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File 165741265353.png - (78.99KB , 1000x1000 , Taranis TC.png )
1037510 No. 1037510 ID: 8483cf

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Takes Place Roughly the Same Time As POV 6: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1035326.html#1035326

Tactical Stealth Collect-A-Thong Action! NSFW for clothing damage, voyeurism and panty raiding.
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No. 1037511 ID: 8483cf
File 165741269446.png - (11.22KB , 500x400 , LF 6b-1.png )

It’s nice to be a free bird, but there are perks to teaming up on occasion.

For example: Rae’s nightshirt is very comfy.

She’d never let me sleep in it if it was clean, but thankfully it’s laundry day. The best day.

It’s dangerous in the wild. I’ve been in my share of scraps and tussles, and I’m beat. I deserve this nice relaxing trip to the big city!

My very first ranger companion is spoiling me rotten and it’s great. She won’t admit it, but she’s so happy to have me around. She’s literally serving me my own plate at the table when I could just grab a mouse or two from the fields outside Minga in no time flat and be just as full. I know it. She knows it. But hey, I’m not stopping her. That chicken is good.

There’s no big bad beasties trying to eat me. There’s no prey for me to help Raelynn hunt. I’m on vacation.

What better way to remember a vacation than to pick up some souvenirs along the way?
No. 1037512 ID: 8483cf
File 165741270832.png - (59.50KB , 700x438 , LF 6b-2.png )

Collect trophies to gain points! Some items are worth more points than others. Numbers next to question marks indicate how many points are needed to unlock the next level up the tree.

The tempest of Taranis’s divine lineage howls within him!

1. Wind Magic: Taranis flaps his wings to generate gales of wind. More points allows more wind that can be used to boost your speed, effect a quick getaway, and other creative uses. Higher levels also give a greater chance to flip skirts.

2. Lightning Magic: Zap, crackle, pop! Increase to electrify Taranis’s pursuers. Higher levels means greater shock and a chance to paralyze them briefly.

3. Camouflage Magic: Taranis blends with the environment. Higher levels grant greater levels of camouflage.

Descended from Huginn and Muninn, Taranis is no ordinary bird!

1. Keen Sight: Allows Taranis to identify weak points in his opponent’s garments. Higher levels reveal more sublte weak points.

2. Agility: Taranis can avoid attacks and get out of trouble more easily. Also grants greater flexibility in the angles he can attack his opponents.

3. Sharp Talons: Taranis’s keen claws can rip and tear weak points he’s identified! Higher levels allow damage to reinforced areas of garments such as heavy leather straps and even allow undoing of metal buckles.


Taranis’s Trophy Collection is Empty.

How does Taranis want to spend the first day of his vacation?
No. 1037513 ID: 629f2e

Are there any swimming holes in the area? Visitors there might be wearing minimal attire, making them easy prey to practice on. And if direct attacks wouldn't go well, they'd likely have a change of clothes off to the side you could take as a safer option.
No. 1037518 ID: 899c9f

Knocking things off of high shelves. Harassing small animals. Looking for hot single chicks in his area.
No. 1037520 ID: 57e393

Kayk isn't in her bakery currently... lets sneak in and find something to snatch in there before she gets back! Maybe an apron, or a pot, or hell, even eat some sweets while you're there
No. 1037531 ID: afe7de

THIS! Especially the hot single chicks in the area, we have to have a goal of some kind to strive towards, getting skills to impress the... ladies. Maybe even... fairy with big red glasses kinda ladies...
No. 1037545 ID: 15c72a

First thing's first, get the lay of the land. Zoom around town, find good escape routes and places to hide. Also, spot high value targets. See which ones are viable for snatching with your current skills, and which ones will take leveling up. Once you have a list, you can tackle the ones today that will be much harder if you delay- don't forget that you will start gaining a reputation! People will start guarding their clothes...
No. 1037554 ID: 9b127b

Go for maximum difficulty target for best reward, target the underpants of the stuffiest and grumpiest lady in town
No. 1037559 ID: 8483cf
File 165742861508.png - (12.83KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-3.png )

First things first! I’ll find a nice high perch to keep my trophies out of sight. I flap up to the top shelf. Wait, why are there books up here? It’s so inconvenient for people to-


No. 1037561 ID: 8483cf
File 165742881289.png - (13.21KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-4.png )

Much better.

Now that I have space for my collection, I can brainstorm some ideas for how to spend my vacation.

Souvenirs are fun, true. But a piece of swag is just a fancy paperweight without memories to go with it. If I’m gonna build a collection, it should remind me of the good times I had getting it. Plus, it’s a great excuse to test my skills. I’m a lean, mean, lightning machine, and the chicks are gonna love me even more when they see these wings in action! This’ll be great training. Rae would approve.

Where were some good people and places to pick swag off of? I think I saw a couple in the week or so I’ve been here.

Choose your mission!

1. FISHING FOR SKINNY DIPPERS – I can definitely find some skinny dippers in the calm forest east of here. There’s always some newbie adventurers running around in that forest, though they might be escorted by a more experienced guard now that Rae found that highly unusual Spirit of Bloodshed. I should be ready for a fight if I get spotted.

2. SERAH AND DOTTI’S ROOM – To get in, I’ll need to learn to pick a lock or find a way in through the window. Dotti’s clothes are right inside, but Serah’s wardrobe is probably locked even tighter. I’ll need special skills to get into her drawers, but they’ll be the fanciest adventuring undies in the guild. Maybe she has some even fancier ones for parties? I don’t have the skills for Serah’s undies right now, but I might be able to get some of Dotti’s.

3. SISTER, SISTER – There’s a cute Priestess of Peace nearby. She’s forbidden from using weapons or offensive magic, so I’m safe from harm… as long as she doesn’t conjure a barrier in front of me. For some reason that doesn’t count as “offensive” magic.

4. WITCHES’ BREW – There are some magic-using ladies in the guild wearing very shiny gemstones they use to focus their magic. I don’t know much about them other than that they carry lots of potions and know how to blast stuff with sparkly missiles. Maybe I could wait for them to take a shower and sneak it from their laundry, or try a direct approach and trust my ability to dodge… or try something else.

5. KAYK’S HOARD – Kayk has big collection of stockings and leggings. I’ve already proven I can steal those, but what if I tried something a little stealthier and went after her sweater… one thread at a time? Or maybe I should just settle for another round of leggings and test my agility dodging her claws.

6. FRUMPY MARQUESS MALLORY – A local noble Serah doesn’t like very much, she’s guaranteed to call her guards on me if I try anything forward, and her residence is well-secured. She’ll have hoity-toity underwear that’ll make a good story, though! Maybe I should save her for later.
No. 1037564 ID: 629f2e

I'm just gonna rank my options if that's alright with you. Too many good ones to just say one.

1 - Because it's a good beginner mission, and gives plenty of room for the thread to ramp up.

4 - This also seems like a nice enjoyable time, without being too difficult. A stealth mission would be safest, but we can try combat if we want to contend with their spells and magicks.

3 - Similar to 1, but lower on the list because I feel a little bad bullying someone who can't really fight back.

5 - Only low because you've stolen from Kayk before, so it's not impressive unless you get the sweater. That might be difficult.

6 - A bit too difficult for mission #1. Work your way up to this.

2 - Serah would be more impressive, but she's out of your skill level right now. Dotti is doable, but the last time you tried to steal from her she reacted really badly, so I feel like you may be hesitant to try again.
No. 1037566 ID: e51896

4, because we can then turn this into a unofficial sequel huge reference to THE WITCH WHO STOLE HER PANTIES quest series.

Plus, MAGIC! and should be good for stealth
No. 1037567 ID: 15c72a

3. Medium risk, good reward.
No. 1037569 ID: 899c9f

Go for the witches, their underwear is most powerful and poorly secured.
No. 1037570 ID: 894419

No. 1037572 ID: 9b127b

picking 3! it sounds like fun!
No. 1037591 ID: afe7de

3, gotta build up to the good challenge
No. 1037611 ID: 8483cf
File 165747957213.png - (50.65KB , 391x700 , LF 6b-5.png )

I need a good warm-up. I’ll try paying a visit to my ancestors’ stomping grounds!

I make my way to the Parish of Peace and flutter through the open sanctuary doors. It’s a very small church, barely an annex by other Gods’ standards. Thankfully, my divine lineage lets me get away with all kinds of mischief on holy ground that would get most anybody else smitten. I once got a tweet from Odin telling me not to test my luck too much, but as long as I don’t, like, cause any major schisms or eschatological crises he’ll have my back.

The priesty girl is offering her morning prayers at the altar, surrounded by burning candles. The church is empty except for me, her and the worn-down pews.

I could go try and find her laundry for a stealth mission, but I’ve never stolen anything off a priestess in her own church. This’ll be fun!

There are no obvious weak points in her outfit, but that’s because her whole outfit is just a robe and sash. I have no idea what’s under her robes. If I don’t know what she’s wearing, it’s a lot harder to swipe anything cleanly (if it’s even possible).

How should I get my first trophy?

The tools at my disposal:

1. Wind magic. Great for blowing robes up to see what’s underneath and plan accordingly, but we’re indoors, and those robes look kind of heavy.
2. Snippy claws. If her robes are too heavy to flip, I could make ‘em shorter, or try another tactic.
3. Camouflage. I can be stealthy and mess with her if it’s needed as part of my plan.
4. Lightning magic. I can zap her a little, but it’ll be very weak ‘cause it’s indoors and on her holy ground.
5. My big bird brain! I’m sure I can come up with lots of awesome ideas. Any second now…
No. 1037612 ID: e5709d

Go with wind. It's subtle, has religious connotations in closed churches, and can blow out the candles so she'll be blinded by the dark.
No. 1037613 ID: 9b127b

use snippy claws on the shoulders, use the robes weight against itself
No. 1037614 ID: e51896

Use 5 to figure out plan to use 1 to blow out candles to distract her. once she is busy relighting the candles, we can use 3 to camouflage into the darkness, and then 2 to shorten that robe from behind. She'll probably think her robe got caught on something because of the darkness, and not because of a birb.
No. 1037615 ID: 899c9f

The sash is the easiest part of her outfit to nab. Use your camouflage and study your prey's habits.
No. 1037617 ID: 629f2e


That's actually a pretty nice idea I think. You'll need to separate the sleeves to make it work, but it'll clear the way to get a trophy if you succeed.
No. 1037619 ID: e51896

Alternate idea

first, use wind to blow candles out and make it darker
then use camouflage to hide in darkness.

While she is relighting the candles, go and grab the sash with your claws while using the wind making it look like it blew off somewhere.
Place the sash in a high position so that she'll have to climb up and get it.

While she is busy climbing, we can scan what is under her dress from down below to find a weak-spot, or try to take a piece of her clothing while her hands aren't free (whether it is shortening her dress, or attempting to take some panties or something.
No. 1037627 ID: 15c72a

Extinguish the light! Then maybe you can sneak up and peek directly up her robe to spot any extra valuable swag.
No. 1037632 ID: 8483cf
File 165748665506.png - (13.27KB , 324x988 , LF 6b-6.png )

My wind magic isn’t strong enough to flip that robe in here, but it is strong enough to blow out those candles! With a divinely inspired gust, the sanctuary door slams shut and the candles flicker out, plunging the church into shadow. The door is facing the opposite direction of the altar, so there’s very little morning light to work with.

The priestess stands still for a few seconds, disoriented, then sighs and tries to get hear bearings. She stumbles a little, and in that moment, I see my opportunity and swoop in to snatch her sash! I snatch it right off her and head straight for the rafters, covering my tracks with even more wind magic. I quickly try and blend in with the rafters using my camouflage.

“Wha…”The priestess lets out a gasp and pats her shoulders. “I knew I should have closed the door.”

Her eyes begin to adjust to the shadow, but not by much. She spots the dim outline of her sash hanging from an empty candelabra fumbles around for it on tiptoes.

She's not on a ladder, so I can't peek up her very long robes unless I get right under her. It would be pretty easy to do, but...

If I dive bomb her now, this is be my chance to strike! If I want to use my snippy crow claws, I have the element of surprise. That means I get an extra snip!
No. 1037633 ID: 8483cf
File 165748667611.png - (20.59KB , 324x988 , LF 6b-7.png )

Suggest to either SNIP or NOT SNIP.

If SNIP, upload an image showing up to two STRAUGHT lines for Taranis to SNIP: the first straight line in pink, the second straight line in purple.

If NOT SNIP, suggest an alternate action.

- Green clothing can be snipped.
- If the line touches Red Clothing, it can go no further. The only red clothing the priestess has visible is her sash and shoes.
- It is considered a Dick Move to snip someone’s hair, so don’t have the line touch it.
- Skin is unaffected by the snip line.
- The first line will be the cleanest snip. The second line may not be as clean.
No. 1037635 ID: f6af6f

Snatching anything good right now would require some very unsubtle snipping, so take the opportunity to make your way under her robes. It'll provide a good view of what she's wearing beneath them and a hiding place in plain sight.
No. 1037636 ID: 9b127b
File 165748723744.png - (45.76KB , 292x549 , SnipSnip.png )

like so
No. 1037638 ID: 899c9f
File 165748740676.png - (26.65KB , 324x988 , snop.png )

Total clothing annihilation. Did it get drafty in here?
No. 1037641 ID: b7452d

No. 1037642 ID: 629f2e
File 165748919485.png - (21.61KB , 324x988 , Snip.png )

Snip 1: Drag a nice line down the full length of her robe. You can use this as a base for future lines.

Snip 2: Snip above the butt. This should cause the seat of her robe to drag down to her side, exposing her rear and giving access to her undergarments.
No. 1037643 ID: e51896
File 165748921783.png - (35.32KB , 658x989 , windidea.png )

I drew two ideas.

the first idea is similar to Lonelyworlds, but the second cut is higher up.


the second idea, use your WIND POWER to blow her hair upwards for the first line (pink) to get it out of the way temporarily, and before her hair dangles back down, get the rest of her outfit with the second cut. That way we can get more clothes, AND not cut her hair.

For both, cut upwards to further avoid the hair.

If we can use wind to get that hair out of the way, do the second option for more clothing damage!
No. 1037644 ID: 15c72a

This seems ideal.
No. 1037645 ID: e51896
File 165749043191.png - (25.69KB , 325x989 , windidea2.png )

A pic for my second idea using wind
No. 1037678 ID: 8483cf
File 165750705866.png - (39.78KB , 968x1083 , LF 6b-8.png )

As fun as it might be to hide under her robes all day, I think it’s a better use of my vacation to test my stealthy snipping skills. My eyes are used to the dark, unlike the priestess, so I can be precise while she fumbles around.

I strike once, scoring a clean snip all the way up the priestess’s robe and snipping the sleeve. A clean hit! Before she realizes what’s happened, I circle around and snip again, this time across her rear, revealing her loose-fitting underwear.

“AHH!” she shrieks. “Who was that? What’s happening?”

She looks down at her robe and shrieks again. “Ahh! Evil spirits! Evil spirits, begone! Begone now! I command you!”

Good thing I'm not an evil spirit.
No. 1037680 ID: 8483cf
File 165750714848.png - (13.79KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-9.png )

Both her bra and loose panties are secured by a single knot each. I think that bra might even unravel if I get a good grip on it! I’ve got the chance to snatch both her bra and panties if I do it right, but if I don’t untie both perfectly, she might figure out I’m not actually a spirit.

I can also perch on one or both knots to guarantee they’ll come undone, but she’ll realize what’s going on pretty quickly.

What should I do?
1. Snip both knots and get both trophies easily, but they’ll be damaged. All her clothes are snippable except her shoes.
2. Try and undo the knot on her bra in one swoop without perching. Odds of successfully getting bra and getting away undetected: high.
3. Try and undo the knot on her panties in one swoop without perching. Odds of successfully getting bra and getting away undetected: high.
4. Try and undo the knot on both her panties and bra in two swoops without perching. Odds of successfully getting both without being detected: moderate.
5. Perch and get both knots undone, but reveal that I am, in fact, a bird.
No. 1037681 ID: 899c9f

4. Try those odds, because you've never been burned by them before. Perching unseen on people usually makes them freak out!
No. 1037682 ID: 629f2e

4. I like playing the odds.
No. 1037684 ID: f6af6f

4. Never tell me the odds.
No. 1037725 ID: 894419

Fortune favors the bold, 4!
No. 1037781 ID: 8483cf
File 165759209098.png - (27.38KB , 800x700 , LF 6b-10.png )

“Exorcism… exorcism… what’s the chant for an exorcism?” the priestess says hurriedly, holding her robes tight to her body. “Um… I, Priscilla, Priestess of Eirene, cast you evil spirits out! I commend you! No, wait, I meant COMMAND you! NOO! AHH!”

I swoop in and strike once, getting the knot undone on her too-big panties. She lets out a yelp and tries to arrest their fall- and I take the opening to get the knot on her bra too. The loose wrap of cloth immediately unspools and I whisk it right off her. She tries to catch that, too, but lets her panties go- and as I fly away, I send another whoosh of wind magic to send those panties straight to the floor.

As she stumbles forward to try and catch her bra as the last bit of fabric unspools, she steps right out of her underwear and leaves them in the dark, easy pickings for a third pass.

Realizing she’s left in nothing but a torn-up robe, the priestess does the only thing she can think of: shriek as loud as she can.
No. 1037782 ID: 8483cf
File 165759211515.png - (17.20KB , 450x450 , LF 6b-11.png )

“You evil spirits! Get out!” she yells. “All I want is to help this nice little church! What did I do to you?! Just because Eirene isn’t a big powerful popular goddess doesn’t mean you can come in here and be bullies, so please just GET OUT RIGHT NOW!”

She really thinks I’m a bunch of evil spirits! This is kind of fun… what would an evil spirit do? Maybe flip her robes some more with wind magic? I’ve already got what I came for, but maybe I can mess with her and put on a show to really sell the illusion. Or I can just leave and take what I feel like.

Should I stay or should I go?
1. Stay just a little longer and mess with Priscilla as an “evil spirit”
2. Do what I’m told and get out right now

When I go, what trophies should I take? More trophies mean higher likelihood of being noticed flying home, unless I stash them somewhere safe and out of the way.
1. Panties: 4 points. Odds of being spotted if I fly straight home with them: Very, Very Low.
2. Bra: 3 points. It’s unwound, so I’ll have to hold tight to keep it from unspooling during flight, increasing visibility. Odds of being spotted if I fly straight home with it: Very Low.
3. Sash: 2 points. It’s very long and hard to keep from unspooling during flight. Odds of being spotted: Low.
4. Bra and panties: Odds of being spotted if I fly straight home: Low.
5. Bra, panties and sash: Odds of being spotted if I fly straight home: Moderate.
No. 1037783 ID: 629f2e

Grab your things and get outta there. You have what you need, and she can't exactly fight back as a Priestess of Peace. Quit bullying the poor girl and retreat.

Take it all. I have a gut feeling we're about to roll shit and get spotted even with low odds, so may as well rake in all the rewards.
No. 1037784 ID: 899c9f

Go home with 4. They'll never know...
No. 1037785 ID: 15c72a

2, Get out while you still can.
4. Take bra and panties. Sash is low value and too cumbersome.
No. 1037786 ID: d5321c

Give her a break, leave and take bra and panties (4)
No. 1037790 ID: 9b127b

give one last slash to finish off her robe before taking the bra and panties and leaving
No. 1037791 ID: afe7de

Can I do 1.5? Blow the tattered remains of the cloak in her face to get a nice view, making sure to blow the door open while you're at it, take 4, and dip from some way not the door. This way any passers-by can see some pretty lewd scenes and she'll have a credible story about a wind spirit if the wind knocks the door open and someone *accidentally* sees her after you abscond. Could also work to help distract others while you escape with your gains, maybe reducing the catch chance?
No. 1037792 ID: 629f2e


Y'know what, I could support a bit of wind meanness on our way out actually. One more for the road. Get a nice drawing out of it.
No. 1037945 ID: 8483cf
File 165768208104.png - (44.15KB , 900x1170 , LF 6b-12v2.png )

I could just take my prizes and leave now, but I might be spotted (or heard fluttering my wings) if I don’t cover up my escape with one closing act by the “evil spirits.” That, and I’d be giving a giant middle talon to all my avian ancestors if I didn’t take the chance to mess with Priscilla one last time.

I send a massive gust of wind straight between Priscilla’s legs and straight through the church doors, slamming them open as the “spirits” make a grand exit. The wind whips the tatters of her priestess robe up, baring everything she’s got to the wide-open double doors. Priscilla shrieks again and spends every ounce of effort covering herself from any potential passers-by, giving me plenty of space to pick up my trophies: her ill-fitting panties and unwound bra.

It pains me to leave behind her sash, but if I’m going the extra mile to sell the act, I don’t want to accidentally give away the game by trailing a giant sky banner on my flight home. I flutter to the rear of the church and sneak through a cracked passageway, following the fresh air to an open window and out to freedom.
No. 1037955 ID: 8483cf
File 165768379742.png - (27.82KB , 1000x626 , LF 6b-13.png )

Mission Success!

- Panties of Priscilla, Priestess of Peace
Direct Steal! 4 talent points
- Bra of Priscilla, Priestess of Peace
Direct Steal! 3 talent points

Total: 7 Talent Points

If Taranis decides to work his claw sharpness up to level 3, he can spend some points to learn lockpicking! Lockpicking has 4 ranks.

He's not yet sure what upgrading my other abilities will bring, but he doesn't have to spend it all at once. He can spend some points to upgrade, then see what he learns before spending the rest.
No. 1037956 ID: 629f2e

Put two points into Wind Magic for stronger gusts and whatever else that unlocks, two into Keen Sight so that we can identify weak points better, and two into Agility to max the stat out. Put your last point into something that unlocks based on those allotments.
No. 1037968 ID: 15c72a

Buy sharpness 3, lightning 3.
No. 1037982 ID: ed01e0

3 into Wings, 4 into Wind.
No. 1037985 ID: 0fdb65

2 ideas

3 on sharpness, 3 on camouflage (sneaky birb) save last point


2 on lightning, 2 on agility, 3 on camo or keen eye for witch idea i have:

If we go to witches, we can sneak to a cauldron and hide nearby, wait until they mix potions, and zap them after mixing a ingredient making them think they mixed the wrong potion. Leveling up storm should stun them more, or multiple witches, or even damage clothes. Agility if we're caught so we can dodge stuff they throw, camouflage to help us hide more or keen eye to zap their clothing at their weakpoint for massive damage

(Will decide keen eye or camo later)
No. 1038022 ID: 8483cf
File 165775753723.png - (32.10KB , 1000x658 , LF 6b-14.png )

I definitely want to hone my reflexes! I’m inspired to train my agility to MAX! 3/3. Now I can learn Feint, which lets me bait out any attack (physical or magical), dodge it, leaving my opponent wide open for a critical strike. Higher levels increase effectiveness of bait and margin of pulling it off safely for me.

If I have 4 points in Wind Magic, I can unlock Nimbus Magic, which lets me conjure fog and mist to obscure myself at low levels, and summon actual, tiny, low-down rainclouds if I put more points in. I can combo it with lightning magic to set traps that go off by themselves! I’m sure this magic will have lots of uses.

If I max out lightning magic (3/3), I know enough to learn Magnetism. I can magnetize metals to myself or to other things in the environment. If I magnetize something to me, physics still apply, though, so I shouldn’t expect to be lifting any big pieces of armor.

A really good use of lightning magic is to energize something else instead of directly zapping somebody myself. For example, charging a bunch of electricity in a doorknob, or a cauldron. If I max out my lightning, I can probably even charge something up from an okay distance away from it, without needing to touch it.

I think lightning by itself will never be enough to damage somebody’s clothes. I’ll have to combo it with something else, either in the environment or with another spell of some kind.

I have to remember that not every opponent’s outfit will be as flimsy as Priscilla’s! I couldn’t even cut through her sash- leather belts, metal buttons and tight buckles are definitely out of my league right now unless I perch on them and really work at it.

I should remember that stealth is always a viable option, especially against multiple opponents. I shouldn’t expect to get a Direct Steal via snipping every time. Sometimes, a clever, indirect approach may be the best, or I could just settle for a good old fashioned panty raid. If it gets out that a bird is stealing underwear off people, Raelynn and Serah might find out.

Now that I’ve remembered some of what I can unlock, I can SPEND MY 5 REMAINING TALENT POINTS.
No. 1038024 ID: 15c72a

Spend 2 in stealth, 2 in claws, 1 in lockpicking.
No. 1038026 ID: 899c9f

2 in Camouflage, 2 in lightning magic for magnetism, and the fifth point to either buy magnetism or improve sharpness.
No. 1038046 ID: 629f2e

2 in Lightning 1 in Magnetism, 1 in Sharpness, 1 in Lockpicking
No. 1038052 ID: e5709d

2 in Camouflage, see what it unlocks.
No. 1038098 ID: e51896

2 in Lightning 1 camouflage, 1 in Sharpness, 1 in Lockpicking
No. 1038145 ID: 8483cf
File 165781668082.png - (31.95KB , 1000x658 , LF 6b-15.png )

With my new TROPHIES safely stashed on Rae’s top shelf in her room at the adventuring guild, I’m energized to earn more! I decide to spend some time today getting as good as I can with my lightning magic and learning some lockpicking. I wasn’t noticed carrying anything on the way back- at least, I don’t think so. I’ll have to level up my keen eyes to really be sure who spots me doing stuff. Now that I think about it, my brother is really good at sensing who’s looking at him, and who’s paying attention to what. It’s why Odin likes him so much. f I put two more ranks into keen senses, I bet I’ll be able to unlock a super-sense for who’s looking where and who’s noticed what, just like my brother can.

I spend my points on 2 Lightning, 1 sharpness, 1 lockpicking and 1 camouflage. This gives me lots of options for stealth! With maxxed out lightning, I don’t even have to touch something to energize it, as long as I have a direct path (or a metal path) to something. It’ll flash a bit from me to the target, but if I time it right, it shouldn’t be more than a snap and a crackle.

With three ranks in camouflage, I’m practically invisible to the untrained eye if I don’t move. It’s pretty sweet. Almost as sweet as these sunflower seeds on the floor in the adventurer’s guild cafeteria.

Today is a good day.
No. 1038146 ID: 8483cf
File 165781671807.png - (9.91KB , 500x400 , LF 6b-16.png )

I follow the trail of sunflower seeds to the door and nearly get taken out by Serah as she breezes through, completely oblivious to me because, even if I’m Rae’s bird, I’m still just a bird.

If no one is suspicious of me, I can hop around and peek up skirts for future trophies if I feel like it.

Oh! Landi’s following Serah! I immediately perk up at the sight of those shimmering purple-dotted wings.

“Serah, thank you so much,” Landi says. “I totally forgot I promised to help Rocio move tomorrow. Vivi’s counting on me to get her to her fencing match on time and she can’t be late or they’ll DQ her.”

“It’s not a problem,” Serah says, breezing by me. “I’ll get my comfy travel boots and help her get those boxes to her new place safe and sound.”

“Udabest,” Landi says, following Serah down the hall. “You should totally bring Dotti along. She’ll love the pizza, and the food coma should keep her out of trouble.”

“I’ll try, but she has work tomorrow…” Serah says, voice fading.

So Serah and Landi will both be gone tomorrow, and Dotti has work. It’ll be the perfect time to practice my lockpicking!

In the meantime, I have the rest of the day to do whatever I please.


1. Find my best buddy Raelynn and see if she’s had any luck selling the herbs and other medicinal stuff she found on the trip to the Terrorscale lair. I bet she’d like some company, even if she won’t admit it.
2. See if I can find the witches I saw earlier. This will start the WITCHES’ BREW mission with your upgraded talents. No downsides, but if it goes wrong, I’ll have to deal with the consequences and potentially increased suspicion.
3. Go see if I can find some skinny dippers and get more trophies. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and if anything goes wrong, it’ll happen far enough away that I won’t have to deal with the consequences today, or maybe even ever.
4. Say hi to Serah and Landi. Maybe they’re planning to do something fun tonight?
5. Hop around and peek up some skirts to scout potential trophies. Might raise some suspicion if I’m too obvious about it.
6. Other
No. 1038150 ID: e51896

We deserve a break. 1. Go see our elf friend amd increase our bond with her and lower any stress she has. Witches can wait. Plus we should let the dust settle after our adventures in the church so that people dont start thinking our crimes in church, and our next mission is related if we do another mission too soon.


No. 1038152 ID: e5709d

2th DK.
No. 1038185 ID: 05ff33

1 or 3. 1 because I wanna spend time with our good friend Rae. 3 because skinny dippers.
No. 1038188 ID: f6af6f

1. Peeking up skirts sounds like a fun time, but friendship is worth far more than any undergarment. Hypothetically.
No. 1038191 ID: 322af8

3. sounds fun
No. 1038209 ID: 8483cf
File 165785273644.png - (16.09KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-17.png )

I should go find Raelynn. She’s great at handling herself by herself, but maybe I can be there for her when she’s trying to handle herself around other people. I hope she gets better about that sometime.

I make my way toward the apothecaries Rae said she was going to try and sell her herbs at. I don’t see her inside, but I do catch a glimpse of blue and gray through the window of a book store.

I swoop inside, quiet as a mouse, and land on the bookcase next to Rae. She gives me a small nod of acknowledgement and keeps staring at what’s on the wall: a map of the beaches far to the southwest.

I hop over and point at the shoreline with my wingtip questioningly. Does she want to take a vacation of her own?

Rae nods. She holds up a fully laden coinpouch and gives me a small smile.

She’s in a great mood today! I flap my wings eagerly.

“Not right away,” Rae says, toying with her braids, “but sometime.”

Well, if she doesn’t want to spend that money on a trip to the beaches, then what?

Rae picks up on my inquisitive beady little gaze. She thinks for a moment. “First… I guess… I’d like to try a new hair color.”

What hair color/s should I suggest for Rae? Should I also suggest she try a new hairdo?
No. 1038212 ID: 9f6804

Black and silver hair, like your feathers! That way, we'd feel connected even more! (Go goth.)

Cut hair short, will prevent enemies from grabbing her hair. Trust me.

Keep the hair covering scar if she is still not confident about showing it.
No. 1038213 ID: 05ff33

A nice brown color would let her blend in with dirt or wood, while also just looking cute.
No. 1038215 ID: 9f6804

And by black and silver/gray, i mean black with silver/gray streaks, maybe the gray streaks can be where the hair is covering the eye? Tho if that doesnt look good, just have streaks in certain parts of the hair

Plus, black hair makes it hard to see in the dark
No. 1038216 ID: 15c72a

Obviously black and silver.
No. 1038218 ID: 899c9f

Purple hair. You should put more shiny bows in it. Scrawk!
No. 1038226 ID: e5709d

Some gradients between red and purple. Mostly magenta.
No. 1038376 ID: 8483cf
File 165803943633.png - (73.37KB , 1500x500 , LF 6b-18.png )

I hop to it and proudly present the perfect color scheme: me!

Rae tickles my chin and gives a slight curl of her lip. She doesn’t chide me, so she might be seriously considering a team-up!

But perhaps there are some other options that are a little less me-centric. I want her to have her own style if she wants.

Choose what to recommend to Rae.
No. 1038377 ID: e51896

After looking through it, I think I'll lean towards B, brown most.

I'm really liking A... Buuuuut, it kinda reminds me of skunk as it stands.
maybe if we had less silver, and just, like put the silver on smaller strands of hair here and there, it might look much better.
No. 1038378 ID: 262068

I'm going with A.

The streak of white is very Claire Saffitz.
No. 1038380 ID: 15c72a

Hmm, B. Though... maybe some reddish highlights would be nice. To remind one of a fall leaf.
No. 1038381 ID: 899c9f

Double down on imposing your color scheme onto hers. You'll have matching colors, and the magenta's a bit loud for a stealthy ranger if it's not autumn.
No. 1038383 ID: 05ff33

After seeing them all side-by-side, brown for sure.
No. 1038391 ID: e5709d


... No? Fine, C.
No. 1038451 ID: 894419


That brown one makes Rae look down right adorable! Go with that!
No. 1038453 ID: 7ec758

Magenta! It goes well with her eye colour and pink elf pink elf pink elf.
No. 1038454 ID: 9b127b

C) if you're going to colour your hair go with something fun!
No. 1038819 ID: 8483cf
File 165844085351.png - (41.73KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-19.png )

Clearly the best hair colors are my colors, but perhaps we can save that for a theme party later, or when Rae needs to be all serious and stealthy like me. She has her own camouflage magic, so even if she chooses a tie-dye hair color she can have it fade into her cloak’s colors. It’s Rae’s hair after all, so the decision is up to her. I’m just here to provide her with my expert opinion.

Her choice is, essentially, does she want to look cute with brown hair or have fun with some pink, red and magenta?

I flap my wings and point at some red and magenta books and hop around excitedly. Rae nods in agreement.

Then I point with a talon at a brown book and give her my best cute, beady eyes.

“I’m not cute,” Rae replies. ”You’re the cute one.”

Aww, she gave me a compliment even though she totally meant it as an accusation. Well, she’s trying to be friendly. She really is.

“I think I’ll go with the mix of red and magenta hair,” Rae says. “I can…” she pauses. “Well…”

I tilt my head to the side. Go on, you can do it!

“I can buy you something to wear if you want. Maybe a bell? Or a hat?”

My own wardrobe? How tempting! She really does think I’m cute. However, the idea of Rae spending money on an outfit for me is so unappealing. I don’t particularly like the idea of wearing anything I didn’t take as a trophy. Chicks don’t like a poser, and there’s no bigger poser than a bird who decks himself out in things he didn’t earn.

On the other hand, where else am I going to find clothes in my size? Or an awesome little hat?

And am I really prepared to accept the fact that Rae’s decided I’m the cute one?

Should I accept Rae’s offer to buy me accessories?
1. Yes! Sell out to capitalism and embrace my inner fashionista. Maybe classy fairies will like it.
2. No! Reject fiat currency, it’s so unappealing to wild girls.

Who is the cute one?
A. Me
B. Raelynn
No. 1038820 ID: e5709d

1) Form-fitting accessories don't itch as much. An awkward gait turns the ladies off more than borrowed suits.
B) You, but barely. You're one type of cute and Raelynn is another type of cute, so merge your cute.
No. 1038821 ID: 899c9f

Raelynn is the cute one, and you should encourage her by joining her in the ritual cladding of accessories.
No. 1038822 ID: 629f2e

1, You doubt Rae would offer to resize any of your trophies, so this is the best chance you have to get any apparel. Maybe a necklace?

C, You're both adorable.
No. 1038832 ID: 15c72a

2. You're not a part of the system! THROW IT ON THE GROUND wait there's nothing to throw
No. 1038855 ID: f99917

2. Tean Naked forever! Plus if we drop it during missions, that'd be bad

No. 1038947 ID: 8483cf
File 165853881268.png - (28.11KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-20.png )

I can’t accept Rae’s offer, no matter how tempting a fitted hat or plume might be. If I didn’t earn an accessory by taking it for myself, how can I hold my head high wearing it?

Since Rae has also rejected my recommendation for cute brown hair, I’ll have to bear the heavy burden of being the cute one in the dynamic duo.

“Suit yourself,” Rae shrugs. “I’m going to go get some hair dye. You can come along if you want.”

I shake my head. I’ve got accessorizing of my own to do.

“Okay,” Rae says. “I’ll see you later, then. Try not to get into trouble.”

Not a problem! I give her a crisp salute. She rolls her eye and leaves me be.

It’s midafternoon. I doubt there will be any skinny dippers until late in the evening, and the witches have probably finished the technical part of their brewing for the day. None of the leads from the morning are gonna pan out. I’ll have to find some new leads.

Suggest some entirely new trophy targets!
No. 1038948 ID: 899c9f

You are bald and foolish, bird. Go scour a parade grounds for shiny trash.
No. 1038949 ID: 629f2e

New Trophy Hunt suggestion: Go after an adventuring ranger and her fairy companion shopping in the marketplace. You have to be stealthy to not be seen by passerbys, or very tactical in your timing so that you can strike when they're alone or not being observed. You get to strip someone a lot smaller than you, and you get to mess around with fairies without inciting Landi revenge. (Though any fairy you meet have a non-zero chance of being a friend/acquaintence of hers.)

The adventurer can be a bird too, that's what draws Taranis to her. Beautiful wings and plumage. Make 'em like an anthropomorphic Woodlark, because fuck the popular bird species.
No. 1038951 ID: f6af6f

In this case, be sure to keep an eye out for any close passersby wearing skirts to peek under. After all, you're just a bird looking for shiny things, nothin' suspicious about that.
No. 1038961 ID: ebb04d

Bath house! We can go into a locker room, pick the locks of the lockers (or whatever they lock their clothes in) and steal clothes. Which gende4 locker room? Doesnt matter.
No. 1038963 ID: e5709d

There appears to be a deer noble paraded by a retinue of wolves in leather armor. They're all 18+ schoolgirls giggling over which gnome to pretend-court next.

Show these beasts who the real king of the forest is.
No. 1039017 ID: 8483cf
File 165861673651.png - (205.18KB , 1099x1100 , LF 6b-21.png )

Shiny objects are great accessories. Maybe if I swipe a few buttons off a blazer or coat, I can wear them around a little string and-



I’m so shocked I nearly crash into a building. Thankfully I pull up just in time to make an undignified flapping landing on a windowsill and get another chance to pick her out of the crowd.

She’s everything a bird could dream of. Wonderful plumage. Big beady eyes. Sharp talons. Hooked claws atop her luscious wings.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s got a fairy companion too. The fairy’s wings are kind of on the small side, but she’s got six of ‘em!

They’re shopping for fruits and veggies in the market. It’s a busy afternoon, so I can’t make a direct appearance. However, I’m almost perfectly camouflaged as long as I don’t move. The woodlark-kin is very likely an adventurer, so she might be able to spot me if she knows what to look for.

This is an opportunity to try and snag a trophy from a fairy if I can, but it’ll be very difficult to pull off undetected unless I get clever.
No. 1039018 ID: 8483cf
File 165861677219.png - (175.71KB , 603x1014 , LF 6b-22v2.png )

Interestingly, the wing-kin’s top is poorly done up. It looks like the lacing has been snipped and it’s jury-rigged with a halfhearted knot in back. My heart goes out to her- it must be so difficult to handle delicate clothes with sharp talons.

I watch as the dynamic avian duo purchase a few fruits and veggies. The fairy handles the transactions for the wing-kin with her inventory magic. Landi’s not the only one who can do that, obviously, but for the wing-kin, inventory magic is incredibly valuable to have in a companion.

“These are gonna taste great, Apricot!” the fairy says. “Did you see anyone selling lacing around here? There must be someone with something we can fix you up with.”

“Thanks, Autumn. Let’s keep looking,” says the wing-kin, whose name is apparently Apricot.

My keen vision isn’t nearly strong enough to get a glimpse of Autumn through her glow. However, Apricot’s outfit has obvious weak points if I want to try something clever:

- Broken lacing in back, secured with two knots
- Knot behind neck
- Belt clip
- Pleated skirt, maybe vulnerable to wind magic (unknown what’s underneath)

This is my greatest challenge yet. Maybe I should gather more information on them before I try anything, but I have to remember that I am in the middle of Minga in midday.

What should I do?
No. 1039020 ID: 899c9f

Snip the belt, then go for the neck tie. But the wingkin is just a distraction. The fairy is priority one. If you can make them use up a lot of magic, you might be able to see through the glow. Maybe if you cause a nearby stand to collapse and force them to use inventory magic to catch a cabbage collapse?
No. 1039021 ID: e51896

Looking at her back, I don't see anything that looks like strapping for a bra... is she going commando? (at least on her top-half?) if so, we might only need to deal with skirt to save some time to get the panties at least. Have her go bottomless.

Anyways, gonna be hard to sneak fully take trophies in a public spot like this, and if her fairy friend is keeping watch. might be best to wait until they move somewhere quieter while spying for any important info.

I do have an idea to steal a round fruit we can carry, wait for them to go somewhere private (while learning more about them) wait for them to pass by somewhere, and roll the fruit under her feet so she trips and falls on the floor, and then do some wind magic to blow the fairy away as you fly over and snip her clothes as she focuses on getting up. They won't see what hit them.
No. 1039022 ID: e51896

I do also like this idea, though I wouldn't attack her clothes immediately after we knock the stand towards them since we're in a public spot right now. but we could knock it down to cause the fairy to use up some of her powder so she won't be as much of a problem later when we do attack. Maybe not even the stand, we can probably use wind magic on the fruit to blow the fruit at the fairy so she tries to catch them to protect themselves. Just gotta sneak atop a fruit stand (one where a shopkeeper isn't really paying attention, stay camouflaged, and wait for them to pass so we can shoot fruit and veggies at them.
No. 1039028 ID: 15c72a

If you can find a store that sells laces, you could ingratiate yourself with the pair. You could get some information that way, as well as more openly follow them to somewhere more private where you can strike.
Do you have to STEAL a trophy? Does it count if it's given willingly? Maybe you can avoid a reputation hit if you buy a replacement for her laces and such before snipping and stealing the ones she's got...

You could also use your camouflage and wait somewhere she's going to pass by, like a store that sells laces, and get a peek up that skirt.
No. 1039039 ID: 8483cf

>Do you have to STEAL a trophy? Does it count if it's given willingly?

Trophies do NOT have to be stolen. STEALING a trophy proves without a doubt Taranis is a cunning and incredible bird (far more cunning and incredible than the trophy's previous owner, duh) but receiving a willingly given one will also award TALENT POINTS if the trophy comes with a memory/story of Taranis being cunning and incredible.

Of course, doing things the Parrotgon way has its benefits and drawbacks.
No. 1039157 ID: e51896

Actually, I think I like being a Parrotgon for karma, I'll support this idea.
No. 1039158 ID: 9b127b

a single slice up the back should take out her entire outfit, take advantage of that
No. 1039234 ID: 629f2e

Parrotgon will be good to keep in mind for people we like, like our fellow party members, but this is a random sexy bird lady + fairy. Save the concerns about karma for when we're Dotti or Serah, birds are unconcerned with morality.

Now, we're in the middle of town atm, so a direct attack isn't going to be our best option right off the bat. We'll need to prep them both to give us the best situation to strike.

I definitely agree with the idea of causing the fairy to expend her dust early with indirect attacks. Causing a stall to fall over is a decent plan if the scenario allows, but otherwise use your bird's eye perspective to get a good look around for alternatives.

Also, if you can, try to figure out where they might find someone selling lace. You might be able to lead them to or away from them depending on how exactly we play this, or otherwise steal some lace to use as bait.

TL;DR: Survey
No. 1039267 ID: 8483cf
File 165880996849.png - (23.67KB , 500x700 , LF 6b-23.png )

The marketplace is crowded, which means stealth strikes are near-impossible, at least with my current skills. But crowded marketplaces mean lots of fellow avians pecking for food. I join a crowd of city-slicker pigeons and camouflage myself with feather colors just like them. They give me some weird looks, but since I’m not eating their bread, they leave me be.

I hop a few feet over to survey Apricot as she walks by. She’s wearing tight-fit shorts under her skirt. Makes sense. Unfortunately, I also see that the shorts are made of material specifically] resistant to slicing and snipping by bird claws and talons. She’s a bird herself, and she has to pull those on and take them off herself with only wing-claws to do it. There’s absolutely no way I can snip those shorts. Even if I max out my snipping, I’d probably get caught or snagged on that anti-bird-claw fabric.

It’s a cruel, cruel world.

Once Apricot and Autumn pass by, I take flight again and watch them make their errands.

Apricot is a melee fighter, and apparently her main strategy in combat is to load up on armor and magic resistance buffs from Autumn, dive bomb behind enemy lines, and slice and dice using her claws and talons. If the enemies have melee fighters in the back lines for some reason, she just swoops in, picks up a magic caster and drops them from as high up as she can. If even that’s too dangerous, Autumn (riding shotgun on Apricot’s back) uses her inventory magic to drop bombs from high altitude.

Autumn is a doting fairy companion fixated on making Apricot happy and taking care of her needs. She’s constantly asking her if she wants food or water. Every minute or so she gives a gentle tug on Apricot’s laces, making sure they’re still tied tight.

A&A aren’t having much luck finding a shop that sells lacing. They’re in the farmers’ market, not the artisans’ area. There’s lots of food and fruit, but not much in the way of outfits, armor or weapons. Autumn is loading up on delicious fruit and some flowers for another member of their party. Autumn’s inventory magic doesn’t use much magic, but your keen senses detect the slightest loss of glow every time she adds something to her inventory OR takes it out.

That’s about all I can find for now, unless I want to look for something specific. There are lots of people and food carts around, but they don’t care about crows and pigeons.

Right now, Apricot is engaged in conversation with a tomato merchant. Autumn is rustling through her inventory- you can hear her counting out coins from her dimensional pocket.

What should I do?
No. 1039268 ID: 899c9f

Counting out coin, hm? If you hide them under the table, she'll have to keep looking through her inventory for more. You're a bird, they're shiny, no one would convict you for that.
Or, between tugs at the laces, carefully snip them so that one good tug undoes the whole thing. Make it look like an accident.
No. 1039270 ID: 629f2e

If you go for a snip now, the merchant might see you. Let's do a bit of setting up first.

Grab a coin (it's a marketplace, I'm sure you can find one to snatch) and drop it at her feet. Make her think her fairy dropped one while counting. Then, when she bends over to grab it, the stall should obscure the merchant's sight. Use your agility to take full advantage of that window, and snip some laces. The ones around her back should be easy, but if you can get the top one then her chest should definitely spill out.

You may consider adding an electric charge to the coin as well. Not to harm her, but just to give her a jolt that distracts from your attack. All the unexpected feelings from the shock to the assault on her top should leave her disoriented and unsure of what happened.

If her fairy goes to grab the coin instead, then knock a few tomatoes onto her, and force her to use her inventory magic to catch them. Deplete her dust!
No. 1039271 ID: 9b127b

Find some bugs put in short, cause bird panic
No. 1039275 ID: 15c72a

How about a mixed paragon-renegade approach? Cause a distraction so that you can snip some laces without anyone seeing, but not enough that her top becomes undone immediately. She'll think it came undone on its own, and have to cover herself. Then you can show up and offer to guide them to the shop that sells laces, gaining totally unearned gratitude you can use to get her old laces as a trophy.
No. 1039348 ID: 8483cf
File 165889369708.png - (329.99KB , 1194x1522 , LF 6b-24.png )

When in doubt, knock stuff on the ground!

I send a strong gust of wind magic laced with lightning magic through the pile of coins on the table.

“Ah!” Autumn says, scrambling to catch the coins before they fall. She scoops as many as she can back into her inventory, but she misses a good amount of them. I blow some coins off the table, and they roll around on the cobblestones, and one of them has a nasty shock hidden in it.

“I lost count,” Autumn groans. “Hang on, let me get the coins back.”

“I got ‘em!” Apricot says. She hops around the edge of the stall and starts picking them up and scooping them into her wings. Poorly.
I can strike! She’s out of vision of both the merchant and her companion, and the crowds won’t notice anything too suspicious if I’m agile.
No. 1039350 ID: 8483cf
File 165889430650.png - (341.92KB , 1194x1522 , LF 6b-25.png )

Choose to SNIP or NOT SNIP.

Taranis has a very low chance of being noticed if he snips once, and a low chance of being noticed if he snips twice thanks to the electric shock in the coins.

If SNIP, upload an image showing up to two STRAIGHT lines for Taranis to SNIP: the first straight line in pink, the second straight line in purple.

- Green clothing can be snipped.
- If the line touches Red Clothing, Taranis’s talon will get caught in the anti-snip shorts.
- Taranis is not skilled enough at snipping to entirely avoid touching Red Clothing if he snips a green layer above the Red Clothing. Taranis is moderately likely to get caught in the anti-snip shorts if the line crosses the red clothing underneath the green clothing.
- Taranis is confident he won’t snip any feathers, so don’t worry about that.
- The first line will be the cleanest snip. The second line may not be as clean.
No. 1039351 ID: 629f2e
File 165889467113.png - (342.72KB , 1194x1522 , Snip.png )

Snip 1: Nice and simple, cut straight across her laces while ignoring the tempting skirt below. Don't want to accidentally hook your talons into her shorts.

Snip 2 (Optional): Keep it nice and simple: Completely take out the top knot, making this impossible to retie this easily. Force her to step aside and find somewhere private to do damage control, which will make it easier for you to strike again. This may happen even with just the first snip though, so I vote against going for two.
No. 1039352 ID: 899c9f
File 165889471228.png - (357.68KB , 1194x1522 , snip 2.png )

Your first trophy: A snip of the skirt.
Your second strike: the laces, an easy target.
No. 1039354 ID: e51896

This minus the second snip.
No. 1039355 ID: 15c72a
File 165889678882.png - (350.63KB , 1194x1522 , Snip.png )

Hmm, what would we take as a trophy though? Can't get the shorts, so it'd have to be the laces, and maybe part of the skirt if we want to be obvious... but we shouldn't be.

Hmm, in this case, we also don't want to snip much of the laces, because the more cuts there are the more obvious it is that it's sabotage.

So this is my very subtle cut.
No. 1041971 ID: 8483cf
File 166162067906.png - (55.97KB , 1000x1000 , LF 6b-26.png )

I decide to keep things stealthy and time my swoops to just before and after the wing-kin adventurer touches the coins on the ground.

“I got ‘em,” Apricot says. “No worries, Autumn!”


I swoop in and snip her strings at the small of Apricot’s back and give them a good tug too. She senses something behind her, but that thought is zapped out of her by a charge from the coins.

“Ahh!” Apricot yelps, jolting back from the coin. I come in for my second swoop, and this time I give a subtle snip of the strings behind her neck: not enough to fully cut them, but just enough to appear that someone’s been picking at it with sharp bird claws… which is exactly what Apricot has been doing, and why they’re almost ready to give out already.

Apricot reflexively flaps her wings hard at the shock of the coins, trying to take flight, as if she’s being attacked. She gets herself under control fast, but not fast enough to stop an entire display of cabbages and delicate fruit from cascading down onto the cobblestones. If any fruits hit the ground, they’ll be bruised and worth a lot less.
No. 1041972 ID: 8483cf
File 166162072654.png - (105.62KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-27.png )

“My peaches!” the merchant gasps.

Autumn, not ready to pay for a bunch of damaged goods, starts vacuuming up the goods with her inventory magic. She gets the cabbages too, even though they won’t get damaged. Because apparently, merchants hate it when cabbages get hurt too.

“Thank you, I think,” says the merchant. “But… where did they all go? You’re going to pay for those, right?”

“Oh,” Autumn says. “Um. Hmm. This is awkward. Uh, can I give them back in a few hours?”

“Of course not,” says the merchant. “I’m not going to let you walk off with a bunch of fruits and veggies.”

“Yeah, but… I don’t have any mana potions,” Autumn says softly. “Look, can you just-“

“Don’t bully my friend!” Apricot says, stepping between the merchant and her fairy companion. “She just saved all your fruit. Can’t you just wait a bit?”

“If you don’t give those back, I’m calling the guards.”

Apricot’s neck strap is hanging on, just barely. The back is loose and about to give out, but no one notices.

Should I let the situation play out, or offer assistance to either Apricot or Autumn?
No. 1041974 ID: e51896

We want to damage clothes, not get them arrested. And I think Autumn COULD use her inventory magic to get it back, but it would probably use up all her fairy dust, and fairies don't like being seen without their dust. We should probably provide Autumn with some cover.

This food place is sure to have napkins somewhere. Grab one and drop it on Autumn. Should provide her with cover to use the rest of her fairy dust and not be seen.
No. 1041975 ID: 629f2e

Letting the situation play out isn't a great idea. We need Autumn to use up her magic, or else we won't really be able to target her at all, and if Apricot's top comes undone before that then they may end up leaving without returning the peaches at all. Not only would that be bad for our mission, it might get them in legal trouble, which is a dick move. We may not be the most moral birb, but we can at least strive to only be evil when it's entertaining.

That's a very nice idea. Give Autumn something small like a napkin to cover herself with. Even if she's fully-clothed under that dust, she could put it over her wings or face to obscure her identity if she just doesn't want to be recognized dustless by other fairies.
No. 1041983 ID: 894419

Time to play hero you racketeering bird! Go pinch the nearest bit of fabric and give it to the fairy as a gift!
No. 1041984 ID: 629f2e

TBC, since Donut asked, I'm in favor of staying stealthy while doing this. Have the napkin miraculously drop from the sky onto her. We have some wind magic, we should be able to manage a clean drop without the breeze carrying it away.
No. 1041988 ID: 899c9f

Let this play out, Autumn is holding out on the last of her mana since she's still got the glow. Once she gives them back... go for the fairy frock!
No. 1041991 ID: 15c72a

Offer assistance! You caused the problem, now it's time to play the hero and solve it.
No. 1041998 ID: 8483cf
File 166163545693.png - (85.69KB , 1600x1500 , LF 6b-28.png )

Letting the situation escalate would be bad. I don’t need guards involved! Better to have Autumn spot something to cover up with so she can use up all her dust and give back the fruits and veggies.

I spot a tiny napkin on a café table nearby and swipe it when no one is looking, then drop it just far enough away from Apricot and Autumn that I can use my wind magic to blow it into their path.

“I’ll come back later, I swear!” Autumn says. “I promise! Trust me, I’m a fairy!”

“I really don’t think so,” says the merchant. “Do I need to call the guards and tell them a fairy is refusing to pay for something she just absconded with?”

“Autumn, look!” Apricot says. “I’ll carry you home between my wings, and you can wear this too! It’s okay, no one will see you, and the guards don’t have to get involved.”

Autumn, flustered, doesn’t see a way out of things. She carefully opens back up her inventory and places all the delicate fruits back on the merchant’s cart, leaving her well and truly out of magic dust. Apricot blocks the angle from the street, but you’ve got a bird’s eye view.

Autumn is wearing a dress fashioned entirely of soft leaves, along with some tiny stockings and flats. Her dustless wings are very, very small now that her glow is gone, and with it the light-bending effects that (sometimes) make wings look bigger. Fairy proportions are weird.

Autumn hurriedly covers herself up with the napkin, and Apricot cradles Autumn delicately in her wings, keeping her sharp talons far from the tiny fairy.

Without her protective glow, Autumn’s outfit is very, very vulnerable to wind magic. I could easily blow her leaves away with a strong gust. At the same time, Apricot’s top is loosely flapping in the back, and her neck strap is only hanging on by the thinnest of threads.

“You’re welcome,” Apricot says. The merchant doesn’t listen; he’s checking the fruit for bruises. Apricot sighs and takes Autumn away. “Come on, I’ll take you back to the guild. We can get my strings tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” Autumn asks, her voice muffled.

“I’m fine,” Apricot says cheerily, oblivious to her top’s precarious situation.

I have tons of options for trophies now! This is my best chance to get trophies, so I should plan carefully!

I could stay stealthy and settle for some lesser trophies through cleverness. Or I could break cover in a burst of wind and snipping, and get absolutely everything I can!

Or I could play the hero and help the girls out. I wouldn’t get any underwear, obviously, but I might get something else nice. Maybe. I’d still get talent points, but not as many.
No. 1041999 ID: 899c9f

Use a burst of wind and focus on filching the fairy's fabrics.
No. 1042001 ID: e51896

Do not break cover with a burst of wind. either stay stealthy until they are somewhere less public than the market so they don't get arrested (don't want our cover blown too soon and make our missions harder later on, stay stealthy now for lesser trophies so we can get even more trophies down the line) or help them out. One of those two votes. Leaning towards stealthy and waiting until they are somewhere a little less public, (but still in a public area mind you).
No. 1042002 ID: 629f2e

Since Apricot's snip-proof shorts will limit how successful we can be, I'm in favor of stealth with an aim for two main trophies:

-Apricot's top (No further snips required hopefully, just need to keep her from knotting it back up and collect it when her guard is down).

-Autumn's... Is she even wearing underwear? If she is, then her panties. If not, then maybe just like her shoes or stockings. It'll be a tough ask while maintaining stealth either way, but I like to dream big.
No. 1042004 ID: e5709d

This is no time for trophies!
These are adventurers. You know, the kind of minions that will ensure Raelynn doesn't die by taking deathblows for her?
Steal their adventuring gear, hide it in a safe location, then 'accidentally' push Kensington to find the stash so she can return it and take their gratitude - and resumes.
No. 1042031 ID: 322af8

Time to show off your power. Break cover in a burst of wind and snipping and grab everything you can for sure!
No. 1042039 ID: d9ada6

Break cover and get as much as you can! Go big or go home!
No. 1042041 ID: 15c72a

Play hero. The better your reputation is, the better you can handle getting caught later.
No. 1042777 ID: 8483cf
File 166224118519.png - (59.74KB , 1200x700 , LF 6b-29.png )

Apricot and Autumn are in a marketplace, so now isn’t really the best time for me to swoop in and claim trophies. All I have to do is wait for the neck strap on Apricot’s top to fray just a hair further… and there it goes!

Apricot lets out a squawk as her top slips down, its strings completely undone. She quickly clutches it to her chest, making sure not to squeeze Autumn too tight as she does. Unfortunately for her, this means she’s got to be very careful with how tight she holds that top.

“What’s wrong?” Autumn asks, her voice muffled from the napkin and concealing feathers.

“My top!” Apricot whispers. “Autumn, help! You’ve gotta tie it back up!”

“I’m sorry, I… I can’t!” Autumn says. “Not here! I just can’t!”

Apricot’s wings are tense, and it looks like she wants to take flight insitinctively. She fights the urge and instead jogs into a secluded alleyway nearby. It’s dark and smelly, but the trash heaps can conceal her from the marketplace at both ends. There’s a slight wind blowing from one end to the other, so the stench isn’t too bad.

I flutter after them and watch as Autumn hops out of Apricot’s grasp, who lets her top fall atop a dirty wooden crate.

“You have to stop picking at your strings,” Autumn says, barely keeping the disappointment from her voice.

“I wasn’t! I swear!” Apricot says, her voice jumping a pitch higher.

“I’m not sure I can tie this back together very tight,” Autumn says. “I’m really sorry… I’m not used to working without my magic. I feel so… so heavy. Um… maybe if I use my belt to secure the frayed part of neck strap together a bit, right around the knot, it’ll hold for just a little longer.”

Autumn reaches for her belt and finds that the leaves and tight vine have dried up and crinkled into a weak, dry mess. “Oh, no,” she whispers, looking down at her crinkling leaf dress. “Apricot, we’ve got to hurry back to our room!”

“I’ll hurry once I have a top that works!” Apricot says. “Can’t you fly behind me and hold it up?”

“I could if I had plenty of magic, but no, not now,” Autumn says. “I’m sorry! I just can’t lift anything. I can barely even fly. The best I can do is… well, I could try using my stockings instead of my belt to tie your strap back together as tight as I can.”

“Do that!”

This is the best chance I have! I have two options:

1. Stay stealthy and get some trophies. I bet a really, really good gust of wind will send everything on Autumn’s wooden crate flying, and maybe even blow her dress into pieces. I’ll be able to grab Apricot’s top, and have to choose one selection from this list:
-Leaves from Autumn’s dress, and either a stocking or a shoe
-Both of Autumn’s stockings
-Both of Autumn’s shoes
-One stocking, one shoe

2. Swoop in and steal everything I can! Autumn and Apricot will get a good look at me, but I’ll get Apricot’s top, my choice of her legwear/shoes (but not all of it), and get a chance to pluck some underwear right off Autumn if she’s wearing anything under her dress, if I want to. It’s not stealthy at all, but it’s doable!

3. Or I could play the hero and help them out. I wonder what I’d get if I helped hold up Apricot’s top, or gave Autumn a mana potion I “borrowed”? This would let them both cover up, and they’d be very grateful.
No. 1042778 ID: 515982

1, go for variety of objects. Leaves from her dress and a stocking!
No. 1042781 ID: 894419

Real Hero hours, get those ladies to swoon for you!
No. 1042782 ID: dee951

3. That's *different* than what you've done before. See what happens when you are heroic and helpful! Heroes get rewarded, after all, it's tradition!
No. 1042783 ID: 15c72a

3. Find out what that cute bird looks like when she's smiling.
No. 1042784 ID: 629f2e

1 for sure! Grab one shoe and one stocking, both the same side for maximum lopsidednes, and Apricot's top.

Save the heroism for another day. Don't want to develop a habit of turning into a goodie two-shoes who can't commit to his schemes. Trophies and lewdness do not lie in that direction. It is the path of cowards who care about junk like emotional growth.

Thqt isn't you. You are a bird of desire and whims.
No. 1042786 ID: e5709d

3) You might accrue suspicion. But it's worth the risk; if you succeed, you'll have these two at your side every day for the rest of your life. Lure them to Lady Kensington's quarters, give them Landi's beer stash, and get Serah to write up an ironclad employee contract.
No. 1042789 ID: 322af8

2. Grab everything
No. 1042791 ID: 0ba556

1 this >>1042784
No. 1042813 ID: 5499f4

3 because cute bird and coming to the rescue means you look better to them! Maybe you can ask for clothing as payment ;)
No. 1042819 ID: 8483cf
File 166227185381.png - (17.06KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-30.png )

I’m so close to snagging some really rare fairy swag that took so much effort (and luck) to get. All I’ve got to do is flap my wings and blow those clothes away, and snag them at the other end of the alley. I’ll be home free! Apricot and Autumn are really stressed. There’s no way they’ll be able to get a good look at me if I do it fast- I might even be undetected.

True stealth! A thief in broad daylight! How cool is that? I’ll remember how awesome it was every time I look at the trophies I get. It’ll be like I was never here. The winged girls will be so confused where their clothes went. They would in awe of my total tactical genius, if only they knew. The other winged girls will be so impressed, especially the magpies.

Wait. Why am I adding extra steps? There are winged girls right here. What if I decide to impress them? They are pretty cute, and cute winged girls attract cute winged girls…

I gently swoop down and perch behind Autumn and Apricot and give a soft caw.

“What’s that?” Autumn asks.

“A crow?” Apricot asks. She reflexively covers her chest with a wing, but lowers it once she realizes how silly she’s being.

I spread my glorious wings and give a bow.

“Is he looking for a ranger companion? Oh! Pick me!”

“Not right now, Apricot…”

Ha! Too bad for her, I’m already taken. I shake my head.

“He’s a smart crow,” Autumn says. “So you understand what we’re saying, right?”

I bob my head.

“Oh! This is great!” Apricot says. “Hey, can you help us out, pretty please?”

I give another bob of my head.

Apricot and Autumn eagerly accept the offer. Autumn can’t reach her inventory magic, so she can’t pay for any mana potions at the moment. I can’t help much with that. But I can hold Apricot’s top tight, so she can carry Autumn without it falling off. It’s a good enough system to make it to the nearest place that sells laces (a cobbler). I’m familiar enough with the market, having spent enough time looking for Rae around here. I guide them to it by pointing my wings in the right direction.

The cobbler agrees to loan the girls the laces until they can pay him back. Autumn is comfortable hiding behind my outstretched wings like big black curtains while she helps redo Apricot’s lacing. She’s nervous about the state her dress is in, but miraculously, it holds together, despite crinkling and crunching loudly.

Once she’s done, the broken laces are about to be thrown in the trash, but Apricot spies my beady gaze.

“Do you want those laces for a nest?” she asks. “I’m just going to throw them away.”

Of course I do!

-Apricot’s Broken Halter Top Laces!
It's worth Three Talent Points, more than it would have been worth otherwise since it was gifted freely and has a good story to go with it.

Apricot invites me aboard her shoulder, and we have a pleasant conversation while Autumn does her best to be invisible.

I like these two. I don’t respect them, but I like them.

Maybe it’s time for a murder.

Apricot and Autumn are now part of Taranis’s Murder!

-Taranis is now welcome to hang out with Autimn and Apricot whenever and wherever they run into each other, even in the baths.
- If Taranis is being pursued, he can land on Apricot’s shoulder, hide under her wings, or sneak under her tailfeathers and achieve near-perfect stealth, even in a crowd. She won’t mind.
- Taranis can now pester Raelynn to invite Apricot and Autumn on adventures.
- Taranis can now ask favors of Autumn and Apricot.
- If Taranis gets permission from Odin to use the Tweet spell with mortals, he can communicate with them over moderate distances.

We arrive back at the guild. While I drop my new trophy off at my stash, Autumn quickly downs a mana potion and feels right as rain. Landi, Dotti and Kayk are out at a bar for ladies’ night, but Serah is here. Rae is doing Rae things somewhere else. I'm kind of tired. It's been a big day!

Do I want to hang out with Autumn and Apricot at the adventurers’ guild, take a well-earned rest and end the day, or do something else?
No. 1042820 ID: 629f2e

Alright, I'm won over, this was actually a great choice.

Let's hang out with our new birb friend. Maybe wave Serah or Rae over to join in the fun.
No. 1042854 ID: 8483cf
File 166231854618.png - (47.08KB , 1000x1300 , LF 6b-31.png )

Serah is double-checking her seals and addresses envelopes of a pile of letters. She stretches her arms and stands up, raising an eyebrow at me and my murder.

“Oooh, tall lady,” Apricot says.

“Tall Lady, Autumn adds. “This is Lady Kensington. And, uh, she’s Apricot and I’m Autumn.” She flits out from behind Apricot’s shoulder and gives a kind of midair curtsy with her wings. It’s kind of hard to notice for people who aren’t used to starting at small glowing orbs.

“It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Serah says, returning the curtsy. “I’ve seen you two around the guild. Are you new adventurers?”

“Yeah!” Apricot says. “Hey, what’s it like being big and strong? I bet you get asked to help people move their stuff a lot.”

“It’s true,” Serah says. “I’m helping a friend of a friend move house tomorrow.”

Autumn gasps. “What kind of friend of a friend can ask a Lady to do manual labor? What if someone sees you?”

“House Kensington is noblesse d'épée. It’s hardly a scandal for me to go out and fight, or lift heavy boxes. It’s kind of expected, at least for a period of time,” Serah says. “Besides, it’s not as if I’ll be dressed in a ball gown.”

“She’s an adventurer, and an adventurer helps people!” Apricot says. “For the right price, of course. It must be nice not having to worry about money, too.”

“It is a luxury to focus on… other matters, yes,” Serah says. “Would you like to join me for a light dinner?”

“Would we!” Apricot says.

I bob my head in agreement.

We spend the rest of the evening chatting. I head to bed, tired and full.
No. 1042855 ID: 8483cf
File 166231856045.png - (36.08KB , 1000x658 , LF 6b-32.png )

Choose how to spend your three talent points.

As a reminder, upgrading Keen Sight will allow Taranis to pick out hidden vulnerable points in armor and clothing, and enable precision strikes that would not have been spotted before.

If Taranis upgrades Keen Sight to level 4, he gains a sense of where specific people can see, and where they cannot. Level 2 of Keen Senses gives alert levels of guards and a much better idea of who may or may not have seen Taranis.
No. 1042856 ID: 629f2e

Let's bump Keen Sight and Sharp Talons up to 4 each!
No. 1042857 ID: e51896

2 for keen sight, 1 for lockpicking or camouflage.
No. 1042864 ID: 515982

Sharpen talons, improve lockpicking, and learn magnetism.
No. 1042870 ID: 15c72a

Keen Sight to 4, grab that special sense with the last point.
No. 1042871 ID: e5709d

Sharp Talons 5, then get whatever's required for the talon lock.
No. 1042878 ID: 8483cf
File 166233355393.png - (39.57KB , 1050x658 , LF 6b-33.png )

- Taranis has upgraded his Keen Sight to level 4! He can now spot most (but not all) weak points in clothes and armor. Level 5 will reveal every weakness, should you choose to specialize in the precision strike.
Taranis now has a vague sense of where people are looking and if they’re paying attention to him. He can now put points in Keen Senses to refine this sense.

Taranis has upgraded his Sharp Talons to level 4!
New Talent Option Available: [/b]Pinpoint Pickpocket Precision![/b] Taranis can train his ability to stealthily SNIP, TUG or SNATCH clothing and trinkets such as buttons, knots, small buckles and coinpurses. Additionally, this improves his ability to draw lines that touch RED clothing without getting snagged.
No. 1042881 ID: 8483cf
File 166233382201.png - (245.52KB , 1016x767 , LF 6b-34.png )

Rae and I wake up the next morning and go through our usual exercise routine. She notices I’ve gotten more agile, and gives me a nod of appreciation. I give her a nod of appreciation of her newly dyed magenta tie-dye hair. Her hair says she’s feeling great, no matter what her face says.

Over breakfast, Serah mentions that she ran into Priscilla, Priestess of Peace yesterday. The Priestess was in a bad mood and wouldn’t say why. The Church of Eirene isn’t very well-attended these days. Perhaps she’s lonely, or donation money is running out. It’s a shame, since the smaller gods and goddesses can’t afford to expand and get as many worshippers as the big churches, like the Church of Censorship. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

My poker face is ten out of ten.

Dotti heads off to work for Kayk, Landi portals Serah out to help Rocio move, and Landi herself leaves to help get Vivi to her fencing match. Rae says she’s going to go build some traps that won’t put her eye out, which is as close as she gets to making a joke. There’s nothing I can do to help her other than look cute.

The day is all mine!

Choose your mission!
Ranked in ascending order of difficulty.

1. LOOK CUTE FOR RAELYNN – Be a cheerleader for Raelynn as she makes traps that don’t put her eye out.

2. FISHING FOR SKINNY DIPPERS – Right what it says on the box. Odds are, someone will be watching over the skinny dippers, either to protect them from peeping toms and ambushers, or to be the ambusher themselves (bandits, oh no!) Combat guaranteed.

3. SERAH AND DOTTI AND LANDI’S ROOM – I’ve learned to pick basic locks, so I can get in. Dotti’s clothes are right inside, but Serah’s wardrobe is probably locked even tighter. I’ll need special skill or clever thinking to get into Serah’s drawers, but they’ll be the fanciest adventuring undies in the guild. Maybe she has some even fancier ones for parties? Speaking of parties, Landi’s underwear could be fun, but I’d need to find it. I’ll need to use my keen eye to hunt for it in her tiny mess of an alclove.

4. WITCHES’ BREW – There are some magic-using ladies in the guild wearing very shiny gemstones they use to focus their magic. I don’t know much about them other than that they carry lots of potions and know how to blast stuff with sparkly missiles. Maybe I could wait for them to take a shower and sneak it from their laundry, or try a direct approach and trust my ability to dodge… or try something else.

5. FRUMPY MARQUESS MALLORY – A local noble Serah doesn’t like very much, she’s guaranteed to call her guards on me if I try anything forward, and her residence is well-secured. I’m slightly closer to being ready to take her on, but I feel like there are a few senses or abilities that might really make this easier to do without raising a riot.
No. 1042882 ID: e51896

3 or 4.

3 is middle difficulty for more points

and 4 gives us magical panties, I mean gemstones to help the adventuring party, and turn this thread into The Witch Who Lost Her Panties thread 3... or is it 4?
No. 1042885 ID: 515982

After those witches!
No. 1042887 ID: 894419

4 Sparkly Shit is worth any risk!
No. 1042888 ID: 629f2e

4! Save 3 for when you put more points into lockpicking, as that'll really simplify it.
No. 1042891 ID: e5709d

Course set, 4
No. 1042898 ID: 15c72a

3. Sounds challenging enough.
No. 1042901 ID: 8483cf
File 166234417609.png - (13.79KB , 300x600 , LF 6b-35.png )

I hear a voice calling out from the alchemist’s lab downstairs, and my decision is made for me.

“Gloria, could you please grab some shedded snake skins while you’re out in the storage shed? We’re almost ready to start the cauldron. Thank you!”

Shiny gems? Shiny gems that focus magic? Shiny gems that focus magic sewn into clothing? In my adventurer’s guild?

It’s more likely than you think.

The alchemist’s lab has only one entrance, and it’s usually closed for safety reasons. It’s a big room with high ceilings and poor lighting, especially when being used for a witches’ brew. Once I’m in, I can camouflage, but I’ll need to sneak in with a better method than “fly in while the door is open.”

Should I:

1. Stake out the door and wait for it to stay propped open long enough to sneak in unnoticed
2. Follow Gloria, the Water Witch, to the storage shed
3. Other
No. 1042902 ID: 15c72a

2. Procure equipment on site.
No. 1042916 ID: 515982

Follow Gloria. They'll never suspect one of their own.
No. 1042918 ID: 629f2e

2, follow.
No. 1042921 ID: e51896

2. because the door will most likely close on us after we enter with Anita and we'll have a bit of trouble escaping... plus I have a feeling Anita has a ghost friend nearby keeping watch.
No. 1043117 ID: 8483cf
File 166252661515.png - (56.26KB , 700x1300 , LF 6b-36.png )

I get the oddest sense that there’s something unearthly watching the entryway to the Alchemist’s Lab. Good thing I decided to train my senses!

Instead of blowing my cover, I go out to the dim storage shed, where Gloria, the Water Witch, is carefully stacking potion ingredients into a box. She’s still looking for shedded snake skins, and she’s having to root through piles of random junk even adventurers don’t want, plus clean-up materials like mops, brooms and rags.

“This place is so gross,” she gags. “I don’t want to know what those red plastic cups have held. Ew, ew, ew.”

Gloria’s ingredient list includes:

-Shedded Snake Skins
-Tuft of sheep’s wool
- Something Old
- Something New
- Something Borrowed
- Cordon Bleu
-Bird Feathers

“Rebecca’s going to get lunch, so there’s the breaded veal,” Gloria says to herself. “I should be able to find the rest in here…”

Maybe I can pass myself off as a taxidermy bird and get thrown in the box. Seems risky, but maybe there’s another way to hitch a ride inside.

In the meantime, perhaps I should get a jump on scouting for trophies? Perhaps I could pluck a few of my feathers to bait her further into the piles of junk, forcing her to crawl through the rags, mops and precipitously balanced piles of junk.

I see a nice jewel necklace that she probably uses to focus some spells, but I have a feeling Gloria has even more secret enchantments hidden under that dress! A quick examination of her clothes shows me I can easily snip anything she’s wearing.
No. 1043118 ID: 8483cf
File 166252663664.png - (57.23KB , 700x1300 , LF 6b-37.png )

Taranis is now in freebird mode! He can SNIP any of her clothing, TUG on bright green clothing while maintaining stealth, or try to guide Gloria to traps to SNARE her clothing. Light and Dark Green areas are the easiest targets for tugs and snares.

Freebird mode grants the most freedom, but choose wisely! Your actions will affect how alert Gloria is for the rest of the mission. A majority vote guarantees Taranis will act on a SNIP, TUG or SNARE, and anything less than this is up to the bird to act on.

SNIPS do not require any lines to be drawn in FREEBIRD MODE. You can describe them and it’ll work just as well.

No. 1043119 ID: 515982

Knock her hat over with a gust and drop some feathers in crawlspaces. You need a non-destructive means of scouting out what's under there. Snaring the hem works too.
No. 1043120 ID: e5709d

Snip the top of her hat, then tug it. She'll re-adjust it and spend the rest of the day wondering why it feels wrong.

Lure her to the pail and then gust the stack of red soda cups so she panicks and trips.
No. 1043121 ID: 629f2e


I actually really like the idea of setting her up to fall, so that we can better strike during her period of distraction. I think the quickest way to get her near the pail will be to take the suggestion of >>1043119 and knock the hat over close to it. Make her walk towards the pail to retrieve it, and then spook her so that she trips over it.
No. 1043151 ID: a7fae0

This, but before we do all that, drop some feathers in some crawlspaces so that after she trips, she'll notice the feathers, and she can stay down longer picking them up. Put some under the table, some in the pail...
Careful tho, I dont know how painful plucking feathers are, if they're painful at all.
No. 1043275 ID: 8483cf
File 166269781657.png - (46.27KB , 1000x1000 , LF 6b-38.png )

I know just what to do. First I lay a little groundwork and preen a few itchy, loose feathers and drop them near a crawlspace. It’s no big loss. Then I rev up a small gust of wind, aimed at the cups and pail.

The cups fall over, scattering across the floor.

“Ahh!” Gloria shrieks, jumping back and tripping over a pail. She grasps for something to break her fall, but fails and lands on all fours, her skirt riding up high and her hat flying off.

Never send a clean freak to do dirty work!

Unfortunately for my scouting mission, Gloria quickly grips the hem of her skirt and pulls it down before I get a good look at what’s underneath. However, she’s spotted the bird feathers I’ve laid out going toward the crawl space.

I’m in the rafters right now. I can hop down to the floor and get a better angle, but run the risk of being spotted if she looks backward at the wrong time.

No. 1043278 ID: 629f2e

I spy a bit of green at her bra strap.

I say you TUG and unbuckle her, furthering her distractions.
No. 1043279 ID: 515982

No. 1043292 ID: 44eb9c

Man, I don't know if going after the panties is the right call on this one. Ive seen what these witches will go through to get their underwear back. You don't need that kind of heat.
No. 1043293 ID: e5709d

Find some way to snare those straps over one of the drawer handles. That usually snaps.
No. 1043328 ID: 629f2e


Those aren't drawers, they're shelves.
No. 1043343 ID: 515982

Weaken her outfit before getting into the box. Snare her skirt on a loose nail to make it ride up.
No. 1043344 ID: 8483cf
File 166277277709.png - (17.16KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-39.png )

I hop down to the floor and activate my camouflage spell, blending in with the surroundings almost perfectly as long as I don’t move, and no one who knows what they’re doing is looking for me.

The witch glances over her shoulder to look for something, but she doesn’t spot me. I’m so stealthy!

Gloria’s wearing a skimpy white thong. I can’t make out what kind of enchantments are on it, but I don’t see any gems from this angle. From what I understand, witch panties don’t strictly have to have gems sewn into them to be magical. Some witches write runes or other powerful symbols to channel the spell, others use gems, and some stealthy witches use the lace itself as the anchor. Sometimes the threads in the stitching itself can be enchanted, if the threads are made of the right material.

Come to think of it, why would they stop at panties? Maybe their bras are enchanted too.

It seems silly to spend so much time and effort to enchant underwear, but I guess it makes sense if witches want to keep their buffs secret and safe.

Gloria is spending more time on her hands and knees picking up more feathers and rooting around in the shelves of junk for items on her list. Her box is about halfway full, so maybe she’s hallway done.

Should I:

1. Try and take a trophy now by SNIPPING, TUGGING, or SNARING and come back for it later (Stealthiness is in ascending order;)
2. Strategically and stealthily weaken Gloria’s outfit (describe how); or
3. Focus solely on stowing myself away into Gloria’s supply box, and therefore sneaking into the Alchemist’s Lab, or
4. Other
No. 1043346 ID: e5709d

Tip something heavy over her.
No. 1043347 ID: 15c72a

No. 1043365 ID: 629f2e

2, take this slow and steady. Snag her bra strap.
No. 1043378 ID: 58dd24

3, there will be more witches in the secure room, priority is securing entry
No. 1043570 ID: d9ada6

seconding this
No. 1043855 ID: 8483cf
File 166322134595.png - (35.77KB , 700x500 , LF 6b-40.png )

For now, slow and steady wins the race. No need to rush anything when I’m perfectly stealthy. I carefully align a hanging hanger to SNARE the water witch’s bra strap. Lucky me, she moves right into it and the strap quickly comes undone.

“This place is a death trap,” Glora grumbles. She tugs on her undone strap and finds that it won’t be fixed unless she gets help or takes the entire thing off. With a sigh, she tucks the strap inside her bra to fix later.

As she does so, I catch a glimpse of a well-polished gem between her lacy cups. Aha! These witches do have magic underwear! Now I’m determined to see this through, and quickly stow away inside her potion ingredient box, hiding under my own collected feathers for good measure.

Gloria finishes her errands, scoops everything inside the box and closes the lid without looking too hard. It’s cramped in here, but I’ve got a free ride inside the lab.


Through the box, I hear excited voices, busy with their potion-making. I can still feel some kind of weird, otherworldly presence close by.

Sooner or later, I’m going to have to come out of the box. Probably better to do it soon. I lift a corner of the cardboard box and peek out carefully.

There are four witches total: a wind witch, a fire witch, a water witch, and an earth witch. I see a hazy apparition floating around the cauldron lazily- it’s a ghost. The earth witch turns to the ghost for a moment.

“Abigail, could you shroud me in your coolness for a moment so I can move the cauldron a tad? Thank you!”

With everyone focused on fixing the cauldron’s positioning, I sneak out of the box and flutter up to the rafters, none the wiser.

Anita the wind witch is grinding fine powders together with a mortar and pestle.
Rebecca the fire witch is managing the cauldron’s fire so it doesn’t burn out of control while Lily adjusts the cauldron.
Gloria the water witch is collecting measuring beakers and flasks from the shelves. She hasn’t asked for help fixing her bra strap and it doesn’t seem to concern her that much.
Lily the earth witch is repositioning the cauldron a bit, with the help of Abigail the ghost to keep her cool.

Should I:
A: Scout the witches out from above and/or below? Which witches?
B: Use my magic or tricksiness to mess with a witch or two?

No. 1043856 ID: 515982

Scout Anita and Gloria since they're away from the cauldron.
No. 1043884 ID: e51896

yeah this

and we can probably add in stuff in Anita's powders when she isn't looking to sabotage whatever they are making... maybe
No. 1044242 ID: 8483cf
File 166364009911.png - (24.04KB , 500x700 , LF 6b-41.png )

Anita and Gloria are mixing the ingredients carefully for their brew.

“Careful with those,” Anita says. “Alone, they’re just a bunch of rhyming doodads, but mixed together, they’re explosive.”

“Explosive?!” Gloria flinches.

“Only mildly,” Anita says. “Just enough to flare up and singe whoever’s closest, maybe burn your hat a bit. Since we four are the ones who prepared the potion ingredients, the fire won’t harm us… buuuuuut that means that I’ll have to measure everything out again.”

Aha! If I’m sneaky, I can use Lightning Magic to cause tiny, fiery explosions! It sounds like the witches won’t be hurt.

Meanwhile, Lily finishes repositioning the cauldron over the fire.

“Goodness,” Lily says. “Even with Abigail’s help, the heat is quite intense.”

“Ah, a little cauldron sauna’s good for your health!” Rebecca, the fire witch, adds.

“Easy for you to say,” Lily replies. “Not all of us are used to such hot temperatures.”

“Well, you’d better get used to it fast,” Rebecca warns. “It’s about to get real hot in here.”

“Ew,” Gloria says. “I say we use a cooling spell, or have Abigail cool all of us.”

“We can’t break concentration,” Anita says. “That, and I don’t want any of us casting spells that might cool down the cauldron. We’ve got to keep the heat up. Abigail can only cool one of us at a time, and she’s not strong enough to keep it up for long.”

“Can’t we just keep the door open? For a draft?”

“Have you seen the types of characters running around in this guild?” Lily bites her lip. “I heard an alchemist left the door open when she was preparing a mutagen, and it went horribly wrong when a fairy blundered in without warning.”

“Just say no to random encounters,” Rebecca says. “Keep that lab door closed and locked.”

“So we’ll just have to live with this unbearable heat and fan ourselves uselessly?” Gloria sighs. “This is why normal witches have familiars.”

Aha! I could fly down and offer to help fan my wings for them!

Well, that or I could use a tiny bit of wind magic to make sure one witch in particular gets the hottest air in the room. Heh.

Should I:
1. Stay hidden, and mess with one witch by heating her up
2. Break stealth and be the most helpful bird ever by cooling the witches down
No. 1044243 ID: 322af8

1. All the way.
No. 1044244 ID: c84ebf

1. Lets mess with these dorky witches
No. 1044245 ID: 629f2e

1, and I'm gonna specifically say we keep targeting Gloria.
No. 1044248 ID: 515982

1, Lily.
No. 1044249 ID: e51896

Heat up Gloria. She has water magic, so we might be able to manipulate her into using some of her water magic to cool off.

Also, water conducts electricity, so it'll be useful and easier to cause explosions with our electricity once we get some moisture in here

also, See if you can sneakfully position yourself somewhere where it looks like Anita and/or Rebecca is using their wind/heat magic so the blame can be put on them for heating Gloria up if they get suspicious from heated wind.
No. 1044669 ID: 8483cf
File 166407233861.png - (34.45KB , 850x750 , LF 6b-42.png )

I could be helpful, but where’s the fun in that?

Time to mess with the fussiest witch: Gloria. She’s already sweating, even though she’s the lightest-dressed of the group. All it takes is a minute of making sure she gets a few wafts of extra-hot air to get her to shuck her gloves and start fanning herself with her hat as hard as she can. Another minute after that and she’s surreptitiously glancing at the other witches, looking for a chance to sneak a spell to cool herself down.

Meanwhile, Abigail the ghost, is assisting Lily by cooling her down so she can work close to the cauldron. At the same time, she’s being extra helpful by fluttering Lily’s skirt and helping loosening her black bow to cool her down. Anita is getting distracted by all of this, though she’s trying to be subtle about her staring. Abigail is clearly enjoying all of this, and only when Lily gives a loud eep! does Abigail float away and give Rebecca a turn to cool down.
No. 1044670 ID: 8483cf
File 166407236010.png - (35.32KB , 1080x333 , LF 6b-43.png )

Seeing her chance to cast a spell unnoticed, Gloria summons a small cloud of ice-cold mist and lets it wash over her. Unfortunately, the mist doesn’t stay put. It wafts along the floor and reaches the extra-hot cauldron flames, and with a horrid squelching noise, it douses the all-important fire keeping the potion at the right temperature.

Everyone disliked that.

“Really?!” Rebecca fumes. “You couldn’t hold out for ten more minutes?”

“Now we have to start over,” Lily says solemnly.

“Start over?” Gloria’s mouth drops open. “But the room is going to be be even hotter with all the steam!”

“Says the girl who made it! Just deal with it,” Rebecca glowers. “And don’t even think of bailing on us. This is a team effort.”

“Calm down, everyone,” Anita says. “Gloria’s just not used to the heat. Um… if it’s really that hot, Gloria… you can, um, lighten up if you really need to. The door’s locked.”

“Are you serious?” Gloria flushes. “Are you all really suggesting that?”

“I don’t mind,” Lily says.

“If it’ll stop you from ruining the fire again, be my guest,” Rebecca says.
No. 1044671 ID: 8483cf
File 166407240742.png - (183.44KB , 1000x1400 , LF 6b-44.png )

Gloria pauses, considering for a moment. She looks around the lab, fans herself with her hat, then grits her teeth and slips her dress down to her waist, somewhat more comfortable.

The ghostly apparition coalesces in front of Gloria and gives her the thumbs-up.

“Shove it, Abigail,” Gloria says.

The witches resume work on their potion, and the room is even hotter than before. I have tons of options, especially now that Abigail, is fully visible. I can heat one witch up just like before, and she’ll probably join Gloria in lightening up. Abigail might even help another witch cool down. Finally, I can set off some potion ingredients in a small explosion.

This next move will determine what trophies I might be able to snag.

1. Which witch should I heat up?
A. None
B. Anita
C. Rebecca
D. Gloria
E. Lily

2. Which witch does Abigail “help” cool down by tugging on her outfit?
A. None
B. Anita
C. Rebecca
D. Gloria
E. Lily

3. Which witch should I cause a small amount of potion ingredients to explode in front of?
A. None
B. Anita
C. Rebecca
D. Gloria
E. Lily

4. Should I focus on making sure I have the chance to snag a specific trophy? If so, which one?
-Suggest a specific trophy.
No. 1044675 ID: a7a180

Lily, Anita, Rebecca to distract her.
If you can grab Anita's bra, then congrats you've secured a powerful wind artifact, but it's not really about their powers for you is it? Keep your eyes on the lacy prize and make sure Gloria leaves this lab topless.
No. 1044703 ID: 629f2e

Anita, Gloria, Anita

Gloria is hot enough, and her outfit is in a precarious enough state that a bit of tugging by Abigail might be enough to expose more. If her panties are made visible, then we might be able to go for a clean snip on both them and the bra, acquiring two magical undergarments.

As they point out, Anita is a wind witch, so her undergarments might be of special interest to you. Focus your energy on getting at least her bra or panties exposed (preferably the latter given the name of the quest she originates)

As for focus, I say that we should ensure that we can snip at Gloria's underwear. Getting a matching set of bra and panties would be ideal, as they make for more impressive trophies when you have them together. Getting something from Anita is a side objective, because even if it might be something you could use, you're already awesome and don't need magical panties to be great.

Although! If getting Anita's panties would immediately open up opportunities to do more here, then shift priorities towards them. This would be a mission worth breaking stealth for: Steal the panties and buffet them with wind magic while stealing more trophies!
No. 1044722 ID: e51896

Anita is already getting distracted by the lewd stuff going on, even if she is trying not to let it be known

Heat up lily
Abigail works on Gloria
explode Rebecca

Should be able to distract everyone this way
No. 1044740 ID: 8483cf
File 166415423854.png - (26.15KB , 600x500 , LF 6b-45.png )

I decide to heat Anita up this time around; it’s worth finding out if her underwear is as well- enchanted as Gloria’s. Wind magic is my thing, after all, and I could probably figure out how to use any enchantments she’s put into them. It would be silly for me to wear panties, but maybe I could get someone to re-set the magical focus (the gem, embroidery, etc.).

Anita soon heats up and has to take a breather. She removes her hat and gloves, and loosens the ties on her top.

“I’m turning up the heat on the cauldron again,” Lily says.

“Good.” Rebecca glares at Gloria. “Abigail, can you help Gloria and make sure things go smoothly?”

“I’m fine!” Gloria insists, but she’s still fanning herself a suspicious amount. “There’s no need to- ah!”

Abigail swoops in and makes sure Gloria’s appropriately cool. She’s very thorough.
No. 1044741 ID: 8483cf
File 166415425491.png - (16.67KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-46.png )

Gloria’s panties aren’t as enchanted as her bra’s gem, but they still have a good amount of magic.

Thanks to Abigail, Gloria’s dress is askew. I can swoop in and snip both her bra and panties off, and even get out undetected if there’s enough chaos in the lab.

And speaking of chaos, I send a tiny spark of lightning magic into Anita’s potion ingredients.
No. 1044743 ID: 8483cf
File 166415437111.png - (47.26KB , 550x600 , LF 6b-47.png )

There’s a larger explosion than I expected. The shockwave blows Anita’s loosened top open, exposing a plain polka-dotted strapless bra. It’s only moderately magical. Her panties, however…

I’ve got to have them. The wind magic is so strong, if I got ahold of what’s powering those panties, I’d be unstoppable! Raelynn would be in awe of what I could do in a fight!

I have an ominous feeling about what might happen if I decide to go for Anita’s panties, but who cares? They’re magpie-themed!

Should I:
1. Stay stealthy and get Gloria’s bra and panties, and a minor trophy from Anita (hat, gloves)
2. Try to stay stealthy and steal Anita’s panties too
3. Break stealth and go straight for Anita’s panties, and use their awesome power to cause chaos and take as many trophies as possible
No. 1044748 ID: e51896


but I'll go 1. Gloria's Bra and panties, and Anita's hat, and gloves is already a lot of trophies. No need to fly close to the sun.
No. 1044749 ID: a7a180

1. stealthy stealthy!
No. 1044757 ID: 629f2e

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

There's just too much potential here, we gotta do it. If this is gonna be our last mission of the thread, then let's go out with a bang!

If we can pull this off and have escape, the most likely outcome of this will be Anita trying to get her undergarments back. And if you keep them in your room, then that means she's gonna have to deal with Rae. That is hilarious, and is so worth the risk.

If there was ever a time to go wild, this would be it.
No. 1044767 ID: 58dd24

>I have an ominous feeling about what might happen
She will never stop hunting you.
No. 1044824 ID: dee951

That ominous feeling? It's called 'survival instinct' or possibly 'intuition' or even 'smelling a trap'.

No. 1044833 ID: 0838d6

3 because consequences are fun.
No. 1044849 ID: 322af8

3 damn you.
No. 1044851 ID: d9ada6

Do 3! Where's the fun without a few risks
No. 1044852 ID: de253f

3. I know, painful agonizing failure, but also, the underwear of every witch in the room. Eh?
No. 1045816 ID: 8483cf
File 166521612293.png - (71.39KB , 1000x1000 , LF 6b-48.png )

I know I should play it safe, but I just can’t resist. Those panties are powerful. They’re pretty. They’re pretty powerful. But most importantly, they have little birds on them.

It’s stupid to risk the wrath of not one, but four witches. It’s so, so stupid. But… If I can snag those ultra-special panties and keep ahold of them, no one will ever doubt my sneaky, stealy prowess, and I’ll be able to use their wind magic all for myself. Maybe. I’ll work out the details later. For now, I take a moment to plan my attack.

The witches are distracted, my prizes are picked. If there’s a time to go wild, this is it!

I unleash a great gust of wind and fan the flames of the fire way, way higher than they’re meant to be. Rebecca lets out a shout of confusion and tries to manage the cauldron heat. Anita, meanwhile, is adjusting her top, leaving her skirt flapping and the strings of her panties unguarded.

I strike!

“Aaah!” Anita shrieks, clamping her hands down to her skirt. “Not again!”

“What’s wrong?” Lily asks. She looks up does a double-take as I soar up to the rafters with Anita’s panties. “Oh, no! A bird! Shoo it out!”

“No, don’t let it out! It’s got my panties!”

“Maybe we can coax it down?” Lily says. “Here, birdie, birdie! Please don’t poop in our potion…”

“That’s not just a bird,” Anita says. “It’s a crow, and it’s a thief! I won’t let it get away! Abigail, grab my underwear! Aah! No, not my bra! Grab my panties!”
No. 1045817 ID: 8483cf
File 166521618508.png - (87.99KB , 800x1000 , LF 6b-49.png )

A ghostly presence descends on me. Now or never! I tap into the wind magic of the magpie panties and unleash a typhoon of pure chaos.

“What’s happening?” Gloria shouts. “Anita, are you doing that? Is this your Wrath of Aeolus spell?”

“No way!” Anita shouts, barely audible over the din. “Where is it?! I can’t believe this! Abigail!”

The ghostly presence descends again, and I launch myself off the rafters to avoid it: right toward the blessedly bountiful earth witch. I dive low and snag the ribbon tied around Lily’s neck. It comes undone easily- and as it does, the ghostly hands try to grasp me, but I slip away, and Abigail only seizes the back of Lily’s shirt. Two buttons pop right off as the blouse goes tight, and Lily throws her hands over her cavernous cleavage with a yelp. Even in the howling wind, she focuses entirely on covering up the gap in her blouse instead of keeping her skirt down, giving everyone a clear view of her white silk french-cut panties and the garters beneath them.

“Stop the wind, or else this cauldron is gonna overheat!” Rebecca calls out. “I’ve got my hands full here making sure it doesn’t blow.”

“This is no time for puns,” Anita says. “Come on, girls! Gloria, Lily, Abigail, let’s stop the madness!”

Abigail descends on me again, and I get ready to dive once more.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Gloria says, trying to pull her dress up. “I’m not ready ye-“

No. 1045830 ID: 8483cf
File 166521797337.png - (23.82KB , 400x760 , LF 6b-50v4.png )

I direct all the wind straight at Anita and Lily, and they stumble back into Gloria. Anita’s flailing grip catches on Gloria’s thong and whips it down her legs, eliciting a high-pitched shriek from the water witch. She bends over to fix them, but as she does, I swoop down and dive-bomb right over her bra clasp. Abigail once again grabs not me, but the witch below me, and Gloria’s bra comes undone. She whipsaws back up and stumbles around, flustered and flush-cheeked.

I quickly snatch her panties off the floor and pull off a truly incredible feat of agility to snag the remaining bra strap right off Gloria’s arm. I’ve got all I can carry- now to make good my escape!

I end the wind spell and send a big jolt of lightning magic into Anita’s cauldron ingredients, blowing up and filling the room with acrid smoke.

The witches are coughing and wheezing. Lily, eyes watering, fumbles for a vent of some kind- and just as I expected, she grabs the door handle. The lab door flies open.

Anita conjures a gust of wind to clear the air, but it’s too late to clear the air before Lily’s mistake can be corrected.

“No!” Anita says. “Don’t let it-“

I’m free! I rocket out the door, my prizes tight in my claws. The last thing I see is Gloria standing in the lab, quietly asking the other three witches to close the door, please, before someone sees in, thank you.

Lily lets out an eep and slams the lab door shut to give Gloria some decency.
No. 1045831 ID: 8483cf
File 166521799511.png - (78.99KB , 1000x1000 , Taranis TC.png )

Mission Success!

- Panties of Anita, Wind Witch
Direct Steal! 4 talent points
- Panties of Gloria, Water Witch
Direct Steal! 4 talent points
- Bra of Gloria, Water Witch
Direct Steal! 3 talent points
- Ribbon of Lily, Earth Witch
Direct Steal! 2 talent points

I’m riding high with 13 Talent Points’ worth of smugness! I’ll spend them later.

I’d better lay low for a while, though. That wind witch looks like she means business. I’d better find a good hiding spot for these magical trophies...


The next thread will take begin with no time skip at all! LAZY FAIRY THREAD 6(c): FULL CIRCLE will jump to Raelynn Uí Liatháin’s POV right now.

Does Anita recognize Taranis as Raelynn’s animal companion?
1. Yes, and she is PISSED and coming for him right now.
2. Yes, but she takes time to collect herself before coming after him.
3. No, Anita only knows that friggin crow can somehow can use wind magic and likes to steal panties
No. 1045833 ID: f71d93

3. Will Raelynn betray her familiar to the heathen coven? Find out next time!
No. 1045837 ID: d98cb8

Let's go with 2. Revenge served cold.
No. 1045842 ID: 322af8

3. Totally 3.
No. 1045843 ID: f4e84a

No. 1045864 ID: 9b127b

No. 1045865 ID: 629f2e

2. If Anita goes in flustered, she's just going to get stonewalled by Rae and ultimately achieve nothing. Give the witch a fighting chance to get her garment back.

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