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File 165541710881.png - (197.29KB , 800x600 , TQ1.png )
1035159 No. 1035159 ID: 2edd05



>"This is true. We are in a plane - but we aren't the only ones on the plane. We have a few aliens on board."
"All those armoured guys in the back? I'm feeling safer already! As safe as I can feel sitting in a plane that was designed like, over two hundred years ago. So, where are the in-flight services? I need some peanuts, ASAP!"
>"I wish this was that kind of flight. alas..."
"Hey Bry, what kind of flight is this?"
>"Not a clue, I'm just as in the dark as you are."
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No. 1035160 ID: 2edd05
File 165541712382.png - (249.78KB , 800x600 , TQ2.png )

"Laaaaaame! Do you know where we're going at least?"
>"A remote airfield that I haven't been to before."
"In the wind tunnels? I thought Summit lost most of its grip on this place to Edevane a few years back."
>"Summit loses and gains territory back all the time. At the moment, I believe this territory is considered wilderness. You can see the occasional raider or scavanger picking the abandoned buildings clean from up here."

"So... Are we there yet?"
>"What's the hurry? We have twenty minutes or so to burn, why don't you find a way to entertain yourself?"
"On a plane? What's there to do on a plane? We don't even get TV reception!"
>"You can find something to do... Like meet the nice aliens. You could possibly even find out what exactly it is we are doing here, even if we're being paid not to know. I love how exotic those aliens are..."
"Yeah, uh-huh, I know- yep, mmm-hmm. What else?"
>"If you feel like sightseeing, you could get a better view of our surroundings by taking a look through the top, bottom, or rear turrets. You may even spot some interesting sights. There is supposed to be an abandoned summit radio tower around here, but I can't seem to spot it..."
"I will let you know if I feel like getting a better view of... whatever’s outside. I may even see a rock or two."
>"We also have a small equipment replicator, you may find entertainment in watching it make something."
No. 1035161 ID: 2edd05
File 165541713860.png - (205.91KB , 800x600 , TQ3.png )

"Oh! I should use the replicator to build some new hands! I've always wondered what it’s like to have an extra finger on each hand like the aliens!"
>"Do what you would like. You could even stay here and chat with me, I do enjoy your company after all~... Hold on, do you know where my pipe went?"

heheheh. Wouldn't you like to know?
No. 1035164 ID: 899c9f

Why not use the replicator to print out some random disposable junk and just eject it from the plane over the wilderness? Imagine the look on some scav's face when he gets beaned in the head with a pack of smokes!
No. 1035168 ID: ba605b

Go talk to one of the aliens, maybe you might learn something neat today. What's your name by the way? Who are you?

I wouldn't recommend it. You can't just open a window and toss something outside. That how you get sent to toilet cleaning duty. heh....."duty."
No. 1035170 ID: 2aa5f0

check out the aliens just to see who's bumming a ride with you two.
No. 1035173 ID: 5d9787

I got a feeling Bry is the most uplifting company in this plane.
Give his pipe back and talk about silly stuff both of you find fun.
No. 1035175 ID: cbce12

Talking to aliens sounds good.
No. 1035208 ID: b01382

Hand holding. With aliens. Kawai!
No. 1035226 ID: 8a4559

Too bad you can't replicate peanuts.

Talk to the aliens! Having a copilot is overrated.
No. 1035238 ID: 7a2420

yaaa, new tobak quest

Have you messed with the replicator? That sounds fun. Or talking to the aliens. Or talk to the aliens about the replicator. Rummage around for peanut substitutes.
No. 1035240 ID: ff05ed

Heavens, not does Roaway make a new Tobak Thread, he starts it with "Hey, guys, do you want me to draw you landscapes, aliens, or a super-machine crafting cool stuff?" I love this guy.

Let's talk to the humans!
No. 1035241 ID: ae9bd9

Soooo, B-29 formation.

What happens to be our payload?
No. 1035250 ID: d523de

Fess up about the pipe. It’s too good not to share, what happened to that pipe.
No. 1035306 ID: fec07f

Or at least give him a hint
No. 1035319 ID: 211b7e

Let's go check out the aliens.
No. 1035378 ID: 15a025

Talk to the aliens. What kind are we flying with?
No. 1035415 ID: 2edd05
File 165563072385.png - (169.22KB , 800x600 , TQ4.png )

>what happened to that pipe
I can't say for sure where it is, it could be in my pocket, or it could be in my other pocket. If he didn't want me to take it, he should've nailed it down better!
>Or at least give him a hint
How do I hint without giving it away? Besides, I'm doing a good thing here, smoking is bad for your health. (And it's only cool when I do it!)

>What's your name by the way? Who are you?
The name's Coil! Weird name for a tobak, I know. There is a distinct lack of T's, L's and Y's in my name. A name like 'Tylo','Latt' or 'Elty' is a suuuuuper tobak name. Coil? Not as much.

>B-29 formation. What happens to be our payload?
I suppose that's classified. All the crew knows is that a bunch of Summit guards came on escorting some kind of container. I'm not sure what the other B-29s are doing, we're all going different places in these ancient planes. Grunts like us are given such dated equipment that I sometimes forget that the more important guys have access to hovercrafts, laser guns, plasma knives, energy shields and teleporters, weird living armor and all that other cool stuff.

>I got a feeling Bry is the most uplifting company in this plane.
He sure can be eccentric - like how he calls people 'darling' and 'sweetheart' but he is usually good at focusing on his job. I suspect he is terrible at picking up the ladies though, because he tries practicing his flirts and pickup lines on me from time to time.

>Talk to the aliens! Having a co-pilot is overrated.
It sure is!
"Hey Bry, you don't need a co-pilot right now, do you?"
>"I don't mind~ I can hold things down while you stretch your legs."
No. 1035416 ID: 2edd05
File 165563074671.png - (273.17KB , 800x600 , TQ5.png )

>What kind of aliens are we flying with?
Summit is a company that is joint-owned by both humans and belenosians - which is a little unusual because I thought aliens didn't like sharing their companies. Though I have heard that humans and belenosians in particular get along well, and have for a long time because they were the first intelligent alien life to come into contact, so I guess they've known each other longest. I don't know much about the Belenos, besides them having been super advanced in the past before sending themselves back to the stone age somehow. Humans on the other hand have been really good about recording their history, so we know the most about them. A lot of the equipment employed by Summit is replicated war equipment that humans used to fight each other long before they were anywhere near a spacefaring age. I can't remember how old this human war plane was designed though. 200 years? 300 years? 500 years? How old is the universe again? I'm pretty sure it's 2000-something years old, at least.

I walk in to see the aliens, all wearing armor and holding their laser guns. You can tell they are well equipped, holding tech that looks like it was designed less than a century ago.

There is a selection of belenos, human and female tobaks making up the team of armed soldiers. Some are wearing helmets, some aren't. One Belenos lady notices me come by. Seeing a female with horns and such short ears is very odd to me. The tail is close enough though.

>"Hey there little guy, are you lost? Can you understand me?"
"Of course I can! Why wouldn't I?"
>"S-sorry, I just didn't know you tobaks were as smart as the more well-known aliens."
"You must be new down here then, we're fast learners."
>"Why are you dressed like that?"
"They say to dress for the job you want, how else do you think I became a pilot?"
>"You're not qualified?!"
"I am! mostly. "
>"I see. Can I help you?"
No. 1035417 ID: 899c9f

Just making small talk. For a design that's at least two hundred years old, she sure is pretty ain't she? So what brings you by our humble little hollow earth?
No. 1035418 ID: 273c18

>I suspect he is terrible at picking up the ladies though, because he tries practicing his flirts and pickup lines on me from time to time.
That's because he likes dudes. He's gay, bro.
...does he have tails? I can't see them.

Tell her you're just taking a little walk and admiring their equipment. Are there any snacks around?
No. 1035420 ID: 5d9787

"I came to check and chat. We got twenty minutes of plain dark caves ahead of us that don't require two pair of eyes to navigate."
"So what bring you to this corner of the underworld sweetheart?"
"Are you planing to do something fun after we land? I bet it's gonna be a party when all those flashlights are lit."

Are you sure you don't want to return Bry's pipe? Don't you want to find out how good he is at smoking?
No. 1035421 ID: 2aa5f0

I kind of want to ask about the gun. I mean I don't think you've ever even held a real gun before, closest you have come is just using a supped up nail gun and seeing a real gun and such an advance one... I admit I'm kind of curious about it. I mean yeah you saw clover with her rail gun but even then that's still just a slug thrower at the end of the day... if a highly advanced one.

Wonder what it would take for us to get something like that one day. Though that does bring up a question, how do laser weapons work with your kinds light sensitivity? Or do they use UV light that can't be seen by the naked eye?
No. 1035423 ID: 103426

Ask the goat lady to lean on down so we tell her a secret, then boop her on her cute snoot!
Waddle away before she reacts!
No. 1035426 ID: 5d9787

You are confusing him with Dowser. This protagonist is Coil who likely doesn't know Clover, seem to be employed as a pilot and have a prosthetic hand. For all we know it's possible he already had the opportunity to use something from his company arsenal.
No. 1035428 ID: 103426

Okay not gonna lie. I looked at Bry again and hes doing numbers for me. Like really cursive, gay numbers. 10/10 would hold his hand.

Ask about armor and guns?

So like what are we gonna ask again? Guns, armor, reasons for being here, reasons for using old mass printed shit, do they got food to trade with, what MRE's like, whats an Arkot, is the rumors true about human-halflings, how much do their gear cost, can we use their printer to make our own replica cool stuff?

Do we have a phone? Can we play games on it?
No. 1035430 ID: 2aa5f0

ah I though the pilot was calling himself coil, my bad.
No. 1035439 ID: 513283

>it could be in my other pocket

Did you shove a pipe up your ass as a prank?

Ask about the cool gun.
No. 1035453 ID: 2edd05
File 165566867816.png - (121.33KB , 800x600 , TQ6.png )

>Bry likes dudes
I would like dudes better too if I had trouble with the ladies - which I do. Chicks flirt with Bry all the time though, and he always chokes! Maybe I should act as his wingman next time.

>Does Bry have tails?
He does, they are just really small and stubby.

>Do we have a phone? Can we play games on it?
I wish! Instead, we get given phones without screens attached to different surfaces in case of emergencies, presumably so we don't mess around. I would have brought my personal PDA if they had let me, but I was made to leave it behind.

>Are you sure you don't want to return Bry's pipe? Don't you want to find out how good he is at smoking?
He is excellent at smoking! he can do that thing where you can blow rings, I just don't like when he blows them at my face while I'm daydreaming!

>boop her on her cute snoot!
Touching people's head parts without asking first is a bad idea, speaking from experience!

"Just making small talk. What brings you to our funny hollow planet?"
>"I figured the weather this time of year would be nice for a vacation. Just kidding! Indentured servitude! I am not good with money... eheh... Looks like I'm working as security for the foreseeable future."
"Is there a snack stash around here?"
>"Oddly enough, there is a vending machine. I'm not buying anything from it though, too expensive."
"Can you tell me about the armor and guns? I don't see equipment like that too often."
>"Standard issue Summit medium protection combat armor- it'll protect against nails, small bullets and laser blasts. And this laser blaster... is a laser blaster. I haven't had a chance to fire it yet. how do you turn the safety off? It has been a couple weeks and now I'm too afraid to ask..."
"How much does the armor cost?"
>"More than I could ever comfortably pay to replace it if I lost it."
"Think I can use the printer to make equipment like that?"
>"Possibly! You need to get a code from the platoon leader for the printer to be able to create anything more advanced than human world war tech."
"Who is your platoon leader?"
>"Captain Fletcher..."
>"You know her?"
"Yeah, I met her back when she was still a first lieutenant, she dislikes me - perhaps more than everyone else who dislikes me, which means a lot!"
>"Even though she is a tobak like you? I see... It might be a bit hard getting the code from her then."

"Do you know what's going on?"
>"I wish. I'm just following orders to guard some kind of container. The only person who knows what's actually going on is the captain, and she won't say any specifics. I guess this is some kind of secret mission, in which case, the movies make them out to be a lot less boring."
No. 1035454 ID: 899c9f

Well, in the movies they're usually exciting because something bad happens. Idle chatter is the fun kind of excitement! Are belenosian males smaller and fluffy like tobak males?
Trade names.
No. 1035455 ID: dee951

If you have a laser blaster, you're going to need some really good dark goggles! Backscatter and reflections are no joke! Also you can get your steampunk vibe on.
No. 1035459 ID: 273c18

Tell her that knowing how to use her gun is probably going to be important soon.
No. 1035463 ID: 5d9787

If we somehow know how the laser blaster works point the safety to her. It's an easy favor to score.
If you don't, tell her to swallow her pride and ask. She might be needing it very soon.

I didn't know you could get indentured servitude from debt. There is a bit more to this tale, doesn't it?

>He is excellent at smoking!
So you've seen his skills. Are you sure you don't want to find out how good he is at smoking?
No. 1035471 ID: 2952db

Check out the vending machine. Snacks sound like the best idea right now.
No. 1035477 ID: 103426

Go flirt with Fletcher and see if you can get the code to the printer. Maybe you can make something cool for yourself.
Failing to flirt with Fletcher, try flirting with Bry. Bros before hos or something right?
No. 1035478 ID: 103426

Do you think we could pull off the "coin on a string" tactic to get free snacks? I hope so.
No. 1035482 ID: 103426

This! If we dont die, maybe they can hang out and watch movies.

Now that you mention it, i think i know why tobaks use primarily nail guns. Its because the muzzle flash of a gun might blind them.

Say what is Coil good at? Do we have any particular skills?
No. 1035483 ID: 2aa5f0

ask someone else if their gun has a safety and how someone can tell if it's on or off, then come back and tell bad with money how to change the safety off her gun. Also ask her for her name because I realize we never got it.
No. 1035484 ID: 103426

What if Bry is gay? Try flirting with him next time you see him. Thers just something about a tobak wearing eye make up that has me guessing.
No. 1035518 ID: 0fca08

How come Bry has short, stunty tails and you have extra puffy tails? Have you been stealing from him?
No. 1035577 ID: 2edd05
File 165580148602.png - (234.24KB , 800x600 , TQ7.png )

>Do we have any particular skills?
I'm really good with my hands - at least I used to be, when I still had my hands. I used to be able to repair equipment and jury rig all sorts of stuff, but I mainly just operate on aircraft nowadays.

>How come Bry has short, stunty tails and you have extra puffy tails? Have you been stealing from him?
While it isn't exactly difficult to steal from Bry, I have nothing to do with his tails. Perhaps he lost his tails in an accident like I lost my hands - relatable if true.

>Are belenosian males smaller and fluffy like tobak males?
I know for a fact that this isn't the case, I've seen quite a few belenosian guys and they are almost always bigger than the ladies. Alien sexual dimorphism is very strange!

"What's your name? I don't think I ever picked up on that."
>"My name is Sam. Nice to meet you, um..."
"Coil. The safety on your gun is a button on the top of the trigger guard on the left side, push it in and it'll pop out on the right side. Press on it again to put it back in safety."
>"O-oh! Thanks! How did you know?"
"I've repaired a few laser guns, and I've read many more operational manuals. I fix stuff, it's what I used to do."

>Try flirting with Bry next time you see him
What a great idea! I'll be the one practicing on him for once. I just need to think up some material.

>Go flirt with Fletcher and see if you can get the code to the printer
While I consider myself to be quite charismatic, I can be quite a hard sell for some people! I don't think I could ever successfully charm someone who despises me as much as Fletcher, but the very thought of trying is too entertaining to let up.

I go over into the unlit room where Fletcher is sitting in a room with various other armed tobak ladies. The isn't wearing her armor, just sitting there lifting a weight.

"Hey Fletcher, I -"
>"The hell do you want, Coil?"
"To seduce you into giving me the code to unlock the advanced equipment for the printer!"
>"No. Idiot. Why do you even need special equipment? And why the hell do you think you could seduce me? You are not my type."
"I thought you liked guys who dressed sharp?"
>"You're dressed as sharp as a clown. I can't believe they put me on the same plane with you and put you in charge of helping fly it. Whatever. Don't bother me unless you have a good reason, or else I’ll -… What happened to your other hand?"
"Oh, you know. The usual."
No. 1035578 ID: 2edd05
File 165580150523.png - (310.94KB , 800x600 , TQ8.png )

>Do you think we could pull off the "coin on a string" tactic to get free snacks.
Maybe if the machine took coins. These machines only take company credit - which is fine seeing as that is what they pay me.

The belenosian wasn't lying, these are at least 20% more expensive than normal, but the machine is well stocked as a result of everyone else being stingy. I could pick up a snack or two before we land, let's see what we have here... Candy bars, food bars, beverages, chips, chocolate, and foods that come in any flavour I can think of! What I see before me is my reason for existing! This is my god! I am a true believer in alien food supremacy!

...Ew... Is that... coffee cake? That sounds awful.

Ooooh but they have caramel slice!
No. 1035579 ID: 497694

I think Fletcher likes you.
No. 1035581 ID: 5d9787

Just to be clear, are the food prices inconveniently high or are they barely affordable? I never got a good grasp on this.
If they are very expensive make a single purchase and don't think about your foolishness incapacity of delaying your gratification as the sugar dances in your mouth.
If they are an inconvenience you could buy some for your coworkers, just for today. A bit of bribe could give you a better chance of scoring a favor, or get them to overlook something.

As for pick up lines what about any of those:
>Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be fine print.
>I'm no photographer, but I can picture us together.
>Something’s wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off you.
>You know what you would look really beautiful in? My arms.
>I bet I need a refined route framework to explore myself to your heart.
>I never expected to discover heavenly messengers at this elevation.
>Is your runway prepared for landing?
>It's pretty plane and simple... I really think we could take off.
>My heart must be a plane, cause you just hijacked it.
Hopefully you can get a few chuckles out of Fletcher and Bry. Just don't put too much faith on them working for their stated purpose.
No. 1035583 ID: 273c18

Oh, those aren't gloves, you've got cybernetic hands. What happened, did you get them replaced just because you wanted to?

Get yourself some caramel slice, then get back to the cockpit to do your job.
Is Bry's eye shape a commonly seen one?
No. 1035584 ID: 2aa5f0

I notice that fletcher has cyber eyes, seeing how she isn't wearing goggles, and I'm not sure but does your co-pilot have cyber eyes as well or is the cockpit separate from the rest of the plane so you guys don't have to worry about being blinded by the light and the aliens don't have to worry about fumbling in the dark?

Either way is their any tobak on this plan that still has all their original parts? I'm a bit worried that so many of you seem to have lost limbs.
No. 1035598 ID: 02e7e9

Her goggles are down on her neck, his too
No. 1035603 ID: 06a5d8

What did happened to your hands? Did you blow them up or something?
No. 1035604 ID: b01382

Wow. Fletcher is very pretty. I cant image why she doesnt like you. You're such a swell dude! Did you do something im the past to make her not like you? Have you tried asking her out on a date? Maybe you can go watch a movie or dine at a resturant.
Maybe she'll let you use the printed at least ONCE so you can print out a spare hand in case of one of your hands gets damaged?

Wow those ARE expensive. You cant exactly binge with vending snacks. If youre gong to geting something, get a snack that 10 zeny or less, or whatever you can company credits. You know what I mean.

Tobaks are probably the ones most susceptible to food bribery. Dunno if they'll work on humans or goat people. We shouldn't binge too much on snacks for co-workers since we might not see some of them again barring Bry and Fletcher. You know, department transfer, KIA, and all that junkmail garbage.

How'd you come to the conclusion they were gloves? So far Coil's mentioned, or insinuating, hes lost his hands in accidents.
No. 1035605 ID: 129177

Don’t tobak hands have some regen capability? How did you have the same accident twice?
Try a candy bar. Avoid the ones with peanuts, unless you know whether tobaks are allergic to any human staples or not.
No. 1035611 ID: 5d9787

I was thinking of only those two. Coil wouldn't gain much by spending money to please slave soldiers.
He could try to get lucky with the exotic lady but as you pointed out this wouldn't be the right gift for her.
No. 1035614 ID: b01382

Tobaks can regrow their fingers and toes. Their digits, not the entire hand or food. Just the digits aparently. Those nero-dog aliens have it good with their bullshit regeneration.

Which exotic lady? Sam, or the BIG tobak LADY Fletcher? The goat lady I think Coil could get into her good graces relatively easily. She seems kinda new. Fletcher would need some elbow grease but i can see it working. She's workingout though, so if Coil got her anything it would have to be a protein bar or something. The less shitty ones.
No. 1035637 ID: ba605b

Date! Ask her! Compliment her work ethics and military prowess! Because saying she's pretty and have beautiful eyes is too easy!
No. 1035638 ID: ba605b

Hmmmm. Do you know any Tobak by the name of Dowser or Lyvvy? Yellow tobak? Do you know a female Tobak named Clover with clover shaped eyes? Do you know a drone that goes by the name of Lyvvy? Can you tell us any neat people if interest in your life? Friends? Family? Bosses?
No. 1035642 ID: 5d9787

I don't think we are getting into Fletcher's good grace at all. It's amusing that the approach he used was blunt seduction, but what I would hope to gain would be a more cordial relation and to light up the mood, not a romantic one.

The exotic lady I was referring to was Sam. From his perspective she should be a bit androgynous or a mismatch of sexual characteristics. This could be either off putting or intriguing to him.
Regardless she seem very disposable for the company, so maybe we shouldn't get too invested in someone who could die very soon.

As for the candy bribery, I meant Fletcher and Bry. It sound like a good idea to improve the opinion of us from people we want to ask either favors or to overlook our misconducts.

I'm sorry if was difficult to understand.
No. 1035649 ID: 2edd05
File 165586087140.png - (270.86KB , 800x600 , TQ9.png )

>I can’t imagine why Fletcher doesn’t like you. You're such a swell dude! Did you do something in the past to make her not like you?


"Pssst. Lieutenant Fletcher! I know you're in some big meeting and all, but I just came by to tell you that I unclogged all the pipes in your bathroom like you asked. You shed a lot of hair, you know that? I put it all in a bag in case you wanted to keep it and make a wig out of it or something. Hello?... Hellooooo? Why are all these aliens giving you such funny looks? There's a guy over there trying not to laugh. Hey, isn't that that high-ranking warboss over there on stage? He's looking right at us! Helloooooo!"
No. 1035650 ID: 2edd05
File 165586097448.png - (155.78KB , 800x600 , TQ10.png )

Nothing comes to mind. For someone going by the moniker 'Honey-Hair Fletcher' you'd think she would try being a little sweeter! Especially since I apparently 'made her work twice as hard for that promotion.' - you'd think she would be a little more thankful for me being such a good motivator.

>I think Fletcher likes you.
Yeah, I bet she is just pretending to hate me to hide how much she secretly loves me!

>What happened to your hands?
Industrial accidents! Both separate incidents. I coincidentally lost my left hand the day after Fletcher got her nickname. I was working on repairing a steamroller when it rolled ever so slightly over my hand, good thing I’m ambidextrous. The second accident happened somewhat recently. Luckily for me, hooking up robotic limbs for tobaks is as simple as soldering a few wires together.

>Don’t tobak hands have some regen capability?
Only for our digits - Not much can be done for anything beyond that. Not like those neuron-mono dog guys who can regenerate full limbs, or even their heads after a decapitation.

>fletcher has cyber eyes
Nah, we're just in a different room that is dark enough for tobaks to see in.

>Is Bry's eye shape a commonly seen one? Does he have cyber eyes?
He has that glade tobak eye gene that allows him to see in both the dark and in lower light levels. He can still be blinded, but he has a higher tolerance threshold.

>Date! Ask her! Compliment her work ethics and military prowess!
I hate to say it, but I'm thinking that a date with her and me is pretty unlikely. Though I bet she would be totally into Bry, he wears a suit, and she is all over guys who wear suits. Maybe I should introduce the two.

>Do you know anyone by the name of Dowser or Lyvy?
Oh yeah. Those two are my roommates. I don't see them too often though, I'm usually staying in the work provided sleeping quartars. Dowser happens to be one of Fletcher's many brothers - It has to be said, Dowser has a lot of family. I don't know Lyvy much, but I know he dislikes me!

I buy a couple of items from the vending machine, one caramel bar to eat now and a different favored bar for later. Maybe I can use the spare as a bribe or something.
No. 1035652 ID: 899c9f

Do Dowser and his sister get along?
Anywhere else to explore back here? Maybe the turret controls?
No. 1035653 ID: 273c18

Tobaks have wires for nerves? Incredible.

See if you can spot any animals on the walls of the tunnel.
No. 1035654 ID: 2aa5f0

so do you know where you're flying to or is that still a mystery as well?
No. 1035658 ID: 23b77b

Let's buy a chocolate for Bry because he is a good friend, then check out the landscape we are flying over.
No. 1035681 ID: b01382

Fletcher is super cute anyways. Maybe Dowser could help you get into her good graces.
No. 1035687 ID: 2edd05
File 165591580344.png - (206.34KB , 800x600 , TQ11.png )

>Do Dowser and his sister get along?
On one hand, people get along well with family, and I'm sure Dowser views his positively, on the other hand, tobaks that work for different companies tend not to get along too well (even if they are family.) Dowser became an independent a while ago, but he did work for Edevane before that. Maybe it doesn't matter too much, he does have a relative working for just about every company.

>Fletcher is super cute anyways. Maybe Dowser could help you get into her good graces.
I'm not sure if he'd approve of me making moves on his sister. Then again, he has made worse decisions in the past - like how he bet his own name and lost it to a sect. Maybe if I help him find a lady, he'll help me get on Fletcher's good site. Gotta find a big lady first. Dowser loves big ladies. not that he'll admit it.

>Tobaks have wires for nerves? Incredible.
I'm just as surprised that all the aliens have something completely different. I bet we have wires because we eat so many minerals.

>so, do you know where you're flying to or is that still a mystery?
Apparently, this is all standard protocol. A fleet of planes fly together and slowly splinter off one by one down different tunnels to different bases. I'm not sure what the point is, but who am I to turn down a plane ride.

>Check outside
I walk over to one of the windows with a snack in hand. Just a bunch of rocks. I can't really see any animals, they must blend in well with the environment. What else can I see...

We got some planes back there...

Big... red...

Those aren't our planes.

Weird. Wonder what those are doing there.
No. 1035688 ID: b0b5f8

Sounds like you should go to battlestations, just in case.
No. 1035689 ID: 2aa5f0

Hurry back to the cockpit and notify your co-pilot, the crew, and the other planes in the fleet with your radio that you have some unknown aircraft approaching you. Things might be getting interesting.
No. 1035690 ID: ce39da

"WE GOT UNKNOWN RED PLANES!" you shout as you run back to the cockpit to repeat the warning on the radio.
No. 1035691 ID: c733da


>tobaks that work for different companies tend not to get along too well
Destiny is a funny thing.

Also, those planes look like something you should totally report to somebody. Like, right now.
No. 1035692 ID: 30b9f6

Time to go back to co-pilot and announce to your passengers that the ride's about to get bumpy on account of bogeys on your tails.

Grab a reserve parachute or two on the way back to the pilot seat. Juuuust in case.

Wait, you do have parachutes, right?
No. 1035693 ID: 5d9787

That cover everything. Just run.
No. 1035694 ID: 6a2a09

casually walk back to everyone and tell them that we're meeting some weird unexpected red planes
No. 1035695 ID: 6e9a06

Are we under Fletcher in this operation or are they just leader of a platoon we are escorting? If they are in charge we should tell them first for them to decide how to respond if not then the pilot.
No. 1035696 ID: b01382

Oh Fuck! Go inform Fletcher, then go to the cock (hue) Pit with Bry. We might need to do some maneuvers. Where the hell is our escort fighter planes!?
No. 1035699 ID: b01382

Oh and I nearly forgot. Give Bry a kiss on the lips in case we don't live through this apparent assaults. And uh give back his pipe.
No. 1035717 ID: f5b4c2

Wow, you guys are kinda fucked if they start firing. You guys are in an ancient fossil of a plane that was a sitting duck in its heyday and they seem to be in modern aerospace fighters.
No. 1035745 ID: 273c18

Alert the crew, and get to your seat.
No. 1035776 ID: b01382

Do you think Dowser could handle a 5% or 10% grade bio armor?
No. 1035777 ID: 761d3b

Those can be enemy airplanes! Fast, ask some attentive and reliable superior! Tell Fletcher!
No. 1035880 ID: 2edd05
File 165611670704.png - (149.35KB , 800x600 , TQ12.png )

>Do you think Dowser could handle a 5% or 10% grade bio armor?
Never seen bio armor before, I've only heard stories - and from what I've heard, I don't think there is a male tobak on Saxum VIII that could handle it at any grade (unless it goes in the negatives.)

>Unknown red planes
Those planes aren't unknown at all, in fact, there's only one other company that comes to mind that thinks they own all the airspace around here.

Just as I suspected - Edevane. Looks like we got a couple patrol jets trailing us. Look at them, with their slicker, futuristic, aerodynamic designs - They think they're sooo much better than us! Looks as if they were designed and built by engineers and mechanics. It probably took a number of months for them to build those! It only takes Summit mere days to replicate a B-29!

>Wow, you guys are kinda fucked if they start firing. You guys are in an ancient fossil of a plane that was a sitting duck in its heyday and they seem to be in modern aerospace fighters.
Pssssh! They don't call this thing a flying fortress for nothing! And even if they manage to down us, Summit will just print two more in our place! Summit Mining Company is the greatest company in the universe!
No. 1035881 ID: 2edd05
File 165611673001.png - (241.32KB , 800x600 , TQ13.png )

>Give Bry a kiss on the lips in case we don't live through this apparent assault
It's a little too early to be performing CPR!

>Things might be getting interesting.
Interesting is right, I might actually have to do my job. I don't like having to get serious, but now might be a good time.

>You do have parachutes, right?
Just about one for everyone on board. We are at maximum passenger capacity, so there are no spares for me to take, should I need one.

>those planes look like something you should totally report to somebody. Like, right now.
Probably a good Idea. I tune in to the comm system.
"We got a situation! Two Edevane patrol jets trailing us at eight o' clock! They probably got light emitting weapons systems, so all tobaks should put their eye protection on!"
"We're being followed? Since when? This complicates things. You should come back to the front, Coil"
Fletcher tunes into the conversation.
>"Never mind the front, one pilot is enough. Get on one of the turrets and shoot those bastards down. I'd get one of my guys to do it, or even do it myself, but we're wearing too much armor and it's too damn cramped in the tunnels leading to the turret positions. Only you male tobaks and sect on the plane crew can move around quick enough. I'm getting my guys to equip parachutes and hold onto the cargo in case we have to jump off early and do the delivery by foot. Don't screw this up."
"Everyone to battle positions! I am maintaining current route!"

>Are we under Fletcher in this operation or are they just leader of a platoon we are escorting?
She just leads the platoon we are escorting. Whether I follow her orders or go to assist Bry is my call.

A burst of energised projectiles flies past our left wing, a shot managing to land between two of the engines. The damage isn't too urgent, and I'm protected from being blinded because my eyes are well protected. These guys are using better tech, but our projectiles should work just as good on them.
No. 1035882 ID: 899c9f

Get in the turrets and shoot back! This isn't just a flying fortress, it's a flying superfortress! It's time for the old ways of bomber self reliance to make a comeback.
No. 1035883 ID: ce39da

Going off on your own to repair is fighting a losing battle - the top priority is minimizing hostiles. Get shootin'!
No. 1035884 ID: 2aa5f0

>I'd get one of my guys to do it, or even do it myself, but we're wearing too much armor and it's too damn cramped in the tunnels leading to the turret positions

wow they really don't plan these things out do they? You think the company would have a full crew to man all positions or at least have the passengers capable of pulling double duty and being able to main the turrets on the plane while flying through known enemy territory (or contested territory, not sure if you guys own these tunnels). Then again you work for a corporation and not an actual military so the bean counters probably decided to cut on the plane's crew down to a minimum (just the pilots) and then load everything else up with passengers so they could squeeze more people in so they wouldn't have to use as many planes.
No. 1035892 ID: 273c18

>eyes are well protected
So both sets of goggles block light? What's the difference between them?

Get in the turret, Coil.
No. 1035896 ID: dee951

...Why are those modern looking planes so close you can see them? That's very odd for a modern design. Shouldn't they be attacking from BVR? Like, the first time you know you are under attack from a modern jet be when you eat a missile and then start to go down?? Are they just... not using appropriate tactics? Even if both of you have short ranged DEW's, shouldn't that be, yaknow, just backup weapons for modern fighters? Since you can actually see them clearly, aren't you in 'knife fight in a phone booth' range??

Also, if it takes months for them to make those, and days for your people to make your low tech hunk of junk, shouldn't you outnumber them by well over a 10:1 ratio?

ALSO ALSO, if you are limited to World War II tech, then why aren't you all escorted by Messerschmitt JET fighters?!?!
No. 1035898 ID: 5d9787

We are in a dark cave and all available weapons produce light that may blind the pilots. Maneuvering while wearing those dark goggles must be very risky.

I can operate the turrets but get someone ready to replace me near the tunnel. You are underestimating the usefulness of a second pilot in this situation.
No. 1035900 ID: f5b4c2

Radar and BVR don't really work when you are flying through a bunch of huge bendy tubes.
No. 1035901 ID: f5b4c2

Also lasers don't use any ammo, and plasma would use minimal ammo, so that would actually be more cost effective than using expensive missiles.
No. 1035902 ID: dee951


Lasers can use ammo! Haven't you heard of capacitors? Sometimes those are single use 'bullets'; laser revolvers exist. ALSO, parts for combat lasers wear out because they get overheated and distorted and need replacement!

Also, it'd be cheaper to use missiles because you aren't... you know... losing the entire airplane and the pilot, and are instead expending a relatively cheap missile (you do NOT need the most high tech missile to defeat a WWII tech airplane!), and leveraging the fact that you can fire it from well outside the engagement envelope of the other plane (possibly vertically not just horizontally!) to, yaknow, get 100:1+ kill death ratios. Laser weapons, particle beam weapons, and plasma weapons have utility, but in an atmosphere with clouds and diffraction and scattering and all the problems with AIR and such, their range is QUITE a bit lower than a missile in this context! They're not being fired from massive ground or orbital installations to power through this kind of thing, after all! Laser weapons are good for point defense and intercepting missiles and other sorts of incoming fire, since it's point and shoot, but generally only if they are under automatic computer control!

I call foul. Something VERY VERY weird is going on; I expect interference from some sort of 'outside context' agency or power to bring about this set of events and circumstances.
No. 1035917 ID: b01382

Find a turret and radio in with the other male Tobaks and sects. Role call! Who's manning what battle stations! We need all turrets gunners operating the turrets since yesterday!
Turn of safeties and fire back at those jet fighter fucks!
No. 1035924 ID: 761d3b

Turret plan sound good. If you trust Bry to pilot the plane alone thats it...
No. 1035926 ID: 708905

Perhaps they want to take the cargo so rather then risk vaporizing it with a missile they're trying to force a landing with precision weapons
No. 1035929 ID: dee951


Then wouldn't it be more effective to hijack the plane, or to have a 100% effective threat of destruction than risk it able to defend itself effectively? A shot from wayyyyy above their flight ceiling, exploded directly in front of them, and then radio contact saying 'divert to x location and land or be destroyed'?
No. 1035961 ID: 15a025

No. 1035974 ID: 34a520

Oh, yeah, i nearly forgot. If there is a male tobak or a sect not doing anything except sticking their thumbs up their own ass, they can take over the turret for us as we return back to Bry as his co-pilot.
No. 1035976 ID: 2edd05
File 165623718455.png - (342.98KB , 800x600 , TQ14.png )

>So, both sets of goggles block light? What's the difference between them?
These goggles block light well, but my eyes are already covered beneath that. The dimming goggles are an extra measure beyond that. I really prefer that my eyes be shielded at all costs.

>Why are those modern looking planes so close you can see them? That's very odd for a modern design.
Modern is such a funny word, especially in relation to aircraft tech and tactics. Humans stopped designing aircraft a bit before spaceships pretty much made them obsolete, and lots of tactics were forgotten or deemed impractical for these sorts of situations. "Modern" Aircraft are now just a good way to bring things through big caves at unmatched speeds without risking an expensive spacecraft. That’s my theory anyway.

>Since you can actually see them clearly, aren't you in 'knife fight in a phone booth' range??
These caves can have fairly tight turns, meaning it's difficult to get a direct line of sight at a far range. This forces confrontations to be closer together, which is good for us, I guess.

>shouldn't you outnumber them by well over a 10:1 ratio?
Building planes is one thing, training pilots is another.

>why aren't you being escorted by jet fighters?
We spread ourselves too thin as it is. Summit is a big company, but we don't realistically have the resources to reinforce everything.

>You are underestimating the usefulness of a second pilot in this situation.
Maybe. But Bry is a natural, why else would they give him such a nice uniform? I'm just a helping (robotic) hand to him anyway.

>Perhaps they want to take the cargo so rather than risk vaporizing it with a missile they're trying to force a landing with precision weapons
That makes sense, but not even I know about the cargo, how does a rival company? I doubt this is an uncoordinated attack, something might be up.

>Get in the turrets and shoot back! This isn't just a flying fortress, it's a flying Superfortress! It's time for the old ways of bomber self-reliance to make a comeback.
Now that's what I'm talking about!
I haul myself through the tunnel and start crawling my way towards a turret. I stop just below the top turret before meeting up with a couple crew members.

"Coil! What's the situation looking like?"
"We're getting shot at. I was thinking one of you could fill me in."
>"We're in the process of shooting back, but we don't seem to be making much of an impact."
"Not like I can tell, I can't see a damn thing."
"What's the issue? They got shields or something?"
>"Could be. I've noticed a few important facts so far. One, both of these guys fly completely different. One is an amateur and the other is clearly more experienced. The rookie is firing more and missing his shots, and the vet is dodging more and positioning himself better."
"Like that information is going to be helpful."
>"There is another thing. Whenever we try to land a hit, force field shielding appears to protect them. This would be a problem if not for one thing - we hit the rookie plane once on a non-critical point."
"What does that mean?"
>"Means their shields aren’t on all the time. Trouble is finding out when exactly they become vulnerable. Then again, this could all be a question of which plane we should try to shoot down first."
No. 1035977 ID: b0b5f8

They probably need to lower their shields when firing!
No. 1035978 ID: 899c9f

You should practice your aim on the rookie to get a feel for when the shields go down, then apply that to the veteran, who knows when his shields are down, but you know that he knows, and he knows that you know that he knows, and thus the mind games will begin.
No. 1035979 ID: 2aa5f0

take down rookie so the other plane doesn't have a wingman, also can you radio the other bombers and have them focus fire on the two planes with you to give them less options to dodge or would that be a no go?
No. 1035980 ID: 5d9787

So shot when they are shooting. The rookie will give us more opportunities than the veteran.

Can the sect even aim?
If she can have her focusing on the rookie enemy regardless of who the tobaks focus on. Whenever there is light coming from him direction send bullets in his general direction.
If everything is a blur from this distance independent of the light levels she could accompany one of the tobaks and help with the controls. That is assuming there are buttons to press or change of ammunition that four extra arms could be useful at handling, I don't actually know if this is the case.

Unless there is a chance that they will run out of bullets, which I doubt, the rookie won't be much less dangerous than the veteran. So it's better to eliminate him first.
No. 1035981 ID: 273c18

You're wearing two pieces of eye protection, and you have a spare set of goggles too? What prompted such overkill?

That Sect looks different... do Sect from different hives have significant differences in anatomy? Or is she some sort of mutant?

I'm going to agree on that the shields go down when they shoot. That's why you got the hit on the rookie without knowing the trick- his shields are down more often because he's attacking more. My inner scientist says to confirm the theory by testing on the rookie since you have more opportunities to do so, then using the confirmed theory to take out the skilled pilot since he's more of a threat.
No. 1035987 ID: b01382

This, their shields probably arent one-way where bullets leave the ship and can enter. So, their shields turn off briefly to fire, before theyre up again. Relay this information to the gunners that havent figured this out yet.
No. 1035989 ID: b01382

Wait a second, is that a male or female sect? I thought only the males were short, or are those chest impressions something else? Chitin plates?
No. 1035991 ID: 01fe07

This sounds about right.
No. 1035993 ID: 8d8f29

Are we being hailed over the radio?

>Humans stopped designing aircraft a bit before spaceships pretty much made them obsolete
Clearly you have not heard of aerospace fighters.

>Shields not up all the time.
That could be because you are (presumably) shooting bullets at them. Shields are most likely designed to stop railgun rounds and lasers. Bullets may be reaching the lower limit of how slow of a projectile they can stop. Some bullets may get through. Keep unloading. There are five turrets, fire at both.
No. 1035995 ID: c28082


Either not on all the time or limited to specific vital areas to limit the energy cost, if they're using energy weapons as well, since having a full-out reactor on those things would probably make them too unwieldy.

It might be smartest to try to disable the fighters by INTENTIONALLY shooting at non-critical parts outside the fuselage, to either damage ailerons or flaps to prevent them from maneuvering.

We shouldn't focus on the rookie entirely, however, as that might be a feint intended to keep us occupied with the veteran wears us down. Trying to focus on both, however, just means thinning our offense, so we should target whichever is lining up for a shot or moves nearest, thus forcing THEM onto the defensive.
No. 1036003 ID: 7faf10

Most likely scenario. Try shooting them while they fire. If you don't hit them, it will at least make them take maneuvers and make you harder to hit.
No. 1036004 ID: dee951


Agree on the aerospace fighters thing! Spaceplanes should be a thing, yaknow? Just because you have spaceships which can take the ultimate high ground above a given gravity well doesn't make ALL forms of air based combat obsolete!
No. 1036018 ID: 9bcb00

It sounds like we need to be shooting them at the same time they shoot at us. It's all a matter of getting the timing just right.
No. 1036154 ID: 2edd05
File 165632186965.png - (248.68KB , 800x600 , TQ15.png )

>do Sect from different hives have significant differences in anatomy?
Yep! They say that no two sect are the same. Some hives can look similar, but they generally look vastly different, especially depending on which biome you visit. Some have two arms, others have four, I've even heard that some can have four legs. I have also heard that some can fly, but that seems to just be an urban legend.
>is that a male or female sect? I thought only the males were short
That is a female, it isn't just the males that are short. Sect aren't like tobaks, both the males and females are the same size with the exception of the queens and royal guards. In the case of most types, drones are even slightly smaller than tobak males.
>Can the sect even aim?
She can't see much, so I'm thinking not really. She does stuff like radio transmissions, navigation, putting fires out and stuff like that.

>Clearly you have not heard of aerospace fighters.
I have heard of stuff like that, but I have never seen any of it flown in a cave. Building one down here seems like a waste, as all that fancy space travel tech wouldn't see good use here. Actually... I'm curious if someone like me could ever make it as a space pilot, as if a tobak would ever be let anywhere near an FTL warp drive.

>You're wearing two pieces of eye protection, and you have a spare set of goggles too? What prompted such overkill?
Because I don't want to get blinded, and totes not because of any other reason!

>There are five turrets, fire at both.
The problem seems to be that not all of our turrets can reach them. We have two on the top, two on the bottom and one on the back. Only a couple seem capable of getting a good shot at them from some angles. Some fire machine gun rounds - the others fire rail gun rounds.

I clamber to the turret remote control system that operates the machine gun turret to the bottom. I can also switch control to the front bottom turret which operates a rail gun, which could probably make quick work of these guys if they didn’t have shields.

I look outside the window to try see if I can spot anything, but it's completely dark out there. Is this really what aliens see, all the time? Luckily, we have spotlights attached to the turrets so we can see our targets better.
No. 1036155 ID: 2edd05
File 165632188840.png - (244.09KB , 800x600 , TQ16.png )

>They probably need to lower their shields when firing!
Possibly... it sounds risky, but it also makes sense. The rookie got hit because he always has his weapons on, which means he is exposed longer. It might be a good idea to test this theory on him.

I turn the turret towards the rookie flying in the plane marked with the number '5' and I get ready to fire in his general direction, looking to get a shot in on the wings or fins. I wait for him strike and before too long, he lets out a spray of shots with me responding with my own shots shortly after.

Boom! A few of the bullets make contact with the enemy jet, ripping through some of the light armor! Looks like the theory was correct, their armor turns off when they are firing!

The rookie reacts by backing off, but he hasn't withdrawn yet. He has stopped firing while trying to stabilise his movements, his shield protecting him no doubt. It won't be long before he tries firing again.

I alert the rest of the crew to the discovery over the radio system.
>"T-that's good news! Unfortunately, this 'veteran' of ours seems to know better, and hasn't taken a single hit, not even on his armor. His manoeuvrability is impressive, dodging shots with ease. He is so close to us that the tail gun can't reach him, and I can't get any good hits on him without shredding our back fin. He is starting to move below my firing range, positioning himself behind our right-side engines, looks like he is looking to finally make a move."

I feel confident that I can take out the rookie from here, but the vet might require my attention. Deciding on what ammo type to use may also be of consideration.
No. 1036156 ID: b0b5f8

How good are this plane's airbrakes? Suddenly slowing down and causing the vet to overshoot would be good, but if he stops shooting that might not help that much.
You probably need to radio a fellow bomber for help, to cover your dead angles while you bait him into shooting.
No. 1036158 ID: 30b9f6

Swap to rail gun mode. Aim and hold fire, waiting to nail the veteran as he swoops in. Full on ignore the rookie now.
No. 1036159 ID: 273c18

The rookie is missing his shots, let him go for now. The veteran thinks he's about to do some serious damage so take him out.
Railgun rounds sound stronger, use some of those. Also I'd guess the projectile speed is higher which means you have a chance of taking him down like a half second earlier which could be important.
Make sure to fire only when you know you can hit him. If you're peppering his shields he won't lower them to attack, because he's smart.
No. 1036162 ID: b01382

These are all great points. Breaking to decelerate might spook the fighter and cause them to overshoot, also there are multiple turrets? We should try collaborating with another turret operate to align the railgun with the veteran as we lay down suppressive fire, or "pretend to" shoot him so we don't cause him to back off entirely, but draw enough attention where he won't pay the railgun any mind?
No. 1036165 ID: be2ac4

A good railgun shot on the veteran.
No. 1036167 ID: 2aa5f0

probably going to need to railgun the veteran because he's the bigger threat right now and you're probably only going to get one shot on the guy before he falls back or takes out and engine.
No. 1036170 ID: ce39da

Yeah, radio up to your copilot to break as you get into position to shoot the vet when he does.
No. 1036174 ID: 75b9a4

Armored or not, a plane’s still a fragile thing, and you need to hit him as soon as possible. Switch focus to the veteran, and use machine guns!
No. 1036178 ID: 8d8f29

B-29 doesn't have airbrakes, unfortunately.

This is the play. Have one gunner cow them into the stream of another gunner. Railgun probably has to cool down for half a second or so (maybe longer) between firing, so it should be used as the knockout punch (also it will ignite the oxygen in the atmosphere as it flies out so it will make a pretty big bright fireball, prep for it).
No. 1036179 ID: 8d8f29

Also, even if the vet has his shields on the whole time, if they get hit constantly in the same hemisphere, they should weaken there (at least until they stop getting hit on that part and can remesh the hardlight or whatever they are using for a shield). If you keep the pressure on and keep them from flying off, you could bust through with brute force.
No. 1036199 ID: fe225b

>This is the play. Have one gunner cow them into the stream of another gunner.
I like this plan!
No. 1036267 ID: c28082


obligatory "don't cross the streams" post
No. 1036331 ID: 2edd05
File 165640783108.png - (186.50KB , 800x600 , TQ17.png )

>radio a fellow bomber for help
We moved away from the pack a while ago, it is likely that help would not arrive in time.

>How good are this plane's airbrakes?
Not very good - which is to say: non-existent! For some reason, only our dive bombers have those. It wouldn't help much if we had air brakes anyway because we are already going as slow as we can (Flying too fast through caves is a bad idea!) Because of that, our manoeuvrability options in general are a little limited.

>Swap to rail gun mode. Aim and hold fire, waiting to nail the veteran as he swoops in. Full on ignore the rookie now.
Seems like a good idea. I swap the turret I am operating to the rail gun, and I take aim.

>Make sure to fire only when you know you can hit him
He has been pretty quiet in terms of attacking, he hasn't fired any shots yet - so I'll fire when he takes his first shot, that is when he'll least expect it!

I bring my attention off the rookie jet and to the veteran on our right. I watch the plane closely

I wait and I wait, until he suddenly starts his attack - I squeeze the button and take the shot!

The shot lands squarely, directly, precisely in the centre of his shield, and bounces off harmlessly.


Wait... He only fired once, and his shields came back up just as I pressed the fire button. Why did he stop firing?
No. 1036332 ID: 2edd05
File 165640785445.png - (195.38KB , 800x600 , TQ18.png )

Not even a second later, the vet unloads a volley of shots directly onto engine 3 as I wait for the rail gun to cycle another round. Engine 3 bursts into flames and the propeller slowly stops spinning, effectively becoming useless.

>"What was that? What the hell just happened?" A voice from the radio calls out.
"I don't mean to be of alarm, but it would seem as though one of our engines has ceased functioning. Don't worry though, as long as the engine next to it stays working, we should be able to continue flying just fine... Please, do make sure that the engine next to engine 3 stays functioning, will you?"
Fletcher pitches in
>"Looks like this piece of junk is going down. I'm putting my platoon's parachutes on, and we are getting ready to jump out the moment this thing can't get us to our destination."
"No need to be hasty. We can get this setback sorted out."
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor! Let us take care of this!"
>"You better. I have my hand over the door handle, just in case. I suggest you guys put on your parachutes as well."

I was right about one thing; the veteran seriously is the biggest threat right now.
No. 1036333 ID: 2edd05
File 165640787668.png - (213.35KB , 800x600 , TQ19.png )

I pick up a pair of binoculars and look closer at the veteran's plane. I can get a clear look at the pilot...

He's looking at me, how...


He knew.

He knew I figured out how their shields worked, he knew I would fire a railgun round at him the moment he started firing! He knew what my target was and knew when I would attack! he feigned his initial attack so I would waste my shot to create an opening!

Auuuugh! I hate going up against people who are smarter than me! I suck at chess for this very reason, but I can't even cheat in a situation like this! Talk about unfair.

Still, I'm not going to let this smug salad alien get away with this! I now know one useful piece of information; His next target is for certain going to be the other engine, that is the fastest way to take us down and he isn't even pretending like he won't go for it.

>Bust through the shield with brute force.
That could be possible. Even though my shot didn't go through, it probably weakened that part of the shield, hitting the same place might be enough to force a projectile's entry.

>This is the play: Have one gunner cow them into the stream of another gunner.
This could work. It would certainly get him away from the engines - but I'm not sure if he will lower his guard enough for us to touch him. Worth a try though.

I can even go for the same strategy of trying to fire the railgun when he fires, but I'm not sure if he will feint again or not. If I fail to take him down before he takes out our other engine, we are toast.
No. 1036334 ID: 273c18

Hmm, nah, he's too good. Just play defensively, spray him down whenever he's in the right area to shoot. Have someone pelt him with a railgun occasionally to see if the shields eventually go down- he'll probably retreat when they get too weak, at which point you can take out the rookie. Heck, you could all try focus firing on him with railgun shots to punch through, by staggering your fire so he doesn't have an opening to shoot.

...use your binocs to check the rookie. Make sure he's not another veteran acting as bait.
No. 1036335 ID: 4b8164

How quick can you switch between firing modes? Could you fire the rail gun then switch over to the auto canon to pepper him when he thinks he’s safe?

Also those marks on the side of the plan make me think he’s shot down mountains. I mean all those white makes have to mean how many things he’s shot down, but the ones under her window look like mountains to me and I’m wondering why he’s shooting mountains?
No. 1036338 ID: 30b9f6

Parachute on!

Baiting your shot was damn clever, especially considering you'd been spraying earlier and there was no reason to believe you'd shift to railgun. Then again, baiting would've worked in either case, and since you weren't using a machine gun he could just go ahead with his initial approach. Man, this guy looks for win-wins. You gotta put him in a lose-lose!

And that's a stupidly impressive list of takedowns. He's smart, he knows what works, and if he doesn't want to waste any more time or risks, he'll definitely go for the other engine just to get this over with.

He'll definitely try to trick you again - as mentioned, if both approaches works it costs him nothing to try. Even if you shift to machine gun fire, one gun doesn't have the volume of fire needed to constantly keep him away. It'll overheat or run dry and whatnot, right? All he has to do is to keep attack runs, dodging, shields up. If he's really clever he'll know the specs of these machines. He'll know roughly how much ammo you can afford to shoot on a clip, how much continuous fire is liable to make it overheat and jam.

... hm. Maybe he can be too clever. Or you. One of you.

Hot reload a fresh ammo crate - have more ammo than he thinks you do. Just be careful not to overheat the barrel as you spray wildly to 'keep him away' or 'get lucky'. Count shots if you can - he might be, and he knows you wasted some ammo on the Rookie. Don't give any indication you're reloading on the sly, track him with the guns when you can. Soliciting some help to get the reloading done quick might be good - is the Sect tech still free? Hard to put out engine fires on the outside.
No. 1036340 ID: 8824ae

Name of the company is Summit. Those are all company logos.
No. 1036350 ID: f57349

You don't necessarily need to punch through the shield with a projectile that's still going full speed. Try to line it up so that bullets get sucked into his jet intake, maybe after bouncing off once and thus matching speed - shield might not react to a relatively low-velocity impact but jet turbines absolutely will.
No. 1036358 ID: 598559

Wait you said these tunnels were tight? Could you shoot the cave ceiling so that a bunch of rubble falls in front of his plane? I wonder how his shield would react to a bunch of massive relatively slow objects as opposed to tiny fast objects.
No. 1036359 ID: 708905

Or dust in the air intakes
No. 1036365 ID: d084c2

You can’t underestimate him like that. You already know he’s a veteran, and knows enough to counter basic counter strategies! Use the bullets to try and get through on sheer volume, you will not outsnipe him.
…I wonder if the air intakes really are a weak point. How’s the air getting through the shield if the bullets won’t?
No. 1036370 ID: 30b9f6

WE can't shoot loose roof shingles - being the bottom gunner - but maybe the top gunners can?
No. 1036371 ID: 761d3b

You could be the next target, be prepared to jump out of the turret. Defeating the bigger treath is the priority after all.

How much time you have left to reach a safe place? Are all reinforcements out of reach? Maybe you all can storm him with fire and negate him the oportunity to attack. A drawn is a win with enought luck and board control.
No. 1036372 ID: 6a2a09

oh man, thats a lot of kills marked on that plane
No. 1036381 ID: 63cbf0

If everyone needs to jump out, you all better hope these pilots aren't a bunch of assholes that would shoot you while you're helplessly floating down in your parachutes!

He's currently not wearing anything on his eyes. Would it be possible to blind him? Do we have any spotlights that can aim towards him?

Or we could keep spraying him with the machine guns and have someone else shoot their railgun at him. He'll need to keep his shield up to avoid the machine gun shots and the railgun will keep weakening his shields.

He'll eventually need to back off so he doesn't lose his shields.
No. 1036385 ID: 30b9f6

>Not wearing goggles
Gonna guess he's not a Tobak, but a Miklik, considering how green he looks.

Edevane is the miklik corp, after all! If anything, the Rookie might be a Tobak? This guy, though? Probably a well-trained ace imported from offworld!
No. 1036395 ID: 7c0da2

The plane can't brake or accelerate, and turning won't help, but maybe it can gain or lose altitude quickly? It could allow the top gunner to fire an unexpected shot? But if he is smart he will probably anticipate that.
You could also take advantage of the rookie and herd him on a collision course with the veteran using machine gun fire (and help from the other gunners), and maybe a well timed railgun shot to damage him so he can't avoid the vet? I doubt his shield could block that, and even if the veteran dodges the rookie, that's still one less plane to worry about, assuming you manage to shoot the rookie down.

Also, quick, while he is looking at you, make a rude gesture!
No. 1036595 ID: 2edd05
File 165659994721.png - (245.17KB , 800x600 , TQ20.png )

>while he is looking at you, make a rude gesture!
I stick out my tongue while giving a biiiiig disapproving robo-thumbs down, the rudest gestures I can think of. I loudly proclaim (in my head) that his mother was a mudskimmer and his father smelt of glowberries.

>Gonna guess he's not a Tobak, but a Miklik, considering how green he looks.
That checks out. He doesn't seem to be wearing his goggles because night vision doesn't work that well in a lit firefight. Or maybe he is taunting me in some kind of alien gesture I don't understand.
>Edevane is the miklik corp, after all! If anything, the Rookie might be a Tobak? This guy, though? Probably a well-trained ace imported from offworld!
That's probably it! No way someone gets this much experience flying in caves all day. When there's a job a local can't do, they always get offworld talent!
>Would it be possible to blind him?
He's an alien. A plant alien! lights only make him stronger!

>How quick can you switch between firing modes?
Pretty much instantly, but if I want to fire both turrets at a constant rate, I need to get another turret operator to take control of the other turret.

>those marks on the side of the plan make me think he’s shot down mountains
Those are the summit company logo! he probably thinks he's some kinda big shot for shooting down poor defenceless super fortresses. We'll show him!

>Parachute on!
I'll be sure to put a parachute on just in case.

>Could you shoot the cave ceiling so that a bunch of rubble falls in front of his plane?
I have no doubts that somebody has tried that trick on him before and failed. I wouldn't be surprised if he is prepared for such a scenario - he's too smart for that!

>How much time do you have left to reach a safe place?
Not enough! This guy could shoot us down before we get there.

>This guy looks for win-wins. You gotta put him in a lose-lose!
Isn’t that the truth! The only way I can think of beating this guy is by thinking of a plan so unthinkable, that even he can't think of it! Just gotta think, and I gotta make it quick before I get a headache from it.
No. 1036596 ID: 2edd05
File 165659997485.png - (324.73KB , 800x600 , TQ21.png )

>He'll definitely try to trick you again - as mentioned, if both approaches work it costs him nothing to try. Even if you shift to machine gun fire, one gun doesn't have the volume of fire needed to constantly keep him away. It'll overheat or run dry and whatnot, right? All he has to do is to keep attack runs, dodging, shields up. If he's really clever he'll know the specs of these machines. He'll know roughly how much ammo you can afford to shoot on a clip, how much continuous fire is liable to make it overheat and jam.
I'm willing to bet so. A guy like this is probably more familiar with these kinds of planes than I am. He probably knows of flaws that I'm not even aware of.
>... hm. Maybe he can be too clever. Or you. One of you.
>Hot reload a fresh ammo crate - have more ammo than he thinks you do. Just be careful not to overheat the barrel as you spray wildly to 'keep him away' or 'get lucky'. Count shots if you can - he might be, and he knows you wasted some ammo on the Rookie. Don't give any indication you're reloading on the sly, track him with the guns when you can. Soliciting some help to get the reloading done quick might be good - is the Sect tech still free? Hard to put out engine fires on the outside.
>Yeah... I think she's free. This plan sounds logically sound enough to work!

I use the radio to communicate with the four-armed sect
"Hey Freya, you got a minute?"
>"O-oh, yeah?"
"I have something I need you to do."
>"Beats trying to put out that engine fire. What do you need?"
"I need you to hook up a fresh ammo crate to the bottom rear turret, I need to keep it firing so I have more rounds than this hot shot ace pilot thinks I do. Try hook up a belt as I'm firing, I don't want to give away what I'm doing."
>"That sounds... do you think that'd work?"
"I'm thinking it's worth a try!"
>"Aren't you worried about the gun overheating? Or jamming?"
"A risk I need to take."
>"Well... Ok. I'm loading the belt from a fresh ammo crate now. Make it count because we're all counting on you."
No. 1036597 ID: 2edd05
File 165659999380.png - (201.81KB , 800x600 , TQ22.png )

I train the machine gun turret on the ace pilot's fighter jet. He makes little attempt to dodge the shot as he is staying in place for the opportunity to take out engine 4. So long as I am firing, he won't get that opportunity, which is why it looks like he is waiting for an opening in my firing pattern to make the decisive move.

I get on the radio to another turret operator, and I tell him to train the railgun turret on the ace fighter's jet, and to continuously fire as fast as he can, even if he can’t get past the shield. He fires the rail gun, but there is a noticeably large attack window in the time it takes to reload. The machine gun turret is the only thing stopping the ace from shooting us down right here and now.

The barrage of bullets continues for seconds, which turn to minutes. The shield is holding up, possibly because they gave this pilot something able to withstand this kind of attack.
No. 1036598 ID: 2edd05
File 165660001438.png - (263.59KB , 800x600 , TQ23.png )

Despite my efforts to pace my shots, the machine gun turret is no doubt getting hot, really hot. The shots are becoming less accurate, and the risk of jamming is becoming a more likely possibility by the second. It is starting to emit a glow that even I can see from my window, and the ace can no doubt see it too. He is waiting for the moment the gun gives out. At one moment, the turret reaches the point where it runs out of ammunition on a regular fully loaded capacity, and the firing of bullets abruptly stop.
No. 1036599 ID: 2edd05
File 165660003086.png - (299.28KB , 800x600 , TQ24.png )

This was it, the perfect opportunity for attack. The machine gun had run out of ammo and the rail gun was early in its reloading cycle. This is the perfect time to strike for the ace.

Or at least it would have been if I hadn't gotten the turret reloaded mid-fire.

I slam the trigger back down after that masterful feint and continue my barrage on a gun that is on the verge of practically melting from the heat.

My suspicions were correct, this was the moment he has let his guard down. The bullets spray far off in wildly different directions, but most manage to land on different parts on the plane, some hitting the body, others hitting the wings, and a few stray shots manage to hit the glass of the cockpit.
No. 1036600 ID: 2edd05
File 165660005076.png - (255.76KB , 800x600 , TQ25.png )

The ace pilot's plane flies far ahead, soon emitting a load crashing sound that can be heard far and wide. We soon approach a fiery, smoking pile of destroyed plane. looks like the nuclear-powered reactor must've gone off. It brings me great joy thinking of the millions of zeny that just went down the drain.

I wonder if that pilot is ok.
No. 1036602 ID: 8d838a

He probably ejected.
Well that turret’s probably shot, but it was worth it. Don’t forget about the rookie.
No. 1036604 ID: 36784c

>I wonder if that pilot is ok.
I’m pretty sure he’s dead.

Don’t relax yet, you’ve still got another enemy to worry about! And don’t use your turret, it’s overheated too much! Have someone else shoot the other guy down!
No. 1036606 ID: 708905

Yeeah prett sure the ace gained some fresh head holes which kills pretty much any species.
Also don't forget the rookie, he's not as good but your gun is in rough shape
No. 1036607 ID: 04487d

Outplayed ‘im, aw yeah! Maybe you should try your hand at chess again, you just need to do something so unexpected your opponent can’t predict or take advantage of it.

If a nuclear-powered reactor went off, I’m wondering if you are okay.

Also, let’s not celebrate too early. Rookie’s still out there, yeah?
No. 1036608 ID: 2aa5f0

I'm sure he's fine but right now you still have one plan to worry about and your gun is basically fried right now and needs to cool before it melts or jams. Either switch to the rail gun to see if you can't snipe the rookie (if he hasn't fled) or act as a spotter for your buddy on the railgun to help him time his shots with the rookie powering down their shields.
No. 1036609 ID: 2fce91

Switch to a new gun. That one needs to cool down unless you want to turn it into useless slag.
If the engine is still on fire, tell the pilot to shut it down. That should stop the fire. I know the prop stopped spinning but the engine is still on fire so that seems to indicate that the engine is still running, but not engaging the prop. The wing fuel tanks are self-sealing so the fire has to be from the engine.
Start searching for the remaining plane. Since you are in a tunnel, they can't exactly pull off, so they must still be there.

Also scratch a tally down on the wall.

Reactor explosions aren't like nuclear bombs.
No. 1036611 ID: 7c0da2

The rookie may want to avenge the other pilot, be careful.
No. 1036612 ID: 6a2a09

You know it would *totally* suck if it turns out the rookie is actually another ace pilot in disguise
No. 1036613 ID: c28082


He's a plant. Stick him in the dirt and water him like a thirsty flower and maybe he'll be alright. I think.
No. 1036621 ID: 5d9787

Well, congratulations! No time for celebrations, but you can afford to announce your success on the radio.

It's amusing we've been show the pilot death when Coil haven't see such scene.
Would you prefer for the ace to survive? I'm not sure if you would fear meeting him again or if you feel respect for a fellow pilot.

Unfortunately we still have to endure a few shots from the rookie to take him down, and the turret that better cover the vulnerable engine is currently overheating. Ideally we would keep him away from our right wing with suppressive fire and offer opportunities on the left, but that may not be an option.
If we have to take damage on the remaining right engine, don't lose your chance of taking the enemy down at the same time. The parachute fall will be much less dangerous without a jet shooting at us.
No. 1036623 ID: b0b5f8

Too bad you're not the radio officer, you can't contact the second bogey and tell him to SUBMIT TO SUMMIT or be destroyed.
No. 1036630 ID: f91343

>I wonder if that pilot is ok.
Plants and fire don't go hand to hand, so i doubt he's ok, being surrounded by fire and possible high caliber rounds inside his body.

Now we can pay attention on our own damage. Put that fire out and check the condition on the turret.
No. 1036631 ID: a9af05

>Now we can pay attention on our own damage.
Not until we take out that last hostile! The rookie is still around here somewhere!
No. 1036765 ID: 2edd05
File 165677378060.png - (220.75KB , 800x600 , TQ26.png )

>"No time for celebrations, but you can afford to announce your success on the radio."
"I stuck a fork in the ace, he won't be a problem anymore!"
>"Hell yeah!"
"I knew you could do it, I was rooting for you the whole time! now why don't you come up to the front with me?~."
>"Coil did that? He's annoying as hell but I gotta give him credit."
"Thank god that paid off! looks like we live to fly another day..."
>"Yeah, Coil gets on my nerves too but at least he didn't screw up for once."

Ah, such kind praises...

Fletcher's voice comes on over the call.
>"Congratulations. Looks like we won't be jumping out after all - but I'm getting everyone to keep parachutes on in case anything happens in the next ten minutes."

>Too bad you're not the radio officer, you can't contact the second bogey and tell him to SUBMIT TO SUMMIT or be destroyed.
Oooooh I like that, I need to write that in big letters right next to the shiny new Edevane decal I get to put on the front of this plane.

>The rookie may want to avenge the other pilot, be careful.
He must be doing it from very far away because I can't see him anywhere.

>worry about the rookie
Right, right. I should ask on the radio what happened to him.
>"That other guy? He flew far ahead whilst you were firing at the ace. We put a lot of holes in him, and he is losing altitude fast. I doubt he'll make it back to his base, and his chances of finding a landing spot out here are pretty slim, so I think it's fair to say that he is done for. I'm still keeping an eye out, but I really doubt we'll see him again."

>The state of the machine turret
It's jammed, and even if it wasn't, it is almost out of ammo. Not getting much use out of this in the future.

I crawl my way through the tunnel back towards the front of the plane so that I can return back to my co-piloting position, but I am suddenly stopped upon hearing a conversation that I'm not being involved in. Oh, would you look at that? It's what's her name... Sam! She seems to be speaking into some kinda PDA device, one they must give to their security teams, because it doesn't look much like a summit PDA.

>"H-how was I supposed to know they were going to fight them off? and win? "


>"Y-... yes! I saw it! They got the professional guy! Fletcher says we're not jumping anymore."


>"Plan B? Y-you didn't tell me about a plan B!"


>"Why? What's going to happen to the back of the plane?"


>"The blue suitcase? What's inside the-... right, right... I get it, deliver it to where you ask, and if I do that... you guys will pay off all the debt, and make the charges go away, right?"


"Hello? Mister Tan? Are you there?"
No. 1036767 ID: 967bee

Well, that was.... unussually expository. Is she framing herself on purpose?

Well, we might as well run and inform Fletcher, anyway. Time for her to earn HER money's worth!
No. 1036768 ID: b0b5f8

Try to crawl back silently before she notices you're here.
No. 1036769 ID: 5feb6e

Traitor!! Attack!
No. 1036770 ID: 899c9f

Before you speak to her, you should probably demonstrate how to disconnect the battery on the laser rifle.
No. 1036771 ID: 00e87a

The blue suitcase might be a bomb. Probably want to go deal with that right now.
No. 1036772 ID: f91343

Forget about the traitor for now, find that suitcase ASAP and dispose of it!
No. 1036773 ID: 36784c

Can you privately radio Fletcher? If you can, you should tell her about this traitor so she can do something while you go look for that blue suitcase!
No. 1036775 ID: ce39da

This is bad; there's almost certainly a bomb in that blue suitcase, and while we know where it's going, we don't know where it is right now. Unless he has some other way of tracking the bomb's relative position inside a moving plane, 'Mr. Tan' will need verbal confirmation that it's properly placed, whether it's from Sam or another agent. He's going to call again, and I'm thinking the suitcase is gonna go "boom" regardless of whether he thinks things are going to plan.

Walk away quietly and Radio Fletcher. Tell her to have everyone look for a blue suitcase NOW; you just overheard a Belenos named Sam having a convo with a 'Mr. Tan' (as if Tobaks wouldn't instantly get such a classic movie reference) about planting a bomb that's kept in it.

Of course, if she and the other soldiers are in the same room, you can call Sam out on her 'mission' right here, loud enough for everyone to hear.
No. 1036779 ID: b0b5f8

I'm not the blue suitcase is a bomb, since it may be what she's asked to deliver (the syntax is ambiguous). So it can be the "some kind of container" the soldiers are guarding... or it can be a bomb.

Either way, that's for Fletcher and co to handle. Just warn them about it.
No. 1036789 ID: 7c0da2

Try taking/disabling her rifle while she is not looking before doing anything noisy like alerting the rest of the crew or talking to her.
No. 1036791 ID: c28082


Uh oh. Sounds like we got a big white horned MOLE in our midst!

(you know, those weird Earth critters from those monster movies, or whatever)

Sounds like our buddy Sam needs a chaperone and maybe also to talk with Fletcher, since like, it's TOTALLY easy for new recruits to get lost in these planes, right? Be awful if she got stuck somewhere, being so big and all.
No. 1036793 ID: b0b5f8

Oooh! Alternately, you could tell her that you know of a very good way for her employer to wipe her debt, criminal record and a potential witness, and she's not going to like it.

Turn her against her boss. Him not telling her about his "plan B" should make it easier to sell.
No. 1036804 ID: 9a2966

Yoink her gun while her back's turned for safety's sake? Speaking of safety, remember to turn it off, too!

And immediately radio in and tell everyone to get away from the back of the plane if they can! And it definitely wasn't you who screwed up a thing this time!

(saying that last thing might get their asses moving faster, if for some reason they are ready to believe that you have, indeed, screwed something up this time)

Oh, and parachute's still in reach, yeah?
No. 1036824 ID: 798908

No. 1036828 ID: 36784c

She’s too big for a tiny male tobak to suplex!
No. 1036829 ID: 422cea

Yoink her weapon and unload it's ammo.
No. 1036833 ID: 5d9787

Your mechanical hands are good at grappling? I hope you at least have this as an advantage in a possible physical altercation in a tight space with someone twice your height.
If it comes to that you should at least break her wrist before she beat the shit out of you.

Sam, please rethink your options. How sure are you will receive a reward and not an execution? If we fall you will have to cross the dark caves, and believe me this is no place for an alien like you to be alone. Help me get this plane to safety and we can deal with your problems by talking. Thrust me, I will be there for you after we get to safety.
No. 1036840 ID: 54662a

I concur on this course of action. Spike those horns deep into the ground to keep her from being able to get away while we deal with the suitcase/interrogate her.
No. 1036850 ID: 2aa5f0

whelp time to find that blue suitcase and see what's inside. Then once you have evidence then go show someone because with your reputation I'm sure someone wouldn't believe you if you just told someone. Guess that's just the curse of being the life of the party because people seem to have trouble telling when you're serious or not.
No. 1036862 ID: 15a025

"Blue suit case? Eugh...hope that isn't the one over by engine three."
No. 1036896 ID: b01382

For an off worlder you sure are gulible. You think theyll keep their word on helping you?
No. 1036905 ID: 2fce91

Afaik the B-29 does not have passageways for people or storage in the wings. In fact, I am pretty sure they are narrow enough it would be physically impossible.

Anyhoo, discretely message someone about the situation and look for the bomb.
No. 1036918 ID: 2edd05
File 165687089114.png - (203.02KB , 800x600 , TQ27.png )

>The blue suitcase might be a bomb. Probably want to go deal with that right now.
Uh oh. Bombs and planes don't mix.

I look around Sam, and the entire room, but I can't seem to spot a suitcase anywhere, blue or otherwise. It must be somewhere else.

>Can you privately radio Fletcher?
I don't have access to her private frequency, it seems my device has specifically been denied access to Fletcher's private frequency. Must be a glitch! Unless I want to use the public frequency, I have to meet with her in person.

Maybe I would if I wasn't so vertically challenged!
>I concur on this course of action. Spike those horns deep into the ground to keep her from being able to get away
I mean it! She has like, a foot and a half on me! If I fight her, I will not win!

>Break her wrist
While my hands are capable of crushing stuff (namely soda cans and soft fruits) I don't want to hurt someone before I know this isn't just one big misunderstanding. Also, she could still probably beat me in a physical fight...

>Yoink her gun
It seems to be strapped to her shoulder; I doubt I'm strong enough to wrestle it from her.

>Try disabling her rifle while she is not looking before doing anything noisy like alerting the rest of the crew or talking to her.
>demonstrate how to disconnect the battery on the laser rifle.
I may have lost my hands, but that doesn't mean I lost my sleight of hand! I creep my way over and remove the battery. I also flick on the safety, for good measure.

I decide not to engage in a conversation with her, as I want to keep this on the down low as not to set people against each other or cause any panic amongst the crew. I instead head to Fletcher as fast and silently as I can, she'll know what to do.
No. 1036919 ID: 2edd05
File 165687090864.png - (304.28KB , 800x600 , TQ28.png )

>"Don't you dare try to touch my ears, or I'll crush your other... never mind. someone already got to it. "
"This is serious, I need to talk to you."
>"Can it wait? I'm sending in a report to headquarters right now."
"This really can't wait, there might be a bomb on the plane!"
>"What? Where?"
"In a blue suitcase! I'm thinking somewhere towards the back of the plane."
>"A blue... hey, you're not supposed to know about the suitcases. And nobody should be able to sneak something like a bomb on board without me knowing about it."
"I heard Sam say some suspicious stuff, I think you may have a traitor aboard."
>"I don't know anyone who goes by that name. You better not be playing a prank on me."
"I'm not! I heard one of your people talking over a phone thingy about some shady stuff."
>Well... you know about one of the suitcases. I can give you the benefit of the doubt. Don’t worry about the blue suitcase, it’s safe and sound where nobody should be able to access it. So, what exactly is it you want me to do?"
No. 1036920 ID: 6a2a09

Step 1: Find Blue suitcase
Step 2: Check Suitcase for bomb
Step 3: Disarm bomb
Alternatively, throw suitcase out of plane
No. 1036926 ID: 899c9f

It's not just physical access that's the problem, but radio access too! If it's left where it is, it might just kill everyone as well as what they're after. Planes need their tail sections!

Please, just check the suitcase's contents and if it's a bomb then chuck it overboard.
No. 1036927 ID: 7c0da2

Describe "Sam". There probably isn't many white belenosian onboard.
And if the suitcase isn't the bomb, her goal probably is to steal the suitcase. Which means there is a bomb somewhere, but not in the suitcase. Or maybe some sort of ambush?
No. 1036928 ID: 5c9cc3

Inform her to keep that some belonosian lady is going to try and take the blue suitcase and bring it somewhere and that something is going to happen to the back of the plane. It definitely sounded like the two were connected, and if we go by the wise words of Mr. Ockham and his handy dandy razor, theres a high chance that theres a bomb in the blue suitcase that will be placed at the end of the plane and then explode.
No. 1036929 ID: c71800

"Wait, what was that about crushing my other....? Fletcher, did you crush my first hand?"
No. 1036930 ID: 5d9787

Since the clue suitcase isn't the bomb it must be the target. Regardless she mentioned the back of the plane blowing up.
Try to solve the situation with your belenosian with a fake name without damaging the plane. I really want to land safely.

Ears armor? Really? That must be a lot of extra weight on your neck.
No. 1036932 ID: 761d3b

At this point I doubt very much that there is a bomb inside of the suitcase. This seems like a secret mision to make Fletcher's team evacuate the plane. It seems like the enemy want to pick the package without damaging it.

What we know is that something bad is going to happen in this plane's tail, that Sam is a traitor and now is searching for the blue suitcase and that the enemy want to leave the plane.

Let's asume that either they have a bomb already in the tail or they are going to fire something big. It better to evacuate the place before so we don't unnecesary risk our people's lifes (or company assets if need burocratic leverage).

The ideal plan would be to catch Sam and make her talk with the enemy so we can gain time. Telling we have the suitcase in the tail or something like that.
No. 1036935 ID: 273c18

I think we misunderstood, the bomb is something at the back of the plane, but the blue suitcase is what needs to be extracted by the traitor after the bomb goes off.
Anyway, show her who the traitor is, so she can be captured and interrogated. You can help out with bomb discovery and disposal?
No. 1036936 ID: 7c0da2

Maybe Bry has some idea where the bomb could be? He probably knows the plane well.
No. 1036937 ID: 36784c

>So, what exactly is it you want me to do?
Since you're the one with the higher rank, I was hoping you could come up with a plan and tell me what to do!
No. 1036947 ID: c28082


Well, the tall white goat lady (not of the Tobak variety) was talking all frantic to someone about a plan-B and Fletcher's team's NOT having jumping, and needing to get the blue suitcase to the back of the plane, so ...

... maybe see that she doesn't do that? Because it maybe could be a bad thing?
No. 1036952 ID: ce39da

"Okay, so, the bottom line is; something is gonna happen at the back of the plane, and a white-furred belenosian lady dressed as a soldier - claims to go by 'Sam' - is gonna try to get at the blue suitcase and take it somewhere. I say you should make a move on the most known factor, that being the belenosian, and maybe also send someone to find out if there's a bomb waiting in the back of the plane for 'Mr. Tan's' signal or something - maybe I'll do that second part."

As you head off... realize that if a bomb wasn't likely smuggled on board... if you were in the mastermind's shoes and realized you couldn't get that past these guys...

If you don't find a bomb inside, radio your copilot to ask if there's a way to deal with a bomb that might be outside the hull. Mid-flight.
No. 1036953 ID: 2aa5f0

might as well tell her what you overheard, that they wanted the plane to be shot down and everyone forced to jump. Not sure if it would help but she knows more about the mission than you do so she might have a better idea what their end goal is.
No. 1036975 ID: e391d4

She was supposed to deliver it to somewhere. So we have two possible scenarios:

: it has a bomb and the destination is ither this plane, or wherever we are landing.
2: the contents of the suitcase are the target and she was supposed to take it with her when we parachuted off the plane, get away in the confusion.

Neither her or her employers were planning on us taking out the professional pilot, so this is plan B. But we really don't know what that could be.

We can identify the suspect, both because we know their face and because we took her ammo and we put the safety on her rifle. We can use this to our advantage.
No. 1037000 ID: b01382

The goat lady. The one that doesnt know how to use her laser gun. The one that is in debt.
No. 1037002 ID: 2fce91

To add, she may also be willing to defect if she is pressured. She doesn't seem very strong willed, nor does she seem to believe in the cause.

Of course, it could also be an act and she may have intentionally leaked info to us so we report it, but that would be some 5d chess level shit so Occam's razor says that probably isn't the case.
No. 1037104 ID: 2edd05
File 165704662693.png - (254.40KB , 800x600 , TQ29.png )

>Ear armor? Really?
Fletcher has sensitive ears, something which I suspect runs in Dowser's family. Dowser nearly went berserk on me that one time... We no longer keep forks in the apartment.

"Wait, about that first thing, did you crush one of my hands?"
>"Let’s keep this on topic."
"Oh, right. There is a belenos lady who wants your briefcase!"
>"That doesn't narrow it down. Much of my platoon are belenos, and a good portion of that are female. That's around four suspects."
"She's the one with light grey fur!"
>"How do I know what fur color anyone has when everyone is wearing armor? It can be pretty hard to tell troops apart in full uniform."
"I'll point her out to you, she's..."
I look around, but all of the soldiers are wearing their helmets and armor. They must have been on edge because of the attack.
>"Yeah. Hard to spot the difference, even with horns."

Captain Fletcher approaches a big safe looking thing and opens the door using a code. Inside is a rack of a couple dozen differently colored suitcases. Is summit transporting documents like this? Doesn't anybody use email anymore?

She pulls out the blue case and unlocks it, slowly opening it to unleash a bright shine that illuminates her face and armor.

"Is it a bomb? If so, throw it out the plane quick!"
>"You wouldn't have the clearance to know what is in here. But I can tell you for certainty that this is not an explosive."
"What's in there? shiny gold bars?"
>"The shine is coming from a light bulb someone built into the case. It's a good thing I wore my goggles before opening this. If I'm being perfectly honest, these items aren't familiar to me. I hope this puts you at ease."
"Something is still going to happen to the tail, the traitor said so!"
>"If there is a bomb, there isn’t any time to go looking for it before it goes off. For everyone’s safety, I'll order everyone to move into this room." She gets on the radio and does so. Eventually, the room gets filled with soldiers and crew workers.

The room is now pretty packed. I can barely see over any of the people in here. Why are aliens so gosh dang tall!
No. 1037106 ID: 2edd05
File 165704668541.png - (386.34KB , 800x600 , TQ30.png )

A few moments pass and without warning, a bright blue light fills the plane through all windows accompanied by a loud droning sound. The event lasts several seconds and quickly goes away. Voices start to speak up from the radio

>"What the hell was that?"
>"Whatever it was, it came from outside the plane."
>"Um... something isn't right."
>"What's not right?"
>"The back of the plane. It's gone"
"Oh. So, it is. Attention everyone, this is your pilot speaking; due to the lack of a tail, we will be crash landing shortly. please put on your parachutes and prepare for an emergency evacuation. If you require assistance putting on your parachute, make your way to the front and I will personally, tightly~"-

It becomes hard to hear Bry over everyone's panicking and shouting.

I look over to fletcher, who is already starting to bark out orders for her soldiers to pick up all the suitcases and parachute out with them.

"Fletcher! This is what the Belenos lady wanted! She wants the blue suitcase so she can-"
Fletcher angrily turns around and shoves the blue suitcase into my hands.
>"Fine then, you jump out with it. I'll stay and make sure everyone gets out alive. Deal!?"
Fletcher usually has a level head, but I can see that she is starting to panic a little.
No. 1037107 ID: 798908

"sounds good boss! Meet me at the [most prominent terrain feature here]!"
No. 1037108 ID: b0b5f8

Well time to parachute out. Check that you have your parachute on, put it on otherwise, and be ready to jump.
No. 1037109 ID: 6a2a09

Oooh, I know what happened. There must be a transmitter or some kind of location beacon so that whoever was aiming that laser thing didn't hit the cargo of the ship, since they were expecting it to crash... oh.
i think you should jump out earlier than the others, they'll expect the suitcase to be with the ship.
A few protips:
*Carefully* dump the contents of the suitcase into another case, or switch them. Who knows which of the objects has the transmitter or whatever, but it might help confuse them.
Have a few decoys jump with you with different packages, they might get confused and search different people, buttt that might result with someone dying.
When you jump, try not to activate your parachute immediately, and wait till you're closer to the ground, they might be able to spot you if you open it too early.
No. 1037113 ID: b0b5f8

Swapping suitcases is a good idea but might be unavailable due to time/lock constraints.
No. 1037114 ID: 9a2966

Time to yoink and ploink!

The faster you jump out, the more whoever would be trying to follow you could get stuck in the crowd (and give you a head start on the flee-ning).


Onnn the other hand, if Bryn can keep the ol' girl up a bit longer, you can run through her and try to grab whatever small and valuable items may or may not have been left behind unattended in the rush. Maybe there's, you don't know, a spare nailgun or something probably-about-to-be-insanely-useful like that.
No. 1037116 ID: 2fce91

The plane isn't staying up. Without the tail we are going to start flat-spinning pretty damn quickly. We have seconds before everyone ends up knocked around.
No. 1037119 ID: e391d4

>Dowser nearly went berserk on me that one time...
Checks out.

>you, alone, with the objective.
Hmmm, do you have weapons on you? I think you are going to need it.

Also, before jumping, tell her to check their guns, that is how she will find the traitor!
No. 1037120 ID: 273c18

No. 1037123 ID: 7c0da2

I don't think there is time to do something too complicated. But having decoys jump at the same time with similar suitcases is probably fine.
No. 1037124 ID: 899c9f

"Doesn't know how to use their gun" might not narrow it down much.

If the plane's going to start spinning, jump from the starboard side! The engine on that side is out, so the thrust is uneven.
No. 1037130 ID: 5d9787

No, you keep the suitcase. Why would I be better at keeping it safe than you?
No. 1037133 ID: d8325e

You are the co-pilot and this is a flying related emergency situation. You need to go to the cockpit and help Bry fly, crash-land or escape once everyone is out. This will also end up distancing you from the traitor.
No. 1037140 ID: 7c0da2

You know, now that I think about it, are you sure she didn't gave you a false suitcase to use you as bait?
No. 1037143 ID: 2fce91

Without the rudder, there is no crash landing or flying. We will start corkscrewing and crash. The only thing we can do is bail out. Which we should all do.
No. 1037144 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, either the rookie came back or they were somehow able to target your plan with artillery of some sort. Wonder if the traitor put down a beacon or something allowing them to shoot you out of the sky?

Either way take suit case and grab all the crew on the ship and never be alone until you all make it to wherever the hell you're going. Not sure if we have to worry about the traitor trying to stab you in the back with everyone around or if whoever is after you is just going to send more goons after you to get the suitcase.
No. 1037194 ID: 839eb2

Whatever is inside that case, they enemy not only knows about it, but were willing to send one of their top aces to shoot down the plane, have a second plan if the ace failed, and are willing to compromise the identity of an inside operative just to be sure that they get their hands on the case.

Expect them to pull out all the stops, they seem to be willing to go to any lengths to get that case. Fortunately, I'm sure if you get word to Summit that the competition is going to any expense to get the cargo you have, they'll be equally determined to make sure they fail. Or at least make it as expensive for Edevane as they have the ability to.
No. 1037361 ID: ba0f62
File 165725969652.png - (216.27KB , 800x600 , TQ31.png )

>Without the rudder, there is no crash landing or flying. We will start corkscrewing and crash.
Wait, what?

The plane suddenly makes a massive impact, and everyone gets thrown around. About half the soldiers and crew have jumped out, Fletcher is still here but she seems to insist on being the last one to go. I radio Bry.

"What was that?"
"I lost altitude and we dropped down to a plateau of sorts. We're grinding against the edge of a cliff."
"Great! Can you stop the plane?"
"I'm afraid not, we're grinding down an incline and I don't have the landing gear out. We're running out of cliff, I'd say you all have about a minute to bail."
"Are you going to be ok?"
"There's a parachute in here, unfortunately, it seems to be full of... food, cutlery, a newspaper, camping supplies and an anvil."
"Oh." I was wondering where I put that.
"It’s fine... Maybe I can… work something out. Don’t worry about me, focus on yourself."

Maybe I should hold out on jumping.

>are you sure she didn't give you a false suitcase to use you as bait?
I'm pretty sure she didn't know I was listening. She doesn't strike me as the smart, quiet type.

>Swap suitcase contents
No time!

>do you have weapons on you? I think you are going to need it.
Do my mechanical gauntlets count? If not, I am otherwise unarmed. (heheh)
No. 1037362 ID: ba0f62
File 165725970753.png - (237.13KB , 800x600 , TQ32.png )

>either the rookie came back, or they were somehow able to target your plane with artillery of some sort.
No plane could've done that. Must have been artillery, and I'm not sure Edevane was behind it, otherwise why would they have tried to shoot us down with jets beforehand and lose the element of surprise? It just seems odd.

>There must be a transmitter or some kind or location beacon so that whoever was aiming that laser thing didn't hit the cargo of the ship
Makes sense. Also explains why we wouldn't be able to find it so easily, those things are usually pretty small. But why was the artillery a plan B?

Only a few people are left on board. I hear Fletcher calling out for everyone remaining to jump off immediately. My choices are to jump off with Fletcher and go with her group and leave Bry, or to go and help Bry by either finding a way to slow/redirect the plane. or share a parachute. The traitor is still probably on board, but I'm not worried about her.
No. 1037363 ID: 899c9f

Well, since you feel personally responsible for replacing his parachute with a collection of Acme gags, you should probably... take the briefcase and jump with it! Are you mad?!

I wonder what his odds are of making it to the back of the plane and jumping out of the severed tail section. Better than jumping without a parachute, right?
No. 1037364 ID: 15c72a

Tell Bry to get back here, you'll share your parachute.
Steal the traitor's parachute if she shows up.
No. 1037368 ID: b01382

Share your parachute with Bry. Hes too cute to die.
No. 1037369 ID: b01382

Wait i got an idea. If we see one of those goat aliens, call out to them. Say "Hey Sam!" If they confirm theyre Sam, we found the traitor.
No. 1037371 ID: f240ed

No man left behind grab your co-pilot and either get ready to jump out together or maybe find a way to stop the plane from taking cliff diving lessons.
No. 1037374 ID: ce39da

Go to Bry. If the traitor shows up, her gun isn't loaded, and it's more likely she'll assume someone already jumped with the case anyway if it isn't where she thought it was. Meanwhile, it's kinda ridiculous to expect you to stop a tailspin without a tail, so make to jump with him.
No. 1037375 ID: 5d9787

Bry is too precious to die alone! Go help him.
No. 1037376 ID: aa9b70

>why would they have tried to shoot us down with jets beforehand and lose the element of surprise?
>why was the artillery a plan B?

Hiding that they have spies in Summit would be the obvious motive. Should a jet have shot down the plane, there would be no questions. However, now there are lots of questions. How did they know where to place the artillery to get that plane? How did they target the plane? Did they know the flight path? With all those questions, it'd be obvious to Summit that this was not coincidental, it was targeted.
With your discovery of a spy, we've solved a few pieces of the puzzle, but it also adds more questions. Like, who placed the beacon in the tail? Was it an operative on the ground, or do we have a second operative with us on the plane? Since the hostile forces seem to know which plane had the case, the flight path of the plane, and had the connections to get one of their own *and* a targeting beacon on the plane, how high up in Summit does this conspiracy go? Plus, given the scope of this op, what will they do if their spy fails to drop off the case? Seeing the lengths they've gone so far, it's doubtful they'll just give up.
No. 1037379 ID: 7c25f3

No. 1037389 ID: d249c6

Radio him and say: "Bry, I need you to come back here, we can share my parachute, hmmmmmm."
The hmmmm is meant to sound pensive but it comes out.... weird.

Anyway, now you can jump with Fletcher's group.
No. 1037401 ID: 761d3b

I think Fletcher's plan is to dismantle any previous plan by giving the briefcase to someone as chaotic as yourself. Getting separated is actually a good way to achieve that.
No. 1037402 ID: c28082


You can't possibly intend to leave Bry behind. Let's go rescue his stubby butt, and share a parachute like good comrades in arms (hah).
No. 1037415 ID: dc1018

>Arty Plan B
You weren't in the cockpit at the time. The planes could have tried to radio and force the plane down initially.


There is no slow or redirect the plane at this point. It is fucked. Honestly, for the people jumping, they may still be fucked if they hit the plateau rather than making it off the cliff. Still, staying is certain death and the longer you remain, the less likely you are to survive.
It is sad that Bry will probably die, and that you were the one who killed them (you cruel bastard), but I highly doubt you have the time or agility to go up to them, grab them, and bail out of the plane without splatting against the cliff all before the plane hits something, the floor is sanded through, or the ground gets too close for the parachute to open.
No. 1037424 ID: ce39da

If we're speculating on why that was Plan B, "Plan A" does have the benefit of waving a false flag around. I imagine the artillery might be a more overt smoking gun pointing to whoever's actually behind this, after the fact.
No. 1037483 ID: ba0f62
File 165739405786.png - (335.75KB , 800x600 , TQ33.png )

I choose Bry! He is more than just a work friend and co-pilot to me! And maybe because I'd feel a tad responsible if anything happened to him.

"Hey Bry, can you meet me halfway?"
"Afraid not, I need to stay on the wheel, so we don't go over the edge. Let me worry about this... If I don't make it, I want you to know, I've got a crush on-"

Strange. Seems the power to the plane, as well as its communications got cut. The plane's reserve power lights come on. Wonder what he was trying to say.

And it's a good thing that I decided to move towards the front, because Sam blocks my way to the door.
>"I... So, I... I-I really need that blue suitcase... For... because Fletcher ordered that I do it, so... give it to me or I'll... I'll have to... use... lethal... force..."

Ugh. Her trigger discipline is awful. I feel like she is holding the whole gun all wrong. I can even see from here that the safety is still on. The battery is still gone, and she still hasn't noticed. I almost pity the poor thing, but she still thinks she's some kind of threat. Knowing that I'm going to be unharmed, I use the opportunity to look totes hard-boiled.

She shuffles around with awkward unease. Whoever is sending traitors is not sending their best!
No. 1037484 ID: ba0f62
File 165739407561.png - (287.41KB , 800x600 , TQ34.png )

"Alright, that's all the cases, now who's left... Hey, Coil! What the hell are you still doing here? And who's this? Soldier, this is going on your report! Coil, I thought I told you to-"
Her words are cut short as we hit a big bump which throws the two off-balance. Fletcher falls back into Sam, who joins in on the stumble by taking an exit out of the open hatch.
the only noise remaining to fill the crashing plane is scraping, winds and the loud engines, or what is left of them. Hopefully the two deploy their parachutes in time.

I manage to stay on my feet because of my small stature and my three tails helping to keep my balance. There are only two tobaks left on this plane, and I sprint to the front.

>I think Fletcher's plan is to dismantle any previous plan by giving the briefcase to someone as chaotic as yourself. Getting separated is actually a good way to achieve that.
Hold on... Really? It all makes so much sense now! Her giving me the case, trusting me with it? How did I not see something so obvious! She is putting me on a secret assignment to hand deliver this case to the airbase while being so unpredictable, no enemy could ever know what I'm doing! Don't worry Fletcher, I'll get it done! Who knows, maybe I'll get a promotion - and some shiny new hands!
No. 1037485 ID: ba0f62
File 165739408531.png - (228.09KB , 800x600 , TQ35.png )

>"Hey buddy, miss me?"
"Coil! You came back for me!"
"Of course I did! We've always been closer than just co-workers."
"Oh darling, we have?"
"Of course, we're [/b] bunk buddies! [/b]"
"Oh, right. This much is true. But there isn't much time, we need to act fast!"
"Is that a big lake ahead?"
"It appears so."

Should we jump out? Should it be off the cliff or onto the dirt to the other side. Or should we try landing (crashing) this plane, with all survivors!
No. 1037486 ID: ce39da

"Get ready, Bry; we're jumping."

I mean, we have a parachute, and it's just us on board. It'd be kinda dumb to risk our lives to save the plane at this point.

As for "where"... I feel kind of uncomfortable being isolated from the troops, even if putting distance between us and the traitor does seem appealing. When you put the "chaotic gambit" like that, I suddenly have less confidence in it. Parachute now, off the cliff and after the troops.
No. 1037487 ID: 5d9787

Since I know nothing about planes I will trust the guy who seem to know something:
So let's jump.

Ask Bry to repeat what he said when the communication got cut.
No. 1037496 ID: 2aa5f0

I mean if you have people still on the plan aim for the lake but if it's just the 2 of you left just grab your buddy and jump. Remember to tell him to hold on tight. Would really suck for you two to jump out only for one of you to then fall.
No. 1037498 ID: 899c9f

Get out on the dirt side. I hope you have helmets, this is going to be a bumpy ride.
No. 1037499 ID: 7c25f3

Yeah, let's bounce. Also, whad did they said bedore?
No. 1037544 ID: 15a025

Go for the dirt, softer landing.
No. 1037553 ID: ba605b

Please tell me Bry is secretly a shortstack lady tobak and not a pretty femboy.
No. 1037555 ID: dc1018

At this speed, hitting the water will be like hitting the ground.

Just Jump and pray to make it off the cliff.
No. 1037556 ID: ba605b

So if Tobaks have literals wires in their body, does that mean it's easier to incorporate hardware (cyberwar, cybernetics, implants, subderman armor, computers) as opposed to wetware (artificial organs, vat grown muscles, bioarmor)?
No. 1037557 ID: e2dc59

Jump to wherever the troops are.
Whoever shot down the plane has invested a lot of resources to get that case, so it'd be no surprise if they had an assault team on standby for search and retrieval should the spy fail to get the case to the specified location as planned.
Say, what does Summit do if a plane is downed? Like, what's the protocol?
No. 1037574 ID: b01382

Kiss him you fool!
No. 1037597 ID: dc1018

Given how tunnels make radar useless, there probably isn't anything they can do until they know the plane is missing, and they will only know the plane is missing once it fails to reach its destination. Depending on how far along we are, that could be a while.

Since the adversary seems to be more willing to shell out money on tech, we could end up seeing some hovercraft coming at us here soon. Probably not actual full clearance hovercraft (cuz zeny), but we could totally see some air cushion skirt hovertanks since they are fast and amphibious.

Bunk buddies don't do that, silly. *Pained Bry noises.*
No. 1037600 ID: b01382

Sure they do. I kiss my bunk buddy all the time.
No. 1037607 ID: c28082


It's not gay unless all three tails touch
No. 1037616 ID: 7c0da2

If it's just Bry and you,jump.
But if there is other survivors try crashlanding the plane.
No. 1037735 ID: b01382

Are all the soilders and smol people crew out? RADIO CHECK!
No. 1037771 ID: d0bdd2

I get you tow are amazing pilots toghether. If there is still people onboard, try to make "an elegant crash".

If not, jump with your parachute over the cliff. I doubt those parachutes are made for more than one tolbak and it will probably will need more distance to decelerate.
No. 1037839 ID: 0eae32

If we really want to try and stop the plane, lets do this:

-Turn off all engines except the far right one. That one should still be intact and dangling off the cliff.

-Gun that one engine to max until the plane starts turning away from the cliff edge. (you will know when this happens cuz it will trash the right side propellers when they hit the cliff)

-The plane should (if we are very lucky) now be sliding away from the cliff edge. At this point, the wings should keep the plane from rolling down the incline and the friction should stop the plane pretty quickly since all the engines will be dead. (assuming we have enough space)

Aiming for the lake will mean death. The plane can't glide without a tail. Plus, the wings could easily rip off after grinding against the cliff for this long.
No. 1037973 ID: b78263

Bry is wife
No. 1038005 ID: dc9df3

No. 1038459 ID: ba0f62
File 165814591656.png - (204.83KB , 800x600 , TQ36.png )

>Radio check
I can't get a signal, I think we're too far away.

>Say, what does Summit do if a plane is downed? Like, what's the protocol?
Usually, it crashes and they send a different team to salvage all the good bits. I imagine that'd take a while, local raiders will probably have first dibs at the crash site. Other companies may even show up before our guys do.

>So if Tobaks have literals wires in their body, does that mean it's easier to incorporate hardware (cyberwar, cybernetics, implants, subderman armor, computers) as opposed to wetware (artificial organs, vat grown muscles, bioarmor)?
Absolutely. All the wet squishy biological stuff is just as hard to do as it is for the aliens. It's not impossible, just hard and expensive. Probably something you wouldn’t invest into a tobak.

I tell Bry to hold on tight, we're jumping down into the caves below. I thread the briefcase handle through my tails and we both jump.

I pull the cord and the parachute deploys without problems or picnic supplies. I try to aim us towards the security team, but I can't seem to see any sign of those that jumped out previously.

"You seem to be holding on to me at a bit of a weird angle, you're not going to slip off or anything, right?"
>"I could hold you like this forever."
"That's reassuring. Hey uh, I think your snout is a little close to my snout there. Careful, we might touch snouts."
>"mhmm... yeah."
>Please tell me Bry is secretly a short lady tobak
That would certainly make this less weird for me but as strange as Bry is, I am at least 93% sure he is a dude and not an abnormally short lady.
>Kiss him you fool!
N-no! I like ladies!
"Cool, just make sure to not do anything from this angle that could be construed as kissing in case somebody sees. It'd be totes embarrassing. By the way, what were you trying to say before you cut out on the radio?"
>"Oh, I was just telling you that I have a crush on you."
"You got a crush on everyone! It isn't a special thing if you feel that way about everybody!"
>"I won't deny the fact that I have many crushes for many individuals."
"More than just tobaks, too. You got some sort of thing for a particular sect rogue."
>"Lyvy is adorable and misunderstood~"
No. 1038460 ID: ba0f62
File 165814592691.png - (213.06KB , 800x600 , TQ37.png )

Me and Bry plunge deep into a body of water. That's weird, who put this river here? Bry is able to swim off just fine.
I detach the parachute and harness and try to swim up as well.

This proves to be more difficult than expected - all my clothes have absorbed a bunch of water and become heavy, and I have anchors for hands weighing me down. This is unusual, tobaks are usually pretty buoyant.

I can try to swim all I want, but I'm not getting anywhere with all this weight, I need to lose some stuff.
No. 1038461 ID: b0b5f8

Well, the jacket for starters, time to show off those pecs.
The Hok goggles can go too since you have a spare (and they look the heaviest of the bunch). If that's still not enough, you might have to lose the briefcase... or your pants.
No. 1038463 ID: 3bbc5a

Alas, it does look like you are going to have to leave all the heavy clothing. If it is still too heavy, detach your hands as well.
Tell Bry to not make any salacious comments and to try to retrieve your stuff once you get to the surface.
No. 1038465 ID: e5709d

rolled 1 = 1

>Leave hands?
Tough call. The hands are bulky and cheap to replace, but you really need functioning appendages when dealing with a bleeding-edge Mega-Corp.

Coin toss (Y1/N2) to determine if you toss one hand.
No. 1038467 ID: 3f8f6f

Ditch one hand and the suitcase. The bottom of a river is pretty safe.
No. 1038468 ID: efc020

Get naked. If it doesn't work, lose a hand.
Check you still have the briefcase.
No. 1038470 ID: 0d01d6

Dump the hat and jacket. They are both probably pretty heavy and dense. If you can get to the surface, you can take your pants off, tie the legs together, put them around your neck and make an improvised life jacket with them (It is kinda hard to explain how you do it without seeing it. There are probably pictures online.).
No. 1038473 ID: 3cb68d

You gotta do it, you gotta get totally naked. For the mission, Coil. Think of the mission. If you gotta ditch the briefcase too then maybe you could wrap it with your clothes, hide it all at the bottom of the river.
All except for the hat, naturally. Maybe Bry'll let you use some of his clothes if he hasn't also ditched them to make swimming easier, that coat of his did seem heavy. And really, what's a little nudity between bunk buddies?
No. 1038477 ID: 5d9787

Accessories and jacket can go. The left hand if there is no other way, but the right stay. Suitcase only as the last resort.

Soon you will showing Bry whatever you've being hiding under the hat and goggles. If it's really that shameful you could joke about loosing his crush because of your ugly mug. It will make easy to explain you are not interested even though he is very cute.
Pity that is as far as we can go, but at least we got a passionate hug.
No. 1038483 ID: 0fc1a1

Uh, honestly I’d say ditch everything that you don’t need. Start with coat, then overalls if need be, and the f that still isn’t enough drop briefcase then hands if you STILL need to loss weight.

Putting briefcase and hands as higher priority because they’re important but if you’re going to die then fuck em. Still though if you can save them please do as the case sounds like it’s mission important and having hands is just plane better then not having hands.
No. 1038484 ID: 15c72a

Shed clothes. Bry may have to retrieve them for you, maybe even the briefcase.
No. 1038488 ID: 7c0da2

Get rid of everything that is not the briefcase or your goggles.
And keep you hands, you need those.
No. 1038489 ID: 6360dd


Obviously get nude for survival. Not like that is going to create some misunderstanding. And clothes are less useful for survival than hands!
No. 1038492 ID: f373c9

IS Hypothermia a threat to Tobaks?

And yeah, even if it isnt, start stripping. If clothes dont do it, drop your (ideally non-dominant) hand.
No. 1038497 ID: ba0f62
File 165818707119.png - (240.69KB , 800x600 , TQ38.png )

>The hands are bulky and cheap to replace, but you really need functioning appendages when dealing with a bleeding-edge Mega-Corp.
No kidding. They tell me not to lose these things, because they don't shell out spares very... sparingly. At least I don't have to pay for them, only downside is that I don't get to keep them. So long as I'm on the Summit payroll, these hands are company property. And If I quit or get fired? Well... I don't like to think about it.

>Well, the jacket for starters.
I guess it isn't that essential. I only wear that to cover my arms because the company issue jumpsuit only comes in short sleeves. Not like I’m hiding any embarrassing tattoos or anything.

>The Hok goggles can go too since you have a spare
The heck is a Hok? These are Coil Goggles (patent pending!) That I begrudgingly let go. The hat goes too, they complete each other. Luckily my hair still hides my eyes.

>Get naked.
>You gotta do it, you gotta get totally naked. For the mission, Coil. Think of the mission.
No way! I am not getting naked! There are no hot babes around to enjoy it, it'd be a waste!

>IS Hypothermia a threat to Tobaks?
We're covered in fur so... it isn't like a huge problem, especially not for tobaks that come from cold regions. The water here is not fine! . I need a warm blanket and a hot beverage after this, asap!

I let the briefcase slide off my tails, and it floats up to the surface. Huh. Guess it had some air in it.

That should be everything but the bare jumpsuit on my back. I'm still not floating up, what gives? My hands might still be weighing me down... or maybe I ate too much before swimming. The good news is that I can hold my breath for a while because tobaks evolved to hold our breaths while going through pockets of poisonous gas. On a full breath I could be down here for half an hour or something, but I don't think I have anywhere near that long. I'm getting a little woozy right now trying to think of a plan.
No. 1038498 ID: 7b75ea

Lose a hand, dude! Now! You didn't account for having a second prosthetic!
No. 1038501 ID: 422cea

Your hands seriously aren't plug and play are they? You'd need the appropriate tools to detach those from the sockets installed in your wrists wouldn't you?

You're going to have to pick a direction and try to find a shore incline or wall.
No. 1038502 ID: 15c72a

Is something stuck to your feet? I'm guessing you got snagged on SOMETHING.
Worst case scenario you can walk to shore maybe?
No. 1038504 ID: 9a2966

Could you just make your way to shore once you hit bottom, or are you still sinkin' with no end in sight?

Also, you could try this thing called 'swimming' where you kick with your feet and push with your hefty robot arms though that's gonna take more air to do.

But if you gotta lose an arm, ya gotta lose it.
No. 1038506 ID: 3cb68d

There are no hot babes around, YET. But this time you'll be prepared! And if you have to run as soon as you get to shore then your enemies might be too confused at your nudity to act, giving you a headstart. But you may also have to lose a hand or two. If just the one preferably the non-dominant one.
No. 1038507 ID: 0fc1a1

God damn how heavy are those hands? Well if you’re still sinking and you only have your jumpsuit and hands I guess ditch the hands because I doubt the suit is weighing you down THAT much.

Hold on… you can swim right?
No. 1038509 ID: a9af05

Where is your friend? Is he dragging you down?
No. 1038534 ID: f8ac76

Tobak biology is metal-rich enough to have wire-analogues for nerves. You're too naturally dense to float, Coil.
No. 1038549 ID: b0b5f8

Look around while you still can. You're looking for Bry and for the closest direction where the floor raises to the surface (slope or cliff ; even a cliff should be climbable underwater with the hand(s) you have).
No. 1038553 ID: bbd86a

Dont forget to get a handle on the suitcase. Is it still on you? Try using your mouth to hold it but dont drink the water. Shouldnt the brief case be bouyant?
No. 1038555 ID: bbd86a

Swim harder You little twit! SWIM!
No. 1038567 ID: 9a2966

>I let the briefcase slide off my tails, and it floats up to the surface. Huh. Guess it had some air in it.

It sure was!
No. 1038587 ID: 7c0da2

If the briefcase is buoyant letting go of it actually puts you in a worse spot. So if at all possible try to grab it back.
Wait in place a bit for Bry to rescue you. He will know where you are when he sees your clothes float up. If he don't come in a couple minutes, try to walk around until you find a slope.
No. 1038622 ID: 187866

I am pretty sure that the suitcase is more valuable than you are prosthetics, so if you keep it safe they will compensate you with a new hand or two. So man up and lose a hand.
No. 1038666 ID: 7279cf

Abandon your suit. You can ask Bry for his jacket to wear around your waist if you need to. Its not like youre not wearing underwear, so youre fine.
After swimming up to retrieve you briefcase, you'll need to hug Bry to maintsin body heat. Its purely for health reasons.
No. 1038716 ID: 0d01d6

If we can make it to the surface, the jumpsuit is our best bet at staying afloat. (make it into a lifejacket)

I think a hand has to go unless we can make it to the edge quickly.
No. 1038891 ID: 15c72a

Wait, do you still have that battery? Ditch it, and anything else heavy and non-essential you're carrying.
No. 1038907 ID: b71dce

I feel like we would know it if we were submerged and had a battery.
No. 1039061 ID: 15a025

Gonna have to lose a hand. It might be possible Bry is a good and strong enough swimmer they could dive back in and get it later.
No. 1039109 ID: ba0f62
File 165869607987.png - (159.02KB , 800x600 , TQ39.png )

>Hold on… you can swim right?
...It... appears I never learned. I assumed I'd always just float.
>Lose a hand!
Not an option! They are attached on good. And even if I did remove a hand without it hurting like hell, that still doesn't fix my problem of not being able to swim.

I start to thrash around, desperately looking for something to grab or push myself with. Maybe I can touch the bottom for feel a shore, but I must be in a river because of a noticeable current moving me around, disorienting me. Which way is up anymore? This water is too cloudy to see anything.

I try to move, but a minute turns to two. Two turns to Five. I stop counting the time and I stop trying to think of a plan.

I... think I might actually drown.

I think this is it. I think it's my time to...




Did I live a good life?


That's all I can think about right now. My mind is trying to grab onto stuff in these last moments but... Not much actually comes to mind. I have family, but they mostly just ignored me. Why can't I see their faces when I think about them?

I had friends. I had... No. Nobody. I didn't have friends. I had Bry, I guess. He was the only person in the world who ever liked me, but he likes everyone, so what does that really count for? Dowser could hardly tolerate me and Lyvy hated my guts. My co-workers all think I'm annoying.
Summit doesn't care if I live or if I die. I'm expendable to them.
To everyone, I was just an immature annoying prick who didn't want anyone to see his eyes.

Is anybody actually going to miss me or remember me when I'm gone?
Did I ever actually exist?

Why did it take me until I was at the end of my rope to do all this self-reflection? Any why can't I help but look back at how frustrating I've been to everyone around me? Whatever the reason... I oddly feel at peace.

Do I have regrets?

...Not really.

Despite how I lived my life, despite losing my hands, I was happy. And that's all that mattered. I don't care what comes after. It is time to let the water in and get this over with.

I feel a tugging at my neck - I'm being pulled back hard-
No. 1039110 ID: ba0f62
File 165869609866.png - (198.67KB , 800x600 , TQ40.png )

My face breaks the surface of the water and I spit out the water I had swallowed, making room for the cave air.
>"I've got you! Don't worry buddy!"

I get dragged ashore and let down against a rock. I'm still spitting out water and coughing.

>"It’s a good think that you’re ok! You had me worried for a moment there. And don't worry about your luggage here, I picked it up before it could float off. It's a good thing I have a swimmers build, and it's also a good thing that that I got plenty of practise from the pools and spas I've been in. Having exotic friends has its benefits."

I can breathe clearly again, and I can finally start to talk. Bry is busy trying to pick up what he can from the river.
No. 1039111 ID: 899c9f

Use the briefcase as a pillow and catch your breath.
No. 1039112 ID: e51896

What does wet Tobak smell like?

Just rest a bit
No. 1039113 ID: f373c9

Ponder the fact that Bry is all-but-naked, at least shirtless (and fluffy), also definitely a total bro.

Also ask what the funny Choker he's wearing is...
No. 1039114 ID: 2aa5f0

thank him for the save and tell him you somewhat forgot you didn't know how to swim and were kind of hoping you'd be a fast learner. Didn't really work out that way so again thanks for the save. Then maybe think about learning how to swim after you get back to base just so you don't have to worry about something like this happening again.

Also pools and spas, since when did base have pools and spas? Is it some kind of secret that the company doesn't want everyone to know about so they don't swarm the places or is it just one of those things no one ever bother telling you about?
No. 1039115 ID: 9a2966

One thinks, maybe, you should thank your one friend for saving your ass so you get to continue on having no regrets whatsoever.

Also that you should catch your breath and then get moving, what with being official targets of trouble to come. Maybe fill Bry in on what you overheard.
No. 1039116 ID: fef6d1

what is up with your eyes? Why don't you like people looking at your eyes? Why are you annoying to others?
Hmm, perhaps questions for another time.

Well! you get to live another day, for now. Take a minute, thank your best friend ever and try to contact Fletcher. We need to deliver this suitcase.
No. 1039117 ID: 15c72a

Did you lose both pairs of goggles? Look around a bit to see if any washed ashore. Or any of your clothes.
Thank Bry, obviously.
No. 1039139 ID: 708905

Be sure to thank Bry for saving your life
No. 1039140 ID: 5d9787

If you are still feeling sentimental thank Bry for saving you and tell him if you had died you would be glad to have gone saving your only friend.

Bry, don't open the suitcase. There is a light that turns on when you open. Don't get yourself blinded by curiosity.

Do we have any means of communication? If we can't contact our side we shouldn't even bother trying to regroup, we either go to the objective or return to base.
No. 1039141 ID: 90c451

Hug him you fool.
Also, how did his make up stay on after all that swimming?
No. 1039159 ID: b01382

No idea what a swimmers build is, but make sure you got goggles so you dont get accidentslly blinded.
Inspect hands to ensure water didnt fuck them up.
Do we have a flare gun? Lets start looking for our goons.
No. 1039198 ID: c28082


Thank Bry for saving your ass, and maybe apologize for always being such a doofus to everyone around you. You know, because you're still feeling fragile and emotional (and could really use a hug, right now).

Kiss him, you fool!
No. 1039200 ID: 7c0da2

Tell him you have a confession to make.
You are the one who hid his pipe.
No. 1039236 ID: ba0f62
File 165878776510.png - (168.11KB , 800x600 , TQ41.png )

>Why don't you like people looking at your eyes?
It's a bit of an Achilles' heel for me. I have nothing but painful memories associated with people finding out what they look like. Even my family teased me for it.

>What does wet Tobak smell like?
Kind of bad to be honest.

>ask what the funny Choker he's wearing is
That's just a part of his fur. All male tobaks have rings around their necks, me included.

>since when did base have pools and spas?
Never... I might have to ask Bry to elaborate some time.

>Did the water break your hands
No, they work just fine. It's the rest of me that feels a little broken right now...

I want to say something, but I can’t think of what to say. I lay still, trying to calm myself down.
>"I must admit, the lack of a hat and goggles is a good look for you. I've never seen this much of you before."
>"Don't mention it."
"No. I mean... Thanks for..."


"Saving me."
>"But of course, did you think I would sit back and let you drown?"




>"Is everything ok?"


"No" My voice creaks out. My shaking and sniffing getting harder to hide. "I thought I was going to die."
>"But you didn't die! look, you're completely fine, not a scratch on you and looking as handsome as ever"


>"Coil? hey, Coil darling! Are you going to be alright?"

"I-I... I need a hug..."

Bry doesn't hesitate. He comes over and puts arms around me, and I cling to him in return, trying hard not to appear desperate for comfort, but probably failing miserably.
>"I'm here for you. Take as long as you like."
"Don't... y'know... take this the wrong way, I just..."
>"I understand. Everyone needs someone to lean on sometimes. I can be that for you. It doesn't need to be anything beyond that."
"I... I..."
>"You don't need to say anything."
I go quiet. I start to cry. I'm not even sure why, I almost never cry. I don't even know if I'm happy or sad, my emotions and feelings have never felt like such a mystery to me before.

We sit for a few minutes while I try to put myself back together. My crying begins to slow as I start to calm down. Bry eventually breaks the silence.

>"As much as I would love to do this all day, we really should think of a plan. Staying here won't be of much help to anyone."

He's right. We should figure out what to do next.
No. 1039237 ID: 899c9f

Well, you're hundreds of miles out into no tobak's land with very little equipment. Salvage whatever you can and start walking in the direction of the plane crash. Keep the briefcase on you - maybe it has a tracker so Summit can find you.
Stay low and quiet - this territory is at best abandoned, and at worst under Edevane control. They do have some kind of Excalibur-looking superlaser that can slice tails off planes in the area, after all.
No. 1039238 ID: 10a721

We have to contact Fletcher over the radio to tell find a place to rendezvous.

And since we just learned a harsh lesson of how we might not be able to get another chance to talk to her, tell her that you embarrasing her doesn't justify her crushing your hand under a steamroller.
No. 1039239 ID: 279c23

Do you guys even know where you were going before you were shot down? If so I say start hoofing it that way. The suitcase may or may not be able important so bringing it to a safe place is probably a high priority. Would normally suggest linking back up with everyone but you were all scattered across the place so if you all start looking for each other you’ll probably just be walking in circles trying to figure out where everyone is going while they think the same trying to wonder in the dark looking for everyone else themselves. But if you head towards your distention and assuming they gave the same distention you’ll probably bump into each other alone the way… or at least all end up in the same place.
No. 1039241 ID: 15c72a

Are your eyes heart-shaped or something?

Salvage what you can from the stuff you lost in the river.
No. 1039244 ID: 5d9787

Bry knew the location, after all he was flying toward it. Presumable Fletcher also know, so we might meet her group on the way there.

We just need to decide if we go there or return. We don't know who will be waiting for us. If this was supposed to be an exchange it's possible the group receiving the cargo would see our current weakness as an opportunity and disappear with us.
No. 1039245 ID: fef6d1

I would say to clap your cheeks to syke you up but that would probably hurt.
Ok, plan.
We need to deliver the suitcase to its destination. For that we need to know where you are.
We need to make contact with Fletcher, like a said before. We don't know if she found out about the traitor or not or even if she is ok. Regrouping might not be the best idea, but to at least have contact wit her.
No. 1039246 ID: ea0606


We just met this character in this thread and you info dump all this while they almost die? Nothing about this flows naturally. It doesn't make a feeling of attachment for this character and comes off extremely forced.
No. 1039253 ID: 15c72a

Infodump what? It's a small amount of background info, presented as someone having their life flash before their eyes.
I dunno who you are but your hateboner is unwarranted.
No. 1039254 ID: 0d2390

>no-tobak's land
We are way better off than that. We aren't being shelled to shit yet.

I mean, it sort of fits the character, in a way.
No. 1039261 ID: 398700

take it to questdis bro
like the others are saying, next step is rendezvous. We're gonna need to find some way to disguise the case though, kind of makes us a target. Can we wrap it seaweed or mud or something?
No. 1039262 ID: 708905

Bry's a good person isn't he. Also yeah time to take stock of what you have, what's in tge immediate area, and where you are so you can start figuring out how to get back to a friendly area
No. 1039265 ID: 9a2966

>neck rings are part of the fur
Wait, Tobaks have metal collars growing outta youse necks? Or are they something that's just been put on y'all?

>wat do
Squeeze your buddy out y'clothes and fur as much as possible so you're not as cold and weighed down soggy, then get moving in a sensible direction - towards any outposts of Summit's where you can rendezvous, and away from the crash. You're definitely going to want to keep on the move as whoever's after that suitcase is gon' wanna canvas the area for it and probably had a team on standby.

Prrrooobably didn't expect the plane to go this far without a functioning tail though. On the other hand, unless Fletcher figured out Sam's traitor-yness and ensured she couldn't report in the exact location of the suitcase, that team is going to know where to head.

Hm. Suitcase stands a bit and it is the 'wrong' color - i.e. the one the people are looking for. Could you think of some way to disguise that? If not... maybe empty it out and stuff the stuff inside in your pant pockets or something? They can probably still find whatever they're after, but no need to make it easy for them!

>breakdown feels
You've been keeping a stiff upper lift for too long in something you haven't quite wanted to admit was a bit of a shitty situation, huh? Or are you still as 'Woo, go Summit' as before? Guess if you haven't managed to make many friends the company's sort of been what you've been living for, for a while, huh. Well. Bryn's got your back just like you had his, it seems. That's a start.

No worries about the crying, really. You were in a tough situation so you're really just being a bit shook up. There's a decent chance you can get your head back in the game if you try. Push these feelings aside to explore later and steel your resolve now - because today's not a fuckup friday! Today's a make-it monday!

(even if it's tuesday or something)
No. 1039266 ID: 15c72a

>metal collar
I see a pendant, but not a collar.
No. 1039287 ID: f3a2ce

Well, lover or not, Bry really is a man to ride or die for. Kinda puts into perspective how shit you've been treated by everyone else.

Get your bearings, gather your supplies, dry off the best you can so you don't track water and get followed. Between sam, that veteran pilot, and whatever the fuck that attack was, Edevane REALLY wants wants what's likely in that suitcase. I would be absolutely stunned if they didn't have a full crew out here to sweep the area and scuttle the wreckage. Get away from it.
No. 1039289 ID: 0f5c1d

Look for anything you can salvage, preferably some goggles so both of you don’t have to worry about getting blinded by anything or anyone.

If you guys remember which way the plane was going, start walking that way and hope you can meet up with Fletcher on the way there. And don't forget to bring that briefcase with you! Fletcher would get really mad at you if you lost it!
No. 1039294 ID: c3e059

No. 1039310 ID: c263d0


Criticism isn't always hate. Roaway's writing has been unnatural and spotty since they started making quests. I'd say most people here don't care if it's bad but readers are allowed to voice concerns.
No. 1039311 ID: 7b75ea

Dry off and get moving - just pick a direction since I wouldn't be surprised if it's hard to tell if you got turned around underwater. If Bry knows which way is forward, I say go back; these guys can field artillery, so I wouldn't be surprised if they have boots on the ground. If they get close and have some way of searching for the case (assuming "Sam" failed to hand it off to them directly), we'd be utterly fucked.

While his writing isn't perfect and can be overly expositive sometimes, I don't think the "life flashes before his eyes" moment here is one of those times. And posting in the quest thread itself just to criticize the writing without actually making a suggestion is generally considered disruptive and rude around here, especially if there's a discussion thread available (and I checked; there is). The other guy's response was unwarranted, though, I will agree, and just as irrelevant to the story here. The same "nothing but irrelevant discourse" label also applies to your response, come to think of it.
No. 1039332 ID: ba605b

kiss him!
No. 1039359 ID: ba0f62
File 165890116922.png - (257.35KB , 800x600 , TQ42.png )

>Bry really is a man to ride or die for
I can't think of anyone as trusting or reliable as Bry. I wonder from time to time why he hangs around someone like me.

>kiss him
Bunk buddies don't kiss, they only hug once and never bring it up again.

>Wait, Tobaks have metal collars growing outta your necks? Or are they something that's just been put on y'all?
Neither, the rings are just parts of our fur that are darker, like our arms.

The moment passes and I calm down. My perspective on my life has shifted more to that of one where I should value my relationships with others more. A good place to start with that is to be more open and honest with people. Someone like Captain Fletcher could use an apology for my... past behaviour. For the moment, I think now is as good a time as any to return Bry's pipe, which was still in my jumpsuit's back pocket.

"I'm sorry for being so out of character, I'm not usually this big on feelings. Here, I was holding onto this. I was trying to pull some dumb prank or something by holding onto it. So... here."
>"Oh my! So that's where it was! Well, thank you for returning it to me."
He turns it on and starts smoking it. A cloud of his iconic pink mist comes out. I try not to breath too much of it in, I have reason to believe it has an effect on people.
>"This pipe's contents were an off-world import gifted to me. It would've taken a while to get a replacement."
"Happy to help..." It is boosting my mood a little. I wonder what's in it.

>Look for anything you can salvage, preferably some goggles
We fish around the riverbank for a bit, but there is little to salvage aside from the occasional junk. Lucky for us, our goggles floated to the top and don't appear to be damaged. None of the clothing was retrievable besides Bry's shirt, which I want him to wear but he seems hesitant.

>Do you remember where the plane was going
I ask Bry if he knows where things are
>"The plane was headed east-by-north-east and crashed in a bit more of a north-eastern direction. Assuming the rest of the crew parachuted off not too far behind, they should be west-by-south-west-ish. If I can recall correctly."
It might be a good idea to look for some high ground to get a better view of our surroundings. Maybe there is a department store nearby that we can get replacement clothes from, or maybe independent salvagers who can point us in the right direction.
No. 1039360 ID: ba0f62
File 165890118955.png - (164.41KB , 800x600 , TQ43.png )

I turn my attention to the briefcase. I wonder what's the big deal with it. I don't have the clearance to know what's inside... but... It isn't locked or anything, soooooo...

I should see if any water got inside and damaged the goods, it’s only the responsible thing to do. I open the case and disable the light so I can take off my goggles.

Good news is it seems like no water got inside and damaged these... Whatever these are. The only things in here are these two little boxes big enough to fit comfortably in my hands. What are these? The one on the left looks like a computer without a screen or buttons, just a big handwritten '15'. The box on the right looks like some kind of remote with a switch and a dial, but I don't know what it is supposed to control.

Somebody shot down our plane for these two low-tech boxes? What's so special about them? I thought it was gonna be some kind of super artificial intelligence robot, or some of that blue armor that explodes you if you touch it, or a strange shape shifting metal or something cool like that. It's important to somebody, so it's probably important to Summit as well. Looks like me and Bry have the job of returning it to our company territory, or to Fletcher at the very least.

>Edevane REALLY wants what's in that suitcase
That's the part I can't figure out, is Edevane really behind this? The part that doesn't make sense to me is why they would send fighter pilots after us if they could've just used the artillery laser to down the plane and cut out the need for a plan A?

I mean, if somebody could pay off one of Fletcher's soldiers, how do I know someone didn't pay off those Edevane guys as well? Is another company involved? Or maybe I'm thinking too deep into it.

>Contact Fletcher via radio.
We don't have a radio, or much equipment at all. We are effectively in the dark. No pun intended.
No. 1039361 ID: 15c72a

Hmm, the box on the right looks like it measures something. Take it out, turn it on, see what the reading says depending on where you are.
(expecting it to be stronger near the case, since it's likely a key-tracker, which leads to the next part of my suggestion:)
Try with the case open or closed. (If the case shields the signature that will be very useful for not getting murdered by a certain not-Tobak)

Oh well, I guess it's time to start hoofing it. Look around a bit to see if you can get your bearings. Maybe follow the river?
No. 1039362 ID: f373c9

>I wonder what's in it.
I meaaan... you COULD ask him.

>besides Bry's shirt, which I want him to wear but he seems hesitant.
(Alas, dreaded garments)
Pour one out for your sick looking jacket and helmet.
No. 1039363 ID: 57b4dc

Well...I dunno if we should be turning on unknown classified equipment. Though you're right it looks like it measures something, which would probably be safe.

Are we closer to our original destination, or to Summit territory? Should probably hightail it for one of those, if they're at all within reasonable distance. Or, perhaps we should look for a vehicle.
No. 1039364 ID: 899c9f

Head for the hills. Do not approach lone crewmates, one of them could be the traitor.
No. 1039365 ID: 3cb68d

>None of the clothing was retrievable besides Bry's shirt, which I want him to wear but he seems hesitant.
He saved your life, let him run around naked if he feels like it. Against the purple-y cavern stone maybe it'd even be like camouflage. Just in case of snipers or something, you never know what they might pull out if they're willing to slice a plane in half. Make sure to tell him this completely sane idea.
Also the hills could probably provide cover the river might not. How close were you to your destination?
No. 1039366 ID: 36784c

>I open the case and disable the light so I can take off my goggles.
Make sure you fix the light so that if some other tobak manages to somehow get that away from you, they'll be blinded if they open it.
No. 1039367 ID: b0b5f8

> The part that doesn't make sense to me is why they would send fighter pilots after us if they could've just used the artillery laser to down the plane and cut out the need for a plan A?
I was under the impression plan A had less chance of damaging the box. Like, forcing the plane to crash-land without turning into a big fireball.
No. 1039372 ID: 2aa5f0

find a high spot, look around, then start heading off to wherever you where going to begin with. Or if no-one has any idea where that is just start hoofing it back to friendly lands.
No. 1039373 ID: 5d9787

Normally reuniting with armed soldiers would make the rest of the trip much safer. Unfortunately our enemy plan was to shot us down, so we can be sure they prepared something for us on the ground level.
Let's try to be swift and stealth for as long as we can. If by coincidence we come across Fletcher's group we will join, but we shouldn't actively look for them or make ourselves noticeable.

Unfortunately Bry and Coil are both very distinct, unlike Dowser. If an observer happen to know their general descriptions Bry lack of tails will be identified from far away. If the enemies don't know what they look like Coil mechanical hands will give away that they probable are not independents.
If possible we should make those characteristics less noticeable. Maybe Bry could tie Coil's jacket around his waist. Ideally Coil should wear gloves, if there is a pair around, and a shirt with long sleeves. Since Coil shirt have short sleeves if Bry's shirt have long sleeves they should exchange. Bry of course have to wear a shirt, it must be unusual for scavengers to walk around shirtless. Bry's stylish suit and their hats will have to be abandoned for being too distinct, Coil's aviator jacket have a better chance to go unnoticed as an waist accessory. If there are any red wraps around at least pocket those. Would the suitcase be more or less noticeable than an improvised rag bag?

When all the preparations are finished walk at a constant pace, keep the conversations at a low volume and no more smoke.
No. 1039374 ID: fef6d1

>Whatever these are
Your job is to deliver them, not know what they are.

let's get to high ground, see where we are and then decide where to go.
No. 1039381 ID: 0d2390

Looks like the case has a hidden compartment in the lid. That looks like some sort of lock on it.

The thing on the left looks like a hard drive case, it may not be a hard drive itself though, only that it slots into a computer like one. The thing on the right could be anything. Still, lets not mess with it too much. For now, take your clothes off and rub mud all over them for camouflage. Same with your goggle strap and fur. Have Bry do the same for his clothes, although, to be honest, his fur already blends in with the purplish environment, so he probably doesnt need to cover his fur in mud.
No. 1039390 ID: 7b75ea

Yeah, I'm pretty sure "Plan A" was supposed to throw up a false flag - the backup plan is a smoking gun that would reveal who's really behind this. Given the strangeness of the suitcase's contents, I somehow doubt it's as simple as being just another corpo slap-fight with bribed agents as added flavor.

Do this, and very quickly. And if it turns out we've been broadcasting the box's location while the case was open, close it now and GTFO in any direction, because you do not want to be here when whoever's tuning in arrives at your last known location. Start climbing.
No. 1039392 ID: 36784c

>Looks like the case has a hidden compartment in the lid. That looks like some sort of lock on it.
That's actually a light. Coil had disabled it when he opened the briefcase.
No. 1039437 ID: 0d2390

Wouldn't the light be more at the top of the lid?
No. 1039444 ID: 36784c

No, it’d be at the bottom, since that’s where you would look if you were looking at whatever is in the briefcase.

The light is mostly meant to shine directly into the eyes of whoever opens the briefcase. And since this a planet full of tobaks, there’s a high chance a tobak would open it, so the light will blind any enemy tobaks that are dumb enough to open it without any goggles on.
No. 1039453 ID: 741526
File 165905434393.png - (237.35KB , 800x600 , TQ44.png )

>Ask Bry
I ask bry what he thinks of what's in the box, he doesn't have a clue.

I take out the box on the right and flick on the switch, and it immediately starts to beep rapidly. I immediately turn it off before it could explode.

>Try it with the case opened and closed.
I close the case with the numbered box still inside and turn on the beeping box, which still beeps. I guess it has nothing to do with the case. The boxes could be linked together somehow, but I'm still not sure. I fix the light when I open the case so that it'll blind any tobaks that open it that aren't us.

>Head for the hills. Do not approach lone crewmates, one of them could be the traitor.
I'm not sure who to trust, except for Bry, who It's safe to say couldn't be bribed with all the zeny in the world. It might be wise to stay on our own for now, but still keeping an eye out.

After we dry off a little, me and Bry make our way forward. I compromise on getting Bry to put on his shirt, his condition being that he doesn't have to button it up. I ask him not to smoke so we don't get spotted (or sniffed out by wild sect) and he complies. I think about following the river, but it doesn't seem to lead in any useful direction.

>find a high spot
After a while I see a tall metal structure leaning against a pillar of rock, I'm trying to think of what it could be. I then see the legs on the bottom, and that is enough to jog my memory. What I'm looking at is a walking watchtower, a creation of the Belo-Docker's company. Though the name tobaks prefer is 'lighthouses' for obvious reasons. They use these things for scouting, lighting up caves and collecting samples that are higher up.

The Belo-Docker's company is ranked the second highest in total abandoned equipment on the planet, of course being beaten out by Summit - not to be outdone. This isn't because they don't value their equipment, it's more due to the fact that their company isn't too big on building permanent structures, instead focusing on vehicles and moving structures to outmanoeuvre the other companies. This allows them to act nomadically and hard to pin down.

It only takes me half a second to remember what one of these is doing down here, a while ago the Belo-Docker's were trying to build a rail line through this portion of the wind tunnels right before Summit did a few bombing runs and destroyed a bunch of their mobile infrastructure. That started 6 months ago and has continued to as recently as couple months ago. This is still considered wild territory, but we still don’t want others getting it.

This tower could provide a good vantage point to spot our surroundings, but I'm a little concerned about whether there might be something living in there, like Belo-Docker's workers that have held out this long or wild animals.
No. 1039456 ID: 899c9f

If Belo-Docker's got any workers still living here... poor sods! You should go up there anyway, the benefits outweigh the risks.
No. 1039457 ID: 15c72a

What can your cybernetic hands do, again? Any tools in there? Weapons? Strong grip? Good punching?

Before you approach the structure, circle around and scout out the general area and see if you can see any signs of life.
No. 1039480 ID: 5d9787

If there is someone there they could turn on the lights any time? Being spotted by this is a huge risk.
We need protection, communication and food. What are the chances we would find any of those abandoned up there?
Knowing your surroundings is useful but to be able to see also mean to be able to be seen.
I'm not comfortable with the chances. Keep moving.
No. 1039487 ID: 36784c

>lighting up caves
You guys better put on your goggles just in case the lights on that thing still works!
No. 1039491 ID: a3d127

Go up there. It doesn't look like it would be staffed to heavily itself, given how spindly it is. Maybe a fireteam (or whatever they call a group of four). It probably relied more on support vehicles that would go along with it.

I would be wary of the big guns on it, however. I highly doubt they are manned, instead being either automated, or remote controlled. Humans generally don't go for the automated weapons and instead go for the remote controlled ones (moral reasons), but Idk what Belenos prefer (I could see lore reasons going strongly in either direction).

Actually, one of the gun barrels is pointed up the way you came... Assuming they are lasers, could this have been what shot off the tail of the plane?

They can...

No. 1039503 ID: 1f63e1

Any reason Bry wants to stay shirtless? And better keep your goggles at the ready, just in case of any surprise lights.
No. 1039544 ID: a3d127

Well, aside from other potential reasons, he is naturally camouflaged with the surroundings.
No. 1039546 ID: 741526
File 165922353459.png - (194.84KB , 800x600 , TQ45.png )

>could this have been what shot off the tail of the plane?
Not a chance, artillery lasers are huge and need to be driven around by trucks, the guns on the lighthouse look more intended to fend off wildlife or light vehicles.

>What can your cybernetic hands do, again? Any tools in there? Weapons? Strong grip? Good punching?
Nothing useful in a stranded situation I'm afraid. I don't have any cool tools or weapons in them, but I do have a stronger grip than normal hands, and I would be a great puncher if my fighting style was a little less cowardly.

>Before you approach the structure, circle around and scout out the general area and see if you can see any signs of life.
Good Idea. I scout around the surrounding area for life signs, but I don't see anything that could be a threat, just very small animals that hide when I get close.

>We need protection, communication, and food. What are the chances we would find any of those abandoned up there?
You would be surprised what you can find on abandoned structures. Maybe not food, tobaks always think about taking their food stashes with them when jumping ship.

>Any reason Bry wants to stay shirtless?
he tells me he likes to 'keep his assets on display.' for whom I have no idea.

I go to climb the lighthouse and ask Bry if he wants to come, He accepts but doesn't want to climb all the way up with the suitcase. Seems fair to me.

I climb up to the top, a little out of breath but in one piece. Why don't they put elevators on these things? Anyway, the first thing I see is a pair of binoculars, but they seem to be bolted to the handrail. I'm willing to bet there's another attached to the other side, effectively meaning I have a 360-degree view of my surroundings. Just from a quick glance I can see many interesting things. I leave that as one of my options for now

I also start to notice a smell, a pretty awful one. It's coming from inside the cabin. Using my horns, I can tell that there are no tobaks in there, at least not alive ones.
No. 1039547 ID: 741526
File 165922355335.png - (307.47KB , 800x600 , TQ46.png )

I enter the cabin through one of its doors, and a vile stench of decay hits me. It doesn't take long to notice where it's coming from, there are several corpses in here. These tobaks have been dead for a while going by how much they have already decayed - I'd say a couple months at least. Also of note is the dried blood and dents on the walls. I'm trying to wrap my head around what killed these guys, but the empty plasma scattergun on the ground and suicide notes don't leave much to the imagination. Looks like they all had their goggles on when they died.

It's strange. Tobaks very rarely consider taking the easy way out, why couldn't they just climb down? or send out a message and wait for rescue?

There doesn't seem to be any power left in this tower, so I don't need to worry about accidentally turning on a light switch. I'm surprised by how much there still is in here, I would have thought that scavengers would've came by and taken everything by now.

What's curious is that there's a single tobak horn sitting on the table. All the corpses have their horns still attached, so this one remains unaccounted for. I look all over but I can't see the body it belongs to.
No. 1039548 ID: f373c9

>dead bodies
Wow gross.

If you dont mind the Dead (or UNdead if things get EXTRA spooky...), try checking if they got anything on them of note.

Afterward, could try... chucking them out the window? At least it'd make things SLIGHTLY more hygenic (except outside where they land, that's Nature's Problem at that point.)
No. 1039549 ID: 15c72a

Does that horn look familiar to you? Maybe like Dowser's?

Read the suicide notes. Check to see if their wounds match the supposed suicide weapon.
Check the bodies for useful stuff, check the cabinets too. You're in a bit of a survival situation so anything useful is now yours.
No. 1039558 ID: 8b4456

Why is that one’s goggle green?
No. 1039560 ID: 690b82

Ehh, they've been rotting for a while, do you REALLY want to pick them up?

And yeah, read suicide notes, maybe that'll explain why they did it?
Then assuming it doesn't say things like "WE'RE HAUNTED, DEMONS IN THE WALLS, AAA" then yeah, loot the everything.
No. 1039561 ID: 15a025

Check inside the desk and see if there's anything else to be found?
No. 1039597 ID: f3a2ce

Seems very suspicious. Aren't you guys pretty fresh to modern tech as well? I'd be pretty surprised if standard survival skills weren't common. Maybe there's some extreme local danger? Perhaps they expected someone to come finish them off? Maybe they were murdered and the killer made it look like they did it themselves? Perhaps the notes will give an idea why it looks like they decided to take the most shameful end.

Loot and clean some goggles. Check any and all everything for something useful. Even an empty gun can be used for threatening people.
No. 1039600 ID: 5d9787

They've bean subjected to up to three months of bombardment. Even so it's a bit odd.

Although unpleasant this is the best case scenario we could hope for. The loot should be safe and plentiful.

Those plasma guns are lucky finds. Take the ones that are in better condition and with less contact with bodily fluids.
The firepower is appreciated but would be great if could find non-luminous weapons.

Look for functional PDAs. There is a high chance those guys would have kept those in their pockets, so use some stick like thing to poke in the hope there is something hard.

See if you can find a water canteen or a bottle you can carry. That plus some dried food could keep you going for a long time.
No. 1039601 ID: b01382

Seach all their pockets.
look for any PDA's that can give you additional clues.
Check for wallets and MUNY!
pocket that ones horn as you might be able to use it as a shiv if someone tries to ambush you.
Take any weapon's and ammo you can find. Maybe you might get lucky and one might still have some charge in it left, or perhaps you can eek out a little more power out of the Lighthouse to charge a gun. Regardless, these guns could be used as a self defense bluff if we manage to suprise some bandits as they wont know we sont have any ammo, or we can just sell the guns for credits.
Read the notes and take them.
Rip up one of the jumpsuits and see if tou can ise the cloth to fashion a backpack for the case, they way we'll have our hand free in case we need to do things.
Take all the goggles and clean the blood with their clothes. Never know when you might need spares.
Search all the drawers for anything useful.
No. 1039602 ID: 5d9787

Would you wear goggles that were in contact with a decomposing face for months? I'm not even sure what kind of chemical can remove the smell without destroying it.
No. 1039603 ID: 741526
File 165926128313.png - (253.88KB , 800x600 , TQ47.png )

>try checking if they got anything on them of note.
I check their pockets, but they don't seem to have anything too important, just stuff like pens and I.D cards. Their PDA's and wallets are oddly missing.

>You could try... chucking them out the window? At least it'd make things SLIGHTLY more hygienic
Even with robotic hands, I'd rather not run the risk of contracting living rust disease from one of them. Also, they smell terrible. It'd be best for me to finish my business here quickly.

>Why is that one’s goggle green?
Tobaks that originate from the glade have their goggles set to a different frequency due to their differing tolerance for light, it also helps set them apart for recognition.

>Check inside the desk and see if there's anything else to be found?
I look through the desks and find many tools, some might even be useful if they had any battery left in them. Maybe I can do some tinkering here.

>Aren't you guys pretty fresh to modern tech
Sure, but we rarely get to use 'modern' tech, we are usually given simple or dated stuff, which is simple to operate and maintain while also easy to replace. There's a pretty common saying among company supervisors; Never give millions of zeny in equipment to a tobak.

>Seems very suspicious.
To me it looks straightforward, but at the same time there is certainly something off.

>Loot and clean some goggles.
I can't think of a use for them, they work just as good as my pair, and I don't think Bry needs a replacement either.

>Rip up one of their jumpsuits to make a fashion a backpack out of cloth.
Using the tools and equipment lying around, I make something rudimentary but functional. It smells a bit, but I can ignore it until I find a proper backpack.

>Even an empty gun can be used for threatening people.
Good point, I didn't even consider that. I pick it up and inspect it, it holds an empty plasma shell. There are four in total if I add them to the ones lying on the ground. And why should I threaten with an empty gun? I could find a way to rig it to battery I took out of that gun earlier and -
oh wait, I think I threw that into the river. If I check I...
Wait, the laser magazine is still in my pocket?! I've even got a chocolate bar and a half in my pockets as well? just how much have I been forgetting back there?! I could wipe the spit off the end of this scattergun barrel, and it'd be as good as new, for at least one shot if I wire it up to this (usually) incompatible magazine. My patent for my plasma blunderbuss is still pending, but there's nothing wrong with making another prototype.
>pocket that one’s horn as you might be able to use it as a shiv if someone tries to ambush you.
Oooh, another excellent Idea. I pocket my new shiv.
>Does that horn look familiar to you? Maybe like Dowser's?
It does, actually. I doubt it belongs to him though.

>Perhaps the notes will give an idea why it looks like they decided to take the most shameful end.
I skim through the notes, most of them seem to be directed to their family members and loved ones. It's pretty grim stuff, a lot of personal details that I probably shouldn't be prying into, but I need the information. They all mention that their situation is hopeless, and this is their only way out, but none are very clear on what they mean.

I notice there is a fourth note, I'm guessing it belonged to the one whose horn sat on the desk. It's very short.
>'I'm not going to kill myself. The others may think it's hopeless, but I value my life a little more than to throw it away the moment some thing that can do magnetic tricks shows up. We only have 4 shots for the scattergun left, one divided between each of us. The rest have made up their minds. I'm know what I'm doing with my shot, I'm taking my chances.

>If anybody is reading this, I have either made it back to base, or am currently "suffering a fate worse than death."

No. 1039604 ID: 5d9787

Thanks Telliot, that was very informative.

The suicide notes you can leave here, unless you intent to contact their families when all of this is over.

If you got everything useful return to Bry. Show him Telliot's note and horn.
No. 1039606 ID: 398700

baseless pondering, something around here's figured out how to manipulate brain magnetics in such a way as to cause Real Problems I think.

Be on the lookout for hallucinations, give ya boy a heads up there's potentially some weird shit afoot.
No. 1039608 ID: 7b75ea

Well, I was suspicious about this being murder, but this assuaged me somewhat - this 'Telliot' just engaged in three counts of Assisted Suicide before bailing. Not sure what the horn he left behind means, but I'm assuming it means he didn't make it.

Anyway, make sure to use the vantage point to orient yourself before heading back down to Bry - that's most of the reason we came up here, after all.
No. 1039609 ID: 496343

>magnetic tricks
Hoooo boy here we go again. I don't think you should worry about this right now, but just take it into consideration.

If you are done searching the inside of this thing, go back to the binoculars and look for interesting locations.
No. 1039611 ID: 01fe07

>some thing that can do magnetic tricks
Uh oh, that sounds like it could be one of those tobak predators that Dowser mentioned one time!
No. 1039618 ID: 15c72a

Magnetic tricks? Isn't there some predator that does something like that?
Hmm, would shooting off your horns protect against it? Or just one, in this case.

At any rate, you've got the lay of the land so get the fuck outta here and tell Bry there might be something incredibly dangerous nearby.
No. 1039619 ID: b01382

Call down to Bry and inform him of our findings. It might be safer if he climbs up here. Perhaps he can carry the case in his mouth?
Take all the spent shots as you might be able to rechange then later, and use the tools at your disposal to to wire your magazine to the gun. Hey, maybe you could drain some of the batteries in the tools to fuel the empty cells? Actually if its only been a few months then there has to be some power left in this lighthouse.
Strip more cloth so you can make a sling for the gun and make it easier for you to climb down.
Strip more clothes so you can make a backpack for Bry.
Take the notes and see if you can or should inform the deas family memebers of their dead tobaks. Might be a mute point since theyre corpos, plus the company might had already informed them. Meh.
No. 1039624 ID: c28082


Weird that this Telliot guy is presumably missing just a horn.


At first I wanted to say I had the WORST feeling this wasn't a group suicide (since why would they have bullet holes in their skulls, too?), but Telliot's note makes more sense, out of all of them, and might be WHY they knocked off a horn.

If whatever this is can mess with your magneto-senses, then they might have been trying to prevent that.

Do you recognize the name?
No. 1039626 ID: 899c9f

He may have left his horn here as a... decoy? Anyway, the presence of rifle and absence of tobak says he's probably suffered the latter. Check in on Bry down there with the binoculars, and tell him he'd better come upstairs.
No. 1039649 ID: b0b5f8

I think Telliot shot his horn off because it improves his chances against the predator. He left the rifle since it was out of ammo.
No. 1039653 ID: a3d127

Honestly magnetic tricks seem like something super easy to do, especially with your knowledge of how wiring and electricity works. It seems weird that they would be spooked by somebody with some magnets.
No. 1039679 ID: a0a93b

Hmm - what's the base of the horn look like? Does it look like it was cut off, broken off...shot off?

Mmmmaybe some kind of biological encryption makes that really difficult?
No. 1039681 ID: b0b5f8

IIRC permanent magnets wouldn't do much, it's more about magnets with a pulse.
No. 1039701 ID: 741526
File 165936548234.png - (260.57KB , 800x600 , TQ48.png )

>Do you recognize the name?
I don't know any Telliots.

>what's the base of the horn look like? Does it look like it was cut off, broken off...shot off?
It's smooth and blackened, very likely shot off by the plasma scattergun.

>sounds like it could be one of those tobak predators
Tobak... predators... Head Splitters?
I've only heard rumors about those, I thought they were a complete myth! I've never seen one before, but the stories can end up pretty gruesome. Apparently tobak predators can use magnetism to keep groups of tobaks subservient, protecting them and tracking down meals for them. Apparently tobaks that get assimilated resist at first but eventually succumb to some form of Stockholm syndrome, and those that resist long enough get their heads... well... y'know. Split by getting the horns magnetically pulled in different directions.

>would shooting off your horns protect against it? Or just one, in this case.
No horns mean no magnetism, so effectively that'd save you from its influence. Just one horn though? It might save you from getting ripped apart, but you wouldn't be free from its control. Our friend Telliot is likely one with the predator’s herd.

I get to work on making this gun compatible with the laser rifle magazine, just need a bit of jury rigging.

Before I became a co-pilot, I was a repair guy and occasional tinkerer provided I had the right equipment. The lighthouse is stocked with just about everything I could ask for, it seems they kept repair equipment around in case somebody broke something, which I guess must've happened frequently. Hooking this thing up should be a breeze, I got a soldering iron powered with a nearly drained power supply with enough wires, solder, and duct tape to make anything work out of sheer brute force. They even got my favourite kind of wire stripper.
The one benefit to having metal fingers is that I can hold the soldering iron by the hot part and not get yelled at by my supervisor.

What I end up with is a plasma blunderbuss, a plunderbuss if you will. It's good for at least one shot which will drain the whole battery at once to effectively erase anything that happens to be within touching distance. The downside is that the shot will be so powerful, the barrel won't be able to take it and will likely split open like a banana, which would be cool but make the weapon difficult to use as a bluff. I will need to decide where to use it accordingly.
I also use more ripped cloth to create a sling for carrying the gun.
No. 1039702 ID: 741526
File 165936549309.png - (329.95KB , 800x600 , TQ49.png )

>If you are done searching the inside of this thing, go back to the binoculars and look for interesting locations.
I walk over to a pair of binoculars to have a look around, but not before bringing Bry up to speed on the situation. I hear the faint sound of distant motorbikes, and I look around to spot where it's coming from.

There they are, in a northern direction. It's a couple of motorbikes, both bearing the company colors and marks of the Talion cooperation. one is a longer, speedier model and the other appears to have a sidecar. The strange thing is that they appear to be driven by nothing by sect, which I would think is a bad idea given their eyesight, they must be following a pheromone trail, meaning there is a queen very close by. Are they a scouting group patrolling a path? or are they making their way somewhere? Either way, they are out of the way and don't seem like they'll be an issue for us unless we head north.

Are Talion the ones that shot us down? It makes sense, they are a company that develops a lot of military equipment, vehicles, and heavy weapons - a laser artillery truck wouldn't be unexpected from them, but why hide it and pin blame on Edevane? It's not like Summit is on the best terms with Talion, even if our rivalry isn't as strong as it is with the Belo-Dockers.

If me and Bry could get our hands on one of those bikes, we could get back to our territory in no time, but we'd need to think of something.

I look around and see a few more things of note.
The rookie plane we shot down appears to have crash landed in a field of dirt, there may be a chance that its pilot survived, which may give us clues to what's happening.
I also see a feint green glow somewhat close to the path the sect are driving on. It appears to be a very miniscule light frequency if it isn't blinding me, which is surprising. It also seems to be moving around slowly.
I see a bike with a sidecar just sitting out in the open. It lacks markings, looking like it belongs to an independent. I think we could use it more than whoever it belongs to.
Looks like there's an entrance to a summit bunker that has been locked shut. If I can find a way to get in, Bry and I could use the equipment inside to send a message back to one of our bases, maybe get a recovery team sent our way.
No. 1039703 ID: 2679c3

Go for the bunker. You’re a tobak who’s good with his hands, you could pry it right open.
No. 1039704 ID: c28082


Check in with the independent, then the bunker as a fallback. If we can pass ourselves off as two down-on-our-luck tobaks, we might be able to slip back to neutral ground (or Summit) and figure things out from there.

As for the fuzzy buzzies, man, look at them go. Bumble-buddies go brrrrrrrrr.
No. 1039707 ID: 6d3279

Oh hey, it's that sect with the ashtray on his head! Leaves little doubt that their leader's close, but only on a meta level.

Without a doubt, bunker's the best shot you have. Summit may not give a shit about rescue per se, but if their rivals are teaming up and expending high-value resources like spies they'll totally maximize how expensive this op is for the hostile force and deny them their objective if they have the ability to do so.
Secondary option is the vehicle, it'd be easy to put a false Talion logo on it to fool those sect drones. Whatever orders they have, odds are low that their unquestioning minds are equipped to deal with false flags.
No. 1039708 ID: 02516d

I like the idea of searching the bunker more.
No. 1039709 ID: 5d9787

The way you handle those tools is atrocious. I've seen worst examples but those end up offering me the opportunity to sadistically disinfect their wounds with pure alcohol before sending them to the hospital next door to have their arteries stitched closed. Good times...

I'm still betting on moving unnoticed, so I don't thing getting anywhere near a hive is a good idea, but in case we do there is a medieval horse robber trick that could work well here: stretch a rope between two stalagmites just above the height of the bike. If you happen to predict their path correctly this should break their necks, maybe even decapitate.

The lonely bike look too good to be true. Maybe it's a golden opportunity, maybe it will cause an angry confrontation with the owner, or maybe there is a reason it was abandoned.

If it looks like the bunker is uninhibited it sound like the safer option. Let's go there.
No. 1039713 ID: 7c0da2

The downed plane may have a radio. And if he is still there I like the idea of interrogating the pilot, because the whole thing is weird. There is just too many people around here. Edevane, Talion, whoever shot you, Summit, at least one independent doing whatever... It's getting rather crowded.
No. 1039714 ID: f3a2ce

>but why hide it and pin blame on Edevane?
It could just be that knew Edevane would be here and want it as well, with Sam and the gun being Talion's doing. Or they're working together. Which would be worse but very unlikely.

>Apparently tobak predators can use magnetism to keep groups of tobaks subservient, protecting them and tracking down meals for them.
So they puppet your nervous systems through entry of your horns? I would imagine they have a similar system made of metal for the magnetism required.

I'd say plane or the bunker. Whichevers closer, you need to report your findings here. You could probably blast off the lock and maybe also the door of that bunker with that jury-rigged gun of yours, assuming you won't have to use it before then.

If this information is true, you may end up facing off with your crewmates at some point. I would also recommend you make sure Bry is still down there.
No. 1039723 ID: a3d127

>predator rumors
That sounds so precisely like the neumono predator that somewhere along the line the two have to have been conflated. I don't doubt there is some sort of magnetic predator, but how the hell would mind control even work? (hmm, unless it isn't mind control, but instead it kills the victims, and then puppets the corpses' nervous systems to keep them fresh for later...)


If you can see it clearly, check the cockpit of the downed plane. If the glass is blown cleanly off, then the guy bailed out and could be anywhere. if not, it would definitely be worth going over even if the guy is dead since the ejection seats generally carry a survival kit with a first aid kit, navigation and survival tools, flare gun, matches, life raft, blankets, and a compact carbine. It would be very useful to have that gear.
No. 1039744 ID: 15c72a

>why hide it and pin blame on Edevane?
Probably to prevent it getting stolen back, or stolen again by someone else.

Go to the bunker. At the very least, it'll have more supplies, but it's likely that the bunker has some way of contacting Summit for an extraction. It's also unlikely to be related to the Splitter, whereas the green light and independent bike are potentially signs that it's nearby.
No. 1039785 ID: 741526
File 165943498375.png - (246.06KB , 800x600 , TQ50.png )

>The lonely bike looks too good to be true
I guess there is the chance it could be a trap. I better not go for it, just in case.

>If you can see it clearly, check the cockpit of the downed plane.
I can't get a good view of it. I don't see anybody wandering around, so the pilot is either dead or they ejected already.

>Edevane, Talion, whoever shot you, Summit, at least one independent doing whatever... It's getting rather crowded.
Independents I can understand, they go wherever valuable salvage is. All these companies in one place? It is unusual. Then again, the wind tunnels connect up a lot of territory. They might all be passing through, or maybe something far less coincidental is going on.

>stretch a rope between two stalagmites just above the height of the bike. If you happen to predict their path correctly this should break their necks, maybe even decapitate.
Now that's an idea. I need to find a strong wire or cable to do it first.

We decide to make my way towards the Summit bunker, which seems like the safer and more fruitful option. I pack everything I picked up, including a number of useful tools and items. Hopefully I'm capable of finding a way to contact a higher up to see if a recovery team can be sent.

Bry and I arrive in front of the abandoned compound and easily slip through the destroyed fence. It looks like we weren't the first to visit by the Looks of it, scavengers got here long before we did. All the crates and barrels have been opened and all the parked vehicles have had their parts taken.

The outside seemingly devoid of anything valuable to us, I wonder if anyone has managed to get to anything inside the bunker. Most of the structure seems to be elevated above ground level, but there is a basement which seems to be accessible. There is a large steel door that looks like it was made for vehicles to go through, but it's locked shut. There is a smaller double door, but that seems harder to get through because it is welded shut.

>You’re a tobak who’s good with his hands, you could pry it right open.
I-I'm not that good with my hands! Not to say I'd be against that plan if I could do it.

I have no doubt that the operations here have ceased long ago, but for what reason I have no idea. Seems Summit locked up tight to prevent it being broken into and used by rival companies. Seems there aren't any obvious ways in, I might need to get creative.
No. 1039786 ID: f373c9
File 165943675181.png - (5.71KB , 154x97 , hole.png )

Say... you think we could possibly get up in there somehow, with a rope or such?
No. 1039787 ID: 5d9787

Take a look at the control panel next to the door. Maybe you can mess with the wires to open the larger door.
With what you have I'm not seeing many options. You could shot it but that is far less effective at opening doors than the movies suggest. If the vehicles have functional engines and strong chains you could improvise a mechanism to break the bar but that is a lot of ifs and a too much work.
Climbing the window seem to be the best you can do. Don't fall.
No. 1039788 ID: 899c9f

Get at the control panel and hack the mainframe.
No. 1039798 ID: a3d127

This seems like the best course of action.

Check if one of the vehicles has a winch still attached to it that we could nab the wire off of.

I see a halftrack in the background. It looks like the rear treads are still there. We could take two or three links off of it and fashion it into a grappling hook.
No. 1039808 ID: 7c0da2

The hole in the roof seems like a good idea. Try to go around the bunker to look for something to improvise a grappling hook with or failing that, anything that might help you climb. And maybe some other side of the bunker will be easier to climb.
No. 1039810 ID: fdb350

>prevent it being used by other companies
Ha, no. One of the rules of security is that nothing abandoned is secure. With a little patience and proper tools people could easily bust in and set up shop. Preventing its use would mean blowing it up. Odds are better that they mothballed the place, but never returned because it had no use, or they just forgot it existed.

Purple stuff is weird. Or did they just build it out of a wall?

Well, surely it's been noticed... Wait, nobody said a word? Welp. Hey guys, to the right of the door there's a vent, which should allow access.
No. 1039811 ID: 36784c

There’s a vent next to the big door. You guys might be able to get in through there.

Although, it’s weird that such an obvious entry point hasn’t been opened yet. Maybe someone put the vent cover back in place after entering or exiting?

>control panel
That’s not a control panel. That’s a vent.

>No one noticed vent?
It was noticed, but a few people mistakenly thought it was a control panel for the door.
No. 1039813 ID: 15c72a

Is that a vent? Can you open it up?
No. 1039884 ID: b01382

Bry is the pilot/driver, and you're the mechanic. If Bry knows how to use a gun and knows trigger discipline gi e the plumberbuss to him so se can use our tools to unlock the door. Explain to Bry the modifications we've made. Its one use, and will kill anything up lose, but dont expect to hit anything too far.

Also give Bry's ass a squeeze. You might as well if theres a chance you might die today.
No. 1039925 ID: 741526
File 165956102722.png - (212.14KB , 800x600 , TQ51.png )

>Get at the control panel and hack the mainframe.
I wish there was a control panel or a mainframe to hack into, but alas, it seems there's no such thing. The door must've been remote controlled. It's a shame too - I've always wanted to say 'I'm in' out loud.

>The hole in the roof seems like a good idea.
It could be if I had a way up there. I try climbing the cliff but the rocks are too smooth.

>Fashion a grappling hook out of the halftrack treads.
I can't get the track off the wheels, and even if I could, it'd be too heavy to throw anywhere.

>There’s a vent next to the big door. You guys might be able to get in through there.
Oh right. I forget that people in bunkers still need air. Unfortunately, it'll a little high up for just one tobak, it's a good thing I have Bry with me

I ask Bry to give me a boost and he obliges. His shoulders make a sturdy stepladder, but I won't say that out loud. I hand him the gun to hold onto and explain the modifications I made to it. Using a screwdriver I brought with me, I start to unscrew the vent cover.

>it’s weird that such an obvious entry point hasn’t been opened yet. Maybe someone put the vent cover back in place after entering or exiting?
That's true... Now that it's been pointed out, these screws are quite worn, some are even missing. Maybe this bunker isn't untouched after all.

I slide the vent cover off and I now have access to the bunker. There is one problem though, Bry doesn't have a way in. Looks like I'll have to find a way to let him in.
"Hey Bry, you mind if I go in and find a way to open this door?"
>"I see. There's no way I can get in from here. Not an issue, do try to be quick though."
"Are you good to look after the suitcase? What about the gun? Should I go in empty handed, or should I bring one with me?"
>"Up to you. If you're going to be gone, do you mind if I take a smoke break?"
"I guess not."

I'm a bit worried with Bry being out by himself without a weapon to defend himself, but I'm also worried about going in completely unarmed. what if I bump into a ghost or something?
No. 1039926 ID: 398700

screwdriver is a serviceable shiv and we're gonna be in a tight space, leave him the gun.
No. 1039927 ID: 36784c

What happened to you robot hands? Do you suddenly grow normal fleshy hands over them?

>Bry doesn't have a way in.
Can’t you just pull him up? Have him give you the briefcase and gun, then turn around and pull him up.
No. 1039928 ID: 15c72a

Take the briefcase, leave the gun with Bry. It should be fairly quick to see if the place has been looted anyway.
No. 1039929 ID: 899c9f

The suitcase has a built in flashlight. Take that and use it as a weapon.
No. 1039944 ID: 5d9787

The kind of threat I imagine you are likely to find inside would be either wild life or automated guns. Considering this place condition if there are any tobaks inside they would probable be independent bums.
Bry will be emitting a purple smoke in an open area when there are enemies patrols, including the olfactory orientated variate.
Since you are more likely to face an enemy alone the single shot would be more likely to help you than Bry, on the other hand Bry is more likely to be confronted by trouble than you. It's a difficult choice but I think it's better to leave the gun with Bry, at least you can hide better than him if you find trouble.

Ideally you shouldn't have to make this choice. There is really no way to pull him up? Can't you lay belly up, press the vent walls for support and let Bry climb your legs? Use cloths as improvised rope? No way at all?
No. 1039947 ID: 7c0da2

Give the gun to Bry, he is the one guarding the suitcase, and we still don't know if it can be tracked.
No. 1039957 ID: dda1f1

Where did Coil's gun go?
No. 1039965 ID: ef3089


they probably forgot to draw it
No. 1039989 ID: c28082


Ghosts aren't real, they can't hurt you.

Forward facing tobaks, however ...
No. 1040041 ID: b01382

You don't have to leave Bry behind, at least not for long. If you go in deep enough into the vent and there's and intersection, or if you're flexible enough to turn around in the vent, you can easily maneuver around and make your way back to where Bry is. You could then reach down a hand for Bry to off load the suitcase, then gun, then you could reach down an arm for Bry to jump up and grab. You would them pull him up, and you can both make your merry way into the facility.
No. 1040047 ID: 02516d

Is there a palce for him to take cover? Once you open the doors he will hear it and come to you, so he doesn't need stay by the door.
No. 1040061 ID: a3629a

Can't you lend him some rope or leg to climb up? If not, I would say to let him have the weapon. There mighy or might not be enemies inside. There are enemies outside...
No. 1040066 ID: 708905

Could you hold onto the inside of the vent whike he uses your body as a ladder?
No. 1040136 ID: b01382

Kiss Bry!
No. 1040137 ID: 84c07e
File 165972569832.png - (376.60KB , 800x600 , TQ52.png )

>Is there really no way of pulling him up?
Not in a way that I find quick or comfortable. I ask Bry to see if he can find a crate or barrel he could use to get in while I get a head start, he seems to agree on that plan.

Otherwise, I can look for a way to open the door electronically or find a rope to pass down to him.

I leave the gun with Bry, he is more likely to encounter a threat on the outside after all. I take the suitcase with me, I can't have Bry do all the heavy lifting.

I wander the halls of this abandoned bunker, looking for a generator that still works. It's quite spacious in here, and dirty. How long has this place been abandoned? Probably longer than I have been alive. I wouldn't call this place looted as I see a few raw materials here and there, but there isn't a whole lot worth taking. After a short while I hear the sound of a generator running. That's odd, has it been on all this time? There seems to be wires coming from it, so it must be powering something. My curiosity gets the best of me, I follow the wires.
No. 1040139 ID: 84c07e
File 165972576191.png - (261.58KB , 800x600 , TQ53.png )

I notice a miniscule amount of light coming from around one of the corners that the wires lead to, I put my goggles on as I approach to investigate. My horns aren't picking up any magnetic signatures, so there aren't any other tobaks around besides myself. The light comes from a room where I hear speaking, I carefully peer inside to see who it's coming from.

I see an alien sitting at a desk full of computer monitors. It's a neumono, his lack of horns, tails and an earthy non-pastel palette gave him away instantly. He seems tiny, even by tobak standards. Does he work for that neumono mining company? If he did, why isn't he wearing the uniform? Better yet where is his hive? Could he be a rogue who decided to go independent? I don't see any red cloth to indicate that, nor do I see many aliens coming here for that kind of work in the first place.

>"Mister Jade, give me a status."
>"Too much information. Mister Crimson, give me an update."
>"Alright, what about you Mister Tan?"
>"I didn't expect him to survive the crash. Ask him questions and tie up that loose end, we don't need him anymore. Mister Amber, you feel like speaking up?"
>"Didn't think so. Mister Olive, what is your status."
>"Mister Olive. Answer me. You better be on a bathroom break or something, because I need to know that you're watching my ass and that I'm not by myself in here."
>"Alright then, don't blame me if your pay gets docked. Mister Teal, do you have an update for me?"
>"Keep looking, we have all day to find it. Snow, Silver and Gold, let me know if any of your trackers start to point you in a particular direction."
No. 1040140 ID: 84c07e
File 165972577987.png - (263.11KB , 800x600 , TQ54.png )

An abandoned bunker is an odd place to host a lan party, but I shouldn't be too judgemental - I know a guy who watches TV in all sorts of weird places. One thing which brings me unease is that weapon he has strapped under his shoulder, which doesn't look like any nailgun that I've ever seen.

>"Alright, I'll fill you all in on what I can see on the cameras. First off, we are not the only ones occupying the area. There are a few independents scattered around but they are otherwise uninvolved, so avoid them. So far, the Talion corporation seems to be the only dominion which has any presence in the wind tunnels. They are running patrols and sending out scouting groups, it is unknown what their motive is, but avoid them. A Talion army is not too far away, but they are slow in dragging around their equipment and establishing supply lines, looks like they are gearing up to launch an occupation of sorts. Let’s make our business quick if this turns out to be the case."

>"Regarding the talion patrols, most of them seem to be Sect, a species that comes from this planet similar tobaks. They are comparable in height but vary a lot in physiology. Sect are a hivemind led by a queen, who seems to be going in and out of the area. Don't worry about being spotted by a sect, their eyesight apparently leaves much to be desired, but they have a keen sense of smell, so keep your distances just in case."

>"There are two tobaks we need to worry about, the tourist and Lak. I spotted the tourist on camera nine about ten minutes ago, he won't be a problem for a while. If you see him, shoot him. He doesn't seem that smart, but he is patient. I have seen no trace of Lak, but he is one hundred percent the bigger threat. I don't know much about tobaks, but I know that he is a genius by most intelligent species’ standards. He has yet to turn up, but if I see him on the cameras, I need one of you to take care of him as soon as possible."

>"I've intercepted a few company communications, and it seems that both the Summit Mining Company and Edevane Chemicals are both planning on sending over people to investigate the crashes. Here's hoping we're gone by the time they get here."

>"Good question, that leads me to a little reminder I wanted to make, - if we don't get to the suitcase first and destroy the box inside alongside obtaining proof of doing so, we won't see a single zeny for our efforts. This should be an easy last job, and none of us will have to work again if the board upholds their end of the deal. That being said, there should be no excuses."

A suitcase huh? Like the one I have? I wonder what the fascination is.
No. 1040141 ID: 15c72a

He mentioned trackers. Your suitcase is being tracked...

Well, you have to survive and hide until Summit arrives, that's for sure. Tempting to sneak up on this guy and steal the gun to use against him but neumono are hard to put down, he'll probably overpower you before you manage it. Also if you DO manage that, everyone will converge on this location once he goes silent.

So uh, just walk away. In fact, get the hell out of here, because Mister Olive being missing means that someone else is likely in here and has killed him. Well, before you go, can you find the armory?
No. 1040142 ID: 5d9787

This guy seem to be coordinating the group responsible for the attack. If we could take him down and disable his equipment their efficiency should decrease significantly.
He also mentioned that he should be accompanied by someone who seem to be absent at the moment, so if we are going to do something this moment is likely the best opportunity we will have. If we wait Mister Olive will return.

Could you sneak behind him and take his gun? He is a neumono but he is small, so I'm unsure if you can overpower him or not.

I'm a bit concern that Coil might be the one he referred as the tourist. Probable not considering the patient description, but the shot on sign order put me on edge about being seeing by those people even if they can't identify Coil.
The suspicious that the shot on sight order refer to you could be a very useful justification for aggression if you want to avoid identifying yourself and maybe pretend to be an independente. If you end up conversing with him use that lie for as long as you can.
No. 1040143 ID: 5d9787

>... Mister Olive being missing means that someone else is likely in here and has killed him.
The last frase directed toward Mister Oliver make it seem like he offered some form of justification before:
>"Alright then, don't blame me if your pay gets docked.
I think he is still alive just currently occupied, maybe investigating something suspicious.
No. 1040144 ID: 660765

This guy mentioned Mister Tan, who is Sam's contact. Sounds like he just told him to murder the rookie Edevane pilot, so don't hesitate to kill this guy if you can. He's shown he deserves it in less than a minute.

However neumono are notoriously difficult to kill. And the only weapon you have is a suitcase. In addition, sounds like he's got a bodyguard, albeit currently unavailabke.
No. 1040145 ID: e5709d

Give mission control a surprise to remember, then. And a lesson to put cameras in the camera room.
Sneak out, cannibalize the suitcase of anything important, douse it in oil, get a match, then sneak back up and shout, "oh, you mean THIS evidence?" Then set it on fire while he watches.

Losing proof that he completed the job will throw him off-guard, long enough to beat his ass by picking up the flaming suitcase with your robot hands and beating him to death with it.
No. 1040147 ID: f3a2ce

Would not recommend engaging him in any way. If the call is interrupted they'll most likely know exactly where to head. That being said, if this place still has any communications equipment you could use the running generator to power it. He says crews from summit are on the way, but not here yet. Maybe it would be best to hunker in the bunker and keep eavesdropping on the smol neumono.

Keep an eye and ear out for mr.Olive. He makes it sound like he's in here with you guys.
No. 1040148 ID: a3ae99

ETA: If you grab his neck and squeeze with all the strength of your mechanical hands, can you break/tear it?

And if he manages to croak out "What are you doing?", make a point to throw his words back at him: "I believe you called it 'tie up a loose end'."
No. 1040150 ID: c28082


Might as well carry on, or see if they don't mind our helping for a cut, maybe. Up to you, but keep in mind, he DOES have a weapon.


Bro this is twelve kinds of fucked up. Not everything is a bad Call of Duty game. You need someone to like, talk to, or something?
No. 1040151 ID: 9a2966

Weeelp. You found the hideout of the guys looking to destroy the suitcase. Whoever this 'board' is, they're paying big money to get it done - to... a bunch of offworlders, it sounds like? And Talion's in the area, but not Summit or Edevane. Dang. That means you want to hide - and get out of the wind tunnels, ASAP, before Talion control is established.

I would also point out that if you take out this guy his absence is going to be a verrry big clue to all of his presumably well-armed friends that something's up in the location he's at. And he does have a bodyguard somewhere around here. You should leave, get Bry and slink off. If there's anything you can do here... figure out what areas these guys have under surveillance and avoid them, I guess?

Mm. If you do take out this guy and mess up the equipment here, you do blind them to a degree.

Three people appear to have trackers that can track you and the suitcase down - Snow, Silver and Gold. If you can figure out where those guys are and take them out or destroy their trackers you might have a much greater chance of actually getting away. Any clues based out of the cameras?

Know anything about these two Tobaks, though? Tourist and... Lak? Weird nicknames.

Could also maybe use the comms equipment this guy has to call for help. Of course, that means taking 'im out somehow and isn't he one of those alien guys who can regen limbs, read your mind and shit? Sounds risky without something more hardcore.

That said, uh, can you override the grip governors on those robotic limbs of your and put on some serious hurt squeeze? In that case you could grab his arms and, well, break 'em. But I do suggest making it so he can't call for help first - like by disabling his equipment in a clever way. Disconnecting some wiring, causing loss of power, say? Ugh, it's risky though. Your best bet might just be creeping up on him while he's unaware now and talking with other people.

You could also just... stick around here and spy on them more, while preparing an ambush for whoever has trackers and as they trickle in, take 'em on and cut their comms and surveillance and then make a run for it.
No. 1040152 ID: 99ca7b

He has a weapon. You have darkvision. Get out of there. Quietly, and see if there's a power cable you can unplug on your way.
No. 1040158 ID: e5709d

We're talking about the asshole commanding the operation that shot down the Summit plane. He's ordering his subordinates to hunt down the survivors - he even ordered one of them to execute a POW. He's a combatant, and his gun proves it.
No. 1040174 ID: f237fa

See, nothing abandoned is secure.
Oh, the spy from earlier mentioned a Mr Tan, so it appears this person is linked to whoever shot down the plane.

Should you kill the power, it'd put you at a combat advantage, especially if the bodyguard has no ability to see in darkness. Extra points if you ambush the guy that goes to get stuff online. However, the bodyguard may be quiet because he's got a bead on you and is attempting to ambush. Eyes peeled. Still, disabling the power would also screw up hostile comms, so that would also be good. Final consideration is to keep goggles on in case power goes online, regardless of how.

Probably best case scenario here is dealing with the two here. Do so and you've got a lot of options. Eavesdrop or deny hostile comms, probably get the ability to contact Summit, maybe get prisoners to question if you capture the hostiles alive. Of course, if this stuff allows you to call up Fletcher, you've also got a way to secure the place to hold out for rescue.
No. 1040176 ID: 02a90d

This guy was dead to me the moment he casually ordered the execution of a prisoner (though I suppose he deserves congratulations for managing to mark himself for death in under 30 seconds). However we're a bit light on weapons, so I'm just taking stock of what we do have on hand. It's gruesome but it's all we have (plus it's relatively silent).

Taking out the power sounds like a great idea indeed. Check for light sources, do they all connect to the cable from the generator?
No. 1040182 ID: 2779dc

Wait a sec, here's an option that's semi-safe.
Leave, go get Fletcher, and go seal team six on this compound.
Seriously, if there's only 2 people, her squad should tear it to shreds. Especially if the power is still dead upon arrival or a stealth operative kills it before they move to secure the place.
No. 1040188 ID: 5d9787

He doesn't seem to realize he is currently alone with an enemy, but there is and entire team monitoring and targeting Fletcher's team. There is no way we can bring our guys over without them bringing their guys as well.
No. 1040200 ID: 936bd9

Oh, it's worse. Far worse. Operative words are loose end, which implies they know info that could compromise/expose these people or their operations if left alive.
>Or them being taken prisoner has in itself made them a loose end
Were that the case, the statements "didn't expect him to survive the crash" and "we don't need him anymore" are very unusual. First statement implies they knew about this guy beforehand, while the second is damning, as it in concert with the first heavily implies that he was involved with these people. Possibly the one who placed the targeting beacon in the tail. So they're not killing a prisoner, they're killing a guy who helped them pull this off.
>Well, that's bad, but at least this traitor got what they deserved.
Heh. Well, maybe, or maybe it's even worse. Perhaps this guy is just a traitor who got bribed, but it could also be that they recruited this guy in a similar way to how they recruited Sam, with high debt they use as leverage.

So, in sum, worst case is they promised to erase a poor guy's debt for help with the op, yet from the get-go were gonna murder the guy because they were fully aware his help would turn him into a loose end.

Suffice to say, these guys are absolute scumbags.

Seems more like they're looking, but haven't found, but even if they did...
Wouldn't they do that once the neumono's dead regardless? With the comms lost, they'd investigate.
So, the options are:
1) Somehow kill the two here, flee, let the bunker be retaken by a well armed group of troops, go to square 1
2) Go get Fletcher, rush the place before it gets reinforced, call Summit for aid, relax in a building *made for defense* for Summit's help
No. 1040204 ID: 899c9f

The neumono's got a holster, so direct confrontation is right out unless you find a weapon. Be on the lookout for his number two, who may be busy with number two right now. Try and take him by surprise, then cut the generator's power.
No. 1040228 ID: a9af05

Sneak away as quietly as possible. Could you unplug some of those cables and rip them up so they can't be plugged back in?

>that's fucked up
This guy established himself as part of the group responsible for shooting down the plane we were on, which makes him an enemy. Why are you so surprised that someone made a suggestion to kill him? It's a natural thing to want to do.
No. 1040258 ID: b01382

hey he's kinda cute.
No. 1040259 ID: b01382

Sneak attack choking is probably the best way to go about it. If you can't kill em, choke em out. That or spam flechette until they run out of blood and meat.

lmfao that's the same chucklnutts ashtray wearing motherfucker, so we're up against THAT hive queen lady? neat.
No. 1040381 ID: 84c07e
File 165999449834.png - (298.57KB , 800x600 , TQ55.png )

>This guy seems to be coordinating the group responsible for the attack. If we could take him down and disable his equipment their efficiency should decrease significantly.
That's true. I may be alone (With Bry) but I should still try to do something about this situation, because leaving this place without doing anything might bite me in the ass later.

>Could you sneak behind him and take his gun? He is a neumono but he is small, so I'm unsure if you can overpower him or not.
I could do that given that these guys have a slower reaction time, but I don't know if he has another weapon like a knife or something. My knowledge on this type of alien is limited, but I know that a pistol isn't going to stop him. Neither is hitting him with a suitcase, I guess.

>Could you hurt him with your hands?
Probably, however I'm not sure how effective that'd be, or if I would win that encounter given that he still has a gun.

>Leave, go get Fletcher, and go seal team six on this compound.
I would love to do that if it were an option. Unfortunately, I don't know where Fletcher or the rest of the plane's crew went. Even if I did, this guy would probably see us coordinating an attack on the cameras and call his buddies to defend him.

>Know anything about these two Tobaks, though? Tourist and... Lak? Weird nicknames.
I don't know who Lak is or what company he works for. The tourist rings a bell though, supposedly someone that does a lot of corporate espionage - an urban legend, nothing more than folklore for independents.

>This guy mentioned Mister Tan, who is Sam's contact. Sounds like he just told him to murder the rookie Edevane pilot
I guess we're not dealing with particularly kind individuals.

>Three people appear to have trackers that can track you and the suitcase down - Snow, Silver and Gold. If you can figure out where those guys are and take them out or destroy their trackers, you might have a much greater chance of actually getting away. Any clues based out of the cameras?
It's hard to make out anything on the cameras from here, but it does look like a few are being worn by people. I'd need a closer look.

>You could also just... stick around here and spy on them more
I listen quietly in case he lets out any useful information, but it doesn't take too long for him to go quiet and start scanning the cameras. A couple of minutes later he picks up and starts reading a magazine full of pictures of guns and scantily clad neumono women. It isn't fair, why don't we get our own magazines?

>hey he's kinda cute.
I can see him bring Bry's type (which is everyone and everything.)

>Check for light sources, do they all connect to the cable from the generator?
That they do. All of the lights in this room seem to be coming from the various screens. There are also floodlights that are turned off, but they all connect to the same source.
No. 1040382 ID: 84c07e
File 165999451080.png - (224.51KB , 800x600 , TQ56.png )

>Keep an eye and ear out for mr.Olive. He makes it sound like he's in here with you guys.
I'm looking and listening close for anyone else in the bunker's halls, thankfully things are pretty quiet. I wonder if he's an alien like the neumono or if he's from here, either way I'm being careful.

>He has a weapon. You have darkvision. Get out of there. Quietly, and see if there's a power cable you can unplug on your way.
Now that's an idea. For too long the aliens have used light as a weapon against tobaks, so let's see how the aliens like being in the dark for once.

I grip the generator switch and I swing it down, stopping the flow of power and bringing the generator noise down to complete silence. I listen in for the neumono's reaction.

There it is.
Sounds like he believed it was an accident. That's good news for me because I get to have the drop on him. By the sounds of it, he is coming out to switch the generator back on. If I had to guess, he is coming out with a flashlight that chews up less power than dark-vision goggles.

>Could you unplug some of those cables and rip them up so they can't be plugged back in?
I could, but if I can take out this guy, I could use his cameras to figure out where Fletcher's squad is. I might even be able to use his computer to send out a message to HQ.
No. 1040383 ID: 899c9f

Set the briefcase down in a corner and open it so the light is on, and hide by the door. Get the flashlight away from him first, and then take him out with your special hands.
No. 1040384 ID: 15c72a

>he's got a flashlight
Well, that will partially negate the darkness advantage. Still, you have to get that gun away from him first because if he shoots you even once it's all over and you need a gun to even have a chance of knocking him out.
Hide behind something nearby, in a spot where you can ambush him before he gets close enough to see that the generator has been purposely switched off. Once he sees the switch, he'll know there's an intruder and go on high alert.

Optimally, you snag the gun, use it to shoot the flashlight, then take your time to aim and shoot him in the head a couple times to knock him out.
No. 1040385 ID: 2de4fd

I know you want to take this guy out but it's probably not a great idea. Better idea would be to fray the power wires to ruin them so there's multiple problems with the power, ideally slow-to-fix-ones, and get the hell outta there while he can't play mission control so well. I'd say break his keyboard or something too but the more things you change admittedly the more clear it is that someone's screwing with things; maybe you could fray the power cable somewhere that looks natural?
No. 1040386 ID: 9a2966

Wait around a corner or behind a piece of machinery until he starts tinkering with the machinery (and preferably before he notices the switch was just turned off) and has his hands and eyes busy, then come up behing, bonk 'im, choke him, sneak steal his gun, whatever comes natural and seems necessary to capture him. Keep in mind he might be on live comms headset, so it'd be GREAT if you could take that out of the picture ASAP.

If he somehow happens to stumble right into you say 'Hey, catch.' toss the suitcase to him - again occupying his hands - and THEN rush him down.
No. 1040390 ID: 5d9787

Let's bet on those superior reflexes. Stay out of the way until he enter the room, proceed to shadow him as closely as you can, and when the opportunity arise take his light and gun.
If he get scare and cooperative you can have him as a hostage, but if he try to fight shot him on the head many times. Killing him is probable more advantageous but if he surrender we can try to make this work.
No. 1040397 ID: a8a85e

Could you rip out a cable and set it up so when he turns the genny back on he gets zapped?
No. 1040406 ID: 8a4559

Aren't these guys supposed to be really robust? A direct assault is going to be exceedingly risky.
Zapping sounds like a good idea if you can make it happen. Otherwise a long-lasting distraction (shorted cable?) may be the best you can do.
No. 1040424 ID: 84c07e
File 166005553771.png - (209.53KB , 800x600 , TQ57.png )

>Could you rip out a cable and set it up so when he turns the genny back on he gets zapped?
That would probably make a lot of noise and he might catch on to it. I'll try going for a safer approach.

I hide behind one of the doorways and wait for him to pass through without noticing me. Going for the surprise approach seems to be my best option, best not to waste the opportunity.

I see him pass by, apparently he didn't want to take his headset with him because he seems to be without it. I sneak up close behind him so I can employ my famous pick pocket skills. I may be physically heavy handed, but they don't call these mitts 'Lost and found' for nothing.
Sheesh, I didn't even know neumono could come in such fun sizes! I've got like, five or six inches on this guy!... So that's what the top of a person's head looks like.

In one swift motion, I take both the flashlight and gun from the holster, quickly turning off the flashlight and plunging this little alien into my world of darkness. It takes him a little under a full second to realize what just happened, but he doesn't seem to freak out.

>"Mister Olive. I do not believe in your ghost stories of abandoned Summit Mining Company facilities. If this is your idea of a joke, we're going to have a serious problem. I was told you were professional, but this clearly isn't the case. So Laugh it up while you can, because when Mister Crimson hears about this, you're not going to think it's so funny."

I can't help but smile a little. Even in dire situations, I still find joy in being a rascal.

>"And whatever I just stepped in better not leave a stain."
huh? what does he-... oh. Is his foot bleeding? These guys must be really robust if they don't feel pain when the step on nails or whatever. This guy is now in the dark without any light sources, and without a weapon, and he thinks I'm somebody else. Looks like I hold all the cards, and then some.
No. 1040425 ID: b84839

Just put him in a sleeper hold, noise could alert the actual Olive. Preferably while dragging him away from switches that could get the lights on and flip this situation on its head. Dude may be ridiculously tough, but he still has to breathe.
No. 1040426 ID: 5d9787

Are you right next to Olive's corpse?
The situation is very risky, so let's get this over with before something bad happen with you or Bry. Kill the cute asshole, disable or break the equipment and go back to the vent.
No. 1040427 ID: 420248

Take him out quickly, whether with mechanical hands or your new gun. What did he step in, anyway?
No. 1040428 ID: e5709d

Remember to keep your eyes closed while shooting the gun.

Grab him by the neck and shoot him in the back of his head. Keep shooting while you gloat.
"I heard Neumono can survive a shot to the head! Can you survive twenty?"
No. 1040429 ID: 334f2b

I wouldn't worry about shooting him with the gun. It wont probably kill him anyway, so it's an option.
No. 1040430 ID: 547ed9

Steal his glasses. He'll be extra blind!
No. 1040431 ID: 547ed9

Arent they strong? What if he breaks out of the hold?

I vaguely recall from one of the Q&A threads from the neumono that got his head blown off multiple times that they kinda need their heads to breath or something, so using the industrial grip strength of our hands to crush his wind pipe should knock him unconscious. Doing so from behind would ensure we have the advatange of leverage, so the neumono male cant simple turn around. If Coil can use his slight height and weight to his advantage, we could possible force him to the ground as we choke him out. Additional benifit to choking is that he cant yell out for enforcements.

There is also the unfortunate issue of firing the gun which will immediately alert Mr. Olive, so we best choke him out first, and the possibly rip out some cables to tie him up with so we can then regroup with Bry.

Hmmmm. Actually. Maybe you guys are right about shooting him. neumonos are netoriously robust for surviving injuries even ones towards the head, so what we can do is mag dump 8 or so rounds directly to the back of the head. If he suffers enough head injuries theres not much he can do if one of the exiting bullets strikes him eyes?

Pick pocket the neumono for his holster and any spare ammo he has.
No. 1040432 ID: 547ed9

Thats a good point. Thats muzzle flare or something right?
No. 1040437 ID: 9fd5ba

Is the gun loaded, cocked, safety off? Can you quickly tell how many bullets it has?

I'm sorta on the side of team gun, here, assuming shooting this guy isn't going to traumatize Coil. I think this dude's continued existence actively and significantly threatens your own, unfortunately. I recommend shooting the head in several places (trying in part to take out the eyes), the spine and windpipe, and a probable location of the heart. We should probably save some bullets, though, for Mr. Olive and for surprises. Move fast to take advantage of the reflexes thing. Be aware he may not lose consciousness immediately; be prepared to get out of flailing range quickly (maybe even do so before shooting). Don't forget to close your eyes for the muzzle flash, maybe even cover them, though that might negatively affect aim. Expect Mr. Olive soon after, consider hiding.
No. 1040442 ID: a2d88b

Neumono are hard to kill and can hold their breath pretty long. If you use your hands, you'll need more than just choking him, you'll need to at least break his spine (and I'm not even sure that will paralyze him!)

Gunshot to the head is pretty reliable for knocking him out, but will alert Mr Olive, so better act fast after that. You can't rely on him lacking night vision, so find a good hiding place for ambush.
No. 1040443 ID: 15c72a

No, that's Olive's blood, I'm betting. Look up.
You have all the time in the world to cap this guy, so be sure you have a plan to escape afterwards-- the gunshot(s) will alert whoever killed Olive.
No. 1040508 ID: 9a2966

Wait, so he's really bleeding from his leg? You didn't do that. There also wasn't a bunch of nails around when you walked here, was there? Weird.

But you did get one thing verified - Mr. Olive is somewhere in here with you and they can see in the dark, so they're probably a Tobak or someone else with solid nightvision. Taking out the power probably guarantees that Mr. Olive is going to come to investigate what's what soon, so making an awful lot of noise might reveal to him that enemy action's going on.

So far the Neumono thinks they're getting pranked and they're pretty stuck in the dark. See if you can't use him to set up an ambush for Mr. Olive.

Alternatively/additionally - you found someone smaller than you, so it's time to be the ultimate jock. Check if that locker is free and loose, shove him inside and tip the entire thing facedown so he's stuck in a tight claustrophobic space in the dark.
No. 1040511 ID: 7c0da2

Maybe you could lock lure him somewhere and lock him up? This way you don't risk a fight. It's not like you need him dead to sabotage his surveillance equipment. You could even just leave him to stumble in the dark and destroy the equipment while he is away if you are not sure you can lock him up safely
Whatever option you choose, destroy the light sources first.
No. 1040607 ID: 84c07e
File 166026472084.png - (185.02KB , 800x600 , TQ58.png )

>Steal his glasses. He'll be extra blind!

>"Hey! Give those back, asshole!"

>Is the gun loaded, cocked, safety off? Can you quickly tell how many bullets it has?
It is loaded, the safety is on, and it has about 10 shots in the magazine. The model of this laser pistol is a Top Grade Richter 220 laser target shooting pistol. Top Grade is not the grade of the gun, just the name of the company that makes them - though this is a good, highly modifiable gun. Hardly the kind of thing a mercenary should be using as it doesn't have a particularly lethal calibre, but there's a big surplus of these things out there.
If I'm remembering correctly, these are standard issue for Saxum Overwatch agents.

>Pick pocket for other valuables
I rummage through looking for anything useful like spare ammo, but he comes up almost empty. Just a piece of paper with a few codes written on it.

I heard these guys can hold their breath for half an hour, which might just be a myth, but I'm not keen on finding out.

>Shoot him
I have no reservations against killing mercenaries, raiders, pirates and the like - however with this particular case, I have concerns with what to aim for, because these guys have like... no apparent weak spots outside of their hearts and their stomachs, neither of which I'm familiar with the location of. I also don't know if he'll eat all 10 of my shots and still keep standing - Not to mention the fact that there is another guy in here who is armed and might hear me and start barrelling down the hall with a bigger gun.
...Also despite knowing a lot about guns, my aim isn't fantastic. I'd expect to miss a few shots.

>Maybe you could lure him somewhere and lock him up? This way you don't risk a fight.
That doesn't sound so bad, it might even sit with my conscience better. I'll put a pin in it as it seems I've got time to think on it.

>you found someone smaller than you, so it's time to be the ultimate jock. Check if that locker is free and loose, shove him inside and tip the entire thing facedown
I'm so doing this if I decide not to kill him.

>What did he step in
Lesse, let's have a look here... just a little bit of blood. Looks like I stepped in some too but didn't notice. looks like something got dragged. I follow the blood and leave the neumono be for now, he isn't going anywhere.

>"Hey! turn on the lights!"
I keep quiet still, I don't want him trying to tackle me or something.

>Look up.
Nope, no blood up there. Just a rock ceiling, and you can't draw blood from a stone. I've tried.

The bloody trail appears to lead to a thin strip of blood flowing into a drain, the other end leading through a doorway I already walked through to get in here, I look through and-
No. 1040608 ID: 84c07e
File 166026473213.png - (244.71KB , 800x600 , TQ59.png )

Oh geez. This wasn't here when I came in.

That's a dead guy. Dead Pomi guy. Another off-worlder most likely... Big purple dead guy.

Am I just going to keep bumping into dead guys down here?! This one isn't a rotting corpse, but still. Actually... he was probably kicking just a few moments ago, judging by how much fresh blood is flowing from that nasty gash on his neck. Me and the neumono probably aren't alone in here.

Hold on. I'm picking up a magnetic signature...

Someone else is here - A tobak. Did Bry find a way in? Was he capable of something like this? I doubt it, he isn't really the cutthroat type. Is this dead guy Mister Olive? or is Mister Olive a tobak?

Whatever the case, the tobak is moving closer, I can feel him just around the corner in the same hallway I was just in.
No. 1040609 ID: f373c9

>Mister Olive Dead
Uh... Say, you think it'd be a good idea to inform the Neumono, and maybe team up with him? Considering said Tobak is both likely aware of you, and apparently very capable of killing.

Just let him know "i was gonna stuff you in a locker like a jock, but there's some guy hanging around that killed your friend, and might not discriminate between us." or such :V
No. 1040615 ID: 334f2b

Ignore the neumono, check the dead pony for something useful and skidaddle out of there. You still need a way to find Fletcher. Or you could go and find a way to open this place up and let Dry in, safety in numbers and all.
No. 1040616 ID: 15c72a

Run away from the tobak. Let them kill the neumono, get a visual on who the tobak is. Run further away if it's Lak, but otherwise you could introduce yourself (carefully) and ask for a team-up.
No. 1040618 ID: 899c9f

…Secure the briefcase and just go. This isn’t your problem. Avoid contact, and if the tobak follows you, avoid faster.
No. 1040622 ID: f57349

Neumono can hold their breath for literal hours, so a crushed neck might be a survivable injury. Still seems like a good approach for a silent takedown, though. Maybe grab throat and squeeze with one hand, then a punch to the lower back with the other, to keep that distributed brain as off-balance as possible?
No. 1040639 ID: b01382

Oh fuck Lak is here. Put on your goggles and turn the lights back on. The dog alien is an enemy, but the endmy of your enemy is your friend. Maybe. Fuck maybe Lak will kill the other guy before he tries to kill you.
BRY! We gotta go get outta here! We gotta save him!
No. 1040640 ID: b01382

Oh and tell the neumono that his friend is dead, but we didnt kill him. Someone else did aparently. Should we be worried?
No. 1040642 ID: b01382

Oh shoot this too. Loot the corpse. If the armor fits that'd be helpful too. Is thete a gun on them? Radio? Please for the love of god let there be a PDA we can use to contact our bosses.
No. 1040664 ID: 7c0da2

So, a bit of bad news : you're probably the target. Or, rather, the briefcase probably is the target. Because either he is here after the briefcase, having traced it here, or he is after the neumono and his team, and their goal is to get that briefcase, so either way it's tied to the briefcase.
If you loot the corpse do it quickly, focusing on communication devices. Don't bother with the night vision goggles unless they would allow you to both see in the dark and not have to worry about being blinded. I don't think you have time to get the armor on, unless the other tobak is far away?
You should also alert the neumono, pretend to be an independent looter, with some luck he will distract the other tobak.
No. 1040669 ID: 84c07e
File 166033097107.png - (249.62KB , 800x600 , TQ60.png )

>Get the neumono to distract the tobak
The thing is that the tobak knows I'm here. if I know he's here, he knows I'm here.

>Loot the corpse.
I quickly run to try find anything useful before the tobak comes within eyeshot of me. He has a big laser rifle, but It's too heavy for me to carry effectively. It also has had its magazine taken out. C'mon there must be a... Aha! He has a radio on him! It even had batteries. I just need to enter a frequency to communicate.

I listen in to the hallway, hearing very feint footsteps and fast beeping. The beeps sound exactly like the ones that came from the device I switched on earlier. Could it be... a tracking device?! Oh no... no no no!

Do I run or do I shoot? Or do I try speaking up and teaming with one of them? What does he want? Should I hand over the case?

I hear a switch get flipped and the beeping stops abruptly - only a few meters short of the corner I've put my back to.

"I know you have a gun. You will not harm me."
That voice... Who is that? He sounds very monotone with a low pitch, at least for a tobak. Does he smoke? or does he eat lit cigarettes? He seems to have some kind of accent, but it's too subtle to tell where it's from.

>"Huh? The hell are you? I don't recognize your voice... Is that Mister Teal?"

Is the tobak talking to me? Or is he talking to the other guy?

"You have two choices. You will either leave this place, or you will choose to stay but not linger. In the latter case, you will put your goggles on. In both cases, you will not let anybody touch that suitcase."
>"Excuse me? The hell are you on about? I don't have my goggles on me, and we don't have the suitcase yet. Who is this?!"
"Whatever action you take, nothing can stop what's coming for this neumono."

He's just gonna let me go? Isn't he after the case too? Who is he and what is his end game?
No. 1040670 ID: a2d88b

Oh crap it's him.
GTFO. As fuck and as out as you can.
No. 1040671 ID: c28082


Well, we're allowed to leave, so ... let's definitely do that. This guy sounds like bad news.
No. 1040680 ID: 6c886f

Lots of special ops stuff, but no flashbangs? Frag grenades (would be useful for the neumono)? Smoke grenades for escape? Little surprise this pomi's dead. Still, may have to loot more of that stuff after we return here.

Plus side, that comms device will be great to eavesdrop, possibly to call up your allies. For now, escape. Save the fights for after you have a tac team at your side.
No. 1040681 ID: 95b081

Well...for whatever reason, it sounds like he wants you to leave this place alive and with the suitcase. So I guess our goals line up at the moment. Also he's scary, so I'm in favor of plan SCRAM.
No. 1040682 ID: 15c72a

Tell him you're just trying to get back home, you'll look at the cameras then leave. This time, make note of where the cameras are, and AVOID THEM FROM NOW ON.

Make no aggressive action. Put your goggles on, put the gun in your pocket, safety on. This tobak is not to be messed with.
No. 1040686 ID: 334f2b

You have what you need, and he doesn't seem to be after you. What's more, he seems to want you to hold on to that suitcase. We can confirm that the newmono was looking for the briefcase, which makes him and his companions your enemies. They are responisble for your planecrash and almost dying.

Leave. Don't say anything and don't let him see you. Just go, meet up with Bry and use the radio to find Fletcher.
No. 1040691 ID: 899c9f

Don't answer and give yourself away to the neumono, and take the nice not-tobak's advice. Put your goggles on, linger if you must if only to check the cameras, and GRAB THE SUITCASE. He probably mentioned the goggles because he's going to turn the lights on again. Either way, leave this room as quickly as possible.
No. 1040694 ID: 1681e9

Not your circus, not your monkeys.

GTFO. Making sure the way between him and the Neumono is clear of anything you-shaped.
No. 1040699 ID: 2de4fd

Look man, it seems like you have a whole hell of a lot of problems right now, and this guy, who don't get me wrong, seems to be one MASSIVE freaking problem, is currently the problem of someone other than you. Put your goggles on, don't try to shoot him, and if someone uses a very bright light source, be ready to take advantage of it. Book it time.
No. 1040715 ID: f3a2ce

Such a shame when a pretty boy dies. Such is life out here. Promptly take his advice and leave. People who talk as if they know you aren't to be fucked with.
No. 1040734 ID: 398700

this guy is CONFIDENT enough to offer mercy. Let's not fuck with that, we have no stake in this.
No. 1040747 ID: ba605b

Run bitch RUN! We're grabbing Bry and getting the hell out of here.
No. 1040891 ID: 84c07e
File 166053441895.png - (177.64KB , 800x600 , TQ61.png )

>this guy is CONFIDENT enough to offer mercy. Let's not fuck with that, we have no stake in this.
>Not your circus, not your monkeys.
>So I guess our goals line up at the moment. Also he's scary, so I'm in favor of plan SCRAM.
>GTFO. As fuck and as out as you can.

It seems I have made up my mind.

Whoever this guy is, he wants me out of here alive. I don't know if he's really on my side, but it looks like our interests align - at least for the moment. I don't want him to see what I look like, but I don't have much choice, there being only one way out of the room.

I slowly walk out of the room and into the hallway. I put the gun on safety and slip it into my pocket, I equip my goggles and I slowly make my way to leave behind... whatever this situation is.

I... I want to say something... but I don't know what to say. It's probably best if I say nothing at all. I swallow my tongue as he passes by and I do my best not to look over at him. I can tell that he hasn't even looked over at me.


His presence is like nothing I've experienced before. Not from an alien, not from a tobak. His appearance... clearly not a fan of color. His eyes are vacant, like the lights are on but nobody's home. He doesn't seem to have any goggles, does he have cybernetic implants? He has a magnetic signature, but besides that, he doesn't seem like any tobak I've ever met.
No. 1040892 ID: 84c07e
File 166053444764.png - (375.04KB , 800x600 , TQ62.png )

I hear the sound of him setting down his nail shotgun followed by the generator being switched back on. A few moments pass and a bright orange light fills the hallway. I freeze.

>"What the-... You?! How did... how didn't I see you coming on the cameras?! What are you... hey. Wait a sec-"
The tobak pushes the neumono on the ground and restrains him. The tobak aligns a plasma sword up to the alien's midsection.
>"You moron! Goddamn goat freak! We're both working for the board! We could've cut you in!"
The 'board'? that's the second time he's mentioned it. Which board is he talking about? What board would care about what's in a random suitcase? Probably not the one I’m thinking of.
"You misunderstand. My interests and the interests of you mercenaries do not align in the slightest. Accept the position you are in. There would be more dignity in it."
"He is. Maybe not in the sense that you are thinking."
>"You mean he's... oh... no - wait! hey! Don't kill me!"
"Don't give me a reason to. You will have your chance to live. You have information that you will give me. I will now destroy your stomach. Hold still."

The neumono thrashes and screams before the plasma sword cuts into him, surely causing him a lot of pain - which begins to slowly subside as he passes out.

The room falls silent. I realize that I stopped walking away, having been frozen with fear. My hands... My hands are shaking. That's never happened before... I didn't know they could still do that. Looks like a lot of me is shaking actually.

I feel a glare pierce my back as all that remain in the room are me and him.


I wait for him to say something, but he doesn't.


I hear him drag the neumono away.


Once I am sure he is gone, I regain motion and start to sprint down the hall, looking for a fast way back.
No. 1040893 ID: 84c07e
File 166053447873.png - (248.30KB , 800x600 , TQ63.png )

While moving through the hallways I find a thread of steel cable. I pick it up so that I can use it later to set up a trap that will hopefully get me and Bry access to a motorbike.

Not content with leaving with just a pistol and radio, I return to the room with the monitor and camera setup. Just as I enter the doorway, I see something scurry through the ceiling at the corner of the room. Must be a big lizard or some other cave dwelling animal that found its way in here. Hopefully it's harmless, but it shouldn't be a problem if it tries to attack me now that I have a pistol.

The room itself seems to have plenty of stuff in it. Namely a number of large equipment crates. The monitor setup seems to have something up with it though, did something happen to it while I was gone? Most of the cameras are no longer working and it appears that lots of files have been removed or corrupted.
No. 1040897 ID: 899c9f

Do rin reida have tails? Oh well, the cameras would have been nice but better nobody has it than the neumono has it. Loot crates, check drawers, you know, scav stuff. Don't linger on it though.
No. 1040899 ID: 15c72a

I bet that was the Tourist.
Just say "Gosh I wish I could use these cameras to find my squad, it'd be nice if a hacker just happened to be able to turn them back on."
No. 1040916 ID: a3629a

If it was a wild animal, then maybe there is a full colony so be careful. If it was an alien, then he might be an slippery enemy. Either case, search hastly for useful things and GTFO to search Bry
No. 1040920 ID: a2d88b

>The Board
That's weird. The way he said it, it's not merely some random corpo's board of directors. It sounds more like an independent entity calling itself "the board".
No. 1040924 ID: 9a2966

Be quick, but check drawers, check crates, loot survival-useful stuff primarily. Is there more space in that suitcase? Maybe you can stuff some loot into it, now that your sad lack of coat has deprived you of pockets.

... actually, as you whip it out, could you actually connect up that thing in the suitcase to the computer here to see what it actually is that's making people go to all this trouble and effort? You're in trouble anyway, why not see why? Or, hm, maybe just grab the laptop and some connection cable to do so later, at a more convenient, less 'near someone being tortured' moment.

Other than that, just get the heck outta here quick!
No. 1040926 ID: 4f6268

>Goddamn goat freak!
Huh, belenosian, is that what that implies? Hmmm, that actually does fit, explains the odd shape of the skull spikes, the odd pupils, that Ship of Theseus bit from the previous thread, their history of mad science rivalled only by desperate Salikai organizations...

He appears to not want the suitcase, he would have noticed you had it with the lights active. Or failed to realize it was his objective, but the odds of that are quite low.

So... why did you not grab the nail shotgun he left behind? Far too scared to be a klepto for once?

Oh, and of course, if the cameras are dead, can you still call up your allies? Should that be too difficult from here, leave to round 'em up. Secure this place, looting's a lot easier afterwards.
No. 1040951 ID: 84c07e
File 166059078389.png - (284.86KB , 800x600 , TQ64.png )

>why did you not grab the nail shotgun he left behind? Far too scared to be a klepto for once?
Stealing from a psychopath is pretty low on my list of lifetime goals.

>Do rin reida have tails?
I think so. I've only ever met a couple rin reida, they usually do odd jobs. You don't see a lot of them around these days because of how close to extinction they are.

Just in case, I say "Gosh I wish I could use these cameras to find my squad, it'd be nice if a hacker just happened to be able to turn them back on."

I wait but nobody replies. I feel a little silly but that feeling never sticks around for too long.

>I bet that was the Tourist.
the tourist is supposedly a tobak, and that didn't look much like a tobak to me.

>That's weird. The way he said it, it's not merely some random corpo's board of directors. It sounds more like an independent entity calling itself "the board".
The board could be something specific like a secret society, or it could be some kind of entity. Is there some big AI out there calling itself the board? that'd be neat.

>Loot crates, check drawers, you know, scav stuff. Don't linger on it though.
I never thought I'd be scavenging like an independent, but here I am, I guess. Most of the crates are empty, looks like they were holding guns, grenades, body armor and stuff like that. These mercenaries must've been using this as some kind of hideout for a while.

I find a small suit of bio armor which probably belonged to that neumono. I picked it up without thinking but thankfully my hands have already been destroyed. I can't think of a use for it, so I leave it be.

I look through the drawers and I find the headset the neumono was using, a bunch of (mostly empty) energy drink cans and a few neumono porn magazines.

>Is there more space in that suitcase? Maybe you can stuff some loot into it
I take out the foam and boxes to leave more object wiggle room. As I take out the numbered box, I notice a message has been scribbled on the back with the same red lettering.
'FIND THEM ALL YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!' with a '15/21' written at the bottom. There is a crossed out LuneCore Industries logo drawn above the writing. I'm not surprised that somebody out there isn't a fan of LuneCore, I don't think anybody is after the things they've done. I'm glad they are gone.

>actually, as you whip it out, could you actually connect up that thing in the suitcase to the computer here to see what it actually is that's making people go to all this trouble and effort?
You know... I can't see why not. Hopefully Fletcher won't know and chew me out over it.
I find a cable that fits, and I try to have a look inside. Luckily it doesn't have a password or anything like that. A window pops up and shows a bunch of files. I'm not a computer expert, most of my time on the computer goes towards pirating rock music and watching videos on tinkering and bass guitar, so a lot of these files don't make much sense to me. I try to open them, but some message pops up about me not having the right software or some nerdy thing like that.

There is only one file I can open named 'KEYCHAIN15.txt' I open it and a message window opens.

15/21 >10 years. That's how long it's been after LuneCore got kicked offworld. I didn't see the dominion wars coming, but boy am I glad it happened when it did! How is it that you had an illegal CAI controlling everything and STILL LOST?! >OOPS! That was supposed to be a secret! guess the secret's out! >But that's not the secret you were trying so hard to hide, Is it? No. >When the execs saw the writing on the wall towards the end of the dominion wars, they knew what they had to do to keep their secrets buried. They couldn't keep a living soul alive to know what was going on. LuneCore Industries ordered their 90% robotic workforce to kill the living 10%. Robots can keep a secret, can't they? But scientists and engineers? Nope. You had to go off and kill every last one. >Every last one except me. >10 years I've been in hiding outside the 22 line where your sentinels and screen facers couldn't get to me. I lived like a tribal for a decade until I was completely sure your presence was all truly gone. Now that I have access to a computer, I have the chance to let everyone know the truth about what you were doing on Saxum VIII. They'll all know about how you went from a no name mining company to one of the biggest tech goliaths in the universe. >They'll know about the hangar. >Everything is still there. The CAI alone should be reason enough for a rival company to raid the place, but just wait until they find out about your other fun little projects! >They'll know why you killed all those rin reida.

I try read further but the rest is corrupted gibberish. Looks like a lot of the files are affected by some level of corruption.
No. 1040952 ID: a2d88b

Now put it back in the suitcase before someone detects it!
No. 1040955 ID: 15c72a

...okay, Lak's tracker will send him here, to this suitcase. He might not know about yours, so just put everything back where you found it and go. There's no telling if he wants you to know this information or not, so you probably shouldn't be here when he arrives.
No. 1040963 ID: a9af05

That seems like info that you're not supposed to know about. You'd better hope Fletcher never finds out that you read this, otherwise she might actually kill you!
No. 1040964 ID: 9a2966

That sounds big 'n serious. And now you know. And now you don't tell anyone you don't trust you know, because that all seems worrying.

15/21... is that a date? Or, given the 'find them all', it sounds like this is hard drive 15 out of 21. The text itself seems more like the start of a longer spiel. Looks like LuneCore was up to some deeper shit than most knew, though, assuming this is at all true.

... probably is. Why else would anyone go to so much effort for it?
No. 1040976 ID: e6ef13

>I'm not surprised that somebody out there isn't a fan of LuneCore, I don't think anybody is after the things they've done. I'm glad they are gone.
Sounds ominously frightful, especially with that Rin Reida bit of the text file, got details to share?

Either way, unless you'd like to grab body armor, probably best to go.
No. 1040980 ID: ba605b

Don't leave the bio armor behind. Fold it up in your improve backpack and take it with you. The amount of money you can get from selling one of those bad boys is A LOT depending on the percentage. It's probably nothing above a 30%-ter, but that's still good money.

Take the headset and porn mags. You can probably give those to your yellow tonal buddy as a sorry present for being so insufferable. Surely he would appreciate a head set to sell and porn!

I kinda suspect the last survivor might be this Lak fellow or someone he knew. With the amount of infamy he has, and his peculiar magnetism, it could be true.

Anyways loot whatever is left and head on out of here. We gotta regroup with Bry and try to steal ourselves a motor cycle, maybe even see if we can use the head set to contact the rest of the Summit team?
No. 1040982 ID: ba605b

Probably only if we turn the tracker on, so what we can do is find some out of the way place, turn on the tracker, hide it under a rock then run the heck away. later though when we have a motorbike with a sidecar.

IC it would be a good excuse to give to Dowser the suit of bioarmor to start amending relations with people he knows, and indirectly help with his bad rapport with Fletcher if Dowser has anything to say about us.

OOC when we turn back to Dowser's PoV we can give the suit of bioarmor to the Hive Mineral Company to improve our rapport with them even further, and potentially have a Bioarmor wearing buddy with us the next time we got looting through ruins. Dahl did make a point that doing looting and scavenging for a living isn't idea, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Just saying we can keep looting and stuff as a side gig instead of a main one.
No. 1040989 ID: 5c57bb

Lak already knows we have the suitcase. His instructions to us specifically told us not to let anybody else touch it. ...I wonder how long that injunction is intended to last.
No. 1040990 ID: b01382

Is there a usb or something around? Can you copy everything not corrupted on the computer onto there?
Copy those 6 folders on the desktop and any other folder, then get out of there. Dont forget about the porn mags, head set, and grab any energy drink cans if there are any that arent opened yet. If there all opened, then chug down one that has the most juice inside. You might need the caffine for all the shit youre gonna do today.
No. 1040991 ID: 899c9f

No use in speculating on who or what any of this is about yet. It's over a tobak's head for sure.
Bioarmor's expensive and compact, right? You could carry it and use it like a net to stun somebody briefly.
Find the exit, not to let Bry in but to get yourself out. This location is of no further help to us.
No. 1040996 ID: 0c22c7

Please my brother, do not use it to carry things. In Asteroidverse bioarmor can literally shread a person to pieces. More so the higher its grade. Its best if we fold it up and keep it in the suitcase.
No. 1041003 ID: 84554d

> porn (weird)
Clearly we must check it out, there may be secrets hidden in it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 1041033 ID: 5d03a4

We can check it all out when we get home. COPY PASTE AHOY!
No. 1041040 ID: a9af05

>copy things
We do not have time for this.

Lak is in the building with us and there's no telling when he's going to stop being merciful to us. We need to leave as quickly as possible and hope we can get away from him!
No. 1041070 ID: a3629a

Maybe that white guy is the rin reida and seems to want it to reach to a company. Why not being the one who gives his own company it. (Don't mention having opened it though)
No. 1041078 ID: 84c07e
File 166076646166.png - (317.09KB , 800x600 , TQ65.png )

>Sounds ominously frightful, got details to share?
About LuneCore Industries? Just a bit. They were the first company to discover and explore Saxum VIII - but that was when they were still called something else and were small potatoes compared to the heavy hitters we see excavating the planet today. They discovered the resource rich environment and the whole ecosystem of life, then proceeded to keep it a secret from the rest of the universe for a good decade or two until their sudden gains became too big to ignore.

That's when all the other companies wanted a piece of the pie and started to pile on. Vulpes, Talion, Armada, Belo-Docker's, Kea-Cola Co, Edevane, Summit to name a few. Somewhere during this time, this growing company changed their name to 'LuneCore Industries' and started doing more than excavating - they started to invent new technology. Teleportation technology to be more specific.
To make a long story short, a wide-scale string of conflicts known as 'The Dominion Wars' goes on for half a decade which eventually resulted in all the companies dogpiling on LuneCore. This all happened when I was a kid, but I remember being told that it was really close.

After having a lot of their infrastructure captured or destroyed, LuneCore did the unthinkable. They left. Just... dropped everything and went offworld. You would think this would destroy them, but it was quite the opposite. Since leaving the planet, they've only gotten bigger as they've leaned more into developing technology.

After the Dominion wars, two big things happened. First was the formation of the Saxum Overwatch - something that'd help prevent overreach and crimes against nature to LuneCore's extent. The second thing was the establishment of the 22 Line. After the war, it was found that 22 percent of the world was influenced by company presence. In the interest of maintaining the overall ecosystem of the planet, a border was made so that nobody could go beyond already discovered area. The only exception is scientific expeditions. If companies want new territory, they need to go deeper.

Despite everything, LuneCore is still a very mysterious company. To this day, we don't know who runs the company, why they killed off all their employees, and biggest of all - we still don't know why they killed so many Rin-Reida.

>That seems like info that you're not supposed to know about
This, my friend, is what I like to call 'above my pay grade'. I better get a raise for turning this in to HQ!

>The text itself seems more like the start of a longer spiel
Seems that way. 15/21 doesn't seem like a date, it probably is drive 15 out of 21. I wonder where the other drives are.

>Take the headset, porn mags and unopened energy drinks
There are a couple unopened cans that shouldn't add much weight. The headset doesn't seem very useful because it needs to be plugged into something. I'll leave it behind. I put my feet up and view the contents of this magazine - Is this safe for work? I should ask my boss. I flip through the pages and... yeah, it's about what I expected. I'm not a fan of neumono ladies but I'm all over the guns. Maybe Dowser might like this, he's totally into big ladies. Hold on - Is that Lukratsa rozu Steelnaut?! No way! It says there's a new action movie with her in it! Duuuude I've gotta let my neighbor know!

>porn (weird)
Let me have a peek.


I delete the folder.

>Is there a usb or something around?
Not that I can see. Even if there was one, I don't have the time to extract all the files.
No. 1041079 ID: 84c07e
File 166076649015.png - (229.75KB , 800x600 , TQ66.png )

After looking around a bit I find an actual backpack. I throw in all my collected junk.

>Chug an opened can
I take a sip and something doesn't taste right. Is this... DECAF? Why would you de-caffeinate an energy drink?!

>Take the bio armor and give it to Dowser
Actually... Yeah. I'm not a scavenger, but he certainly is. He could use an expensive find like this. It might be a good way to get on good terms with him again. I fold it up and put it into the briefcase, which takes up most of its space. Luckily it doesn't weight too much.

I exit the bunker from the vent I entered and meet up with Bry, who to my relief is ok.

>"Coil! Are you ok? Did anything happen in there?"
"A few things of note, yeah. I can explain it on the go. For now, let's decide on where to go from here."
No. 1041080 ID: a2d88b

Well now that we have cables, we can start thinking about purloining bikes. Beware the trike though, it seems protected against this stuff.
No. 1041081 ID: 9a2966

>where go
You've got those company goons crawling over the area, as well as the people with the trackers (who appear to be hunted by that creepy Tobak) and the 'Tourist' around to deal with. You could... hunker and try to ambush them, since they no longer have camera support, but that risks you running into the Sect Talion patrols.

You'll be tracked and remain tracked if you flee, so finding some way to cut towards a place where you can turn in this suitcase without dying would be great. There were indeps in the area, so maybe you can hunt for those guys and see if any can get you the lay of the land better?

Would be funny if you could totally nope out of this whole deal by finding some side tunnel that takes you to relative safety ahead of your pursuers.

>given everything we know now
These aliens wanted to destroy the hard drive and show proof of it, apparently at the behest of "the board". Sounds like 'the board' has something to do with LuneCorp, then. Makes sense if they got kicked offworld that they hired a bunch of offworlders to come here and do a job too, then.

Another weird thing is that the board seems to be fighting against itself, given how this 'Lak' fellow was supposed to be working for them too, only this group considered him the 'greater threat' and someone to shoot on sight.
No. 1041083 ID: 899c9f

Remembering the list from >>1039702, see if you can spot the green glow from the bunker. Otherwise, try and head back to where you saw that bike.
No. 1041093 ID: 15c72a

Well, so long as Lak is carrying that 15/21, his tracker will stick to it and he won't know you have one. It's omnidirectional, after all, so it'll only give a reading for the closest one.

The plan is to kill some drones and steal a jeep, right? Let's do that. The bike probably belongs to the rin-reida, and while you might be able to get to it, they have a head start and no reason to wait for you.
No. 1041116 ID: 36784c

>Maybe Dowser might like this, he's totally into big ladies.
How do you know? Did he tell you or is he really bad at hiding his interests?

>I delete the folder.
Was it really that bad? Describe something you saw and we’ll tell you if it was that bad.

Ask if Bry knows who Lak is? Because you’re pretty sure you just met him and you want to get away as quickly as possible before he changes his mind on letting you leave.
No. 1041130 ID: 7c0da2

Use the radio you took from the dead pomi to (try to) contact Fletcher and her team.
And don't stay near the bunker, once the neumono's team notice they're not hearing from him anymore they might send someone to investigate.
No. 1041136 ID: b01382

Lets find someplace to set up these cables to ambush that drone patrol.
No. 1041227 ID: 907720

Ask Bry for a kiss for goodluck.
No. 1041268 ID: a9d6c2

Go with this.
No. 1041269 ID: a9d6c2

Oh fug, did we forget to contact Summit to get aid?
No. 1041290 ID: 84c07e
File 166088652667.png - (245.24KB , 800x600 , TQ67.png )

>How do you know Dowser's into big ladies? Did he tell you or is he really bad at hiding his interests?
He'll never admit it, but I can tell by the way he looks at that tall grey chick who is smarter than she lets on.

>These aliens wanted to destroy the hard drive and show proof of it, apparently at the behest of "the board". Sounds like 'the board' has something to do with LuneCore
That seems to make the most sense. They must be using proxies to deny any involvement in the burial of whatever secret it is they want to keep hidden. If the tobak I met in there was this 'Lak' fellow, I'm not sure what he's up to if he has the same goal of destroying the drive. Could be that he is trying to flush out the competition.

>did we forget to contact Summit to get aid?
I did get a radio, but I can't seem to get onto any of our local frequencies... I thought Summit had a relay tower built around here? Maybe there's something jamming my signal. We might need to move somewhere else to pick up some reception.

It's best not to stay in one place knowing that we're being followed by strangers, so it's time to purloin a bike!

>see if you can spot the green glow from the bunker.
Faintly. We walk a bit towards that direction seeing as it's close to where the bike patrols are. After a bit we stumble upon a perfect looking space along the road to lay our trap. If there were any place that was destined to have this trap be set, it'd be here.

I ask Bry to tie the cable around the stalagmite and I'll try tie the other end. Bry already finishes his side before I can even cross the road, who knew he was so good with a rope.

Oh shoot. Looks like it's too short. We might have to go back and get a longer cable.

"Aw dang it! Rye, it's too short. We'll have to go back and get a longer-"
No. 1041292 ID: 84c07e
File 166088658204.png - (312.31KB , 800x600 , TQ68.png )


Looks like I wasn't the first one to come up with this plan.

Looks like we have an odd couple of scavengers here. The one holding the cable is one of those vertically stunted females that pop up from time to time. I wouldn't make fun of her height too much, I was also born with a quirk I can't change. That being said... the lack of height really makes this lady... um... not the first pick for most guys to put it lightly.

The tobak standing in the back appears to be a screen facer - he must've been what was giving off the green glow. I don't need to look at him through goggles as it appears the light he gives off is turned as low as it can go. Poor guy... at least he seems to have his mind back. Is he a snow tobak? what's he doing up here?

"Hey Wynn, look! There are two guys trying the same thing as us!"

She is staring at Bry and isn't even hiding it.
No. 1041293 ID: a2d88b

Well, offer to combine resources and labor.
No. 1041295 ID: 899c9f

Can you just... explain that one for a moment? Is this a prosthetic to see in high light levels? Why go further than the eyes?

"Oh, are you two acquainted? ...Do you want to be?"
I think you guys could pool your resources for the duration of their scav expedition - beginning with tying your ropes together.
No. 1041297 ID: 15c72a

What the heck is a screen facer?

Anyway, team up. See if you can encourage her and Bry to shack up.
No. 1041298 ID: b53892

Is that a protogen?

>screen facer
>at least he seems to have his mind back.
What do you mean? Is he supposed to be insane or mind controlled or something?
No. 1041300 ID: 2de4fd

Prosthetic face?
No. 1041304 ID: 85c249

Say: "Bry, look! She has your eyelashes!"

Well, we can ask them who they are and what they are doing as we work together.

Sounds like an indentured servant that paid debts with his body parts and spending time as a mindless drone.
No. 1041305 ID: b01382

Bry shes looking at your chest!....i still dont understand what you meant by assets, but she likes it!
Go ahead and tie the ropes together. Shoot the shit. Ask her if she knows Dowser. Shes a scavenger right? Theres a scavangers union where all the scavangers know each other?

Im not seeing the issue of her being vertically handicapped. She seems pretty cute.
No. 1041307 ID: 067372

Well, no. Tobaks have a somewhat different set of sexual dimorphisms than humans, and a correspondingly different set of default preferences. I'm translating the idea to a woman that's bald, or perhaps with a musculature like Schwarzenegger. That being said...given the conversation at
Bry might be interested.
No. 1041322 ID: 9a2966

"Hey Bry, look! There's a girl and a guy trying the same thing as us!"

Glance back to gauge Bry's reaction at this meeting - er, beyond 'Ooh, new people to woo', that is.

>What to do: combine forces! Maybe? Possibly? Uh, if they want to take the risk!
They're independents looks like, so just give them a quick rundown (from crashlanded plane, wanting to get outta here before corp warfare eats you alive) and ask if they're willing to share a bike or a route outta here by combining forces - or well, at least cables. You don't have to combine forces per se. You're not independents exactly, but got nothing against them either. Why, some of your best acquaintances are independents!

Also, people may be hunting down plane crash survivors to kill. So, y'know, maybe they want to not combine forces, after all. But at least cables! Please! You'll beg! You ain't got no pride to save! Except the pride of having totally nailed that fighter ace earlier! Still pretty proud about that!

>Screen facer
What is a screen facer, and why would he not have his mind normally?

>Snow Tobak
What is a snow Tobak and why is it abnormal that he's here?

Uh. Wait, I think I got that one. This isn't where snow Tobaks live - and for there to be snow, they must be from above-ground somewhere? Or from a cave with a considerably more chilly weather pattern.
No. 1041323 ID: 5d9787

You must be the owner of that bike parked nearby. Do you need new parts or do you just like to collect bikes?
We are looking for a ride, not loot. Do you want to work together?

A lot of fun size encounters around here. I'm a bit curious if she is exotic enough for Bry, or not too exotic for Coil. A lot of lines in the sand we are learning about.
Fun times will have to wait until we get back to civilization. This place is full of enemies. At most try to exchange contacts.
No. 1041335 ID: 10adb0

Coil! Try to flirt with her! Tell her she's pretty! SPILL ALL THE SPAGHETTI!
No. 1041337 ID: e5709d

Look at the lovebirds go.
Don't just tell her everything, but explain the situation with LuneCore; tell them you're looking for evidence that they committed genocide of the Rin-Reida because of something that either boosted their intelligence or unearthed lost tech. Then detail your plans to regroup with the squad of highly-trained, heavily equipped mercenaries to take down a mercenary company looking to delete the evidence. In exchange for their service, you can pay them, and even write up a letter of recommendation for your corp.
No. 1041338 ID: b01382

....thats above our paygrade to actually do.
Oh you mean lying! Yeah we can totally do that, but i have my doubts. Coil isnt much of a successful social butterfly. Perhaps it would be better to let Bry make up our excuse? Our uniforms should probably give away the fact we work for summit.
No. 1041339 ID: bbd724

Ask if they are willing to help set up the ambush for those drones?
No. 1041353 ID: 503e97

Establish relationship dominance by saying you got Bry both shirtless and wet in the same action.
No. 1041357 ID: ba605b

No. 1041358 ID: ba605b

Right oh uh. Yeah these guys look cool. Do they wanna hang out afterwards?
>Coil is in desperate need of actual friends besides Buy who likes him
No time like the present to make more friends.
No. 1041359 ID: 84c07e
File 166095477397.png - (284.71KB , 800x600 , TQ69.png )

>What the heck is a screen facer?
Back when LuneCore controlled Saxum, they were very big on keeping a mostly automated workforce. Since some of Saxum's life is compatible with electronics, Saxum found a way to roboticized some of the wildlife into loyal programmable employees. They created a big robot called a 'recruiter' which went around and... did its thing. This is one of the reasons I work for Summit, we don't make robots that turn people into robots.

Since LuneCore left, most of their robotic workforce has been dismantled by rival companies or destroyed by the wildlife. The only place you can still find active LuneCore machines wandering around is in the ice caves where cold dead machines belong.

>Is he mind controlled or something
Used to be. Ordinarily there would be a LuneCore chip in his head controlling him but it looks like someone was able to remove it. It's too bad the same can't be done with the face, which is screwed on to prevent... everything from falling out.

>What is a snow Tobak and why is it abnormal that he's here?
You usually only see them deep down in the icy region colloquially known as 'the fridge' where only the fluffiest of tobaks can be found. When they come up here the heat is usually too much for them, but I guess it isn't a problem for this guy seeing as he might have some kind of built-in air conditioner.

>scavengers union
I don't think there's anything official, but I know scavengers do tend to go out in groups. There may be some kind of organization, but I doubt she'd know Dowser or Lyvy.

>I’m not seeing the issue of her being vertically handicapped. She seems pretty cute.
Oh, she would be totally cute... on stilts.

>Coil! Try to flirt with her! Tell her she's pretty!
It’s wrong to lie! And she's flat as a board - personality wise!

"I'm guessing you two are the owners of the unattended bike I saw earlier?"
The lady doesn't respond so the screen facer does.
"Nope! If we had a bike already, we wouldn't be trying to steal one!"

"So... How about we tie these ropes together and get ourselves some bikes?" She snaps out of her trance as she shifts her gaze over to me.
"Huh? -Oh. That would be... Wait. Hold on just a minute... Where are your red cloths?"
"Come again?"
"Don't play dumb! Nobody walks around with full corpo clothing and gear like that unless they were with a company."
"I don't see how our employment status is relevant to our current situation!"
"I don't cooperate with corpo scum - even if one of you is cute!" She crosses her arms and pouts.
"Don't you two have some expensive equipment you should be in charge of or something?"
"Oh we do-... did... but we're in a bit of a situation. A stranded situation to be exact."
"I don't care about your situation! Rye and I are in our own situation looking for a friend. I have no reason to care about your situation unless you make it worth my while."
"Wynn, are any of them carrying computers?"
"Doesn't look like it. They work for Summit, which doesn't make computers."
"Oh - good! Computers creep me out." I never thought I'd hear that come from a robotic voice.

I bring Bry aside to speak to him quietly.
"Bry she’s looking at your chest!....i still don’t understand what you meant by assets, but she likes it!"
"Oh? Is it too distracting? I can try buttoning up one of the buttons."
"You got a crush on everything, right? How do you feel about her?
"I am attracted to everyone here. Even the robot. especially the robot."
"Ok. Right. Just making sure. Think you can try charm her into cooperation?"
"I'd be delighted to - just say the word."
No. 1041361 ID: fbbdfb

"the word"
No. 1041362 ID: 1134fe

"the word"
No. 1041365 ID: 3cb68d

"the word"
Execute charm tactic No(vember) Uniform Delta Echo. Bry's outfit for their full cooperation, totally worth her while. All assets laid bare! No corpo clothing, no company! So she and her friend would have to help. You didn't have any babes to show off for earlier but here Bry has all the babes because everyone is the babes. This is perfectly sound logic.
No. 1041366 ID: d7e611

Make it so
No. 1041367 ID: 15c72a

Why not both?
No. 1041368 ID: 8483cf

The word
No. 1041369 ID: ba605b

"The Word"
But serious buddy, could you work your sexy magic on her? I work mines on the snow Tobak.
Approach Snow Tobak.
Offer the porn mag your got in exchange for help.
No. 1041370 ID: e5709d

"The bird."

Break into a corporate jingle dance number.
No. 1041371 ID: 899c9f

What word? We didn’t agree on a codeword for this!
No. 1041373 ID: a2d88b

Play good corpo-rat, bad corpo-rat. Remind her that unless she cooperates, no one is getting a bike today. You may be corpo, but you're not Talion, so bloody robbery against them shouldn't be a problem for anyone here!
No. 1041374 ID: 10adb0

>being this shallow
So you dont like how shes short, but you cry over the fact you have weird eyes. I mean beggers cant be choosers dude. Theres like more males than female, so can you really be picky about potential dates?
No. 1041376 ID: 244451

I'm not sure it will work, but I am certainly sure I want to see it. The WORD!
No. 1041377 ID: 422cea

How do they even eat with that thing? How did the corp even get away with a robot that mutilated the sapients of the planet?
No. 1041386 ID: 5d9787

Go for it my dude! If there is anything I can do to help just tell me. If you need jokes I got a list of pickup lines from the internet I was gonna show you before we crashed.

Sure, but currently we got bigger problems than Coil's romantic prospects.
It's a moot point either way since she declared that only one of you is cute. So instead of finding ways of feeling jealousy just be happy for a friend who found a compatible match.
If the situation devolve into an orgy we can get back into convincing Coil to participate.
No. 1041388 ID: a2d88b

You know, once you're finally home and debrief, you should suggest bring up what's you've learned from the mercenaries to Summit's PR department.

Let them spread the word that this mysterious "The Board" wants evidence compromising to LuneCore destroyed, suggesting strong ties to them, and that their mercenaries callously dispose of POWs and bribees. That should make The Board, and anyone working for them, top of everyone's kill-on-sight shitlist.
No. 1041389 ID: 204754

Well, they did fail to get away with it, what with every other corp teaming up. Which actually sorta reflects well on the other corps, intentionally or not, as no single corp would have seen a dollar fighting Lunecorp. Wars are high deficit, yet they had the will to work together, as well as to see it through, while none decided to play ball with Lunecorp.
Huh, sorta odd the Rin Reida have issues with the ones that effectively saved their asses from Lunecorp, but only sorta, as it's probably easy to lump 'em together as one.

Go with this.

Should other options be exhausted, well...
Worst case scenario, you *are* better armed than them, just saying...
No. 1041398 ID: 708905

Pretty sure the ganging up was more motivated by potential future profits to be gained by grabbing their territory/assets then any kind of altruism towards their victims
No. 1041414 ID: 2bc578

>intentionally or not
Guessing you missed that bit there?

With that said, they're no heroes, but they've proved they are without a doubt the lesser evil.
Getting off topic, so moving to questdis.
No. 1041439 ID: 15a025

You might not be interested in them, but it seems Bry is. Let him hack a crack at getting some help from them.
No. 1041454 ID: 19ba78

So some negotiations are in order. We work together and we make it back home, we'll offer up some free/discounted repair services for whatever she wants, within reason. Guns, armor, a car, a PDA. Coil could probably do that. Not so much an entire ship or anything crazy like that.
Offer the lady up you remaining snack bar you didnt eat. If there's one thing Tobaks universlly love, its good food.
No. 1041526 ID: b01382

Wait. I got the perfect idea. Coil should spill his spaghetti so hard that these scavengers will pity him. Go ahead and tell them that you have no friends besides Bry, your boss intentionally cut off one of your hands, you're very depressed, and other baggage.
No. 1041588 ID: 84c07e
File 166123076127.png - (297.01KB , 800x600 , TQ70.png )

>Offer the lady up on your remaining snack bar you didn’t eat. If there's one thing Tobaks universally love its good food.
Oh hey I almost forgot about that... If worse comes to worst, she can have the half-eaten one.

>Make them pity you by telling them you have no friends
N-no way! I don't want people knowi- thinking that I'm a loser!

"The word."
"Say no more~"

He approaches her and strikes a pose.
"Hello darling~ It's no wonder the caves are all grey and dark - all the color is in your eyes~"
"H-huh? Y-you're talking to... m-me?"
"Who else? My name is Bryto, but those that get to know me can call me Bry~"
"M-my height doesn't bother you? [small]Or my narrow frame? [small]"
"You've got plenty of curves darling, but your smile is my favorite~"

She's blushing like crazy, Bry's totally killing it!
No. 1041589 ID: 84c07e
File 166123078156.png - (258.77KB , 800x600 , TQ71.png )

She walks over and makes physical contact with Bry, I wasn't expecting that - and neither was Bry going by how he reacts.
"I've been waiting for a true and honest guy like you to come along. A guy who can get past appearances and go right to the heart. I sense a great emotional connection between us, hun."
"Y-yeah, I-"
"My name is Wynn, but we can skip past all the introductions and right to the date. You know what? Let's skip the date and get a room so we can get right to the fun part- No!- we can do it right here- No! We'll move in with eachother! Scratch that! Let's just get right to getting married!"
""W-wait- Slow down! I-""
She pushes him down onto the soft grass and lays on top of him, talking about all the things she wants to do to him... If I knew she was this desperate maybe I would've asked first...

This lady started off all nervous but shifted completely to leading the conversation in under a minute, how does that even happen? I can see Bry starting to become a little nervous. I believe in you buddy!
No. 1041590 ID: 84c07e
File 166123081052.png - (303.50KB , 800x600 , TQ72.png )

While the lovebirds are distracted, I go to tie the cords together
"Let me help you with that!"
"Oh, thanks. You'll help me even if I'm a corpo?"
"That's just Wynn's thinking! I don't mind you guys that much. We have a friend who used to work for Armada doing stuff with electronics, he found me and helped me get my mind back - we're going to steal a bike so we can look for him!"
"What happened to him?"
"He went missing. Our group has been putting wanted posters all around, but he hasn't come up, so we're looking for him ourselves! "
We tie the two lines together, it should be at the right height to get a few drones off the driver seats.

>How do they even eat with that thing?
"Hey, I was wondering..."
"How I eat, drink and breathe?"
"Yes, actually."
"I get that question all the time! It all has to do with these pipes sticking out of my back."
"I'll spare you the details, It's a little gross!"
"So... you can't take that screen off at all? What about your face underneath?"
"There isn't a face underneath! Not anymore at least. I can feel the wires going through where my eyes and tongue used to be."
"Isn't that..."
"Painful? Nope. Uncomfortable? Yeppers! It's no biggie, I can't feel it much anymore."
"How are you able to see me?"
"I have a few handy dandy cameras built into my face. At least I don't have to blink anymore!"
"You seem to have a positive attitude, despite everything."
"It's good to be alive! Especially knowing that I get to share this beautiful universe with so many friends! "

>How did the corp even get away with a robot that mutilated the sapients of the planet?
LuneCore was the only company that could get away with just about anything. They covered up most of what they did and downplayed the rest.

>Other companies teaming to take down LuneCore reflects well on them, intentionally or not.
That has always been an interesting thing to think about. It may not have been complete altruism on their part but think about what would've happened if they let LuneCore stay, or if nobody came here to compete with them in the first place. In the eyes of tobaks everywhere, many of the companies came together to rescue them from an evil mega Corp.
This single outcome of the dominion wars is the reason why tobaks have such loyalty to their companies - some tobaks even willing to die for their them.
No. 1041591 ID: 84c07e
File 166123083735.png - (260.03KB , 800x600 , TQ73.png )

>No time like the present to make more friends.
Having friends other than Bry would be nice, maybe once I deliver this case back to Summit, I can offer a robotic hand or two towards helping these guys find their missing friend.

"Are you ok?! Speak to me!" I look over and see Bry laying flat on the ground, unresponsive.
"Hey, what'd you do to my best friend?"
"I-I don't know! I was talking about all the stuff we were gonna do together and... I think I came on too strong!"
I was hoping he wouldn't choke... This always happens. Bry always starts off strong but as soon as the ladies take charge, he totally spaces out!
"Bry, speak to me!"
"I should buy a car. A project car to work on. Yeah. Something old. Fix it up."
"C'mon man, we don't have time for this!"
"How is my mother is doing? I should pay her a visit some time. She bakes the best cookies."
"You're not making any sense!"
"It's been a while since I've had a root beer. Too much sugar. Good to have one every once in a while. In moderation."

This always happens when someone tries to put him in a submissive position... He just... disassociates. It's like some kind of defense mechanism, like he is physically and mentally incapable of not being the dominant one.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I screwed up, ok?! F-fine, we'll help you! Just fix him - please!"
"Calm down, He'll be fine. in ten minutes or so he'll be back to his regular self."
No. 1041595 ID: 8483cf

Bonk Wynn on the head with a stalagmite and remind her that flirting isn't a license to skip dating.

Do not allow her to attempt CPR
No. 1041597 ID: 15c72a

May as well tell her about Bry's problem. If she's serious about dating him then she has to know. And also that yeah Bry is attracted to everybody, he wasn't lying or anything.
No. 1041603 ID: 19975a

Eesh. This sounds like some form of trauma come back to bite; I hope he's ok.

Also I guess yeah, tell her it's best if you let Bry lead?

Also, wait
>getting married
I thought marriage really wasn't a Tobak thing?
No. 1041605 ID: f89136

Well mission accomplished regardless. Now all you guys have to do is wait for the patrols to come by. Be sure to get ready for a fight, as I doubt they'll just let you guys take them.

>I thought marriage really wasn't a Tobak thing?
Maybe shes hung out with aliens or something? She seems a kind of person that's had a fairly interesting life. Like Bry. But different.
No. 1041607 ID: 8a0be2

So uh. If he date doesnt go well with Bry, ask her if she'd like to hang out some time later.
No. 1041613 ID: 8a236d

I wonder, why replace a tobak face with a screen at all? And why not replace parts of their brains, instead of using a chip?

Hmm, maybe if we or Wynn tell Bry that he is the boss and he can do whatever he wants he will come back to his senses.
No. 1041618 ID: 5d9787

It's ok Bry, you are the guy, no one is going to force you into a commitment you are not prepare to make. Come back to me buddy!

I hope your Armada friend didn't disappeared here, this place is is a hot mess. Beside a bunch of corporations paroling, there are LuneCore's mercenaries, rin reida spies, two professional tobak assassins (don't mess with either of them) and a predator. Even our guys might be a dangerous encounter for independents considering how on edge they must be, same goes for any survivors in the Belo-Docker's lighthouses.
Is there a specific place you are planing to look? If you just plan to ride around here until something comes up I strongly advise that you don't.
We can ask for information once we get to a Summit base. Even if you have something against the companies on principle you should seek help from the people who have being surveying the area, that being mostly us and the Belo-Dockers.
No. 1041620 ID: 7878f6

Ok, task failed successfully!
No. 1041628 ID: 9a2966

Pat Bry gently on the head and tell Wynn it's fine. Say you admire her take-charge attitude, but Bry is Bry. He's gotta be the one to take the romantic lead, anything else puts him off his game. Sadly he also doesn't have it in him to interrupt a pretty lady to say so! Quite a lot would be different if he did, you imagine.

Maybe next time she come on less strong? Wait... what was that about marriage, by the way? Was she raised by offworlders or is she a big romantic movie fan or something?

As you chatter, gently drag Bry out of sight and get Wynn to help or follow. You need to get out of sight for the ambush!
No. 1042034 ID: 15a025

Hopefully Bry will be okay, sounds like he's been through some rough situations.

Anyway to help him ease back in? Maybe get some small talk going?
No. 1042048 ID: b01382

Ask the scavangers if they got any weapons in case we get into a fight. Does Bry know how to use the gun we got?
No. 1042068 ID: d12415

Bry was a pilot in a military aircraft. He almost definitely knows how to use a gun. The fundamentals are the same for most firearms, regardless of whether they are combustion, magnet, energy, or whatever else it may be. He should be able to figure it out. Just make sure everyone present knows there is a laser in play and to put their goggles on.
No. 1042069 ID: d12415

>root beer
Suggest a sarsaparilla. Similar taste, and often not as sweet.
No. 1042165 ID: b01382

+1 this
No. 1042187 ID: 42770e

Agreed. Also, for the love of all that is good, also make sure it's one of the types that does NOT list Wintergreen as an ingredient! Notes of honey or vanilla are ideal.
No. 1042598 ID: 84c07e
File 166212745985.png - (378.74KB , 800x600 , TQ74.png )

>Suggest a sarsaparilla. Similar taste, and often not as sweet.
Now I'm getting thirsty, and all I have are these gross energy drinks.

>May as well tell her about Bry's problem
"Listen, uh, Wynn... If you're serious about getting with Bry and all... you should know that he can't really be put in a position that is... well - I'll put in bluntly... submissive. He' can dish it out, but he can't take it!"
>"O-oh... Can we fix him?"
I put his pipe in his mouth and he happily puffs away. "Give him time. Once he's back, I'm sure he'll give you advice. He likes you, just need to let him lead is all. I admire your take-charge attitude, but Bry is Bry."
>"Alright... Thanks."

>Some form of trauma.
I don't think it's like that. I'd compare it to a wild animal getting dropped in the middle of a space station - not sure what to do or where to go. It's unexplored territory for him - he doesn't know what to do when someone else is doing the flirting.

>I thought marriage really wasn't a Tobak thing?
It wasn't, but tobaks like to adopt certain cultural behaviours we see in human movies like the idea of committed relationships and such. Companies even host/sponsor wedding ceremonies to use as morale boosters, sorta like the baseball teams and company pin up calendars.

>Was she raised by off-worlders or is she a big romantic movie fan or something?
I'd hate to be judgemental but... It is one hundred percent the latter.

"Do you guys have any weapon in case there's a fight?"
>"Rye is holding onto a nail gun, we should be fine."

>Does Bry know how to use the gun we got?
He should be able to seeing as he is the most capable guy I know. But I know he won't use it against someone, he is heavily against violence and harming others. He's a lover, not a fighter.

We all huddle together behind a rock and wait for a patrol to come by, occasionally making small talk. We hear the sound of the bikes nearby and the cloud of dust they throw up not far from us. We wait to see if we tied our cables at the right height.
No. 1042599 ID: 84c07e
File 166212747769.png - (283.13KB , 800x600 , TQ75.png )

The cable connects right underneath the heads of the riders, and I hear the sounds of the bikes beginning to fall and tumble after the riders we taken off their seats. I don't think any died because of how well their necks are cushioned with fluff. All the passengers fall off onto the grass while the sidecar bike smashes and rolls, becoming too damaged to be very desirable. The two-seated bike slows down and stops automatically, it must've had some kinda deadman's switch mechanism to automatically stop itself. The sidecar looks like cheap corpo junk, but the longer bike looks like it was designed by the Vulpes Motor Company, who make the best vehicles you can get manufactured on-world. I'd be able to pick up chicks with a ride like that no problem.
No. 1042600 ID: 84c07e
File 166212749739.png - (377.49KB , 800x600 , TQ76.png )

We run over to procure our new bikes. I go to grab the fast and cool bike, but it looks like Wynn had the same idea.
>"I call dibs on this one!"
"No fair! Me and Bry need this more than you do!"
>"We're looking for our friend, I think we're more in need!"
"We're being followed! We need to move as quick as we can!"
"Why don't we put it up to a vote!"

The sect continue to flop around uselessly around us, sniffing the air - I think they smell my chocolate bar. They aren't sentient and are even less so when far away from their queen. I'm willing to bet none have any valuable personal possessions or even weapons, so it isn't worth looking. Since they are a hivemind their queen knows what we just did here, it isn't a good idea to stick around.

>Is there a specific place you are planning to look? If you just plan to ride around here until something comes up, I strongly advise that you don't.
My plan is to either ride around until I get a radio signal, or to go towards the summit base/Fletcher's group - which seem to be in opposite directions.
No. 1042605 ID: b79003

If the smashed bike's wheels are still circular, you can use the cable to pull it with the other bike. We might be teaming up for a little while longer.
No. 1042608 ID: d12415

So the pilot is a fucking pacifist.
...sounds familiar.

Since sect use pheromones to communicate, it will probably be a little bit till these guys get help, but once they do, they will probably show up in force (assuming they are like ants, at least).


You know what, just resign yourself to not getting the bike and lets just try to build rapport. Do the vote, knowing that you will lose once they both vote for their own cause and with Bry being unable to vote. Then just keep moving irregularly on foot.
No. 1042612 ID: 2598f9

Let her and Bry argue over the bike to re-establish his dominant streak.
Pick those sect up and dust them off before leaving. It’s nothing personal, just bzzz-ness!
No. 1042614 ID: f57349

If all contributors to the ambush have equal claim to the nicer bike, the efficient, mutually-satisfactory solution might be a sort of auction. What would each of you be willing to pay to buy out someone else's theoretical bike share, or willingly accept in exchange for giving up your own?
No. 1042629 ID: b01382

It's dead weight. lets not.

We can trade them the nice pistol we got. It's got more punching power than their nailgun, who still even uses those? Anyways the gun will punch through more armor than the nails, and neither us or Bry can use it effectively. In exchange we get the bike.
No. 1042634 ID: 5d9787

Our presence would contribute very little for Fletcher's survival chances, so we better go straight to the base.
Wynn and Rye could come with us. Once we reach base we can check with surveillance for signs of their friend and they can keep both bikes, otherwise they will have fit three people in a vehicle made to transport two on the return trip.
No. 1042658 ID: ba605b

Use your superior slight of hand skills to steal any weapons, money, and hats the givers have.
take all your stolen hats and stack them together, thus showing your superiority to lesser hat plebs. Plus you lost your pilots hat in the water so you need a replacement.
Damn. Those bug people are adorable.

+1 this offer. If they help us, we could use what clout we have to ask our superiors to find your buddy.
No. 1042667 ID: d12415

No, don't touch them, or you will get covered in their pheremones and then they will be able to find you.

Come to think of it, the same kind of goes for the bikes...
well, suppose we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
No. 1042671 ID: 515982

Doesn't make a difference then, does it? Plus, we know of a river where we can wash ourselves off.

I know we're supposed to keep the briefcase safe from the traitor, but we can't abandon Fletcher. Besides, maybe she will have a way to communicate with base, or at least a gun with more ammo.
No. 1042689 ID: 15c72a

Do rock-paper-scissors for it.

Don't bother with the sect.
No. 1042696 ID: 9a2966

Going together seems like it might work if going together will take you in a direction that is useful to you - you'd just be limited to going at the speed of the slowest bike, but with the option to escape with the fastest in case of trouble.

But you are likely bringing these people into your troubles if you do. Then again, this entire area is trouble at the moment, so they might not avoid that anyway - do mention again that being around here is bad at the moment, maybe?

Or you can do the trade thing to determine who gets the fast bike, but you ain't got much you can give up - I'd say the chocbar or the bio armor are acceptable losses here. You can't trade the suitcase, after all.

Speaking of that chocolate bar, you could also deposit it on ashtray Sect's head. Maybe the Queen will be slightly less mad about your vehicular theft if you leave it as a bribe/peace offering. You'd be surprised the kind of trouble a bar of chocolate can get you out of!
No. 1042701 ID: d16850

We are not giving away the bio-armor. Thats for Dowser. What we can give however is the plasma gun and the gun gun. Those would fetch a nice price, and they would still get to keep the other bike. Its a win win for everyone.
No. 1042740 ID: 244451

"Help us getting the other bike operative an you can have this one. But if the other bike is broken you have to tow us" A discusion will take too much time and she seems to headstrong to concede. Get in a good enought situation leaving the big price appart. Anyway you don't want to keep a good stolen vehicle of another company but they might want to run the risk.
No. 1042754 ID: d16850

I think you misread something. There are three bikes. 1 is totalled, 1 is a normal bike with a sidecar, and the other is a long two seater fast one. We want the fast one.
No. 1042755 ID: d16850

Not to mention that wasting time to stick around to try and repair it would mean getting ambushed by these bug people as we diddle around with what little time we have.

The bio armor will kill either the short stack of the screen facer if they touch it. Bio armor tends to do that. Also thats our chocolate, they cant have it.

Trying to find Fletcher sounds like a plan

More likely it would be Fletcher who would increase our odds of survival. She is the one thats actually trained to fight, not us. Then again there would be the ossue of transportation.

Actually i gotta ask, but does anyone know how to ride a bike? Does the lady and her friend know how to ride it?
Did any of the sects have guns on them? Holders? Anything stored in the crashed bike? More guns is always useful for barter or fighting.
No. 1042790 ID: 8389c4

Fact 1, their lives are not at stake here.
Fact 2, she would prefer Bry alive.
Fact 3, speed maximizes odds of outpacing pursuers.

So for Bry's sake, she should take the slow bike.
No. 1042805 ID: 15a025

If you love Bry, you're going to let him grab the faster ride so we can live to see another day.
No. 1042877 ID: ba605b

If there's one shorty there's always another. Ask the short lady Tobak if she has a sister or a cute friend she could hook us up with.
No. 1043005 ID: 84c07e
File 166240785180.png - (304.09KB , 800x600 , TQ77.png )

The sidecar bike still works - I'd just call it undesirable. It's slow and hard to control, no way am I driving off ramps and doing stunts with that thing.

>Team up with scavengers
It seems like our objectives are very different, it's best we go our separate ways. I'm convinced they have little interest in helping us and I don&