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File 165549192533.png - (279.90KB , 600x600 , disctitlecard.png )
137538 No. 137538 ID: 2edd05

The discussion thread for Roaway quests. (Return to Sender, Hunt Quest, Tobak Quest, and future quests) And also a place to post my drawings. This is also a place to post any reader created content in reference to my quests.

This will also act as an ITQ for Roaway quest characters, so feel free to ask characters questions directly for their responses. Also feel free to interact and direct questions to me as well.
No. 137539 ID: ff05ed

To the above-the-neck chimera that only cares about hugs and sugar, how much do you want? 1 meter tall pile? 3 meter tall pile? .....Room-full?
No. 137540 ID: 899c9f

Dear warden: How are the ways you can tell male and female ave apart? Is it just their plumage?
No. 137541 ID: 2aa5f0

oh cool you actually made a disc. thread

So quick question, with your bird quests, do you actually want us to fight or no?

I mean with return to sender you made Pascoe out to be a bit of a pacifists and someone who's never been in a fight before but then had a bunch of powerful bounties all try and pick a fight with him and I couldn't tell if you wanted us to get into a fight and were getting frustrated that we kept avoid them or if they were merely obstacles that we needed to get around.

Same with Eccoa, in chapter 2 as you painted her as someone who has grown to dislike fighting over time and that fighting actively kills her telling the readers that she is someone who only fights as a last resort but then basically had the whole island come down to challenge her and I couldn't tell if that was done for ironic reasons or if you were getting fed up by the readers refusal to fight.

And with Hunt quest you made a battle royal but then give a rule saying we should be careful to not kill our opponents, which is like making a racing game and telling everyone they can't drive over the speed limit. Not saying I want to turn the quest into a blood bath but I feel like that rule actively encourages readers to AVOID fights because if we want to follow that rule we can't use our weapons since both our weapons (the crossbow and machete) are lethal which I feel severely limits our options when trying to engage a foe since we can't lie and wait for someone to cross our path and ambush them with our crossbow as that might kill them, can't use our machete to make an Uganda knife trap as that might kill them, can't make a Malay man catcher because the falling log might again kill them, honestly everything bigger then just digging a hole in the ground or just flat up beating the shit out of people with our fist is kind of off the table because anything else might kill someone. I mean it might be able to work around it by saying that we can only kill someone by the readers ACTIVELY saying and making it very clear we're going for a kill shot, otherwise Ceres will always go for a nonlethal (or at least less then lethal) blow as that would open some options back up since it would mean we can engage someone without worrying about having an (un)lucky shot just kill the guy because otherwise I feel readers are just going to avoid fights as much as they can or just say f*** it and got for lethal every time because it's less restricting.

Actively enjoy these quest by the way and not trying to bash them or anything I'm just trying to get an idea where you stand when it comes to fighting as I've been getting a lot of mixed messages whenever they come up.
No. 137544 ID: 422cea

Well let's rip off the horny band-aid.

What's a tobak penis look like.
No. 137546 ID: 32d3a2

I think it's because these quests are meant to be more up-beat and jolly that we are discouraged from gruesome violence, but the story is also set in a ship-sailing 18th century setting, so swashbuckling and ADVENTURE are part of the package.
No. 137547 ID: 2aa5f0

maybe but you can still go violent and still have the story upbeat. I mean look at one piece where everyone is swinging swords around, using magic powers, and shooting guns but people rarely actually die unless it's somehow important to the story. It's just that it feels like we're told that the character we're playing doesn't like violence so we try to RP them as more of a pacifist but then the whole world shows up to try and fight that character and I'm not sure if we're actually supposed to fight or if we should be doing everything in our power to avoid the fight and stay true to the character that we've been told doesn't like fighting.
No. 137549 ID: 2edd05

I don't mind if people want to steer the story in a direction that contains violence, I almost always try to give the option, but it seems to me that most people prefer to avoid it, which I am fine with either way. Ecoa is someone who is developed to dislike fighting but is someone who can do it if forced to or if she is protecting someone.
Hunt Quest certainly offers the ability for people to kill each other, but there is still a sense of civility and sportsmanship to it as opposed to an actual hunger games situation. I'm also trying to get the audience input to develop Ceres, and most people prefer to go for the more diplomatic approaches as opposed to outright murder for sure. If a situation comes up where violence is used, I am ok with depicting it.

I have no idea. I don't really care too much as I don't think one will be showing up in the story any time soon, so people are free to use their imaginations.

If my presentation comes off that way, it isn't completely intentional. The only things I won't really be doing is nsfw stuff or harsh language. (For those that have noticed, I don't use much harsh language. There isn't really much of a reason for that, I just don't do it.)
No. 137550 ID: 5d9787

So why did you decide your bird people don't wear pants? Does it have anything to do with the lack of toilet discipline in real aves?

About the hands: none of them are naturally able to fly, are they? It strike me as an odd choice, it's the most iconic ability of birds.

The knees, they seem to have two pairs each.

Snowball transformation line should be somewhere diagonally across her chest. Does it affect her heart? Mammalian and avian hearts are similar but mirrored, so it could be somewhat messy.
No. 137552 ID: 969209

When will you focus on your ave quests again? Tobaks are nice but your bird quests are really fun and interesting.
No. 137559 ID: 9a2966

Missed the most recent Ave quest updates, have we? Check the threads!

I find all of Roaway's quests interesting, so don't mind whichever ones update. We're lucky to have 'em.

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