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File 165549192533.png - (279.90KB , 600x600 , disctitlecard.png )
137538 No. 137538 ID: 2edd05

The discussion thread for Roaway quests. (Return to Sender, Hunt Quest, Tobak Quest, and future quests) And also a place to post my drawings. This is also a place to post any reader created content in reference to my quests.

This will also act as an ITQ for Roaway quest characters, so feel free to ask characters questions directly for their responses. Also feel free to interact and direct questions to me as well.
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No. 137539 ID: ff05ed

To the above-the-neck chimera that only cares about hugs and sugar, how much do you want? 1 meter tall pile? 3 meter tall pile? .....Room-full?
No. 137540 ID: 899c9f

Dear warden: How are the ways you can tell male and female ave apart? Is it just their plumage?
No. 137541 ID: 2aa5f0

oh cool you actually made a disc. thread

So quick question, with your bird quests, do you actually want us to fight or no?

I mean with return to sender you made Pascoe out to be a bit of a pacifists and someone who's never been in a fight before but then had a bunch of powerful bounties all try and pick a fight with him and I couldn't tell if you wanted us to get into a fight and were getting frustrated that we kept avoid them or if they were merely obstacles that we needed to get around.

Same with Eccoa, in chapter 2 as you painted her as someone who has grown to dislike fighting over time and that fighting actively kills her telling the readers that she is someone who only fights as a last resort but then basically had the whole island come down to challenge her and I couldn't tell if that was done for ironic reasons or if you were getting fed up by the readers refusal to fight.

And with Hunt quest you made a battle royal but then give a rule saying we should be careful to not kill our opponents, which is like making a racing game and telling everyone they can't drive over the speed limit. Not saying I want to turn the quest into a blood bath but I feel like that rule actively encourages readers to AVOID fights because if we want to follow that rule we can't use our weapons since both our weapons (the crossbow and machete) are lethal which I feel severely limits our options when trying to engage a foe since we can't lie and wait for someone to cross our path and ambush them with our crossbow as that might kill them, can't use our machete to make an Uganda knife trap as that might kill them, can't make a Malay man catcher because the falling log might again kill them, honestly everything bigger then just digging a hole in the ground or just flat up beating the shit out of people with our fist is kind of off the table because anything else might kill someone. I mean it might be able to work around it by saying that we can only kill someone by the readers ACTIVELY saying and making it very clear we're going for a kill shot, otherwise Ceres will always go for a nonlethal (or at least less then lethal) blow as that would open some options back up since it would mean we can engage someone without worrying about having an (un)lucky shot just kill the guy because otherwise I feel readers are just going to avoid fights as much as they can or just say f*** it and got for lethal every time because it's less restricting.

Actively enjoy these quest by the way and not trying to bash them or anything I'm just trying to get an idea where you stand when it comes to fighting as I've been getting a lot of mixed messages whenever they come up.
No. 137544 ID: 422cea

Well let's rip off the horny band-aid.

What's a tobak penis look like.
No. 137546 ID: 32d3a2

I think it's because these quests are meant to be more up-beat and jolly that we are discouraged from gruesome violence, but the story is also set in a ship-sailing 18th century setting, so swashbuckling and ADVENTURE are part of the package.
No. 137547 ID: 2aa5f0

maybe but you can still go violent and still have the story upbeat. I mean look at one piece where everyone is swinging swords around, using magic powers, and shooting guns but people rarely actually die unless it's somehow important to the story. It's just that it feels like we're told that the character we're playing doesn't like violence so we try to RP them as more of a pacifist but then the whole world shows up to try and fight that character and I'm not sure if we're actually supposed to fight or if we should be doing everything in our power to avoid the fight and stay true to the character that we've been told doesn't like fighting.
No. 137549 ID: 2edd05

I don't mind if people want to steer the story in a direction that contains violence, I almost always try to give the option, but it seems to me that most people prefer to avoid it, which I am fine with either way. Ecoa is someone who is developed to dislike fighting but is someone who can do it if forced to or if she is protecting someone.
Hunt Quest certainly offers the ability for people to kill each other, but there is still a sense of civility and sportsmanship to it as opposed to an actual hunger games situation. I'm also trying to get the audience input to develop Ceres, and most people prefer to go for the more diplomatic approaches as opposed to outright murder for sure. If a situation comes up where violence is used, I am ok with depicting it.

I have no idea. I don't really care too much as I don't think one will be showing up in the story any time soon, so people are free to use their imaginations.

If my presentation comes off that way, it isn't completely intentional. The only things I won't really be doing is nsfw stuff or harsh language. (For those that have noticed, I don't use much harsh language. There isn't really much of a reason for that, I just don't do it.)
No. 137550 ID: 5d9787

So why did you decide your bird people don't wear pants? Does it have anything to do with the lack of toilet discipline in real aves?

About the hands: none of them are naturally able to fly, are they? It strike me as an odd choice, it's the most iconic ability of birds.

The knees, they seem to have two pairs each.

Snowball transformation line should be somewhere diagonally across her chest. Does it affect her heart? Mammalian and avian hearts are similar but mirrored, so it could be somewhat messy.
No. 137552 ID: 969209

When will you focus on your ave quests again? Tobaks are nice but your bird quests are really fun and interesting.
No. 137559 ID: 9a2966

Missed the most recent Ave quest updates, have we? Check the threads!

I find all of Roaway's quests interesting, so don't mind whichever ones update. We're lucky to have 'em.
No. 137577 ID: e3dad4

I noticed you basically copy and pasted Lagotrope's universe, is that because you want to dip in their fanbase instead of building your own????
No. 137578 ID: da40bf

I've been wondering that for some time too. This thread is even has a Lago reference. Is there a reason you don't want to be your own quester instead of copying?
No. 137579 ID: e3dad4

Prob attention starved and want some ez fame tbh
No. 137580 ID: 9a2966

If Lago minds, one would presume he would say so and retract what I understand has been a pretty open invitation for other people to use his worldbuilding for their own in canon and non-canon ways, without which we wouldn't have had Polokoa Quest, Salikai and The Rogue, just to mention a few fun reads.

More Quests are a good thing and I certainly feel Roaway's Tobak setting is far from a carbon copy of Lagotrope's Neumono one, with plenty of room to explore the worldbuilding and many different races and situations of Roaway's own fantastical make. The pieces of Lagoworld lore used here have all been well inserted, either in homage or active use as with the CAI, as a plot MacGuffin, or the trapped Neumono, as a semi-literal Save The Cat Dog moment. It's clear they're a big fan of Lago's quests and quest style and I personally couldn't be happier someone's taking up the torch.

If a largely inactive author's past works aids a very active one's - and with their blessing - then that's pretty good in my book.
No. 137581 ID: e3dad4

I just think it is a lazy way to create a story if he just kinda copypastes the entirety of it all and then claims it as his own universe, really

Using an inactive quest or not, I think it shows a lack of creativity and just wants to ride of their success tbh
No. 137583 ID: 273c18

>claims it as his own universe
I think you misunderstand how fanfiction works.

Roaway has a fully original quest called Return to Sender, so that's a bit off base.
No. 137584 ID: e3dad4

Is it really fanfiction if there's still enough differences to the source material? It's clear he rips the idea because it's popular and wants to use it for himself. there's no innovation and he already abandoned his other quests because they don't give him the same attention.

Afterall, why put in effort when you can take someone else's story and adjust it to your own image?
No. 137586 ID: 792907

I think that might be their point. His original quests feel neglected in favor of a fan quest. Roaway may be more remembered as a copy of Lagotrope and that's a shame because their original quests are really good on their own.
No. 137587 ID: 273c18

>abandoned his other quests
Well that's just plain false. RTS had an update two weeks ago, and also, if you go look, you'll see someone specifically asked for Tobak to update. What do you want, exactly? If Roaway is to listen to his fans, then which fans does he listen to? If I was him, I wouldn't listen to your insulting, nonsensical ass.
No. 137588 ID: e3dad4

Ah yes, 2 weeks ago after how long before that? And how consistent compared Tobak? It's abundantly clear he's abandoned his old work, which were significantly more interesting instead of the current uninspired setting and story we got now.

There's no insulting if I'm just pointing out the things I've noticed that bother me, the tone might be aggro, but it doesn't change the fact there's nothing unique about it, as we've already seen it before
No. 137589 ID: b8b2c2

I get where you are coming from tbh It did always feel tobak quest wasn't made out of a genuine like for Lago just an easy way to get fans that were already here
No. 137590 ID: 5d9787

You may be confusing creativity with intelectual rights. The reason it's unusual for contemporaneous writers to use someone's else setting that are not in the public domain is economic decisions. Don't underestimate the unique creative challenges that come from working within the limitations established by others.

Also you may be overestimating the value of attention as a motivation. People usually take negative comments more serious than positive ones, so it's very possible for a bit of criticism to erode the will behind voluntary works like those.
Roaway's quests are the last I still actively follow. I will be very annoyed if they end because of this silly discussion.
No. 137591 ID: e46c95

Everyone here is here for the same reason, they like Roaway's quests and want to see them continue making quests. Negative criticism shouldn't stop someone from doing what they love they should reflect on it instead.
It is understandable though that some fans of Roaway are concerned that they are trying to heavily rely on Lago for viewership. Even the disc thread thumbnail can definitely come off as trying to copy Lago maybe a little too much for some.
We should encourage Roaway to make whatever they want but also let them know that following too close to someone's shadow can have negative impacts.
No. 137592 ID: 899c9f

Nobody (worth listening to) is going to be mad that his Asteroidquest fanquest is too close to Asteroidquest while also somehow being too different to count as a fan quest.
No. 137593 ID: 78444c

There's definitely merit to the argument Roaway is working on Tobak Quest more than RTS. He started with his bird quest and was making an identity all their own.
It's possible the bird quest fans feel left out if they aren't also fans of Lagotrope.

If I'll be honest here, I love Return to Sender. But I'm not a fan of Asteroid Quest or Tobak Quest. So take that for what it is. I'm certainly not the only person in this boat.

Roaway should focus on what they like, and if he prefers Tobaks over his birds then he should keep doing Tobak Quest. Just as long as it's their choice and they aren't being coerced into working on it over RTS.
No. 137595 ID: 2edd05
File 165647494186.png - (173.23KB , 618x901 , Illustration15.png )

Originally, characters in the senderverse didn't have a preference for clothing at all, but as the first thread went on it felt like I should make them more modest, and I discovered a love for designing outfits for characters. I'm not sure why I decided on pants being a status symbol, but it seemed fitting for whatever reason.

As for aves having arms/hands, it isn't a coincidence that aves lack the characteristic flying ability that birds are supposed to have. I like the concept of creatures that traded the freedom of wings for the ability to create and manipulate one's surroundings. It's a bit of a leftover idea I had from very early on.

Snowball's half mammal and half avian biology probably doesn't make much sense, but it's supposed to be anomalous. I can agree that it’d be a nightmare to make sense of it all.

I will return to working on senderverse quests. One hundred percent - I will never ever abandon any of my quests so long as I live. I want to eventually finish all of my quests (all my ave quests included) before I decide to retire questing.


I can say that >>137580 sums my perspective pretty well. lago is fairly open to other people using his stuff, and I asked for his permission to use his alien species as well as technology and background worldbuilding. Would I call tobak quest a fan quest? maybe in a very loose sense. The quest itself is made so that it requires no prior knowledge of AQ to understand or enjoy, and I aim to make the whole thing self-contained when I finish it. The two hard rules that the quest follows is that it will always follow the perspective of a tobak and that the quest will always take place on the contained setting of Saxum VIII. All that aside, Tobak quest will probably be the only time I ever make a quest that uses elements of someone else’s established worldbuilding.

I can understand this sort of perspective, and I can tell you that I do tobak quest because I enjoy it, and not because I'm some sort of lago clone, and I'm not using anything for clout - if anything, I aim to lean more into original territory with tobak quest the further it goes.
I understand that this can give the impression that I neglect my other quests, but I am unable to work on everything at once effectively. I've tried in the past to work on things in rotation, but it doesn't work well for me.

I made the quest because I wanted to make the quest, the partially shared worldbuilding is because I enjoyed parts of the AQ setting, and it felt like a better decision than making a sci fi quest from scratch when I’m not a huge sci fi fan. I'm not doing anything solely for fans or attention, which might be why it took so long for me to make this discussion thread.

>Even the disc thread thumbnail can definitely come off as trying to copy Lago maybe a little too much for some.
Not like I was trying to be subtle! I have taken heavy influence from lago's way of doing things, but besides that I think we are fairly different people. All the comparisons are fair, but just know that I aim to be more of myself as time goes on. I certainly don't plan on living in someone else’s shadow.

All that said, people can talk more about me being a hack fraud, but I think I've addressed all I can. All of these views were expected, and nothing is going to discourage me from continuing any quests until I complete them in a satisfying way. I didn't know this many people enjoyed RtS, It's eye opening to say the least. If there really is this much demand for it, I should maybe lean more into dedicating more time to it.

Here is a picture of Bry from Tobak Quest thread 3 (an obvious reference to a certain someone from a certain donut/tippler quest)
No. 137596 ID: f50580

>Here is a picture of Bry from Tobak Quest thread 3 (an obvious reference to a certain someone from a certain donut/tippler quest)

Here comes mister “fails to steal your girl” himself.
No. 137721 ID: 9a2966

For some reason I just felt this feather-related thing had to be shared here:


No. 137739 ID: 57b4dc

Given the mild disagreement about
I'd like to register a comment, that *I* thought it was well done, and the latter caused me to shed a tear or two, even.
No. 137853 ID: 0d00ee

Some ITQ questions...
To Snowball, Plaintooth, or any of the prisoners, what are some of the strangest or most interesting escape attempts that have been made thus far?

To Pascoe, Pilot, Eccoa, or any of the postal staff, what's been the most strange or remote delivery location you've had to deliver to thus far, whether in the Old or New World?

To Hakrei, you've fought a lot of people (and only won, of course). Have you had a duel that really stood out to you, that you wouldn't forget?
No. 137869 ID: 9a2966

Ah right, this is an ITQ thread.

To any one Roaway's more foodie characters: What was the best goddamn meal you ever had?

To Louise: So were you in the control group for the growth serum, or what? I kid! But really, what made you skedaddle out of there fast enough to avoid Clover's fate?

To Lyvy (the Sect): Sects don't live long it's said, so what is the general course of action in life for Sect rogues with the few years of independence they have?
No. 137879 ID: 87a35c

No-one should be dictating to an author what sort of content they should be making. Seeing this sort of argument is unpleasant for the author, especially when it appears to be driven by a small number of people with an axe to grind.

If you want to know what direction an author is going to take their work you can just ask without wrapping it up in a bunch of leading questions.

I will take a brief moment as an aside to say these sort of weasel-worded vague accusations are frustrating to see. Questden has moderators. You can notify them of people who you think are doing sketchy things.

EDIT: Have deleted the offending conversation entirely.
No. 137942 ID: a2d88b

Is the night sky also dazzling to Tobaks, or is that dim enough for them to look?
No. 137944 ID: 899c9f

Summit likes their old but reliable designs, but... are they sure that spewing exhaust into the cave systems isn't going to smother everyone someday? It doesn't seem well ventilated!
No. 137945 ID: 2bc578


Obviously they're exploitative.
However, with multiple selfish parties (plus that CAI of Lunecorp's), it's surprising none flipped to Lunecorp's side, let the alliance fall apart due to petty fights, or just avoided active fighting to exploit what they could while they could do so. Out of selfishness perhaps, but they did have other selfish options they set aside, options that would have caused, well, really bad stuff.
Oh, there's also Saxum Overwatch to be considered. Doesn't stop exploitation, of course, but if the stated goal is to stop a second Lunecorp, well, they didn't *have* to set it up. For PR purposes? Perhaps, but Saxum's supposed to be a secret, so who would the PR be directed towards?

Heroes they may not be, but without a doubt, those actions prove they are the lesser evil.

Plus, selfish or otherwise, they effectively selected to stop the robo-pocalypse. Worth a brofist or two.
No. 137954 ID: b01382

Does Bry like taking it up the ass, or is he more of a giver?
No. 137984 ID: c1740b

If people have problems with other people, they should be contacting the moderation team, not making public call out posts.
No. 138063 ID: 5d9787

So if someone write a single vain characters it's because he is an incel who hates woman? That is new.

So far Wynn is the only female character to show any form of discomfort with her adherence to this alien standard of attractiveness. Clover and Louise were being judged by Dowser in his internal monologue and he does so because he is attracted to one of them.

If the story adhered to whatever standard you are proposing no male character would be allowed to be attracted to the opposite sex and no female character would be allowed to be insecure about appearances.

Attraction is ultimately superficial. Wynn bring this up very well when she complain about being judged by her appearance as she proceed to make assumption about Bry based only on his good look. That was kind of clever and humorous. I don't know what bothered you so much about this.
No. 138084 ID: 2aa5f0

Hey Roadway quick question about your bee people from tobak quest. The Sect.

I remember earlier it was mentioned that they can't heal without royal jelly or something along those lines. Does that just mean they can't heal from big injuries like a broken arm or does that also include small things like never having a paper cut heal? Sorry if it's been asked or answered already but the thought just popped it's way in my head and I'm genially curious how fragile Coil's new adopted kid is.
No. 138099 ID: 5d9787

If there is no official explanation for this I have a suggestion:
Their hard parts should be made of mineral deposits like our skeletons but adult drones don't have enough living tissue left of the kind that turn into the mineral structures. So the wax would contain either their equivalent of cartilage or stem cells.

Now that I'm thinking about it there is the problem of tissue rejection. Do Sects have problems using wax from distant hives?
No. 138210 ID: 084179

out of curiosity, what cybernetics are to Dowser?
Can he get something that can boost his reflexes?
make him smarter?
slow down or accelerate his sense of time?
reduce the amount of sleep he needs per day with little to no side effects?
can cybernetics be emp resistant?
are there things like foot skimmers that can make you run faster?
Can a Tobak pull off an Adam Smasher?
No. 138369 ID: 15c72a

>blah blah dual purpose goggles can't exist
Just have two pairs of lenses. Done.
No. 138375 ID: 5d9787

I didn't say it couldn't exist, I said it would have no reason to exist.
That is referring to a hypothetical pair of goggles that could be used by a tobak to see in illuminated areas and non-tobaks to see in the dark. The point that I and others were trying to make is that this is a misunderstanding of what was being referes as "a pair of goggles that works in the light and also the dark".
Unless Roaway decide to troll us by making this weird idea canon I'm pretty sure he was talking about photochromatic lenses. If you never heard of this in real life those are sunglasses that turn dark when exposed to ultraviolet light and become transparent in it's absence.
No. 138389 ID: 15c72a

Photochromatic lenses would be too slow-acting to be usable for a Tobak. Come to think of it, light-vision goggles would have to have some sort of real time image-filtering system to work in any kind of usable way, they can't just be dark lenses since that would reduce the extremely dim ambient light Tobaks generally use to see. Like wearing a blindfold to block out the sun.
Anyway, light-vision goggles that work like that would be fairly trivial to be used in the reverse manner-- to brighten dark areas-- because the sensors would have to be able to pick up dim light in the first place.

Also don't sage as part of an active discussion, how am I supposed to know you replied?!
No. 138390 ID: 5d9787

The principle would be the same so I don't see why the name of the lenses wouldn't be applicable.
Obliviously goggles made for tobaks wouldn't use silver chloride reagents. That is conveniente for us because it doesn't react to artificial light but for them the goal might be even simpler: since they see in complete darkness, with tolerance for very small amounts of light they perceive as glowing, the chemicals would have to react to any visible light.
I'm not sure what substances would work better but presumable it would be selected for how fast the reaction occur so it would be safe for the intended users.

Assuming the electronic components would be fast enough, goggles that detect the average intensity of light and change the transparency level accordingly could work.
The directionality of the sensor would be a problem, and it could turn transparent at the wrong moment if something block the sensor. Maybe some redundancy could help.
It would also be very dangerous when the battery die. Maybe it could have a safety mechanism that darken the lenses to the maximum level when it run out of energy.

If you are thinking of night vision goggles for tobaks that could work. Mechanical cameras don't break when exposed to intense light and can just reduce the obturateur to keep working in brighter conditions. The problem is that would required something that was established as very expensive: non-luminous screens.
To work for those who can't see in the dark it would need something to illuminate the screens uniformly and without pointing direct light to the user eyes. That is more reasonable than I originally though, but would still blind any tobak user if activated accidentally.
The disadvantage would be the battery live and the fragility of the mechanism. Don't drop and recharge after a few hours.

I used sage because this discussion is almost irrelevant.
No. 138392 ID: 8483cf
File 166657644040.png - (62.60KB , 800x800 , Counterintelligence.png )

Counterintelligence 101
No. 138402 ID: 422cea

I can't believe these losers have never heard of multiple vaganias.

No. 138422 ID: b01382

I have a question about Tobal Quest.
Dowser'a ghost buddy was able to notice something tjay Dowser wasn't comsciously aware of, that being his invisible spider bunny stalker. I bring this up because im curious about, tobak anatomy?

So here is my idea. If our ghost buddy can sense things, could Dowser like have a computer installed in his body so he can unconsciously see through them? Maybe mentally control a small flying drone?
No. 138683 ID: b01382

Why do you make tobaks so sexy?
No. 138693 ID: 2c4ab0

Because Bry purposely wants to be so.
No. 138724 ID: b01382

Damn Bry and his wide breeding hips
No. 138874 ID: 70b242

So, elephant in the room. This aversion to just straight out mentioning genitals in a circumstance of sexual characteristics is getting silly, especially since no one wears pants.

Does Pascoe have a penis/genital sheath/bulge or not?

Shouldn't we be worried about that being recognized in the prison.

Are we implying Pascoe has a small dick.
No. 138875 ID: 0b6d35

>Are we implying Pascoe has a small dick.
It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it!
No. 138876 ID: b90810

Let poor Roaway have his relatively light-hearted, PG-13 quest.
No. 138877 ID: 8483cf

No. 138891 ID: 5d9787

Some of my comments may seem like I wan't a more explicit content but I write those either because it sound funny to me or I'm really trying to take the situation seriously. I'm not opposed or bothered by quests becoming explicit except the focus on sex often occupy too much narrative time making me lose interest in stories I was otherwise invested.
I say that because I'm not amused by this female prison scenario. I feel we have no other choice but following this heavily sexual path of dealing with "thirsty" (can think of a better therm) woman with a protagonist that isn't too dispose to go through this from an author who stated he doesn't wan't to make explicit content.
Why did you created this scenario in the first place? If you don't like sexual suggestions (I don't know if this is the case), what kind of reaction were you expecting from the readers?
No. 138893 ID: a7a180

>too many obvious questions that refuse to be answered
Those sure are words you just said, too bad they make no sense.
Innuendo is a thing that's allowed to exist. Let Roaway have his implicit situations without having to be explicit.
No. 138908 ID: 90c451

>Why did you create this situation in the first place?
I think you misunderstand, this scenario isn't really sexual, it's comedic. It isn't something that one would look at and think that it's anything other than just a ridiculous situation.
The situation doesn't exist to be sexual, but rather as a comedic way of creating tension in the plot, forcing action from the protagonist.
No. 138981 ID: c28082


Let me answer your question this way:

In a world where the majority species has a cloaca (that is, a urogenital duct which includes the anus) and only a very small selection of avian subspecies would actually have a phallus, the shapes and mechanisms of which vary wildly between them, would anyone have any idea what's going on?

Moreover, in a world where mutations and bizarre supernatural powers are commonplace to the point of being expected, why wouldn't anyone just expect it's a weird mutation if Pascoe did have some form of external genitalia?

Scent, in this case, is a far easier lampshade to hang on our poor postie's situation than any other, so it not only explains why "the scarf incident" took place, but also why those with less keen olfactory senses might never be able to tell the difference, particularly if they've never been exposed to non-aves.


I'm not sure where to begin with this, other than saying that, if you don't like quests turning erotic or sexual, then don't make suggestions toward it. It's legitimately that simple.

Good news for you, though: the quest likely won't, ever, as Roaway has taken pains in the past to avoid such matters (even when they're played for laughs, like this whole identity swap scenario where it's painfully obvious that isn't Rainer).
No. 138983 ID: 5d9787

That's not what I said. I wrote that to clarify the exactly opposite of what you read.
I don't mind sexual content, and frequently find related topics amusing, but when stories focus too much on explicit sex scenes I usually lose interest. I though this was worth clarifying because occasionally my comments were characterized as horny requests for bird smut when in reality I just find it funny.
No. 138986 ID: 6e7268

Pascoe is a pseudogryph that is feline from the waist down and it could be figured a prison with a chimera population would realize this difference more immediately between each other than birbs because mammals are just openly obvious between the sexes.

It's not really clear or established if these differences are reflected down to reproductive anatomy for chimeras.
No. 139053 ID: 1015ea
File 167515579232.png - (672.48KB , 1195x1000 , saxumhouseflipped.png )

A sadbak, and an accompanying story.
Around 1.7k words.

No. 139054 ID: 9a2966

Very neat! Cool art, and interesting to see someone explore Roaway's universe a little.

(I am also half going 'aw, that's a sad tale' and half going 'long-term cheesecake withdrawal is a hell of a thing in Tobaks'.)
No. 139055 ID: 5d9787

Tobaks usually strike me as optimistic, capable of finding meaning and joy in a less than optimal dark place subjected to machinations outside their control. Not Aynsel, from his point of view the world is gloomy even with darkvision.
No. 139063 ID: 2168ba

Allegory of the Cave, except the cave is a large systems of interconnected caverns in an under-explored part of civilised space hosting sapient life. Sucks to have knowledge, don't it, Aynsel?

Let's hope things improve for him in future then.
No. 139173 ID: 3a877e
File 167713803910.png - (14.79KB , 500x339 , Nashi1.png )

Well, well, well. Nice to meat you in person, Nashi. Karma has a weird way of balancing things out, doesn't it?
No. 139482 ID: b01382

Is there some crazy species of bird people you got going on in your bird quest? Like that one type of bird that lays its eggs in the nest of other birds, but the chick pushes the other eggs and chicks out of the nests? What about those weird blood vultures that color their feathers in the blood of the dead? Sparrows? Teats? Boobies? (Ha ha funny birb names)
No. 141727 ID: 443b73
File 170856549727.png - (693.00KB , 800x805 , prelude close.png )

I was saving this for the next time Coil meet Rilda. Some teasing thoughts for her intrusion:
You can already feel her warm breath washing over you, heart pounding in anticipation. Blue and pink go so well together...
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