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File 160978058746.png - (954.41KB , 550x500 , tvd_000.png )
984843 No. 984843 ID: 11f77a

Potential NSFW. Death may occur here.
This is the quest where you play as everyone but a certain character. We’ll call that special character ‘the catalyst’. Whether you help them out or work against them is up to you. No metagaming would be nice. But we’ll see how the demo rolls.

Some Rules:
• In a room full of people (e.g. a police station office, gang of thugs), you’ll only roleplay as two characters at a time. If there’s a mob (e.g. zombies, hive of alien bugs), you can roleplay them as one entity (e.g. pillage, march down the street, run away from the kaiju, etc.).
• The game may immediately end when the catalyst either dies or achieves its goal. Or perhaps something else that comes along to give the story a proper resolution.

Let’s begin.
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No. 984844 ID: 11f77a
File 160978065213.png - (0.98MB , 550x500 , tvd_001.png )

You are Nirrn Kruth. You run a convenience store in the district of Tar Zoa. You moved to this part of the city with your husband to settle down in retirement ten years back, bless his soul.

You always loved this cozy side of town. Sure, the district needs a bit of work with all the potholes and some buildings need some restoration/rejuvenation. But the neighborhood shows its 300-year history in the cracks that it could stand for another 300 years.

It is about the planet’s equivalent of 9’o-clock in the evening and it’s time to start cleaning up your station. You have a few employees around the store working the night shift.

What does Nirrn do to finish her shift?
No. 984845 ID: 10c07d

Clean up real fast and go check in on the night shifters
No. 984847 ID: c7fbfe

One of the employees came in feeling sick (or drunk)... but he used up all his day off hours and cant call off. (Hope im doing this right. If not, ignore this post)
No. 984848 ID: e7c7d3

Put up the new sale stickers.
No. 984850 ID: 3aa06e

Clean up her station. Once done if there's time to spare check on any small tasks that can get done before clocking out.
No. 984851 ID: c7fbfe

Fill Slurpee dispenser
No. 984852 ID: 46e8b7

Clean station. Check on the night shifters. Head back home.
No. 984854 ID: d47474

clean up station, see if there are any last minute things that need to be taken care of, head home when it's time to clock out.
No. 984855 ID: 9aaeef

Count the register money, put it in the safe and go home with hubby.
No. 984857 ID: ce7b0a

I play Convenience Store Robbery in attack mode.
No. 984859 ID: 5ec3f5

...are those real?
No. 984862 ID: 19a984

So to clarify, is this a porn quest, or is this a regular quest but because we can do anything, it has the potential for NSFW? Just wondering how we should approach this. Also, will you tell us who the catalyst is or is it up to us to figure that out?

Clean up and pack up. Make sure the next shift manager is there.

Then I play the off-duty cop browsing the candy.
No. 984864 ID: 11f77a
File 160979332395.png - (965.52KB , 550x500 , tvd_002.png )

>Clean station. Check on the night shifters.
Not that you are desperate to return home as soon as possible, there’s just no rush as there’s nothing important waiting for you--except refilling Nibbles’ bowl.

You check in on the night shifters. It’s Ordo and Nix tonight. That Gullusk is so incompetent--and came in drunk again. In fact he’s thirty-two minutes late. He heads towards the employee room to stash his backpack.

Nix is already sweeping and knows his stuff. He’s only been working for half-a-month.

“Alright, Nixie, I think it’s about time I head on out.” Nirrn announces ready to retire for the day in that static-like tweedle Huntoons speak.

“Sure thing, Miss K.!” responds the Icynth.

New Characters:
Ordo Mully (Gullusk) slogs through a vicious cycle of waking up late, going to work drunk, returning home to play videogames and take drugs, only to sleep late again.
Nix (Icynth) may be starting a new life in town but working from the bottom is better than no work at all. Despite this he’s comfortable in his living situation.

Continue with any prompts for anyone.
Nirrn: Order somebody around.
Nirrn: Fill Slurpee dispenser.
Nirrn: Count money and store it in the safe.
Nix: Hmm, that spot needs some good sweeping.
Ordo: Take a hit before work to stay awake.

From the author:
>Is this a porn quest?
This quest is a regular quest—but there’s potential for a lot of things. If we end up in a strip club or any setting that will most definitely involve porn, then it makes sense to follow through with porn. It has potential to be NSFW not only by porn, but blood and gore as well.

>Will you tell us who the catalyst is?
Yes. Only time will tell when they show up.

>I play convenience store robbery/off-duty cop
Characters that are introduced in the scene by the author can be controlled. For now, no suggestors can make characters themselves and may play along what they’re given. Characters will be given a random name and quick background/personality.

>...are those real?
Yes. Those are real Huntoobies.
No. 984866 ID: d47474

Start by counting the money in the till, then order Ordo to refill the slurpee dispenser, and give Nix your number just incase something goes wrong tonight since while he's new he also seems to be the only guy capable of getting anything done around here tonight.

get started on that sweeping just to get it out of the way

quick take that hit before someone comes to get you to actually do you job, then when they finally remember you exist do what they ask you but take your time on it to hopefully make the night go by quicker.
No. 984867 ID: 5ec3f5

Nirrn count and store the money and hug Nix farewell before leaving.

Nix do what you do best.

Ordo put on the work clothes and hide the drugs.
No. 984868 ID: e7c7d3

Ordo, forget the combo to the lock for your employee locker

Nix, clean up a big pile of scratch tickets that someone rudely left behind.

Nirrn, count your till and cash out
No. 984869 ID: 5f0001

Nirrn: Count the tell.
No. 984873 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Tell Nix he doesn’t have to call you “Ms. K” you’re not that old yet.

Nix: Continue your sweeping like a good boy.

Ordo: Fail to stay awake and fall asleep in the back.
No. 984875 ID: 9aaeef

Nirnn, leave your number if there is a problem.
Nix, keep sweeping boy.
Ordo, drink coffee to stay awake, not hard drugs.
No. 984877 ID: 46e8b7

No. 984884 ID: 0fae41

Nix: Restock the shelves, starting at the top.
Ordo: Play videogames until a customer shows up.
No. 984896 ID: 11f77a
File 160981181015.png - (961.43KB , 550x500 , tvd_003.png )

“Ordo, you’re late again.” Nirrn shakes her head as he merely groans in response. He hobbles in the employee lounge and the door shuts behind. She faces Nix who starts to enter one aisle, sweeping scratch-off tickets people tend to simply discard on the floor. She’ll have to remember to thank Nix for his good work before leaving.
“You don’t need to call me Ms. K. I’m not that old yet.” She chuckles, opening the register to count. He salutes and retreats further back near the coolers.

A good minute rolls by with soft music in the speakers. She makes a mental note to leave a number in case things go wrong. Hardly anything happens, but Ordo might lose his mind someday.
No. 984897 ID: 11f77a
File 160981188526.png - (845.81KB , 550x500 , tvd_004.png )

A stranger walks in; odd-looking fellow but many aliens from vast cultures visit this planet. Actually, it’s a moon you’re all living on. Nevertheless his neck is long and ridged with chitin. And his yellow eyes stare daggers while he seems to take one passing gaze of the store inside. Yes, you figure he’s one of those Zephers from that desert planet--oh what was it called?

This stranger is the catalyst.

He wears a trench coat, looks like it has seen better days.

He sinks in the environment before he calmly walks his way towards Nirrn. You’ve seen many customers pass through the store and it’s always instinctive to say ‘good day’ or ask ‘how may I help you’. But tonight she almost forgets to say something.
No. 984898 ID: 11f77a
File 160981194058.png - (657.35KB , 550x500 , tvd_005.png )

“Excuse me...” he begins, although speaking a little under his breath to keep the conversation between him and Nirrn, “I’m looking for someone who may have been to your store in the past couple days. Do you think you could help me?”

No. 984899 ID: 0fae41

Nope, we were just closing. Come back tomorrow if you need a slurpee, mister!
No. 984902 ID: 1d4e91

"Well mister I can try, but i doubt i would remember any particular face unless they really stood out. Mind if I ask the nature of why you might be looking for this person?"
No. 984903 ID: 46e8b7

Yeah, a physical description might help us remember.
No. 984904 ID: e85a08

Might as well humor him, but in way that indicates you think it's weird that he's wandering around looking for someone in the middle of the night.

"Um, sure."
No. 984905 ID: e51896

Nirrn: might want to leave that number sooner rather than later.
Ask for a description. But also ask if he needs snacks or drinks, or this universe's equivalent of a slurpee. Gotta sell some stuff.

Nix: uh oh, this guy is spooky. But you're curious about what he wants. Good thing Nirrn has it covered. Hide in the aisle so he doesn't see you but listen in. Keep sweeping as well

Ordo: check your backpack to see what you smuggled in brought for lunch. Also forget about clocking in because you forgot your employee ID number
No. 984906 ID: 5ec3f5

Open fire.
No. 984907 ID: d47474

maybe? If you can give me a name or a description I might be able to help.

while cleaning take notice of the first customer of the night, maybe go see if Nirrn needs help since she is about to leave.

finish getting "ready" for your shift tonight and then head out to see what bullcrap they're going to have you doing tonight to earn you paycheck.
No. 984908 ID: 10c07d

We should always help our customers! Reply hesitantly that you can try to help if you can.
No. 984910 ID: 041c52

“Oh, we see a lot of clients, any descriptions? Species, sex things like that?
No. 984976 ID: 19a984

Against store policy, sir. I would recommend approaching the police. Of course, if you are the police, show us a warrant and then we will happily show you our security footage. (say all of this like it is canned dialogue)
No. 984979 ID: 094652

"My apologies, but breaching privacy for the cause of an unknown will destroy any hope I have of career advancement.

Do you want to speak to the manager, or will you show me your ID and badge? If you have the proper authorization I can bypass the former."
No. 984986 ID: ce39da

Nirrn: Humor him, at least. Find out if you even have the information he wants before you decide whether to give it to him.

Ordo: Take that hit. Maybe forget to officially clock in.
No. 984998 ID: 11f77a
File 160987789890.png - (0.96MB , 550x500 , tvd_006.png )

“Well mister... I can try,” Nirrn hesitantly answers. It’s strange for someone to wander around looking for somebody in the middle of the night. “M-Mind if I ask the nature of why you might be looking for this person? If you give me a name or a description I might be able to help.”

Seems like there’s too much silence before he answers. He reaches into his coat. And gradually, he pulls out photos. Two mugshots of an icynth and a relicynth.

“You might need to be on the lookout for these dangerous men,” he resumes, “A relicynth about yay-high, and an icynth with a scar over his left eye. They’re wanted for murder. Innocent people, too.”
No. 985000 ID: 11f77a
File 160987802153.png - (1.00MB , 550x500 , tvd_007.png )

“They’re on the run and hopped planets. They came through the Silo* and may be here in the city. Any signs of their presence will be very helpful.”

*The Silo: space elevator
Suggestions for Ordo are being considered/collected, not to worry.
No. 985002 ID: e7c7d3

Nix, are there mirrors around the store ceiling? Check to see if the stranger is looking at make a break for the back door.

Nirrn, say you haven't seen the relicynth but this icynth...
No. 985003 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Try not to look too surprised as you totally know who one of those people are. You aren’t going to sell out your favorite coworker so quickly however! “M-murder!?” Try muster up a response that does not imply you know Nix, but leads to you getting more info on the situation.

Nix: Try to hide in the bathroom and pray to whatever space god you worship that Nirrn doesn’t sell you out.

Ordo: Continue being a lazy bum in the breakroom.
No. 985008 ID: 19a984

Nirrn: Say no, you haven't seen either of them, but while saying that, tap the pic of Nix and subtly point toward where he is.

Nix hasn't exactly worked here long enough to garner enough loyalty to lie for him. Especially if he is a criminal.
No. 985009 ID: 19a984

Nix has only been working here for a little bit. That is hardly long enough for him to become Nirrn's favorite. Hell, they are still in the trial period.
No. 985010 ID: 5ec3f5

Nirrn: Act surprised at the mention of the murder and ask him if he's from the law enforcement, then tell him that you saw two customers just like that about half an hour ago and that when they left, they went in that direction.

By misleading him this way, he should be in a hurry to leave and thus won't have the time to check out the rest of the store.
No. 985014 ID: 46e8b7

UUf. What a pain.

Nirrn: ask if he is the police, or a bunty hunter.

Nix: what ever you end up doing, do try not to hurt your employer.

Ordo: Just keep doing what you are doing my man.
No. 985026 ID: abce79

Nirrn: ask to see his police badge

Nix: this >>985002

Ordo: check backpack
No. 985030 ID: 46a721

Nix: try to leave by the back entrance if there is one. Killing an investigator that hasnt found you yet will just call more your way.

Ordo: Try to calm down your coworker....or I dunno, play the Nintendo Switch, if you feel like it.
No. 985055 ID: 3aa06e

Nirrn: Ask questions, for the sake of stalling but also so you can gather information before making a final decision, pretend you're studying the photos as if you never saw Nix before. Questions such as "Who did they murder?" and "Are they working together?"

Nix: Easy on that trigger, find a way to leave unnoticed. Keep your employer out of the crossfire if you can. Consider how severe your crime was, was it enough to get a bounty hunter on your back?

Ordo: Stroll out of the break room with whatever form of entertainment you can keep hidden in your pockets. Nothing interesting happens in this no-where part of town anyway.
No. 985059 ID: e85a08

Nirrn: Do this >>985008 then get out of there. Whoever's telling the truth, it's none of your business and there's no need to implicate yourself.
No. 985062 ID: 2aa5f0

take a closer look at the pictures and ask for the names of these two individuals.

Try and sneak out the back while the guy is busy

Be oblivious to what's happening up front and keep carrying on like normal.
No. 985064 ID: 11f77a
File 160990861793.png - (1.03MB , 550x500 , tvd_008.png )

Fuuuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK! Okay. So you’re not really Nix, your real name is Fletch. Fucking shit. FUCK! They found you. That fucking zipper-neck sent some goon over to find you!

Yeah that deal went to shit real fast but it wasn’t your fault. Kind of. You just grabbed the money with Grutter and decided to just live new lives. Fucking stupid! Can’t believe that asshole brought you into this! You’re not afraid to kill your way out. Fuck! But Nirrn has been very kind to you. You’ll do your best to avoid her if bullets start flying.

The bathroom is on the way to the employee lounge. Same as the back exit which is further back. The customer will certainly see your ass scurrying down the hall. Only thing to do is waiting if that Huntoon sells you out or not.

Some notes:
Nix/Fletch took a bus to work, you have no ride.
The other exit is, of course, the store entrance.
No. 985066 ID: 11f77a
File 160990867858.png - (654.03KB , 550x500 , tvd_009.png )

Nirrn indeed recognizes the icynth in the photo. With some advantage having a hard-to-read face she tries not to... give anything away. There’s the sudden feeling striking your chest when that realization kicks in. “M-Murder?” you repeat to buy more time to conjure up a better response.

“Uh, I’m--sorry. Are you from law enforcement? Or police? Can I see your badge?”

There’s a pause. The Zepher looks at her, his stare never shifts away. It’s hard to read him at all as there isn’t a twitch from hearing her answer.


“You know him, don’t you?” he concludes. Like a sensible joke he sneers just ever so slightly from the corners of his mouth. He continues to softly speak between the both of you. “Is he here?”

He gently pulls out his gun without breaking his gaze. Without aiming (yet). A tinge of tease highlights his final words.

“Don’t lie.”
As far as Ordo goes--he began making a new fresh pot of coffee. Took a small hit of gray (drug) and is waiting for the machine to brew. He slaps his face to keep awake inside the employee lounge.
No. 985067 ID: 19a984

Nirrn: just point. There is nothing to gain out of hiding a criminal.
No. 985069 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Nervously stammer and stumble over your words. You just want to go home at this point.

Fletch: Wait for the right moment to act.

Ordo: Come out from the employee lounge to tell Nirrn you think that shitty coffee machine is busted again.
No. 985072 ID: e85a08

Nix/Fletch: If there's no way out, and you've already killed and got away with it once (sort of), you may as well shoot first while the goon's distracted.
No. 985073 ID: 91160b

Nirrn: oh no!, he didnt show you his badge and is threatening you. He isn't with the police after all.

First, take slow deep breaths to calm yourself. Then stealthfully push the silent alarm button under the counter to call the police here secretly.
After that, lie to the Zepher and say you have to pull up the employee work schedule on a nearby computer or work schedule sheet to see what time or day Nix works next. Use this to bide some time for the police to get here

Fletch: got a phone? Text message Grutter and warn him of what happened using code words.

Ordo: trip out... or just burn yourself on the coffee pot by accident, screaming in pain, loud enough for everyone in the building to hear.
No. 985076 ID: 91160b

(I oppose having Fletch shoot... at least not yet. Dont want to scare Nirrn)
No. 985078 ID: 2aa5f0

point to the one you don't know and say you've never seen him before in your life, then point to Nix and say he's an occasional regular that always stops to chat when you're not busy when he stops by. Never says much about himself but always seems eager to hear what you have to say. Push the silent alarm button while panic fidgeting.

wait for a good moment to try and take the guy out so you can make your escape.

finish heating up the coffee before grabbing a cup and then head out and let everyone else know you through a fresh pot on. As long as you make it at least look like you're doing something to help out everyone else they can't be to pissed at you.
No. 985079 ID: 3aa06e

Nirrn: Calmly tell him that Nix was supposed to work the night shift. You haven’t seen him come in yet.

Nix:How good is your throwing arm? Do you think you can smash through the window with something solid and make it seem like you ran for it outside?

Ordo: Ready another hit, for whatever reason you think this might be a long night. Careful not to burn yourself on the coffee while you’re at it.
No. 985097 ID: 46a721

Nirnn: Say that you have seen the one with the scar. He'd just started working here as a janitor, but had just ended his shift for today. You don't know his address and had obviously not done a background check.

Nix/Fletch: furtively make your way to the back entrance, the further away you are from snake-boy's gun, the better.

Ordo: Keep waiting for the cofee to brew. You are gonna need it.
No. 985102 ID: 5ec3f5

Nirrn: Tell him that you have no duty to answer questions of anyone that's not from the law enforcement. In fact, it's better that you call them right away! Then proceed to do so and start telling them about the armed man that's threatening you.

By doing this, the zepher may be discouraged, or he may act up, which would alert Nix and Ordo and give them better odds to react.
No. 985160 ID: 11f77a
File 161000136798.png - (807.84KB , 550x500 , tvd_010.png )

>Do you think you can smash through the window...
There’s nothing heavy or sharp enough to break the glass. Well... there’s your gun. You don’t know if it works like in the movies where you can shoot the glass and ram against it.

You don’t have your phone on you either. It’s in the lounge in your locker. Nirrn was strict to not have phones on your person.

Nirrn stammers a bit. It’s one of those moments where you can’t do two things at once. Hard to think and talk at the same time--and she shifts her arm to reach the panic button.

“S-Sir. I-- uhm. Uh. I-I’ve seen the little one,” the Huntoon shudders in fear, “His name is Nix! H-He was supposed to come in but never did! That’s all, I swear!”

There’s a loud yell coming from the break room. Followed by cussing. It seems to be the signal. Something unleashes in Fletch and he fires three bullets into the stranger’s back.

No. 985161 ID: 11f77a
File 161000148054.png - (0.96MB , 550x500 , tvd_011.png )

You know you’ve hit him. Nirrn screams. No exit wounds on her end. She drops behind the counter to hide. There’s a split second of the Zepher spinning to return fire. The icynth retreats with a wince. POOM POOM! A chunk of Fletch’s cover rips off. As well as nicked his ear.


• Nirrn is hiding behind the counter, whimpering.
• Fletch currently doesn’t know how ‘bad’ he’s got the Zepher. He hears quick footsteps--probably running for cover around the aisle. He didn't even grunt or yell when those bullets hit him square in the back.
• Ordo is thinking... ‘were those... were those gunshots or something?’ He pauses and listens for more--unhurried.
No. 985162 ID: e7c7d3

Nirrn, hit the silent alarm!
No. 985165 ID: e51896

Nirrn: you were reaching for the panic button. Did you push it? If not, press the silent alarm and stay under the counter.

Nix: Grab the Phucc Tunn -o- chips and spill the chips on the floor. That way, when you move away from that spot, and the Zepher steps on them later, you'll know where he is. Spill them around the corner of one of the aisles so he doesnt see the chips on the floor immediately.
Also, can you make a mental image of the floorplan of this store so we can think up a plan of action of where to move? And where can you hear the Zepher's footsteps currently?

Ordo: get your phone, this could lead to some good social media material. Imagine, you can go viral!
No. 985166 ID: 2aa5f0

keep your head down and hit that silent alarm.

guy probably has armor on, might want to try and aim for the more fleshy bits you can see in the future. Also find better cover.

this place got cameras? If so could you look at them to make sure the shop isn't getting robbed by a gun toting manic. Be safer then poking your head out into the store and getting shot.
No. 985168 ID: 0b42a2

Nirrn: calm down, push the panic button, things will be fine.

Fletch: Say something bad about zephers while running away. Make him waste more bullets.

Ordo: A pot full of hot coffee can be a good weapon if things get bad.
No. 985179 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Silent alarm!

Fletch: Stay hidden behind your cover, not much you can do in the situation.

Ordo: In a state of drug induced panic burst out of the employee lounge and throw the full coffee pot at the Zepher.
No. 985768 ID: 11f77a
File 161077848775.png - (797.51KB , 550x500 , tvd_012.png )

Nirrn frantically hits the panic button, tapping it as if it would make the police arrive faster. Nothing more on her mind than to wait this situation out.

Fletch dares to look around the corner facing the counter--a brief time to grab a Phucc Tunn –O- Chips to rip open and spread it all around the floor. Potato crisps everywhere in his immediate area in case the stranger might stalk in his area. He shifts his spot in accordance to where the stranger may be.

Guh, what the fuck am I doing?” he whines. Huddling with his gun shaking in his fist.

None of you can see where the Zepher is.
No. 985769 ID: 11f77a
File 161077851437.png - (896.56KB , 550x500 , tvd_013.png )

Current map of the convenience store.

•Nirrn is huddling under the counter. She has no line of sight.
•Fletch has moved around his cover based on his perception where the stranger may have gone to.
No. 985773 ID: 35d83e

Nirrn: Try to calm down and look at the items around you, maybe something can be of aid.

Ordo: Take a *very* careful peek through the door.

Fletch: Hide behind the shelf closest to the back exit, ready to rush for it as soon as you hear the crunching of the guy stepping on the chips.
Also, you fired three shots, how many do you have left?
No. 985778 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Slowly poke your head over the counter to see what’s going on.

Fletch: Convenience stores usually have those big mirror things on the ceiling right? Try to see if there’s one here you can use to spot the Zepher.

Ordo: it’s gotten strangely silent out there ever since you heard those bangs, you should probably see what’s going on.
No. 985779 ID: 2aa5f0

keep your head down

doesn't this store have those domed mirrors in the corners of the store to help the casher look down the aisles from the counter to make sure people aren't shoplifting? Could you use those to get a bead on your hunter... and if so watch out so he isn't pulling the same trick on you.

And if not move your ass as quick as you can towards storage and move up the aisle and towards the back exit. Just make sure you stop before you get out in the open and peek towards where you last saw the guy so you don't end up getting gunned down in the back while making a run for the exit.

uh, you got the phone number of any of your co-workers? Maybe give them a quick call and see if they're alright. This way you can see if it's safe without poking your head out of the doorway and into the sight of a crazed gunmen. And if it does prove to be nothing well then it's just work as usual.
No. 985795 ID: 19b466

Are there any windows in the storage or in the lunge?
No. 985823 ID: 15a025

Ordo: Stay in the lounge for now, you don't get paid enough to deal with gun fights.
No. 985879 ID: dcf013

Fletch, you gotta get to Grutter so that you two can cover each other while making your way out through the back exit.
No. 985902 ID: 094652

Nirrn: Drink something to calm your nerves.
Fletch: Kick the store rack over and run while he's distracted.
Ordo: Call as many people as you can.
No. 985974 ID: da1170

Ordo: barge into the main room and loudly ask what's going on?
No. 986108 ID: 11f77a
File 161137750034.png - (274.05KB , 550x500 , tvd_014.png )

Grutter doesn’t work at the convenience store nor does he have a position in any job at all. He’s freelance; he does odd jobs on Krullgslist. Usually moving furniture for cheap credits. He has the van you two share.

There are no windows in the storage room, and neither in the lounge. Fletch hasn’t counted how many bullets he started with before going to work--which was a stupid move on his part. It surely wasn’t a full magazine as far as he remembers. What was that? Three shots so far?

There is a domed mirror on each corner of the store’s southern wall. Where Fletch is, he peeks around with his only eye, beads of sweat off his brow. Inching ever closer to have a good look.

And there he is. And the Zepher stares right back at him with just the slightest smirk. Like a cue to attack.
No. 986110 ID: 11f77a
File 161137770578.png - (297.12KB , 550x500 , tvd_015.png )

Fletch juts his head back before a bullet blasts another chunk of the shelf away--shredding into his right shoulder with a mist of blood.


Fucker was waiting for that! Son of a bitch!! Gotta... gotta think ahead of him. Two steps ahead. Fuck this hurtssssss

•Nirrn can’t find anything of aid. She keeps her head down almost paralyzed from fright.
•Ordo peeks and can’t see much from his angle at the Lounge Door. After the next gunshot he retreats and opts to wait for this to blow over. You don’t get paid enough to deal with gun fights.
No. 986111 ID: b1b4f3

Fletch: consider surrendering.
No. 986115 ID: e51896

Fletch: how sturdy are the shelves in the aisle? If it is possible, try pushing one of the shelves towards the zepher, causing it to tip the other shelves like dominoes until it falls on the zepher, or at least gives you a clear shot to shoot him when he runs out of the way!

Nirrn: the zepher isnt near your counter anymore. make a break for the exit. Retrieve ordo from the employee lounge on the way out, save his life and let him know what is going on despite not liking him too much.

Ordo: yep, definetly gunfires. You didnt piss off your drug dealer enough to send a hitman after you or something, did you? If not, then it should be safe enough to call the police without you yourself getting arrested as well.
No. 986116 ID: 2aa5f0

keep doing what you're doing, keeping your head down.

Uh, shoot out mirror, knock down the shelves and try hope the domino effect of them falling over will land on top of trechcoat, use the distraction to make a brake for the back exit. Pray.

Barricade yourself in the room, call cops. Hope everyone you kinda give a shit about are ok and that this will blow over soon.
No. 986142 ID: dcf013

Oh, I thought Ordo was Grutter.

Fletch, try to lure the guy to you in a way that will allow you to escape.
No. 986163 ID: 3aa06e

Nirrn: Is there a light switch you can use to shut off the lights so you (and Nix/Fletch) have a better chance of escape?

Fletch: Health check, how badly do you think he just screwed you up? Shoot out the mirror and loudly run towards the counter. Stop then crawl back quietly to your original position but stay low. Ideally you want to get towards the back where you have more rooms to hide in till the police arrive, or if you're lucky, the back exit you can use.

Ordo: You're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sure, if the police arrive you're safe from the gunman, but they'll find the drugs you brought. Not sure how long they'll keep you in the slammer for but you probably don't want to get caught with what you've got. And that's assuming this guy doesn't manage to barge into your room if you barricade it. Cautiously open the lounge door and see if you can get into storage for something useful that will help you escape (and maybe your fellow coworkers).
No. 986198 ID: 4a04f9

Nirrn: faint from shock. Alternatively, remember the live shooter training videos your company made all of the store managers watch.
•Try to get out of the building as fast as possible
•If you can't get out, barricade yourself somewhere safe with Ordo if possible.
Remember that Nix has a gun and should be treated as just as much of a criminal as this other guy. Meaning run away from them and don't help either of them.

Ordo: Gtfo of dodge and call the cops. Then start filming from a safe distance so you can post this on the internet (or whatever the equivalent of the internet is in a spacefaring, interstellar, multispecies society).
No. 986694 ID: 5a788d

Mirror's angled down. Go OVER the aisles.
No. 986759 ID: 11f77a
File 161221181211.png - (222.76KB , 550x500 , tvd_016.png )

Dammit! The adrenaline is running but it’s going to be hard to aim with this shoulder. There’s a queasy knot in his stomach and he may want to throw up later. But Fletch takes a deep breath, tenses up, and exhales to stave off that feeling.

No matter what, he absolutely must push the shelves over! He’s not really your average height to simply knock them down. With the shoulder blaring pain with every pulse in his heart--he must ignore and endure. One shove wouldn’t be enough--instead having to wobble the shelf back and forth. Each oscillation adds momentum to finally tip over.

You hear a domino effect coming from the other side too. The middle two shelves meet each other and slam accessories and snack bags onto the floor as they pivot into some makeshift tent.

‘Good,’ he thinks to himself as he realizes the Zepher was using the same move, ‘I’m thinking on the same level as him. But I must be better!’

•Nirrn is unable to turn out the lights for most of the switches are found near the office. She feels like she’s about to faint but keeps her head down. All that ruckus going on--her store is ruined!

•Ordo knows if the cops find out he’s been keeping drugs in his backpack he’s gonna be in a lot of trouble. He’s a bit strung out and swipes his backpack, shoving everything he took out back in--ready to leave. Fuck this night!
No. 986760 ID: 094652

Nirrn: Rant at the two 'customers' for destroying your store without payment.
Fletch: Parkour over the other shelf and run towards the exit. And grab some snacks or water on your way out.
Ordo: Conveniently leave some of the stash on the table to distract the heat by framing the store as a drug front.
No. 986761 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Press the panic button more, you want this over with!

Fletch and Ordo: Get the hell out of the store while you still can. The Zephyr will probably be a bit confused as to why the shelves didn’t fall all the way down, take that brief moment of distraction and use it to get out.
No. 986763 ID: ce39da

Fletch: Throw a snack bag over the pile-up to make the Zepher react; even if he doesn't shoot it, it's still a second of distraction you can use to move to the other end of the aisle.

Ordo: You're gonna run into trouble if the cops catch you with the contraband outside; they gotta be here any second now! Are there any other lockers you can stuff it into? Not Nirn's or the new guy's - someone whom the cops can't immediately question. Failing that, dump the powder into the coffee and bury anything non-dissolvable in the trashcan. It's not ideal, but the goods will be hidden for the time being.
No. 986768 ID: 2aa5f0

this place is insured right?

quick question but from this >>984843 it looks like all the walls of this store are all windows right? Can you just shoot out the nearest window and escape through there?

out the back door you go.
No. 986776 ID: 6e4236

Nirrn: Scream with abandon.

Ordo: Spill the cofee and scream with more abandon.

Fletch: climb up the shelves and shoot at the now coverless bad guy.
No. 986783 ID: d3fc52

Nirrn: Stay down and keep quiet. Continue to consider fainting.

Ordo: Toss the illegal contents of your bag into your vehicle if secure, otherwise hide it somewhere, then call the cops (cops may keep your bag as one of the many pieces of evidence). Alternatively, just take the goods and run.
First option is probably better though cuz you could become a suspect if you are seen fleeing the scene.
No. 988938 ID: 11f77a
File 161411764662.png - (249.41KB , 550x500 , tvd_017.png )

There’s no use in fighting this professional. Now could be the only chance to leave for the exit!

Dashing down the aisle Fletch swerves and sprints for the back. There’s a loud gunshot. The stranger has climbed to a higher vantage point.

The bullet spears through the icynth's back, a spackle of blood decorates the floor ahead of him. The surge of pain drops Fletch to his hands and knees within several feet of the exit door. There’s no gasp or yell--just a man trying to register a response. Don't give up... keep... stay... alive...

•Nirrn squeals from the gunshot. Her head is teetering from how thankful she is to have this store insured--and if she’s ever going to come out of this alive. She stays down.

•Before Ordo scrams, he’s concerned whether he’ll be caught with drugs or he should just stash them in a hiding spot. He's car is out in the front. He'll need to circle 'round to reach it. He feels he won’t get away without being a suspect either. The gullusk stuffs what contraband he has in a locker that isn’t marked by an employee’s name. In fact, all lockers are blank for anyone to use when free.
Ordo busts open the door to see Fletch writhing in pain.
No. 988939 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Peak out from the side of the counter to see Fletch on the ground.

Fletch: Aim your gun at Ordo and threaten to shoot unless the Zepher lets you get away.

Ordo: Think about how much you regret not quitting this job last week.
No. 988940 ID: 04d10e

Ordo: if he is close enough, quickly grab and drag Fletch into the lounge and shut the door, barring it with a table or something heavy. You may not like him that much, but you're not heartless enough to let him die.
No. 988943 ID: e85a08

Fletch: Roll on your back and dump your mag while scooting with your knees towards the exit.
No. 988945 ID: b1b4f3

This. Fletch should reveal his true colors.
No. 989001 ID: e51896

Fletch could threaten Ordo's life, but I do not think the Catalyst is an investigator or with the police, so I think he really wouldn't care about Ordo's life if Fletch held him hostage
No. 989050 ID: ce39da

Fletch: Turn and shoot at the Zepher. Even if you don't hit, that should force him into cover.

Ordo: Uhhhhhh. UHHHHHHH. Don't think; drag your coworker into the lounge.
No. 989055 ID: 041c52

Shoot at his direction so he covers and you can exit thr store.

Ordo, hide the drugs.
No. 989118 ID: c2745b

Ordo, hide the drugs, run, and call the cops. Don't help Fletch. Fletch is clearly not who you thought he was and you owe him nothing. Also if you help him, the other guy will probably fuck you up.
No. 990082 ID: 15a025

Ordo: Ditch the drugs. If anyone asks, they were Fletch's.
No. 993704 ID: 11f77a
File 161704367534.png - (263.93KB , 550x500 , tvd_018.png )

Fletch crawls. He’s close to puking as he cringes to the overwhelming pain. His ears pick up the rubber soles of the mercenary’s boots tromping across the floor. The ichor yells something on par to a war cry as he turns and dumps his mag in the zepher’s direction.


The roar warns his pursuer--but his dodge was not fast enough. Nicked in the shoulder, the zepher contains his pain to a grunt as he flips to his back against the adjacent corner wall.

Five shots and the pistol clicks.
No. 993705 ID: 11f77a
File 161704437106.png - (200.80KB , 550x500 , tvd_019.png )

Ordo regrets everything today. A bad combination of indecisiveness, being high on gray, tiredness, and now some fucking robbery is happening with your coworker bleeding out on the floor firing everything he’s got.

There’s only one reaction. The gullusk grabs Fletch by the collar and drags him inside the lounge. A blood trail smears around the doorway. He slams it shut with a chair lodged under the door handle.

“The fuck’s going on, Nix?!”
No. 993706 ID: 11f77a
File 161704442646.png - (289.87KB , 550x500 , tvd_019map.png )

Updated Map
No. 993707 ID: b1b4f3

Ordo, get first aid.
Fletch, make up some bullshit so Ordo thinks you're the good guy. You've been lying so much, why stop now?
Nirrn, peek your head out since the shooting stopped. Plead with the guy to just leave in peace.
No. 993708 ID: e7c7d3

Nirrn, leave through the front door and cry for help
No. 993719 ID: 10c07d

Combination of these two. Also is there a window in the bathroom? It may be possible to escape through the bathroom window.
No. 993752 ID: 2aa5f0

Barricade door with all furniture in brake room, look for window.

try not to bleed out... treat your wounds as much as able

now might be a good time to leave and get some help.
No. 993783 ID: c31a2c

Nirrn: this guy is probably going to hold you hostage to pull your employees out. Run out the front door!

Ordo: call police. You hid the drugs, so it should be fine now

Fletch: pretty much >>993707
No. 994061 ID: 3aa06e

Nirrn: Now is a good time to run out the front. These two will be fine hopefully, nothing you can really do. Unless you want to risk trying to disarm him but who knows what else he's packing.

Fletch: >>993707 Something like this. Maybe come up with a joke story like "Oh I stole his girlfriend and he came to settle things." or "I rear ended him by accident earlier today and he's out for blood." Might as well get a cheap laugh out of this.

Ordo: After barricading the door to the best you can keep your head down. This isn't a saferoom, unless you were specifically told that the employee lounge is made of the best bullet proof materials you are not out of the woods. A bullet could come through the walls.
No. 995584 ID: 15a025

Nirrin: Now's a great time to escape.

Ordo: First aid for Nix. Worse comes to worse, we grab toilet paper or paper towels out of the bathroom.

Nix: Lie, explain this dude's a robber.
No. 995708 ID: 11f77a
File 161818522184.png - (262.57KB , 550x500 , tvd_020.png )

There are no windows in either bathroom (or in the lounge)--Fletch is clenching his wounds as blood pours. As if there really was anything to be thankful in this matter... there’s a first aid container. After Ordo uses the coffee table as a second barricade he runs to it. There are small tablets of medicine, ointment, and alcohol, bandages and some gauze; the gullusk swipes them up with small boxes of medicine tumbling onto the floor.

In the adrenaline that comes in hills and valleys--this time when everything slows down and his mind is blanking--Fletch has almost forgotten his fake name and takes a moment to improvise though choked breaths of blood.

“I-It’s just a robbery, maaaan. I don’ fuckin’ know... Shit’s goin’ postal. Fuck, this huuurts...”

Ordo doesn’t have time for an insight check. He fumbles to open a gauze packet and applies pressure to the wound. Fletch swears some more. “It’s alright, Nix. Stay with me. We’ll get out of here! The police should be here! We gotta stand our ground!”

The knob jumbles and the door crunches into the chair. ‘Thump, thud!’ Looks like it will hold the stranger back.
No. 995711 ID: 11f77a
File 161818540411.png - (227.62KB , 550x500 , tvd_021.png )

Nirrn frantically runs around the check-out counter and heads for the front; this man could use her as a hostage if she doesn’t leave immediately! Her store may be ruined but right now her life is all that matters. She wishes her late husband was here. Or her pet Nibbles.

At first there’s hope that she’ll leave unscathed. The huntoon is halfway until another two gunshots echo down the hall. She wasn't paying attention to what the stranger is doing now, hunting that poor boy.

The windows on the front door splatter in red. She almost doesn’t notice being hit--funny how that seems to be. But it’s the realization that kicks in and she drops to her knees--the momentum of running makes her fall forward onto her chest.
No. 995719 ID: e51896

Nirrn: According to the map, are you near any of those items scattered on the floor? are any of them toxic on open wounds? if so, throw it at the gunman's gunwound.

Ordo: does any of your drugs happen to be pain killers? might want to offer it to Nix Otherwise, continue treating the wounds.

Fletch: Keep talking to Ordo, it is important to help you stay conscience.
No. 995721 ID: 10c07d

Nirrn: Just play dead, that’s the only way I can see her getting out of this alive at this point.

Fletch: try to stay awake

Ordo: Look up how to treat a gunshot wound on your phone and call the police; assuming he has his phone with him. If you are calling the cops however make sure to flush any drugs you possibly might or might not have in your locker before they arrive.
No. 995759 ID: 041c52

Nirrn: Don’t move, just wait until this is over.
Otro: Keep aiding Fletch
No. 996023 ID: 9aaeef

Nirrn: Just stat down, wait for the police to arrive.
Fletch: Try not to pass out.
Ordo: If you see anything that can work as a weapon take it, just in case.
No. 998043 ID: 11f77a
File 161958059384.png - (249.07KB , 550x500 , tvd_022.png )

Nirrn tries to crawl--yet every breath and cringe pulses nothing but pain throughout her body. Playing dead would give her a better chance to live through this, she thinks. The huntoon goes limp, struggling to breathe as silently as possible. She doesn’t look back. But there’s her reflection in the glass door. The stranger is distant and faded. Yet something... something he has...

The room is growing dark. Or is it just the atmosphere of the night creeping in the room?

So hard... to tell...
No. 998044 ID: 11f77a
File 161958069028.png - (253.95KB , 550x500 , tvd_023.png )

Ordo looks through his bag, maybe some of his drugs could help. Yeah, a bit of gray could help numb some pain! Fletch is already smacking his face to stay in the zone--like he skipped caffeine during a 2:00 AM drive on a long, country road.

“Stay awake, man! Look--I got you something! Just chew on it, alright? Relax but don’t sleep! Stay with me!” Ordo holds the drug and practically shoves it under the ichorynth’s lip. It would take a minute but Fletch starts to feel better when the remedy dissolves on his tongue like a skittle. Maybe that’s the placebo part before it runs in his blood.

There’s a loud ‘CRUNCH’ that drops against the door. Terrifyingly heavy and metallic like slamming a mini-fridge on an old wooden floor. The furniture shakes and still holds together, thankfully.

Unthankfully, another metallic crunch pops the doorknob off! As if a battering ram was involved. The knob skips on the hard floor.
No. 998045 ID: e7c7d3

Hide in some cupboards or lockers
No. 998063 ID: e51896

Nirrn: have a vision(?) of your late husband... maybe his ghost either trying to call you to him... or trying to tell you to keep living.

Fletch: roll out of sight of the hole where the doorknob used to be with all your strength, get your gun ready to shoot if he walks in.

Ordo: grab a fire extinguisher, stand next to the right side of the door (your right) get ready to spray him in the face with it if he walks in (he's probably too tall to bonk him in the head)
No. 998078 ID: 10c07d

Do this but hide Fletch behind an over turned table. Also with the fire extinguisher go for the knees first, then the head. Use that cracked out strength Ordo!
No. 998080 ID: 28ef8c

Ordo: arm yourself with the fire-extiguisher or any other blunt object you can find and be ready to hit as soon as that creature rears his body into the room.

Fletch: Out of bullets? Grab the hot coffee and be ready to poor onto the guy!

Nirrn: Don't fall asleep. Will yourself with all your strenght and Don't. Fall. Asleep.
No. 998083 ID: 9aaeef

Well, you tried Ordo, run like a coward.
No. 998678 ID: 15a025

Nirrin, do everything you can to stay awake.
No. 999199 ID: 6c3e10

>Yet something... something he has...

Oh fuck!!! I just realized! I think he has a bomb or grenade and is gonna throw it in the lounge through the doorhole!!

Ordo: grab Nix and get him in the bathroom pronto! If he throws a bomb, your best chance of survival is the bathroom!
No. 1007898 ID: 11f77a
File 162896657463.png - (236.53KB , 550x500 , tvd_024.png )

There’s no place to escape but through the mercenary (or head back inside the single bathroom). Ordo feels trapped like a grunrat. He shoves Fletch near some overturned furniture to the right side of the room. The flimsy bench in the middle can make for some cover. “Just hide, man!” he yelps while looking around for, well, anything.

Fletch doesn’t have any bullets left in his gun. There may be a clip in his backpack, stuffed inside his locker. His perception of time (and movements) seem to drag from the drug’s effects. The gullusk yanks a hefty fire extinguisher from the wall. It’ll do. It has to. Just gotta time it right. Aim for the legs, Ordo--that dude’s head is probably too high to reach.

The stranger rams into the door with such strength that the chair goes flying without a doorknob to wedge underneath. The door swings open, scooting the rest of the blockade to his right. On his left arm is something flat like a riot shield, raised to protect his torso.

With a swing, Ordo aims the red cylinder low and clocks the stranger’s knee. The zepher barks out an ill-tempered growl and lurches down on one knee.
No. 1007899 ID: 11f77a
File 162896680348.png - (319.14KB , 550x500 , tvd_025.png )

Before a second swing the stranger glares at Ordo with piercing yellow eyes, and his shield extends out like a third arm to throw the gullusk back. Ordo slams against the lockers with the wind knocked out of his lungs. But he still holds the extinguisher firmly.
No. 1007902 ID: e51896

Ordo: spray the exitnquisher in his eyes so he doesn't see and shoot at you as you lie and tell this intruder he is too late, Nix already escaped through the window in the bathroom, then roll towards Nix's hiding place and hide with Nix as he tries to get his vision back from you spraying at him.

Fletch: whisper and let Ordo know about having bullets in your backpack and have him try to quickly and quietly retrieve and throw the backpack to him from the nearby locker when this intruder limps past you two towards the bathroom. (having Ordo drag you out of here might take too long and have him spot you) this guy's mobility should slower him down and give us the chance to do this as he heads towards the bathroom.

Nirrn: dream(?) of your dead husband
No. 1007903 ID: eedbeb

ordo: try to tangle yourself into the intruders legs
No. 1007963 ID: 894419

Seems like sound courses of action!
No. 1008167 ID: 3aa06e

Can't think of a better plan so lets go with this.
No. 1008202 ID: 11f77a
File 162925493460.png - (349.98KB , 550x500 , tvd_026.png )

Launched backwards in an arc, Ordo is slammed with his back into the lockers. He has landed on his heels but stumbles to keep up straight. His hand still holds onto the extinguisher.

Fletch is unable to whisper to Ordo, at least whisper quiet enough so the mercenary can’t hear—what with all the noise happening. He could try and crawl towards his locker.

“He’s already gone, asshole!” lies Ordo as he lifts the tube in attempt to blind the zepher with a cloud of chemicals--but the mercenary saw this action coming. The merc lifts his gun and fires once. A bullet sparks through the edge of the canister, coming out the other side and hits Ordo under his rib! In a matter of milliseconds the canister explodes!

A white cloud fills the lounge with chemicals turning the air cold and foggy. It’s almost hard to see. Ordo has dropped the extinguisher to clutch his wound. He groans and feels like dry heaving.
No. 1008203 ID: 23716b

Only thing left to do at this point is play dead and wait for the police and hope he believed the lie long enough for them to arrive... unless he somehow hacked the system to disable the silent alarm before coming here, in which case, GG NO RE
No. 1008204 ID: e7c7d3

yeah, play dead
No. 1008207 ID: cdbcf8


Nirrn: Start naming things that are your favorite color, whatever you do don't fall asleep on us girlfriend.

Nix: Crawl. Crawl out of that room like your life depends on it, which it does. Also grab the doorknob in case you need to bash the dude's brain in. Don't play dead because he WILL double tap.

Ordo: Huuuuuuuuuuuh play dead.
No. 1008215 ID: bd9e9a

There’s no way the guy didn’t get caught in the blast of the extinguisher, it was right next to him. I mean it probably wouldn’t have done much but blind him for a second and we don’t have anyone that could take advantage of that right now so…

Everyone play dead, bout all they can do at this point.

Whelp that was fun while it lasted, better luck next time boys.
No. 1008229 ID: cdbcf8

We aren't dead yet! That means we still have a shot at this! If we just push a little harder, live for a second longer. WE. WILL. MAKE. THIS!
No. 1008243 ID: 11f77a
File 162932805380.png - (231.30KB , 550x500 , tvd_027.png )

Ordo sinks to the ground and keels over in a fetal position. Maybe if he pretends to be dead, the zepher won’t bother. It’s about all he could do. Maybe, just maybe the police will bust in and save the day.

Fletch starts crawling. High on drugs--his vision pulses. Back and forth the room is concave and convex. He realizes once against the floor that the extinguishing chemicals have yet to reach the tiles. He sees his pursuer’s boots cautiously walk. Trying to navigate with little progress. Following something. That zipper-neck must have a hard time seeing his own feet with a head close to the ceiling, though. Hold on a minute...

He’s trying to follow Fletch’s path of blood!

The ichorynth silently grabs the doorknob. Could he even reach the dude’s head if he attempts to strike?

The stranger gradually walks closer. The room will start to clear up soon.
No. 1008266 ID: 055551

Dont throw it at his head, you cant see him. Instead, roll it under his feet, have him walk on it and trip on it.
No. 1008287 ID: e51896

Probably the best we can do right now. Even if we throw it at his head, it's not going to cause much damage except let him know where we are from knowing where it was thrown at, and he is following our blood trail along with the mist dissipating quickly, so even if we try to escape, we're moving too slow.

so yeah, roll that doorknob under his foot to trip him up, maybe the one he is limping on after he was attacked by the fire extinguisher.

the only drawback is that he'll see us after he trips to the floor, but hopefully we'll get lucky like he'll drop his gun towards us, or land on his head and get knocked unconscious, or make him more immobile. something that will make it more difficult for him to kill Fletch's accomplice with his injuries from tripping if he kills Fletch.
No. 1008317 ID: cdbcf8

Bash that fu*kers ankle!
No. 1008412 ID: 8a444d

I see this the most likely plan to succed. That guy is tall so should have relative bad balance. Be careful with it's shield backpack though, he can still use it in the floor.
No. 1008526 ID: 15a025

No. 1008801 ID: 11f77a
File 163002293818.png - (221.20KB , 550x500 , tvd_028.png )

Fletch notices that the stranger does have a slight limp from being hit with the extinguisher—and his height would work against maintaining balance.

He quietly aims as cautiously as a golfer readies a putt. Once the stranger lifts his foot it’s go time. The doorknob clack-clacks and rolls across the floor at a speed just perfect enough to lodge under his boot before the zepher could register what the hell that noise was.

Without any friction his foot slides forward and the stranger topples over. Fletch has already gotten up to rush over to the door.
No. 1008802 ID: 11f77a
File 163002305331.png - (277.35KB , 550x500 , tvd_029.png )

Fletch is already halfway through when the stranger scoots himself onto his back. The haze has not faded enough for a clear line of sight when he raises his gun and fires, attempting to guess Fletch’s position from the sound of his footsteps.

‘POOM! POOM! click!

Misses. Chunks of the doorway are blasted off behind the ichorynth. With some help from the drug it’s bearable enough to keep going. He still limps and uses the wall as support.
No. 1008803 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch get out of there through the back door and don't look back, no doubt he has another mag for his gun.

Ordo, maybe you should run for it too out there. Best not to be with your coworkers. Sticking together in this situation will get you all killed but splitting up means this gunman can only chase one of you down. Maybe the police are right outside?
No. 1008804 ID: 7924dc

Hey, Nirrn is gone.
I guess a cleaner must have extracted her body while no one was around for the assassination to go smoothly and not leave evidence.
No. 1008813 ID: 11f77a

I completely forgot to draw her in
No. 1008816 ID: 7924dc

It'll be obvious if you take the exit. Hide in the bathroom
No. 1008825 ID: e51896

No, won't work. He'll just follow the blood trail into the bathroom, then we'll be trapped.

The big guy needs to take time to get up, and reload, but if he is out of ammo, he'll probably start fighting us unnarmed, and we're in no condition to fight. He's probably not even going to bother reloading if he has extra ammo regardless to not waste time.

With that in mind, pick up a piece of the doorway that got blown off, preferably a sharp one that we can use as a weapon, then make your way to the door as quick as your body can handle without fainting. Listen for him, if he shows up, and has his gun, throw the piece of door at him, if he charges after you instead, use your door chunk as a melee weapon.

As for Ordo, keep playing dead. No need to lose another character after we tried to get Nirrn to escape... unless we want to use him as a distraction to sacrifice him in some way to waste the catalyst's time for Fletch to escape.
No. 1008844 ID: 2aa5f0

it's GTA logic now, leave them alone long enough and they just turn into a chalk outline.
No. 1008853 ID: 21ac40

Fighting is discarded unless we find a weapon (maybe Nirrn had something in the bar, but is far). Hidding is the best option but Nix would need some way to hid his blood trail first. Running is a hard bet, it only will work if the police come before the catalyst can catch Nix (which is not a lot of time).

The obvious choice is to risk and run for the door he is going right now. If Nix have the key of the door at hand it could make him win some precious seconds if he manage to close it behind him.

A less obvious option would be to try to use Nix's clothes to temporaly stop his bleeding enough time to hide while being careful to not step in the trail of blood. The problem is that if he hasn't opened the exit door first, then it will be obvious that he is hidding.

As the two options starts by going to the door, maybe Nix can decide on the run. If he ears the catalyst reload inside the room, he can try to hide because the chase will be very short. If the catalyst get's out the room, then it's running time.
No. 1009333 ID: 11f77a
File 163063448959.png - (248.93KB , 550x500 , tvd_030.png )

Fletch busts out of the store. He thinks the stranger will definitely reload and give chase. In that case, Fletch won’t run in a straight line but turn immediately in one direction, and it’s pretty dark at this hour. Ichorynths are quite adept at maneuvering in the night. Zephcynths, eh, not so well as far as he knows.
He just needs to find a secluded spot, makeshift some tourniquets to stop the bleeding, and think what the hell he’s going to do next.

He has no ammo left in the pistol he carries. No phone, as he left it in his locker.

He does have his wallet; enough for bus fare and perhaps cough 450 credits to spare...
No. 1009335 ID: 11f77a
File 163063513605.png - (224.43KB , 550x500 , tvd_031.png )

The fog has thinned. Ordo watches the stranger from the ground. The zephcynth makes an annoyed sigh--or maybe it was the pain in his leg from the bludgeoning and the fall. His riot shield moves; it’s attached to a metallic limb hidden under his trenchcoat.
It folds itself as if to become a cast for his injured leg--supporting it. He unloads the clip of his gun; rather than discard he keeps the empty clip in his pocket. Another is replaced. He doesn’t seem rushed to go after Fletch this very moment. A sudden mood change.

The stranger opens each locker, a majority of them empty so far. Ordo’s backpack was already out when he gave Fletch some drugs. He sneers when he uses his wounded arm.

“So.” the stranger calmly mutters. “You have offered yourselves to keep the rush alive...” Wait, was that to himself? What? Or to Ordo? He wasn’t looking at him in particular...

"Who was he to you?"
No. 1009338 ID: e51896

"Coworker *cough* who needed help getting away from crazed gunman... *cough* hurts to talk..."
No. 1009352 ID: 9cee9a

Ask who he is exactly, why even come here shooting up the place?
No. 1009353 ID: 094652

"You... *hack* killed her, you phuk. She... wasn't in the... game *coughing fit*. If you even care about anything then shoot *sniff* me *coughing fit* and save her."
No. 1009356 ID: 973ecd

Ordo didnt see nirrn get shot
No. 1009464 ID: 15a025

Co-worker worth saving from some thug with a gun.
No. 1009808 ID: 11f77a
File 163108413575.png - (121.33KB , 550x500 , tvd_032.png )

“W-What?” Ordo coughs. “What the fuck? *cough* He’s a coworker, man. Someone worth saving from... *cough cough* some thug with a gun!” The gullusk sits upright with a hand clenched to his wound, pressing just below his rib.

The stranger opens the locker that would presumably be Fletch’s. Just a chain of a few keys and a phone, along with some scraps of applications never quite filled out. His focus is away from Ordo, but he still replies without emotion. “Is that what you’re telling me? That it was for someone worth saving?”

The gullusk winces, “Man, who the fuck are you? Why? Why are you shooting up the place?”

The stranger gives no reply.
No. 1009809 ID: 11f77a
File 163108416999.png - (240.02KB , 550x500 , tvd_033.png )

He takes the phone, and lets the ceiling light shine upon it. Patterns of smudges are across its glassy surface. With the press of a button a locked screen shows with a grid. “There’s nothing more here; the rush unfortunately continues. But after some... inconveniences to tie off.”

“L-Listen, man-- you don’t have to!”

He steps closer with his gun drawn.
No. 1009810 ID: 11f77a
File 163108423968.png - (41.51KB , 550x500 , tvd_033_b.png )

“Can’t we just talk about this--?!"
No. 1009811 ID: 11f77a
File 163108435274.png - (147.88KB , 550x500 , tvd_034.png )

You’re a chupian officer of the Port Echo PD. Before you could retire for the night the radio is calling for all police in the area to respond to a commotion in a store. Witnesses near the building claim to have heard firearm discharges--possibly the start of a gang war.

The radio blathers: police who are on the scene report shot civilians. Couple dead, even. Suggestions hint a killer could be on the run but no idea where they may have gone as of yet.

Your personal phone also bleeps a tune...

Also, suggest a female name for chupian cop: ___
No. 1009812 ID: e7c7d3

Check your phone while you drive. No one says you can't!

How about the name... Farla
No. 1009814 ID: 094652

Pull over, check your inventory. You are not going anywhere near a crazed trigger-happy gunman without a military-grade ballistic shield.

Your name is Farah Kel'viine.
No. 1009846 ID: 8dddab

Cemmmmmbly is your name. And yes, people need to draw out the M in your name.

Idea: What if she secretly works for the same boss as the Catalyst and is helping him by being planted as a police officer to sneak fake evidence in the crime scene and hide evidence related to her boss and the catalyst? Would explain why the silent alarm didnt alert anyone.
No. 1009973 ID: 1bf26e

Take a glance on that fancy nav computer if that’s what is in your cruiser to see where you are in relation to the crime scene. Then stop the vehicle completely to check your personal phone.

Also looks like you don’t have a partner with you. Is the PD low on staff or are you some sort of super cop who doesn’t need backup? Better not be one of those “one more day till I retire” cops. Those are always bad omens.

Farah sounds like a good name.
No. 1010126 ID: 11f77a
File 163130096989.png - (184.70KB , 550x500 , tvd_035.png )

Farah has been on the force for several years, she aint retiring for a long, long time. And she aint a rookie either. She’s most familiar with the districts of Tar Zoa and Vaal Sol having grown up in that area. Usually she’d be assigned a partner but this is just a neighborly patrol. The navigator displays the crime scene which is in close proximity, as well as few other police who arrived. She’ll make a visit if anyone needs some extra help cordoning the vicinities.

As if the ringing of her personal phone was a signal to double check her inventory--she pats herself down. Badge, walkie, stun-gun, pistol, cuffs...

Well it aint a crime or anything if there’s a cop to supervise it--our chupian officer presses a button and activates the call. “Farah speaking.” She answers.
No. 1010127 ID: 11f77a
File 163130105152.png - (252.78KB , 550x500 , tvd_036.png )

You’re her husband (who needs a name). “Farah, my darling! I hope you’re not too busy occupied with work! I thought I’d call ahead to see what you’d like for a dinner side. Feeling grain or a veg?”

“Also, our son got in your potted plants again. I tried to save as much as I could but your gorgeous cherry ambergosses are ruined...”
No. 1010128 ID: 3b0217


Ask your husband if he took pictures :3
No. 1010130 ID: fd6146

Arjan and our son Mali will help on planting new flowers after veggy dinner.
No. 1010145 ID: 365ef6

Jokingly scold Arjy for invoking old tropes about police who get called by family just before something bad happen.

Also grain and good luck with the little troublemaker.
No. 1010165 ID: c92a02

Rictus. And darn, really? I was three days away from retiring and planting that flower in the garden for the orphanage we always wanted to start. I guess we'll have to think of a different first birthday gift for his new baby sister!
No. 1010264 ID: 15a025

Let's have some veg. Trouble maker's gotta eat all of their dinner tonight now too.
No. 1010830 ID: 11f77a
File 163190619677.png - (270.68KB , 550x500 , tvd_037.png )

Farah jests, “I thought we agreed it was bad luck to call before something bad, Anjan. Now I’ll find myself in an early retirement. And not the resting-on-the-Bolkor-Mountains kind of retirement.”

“Well it’s hard to predict when you’re on a case, hon. It’s as if you’re telling me never to call you! I would be worried sick to my eyeballs if I couldn’t hear your voice until you come home!”

She hums, “I’m joking. And I say we’ll have veg tonight. That troublemaker’s gonna learn to like yakbeets sooner or later. I’m on my way to investigate an aftermath of a shootout and see if anyone needs assistance.” Farah keeps her eyes forward--patiently steering around the block. A few ambulances zoom past an intersection. “Oof, I’ll come home right after, though. Could be a little late. Don’t wait for me if it gets too dark. Sorry.”

Anjan scrolls through his phone, “Ah, it's fine. I’m going to send you a few pictures, though. A bit of motion blur but Mali is never gonna live this down when he’s older!”

“--ah show me later. I got my eyes on the road. We can teach Mali how to plant some new flowers tomorrow. Is there anything else, hon? I'm about to turn into the scene...”
No. 1010834 ID: ce39da

"... Just wanted to say that I love you."
No. 1010837 ID: 365ef6

No. 1010847 ID: 6e4236

Are we still up for karaoke night tomorrow?
No. 1010871 ID: bbf50d

"Just don't bite off more than you can chew, if it gets overwhelming, remember to take it easy. There is always a home here for you no matter what.
No. 1010972 ID: 15a025

"Love ya, stay safe."
No. 1011107 ID: 11f77a
File 163210889575.png - (265.34KB , 550x500 , tvd_038.png )

“Only that I love you, dear~”

That gives Farah a soft smile. “I love you too, Anjan.”

“Are we still up for karaoke night?”


“Tomorrow? I can hire our usual babysitter. I thought we could go down to Beekers Pub--”

“You have a way with goodbyes, you know that?”
No. 1011108 ID: 11f77a
File 163210893020.png - (298.24KB , 550x500 , tvd_039.png )

Farah arrives. Dozens of cops already cordon the area and ward off curious pedestrians. The chupian parks, ducks under the yellow line, and walks towards the entrance. EMTs push a stretcher inside an ambulance, looks like a huntoon victim.

Analysts are taking pictures. Investigators have yet to arrive, it seems.
No. 1011109 ID: 11f77a
File 163210908584.png - (305.80KB , 550x500 , tvd_040.png )

Approaching a group of policemen Farah sees a friend, Tark. Standing tall like a lighthouse the gard turns and notices her. He’s been on the force much longer than Farah--he’s practically the type who’d be two weeks from retirement. But he always seems to extend that deadline the more cases he piles on.

“Hey Farah.”

“Deputy. What happened?”

“Homicide. And attempted murder.”


“We don’t know yet. Civilians heard gunshots. One dead gullusk was found in the office and an unconscious huntoon was left in critical condition... it'd be a miracle if she survives the night. You were in the neighborhood I see...”

Continue with any prompts
No. 1011122 ID: e51896

Tark: Since Farah was in the neighborhood and near the crime scene, ask if she got any kind of alert from the station of a silent alarm being activated.

Farah: say you did not hear orders about coming here.

Tark: ponder if the silent alarm was activated, and if not, why, and if it was, why the police station didn't report it to a police officer in the area (Farah). Your not going to accuse Farah of ignoring calls yet, she's a good officer and your friend. Consider looking into this silent alarm incident while ordering Farah looks for clues.
No. 1011131 ID: 7f1c09

Tark: mission briefing! Tell Farah she'll look around the store and the place where the huntoon was unconcious for clues of what could of happened and the killer while you'll check the the alarm system for any signs of tampering at the cash register and office as well as info on the employees here and security footage in the office. After that, you'll both check the break room where the dead body was found,

Farah: ask to switch roles, with you checking the security footage and alarm system.
No. 1011184 ID: 3aa06e

Tark: Mention the silent alarm, give a briefing on the injuries and wounds. Specifically, let Farah know what mess awaits her if she plans on looking at the gollusk. If you have a time on when the silent alarm was pulled and when police were called and then arrived give that too.

Farah: Check if this store had anything such as cameras to record events. See if there's a clock-in system to keep track of which employees were in, you have to notify the families of who won't be coming home. It'd also might let you know who is a suspect, this could have been an employee who went postal one late night.
No. 1011193 ID: ce39da

Tark: Confirm what Farah knows; affirm that while you don't have all the answers yet, there does seem to be evidence of at least two gunmen - that this wasn't a one-sided shooting.

Farah: Notice the location of the crime and ask why the silent alarm wasn't triggered. Did the cashier not have time to press it?

Tark: Explain that he checked it, and if the blinking is any indication, it was indeed pressed. Why the silent alarm didn't reach dispatch - coincidence or conspiracy - is just one mystery that needs answering. You've called in a tech specialist to take a look already.

Farah: Ask if you can take your own look at the crime scene. That investigator, if he's coming, would likely appreciate the extra legwork on your part.
No. 1011202 ID: 4e67d2

Tark: order your people around. Call forensics, call balistics, search if there are security cameras, look for foot and hand prints, do that funny thing where you blink your four eyes one at a time, comb the general area. It's time to catch a criminal.
No. 1011580 ID: 15a025

Farah: Ask about possible motives for the homicide or murder? Did theft have anything involved with tonight? Anything reported as stolen?

Anjan: Brush up on your karaoke skills anyway.
No. 1011792 ID: 11f77a
File 163280330005.png - (290.69KB , 550x500 , tvd_041.png )

Where Farah stands she turns her head and observes the area with a brief glance. She looks confused at first. “I haven’t heard any orders to come here when it was happening. Has the alarm even gone off?”

Tark nods, he seems to know how the deal works. “Yes. The silent alarm has been activated. But it doesn’t just buzz the nearest cop on the block. It sends a signal to the closest department and they have to dispatch some officers straight from the building. We can’t hope that ‘one would be in the area’ to call to action. And the response time is different in each city. Stack on top of that how... ‘motivated’ the officers are.”

“Motivated?! Criminals can just walk away with all that time? That’s... atrocious!”

“Kid, you’re forgetting this is the Tar Zoa District. It’s not your neighborly suburbia. Some of us are a diamond in the rough sure, but most have no drive to pick up the slack.
“Only a button is pressed. There’s no telling back at the station if it’s a robbery, break-in, or someone going postal. You just have to hold on for five or even ten minutes.
“It sucks, kid, but there can be bad eggs who covertly work with Hesphis Moss, and they can be bribed to delay a rescue if the Family are involved.

There’s a pause as that information sinks in. The gard takes a slow breath and continues. “You’d think that a killing from Moss’ gang would be a bit more… discrete I suppose. But it’s all speculation if I go on and on about that. We’ll need a thorough examination.”

The chupian opts to switch topics, “Well... what have we found so far?”

“I’ve only assessed the situation without touching anything. I had to direct the others where to cordon the area and make a few calls. There is an APB for anyone within several blocks who may look suspicious.”

“Any chance I can look inside?”

Tark makes a brief look of the parking lot. The ambulance speeds off with its siren warbling. “You’ll have to be quick about it. You can only look, not touch. Remain several feet from blood and damages. The forensics will be here any minute so...
“Grab your gloves. Put up some yellow tape. Look busy.”

“Got it.”
No. 1011793 ID: 11f77a
File 163280350608.png - (290.45KB , 550x500 , tvd_042_map.png )

Inside is a train wreck. Aside from the pool of blood at the entrance, the shelves have toppled like dominoes on the right. Bags of food and toiletries are dumped and scattered all over the floor.

Farah hasn’t seen a place so much in chaos. “Nine Gods, what the hell happened?”

“Your guess is as good as mine...

Continue with any prompts
• Check the office for camera footage
• Check for a clock-in system
• Speculate how it went down
• Examine destruction
• Put down some crime scene markers

No. 1011820 ID: 16d082

I think we should check the office for evidence and security camera footage, if it’s still there
No. 1011846 ID: 094652

Take some basic photographs with your phone, then set up crime scene markers near the blood.
No. 1011858 ID: ce39da

Have evidence markers ready to go for whenever you notice something - start marking what you can now, then investigate once you run out of things to mark.

Place this next to the blood pool out front.

FARAH: "Was this where the Huntoon was?"

TARK: Confirm, and make sure it's noted in the Exhibit's description - for lack of (or in addition to) an outline - what position her body was in; on her back vs. her front, where she was pointed, etc.

This one goes right next to "A," representing the pool of blood itself. Tark ought to have been taking careful note of which drag marks were already there before the EMTs showed up to take her away.

Placed at the NE corner of the toppled shelves, to represent them.

TARK: "Only way they'd end up like this is if two people were pushing from both sides at once..." Farah would note that down.

Placed at the splatter at the SE corner of the toppled shelves. It's actually Farah who notices the bit where the shelf was damaged, though it's Tark that notices the bullet hole opposite.

Placed at the splatter near the hallway entrance. Something got hit here, that's all you know. (Actually, they do ask themselves if that looks like one splatter or two.)

Placed right outside the lounge door. The path implies that a body was dragged in, then to a second spot (order unknown), then back out.

Also placed outside the lounge door. The doorknob is missing, plus several bullet holes in the door and adjacent wall.

TARK: "I suggest we keep our passing through this door to a minimum until forensics shows up with the plastic oneseys."

Placed at the blood pool in front of the office door.

FARAH: "Did an injured person stop here?"

Placed at the trail leading to the rear exit.

Exhibit marker placement is then on pause because:
FARAH: "Someone went through this door while bleeding. Tark!"

TARK: "Right. Shit." Radio in that you have reason to believe there's another potential injured in the area. "Farah, I'm gonna take a look outside - I want you to hold down the fort."

FARAH: Go back and investigate the various scattered chips to take your mind off of your worries about Tark and this possible third victim - something about these two spills did intrigue you.
No. 1014190 ID: 11f77a
File 163599398982.png - (235.10KB , 550x500 , tvd_042.png )

Tark pulls out a pocket-camera. He begins to lay down marks and snap photos. “The huntoon was here, face down and facing the door. She had an employee’s pin. Looked pretty late in her age, I don’t think she could hop over that counter after pressing the button. Had to run around it which was unfortunately the long way.” He points with the camera, “Entry wounds in the back; those could have been inflicted during her attempt to escape.”

The chupian looks around and spots the security camera in the corner. It would’ve captured anyone through the front door. Farah shimmies around the destruction and blood, careful not to step on any potential evidence. “I’m checking the office. I want a good look at our killer if he’s on tape.”

Tark nods, he’s still checking out the domino’d shelves. He mutters to himself, “Typical vandalism or... sending a message before a shootout erupted?” He shakes his head. He doesn’t quite believe his story--one can’t assume. The gard gradually patrols down the aisle.

Farah walks closer to the office. The smear of blood in the back hall rounds into the lounge. Someone was either crawling or dragged in there. There’s a small spatter of blood at the very bottom of the office door across from it.
No. 1014191 ID: 11f77a
File 163599409237.png - (224.45KB , 550x500 , tvd_043.png )

Farah opens the office to find a deceased gullusk slouched in front of a monitor. The lights are off. The screen blares against his oily scales. There’s currently live feed on the other monitor and she can see Tark through the camera. The other camera is inside what looks to be a storage room.

Continue with any prompts
Updates will have characters perform two actions each
No. 1014196 ID: e7c7d3

Farah: your obvious first priorities are the person/body. Check for a pulse. Maybe scan if that technology is there. Otherwise, a quick check to see if anything is going on in storage.

Tark: Check under the shelves to see if anything is trapped, otherwise head towards the coolers for clues
No. 1014207 ID: ce39da

FARAH: Check for a pulse. If dead, call it out to your partner, then try to see if there's a recording.

TARK: Investigate the other side of the destruction; notice the bullet holes in the wall and the chunk that was taken out of the shelf by the time Farah reports the body. Come to think of it, two people would have to shove it from both sides at once for them to end up like that, and if it happened after the first shots were fired, then...
No. 1014406 ID: 15a025

Farah: Check for a pulse first, tapes later.
No. 1014412 ID: 3aa06e

Farah: Standard police procedure, check the guy for a pulse, sure Tark already said he was dead but it won't hurt to confirm and see if this system recorded anything.

Tark: Check around the shelving area. Maybe something was dropped in this ordeal. Any fancy tools you've got on yourself to help with the investigation or is that Forensics' specialty?
No. 1014450 ID: 8fae7e

Farrah: Search/Examine the body

Tark: Search around the exits, see if you can get an angle on where the perp(s) may have gone. At least a direction to start a pursuit with.
No. 1014558 ID: 11f77a
File 163643369342.png - (322.24KB , 550x500 , tvd_044.png )

The gullusk is long gone. Farah sees three bullet wounds, one in the stomach and the rest in the chest. With a flashlight there’s powder dusted on his shirt and pants. “I see the gullusk,” she calls out--and describes what she can find. The computer underneath the desk has been moved; its lid has been jostled open to access any hardware inside. “The computer looks tampered with. The case was opened. Dust patterns show it’s been dragged out. I’m afraid they were attempting to wipe out any recording.”

Tark checks beneath the shelves--nothing unusual trapped here. He responds, “So perhaps this aint a typical hit’and’run. The criminal may know how to cover their tracks--which means they’ve had some experience on their backs.”

The policewoman continues, “I only see two cameras on the monitor: the main entrance and the storage room.” She views the latter room and finds nothing out of the ordinary. Looks clean and untouched.
No. 1014559 ID: 11f77a
File 163643409512.png - (290.38KB , 550x500 , tvd_045.png )

Tark circles the toppled shelving and eventually comes across the chunks of material blasted by firearms. He keeps circling, in fact. He tries to connect the dots and make some sense of what happened.

“For whatever the reason the suspect walked in--it became a firefight. The killer was blocking the entrance so there was some back and forth shooting. Hiding and peeking out to fire. I think they attempted to attack the other with the toppling of shelves.” He sees the broom and dustpan abandoned on the floor. “Possible it was an employee. Perhaps the gullusk recognized the shooter. Maybe the employee just ran out a different exit as the two fought. We’ve yet to know who else was working tonight. This piques a new question as well: how did he end up in that chair?”

There are no fancy forensic tools on either characters. Between the two they have badges, walkie, stun-gun, pistol, cuffs, pocket-camera, pen and notepad.

Continue with any prompts
No. 1014568 ID: e7c7d3

Look out! There's a mini man behind you! No wait, that's the mirror.

Check behind the counter to see if anything is stolen there.

Farah take a quick look out the back door
No. 1015058 ID: 15a025

Farah: Double check, does our "chair-men" here have any id on them we can check? Knowing who they are or if they've got any kind of record might shed some more light on tonight.
No. 1015072 ID: 3aa06e

Good idea, try this.
No. 1015259 ID: 11f77a
File 163702181557.png - (287.78KB , 550x500 , tvd_046.png )

Tark notices the mirror behind him. He doesn’t quite say anything about that--it only lingers in his mind for a brief moment.

He moves around the counter and doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. The stacks of merchandise are neat and untouched. The key is still in the slot of the cash register. With the press of a button the tray chimes out and all that money is right where it belongs. No one bothered to take it.

“Well, that’s something peculiar...” he mumbles.


Farah makes sure her plastic gloves are fastened tight before feeling for a wallet or some form of ID. Doesn’t feel like anything is in his pockets.

Still, there ought to be some information lying around in the desk drawers. The officer will eventually find some records of employees--applications and so forth. Including their addresses. The papers are just stacked on top of one another. She reads a list.

N(ame): Nix [No Surname] S(pecies): Ichorynth H(ire)-D(ate): (Date translates to a half-month ago) N: Grutter [No Surname] S: Relicynth H-D: Not Hired N: Keef Armoto S: Gullusk H-D: Not Hired N: Rike [No Surname] S: Cnidarian H-D: (Date translates to four months ago) N: Ordo Mully S: Gullusk H-D: (Date translates to four months ago)

The applications go back further for the whole year, with most applicants un-hired. Some documents are about food and stock orders that happen every three days.

Continue with any prompts
No. 1015264 ID: 3328c7

Quick! Find a catalogue showing how many species there are and which ones have which names!

....Oh, and try to look for a way to contact those folks on the list or whatever.
No. 1015291 ID: 3aa06e

Farah: Can't cut to conclusions, but Ordo is most definitely the dead gollusk in that chair...probably. To further narrow down the list of employees who were here check lockers they would store their belongings while on shift if there is such a place.

Tark: So this was no robbery, that much is clear. This place didn't have any connections or interest to the Family right? Establishing a motive might help find who is responsible for this. Check the storage, maybe you'll find a stack of "rent/insurance" money or a drug stash.
No. 1015496 ID: 11f77a
File 163721274653.png - (290.61KB , 550x500 , tvd_047.png )

As far as Tark knows, there’s no prior knowledge of this place connecting with the Family.

Poor Ordo. Wonder what he’s done to deserve this grim ending. Nothing else to check here. Farah returns the papers in the drawers and exits the office. Maybe there’s a clock-in system in the locker room--as well as a clue to who else was working. Maybe something in the lockers. She reaches for a door handle but that seems to be missing...

On his way to the storage room Tark receives a transmission. He calls out to Farah. “Whatever you have left, make it quick. The investigators will be rounding the corner. I’ll step out and wait for them.”

Guess the storage will have to wait later. Tark steps outside.
No. 1015498 ID: 11f77a
File 163721283281.png - (135.79KB , 550x500 , tvd_048.png )

The lockers are a mess. Some kind of white soot everywhere. Someone severely injured dragged themselves inside. Locker doors are open and Farah can see a few belongings in them--as well as a backpack zipped open.

Other things of note include a busted fire extinguisher; that certainly explains the powder. The clock-in system is by a plain table. And a doorknob with some door still attached to it. What the hell did that?

continue with any prompts
No. 1015503 ID: ce39da

Farah: A ram of some kind, clearly, whether it be prepared or improvised. Someone tried to keep another person out. It didn't work.

Be careful not to track footprints through the blood or powder, BTW.

Check the clock-in system first, then the lockers. You're not the detective, but before they show up, you can at least determine which employees were present when everything went down.

Tark: Remember to stick to the facts, except for one point of potential urgency; you saw bloodstains near the rear exit, so you should probably report that an injured POI likely left that way.
No. 1015518 ID: 8fae7e

Check the lockers, including the closed ones if you can get in. And check that thing under the table.

The blood splatter implies to me that wherever the body went, it had it's trail cleaned up after it. no way you bleed that much getting to one spot and dont bleed moving somewhere else without something happening.
No. 1015842 ID: 11f77a
File 163763856174.png - (131.11KB , 550x500 , tvd_049.png )

>The thing under the table
Yeah, it’s kind of odd someone would have a convenient battering ram when robbing or shooting up a store. Beneath the table is the doorknob. Under the bench is some scrap left from the extinguisher--dunno what made that explode.

>Be careful not to track footprints through the blood or powder
Of course. Farah is able to shimmy around and avoid smearing anything. Her feet are in some shoe covers.

Farah checks the clock-in system first. Indeed there have been three recent tickets with a time. Nix clocking in at 7:06, Rike leaving at 8:56, and Ordo Mully arriving soon after at 9:32. Judging by the distress signal’s time, Ordo must’ve clocked in just before the shootout.

This Nix fellow hasn’t clocked out so he may have been present during all this. Explains the blood heading out the exit. We’ve got a POI who’s severely injured.

Inside one of the lockers is a lone pair of keys on top of a pile of standard papers explaining worker's rights. They have a tag on them designating a motel brand. Lunar Creek. In a rush Nix abandoned his belongings. The address on his application seems to match the motel.
Tark eventually meets with the real investigators and sticks to the facts, just like any other scene.
No. 1015843 ID: 11f77a
File 163763859707.png - (169.26KB , 550x500 , tvd_050.png )

You’re some veterinarian. You work at an animal clinic and have examined all types of pets from across the galaxy. As a favor you were asked to help a poor fella this late in the night. Working late and at a moment’s notice is kinda your thing...
No. 1015844 ID: 11f77a
File 163763877983.png - (250.07KB , 550x500 , tvd_051.png )

Seems to be a Daatuteph Ichorynth breed. Five feet, four inches. Possibly in its twenties. Someone’s been bullying this stray. Poor thing’s probably scared. Thing is pale as moonlight.

continue with any prompts
No. 1015850 ID: c92a02

He must be pale because he's lost a lot of blood. Give him all the blood.
No. 1015851 ID: e51896

Call animal shelter, tell em' you got another stray.
No. 1015856 ID: a63e3f

This "stray" has definitely lost a lot of blood. Unfortunately, you do not have any blood of his type (or species,) so the best you could do is administer IV saline to get his blood volume up to prevent severe low blood pressure. In addition, drinking plenty of water and eating a solid meal would help him naturally recover his blood. (Unless he's got damaged guts, in which case he should not eat or drink anything and should get OMG-level IV antibiotics.) Unfortunately the vast majority of the food you have here would not be acceptable to him, but you can offer him water and whatever snacks were left in the kitchenet.

He's also gonna need a sling for that right arm to keep it steady to heal. You can probably rig something up from your supplies.

So, was the favor to call you in held by this "stray" or by a associate of the "stray?"
No. 1015861 ID: 53560f

Attempt to gain it’s trust with some treats.
No. 1015873 ID: e8169b

Test the mental faculties of the stray. Start by exchanging names. Did you identify any strange substances like drugs in the stray’s blood stream?
No. 1016176 ID: 11f77a
File 163790078551.png - (222.95KB , 550x500 , tvd_052.png )

>Give him all the blood
Unfortunately you don’t carry ichorynth blood. Most of the time it’ll be gullusk or krullg hooligans who need your service and hopefully their blood type matches with the friends who drag them in. Still, the vet has used morphine and whatever antibiotics within reach. Not accurate enough to pick off every bit of bullet shrapnel, but can stich up a few holes and decontaminate. Saline is applied too.
You don’t have much for consumption; maybe the pet-jerky is safe to eat. Fletch didn’t seem to mind and starts chewing on one.

>Was the favor to call you in held by this stray?
He caught you just before the shop closed, pounding the exit door in the alley. Goddamn lucky no one was here to witness that. He knew about your services (somehow) and slapped a credit card down. No favors as you don’t recognize him, he never mentioned if he was with the Family either.

An emergency like this always pisses the xingast off, but it was your fault getting stuck under the Family. At least once a year, this kinda shit. The compensation is nice to pocket at least.

Fletch has sat up and could barely stay focused.

The vet comments, “Yeah, bud. You should lay down at home. In fact, you’re not fit to move anywhere for the rest of the week... Change your bandages and keep it dry every day. Drink water. Lots of it. I don’t know what drugs you’ve taken but you shouldn’t’ve been able to sit up straight with the amount of blood you’ve lost.
“I dunno who the fuck you are or how you got my number, but after this I don’t want to see your pug face in here again. You got someone to pick you up?”

You’re also Fletch. The ichorynth doesn’t know if he should stay a while longer or keep on the move.

continue with any prompts
• how’d Fletch get his address anyway?
• what does Fletch reveal?
• how much should the vet charge?
• what both do now?
• will the zepher find them?

No. 1016177 ID: e51896

Fletch asks for a phone and a bit of privacy, need to call Grutter and tell him the jig is up, the Zepher is coming for them and they need to escape.

The doctor hears this, gives the zepher a call. (He owes the Zepher's boss for keeping his operation under wraps.)
No. 1016185 ID: 4fec8f

If I got it right Fletch is hidding from the Family. If he is here then is doing a hard bet using their own contacts.

Fletch should ask for a phone for help and I don't thinks he should reveal who he is for real. Thankfully the veterinarian doesn't seem to want to know.

The vet will probably calculate the cost of his treatment and note what he has used to resuply next time.
No. 1016188 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch: Ask for a phone, cell or wire. You have to warn Grutter before the Zepher gets to him. Ask for some privacy.

Vet: Comply and do so, but remark that if people are going to be asking to use a phone you’ll start charging extra. Leave the room to take stock of what you used to help this stray.
No. 1016310 ID: 15a025

Fletch: "Got your info from the same place I got my drugs. Gullusk dude said you're a great vet for confused strays like myself."
No. 1016831 ID: 11f77a
File 163885017874.png - (159.02KB , 550x500 , tvd_053.png )

>Fletch is hiding from the Family [?]
You have bounced worlds--ditched Daatuteph with Grutter to Port Echo City, Cnidari. Your [previous] boss was a zephcynth like the mercenary after you. The ‘Family’ in this part of the city is some bigwig named Moss, who is a krullg. And you may have done an odd job with the krullgs to know a handful of ins-and-outs inside the Tar Zoa district. All this before the job at the convenience store.

“I... I just heard a thing or two from the same place I get my drugs. A gullusk dude said you take great care of... strays.”

The vet is calculating how much the treatment is, plus extra for the risky behavior. He doesn’t believe that statement at all but he won’t prod any further on that.

“Hey man,” Fletch whines, “You got a phone on ya? Or wire? I need to make a call...”

Now he wants to use your phone? Doesn’t this idiot know criminal etiquette? Like hell he’ll use your own carry-phone. People can track that stuff.

“That’ll be extra,” the vet sternly replies.

“Look man, I don’t have any more than what’s on that card! I can pay ya more later--I swear! I have the money--just not on me!”

The doctor is silent for a moment. He grabs the credits and temporarily leaves the room. This gives Fletch some time to stress over his life at this very moment. You don’t know how far behind the mercenary is.

He returns, “There’s a landline in that room. You have five minutes. You’re not getting picked up here, so choose a corner a few blocks down the street.” The xingast tosses an empty card in Fletch's lap. "After that, you're leaving the building. I need to restock."

continue with any prompts
• What would Fletch even say?
• What if he can’t reach Grutter?
• Where can he be picked up?
• What (else) does the vet do in the meantime?
• Does the vet eavesdrop?

No. 1016838 ID: 076735

Vet doesn't eavesdrop, eavesdropping is always a recipe for disaster.
No. 1016854 ID: e7c7d3

Fletch, raid office supplies behind desk in petty frustration
No. 1016927 ID: 3aa06e

Fletch, let Grutter know you were attacked at work by a hitman. You left your room key with the address back at work so the hitman may be heading to him. If he doesn't pick up, well it's every man for himself at that point. Avoid saying exact locations, never know who is listening.

Vet, don't eavesdrop. It's not your business to know what every stray is doing. Just get done restocking and get ready to go home. Just make sure the stray is out of the building and you can call this a day.
No. 1016934 ID: e51896

I'm for the vet eavesdropping. I dont want to play all the characters going against the catalyst, and would like to at some point play a character that would help him, make things interesting.
No. 1017131 ID: 15a025

Fletch: If you can't reach Grutter, call up taxi to pick up by a bank that happens to be close by. Either way, after the call "borrow" some doctor or patients clothes to fancy up yourself in. Either as a makeshift disguise, or at least something to keep yourself a little warmer from the cold of the night.

Vet: Eavesdrop. This dude is shady as the night. If anything, to at least know what you really just got dragged into.
No. 1017259 ID: 11f77a
File 163942488433.png - (254.87KB , 550x500 , tvd_054.png )

Fletch takes the phone and starts dialing--trying to remember the numbers of both the motel and your friend’s. He’s known Grutter for a relatively short time but since the escape to Port Echo you’ve had to ditch your old phones and purchase burners. You dial the numbers and often check down the hall if that roswell is peeping. Sounds like he’s stocking up something in the back. The receiver plays a tune.
You also take this moment to look through the drawers behind the desk. You can see pretty well with a low light source, so identifying objects wouldn’t be a problem. Most of what you find are documents for pets anyway. C’mon, Grutter, pick the fuck up!

Grutter doesn’t pick up.

You leave a message at least. “Grutter, you fuck!” you hiss, “Answer the phone! We have to pack up and go! We’ve been found! Someone just tried to fuckin’ kill me and they’re after you too! He knows where you are! He has my phone—DON’T ANSWER IT. Oh, fuck this! I’ll try and find you!”
No. 1017260 ID: 11f77a
File 163942491296.png - (255.94KB , 550x500 , tvd_055.png )

Angrily you slam the phone down. After a brief growl you try calling a taxi. As you redial you also find a small booklet shoved in the back of a drawer. It looks old and beaten with no labels. A quick flip describes ‘strays’ with first names. Ghur, Hrinn, Stobor, Virgil, Proot. They mostly sound krullghn as far as you know. Some of the names have multiple notes on their injuries with dates. They are often labeled under domestic species.
You manage to snag a taxi service to arrive a few blocks down. Hanging the phone you look for a nearby closet to ‘borrow’ some coats, if any. It’s getting colder and you need something that isn’t bloody.

The vet hears the creaking of a door and Fletch leaves the building.
No. 1017261 ID: 11f77a
File 163942493495.png - (228.93KB , 550x500 , tvd_056.png )

You’re Tark again. The investigators have the crime scene in their hands and you’re opted to leave early. Farah went her separate way with the clues she has. You’ll probably head back to the office and wait for the night crew to take over. You would prefer to take a different route by the coast so you won’t see all those neon lights and tall blocks of concrete and barnacles. Maybe you’ll stop by the hospital and see if you can get any information from the doctors on the huntoon that’s been attacked.
This city never really sleeps either; some residents are nocturnal and simply pick up where the diurnals leave off. But there’s a pause between that shift--where no one is out at all. Where the roads are open. The noise in the air dulls like snow falling.

You tend to linger at the road sign and think about how Tar Zoa can go fall in a sinkhole.
No. 1017262 ID: 11f77a
File 163942507357.png - (274.30KB , 550x500 , tvd_057.png )


Son of a bitch! No one knows how to fucking drive in this city! You’re unsure if the driver noticed swiping your car, but they aint stopping. Actually, you can see the car correct itself in its lane. Didn’t quite get a catch of the driver; you were at a full stop looking at the dashboard. You get the nagging feeling that they cut in front of you for taking too long to move.

Your vehicle isn’t the most conspicuous police car but you have the siren lights and radio installed.

continue with any prompts

Also, some bookends
• Where does Fletch go next in the taxi? Back to the motel?
• Is there something the vet does that could affect the story later on? Call the Family for info? Turn Fletch in? Or just go home without any more involvement?

No. 1017331 ID: ce39da

Vet: You aren't gonna turn the guy in outright and risk pissing off the family, but his behavior was strange and annoying. Call it in with the family, if only to complain about explaining proper appointment procedure to the mooks.

Fletch: Back to the motel! But uh... don't get out of the taxi if you see a car parked there that you don't recognize - just act like you named the wrong motel, take the first guess the driver makes.

Tark: Wow, that guy was really impatient. You may not be in Moss's pocket, but that doesn't mean you're above petty charges. Still, the guy's prolly in a hurry for a good reason - just tail him long enough to get his model and plate number to look up later so you can come back and ticket him when he's less indisposed.
No. 1017442 ID: c92a02

Vet: Go home and be a family man.
Fletch heads to a bar to forget tonight.
Tark: Wee-woo. Turn the lights on and make this guy sweat.
No. 1017450 ID: 3aa06e

Tark: Alright get those lights and siren on, this guy knew he hit you but is still going.

Fletch: Make sure to have the cab stop a distance away from the motel. If you have a suspicion someone might be keeping tabs on the place, get the hell out of there. Is Grutter the type to just not answer his phone?

Vet: Don't be direct, be vague when calling up the family. Say you heard some talk they are after a Grutter fellow, what did he do, etc. Just act like you're getting gossip.
No. 1017768 ID: 15a025

Tark: Flash them lights, dude needs a cure for that mild road rage.

Fletch: Get a room at a different motel.
No. 1018359 ID: 11f77a
File 164047586455.png - (220.82KB , 550x500 , tvd_058.png )

You don’t want to feel petty, especially at a time like this after an unsolved murder. Maybe this individual has an emergency? Or is out for a joy ride. Seems to be the latter.
Eh, screw it. You could use a distraction and the more you think about it, the more you’re sure they clearly knew what they were doing and ought to get a ticket for your fender bender.

You follow behind them for a while; they’re definitely pushing the speed limit. It’s a lone road but winding. You flip the sirens on and tail them for half a minute before their car slows and pulls over. As you’re both parked on the side, you write down the license number and car model. Maybe you give them several minutes to sweat out. ‘Common tactic to make them spill their guilt.
No. 1018360 ID: 11f77a
File 164047600996.png - (199.99KB , 550x500 , tvd_059.png )

You walk around with the essentials. Ticket pad, handcuffs, handgun, taser and flashlight. You saunter on down to the driver’s side and shine a light on their window.

It rolls down with a zepher in the driver's seat. Something about their resting glare that always keeps people uneasy.

“Good evening... officer.”

. . .

• After what seems like 30 minutes, Fletch’s taxi arrives. He hunches down in the seat, on his way back to the motel.
• The vet decides to make a phone call...
No. 1018362 ID: e51896

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
No. 1018367 ID: 3a06e7

Does the standard protocol say anything special in regards to dealing with zephers? Seems like a rather tall order for a single cop to deal with in case they turn hostile.

"License and registration."
No. 1018368 ID: 3aa06e

He'll probably give a smart aleck answer but sure ask this. Be prepared with a comeback.

Now that I think about it, does this guy look like a local or off-worlder? Is there some special form of ticket you need to write up if he isn't from here, because what's stopping him from just taking your ticket and leaving off world forever?
No. 1018383 ID: ce39da

Yeah, this line, followed by >>1018362, but add a 'sir' to the latter's start. (This is totally not an OOC decision based on putting the catalyst at ease that Tark has no clue who he is or what relevance he might have to anything.)
No. 1018387 ID: ae9bd9

Seconding this, but say sir casually, like you are being polite, treating them as an equal rather than above or below you.
No. 1018392 ID: 15a025

Mind if I have a look at your license and registration sir?
No. 1018393 ID: c92a02

You need to keep his hands where you can see them at all times. Be subtle so as to not agitate the suspect.
Ask him for a high five. Up top - down low - too slow.
No. 1018652 ID: 11f77a
File 164075354908.png - (186.55KB , 550x500 , tvd_060.png )

>Standard protocol […] in regards to zephers?
It’s situational. They teach you to choose your battles. Some days you just can’t arrest a fellow on the street due to size difference; or natural defensives. Even when compliant, some creatures don’t know their own strength.
There are special classes to deal with each species, but there are over 15 types that pass through Port Echo. A professional ichorynth officer may never take down a gard so easily. Zepherynths are just about the second tallest species recorded and are quite the match. But you’ve taken down a zepher or two hand-to-hand in your day. They are easy to anger--and intimidation is a huge part of their bargaining and culture. Just something you happen to know in mind...

>Local or off-worlder? Is there a special form of ticket […]?
Zepherynths are not native here. If they are temporary, they would have a card stating that--and if one gets in trouble they would be stopped at the Silo (space elevator) until they paid their fine.

Going with protocol, you open up with the usual. “License and registration. Do you know why I’ve pulled you over?” You glare at his hands, and they gradually return to the steering wheel without prompting.

“No, officer.” The zepher replies quietly. He’s not searching for his cards yet. His piercing yellow eyes lock on Tark.

You’re inclined to answer, “Hit and run. You’ve damaged an officer’s vehicle down by the intersection--”

“Was that what that was?” He slowly faces ahead to the windshield, “My apologies. I must’ve thought it was just a speed bump. Thought nothing of it. Sometimes the road can make you forget the trip is even happening in front of you. You forget if you’re running away or... chasing something.”

You cut him off with a firmer repeat, “License. And registration. Sir.”

The zepher looks back to Tark, teeth clicking down his neck. “But that’s what it is. Isn’t it? Whether you know it or not you are running towards a goal, but you’re always outrunning something else. It’s dangerous to be at a full stop these days--when everything moves so fast. Stall too long, then what you’re chasing is lost forever--or it’ll catch up and find you...”

That’s this guy about?

“We’re at a full stop now...” He says.
No. 1018653 ID: cdabe3

Danger senses on now, keep an ear out for any odd noises and immediately ask to see his hands. Get your own weapon ready to draw in case he tries to shoot you and get ready to dodge away if you need to. Call for backup if you get the chance, I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.

Remain calm though and still ask for that license and registration.
No. 1018656 ID: 6a8117

Note injury, tell him if he was speeding to get to the hospital, you'll help get him there pronto, he might not be in good condition to drive.

Bullet wound? Remember there were probably gunfire at the convenience store. Related?
No. 1018674 ID: ae9bd9

Seconding this. Forget the ticket for now. We can't have someone bleed out over a ticket. Radio in an ambulance and grab your car's first aid kit.
No. 1018686 ID: 3a06e7

>We’re at a full stop now...

It's possible that he's bullshitting, but that wound on him is telling you otherwise. Take that as a hint that he isn't going to cooperate with being kept here and that someone might be following him, putting both of you in immediate danger.

"You want to move? Then I'll be driving. Get out. And if you got any firearms, now would be the time to hand them over."

Be quick in escorting him to your car. Take off as soon as he's seated and hand him your first aid kit. "You know how to use these."
Also, tell him not to get any of his shitty blood on the seats while keeping one of your eyes on him at all times in case he tries anything funny.

You'll also need him to put on some handcuffs. Not sure what would be the best way to go about it.

While driving, message on a radio that you've encountered a possible crime victim (or a suspect, don't mention this), gun wounds, and that you're rushing him to a hospital. With that, he should know your intentions.
No. 1018688 ID: e51896

Go to your car, request an ambulance, but also request backup. with the convenience store incident, and his gunshot wound, there could be a possibility that the two are related and we may have to ask about his injury.
No. 1018777 ID: ae9bd9

We should ask for backup as well for the reasons you stated, but probably should hold off on questions until they are processed in the hospital (treatment is priority, plus if all goes well, they will be stripped down to a hospital gown which means they wouldn't have any weapons or armor on.)
No. 1019153 ID: 15a025

Apologies, if you're in danger, do you need a police escort or an ambulance?
No. 1019219 ID: 11f77a
File 164114245089.png - (210.81KB , 550x500 , tvd_061.png )

>Danger senses on now
>It’s possible that he’s bullshitting, but that wound on him is telling you otherwise.
You’ve witnessed regular joes act irregularly with injuries that make a surgeon dizzy. He’s composed and calm--although zepherynths may have a high pain threshold. But it was his words that sound unnatural. A threat? In the back of your mind you think of the convenience store. A hunch? Not many outside at this hour but suspects fleeing the scene. Could be something.

“Sir,” you pause as the flashlight shines on his left shoulder. Blood glistens on his trench coat, “I think you’re in need of first aid.” You forget about the ticket for now.

He clicks his teeth, “This is what we’re going to do... officer. I’m going to roll up the window... and drive off. And you’ll go back to your car to go home. In time this will seem like a strange dream, and there’ll be a point where you may forget about this entirely. But you’ll find solace that you went back on that road without ever finding out what would catch up to you.”

>Call for backup.
You may have two seconds--that’s not a lot to say if he chooses to react. You may have room for one action and you feel you have to make your next move carefully.

Sample Actions
• Draw weapon/Arrest
• “Step out of the car, please sir”
• Call for backup
• Call ambulance
• Run back to your car
• Let him go
• Resume questioning/call bluff

No. 1019221 ID: ce39da

Okay, now this is incredibly suspicious - you'd bet money that he's guilty of something more serious than hit-and-run at this point (or at least aiming for it tonight).

At the same time, if he's done (or is going to do) something dangerous and highly illegal, then odds are good that he isn't bluffing. You should "let him go," being sure to call it in (including his heading) as soon as he speeds off or you're in your car, whichever comes first. Consider tailing him.
No. 1019232 ID: f4aa6c

You might've considered letting him go if he offered to pay for the damages on the spot. Because even if you weren't an officer, he still damaged your car. But like this, straight up telling an officer what he should do? He's got guts, that's for sure.

At the same time, he's made it known that he isn't going to let you keep him here for another minute. For whatever reason that might be. You need to think of something to say that won't result in a high-speed police chase, with multiple people ending up dead. No one likes that.

"Sir, if you drive off, a police chase will ensue. I can, however, offer two other options.
The first one is to peacefully escort you to a hospital, which is the only lawful action with a priority over keeping you here until the charges for the hit and run are written out.
The second option is to escort you to some other location. However, you need to tell me what this location is first and also, once the drive is over, you'll additionally be charged with resisting arrest.
Please choose carefully."
No. 1019245 ID: af2f11

Seconding this. Make sure to note the make and model, along with the plates. Probably shouldn't tail him for now so we can live long enough to give a better description of the perp.
No. 1019285 ID: e51896

I'm sure you got him recorded in some ways (license plate, appearance.) Let him go, but report him after he drives off. He seems like a man with nothing to lose, and those kinds of people are the most dangerous for one guy to handle, especially Zephers
No. 1019636 ID: 11f77a
File 164140312291.png - (163.96KB , 550x500 , tvd_062.png )

>Let him go, but report him after he drives off.
>Probably shouldn’t tail him [...] so we can live long enough to give a better description [...]
You are frozen in place. The only ‘correct’ answer goes against your oath to the badge. And the wrong answer could put many lives in danger; you can’t help but imagine a chain of events branching from this moment. He seems like a man with nothing to lose. Thugs can be gutsy to tell off a cop, but there are no guts from him. Having guts means taking a leap into uncertainty. And this zepher...

The words to give him a pass struggle to leave your tongue.

But the stranger sees that, and takes the initiative to speak. “I’m going to go now.” The zepher faces the road. The window slithers back up. His vehicle creeps with its tires slowly crunching dirt and gravel against the asphalt. You step back as he drives off without a hurry.
No. 1019637 ID: 11f77a
File 164140316529.png - (189.34KB , 550x500 , tvd_063.png )

You move back inside your car; you need a minute to think about what just happened there. Once more you stare at the notes in your passenger seat: his license plate and model number. You pick up the radio trying to piece together what to say.

“Bazaar Twelve, code ten-sixty-six. Need a lookout for a Smutzcreek vehicle, license 617 hyphen GGH7, break--”

You haven’t felt a chill like this in a long, long time. There are many thoughts dancing on your mind; you can’t quite latch on one particular idea. Back and forth between work and life at home. Is this something to pursue further? Or to quit while you’re ahead? Will there be one last case or will you finally retire despite the city having unchanged when you began in the department?

You take time pondering on... anything. Tonight may have been a close call.
No. 1019638 ID: 11f77a
File 164140321232.png - (193.79KB , 550x500 , tvd_064.png )

Man, that job was a bitch.

You’re Grutter. A relicynth who hopped planets with Fletch. While stealing a shit-ton of money from a deal gone wrong you’re forcing yourselves to lay low for a while. You two have rented a motel room for the time being--and you just returned with the only vehicle shared between the both of you.

Anyway, you came back from a freelance job of moving furniture for a young couple. Thought you could get some food on the way back.
No. 1019640 ID: 11f77a
File 164140326569.png - (219.78KB , 550x500 , tvd_065.png )

Wait... did one of you fuckers forget to lock the goddamn door?
No. 1019644 ID: e7c7d3

Sunnovabitch! Check to see if anyone stole your stash
No. 1019647 ID: ce39da

Tark: Yeah, no, make sure you actually tell the squad what happened. Leave it to the guys working on the convenience store case to put together the same suspicions as you... and maybe add "threatened me with a weapon, I couldn't do anything until he drove off." Again, you aren't in some douchebag's pocket, but that doesn't mean you're above fibbing a little to cover your ass. You'd be shocked if the guy didn't have a weapon of some kind ready to pull out on you, anyway.

Grutter: Shit, if Fletch isn't already in there, someone could have made off with the money at any point. And Fletch doesn't get off-shift for a few hours, at least.

Wait, no. You guys are too careful to just leave the door unlocked. You need to call Fletch about this development (but notice the voice message first).
No. 1019650 ID: 4248fe

Look up, there may be a prank up there.
No. 1019677 ID: 3491a8

Tark: Things might seems equal as they were, but people doing what is right at least prevent things to go worse. Change is a slow creature.

Grutter: Strange... try to look using the window first. If you can't see nothing act discretly as if you go for a candy bar at the vending machine while you call your friend to confirm everything is ok.
No. 1019861 ID: c205f9

Someone might be inside. Call the police. Or if you dont have a phone, knock on a neighbor's door, explain situation, and call the cops of a possible breakin.
No. 1019868 ID: cdbcf8

...Hey you know who we haven't checked in on in awhile out neighbor let's do that we could have a little dinner and we could get to know each other while only looking though our window once and running away immediately!
No. 1019965 ID: 3aa06e

Tark: There's no shame in backing down for the moment. The zepher could have easily drawn whatever weaponry he may have had faster than you could. Report the Zepher and the exchange you had. He might have drawn quicker than you. Say he may be a person of interest due the his bullet injuries and he was strangely refusing to see a doctor.

Don't think that just because you let one get away means you've failed as an officer. This situation could have turned ugly real quick, you're not able to do your job dead nor will you be able to inspire other non-corrupt officers to step up. Radio Farah to see where she is, she might have a run-in with the Zepher.

Grutter: Do you think the guys you stole from found you? Did you two ever discuss a plan in the event you were found? Better back up out of earshot of this door and warn Fletch via your phone. You have a gun?
No. 1019975 ID: 15a025

I don't think either of you are careless enough to leave the door opened or unlocked, especially in a town like this. Book it out of there and try calling up Fletch.
No. 1020239 ID: 11f77a
File 164193913180.png - (131.60KB , 550x500 , tvd_066.png )

>Call police / knock on a neighbor’s door
>Hey you know who we haven’t checked in on in a while? Our neighbor--let’s do that […]
Are you shittin’ me? Do you think getting the police involved in your escape with a briefcase full of credits is a good idea? Let alone some idiot neighbor asking about what you do for a living when you felt like dropping by to say howdy?!

>You need to call Fletch
>Fletch doesn’t get off-shift for a few hours
Right, phone. Uhhh... maybe you’re a bit forgetful after all. You remember driving off without your burner phone earlier today--so it should be inside somewhere. Fletch may have come home early (or gotten fired, that dumb dillo). Can’t believe that asshole brought you on the run with him.

>Check to see if anyone stole your stash
>I don’t think either of you are careless enough to leave the door open.
You're quite positive that you two are too careful and on the edge to leave that shit unlocked. Someone may have ganked your money! You take out your gun and creep inside.

You aim your weapon and look through all the rooms--which is about three. No scuffle--everything was as it was when you left (as far as you could tell). No furniture tipped over. No trash bins emptied. Fletch left shortly after you went on your own odd job. If anyone is waiting for you they would be in the bedroom. You prepare to shoot anyone you don’t recognize in their goddamn face. You search and you search; behind closets and shower curtains, nothing. No one.

But your stash!
No. 1020240 ID: 11f77a
File 164193928620.png - (277.75KB , 550x500 , tvd_067.png )

You look behind the mini-fridge and you’re relieved the case has been untouched. All roughly 1.5 million credits in sleek plastic sticks. With the brief scare you’ve had you constantly feel like you’re going to throw up.

You think about the job before going on the run. Life was o-kay, you suppose. Daatuteph isn’t a friendly desert planet to live in. There are gaps in your memory on what happened during the deal with a rival gang--but after the shootout (with you two left standing) you decided to book it with the money.

You got your phone now.
What exactly happened at the deal gone wrong before your retreat to Port Echo?
What plans have you two discussed in the event of being found, or separated?
You’ve made a few friends while living in the city for a month. Maybe you could contact an underground service? A big gun? A new identity? Body guards? Next ticket out of this hellhole?
Should you ditch Fletch and run with the money?

• Tark ponders on his outlook of the situation. With reassurance that what he did was the right move, he starts reporting on his radio...
No. 1020243 ID: e7c7d3

Contact Fletch, maybe think of a new place to lay low

Tark, maybe check to see if anything new popped up at the crime scene
No. 1020245 ID: 3aa06e

Grutter: I guess check if you got message on your phone. Maybe Fletch came back shortly to grab something then remembered he left the damn door open.

>What exactly happened at the deal gone wrong before your retreat to Port Echo?
Curious about this, was it always the plan to double cross the parties involved and make it rich or did it just happen that both parties during the deal decided to kill each other and the gunfight left you and Fletch as the only witnesses and probably the scapegoats for why the deal went wrong?

>What plans have you two discussed in the event of being found, or separated?
Have you two ever considered cosmetic surgery possibly? Or at least some way to temporarily change the looks of your faces to be a little less unique. Not sure how unique you are compared to other relicynth in terms of appearance but if someone was going to track you two down it'd probably be Fletch who they would get to first. That scar is quite noticeable.

If you're ever found you'd just get some cosmetic surgery or temporarily change your faces then, pay the right people in bribes and leave for another place they wouldn't bother looking, perhaps making a temporary stop some place before moving again to further hide yours trail. Go to a frontier colony? Maybe a paradise world? Wherever the person you double-crossed doesn't have much reach. Pray your disguises shake up the trail.

If it ever comes down to it, you two should split the money and separate. Take different bus stations, space ports, whatever. Just split and get off world to other places but never tell the other where you are going. Just in case one of you gets caught you wouldn't be able to tell your captor where your partner went. Not the best plan but it's the only plan that ensures at least one of you get out alive to reap the rewards of the money. Just hope if they ever go after Fletch that he stalls and wastes as much of their time as possible that you'd be long gone. And if they ever go after you, do your best to lose them.

>Should you ditch Fletch and run with the money?
No. Plan relies on both of you having the money and resources to make it hell for your pursuers to catch you.

Tark: Report the Zepher and his behavior plus his refusal to get a doctor. Injury looked to be a gunshot. Possibly a person of interest in regards to the case. Then check the whereabouts of Farah.
No. 1020303 ID: a2493c

(taking "prompt" at face value)
The deal wasn't a result of anything we did. One of the guys we were delivering the product to was on something. A bad batch of hallucinogens, some kind of stimulant, whatever it was about halfway through a pretty casual deal he flipped out and pulled a gun on one of his buddies.

The chaos after that was pretty hard to follow and you wound up booking it with the briefcase in the chaos.
No. 1020324 ID: c92a02

>A third party raided the deal trying to steal the money or the drugs, you weren't really sure. Both sides accused the other of tipping them off, etc etc.
>In case of getting lost, meet up in the library on tenth street.
>Meat Packers Inc. is a bodyguard service, no questions asked. You could hire them to get you out of here with a fraction of the cash.
No. 1020734 ID: 11f77a
File 164262175801.png - (272.69KB , 550x500 , tvd_068.png )

>Have you two ever considered cosmetic surgery?
Ya kidding? And mess up this handsome mug? Nah, aint gonna change your face like some witness protection snitch. Fletch could use a new eye but... he thinks the lady ichors dig the scar (but his sister sure loves gripping the relicynth horns, you know from first-hand experience).

>If it ever comes down to it, you should split the money and separate [...]
Yeah... perhaps that’s best sooner than later. Somewhere down the line you two must go separate ways--you’ve made it this far alive. And should never speak of where you are going.

You remember pieces on how it went down; a delivery of hallucinogens to one of the neighboring gangs back on Daatuteph. Five of you, five of them. Your boss owns lots of manufacturing stations mainly for bullet farms and gray--so to keep things steady the rival warlords made a small pact. But there was bitter tension.
Anyway, you don’t know what really started the firefight. The chaos made a sharp turn and you hit the deck as bullets flew. There are rumors of a third party breaking in. Or maybe just one guy high on the stuff had an itchy trigger finger. It was that moment you and Fletch wanted to get out of this hellhole planet. When the dust settled and you raised your heads from beneath the tables, everyone was dead. So you took the money and ran to the nearest port.

First you pick up your phone. There are three missed calls--two from Fletch and one from an unknown number. Regardless, the unknown number has left a message. You listen to it before contacting Fletch.

“Grutter, you fuck! [>>1017259]”

You remember the one discussion regarding your blown cover. Meet up at 10th Street Klerthy Library Center in case you are separated. You got in touch with some of the underground services and there’s a disappearing service called Meat Packers Inc.

Immediately you start packing your bag!

There’s a knock on your front door. You almost drop everything.
No. 1020735 ID: cf3a79

Ignore packing, grab the dough and break out of the window. Don't stop for anything.
No. 1020736 ID: 93ba79

How good are the windows exit-wise?
(careful though, this could also be a ploy to get you to expose yourself there)
No. 1020738 ID: 0ee72b

Grab your gun, look for an alternate exit, but before leaving ask who it is in an old senile-sounding voice.
No. 1020740 ID: e51896

If it was the enemy, they'd knock the door down. Answer it.
No. 1020937 ID: e3eaff

you need to grab the money and scatter out the window *now*, take no chances.
No. 1020963 ID: 3aa06e

If you door has one of those peep holes you can see to the outside use it to see who it is. If not look for any exit with the money in your hands.
No. 1021020 ID: 15a025

Time to make an exit, out of the walls. Run!!!
No. 1021062 ID: a2493c

window won't work, it's right next to the door. we'll be seen coming, get caught on the awkward height, and get domed.

no, we need to set up some kind of escape option. my crazy plan is we act like we're stumbling towards the door, scatter some glass while cursing a storm up to make them think we're a klutz but never answer the door, bait them into bursting in impatiently, let them get taken off guard by the glassfoot. THEN we run for it.
No. 1021140 ID: 11f77a
File 164298915453.png - (181.77KB , 550x500 , tvd_069.png )

>Break out of the window
>Grab your gun, look for an alternate exit [...]
>You need to grab the money and scatter out the window *now*, take no chances.
There’s only one door to enter and exit. So the window will have to do. All you bring along is your briefcase--maybe a quick change of clothes first. Your gun sits between your belt. You slowly open the window and begin to sneak through.
Unfortunately you’re pretty close to the door. A chupian officer simply turns her head confused by the awkward exit. You briefly make eye contact.

Uh... sir? Is there a reason you’re climbing out of that window?

You control both Farah and Grutter. The clues from the convenience store have led her here. Grutter could try to outrun her. On fours, relicynths can scale any obstacle, up a cliff or over cars. But should he get in worse trouble than he is already? Fletch could be desperate for his help.
No. 1021141 ID: 96c896

Claim to be stretching your calves.
No. 1021142 ID: e51896

No. 1021143 ID: 204e01

Isometric Exercise!
No. 1021145 ID: ce39da

GRUTTER: When this fails, run. There's no way you can get this police woman's help without implicating yourself and Fletch in the criminal activity that got you to this point.

FARAH: Give chase, but also call it in if you can do that while on the move.
No. 1021150 ID: a2493c

"I'll be frank, I thought you were the dude I saw following me home earlier. Fucker was big and was giving off real 'does bad things in back-alleys' kinda vibes. Didn't really think through the escape plan here though, clearly."

Stalkers gonna stalk, even imaginary ones!
No. 1021159 ID: 34dfce

Look dude, there is literally only one way out of this one. She is a cop, she knows you are up to something, and you need to get away with the money as fast as possible.
Just pull out your gun and cap her and then run like the fucking wind. Hotwire a vehicle if you can.
No. 1021167 ID: 12eb7b


That's the most credible. I was hinking you could say that the peephole is broken but there is a posibility that she checks it.
No. 1021169 ID: 93ba79

Ooh, I like this one indeed.

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