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File 155868339560.gif - (1.32MB , 560x354 , first.gif )
933892 No. 933892 ID: f7fe08

Congratulations young lady, and welcome to the Cherub Safety scouts. A thrilling summer ripe with science, fun, and most importantly safety awaits you here in Cerebrum City.
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No. 961296 ID: d63ea8

Left is probably the best choice. Going right will lead us to a possible conflict.
No. 961312 ID: 49e4d4

...how did...

WHY did...


Just keep walking. We'll run into something that smells good sooner or later and that'll tell you where to go.
No. 961353 ID: ce39da

Down? Which direction is down? Back the way we're facing away from?
No. 961361 ID: e51896

Cafeteria is downward. Jump through the floor with your strength.

(Fun fact: rats have poor blurry vision. Just like how Bonnie now has blurry vision. Maybe Bonnie might be becoming one of them?)
No. 963116 ID: a34b8a
File 158759706192.gif - (28.96KB , 560x335 , lab journey.gif )

Left! Food is always left! We make our journey left until we find a door with scribbles similar to the ones on the wall.

Looks tough to get into, to get in we may need a key.
No. 963117 ID: a34b8a
File 158759708519.gif - (143.79KB , 415x560 , key.gif )

Luckily we found a key..
No. 963120 ID: a34b8a
File 158759719685.gif - (305.04KB , 560x304 , lab.gif )

(“what's that?”)
(“a monster?”)
(“another monster?!”)
(“its smaller than the others”)
(“is it a baby?”)
(“look brother’s back!”)
(“he’s back!”)
(“we’re saved!”)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute, this...this isn't cereal
No. 963123 ID: d63ea8

No it's not cereal, but it looks like you might've found a whole bunch of friends for Rat-Thoney.
No. 963125 ID: e7c7d3

Let curiosity take over. Switches! Buttons! All need to be flipped and pressed
No. 963146 ID: 094652

Grab your siblings and run, don't look at the experiments, they're not sane anymore!
No. 963155 ID: f2320a

Look like our pall has some new friends
No. 963195 ID: 49e4d4

...Yeah, no, this is interesting but you need some cereal in you to process this.
No. 963213 ID: 977456

Agreed, ask them where cereal is.
No. 963216 ID: e51896

Cool, lets drop Rat-Thoney off here to hang out with his friends so he doesn't get board, and continue our quest for cereal and milk.
No. 963217 ID: 0fae41

Look for a big red muffin button.
No. 963251 ID: ce39da

Correct; this is not cereal. Back out and try a different path.
No. 963255 ID: 015bf2

Ho boy! A pet store!
No. 965487 ID: a34b8a
File 158881878208.gif - (227.54KB , 560x560 , gigabrained.gif )

Gee this sure is a tough decision rats… or cereal...rats… or cereal…or…maybe a better idea…
No. 965489 ID: a34b8a
File 158881887528.gif - (812.25KB , 560x399 , zaxx.gif )

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How could you have defeated me!"
No. 965490 ID: a34b8a
File 158881893205.gif - (1.02MB , 560x399 , cpt.gif )

"The answer is quite simple really Zaxx, I started my day out with a hearty breakfast of Galactic Sugar Blaster’s (TM)"
No. 965491 ID: a34b8a
File 158881899313.gif - (2.60MB , 560x399 , cereal.gif )

"With its out of this world marshmallows and delicious colorful flavors made from real fruits like, cherry, orange and even pineapple. My Sugar Blaster cereal is an irresistible snack or breakfast for any aspiring space adventurer."
No. 965492 ID: a34b8a
File 158881910518.gif - (2.71MB , 560x399 , cerea2l.gif )

"CURSE YOU CAPTAIN HELIOS! and curse your Galactic Sugar Blaster Cereal! (TM)"
No. 965495 ID: a34b8a
File 158881933173.gif - (55.53KB , 560x411 , rat breakfast.gif )

“Remember future space adventurers, ask your parents about Galactic Sugar Blasters(TM). Find adventure in the cereal aisle”

("When do we get to go home?")
("What is this monster doing?")
("Should we kill it?")
("No it saved us...and it has powers according to my brother.")
("It has terrible taste in television tho..")
No. 965496 ID: a34b8a
File 158881958675.gif - (86.94KB , 560x403 , nani.gif )

with our newly freed furry friends we munch and crunch on sugary goodness. After a clean getaway to the kitchen.

Although, it seems our cereal social seems to have been rudely interrupted by some persistent pursuer at the door.
No. 965499 ID: 015bf2

Best. Breakfast. Evar.

Be oblivious to the newcomer while you eat, pet and groom.
No. 965580 ID: 12b116

No. 965581 ID: e7c7d3

Identify intruder, one does not simply interrupt such high-concept television
No. 966210 ID: b5fb67

Wait until you can identify the intruder before siccing ratfriends on them.

Then resume watching Saturday morning cartoons!
No. 966221 ID: adc5ae

Oh, your eyes turned red, like a rat.
No. 966700 ID: a34b8a
File 158952272473.gif - (222.37KB , 560x497 , huh.gif )

Making sure to make our selves obvious to the intruder, we try to identify who it is while sneaking in glances at the TV.
No. 966701 ID: a34b8a
File 158952303646.gif - (44.30KB , 560x506 , oh no.gif )

"Hello young lady!"
The woman in white cheers to us.

(she keeps squinting at me, her vision must be effected, but she was able to tell I was here despite this....)

"Bonnie? wasn't it? you've been really busy haven't you? do you mind if we take a moment to talk?"

she continues
No. 966702 ID: a34b8a
File 158952347992.gif - (34.02KB , 560x317 , oh no no.gif )

(I-Its her!)
(The monster lied!)
(It's going to get us killed)
(Brother was wrong!!)

"I heard your mom was coming over, I haven't seen Vermillion in quite some time. She's an dear old friend of mine you know."

(She looks just like her too...)

The woman says softly as she cautiously inches closer to us.
No. 966705 ID: adb916

The 'monster' knows (almost) nothing.
No. 966706 ID: 9876c4

"What kind of Cereal do you like best?"
No. 966707 ID: b1b4f3

Introduce her to your pet rats.
No. 966708 ID: 49e4d4

Squint at that last line. She doesn't seem like the kinda person Mom would be friends with. You always imagined they'd be louder. Kinda like her.

"I got breakfast. And rats. While I was looking for breakfast. They're pretty neat."
No. 966711 ID: 094652

Calm your minions down! Tell them to slowly sneak their way around while you distract 'her'. You'll regroup at the monster's nest later.
No. 966760 ID: 2a2f85

Eye her warily while we pet the cat sized rat sitting in our lap.

"Friend of my mom? Maybe. You certainly don't seem to be a friend to these guys here. What'd you do to them that'd make them this scared of you?"
No. 966763 ID: de551a

Hold up, this is one of those Stranger Danger moments where someone pretends to know your mom, but is actually not in order to hurt you, isnt it? Remember your safety lessons from buddy bunny, DONT TALK TO STRAGERS. Tell her you are not supposed to talk to strangers and run if you have to while yelling stranger danger
No. 966788 ID: ed763f

Sure. Can we talk about why the rats recognize you?
No. 966867 ID: a34b8a
File 158968778111.gif - (142.94KB , 560x360 , rat gang rat gang.gif )

"Is that sugar blasters you got there?" the woman nonchalantly chatters.

"I used to love those, but they're much too sweet for me now." she jokingly rambles creeping closer with every word that escapes her lips.

Trying our best to comfort our furry friends we suspiciously question the woman on why the rats seem to be afraid of her.
No. 966868 ID: a34b8a
File 158968781081.gif - (224.72KB , 426x560 , intro.gif )

"Oh pardon me how rude! I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm a scientist, or I guess I'm a little more than that now...I'm the director of this organization."

"My name is Dr. White, but all my friends just call me Grace, and we're all friends here...right Bonnie?"

She says while slowly reaching into her coat.
No. 966869 ID: a34b8a
File 158968785267.gif - (389.46KB , 508x560 , rat rat rat.gif )

"Your little friends were part of an long ongoing project of ours...but we got the results we were looking for."

"We used to be interested in your little brainy friend, but now...we're much more interested in you Bonnie...how do you feel?"
No. 966871 ID: e51896

Remember your safety lessons as a Cherub Safety scouts, don't talk to and stay away from strangers.
No. 966874 ID: 2a2f85

Distract her while some of the larger rats get ready to dogpile her.
>"Say, Dr. White... You ever see a movie called The Secret of NIMH?"
No. 966879 ID: 3ed3c3

No. 966882 ID: d63ea8

((This feels appropriate, albeit a bit on the nose.))

"Like a Lab-rat."
No. 966883 ID: 0fae41

Like you want to see your mom right now.
No. 966886 ID: 9876c4

...Pretty Ratical
No. 966911 ID: ed763f

Tell her to please keep her distance.

Kinda mad. I didn't get any sleep, and the grownups all keep wandering off, and I thought safety scouts PROTECTED from this sort of thing, and I'm not making any new friends and I wanna talk to my mom.
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