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File 160978058746.png - (954.41KB , 550x500 , tvd_000.png )
984843 No. 984843 ID: 11f77a

Potential NSFW. Death may occur here.
This is the quest where you play as everyone but a certain character. We’ll call that special character ‘the catalyst’. Whether you help them out or work against them is up to you. No metagaming would be nice. But we’ll see how the demo rolls.

Some Rules:
• In a room full of people (e.g. a police station office, gang of thugs), you’ll only roleplay as two characters at a time. If there’s a mob (e.g. zombies, hive of alien bugs), you can roleplay them as one entity (e.g. pillage, march down the street, run away from the kaiju, etc.).
• The game may immediately end when the catalyst either dies or achieves its goal. Or perhaps something else that comes along to give the story a proper resolution.

Let’s begin.
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No. 1007899 ID: 11f77a
File 162896680348.png - (319.14KB , 550x500 , tvd_025.png )

Before a second swing the stranger glares at Ordo with piercing yellow eyes, and his shield extends out like a third arm to throw the gullusk back. Ordo slams against the lockers with the wind knocked out of his lungs. But he still holds the extinguisher firmly.
No. 1007902 ID: e51896

Ordo: spray the exitnquisher in his eyes so he doesn't see and shoot at you as you lie and tell this intruder he is too late, Nix already escaped through the window in the bathroom, then roll towards Nix's hiding place and hide with Nix as he tries to get his vision back from you spraying at him.

Fletch: whisper and let Ordo know about having bullets in your backpack and have him try to quickly and quietly retrieve and throw the backpack to him from the nearby locker when this intruder limps past you two towards the bathroom. (having Ordo drag you out of here might take too long and have him spot you) this guy's mobility should slower him down and give us the chance to do this as he heads towards the bathroom.

Nirrn: dream(?) of your dead husband
No. 1007903 ID: eedbeb

ordo: try to tangle yourself into the intruders legs
No. 1007963 ID: 894419

Seems like sound courses of action!
No. 1008167 ID: 3aa06e

Can't think of a better plan so lets go with this.
No. 1008202 ID: 11f77a
File 162925493460.png - (349.98KB , 550x500 , tvd_026.png )

Launched backwards in an arc, Ordo is slammed with his back into the lockers. He has landed on his heels but stumbles to keep up straight. His hand still holds onto the extinguisher.

Fletch is unable to whisper to Ordo, at least whisper quiet enough so the mercenary can’t hear—what with all the noise happening. He could try and crawl towards his locker.

“He’s already gone, asshole!” lies Ordo as he lifts the tube in attempt to blind the zepher with a cloud of chemicals--but the mercenary saw this action coming. The merc lifts his gun and fires once. A bullet sparks through the edge of the canister, coming out the other side and hits Ordo under his rib! In a matter of milliseconds the canister explodes!

A white cloud fills the lounge with chemicals turning the air cold and foggy. It’s almost hard to see. Ordo has dropped the extinguisher to clutch his wound. He groans and feels like dry heaving.
No. 1008203 ID: 23716b

Only thing left to do at this point is play dead and wait for the police and hope he believed the lie long enough for them to arrive... unless he somehow hacked the system to disable the silent alarm before coming here, in which case, GG NO RE
No. 1008204 ID: e7c7d3

yeah, play dead
No. 1008207 ID: cdbcf8


Nirrn: Start naming things that are your favorite color, whatever you do don't fall asleep on us girlfriend.

Nix: Crawl. Crawl out of that room like your life depends on it, which it does. Also grab the doorknob in case you need to bash the dude's brain in. Don't play dead because he WILL double tap.

Ordo: Huuuuuuuuuuuh play dead.
No. 1008215 ID: bd9e9a

There’s no way the guy didn’t get caught in the blast of the extinguisher, it was right next to him. I mean it probably wouldn’t have done much but blind him for a second and we don’t have anyone that could take advantage of that right now so…

Everyone play dead, bout all they can do at this point.

Whelp that was fun while it lasted, better luck next time boys.
No. 1008229 ID: cdbcf8

We aren't dead yet! That means we still have a shot at this! If we just push a little harder, live for a second longer. WE. WILL. MAKE. THIS!
No. 1008243 ID: 11f77a
File 162932805380.png - (231.30KB , 550x500 , tvd_027.png )

Ordo sinks to the ground and keels over in a fetal position. Maybe if he pretends to be dead, the zepher won’t bother. It’s about all he could do. Maybe, just maybe the police will bust in and save the day.

Fletch starts crawling. High on drugs--his vision pulses. Back and forth the room is concave and convex. He realizes once against the floor that the extinguishing chemicals have yet to reach the tiles. He sees his pursuer’s boots cautiously walk. Trying to navigate with little progress. Following something. That zipper-neck must have a hard time seeing his own feet with a head close to the ceiling, though. Hold on a minute...

He’s trying to follow Fletch’s path of blood!

The ichorynth silently grabs the doorknob. Could he even reach the dude’s head if he attempts to strike?

The stranger gradually walks closer. The room will start to clear up soon.
No. 1008266 ID: 055551

Dont throw it at his head, you cant see him. Instead, roll it under his feet, have him walk on it and trip on it.
No. 1008287 ID: e51896

Probably the best we can do right now. Even if we throw it at his head, it's not going to cause much damage except let him know where we are from knowing where it was thrown at, and he is following our blood trail along with the mist dissipating quickly, so even if we try to escape, we're moving too slow.

so yeah, roll that doorknob under his foot to trip him up, maybe the one he is limping on after he was attacked by the fire extinguisher.

the only drawback is that he'll see us after he trips to the floor, but hopefully we'll get lucky like he'll drop his gun towards us, or land on his head and get knocked unconscious, or make him more immobile. something that will make it more difficult for him to kill Fletch's accomplice with his injuries from tripping if he kills Fletch.
No. 1008317 ID: cdbcf8

Bash that fu*kers ankle!
No. 1008412 ID: 8a444d

I see this the most likely plan to succed. That guy is tall so should have relative bad balance. Be careful with it's shield backpack though, he can still use it in the floor.
No. 1008526 ID: 15a025

No. 1008801 ID: 11f77a
File 163002293818.png - (221.20KB , 550x500 , tvd_028.png )

Fletch notices that the stranger does have a slight limp from being hit with the extinguisher—and his height would work against maintaining balance.

He quietly aims as cautiously as a golfer readies a putt. Once the stranger lifts his foot it’s go time. The doorknob clack-clacks and rolls across the floor at a speed just perfect enough to lodge under his boot before the zepher could register what the hell that noise was.

Without any friction his foot slides forward and the stranger topples over. Fletch has already gotten up to rush over to the door.
No. 1008802 ID: 11f77a
File 163002305331.png - (277.35KB , 550x500 , tvd_029.png )

Fletch is already halfway through when the stranger scoots himself onto his back. The haze has not faded enough for a clear line of sight when he raises his gun and fires, attempting to guess Fletch’s position from the sound of his footsteps.

‘POOM! POOM! click!

Misses. Chunks of the doorway are blasted off behind the ichorynth. With some help from the drug it’s bearable enough to keep going. He still limps and uses the wall as support.
No. 1008803 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch get out of there through the back door and don't look back, no doubt he has another mag for his gun.

Ordo, maybe you should run for it too out there. Best not to be with your coworkers. Sticking together in this situation will get you all killed but splitting up means this gunman can only chase one of you down. Maybe the police are right outside?
No. 1008804 ID: 7924dc

Hey, Nirrn is gone.
I guess a cleaner must have extracted her body while no one was around for the assassination to go smoothly and not leave evidence.
No. 1008813 ID: 11f77a

I completely forgot to draw her in
No. 1008816 ID: 7924dc

It'll be obvious if you take the exit. Hide in the bathroom
No. 1008825 ID: e51896

No, won't work. He'll just follow the blood trail into the bathroom, then we'll be trapped.

The big guy needs to take time to get up, and reload, but if he is out of ammo, he'll probably start fighting us unnarmed, and we're in no condition to fight. He's probably not even going to bother reloading if he has extra ammo regardless to not waste time.

With that in mind, pick up a piece of the doorway that got blown off, preferably a sharp one that we can use as a weapon, then make your way to the door as quick as your body can handle without fainting. Listen for him, if he shows up, and has his gun, throw the piece of door at him, if he charges after you instead, use your door chunk as a melee weapon.

As for Ordo, keep playing dead. No need to lose another character after we tried to get Nirrn to escape... unless we want to use him as a distraction to sacrifice him in some way to waste the catalyst's time for Fletch to escape.
No. 1008844 ID: 2aa5f0

it's GTA logic now, leave them alone long enough and they just turn into a chalk outline.
No. 1008853 ID: 21ac40

Fighting is discarded unless we find a weapon (maybe Nirrn had something in the bar, but is far). Hidding is the best option but Nix would need some way to hid his blood trail first. Running is a hard bet, it only will work if the police come before the catalyst can catch Nix (which is not a lot of time).

The obvious choice is to risk and run for the door he is going right now. If Nix have the key of the door at hand it could make him win some precious seconds if he manage to close it behind him.

A less obvious option would be to try to use Nix's clothes to temporaly stop his bleeding enough time to hide while being careful to not step in the trail of blood. The problem is that if he hasn't opened the exit door first, then it will be obvious that he is hidding.

As the two options starts by going to the door, maybe Nix can decide on the run. If he ears the catalyst reload inside the room, he can try to hide because the chase will be very short. If the catalyst get's out the room, then it's running time.
No. 1009333 ID: 11f77a
File 163063448959.png - (248.93KB , 550x500 , tvd_030.png )

Fletch busts out of the store. He thinks the stranger will definitely reload and give chase. In that case, Fletch won’t run in a straight line but turn immediately in one direction, and it’s pretty dark at this hour. Ichorynths are quite adept at maneuvering in the night. Zephcynths, eh, not so well as far as he knows.
He just needs to find a secluded spot, makeshift some tourniquets to stop the bleeding, and think what the hell he’s going to do next.

He has no ammo left in the pistol he carries. No phone, as he left it in his locker.

He does have his wallet; enough for bus fare and perhaps cough 450 credits to spare...
No. 1009335 ID: 11f77a
File 163063513605.png - (224.43KB , 550x500 , tvd_031.png )

The fog has thinned. Ordo watches the stranger from the ground. The zephcynth makes an annoyed sigh--or maybe it was the pain in his leg from the bludgeoning and the fall. His riot shield moves; it’s attached to a metallic limb hidden under his trenchcoat.
It folds itself as if to become a cast for his injured leg--supporting it. He unloads the clip of his gun; rather than discard he keeps the empty clip in his pocket. Another is replaced. He doesn’t seem rushed to go after Fletch this very moment. A sudden mood change.

The stranger opens each locker, a majority of them empty so far. Ordo’s backpack was already out when he gave Fletch some drugs. He sneers when he uses his wounded arm.

“So.” the stranger calmly mutters. “You have offered yourselves to keep the rush alive...” Wait, was that to himself? What? Or to Ordo? He wasn’t looking at him in particular...

"Who was he to you?"
No. 1009338 ID: e51896

"Coworker *cough* who needed help getting away from crazed gunman... *cough* hurts to talk..."
No. 1009352 ID: 9cee9a

Ask who he is exactly, why even come here shooting up the place?
No. 1009353 ID: 094652

"You... *hack* killed her, you phuk. She... wasn't in the... game *coughing fit*. If you even care about anything then shoot *sniff* me *coughing fit* and save her."
No. 1009356 ID: 973ecd

Ordo didnt see nirrn get shot
No. 1009464 ID: 15a025

Co-worker worth saving from some thug with a gun.
No. 1009808 ID: 11f77a
File 163108413575.png - (121.33KB , 550x500 , tvd_032.png )

“W-What?” Ordo coughs. “What the fuck? *cough* He’s a coworker, man. Someone worth saving from... *cough cough* some thug with a gun!” The gullusk sits upright with a hand clenched to his wound, pressing just below his rib.

The stranger opens the locker that would presumably be Fletch’s. Just a chain of a few keys and a phone, along with some scraps of applications never quite filled out. His focus is away from Ordo, but he still replies without emotion. “Is that what you’re telling me? That it was for someone worth saving?”

The gullusk winces, “Man, who the fuck are you? Why? Why are you shooting up the place?”

The stranger gives no reply.
No. 1009809 ID: 11f77a
File 163108416999.png - (240.02KB , 550x500 , tvd_033.png )

He takes the phone, and lets the ceiling light shine upon it. Patterns of smudges are across its glassy surface. With the press of a button a locked screen shows with a grid. “There’s nothing more here; the rush unfortunately continues. But after some... inconveniences to tie off.”

“L-Listen, man-- you don’t have to!”

He steps closer with his gun drawn.
No. 1009810 ID: 11f77a
File 163108423968.png - (41.51KB , 550x500 , tvd_033_b.png )

“Can’t we just talk about this--?!"
No. 1009811 ID: 11f77a
File 163108435274.png - (147.88KB , 550x500 , tvd_034.png )

You’re a chupian officer of the Port Echo PD. Before you could retire for the night the radio is calling for all police in the area to respond to a commotion in a store. Witnesses near the building claim to have heard firearm discharges--possibly the start of a gang war.

The radio blathers: police who are on the scene report shot civilians. Couple dead, even. Suggestions hint a killer could be on the run but no idea where they may have gone as of yet.

Your personal phone also bleeps a tune...

Also, suggest a female name for chupian cop: ___
No. 1009812 ID: e7c7d3

Check your phone while you drive. No one says you can't!

How about the name... Farla
No. 1009814 ID: 094652

Pull over, check your inventory. You are not going anywhere near a crazed trigger-happy gunman without a military-grade ballistic shield.

Your name is Farah Kel'viine.
No. 1009846 ID: 8dddab

Cemmmmmbly is your name. And yes, people need to draw out the M in your name.

Idea: What if she secretly works for the same boss as the Catalyst and is helping him by being planted as a police officer to sneak fake evidence in the crime scene and hide evidence related to her boss and the catalyst? Would explain why the silent alarm didnt alert anyone.
No. 1009973 ID: 1bf26e

Take a glance on that fancy nav computer if that’s what is in your cruiser to see where you are in relation to the crime scene. Then stop the vehicle completely to check your personal phone.

Also looks like you don’t have a partner with you. Is the PD low on staff or are you some sort of super cop who doesn’t need backup? Better not be one of those “one more day till I retire” cops. Those are always bad omens.

Farah sounds like a good name.
No. 1010126 ID: 11f77a
File 163130096989.png - (184.70KB , 550x500 , tvd_035.png )

Farah has been on the force for several years, she aint retiring for a long, long time. And she aint a rookie either. She’s most familiar with the districts of Tar Zoa and Vaal Sol having grown up in that area. Usually she’d be assigned a partner but this is just a neighborly patrol. The navigator displays the crime scene which is in close proximity, as well as few other police who arrived. She’ll make a visit if anyone needs some extra help cordoning the vicinities.

As if the ringing of her personal phone was a signal to double check her inventory--she pats herself down. Badge, walkie, stun-gun, pistol, cuffs...

Well it aint a crime or anything if there’s a cop to supervise it--our chupian officer presses a button and activates the call. “Farah speaking.” She answers.
No. 1010127 ID: 11f77a
File 163130105152.png - (252.78KB , 550x500 , tvd_036.png )

You’re her husband (who needs a name). “Farah, my darling! I hope you’re not too busy occupied with work! I thought I’d call ahead to see what you’d like for a dinner side. Feeling grain or a veg?”

“Also, our son got in your potted plants again. I tried to save as much as I could but your gorgeous cherry ambergosses are ruined...”
No. 1010128 ID: 3b0217


Ask your husband if he took pictures :3
No. 1010130 ID: fd6146

Arjan and our son Mali will help on planting new flowers after veggy dinner.
No. 1010145 ID: 365ef6

Jokingly scold Arjy for invoking old tropes about police who get called by family just before something bad happen.

Also grain and good luck with the little troublemaker.
No. 1010165 ID: c92a02

Rictus. And darn, really? I was three days away from retiring and planting that flower in the garden for the orphanage we always wanted to start. I guess we'll have to think of a different first birthday gift for his new baby sister!
No. 1010264 ID: 15a025

Let's have some veg. Trouble maker's gotta eat all of their dinner tonight now too.
No. 1010830 ID: 11f77a
File 163190619677.png - (270.68KB , 550x500 , tvd_037.png )

Farah jests, “I thought we agreed it was bad luck to call before something bad, Anjan. Now I’ll find myself in an early retirement. And not the resting-on-the-Bolkor-Mountains kind of retirement.”

“Well it’s hard to predict when you’re on a case, hon. It’s as if you’re telling me never to call you! I would be worried sick to my eyeballs if I couldn’t hear your voice until you come home!”

She hums, “I’m joking. And I say we’ll have veg tonight. That troublemaker’s gonna learn to like yakbeets sooner or later. I’m on my way to investigate an aftermath of a shootout and see if anyone needs assistance.” Farah keeps her eyes forward--patiently steering around the block. A few ambulances zoom past an intersection. “Oof, I’ll come home right after, though. Could be a little late. Don’t wait for me if it gets too dark. Sorry.”

Anjan scrolls through his phone, “Ah, it's fine. I’m going to send you a few pictures, though. A bit of motion blur but Mali is never gonna live this down when he’s older!”

“--ah show me later. I got my eyes on the road. We can teach Mali how to plant some new flowers tomorrow. Is there anything else, hon? I'm about to turn into the scene...”
No. 1010834 ID: ce39da

"... Just wanted to say that I love you."
No. 1010837 ID: 365ef6

No. 1010847 ID: 6e4236

Are we still up for karaoke night tomorrow?
No. 1010871 ID: bbf50d

"Just don't bite off more than you can chew, if it gets overwhelming, remember to take it easy. There is always a home here for you no matter what.
No. 1010972 ID: 15a025

"Love ya, stay safe."
No. 1011107 ID: 11f77a
File 163210889575.png - (265.34KB , 550x500 , tvd_038.png )

“Only that I love you, dear~”

That gives Farah a soft smile. “I love you too, Anjan.”

“Are we still up for karaoke night?”


“Tomorrow? I can hire our usual babysitter. I thought we could go down to Beekers Pub--”

“You have a way with goodbyes, you know that?”
No. 1011108 ID: 11f77a
File 163210893020.png - (298.24KB , 550x500 , tvd_039.png )

Farah arrives. Dozens of cops already cordon the area and ward off curious pedestrians. The chupian parks, ducks under the yellow line, and walks towards the entrance. EMTs push a stretcher inside an ambulance, looks like a huntoon victim.

Analysts are taking pictures. Investigators have yet to arrive, it seems.
No. 1011109 ID: 11f77a
File 163210908584.png - (305.80KB , 550x500 , tvd_040.png )

Approaching a group of policemen Farah sees a friend, Tark. Standing tall like a lighthouse the gard turns and notices her. He’s been on the force much longer than Farah--he’s practically the type who’d be two weeks from retirement. But he always seems to extend that deadline the more cases he piles on.

“Hey Farah.”

“Deputy. What happened?”

“Homicide. And attempted murder.”


“We don’t know yet. Civilians heard gunshots. One dead gullusk was found in the office and an unconscious huntoon was left in critical condition... it'd be a miracle if she survives the night. You were in the neighborhood I see...”

Continue with any prompts
No. 1011122 ID: e51896

Tark: Since Farah was in the neighborhood and near the crime scene, ask if she got any kind of alert from the station of a silent alarm being activated.

Farah: say you did not hear orders about coming here.

Tark: ponder if the silent alarm was activated, and if not, why, and if it was, why the police station didn't report it to a police officer in the area (Farah). Your not going to accuse Farah of ignoring calls yet, she's a good officer and your friend. Consider looking into this silent alarm incident while ordering Farah looks for clues.
No. 1011131 ID: 7f1c09

Tark: mission briefing! Tell Farah she'll look around the store and the place where the huntoon was unconcious for clues of what could of happened and the killer while you'll check the the alarm system for any signs of tampering at the cash register and office as well as info on the employees here and security footage in the office. After that, you'll both check the break room where the dead body was found,

Farah: ask to switch roles, with you checking the security footage and alarm system.
No. 1011184 ID: 3aa06e

Tark: Mention the silent alarm, give a briefing on the injuries and wounds. Specifically, let Farah know what mess awaits her if she plans on looking at the gollusk. If you have a time on when the silent alarm was pulled and when police were called and then arrived give that too.

Farah: Check if this store had anything such as cameras to record events. See if there's a clock-in system to keep track of which employees were in, you have to notify the families of who won't be coming home. It'd also might let you know who is a suspect, this could have been an employee who went postal one late night.
No. 1011193 ID: ce39da

Tark: Confirm what Farah knows; affirm that while you don't have all the answers yet, there does seem to be evidence of at least two gunmen - that this wasn't a one-sided shooting.

Farah: Notice the location of the crime and ask why the silent alarm wasn't triggered. Did the cashier not have time to press it?

Tark: Explain that he checked it, and if the blinking is any indication, it was indeed pressed. Why the silent alarm didn't reach dispatch - coincidence or conspiracy - is just one mystery that needs answering. You've called in a tech specialist to take a look already.

Farah: Ask if you can take your own look at the crime scene. That investigator, if he's coming, would likely appreciate the extra legwork on your part.
No. 1011202 ID: 4e67d2

Tark: order your people around. Call forensics, call balistics, search if there are security cameras, look for foot and hand prints, do that funny thing where you blink your four eyes one at a time, comb the general area. It's time to catch a criminal.
No. 1011580 ID: 15a025

Farah: Ask about possible motives for the homicide or murder? Did theft have anything involved with tonight? Anything reported as stolen?

Anjan: Brush up on your karaoke skills anyway.
No. 1011792 ID: 11f77a
File 163280330005.png - (290.69KB , 550x500 , tvd_041.png )

Where Farah stands she turns her head and observes the area with a brief glance. She looks confused at first. “I haven’t heard any orders to come here when it was happening. Has the alarm even gone off?”

Tark nods, he seems to know how the deal works. “Yes. The silent alarm has been activated. But it doesn’t just buzz the nearest cop on the block. It sends a signal to the closest department and they have to dispatch some officers straight from the building. We can’t hope that ‘one would be in the area’ to call to action. And the response time is different in each city. Stack on top of that how... ‘motivated’ the officers are.”

“Motivated?! Criminals can just walk away with all that time? That’s... atrocious!”

“Kid, you’re forgetting this is the Tar Zoa District. It’s not your neighborly suburbia. Some of us are a diamond in the rough sure, but most have no drive to pick up the slack.
“Only a button is pressed. There’s no telling back at the station if it’s a robbery, break-in, or someone going postal. You just have to hold on for five or even ten minutes.
“It sucks, kid, but there can be bad eggs who covertly work with Hesphis Moss, and they can be bribed to delay a rescue if the Family are involved.

There’s a pause as that information sinks in. The gard takes a slow breath and continues. “You’d think that a killing from Moss’ gang would be a bit more… discrete I suppose. But it’s all speculation if I go on and on about that. We’ll need a thorough examination.”

The chupian opts to switch topics, “Well... what have we found so far?”

“I’ve only assessed the situation without touching anything. I had to direct the others where to cordon the area and make a few calls. There is an APB for anyone within several blocks who may look suspicious.”

“Any chance I can look inside?”

Tark makes a brief look of the parking lot. The ambulance speeds off with its siren warbling. “You’ll have to be quick about it. You can only look, not touch. Remain several feet from blood and damages. The forensics will be here any minute so...
“Grab your gloves. Put up some yellow tape. Look busy.”

“Got it.”
No. 1011793 ID: 11f77a
File 163280350608.png - (290.45KB , 550x500 , tvd_042_map.png )

Inside is a train wreck. Aside from the pool of blood at the entrance, the shelves have toppled like dominoes on the right. Bags of food and toiletries are dumped and scattered all over the floor.

Farah hasn’t seen a place so much in chaos. “Nine Gods, what the hell happened?”

“Your guess is as good as mine...

Continue with any prompts
• Check the office for camera footage
• Check for a clock-in system
• Speculate how it went down
• Examine destruction
• Put down some crime scene markers

No. 1011820 ID: 16d082

I think we should check the office for evidence and security camera footage, if it’s still there
No. 1011846 ID: 094652

Take some basic photographs with your phone, then set up crime scene markers near the blood.
No. 1011858 ID: ce39da

Have evidence markers ready to go for whenever you notice something - start marking what you can now, then investigate once you run out of things to mark.

Place this next to the blood pool out front.

FARAH: "Was this where the Huntoon was?"

TARK: Confirm, and make sure it's noted in the Exhibit's description - for lack of (or in addition to) an outline - what position her body was in; on her back vs. her front, where she was pointed, etc.

This one goes right next to "A," representing the pool of blood itself. Tark ought to have been taking careful note of which drag marks were already there before the EMTs showed up to take her away.

Placed at the NE corner of the toppled shelves, to represent them.

TARK: "Only way they'd end up like this is if two people were pushing from both sides at once..." Farah would note that down.

Placed at the splatter at the SE corner of the toppled shelves. It's actually Farah who notices the bit where the shelf was damaged, though it's Tark that notices the bullet hole opposite.

Placed at the splatter near the hallway entrance. Something got hit here, that's all you know. (Actually, they do ask themselves if that looks like one splatter or two.)

Placed right outside the lounge door. The path implies that a body was dragged in, then to a second spot (order unknown), then back out.

Also placed outside the lounge door. The doorknob is missing, plus several bullet holes in the door and adjacent wall.

TARK: "I suggest we keep our passing through this door to a minimum until forensics shows up with the plastic oneseys."

Placed at the blood pool in front of the office door.

FARAH: "Did an injured person stop here?"

Placed at the trail leading to the rear exit.

Exhibit marker placement is then on pause because:
FARAH: "Someone went through this door while bleeding. Tark!"

TARK: "Right. Shit." Radio in that you have reason to believe there's another potential injured in the area. "Farah, I'm gonna take a look outside - I want you to hold down the fort."

FARAH: Go back and investigate the various scattered chips to take your mind off of your worries about Tark and this possible third victim - something about these two spills did intrigue you.
No. 1014190 ID: 11f77a
File 163599398982.png - (235.10KB , 550x500 , tvd_042.png )

Tark pulls out a pocket-camera. He begins to lay down marks and snap photos. “The huntoon was here, face down and facing the door. She had an employee’s pin. Looked pretty late in her age, I don’t think she could hop over that counter after pressing the button. Had to run around it which was unfortunately the long way.” He points with the camera, “Entry wounds in the back; those could have been inflicted during her attempt to escape.”

The chupian looks around and spots the security camera in the corner. It would’ve captured anyone through the front door. Farah shimmies around the destruction and blood, careful not to step on any potential evidence. “I’m checking the office. I want a good look at our killer if he’s on tape.”

Tark nods, he’s still checking out the domino’d shelves. He mutters to himself, “Typical vandalism or... sending a message before a shootout erupted?” He shakes his head. He doesn’t quite believe his story--one can’t assume. The gard gradually patrols down the aisle.

Farah walks closer to the office. The smear of blood in the back hall rounds into the lounge. Someone was either crawling or dragged in there. There’s a small spatter of blood at the very bottom of the office door across from it.
No. 1014191 ID: 11f77a
File 163599409237.png - (224.45KB , 550x500 , tvd_043.png )

Farah opens the office to find a deceased gullusk slouched in front of a monitor. The lights are off. The screen blares against his oily scales. There’s currently live feed on the other monitor and she can see Tark through the camera. The other camera is inside what looks to be a storage room.

Continue with any prompts
Updates will have characters perform two actions each
No. 1014196 ID: e7c7d3

Farah: your obvious first priorities are the person/body. Check for a pulse. Maybe scan if that technology is there. Otherwise, a quick check to see if anything is going on in storage.

Tark: Check under the shelves to see if anything is trapped, otherwise head towards the coolers for clues
No. 1014207 ID: ce39da

FARAH: Check for a pulse. If dead, call it out to your partner, then try to see if there's a recording.

TARK: Investigate the other side of the destruction; notice the bullet holes in the wall and the chunk that was taken out of the shelf by the time Farah reports the body. Come to think of it, two people would have to shove it from both sides at once for them to end up like that, and if it happened after the first shots were fired, then...
No. 1014406 ID: 15a025

Farah: Check for a pulse first, tapes later.
No. 1014412 ID: 3aa06e

Farah: Standard police procedure, check the guy for a pulse, sure Tark already said he was dead but it won't hurt to confirm and see if this system recorded anything.

Tark: Check around the shelving area. Maybe something was dropped in this ordeal. Any fancy tools you've got on yourself to help with the investigation or is that Forensics' specialty?
No. 1014450 ID: 8fae7e

Farrah: Search/Examine the body

Tark: Search around the exits, see if you can get an angle on where the perp(s) may have gone. At least a direction to start a pursuit with.
No. 1014558 ID: 11f77a
File 163643369342.png - (322.24KB , 550x500 , tvd_044.png )

The gullusk is long gone. Farah sees three bullet wounds, one in the stomach and the rest in the chest. With a flashlight there’s powder dusted on his shirt and pants. “I see the gullusk,” she calls out--and describes what she can find. The computer underneath the desk has been moved; its lid has been jostled open to access any hardware inside. “The computer looks tampered with. The case was opened. Dust patterns show it’s been dragged out. I’m afraid they were attempting to wipe out any recording.”

Tark checks beneath the shelves--nothing unusual trapped here. He responds, “So perhaps this aint a typical hit’and’run. The criminal may know how to cover their tracks--which means they’ve had some experience on their backs.”

The policewoman continues, “I only see two cameras on the monitor: the main entrance and the storage room.” She views the latter room and finds nothing out of the ordinary. Looks clean and untouched.
No. 1014559 ID: 11f77a
File 163643409512.png - (290.38KB , 550x500 , tvd_045.png )

Tark circles the toppled shelving and eventually comes across the chunks of material blasted by firearms. He keeps circling, in fact. He tries to connect the dots and make some sense of what happened.

“For whatever the reason the suspect walked in--it became a firefight. The killer was blocking the entrance so there was some back and forth shooting. Hiding and peeking out to fire. I think they attempted to attack the other with the toppling of shelves.” He sees the broom and dustpan abandoned on the floor. “Possible it was an employee. Perhaps the gullusk recognized the shooter. Maybe the employee just ran out a different exit as the two fought. We’ve yet to know who else was working tonight. This piques a new question as well: how did he end up in that chair?”

There are no fancy forensic tools on either characters. Between the two they have badges, walkie, stun-gun, pistol, cuffs, pocket-camera, pen and notepad.

Continue with any prompts
No. 1014568 ID: e7c7d3

Look out! There's a mini man behind you! No wait, that's the mirror.

Check behind the counter to see if anything is stolen there.

Farah take a quick look out the back door
No. 1015058 ID: 15a025

Farah: Double check, does our "chair-men" here have any id on them we can check? Knowing who they are or if they've got any kind of record might shed some more light on tonight.
No. 1015072 ID: 3aa06e

Good idea, try this.
No. 1015259 ID: 11f77a
File 163702181557.png - (287.78KB , 550x500 , tvd_046.png )

Tark notices the mirror behind him. He doesn’t quite say anything about that--it only lingers in his mind for a brief moment.

He moves around the counter and doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. The stacks of merchandise are neat and untouched. The key is still in the slot of the cash register. With the press of a button the tray chimes out and all that money is right where it belongs. No one bothered to take it.

“Well, that’s something peculiar...” he mumbles.


Farah makes sure her plastic gloves are fastened tight before feeling for a wallet or some form of ID. Doesn’t feel like anything is in his pockets.

Still, there ought to be some information lying around in the desk drawers. The officer will eventually find some records of employees--applications and so forth. Including their addresses. The papers are just stacked on top of one another. She reads a list.

N(ame): Nix [No Surname] S(pecies): Ichorynth H(ire)-D(ate): (Date translates to a half-month ago) N: Grutter [No Surname] S: Relicynth H-D: Not Hired N: Keef Armoto S: Gullusk H-D: Not Hired N: Rike [No Surname] S: Cnidarian H-D: (Date translates to four months ago) N: Ordo Mully S: Gullusk H-D: (Date translates to four months ago)

The applications go back further for the whole year, with most applicants un-hired. Some documents are about food and stock orders that happen every three days.

Continue with any prompts
No. 1015264 ID: 3328c7

Quick! Find a catalogue showing how many species there are and which ones have which names!

....Oh, and try to look for a way to contact those folks on the list or whatever.
No. 1015291 ID: 3aa06e

Farah: Can't cut to conclusions, but Ordo is most definitely the dead gollusk in that chair...probably. To further narrow down the list of employees who were here check lockers they would store their belongings while on shift if there is such a place.

Tark: So this was no robbery, that much is clear. This place didn't have any connections or interest to the Family right? Establishing a motive might help find who is responsible for this. Check the storage, maybe you'll find a stack of "rent/insurance" money or a drug stash.
No. 1015496 ID: 11f77a
File 163721274653.png - (290.61KB , 550x500 , tvd_047.png )

As far as Tark knows, there’s no prior knowledge of this place connecting with the Family.

Poor Ordo. Wonder what he’s done to deserve this grim ending. Nothing else to check here. Farah returns the papers in the drawers and exits the office. Maybe there’s a clock-in system in the locker room--as well as a clue to who else was working. Maybe something in the lockers. She reaches for a door handle but that seems to be missing...

On his way to the storage room Tark receives a transmission. He calls out to Farah. “Whatever you have left, make it quick. The investigators will be rounding the corner. I’ll step out and wait for them.”

Guess the storage will have to wait later. Tark steps outside.
No. 1015498 ID: 11f77a
File 163721283281.png - (135.79KB , 550x500 , tvd_048.png )

The lockers are a mess. Some kind of white soot everywhere. Someone severely injured dragged themselves inside. Locker doors are open and Farah can see a few belongings in them--as well as a backpack zipped open.

Other things of note include a busted fire extinguisher; that certainly explains the powder. The clock-in system is by a plain table. And a doorknob with some door still attached to it. What the hell did that?

continue with any prompts
No. 1015503 ID: ce39da

Farah: A ram of some kind, clearly, whether it be prepared or improvised. Someone tried to keep another person out. It didn't work.

Be careful not to track footprints through the blood or powder, BTW.

Check the clock-in system first, then the lockers. You're not the detective, but before they show up, you can at least determine which employees were present when everything went down.

Tark: Remember to stick to the facts, except for one point of potential urgency; you saw bloodstains near the rear exit, so you should probably report that an injured POI likely left that way.
No. 1015518 ID: 8fae7e

Check the lockers, including the closed ones if you can get in. And check that thing under the table.

The blood splatter implies to me that wherever the body went, it had it's trail cleaned up after it. no way you bleed that much getting to one spot and dont bleed moving somewhere else without something happening.
No. 1015842 ID: 11f77a
File 163763856174.png - (131.11KB , 550x500 , tvd_049.png )

>The thing under the table
Yeah, it’s kind of odd someone would have a convenient battering ram when robbing or shooting up a store. Beneath the table is the doorknob. Under the bench is some scrap left from the extinguisher--dunno what made that explode.

>Be careful not to track footprints through the blood or powder
Of course. Farah is able to shimmy around and avoid smearing anything. Her feet are in some shoe covers.

Farah checks the clock-in system first. Indeed there have been three recent tickets with a time. Nix clocking in at 7:06, Rike leaving at 8:56, and Ordo Mully arriving soon after at 9:32. Judging by the distress signal’s time, Ordo must’ve clocked in just before the shootout.

This Nix fellow hasn’t clocked out so he may have been present during all this. Explains the blood heading out the exit. We’ve got a POI who’s severely injured.

Inside one of the lockers is a lone pair of keys on top of a pile of standard papers explaining worker's rights. They have a tag on them designating a motel brand. Lunar Creek. In a rush Nix abandoned his belongings. The address on his application seems to match the motel.
Tark eventually meets with the real investigators and sticks to the facts, just like any other scene.
No. 1015843 ID: 11f77a
File 163763859707.png - (169.26KB , 550x500 , tvd_050.png )

You’re some veterinarian. You work at an animal clinic and have examined all types of pets from across the galaxy. As a favor you were asked to help a poor fella this late in the night. Working late and at a moment’s notice is kinda your thing...
No. 1015844 ID: 11f77a
File 163763877983.png - (250.07KB , 550x500 , tvd_051.png )

Seems to be a Daatuteph Ichorynth breed. Five feet, four inches. Possibly in its twenties. Someone’s been bullying this stray. Poor thing’s probably scared. Thing is pale as moonlight.

continue with any prompts
No. 1015850 ID: c92a02

He must be pale because he's lost a lot of blood. Give him all the blood.
No. 1015851 ID: e51896

Call animal shelter, tell em' you got another stray.
No. 1015856 ID: a63e3f

This "stray" has definitely lost a lot of blood. Unfortunately, you do not have any blood of his type (or species,) so the best you could do is administer IV saline to get his blood volume up to prevent severe low blood pressure. In addition, drinking plenty of water and eating a solid meal would help him naturally recover his blood. (Unless he's got damaged guts, in which case he should not eat or drink anything and should get OMG-level IV antibiotics.) Unfortunately the vast majority of the food you have here would not be acceptable to him, but you can offer him water and whatever snacks were left in the kitchenet.

He's also gonna need a sling for that right arm to keep it steady to heal. You can probably rig something up from your supplies.

So, was the favor to call you in held by this "stray" or by a associate of the "stray?"
No. 1015861 ID: 53560f

Attempt to gain it’s trust with some treats.
No. 1015873 ID: e8169b

Test the mental faculties of the stray. Start by exchanging names. Did you identify any strange substances like drugs in the stray’s blood stream?
No. 1016176 ID: 11f77a
File 163790078551.png - (222.95KB , 550x500 , tvd_052.png )

>Give him all the blood
Unfortunately you don’t carry ichorynth blood. Most of the time it’ll be gullusk or krullg hooligans who need your service and hopefully their blood type matches with the friends who drag them in. Still, the vet has used morphine and whatever antibiotics within reach. Not accurate enough to pick off every bit of bullet shrapnel, but can stich up a few holes and decontaminate. Saline is applied too.
You don’t have much for consumption; maybe the pet-jerky is safe to eat. Fletch didn’t seem to mind and starts chewing on one.

>Was the favor to call you in held by this stray?
He caught you just before the shop closed, pounding the exit door in the alley. Goddamn lucky no one was here to witness that. He knew about your services (somehow) and slapped a credit card down. No favors as you don’t recognize him, he never mentioned if he was with the Family either.

An emergency like this always pisses the xingast off, but it was your fault getting stuck under the Family. At least once a year, this kinda shit. The compensation is nice to pocket at least.

Fletch has sat up and could barely stay focused.

The vet comments, “Yeah, bud. You should lay down at home. In fact, you’re not fit to move anywhere for the rest of the week... Change your bandages and keep it dry every day. Drink water. Lots of it. I don’t know what drugs you’ve taken but you shouldn’t’ve been able to sit up straight with the amount of blood you’ve lost.
“I dunno who the fuck you are or how you got my number, but after this I don’t want to see your pug face in here again. You got someone to pick you up?”

You’re also Fletch. The ichorynth doesn’t know if he should stay a while longer or keep on the move.

continue with any prompts
• how’d Fletch get his address anyway?
• what does Fletch reveal?
• how much should the vet charge?
• what both do now?
• will the zepher find them?

No. 1016177 ID: e51896

Fletch asks for a phone and a bit of privacy, need to call Grutter and tell him the jig is up, the Zepher is coming for them and they need to escape.

The doctor hears this, gives the zepher a call. (He owes the Zepher's boss for keeping his operation under wraps.)
No. 1016185 ID: 4fec8f

If I got it right Fletch is hidding from the Family. If he is here then is doing a hard bet using their own contacts.

Fletch should ask for a phone for help and I don't thinks he should reveal who he is for real. Thankfully the veterinarian doesn't seem to want to know.

The vet will probably calculate the cost of his treatment and note what he has used to resuply next time.
No. 1016188 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch: Ask for a phone, cell or wire. You have to warn Grutter before the Zepher gets to him. Ask for some privacy.

Vet: Comply and do so, but remark that if people are going to be asking to use a phone you’ll start charging extra. Leave the room to take stock of what you used to help this stray.
No. 1016310 ID: 15a025

Fletch: "Got your info from the same place I got my drugs. Gullusk dude said you're a great vet for confused strays like myself."
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