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File 126628179328.png - (10.16KB , 785x458 , Chapter 2.png )
132287 No. 132287 ID: 35cea2

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No. 132289 ID: 35cea2
File 126628185479.png - (12.33KB , 632x379 , CC.png )

Somewhere, in the middle of Monument...
No. 132291 ID: 35cea2
File 126628188642.png - (37.84KB , 940x478 , Screen.png )

A huge spreadsheet dictates the future of humanity.
No. 132297 ID: 35cea2
File 126628201180.png - (103.52KB , 1800x916 , Base Report 1.png )

The first Breaker threat has been defeated. Several of their soldiers have been captured and the citizens of the Splinter rejoice at the victory. Scanners on board the starships have detected a faint disturbance that is the telltale sign of an FTL drive activating. It appears whatever well-hidden ship that the Breakers have used to deploy the ground forces here have now left, likely to warn the remainder of the Breaker fleet.

The captured Breakers cannot be interrogated yet, as we cannot understand their language. Research of the TRANSLATION ALGORITHM is necessary to extract information from them.

There have been a few changes to this quest. For one thing, I have moved all the data to a spreadsheet to increase the ease of updating. A lot of numbers have been changed and many corrections have been made. Everything on this report is canon, even if it conflicts with previous base reports. Also, the LOGISTICS PERSONNEL has been removed from the game for simplicity’s sake. All previous LOGISTICS PERSONNEL have been reassigned to LIGHT INFANTRY.
No. 132299 ID: 35cea2
File 12662821718.png - (50.66KB , 632x1378 , Tech tree.png )

The Breaker corpses and equipment can now be dissected by the researchers. It is unknown whether they can lead to further techs.
No. 132302 ID: 632862

Research the TRANSLATION ALGORITHM immediately. Then let's start packing shit up so we can use the Anomaly to GTFO.
No. 132321 ID: 54af1f

Let's research translation algorithm while we wait for our main lab to come online.

As I see it, longer term we have a choice. We can either abandon the planet now and evacuate through the Icon, or we can wait and possibly evacuate in more haste later on.

My suggestion would be we deploy one of the corvettes with as much sensor gear as we can stuff aboard towards the direction the breakers went. It can provide early warning of any FTL signatures as FTL radio travels faster than ships do.
No. 132329 ID: 8ecfd4

This sounds like a very good idea. And blow up the anomaly after you go through it. The Breakers cannot be allowed to follow again.
No. 132330 ID: 54af1f


Actually, let's research breaker weapons. We only have 1 research point per month right now, and if we need to pack up soon we need technology now. So let's go for quickness.
No. 132335 ID: cfad4e

No time for that. We're at 1 RP per month. In 11 months, our Professionals will start finishing training, so we can dramatically increase our research... Except we can't, because aliens are coming to nuke us, and we have no idea how much time we have. So we pretty much need to abandon the world and go find another one, unless I'm missing something.

What's our current carrying capacity?

Still, need to actually find a place to flee to. First off, get another science team together. Shut down the factory if we don't have enough scientists. Load them on a Corvette with some infantry and a 4 man Commando team and let's fire the Anomaly up.
No. 132345 ID: 86b644

Researching Breaker stuff seems most prudent for the time being. We can expect a reprisal in the not too distant future, and anything we can learn about repelling their weapons or fooling their sensors and so forth would be a great help. If at all possible, it would be good if abandoning the planet was not necessary. Some means of giving the appearance of having fled would both spare us the cost, difficulty and risk of relocating.
No. 132346 ID: 54af1f


Well, how fast is breaker FTL? I remember it only being as fast as ours. We've got a good base here, we shouldn't leave for as long as we possibly can.
No. 132353 ID: 8ecfd4

Hiding has one major problem though. They might just destroy the planet from space just to be sure.

The quicker we can get off planet the better. It gives us more of a headstart and we're less likely to forget something important because we have to pull out in a state of panic.

Anyway, we should focus all of our production on building cargo and passenger ships. On the way in the fleet was loaded beyond planned capacity. We need to have some more space this time.
No. 132361 ID: cfad4e

>Anyway, we should focus all of our production on building cargo and passenger ships.
We don't have any production. It'd take 2 months minimum to build a shipyard and then it'd take a year to build a ship. Except that'd require assistance from ground-based factories, which we wouldn't have enough Professionals for. Argh.

Perhaps we could send a Corvette to shadow the Breaker FTL signature, so we know when it's linked up with something? Is that suicidal?
No. 132370 ID: 86b644


Given that we may not be able to flee effectively from them this time, it might be safer as well as less disruptive to decoy them with a fake fleet. 'Life signs' are quite easy to fake with some heating elements or other cheap e/m signal generators. If they think they've destroyed us, it could grant us the time we need to analyse their technology and language, and perhaps even acquire warp technology. That should give us a manoeverability edge over the Breakers when we do have to come into contact with them. Superior speed combined with a level playing field in terms of weapons may be our only hope at holding out against their superior numbers long term.

Unless of course their modus operandi is BURN IT TO ASHES, in which case we should run like fuck and consider reclaiming if they move along without irradiating the planet.
No. 132372 ID: 8ecfd4

Didn't we build a shipyard? Damn it. I knew I should have insisted more on expanding space industry faster. I fucking knew something like this was going to happen. We are way to close to Sol and way to unprepared for this situation.
No. 132375 ID: cfad4e

>Damn it. I knew I should have insisted more on expanding space industry faster.
Easier said than done. We simply didn't have enough Professionals. I decided to focus on using the ones we had to train more. If only we had another year...
No. 132380 ID: 86b644


We may yet. If there was only a tiny Breaker force in the area, they may have to make the long trip to somewhere like earth, and THEN come back.
No. 132394 ID: 54af1f


Seriously. Let's put out early warning stuff, not frantically evacuate before we need to.

If they had a big force in the area, we'd be dead. For all we know, it could be years before they arrive.
No. 132457 ID: 54af1f

If there's even a chance we could catch and destroy it, we should send our destroyer or a corvette loaded with nukes after the breaker ship and try to kill it before it gets home.
No. 132847 ID: cfad4e

Also, halt research of Computing II and start with the Translation Algorithm.
No. 132886 ID: 20a102

i knew it was EVE all along!

so we lack professionals even to estabilish a quick evacuation route. reseach breaker weapons, adapt to our vehicles ASAP. i want the shields too.

we need to bulk up. walls, underground, whatever. so far we dont have a real chance to leave or win, so we should pretend we died or that we lost case they come too soon.

either we rebuild underwater/underground or we simply move elsewhere and rig the city to nuke when they arrive.

we can have a 7 months warning. this means whatever we plan, MUST come inside this 7 month period.

a corvette stays in the other side of the anomaly, detecting w/e within a radius of 5 months, it warps here and gives us a extra 2 month warning for the trip from the anomaly to us.
No. 133255 ID: c5628c

Okay, our situation is that a Breaker just went to FTL, easily assumed that it went to find reinforcements, we don't have the technology to easily pack up and run nor the firepower and defenses to fend them off should those reinforcements be a large number. What should be done now is:
1. Find out which direction that Breaker went off to.
2. Set up a warning system.
3. Research TRANSLATION ALGORITHM so we can interrogate the prisoners.
4. If found that we don't have alot of time, I suggest packing bare essentials for new colony(i.e. People, Metals, Ceramics, Knowledge/Research, and Basic Machinery), head for THE ICON and hopefully use it for last a minute escape.
No. 133492 ID: 107da3

Create emergency evacuation procedures, if not already in place. Allow them to be taught in schools and things. People will be much calmer if they know exactly what to do, which will lead to success.
No. 133784 ID: b14128

Well, mates, I think it's time we gave the Anomaly a test run. They've already got somebody running to alert them, so I don't really think we've got anything to lose by seeing what's on the other side of ye olde teleporter.
No. 134465 ID: 35cea2
File 126653868449.png - (94.98KB , 1800x916 , Base Report 2.png )

Research has been switched to TRANSLATION ALGORITHM

The following buildings have been constructed:
4 COLLEGES completed (VACANT)
4 MEDIUM STORES completed
1 COLLEGE completed (VACANT)
2 MEDIUM STORES completed

Since we have no PROFESSIONALS to spare all new COLLEGES are VACANT. Also, a MEDIUM FACTORY has been shut down to allow enough professionals to allow enough PROFESSIONALS to activate the Anomaly. They will arrive in approximately 2 turns.

Note: If no build order is specified, BP's will be automatically assigned but no buildings will be constructed.
No. 134549 ID: bf2bdb

Is it possible to send out a ship to provide early warning?
No. 134802 ID: cfad4e

Well, let's see. When our first wave of new Professionals completed, I was going to put them to work training workers, but since that requires we stay on the planet for no less than four more years, I suppose we should put them to work in medium labs instead, right?

Unless there's objections, we should build:
UPGRADE: 2x FARMING DOMES to GREENHOUSES (to stockpile yet more food for the inevitable exodus)

Also, reactivate the other two FARMING DOMES to stockpile food.

Might be forgetting something. Also, not certain if we'll actually be able to use all five labs, but hey, we've got like ten vacant buildings. I'm sure one more won't hurt. Not like we can actually bring all this metal with us.

Also, we need to explain the situation to the Gesters living with us. Ask them if they want to come with us, and if they don't, if they think it would be okay for us to blow up our bases as we leave with terrible, destructive, poisonous weapons, preventing them or their children from using the land...
No. 134809 ID: cfad4e

I guess we could also build an orbital facility, but we can't really make use of it for quite some time.

How hard would it be to design a freighter that can keep up with the military ships?
No. 135183 ID: 107da3


Might be better to build a trailer.
No. 135231 ID: 8ecfd4

We should also start drawing up evacuation plans. How many people can we get into the current ships and how much cargo? Also what is their maximum range without refueling in case the anomaly doesn't yield anything?

It also seems like our population has increased by 4000. If we had trouble getting the original 8000 crammed into our fleet then we might have to leave people here to a certain death. That is unless we can manage two trips through the anomaly before the Breakers show up in force.
No. 135269 ID: 54af1f

1: let's talk to the geisters more. We need to get as many of them aboard so their species can survive even if the planet gets nuked.

2: we need to top our tanks up. Let's send the destroyer and remaining frigate over to the nebula to fill up.
No. 135271 ID: 8ecfd4

It's likely that we don't even have room for our own people. Bringing along aliens who most likely cannot survive long in a human biotope (remember, they live in a place with a much lower athmospheric pressure and concentration of oxygen as well as lower gravity) unaided is a massive waste of resources and space that should go to saving human lives. Not towards saving neolithic stone age people who can contribute nothing and only drain our already very limited resources. And it's not even certain we could get enough of them out to ensure that they have enough genetic material to survive. Hell the Nautli probably won't be around for more than a couple of generations unless we can find a solution for that problem for them.

This is one of the primary reasons I told everyone that we should have nothing to do with the gesters and ideally we shouldn't even have created a permanent settlement on Ithaka. The Gesters might now be doomed because we decided to settle here. If they're lucky the Breakers will only wipe out the settlements we have been in direct contact with and will integrate the rest into their empire.
No. 135276 ID: 54af1f


Let's not jump to conclusions when we have no idea if we can transport them or not
No. 135282 ID: 8ecfd4

Ithaka has about one third of earths gravity. The athmospheric pressure is also lower than earths and the oxygen concentration is so low that humans can't survive there without breathing masks. That is the enviorment that the Gesters were evolved to live in. Human ships on the other hand will have the normal one earth gravity as well as normal athmospehric pressure with the normal oxygen concentration. If humans can't survive in the Gesters natural enviorment without aid then it's unlikely that the Gesters will fare any better.

Then there is the space issue. The first time the fleet ran they managed to cram aboard somewhere between 11000 and 10000 people, roughly 2000 of those died, either from suicide or accidents. We still have the same amounts of ships, only now they're older and has gone without proper maintence even longer. We will be lucky if we by some miracle can get all of our current 12812 humans off planet.

So how would we transport the gesters and still get all humans off planet? And remember, to get more ships we would first have to build a space station. And the cheapest ship costs 90 bp to build, we produce 18 per month.
No. 135286 ID: 54af1f


Where are you getting these figures from?
No. 135287 ID: 8ecfd4

Previous chapter. I was bit wrong about gravity it seems, I could have sworn i saw about one third somewhere. Still it's weak enough that it can cause bone and muscle athrophy in humans and the athmosphere is thin enough that humans get shortness of breath in a few minutes and need oxygen masks to function properly.

Our ships managed to get 10960 people out last time, and that was by cramming them full. 201 of those being nautli. We currently have a population of 12812 people. Our ships ran for 5 years straight without any of the needed maintenence or drydock overhauls. We have not had a chance to do so since and now it's been, like what another 5 years or more.
No. 135296 ID: 54af1f


And we also need lots more workers, plus given that we did come here, we have some responsibility to keep the Geisters from getting all slaughtered.

Thus, if we CAN fit geisters aboard, we should.
No. 135304 ID: 8ecfd4

Well even if we can the question is if we should. We might not get enough genetic diversity among them to make sure they don't go extinct from inbreeding.

And there is the tiny little fact that once they understand enough they will be able to connect two and two. Which is that we caused the extinction of their race for selfish reasons. We knew what we faced and what they were willing to do. And still we decided to settle down on a planet so close to them.

Without us landing there it's unlikely that the Breakers would have any intrest in killing the Gesters. If you check out the preview you see that the Breaker empire consists of four species. The Gesters would probably have been converted and then integrated into the empire if we hadn't shown up.

Still, we don't actually know if we can fit any gesters aboard. For now atleast we should draw up evacuation plans and make sure we have what we need to start up a new colony if we find another planet that works and is a safe distance away.
No. 135714 ID: c65419

forget the gesters. we need to either arm up or leave. if needed be, we can take genetic samples for studies later on.

i like this. a frigate-sized vessel that would act like a apartment.

>Research has been switched to TRANSLATION ALGORITHM
i DONT like this.

we just got breaker weapons, we should research it in order to defend uselves.

also, consider the research takes 5 months while the warning from the anomaly to us is 2 months. even if we get a scout in the other side its only next round, so it could be too late already.
No. 136394 ID: 35cea2
File 126672041579.png - (95.34KB , 1800x916 , Base Report 3.png )

You know when I said all problems were fixed? I LIED AGAIN! The spreadsheet accidentally counted all people in training twice. I fixed it now, but still there are more people alive than can fit into the starships.

It is possible, as messages travel twice as fast as starships can. It is risky though, as the Breakers have proven they have some sort of stealth technology and might be able to intercept and destroy the scout ship before it can detect them.

Current total capacity of all the starships in the fleet is 10,000 people and 12,000 units of cargo. There will certainly not be enough warning for the fleet to make two trips. Maximum range of the fleet would be determined by stockpiles of FUEL and FOOD (and to a lesser degree, MORALE) At our current population size, 200 units of FOOD will be consumed per turn, while 60 units of FUEL will be consumed per turn.

Professionals have drafted a basic plan of what basically is a hollowed-out FRIGATE, able to transport about 2,000 people and 1,500 units of cargo. This would require an ORBITAL FACTORY to build and requires 2 RP to design.

The following buildings have been constructed:
7 MEDIUM LABS completed (VACANT)
1 HOSPITAL completed (VACANT)
1 MEDIUM LAB completed (VACANT)

Ambassador NaNi has been informed of the threat the Gesters on Ithaka face. He will be meeting with the leaders of several other nearby tribes to explain what the Splinter will do. Spend the next few suggestions on directing the negotiations.

NaNi: Greetings friends. I bring grave news; The monsters that have chased the metal-people and their fish-allies to our world will inevitably arrive within a few years.
BH Leader: Why would this concern us?
TS Leader: Yes, why would the fate of the metal-people matter to us?
No. 136400 ID: 632862

"We fled because they destroyed our entire planet. It is unknown if they will do so again, here... they may simply invade and attempt a precision strike against our settlement, since we don't have a large presence here. Even so, consider that possibility. We may be able to bring some of you along with us as we once again flee their forces."
No. 136637 ID: 2dd482

Is it posible to research a way to enhance the BRIC armour with the same materials that make up the MBT's armour? Maybe we can mobilize the entire population and just stick it out long enough to build extra ships for an exodus of the entire (surviving) population.
No. 136649 ID: 54af1f

Ok guys, it's time to rush for orbital stations. We need to pull out all the stop and build an orbital station right freaking now.
No. 136656 ID: 8ecfd4

Well the plan wasn't to make two trips once the breakers show up. The plan was to load up as many people we can right now, go through the anomaly, hoping against reason to find a planet where humans can survive real close to the other side and then send back half of the fleet to pick up the rest of the people.

As for the gesters. Tell them "We simply wanted you to know beforehand. We will be leaving." and that should be it. If we bring them along then their descendants will eventually figure out what happened. Which is that we caused the near extinction of their entire species because we were dumb fucks. I really don't think they're going to be all that keen on cooperating with us after that.

And it's not certain that the Breakers will wipe them out. They have a multiple species empire. The reason they wiped out mankind instead of invaded is because their god told them to.

But lets build a orbital facilty and get one of those hollowed out frigates built. We might be lucky and have enough time for that.

And the idea of arming the entire population to stick it out is very bad. Once the Breakers achieve fleet superiotiy around the planet they will be able to drop precision strikes on our forces and we would have no way to retaliate or get out people off planet. And we would be unable to attempt to hide by going native because humans can not survive completly unaided on Ithaka.
No. 136657 ID: 54af1f

No. 136692 ID: cfad4e

Shouldn't that be 850 professionals done in 45 months, not 650?

In any case, that's hoping that the Breakers won't show up for a long time. Before I make a build order: Should I abandon that latest batch of dudes in training (850 professionals + 350 workers in 45 months) in favor of building ships instead? (And, if so, should I switch research AGAIN so we actually have ships to build?)

Also, I don't much see the point in trying to convince the Gesters to come with us. We can't really carry them. I don't have a clue what the correct solution is, there.
No. 136694 ID: 8ecfd4

I think shipbuilding should be priority number one. The more stuff and people we can bring along the better we're going to be off wherever we end up. The prisoners and corpses are not going anywhere so we can get to work on them at a later time, provided that we get a later time.
No. 136716 ID: 54af1f


Ideally we should have enough ships done by then. I suggest we go all out for ship building.
No. 136739 ID: 9305be

do not build ships until we get at least guns to protect them.

can we use intys in space? if so we should research breaker guns, then we make the apartment-frigate. we may need to make a frigate to act like the usual buildings too.
No. 136752 ID: 632862

If possible, let's integrate schools into the ships we're building. Then we can train professionals during travel.
No. 136769 ID: 54af1f


What are the guns gonna do? We can't break breaker shields yet. Maybe if we could build breaker antiship cannons, but I doubt we've got time to research that.
No. 136778 ID: cfad4e

Load 6,000 Metal, 1,000 Ceramics, 140 Superconductors, 300 Uranium, 3,000 Food, and all Fuel into the Fleet, so we don't have to worry about that if we need to drop everything and run.
Halt (ugh) research of Translation Algorithm and begin researching Small Freighter instead.


In 2 Months:
SMALL FREIGHTER research completes.
Halt newest batch of WORKERS/PROFESSIONALS in training, freeing up 50 Professionals to staff the 4x Orbital Factories, plus as much of the Medium Factories as possible.
Investigate potential for FLYING SCHOOLS
<new turn>
No. 136851 ID: 35cea2
File 126680331928.png - (106.21KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 4.png )

NaNi:I just wanted to inform you that the metal-people and their fish-allies will be leaving sometime in the near future. When they leave, there will likely be a massive explosion where their abandoned buildings stand, and the ground will be toxic for centuries."
EF Leader: Thank you for the warning.
BH Leader: Good riddance.

The following buildings have been constructed:

2 MEDIUM FACTORIES have been reactivated, and 2 COLLEGES have been shut down and the WORKERS and PROFESSIONALS training put on hold.

Interceptors are space-capable fighters.

FREIGHTERS have been designed. They can carry 2000 people and 1,500 units of cargo. At the expensive of 500 units of cargo capacity, 500 units of people capacity, and the additional cost of the building, a SMALL FACTORY, SCHOOLHOUSE, SMALL LABORATORY, or a MEDICAL OUTPOST can be placed inside the FREIGHTER.

Also, a message has been received from the Anomaly.
"This is Lieutenant-Commander Sigurd, head of the away team. If you have received this message then we have arrived at the Anomaly two months ago. We have sufficient supplies for about two years. We will remain here until we receive further orders or run low on supplies."
No. 136880 ID: 54af1f

Is NaNi coming with us?

With some flash cloning and genetic engineering, then the 25 geisters who joined us could actually be a viable population.
No. 136881 ID: 54af1f


Aren't they supposed to be opening it up and seeing where it leads?
No. 136909 ID: 35cea2

Note: The resources listed are messed up. In actuality we have:
15061 METAL
226 SC
5758 FOOD

NaNi and the other Gesters will be joining the fleet.

We don't have flash cloning technology...

It will take 2 turns for the order to activate the Anomaly to reach them and 2 more turns for them to reply.
No. 136916 ID: cfad4e

Tell Kara to fire that pig up and tell us what's on the other side. If it leads to Hell I'd rather find out now.

Unless I'm mistaken, they only have a disc that leads to one location. If I am mistaken, try 'em both!

Build order pending.
No. 136940 ID: cfad4e

Set each ORBITAL FACTORY to construct a FREIGHTER
Set 2x Medium Factories to assist, bringing each Orbital Fac up to effective 12 BP per month. (ETC on the freighters: 7 Months)
Begin 7x MEDIUM CERAMISTS. (If we run out of workers, begin shutting down mines, smelters, morale structures, and other nonessential structures)

LAB: Proceed with research of Translation Algorithm.

Halt whatever factory build queue we had before.
NEW FACTORY QUEUE: (Enough for 1x Medium factory over 8 months)
5x Nuclear Bombs
1x Dropship

1x with onboard MEDICAL OUTPOST
1x with onboard SMALL LAB
2x with onboard SCHOOLHOUSES

In 4 Months:
Message from Anomaly returns
<new turn>
No. 136958 ID: cfad4e

And if the expedition takes longer...

In 6 months:
200 PROFESSIONALS graduate. Put 20 to work on ORBITAL FACTORIES and 7 to work on the MEDIUM FACTORY
Activate two new Orbital Factories
Activate 1x Medium Lab
Activate 1x Small Lab (If we run out of pros, take some from the College, which is now operating at only 2/3 capacity)

Research goes from 1/month to 5/month.

2x with onboard SMALL LABs

In 7 months:
First 4x Freighters finish
Put 4x more into production

Only 1 month until 400 new Professionals graduate.
Research on TRANSLATION ALGORITHM and BREAKER INTERROGATION finishes... unless there's some minimum time needed for the interrogation itself.

(PS: Start thinking of names for these freighters, guys.)
No. 136975 ID: 67c611

8 freighter names.............

Porky 1-8
Freddie Mac
Fannie May
Dot Com
.... maybe naming them after giant things that went kaboom is a bad idea.

I'm out of ideas.
No. 136998 ID: cfad4e

Oh balls. We only have enough power between both the settlements for 7x additional Ceramists.

In 4 months, begin 1x MEDIUM GENERATOR at MONUMENT, to match demand.

Also, put up durable warning signs around the colonies. Maybe even statues of unhealthy looking Gesters making foreboding 'go away' signs, if we're feeling fancy. Start relocating natives in potential fallout zones. While doing this, discreetly obtain small skin/blood samples to build up a genetic database for future cloning needs.

Obtain more samples of native plants, wildlife, and microbiology. Who knows? A researcher might someday look at an alien extremophile and figure out how to grow food on some hostile world. Or engineer a Breaker-killing plague which won't work as well as advertised and make them ten times as devoted to killing us.
No. 137189 ID: 6a6a5e

Got the names for the freighters:

Freddie Mac
Fannie May
Fat Man
Little Boy
No. 137204 ID: 4d6d81

we do have. we got breaker gun tech to research, its the only thing we know it would work

id also like to set up a dropship-bus scheme. we use the dropships to make a public transport scheme when we are mobile in space.

also i need to know of one thing: from here to the anomaly is 2 months, the message also takes 2 months to travel to here? we have a problem, she can get poped by a stealth ship and we would be without warning.
No. 137206 ID: 4d6d81

also also if we cant research breaker gun just now can we pretty please make some sort of orbital factory in a freighter?
No. 138441 ID: 35cea2
File 126707136687.png - (117.57KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 5.png )

1 MEDIUM DERRICK in MONUMENT and 2 MEDIUM DERRICKS in SLATER have been shut down to free up enough energy for the new buildings. All stores have been shut down due to lack of goods to distribute.

The sudden loss of purchasable goods combined with the fact that the excitement from the first victory wearing off has led to a drastic drop of morale.

Numerous samples of Ithaka's wildlife has been collected and preserved, including some DNA samples of Gesters from all across the planet. The Gesters closest to the settlements have been relocated and warning signs have been erected around the blast zone.

The following buildings have been constructed:

The first batch of freighters are under construction.

1 of the 5 Breaker prisoners has died from disease. The remaining prisoners are transferred to sterilized prison cells in hopes of preventing further deaths.

A message was sent to the away team, telling them to activate the Anomaly and see what is on the other side. A reply arrives 4 months later:
"Lieutenant-Commander Sigurd here, we've activated the Anomaly. It looks like the eggheads were right about the thing: when we put the icon into the slot, some kind of huge portal appeared. The other side seems pretty safe and relatively normal, barring the red colored space. The other end of the portal is held open by another Anomaly, only smaller and without any of the buildings on it. Scans have picked up several stars in the vicinity. The eggheads have created a preliminary report on the stars on the other end. It is attached to the end of this message. The away team will remain at the Anomaly until briefed otherwise."
UA: White dwarf star, no planets.
UB: Main sequence yellow star, several planets. Strong radio chatter: Unknown advanced civilization is present. Definitely not Breaker.
UC: Red Dwarf, some planets.
UD: Main sequence orange star, several planets. Picking up some signals identical to the one the Anomaly emits when activated.
No. 138461 ID: cfad4e

Use this build order for the next three months: >>136958
Except replace the Factory production from now on with Durable goods for the stores.(Finish building a nuke if we're midway through one)

ALSO: This month, upgrade the two Small Sea Derricks to Mediums. Cut Metal Derircks to free up manpower and smelting if necessary.

ALSO: Dispatch a Corvette, with orders to fly ahead of the fleet, through the Portal, to investigate a system. I vote UD.
No. 138517 ID: 8cb5ed

We have some surplus workers for now. Perhaps we should start recycling some vacant buildings we can't reasonably use, such as colleges?

Also support UD.

How about searching for known stars/quasars/galaxies/whatever on other side of portal for triangulation? Or actualy checking if it is same universe?
No. 138527 ID: 8ecfd4

UD gets my vote as well.

Hopefully we can find a human friendly planet there and hopefully one without natives.

I'm also guessing here but I think UB hasn't achieved space flight advanced enough to cross over to a different star system yet. Otherwise I think they would have set up ouposts at UD and have some sort of scout force or warning system by the anomaly.
No. 138538 ID: bf2bdb

UD for now, let's stay away from any locals until we've completed evacuation.
No. 138539 ID: bf2bdb

Also: When should we start evacuating? I mean, the breakers have stealth. Would it be better to evacuate ahead of time?
No. 138540 ID: 8ecfd4

We should start evacuating as soon as we have the ships ready and loaded up.

I'm wondering if we should nuke our end of the anomaly after we go through it or not. If we figured out how to use it then the Breakers might do the same thing and then we're back where we started.
No. 138545 ID: bf2bdb


It's definitely the safer option, though we don't know if they have a disk or not.
No. 138574 ID: cfad4e

Nuking the Portal seems very regrettable, if perhaps necessary. There's more we could do with it, and more to be learned. On the other hand, we can't do any of these things if the Breakers find us again.

The only other concern is that UD is emitting signals similar to the portal machine. I hope nuking the platform won't result in the other artefacts tagging us as hostile and attacking with ancient weapons.

>When should we start evacuating?
My plan was to try interrogating the Breakers before deciding. As luck would have it, the interrogation should finish the same month that the first batch of new freighters completes.

The safe option is to evac as soon as we can, and never even put the two new shipyards to use, but it would be really useful (assuming we don't die) to stay six or so months longer, so we can research things like upgraded warp drives, breaker tech, and such.
No. 138577 ID: 00c320

we should not go to UD. we are leaving this sweet-ass planet with bare minimum atmosphere bearing the equivalent of 5 out of 6 numbers in space lotto because we need to hide, not to find a planet like it.

UA will asplode soon or has already asploded, so no.
UB contains either a pre-space age civilization or a colony of something that may or may not be allied to the breakers. even attempting to trade with them can be harmful to our position, plus actual lack of what to do with them asides diplomacy.
UC is viable. we arent staying long, we just need ore + fuel and we are out of there
UD is a obvious choice. asides the anomaly thing (wich may indicate another gate thus another choice there) i dont see why we should go.

anyone has the map from the anomaly again?
No. 138683 ID: bf2bdb


Actually, I think I've got a better idea: why don't we plant a nuke on the other end with a corvette with a dead man's trigger also watching.

If the breaker fleet comes through, we nuke the other end, closing it up. This has several advantages, the first being the breakers can't be sure of where we've gone (we might have escaped in normal space) and second we can still use the artifact if we ever get back there.

In order to prevent stealth ships slipping through, if the anomaly opens to the configuration of stars that can be observed looking back through from red space, and nothing comes through we detonate anyway.
No. 138691 ID: cfad4e

Okay, so after we flee through the anomaly, we leave a corvette on station at all times to blow up a nuke if Breakers fly through?

That's not as safe as blowing up the artifact behind us, but is still pretty safe.

Given the potential utility of the artifact (it's already letting us make a translation algorithm and warp drives potentially superior to Breaker ones!) I agree. We should go with this. There's a risk, but we have to take risks if we're going to do anything more than run away forever.

...plus, y'know, it's obviously a major plot device.
No. 138699 ID: bf2bdb

It also has the advantage of blowing up the end we're on, not the end we passed through, in case the breakers have something as inconvenient as another artefact that can get to us.
No. 138968 ID: 612f58

Or you could check if icons must be present on both ends.
If yes, then simply remove icon in red space.
If no, then open portal from other end and take icon.

In latter case, you can keep corvette to watch anomaly in case breaker find other instalations.
No. 139002 ID: bf2bdb


Just hope the portal stays open when we yank the icon out of it.
No. 139132 ID: 066862

i like this. its also more likely to work that to nuke the anomaly.

if there is a anomaly in the other side we should do this. by the map on the discussion thread we should had 8 choices not 4, meaning we are missing some sort of return channel.
No. 139362 ID: 716e22

Ops, it appears that I didn't pay attention.
Re-reading original post, it appears that anomalies (Perhaps we should pick up a better name?) are generator-reciever system rather than generator-generator ala Stargate.
In this case, there probably should be reciever somewhere on our side.

Well, that make UD a priority. It also means that we (probably, unless reciever are too far away) can take icon after we leave, by generating portal from red space (lets call it Hub) and sending ship to take icon.
No. 139742 ID: 35cea2
File 126732442264.png - (118.42KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 6.png )

A message was sent to the first away team on Vitium to explore the UD system, while Furor was sent to stay at the Anomaly to activate it at a moment's notice.

The following buildings have been constructed:

The first 4 FREIGHTERS are completed. Due to a shortage of CERAMICS, only 5 FREIGHTERS are under construction instead of 6. Also, one MEDIUM GENERATOR was added to the build queue due to an energy shortfall.

The interrogation of the prisoners have been concluded. We have learned many imporant bits of information.
-We know the location of the Breaker fleet. We can expect them to arrive, at the earliest, at turn 40.
-The Breakers are part of a large empire (Zaj in their tounge, but also referred to as the "Union of Four" and the "Quadrium") consisting of 4 different species. Each species has its own clearly defined role within the empire; the Breakers defend and police it, the Makers construct new buildings, vehicles and goods, the Keepers service it and the Bringers act as leaders and religious figures.
-Their religion is focused on a single deity they refer to as the "Lord-of-All". They claim the deity speaks directly to their leaders to enact his will.
-Religion is extremely important to them; it pervades nearly every aspect of their lives and completely shapes their society. Due to taboos within their religion, they refuse to use genetic engineering, modify their bodies through surgery, colonize other planets, explore too far in the galaxy and numerous other things.
-One of the most interesting taboos is that they are not allowed to advance their technology. They claim their current technology is gifted to them from their god.
-The reason they destroyed Earth was because of a direct command from their god. Despite no other information save the reassuring word of their leaders, they seem utterly convinced that their mission is divine and are completely unfazed by the destruction of our planet.

The Breakers appear to have very little capacity for emotions and creativity and are either naturally dedicated followers or brainwashed very well.
-They have no knowledge of the Anomaly (or any other sentient races for that matter, though they state that they know others exist and that some worship their god.)

2 prisoners have survived interrogation. What should we do with them?
No. 139744 ID: 35cea2
File 126732448158.png - (50.63KB , 632x1378 , Tech tree.png )

The TRANSLATION ALGORITHM and BREAKER INTERROGATION researches have been completed. No new techs were unlocked.
No. 139750 ID: 7857d9

Breaker Autopsy and Warp Tech should be started asap.
No. 139753 ID: 632862

Let's tell the Gesters about our revised timeframe.

Research recommendations:
Breaker Autopsy, so we can figure out how to keep the prisoners alive, and how to kill them better.
Warp Tech, so we can GTFO better.
Breaker Weapons, for obvious reasons.
Breaker Vehicles, again obvious.
No. 139754 ID: 7857d9

Preference goes to Warp tech, mind you.
No. 139765 ID: 881fee

>They have no knowledge of the Anomaly
they DONT know how to operate it?

we need to think in the long haul. if we have ~40 turns, lets consider 35 turns for safety. till then, what can we research of useful?

also i want autopsy now.
No. 139767 ID: 54af1f

Breaker weapons first, we can do that real quick, then breaker autopsy.

We've got 2 years and 9 months before the breakers arrive, but I suggest we try to leave earlier rather than later. Preferable keep them guessing as to where we went
No. 139770 ID: 8ecfd4

Vivisection time for the two survivors. After that they're not likely to be survivors.

Lets go with breaker weapons first.
Warp tech after that.

And I think we should move as soon as we're ready to move. So once we have the ships ready and all our resources packed up we should leave. Once we're through the anomaly we can find a new planet and set up a new colony there. Hopefully one without natives and Breakers, then we can figure out long term plans.
No. 139782 ID: 54af1f


I'd say earlier. We should leave like turn 28, so we've got a full year to get through before they arrive.
No. 139794 ID: 881fee

>find a new planet and set up a new colony there
we have been trhu this before. we wont find a new earth so soon much less a planet that looks half this good.

we are staying mobile.
No. 139814 ID: cfad4e

Keep the last two Breakers alive. Do try to figure out if they're psionic or something, though. Seriously.

Transmit the Translation Algorithm to our portal expedition and try to decrypt the radio transmissions they're receiving from UB.

I vote we get the fleet moving either after we find a good place to build, or around 8 to 12 months before the Breakers show up. Maybe we could even send an expedition ahead of the main fleet to set up basic colony facilities, while allowing our scientists to benefit from our lavish research facilities until it's time to go.

TURN 11 (NOW):
Labs: Begin research on WARP TECH I
Factories: Build 6,000 Durable Goods

Dormant Orbital Factory: Begin comprehensive maintenance/tuneups of ships in orbit.

TURN 12:
Factories: Build 6,000 Durable Goods
400 new Professionals graduate.

Deactivate 2x Small Lab
Deactivate 1x Medical Outpost
Activate 3x Medium Labs
Activate 1x Hospital
Activate 3x Colleges

COLLEGES: Continue training of 850 Professionals and 350 Workers. Begin training 1,800 new Workers.

Professionals should now be distributed like this:
7 on Vitium
60 at 6x Orbital Factories
28 at 4x Medium Factories
25 at 1x Hospital
125 at 5x Colleges
500 at 4x Medium Lab
4 doing whatever

(NOTE: Now generating 12 RP per turn)

TURN 13:
Factories: Build 36,000 Nondurable Goods

TURN 14:
Research on WARP TECH I completes.
Begin research of BREAKER WEAPONRY. (ETC: 1 Turn)
<Take New Actions>
No. 139943 ID: ff53a9


Good idea, but I think we should add more research instead of training for now.

In long term, increasing number of workers and profesionals are better than research, but with breaker fleet incoming, we wouldn't be able to finish training them.

Admittedly, starting training now means less time to finish training after we relocate, so it mostly matter of personal preferences.

However, there are "Strength Implants" research topic. What if there are also "Neural Interface" somewhere? That should cut both manpower requirments AND likely shorten training time.

OOC speaking, such technology already exist (mostly experimental medical treatments), but also several commercial devices for PC (if mostly as novelity game controllers).
No. 140093 ID: 54af1f

We should also test how long the Anomaly takes to deactivate when you pull the disk.

When we leave, I suggest we nuke anything we leave unsalvaged so it's obvious to the breakers we left. This makes things slightly harder for us, but it does mean they're unlikely to blow up the planet.
No. 140105 ID: cfad4e

Also, put Schoolhouses in Krakatoa, Vesuvius, and Dot Com.
No. 140109 ID: 8ecfd4

I didn't say that we would. I mean that if we find a sweet planet without natives then we should consider putting up a colony there.

We can progress alot further faster if we're on a planet than if we're flying around in space. And planetside we won't have to put any restrictions on birth rates. And once we're on the other side of the anomaly we should be pretty breaker safe.
No. 140113 ID: 54af1f


Eventually we can go mobile after we're properly set up.
No. 140125 ID: 303fb1

actualy ff53a9 has a good point. they fear transhumanism, we need transhumanism. after breaker weapon and warp tech, we really should do those implants and the likes

i think its safe to say we will need to plot the RP usage from this turn to turn 40
No. 140130 ID: 54af1f

We should also finish computer systems 2 as soon as we can.
No. 140269 ID: 54af1f

We should research breaker weapons then go onto instant communications.
No. 140275 ID: 35cea2
File 126740314176.png - (108.15KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 7.png )

Due to worker and energy shortages, 2 MEDIUM METAL DERRICKS, 2 GREENHOUSES, 1 ORBITAL FACTORY and 2 FARMING DOMES have been shut down.

3 MEDIUM LABS, 1 HOSPITAL and 3 COLLEGES have been reactivated, and training of new workers has begun.

The availability of both DURABLE and NONDURABLE GOODS as well as the activation of the HOSPITAL has bumped morale back up to perfect.

WARP DRIVE 1 now allows all new ships to move at 2 parsecs per month. It costs 6 SC and 6 ORBITAL BP to upgrade a CORVETTE, 12 SC and BP to upgrade a FRIGATE or FREIGHTER, 24 SC and BP to upgrade the DESTROYER and 48 SC and BP to upgrade the CARRIER. This means it will cost 132 SC and ORBITAL BP to upgrade every ship except the Furor and Vitium.
No. 140276 ID: 35cea2
File 126740322080.png - (51.80KB , 632x1378 , Tech tree.png )

Further tests on the prisoners show they have no abnormal brain activity.

New Tech unlocked:
INSTANT COMMUNICATION: Enables a new building/ship component that enables messages to arrive instantaneously, regardless of distance. This tech is also will upgrade the scanners on ships.
No. 140277 ID: 54af1f

Let's finish computers when breaker weapons finishes, then go immediately onto instant comms.

We have no idea how much minerals etc. we'll have on the other end, so I suggest we stockpile as much stuff (especially food and super conductor) as we can.

Is it possible to pack a farm dome into a freighter? Or at least a ton of local soil so we have a growth medium?
No. 140280 ID: 6faa8c


Sure is XENOCIDE in here

Breaker weapons > Computer tech
No. 140285 ID: 660feb

we need the breaker stuff. seriously, we may not even be able to do this when we leave.
No. 140286 ID: 3f9313

I know what to do with the prisoners.

Brainwash them.
No. 140287 ID: 660feb

...actualy you DO have a point.

if we give them implants or gengineer them will their minds break?

can i question them on that? altho i think id like to see more of them from a authopsy.
No. 140290 ID: 632862

Breaker Weapons, Breaker Vehicles, then Breaker Autopsy.

Meanwhile let's retrofit all our ships (except the two big ones) with Warp Tech.
No. 140295 ID: cfad4e

I think we can finish research on breaker weapons and vehicles in a single month. We'll be researching stuff much more quickly from now on.

Trouble is, that means we need a new update for every one or two months. Gonna be slow progress, unless we're willing to kinda suck it up and research multiple things at a time. (Meaning that it could be a few months before we start research on whatever comes after Breaker guns, assuming there is such a tech)

So... should we go for one month to research just breaker tech, or multiple months, to also research Instant Comms and get some upgrades done?
No. 140320 ID: 54af1f


Well, I think we're gonna need to rolling up grade everything anyway. Let's do Breaker tech anyway. That way, if any advanced guards turn up, we might be in position to kill them off with their own weapons, that's always lulz.
No. 140326 ID: 1479f0

can you make a upgrade list to fit the buildings upgrade and shuttle construction?

it would be best to also have new turns when new tech pops up. so far we really need all breaker tech and better comms, but we really should do transhumanism asap.

also improved mass production could help to keep the population happy. if it frees BP for the orbital factory even better.
No. 140339 ID: 54af1f

After we upgrade something with instant comm. and enhanced warp we should send it through to join up with the away team, maybe pulling one of their ships back, so we've got a direct line to them.
No. 140383 ID: cfad4e

I'mma go ahead and do a build order for multiple months, researching multiple techs. It'll take that long to upgrade the engines on all the ships anyway.

Month 14 (NOW):
Demobilize 50 Light Infantry to serve as workers, to reactivate the sixth Orbital Factory. (If that doesn't work, shut down a store.) Begin upgrading ships with new engines, starting with the smallest.
(18 BP used by ground factories this month)
Begin research on BREAKER WEAPONRY and BREAKER VEHICLES (ETC for both: 1 Month)

Month 15:
Research on BREAKER WEAPONRY/VEHICLES completes with 1 RP to spare.
Begin research on INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS (ETC: 2 Months)
(Upgrades: 12BP spent)
(18 BP used by ground factories this month)

Month 16:
(Upgrades: 24BP spent)
(18 BP used by ground factories this month)

Month 17:
3x new Freighters completed. 4x Orbital Factories devoted to Upgrade Effort.
Research on INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS finishes with 5 RP to spare.
Begin research on BREAKER AUTOPSY (ETC: 1 Month)
(Upgrades: 36BP spent)
(18 BP used by ground factories this month)

Month 18:
2x new Freighters completed. 5x Orbital Factories devoted to Upgrade Effort. (1x Inactive)
(Upgrades: 72BP spent so far.)
Research on BREAKER AUTOPSY finishes with 2 RP to spare.
Some day I will research genetically engineered sergal marines and no one will notice until it's too late.
Resume research on COMPUTING SYSTEMS II
(27 BP used by ground factories this month)

Month 19:
Ship Engine Upgrades complete.
Research COMPUTING SYSTEMS II finishes with 2 RP to spare.
<New Action>

Ground factories produce 99 BP of things in this time period:
69,000 Nondurable Goods
2x Interceptors
No. 140417 ID: 313970

Agreed on batch reserach decision
>Some day I will research genetically engineered sergal marines and no one will notice until it's too late.
No. 140429 ID: dfe330

Sounds pretty good.

But if we're gonna have sergal space marines I think we're going to need more genetical engeneering. And could we make them alien style chest bursters? Just imagine the look of shock on a breaker face once a NORTHERN SERGAL bursts out of his chest and starts eating his face.
No. 140431 ID: 701a19

Yes, we need to be able to make an army of Rain clones. Just point them in the right direction and ask that they never return.
No. 140599 ID: 62489a

Generic sergal clones will probably be best.
No. 140604 ID: 54af1f


Next time we've got spare BP, we should really replace our losses against the Breakers, more BRICs, Tanks and gunships etc, especially given we might see more ground fighting on the other end.
No. 140754 ID: ac5bda

>Some day I will research genetically engineered sergal marines and no one will notice until it's too late.
what? nonononononono.

just no.

Tozol Corp!

we lost one BRIC and thats it i think. we need intys, they work on spess.

also spess muhreens. and valkyries. and singing diplomats.
No. 140784 ID: 0738f8

How about tozols modified to grow fluffy sergal fur?
No. 141201 ID: 54af1f


Given Penji's regeneration I doubt we'll have the genetic engineering capacity to build Tozol in the foreseeable future.
No. 141638 ID: 35cea2
File 126767076226.png - (107.37KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 8.png )

All ships have been upgraded, 5 FRIGATES have been completed and 100 POWER INFANTRY have finished their training.

Due to COMPUTING SYSTEMS II, two new drones have been unlocked:
REAVER: An oversized WEAVER with less scanning equipment and instead a machine pistol built into it. It is fairly cheap, can be stuffed en masse into dropships (about 200 can fit in one) and can be remote controlled for improved performance. Drawbacks include it's lack of tactical intelligence, slow speed, weak weapon and the fact it is easy to destroy.
TEST PATTERN: UAV that can be used for scouting missions and can be equipped with 4 anti-ground weapons (AG missile, frag bombs or napalm canisters). It is a great scout and can provide useful fire support, but it is somewhat expensive and easy to shoot down.

The fleet now will use 105 FUEL per turn in space. Strategists recommend stockpiling more fuel from the nearby nebula or building an electrolysis plant or two.

Information has been received from the away team at UD. The planet the signals are coming from is a mostly tropical planet. Medieval age natives have been detected in large amounts on the planets surfaces. The away team's food supplies is going low, so they will return to Ithaka immediately.
No. 141639 ID: 35cea2
File 126767080793.png - (67.23KB , 871x1378 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on the following:
BREAKER WEAPONS: Breaker weapons are plasma-based. They work by firing a small shred of superconductor which carries the plasma around it. Homing plasma bolts, like those seen by Breaker Anti-Aircraft platforms, fire a superconductive missile. We cannot fabricate these weapons until we research how to create the strange alloys used in its construction.
BREAKER VEHICLES: Breakers vehicles are surprisingly not much more advanced than human vehicles, except for the fact that they use more advanced motors to power them. We cannot fabricate these vehicles until we research how to create the strange alloys used in its construction.
BREAKER AUTOPSY: Breakers are carnivorous creatures. They have less brain mass than humans do, but are around as intelligent due to the fact that they sacrifice the capacity for complex emotions or creativity, as well as saving brain space due to having no sense of smell. Reproduction works mostly the same with them as humans, though they have nearly no secondary sex characteristics.
COMPUTING SYSTEMS II: New drones have been unlocked.
INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS: Messages can travel instantly across space. An instant communicator costs 5 SC, 5 METAL and 5 BP (ground factory). They can be added to starships, dropships, or any building. Also, ship scanners are more sensitive and can detect stealth within ¼ of a parsec.

New techs unlocked:
COMPUTING SYSTEMS III: Enables more advanced drones and AI
WARP TECH II: Allows another upgrade to ship speed.

Some techs have been unveiled, but are unresearchable do to prerequisite techs:
BREAKER ALLOYS: Allows fabrication of a new resource necessary to allow us to copy Breaker weapons and vehicles. Was unveiled by BREAKER VEHICLES.
IMPROVED MOTORS: Improves the power of strength implants and power armor. Was unveiled by BREAKER VEHICLES.
FUSION CASTERS: New type of weapon that fires a high pressure jet of plasma. Upgrade to the flamethrower. Was unveiled by BREAKER WEAPONS
BREAKER PLAGUE: Develops a disease that afflicts only Breakers. Effectiveness of potential disease is unknown. Was unveiled by BREAKER AUTOPSY
No. 141652 ID: 632862

I say:

Genetic Engineering III, Strengthened Materials, then Breaker Alloys.

Retrofit all our starships with the Instant Communications devices. Can we communicate to our other forces, and tell them how to make these devices so that they may also communicate with us?
No. 141654 ID: bf2bdb


Let's research tankers and build several then grab a whole bunch of fuel out of the nebula, (maybe build an electrolysis plant in a freighter if we can, so we'll have a ready supply on the other side if we need to do anything fancy)

This waiting is gnawing at me, when can we leave? Or do you guys think we should send a second away team through the anomaly for more investigation?

Finally, we also need to check how fast the anomaly closes when you pull the disk out. We should do this now before we go through it.
No. 141732 ID: b3e9ac

Agreed. We realy should set departure date. Perhaps around turn 30?
No. 141896 ID: 8ecfd4

Looks like the ones that built the anomaly regressed or UD was not their homeplanet but a colony/research station and the natives are not the same as the ones that built the anomaly.

Lets send in the second away team to check out UC.

It might be a good idea to build an extra freighter whose only task is to transport fuel, or a couple of electrolysis plants. I'm not really certain on either one.

And turn 30 sounds like a good time to pull out and load everything up. As for tech, I think we should start off with Mass production II, that one seems to unlock some stuff that might be useful. After that I think Genetic engineering sounds like a good idea.

By the way I have some other things to ask our surviving prisoners. Which is, how does their stealth system work. What are the coordinates for their home system and how big is their fleet guarding their home system.
No. 141969 ID: bf2bdb


It's possible there are simply more artefact's buried under UD's surface. We should also be cautious in case the natives are more than they seem.

I prefer the Turn 28 deadline, that gives us a full year to get out.

We should check out UC, though a red dwarf colony is gonna suck. Also we need to get the translator working on the signals from UA.

I suggest our research priorities should be Tankers and Warp 2.
No. 141995 ID: 7b35c0


we can extend things a bit, if we hide in the nebula we can maybe pull 3 or 4 more turns. it should be safe to leave by turn 30.

also consider the breaker disease instead of the nuke in our home bases. leaving some pistol drones behind just to feight activity sounds about right
No. 141998 ID: b3e9ac

Fuel is just another type of cargo. No specialised freighter needed.
Electrolysis plants have horrible output, we will need to build them in large numbers.

For reserach, we will get about 120-130 RP generated by the turn 30. Warp II sounds very good, but perhaps combination of both GE III and CS III plus several other techs will be better? CS and GE looks like our "fundamental" research directions, ones that don't produce much instant benefit but open new options and improve life in general.

Also, that CS III+ImprMP+EngUpg - for some reason it sounds like worker robots to me.
I hope they wouldn't be designed by Cylon corporation...
No. 142008 ID: 7b35c0

we shoulnt make robots that are intelligent yet, we should make better humans. the breaker are scared of this.

we could go all borg or we could get matrix'd. either choice we should remmeber to stay as a union of "hyoomans"
No. 142026 ID: b3e9ac

Better humans are always good, but unless we start producing/cloning babies like mad, we will be seriously short-handed for next few decades even with massive population growth rate Ed set.

However, I do not propose using "strong" AI. System capable of replacing a worker will pretty much solve most of our manpower problems.
No. 142029 ID: 8ecfd4

We could probably damage the breakers alot without a very high amount of manpower, and the method would allow us to gain manpower while it was working.

If we get the coordinates for the breaker home system and what planet they're living on we should be able to calculate where said planet will be at a given time. Then we send a couple of factory ships to the area around Ithaka, find a nice moon and set up shop there. What we're going to do then is construct a shitload of solar arrays on the moons surface and make sure that some of them are always facing the star. Then we build some motherfucking huge railgun batteries, fire away say fivehundred 50 ton breaker alloy bars at say 60+% light speed against their home planet and then we wait around until they hit. Which should be a couple of decades or a century down the road. Giving us ample amounts of time to get our population going and our industry going.

A month or so after the breakers planet has been hit we send in a fleet for a mop up operation and take down any off world installations or fleets they have in the system.
No. 142031 ID: 7b35c0

a sound plan for a couple of decades. id like something for this lifetime, seriously.

why cant we just research breaker disease and send a small reentrance resistance container to their planet? they dont know how to mess with machines, i doubt they know medicine to research a cure.
No. 142032 ID: 8ecfd4

We would need atleast 100 live breakers as a test group for that research. Getting our hands on that many living ones could be quite difficult.
No. 142035 ID: b3e9ac

Great plan. Seriously. There are just few problems.
One. Range/Time - it's not "few decades, perhaps century". It's "few centuries at minimum".
Two. Targets - there are no single Breaker homeworld that you can take out to end the war. Our enemy are multi-stellar alliance of four races. We will need to strike all of them, with time-on-target volleys that will hit them within time span of month or two between first and last.
Overall, neither is something that is insurmountable problem, but as combination, it is simply not feasible.

Frankly, anti-Breaker disease is bad idea. Leaving aside possibility of mutation (both in plague and Breakers :)), even if it is 100% lethal, we can't assure that there wouldn't be survivors.
Also, there is old argument about our appearance in eyes of other species - using Breaker methods will paint us as no better than them. Something to keep in mind.

BTW, we probably should move to discussion thread.
No. 142042 ID: 7b35c0

what? the breaker doesnt do this. we are doing far worse witha disease made to wipe them. i however completely lost the requirement of 100 live tests subjects. a nuke it is then.
No. 142076 ID: bcf25c


An anti-breaker disease might actually work.

You seed several hundred of the virus on a time-based delay (using radioactive isotopes) in the captured Breakers. You let them get rescued.

The first shell of the virus breaks, allowing it to harmlessly spread. Inevitably there will be mutations, but they will eventually go back to their planet.

The final 'shell' of the virus triggers (over this period of time there would likely be a few early breakouts-but by the time this happens it would be far too late) and proceeds to cause widespread death.

This is the first hit on a one-two punch. A setup for managing an invasion later.
No. 142080 ID: 701a19

Radioactive decay doesn't work that way. It's probabilistic, not deterministic.
Besides, you're much better off giving it a long infectious incubation period followed by a rapid-onset death.
Or, if outright genocide is more your cup of tea, then have it attack reproductive tissue so that all children are born sterile. By the time they realized that the problem even existed they would already be genetically dead.
No. 142084 ID: 601a90

that would be pretty good. the are forbidden from genetic engineering so they would not be able to fix it.
No. 142114 ID: bf2bdb


They seem to be genetically engineered, thus what made them could well fix it.

If we're leaving as late as turn 30, I strongly suggest we need Warp II for even faster ships. I would be much happier leaving at the latest turn 28

We should maybe research improved mass productions and engines first though, cause that'll only take 2 months.

Then we upgrade everything with warp 2 and rabbit for the Anomaly. (Can we please test what happens when we pull the disk first?)
No. 142163 ID: bf2bdb

BTW: did we ever check the other systems on this side of the anomaly?

If not, we should send a ship with an instant communicator to check them before we leave.
No. 142227 ID: cfad4e

Turn 19 (NOW):
Transmit to the Anomaly telling the second Corvette to return home. (ETA: Turn 25)
Shut down 2x Orbital Factories, freeing up 100 Workers and 20 Professionals
Shut down 10x Medium Ceramists, freeing up 750 workers. (The reason for so many ceramists was shipbuilding, but we don't really have time for more of that before we have to go. We'll leave 8x running just in case we have time to upgrade our ships with better hulls and it requires a ton of ceramics.)
Reactivate 1x Medium Metal Derrick

Switch food production to Morale-Boosting grade.

Begin building 4x Medium Factories (ETC: Turn 21)
Begin building 3x Medium Sea Derricks (ETC: Turn 21)
Begin deconstructing 6x inactive Medium Ceramists, all 3x inactive Small Metal Derricks at Monument, and all 4x inactive Medium Labs. (Why did I build so many?)

Put 3x Frigates (ETC: Turn 28) and 1x Freigther (ETC: Turn 26) into production at the remaining Orbital Factories. Give the frigates Kinetic Lances. Put a School in the Freighter.
If nobody suggests anything better, name the frigates 'Prokhorovka,' and 'Dezful,' and 'Medina Ridge,' and the freighter 'Tunguska.'
Begin Research on Improved Mass Production (ETC: Turn 21) (Uses the 2 spare RP listed, for simplicity's sake)
Factory Production (72 BP minus 36 for ships = 36):
20BP: 4x Instant Comm Devices (What should we call these? Ansibles? Palantír?)
10BP: 1x TestPattern UCAV
6BP: 1,000x Durable goods

Turn 20:
Dispatch 2x Freighters with a Corvette escort to the Nebula to fill up on Fuel. (2,000 units plus whatever the Corvette can hold) Give an Instant comm/Palantir to test it out.

Factory Production (72 BP minus 36 for ships = 36):
30 BP: 3x TestPattern UCAVs
6BP: 1,000x Durable goods

Turn 21:
3x Medium Sea Derricks finish construction. Production becomes 72 units of delicious superconductors per month.
4x Medium Factories finish construction. If the expedition has returned, activate all 4x at full capacity. If it hasn't, take 4 Professionals from the Hospital and run that at reduced capacity for a few months.
Research on Improved Mass Production finishes with 11 RP to spare. Medium Factories now produce 21 BP each.
Begin Research on Strengthened Materials (ETC: Turn 23)
Factory Production (168 BP minus 36 for ships = 132
120BP: 8x Interceptors
6BP: 1,000x Durable goods
6BP: 2x Bunker Buster Bombs

Turn 22:
Factory Production (168 BP minus 36 for ships = 132
120BP: 8x Interceptors
6BP: 1,000x Durable goods
6BP: 2x Bunker Buster Bombs

Turn 23:
Research on Strengthened Materials finishes with 3 RP to spare. (I'm assuming these Spares aren't wasted, since researchers presumably go right to the next thing)
<New Actions>

Factory work Summary:
16x Interceptors
4x UCAVs
4x Instant Communicators
4x Bunker Buster Bombs
4,000x Durable Goods
No. 142235 ID: 04d52c

can we only partially deconstruct buildings? we need to make it look like its still functional but just for a few moments. scavengins some metal sounds good now...

make some reaver as well. the city must attract them before asploding completely.

altho it could be a nice idea to trap one of the cities to capture the 100 breaker needed for the breaker virus tech...
No. 142300 ID: 67c611

We already named 8 freighters? If this is #9 then name it the Death Star. Maybe the Hindenburg.

Remember, all freighters are to be named after big things that blew up.
No. 142302 ID: 67c611

Well fuck, just read up. Name #9 the Death Star and #10 the Hindenburg.
No. 142325 ID: 55e935

Or St. Helens, Yellowstone, Tsar Bomba, Dresden...

No. 142349 ID: cfad4e

...I should have asked this a dozen turns ago, but would it be possible to research Large Labs?

I guess at this point it'd make sense to wait for Large Buildings, which I assume comes after Strengthened Materials.

And speaking of that, let's deliberately avoid implementing the free building durability upgrade when that finishes researching.
No. 142389 ID: bf2bdb

Mph, I guess we won't finish warp 3 under Test's build :|
No. 142405 ID: 700d6b

about my trap idea, how many dropship-building could we make?

also large labs now? maybe if we make it into only one freighter. we must research tech we will need to escape and do skirmish battles.

warp 2 is already quite faster that the breaker for what we saw. let it be for a while.
No. 142412 ID: 54af1f

We should send an expedition to begin building a colony now if we can (unless we think we're close to large buildings, at which point maybe we should research that first)

About how many workers would we need to do that?
No. 142439 ID: 87d9ff

we are not building anything so close to us. we have about 2 years to find somewhere "nice", and that is a freaking long travel if you consider we have another anomaly less that 6 month away.
No. 142442 ID: 601a90

what's is being proposed is to go through the anomaly gate and then seal it behind us. the breakers will have to go the long way around to get to us again.
No. 142504 ID: cfad4e

Did the scouts find evidence of mineral resources on or around the tropical planet?

I concur that we should send a team ahead of the main colony effort, to UD, but I'm not sure what ships and how many dudes need to be sent to build essentials. I guess six freighters could make a small base plus a big pile of colleges and labs so we don't lose two months of valuable training and research time. Of course, that assumes that the natives present no difficulty. (But if they do, might be best to find that out before the main body of colonists arrive)

Total one-way time from Ithaka to UD should be around four months, with the new drives.
No. 142957 ID: 35cea2
File 126790680668.png - (104.06KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 9.png )

The planet was scanned briefly, revealing it had all resources necessary. Unfortunately, SUPERCONDUCTORS deposits are rather small, so those derricks on the planet will work at about 1/3 capacity.

Large Buildings is now an available tech, making the point of researching a large lab somewhat pointless.

The prisoners are regular footsoldiers and thus do not know how their own stealth systems work. They are unsure of the exact coordinates of their homeworlds, but one of them draws an estimate.

The following buildings have been constructed:

200 more LIGHT INFANTRY have been demobilized to create more WORKERS. We have run out of soldiers with preliminary worker training now, no more demobilization is possible. We currently have 360 WORKERS who can be remobilized into LIGHT INFANTRY.

DOMES and GREENHOUSES are now producing high quality food.

The IRA, VESUVIUS and KRAKATOA have been sent to collect FUEL from the nebula. They return next turn with about 3500 FUEL. The VITIUM and FUROR will return around turn 26.
No. 142958 ID: 54af1f

Call me crazy, but maybe we should start training some non-workers into light infantry
No. 142959 ID: 35cea2
File 126790699944.png - (68.23KB , 871x1378 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on the following:
STRENGTHENED MATERIALS: All armor on buildings, vehicles and infantry have been improved slightly.

New techs unlocked:
LARGE BUILDINGS: Unlocks all large buildings.
No. 143004 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we should get engine upgrade and streangth upgrade to see what they unlock.

I think we should build some more gunships for air patrols if we're going to settle on UD.
No. 143021 ID: 1fe8ce

id go for breaker alloy. its the real only thing missing for weapons effective against the breaker.

i agree, but the peformace stuff should wait till we re-settle our industry hopefully somewhere beyond UD.
No. 143024 ID: 601a90

i think the hidden one after engine upgrade is generator upgrade. makes the most sense.
No. 143200 ID: cfad4e

Turn 23 (NOW):
Shut down 4x Medium Metal Derricks (Leaving only two active, for 300 metal per month, and freeing 300 Workers)
Begin building 4x MEDIUM COASTAL DERRICKS (ETC: Turn 25)
RANSACK 2x Orbital Factories, 6x Land Derricks, 2x Medical Outposts, 2x Small Labs, and 2x Farming Domes for Superconductors. (These took 48S to build)
Begin Research on Genetic Engineering III (ETC: Turn 27)
Begin training 200 Crewmen and 500 Light Infantry (ETC: Turn 29)

Turn 24:
Dispatch IRA, CONTEMNO, FAT MAN, VESUVIUS, TUNGUSKA, and KRAKATOA back to the nebula to get even more FUEL. I don't actually know how much fuel the fleet stores outside of normal cargo holds, but this should hopefully top them up. (Returns: Turn 28)

Turn 25:
4x COASTAL DERRICKS complete. Superconductor production becomes 108/month.

Turn 26:
Away Teams return home. Hope they're bored of it in four months.
Freighter Tunguska launches. Orbital factory starts upgrading Vitium and Furor with Warp II drives. (ETC: Turn 27)

Turn 27:
Drive upgrades complete.
Shut down and ransack now-empty Orbital Factory (contains 10 supers)
Research on Genetic Engineering III completes with 5 RP to spare. Population growth increases.
Begin Research on Improved Engines (ETC: Turn 28)

Turn 28:
Ships return from the nebula with 7000 Fuel. (Fuel Total should now be 11,000 or so. That should be enough to top off the tanks, seeing how there's no nebula in the new region and Electrolysis plants are weak)
3x Frigates launch.
Shut down All Orbital Factories and Ceramists, freeing up a bazillion workers.
Begin prepping sites for demolition. Start moving belongings into the Fleet. (We have 2x as much living space as we need, so people can probably bring belongings)
Remove or destroy hints about where we're going.
Ransack Orbital Factories for superconductors (contain 30 S)
Research on Upgraded Engines completes with 7 RP to spare. Begin research on Strength Implants.

Turn 29:
500 Infantry and 200 Crew finish training.
<New Actions, where we decide how to GTFO and what to bring>

FACTORIES: 705 BP produced in this time. (Not counting orbital usage)
36BP spent on 6,000 Durable Goods (Yeah, I'm just letting the Nondurables run out. Who uses paper in the future anyway?)
210: 14x Interceptors
100: 10x UCAVs
120: 20x Main Battle Tanks (10x with Railguns)
60: 20x SuperBRICs (MMAA)
60: 10x MLRS
45: 1x Dropships
72: 12x Gunships
2: 2x LUVs

Cost estimate: 1980 metals, 2210 ceramics, 219 superconductor, 297 uranium

(Plus 12 SC for upgrading Warp Drives)

Was there other stuff we wanted to do before we left? Maybe we could drop durable books in Gester language explaining basic science and medicine?
No. 143208 ID: 601a90

think the only thing we should uplift them on is farming methods, like crop rotation and stuff.

other then that i think we are good.
No. 143216 ID: 54af1f


Leave them proper books, but somewhere concealed so the breakers won't see trace of them right away.
No. 143229 ID: 67c611

I vote non-interference with any alien races. If we taint them with our evil, the Breakers will destroy them too.
No. 143430 ID: 35b6de

actualy the book on farming andmaybe how to treat and recognize radiation poisoning is a great idea if we can make sure they only get it in a couple of months, like a time lock.

it would help mitigate the effects of slow death by radiation clouds and whatever more we did to them, if that only happens in a few months then the rbeaker will be less suspicious of it.
No. 143433 ID: 8ecfd4

I second this. It will probably not happen because people have hardon for aliens but whatever. When the gesters are wiped out because we left them books I'm not going to shed any tears.
No. 145279 ID: 35cea2
File 126827858411.png - (97.93KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 9.png )

The dropships begin to ferry belongings and resources into the dropships. The Infractus has enough room for all the vehicles to be loaded, but total cargo space for the whole fleet is 27500 units (not including FUEL, of which the fleet can carry 21,000 units)

Nukes have been placed in locations underneath SLATER and MONUMENT.

Several Gester settlements have been gifted durable books filled with information regarding farming.
Most Gester settlements are far enough away from the blast sites and the signs erected should deter those that do manage to get too close, but to be on the safe side the nearby Gester tribes have also have been gifted books with information about the dangers of the irradiated areas and how to treat radiation poisoning. Most settlements graciously accepts the gifts, but the more xenophobic tribes refuse them.

With the discovery of STRENGTH IMPLANTS, medical buildings can now begin augmenting people. MEDICAL OUTPOSTS give 1 Implant Point (IP), HOSPITALS get 3 and the next larger one gets 9 and so forth.
Minor augmentation of 20 people costs 1 IP, 5 SC and 5 CERAMICS. Implantees are much stronger, more durable and have more stamina. Implantees can pick up a 100kg weight easily and can take small arms fire to the chest.
Major augmentation of 5 people takes 1 IP, 5 SC and 5 CERAMICS. These implantees are nearly as strong as a person in power armor, can sprint for hours without a break and can take an assault rifle round pretty much anywhere on the body without major damage.
The main drawbacks to augmentation aside from its cost is the fact that the implantees sometimes suffer complications and may even die from augmentation. Improvements in genetic engineering should reduce the risk or even eliminate it entirely.
No. 145280 ID: 35cea2
File 126827873867.png - (69.84KB , 871x1378 , Tech tree.png )

New techs unlocked:
GESTATION TANKS: Allows construction of the gestation tanks building. Nonworkers can be created at them. Enables the DESIGN NEW LIFEFORM tech.
No. 145308 ID: cfad4e

Looks like we can carry... pretty much everything, actually.

Here I thought 11k fuel would be more than max, but it's only about half.

Think we should leave ASAP, or stay a little longer for more fuel and supers? The Breakers shouldn't arrive until Turn 40... unless the prisoners were mistaken. Or lying.
No. 145315 ID: 2dd482

best to leave now, let the trail go cold before they arrive.

also I say we put all our research into gestation tanks and improved augmentations so we can breed an army of augmented super workers/soldiers
No. 145328 ID: 1ac39d

you mean Tozols?
No. 145348 ID: 632862

I agree on the Gestation Tanks tech. Let's research that during travel.

And yes, let's leave now. Make our trail as cold as possible.
No. 145352 ID: b14128

I think we should go for computing systems III instead, as it will finish faster, and we might get some interesting stuff out of it.
No. 145360 ID: 1ac39d

it will also show us what the heck uses computer3, engine up, and mass prod.
No. 145379 ID: e01695

That sounds like a good name for them imo.
No. 145579 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we should leave now. But we don't have to go straight at the anomaly, we can take a small detour to the nebula and fill up our tanks there.

Lets get computer systems III out of the way. Gestation tanks isn't really that useful unless we can build them.
No. 145654 ID: bf2bdb

I'm for leaving now, computer system 3 on the way.
No. 145683 ID: 076099

Leave ASAP. Our prisoners are army rather than fleet, meaning that any estimate are inacurate - it is enterely possible that turn 40 is on "cruise" speed, and full speed could be faster.
Also, they were out of contact with others for some time and there are Breaker forces much closer than they through.
No. 145689 ID: 4469d9

frankly, i want more SC, ceramics and FRIGATES with breaker guns. we should make some superhumans once we manage to dim the danger of the implants. and by some i mean all of them. even the gesters.

i seriously want you guys to consider making one more nuke for our anomaly AND to go beyond UD.

i also see we arent only going transhuman, we are also going transcivilization. we could use gestation tanks if we ever make some sort of personality backup, desining new lifeforms would be interesting when making a new terraformed planet, but this wouldnt work in a civilization. a worker RACE? a commanding RACE? we arent making our own breaker, we are making better humans at everything.
No. 145718 ID: bcf25c

As previously mentioned, our major problem is a lack of manpower. Gestation tanks will help with that.

Then we should dive straight into mass production and go from there. In the meanwhile...

1. Create a simple AI/bot system to watch the camp attached to the hidden nukes. When it detects enough enemy units, have it set to go off. May as well do as much damage as possible.


2. Blow it all up, leave early, and deliberately plant evidence that there was some sort of internal squabble and that we destroyed ourselves. While it may be thoroughly studied, it will still take them a significant amount of time before they deem whether it is true or not.
No. 145757 ID: bf2bdb


Let's not get overcomplex.

Maybe we should just plant an instant comm to check if the Breakers blow up the planet or not.
No. 145758 ID: bcf25c


It's not really that complicated. Just an "if, or" action. I can't see any reason to do anything else.
No. 145766 ID: 8ecfd4

It's a bit of a waste to use an instant comm for that though. We're not going to be able to intervene anyway so knowing in realtime when it's getting blown up or if it's getting blown up would just be a waste of resources.

Changed my mind. Blow it up before the Breakers arrive. Also set up a surveilance system, a networked system at various places around the world so we can get good readings.
No. 145838 ID: cfad4e

Eh, let's get out of here.

I'm sure we'll find some other source of fuel and superconductors.

Load everything onto the ship, including the monument. Blow the nukes while we're in orbit, so we can make sure it's good and nuked.
No. 145849 ID: c9479a

jeebus h. crhist.

we are fleeing without breaker weapons nor spare nukes to take out the anomaly?

make one spare nuke. do the anomaly with a timer on the nuke when we pass the anomaly.
No. 145853 ID: bf2bdb

We don't need to nuke the anomaly dude, we can just take the disk out.

Nuking the anomaly doesn't actually gain us anything, as was said earlier, what we need to do is rig a nuke to the receiving station so we we can blow that up if a breaker fleet comes through later.
No. 145858 ID: c9479a

it could work, but its kinda passive. also another neutral fleet may come trhu, thus ensuring great diplomatic issues to us.

they can still use the anomaly to cut a path to UD, since without our disk they would follow another path to UD and thus never get to the nuke we would place there.

since i poasted:
id like a few reavers to be made. i want them positioned maybe even in space with grenades to simply report the number of ships in the breaker fleet, then pull the pin.

i also strongly suggest breaker alloy tech to be researched. weapons will be needed!
No. 148928 ID: 35cea2
File 126887706027.png - (55.92KB , 1154x664 , Exodus.png )

The ships have been loaded with all personnel, resources, equipment and vehicles. The nukes have been detonated, eliminating all evidence of human presence on Ithaka (aside from the smoldering radioactive craters).

Morale is more on the ships is rather poor, though it certainly isn't even close to as bad when they fled Earth.

The buildings in our FRIGATES give us 3 RP, 1 IP, teaching space for 1200 people and some protection against sickness and death for the duration of the voyage.

The destination is UD, and the journey will take about 4 turns. When the fleet passes the Anomaly, the disc will be pulled and the portal will close behind us.

If there is no last minute suggestions the fleet will commence.
No. 148929 ID: bf2bdb

No, let's go go go.

We might want to leave a ship with a nuke on the other end of the anomaly as planned right away though, just in case.
No. 148933 ID: 1ac39d

just in case what? the disks cannot be recreated. once the portal closes the only thing they can do is poke at it or blow it up.

let's just go.
No. 148936 ID: bf2bdb


In case the breakers have a disk and come through right after us cause it's kinda obvious that's where we went.
No. 148942 ID: 1ac39d

only one disk that opens this particular portal exists. even if the breakers have a disk it will open a different portal.
No. 148945 ID: 632862

Go go go.
No. 148949 ID: bf2bdb


Do we know that? Are you willing to bet your life on that against just leaving one ship to watch the portal... don't we want to watch the portal anyway in case something else comes through from somewhere else in the net?
No. 148965 ID: 0fc814

>morale is poor
Can't say I blame them. There's no helping it, though.

I say switch research to Thruster Upgrade. Otherwise, proceed as planned.
No. 149024 ID: 8ecfd4

Go through the portal. It's time to explore another final frontier and bravely go where no man has gone before. Well except for the scout team, but they don't count.
No. 149154 ID: c1b738

make a few reaver to watch the breaker fleet.

if we have a nuke set it to explode right after we pass, UNLESS we can take the disk with us.

make nondurable goods for the pop. have a few journalists write up something to boost morale, like a history that humanity will endure or something like a speech that we are stronger and will get stronger with this.
No. 149168 ID: bf2bdb


We can take the disk with us.
No. 149219 ID: 7ea114

yay then.

here is me hoping that the breaker are indeed iliterate on the usage of the gates and that the medieval society in that planet isnt the magical elf presented in the prologue.

"i mean, what could go wrong?"
No. 149792 ID: 35cea2
File 126905517581.png - (96.10KB , 1800x986 , Landing Plan.png )

The fleet arrives around the planet in UD. Some losses have been sustained during due to a small epidemic, but the presence of a MEDICAL OUTPOST on one of the ships lessed then effects.

Scans reveal that the entire planet is pretty much covered in native population, with the largest cities focused around major METAL deposits. METAL and URANIUM are scattered fairly randomly throughout the planet's crust, but SUPERCONDUCTORS on the planet seem to appear mainly over boundaries in tectonic plates.

As a reminder, the SUPERCONDUCTOR deposits are rather thin on this world and all SUPERCONDUCTOR derricks will operate at 1/3 efficiency.

The signals that mimic the ones the Anomaly has given off originate from a single point in the middle of one of the continents of the planet.

The planet's atmosphere contains much more oxygen, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide than Earth's atmosphere while having a much lower level of nitrogen. This has allowed for massive trees to cover virtually the entire surface of the planet in a thick rainforest, and also allowed for huge megafauna to populate the planet. The atmosphere contains too much of various toxic trace gasses for human lungs to stand.
No. 149794 ID: 35cea2
File 126905538073.png - (80.80KB , 868x1772 , Tech tree.png )

New techs unlocked:
PLANETARY RESEARCH: Provides reports on the planet's biology, geography, meteorology and other bits of useful information.
CULTURE RESEARCH: Allows some basic information to be gleaned from the natives. We require either cooperation with the natives or a recon teams spying on them in order to complete this tech.

In order to access techs related to the Anomaly here, we must get a research team to the Anomaly location first.
No. 149811 ID: 1ac39d

best spots would be just south of the central metal deposit, and just north of the right most uranium. also have a team go down kinda near but not too close to the anomaly, and bring the disk with them, it may grant access to a system or something.
No. 149822 ID: 72060b

Best to start somewhere with SOME superconductors.

Also, let's go with Planetary Research before trying to land ass-blind.


Let's not risk the disk until later.
No. 149958 ID: 632862

Let's land just west of the Anomaly signature, close enough to the superconductors to harvest them with derricks. If both the land-based and water-based SC cannot be reached by the same settlement, build near the land-based SC. It looks a little bigger, and is further away from the natives.

Immediately build 3 non-temp residentials, two Medium labs, one Medium medical facility, and a few turrets to defend against megafauna, if they attack. Granted, we don't know if the natives hold the megafauna in high esteem or consider them a nuisance so we should try not to use lethal force.

Begin Planetary Research.
No. 149959 ID: 701a19

"Megafauna" is too broad a term. How large are they?
No. 149960 ID: 632862

You can see the scale on that image there

They're pretty huge.
No. 149961 ID: 701a19

Is that a human, or a native? We don't have a scale for the natives.
No. 149962 ID: f98e0b

Let's try to make contact with the natives, too.
No. 149963 ID: 54af1f

Our initial build needs to include a training facilities and stuff, that's vital. We should set up on the area of super conductors just to the West of the Anomaly...

Then it's native diplomacy time.
No. 149964 ID: eb6d46

The figure in the scale is human, from what I can tell. I'm not sure about the natives, though; I would assume that they're at least larger than a human, judging by the rest of the life here.

Also, I agree with >>149958 as far as colony placement goes, though additional outposts on islands near tectonic boundaries for SC as well as near that large cluster of uranium to the east could prove useful.

We might as well start thinking about names, too. For what it's worth, I suggest Telepylus for the planet's name. 'Twas the land of giant dudes that ate people in the Odyssey.
No. 149965 ID: 701a19

How about we make contact, decipher their language, and then try to use their name for the planet?
We want to establish good relations with the natives, and using their name for the planet is a no-cost gesture.
No. 149968 ID: 8ecfd4

Lets set up on one of the islands that have no natives on them. There are 3 fairly big ones without natives so then we should be ok.

Then lets get some housing set up. And we send out a commando team to observe the natives and learn their language while not making any contact with them yet. We don't happen to have any commandos with backgrounds in social studies, historical reasearch or archeology?
No. 149971 ID: 3a08ae
File 126908968953.png - (100.18KB , 1800x986 , na\'vi quest.png )

....we found na'vis? at least they dont seem to be the magic race. also whatever we do, we need walls.

they seem to have a good cultire to spread on the planetlike this, i like this idea.

about placement, someone suggested something and i made alterations. also send a nautiloi to be eaten by the sea monsters to check out how underwater is.

i think most of our research should go to the planet's new stuff then to breaker weapons. we also need to start a research on bigger ships.

they seem to be sand banks. we need uranium and id like to avoid water fauna for now, so lets not build in islands that move due to water current and sand erosion.
No. 149972 ID: 54af1f

here's the vital thing: Do we want Uranium? If so we either need to land near it or set up two settlements like last time.
No. 149973 ID: 8ecfd4

They could be deserts. Which would be strange because they're around the equator. But there are other islands as well. They're just smaller.
No. 149974 ID: 3a08ae

oh god sand worms like in dune. for a place with megatrees to have nothing, it must literally eat them.

i belive we do because of nukes and nuclear reactors. someone got a good discussion on space weapons, id like to make portable shaped charge nukes to check out its efficiency.
No. 149975 ID: 3a08ae
File 126909105915.png - (34.07KB , 864x567 , edit quest.png )

disregard this pic; lets cuddle with the natives!
No. 149978 ID: 632862

Putting a settlement directly next to the natives is a bad idea. They may see us as a threat, or be influenced by our culture.

Yet, we need metal. The only place with metal deposits available that is not occupied by natives is the location directly west of the anomaly signal. It happens to have SC near it, so that's good. We'll need to make a secondary base to gather Uranium. That's fine too, since we have plenty Uranium stockpiled.

These are my reasons for placing the settlement where I suggested.
No. 149980 ID: 0fc814

There's no way we can build a settlement that's hidden from these guys.

Let's send down three dropships. One to meet the concentration of natives to the west of the largest continent, where all three resources exist. Just introduce ourselves and be honest, same as with the Gesters.

Second, a surveying team to the metal-and-superconductors site this guy suggests:
Scout out the place for things that might eat an entire colony. (We have a large uranium reserve, so we can save U mines for later)

Third, a science team to the new anomaly.

I'm not sure how large a team is appropriate for each mission. Some scientists, a team (4) of commandos, a bunch of weavers, some power-troops and regular troops.

Support the survey efforts with UCAVs deployed from the carrier, ON THE ASSUMPTION they can be recovered, of course, which means they have engines allowing them to return to orbit. Can orbital lances potshot a brontosaur?

We'll name the planet after we see what it's like groundside.
No. 149984 ID: 0fc814
File 126909782725.png - (9.68KB , 462x312 , expeditions.png )

For clarity, expedition site suggestions. (2 being where we're most likely to set down a colony, unless the improbable happens and the natives would be cool with us living at site 1, where all three resources exist)
No. 149985 ID: 54af1f

Can anyone remember exactly what ships we've got?
No. 149988 ID: 632862

Why don't we send some Weavers down to get a better idea of what the natives are like, before we land?
No. 150023 ID: 7247d8

(1) is ideal from resource standpoint, but (2) is much better overall - I know peoples here have wog fetish, but honestly, we have problems without getting into tribal politics, which is almost inevitable with (1).
As Test Pattern pointed, we do have surplus of both uranium and fuel so mining outpost can be established later, or we can simply look into improving fuel plants.
No. 150025 ID: 8ecfd4

Since it seems I'm the only one favoring isolatinism, and that has very little support, I'm thinking number 2 there would be best for settlement. Just make sure it has a strong perimiter and constant patrols out.

And please, couldn't we wait with the introductions until we know their language and have collected some information about the societies closest to us? It could be a good idea to have atleast a theory on how they're likely to react to our arrival and our story. These people are more advanced than the Gesters, it's possible that they have some equivalent to the church in the middle ages. If we suddenly arrive and come with a story that discredits alot of what is taken as absolute fact then we could make alot of enemies as well as upset some of the foundations of their society and cause massive civil wars to break out.

So could we pretty please with fucking sprinkles on top gather some information before we act? Because it will be too late afterwards if we fuck it up and it would be very easy and not take alot of time to gather the necessary information.
No. 150027 ID: 3a08ae

i just realized that in 2 if they have caravans they would need to pass by us...

also walls anyway. we will need cops to handle both native and hyooman harassment.
No. 150029 ID: 54af1f

Vote 2
No. 150030 ID: 54af1f


I'm not opposed to this, but Moral is low, and we can't just circle around on ships forever. We need a new settlement sooner not later.
No. 150036 ID: 54af1f

Ok, when we land, I suggest this for our initial build. (as far as I'm aware the only limit of what we can build in a month is resources). I still strongly prefer 2 as an initial settlement type.

Initial Build Plan

One settlement. We could call it Monument again but that might drop morale, I suggest a new name.

x9 metal derricks
x3 super conductor derricks
x2 forts
x1 hospital
x1 command centre
x3 Medium power generators
x2 medium Ceramists
x2 medium smelters
x5 Medium Warehouses
x9 colleges
x3 Medium Labs
x2 Medium Factories
x1 Medium Shop
x1 Medium Entertainment Structure
x1 Terminal
Break up x2 freighters for more resources as soon as the buildings are all complete

8850 Metal 1000 Ceramics 87 Super Conductor, 88 power

We'll use mobile forces for defence right now, but as soon as metal production comes online we should think about putting up a defensive wall and auto-cannon towers around it.

Once we've settled, we also need to send out expeditions to find the following

1: are there any other easy fuel sources in this area?
2: who exactly are the civilisation on UB?
3: do either UA or UC have significant super conductor deposits?
No. 150041 ID: 8ecfd4

I didn't say we couldn't set up a base. I just said that before we go and talk with the natives we should get more information about them. If we set down a location 2 then we're pretty isolated and there are no larger native populations nearby. So if we stay there we should have time to do some recon and then make contact on our own terms.
No. 150043 ID: 0fc814

This looks solid, but I don't think we should scrap any freighters. These buildings will deplete our reserves, yes, but with 9 land derricks, we'll be making 1350 metal per month.

It's unlikely that we'll have to flee, but I'd rather have the freighters and not need them. Now, scrapping them for superconductors or ceramics might be good, but we haven't run out yet.

...plus we could always deorbit one on top of something as a gigantic kinetic weapon.
No. 150046 ID: 54af1f


Mhh. Ok.
No. 150056 ID: 1ac39d

oh, another good idea is place ships around the planet with instant comms to act as a sensor net.
No. 150070 ID: 0fc814

Also, when we build a colony, we should start by deploying the army in a defensive posture. Clear away trees and shit in case we get rushed or stampeded. The colony should also be built with 5x Autocannon towers, 5x Railgun turrets, and 5x Howitzer turrets. (Plus another M power generator to run these)

...However, I still think we should first wait a few days contact the natives and survey before we build. It'll take two months to set up a base, so one week of preliminary scouting won't really matter.
No. 150072 ID: 54af1f



Let's talk to these people. It's not like we can avoid them is it?
No. 150197 ID: 35cea2
File 126914069159.png - (44.20KB , 1154x664 , Diplomacy.png )

The site of the future settlement is placed at (2) on this map.

50 WEAVERS have been sent down to the planet to survey as much as they can. 41 of them have been destroyed by wildlife or natives within a day. The remaining 9 were sent to various deserts, all of which report that very little life exists in the deserts of the planet.

The sparse information gathered reveals that the majority of the planetary wildlife is highly aggressive, and that the foliage is so dense that most vehicles will have an extremely tough time traversing it. Thankfully, with the ENGINE UPGRADE tech we have researched, most vehicles will be able to plow through the thinner parts of the jungle, though too dense clusters of trees will remain a problem. BRICs bipedal locomotion allows it to ignore these penalties.
The WEAVERS have gathered little information about the natives, but the scientists have been at least able to understand a bit of their manners and courtesy, reducing the risk that our initial attempts at negotiation will offend somebody.

A research team consisting of 20 PROFESSIONALS, 50 WORKERS, 100 LIGHT INFANTRY, 10 POWER INFANTRY, 4 COMMANDOS and 30 LUVs and 4 APCs is prepared to land at the ANOMALY; and two diplomacy teams consisting of 1 PROFESSIONAL and 2 hidden COMMANDOS each are ready to establish contact with the natives at site (1) and (2)

First, however, the diplomat headed for the tribe at location (2) arrives.

When the diplomat lands near the village, it is almost as if he has been expected. He is immediately brought before the leader.
Diplomat: "I thank you for accepting me in such short notice. I am a representative for the Splinter; a nation of refugees. My mission to verify if we have your permission to stay here. I promise you we will try our best to-"
Native Ruler: "Do not think you can deceive us with kind words. Seers and mystics from every nation on <NO TRANSLATION> Greztghakhri <NO TRANSLATION> have foretold of the day and place of your arrival, and spoken of your true nature."
No. 150198 ID: 54af1f

"Our true nature? What do you mean?"

(assuming this is getting relayed to the carrier, put a strike team in a dropship and get it ready with air support to pull the diplomatic team out if necessary)
No. 150199 ID: 54af1f


Just to expand this a bit, we need to find out if they're actual servants of the breaker lord of all.

Either way, let's take a bit of a tougher line tell them that, if they know our true nature they also know we have the power to move between the stars. If our intentions were ill it is well within our power to burn their cities to ash and make sure nothing grows there for a thousand years.

We have not done this, we have come with open hands in friendship. Are the actions of beings who mean ill?
No. 150201 ID: 0fc814

I guess this means we don't have to think up a planet name, then. (We just have to think of a pronouncable one!)

Ask him what his beef is with us, and what they want. Ask who they serve.

If everything goes badly, have the commandos kidnap his ass and get the fuck out.
No. 150205 ID: 54af1f


No. 150206 ID: 929a3f

oh dude, no, that would make a martyr out of him.

get his family instead.

No. 150207 ID: 929a3f

wait, ever since when? a hundred years ago or 3 years ago?
No. 150211 ID: 0aa2b3


There seems to be one place filled with uranium that nothing lives on or near. Probably a lot of above-ground stuff. Commenting that a mining and processing facility there might be a good choice; but there's lots of greenery there, which is rather bizarre.

"Untranslatable" probably refers to this planet or similar. Regardless...

"We desire little more than to be left to live peacefully... excepting those who have struck out at us meaninglessly."
No. 150247 ID: 1ac39d

laugh and say "true nature? what is our 'true nature'? i am certain i can provide undeniable truth that we are sincere."
No. 150260 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok so a prophecy. It probably involves that anomaly thing present on the planet. Ask him if he has it written down that we could take.

I would also like to suggest that we cut down the forest in a 5 km radius around our base. As well as maintain a constant UCAV and gunship patrols over that area to make sure that none of the aggressive creatures can reach it.
No. 150279 ID: bdb5f9

what if this is the prophecy? we camed to eat resources and ruin everything?
No. 150280 ID: 1ac39d

another thing to try is 'so you don't trust us because someone said we would lie, can you prove they weren't the ones lying?'
No. 150281 ID: 632862

Sounds like these guys are aligned with Totus. We're going to have trouble on this planet, even if we try to mind our own business.

Ask the guy what he means by our 'true nature'. If it turns out that he believes we are going to betray him or something, let's just dig up the anomaly and leave. If there's another unoccupied planet in this system, let's go check it out.

On the other hand, if he just hates us for our technology, perhaps we can establish a low-tech outpost here. Just to put down some mans in reserve.
No. 150282 ID: 632862

OH, also we should immediately contact the team sent to location 1, and tell them to forget about it. They should go back to the ship.
No. 150283 ID: bdb5f9

no, we should send them with a better envoy. we stll need to change their impression of us.

i want to send some convoys to the islands. its likely they havent heard of this prophecy.
No. 150284 ID: 632862

They said EVERY NATION. Everyone on this planet thinks we're evil. Why bother contacting another tribe when we'll have the same, negative response? They might even attack us on sight, since we'd be approaching a denser population. That could be interpreted as an attack.
No. 150285 ID: 54af1f

Pick out a large and hopefully relatively uninhabited local landmark with in sight of the village we're talking too.

Scan it with UAVs to make sure it's clear of sentients. Later on we're gonna be using it for a demonstration strike.
No. 150295 ID: 0fc814

Priority one is to figure out if they are in communication with other worlds. Our plans will be quite different depending on if they can call for reinforcements from other planets.

The native is being rather haughty. Try to get him to brag about such a capability. I don't quite know how. You're the one with the doctorate, PoV guy.
No. 150366 ID: 0fc814

>Later on we're gonna be using it for a demonstration strike.
Clearing the landing site via kinetic lances would probably do the trick.
No. 150369 ID: bdb5f9

demonstration of force should wait until we are done with diplomacy. we still dont know what their seer "prophetized" of us.

i dont want to show them we can wipe their planet just to find out the prophecy was that we WOULD wipe their planet.
No. 150370 ID: 1ac39d

yes, that would just be poor form.
No. 150532 ID: 35cea2
File 126922621488.png - (34.38KB , 1154x664 , Diplomacy2.png )

Diplomat: "I'm terribly sorry, but I am a little confused."
Native Ruler: "Maybe you don't understand, but we know perfectly what the outcome will be if we allow you to stay."
Diplomat: "Would you explain for me?"
An image forms in the native ruler's hand.
Diplomat: "Ooh, that's an impressive trick!"
Ruler: "Over 15 cycles ago, seers from across the world received a vision that remnants of an evil race would arrive. They would kill forests, shred and churn the ground, murder countless people and animals and even threaten to destroy the very existence of magic."
Diplomat: "Well, I can assure you that we have no such intention!"
Native Leader: "You have the words of a thousand wise men against you."
Diplomat: "Please, give us a chance at the very least. I am sure you could easily overpower us if we start acting up. If you can't overpower us, though, then clearly resisting us violently would be a bad option."
Native Leader: "Deceitful as you may be, I can see a shred of truth in your statement. We will not dirty our hands by striking the first blow. I'll let you have some land, but if you dare break your promise every living being on the planet will rise up to resist you."

Also, some information on the other planets of the system are provided as requested.
No. 150535 ID: 35cea2


Forgot to mention: The moons all have metal deposits but no other resources.
No. 150537 ID: 632862

Well, let's inform him of how our mining equipment works, and ask how objectionable that is. Also, tell him there's a particular object we seek that lies in the center of the continent.

Lay out basically all the ways our tech can affect the environment. We will build only those things that he approves of.
No. 150538 ID: e31d52

Ask, delicately, whether the moons are fair game for mining.

Also, ask about their culture and way of life. If he asks why, just tell him that humans are nothing if not curious.
No. 150547 ID: 0fc814

"I didn't even know magic existed until a minute ago. Tell us more."

I don't suppose there's any natural clearings suitable for a colony? If not, also say "We can tear down some trees to build buildings, though, right? That was kind of the plan."
No. 150550 ID: 1ac39d

to build HOUSES. that is important. we will get metal from the moons, supers from the sea and there shouldn't be any trees around the uranium due to radiation.

we should ask them to grant us one delegate to explain the ways of the forest while we build so we don't kill anything important. as well as state that you will kill any carnivore trying to munch on people.
No. 150552 ID: 1ac39d

or since it seems we will get metal from moons we could build on the coast of a desert to get supers while also not worrying about clearing away too many trees.
No. 150554 ID: 0fc814

Also: Might as well tell them our story. When you get to the part about leaving Ithaka, say "destroyed all trace of having been there" instead of "giant bombs." Also, emphasize how Earth was very green, but had all life eradicated by a huge bomb. Explain that we have no home, but we're getting used to people trying to kill us for reasons we don't understand.
No. 150556 ID: 1ac39d

oh and when you get to the destruction of earth part show the insignia on your sleeve 'we wear this, because we are the only shard of our planet left."
No. 150616 ID: 01c8a2


"There are, however, people chasing us that are likely to shoot at you."
No. 150712 ID: cbb851

It's possible that their prophecy was about UB guys. Tell this to native.

Also, ask about magic. "Source of magic" could imply that it is actualy "sufficiently advanced technology", most likely generated by Anomaly, but there also possibility that it is real deal.
No. 150719 ID: 1ac39d

man, if this goes all 'Scraped Princess' on us i will flip the fuck out.

anyone who has seen it will know what i'm talking about. to those that haven't:

it turns out the entire show takes place on a holo-deck and magic is simply partially hacking the system and the princess contains an Admin override code that let's her shut it down
No. 150724 ID: 8ecfd4

Well that is very interesting. Ask them if it would be acceptable to settle in the desert. No forests to destroy there and no people around to kill.
No. 150753 ID: 42a5c7

we can do houses in the deserts, but i belive test have the right idea on building on the moons. also some uranium veins may be too deep on earth to affect the forest, and im willing to say that the local trees somehow feed on uranium. theres MAGIC after all.

>Also, emphasize how Earth was very green, but had all life eradicated by a huge bomb
from the breaker. emphatise that part.

>15 cycles ago
thats how many "turns"?

also from the picture he showed, does it looks like one of our vessels? not the exact shape but the actual style of the ship.
No. 150754 ID: 54af1f

See if we can get a bit of land where there's all three resources. Cause right now we're gonna have a problem with the fact we need two bases to get Uranium too.

At the very least, ask him about that.
No. 150755 ID: 54af1f

Ok. We've got another problem here:

The fact that this prediction exists means that if the breaker's can get access to it, they know exactly where we went. We need to scramble a ship to the anomaly receiver before turn 40 and rig it with a bomb in case they come through.
No. 150756 ID: 1ac39d

since we seem to have decided that we will get our metals from the moons we just need to get a spot with supers and uranium. location 1 here
has them both, as well as the lower left island. since we did diplomacy i am fairly certain the natives will uphold their end of the bargain, for a time. some of the more radicals may come for and attempt to sabotage us to make us look bad. that's another reason we need a delegate so we can peaceably capture saboteurs and hand them over to him to mete out what ever punishment their culture deems necessary.
No. 150758 ID: 4f5a62

we will be literally surrounded by them. and we will need to clear the forest, because if the uranium there was close to the surface they would have died a long time ago.

clearing the forest = general population goes angry = civil war. their govt. should not back us on that part.

it seems we did tooked the disk with us, so its not needed. by the map provided on the anomaly (>>/questdis/318658) there should not be another means for them to reach us, so leave the wormhole alone for now.

also the prophecy could be a simple warning. 15 cycles ago may be about our turn 1, so when the breaker saw we are still alive they warned their lord dude that warned nearby civilizations to watch for us.
No. 150764 ID: 54af1f


We don't know they can't reach us from some other point in the network though.
No. 150766 ID: 28046a

by the map and how it works, we actualy have 4 paths to different points in this galaxy (X|X) instead of 4 other galaxies.

if the map on the anomaly is correct, we would need major intervention from the psycho lord dudes to get invaded.
No. 150784 ID: 632862

Where the hell are you getting the number 4 from?
No. 153183 ID: 35cea2
File 126973236718.png - (25.42KB , 1154x664 , Diplomacy3.png )

Diplomat: "The Splinter thanks you for offering us safe haven. Our buildings take some space however, do we have permission to remove some trees so we can build?"
Ruler: "You may, but only under the close supervision of one of my advisers. He will examine your settlement to make sure it does not grow too big or cause damage to the planet."
Diplomat: "That is reasonable. I also have some questions about your society. This 'magic' you mention intrigues me the most."
Ruler: "Magic is a gift from the gods. We use it to protect and defend all that is natural and good. Magic flows strongest in more noble and moralistic individuals, but every living being has at least some magic in them. That is until you vermin showed up."
Diplomat: "I know we may seem like a crude species, but you and I are actually more similar than you think. We once lived on a green and beautiful world like yours, until it was destroyed in an instant by an alien race we have never met before and had no quarrel with until that point. We know the agony of losing a homeworld, and we would certainly not wish the same fate upon you."
Ruler: "We will see."
No. 153191 ID: 8ecfd4

Well something strange seems to be going on here. Well magic may simply be suffciently advanced technology. We really have no idea of what the builders of the artifact might have been able to do or what the thing giving off radiation on this planet does, that might be the source of their powers.

Anyway thank the alien for now and start setting up a base.

Also lets intercept some radio signals from UB and see if we can't decode them. If the inhabitants there are of the same species as this planet then there is a pretty good chance that these guys might have built the artifacts and then declined as a civilisation.
No. 153247 ID: 632862

Very well. We will cooperate fully with our new neighbors. They can decide exactly what buildings we are allowed to build, and how many. If necessary we can just make this a secondary settlement, and build our primary settlement in this system on one of those moons. Then we can spread to one of the other systems and set up another settlement there, too.
No. 153259 ID: 1ac39d

the mining base could be on the mainland and if no giant sandworms are around then you can make a main base on the desert area where we can't be called out on killing too many trees.

should also do some long range scans and find a system with a young-ish star with a dead planet within the green belt for that size star. we can then engineer some plants and animals to build up an ecosystem, spore-style.
No. 153261 ID: 632862

Hey, that's right. If they're mainly concerned with our base interfering with the forest, then theoretically we should be able to build a bunch of houses and stuff in the desert.
No. 153340 ID: 506429

Another question to ask : If they are so much into Greenpeace stuff, why deserts exists (they have magic after all)? While deserts also have their own ecosystems, from what these guys say, they only care about forests and such. It is possible that they simply can't get rid of them, but locations of deserts are somewhat unusual.

How much RP will be needed for autonomous or teleoperated derric, designed to be used in airless condition, with integrated powerplant (either solar/battery or compact fission or fusion generator)?
No. 153572 ID: 54af1f

I believe we can already build in airless conditions. The main problem is gonna be SC and Uranium, there's apparently no source of them apart from the planet.

I'll try to put together a build order either today or tomorrow for a split settlement.
No. 153630 ID: 0fc814

Just go ahead and build the main bases in the jungles. We'll try to keep most of the heavy industry in space.

The worry is if this is some kind of clever plan to make us put our population in a vulnerable area so it can be attacked.

Also, the only places with both uranium and SC are completely loaded with natives. I guess we could at least ask.
No. 154301 ID: 35cea2
File 126983565423.png - (105.14KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 2-1.png )

Building commences of the base NEW MONUMENT according to the plans laid out in

Unfortunately, the clearing we have been granted is extremely small, and the native ruler's adviser has already started to make objections to our building plans.

We are forced to cancel building of the TERMINAL, 1 MEDIUM LAB, 1 MEDIUM FACTORY, and 3 MEDIUM METAL DERRICKS. Also 2 TENEMENTS were added to the build order to provide housing for the workers and professionals needed to run the buildings. It is recommended we find a way to bring as many people to the ground base as possible, as unrest is becoming a problem in the population held up in the ships.

The freighters AIG and TUNGASKA have been scrapped for resources.

Information on how the native species is stifling our efforts has spread throughout the population and is causing high tension. The citizenry does not enjoy the idea that a less advanced civilization has the right boss them around. So far there has been no violence, but tensions are growing and the behavior of our citizens to the adviser is negatively impacting our relationship with the natives.

Crime is becoming another problem as well. Previously crimes were usually fairly mild and had little effect on the welfare of the community, but now due to low morale crime is becoming increasingly problematic.

The two Breaker prisoners we were keeping alive have been found murdered. The culprits are unknown.

Note: The natives need an official nickname (though the populace has already taken to making creative slurs and insults). In their own tongue they are known as the "Ghatung Gadderunhg".
No. 154303 ID: 35cea2
File 126983570483.png - (91.57KB , 1342x736 , Monument2.png )

An image of NEW MONUMENT and the extent of the clearing allotted to us.
No. 154334 ID: 1ac39d

press conference, explain to the populace that the reason we are ALLOWING them some control of our building is due to the fact that we believe the breakers or their allies have contacted them and convinced them that we are a ruthless and hostile species bent on destroying their planet. how all they hate directed at them is EXACTLY what the breakers want of us, they want us to hate a race that could otherwise be a great ally, if we can prove that the message they have obtained is false. so, while i cannot stop you from whispering amongst yourselves about how you feel, i implore you to ease off the blatant hostility.

we should build another settlement in the desert is now starting to look better. alsoo get a nice irrigation system set up and have the town spread green from it. just suck water out of the ocean, desalinate it, and use it there. have it be the main living base as monument seems to be the main training and research center.

once Computer systems three is done perhaps we can get an automated moon mining base going?
No. 154351 ID: 739c7e

Assign (and train, if necesary) sufficient number of light infanatry to the police duty. I know it is suboptimal, but we don't have anything else. Perhaps some of people in the fleet have required training and expirience.

Point to people that outside of KKV'ing/nuking natives, there are little that we can do. And atacking them is not only something that Breakers would have done, but also plain dangerous, since we don't know what their "Magic" can do.

Nickname? How about "Doobies" "Druids"?

Would rotating people on the ground help with moral? Perhaps point out that natives are rather belligernet. Again, we don't really know how dangerous they can be so military actions are not advisable at this point.

Overall, we have very little hard information on what natives are capable of. It would be great if we can seed neighboring settlement with spy cameras and Weavers, but for now lets use UCAVs loaded with cameras and various detectors (shake our scientists for exotic ones) and set them on patrolling our settlement. If natives ask, tell them that they are scouting for dangerous animals and such.
No. 154424 ID: 632862

They will be known as Gardeners. Sounds pretty similar to their true name, yeah?

Goddamn who set this base up? It's terrible!

Why do we have so many warehouses? We don't have that many resources to store. Currently, we have 10603 non-fuel resources, and 9415 food. A medium warehouse holds 9000! We're not going to need more than 3! Plus, we have SO many colleges. We're only training 3000 men right now. We need 5 colleges for that, not 9!

Remove 4 COLLEGES, replace them with TENEMENTS.
Remove 2 WAREHOUSES and attempt to move shit around to fit in more TENEMENTS.
We should aim for 5 more TENEMENTS, so that we can bring down 75000 more people. 4 TENEMENTS would be enough, really, since I'm sure some people would stay in orbit.

Speak with the diplomat about building something on the large desert island to the south. If they don't care about it at all, then we can build all kinds of shit there. For instance, we could move all our research and colleges there, and leave New Monument as a residential/military base. We could even free up enough room to build a wall around New Monument.
No. 154433 ID: 0fc814

We're gonna want those colleges. Trust me.

My recommendation: Scrap the industrial buildings and replace with Tenaments, then make another base for farming and superconductors on one of the desert isles. Then put all the metal mines and heavy industry on the moon.

If we still can't get along, with the main settlement nothing but cheery colleges and living quarters and shit, we'll just irrigate the desert with earth plants and leave this place.
No. 154445 ID: b14128

Ok, guys? Honestly, let's put off our current research track and switch to other stuff. Like the natives we're trying not to go to war with, the planet we're standing on, most importantly, freaking -magic- and the fact we appear to have stepped into an entire different universe/dimension where it exists! Have we forgotten that space is -red- instead of -black- where-ever the hell we are? Seriously, let's leave the advaced tech for later and figure out if the basic laws of physics are the same here, and get info on stuff we're directly dealing with right now. Magic research might even benefit us directly, because, hey, we've acted pretty moral so far, haven't we? They said magic flows stronger through those who are noble, and while we might not quite fit in with the 'Nature' bit, one out of two is better than nothing. It might be useful to ask the advisor or instruction and information on this stuff (I mean everything, not just magic), assuming he's willing to cooperate on that.

Second, I agree with asking if we can to that big desert island to the south of us. Uninhabited, meaning less chance of trouble with the natives, and (Hopefully) little nature to screw up, so less chance of pissing off the natives! Maybe on the west coast, we might be close enough to get at the superconductors off on the seabed.

Last, put some detectives or spies or something on trying to find out who murdered our prisoners. The fact they were able to get at them (I'm assuming we had some very good security around them) mean the murderers must have either bypassed them or the gaurds were in on it, and the implications of both of those possibilities arn't very pleasant. How were the prisoners killed, anyway? Guns, knives, poison, disease, what?
No. 154451 ID: 632862

I agree that colleges are great, but 9 of them take up half the damn base. Removing the industry sounds okay since we have a ton of metal.

Well actually... we REALLY need the Superconductors. I say we keep the SC derricks active in New Monument, and build more at the desert base if we're allowed to.

We've got a ton of food though. No need to build a greenhouse yet.

Consider taking a poll of the population to weed out those who would enact violence against the Gardeners. We can put them on the desert base.
No. 154453 ID: b14128

...Damnit, I just thought of something. Please tell me we know of a place where we can get more fuel-resources.
No. 154466 ID: b14128

Ok, sorry for the multiple posts and stuff, but maybe we should also try seeing if there's a way to fit our buildings and/or population into the natural ecosystem/forest without cutting down trees to make clearings, as that seems to be the limiting factor right now (Assuming we want to continue not purposefully pissing off the natives). I mean, the aliens do it, why can't we? See if the techies can get some blueprints drawn up. Definitely start trying to see if we can train our soldiers and perhaps even our citizendry in wilderness survival techniques and how to operate/live out in nature and such. ...And somebody assign some bloody bodyguards to the alien advisor before some stupid asshole tries to assassinate him!

...Lastly, let's try seeing if we can send an expedition to the artifact marked as '3' on that map, find out more about it. I'm unsure of whether we should ask the natives about it, first, or inform them of the expedition, as they may take offense. Though it'd likely be safer to clue them in than to not. Not knowing what their magic can do and whatnot.
No. 154479 ID: b14128

...Wait. How are we talking with the natives, anyway?
No. 154489 ID: 632862

Translation algorithm.
No. 154562 ID: 8ecfd4

It's sounding more and more like we should have settled in the deserts away from any natives.

I'm gonna say go with Tests plan. With the added point that we build some tenemants in the deserts and use the fact that they're gardener free as a selling point.
No. 154625 ID: 54af1f

Ok, this is a bit of a screwup.

We apparently couldn't get the natives to change our settlement position, so we're now stuck potentially without Uranium. Also, we don't have a food producer (fortunately we also have a lot of food). In time we'll move metal production to orbit and replace the metal derricks on the ground with greenhouses, but we're ok for now.

xall warehouses
xall factories
xall Ceramists

In favour of
8 Tenements
1 Greenhouse
950 metal 1 SC

Begin building on the moon
5 Medium Metal Derricks
2 Medium Smelters
3 Medium Factories
1 Terminal
1 Medical outpost
1 medium entertainment structure
1 medium shop
1 Medium Lab
2 Medium Ceramicists
2 medium power plants
2 Set of Condo Apartment

1600 metal 500 Ceramics 30.5 SC

Begin: immediate negotiations with the natives to acquire Uranium
Begin: immediate search of the system for any alternate source of Uranium.
Begin: Law enforcement investigation into the death of the breakers and other matters. Try to get crime under control.
Begin Research: Planetary data Gretz
No. 154672 ID: 54af1f

One other thing: dispatch a frigate with a nuke to go watch the icon exit point.
No. 154739 ID: 54af1f


Derp: should be 3100 metal, 700 Ceramics and 51.5 Superconductors

If I messed the numbers up and we don't have enough workers, then shut down metal derricks before shutting down condos.
No. 154759 ID: 212d3d

My advice would be to start to negioate for technology in exchange for some mining rights which are deep underground. We need to keep the natives happy whilst balancing that with our own needs.

Also onve we have the resources that we need maybe we could look into exploring other planets with automated drones.

I think the correvete needs to be armed with more then one nuke just in case the enemy manages to deactivate the first nuke.
No. 154767 ID: b14128

Ahh, sorry, my mistake. I thought the algorithm took longer to start working.
No. 154769 ID: 860bd9

calling them Gardeners seems fine by me. very little racial slur could come from that.

we dont truly "need" uranium unless you want to play with atomic bombs. we can build in the desert with absolutely no negative feedback from them, lets simply make hydrogen power plants on the shore.

its slow but it wont cause a civil war between us and doobie druid gardeners.
No. 154779 ID: 54af1f


I think we do, if you look at the unit build list most everything needs Uranium.
No. 154962 ID: b6178d

I agree gardeners is a good word for them.

I agree on the need to increase morale pronto.

I also suggest we develop an investigative/police force of some kind to unravel crimes, and perhaps institute punishment duties/incarceration beyond whatever is in place.

Whoever killed those breakers should be caught and confronted with what they've done. Even despite their race's crimes, the breakers were still a potential resource for us, and someone's selfish revenge denied us the chance to make further use of that resource.

We should also make it clear to our own people that we can't support racism or increasing hostility against the Gardeners. If the gardeners do not approve of our presence, we'll be forced to fight a unified race on their own home turf. This is a good time to remind them of the 'nam wars (or whatever similar previous wars our-earth has had), and what a horrible bad idea those were. And we don't even have a super-nation backing us up.

Besides, the gardeners are well within their right to be cautious of us, and whatever enemy may still be following us.

Also, here's a thought. Why not put a few specialists into psychologists jobs? A problem won't just go away if we lock away anyone who makes a ruckus. Spreading a few anger management techniques, help people deal with the loss of Earth and relatives, and encourage mental wellbeing is the least we could do, and I daresay it's needed.
No. 154965 ID: 0fc814
File 126990901595.png - (6.46KB , 462x252 , gretz_map.png )

I vote we name the natives Dryads. More weird and alien than Gardeners.

Okay. Build order...
Note: This is exclusive of the other suggestion, not in addition to it.

NOW (turn 35):
Build 8x Temporary Housing units on New Monument (Wedge it between everything!)

4x Warehouses
1x Ceramist
(NOTE: Tear down ASAP. Do not bother reclaiming materials.)

Replace ASAP with:
4x Tenements
1x Shopping Center

Labs: Halt research on Computers. Begin research on Dryad Culture.
Colleges: Enroll to maximum capacity. Resume all halted training, and also begin training 2,400 new Workers. Should now be 5,400 in training.
Factory: Build 1,000 Durable Goods and 15,000 Nondurable Goods

NEW COLONY: Ryxix (Location attached, Hopefully near Superconductors)
8x Temporary Housing
2x Greenhouses
4x Condos
2x Shopping Centers
1x Stadium (With a dome!)
1x Warehouse
2x Medium Lab
1x Hospital
1x Fortress
1x Power Generator
2x Ceramist

NEW COLONY: Irontown (On Moon)
1x Fortress
1x Medical Outpost
1x Warehouse
2x Condos
1x Shopping Centers
6x Medium Metal Mines
1x Medium Smelter
2x Medium Factories
1x Power Generator
1x Stadium (With a heavy duty dome!)
(Note: We should have 1,000 more metal than is needed for all these new builds. Hopefully building stuff in space doesn't need that much extra, or maybe we can pay the extra mid-construction)

In 2 Months (Turn 37):
Ryxix finishes construction.
Research on Dryad Culture finishes.
Begin planetary research on Grezt
Factory: Build 1,000 Durable Goods and 15,000 Nondurable Goods

In 3 Months (Turn 38):
Irontown finishes construction.
Tear down Temp Housing.
<New Turn>

>press conference, explain to the populace that the reason we are ALLOWING them some control of our building is due to the fact that we believe the breakers or their allies have contacted them...
No. 154967 ID: 54af1f

Ok. I'll tentatively throw my support behind this providing we still negotiate for Uranium, search for Uranium and mount a crackdown.
No. 154972 ID: 0fc814

Also, we do still have some Implant Points just burning a hole in our pocket.

Tempting to start upgrading our commandos and just hope not many die. Should we take the risk, guys? The natives are rather strong. (Did you see the sword hanging on that guy's wall?)
No. 155033 ID: a6ca77

Is it possible to build upwards (skyscrapers etc...) instead of outwards because we are space limited?

Also, will we need to get permission from this tribal leader dude to do the Ryxix expansion? If he's gonna flip over it, we may need to reconsider...
No. 155036 ID: 717301

This, but don't say they are allied with the Breakers.
No. 155041 ID: 0fc814

>Is it possible to build upwards (skyscrapers etc...) instead of outwards because we are space limited?
I'm betting Large Buildings will help.

>Also, will we need to get permission from this tribal leader dude to do the Ryxix expansion?
What, because we're chopping down sand dunes?

On that note, we should give some kind of speech for our guys. "Will we follow their edict not to harm their forest out of respect for nature? No. What is a grove of trees compared to a murdered world? Will we do so because we fear their wrath? Enemies of unknown power who outnumber us thousands to one? No. I have every confidence we would prevail. But in doing so, we would kill thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of sentient creatures whose crime is to be born in a society that values an adherence to arbitrary laws above all else, for reasons that our scientists are only beginning to comprehend..."

...something along that angle.
No. 155055 ID: 1ac39d

this is a better speech. i retract mine.
No. 155109 ID: a6ca77


Hmm...well the reason I was asking whether or not to question the village leader was because of the vibes I got from him during our interaction. While he may have specifically mentioned cutting down trees as a big no-no...The overall vibe I got was that the trees were only a specific example of things we would do to him. I feel that his stance is that he wants to limit our expansion everywhere on the planet...not just limit our expansion where there are trees...

I'm not sure if my explanation was very clear...hmm.
No. 155116 ID: 860bd9

>I vote we name the natives Dryads. More weird and alien than Gardeners
considering we named the gesters as gesters, im a bit willing to compromise.

cant we ask them a literal translation or maybe even a methaphorical? "Ghatung Gadderunhg" doesnt reallly help. gaia's garneders?

we should research more on implants. we really cant afford to lose supersoldiers on maybe a bad implant.

i think i get it. we should not let them boss us around so we should rebel. i feel like this too.

but we should not rebel. we managed to show them that their divine leaders arent right about our agressiveness, this is a really good methaporical kick in the nads of psycholord.
No. 155169 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we should get the next tech level in genetic engineering before we start implanting commandos. The better we are at genetic engineering the lesser the risk is. Commandos should also get the high end upgrade.
No. 155308 ID: b6178d

Tentative agreement with Test Pattern's plan, on the condition that we talk with the tribal leader/advisor about settling in those desert areas first. Even deserts can have ecosystems. Besides, there might be a very good reason why those areas aren't covered in trees, or settled. *cough*sandworms*cough*

The speech is a good one.
No. 155325 ID: 85ab29

i asked to send a few BRICs to walk around, apparently they found nothing.

i think there is no megafauna there because there is no "magic" in the desert.
No. 155327 ID: 35cea2
File 126996087376.png - (108.42KB , 1800x986 , Base Report 2-2.png )

The natives have been nicknamed 'Dryads', though other terms have popped up among the populace, including 'Gardener' and 'Stork'.

The Dryads have been questioned about settling in the desert areas. They don’t care about the desert regions due to fact nearly nothing lives there.
Has been followed, but lack of workers has caused 2 MEDIUM LABS to be shut down and lack of power has caused 1 MEDIUM FACTORY to be shut down.
The DURABLE and NONDURABLE goods produced have been quickly consumed. Know that the population consumes 1 unit of NONDURABLES and 1/12 of a unit of DURABLES per person per turn.

Due to the having 3 colonies, all 9 of the DROPSHIPS and 2 of the freighters are constantly in use transporting supplies. There is also a slight increase to our monthly fuel consumption.

The bulk of the military forces remains stationed in NEW MONUMENT, with fewer stationed in RYXIX and only a bare bones police force in IRONTOWN.

All attempts to improve relations with the Dryad villages by offering technology and medicine have been met with failure. The Dryads have a very negative opinion of our technology.

Admiral Argus Ductor gives a speech to the general populace aimed at reducing tension between them and the natives.
“Loyal Citizens of the Splinter. Ever since our arrival at this planet, there have been stirrings of discontent due to our relationship with our new neighbors. Most of you resent the fact we are trying very carefully not to step on their toes; a sentiment that I personally can understand. There is, however, a good reason why we have chosen to do this. It is not because we fear the aliens, for I have no doubt that we would win an outright war. It is not because we feel that a few trees are more important than the well being of the populace. The reason is because we do not want to repeat the tragedy of Earth again. These natives are born into a society that values arbitrary laws above all else, and are sworn to defend their planet to the last should we appear to be a threat. If we do not try our best to live in peace with them, I fear that we will have the blood of hundreds of thousands of Dryads on our hands.
The goal of the Splinter is to preserve humanity, ensure its independence and carry on its values, beliefs and culture. We cannot claim we have upheld the idea of human morals if we are willing to destroy an entire race for the sake of comfort.”

The speech hasn’t changed morale too much, but at least it isn’t going down anymore, and threats of violence to the Dryads have gone away.
No. 155328 ID: 35cea2
File 126996090610.png - (88.72KB , 868x1772 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on DRYAD CULTURE and PLANETARY RESEARCH (GRETZ).

New techs unlocked:
DRYAD POWERS: Investigates further the source of the Dryad’s so called ‘magic’. The test subjects required will not be harmed, but the current situation with the Dryads means that it is highly unlikely they will ever spare us the test subjects.
ANOMALY BUILDING: Explores and studies the Anomalous building on Gretz. Unfortunately the Dryads seem to believe that location contains great evil and refuses to let anyone get within kilometers of the building.
No. 155329 ID: 35cea2
File 126996093370.png - (55.20KB , 1122x986 , Culture.png )

From PLANETARY RESEARCH we have compiled a comprehensive list of the lifeforms on Gretz. Unfortunately the list is too large to state everything of note, but the general idea is that the bulk of the creatures in the jungle are extremely territorial and will attack if provoked. Information will be given to anyone that decides to traverse the jungle, reducing the risk of loss of life. Footbound parties will likely be able to move without disturbing any of the creatures, but use of any vehicle larger than an LUV will draw the attention of wildlife. Fortunately, the armor on most of our vehicles are tough enough to withstand anything but the largest and most powerful of these jungle denizens.
Also, we have learned that the strangely placed deserts exist due to a combination of vicious surface winds and a lack of life-supporting soils.
Another bizarre fact about Gretz is that none of the lifeforms seem to have evolved much, if at all. Fossils show that lifeforms millions of years ago were exactly the same as they exist today. Any time the creatures seem to be evolving and changing over the years, the fossil record suddenly snaps back to the original form, as if something destroys any creature that strays too far from the status quo and replaces it with the original.

From DRYAD CULTURE research we have learned more about Dryad society. Their leaders and high level officials are usually highly gifted mystics, while those born without much magical capability are stuck in the peasantry and do menial labor for their more gifted masters.
Their physiology is somewhat strange. They are very strong, about as strong as a human with a basic strength augmentation, yet upon closer examination their muscles appear to be actually inferior to human muscles. They have a sharper sense of eyesight and smell than humans and appear to be more agile, but their hand-eye coordination is rather poor.
We still don’t know much about their strange powers, but it appears that it has nothing to do with their technology. Their physics-defying abilities are baffling, but scientists state that they are not ready to give up yet.
They claim their ‘magic’ works by somehow summoning the various symbols needed for the spell and using a specific hand gesture to cast it. Their powers are broad, ranging from destructive spells of varying power to healing to creating illusions. Their spellcasting is very visible and takes quite some time to complete, and fortunately our technology seems to have the weird power of preventing any spells being directly cast on it. A soldier with an HUD cannot be mind-controlled or anything like that, but can still be hit by a fireball or a subsonic pebble.
They have the advantage of numbers, ‘magical’ aid and sheer strength and agility when it comes to warfare, but they lack the experience of an actual war. Their history is nearly free of armed conflict, and what little combat they have seen is usually duels or staged battles.
We also have made a connection with the religion of the Breakers and the religion of the Dryads. They both share religious symbols, views on technological growth, the belief that other species they don’t know of worship the same god as they do and mechanics of communicating with the deity himself.
No. 155338 ID: 54af1f

Ok. Let's get down to basics here

The Dryads are uninterested in technology for now at least. Anyone who would be is in the underclass so isn't gonna be very useful to us, we need to find mystics to help us, not serfs.

With that in mind, let's start with some more basic stuff, like trading them food, art, geister art, stuff like that.

And for gods (pun intended) sake, keep the geister/breaker connection classified.
No. 155339 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok, shit seems to be getting more stable. We're going to need new fuel sources soon though. Lets research what we need to get fuel from gas giants, they're usually easier to find than nebulas.

After that I think we need gestation chambers for safer implanting. So we can get our commandos upgraded.

We should also send 5 commandos to school for training as professionals. If the damn natives won't let us get close to the anomaly building then that sounds like a mission for stealthy commandos. But unless they know what they should be looking at they're not going to be of much use. Meanwhile the remaining 15 commandos are to observe dryad magic users. See where there are many of them and where there are less of them, if they ever move around, if they encounter any accidents while moving around. Basically map very aspect of their lives.
No. 155343 ID: a6ca77

If we have any spare research after that, we should think about going after large buildings to give us some more space to work with...
No. 155353 ID: 54af1f

oh and the next batch of durable goods? head mounted displays which we'll give news and stuff on, derivatives of military HUD hardware
No. 155374 ID: 1ac39d

perhaps state that if a great evil is at the anomaly then we shall destroy it, our technology perhaps able to fight it where magic could not. if no evil is found then it shall be but a superstition.

also, we need to get some more drop ships.
No. 155404 ID: 54af1f

BTW. Did we decode that signal shell we ran into yet?
No. 155410 ID: 2cf657

We already suspected that Dryads serve same guy as Breakers do, but now we have confirmation.
It is almost certain that their god will order them to atack us no matter what we do, and since it is pretty much medieval society, trying to make friends is pointless - they will happily take what we offer, then stab us in the backs, beacause their god told them to do it.

We have two choices right now - either we strike first, which will allow us to destroy majority of their population centers and army with risk of running into "magic" surprises, or we can wait untill they atack us, which will hive us time to prepare, but also risk severe loses.

In any case, we should shift majority of our population and structures from New Monument to Ryxix or Irontown (preferably Irontown).
No. 155419 ID: 1ac39d

no, i think while Totus is in communication with them they are not directly controlled by him. he could only send a sorta-vague vision of us to the shamans.

if we prove that the vision was totally and utterly wrong, then if they are contacted again by Totus they will at least take it with a grain of salt since the last vision was false.
No. 155441 ID: b14128

Question: How close do the current species on Gretz conform to the 'status quo' fossils? Does it look like they're getting close to another 'Snap back'?
No. 155490 ID: 632862

Let's hold off on inspecting the anomaly building until we can get permission to do so.
If we're ever going to gain the trust of the Dryads, we must follow their rules until they see fit to add an exception. For now let's get our bases running properly.

BUILD MORE GOODS. Like, as much as we can, in a proportion matched to the rate of use, until we have a surplus. Also, let's try to make the planet and moon more self-sufficient so we don't have to shuttle stuff via space as much. Build one greenhouse there.

Also, build walls around New Monument. As much to keep the Dryads out if war happens as to keep track of our own personnel. That way if an incident happens we are much more able to find those responsible.

Finish researching Computing Systems III. Then start research on Thruster Upgrade.
No. 155506 ID: 85ab29

do they have a economy that we can try to "buy" the tests subjects?

this ALSO means we finnaly have how to contact psycholord. do we want to?

there is a technology that uses power plants to make hydrogen fuel. i was planning to not use uranium thanks to these but apparently too many things require uranium.

we have the option of discrediting their "god" as mentioned. id like to take it, even if it means to actualy leaving the planet.

we could make a major city in the moons, harvesting metal and one city in the desert shore for SC and fuel from power plants.

if we can make protective fence against airborne giant man eating hawks, please, add that too.
No. 155523 ID: 2cf657

OOC speaking, guys, what part of "medieval mindset" you don't understand?

Gaining their trust? Not going to happen. We are outsider and heretics to boot.
Attempt to discredit Totus their god WILL fail. All our arguments and proofs will be discarded as lies, exaggerations and "you surely deserved it beacause god never wrong". Look at humanity today; not just third world but even well-educated first world people who insist on teaching creationism in modern schools.

Bottom line - even if, by some miracle, we manage to get anything resembling normal relationships with Dryads, as soon as thir god get around to informing them that we are unclean abomination to be destroyed, we will get fanatical and implacable enemy/fifth column. See history for details on what warriors of god do to disbelievers/heretics/unclean.

It is possible that we will get several Dryads who are more intelligent/prone to critical thinking than rest (most likely Warriors/Scouts).
Mages are likely serve as priests and/or lords, which means that in addition to religion, they want to keep their power.
No matter what, we will have to monitor any Dryad that join Splinter to ward infiltrators or simply someone who one day discovered that despite everything he is still a believer. If said someone is a guy with access to nukes...
No. 155536 ID: 54af1f

While I think about it: Away teams

1 Corvette
1 nuclear bomb
1 Instant Communicator

dispatched to the Anomaly Exit point, blow up the exit point if breakers come through. Wire the bomb to the gate and set to dead mans trigger if the Corvette explodes.

1 Destroyer
2 Frigates
1 Corvette
loaded with
8 interceptors
100 light infantry
5 professionals
1 Instant communicator

Move a few light years from UB: translate the radio signals from there, then wait for further instructions for contact.

1 Frigate
1 Instant communicator
Head to UD
No. 155538 ID: 632862

We have to TRY to be peaceful. If war is inevitable, then so be it. We must retain the moral high ground regardless. Maybe, just maybe, we can get a small tribe of converts to our cause this way.

I want Splinter to be a coalition of races that gradually gains in power to challenge Totus himself. He will discover that he has become complacent in his power, relying too much on his 'advisors'.
No. 155549 ID: 1ac39d

totus has already told them we are evil, but they are giving us a chance. if totus does tell them to attack us we can evac to space and nuke them from orbit.
No. 155566 ID: 54af1f


Maybe, maybe not. We certainly can't fight them right now, so let's try to make them see us as good while we steal their magical power.

As I said earlier: trade them food or any other low tech stuff they'll take and go from there. If this fails we're no worse off. If it succeeds then we've gained huge magical powers.
No. 155574 ID: 2cf657

Nothing wrong with trade, but people here want to get Dryads as allies, and I wanted to explain why it is not going to happen barring major authorial fiat.
No. 155598 ID: 673f7c

>Gaining their trust? Not going to happen. We are outsider and heretics to boot.
>Nothing wrong with trade, but people here want to get Dryads as allies, and I wanted to explain why it is not going to happen barring major authorial fiat.

Says who?

Certainly, WE were that way when we were a medieval society, but the Dryads are aliens, and MAGIC aliens to boot. We have no real handle on their psychology. They have already consented to let us build settlements, something medieval earth would never have done, I guarantee. And they did that even with magic visions of their downfall at our hands. Looking at what little we know of them, they are already a lot more tolerant and trusting than we were.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we really have no idea how their minds work, and assuming they will be enemies based on our own past might not be the way to go.
No. 155604 ID: 2cf657

A valid point. You can put a lot of suspension of disbelief on "They are aliens!", and considering that Dryads are most likely designed instead of evolved species you can have wide variety of possbile reactions, however so far they reacted reasonable close to what I think human would (I am not a specialist, so perhaps I wrong. *shrug*)
But yeah, we need great deal more information on their culture, history and biology before we can do anything more than wild guesses.
Passage on Dryad culture was rather brief, with little more than type of goverment (magocracy). Care to elaborate, Ed?
No. 155659 ID: 0fc814

>expedition talk
Yeah, we should check out some other planets sooner than later. For all we know, the Dryads have already called Totus.

NOW (turn 38):
Switch Greenhouses to Luxury Food.
Deactivate 2x space labs. Activate 1x Medium Lab. (Total now 10 RP/mo)
Deactivate 1x power generator at New Monument to save fuel.
Demolish 3x Medium Metal Derricks at New Monument.
Begin 1x Stadium and, if there's room 1x Shopping Center in their place. (If we're lucky, the three to the east of the camp were metal mines)
Begin deconstructing 1x Medium Smelter at New Monument.
Build a wall around New Monument, with firing positions for BRICs and tanks.
Begin 1x Medical Outpost at Irontown.
Begin 1x M Power Generator at Irontown.
Begin 1x M Factory at Irontown.
Begin 1x Greenhouse at Irontown.
Begin 1x Condo at Irontown.
Begin 1x Shopping Center at Irontown.
Begin 1x Command Center at Irontown.
Begin 1x Command Center at Ryxix.
Begin 3x Shopping Centers at Ryxix.
Begin 1x Landing Strip at Ryxix.
Labs: Continue research of Computers III (ETC: Turn 41)
Forts: Begin training 300x nonworkers into Power Infantry. (ETC: Turn 56)
Hospitals: Upgrade 140x Light Infantry with Minor Augmentation.

Turn 40:
All that stuff finishes building/deconstructing.
Begin 1x Shopping Center at New Monument.
Deactivate spaceborne Medical Outpost in favor of newly constructed one at Irontown.

Current talent pool:
1x Medical Outpost: 10 pros
2x Hospitals: 50 pros (These guys better be healthy as fuck)
9x Colleges: 225 pros
1x Small Lab: 50 pros
3x Medium Labs: 375 pros
4x Factories: 28 pros
Total: 738 Professionals / 10 RP / 84 BP

Turn 41:
Research on Computers III finishes with 3RP to spare.
Begin research on Large Buildings (ETC: Turn 52) (Sorry, Ed)

Factories: 168 BP produced in these 3 months:
24BP: 4,000x Durable Goods
48BP: 48,000x Nondurable Goods
78BP: 26x Super-BRICs (10x MMAA / 16x AACC)
18BP: 90x Reaver Drones
No. 155673 ID: 717301
File 127000711256.png - (64.85KB , 1004x632 , ryxix copy.png )

Ryxix Base Map
No. 155692 ID: 0fc814

Note that this build list is on the assumption that the colony summary in the latest update is accurate. The summary, for instance, lists that Ryxix has 0 shopping centers, hence why I said to build 3 more. It is not my intention for there to be 5. I forget what other discrepancies there might be.
No. 155701 ID: 717301
File 127000958265.png - (77.61KB , 2280x1160 , irontown copy.png )

Current map of Irontown
No. 155981 ID: 76abcc

I agree with two sentiments; one, that a forward strike is the best choice... but that the better one is to turn them into allies (Or at the very least people who will not attack us unreasonable).

Therefore I propose the cultivation of... friendly units. Spies, of their race.

Second, for the planning and stockpiling for dangerous scenarios. The most important tool for this would be knowledge: The movement of massive numbers with technology at this current point of time is the use of satellites.

With the sudden lack of facilities to draw energy and food from these are definitely a necessity. Use diplomats to figure out what the natives want and then work from there.

As for power, start depositing power plants in the desert. They don't really care about them and they can be huge sprawling complexes. Unfortunately the difficulty is transporting said power (or fuel).

An interesting alternative method for transferring power, which would link up nicely with the Sun and satellite use, is high-intensity microwave beams. This would line up with the (Presumably) electrical medium all units are using for power.

Unfortunately, this will require Satellites, a Receiving Station, and a Beamer.
No. 155983 ID: 76abcc


Get individuals to work on that in they're spare time. People who don't have work to do; kids and the like. Who knows? Maybe they can manage something with the symbols. Make sure it's in a safe area.
No. 156072 ID: b14128

We can try this, fine, but bloody hell, -don't- put -kids- on it! Asides from the questionable morals, if they kids get hurt, we're going to have a pissed off populance on our hands for the outrage. Put adults on it, try to make sure they don't have any tech on them/have a tech free space to try it in, and also try to find the most morally upright people to do the testing (Remember what they said about magic flowing the most strongly through noble people). Also post guards and medics around the area in case it goes bad: We don't know a thing about how their magic works, and screwing with it might have bad consequences.
No. 156074 ID: 1ac39d

gonna be hard as the re-breathers everyone needs to where so they don't die from the air is tech.
No. 156077 ID: 632862

I'm going to assume that the buildings have their own air supply so people can take off their suits indoors.
No. 156078 ID: 1ac39d

but then the buildings are tech!
No. 156155 ID: 2dccf5

> Spies, of their race
thats not bad assuming we get to hire a couple that can use magic.

>medieval society
as far as i know, this is not true because their magic would work like technology. i do belive they have already passed some sort of renaissance phase just because they werent eager to judge us like their god already told us.

we should not shoot them because they are primates, we should shott them because they fling stones at us.
No. 156203 ID: 0fc814

If we have lots of spare workers (keeping in mind we need to expand industry after we get a fair stockpile of metals) we should make some entertainment structures. And not generic ones, either. Like, let's see...

1x M Entertainment structure at Irontown: 'Moon Bounce,' Variable Gravity Lazer Tag and Pizzeria (please do not throw up on everything)
1x M Entertainment structure at Ryxix: 'FUNderdome,' Virtual Reality Multiplex.
1x M Entertainment structure at Ryxix: 'Beyond Funderdome,' Dune Buggy and Ultralight Rental Service.
1x M Entertainment structure at New Monument: Movie Theater Omniplex specializing in classic old Earth films such as James Cameron's 'The Abyss,' James Cameron's 'Terminator 2,' James Cameron's 'Aliens 2,' or James Cameron's 'Titanic.'

Also, we need to design a demilitarized dropship. Without devoting weight to guns and heavy armor, it should be faster, cheaper, carry more, or something like that.

Also, put some Gesters to work figuring out these magical motions. It's a long shot, but they should be great at it.
No. 156283 ID: d12f42

Actually, employ Gesters in diplomacy. Since they aren't mentioned in prophecy and non-technological species in general, they are likely to recieve more positive reaction from Dryads. Among other things, find if Gesters (and humans) can actually learn magic.
No. 160630 ID: 35cea2
File 127060947997.png - (163.94KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 2-3.png )


The signal is pretty jumbled, we will need to get closer to get clearer messages.


The species seem pretty similar to the 'norm'. A 'snap back' isn't expected for while.


Just specify what things you want to know about the Dryads and I will elaborate.


The Dryads, upon examining the Gesters, seem to believe they have some 'magical' ability. They flatly refuse to teach them anything, however, due to their association with us. The Gesters who try to figure out the motions on their own make predictably as much success as you can expect from a squid-thing flailing its limbs around in an attempt to launch a fireball.

%10 of the implanted soldiers have died, much more than many of the scientists expected. Higher levels of GENETIC ENGINEERING tech will drastically lower the risk of implantation.


NOTE: I have made a new spreadsheet, which will hopefully mean I have to spend less time toiling to make a single update. Also, I changed a few numbers around: Food consumption per person has been increased 4x and the electrolysis plant has 5x more output but 2x more energy upkeep.
No. 160633 ID: 35cea2
File 127060961799.png - (90.52KB , 868x1772 , Tech tree.png )

New techs unlocked:
MINOR AUTOMATION: Allows partial automation of buildings, reducing the amount of workers needed to run them.
COMPUTING SYSTEMS IV: Unlocks more drone types. Increases drone intelligence.
No. 160641 ID: bcf25c


Maybe we should mention the snap-backs in the fossil record. They might have some mythology which would help.
No. 160645 ID: bcf25c

Is it possible to send colonies to nearby planets, as well?
No. 160664 ID: b14128

That many died from the implants? Sheesh. Let's hold off on more implants until our genetic engineering is better. ...Wait a tic. Do we even have the strength implant tech fully researched?
No. 160695 ID: 5be8c4

let's go with gestation tanks
No. 160697 ID: 3057d6

no we dont have str implants. we screwed the soldiers needlesly and those that suceeded didnt quite got any better from the start. they dont have anything more that body armor and exquisite scars to use.

we need the minor automaton tech. we can work on the implants later, we have a disposable soldier that can be manufactured instead of vat grown, they just need a human leader. its starting to sound like star wars '-'

also we dont have breaker weapons or even any other better weapon yet. if the fan gets hit we wont even be able to say "oh shit".

can you detail their economy and social rules? i know their magic users are pratically noblesmen, but if we can somehow convince a few to teach us magic, it could work for the research.
No. 160698 ID: 7524b0

Yes. Apparently Ed Pastry forgot to put that down on the chart though.

We should definitely continue research on Large Buildings. After that... Thruster Upgrade because it takes only 20 RP and it could unlock some new vehicles or something.
No. 160707 ID: 3057d6

if that is true then im glad for them, but i still think we should have waited a bit more. apparently they would now be a match to a druid in melee.
No. 160748 ID: 7bcee0

>Just specify what things you want to know about the Dryads and I will elaborate.

Considering that only thing you actually mentioned is a goverment type and basics of their religion, you have a lot of elaborating to do :)

Lets see...
First: How high a vertical mobility in Dryad society? Is it rigid caste-based, with no chance of upgrade, semi-rigid where you can move higher if you are good enough or relatively free, allowing one to move from peasant to lord?

Second: How they determine who will learn magic? Is there some sort of test, if so then at what age it is administered? What about their education system?

Third: It appears that there are no global goverment. If there are, what level of autonomy local goverment have? If there aren't, how big average country is? Biggest and smalles? Do they have conflicts with neighbors, if yes, how serious they are normally?

Fourth: How much religion affect everyday life? Does god speak with priests only or with commoners as well? It is highly unlikely that there are any deviations from mainstream religion, considering how intolerant their god to anything that is not under his control, but still, are there any? Are there any atheists, who see "god" as simply powerful being ruling them (In fact, it is somewhat likely - seeing things mages can do it is not difficult to interpret "god" as highly powerful mage) instead of some sort of higher power?

Whoo. More questions will come when I think them. :p
No. 160752 ID: 8ecfd4

Lets go with gestation tanks and large buildings.

Could we also send a frigate towards UB to get a clearer signal. They should maintain a 2 light year distance away from the system for a few months and gather up signals, as well as other readings from the system. It could have an instant comm on it so we can send a continuos signal back towards our main base and decode it there with more scientists on the spot. That way we should be able to gather a decent amount of information about the place.
No. 160777 ID: a6ca77


Agreeing with this post.
No. 160876 ID: 54af1f


Why don't we send out away teams as I suggested here: >>155536
No. 160878 ID: 3057d6

i really dont see why we would go for gestation tanks. we just got expendable soldiers that wont turn on us nor would require extra trainning time. i vote breaker alloys just to give us a fancier weapon.

lets build a few of the bromeliad just for kicks in iron town?
No. 160880 ID: 0fc814

>Do we even have the strength implant tech fully researched?
>apparently they would now be a match to a druid in melee.
They are. And with Advanced Implants they'd be way more than a match.

A 10% casualty rate is actually pretty sustainable, but might be poor for morale. What do you guys think? And we should probably hold off on Advanced Implants since those are vastly more extensive.

I'll write a build order later today. Or someone else can, since we're pretty much good in terms of buildings. Just need to decide what stuff our factories make. We have about 600 spare workers, but no spare Professionals, so if we decide to make more factories, we need to shut down a medical facility or something.

On that note, the Tenaments at New Monument appear to have been revamped into Condos. Which is fine I guess, since we still have enough capacity for everyone. Also, the remaining Smelter there has gone missing from the spreadsheet.
No. 160885 ID: 54af1f


I'll give it a shot later today.
No. 160886 ID: e8fab4

Sounds good. With an instant communicator we should be able to stream it back to our colonies where we can get more scientists working on it.

Lets hold off with the implants until we get better genetic engineering. We don't have enough humans to waste what we have unless we absolutely have no other choice.
No. 160927 ID: 54af1f

Dispatch away teams as: >>155536

No new buildings for now
Turn 41:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 42:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 43:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 44:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 45:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Test: if you redo my build, please make sure you leave the away team dispatch on the top so it's obvious.
No. 160979 ID: 0fc814

Eh, that should be okay, mostly. But I'd cancel the first Dropship and build 7,000 Durable and 3,000 Nondurable goods in its place, so we don't suffer a hit to morale.

I was also going to wait for word on a demilitarized dropship, but it couldn't hurt to have more war-grade airlift while we're waiting.

I would also suggest we begin building, this month:

4x Electrolysis Plants at RYXIX.

...seeing how we're electing not to cancel a lab or something to expand our industry. Which I guess is fine, since we don't have a steady source of Uranium.
No. 160994 ID: 672920

damm, so no broomeliads.

you guys think its gonna be difficult to adapt a bromeliad core to drive a inty or another small craft in space?
No. 161004 ID: 54af1f

Ok, let me make a fresh build (iteration 3!)

Dispatch away teams as: >>155536

No new buildings for now
Turn 41:
Begin Research: Uranium plants (5 RP)
Continue Research (Large buildings)
Begin 4x Electrolysis Plants at RYXIX
7000 Durable goods (42 BP 700 metal 700 Ceramics)
15000 Nondurable goods (15 BP 15 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 42:
Begin 4X Uranium Plants at RYXIX
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 43:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 44:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
Train 100 Non-workers into 100 power armor infantry

Turn 45:
1 Dropship (45 BP 200 metal 100 Ceramics 3 SC 15 Uranium)
1 Interceptor (15 BP 15 metal 10 Ceramics 3 SC 4 Uranium)
12000 Nondurable goods (12 BP 12 metal)
No. 161050 ID: 35cea2

Right, a few fixes for the recent update:
We already researched STRENGTH IMPLANTS
Our URANIUM stocks should be 837

Dryad society is very rigid. Those of lower caste cannot rise beyond anything more than a small land owner, unless they are somehow born with advanced magical abilities. This is very rare as magic appears to be an inherited trait. There are stories, however, of commoners being gifted this ability by their god, usually as a sort of 'fulfilling a prophecy because you are the chosen one' type of thing.

Anyone with magical capabilities is expected to gain at least some training, usually by an experienced tutor. Those who show talent can undergo more advanced training to become mystics, mages or seers.

There is indeed no global government. The countries are generally quite small, the largest is slightly larger in territory than Germany, and the rest average around half that size. There is always some tension between the countries, but usually they are settled either diplomatically or by a single duel between the leaders. Violence very rarely happens on a large scale.

Their religion seems mostly uniform, though there are some minor discrepancies in tradition. Only the highest level priests and seers claim to talk to their god. There either is no atheists in their society, or those that do hold doubts about their religion keep it to themselves.

Also: If you have a suggestion for a DESIGN NEW VEHICLE/BUILDING tech, post it in the discussion thread so I can tell how long it'll take to research.
No. 161055 ID: 672920

holy poop. its as if they where engineered to be mass murdered.
No. 161057 ID: 1ac39d

..... how so?
No. 161067 ID: bf309a

>Dryad society is very rigid
so its unlikely there would be anything for them to gain. they dont have military ranks, and if they did, a soldier would never be able to aspire to a general. they fight because they may be killed, not to protect and to reap victory's reward.

>commoners being gifted this ability by their god
this is the biggest red flag. the whole planet CAN get magic in a flick of a finger, but they wont be trained and its unlikely there would be union asides the religious type. no strategical leaders, no boot camps, all brawls, no brains and a lot of borders all over.

>no global government
maybe we can get wellcomed in the other continents after all. also, no UN equivalent to run on us. if we pinpoint their countries, they would not have many means of organizing a freedom force from other countries, again, relying only on their religion to guide them. right now this means to attack us under very poor conditions, but if we pick the right countries they may simply stand still and do nothing.

>some tension
>Violence very rarely happens on a large scale
>There either is no atheists in their society, or those that do hold doubts about their religion keep it to themselves
they have no experience in large scale battles. even if they all gain magical powers they would not have military discipline. their tension will simply explode in every small border of the country as "alleged" atheists peform acts of greed, selfishness and spite. magic would either have to be pulled back from everyone or the pockets of "atheists" and "new noblesmen" would ruin whatever victory they could gain, possibly the whole war by itself.

we could win simply by holing up and watching them burn power, politics and religion as their civilization "starve" trying to fight us and atheists simply because a psycholord told them to fight until they die.
No. 161069 ID: 54af1f


Do Dryads like to eat anything we can grow in quantity?
No. 161070 ID: 1ac39d

we need to find ways to make the peasantry better. the mages and warriors are the only ones who are given any respect. by making the life of the peasant easier and more productive it would give them more time to think. and when the peasantry thinks, they often think of revolt.
No. 161076 ID: bf309a

this leads to their extermination instead of their subjugation. even if we get to lead the revolt it may be fruitless to the druids since they would literally commit heresy, would not become noblesmen and would be dammed like us. i do like the idea of releasingthe slaves, but they are literally underclassed, maybe if we can teach them sample stuff like mechanic or taming, something tecnological to be both useful and antagonist to magic.

this is more like it. their peasants dont have how to be useful asides slavery, but if we can make something to trade with their noblesmen, we are likely to get their cooperation, if only for the magic research.

like drugs. or chocolate.

im considering waiting. the way i see, we have some turns before psycholord simply order them to attack us. we prepare for war however we make peace with the most of these countries we can. when they realize their god wants them to fight for a reason that does not exists we show our force and that we still want to be friends. until here, we cant really do anything related to the prophecy.

at this point, their religious debates would last months where they would simply settle in duels (some with us, we may need commandos with the better implants) or in desertion. their fevorous noblesmen that would fight us would never amount to more that a couple thousand, at least those that could amass a army of peasants to fight us.

if he pulls the "now everyone is a magician! go forth and kick ass in my name!" we will have a perfect scorched earth strategy: we flee to irontown. we let them kill themselves in civil wars or watch as their psycholord shows that the prophecy was indeed true as he himself removes magic from everyone, thus deserting the survivors.

to us.

we save them, a couple millions surviving souls "added" in the splinter, we just need to pick and train them as needed.
No. 161077 ID: b14128

Is there any specific part of our technology that makes it 'immune' to magic? Like, how advanced does the tech in something have to be before it starts resisting their spells?
No. 161153 ID: bcf25c

Actually what we need to start trading with the peasantry is NOT chems or anything like that, but information.

How to make a cotton gin, how to protect from diseases, the importance of keeping clean, farming tricks, levers, etc, etc. All of this is basic information to the human lifestyle, but it's entirely possible they don't have any of it.

Also how technology isn't evil, just the extension of natural laws.


There has been no indication that this is the case. Only humans don't have any talent for magic (apparently).
No. 161198 ID: 54af1f


Personally I don't think starting a peasent revolt is a good idea unless we can win the resulting war.

To be hard nosed about this, the peasants don't have anything we want right now. What we need is to establish better relations with the nobles and merchants.
No. 161222 ID: 2e7839

Why don't we get the natives to help us by talking to their leader and explaining what we want to do. WE need to find out how their powers work right so let's go to them and ask them if we can perform tests for them so that we may understand their ways better. Make it like we are the ones that need to know even though we have more advanced technology then them. Also show some examples of how we work together. Show the dryiad leaders how the human communicate with each-other.

Added notes, we need to organize some festivals for our people to celebrate, i.e some people doing some acts and shows where everyone can come around and sit down and relax. If we can risk it why not organise a combined dryiaf/human festival. Have both sides meet up somewhere in neutral ground suitable for both sides and get them to have a fun festival so that morale goes up a lot. Everyone has been working like hell over the last few days so let the population relax.
No. 161242 ID: 42dea5

i did mentioned those kinds of things, but the peasantry has absolutely nothing good for us, they are not even a fighting force. maybe we can do something if we sell these know-hows to their leaders.

>If we can risk
no we cant. it seems our civilization slowly becamed xenophobic of the dryad. their noblesmen also cant use magic around our stuff so its unlikely they would even like this. however we could try something, since we need to test what we could trade with the dryad it does make sense to smuggle and trade stuff like food, candy and tools. food, spices, raw material, whatever we can trade with whatever they can get.

they seem to know of tutelage and schooling so we could make short classes for them to things that are immediately useful for the peasants, but this is if they have how to pay.

> neutral ground suitable for both sides
the common dryad is like a slave. the usual dryad that cant use magic barely owns the land he needs to farm. they cant take a break, and neither can we.

> natives to help us by talking to their leader and explaining what we want to do
we kinda did this. we got that settlement on the forest thanks to conversations and rationalizations. the dude was very generous, considering that his god that gaved him magic for him to own a huge palace and servants warned him we would wipe his planet.

>let's go to them and ask them if we can perform tests
we did this too. they dont want to know how it works simply because their GOD tells them that it works because he wants it to work.

>know even though we have more advanced technology
they think this is a horrible thing. they cant use magic around our machines, why would they tolerate this if it literally prevents them from using the only means they have to climb in the social and economical ladder?

>Show the dryiad leaders how the human communicate with each-other
i am a bit curious about this.

they have a lot of underlings, low class and very few equals among the noblesmen, if most countries kinda like it we may have a chance on peace, if they dont, they are not willing to accept equality in their society and thus slavery/peasantry will always persist. it would be a good thing to confirm that this is the case world wide.
No. 161609 ID: 35cea2
File 127078354159.png - (166.28KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 2-4.png )

URANIUM FILTRATION PLANTS have been researched, and 4 have been constructed at RYXIX.

The wildlife is apparently beginning to get even more aggressive, as they have been noticed approaching closer to NEW MONUMENT than they have been before. A group 5 WORKERS and 2 PROFESSIONALS who were working a short distance away from NEW MONUMENT have been killed by a pack of ambushing bear-sized creatures.

The various away teams have arrived at their destination. AWAY TEAM 1 has set us up the bomb, AWAY TEAM 2 is currently spying on the aliens at UB and AWAY TEAM 3 is surveying the UD system.

The signals from UB appear to be mostly advertisements and entertainment media. Why they are being broadcast out into the middle of space is unknown. The aliens there are chitinous and capable of living on land and underwater. They seem to be a modern pre-spaceflight civilization. The planet they live on is mostly water with small archipelagos and islands dotted randomly upon the surface.

UD has four planets, all of them rocky and lifeless. All of them contain metal; one of them also contains uranium and a different one also carries superconductors.
No. 161632 ID: 1ac39d

examine media of the aliens on UB to determine how they would react to aliens. do most movies involving what appears to be their versions of aliens have them being hostile invaders bent on destruction, or peaceful enlighteners?
No. 161637 ID: 35cea2

Also I forgot to mention: There has been a rebalancing of the vehicles. I think they can be created at far too rapid a rate, and most of the current automated drones are too weak and cost inefficient to be useful. I have changed the BP cost of most vehicles. This may not necessarily be a final change, though I will try not to mess up the game by modifying it again unless I REALLY have to.

APC: 10 BP
MBT: 15 BP
No. 161646 ID: 0204b5

were the killed men eaten or attempted to?

it seems we need to make the armed perimeter anyway.
No. 161680 ID: 7524b0

From now on, any personnel leaving the base must bring with them enough of a military force to fend off the megafauna.

Do we have a wall around New Monument yet? If not, build one. Put some apertures in them so we can shoot out of the walls to drive away megafauna.
No. 161801 ID: 8ecfd4

What are the common elements in their entertainment industry. Also get as much news as possible. Do they have anything like the internet? And how many language groups are there?

I think we should make gun saftey and firing range training mandatory for residents at new Monument. If they move around outside they should have a weapon on them capable of taking down megafauna at all times.

Lets build up twice the amount of weapons we would need to supply our population there.

By the way, do we have what we need now to build gas giant refueling stations?
No. 161806 ID: 7524b0


2 Medium Coastal Derricks for mining Superconductors.
1 Small Lab, and get those guys in our spaceborne lab down to work in it.
1 Electrolysis Plant.
That uses 16 more Power, which is exactly how much extra we have!
13000 Nondurable Goods
(13BP, 13 Metal)
for 3 months, then
13000 Nondurable Goods
1000 Durable Goods
(19BP, 23 Metal, 10 Ceramic)
for the next 2 months.

250 goddamn Bromeliads. Put assorted weapons on them, I don't give a fuck. ROBOT ARMY GOOOOO

That should last until Large Buildings is done. Then we get to rebuild half our shit.

Oh also, let's talk to the Dryads and ask if they know how we can deal with the megafauna, besides shooting them. How do they keep them from attacking their dudes?
No. 161815 ID: 54af1f

Nobody leaves the settlement now without a military escort.

Do we have enough space in the clearing to build a wall?
No. 161816 ID: 0fc814

I was thinking we could start building stuff at Ryxix sufficient to start moving the student body there. But I guess it'd be more efficient to wait until we get large buildings to do that. Only another five months, roughly.
No. 161823 ID: 930094

Perhaps some advice could be garnered from the local dryad representative on how to lessen hostile encounters with the indigenous fauna?
No. 161824 ID: 8ecfd4

Dryads seem to use mind control magic for that. Something we don't have acess to and I'm pretty sure they won't do it for us.
No. 161829 ID: 54af1f

Ok, if they're prespace flight, lets go UB aliens, or at least, go in system and have a look at them.
No. 161871 ID: b5e892

i just had the weirdest paranoid thought that they may be able to control the bromeliad.

and that the humans were attacked because a mage ordered them to.
No. 161881 ID: 1ac39d

capture a mage in the act of commanding animals to attack. have our representative tell us which country the mage is from if he knows then get an audience with the ruler. have like 6 BRICs come with the diplomat as security detail. let the king know that you have one of their mages that was caught in the act of ordering animals to attack us and he must ether give us something for the return of the mage or we imprison the mage in a high-tech cell... in orbit. something tells me leaving the planet is will cause all magic to leave him and his body will become weak and sluggish.
No. 161884 ID: 0fc814

Did we build walls at New Monument? If not, build walls.
No. 161886 ID: 54af1f

Let's put this all together so it's nice and tidy
Copied from above and annotated

2 Medium Coastal Derricks for mining Superconductors.
1 Small Lab, and get those guys in our spaceborne lab down to work in it.
1 Electrolysis Plant.
That uses 16 more Power, which is exactly how much extra we have!

Walls around the settlement as many sections as required
4 double Howitzer turrets (troops and LUVs can handle the small shooting)

Begin: military patrols with teams working outside the settlement, they are not to fire upon the locals under any circumstances except in direct self defence. Even if attacked they are to attempt to withdraw before engaging.

13000 Nondurable Goods
(13BP, 13 Metal)
for 3 months, then
13000 Nondurable Goods
1000 Durable Goods
(19BP, 23 Metal, 10 Ceramic)
for the next 2 months.

250 goddamn Bromeliads.

Send UB contact team deeper into the system. They should attempt to remain unobserved but to observe the aliens more closely.
No. 161903 ID: b5e892

not hotwiz, they are artillery.

we need one or two tops, but the most we will need will be machine guns or railguns.
No. 161907 ID: 0fc814

If this turns hot, New Monument is basically going to be a firebase, and that means it needs artillery.
No. 161978 ID: 54af1f


we've got an entire Brigade of infantry who can gun down the small stuff
No. 161979 ID: 7524b0

Not to mention the BRMs.
No. 161982 ID: a6ca77


Frankly, if we are so worried about war...why don't we just put a orbital strike weapon in orbit. All it would have to be is a large rock/metal that could be commanded to fall on a certain point...

Mutually assured destruction. A last case backup.

If we made sure it didn't burn up in the atmosphere, even a 5-10m rock would hit with the force of the Hiroshima atomic bomb...
No. 161999 ID: b5e892

orbital railgun can be in the build list for irontown. when we get spare manpower, energy and resource for that.

seriously we can barely build frigates.

...altho a frigate can be equipped with a huge gun instead of turrents.
No. 162010 ID: a6ca77


I wasn't thinking something as complex as a frigate. Literally, all you'd need is a large enough metal slab and attach a thruster to it to keep it in orbit...

Since we have spaceships I assume we know enough about orbital mechanics to just turn off the thruster and let the slab fall onto a designated spot...An orbital railgun though would be much more versatile though...
No. 162012 ID: b5e892

well, dropping objects from orbit is far from precise. if we had a set of asteroids nearby it would "rock", but by what you described we could as well research a orbital bombardment system for frigs.
No. 162153 ID: 8ecfd4

It can be very precise. If you have the right calculations you can pretty much drop anything you like on top of anything you feel like hiting.
No. 162163 ID: 03cccb

I'm more worried we're being goaded into fulfilling the 'prophecy'...For whatever reason, by whatever entities were behind it. Something clearly has a vested interest in having us on bad terms with the natives when every mystic on Grezt goes "WAAAH, THEYS GONNA KILL US AND MURDER OUR PLANET, AND ALSO OUR MAGIC", even though we have no (known) real reason to do so.

Nothing wrong with getting defenses and deterrents (as long as they don't get us on the bad side of the natives), but I'm worried that in having/getting them it will force an escalation by whatever force is making local animals agressive at us (and by extension, the local sentients).

As for the 'moon/orbital cannon' ideas, I point to this Chapter 1 comment: "The Infractus can rotate its lower Railgun Lance Batteries to a planet and fire heavy tungsten rounds. This is a "clean" and effective method of destroying ground targets. Unfortunately, firing these rounds heavily drain the ship's power, and also wear out the superconducting rods in the massive railguns much faster than regular, anti-ship rounds."

We dun need one, really.

Equipping/making a ground army also takes build points away from other things, such as expanding our fleet and offensive/defensive capabilities versus the Breakers, which we -should- be thinking about. They're fanatics on a mission from God (literally) and will eventually follow us here. If the visions the Dryads received were any indication, Totus and the Norns knows we're here, and have probably sent their followers after us in a roundabout way.

Anyway, New Monument can always be evacuated if we feel threatened enough, and getting stuck in a land-war on Grezt seems like a bad idea if the Breakers suddenly decide to turn up.

Even that aside, we've no right to commit genocide or bring a large-scale war to their planet...Though we might have adequate reason to spy on the anomaly they're keeping us away from, especially considering the importance the previous one had for us.

And we should inform the Dryads that they are part of a strange cycle of perpetual status quo, existence without growth, life without progress, etc. They might not like technology, but evolution is an (at least for us) definite part of nature. Provide them with examples of fossil records, show them comparisons with what we know of our own Earth creatures, and ask them if they know why this happens and/or how. Godly intervention?

Also introduce the Dryads to footage of the Breakers, and most of what we know about them: from their unconditional burning of Earth and all its species (for the shock factor) and our narrow escape.

Try to convince them that whatever 'evil' we may possess isn't by virtue of being genuinely wicked or interested in the demise of their planet (or magic itself), but simply due to a genocidal witch hunt called on for reasons we do not even currently comprehend, and executed by a people who did not even question the usage of such extreme violence against a completely unsuspecting race.

State that if 'different' or 'magic-less' equals evil, then we cannot help being so, but the vision they received was clearly making a lot of presumptions about us and our intentions on Grezt and as far as we know, we've done nothing to warrant such suspicion.

Also, Ed? How long is a 'cycle' on Grezt? Fifteen cycles = fifteen days?
No. 162197 ID: f4e0af

weather by itself would drive the falling object away, so only something with huge mass would hit. like i said, unless we have a humongous object already in the sky to hurl, its better to develop a weapon for that.

wow someone that writes more that me '-'

>fulfilling the 'prophecy'
i was actualy expecting them to be more agressive, but this social unrest is quite peaceful. i do belive that we got attacked by driads along with the wildlife.

afaik we are gonna analyze the anomaly here, and our close proximity with it will turn it off like it does with druid magic. then we kill magic =c i already have at least 4 scenarios where magic is gone because psycholord says so, only 2 of them are favorable to us. problem is, their bodies RELY on magic. the planet fauna will die of starvation very quickly. i do belive the druids will complain about the killed animals, but i am lead to think that if we consume them everything will be somewhat alright. we just need to remind them that we have 2 other cities to feed.

>We dun need one, really.
yes we do =C

its good to know we have a emergency orbital strike, but a bombing system could work better and a bit cheaper. you know, pick a 250lb bomb, add some reentry panels, make it follow a lazer from a ground target or maybe even camera guided and we end up with a cheaper orbital system. if we go into war we can use it, if their psycholord declares war we can boast and still extend a friendly hand.

and if we find the breaker homeworld we can deliver the disease trhu it

>we've no right to commit genocide
were where you when we landed on gesters? =C

war is unavoidable. they will at least have civil war when their god "lies" to them about us and order them to kill us or lose all magic trying.

> strange cycle of perpetual status quo
lets teach them philosophy! except for machiavel. fuck him and his princehood.

>Fifteen cycles = fifteen days?
turns. they fit nicely and it makes sense if you compare the times =3 that was about when the breaker noticed we where gone.

>State that if 'different' or 'magic-less' equals evil,
they faced our difference with ease and literally gaved us lands when only nobles can own land. magic less means peasantry, since magic knowledge is needed for noble-hood. you can climb the social ladder, but only if psycholord says so.

>breaker facts + purple prose
showing them the enemy is a very good idea. i also want to know if they even know of their existance. we should also speak highly of the gesters, and if possible ask them to speak good of us, since we literally leaved them with centuries worth of knowledge in books.

could this be a dogma for them as well? if so, are we dammed just for showing them of this? are we "psycholords" for takin in the breaker?
No. 162215 ID: 813581

>pick a 250lb bomb, add some reentry panels, make it follow a lazer from a ground target or maybe even camera guided

Am I only one here who read "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress"?

Heavy mass-driver would not only allow us to strike on planet with impunity and much cheaper than any bomb and without using costly materials like ship do but also allow us to drop mined metals in planetary orbit or on surface, decreasing fuel use and dropship wear.

Also, you don't really need superconductive materials for it - since you have so much mass to anchor and dump heat, you can either use normal materials and cool it to superconductive temperatures or bite the bulled and accept increased energy cost.

BTW, I detect distressing lack of solar-powered industry here : there are gigantic, fuel- and maintenance-free fusion reactor right here and no one even throught about taping it for power?
No. 162220 ID: 0fc814

There's a discussion thread.
No. 162293 ID: f4e0af

shut up and discuss with us there.

also when do you think we can research breaker alloy? we kinda have all tech for mass producing a army but we lack proper weapons. theres also the space fleet...
No. 164396 ID: 35cea2
File 127129920765.png - (162.98KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 2-5.png )

This build plan has been followed. The walls and turrets are in place around NEW MONUMENT

We have been attempting to soothe the native's fears about us since we have arrived, but they appear to remain very suspicious. They are dedicated to their religion, and also the fact that we are beginning to conflict with the wildlife more is making them even more upset. Some of the bolder lower-class natives have approached uncomfortably close to the walls at NEW MONUMENT and have taken to throwing stones at patrols.

Showing footage of the Breakers has also done nothing to lower hostilities. The seers claim they received visions of the Breakers and believe they are holy warriors doing the work of their deity.

Our own citizenry is also getting disgruntled at the attitude of the Dryads and the violent native wildlife. By staying behind the walls we are able to keep everyone safe, though there have been some spots on the walls where the larger creatures have damaged by headbutting it.

Also, a cycle is a month on this planet. Gretz month's are just a little shorter than a turn
No. 164398 ID: 35cea2
File 12712992514.png - (90.32KB , 868x1772 , Tech tree.png )

LARGE BUILDINGS has been researched. There is no MASSIVE BUILDINGS tech researchable in the future, but you can suggest researching a massive version of one building at a time. The cost is 40 RP per building.
No. 164399 ID: 35cea2
File 127129928847.png - (86.68KB , 1378x966 , Large 1.png )

Large Buildings unlocked.They take 4 turns to construct unlike the other buildings.
RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT: Houses 4500 people at the same quality as APARTMENTS
LUXURY COMPLEX: Houses 2000 people at a greater quality than CONDOS.
CITADEL: Houses 3000 soldiers, can train 1000 soldiers at once.
UNIVERSITY: Can train 1800 people at once.
BIODOMES: Generates 9000 units of food per turn
COMMAND NEXUS: Increases morale, allows settlement populations of 30,000+. Can control 300 drones at once. Can house and launch 2 nuclear/tactical missiles. A nuke costs 10 METAL, 35 URANIUM, 5 FUEL, 5 SC and 20 BP. A tactical missile costs 10 METAL, 5 FUEL, 1 SC and 7 BP.
MEDICAL DISTRICT: Increases fertility rate, reduces death rate, provides excellent resistance to plagues and natural disasters and has 9 IP per turn.
LARGE GENERATOR: Uses 8 units of FUEL/URANIUM per month. Generates 90 POWER
LARGE CERAMIST: Produces 135 units of CERAMICS per turn
LARGE WAREHOUSE: Stores 27000 units of resources.
AIRPORT: Can scramble any number of air units immediately in case of an emergency.
LARGE ORBITAL FACTORY: Has 9 BP, can build any starship. Can be assisted by ground factories up to a max of 27 BP.
No. 164401 ID: 35cea2
File 127129931394.png - (46.89KB , 1378x562 , Large 2.png )

MALL: Sells factory goods. Services 4500 people
LARGE ENTERTAINMENT: Services 4500 people
No. 164402 ID: 35cea2

(Gonna post the screen for the larger starships tomorrow. Ran out of time today)
No. 164407 ID: 63ec27

yay for huge starships!

id like to post my suggestion of going for the simple bombardment system (5RP) then micro nukes (10RP) then breaker alloys (120RP).

i also wanted to train commando, make a couple thousand bro-bots and ready up some major implants on the newly trained commandos, but i will just wait till everyone else sees our situation.
No. 164408 ID: 1ac39d

oh man, we need large everything, they look to be about 3 times better at 1.5~2 times the size. if i am reading the scale right. that is a huge efficiency upgrade.
No. 164410 ID: 0fc814

Let's just leave New Monument as soon as the first batch of students graduate. Just turn it into a military and superconductor mining outpost. Trying to coexist is just pissing everyone off, including me.

I can do a build order tomorrow, hopefully.
No. 164414 ID: 15f6d6

Really? There's no reason to abandon a city. We should probably just make some blow job machines. How hard can it be?
No. 164416 ID: 9e9b47


If it's one thing that would keep me smiling and working, it would be a blowjob machine. Installing some blowjob machines seems the best course of action. Make sure to install something you can rest your hand on during the whole process.
No. 164420 ID: 1ac39d

yes, let's have a super soldier with the high grade implants fight their champion in single combat, with the condition that any further hostile actions from citizens of that country will be considered an act of war by them, and a loss will be we leave. pretty sure they will jump at the chance to get us off the planet.
No. 164463 ID: bcf25c

I wonder if it's possible to take advantage of the wildlife's senses and make devices that keep them away.

Producing an unpleasant, high-pitched noise most species can't hear except them, etc.
No. 164534 ID: bcf25c


Alternatively, heavy equipment could be producing some effect that the local creatures find fairly unpleasant.
No. 164579 ID: 54af1f

Any News from the team at UB?
No. 164608 ID: d289fb

we abandoned a planet. twice.

you fool! we dont need blowjob machines, we need orgy machines! this way our pop also increases!

we should confirm this somehow, it actualy makes sense. maybe actualy asking the druid doobie gardener dude.

we also dont need monument for SC or metal, another coastal desert has acess to them. plus, if we are truly bold, we can build in the SC convergente in high sea. or undersea.
No. 164636 ID: 4db567

Hmmm, that sea thing might not be a bad idea. After all we can put up a colony on a vacum planet, we should be able to handle one under the sea or over it as well. Have to check for massive monster first though.

Anyway, could we please send some commandos to get professional training so we can send them to the anomaly building? Commandos should be able to get in and out without causing to much trouble.

Can we also get the gestation tank research out of the way? I think those would be quite good to have.
No. 164638 ID: a6ca77


Agreed. I'm tired of trying to engage these guys and all we get is a "our gods are telling us not to talk to you" bullshit. At this point we have absolutely nothing they want, we don't know what they want, and everything we want...they have.
No. 164640 ID: a6ca77


Hmm...Does anyone know how much Improved Motors costs to research...If it's relatively cheap, I think we should consider grabbing that or Improved Thrusters on the way toward the costlier stuff. Both IM and IT would give us pretty much immediate payback on the research by giving us more capable machines/spaceships...
No. 164703 ID: 35cea2
File 127136229638.png - (40.51KB , 1154x664 , Starships.png )

Here is the new starship list. Also, the BP for the CORVETTE has been increased to 250, the FREIGHTER to 230 and FRIGATES to 300.

Just a reminder that these ships are generally considered super-projects. Even on Earth, construction of a larger ship still took years.

IMPROVED MOTORS is 60 RP. Forgot to put it on the tech tree again, derp.

The UB team has mapped out the surface of the planet, and produced an estimate of the population at 5 billion individuals. To further increase knowledge of these aliens, it is required to communicate with the aliens. The tech for their culture is estimated to take 36 RP.
No. 164755 ID: 7f46a5

>Can we also get the gestation tank research out of the way?
i think its safer to go for comuter 4. we got bromeliad and minor automatization, if we keep pushing we get cyberimplants and even less ship personnel costs.

its missing the personnel requirement for the ships. also i want a battleship.
No. 164766 ID: e4fc1c

Gestation tanks will let us increase our population gain by alot. As will building District Hospitols at Ryxix and Iron Town. I doubt AI's will be able to handle the ships as well as a proper crew would.

Battleships are freakishly expensive, both in build points and materials. We're probably going to have enough people to crew one before we can build one.
No. 164877 ID: a6ca77


After reading this post, I'm changing my tech vote to gestation tanks. While I still think that picking up Improved Motors (60RP) now is a good idea, I realize that what is really holding our BP/RP generation back now is our low population. Now that we have large buildings to cram people in...lets start cramming!
No. 164889 ID: 7f46a5

changing my suggestion to breaker alloys for then we may have a gun to fire with so many clones.
No. 165186 ID: 7f46a5

derp i r dum.

suggested research tech:
civilian dropship
orbital bombardment system
micro nukes

anything else anyone wants? asides pretending we have guns by not researching breaker alloy?
No. 165195 ID: 54af1f

Ok. I suggest we make one last push for diplomacy.

Let's go around and meet as many of the Dryad national leaders as we can and see if we can convince anyone to like us.

If not I suggest we begin building up for military hegemony.
No. 165197 ID: 0e4fef

Before we push for diplomacy, we need to figure out why diplomacy ain't working, beyond the whole 'tagged as an evil race months before we even got here' thing.

Couldn't we try to research why the local wildlife is growing so hostile towards us by capturing a few beasts (with the natives' permission)?

Might it have something to do with the superconductor materials we use in our modern gear and buildings?

Heck, could the superconductor parts be what makes a man with a modern helmet immmune to mind-affecting magic?

Hmm...Actually, expanding on that thought, could superconductor material be magic-related or anti-magic related in this universe?

On Grizt there are regular superconductor lines over every continent's tectonic plates (which might not be natural, Ed, could you give us a geology opinion on that? Tectonic plates generally move, so why's that layer moved with 'em?), an anomaly present, regular evolutionary reversion events...

Could this planet have been built or sort of be in a state of 'preservation', guys?
No. 165219 ID: 54af1f

I think the "tagged as evil by their god" thing is the big problem really.

The real challenge is the chicken and egg thing. We can't build any trust because they don't trust us enough. If we can get some kind of a foot in the door, then we can try diplomacy.

Otherwise we should consider other options.
No. 165231 ID: 1ac39d

like i said in the discussion thread, we could have our guys with minor implants have fights with the warriors. some friendly combat could help ease tension especially with the fact that minor implants make them around the strength of them so we would win some and lose some and everyone has a good time watching the fights. soon we could make small wagers for various nick knacks, like swords and board games. then we get a ringer, a guy with major implants and have a bet for something important. cooperation of the mages.
No. 165232 ID: 1ac39d

or maybe just ask? 'what can we do that would make it easier for you to trust us?'
No. 165238 ID: a6ca77


I think the problem is that we've essentially done this already and the only answer we got was "you're evil and will destroy our planet. Our god told us this."

I don't think this suggestion will work. Friendly combat requires a degree of trust and understanding. We don't have that and we have no idea how they will react to this idea. Frankly, we have way too little of the information necessary to effectively improve relations and they are against giving us any.

I agree w/ the poster that said we try the other tribes for one last shot, before we start trying something else...
No. 165256 ID: 54af1f


Do they play any kind of game that our guys could participate in? Like Ping Pong Diplomacy?
No. 165263 ID: 1ac39d

just chutes and ladders would be interesting. yeah, let's pass out free board games.
No. 165266 ID: 7f46a5

i second this. it seems retarded but sometimes blunt honesty is the key.

id discourage gambling and equality since they already see us as lowlife and horrible beings for using tecnology. id like to suggest something else in return: we need to trade with them.

i dont care what. if we find out more about their culture and make things that they like/want, they will like us. even better if we can do this with the noblesmen that can work for the magic research. we get some SC, non durable trade goods and gove some for the local noblesmen, whatever he likes we set some deal with them to gather good will and w/e currency they use.

as i stated in the disc thread, we should be prepared for a few duels, but to win them. the bro-bots are for when psychogod tells them to kill us no matter what.
No. 165311 ID: 7524b0

Research Civilian Dropship, then GESTATION TANKS.

Here's a 6-turn build order! After the 6 turns are up, the Professionals should be done training, and we'll have a huge boost in research.
NOTE: Coastal Derricks actually require the same number of Workers as regular ones! They just require a greater initial investment of resources. So, I think we can move completely out of New Monument if we want to. There's really no reason to stay there. It won't be optimal at all... but we can do it.

Before we move out of New Monument, tell the diplomat that we're vacating that base because the fauna seem to be offended by our presence there. Offer to help restore the cleared land to its previous state. Really try to communicate that we like conserving nature too, to an extent.

6x Large Labs (completes at 4th turn) (On 4th turn fill one with lab profs, and leave one Medium lab running = 12 RP, at 6th turn use these 6 labs exclusively = 54 RP) 2400met 96sc 1200prof 48Pow
2x Large Coastal Derrick 1600met 28sc 8pow 400work
1x Large Ceramist (completes at 4th turn) 800met 8sc 400work
1x Large Generator (completes at 4th turn) 200met 200cer 8sc
2x Biodomes (completes at 4th turn) 300met 400work
5x Luxury Complex (completes at 4th turn, activate only 3) 1000met 20sc 250work
1x Medical District (completes at 4th turn) 200met 2sc 60prof 2pow
2x University (completes at 4th turn) 600met 120prof 4pow
2x Mall (completes at 4th turn) 400met 250work
1x Large Entertainment (completes at 4th turn) 400met 2sc 2pow 200work
1x Command Nexus (completes at 4th turn) 400met 200cer 8sc 2pow 250work
1x Large Factory (completes at 4th turn) 400met 200cer 320work
1x Residential District (completes at 4th turn) 200met
4th Turn
Build 1x College 150met 25prof 1pow
Build 1x Small Smelter 100met 30work
Build 1x Medium Smelter (do not activate) 200met 100cer 4pow
Shut Down (but leave standing) 3x Uranium Filtration plants
Shut Down (but leave standing) 1x Elecrolysis plant
Shut Down (but leave standing) 2x Condominium
Dismantle 1x Small Lab
Dismantle 1x Medium Ceramist
Dismantle 2x Greenhouse
Dismantle 1x Hospital
Dismantle 3x Shopping Center
6th Turn
Shut Down (but leave standing) 1x Medium Lab

2x Large Derrick (completes at 5th turn) 800met 12sc 4pow 400work
1x Biodomes (completes at 5th turn) 150met 200work
2x Large Factory (completes at 5th turn, do not activate)800met 400cer 16sc 16pow 640work 36prof
1x Large Ceramist (completes at 5th turn, do not activate) 800met 8sc 400work
1x Large Orbital Factory (Completes at 5th turn, do not activate)800met 200cer 20sc 20ur 100work 20prof
1x Small Smelter (completes at 2nd turn)
5th Turn:
Dismantle 2x Medium Derrick
Shut Down (but leave standing) 4x Medium Derrick
Shut Down (but leave standing) 3x Medium Factory
Shut Down (but leave standing) 1x Medium Smelter
Dismantle 1x Greenhouse

4th Turn
Dismantle 2x Medium Lab
Dismantle 5x Tenement
Dismantle 2x Shopping Center
Dismantle 7x College (transfer to the 2uni/1coll at Ryxix)
Dismantle 1x Medium Ceramist
Dismantle 5x Medium Derrick
Dismantle 1x Medium Smelter
Dismantle 1x Medium Factory
Dismantle 1x Medium Entertainment
Dismantle 1x Command Center
6th Turn (after first batch of graduates)
Dismantle 2x College
Dismantle 1x Tenement
Dismantle 1x Shopping Center
Dismantle 1x Hospital
Dismantle 1x Medium Entertainment
Dismantle Walls
Dismantle 4x Turrets
Dismantle 2x Fortress
Dismantle 1x Stadium
Dismantle 2x Power Generator

For turn 1
13000 Nondurable Goods
2000 Durable Goods
(25 bp, 33 metal, 20 ceramics)
Turns 2-6
13000 Nondurable Goods
1000 Durable Goods
(19 bp, 23 metal, 10 ceramics per turn)

2x Interceptors
(100BP, 30met, 10cer, 6sc, 8ur)
4x MBTs
(60bp, 100met, 200cer, 8sc, 16ur)
6x Nukes
(90bp, 18met, 18sc, 18ur)
16x Slowpoke
(128bp, 160met, 320cer, 48sc, 48ur)
***NOTE: It looks like we don't have enough BP but Ed Pastry forgot to add the bonus from our Improved Production research, in the spreadsheet.

I think you'll notice that we have just barely enough Workers at the end of turn 5 to run all the buildings I have activated.

At the end of turn 6, we get another 350 workers and New Monument is cleared out which frees up another 155 Workers, and 75 Professionals. After that we can decide where to put everyone. I don't think we can quite fill up all the buildings here, but that's fine. I build more Large Ceramics and Large Factories than we really need. They're up so that if we have to build starships in a hurry again, we won't have to wait 4 months for the proper infrastructure.

Some of you might notice that we don't have enough up-front resources to make all this. Well, there are two reasons why this still works. One: Another spreadsheet error led to us having 600 less metal every month since Irontown was built. Two: The Large buildings get built over 4/5 turns so the 900 metal income every month will assist.
No. 165328 ID: 7f46a5

i honestly think we need orbital bombardment system. if crap happens we can make a interceptor attack safely any point in the planet.

also if we need resources, instead of cancelling building would it be better to cancel production?
No. 165330 ID: 7524b0

I'm not dismantling buildings because we NEED the resources, I'm dismantling them because they're useless and take up space. The extra resources we get are just a bonus, really.
No. 165332 ID: 7f46a5

once again i accidentaly a whole verb. i mean cancelling a building construction.
No. 165334 ID: 7524b0

...we're not canceling any buildings.

I built extra stuff and said "activate only 3". That means the buildings get made, but left empty because we don't have enough workers.
No. 165363 ID: 7f46a5

i mean for the eventual "you have runned out of resources! my spreadsheet is accurate this time!" that ed is going to trhow at us.
No. 165392 ID: 7524b0

Oh no, don't worry about that. I cleared it with him. We have over 9000 Metal right now, and 900 per turn. That is plenty to make all this stuff.
No. 165641 ID: 7524b0

I did some number crunching.

During the first 4 turns we're using up an average of 2791 Metal per turn, taking into account all the Large buildings being built, the Goods we're making, and the military supplies being produced.

That leads to an income of -1891. So, that's 7564 Metal used by the end of turn 4. After that, most of the Large buildings are done and income is positive again.

The only other thing being built during that time is a Small Smelter at Irontown. That's just 100 metal. SO. We're good there.

When all the Large buildings finish, Workers should be working at these structures:
2x Condominium (50)
2x L Coast Derrick (400)
1x L Ceramist (200)
2x Biodomes (400)
3x Luxury Complex (150)
2x Mall (250)
1x L Entertainment (200)
1x Command Nexus (250)
1x Small Smelter (30)
1x Large Factory (320)
2x M Entertainment (150)
1x Uranium Filter (50)
1x Stadium (30)

1x Stadium (30)
1x M Shopping (50)
1x M Entertainment (75)

2x Large Derrick (400)
1x Medium Factory (125)
1x Small Smelter (30)
3x Condominium (75)
1x Biodomes (200)
1x Stadium (30)
1x M Shopping (50)
1x M Entertainment (75)

That totals 3620.
"But wait!" you say. "That's more than we have!"
That's okay. We have extra Professionals. They can slum it up for a month.

OHH SHIT I just found something that I fucked up. When the Large Factory at Ryxix finishes building, shut down 3 Medium Factories at Irontown and send workers to fill it. Otherwise, we don't have enough workers.

Oh, may as well list how many Professionals are used after the Large buildings are finished.

1x Large Labs (200)
1x Medium Lab (125)
1x Med District (60)
2x University (120)
1x College (25)
1x L Factory (18)

2x College (50)
1x Hospital (25)

1x Med Outpost (10)
1x Med Factory (4)

That's 637. Obviously this is less than 742, which is why I said we had extras before.

I'm not going to touch on Ceramics or Uranium because we have enough of that. Trust me. The amount we're using comes out to something like 1500 TOTAL ceramics, and way less Uranium. Even though most of our military stuff uses Uranium, it's never more than like 10 for each unit. So we're spending like 300 or something. I didn't even look.
No. 165643 ID: 7524b0

Oh, I'd like to add that I have no idea how much extra Metal the buildings in IRONTOWN are using.

That could actually be a problem.

Still, we have about 1500 extra metal at the end of turn 4. Ah, I got the exact amount Pastry said we actually have: 8966. ...actually Irontown's been around since turn 38 but let's just ignore that for now.

So anyway that means... well, the costs are spread over 5 months instead of 4, so add 25% to that...

Alright, so long as the buildings in Irontown don't cost more than 1750 extra Metal total, we're good. The non-orbital buildings cost 2650 total. I really doubt that building on the moon costs more than 50% extra metal so I'm pretty sure that this is going to work anyway.
No. 165648 ID: 0fc814

>1x Small Smelter (30)
You mean Medium, right?

Hey, there's no Large Smelter, I see. I guess it's not really necessary, since each smelter seems to be able to service X number of derricks regardless of size.

Also, voting that we build the large factory at Irontown instead. Like you said, most military units use more metal than anything else, so we should put the industry nearest the metal.
No. 165676 ID: 7524b0

There's actually 2 large factories being built in Irontown. It's just that they take a turn longer to complete.
No. 165686 ID: 0fc814

If we have the workers for all three, then by all means.

With the increased unit costs, we shouldn't have to worry too much about running out of resources, even with 189 BP. (Assuming that the Large Factory produces 54+9 BP total)
No. 165790 ID: 54af1f

Well then, keep doing careful, patient diplomacy, leave trade terms on the table and so on.

Let's go meet the people of UB
No. 165801 ID: 1569b3

god dammit, where is the micro nuke and orbital bombing system when we get a balancing patch?
No. 165804 ID: 1569b3

not before getting some research on them.

suggested research pattern:
those folks on UB (36 or so RP)
micro nukes (10RP)
complex orbital bombardment system(10 RP)

for major tech id say minor automatization (90RP) or possibly breaker alloy (120RP).
No. 165812 ID: 35cea2
File 127155273426.png - (153.29KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 2-6.png )

With the dismantling of NEW MONUMENT, the natives will no longer be a nuisance to us. Tensions are relaxed, though they still refuse to let us anywhere near the Anomaly or lend us 10 mages for us to research (much the the chagrin of our scientists)

Also, here's the stats for our newly researched CIVILIAN DROPSHIP, and our not-as-newly researched LARGE SMELTER.

NOTE: Once again, I've made a few errors. Some of the in-training professionals and workers were due for graduation this turn, and the LARGE COASTAL DERRICK uses 10 POWER, not 4.

Also, for rebalancing purposes, the NUCLEAR BOMBS that our bombers can carry will henceforth cost 5 METAL, 20 URANIUM, 5 SC and 10 BP.
No. 165817 ID: 54af1f

Ok, leave offers of trade and friendship on the Dryad's table and let's go talk to the other aliens
No. 165819 ID: 1ac39d

let's tunnel under the dirt to the anomaly!

but seriously, let's start bio conversion of the desert. if we make MORE trees and turn a lifeless area into a huge forest it may confuse them.
No. 165820 ID: 1569b3

i just realized we dont have a image of them asides radiowaves. lets get the research, at least this way we prevent a major diplomatic failure when we comunicate with them.

also its IMPERATIVE for them to not know where we are. if they are good capitalists they will love to harvest this planet.
No. 165832 ID: 4291b2

Or we could go the quicker route and send our commandos to school and turn them into professionals, then they can go and reasearch the place. As it is now they're just sitting around doing nothing really useful.
No. 165837 ID: 1ac39d

that's a good point, do they have any satellites? or maybe some kind of TV shows? watching a few of those would be helpful.

make sure our landing craft comes in big and showy so it can't be covered up by a government. and what should are contact lvl beat first? 3rd kind or 5th kind?
No. 165839 ID: 1569b3

holy shit man we are not waiting 96 turns to get some dudes that may or may not be able to do it. we need 50 commandos for that and we barely have 20.

i am led to belive the aliens at UB are these>>161609

we can research their culture from very far away. i really wanna do that before dicking meeting them.
No. 165840 ID: 1ac39d

i doubt the shrimp things are them, despite how different they may be they would need digits to build things, and they would need to be good enough that they could make circuitry.
No. 165841 ID: 1569b3

well if psycholord doesnt get psychotical over it, its likely this new race also has some sort of half-assed given tecnology that they cant reverse it/its heresy to understand it.

like, they have factories that consume material and spew stuff at a very effective rate, everything else is simply traded and trained.

lets get to disc if you have more about this silliness.
No. 165842 ID: 1ac39d

then why have ads? if it spews out only a few things then ads would be pointless as everyone already uses a certain thing and competition for types of thing would not exist.
No. 165843 ID: 1569b3

good point, but they must have some sort of restrain.

the breaker could not understand how to repair stuff, they are gengineered for battles. thie restrain seems genetical in nature.

the dryads are entirely magic dependant. they dont develop new spells apparently and are not interested in any kind of technology. their restrain is social and tecnical, since its possible to turn off magic.

thse dudes have a manufacturing force. maybe they can make crafts but are restricted on the avaliable technology. like lack of SC.

oh god it IS avatar.

wait, do we produce radiowaves? are they captating our TV shows?
No. 165892 ID: 0fc814

Okay, we built too many things. No big deal. We'll just peter along until the next batch of workers graduates in ten months.

With two colonies instead of three, the burden on our transports must be lessened.

With that in mind, however, we want our gestation lab to start building ASAP, which means that this next build order is just one month. (This also means we need to find things to shut down to run it)

Assist the Large Orbital Factory with 27 BP from the working Large Factory, bringing it up to 36 BP capacity.
Begin building a CRUISER at the LARGE ORBITAL FACTORY. (Scanner Jammer variant) (ETC: Turn 82)

With the remaining 36 BP:
13bp: 13,000 units of Nondurable Goods
8bp: 1,300 units of Durable Goods
15bp: 1x Gunship

In 1 Turn: <New Action>
No. 165985 ID: 7524b0

HEY. Wait just a fucking minute.

There's mistakes in what was built too.

That extra Medium Smelter in Irontown should be a Small Smelter, which services the 2 Large Derricks. None of the Medium smelters should be in use right now, because we don't need them. We only have 2 derricks in each settlement. That frees up 75+45 workers.

Also, that Greenhouse in Irontown should be shut down, if not dismantled. It's not necessary, and is inefficient. That frees up 75 Workers.

And again, the Large Ceramist in Irontown was not supposed to be activated. That's another 200 Workers.

That Large Orbital Factory was not told to be operational either, but it looks like Test wants to use it so whatever. It's only 100 workers anyway.

So we actually have 395 Workers in buildings I didn't want active in the first place, and have no reason to be active now. Hey, that Medium Factory should have been active as well, to keep up the 72 BP so we could build all that produce and shit. It's okay to have it shut down now, I guess...

With those extra Workers we can activate the second Large Factory at Irontown. HOWEVER, we need a Factory running in order to produce durable/nondurable goods for our mans to consume. Might I suggest getting a huge stockpile up? Then we can turn its full attention to Orbital shit for a while.
No. 165988 ID: 7524b0

...Oh wait, the Large Orbital Factory can only be assisted via 27 of a land factory's BP?

That sucks.
No. 165996 ID: 1ac39d

it's pretty much building parts on the ground then using a ship to move them to orbit. it has a maximum assistance amount due to the fact that even if the parts are there it takes time to put it together. if we research a way to enhance the ability to put stuff together in space, the max assist would go up. only other way i can think of to make it go even faster is to have more then one orbital factory working together. like have four move in near each other in a rectangular formation and all work on a carrier at the same time. should be doable because the carrier is larger then the factory.
No. 166028 ID: 4291b2

20 will do just fine. Making new commandos isn't easy, to start with only 1 in 200 has what it takes, and there is a mortality rate of 50% in the training. And we don't know how long that would take. Currently our commandos isn't doing anything. Lets give them some proper scientist training, heavy implants and then send them out to the anomaly building.

Sounds good. We should probably also research new civilain freighters with the new ship classes and see what we can make with them.
No. 166116 ID: 0fc814

I vote we keep both Large Ceramists going, (we need it for the cruiser) but you are correct about the smelters. (Is that how it works? Seems a little odd that a Small Smelter can service two Large Derricks, but not three Small ones...)

So, keeping the orbital fac and the ceramists going, that should free up 195 workers. More than sufficient to start running that Electrolysis Plant.

>20 will do just fine.
Anomaly research requires 50 scientists. And implants have a death rate. And I don't think training them as scientists is possible. (Special forces personnel have to train a lot to keep up their fitness and skills)
No. 166120 ID: 4291b2

Damn, missed that part. Ok, so that plan won't work. And we don't really have enough spare professionals to train them.

I guess we could just send the commandos with a live link to a team of scientists. The scientists will guide the commandos and make them look at the right places and get the right information. The our commandos leave. Our scientists study what we have and once they know about what to look for our commandos do another trip.
No. 166192 ID: 1569b3

later on when we work this diplomacy a bit we will check out the anomaly. so far im hoping to "buy" our way in, we just have to find the right drug.

also wans the greenhouse on irontown used for personal amusement? as in, its a actual park to de-stress people?
No. 166422 ID: 35cea2
File 127164434986.png - (165.67KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 2-7.png )

GESTATION TANKS: Produces 300 NONWORKERS every 6 months. Produces other types of organisms at different rates. Organisms created here can be implanted with 50% reduction in mortality rates (Implantation still uses IP).

The shrimplike aliens are indeed the sentient species on that planet. They use those branching appendages extending from the front of their body to manipulate objects.

Research in this method is impossible, but COMMANDOS can go ahead and scout the facility for some basic information. There appears to be a permanent Dryad guard stationed there, but the chances they will be able to compromise our COMMANDO team is very low.

Next update will be the diplomatic session, unless there are any objections from the rest of the suggesters.

Right, gotcha. I'm fairly sure everything is fixed now.
No. 166423 ID: 35cea2
File 127164437325.png - (94.83KB , 868x1904 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on GESTATION TANKS.

New Techs unlocked:
DESIGN NEW LIFEFORM: Describe a new organism we can create at the GESTATION TANKS. Post suggestions in the discussion thread, and understand that all techs are subject to realism/balance adjustments.
GENETIC ENGINEERING IV: Further increases population growth. Reduces deaths from implanting by 50%, and deaths from COMMANDO training by 25%.
No. 166427 ID: 1ac39d

if the commandos think they can, then i am okay with giving the go ahead.
No. 166433 ID: 35cea2

Another little error: LARGE LABS should require 300 Professionals, not 200.

We have currently 0 spare RP, 4 active LARGE LABS and 36 RP per turn.
No. 166548 ID: 283408

Ok, I think it might be a good idea to get some of the minor stuff out of the way now. Like the improved motors, the truster upgrade and the fusion casters.

Give the Commandos the go ahead on scouting the anomaly. Save everything from their cameras for further study. It might not unlock the secrets of the complex, but I'm sure it could be useful.
No. 166600 ID: 7524b0

Warp Tech II please!
No. 166871 ID: d3ac36

Hang on. Before we send the commandos to spy on the anomaly, do we know if they dryads have any special magic detection powers?

Do we really want to start diplomacy with the bug-creatures? What would we be trading for, in such a case? Superconductor? Metal? Uranium? Finished goods?

Seconding Warp II.
No. 166872 ID: 1ac39d

before we can figure out what we are trading and how we need to make contact. they could react any number of ways to extraterrestrials. if they react very positively then we could set up a full blown outpost and trade stuff. if they react ever more negatively then the dryads we just leave and never come back.
No. 166873 ID: 1ac39d

oh and warp 2 please
No. 166876 ID: 1569b3

dudes, we need orbital bombing case we get in war with the dryad. playing supression tactics will be much easier with it, and its just 10 RP.

what we should research is:
precise orbital bombing 10RP
micro nukes 10RP
shrimp culture 36+RP
genetic engineering IV (yes, we need this to mass produce supasoldier)

id like to see a map of the anomaly. send the commandos to map everything if this is the case. also local fauna that can be used against us.
No. 166877 ID: 1569b3

well, i wanted to trade with dryads.

we cant really just show up and say "hi, wanna sell us SC and uranium? we make great sandwiches!" to the shrimp dudes. we should research their tech first.

what if we find out they have slave trade legalized?
No. 166878 ID: 1ac39d

what? seriously, what? did you read my message at all before replying?
No. 166879 ID: a6ca77


I agree that we should be researching either Improved Motors or Thruster Upgrade. They are cheap at either one or two turns of research and can provide a wide benefit for our people. Improved motors would be useful everywhere. Cars, War Machines, etc. Thrusters isn't as widely applicable...but it's cheap at 20 RP and with our cruiser on the way we'll want to beef up our space tech a little...
No. 166899 ID: 54af1f

Breaker Alloy
No. 166900 ID: 1569b3

good point, we should get those small useful tech out of the way.

-precise orbital bombing 10RP
-micro nukes 10RP
-thrusters 20RP
-shrimp culture 36+RP
-improved motors 60RP

we shouldnot research warp II until we are sure we will use it. so far good choices are minor automatization (90RP), genetic engineering IV (135RP) or breaker alloy (120RP)

i was pointing out that there are now 3 cultures on this mess. if we have contact with the seafood planet we will reveal this one as well, and we still havent tried to buy our way out with the dryad.
No. 166955 ID: d3ac36


We have. They detest our technology, and won't accept gifts or trades.
No. 166980 ID: 1569b3

give 2 months to get some proper orbital bomber andmicro nukes + at least 1 supercommando and we will nuke the communism out of them.
No. 166995 ID: d3ac36


Bombing them is supposed to accomplish...What exactly? Access to the anomaly? We can get that without the use of nuclear weaponry.

A subjugated race to supress and re-educate? All their lands to manage, and all the uranium, superconductors and metal we can dig for? Sounds like an ethical nightmare and a lot of work. We -have- space and resources to cover our needs.

You might be getting impatient to get some headway with them with regards to cooperation with the magic research and the anomaly, but tarnation, don't make the Splinter commit atrocities for relatively small gains.

Honestly, I just hope you're joking, 5copper. Nukes and orbital weapons are absurdly powerful tools of war to use unprovoked, particularly against the semi-primitive Dryads. Reserve them for better threats, man.

...As for communism, they seem to have some form of magocracy/theocracy coupled with a caste/feudal system. So you'd be trying to bomb that out of 'em.

Hey, idea. Can't the proposed 'moon cannon' project be designed to target more than just the surface of the planet? We could make a decent defense mechanism out of it as well as have it as a fallback in case things DO get out of hand on Grezt and there's no ship in orbit to cover Ryxix. Or has that been the intention all along?
No. 166997 ID: a6ca77


I think the original use was to use them as only a last-resort type of weapon....but I suppose the threat of us using them would be a bargaining chip we could use in negotiations when all else has failed.
No. 167021 ID: 1569b3

its a logistic thing. if we wanted to just bomb them to death we would use napalm bombs.

IF they declare war on us they will have a HUGE logistic problem because it will be their first world war. a orbital bombing strike in their warehouses will literally starve their strikes on us.

i was jokin, you see, because we coulnt buy the anomaly or the mages from them. we cant change their noblesmen system unless we hack the anomaly to give everyone magic, the best we can use of it is their duel system, wich is why i wanted 1 "supercommando".

this is more correct. we can begin the anomaly intrusion now and hope the bombs+interceptors are ready before anything happens from them, but you have to remember they belive that we will end magic (and thus everything in their planet), they ignored us simply because we asked politely.

if we touch the anomaly and magic stops for a day we will have problems because every noblesman on the whole planet will be willing for a piece of us. then, there is still the danger that psycholord will give magic for everyone to fight us. even with encurring civil war it will still be too many magic dudes.

you cant deny this. we may need to be ready for magical jihad against us simply because we already failed reeducation, not even their peasants wants anything to do with us. we need to play supression games before they fling 2b+ magical users on us. and dont come with the crap that we can flee to space, i do expect them to reach us with some mumbo jumbo that they did not showed us.

also we need to consider nuking the anomaly in a last case effort, but only if the alliance is endangered, since we have so much to learn from that anomaly.

my actual suggested course of action is to ignore everything and simply build up, but this is highly unadvised now because the dryad are on "reserve".

if anything decides to have at us the druids will also come to their help in the hopes of getting favors/magic with psycholord.
No. 167078 ID: 35cea2
File 127172634048.png - (34.29KB , 1154x664 , ShrimpDiplomacy.png )

The diplomacy team arrives on the planet surrounding UB. They land somewhere outside a large city, where crowds of natives soon surround them, waving devices that appear to be cameras and in general acting disorderly and excited. Our diplomat presents himself, and is soon escorted away to a building where he is greeted by a native who identifies himself as a national leader.

Native Ruler: Forgive me if the mannerisms of me or the citizens of this planet disturb you, but we know nothing of your culture and we are extremely excited to see an entity from another planet. I am <NO TRANSLATION> *click* *chikchik* *tzz* <NO TRANSLATION> and I speak for this settlement and all settlements and properties belonging to the <NO TRANSLATION> *tick* *ghzz* *chak* <NO TRANSLATION> Corporation. I plead that you consider peace between us and your company.
No. 167084 ID: 54af1f

Assure them that "We also seek Peaceful and prosperous conduct between our two species for our mutual benefit."

Do not, at this stage tell them we're refugees, instead say we're a nomadic civilization and we're wanting to trade technology and resources for materials and living room.
No. 167087 ID: 1ac39d

they are mega capitalists. he is a CEO that bought the land. let him know that while you have a LOT to trade with, you are not a corporation. that you used to have them but when your planet was destroyed by a different space fairing species they disappeared too.
No. 167088 ID: 0fc814

Exchange salutations and pleasantries.

We are looking to buy Superconductors, Uranium, and information regarding this region of space and the history of the universe.
No. 167089 ID: b14128

I think it'd be a bad idea to give our technology to them. For all we know, they'd end up throwing our own nukes back at us.

...What's the goal of this diplomatic mission, anyway? Simply establishing contact with them, no specific thing we're after?

If that's the case, it might be best to tell this guy that's the case, and that we're not seeking war. That line there was a good one. It might simply be best to leave out what kind of civilization we are all-together, unless they ask.
No. 167091 ID: 7524b0

You know what, let's just say we represent a group known as Splinter. Let us not outright lie. Be secretive, but assure them that we seek a peaceful arrangement.
No. 167093 ID: 1569b3

holy censorship. if they are indeed enslavers i will choke a thread.

we must confirm if they know psycholord. if so, we should trade "fairly" and only return after we got the research on them done.
No. 167094 ID: 1569b3

also, ask for names and possible meanings to be translated. we just want of the race, corp and planet
No. 167104 ID: d3ac36


A fancy few hypotheses you have there. Forgive me for taking the opportunity to puncture 'em somewhat.

>The anomaly is the source of magic on Grezt.

Your train of thought goes heavily along this line, but keep in mind that this does not have to be the case. We're in an alternate universe. Magic might be an active force all around, even in space, and have little or nothing to do with the presence of the anomaly.

Basically, we can't say how magic works when we still know next to nothing about it. At the moment it's still a far stretch to assume the anomaly's behind it.

>Assuming 'God/Psycholord' can/will give magic power and the ability to skillfully use it to the inhabitants of an entire planet.

You pulled that idea from a magician's tophat, right? Ed said that there were tales of Dryad commoners being granted the ability to use magic, but that was 'chosen one of legends' style stories. Meaning, not a hundred thousand serfs at a time.

I don't see how the inhabitants of an entire planet could suddenly be given powers and the ability to use them skillfully, since these things appear to take time to train and develop. If such a super-magic-upgrade was really an option, why hasn't it happened already?

>Dryad magic can damage us on the moon and in space.

We shouldn't discount it, but -nothing- has indicated that the mages of Grezt are capable of projecting their power that far. Call it crap as much as you like, sir, but it's valid crap nonetheless.

>Dryads will join the Breakers in fighting the Splinter.

Maybe, since they share ideals (and likely diety). Maybe not. They're not really a warlike people (which is another reason I think 'suppressing' them is unnecessary). Plus, we're now located on a continent where they have no actual presence, and if war-boats start tugging their way across the seas, we'll -probably- have some advance warning.


Express interest in peaceful cooperation and (possibly) trade. Propose exchanging information on beliefs and history (including planetary data), so that misunderstandings can be avoided. This should include the full (abreviated, anyway) story of the Splinter (but no actual star charts, in case the Breakers show up on the buggy-world and demand to know where we're at).

The galaxy is a dangerous place, and this race should be made aware the risks they might be taking by talking and trading with us.
No. 167109 ID: 1ac39d

another thing is if
>The anomaly is the source of magic on Grezt.

then how can totus grant them the power? the anomaly would decide where the energy goes, not him.

also, they can't enslave people they want to sell stuff too. a slave has no money. these guys are capitalist.
No. 167122 ID: 1569b3

quick robin, to the bat-discussion thread!
No. 167326 ID: 1569b3

ed, id like to propose one last trade to the dryad.

tell them we can end a desert, for them. it may take 2 decades or so but we can. show them a description and image of the grass that we may gengineer to cover a desert. we wont do just one desert, we will give them the grass.

the cost is the anomaly research and 10 mages for the test.
No. 167532 ID: 7524b0

BUILD ORDER TIME. This is for the next... 4 turns.

Immediately put 125 Professionals into a Medium Lab. That gives us 45 total RP per turn.
180 RP:
Begin Research on BREAKER ALLOYS (70/120)

Immediately shut down one Medium Entertainment building at Ryxix and start up the second Large Factory at Irontown. In two turns when Minor Automation is finished researching, start the Medium Entertainment building back up using the workers freed up by that tech.

1x Cloning Vats at Ryxix. Don't actually start it up.

All 4 turns:
14000 Nondurable
2000 Durable
(104 BP)
292 bp left

4x SLOWPOKE (32)
1x NUKE bomb (10)
No. 167534 ID: 7524b0

Hrm, wait a second, we can still get Breaker Alloys on the same turn if we research Precise Orbital Bombardment (10 RP) so do that.
No. 167535 ID: 4c015d


Can we hold on this? It's an idea, but we haven't even researched the grass yet, and it's not at all certain some grass will make a desert continent a lively garden anytime soon. Don't make promises we can't keep.
No. 167540 ID: 1569b3

we will present them a long term plan. if they like it we will do it. its useless to attempt terraform on this planet if we may leave it.

i was considering that. this may be better due to the factory upgrade that will release a lot of workers.
No. 168151 ID: 35cea2
File 127190004888.png - (31.70KB , 1154x664 , ShrimpDiplomacy2.png )

I will save you the trouble of asking by telling you that the Dryads won't accept.

Diplomat: "I am a representative of the group known as The Splinter, and I am honored to accept your offer for lasting peace. In addition, my people are willing to set up a trade agreement as soon as possible"
Native Ruler: "Oh this is wonderful! Yes, trade would excellent! Ever individual on this planet would be ecstatic upon hearing we have attained a peaceful and productive relationship with an alien race!"
Diplomat: "I'm glad we've reached this agreement. My people are as curious about new places and cultures as you seem to be, so I also recommend we share some information regarding our cultures."
Native Ruler: "Yes, I agree. If you have anyone who would like to study our society, the <NO TRANSLATION> *tick* *ghzz* *chak* <NO TRANSLATION> would gladly welcome them among us and allow their studies to take place firsthand. I am certain the other corporations would gladly jump on this opportunity as well. In return, however, may we have the opportunity to study your society as well? When your vehicles will return to your homeworld, perhaps some of our eager citizens could tag along to observe your civilization in kind."
No. 168153 ID: 1ac39d

whelp, do or die time. tell them our homeworld was exploded o lead them on into thinking it's still there?
No. 168157 ID: bcf25c


Tell them it was destroyed by a group of zealous aliens, who were apparently told to by their god.
No. 168159 ID: a6ca77


Going off a gut feeling...I'm going to have to vote for the truth...This is the type of secret that can't be kept for long anyway...
No. 168160 ID: 7524b0

Erm. Yes, may as well tell them our homeworld is not in any state for visitors. It's not a good idea for them to meet the Dryads at this point either. So, I think we could have them visit Irontown.
No. 168161 ID: b14128

...Ehhhhh.... Nnnnnnno, I'm not sure that's is a wise idea. They might nick our tech, bring it back to their civilization. I have to wonder if the situation on this planet is a bit like Shadowrun, or cyberpunk, or whatever. Anyway, I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm starting to get a 'Used car salesman' vibe from this guy. Not sure we should trust him.
No. 168162 ID: b14128

Please note, this is for taking them back to any of our towns. For our homeworld, we may as well tell them the truth.
No. 168176 ID: a9de4d

let us NOT MENTION totus at all. and i am completely disapproving of a envoy from them to our planet.
No. 168264 ID: 343146

Don't mention the planetary destruction or the current state of affairs.

Just say no. And tell them it's because we have previously run into aliens who are aloe more deceptive and only used that as a lie to get into our society, find out about our military tech, then attacked us while their envoys sabotaged as much as they could. So we don't allow people to come with us immediatly anymore.
No. 168452 ID: e3949b

Yeah, I'm going to go agree with that it's better to go with the truth...To establish a lie would require we start a long-running and elaborate con that could come back to bite us in the face later.

Represent it as well as we're able. We're refugees, re-establishing ourselves somewhere in the universe after having been unprovokedly attacked by a race of religiously zealous warriors who apparently hated us for our technology. We're very glad to finally meet a modern species who does not share these views.

Our homeworld has been irrevocably lost and glassed, but we can certainly share what data we have of it. So far we believe we have escaped our strange, unwanted enemies, but we are still being careful, and we do not want to put undue risk on this planet either, or upset its nations/corporations.

For security reasons, we aren't quite as willing to share our current stellar location, in case these Breakers ever show up here and demand to know where we're at...Plausible denial and all. We can, however share some ideas and products, and possibly be able to help with special requests (tech development, planet surveys of their local star system) for your nascent civilization in exchange for resources and maybe even manpower with time. Perhaps once more trust is built up, and if the Breakers do not resurface, we will be able to let some of their prodigies return with us and/or be willing to 'hire' workers to aid us with rebuilding.
No. 168478 ID: 2f0c5b

> race of religiously zealous warriors
do not mention the breaker untill we clear they do not worthship psycholord.

and they dont hate us, we are simply a target to them because psycholord says so.

>We're very glad to finally meet a modern species who does not share these views

lets confirm they do not worthship totus before bladdering that.

> homeworld has been irrevocably lost and glassed
very yes. we should add we are in a borrowed continen in another planet that does not belong to us. we should not mention we are hated there until we confirm if they do psycholord or not

>For security reasons
i was wondering how we could formulate that. there is the problem we may not speak of the why untill we confirm if they do psycholord or not.

>for your nascent civilization
naw, dont say nascent or newborn or anything degradating. mention them as equals by race instead of continent or corp.

> and if the Breakers do not resurface
again, psycholord problems.

>willing to 'hire' workers
oh god no. just goods and resources, workers outside the alliance would end up either with psycholord problems or would spy on us for their corp/god.
No. 169688 ID: 35cea2
File 127215734056.png - (25.87KB , 1154x664 , ShrimpDiplomacy3.png )

Diplomat: "I'm sorry, but my nation wouldn't allow that at the moment. We have lost our homeworld to an alien race and my species is in a very fragile condition. Perhaps when we have fully gained each other's trust we will allow you to come to our colonies."
Native Ruler: "I cannot imagine how terrible it must be to lose one's homeworld. My apologies, it was imprudent of me to expect you to open your borders without regard for your own safety."

Is there another proposal you would like to make, or would you like to continue with the game?
No. 169689 ID: e2aba8

discuss trade rates, possible goods to be traded and not traded due to ilegalities/health hazards.

ask about their history, if they have any other contacts, any strange space bodies around, misteries related to space, go hit a bar and pay his tab.
No. 169691 ID: 7524b0

Technology exchange? See if they have anything interesting to us, and we'll trade something equivalent.
No. 169692 ID: 54af1f

They seem low tech.

Let's arrange us giving them technical assistance and super conductor in exchange for a giant pile of uranium.
No. 169693 ID: 0fc814

Do these guys have anything we want? Technology? Uh... Pretty much just technology? We're limited by manpower otherwise.
No. 169706 ID: e2aba8

really? there is something we can work out. you may thank spreadsheet online for this idea.

we can give them small techs, common techs. for example, we give them the plans to the hulls we are manufacturing, some small electronic stuff and the likes, but not the energy cores or the main processing unit or the guns.

we bring shipment of material, they give us the finished product, we make a deal regarding low tech and metal for these productions. ideally we want them to use their own metal but that could imply into giving them actual useful tech.
No. 169725 ID: b14128

Do this. And for the technology trade thing, again, I don't think it's a great idea. I don't think there's much left for us to talk about, so we might want to simply continue with the game.
No. 169824 ID: 850bda

If we trade tech with them then make sure it's obsolete stuff. Things we would have used over 50 years ago. And lets take raw materials as payment.
No. 169829 ID: 1ac39d

yes, we are willing to trade our tech to them but we can't just give them the best stuff right away. getting too much tech from an outside source at one time would cause massive social, political, and economic upheavals.
No. 169924 ID: 0fc814

We don't really need any raw materials right now.
No. 169976 ID: 386b47

You could outsource some of the major build projects you've been thinking of, Test. I'm sure there's something small and lightweight we could arrange for this race to produce (giving us X BP as 'cargo' to bring back in exchange for X Resource, X Stuff or X Knowledge) that could be fetched by our ships. They're a modern-age people, after all, just not space-flight, and their industrial capacity is bound to be -much- greater than ours.

They might have underwater-based technology/knowledge/expertise that could benefit us. If we could establish ourselves easier in the oceans of planets, perhaps we'd get less trouble with more land-born sentients?

It might also be simpler to hide colonies from Breaker eyes beneath oceans, but that's just a stray thought o' mine.

Things we can offer them:

-'Exotic' trade goods, i.e. what durables and nondurables we have that can be suited for their kind.

-Knowledge of our torched homeworld and our culture(s), ideals and philosophies, history, a bit of literature, etc. They seem genuinely interested and might be willing to exchange something for such simple knowledge (in particular, similar knowledge of their own). I know I would be, if aliens dropped down in the neighborhood.

-We could relay what meagre knowledge we have of the Breakers. No doubt these fellows'll be interested in what makes one race decimate another.

-VERY gradually introduce various kinds of superconductor-based technology/knowledge. Give them a technological leg up, drip-fed, in exchange for aid now and in the future. As long as such a technological leap wouldn't damage their societies to much, mind you.

-Introduce old technology, if it's superior to theirs, to not jumpstart them too far ahead and upset their society. Same deal as above.

-Space boost. We could help chart their home system, point out future resources, give them plans/tech for orbital space stations and explorator vessels (i.e. not heavily-armed frigates; baby steps and all). In exchange, they could, say, aid us in constructing a few spaceships for our own. They're 5 billion individuals. We're barely 12K. I'm sure their aid would help us somehow in the spaceship bizz.

NOTE: This last suggestion is definitely a more long-term "we'll be allies/co-builders" kind of deal, and should be worked out more gradually. I'm merely mentioning it for a long-view picture. Obviously, cooperation like that is something both parts would need to consider more carefully after getting to know one another better. It's possible our races aren't compatible enough for it to be an option.
No. 170013 ID: 35cea2
File 127223759590.png - (109.20KB , 868x2480 , Tech tree.png )

Research has been completed on the following:
THRUSTER UPGRADE - All air vehicles (except the GUNSHIP) can move faster. You can also design new air vehicles that are much larger and heavier than current vehicles.
MINOR AUTOMATION - You can reduce the amount of workers (not professionals) a building needs by up to 10%, at a cost of 2 SC and 10 METAL for 10 workers.

New Techs unlocked:
NEURAL IMPLANTS: Allows implants to be placed directly in the central nervous system. These will increase learning speed and memory. Further research can allow them to do more.
<UNNAMED> CULTURE: Unveils the history and technology of the alien civilization on UB. We will need to give them our cultural information (or lie about it) in exchange to research this technology.
PLANETARY RESEARCH: <UNNAMED>: Provides reports on the planet's biology, geography, meteorology and other bits of useful information.
No. 170014 ID: 35cea2
File 127223765562.png - (155.97KB , 1800x1460 , Base Report 2-8.png )

The aliens at UB (which still remain unnamed) offer a trade rate of 100 METAL = 10 URANIUM = 6000 DURABLE GOODS = 1000 NONDURABLES
If we give them our more outdated technologies, we can still get the equivalent of 10,000 METAL from them.

Meanwhile, back on Gretz, Dryad activity is increasing. Unrest has appeared to start in some settlements nearby the old location of NEW MONUMENT. Many lower class Dryads have sifted through the remains of the settlement, and for some reason this has caused a conflict between them and the mages and ruling class. In addition, strange activity has been spotted in the deserts south of RYXIX. Dryads have seemingly appeared out of nowhere and camping out in the barren dunes, casting their strange spells.
No. 170015 ID: 35cea2
File 127223772541.png - (10.62KB , 785x448 , 126611919164.png )

For the first time in history, Planet Gretz will experience change.
No. 170048 ID: 386b47

Just as planned.
No. 170087 ID: e2aba8

Ryxix: harden up and scramble units
irontown: prepare for shenanigans and civilians arrival

to do list:
-walls on ryxix
-diplomacy to "take" the dryad druid doobies in "old "new monument"". we may get the research done w/ them.
-check if UB can trade for manpower or land as well.
-ask for seafood dudes on UB to give us a rought meaning of their names.
-advanced outpost in the anomaly, for studies before we nuke it.

oh there will be nuking.
No. 170092 ID: 12b099

Ok, why are you so eager to start a nuclear war? There is no need for that shit. Hell, if I'm guessing right,we should open our eyes and find a way to question the Dryads about what's going on - the Radicals and the Conservatives are fighting and we need to decide who's side we're on.
No. 170094 ID: 12b099

New Culture research, New Planet research and lets look into warp tech and new computers after we finish with the Breaker research.
No. 170097 ID: 1ac39d

after they went through our stuff they found something that cause a crisis of faith. knowing what that was would be helpful.
No. 170098 ID: e2aba8

quick robin, to the bad discussion thread!

we may be at the edge of a war. we will first finish breaker alloy, then get precise orbital bombing. if nothing else poses as needed we will get the UB culture stuff. when we get spaceborn we will look for warp tech.

we should go for implants and GE IV. we may be able to mass produce soldiers that wont require trainning, X-COM style.
No. 170100 ID: e2aba8

yes, this is good. problem is if they are atheists. we will get blamed and war will be on us and them.

there is no decision dude. conservatives want us dead, radicals are dabbling atheists.

and the nukes? they can teleport. we may be able to peform some counter logistic against them if we bomb their warehouses
No. 170110 ID: 7524b0

>Appeared out of nowhere

I have the distinct feeling that there's more to their magic than we've seen so far.

Anyway guys I'm fairly sure that we're going to get a new thread so let's stop using this one?
No. 170207 ID: 12b099

How about no. We don't research any of that or use any thermonuclear weapons. We open diplomatic relationships with the *tick* *ghzz* *chak* and begin to find the cause of the social upheaval the Dryad are embroiled in, trying to find the source of the problem and if we can assist.
No. 170875 ID: 7524b0

Oh I'd like to note that our resources are all wrong. We definitely should have more metal, ceramics, food, etc.
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