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File 12761160194.png - (40.37KB , 640x400 , b1.png )
191011 No. 191011 ID: 63f46a

>"So, Sinclair. We want to know how far have you developed this new weapon of yours."
>"Cut th... I mean, it has gone fine, Gavryliouk. I might get it ready for testing tomorrow."
>"It should have been tested days ago. What went wrong, Sinclair?"
>"I think it is because you 'removed' large amount of other engineers. I have been doing this with small group."
>"Ah. Very well then."
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No. 191012 ID: 63f46a
File 127611615236.png - (59.06KB , 640x400 , b2.png )

>"Shall I remind you that you will be 'removed' too if you disagree with our plans?"
>"Thanks for reminding me, Gavryliou"
>"We are happy that you--- and Docto--- Mor--- serve th--- mot--- so well---"
No. 191013 ID: 63f46a
File 127611617614.png - (27.32KB , 640x400 , 52.png )

No. 191014 ID: 63f46a
File 127611618993.png - (47.16KB , 640x400 , 53.png )

No. 191015 ID: 63f46a
File 127611620738.png - (38.59KB , 640x400 , 54.png )

Oh god there is dust everywhere!
No. 191017 ID: c71597

Well then get the bots started on dusting everything off. And go check out if the others made the transition in one piece.
No. 191018 ID: 1ac39d

you seem to be on the side of a mountain. good defense position.
No. 191037 ID: 1ac39d

also, we got a glimpse of your memories, can see why you don't want to go home.
No. 191039 ID: 63f46a
File 127612036978.png - (26.87KB , 640x400 , 55.png )

Okay, dust is problem no more.
So this is world 0004? Looks pretty. Too bad I am going to destroy it!
And yeah, it seems that I have positioned my tower on the side of a mountain. It's cool I guess.

So, what now?
No. 191040 ID: 1ac39d

scout the fuck out of it. last time we failed due to lack of information. we need to see how this world works, and what the most powerful heroes around are and make things specifically to counter them.
No. 191041 ID: 6a5a08

First thing's first: defenses. Build builder bots first, to build other things.

Then have them mass produce other bots, while you work on high-power sniper turrets for the top of the tower. Then, once you have enough to cover all sides of attack, start repairing the shields.
No. 191044 ID: c71597

Send out your bots to scout out the area. And go check up on the other denizens of the tower. And keep away from Sisters claws, she's probably gonna be pissed as hell.
No. 191284 ID: 67c611

You need to make some quadruped sniper bots. 4 legs with hip, knee, and ankle joints connected to a disk shaped platform and mount a sniper cannon on that. Don't worry about armor on those. Put suction cups on the feet for added grip and to enable them to scale the side of your tower and act as turrets. Give them a gun with 20 shots that can hit a human sized target at 2km. Have a 2m barrel length to make them look fuck awesome.

If you say you've got tons of energy from that void generator you could build a device that turns massive amounts of pure energy into physical matter. You could generate platinum, gold, iron, titanium, anything you wanted. And an omni-assembler that can produce parts of any shape and material. Energy/time/material tradoffs are up to you to decide.

Raiding is a an easy way to get material but it pisses people off right quick. If you can do your own gathering of common material while the matterizer takes care of the rarer stuff it would be good.
No. 191285 ID: 731dcd

Psh, screw turrets and that jazz. Anyone ever heard of subtlety? Nothing like building a giant fortress on the side of a mountain to ensure nobody screws with us. How about this, we make some kind of drilling machine and move our hideout deep underground where we can create in peace.

And then maybe some turrets~
No. 191301 ID: 969e74

Surely we could whip up and disperse some flying robots to scout around.
No. 191316 ID: 63f46a
File 127615294182.png - (25.45KB , 640x400 , 56.png )

Okay, I sent some bots to scout around the area.
>If you say you've got tons of energy from that void generator you could build a device that turns massive amounts of pure energy into physical matter. You could generate platinum, gold, iron, titanium, anything you wanted. And an omni-assembler that can produce parts of any shape and material. Energy/time/material tradoffs are up to you to decide.

The problem is, that void-generator has it's limits. I have set it to 860 MW. I won't go over that, because then the chance for something very, very bad happening increases.

Creating matter is not very easy. I can do, and I have done it, but void-reactor is not safe or even powerful enough to perform such operations.
For example, to create 1 kg of matter, I would need 9·10^16 J ( basically 90 000 000 000 000 000 joules)!
No. 191320 ID: 63f46a
File 127615318269.png - (26.32KB , 640x400 , 57.png )

Also, here's todo-list.
Now, what shall we do today?
No. 191321 ID: 1ac39d

food first. being hungry would make it hard to think.
No. 191369 ID: a7a85a

>Now, what shall we do today?

To start with, laugh maniacally. Your world 0003 enemies can't so much as touch you. You need to gloat. Also, it's fun.
No. 191371 ID: 1ac39d

also realized that evil nation may yet still win that war, even if you didn't totally destroy them. with a large city decimated they will have to divert resources from the war effort and may cause a 'for want of a nail' situation where the evil wins because good was a few blocks of stone short or something.
No. 191395 ID: 63f46a
File 127616416029.png - (46.21KB , 640x400 , 58.png )

You are right! I have to check them someday.
Ah, food.

What now? I can do only one of those things in the list today.
No. 191407 ID: c71597

Defenses first. Fix your shield. And maybe send an expendable bot to check out the rest of the tower to see if everyone else is still alive or if you're gonna have to find new people to rent out to.
No. 191420 ID: a594b9

No. 191423 ID: 6a5a08

Nice Joker face there, Tory.

Also, agreed with a bot checking out the other guys. Sister last, don't want the bot destroyed too soon.
No. 191441 ID: 67c611

Don't bother on checking on sister. She'll make her presence known eventually. We don't have to seek her out.
No. 191493 ID: 6a5a08

Sniper Turrets on roof!
No. 191495 ID: 63f46a
File 127619850257.png - (42.08KB , 1024x768 , 59.png )

They are all fine. I saw Sister roaming around, organist playing and Doc at the showers.

Then let's get busy! Let's make a defence-system! Meanwhile, I will be working with the shield-system.
Also, while at it, let's propose some possible evil schemes!
No. 191498 ID: 63f46a

Some music for you!
No. 191502 ID: 6a5a08
File 127619921796.jpg - (42.30KB , 200x150 , snipturrets.jpg )

I repeat: Sniper Turrets!
No. 191507 ID: b14128

Try sticking machine guns or other short range crowd-control weapon on that ledge facing down the mountain. Put anti-air on the top of outward bend to the 'Left', maybe some more short/medium range stuff on the underside, and tuck a shield generator in that cranny on the 'Right' side. On the top, yes, sniper turrets, howitzers, artillary, and other powerful medium/long range stuff that takes up a lot of space. Make sure to stick something up on top there that faces up the mountain, just in case something comes from that direction. Maybe place some mines on the approaches, too.
No. 191511 ID: b14128
File 127620127249.jpg - (105.14KB , 1056x800 , Tower Defenses 001.jpg )

Here's a pic of what I'm thinking. (And yes, I misspelled 'Missiles', I know.)
No. 191513 ID: a1ac99

Someone's already mentioned a replicator, which you turned down due to not enough energy, so why not use the excess energy for something else.

Can you make a disruptive energy field for a wall-based security system? Like, you touch the wall, the part of you directly in contact with the wall disintegrates.
No. 191514 ID: b14128

Sort of like a stupidly powerful electric fence? Ooo, that sounds like a nasty idea, aye.
No. 191523 ID: cecf83

Also a couple of smart spider-mines could be handy. Enemies walk up and the mines sense the seismic vibration, pop out and leap at the intruders only to explode violently if damaged in any way.

We'll have to adapt our plots depending on our surroundings, but we could start selling some sort of innocent-seeming product that plays music or shows videos, but it actually brainwashes people and destroys their society. Then we sweep in with the huge mechs we built from the profits and rule the leftovers.

Some kind of underground mole fortress would be awesome. If we can strike from underground then our enemies can't strike back. Creating earthquakes or impromptu volcanoes from underground is also a lovely possibility.
No. 191525 ID: 67c611

Sniper turret bots!

They chill on the side of the building when not in use.
No. 191540 ID: c71597

Seems good. For the superweapon I propose a neutron bomb with a radius of 5 km. Just find a way to shield the tower and any invasion force will die very horribly, radiation poisoning is nasty way to die.
No. 191541 ID: 1ac39d

wait, find a magic school and rob it. maybe kidnap a few apprentice wizard.
No. 191583 ID: 6a5a08

Then train the apprentices in EVIL!
No. 191806 ID: 63f46a
File 127624748840.png - (53.42KB , 640x400 , 60.png )

Okay, it took really long.
I am going to go with this plan.
I already installed sniper-turrets, but I haven't had time to do anything else really. The range of these beasts are 10 kilometres! But the speed of these is dependant how far the target is.
Also, scouting-bots returned. They gave me pictures and mapped the area. The town near is not very advanced, but it is more advanced than the city I attacked. They don't seem to use awfully lot of magic, but Sister told that magic exists in this world.
Also, why in the hell it smells so bad in here?
No. 191813 ID: bcf25c


Monster in the mountain. Right behind you.
No. 191831 ID: 6a5a08

Sister is visiting.
No. 191896 ID: 63f46a
File 127627909014.png - (52.42KB , 640x400 , 61.png )

>"Hellooo mortal. I wisshhh to asssshk you why did you build a tower on my mountain in shhhuch a shhhort time?"
No. 191898 ID: 2cbe3e


Wait, you mean HOW did I do it? Because if you mean why, it's because I needed a place to do shit.
No. 191899 ID: 1ac39d

"a super high powered combination of magic and science, and before you think of eating me i would like to state that we are in the same business and working together can net you a very large sum of gold."
No. 191900 ID: 0003ac

"Actually, It was transported here. Unfortunately I was unaware that this was the territory of another being of power. Perhaps we can resolve this to our mutual benefit?"
No. 191912 ID: c4c313

"You just wait 100 years and we'll see who's calling who a mortal!"
No. 191924 ID: a594b9

"I am here to do evil."
No. 191927 ID: d6cb21

The hell is a black dragon doing in the mountains? Dont they live in swamps? Weird....

Anyways, say this:>>191900
No. 191937 ID: 63f46a
File 127628470114.png - (29.40KB , 640x400 , 62.png )

"Actually, It was transported here. Unfortunately I was unaware that this was the territory of another being of power"
>"Ahhh, but what isssh your purpossshe here?"
"I am here to do evil!"
>"You can go do it elsshewhere."
"Perhaps we can resolve this to our mutual benefit?"
>"No. I command you to transhhport your tower out of this mountain within four daysshhh, mortal."
"You just wait 100 years and we'll see who's calling who a mortal!"
>"Ssshush, mortal. When four daysshh have passshed, I will burn you and your pitiful tower."

The dragon leaves.
Fucking handbag.
No. 191938 ID: 731dcd

I was going to suggest we do something about that. But imagine how pissed off the other residents would get. Imagine what sister would do. Of course, that would fall on our asses too, but I'm pretty sure the problem would solve itself, letting us take care of other business.
No. 191942 ID: 1ac39d

meh, just get a big enough gun to kill it. dragon's seem like tough shit but heroes kill them all the time. once you get the shield working the only thing you need to fear is a neutronium golem.... or the thing things they were built to fight.
No. 191943 ID: 40cb26

How are you going to take over the world, if you can't handle one overgrown lizard? Take that foul breathed egg layer out!
No. 191963 ID: 63f46a
File 127628846619.png - (25.26KB , 640x400 , 63.png )

Anyway, I will deal with the handbag later. I will leave installing defences later.
I am thinking about visiting the town nearby. This is my machine that makes clothes. Yeah. Their clothes are pretty similar to clothes of 18th century. I don't want to look like a futuristic asshole to them.
No. 191964 ID: 63f46a
File 127628848647.png - (22.20KB , 640x400 , dress_up.png )

So, design me proper clothes!
No. 192047 ID: 893594

I would, but I can't draw to save my life.

How about a high collar black coat with golden embroidered fractal patterns buttoned at the waist worn over a white shirt? Such opulence could drive robbers to target us so let's include a hidden air supply in the collar and some gas emitters in the sleeves to emit an invisible, odourless knockout gas.
No. 192070 ID: 732129


You should get one of those old rubberized diving suits, with the brass helmet.
No. 192504 ID: c71597
File 127632604441.jpg - (7.83KB , 286x614 , mode.jpg )

18th centuary and evil. Hmm, something like this in various black tones should do the trick. Add in some hidden weaponry as well and things should be set up for awesomness.

Oh, and you should get your crew together for a council of war in a sound proofed room. Doc and Sister might have some insights in how to enslave the dragon, either when it's still alive or after it's been killed.
No. 192505 ID: 732129
File 127632614943.png - (43.49KB , 640x400 , science.png )

Ain't no damn good with an art tablet but what the hell huh?
No. 192539 ID: 732129
File 127633883474.png - (29.87KB , 640x400 , tradition.png )

It's sorta traditional at this point...
No. 192550 ID: 63f46a
File 127634995422.png - (52.37KB , 640x400 , 64.png )

Well. This is comfortable dress. But I still think that it is pretty ridiculous.
I am currently in the town. The journey here without interruptions.
Where should I head to?
No. 192551 ID: 732129


You should find an assistant/loveslave/henchwoman. You also need to learn more about the dragon.

You can solve both issues by going to the library! We can learn more about the dragon there, and abduct a librarian! It's a win-win.
No. 192552 ID: c71597

To the library! Hopefully it will be attached to a university where you can find some students to become your interns.
No. 192569 ID: 63f46a
File 127635526212.png - (34.57KB , 640x400 , 65.png )

Ah, this is the library.
I had no idea it was this big!
Behind the desk there is a woman reading a small book.
So, what now? Should I ask her about the dragon?
No. 192571 ID: c71597

Ask her for books on dragons, the occult and science. Hopefully they will have gotten around to the scientific process and done proper research into magic and the occult. As well as proper research on dragons. And by checking out their books on science you can see where they're at and how far ahead of their possibly steam punky society you are. Just watch out if you see any mention of Sparks.
No. 192575 ID: e973f4

Agreeing with pretty much all of this.
No. 192576 ID: ef62e4

See if you can get a sort of summary of this world's history as well. Then skim read it so you get a feel for what the big players have been and what's brought them down.
No. 192582 ID: 620bfb
File 127635991143.png - (22.61KB , 640x400 , hadtobedone.png )

Aww man, I'm late for dressup gaems.
No. 192596 ID: e973f4

(what is this quest called, I'm trying to wiki it)
No. 192597 ID: 1ac39d

[tory's tower]
No. 192668 ID: 63f46a
File 127637479136.png - (28.57KB , 350x350 , 66.png )

Uh uh. I have read so much.
My neck hurts. May be because of my terrible position. Anyway, to sum up what I have learned:

• That dragon in the mountains is named Ceisyoli. It seems that she is has been here for around 140 years. She has huge hoard, or so the rumors say.
• The magics are very hard to perform. People don't like magic.
• There are 5 major races in this world ( I have seen 4 of those today! )
• History is quite peaceful compared to one of my world. There has been conflicts, but not that big.
• Major historical figures have been mages, dictators, leaders and heroes.
• They have created some primitive steam-engines, but have not applied them very far.

The girl at the counter seems suspicious. She left ten minutes ago to get lunch.
No. 192671 ID: 1ac39d

okay then, so a low magic world with the most powerful thing around being that dragon. sounds like this place would actually be easier.
No. 192674 ID: 6a5a08

Careful, lunch, suspicious, leaving while you appear to be unaware.

This spells mountain cannibals. Get out of there now.
No. 192676 ID: a594b9

I think it's time to leave.
No. 192688 ID: 63f46a
File 127637680734.png - (49.72KB , 640x400 , 67.png )

Yeah. It is time to leave this shithole. I'll just take my stuff a
>"Hey buddy, we would like to talk with you. Librarian came and said that suspicious person dressed in dark came to read books about history and occultism. And how convinient, friend of mine sensed evil from this library. You have something to explain, lad."

Oh fuck.
No. 192689 ID: c71597

Probably time to leave and get plotting with your compatriots on how to enslave that dragon. If you get a pet dragon on your side as well as superior tech this world should be ripe for conquest.
No. 192692 ID: a594b9

Do you have any weird looking items? Maybe you could explain that you were researching a strange artifact you found, and that if he detected evil then it must be from the item.

Then you just sortof hand it off to him and rush off.
No. 192693 ID: c71597

Tell him you took those clothes from a dead guy at the roadside, he seemed like an evil mastermind or something.

While he's distracted hit him with one of your many hidden super scientist weapons and then run. If you don't have any hidden weapons kick yourself for your mistake later. But before that run the fuck away.
No. 192697 ID: 1ac39d

yes, pull out a weird looking doohickey and claim you found a thing and were looking it up and that it must be evil.
No. 192700 ID: 40cb26

YOU FIGHT EVIL! The stink doesn't wash out easily. Tell him you suspect the local dragon is also engaged in the dark arts, and if you don't defeat it in the next four days something terrible will happen!
No. 192701 ID: c4c313



No. 192702 ID: 6a5a08

No. 192712 ID: 63f46a
File 127637816219.png - (68.53KB , 640x400 , 68.png )

"Uh, I uh. FIGHT EVIL! The stink of evil does not wash out easily! I suspect that the dragon on the mountain is planning something sinis"
>"He is lying! I can feel that he is evil! I can smell death on him!"

Well. What to do? They seem to be armed. Not very heavily. Some melee-weapons such as axes and swords and two of them have muskets.
No. 192714 ID: c71597

Those muskets should be rather short range. Start ranting and monologging while you prepare a flashbang, stun grenade or smoke grenade or something. In the middle of a sentance throw it at them and make your escape.

Then get back to your base and start plotting. Starting with a way to make that dragon your bitch.
No. 192715 ID: b14128

Um, run like hell? And dart through the alleyways to try and lose them? I dunno.

That, or try for a crazier story: Mention that you came here from a world where magic is commonplace. You needed to retreat from it after a failed attack on the enemy, as they had begun searching for you, and you wouldn't have been able to fight them off. Basically, establish yourself as coming from a world where the battle between good and shiny technology and dark and evil magic isn't going so great for the former, and evil and death is pretty much everywhere.
No. 192716 ID: 40cb26

Of course you can smell death on me! I just got breathed on by that bloody dragon! That stench is evil, I tell you!

Describe the dragon so they know that much is legit.

By the way, have you killed people lately? Just wondering...
No. 192717 ID: c71597

Well there was that city we bombed and then sent a horde of zombies against.
No. 192718 ID: b14128

Do this, with the ranting being my 'Story'. Only throw the grenade if it looks like they don't believe you and are about to attack. That's the thing about lying: Good con-men, when caught, keep pressing their story. ...'course, they probably won't believe you, so, yeah, I agree, quietly prepare some sort of grenade.
No. 192719 ID: 1ac39d

making stories wont work they seem to think that one person is always truthful.
just use any ranged weapon you have or radio for back up.

or.... turn yourself in, they would never expect it. most evil here probably tries to run away.
No. 192721 ID: c4c313

That damned Detect Evil, so goddamn cheap...
No. 192722 ID: 63f46a
File 127637904327.png - (25.29KB , 640x400 , 69.png )

"I got breathed on by that dra"
>"Again you are lying! I know the smell of Ceisyoli!"

Well. It seems that I have to use my suitcase. It is a shame, since I wanted to plant it somewhere else and detonate it later.
Or should I just flee and save it for later? I have a pistol too, but I am not sure if it is wise to fight them here.
No. 192723 ID: b14128

Make a note to try to find a way to defeat that kind of thing.
No. 192725 ID: 1ac39d

interject that he is lying then throw the suitcase at him and run. it seems he leads these people and getting rid of a leader would be good. plus they wouldn't be able to track you in the chaos.
No. 192726 ID: c71597

Use the suitcase. Fuckers will find out the hard way that only total suckers and beginners in the art of fighting evil actually does these kinds of confrontations. The pros just kill you.
No. 192727 ID: 1ac39d

after setting it to explode of course.
No. 192729 ID: b14128

"Will you please stop being so unreasonable?! You said I've got some explaining to do, so please stop interupting me and let me explain! Or are you just going to keep calling me a liar to my face without even letting me speak?!"
No. 192731 ID: b14128

Give lying -one last try-, then throw the explody-suitcase if it doesn't work. Jeese, these 'good' guys are asshats.
No. 192732 ID: 40cb26

...YOU! You are the first of Ceisyolis possessed! Just as a prospective dracolich would do! Turn the locals who would sense her actions against those who would stop her!
No. 192734 ID: b14128

Ooo, this is good. This is very good. Ask the others with her if they even have any other ways of telling who the bad guys are, or if they just depend completely on this person? Keep up the bullshit!
No. 192735 ID: bcf25c


"Clearly, you don't, since I barely managed to survive my first encounter with her up the mountain. Why, it happened just this morning."

All technically true. Suck THAT, lie detector.
No. 192736 ID: b14128

I don't really think whoever this is -is- a lie detector, in all honesty. Even when we say true things like that the dragon breathed on us, she calls us a liar.
No. 192737 ID: 732129

Just kill the fuckers and get moving. You need to find out more about this "sense evil" ability they have. You'll probably encounter it later, both here and on other worlds.
No. 192738 ID: b14128

Anyway, all the more reason to keep pressing and not give up. If they haven't tried attacking us by now, we have a shot at winning through words, so let's keep arguing.
No. 192740 ID: 1ac39d

actually it's probably a lie that they sense your evil. the person probably told them someone suspicious is at the library and they were like 'well what do you know i sense evil at the library'
No. 192742 ID: a594b9

Kill them with explosion.
No. 192746 ID: 63f46a
File 12763815092.png - (6.92KB , 640x400 , 70.png )

"Well, fuck you! You are not allowing me to even finish! Catch this!"
No. 192747 ID: 63f46a
File 127638153194.png - (13.79KB , 640x400 , 71.png )

No. 192748 ID: 63f46a
File 127638155193.png - (47.60KB , 640x400 , 72.png )

No. 192750 ID: 63f46a
File 127638169526.png - (25.95KB , 640x400 , 73.png )

I... Did not remember it to be... That powerful...
It was... Ah, damn New Soviet Union... Making my weapons more powerful...

Well... It seems that one of... them is dead. But four... remain...

I... am fucked...
No. 192753 ID: a594b9

Run to the tower while shooting behind you with the pistol!
No. 192754 ID: 63f46a
File 127638177077.png - (48.34KB , 640x400 , 74.png )

>"Your presence--- is required in the tower.
There are--- problems with technology."
No. 192755 ID: 63f46a
File 127638180848.png - (33.87KB , 640x400 , 75.png )

>"I will handle--- This situation. You should make your way to the tower."
No. 192756 ID: 63f46a
File 127638182588.png - (43.75KB , 640x400 , 76.png )

No. 192758 ID: 1ac39d

saved by the doc. hoof it. maybe radio a robot to come pick you up.
No. 192763 ID: 40cb26

Those are awesome goggles, why don't you have goggles like that. You must acquire some. They will have X-Ray vision and shoot lasers.
No. 193036 ID: 63f46a
File 127642478948.png - (26.93KB , 640x400 , 77.png )

Well, that was strange. I got valuable information, but otherwise it went really bad.

There was very big problems with energy-grid. Basically, everything shut down. Including the defence-systems. I have fixed the problem now.

Doc has not returned yet. So, we should begin to formulate our evil plan!
No. 193037 ID: 732129


Has Doc been gone longer than it would reasonably take to deal with the locals? If so, time to start thinking "rescue."
No. 193042 ID: 40cb26

Or perhaps "recover", along with "repair" or "recycle".
No. 193046 ID: 75a29c

Did you get a good feel for what kind of forces we would be up against? By the sounds of things we'll be battling armies with cannons and primitive guns as well as some kind of witch hunters. Is the magic going to be a problem?

I would suggest some sort of flying fortress vehicle, but DRAGONS would be very dangerous. It might be possible to counter them with radar and heat guided missiles, but this should be our plan B at best.

Do you want to try something more long-term underhanded like selling some kind of necklace or collar trinket that neutralises all bad smells. As soon as we get enough people wearing them we trigger them via radio and they become explosive collars that can't be removed. Then holding the nation's populace as hostage we can become a dictator scouring the world with our microwave gun equipped armies.
No. 193057 ID: 63f46a
File 127643224973.png - (31.84KB , 640x400 , 78.png )

I don't think Doc needs to be rescued. He is probably gathering up corpses and hauling them here.

So, collars and such? Any other ide
No. 193061 ID: 63f46a
File 12764324077.png - (35.23KB , 640x400 , 79.png )

>"Greetingssh again! I shee that you paid the town a vishhhit! Shhooo pretty fire you sthaarted. They are now thinking that I migth have sthaarted it. Thank you for that."

Oh, it's the handbag again.
No. 193065 ID: 732129


Ask if he's got any suggestions on where to put the tower. There's no harm in playing along with his bullshit right now. He obviously got close to the tower while the power was fucked up.
No. 193067 ID: 6a5a08

Hm... is Handbag being sarcastic, or sincere in that thanks? It's evil, so I can't really tell.
No. 193084 ID: a594b9

"If they decide to come fuck with you, I'll attack them. We are on the same mountain, so we could watch eachothers' backs, yes?"
No. 193095 ID: 40cb26

All I did was read some books, and I got a murderous mob after me. Why you haven't already reduced all those yokels to cinders is beyond me.
No. 193098 ID: 1ac39d

yes, this one.
No. 193100 ID: 63f46a
File 127645081982.png - (35.49KB , 640x400 , 80.png )

"Are you being sarcastic, Ceisyoli?"
>"No, I am not! Your trick in the town made them fear me even more! Their heroeshh dead, they don't know what to do! It washh your friend who killed them, but I can gladly take the honor killing thosshe."
"So, my friend is still alive?"
>"Yeeesshhh, he sshhould be here any minute now..."
"If they decide to come fuck with you, I'll attack them. We are on the same mountain, so we could watch eachothers' backs, yes?"
>"Yeeshh. I will gladly grant you the honor of defending my hoard. But do not think that I will be protecting your pathetic tower."
"So, will you grant us more time?"
>"No, I shhtill want you to leave thisssh mountain. You have two daysssh remaining."
No. 193103 ID: 40cb26

So can you move this tower somewhere else here? Or does it only jump dimensions?
No. 193104 ID: 1ac39d

build an anti-grav thing and just make the tower float.
No. 193108 ID: 40cb26

...This gives me an idea.

"How about instead of kicking me off, I make this mountain FLY?"

Only ask this if you think you can pull it off.
No. 193119 ID: 75a29c

Well I've had it with this dragon. We try to be nice and she still wants to boot us off this little hill. We'd better make sure we have the capacity to kill dragons anyway or I don't think our plans in this world will go very far.

Ceisyoli does seem to have some super senses since she can tell what we were doing in town and even what the reaction from the townspeople is. If we go against Ceisyoli we'll have to be very silent about it and make sure the purpose of our equipment isn't too obvious.

Where on the mountain does Ceisyoli live? If it's in a cave then maybe we could plug the cave with some kind of foam bomb that creates vast amounts of extremely toxic, corrosive foam. Make sure the foam turns into equally toxic gas when burned so Ceisyoli will hopefully kill herself trying to get out. If she does get out then have some asbestos-clad robots ready with electric taser spear guns and anti-armor radar guided missiles.

Also rig up some CO2 fire countermeasures at the tower, just in case.
No. 193195 ID: 63f46a
File 127646513238.png - (43.70KB , 640x400 , 81.png )

"Well fu"
>"I must go now. Remember, two daysssh only."

FFFFFFF that fucker! Seriously!
I'll steal her hoard and make sure she will die! Or have her enslaved! I don't know!

No, I don't have sufficient power to levitate whole mountain or tower!
And tower can only jump in dimensions! We use ancient gateways to transport the tower around!
No. 193196 ID: a594b9

Well, if you can figure out how to keep people from detecting your evil you could actually lead them against the dragon.

Or you could just design an anti-dragon weapon. Some kind of incredibly powerful harpoon ought to do it. Plus you could send an electric shock through the cable.
No. 193197 ID: b14128

How long does it take to teleport out? Maybe we could fight the dragon, and then teleport out if the battle goes against us?
No. 193198 ID: 6a5a08
File 127646550870.gif - (564B , 95x60 , Pokeball.gif )

Build a giant mecha to fight the dragon, and capture her in this device. We can figure out what to do with her later.
No. 193200 ID: c2c011

Time to go talk to sister. You're gonna need her help with this. Righ up a bot with a speaker and camera system so you don't risk losing limbs in the conversation.
No. 193328 ID: 732129


Knowledge of what is going on in town doesn't require super-senses or magic. Just spies and a way to pass messages.
No. 193335 ID: 1ac39d

so you are saying spies that commune with the dragon that wont show up on that dudes evil detector?
No. 193338 ID: 732129


We have no proof he can actually detect evil. He may well have been fronting. Remember, Sinclair was acting suspiciously enough to make the librarian worried.
No. 193358 ID: 40cb26

>We use ancient gateways to transport the tower around!
Could you use them to send the dragon off someplace else? Preferably somewhere dangerous, worthless, and uninhabited.
No. 193364 ID: 1ac39d

that's a good idea, send the dragon back to world 3, let's see how those heroes like a dragon, HA!
No. 193564 ID: 75a29c

Also let's ask Doc what he has found out about the local races. He'll be taking them apart after all.

Do they have any specific weaknesses that we can exploit?
No. 193661 ID: 63f46a
File 12765368433.png - (51.81KB , 640x400 , 82.png )

Teleporting dragon does not work that easily. Either it would require to be inside the tower ( which requires some major shenanigans ). The transportation is two-way. I transfer tower from place A to place B, place B sends material to place A. Teleportation takes around 30 seconds, but transporting-device requires rest of 25 hours.

Doc is not back yet. He should be any minute now.

Yeah, and it would be good idea to ask si
No. 193662 ID: 63f46a
File 127653689946.png - (49.28KB , 640x400 , 83.png )

>"Tory, were you talking to a dragon..?"
No. 193663 ID: a594b9

"Um, yes. She gave us two days to leave, and won't listen to reason."
No. 193702 ID: c2c011

Tell her the truth. That it wasn't so much talking as a bitch of a dragon ordering you around.
No. 193707 ID: 63f46a
File 127655182518.png - (46.14KB , 640x400 , 84.png )

"Um, yes. She gave us two days to leave, and won't listen to reason."
>"You. Do not challenge dragons. Neither give them any promises or make any bets. Also, what kind of stupid idea it was to go to the town and set half of it on fire?! I wish I could rip you apart, but you are needed."

Ask her anything? She sure has a tight grip. It hurts.
No. 193713 ID: c2c011

Ask her if she has any ideas on how to either kill and reanimate the dragon or just enslaving it. Any tricks that might be used, like learning her true name or something.
No. 193718 ID: 6a5a08

Uh-oh... we kinda promised to help her if the village attacks her.
No. 193725 ID: 40cb26

"Challenge? Promises? Bets? I made no challenge, only agreed to anything to keep from being eaten on the spot, and I didn't intend to attack anyone. All I did was read some books and a mob of people lead buy a guy who didn't like my smell tried to kill me."

"It looks to me like we have to choose between running away or trying to kill the thing. Both of these are bad ideas. Do you have a better one?"
No. 193735 ID: 75a29c

So is she saying that a flying armoured fire-breathing crocodile is going to be serious trouble? Why can we not just get our act together and kill that beast?

Ask her for some history and strategical information on dragons then. Is this one actually going to chase us across worlds if it thinks we've backed out on a deal or slighted it somehow?

Sister should cool down a bit. If she's not going to provide any help or advice until after the fact then she's free to find another tower.

Regarding promises and challenges we asked the dragon to wait 100 years to see who's calling who a mortal, which is barely a challenge. We also offered to protect the dragon, but only while we're on the same mountain and the dragon wants us off in two days. Of course Ceisyoli could be a right cunt when interpreting things so that could be interpreted as a promise to forever guard the dragon.
No. 193739 ID: c4c313


We offered to help protect the dragon if she would let us stay on the mountain. She refused. Ergo, no promise.


Sister is afraid of dragons. If cannot figure out how to kill sister, don't even think about trying to kill the dragon. The portal will be recharged in 4 days. At worst we can push the button, but not before mailing every hero in the city an exploding cigar with a love poem signed "Ceisyoli"
No. 193903 ID: aeade0

No. 193973 ID: 63f46a
File 127659381930.png - (16.45KB , 640x400 , 85.png )

"Challenge? Promises? Bets? I made no challenge, only agreed to anything to keep from being eaten on the spot, and I didn't intend to attack anyone. All I did was read some books and a mob of people lead buy a guy who didn't like my smell tried to kill me."
>"Is... That all?"
"Eh, no. I accidentally promised to show her that I would become immortal and live for over 100 years and promised to protect her hoard."
Sister grip tightens.
"It looks to me like we have to choose between running away or trying to kill the thing. Both of these are bad ideas. Do you have a better one? Is it possible to enslave a dragon?"
>"Make her lose a bet or get her to promise to serve you."
"Oh. By the way, what is your true name, Sister?"
>"Tory, how stupid do you think I am."
She throws me on the ground.
>"I am going to my chambers. Do not dare to interrupt me."

Sister leaves.
So, that was strange.
No. 193992 ID: e771aa

Well we COULD try to set up a bet with that damn dragon and use our unexpected high-technology to cheat. I can't think of anything that would be a guaranteed win that the dragon would also agree to.
No. 193994 ID: 63f46a
File 127660081869.png - (42.26KB , 640x400 , 86.png )

Good idea!
>"Tory--- Are you alright? Have--- you fixed--- the problem?"
"Yes, I have."

So, Doc returned. Cool. Any ideas what to do next? Or any plans?
No. 193995 ID: c2c011

So, either a bet or you get her into a situation where she has to promise to serve and protect you for the rest of your life. Both of those can be quite tricky. You could make a bet with her that you can produce higher heat than she does. A nice fusion reaction should do the trick for that. But that seems like a too easy way out, I'm sure she would have some trick up her sleeve for such an occasion.

You just might have to challenge her to the Oldest Game.
No. 194028 ID: 6a5a08

The Oldest Game, fo' sure. You have all of us backing you up, there's no way you can lose! Okay, there is, but it's a good shot if we can't think of anything else.

But, first, we already sort of challenged her to the immortality thing. Plan:

Build Time Machine.
Go forward 100 years.
Show dragon you have not aged in 100 years.
If she doesn't believe you, leave and go 100 years more into the future.
Repeat until victory.
No. 194047 ID: 63f46a
File 127661093768.png - (38.85KB , 640x400 , 87.png )

The oldest game? Sure.
Time-travelling is not option, I have no sufficiently advanced technology, and hell I am freezing myself so I only could see the future.

Let's go with this plan?
No. 194080 ID: a594b9

No. 194104 ID: 63f46a
File 127662394015.png - (47.00KB , 640x400 , 88.png )

So, I am at her lair right now. It was not hard to find. Corpses and such were everywhere.

>"Ah, it issh you. What busshinesshh have you here?"
"I am here to challenge you to the oldest game!"
>"The oldesssht game?"
"The oldest game."
>"Ahasssh, and what would be a game without a prizhe?"
"If I win, you will do everything I say without questions!"
>"Very well. And if I win, you will be my property..."
"Wait what. It does not go that way."
>"It doessssh. I ssshhall begin. I am death, life ending."

So, let us go then?
No. 194108 ID: f98e0b

whip out a guitar. Play a facemelting solo.
"am badass."
No. 194109 ID: c4c313


The badass never dies.
No. 194110 ID: a594b9

I am Nature, reclaiming corpses, producing new life.
No. 194114 ID: c0e94f


The nature thing makes more sense, though.
No. 194123 ID: 030624

I am Doc, death cheating,zombie creating
No. 194126 ID: a594b9

Oooh, or "I am a zombie, living after death"
No. 194138 ID: 63f46a
File 127662945018.png - (43.49KB , 640x400 , 89.png )

"I am a zombie, living after death"
>"I am a paladin, zombie purging."
No. 194139 ID: aeade0

i am temptation, paladin corrupting.
No. 194140 ID: 030624

I am temptation, paladin corrupting
No. 194141 ID: c0e94f
File 127663042616.png - (78.70KB , 1227x340 , Paladins falling.png )


Pic related.
No. 194153 ID: 63f46a
File 127663318432.png - (42.87KB , 640x400 , 90.png )

"I am temptation, paladin corrupting."
>"I am a god, free from mortal flawsssh."
"I uhh.."
>"Losshing your footing already?"
No. 194155 ID: 030624

"I am sience god dispruving
No. 194157 ID: c0e94f

No you're not. Dissproving a god beyond all dissbelief is impossible.
No. 194158 ID: f83b4e

"I am courage, which can topple the gods themselves."
No. 194160 ID: c0e94f

"I am global extinction. Belief removing, god killing"
No. 194161 ID: c0e94f

We're with the forces of evil now, chum. Don't go for the dramatic, moral lines, go for cold and logical.
No. 194163 ID: a594b9

I am Ragnarok, war amongst gods.
No. 194168 ID: 63f46a
File 127663581576.png - (42.24KB , 640x400 , 91.png )

"I am Ragnarok, war amongst gods."
>"I am human, sshurvivor."
No. 194170 ID: aeade0

i am dragon, human eating.

will force her to lose or say what can beat her
No. 194173 ID: c0e94f

Hyessss, delicious. You are a genious, good sir.
No. 194177 ID: 63f46a
File 12766367593.png - (44.62KB , 640x400 , 92.png )

"I am a dragon, human eating!"
She pauses. I think I have won!
>"Haha! I am void, all devouring."
No. 194179 ID: a594b9


Wait a second, you know a little about the Void right? Is it all devouring?

I guess you could try: "I am me. I control the power of the void for my own ends."
"I am a void generator. Harnessing the void for power."
No. 194180 ID: 892345

I am the proud owner of a void generator, using your power for my own ends and capable of destroying everything in an instant. Now do what I say or reality goes boom.
No. 194181 ID: a594b9

Oh wait it's called a VOID-reactor, not generator.
No. 194182 ID: c0e94f

Or you could just rip off dream and go "HOPE HURF DURF"... But yeah, the void generator or "I am me" sounds freaking awesome.
No. 194189 ID: 40cb26

We need this to be final, not "me" and not the generator since both can be destroyed in theory.

"I am science, harnessing power from the Void itself to reshape reality."
No. 194192 ID: aeade0

i like this one.
No. 194193 ID: 63f46a
File 127663947782.png - (44.86KB , 640x400 , 93.png )

"I am science, harnessing power from the Void itself to reshape reality."
>"Haha, do you really believe that void can be controlled? A flag cannot tame the wind, and a waterwheel cannot defeat the river. Prove it to me that this science can! Show me!"
>"I do believe you are now my property."
Better flee. Any witty retort or escape-plans?
No. 194197 ID: 6a5a08

Take her to the Void Reactor and break the fabric of space-time, then I'll shoot a lightning bolt through the opening in the Void, turning her to dust! Or, ya know, at least doing some damage. Then I can close the opening before the Void eats you. I think.
No. 194198 ID: aeade0

why flee? go ahead and show her the void generator.
No. 194201 ID: c0e94f

"With enough power and the right materials, a waterwheel CAN defeat the river, big enough flag and, again, the right materials and you can remove the entire atmosphere! There is nothing that science cannot do in it's limitless potential. And with my invention, the void will be harnessed for it's power. Come, le tme show you."
No. 194202 ID: 40cb26

"I possess a void generator, it creates power, it's how I got here. Your assumption that it doesn't means nothing when I can prove otherwise. In fact, it sounds like you are losing by default... you wouldn't surrender to me if I had simply denied something you said out of ignorance, would you!?!"

If you can't go claim your device maybe you could simply tell her how it works, describe the nature of the void as she cannot.
No. 194203 ID: e771aa

This is where we make the bet.
No. 194213 ID: 63f46a
File 127664097624.png - (42.58KB , 640x400 , 98.png )

"With enough power and the right materials, a waterwheel CAN defeat the river, big enough flag and, again, the right materials and you can remove the entire atmosphere! There is nothing that science cannot do in it's limitless potential. And with my invention, the void will be harnessed for it's power. Come, let me show you."
Dragon falls silent.

>"You... Actually have a machine that harnessshes void?"
>"Ssshow me then."
No. 194220 ID: 63f46a
File 127664114799.png - (38.67KB , 640x400 , 95.png )

>"Ssho, thisssh isssh the your machine?"
"Yes it is."
>"I can shenshe the void..."
"So do I win? You are mine to command now?"
>"What is your command?"
No. 194228 ID: c0e94f

Did we...
We didn't really plan for this, did we?
No. 194231 ID: 6a5a08

Well, do we have a room to keep the dragon in? I'm assuming we will be taking her on our fantastic adventure of evil.
No. 194233 ID: 63f46a
File 127664212750.png - (23.46KB , 640x400 , 99.png )

Well. That was actually very unexpected. I had even made many awesome escape-plans and even programmed tower to transport at voice-command incase I get injured so badly that I can't move!
Okay, there are many pros in this situation:

+ Shitloads of money. Well, I own her hoard now.
+ A dragon that does whatever you want!
And the cons.
- Where the fuck do I keep her? Or do I just leave her to her caverns?
- A dragon in your tower. I have no idea what kind of things could happen.
- Sister does not like the dragon.

So, what now?
No. 194235 ID: 63f46a
File 127664223316.png - (18.14KB , 640x400 , Pause3.png )

I apologize for these horrible updates.
No. 194237 ID: 40cb26

Do we have a pressing use for her right now? If not, give her passive orders, to keep watch and report anything unusual that doesn't come from us. Command her to return to her own home and return tomorrow for further instructions, as you have much to plan and do.

You have access to her hoard, but going off and grabbing everything isn't really useful right now. We can get an inventory of what she possesses, perhaps there are items of magical power that may be of some use. Other than that if she gets to keep sleeping on her coins or whatever she does it'll keep her temperament all the better.
No. 194238 ID: c0e94f

Sister does not like dragon, problem, need sollution. She doesn't like you, either, but tolerates you, why does she tolerate you?
Find out, make it apply to dragon if possible and if you decide to bring dragon. If you do decide to bring dragon, find way to transport her. Make some sort of addition to the tower? A soort of dragon roost, maybe? How big is the tower, approximately? Can you make a small alternate dimension, in the style of the TARDIS? Is Sister going to mind something like that? How does doc feel about this?
No. 194243 ID: dda57c

Holy fuck we got a dragon. Awesome. We can totally make this work.

Most evil masterminds start with low-level minions like budget ninjas or faceless mooks. No, we've got a dragon. Nowhere to go but up!
No. 194246 ID: c0e94f

You mean down.
No. 194248 ID: c0e94f

You mean awesome.
No. 194250 ID: 0b2a05

Yeah, passive orders and maybe some information about the nature of the void sounds good, she seems like she would know a lot about that kinda stuff. don't loot her hoard that would be mean.
No. 194253 ID: 6a5a08

Build a Dragon Roost on top of the tower, then move her hoard there and allow her to live in that room. This will be sure to increase your approval rating with her!

Then send Sister mutant flesh-eating flowers, and pathetic rodents with which to feed them. This'll be sure to increase your approval rating with her!

Send Doc some cool new sadistic surgeon tools. This'll be sure to increase your approval rating with him!

Have jam session with Organist, This'll be sure to increase your approval rating with him!

Happy teammates of evil are good teammates of evil.
No. 194254 ID: c2c011

Time to expand your tower with a dragon pen. Every proper tower needs one. Then I guess you should figure out what she can do and how to best deploy her.
No. 194260 ID: 6a5a08

And by "good" I of course mean loyal and easy to manipulate.
No. 194269 ID: e771aa

Well I think we should keep plotting as usual. Come up with evil plans, build some stuff and terrorize the people of this world.

Keep our new dragon in reserve, like if the locals get uppity then we go "AHA, BUT I ALSO HAVE A DRAGON!".

Ceysoli probably knows a lot about this world as well. We can bounce world-domination plans off her. What would it take to make an orbital sattelite beam cannon? I don't think this puny world would have any way to oppose us if we can strike them from space!
No. 194312 ID: 710b93

"For now, relax. Can't burn the world in a day.
Well, not with the current tech, anyways."
No. 194547 ID: 63f46a
File 127668092175.png - (39.55KB , 640x400 , 100.png )

I made a room for the dragon. She knows less about void than I do, but she knows something simple like "void can devour all mass" and "gazing into the void hurts your eyes."
Anyway, my tower is 58 metres tall and it has 14 floors. It is kinda stuffed already. Zombies, bots and all kinds of junk take up space.
No, I cannot create pocket-dimensions. Yet.

I also finished the defence-systems. I could not repair shields yet because I lack materials. I haven't had time to study void.
No. 194555 ID: c2c011

Time to talk with the dragon. See what she's good at and ask her about what sort of resistance you're likely to encounter. From there we can figure out how to take over this pitiful world.

Oh, and can you figure out any way to make your tower airborne? Either as a flying island thingy or a giant doom zeppelin thingy.
No. 194590 ID: 63f46a
File 12767054201.png - (48.08KB , 640x400 , 101.png )

She tells me that there are many different heroes around the world that might come to slay her. She tells me that current events might interest some people. Kings and such are not interested to send army to fight a dragon.

As I read, magic is not that common and there are forces that exterminate magic-users.

And no, I think that making tower airborne might interfere with tower's transportation device.
No. 194591 ID: a594b9

It sounds like we're pretty safe for now.

I think it's time we picked a target for our first attack. Also, bigger guns. Possibly a large missile. Napalm?
No. 194605 ID: 732129


You should still abduct a librarian and pump her for intelligence too. You'll want to take over the governments, either overtly or covertly, and that will require knowing who is in power, where, and which allies they have.

Outright capitulation through show of force is nice, but if there is one dragon on this world there are probably others. We would do well to learn about them, and take pains to not attract their attention until we're ready to fight them. Hence, taking over the government instead of just outright extermination or enslavement of the entire population.
No. 194620 ID: c2c011

Awww, but nothing says doom like a floating fortress hiding the sun. Oh well, I guess we can work around that somehow. Still, I think the idea of airbased forces this time around might hold quite a bit of merit. If magic is rare they should have great difficulty in taking down airborne enemies. And with Sister, Doc and the Organist in the tower it should be safe for you and the dragon to go out and have some fun.

So, any way you can make a fucking awesome zeppeline that won't catch fire and break down if someone sneezes at it?
No. 194621 ID: 63f46a
File 127671723620.png - (53.21KB , 640x400 , 102.png )

Librarian is dead. Well, probably undead, since I haven't asked Doc about her.
The heroes have been operated by Doc. From what Doc told me, zombies can gain some of their memories and consciousness back. From what he told, that has happened only twice. He left other on my home world, burned second to death.

Well, I don't have very big weapons currently.
No. 194623 ID: 63f46a
File 127671734855.png - (559.38KB , 640x400 , gigamanta.png )

Building a bomb won't be hard task. Well, it depends how complicated bomb is. I might be able to make small fission-bomb. I have made bombs before, but not alone and without supervision.
Also, I have some plans that I made during the project in New Soviet Union. Most of my plans are still there. They might have even built few of them!
No. 194624 ID: c2c011

That one looks promising. What is the scale for it? If it's a fighter craft can you make it drone operated and build a floating kind of mothership for it?
No. 194658 ID: c4c313
File 127672620118.gif - (49.83KB , 407x337 , epoch.gif )


obviously it's a flying time machine.

No. 194738 ID: e771aa

A flying machine of war? That'd certainly give us a military advantage. Not sure if this world would be able to counter it using anything but dragons and we now have one of those.

What are we going to achieve using one of these? Really we want to create an effect that will let us take over this world entirely. If we can enslave the populace of this town and get them to work in factories making loyal robot armies and more air vehicles then we can keep conquering indefinitely.
No. 194963 ID: 63f46a
File 127679864978.png - (18.60KB , 640x400 , 103.png )

Well, it was supposed to be pretty big. Bombing cities and stuff. The vulcans were extremely large. ( I had to keep one in my goddamn room because it needed some modifications! It was a pain in the ass. )
Megamanta was canned because we came up with even more awesome design ( not to mention the production costs would have been very high ). I could not get blueprints of it. Too bad.
I probably cannot replicate Megamanta with my current resources.

So. Making robots and weapons sounds like a good plan. However, with my current funds and materials, I am really not going anywhere soon.
No. 194969 ID: a594b9

Maybe you can miniaturize it. Turn it into a flying drone.
No. 194985 ID: 67c611

Resource collecting bots. Or raiding shit for raw material. That's your priority right now. If someone decides to attack you all you have to do is stall until you can port out.

Ask the dragon if there is anything she lacks or wants improved about herself. Some lightweight body armor would be a good start. Does the dragon have any hands? Night vision or thermal goggles would be a great help if she doesn't have that kind of vision anyway. As far as orders go "Be a dragon. Add to your hoard, kill and maim, destroy towns, spread fear and panic as you see fit. The only job I will charge you with is defense of the tower. Don't sacrifice your life to protect it or be reckless about it. Do a decent job.". Ask her about her goals and ambitions. Make a nest up on top of the tower so she can keep a lookout and be imposing. Give it a roof if she wants one. A little radar tracker to alert her of approaching things even outside visual range or in bad weather. Some sort of remote she can use to direct a sniper turret to fire on someone she is talking to. It would be best if it were discrete so not to tip off people that they are about to be shot.

Razor wire fence around the entire property. Create it just inside sniper range so you can shoot someone standing next to it. Put a gate in front with a bell and a picture of a dragon next to it. Shape the bell holder like a dragon too. Have ... Smokey answer the calls. She can do whatever she wants to them unless they offer you something like tribute or surrender. The bell doesn't do anything other than ring. An electronic sensor picks up the ring and triggers an alert in each person's post. The dragon statue eyes are steroscopic cameras that produce an image of whoever is standing in front of it.

It would be cool to make a steam powered automaton. That would impress the locals. You could use it as a messenger. Electronic stuff powers vision, speaking, and other stuff like that. All the motion is done via steam pistons using an ultra-compact heat source. Primary weapon would be eye lasers (solid beam). Secondary would be electrocution hands. You could put a portal in it's chest and have it open up and appear to have a mad scientist's lab inside it. That would fuck with them so hard.
No. 194989 ID: 67c611

Shit, totally forgot. If it takes too much energy to create matter out of nothing how about breaking apart atoms and reassembling them into the desired element? Literally turning lead into gold with a byproduct of a few neutrons, protons, and electrons.
No. 194999 ID: 63f46a
File 12768070922.png - (55.33KB , 640x400 , 104.png )

Okay. I made a fence. It is not very great, but atleast it warns people to stay the fuck away.
I also let the dragon do what dragon does like you said. She left the tower and proceeded to lie on her hoard.
The turrets lock on anyone who isn't one of us. Zombies have been marked with chips, so they won't be killed if they wander outside ( unless I want to ).

Automaton would be cool. I cannot do portals yet, but I might trick them with awesome lasers. I'll put in on the to-do-list.

Now to the problem. Getting resources is hard. We practically burned the town near us. No money or resources from there. Creating matter out of energy or matter is extremely hard, and I have not developed such machines to accomplish such.
No. 195001 ID: 63f46a
File 127680723848.png - (30.01KB , 640x400 , map1.png )

I also got rough map from the Dragon.
No. 195006 ID: c2c011

Well you're on a mountain. Check it for minerals and if there is, force the zombies to work in the mines until you get materials for building mine bots.

Aside from that you could raid that town to the west. Atleast if it's in flying range for the dragon and she can carry enough to make it worth it. If she doesn't have a good enough carrying capacity we're gonna have to think up another way.
No. 195024 ID: 2cbe3e


Try to find useful things to dig from the earth
No. 195026 ID: a594b9

There is that town to the south-southeast... we could rob them, maybe.
No. 195241 ID: 63f46a
File 127684864635.png - (34.02KB , 640x400 , 105.png )

Okay, I made a device to check if there are any valuable resources in the mountain. It should take two or three days.
Raid a town? Sounds awesome! How will I do it without getting too much attention?
No. 195253 ID: 732129


Find an extant group of bandits or highwaymen and make them do it for you.
No. 195256 ID: a594b9

That's a great idea. Just supply them with advanced weapons in exchange for a large cut of what they get from the town. Expect them to betray you, and kill them before they can manage to do it. Easy peasy!
No. 195276 ID: c2c011

That actually sounds like a pretty damn good idea. Just hook them up with a couple of AK-47s and they should be able to get a rather large haul of loot.
No. 195288 ID: a7a85a

Hire bandits. Don't waste resources arming them if you know how to make them invisible. Temporarily, one would hope.
No. 195313 ID: 71e5ac

Hey hold it!!! Don't give the denizens of this world things that can be used against you. AK-47s are too easy to replicate.

Anything we use or give out should depend on microchips, preferably ones that we can shut down from a distance if we have to.

This could in fact be a good long-term plan. If we can secretly deal arms to opposing nations then they will raze each other to the ground. When the time is right or if they turn on us then we send out the disabling signal, leaving the nations mostly unarmed so we can sweep in and clean up what's left.
No. 195316 ID: 63f46a
File 127686766245.png - (28.97KB , 640x400 , 106.png )

No. 195317 ID: 63f46a
File 127686767921.png - (28.91KB , 640x400 , 107.png )

>rumble rumble rumble
No. 195318 ID: 63f46a
File 127686771031.png - (50.41KB , 640x400 , 108.png )

"Hey! Are you interested in an offer that you can't possibly deny?"
No. 195319 ID: 63f46a
File 127686778863.png - (37.75KB , 640x400 , 109.png )

They led me to their leader.
>"Speak quickly or I'll have you killed."
So, what should I say?
No. 195320 ID: c2c011

Yes they're easy to replicate. But without proper tactics or training they're not likely to be very effective with them. And they still wouldn't have tanks or air support. A couple of gunships and they would be massacred.

Tell him that you're offering to arm him with superior weapons and intel on juicy targets for a cut of their earnings from the looting of said targets. Give him a simple handgun as an example of what you have to offer.
No. 195323 ID: 2cbe3e


Maybe give them a grenade of some kind instead of a handgun. That's a one-time use sort of thing.


Ask him if he'd like to be the most powerful dude this side of Timbuktu.
No. 195326 ID: 71e5ac

I still do not want to teach these people about things like rifled barrels, easy to maintain repeat-fire weaponry and cased ammunition. You'll make guerrilla warfare possible if a man can hide in a jungle for half a year and pop out from ambush with the firepower to kill 50 people in minutes.

Regarding the situation at hand:

"Pray tell me, what is your greatest motivation in life? Money? Power? Revenge? I can provide you with all of these at levels you can probably not even imagine! As long as you have no qualms about the means you use to acquire them..."

I say we offer him something like ultrasonic weapons that disable anyone who isn't wearing the correct earplugs, alternatively microwave weapons that cause extreme pain or boil peoples blood in their veins. Both are invisible, not affected by most armor and completely unfathomable to the people of this society. If we're lucky our opponents will believe we're using sorcery and magic against them!

Also would Doc be able to restore this guys lost eye?(if it is actually lost) That could be another bargaining chip that no one else can provide.
No. 195369 ID: 63f46a
File 127688928258.png - (39.17KB , 640x400 , 110.png )

"Pray tell me, what is your greatest motivation in life? Money? Power? Revenge? I can provide you with all of these at levels you can probably not even imagine! As long as you have no qualms about the means you use to acquire them..."
>"Go on."
"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Tory Sinclair, expert at making weapons! I have an offer that will benefit us both."
>"I already have weapons."
"Nonono, those weapons suck ass. I can make you weapons that are much more powerful! I can make you bombs that destroy large areas. I can even make you some vehicles to move loot and such around."
>"And what do you want?"
"I want you to raid town of Argot."

Yeah, how much should I ask for?
No. 195375 ID: a594b9

I wanna say 60 or 70 percent of the loot. Start at 70; he's gonna try to talk you down.
No. 195448 ID: 63f46a
File 127689677027.png - (41.57KB , 640x400 , 111.png )

"70% of the loot's value."
>"50. Do not try my patience."
"O. k. a. y. How about 60% and we fix that yey of yours?"
>"Can you do such things without magi?"
"Of course we can."
Ah this is boring. Why did I not send someone else instead.
>"We have a deal Tory. When do we receive this new weaponry?"
"When it's done. Just give me some information of your buddies and we'll be done."
>"Very well."

I think now is a good time if you want to ask her anything specific.
No. 195473 ID: 6a5a08

Ask if she prefers area effect, accuracy, speed, power, etc. That way we know what to focus on.
No. 195487 ID: 6834bc

This. Also, if you're going to sell to the other side, you had better make sure you either use someone else or disguise yourself thoroughly while using a different name and voice - not to mention changing any symbols or whatnot that could prove the weapons came from the same source.

Oh yeah - >>195313 's thing about microchips is awesome and you should totally do that.
No. 195488 ID: 732129

Ask how many fighters she intends to field, and ask her to lend you one of her armorers (or her quartermaster, if they don't have a dedicated armorer) so that you can train him in how to maintain the new weapons.

Ask her what the maximum load her men can be expected to fight with is, so that you don't pick weapons that are too heavy for them. Ask how many officers she intends to have fight, and ask for their sizing so that you can provide kevlar armor for them.
No. 195580 ID: 732129


Oh, and invite her to come with you to meet the doctor. He'll need to have a look at her eye.
No. 195582 ID: 4531bc

Sheesh, what's with you guys and being good an honest?

We're an evil genius, for Lenin's sake! Just kill them when they're done!
No. 195583 ID: 732129


We can keep using this group. Training takes time, and having a small corp of foot soldiers is always useful.
No. 195585 ID: a594b9

These guys are bandits, though. There's no reason for them to be loyal.

Betray them before they betray us, I say.
No. 195588 ID: 732129

Bandits are usually bandits because they have no other way to earn a living. They can transition to being soldiers for Sinclair, if he deals fairly with them. And it's always useful to have a corp of soldiers if you're bent on world domination.
No. 195599 ID: ff7333

I really think we should plan assuming that these guys WILL betray us. Install remote self-destructs or remote disabling components in the weapons. It's not much of a bother and I'm sure it'll come in handy somehow.

Also ask the bandits to bring back a heartless, immoral person with a knack for formal negotiations. That's right, kidnap us a lawyer. We need a savvy pawn to do the front man talking and brokering in the future. Someone who won't be detected as evil, but who would gladly bend and twist every imaginable rule in the pursuit of money.
No. 195607 ID: 732129


So how about we plan for the worst, but keep up our end of the deal so that if they don't turn traitor we can keep them happy and working for us?
No. 195771 ID: 63f46a
File 127695171844.png - (22.40KB , 640x400 , 112.png )

Okay, there are around 64 of them, and they want some weapons that are not loud. The leader also wants eye fixed. Well-

So, what now? What kind of silent weapons should we make?
No. 195772 ID: 6a5a08
File 127695216123.jpg - (7.31KB , 250x187 , DE-M89P-Package-2T.jpg )

Submachine Guns with suppressors. Don't forget ammunition.

And if Doc can't fix the eye, we could always make a mechanical one.
No. 195776 ID: f82d85


When you fix the eye, try to put a bomb in there that you can detonate by remote control. I don't know if you can make explosives that small, but it'd be good to stop these guys mouthing off if you can press a button and blow the leader's head off.
No. 195778 ID: a594b9

That is a fantastic idea.

Silent weapons... laser guns are silent. Or other energy weapons.
No. 195783 ID: 63f46a
File 127695957758.png - (46.74KB , 640x400 , 113.png )

Ah, bomb in the eye-socket sounds like a good idea! For weapons, I can make some rifles. Bots can easily handle assembling them. As for lasers , powerful lasers require fuel-tank which are pretty big. I'll stick them to vehicles.

So. Now that bots are making rifles, what should I do?
No. 195788 ID: c2c011

You should start working on a refinery to make the loot you get into useful parts that the bots can assemble into better weaponry. And maybe see if you can build something that would be useful for the dragon.
No. 195801 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, something useful...

Like Ear Swords!
No. 195886 ID: 63f46a
File 127698266648.png - (42.31KB , 640x400 , 114.png )

Okay, back at the tower.
I made a small bot for Handbag! It has a small turret and with it we can communicate from distances. Cool eh?
No. 195887 ID: 63f46a
File 127698269663.png - (41.02KB , 640x400 , 116.png )

Now, what to do..?
What to do...
No. 195888 ID: 63f46a
File 127698271938.png - (54.44KB , 640x400 , 115.png )

Fuck yes! Brilliant!
No. 195892 ID: 63f46a
File 127698287279.png - (25.09KB , 640x400 , 117.png )

This should wo... rk... o... ni... ly...
No. 195894 ID: 63f46a
File 127698292323.png - (47.67KB , 640x400 , stage_clear2.png )

( Paused, making new thread soon. )
No. 196032 ID: 4531bc

No. 196043 ID: a68e37

You lied! Telling us that it isn't feasible to make the tower fly.
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