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File 165541710881.png - (197.29KB , 800x600 , TQ1.png )
1035159 No. 1035159 ID: 2edd05



>"This is true. We are in a plane - but we aren't the only ones on the plane. We have a few aliens on board."
"All those armoured guys in the back? I'm feeling safer already! As safe as I can feel sitting in a plane that was designed like, over two hundred years ago. So, where are the in-flight services? I need some peanuts, ASAP!"
>"I wish this was that kind of flight. alas..."
"Hey Bry, what kind of flight is this?"
>"Not a clue, I'm just as in the dark as you are."
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No. 1047435 ID: d12415

Could also just naturally have a really really long lifespan, like elves or something.
No. 1047445 ID: 084179

This is too cute. Okay. my new otp.
No. 1047450 ID: 8483cf
File 166668115393.png - (50.02KB , 859x1000 , Rin-Meida.png )

Think hard on this one, Coil. Why should you wear the maid outfit when Rilda clearly rocks it better?
No. 1047451 ID: 9e7f25

God it gets so weird in here
No. 1047453 ID: b01382

I've been convinced. Lets try and convince her to wear the outfit. If she does, she could earn points with Six Spots.

When is it never not weird here? This is an alien quest.
No. 1047464 ID: 283db5

Awww... That's adorable.
No. 1047466 ID: 283db5

>>1047450 Coil, you need to focus on that picture.

Also, do you sense other tobaks around ? It looks like there is a claw sticking out of the cloth pile in >>1047323, but I'm not sure it's Rilda if she really was sittig at the top of the pile all along.
No. 1047471 ID: 422cea

Six legs? Why that's... Five vaganias.

Maybe more...
No. 1047480 ID: d12415


Also they might have something completely different and alien.
No. 1047485 ID: b01382

A hole is still a hole, and it looks like boobs are a universe constant. Thank god.
No. 1047486 ID: 3e76b8


Oh my gawwd. You two are horrible.

Look, I'm all for appreciating the aesthetics of... ahem, very healthy individuals. But let's not get unreasonably vulgar, eh?

That said, a telepath should understand the concept of 'a person may have difficulty controlling their thoughts, but they can control their actions'. Still. Let's not intention broadcast offensive things unless you make the active decision to escalate hostilities, eh?
No. 1047487 ID: 5d9787

Are all comments his thoughts? Even if we exclude things that don't make sense in universe Coil already expressed plenty of opinions that don't match the suggestions.
I was pretty sure the sexy spiderbunny wouldn't arouse any feelings from him. He was into standard female tobak and had some sexual confusion in relation to Bry. Is he reevaluating his tastes?
No. 1047496 ID: 7c0da2

They probably are used to people thinking inappropriate thoughts precisely because they realize they shouldn't. It's hard not to think about something when you are thinking about not thinking about it.
But that's not a reason to be rude of course.
No. 1047497 ID: 15c72a

Rin-Reida are small and Coil's not into small girls anyway.
No. 1047503 ID: 084179

what a shame, she looks cute.
No. 1047513 ID: b01382

>that Resident Evil 4 Leon coat
Okay that actually looks a little cooler than what we have. Can we have it? Also are there any nest pieces of loot here?

By the way don't open the suitcase. There's a suprise inside, and we want to get it out first before we figure out what to do with everything else going on.
No. 1047514 ID: 5d9787

The level of self sabotage... Why?
No. 1047516 ID: 15c72a

I wonder if we could use the bioarmor to kill seven-spots? Sneak up while it's sleeping and just slap it with it. We'll have to do some investigating to find out how its Tobaks would react to that, and what the other two dragons would do in response. Six-spots doesn't like seven-spots very much but they're siblings, which might still cause some grief and retaliation. Though, at that point we might be able to just run away.
...it occurs to me that food supply might become somewhat of an issue. As in, the dragons are supplying food to converted Tobaks, and I imagine there is some limit to how fast they can produce that stuff. We'd have to make sure the remaining two dragons can manage to take in seven-spots' tobaks.

Oh... this might be impossible, since seven-spots might be able to rip one of Coil's arms off in retaliation while the bioarmor is eating it. If we can find a weapon strong enough to oneshot it from a sleep attack that could work but having two cybernetic hands is a serious problem. Unless the new ones aren't magnetic? Then again we don't know how well Dragons can use their magnesis while under stress, like the severe pain of bioarmor digging itself into their flesh.
No. 1047518 ID: cf9629

That is a glove.
No. 1047533 ID: 481e64
File 166680844823.png - (250.33KB , 800x600 , TQ120.png )


"O-oh... My god. I... Y-you..."
She starts to blush.
"Y-You've got quite the imagination on you, huh? This is one of the downsides to telepathy they don't tell you about. You're lucky you can't see what's in my mind."

"You even knew about the embarrassing birthmark..." >even if it's in the wrong place.

>That was probably a guess and I shouldn't have said that...

"Ah... sorry about that. It's hard to filter certain thoughts sometimes."
"I get it... some people have difficulty controlling their thoughts, so actions are the only thing that matter but-"
>Awww... That's adorable.
>Sssssh! Is not!
>she looks cute.
>I Do noooooot! I do not look cute in a maid dress! certainly not!

She is blushing really hard now
>You have made no such observation! Don't make me go invisible again!
She's blushing... pink?
>Well duh. My blood is red!
Red? Everyone from this planet has blue blood...

She shakes her head and regains her composure.

No. 1047534 ID: 481e64
File 166680848365.png - (342.86KB , 800x600 , TQ121.png )

>Anyway, hello. You're Coil. Nice meeting them and not fighting, you guess!
>A pleasure to meet you Coil.

>do you sense other tobaks around?
I seem to be alone.
>That a tobak hand sticking out of the pile?
That seems to be a glove.

>Now that's a neat trick! Could she pretend to be a cave ghost if she turned it on again while wearing that jacket or will the new coat vanish too? Heh, that'd be a nice prank.
>I'd have to take the jacket off otherwise it'd just look like a haunted floating jacket.

>Can we have the coat?
>Knock yourself out. She takes off the coat and throws it down to me.

>Very hard to keep secrets from a telepath
>So long as you're not thinking about secrets in the current moment, you're fine. Say... why do you cover your eyes?
Nice try.

>What is with physically intimidating women being so hot around you?
>I'm physically intimidating? I apologize if I make you feel this way, but I am significantly smaller than you! Not to mention that I pose no serious threat. I don't even have weapons or claws sharp enough to scratch you with.

>>We also regenerate while never getting sick.
>Well geeze, why don't you fly and shoot lasers out your eyes while you're at it. Are you part plant or something?
>Admittedly there was some obfuscation there on my part. In reality we don't regenerate as much as we can heal quicker than most and can recover lost limbs. As for the never getting sick thing, it's not like we are immune to everything, it's more that all of our viruses and infectious diseases have gone extinct.
How in the world did that happen?
>Because of circumstances that would take too long to explain in a single head chat.

>Though, you DO have a couple questions of your own that may be relevant. Of personal interest, if nothing else. She hasn't seen this creepy Tobak around, has she? Or know what this 'The Board' is? The Misters spoke of it.
>(mentally envision said creepy Tobak)
>Creepy tobak... Oh- You mean him. Yeah, I've spotted him. I even tried to read his thoughts and it's just... really cold and calculating in there, thinking about ideas, concepts and abstracts constantly. I couldn't gather much of use or understand him any better. All I know is that he's smart - certified genius level smart. His name is Lak and you should avoid him when possible. As for the board? Not sure who they are.

>Hate aliens? Lunecore was aliens, so were the ones who stopped Lunecore. Why hate the ones that stopped Lunecore?
>That whole situation is pretty complicated once you get down to it. Without getting too into it or being too reductive, all I'll say is that these companies all have the potential to be the new LuneCore, who didn't start off an evil corporation mind you. You ever hear that old Earth saying? 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions?'

>Tell her you knew she was up there this whole time. You saw the dent of a very large butt on the top of the pile clothes
>I can read your thoughts you know! I know what you were thinking at the time. You couldn't see my large butt because it was too invisible!

>Ask if she’s single.
>I'm keeping myself available for the time being, sure. Here's another fun Rin-Reida fact for you; We are monogamous and pair for life, only changing partners if one dies. So, when pairing up with somebody, you gotta make sure it'll last.

>She's *enhanced*. No one gets to 'immortal, immune to senescence, regenerates limbs, immune to disease' without a ton of other optimizations.
>I do have some enhancements in a way, so you're not far off! Most of it is genes more than anything.

>Fletcher is counting on you, you don't want to disappoint her. And you don't need her help, you already have a plan and an ally.
>Ooooooh looks like somebody has a crush!
Hey! S-shut up!
"Ugh, look... I've got my original plans and I'm sticking with them. I expect things to get in the way, and if they do, maybe then I might consider seeking you out for a change of plans. Do you have a meeting place?"
"I'm glad you're considering a team-up at least. You're not as short-sighted as the average tobak! Well, if you want to seek me out, I will be on top of the water tower at centre of the compound. I'll be keeping watch for my guys, but if you stand at the base, I'll come down and talk to you."
"Best of luck, then."
"You too, Coily-coil."
No. 1047535 ID: 9a2966

Well... that certainly was an encounter!

Let's be off, find Telliot, and try not to think too many crazy thoughts for a bit. Like genuinely finding such a slight, different-species woman attractive, or at least fun to tease.

>Everyone from this planet has blue blood
Not Rin-Reidas, apparently! Or maybe... they're originally not from Saxum? Might explain some things, like why there's not a lot of pathogens that target them.

>Not as short-sighted as the average Tobak
As a species you ARE rather happy to do work as long as you're happily fed. If you had to guess, the corporations have actually co-opted the Saxum Dragons' gimmick!

>Creepy Tobak
Lak. Guess you have a name for the creeper. And he's clever enough to make this old telepath leery, huh? Your choice of not tangling with them seems to have been wise, but... what will you do if you encounter them again?

>Any company has the potential to become LuneCorp
Did she indirectly imply the thing everyone's after is what made LuneCorp become LuneCorp? Or rather, this "hangar" place mentioned. Hm. That illegal CAI thing must be pretty powerful, huh! And then there was also...

>"And you'll get to know about why they killed all those Rin-Reida."
Next time you meet, you could ask what makes her think her organization will be the exception and the better keeper to this suitcase and what it contains.
No. 1047536 ID: 244451

Can you have her contact number? Or one way to contact her. It could be usefull to ask for help faster (and maybe to hang on if everything ends ok)
No. 1047537 ID: 5d9787

>Everyone from this planet has blue blood...
The animal limb Dowser fed Kiero had red blood. Even the headspliter tong is pink. The only specie we've seen so far with blue blood is the tobak.

I didn't even knew we were trying to seduce Rilda but I guess that was a success: She seemed very happy about your naughty thoughts, admitted to imagining something even more embarrassing and even explained what a relationship with her would require.
>... only changing partners if one dies.
Since you're gonna live less than her that should be a point in your favor, a less daunting compromise. Although she might not be too happy about being with someone who canonically have a crush on everything. Remember how even that asshole neumono was kind of cute?

Are we still planing to do everything? I would hate to leave Ashley hanging but if there is already competition looking for the suitcase maybe we should hurry up.
No. 1047551 ID: b01382

Damn, if only she were taller. Shes cute.
No. 1047553 ID: 7c0da2

"Coily-coil"? Well now you need to think of a name for her too. It's only fair.

On a more serious note she probably started following you in the bunker (where she met Lak) and she had to be on the bike to be able to follow you here. That means she heard your conversation with Fletcher and knows that a team is coming to meet you. Worse, she knows the sign-countersign code because you thought about it. That's not as bad as it could be, depending on how hard it is to counterfeit Summit uniform and if her team has the means and time to disguise themselves, but you need to be wary of people pretending to be your rescue team. As nice as she is, she still needs that suit case.

For now wear the coat she gave you and go meet Telliot. Don't forget to take the maid outfit with you or it might mysteriously go missing while you are not looking.
No. 1047559 ID: 15c72a

Let's move. Get those horns cut and those new hands put on. Ask about the magnetic properties of both sets of hands.
No. 1047562 ID: 9a2966

Horn cut time is for when we leave.

We shouldn't do it until we're ready to leave or to try to infiltrate/sneak somewhere within the compound. If spotted hornless, probably the Saxum dragons and their minions are gonna try to put restraints on Coil. Anyone wandering around with shorn horns would be up to sneaky and/or running away business, after all.
No. 1047573 ID: d12415

Ugh, can we please try to just go with the faraday mesh wrap first before we resort to permanently maiming?
No. 1047577 ID: 15c72a

We can probably just glue them back on later...
No. 1047591 ID: 5d9787

The faraday mesh wrap would only work if it's made of a room temperature superconductor.
I suggested that because I though the headsplitter was capable of influencing tobak's minds through magnetic signals, that doesn't seem to be the case.
It would only help by preventing Seven Spots from puling our horns in different directions, he would still be able to lift us by attracting the cage.

Unfortunately I can't imagine any viable alternatives.
No. 1047592 ID: a320af

The weirdest thing about this whole interaction is that she admitted that she has a large butt. Normally women get offended by something like that.
No. 1047595 ID: b01382

>that blush
>that cute disposition
>very adorable and approachable
If you leave me now
You'll take away the biggest part of me
Ooh, no, baby please don't go

And if you leave me now
You'll take away the very heart of me
Ooh, no, baby please don't go
Ooh, girl, I just want you to stay
Her reactions to Coil's inner thoughts are funny
No. 1047622 ID: a27bd2

Do your horns grow back? Is there a way to attach them back or get a replacement ? Do you think Rilda would find you less attractive without them ?
No. 1047630 ID: 9b0053

Now that she's gone, let's get back to what we were doing. I'm sure Telliot is wondering what's taking us so long.
No. 1047641 ID: 2a4376

She's got an embarrasing birth mark.
She's got an embarrassing birth mark too, Coil!

Forget whether or not we date her, we gotta hang out with this girl more often! Not many folks can undertand....

We really should hurry to make our final preparations with Telliot and Six-Spots to go to the rescue.

We should go to Ashley first, she might be easier to get a hold of.
No. 1047850 ID: 15a025

It's a shame, but it seems we really will need to saw off our horns if we want a chance at getting out.
No. 1047856 ID: 15c72a

what the fuck are you talking about
No. 1047867 ID: dee951


Dude. We think that horns MIGHT be a means of being tracked long range. Let's not be hasty, eh? We need a bunch more information on this. Do horns grow back? By what mechanism can they track or be tracked? Does this extend to other parts of the body with similar structures? Does surrounding them with aluminum or tin or lead foil stop the signal in any way?

We need more data before making any decisions!
No. 1047888 ID: 5d9787

What? No, we have to cut them because they are magnetic enough for the headsplitter to lift us. Unless you know a reliable way to remove the magnetic properties of something with a simple accessory cutting them is the best we can do.
No. 1047903 ID: 481e64
File 166717087847.png - (325.32KB , 800x600 , TQ122.png )

>Well... that certainly was an encounter!
Certainly was... I wonder if she can still read my mind if I wrap my head in tin foil. something to try for next time.

>maybe... they're originally not from Saxum?
How can that make sense? They've been here long before the uplift - there are old tobaks that were around then who could tell you that. Rin-Reida haven't been found or encountered on any other planet, so what gives?

>As a species you ARE rather happy to do work as long as you're happily fed. If you had to guess, the corporations have actually co-opted the Saxum Dragons' gimmick!
Well... yeah! Tobaks have always followed strong leaders, even if they aren't tobaks. Saxum Dragons don't have candy bars or big vehicles so they can't really compete.

>Next time you meet, you could ask what makes her think her organization will be the exception and the better keeper to this suitcase and what it contains.
I'm curious about that as well. I'm sure she has a reason to trust who she trusts.

>Mudskimmers have red blood and headsplitters have pink tongues
That's true, but everything still has blue-ish blood. Mudskimmers have a very dark purple which looks red enough in the light maybe. Not sure why Six-spots has a pink tongue, must be something to do with what she eats.

>I didn't even know we were trying to seduce Rilda
I was? If I was, all my stray thoughts were doing all the work. Sadly, she isn't my type.

>Well now you need to think of a name for her too. It's only fair.
Maybe next time we meet. Usually, I’m all about coming up with nicknames but I haven’t been feeling it much lately.

>On a more serious note, she probably started following you in the bunker (where she met Lak) and she had to be on the bike to be able to follow you here.
I don't know about that. She would have had plenty of time to take the case and run if she was following us that long.

>wear the coat she gave you
Sure, why not.

I follow the directions that Telliot gave me into the laundry room where I find the hole in the wall he was talking about. I step inside to a large rocky tunnel which goes on for several bends before leading me into a closed cavern. I see a few rudimentary constructs with parts and salvage laying about. I see Telliot in front of a work bench.

>"Took you long enough."
"What is this place?"
>"My workshop. I built it back when I still had the will to escape. Ignore all the incomplete projects."

I decide now is as good a time as any to hand him his severed missing horn.
"Here. I found this when I looted the lighthouse. I figured I could use it as a shiv or something..."
>"Is this... No way. Huh! I never thought I'd see this again."
He raises it up to his head, connecting it to where is used to be.
>"Looks like it has my old color in it. It's weird that you decided to bring it with you, but I'm glad you did.”
He gets some glue and reattaches it.
>” It’s nice being symmetrical again. Maybe now they'll stop calling me 'unicorn.'"

>"So... about your own horn trimming."
"Do I have to get my horns cut off?"
>"If the idea of getting torn in half by magnetism doesn't appeal to you, it might be your best choice."
"I like my horns though."
>"I can reattach them with glue after I hack them off."
"Do you have to cut them off all the way?"
>"…Maybe not. Only about ninety percent of the way where all the nerves are."
"Won't that hurt?"
>"Yeah. I can make it painless if you let me cut them off all the way though. When I shot mine off, I could barely feel a thing."
"There's really no other way?"
>"You could test your luck with the dragons if you prefer."

"Do they grow back?"
>"...What do you think?"
No. 1047906 ID: 15c72a

The painless way, if you can put them back on after.
Also ask about the cybernetic hands being a magnetism vulnerability like your horns would be.
No. 1047907 ID: a7a180

That's a pretty extreme measure. I think we should avoid it until all other avenues are exhausted. Speaking of, poke at all the unfinished projects. Having something to work on is good, and the sooner you start working on them the more time you'll have to finish them.
No. 1047908 ID: 7c0da2

Can you sense other tobaks with just one horn? Because then you could just cut one to protect you from head-splitting but keep the other?
Whatever you choose accept to have it glued back on. And remember to make sure they are facing the right side before gluing them. Unless you want to try reorienting them?
No. 1047921 ID: 5d9787

Cut them diagonally so you have a larger area of contact to glue them later, similar to the way Telliot's broke.
90% or 95%. Bite wood or something like wood. We are doing this!

>Rilda nickname
The most obvious would be Rin-Rilda, but that sound like you are calling her her own specie.
No. 1047929 ID: 9a2966

>Unicorn, new nickname
Hah, yeah. Maybe 'Greyhorn', to mark he's got a long past - and a bit of it stuck to him still!

Did the horn removal have to take place immediately, here and now? You'd still be spending some time here trying to find and extricate Ashley and Bry. Wouldn't the Saxum Dragons be suspicious of a Tobak that doesn't show up on their magnetic sense - and do the dragons even acknowledge hornless people?

Like, would Six-Spots still help you out if you cut your horns? She did offer to show you a way out of here, which you appreciate. There was also the 'get Six-Spots to bet me in a gladitorial match for my friend' gambit. Those things require you to not present as, uh, a non-person to the dragons, right?

At any rate, if it's his recommendation and there's no such backsides, you'll do it. Clean cut and glue them back on.

But let's deal with the arms first - they seem the bigger and more complex operation, and you did have some concerns whether there was anything in them that could be remote-hijacked, what with LuneCorp not being entirely defunct to your knowledge...

And you probably should get some of that yummy expired food in the tum. Test out how long you think you can stomach it if you end up staying here for a bit, at least!

Also, how did a random techie on a Belo-Docker lighthouse outpost become so skilled that they can maintain... well, lots of stuff, apparently! Did he get a comprehensive education, or something, or is he just good at picking up on stuff?
No. 1047979 ID: 481e64
File 166720251186.png - (189.87KB , 800x600 , TQ123.png )

>Does the horn removal have to take place immediately, here and now?
I guess not. It might be best to leave that for the moment I've fully planned things out. There's only one thing I know for certain right now.

I'm going to do whatever it takes.
No. 1047981 ID: 481e64
File 166720262986.png - (347.62KB , 800x600 , TQ124.png )

"This whole situation smells to high hell. It smells like... bunk." >"Yes mommy! I agree!" "I'm receiving orders from higher up, and they won't allow me to know what I'm going after here? I get that it's a suitcase, but what's inside it which is so important that we should be sending a whole army down here? And why are we bringing that heef detective with us? It's bunk all the way down... Whatever. All that matters is that we're after something important, and a couple other companies are gunning for it as well." >"One must've intercepted one of our patrols." "A clear declaration of war if ever I seen one. None of those drones are connected to the hivemind anymore, so they all must've been killed. The pheromone trail is still warm, so someone will have to investigate. As for the drones we lost... Paprika, Pepper, why don't you two make me some more lousy grandkids? >"Yes mommy! Right away!" >"Do I have to? Can't I do something useful? Like scouting?" "Don't give me that bunk. You'll do as you're told while I try to figure this whole thing out... wh-... Does anyone know where my ashtray went?" >"Hey mommy! what does bunk mean?" "It's not important. Regardless, we’re sending out everything to retrieve the case. I'm not taking chances with anything - Not while we're at the brink of conflict with two other major companies.
No. 1047982 ID: 481e64
File 166720266681.png - (364.85KB , 800x600 , TQ125.png )

>"General Lix, the salvage team went through but didn't find anyone inside. The crash sites of our guys' planes didn't have any survivors. One died in an explosion, and the other..."
"The other what?
>"... Was dragged out and shot in the head."
"I see. So, there's something bigger at play here. I never approved of those fighter planes intercepting this Summit Superfortress. Not that I ever figured either had a chance in hell of being downed like they did, but because there wouldn't be a reason to do so. Or so I thought. Our Pilots were bribed to shoot down this plane so that someone could get something valuable out of the wreckage. Someone knew exactly which plane to pursue out of their whole fleet and fed that information to my pilots without me knowing about it."
>"Are you saying Summit has a traitor?"
"I'm saying that we both have traitors. Someone with a lot of connections orchestrated this, but things didn't go down as cleanly as they wanted it to. They went with plan B and cut the back of the plane off with stationary artillery to force it to come down. The place it came down isn't a coincidence either. This is the only place someone could move freely without being noticed by any of the companies."
>"So, there's a conspiracy going on?"
"I know there is. I've seen this type of thing before. Someone on the outside is covering their tracks."
>"What do we do now?"
"Now? We follow and watch closely.
No. 1047983 ID: 481e64
File 166720271167.png - (313.06KB , 800x600 , TQ126.png )

"Again... About the guy who has the case-"
>"You thought he was reliable. And I'm sure he tried his best."
"Give him a chance! He's probably just caught up on something. We only need to wait a little bit longer-"
>"The time for waiting is over, Captain. I understand that you believe in your troops, but you don't see the bigger picture. Keeping what's in that case isn't as important to us as keeping it away from the hands of our enemies. We've had at least one spy infiltrate the ranks, who’s to say 'Coil' Isn't paid off as well?"
"I can vouch for him. If I thought he was untrustworthy, I wouldn’t have let him be co-pilot. Also, by your logic, what's to stop Bryto from being a spy as well?"
>"Don't you dare suggest such a thing. I wish Summit had a thousand Bryto's. He'd better be unharmed, otherwise we'd need to find a replacement for the Summit pinup calendar and Baseball team."
"Yes sir. Permission to gather a team to go recover the case, Bryto and maybe Coil?"
>"Denied. I'm taking full control of the operation."
"Shouldn't we wait for someone of a higher rank to come along first? If things are as urgent as you say."
>"Negatory. We've got our army right here."
No. 1047984 ID: 481e64
File 166720274584.png - (445.17KB , 800x600 , TQ127.png )

"Isn't this... The Forlorn hope?"
>"That's right. Thousands of loyal Sect soldiers, ready to follow orders without question and at a moment's notice. Fully mindless, fully disposable. They fight not for money or country. Ready to die for whatever we say. The perfect soldiers."
"What kind of equipment are you giving them? It hardly looks advanced enough for a modern firefight."
>"Summit replicator produced weaponry. Tried and tested designs from the past. Lightweight, effective, cheap and quick to produce."
"Effective? Can bullets even penetrate force fields? Or advanced armor?"
>"The goal isn't to penetrate. It's to overwhelm and strain our enemy's resources. If we produce soldiers faster than our enemy and wear them to the point of resource exhaustion, we can make our hard push. It's called a war of attrition. You are welcome to question this method, but my track record speaks for itself."
"How many will die?"
>"As many as it takes."
"The queen doesn't have a problem with this?
>"Why would I? They're disposable. This is their purpose."
No. 1047985 ID: 481e64
File 166720278419.png - (387.86KB , 800x600 , TQ128.png )

"Is this all of us?"
"For the moment. Mister Jade, Mister Crimson and Mister Amber. You three will have to do."
"Don't forget about yourself, Mister Tan. What happened to Mister Teal? Weren't you just speaking with him?"
"I was. I've sent him to go check on Mister Peach and Mister Olive."
"They're dead, aren't they?"
"Maybe. Maybe not."
>"It was that creepy-ass goat, wasn't it? The one that carries around the shotgun that shoots nails. Why didn't we try getting him on our side?"
"We thought of doing that at first, but I could tell he would try betraying us. I don't think he wants money, I think it's more likely he has a personal interest in the drives."
"What about Mister Snow, Silver and Gold?"
"Snow and Gold haven't replied to my inquiries. We'll assume them to be dead for the time being. I spoke With Mister Silver, he is driving the artillery truck elsewhere. I've asked him to get whatever reinforcements he can in the form of mercenaries that work locally."
"Where did this all go so wrong? This plan was supposed to go smoothly."
"We haven't failed yet. The drive is still close by. And why care if the others have failed? This only means we all get a bigger cut."
"Yeah? well now we have to deal with these companies moving in the area. They're probably trying to get to the drive as well."
"Follow my lead and toe the line, and we'll be just fine."
>"Why are we following your orders all of a sudden?
"You want to get paid, don't you? I had to pull a lot of strings with our contact to land this job you know. If you want to go back to being space pirates, you're all welcome. But I'm telling you, if we accomplish what we set out to do, we don't have to worry about cash again."
"And if someone gets in the way?"
"Is that even a question? We'll kill them."
No. 1047986 ID: 481e64
File 166720282347.png - (305.45KB , 800x600 , TQ129.png )

>"You bastard... You have no idea who you're screwing with..."


>"Why are you quiet all of a sudden? C'mon, carve more off my ears! I'll show you what high pain tolerance looks like. Why don't you go back to the thing where you filed my teeth down? Not like they'll grow back or anything!"


>"When the others get to you, they'll do worse. They'll do a lot worse. I'm keeping note of everything you've done here, and we're doing it to you times ten. Remember when you put my head in a vice? I hope you have fun when it's your turn."


>"Do you tobaks have teeth? I wonder if you enjoy having holes drilled through them..."


>"Are those... footsteps? Who's there?"
No. 1047987 ID: 481e64
File 166720285367.png - (356.64KB , 800x600 , TQ130.png )

"What did you think of my stories? Pretty creepy, right?"
>"Your ghost stories were very entertaining, even if I don't entertain the existence of the supernatural. What do you think this place is?"
"The sign looks like it says 'Eden Point.' I'm sorry but it doesn't really ring any bells. Watch out though! looks like someone drew headsplitter symbols all over it."
"Yeah! Big hideous monsters which are super territorial! They can control you through magnetism! They'll tear your shiny metal arm off..."
>"I see. Perhaps I should sit this one out then."
No. 1047988 ID: 481e64
File 166720288377.png - (249.20KB , 800x600 , TQ131.png )

>"Anyways, thanks again for reattaching my head."
"Don't mention it! I'm used to doing odd jobs. Not... that I do this kind of thing every day."
>"Right. I think you should head back. Things are probably going to get dangerous from here on out. And I'd hate for you to get hurt, Axyl."
"Fair enough. I should head back to my bike, I sort of left it out in the open, so I hope nobody took it by now."
>"I'll recommend you for future work if you'd like. You've done well."
"Thanks! Hey, just one more thing. Well... a few things actually."
>"Is the first thing about my arm?"
>"Nothing happened to it. I never had an arm there to begin with."
"You were born without it?"
>"I wouldn't say 'born.' I'm not exactly naturally made. I was ordered to be made by our senior programmer as his bodyguard."
"So the arm doesn't grow back or anything?"
"And another thing, is the white fur normal? I've never seen a neumono with full white fur."
>"That would be an attribute of my albinism."
"Ah. Ok then. Also, what's your name supposed to mean?"
>"Mark Zero? It's the designation of the stage of prototype progression that our scientists typically use."
"So you're like... the patient zero?"
>"Sure. I'm certain they could've done better if they ever decided to make more beyond me."
"How can you see in the dark? Are you going by vibrations or sound?"
>"Bionic implants."
"Ah. Is your gun also named Mark?"
>"This is a Mark Three Anti-Material rifle. I'm also wearing Mark Two Bio Armor. No relation to actual Bio Armor, which is functionally different."
"Fancy! I should buy myself a pair some day! anyways, I should head off for now."
>"Hold on. I had a question for you."
[color=78574A]"About ghosts?" [/color]
>"No. Did you happen to catch the name of a tobak that was carrying around a jammer? His fur was yellowish, and his horns were brown."
"Oh hey! I know who that is! Yep, that'd be Dowser. We took down a group of raiders together. He's a pretty crazy guy! Why?"
>"Did you catch his contact information?"
"Oh- sure! Why? Did you meet him?"
>"I saw him when I stepped off the elevator. He was carrying a neumono on his back."
>"Mhm. I picked up the empathy that neumono was giving off... I can't really describe it as anything other than... pure happiness. "
"Huh. they must've hit it off!"
>"Yeah. I suppose I'm just curious is all. Just one thing I should warn you about when you head back."
No. 1047989 ID: 481e64
File 166720292488.png - (341.23KB , 800x600 , TQ132.png )

>"Don't get in the way of the tourist."
"I've never heard of him. Or her. Why the name?"
>"He has been off world. I expect him to be around here, looking for the same thing we are."
"I guess he isn't on your side then."
>"That is uncertain, He works exclusively for money. He'll do just about anything for anyone if the price is right."
"What does he look like? So I can avoid him."
>"Hard to tell. He changes his name, personality, and appearance frequently. The only identifying features are that he is a male tobak with two tails."
"Does he have the same beeping tracking device that you do?"
>"I doubt it. He is very distrustful of technology. He is likely tracking with more traditional methods."
"Is he dangerous?"
No. 1047990 ID: 481e64
File 166720295229.png - (151.39KB , 800x600 , TQ133.png )

Whatever it takes.

I don't care who or what gets in my way. I'm going to save Bry and Ashley, and I'm going to get that case back to Fletcher. I'm not Making excuses. I'm going to do right by everyone, even if it kills me. Even if I have to be the person I’ve always been afraid to be.

Whoops, looks like my fringe got blown aside... let me just... put that back.

Choose a protagonist to follow for thread 4
-Continue with Coil and finish intermission.
-Continue Dowser's story.
-Pick other (tobak) protagonist.
No. 1047993 ID: fb2164

>Choose a protagonist
First vote's for Coil, though if i had to pick an Other...
Either following Bry or Fletcher i think.
No. 1047994 ID: a2d88b

Let's go back to Dowser for now.
No. 1047996 ID: e5709d

1) Ashley
2) Dowser
No. 1047997 ID: 5d9787

I would like to see Bry point of view some time, but I wouldn't want to miss Coil perspective during his rescue.
This moment seem to be happening during Dowser's somnambulism. This hole situation will be resolved long before his spy mission one week from now, so if we finish things here any consequences would interact better with Dowser story.
I say we continue with Coil until we reach a conclusion.
No. 1047998 ID: c4dfdc

I vote to continue the intermission and follow one of the tobaks who are there.
Either Fletcher or Coils, I can't decide. Coils is in the middle of his escape plan, but I'm really curious about what's happening with Fletcher...
No. 1048000 ID: 15c72a


No. 1048001 ID: 708905

I vote Bry
No. 1048002 ID: e1a7df

Fletch for the tactical stuff.
Feels like buildup so far but with what is about to explode?
Very Korean War with Summit as the PLA forces. Still, without officers the sect will have serious initiative issues. She'll probably either lead a group or have a specialized force to get Summit's HVTs.
Other options look as though they'd avoid obstacles set up to impede. Would like to blow through 'em for once.
No. 1048003 ID: 16a946

Clover quest.
No. 1048007 ID: 30b9f6

Not only are they hearts, but they're pink and sparkle. No WONDER Coil never shows his face. Imagine if Fletcher knew? She'd take SUCH sweet revenge.

There are quite a few Tobak perspectives I'd love to follow here - any one of the female Tobaks ranks pretty high - but it might be best to return to a couple red threads and alternate between them. Dowser and Coil are pretty centrally positioned in this drama anyway.

So back to Dowser! Besides, I wanna know how excited our headbud is about the prospect of meeting a new species in the upcoming clandestine mission.
No. 1048008 ID: d176bd

A vote for Bry!
No. 1048009 ID: d12415

Voting for Coil or Bry
No. 1048011 ID: 70f859

Holy shit Coil is hot as hell!

I pick Dowser. He is my main guy!
No. 1048012 ID: c28082


Coil. Let's finish the intermission for now~ ❤
No. 1048018 ID: 244451

I'm very curious about Fletcher, Coil and Bry, but was totally convinced that Dowser was the novice pilot that was killed so I want to see that.
I vote for Dowser
No. 1048019 ID: a9af05

I want to pick Fletcher. Let's see if we can help her rescue Coil.

>Dowser is the novice pilot that was shot down
The novice pilot that got shot down was a miklik. Last time I checked, Dowser was a tobak. It's safe to assume that Dowser was not the novice pilot that got shot down in that plane.
No. 1048034 ID: a7a180

Carry on, Coil. Things are about to get very interesting...
No. 1048039 ID: 084179

Oh no....HE'S HOT!
No. 1048040 ID: 084179

Picking Dowser. I wanna hang out with our green friend.
No. 1048054 ID: 90c451

I mean, I know Ashley is a Sect but...
My vote's for Ashley.
No. 1048079 ID: ba605b

Wait on a second
>OP picked the Leon S Kennedy jacket
No. 1048092 ID: b01382

Does Coil's intermission happen before, current, or after the events of what Dowser is currently doing?
No. 1048095 ID: f89136

Heart eyes mothafucka
No. 1048115 ID: 180c83

There are a lot of interesting things to do or look into in the Dowser side of the story, but for the overall plot the big thing for Dowser does seem to be his upcoming mission. So finishing this action intermezzo with Coil instead of leaving it on a cliffhanger feels like the best focus for next thread.
No. 1048116 ID: b01382

Voting Coil because i want to see Bry in that maid outfit, and i at least want to see them kiss a little. You know on accident.
No. 1048120 ID: 180c83

Low-key I'm expecting Clay to pick up (or to have already picked up) green boy, the sneaky fuck.
No. 1048123 ID: 244451

Even if I suspected a heartshaped pupil, I didn't imagine it to be soo cool.

I wanted to point that I love how he looks. It remember me of a cartoon or something with a character with a cute theme (pink hearts, sparckles, etc) that was a total badass. I suppose Jojo apply in that description too?
No. 1048152 ID: ba605b

Clay dating the green boy we saved? I am 10p% backing this.
No. 1048184 ID: 72f20b

I'd go with Dowser to give both stories more room to intertwine later on like it's infinity war.

That or Lk, because he is an intriguing lunatic.
No. 1048288 ID: 00e87a

Thread 4: Bry
No. 1048537 ID: 15a025

My vote's for moving forward with Coil.
No. 1048720 ID: 48604e

Wana see some more Dowser
No. 1048723 ID: ae4094

No. 1048901 ID: 481e64
File 166805571569.png - (288.48KB , 800x600 , TQ-B1.png )

>"Hey Dowser. Kaddi here - Kind of. Not really. Let's just say I'm here on his behalf."

>"This is Kaddi's head friend speaking, manifesting just as yours did. Who I was supposed to be to him was some kind of physical manifestation of past trauma in the form of some crazed giant snow neumono he saw in a movie or video game or something. He freaked out at first, but I'm not as rough once you get to know me. That being said, he did get rid of me by downing all sorts of antipsychotics. He brought me back by handling the artifact again so we could work out a deal of sorts. I run the night shift in exchange for helping him with his mental issues. I tell ya, it’s a miracle he hasn't gone rogue yet."

>"I've been taking sleeping meds and smoking to keep myself awake so the other guy stays asleep, I imagine I'll be up for a while longer."

>"...Anyways, seems you're not around to pick up so I'll just have to leave a message instead. It's about the ore."
No. 1048902 ID: 481e64
File 166805575105.png - (352.48KB , 800x600 , TQ-B2.png )

>"First off, it isn't an ore. Or a mineral. It isn't even an alloy either. It's something far, far more different. What that is, I can only speculate. What's important is one major takaway - This isn't natural. As a matter a fact, I'm convinced it's not even from this world. Or any world."

>"I've run a lot of tests on this thing, as many as our available equipment and resources allow. I've scanned, drilled holes, dissolved samples - most have been pretty useless, but some have turned up areas of interest. Namely, the presence of synthetic elements. Know what those are? Those are teeny tiny unstable atoms made in big expensive labs that decay in microseconds - But I'm looking at bits of the stuff right now, and it's not decaying. It's all on the inside and there isn't much of it, but it's definitely there. Oh, also some of this stuff is highly radioactive. Your fingers grow back too, right? Not to worry. All the radioactive elements are on the inside of protective layers."

>"I tried to do a scan of the inside, but I can't see much without a bunch of noise. I made printouts of what I could observe, and there's something inside. I can’t tell you much, but I'm observing what looks to be a long... metal... thingy. Could be nothing and I'd need to crack this thing open to know more."

>"After scrubbing off a bit of the surface, I've been able to make out some strange markings. I've circled them in marker because they are so easy to lose. I'm not sure what they are, but they were likely drawn in deliberately. Tribal tobak symbols maybe? I tried searching through a database but didn't find a convincing match."

>"I did find material which causes the intense magnetic signature. A presence of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with traces of Dysprosium and Praseodymium. I do not like sharing a vocabulary with a rock nerd. I didn't find out for certain what produces the psychotic inducing effects. Scans didn't show any presence of biological life. Obviously, carbon dating is out of the question."

>"Want my theory on what this is? It isn't natural, and it doesn't look like it was made with any purpose in mind. Judging by all the impurities, this must be waste of some kind. Very valuable waste. Whatever process or machine produced this waste is not known to the greater universe."

>"After hearing all that, you're probably wondering what it's worth, right? Because I can tell you that from a scientific point of view, Raw minerals aside, this is priceless for the value of study alone. Any scientist looking for universal recognition and fame would kill to make a discovery from something like this."
No. 1048903 ID: 481e64
File 166805581006.png - (240.74KB , 800x600 , TQ-B3.png )

>"I'd put money on just about any egghead asking the same big question. 'Where did it come from?' I'm fairly curious myself."

>"I thought about the story you told me, about the dead guy you found it on. Gyro Clay of the Talion corporation. I did a bit of snooping in their mineral database, and I'm convinced that this artifact was a personal trinket rather than something which was supposed to be a part of some botched exchange. So where did Gyro get it from? Well, I dug deeper, and it appears he didn't have any family who could have gifted him the artifact. What he did have was hundreds of Rin-Reida who he would help feed and build orphanages for with all the funds his high position granted him. Seems like our friend Gyro was a bit of a saint."

>"Want to know my theory? I think it was a Rin-Reida who gave this to him. It might be a long shot, but I have a gut feeling. The Rin-Reida have lots of secrets, don't they? Some of the stories are pretty wild."

>"I'll go pay the Rin-Reida reservations in the glade a visit. They don't take kindly to aliens and won't come willingly, so I might have to get a little rough. I broke out my trusty old bio-armor and rifle from the war just in case. Once I get my hands on one who can provide the answers I want, I'll bring em' back here for a talk - as discrete as I can. You did a good job keeping this artifact a secret, so I'll do the same. Wish me happy hunting."
No. 1048909 ID: fec07f

I have a bad feeling about this
No. 1048913 ID: 90c451

Was hoping for science jargon but got lorem ipsum...
So uh... I guess we figured out what gave the Rin-Reida psychic powers...
No. 1048940 ID: 5d9787

So she (he?) will just kidnap a random rin-reida? What kind of plan is that?

It's strange that Dowser property rights are being respected with this report but someone else can be interrogated against their will. Maybe the rin-reidas have less rights than tobaks but we met one working as a carpet cleaner in the same city.
If they are around she (he?) could pick someone who live here alone, or at least in smaller numbers. If morality and rules aren't a concern Dowser could be misinformed in preparation to pay less for the thing or disappearing with it. Maybe the difference is if it's done in the city or outside, but the victim will still be brought back to the city.
There is a weird leap of logic here.
No. 1048946 ID: a2d88b

>It's strange that Dowser property rights are being respected with this report but someone else can be interrogated against their will
Corpo logic perhaps. Always respect a contract (even an oral one) to keep getting more contracts, but anyone who's not a customer/partner/etc. is fair game.
No. 1048951 ID: 30b9f6

That's all pretty interesting.

Well, getting answers as to why you suddenly exist in somebody else's head might warrant a teeny bit of kidnapping, pending on your perspective.

And Kaddi did sound a little messed-up from past war-related traumas, so this headbud probably has their entire perspective painted by that. Violence to get their way might just be more acceptable overall! Dowser is way more chill and could probably just go ask in their place (and wouldn't have to deal with the hostility against aliens), but seeing as he's not responding, Kaddi-bud is taking their own initiative. Maybe Dowser can try to deal with this mess when he gets back from his mission.

To be fair, the Rin-Reida might be interested in whatever this thing is as well - recovering it and dealing with the fallout of losing their ally Clay - so if Kaddi-bud manages to shack up with someone who gets what's going on, this might become a net positive for them in some way.
No. 1048953 ID: a2d88b

>To be fair, the Rin-Reida might be interested in whatever this thing is as well - recovering it and dealing with the fallout of losing their ally Clay - so if Kaddi-bud manages to shack up with someone who gets what's going on, this might become a net positive for them in some way.
I think this might result in the Rin-Reida ransoming Kaddi for the stone.
No. 1048963 ID: 01446d

I think a diplomatic aproach would be more reasonable. The Rin-Reida have been very approachable so far.
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