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File 126958182082.png - (258.29KB , 800x600 , c24-1.png )
152304 No. 152304 ID: 950529

Synopsis: Knight-errant Ridder looks for a way to redeem his failure and comes across the wrongdoings of an evil force. Gathering unique individuals to help him, he is preparing himself for an inevitable battle. But more trouble awaits! Assassins, holy armies, romance and moms are all bumps in the road. And how will things go now Ridder met his long lost friend Muschio?

Ties in with DiveQuest.

TGchanwiki article: http://www1.tgchan.org/wiki/Knight_blades
Reading guide: http://www1.tgchan.org/wiki/Crossover_Guide
IRC channel: #rubyquest @ rizon.net

Level of dedication: High/Very High. All previous chapters must be read. Information is plenty and will be referenced and may have to be crossreferenced. All in all, it's a big project, especially with the DiveQuest tie in. Beware!
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No. 152313 ID: 19ecf1

yay! bumps!

Ridder! AWAY!
No. 152320 ID: 950529
File 126958274535.png - (285.95KB , 800x600 , c24-2.png )

How long have I been asleep? I don't recall. I have grown used to it. It is peaceful.
I am vulnerable and weak now. I am at the mercy of those watching over me. How lucky I am to have such loyal friends. How selfish of me to depend on them. But I do not want to wake, for that will mean that I will have to take responsibility again.
Responsibility that is quickly rising above me.

What has happened so far? Can I even remember half of it?
I was trying to fight a great evil. Now the Sungod's men have it under control, and the prince told me I should have greater goals. Then, should I, instead of seeking out evil, create a safe haven? Prince, do you really think I could do such a thing, coming from a bloodline that only destroys?

No. 152321 ID: 950529
File 126958276454.png - (261.62KB , 800x600 , c24-3.png )


A gap opens in the sky in front of me. Darkness radiates from it.

No. 152323 ID: 1ac39d

No. 152325 ID: bf49dc

Ridder, you are your bloodline. You don't have to let it command you.
No. 152331 ID: d1d807

Discover the source of that gradient.
No. 152332 ID: f44349

Venture forth Ridder.
It's time to wake up.
No. 152334 ID: 632862

It looks like a door. There should be no reason to fear the darkness, just because it's dark. Find the source, and discover its intentions.
No. 152335 ID: 12084d

Stick your dick inside it.
No. 152342 ID: 3416ec

Boldly venture forth. You make your own destiny. You are who you choose to be.

No. 152362 ID: 950529
File 126958452152.png - (292.70KB , 800x600 , c24-4.png )

Very well. I will shape my own destiny.

I step through the opening.

Muschio sits on my bed. When he sees me looking at him, he smiles - or grins, rather.

"Is this how you greet all your guests, Ridder?"

.. I continue staring for a while then choke on my breath! I have been sleeping despite the knowledge that Muschio would visit! Nothing is prepared!
I try to raises myself and stammer helplessly.

"Prince Muschio! Forgive me! I- I have no excuse! I offer you my humble apology."
The prince sighs and his grin turns into a warm smile. He turns slightly more towards me.
"Now calm down, old friend. I'm just happy to see you again. And now that I've arrived, I see how well you've truly done for yourself..."
He pauses and I relax. I am suddenly overwhelmed with emotions now that I see my old friend again.
No. 152363 ID: 950529
File 126958453122.png - (211.07KB , 800x600 , c24-4_paused.png )

"...my faith was clearly not misplaced."
No. 152365 ID: 6547ec

Ridder, this is important. Perform a spot check for your pants.
No. 152367 ID: 9e9b47


He's smilin' at your erection.
No. 152373 ID: 3416ec

Cover your raging erection, Ridder. It's impolite to let yourself be seen by your prince.
No. 152375 ID: f0ceda


No. 152376 ID: fc6aec

"Oh, Mushio, I was just dreaming about you..."

Then blush and cover your erection, insisting it's completely unrelated.

Even if it isn't.
No. 152380 ID: 900c8d

Quickly grab your pillow and use it to cover your raging boner before Muschio sees it.
No. 152383 ID: 238304

Turn over in the bed.

If you lie on your ass it both gives Muschio a pleasant view of your rump and hides your erect Popsicle dick at the same time.
No. 152392 ID: abb30a

It would be a real boner not to hide that vasocongested penis of yours.
No. 152398 ID: 8b7db1

That was... a short session.

Also, why is everyone convinced he has an erection? ...I mean, besides his history of such things?
No. 152410 ID: 1ac39d

morning wood.
No. 152417 ID: 8ecfd4

Well your dear friend is there. Get up and get dressed and show him around. Start with the kitchen, I bet you're in need for some sturdy breakfast after sleeping for two days.
No. 152560 ID: 8ce2bf

Rub your nose up against his.
No. 152572 ID: afa77a

Get dressed with a speed unto lightning, then greet him in a manner proper for your friendship - rank and position are long past meaningless.
No. 152583 ID: b949e3

Ridder kiss Muschio
No. 152596 ID: 950529
File 126962752853.png - (295.88KB , 800x600 , c24-5.png )

I believe any erection I had has vanished already, as the shock of not welcoming a person of such importance is far from arousing. If he has seen it, then I am sure he will think as little of it as he seems to think of my endless rest.
"It is good to see you as well, Muschio."
In awkward silence, filled only with warm eyecontact, I ponder what to do next for a moment, then quickly get up to get dressed. Muschio politely directs his attention elsewhere.
"Did my followers treat you well?"
"There were some misunderstandings, but they were understandable. They appear to be kind and honest folk. Oh, I met your mother as well - It's a relief she is still alive. I feared the worst for your family, but it is good to see they have fared better than mine."
The sting of guilt hits me hard, and I fumble with the belts of my chain shirt. I quickly resume my posture to make sure Muschio does not notice.
The sensitive information that lays on my tongue may forever destroy the friendship that is now finally allowed to glow again.
No. 152597 ID: 8ecfd4

Well I guess you could tell him that your mother and father split up. Don't reveal why though. He doesn't really need to know that now, or maybe not ever.

But you must be really hungry. And he might need something as well after his trip. Why don't you two head on down to the kitchen and get some food.
No. 152606 ID: 1ac39d

yes, after 2 days of sleep your stomach must be very empty. if you don't notice at the moment it's because your brain still hasn't gotten up to speed.
No. 152608 ID: 8ce2bf

Oh no Ridder he sees the panties behind the painting! Quickly grab for them and say that they are not yours!
No. 152612 ID: ba7c76

>person of such importance
>filled only with warm eyecontact
>friendship that is now finally allowed to glow again

My god, you're so gay for Muschio that it hurts me.
No. 152618 ID: ea804f

If he's met your mother, then he probably already knows your father isn't here. That would likely be the first thing he asked.

Ask him about his trip. Did he have any problems on the road? Was there any difficulty finding this place?

For that matter, what time of day is it? Your guests are probably hungry, and no doubt you are too.
No. 152621 ID: 362f0c

>The sensitive information that lays on my tongue may forever destroy the friendship that is now finally allowed to glow again.

Yeah, careful about that... I know you feel the truth burning and twisting in your gut but it's probably a good idea to catch up on other less sensitive matters (how you both have fared, force integration, maybe catch up you goals) before you broach the subject of your parent's exact involvement in the revolution.

In fact it may be better to introduced that information only after you have informed him of your desire to help him regain his kingdom and warn him of the group responsible (ie: the Knight's Blades.)

Only then would it be a good idea to let him know the exact source of your information.
No. 152637 ID: 950529
File 126963347046.png - (291.84KB , 800x600 , c24-6.png )

Very well. I am not particularly hungry, but I suppose I could eat something. I finish putting on the rest of my uniform, and sheath the stiletto.
"How was your trip, prince? How do you fare?"
I can feel the air intensify for a moment. Muschio does not respond immediately. A sensitive topic perhaps.
I trust that he will share it with me when he feels comfortable doing so.
"It went well, thank you. I have not encountered any trouble on my way here. At home, everything is going smoothly too. I have not much to tell, certainly not compared to how well you have settled yourself."
He gently touches the painting, running his fingers along the texture.
I flinch at the memory of the panties and silently urge Muschio not to move the frame.
"I found this mansion in a state of disrepair, and, well, haunted. I drove the ghost out and we have been repairing it since then."
"And job well done."
"Thank you, Muschio. It means a lot coming from you. May I interest you in a late lunch?"
"Sure! I ran into the kobold who was with you in the hot springs - She said she was going to prepare a good meal. I look forward to it."
"Then please, right this way."

I lead him downstairs and into the kitchen. There I set two chairs to the table while I nod to Iesgip, who looks at us nervously.
"Please make me and prince Muschio lunch, Iesgip."
"Y-yes, sir, yes-- err- Sir, yes, sir!"
As we take our seat I notice Muschio is still looking around curiously. I clear my throat.
"I apologize for the unceremonious dining room. Hopefully when the wooden houses outside are finished we will have more space to work with."
"Oh, not at all. I am impressed by what you have already."
"Thank you, Muschio."
We sit in silent thought for a moment, only the sound of Iesgip's knife hitting the cutting board echoing through the room.
"May I ask you what you are planning to do, prince? You said that you have found followers of your own. Is there anything you are looking to achieve with them?"
His expression hardens, and he takes a moment to think.
"I am looking to claim land.. Expand my influence. However, I am not so sure how to go about it any more. I have been re-evaluating my immediate goals."
No. 152638 ID: 8ecfd4

Well ask him if there is any way you could help him.
No. 152640 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask him if he has a ladyfriend. If he pauses, ask him if he has a gentleman friend.
No. 152641 ID: ea804f

Nervousness? Sensitive topic? Perhaps he hasn't been doing as well lately as he'd like to impress. He seems to be doing well now, at least.

Give Iesgip a friendly nod when she comes by. The girl does good work, but is far too nervous at the moment.

Claiming land on his own must be difficult; that would explain why he's not working under a different lord, though. Is there that much free land nearby in need of claiming, though? I wonder how far he's travelled to get here. Try asking about that, what lands he's looking at or if he has found an appropriate place to start.

Has he met everyone? You might take the time to introduce Muschio to everyone after lunch, if the conversation runs dry again.
No. 152642 ID: 3416ec

Expand his influence? That might put him in danger of the Knight Blades yet again.
No. 152643 ID: c5628c

So Where's a good place to expand influence then?

P.S. What's the land to the south look like?
No. 152644 ID: 632862

The Knight Blades are only a problem if he suppresses culture.
No. 152646 ID: 362f0c

Thinking of regaining the old Crown? Makes some sense. The land is infested with bandits, the elves haven't left their woods in years, mercenary bands are on the move and the Helianthos are attempting to claim Sepia Town, and I fear some kind of unknown influence among the Demihumans.

I saw a young kobold girl among them built some kind of dark shrine, just as I arrived she was spirited away into some kind of portal.

It seems local power structure shifting there seems to be a time of great turmoil ahead. Perhaps it is a good time for a retuning king?
No. 152647 ID: 3416ec


I don't think the Knight Blades care; if they see someone like him grow in influence, they'll just "weed" him out.
No. 152650 ID: 632862

Claim land? That's a difficult proposition. Surely gaining allies would suffice if he simply wished to have power.

Or, he could vanquish a great evil... the people would be indebted to him, and he could use this popularity to be elected into a leadership role.
No. 152653 ID: c402a8

Perhaps you should let Muschio know of the Sungod followers and their plans in the area. They seem quite the er, thorough sort, and if war were to erupt between them and someone as wickedly power as this 'Boss', then we should make sure he can keep himself out of the way of any crossfire.
No. 152656 ID: ea804f

Knight Blades, Sungod, Revolutionists... this is all getting complicated.

Should we be pressing on all this before lunch? Get some food, make some small talk. Unless Muschio needs to leave soon, there will be plenty of time to talk about world affairs.

Come to think of it, when is Muschio leaving? I assume it is noon or thereabouts, so unless this is a very short visit, he'll be staying the night and leaving tomorrow after breakfast.
No. 152660 ID: f609ed

No, they've made it clear that it's not the size but the oppressive influence of a person that determines 'weeding'.
Remember, they said a tree can easily grow in a garden, larger than all the flowers without destroying them. But a weed will choke out all the other life, leaving only room for itself.
No. 152680 ID: bc1727

Ok, first off a mental note:

Have your lieutenant bug-guy whip up a customized exercize regimine. I think everyone needs at least to be in the best shape they can comfortably be in regardless of whether they are fighters or not. This is my answer to getting Sticks back to her former glory without actually having to press the subject directly (and dangerously). Better yet, get a group warm-up going. It's a perfect team building exercise that will impress Muschio even more.

Now for the primary concern. Don't let yourself forget about your prisoner. I'm interested in seeing how Muschio reacts to your request to psycho-analyze her and possibly help her. Perhaps mention it discreetly but save it until after dinner. It'll severely darken the festivities to put her into Muschio's mind so soon.
No. 152683 ID: 34470e

T'lear. I think.
No. 152687 ID: bc1727


Yes, him thank you. I excuse myself from remembering his name yet since he's still a new character. xD
No. 152693 ID: 950529
File 126963794392.png - (293.79KB , 800x600 , c24-7.png )

Yes, perhaps it's not going as well as he likes me to believe. But, as I said, I am confident that he will let me know what is going on when he feels the time is right. I feel that he does not want to ruin our meeting by bringing up horrors.
"Any land would do well with you as their king, prince.", I say honestly and without ceremony, "If there is anything I can do for you, I will direct all my efforts to it."
Muschio remains silent for a moment, as if deep in thought. He finally speaks without looking up, his voice as honest as mine.
"Thank you, my friend."
The silence becomes tense as nothing else seems appropriate. Perhaps these sort of things are best saved for the warroom.

"Have you met all of my followers yet?"
I attempt to change the topic.
"Ah, only a few. I was hoping to meet them all during dinner."
"Oh, of course. I shall be sure to have them introduced properly. What are your opinions on them so far?"
"Your manservant, Terva -- he's quite a formidable individual, though not without a sense of humor. He reminds me of one of my own allies."
"Truely? I had not thought him a jester. Who else have you met?"
"I don't know who that Goblin is, but she's very rough around the edges."
"Ah, Grek."
"Grek -- She didn't seem very enthusiastic about our visit... in fact, she responded in a rather hostile way to my second in command. Oh! And speaking of which, you really should meet my two friends who've accompanied me!"
"Oh, definately. I would love to. Perhaps after we have eaten? As for Grek's behaviour, she acts cynical and hostile even when it doesnt correspond with her feelings. I shall talk with her about improving her social skills.. though I am surprised that she would even approach you."
"I see. Most unfortunate, that. Oh, your mother is as lovely and devoted as ever." He laughs in a warm manner. "How amusing to see she still dotes on you, a grown man!"
"Yes, I suppose it is.. I appreciate it very much, however. Her presence has helped me deal with things I was not aware of."
He looks me over with a hint of concern. I quickly continue to end his worries.
"Exhaustion, as.. you've seen."
He laughs again, obviously relieved.
"Oh yes, and I met your fiancee, you charmer! Why didn't you mention her when we last met? I must admit I didn't expect that was your type, but she is certainly not without her charms--"
Iesgip's blade hits the cutting board hard, interrupting Muschio's sentence. I am a bit too stunned to respond myself.

"I.. Wh-- I beg your pardon?"
"The ceremony. For your marriage?"
"I- I'm sorry, but I am not engaged to any one. I believe there has been a misunderstanding."
"Ah, I see. The catfolk claimed to be. Hilne Slotensmit she said her name was."
No. 152694 ID: 9d07d9

dammit steex
No. 152696 ID: c66a08

No. 152697 ID: 34470e

...Sticks is not going to have any catnip for a couple of days.
No. 152698 ID: 8ecfd4

Well whatever reason Sticks has for lying about her name I'm sure it's a good one. Remember that she has been a theif and she might have recognized Mushio as someone she wronged in the past.

It would probably be a good idea to clear up the misunderstanding about engagement though. Otherwise I think Iesgip might do something drastic.
No. 152704 ID: 362f0c

It seems Sticks is up to her tricks. She's our subterfuge specialist of sorts.

I must confess that I am responsible for her current form. While trying to buy a map from what I thought was an old friend of the Crown in Sepia Town I was persuaded to place a transformation potion in a thief's drink as payment.

I didn't get much help there, but it turned out that the thief was a halfling I had met before in the ruins of the recent conflagration. Hire her as a sort of apology.
No. 152706 ID: 632862

"So, I presume you met Iesgip already?"
No. 152713 ID: ea804f


Now that I think about it, you DID propose to Sticks, didn't you? Then again, she didn't give an answer. I doubt that makes her your fiancee.

Then again, things will just get more awkward if she brings it up.

Clearing up that she isn't your fiancee is obvious, but should we bring up your proposal to Sticks? Especially in front of Iesgip? (Although she's bound to find out about it soon.)
No. 152724 ID: 3416ec

Steeeeks! You got some 'splainin to doooo!
No. 152727 ID: 632862

How about you tell him the story behind Sticks' relationship with you. How you got drugged.

Or you could bring up your other plans for the visit, like Geppa.
No. 152732 ID: 3416ec

Show Muschio Geppa after you've eaten.
No. 152737 ID: c66a08

Good one! Explain, very embarassedly about how the whole thing with STEEEEEEEEKS! started! And how it came to its.. current end.
No. 152740 ID: ea804f

Perhaps we should move on to other matters over lunch. Ask Muschio where he is living, and about plans to visit him in return. After all, it would be rude not to reciprocate the visit.
No. 152747 ID: 3416ec

Slowly inquire about an Orc named Arabella. Then lead that to a cave with enormous doors. Then a great evil.

Eyeball Muschio with great concern.
No. 152751 ID: 632862

We could also ask about his other compatriots.
No. 152752 ID: 8ce2bf

Challenge him to a hotdog eating competition.
No. 152757 ID: 72ca68

Explain the situation, but without cruelty. Sticks fancies you and is very direct about it, but you're too busy/trying to take things slow/looking for true love/all of the above. She's a good girl, but anything she says should be taken with a grain of salt.
There's no need for Master Muschio to get the wrong impression, after all.
No. 152770 ID: 362f0c

Probably a very good idea good to mention that Sticks in not alone in her pursuit of you.
No. 152771 ID: 632862

Agreed. Explaining how you're being pursued by women right and left would probably get a laugh out of Muschio.
No. 152776 ID: 950529
File 126964297517.png - (294.20KB , 800x600 , c24-8.png )

"Ah, that would be Sticks, as we commonly call her. I wouldn't be able to tell whether Hilne Slotensmit is her real name or not.. which seems rather embarrassing in retrospect. We, well, we used to be in a relationship. Due to circumstances beyond our controlled we ended up in bed with eachother. I took my responsibility and proposed to her, but she said she was not interested in it. Now, after formally ending it as she didn't seem to give our affair much thought, she has suddenly returned with a great determination to make her mine. I don't quite know what to think of it."
I hear Iesgip pausing her cutting and holding her breath, then sighing softly when I don't mention her.
Muschio nods sympathetically.
"The ways of a womans heart are strange, my friend. Though it's no surprise that girls are still imagining themselves married to you, it's been happening for as long as I can remember."
He laughs, his eyes glittering with nostalgia.
"Sadly, yes. I do not know how to control how I come across, as you do so elegantly. Speaking of which, I have, well-- A prisoner. She is extremely violent, dangerous, deranged.. but as I have been able to tie her up, I can not end her life. I was hoping that perhaps you could take her in your care. I know it is a lot to ask.. I am simply at a loss of what to do otherwise."
Muschio flinches and glances at me, a slight frown forming on his face.
"...what sort of a prisoner? How exactly did you come upon her? Does she have a name? A history? You must tell me more than that if you expect me to consider a transfer of her custody."
"Yes, certainly. Her name is Geppa, and she is a gnoll, like Terva. She is also known as Grey Fang, and raised to be a mercenary. Her company was recently hired to assassinate me for reasons unknown, and with their demise the plot has also vanished. Geppa is the only one I managed to subdue without lethal injury. She seems to be about our age, and has an unhealthy obsession with fire, which she also weaponizes quite potently. So.. Yes, she is quite dangerous. It.. I simply feel that your influence will affect her."
He sits back and ponders for a moment.
"Where is she now?"
"I have her tied up in one of the rooms here. I can take you to her when you wish."
He grins.
"Ridder, I suppose you must have gone through much since I last knew you. What kind of a man keeps a woman tied up in his basement?"
I return a silent stare, letting him know I am not amused. He laughs and rolls his eyes.
"Oh, it was a joke! I'm sure anyone with a lady locked in their basement has a damn good reason."
No. 152778 ID: 8ecfd4

Well things seem to be progressing pretty smoothly.

You should tell him a bit as well about your recent run in with that strange Gypsy and the magic shenanigans that followed it.
No. 152780 ID: 362f0c

aww poor Iesgip... won't do to have her doing all the work and not even introduce her properly.
No. 152781 ID: ba41e5

This is getting awkward. Try and chuckle a little bit at Muschio's comment, to make things a little more lighthearted.
No. 152783 ID: 8ce2bf

"I have not given in to temptation despite the number of times she asked me to rape her."
Try giving Muschio a great big smile, like the one you gave back in the bug battle. Show a lot of teeth.
No. 152786 ID: 632862

Why didn't you mention that she's completely bonkers because of childhood trauma and the influence of a nasty pervert?
No. 152790 ID: ea804f

Indeed, give Iesgip an introduction. Mention that she is a very capable hunter and scout. Also mention that Sticks isn't the only one who has taken an interest in you. Muschio seems like a smart person; he should be able to pick up on it.
No. 152792 ID: c66a08

The one he pulled a muscle doing?
No. 152814 ID: f95872

Doing it repeatedly is the best way to stretch his face muscles out a bit.
No. 152843 ID: 0fc814

You're on the defensive. Ask him what he's been up to, instead. Inquire about his own base of power. Did he come here alone?
No. 152845 ID: 8ce2bf

There's other ways to stretch his face muscles with Muschio, too.
No. 152862 ID: 2eac65

If you do this, it'll give exactly the wrong impression.
No. 152879 ID: 5eabae

Make sure to confront him - later - about that "keeping a lady prisoner" comment.
No. 152882 ID: 2eac65

"Muschio, she is a mental patient, not a kidnapped princess. I would appreciate not being taunted about this."
No. 152885 ID: 362f0c

Yes, no feral smiles... just standard ones... if you can manage that.
No. 152886 ID: 19ecf1

If you are upset about this, it is best to let the man know...

Really, if you two are to repair from the separation, truth must become a standard.

We can go from feelings to crazy secrets over a period of time.
No. 152897 ID: bf49dc

Iesgip has something for you too, don't leave her feeling irrelevant and inconsequential.
No. 152910 ID: 99b526

No. 153104 ID: 950529
File 126970947916.png - (294.97KB , 800x600 , c24-9.png )

"I'm sorry, Muschio. It lays too heavy on my mind to joke about."
Muschio's expression straightens. I can see he is disappointment.
"All right, forgive me. I can see this is an important issue. I'll visit the prisoner after dinner, then, and see what I can learn. Is that agreeable, my friend?"
"Certainly. Thank you."
Just then Iesgip arrives with our food. Simple bread with fresh salads and fruits. I nod at her.
"Thank you, Iesgip. Oh- You have met her, you mentioned. Iesgip is our most capable hunter, gatherer, and sharpshooter. I must say we all depend on her."
"She certainly seems like a very dependable individual."
His amused grin returns.
"I'm glad you finally found a woman who can look out for you!"
I take a moment to think. It seems Iesgip did understand, however, and is taking it well.
"I'm.. not quite sure what you mean, my friend."
Muschio laughs warmly and slaps me on the back. I feel my body relax knowing that he has already gotten over my rejection of his joking attitude.
"Nevermind, Ridder. What say we go meet your other allies? Or how would you like to meet my companions? After we have our lunch, of course."
No. 153105 ID: c402a8

Surely, as the host, it would be only polite to finish introducing him to your own allies first.
No. 153106 ID: 0abb50

Ooh! Knight Blades is back!


I do so love his reaction to that statement. We might have to ask him about it later.


Ask if you can meet his followers. And see if you can introduce everyone if you can.
No. 153107 ID: 3cbbfe

Onward, then! He's already been introduced to Iesgip, and I'm sure Ritari made a good impression for herself. Not quite sure where we'll find Sticks, although she'll likely turn up.

Well, let's show Muschio around a bit. It shouldn't be difficult to find everyone. Grek and Petal are likely in the workshop, T'lear is probably near the main enterance, and Terva and Nakraska would be outside working on carpentry. That sounds like a simple route through the house to find everyone, and will get more formal introductions for Grek and Terva. We'll likely run into Sticks somewhere along the line.

It will also give Muschio a chance to see how well you've organized things by yourself.
No. 153123 ID: 0fc814

Ask if he traveled with anyone. Start with them, if so.
No. 153144 ID: 8ecfd4

Give him a tour of the facility and introduce him to everyone.
No. 153277 ID: 5eabae

No. 153510 ID: 950529
File 126976495025.png - (292.90KB , 800x600 , c24-10.png )

"Well, I would like to meet your companions. You have met nearly all of mine, but we shall have formal introductions."
We finish our food and get up. As we turn to the door we see we have gathered an audience.
My mother, Iesgip, an unknown goblin, and Sticks are watching us from the doorway, whispering, giggling and gossiping, then fall to immediate silence when they notice they have been spotted.
No. 153516 ID: 34470e

Is Iesgip standing on that goblin?
No. 153521 ID: 1ac39d

No. 153523 ID: bf49dc

CompanionS? Plural? The goblin's a safe bet, what about the rest?
No. 153549 ID: bb1526

Looks like Sticks is curious about the prince. I assume that goblin is one of Prince Muschio's companions. Might consider introducing yourself. Mind your manners.

...I wonder if your mother was just sharing stories about you two when you were younger, hm?
No. 153559 ID: 8ecfd4

They look awfully curious and guilty. I bet they were all switching stories about the two of you.

Ridder time for you to make some formal introductions of your mother and Sticks.
No. 153585 ID: 8ce2bf

Stories such as the time you stripped for money, Ridder.
No. 153605 ID: bc1727

C'mon Ridder. LAUGH at this situation. It's about time you let a sense of humor come out. Even if you have to reach down into the most shriveled depths of your psyche to produce it. Laugh.

It'll feel good, I promise.
No. 153613 ID: 34470e

Laughter is the best medicine. Please do it. I'll give you a sandwich if you laugh.
No. 153623 ID: 0fc814

Stay unfazable. Calmly say hello, and ask to be introduced to the goblin.
No. 153641 ID: 73d42c

Try not to think too much about how Sticks is always talking about yaoi sex involving you and a prince. And that everyone is blushing. And glancing between Muschio and yourself.

Also, now would be a good time to formally introduce Sticks. However, it would be rude to ignore the golbin guest. Go ahead and formally introduce yourself; Muschio should introduce her if she is part of his group.
No. 153652 ID: 362f0c

Seems our lovely ladies are already getting themselves introduced.
No. 153684 ID: 5eabae

Think about Sticks fantasizing about Yaoi of the two of you.
Then, laugh about them watching you, and ask who the unknown goblin is.
No. 153709 ID: d6a592

Greet the Goblin
No. 154494 ID: e4e9c3

Introductions are in order. But if your laughter is anything like your smiles, do not try it.
No. 154761 ID: e2020c


No. 154791 ID: 950529
File 126988636327.png - (296.43KB , 800x600 , c24-11.png )

I sound an amused laugh.
It comes out cold and hostile. An awkward silence follows. Aware of my failure, I quickly continue.
"Prince, you have met my mother, Ritari; Our advisor and currently second in command. Her experience and knowledge is invaluable. Sticks--"
I pause for a moment, wondering if I should say 'Hilne'. I decide against it.
"Our master of subterfuge, locks, and trickery. And Iesgip, our hunter, and when the time calls for it, a great offensive power."
Muschio nods to them with a smile.
I take in the unknown goblin. A woman in humble dress, her most notable feature a large and grotesquely mutated hand. The skin on it is smooth, suggesting this is no vile disease at work.
I notice I am staring at it a little too long, so I quickly take it in my hand.
"But we have not met. Would you please introduce us, Muschio?"
"Certainly. Finnesse, meet Ridder. My oldest and most trusted friend. He served as a knight in my court and has survived as the only remnant of North Piacevol left uncorrupted by the rebels. Ridder, meet Finesse. Our most capable tinkerer and unmissable second in command. She is vital to my operations."
I place a gentle kiss on her hand.
"How do you do."
..but she is distracted. Blushing slightly she looks to Muschio. Only after a moment does she turn to me again and nods politely.
"It's an honor, sir."

Muschio talks with my mother for a moment, and then turns to Finesse again.
"Oh yes, Finesse, where is Ashedel?"
"She is in the courtyard, Master."
No. 154793 ID: 632862

Let's go meet her, then.
No. 154801 ID: 8ce2bf

Muschio definitely wants to fuck your mother, bro. Maybe you should reminisce about Nan with him to distract him from your mother.
No. 154802 ID: 2eac65

Remember back when we recruited Grek? She said she was jealous of another goblin from her village named Finesse. I think this might be the same goblin.
No. 154803 ID: 49d6d7

Notice, just like you lusted after your mother's figure, so does Muschio.
No. 154806 ID: 19ecf1

oh shizz... that's true isn't it...

And for godsake, your courtesy is gonna have every sentiant female on the planet at your feet.... or pants...
At the very least we should meet this Ashedel. And try to act nice, without turning her on...
No. 154809 ID: abf2ca

The name was Finnie, actually. We don't even know if this Finesse comes from the same village as Grek, although she is a tinkerer. We can try to descretely ask Grek the next time we see her; she should know for sure.

Well if Muschio's other travelling companions are in the courtyard, so it would be reasonable to make that our next destination. You might be able to catch T'lear on the way out, and Terva and Nakraska are probably in the courtyard themselves. We can still make our rounds to introduce everyone.

It looks like this Finesse has a bit of a crush on Muschio... and Muschio has a bit of a crush on your mom. Perhaps you should offer him a bit of advice against ignoring him lady admirers. :D
No. 154830 ID: 2eac65

I think she said "Finesse" specifically at least once. "Finnie" might just be a nickname. Plus, she has the same giant arm that the other one was said to have. It would be a pretty odd coincidence if they aren't the same goblin.
No. 154833 ID: 5eabae

Follow Muschio to the courtyard to meet Ash.
Greet her by asking what she's playing.

At the very least, we found them both in the same village in the same occupation.
Finesse grew up there as far as we know, but since Grek grew up in the caravan, it doesn't much matter where she was born.
No. 154841 ID: 3416ec

Tell Muschio to quit leering at your mother.

Everyone have a good laugh.
No. 154848 ID: 362f0c

I would think that a little inapropriate and Ridder probably can't pull it off right.

But it is comforting to note that even the Prince ins not immune to your mother's charms. Makes your own previous experience somewhat less... unsettling.

But it does bring up something interesting... we have never met another Northwalker, I wonder? Are all of our kind so hypnotically fascinating to the opposite sex? Perhaps even you fall under a similar effect. Note how many of your followers are female... unusual for an army no?
No. 154884 ID: 950529
File 126989962938.png - (288.32KB , 800x600 , c24-12.png )

"Shall we, then?"
I gesture to the door, letting Muschio go first.
My mother suddenly speaks up.
"Oh, Muschy, we'll be borrowing your Finnie for a bit, alright~?"
Muschio looks at her a tad surprised, then smiles and nods.

Together we continue through the hall to the courtyard. There we find Black Fang, rather confused, talking with the most amazing ode to female beauty I have ever seen.
"Ridder, this is Ashedel, my trusted bodyguard and blah blah bla-"
At first glance her anatomy confuses me, but soon her elegance and sculpted body become apparant. The perfect combination between power and femine beauty, the perfect example that one needs not be weak to be a woman, that not even my own mother could stand up to.
This masterpiece of nature is a woman who would carry a child into battle, and feed it as she brings down her maternal rage on the enemy. A woman who would raise her children with strength and dedication, who would see them grow up, and reign over her family as the wise but powerful matriarch, aside the luckiest patriarch there could be.
No man would ever experience a moment of strength with her behind him- no- beside him, each others strength complimenting the other, to form the harmony any living being so desires.

No. 154886 ID: 8ecfd4

Stop staring at her stonking great tits and see who that is talking with you.
No. 154889 ID: bf49dc

Ease up chap, your friend's talking.
No. 154893 ID: 3416ec


You must marry this woman. She is PERFECT. Ashedel is the epitome of your dream wife.
No. 154894 ID: 362f0c

Wait what?
No. 154895 ID: d56ac0

Well DONT embarrassedly stutter out something like "I-I'm sorry, I am awestruck by your companion's boobies- I mean beauty."
No. 154898 ID: 8ce2bf

You might want to try and calm down, Ridder. Your clothes aren't going to hide an erection well. Blush and hide behind Black Fang in the mean-time, and stammer out a greeting.
No. 154899 ID: badf27

Ridder. Try to enunciate your words.

Because I know you'll be all like "Uh... buh... guhhhh" because you're clearly struck dumb by love at first sight.

I didn't know you were a tits man, Ridder!

Also don't make any freudian slips about her tits.
No. 154901 ID: f44349

-Knock knock-
Oy! Ridder!
Muschie is talking!
Take your eyes off of Tits and pay attention!

Say something about how you must still be a bit groggy to cover that fact that you're staring. (Not that anyone will buy it, but it pays to be polite)
No. 154902 ID: 5b6805

All that from a glance?
Regain thine composure.
No. 154903 ID: f21281

Suddenly you are struck by the realization that you're attracted to her because she has a similar body type to your mother.
No. 154911 ID: 8ce2bf

Maybe you should get some Nanroot in you before you break down.
No. 154913 ID: 632862

"Greetings, Ashedel. It is a pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman."
No. 154926 ID: 950529
File 126990182771.png - (291.96KB , 800x600 , c24-13.png )

Her breast? No. I am not interested in such a specific thing. Rather, the woman they are attached to have caught my eye. Her breasts are only beautiful because they are hers, but so are her fingers, her mouth, her neck, and so on.
Perhaps she is similar to my mother, yet taller, leaner.. But the air around her is so much different.
To even think of marrying her is a fools game. I know nothing of her but the intensity of her presence. There is very little chance that she is not already married. Perhaps she has already mothered her offspring.
In any case, romance is not a high priority, as I have said before.

I refrain from kissing her on the hand, and instead extend my hand and firmly shake hers to show I respect her as an equal.
She picks up on my honest discipline and responds the same way.
"Well met, madam. Thank you for looking after my friend."
"It is my pleasure, sir. It is an honor to meet you."
No. 154928 ID: 632862

You need to ask Muschio more about Ashedel, then. Don't just assume she's unavailable. If you think it would be too awkward to ask her directly then confide in your closest friend that you are attracted to her.

Goddamn it, Ridder. Don't miss an opportunity like this!
No. 154933 ID: 632862

...though, that is for later. Right now... has Muschio met Babrakus or T'lear? We can go introduce them now.
No. 154934 ID: 192956

I also don't think he's met mad petal.
No. 154935 ID: abf2ca

I will assume that she is an acquaintance to Muschio also? Perhaps you should ask him to introduce the two of you.
No. 154948 ID: 362f0c

You recover very well don't you Ridder. Quite good, if a little stiff.

However, if you 'are' interested in this woman, nay lady, it would be best to ask more of her, discretely of course. For all we know Muschio himself may share you tastes ehh?

He did bring her here after all.
No. 154952 ID: 19ecf1

... You have all these women who want you...
And you suddenly fall for a chick you haven't seen before...

Either way, if you're ever going to heal, it starts with falling to temptation... Well, not really falling... More like analytically conceeding.

Make yourself happy for once! Jeez...
No. 154957 ID: 1963d1

While romance may not be top priority, something we've got to get a-working on the Ashedel angle.
No. 154968 ID: 5b6805

Ridder, this is the first time we've seen you have such a powerful response to somebody else, without our hedging or coaxing. Love, admiration, and respect all smoothly forged into something pure.

Even with the possible boundaries you mentioned, you should get to know her better. Some of those boundaries may not exist.
No. 154977 ID: 3416ec


I am agreeing with this as hard as I can.
No. 154992 ID: 950529

Very well. I was willing to let it be nothing but a fleeting moment, yet if you desire to push the issue I will confront it directly.
"Madam, I must ask you. Are you currently involved romantically with any one?"
She's silent for a moment, probably surprised, then her expression changes to a flirty smirk. It has my heart racing.
"No, I am not currently engaged romantically."
I nod and take a deep breath--
No. 154993 ID: 950529
File 12699125806.png - (296.25KB , 800x600 , c24-15.png )

"With your permission I would like to court you, with the intent of romance and marriage."
No. 154994 ID: 362f0c

Wait... wait what! I... but... this a little soon! you I mean... but...
No. 154995 ID: f98e0b

No. 154996 ID: 3416ec

No. 154997 ID: 950529
File 126991275781.png - (294.89KB , 800x600 , c24-16.png )

"Well, aren't you direct?"
I stay quiet and focus on keeping my hand from shaking.
I see her contemplating my words. After a moment she sighs lightly and smiles.
"All right, I will allow you to attempt courting me.. But you've only just met me, and once you have grown to know me I am not sure the reality will be able to live up to the dreamy expectations I see glimmering in your eyes."
I let go of her hand and sigh, slightly relieved yet more tense than ever.
"I am prepared to take that risk. Thank you, ma'am."
No. 154998 ID: 9d07d9

No Ridder that's not how you do it that's only slightly more socially acceptable than humping someone's leg
No. 154999 ID: f98e0b

No. 155003 ID: 1e1932
File 126991321111.jpg - (15.67KB , 477x356 , 1269753815596.jpg )


No. 155005 ID: 632862

Congratulations, you've got your foot in the door.


Right, right. Set up a date with her, so you can get to know her.
No. 155007 ID: 192956

I think Muschio's dead
No. 155010 ID: 8b7db1

I think Black Fang is too.

I see a bug >8I as well.
No. 155015 ID: 445c48

Well, Formally introduce them to everyone who's gathered around.

Oh man Babrakus is going to have some sweet gossip to tell the girls.
No. 155017 ID: 0abb50
File 126991392226.gif - (1.03MB , 350x263 , 1269558899657.gif )




Promptly ask if this is everyone then uh...
Fuck man, I dunno. Introduce the bug dude, I guess.

Jesus Christ, Ridder.
No. 155018 ID: 3416ec

T'lear is the new Bladetree.

Okay, ummmm... invite Ashedel out on a walk through a sunny meadow sometime. That way you can get to know her better.

Maybe by the river you sexed your mom went for a swim.
No. 155019 ID: 3416ec

Also, when are we gonna go take Muschio to Geppa? We must address this soon.
No. 155023 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder you have to give Muschio mouth to mouth he is dying.
No. 155028 ID: 3bc57c

Welp, not much to do now but tactfully change the subject. Romancing Muschio's followers, after all, is not your main purpose here.

Though given what just happened I'm not really sure if you have a fully developed concept of "tactful"
No. 155029 ID: fe0817

Well, let's keep Mustchio around for a while. That way we can date our lovely Ash without travelling far. Perhaps... we can persuade her to stay.
No. 155030 ID: 7d3870

Hell yes Ridder, you need more self-focused spontanuity in your life, run with this crazy impulse like a MAN! Fuck da haters!
No. 155035 ID: f21281
File 126991554313.jpg - (77.24KB , 620x520 , 17189-130475-RageFace2png-620x.jpg )

No. 155043 ID: a7a85a

Hey, Muschio's been with her! As adventurers, I mean.

You should as him what kind of techniques she likes!
Swordplay, strategy and flower arranging, I mean. :3c
No. 155051 ID: e8b6dd

Congratulations, Ridder. I had thought the fires of passion had gone out in you, with your constant worrying about your troops and the great evil. It's nice to see you interested in living your life again.

Of course, I have no clue how we should proceed from here. Introduce yourself to the lady, at least. The two of you haven't even exchanged names.

Outside that, Muschio and Terva look like they are in need of some resuscitation.
No. 155068 ID: 632862

I would like to point out that the intended emotion in that expression is "Oh Ridder, you sly dog."

I think Muschio figures Ridder is banging all the chicks.
No. 155091 ID: f609ed

Honestly, that is what I got out of it.
No. 155117 ID: a7a85a


Muschio made their introductions for them. A second, personal introduction of himself may seem a bit egocentric.
No. 155161 ID: f95872

Notice that Terva and Muschio seem to be having an impromptu funny face competition.

I trust you can judge it objectively?
No. 155254 ID: 8681ae

besides, think of how happy sticks will be~
No. 155322 ID: e4e9c3

I... I just... You... What... Oh gods.
The girls will kill you.
With knives.
Pointy knives.
No. 155326 ID: 2c4b6b

Say that you should continue showing Muschio around. Apologize for leaving so soon and that you hope to talk more when you all have dinner.
No. 155362 ID: 19ecf1

I'd say you did the right thing... but in the wrong way.

We must teach you to be less... tight...

Either way, what's done is done... And everyone you know appears to be awestruck...

And then there's the 'competition for you... That got shot...

In anyway, it appears she likes you well enough. Try not to do something stupid...
No. 155373 ID: 950529
File 126997273269.png - (290.90KB , 800x600 , c24-17.png )

I will apply what I have learned of courting now, which far more subtle than what I just did. This simply had to be done to prevent misunderstandings. Unless she wishes to play with my heart she will have turned me down had she not been open to the possibility of marriage, like Sticks.

I will continue the tour.

"Now, I must excuse myself. I hope to speak with you again during dinner. Prince, if you'd please come with me I will introduce you to my other followers."
She nods with a smile, and me and Muschio walk away from her and Black Fang. I am about to lead him to Nakraska when he stops me with a sudden whispered cry.
"WHOA HOLD ON WAIT, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? I bring my comrade here and you barely even hear her name before you practically propose! What the hell's going on?! You've had women all over the world throw themselves at your feet and now this? What in the name of hell inspired you to do something like that?"
I take a deep breath, startled by his response, and reflect on my actions. I face him and look him in the eyes to show my honesty and loyalty to him. I would never want to do something he would not approve of.
"I apologize, prince. I understand that this was selfish of me. If you do not wish me to court Ashedel then I shall call it off."
The prince stares back with a blank expression, momentarily holding his breath...
No. 155375 ID: 950529
File 12699731588.png - (296.98KB , 800x600 , c24-18.png )

..then relaxes, mumbling his answer as if to himself, but audible enough.
"Uh... n-no, no, Ridder, I -- I don't mind if you wish to court my subordinates, but, the suddenness of it, I mean -- I just don't know what could have prompted you to..."
He trails off, seemingly on purpose, as he turns his attention to Nakraska.
"Oh! Who is this charming lady?"

For a moment I am overcome by this warm gesture. In the time we have been friends, we have discovered the inevitable clashes in our way of thinking. But, instead of letting my views leave him confused, Muschio has opted to simply accept it when I stray, leaving my faults to be without conflict. It is the greatest gift a friend could give.

"That is Nakraska, our head carpenter. Nakraska, please meet prince Muschio Malto, my oldest friend and lord."
"It's an honor, milady."

I notice T'lear walking by as well, and gesture to him.
"And this is T'lear, our military coordinator. He has more field experience than anyone here and is a succesful trainer. T'lear, please meet the prince as well."
T'lear simply nods, respectful but obviously not interested in a big introduction, and resumes on his patrol. Muschio nods back and keeps his attention on Nakraska.

I believe that only leaves Petal and Grek. Where could they be?
No. 155378 ID: 1ac39d

so... Nakraska is a lady? or is muschio off his rocker?
No. 155379 ID: 16d040

...How could he have seen past her disguise?!
No. 155380 ID: 34a801

Check the women's dorm.
Failing that, check the workshop.
No. 155381 ID: 362f0c

Muschio knows a lot about demi-humans likely (his old kingdom did employ a lot.) That and I think he is noticing a pattern here.
No. 155382 ID: bf49dc

Check the workshop first, Muschio seems like he could do some... damage in the women's dorm.
No. 155383 ID: 0e8ca6

Oh yes, Nakraska is a woman. Just in case you didn't know. I'd suggest keeping that little detail under your hat, though; she prefers if everyone just thinks of her as one of the guys.

Petal and Grek would likely be in their workshop, wouldn't they? At least, that's the most likely place to find them.
No. 155387 ID: bc1727


He's got plenty of tricks up his sleeve it seems.
No. 155390 ID: 19ecf1

erm... mind letting Muschio know that he's not a she...
... he is a he.... right?

(I hope you realize that if he's a she... that Terva/Black Fang... when they were fooling around... He'd know...)
No. 155397 ID: 5b6805

Maybe he's just compensating for his mistake with iesgip by assuming Nak's a girl. That, or maybe he's teasing, in light of what just happened.
No. 155408 ID: 5eabae

For all those confused - yes, Nak is a female who simply wants to be "one of the guys."
No. 155411 ID: 632862

Please inform Muschio that Nakraska is a man. If he doesn't believe you at all, then just tell him that it is what Nakraska wants.
No. 155488 ID: 7d3870

Complement Muschio, or at least express surprise, at his amazing gen-dar.
No. 155975 ID: bc1727


You must have skipped a chapter. Nak said there was no touching involved. How Terva didn't notice is beyond me, but he didn't.

Or DID he!?
No. 155978 ID: 8ce2bf

Terva is gay as fuck I am pretty sure he noticed and that is why there was no touching.
No. 156033 ID: 950529
File 127005436448.png - (297.44KB , 800x600 , c24-19.png )

I decide to intervene.
I clear my throat.
"Nakraska is male.", I say stoically.
Nakraska sends me a grateful glance. Muschio looks at me for a moment, his eyes full of disbelief, then nodding with understanding.
He laughs joyfully, though it seems more politely than genuine this time. In our time together I have learned to separate his laughs.
"Forgive me, sir. I thought to mend an error I made before and it backfired."
Nakraska shrugs it off, and then share a masculine handshake.

"Now, please follow me and I shall introduce you to our last two members, one of whom is the goblin you met before. Perhaps we can clear up some confusion."
The workshop is the same room as their quarters. Their outside lab has not yet completed, and judging from the lack of noise and smoke, they are not currently experimenting out on the fields.
We go back inside, and look into the women's quarters.
No. 156034 ID: 950529
File 127005448795.png - (297.75KB , 800x600 , c24-20.png )

I close the door.
"Uh-- Please excuse them."
"That's quite alright~"
No. 156041 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh how dreadfully embaressing. Still Mushio seems to put up a very accepting front of it. Lets just pretend that it never happened and move on.

Well you have shown him everyone except Geppa now. And I think you should save that for later. Lets give him a tour of the planned construction now.
No. 156042 ID: 1ac39d

well... um.... yeah. grek and petal, immortal lesbians.
No. 156043 ID: 8ce2bf

Looks like they will need a double-ended male fertility charm huh Ridder!
Maybe Iesgip's done with the wonderful dinner of beef stew now.
No. 156067 ID: 632862

Okay we definitely need locks or something for these doors.
No. 156075 ID: 2c4b6b

You really need to learn to knock, Ridder.
No. 156097 ID: bc1727

Well that's hilarious.
No. 156102 ID: 30d4b2

To be fair, Ridder clan claim hes had a worse experience of being walked in on.

No. 156105 ID: 632862

Or how about a "Do not disturb" sign people can put on the doorknob?
No. 156121 ID: 632862

Well, we've introduced everyone. Kindof. How about we sit down Muschio for a nice chat and tell him about all our accomplishments so far?

In the War Room.
No. 156130 ID: 8ecfd4

You know it has been a few years since you actually had time to do things with him.

Why not suggest a friendly sparring session to see if he has learnt any new tricks since you last had the chance. A prince must be able to defend himself and lead by example after all.
No. 156132 ID: 445c48

Learn to knock, Ridder. Even if they hadn't been making love, they might have been changing or doing some womanly... stuff. Not something you want to walk in on.
No. 156135 ID: 5eabae

Apologize PROFUSELY for not having knocked.
Seriously Ridder, I thought decency came along with chivalry!
...do make sure to remember that scene for *later* though.
No. 156158 ID: 950529
File 127006939346.png - (294.27KB , 800x600 , c24-21.png )

Very well. I'll skip introducing them.
"Well then. Let me show you the war room, and we can discuss more important things."
I lead him to the warroom where I let him see the map.
He looks a it for a moment and nods.
"So tell me... you've built up such a very impressive team of allies, old friend, that it makes me wonder... have you picked up any enemies in your exploits as well?"
"Sadly, yes, yes, I have. Some I have made by my own doing, yet others have simply turned hostile to me without apparent reason. Of course there is the great evil I have told you about, but in addition.."
I tell him about Commander Coriander Salamander, their prisoner I freed and their alliance to the 'Boss', the Fangs mercenary company, their demise and the lack of evidence on who hired them, the elves I escaped from together with Petal, the Patriarch's forces now that I have been knighted in the Matriarch's court, and the underworld lords of Sepia Town now that I have sided with the Helianthus.
I point out each location of interest on the map.
"..Luckily now that the Helianthus have made their presence the 'Boss's threat is less immediate. As you may have noticed, I have no direct concerns... hence, my slumber."
Muschio nods thoughtfully, letting my words settle in his mind. After a moment he nods again.
"You may not be concerned, but as a friend I certainly am. What do you know of this 'great evil'? How did your paths cross? What do you know of this foe?"
A sense of relief comes over me. Somehow I feel more confident in my struggle with the prince behind me, even if he has his own troubles to deal with.
"Only that he has great power, that I assume continues growing. Had Iniziare Citta not burned down I would have thought his evil to be slumbering, but the great power that the paladin felt must have been the army gathered in the cave systems under the rockformation. Undoubtedly there are several exits, of which one might lead to a stronghold or castle. I deemed it too dangerous to storm. Then, when I recruited the kobolds, I found one of their children practicing dark magic. I.. failed in saving her from the ritual and she disappeared through a vile portal. I have no doubt that this corruption was caused by the 'Boss'. Yet even so, I underestimated his influence. I had Sticks spy on the lair as she hid amongst the goblin village I had allied with, yet even so, a bottle of drugged wine found its way to us. Undoubtedly a means of intimidation. After that we abandoned all attempts to confront the 'Boss' directly, and instead focused on spreading our own influence."

We both stare at the map in silence. The minor markings around my location and that of the 'Boss' burn in the mind, serving as a strong reminder that a confrontation will be inevitable.
I know that if needed I can fall to the north and pick up my duty as knight in the Matriarch's court, but then what will become of the forest, Sepia Town, and Westwater?
Muschio's sigh breaks my train of thought. It seems like he was in deep thought as well.
"Grim times, my friend. I will have to consider this over dinner."

No. 156207 ID: 77d06c

I suppose if everything else has been taken care of, and everything has been introduced, then I suppose you can relax and listen to the stories Muschio has to tell, I'm sure you're as curious as we are, and he's bound to have had his own adventures in the time you have been apart.
No. 156208 ID: 16561c


I will give you a quick initiation: it involves applying the knuckles of your hand to the surface of the door several times, to alert people on the other side of your presence and intent to enter. It is normally accompanied by a verbal intent to enter, so that the parties on the other side of the door have a chance to respond or prepare.

You really should give it a try.

I agree with >>156130 . You haven't seen him in awhile, and it's likely still a bit before dinner. What did the two of you do in your free time? You have time to spar, or play a few dice games, or even take a short scroll through the nearby forest.

I'm sure you're tempted to get started, but right now is not the time to begin courting Ashedel~
No. 156210 ID: 8ce2bf

Do you have cards? You could get everyone together for a nice game of poker. Don't worry about having something to bet.
No. 156580 ID: 5b6805

Ask Muschio if he's run into any signs of this lingering evil, or even if he's run across Coriander's troops. The tower was close to the town Muschio used to live in after all. (Ridder does know that right?)
No. 157226 ID: 9a1fa4

Be sure to tell him about the orc woman in the tower too. Time to eat?
No. 157437 ID: 288cba

Now would be a good time to find out where Muschio is living, and possibly arranging a visit. After all, when he leaves you won't have a way to get back in contact with him.

You'll also want a way to get a message to Muschio in an emergency.
No. 157989 ID: 0e252b

Y'know, I just wanna say: Muschio looks awesome in this. He's got so much detail, I half expect him to be animated like a Miyazaki flick. It's awesome. Great job. :D
No. 158903 ID: 8ce2bf

Court Ashedel over dinner. Eat everything as sensually as you can. Make sure to sit directly across from her!
No. 158991 ID: a7a85a


Just don't play footsies with her. That could go horribly, horribly wrong.
No. 159567 ID: 950529
File 127041461140.png - (200.61KB , 800x600 , c24-22.png )

Eh cen't b'lev' 't! Ferst th'betch dares teh cem 'ere, 'n now she's telken' teh meh Petehl!

No. 159568 ID: 445c48

First off, you're pretty adorable when you're angry.

Second off, Well, go join the conversation. Be polite.
No. 159569 ID: 476456

I doubt she's really into girls.
No. 159570 ID: 005f23

Breathe, Grek. Breathe. I'm not sure what Petal's favorite color is, but I doubt it's goblin purple.

What are they doing? It doesn't look like anything as... intimate... as what Ridder walked in on.

Congratulations on your relationship with Petal, in that regard.

So who is this goblin anyways?
No. 159571 ID: a56bd0

Jealous are we? I was under the impression she only came her as part of Muschio's retinue. I doubt she even knew you were here.

Anyhow, if you have a problem with her you should probably get it in the open. This frustration is putting you out of sorts and we can't have that (not that you are particularly polite when you are pleased.)
No. 159581 ID: f3de2f

Mind telling us who that goblin is and what she did to piss you off?
No. 159582 ID: 8ce2bf

Finesse must have heard about how you and Petal were gettin' it on and is moving in to take what is rightfully yours once again!
No. 159583 ID: 5024b4

Don't worry. From the situation she was living in with the elves that Ridder saw, Petal is not the polygamous type. They're probably just talking on a professional level.

Still: don't just stand there, face her. the way Grek's acting, its like she's oblivious of the situation.
No. 159587 ID: 6834bc

Grek, you didn't notice the way she looks at that Muschio guy?

I bet she's got the hots for him. And she's nowhere near as charming as you are - she's no competition to you.
No. 159589 ID: f21281

Grek, you ever think that maybe it's time to put your differences with Finesse aside, for the betterment and continued improvement of...

No. 159592 ID: 5eabae

Don't worry, she's definitely straight.
No. 159595 ID: e9ab30

Nice Bladetree look, Grek.
No. 159600 ID: 2d5035

... Stop being a bitch about it...
She's changed as much as you have. I doubt you were a lesbian before joining Ridder...
For all you know, Finneese might be different than before.
Also, how did your latest experiment go? The one Ridder walked in on?
I always thought Elfs and goblins hated each others guts...
No. 159635 ID: bc1727

Calmeth down, Grek. You both are more alike than you know. Don't you think after all the time you two have been alive she'd have found another interest?

She's obviously moved on and doesn't even remember you. It's time you moved on too.
No. 159754 ID: 950529
File 12704335626.png - (236.47KB , 800x600 , c24-23.png )

Yeh, whet'ver, eh gen' face 'er 'n mek 'er get eff meh terf. Meybe if sheh feck'n 'pelegizes eh'll fergeve 'er, bet eh bet sheh went. Feck'n pest.
Eh hed over 'n join Pet'l, 'n sheh pets her soft but strong arm around me, placing her warm hand on my hip and very gently pulling me closer.
"Grek, have you met Finesse? She works for sir Ridders friend. She was just telling me you were angry at her. Perhaps you could tell us what's going on?"
Feeeck I'm drowning in 'er eyes, feeeeck!

"Uhm, hello. I- I don't remember you, or any harm I did to you, but I would like to apologize for my behavior and extend my friendship to you."
No. 159756 ID: 476456

I dont think she ever realized what she did.
No. 159757 ID: f44349

Focus. Focus!
Don't look at her eyes!
Look at Finesse and tell us all what yer problem is.
No. 159760 ID: 344ef9

Well she apologized so maybe you should forgive her. I guess her memory is bad. That's one thing you've got that she doesn't!

What *did* she do anyway?
No. 159762 ID: 9a1fa4

Petal's here, don't be too harsh.

Tell Finesse you want her apology for shunting you away and ignoring your talents.
No. 159763 ID: 005f23

She apologized, so you have the chance to forgive her.

It looks like Petal wants something. Ask Finesse to join you. I'm sure that Petal will look sooooo cute with another person rubbing her down~<3
No. 159799 ID: 445c48

Petal's here, so don't be harsh, don't be mean. Be polite. You can shout at finnie when the two of you are alone.

Put your arm around Petal's hip
No. 159874 ID: 5024b4

That's what we like to call a 'half-assed' apology. She has no idea what she did 'wrong' and is trying to smooth things over. She may mean it, of course, but it doesn't really count until she understands why you're mad at her.

You can fall for Petal's wiles afterward. Just don't forget about dinner.
No. 159880 ID: 24aa45

which is why refreshing her memory will make the apology worthwhile.

Refresh her memory, and move on...
No. 159899 ID: 83deb4

> Don't look at her eyes!
That's madness. Finesse makes you angry, and Petal doesn't, right? So you should stare deep into her eyes as you explain.
Just forget Finesse is there for a moment. Stare deep into Petal's eyes, and calmly explain the situation. Lean in slowly... and just... forget Finesse is there.
No. 159903 ID: 950529
File 127046814965.png - (227.92KB , 800x600 , c24-24.png )

Yeh! Feck th'betch! Eh'll lek at meh Pet'l 'n 'xplen 't teh 'er!
"Feck 't, sheh den ev'n know whe' sheh ded! See, eh used teh be th'vellage's tenk'rer, bet they den' lek meh style, seh eh jend th'merchent cer'ven, 'n lerned seh mech, 'n eh retern'd, enleh teh fend Fen'sse tehk meh plece as tenk'rer! Theh enly went'd meh when she get hered."
"But.. I'm happy."
"If it wasn't for that, maybe we would never have met."

"Erh.. what..?"
No. 159904 ID: 1ac39d

well, i guess we can let Finesse off a little. You and Petal would have never met if she wasn't the tinker at the time, so maybe it was fate?
No. 159910 ID: 83deb4

Yeah, you know what? Forget Finesse. You're awesome. You know you're awesome. And Petal knows you're awesome, too. And Petal's right; if you'd been hired first, you might have never met her.
Maybe you can forgive Finesse, and maybe someday you can be friends, but you know what? It doesn't even matter if you don't. Because Finesse isn't even worth thinking about. Because you've got something she'll never have: Petal. And Petal's awesome.
Let's forget Finesse, because she's not even worth it. Lean in and give Petal a kiss.
Right there in front of Finesse.
Because she's not even worth thinking about.
(And really show her what's what.)
(You winner you.)
No. 159913 ID: 7630d5

No. 159919 ID: 264a12

No wonder Petal has fallen for you; your pout is absolutely adorable.
(Now say Chubby Bunny.)

Wait a minute, this is the Finnie that was the previous town tinkerer? The one who was hired by the "Boss" in the nearby cavern?

How did she become employed with Muschio, then?
No. 159920 ID: 34470e

I thought Finesse was kidnapped by this "boss".
No. 159933 ID: 290314

Muschio is the BOSS!?!?!??!?!? *Faints*

Nah, prly saved her. (but keep the possibility in mind)
No. 159950 ID: 24aa45

ppbth... like that could be true...
No. 159993 ID: a56bd0

He looks like the kind of fellow who roams around saving women from the clutches of evil. I'll bet you could fill a whole tower with the chicks he's saved.

Kinda like Ridder now that I think, like Ridder, but different...
No. 160028 ID: 2f9929

Keep the subject off tinkering. It's best not to let Finesse know what you've been working on or she'll steal your ideas.

If Petal starts talking trade secrets then pinch her ass to interrupt it.
No. 160044 ID: 24aa45

engineering comes from the spread of ideas. You want to get as much from her as possible without loosing to much...

I think your "brew" will be good enough to trade for some new tech info.
No. 160071 ID: 950529
File 127050692980.png - (209.42KB , 800x600 , c24-25.png )

Yeh! Yeh kneh wheh? Yeh! Eh ne'er felt thes close teh semone. We en't mech fer sex: We's deff'rent speces 'n we're beth wemen, but kissing and cuddling makes me so happy.
I lean in for a sweet kiss.
"Eh fergive yeh, Fenn.."
"..Okay. Thank you.."
No. 160074 ID: 3416ec


Stop staring, Finesse.
No. 160076 ID: 61ee67

Grek, toss Finesse the ring. You're not asking any coherent questions in this condition.
No. 160107 ID: 1ac39d

[uses own vote to neutralize this suggestion, cause it's bad]
No. 160114 ID: 24aa45

yeah... It'd be interesting to know this gals mind...

And your mind really is clouded by emotions. We're getting blocked off by this stuff...
No. 160131 ID: 1ac39d

(you seem to be forgetting that muschio's prison is rather nice and Dompag wouldbe respectful.
No. 160133 ID: 61ee67

We have planned on transferring Geppa to Muschio's care for awhile now. We've already mentioned Geppa to Muschio, and talked to Muschio about transferring her to his care. Now is exceptionally poor timing for this suggestion, even if it wasn't unnecessarily cruel.
No. 160137 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder: Go talk with Petal about her male fertility charm you need to get to the bottom of this.
No. 160268 ID: 5024b4

Perhaps its Ridder's sense of decency providing the interference. We have noticed that anything especially dramatic seems to draw us back to him. Especially if we were instigators.

We were also under the impression that Elves and Gobbos were ~very~ compatible, sexually.
No. 160335 ID: 950529
File 127057528812.png - (266.03KB , 800x600 , c24-26.png )

"Uh-uhm.. Sir, if I can intrude, sir.."
"Yes, Iesgip?"
"Sir, dinner is ready, sir."
"Thank you, Iesgip. Tell everyone to get seated. We shall be right there."
No. 160336 ID: d1210a

Let's go to dinner then.
No. 160344 ID: 77ab74

Muschio is making eyes at Iesgip. Perhaps he's thinking about your decision to court Ashedel?

Before we sit down to eat, could we ask Muschio one last question? Specifically, where did he meet Finesse and Ashedel? There is an unusual bit about Finesse's past that we'd like to look into, but Grek became a bit too... distracted... to meaningfully ask anything.
No. 160416 ID: 8ce2bf

Pinch Muschio's nose and tell him to pick a woman and stay with her, wanting to be with all of your female companions is just silly.
No. 160593 ID: 83d747

Naw, he just looks like hes interested in what she's saying... like a good leader.
No. 161885 ID: d6cb21

Hey Ridder, why dont you have Grek give the ring to Nakraska?
After all, I dont think we've talked to.....him....in a bit.
No. 161888 ID: eb6d46

yeah, nakraska is a total brobold.. chick
No. 162025 ID: d6cb21

(hey, if a potion can turn a halfling into a catfolk, cant it change someones gender?)
No. 162044 ID: 7524b0

I'm not sure if Nakraska actually wants to be physically male. It just seemed like he didn't think he'd fit in with the girls, what with his body type and build.
No. 162083 ID: 5024b4

He and Fang have been left to their own devices for what seems like ages. They must be getting along fine, but ...

well, we've had companions leave due to idleness before.
No. 162189 ID: a701c8

True, although Timotei and Sticks left mostly due to boredom. It looked like they wanted to find who burnt down Iniziare Citta, and we weren't providing that by sitting in a wrecked church.

Terva seems more interested in changing his ways from a mercenary into something more productive. Last we saw, carpentry was doing Terva some good. It allowed him to use his strength for building, rather than just tearing down.

I agree, though. We should probably take Terva with us on our next mission, so that melancholy doesn't set in. That's more of a concern for after Muschio leaves, though.
No. 162206 ID: 1963d1

Indeed. We most definitely want to avoid a tantrum spiral.
No. 162226 ID: 5024b4

Maybe we could send Terva along with Muschio on their way home with our unfortunate guest. After all, he did not come out here planning to bring back a violent madwoman.
No. 162252 ID: a6a99c

I think Tevra/Nakraska should get some more focus.
No. 175449 ID: 5a3711

JUST caught up to this point in the story after marathon-ing the entire crossover series. and what a ride it was.

I can only hope it continues soon.
No. 175452 ID: 8ce2bf

Knight Blades is done forever.
No. 175455 ID: 5a3711
File 127340392580.png - (644.23KB , 1223x331 , group horror reaction face.png )

no...that's not true...that's IMPOSSIBLE!!!
No. 175457 ID: 8ce2bf

Weaver is still likely to continue DiveQuest, and potentially fold in some of Knight Blades' characters, but Reaver is done with questing.
No. 175460 ID: 5a3711
File 127340463846.jpg - (115.66KB , 372x877 , I\'M SAD.jpg )

I...see. Thanks anyway. He will be missed.
No. 175475 ID: 969e74

Every thing I read diiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeesssss!
No. 175535 ID: 5a3711
File 127342840183.jpg - (573.16KB , 1600x1200 , poliwhirl gurren lagaan.jpg )

I'm going to find SOME WAY to contact Reaver. I need CLOSURE, DAMMIT!
No. 175537 ID: 7630d5

#Brofisticuffs in IRC, Rizon network.
Good luck trying to get him to do anything about it.
No. 175539 ID: 9d07d9


ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES (except Weaver's characters)
No. 175546 ID: a594b9

Don't be a derp. Closure will come indirectly even if Reaver doesn't do it.
No. 175549 ID: eb6d46


if you somehow manage to get him to talk, be cooperative, and give closure, then put it on the /questdis/
No. 175598 ID: 697b23

Really? Is anyone surprised? Did you all catch sudden convenient-onset amnesia and forget Mudy Quest?

I'm surprised Knight Blades got this far. Didn't seem like there wasn't anywhere near enough incest to keep Reaver's attention this long.
No. 175625 ID: cc79c3

Whatever, pal! Good things come to those who wait. hope springs eternal!
No. 175640 ID: cef587

I will be picking up Knight Blades and merging it into a single quest with Dive.
No. 175646 ID: 4d33fd

Sweet, good to hear :)
No. 175647 ID: eb6d46


first of all, we need to take this to /questdis/, second, I expected it completely, that does not make it any less frustrating.
No. 175650 ID: cc79c3
File 127345081969.png - (91.45KB , 396x550 , I LOVE SMILING.png )

my hero!
No. 175663 ID: 697b23

You rock, Weav.
No. 175673 ID: 145d1b

You are a bro
No. 175676 ID: 830a9f



No. 175708 ID: d6cb21

No. 175731 ID: fefa99

Oh thank god.
No. 175976 ID: 6cd631

;_; <3
No. 199920 ID: 950529
File 127767710538.jpg - (128.08KB , 800x600 , 01-01.jpg )

"Ridder, I have to speak to you about something."
No. 199921 ID: 950529
File 127767712187.jpg - (161.53KB , 800x600 , 01-02.jpg )

My lord's tone dropped, cold and hard, onto my being. Oft whimsical and charming, I worried myself that his way of speaking was unorthodox, but now I felt a longing for it.
We had only just finished eating and were enjoying the silence in the warroom as we digested our food. For him to ruin this peaceful moment the trouble must be grand.

I fight to keep my own worries aside and focus on my beloved prince.

"Yes, Muschio?"

"Ridder, my dear friend. You mentioned earlier a man who lived in the southwest cave, who had in his employ various subracial monsters and beastmen, and whose creeping influence you were trying to combat. You said, I believe, that you were seeking the man who called that dark place his home."

"..Yes. Please continue."
No. 199922 ID: 950529
File 127767713131.jpg - (83.79KB , 800x600 , 01-03.jpg )

"Well, here I am."
No. 199925 ID: 4f6e37

No. 199926 ID: db0334

the fuck
No. 199927 ID: b4b04d

Don't freak out.
Well okay maybe freak out a little.
No. 199928 ID: c2c011

Well there you have your foe. What are you waiting for, strike him down!
No. 199929 ID: 4f6e37

Freak out about as much as we are all freaking out right now
No. 199932 ID: 0b2a05

...Oh it's a JOKE! Ahahahahaha!
No. 199935 ID: 2a421d

Uhm.... Explain...
No. 199936 ID: c1182c


Remember he's your friend.
No. 199937 ID: a594b9

"You need to put on some weight."
No. 199939 ID: d3dfb8

Pee your pants.
No. 199942 ID: 34470e

Bullshit. Ask him where he's been all this time, and to quit joking around.
No. 199944 ID: 3416ec

Become enraged and strangle the bastard.
No. 199945 ID: 5a2e05

No. 199947 ID: 950529
File 12776784491.jpg - (84.00KB , 800x600 , 01-04.jpg )

I don't believe merely "freaking out" will suffice if he is speaking the truth.
First, I must collect myself.

No, even he would not jest about something like this. But neither could he be speaking the truth--
Yes, of course, I must simply ask for an explanation.
No. 199949 ID: f44349

I believe the only proper response is "What."
No. 199952 ID: c2c011

Oh the explination is quite easy. He has always been a manipulative mischevious bastard. But when your parents made sure that his parents were murdered and that he was cast out he got really nasty.
No. 199953 ID: 2c6ac9

let's start at the first thing we remember about it. ask about the ogre that answered the door, then about the town that burned down.
No. 199954 ID: a594b9

There must be some misunderstanding. Ask him if he burnt down Iniziare Citta, and corrupted that poor kobold girl.
No. 199955 ID: 3416ec

Ridder, you're gonna have to come to grips with the fact that your best friend has turned to the dark side, as it were.

He is now your enemy.

He is evil.
No. 199957 ID: 2a421d

First, sit down, next, ask how.
No. 199958 ID: 8bdb6a

Maybe this is all a terrible misunderstanding. After all, most of the 'evil' is just an inexplicable bad feeling from Timotei. Something else entirely could have caused that fire.

PS: Try to hide your arousal.
No. 199960 ID: 445c48

Ridder: Calmly flip the fuck out
No. 199964 ID: 5a2e05

I personally feel the only proper response is "WHAT"
No. 199965 ID: 8ce2bf

He is just coming onto you, Ridder. He thinks you like roleplay. Make sure he knows that no means no.
No. 199966 ID: 62f609


Be wary, Ridder, but remember that he was - and likely still considers himself to be - your friend. Even evil men, if evil he has become in his exile, crave such things as friendship.

And he is a smart man, whether good or evil. If good, he must wish to explain himself; if evil, he would not reveal himself unless he had something to gain by it, perhaps to make you his ally. But then, he knows you yourself are unwaveringly good. The only way he could make you his ally in evil, then, is to represent himself as good.

Be wary, and open to all possibilities.
No. 199968 ID: 4a0298

Wake up Ridder.
No. 199969 ID: a7a85a

Keep your wits about you. You know the severity of his words mark sincerity and I know you can't help but reel at such a grave revelation. But you've been steeled, mind, body and emotions more solidly than anyone, even the tortured prince before you.

I may not have been here since the beginning of your quest, but I have seen the full span of it through glimpses in your mind's archive. I know your strength is unparalleled. I know you can surmount this through intelligence and virtue, as has always been your way.

He may look confident and defiant, I'm sure he's both, but it must be breaking his heart as much as yours to come to this point.

My advice is simple. Do not act rashly no matter what you hear.
No. 199972 ID: e24759

Wait, wait. What's the chance the information you have is wrong? Maybe the ones who said Muschio is your evil foil didn' knew the whole tale?
No. 199975 ID: 950529
File 127768073080.jpg - (33.51KB , 800x600 , 01-04_pause.jpg )

>Knight Blades will return tomorrow. Your suggestions are not in vain!
No. 199978 ID: badf27
File 12776809463.png - (352.18KB , 384x313 , musch1.png )

No. 199980 ID: e24759

Ok, lemme rephrase mine.

You were looking for the wrong person.
Hey, seriously. Destroyed a city. Caused alot of pain. Muschio? Your Muschio? Nah.

I say, you got the wrong data. Maybe Muschio moved in later. Maybe they thought the wrong person did it.

A thousand little things may explain this situation, if you remember that people, indeed may be wrong of what they think of other people.

(Including you.)
No. 199982 ID: 0b2a05

Okay wait wait.

There must be a reasonable explanation for this. Don't freak out or try to kill anyone, including yourself.
No. 200000 ID: 2eac65

What did we really know about the dungeon's boss, anyway? What reason did we have to suspect him of evildoing? Some blips on a paladin's evil-detecting power, but that could mean any number of things. A ruined city, which was tragic for certain, but we have next to nothing to connect him to its destruction.

In hindsight, we really didn't have much reason at all to call the dungeon's inhabitants evil. We've just been overreacting to circumstantial evidence that's barely related to him. Maybe we've been fighting over nothing.
No. 200001 ID: d6cb21

Ridder, dont do anything rash.
Stay calm.
Breathe deeply.
Count to ten.
And ask for clarification.
No. 200005 ID: e3f578

it could be that the cave is just evil and he isn't. also be careful if evil is infectious then expect paladins at you door sometime.
No. 200035 ID: 1255d3

well, let's consider. His parents died, his kingdom has been taken from him, and he's quite likely to want revenge. Revenge often requires sin, and that means evil. It doesn't mean his sole purpose is to destroy the world, just that he's lost his way.
But that's just me, the schitzo voice talking
No. 200066 ID: 40cb26

It must be the mother of all misunderstandings, I mean surely he meant you no harm? But still he may have taken actions that were not entirely... noble? A misunderstanding here, a blind reprisal there, an action or three with unintended consequences. And perhaps a good deal of what you attribute to him were more speculation than truth? We can speculate forever but there is no point to it. You answers stand before you, you need only listen.

And perhaps... we should hand him the ring, and see the truth from his perspective directly.
No. 200069 ID: 14efa5

[in before ridder and/or mushcio's head explodes]
No. 200230 ID: 950529
File 127772793878.jpg - (115.06KB , 800x600 , 01-05.jpg )

Indeed, the possibilities are great. A misunderstanding? On my part, or on his part? Is a third unknown party involved?
Whatever the case may be, I should remain calm.

"I-I beg your pardon. What do you mean?"
My voice quivers despite my efforts to stay strong.
The prince sits down again, his eyecontact unwavering.
"It is no joke, old friend. I am the man you seek. I went into hiding after the revolution, and after a time, I scoured that dungeon cave of monsters and made it my base of operations. The Master of that dark place stands before you. You seek him for whatever reasons -- I am uncertain. But I am he."

I swallow the lump that has formed in my throat. It takes a moment to settle in.
"But then what of the burning town? What of the dark corruption? The poisoning?"
A moment of confusion flickers in his eyes, but quickly focus again, stern and commanding. His discipline forces me to calm down.
"I will not try to justify my actions. You are a man of purity and moral strength, and I have no intention of defying you. I did what had to be done, Ridder. To that extend, I am proud of my accomplishments."

I slowly sink back into my chair. His eyes express sorrow, perhaps for me, perhaps regret, but most of all they appear driven. A focus so strong it far surpasses my own, especially in this time of turmoil.
"What do you wish to achieve with all this?"
"What else, my beloved friend-"
No. 200231 ID: 950529
File 127772797131.jpg - (169.92KB , 800x600 , 01-06.jpg )

"-but to see my kingdom rise again."
No. 200232 ID: e31d52

This is a decision we cannot make for you, Ridder. You must ask yourself, what matters more to you? What would be of greater loss? Who are you most loyal to? Who's sad face would be hardest to face?

You are at a crossroads we cannot guide. We are sorry.

But if it was up to me, I would stay with my newer friends.
No. 200240 ID: c245f1

indeed, other voices may tell you one way or the other but they would be saying what they want, not what you want.
No. 200243 ID: c1fe76



No. 200250 ID: 49182e
File 127773020237.jpg - (42.77KB , 256x384 , pw-objection01.jpg )


He is testing you. To see if you would go the extra mile to destroy this evil, even if it meant taking him on personally. You know him Ridder.

[Animooted: http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=4040087]
No. 200257 ID: 6cf050

This just proves the prince needs us more than ever. Without a friend by his side to advise him look whats happened.
No. 200267 ID: e24759

Agreed. We should inquire what part he want us to have in it. Afterall. Why else would he be so forward about it?
No. 200269 ID: e24759

... we also should tell the truth. The darkness, the town. If he claims responsibility for his sins.... we should say we were after him to make him pay for them.

We should make him pay for them.

No. 200276 ID: f4e4f9

Having their family put to death sure can wreak havoc on a person.
No. 200279 ID: 9939f6

Why is he doing this? He is not unintelligent. What does he gain by confessing? Perhaps he wants to see your reaction. Perhaps meeting you has reminded him of what he used to be like, made him guilty. Perhaps...

... I wonder about that moment of confusion. If he did those things, he should know about them and be prepared to hear them. Something is still not clear, here.

Could he be trying to test how far your friendship holds?
No. 200282 ID: 08ef1b

He's your friend, I can't see you continuing this vendetta against him. Even the burning of Inare Citza seems a small thing knowing what was done to him.

But of course, killing the priest there is inexcusable. Tell him that, and ask him why he did it.
No. 200286 ID: b4b04d

Keep in mind, your family DID kill his parents. It was their actions that threw him from his warm and comfortable position in the world (as your friend) tumbling down the rocky precipice of fear, disaster, and chaos. How can you judge, knowing that your clan caused his hardships?

>But of course, killing the priest there is inexcusable. Tell him that, and ask him why he did it.
Ridder doesn't know about that.
No. 200287 ID: 2a421d

Is a kingdom founded on such deeds worthy of rising again?
No. 200291 ID: 2a421d

Or rather a better question, How does burning down a city, corrupting a kobold into some kind of cultist, and poisoning me have anything to do with getting your kingdom back?
No. 200297 ID: 9939f6


Yes, ask this.
No. 200298 ID: c2c011

So, what will you do Ridder? Stay loyal to your own morals or stay loyal to your friend and keep supporting him? And keep in mind that he is not crazy like the gnoll you have locked up, what he did he has done with full knowledge of what it is he was doing.

So, what are you going to do?
No. 200299 ID: c2c011

So, what will you do Ridder? Stay loyal to your own morals or stay loyal to your friend and keep supporting him? And keep in mind that he is not crazy like the gnoll you have locked up, what he did he has done with full knowledge of what it is he was doing.

So, what are you going to do?
No. 200300 ID: c2c011

So, what will you do Ridder? Stay loyal to your own morals or stay loyal to your friend and keep supporting him? And keep in mind that he is not crazy like the gnoll you have locked up, what he did he has done with full knowledge of what it is he was doing.

So, what are you going to do?
No. 200301 ID: f58d30

No. 200303 ID: 0b2a05

You are loyal to him. You are loyal to opposing what he represents. The solution is to join him, and guide him into representing something else. You KNOW there is a third force involved here, without help, he could get killed... just like his parents.
No. 200307 ID: 40cb26

Ask for his actions and situations in detail, and judge them on that basis. Let there be no mistaking the sins he has made, or not.
No. 200314 ID: 950529
File 127774464336.jpg - (89.27KB , 800x600 , 01-07.jpg )

Yes, of course, there must be more to it. It is too soon to make a decision this dire.
Though I appreciate the sentiment that I may decide on this myself, I must remind you that you are my decisions, terrible as you may be at times.

But I can not yet forget the dread that has been brought on these lands.
"The city.. Why was it burned?"[b/]
"I confess that I went to town that day with hate in my heart. I sought to reap a bitter vengeance on that place. But I swear to you, on my father's grave, that I did not intend to raze the city. The fire that burnt Iniziare Citta was started by mere accident."

His honesty strikes me. His tone contains no attempt to persuade me in any direction, only the somber truth.

[b]"I see.. And the.. the kobold girl? Her supernatural corruption?"

"I know nothing of that. I visited that forest camp to recruit help, and while there I visited the young girl you speak of. She was gravely ill, on death's door, but I provided an emetic medicine which seemed to cleanse her body. I saved her life -- but of her soul, I know nothing."

Of course. Muschio may be skilled at various things, I am certain more than myself, but magic had been made taboo in court after a scandal involving necromancy.

"And.. the poisoning of me and my associate when we stayed at the goblin settlement near your dwellings?"
"My scouts learned that your 'fiancée', the Lady Slotensmit, was spying on my settlement, though I did not know her allegiance or identity at the time. You must understand that I have had to live very cautiously just to survive, after my exile. Fear made me cruel; I anticipated an attack, and struck first."
He clears his throat, as if embaressed.
"...However, there was a rather unfortunate incident, a mixup in my alchemist's lab. If it's any consolation, it was I who received the poison that was meant for you. Its debilitating and near-fatal effects have left me in the condition you can plainly see. ...Given that, however, I have no idea what manner of poison ended up reaching you."

I choke up at the memory. This issue seems to have its sting for both of us. I shouldn't press it any further.

"Why are you telling me this, Muschio?"

There is no hesitation in his response.

"I know your path is unwaveringly pure. And I have known this confrontation may come. If we must be enemies, so be it -- I can think of no foe more worthy. But you have always done right by me, and you deserve to know the truth."

I nod, the turmoil in my heart lightly fading as I hear my old friend again.

Though I may have wandered aimlessly for these few years, my prince had seen his home of generations destroyed and his family and title torn from him. Slightly younger than I and with no solid experiences outside the court, life must have been harsh for him.
I respect him as my lord and would be naught but his servant, but perhaps my guidance can lead his ambition along a lighter path.
No. 200318 ID: badf27

...Hug him.
No. 200319 ID: 19e705

Indeed. But do be aware, his intent is to reforge his kingdom. To that end, he is best served by you maintaining your establishment as it is, and improving your station as you have been, but swearing fealty to Muschio.

Then he will have a powerful vassal at his disposal, and as such it benefits him. You will be his strongest vassal in addition to being his oldest friend, and as such your voice will always be the loudest in the rising king's ear.
No. 200328 ID: a594b9

All that is left is Timotei's evil-sense. Could it be that Muschio WAS evil? He admitted it; he had hate in his heart when he went to Iniziare Citta. But... think of Black Fang. Could you consider him to have been 'evil' at some point? He is a peaceful man now. Or Grey Fang... obviously, she has committed evil deeds, yet you seek to redeem her.

Why not do the same for Muschio? Surely if you took up an advisory role you could temper his dark urges. Combine your light with his dark and create... uh, grey. Yeah.

You can't just run away. You only just met Ashedel; she's the first woman to truly catch your eye. Acting against Muschio would also ruin your chances there. Choose what makes the most people happy! Choose friendship. Moderation. Diplomacy.

Granted, this will likely destroy relations with the Paladin group we just allied with.
No. 200329 ID: 2a421d

It was you who sought guidance, sought purpose from him, but it seems that he has found an inspiration from you. Of course, that is what knights are for isn't it?

Then again, Perhaps we have some thing to tell him, about our family's secrets.
No. 200333 ID: 8ce2bf

Pinch his nose.
Tell him that you could never go up against your closest friend as enemies. Invite him to stay with you as long as he wants, maybe Iesgip's cooking will get him looking less emaciated, and you can start trying to influence him to lighter goals.
No. 200334 ID: 5a2e05

He is doing what he must, but he is going about it in a less-than-noble fashion. He needs a reminder of the correct path, a conscience to weigh against him. You need to ask yourself, would you best serve your old friend as an enemy, fighting his attempts every step of the way? Or would it be best to stay at his side and help guide his hand?
No. 200336 ID: 3a0082

We all make mistakes, do we not? I dont see why you should be opposed. And even if he is going down a darker path, who better to guide him back than a close friend?
No. 200339 ID: 8bdb6a

Tell him how your parents trashed his shit.
No. 200340 ID: 1255d3

your ring is a mind link. Maybe we can better understand each other.
Commence Mind fusion by Ring.
No. 200342 ID: 1a99f0

actually, this could potentially assuage the situation...or it could drive him into a revenge-driven frenzy...
No. 200343 ID: 701a19


Ridder, he has lived a harsh life. Fear and mistreatment have made him paranoid and bitter, and such emotions have led him to mistakes that he deeply regrets.
It is plainly obvious that he is confessing to you because he feels lost and alone, and is in need of direction. More than that, he is desperately seeking a moral compass to guide him. You need a cause to champion, he needs somebody who is clearheaded enough and strong enough in will to give him stability and guidance in the murky waters he trolls.

Aside from that, I think you need to tell him of the Knight Blades. Not, however, your parents' involvement. Yet.
No. 200344 ID: 2a421d

We of course have to tell him that 'we' were unaware of this and are wary of the Blades ourselves.

Our mother just telling us this is in fact part of the reason we have been practically an emotionally wrecked invalid for the past few days.
No. 200350 ID: a7a85a


This is a good point.

Actually Muschio's health is a concern. I'm not sure how much trauma we want to add.
No. 200351 ID: 22730c


"You'll always be my best friend."
No. 200353 ID: 1a99f0

It might not be a good idea right now to let Muschio know that your family is partially responsible for the fall of his kingdom and the death of his family. Though he did just admit to being the great evil that you've been hunting, so it can be sharing and caring time. Either way, he isn't being hostile about this, and his actual actions are far less terrible than you previously thought.
No. 200391 ID: 49182e

No. 200400 ID: f4e4f9

You should probably clarify that it wasn't really a poison per se...no need to go into too many details though.

After all, if he received the poison meant for you...

(otherwise Finnie is in so much shit it's mind-boggling).
No. 200404 ID: 9939f6


If we are your decisions, Ridder, then I decide this:

Help him.

Help him because you are his friend, and he yours. Help him because you will remind him of his childhood, and the ideals that he held, the happiness he once had. Help him so that you can protect him from the world that will be his enemy, and so that you can protect the world from him. Help him because he will listen to you.

Help him because, no matter what evil he has done, it is a result only of your parents' deeds. They took his kingdom, and that debt passes to you to be repaid. The Knight Blades thought that they did good, no doubt; but you can see before you the result of their plans, the growth of a noble prince into a noble demon. The world may burn in blood for their folly, and your friend's hand soaked in it, if you can not repair the damage.

Help him, because in many ways, you are the only one who can.
No. 200406 ID: 9939f6

And if he only does dark deeds for the necessity of his future throne? Then the more resources he has, the less often he will find such actions necessary.
No. 200410 ID: 1a99f0

Mentioning that it was an aphrodisiac might lighten the mood. It might lighten the mood more than you know.
No. 200412 ID: 40cb26

Ok now would be the time to realize YOU SENT THE FUCKING PALADIN BRIGADE AFTER HIM.
No. 200415 ID: e24759

Yes. Let's lighten things up a bit. Tell of the aphrodisiac.. in fact. Why not? Does he knows the details of your wild, troubled and troubling sex life? Why not share with him?

I believe.... yes. You can admit to him the Blades exist. But... not right noooow. You might want to admit that are things unsaid.... but admit your family, well, mostly your dad apparently, is responsible by the downfall of the Malto house?

He'll end up declaring war on the blad--

SHIT. The paladins! You gotta tell him about the paladins! :O
No. 200425 ID: 8bdb6a

So. He says he was GOING to set it on fire, and then ACCIDENTALLY set it on fire, so that makes it okay?

New plan: Arrest him and lock him up. Inform the paladin squad that you've taken care of the problem.
No. 200427 ID: 1a99f0

he wasn't gonna set it on fire he was just gonna be a dick. He is a misguided soul, he just needs a nudge in the right direction.
No. 200436 ID: f4e4f9

Actually, he specifically said he did NOT intend to raze Iniziare Citta.
No. 200438 ID: 49182e

Don't tell him about the paladins until a solution/ verdict has been reached. If he joins you then tell him, if not, then don't.
No. 200439 ID: b4b04d

>He says he was GOING to set it on fire
He never said that.
No. 200443 ID: c5628c

We should tell him about the Knight Blades, and now would be a good time, cause if Muschio aims on reviving his kingdom and the Blades hear about this, they might come back. Plus it is a good way to reaffirm his trust in you, besides the sooner the problem is known, the sooner it is solved. But it is up to you if you wish to tell that your parents were involved.


I agree to this.
No. 200446 ID: a594b9

If we do tell him about the Knight Blades, we are not to mention our parents' involvement. I don't think Muschio will be so quick to forgive mom.
No. 200471 ID: 1a99f0

It's no secrets time. Each of you gets one of the rings, each of you hold on tight to the orb. If you live through the process, your minds will be one.
No. 200531 ID: 73751f

Ridder, I really think you need to reconcile with Muschio. He really needs guidance and you need to make up for your family's mistakes. And the first step along this path is HUG HIM WITH YOUR DICK
No. 200537 ID: d97d76

Or we should at least wait until she isn't in the immediate vicinity before telling him.

I would suggest postponing any concrete decisions until we've taken him up on his offer of visiting his own place of residence (at some admittedly vague future date)... but if we are going to bring up the Knight Blades, particularly any involvement on our family's part, it would probably be an even worse decision to do so whilst surrounded by more of his followers than our own. This is a precarious matter to be sure.
No. 200552 ID: 2eac65

This is distressing. I know how important your old friendship is to you, and I want to believe he is still a good man, but there is little room for doubt. It is terribly clear that Muschio is no longer the man you knew and loved. He has become hateful and cruel in these past years, and though there may have been some necessity to it, I can scarcely imagine what he stood to gain in Iniziare Citta.

This is all the more reason why you must remain close to him now. Corrupt he may be, but he has shown that his connection with you has not faded from his heart. If you repair your relationship, you could help steer him back to the path of good. And if not, we may have to imprison him, for his own good and the world's.
No. 200785 ID: 950529
File 127782675165.jpg - (103.69KB , 800x600 , 01-08.jpg )

"True strength is not found in a perfect decision. Rather, true strength is the ability to reflect and admit one made a mistake. We must all find in ourselves the ability to learn and redeem ourselves, and as such learn to forgive another. True strength, my son, is to show weakness."
Suddenly the words of my father rang through my head.
I find myself kneeling at my beloved friend and lords feet, my eyes cast down, my posture rigid and confident, an open hand on my side despite the blade being absent, and a determined fist on the floor.
I represent a foundation on which the prince can rely. I will guide him through these dark times and let him find himself again.

"My loyalty is equally unwavering, my lord."

A silence follows.
I can feel his surprise.
No. 200787 ID: 950529
File 127782684773.jpg - (128.83KB , 800x600 , 01-09.jpg )

But just then his thin cold fingers meet my shoulder.
"Stand up."
His other hand takes mine, gripping it firmly.
"I no longer hold the title for you to look up to. Please bow to me no more. I wish to work with you as equals, my beloved friend."
No. 200788 ID: 0b2a05

Give him a hug instead then. Or a brohug/handshake.
No. 200790 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder and Muschio need to jump up into the air and slam hug each other in mid-air while the camera pans around.
No. 200791 ID: 7282fc

I sure hope you know what you're doing.
No. 200792 ID: 5a2e05

You better realize what you're getting into. Be ready to accept the consequences.
No. 200798 ID: 2cbe3e

Ask him one more thing.

Ask him if more people are going to have to die.
No. 200804 ID: 51dde2

Ask who else is going to have to die.
No. 200805 ID: 8bdb6a

Muschio: Say "Heh heh. Hehehahahah. HAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHA! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!"

Continue for several minutes.
No. 200812 ID: df217c

Ridder, you need to brofist Muschio and then lean back. This will show that you are now truly bros.
No. 200826 ID: 2a421d

Remember Ridder, if you wish to be a good influence then you must retain your own opinions, your own will. Do not let your ideals become compromised or subsumed by those of friends.

It is good then in that respect that Muschio wishes to treat us as an equal.
No. 200867 ID: 2eac65

Take a step closer and put your arms around him. Show that you trust him to be close to you, and you're willing to be there when he needs you.
No. 200869 ID: 1a99f0

Brohug time, right now. It's okay to cry.
No. 200878 ID: 40cb26

Ahem..? Ridder? PALADINS!
No. 200886 ID: 2eac65

In due time. With all Riddler's been through, he deserves to enjoy a moment of tenderness when he has the chance.
No. 200936 ID: 950529
File 127785466077.jpg - (150.24KB , 800x600 , 01-10.jpg )

You're right! I can't stand it any more!
I have to show him my affection!
He resists but I hold him tight until he resists no more.
No. 200938 ID: f58d30

WOAH! what the hell?!
No. 200940 ID: 407b5b

No. 200944 ID: fddd61

Don't forget the tongue.
No. 200945 ID: a594b9
File 127785538721.jpg - (15.88KB , 450x338 , Cogsgrove.jpg )

Hey! Cut it out.
No. 200947 ID: 950529
File 127785544889.jpg - (138.43KB , 800x600 , 01-11.jpg )

Fu fu fu fu~
That's totally what should happen next~
No. 200950 ID: 97187a

No. 200951 ID: d6cb21

No. 200952 ID: 407b5b

AHahahahahha oh wow STEEEXXX you crazy little catgirl... this is twice you've got me.
No. 200953 ID: 4f6e37

No. 200955 ID: f58d30
File 127785566192.jpg - (23.21KB , 450x338 , 600107-oh_steex.jpg )

Oh Sticks, you devious kitten!
No. 200956 ID: 51dde2



No. 200957 ID: d6cb21

Sure is hivemind in here
No. 200958 ID: a594b9

Oh u.

Amazing how friends will stick by eachother no matter what kind of mistakes they make, right? Wait... how much of their conversation did you hear?
No. 200959 ID: 8ce2bf

Finesse thinks you're crazy right now, explain to her what you're thinking of.
No. 200961 ID: 1a99f0

in great detail. And finish.
No. 200962 ID: f58d30

Damn... you're right! For how long they've been there?
No. 200967 ID: 2eac65
File 127785603718.jpg - (29.55KB , 700x655 , nuckelavee.jpg )

You interrupted an emotional moment.

You have no respect for real connections.
No. 200970 ID: 1a99f0

she hasn't interrupted she's not in the room.
No. 201085 ID: 5a2e05

She interrupted it for us.
No. 201100 ID: 34470e

Sticks, one of these days, you'll see something some extremely horrifying Yaoi and you'll no longer troll us like that. Just you wait... Just you wait...
No. 201818 ID: 2c4b6b

So... Does Sticks have the ring now or was the force of her yaoi-ing so big it just broke through the fourth wall?
No. 201820 ID: ccaf53


I don't even think boku no sexual harrassment would horrify steex.
No. 201824 ID: 34470e

Two. Naked. Old. Doobies.
No. 201826 ID: 1a99f0

she'd love it
No. 201837 ID: 31cbfc

ಠ_ಠ You'd better keep such things to yourself. You'd better.
No. 201865 ID: 8ce2bf

She has the ring on one of her FAT CAT FINGERS.
No. 202257 ID: f58d30

Oh crap... she can still hear us?
No. 202294 ID: d02930

Quick, everyone switch to talking in wingdings!
No. 203084 ID: 950529
File 127826116347.jpg - (85.71KB , 800x600 , 01-12.jpg )

Little more was said after that. I believe both of our minds and hearts were too full to discuss anything else.
If I had known this was coming I would have also anticipated it as the highlight of the visit.

Our followers mingled pleasantly, promises were made upon leaving and the chained Grey Fang was taken to a brighter future.

Now I sit in my room, pondering the aftermath.

Perhaps if my mother had not told me about the Knight Blades I would feel more disturbed, but now I can only say I am relieved.
It is the first time that knowing not everything is flawless has calmed me down.
Have I grown stronger? Or more flexible?
I suppose it matters not.
Right now, my main concern is how I present this abrupt end to our mission to my followers and how I can still fulfil their expectations of me.
No. 203090 ID: badf27

Ridder: Squawk like an imbecile and shit on your desk.
No. 203099 ID: 701a19

End? This isn't even close to the end.
The kingdom, such as it is, is in shambles. There is plenty of work to be done, and you're in a very good position to do it.
Did you start this quest to fight the evil in the cave? No! You started it in order to reestablish order and justice in the land.
You still have bandits and slavers to fight, and there are plenty of cities run by the corrupt, with the worst of those having betrayed the Malto family for coin.

No, your work is far from over. It's just beginning.
No. 203101 ID: 8c0848

No. 203102 ID: 9cb4b3

That sounds like a plan.
No. 203103 ID: 8ce2bf

You must present this new information to the rest of the crew in the form of a play. Sticks can play the part of Muschio because she already knows.
No. 203108 ID: f4e4f9

And then, there are the Knight's blades to consider...what should happen if you or your friend Muschio's plans come close to fruition?

Will the two of you be 'trimmed out' from their precious "garden"?
No. 203109 ID: 8e18cd


I see no way other than this
No. 203110 ID: 8bdb6a

Man up and admit it was all a giant, embarrassing misunderstanding.

Patiently await the arrival of Knight Blades for you to fight. Squawk like an imbecile and shit on your desk to help pass the time.
No. 203118 ID: badf27


Ridder I honestly think you should tell them it's been a misunderstanding and you're going to fold into Muschio's army now. If they are good soldiers they will follow you.

Do not neglect to mention that this whole evil and the boss thing may be a false reading from timotei who may or may not be entirely sane, and it could be residue from the fact that Red Fang used to live in the Vault which Muschio now lives. When you guys went there, Red Fang had only just been killed and his aura could've still been all over that mountain.

Also, shit on your desk and squawk like an imbecile.
No. 203123 ID: d02930

shit like an imbecile and squawk on your desk, but seriously.. um.. I'm mostly curious to see how this latest encounter with your gnoll friend tied up in the basement will go..
No. 203135 ID: ca97fb

End? Perhaps for some, but I don't think it is the end for your little band. T'lear, for example, came to you as an embassy and may wish to go home afterwards, but the others were not here to make war. Terva follows you because he looks to your leadership. Sticks follows you because she likes you. Iesgip and Nakraska have followed you since you hired them, and honestly, I think they appreciate the work and security you provide them. Grek and Petal as well. Ritari follows you because, well, can you think of a mother abandoning their child?

For now, gather everyone together and explain what is happening. You clearly won't be going after Muschio, at least not now, and they all deserve to know why. However, they have banded around your leadership and values, not around killing some guy in a cave. Certainly offer to transport anyone home who wishes to go, but the rest of you still have work you can do.

Who hired the Fangs? What are the Knight Blades doing now? The land still has its own problems, and as long as you wish to continue, there will be issues that request a calm mind and steady sword.

It may not be the quest of today, but there is little reason to think that you will not be needed tomorrow.
No. 203138 ID: f95872

>and how I can still fulfil their expectations of me.
Well, lets see... The elf, goblin, gnoll, cat-halfling and kobolds will come with you regardless of mission. They follow you because of who you are, not because of what you do. I think only the bug might feel that his services are no longer needed.
No. 203140 ID: f21281
File 127826479115.jpg - (8.79KB , 150x150 , 2009-02-27-professor_farnsworth-150x150.jpg )

"Good news, everyone! We're going to war, with everyone!"
No. 203150 ID: 8bdb6a

Changing my vote to this.
No. 203153 ID: 1a99f0

No. 203157 ID: 2a421d

Well it's a little awkward that our mission has ended and we don't really have anything to show for it, aside from having gained yet another rung in the chain of command.

You should also consider that your expressed interest in Ashadel will likely cause yet more tension at the base. Sticks for instance is likely to leave if the truly thinks she has no hope of winning you.

This will give us an important chance to show Terva how a Knight is to honor their lord however. Should he still wish to learn the path of chivalry.
No. 203158 ID: d3dfb8

So many kinds of this.
No. 203159 ID: a41aaf

Remember Grek only joined you as an UP YOURS to Finesse.
No. 203174 ID: 8ce2bf

Grek won't leave Petal, though.
No. 203190 ID: a7a85a

The joining of forces might spur her to even more intense rivalry. If Muschio and Ridder are equals on the the same path it would provide motive to show Muschio's team up in a tech race.
No. 203336 ID: 896c31


This man is obviously a genius of some kind!
No. 203356 ID: 7ff337


Ridder, Muschio wants you not as a vassal, but as an ally. He said, himself, that you would make a fine King. I think that is part of his wish for you.

You can continue as you were before. Accumulate allies, seek out injustice, do battle with evil. You can go beyond it: lay claim to lands that other rulers do not. Extend your protection to their inhabitants, be fair and noble to those above whom you stand. Become a power in this realm. Begin the path to being a king. You can do it. It needs to be done. You can do what you've already been trying to do. All you need tell your followers is that now, you are allied with Muschio and his people. You may have lost "The Boss" as a convenient focus, but villainy still exists in this world.

Perhaps with the land divided between the two of you (and your allies, of course), perhaps you can bring back the same peace that Muschio's father brought, and pacify the needs of the Knight Blades for diversity, at the same time. And if you can't stand to be king... well, you would still be counted a lord, under Muschio, and you would still hold responsibility for your lands and your people. That's all you need to do.

Did you tell Muschio about the paladins, by the way?
No. 203529 ID: b36407

...you did warn him about the Paladins coming to hunt down and KILL the "Big Boss" right? 'cause in any case it's going to be a problem. Can we perhaps delay or speak with them?
No. 206790 ID: 950529
File 127894427096.png - (88.91KB , 700x700 , c13-2.png )

You're right. Though my mission has not come to an end, I can now safely rest responsibility in the prince's capable hands.
I will clear this up with my companions. They are good folk, and I am sure they will understand.

Thank you for your advice, voices. I can finally lay my mind to rest.

No. 206832 ID: f58d30

Wait.... what? ô-ò
No. 206836 ID: d3dfb8

It's over so Reaver can leave and Weaver can go back to never updating.
No. 206846 ID: 40cb26

...A little abrupt perhaps, but good show on finishing what you started. It's been fun.

I guess DiveQuest still (sorta) being around makes an epilogue here unfeasable. But in the same way Ridder and friends can still show up there too. This is... kinda weird actually. A wide open closure.
No. 206873 ID: a83ce3

Well you found out how to serve the Malto line and also you 'defeated' the growing evil.

I suppose we can call it a victory.
No. 206884 ID: f58d30

awwwww man... and here we are not knowing who was Ridder's choice for a mate =(

I still say STEEEEEEX!!
No. 206885 ID: cf68aa

He kinda just proposed to Ashedel so I think it'll be her.
No. 206911 ID: a41aaf

Ends Knight Blades proper in order to fold the characters into DiveQuest (which I guess will inherit the plot surrounding the Knight Blades themselves).
No. 206912 ID: 407b5b

Farewell, good friend...
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