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File 165741265353.png - (78.99KB , 1000x1000 , Taranis TC.png )
1037510 No. 1037510 ID: 8483cf

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Takes Place Roughly the Same Time As POV 6: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1035326.html#1035326

Tactical Stealth Collect-A-Thong Action! NSFW for clothing damage, voyeurism and panty raiding.
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No. 1043275 ID: 8483cf
File 166269781657.png - (46.27KB , 1000x1000 , LF 6b-38.png )

I know just what to do. First I lay a little groundwork and preen a few itchy, loose feathers and drop them near a crawlspace. It’s no big loss. Then I rev up a small gust of wind, aimed at the cups and pail.

The cups fall over, scattering across the floor.

“Ahh!” Gloria shrieks, jumping back and tripping over a pail. She grasps for something to break her fall, but fails and lands on all fours, her skirt riding up high and her hat flying off.

Never send a clean freak to do dirty work!

Unfortunately for my scouting mission, Gloria quickly grips the hem of her skirt and pulls it down before I get a good look at what’s underneath. However, she’s spotted the bird feathers I’ve laid out going toward the crawl space.

I’m in the rafters right now. I can hop down to the floor and get a better angle, but run the risk of being spotted if she looks backward at the wrong time.

No. 1043278 ID: 629f2e

I spy a bit of green at her bra strap.

I say you TUG and unbuckle her, furthering her distractions.
No. 1043279 ID: 515982

No. 1043292 ID: 44eb9c

Man, I don't know if going after the panties is the right call on this one. Ive seen what these witches will go through to get their underwear back. You don't need that kind of heat.
No. 1043293 ID: e5709d

Find some way to snare those straps over one of the drawer handles. That usually snaps.
No. 1043328 ID: 629f2e


Those aren't drawers, they're shelves.
No. 1043343 ID: 515982

Weaken her outfit before getting into the box. Snare her skirt on a loose nail to make it ride up.
No. 1043344 ID: 8483cf
File 166277277709.png - (17.16KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-39.png )

I hop down to the floor and activate my camouflage spell, blending in with the surroundings almost perfectly as long as I don’t move, and no one who knows what they’re doing is looking for me.

The witch glances over her shoulder to look for something, but she doesn’t spot me. I’m so stealthy!

Gloria’s wearing a skimpy white thong. I can’t make out what kind of enchantments are on it, but I don’t see any gems from this angle. From what I understand, witch panties don’t strictly have to have gems sewn into them to be magical. Some witches write runes or other powerful symbols to channel the spell, others use gems, and some stealthy witches use the lace itself as the anchor. Sometimes the threads in the stitching itself can be enchanted, if the threads are made of the right material.

Come to think of it, why would they stop at panties? Maybe their bras are enchanted too.

It seems silly to spend so much time and effort to enchant underwear, but I guess it makes sense if witches want to keep their buffs secret and safe.

Gloria is spending more time on her hands and knees picking up more feathers and rooting around in the shelves of junk for items on her list. Her box is about halfway full, so maybe she’s hallway done.

Should I:

1. Try and take a trophy now by SNIPPING, TUGGING, or SNARING and come back for it later (Stealthiness is in ascending order;)
2. Strategically and stealthily weaken Gloria’s outfit (describe how); or
3. Focus solely on stowing myself away into Gloria’s supply box, and therefore sneaking into the Alchemist’s Lab, or
4. Other
No. 1043346 ID: e5709d

Tip something heavy over her.
No. 1043347 ID: 15c72a

No. 1043365 ID: 629f2e

2, take this slow and steady. Snag her bra strap.
No. 1043378 ID: 58dd24

3, there will be more witches in the secure room, priority is securing entry
No. 1043570 ID: d9ada6

seconding this
No. 1043855 ID: 8483cf
File 166322134595.png - (35.77KB , 700x500 , LF 6b-40.png )

For now, slow and steady wins the race. No need to rush anything when I’m perfectly stealthy. I carefully align a hanging hanger to SNARE the water witch’s bra strap. Lucky me, she moves right into it and the strap quickly comes undone.

“This place is a death trap,” Glora grumbles. She tugs on her undone strap and finds that it won’t be fixed unless she gets help or takes the entire thing off. With a sigh, she tucks the strap inside her bra to fix later.

As she does so, I catch a glimpse of a well-polished gem between her lacy cups. Aha! These witches do have magic underwear! Now I’m determined to see this through, and quickly stow away inside her potion ingredient box, hiding under my own collected feathers for good measure.

Gloria finishes her errands, scoops everything inside the box and closes the lid without looking too hard. It’s cramped in here, but I’ve got a free ride inside the lab.


Through the box, I hear excited voices, busy with their potion-making. I can still feel some kind of weird, otherworldly presence close by.

Sooner or later, I’m going to have to come out of the box. Probably better to do it soon. I lift a corner of the cardboard box and peek out carefully.

There are four witches total: a wind witch, a fire witch, a water witch, and an earth witch. I see a hazy apparition floating around the cauldron lazily- it’s a ghost. The earth witch turns to the ghost for a moment.

“Abigail, could you shroud me in your coolness for a moment so I can move the cauldron a tad? Thank you!”

With everyone focused on fixing the cauldron’s positioning, I sneak out of the box and flutter up to the rafters, none the wiser.

Anita the wind witch is grinding fine powders together with a mortar and pestle.
Rebecca the fire witch is managing the cauldron’s fire so it doesn’t burn out of control while Lily adjusts the cauldron.
Gloria the water witch is collecting measuring beakers and flasks from the shelves. She hasn’t asked for help fixing her bra strap and it doesn’t seem to concern her that much.
Lily the earth witch is repositioning the cauldron a bit, with the help of Abigail the ghost to keep her cool.

Should I:
A: Scout the witches out from above and/or below? Which witches?
B: Use my magic or tricksiness to mess with a witch or two?

No. 1043856 ID: 515982

Scout Anita and Gloria since they're away from the cauldron.
No. 1043884 ID: e51896

yeah this

and we can probably add in stuff in Anita's powders when she isn't looking to sabotage whatever they are making... maybe
No. 1044242 ID: 8483cf
File 166364009911.png - (24.04KB , 500x700 , LF 6b-41.png )

Anita and Gloria are mixing the ingredients carefully for their brew.

“Careful with those,” Anita says. “Alone, they’re just a bunch of rhyming doodads, but mixed together, they’re explosive.”

“Explosive?!” Gloria flinches.

“Only mildly,” Anita says. “Just enough to flare up and singe whoever’s closest, maybe burn your hat a bit. Since we four are the ones who prepared the potion ingredients, the fire won’t harm us… buuuuuut that means that I’ll have to measure everything out again.”

Aha! If I’m sneaky, I can use Lightning Magic to cause tiny, fiery explosions! It sounds like the witches won’t be hurt.

Meanwhile, Lily finishes repositioning the cauldron over the fire.

“Goodness,” Lily says. “Even with Abigail’s help, the heat is quite intense.”

“Ah, a little cauldron sauna’s good for your health!” Rebecca, the fire witch, adds.

“Easy for you to say,” Lily replies. “Not all of us are used to such hot temperatures.”

“Well, you’d better get used to it fast,” Rebecca warns. “It’s about to get real hot in here.”

“Ew,” Gloria says. “I say we use a cooling spell, or have Abigail cool all of us.”

“We can’t break concentration,” Anita says. “That, and I don’t want any of us casting spells that might cool down the cauldron. We’ve got to keep the heat up. Abigail can only cool one of us at a time, and she’s not strong enough to keep it up for long.”

“Can’t we just keep the door open? For a draft?”

“Have you seen the types of characters running around in this guild?” Lily bites her lip. “I heard an alchemist left the door open when she was preparing a mutagen, and it went horribly wrong when a fairy blundered in without warning.”

“Just say no to random encounters,” Rebecca says. “Keep that lab door closed and locked.”

“So we’ll just have to live with this unbearable heat and fan ourselves uselessly?” Gloria sighs. “This is why normal witches have familiars.”

Aha! I could fly down and offer to help fan my wings for them!

Well, that or I could use a tiny bit of wind magic to make sure one witch in particular gets the hottest air in the room. Heh.

Should I:
1. Stay hidden, and mess with one witch by heating her up
2. Break stealth and be the most helpful bird ever by cooling the witches down
No. 1044243 ID: 322af8

1. All the way.
No. 1044244 ID: c84ebf

1. Lets mess with these dorky witches
No. 1044245 ID: 629f2e

1, and I'm gonna specifically say we keep targeting Gloria.
No. 1044248 ID: 515982

1, Lily.
No. 1044249 ID: e51896

Heat up Gloria. She has water magic, so we might be able to manipulate her into using some of her water magic to cool off.

Also, water conducts electricity, so it'll be useful and easier to cause explosions with our electricity once we get some moisture in here

also, See if you can sneakfully position yourself somewhere where it looks like Anita and/or Rebecca is using their wind/heat magic so the blame can be put on them for heating Gloria up if they get suspicious from heated wind.
No. 1044669 ID: 8483cf
File 166407233861.png - (34.45KB , 850x750 , LF 6b-42.png )

I could be helpful, but where’s the fun in that?

Time to mess with the fussiest witch: Gloria. She’s already sweating, even though she’s the lightest-dressed of the group. All it takes is a minute of making sure she gets a few wafts of extra-hot air to get her to shuck her gloves and start fanning herself with her hat as hard as she can. Another minute after that and she’s surreptitiously glancing at the other witches, looking for a chance to sneak a spell to cool herself down.

Meanwhile, Abigail the ghost, is assisting Lily by cooling her down so she can work close to the cauldron. At the same time, she’s being extra helpful by fluttering Lily’s skirt and helping loosening her black bow to cool her down. Anita is getting distracted by all of this, though she’s trying to be subtle about her staring. Abigail is clearly enjoying all of this, and only when Lily gives a loud eep! does Abigail float away and give Rebecca a turn to cool down.
No. 1044670 ID: 8483cf
File 166407236010.png - (35.32KB , 1080x333 , LF 6b-43.png )

Seeing her chance to cast a spell unnoticed, Gloria summons a small cloud of ice-cold mist and lets it wash over her. Unfortunately, the mist doesn’t stay put. It wafts along the floor and reaches the extra-hot cauldron flames, and with a horrid squelching noise, it douses the all-important fire keeping the potion at the right temperature.

Everyone disliked that.

“Really?!” Rebecca fumes. “You couldn’t hold out for ten more minutes?”

“Now we have to start over,” Lily says solemnly.

“Start over?” Gloria’s mouth drops open. “But the room is going to be be even hotter with all the steam!”

“Says the girl who made it! Just deal with it,” Rebecca glowers. “And don’t even think of bailing on us. This is a team effort.”

“Calm down, everyone,” Anita says. “Gloria’s just not used to the heat. Um… if it’s really that hot, Gloria… you can, um, lighten up if you really need to. The door’s locked.”

“Are you serious?” Gloria flushes. “Are you all really suggesting that?”

“I don’t mind,” Lily says.

“If it’ll stop you from ruining the fire again, be my guest,” Rebecca says.
No. 1044671 ID: 8483cf
File 166407240742.png - (183.44KB , 1000x1400 , LF 6b-44.png )

Gloria pauses, considering for a moment. She looks around the lab, fans herself with her hat, then grits her teeth and slips her dress down to her waist, somewhat more comfortable.

The ghostly apparition coalesces in front of Gloria and gives her the thumbs-up.

“Shove it, Abigail,” Gloria says.

The witches resume work on their potion, and the room is even hotter than before. I have tons of options, especially now that Abigail, is fully visible. I can heat one witch up just like before, and she’ll probably join Gloria in lightening up. Abigail might even help another witch cool down. Finally, I can set off some potion ingredients in a small explosion.

This next move will determine what trophies I might be able to snag.

1. Which witch should I heat up?
A. None
B. Anita
C. Rebecca
D. Gloria
E. Lily

2. Which witch does Abigail “help” cool down by tugging on her outfit?
A. None
B. Anita
C. Rebecca
D. Gloria
E. Lily

3. Which witch should I cause a small amount of potion ingredients to explode in front of?
A. None
B. Anita
C. Rebecca
D. Gloria
E. Lily

4. Should I focus on making sure I have the chance to snag a specific trophy? If so, which one?
-Suggest a specific trophy.
No. 1044675 ID: a7a180

Lily, Anita, Rebecca to distract her.
If you can grab Anita's bra, then congrats you've secured a powerful wind artifact, but it's not really about their powers for you is it? Keep your eyes on the lacy prize and make sure Gloria leaves this lab topless.
No. 1044703 ID: 629f2e

Anita, Gloria, Anita

Gloria is hot enough, and her outfit is in a precarious enough state that a bit of tugging by Abigail might be enough to expose more. If her panties are made visible, then we might be able to go for a clean snip on both them and the bra, acquiring two magical undergarments.

As they point out, Anita is a wind witch, so her undergarments might be of special interest to you. Focus your energy on getting at least her bra or panties exposed (preferably the latter given the name of the quest she originates)

As for focus, I say that we should ensure that we can snip at Gloria's underwear. Getting a matching set of bra and panties would be ideal, as they make for more impressive trophies when you have them together. Getting something from Anita is a side objective, because even if it might be something you could use, you're already awesome and don't need magical panties to be great.

Although! If getting Anita's panties would immediately open up opportunities to do more here, then shift priorities towards them. This would be a mission worth breaking stealth for: Steal the panties and buffet them with wind magic while stealing more trophies!
No. 1044722 ID: e51896

Anita is already getting distracted by the lewd stuff going on, even if she is trying not to let it be known

Heat up lily
Abigail works on Gloria
explode Rebecca

Should be able to distract everyone this way
No. 1044740 ID: 8483cf
File 166415423854.png - (26.15KB , 600x500 , LF 6b-45.png )

I decide to heat Anita up this time around; it’s worth finding out if her underwear is as well- enchanted as Gloria’s. Wind magic is my thing, after all, and I could probably figure out how to use any enchantments she’s put into them. It would be silly for me to wear panties, but maybe I could get someone to re-set the magical focus (the gem, embroidery, etc.).

Anita soon heats up and has to take a breather. She removes her hat and gloves, and loosens the ties on her top.

“I’m turning up the heat on the cauldron again,” Lily says.

“Good.” Rebecca glares at Gloria. “Abigail, can you help Gloria and make sure things go smoothly?”

“I’m fine!” Gloria insists, but she’s still fanning herself a suspicious amount. “There’s no need to- ah!”

Abigail swoops in and makes sure Gloria’s appropriately cool. She’s very thorough.
No. 1044741 ID: 8483cf
File 166415425491.png - (16.67KB , 500x500 , LF 6b-46.png )

Gloria’s panties aren’t as enchanted as her bra’s gem, but they still have a good amount of magic.

Thanks to Abigail, Gloria’s dress is askew. I can swoop in and snip both her bra and panties off, and even get out undetected if there’s enough chaos in the lab.

And speaking of chaos, I send a tiny spark of lightning magic into Anita’s potion ingredients.
No. 1044743 ID: 8483cf
File 166415437111.png - (47.26KB , 550x600 , LF 6b-47.png )

There’s a larger explosion than I expected. The shockwave blows Anita’s loosened top open, exposing a plain polka-dotted strapless bra. It’s only moderately magical. Her panties, however…

I’ve got to have them. The wind magic is so strong, if I got ahold of what’s powering those panties, I’d be unstoppable! Raelynn would be in awe of what I could do in a fight!

I have an ominous feeling about what might happen if I decide to go for Anita’s panties, but who cares? They’re magpie-themed!

Should I:
1. Stay stealthy and get Gloria’s bra and panties, and a minor trophy from Anita (hat, gloves)
2. Try to stay stealthy and steal Anita’s panties too
3. Break stealth and go straight for Anita’s panties, and use their awesome power to cause chaos and take as many trophies as possible
No. 1044748 ID: e51896


but I'll go 1. Gloria's Bra and panties, and Anita's hat, and gloves is already a lot of trophies. No need to fly close to the sun.
No. 1044749 ID: a7a180

1. stealthy stealthy!
No. 1044757 ID: 629f2e

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

There's just too much potential here, we gotta do it. If this is gonna be our last mission of the thread, then let's go out with a bang!

If we can pull this off and have escape, the most likely outcome of this will be Anita trying to get her undergarments back. And if you keep them in your room, then that means she's gonna have to deal with Rae. That is hilarious, and is so worth the risk.

If there was ever a time to go wild, this would be it.
No. 1044767 ID: 58dd24

>I have an ominous feeling about what might happen
She will never stop hunting you.
No. 1044824 ID: dee951

That ominous feeling? It's called 'survival instinct' or possibly 'intuition' or even 'smelling a trap'.

No. 1044833 ID: 0838d6

3 because consequences are fun.
No. 1044849 ID: 322af8

3 damn you.
No. 1044851 ID: d9ada6

Do 3! Where's the fun without a few risks
No. 1044852 ID: de253f

3. I know, painful agonizing failure, but also, the underwear of every witch in the room. Eh?
No. 1045816 ID: 8483cf
File 166521612293.png - (71.39KB , 1000x1000 , LF 6b-48.png )

I know I should play it safe, but I just can’t resist. Those panties are powerful. They’re pretty. They’re pretty powerful. But most importantly, they have little birds on them.

It’s stupid to risk the wrath of not one, but four witches. It’s so, so stupid. But… If I can snag those ultra-special panties and keep ahold of them, no one will ever doubt my sneaky, stealy prowess, and I’ll be able to use their wind magic all for myself. Maybe. I’ll work out the details later. For now, I take a moment to plan my attack.

The witches are distracted, my prizes are picked. If there’s a time to go wild, this is it!

I unleash a great gust of wind and fan the flames of the fire way, way higher than they’re meant to be. Rebecca lets out a shout of confusion and tries to manage the cauldron heat. Anita, meanwhile, is adjusting her top, leaving her skirt flapping and the strings of her panties unguarded.

I strike!

“Aaah!” Anita shrieks, clamping her hands down to her skirt. “Not again!”

“What’s wrong?” Lily asks. She looks up does a double-take as I soar up to the rafters with Anita’s panties. “Oh, no! A bird! Shoo it out!”

“No, don’t let it out! It’s got my panties!”

“Maybe we can coax it down?” Lily says. “Here, birdie, birdie! Please don’t poop in our potion…”

“That’s not just a bird,” Anita says. “It’s a crow, and it’s a thief! I won’t let it get away! Abigail, grab my underwear! Aah! No, not my bra! Grab my panties!”
No. 1045817 ID: 8483cf
File 166521618508.png - (87.99KB , 800x1000 , LF 6b-49.png )

A ghostly presence descends on me. Now or never! I tap into the wind magic of the magpie panties and unleash a typhoon of pure chaos.

“What’s happening?” Gloria shouts. “Anita, are you doing that? Is this your Wrath of Aeolus spell?”

“No way!” Anita shouts, barely audible over the din. “Where is it?! I can’t believe this! Abigail!”

The ghostly presence descends again, and I launch myself off the rafters to avoid it: right toward the blessedly bountiful earth witch. I dive low and snag the ribbon tied around Lily’s neck. It comes undone easily- and as it does, the ghostly hands try to grasp me, but I slip away, and Abigail only seizes the back of Lily’s shirt. Two buttons pop right off as the blouse goes tight, and Lily throws her hands over her cavernous cleavage with a yelp. Even in the howling wind, she focuses entirely on covering up the gap in her blouse instead of keeping her skirt down, giving everyone a clear view of her white silk french-cut panties and the garters beneath them.

“Stop the wind, or else this cauldron is gonna overheat!” Rebecca calls out. “I’ve got my hands full here making sure it doesn’t blow.”

“This is no time for puns,” Anita says. “Come on, girls! Gloria, Lily, Abigail, let’s stop the madness!”

Abigail descends on me again, and I get ready to dive once more.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Gloria says, trying to pull her dress up. “I’m not ready ye-“

No. 1045830 ID: 8483cf
File 166521797337.png - (23.82KB , 400x760 , LF 6b-50v4.png )

I direct all the wind straight at Anita and Lily, and they stumble back into Gloria. Anita’s flailing grip catches on Gloria’s thong and whips it down her legs, eliciting a high-pitched shriek from the water witch. She bends over to fix them, but as she does, I swoop down and dive-bomb right over her bra clasp. Abigail once again grabs not me, but the witch below me, and Gloria’s bra comes undone. She whipsaws back up and stumbles around, flustered and flush-cheeked.

I quickly snatch her panties off the floor and pull off a truly incredible feat of agility to snag the remaining bra strap right off Gloria’s arm. I’ve got all I can carry- now to make good my escape!

I end the wind spell and send a big jolt of lightning magic into Anita’s cauldron ingredients, blowing up and filling the room with acrid smoke.

The witches are coughing and wheezing. Lily, eyes watering, fumbles for a vent of some kind- and just as I expected, she grabs the door handle. The lab door flies open.

Anita conjures a gust of wind to clear the air, but it’s too late to clear the air before Lily’s mistake can be corrected.

“No!” Anita says. “Don’t let it-“

I’m free! I rocket out the door, my prizes tight in my claws. The last thing I see is Gloria standing in the lab, quietly asking the other three witches to close the door, please, before someone sees in, thank you.

Lily lets out an eep and slams the lab door shut to give Gloria some decency.
No. 1045831 ID: 8483cf
File 166521799511.png - (78.99KB , 1000x1000 , Taranis TC.png )

Mission Success!

- Panties of Anita, Wind Witch
Direct Steal! 4 talent points
- Panties of Gloria, Water Witch
Direct Steal! 4 talent points
- Bra of Gloria, Water Witch
Direct Steal! 3 talent points
- Ribbon of Lily, Earth Witch
Direct Steal! 2 talent points

I’m riding high with 13 Talent Points’ worth of smugness! I’ll spend them later.

I’d better lay low for a while, though. That wind witch looks like she means business. I’d better find a good hiding spot for these magical trophies...


The next thread will take begin with no time skip at all! LAZY FAIRY THREAD 6(c): FULL CIRCLE will jump to Raelynn Uí Liatháin’s POV right now.

Does Anita recognize Taranis as Raelynn’s animal companion?
1. Yes, and she is PISSED and coming for him right now.
2. Yes, but she takes time to collect herself before coming after him.
3. No, Anita only knows that friggin crow can somehow can use wind magic and likes to steal panties
No. 1045833 ID: f71d93

3. Will Raelynn betray her familiar to the heathen coven? Find out next time!
No. 1045837 ID: d98cb8

Let's go with 2. Revenge served cold.
No. 1045842 ID: 322af8

3. Totally 3.
No. 1045843 ID: f4e84a

No. 1045864 ID: 9b127b

No. 1045865 ID: 629f2e

2. If Anita goes in flustered, she's just going to get stonewalled by Rae and ultimately achieve nothing. Give the witch a fighting chance to get her garment back.
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