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File 160978058746.png - (954.41KB , 550x500 , tvd_000.png )
984843 No. 984843 ID: 11f77a

Potential NSFW. Death may occur here.
This is the quest where you play as everyone but a certain character. We’ll call that special character ‘the catalyst’. Whether you help them out or work against them is up to you. No metagaming would be nice. But we’ll see how the demo rolls.

Some Rules:
• In a room full of people (e.g. a police station office, gang of thugs), you’ll only roleplay as two characters at a time. If there’s a mob (e.g. zombies, hive of alien bugs), you can roleplay them as one entity (e.g. pillage, march down the street, run away from the kaiju, etc.).
• The game may immediately end when the catalyst either dies or achieves its goal. Or perhaps something else that comes along to give the story a proper resolution.

Let’s begin.
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No. 1023043 ID: 094652

Farah continues onward, getting herself lost but hot on the clues.
Grutter manages to lose Farah but finds something disturbing in the sewers.
No. 1023047 ID: 894419

Oh I like this
No. 1023309 ID: 15a025

Farah continues to pursue Grutter, but eventually she loses him. Ultimately, returning to the apartment room and look for clues and hope the other returns home.

Grutter manages to get away. However, his escape route shows him a more unsettling sight to handle.
No. 1023493 ID: 11f77a
File 164489363280.png - (154.92KB , 550x500 , tvd_077.png )

Farah runs after Grutter, but once the alleys split into several intersections it’s much harder to guess where the relicynth has gone. Police cars pull up and block the exits but there’s no suspect to cuff.

Still, the case is slowly piecing together. Maybe someone is after them both, and they could be gone by morning.

Farah leans to her radio, “Tark, you’re going to have to add an APB on the relicynth. I’m going to ask the motel manager and the neighbors about this odd bunch...”
Grutter has found his way down into the sewers. He comes across something mildly disturbing.
No. 1023494 ID: 11f77a
File 164489371232.png - (248.05KB , 550x500 , tvd_078.png )

You’re Fletch again. You hailed a cab and now you’re on the way to the Klerthy Library Center. You don’t know how long you’ll wait there, but you’ll be desperate for some cash to disappear if Grutter is a no-show.
You also play the driver who is (possibly) just an average cnidarian citizen getting by. The name’s Groop. Not really worthy of a last name. Cnidarians are expendable like that.

As Fletch, you don’t quite know how to pay for the ride when it’s over. The numbers at the dashboard tick upwards into the double digits for the fee. You have your gun (with zero bullets), at least. What’s a feeble jellyfish gonna do with a gun pointed at him? Ah, you’re just stressing out at the moment hoping Grutter got the message. Guy better not run off with the dough...

“You know, I don’t think the library is even open at these hours,” says Groop. He’s been trying to chit-chat for a while.

“Its... I just need to return a book through the slot before it’s overdue. You can just drop me off at the corner of the block. I-I have a friend around there for the night.”
No. 1023495 ID: 11f77a
File 164489376067.png - (222.73KB , 550x500 , tvd_079.png )

“HEY! What’s the--?!”

A car cuts you off with a screech of the wheels. You honk your horn to teach ‘em. But they immediately start slowing down. You almost rear-end them as you slam the brakes. Any chance to maneuver out of their way is denied as they swerve to block you.

“What the hell’s going on here, jerkwads?!”

Fletch and Groop jolt forward. Someone just rear-ended the both of them. The ichorynth looks front and back to see the cab wedged between vehicles. The doors open and multiple krullgs in suits get out.
No. 1023496 ID: 11f77a
File 164489383657.png - (280.98KB , 550x500 , tvd_080.png )

You’re a krullghn mobster named Stobor, from the Mosses. You and your goons step out to take an ichor for a joy ride. A birdie told you that someone has been posing as a member of your Family--or something. All Stobor guesstimates is:
a. some punks are in big trouble. Maybe they tried to wrong the Family and are on the run by using their resources.
b. aaaaand that’s it. You’re gonna squeeze whatever you can out of them.

A lot of characters to play. Stobor has no intention to kill Fletch... at this time. Fletch is outnumbered and the goons (which you also play) would likely ignore Groop cowering in his seat.
No. 1023500 ID: 8fae7e

Goons: Spread out and cover the angles for your boss. Be vigilant while he has a talk with the wimp. Also make sure to pat the wimp and the Groop so there ain't no surprises.
No. 1023534 ID: a2493c

groop watches too many action movies.
groop is s flighty lad.
groop is an adrenaline junkie.

groop laughs like a fucking lunatic and floors it.
No. 1023541 ID: d50bdd

Fletch flees the scene while everyone else dances to Anyway You Want It, which blares from the cars' radios on full blast.
No. 1023542 ID: 3aa06e

Goons: One of Stober's crew will go to the driver's side of Groop's car and will pound the roof of the car once to make an audible sound to further intimidate the driver and passenger. Just in case one of them had thoughts of doing something bold. Signal to the driver to roll the window done but do not specify the window on the driver's side or passenger's.

Stober: Let your henchmen secure the angles and antagonize the driver and passenger a little. People under pressure tend to be more forthcoming with answers. You're just here for answers but you won't skip the opportunity to flex the family's influence and power. At best this is just a newcomer who used Family resources thinking they can pull a fast one, a little scare will set them straight.

Fletch: Previous experience is coming back. You've been part of scare tactics like this multiple times. Some went smoothly and the victim just when home probably with one eye open while they slept but other times it went violent. The only difference here is that you're on the receiving end. Better figure something out to make this go smoothly and quickly.
No. 1023576 ID: 34dfce

>specifically Goons + Stobor
Do this, but then open up the driver side door and give the driver a way out. The family is fair, and they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Make sure to give the driver your card and tell them to call so they can be reimbursed for the car. Once the driver leaves, hows about you and the boys all get in and take it for a little spin? Stobor drives, one goon rides shotgun, two more sit on either side of the punk in the back seat. Any extra goons can drive the first cars along behind you.

Groop:Once they hand you the card and let you go, [b]bolt.[b]
No. 1023578 ID: 34dfce

Fletch: That gun is going to be a big fucking problem. Idk how you should get rid of it or hide it, but you must realize that you can't use it to bluff, and things are going to get worse once you get frisked.
No. 1024073 ID: 15a025

Fletch- Guns gotta go, mafia is certainly going to think your some dangerous punk out at night with that. Start rolling with your story you gave the taxi driver and add onto it. You're not some dangerous punk, you're a well educated ichor diplomat. The nice looking clothes you, "borrowed" should help sell the look.

Groop- Snaps at Fletch. Groop's tired of touting around mafia targets or shady people. Demand for insurance info and compensation.

Stobor- Listen to the "diplomat"'s story. Then join in with the others on teaching a new meaning of the phrase "time to hit the books." Then after his lesson, see if this dude might be worth holding for ransom? Surely a diplomat's safe return has gotta be worth a couple digits? Or perhaps, not so safe return.
No. 1024656 ID: 11f77a
File 164582211565.png - (202.84KB , 550x500 , tvd_081.png )

“Come on! Bring ‘em here quick! Move before the nocks* come out!”

>take [the taxi] for a little spin
It would be a blaring suspicion to host a parade like that. Best to just leave the taxi alone and drag Fletch out.
The goons immediately surround the car. There’s about six armed with pistols; they keep them concealed. One krullg approaches the driver side and pounds the roof with a fist to intimidate Groop.

“The wrong move will turn you to jelly, ya hear? You see nothing.”

Fletch has lots of experience with these kind of scare tactics. Most of these tactics end with the victim terrified shitless, yet live for another day. When your old boss wanted someone dead the whole car would be pumped full of holes like a colander. Figure it’s the same for every gang. That means if you’re on your best behavior you’ll just get beaten up and thrown out of the car when Stobor is finished talking with you.
One goon opens your door and seizes your arm while another covertly aims his gun to discourage any funny business. It wasn’t long until they find your pistol as they pat you down. A swift removal and they push you towards the car in front of the taxi.

“Let go of me! I’m not some street punk! I’m... a well-educated ichorynth diplomat!”

“Forward. Now!”

Stobor creeps into the car again, Fletch and the two goons follow. The rest of the party reverses and hop in their vehicles. All in a minute the exchange happens and the Mosses are gone.

Groop is left with the crickets.

*nocks: nocturnal citizens
No. 1024657 ID: 11f77a
File 164582226569.png - (291.52KB , 550x500 , tvd_082.png )

Fletch is cramped between two chitinous thugs whose shoulders feel like concrete. Stobor sits across from the rascal playing with his rings.

He takes a good look at the ichorynth. No one says a word. You just hear the hum of the road beneath you.

As before, Stobor wants to know what this guy is all about. The vet mentioned the ichor’s wounds and what he overheard in Fletch’s message to Grutter [>>1017259]. Fletch will just need to improvise (or perhaps give the truth).
You can play both characters or focus on one. You can have a character respond to other people’s suggestions and build an ongoing conversation.
No. 1024667 ID: 094652

Stobor: "I'm a man of few words. Stab him in the legs."
Fletch: Piss all over the limo.
No. 1024669 ID: 96c896

Fletch: immediately fold to threats of violence and spill the beans.
No. 1024835 ID: 15a025

Stobor: "Time is a valuable asset, so let's cut to chase here ya pincushion."

One of the goons brandishes a knife and quickly jabs Fletch in the leg with it. Stobor then pulls out his own knife and holds it at Fletch's face.

Stobor: "Start talking if you'd like to keep having a functional eye."
No. 1024845 ID: 3aa06e

Stober: Gauge what type of person this guy is. Ask something that he will most likely lie about that you know the truth to. First ease him into the conversation, introduce yourself. "Hello, I'm Stober and you are?" Pause for him to give you a name. Then move on. "Some time ago you visited a doctor friend of ours for a check up." Wait for him to respond. He'll either give away that he has injuries from a gun fight or he'll go along with the lie you crafted conveniently for him, that's when you really get him.

Fletch: That doctor was a snitch. Giving half truths might keep these guys off you. Continue using your fake name. "I might have visited a doctor for a check up. What business is that to you?"

Goons: Keep guard and let your boss ask the questions. Only act when the ichor needs a little "convincing" if signaled by your boss.
No. 1024889 ID: 8fae7e

Groop: maybe call the cops?

Stober: interrogating him is a foregone conclusion. But you should make sure youre heading somewhere secure. Do you have a secure spot to take this guy and keep him locked up? Tell the driver to head there.
No. 1024890 ID: 8fae7e

Groop: maybe call the cops?

Stober: interrogating him is a foregone conclusion. But you should make sure youre heading somewhere secure. Do you have a secure spot to take this guy and keep him locked up? Tell the driver to head there.
No. 1025540 ID: 11f77a
File 164662115824.png - (186.08KB , 550x500 , tvd_083.png )

>[Does Stobor] have a secure spot to take this guy [...]?
There are several places to go for a private conversation. A butcher shop, for instance. In fact his crew knows to start heading towards such a hideout.
He stops playing with his rings after gauging this ichorynth’s looks, particularly the scar over his eye. What did this guy call himself? Some diplomat? Yeah, sure... we’ll see about that...
“A diplomat, you say. So, you like talking? We can talk! And I’m not in the mood to repeat myself because frankly, this is a short ride and I want to know everything I can before we reach the butchers.”

Fletch itches the bridge of his nose. Stobor resumes: “You visited one of our... physicians for a little patch up. Yes? That far we can be on the same page.”
(Fletch rigidly nods)
“Now, I don’t recognize you. No flattery, but you’ve got a memorable face. But somehow you would need to be... involved in our ring. Which is strange for a well-educated diplomat to find himself in. So. I will ask and I hope I get to only ask once. Why did you visit my doctor?”

Fletch rubs his nose a bit before answering, “Isn’t there some... doctor-patient confidentiality? What business it of yours I needed a quick check-up?”
No. 1025542 ID: 11f77a
File 164662137740.png - (306.45KB , 550x500 , tvd_084.png )

Stobor nods, “You know, I like to think I am a man of a few words.” He shoots a glance to his posse, “Stab him in the legs.”

One goon flicks a switchblade and jots it in Fletch’s thigh! He predictably screeches and the other goon clamps his snout shut, muffling through his hand. The knife sticks perpendicular to his leg.
Stobor leans about a foot away from Fletch. “Everythiiiiing!. It. is. entirely. my. business! when you’re stealing resources!! from the Mosses!!! Unless you want to be an ichorynth pincushion you’ll tell me what your fucking reason was to stumble in our turf! By way of example: are you one of Kras’ men?!”


“I can believe that! I may have been brought up to hate the guy but Kras would never employ you sandrats! Are you Kroller’s?”

“N--NOOO! hnngh…

“Then spit it out! Before you piss yourself... I swear to god if you can’t give me a straight answer before your blood stains the seat I’ll turn your body into a barnacle farm!”

Fletch will just spill the beans at this point, “I’m just a guy! I’m just a fucking guy! I came from Daatuteph to start a new life! I got to work with a few of your boys and I know a few things, dumb things! Stuff like a doctor who won’t ask questions! I paid him with my own money! I dunno! I didn’t think I’d need him until some asshole tried murdering me!”

“Who? One of ours? You owe us money? You trippin’ us?!”

“I-I-I don’t know who! He wasn’t a krullg, he wasn’t yours! He’s a zepher!”

Fletch could try and stop there, but Stobor could keep stabbing him for more answers. What more could Fletch share--and what more would Stobor want to learn?

Choose three
Share/no share?
• Talk about your friend Grutter
• Ask to stop by the Lunar Creek Motel
• Ask to use their phone to contact Grutter
• Talk about why you ran from Daatuteph
• [Suggest] a story how you got the vet’s address.
• Describe the zepher in more detail.
• Mention your old boss, a different zepher who is a desert warlord.
• Mention the money you stole.
• Ask for protection.
• Ask to drop you off at a certain library.
• Beg for your life and cry.
• Mention Meat Packers Inc.
• [Other] >___

No. 1025547 ID: 094652

"I have something they want, okay?! Something valuable! But it's chump change to you, it's not worth going to war over! I just... I finally have enough dough to flock off to some third-world planet and retire in obscurity, and then that @#$%ing Zephyr starts killing people over one goddamn shipment and now that poor lady is dead and it's all my fault... sob..."
No. 1025550 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch: Do NOT mention the money you stole, most likely these guys will follow you to Grutter, kill you both and take the money.

-Mention your boss old boss, the botched deal, and the cyber-hitman who attacked you and your co-worker's at the store. Leave out Grutter and the money. Tell the story of the deal from your point of view, how things went wrong. Spin it to make it sound more important than it was so they don't suspect the money you stole. Since the deal went south the blame was put on you. Which explains why your boss sent a hitman with augments after you. He showed no mercy to your co-workers who tried running away.

Oh and feel free to allow the trauma to show a little...or a lot actually. Nirrn and Ordo are most likely dead, anyone who is as much as on speaking terms with you will be dead. Your sister is probably dead or worse. Yet you're still alive, and Grutter is as well but how long do you think he's going to last?

Stober: Ok you at least got to know who this guy is. He's done some crime before so that explains how he knew who to contact. Though maybe there should be an official sign over every family resource that says "Reserved for the Mosses". Anyways, does the name of his old boss ring a bell? Does it sound in character for a guy like him to send a cyber-hitman who clearly didn't care about collateral damage after this runt? There has to be more, what exactly was the deal?

You might ease up just a little, this guy's been through one hell of a day and he might just completely break down. People breaking down into tears might have been funny the first dozen times it has happened but now it's just gotten old and uncomfortable to watch. Also people who are mentally broken don't exactly answer questions clearly.
No. 1025556 ID: 1697a9

Fletch: Say that you ditched your old gang in Daatuthep and you don't really know why this guy is chasing you specifically.
Tell Stobor you have money to pay for protection.

Strobor: Ask why he left his gang and how it is he has money and why he should be protected.

Fletch again: Say you decided to ditch them when most of them got killed by rivals or deserted as well and you have money saved up from working with them and that you can really make it worth their while for killing this one assassin guy.
No. 1025558 ID: a2493c

Don't mention money. do mention getting attacked by a psychotic and that you have too shady a history to go to cops or talk to a regular doc.
No. 1025607 ID: ce39da

FLETCH: You can run your mouth about your assailant, the attack, and how you learned the vet's location from some guys at Meat Packers Inc. (the (accidental) lie by omission being it was actually Grutter who got that info) and maybe break down after that. You don't have the mental composure for anything more than the most pressing facts of tonight's events, and oh my god why did you think you were ready to play this cool, these are completely different guys from your old family and you've never actually been through this kind of interrogation yourself anyway.

STOBOR: Okay, this guy has had a bit of a day already (especially considering the vet seriously undersold the dude's injuries, if you're hearing his blubbering right), and has officially exceeded the stress threshold for actually giving useful and coherent info - going harder on him won't produce results. This is when your marks generally get to see your "good anti-cop" side. Do make it clear that this guy is in deep shit, but definitely not "sleeping with the fishes" deep. The Mosses can be full of forgiveness, especially under such extenuating circumstances, if you know how to show your gratitude going forward.
No. 1025619 ID: 1359f1

Good old "Favor debt" time?
No. 1025625 ID: 34dfce

Fletch: Don't mention the money

Stobor, twist the knife and threaten to cut a digit off.

Fletch: Tell them about the money, and Grutter, and your old boss, and beg for your life and cry.
No. 1026077 ID: 15a025

Describe the zepher in more detail.
Ask to drop you off at a certain library.
No. 1026809 ID: 11f77a
File 164782771747.png - (199.33KB , 550x500 , tvd_085.png )

>Mention: Your old boss
>Mention: Botched deal
>Mention: The bounty hunter
Stobor leans back, Fletch is about to remove the knife but he’s stopped by one of Stobor’s lackeys.
“Nah, don’t pull it out, you’ll bleed faster and get it all over. Just, uh, ignore it. Now... I’m glad we’re getting somewhere,” he starts easing off the threats for now. Looks like this ichor has been through a hell of a day. “So, who is this guy you worked for? You screw the wrong dame or something so he’s after you? Is he gonna be shootin’ up our territory to get to you? Huh?”
Fletch almost begins sobbing. There’s something genuine in that; he didn’t have to force a tear for this one. But he blurts, “My boss huff my FORMER boss was a zepherynth named Enriq Yeager.”

Oooh fuck—“ Stobor chortles.

“You know him?”

“YOU worked under Yeager? Fuck. He’s a prick. Moss has done some interplanetary dealings with him here and there before the zipper amassed his own army. I aint ever seen him, only heard the stories of his victims. The hell have you done to piss him off?”

>Leave out Grutter and the money
Fletch takes a moment to breathe, trying to stomach the pain. “Well, me and a couple guys were supposed to settle a feud. It was one of those trades that could dissolve and meld a rival territory into Yeager’s control. An ungodly amount of b-bullets and... guns for drugs, or fuel, or... slaves. But all factions have an inherited hate to one other, like the families that run this city--so you get it. Anyway--some punks would rather die than merge. The two parties thought it was a setup and a firefight happened! When the dust settled I was the only one left alive!--
“I carried out my orders to terrorize the roads under Yeager for years. I made the decision to run. Grabbed what I could. Hopped the next flight to this moon. Maybe they’ll think I’ve died. Ya know?--
“Well he’s sent some guy after me! Yeager must’ve thought I was responsible! This zepher comes in my workplace and just started killing people! And now that poor lady is dead and--and it’s all my fault!” Fletch hides his face in his hands, “He was a hitman with... weird augments. He hid a riot shield under his coat--I think? I shot him in the back but that didn’t faze him. It was weird, and it happened so fast! He showed no mercy--everyone in that store is dead! Who knows who else has indirectly died because of me?“
No. 1026810 ID: 11f77a
File 164782786184.png - (210.64KB , 550x500 , tvd_086.png )

He describes the encounter. How calculated the hitman was. Piercing yellow eyes. A typical zepher makes his presence known and would be decked out in armor and guns in some frenzy. Not this one--he was silent, calm and collected.

The more he explains the more Stobor changes his amused demeanor into one of intrigue. He waves a hand to quiet Fletch down, “Whoa whoa whoa. Mate. If you’re describing who I think you’re describing... you might be doubly fucked. Hard. The mate after you sounds like none other than The Vitruvian.”

Stobor’s goons cringe a bit.

No. 1026811 ID: 11f77a
File 164782800760.png - (242.56KB , 550x500 , tvd_087.png )

“Let me ask you this. You’ve heard of HURON, right?”

“Yeah. It’s a black market... I think.”

“If you need something done with skill and it’s also illegal, you hire someone from HURON. Yeager could’ve hired any run-of-the-mill jerkoff to kill you, or send you back home where he can cut you to pieces and feed you to his Rath-Fleeches as you watch. But he didn’t. He may have hired the motherfucking Vitruvian of all people—“
“--Which means Yeager spent some fuck-you money to have a relentless one-man-army blow your brains out. This zepher is a creature of consequence. An inevitable. A personification of doom. Those who delay his hunt trade their lives for its continuance. And if you ever think that you have the upper-hand in a fight--he pulls out a new trick. I heard that he strives to be the perfect killer and the augments from the imortans got to his brain; now he’s more robot than mortal with no empathy or conscience.”

>Groop: maybe call the cops?

No. 1026812 ID: 11f77a
File 164782902164.png - (251.75KB , 550x500 , tvd_088.png )

“Maybe he hasn’t had enough of that vulgar rush* you guys go on about. Something snapped within him out there in the desert and he’s looking to satiate his hunger. Or he’s been blessed by the ‘desert moth’ to be her psychopomp or some shit.
“But that’s only if it’s The Vitruvian. But know this: you are given a mark you can’t wash off. And he will follow you to the ends of the Third Arm** until you are wiped from existence.
“Maybe Yeager is petty enough to send a guy like that to kill one, weasely goon like you. I dunno, but that’s quite the overkill. You sure you’re tellin’ me the whole story, guy?”

Stobor can try to prod for more--or Fletch can keep on talking.

*Vulgar Rush: frenzied unorthodox rite of passage that involves madmaxing across Daatuteph. You will find glory or become one with the tire marks.
**Third Arm: The arm of the spiral galaxy the main planets reside.

Choose two

• How do you kill him?!
• Can I speak to your boss? Maybe he'll calm my boss down...
• Decide to mention Grutter or the money now.
• Ask for protection. Or to kill this dude! You'll pay it off, you swear!
• Ask to stop by the Lunar Creek Motel
• Ask to use their phone [to contact Grutter]
• Ask to drop you off at a certain library.
• Mention Meat Packers Inc.
• Immediately kick Fletch out of the car.
• [Other] >___

No. 1026816 ID: e7c7d3

Get help to kill this guy, you've got the money!
So stop by the motel to get it
No. 1026817 ID: 34dfce

Mention Grutter and money.
No. 1026883 ID: 1c6255

Don't mention Grutter, only mention the money.
No. 1026919 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch: Mention the money but in your defense had you known it would have caused this much trouble you would have just dropped the cash. Of course it definitely wasn't out of greed. It was to have enough to start a new life. Don't mention Grutter, unless Grutter has some level of importance to your boss you haven't mentioned. Request to meet at the specific library you and Grutter were supposed to meet at. Under the guise of meeting your "smuggler" to make you disappear again.
No. 1026926 ID: 094652

Fletch: "No, even with the good loot I scavenged off all those dead colleagues - Snarko's platinum tungsten slingers, Jay's Bengal-Leather Jacket, a few packs of the surviving Scraff packs for the road - none of it is worth spending, like, millions of credits on hiring a legend. Oh gods, one of those kids must've been his family-"

Stobor: "Well, that's it. I'm done listening to you."
Tear the switchblade out of Fletch's leg with a gruesome gutting.
"Break his arms. It's obvious that you've crossed the line with Yeager. Maybe that deal wasn't going as badly as you say it was until you managed to screw things up. Maybe you made off with all the drugs and money unseen and the two sides went to blows in the chaos- yeah, you probably did. Maybe he thinks you learned something that could blow his entire empire into the stratosphere. Maybe he's paranoid you'd somehow consider trusting the incompetent cops in this town with witness protection. Maybe you're a criminal mastermind in the making. Or maybe you really are just a two-bit, cowardly, insufferable toady who's just won the cosmos' monthly lottery in ass-@#$%ery. But I do know one thing about you. You're not going to be the reason the Vitruvian bursts through my compound and caves my skull in by using my own son as a flail. As of right now, I have decided I'd rather kill you than trust you. Only reason I don't is because the Vitruvian might have orders to kill anyone who doesn't give Yeager the satisfaction. Alright boys, we string him up right outside The Chips and John, let Yeager know his little pickup is packed and waiting."
>You're going to let one of our paying businesses get killed?!
"I was going to rat those sick freaks out in two months anyway. Nobody mutilates a little girl in front of my face and gets away with it."

Fletch: Whimper.

Stobor: "... Present company excluded, I suppose."
No. 1026946 ID: e7ba66

Ack, don’t tell him you have all of that money! Maybe just tell him that you have 750k credits instead? Wait in fact, how much are these credits worth? Like how much would one need to buy a car, or a gun, or a nice house on the prairie? Knowing how much they’re worth to someone would be good so we don’t accidentally shortchange someone.
No. 1027398 ID: 15a025

Fletch: You need to stop for a second and assess your assets, skills, and knowledge. Don't even mention the money to these guys until you got it in hand again.
> • How do you kill him?!
> • Ask for protection. Or to kill this dude! You'll pay it off, you swear!

See if you can't gauge if what your previous experience as a "diplomat" for Yeager is worth anything to these guys.

Stobor: This situation is quickly getting more and more heated. If The Vitruvian is after this little shit, you don't not want to get in the way of his Vulgar Rush and cheat him out of his target. Start pressing him harder here, there's gotta be more to the story than snuffing out some screw up deserter? He's gotta be higher up the ladder to warrant sending a hitman like this.
No. 1027694 ID: 11f77a
File 164868776785.png - (246.68KB , 550x500 , tvd_089.png )

>Mention: Money
>Don’t mention Grutter, unless [he] has some level of importance to your boss [...]
You and Grutter both were at the deal when the firefight broke out. He’s sure Yeager put a hit on both your asses. Hopefully Grutter got your message in time before the Vitruvian reaches him. You’re not sure he’s currently waiting for you.

>Maybe just tell him that you have [fewer] credits instead?
“W-Well,” Fletch stammers with terror in his gut as Stobor describes the Vitruvian’s reputation. “M-Maybe I left out a few... minor details on my escape.
Stobor only waits. The glaring from all three krullgs works like a charm to keep Fletch under pressure.
“Money was involved in the trade-off, you see. And when everyone was dead I may have taken the briefcase to start a new life.” cough “Just aboooout... 750... thousand... ish.”
“Listen, if I knew it would cause so much trouble I’d’ve left the money! But I need to get out of this city, man! I promise you: you won’t ever hear from me again, that’s for sure! I-I could pay you to help me out of here! I don’t have it on me at the moment but an associate of mine has it. I’m meeting a smuggler at Klerthy Library--he's waiting for me right now! The sooner I’m out of this car the sooner we’re all safe! I can pay ya to look out for me or even kill the guy! Please! I have to get out!”
No. 1027695 ID: 11f77a
File 164868790275.png - (194.90KB , 550x500 , tvd_090.png )

>How much are these credits worth?
750,000 is a lot. Perhaps more than one thug under Moss would ever see all at once--or in their life. The top gangsters under Moss see 60k cred on a good year. Stobor makes a good living, sure, but damn--if only a briefcase of 750k landed in his lap.

Saaaay, in a way... it has.

Stobor contains his stoic demeanor. The game has changed with the situation at hand. But you’re not about to let this troublemaker catch a ride for free. You may not believe him 100% but what matters is how much damage the Vitruvian would cause the more you hold Fletch.
He could use the little sandrat as bait. You wouldn’t want the Vitruvian to burst through your compound and decimate your people for this insufferable toady. Outright shooting Fletch dead may bring the wrath of Yeager for stealing his kill as well. Perhaps you can yank the money off his hands and give him up.
“That’s sure a lot of money to carry in your pocket, even for an ichor. I can see why you showed up on Yeager’s radar.” Stobor ponders, but his decision could already have been made up, “We could... arrange something to get you out of Port Echo, it may cost ya--but I'm sure you got that part handled. You’ll probably be gone by tomorrow morning!”

“One of you, get this guy some gauze.” It feels numb now, but yanking the switchblade right out makes Fletch yelp again.

Stobor tells his driver to circle back to the Library. Any closing prompts before we switch back to Grutter?
No. 1027717 ID: e5709d

He's lying. Big deals round up to a million, maybe five. But you have bigger issues at hand...

"Where the heck did Yeager get three quarters of an executive's pay?"
No. 1027718 ID: 798908

depends on the haggling and amount, it's still a pretty round number. No odd dollar amounts, sounds about right for a full briefcase of big bills. Doubtful he's lying, but if he is, it seems like a fair lie.
No. 1027776 ID: f2320a

his body looks so fucked up is that a mask over another species or is he like d chimera a Frankenstein cyborg?
No. 1027779 ID: f38941

Yeah, they said he does have cybernetics attached to him.
No. 1028645 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch is probably lying but that's understandable. Take him to he meeting spot while you negotiate a trade for his safe passage. Fletch should know smuggling someone costs money, but you're not going to completely take all his money. Just enough to pay for the service you and your guards provide here.
No. 1028652 ID: 11f77a
File 164946141696.png - (259.33KB , 550x500 , tvd_091.png )

>He’s lying. Big deals round up to a million, maybe five.
Yeah, Stobor feels something aint right here. But we’ll see once we meet up with Fletch’s smuggler.


Grutter has arrived at the Library. Every time he sees headlights he ducks in the bushes. It’s cold and you’re soaking a little from the sewers. But your money is safe and you’re not leaving the city without Fletch--unless you have a good feeling he’s dead for sure... Hmm...

Oh look! A car has pulled up. Not in front of the building either--sort of around a fire exit where you linger. It looks kind of fancy in the planetlight. And it’s not alone; a second fancy car idles nearby, further down the block.

You have your briefcase of credits and your pistol, as well as your silverhand (your prosthetic hand) which you need to operate your gun. It’s already attached to your arm.

The car remains still for a while...
No. 1028653 ID: e5709d

Stop hiding in the bushes. Just walk into the library as if you needed to look up business stuff.

Also, why does your city even have a library? Is it all-digital?
No. 1028654 ID: 344f1d

sneak away, keep out of line of sight of the car, find an alley where you'll be able to see when/if the car leaves
No. 1028712 ID: 15a025

Probably best to stay out of the car's sight. See if the library has a back entrance?
No. 1028983 ID: 11f77a
File 164973651936.png - (190.80KB , 550x500 , tvd_092.png )

>Why does your city even have a library? Is it all-digital?
You dunno how it is on other worlds. There are barely any libraries in Daatuteph (let alone books), so that’s the only frame of reference you have.

>See if the library has a back entrance?
>Just walk into the library as if you needed to look up business stuff.
Regardless, Grutter sneaks around acting like he has business stuff to attend to inside. Yep, nothing to attract attention here. Maybe on the way to the door he can just leave the block entirely.

The relic reaches the door but the knob doesn’t budge. Hmm. He jostles it some more and it’s clear the place has probably closed for the night.


So, uh, is that him?” says Stobor. Fletch looks over to watch Grutter fail to open the door.
No. 1029033 ID: e7c7d3

From this distance it could be anybody
No. 1029088 ID: c92a02

Y-yah. that's him, that's the guy. I don't see the money though.
Goons: Get out of the car and approach. Menacingly.
No. 1029498 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch: Yep that's your man who is definitely handling your stash and will assist you with disappearing.

Stober: Bring Fletch out with you and your guys so this "smuggler" doesn't get spooked.
No. 1029500 ID: 15a025

Fletch: "Hard to see, Think that's him?"
Strober: Send the goons anyway. Even if it ain't him, he might know something either way.
No. 1030034 ID: 11f77a
File 165067186950.png - (282.82KB , 550x500 , tvd_093.png )

“Y-Yah. That’s him, that’s the guy. I-I don’t see the money though. I mean... it could be another relic dude—"

Stobor snaps his fingers. His goons nod and step out the car. His men in the other ride take that as a signal and step out as well. Before Grutter could check his six, he’s already blocked with four krullgs marching menacingly in his direction.

“Oh--uhm...” Grutter gulps, “Gotta return a book--”

“You’re coming with us. Quietly.” Says the head-hench. He doesn’t draw his gun, but the other three make it known they’re armed with a hand resting against their holsters. “We have someone who’s a little worried sick about you.” There’s a brief nod in Fletch’s direction--which Grutter spots a peek of the ichor’s recognizable mug, albeit like a nervous Chihuahua in the car window.

“Kurts... check the bushes.“

“Ah, wait! Uh... I... will get my stuff.” Grutter ducks a bit and his out-stretched hand curls around the briefcase. The relic is nudged by two of the thugs towards the car immediately after.
No. 1030035 ID: 11f77a
File 165067207617.png - (291.20KB , 550x500 , tvd_094.png )

Grutter is shoved right next to Fletch. He can see how much his friend has been through the grinder; he’s paler than he remembers. But they both look at each other with a wince as the briefcase is plopped right in the middle.

“You must be Fletch’s... smuggler,” begins Stobor whether he believes that or not, “Good, good. I’ll make the introductions quick. Your buddy here is in a heap of trouble, yes? I’m Stobor--I work for the Mosses. And on behalf of the Mosses we agreed to help you... disappear! Your friend is quite the negotiator! There’ll be a small fee BUT given the situation at hand I would take that deal.”

Stobor notices the relic’s grip tighten around the briefcase’s handle. Grutter looks at his friend and back to the krullg who announces himself. “It sounds like my... uh, client has made the deal already to get this far.”

The car begins to move out of the alley.

Choose two

• [Fletch] Talk about your terrible night.
• [Grutter] Mention the cops are looking all over.
• [Fletch/Grutter] Discuss a plan of action.
• [Fletch/Grutter] What should we do about the Vitruvian?
• [Fletch/Grutter] Ask to head towards Meat Packers Inc.
• [Fletch/Grutter] Ask Stobor for contacts outside the city.
• [Stobor] Inquire about the briefcase.
• [Stobor] Take them to a different hideout for the ransom idea.
• [Stobor] Question Grutter about himself: threateningly or not.
• [Other] >___

No. 1030048 ID: e5709d

Stobor: Open the briefcase in the direction of the two stooges, wait for any traps to trigger, and then count the money.
"... times, 5, 6, 7... 2. You lied to me, Fletch."
No. 1030053 ID: e7c7d3

F/G: discuss a plan
Grutter, mention the cops
No. 1030158 ID: 15a025

[Fletch/Grutter] Discuss a plan of action.
You're in this neck deep now. Time to use this money to invest in your hopeful futures.

Stober: Remind these two low lives you could easily hold them up for a ransom should they decide to back out. You're getting some cash out of this one way or another.
No. 1030345 ID: 3aa06e

Grutter: Mention the police are onto you when you were acquiring Fletch's stash from his hideout.

Both Fletch and Grutter: Discuss plan, a quick rundown of who is after you and the basics to getting off world without leaving a trail. Of course don't forget who you're paying here for some extra help.
No. 1030773 ID: 11f77a
File 165126256888.png - (277.09KB , 550x500 , tvd_095.png )

>mention the cops
You’re back on the road, and Grutter needed to share this before they venture deeper into the city: “Listen, uh, we might need to take a few alternate routes. I barely dodged the police and they’re on the look for us.”

“You’re hot, huh?” says Stobor, “Could be a lil’ extra given these circumstances. But don’t you worry! While the cops may turn a blind eye when they notice our rides we can certainly take a detour--and be sure to not use the same roads we traveled to get here.” The krullg knocks on the privacy window between him and the driver. “Yo! We’re heading to Murks Street! Take some detours and lose the eye of the police. Let the others split and meet us there.”

Your ride shifts a bit to redirect a new course. The following vehicle splits away down another road. Stobor finally has a good look at both the miscreants. He finds Grutter oddly asymmetrical with one long arm spilling out of his sleeve. “Those are some strange hands there. What’s the deal with that? Your other arm looks fine.”
Grutter answers, “Relicynths just have long hands. We can fold them back and use a silverhand to grip simple objects.”
“A silverhand--?”
“It’s what we call our prosthetic hands. Operated by our inner-most thumb.” He wiggles one.
“How do you relics wipe your ass without ‘em?”
Both krullgs have a laugh as Grutter keeps his eyes focused on the one across from him. “Very carefully...” They laugh some more.

“Can you... give us a moment?” asks Fletch, hunching a bit to whisper to Grutter. Both turn away.

>A quick rundown of who is after you.
>Discuss a plan of action. Time to use this money to invest in your hopeful futures.
Fletch hisses as quietly as possible. “Alright, Grutter. I think it’s time we split ways. Once we reach Meat Packers we’ll split our money and just take separate vans to different parts of the world. Or even the universe if you manage to hop a ship out of here. We shouldn’t even be on the same celestial object. I don’t care where you go, and you shouldn’t care about me--
--That’s the other thing though; the guy who’s chasing us is some ultimate badass. A zepherynth merc called The Vitruvian was hired by Yeager--straight from HURON and we’re brushing on the edge of death here.”

“Fucking hell.”

“It’s just by happenstance that I got the attention of the Mosses. Whatever the cost, we’re both getting out of here with our lives.”
No. 1030774 ID: 11f77a
File 165126279514.png - (171.21KB , 550x500 , tvd_096.png )

Stobor is relaxed in his seat. He looks at Grutter, eyes trailing down the relic’s long arm to the long talons that clutch the handle of the briefcase. “Holding onto that pretty tightly, there.”
Grutter and Fletch rightfully look anxious. If anything, Grutter’s grip fastens tighter. Only the ichor speaks next, “Well... no shit, right? You know the story.”

Nodding, Stobor continues, “I’d like to think that we can all be on the same level of trust here. In fact, the way this exchange works is: you’re gonna have to pay up front a... minor inconvenience fee--plus the visit at the doctors. You don’t expect a freebie to use up our resources--even dragging Moss’ boys to snatch you from that cabbie, do ya? How do I know you’re not just lying until you get the first chance of freedom? Could be your laundry in there for all I know. In short, I want a look in that briefcase. 750k in credits, you said?”
Grutter gulps, but keeps a straight face. “Yeah sure and we... trust you won’t kick us out of a moving vehicle when you hold it in your pincers.”

Stobor chuckles, “Exactly, friendo. It seems to me that I’m holding a lot of the cards right now. If I were anyone else, one can easily hold you two up for ransom if you decide to back out. Imagine Don Moss or even his brat son Virgil hanging you by your toenails like wedding cans on the back of a newlywed’s car.”
The krullg chuckles at that, “Hell. That’s what we should call it! A Daatuteph wedding! Ha HA!” Stobor nudges his henchman, “Gurchu! Write that one down--

--In any case... how 'bout you hand it over.

A) Hand briefcase
B) Keep it, double down
C) >___
No. 1030777 ID: 34dfce

>Whatever the cost, we’re both getting out of here with our lives.
Obviously A.
No. 1030779 ID: e5709d

Grutter: "Yeah, no. I get why you've been nice, especially after you stabbed my friend. You don't want me to trigger the bomb hidden on the second layer. I'll just show you the money, give you a big chunk now, and then hold onto the only thing stopping you from gutting us both."
Stobor: "Tell you what, it'll cost you 10,000 credits per minute you hold onto that case."
Grutter: "Screw you. 500K credits for the full smuggling - if you can get both of us out alive, and minus medical expenses. If either of us dies you only keep 250K credits, the rest goes to charity. If we both die, the bomb goes off."
Stobor: "What, you got some kind of suicidal AI the size of a gerbil scanning your biometrics every millisecond?"
Grutter: "That was what the other 250K credits were spent on. A cool million credits meant specifically to murder a legend. It's dumb, but diligent."
Stobor: "...600."
Fletch: "Uh, guys?"
Grutter: "600 credits? Deal."
Stobor: "Not in the mood for jokes. 650K credits, you hold onto the damn case, you keep the crazy AI, I promise to donate 200K credits to charity (publicly) if either of you die, final offer."
Grutter: "Ngh... deal."
Fletch: "Guys?!"
Goon 1: "Uh, boss? We both see it!"
Stobor: "WHAT?!"
Goon 1: "... Holy feces."
No. 1030804 ID: e7c7d3

Hand it over
No. 1030833 ID: 93072d

Compromise. Open the briefcase, let him see what's inside, then fork over a stack of bills. See if he likes it.

Strobor: Ask a couple more stacks for the fees.
No. 1031091 ID: c92a02

They don't have a reason to help you if the money isn't real, nor do they have a reason to help you if the money is theirs. The money is already good as theirs.
No. 1031157 ID: 3aa06e

Keep your hands on the breifcase handle but show them what's inside.
No. 1031454 ID: 11f77a
File 165189041467.png - (229.15KB , 550x500 , tvd_097.png )

Stobor shows a tad impatience; he takes advantage of the silence to keep talking. “Tell you what, it’ll cost you 10,000 per minute you hold onto that case.”

The ichorynth scoffs at him. “Oh, screw you! We’d be driving in circles forever!”

Grutter furrows his brows. He lays the briefcase upon his lap. “Alright, guys. We can make a compromise. How about I just show you the money from over here? I don’t care how much you’ll charge--but for being nice to my friend, despite stabbing him earlier, we have the means to pay what’s due.”
He rolls the combination lock and opens the briefcase to face the krullgs. The plastic stacks of credits glare with a pale platinum sheen that make the mobsters sit up straight.
“Your math must be on par with a grobe-squid because that can’t possibly be 750,000 credits in there! Gotta be one-mil. At least!”

“I may have downplayed my situation...” says Fletch as he grabs a stack and tosses it at Stobor to examine closely, “So what’s the damn cost already? Get this shit over with!”

“Relax. I won’t dick ya over. First off it’s 25,000 for the doctor after the abrupt appointment and putting his well-being at risk. And dragging me an’ my guys all the way to find you without letting a goodie-two-shoes cop bat an eye in the first place is 120k! I’ll just round that and the doctors up to a total of 150-thou just for that alone before I even get to the safe travels out of the city!”

Fletch takes a bundle of credit stacks—ready to just pelt them in frustration. “Fine! Sure! Arms out!”

“Hold on, you asshole! I aint gonna step out the car with credits slipping through my arms! Just wait til we get to the destination first!”


No. 1031455 ID: 11f77a
File 165189054766.png - (321.14KB , 550x500 , tvd_098.png )

A flash of light.

Tires screeching to halt... or speed up. You don't know which.
No. 1031458 ID: 11f77a
File 165189075363.png - (160.72KB , 550x500 , tvd_099.png )

But darkness rolls over.

The only lights are the flashes in your eyeballs. You're all tossed around covering your heads. You bombard into each other. Broken glass pelts your skin, or shell or exoskeleton or whatever the hell you all have.
No. 1031460 ID: 11f77a
File 165189123760.png - (239.92KB , 550x500 , tvd_100.png )


> Who wakes up first? What do you do?
• Fletch
• Grutter
• Stobor
• Henchman
• Driver

No. 1031461 ID: c92a02

The driver. You know where you keep that shotgun under the seat, for emergencies...
No. 1031469 ID: e51896

Driver or Stobor

If it's The Vitruvian, we might need to call backup, this guy is a pretty big deal... maybe if we're lucky and the others find out the loot we'll be scoring, Moss might send Crater to protect us... unlikely tho, Crater is usually with Moss protecting him... (tho a Crater vs Vitruvian fight sounds pretty badass, not gonna lie...)
No. 1031482 ID: 34dfce

Seconding Driver or Stobor.

Also, if it is the Vitruvian, both know not to get in their way. Just let them take the two and the money and that is it. Can't stop a force of nature.


Anyway, if it is not the Vitruvian, when they wake up, they should grab a gun and try to make it to cover. Drag away some of the henchmen too if possible (loyalty, protect your own, plus force of numbers). Then grab the money. They aren't down (monetarily) at this point, so they shouldn't try too hard to keep the money. It is a lot, but idk if it is worth dying over (it is different for Fletch and Grutter since they are already invested).
No. 1031485 ID: e5709d


They awaken, grouchy and wounded, but their demeanor quickly changes with the low emotional resistance of their stupidity. A stack of credits is within reach, and they quickly pocket it. Grabbing a few extra credit stacks lying around, they go over to Stobor and try to wake him up. He'll take most of the cash but that's the cost of having someone smart enough to get out of this alive.
No. 1031487 ID: dccdd0

No. 1031538 ID: 15a025

The driver wakes up first. You don't know what the hell that was, but you sure as hell aren't letting that happen again. The driver pulls out their big guns.
No. 1031545 ID: 373112

Fletch because he is our protagonist and we love him.
No. 1032026 ID: 11f77a
File 165239399386.png - (295.47KB , 550x500 , tvd_101.png )

You’re currently the driver. Thanks to your seatbelt you weren’t tumbling around like a clothesdryer and you only hit your head against the airbag. The chitin absorbed the rest of the shock.
You knock against the privacy window.
“Hey! Hey is anyone alive back there?”
You think you heard some groaning and shuffling but you shake your head and unbuckle yourself.
Everything’s upside-down as you instinctively reach for your shotgun, conveniently placed beneath the seat. This car aint going anywhere, so you’re going to defend your boss as he and your men make a getaway, or backup arrives. You cock your gun and start crawling.

You crawl from the wreckage through a shattered window. A head-turn and you spot a strange figure not quite in the street light--defined only by its silhouette to be a zepher. It’s holding something--which you would assume to be a weapon. He doesn’t call out if everyone’s okay like a good law-abiding citizen.
No. 1032027 ID: 11f77a
File 165239436748.png - (287.82KB , 550x500 , tvd_102.png )

The zepher storms ahead carrying a riot shield somehow. Two, actually. His main arms aim a machine gun, and another pair of limbs flick around to guard his body. At the first sign of movement he fires in your direction.

POOMPOOM! POW! PWANG! Asphalt kicks up. Sparks flare up against the car's chassis. A few bullets blast the headrest of the driver’s seat. For the moment you have enough cover to avoid getting hit. You blindfire a blast of shotgun pellets. More or less cover fire. You weren’t exactly peeking your head out.

The rest of you will eventually come to. You hear gunshots and the pelting of bullets. The Driver yells "Get the fuck up! Someone's coming right at us!"

The game is on. You can play as any character.
Driver • Henchman • Stobor • Fletch • Grutter
No. 1032035 ID: 2b9093

Get back in the vehicle and try to revive your.....what's the mafia term for colleagues?
Try to revive your bada-bings.

And above all DON'T let your clothes be damaged!
No. 1032042 ID: 2bcc35

Stay in cover and return fire hopefully the rest of the crew gets up and helps before he gets to close. Depending on how bulletproof that shield is the best you can hope for is to slow him down
This hitman is either insane or stupid to do a full on assault in the middle of a street. Someones going to hear and see then call the cops.
No. 1032048 ID: 8fae7e

Gotta flank him. With a shotgun you can't have a very good chance of winging his feet, which hopefully would be uncovered by the riot shield. Cover fire yourself, see if you can spot any good cover near you, and use yourself as bait so the people in the car can get themselves together and give you back up.
No. 1032056 ID: 11f77a

You can react as any character(s), I made it too vague the first time around.
No. 1032273 ID: 15a025

Henchmen: You ain't letting no street thug pump lead into the boss! Get Strober to safety and behind cover. Arm yoursleves with whatever you got and protect the good man with your lives.

Fletch and Grutter: Your lives in the mafia's hands now. Scramble to cover, ask if any of the henchmen got extra firearms.
No. 1032458 ID: a70d43

Stobor: realize who is firing at you and try to bargain. Offer the two he wants along with the money.
No. 1033036 ID: 11f77a
File 165310470624.png - (280.18KB , 550x500 , tvd_103.png )

Inside, the rest of the group tries to reorient and grab their guns. Stobor and his hench already have their piece. Grutter whips out his own pistol--and Fletch is left without a weapon at all.
“Yo! Someone give me a gun!”
Stobor scoffs and the henchman briefly pockets a stack of credits. “You’re gonna have to sit tight, ichor. Malfor, what the fuck is happening?!”
The driver blasts his shotgun for more cover fire so everyone gets their shit ready, but the damn zipperneck remains hunching behind his riot shields with a slow side walk. He returns fire with bullet holes significantly inching closer to the driver.

“It’s the guy! It’s him! The zepher! Flank him! Somebody flank him!”
No. 1033037 ID: 11f77a
File 165310483393.png - (186.57KB , 550x500 , tvd_103map.png )

It’ll be a little difficult to flank at the moment. There’s a roadway sound barrier that stretches north and southward. There’s open road and a field to the left--not much cover there but it’s a bit dark.

Your current positions:
>Stobor has total cover in the car. He has: gun.
>Henchman has total cover in the car. He has: gun.
>Grutter has total cover in the car. Look! More gun.
>Fletch has total cover in the car. No gun. He collects credits that have fallen out of the briefcase.
>Driver has half cover. And a shotty.

The Vitruvian inches closer.
No. 1033045 ID: 8fae7e

Fletch: Look for your chance to escape with the cash.

Grutter, Stober and Henchman: You're gonna want to prep for this. When there's a lull in firing all three of you get out and run and flank in different directions. He can't guard all his angles. You'll have to get out of cover, but it's better than sitting and waiting to die.

Driver: Provide cover so he can't shoot them.
No. 1033046 ID: e5709d

SCREW THAT! Grab some cash and run into the woods!
No. 1033048 ID: b8d303

Anyone trying to flank him out in the open is basically suicidal and unless anybody has a gun with armour piercing capability the only thing i can think of in this situation is to make a retreat to a more favorable position and call for backup.
Judging by his poor accuracy he cant accurately shoot and fully protect himself at the same time.
Driver get into cover and keep providing cover fire.
Henchman backup the Driver
Everyone else make a run for it down the street using the other parked cars as cover.
Once clear Stobor call for back up.
No. 1033050 ID: 96c896

Someone should go to one of the parked cars and hotwire it, then use it to smash the hitman, or flank him.
No. 1033179 ID: 3aa06e

Driver: Provide covering fire to keep him from aiming.

Henchman: Move to take covering behind one of the parked cars and cover the driver when he needs to reload.

Stober: Move to the furthest parked car.

Fletch and Grutter: Follow and see if the parked car can be quickly hotwired. We'll see from there.

Maybe shoot out the street lights to darken the road if we have to make a full retreat on foot.
No. 1033180 ID: 15a025

Driver: Continue giving cover and fire shots to put pressure on this giant bug.

Grutter: Shoot out the street lights in front of you, if you can. Make it harder for the enemy to see you. Then fall back with the others.

Fletch, Strober, and Henchmen: Fall back to the cars behind you. Surely one of you could get a car rolling.
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