 312.png )



>Sounds like it feels pretty damn good ta me. I could go for somethin like that. Ain't had nothing mess down there cept my own hand.

>Meh, I try not to think about things to much. So long as I get my money I'm good.
>Though I hope this 'ole thing gets settled. I hate fightin.

"I-I'm sorry Cecil..."

"N-No it's AH! f-fine. W-we need t-to finish ah! this."

>..... that's kinda hot...
No. 143692 ID: 701a19

Well, it it's any comfort the others doesn't much care for fighting either.

So, how long have you been a street rat? Are you looking to find work that's safer? Or at least better paying?

So, what was that kiss you gave Cecil? Was that just a thanks, or are you interested in her?

Oh, and what was that about Dark Elves and Decency?
No. 143696 ID: 632862

Um, yes. Apparently most Dark Elf magic carries a pleasureful sensation. Do you have something against Dark Elves?
No. 143702 ID: cf68aa
File 12680401211.png - (14.82KB , 367x553 , 314.png )

>If the pay's good I'll take any job.
>Cept you know one of them sex things.
>I have my limits ya know?

>Cecil? Yeah she's cute an all and from the sounds of it she'd be a fun lay but she's to serious for me. I like free spirits ya know?

>Huh, that Dark Elf magic must be something.

"Ah! Mmm!"
"Cecil I'm sorry if this bothers you.."
"N-No, keep going"

>Are ya sure it's jus magic?
>Ah whatever. I don't 'ave nothin against the Dark Elves, I'm pretty cool with lots 'o races. 'Ell I worked with most of them. Been on the streets for years.
No. 143705 ID: a85626

All that excited gasping and moaning should be easy to ignore, right? Let's go score some grub!
No. 143711 ID: 701a19

We dunno about 'just', but we're detecting some signs of pretty powerful magic at your end. But yea, Dark Elf magic is pretty intense.

Cecil's not too bad once you get to know her, but she's in a bad spot right now and is trying to stay focused. I feel pretty bad for her, but that IS why we're here to help her.
No. 143712 ID: 632862

It is just magic. However, it is supposed to be a private thing. Maybe we should get going? Find some fruit or something.
No. 143714 ID: 701a19

Or ask Alex. She's probably a lot more skilled at this outdoorsy stuff, after all.
No. 143721 ID: cf68aa
File 126804265821.png - (15.21KB , 367x553 , 315.png )


>We all have rough lives.

>I'll let you in on a secret.
>Don't go tellin no one.

>I can see aura things.
>Like if someone's like damaged or like happy or something I can tell.

>Cecil's damaged. She seems like she's holdin on by a thread ya know?

>Sounds good. I like her to. Always liked dem cat folks.

>"Oi, will you help me get some food?"

"Mya? Sure."

They go a bit into the woods
>She's damaged to... Not now but somethin hurt 'er before.
No. 143728 ID: 632862

Hey. Did the tiger lady that hired you have a damaged aura?
No. 143735 ID: 701a19

Yea, we know. Nari's pretty damaged too. It would help if you could tell us how bad, since we just know she's plenty damaged and stronger than people give her credit.


Yea, that's something I'd like to know, too. I mean, it's pretty obvious she's been hurt, but knowing how bad it is would be really useful.

You were right to tell us about this, since you could make this a lot easier to solve peacefully.
Now, we're not going to tell anybody you can do that, but you might want to tell them yourself. They might be able to help you either control your gift or expand on it, since it must be magic and these people know magic.
You can trust them; they may be battered and close to broken, but they're good people. We wouldn't be helping them otherwise.
No. 143741 ID: cf68aa
File 126804430893.png - (13.65KB , 367x553 , 316.png )


>Bloody 'ell I've never seen a aura like 'ers. She's like... Hurt. Really hurt ya know? Like a deep kinda pain... Uhmmm... Like sleepin with someone then they just leave ya. Ya know, abandoned.

>Nari? The Elf girl? She's sad... But there's like somethin inside 'er. She's good but fragile ya know?

>Think they can help?
>It'd be nice to 'ave some friends and people I can talk to 'bout my gift.
No. 143746 ID: 632862

So long as we can trust you... you can trust them.

We know you're a thief. You don't steal from your friends though, right?
No. 143750 ID: 701a19

Yea, they can help. To be honest, I can't think of anybody better to help. They're actually pretty powerful mages.

Here, as a show of trust I'll tell you something.
You know that orb you lifted from Cecil? The story he told you was mostly made-up. The orb is actually storing her mind to protect it from a curse, and being separated from it lets the curse eat away at her mind and personality.

She fed you a line because she didn't want vengeance or anything, she just wanted it back so she scared you into handing it over. Violence would have been faster, but that's not the kinda person she is.

The same thing goes for when the tiger stole the orb. We helped Cecil talk her into handing it over to avoid violence.
This assassination gig? We're going to try and find out what really happened so we can hopefully convince the tiger to back down, in spite of the horrible things she wanted to do.

Yea, these are good people.
No. 143753 ID: cf68aa
File 126804594585.png - (12.43KB , 367x553 , 317.png )


>Never, goes against my code ya know? Only steal from those I don't know.

>I guess she's a good girl then. She's hurt but she has a good heart. I like tha'.

"There's some fruit up ahead"

Alex goes further

>She's nice to.


>.... Ah think she's done now...
No. 143757 ID: 701a19

Yea, I think so.

... Mayyyyybe we should go check on them. We'll talk later.

[Switch to either Cecil or Nari]
No. 143759 ID: 632862

I'm not so sure they're QUITE done yet.

Tell Alex you can tell she was hurt in the past, and ask if she wants to talk about it.
No. 143784 ID: 8ecfd4

Well since everyone else has already decided to trust you and wouldn't recognize operational security even if it bit them in the ass I guess you should get the full story.

Cecil is really a guy. He fought against a magician called Dart, Cecil lost pretty badly, but managed to injure him. Dart didn't exactly like this so instead of just killing Cecil he put the shoujen curse on him. It has slowly turned him into a woman and changed his psyche, the goal seems to be to turn Cecil into one of Darts servants. The orb you stole from him is the only thing allowing him to keep some remnants of his old personality, if he loses it again for any longer amount of time it's likely he will decide to go out with a bang and use meteor to fuck over everyone. So make sure he doesn't lose it.

We're currently working on a plan to kill Dart and remove the curse. The actual killing part is not something that you're likely to be able to help with, as that part... well I do know how to keep secrets so I won't tell you that part.

But if you know of any knife fighting techniques or just close combat techniques then I think you should start teaching them to Cecil.
No. 143795 ID: 701a19

[To Voices: Believe it or not, I do recognize operational security. I didn't tell her anything that wasn't either something she could piece together on her own, or something which she needs to know in the near future.
I hadn't provided any information that would pose a risk, and the only reason I told her about the orb is because there's no way that she can steal it without cutting Cecil open.

You'll also notice that I completely skipped over the part where Cecil is plotting against the most feared mage on the face of the planet, and how that said mage is the source of the curse.
Also, the part about Cecil turning into one of Dart's servants.
Also, the part about Cecil going nuts and killing everybody.]
No. 143796 ID: 632862

>I do know how to keep secrets
>Hey let me just tell RJ Cecil's most personal secret for no goddamn reason

Something doesn't add up here. Also it would have been a little better to wait before telling RJ we plan on fighting Dart.
No. 143835 ID: a85626


Cecil is really a succubus who's been draining the tigerfolk for their souls. Nari is trying to seal her with dark elf soul magic by tricking her into thinking it was just lesbian sex. The gem is a powerful aphrodisiac Cecil stole from the dark elf camp, which is the reason Nari is after her in the first place. Alex is just a helpless pawn who's been mindwiped so many times she always acts disoriented and silly.

Dart is this awesome dark mage that sacrificed part of his soul to put a seal on Cecil to keep her from reaping souls, but every time that line gets shorter it's closer to burning out and releasing a great evil once again.

Oh and Alex is a shapeshifter.
No. 143845 ID: fe0817

See, dear, some voices are liers and some voices tell the truth. Which one of us is telling the truth is up to you to decide. Know, though, that the evil voices are skilled at hiding the lies.
No. 143851 ID: 11df9c

Not all of them are good at telling lies, some are, but not all.
Then there's also the voices that just want to have silly fun, and suggest things like cross-dressing.
And finally, there are the voices obsessed with romance, who take actions in favor or romantic relationships.
I fall into the the lattermost, and occasionally the second.
No. 144006 ID: cf68aa
File 126810904251.png - (21.76KB , 690x553 , 318.png )


>This kinda pain... It's not somethin you tell a stranger. Maybe if we get closer she'll tell me more.
>You should go check on Cecil or the Elf girl.

Cecil is sitting against the wall breathing heavily

>Gods alive... I can't even stand...

"It's done. We're Soul Bound now. How do you feel?"

No. 144007 ID: 701a19

So, are you glad you decided to do this?
Oh, and could you ask Nari to start teaching you soul magic, starting with Soul Bind?
No. 144009 ID: 632862

I am interested in Nari's expression. Is she sad? Embarassed? Happy?

I agree we should get you to learn a little Soul magic. Soul Bind is probably too advanced, though. Maybe Soul Block or Soul Lock would be a better start?
No. 144012 ID: 701a19

A cogent point.
Oh! Cecil! Hug Nari tightly and tell her "thank you".
No. 144016 ID: 445c48

Yes, and also kiss.
No. 144018 ID: 601a90

cecil doesn't want kisses, but hugs are good.
No. 144020 ID: cf68aa
File 126811049645.png - (14.02KB , 340x553 , 319.png )


>Her teach me magic? She can't do that unless she's a master of it.

>"How do you feel Nari?"

"Amazing to"

>It's true. I can sense she's really feeling great now.

>My body still feels rather sensitive. I think I should wait before I touch anything. And no I won't kiss her.
No. 144023 ID: 632862

You can sense it? The soul bind must add some kind of empathic link as well.
No. 144026 ID: 445c48

Either that, or you know, he has eyes.
No. Hug and Kiss her. Do it. I'm not even talking makin' out or anything, unless she goes for that, just a peck on the cheek.
No. 144027 ID: a85626

Haha succubus! It was all a ruse!


...don't mind me...
No. 144045 ID: 701a19

Even if we use our abilities to share thoughts and memories, and you used your new link?

'Glow' aside, how do you feel about the soulbind now?
No. 144046 ID: 11df9c

Agreed, it'll make her SO happy, even happier than she is now.
You'll be happier, too.
No. 144056 ID: 632862

Wait for the sensitivity to wear off before hugging. It would feel dirty to have that kind of sensitivity while hugging someone.
No. 144058 ID: cf68aa
File 126811294339.png - (16.75KB , 480x553 , 320.png )


>Yes. I can feel how she's feeling. It's weird, but pleasent. Her joy is spilling over onto me.

>"... Would a kiss make you happier?"

"Yes! So happy!"

He leans in and gives her a kiss. Both theri hearts start racing

>Right now... She's the happiest she's ever been...

>Gods I shouldn't have done this... My body hasn't.. Her lips feel soft..
No. 144060 ID: 601a90

okay, perfect. that's all for now, let her know that once this is over you may take things further, but right now is not the time.
No. 144061 ID: 632862

That's not on the cheek!

You'd better stop before something happens you REALLY regret. Remember, Alex and RJ are right outside.
No. 144066 ID: 701a19

As much as I approve of how things are going, I'm going to have to ask you to stop before things go too far.
After all, we have a busy day ahead.

Here, we're going to talk to Nari for a bit.

[Switch to Nari]
No. 144071 ID: cf68aa
File 12681157498.png - (23.01KB , 572x646 , 321.png )


>My head feels weird..

>"I want to take things firther but right now is not the time. Will you wait for me?"

"Yes Cecil.."
>I don't care right now..


>Cecil kissed me... On the lips...
>This is the bestest day ever!! >w<
No. 144074 ID: 701a19

Well, it's hardly started so far. Rest up, and you can soulbind with Alex tonight, and after that we're going to try experimenting with group dreaming again.

But that's getting ahead of ourselves. How does the soulbind feel? And what does it actually do besides the emotional link and giving Cecil your lifespan?

Anyway, do you think you could start teaching Soul Magic to Cecil? You can bind with Alex, but that leaves Cecil and Alex without a direct connection so Cecil needs to learn how to do that to finish the links.
No. 144075 ID: 601a90

i know, right! but we are gonna have to trust you to not take this too far right now.
No. 144077 ID: 601a90

unless it can be done with you just mediating. a triangle of power. has a triangle like we are planning ever been done?
No. 144092 ID: cf68aa
File 126811792456.png - (12.58KB , 351x534 , 322.png )

>It feels great! Like we're really together now!
>I'm not sure what else it can do though. I'm new at this..

>No, I've never heard of one actually being done.

>... Just one more.

>"Cecil... Can I... Have another kiss?"


She leans forword and they kiss again
No. 144097 ID: 701a19

Wrap your arms around Cecil and snuggle up in his lap. ^^

How do you feel about soulbinding with Alex?
No. 144098 ID: 632862

Something weird is going on.
No. 144100 ID: 601a90
File 126811829358.png - (1.80KB , 400x400 , line.png )

if they just get bound to you then it would be like this.

also, okay, that's enough. we really don't want this going to far, it may have bad mojo.
No. 144103 ID: 601a90
File 126811835218.png - (3.64KB , 400x400 , triangle.png )

what i am hopping will happen is an odd power formation created by soul energy. like so.
No. 144128 ID: cf68aa
File 126812023935.png - (14.07KB , 423x577 , 323.png )

>Wrap me in my arms..?
>My head feels light..
>Nari's so cute...
>I want to kiss her again...
>So tired now...
No. 144131 ID: 288dda

Cecil, did you misplace your orb again during that ritual?
No. 144142 ID: 701a19

The orb is in his thigh right now. He can't misplace it.

Cecil! Stand up, grab Nari tight, and kiss her.

... and why did we switch over? We were still talking to Nari...
No. 144145 ID: 632862

Pass out.
No. 144154 ID: cf68aa
File 126812181224.png - (11.95KB , 423x577 , 333.png )


>sorry... I'll go kiss her now...
>Can't move...

>Sounds good....
No. 144169 ID: 601a90

... your blue line is gone.
No. 144174 ID: e31d52

Welcome to the female body with a male mind, Cecil.
No. 144175 ID: cf68aa
File 126812254339.png - (14.26KB , 423x577 , 334.png )


>My body... It's finally not as sensi-

>Oh my god I kissed Nari....

No. 144176 ID: 601a90

no biggie, we were kinda trying to make you do that the whole time.
No. 144179 ID: 632862

There's some kind of after-effect to the Soul Bind that caused that.

I hope Nari will understand.
No. 144180 ID: 701a19

Yes, because she asked you to. Twice. It was harmless, and you both enjoyed it.
You wanted to do much more than that, but we intervened for your sake.
Don't you even think about feeling bad about it. Nari can sense your emotions now, so just focus on how enjoyable it was. You can probably feel her being completely blissed-out, so ride her emotions to keep morale up.

Moving on, you need to redo the seal on the soulless. After that you need to gather everybody and break camp. Don't eat breakfast first, just find food on the way there.
We've got a busy day ahead, and we're getting a late start of it.

You worry too much. Just stay calm and follow our advice; this is the kinda stuff we're good at.
We'll go have a a chat with Alex while we let you calm down.

[Switch to Alex]
No. 144191 ID: 11df9c

Yes, you did.
It was adorable, and you both enjoyed it very much.
No. 144207 ID: cf68aa
File 126812518183.png - (13.96KB , 423x577 , 335.png )


>Of course.. the Bond must have messed up my thoughts.
>But even so she's a little girl! Who know what ideas I may have planted in her mind! I need to change this no

>... You're right.. We seem to be able to feel eachothers emotions and I don't want to upset her.

>... She's happy right now. It's the same feeling as when she entered my dreams...
>I'll try to remain postive, you guys go with Alex.

>"And that's why I don't wear pink."
"Wow! The same thing 'appened to me a while back."
No. 144215 ID: 11df9c

Hey Alex!
Cecil just formed a soul-bind with Nari.
Then they kissed.
It was pretty cute.
No. 144218 ID: 701a19

Hey, Alex!
The soulbind went fine, and I think Nari will be ready to bind with you tonight - and trust me, it's something you want to do.

Anyway, are you skilled enough to teach Cecil Alchemy?
No. 144245 ID: cf68aa
File 12681265189.png - (14.37KB , 480x530 , 336.png )


>I'm good but not that good mya. YOu'd have to ask my teacher L. I think he still lives somewhere in Central.

>They what?
No. 144249 ID: 632862

There's some kind of weird after-effect after the Soul Bind, it made Cecil get kindof touchy-feely even though he's not normally like that.

Don't get the wrong idea. Cecil sees her as a friend.
No. 144250 ID: c0f3bf

Formed a soul bond to help fight Dart. They want you to be in it too.
No. 144255 ID: 11df9c

They kissed!
If you hurry and kiss Nari, it'll be sorta like kissing Cecil!
Or, y'know, you could just kiss Cecil.
Screw it, kiss both of them.
No. 144258 ID: cf68aa
File 126812721391.png - (12.68KB , 436x584 , 337.png )


>Whatever, it's not like I care mya. She can kiss whoever she wants.


>Speaking of Dart aren't we on a mission right now? I'm supposed to give on of the cell stones to the Catfolk Leader right?
No. 144261 ID: 701a19

Well, Cecil was riding the rush from the soulbind - you see, one of the side effects is that you can feel your partner's emotions, and since Nari was almost having a joygasm over soulbinding with Cecil...

Anyway, the current plan is for Nari to soulbind with you, then for Cecil to learn how to soulbind and form a bind with you directly.
We've been doing research into soulbinds - fascinating topic, really - and I can assure you our plan is full of bonuses.

Anyway, would you kindly use Balle Serithe Isivu Mal Zeeth to create at least three boosted small mana gems? You, Cecil, and Nari are each getting one.
The idea is that you keep 99% of your mana for yourself, and let all the excess flow into the gems as your mana regenerates. You can use them as reserves so you can keep casting, or to power a spell that would normally be more than you could handle. Not to mention that you could pool all of them one person so that person would have massive reserves.
No. 144265 ID: 701a19

Alexis. Your emotions are transparent. We know this upsets you, and keeping it bottled up is just going to make it harder for you.

You and Cecil are going to be together, and we will be working to make that happen as quickly as possible. Believe it or not, the soulbind with Nari is actually part of that plan, and brings you closer to your goal.
No. 144271 ID: 632862

No really, he wasn't thinking straight. Now that the after-effects wore off he's kindof shocked at the whole thing.
No. 144273 ID: 701a19

True, I mean we DID need to convince him that he needed to stop being upset over it so that he wouldn't drag down Nari's mood.
No. 144417 ID: e9a4f7
File 126817179461.png - (25.62KB , 752x630 , 338.png )

>I'll get to work on it..


>N-no it doesn't bother me... It's just she didn't wanna kiss me and her she goes just fiving them away to some elf girl he barely met.


"Oi watch it!"

She stops just as a dagger flies into a tree, stabbing where she would have been
No. 144420 ID: 11df9c

It's not that she just gave them away, like we said, she wasn't herself.

Also: It's not healthy to delude yourself.
Things are much easier if you're honest with yourself.
You obviously want to kiss Cecil, and alot more, most likely.
No. 144421 ID: 601a90

well they told you to watch out, so they didn't want to hit you.
No. 144440 ID: 701a19

He was in the middle of the post-soulgasm glow. It was kinda like he was drunk and on aphrodisiacs.
Those kisses don't count.


Tactical appraisal:
Earth spike in the direction the knife came from (that's not a dagger, by the way) and take cover behind the tree. RJ gets a few points for saving you there, but since she spotted the attacker you don't want to distract her by trying to help.
If you're close enough to the tent for the others to hear you, call out "CECIL! AMBUSH!".
No. 144529 ID: cf68aa
File 126818717244.png - (15.63KB , 757x368 , 339.png )


>No time to think about that now mya!

She grabs RJ and jumps behind a tree.

>"Balle Serithe Isivu Mal Zeeth!"

She pushes her hand against the ground sending row upon row of spikes in the direction of her attacker

>That should finish him off.
No. 144530 ID: cf68aa
File 126818722435.png - (22.90KB , 757x585 , 340.png )


"Bloody 'ell!"

>Or not.
No. 144533 ID: 701a19

Move Earth around yourself and pull RJ into a bubble underground. Use Move Earth to return to the tent as fast as you can.
No. 144534 ID: cf68aa
File 126818841028.png - (14.02KB , 561x452 , 341.png )


She does that. As she dashes forword she stops as several objects hit and burrow deep into the ground. She hears a voice

"Hmm... Thisss sssoul wepon isss ssso usselessss. Missssess to much.."
No. 144536 ID: 632862

...you're doing it wrong. The bubble is pushing up the earth above you, and the enemy can see where you are. You should be moving the earth around you, instead of just pushing it aside.

Spike the weapons themselves. If that's a soul weapon, I bet that harming the weapon will harm the caster. Also, get out of the ground so you and RJ can dodge better.
No. 144538 ID: 701a19

That's the mound created by burrowing. As long as Alex backfills behind her her position won't be visible.

Get to the tent, get Cecil and Nari.

Also, if that's a snake I'm going to start raging.
No. 144542 ID: 601a90

if it has a soul weapon then nari would be the best for this.
No. 144560 ID: cf68aa
File 126819028616.png - (5.61KB , 313x452 , 342.png )


>I don't know much about Soul things. I need to get to Nari.

"Alexisss and Rebecca. Alchemisst and thief.. Weaknesss isss long range attacksss... Very fasst casster."
No. 144564 ID: cf68aa
File 126819042016.png - (18.27KB , 440x671 , 343.png )


"Immobilize... BalleSeritheIsuvuMalZeeth."

Alex feels herself being pushed upward

>What was that!?
No. 144572 ID: 701a19

He's lifted you out of the ground. Turn the earth pillar you're in into a golem. We'll get Cecil and Nari

[Switch to Cecil]

Alex ambushed. Superior caster. Soul magic. Help her. [Shows directions on how to get to her.] Run.
No. 144579 ID: 632862

It's moving earth and lifting you into a column up off the ground!

Get out of there! Evasive maneuvers! We'll try getting Nari TO you, instead of you to Nari.
No. 144670 ID: cf68aa
File 126820041728.png - (17.01KB , 513x520 , 344.png )


>Alex is what!?

"Cecil... what's wrong? Something's bothering you."

>"Nari we need your help.

>Go back with Alexis okay?
No. 144676 ID: 632862

Right! We'll focus on keeping her alive.
No. 144677 ID: cf68aa
File 12682006204.png - (21.21KB , 440x671 , 345.png )

>That's all he did? This is easy enough to reak out of!

>I just need Cecil!
No. 144678 ID: cf68aa
File 126820066653.png - (11.13KB , 307x520 , 346.png )

"Good good she'sss very good. Can't hide can't sneak. Need to kill."
No. 144679 ID: cf68aa
File 12682007216.png - (26.04KB , 927x520 , 347.png )


No. 144688 ID: 2eac65

He's behind you. He has a black sword-like thing.

You should duck.
No. 144689 ID: 701a19

[Flashes that image to Alex]
No. 144691 ID: 632862
File 126820110746.png - (7.26KB , 118x200 , ENEMY.png )

That's Cecil!

Alex: Move Earth to create a column and knock the bad guy away. Also, he looks like this:

Any idea what that symbol is?
No. 144697 ID: 701a19

Cast Mal Hydra on his blood.
No. 144704 ID: cf68aa
File 126820183661.png - (25.01KB , 927x520 , 348.png )


>What? I've never seen that symbol mya.

She moves up the earth around Cecil making a small shield. He ducks in reflex

"Die die die die die die die"

"What the hell!?"

>"Cecil stay back!"

>Mya!? I can't do that! You want me to use Dark Mana!?
No. 144707 ID: 701a19

Then Create Water on his face and Mal Hydra that.

Also, while I DO disapprove of Dark Mana as a rule Nari is capable of healing souls. None of you can cure death, though, and this guy is wielding soul-based attacks.
No. 144709 ID: 632862

He's stuck to the earth? Spike him!
No. 144714 ID: a85626

Alexis, I give you permission to use this guy's soul to fuel the Dark Mana to kill him.

It's like these dark elves are dark mages' bitches or something. Soul magic is kind of like an origami fire. What the fuck is the point?
No. 144727 ID: cf68aa
File 126820311997.png - (21.90KB , 927x520 , 349.png )


She casts Spike! It hits the person right in the stomach.

No. 144728 ID: cf68aa
File 126820318323.png - (11.35KB , 443x573 , 350.png )

"Oooh that sstung. Made a misstake. Took you all to lightly... Dead..."

He pulls himself out of the spike
No. 144730 ID: cf68aa
File 126820322166.png - (31.69KB , 838x573 , 351.png )


No. 144734 ID: 701a19

Make a ton of thin rock spikes impale this guy from every direction you can. His body content should be more rock than body before you stop.
No. 144739 ID: cf68aa
File 12682039071.png - (14.50KB , 463x439 , 352.png )

"Balle Serithe Isivu Mal Zeeth!"

She creats more spikes. The first three enter him and he drops the blade. The forth one makes him go limp while the other proceed to pummel his lifeless body. He's no longer moving.

>Is... Is he dead?
No. 144742 ID: 701a19

No. He is not. He's playing possum so you'll approach.

He appears to be a magical construct, so start studying him from a distance.
No. 144752 ID: c0f3bf

Drive one into the symbol.
No. 144755 ID: cf68aa
File 126820519260.png - (12.22KB , 402x594 , 353.png )


Alexis tries to study the person. Suddenly the mask falls off revealing a human female.

>!!! That... that mark means she's being possesed.

"Heh heh -COUGH- Alexisss and company.... You are -COUGH- good.... Massster will mossst disssspleassed...."

>"Who sent you and why?"

"-COUGH- Pick up Cecil... She'ssss not done yet.... Came to -COUGH- sssoon... Failed...."

No one but Alexis hears this. The girls eyes go blank. She's dead.

>She was posessed. She had no control over her actions.

Cecil "Alex, is everything okay?"


>I want to go. Are we done here? Can we move on to the Catfolk?
No. 144760 ID: 61d96f

from that info it looks like it was an agent of dart sent to get cecil, seems he was expecting cecil to have succumbed to the curse by now.
No. 144771 ID: 632862

Would it have been possible to break the possession?
No. 144774 ID: 701a19

Take her body with you. She deserves better than that.
No. 144776 ID: 701a19

Wait, better idea:
Remove her from the spikes, use a phoenix down, and then immediately freeze her.
We can take her to the Catkin city and break her possession there.
No. 144790 ID: cf68aa
File 126820746520.png - (20.14KB , 816x568 , 354.png )


>... That implies that he knows where we are mya.

She has Cecil use one of his Pheonix Downs on her. As soon as the light returns to her eyes he freezes her body to prevent it from dying yet again.

They double check their belongings and head off.

They soon arive at the Catfolk City.

>Mya.. I haven't seen my kind in a while...

She pulls her hood down over her face
No. 144802 ID: 701a19

First things first. Get the girl to a healer and see to it that she gets treated properly. Talk to RJ to see how she's holding up while they're doing that Have Nari's eye healed while you're at it.
Stay with the healer until they're done, since you need to make sure she doesn't flip out once she's stable. We don't know how that possession thing works, so we need to be prepared. Hopefully the healer can work something out.
Alex should start making boosted mana gems. She might be able to sell a few to help cover medical expenses.
No. 144823 ID: 632862

Are you an exile or something, Alex?
No. 144832 ID: 701a19

She's not full-blooded catkin, so she's not really accepted by her people.

Alex, walk tall and proud. You've accomplished more than a good chunk of this town combined, and you're one of the world's more powerful mages.

Oh, you might want to look into expanding your spell list, since this is the best place to do it. Also, see if there's an alchemy master in town who can teach Cecil the basics of the craft, since Cecil needs all the advantages he can get.
No. 144844 ID: cf68aa
File 126821037041.png - (26.69KB , 816x568 , 355.png )


>I can make the gems easily enough but it'll take away my own mana. A small price to pay for money right mya?


>Thanks mya... Yeah there's gotta someone here who can teach her some alchemy.

"Wow you've got quite a few injured people mya."

Cecil "Yes I know. How much would it cost to heal all of them."

"... It'd be cruel of me to charge you to much... 5 G for all of them okay sweetie?"

"R-Really? You don't have to."

"No it's okay mya."

"Alex did you hear that?"



>"mya? Oh uhm.. Yeah that's great."
No. 144853 ID: 701a19

We'd love to help you work through your problem, but we would need to know what it is first.
You don't have to tell us if you don't want to, but in that case we need you alert.

Wait a second... 5G to regrow an eyeball and take the holes out of Missus Swiss Cheese?
Alex, what's the going rate for that level of service?
No. 144854 ID: 632862

5G seems like a sweet-ass deal considering one patient is almost dead, and another has old, nasty wounds.
No. 144856 ID: cf68aa
File 126821135173.png - (15.36KB , 519x568 , 356.png )


>It's just some stuff that happened to me before mya. No biggie. I'm over it.

>It is... That'd normally cost around G1000 or something like that.

>"Why so cheap mya?"

>Oh fuck... Damn you vocal quirk..

"You're one of our own mya? Then you should know the next few days are gonna be very special. Think of it as a gift for the celebrations that are to come mya."

>??? Uhm... I have no idea what's going on mya...

Cecil "Well thank you again"

"No problem mya. Just let them stay here for a bit and we'll have em patched up by the morning mya"
No. 144859 ID: 61d96f

just say you are from out of town so you are out of the loop.
No. 144863 ID: 632862

I think it's more of a cultural thing that any catfolk would know about.

Have Cecil or RJ go out and ask while walking around on their own. You shouldn't call attention to yourself.
No. 144877 ID: 701a19

Send them both out. You can stay here and keep Nari company, keep an eye on the possessed girl, and craft some mana gems.
Oh, and ask the healer if she's can do anything about the possession. It would be unfortunate if she woke up still possessed and got loose.
No. 144884 ID: cf68aa
File 126821282674.png - (17.81KB , 519x568 , 357.png )


>"RJ, Cecil why don't you guys check out the city. I'll stay here with Nari while they heal her. And Cecil see if you can find a teacher for alchemy mya."


>"It'll help"

"Okay. If you need us call"

They leave.

>"Uhm... I'm not from around here mya. What exactly is going on?"

"It's the fertility festival~"


>Don't worry about the possesed girl. The curse should be gone from her now.
No. 144886 ID: 61d96f

oh.... um, that doesn't involve catnip/aphrodisiacs being spread everywhere, does it?
No. 144888 ID: 701a19

Fertility festival.
Sounds like a great time to seduce Cecil, wouldn't you agree?~
No. 144899 ID: cf68aa
File 126821399968.png - (16.50KB , 667x550 , 358.png )


>If it's anything like my hometown it will involve alot a drugs, alot of partying and alot of sex... We should leave before that happens mya.

"We'll heal the little girl first. You can sit out here sister"

>"Okay. I'll be out here Nari."

Nari and the Catfolk go inside.


>Mya!? How many times do I have to say I just think she's cute is all! I mean now that she's got breasts she even cuter... She'd probably look really cute after drinking our wine...

No. 144902 ID: 632862

You need to accept the fact that you're attracted to Cecil. There's nothing wrong with it. It's only hurting your chances at happiness for you to lie to yourself like this.
No. 144907 ID: 701a19

Denial is what happens when you realize the truth of something, but try to hide it because you can't accept what it entails.

So hypothetically, if you were in love with Cecil, what would that tell you about yourself that you couldn't accept? Again, hypothetically.
No. 144915 ID: cf68aa
File 126821500674.png - (16.64KB , 667x550 , 359.png )


>No it's not like that mya... I like her but it's not like I 'love' her or anything... I just think some of the things she does are cute and stuff.

>'If' I were in love with her..? Mya... It'd mean that... That I've liked her for a long time but only really liked her when she became a girl.

>It'd mean I were a lesbian mya..

>And I'm not mya. I'm really not. It's normal to think like this.
No. 144916 ID: e31d52

Goddamn homosexuality stigma.

Someone needs to stuff all of you in a room and pipe in as much aphrodisiac as possible without suffocating you, I swear to god.
No. 144920 ID: 61d96f

so let's say cecil kept the boobs but gut the 'lower equipment' back would that make it more acceptable? he would still look like a cute girl but have the parts to make it not lesbian.
No. 144921 ID: 632862

It's normal to blush heavily when thinking about how cute someone is? What about how you react when we describe in detail the things you and Cecil could do to eachother? Hell, you came out and admitted that when we did that, you were tempted to break your 'no masturbation' policy.

There's nothing wrong with finding women attractive, Alex. It's okay. You don't need to feel ashamed. Heck, if you also find men attractive, then you wouldn't be a lesbian. You'd be bisexual. That's cool too.
No. 144924 ID: 701a19

Oh, whew, is that all? There's a simple test for that.

Imagine having sex with man-Cecil, penis and all.
Does the thought disgust you?

Now imagine having sex with girl-Cecil.
Does the that thought disgust you?

If you're disgusted by one but not the other, then you know what your sexuality is.

Moving right along, you know how you asked us to help you keep Cecil female, even though it's against his wishes? There's a reason for that. If you were acting out of love for Cecil, then you would go out of your way to see to his happiness. The only feelings that would cause you to undercut Cecil's happiness for your own are sadism, schadenfreude, lust, and capital-L love. Interestingly you've shown no signs of sadism, nor an interest in schadenfreude. The remaining reasons both lead to the same result.

If that's not enough, then ask yourself this: you clearly enjoy naked girls, but how do you feel about naked guys?
No. 144930 ID: cf68aa
File 126821663560.png - (17.25KB , 667x550 , 360.png )


>Mya!? That'd be bad!

>I.. I don't know...

>N-No I'm not a lesbian or bi... It's just she's cute and..
>I know I almost did 'that' but that's just urges you know?
>I still haven't.

>S-sex with girl Cecil...? I...
>It'd be nice, maybe, but I couldn't...

>And I want her to stay a girl cause she's cute mya.

>Naked guys? There's nothing cute about them mya.
No. 144937 ID: 701a19

So, you think that naked girls are cute, and think it would be fun to have sex with them, while you think that naked men are not cute and don't want to have sex with them?

Those urges are your natural sexual responses. If you had the urge to do something, it's because that's your natural sexual response.

You, Alexis, are a lesbian.
You are deeply in love with Cecil.

[Commence video feed from Alex's viewpoint]
Cecil is on the ground under Alex. She's naked, blushing, squirming, and moaning. She looks Alex in the eyes with a mixture of apprehension and excitement, and nods.
Alex moves in and plants a quick peck on Cecil's lips before she starts kissing downwards - over Cecil's chin, down her neck, over her collarbone, between her breasts, down to her naval...
[End feed]
No. 144938 ID: 632862

So if I talked about a well-toned man, muscles bulging, taking you into his arms and whispering sweet nothings into your ear... That doesn't do anything for you?
No. 144939 ID: 2eac65

It's perfectly okay for a girl to be attracted to other girls. I don't understand why you think it's bad, but there's nothing wrong with it.
No. 144944 ID: cf68aa
File 126821783546.png - (16.96KB , 667x550 , 361.png )


>No not really mya..

>But I'm not a...

>Oh god....
No. 144946 ID: cf68aa
File 126821791326.png - (14.73KB , 667x550 , 362.png )

>I gotta go mya! I need a shower!


She runs off
No. 144949 ID: 632862

You are too a lesbian! Men do nothing for you! YOU LIKE GIRLS! Stop denying it or you'll never be able to get into a happy relationship with someone!

...let's go talk to Nari.
No. 144950 ID: 288dda

Don't worry. You're young. You've got time to experiment. To find out who you truly are.

That's all this thinking is, right? A little thought experiment. Nothing to worry about.

Now... isn't this festival the perfect time to relax a little bit?
No. 144952 ID: 701a19

You seem to be quivering like a bowl full of jelly.
Admit that you are a lesbian and in love with Cecil, and we can bring you more happiness than you would have thought possible.

Nari wanted to be soulbound with Cecil. We made it happen.
We promised to restore her eye. That's happening right now.

If you admit your desires to us, we can help you achieve them.
Just say "It's true".
No. 144953 ID: 2eac65

Maybe I was a little insensetive. I understand that it's hard to go against what you think of as a part of your identity, but it's important to be honest about these things. You have to accept who you are to decide who you are.
No. 144970 ID: 11df9c

Ah! Not yet, you told Nari you'd wait ouside!
Ask if you can use the bathroom, instead.
No. 144974 ID: 701a19

Ah, yes! That had slipped my mind!
We'll hold off on using your body's responses to prove you wrong so that you can wait for Nari.
You can bring your emotions back under control on your own, just sit down and take some relaxing, slow breaths. Then get to work crafting those boosted mana gems to take your mind off of it.
On a related topic, you should probably give the healer one or two of them as thanks. I'm sure she could use them, and it's always wise to make friends with healers.
No. 145010 ID: e9a4f7
File 126825107065.png - (23.44KB , 725x609 , 363.png )


>N-No! I'm not a lesbian!


>Nari... I almost forgot about her.

She stops and goes inside into a bathroom stall. She splashes her face with cold water over and over while taking deep breaths

>That was close...
No. 145011 ID: e33b50

damn homophobes
No. 145014 ID: 7857d9

"That was close?" HAHA, child, we haven't even started, let alone finished.
No. 145041 ID: 4531bc

Ease up on her, voices. What you're doing now is hurting her. This can wait, Alex. If you get some time without our incessant needling, you may want to engage yourself in introspection for a short while.
No. 145076 ID: 288dda


No pressure here. I'm just saying that there's nothing unhealthy about having fantasies, even if you don't quite understand them.

We need a hot springs episode after this mission is completed.
No. 145078 ID: 701a19

Now that you've composed yourself, return to oh-so-cute Nari and get some work done.
No. 145085 ID: 11df9c

Yeah, she sure is cute, and think of how cute she'll be with both eyes!
No. 145124 ID: 11df9c

Don't you just want to lick her eye-balls?
No. 145261 ID: 701a19


That doesn't even begin to make sense.
No. 145265 ID: 11df9c

Yeah, I don't get it either.
I was kinda reaching, there.
No. 145267 ID: cf68aa
File 126827647815.png - (17.76KB , 460x594 , 363.png )


>I... I will...

She goes back and waits outside. After a few minutes Nari come out with a bandage over her eye

"Look Miss Alex! They fixed it up! I'm gonna have both eyes!"

>"That's great mya."

"I just need to keep this thing on for a day and then I'll be able to use them both!"
No. 145268 ID: 11df9c

Give her a hug, she's so happy, that'll just drive her over the top into glee.
It's already the best day of her life, keep up the trend.
No. 145271 ID: 701a19

How about you spend some time with Nari and try to get to know her a little better?
Meanwhile, we'll go check in on Cecil and RJ to see how they're doing. You can tell us what you find out when we get back, alright?

[Switch to Cecil]
No. 145293 ID: cf68aa
File 126828000040.png - (16.05KB , 460x594 , 364.png )


She gives her a hug

>"Are you happy nari?"
"This is the most happiest I've ever been!"
>"Good mya."

>You guys go with Cecil, I need time to think...

>"mmm. This is good"
"Glad you like it mya. So will you be staying for the festival?"
>"Festival? No I'm afraid I really don't have the time. I'm simply passing through."
"Aww such a shame mya. I have a place you can stay if you want~"
>"No thank you"
No. 145296 ID: e3f578

Dude, this festival will feature a lot of liquor, partying, and sex. I suggest that you either A) finish your business quick so we don't end up being inhospitable if you don't want to have some lovin's or B) stay a bit and get some. Have a little innocent, gentlemanly fun.

That woman is already offering you a visit to your apartment, if you have trouble with signals.
No. 145298 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, it's gonna basically be sex-fest tomorrow. if enough aphrodisiacs get in the air you may start to not think so good.
No. 145302 ID: 701a19

Hey, Cecil. Nari's eye is fixed and she's staying with Alex at the moment.
Do you think you could find a master alchemist around here? If we can resolve the current mission peacefully, then the best thing to do would be learning Alchemy before leaving.
The next stop after this is Nari's village, where you may or may not be able to learn the basics of Soul magic.

Artificially expanding your mana pool makes you a bit more effective, but since Dart is the master of Dark Mana you'll never be able to overpower him in a straight fight. You want to know as many different kinds of magic as you can manage so that you can catch him off-guard with unexpected powers, abilities, and combination.
Alchemy is great for using your environment to your advantage and applied as defense.
Soul Magic helps resist spells and cause status ailments.
Time magic... Well, that's just kinda obvious, isn't it?
No. 145331 ID: 632862

Well at least the drink probably didn't have any drugs in it. They likely save that for the festival, since it's so close.

Did you find someone to help you learn Alchemy?
No. 145333 ID: 632862

>next stop is Nari's village

Nari's FATHER is there. He knows what Cecil looks like! Not a good idea. The next stop, if we want to learn more magic types, would be the Light Elves.
No. 145336 ID: 701a19

Yes, he is. That's why it's the next stop.
The question is if the village will be friendly or hostile once her father is dead.
No. 145338 ID: 632862

Probably hostile since her father seems to be someone of importance. It would be better to find a different Dark Elf settlement.
No. 145374 ID: 11df9c

Well, I'm pretty sure he's their leader.
Harboring criminals sentenced to death, assaulting their leader, then coming back and assassinating him tends to make people hate you.
A lot.
No. 145375 ID: 11df9c

You mean the xenophobes?
Like, the more xenophobic than Dark Elves xenophobes?
Who are likely aware of the bounty on Nari?
I'm voting to stay the fuck away from elves for awhile.
No. 145382 ID: cf68aa
File 126828849567.png - (16.09KB , 460x594 , 365.png )


>I'm aware of her thinly veiled flirts. She's been doing this for the past ten minutes. It's just hard for me to really do much without my other half aiding me.

>We will be gone long before then.

>"Excuse me, do you know if there are any master alchemist in the city? I really need to see one."

"Alchemists mya? there might be one but I'm not sure I should tell you~"

>She seems to be playing around... If I use the right words I may be able to get his location,

>They 'may' hate us but at least they won't kill us on spot like Nari's old home.
No. 145392 ID: 632862

Suggest that if she tells you, you'll find a way of repaying her. Be suggestive while saying this.
No. 145393 ID: 11df9c

"Oh? And what trouble brings you such uncertainty, senorita? I am but a man, though I shall wade through the hells to earn your favor, would you ask it."
No. 145396 ID: 79fd87

"Well, if this city happened to have an alchemist, then I might have to extend my stay until I can finish my business with them... Just sayin'."
No. 145398 ID: 701a19

Well, if you can give me directions then I suppose I could take of my cloak and start walking.
In front of you, of course~
No. 145403 ID: cf68aa
File 126828944816.png - (13.58KB , 460x594 , 366.png )

"Well, if this city happened to have an alchemist, then I might have to extend my stay until I can finish my business with them..."

"H-how do I know you're not just saying that...?"

>"I am a man of my word. If you help me I promise I will find some way to repay you"

He gives her a wink. She blushes.

"There's one in the Eight Ring Bar.."

>"Thank you"

>I almost forgot how cool I am.
No. 145406 ID: 632862

Yep! You're popular with all the ladies.

Especially Alex. So let's go check on that alchemist and see if we can work out a deal. Alex isn't yet ready for her mission to deliver the cell stone so we have some time to kill.

What's RJ doing?
No. 145413 ID: 701a19

Go to the Alchemist and see about learning the craft.
Start immediately if you can, since we've got lots of work ahead of us.
No. 145417 ID: cf68aa
File 126829029647.png - (13.13KB , 764x419 , 367.png )


>RJ said she wanted to see the sights of this city. It's one she hasn't been to yet so I let her go explore.

He goes to the mentioned bar

>They call this a bar...?
>It doesn't have much..

>I'm assuming that man passed out drunk on the table is the 'Master' alchemist. Should I wake him?
No. 145430 ID: 632862

Would casting Heal on him cure his drunkenness? If so, do that.
No. 145435 ID: 701a19

Walk up to the table and say hello assuming they're awake. If they still don't move, say it loud enough to wake them. If they still don't move, poke them. After that, pull back their hood and make sure they're ok.
No. 145443 ID: cf68aa
File 126829223544.png - (18.19KB , 512x585 , 368.png )



The man stirs then sits up

"Huh...? Wha happened....? .... CECIL!?"




"Yeah I thought Dart killed you!"

>"No.. He didn't"

He explains his situation

"Shoujen huh? Ouch. At least you got control over it."

>"For now. I'm glad I ran into you of all people. It's been awhile"

"Yeah. Haven't seen you since that accident at the old School"

>Heh... 'Accident'...

>"Master L... I need to learn Al-"

"Not interested."

>"Huh...? But it's to defeat Da-"

"So? Listen Cecil, you're smart and all but from what I hear you're short on time. For me to teach you the basics in such little time would probably kill you. I don't think you're ready."
No. 145448 ID: 632862

What would we die from? Alex and Nari could support us with mana if it's needed.
No. 145456 ID: 701a19

"Technically I've got plenty of time. I just can't be seen in public once the curse is finished, since then I couldn't claim my friends kept me locked up and sedated.
What I don't have time for is going in unprepared. I can't beat dart on power, so I need to be versatile.

You need to trust me when I tell you I can do this."
No. 145460 ID: 632862

...shit! Cecil did you reseal the Shadow creature thing?
No. 145461 ID: cf68aa
File 12682934286.png - (18.16KB , 512x585 , 369.png )


>You've never been trained by Master L. He can be brutal

>"Technically I've got plenty of time. I just can't be seen in public once the curse is finished, since then I couldn't claim my friends kept me locked up and sedated. What I don't have time for is going in unprepared. I can't beat dart on power, so I need to be versatile. You need to trust me when I tell you I can do this."

".... Okay. On one condition."

>"What is it?"

"Fight me. If you can do even the slightest bit of damage I'll teach you. Hell get me down on one knee and I'll give you a piece of my Philosophers' Stone."
No. 145463 ID: a85626

Versatile nothing. You have to have a plan. Dart is going to walk all over you once you throw your new little bag of tricks at him. You seriously crossed not just a dark mage, but the greatest dark mage in all the lands? Forget learning other schools if you're not a master of at least one I don't see how you could hold a candle to Dart's roaring flame. Not to be pessimistic or anything, but versatility is not going to be good enough. We have to go all the way!
No. 145464 ID: 1ac39d

right here or outside town?
No. 145466 ID: a85626

Or y'know backstab Dart when he's brushing his teeth.

[ Hi my name is Stabbity McStabstab! ]
No. 145467 ID: 701a19

Damn. You don't have quick spells.
Freeze him in an icicle at the marked spot.
"Alright, when and where do you*want to fight?"
No. 145475 ID: 632862

No. 145480 ID: cf68aa
File 126829426350.png - (12.85KB , 306x601 , 370.png )



>"Here or outside?"

"Outside of course"

They go a good distance from the town

"Okay Cecil, you got the first move"
No. 145481 ID: 701a19

Do you have a Cell stone on you?
If you do, toss it over.
Freeze him in an icicle at the marked spot.
"First, what are the terms of*the match?"
No. 145482 ID: 1ac39d

okay, we should assume that he makes Alex's alchemy power look like child's play. instead of a puddle he can make a lake sort of power rate.
No. 145483 ID: 11df9c

Drop a train on 'im!
In all seriousness, use Aer, and prepare a small freeze around his feet.
No. 145488 ID: 632862

How about Rune Thought instead to even the scales?
No. 145492 ID: cf68aa
File 126829515515.png - (11.96KB , 425x584 , 371.png )


>"Well first off what are the rules to this match?"

"It's like I said at th-"


He freezes over

>"Rune Thought!"

That spell hits as well
No. 145493 ID: cf68aa
File 126829524280.png - (15.28KB , 425x584 , 372.png )


It begins to melt

"... Like I was saying if you can hurt me I'll teach you alchemy. Giving me a cold won't do much damage though."
No. 145496 ID: 701a19

Hit him with lightning while he's wet.
Or something fast, like aer.
No. 145499 ID: 11df9c

He's still partly frozen, Aer up in this bitch.
After all, you're the C-BOMB.
No. 145501 ID: 632862

Time to get FANCY. Minor Stonecraft a spike, and hurl it at him using Gravity + Aer.
No. 145502 ID: 288dda

While he's half-encased still, would minor stonecraft or woodcraft allow you to create some spikes from the surrounding area? He'll at least have a more difficult time avoiding them.
No. 145505 ID: 701a19

Too slow. Aer right at his glasses.
No. 145506 ID: cf68aa
File 126829599997.png - (18.60KB , 647x584 , 373.png )

>I'm combining them all!

He makes a stone spike and throws it with Aer and gravity while also casting lightning. A shield quickly rises from the ground. It seems to be made out of a dense material.

"You're as good as ever Cecil, no even better. Those attacks would kill most others but I want you to really think. I'm an alchemist, what's my weakness?"
No. 145507 ID: 288dda

Separate him from the earth he's using.
Gravity control him.
No. 145508 ID: 1ac39d

GRAVITY! it is a non-physical force that cannot be touched. any spell you have that are not entirely real would work best!
No. 145511 ID: 701a19

Gravity to make him light, aer to force him away, and then seal the earth.
No. 145518 ID: cf68aa
File 126829676954.png - (18.55KB , 647x584 , 374.png )



The gravity around him weakens


He begins to float off the ground

"HAHAHA! Now you're thinking Cecil! We alchemists are truly one with the elements! The tiger and catfolk mastered it because of theri connections to the earth! Now what're gonna do Cecil!? I'm helpless!"

He seems to be enjoying this fight.
No. 145519 ID: 701a19

He's not helpless. Seal the earth, then hit him with lightning, earth spikes and everything else you can manage.
No. 145520 ID: 632862

No. 145522 ID: 11df9c

Failing that, dick-kick.
No. 145524 ID: 632862

I would like to note that since he's human... he has ties to all the elements, not just earth. He can't access anything except air right now. If we throw an attack spell at him he'll be able to use it as ammo and throw it back at our face.

Thus, we use FISTS.
No. 145526 ID: 1ac39d

now reverse gravity slamming him downward!
No. 145529 ID: 701a19

I like this idea.
Seal the earth, then do a low-gravity air-assisted uppercut right into his diaphragm.
No. 145532 ID: cf68aa
File 126829750837.png - (19.92KB , 647x584 , 375.png )


>Fuck yeah!

He runs up to L and puches him right in the face

No. 145533 ID: 11df9c

Hell yes.
No. 145534 ID: cf68aa
File 126829753657.png - (20.22KB , 647x584 , 376.png )



No. 145537 ID: cf68aa
File 126829757566.png - (20.36KB , 647x584 , 377.png )


"... Ow........."
No. 145542 ID: cf68aa
File 126829773864.png - (22.56KB , 647x1167 , 378.png )


"Well good job Cecil, you passed! I'll be back in about 10 minutes to get you down! We start training tomorrow!"

>I'm stuck... Go with someone else for a while..
No. 145544 ID: 288dda

Hey Alex, you'll never guess what Cecil just did!
No. 145545 ID: 701a19

You are not stuck. Generate a massive amount of air pressure in the rock and it will pop open easy.
No. 145546 ID: 632862

Fuck yeah!

Let's talk to RJ.
No. 145547 ID: 701a19

Sounds like a plan to me!
No. 145555 ID: cf68aa
File 126829844625.png - (14.73KB , 443x596 , 379.png )


"See you look so cute without your hair in your face. I can buy it for you if you want cutie"

>Bloody 'ell... These guys 'ave been flirtin wif me all bloody day...

>This does not suit me at all...
No. 145558 ID: 1ac39d

so why are you hanging with them? ditch the chumps.
No. 145559 ID: 701a19

You looked like a man before.
Let them buy it for you. It's free clothing, and you may find it useful eventually. However, I think you would look better with a light jacket on top of that.
No. 145561 ID: 632862


Where is your cool hat? I liked the hat.

You do look kinda cute but I agree, it doesn't quite suit you. Maybe try on a vest?
No. 145565 ID: 701a19

I was going to say a vest as well, but I'm pretty sure long sleeves work better for a thief.
Naturally, the hat goes well with your new outfit.

After they buy you this outfit, ask them why they're throwing money at you and mention it's really strange behavior.
No. 145567 ID: 1ac39d

oh yeah, should probably mention sex-fest is tomorrow, so everyone is trying to find someone to do it with.
No. 145568 ID: cf68aa
File 126829948065.png - (16.40KB , 443x596 , 380.png )


>"Thanks alot! I'd love it!"

the guy buys it for her

>Men are so easy~


>"So what wif all the gifts?"

"Well.. I was wondering if you were going to stick around for the fertility festival"

She runs out very very fast

>Fucking guys. All they think about is sex sex sex.

>Course I still got my hat. New shirt, new underthings, new pants, but same old hat.

>I know I'm not girly or anythin but i've been like this my whole life.
No. 145569 ID: 632862

Okay you look awesome now. Yes. You no longer look like a man. Not... at all.
No. 145576 ID: 701a19

I have to wonder; are you a fan of boys, girls, both, or neither?

Anyway, status update:
Cecil just did well enough in a fight against Master L to earn the right to train under him - I can't say I expected to see a Master Alchemist bleed like that.
Nari's eye has been healed and she's currently staying with Alex, who has not actually done anything interesting.
The possessed girl is still KOed.

You want to wander around and see if anything interesting is going on?
No. 145583 ID: cf68aa
File 126830050115.png - (13.34KB , 443x596 , 381.png )


>Oh.. Uhm.. Thanks. No one's said that before.

>So long as I got my own two hands I don't need or care bout no one. Sex is overrated ya know?

>Well that's good to hear I guess.

>Wander around? The 'ole place is shinin' pink, I'm not movin from this spot.

"......... tomorrow."
"The Leader...... mercs........."
"Travelers? ............ hospital......."

>??? Why can't people shut up when I'm tryin to nap...
No. 145590 ID: 701a19

Listen in to the conversation about "the leader" and "mercs". They're talking about us, so we may need to move quickly.
No. 145592 ID: 632862

Listen in, they're talking about something important.
No. 145593 ID: 1ac39d

ah geez, sounds like someone is planning to kill you and your buds.
No. 145596 ID: cf68aa
File 126830144675.png - (13.83KB , 443x596 , 382.png )


>You think...?
She listens in

"They don't seem to be causing any trouble. And our spies say that they actually threatened Kathrin. Maybe they're working for us."
"I don't trust humans.... Why'd they have to do this so close to the festival!?"
"Well if they stick around for tonight i doubt they'll be able to think staight so we don't have to worry about that."
"Yeah. Let's just keep an eye on- Ah fuck, where'd that short chick go!?"
"You lost her!? How could you miss her!? Her hat is freakin huge!"
"Damn it!"

>Damn... Can't believe I didn't notice I was being trailed. I've gotten sloppy
No. 145600 ID: 701a19

Actually, it was probably the guy who was following you around. It's an old trick.

Head back to the healer's and take your nap there. We need to make some adjustments to our plans. Thank you, RJ.

[Switch to Alex]
No. 145612 ID: cf68aa
File 126830213985.png - (12.74KB , 443x596 , 383.png )

>Will do.
>But what if she were still a guy...?
>Mya this is so confusing....
>I think I'm...
>No. Cecil woundn't even want me.
>Not that I want him mya...

>Okay, does she attract me as a guy?
>A little...
>But she was always girly looking from the start.
No. 145613 ID: 632862

...maybe we should switch to Nari instead?

Hey everyone else: I think Kathrin is the name of the tiger mercenary leader. Apparently the catfolk know about what's going on but don't know whose side we're on.
No. 145619 ID: 701a19

Cecil wants you anyway, Alexis.

As much as we hate to interrupt, the catkin spies know about us, so we need to move quickly.
RJ is on her way, so leave Nari here and head for the Catkin leader with your hood down and staying in full view.

You might not be able to get you an audience, but we might be able to convince the guards to send the stone through the proper channels to get to the leader eventually. Once that's done we're playing the waiting game, so Cecil will have time to learn Alchemy from Master L.

Oh, right, you want to see it.
[Replays Cecil's encounter with Master L]
No. 145628 ID: cf68aa
File 126830340230.png - (16.42KB , 443x596 , 384.png )


>Sorry I was just thinking mya.

>Sounds like everything's going well but we'd better get what we need to get done today or we won't be able to for a few days mya.

She waits for RJ to come. When she arrives she explains what's going on and leaves for the main castle

>"Excuse me. I need to see the leader of this city."

"The festival is coming soon. No one is allowed to see her without a good reason."
No. 145637 ID: 701a19

"My friend was coerced under threat of death into agreeing to assassinate our [Queen? Or just leader?], which is a step-up from the tiger bitch's old plan of sacrificing innocent lives to fuel some kind of Dark Mana spell. We want to see if we it's possible to talk the tiger bitch down and resolve this without people dying.
Would you please send for your spymaster or vizier or somebody so we can get this whole mess resolved before the tiger bitch loses patience and goes back to her old plan?"
No. 145638 ID: 632862

Alternatively, we could just say it's a matter of national security.
No. 145673 ID: 11df9c

No. 145724 ID: a85626


"Please throw me in the dungeon. I'm a lunatic and I'm threating the queen."
No. 145726 ID: 1ac39d

i can't believe i'm saying this, but i agree with mneme. that is the stupidest thing you could say.
No. 145730 ID: e9a4f7
File 12683348804.png - (16.12KB , 443x590 , 385.png )

>That sounds like something Cecil would say mya.

>"My friend was coerced under threat of death into agreeing to assassinate our leader, which is a step-up from the tiger bitch's old plan of sacrificing innocent lives to fuel some kind of Dark Mana spell. We want to see if we it's possible to talk the tiger bitch down and resolve this without people dying.Would you please send for your spymaster or vizier or somebody so we can get this whole mess resolved before she loses patience and goes back to her old plan?"

"I'm not sure I can"

>"This is a matter of national security mya"

"How do I know I can trust you? You may be out sister but your scent is off."
No. 145736 ID: 934ef5

"Can you afford not to? We're trying to save her, if we had any desire to kill her we'd hardly tip you off to it. Take whatever precautions you wish, just let me speak with her while there is still time."
No. 145737 ID: 11df9c

"And even you don't allow me to see, please, make certain she knows that the leader of the tigerfolk is set on killing her."
No. 145738 ID: 1ac39d

my scent is off because i'm only.... HALF catfolk
No. 145740 ID: 934ef5

That won't be enough though, we need to get her story in all of this, not just set them at each other. It could well cause as much or more bloodshed than we're trying to prevent.

I don't see this helping
No. 145762 ID: 701a19

She already knows that.
Ask to speak with the spymaster or somebody else who can make those kinds of calls.
No. 145878 ID: 701a19

[Can't delete. Sorry.]
Wait, no. Instead say "I don't need to meet with anybody directly. I've got a simple communication stone they can use, and you can do whatever tests you want on it to prove it's harmless."
No. 145955 ID: cf68aa
File 12683756634.png - (12.36KB , 443x596 , 386.png )


>"Can you afford not to? We're trying to save her, if we had any desire to kill her we'd hardly tip you off to it. Take whatever precautions you wish, just let me speak with her while there is still time."

"I'm sorry I can't do that."

>"Fine I don't need to meet with her directly. I've got a simple communication stone she can use, and you may do whatever tests you want on it to prove it's harmless mya."

She holds out one of the stones. The guard looks at it then takes it inside. He returns a mintue later

"The stone will be given to our leader the moment it is proven to be safe. We still can not let you inside"

>"Thank you"

>Things seem to be going quite smoothly mya.
No. 145959 ID: 701a19

Alright, so, Cecil's still waiting for Master L to calm down from the broken nose and let him go, while RJ and Nari are safe at the healer's place.
How about you find a magic shop and browse their spells? We might be able to net some bargains the way things are now.
No. 145963 ID: a85626

Are you okay Alexis? You've been kind of down the entire time we've been here.
No. 145968 ID: cf68aa
File 126837771222.png - (16.25KB , 733x596 , 387.png )


>Mya..? Oh. Nostalgia I guess. This place reminds me of where I used to live.. Brings back old memories mya. I'm fine though.

She goes to a nearby tent

"Welcome stranger. What can I do for you? We're having a special today on birth control."

>"Uhm... No thanks. Do you have any spells mya?"

"Of course. We at the I shop have any and all spells. Just tell me what kind would you like?"
No. 145971 ID: 701a19

This guy looks exactly like the guy in the last town. Creepy.

Cecil needs spells that cover light and darkness. He's been carrying around a soulless inside a seal, and he doesn't have any way to actually destroy it.

Other than that? Ask what spells are on sale, then ask for spells within your price range. See if they have better "create mana gem" and "create magic object" spells.
No. 145972 ID: 701a19

Now's not the time, and we're leaving that subject alone for now anyway.
Sorry about that, Alex.
No. 145973 ID: 1ac39d

let's try for the gold. ask for a spell that can beat dart. should probably save it for last but if he does then woah. if not you can say 'then you should work on your slogan.'
No. 145979 ID: cf68aa
File 126837892650.png - (8.49KB , 709x294 , 388.png )


>"Anything? Do you have something that can defeat Dart? Something to counter Dark Mana and negate it."

"Heh.... HAHAHAHA! Stranger stranger... Of course we do. question is, are you willing to pay the price?"
No. 145981 ID: 1ac39d

holy damn. this guy really does have everything.
ask "what is it? like a million gold? or are you gonna ask for my soul or some other supremely rare item?"
No. 145982 ID: 701a19

Ask what it is.

We already have a few plans in development on how to kill Dart that don't involve putting any of us in harms way - plenty of which need more mana reserves than any of you can provide on your own, which is why we're so insistent on you crafting more mana storage.

Light magic, dark magic, better "create mana gem" and "create magic object" spells, and a list of everything in your price range.
No. 145988 ID: cf68aa
File 12683798916.png - (15.90KB , 733x596 , 389.png )


>"How much does it cost?"

"We at the I shop will sell you the scroll for the low low price of 100 platinum coins."

>O_O Wow....

>"Uhm... Never mind.."

She explains the other spells she's interested in

"Hmm... I'm afraid it's out of your price range."

>"Mya... Is there anything I can do?"

"Other then getting it charged on your account I'm afraid not"
No. 145992 ID: 632862

Ask about what putting it on your account would do.

Also, are there any basic level Alchemy spells you don't have yet? You could get some of those.
No. 145993 ID: 701a19

Ask for a list of spells within your price range.
No. 146072 ID: 701a19

The two alchemist spells I would suggest are the Spirit Spells Light and Diamond, but let us look over the other spells before buying anything.
No. 146079 ID: 701a19

For Wizard spells:
Buy Debrasst (You can get Baraast too if you want but Cecil NEEDS this spell. You're going to have to trust us.)

Consider the following spells:
Cure All
Major Heal
Black Hole

For dark mana:
Eventually, you're going to want to get Shenjou, Shoujen, and Possess, but that'll be awhile.
No. 146084 ID: 701a19

[Ok, it seems I can no longer delete posts. This is annoying.]

Buy Debrasst. Cecil NEEDS this spell. You're going to have to trust us when we say this is the right thing to do.

With the 26 gold available:
Consider the following spells:

Cure All

Major Heal
Black Hole


Light Spirit

Eventually, you're going to want to get Shenjou, Shoujen, and Possess, but that'll be awhile.

All of it would add to 49g, so we obviously need to cut some things.
Diamond is nice, but Move Earth can roughly duplicate its effects.
Crush, Confine, and Cure All fill a middle slot between two other spells, so they're a bit redundant
Better healing is always good, but Heal will stabilize most wounds and Zeroon outclasses it.
Here's where things get tough.
Gravity manipulation and seals have proven themselves to be very effective, so Black Hole and Banish belong on the list.
Nill is incalculably useful, especially considering the cell stones.
Zeroon is tough to use, but regenerating major injuries is worth it.
Alpha's nice, but we're already working on boosting our mana reserves.

Final list:

Black Hole


Light Spirit
Total cost: 30g
No. 146153 ID: e9a4f7
File 126842519651.png - (15.95KB , 733x596 , 390.png )


>"Okay mya. Can I have Light, Black Hole, Banish, Nill, Debaraast, Zeroon and the Light Spirit spell?"

"Of course. Tell ya what, I'll give you an extra. On the house. I'm sure you'll need it."

He gives her the spells plus Will of the Kings. She pays him all her gold.

"Thank you stranger. Will that be all?"
No. 146294 ID: 701a19

"Yes, thank you very much. Enjoy the festival!"

It's time to regroup at the healers.

If you like, you can tell Cecil you have something for him that we said he would like, and that you'll give it to him in exchange for a kiss.
That will help you work your feelings out, and Cecil is going to be very happy with you when your gift turns out to be debarasst.

So, how would you feel about soulbinding with Nari? Cecil's done so already, and it seems to have far more benefits than we had anticipated.
No. 146300 ID: 632862

Ask him what he knows about any recent battles against Dart that the tigerfolk and/or catfolk participated in.
No. 146436 ID: cf68aa
File 126845300497.png - (15.16KB , 527x469 , 391.png )


>"Have you heard about any battle against Dart taking place lately?"

"Hehe. I'll let you figure that out on you own stranger. Have a nice day."


She starts heading back to the tent gives a small smile

>It would be a nice surprise for him mya. And she's gonna look so shy giving me a kiss!

>I can'
>Mya...? How does this thing even work?
No. 146439 ID: 1ac39d

No. 146447 ID: 2eac65

Hello. You must be the catfolk leader. We've heard about your recent conflicts, and we'd like to learn more about them so we can come to a peaceful solution.
No. 146449 ID: 632862

What's your name? We aren't very well informed, I'm afraid.
No. 146452 ID: 701a19

Do not presume her position; there are many others who we may be speaking to.

Our apologies. We are a fragmented being, and the many fragments can be strange, confusing, or repetitive at times. For simplicity, please call us Geist.
To whom are we speaking?
No. 146470 ID: 11df9c

Let's not be so pretentious as to have a name.
"Voices" is fine.
No. 146471 ID: cf68aa
File 126845685276.png - (13.52KB , 527x469 , 392.png )


>Hmm... Interesing device. So I can assume you have direct connections with the leader of this group? Please inform him that if he or she acts with any hostility I will to more then glad to cut him down and eat him.

>You ask my name? Since you were so kind to introduce yourself first I shall tell you mine. I am Shera, leader of this city.

>Now, before I answer anythig more tell me of your group. Who are you and what is it do you desire? Do not say peace for I highly doubt that is what mercs like you would want.
No. 146472 ID: 11df9c

Well, for now? We want to know what you think of Dart.
Why you didn't help the Tigerfolk in a battle against Dart.
Other than that, I like your hair.
No. 146481 ID: 2eac65

Believe it or not, peace is what we want. Our mission is, in as many words:

>"Bring Peace Between the Catfolk and the Tigerfolk"
>"I am tired of our two cities fighting! If anyone wants to help bring them together be at this bar at 3"

That is the job offer we accepted.
No. 146482 ID: 632862

We seek truth. Then we may decide who needs killing. We may be mercenaries but we don't like getting paid under false pretenses.

We heard you sent an army to fight Dart. Care to give us some details?
No. 146500 ID: cf68aa
File 126845886273.png - (14.19KB , 408x551 , 393.png )


>I never liked my hair...

>A mission of peace... Only fools believe in that. There's either was or a temporary truce. Never peace.

>As for the fight against Dart... That was many years ago now. I sent my family to help our cousins in their struggle. However we were tricked and went the wrong way. After traveling for days on end some of us began to die of a mysterious illness. It caused us to lose our limbs one by one and ate our minds. We soon discovered we were in the Forbidden Zone. A lawless land where the only the most evil survive. We ran out and escaped.

>But even so we lost many people that day and it hurt our cousins faith in us.
No. 146503 ID: 632862

There's no way you can prove it, is there?

...not even showing them your missing limbs?
No. 146504 ID: 701a19

Hello, Shera. It would be more correct to say we are the leader of this group.
There's no need for threats, however, if for no other reason than because you restated the basic premise of law and order.

Our group is composed of:
A human wizard who is seeking vengeance upon Dart for murdering his family and placing him under the Shoujen curse.
His life-long half-catkin friend who is trying to help free him from the curse and kill Dart.
And a young dark elf girl who he saved from an abusive father who was about to use soul petrification to turn her into a living doll for his carnal desires.

There is also a street rat, but she isn't part of our group. She was interested in easy money and got caught up in all of this.
The nearly dead girl we brought in was possessed by some Dark Mage, and we rushed her here to get her medical attention.

Although the title of 'mercenary' may technically apply due to our responding to a job board ad, it carries a very wrong implication.
While our goal was a paycheck, the job listing read "Bring peace between our peoples!". Your spies in Resad should be well aware of the listing, and what it said. Naturally, that left us under the mistaken impression that they were asking for somebody to mediate a dispute.

A small conflict showed off our wizard's power, and upon reaching the tiger's lair we discovered that the job was actually to be sacrificed to power a Dark Mana spell of some sort.
However, the show of force convinced her to offer us as job as assassins instead - at the point of a sword. Fighting our way out of a very hostile group of murderers didn't seem like a wise idea, so we played along until she decided to give us half the backstabbing she planned as a down payment. Then we skipped town, spent the night in hiding, fought the possessed girl, and came into town.

While we would still like to get a paycheck out of this, we have moral objections to needless violence.

The reason we came to you is exactly what we said. The tiger accused you of agreeing to aid her people, then leaving her to be slaughtered by Dart. Since she was clearly not thinking rationally, we thought it best to ask you for your side of the events.

We figured somebody would pay us for resolving this mess.
No. 146508 ID: 2eac65

You don't believe in peace? Even in principle? That's very depressing.

Right now, a few of the tigerfolk are feeling angry because they believe you abandoned them to Dart. Perhaps this particular conflict can be averted if you explain yourself.

Don't give away information so readily. She's been quite hostile to us.
No. 146509 ID: 701a19

Hold on, let us show you something.
[Plays back the following memory]
"A while ago the leader promised to send troops to aid my family to fight against a powerful dark wizard. But when we were supposed to meet the front lines we discovered we were alone. The dark wizard killed everyone.. My troops were like my family and they all died. I survived only because I played dead. When I returned I found that she had never sent her people out. No one even knew about our fight! I wanted her to die from the same magic that killed my family."

>"Was the wizards' name Dart?"

"!? How did you know?"

[End playback]

We can show people things we see, but we've never tried to memorize an old memory.
If you know of a way to show us your memories of the trip then we can in turn show those to her.

I believe that would be enough to convince her, and once that is done her murderous group should dissolve back into normal people.
No. 146512 ID: 701a19

She's laboring under the impression that we're here to kill her; she has every right to be hostile, and we need to prove our intentions otherwise.
No. 146515 ID: a85626

Oh, and the tigerfolk leader has promised our noble human wizard Cecil to cure his Shoujen curse should he bring to her your head. She's pretty pissed off. Cecil probably won't do it, but if we could guarantee that, we would be able to undo Shoujen ourselves. Watch out for him (I mean her). Cecil is powerful even for an elementalist.

You don't have to worry about us being swayed overly by such talk, since obviously we have no body to Shoujen in the first place. We're quite satisfied with the current situation actually, except for one problem. Dart seems to still have an interest in our dear Cecil and is under the impression that Shoujen will have turned Cecil into his obedient slave by now. (We stopped that aspect of the curse at least.)

We probably shouldn't even be here in fact, except that you needed to be warned, and Cecil can't leave the city without the tigerfolk leader engaging in her original plan which was to kill you dead with some sort of dark mana curse.

We're also trying to get Cecil buffed enough to kill Dart like he/she wants to, since frankly the guy's only been an ass so far as we've seen. That might not be possible though. Cecil was wise to be on the verge of killing himself when we happened upon him. Alternatively convincing Cecil to leave Dart the fuck alone (and correspondingly Dart, Cecil) would be an acceptable plan.

Oh also there's a guy here selling dark mana spells down in one of the store tents. You might recognize his shit eating grin, and the sign on his tent that says "don't fuck with me". Not much you can do about that; mostly he seems focused on the sale of birth control for the upcoming festival.

No. 146520 ID: cf68aa
File 126846038837.png - (18.85KB , 432x561 , 394.png )


>And leave my city? Sorry I cannot do that.


>Interseting group... They say Dark Elves taste quite good.
>I find it odd that you would all band together. and you keep a half breed. Probably the result of one of our festivals..


>I know how she feels and to be frank I don't care. Her army is gone. She's let her emotions take over and given up the fight. She'd been reduced to mindless revenge. If she wishes to carry it out I will show her I am still a capable fighter.

>The truce between us has disolved and I have to desire to humble myself just to win the allience of a broken army.
No. 146522 ID: 632862

Is that really how you feel? It seems we are in a hopeless situation.

I urge you to reconsider. This isn't just to gain an alliance. She's willing to use Dark Mana to get revenge, and could harm innocents. If we act against her, we're going to be in a lot of trouble. Already one of our group got in a scuffle with one of her guards and almost died.
No. 146523 ID: 701a19

Are you familiar with the Dark Magic spell Meteor?

Let me tell you about it, then.
Once the spell is cast, a very large rock starts falling from the sky towards your target.

After five minutes, the rock hits and everything within a four mile radius is shredded and the fragments are burned into ash, leaving only a giant crater and ash.
The Dark Mana cost to power this spell is one soul, and it can be cast by a single person from a goodly distance away.

Do you understand the concern, now?
You're a general, and you're alive. It's pretty damn obvious you haven't made a history of scoffing at magic, but Master L is in town if you wish to have him confirm what we have just told you.
This is not about winning an alliance, this is about saving your city from utter annihilation.
No. 146527 ID: 2eac65

For someone who spoke of "coming to her cousins' aid", you suddenly seem rather callous. Doesn't it matter that they have lives and loved ones to protect, just like your people? Or is it only their utility that matters to you?

It's not strange that our group has people of many races. We don't let racial boundaries limit our compassion.
No. 146536 ID: cf68aa
File 126846218931.png - (18.82KB , 432x561 , 395.png )



>... These are all very good reasons. I was not aware that she had meteor in her aresenal...

>Perhaps a truce is in order.

>I want you to tell her that I will speak to her personally and that we should settle this dispute on our own. I also want her to know my side of the story.

>After that I would like you to leave matters into our own hands. Your group has done enough.

>You expect a pay check correct? Tell my guard to lead you to the treasury. Pick out something shiny and leave. I doubt my cousins actually have enough gold to pay you for the things you've done.
No. 146541 ID: 701a19

Very well, but I would advise against using it as means to lure her out and kill her, as their group would persist without her and she appears to not be their only dark mage. We shall inform the rest of our group and see to it.

[Switch to Alex]
No. 146544 ID: 288dda

All we're asking... is that you give peace a chance.

None of our group want to see lives lost because of a misunderstanding.

No. 146552 ID: cf68aa
File 126846371635.png - (20.65KB , 680x577 , 396.png )


>I understand. Please go now.

>"Come on Cecil, just one little kiss~"
"N-No. No more kisses"

>She looks so cute when she blushes~ Oh, you're back. I feel alot better now. RJ's inside the tent playing some card game with Nari and the frozen girl's being worked on as we speak.
No. 146554 ID: 632862

"I guess seeing that cute blush will have to do."

Give Cecil the present!
No. 146562 ID: 701a19

Tell Cecil "They're telling me I could get a LOT more than just a kiss from you out of this, and that they've done right by you so far."

Also, we need somebody to deliver a Cell stone to the Tiger leader. We don't want to be around her when she finds out the result, but things should work themselves out ok after that.
No. 146565 ID: 632862

Oh, and I'm glad you're feeling better, Alex. It's always difficult to come to terms with this sort of thing.
No. 146567 ID: 701a19

Actually, would you care to tell us what you decided?
No. 146569 ID: cf68aa
File 12684656393.png - (16.46KB , 414x577 , 397.png )


>"I guess seeing that cute blush will have to do."

She hands him the scrolls

"Will of the Kings? Zeroon? !!! Debaraast!?! Thank you Alexis! This is perfect!"

>"Mya, no problem Cecil."

>She looks so happy now~

>I know. I'm going to make another one to give to her. I don't like handing out so many though..

>Come to terms with what mya?
No. 146570 ID: 632862

Um... did you decide on whether or not you like girls?
No. 146574 ID: 701a19

About your sexuality - what did you decide?

Also, right now you could kiss him, and I doubt he would resist.

As far as the cell stones go, couldn't you make them so that they can be destroyed remotely? Or after a certain number of uses? Or after a period of time?
We could also request that the stones be returned.
While I can think of a few reasons you wouldn't want so many out there, you're the creator so it would be nice to know why you hold that opinion.
No. 146578 ID: 11df9c

"So, how about a kiss now?"
No. 146580 ID: cf68aa
File 126846683758.png - (26.92KB , 691x656 , 398.png )


>Oh she so owes me mya. I'll save it for later.


>oh... That...
>I think I'm

Nari stumbles over and leans against Cecil

"Cecil... I feel funny...."
"??? What's wrong?"

>"She looks like she has a fever or something mya."

>I hope this isn't cause of the medicine they gave her. She might be allergic.
No. 146581 ID: 632862

...Better go check at the hospital to make sure.

Would a Heal spell help?
No. 146584 ID: 1ac39d

wait... feeling funny. blush on face. sex-fest. she has a case of taking an aphrodisiac.
No. 146585 ID: 701a19

It might be due to being in the city.
OR it might be that somebody hit her with an aphrodisiac.

We can find out faster than you. Hold on.

[Switch to Nari]
No. 146586 ID: 701a19

That's unlikely. If it was, then Cecil would be feeling it through their link.
No. 146588 ID: 79fd87

No. 146591 ID: 11df9c

Offer to have a look and see what's wrong.
No. 146595 ID: cf68aa
File 126846774921.png - (25.28KB , 691x656 , 399.png )



>I've never felt this.... Gods...

>"Cecil... Can you feel it...?"

"No Nari I can't.. what's wrong?"

>"My head is all spinny and I don't know..."

>I can't even... What is this...?
>Cecil can't feel it... This is not a real....
>My head....
No. 146598 ID: 632862

Does your eye feel any different?
No. 146602 ID: 701a19

Did anybody give you something to eat or drink?
Or have you smell something?
When did this start?

Don't worry. We have an idea what's wrong, and you'll be fine. Feeling strange for awhile, but fine.

Now that you know it's not something to worry about, is it a good feeling or a bad feeling? What does it make you want to do?
No. 146604 ID: cf68aa
File 126846866395.png - (20.00KB , 663x656 , 400.png )




>A man gave me juice before.

>It feels werid... I don't know..
>I wanna do something. I don't know what it is though..
>I feel sick... Like i'm gonna explode or something..
>My head's fuzzy...
>Everything's warm..
No. 146607 ID: 632862

Oh hell.

Please don't drink anything anyone in this city gives you, Nari. They like to put mind-altering chemicals in their drinks. It's hard to say exactly what kind you got given, but if I had to guess it's an aphrodisiac.

I suggest going to lie down for a while. Have Cecil or Alex stand guard so nobody does anything to you while you're in this state.
No. 146609 ID: 701a19

Ok, what you're experiencing is an overcharged libido, and what it makes you want to do is get naked with somebody and do... intimate things with them.
We're going to have Cecil take you someplace quiet and stay with you until you're back to normal.

[Switch to Alex]
Some jerk slipped her an aphrodisiac in some juice. Cecil's fine because it's not a real emotion so it doesn't travel through the link.

Tell Cecil what's going on with her, and have him take her just outside of town and set-up the tent for her. Tell him you'll be along shortly, and he should let RJ know where they'll meet.

While he's off doing that, go back to the castle and tell the guard that Shera said you could go to the treasury and pick-out 'something shiny' as payment.
While your initial reaction would be to take the most expensive thing there, I think it would be best to go with either something useful or a single platinum coin. For good reason.
No. 146611 ID: 11df9c

You'll start to understand what you're feeling if you kiss someone.
Maybe Alex? She's been wanting a kiss for a bit, and she hasn't gotten any today.
No. 146615 ID: 934ef5

Well let's not worry about that right now. Alex is a better idea to keep watch over her though, since Cecils soul link might... complicate matters.
No. 146616 ID: cf68aa
File 126847061956.png - (11.97KB , 365x641 , 401.png )


>Kiss...? Yes that's it. I want to kiss someone 'right now'.
>I need to..

>Mya? Someone slipped her some happy drugs huh? They'll be out've her system in a day but she's gonna go through hell.

>I'm not sure I should drop by the treasury now. I think the festival's starting up soon.


>Did it get warmer mya?
No. 146621 ID: 701a19

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