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File 160978058746.png - (954.41KB , 550x500 , tvd_000.png )
984843 No. 984843 ID: 11f77a

Potential NSFW. Death may occur here.
This is the quest where you play as everyone but a certain character. We’ll call that special character ‘the catalyst’. Whether you help them out or work against them is up to you. No metagaming would be nice. But we’ll see how the demo rolls.

Some Rules:
• In a room full of people (e.g. a police station office, gang of thugs), you’ll only roleplay as two characters at a time. If there’s a mob (e.g. zombies, hive of alien bugs), you can roleplay them as one entity (e.g. pillage, march down the street, run away from the kaiju, etc.).
• The game may immediately end when the catalyst either dies or achieves its goal. Or perhaps something else that comes along to give the story a proper resolution.

Let’s begin.
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No. 1017262 ID: 11f77a
File 163942507357.png - (274.30KB , 550x500 , tvd_057.png )


Son of a bitch! No one knows how to fucking drive in this city! You’re unsure if the driver noticed swiping your car, but they aint stopping. Actually, you can see the car correct itself in its lane. Didn’t quite get a catch of the driver; you were at a full stop looking at the dashboard. You get the nagging feeling that they cut in front of you for taking too long to move.

Your vehicle isn’t the most conspicuous police car but you have the siren lights and radio installed.

continue with any prompts

Also, some bookends
• Where does Fletch go next in the taxi? Back to the motel?
• Is there something the vet does that could affect the story later on? Call the Family for info? Turn Fletch in? Or just go home without any more involvement?

No. 1017331 ID: ce39da

Vet: You aren't gonna turn the guy in outright and risk pissing off the family, but his behavior was strange and annoying. Call it in with the family, if only to complain about explaining proper appointment procedure to the mooks.

Fletch: Back to the motel! But uh... don't get out of the taxi if you see a car parked there that you don't recognize - just act like you named the wrong motel, take the first guess the driver makes.

Tark: Wow, that guy was really impatient. You may not be in Moss's pocket, but that doesn't mean you're above petty charges. Still, the guy's prolly in a hurry for a good reason - just tail him long enough to get his model and plate number to look up later so you can come back and ticket him when he's less indisposed.
No. 1017442 ID: c92a02

Vet: Go home and be a family man.
Fletch heads to a bar to forget tonight.
Tark: Wee-woo. Turn the lights on and make this guy sweat.
No. 1017450 ID: 3aa06e

Tark: Alright get those lights and siren on, this guy knew he hit you but is still going.

Fletch: Make sure to have the cab stop a distance away from the motel. If you have a suspicion someone might be keeping tabs on the place, get the hell out of there. Is Grutter the type to just not answer his phone?

Vet: Don't be direct, be vague when calling up the family. Say you heard some talk they are after a Grutter fellow, what did he do, etc. Just act like you're getting gossip.
No. 1017768 ID: 15a025

Tark: Flash them lights, dude needs a cure for that mild road rage.

Fletch: Get a room at a different motel.
No. 1018359 ID: 11f77a
File 164047586455.png - (220.82KB , 550x500 , tvd_058.png )

You don’t want to feel petty, especially at a time like this after an unsolved murder. Maybe this individual has an emergency? Or is out for a joy ride. Seems to be the latter.
Eh, screw it. You could use a distraction and the more you think about it, the more you’re sure they clearly knew what they were doing and ought to get a ticket for your fender bender.

You follow behind them for a while; they’re definitely pushing the speed limit. It’s a lone road but winding. You flip the sirens on and tail them for half a minute before their car slows and pulls over. As you’re both parked on the side, you write down the license number and car model. Maybe you give them several minutes to sweat out. ‘Common tactic to make them spill their guilt.
No. 1018360 ID: 11f77a
File 164047600996.png - (199.99KB , 550x500 , tvd_059.png )

You walk around with the essentials. Ticket pad, handcuffs, handgun, taser and flashlight. You saunter on down to the driver’s side and shine a light on their window.

It rolls down with a zepher in the driver's seat. Something about their resting glare that always keeps people uneasy.

“Good evening... officer.”

. . .

• After what seems like 30 minutes, Fletch’s taxi arrives. He hunches down in the seat, on his way back to the motel.
• The vet decides to make a phone call...
No. 1018362 ID: e51896

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
No. 1018367 ID: 3a06e7

Does the standard protocol say anything special in regards to dealing with zephers? Seems like a rather tall order for a single cop to deal with in case they turn hostile.

"License and registration."
No. 1018368 ID: 3aa06e

He'll probably give a smart aleck answer but sure ask this. Be prepared with a comeback.

Now that I think about it, does this guy look like a local or off-worlder? Is there some special form of ticket you need to write up if he isn't from here, because what's stopping him from just taking your ticket and leaving off world forever?
No. 1018383 ID: ce39da

Yeah, this line, followed by >>1018362, but add a 'sir' to the latter's start. (This is totally not an OOC decision based on putting the catalyst at ease that Tark has no clue who he is or what relevance he might have to anything.)
No. 1018387 ID: ae9bd9

Seconding this, but say sir casually, like you are being polite, treating them as an equal rather than above or below you.
No. 1018392 ID: 15a025

Mind if I have a look at your license and registration sir?
No. 1018393 ID: c92a02

You need to keep his hands where you can see them at all times. Be subtle so as to not agitate the suspect.
Ask him for a high five. Up top - down low - too slow.
No. 1018652 ID: 11f77a
File 164075354908.png - (186.55KB , 550x500 , tvd_060.png )

>Standard protocol […] in regards to zephers?
It’s situational. They teach you to choose your battles. Some days you just can’t arrest a fellow on the street due to size difference; or natural defensives. Even when compliant, some creatures don’t know their own strength.
There are special classes to deal with each species, but there are over 15 types that pass through Port Echo. A professional ichorynth officer may never take down a gard so easily. Zepherynths are just about the second tallest species recorded and are quite the match. But you’ve taken down a zepher or two hand-to-hand in your day. They are easy to anger--and intimidation is a huge part of their bargaining and culture. Just something you happen to know in mind...

>Local or off-worlder? Is there a special form of ticket […]?
Zepherynths are not native here. If they are temporary, they would have a card stating that--and if one gets in trouble they would be stopped at the Silo (space elevator) until they paid their fine.

Going with protocol, you open up with the usual. “License and registration. Do you know why I’ve pulled you over?” You glare at his hands, and they gradually return to the steering wheel without prompting.

“No, officer.” The zepher replies quietly. He’s not searching for his cards yet. His piercing yellow eyes lock on Tark.

You’re inclined to answer, “Hit and run. You’ve damaged an officer’s vehicle down by the intersection--”

“Was that what that was?” He slowly faces ahead to the windshield, “My apologies. I must’ve thought it was just a speed bump. Thought nothing of it. Sometimes the road can make you forget the trip is even happening in front of you. You forget if you’re running away or... chasing something.”

You cut him off with a firmer repeat, “License. And registration. Sir.”

The zepher looks back to Tark, teeth clicking down his neck. “But that’s what it is. Isn’t it? Whether you know it or not you are running towards a goal, but you’re always outrunning something else. It’s dangerous to be at a full stop these days--when everything moves so fast. Stall too long, then what you’re chasing is lost forever--or it’ll catch up and find you...”

That’s this guy about?

“We’re at a full stop now...” He says.
No. 1018653 ID: cdabe3

Danger senses on now, keep an ear out for any odd noises and immediately ask to see his hands. Get your own weapon ready to draw in case he tries to shoot you and get ready to dodge away if you need to. Call for backup if you get the chance, I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.

Remain calm though and still ask for that license and registration.
No. 1018656 ID: 6a8117

Note injury, tell him if he was speeding to get to the hospital, you'll help get him there pronto, he might not be in good condition to drive.

Bullet wound? Remember there were probably gunfire at the convenience store. Related?
No. 1018674 ID: ae9bd9

Seconding this. Forget the ticket for now. We can't have someone bleed out over a ticket. Radio in an ambulance and grab your car's first aid kit.
No. 1018686 ID: 3a06e7

>We’re at a full stop now...

It's possible that he's bullshitting, but that wound on him is telling you otherwise. Take that as a hint that he isn't going to cooperate with being kept here and that someone might be following him, putting both of you in immediate danger.

"You want to move? Then I'll be driving. Get out. And if you got any firearms, now would be the time to hand them over."

Be quick in escorting him to your car. Take off as soon as he's seated and hand him your first aid kit. "You know how to use these."
Also, tell him not to get any of his shitty blood on the seats while keeping one of your eyes on him at all times in case he tries anything funny.

You'll also need him to put on some handcuffs. Not sure what would be the best way to go about it.

While driving, message on a radio that you've encountered a possible crime victim (or a suspect, don't mention this), gun wounds, and that you're rushing him to a hospital. With that, he should know your intentions.
No. 1018688 ID: e51896

Go to your car, request an ambulance, but also request backup. with the convenience store incident, and his gunshot wound, there could be a possibility that the two are related and we may have to ask about his injury.
No. 1018777 ID: ae9bd9

We should ask for backup as well for the reasons you stated, but probably should hold off on questions until they are processed in the hospital (treatment is priority, plus if all goes well, they will be stripped down to a hospital gown which means they wouldn't have any weapons or armor on.)
No. 1019153 ID: 15a025

Apologies, if you're in danger, do you need a police escort or an ambulance?
No. 1019219 ID: 11f77a
File 164114245089.png - (210.81KB , 550x500 , tvd_061.png )

>Danger senses on now
>It’s possible that he’s bullshitting, but that wound on him is telling you otherwise.
You’ve witnessed regular joes act irregularly with injuries that make a surgeon dizzy. He’s composed and calm--although zepherynths may have a high pain threshold. But it was his words that sound unnatural. A threat? In the back of your mind you think of the convenience store. A hunch? Not many outside at this hour but suspects fleeing the scene. Could be something.

“Sir,” you pause as the flashlight shines on his left shoulder. Blood glistens on his trench coat, “I think you’re in need of first aid.” You forget about the ticket for now.

He clicks his teeth, “This is what we’re going to do... officer. I’m going to roll up the window... and drive off. And you’ll go back to your car to go home. In time this will seem like a strange dream, and there’ll be a point where you may forget about this entirely. But you’ll find solace that you went back on that road without ever finding out what would catch up to you.”

>Call for backup.
You may have two seconds--that’s not a lot to say if he chooses to react. You may have room for one action and you feel you have to make your next move carefully.

Sample Actions
• Draw weapon/Arrest
• “Step out of the car, please sir”
• Call for backup
• Call ambulance
• Run back to your car
• Let him go
• Resume questioning/call bluff

No. 1019221 ID: ce39da

Okay, now this is incredibly suspicious - you'd bet money that he's guilty of something more serious than hit-and-run at this point (or at least aiming for it tonight).

At the same time, if he's done (or is going to do) something dangerous and highly illegal, then odds are good that he isn't bluffing. You should "let him go," being sure to call it in (including his heading) as soon as he speeds off or you're in your car, whichever comes first. Consider tailing him.
No. 1019232 ID: f4aa6c

You might've considered letting him go if he offered to pay for the damages on the spot. Because even if you weren't an officer, he still damaged your car. But like this, straight up telling an officer what he should do? He's got guts, that's for sure.

At the same time, he's made it known that he isn't going to let you keep him here for another minute. For whatever reason that might be. You need to think of something to say that won't result in a high-speed police chase, with multiple people ending up dead. No one likes that.

"Sir, if you drive off, a police chase will ensue. I can, however, offer two other options.
The first one is to peacefully escort you to a hospital, which is the only lawful action with a priority over keeping you here until the charges for the hit and run are written out.
The second option is to escort you to some other location. However, you need to tell me what this location is first and also, once the drive is over, you'll additionally be charged with resisting arrest.
Please choose carefully."
No. 1019245 ID: af2f11

Seconding this. Make sure to note the make and model, along with the plates. Probably shouldn't tail him for now so we can live long enough to give a better description of the perp.
No. 1019285 ID: e51896

I'm sure you got him recorded in some ways (license plate, appearance.) Let him go, but report him after he drives off. He seems like a man with nothing to lose, and those kinds of people are the most dangerous for one guy to handle, especially Zephers
No. 1019636 ID: 11f77a
File 164140312291.png - (163.96KB , 550x500 , tvd_062.png )

>Let him go, but report him after he drives off.
>Probably shouldn’t tail him [...] so we can live long enough to give a better description [...]
You are frozen in place. The only ‘correct’ answer goes against your oath to the badge. And the wrong answer could put many lives in danger; you can’t help but imagine a chain of events branching from this moment. He seems like a man with nothing to lose. Thugs can be gutsy to tell off a cop, but there are no guts from him. Having guts means taking a leap into uncertainty. And this zepher...

The words to give him a pass struggle to leave your tongue.

But the stranger sees that, and takes the initiative to speak. “I’m going to go now.” The zepher faces the road. The window slithers back up. His vehicle creeps with its tires slowly crunching dirt and gravel against the asphalt. You step back as he drives off without a hurry.
No. 1019637 ID: 11f77a
File 164140316529.png - (189.34KB , 550x500 , tvd_063.png )

You move back inside your car; you need a minute to think about what just happened there. Once more you stare at the notes in your passenger seat: his license plate and model number. You pick up the radio trying to piece together what to say.

“Bazaar Twelve, code ten-sixty-six. Need a lookout for a Smutzcreek vehicle, license 617 hyphen GGH7, break--”

You haven’t felt a chill like this in a long, long time. There are many thoughts dancing on your mind; you can’t quite latch on one particular idea. Back and forth between work and life at home. Is this something to pursue further? Or to quit while you’re ahead? Will there be one last case or will you finally retire despite the city having unchanged when you began in the department?

You take time pondering on... anything. Tonight may have been a close call.
No. 1019638 ID: 11f77a
File 164140321232.png - (193.79KB , 550x500 , tvd_064.png )

Man, that job was a bitch.

You’re Grutter. A relicynth who hopped planets with Fletch. While stealing a shit-ton of money from a deal gone wrong you’re forcing yourselves to lay low for a while. You two have rented a motel room for the time being--and you just returned with the only vehicle shared between the both of you.

Anyway, you came back from a freelance job of moving furniture for a young couple. Thought you could get some food on the way back.
No. 1019640 ID: 11f77a
File 164140326569.png - (219.78KB , 550x500 , tvd_065.png )

Wait... did one of you fuckers forget to lock the goddamn door?
No. 1019644 ID: e7c7d3

Sunnovabitch! Check to see if anyone stole your stash
No. 1019647 ID: ce39da

Tark: Yeah, no, make sure you actually tell the squad what happened. Leave it to the guys working on the convenience store case to put together the same suspicions as you... and maybe add "threatened me with a weapon, I couldn't do anything until he drove off." Again, you aren't in some douchebag's pocket, but that doesn't mean you're above fibbing a little to cover your ass. You'd be shocked if the guy didn't have a weapon of some kind ready to pull out on you, anyway.

Grutter: Shit, if Fletch isn't already in there, someone could have made off with the money at any point. And Fletch doesn't get off-shift for a few hours, at least.

Wait, no. You guys are too careful to just leave the door unlocked. You need to call Fletch about this development (but notice the voice message first).
No. 1019650 ID: 4248fe

Look up, there may be a prank up there.
No. 1019677 ID: 3491a8

Tark: Things might seems equal as they were, but people doing what is right at least prevent things to go worse. Change is a slow creature.

Grutter: Strange... try to look using the window first. If you can't see nothing act discretly as if you go for a candy bar at the vending machine while you call your friend to confirm everything is ok.
No. 1019861 ID: c205f9

Someone might be inside. Call the police. Or if you dont have a phone, knock on a neighbor's door, explain situation, and call the cops of a possible breakin.
No. 1019868 ID: cdbcf8

...Hey you know who we haven't checked in on in awhile out neighbor let's do that we could have a little dinner and we could get to know each other while only looking though our window once and running away immediately!
No. 1019965 ID: 3aa06e

Tark: There's no shame in backing down for the moment. The zepher could have easily drawn whatever weaponry he may have had faster than you could. Report the Zepher and the exchange you had. He might have drawn quicker than you. Say he may be a person of interest due the his bullet injuries and he was strangely refusing to see a doctor.

Don't think that just because you let one get away means you've failed as an officer. This situation could have turned ugly real quick, you're not able to do your job dead nor will you be able to inspire other non-corrupt officers to step up. Radio Farah to see where she is, she might have a run-in with the Zepher.

Grutter: Do you think the guys you stole from found you? Did you two ever discuss a plan in the event you were found? Better back up out of earshot of this door and warn Fletch via your phone. You have a gun?
No. 1019975 ID: 15a025

I don't think either of you are careless enough to leave the door opened or unlocked, especially in a town like this. Book it out of there and try calling up Fletch.
No. 1020239 ID: 11f77a
File 164193913180.png - (131.60KB , 550x500 , tvd_066.png )

>Call police / knock on a neighbor’s door
>Hey you know who we haven’t checked in on in a while? Our neighbor--let’s do that […]
Are you shittin’ me? Do you think getting the police involved in your escape with a briefcase full of credits is a good idea? Let alone some idiot neighbor asking about what you do for a living when you felt like dropping by to say howdy?!

>You need to call Fletch
>Fletch doesn’t get off-shift for a few hours
Right, phone. Uhhh... maybe you’re a bit forgetful after all. You remember driving off without your burner phone earlier today--so it should be inside somewhere. Fletch may have come home early (or gotten fired, that dumb dillo). Can’t believe that asshole brought you on the run with him.

>Check to see if anyone stole your stash
>I don’t think either of you are careless enough to leave the door open.
You're quite positive that you two are too careful and on the edge to leave that shit unlocked. Someone may have ganked your money! You take out your gun and creep inside.

You aim your weapon and look through all the rooms--which is about three. No scuffle--everything was as it was when you left (as far as you could tell). No furniture tipped over. No trash bins emptied. Fletch left shortly after you went on your own odd job. If anyone is waiting for you they would be in the bedroom. You prepare to shoot anyone you don’t recognize in their goddamn face. You search and you search; behind closets and shower curtains, nothing. No one.

But your stash!
No. 1020240 ID: 11f77a
File 164193928620.png - (277.75KB , 550x500 , tvd_067.png )

You look behind the mini-fridge and you’re relieved the case has been untouched. All roughly 1.5 million credits in sleek plastic sticks. With the brief scare you’ve had you constantly feel like you’re going to throw up.

You think about the job before going on the run. Life was o-kay, you suppose. Daatuteph isn’t a friendly desert planet to live in. There are gaps in your memory on what happened during the deal with a rival gang--but after the shootout (with you two left standing) you decided to book it with the money.

You got your phone now.
What exactly happened at the deal gone wrong before your retreat to Port Echo?
What plans have you two discussed in the event of being found, or separated?
You’ve made a few friends while living in the city for a month. Maybe you could contact an underground service? A big gun? A new identity? Body guards? Next ticket out of this hellhole?
Should you ditch Fletch and run with the money?

• Tark ponders on his outlook of the situation. With reassurance that what he did was the right move, he starts reporting on his radio...
No. 1020243 ID: e7c7d3

Contact Fletch, maybe think of a new place to lay low

Tark, maybe check to see if anything new popped up at the crime scene
No. 1020245 ID: 3aa06e

Grutter: I guess check if you got message on your phone. Maybe Fletch came back shortly to grab something then remembered he left the damn door open.

>What exactly happened at the deal gone wrong before your retreat to Port Echo?
Curious about this, was it always the plan to double cross the parties involved and make it rich or did it just happen that both parties during the deal decided to kill each other and the gunfight left you and Fletch as the only witnesses and probably the scapegoats for why the deal went wrong?

>What plans have you two discussed in the event of being found, or separated?
Have you two ever considered cosmetic surgery possibly? Or at least some way to temporarily change the looks of your faces to be a little less unique. Not sure how unique you are compared to other relicynth in terms of appearance but if someone was going to track you two down it'd probably be Fletch who they would get to first. That scar is quite noticeable.

If you're ever found you'd just get some cosmetic surgery or temporarily change your faces then, pay the right people in bribes and leave for another place they wouldn't bother looking, perhaps making a temporary stop some place before moving again to further hide yours trail. Go to a frontier colony? Maybe a paradise world? Wherever the person you double-crossed doesn't have much reach. Pray your disguises shake up the trail.

If it ever comes down to it, you two should split the money and separate. Take different bus stations, space ports, whatever. Just split and get off world to other places but never tell the other where you are going. Just in case one of you gets caught you wouldn't be able to tell your captor where your partner went. Not the best plan but it's the only plan that ensures at least one of you get out alive to reap the rewards of the money. Just hope if they ever go after Fletch that he stalls and wastes as much of their time as possible that you'd be long gone. And if they ever go after you, do your best to lose them.

>Should you ditch Fletch and run with the money?
No. Plan relies on both of you having the money and resources to make it hell for your pursuers to catch you.

Tark: Report the Zepher and his behavior plus his refusal to get a doctor. Injury looked to be a gunshot. Possibly a person of interest in regards to the case. Then check the whereabouts of Farah.
No. 1020303 ID: a2493c

(taking "prompt" at face value)
The deal wasn't a result of anything we did. One of the guys we were delivering the product to was on something. A bad batch of hallucinogens, some kind of stimulant, whatever it was about halfway through a pretty casual deal he flipped out and pulled a gun on one of his buddies.

The chaos after that was pretty hard to follow and you wound up booking it with the briefcase in the chaos.
No. 1020324 ID: c92a02

>A third party raided the deal trying to steal the money or the drugs, you weren't really sure. Both sides accused the other of tipping them off, etc etc.
>In case of getting lost, meet up in the library on tenth street.
>Meat Packers Inc. is a bodyguard service, no questions asked. You could hire them to get you out of here with a fraction of the cash.
No. 1020734 ID: 11f77a
File 164262175801.png - (272.69KB , 550x500 , tvd_068.png )

>Have you two ever considered cosmetic surgery?
Ya kidding? And mess up this handsome mug? Nah, aint gonna change your face like some witness protection snitch. Fletch could use a new eye but... he thinks the lady ichors dig the scar (but his sister sure loves gripping the relicynth horns, you know from first-hand experience).

>If it ever comes down to it, you should split the money and separate [...]
Yeah... perhaps that’s best sooner than later. Somewhere down the line you two must go separate ways--you’ve made it this far alive. And should never speak of where you are going.

You remember pieces on how it went down; a delivery of hallucinogens to one of the neighboring gangs back on Daatuteph. Five of you, five of them. Your boss owns lots of manufacturing stations mainly for bullet farms and gray--so to keep things steady the rival warlords made a small pact. But there was bitter tension.
Anyway, you don’t know what really started the firefight. The chaos made a sharp turn and you hit the deck as bullets flew. There are rumors of a third party breaking in. Or maybe just one guy high on the stuff had an itchy trigger finger. It was that moment you and Fletch wanted to get out of this hellhole planet. When the dust settled and you raised your heads from beneath the tables, everyone was dead. So you took the money and ran to the nearest port.

First you pick up your phone. There are three missed calls--two from Fletch and one from an unknown number. Regardless, the unknown number has left a message. You listen to it before contacting Fletch.

“Grutter, you fuck! [>>1017259]”

You remember the one discussion regarding your blown cover. Meet up at 10th Street Klerthy Library Center in case you are separated. You got in touch with some of the underground services and there’s a disappearing service called Meat Packers Inc.

Immediately you start packing your bag!

There’s a knock on your front door. You almost drop everything.
No. 1020735 ID: cf3a79

Ignore packing, grab the dough and break out of the window. Don't stop for anything.
No. 1020736 ID: 93ba79

How good are the windows exit-wise?
(careful though, this could also be a ploy to get you to expose yourself there)
No. 1020738 ID: 0ee72b

Grab your gun, look for an alternate exit, but before leaving ask who it is in an old senile-sounding voice.
No. 1020740 ID: e51896

If it was the enemy, they'd knock the door down. Answer it.
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