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File 126758518576.png - (11.89KB , 600x600 , TA391.png )
141320 No. 141320 ID: cfad4e

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/79880.html
Thread 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/94645.html
Thread 3: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/103192.html
Thread 4: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/120515.html
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No. 141321 ID: 9e9b47

No. 141322 ID: cfad4e
File 126758526872.png - (7.08KB , 500x500 , TQ392.png )

Two hours have passed since the phone call.
I've repaired two of the rifles, though Mitzi claims she's never used a firearm before.

With my help, she's rigged the power supplies from the killswitch and the hallway to provide enough voltage to unlock the door and leave. Neither of us know what's beyond, what the rest of this facility is like, or who might be waiting.

My hearing has improved greatly. I can hear Mitzi's heart beating, her breath, the hum of electronics, the buzz of the lights, inaudible before. If only I could hear through the door. It's thick and heavily insulated. Pipes transmit some vibration, dampened too much to discern anything useful.

My nose is more keen. I've picked up many scents. Many humans, though it's hard to count without more practice. Mitzi smells different from them.

More recently, I've learned what the tails are for. Their sensory information has grown stronger, and gained meaning. I can feel vibrations in surfaces they touch, and localize sharp sounds even better than before. I can read air currents. Ones I wasn't even aware of before, entering and exiting tiny vents built into the walls, flowing over and around objects, down corridors, across floors. I can feel a room's shape.
No. 141323 ID: cfad4e
File 126758530659.png - (10.83KB , 500x500 , TQ393.png )

But nothing will tell me what's past that door. Not until it opens.
No. 141327 ID: 3b6c92

Well, better not wait any longer. If we've established that all you've got left to do here is open the door, then it follows that that should be what you do at this point.

Or, in a way that isn't torturous to read, open the door.
No. 141330 ID: 3b6c92

Just out of curiosity, where are you? We can't see you for some reason.
No. 141331 ID: 4fc74a

Should we be deciding where to refocus your regeneration, then?
No. 141333 ID: 67c611

All 3 parts, surface damage, immune system, and secondary senses aren't at 100% yet.

That being said, I'd respec to 1 part surface damage, 1 part immune system, and 1 part speed.

How many hours are left before the "rescue" team shows up? Have you destroyed all the cameras? Do you have the BACKPACK OF USEFUL THINGS assembled yet?
No. 141335 ID: a85626

It'sss... so dark...
khh...iiill mmeee..
No. 141337 ID: cfad4e
File 126758728451.png - (8.87KB , 500x500 , TQ394.png )

>open the door.
Of course. We made up my mind on that part. Only question is what to bring, and how to go about it. Should we hide as the door slides up, or rush out as soon as there's room to crawl? Should we spend an hour trying to get that heavy automatic weapon in the access room working, trusting in the voice saying we have ample time? Should I try to teach Mitzi how to shoot?

>Just out of curiosity, where are you? We can't see you for some reason.
You use my points of view, as I use yours. The real question is, why could you see me before? And I think we have an answer. I think you were making limited use of this blindsight before I could.

>Should we be deciding where to refocus your regeneration, then?
Not done yet. I feel there's even more to my secondaries than this. I guess it really is my birthday.

I can deal with the machines in my blood whenever I want, but this too will take time.
No. 141338 ID: 11df9c

Have you made out with Mitzi yet?
No. 141343 ID: 601a90

of course, if they were damaged how exactly would we be able to use them at all.
we could still see you even after you went through the microwave corridor and they were burnt.
No. 141345 ID: 3b6c92

>I think you were making limited use of this blindsight
I guess. The only time we've seen everything in darkovision before now was when you got fried in the hallway. Then again, we're still not 100% on what we even are, and it's probably not especially important either way I'm thinking.

>what to bring
I was pretty convinced by the BACKPACK OF USEFUL THINGS somebody proposed earlier.

Well, the phone said you had up to six hours two hours ago. I'm not your guy on figuring out how much you wanna push that. If the other guys figure you've got time, the automatic weapon working would certainly make this a lot more comfortable -- I mean, they've potentially prepared to "subdue" you, right? But I imagine they wouldn't be expecting part of the building's security systems to be firing at them. But like I said it depends on whether or not we wanna spend that much time on something. Dunno. Just sort of rambling, to be honest.

>teach Mitzi how to shoot
Well if you're gonna give her a gun you might wanna at least give her a primer.

>machines in your blood
I've always had a really bad feeling about these. If they aren't supposed to be there, and you've got time -- but that's the problem, isn't it? Guess I'm not really proving to be much help at all this time round.
No. 141346 ID: 288dda

Got all the cookies you need before heading out into the world outside? You already proved that your e-rats weren't microwave safe.

Honestly, aside from breaking all the cameras (which I assume you've already done) a quick perusal of your, ah, memories doesn't reveal much else to do here.

Two things - can you get Mitzi to open the door just a crack, or is this an all-or-nothing deal? Might be able to get some info before potentially letting an army inside.

Second, can you pick out the smell of her brother? Since he seems to be wandering around freely, horribly mutilating people and hotwiring the security systems, might be nice to track where he's been.
No. 141347 ID: 67c611

We like the old view better.

This here is what you should pack

can of yellow spray paint
soldering iron
small power drill kit
roll of duct tape
roll of electrical tape
roll of scotch tape
2 pencils
2 pens
2 permanent markers
some small batteries that might be used in handheld devices
tiny shiny scrap of tasty metal
tranq tubes
S tubes
counter poison tube
stim tube
two-button scanner/transmitter thing
food and drink (space allowing)
No. 141349 ID: 67c611

Add to that examining the manacles you saw earlier. I'm curious.
No. 141354 ID: 701a19

I'm still in favor of bleeding out some of that suppress, but I suppose I won't get enough support to convince you...
No. 141360 ID: d86d2c

I thought your secondary senses were supposed to augment your primaries, not render everything in blind cave rat vision.
No. 141364 ID: 601a90

yes, an estimate of how long you think you may need to purge them would help as i figure most of the time would involve generous amounts of puke and aches everywhere. do not want to be someone potentially dangerous while you do that.
worst case scenario these things could do when activated is turn on and attempt to 'eat' their way out and shred anything in their way.
No. 141367 ID: 67c611

Worse case scenario is instant death as they release poison into her system.

All they have to do is press one button that radios the kill signal.

You know what? Let's get those fuckers out of us before we open the door. Divert all resources to it.
No. 141371 ID: cfad4e
File 126759085760.png - (9.39KB , 500x500 , TQ395.png )

>I thought your secondary senses were supposed to augment your primaries, not render everything in blind cave rat vision.
My eyes were closed. I can do both. Just gonna take some getting used to.
No. 141373 ID: 632862

I guess it would be pretty useful anyway. You could pretend to be asleep or unconscious and still be able to see.

Or you could use it to be able to see through smoke.
No. 141374 ID: cfad4e
File 126759112744.png - (18.12KB , 500x500 , TQ396.png )

>This here is what you should pack
Okay. That should fit.

>Add to that examining the manacles you saw earlier.
Seems normal. One set goes on ankles, with adjustable hobble-chain, and another for wrists. I could probably break them. Not sure without actually trying to break them, though.
No. 141381 ID: 67c611

#1 get those fucking machines out of you.

How much time do we have left? How much time will it take to expel the machines? How much time will it take to get the big gun loose/working? How much ammo does it have? Is it like a .50 cal where it can get through 1 inch steel plate? How well can you move while carrying it? Am I asking too many questions?
No. 141384 ID: 3b6c92

Okay the more I think about these nanomachine thingies the more paranoid I get.
No. 141399 ID: 701a19

Yea, go for a purge. Divert all resources to breaking them down and getting them out.
No. 141401 ID: 67c611

I think we need to extract them whole. If they contain a chemical poison, breaking them down would release it anyway.
No. 141404 ID: a85626

Yeah purge those machines you tubby lardass.
No. 141406 ID: 288dda

It might be better to have a head start on the armed guards that we KNOW will be coming in 4 hours now than to spend time removing a hypothetical backup kill-switch. They think we're sleeping in a tank at the moment, so they likely won't even have the hypothetical trigger with them.

Ignore this if the purge will only take an hour or so, but longer than that feels too long. No idea how much more facility we have to escape, after all. This is just a high security wing.

I also don't want to be a broken record here, but that also gives more lead time for the other escaped experiment that has proved to be incredibly smart, stealthy, violent, and prone to setting up time-wasting traps.

Penji, will you know if you smell him again?
No. 141407 ID: 632862

Purge the machines now while the door is still closed. Plus, you've got a food supply nearby to refill your stomach with. It won't take very long, will it?
No. 141408 ID: 632862

Speaking of food supplies, why don't you take apart that coil gun and get the superconductors inside? You said you wanted to eat some right?
No. 141412 ID: 701a19

Coilguns don't use superconductors. It's probably just coils of copper wire.
No. 141426 ID: 445c48

Give Tazer-tits a quick kiss on the cheek. She's been very helpful and trusting.
No. 141427 ID: 701a19

Maybe if combined with a hug, but not on its own.
No. 141428 ID: 445c48

The hug goes without saying. It is like note reading.
No. 141430 ID: 11df9c

Agreed. Hugs are vital.
No. 141431 ID: 3b6c92

I shall support this notion as well.
No. 141432 ID: 67c611

I vote against a hug. Can be kind of creepy.
No. 141434 ID: 34470e

I vote hug Tazer-tits as well.
No. 141438 ID: cfad4e
File 126759693778.png - (19.61KB , 500x500 , TQ397.png )

>Get those fucking machines out of you.
Okay, okay.

I spend the next twenty minutes giving Mitzi unenthusiastic drill instruction while I spit dark blood onto the floor.

She's a lousy shot, and likely to get worse in an actual firefight, but at least she's looking more confident. I also learned that the sabot rounds are caseless, while the FMJ rounds aren't. Mitzi runs through a magazine of the latter, and two rounds of the former. This leaves ten mags of FMJ, and (almost) two of sabots.

I think the machines are all gone, now. I still feel sick.

>will you know if you smell him again?
I don't think I'll be able to follow a trail. However, if I'm around him, he won't smell human. Unless he figures out a way to trick me.

>How much time do we have left?
The voice said within six hours, a little under two and a half hours ago.
>How much time will it take to get the big gun loose/working?
Not sure. Maybe an hour.
>How much ammo does it have?
One box of 100 rounds.
>Is it like a .50 cal where it can get through 1 inch steel plate?
Thereabouts, yes.
>How well can you move while carrying it?
I can lift a lot, but the inertia will make me less agile. And it's gonna be a beast to fire.

>Kiss Mitzi
I've got blood all over my mouth. Are you sure?
No. 141439 ID: 445c48

Yeah, try not to be puking blood and robots when you hug her.
No. 141440 ID: 445c48

Well, you might want to wash up first.
No. 141442 ID: 632862

>I've got blood all over my mouth. Are you sure?
Better not.

How much longer do you think you'll be sick? If you got all the machines out of your blood, you should remove them from your mouth and face to make sure they can't get back in or something.
No. 141443 ID: 11df9c

Quite sure, just finish up with the bots, clean off a bit, and kiss away.
Don't forget the hug!
No. 141444 ID: 67c611

No, don't kiss for sure. And I'd advise against hugging.

Get the big gun rigged up and take it with you.
No. 141449 ID: e75a2f

That's no good; one of the keys to accurate shooting is remaining calm and keeping your heart rate down.

That gun looks awfully heavy to be firing from a standing position. Is she as strong as you?

It doesn't look like she's using the sights correctly. Firing from the hip is for expert shooters and physicists.

As for a door plan, don't go rushing through; if there's a hostile resistance on the other side that's what they'll be expecting. If you plan on killing everyone between you and the exit, it'd be best to funnel them through a trap or two, or across an exposed bottleneck with lots of cover on your end. If there's going to be resistance on the other side of the door you really don't have any chance of sneaking out. The best you could do is wait for a team or two to get far enough from the door to where they couldn't help out a fast, hard push on the door, then slip through and bunker down somewhere. Of course the door controls are apparently on their side, and I doubt they'll be dumb enough to leave them open after they send a team or two in. In that case you'll have to take the entire team out in one go except for one or two people that you can beat whatever code word they're going to be using to open the door again, then surprise the door team with a nice big storm of bullets.

Unfortunately from the sound of the lady on the other line, it doesn't sound like getting through that door is going to be even remotely easy. She seemed concerned about your well-being though; if you're lucky you may be able to use that to your advantage, though that also seems unlikely since you saw for yourself you were dead and they somehow brought you back to life, and if you're just that valuable they could theoretically just do it again.

Worst case scenario, they just gas the whole goddamn place and send the team in hazmat suits. In that scenario you're probably fucked unless you can find an oxygen tank and some tubing.
No. 141450 ID: 632862

I think we should take the gun loose. If they have heavily armored troops it could save us a lot of hassle. As it stands now we have basically just normal weapons. Penji would have to go berserker style to damage armored troops.
No. 141454 ID: cfad4e
File 126760024156.png - (11.09KB , 500x500 , TQ398.png )

>don't kiss
I have more important things to worry about!

Let's compromise.

"There," I say. "Now you can't say you've never used a gun before. And you're already getting better. Just quit taking your eye from the sight."

"Thanks," she says.

"If we get in a fight when the door opens, and you don't fuck up, I'll give you a kiss."


"You heard me."

She doesn't say anything, or look at me, staring at the doorway she's been shooting into, instead.

With that out of the way, should we salvage the big autogun first, or make a break for it immediately? Last call, here.
No. 141455 ID: a85626

damn shit's gonna go down

so hard
No. 141456 ID: a85626

make a break for it

if that doesn't work, autogun and >>141449
No. 141458 ID: 3b6c92

>that conversation
You, um. You have... you have a "way with words." Yes. Let's call it that.

>gun or run?


Fuck it, let's go for it.
No. 141459 ID: 67c611

No. 141460 ID: 8ecfd4

Screw the big gun. Heavy firepower is fine and everything but unless you have heavy enough firepower to take down the entire base it's not likely to do alot of good. Stealth and mobility is likely to be alot more useful.
No. 141461 ID: 60477c

multitask. gun AND run.
No. 141462 ID: 632862

Oh, I didn't know you even considered kissing an option. Interesting.

Let's get the gun. We can probably use it to great effect against the next bothersome enemy we come across. Like a security robot.
No. 141463 ID: 288dda

Go go go. Better to get out with enough spare time to not need a huge autocannon.

Crack the door, take a peek, take a listen, use your tails. Reassess from there.
No. 141480 ID: 701a19

As long as you realize that opening that door WILL trigger a high-priority alarm? Whichever.
No. 141492 ID: bf2bdb

every second we delay the people on the other side get better set up to prevent a breach. Break out now
No. 141502 ID: 20efe6

Fuck the cannon. Lets get out ASAP.
No. 141537 ID: a85626

Ride the cannon like a mechanical bull.
No. 141546 ID: ab04d4

Get out ASAP, forget the gun.

Somebody's going to die here.
No. 141560 ID: 3b6c92

Well, the connotations of the Totentanz (danse macabre, whatever you wanna call it) are along the lines of "everybody is equal in death, regardless of who they were in life." It's a very popular and enduring image in multiple artistic fields.

... Not especially thinking "everybody dies" is a fantastic outcome either, mind you, unless we can make that a particularly favorable definition of "everybody."
No. 141570 ID: 96c37e

...stray thought but is Mitzi still running around barefooted?

I just remembered the boots from when we threw the kill switch and figured if we're running through a lab with gunfire going off there's a high chance of broken glass going everywhere.
No. 141875 ID: 88fc9a

Penji, first, allow us to congratulate you on becoming certifiably badass.
Secondly, it can probably be safely assumed that there's a huge mess past that door as well.
We know that there are two test subjects unaccounted for in this section, and we just haven't found enough bodies to add up.

I say we just run it.

However, does that autogun look like it takes the same ammunition as your 13mm handgun? Can't hurt to top it off at least.
No. 141973 ID: 67c611

nope, different ammo. Robot uses large caliber machine gun rounds and the big gun uses another type of large caliber round.

I think that's correct.
No. 142758 ID: cfad4e
File 126785140788.png - (19.57KB , 500x500 , TQ399.png )

>That gun looks awfully heavy to be firing from a standing position. Is she as strong as you?
It's not heavy. At all.

>if there's a hostile resistance on the other side that's what they'll be expecting. If you plan on killing everyone between you and the exit, it'd be best to funnel them through a trap or two
Like what? And yeah, if I find hostiles, I was assuming the idea was to kill my way out or die trying, unless you have a better idea.

>Fuck it, let's go for it.
All right. Mitzi's already got the backpack and the boots you lot reminded me about. Couldn't hurt. Except that her footsteps are louder now. Not as loud as gunshots.

"Hey," I say. "I'm ready. Let's go."

"What about the big gun?"

"Gonna take an hour of work. We might not have an hour."
No. 142759 ID: 701a19

Ask Mitzy if there's anything she wants to do before we blow the door. If not? Do it.
No. 142763 ID: 601a90

agreed, open that door and kill anything that tries to stop you. things that don't stop you should be given consideration.
No. 142765 ID: 67c611

Tell Mitzi to keep her finger off the trigger if she isn't already doing that.

Exit strategy is to pop the door and exit, sweep left, sweep right. Kill anything that isn't a mutant. The enemy's policy is kill on sight. Have no mercy. If you are a good enough shot go for the head. I don't think most helmets can take a solid shot from a rifle. Can you hit someone with the rifle without accidentally breaking it? If it seems like you can hit them, do that. It's much quieter. Order Mitzi to stay back in cover.

I take it there is some food and drink in the backpack.
No. 142769 ID: 11df9c

Now move out.
No. 142770 ID: 288dda

So, is the strategy to go charging out the door as soon as it's cracked open the first 18 inches?

I say taking a moment to use those new super-senses you've got is a better plan even if it means partially giving up the element of surprise. You've also got bulletproof cover to fight behind to go with your bullet-resistant face and torso.
No. 142775 ID: 67c611

The instant that door opens they are going to be radioing for backup. If we wait then they will take up positions in cover far away and wait for the heavy shit to get there. That will end badly. We need to kill them quickly.
No. 142777 ID: cfad4e
File 12678537612.png - (14.88KB , 500x500 , TQ400.png )

"There's lights! Why didn't you disable them!"

"You're in a hurry right?" Mitzi says. "Besides, the ones on the other side-"


>So, is the strategy to go charging out the door as soon as it's cracked open the first 18 inches?
It's that open.

Feels like a hallway. Twelve or so meters long. I can sense movement nearby, but not in a line of sight.
No. 142778 ID: 67c611

Drop prone, open fire on any targets that aren't mutants. If you can hit their legs they will fall down and that will give you a shot at torso/head.
No. 142781 ID: 701a19

That door's what, three inches thick?
Damn. We shoulda just blown the thing open. :/

Since the door retracts upwards you would need to expose quite a bit of yourself to look out there right now.
Keep back in case they rush the door, and get behind cover. Once you've got a firing line down the hall start looking for covered forward positions and prepare to move.
No. 142782 ID: c0f3bf

Only shoot if they're hostile, maybe you can sneak past or something. Definitely find cover.
No. 142785 ID: 632862

Looks more like a foot thick. Plus we have no explosives.

I'm thinking we should try not to shoot unarmed personnel. Anyone with a weapon will probably try to kill us right off the bat, considering they really, really don't want us to escape.
No. 142789 ID: 601a90

anyone who knows you would most likely crap themselves thinking 'oh crap, it's loose.' cause the assistant guy sounded REALLY worried when you talked about your tube.
No. 142790 ID: 67c611

Guys. The first person to see us who gets out a message to HQ is going to have the entire facility worth of security on our asses.

K-I-L-L E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E or die.

Those are our options. There are no friendlies. If we let a single person get away we are fucked. Get prone. Open fire. That is standard procedure for a door opening like this.
No. 142791 ID: cfad4e
File 126785556618.png - (9.58KB , 500x500 , TQ401.png )

>That door's what, three inches thick?
Five, I'd hazard. And it is taking its time.

>Drop prone
Another one of those tracked machines! Its scanners aren't visible, but the turret has a camera. It hasn't moved, so that's not the movement I sensed.

There are voices. They're heavily muffled. They probably don't realize I can hear them.

"Control, there's movement from the HS3 accessway!"

There's a pause. If there's a response, I can't hear it.

"Fuck your readings," says the same voice. "Bring the bot up to weapons free!"
No. 142792 ID: 601a90

what about restrain and question? would think someone would know something. maybe someone can tell you where you are from and why you were shot up.
No. 142794 ID: 476456

Oh god damn it
No. 142795 ID: 601a90

if you think you can snipe it try to take out the camera, or just unload on the think so the whole front end caves.
No. 142796 ID: 4144db

I REALLY hope that gun has Armor-piercing bullets.
No. 142799 ID: 67c611

Fuck. Swap to flechete (if you can't do this quick enough, take cover further back). Open fire. Aim for the turret. You need to hit close to the barrel to hit the reloading mechanism and jam the gun. It's unlikely that you are in line-of-sight with any vital components to the bots operation.

I really wanted that big gun for something like this.

Are you good enough to hit someone taking a quick peek? You could try yelling that you are friendly and see if he sticks his head around the corner and take a shot at it.
No. 142800 ID: 11df9c

Can you put a bullet down the barrels on that? If you can, do so.
It'll cause a misfire, or at least a jam, meaning you can talk to the controllers.
You don't need to cooperate with them, but talking is always a smart move, if they can't shoot you.
No. 142801 ID: 8b7db1

Fffffffff- guess we should have gotten the heavy gun. How did we kill the other robot again?
No. 142802 ID: 4144db

By ripping and tearing its guts?
No. 142803 ID: 701a19

Remember where the power source was on the other mech. These things are built on a standardized chassis, which means it'll be in the same spot.

However, try diplomacy before shooting, since things don't work so well the other way around.

Call out "Hold your fire! We're not hostile!"
No. 142805 ID: 67c611

>>Call out "Hold your fire! We're not hostile!"

You mean the security guard and Nyx are coming out? That is a very bad idea to say that.
No. 142807 ID: 632862

Considering that Mitzi and Penji both regenerate to some degree, we can assume that they will shoot at us in order to pacify us.

We don't want to get shot, so SHOOT THE ROBOT.
No. 142808 ID: 4144db

>"Fuck your readings," says the same voice. "Bring the bot up to weapons free!"
I Don't think diplomacy is going to work here guys.
No. 142813 ID: cfad4e
File 126785791290.png - (15.41KB , 500x500 , TQ402.png )

>I REALLY hope that gun has Armor-piercing bullets.
Loaded with FMJ. On the bright side, they're a little fancier than the name implies.

>if you think you can snipe it try to take out the camera
I open fire. Single shot, but squeezing the trigger as fast as I can.
No. 142815 ID: cfad4e
File 126785833148.png - (17.19KB , 500x500 , TQ403.png )

Twelve shots. Most glance off the turret armor. I score hits on its optics. Eight rounds left.

"Shots fired! Shots fired!" I hear from downrange. "Bravo, defensive posture! Alpha, get here now!"

"What do I do?!" Mitzi screams.
No. 142816 ID: 4144db

No. 142817 ID: 445c48

Tell her to get down, maybe out of LoS from the hall.

Then shout at the guys "Hey, what the fuck guys, throwing a robot at me immediately! Not cool!"
No. 142818 ID: 632862

Tell her to cover you. Stay back behind the door, and you'll give her a hand signal when it's safe for her to advance.

Let's go ahead and find out where Bravo is holed up.
No. 142820 ID: 601a90

advance, have mitzi cover you. if you can get to the bot you may be able to flip it and turn it into cover.
No. 142823 ID: 701a19

Well, there goes our shot to either talk our way out or hit them up close.

Perhaps you could shout out "I'm getting out of here, and they don't pay you enough to try and stop me! RUN AND LIVE!"
No. 142828 ID: 67c611

Tell Mitzi to take cover.

I don't know what else to do. How do you feel about charging into a hail of gunfire?

You can do one of two things. Take cover and wait or advance and try to break out.

The bot is going to do one of two things. Open fire with all guns and move to get LoS with its cameras or not fire and move to get LoS with its cameras.

You have a 50/50 chance of doing the wrong thing and wasting an opening.

So I'll ask again. How do you feel like charging into a hail of bullets?
No. 142834 ID: 445c48

Tell Mitzi to get back, around a corner, and hold her fire. Advance, do not shoot anything that ain't a robot. If you can, flip over bot and use as cover. Shout about how much of a dick move to bring up the robots immediately, and how you wouldn't have shot if they hadn't brought out a goddamn robot can I get a human to talk to thanks.

We need to diplomacraft. I doubt the small arms could hurt you, though they might have SUPPRESS BOOLETS, which would be a pain in the ass, but they could probably kill Mitzi, and I'm trying for a good (lesbian) end.
No. 142849 ID: cfad4e
File 126786079645.png - (10.83KB , 500x500 , TQ404.png )

I gesture for Mitzi to get out of the line of fire and call out.

"Mistake! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" I yell, and start moving forward.

A voice booms down the hallway.


It's coming from behind the robot, to my right. It doesn't have a line of sight. The robot starts moving forward. It'll be able to see me again any second.

"Scanner's showing nothing in the hallway," comes a second muffled voice.
No. 142850 ID: 701a19

Close in to melee range and try to disarm them. If you can capture them alive that'll knock the odds in your favor pretty damn well.
No. 142851 ID: 632862

I see. Mitzi's brother blocked the scanners!

Get to the robot and shove its barrel out of the way, and keep the cameras from seeing you. Then point your gun right at the guy on the right.

Gesture to Mitzi to follow you in. The sensors can't see either of you and the robot will soon be disabled once we get close to it.
No. 142854 ID: 67c611

Swap mags and unload full-auto into the 4 sensors on its upper torso.
No. 142868 ID: c5628c

Tell them to retract the bot first, then you drop your weapon. Tell Mitzi to fire if it's a trap.
No. 142869 ID: 288dda

Robot is top priority at the moment.
No arms on this one? Get up there and take it out melee-style. Bet you can knock it on its side and use it for cover. If you are sufficiently awesome, shoot out the sensors while running full-tilt.
No. 142895 ID: 476456

yell "OK I WILL"

but dont.
No. 142897 ID: 88fc9a

First living humans we've encountered and the idea was going for the run-and-gun approach?
They might not be a counter-suppressing Tozol and a half, but they do have more guns than we do.

Crouch down, get ready to -jump-, with the gun on the floor.
Yell "Friendly! Your robot spooked me!"
First sign of non-compliance or being fired upon, grab gun, dodge and disable the robot.
Just try to avoid human casualties, they REALLY don't like that. If you kill or harm any of their men, they'll probably kill you out of spite.
No. 142898 ID: 8ecfd4

Remember how you disabled the first robot? Flip this fucker over and rip out some wiring. Then let your senses assess how many people there are in the hallway and what they're doing.

This could also be a time for negotiation. Tell them that you don't really want to hurt them, you just want to know what you are and be free.
No. 142900 ID: 54af1f


What are you guys talking about? These assholes tortured Mitzi with a rail gun among other horrible things. They don't deserve to live.

Run and gun away, take out anyone with a weapon. Unarmed scientists leave though, they're more likely to have answers.
No. 142901 ID: 903c42

You should avoid killing people until you really have to. The fact that they even bother to talk instead of just throwing something like incendiary charges or nerve-gas at you indicates that they ain't on a pure destroy mission. That'll change if you cause causalities. Equipment is ok to destroy though.

Remember that they expect, cause of your phone call, a civilian chick. Try to create a hostage situation with Mitzi, she looks human, and I guess she trusts you enough to fake it.
It's the only idea I can think of, unless you somehow assume you can regenerate through a hail of gunfire and maybe worse to slaughter a bunch of professionals soldiers.
You would die like a Sergal trying to attack Ride Armor without a proper Panzerbüchse
No. 142902 ID: 54af1f

Also: you guys all remember that they promised to kill Mitzi if she was out of her cell right?
No. 142905 ID: 280d3f

What kind of sissiy suggestions are those? Also, we must conserve ammo. Here is the plan:

1: GRAB robot
2: THROW robot at security guys
3: EVISCERATE what's left
No. 142907 ID: 67c611

What part of "The enemy's orders are to kill on sight" don't you understand?

They only reason they haven't opened fire is because they haven't seen us. I don't think some of you understand how this works. They will do absolutely everything in their power to prevent us from escaping. Mostly this involves putting lead chunks through our body.

No witnesses. No survivors. No mercy. Kill or be killed. You understand how this works. If you take someone alive, they get a 30-second interrogation followed by a broken neck.
No. 142910 ID: 817cd3

Would that make us no better than them? If so, how are we more worthy of survival than they?
No. 142911 ID: 4144db

Because we don't turn Innocent young women into horrifying mutant abominations.
No. 142912 ID: 8ecfd4

Being worthy of survival has nothing to do with survival. You either survive or die. That is all, worthiness or morals doesn't enter into it.

Right now the enemy has a kill on sight order for anything coming out of that place. Those orders might change on the spot, not very likely but it's atleast worth it to give them a chance or survive.

If they don't take that chance then we kill them. For which I think our best bet would be to flip over the robot. Then use it as a shield and get Penji and Mitzi stuck in among them. At a range they can use superior firepower and numbers to their advantage, if we can get in among them we will be able to use vastly superior physical strength to our advantage while negating some of their numbers and alot of their firepower.
No. 142913 ID: 54af1f


And then torture them with rail guns.
No. 142926 ID: 88fc9a

Their orders were to terminate any escaped experiments. Dear Penji was merely pickled for a while.
There's still a small chance we can do this without violence, which would be much, much safer for everyone involved. Whatever set up everything until this point is loose and apparently very happy to kill.
Of course if the soldiers aren't open to diplomacy from something with four ears, Penji's proven quite capable at combat.
No. 142934 ID: 701a19

Remember that phone call? They knew about human-looking subjects, and they're willing to kill humans at the first sign of trouble.
Using Mitzy as a hostage would get both of you shot while establishing that you're openly hostile.

It's hard to convince people you've got peaceful intentions when they think they've got a huge advantage over you. If you disarm them without excessive force then you've got the advantage and your words become a lot more believable.
No. 142940 ID: 701a19

That was the researchers, not the guards.
It's likely that the guards only knew it was a biolab for dangerous creatures, and they certainly didn't know the experiments that were being conducted.
The guards are an obstacle, not an enemy.
No. 142941 ID: 45be60

If you guys wanted to be going for the no kill clear, we should have been looking for the tranq gun, not the high powered shooty rifle. Attempts to make them not hostile through purely vocal means are just plain not going to work.

You can shoot to maim I guess, but Mitzi is not that good a shot.

But to more immediate concerns, I say Penji yells "Not till I don't see your fucking killbot!" and takes a few more shots at the remaining optics before it can see anything. Buy a few more seconds to see how things develop.
No. 142945 ID: 67c611

Why are you willing to get Penji shot to save the life of someone trying to kill her?

Think about that for a while.
No. 142953 ID: 701a19

They don't WANT to kill anything, they're just under orders to do so.

Completely besides that, disarming and capturing them more than doubles the chance of getting out alive.
How, you ask? Simple.
1: The guards know the layout. Convince them that you just want to leave (which is basically accomplished by not killing them) and they can give you a rough sketch of the facility as they know it.
2: The guards are not paid enough to die for their job. Alive they can express this to other guards, which could make the escape significantly easier. "Hey, there's these two subjects coming. You can't stop them, but if you don't try they'll just walk right past you."
Alternatively? Ablative meat.
3: It gives you a chance to leverage what you know to get out. For example, telling them that you know an escaped subject is going around slaughtering people, and you'll track it down and take it with you if they let you walk out of there.
No. 142954 ID: 54af1f


Want or under orders is irrelevant, they're still gonna shoot us. Remember how scared they were of the mere prospect of Penji being awake?
No. 142970 ID: a68b29

Charge the robot at full speed, it can't target us at point blank and we can use it for cover.

Maybe people can live if they volunteer a surrender. Don't compromise our position at all for their benefit. They're horrible evil scientists, and they knew the risks when they signed up.
No. 142973 ID: 701a19

The difference is significant.
Somebody who wants to kill you will try to do so even after they've been beaten.
Somebody under orders to do so will give up once they realize that they would probably die in the attempt.

They aren't expecting an armor plated killing machine. The benefits of capturing them alive greatly outweigh the risks.
Once again, these are guards. They don't know what the company is doing, and they're just here for the paycheck. Their jobs are not worth their lives, and many of them probably have families at home.
No. 142988 ID: 445c48

She would probably be fine being shot. Crazy regen after all. And I doubt most soldiers would shoot you if you weren't shooting them/threatening them.

Shout at them to pull back the robot, and you'll put your hands up, but continue to keep your weapon on the robot until they do so.
No. 142992 ID: a85626

Here's an idea: get captured. You won't be worse off than when they put explosive rounds through your head.

Maybe but only as a last resort.


Yes throw the robot no no don't do that.


> "Not till I don't see your fucking killbot!"

I like this idea.

Also get close to the robot if you can't disable it. Nothing turns a man into a heartless psychotic killer than putting him in control of a robot from the safety of a bunker 6 miles away. Soon as those guns are on you, it's over.
No. 142996 ID: 11df9c

Seconding this.
Peaceful solutions are always preferable.
No. 143014 ID: 26da06

Peaceful solutions? Are you crazy? We are in a lab where the owners EXPERIMENT ON PEOPLE. Yeah, they'll let us go. Sure. I bet this all just a big misunderstanding. It's not as if they had us hooked up to some giant bug-zapper, just in case.
No. 143019 ID: 67c611

Penji, if you surrender to them you are going to die. I want to make that clear to you. Because I'll kill you if they don't.
No. 143020 ID: 701a19

... and the GUARDS have nothing to do with that.
I'm pretty sure the guards would be absolutely horrified if they found out that Mitzy started here as an intern, if for no other reason than because that's going to make them question if any of the guards who "left unexpectedly" (And there are always a few) actually ever left. Not to mention concern for their own well-being.
No. 143035 ID: 54af1f


Or they'd obey orders and shoot on sight.
No. 143039 ID: 701a19

Thus why you rush in and disarm them so you've got a massive tactical advantage, and then open negotiations.
No. 143054 ID: 903c42

Can you use your magic blindsight or your many ears to find out what kinda opposition you're actually facing?
Or any other sense you might have.
No. 143212 ID: 445c48

Penji can take it. Didn't it take some ridiculously high-powered weapon to kill her, with a direct headshot? Sure, normal bullets would hurt, but I doubt it would kill her or disable her. This is why we told Mitzi to stay back, we don't know if she could take a bullet.

Suppress bullets would be something different, and is why I recommend shouting negotiations from behind cover, but not shooting at them.
No. 143330 ID: 7f4605

...I always throught that Ringo's "liberal peacenik idiots" are just invention. You just had to prove me wrong, aren't you?
No. 143334 ID: 4144db

No doubt these are the same Idiots who wanted Goshen to surrender to Shadran way back in after quest.
No. 143336 ID: 11df9c

You mean pacifists and optimists? No, no we're not invention.
From an objective standpoint, discussion is almost always preferable.
It's not an entirely peaceful and benign process, mind, debate favors the one with high ground, either moral or military.
In this case, we have moral, being that we just want to get out of here and live, and may have military, given that regeneration and fuckhard bones, not to mention absurd strength, and almost certainly extensive military training.
Also, I'd prefer that you not refer to people as "idiot" just because they have a position you disagree with, unless it's something completely indefensible, like intelligent design or eugenics.
No. 143339 ID: 601a90

but even if we have the high-ground if something is totally unable to be reasoned with then you cannot debate with it. if they all want to kill you dead they will refuse to listen and assume everything you say is a trick so you can kill them.
we can try your way a little but if they try anything it will be shoot everything that moves. deal?
No. 143341 ID: 11df9c

Incapacitate if possible, kill if not.
You're correct that discussion isn't always possible. I admit that.
When it is possible, it's always worth at least trying.
No. 143381 ID: 7f4605

I would have apologized, exept I am not sorry. "Idiot" is the only way I can describe someone who continue talking about "peaceful resolution" and "discussion" with PEOPLES WHO HAVE ORDERS TO KILL US ON SIGHT.
However, you are right - I shouldn't have wrote it. For that I can and do apologize.
No. 143383 ID: 11df9c

And I thank you for your apology, kind suggestion.
No. 143421 ID: f21281


Discussion thread, PLEASE. Stop cluttering the main quest thread up.
No. 143428 ID: 11df9c

Right, sorry.
No. 143435 ID: 5bd740

There's no way to be certain that any of the people you're currently confronting bear a direct responsibility for any of the atrocities you've witnessed in this den of abuse. Justifying violence as an ethically proper response by declaring them responsible for the abuses in that place is unwise.

Secure a defensible location and impose upon them that you are not something to be trivially disposed of. Open negotiations rationally and politely.

rape them to death if they betray you
No. 143438 ID: 54af1f


They're gonna shoot us! We don't have time to debate morales :|
No. 143492 ID: 88fc9a

... Hey, Penji girl, is that a wall panel to your right? Think there's a space behind it to hide in?
Do you have time to check before the robot can see you?
No. 143518 ID: a85626

Oh, if you get a chance shoot out the lights. Secondary senses ftw!
No. 143817 ID: 67c611

Those security guards seem like pretty stand up guys. We should try talking to them.
No. 143819 ID: bffa2a

Just run up there and shoot the humans first since they seem to be fixated on their scanner, mayby they won't hear you coming. After that deal with the robot like before if it can even see you anymore without your nanites just like their scanner. Might be too much to hope for, act fast.
No. 143875 ID: 67c611

Ok, so we have "giant robot in the doorway syndrome" >>/questarch/103196
And we all know what happens when we attempt the "jump over the robot" maneuver >>/questarch/103360
Jumping over the robot is not an option.
Then we have the "hide out of the turret's firing arc" gambit >>/questarch/104049
And we all know how that goes. >>/questarch/104056
Hiding is not an option.
So then we come to the "grab the turret" dealie >>/questarch/104083 . Which results in the "neck grapple" problem >>/questarch/104099 . Which is solved by "footgun" shenanigans >>/questarch/104127 .
But we don't have a footgun.

So what did we learn from this?

Turret grabbing will work except that the bot has arms that will grapple us.
We need to disable the two arms on the left side.
And we do that by
Shooting the arms.
Which requires
Armor piercing ammunition.
Which we just so happen to have in the form of
8x5.8mm discarding sabot rounds.

But they aren't in the gun so our actions should be:
Reload the gun with a 8x5.8mm discarding sabot magazine.
And then
Open fire on the two arms on the left side of the robot.
Dodging turret fire by erratic movement.

Are there any questions?
No. 143880 ID: 11df9c

Hang on, this raises a point I'd like clarified:
If the rounds are 8x5.8mm Sabot, does that mean that the Sabot is 5.8mm, and the carrier is 8mm?
If so, what's the case length?
Was this already stated, and I just missed it?
No. 143898 ID: 67c611

I'm not sure. It's only mentioned in the item layout in this pic >>/questarch/129117

I assume that it is similar to APFSDS. Nice and thin to penetrate armor better. Lousy damage but better than nothing.
No. 143972 ID: cfad4e
File 126810592572.png - (24.88KB , 500x500 , TQ405.png )

I, Uh!
>Attack but go nonlethal / Flip the robot
Taking this option for now! I sling my weapon as I run, latching it to the harness.
>Dodging turret fire by erratic movement.
I dodge from where the barrels point. It sprays chaingun rounds into the hallway.
>Watch for the arms.
This one has some kind of ballistic shield in place of the arms, topped with a sensor package. There's a figure crouching behind.

"Subject! Subject inbound!" shouts one of the voices.

"HALT!" says the same voice, this time amplified rather than silenced by its mask.
No. 143974 ID: 2d8f04

It's kill or be killed penji. KILL. THEM. ALL!
No. 143975 ID: 67c611

Oh thank god. Grab the turret barrels and flip that shit.
No. 143977 ID: c0f3bf

Yell "Not if you keep trying to kill me!"

Push off from the side of the wall to swing around and smack the guy down.
No. 143978 ID: 701a19

This. And while you're doing this shout "THEY DON'T PAY YOU ENOUGH FOR THIS SHIT!"
No. 143979 ID: 3b6c92

Flip the motherfucker!
No. 143983 ID: 11df9c

Yeah, psychological warfare on those rent-a-cops!
No. 143987 ID: 632862

Keep dodging, and get close to it so it's harder for it to track you. Jump up on top of the turret itself so you're in its blind spot. Then we can disable/interrogate the humans.
No. 143990 ID: 2d8f04

Protip: these guys aren't rent-a-cops.
No. 143999 ID: cfad4e
File 126810836649.png - (5.38KB , 500x500 , TQ406.png )

The room ahead feels large and open, with a few large crates or cargo pallets. There are five distinct targets just ahead, including the robot.

Movement in red. Me in blue.
No. 144003 ID: 67c611

Since it doesn't have any arms lets try jumping over the bot (don't cross the firing arc) to the left side to use it as cover and flipping it towards the other peeps.
No. 144004 ID: 701a19

The robot lacks arms. Lunge feet-first at the robot, then bounce off into the guards. You can stun one or two with the impact, and that'll put you inside the minimum effective range of their weapons.
At that point you can leverage your far superior strength to rip the weapons from them and toss them away before anybody can respond.
No. 144017 ID: 288dda

Well, on the plus side we've got the moral high ground now. We were just shooting at a robot. They're shooting at people. Tozols, anyway.

I second the "1) hurdle robot 2) flip robot for cover" plan over the "kung fu fighting against guys with guns with an angry robot at back" idea.

I'm pretty sure a show of force will be necessary, but maybe you can get them to surrender?
No. 144019 ID: a85626

After you flip the robot make sure to smile pleasantly at the men. I'm sure it will calm them down.
No. 144021 ID: 632862

Crap, there's too many of them. You're going to have to kill some.

Get the rifle ready, and open fire upon the ones hiding around the corner once you reach them. Take advantage of the element of surprise. Oh, and fire a few shots off at the one hiding behind the blast shield so that he can't tell the others when to fire.

Once you've taken out the troops hiding behind the corner, inject the one behind the blast shield with the SEDATIVE.
No. 144022 ID: 632862

I don't think we have enough TIME to flip the robot. That fucker's heavy and it took quite a while to flip the one that had arms.
No. 144024 ID: 445c48

Jump atop the turret and yell at them to turn it off. No killing.
No. 144028 ID: cfad4e
File 126811106315.png - (26.39KB , 500x500 , TQ407.png )

>flip the tank
I run into it at full tilt. It weighs a lot more than me, so this does little. I manage to get below its traverse and lift, however. It pivots on the rear of its right tread as it rolls onto its side, still firing.


"Engage! Engage!"

They start shooting.
No. 144032 ID: 476456

Drop below the level of the gun and hip check them from all fours.
No. 144033 ID: 717301

Yell at them in a very commanding tone to stop shooting while you run your jelly rolls behind the tank.
No. 144035 ID: a85626

They have face concealing helmets.

You may kill them without consequences.
No. 144037 ID: 67c611

Spin the tank clockwise to make it into larger cover between you and them and get behind it.

If the guard starts to get out of the machine, put one or two rounds into his head. Open fire on the rest as best you can.

No. 144038 ID: c0f3bf

Get behind the tank, start to drag it with you towards the cover to your left. Yell out for them to stop shooting.
No. 144040 ID: 62489a

Kick the first Doomguy, grab him with your foot-talon-thing and throw him into the other guy, saying "No, YOU HALT!"

It'll have to do until your one-liner skill levels up some more.
No. 144041 ID: 62489a

Get behind the tank and push it into the two mooks until it pins them into the wall.
No. 144042 ID: a85626

You disabled the bot so for the next few seconds you can take advantage of psychological tactics. Trip them to disarm them--gun carriers never guard their feet, then use one as a human shield. The troopers probably will hesitate to shoot you then, giving you enough time to pull out your rifle while the bot recovers its standing position. Then, jump back onto the bot where its guns can't reach, carrying your prisoner. He can't bite you because of those ridiculous face shields, but watch out for hidden guns or other secondary ammunition.

If they continue hostile actions more than a second after that, open fire. If they calm the fuck down, get Mitzi out to cover them with her rifle.
No. 144048 ID: 11df9c

Grab one, use him as a shield, and make a statement.
Tell them to stop shooting, and think for a second if they want to piss off the heavily armed mutant who just flipped a veritable tank, and has an armored skeleton.
No. 144050 ID: a85626

Frankly if you kill them all at this point it'd probably improve your chances a lot more than trying to negotiate with people shooting at you. Any obligation of diplomacy or mercy ceased the moment that bot opened fire.
No. 144059 ID: 288dda

Well, hell. If they're in melee range, a kick-grab on the closest actually doesn't sound like a terrible idea. Otherwise, spin the tank as you tip it for better cover.

Just remember - you're a Counter-Suppressing Tozol and a half. You can do this.
No. 144070 ID: a85626

Your head voices sure go on overdrive when exciting things are happening! It'd be a shame if one of them got distracted in the middle of it all.



I like ice cream.

I like ice cream but I can't eat it. That doesn't make me as sad as it should. I wonder why? Ice cream isn't good for you anyway. Do they call it ice cream or iced cream? I forget. I wonder why they don't call it frozen cream the way they call it frozen yogurt. Ice yogurt? It's hard to find that stuff. A lot denser than ice cream too. It helps if you soak the scoop in warm water first.
No. 144079 ID: 701a19

There never was an obligation, but while you can go from talking to killing you can't go from killing to talking. Corpses are like that.

Disarm them, confiscate their weapons, take them captive. They do not pose a significant threat.
No. 144080 ID: 8ecfd4

Well they have opened fire. Negotiations broke down even before they began. And they have foolishly moved inside of melee range, now there is only course of action. Rip and motherfucking tear those sons of bitches new assholes. Maybe keep one alive to use as human shield while you get back into cover and Mitzi catches up with you.
No. 144084 ID: 288dda

Hey, maybe it's a bit late to be mentioning this, but does it take significant concentration to convert all your surplus bio-control to short-term work like generating adrenaline, suppressing pain, and rapid healing?

Because that would probably be really handy 30 seconds ago.
No. 144086 ID: 2d8f04

No, just kill them. captives are only good for rape and penji's too classy for that.
No. 144087 ID: cfad4e
File 126811758822.png - (21.12KB , 500x500 , TQ408.png )

>Use it as cover
I hold on as I get behind it. There's already some angular momentum, so I move it around rather quickly. They shoot me in the back twice, but the heavy slugs flatten and fragment against my bone plates.

I feel them moving out of easy melee range and spreading out, while laying down suppressive fire. I ready my rifle.

"Maintain base of fire! Did you see that? Operator, did you see that?"

A pause. I can feel the door that was to my right as I exited the hallway opening, and more movement from beyond.

"Why didn't you warn us?!" shouts the same voice. Difficult to keep them straight over the gunfire.
No. 144089 ID: 2d8f04

Too bad you don't have any hand grenades. return fire if possible. if not wait Intill some of them have to reload.
No. 144093 ID: 601a90

stay down, after a while they may stop, don't come out yet. soon they will have the guy who pulled the short straw come over to check. the moment you see the guy grab him, disable and pull him next to you.
No. 144094 ID: 67c611

You've got a damn good angle at the group entering the doorway. You are shielded from the people already firing at you. Take out as many people coming through the doorway as you can. Fire 8 shots and reload. Take a little extra time to ensure they all hit. We have a great attack opportunity and it would be a shame to miss a single shot.
No. 144095 ID: 701a19


No. 144096 ID: 8ecfd4

Check out what opened that door. It's too blurry for us to make it out so we can't say if it's friendlies or hostiles. Return some fire against the guards, never stay out of cover for more than 3 seconds, preferably less than that, after each time you fire change position randomly to a new firing position and use single shoots, you don't habe enough ammunition to waste.

And get Mitzi up to the end of the hallway.
No. 144099 ID: 632862

Signal to Mitzi that she should advance to your position.
No. 144101 ID: 67c611

No. 144108 ID: c0f3bf

Is your side okay?

You need to say something to them, it might not work, but they at least need to know you're an intelligent being and not just a psycho monster. Try "Stop shooting at me, I haven't hurt any of you!"
No. 144113 ID: 288dda

Unwanted visitors through door #2. It would probably be a good idea to try to shoot them if they're carrying guns. Unfortunately it's a bit long range to try to incapacitating shots, but if you think you're up for it the joints will be more lightly armored. I say we go for foot shots if we get people in melee range though.

I don't see why we want Mitzi in the hall yet. She's mostly untrained and probably doesn't heal nearly as quickly.
No. 144122 ID: 476456

No. 144132 ID: 3416ec

Blind fire from cover, Gears of War-style.
No. 144136 ID: 62489a

Yelling at them is probably the best thing to do now.

Completely serious.
No. 144144 ID: 701a19

Mitzy is not bullet resistant. If she moves up, she's probably going to die.
No. 144149 ID: cfad4e
File 126812156089.png - (14.02KB , 500x500 , TQ409.png )

I peek out to see if the new arrivals are friendly, and to make myself heard.

No. 144150 ID: 632862

Are you kidding? Did you SEE that video of her that freaked her out?

She has the ability to come back from serious wounds, if not fatal ones.
No. 144151 ID: 62489a

Good. Now wait a second for an answer. If they keep firing, see if you can wait for one of them to reload and start firing again.
No. 144152 ID: cfad4e
File 126812174531.png - (14.02KB , 500x500 , TQ410.png )

They're armed aGFRGJK!
No. 144155 ID: e31d52

No. 144157 ID: 701a19

She came back, but we don't know how much of that was on her own.
Regardless, she's not armored well enough to survive a hit to the head. If she gets wounded she'll be slowed far more than Penji.

Leave her back there until you've got a foothold, then we can consider moving her up.
No. 144159 ID: cfad4e
File 126812194974.png - (13.18KB , 500x500 , TQ411.png )

I feel very disoriented. And symmetrical.

"Grenade out!" shouts one of the humans.
No. 144161 ID: e31d52

Find 'nade.
Throw 'nade.
Plug ears.
No. 144162 ID: 3416ec


Dammit! If you hear the clink of a frag grenade near you, either dive for cover or throw it back!
No. 144163 ID: 701a19

Cherry-pick your targets for maximum accuracy.
Kill or incapacitate at your discretion.
No. 144164 ID: 632862

Look for the grenade via your secondary senses, then SWIPE it back at them. Don't actually grab it, just smack it.
No. 144165 ID: c0f3bf

Time to stop caring. If they're readying a grenade they'll probably have less guns aimed at you. Shoot the ones holding the grenade first.
No. 144168 ID: 601a90

well now we know for sure that nothing but heavy ordnance can do any real damage. be ready to tennis the grenade.
No. 144170 ID: 67c611

We could have killed 5 guys and you fucking tarts get us shot instead.

I hate you guys so much. I want to cry right now.

Well fuck now we have no opening and we lost tempo. Fuck you guys trying to get Penji killed. I'm so stuck on how much we could have done that you threw away. I can't even think of what to do with this shitty situation you put us in.

I hate you.
No. 144171 ID: 62489a

This one.

Then after the grenade has gone off, gun them down.
No. 144172 ID: a85626

Don't try to throw the grenade. They have a tendancy to explode in your hand when you do that. Dead serious I know someone that lost a hand that way. Just get out of the way. Fire at them as the shock wave from the explosion sets you aloft. Aim for the center of the forehead; that's where humans keep their brains. If you dive back under cover after it explodes they might hesitate again to see if it hit you.
No. 144177 ID: a85626


Hey hey it's not so bad. We got cover, we got precious time, and I don't think any voices are going to suggest that you don't kill anymore. Unless Batman posts here. What an asshole.

We can still recover this. Plus we gave them warning. Alien or not, no military court in the world is going to hold you accountable for killing them at this point. All we have to do now is survive.

I would have started making head shots as soon as they opened fire, but it's hard to get Penji to do that on a dime you know?
No. 144183 ID: 67c611

We are in a losing position. There are around 7 attackers. Penji has a concussion and can't aim straight anymore. There is a grenade about to go off.

Pull back into HS3 and seal the door. We'll take a few minutes to recover and then see about it from there. We've got the hallway of burny death. And a giant machine gun waiting back there. We'll pull something together.

I can't believe you guys blew this.
No. 144185 ID: 288dda

1. Vibration-sense at maximum.
2. Remove grenade from vicinity of self.
3. Clear your head.
4. Provide new map of enemy positions.
5. Shoot people in a hardcore manner.
No. 144187 ID: 2d8f04

Well like I said before in >>143334. these are most likely the same morons that more-or-less handed Goshen's head on a sliver platter to Shadran.
No. 144188 ID: 67c611

I was one of them. It changed me. Shadran dies. All of these fuckers die. I err on the side of me not getting hurt.
No. 144193 ID: 45be60

Children please, we just did this a couple posts ago.
No. 144194 ID: a85626


You... you honestly can't believe that we blew this?

Good idea though. If we can get the bulkhead doors closed they won't be able to shoot. But you know they'll come back with far bigger guns than we could ever jury rig in the lab. I'm telling you this is our only chance right now. Unless you have some idea how we can hide in the lab or escape another way. If they get word that the Tozol woke up they'll probably just nuke the whole place so hard it'll make Athelhom look like a roman candle.

Penji, if you stick your head out into the line of fire and us voices tell you to wait a second, DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. This is the second time jesus christ
No. 144196 ID: 601a90

yeah, some of the ones in here are all 'i dont care if they have the mega death ray and are known killers, we can just talk this out'

ignore everyone who just wants to talk it out, now is action time with death and guns.
No. 144199 ID: 701a19

First: This is not 'blown' by any stretch.
Second: I said melee disarm and capture, not sit behind cover and do nothing. If she had engaged them in hand to hand combat right out of the hallway then they would have been taken down in seconds before they could even draw a bead.
Third: I told her to call out her lack of bloodlust because people had already positioned her badly and there wasn't much else she could do. Seriously, who thought it was a wise idea to have her take cover behind the robot when hostiles were close enough that they could flank her by taking two steps? Wait, wasn't that you?
No. 144211 ID: 11df9c

Screw the inner debate.
Calm down, for starters.
Grab the 'nade, throw it back.
While it goes off, lay down some suppressing fire, then vault the 'bot.
Engage in melee, take a hostage, and threaten the others with your rifle.
Demand that they cease fire.
If they don't comply, start knee-capping them.
Be sure to use your tails to take the side-arm off the one you take hostage.
No. 144222 ID: 8ecfd4

When I said max three seconds that is provided that you're firing at them. Anyway nothing you can do about that right now. Throw or kick back the grenade.

Then get Mitzi up there and ask her if she can quickly unlock the door in the distance behind you while you provide covering fire. With your new head injury and them having got time to prepare mentally I don't think we should stay in this fight, getting away and resting some sounds alot safer.
No. 144224 ID: cfad4e
File 126812581876.png - (25.04KB , 500x500 , TQ412.png )

>Look for the grenade via your secondary senses, then SWIPE it back at them. Don't actually grab it, just smack it.
Doing this, I start moving to kick the grenade before it finishes landing. And not a moment too soon. Several fragments hit me, but I'm lucky, and functioning. Any slower and I'd be in trouble. More trouble.

I should tell you that I can probably manage fast center-of-mass shots, or fast shots to specific body parts at very close range, but if you want me to hit specific body parts at range, I'll need to take careful aim.
No. 144227 ID: c0f3bf

Can you aim with your secondary senses? If so, shoot their arms.
No. 144230 ID: 67eb8f

heh, I've got a fun plan.

Tear off the bottom, use it as a shield and charge.
No. 144231 ID: 62489a

Center of mass shots. We're looking for quick injuries and kills and we shouldn't be worrying about their lives at this point. If one of them gets back up we can worry about pumping more lead into them.

This is war. You're a soldier. It's time to kill or be killed.
No. 144232 ID: 701a19

Start shooting out people's right arms.
No. 144233 ID: 67c611

Go to the right side of the tank and lean out of cover only far enough to get a shot at the right-most guy. He will be the only one with LoS to you. Don't go far enough around that any others can get a shot at you. Put 2 into his chest.
No. 144234 ID: cfad4e
File 126812610791.png - (6.46KB , 500x500 , TQ413.png )

>Can you aim with your secondary senses? If so, shoot their arms.
Not with that kind of accuracy! And my blindsight's a little wonky from the blast.
No. 144235 ID: c0f3bf

Sucks to be them then. Shoot center mass.
No. 144236 ID: 701a19

This, but arms or head. Disabled or a quick death, no lingering.
No. 144237 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok there are three people visible to the left side of the robot, they're completly without cover. If the left side of the robot is 12 o clock then one is at around 12 and the other two would be at say 10. I would suggest shooting the one at 12 first, three quick shoots in the center of mass and then aim at the other ones at 10 o'clock use your bullte resitance and their lack of cover to take them down as well with 3 well placed shoots per person.

Then get Mitzi up there and ask about opening doors or moving the robot. If she can move it we could use it as a mobile shield and get closer to the guards.
No. 144240 ID: 8ecfd4

That's our left, so your right. Otherwise it's still correct.
No. 144242 ID: 288dda

Tear off the bottom? Hell, use the entire tank to pin a few of them to the wall if you can shove it fast enough. THEN tear off some armor plate.

But you can't do it while being flanked. Right now a few quick chest shots at the people advancing on your right should at least send them back under cover.

It'll also assess the quality of their body armor. Hopefully it won't come to needing aimed shots at necks and elbows to take these guys out of the picture.
No. 144243 ID: 67c611

>I should tell you that I can probably manage fast center-of-mass shots, or fast shots to specific body parts at very close range, but if you want me to hit specific body parts at range, I'll need to take careful aim.

Please read this carefully.
>fast center-of-mass shots
>fast shots to specific body parts at very close range
>if you want me to hit specific body parts at range, I'll need to take careful aim. (AKA slow)

Fast center-of-mass shots seem like a good choice until we need to do otherwise.
No. 144246 ID: d56ac0

This is a battle, stop fucking around. Take out the four guys in front of you with snapshots aimed at center mass. Do it before the others entering the room flank you and deny you the benefit of cover.
No. 144267 ID: 701a19

The four guys on the other side of the robot are basically corralled in there. Take-out the new people first, since they have the most mobility and seem to be moving to cover.
No. 144270 ID: 632862

Start shooting center mass to see how good their armor is. That stuff looks like a hard ceramic shell, and I bet there's an extra bulletproof vest under it. Getting shot normally winds up not being lethal, but hurts a LOT and tends to take them out of action. Don't shoot again after you break through the armor.
No. 144289 ID: 54af1f

They don't seem willing to negotiate, center of mass shots go!
No. 144291 ID: 54af1f

This seems a solid plan.
No. 144325 ID: 88fc9a

Alright, diplomatic way didn't work. Time to KILL.

Center-of-mass shots at the people moving into the room seems a good idea, as long as it's fast snapshots at them as they move behind your cover.
If possible, try to put a round into the leg of the last guy to drop in the new group.
However, we definitely need to move into a more advantageous position. ... Uh. Any ideas, anyone?
No. 144326 ID: 3b6c92

They talked you into poking your head out while I was asleep???


Alright, let's go for some center-of-mass shots. I imagine those guys coming into the room are gonna be easier to hit from where you are than the guys over in the corner there.
No. 144327 ID: bf2bdb


Let's sprint for that box thing after we've eliminated the ones by the door, shooting as we go.
No. 144330 ID: 88fc9a

Bad, bad idea. We've got more cover here and known terrain to our back. Plus, those things look like wood crates...
I'm pretty sure this warbot is much better at stopping bullets.
No. 144332 ID: c9b591

holy shit i stop posting to control my internet habits and you guys tell the main character to stick her head in a hallway filled with people that consider her the biggest menance ever since the atomic bomb on sterois with stilts?

dont shoot. you just disabled their little tank, tooked a grenade shell at medium range. they are SO TERRIFIED of you that your conversations wont do much good NOW.

if you TRULY want to talk with them dont kill anyone. destroy the bot (since its a menance anyway), retreat to the back room while claiming truce. take pot shots at equiepment, more specifically, whatever seems to control the doors. also remember them you do have a tecnician to repair and that we are SO not leaving until we have a chat.
No. 144343 ID: d31d16

You Can't retreat now. If you do, they'll seal that door again, and leave you to starve.
These guys won't listen. They'll probably kill your friend without hesitation if they get past you.
Take the body shots. They aren't guaranteed to be lethal but they can be incapacitating. This is a medical facility, there's probably help for them somewhere close anyway. Help you won't be getting until you can talk to whomever is giving the orders.
No. 144350 ID: 076099

*bleep*ing pacifists. Although I admit that their reject to your attempt to communicate make me feel better about killing them, I could sleep perfectly well without it.
>>144270 have right idea. Center of mass shots, start with FMJ to determine how well protected they are. Afterwards, if you didn't disabled them, shoot to kill. Start with ones near entrance, they look like they are trying to flank you.
No. 144439 ID: 5bd740

Force them in to cover with suppressive fire from behind cover. Under no circumstances expose yourself to further direct fire, as they will now be aiming for your eyes or using larger weapons.

Retain the initiative and do not allow them time to regroup and recover their morale! Take a hostage if you can!
No. 144441 ID: 5bd740

Fuck em' up until they surrender and/or beg for mercy.
No. 144553 ID: cfad4e
File 126818988092.png - (17.66KB , 500x500 , TQ414.png )

>Humans moving to flank. Stop them.
Yeah, three of the new ones are moving. The fourth of their fire-team is trying to suppress me with something on full auto. The other team of four has backed away in a wide, staggered formation and is also firing to suppress.

I shoot at the three runners, while avoiding sight with the others.

One falls in a splash of blood and crawls into cover. Another stumbles but stays on its feet, and the third appears undamaged, though I'm certain I hit at least once.

Either these guys are very robust, or their armor is sapping most of the energy from even penetrating hits.

"Man down! It's got an LMG!" one shouts.

"No. It's a rifle!" barks another.

"It's an MG! It hit all three of us!"

Strange that I don't overhear more chatter. Perhaps their silencing gear blocks some, or maybe they're being closely guided by radio.

Magazine's empty.
No. 144555 ID: bf2bdb

are you shooting single shots more rapidly than an Machine gun?
No. 144558 ID: ce1966

Reload with mini-APFSDS. Go to right side of tank and sweep left. Open fire on other group. Pick them off one-by-one right to left only exposing yourself to one of them at a time.
No. 144559 ID: f21281

Can you spin the tank around and wrench the shield off of it?
No. 144562 ID: f21281

Following up on this, what kind of armor are they wearing? Anything that might look like a weak spot?
No. 144570 ID: ce1966

me again
With this plan you can drop another 3 people easy. Don't waste this opportunity.
No. 144580 ID: e0c3bc

they are well protected but dont seem to share all radio contacts, its possible they are overpaid rookies. meleeing them could become interesting but you dont have how to shorten that range completely. remember, they need heavy weapons to take you out, and under the tank you are a very good siting duck.

also it seems they will try to outflank you again if they really have silencing gear. ask to chat again before firing, claim you werent aiming to kill. take note on any extra-heavy weapons and grenades they may have.
No. 144585 ID: 445c48

Shout back "It's a rifle!"
No. 144586 ID: ce1966


Let them be confused. Any info we give them helps them. You don't tip your hand to an enemy trying to kill you.
No. 144591 ID: 701a19

Push the tank towards the original four guards. That will give you a better firing solution on the three behind the crate, and force the others into CQC range. Or pin them to the wall.
No. 144603 ID: 445c48

Right, right.

Yell that it's a shotgun.
No. 144606 ID: 9d8822

Tell them that the gun is a fake and that you're actually shooting them with mind bullets.
No. 144617 ID: 632862

I like this idea.
No. 144619 ID: 445c48

Now that's silly. First off, if they take it seriously, which they have good reason to, it would just strengthen their resolve that we're an inhuman killing machine experiment gone wrong etc etc.
No. 144622 ID: ce1966

Don't say anything about the weapons.
No. 144624 ID: 632862

Don't reveal that you can hear what they say. If they don't know we can hear them, they might give away tactical information.
No. 144632 ID: 701a19

Check your senses. We need to recheck their locations, and see if any are down.
No. 144635 ID: b10ed5

That is silly. Tell them it's your index finger instead.
No. 144636 ID: cfad4e
File 126819602590.png - (26.62KB , 500x500 , TQ415.png )

>Reload with mini-APFSDS. Go to right side of tank and sweep left.
While the humans to my left are recovering, I switch corners, reload with sabots, and open fire. The target nearest the corner takes a dart to the chest before it notices. I traverse left and put two rounds in another human, then return to the first and shoot him in the head as a hurricane of fire surrounds me.

I take grazing hits to the arm and thigh, but the humans have switched rounds as well. The armor-piercing darts don't have a lot of stopping power.

>are you shooting single shots more rapidly than an Machine gun?
Of course not, but almost all of my shots are hitting. The humans are not nearly so accurate. They must think I'm firing dozens of times.

>Can you spin the tank around and wrench the shield off of it?
Not quickly. It looks very secure. I could try pushing the whole tank. Not fast enough to actually hit people trying to get out of the way, but it might startle them into retreating.
No. 144637 ID: 67eb8f

if they are keeping the fire up, I'd go for the push the tank forward strategy
No. 144641 ID: ce1966

Angle the tank correctly for cover and start pushing it towards the two people you didn't shoot. Use your senses to scoot the tank to back them up to the doorway.

If you see a crippled peep still moving put one into his head before advancing further. Even after getting wounded there is a good chance they will try to shoot at you again if they can.

Can you tell how badly you wounded Mr. TwoShotsInChest? Did he fall over?
No. 144644 ID: 632862

Don't kill disabled troopers. Once everyone is on the ground, then you can threaten them into submission.
No. 144645 ID: ce1966

You do realize that the crippled guards are going to shoot Penji in the back of her chest with armor piercing ammunition that will get through her bone plates and tear into her internal organs, right?
No. 144646 ID: 632862

That's why we threaten to shoot their faces if they don't throw away their weapons.
No. 144652 ID: ce1966

And while we are working that out we aren't pushing the tank or worrying about the people flanking us. And that gets her shot in the back of the chest with armor piercing ammunition that will get through her bone plates and tear into her internal organs.
No. 144655 ID: 02e714

>That's why we threaten to eat their faces if they don't throw away their weapons.

No. 144660 ID: 632862

When I said "after everyone is on the ground" I meant everyone.

But yes, let's push the tank into a better position.
No. 144718 ID: cfad4e
File 126820285550.png - (21.06KB , 500x500 , TQ416.png )

I put my back to the robot and push, keeping my weapon shouldered. Bullet fragments itch underneath my skin.

"Fucking hell!" one shouts. "How do we stop it?"

"We need smoothbores! Gyrocs!"

"Grab the wounded and fall back. Marching fire. Eugen! Your satchel."
No. 144722 ID: c0f3bf

Damnit, they're going to use more explosives. Hows your blindsight?
No. 144723 ID: 632862

Do not let them mess with that satchel!
No. 144726 ID: f21281

Smoothbores? The only reason why they'd do something like that is if they're bringing in some sort of portable projectile cannon.

And I don't like the sound of Gyroc. It sounds too much like a fusion of Gyroscopic Rockets.
No. 144733 ID: 288dda

Think it might be time to drop prone, roll, and take some aimed shots at that group. You've got penetration instead of stopping power loaded right now, right?

Go for the legs. They're not going to satchel-charge the room for a bit longer if they're dragging away wounded, and that will slow them down. At that point you can probably close to melee and maybe get some hostages.
No. 144737 ID: ce1966

Aw shit. One of them is going to rush you and plant a charge or leave one in the doorway.

If he approaches the tank to place an explosive they will be laying down covering fire but won't aim to close to avoid hitting him. As he is running to you pop out over the top, expose as little as possible, and shoot him twice in the chest. That tank has a shield that we can use.

If you see any wounded, kill them to be safe. We don't want one of them getting a shot at us.
No. 144740 ID: 701a19

No, if you see any wounded you want to grab them and take them with you. They'll be more hesitant to blow a satchel while their buddy is in the room, and that should get you enough time to get back to cover.
No. 144745 ID: cfad4e
File 126820432414.png - (7.10KB , 500x500 , TQ417.png )

>Hows your blindsight?
There's so much gunfire. Too much to process. Echoes and shockwaves everywhere. It's hard to be certain of distances. No way I can resolve shapes.
No. 144746 ID: f21281

Can you concentrate on heat signatures?
No. 144747 ID: 701a19

Double-tap the second leftmost target, then start picking off the guys by the door.
No. 144751 ID: 02e714

Your back is to the tank. Peek out the side to the left, then run to the crate on your right if you think you can make it. Shoot as you go. Aim for the ones helping the wounded. More wounded means they'll either have to leave them behind and you can question them, or they'll be slowed to fuck down.

Maybe try and make it look like you'll retreat down the hall when you're peeking.
No. 144754 ID: ce1966
File 126820506351.png - (13.70KB , 500x500 , 126820432414.png )

Pic is a bit confusing so I'll give you the simple version.

Stand on the purple dot.
Shoot the guy circled in green if he so much as pokes his head out.

The guy circled in green is named Eugen. He is arming an explosive device to attack you with. He will expose himself in order to use it. Kill him.
No. 144757 ID: 61d96f

how do you know it's him?
No. 144764 ID: ce1966

Eugen was ordered to ready a satchel.
Guy circled in green is the only guy not moving or shooting.
He is readying a satchel.
He is Eugen.

Basically everyone else isn't readying a satchel so I can deduce that the one person who is left, is readying a satchel. The very definition of logic.
No. 144766 ID: 61d96f

that is very sound logic. okay then, take that guy out.
No. 144780 ID: 3416ec


Unless the guy below Eugen can multi-task.
No. 144786 ID: cfad4e
File 126820738346.png - (14.25KB , 500x500 , TQ418.png )


No. 144787 ID: cfad4e
File 126820740235.png - (13.34KB , 500x500 , TQ419.png )

No. 144788 ID: c0f3bf

Cover your ears.

All four of them.
No. 144794 ID: 61d96f

No. 144796 ID: 45be60

and your tails.

No. 144797 ID: 701a19

If this detonates on impact I'm gonna FFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Timer or remote only, please.
No. 144800 ID: 632862

Get behind cover!
No. 144805 ID: ce1966

Go to left side of cover, sweep right. Attack targets one-by-one left to right.

When you can sense Mr. CrateGuyByDeadBody start to move his accuracy will drop, pull the corner and attack him, 2 shots center mass as usual. Be careful not to expose yourself to the MG guy in the doorway. I don't want to risk putting you in MG fire.
No. 144806 ID: ce1966

wtf are you talking about guys. It's all the way across the room. The guy we just shot dropped it at his feet....................... Mr BoxGuyByDeadBody is toast.
No. 144815 ID: ce1966

Fuck it. Pull out the right side and sweep left. Aim for the wounded guy with the gun firing at you first. After you put one or two in him sweep further and get the guy who was pulling him. Put 3 in him to make sure he goes down.
No. 144824 ID: 632862

Let's aim to cripple people. We need someone to interrogate!
No. 144830 ID: ce1966

Why we shouldn't do that is already thoroughly explained in this post

If you don't want to hover over that I'll post the important bit here
Please read this carefully.
>fast center-of-mass shots
>fast shots to specific body parts at very close range
>If you want me to hit specific body parts at range, I'll need to take careful aim. (AKA slow)
No. 144838 ID: cfad4e
File 126821016669.png - (29.99KB , 500x500 , TQ420smoke_humans_every_day.png )

>Get behind cover!
No. 144841 ID: 61d96f

no pop out on the right side and shoot anyone trying to stand up. they were all in the open so they would have been knocked over from the blast.
No. 144843 ID: cfad4e
File 126821032278.png - (10.84KB , 500x500 , TQ421.png )

The fireball flattens against the ceiling. Concussion's overwhelming. Blindsight's totally scrambled.
No. 144845 ID: 632862

I KNOW that. I'm not saying to AIM for limbs and shit. I'm saying, our aim in general is to cripple people. You seem to want to kill everyone regardless of if they're a threat or not.

No. 144847 ID: 3416ec

Hold position until things have settled.
No. 144848 ID: 45be60

I thought I told you to cover your tails young lady.
No. 144849 ID: c0f3bf

Peek out, see anyone?
No. 144851 ID: ce1966

Pull out the right side and sweep left. Aim for the wounded guy with the gun firing at you first. After you put one or two in him sweep further and get the guy who was pulling him. Put 3 in him to make sure he goes down.

Again don't expose yourself to the MG in the doorway.
No. 144852 ID: 632862

Everyone is stunned now. Rush them! Disarm and knock out the two closest to you, then if the others still haven't recovered, knock them out too. If any of them recover and aim at you, shoot them. Target their arms if you're close enough for it to be easy enough.

Our intent should be to get at least one person to interrogate, and kill the others if it's not possible to capture them too.
No. 144855 ID: 67eb8f

waste no time, rush out and eliminate any targets left. Leave one alive. We need information.
No. 144862 ID: 288dda

If we're rushing out, we'll be in a position to do targeted snapshots. I say we can incapacitate or disarm at least some of the remainder.

Straight over the top. Close distance and remove their capacity to pose a threat.
No. 144889 ID: ce1966

>>144851 2 kills, 90% chance of success, 10% chance of being wounded.
>>144852 5 kills, 40%-60% chance of success, 5%-40% chance of being wounded.
The cautious option has a high chance of succeeding and a low chance of injury.
The aggressive option has a moderate chance of succeeding and a moderate chance of injury.
The cautious option has a higher reward:risk ratio than the aggressive option. The cautious option is statistically better. Also another point is that you might be overestimating the effect of the explosion on them.

I know numbers like this are hard to pin down but you get the idea.

On a separate note
Scratch that. Do this instead.
Pull out the right side and sweep left. Aim for the guy dragging the wounded guard. Put 3 into him to make sure he goes down. You now have a wounded guard stranded in the open. If they send someone to recover him, shoot him too. The enemy will most likely abandon him. There is our prisoner if he is still alive. After taking out his rescuer you'd need to tell them "Wounded guy, if you attempt to move towards the doorway I will kill you." That might get him to stay still.

Yell "Boy, I wish I had a really big machine gun!" down the hallway to Mitzi. We won't give away that we have another person back there (well they already know that but what the fuck maybe they forgot).

[sorry about all the posts and words. I've got to counter bad ideas and support ones I believe are better.]
No. 144892 ID: 632862

You're assuming the wounded soldier is stable. We need to get close to someone to disable them in a way that won't kill them.
No. 144894 ID: ce1966

>>The cautious option has a higher reward:risk ratio than the aggressive option. The cautious option is statistically better.

For emphasis. I need to get this vote going the other way. That corner sweeping tactic has worked wonders. We got 3 guys using that alone.

[I'm sorry about all the posts. Stop yelling at me imaginary voices.]
No. 144900 ID: 632862

You... pulled those numbers out of your ass. Plus you're ignoring the reward of having an unconscious, NOT bleeding soldier as a captive.
No. 144918 ID: 9d8822

why can't we just rush-in and kill them all into teeny tiny pieces?
No. 144928 ID: 88fc9a

Great job!
Quick, peek out to see if they're as dazed, or even moreso, than you are. They were considerably closer to the blast.
Take quick shots at anything still standing up,
second priority anything getting up.

When this is done, we so deserve some cookies.
No. 144941 ID: bf2bdb

Look around the side of the tank rapidly, don't use an angle you've used before.
No. 144958 ID: bf2bdb


We shouldn't use the right side of the tank again, we did that last time.
No. 144964 ID: 8ecfd4

Do a quick sweep of the room and see what they're doing. If they're still there then take a few shoots at them to convince them to fall back faster, if not then call up Mitzi, have her open one of the other doors that the guards are not using and get the fuck out of here.

Next time you encounter them they're likley to be carrying weapons that fire gyro rockets, those can be of alot heavier caliber that still be used by a human, if you get hit by one of those you might make it but chances are it will cripple you and hurt like a motherfucker.
No. 144986 ID: e1ee6c

penji, the proper way to slice a corridor is to peek at it with a mirroned surface. if you dont have a blade or anything like a mirror, take a VERY FAST PEEK on the right of the tank to the corridor with the dudes not affected by the explosion.

ask them for a line with their commanders? i cant think of anything else. they pratically lost everything, if you need ammo you NEED to kill the fleeing soldiers, you must act quickly because they are DEAF and cant take orders.
No. 144990 ID: d60b9a

Maybe you/we should make sure nobody escapes. If the folks in charge know it's you, they might do something extreme, like gas the compound with Suppress or something. Or your next wave of opposition will have Dart guns.
No. 144994 ID: fe09cf

These guys were closer to the explosion than you were, and they are squishier. Also, they wren't in cover that protected them from the explosion. (Unless the explosion exploded right beside that middle pillar, in which case they were probably blasted with shrapnel. In any case, they probably don't know how fast you are. Run to the middle pillar while the fireball/dust/noise are masking you, then dash forward until you are behind them, then pounce on the MG guy from behind.
No. 144996 ID: 67c611

ok, ok. You want one guy taken alive and unharmed and the rest dead. That's a tall order. There is no way to do it without a very very high risk of being shot. No, I'm pretty sure we can't pull that off without being shot. We'll be under fire from 3 AP rifles and an LMG before we reach the closest guy. The explosion would distract them for a half-second. That's all the time it takes for the brain to intake information, catalog it as unimportant, and resume the previous task. It would take the body draggers about a second to ready rifles (that's how long it takes someone to ready a rifle) and another half second to line up shots to our general area (that's how long it takes to line up shots to a general area). We'd be under full fire in around 2-3 seconds. We'd need to kill BackDragger, LMGuy, and TwoInChest on the move and then take FrontDragger down. Staying behind the tank is looking very attractive right now. No, I'm not going to help you on this one. If you want to get Penji shot, go ahead. I've dove everything I can to explain why it's a bad idea. inb4 it works flawlessly

Hmmm... They are probably already through the doorway.

Heh, they still don't understand what they are up against. Don't give any indication that we can hear them speaking in the headsets or that we know exactly where they are. It will take them a while to figure that out. Maintain that advantage as long as possible.
No. 144998 ID: a85626

Wow. Sucks to be Eugene.
No. 145000 ID: a85626

"Hey Eugen. How about that Tozol? Sure killed a lot of your mens huh?"

"...shut up."
No. 145173 ID: 7e3670

Eugen is dead, man. >>144786
No. 145223 ID: 1769a6

thats not funny, my demo expert died that way.
No. 145236 ID: e4d77d

that reminds me, its possible the bullets logged in you have nanites or mercury. have a look into what is inside you when this is over.

they are now DEAF due to the close blast. without receiving orders to cover or flee, we just need to flank them in the corridor, preferentially from the wall on the right. we can melee the dudes in the entrance while they are stunned/deaf. i doubt anyone near fireball man survived or is able to attack, so we can literally just ignore those.

>They are probably already through the doorway
blast force wise? yup. commanding wise? they wont leave their dead, least someone had a panic attack.

>Heh, they still don't understand what they are up against.
i think they have a clue, but arent trained. they know we are bulletproof even before we tooked one to the head, they had at least 3 heavy weapons at all times in a very confined enviroment (wich is stupid, because it magnifies the blast, thus more likely to backfire). but they feel like newbies mainly because they hide SOME chatter but not all, they do some moves right but fail to realize these moves failed (like flanking us with 1 dude is going to work after 3 dudes tried and got shot).

i wont be surprised if they are deaf and stunned by the blast, at this point they should get back to cover and wait for orders. the only cover left is the corridor, the tank and a crappy box, so if we take the corridor to penji's right, they either flee trhu the corridor we arrived (thus facing tazer tits) or "surrender" to us. we kinda need their ammo, a useable comm would be good for diplomacy and lastly, a male prisioner! penji can finally check if she is completely functional!

also next time? i expect rockets, smartbombs, mines, railguns, live radioactive ammo.
No. 145325 ID: 445c48

We need to capture one. For information. And possible friends.

If it is deemed impossible, we can do without it, but it would be good to attempt it.
No. 145343 ID: 9af155

find surivor, disarm, help him.

Try to figgure out why they're so afraid of you
(other than the fact you just took out a highly trained combat unit alone...)
No. 146863 ID: 0fc814
File 12685354038.png - (27.19KB , 500x500 , TQ422.png )

The explosion ripped a storage container and set the contents ablaze. There's no sign of the human that was standing next to it.

I leap over what's left of the robot and charge through the fireball, firing.
No. 146868 ID: 8ecfd4

Damn you're a fucking badass. Chase them out.

If there are any stable survivors then intergotate and take as hostages. If they're not stable then interogate and then kill them.
No. 146869 ID: 88fc9a

Keep moving! Do not let up! Kill them before they get a shot at you! You're a counter-suppressing Tozol-and-a-half!
No. 146871 ID: 0fc814
File 126853607634.png - (20.02KB , 500x500 , TQ423.png )

I send armor piercing darts into the LMG gunner's chest and neck. He falls backwards, making a quiet gurgle.

Four remaining active targets, one just dropped onto its hands and knees, one sitting up with a rifle, two standing up.
No. 146875 ID: 632862

Yell at them to surrender. If everyone obeys, tell them to put their guns down, then slide them along the ground towards you using their feet. Once everyone is disarmed, then we can try to make sure they have no backup weapons or more grenades. If any of them aim their guns at you, shoot them.
No. 146876 ID: 8ecfd4

Sitting guy first. He will have a better aim. Rip that fucker apart. Then shoot the other two with the LMG, you should be strong enough for aimed full auto shoots with it. Guy that is on his knees is prisoner material.
No. 146877 ID: 88fc9a

Hostages later. For now, shoot the standing one closest to the sitting one, then pop the sitting one.
Then the last standing guy, and pounce on the one on all fours. Disarm and drag him off some place mildly safer.
No. 146880 ID: 67c611

You dumb fucks just got Penji shot. What the fucking hell were you assholes thinking running out of perfectly good cover. We could have gotten two kills with no injuries but you had to be retarded. I fucking hate all of your dumb asses. Now we have to spend time healing instead of making Penji a god.

Fuck you.
No. 146882 ID: 632862

If you're close enough for it to be easy, then start aiming for their arms.
No. 146883 ID: 632862

What? Penji hasn't gotten shot. What the fuck are you reading?
No. 146885 ID: 67c611

Are ... yes you are that stupid. We are standing in front of 3 guys with fully automatic AP rifles. Penji is going to take 4-6 hits in the next 2 seconds. Good going fuckface.
No. 146890 ID: 67c611

Salvaging usable options out of shitholes we get put in by idiots does not make for fun questing. Protip: Stop suggesting anything. Things would go a lot smoother with only smart people making the decisions.

That said. Shoot standing guy on the right.

Trust me. I'm smarter than you.
No. 146894 ID: f98e0b


Dive back behind the robot for cover, blindfire behind you to get their heads down.
No. 146895 ID: 5a2e05

Protip, stop being a jackass. This is not a singleplayer game. If you want direct control of a story all by your lonesome, go write a fucking book. Penji, back into cover!
No. 146898 ID: 632862

You're underestimating Penji. Also, nobody is currently aiming at her. We have the element of surprise.
No. 146900 ID: 701a19

4-6 chickens in egg format?
The longer the standoff goes on, the more reinforcements can move in to assist. We do not have time for a good old fashioned siege standoff.
She's pressing the attack while they're dazed from the blast. Quick and decisive action now is the best match of speed and safety to end this situation.

Penji: Prioritize anybody who is training a weapon on you, regardless of how they are positioned.
No. 146904 ID: 67c611

I give up. The last 5 suggestions are stupid layered upon stupid. You are doing nearly everything wrong. I have a guy rolling on the floor laughing at your suggestions. He can't stop laughing.

Mugan57: "How can you have the element of surprise on people you have been shooting at for the last 2 minutes."

I know you don't understand the situation and don't understand why your suggestions are wrong. It's not your fault. All I can ask is that you take my word for it that you are [deleted]. Please stop trying to get Penji killed.
No. 146905 ID: f98e0b

lol why u mad tho

Maybe not so much blind fire as concentrated while running back, if we have surprise on our side. See if you can take oout one of the standers.
No. 146906 ID: e75a2f

Even my patience has its limits. I just can't leave it to you any longer. I'll do the fighting! You can just go home.

Penji, turn the game console off right now. The mission is a failure. Cut the power right now. Don't worry, it's a game. It's a game just like usual. You'll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV.
No. 146907 ID: 632862

They are surprised that she is alive and running through a giant explosion. They are stunned from the shockwave and wouldn't expect her to be completely fine. So yes, we have the element of surprise. It's not as much as it would be if we were say, ambushing them, but Penji isn't going to get shot in 2 seconds.
No. 146908 ID: 701a19

I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!
No. 146909 ID: 5bd740

Fight. Do not let them regain the initiative. Get in their face and fuck them up.

DESTROY THEIR ABILITY TO MAKE WAR AGAINST YOU! That is your highest priority! Once they're pacified and yielding, you can start looking for survivors/hostages/negotiation partners.
No. 146912 ID: 5bd740

Their guns are about to turn in to thunderbolts. You have to kill them before they become God.
No. 146918 ID: 632862

It looks like getting shot in the head again disoriented US as well, Penji. You'll recover after things calm down.
No. 146931 ID: 67c611

Get ready for an explanation of my reasoning. If you want me to explain why I didn't pick alternatives, ask about each specifically and I will answer.

Ok, we got 5 guys in front of us.

Far Left: incapacitated, can't fire a weapon
Left: standing, readying weapon
Center: dead
Right: standing, readying weapon
Far Right: sitting, wounded, readying weapon.

We can shoot one or two of them before coming under fire. Shoot Right first. He is identical to Left except he is next to someone still able to fight. When we kill Right we can quickly switch fire to Far Right. This will give us two kills and leave Left still shooting at us. There isn't anything we can do about that right now. Focus on killing Right, then Far Right.
No. 146940 ID: 0fc814
File 126854023218.png - (18.93KB , 500x500 , TQ424.png )

I'd appreciate if you limited posts in this thread to suggestions and direct responses to the situation, rather than argument. You know where the discussion thread is.

I switch to burst fire, drop the standing human before he can get a bead on me, then take aim, trying to be both fast and careful, and shoot the other one in the right forearm. I seem to remember that humans have one arm that works better than the other.

My mag's running low, but I can't provide a precise count.

A burst of gunfire hits me in the ribplates.
No. 146942 ID: c0f3bf

If there's anyone within leaping distance to you, jump at them and use their body as a shield.
No. 146944 ID: 632862

How badly did you get hit?

Take out whoever's shooting you while moving in closer to eliminate the last one with CQC.
No. 146945 ID: 3416ec


Damage report!
No. 146947 ID: 67c611

Damage report.

Shoot Far Right (AKA Sitting) with 3 more to the chest. He still has a gun and will still try to shoot us. We only need to take one guy alive and Sitting is already wounded with two shots to the chest. If we wanted to take someone alive, Right is the man to take.
No. 146952 ID: 701a19

Move to CQC, subdue nonlethally.
No. 146959 ID: 67c611

We killed Left and disabled Right. Sitting still has a weapon and will shoot us if we do anything other than kill him. He must be dealt with before anything else. If we do not deal with him first we will be shot again.
No. 146969 ID: 88fc9a

Oh bugger, I was afraid of this. Quick, retreat backwards towards the big crate behind you and glance towards the bot.
Either it, or the pilot is busily putting a few more holes in you.
No. 146975 ID: 701a19

*facepalm* The robot is UNMANNED.
No. 146984 ID: 88fc9a

Oh. Derp :B
No. 147004 ID: 0fc814
File 12685429989.png - (20.42KB , 500x500 , TQ425.png )

>Damage report!
Even sabot rounds aren't penetrating my bones, but they're causing cratering and ablation.

>Take out whoever's shooting you while moving in closer to eliminate the last one with CQC.
I traverse right and engage the standing human. It shoots me again in the chest, then jerks and slumps against the wall.

The one that it had been dragging shakily draws a heavy pistol. Same make the one I used to kill the robot back in the lab.

Living targets I'm aware of are this prone one, and the one I shot in the forearm a moment ago. I assume the one nearest the blast was killed.

...my mag is dry. I can reload or try close combat. Target is five or six meters away.
No. 147009 ID: 632862

Close combat.
No. 147010 ID: c0f3bf

Chuck your gun at him.
No. 147013 ID: e75a2f

Punch him in the snout to establish dominance.
No. 147015 ID: 632862

I was just about to change my suggestion to this.
No. 147017 ID: 5bd740

No. 147018 ID: 67c611

Draw your pistol and cap Prone in the chest with it's last shot. Then go to secure Forearm.
No. 147019 ID: 5bd740

No. 147020 ID: 67c611

Nobody else remembered that we have a pistol?

You guys better change your suggestions or we are going to get shot.....again.
No. 147026 ID: a149db

If you have bullets in your pistol shoot him. otherwise try close combat.
No. 147030 ID: 5bd740

Okay, shoot Prone, punch Forearm in the snout.
No. 147034 ID: 701a19

CQC would be far faster than reloading, and taking more POWs seems like a good idea to me.
Heck, you could probably just walk up and step on his gun.

Either way, tell them "When I told you I didn't want to fight, just leave, I was telling the truth. The fight's over, and that couldn't really hurt me anyway. Just surrender so I can patch you up."
No. 147037 ID: 5bd740

Yeah, he probably can't shoot you unless you let him, but he's probably fatally wounded anyhow. Shoot him, take the other guy.

Also we should probably have established some sort of major 'kill everybody' or 'don't kill everybody' policy BEFORE we got in to the firefight. If we argue with ourselves this much every time we get in to a situation like this, we gonna die. We should set policy in times of peace and implement it in times of war.
No. 147045 ID: 67c611

voting started
here >>/questdis/322314
No. 147047 ID: 88fc9a

... yes, we do have a pistol in a holster, right?
Show him you're quicker on the draw than he can shoot!
No. 147093 ID: 67c611

Aw shit. Forearm is drawing his pistol too. We have to charge Forearm after we shoot this guy, or shoot Forearm after we charge this guy...........we can't shoot forearm.

Ok it's take a round to save Forearm or get both of them killed to stay safe. Which would you guys want. Not going to get this through before update. Oh well. Respond if you feel like it.
No. 147103 ID: ded270

No, we only have one round left, that's gone, and the slide locks back.
No bluffing then, the other will know you're out.
No. 147108 ID: 88fc9a

How about we use the last round to take out whoever's further away, and melee Proneguy?
We have reloads right here.
No. 147110 ID: 0fc814
File 126854680282.png - (19.62KB , 500x500 , TQ426.png )

>draw your pistol
The human must have seen me reaching, because it takes a shot as soon as I do. In its rush, it misses. I put a round in its chest.

I sense movement in the direction of the last human. Rapid!
No. 147112 ID: 67c611

We got nothing but our hands left. Rush to melee and disarm. If he has a weapon drawn, throw the empty pistol at him but don't let this slow you down.
No. 147113 ID: c0f3bf

No. 147114 ID: 15f6d6

Is there nearby cover you can duck behind? At the very least turn to see what the hell is going on.
No. 147118 ID: 701a19

That was a pointless waste, you dumbshit. The hell's wrong with you?
I told you he wasn't a threat!
Now you NEED to take the last one down in CQC because the others are either dead or too close to it to be of any use, and you NEED to take one alive.
Divert your regeneration to your common sense. It seems to have gone missing.
No. 147119 ID: 632862

He threw a grenade at you! Knock it away!
No. 147124 ID: 88fc9a

Grenade? Either case, bullrush him and disarm, literally or otherwise.
No. 147141 ID: 67c611

He was pointing an armor piercing pistol at us and was going to shoot at us regardless of what we did. He was a threat.
Other people already decided to take Forearm alive as Prone was so badly wounded. That is why people rejected my idea of taking Prone as the prisoner. We don't need two prisoners and Prone would have soon bleed out, but he would be shooting at us the whole 2 minutes that took.

Also common sense is not leaving cover, not charging into rifle fire, and not letting people shoot at you out of pity.
No. 147145 ID: 717301

lol no.

jump him, disarm if possible. If he tries something stupid kill him. After that take the LMG, reload it, and continue.
No. 147150 ID: f21281

Incapacitate. Prevent him from giving you any further resistance. It's time we got some answers.
No. 147175 ID: 0fc814
File 12685493818.png - (19.10KB , 500x500 , TQ427.png )

I drop my pistol and move to disable, only to find the source of the movement.

"There was another," she says, sounding strained. "I... I took care of it."
No. 147176 ID: 632862

"Good job. Don't kill him, we need some answers."
No. 147177 ID: c0f3bf

Relieve his gun. Take off his helmet.
No. 147179 ID: 67c611

"Please try not to kill that one. I want to ask him some questions."

Go and take his pistol from him.
No. 147180 ID: 632862

Oh, and go over and help her disarm him. Remove his helmet so his boss can't yak at him through his radio.
No. 147183 ID: 88fc9a

And tell the space marine that as long as he cooperates, he won't be hurt.
No. 147188 ID: 701a19

He was pointing an armor piercing pistol that doesn't even scuff Penji's bones in her general direction. He didn't pose any real threat to her.
She could have just as easily grabbed the gun from him and saved the bullet. Killing him was completely pointless.
Some of you voices are seriously fucked up in the head. It's like you see people as cardboard cutouts in a shooting gallery, and you don't give a damn about the consequences of your actions.
You don't even seem to have a basic understanding of how people function; the more corpses Penji leaves behind the more determined everybody will be to stop her, while the more survivors she leaves behind the less determined everybody will be to stop her. It's basic threat management and responses; I don't know how this could escape you.
No. 147189 ID: 445c48

Ask if he's dead because those tentacles don't look right.
No. 147196 ID: ded270

And this is why the pacifists are around.
It's not just some misguided idealism. That's part of it, yeah, but there's also the fact that killing people tends to piss off other people.
This is why I encouraged incapacitating and disarming, rather than killing.
It's harder, yeah, but it makes them think of you as less of a threat.
Too late now, but keep it in mind.
Also, to the kill-happy voices, diplomacy is ideal for a reason. It's because killing leads to more killing, and eventually you're going to get killed.
No. 147210 ID: a149db

diplomacy is Mitzi's job, I mean look at her negotiating the fuck out of that guard!>>147175
No. 147220 ID: 67c611

Do you want me to spend my valuable time responding to your posts and proving you are wrong time and again or would you rather have me working on how to get our asses out of this hellhole? Penji would be a lot worse off without me reminding everyone that we have a pistol, describing proper use of cover and firing angles, and figuring out which dot is about to throw a huge explosive at us and then giving the exact correct firing position to take to kill him.
No. 147222 ID: 67c611

The first question to ask would be "What are your orders regarding escaped subjects?"
No. 147224 ID: 88fc9a

Arguing belongs in the discussion thread http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/316424.html
Alright? Let's keep playing. Thank you.
No. 147255 ID: 67c611


Other questions would be finding out what a smoothbore and a gyroc are.

Clear the dead from the hallway and block it with the tank. Kill any wounded you find. We don't need them. Loot and display an inventory screen. Drag this sorry ass back to live storage cell number 1. Strip him of all armor and clothing. Get to asking questions / beating him up. I say to kill him after all is said and done. If you insist on letting him live, put him in cell 1 and damage the door so it won't open. They will need to call in emergency equipment to force the door open. Don't bother with food or water. He will last 2 weeks without any food (he can drink from the toilet). Don't waste any time on him. We need all the time we can get to prepare.

Have Mitzi start getting that HMG loose.
No. 147258 ID: 701a19

Do not kill people who are not currently a threat. Tend to any survivors, interrogate the ones in stable condition.
Once you are done, put them in one of the cells and wreck the door so it can't open.
No. 147262 ID: 445c48

Go tend to the wounded. Scold them for shooting first, say that robots don't count because robots are motherfuckers.
No. 147272 ID: a85626


Yeah, kill wounded great idea. NOT

Buncha frikkin psychos...
No. 147274 ID: 88fc9a

I'd like the robot be investigated more. The rear sensors pod had a covered slit in it. It could possibly house a person.
No. 147281 ID: 67c611

There is no karma here. Leaving enemies alive only leads to bad things. Intel for the enemy, radioing for backup, shooting at us. Anyone left alive will be handed a gun and told to kill. We lose nothing by killing them and all by not. Leave behind right and wrong. They have no place in the game of survival.
No. 147282 ID: a149db

There is no way in hell a person can fit inside the robot tank unless they hire midgets.
No. 147297 ID: a85626

Crap check the robot! It's gonna fire at you!
No. 147298 ID: 0fc814
File 126855593191.png - (18.15KB , 500x500 , TQ428.png )

>Go tend to the wounded.
I'm not sure if any of the others are alive. They all have what appear to be penetrating hits to either the chest or head. Except for the one Mitzi took down, which has marks all over its neck. I hadn't noticed her because my blindsight was still fucked up from the blast and fire.
>Relieve his gun. Take off his helmet.
After some fumbling with clasps and seals, I get the helmet off.

"Cooperate and I won't hurt you," I say.

"You already hurt me!"

"Cooperate and I won't hurt you more," I say.

The human doesn't reply.

"What are your orders regarding escaped subjects?"

"You... You still haven't escaped yet!" it says.


"You keep trying to get out, we'll keep putting munitions into you until you stop."

"What choice do we have?" Mitzi hisses.

"Get in your cells and dose up with Suppress," he barks. "You killed my whole fucking squad, but if you do that, you could still live."
No. 147300 ID: a149db

Kill him slowly.
No. 147303 ID: 717301

Why the fuck are we a prisoner here? What's wrong with these people? We didn't do anything.
No. 147304 ID: 8e18cd



As well as keep him around as a human shield
No. 147305 ID: 476456

"yeah no, we're not doing that. And you need to close the doors now. There's something much much worse in there."
No. 147308 ID: 67c611

Give him a gentle punch in the face.

"Well fuck you and fuck that. Gyroc, Smoothbore. What are they?"
No. 147309 ID: c0f3bf


Tell him "I told you repeatedly to stop shooting at me and we could talk. I'm not responsible for defending myself against dumbasses too stupid to do anything besides shoot at things."

Do this.
No. 147311 ID: 67c611

Don't reveal memory loss unless you plan on killing him. If that info gets out to command we could be at a larger disadvantage than we already are.
No. 147316 ID: 632862

"I don't think you understand the situation clearly. I'm not staying here. She's coming with me. If people keep shooting at me, then they will all die.

Just in case I can't, though... where can I find more Suppress? The amount I found so far is nowhere near enough to fully deactivate my abilities."

Counter-suppress is likely to be in the same place as Suppress. This question will trick him into telling us what we want to know.

Also ask him how many other squads there are, and what kind of weapon killed you before.
No. 147320 ID: a85626

Live back in your cells? This man obviously does not know what "living" means. Why don't you try dosing him up with Suppress? No reason, just curious if it has any effect on him.
No. 147323 ID: 1ac39d

oh good call. i second asking where you can find suppress in order to find more counter.
No. 147324 ID: a85626

Also don't be too upset with his attitude. He just saw his entire squad die and probably doesn't want to admit that the decision to open fire was a hasty one. Unfortunately you don't have the time to wash out this guy's brain. It's possible he's trying to provoke you either to put you off guard or to get you to kill him too.
No. 147325 ID: 701a19


Oh, hey, look, the needless killing made him hostile and uncooperative. What a surprise. Surely nobody expected that.

"I told you I didn't want to fight, and I told you I just wanted to leave. You shot me, I defended myself. I'm going to let you live, and I'll even try to patch up any of your squad mates if they're still alive, but you are going help me get out of here.
I know you're going to help me get out of here, because if I have to do it on my own then this scene will keep repeating over and over again with the rest of your friends.
Again, I don't want to be forced to kill anybody, but if that's that it takes to escape this hellhole than that's what I'm going to do.
By the way, it might interest you to know that Mitzy here was a normal human when they hired her as an intern, and they don't seem to value you guys well enough to spring for decent armor..."
No. 147332 ID: f21281

Demand he call his superiors on his radio. Then take it and start talking.

"So. This is what your race is all about, hm? War, blood, violence? I have no idea what I've done to piss you all off so much, but it stops here. It's come to my attention that we are not new enemies, you and I. You've kept me locked away in god knows where for forty years, at least. Dosed me up with whatever chems you could find, after who knows how much trial and error. Experimented on me. Killed me. And what for? I'm intelligent. I'm sapient. Instead of putting a bullet in my brain, we could have had a nice quiet discussion over tea and sandwiches. But no, you had to go with a kneejerk reaction towards something that was different. Claim it as your own, despite it being of an intelligence akin to your own. Experiment on it like it was common livestock. Well no more. I am nobody's toy, no one's puppet. I'm learning more and more about myself by the second, and that knowledge is rising exponentially. So, I want you all to know, and I'm being absolutely sincere about this:

You are all fucked when I find you."

Proceed to crush the radio, then knock out or kill the soldier dude. Proceed to confiscate all ammo and usable weaponry from the fallen assault team.
No. 147349 ID: 1ac39d

if he keeps being a jerk then i second this. but ask the superiors the same questions you asked the grunt first. if they are jerks about it then go with 'you are fucked'
No. 147367 ID: 632862

Well, that's a good speech and all but why doesn't it mention Mitzi? She's suffered as well.
No. 147370 ID: 8ecfd4

Strip him down to his underpants. And check those as well for hidden weapons. Rip apart some of his clothes and twist them into rope, tie his hands behind his back. Tell Mitzi to put on his combat harness and armor, hopefully the armor will fit or she can morph into it.

Ask him about last resorts in case of full containment breach.
How long he has been working here.
If they managed to catch Mitzis brother.
How they turned Mitzi into what she is.
If he has a family.
What sorts of weapons are you likely to run into in the next encounter.
What are their orders in regard of the Tozol.
Is he private military or state military.

And don't torture him. That's not really a very reliable method to interogate someone and he has less worth as a hostage if you do that. Once you're done with the questioning then strip the dead for anything useful and take atleast a chest plate of armor from the one Mitzi choked to death. You already have some bullet resistance but more won't hurt.

Would be pretty fun if you could find out how they turned Mitzi into what she is and use that process on him. He might become a little more cooperative then.
No. 147379 ID: 54af1f

Ask him a few more questions then knock him out and leave him. We need to get out of here before the next response team arrives.
No. 147380 ID: 445c48

"Yeah well, you brought out the robot first. And then shot me first."
No. 147383 ID: d86d2c

iirc, it was you guys who decided to open the door and CHARGE THROUGH ENEMY LINES. So now what, you fuckheads are mad at the soldier because he bitches at Penji who just downed his entire team?

You're adding this slaughter to whatever list of shit the humans have on Penji. When they don't hear back from the squad they'll try something worse. Penji may be resistant to gunfire but I don't think she's going to survive an airstrike.

Confiscate all weapons, but leave him alive. Following the suggestions made in >>147325 ask him what he was told about you, and who he is. Considering your and Mitizi's abilities, I very much doubt anything he tries on you will hurt you much.

>And don't torture him.
>Strip him to underwear
>Turn him into a mutant freakazoid
>Pretty fun
Yeah, those statements definitely don't conflict at all.
No. 147391 ID: 445c48

Oh yeah, and go through the corpses for weapons, ammo, candybars, armor, snacks, harnesses, cookies, grenades.

You know, useful stuff.
No. 147448 ID: 7425a5

Neutralise prisoner, salvage weapons, ammo, and communication gear. Proceed to flee through hallway.
No. 147465 ID: ded270

Try a good cop, bad cop routine.
Have Mitzi as the good cop, and you'll be the bad cop.
It's a tried and true method, and with the amount of damage you've caused, it'll really hit home.
No. 147467 ID: 54af1f

Mitzi should steal a uniform so she can use her shape shifting to full effect.
No. 147480 ID: 8d1d19

lolwut. Let's not declare war on an organization we know nothing about who may have had good reason to keep us in suspended animation like that. I don't see how that would accomplish anything aside from confirming that we're extremely angry and powerful.
No. 147482 ID: 963306

Ok, I do think that force is our best option for now, but this is a bit too much.

To all who want to (bleh) talk our way out - do remember that not only guard's orders are to kill everything outside of cells and not doped on surpress. And before someone start blabbering about them not knowing what goes on here - unless owners are total idiots, they picked solders who "Just doing my work/following orders". You know, like ones in Nuremberg.

However, declaring that we going to kill them all means that they as likely to start fighting harder as break down - and since these are trained solders, latter is somewhat unlikely.

This exept for last part. You are right, it would be fun, but we simply don't have time to bother with it.
No. 147493 ID: a149db
File 126859565833.jpg - (30.84KB , 374x480 , chamberlain-hitler2.jpg )

I cannot possibly second this any harder. especially >they picked solders who "Just doing my work/following orders". You know, like ones in Nuremberg.
Some people just can't be negotiated with.
No. 147496 ID: 445c48

Definitely a possibility. Of course, we don't exactly know that yet, and all of them can't be like that.
No. 147536 ID: 3b1161

>"Get in your cells and dose up with Suppress," he barks. "You killed my whole fucking squad, but if you do that, you could still live."

Wouldn't trust that. You've already taken lives, that's probably going to qualify you for euthanasia regardless of compliance.
No. 147539 ID: ded270

Yeah, best to try and open negotiations, and make an apology and explanation.
If they try anything then, fuck it, kill 'em all.
No. 147569 ID: 67c611

Get the restraints out of the backpack and strip him to his underwear and use them on him. Barricade the door with the tank escort him to cell 1. Start the looting of bodies and have Mitzi work on getting that gun loose. Be sure to disable the door to HS3 so they can't lock you back in. We can question him when everything else is done with.

The more information we give to the enemy the weaker our position becomes. We cannot reveal anything to them. Letting this guy report back to his superiors is not an option. He will tell them what we asked and then they will know more about us and that ends badly.

Our best option is to kill him when we are done. Anything else has drawbacks that can get us killed. It's a question of who do you want to live. Him or Penji? The answer to this question dictates our actions.

One quick question, Penji. How many pointhours (points of healing times the number of hours it takes. 3 pointhours can be 1 point of healing for 3 hours or 3 points of healing for one hour). will it take to heal the wounds incurred after jumping out from behind cover? And how many will it take to heal the wounds you got up until that point? (a picture of the damage to the chest plates might help in avoiding these kinds of injuries in the future. If it's not that serious, don't worry about it.)
No. 147576 ID: 54af1f


I don't think they want to negotiate. I really really don't.
No. 147578 ID: ded270

Hence try.
At the very least, we can get into communication.
No. 147579 ID: 862d80

jeuss crhist that was unhelpful. ask him about mitzis brother and why are we so worthy even after we "defended" uselves from a squad of "shooting idiots". also wtf we are and how can we do this in the icon

ask him for his radio, you want to talk to his superiors. he help us on this and he return alive with his squad corpses (if he so wants to) without ammo nor armor. clothes may or may not be involved, copious amount of ropes are advised.

we cannot do battle forever. we are not beardbeard to punch gods to submission. we need to know wtf is going on, if they have a clue we are somewhat friendly we may get info, even if half assed. he musnt die, we need him to show we are somewhat civil to deal with.
No. 147584 ID: 67c611

"Hey, she doesn't know about XYZ. Let's use that to kill her. She seems sort of merciful too, maybe we can use that against her. For a godlike killing machine she isn't too bright."
No. 147599 ID: 445c48

Oh yeah, Take the guy's equipment, but leave his clothes. Toss him in Tazer Tit's old cell, with some food and drink, while asking the questions others have given. Scold him again for shooting first.

No need to be a bitch, mutating and killing and humiliating and such. Honestly, he doesn't seem so bad a guy. We did just kill his squad, who were probably his buddies, so if he weren't a little mean I would think he's a bit strange.

Oh yes, and just in case, try not to use yours or Mitzi's names around anyone else. Just in case. Call her Tazer Tits, and have her call you Jellyrolls. [Because you're fat]
No. 147688 ID: 19ecf1

and if we do that... we'll just die again... and again... and again.

For godsake, I'm not insane. And I only attack when attacked. Or, at least I do now.

(Offer hand, ensure Mitzi can cover if this guy does anything)

I'd like to discuss this in the security room... Just us, over a plate of cookies or something...
No. 147970 ID: 5eedac

That kind of implies that they're planning on killing us regardless. A "might" in this situation is no good. On the other hand, we did just eviscerate his friends.

We should probably apologize about that. Afterwards ask him what the fuck is with this facility.
No. 147986 ID: a85626


Don't tell him about the cookies. Surprise him with a plate of them in the security room. Smile and lean forward expectantly.
No. 148090 ID: 67c611

Just remembered that there is a second survivor. That first guy you hit. He is Far Left. You might need to check everyone's pulse before wandering off.
No. 148180 ID: 0fc814
File 126871531476.png - (17.62KB , 500x500 , TQ429.png )

"Idiot," I snap. "I told you to get out of my way. All of this could have been avoided."

"Don't play innocent!" he says. "We told you to halt and drop your weapon. You told Operator you were human. You said not to shoot. Then you wiped out my team. You think you can just kill your way out of here?"

"Yes," I say. "You've got no right to keep me here, and you can't stop me."

"You don't even know where here is!" he barks.

"Enlighten me."

"Fuck you."

His arm looks stiff where I shot it. I think his armor formed a splint, or cast of some kind. I wonder what else it's doing for him.

>how long to heal your injuries?
Can't say. Too many variables. How much I exert myself, how much the wounds are jostled, whether I take the time to manually remove the bullets...
I'm going to put all of my energy into healing wounds for now, unless you say otherwise.
>turn him into a mutant
I'm not a geneticist and neither's Mitzi.
We can salvage enough armor to give us two undamaged sets. There's also more ammunition than I can comfortably carry. My webbing has seven ammo cans, which can carry two magazines each. I can wear that outside of armor. The guard kit might let us carry more, but I'm not sure how much I can comfortably manage, total. There's also grenades, flashbangs, a weird little scanner, not like the one I found then melted, and zip-cuffs. No more satchel charges, though. This is just what I see. A more thorough search will take time, but I'm not sure how long I have.

Should I talk to the human more, try his radio, stock up and leave, or do something else?
No. 148182 ID: 67c611

Barricade the door out of HS with the tank. Strip him of his stuff, cuff him, and throw him in cell 1 for now. Get Mitzi to remove that HMG. Then get to work on that armor and thoroughly looting the bodies.

P.S. belt him across the face for talking back to you.
No. 148183 ID: c0f3bf

Tell him that the operator sounded like a machine, one that could seal off the facility if you said anything besides you were human. You don't drop your weapon and surrender to people that bring robot tanks online to kill you, that's just stupid. And finally, you gave ample time afterwards for them to try talking to you while you were behind cover, but they didn't take the chance.
No. 148184 ID: 8ecfd4

Stock up. Strip him atleast of hir armor, I would say other clothes as well to break down his sense of security, then zip cuff his hands behind his back.

Bloackade the door with the robot. Get as much ammunition and grenades as you can comfortably carry. Same thing for Mitzi. Then move out and bring him along with you, Mitzi can guard him unless she needs to do tech stuff. Keep a look out for any research on how they made Mitzi into what she is. And make sure you're not missing another one that might be alive. I have some ideas to try out that demands more than one test subject.
No. 148185 ID: 1ac39d

once he is out of sight eat the corpses for delicious protein.
No. 148199 ID: e3f578

Well, survival of the fittest now I suppose. I forgot if we got anything to tie him up with. When we gotta move forward, tie him up with rope, take a combat knife likely on one of the corpses and throw it into a wall fast enough to stick it in hard. Tell him he's free to live if he can make it to the knife, pull it out, and cut himself free. Why? It's badass
No. 148205 ID: 67c611

>>Then move out and bring him along with you
We do not drag an anchor with us in a footrace.

>>Tell him he's free to live if he can make it to the knife, pull it out, and cut himself free.
We do not let the bad guys get free.
No. 148212 ID: 8ecfd4

Well I don't think we should leave him out of sight either. And if we bring him he can be used to disarm traps, soak up fire and generally all around hostage.

And if he is too annoying then we just knock him out and have either Mitzi or Penji carry him around. Both seem strong enough to carry him without being slowed down by him.
No. 148216 ID: ded270

He's not one of the badguys.
After all, he didn't kill five or six people who were just doing their job, rightfully cautious after some horrible monster tore through an entire quadrant, consisting mostly of non-coms, and they're suddenly confronted with some alien being, wielding an assault rifle, and ignoring their warnings.
Specifically when the being had previously lied to their superiors, and had been confirmed as highly dangerous.
He's not a bad guy. There are no bad guys or good guys.
Unless you try to turn someone into a bad guy.
No. 148219 ID: 1ac39d

moral discussions go in the discussion thread!!!

anyway, penji, once you get healed up shift some energy to your muscles so we can get you running and shoving things at full power.
No. 148231 ID: 0fc814
File 126872082189.png - (15.36KB , 500x500 , TQ430.png )

I haul the bodies away from the doorway leading to the rest of the facility, and shove the robot tank to block the way. There's another one of those big security doors, so I place the tank directly underneath. Hopefully the door at the other end of the corridor isn't as hard to open as these.

Mitzi gets to work tying the human up and getting some equipment together. I think there's enough armor for both of us, if we scrounge.

Do you think I can use a hostage to get out of here? If not, I probably shouldn't bring the prisoner.
No. 148234 ID: c0f3bf

A hostage will probably at least make them pause, and you could use that to negotiate information, eg. what the hell you're doing here.
No. 148235 ID: 0fc814
File 126872110528.png - (14.68KB , 500x500 , TQ431.png )

As the scraping noises die down, I hear a voice from the helmet I left laying nearby.

"Penji?" it asks, calmly. "That is you, isn't it?"

I think it's the same one from the call earlier. As if on cue, the phone back in HS3 rings.
No. 148236 ID: 701a19

Pick it up and say "Yes, this is she."
No. 148237 ID: 476456

Steal his pants and make him return pantsless.
No. 148239 ID: 1ac39d

maybe help desk person will tell us SOMETHING. pick it up and say hi.
No. 148241 ID: 67c611

Keep the helmet. Don't use the phone, they know where that is. The helmet might have a tracking device or a self destruct device so be careful.

Don't reveal any personal information about yourself, your knowledge, your strengths, or your weaknesses. Don't talk about Mitzi.

Insist that they call you Cool Beans. Play up the crazy, nigh-unstoppable experimental test subject angle. Make them go "Wait, what?" at every turn.
No. 148242 ID: a85626

No. 148243 ID: ded270

Especially that they call you Cool Beans.
No. 148244 ID: a85626

Damn damn damn if you confirm your identify for them they'll--they just set up this whole squad as a test damn
No. 148251 ID: 701a19

First, Penji is the name WE gave her, and she told them. Using a code name means nothing.
Second, they already know she's there.

I'm sticking with grab the helmet and have a chat, but make sure you tell her that you open fire on the guards only after they opened fire on you. The robot doesn't count.

Yes, they did.
I'm surprised nobody thought somebody might use this battle to learn more about Penji and suggested that she use non-lethal force...

No. 148252 ID: 67c611

me again

Answer and tell them to call back in 90 minutes. At the 90 minute mark when you hear the phone ring, toss a grenade out the door and come out guns blazing. They will have everyone on standby in a nice tight group.
No. 148262 ID: a85626

Okay Penji here's the thing. They know more about us than we do of them. That is **bad**. Don't answer the phone, because they need to confirm whether it's you or not. If they don't need to confirm this, then they will give whatever information they wish to deliver without your response. I would assume that they know the "Tozol" is sentient, polite, friendly, and still mean to shoot at it until it dies. In fact I would assume that they planned for the squad to be destroyed, making them the kind of people who kill their own people. If you talk to them, that will assuredly signal massive retaliation, and if you keep quiet it might not be so certain. You won't learn anything from them. All they will do is ask you questions and try to s t a l l. The chances of them doing differently are so miniscule, you're *much* better off just pretending you never heard.
No. 148264 ID: a85626


For the injured, prone target who couldn't even hit you, I distinctly remember something about "punching him in the snout to establish dominance."
No. 148280 ID: 1ac39d

what's stopping them from sending a massive retaliation 'just to be sure' anyway? nothing. if you confirm they send guys, if you don't they send guys. we gain nothing from ignoring it but may get something if we respond.
No. 148286 ID: 445c48

First off, if you're not going to take the guy, don't kill him. Leave him clothed in Tazer Tits' cell with some food and water if there's any. No need to kill him, really. Give him a cookie.

Second, pick up the helmet and answer. Immediately insist they call you Jellyrolls because you're fat fat fat, then interrupt yourself and apologize for that, and say yes this is Penji.
No. 148289 ID: 445c48

Also, seconding telling her that you open fire on the guards only after they opened fire on you. The robot doesn't count (Because they are ungodly killing machines and against your religion).

Also after insisting you be called jellyrolls, interrupt yourself and insist they call you Cool Beans, and then interrupt yourself again and say "Yes, this is Penji."
No. 148298 ID: 88fc9a

So the person we talked to before is indeed their Operator, their center of command.
Having a listen to what they want will prove interesting and possibly valuable, or it'll let them set us up...
We are however in a fairly defensible position with clear warning of incoming forces.

Use the helmet to try and answer first. I don't trust the security door to not close. Underline that we can avoid more killing. We'd have to hold our end of that bargain, guys.
No. 148329 ID: 54af1f

Take a armour vest, another one for Mitzi and all the AP ammo you can.
No. 148332 ID: 718077

If you get to talk to them, remember to point out they opened fire on first sight, and that you didn' started killing till the first shot take you in the head.
No. 148342 ID: 8ecfd4

Answear the helmet girl. And this is a perfect oppurtunity to assess how useful a hostage could be. Simply tell him that you have one of the guards still alive. Make no demands, just see how he reacts.

If the hostage is useless then I have a potentially fun experiment to suggest. Fill up two syringes with blood. One from your and one from Mitzi. Inject him with it and see what happens. It's quite possible that he will die but it might happen in some interesting way or something else could happen.
No. 148346 ID: 632862

Answer with the helmet, but don't put it on. It could be rigged to explode or something.
No. 148371 ID: 67c611

Ask the voice if she knows where you can get Deagles and if they have more clips for your rifle. That should make them rage.
No. 148390 ID: 8965a2

Should you mention you have a hostage, being in earshot of the hostage while the voice says they don't care about him may have future advantages in interrogation. That is if this squad was sent to die, of course.
No. 148428 ID: 19ecf1

time to cock an eyebrow and look around... then act as if investigating the phonecall...

Think you can act as well as you kill?
No. 148555 ID: f4963f

Answer that helmet, Penji.
No. 148575 ID: 5bd740

Answer, but don't provide them with any useful intelligence. See what they say if confronted with total non-comittal hemming and hawwing.
No. 148836 ID: a85626


"Please proceed to the containment unit and await further instructions."

"Please proceed to the containment unit and await further instructions."

"Are you... copying me?"

"Are you copying me?"

"Stop copying me Tozol"

"Stop copying me, Tozol!"

...I still vote don't give that sweet talking harridan one second of your time. Ignore the phone and helmet.
No. 148842 ID: a85626


She probably has the same voice as the announcer lady in TF2
No. 148921 ID: 0fc814
File 126887650124.png - (11.97KB , 500x500 , TQ432.png )

I pull the mic and headset from the helmet. In the unlikely event of a bomb, the worst it'll do is blow my tits off.

>Answer but fuck around.
"This is Penji actual," I say.

"You weren't very truthful, earlier," says the voice.

"And you said six hours."

"I said within six hours," it replies, putting just a hint of emphasis on the key word. "Moreover, we had to take precautions. It seems they were grossly insufficient."

"Your kill team didn't even know I was in here, did they?" I ask.

"The odds seemed remote. You have been asleep for longer than they have been alive."

"And now they're dead," I say.

"Perhaps. There is a chance some may be recovered if a medical team can get to them quickly."
No. 148923 ID: bf2bdb

Ask what he/she/it means and why you should possibly care.
No. 148926 ID: f52552

"I've got no problem with that. I just want out."
No. 148930 ID: 67c611

"Not a chance in hell. I'm going to carve a path of destruction out of this place and no one is going to stop me. If you want to live you should start running now. If you don't, I'll kill you when I find you."
No. 148931 ID: 632862

"Good. I didn't really want to kill them anyway, but they wouldn't stop shooting at me. Send the medical team in, and we'll stay out of their way."
No. 148934 ID: c0f3bf

"If a medical team came in, what would be the best way for something to bypass them entirely?"
No. 148937 ID: e3f578

"So, why is it so important keeping me held up here instead of being outside and having a life, fuck maybe have a few beers, steaks, walks on the beach and all that sentimental stuff?"

Also, explain you won't shoot medics if they don't have a gun. Your not a war-criminal... so far you know.
No. 148938 ID: 1ac39d

well if you let me out i'll go and you wont hear about me ever again, except maybe 'bigfoot sighting' style reports.
No. 148943 ID: e973f4

Hm. I'd say tell her if the medical team doesn't try to kill you then they can do whatever.

I mean, you are basically amenable to that, right?
No. 148944 ID: f21281

"The idea of having a casual conversation with ones enemy is a rather foreign concept to me. Please, enlighten me, why exactly are we having this current discussion?"
No. 148946 ID: ded270

Y'know, I'm starting to think you're trolling.
Saying that will get us killed. Period.
Don't respond, it'll just be more warmongering, jingoistic fucktardery.
If you say this, the ONLY result is going to be a fucking army. Penji is badass, but not that badass.
An army is the best possible result. More like is just blowing the whole damn place up.
No. 148947 ID: 1ac39d

anyone points a gun at me i'll kill them. but a med-squad i got no problem with.
No. 148948 ID: d49a93

If a team is two people or fewer, then I'd say send them in. They're hostages if we need them, and it won't hurt to let these people know that Penji's not a heartless killing machine.

In before she gets stabbed with a needle full of suppress.
No. 148954 ID: 0fc814
File 126887873326.png - (11.96KB , 500x500 , TQ433.png )

"What's it worth to you?" I ask.

"It is worth nothing to you," replies the voice. "We will not negotiate for hostages. However, full cooperation on your part will result in the greatest chance for mercy and further negotiation."

"That's not very reassuring."

"Would you prefer platitudes?" asks the voice, coldly. "Promises you have no reason to believe? I will promise you this instead: You cannot escape. The only question is how many must die to see you killed or captured."

"Is that supposed to make me afraid, or angry?" I ask.

"Consider your options objectively," it says. "Regenerating your brain was an incredible feat. Put it to good use."
No. 148955 ID: 476456

hokay, new plan.

Turn employees against employer.
No. 148956 ID: 34470e

If you don't know, ask her why exactly everybody wants to keep her here.
No. 148957 ID: 632862

How about instead of escaping, we're treated like people, instead of animals to experiment on as they please?

Things aren't going to go back to the way they were. Not without a HELL of a fight.
No. 148961 ID: 445c48

Well, first off, let the medical team in. While some of them are... pretty dead (Like Eugene), the others might have a shot. You should be well away by the time they get there though. But assure her that you are going to escape.

Also ask for more cookies. And about baseball scores. Keep the radio with you, it'll be nice to talk to someone other than us and Tazer Tits.
No. 148962 ID: 67c611

"I'm willing to wager that I've got more killing in me than you have people in this place."

Drop the helmet. Stow the prisoner. Get to work on getting that gun loose. Assemble armor. Refill ammo with all AP. Get pistol. Get grenades.

Consider looting HS1 and HS2 versus breaking out as soon as the gun is loose.
No. 148963 ID: a38e55

As I see, your options are death, or go back into a tube.

I cant see the difference.

Now you're decently armed, unsuppressed, everything. You can hold back for long enough till the other door gets opened, if its still important.

But now, they be stalling.
No. 148964 ID: e973f4

I am seconding every single word of this post.

Especially the bit about baseball scores.
No. 148966 ID: ded270

Agree. Put Mitzi somewhere safe, hide a couple grenades on you, sabotage the restraint mechanisms and IV's in the tube discretely, and then go into the tube.
Make sure you have an easy way to open it. If they cross you, pop a grenade through the slot, and kill everyone.
This way, you get a chance at negotiation, and if that doesn't work, you're not defenseless.
No. 148968 ID: e3f578

"Why can't I escape? ~nyoro World go boom-boom? Research?"
No. 148969 ID: f4963f

Leave the team as it is. Inform the person on the other end of the line that we'll be making our escape now, and if they know what's good for them, they won't throw away more soldiers trying to stop us.
No. 148970 ID: 445c48

Also make some jokes about the quality of your new brain.

Well, no, that's kind of stupid. Make some jokes about the unholy killing machines that are the BATTLE BOTS they keep sending.
No. 148971 ID: c0f3bf

Say they can send a medical team if they want, but ask why they care so much about keeping you in.
No. 148972 ID: 716eb0

I am really flashing back to Iji here. The setting, the scale, the power of the protagonist. And Iji has taught me that while "kill everything that moves" may be the easiest way to get through, it also results in the worst ending.

The fact that radio lady pretty much said exactly that makes me feel all the more confident that we should let them try and save their mans. At the very least, it seems unlikely that these SAME guards will still be around to fight later one way or the other. Hell, they probably quit and find a new line of work the moment they can open their eyes again.
No. 148975 ID: 1d375b

We should not burn any bridges we don't have to. Keeping communication open will at least stop them from just flooding the whole place with lava in a panic.
No. 148976 ID: ded270

Everything here.
No. 148985 ID: e973f4

Wow how did I not notice that before.
No. 148988 ID: ded270

Same way I didn't until I got 1.6 a few days ago and played it again, I suppose.
No. 149007 ID: a85626

Man we are the lamest escaped monster ever.

Penji, stop listening the lady with the ugly voice discouraging you. Consider your options subjectively. If you must listen, let her keep talking while you check to the next door. If you still think that this voice will ever provide anything useful whatsoever consider:

1) They claim you cannot escape.
2) They are sending medical personnel.
3) Medical personnel aren't tougher than you.

You can't get out, but they can get in? One of these statements is a lie.

This isn't RubyQuest. There's only so much steel on the planet to build bulkheads with. Remember Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. There is always a way; just bust right through.
No. 149022 ID: 701a19

"As long as your medical team is unarmed I won't bother them, but I'm going to get out no matter what. You're the one who has kept me prisoner, you're the one who started experimenting on innocent human beings, you're the one running a torture factory, and you're the one who decides how much violence there's going to be, not me."
No. 149023 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask what they have been researching here. What you really are and what they did to Mitzi and how they justify that.

Then gear up. Grab prisoner and go through the HS2 door. If they want to get to their guys then they can damn well do it themselves. Sending in armed guys to pose as medics is a classic so don't fall for it. They would probably be equiped with something designed to take you down, we know you're fairly bullet resistant, we don't know how resistant you are to toxins.
No. 149038 ID: 88fc9a

If they'd throw endless lives to see you recaptured, dead or alive, you must be invaluable to them.
Ask them why.
Then, ask them if they know a doctor H. Qillig.

As for shooting your way out, they seem sincere. They killed you once, they can most likely do it again, especially with some forty odd years of additional weapons research on their side. Maybe there's a less forceful way to get outside?

Letting them get to their wounded and dead might is probably a good idea. Stay alert however, and out of the way.
They might want to trick you like you did them.
No. 149100 ID: e2020c


That voice has a problem and I guess it's not you Penji. You have problems of your own... And you have then this moment. You're not where your body is. Where are you emotionally? Can you do some psychic self-observations about yourself and the situation, what does your intuition tell you about escaping? Are you safe? Are you fufilling your destiny?
No. 149132 ID: bf2bdb


"How about instead I kill my way out of this facility and slaughter every team you send after me?"
No. 149133 ID: 1ac39d

'you have laid my options as 'sit in a tube until the end of time' or 'escape somehow' think i'll take escape.
No. 149136 ID: 19ecf1

don't offend them, but make a point.
You'll be stuck as a prisioner till the end of time. Technically, getting out is the best logic.
No. 149146 ID: 701a19

Prepare to leave and depart while talking. Our paths are limited, so any tracking devices in the helmet won't give them any new information.

"I looked over your records and I've seen pictures and videos of your experiments.
I know you've kidnapped innocent people for human testing.
I know you've been testing regeneration by torturing subjects.
I've seen the blood splatters.
You've broken every moral and ethical standard there is.
With this evidence in mind two things become clear:
Number 1: Returning to your 'care' would result in being subjected to these experiments, with the result of a very low quality of life. Death would be preferable.
Number 2: This may be my only chance to leave. Success means freedom and an unknown quality of life, while failure means death or recapture.

Objectively, the best course of action is to attempt to escape. Convince me; I'm listening."

They've got the advantage here, so the more information they give us the better off we're going to be.
No. 149152 ID: c1b738

friendly choice: let them get their dead, fuck aroudn the place to find mitzi brother. ask for more info for the hostages. make clear to them that you wont surrender least it is for friendlier reasons that only "get back to the tube.". punch them in their methaporical snouts by being a moralfag in order to estabilish moral superiority and likelyness of friendly

truthful choice: you are freaked out and angry, tell them you will kill as many "babies" there are in this facility. tell them to trigger the nuke under it, remember them THEY cant grow brains but we can. even mitzi seems to.

TROLL choice: like friendly choice, but its a trap for their medics. continue with trollings as you claim to have found the trigger switch for the facility nuke and disabled it. by eating the mechanism.

id go with friendly choices.

also if we are iji this is going to be very mindfuckery. ask her anyway if we where once known as Iji.

also also where is that angry crowd taht said "no talking! more killing!" a few updates ago? well this is a mess you got us into.
No. 149193 ID: 701a19

They mostly left once suggesting boolet use no longer made any contextual sense. As soon as we look at the prisoner they're going to start suggesting that Penji shoot him, or eat his fingernails, or inject him with toxins, or toss him in the microwave hallway, or force-feed him the dead guard, or whatever other sick fetishes they dream up.
This is one of the many reasons why I tend to hold violence in reserve; most of the people who put violence near the start of their tactical tree wait until the last bit of blood hits the ground, then pat themselves on the back over a 'job well done' before going away and leaving everybody else to clean up their mess. :|

Penji: Take the 'friendly' route, but don't let the medics get near enough to surprise you. Ideally you should be gone before they can even get there, but if that's not possible you should point weapons at them and demand they pass by with their hands on their heads under penalty of death, and tell ask where you can find more CS.
No. 149205 ID: 8b4a4c

Objectively, dying while trying to escape is preferable to getting experimented on for the rest of your life.

Take the armour and equipment and immediately go for the next door before another response team can be organised. Give the phone to your mutant friend while you concentrate on surviving and getting out.
No. 149215 ID: 5eedac

I'm a hockey guy myself. Here, ask how the Leafs and Sens are doing, you might learn where this place is located.
No. 149217 ID: 5eedac

(Unless it's located in Atlanta, wherein the voice might not be aware there's a hockey team, or in Hartford, wherein the voice will get really, really butthurt about his/her team being stolen.)

Something that interests me is, does this building rearrange? It seems rather static, so to imply there's no direct exit doesn't make sense. Unless the exits, if there are one, are continuously changing.

Ask that too. Along with the hockey scores. And maybe the recipe to those cookies.
No. 149221 ID: 7ea114

penji, what ever you do, remember mitzi.

ask them what is she doing ehre and where is her brother.

im thinking this is quite strange now that i realized it, its like she disappeared. i dont want her playing a "I WAS A SPAH ALL ALONG" on us
No. 149223 ID: a85626


She's busy holding down the hostage.
No. 149249 ID: 7ea114

i mean in the long run but damm, i actualy forgot that.
No. 149269 ID: 67c611

Just so you guys know.

It's a trap.

They only want you to clear the barricade so they can send in another strike team to try and kill you.
No. 149274 ID: 5eedac

They kind of flunked on the whole killing us thing before. I'd say if they come storming through the barricade it at least gives us an idea of where a potential exit is.
No. 149283 ID: 9e1d1b

"When the options are kill or be killed -- and if you think about it, kept in a metal coffin, unconscious for the rest of my natural or unnatural life is functionally death -- what choice do I have but to break out? I'm sorry, but you don't offer me a choice. I'll still give nonviolent resolution a shot, but if you guys fuck it up, I will defend myself. Your wounded are waiting."
No. 149343 ID: 67c611

We already know where the exit to HS is. It is the door not labeled HS1, HS2, or HS3. It's the one they tried to retreat out of. The door that is currently blocked and the one they want us to open so they can send in people to kill us.
No. 149346 ID: a85626

The way out is not through HS1 or HS2, but inside there will certainly be more Counter-Suppress. There may be more experimental test subjects, who will either be staunch allies, or horribly violently insane distractions. Either way this improves our chances and ruins their plans. Open the doors. Throw everything into chaos. All hail Xom.

also wall of text lol
No. 149349 ID: 1ac39d

i think mitzi is our ace in the hole. i do not think they know she is out as well, but believe that we are trying to escape alone.
No. 149500 ID: 8ecfd4

They will not come storming through the barricade. Their medical team will have a couple of hidden soldiers in it with weapons designed to take down Penji. I would guess dart guns loaded with extremly potent tranqs or toxins. That way you pretty much negate her ability to withstand bullets, the darts just have to break her skin and she will be down.
No. 149615 ID: 88fc9a

Which is why we stay out of sight in a place where we have the advantage if they attack, such as in the HS3 access corridor or security station.
On top of that, we can't assume for a fact that they'll trick us with the medical team.
It's of course possible, which is why we hide.
No. 149622 ID: 8ecfd4

So the plan is to retreat into an area that we know is a dead end while we let them dismantle our barricade and move their people into place? You see no problems with this plan?

HS2 is a door leading to place where we haven't been. No guards came out of it during the firefight either. So I humbly suggest that we take all of our gear, our now worthless but possibly useful prisoner, our one and only friend and go through that door before letting the medics get in, that is if they can get past the barricade.
No. 149627 ID: 88fc9a

... yea, you're right.
No. 149664 ID: 67c611

We need the HMG from back access. It can turn a tank into Swiss cheese. Leaving it behind would be stupid.
No. 149727 ID: 8ecfd4

It will also take an hour to get it. That would be an hour we have to be stationary behind a door that we had enough power to open once. If they close it again we won't be getting it open a second time.
No. 149730 ID: 67c611

We can disconnect the power to the door entirely. Nobody will be able to close it.

If we don't have that HMG the "smoothbores" and "gyrocs" are going to fuck us up hardcore.

That HMG will put holes straight through any armor they can throw at us. We can kill 3 security bots in seconds. That's a fucking huge advantage. It would be idiotic to pass it up.
No. 149766 ID: 8ecfd4

Still takes an hour to get it. And they can probably reroute power to the door from some other place. Not to mention put up all sorts of emplacements and bombs and traps while we're dicking around with it. Yes it will confer advantages, but not enough to negate the disadvantage of staying in one place for an hour and let our enemy prepare themselves.
No. 150503 ID: 0fc814
File 126922312944.png - (22.48KB , 500x500 , TQ434.png )

I toss the helmet comm aside and head back into HS3. Mitzi and the guard have gotten louder. He says something about how he swore an oath to protect humanity from abominations.

"Shut up," she says. "Shut up! Shut up!"

I hurry to cell one.


On the bright side, he shut up.
No. 150504 ID: 476456


If he's still alive you should probably inform him that this facility is creating abominations.
No. 150505 ID: 45be60

Mitzi dear, not helping your case any.
No. 150508 ID: 632862

"Sounds like you don't know what's going on at all. They do tests on humans here. If you want to protect humanity you're not doing any good by trying to kill US."
No. 150509 ID: a56bd0

Darling your.. uhmm... tentacling. It's a little unsettling.

Also, if they are supposed to protect humanity from abominations then why are they being created here?

Hmmmm, I wonder how 'common knowledge' we are?
No. 150512 ID: 3af198

You can try
"Why is a company that makes people swear to protect humanity from abominations making humans into abominations themselves?"
Might get him to let his guard down and finally give some information.
No. 150516 ID: 1ac39d

"you do know that mitzi here is human. they have still have her stuff from before she was mutated by the very staff in here. she worked here, but they decided 'guinea pig' was a better job for her then 'lab assistant'".
No. 150520 ID: 0fc814
File 126922502029.png - (15.74KB , 500x500 , TQ435.png )

"Mitzi's human," I tell the guard. "You guys just fucked her up with valcien parts."

He doesn't say anything. No real surprise. Mitzi's gone quiet, too.
No. 150521 ID: 632862

"Uh, Mitzi would you mind not killing the guy?"
No. 150522 ID: 476456

"uhh mitzi you should probably uh...let him ..go or...you're kinda creeping me out."
No. 150523 ID: 2051c4

...is she PROBING HIS MIND?!?
No. 150524 ID: 099247

I don't think so. It looks like she's giving him a very agonising death. Just put a bullet in the guys head, nobody is coming to save him. Tell Mitzi to stop acting exactly how she looks and to get it together.
No. 150525 ID: e04c9b

"Yeah, don't fuck with us humans." And lets try and get the hell out of here after rigging all bodies to explode like frag granades.
No. 150526 ID: e04c9b

Well, she is acting just like a human would in my estamation as a Tozol. I suggest she tries to hurt this asshole more. Fucker calling us Abomiations. And that jerk on the phone saying our brain is too small. Asses.
No. 150528 ID: 445c48

Just shoot him in the head. There's no need to be monsters about this.
No. 150530 ID: 67c611

"What are you doing to Steve? It looks painful."
No. 150536 ID: 0fc814
File 126922670135.png - (17.44KB , 500x500 , TQ436.png )

"Hey. Stop that," I say.

She's already, er... withdrawing.

The human slumps blankly to the floor.

"I..." Mitzi says, not quite looking at me. "Did you say Valcien?"

"Yeah. I checked your records."

"They rewired me with space shark!?"

"Uh," I say, unsure how to respond. "That's what the word means? I remembered it as something different."

"Oh God," she says. "Oh Jesus. Oh Murphy's black mind."

I should say something.
No. 150539 ID: 632862

"Um. What's the problem?"
No. 150540 ID: e3f578

"Hey don't worry. Your still you, just only with super powers like in comic books."
No. 150541 ID: 67c611

"What's wrong?"

Check Steve's pulse.
No. 150545 ID: 476456

Make note of possible extra applications for tenticals.

"well at least you have superpowers."
No. 150553 ID: f52552

"Aaaaanything I should know about?"
No. 150555 ID: 1ac39d

"so... did you eat his brain or just kill him?"
No. 150557 ID: 288dda

"Don't worry, it doesn't change my opinion of you any. We're still getting out of here."

So the guard is dead, or just brain-eaten?
No. 150577 ID: 701a19

Check his pulse, then give Mitzy a hug and that kiss you promised her.
No. 150595 ID: ded270

After all, you promised.
No. 150598 ID: 6547ec

"For what it's worth, everything I've seen today leads me to believe that humanity is massively overrated."

"Oh, and mind telling me about these space sharks?"
No. 150600 ID: 8b7db1

And who in the hell is Murphy?
No. 150613 ID: 632862

Well the kiss really depends on if killing the guard could be considered fucking up.
No. 150617 ID: ded270

Nah, not too much.
No. 150631 ID: 701a19

It was a fuck-up, but she didn't fuck-up in combat.
Besides, after the kiss but while still hugging is the perfect time for Penji to say "I can't blame you, but prisoners are more useful than corpses."
No. 150644 ID: 632862

Well, no kissing until she's more emotionally stable. Right now she's kinda freaking out about the space-shark thing.
No. 150670 ID: 1ac39d

'heh, well at least now you KNOW what you are, fact that space sharks are around may mean i'm an alien.'
No. 150716 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her to please tell you what a Valcien is. It's possible you're a prototype of the process used on Mitzi or connected to the Valciens in some other way.
No. 150751 ID: 54af1f

"What did you find out in his mind?"
No. 150760 ID: 88fc9a

"Did you say space shark? Just what happened at Athelhom? What did they find?"
No. 150765 ID: 701a19

"Can you give me the cliff notes about what's been going on for the past 40 years? Specifically anything to do with aliens?"

I know you can't remember anything before waking up in the tube, but it looks like that's when shit got real.
No. 150827 ID: 67c611

Wait. You can hear Steve's heartbeat. You don't need to check his pulse.
No. 150863 ID: 19ecf1

well... you can say that she has gifts instead of being an abomination

I mean, by the same logic, you're an abomination. You all can be abominable buddies...

And if you can turn that dude into an abomination, we may have the best teamate/torture from him.

Maybe that room you were in has some sort of... automated processes
No. 150894 ID: 1d0c4c

Don't go for the HMG, don't spend time standing around interrogating this guy or chatting with Mitzi. Maybe use him as a meat shield. Just grab what we can and run, and pray that we haven't left it too late already.

If we have an HMG in the lab, they'll have better stuff outside given enough time. And they'll know we have it, and be prepared.
No. 151050 ID: 88fc9a

He's dead, Jim.
No. 151084 ID: 67c611
File 12693501819.jpg - (72.15KB , 960x647 , ORD_M2_Mounted_Lance_lg.jpg )

The point is, what are they going to do about it? Anything they can field we can destroy in seconds with the HMG. They are going to send those after us whether or not we take the HMG. And if we don't take the HMG, when we fight them we will be screwed.

With the HMG we can take out security bots in 4-5 seconds each. So if they have three of them waiting for us as we leave it will be a 15 second fight.

Take HMG = Fight mechs = cakewalk
Don't take HMG = Fight mechs = difficult battle

I simply cannot stress enough how much of an advantage an HMG will give us. It will tear through any armor we come up against in seconds. A single shot to the torso will make a mess out of a human. It will go through doors, glass, riot shields, and desks and will kill the thing on the other side. It will cause another tactical withdrawal at the first sight and/or sound of it. In one hour all of that power will be yours.

It's worth it.
No. 151087 ID: 701a19

It might have been if we took it before opening the door, but right now we don't have the hour we need to retrieve and reconfigure it.
No. 151094 ID: f0ceda

>Murphy's black mind

"Yeah, Eddie Murphy was pretty funny in Coming To Ameria and Trading Places, but his career kinda slumped, or should I say klumped, after the 'Nutty Professor' remake."
No. 151117 ID: 54af1f

Who gives a crap about the guy who was trying to kill us. Let's just get out of here before they swarm us with more teams.
No. 151118 ID: 701a19

Because if he's alive we can still extract information from him or force his buddies to shoot through him to tag Penji or Mitzi.
Prisoners are more useful than corpses.
No. 151135 ID: 54af1f

Mitzi consumed his brain, she probably knows as much as he does. He'll just slow us down, leave him and let's just go.
No. 151144 ID: 701a19

Why are people assuming that she not only ate his mind, but also took information from it?
I know of no creature which is capable of eating something's brain and gaining its memories, and she hasn't said anything suggesting she can.

Penji: Hug her before she has a breakdown, THEN check if the guard is alive. Don't mention anything about eating brains or her tentacly goodness.
No. 151148 ID: 445c48

>I know of no creature which is capable of eating something's brain and gaining its memories

Space Marines.

Anyways, shoot him in the head, once, hug Tazer Tits.

We're going to have to stop her from doing this in the future. Shit's weird. Let's not bring it up now though.
No. 151149 ID: 3416ec


No. 151154 ID: f52552
File 126938088089.jpg - (9.05KB , 250x188 , 250px-Brain_Eating_Meteor.jpg )

No. 151201 ID: d11779
File 126939412440.jpg - (82.10KB , 1024x768 , Alex mercer.jpg )

>A creature which is capable of eating something's brain and gaining its memories.
No. 151203 ID: 19ecf1


If that was actually what's happened here...

This quest would suddenly become much more badass...

and Penji would become in awe of Mitzi's superiority to her...
No. 151220 ID: 0fc814
File 126939871145.png - (16.86KB , 500x500 , TQ437.png )

>Just grab what we can and run
Good idea. At the very least, it gets Mitzi away from the human. I take her by the... hand? Maybe not.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"W-what the hell do you think?" she says. "I'm spliced with some... some... Look at me! I've got thumbs on my feet!"

"Yeah, me too," I say. "They're handy. Get it?"

"I have tentacles!"

"At least yours aren't on your butt."

"I... I killed people!"

"Prisoner's still alive, so only one," I say. "Maybe zero, if medics can really save those without brain trauma." I suppress a shiver. "I'm way ahead of you."

"Wait. What medics?"

"Talked with the weird voice again," I reply. "I think the best thing we can do for these guys is leave."

"How will they know we left?"

"By checking ten minutes after we're gone, if we're very lucky."

"Oh..." she says. "So... how do we do this?"

Good question. We don't know what's beyond the door I barracaded. My instincts say to be either sneaky-but-fast, or fast-but-sneaky. That means not being methodical, though.

>What did she find out in his mind?
Can she do that?! I should ask. I'm worried about sending her into another freakout, though. Are all humans this unstable, or is it a side effect?
No. 151224 ID: 5eabae

Sneaky-but-fast, certainly.
And I'd ask her about any knowledge she absorbed - kindly.
No. 151225 ID: 934ef5

>Are all humans this unstable, or is it a side effect?
Little of this, little of that.
No. 151227 ID: 632862

Don't ask her if she absorbed knowledge. Just ask her what she did to the hostage.

As for our options... Weren't there two doors out of the big room, one leading to HS2 and the other leading... to wherever they came from? Going into HS2 won't lead us out of the facility, but they already said that we can't escape so maybe if we go in there we can find out more information.
No. 151229 ID: 445c48

Kiss her then run
No. 151230 ID: e31d52

>Are all humans this unstable, or is it a side effect?
We're community-minded animals. People that are strange are usually ostracized or sometimes killed. Thus, the fear of being different is ever-present in our minds.
No. 151232 ID: 19ecf1

side effect of a traumatic experiance.
Imagine what you'd be like if you SUDDENLY TURNED HUMAN. You'd suddenly gain new senses and loose old ones. You'd miss your old body.

Understand Mitzi's pain

In this case, fast is of higher priority. You are running out of time to prepare. You need that gun though. And maybe leave a post-it on that guy saying you're sorry for what your partner did... and put the guy in a visable area for the medics...
No. 151240 ID: 67c611

Don't forget the body armor, LMG, and grenades.
No. 151254 ID: 3b6c92

This post-it note thing had better happen.

If you want to ask about Mitzi possibly being able to read minds by sticking tentacles in people's heads, you might wanna phrase it somewhere closer to "What exactly did you do to that guy?" as opposed to "Did you absorb the information from his brain when you ate it?" Just sayin'.

I'm always a fan of sneaky. Although our choices there look basically the same. So I guess head through a door. I don't know, I'm not the only one you're talking to.
No. 151354 ID: 54af1f

Put on some armour then fast but sneaky
No. 151376 ID: 8ecfd4

Assure her that she is still very much human, just with some extra bits and pieces.

Do it sneaky but fast. If you get any oppurtunities to snatch and grab then have Mitzi do it, with that funky tentacle arm of hers she should be able to restrain and disable them before they get any chance to call out.

Oh and by the way, which door did you run through?
No. 151392 ID: ded270

Yeah, a vest would be useful for us, and mitzi could wear most of the armor. See about getting her some leggings, a chestpiece, arm guards, and a helmet.
Make sure there's some way to for you to identify her.
No. 151404 ID: 45be60

what, the tentacles aren't enough?
No. 151405 ID: 1ac39d

would agree with this, best thing you can do is be her friend.
No. 151439 ID: ded270

Good point.
I was thinking she would wear a full suit, for some reason, even though it wouldn't all fit.
Still, she should wear as much of the armor as possible.
No. 153866 ID: 0fc814
File 126981928240.png - (17.63KB , 500x500 , TQ438.png )

The humans have a few different types of armor, but we can kludge two suits together without much trouble. More or less.

"These are all too big," I say.

"Well, you're what, five foot seven?" says Mitzi. "Go back one or two centuries, and that's about average for human males. Soldiers these days get boosts. Strong, robust. That kinda thing."

"Looks like they're trying to figure out how to do better."

"Well, they figured that out a long time ago. Just, you had to be born with it. All kinds of social problems. Most of the Ascendi left for alien space. Brain drain. Heh."
No. 153873 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok, some questions for Mitzi.

What are Valcien.
What aliens do they know of.
Who were the ascendi.
No. 153874 ID: 0fc814
File 126981943550.png - (12.71KB , 500x500 , TQ439.png )

"Speaking of that..." I say.

"I don't know what I was doing," says Mitzi. "Just... got so angry. Went with instincts. Not... human instincts."

"Did you learn anything?"

"Not much. His name's Daniel. Twenty seven years old. Said most of that stuff because he's scared."

"So he doesn't think you're... you know?"

"Oh yes he does," she says. "I don't think we're talking our way out of this."

"Guess I should've given you more time."

Mitzi shrugs.
No. 153887 ID: 1ac39d

okay then, if they KNOW mitzi is/was human and still consider her not to be then these guys are no mercy.
No. 153913 ID: 67c611

"What is your civilization like? Technology, space travel, aliens?"

"All I know about myself is that I said some non-human phrase out of habit, 'By the precursors'. I'm not actually sure what it means, but the word feels comforting. Old. Well, okay, obviously old, but more than the obvious. The ancient masters. The star gods."

"That and one of the weird creatures they have preserved in a jar in analysis. It was perhaps a sea creature. I felt like I should have recognized it, but I didn't."

"My diet consists of pretty much anything. I found myself eating the food wrappers without thinking about it. And some metal I licked tasted edible. And I still have a craving for superconductors."
No. 153921 ID: 701a19

Still, it's better to avoid fighting if you don't need to fight.

Call up their command center and say "I didn't expect your guards to know about your human experiments. I'm gonna sleep easier knowing everybody I kill here is an amoral monster.
Right now I'm going to do you one major favor; I'm going to tell you that escape is my primary goal. If you decide to make that difficult, then I'm going to track you down and force you to watch as I slaughter every damn one of the people working here, and then see just how long I can drag out your death."
No. 153923 ID: 67c611

It's on motherfucker.
No. 153924 ID: 632862

Hey. Let's not forget about that kiss we promised Mitzi.
No. 153927 ID: 632862

I'm guessing the Ascendi were those that were born with special abilities like regeneration.
No. 153964 ID: 0fc814
File 126982185473.png - (17.03KB , 500x500 , TQ440.png )

"Ascendi? Who are they?" I ask.

"Uhh, transhumans, posthumans, parahumans, bioroids, whatever," she says. "Smart, adaptive, different body types, all that crap. Kinda put them aside from the regular humans. Lot of social tension. Probably would've sorted it out in another few decades, but then the aliens found human space. Alien economies only wanted the best and brightest, and we'd been giving them a hard time, so they started leaving. The more that left, the less popular they got. Not too many around, these days."

"What kind of aliens?" I ask.

"Uhh... major ones," she says. "Vertai. They're like lizards with fur and six legs. Tesau, they're like, dragons, sorta. Cobra heads, tail that splits into three. Four eyes. You'd like them."

I don't know what dragons or cobra heads look like, but I don't want to interrupt.
No. 153966 ID: 701a19

Sweep her off her feet into the most spine-tingling kiss you can pull off. Make use of your long and flexible tongue.
No. 153967 ID: 0fc814
File 12698219395.png - (16.13KB , 500x500 , TQ441.png )

"Diplomats," she continues. "Nobody knows shit about them. Four legs. Like to be invisible. They usually mind their own business, until they decide you're their business. Decided we were their business after Athelhom, for awhile. Oh, and Valcien. They don't usually have much to do with people. Big monsters in space. Like whales. Sharks. Living starships. Eat asteroids or something."

"No Tozol?"

"Never seen or heard of you," she says. "Neither had Dan, there."

"Do you figure he knew you were human?"

"I ... think so," she says. "Maybe not me specifically, but humans get brought in here and don't leave. Sacrifice for the future."

She sounds unconvinced.
No. 153969 ID: f21281

Thought: This is all a big experiment to force the evolution of the Human Race via genetic modification using DNA from various alien races.
No. 153977 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds like they might have been trying other ways to make ascendi here.

Ask her what the Athelthom impact thingy was.
No. 153982 ID: 67c611

Ask Mitzi if she got any info about the security HQ for this facility and any relevant details.
No. 153987 ID: 1ac39d

so Valcien are Space Monsters? do we need Gun-Buster?
No. 154028 ID: 701a19

No. 154046 ID: 632862

We need more power. To gain power, we must explore the rest of the facility.

We should go into HS2.
No. 154052 ID: 4531bc

...By force-initiating a third impact between alien races that will convert all humans, forever changing destiny.
No. 154091 ID: 0fc814
File 126982534437.png - (15.91KB , 500x500 , TQ442.png )

She's having some trouble getting her armor adjusted. You'd think it'd be easy when you can just shapeshift to be the right size.

I approach to help, but when I draw near, I put my mouth to hers.

It feels incredibly awkward, but I try not to let it show.

"I. Uh. Thanks," she says.
No. 154105 ID: 3416ec


Bow chicka bow wow.
No. 154109 ID: 1ac39d

dawwwwww. we'll work on that later.

while moving make a joke about: since space-sharks eat asteroids maybe if you find some bare rock she could eat an escape tunnel. when she looks at you indignantly just smile and say 'just kidding'
No. 154111 ID: 632862

Say you're welcome.

She didn't push you away or anything. That's a good sign.
No. 154115 ID: 701a19

Well, here's a question: Do you find her attractive? Not in aesthetics sense, but in a physical or romantic way?
No. 154141 ID: 3a4a54

Reserve your judgment on romantic interests with her for later. You don't want her in love with you because you don't abuse her, and you don't want you to love her 'cause we said so.
No. 154160 ID: 8b7db1


Good to know the information about the aliens, though not sure what else I could possibly suggest to do now. ...and I'm not sure if randomly flirting with this girl will help either of us get out of here, though it might just help you both feel... human.
No. 154199 ID: 19ecf1

try not to suck out her lungs by accident... You seem strong enough to actually do that...

Do you think you can save that prisoner on your own? She was brain reading, not rupturing him. Maybe we can temporarily connect with him too! We hve tentacles! We can heal! If we can create a connection... Maybe we can save him?
No. 154204 ID: e61784

I agree. Lets shove our tails into a wall socket and connect our bums to the internet.

Hey, it worked in Avatar.
No. 154211 ID: 0fc814
File 126983061042.png - (19.16KB , 500x500 , TQ443.png )

I help Mitzi fit her armor.

"I don't get it," she says. "Armor, guns. How can you know more about this than me?"

"It seemed the proper way."

"Maybe humans made you," she says. "Or, I don't know. Maybe you were human before."

"Maybe," I reply. "But I had a term pop into my head earlier. Precursors. The Star Gods. The Old Masters. The words felt comfortable."

Mitzi doesn't say anything.

>Maybe we can temporarily connect with him too! We have tentacles!
I think he's had enough tentacles for one night.
>Other HS wings.
"I was thinking of trying to check the other high security rooms. Think we can do that in a hurry?"

"Probably not. This one took an hour," she says.

I feel we've already taken too much time. Anything else, before we leave?
No. 154212 ID: 54af1f


No! Leave now and ignore any voices that say otherwise!
No. 154213 ID: 701a19

They came out of the hallway to HS2, didn't they? Check if that door is open.
No. 154214 ID: e04c9b

Holding hands? Comfort the poor girl, ask a few more questions. I really have no idea where we are. Are we on earth?
No. 154215 ID: 67c611

Ask Mitzi if she got any info on the layout of this place. Get moving. Out that door the guards were trying to retreat to.
No. 154216 ID: 717301

this. Stop wasting time dicking around.
No. 154218 ID: 632862

I guess not.
No. 154225 ID: 19ecf1

Yeah.... We should probably get going...
And we should drag the prisoner with us. At this point, he's in danger (they must realize he's a liability now. We can access his brain! We can at least change his perception over time... And we don't have to use alien vaginas either
No. 154229 ID: e75a2f

Take that guy with you.

You will become great friends. Plus if my genre savy is correct most security teams are not aware of what truly goes on in freaky labs like these. Once you learn more about each other, things will be fun-times.
No. 154262 ID: 632862

Do not take the prisoner with us. He'll just slow us down, since they don't negotiate for hostages.
No. 154266 ID: 0fc814
File 126983384788.png - (19.29KB , 500x500 , TQ444.png )

>They came out of the hallway to HS2
No. They came from the hall to the rest of the facility.

>No! Leave now!
Now you're talking my language.

We move past the wrecked bot and into the dark corridor. There's rooms branching off to the left and right, but we probably don't have time for that if we're to avoid whatever they're sending to stop us.
No. 154267 ID: bf49dc

Keep going if you don't have the time for extremely quick peeks.
No. 154273 ID: 0fc814
File 126983406024.png - (20.78KB , 500x500 , TQ445.png )

Might already be too late.
No. 154283 ID: 4531bc

No. 154288 ID: 3416ec

We are Oscar Mike.

Stay frosty.
No. 154356 ID: 0abb50

Daddy like.

Good chapter, Test. Can't wait to see what's up next.
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