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File 12631146274.png - (132.18KB , 777x777 , BBQ472.png )
108599 No. 108599 ID: aba0a3

[ For Quest Discussion please come to #tgchan on irc.rizon.net ]

Bubble Bucket, Chapter 11.

Listing of previous chapters:
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No. 108600 ID: aba0a3
File 126311471938.png - (38.72KB , 777x777 , BBQ473.png )


That is the sound heard, among the noises of the bubbling, faded and distorted world of the universe under water.
No. 108602 ID: 632862

She must swim. She has to swim or she will die.
No. 108609 ID: 51d0f5

Swim upwards
No. 108610 ID: c0f3bf

Stay calm, backfloat! It's not water, you fell into a vat of BEER! Everything is fine, just try to orient yourself.
No. 108624 ID: aba0a3
File 126311579240.png - (220.95KB , 777x777 , BBQ474.png )

The two in the water frantically grasp around and struggle in the disgusting water and manage to get themselves to the siding. Both of them are beaten, and barely dressed. The clothing they do have on have been torn to shreds.

They gasp and spit up the water.

"Ack!" The female says.

"Are you okay?" The male responds.

"Nnnh. Yeah. Forgot that I can't breathe water." She shakes her head off to remove more of the fluid from herself.

"Only just got out before you. I'm doing okay now, just glad we're alive."
No. 108625 ID: c0f3bf

Get out of the water, quickly!
No. 108626 ID: c0f3bf

Get out of the... fluid? Whatever, just do it!
No. 108627 ID: 632862

Uhhh... who are you?
No. 108628 ID: f44349

Wait... what...?
Nevermind, ew! Get out of the strange disgusting looking liquid in a bathroom.
No. 108650 ID: aba0a3
File 126311691815.png - (230.54KB , 777x777 , BBQ475.png )

The male tries to get out and to his feet first. "Where are we, anyway?"

There is a long pause, silence as the female follows suit in getting out and trying to remove water from what little clothing she has. "Dunno, but something tells me we should be glad we can't see where we are."

The male feels himself and checks on his own clothing. "Do you happen to have any light on you?"

"Nope, sorry." She smells the air and regrets it horribly. She grimaces as she feels around. "I think... yes, I think this is the Labyrinth."

She looks towards the sound of the male. "Nic, by the way."
No. 108653 ID: c0f3bf

Male: For the love of god, do NOT walk forwards! Instead, feel around the rim behind you and move right along it.

Female: Do you have any tribal powers?
No. 108655 ID: 6550ad

Inventory check: Do any of you have anything in your pockes?
No. 108666 ID: aba0a3
File 12631186387.png - (235.49KB , 777x777 , BBQ477.png )

The male tenses up and swallows softly at the mention of The Labyrinth. "The... the Labyrinth? I've heard about it but... I didn't think it actually existed..." He bites his lower lip, "Jasper. Good to meet you despite the circumstances."

"Good to meet you too." Nic replies.

As Jasper finds the toilet, he gags and moves around to find the next available wall. Nic follows the side of the tub towards Jasper's voice as to not lose him.

Neither of them have anything on their person. Their abilities are still waiting to come back.

Nic knows: Persuasion and First Aid.
Jasper knows: Candy Craft and Trapping.
No. 108668 ID: c0f3bf

Jasper, tell Nic about the toilet, and that you're on the other side of it.
No. 108669 ID: 6550ad

Jasper: Check out the door for traps.
No. 108676 ID: aba0a3
File 126312009532.png - (228.77KB , 777x777 , BBQ478.png )

Jasper coughs. "Oh god, stay away from this side of the room," he says, gagging as he tries to progress.

Nic trips over a corpse and falls into Jasper.

"O-owww," Jasper mumbles, groping towards the doorway.

They are now at the door. The door used to be locked with a puzzle. It has been busted apart, and you can smell fresh blood. At least it's open!
No. 108677 ID: c0f3bf

For the love of crap get out of there.
No. 108678 ID: 6faa8c

Let;s try out CANDY CRAFT
No. 108679 ID: 6550ad

Nic: Examine the corpse and search it if possible.

Jasper: Carefully open the door. Stay alert, there could be more traps other than the puzzle one.
No. 108695 ID: aba0a3
File 12631237677.png - (101.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ479.png )

Nic regains her composure. "S-sorry."

Jasper chuckles nervously, "I-it's alright."

Nic attempts to adjust what little shirt she has and rips it apart on accident. "Dammit."

The corpse wields nothing. Jasper has nothing to create candy with. They creak open the big door and step through.

"Ahhh!" Nic exclaims, realizing what the figure in the middle of the room is doing.

Jasper backs up against the wall, a chill running up his spine.
No. 108709 ID: aba0a3
File 126312603790.png - (98.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ480.png )

The black figure sniffs the air and gazes towards the newcomers. "Hnh. New ones."

Nic scoots back against the wall. "H-hello there."

Jasper takes a deep breath, frightened as he was, "Y-you won't hurt us, r-right?"

The figure laughs, his voice rough and gravelly. "Only if you give me reason to."

Jasper nods, "I-I see. I'll do my best to avoid that, then. Who was that?"

The figure tears off a chunk of bloody meat, chewing it before giving a loud swallow, "Prey."

Jasper shudders, looking sicker than he already felt.
No. 108710 ID: 331584

No. 108711 ID: aba0a3
File 126312754275.png - (98.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ481.png )

Jasper speaks, "Oh. Well, um... Do you know of any light sources around here, maybe a potential way out?"

The Figure is their only light source. Shadows have a tendency to mark themselves luminescent.

Nic has been frozen with her eyes wide open, but she finally composes herself and pipes up, even if a bit shaky. "Does Prey happen to have a usable shirt?"

The Figure laughs, gnawing at the bone as he finishes what he is eating. "Maybe. You look better without it, though." He grunts and tosses the bone away. "M'the only thing lit up around here. Got someone lookin' for a way out over there." He points off to his side, not really caring about accuracy.

Jasper blushes, even though it was Nic being spoken of. "I'm, um... Jasper, by the way."

Epsilon reaches down to the torso of his meal and hurls a bloody cloth of a shirt to Nic.

Nic catches the cloth and puts it on, "Nic, by the way," she wipes her paws off on her equally grimy pants.

The figure leans back on the boulder. "Whatever."
No. 108713 ID: aba0a3
File 126313031340.png - (104.86KB , 777x777 , BBQ482.png )

Jasper fidgets around, looking towards where the figure pointed. "Are you, um... particularly interested in finding a way out?"

A new voice comes from the corner, "If you want to die."

"Y-you know, I'd rather not die, yeah. Though I don't think I'd be able to live here forever." Jasper glances over towards the new lady.

New finishes playing with her new top. "Living for now would be nice, yes... Who are you?"

"I am Celst. I have been in the dark since I can remember."
No. 108714 ID: e24e0c

Check whether Celst found an exit-like thing.
No. 108719 ID: 6550ad


Ask her if by "in the dark" is a way of saying that she's blind, or if she's just being melodramatic.
No. 108722 ID: 8dc9d5

"No offense meant, but when you say 'in the dark', are being melodramatic, or are you blind?"
No. 108758 ID: aba0a3
File 12631481593.png - (104.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ483.png )

Jasper nods to Celst. "Jasper. I don't think I'd be able to survive long enough in here to make staying a viable option, is all I am saying." The way she is moving, she is most certainly blind. Her eyes are being kept shut for that matter.

"As long as you remember, that's impressive. From what I've heard, most people don't live long enough to forget the world above."

The dark figure grunts, "The hell are you rambling about?"

Celst points to the figure, "It is because I have been following this one."

"It's, um... just... I just don't wanna be here. But, um, if following him will keep me alive..." Jasper stammers.

"Great, now I'm going to have groupies," the shadow grumbles.

"Sorry. If you don't want me to follow you, I won't. I don't wanna get in the way but you do have light..." Jasper fidgets.

Nick smooths her hair out and ties it back with a scrap from her old shirt. "Is this such a bad thing?"

The figure gives the corpse near him a kick. "S'up to you. Just know you might end up like him. Everything's prey unless they're on my good side."
No. 108759 ID: c0f3bf

What did that guy do to get on your bad side then? We'll not do that.
No. 108765 ID: aba0a3
File 126314960071.png - (104.58KB , 777x777 , BBQ484.png )

Jasper backs up a bit from the Shadow. "I... I see. And, um... I'll do my best to stay on it, j-just... How can I get on your good side?" He adjusts his own rags, trying to look a little more orderly.

"It's called respect. You earn it, idiot." He returns to lounging. "Don't be useless and prove your worth and we won't have an issue.

Celst nods.

Jaspe raises his hands a bit."Alright, alright. I can do that," he says, shuddering and looking towards Nic. "You, um... want to go with these two?"

Nic nods, "Sure, unless you have a better idea. We're absolutely blind."

Celst frowns.
No. 108767 ID: c0f3bf

Apologize to Celst, that was rather insensitive.

Celst, do YOU have any superpowers?
No. 108768 ID: 34bfdb

Do any of you three have any combat skills? Not really? Then stick with the shark, creepy as he is, I don't think he'll tear your head off unless you're extra jerkish.

Jasper, your the trap expert. Go along the walls to find more doors.. being careful for the obvious.

Nick use your scanning systems..to.... or wait wrong Nick! Nic you're the persuasive one, ask Mr Shark if you could please check the corpse(s?) for anything of use. Do just that when permission is given.
No. 108775 ID: aba0a3
File 12631515229.png - (104.85KB , 777x777 , BBQ485.png )

The Shadow chuckles and snorts, "Yer gonna have to man up first, ya runty little bitch... Oy, blindy! Find anything?"

Jasper blushes from the Shadow's words. He doesn't seem extremely happy about it but the results are the same.

"Nothing yet, I have had trouble hearing over your compulsive eating habit and those two crashing everywhere." Celst states.

Nic looks towards the blind yellow bubble touched and fidgets. "We... we can be still."

"He wouldn't have become my dinner if he would've just listened to me. Dumbass knew what would happen to him. His fault," grumbles the Shadow.

Celst gestures them to be quiet, "I hear something now. I am unable to make out what it is yet, however."

Celst has: Lightning Bubble
No. 108778 ID: 6550ad

Celst: Try to identify the sound and look for the origin of it.
No. 108786 ID: 28bd69


I think you mean 'search'... you insensitive lout.
No. 108794 ID: aba0a3
File 126315699173.png - (111.11KB , 777x777 , BBQ486.png )

Jasper and Nic stay quiet and observe Celst. Nic notices something about the Shadow.

"I have a feeling it is headed for us, whatever it is." Celst whispers.

The shadow grunts and gets to his feet, "Where at?"

They listen for the noise.

Celst turns towards the group, "As I said, it is coming closer, Epsilon."
No. 108797 ID: c0f3bf

Hey Jasper, can you make anything from that dead guy? Blood candy or some such?
No. 108822 ID: aba0a3
File 126316160872.png - (93.52KB , 777x777 , BBQ487.png )

"A fuckin' direction, no-eyes. You know, left, right, up, down?" Epsilon jeers.

"Behind." Celst responds, although, not making much sense.

"Offhand, do you remember seeing anything springy, sharp, or heavy around here we can pick up?" Jasper asks.

Epsilon turns, and kicks bones towards Jasper. "There, have fun."

"I am blind, thank you for your inquiry." Celst chimes in.

"Use it on me, and I'll kill you." Epsilon smiles towards Jasper.

Jasper nods, "Understandable. Seeing if I can throw something together, but... doesn't look like enough materials."
No. 108824 ID: c0f3bf

Use WHAT on him? And Epsilon, got any neat abilities?

Also Celst, what does it sound like, something heavy, light, many things?
No. 116992 ID: 8d3380
File 126422102394.png - (91.92KB , 777x777 , BBQ488.png )

Epsilon has: Stealth and Shape shifting.

Jasper creates a trap with the bones and what is available. "Okay, there we go. Please avoid this area over here. I should be able to reclaim it if whatever it is that's coming towards us, doesn't end up reaching us."

"I would say impressive if I know what you did. It sounded like you hit your face on a rock, a lot." Celst states.

"Feh, I got one good hand left and I know how to use it." Epsilon grumbles. Nic takes note that Epsilon's right hand is heavily injured from breaking open the first door.

Nic smirks, speaking to Celst, "Mmmh. I think that would have a more meaty quality to the sound."
No. 116996 ID: 0f6356

Epsilon: Shape shift into a foppish young lad with a dapper coat and silver-tipped cane. Hat optional.
No. 117001 ID: 632862

Try finding a door in a direction that the thing is not coming from.
No. 117011 ID: c0f3bf

Epsilon, can you shapeshift your hand restored?

Celst, can you be any clearer about where you think the sound is coming from? Also do you need aid to use lightning bubbles?

Jasper, wouldn't using the door as a bottleneck force whatever's coming to step on the trap?

Nic, if Epsilon can't shapeshift his hand restored, think you could help him out a bit?
No. 117029 ID: 8d3380
File 126422503261.png - (91.59KB , 777x777 , BBQ489.png )

Nic reaches out towards Epsilon's injured hand. "I can bandage that up for you if you'd like." Epsilon raises his eyebrow and offers the hand, "Sure." As Nic begins to work on using First Aid on Epsilon's hand, he turns towards Jasper and sas, "See? Now that's being useful."

Jasper fidgets and leans against the wall to speak more to the blind woman. "I built a trap. It's meant to incapacitate but it can still be dangerous." Celt's facial expression doesn't alter in the slightest. "That's pretty smart, too bad I can't see."

Jasper nods towards Epsilon's statement, "Well, last time I was useful I got thrown in here. Traps are my forté, I'm sure it will be useful too."

Nic spends a couple of minutes healing Epsilon's injury, using scraps of her clothing to bandage it up. "There, should be better now."

The party is silent as they wait for something to happen, but nothing does.
No. 117030 ID: 632862

Everyone be quiet and try to hear whatever it is. Epsilon: Realize that you're the most visible one here and suddenly get worried.
No. 117056 ID: 445c48

Someone fart to break the tension.
No. 117233 ID: 8d3380
File 126428271768.png - (91.40KB , 777x777 , BBQ490.png )

Celst: "My mistake, it seems one of you farted. I get that mixed up with footsteps sometimes."

Jasper: "If nobody objects, perhaps I should pack up this trap now." He succeeds in disarming and storing it for later.

Epsilon: "Huh."

Epsilon walks around. Jasper looks around the room. Nic stays close to Jasper.

Epsilon: "Well. This is a rather boring bunch of bullshit."
No. 117295 ID: c0f3bf

Time to look for a door. Jasper, you were in here before? What is this place exactly?
No. 117584 ID: 36d626

This room sucks and there doesnt appear to be a way out, check the walls for something. Tap on them and check if blindbitch notices any different sound in places
No. 118776 ID: 8d3380
File 126450447349.png - (101.80KB , 777x777 , BBQ491.png )

Jasper: "Well, um... maybe something's in the previous room."

Nic shudders, remembering the stench of that area.

Nic: "I don't think anything could live for very long back there."

Celst: "Upon rethinking, I realize that I may have heard something after all. I heard something different when you got done building that trap. What did you do?"

Jasper: "Let's see. For the most part I was near this boulder, I, um... reclaimed Prey here, got some dirt and some rocks."

Epsilon: "Might as well get settled in."

Celst: "One of the walls in this area makes a different noise, even if slightly."
No. 118777 ID: c0f3bf

Knock on all the walls with your cane, try to figure out which one. When you do, do your electric bubbles explode, or do the lack force?
No. 118811 ID: 36d626

Try to apply some force or listen closer to the area that sounds different, it might be a weak spot or have air/water running behind it
No. 119848 ID: 8d3380
File 126465532428.png - (97.64KB , 777x777 , BBQ492.png )

Jasper: "Hm... Tell me when it sounds different."

Jasper begins knocking around the wall, while Celst listens intently.

Celst: "That miht have been what I was hearing earlier. My mistake."

Nic and Jasper begin struggling to try and force the door open.

Nic: "Think it's light enough to be kicked through?"

Jasper: "If it didn't sound or feel significantly different to us, I'm hesitant to try."

The pushing is useless.

Epsilon watches the two in amusement.
No. 119854 ID: 632862

...try finding a handle and pull it.
No. 119900 ID: 6550ad

Try to pry it open with Celst's staff.
No. 120756 ID: 8d3380
File 126475660559.png - (116.14KB , 777x777 , BBQ493.png )

Jasper: "Maybe something else opens it?"

Nic feels around all over the door when her foot presses into something that gives way. The door begins to open.

Nic: "Think I found something. Jasper, want to help me out here?"

Jasper: "Er... Sure, though I think you've got it." He lowers down to help, even if it isn't needed.

Epsilon gets up and walks over, shoving them out of the way.

Epsilon: "Move."

Jasper: "Ack!"

Jasper tumbles from Epsilon's shove.
No. 120760 ID: c0f3bf

Well that works too I guess! Hey Celst, do your electric bubbles provide light?

....Uh, have you been told that your electric bubbles provide light?
No. 120763 ID: 632862

Jasper: The big hunk touched you! In such an assertive, manly manner! Blush shamelessly.
No. 120793 ID: 8d3380
File 12647643054.png - (196.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ494.png )

Epsilon steps through the door.

A voice is heard mumbling deeper in the room.
No. 120825 ID: c0f3bf

Nic, is Epsilon's slash something you can deal with?

Epsilon, avoid dying! And possibly duck.

Celst, think you can hit him with a lightning bubble, or do you need help from Jasper? If so, call him, he looks like a twit.

Jasper, stop looking... strange.
No. 121625 ID: 8d3380
File 126483690924.png - (99.04KB , 777x777 , BBQ495.png )

Jasper: "C-careful, the trap may not be disarmed yet!"

Jasper rushes forward, and begins to examine the area for the traps that were most obviously present.

Nic goes pale and freezes up as she stares at Epsilon and his condition.

Jasper finds multiple triggers on the floor, one of which Epsilon stepped on. Not stepping on them is advisable.
No. 121627 ID: c0f3bf

Can you pull him back?

Nic you can stabilize him at least, can't you?
No. 121745 ID: 6c8b6b
File 126485426849.jpg - (27.86KB , 586x195 , what happens to people who kill boyfriends.jpg )


Jasper: Achieve IRONY by throwing the trap you made onto a couple of the triggers
No. 122446 ID: 8d3380
File 126493475681.png - (97.62KB , 777x777 , BBQ496.png )

Nic drags Epsilon out of the danger zone and begins tending to his wounds. She doesn't recover him at all, but she does manage to stabilize him from getting worse.

Jasper: "Don't touch these," he says, pointing towards the trigger spots, nodding to Nic's aid of Epsilon before he begins working on disarming the blade traps.

New Voice: "Well 'Ow'."
No. 122448 ID: 632862

"Hey who's in here anyway?"
No. 122449 ID: 6550ad

Ask who's there
No. 122542 ID: 34bfdb
File 126495800244.jpg - (16.16KB , 300x366 , 739806-gordon7cj_large.jpg )

A Hero of JUSTICE that's who. New voice, give a super cool awesome impressive introduction.

Then ask rather offhandedly if the Shark dude going to be alright. Guy looks pretty tough, but ouch~
No. 123196 ID: 8d3380
File 126501994448.png - (145.78KB , 777x777 , BBQ497.png )

Jasper disables and breaks one of the two traps, but he disables and begins to remove the

blade from the second for their own use.

Nic looks up towards where the sound came from.

Nic: "Who was that?"

New Voice: ""Who was that? Hey now, you're the ones rushing into the room setting off traps ha! But I suppose I can be kind enough to grace you with a name: Jack, Just Jack. Uh.. Your Axe loving friend there going to be alright?"

Jasper: "Okay, passage is clear. Uh... Oh dear. Jasper here."

Celst: "Did I just miss something? Oh wait. I'm blind."
No. 123197 ID: 632862

Say hello to Jack and introduce everyone. Tell him that Epsilon is badly injured but should be stable.

Also compliment him on his wall-climbing skills.
No. 123218 ID: 6550ad

Politely inform Jack that the floor is right in the other side of the room.
No. 123225 ID: c0f3bf

Ask Jack if he set those traps or if they were there from before. Also warn him about the trap YOU set Jasper.
No. 124306 ID: 8d3380
File 12651751418.png - (86.24KB , 777x777 , BBQ498.png )

Jasper: "Epsilon got sliced by a trap and there's someone who sounds pleasant standing on the ceiling."
Jack: "Someone very pleasant."
Celst: ""There's a ceiling?"
Jack: "Uh, yeah seeing I'm walking on it, just a sec."
Celst: "It's a pity that Epsilon is dead."
No. 124307 ID: 476456

"He'll be fine..

No. 124308 ID: 632862

Epsilon: "It'll take more than that to kill ME!"
No. 124392 ID: 67c611

Why do you guys even give a shit if Epsilon dies? Wasn't he being an asshole? You could strangle him if you don't like the possibility of him recovering.
No. 124394 ID: c0f3bf

Nic, he's not actually dead, right?

Celst, ask Jack where he came from.

Jasper, search for more traps.

Epsilon, keep... not dying. Fantasize about beating the crap out of the person that set that trap.
No. 159885 ID: 8d3380
File 127044677643.png - (100.29KB , 777x777 , BBQ499.png )

Nic: "He'll be fine."
Celst: "How did he live with being skewered?"
Nic: "He'll adjust, I believe."
Epsilon: "Nhhf. Had worse."
Jasper: "Nice acrobatics there, Jack."
No. 159888 ID: f21281


...for the record, I'm technically already dead.

Y'know. Being an Undead Shade and all that.

Sorry, continue.
No. 159889 ID: 9a1fa4

Ask Jack if he knows the way out.
No. 159893 ID: 8d3380
File 127044870383.png - (110.31KB , 777x777 , BBQ500.png )

Celst: "Good to see you're not dead. Oh wait."
Epsilon: "Very funny."
No. 159895 ID: 22f3ab

looks like a bondage orgy got way out of hand. Inspect what species it is for kicks.
No. 159896 ID: 9a1fa4

Check species. If there isn't anything interesting... trap material get. Speaking of, check for traps around the door and chains.
No. 159897 ID: bedd59
File 127045081059.jpg - (53.94KB , 450x387 , kamina_char-edit.jpg )

Jack:there are ladies in the room that you haven't checked out yet. This must be fixed. For your sake, and hers even more so.

Screw Cannon! You're way to AWESOME to stick to the script. Get to looking Nic over from head to toe, and don't be shy about it! The ladies like confident guys don't you know.

Anyway explain what you're doing down here, suggest they all work together in an awesome fashion. Maybe give the shy kid (Jasper) a handshake, and some inspiring words. Looks like he needs them. At least he's clearly aware of your badass'ness.

I'd actually give a suggestion on what to -do- to advance.. but well.. that'd be cheating :)
No. 160737 ID: 8d3380
File 127061798343.png - (244.40KB , 777x777 , BBQ501.png )

Jack: "Nice? Oh, everything I do is nice, don't you worry, ha! Including breaking out of this joint. Let me guess, THE MAN didn't approve o you guys either, and kicked you down here?."
Jasper: "Er... Yeah. Had a bit of a shake-up. Oh, anyone want one of the blades from that trap?"
Nic: "Mmh. Much rather use my fists."
Celst: "If I could see. I'm still trying to grasp what the hell you people even look like."

Celst: "Are you mocking me? I just have a gut feeling."
No. 160743 ID: 9a1fa4

Celst aren't there cybernetics that could potentially help your vision?

Jack you need to keep ogling Nic's breasts. It is for the good of all peoples.

Jasper search for traps around the DOOR not Jack's ass.
No. 160773 ID: 49971e

Okay, first of all, Jack's ass is a door to opportunity.

Second of all, traps could be ANYWHERE!

And third of all... fine, I guess I should search for traps sooner or later.
No. 160821 ID: 8d3380
File 127062460654.png - (259.08KB , 777x777 , BBQ502.png )

Jack: "Oh, no, just doing the hand wavey thing.. really can't see, huh?"
Jasper: "Eh, what we look like doesn't matter, right?"
Celst: "And I suppose not."
Jack: "So many kind things on the eye around to boot. Must be rough."

Epsilon: "Oy, foxy. You good with all kinds of bandaging or just hands?"

Nic: ...

Nic: "Sorry, it's the best I could do with such limited resources."
No. 160825 ID: 6550ad

Jasper: Time to check up for traps.
No. 161039 ID: 9a1fa4

Epsilon is... kind of cute. Okay Jasper, take point, check that door for traps.

Epsilon you can't transform your body back to healthy can you?
No. 161056 ID: bedd59

Yeah enough stalling:Get to checking those various chains out to figure out their purpose, and trap likely hood (which is pretty high I figure given all the corpses). Don't think it's much of a spoiler to say:I detect crazy puzzle shit ahead.

Jaspers forgiven for being distracted by Jacks magnificence though! Shame Celst can't see it; maybe some sort of tactile alternative can be arranged later? Jacks a man of fairness:No checking her out until she can do the same back! It's only right! Nic can fill our oogling quota for now.

Really need to get to a point in this story where I can suggest real actions haha.
No. 161141 ID: 8d3380
File 127070629525.png - (158.26KB , 777x777 , BBQ503.png )

Epsilon: "Better'n nothing. Help me up, will ya?"
Jack: "So no one wants that? Great-Thanks-Mine--Yoink!"
Epsilon: "Feh... Beginning to think this place was designed to off you as soon as possible.."

Epsilon's shapeshifting does not recover wounds, injuries would carry over.

The handles and possibly the door are trapped. It's a dangerous looking puzzle to open the door. It's probably fatal to get the answer wrong.
No. 161161 ID: 9a1fa4

Would bashing in the door bypass it?
No. 161170 ID: 7524b0

Move the skeletons away to get a better look at the black markings.
No. 163573 ID: 8d3380
File 127113335189.png - (156.00KB , 777x777 , BBQ504.png )

Jasper: "H-hey!" Jasper responds to Jack taking the blade, late.
Nic: "A-actually.."
Epsilon: "Who's the klepto?"
Nic: "It was."
Epsilon: "...You sayin' you know where we are now?"
Nic: "Mmh. You don't?"
Jack: "Yes, yes this should do nicely.. and klepto? Don't be silly, no one ELSE wanted it, gotta take whatever edge you can find, man."
Epsilon: "All I know is that I'm somewhere, where it's dark, dank, and full of people I don't know and that ticks me off a bit."
Nic: "This is the Labyrinth. Does that ring a bell?"
Celst: "My apologies, if I could fend for myself, I would."
Epsilon: "Frak."
Jack: "People with a common cause my friend, which is what makes us. Hahaha! We'll be free in no time! On that note, I think I got this one figured out already!"

Jack pats Epsilon on the back, holding the blade with his tail now.

The door is as thick as the wall, and reinforced. It would not be a good idea to try and force the door open with brute force. Jasper fails to find anything other than the four pull-chains on the wall.

The markings on the wall are dried blood smears, there's no writing or pattern to them.
No. 163579 ID: 7524b0

I'm guessing you need to pull all 4 at once.
No. 163613 ID: 8d3380
File 127113916828.png - (216.88KB , 777x777 , BBQ505.png )

Jack: "It's a simple matter of team work! Always is. We just have to pull all four handles at once--ACH!"
Jack starts to pose dramatically, but Epsilon grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air with ease.
Epsilon: "Don't touch me."
Nic shakes her head.
Celst: "You sure are cheery.. whoever you are."
Epsilon bares his teeth and growls, before dropping Jack to the ground.
Jasper nervously looks at Jack, stepping away from the door.
Jasper: "Mmh? I was somewhat considering that, but I don't see nearly enough evidence to risk it yet."
Jack: "Going to have to get used to other people there, unless you'd rather run this maze of death on your own there, Sharky."
Jack brushes himself off. He then strides over to the door with Jasper.
Jasper fidgets, looking nervously between Epsilon and Jack.
Jasper: "M-maybe we should focus on the way out..."
Jack: "Very much in the right there, Jasper. Won't do any good bickering like children. I'm still thinking my, 'all at once,' idea is right, but can hardly pull four handles with only my two hands, hmm~"
Celst: "I would suggest getting out of here instead of killing each other."
Jasper: "W-well, you've got your tail too, but I can see your point."

The handles are fairly far apart though, it would be difficult for one person to do more than one.
No. 163616 ID: 1ac39d

true, but even if one person grabs a handle each it will be hard to coordinate when to go. but that's where the fifth person comes in, they lay down, clearly, when to pull the rings and count. such as 'when i say three, pull. not after i say three, WHEN i say three' they all pull.
the problem is, that could not be it at all and it's pull the rings in a certain order.
No. 163621 ID: 7524b0

With no true markings, and the rings all look the same, then what is there to tell us what order to pull the rings in?

Is there anything odd about the skeletons?
No. 163625 ID: 8d3380
File 127114220390.png - (130.17KB , 777x777 , BBQ506.png )

Nic: "Fine, let's get this over with."
Celst: "Wonder if there's anything I can do."
Epsilon: "Well. Could always try pulling the handle with something by proxy, like a bone. Plenty of them around."
Celst: "Where?"
Jasper: "Good point. Wonder if I could rig all of this together. Sorry Celst, there are a bunch of dead bodies in front of four handles. They're near the door we need to open."
Celst: "Seems I'm useless again then."
Jasper: "Hm... Yeah, doesn't look like we could set anything up. We'll probably just have to pull them.
Nic is getting impatient.
Nic: "Celst, you're not useless. Jasper and the rest of you, can we please just open the door?"
Jack: "So, all for my plan then?"
Jasper notices something on the wall.
No. 163635 ID: 6550ad

Nothing to do but to pull. Try not to get killed.
No. 163643 ID: 7524b0

The wall is worrying. Is there anything on the other walls?
No. 163730 ID: f4729b

I'm going to die laughing if they all pull at the same time and the wall falls over and crushes them.
No. 164425 ID: 8d3380
File 127130402679.png - (155.58KB , 777x777 , BBQ507.png )

Nic: "If it works, we move on, nothing lost. If we fail and die, nothing lost."
Jasper: "I'm up for it."
Jack: "Oh, there'd be plenty lost if you got killed, miss. Heh, but yes, let's do this."
Epsilon: "Y'know, the Labyrinth never made sense to me."
Nic flattens her ears and growls for a moment.
Epsilon: "You could just execute people. Instead they throw them in here and give them the possibility of escape."
Nic: "It's entertainment for the king. Escape only gives you the chance to fuck up and be sent back here."
Epsilon: "I don't see any cameras."
Jack: "Overconfidence is what it is, don't worry about it. They'll be wishing they just executed us once we get out o here. Mind handling the last door there?"
Jasper: "Hm. Here I was hoping someone had a redemption fetish. Other alternative is we're already dead, but I don't think the King has influence in the underworld."
Celst: "Why would I be dead?"
Nic: "Can we open the door already? Who cares."
Celst: "I don't."

There is nothing significant on the other walls.
No. 164490 ID: 8d3380
File 127131085474.png - (270.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ508.png )

Jasper: "Just need one more person on a handle."
Jack: "Not going to be useless today, my friend. Just give her a heavy tug on the count of three."
Nic: "You counting down?"
Jack: "One... Two...."
Epsilon: "Just pull the damn thing already."
Jack: "Three!"

With a loud noise, the stone door rumbles downwards, revealing another door, and a fifth pull-chain.

Jasper: "E-Epsilon, would you mind pulling that p-please?"
Jack: "What'd I tell you?"

Epsilon keeps hold of his ring and swings around hard, grasping the new chain with his teeth and pulling hard. The door begins to rumble again, opening the way through slowly.

Epsilon: "Can't do anything without me, huh?"
Celst: "I sure wasn't useless, there."
No. 164493 ID: 0b2a05

Celst you could help pull the ring... unless you aren't strong enough.

So are you guys going to commit regicide after this?
No. 164497 ID: b6f9a3
File 12713113389.jpg - (19.63KB , 460x299 , horatio.jpg )

maybe when they leave she will dish out some
No. 164499 ID: b6f9a3
File 127131137033.jpg - (21.70KB , 600x338 , horatio 2.jpg )

blind justice
No. 164546 ID: 183dc4

Pull the new ring with your staff, Celtz.
No. 164650 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127134876384.png - (82.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ509.png )

Epsilon: "Are we dead yet?"
Jack: "Nope, so let's get a walking."
Jasper: "Not yet, as far as I know."
Nic: "Sadly,no. Let's keep going."

Jasper checks the doorway for traps.

Jasper: "Stop."
Jack: "Red light? What's up?"
Jasper: "Spike trap there, Acid trap there, and another trap towards the middle, haven't figured out that one yet."
Celst: "So.. we're screwed?"

Jasper disables the spike and acid traps.

Jack: "Hmph, how boring, they could have at least put a puzzle to solve. Hmm."
Epsilon: "Fneh."
No. 164659 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127135372141.png - (204.24KB , 777x777 , BBQ510.png )

Jack looks into the room, Epsilon grabs some of the bones.

Epsilon: "Throw 'em, set the traps off, don't need to worry about 'em then."

Jasper approaches the middle of the room to check the middle trap, since he already disabled the other two. Epsilon finally realizes this.

Epsilon: "Or that."
Jasper: "It's a good call for some, Epsilon, but some of these traps can reset, and others... Well, I don't know for sure if there are others that affect entire rooms at a time. The folks who built this... unnh..."

Jasper collapses to the ground.

Jack: "Ehn, I'm thinking a lot of these are the resetting type anyway, way too much maintennance other wise. Any idea how--Crap!"
Celst: "Sounds like we're dead."
Nic: "No, just one of us, maybe."

Jack and Nic step forward to drag Jasper back to the group.
No. 164660 ID: 6550ad

Time to put that first aid skill into practice, Nic.
No. 164672 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127135764028.png - (244.80KB , 777x777 , BBQ511.png )

Epsilon: "Huh."

Celst sniffs around.

Epsilon: "Somethin' amiss? Besides the randomly passing out people."
Celst: "Epsilon. There's something that smells terrible in this room."

Epsilon sniffs under his arms.

Epsilon: "It ain't me."
Celst: "...I know. It's coming from somewhere ahead. I can also hear something, though very faint. It doesn't sound that inviting, however."
Epsilon: "Nothing so far in this place has sounded inviting, what are you talking about?"
Celst: "Plus, you smell much worse."
Epsilon: "Gee, thanks."
No. 164675 ID: 6550ad

There's a gas trap in the room or something, everybody is dying. Drag them the ones on the ground out of the room before it's too late.
No. 164701 ID: 0f8ef4
File 12713618932.png - (151.22KB , 777x777 , BBQ512.png )

Epsilon: "Nnh... Woah, well that was... weird."
Celst: "Something wrong?"
Epsilon: "Some kind of psi-field or something."
Celst: "Psi-field?"
Epsilon: "Like a dampening field. Makes your head all cloudy and then you're out like a light."
Celst: "Why am I am not affected?"
Epsilon: "Because you're not standing near the thing in the middle causing it."
Celst: "Oh. Well I suppose that's a good reason. Any ideas? Sounds like you might have thought of something."

Jack begins to stir.

Jack: ".. Neh.. Hmm, something's soft."
Epsilon: "Shut up and get over here. Bring Foxy with you, too."
No. 164733 ID: 7524b0

Just follow the edge of the room so nobody gets close enough to the thing to pass out.
No. 165167 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127142553819.png - (288.08KB , 777x777 , BBQ513.png )

Jack: "Ehn..?"
Epsilon: "Okay, everyone avoid the center of the room for the meanwhile."
Jack: "Yeah, roger that."
Nic: "Mrr."
Celst: "So.. What now, Epsilon?"
Epsilon: "Hell if I know."
Celst: "It's either do something or die, I guess."
Epsilon: "I solve problems with my fists, not thinkin'."
Jack: "Hmm hm.. Maybe there's another way around. Trap door, hidden panel, what have ya..."
Epsilon: "Probably have to deal with the thing in the middle first."

Nothing of significance is found by the robotic lizard looking around at the walls and et cetera.
No. 165188 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127143295796.png - (93.66KB , 777x777 , BBQ514.png )

Celst: "Guess you have to destroy that thing."

Epsilon throws a bone, which skips over and clatters around.

Epsilon: "...Well, I'm out of ideas!"
Celst: "Sounds like you suck at this."
Nic: "Hrm. Could we go up and over instead?"
Epsilon: "Considering there's no handle on that door over there, I'm pretty sure we have to deal with the thing there in the middle before we can go further."
Nic: "We could see if we could get lizard boy to stroll across the ceiling and hope that he'll collapse on top of the thing in the middle of the room."
Epsilon: "...That's a thought, and he's got that sword too. Stab it."
Nic: "Or we could just sacrifice him for the Greater Good."
No. 165190 ID: 717301

hmm, can we toss somebody over it? Who's the smallest...
No. 165200 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127143835479.png - (117.51KB , 777x777 , BBQ515.png )

Jack: "Ehn.. I think I'll save my heroic sacrifices for something more dramatic."
Epsilon: "Hey, No-Eyes. Think you could sniff out whatever it was you smelled earlier? Thought yer other senses get better when yer lackin' one of the others."

Jack tries to hold his breath and walk forward to the device, he receives interference and hops back quickly.

Jack: "well that ain't working. Hmm, her nose picked something up..? Think I missed that."
Epsilon: "Yeah, you guys were snoozing.'
Jack: "Hmph, and she says she's useless. Darling, you might be the handiest here. Got any idea where it's coming from?"
Celst: "The middle of the room, as I said before."
Jack: "Hm.. well, I already tried to sneak by it with the nose turned off. Didn't work so well. Hm.."
Epsilon: "It's psionic. I think. At least I'm a tad touch more sensitive to it than you all were."
Celst: "As for the smell, I can't exactly make it out, but I think it's probably a key to this."
Jasper: "Huh. Maybe it's a combination of psionic and gas?"
No. 165254 ID: 8d3380
File 127144966492.png - (356.89KB , 777x777 , BBQ516.png )

Jack: "..Well.. I felt nothing, but a whole lot of interference in the circuits when I tried to get close... but that's a good bet Jasper. Setup so no one gets off easy."
Jasper: "Try holding your breath or something, maybe."
Jack: "Well, let's try it the easy way first."

Jack charges up the blade with electricity and flings it towards the device. The throw is wide, and it crashes against the floor.

Jack: "Okay, we'll do the foxy lady's plan! Attack from above!"
Celst: "Or maybe you'll die. It would be quieter."

Jack electrifies himself and leaps off of the ceiling, straight into the device itself. There's a loud crack, and Jack doesn't move, but the door opens!"

Celst: "...Oops."
Nic: "Well, that was easier than planned."
No. 165255 ID: 0b2a05

...Is Jack dead?
No. 165257 ID: 6550ad

First aid would be a good idea now.
No. 165265 ID: a90d9d
File 127145117377.jpg - (131.46KB , 600x707 , 0aa80d9fdb342827aca2d9a461b36fe8.jpg )

Don't be silly. Volt Tackle just has a little recoil damage that's all! He'll be up again in a second!
No. 165287 ID: 7524b0

Now go sniff around, blind lady. Find the source of the smell.
No. 165724 ID: 8d3380
File 127153795534.png - (294.93KB , 777x777 , BBQ517.png )

Epsilon grabs Jack and drags him into the next room.

Jasper: "You guys mind waiting a moment?"
Nic: "Sure."
Celst: "I suppose."

Jasper and Nic start to try and work out how to dismantle some of the traps for their use in the future, but the doors begin to slowly close.

Jasper: "Goddammit."
Celst: "Where is everyone right now?"
Epsilon: "Oy, don't have time for dismantling shit now."

Nic reaches over and touches Celst's shoulder.

Nic: "I'm over here."
Epsilon: "Get in here or get trapped.
Celst: "Oh, hello."

Celst follows with Nic.
No. 166145 ID: 8d3380
File 127161004447.png - (166.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ518.png )

Jasper: "O-okay, I'll get in."

Jasper, Nic, and Celst enter into the new room. The snarling of a large beast is heard deeper in the room.

Epsilon: "Good, it was starting to get boring around here anyways."
Celst: "Oh boy, something that could maim or dismember us."

The beast slams its foot down, and growls. Nic raises her fists and swishes her fluffy tail.
No. 166163 ID: 8d3380
File 127161802772.png - (183.93KB , 777x777 , BBQ519.png )

Jasper steps forward and places the trap he made earlier.

Jasper: "Careful, folks. Trap right here."
Celst: "What? You?"

Jasper blushes.

Jasper: "Not right now. I set up a trap at this point in the room, don't step here."
Celst: "Oh. You sound nervous. Something wrong?"

Epsilon looks the beast over, readying himself for a fight.
No. 166203 ID: 8d3380
File 127162496635.png - (207.62KB , 777x777 , BBQ520.png )

Epsilon leaps towards the beast.
No. 166264 ID: 8d3380
File 127163022460.png - (217.97KB , 777x777 , BBQ521.png )

[ Vote Session ]


Celst, Jack, Nic, Epsilon, Jasper, and a Mystery Character, yet to be revealed!

The character voted for will be the character the audience directly controls. If the character in control dies, there will be another vote.

See you Tuesday.
No. 166266 ID: e6f8de

Jasper! :D
No. 166269 ID: ed0e3a



Robot lizard powers go!
No. 166270 ID: 6550ad

I'm gonna vote for Jasper too.
No. 166424 ID: 7524b0

Why don't we stick with Epsilon? Make sure he doesn't die, and all that.
No. 166432 ID: fddd61

Gonna have to vote for Nic. If there's anyone who needs a better chance at staying alive more than the rest, it's her, as with her first aid she can keep everyone else alive should they be injured.
No. 166956 ID: 2cbe3e

Mystery Character
No. 166963 ID: 497eff

I love a good mystery! Mystery character!
No. 167050 ID: 1f66ea

I'm gonna go with Mystery Character, no use messing with the pre-made characters' personalities, we can make this one our own.
No. 167311 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127177109580.png - (39.06KB , 777x777 , BBQ522.png )

[ Anyone can die. ]

You open your eyes slowly. You are alone, uncomfortable, and your arms are strapped up against your chest. It's very dark, and you feel very much like you are stuck in a box. How cliche/displeasing.

[ The Labyrinth ]
Full control is now over the character, this is a high lethality dungeon where criminals are sent to die. How long will you, or anyone, last in here? Enjoy hell.
No. 167319 ID: 889351

Kick the box, for it is a jerk.
No. 167320 ID: 3b6c92

Well that kinda sucks.

Can you feel around for anything that would help you get out of said box?
No. 167335 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127177922855.png - (64.54KB , 777x777 , BBQ523.png )

You feel around inside of the box. After getting a basic understanding of the space, you kick very hard into the box. Your hard kick breaks the box, and it caves in. Sand starts to flood inside, partially stunted by your foot in the hole.
No. 167336 ID: 2cbe3e


Headbutt the box hard.
No. 167338 ID: 288dda

How about "do we have any magic powers we should know about?"
No. 167340 ID: 7524b0

Struggle and try to remove the bonds on your arms, before trying to break the box anymore. If we're buried in sand we're gonna need to 'swim' out.
No. 167343 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127178268593.png - (80.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ524.png )

You smack your head up against the top, but all you accomplish is making your head hurt for the time being. Attempting it moved your foot so the sand is pouring in harder.

You have the ability to Dig and/or Mine. This is hindered by your arms being restrained.
No. 167344 ID: 6550ad

Try to get your arms free. Seems like you have spines in your back, so maybe you could try to move your arms over your head and cut the ropes with the spines. If they're ropes.

Then dig out.
No. 167349 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127178474975.png - (107.32KB , 777x777 , BBQ525.png )

You struggle and shuffle around to fight against the whatever it is tightly restraining your claws. You injure and weaken your arms, shoulders and hands, but you manage to break it open. You scream out in pain into the stale air.
No. 167350 ID: 6550ad

Break and dig your way out to freedom!
No. 167357 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127178729156.png - (126.69KB , 777x777 , BBQ526.png )

You force yourself out of the box, and struggle upwards through the sand. You grab a hold of a sturdy floor and pull yourself out of the sand, pushing your nose out first to gasp for air.
No. 167360 ID: 7524b0

Look around you. Just look around you. Have you worked out what we're looking for?

Correct. The answer is:

A way out.
No. 167361 ID: 3b6c92

Yeah, once you get all the way out of the sand, you should probably get your bearings.
No. 167381 ID: 0f8ef4
File 12717930014.png - (161.38KB , 777x777 , BBQ527.png )

You get out and take a deep breath, brushing most of the sand off of yourself.

Your name is Shula. You are a pangolin. You were a working class miner. The last thing you remember is protesting the heavy labor and low pay. The king sent soldiers to stop your peaceful protest, people were killed to try and stave the protest, it started a riot.

Here you are now.

You are in a dark, dirty room. There is a visible sand pit near your feet and two closed doors. Each door looks relatively plain. You can hear rumbling and voices to the south.
No. 167387 ID: e6f8de

>Dig South
No. 167389 ID: 6550ad

Go to the door to the south and try to listen to the voices.
No. 167392 ID: 7524b0


Get your spiny armored ass to the southern door and examine it briefly to check for traps before going through.
No. 167460 ID: d6cb21

Examine the door to the south

Also, can we get a readout of our capabilities?
No. 168503 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127196020942.png - (168.83KB , 777x777 , BBQ528.png )

You go towards the southern door. Which is great because it wasn't mentioned that the western and southern directions held doors.

The multiple voices get a little louder, even if soft whispers closer to the door.

You are lucky, because you treaded carefully, suspicious of possible traps. The floor starts to give way in front of the door, and your cautious pace prevents you from falling into whatever is hiding below.
No. 168506 ID: 6550ad

Ok, walk cautiously around the obvious trap and try to open ajar the door to peek who's in the other room.
No. 168507 ID: 2cbe3e


Bust all up in that room and be ready to agress or be viciously diplomatic.
No. 168523 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127196265488.png - (99.19KB , 777x777 , BBQ529.png )

You sneak around the trap, and try to open the door, but it is locked. There is an engraved message next to the handle. Two buttons are above the message.

"The button to the left opens this door. The right opens the other. Either choice locks the other. The left holds other criminals, untrustworthy just like you. Your quickest way to death. To your right is safety forever."

The voices are pretty distant. They are not in the next room. There seem to be several voices.

There's more rumbling.
No. 168534 ID: 6550ad

I don't see why you should trust what this place says, being full with fucking traps. Safe forever my ass.

Also even if the other guys are criminals, they probablt are in the same shitty situation like yours, so better their company than none.

Press the left button.
No. 168535 ID: 889351

'safe forever' in a place like this sounds like death.
No. 168536 ID: 3b6c92

Man is this like double reverse psychology or something? It's like if you take them at face value obviously you wanna hit the right button, but then again they might want you to hit the right button so then you have to hit the left button because the right button will actually be something bad, but maybe that's just what they want you to do, so you have to hit the right button, only--

Right, don't overthink this. I'm just gonna go with the left button.
No. 168628 ID: d6cb21

see if you cant remove the panel, there might be something else underneath it
No. 168669 ID: a85626

A criminal of the sorts they think you are would always choose safety forever. If they thought you capable of trusting others, they wouldn't have dumped you into this ...dump.

Priority mission #1: break the dungeon
No. 168765 ID: 8d3380
File 127199409690.png - (174.00KB , 777x777 , BBQ530.png )

You press the left button and you hear a lot of clicking, whirring, and some rumbling before the door snaps and clicks one last time, but loudly. The door partially swings outward. You touch the door, but don't enter. You hear a strange voice in the next room.

"Oh boy, something that could maim or dismember us."

It sounds like a very uncouth lady. This is not entirely attractive to you. You can also hear a much larger creature breathing loudly, and stamping around.

You have no means of removing the plate on the door, so checking underneath it isn't an easily viable option.
No. 168768 ID: 7524b0

Peek around the door and enter if the situation seems right.
No. 168769 ID: 701a19

Just go on through already.
No. 168770 ID: 3b6c92


Cautiously open the door and walk on in. Maybe peek in first.
No. 168827 ID: a85626

what are the walls made of? What about the door frames? What do you think it would take to get through them? They had to dig this place out in the first place, right?

...see any crystal balls? <.<
No. 169506 ID: ba3256

Peek around the door, but be ready to pull your head back if anything lunges at you.
No. 170510 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127230875464.png - (285.37KB , 777x777 , BBQ531.png )

You carefully poke your head in the door and look inside. The moment you look in, a Shadow is leaping towards a huge monster. The shadow lands and rips open three gashes in the thing's face. It attempts to bite him in response, but he gets out of the way, though not in a very dignified manner. It's more of a stumbling leap.

He rolls, and a lady with a ripped up dress and large big ears helps him upright.

"He's a big fucker, I'll give him that," The shadow states. "Well, let's kick his ass together, not by yourself, stupid." The lady who helped him up replies, seeming just as ready for a fight, despite the obvious uneven odds.

A bubble touched with glasses, and a pair of jeans is down at the floor, messing with something, "Get back!"

You notice a green robot in a heap against the wall. His head moving upright, and staring at you. Directly at you.
No. 170516 ID: 754d8d

They.. clearly have this situation under control right now. Entering the room mid-fight would only complicate things and distract them from a dangerous situation. leave the door open and step back a bit so you aren't collateral'd while still giving them an escape venue.
No. 170517 ID: 6550ad

Don't step in the room, looks like shit is pretty intense inside and you lack the fighting skills to face that giant thing.

Instead hold your arms up and wave at the green robot/lizard guy, trying to make sure he understands you aren't another monster or any menace.
No. 170538 ID: 3b6c92

Yeah, I'd say to hang back for a bit. The middle of a fight is a bad time to introduce yourself.
No. 170569 ID: 7524b0

Shoot the giant monster in the eye.
No. 170819 ID: a85626


Yeah, with the gun. That you have. Because miners use guns. :p Just hold back unless the shadow guy gets K.O.d because that's your best chance to help. And by help I mean get chewed on while everyone else beats the thing to a pulp.

I still want to know what you think of the walls of this room. Are they rock? Metal? Particle board? Are they hollow? How thick are they? What would it take to get through them?
No. 170824 ID: 7524b0

...oh goddamn it, that pickaxe looked like a crossbow to me this whole time.

Instead, try getting a hit on the big monster's leg. Or climb on top of it using your sharp claws to get a good hit on the head.
No. 170927 ID: 1fea9a

You still havent given us a full readout of your abilities yet. How are we supposed to determin a course of action if we dont know what you are capable of?
No. 170948 ID: 5f2683

The same way you participate in 80% of Quests.

Suggestion wise, watch the fight, and step in to help when the thing is almost dead already for MAXIMUM DRAMA OUTPUT.
No. 170949 ID: 476456

mining pick makes a handy weapon in a pinch
No. 171358 ID: 8d3380
File 127243277726.png - (296.04KB , 777x777 , BBQ532.png )

You decide to quietly pull the door back some, and peek, and listen for now. That monster is dangerous, and you don't feel it's safe to join the group of strangers.

The walls of this place are far more than adequate to defend against your ability to dig, but hopefully your skills will come in handy somewhere. You do not have any equipment, only your body, and your suspender like 'dress' if you want to get technical.

Since you aren't involving yourself, the events unfold in the next room.

The Shadow dashes back forward and gashes open the creature's leg. It roars in extreme pain.

The Robot gets up to his feet and takes a defensive pose with the blade from earlier. The monster swings its body and slams the shadow into the wall. The shadow slides down to the ground in critical condition. Long-ears goes forward to attack, but she trips and falls to the ground. Shirtless Bubble Touched leads it forward and it steps its left fore-claw into the trap. The Staff-Bearer begins to prepare a lightning bubble.

You begin to question your own capabilities, but surely you know what you can do for the most part. You're not that crazy.
No. 171359 ID: 7524b0

Use your big claws to slice it up! Your armored scales should let you take the punishment if it counter-attacks.
No. 171361 ID: 1ac39d

get on it's back and pretend it's dirt, then start digging.
No. 171362 ID: a85626


>> The walls of this place are far more than adequate to defend against your ability to dig,

Don't lose heart just yet. Someone like you built these walls. Someone like you can take them down. You might lose your life here. You might lose your very soul. But the more shit you can fuck up the harder of a time they'll have doing this to the next victims. Your best chance of getting out of here is to do like a Tozol and take the unexpected route.

Normally when exploring a dungeon you want to carefully disable the traps, not bash them apart, because you may need to re-enable them when you use the dungeon to defend yourself. This is not one of those dungeons. Break everything.
No. 171363 ID: a85626

Also now. Now is go time. Shadow is K.O. All that's left is a caster and a healer, and they both need time to do what they do best. That means they need a tank. Be the tank. You can do this.
No. 171382 ID: c57ac2
File 127243584969.jpg - (265.55KB , 648x936 , Come get some.jpg )

Uh oh Jack! That big hungry looking fellah is eying Nics butt, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that such a thing is far too important to loose!

Dash over there, wisk her out of the way of danger, and when he tries to Chomp down shove that big old blade in his mouth instead... maybe say something like "Got a SHARP taste to it huh big guy?" Or "Got something between your teeth there! Ha!" Or... maybe... or wait wait wait

We're suppose to be controlling the blue tough looking chick aren't we? Whoops... okay Hm.. well guess she can rush up and start trying to kick its ass. Seeing it ain't noticed you yet... go for one of the back legs, get it to look back, to make the shots easier for the folks in front.
No. 171390 ID: f21281
File 127243624219.jpg - (72.41KB , 429x404 , Eps.jpg )

*hackKAFF!* "Nhgh, you cannot kill me for I already walk freely among the dead!

Go for the eyes first, then the belly! The flesh is vulnerable there!"
No. 171685 ID: 8d3380
File 127252281660.png - (238.48KB , 777x777 , BBQ533.png )

[ I'm just going to use their names, the audience knows, even if your character does not. ]

The monster tries to bite down on Nic, but Jack nobly leaps forward and defends her with his weapon but doesn't make it in time to try and get a counterattack in. Epsilon slides down on the floor, unable to get up or past the shock yet. Nic tries to attack, but the monster ups its head into the strike and she stumbles back to the floor.

You sneak into the back of the room unnoticed by the monster at the very least. You slice open the back of the monster's leg.

Celst's lightning bubble crashes over the monster, dealing heavy shock damage to it.

Jasper persuades the monster into focusing on him alone, despite the rest of the group's actions.
No. 171690 ID: 7524b0

Make your way towards the rest of the group while attacking, and say hello.
No. 171691 ID: bc6c33
File 127252465243.jpg - (50.13KB , 960x540 , ep1_kamina_simon.jpg )

Hm! looks like that Jasper Kid's got a plan! Another trap I bet, best work together! Jack, being awesome, shall wait tell dinodumbo walks into it before bringing on the electric slashy vengeance.

Well.. unless it takes a swipe at one of the girls before then, priorities people, priorities. Gotta have ehm.

As for the blue tough chick uh...hm... digger right? How fast like? Think you can dig under the beastie to stab at the vulnerable stomach bits? If not: don't worry about it, keep up with what you're doing, tis cool.
No. 171718 ID: e6f8de
File 127253327899.gif - (54.18KB , 320x240 , smart dog.gif )

listen to the advice of the dumb black knocked out guy!
dig into its belly!
No. 171761 ID: 6550ad

Yeah, that sounds goo, dig into its belly approaching from its blind side, now that it's facing Jasper.
No. 171777 ID: 3b6c92

Whatever else you do, try and get out of the way of an unexpected muscle spasm of the leg. No sense getting kicked across the room.
No. 171788 ID: 288dda

Roll under the tail and try to take out the other hind leg. If you can cripple this thing then you should be safe to take it out at your leisure. You don't want it falling on you, after all.
No. 171954 ID: d6cb21

Quick, while its distracted, go for the underbelly!
No. 172050 ID: 8d3380
File 127261115823.png - (258.58KB , 777x777 , BBQ534.png )

You try to sneak under the underbelly, but you are tossed aside. Epsilon suddenly shoots up. Nic and Epsilon both climb up and gouge out its eyes almost in complete unison. That's when Jack carefully sidesteps and stances, following the monster's movement before slashing the blade into its neck.

Celst thwacks it in the trapped leg with her staff.

Jasper can't find anything to make traps, and seems frustrated.

"Be careful, although it can't see anymore, it's surely angrier." Jasper tries to warn the party.

"Finally, I'm no longer the only one that's blind, around. I can rest easier," states Celst.
No. 172054 ID: 7524b0

Get back in the fray! Attempt to disable its free front leg.
No. 172056 ID: 5eea01

Quick, roll up into a Morph Ball and lay bombs under the monster's soft belly! That has to be a weak spot!
No. 172059 ID: 288dda

Stay clear of the tail. Time is on your side, so for now you want to keep anyone from getting hurt.

Get in there and take out that other fore-limb!
No. 172068 ID: 6550ad

Claw the leg that is still intact. On your way there, claw any part of the monster exposed to you. And watch out for the tail.
No. 172206 ID: d6cb21

Have someone make alot of noise to ditract it, then the rest of you RIP AN' TEAR at its belly.
No. 172280 ID: 8d3380
File 127267888439.png - (389.62KB , 777x777 , BBQ535.png )

Jack practically roars, continuing to press the blade deeper into the creature's neck.

You begin to dash, but curl into a ball and roll underneath its belly. Epsilon hops down and dives underneath as well, the two of you gashing open its belly from below.

Nic unceremoniously climbs on top of its head and punches it.

Jasper sees the monster wildly striking around as finish your rolling slash attack, and he runs in and defends you from its back leg about to blindside you. He struggles heavily, strength not being his particular strong suit.

Celst pokes the monster's trapped leg with her staff. "Okay, you win, you're far more crippled than I am now."

It roars in extreme pain, but it's still struggling.
No. 172283 ID: 7524b0

Well, you know if you want to put him in more pain... there's always...
No. 172327 ID: 0b2a05

Top of the leg closest to you, attack the connective tissue to its torso!
No. 172341 ID: a85626

Oh by the way Shula, the good guy is actually the giant lizard and you're helping the dungeon monsters.

Just kidding!
No. 172393 ID: bc6c33
File 127269179884.jpg - (22.69KB , 275x275 , 43142m.jpg )

You know, logic would dictate this creature is no longer in any condition to survive, let alone fight. If you all back off you can simply let it bleed; putting it out of its misery after the last of its energy is spent.


Jack the whole Neck cutting things awesome but you're in easy swiping distance of that leg behind you. Slide on over to the opposite side, dragging the blade with you to leave a long gash across.

Shula? Yeah I'd get jumping back to help Jasper with that leg, boys half your size, and is going to be tossed if you don't tear it apart first.
No. 172501 ID: 4ec2da

>curl into a ball
We're samus?
No. 172504 ID: 6550ad
File 127273292434.jpg - (90.40KB , 604x453 , pangolin.jpg )


Even better, we're a pangolin, fuck yeah!
No. 172916 ID: 8d3380
File 127283053972.png - (410.93KB , 777x777 , BBQ536.png )

The monster attacks wild, and aimlessly, swinging and swiping around where it can. You, Jasper, and Epsilon attempt to evade the tail. Epsilon doesn't make it, and the tail causes his body to snap back limply, and he goes skidding across the floor.

The creature rears its head and it sends Nic through the air, cracking painfully against the ground. She is critically injured, but still alive.

Jack cleaves off the air near the head, while you slash through the hindleg. Celst climbs on top of the monster and bashes its head with the staff.

The monster continues to twitch and it swerves its body and head before crashing down, dead.

The party is silent.

Epsilon is motionless, he only bleeds.

[ Party member lost. (In advance, First Aid does not work on party members who are 'lost.' When it happens, their interface will be removed from the image, such as now.) ]
No. 172917 ID: 5f2683

No. 172918 ID: 1ac39d

NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND! drag him out of here.
No. 172919 ID: e75a2f

Take him with you and use him as trap detection.

Hurl his corpse at whatever looks like it might be dangerous.
No. 172921 ID: 1ac39d

i know! one of the girls, give epsilon a handful of boob. that should revive him.
No. 172922 ID: bc6c33
File 127283249113.jpg - (63.58KB , 640x480 , yuusha-oh-gaogaigar-26-cross-the-dimentions-g_pmkv.jpg )

Oh dear. I say 'damage report' would be a good idea! Jack show some authority,, and start dashing over to Nic to help her up. A quick yell to Jasper to keep an eye out for anymore traps.. last thing we need right now is one of those set off!

Blue girls on our side clearly, get a name out of her "Hey Spikes you got a name? How's Sharky doing?" a grim tone to your voice.Given she's closer no reason she can't check up on him. Multi-tasking! Jack saw him hit...but he can't really know his condition beyond 'down'.

A quick comment back to Celst helps too "Any more bastards heading our way or we in the clear?"
No. 172923 ID: 6550ad



First of all, check on Nic. Second, don't leave the poor Epsilon just there, we don't know if he's dead for sure.
No. 172924 ID: e6f8de
File 12728333533.jpg - (30.17KB , 588x226 , I cant wait to WHAT.jpg )


well crap

Help nic out before we lose another.
No. 173045 ID: 8d3380
File 127286218716.png - (283.04KB , 777x777 , BBQ537.png )

Jack and Jasper help Nic to sit at the wall. With some help she helps herself with her own injuries. It takes a few minutes, but she does a fine job. Except her mood, she is now extremely pissed, although she might be trying to hide that she's upset.

Celst remains on her mighty perch of the monster's head. The shadow's glow begins to fade, and he starts to lose some of his shape. That is what happens when a Shadow dies.

You haven't known the group long, but the Shadow and you worked together to do some damage to a common enemy despite his injuries, and that might be why he is dead.

Jack breaks the silence, "Hey spikes, you got a name?"

"Shula," you respond, quietly.

"Epsilon is a liar, I'm pretty sure he said something about not dying a while back. What a jerk." Celst states, listening to the room.

Jasper pouts a bit, and crosses his arms, "That's not a nice thing to say, he might not have been very nice, but he certainly helped us get this far."

"Just shut up, none of this shit will bring him back, we need to just go or die. You knew this could happen, it could and might still be you soon." Nic rubs her neck and growls.

Jack looks around some more, "Any more bastards heading our way or are we in the clear?"

"I don't hear anything," Celst says.

The door the party entered is closed shut, the room Shula came from is still open to the north. Some rumbling can be heard from in that room.
No. 173047 ID: 476456

poke him with a stick
No. 173048 ID: e75a2f

Dip your fingers in Epsilon's melting corpse and paint your face with it.
No. 173050 ID: e6f8de
File 127286284169.jpg - (20.66KB , 464x371 , Time paradox.jpg )

ey uh... guide them into the room you came from when they are ready I suppose.
No. 173056 ID: a594b9

uh... yeah let's just do this.
No. 173058 ID: 3b6c92

Sounds like as good of an idea as any.
No. 173062 ID: bc6c33
File 127286837185.jpg - (26.86KB , 640x498 , 1211976471509_jpg_[roflposters_com]_myspace.jpg )

Ah damn shame. That guy was pretty awesome too! Better get everyone's minds off it though....We'll be dead, when we're dead:Not when you decide you are, we must have hope!

Best give Nic some space. Jacks over-confident, but there are lines! Scary!

Lets get the rest of the introductions out for Shula. We're getting out of here, be sure to invite her along in a confident, but serious manner.

Next turn to Jasper, ask if he could turn any of that monsters Claws, or teeth into traps,or weapons we could use. If yes... help him cut out the bones he needs, maybe use some electric zaps to cook up some monster-steaks if anybody wants ehm.
No. 173063 ID: 476456

or scoop him into a cup
No. 173065 ID: 0b2a05

Roll around in epsilon. If he can come back from the dead, he might be able to somehow coalesce. He did say something about not dying. Help out nic.
No. 173069 ID: 701a19

No, a bucket. You are required to take him with you.
No. 173105 ID: 275a5d


Epsilon died? Been a while since I read BB, but SOMEONE is going to be fucking pissed]
No. 173127 ID: 476456

Oh oh, have uh.. jasper stick his hand in epsilon, maybe he can wear him like venom.
No. 173177 ID: 1ac39d

pour monster blood on him.
No. 173184 ID: 6550ad

Guise, this is all pretty gross and I doubt it's going to help bringing Epsilon back to life in any way o_o
No. 173210 ID: d6cb21

Well, Epsilon IS undead, so maybe he just needs time to recover. I say we take him with us, on the chance that he recovers.
No. 173211 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127291600442.png - (294.64KB , 777x777 , BBQ538.png )

You are by no means interested in playing around in Epsilon's remains. That is extremely nasty. You may be used to getting dirty, but undead gore is past your limits.

You inform the group of the room to the north that you came from, and the trap there.

Jack has an idea to make traps and cook some food with the monster's remains. Most of the party is hungry, so they decide to take a break.

Jack electrifies chunks of monster meat.

Jasper fails to make Meat Candy.

Jasper begins to make weapons and traps from the bones, but he is extremely sad.

Nic mopes in the corner.

Celst wanders off on her own.

"We should try to get out of here, for Epsilon. Keep our spirits up." Jack says, offering the meat to you.

Epsilon's 'blood,' and form disappears. Fading like a shadow. The monster's blood however, doesn't do the same thing. It just lays there, being used for multiple purposes.
No. 173215 ID: a594b9

Accept some of the meat if you're hungry, but also, make sure Celst isn't getting herself killed.
No. 173220 ID: 6550ad

Have some food, but better not to hang around for too long.
No. 173222 ID: a85626

Check the monster's teeth. How sturdy are they? Do you think you could use them as some kind of pick or wedge? It's time to go through the walls.
No. 173242 ID: d6cb21

>Epsilon's 'blood,' and form disappears. Fading like a shadow.
No. 173263 ID: 1ac39d

ha, no i don't think he is dead. his body was only destroyed.
No. 173340 ID: 476456


My god he's become more powerful than you could possible imagine.
No. 173375 ID: 8d3380
File 127296127180.png - (256.53KB , 777x777 , BBQ539.png )

You take some of the meat. It's probably been days since you've all eaten. You begin to chew and keep an eye on Celst, but she's going towards the door to the next room. You scurry over while still nibbling at your food.

"Miss, that door is a pit trap if you go straight in, be careful."

She isn't moving, she's just leaning against the wall.

Jasper has made two extra bone weapons. Since Jack has one, Shula has her claws, and Celst has her stave, Nic gets the knife, and Jasper will take the cane. Jasper also has a new trap to use. In terms of damaging the wall, the chances are slim to none. That monster was starving. It was attacking to eat. It was extremely strong and couldn't damage the wall to get out, it's not likely that its bones or teeth will do anything different. This place was made to contain far more than the criminals put inside of it.

You get closer to Celst, "Please don't go in there by yourself, let's all go in there together so there's less risk." You notice now that she is pouring tears down her cheeks.

"We survived days before any of the rest of you were sent inside. I want to get out of here, but I wanted to get out of here with Epsilon."
No. 173380 ID: 476456

Well I'm sure he would have rather died than you.
No. 173381 ID: 1ac39d

hugs. and 'don't even think about killing yourself, if you are going to die then do it the right way, by fighting until you run out of fight.'
No. 173385 ID: 6550ad

Yes, hug. And tell her that you're all going to get out of here. For Epsilon.
No. 173412 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127298462296.png - (268.22KB , 777x777 , BBQ540.png )

You give Celst a hug. "We're going to get out of here. I'm sure Epsilon would be happy he died rather than you."

Celst is quiet for a little bit, the flow of tears slowing down near to a stop. She recomposes herself and just starts talking. The rest of the party gathers their things and comes nearer.

"In those days (before you all started to file in and we got out of that room), it was boring. Very boring but we talked a lot. Epsilon was a detective from around the country of Rotarm. He was hired by someone to investigate a disappearance, so he came to the islands.

Unfortunately he is good at his job. From what he told me, the person who did the crime happened to directly work for the king. They murdered his friends and the family he had here. He killed one of the officers and was thrown in here for murder.

One of the criminals we were placed in here with was a Puppet who Epsilon arrested. Then he saved me from the others trying to take advantage of me. He was very bitter, and of the folks you missed, only one of the people he killed might not have deserved it, but I didn't see the whole situation.

Whereas me, I was bumped into by a royal guard and I let loose a lightning bubble. It started a fire and I was put in here for Arson. Great, right?"

She wipes her face and laughs, and hops over the pit trap into the next room. "I don't care about you guys, but I'm sad he's gone, and angry he left me behind."
No. 173413 ID: bc6c33
File 127298633118.jpg - (129.31KB , 427x500 , 740149-art36.jpg )

-Damn- Had no idea Epsilon was such a stand up guy, grouchy sure, but sounds to me he was a man with HEART.

*clenches his fist* This king, and his so called justice.....

... no.. no words on that now. Someone as Awesome as Jack knows when to save his rage to carve corrupt royalties hide! He may not be Epsilon but he shall defend them all!

With everyone fed, and the weapons made, get to following Celst, avoiding the trap, and giving a nod to Jaspers.. he knows his job here, no need to tell him it.

Lets... make sure Nic is following too...maybe with some reassuring words. Maybe a thanks to this Shula girl... and find out what the next room is about.

Will.... try not to make direct suggestions for Shula now. I've got Jack to control, Shula belongs to the players~
No. 173417 ID: a594b9

Alright then. Let's move into the room. Jasper should check for traps in the rest of the room we didn't mess with.

I wonder if we can salvage anything from that box we started in?
No. 173431 ID: a85626

Before you leave the room, how did they get the monster into it? Is there any giant sliding panels leading to some kind of monster corral? Did they just build the maze around it? How would they keep the monster from attacking them while doing so?

If they teleported the monster, and you can figure out how they did it, then you can teleport right back out of this crappy maze. I don't recommend doing that though, as it would interfere with your goal to cause so much property damage that they be unable to utilize this labyrinth in the future.
No. 173432 ID: 6550ad

Pat Celst on the back and let's continue. Yes, ask Jasper to check for traps in the next room, and tell him abou the spike trap, the buttons and the message in the wall.

Everybody take defensive positions before opening the other door (unless you find a secret door or something else)
No. 173565 ID: 8d3380
File 127303439418.png - (210.77KB , 777x777 , BBQ541.png )

You and the group carefully step into the room in which you woke up in. Beyond the brand new open door on the east side, nothing has changed. There's a door to the west, and the pit in the center.

You show Jasper around the room, the old door, and tell him about the pit. However, you don't know what he can do with wood and sand.

"The west door is sealed shut, and it was trapped. Can't disable it from out here, and opening it would have activated it. The east door isn't trapped."

You hear Jack talking softly with Nic, as they step into the room together. She still seems in a poor mood, but at least she's keeping with your party.

Celst stands near the opened door, and just waits, "I can hear waves."

Almost everything in the place is sent in with a one way teleporter, and it is maintennanced by, from what you have heard, artifact creatures or golems. The creators and current owners of this place definitely knew what they were doing. Even if it was not originally created as a death trap.
No. 173576 ID: a594b9

Looks like the way we go is East. Jasper checks for traps in the room before anyone does anything, as is the usual protocol.
No. 173592 ID: 49971e
File 127303795178.png - (177.35KB , 483x394 , jaspermeatcandy.png )

Sounds reasonable. Trap searching is always good, if only I could make candy out of sand and wood. It's really too bad I missed my chance to make meat candy!

Delicious meat candy.
No. 173593 ID: a85626


Oh, interesting. If the labyrinth was not originally created as a death trap, then we might be able to find and restore its original function, and turn the tables from within... new plan then. Instead of just destroying every room you see, try to figure out what's behind the traps, secrets not quite sealed off.
No. 173594 ID: a85626


I guess destroying the traps, walls, floors, etc would also reveal any secrets they had been hiding. So continue with operation property damage, but also see if you can find parts of the dungeon that aren't trying to kill you.
No. 173796 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127307980556.png - (233.89KB , 777x777 , BBQ542.png )

Jasper cannot check for traps right now. He already checked the door. He can try again when his Trapping ability isn't faded out. (Same for all characters' abilities.

However, the room adjacent is examined. It is an extremely long room. There is a thin beam connecting the entrance to the door in, and another door on the far side of the room. There's a path to another door in the middle without beam or path in.

Below the beam, and the doorways the room is filled with an unknown fluid. It appears to be a deep pool. There is space between the highest rise of the fluid and the height of the doors and beam itself.
No. 173800 ID: 4ec2da

Check to see if it is corrosive or acidic. THen check to see if any aquatic predators are in the liquid.

In fact, do both at once.
No. 173804 ID: 6550ad


Do this, poking the water with one of the long bones.

But anyways, seems like there's only one thing to do and it's to crawl over the pat and try not to fall.

Except for Jack, the lucky bastard can walk over the walls/ceiling.
No. 173856 ID: a594b9

If we're worried about stuff being in the water, Jack can just electrify it.

Considering there's space under the walkway everyone could just wrap their arms and legs around it for maximum grip.
No. 173867 ID: 476456

have people pair up and go fairly close to eachother, so if one starts to teeter the other can try and help, also crawl across to reduce the likelyhood of falling and increase the ability to catch yourself.
No. 174080 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127316341620.png - (323.35KB , 777x777 , BBQ543.png )

Jack reaches down carefully and pokes his blade into the fluid. The blade is heard freezing up before it shatters violently outward.

The group decides to group up and carefully crawl along the thin pathway. Shula and Celst move together with extreme care. Jack stays by himself just in case.

Nic and Jasper make it a ways before Nic's clumsiness comes back to light at the worst possible moment. She slips and starts to topple off of the beam. Jasper reacts and tries to grab her leg to save her. Jack rapidly moves across the beam to catch Jasper's leg as he starts to fall off after Nic.

The King has disrupted many lives, and families. Nic's family sold her to the King because they were poor.

As she grew up, she used information and extorted information against the King. She was working for a revolution, however she was caught in the act.

"Jasper, let go now or you're going to die!" Jack yells at Jasper, trying to pull him back up before he too splashed into the pool. Jack just barely yanks him up to the beam.

Nic is heard freezing up, and crackling. Her body explodes.

Jasper screams.

The group slowly crawls towards the door to the next room.

[ Party member lost. ]
No. 174084 ID: 0b2a05

Everyone tell eachother why you're in here. Now.
No. 174085 ID: 1ac39d

No. 174091 ID: bc6c33
File 127316659325.jpg - (50.62KB , 300x418 , 6a00d83452033569e200e54f4bc9288834-800wi.jpg )

"...couldn't save both... dammit..... Damn you Monster! Are you entertained now?! Is this what brings pleasure to the king of men?!"

His story is not dramatic:Just a simple man, sick of the corruption above, standing up to fight it! They called him a maverick.. a mad man.. but he fought off countless foes in his crusade! He was unstoppable!

... well... okay.. up until that one Blue kid, and his cheap as ass Ice-power. Fuck that guy! Got all his upgrades taken away, and thrown into this pit.

And no, I'm not talking about that one armed guy. But he's a pretty awesome dude.

But...Jack is in no state of mind to tell the others such a tale now....They've got to get to the other door! There's nothing they can do for her now.... "Turn that fear into strength, and move!" Gotta Snap Jaspers out of it.. need that brain of his to check for traps or we're risking loosing a third, and Jack won't have that!
No. 174096 ID: a594b9

Be careful when entering the next room. Stick something into the door ahead of you to check for motion-sensing traps, then watch the floor for pressure plates.
No. 174111 ID: e973f4

Alright, so it looks like we've got maybe fifteen frames tops until you're all dead. Maybe less.

... Good luck!

Anyway, (cautiously) go into the next room, I guess. Not like you've got much of a choice, really.
No. 174210 ID: 8d3380
File 127319074383.png - (115.49KB , 777x777 , BBQ544.png )

You enter the next room.

The room appears to be little more than two open doors with platforms, and a deep pit. This is a hassle for everyone except Jack.

Jack consoles Jasper some. There do not appear to be any traps in the doorway, or in the room beyond the obvious danger of falling.
No. 174214 ID: eb6d46

good job, insomnia, I'm too terrified to post.

uhm, don't send jack over, yet. there may be traps hidden on the other platform.
No. 174259 ID: 0fc814

Make a rope out of clothes, have Jack string it across, then shimmy to the other side.
No. 174265 ID: 8c0848

This is good. Do this.
No. 174267 ID: a594b9

Look for an invisible bridge. Is there any sand or dirt around you can throw?
No. 174347 ID: 8d3380
File 127320224672.png - (197.65KB , 777x777 , BBQ545.png )

There is a distinct moment of silence before you speak up. You suggest everyone strips off their clothes to make a rope for Jack.

Jack really likes this idea.

You are the last one to take off your clothing to add it to the rope. Jack ties it around himself and crawls around to the other door. The 'slack' of the 'rope' rises in strange places, suggesting an unseen path.

You collect some dust and dirt and throw it. Most of it falls down for an extended period of time, but what doesn't fall down settles strangely in midair. Some of it surrounding the 'rope.'
No. 174350 ID: a594b9

Alright, let's find the entire bridge then traverse it one by one while holding the rope for safety.
No. 174352 ID: 5f2683

No. 174353 ID: 0fc814

Try to advance on the invisible platforms using the clothes as a makeshift safety rope for if/when they fall away.

If there's no way to stay on the platforms, shimmy along the rope as best as can be managed.
No. 174354 ID: e6f8de
File 127320253044.jpg - (64.04KB , 750x600 , peep show.jpg )

this seems like a place for Celst to shine, but see if you can make some more of the path become visible first. Also reclaim your clothes... after giving us a better look at the group.
No. 174377 ID: f21281

Grab sand from previous room.

Use sand to reveal hidden path.
No. 174390 ID: eb6d46


you are suggesting traversing the DEATH BRIDGE?

two people failed their save or dies, jack was just being a badass and saved the FUCK out of jasper.

no no no, absolutely no way can we risk more party members. we need a safe alternative to ANY situation. one I can not think of now.
No. 174394 ID: a594b9

Jack can traverse that room in complete safety, right? He could even take a look into that room we had to pass up.
No. 174395 ID: f21281

I'm half-awake right now, sh'up >:(
No. 174549 ID: bc6c33
File 127322512275.jpg - (82.59KB , 800x504 , poster-hell-yes-800.jpg )

This king... this monster...this tyrant! When I escape here nothing will stop me from removing his worthless head! His crimes can no longer be ignored! I will be the shining light of just....
BOOBIES! HELL YES! What was I talking about? Sure, sure, Jack will go along with whatever plans you girls have! He's a master class acrobat don't you know (That's what his icon is) along with his wall-cling means this place is a cakewalk!

But yeah.. this does seem like an area for Celst to shine in...she should be able to 'hear' where the brea..BRIDGE is.. or something. of course the king could be a total douche, and those 'invisible' bridges might give way the moment you stand on them. So be careful guys!

Oh, and um.. well he's sort of weak against ice though.. so even if the tiniest bit of him touches that freezing water..... yeah.

Jack much prefers things hot~
No. 174592 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127324248176.png - (227.39KB , 777x777 , BBQ546.png )

"Celst, please listen carefully while we walk." You ask, sprinkling more rubble around while you walk with her.

"Cool, so you're saying I could play a practical joke and get us all killed?" Celst quips.

"Please don't," you squeak.

The three of you make it around on the revealed path all the way to Jack. You immediately untangle the clothing and dress. You hand Celst her clothes but she reclines against the wall.

Jasper practically pounces Jack, not bothering with his pants.

Jack was probably hoping for this action, but from something with a larger cup size.

Celst stands there for a good while before stating, "Could someone help me dress, these tattered rags aren't very easy to put on."
No. 174593 ID: 6550ad

Proceed to help her before Jack volunteers for the task.

Then take a *cautious* look around. Also tell Jasper to puts his pants on already.
No. 174604 ID: a594b9

Inconspicuously ogle whichever gender you prefer, Shula.

Jasper should check for traps now that he has that ability. You know, in the next room.
No. 174707 ID: eb6d46

check for traps no less than four times. and grues. and save or dies. and large crab demons. and lightning runes. and fake walls that are actually made of spiders.
No. 174770 ID: d6cb21

Speaking of which, what gender DO you prefer, Shula?
No. 174966 ID: 476456

Help her put them on upside down.
No. 175040 ID: 754d8d

Make sure those idiot boys don't go making out over the edge of the platform.

Then help Celst dress.
No. 175166 ID: 49971e
File 127336074060.png - (47.27KB , 217x205 , jasperblush.png )

Sorry about that, Jack. I'm... just going through a lot of turmoil.

I can help Celst put on her clothes if nobody else would prefer to, and checking for traps does seem like a good idea.

...I'd kind of like something more comfortable than pants right now, but I guess I should focus more on working with everyone to get out.
No. 175219 ID: 110e9f

I can assure you that I am not a trap, Jasper. If you were so inquiring.
No. 175228 ID: 49971e

Er... Not you, of course. I meant those to be separate ideas.
No. 175234 ID: 110e9f

Sometimes it's hard to tell with you. In any case, how about helping me out and worrying about who is what later?
No. 175733 ID: 8d3380
File 127347049199.png - (287.29KB , 777x777 , BBQ547.png )

Jack leans down to check for traps, and examine the next room.

"I can assure you, that I am not a trap, Jasper. If you were so inquiring." Celst remarks, as you begin to help dress the yellow scaled bubble touched.

"Er... not you, of course. I meant those to be separate ideas." Jasper responds. In the meantime Jasper informs you, and the others that he can't go far enough to fully check the room because there's a laser trip wire. The flooring of the room is not made of the same material as most of the structure, and there are more lasers which Jasper can barely spot from here.

"Sometimes it's hard to tell with you." Celst teases Jasper.

You finish dressing up Celst and decide to wait. "Thanks," Celst says to you and she takes her staff back up.

You seem to be having rather unnecessary amounts of thoughts about what gender you prefer sexually. That's really weird, you should already know, shouldn't you? You love men, but you're with a blind lady, a gay, and a robot. You can worry about that when you're out of this place.
No. 175741 ID: e6f8de
File 127347177455.gif - (0.99MB , 464x350 , yea om nom nom.gif )

where are the lasers relative to the ground? Is it easily step-over-able?
No. 175742 ID: 754d8d

Laser wires mean technology. Even if it's grounded, a shock of lightning could very well screw over that part of whatever trap it is.. Though its a mystery as to if this will disable the trap, or spring it.
No. 175752 ID: 49971e

Hm... This sounds pretty reasonable! Let me think for a bit, dig into my knowledge of [traps] and try to figure out if, normally, a laser tripwire trap would be deactivated safely with a short circuit due to a burst of electricity.
No. 175758 ID: 110e9f

Even if it is possible, how will we know for a fact that it won't fry us to death or the trap will slice us to pieces as a side effect, Jasper? Aside from that, I haven't tried to short circuit machinery before.. Intentionally anyway. Though, I don't suppose trying will be any worse than dying. Oh.. Wait..
No. 175766 ID: 110e9f

Jack, I just had a thought. Can you look on the ceiling and walls in this room for anything remotely like a switch for the lasers in the next room?
No. 175826 ID: 6550ad

You could also see if the lasers are the traps themselves or if they only trigger them. If the lightning doesn't work, you could toss one of the bones at the lasers and see what happens.
No. 175829 ID: d8f696
File 127349532360.jpg - (104.30KB , 225x350 , winry_rockbell.jpg )

'Love men'? There's a man right here! "a robot she says" Bah! Girl has no imagination, doesn't she know Jack is fully compatible? *sigh* But Jack's no mind reader so she won't be corrected.

Also a sorry for Jasper, Jacks like a 1 on the scale at best: "The internal components are for the ladies! Or the workshop.... twice so if you combine the two ;)"

Or, wait, what were we talking about? Oh right! Lasers? Ha EASY, just WATCH this wall-crawler wiggle his way past them... [Overconfident flaw oh-no-Jack-Dies].

Or.. would if he wasn't extremely good at this sort of thing... but bad rolls happen to the best of us....and knowing our luck the floor looks strange because it's slippery. Ceilings included.

(After he's already gone) But....uh... what was this about shocking ehm again? Oh well.. at least he gets a better view of the room...
No. 175968 ID: eb6d46


jack, marry me. you are the best person ever.
No. 176091 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127358319554.png - (327.84KB , 777x777 , BBQ548.png )

The lasers are not stationary. Jack examines it, and Celst needs some direction in order to try zapping the shit out of something with her bubble. Jack volunteers to maneuver through the scene, and also give Celst direction. Teamwork!

Jack flips in and zips through the room without much trouble. He avoids the lasers and finds the main box directing the lasers around.

He calls for Celst to zip the bubble over, and she does as best as she can. Jack charges himself with some electricity and uses his broken blade to stab the weapon through the bubble and direct it all into the box.

The box is destroyed, and the lasers around the room fade out as the system shuts off.

Jack smiles wide, proud. He starts to give a thumbs up to the group, however, the systems did take a moment to shut down and the defensive system thanks Jack by sharing its bullets with him.

Although it doesn't hit him dead on, Jack is now missing a thumbs up and part of his arm.
No. 176097 ID: a594b9


Well Jack's still got one working hand, right? He can still fight and stuff. Ask if he's okay and if that can be fixed when we get out.
No. 176099 ID: 204b9a


Oops! Wait a moment before going in the room, just in case there's any other mechanism about to trigger. Then examine the room carefully, looking for anything of interest, and exits.

Also comfort Jack and compliment his heroic (yet suicidal) action.
No. 176112 ID: d8f696
File 127359511839.jpg - (18.55KB , 400x300 , evil-dead-2-crazy-ash-272.jpg )

Oh dear. Cue some manic laughter from Jack. OHHH the security system thinks it's so smart, one last shot after all the lasers are already gone! Thinks it got the last laugh....


Man.. some apple pie would be great right about now....

Though this insane ranting has given Jack an idea...Jasper's pretty handy with tools n' junk, maybe he can whip up something to attach a weapon to the broken arm? Or... maybe lesson the damage a bit.. I dunno..bit out of his field I guess.

Plenty of materials here, not to mention those bullets had to come from something.. fire-arms would be very handy.

Anyway lets not rush into anything here, look around the room, what are we seeing here? New exits any?
No. 176113 ID: d8f696

Coated in oil, with little watch battery sprinkles nom nom nom <3~
No. 176170 ID: 06026b

Attach blade to severed arm. Obtain ARM BLADE.

Become even more badass.
No. 176177 ID: 889351
File 127360839175.jpg - (5.77MB , 3200x2400 , spyglass.jpg )

Honestly, having two hands is overrated. Just shock anything threatening.
Unless you can steal a gun, of course.

Shula, can you see the next snare yet?
No. 176182 ID: f21281
File 127360862052.jpg - (290.65KB , 640x612 , Francis.jpg )

"Whew, good thing I'm indestructible."
No. 176405 ID: 49971e

Aww, J-Jack! I'm glad you're alive, at least. Just hold up, I'll try to dismantle some of these traps for parts, then I'll see if I can't do anything for your arm.

You do have to have -some- engineering expertise to specialize in traps, you know. I'm sure I could think of something!
No. 176522 ID: 8d3380
File 12737014666.png - (295.15KB , 777x777 , BBQ549.png )

The room is safe and sound, after some cautious examination. Jack sits on the destroyed box and thinks to himself, giving off soft chuckles time to time, seeming to be lost in his own world. He doesn't seem to bothered about his injury to your knowledge. At least he's okay, you think.

"It'll be okay, Jack," you say trying to comfort him.

Jasper cannot use his trapping abilities currently, his mind and fingers aren't ready to do it extensively yet. However you do check for where the turrets were that shot Jack. There are a few of these turret spots spaced out around the room. However they are embedded in the wall, and locked by three plates of the wall. Since they are disabled, they are very inaccessible.

"Aww, J-Jack! I'm glad you're alive at least. Just hold up, I'll try and dismantle something for parts, and I'll see if I can do something with your arm soon." Jasper stutters to the lizard.

You wait quietly, and patiently with your arms crossed over your frontside. Waiting. Jack's soft chuckles erupt into roaring laughter. Jack throws his fist and jagged stump up into the air and begins what could be considered a rant.

"Oh, the security system thinks it's so smart, one last shot after all the lasers are already gone! Thinks it got the last laugh?

Well screw you! Jack is awesome! YOu're dead! When he gets out of here he'll get a better arm, with a chainsaw! A big one, and after he bangs the hot engineer chick who installed it, he'll go carve up the King's face! How about them apples?!...

Man, some apple pie would be great about now.


Sure, Jasper, when you're ready to make me a replacement arm, have at it!"

The door to the next room is nearby. The floor is back to normal if you enter, and it seems to be a very plain cube of a room.
No. 176524 ID: 6550ad

I guess there's nothing else to do now but to check the next room. Carefully.
No. 176525 ID: d6cb21

Well, is there anything IN the room? If not, leave.
No. 176620 ID: 8d3380
File 127372039549.png - (124.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ550.png )

Jasper examines the new room. The only door is straight ahead. The entire room is empty. You can't see anything but the sealed door.
No. 176621 ID: 099247

Well this is obviously a trap. Roll up a shirt into a ball and then roll said ball to the door at the other end.
No. 176622 ID: f21281

Recover spent boolets from previous trap.

Toss along floor to attempt to trigger traps.
No. 176623 ID: e31d52

This is clearly the most sensible action.
No. 176639 ID: 476456

use pants if shirt doesnt trigger anything
No. 176674 ID: f1920c

Hm, I think I might be able to look for traps more extensively now, if Jack doesn't mind waiting a little bit.

While I'm all for tossing my pants into the next room, clothes can be useful for certain things, and I don't want them to be lost in a trap room! Besides, the only person I'm at all interested could be considered naked, and I'd assume he prefers women, judging by his gazes earlier at, um.... at Nic.

D-damn it, I made myself sad again.
No. 176679 ID: f1920c

Though, I guess if you guys insist, I can't really argue too much. Two heads are better than one after all, I can't doubt others' judgment too much.
No. 176722 ID: 6550ad

Try to Detect Traps before trying to do weird stuff to trigger them.
No. 176754 ID: 110e9f

It all depends on whose heads and where they are located, Jasper. As for using my clothing to disarm a trap.. I'd rather not disrobe again.
No. 176755 ID: a594b9

Yes, let's actually use Detect Traps, eh?
No. 176794 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127377208818.png - (146.38KB , 777x777 , BBQ551.png )

You let Jasper do his best to examine the doorway and entrance for traps.

"Uhm. This door is set up to close permanently, so if anyone lags behind at all, they will be stuck in this room or at least left behind. I can't spot what triggers it, though."

"We could try tossing our clothes in to trigger it," You suggest.

Jack likes this idea.

"As for using my clothing to disarm a trap, I'd rather not disrobe again." Celst answers.
No. 176805 ID: a594b9

The only other place we can go right now is that door that we couldn't reach in the frostwater room.

...perhaps someone should make a map of where we've been so far.
No. 176809 ID: 754d8d

Another thought: Have Celst drop a lightning bubble down into the 'bottomless' pit room. It could conceivably hide another route. Hell, there could be invisible STAIRS.
No. 176816 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127377495876.png - (125.67KB , 777x777 , BBQ552.png )

If there's a place you gotta go,
I'm the one you need to know.

Check mark: Party's current location
Circle: Character's original location.
X: Character's final location.
Arrow: Where party went through doors to get to current position.
No. 176820 ID: a594b9

I say we should just go in.

That ? room from before is a dead end. We don't need supplies, so there's no reason to visit it.
No. 176822 ID: 6550ad

Hmm, I guess that Celtz could throw a lightning bubble inside, yeah. There's risk of triggering the door, but better that than rushing blindly inside and trigger every trap possible.

So yeah, she throws a lightning bubble inside, more or less in front of the door. Nobody enter the next room until we see what happens.
No. 176829 ID: 110e9f
File 127377635726.jpg - (105.99KB , 799x706 , Celst1.jpg )

"This seems like a decent idea. Too bad I'm blind."
No. 176978 ID: 476456

No. 176982 ID: 716eb0

unless the difficult to reach ? room includes STAIRS or something. If Jack is overconfident enough, he could check it out (and then die) before everybody goes through the one way door.
No. 177106 ID: 8d3380
File 127382098065.png - (322.61KB , 777x777 , BBQ553.png )

You help Celst to the door. The group considers going back, but decides against it. Celst casts a lightning bubble into the room. It doesn't trigger anything, and the door doesn't even react.

"Doesn't sound like it did anything good, and I don't think anybody died. What a massive waste of time." Celst comments.
No. 177116 ID: 6550ad

Oh well. Time to everybody rush inside. Jack can pass without touching the floor, and he can wait stuck on the wall over the door at the other side in case the door starts to close and anybody needs a hand.
No. 177203 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127385166646.png - (257.44KB , 777x777 , BBQ554.png )

You all leap into the room dramatically, as the door slams down behind you. Except Celst, her leap is not well executed, and her pose is not in tandem with everyone else. Everyone makes it without a scratch. Although Celst fumbles around for her landing, but you help her steady.

As the door slams shut, a short column spirals up out of the floor, containing a glossy message, and some manner of sensor underneath to input the answer to the riddle it contains.

The riddle reads:
I can trap many different things and colors, Ever changing, not boring. Look closely and you may find yourself also caught in my trap. What am I?
No. 177208 ID: 6550ad
File 127385220876.png - (28.24KB , 417x324 , Answer.png )

No. 177216 ID: d6cb21

definetly a mirror
No. 177229 ID: 0f8ef4
File 12738619071.png - (77.73KB , 777x777 , BBQ555.png )

You step up to the pedestal and write Mirror into the censor. The riddle's display changes to, "Correct. Good luck," and a timer is revealed just as the 6 turns into a 5.

It seems you're not finished just by knowing the answer to the riddle. Where should you go from there?
No. 177230 ID: d6cb21

No. 177234 ID: a594b9

Everyone search the room for a button or something! Including the pedestal.
No. 177237 ID: b1355e

No. 177240 ID: 110e9f

What's a "Mirror"? What's even going on?..
No. 177241 ID: 0fc814

Screw the platform back down into the socket?
No. 177243 ID: 6550ad

>"I can trap many different things "

>"Look closely and you may find yourself also caught in my trap."

Holy shit! The pedestal is the trap! Get the fuck away from it! Each one of you should run to a corner of the room!
No. 177435 ID: 476456

Have Celst look at it.
No. 177457 ID: 1ac39d

agree, everyone back the fuck up.
No. 177527 ID: 9ba182

These sound kind of reasonable... I think closing our eyes might be a good idea, too, just in case. Even Celst.

If there are more traps, I'm sure you folks will see me without clothes again in the future~ Or maybe some better clothes for my tastes!
No. 177529 ID: 9ba182

Eep, sorry! That was me talking, maybe you shouldn't have closed your eyes quite yet...

And I think I'm going to shout out "Dice," just in case "Good Luck" is waiting for an answer.
No. 177536 ID: 8d3380
File 127389082579.png - (199.14KB , 777x777 , BBQ556.png )

You check around the pedestal for a button of some sort. There isn't any. The group checks around the room, and the walls. There's nothing on them. Celst listens carefully.

You can't leave the room, both doors are sealed shut.

You do notice that the top of the pedestal is a strange surface, similar to the sensor you wrote on to answer the riddle.

Nobody sees or hears anything else of merit.
No. 177539 ID: 0fc814

Have everyone put their palms on the sensor? Different things and colors, I guess?

Yeah, I got nothing. At least you'll be doing a teamwork pose when you die.
No. 177542 ID: a594b9

What's on the ceiling? Write on the surface to reflect what's on the ceiling.
No. 177562 ID: 8d3380
File 12738933228.png - (135.13KB , 777x777 , BBQ557.png )

"Let's try putting our hands on this, there's a sensor on top."

You look up at the ceiling. There's a rise and a dip along the ceiling. Inside the dip, making it very difficult to spot unless you are under it, is a mirror.
No. 177573 ID: e75a2f

The sensor looks at the mirror; you have to make something in the mirror.

I dunno what, though.

Addendum: You might also have to position yourself so you are outside the mirror's view, considering the riddle referred to being trapped by it.
No. 177575 ID: a594b9

I... guess we could write mirror backwards, so that it reads forwards in the ceiling?
No. 177588 ID: 1ac39d

a sound plan!
No. 177608 ID: a594b9

Hey, Jasper can detect traps again. He should do that on the pedestal.
No. 177657 ID: 8d3380
File 127390039664.png - (90.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ558.png )

Jasper checks the pedestal for traps. He cannot detect any manner of a trap installed on it, but something is strange about it.

You've had a moment or two where no one was in within view of the mirror, so that's not a likely idea.

You try writing mirror backwards on the sensor on top of the pedestal, but it doesn't write letters as the other one did. (Letters partially shown on the picture to display they were drawn). At least you tried?
No. 177658 ID: 059120

The riddle was written from the perspective of the mirror. It's the trap. Break it.
No. 177661 ID: 0fc814

I got nothing.

If this doesn't work, abandon hope and start making out with Jack.
No. 177662 ID: 1ac39d

only two options are totally cover sensor so it's not reflected and to destroy the mirror.
No. 177731 ID: 6550ad

I guess you can try to cover the sensor with one of your clothes (lol naked tiems again).

If that doesn't work, I still consider plausible a literal interpretation of the riddle, so staying too close to the mirror will "trap" you. In that case, stay the furthest away possible from the mirror.
No. 177734 ID: a594b9

I say we just climb up and cover the sensor with our body.
No. 177737 ID: 925a0a

No. 177741 ID: 8d3380
File 127393026692.png - (206.95KB , 777x777 , BBQ559.png )

"Jasper give me your cane, and everyone run to the corners, fast!" You call out, taking Jasper's cane before he runs off as ordered, and you hurl it up into the mirror.

After the follow through of your throw, you climb up on top of the sensor and close your eyes, waiting to die.

Seconds pass, and nothing, you open your eyes. You can see Celst and Jasper in the corner.

"It s-stopped!" Jasper's voice cracks, looking at the dimmed timer.
No. 177743 ID: 925a0a

Huh. Commence with the robot makeouts anyway.
No. 177744 ID: 476456

make out with EVERYONE
No. 177745 ID: 6550ad

Get down from there and celebrate the fact that you're still alive by looking if anything changed in the room. Maybe a door opened now that the trap is disabled.
No. 177747 ID: e973f4

Hey, look at that! You're not dead!

Figure out if there's a newly available way out of this room, I guess?
No. 177748 ID: a594b9

Group hug is better than makeouts.

It looks like we made it... but is the door open yet?
No. 177751 ID: c8bce1
File 127393534440.gif - (36.77KB , 400x309 , Doddee.gif )

Jack totally would have done that... if he wasn't busy trying to think of something witty to say when smashing it. I mean it was a mirror! So many possible one liners.

Ah well.. might as well compliment the girl on a job well done. Pat on the shoulder and all that.

"Ha! Nice one. Think you just earned yourself 9 years good luck with that one"

Bah so could have come up with a better line...

Any-who... no explosions, the doors showing any sign of opening?
No. 177752 ID: c8bce1

"...I'd have said seven, but thought you deserved an extra two woo!"
No. 177753 ID: 8d3380
File 127393605553.png - (168.50KB , 777x777 , BBQ560.png )

...There's absolutely nobody here that you have any interest in making out with.

You instead shift around in order to sit on top of the pedestal. The others have moved towards the door. Jack grins, "Ha! Nice one. Think you just earned yourself 11 years good luck with that one."

There is a pause. He dismissively points his thumb to the now open door which he is leaning near. Then he explains.

"...I'd have said seven, but thought you deserved an extra two woo!"

Celst wanders to Jack's voice, and Jasper adjusts his glasses, picking up his cane.

The now open door reveals a tiled floor.
No. 177755 ID: a594b9

Oh for crap's sake. A tile trap room. Jasper, you know what to do.
No. 177756 ID: a594b9

I suppose we could also toss glass shards in to trigger traps, and use the canes we have to test tiles as well.
No. 177758 ID: 6550ad


That is still dangerous, as we don't know what kind of trap is going to trigger or its are of effect.

First of all, Jasper should check. Then we can decide the course of action.
No. 177760 ID: 1ac39d

the =w= face!!
No. 177796 ID: 8d3380
File 127394503245.png - (229.53KB , 777x777 , BBQ561.png )

Jasper gets down and carefully examines the next room, getting a good view of most of the tiles. There is a switch on the far end of the room, and a door in the middle of the East wall. It is sealed shut. Jasper cannot tell much about the traps, beyond that they are present, and they are magical.
No. 177797 ID: e973f4

Oh man you guys are so dead. :(
No. 177799 ID: 6550ad

Urgh, this is going to end poorly...

So yeah, first priority would be to decide if we're going to go directly to the door to the east or try to reach the switch.

I say switch. It's harder to reach, so it must have an important purpose.
No. 177800 ID: e6f8de
File 127394646185.jpg - (160.96KB , 300x273 , uh what.jpg )

Shit... maybe you have to hit each tile type once and only once on the way to the switch? Only idea I have.
No. 177801 ID: 1ac39d

perfect! mapping directions now...
No. 177802 ID: 1ac39d
File 127394695030.png - (230.89KB , 777x777 , options.png )

hmmmm.... that would lead to ether of these working.
No. 177805 ID: e31d52

Blue is to get there
Red is to get back
No. 177806 ID: 0fc814

Now, who do we send to test that out.

Who do we like the least?

The real mystery is what's stopping Jack from just wallcrawling to the switch. Or throwing stuff to hit the switch.
No. 177807 ID: 1ac39d

what's stopping jack is a chance that NOT touching the tiles before pushing button will result in bad shit.
No. 177813 ID: a594b9

If we send Jack in he's the most likely to be able to dodge a trap if he sets one off.
No. 177815 ID: a594b9

Then again, Shula is the most durable.
No. 177816 ID: 701a19

This trap lacks enough clues to solve with certainty, although the blue path is a better choice for the route TO the button since then you could shift the path to the right to reach the door.

Dig through the wall to skip it.
No. 177819 ID: 889351

Blue. Don't touch the path with the ill first tile.
No. 177820 ID: 0fc814

Can you burrow?
No. 177836 ID: c8bce1

Would really recommend NOT sending Jack. Sure, Jack will go the instant the other heroes tell him....and his agility might save him from one missstep.....but...

He's also taken some damage already.. and if one of those things trigger an ice spell? Kaboom!

Though this is assuming these aren't instant death traps to begin with....in which case anyone we send is screwed.

What would be great if we could figure out what these symbols mean. I have some guesses...but.. that's all they really are.

Do any of the characters recognize them? Jack can describe them to Celst to see if she does.
No. 177837 ID: a594b9

Good idea. If the symbols mean something the solution might be completely different.
No. 177838 ID: a594b9

The ceiling might also hold a clue. Is there anything on the ceiling?
No. 177840 ID: 754d8d

Must hit one of each tile on the way to the switch.. then reach the far door by hitting tiles again in the Same Order. Probably without jumping tiles. there's probably some kinda evil trap to punish hopscotch.
No. 177845 ID: c8bce1
File 127395475614.png - (240.10KB , 777x777 , 125938903074.png )

Look familiar?.. don't know what help it'll be. As the source doesn't really seem to suggest which symbol is what.

Found it here: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/82439.html
No. 177861 ID: 1ac39d

almost helps but [], =w=, and the eye on a stick aren't on it.
No. 177867 ID: a594b9
File 127395736812.png - (226.55KB , 777x777 , Map.png )

If the symbols NOT shown are trap triggers... then we can just avoid stepping on them. Here is a layout of that.
No. 177869 ID: 1ac39d

it could also be ONLY the symbols not shown are safe.
No. 177871 ID: a594b9

If that was the case then there's no path to the button.
No. 177874 ID: 1ac39d

anyway. i think we should look at the ceiling first, it may have a hint of some kind.
No. 177877 ID: c8bce1


Or.. just you know. Both items just so happen to have the same symbols out of chance?

Anyway this might sound a bit Meta-gamey but:If the next post confirms that none of the characters know what these symbols mean....then it's unlikely we need to know what the symbols are to solve the puzzle, and it's a pattern thing like people suggested earlier.

Unless there was some hidden means for them to learn them....but yeah...

Will have to wait for the next post for that info though.
No. 177892 ID: f21281

Use Celtz's cane to nudge the tiles inside the door without actually going inside to see if any kind of trap reaction is incurred.
No. 177897 ID: 9ba182

I can't think of much, unfortunately. I know the vertical line that's been crossed twice is the only symbol that traverses the room without wrapping around... Every symbol follows the pattern from the first tile: 1 left, 1 left, straight three times, 2 left, 2 left, 2 left, 1 left.

I wish I knew what these symbols meant, I do want to look around for more hints. Maybe we can use the mirror shards for something?
No. 178248 ID: 8d3380
File 127399892622.png - (178.31KB , 777x777 , BBQ562.png )

Of all the people in the group, you know best. Robots aren't the best at knowing ancient religious lore. Bubble Touched have their own beliefs for the most part. These are all symbols of the Elder gods, and you take the safest seeming route from all the rambling in your head. The creation story.

"In the beginning, it was blank. There was nothing but white. The Author wished to make the white more interesting so the Elder Gods were created.

The first to be made, and the last to ever involve itself was The Editor. The Editor could erase the mistake that The Author knew were inevitable.

The Dreamer came next, in order to help come up with ideas. However, ideas are often wild or dull. The Balancer and The Mixer followed after in order to calm things down, or to make things less predictable."
No. 178249 ID: 8d3380
File 127399940674.png - (198.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ563.png )

"The creations to come would just continue to fill the void endlessly, but The Corroder was created to allow things to wither, die, fertilize, and make room for the future, creating a cycle of life. The Resistor followed suit to bring hope to the struggling, to slow down The Corroder. As with most things, a constant flux was to follow.

The Watcher became the medium of observation. Watching what was real, and what was not. With all of this set into place, The Builder was created. The Builder took all of the ideas, and created The World. The world we all live in. Housing all things.

Once the world was created, The Destroyer followed, and life began."

You push the button at the end of the path, and you hear a rumbling from the East Door.
No. 178255 ID: 6550ad

Follow the same path to go to the east room?
No. 178265 ID: a594b9

I'm pretty sure the room is complete now. We can leave normally.

It's not like we can really follow any path that makes sense to get to the door anyway.
No. 178272 ID: 9ba182

Amazing job, Shula! Don't let anything break your stride!
No. 178463 ID: 8d3380
File 127405421647.png - (217.73KB , 777x777 , BBQ564.png )

You tell everyone to follow the same path, and carefully step back to the closest safe tile in your path to the door. By the time you get there, the group have jumped, keeping Celst in the middle to guide and help her jump and land.

You jump last, and do not jump quite far enough. Your left foot hits the tile, and for a split second you are wracked with pain. Jack lands on his feet from his unnecessary flip up to the wall and helps you forward.

Your left leg is now causing considerable pain, and it's slightly harder to move.

The new room is one of the larger ones, but a portion is harder to see. To the south are two lines of hefty barrels. They go back to the wall. The wall does not completely go to the ceiling. Several feet up, it levels out like a floor closer to the ceiling. North is an incline, a small dip, and even higher sits a very large cylinder looking thing, obscuring the view of anything behind it.
No. 178466 ID: 6550ad


Alright, the first course of action before touching anything else in the room is to ask Jasper to check for traps.

Hm, the floor in that dip looks different than the rest, you think you can dig through it?
No. 178470 ID: a594b9

It looks like all the barrels need to fit into the dip, and then the big cylinder will come rolling down to smash anyone who is in the way.

The correct solution is to fit all but one barrel in, then roll the last one from a distance fast enough to fall into the dip. That way everyone gets onto the ledge without being crushed.
No. 178534 ID: a594b9

Or perhaps Jack can just roll the last one in normally then jump onto the wall to avoid being crushed!
No. 178536 ID: 9ba182

That sounds reasonable. I should do my best to check for traps! Maybe the rest of you folks should stay close to the doorway, just in case you need to jump out again.
No. 178655 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127410809778.png - (106.69KB , 777x777 , BBQ565.png )

Yes, you can very likely dig in the trench on the incline. The group sticks near the door for now. Jack tries to move one of the barrels but it won't move. It seems to be carefully bolted and welded to the floor.

Jasper looks for traps, but all he can really figure out is that there's something up with the door, and on the incline, but he can't determine the specifics. The climb up onto the higher portion of the room opposing the incline would take some effort to climb up on top of, except for Jack. The barrels against the corner would make it a bit easier to try and ascend.
No. 178658 ID: a594b9

Well, everyone get on the ledge. Try to get up there all at once in case something happens. Then we should be able to see more of the room.
No. 178673 ID: 6550ad

The "Cilynder rolls and tramples over everybody" seems a likely scenario, alright. In case everybody has to climb the ledge, Shula would probably not make it, because her foot is hurt. So the others can try to climb up while Shula digs in the trench and hides down there.

Better do it quickly.
No. 178675 ID: 701a19

I strongly suspect that the cylinder won't fall into the trench. That would be too simple.
No. 178703 ID: 754d8d

There's probably Something Horrible in the trench, as well. Or worse, maybe the roller simply stops over top of it, turning it into an enlongated coffin. I'm not sure if Shula wants to be in that position again.
No. 178722 ID: 0f8ef4
File 12741214862.png - (270.45KB , 777x777 , BBQ566.png )

"Everyone climb up on the ledge I'm going to get into the trench up there." The group begins to climb up the barrels up onto the trench, and you step onto the incline towards the trench.

There's a slow, "clonk,' noise as you begin walking up, and the door slams shut, sealing the room off. The large cylinder begins rolling down.

You hurry forward and dive and dig down from the path of the rolling death.

Celst is almost up on the ledge when she suddenly slips and falls off onto the ground. She doesn't hurt herself much at all, but now trouble is in motion.

The room has been sprung.

It is doubtful that the roller will stop in the trench, it is too big for that.
No. 178724 ID: a594b9

Jack, help Celst up onto the ledge!
No. 178725 ID: 6550ad

Jack! Time to be a hero and use that tail of yours to save the blind lady.

Yell her to grab onto it, otherwise she won't know where is it.
No. 178733 ID: 1ac39d

act of god: barrels closest to ledge don't get crushed because rest slowed it down enough.
No. 178735 ID: a594b9

Are you sure you want to AoG here, in the sidequest, when we still have a decent chance to save Celst normally?

I'd rather wait for the main quest, and use it to prevent Asali's death or something. Like, directly. Remember, one was used to prevent the landmine from killing her.
No. 178740 ID: 6550ad


You know, Jack can also die trying to save Celst, this is a rather dangerous moment.

I think it's an acceptable time to use an AoG.
No. 178756 ID: c8bce1
File 127412447732.jpg - (398.96KB , 600x581 , lizardgh.jpg )

Do I really need a giant long winded speech about this? OF COURSE JACK IS GOING TO TRY AND SAVE HER! He isn't going to loose another one!

He was too slow last time.. not this time! Not twice! He doesn't care if the gods want to help him or not!
No. 178864 ID: 754d8d

Ah crap. The Barrels probably have Fun Stuff in them, either gasses, or liquids, possibly making the trench, the high platform, and even the ground around them a kill zone when the roller hits.

Shula, once the roller passes you, climb free and get away from the barrels. Sadly, you aren't in a position, or condition, to help them.

Everyone Else: try and get past the Roller when it closes in, or else try and stop the roller from hitting the barrels.
No. 178869 ID: 8d3380
File 127414119796.png - (231.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ567.png )

You hear a strange rumbling, more than the cylinder you knew was there so you pop your head up after the huge one is past, just in time to notice a smaller one, intended for the trench, barreling towards you. You better think and act fast.

Jack swoops in and swings himself and Celst up onto the ledge with ease. Things are looking safe when there's suddenly a creaking noise, and a snap.

The ledge crashes down, bouncing Jack, Jasper, and Celst just as Jasper puts his glasses back down, sliding them down at an angle. The cylinder slams over the barrels, which begins a wave of acid splashing while the party (sans Shula) is forced towards the rising danger.
No. 178896 ID: a594b9

Jack can stick to the ledge, even though it's on an angle. He'll have to assist the others in staying on it.

Shula: Perhaps it would be better to just stay in the trench. It's filled with dirt so in theory the cylinder should just bounce off of the recess. Or you could move more dirt higher, to let the cylinder roll across the gap.

Or maybe you should just get out of it, if it looks like the cylinder will actually stop in the trench.
No. 178900 ID: f21281

Dear god the labyrinth is SENTIENT. It's making traps on demand in response to the party's actions 8O
No. 178908 ID: 716eb0

Jack should try to hold Celst, certainly, but I am worried about holding two people. Given the enormous size of that roller and how little room it has left to roll, I bet Jasper can jump on top and keep his balance as it rolls to a stop.
No. 178909 ID: 1ac39d

jack, maximum cling while everyone else holds on.

Shula: get out of ditch on side towards ledge letting the cylinder sink into the groove.
No. 178939 ID: d6cb21

please tell me that splatter isnt Shalua....
No. 179030 ID: 754d8d

Nope, that's that Fun Stuff I predicted.

I wonder what's going to happen if/when everyone dies? Back to the original protagonist?
No. 179031 ID: feab64

I recognise this from Grimtooth's Wurst.
No. 179053 ID: a594b9

This is all kindof a flashback, so yes.
No. 179114 ID: 6550ad

Shula, gtfo the trench! If the second roller doesn't stop in it, jump over it. It's not so big and it should be pretty slowered down after all the going through the dirt.

Jack shouldn't try to hold more than one people (Celst, because she's the closest one and he's currently holding her anyways). It might sound cruel, but if he can't hold their weights, the three of them will fall and die.

If you see that you're going down, try to jump over the roller.

And Celst should throw a lightning bubble to the acid. Nothing to lose at this point, and maybe it'll consume it.

(Obviously Shula is shouting all this commands because she's an innate leader).
No. 179213 ID: c8bce1

Am I going to regret posting this? Yeah most likely.

Sentient? Well if this place has a brain it's made one huge mistake. It's forgotten one major detail.


Let someone fall? FORGET THAT. Unless Jack has somewhere safe to toss Jasper it ain't happening.

Screw tossing lighting bolts into the acid I got a better place for it:Straight into this robots power core!

He can use his electrical control to focus it all into the engines, pushing Jack to the limits, and giving him the strength to save EVERYONE.

Granted it might burn out his systems in the process, but fuck you he isn't letting anyone die! He can be rebuilt, THEY CAN'T.

This is a LAST RESORT. If our heroes can manage to stay up without so be it. But if the dice are cruel you know what to do.

Be awesome if he could use the strength boost to just shatter the rollers for cool points... but hey...might as be realistic about it (unless he rolls a bunch of 5's and 6's anyway)
No. 179215 ID: c8bce1

Oh was that Act of God spent? Ah well, we'll see how it goes.
No. 179252 ID: f1920c

Oh god oh god oh god....

M-maybe If I can get a certain grip on this (It isn't at -too- bad at an angle once you get over the shock of it dropping), I can move to the center. Yeah, I should move toward the center, since the acid splashes will be a bit less concentrated there.

I don't wanna go too far up, in case the top drops down, and I don't wanna go too far down, since the acid is still splashing upward. Th-this trap is terrible, I don't care what I did, nobody deserves this!
No. 179266 ID: 5f2683

Jasper make acid candy with the acid you're falling towards and save everyone.
No. 179565 ID: 8d3380
File 127423927553.png - (351.69KB , 777x777 , BBQ568.png )

The roller slows down, and the barrel Resists a considerable more than it should be able to, bringing the heavy object to an early stop. This reduces the closeness, and the amount of acid which splashes.

This does not completely abstain your party from danger. Celst cringes and cries out in incredible pain. Jasper's yelp is no where near as bloodcurdling.

Most of Celst's legs are doused with the acid, Jasper has a splash on his tail. Jack has kept a strong hold on them, and does not let them fall further.

Celst's staff was on the ground, it is gone.

You pull yourself up and flip over and out of the trench, sliding down the incline just before the smaller roller stops in the dip with a shuddering BADONK, scattering sand everywhere.
No. 179566 ID: a594b9

Looks like someone's going to have to carry Celst from here on out.

...how are those three going to get past the cylinder now? I suppose Jack will have to use his wallclimbing to give them a boost over the big roller.
No. 179567 ID: 1ac39d

have shula cover the acid in sand so the can stop cling to jack for life and move around.
No. 179579 ID: f1920c

Shit, shit, shit... I can't imagine what Celst is going through, it hurts bad enough for me.

F-fuck, if I could get my pants off I'd use them to soak up the acid on her legs, at least stop the burn. Jack, do you think you can help? I guess you could use her clothes too, but I'm not sure how cooperative she'll be in that much pain. I th-think I can handle the pain on my tail for now.

No. 179631 ID: 6550ad

First, make sure there isn't a third cylinder flying towards you or something. What was behind the cylinders, by the way?

After that, >>179567 's idea of covering the acid in sand so the others can get out of there isn't bad.
No. 179632 ID: 275a5d

You idiots, you don't soak acid or RUB ACID BURNS WITH SAND.

You neutralize them with a base, or dilute them with water if you're super desperate.

The closest you'll get is piss (depends largely on what you drink), blood (good luck with that), or water.
No. 179638 ID: 1ac39d

have her hyperventilate, it lowers Bloods Ph value so it should be better at neutralizing it.
No. 179641 ID: 1ac39d

i was saying throw sand on the floor not her.
No. 179716 ID: 6550ad


Sand goes on the acid ON THE FLOOR, so they can walk over it, dude, chill out.
No. 180244 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127437883723.png - (258.29KB , 777x777 , BBQ569.png )

Jack picks Celst up onto his back. Jasper leaps over the acid and clambers over it. Jasper turns around, and helps Jack make the jump holding Celst.

They slide and hop off the cylinder and land on top of you. They might not have but you tripped after running down.

Jasper's tail and Celst's legs are melting over time, and causing them incredible pain. Jack electrifies his blade in order to cauterize the wounds. Jasper rips up his pants into shorts and bandages up the wounds as well as he can. Neither of them are healed, but the acid wounds are taken care of.

A door is visible near the top of the incline.
No. 180246 ID: 6550ad



Take turns to help carrying Celst around. Now let's check out what's in the other side of the room, where the two rollers were. If there's anything suspicious, check for traps, Jasper.
No. 180248 ID: 26bc1d

Create candy from the severed body parts before they melt. It's important, trust me on this one.
No. 180249 ID: 6550ad


Then we should investigate it!
No. 180253 ID: 0fc814

Minus ten limb points.

Attempt to turn limbs into EXTRA SOUR GUSHERS CANDY.
No. 180254 ID: a594b9

"Waste not, want not!"
No. 180255 ID: f1920c

Ugh... I-if it's what I have to do to help us survive, I will. I'm not entirely certain it'll work, but I might be able to give it a shot. Though it might be too late already.
No. 180257 ID: 6550ad


Dude, you just had monster meat to eat like an hour ago, do you want to make candy out of melting severed meat for dessert!?
No. 180261 ID: 3f4042

Shula carry Celst on back.

Call yourselves Master Blaster.
No. 180279 ID: f1920c

Orach candy can have some special properties in certain cases. However, of course, I won't make it if I don't have a means of doing it safely - It'd make things even worse if I burned my fingers.

Here's what I feel I should do next:
1. Help Shula up.
2. Look for traps past where the cylinder is, just in case the folks who made this Labyrinth were super mean and added one where we couldn't see.
3. Practice balancing with a chunk of my tail missing for a short while. It still hurts a lot, but the most problematic thing I can see resulting is trying to make a precise jump and then falling forward, due to the difference in weight of my tail.
No. 180294 ID: 110e9f

Jasper.. I'm not that fucked up am I?.. Am I going to die?.. I can't feel my legs.. Where did they go?.. Why can't I stand..
No. 180299 ID: f1920c

You'll be all right, Celst. We'll make sure of it. Your legs are... Well, they aren't working right now.

We'll find a way to restore you after we get out of here. Just hang tight.
No. 180302 ID: 110e9f

Aren't.. Working?.. I don't understand what you mean.. I smell something that hurts my head and burns my nose.. And.. Blood.. And.. And..
No. 180304 ID: f1920c

Don't overthink it, Celst. First priority is to get out of here, if you panic or go into shock it'll be a lot more difficult to get out.
No. 180309 ID: 110e9f

But.. I.. I don't know.. What to f-feel anymore..
No. 180312 ID: e973f4


Shula hug Celst. :(
No. 180350 ID: c8bce1

Jack WOULD say how they'll totally get her a new pair when they get out. With rocket boots, and laser blasters, and a cupholder, n' everything!

But... uh.. those organics are pretty touchy about their original limbs. Something about 'loosing their humanity'. Best let Shula do the hugging, maybe a little head motion towards her to suggest as much.

"Just try to relax a bit...we're still getting you out of here"

Ehn... also way awkward with me having to cut them off, and stuff... nugh. That was so not awesome.

Also note to self:see about cup-holders when arm is replaced. The hell didn't I think of that sooner?

Anyway keeping an eye out for any new surprises, and giving those two some rest time makes sense to me.
No. 180653 ID: 8d3380
File 127442696267.png - (195.65KB , 777x777 , BBQ570.png )

Why in all of the hells would you possibly suggest to Jasper to make candy out of the melted acid drenched gore of their appendages? That is absolutely disgusting and you won't verbalize the idea to him. Celst begins to speak.

"Jasper.. I'm not that fucked up am I?.. Am I going to die?.. I can't feel my legs.. Where did they go?.. Why can't I stand.."

Jasper frowns, helping Celst up some. "You'll be all right, Celst. We'll make sure of it. Your legs are... Well, they aren't working right now. We'll find a way to restore you after we get out of here. Just hang tight."

"Aren't.. Working?.. I don't understand what you mean.. I smell something that hurts my head and burns my nose.. And.. Blood.. And.. And.." Celst seems to be at least mildly delirious. Jasper motions for you to come closer before responding.

"Don't overthink it, Celst. First priority is to get out of here, if you panic or go into shock it'll be a lot more difficult to get out."

"But.. I.. I don't know.. What to f-feel anymore.." Celst says, but you lower down and give Celst a hug as Jack finally speaks up, his voice as bold and confident as it had been since they met him.

"Just try to relax a bit...we're still getting you out of here."

You do however rip up some of your apron like clothing and form a cloth belt in order to tie Celst securely to your back with some help from Jasper and Jack.

The group rests for a while. Sitting around and being quiet while Jasper tries to get used to what happened to his tail, and Celst is ready to move on. "We should get going," Celst says after a few minutes, her deep pool of wit having been removed with her legs for the moment's passing.

Jasper checks the room after the group climbs up the incline to the new door.

"The room is safe. I can guarantee that there's no direct traps. There's a device on the wall opposing that will trigger something, probably the door, but we can enter without worrying. Jack, should we install something on your arm before we continue?"

The party's current hoard of things include:
Jasper's cane, Jack's broken blade, Jasper's bone cutter trap, and a lot of tattered clothing. If the group and/or Jack wishes to have a new arm installed, what it should be crafted from is important.
No. 180661 ID: 6550ad


I guess the broken blade would be the sensible thing to attach.
No. 180667 ID: 3c09e4

Graft the cane and the blade onto Celst's stumps.

Would fool her for a while, I'm sure.
No. 180677 ID: 45be60

is that blade still covered in acid?
No. 180680 ID: a594b9

How would we attach the bone cutter trap to his arm? If we can do that, then Jack could use it and the blade. Two weapons!
No. 180705 ID: 8d3380
File 127443608236.png - (214.49KB , 777x777 , BBQ571.png )

Jasper barely manages to properly attach even the broken blade to Jack's arm, but it works.

The group enters the room after fixing Jack's arm, in order to closer see what's against the west wall.

It is an obvious puzzle. The input device for your answer is a two digit tumbler, and you must press the Red Button once you have the 'correct' answer.

You may only have one try, hopefully your chaotic thoughts can agree on an answer.
No. 180706 ID: cff943
File 127443652568.gif - (168.09KB , 95x95 , cat tounge.gif )

the ? should be a 6, based on the pattern there... but I have no idea what number should be put in the tumbler.
No. 180707 ID: 5eea01

If all the numbers on the lower right are multiples of the central number (5) and on the lower right they are multiples of 3, then it would only be logical that since all the numbers on the top are multiples of 6 that the missing value is 6.

Any other theories before we commit to dialing it up to 6 and pushing the button?
No. 180708 ID: cff943

Several, it could be 90 (multiplying all of them together), it could be something based on the patterns of mutiples (working on this), it could be 69 for shits and giggles :v
No. 180710 ID: 059120

Okay, I can't think of anything reasonable besides six. It seems too obvious, but nothing else fits.

What I am going to suggest is that Jasper set up a button-hitting-trap-mechanism that will only trigger once you're all safely away from the panel. Like, in the previous room safely away.
No. 180711 ID: 5f2683

Well the numbers on the top left and right of the hex subtracted from the number across from it on the bottom equal lead to the answer on the other Hexes, so I'm leaning to guess it's 6.
I want to know what the side portions of it mean before we act though.
No. 180713 ID: 409e5d

So we're assuming greatest common denominator here?
No. 180717 ID: cff943

try moving around or yanking on the things there. see if there's anything around or underneath em
No. 180740 ID: 6550ad

Roll the tumblers to see if the last number possible is a 9 or a 7. This is important.
No. 180752 ID: c8bce1

Well okay. Maybe it isn't a chainsaw. But hey Jack isn't fussy!

But yeah.. more puzzles, seems you guys have a good idea on this one. Though Jacks a little confused at that strange number between the big 3, and the little 12. Looks like a poorly drawn 4 or something....

But I kid! "Who's willing to be this has a twist like the last one."
No. 180754 ID: 0f8ef4
File 127445865040.png - (248.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ572.png )

You roll the number to 06 and click the button carefully with your claw.

The display below it says, "Correct. Receive your reward."

You can hear the door slamming shut that you entered the room in, but the door to the South is still closed.

"That's weird," you say softly.
No. 180756 ID: 6550ad


FFFF, buggggs. And probably lethaly poisonous, I'm seeing it.

Everybody, run to a corner in the room! Then "aim" Celst to the center of the room, where hopefully the bugs will be swarming in larger quantities, and tell her to throw a lightning bubble.
No. 180758 ID: c8bce1
File 127445950141.jpg - (29.03KB , 586x330 , 586_indy5.jpg )

"Whoop! There's our twist. So called it... but bugs? Seriously guys?"

Bugs. They're attacking Jack with Bugs. Poison against a robot. An Android who can electrify his entire body turning himself into a giant bug zapper. There isn't even any risk of them crawling inside to chew on his circuits, they'd be fried first!

Jack gives a wave back to the others "You bunch get back I SO got this one.. figure out how to get that door open will yah? Right answers locking the door again Wooo~ They must think they're smart"
No. 180759 ID: f1920c

Celst, can you use your lightning bubbles to maintain a shield around you or us, or are they one-shot bursts?
No. 180805 ID: 110e9f

I've never tried so I really don't know...
No. 180808 ID: 1ac39d

kill the bugs and make bug candy.
No. 180916 ID: d6cb21

go with this
No. 180944 ID: 6550ad


If they're small enough, bugs can get in between your joints and mess you up from the inside. I think my plan is safer.
No. 181253 ID: c8bce1

What? Are you calling me [overconfident]? What's the worse that can happen

No. 181259 ID: 110e9f

You could die like Epsilon.
No. 181266 ID: 3afd1f

Aren't pangolins naturally bug-resistant?
No. 181359 ID: 8d3380
File 127456654235.png - (243.38KB , 777x777 , BBQ573.png )

Celst can hear the disruptions in the air from the bugs and she cries out a, "Watch out," but only Jasper starts to react in time, but fails to get out of the way. Two of the bugs land on Jack, one on Shula, and another on Jasper. The other two land on the floor.

"Take out the two on the floor with your bubble, Celst," You say, and help point her towards them. Celst readies a lightning bubble.

"Whoop! There's our twist. So called it... but bugs? Seriously guys?" Asks Jack, as he backs off a little bit with a confident grin. "You bunch get back I SO got this one.. figure out how to get that door open will yah? Right answers locking the door again Wooo~ They must think they're smart"

Jack begins to electrify himself to take care of the bugs on himself, and to attract the other ones, possibly.
No. 181361 ID: 8d3380
File 127456660798.png - (347.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ574.png )

Jack was a Freedom Fighter on the outer reaches of the Islands. He did not keep himself hidden, and made his presence, and deeds well known and in the open. His most famous act was infiltrating the Power Plant near the King's Castle. He took out the power and re-routed it to the poor as a message to the King's abuse of the people.

Several days later, once the King had the electricity issue "resolved," Jack was on the news, having publicly boasted about being responsible, among other acts of Royal Sabotage. The King saw this from a television near his throne, and he was not one to take such acts lightly. He hired a mercenary who knew Jack, and his weaknesses and habits.

The mercenary struck him down cold, and he was sent to the Labyrinth without so much as a trial or a night in jail. The King wanted Jack dead before he could do any more damage.

Jack kills the bugs with his electrical charge shortly, around the same time Celst's lightning bubble is eradicating the ones that aren't attached to anyone.

This is a bad time to find out the bugs are explosive. Jack's body is shattered across the room. The blade on his former right arm narrowly misses Shula's shoulder, but causes the bug to leap off of her onto the ground.

This leaves Shula and Celst standing there, and Jasper with a bug on his shoulder.

"Oh g-gods, get it off of me!" Jasper whimpers. His body shivering in fear.

[ Party member lost. ]
No. 181362 ID: 3afd1f

Carefully lift the bug off him and throw it at a wall.
No. 181363 ID: 1ac39d

i knew it wouldn't be that straight forward.

okay shula, carefully grab the one on jasper, and give it an underhand toss to the other side of the room. as well as the other then. then have Celst blow them up.
No. 181365 ID: 1ac39d

oh, and grab his head. his personality core may be intact.
No. 181367 ID: c8bce1
File 127456723486.jpg - (22.61KB , 576x360 , [large][AnimePaper]wallpapers_Tengen-Toppa-Gurren-.jpg )

Yeah~ Sorry about that. Had to keep him in character. His overconfidence was going to be his downfall sooner or later, it was only a matter of Time.

Jack you shall be missed~
No. 181368 ID: c8bce1

They have other priorities! Namely those Bugs.

They don't seem to explode unless irritated... they could very well be the way out of this room with the door sealed shut as it is.
No. 181369 ID: 1ac39d

oh, that's a good one, throw the bugs over to the door and have Celst lighting them.
No. 181370 ID: 6550ad


She can't shoot anotehr lightning bubble yet! Maybe jus throw them against the furthest wall, the collision might make them blow up.
No. 181372 ID: 36f8b9

Wear Jack's head as a hat.
No. 181375 ID: 8bdb6a

Throw bugs into other bugs.

Also, have Celst wear Jack's head like a hat. Don't tell her what it is.
No. 181378 ID: 1ac39d

then throw them at the door. may as well see if that is how it opens, and if it isn't then no harm done.
No. 181386 ID: d6cb21

Does anyone here have any computer skills? If so we can MAYBE take out Jack's hardrive/memory chip/whatever and maybe stick it in something else later. perhaps
No. 181387 ID: 110e9f

What was that noise? And smell?.. I..I take back what I said to Jack..
No. 181531 ID: a85626


You win... so hard...
No. 181643 ID: f1920c

Out of character, Jasper has some engineering skills (which translates in to traps for BBQ). I don't know how skilled he can be, as the specific focus is traps - Nothing was specified about other engineering skill. However, I'd imagine Jasper knows enough to keep some parts of Jack intact, if they're common sense to most people involved with engineering. I don't know if he'd be able to get his soul back, though, as I'm not 100% certain how robots work after they've been destroyed.

If Shula isn't able to get close enough to get it, I'll gently try to brush the bug off my shoulder (Away from Shula and Celst) and run along a clear course away from it in case it explodes upon impact with the ground.
No. 181648 ID: 701a19

I dunno, do you get a new soul every time you black-out?
As long as Jack's data is all there he can be restored without involving the discontinuity dilemma.
No. 181658 ID: f1920c

Good call, thanks for hitting me with that logic, particularly on the emphasis that he's recoverable if (and likely only if) his data remains intact.
No. 181695 ID: 8d3380
File 12746022386.png - (219.16KB , 777x777 , BBQ575.png )

Jasper carefully removes the bug from his shoulder area. He then hurls it towards the other bug.

"Why sweet lady, you are wearing a mighty fine sun dress on this certainly dreadful afternoon, I do hope you have baked some of your scrumptious biscuits." "Oh good sir, you sure have caught me in a pickle, I have not even began to cook, by chance did you bring any more of your sugar cubes, I am out and I just could die from how strong this tea is, suh." "I could spare a few, for you my darling." "Oh you are givin' me the vapors." "Oh stop, this is no ti--"

No. 181697 ID: 6550ad



Now see if a door or something opened. I guess you could carry Jack's head hoping that all the important data is stored there. Also his sword, that'll be useful.
No. 181698 ID: f1920c

Phew! Shula, the bugs can be held onto carefully without exploding, I think. In case there are more near you, that is. Keep an eye out on the ground, make sure you're not stepping on any.

Celst, if you feel any bugs on you, don't hit them. Bad things could happen.

I'll keep an eye on the ceiling, but I'll check the floor every once in a while to keep one of those bugs from crawling onto me.
No. 181779 ID: 110e9f

Are they the cause of those explosions? They make my ears ring.
No. 181837 ID: 8d3380
File 127463861872.png - (257.94KB , 777x777 , BBQ576.png )

The second the last bug explodes, the door to the South, to the new area, Shoots open, and immediately begins to slide downwards to close.

You can hurry and go through the door, which is especially difficult the more time passes for you specifically, Celst doesn't even make that big of a difference. (You are a big girl, after all).

That being said, You can hurry through the door, or risk not making it, and collecting Jack's pieces.

You might have to summon more bugs to open the door again if you try and collect Jack.

Neither of you are very agile, will you risk it?

You don't want to leave Jack behind, but you also know he'd want you to survive.
No. 181841 ID: f21281


Jack's head still attached to his body wut.

Anyway, grab the nearest piece of Jack and use it to attempt to jam up the door. He was a robot, robots are not made out of weak metals, it should hold temporarily. At least long enough to drag his torso portion along with.

That or you could go all AMAZON PANGOLIN and hold it open with your BEAR HANDS.
No. 181843 ID: cff943
File 127463883991.jpg - (94.42KB , 600x600 , viking tea.jpg )

just go, there's noting you can do for him.
No. 181850 ID: 6550ad

Eh, just go, then. If you have to do the bug things again, yer gonna die, I'm sure. And trying to jam the door will probably result in the door snaping someone in half or something.

Just go.
No. 181851 ID: f21281

And now Word of God is telling me that it's coincidence that head and torso landed near each other.

So, to reiterate: Prop door open with Piece O' Jack and/or hold it open using nothing but the FURY OF THE PANGOLIN, then have Jasper skitter over and grab the head, then dive through the open door while you dive into the next room after him, the door shutting in your wake.

Also make sure that Celtz is securely tied still. Wouldn't want her to slip off after all that and end up getting trapped in the room.
No. 181852 ID: e973f4

Operation GTFO sounds like it goes hand in hand with Primary Objective: Don't Die.
No. 181866 ID: c8bce1

Save yourselves! You do not want to deal with more exploding bugs!

Jack will totally kick all your asses in the afterlife if you get yourselves killed! Even if he has to march out of machine heaven to do so!

Well unless he's like, on a hot date with Mew Cai or something, but after that! Butt kicking!
No. 181915 ID: b3ee70

We can dooo it

Or at least his head... or core... or something...
No. 181920 ID: 3afd1f

We don't know that opening the door again will release bugs again. It could release something different, and someone else will die.

Let's go while we still can. Perhaps some other prisoner will find Jack and bring him to safety. One day.
No. 181952 ID: a85626

Leave Jack. I'm sure he'll be happy to wait for the next guys to come along, to inform them that the bugs explode!

Either that or his charred body parts will inform them. But you know, whatever.
No. 181993 ID: 8d3380
File 127465867648.png - (136.96KB , 777x777 , BBQ577.png )

You look away from Jack and rush underneath the closing door first, looking around the room.

It's a pretty empty room with a thin grating in the middle of the floor.

It would be impossible for anyone to fit down into the grating, especially you.

As soon as Jasper slides underneath, the door momentarily slams shut. Once the door is shut, the walls to the east and west begin sliding inward.

"Called it," you state in a Testy manner, noticing a Pattern with this place.

You have much more time in here, it's not moving at a speedy pace, but it's definitely not a good idea to waste too much time.
No. 181996 ID: 6550ad

The obvious thing to do is to check the grate in the center of the room. Also check it for traps. The fact that there's a big obvious trap in the room doesn't mean there isn't going to be smaller ones waiting.

While Jasper checks the grate, Shula, see if you can find a secret door or some kind of mechanism in the opposite wall.
No. 181997 ID: 1ac39d

check the ceiling and the far wall. need to find the button that makes it stop.
No. 182006 ID: 3afd1f

Jasper should check EVERYWHERE for traps.
No. 182007 ID: 8bdb6a

Examine ceiling?
No. 182012 ID: 701a19

Turn the door to the previous room into candy.
Or turn one of the moving walls into candy.
No. 182018 ID: 3afd1f

I believe that it needs to be edible to make candy from it.
No. 182019 ID: 701a19

You don't eat stone? o.0
No. 182021 ID: 8d3380
File 127466269792.png - (109.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ578.png )

Jasper examines the room for traps. Sans the obvious one slowly drawing in towards them, there aren't any. On the ceiling, there is a passageway.

It looks like there is a way out, it's just not easy to get to.
No. 182024 ID: 701a19

Shula, use your abilities to carve a crude ladder up to the exit. It doesn't need to be pretty, it just needs to get the three of you out of here.

Expect it to be full of some kind of fluid, though.
No. 182025 ID: cff943
File 127466290694.gif - (0.97MB , 242x183 , popup cat.gif )


Check out the grating. I'm sure it's populated by kittens.
No. 182026 ID: 8bdb6a

Shula: Use STURDY PHYSIQUE to throw Celst through the hole. Have her use remains of everyone's clothes as rope to hoist Jasper out, then he and she hoist you out.
No. 182027 ID: 3afd1f


If Jack had lived through that last room he'd be able to get everyone out.

It looks like the only way to progress is to wait until the walls get close together then climb up via bracing yourself against them. Like on that Ninja Warrior game show. Another way to do something similar to that would be having Jasper and Shula brace themselves back to back against the walls and walk up like that.

OR we could yank out the bar from inside the drain to use to brace the walls. Or we could do both things.
No. 182028 ID: 8bdb6a

Don't worry. Being crushed to death is a lot like falling asleep.

In a giant crushing machine.
No. 182030 ID: 1ac39d

this sounds like the best idea. try getting bars out first then try the bracing walk up.
No. 182035 ID: 8d3380
File 127466457658.png - (164.50KB , 777x777 , BBQ579.png )

You pull the grate out of the flooring, and hold it up to stall the crushing walls. Jasper goes up first and you hold Celst up for Jasper to pull up and out. With Jasper's help you hoist your heavy self up and out of the pit slowly...

And so ends the account of the final run of the Labyrinth just a few years ago. The only time anyone survived.

The King was infuriated...

No. 182041 ID: 8d3380
File 127466508812.png - (28.72KB , 777x777 , BBQ580.png )

"Ugh, I feel like I was just smashed through a wall."

"Because you were."

"Who the fuck are you?"

"An answer to a question."

"And what question is that?"
No. 182043 ID: 8bdb6a

Left vs Right?
No. 182045 ID: e973f4

Pick a number, any number.
No. 182048 ID: 3afd1f

What is true death?
No. 182050 ID: 8b7db1

"'What am I sexually attracted to?'"
No. 182051 ID: e75a2f

How might I reverse Entropy?
No. 182109 ID: 8d3380
File 127467467814.png - (348.03KB , 777x777 , BBQ581.png )

"...This Labyrinth shit hole sure has been quiet, but it seems like it was abandoned. The voices in my head have been quiet for a few hours. I think I'm almost out of this place, and I have no idea why I stopped to put this little bastard together. I'm hoping he'll be able to do at least one thing to aid in my Survival.

...Oh hell, the voices are back."

No. 182116 ID: 67c611

Sup, bitch.
No. 182119 ID: c8bce1
File 127467617021.jpg - (33.98KB , 300x300 , Who_the_hell_do_you_think_I_am.jpg )

Thus the real reason I didn't want anyone tampering with Jacks remains.

01[18:21] <%Bribri> Honestly I'm not TOO worried if Jack dies. Primarily because well.. he's a robot.
01[18:21] <%Bribri> A Master class 3d6 Skill dice Engineer just fell into the dungeon in the future.

Screw you fate! PARTY MEMBER GAINED. Whatever that weird fucking Shadow crap is it better go find a corner to hide in AS JACKS COMING TO KICK ITS ASS.
Not the Shark dude shadow though... he's cool n' stuff. Be a heck of a surprise to see him Alive!... or.. well.. not alive.. but not dead, for the second time. Whatever!
No. 182120 ID: 701a19

We'll play nice with you if you go back and retrieve a few people's remains for resurrection.
No. 182122 ID: 3afd1f

Seven the only other person unaccounted for is Nic and she is very much frozen/exploded.
No. 182124 ID: 701a19

We just need a goo sample. Humans are not prone to vaporization, so there would be plenty of residue left over.
No. 182141 ID: 3afd1f

I think you had better talk with Som about how resurrection works in this universe.
No. 182176 ID: eb6d46
File 127468295622.jpg - (74.57KB , 523x442 , FUCKYEAR.jpg )


I love you insomnia
No. 182194 ID: 6550ad


There isn't going to be anything left from Nic to rescue, you know. It's been several years since all this happened.
No. 182195 ID: 0b2a05

Hey Asali you didn't happen to see any ghosts did you?
No. 182313 ID: d6cb21

Trust me, getting him operational is a good thing.
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