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File 126230683978.png - (69.12KB , 640x400 , 001.png )
102415 No. 102415 ID: 1afd58

Something happens.

She is awake.

There is a light in the darkness.
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No. 103848 ID: 1afd58
File 12624783915.png - (51.14KB , 640x400 , 25.png )

Her hand is red. Her hand hurts. It hurts. Mother said not to play with the glass. The red drips. It falls and splashes.

The red reminds her of Mother. Mother went out. Mother's lips were red and Mother went out. Should her lips be red? If she goes out should her lips be red? Mother's lips were red. Mother's shirt was white. Mother's shirt was red. Mother went out.

Her hand hurts. The hurt makes her think. She is not an innocent. But the hurt makes her think.
No. 103917 ID: 632862

This is why Mother told you not to play with the glass. Mother did not want you to hurt. Mother went out because Mother knew what things hurt when played with. You cannot go out until you know.

Remove the glass from your hand. Tear off a strip of your clothes and wrap your hand in it, tightly.
No. 103927 ID: 697b23

Jessica, nobody blames you for the broken glass. Mistakes happen. You see things as very black and white. They are either innocent or they are sin. You are ignoring mitigating factors, shades of gray.

But more importantly, you need to bandage that hand. Is there any cloth in the room you can use as a bandage to tie around your hand? If not, can you tear some off your dress?
No. 104879 ID: 1afd58
File 126261921343.png - (71.20KB , 640x400 , 26.png )

She can't tear the dress. Innocent wear dresses. She can't take it off it's sin. Father told her it's sin.

There is a red glass in her hand. She pulls it and drops it and doesn't want to wear it. Mother was right. Mother told her not to play with the glass.

She wipes the red on the light and on the desk. A face! She smiles and laughs and her hurt doesn't hurt as much.

Where the keys are she finds other things. The keys are for the computer but there are other things here.
No. 104880 ID: 1afd58
File 126261925320.png - (76.73KB , 640x400 , 27.png )

There's a bear! It's like the bear she used to have. She remembers it suddenly. It was soft but this one looks hard and is full of yellow.

Theres also some boxes and a cup and some bags of brown stuff. Also there's a spoon and some things to write with and a scissors that she shouldn't touch. Mother told her not to touch scissors. Also there's a thing that's blue and has some metal on top with a little gear. She doesn't know what it's for.
No. 104881 ID: c42be6

The blue thing is for making fire. Fire is dangerous, though, so don't play with it.
Nothing here looks useful to you. Look around the room for cloth. If there isn't any, look out into the hall to see if anyone is out there.
No. 104905 ID: 1afd58
File 126262518841.png - (68.84KB , 640x400 , 28.png )

It's for making fire. She remembers fire.

She remembers this fire making. She saw a Thing use them.

Its hot on her thumb. It's bright. The fire is bright. She smiles. It makes a fire. She remembers fire. The fire is bright and beautiful. It is blue and red and orange. The fire dances.
No. 104992 ID: c42be6

You should get going. You need to fix your hand, or it will get hurt more. Take the lighter, the fire thing, if you want, but don't use it unless you have to.
No. 105047 ID: 1afd58
File 126264316534.png - (56.18KB , 640x400 , 29.png )

There is no one in the hall. It's empty. The lighter is warm still and her hand is still wet and red.

The hall is full of doors. She doesn't remember the hall much because she was running and moving and it was fast.

An innocent is moving to the left. The innocent is young and pretty and is wearing a dress. The innocent's hair is nice.
No. 105094 ID: 1afd58
File 126265112419.png - (53.54KB , 640x400 , 30.png )

She follows the innocent. The innocent walks past the Thing and she doesn't want to follow. There are doors. Her legs hurt and her chest hurts and she's tired.

She wants to cry but she's not supposed to cry. Mother told her not to cry. Father told her not to cry.

She's scared. She doesn't want the Thing to see her. It is speaking with something she can't see.
No. 105099 ID: c0f3bf

Stop dragging your hand across the wall, it'll lead them to you. Duck into the right room, try not to let it see you.
No. 105101 ID: 059c31

Stop leaving a blood trail.
No. 105109 ID: 1afd58
File 126265765124.png - (76.69KB , 640x400 , 31.png )

She didn't mean to mess up the wall. It was a pretty color. It reminded her of Mother. Mother's lips were red.

She goes in the door quietly and closes it slowly. Oh, it's this kind of room! She remembers how to use this kind of room. The room smells bad and there is paper everywhere. There are some little rooms with toilets! Also there is another door with a sign that says she shouldn't go in.

She wants water. She's thirsty.
No. 105110 ID: 632862

Use the sink to get some water. Use your right hand to drink from, not your left.
No. 105117 ID: 1afd58
File 126265954823.png - (57.19KB , 640x400 , 32.png )

She drinks the water. It's cold and nice. She doesn't feel as bad now.

There's an innocent in the glass! This innocent is young and pretty and wearing a dress. Her hair is messy though.
No. 105120 ID: c0f3bf

Here's something interesting: that's a mirror, you're looking at yourself. Dispense some paper from one of the paper dispensers (do not use paper on the ground or in the cans) and bandage your red hand up.
No. 105122 ID: 632862

Fix your hair. It's a mess.
No. 105536 ID: 1afd58
File 126271906166.png - (52.46KB , 640x400 , 33.png )

She isn't... she can't be the innocent in the glass. She's too old. She's not an innocent.

She uses the paper and wraps her hand. She remembers Mother doing this before. She remembers Mother telling her not to touch scissors.

She tries to fix her hair. It can't look like an innocent's. But it is hard to see. She uses some paper and makes a knot. Now her hair is more back and less front. She can see more.

She wants to go out. She feels like Mother. Mother went out.
No. 105538 ID: c42be6

Where did Mother leave through? Do you know how to get there?

Look outside, and go into the room across the hall if the Thing still isn't looking.
No. 105539 ID: 8dc9d5

That glass is a mirror, it shows what is in front of it.
If it shows an innocent when you are in front of it, you must be an innocent.
No. 105540 ID: 8dc9d5

Look in the glass again, see if the innocents hair has changed.
No. 105862 ID: 1afd58
File 126274183383.png - (82.11KB , 640x400 , 34.png )

Mother left the house. Mother wasn't ever here. She isn't sure where here is, but it's not home. Mother went out the front door.

The innocent in the mirror does something. She leans against the glass and smiles. Her smile is scary. Fire is behind her. There is a screaming voice. The innocent is in the fire and there is screaming!
No. 105864 ID: 1afd58
File 126274192212.png - (86.06KB , 640x400 , 35.png )

she covers her eyes and backs away. She opens her eyes. The innocent is gone. She is in the glass now. Her hair is back. She is too old.

She is not an innocent.
No. 105865 ID: 8dc9d5

Do you want to be an innocent?
No. 105873 ID: 632862

Do you remember the fire?
No. 105903 ID: 1afd58
File 12627490415.png - (69.67KB , 640x400 , 36.png )

She wants to... no. She is too old. She is not an innocent. Father wanted her to be an innocent. She is too old.

The fire. She... she remembers fire. She can make a fire now. She remembers something. She remembers fire. It's so hot. There was... Father's Father was down. The light was gone. It was dark. There was fire in glass. The glass was hot. The glass was clear. Mother told her not to touch the glass.

She doesn't remember.
No. 105918 ID: 632862

Open the door that you shouldn't go in, to see what is behind it. It is fine to look, just not to go in.
No. 105947 ID: 8dc9d5

You're never too old to be innocent.
No. 106615 ID: 1afd58
File 126283596684.png - (49.04KB , 640x400 , 37.png )

She tries to move the knob but it can't. She pulls but it holds.

She stops. She hears hooves.
No. 106616 ID: 1afd58
File 126283598060.png - (68.73KB , 640x400 , 38.png )

It got in quiet. The thing is standing there and moving slowly. Its arms are out in front and palms toward her. It speaks quietly. It says Jessica. It says she should be good. It stops talking a second and then says she could be an innocent. It sounds like it doesn't know what that means. It says it needs to help her and she should let it help. The Thing is walking towards her slowly.

Its hands look large and rough. She doesn't want them.
No. 106634 ID: 632862

Tell it not to touch. Say that you will be good, and follow it.
No. 106649 ID: 8dc9d5

No. 107103 ID: 1afd58
File 126287031629.png - (62.59KB , 640x400 , 39.png )


She runs to past it quickly and opens the door. No time! Which way? She doesn't know where here is.

It yells Jessica! It yells a sin. Its hands are reaching and it moves for her.
No. 107105 ID: c42be6

Turn right, continue running.
No. 107107 ID: 1afd58
File 126287278373.png - (54.89KB , 640x400 , 40.png )

She turns right quickly, moving fast. She falls. Down like sin.

The hall is long. There are doors. Doctor K---- is here but it looks different and scary. The other Thing is behind. She doesn't want the touch or the hands!

Doctor K---- speaks. It says Jessica. It says to stop. It says it knows Jessica is scared and that she is not an innocent. It says it wants to help her go out. It says it can help her.
No. 107109 ID: c42be6

There's no where else to run to. You should listen to Doctor K, if you run any more they'll just catch you later. Ask Doctor K why you are here, and where you would go outside to.
No. 107110 ID: 1afd58
File 126287691671.png - (86.38KB , 640x400 , 41.png )

She stops. There's nowhere. She can't move.

"Why? She doesn't know where here is! She wants to go out! Mother went out!"

Doctor K---- smiles and moves closer. She pulls out something that shines. It taps it with its finger. The Thing behind her grabs her arms. She tries to move but she can't. Its hands are large and rough. They mark her where they touch!

Doctor K---- speaks to the Thing. K---- tells it not to hurt her. Not to hurt Jessica. The Thing agrees.

Doctor K---- says that Jessica is here for help. That they just want to help her. She shouldn't go out like Mother. Mother is gone. She should stay in until they let her go out. Doctor K---- says that the thing in her hand will help Jessica. That it will help her sleep and be happy.

Doctor K---- tells the thing to hold Jessica still.
No. 107111 ID: c42be6

Okay, yeah, they suck at 'helping'. If they aren't even going to explain anything then you have no reason to trust them. It doesn't look like you have much of a chance at escape, though. Struggle as much as you can, and don't the shiny thing into your arm. If you can break free, start running forward.
No. 107112 ID: 8dc9d5

Lash your foot back at the thing holding you, between its legs. Do this as quickly and strongly as you can. It should make it let go.
No. 107113 ID: 8dc9d5

If it lets go, lash your hand at Doctor K------'s arms.
No. 107290 ID: 1afd58
File 126291087055.png - (85.11KB , 640x400 , 42.png )

She struggles! She kicks! The Thing yells a sin and drops her. Doctor K---- drops the shining thing and yells Jessica.

She's free!
No. 107292 ID: 1afd58
File 126291090211.png - (61.99KB , 640x400 , 43.png )

She runs past Doctor K----, on her knees and hands because it is faster. Doctor K---- yells to stop!

She sees doors ahead. Three with just plates and no windows and one with a fire symbol and no window. The hall also goes to the right. An innocent is moving without moving!

She has to move she has to move she has to move.
No. 107305 ID: 632862

Your mother is not out. She is dead.
No. 107739 ID: 8dc9d5

Go through the fire door.
No. 107866 ID: cd50fc


i am so sorry
No. 108365 ID: 4f694b

Fire door gogogo!
No. 111861 ID: 1afd58
File 126367311245.png - (84.01KB , 640x400 , 45.png )

Mother... Mother went out. Mother isn't dead. Mother went out. Mother's lips were red, and Mother went out.

She pushes open the door. A loud noise sounds all around!

She closes the door behind her and it is quieter inside. Steps go up like an innocent and down like sin.

She wants to move. She could... she could go down like sin. There is a hole between the steps.
No. 111877 ID: 8dc9d5

Go up.
No. 112956 ID: 1afd58
File 126373886448.png - (50.87KB , 640x400 , 46.png )

She moves up. She is too old but she moves up the steps like an innocent.

There is another door. She hears the door below her open and the Thing speaking another sin. The stairs go up again if she should.
No. 112959 ID: 632862

...I don't think we should go to the roof. Too dangerous.

Enter the door.
No. 113934 ID: 1afd58
File 12638177375.png - (28.31KB , 640x400 , 47.png )

She tries to move the door but it is stuck. There is no handle. It is flat. Smooth and flat.

Doctor K---- and the Thing below are talking. The thing is going up and the Doctor is going down like sin.
No. 113936 ID: c0f3bf

Can you hear what they are saying?
No. 114180 ID: 632862

I guess you don't have much choice. Go up.
No. 114349 ID: 1afd58
File 126387445912.png - (38.87KB , 640x400 , 48.png )

The Thing said it would go up and the Doctor said she would go down. The Thing's hooves are clacking on the cold steps.

She moves up. She finds a door and opens it. She crawls forward hands and knees. The Thing below shouts that she is on the roof!
No. 114351 ID: 1afd58
File 126387449237.png - (117.82KB , 640x400 , 49.png )

Outside is cold. It is dark and high. There is a loud noise that rings and drones. There is a U shaped building! There is also a tower with a light. The light is not warm but she feels found.

There is a flat part and then a wall around it, and then the building goes down and down.

There is an innocent on the wall. The innocent is looking at her. She wants to go to the innocent.
No. 114403 ID: 632862

Stay away from the innocent. Walk around to the tower, staying away from the edges of the building.
No. 114648 ID: 1afd58
File 126391308337.png - (39.04KB , 640x400 , 50.png )

She tries to stay away from the edge. The building goes down and down. She moves fast.

The innocent talks. It speaks slowly and it's voice is quiet and pretty but she can hear it from far away. It says Jessica. It says she shouldn't be up because she is not an innocent. It says she should go down. Down like sin.

She runs quickly and goes to the tower. There is a door and a thing to turn. She sees the Thing coming out of the stairs and looking for her, but it probably can't see her here.

The innocent speaks slowly. It's voice is quiet and pretty. It says Jessica. It says she should go down like sin.

It is cold and there is moving air. Should she go in the tower? Should she go further up like an innocent?
No. 114649 ID: c42be6

Continue going up.
No. 114667 ID: 1afd58
File 126392126492.png - (66.82KB , 640x400 , 51.png )

She pulls the handle and opens the door.

There are some things in here. The room smells like burning sticks. There are papers on a table and a couple other things. Some... glass. She doesn't like that glass.

There are some boxes and a chair too.

Also there is a ladder! It goes up and up and then there is a door in the ceiling.
No. 114670 ID: 2cbe3e


Look at papers, carefully touch and then lift glass if it's cool.
No. 114673 ID: c0f3bf

Can you read the papers?
No. 114695 ID: e9a4f7

Is there any way to tell where the burning smell is coming from?

Also what's wrong with the glass?
No. 114769 ID: 1afd58
File 126394360023.png - (64.18KB , 640x400 , 52.png )

The glass looks cool. Mother told her.... Mother told her not to touch the glass. The glass is full of something like water but smells different.

She doesn't... she doesn't like that glass. When she sees it it makes her hands feel bad. It makes them hot and like sin.

The table! The table has some things. There's a phone with buttons. There's some papers covered in words. There is another thing she shouldn't touch. Father said not to touch things like that.

The papers are boring. They are about keeping people here and not letting them out. They are about not sleeping when you are watching. They are about not smoking when you are here.
No. 114783 ID: 8dc9d5

Use the thing father said not to touch on the glass, then leave the tower with the thing father said not to touch.
No. 114787 ID: 632862

Look closely at the glass. Try to remember the heat.
No. 114788 ID: 632862

What are you, nuts? You want a gun in the hands of an unmedicated schizophrenic?
No. 114913 ID: 1afd58
File 126395580878.png - (48.71KB , 640x400 , 53.png )

She picks up the thing she shouldn't touch. Gun. Its name was that. It is heavy and cold. She holds it and keeps her fingers outside. She has held one before. She remembers but she doesn't remember.

She holds the gun and looks at the glass. She feels hot. Her hands feel hot. Her finger slides.

She remembers... the glass. She remembers yelling. Mother went out. Father commanded her to be an innocent. Mother's lips were red. Glass. She touched... she touched the glass.

The glass was hot. It held a fire. She touched the glass. She liked the fire. The fire was dancing. The fire danced in the glass. The glass... The fire danced...
No. 114915 ID: 1afd58
File 126395582577.png - (59.22KB , 640x400 , 54.png )

She shakes her head and looks away from the glass. She isn't sure how long she was thinking but she feels scared and she thinks people are watching.

She didn't mean to touch the glass! She didn't mean to touch the gun!

She breathes. She needs to go somewhere. Somewhere else.
No. 115130 ID: 8dc9d5

Step back.
Shoot the fire glass.
Drop the gun.
Run outside.
No. 115131 ID: 9e9b47


Jessica, just take the papers and leave
No. 115182 ID: 632862

(psst, innocent = 'good girl'. she's too old to be a 'girl')

(also I think maybe her mom jumped out a window to escape a burning building, but got riddled with glass shards)
No. 115184 ID: 632862

Put the gun back and go onto the roof.
No. 115203 ID: 1afd58
File 126399121135.png - (32.45KB , 640x400 , 55.png )

She puts the gun down on the table. She doesn't want to think about the glass. She picks up the papers. They ruffle and are white. She walks to the door but stops.

There is a ringing! The phone's buttons glow. Should she talk? Mother would make the phone ring. Mother told her how to talk to it.
No. 115212 ID: 2cbe3e


Pick up the phone, don't say anything.
No. 115213 ID: c16184

Instead, breath heavily and pant into the phone
No. 115763 ID: 1afd58
File 126407959886.png - (38.60KB , 640x400 , 56.png )

She picks up the phone and listens. She does not talk.

A little time passes first.

"...Hello? Warren?"

The voice gets quiet, like it's not talking to her.

"Hey is Warren up there today? What? If he's sick, who picked up the phone?"
No. 115764 ID: c0f3bf

Say you're a temp, ask how you can help him.
No. 116267 ID: 1afd58
File 126413242642.png - (43.67KB , 640x400 , 57.png )

"Temp. She is here for helping temp she is going out like mother but up like innocent."

A second or two of no talking.

No. 116277 ID: 4f694b

They know where you are now! Where do we go?
No. 116631 ID: c0f3bf

Tell him you'll find Jessica for him, then hang up.
No. 116634 ID: 1afd58
File 126416480917.png - (61.22KB , 640x400 , 58.png )

She doesn't want them to know! No!

"Not Jessica! She isn't! Jessica goes down like sin! She goes up like innocent! She will find Jessica!"

The voice responds slowly and calmly, like the Thing before. "Now Jessica... Slow down. My name is Benny, ok? Look, just... stay there. I don't know anything about innocents or sins or any of that. Just... stay there and we will come get you so we can help you. We're your friends, ok?"
No. 116637 ID: 632862

Fire! There is fire! Get out!
No. 116700 ID: 2cbe3e


Ask how he knows you before you leave
No. 118342 ID: 1afd58
File 126443028452.png - (87.43KB , 640x400 , 59.png )

She stays to ask. "How did it know who she was?"

The voice waits just a second, and replies slowly. "You escaped your cell, and Doctor K---- alerted everyone when she saw you. We've been looking for you, to help you. Just stay there, Jessica. Things will be ok."

She puts down the phone and runs.
No. 118343 ID: 1afd58
File 126443029663.png - (39.73KB , 640x400 , 60.png )

She opens the door and falls outside. Her legs are tired and she doesn't want to move anymore.

She hears shouting but can't understand it. She doesn't know what to do.
No. 118578 ID: 1afd58
File 126447532119.png - (60.00KB , 640x400 , 61.png )

(no suggestions)

She pauses, not knowing what to do.

There are two Things here. One is holding a stick and is holding a burning stick in his mouth.

The other is holding something else that makes her think of sparks. She remembers sparks. She remembers being in the chair and then there were sparks. There was a hurt in her head and they asked questions.

The Things are moving towards her. The Thing on the right is speaking about Jessica and about helping.
No. 118581 ID: c42be6

Point inside and yell that there is a fire. Then run back down the stairs.
No. 118607 ID: 1afd58
File 126447687358.png - (102.16KB , 640x400 , 62.png )

She points. "FIRE! It is burning! It dances with her! Inside!"

The Thing from the left moves close. It kneels. It touches her! It is carefully holding the sparky thing. It says Jessica. It says to stay calm. It says that it will help her.

The other Thing is tense and has moved the stick. Now more of the stick is forward. It is watching her carefully but it does not talk.
No. 118620 ID: c42be6

...if you try doing anything they are going to shock you. Just stay calm, and let them handle it.
No. 118632 ID: 632862

Grab the shocky thing and use it against him.
No. 119385 ID: 1afd58
File 126459666846.png - (92.88KB , 640x400 , 63.png )

She struggles halfheartedly. She feels defeated. She tries to pull the thing from the Thing but it is too strong.

It holds her arm and talks loudly. "Damnit Jessica just sit still. Don't touch that!"

The other Thing is closer now but she can't pay attention to it when fighting.
No. 119389 ID: c0f3bf

No drugs. No syringes. If they're trying to help you, they're not doing it right.
No. 119400 ID: 2cbe3e


Kick the Thing right in the nuts!
No. 119401 ID: 632862

Fall over to one side.
No. 120351 ID: 1afd58
File 126473348138.png - (76.90KB , 640x400 , 64.png )

She tries to kick, but he moves too quickly. She tries to follow but something hits her!
No. 120352 ID: 1afd58
File 126473350469.png - (67.16KB , 640x400 , 65.png )

She falls. She lands and can't move. She can't hear well and she can't think.

She hears talking. The Thing says the Thing shouldn't have. It says... something...
No. 120422 ID: 1afd58
File 126473767412.png - (914B , 640x400 , 66.png )

No. 120424 ID: 1afd58
File 12647376953.png - (129.65KB , 640x400 , 67.png )

She can't move. Dark. She can't move. Mother went out. She can't. She is too old. Too old to be an innocent.

She can't move.
No. 120427 ID: 1afd58
File 126473774071.png - (19.29KB , 640x400 , 68.png )

The voices fade from her mind.
No. 120460 ID: 65e590

A fitting ending. I would have liked more insight into her insanity and her though processes, but you can only expect so much out from the point of view of an insane person.

I enjoyed the ride.
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