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File 158999485776.gif - (3.06MB , 1600x1200 , Quest.gif )
967250 No. 967250 ID: 443c89

These are dark days for the races known as "Lyluks", all across the world both leaders and common folk turn against them. They send any Lyluks they find to extermination camps.

Let us follow this one particular pilluk for a while, see if she can free her people. (Probably not...)
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No. 968058 ID: a8f282
File 159051764011.jpg - (26.28KB , 469x421 , 159051519087.jpg )

This THING, quick climb into it! Whatever it is
No. 968060 ID: 443c89
File 159051848689.gif - (1.15MB , 1200x901 , bitluk_jump.gif )

:bitlukicon: (geronimoooooooo)
No. 968067 ID: 443c89
File 159052089329.gif - (337.30KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_splash.gif )

No. 968068 ID: a8f282

Can bitluk swi-, no, float at least?
No. 968070 ID: 443c89
File 159052207033.gif - (271.26KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_float.gif )

:bitlukicon: (It is a well known fact that ALL LYLUKS FLOAT)
No. 968071 ID: 8768f8

Engage trunk rotation and motorboat into that canal
No. 968075 ID: 443c89
File 159052437833.gif - (310.25KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_float_cry.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Lyluks have 0 strength and cannot spin their trunks anywhere near fast enough to become a motorboat)
(Oh no! Bitluk just realized she is floating on POO WATER and has begun to cry again!)
No. 968076 ID: cf6efa

try swimming into the sidewalk of the sewer. Walk to the light side of the tunnel
No. 968077 ID: 210eed

don't cry bitluk it's only mud

mud water is pure and exfoliating
No. 968078 ID: 8768f8

eat crayons. Their color will bring joy and courage to this lyluk
No. 968082 ID: 443c89
File 159052624420.gif - (365.49KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_swim.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk swims over to the sidewalk)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk cares not how exfoliating the mud is when is came from someones butt!)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk refuses to eat her precious CRAYONS)
No. 968083 ID: cf6efa

do you see an exit? anywhere you can go now?
No. 968085 ID: 443c89
File 159053067212.jpg - (170.10KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_whatjpg.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "You're not going to get out that way. Once you're in this deep the only way back out is through the basement."

:bitlukicon: (Who is talking right now?)
No. 968086 ID: 443c89

(Another session done today, see you next time!)
No. 968164 ID: 12b116

It looks like there's a tunnel to the left and right. Why can't you go either of those ways?
No. 968167 ID: f8b8bb

That voice?? So beautiful!
In such a wretched place this voice could only belong to one creature...

A Begraluk!!!
No. 968485 ID: 443c89
File 159085922013.gif - (445.57KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_fishluk_lair.gif )

(Theres also a way towards the spirit camera from which we look upon the world and which is the direction the voice is coming from)
:bitlukicon: (A Begraluk?! Yes! Thats the only one it could belong to! A wise and beautif....)
(EW EEEEEWWWWWWWWW, What is that thing? That isn't a lyluk is it? I'm not related to that right?)
:fishlukcry: ...
No. 968486 ID: 8768f8

Greet that cutie and ask her why she's blushing. She definetly finds you nice!
No. 968487 ID: 44d902

My goodness, a fishluk!
maybe she can help you on your quest.
No. 968488 ID: 9537de

Go past it, I don't think those can speak or look, we better keep moving through.
No. 968491 ID: 443c89

:bitlukicon: (A fishluk? What is she doing on land?)
:fishluk: "I got stuck up here when the water level changed..."
:fishluk: "I can so speak! And tho I'm blind I can still help you! I know the way out of here, we need each other."
:fishluk: "I'm not b-blushing! This is just how my face is! And I don't think you're nice, the first thing you said to me was ew!"
No. 968495 ID: 8741d4

This is your fault for being mean to precious fishluk. Follow the fishluk to the basement and think about what you did.
No. 968496 ID: d237cc

Let's not forget our manners - try a trunkshake
Carefully, fishluk looks like it's about to die any moment
No. 968497 ID: 443c89
File 159086235941.gif - (228.43KB , 1200x901 , fishluk_trunkshake.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Yes! Surely a vigorous and POLITE TRUNKSHAKE will mend bitluks insults!)
:fishluk: "Ow"
No. 968499 ID: 44d902

No. 968508 ID: 443c89

:bitlukicon: (No! This is not lewd! When pilluk said you were pervert spirits I didn't think this is what she meant!)
:fishluk: "P-pervert spirits? Is that who we've been talking to?"
No. 968509 ID: 44d902

Focus! the fishluk said something about a way out. Ask how do you get through this "basement"?
No. 968510 ID: 443c89

:fishluk: "Yes, the pervert spirit is right. We should focus on getting out of here and I know the way! So all you have to do is pick me up and continue down the hallway until you see a whirlpool and then take a right. The uh, yeah it's somewhere to the right of the whirlpool."
"Please don't forget about me."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk picks up fishluk and puts her in the LYLUK INVENTORY DIMENSION)
No. 968511 ID: 443c89
File 159086907040.jpg - (190.67KB , 1600x1201 , sewers_pathway_to_the_ovens.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (It is just as fishluk said but theres only 1 way to go)
No. 968514 ID: d237cc

Oh no, did the FISHLUK disappear from the INVENTORY?
No. 968515 ID: 443c89
File 159087016673.jpg - (223.53KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_elevator.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Success! At the end of this tunnel there is one of those... upsy platform thingies)

(What ever do you mean kind suggester? Surely you can point to the post you think fishluk should be in but isnt right?)
No. 968516 ID: 443c89
File 159087067041.gif - (232.25KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_elevator_mad.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk keeps pressing the button but nothing happens)
(The more she presses the MADDER she gets)
No. 968517 ID: d237cc

No. 968519 ID: 443c89
File 159087104793.gif - (207.31KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_elevator_madder.gif )

No. 968520 ID: 7dceaa

You're pressing the wrong button little bitluk. Try the other one
No. 968521 ID: 9537de

Wait, before you go, do you see anything of use on those minecarts? The box things with wheels, I mean.
No. 968524 ID: 443c89
File 159087257483.jpg - (236.65KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_mine_carts.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Oh... Thanks pervert spirits)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk is TOO SHORT to look into the minecarts but just as she's about to walk away she hears a voice)
:mysterynigga: "Is....someone there?"
No. 968526 ID: 443c89
File 159087439364.gif - (1.08MB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_ghosts.gif )

:lylukghosts: "Is that a little bitluk we see?"
No. 968527 ID: 9537de

My fucking christ, they're ghost lyluks. What do they know about this place?
No. 968528 ID: 44d902

No. 968529 ID: 443c89

:lylukghosts: "No we are not zombies or ghoasts. Do not throw stones in glass houses spirits."
:lylukghosts: "We know only that this place is where our ashes where dumped, with no one to mourn our passing. The fate of all lyluks. Your fate... if you do not escape this place."
No. 968530 ID: 9537de

Well you heard them bitluk, better make haste before that stinking roman comes here.
No. 968532 ID: 443c89

:bitlukicon: (Okay, lets get out of here!)
:lylukghosts: (Wait! We have so much more to-)
No. 968533 ID: 443c89
File 159087674370.gif - (602.10KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_elevator.gif )

:bitlukicon: (The elevator music drowns out the lyluk ghosts and even improves bitluks mood a little!)
No. 968535 ID: 443c89
File 159087745054.gif - (1.36MB , 800x600 , oven_prv_full.gif )

(As soon as she leaves the elevator bitluk is confronted with a horrible sight)
No. 968536 ID: 9537de

Bitluk, what's that lever behind you?
No. 968540 ID: b1b4f3

Push him into the oven!
No. 968542 ID: 443c89

(I think we're done for this session folks, Thanks for playing)
No. 968556 ID: 44e6ed

bitluk, if you join forces with pilluk, can you two join your shitty auras to kill the guard?
No. 968563 ID: 15a025

Use your crayons to draw a hole where the guard stands.
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