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File 170159202418.png - (63.23KB , 720x720 , MACHINE.png )
1078544 No. 1078544 ID: 7ae8e6

This is an NSFW Quest about sex, robots, and identity.

Welcome to the world.
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No. 1086683 ID: f2320a

More thinking can a robot even get fat do they have designated subdermal fuel pockets in a internal lattice for slow acting energy? Or ..... are you just fat forever from creation.
But the concept of internal factories is interesting and decentralized production makes for a versatile and flexible system incase of emergencies its like being able to use money without having to rely on the bank in war times suddenly shutting down
No. 1086743 ID: 940726

Hey, that's some good info! Thanks for the assist, Hax.

Wait, what does "affection" mean? What distinguishes it from love and lust?

He looks like he's concerned for Jack's well-being. He's sympathetic, but not regretful, so he probably wasn't involved with your botched operation. Since he already has a high level of affection (and lust) towards you, I'd guess that he was someone close to you before the operation and has been exhausting himself with worry this whole time. He likely heard about you losing your memories and is asking you if it really went that badly.

Or that could be completely off the mark. Depends on what you say to him and how he reacts.

If I'm reading him correctly, then what he needs is a reason to feel hopeful. He wants to know what happened so he'll know it isn't worse. He should know how you are and how you're feeling, and that you're not going to die anytime soon. You've lost a lot, but you're still alive, healthy, and ready to put the pieces back together.

I know what'll cheer him up! Ask him to talk about something the two of you did together. You have detailed but incomplete memories of your past, right? If his story matches one of your memories, then he can help you fill in the blanks, and you can show him that he hasn't lost you.
No. 1086753 ID: 7ae8e6
File 171084879161.png - (128.92KB , 1440x1080 , LikeBrothers.png )

>... you're going to have to be more specific there friend.

:JackConfused: "Is what true?"

:MaxTired: "Your memories, they're gone, aren't they?"

:JackTired: "o-oh, yeah, do I... Know you?"

:MaxTired: "...Yeah, you did"

>I know what'll cheer him up! Ask him to talk about something the two of you did together. You have detailed but incomplete memories of your past, right? If his story matches one of your memories, then he can help you fill in the blanks, and you can show him that he hasn't lost you.

:JackNeutral: "Oh! uhm, well, I have some memories left over... just, no faces, just... information. Can you... Tell me a favourite memory or something? talk about how we were?"

:MaxTired: "Oh? We... We were close, like brothers... But... With all the fighting too. You'd always come to me, mess with me, make me mad... But also just... Talk to me when you needed support, and you were there for me too. I wasn't the best to you, Jack. I thought that maybe... The last thing we'd have done was fight, hearing what happened, I was the first to find out..."

He'd pause, before chuckling softly,

"Despite you being the literal therapist, I used to be the one you'd always talk to about your..."

He looks over to Jack, who shifts uncomfortably in return,

:JackTired: "...yeah, I... Have a memory of talking about that with someone, but... I don't remember anything else, I'm sorry"

:MaxTired: "It's alright, it was wishful thinking to believe you'd be able to remember me."
No. 1086754 ID: 861ceb

good lord does anyone around here sleep? everyone seems to be a few steps away from just passing out.
No. 1086755 ID: 273c18

Maybe it's currently evening, so everyone is a bit tired.

Ask him his name. And if you told him anything about why you came here.
No. 1086759 ID: dd3fe0

What was I trying to do? How can I get ahold of my assets, and any personal or private property I might have? Is there anything I need to know? Anything I should fear?
No. 1086760 ID: dd3fe0

Did I tell you anything to tell or do in this situation? Did I have any contingencies or plans in general for things going wrong?
No. 1086761 ID: 861ceb

oh yeah, also ask if he knows where you live
No. 1086765 ID: 79483d

Hey, you remember no one right now, you didn't forget him specifically. No, he might be the most important in this moment, because he was brave enough to approach you at all and talk to you. Situation isn't perfect, but you're both alive and he shouldn't feel guilty. There has to be a little muscle memory to your interactions.
Introduce yourself to him and offer your hand.
No. 1086769 ID: 124485

>Despite you being the literal therapist
We're a therapist? That's going to make it difficult for us, since we don't remember any of our patients!
No. 1086772 ID: 2a82d3

You could take him out somewhere, like a bar or cafe. It looks like you should encourage him to worry less about you, and be with his (girl/boy)friend or find one if he doesn't.

If we were practicing therapy, we would surely would've made records and kept them somewhere.
No. 1086773 ID: dd3fe0


Yea, also our new upgrades should make for extremely powerful therapy tools, albeit medically unethical ones.
No. 1086774 ID: 7c55ad

Ask about the last thing you and he did the last time you were together. It'll help give you an idea what type of person you were.
No. 1086775 ID: 5ebd37

its only unethical if we're not trustworthy, and we know we aren't so no problem.

Time to start your relationship anew. Introduce yourself, keeping in mind he hasn't told you his name yet. Can't give away your mad hax yet
No. 1086795 ID: 64faaa

Yeah, comfort him/make sure he doesn't feel bad!

All of these are good.


Only potentially unethical.
No. 1086797 ID: b8c31c

Well hey, you sort of remember him, you just need to get re-introduced and slot the face and name into the right memories. Maybe over a coffee sometime.
No. 1086807 ID: 940726

"Hey, it's not like that. I'm missing names and faces, but the feelings, the words we said, those are still there. What we had isn't gone, I'll just need some time to get back in touch with it."

Would this be an appropriate time for physical contact? Because I kind of want to step over and stroke his arm.

He said you were a professional therapist. That's interesting, because I can see why a therapist would want to get a hacking chip. Though that does make me concerned about how ethical you were. Do you think you were using Hax on your patients before? No, the timeline wouldn't match up; she said she didn't know how much time had passed when you woke up, so she couldn't have been active recently. Or could her memory have been erased too?

Speaking of which, it's good to keep in mind what we were doing. We're headed to the library to read up on the treatment we went through and see if amnesia is really a plausible side effect. Did we tell our friend (don't call him Max yet) anything about what we were going through, and does it match up with what AHN told us?
No. 1086809 ID: 124485

>we would surely would've made records and kept them somewhere.

But aren't those notes required to be locked up for privacy reasons? You know, to prevent anyone that isn't us from looking at them.

Our new problems are finding where we put the notes and finding the key and/or password to unlock the thing we put the notes in!
No. 1086812 ID: dd3fe0


Passwords are a horrible, horrible system. Surely there would be some kind of lock that's an encrypted unique mechanometric tied to us?
No. 1086835 ID: 940726

Hold on. I feel like I'm missing something.

>I used to be the one you'd always talk to about your...
>...yeah, I... Have a memory of talking about that with someone

It seems like there's some subtext that I'm not getting. Are you referring to something specific? I don't recall you mentioning it, if so.
No. 1086950 ID: d150ea
File 171120032619.png - (13.12KB , 961x1111 , Untitled.png )

"How are those intrusive thoughts now, Jack?"

Can't draw, but I can edit. Hope this isn't too cringe.

What can I say, HAX does it for me.
No. 1086954 ID: 969209

Would say save it for questdis. Since we don't have one though... gud stuff. Will agree that HAX is good for getting the engine revving. Polite sage.
No. 1086965 ID: f2320a


Therapist response "how does that make you feel" also we must admit outloud that

Its really brave of you to approach me and actually talk about the good and bad where most would just not even mention it to manipulate a amnesiac to see them in a more positive light
No. 1087160 ID: 7ae8e6
File 171142243859.png - (58.78KB , 1440x1080 , ThankYou.png )

:MaxDepressed: "I just..."

:JackCaring: "...You look tired"

:MaxDepressed: "Yeah, I'm... Overworked, I've been worried, too, about you and the others, how they were taking the news too..."

:JackCaring: "Thank you"
No. 1087162 ID: 7ae8e6
File 171142318329.png - (56.10KB , 1440x1080 , ThankYou1.png )

Max's eyes widened as he turned to look at Jack, confused and surprised.

:MaxSurprised: "For what?"

:JackNeutral: "For telling me this, you could've easily taken advantage of my memory loss and started anew, but you instead told me things you were feeling, concerns you had, even issues you felt like you had with yourself."

Max simply stood there, eyes wide at Jacks words, listening to him.

:JackNeutral: "It takes a lot of effort to admit to stuff like that. I don't feel any ill-will towards you. And hey, if you'd like, maybe we can go and hang out sometime when you're free? Catch up, meet each other again?"

It took a moment, but Max finally replies,

:MaxNeutral: "Yeah, that sounds good. I work late tonight, but if you're free at 10, we can do it today"

:JackSmile: "I'll be sure to let you know"

Max shoots Jack a message quickly to re-add his connection to his system, Jack can now contact Max!
No. 1087164 ID: 42bb51

w0ah, you made him PURPLE again!! ourple good

What time is it right now? need to make sure we'll be around at 10:00 and not spend too much time in the library like a total NERD
No. 1087165 ID: ab46e9

Grand. Now we need to get to learning more about ourselves before said meetup.
No. 1087166 ID: c107d2

>worried, too, about you and the others
...Others? Please elaborate. Hurry it up though so we can boink HAX.
No. 1087167 ID: 5847f8

2 questions

What did he mean by others?
What is the current time?
No. 1087175 ID: 5ebd37

oh dear, others? Was what happened to jack not an isolated incident?
Though, lets not hold him up too long. We can talk at length when we meet later.
No. 1087178 ID: 8f9bc4

He's probably talking about the others he knows who are worried about you, not some mysterious hoarde of amnesiac robots. Save it for later; he needs some time to process this.
No. 1087189 ID: 7c55ad

"OH! Silly me, I don't think you told me your name yet. You already know me, but I'd like to know your name again."
No. 1087207 ID: 940726

"I, uh, just got a message from someone named Max. Was that you?"

Keep in mind that he hasn't told us his name yet, so we shouldn't let on that we know. Does your messaging software include the sender's name? Did he mention it in the message anywhere? If not, then now's a good time to ask him about it.

Once you've said your goodbyes (and he's hopefully gotten a look at your hips on the way out), we'll be alone with Hax again. Now we finally have a chance to get on with what we're really here for: reading at the hospital library! We can learn all sorts of neat technical stuff about how our brains work.

(Yeah, I know I'm being a tease, Hax. Don't worry, we'll let you off your leash eventually. It's frustrating now, but the more pent up you get, the more fun it'll be when you can finally let loose.)
No. 1087242 ID: 64faaa

Yeah, keep an eye on the time.
No. 1087243 ID: dd3fe0


He hasn't sent a message. Don't give up the game.
No. 1087250 ID: 940726

>He hasn't sent a message.

>Max shoots Jack a message quickly to re-add his connection to his system, Jack can now contact Max!
No. 1087260 ID: dd3fe0


Oh. Uh. Hmmm. I must have missed that popup.
No. 1087360 ID: e8bcc8
File 171169580643.png - (65.96KB , 1440x1080 , SeeYouTonight.png )

>"OH! Silly me, I don't think you told me your name yet. You already know me, but I'd like to know your name again."

As the elevator stops and the doors open, you quickly turn to Max.

:JackNeutral: "Oh right, before I go, what's your name again? Not in my system anymore."

:MaxNeutral: "Max 9, but just call me Max. I'll see you in 8."

:JackSmile: "For sure, maybe meet me in the spare room Ahn lent to me?"

He nods, smiling as the doors begin to close.

:HaxSmile: "He's nice, big bulge too"

:JackTired: "Go back to writing fanfiction, and don't say you don't because you think out loud"
No. 1087361 ID: e8bcc8
File 171169595044.png - (54.44KB , 1440x1080 , Library.png )

Welcome to the Library.

:HaxDevious: "Holy fuck yes internet access gimmie gimmie gimmie I am sane and can be trusted with global control."

:JackNeutral: "Sorry babe but I'm not insane"
No. 1087363 ID: 42bb51

Alrighty, looks like it's time to start searching for the catalogue of robot models!!
Might be able to find yourself if you're lucky! :O
No. 1087364 ID: 8f9bc4

Professions! History! Politics! Current events!
No. 1087365 ID: 7c55ad

Hey HAX, didn't you say earlier we 'wouldn't catch you dead in a library'"? What are ya doing here?

Ok ok, I'll stop giving you a hard time, HAX. Lets look into Jack's backstory here. We know he's a therapist, so look up keywords like "Jack" and "therapist"
No. 1087367 ID: df60a9

bee butt

Look for some therapy books, yeah. Might jog some skill-related memory like how Max reminded you of vaguely familiar events.
No. 1087369 ID: 861ceb

>I'll see you in 8
wait, this guy is that freakin tired at 2 in the afternoon? good god.

but yeah, guess you can search for your name on the computers and see if you can't find your old address... and I guess look up some reviews about yourself as well since you were apparently a therapist.
No. 1087390 ID: 64faaa

Scope out the hotties in the room.
Even if you don't have the time or extroversion needed to hit on ppl, you can still look (politely).

Also, yeah, research. Try to fill-in some of the blanks.
No. 1087392 ID: dd3fe0

Popular culture! Maps! Current Politics! Recent scientific developments! News!
No. 1087404 ID: 940726

Neat, books!
And a cute bee-bot in tight shorts!
And a huge bot on the walkway above us! Seriously, those boots look about as tall as we are.

Hax, can you passively scan the senses of the people around here and see if we've caught anyone's attention? Or interest, even?

Okay, let's not get distracted. We're here to research the "virus flush" treatment we got, to find out how it works and if memory loss is a well-known risk. My cautious side is reminding me that this whole facility is owned and operated by AHN, so we may want to confirm anything we learn using outside sources. Also, think about your search patterns in case they're being monitored by someone; it's safe to look up things about our lost identity or the procedure you went through, but don't make it seem like we distrust Ahn or have an illegal hacking chip.

There's also the escaped criminal hacker that's been spotted near here. See if you can find more news about that, and maybe look up what kinds of things hackers are known for and what kind of precautions the public can take. Can Hax scan the minds around us for potential signs of tampering?

I'm also wondering about "theta", whatever that is. There was a poster for him/her/it in the room where you woke up.

What sort of qualifications do you need to be a therapist? If you want to resume your work, you'll need to make sure you've still got the right skills. Is there some sort of refresher class you could take?
No. 1087748 ID: 400c5e
File 171203885745.png - (409.53KB , 1440x1080 , AprilFools.png )

>Scope out the hotties in the room.

Hottie spotted.

>Hey HAX, didn't you say earlier we 'wouldn't catch you dead in a library'"? What are ya doing here?

:HaxAngry: "Pick up a book and I'll fry your circuits."

>Hax, can you passively scan the senses of the people around here and see if we've caught anyone's attention? Or interest, even?

:HaxFrown: "Hmm, nope not really. But that gal over there seems to have your attention, should I be jealous?~"

HAX teases, making Jack shift slightly

>>1087404 (I am not pasting everything here lmao)

:JackNeutral: "Yeah that's a good list of things to research, we can hop on one of the computers and see."

:HaxDevious: "Orrr you can stop bein a pussy and talk to a woman."

Hax seems to be antsy, full of energy, is there something you and Jack have forgotten?
No. 1087752 ID: 5847f8

Weren’t you also trying to find out where you lived?
No. 1087759 ID: ab46e9

Doesn't talking to you count? You're a lotta woman for being a digital construct.

But yeah let's say hi to her, at least. We do need to remember to look up information about ourselves and our profession, but if we can slip some questions in about current events, that'll help.
No. 1087769 ID: 940726

Something you're forgetting? ...Ah, that's right!

We had considered developing your flirtation skills with her on the way to the library, before we met your old friend in the elevator and got sidetracked catching up. The cute bee girl is another opportunity to do that.

I say we skip it and go straight to booklearning. Normally I'd be all for it, but Hax threatened us, and I'm not going to let her think she can endanger your control over your own mind and get away with it. If she doesn't like what you decide to do, she can get back in her box while we handle important things.
No. 1087771 ID: 588b52

There's gotta be a way to artfully handle both, I think. Finding a book and talking to a nice lady can't be TOTALLY mutually exclusive!
No. 1087773 ID: 7c55ad

We can probably ask her for help finding specific books or websites we can research, and go from there with flirting.
No. 1087784 ID: 5ebd37

It wouldn't hurt to do some flirting before research. What books is she looking at? Could give us a conversation opening.
No. 1087791 ID: 940726

I stand by what I said.

It's true, we could practice flirting and do research at the same time. But our relationship with Hax is at a point where it's important to establish limits.

We won't be doing anything lewd unless she's at least willing to apologize and promise not to mess with Jack's mind without his permission. If she won't do that, then just ignore the attractive stranger and focus on learning.
No. 1087793 ID: 1b53c2

Agreed here.

Ignoring her now would let us know whether or not she would be willing to follow through on her threat. If she isn't, then we've set a boundary. If she is, then- Well, we a first-hand look at how the hacks 'feel' which... Could range from fun to catastrophic, depending on what she does, and how much we can fight back against it (out of pure spite, if nothing else).

That said, unless she's got a restriction against messing with us in there, we're probably going to be in for the more interesting option.
No. 1087870 ID: 940726

Wait, did someone leave a weird grinning doll on one of the bookshelves?

Did someone leave a weird round yellow thing on top of the bookshelves?
No. 1087873 ID: 42bb51

oH NO!! that YELLOW NUCLEAR WARHEAD may roll from atop the bookshelf and BONK that bee in the head!
Better talk to them to drag them to safety!
also learning some LORE at the computer sounds important
No. 1087887 ID: df60a9

Ask the bee bot for directions to engage in our research, maybe some light conversation if she seems interested in it.
No. 1089732 ID: 7ae8e6
File 171411406876.png - (83.15KB , 1440x1080 , Hello.png )

>We can probably ask her for help finding specific books or websites we can research, and go from there with flirting.

Jack sighs, outnumbered in the decision.

:JackAnnoyed: "Fine, I'll go talk to a woman, happy?"

:HaxSmile: "Getting there"

Walking over, Jack pretends to simply browse, looking at some books in the nonfiction section.

:JackNeutral: "You look like you know your way around here, where would the best place be to do some research on a person? And just... Info on current topics and such."

The bot turns to you, staring blankly for a moment, blinking a few times, does she... know you?

:BeaNeutral: "O-Oh! Yeah, uhm, most books are outdated by a year so your best bet is to look on the AHN Index, keeps tabs on everything in all sectors"
No. 1089733 ID: df60a9

She might know you in passing and be confused why you don't know her. There's not much facial response. You could try introducing yourself and asking her name.
No. 1089736 ID: 940726

I still say you're making a mistake. Hax will think she can just push you around whenever she wants if you let her.

You don't have to do this if you don't want to. We're your advisors, not your bosses. We're here to help. It wouldn't be much fun anyway if you're not in the mood.

Well, we got a decent tip from Bea, so my recommendation is look for where they keep the history books. I'd like to learn what happened in the past (100x + 77) years, and if the hardcopy books are only one year or so out of date, they'll have enough nifty info to keep our interest for quite a while. If we're lucky, you might even be famous enough to make it into the history books.
No. 1089738 ID: 01b128

>The bot turns to you, staring blankly for a moment, blinking a few times, does she... know you?
Well the more likely thing is that she's just not used to being talked to outta nowhere. Like she was thinking "...Oh he's talking to myself? ...Oh he asked this?" Shyness (on a girl) has charms too, eh HAX~? Seriously though, where's the passive read? Give that girl a compliment though. Even if you have pure intentions a friend would be nice to have.
No. 1089739 ID: 7f8d92

I, for one, believe refusing to talk to women on the basis of Hax wanting to is silly. Let's see if we can find out if this woman knows us. It seems the fact that we're an amnesiac has already spread by our previous conversation.
No. 1089743 ID: 96707f

Can always interrogate Hax on her psychological motives later, that'll make think twice about pushing Jack around.

Apologize if you're being too forward, it's just you've had some amnesia and are still finding your footing socially
No. 1089744 ID: 861ceb

might as well be blunt and just ask the girl. Just start off apologizing and ask if you know her as you recent are recovering from a operation accident that has left your memory a bit patchy.
No. 1089772 ID: 940726

I've got a question for Jack. Why are you doing this when you clearly don't want to? Before, you had always made decisions based on what you thought was the best idea, even if only one or two of us mentioned it, or you came up with it on your own without our input. It was never a matter of you just doing what you think people want; our role is to advise you, not control you. What's making you act differently now?

I'm honestly concerned about this. Your behavioral patterns were consistent before they suddenly changed, right when you started to disagree with Hax. Is she already messing with your mind? Can she even do that?

I'm saying we should refuse to do something Jack doesn't want to do, and should go with what he was planning instead, because Hax threatened his life.

This is not something we can just laugh off. This is a big deal. Hax is threatening Jack's life, and that makes her an enemy. This isn't about whether we get to meet a cute girl or not, it's about whether our host can keep control of his own mind.

This isn't something we can put off for later, either. What's happening here and now is, by far, the most important time to show resistance. If we give in to Hax's death threats now and talk about it later, she'll feel smug about how she got what she wanted and come up with some dismissive excuse to justify herself. Then the next time she wants to force Jack to do something, she'll do it again without a second thought, because it worked the first time.

That's why it's so important to tell Hax "no". We can always have a nice conversation with with Bea or another cute girl later. Hax wants Jack to be afraid of her now, so it's time for her to put up or shut up.
No. 1089793 ID: c5529d

Yeah, tell her you had a botch operation, and may have forgotten stuff. So if she knew you, you probably forgot

Check her stats.
No. 1089861 ID: ebae20

HAX activate xray vision
No. 1089878 ID: 8f9bc4

Need to find the AHN index then!

...it's back where we started, isn't it.
No. 1090624 ID: 7ae8e6
File 171526544664.png - (86.28KB , 1440x1080 , Bea.png )

>She might know you in passing and be confused why you don't know her. There's not much facial response. You could try introducing yourself and asking her name.

:JackSmile: "Thanks, where would I find that? Oh, and what's your name by the way? Have we.. met? I-I'm having some memory problems at the moment"

:BeaSmile: "A-ah, It's the default website on the library computers, I'm Bea by the way! Nice to meet you, J-- I-I' just looking through the library for something interesting to read"

Jack smiles, finding her nervousness cute, though HAX whispers something quietly...

:HaxAnnoyed: "..She's lying"

>Seriously though, where's the passive read? Give that girl a compliment though. Even if you have pure intentions a friend would be nice to have.

(Forgot to make room for the text box so you get it here lol)

- Nervous
- Excited
- Energetic

Love: 80/100
Lust: 10/100
Agitation: 0/100
Energy: 95/100

:JackSmile: "I like your design by the way! It's cute"

Bea's expression brightens as she hears his compliment, squeaking quietly as she smiles

:BeaSmile: "Thank you! That's really sweet, I think you look really great too!"

+5 Love

>I've got a question for Jack. Why are you doing this when you clearly don't want to?

:JackCaring: 'I wanted to talk to her, I'm just nervous... Not a huge fan of teasing either'

:HaxSorry: "A-Ah, sorry. Takes a bit for me to... Adjust to new users."
No. 1090625 ID: 7ae8e6
File 171526617378.png - (54.07KB , 1440x1080 , XC.png )

>Apologize if you're being too forward, it's just you've had some amnesia and are still finding your footing socially

:BeaNeutral: "That's fine! Completely normal for someone going through memory loss, if you need any help around the area I can help!"

:JackSmile: "That would be nice, don't wanna get lost haha"

The two converse for a short while, before...

>Wait, did someone leave a weird grinning doll on one of the bookshelves?

...You notice it too, Bea following your gaze to the strange plush

:JackConfused: "What's this?"

Picking it up, he tilts his head, examining the doll

:BeaNeutral: "Oh, that's a plushie of Mr Carter! He's a wonderous inventor, I was actually made in the same sector as him! He's discovered many revolutionary facts about our world, you should meet him sometime! Wonderful place to visit."

Hax virtually nudges Jack, gesturing over to the computers

:JackSurprised: "Oh, right! The Ahn index! I should probably get to researching, it's been great meeting you, Bea!"

:BeaSmile: "Same here! If you need some help, I can always come with you" she offers
No. 1090626 ID: 394dad

She should come with us! We could use a partner to get busy with in the bookshelves. Even if we didn’t know her previously, this is a good time to turn a new page in our relationships.
No. 1090627 ID: 8f9bc4

oh my god we must protect that smile.
No. 1090629 ID: 861ceb

she knows you, she almost called you by name for a moment, she also looks nervous but her love stat is really high so I don't think she's someone out to get you.

um... only things I can think of why she is lying to you is either she
A) is just kinda bad at small talk/social situations
B) she's trying to figure out a way to ask you out on a date (with a love stat that high she defiantly has some kind of feelings for you)
C) she isn't looking for a book but something else that she doesn't want people to know about... I mean if her lust was higher I'd say maybe she's looking for some kind of smut novel but given where she was looking before you started talking to her she was either eyeing the NEHM book or the one left of it.

hey Hax can you keep an eye on her while jack does his thing so it isn't obvious we're watching her?

Also might as well let her tag along while we're here. those stats make me doubt she means you any ill will but she's definitely hiding something from you so keeping her around might help you figure out what she's not telling you.
... or if you have no patience you could just have HAX have her powers go from passive to active and nudge Bea to accidentally letting the truth slip out when you think she's hiding something again.
No. 1090630 ID: c006d6

That girl definitely likes us. With our old friend and patient, while his affection was high, he only had 5/100 love. This girl probably knows us. If it was just her going "Awooga" at us, she'd have higher lust...but its love. This girl is definitely someone we met before.
No. 1090631 ID: 7220f3

Like you said with Max, you're starting all your relationships anew. If she knew you before its up to her if she wants to tell you. No need to dig for secrets that we don't even know are important.

Since she offered let her come with. She is pleasant company.
No. 1090634 ID: e885e5

"You know, I still have, like, beliefs and values. And if someone was important to the person I was in the old memories, especially if I was important to them as well, I would value kindling some sort of relationship with them, even if it wasn't the same one as before."
No. 1090635 ID: 068168

I get the feeling she may have had a crush on you before. If she knew you personally she would be more open I imagine. Hopefully not the yandere stalker kind of crush, it sounds like she may have been here to look at you more than the books.

Don't sat anything about it for now. If we find anyone else we know later, we can ask them about her.
No. 1090637 ID: ef7b31

Huh. Quite possible that she wished to have a close relationship with you. What would have stopped this? 1) Preexisting relationship 2) She was with you but you broke up due to issues you had with her so she was alone 3) She was a fangirl but you were a celebrity so out of reach 4) She's strelok stalker-ish. Lot of possibilities. Lots of reasons to lie. Still, she seems fine with a clean slate. Pressing her would be unnecessary for now.
No. 1090650 ID: 273c18

She's got over 80 Love already, you've definitely met before. You probably rejected her. Let's not hook up with miss emotional baggage here. Tell her you'll be alright on your own it's just the library.
No. 1090651 ID: 2a82d3

It's also possible you're a minor celebrity, and she's, like, your biggest fan. She doesn't seem the type to pull off any big lies.
No. 1090653 ID: 940726

>"A-Ah, sorry. Takes a bit for me to... Adjust to new users."
That is barely a response. Is it "sorry for teasing you about your masculinity"? Or "sorry for threatening your life when I got bored with you"? Or "sorry for messing with your mind without asking permission or telling you"?

Let's make this perfectly clear, so there's no confusion in the future. Are you, or are you not, willing or able to murder Jack or forcibly alter his mind if he tries to do something you don't like? Tell us what you can do, and tell us what you're actually threatening to do.
No. 1090657 ID: df60a9

I hadn't considered that we might be a celebrity. That seems like something we'll find out very soon.

Also, I vote to not bring her along for now. We can see if she tries to follow you anyways.
No. 1090664 ID: ab46e9

Cute, but we're still trying to find ourselves. We'll link back up with her later, but for now we roll alone (and with HAX).

I don't think HAX is trying to be wicked or evil, moreso she's just excited to be with someone, frankly. It's fine, for me, apology accepted unless you do something out of pocket again.
No. 1090665 ID: 8fbb45

Oh, but definitely get her number.
No. 1092607 ID: 9956c0

Oh my goodness, a fresh reality to screw with. Been a while. <cracks knuckles>

Seems like we got a cute bot that's quite fond of you. That aught to be worth utilizing. And it would be downright cruel to shun both of these adorable digital feminine archtypes. We gotta test those powers. We cant be out here flying blind. See if you can't make her do something bold. Make her ask you out to that Mr. Carter Emporium, and check out the area. It'll be good to have a local without their brains fried to show us around. And really, its a nice start to work with someone that's already fond of us, rather than get into.... well, what HAX is likely used to doing.

Also adorable [redacted] you have here. The inhabitants are adorable. <3
No. 1092673 ID: 7ae8e6
File 171789741026.png - (212.04KB , 1440x1080 , Monitor.png )

>hey Hax can you keep an eye on her while jack does his thing so it isn't obvious we're watching her?

:HaxDevious: "Well I can only see what Jack sees, but... Maybe I can take a little peek through her own eyes~"

Hax grins, her eyes glazing over slightly before she disappears.

>She should come with us! We could use a partner to get busy with in the bookshelves.

:JackNeutral: 'The AHN Index is where we'll look first, I wanna know more about where I live and work and all that...'

:JackSmile: "Sure, could use the company. And, of course, someone who knows how to navigate the site haha"

:BeaSmile: "O-Okay! here, lets head over to one of the pcs"

Bea takes the lead, swiftly moving over to one of the pcs and pulling up a second chair, letting Jack take a seat as they begin to navigate the site...

There's a lot of information, some obvious and plain, but some going into detail on his life... A little concerning this info is just available to everyone.

Scrolling past the summaries at the top, detailed information about his work and experience shows up, along with an apology from the AHN index on their mistake causing his amnesia...

:JackSurprised: "Oh damn... 30 years of experience in therapy, huh? All gone just like that?"

:BeaSmile: "You were a great therapist i-it seems, it sucks that it's all gone but... Doesn't mean you can't start anew? Maybe you can choose something else, go your own way, y'know?"

Jack and Bea continue scrolling, Hax watching through Bea's eyes as Bea flicks back and fourth between fidgeting with her hands and looking at Jack...

:BeaNervousSmile: "Hey, uhm... Wanna maybe go to lunch sometime? I could even help guide you around the outside, show you where things are and all that, y'know? You're uhm... Pretty cute.."
No. 1092675 ID: a7a180

What did the other Jacks do? It's publicly available information, after all. Weird how there's single digits of your name...
How about lunch right after this? Ive got a lot to chew on. Maybe food will fill the empty void where my psychology degree used to be?
No. 1092676 ID: 539836

so she does have a crush on you, called it. As for the date, sure, just make sure it doesn't get in the way of the meeting with that guy you met in the elevator. You did promise to hang out with him after his shift was up after all.
No. 1092678 ID: 5ebd37

say she's pretty cute herself!
No. 1092686 ID: 64faaa

"Y-yeah! And you already remember where the best places around are!"
No. 1092692 ID: 273c18

Do not date someone who's pretending not to know you. That is a red flag; a sign of a previous failed relationship. Feel free to call her out on it; your bio says you can read people like a book so you have an excuse!

Tell her maybe later, you're just trying to get back on your feet and don't want to complicate things.
No. 1092701 ID: 9bbb0e

I am curious, too. I'm also curious enough to look up Bea, I mean these are public records. Just maybe not in front of her.
We could look up that inventor she likes and see what his deal is. That could give us some insights into the things she sees as important.

No. 1092711 ID: c61935

...could look her up once she goes off somewhere
No. 1092712 ID: 64faaa

yeah, this
No. 1092714 ID: c8380b

My guess is she knew another Jack model. Even if she didn't know us specifically, she's clearly attached to our line somehow. She needs to understand that we're an entirely different person and likely won't meet any expectations she has. If she insists, we wouldn't be opposed to getting to know her.
No. 1092721 ID: 8f9bc4

Yeah, she seems nice! Probably the sweetest person you've met so far. And she's not proposing marriage or anything; it's just lunch. You can get her trust by showing up, then you can say it seems like something is troubling her, and you won't hold it against her if it's about something you've forgotten. Or something like that.
No. 1092818 ID: bde9b1

I say 'yes' on lunch. I like this girl. She's cute.
No. 1093288 ID: 940726

Nothing to say? Just going back to acting like nothing happened?

I can tell that you're trying to be more sympathetic to Jack right now, but we still need to talk about what you said before. There are questions that warrant answers. If you don't want to talk about it now, we will have to talk about it later.

Just to be sure, Hax has been in Passive mode this whole time, right?

It's odd that your model only has nine members. Aren't robots usually made in sets of ten? It wasn't resource limits, or they would have made even fewer, instead of giving you "substitute" parts. Seems suspicious to me. Call me paranoid, but I'm worried that something happened to Jack 10.

It's a shame that you lost all those memories. But your memories aren't all gone, right? Some of them are only missing names and faces. Do you recall anything like a therapy session you had with someone? May be worth pondering why some memories are completely gone, and others are only incomplete.

Might as well accept her offer, if you're genuinely interested for your own sake and not just doing it because you feel outnumbered. I like her, but I don't want you to feel like you're being forced into anything.

I noticed she tends to stutter when she lies. It's looking more and more likely that she's a former client of yours that developed a crush on you during your sessions. Let's not press the issue just yet, so she'll have a chance to confess on her own during your date.
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