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File 167710318474.png - (135.53KB , 800x600 , 1b.png )
1056785 No. 1056785 ID: 52800c

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/O/I/R
Discussion: >>/questdis/139280

“— all the paperwork I just went over.”

As we keep walking through the hallway, she hands me a huge stack of forms. This has to be at least sixty pages...

“Most of it you can just get done when you have time, but you’re going to want to get that medical stuff filled out as soon as possible, just in case.”

That’s concerning.

”Nothing you need to worry about, right now, but those are… pretty important to have on file.”

... That’s really concerning.

“Oh! Also you won’t have systems access until Systech processes their forms, and they can be a little slow to actually do that, so I wouldn’t wait too long on those either. I printed out the Director’s notes for you —”

“Director”? What? Who is she talking about?

“— so it’s not quite as crucial as with the medical forms, but, well, you are really going to want systems access sooner rather than later. Anyway, when you get those done, you — actually, what does your badge say?”

She grabs it without bothering to ask.

“Clearance level, um, two, really? Ouch, um. That’s not supposed to... that’s not ideal.”

Every third thing this woman says is making me more worried. My stomach is tying itself in a knot...

“You should really have at least four for this role. Um. Okay. With level two you’re going to want to stay in your wing unless explicitly authorized —”

They’re going to lock me in?

“— Oh, hey!”

I guess she found what she was looking for. She stops in front of a door marked “129” and holds her badge up to the proximity reader. It pops open of its own accord, which I would think was kind of cool if I weren’t mentally screaming.
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No. 1064905 ID: 03e744

Definitely calm yourself and mentally prepare, and try to take solace in the fact that these aliens can't hurt you as long as they're behind that glass. Probably. Also oh god I hope the next alien isn't, say, an amtsvane. That would probably give Kuvusha another panic attack.
No. 1064911 ID: 03e744

Disregard everything I said lol, I missed the actual name of it at the top of this post. Either way, 'rehabilitation' either could mean they're doing what I said earlier, setting them loose after whatever conditions of 'rehabilitation' are met, or maybe they're interdimensional criminals or something.
No. 1064912 ID: 03e744

What kinda food do you like the most, anyway? You, personally, not necessarily your species.
No. 1064968 ID: 8f9bc4

That neumono is exceedingly dangerous... for reasons you have no way of knowing, so he's probably safe! :D The more attention you give him, the less likely he is to go completely insane killing everything in sight be sad.

The second needs something to write with; don't forget that. Also a big fluffy nest to curl up in.

The third, yeah "not giving him leverage" seems like the best idea right now. He still thinks he's in control of the situation, which hopefully isn't the only mode of thinking for these kinds of aliens.
No. 1065033 ID: f0bf00

second this, those kinds of thermometers are also hard to tamper with
No. 1065058 ID: 2fe8b5

Also, is there a clock on that tablet? Any way of telling the time? If not, put down a clock (preset to correct time) on your requisition list.
No. 1065071 ID: 9d969f

Don’t judge them too Harshly Kuvu, we don’t know what’s going on in their head or with their personal life. I forgot what subjects are left, so just go to the one everyone else tells you. I wish I was more helpful in general.
No. 1065130 ID: 15a025

Relax, and enjoy the tasty noodles.
No. 1065345 ID: 3936ea
File 168626341227.png - (135.03KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

>There might be some regulations forbidding brands in state/military use, hence the plain packaging.
>Maybe a supplier is doing some kind of graft here? Trying to save on money by buying civilian stuff and hiding the fact?
I honestly have no idea. I’m just ... familiar with the taste.

>What kinda food do you like the most, anyway?
Personally, I really like fish. I don’t see much of anything fish-flavored in here, though, let alone any actual fish ...

>Just remember that with each new subject we reveal the chance that one is actually some kind of writhing cosmic horror increases.

>You are easily overwhelmed by the size factor.
That’s one way to put it, yes. Yes, I am in fact afraid of getting mauled by a giant alien.

>That or look for an elevator to a second level somewhere around here.
The sparseness of the layout means I’m pretty sure there’s not anywhere an elevator could be hidden.

... Unless it’s ... I don’t know, inside one of the walls, or something. But then I have no idea how I’d be able to find it.

>how big is a very typical raindrop in comparison to your head?
What kind of question is this? Those aren’t even close to the same size.

>could you fall from any given height and not expect to break a bone as long as you can spread out?
What? No.

>Psych yourself up.
Maybe that’s not a bad idea ...

>You're a badass, hardboiled gov blacksite researcher. No small or big or non euclidean alien scares you. You do all the unethical stuff and you're super qualified to be doing it.
... Literally none of those things are true, and now I’m just thinking about how I’m way out of my element again.

... I’m going to actually try reflecting on the subjects.

>well the first to subjects seem pretty friendly and were just caught in a bad situation that led them here.
I was able to start thinking of both of them as “people” pretty quickly. ... Giant, terrifying alien people.

>The neumono also seems friendly but in a desperate way. He will need more attention and socialization than the other subjects.
>You should try to visit regularly and keep them company once they've calmed.
It’s kind of concerning! I definitely feel the most sorry for him ...

>Honestly it really seems like they ought to be sent home, if at all possible
I’m not really getting the vibe that this is a “go back home” type of situation.

>it will probably be possible to let these two out of their cell and wonder around a bit.
I’m a little worried Orro would get overwhelmed by Yaku, but ... well, I’m getting ahead of myself thinking about this anyway. I’m really not ready to take the barriers down.

>Yaku does seem like the candidate to be let out and about first
I think I would trust Orro a little more.

... Though the idea is, again, extremely worrying if I let myself think about it.

>it might be best to start with birdhouse rules
I will keep this in mind. (Where am I remembering these from, exactly ... ?)

>I'm a little concern [Yaku’]s enthusiasm could result in shaking you to death or accidentally stepping on you
Well now that’s what I’m thinking about. Why am I like this.

>Do not let Yaku and subject 3 interact.
I wasn’t planning on it.

>Speaking to [Subject 3] may be a tough task, but just keep at it and do your best not to lose your cool around them.
I mean if it’s going to be a jerk I’m going to lose my cool. ... Apparently.

>if you don't do your job well, someone else might start looking into why the reports on this guy are coming back lacking
Why do I keep giving myself new things to worry about okay no moving on from that.

>There's increasing (though unconfirmed until you revisit Orro) suspicion that the language effect is your influence, which would mean they have no one else to talk to.
That ... just thinking about that makes my head hurt a little, honestly.
No. 1065346 ID: 3936ea
File 168626344308.png - (136.22KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

>Take the remainder of your lunch break to reflect on what it would be like to be held in soft fuzzy, or feathery hands. Make that your goal, to be comfortable enough around giant aliens that you wouldn't think twice about doing that.
... Ahem.

>maybe send in the request forms for the things subjects 1 and 2 asked for so you can give them their things as soon as possible.
... I guess this is a good opportunity.

>Also, is there a clock on that tablet? Any way of telling the time? If not, put down a clock (preset to correct time) on your requisition list.
And that’s a good idea.

Anything else before I ... go see the next subject, I guess? That’s the one that ... didn’t match the notes? Great ...
No. 1065347 ID: 99f29a

Hydrate, visit the bathroom, anything else along those lines. Otherwise nah, let's get this out of the way so you can at least worry about more productive stuff.
No. 1065349 ID: f32b99


Why do you always deflect whenever you consider the idea of the subjects giving you some kind of physical affection?

Do you have something you might want to tell us, Kuvusha?
No. 1065351 ID: 8f9bc4


> What kind of question is this? Those aren’t even close to the same size.

With all these giant aliens, you're starting to wonder if maybe you aren't just really tiny and you never knew since you only saw your own kind before. Water drops are going to be the same size, so if you were smaller they would seem bigger. That can give you an idea of what size you are as far as the universe is concerned.

>> could you fall from any given height and not expect to break a bone as long as you can spread out?
> What? No.

That also can determine how small you are, unless your planet is really high gravity. Little mice really can fall that much without getting hurt.

Regardless, your planet is high *enough* gravity that you cannot safely fall from any given height. That means your giant friends in there would all get crushed by the weight of their own bodies. Except they don't, because the universe doesn't make sense, because oh god how is this your life now.
No. 1065352 ID: 20a4ac

Just enjoy the gritty crunch, that tastes just like chicken.
With the crunchy, crunchy carrots (oh, that's chicken)
Gotta have it superfast!
No. 1065354 ID: 4314ed

Huh. Something just occurred to me.

If weird memory stuff is happening to other people (the subjects), it's not out of the question that weird memory stuff is happening to other people too.

People like you. Maybe you are qualified for this stuff, & you just don't remember yet?
No. 1065355 ID: e770db

Nothing I can think of else to do before getting back to work other than what you've already decided on.
No. 1065356 ID: a7a180

You're worrying too much about the outcomes of possible dangers and not enough about how to mitigate them while expanding your capabilities.
What's your favorite fish?
No. 1065357 ID: 12b116

What if you let Orro out and he could hold you and carry you to visit the other subjects so you could be tall?
No. 1065358 ID: 273c18

>afraid of being mauled
How likely would it be for you to severely injure a small animal just by handling it?
No. 1065364 ID: 2aa5f0

only thing I can think of is remember to bring your note recording equipment so you don't have to run back to your room again before entering the next chamber.

...and maybe look into seeing how much of a pain in the ass it would be to move some of your office stuff into subject 1's room since you did say you were going to find a way to spend more time with him for his mental health if nothing else.
No. 1065365 ID: 443b73

Since we are entering the realm of naughty thoughts and weird fetishes how should we conceptualize your fantasies: As a warden abusing your power over prisoners who will learn to obey or as someone powerless to prevent the big and strong aliens from doing whatever they desire with you?

While we are on the subject let's revisit the kiss mechanics: Can your lips align in any significant way? What could you even do with a tongue that big? How strong would be the smell of the breath coming from a mouth so large?
I know that macro is a fetish people have, but the more I think about it the more it seem like a relationship doomed to fail.

Please score how uncomfortable I made you feel with a numerical value from 0 to 10.
No. 1065376 ID: b1805a


After we send in our requisitions, let's consult the notes again.

Then maybe decide if we need to skip anyone for now, or just circle back to Orro and let him know we've put his requests in so hopefully we can improve his situation a bit.
No. 1065422 ID: fa3034

Maybe for the sake of your sanity take up some form of meditation. Whatever your equivalent of Tai chi, is here.
No. 1065429 ID: 9a2966

>Anything else before I ... go see the next subject, I guess?
Put in an early requisition for de-stressing tools. Squeezy rubber balls, paper bags to breathe in, relaxing tea, stuff like that. They might go for cheap-but-kinda-effective suggestions if funding's an issue.

If there's a form question where it asks if this is for the subjects or yourself, maybe just write 'yes'.

>Why do I keep giving myself new things to worry about
Aw, don't be too hard on yourself. It's quite the situation you've found yourself in.

Do you usually have intrusive thoughts?
No. 1065511 ID: 2fe8b5

>(Where am I remembering these from, exactly ... ?)

You ever go to a zoo with an aviary, the kind where you can go in the same space as the birds? 2 and 3 are standard rules there (replace "Kuvusha" with "the birds").

Take a deep breath, and go into door number 4.
No. 1065594 ID: 0fb2b3


So raindrops are much much smaller than your head and your mass isn't so low that you can fall very slowly. That's very strange. It means that, objectively, you aren't very very small -- you're normal sized. These creatures are, therefore, worryingly large. There's a reason that neither vehicles nor creatures have the shape of those things at that scale. This begs questions like, 'how do they breathe without suffocating?', 'how does their blood pump?' 'How do they not immediately collapse in a dying pile of pain and broken bones and squished organs?', 'How do they have the amount of dexterity they are already shown to have?', 'Why don't they all have super deep voices?' The answers to this probably have something to do with the 'translation' effect, which in and of itself might be enough to revolutionize all aspects of medicine, construction, aerospace, and more! Think of space elevators, buildings many miles high, giant airships, replacement organs that are a fraction the size or invasiveness of what you're familiar with, treatments for innumerable conditions, and on and on!!
No. 1065600 ID: f2cf5a

I think the answer is "it's a fictional setting, the author doesn't really care about those fiddly bits, and neither should you."
No. 1065601 ID: af7615

The problem is that Kuvusha is one of those fiddly bits - the answers to those questions are strongly connected to whether she should be careful, or mortally afraid, around these beings. They answer whether the large ones can kill her on purpose, or with a single moment's lapse of attention. I think the answer should become clear with even a few minutes of experimentation, depending on the tests performed.
No. 1065610 ID: 6e7268

Raindrops would still be small compared to her. It's not a good frame of reference. She isn't an ant.
No. 1065611 ID: 0fb2b3


I was thinking of the size of a raindrop in comparison to a mouse's head, for example. And the fact that mice and squirrels can safely drop from many times their height without harm.
No. 1065612 ID: 70c2b1

Wait if memory shenanigans are involved how do we know we weren't just created to fill this role? What if our memories of outside the facility are fake?
No. 1065632 ID: 8f9bc4

No Kuvusha, you are the demons.
No. 1065635 ID: 273c18

This is true. Also, even rats can break bones if they don't fall onto something soft. Kuvusha is about the same size as a rat, I think, so her answers make sense even if she is only 6 inches tall. Honestly, that's probably the case, and there's no physics breaking stuff (aside from the interdimensional tech required for this operation)
No. 1065647 ID: 7860cc


See, that doesn't work with the raindrops answer though. How many raindrops to make the volume of a six inch long mouse's head? Under ten? Under five? Not hundreds or thousands.
No. 1065648 ID: f0bf00

ok regarding the size question, we need to ask each subject how big a drop of water is relative to them.
No. 1065700 ID: f3c38f

Fyi I think the size of a raindrop probably depends on the strength of gravity, so that could complicate the comparison.

Side note: one possible resolution is that the rules are narrative rather than physical. Like rather than a set of physical constants and kinematics equations dictating life and death, we get "As long as Kuvusha is careful, and no-one INTENDS otherwise, she will not get squished, and can interact with the larger beings in relative safety." And physics discrepancies are carefully ignored, patched over in story. Problem is, those kind of rules are not necessarily clear, not necessarily obvious. Different authors would give different rulings. So without some tests, or an author announcement, we don't know which way it falls.
No. 1065701 ID: 443b73

No. 1065706 ID: f3c38f


This post
was probably making a joke off this post
and https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/doom-repercussions-of-evil

No. 1065713 ID: 273c18

"Those aren’t even close to the same size." does not give any indication of if it's 10 times difference or 1000 times. It's too vague to be useful.
No. 1065718 ID: 57ae3d

>rain drop sizes argument
Guys, you're getting off topic. Please take this to the discussion thread.
No. 1065723 ID: 3936ea
File 168661712625.png - (112.77KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

>Why do you always deflect whenever you consider the idea of the subjects giving you some kind of physical affection?
It’s weird and uncomfortable to think about and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

>Since we are entering the realm of naughty thoughts and weird fetishes how should we conceptualize your fantasies:
Let’s not and say we did.

>What if you let Orro out and he could hold you and carry you to visit the other subjects so you could be tall?
I am not at that level of trust yet, and just sitting here thinking about it isn’t really changing that.

>maybe look into seeing how much of a pain in the ass it would be to move some of your office stuff into subject 1's room
That said, I do want to do something like this, maybe. ... I’ll see how Orro is doing before I go too far with planning, though.

>Do you usually have intrusive thoughts?
Only when I’m stressed.

I’m having a great day.

>Maybe for the sake of your sanity take up some form of meditation.
That sort of thing is ... not for me. I’ve tried.

>The answers to this probably have something to do with the 'translation' effect, which in and of itself might be enough to revolutionize all aspects of medicine, construction, aerospace, and more!
I’m trying not to think about any of that too hard.

>If weird memory stuff is happening to other people (the subjects), it's not out of the question that weird memory stuff is happening to other people too.
>What if our memories of outside the facility are fake?
No no no no no. Nipping that one in the bud. No thanks.

>Take a deep breath, and go into door number 4.
In retrospect I’m not completely sure why I thought being alone in a room with my thoughts was a [i]good[i] idea.

... I’m not sure there’s a trash can in here. I leave the empty noodle box on the counter for now and head for the fourth room.

... Deep breaths ...
No. 1065724 ID: 3936ea
File 168661714101.png - (80.06KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

black, but it’s close--
... uh, what?

Why is it so dark in here? I can hardly see anything ... I kind of wish I had a flashlight.

It doesn’t really make sense for the lights to be off, though ... ? I guess I can wait a bit for my eyes to adjust.

... Well, I know pretty much where the alien should be, right? Maybe I can just ...

“... Hello?”
No. 1065725 ID: 3936ea
File 168661716274.png - (95.98KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

The lights start to —




I can’t
No. 1065726 ID: 3936ea
File 168661717644.png - (181.13KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

Sect belong to Roaway.



“I need food.”

this is

I can’t

this is the one that’s going to kill me
No. 1065727 ID: 99f29a

Ask what she eats and roughly how much, for future reference. Right now the answer is as much as practical.
No. 1065728 ID: 48c742

It's okay! You're okay!
They can't get out.
For once they actually want something you can give them!

This might be the best interaction you've had so far. You can get them food, right?

Tell them you'll do what you can if they answer some questions.

Ask the usual, do they remember how they got here, do they remember where they were before, and so on.
No. 1065729 ID: a7a180

Tell her there's a room in the back where they deposit food! Dunno how it tastes, but it can't be worse than what they're feeding us. Everyone is fed and cared for while they're here.
She's real big. You might need to double her portions. No way this is medium if she's as big as subject 3 is when kneeling. Be sure to ask her if there's anything about her that stands out among her species after her meal.
No. 1065730 ID: 4314ed

Oh, this one's fine actually.

Being hangry is perfectly understandable.

Ask about food needs/preferences, & ask about morphology/species.
No. 1065731 ID: e770db

They should have been feeding her like they had the others. Ask her if she just needs more or if the food they're giving her doesn't work for her.
No. 1065737 ID: fa3034

Take a deep breath, don't make eye contact if you're not comfortable with it, ask them what they eat.
No. 1065738 ID: 0fb2b3

Ask about food allergies!
No. 1065741 ID: 273c18

Yep, called it. Sect Queen.

Don't panic!
First, direct her to the food dispenser. If that's not acceptable, ask her what kind of food she needs. If it's not ENOUGH food, ask her how much more she needs. Then immediately go fill out a request form. Don't try to interview her in this state.
No. 1065744 ID: 8f9bc4



Moff moff moff.

No. 1065746 ID: 042079

Oh neat this one looks like a female. For a bit I was starting to wonder if the facility was trying to set you up with an alien haram.

Anyways I guess we should ask what she eats and how much of it she usually eats.
No. 1065752 ID: 57ae3d

Oh wow! This one seems to be way bigger than the others!

Don't look into her eyes, that'll only make you panic even more! Just stare at her giant boobs so that you'll be less intimidated by her glaring at you!
No. 1065754 ID: 443b73

Why did the light turned on after you said "hello"? Does Queen Bee have a light switch? Is this an automatic system set up for this specie?

>“I need food.”
Are you not receiving food? Is the food they deliver perhaps insuficiente? Could it be inadequate for consumption?
I can put a request but I can't guaranty it will be approved. How exactly would you describe the kind of food you consume? What amount do you desire? I will need the weight or volume compared to something I can use as reference.
No. 1065761 ID: f8083d

Yeah, first thing to do is mention the normal food delivery and ask how it falls short.
No. 1065764 ID: e5709d

Oh hey, first female alien you've seen today.
Aaand she's got the mind of a pet. Wonderful.

"Dinner will be served at feeding time. Answer my questions or no food."
No. 1065765 ID: 708905

Err what do you eat?
No. 1065767 ID: 708905

Milf Mothra!
No. 1065773 ID: 30b9f6

Well, this one seems pretty unambiguously gendered, at least.

>this is the one that's going to kill me
Someone on the tranq team agreed with you, what with breaking protocol. Imagine how much fun those guys and gals must be having! For that matter, imagine how much fun this is for the over-sedated alien woman there.

Put it into perspective, Kuvusha. She could just as well be incredibly hungry and requesting food after an extended duration spent KO'd. Bury your fears and try to make this experience less bad for yourself AND her. She was supposedly very agitated earlier, but since they seem willing to talk now, even if just about food, you should give that a shot.

Explain that food should have been or will be delivered into her cell - surely she could smell it if so, yes? If she hasn't gotten anything yet you'll check in on why and ensure something IS sent soon. You could honestly use an explanation as to what her species' dietary requirements are, though.
No. 1065811 ID: 85f241

Oh, no. It's some kind of hungry bug queen.
And she is with child.

Wait... She is with child! That means she won't take unnescesary risks and listen to what we have to say if we hice her food and shelter.

Finally, someone who will actually pay attention! Let's ask her what her spieces and what they eat. We'll probably earn her trust quickly if we make her food requisition our top priority.
No. 1065814 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1065830 ID: d2a8d1

How do you know she's pregnant? She could just have big boobs normally
No. 1065831 ID: e5709d

The documentation says that this subject was atypical compared to the other captured subjects. The 'aimless patterns' implies the government collected and accidentally uplifted multiple drones, while this subject was captured as a functioning queen. And she wants food, to the point that it's her highest priority.

Should ask if she's going to reproduce, then write that down as a priority alert.
No. 1066147 ID: 15a025

What kinda food?
No. 1066288 ID: 3936ea
File 168721677787.png - (125.95KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

>It's okay! You're okay!
I am not okay

>Oh, this one's fine actually.

>Don't panic!
not how it works

>This one seems to be way bigger than the others!

>Why did the light turned on after you said "hello"?
I don’t know

>Put it into perspective, Kuvusha.
I can’t just

... I can’t ...

... I ...

>Take a deep breath
... I just have to ...

... if I focus on my breathing, I ...

... I can calm back down ...

>They can't get out.
... yeah, there’s no way —
No. 1066289 ID: 3936ea
File 168721679522.png - (113.52KB , 800x600 , 65.png )


— ghk, why

“I need ...”

— I —

>She could just as well be incredibly hungry and requesting food after an extended duration spent KO'd.
... right.

... okay, no, I can ... I can do this.

The alien almost looks like it’s in pain, and its voice sounds —

“I’m ... starving ...”

— strained, I think. A bit ... artificial? I’m not sure I can judge, exactly, but it’s ... odd.

... wait, what did it just say?

“... um ... isn’t there ... a dispenser or something?”

“... not enough.”

... Uh oh.

“... I can ... get you food, I think?”

“... please.”

>Tell them you'll do what you can if they answer some questions.
It seems like it might not be in a condition to give me many answers.

Can I get it food quickly? None of the stuff I’ve asked for on the forms has come back yet ... is there something I’m forgetting?
No. 1066290 ID: 99f29a

Learn a different language if you don't already know one. Translate the food. You now have enough to feed her.
No. 1066291 ID: fa3034

I think it's time to just write an emergency requisition on a blank sheet. "Emergency rations for subject four, ASAP" And run that to the tube. While waiting for that, ask your subject what kind of food they need.
No. 1066292 ID: a7a180

Can you tick a little box on the forms that indicates priority? Make a note that subject may need medical care to recover from malnourishment. Has IT gotten back to you with system access yet?
Don't use the EMERGENCY unit yet, give it... a day of nothing getting delivered yet before you start to worry. She's starving, but she'll last long enough for her next meal.
Ask her what she eats, then hurry back to the tube.
No. 1066293 ID: 8f9bc4

Ask Orro if you can have one of his ears.

OK you didn't run. That's good. That means you can handle this. Visiting the rest of the subjects has to wait if this one is literally starving to death. Tell her you don't know how long it'll take, but there is a way to get her food. Then go write up a report on her right away, emphasizing that she's in critical condition. Send that off, and then you can feed Orro to her go about meeting the last one on your list.

What there are two more on your list? No no, not that "last" last one no, no way. Not even curious. Not even a teeny little bit.
No. 1066295 ID: e1b710

Voice is odd because it is artificial. They had to come up with some kind of voice synthesizer for her.

Maybe you can jump ahead in the pneumo-Québec by doing the REQUISITION form thing, only with EMERGENCY instead, and append your request? It’ll be slow-ish, but hopefully you’ll get through and can inform those goobers feeding your charge they appear to have put her on starvation diet. Did they account for this being being bigger than others of the type? Well, whatever, request double the rations and a serving ASAP.

Oh, and remember not to use the radio labeled EMERGENCY. The way Ontinaz acted around it makes it very likely either an alien around here can do unpleasant things with radio waves, or whatever is going on in this place fucks with it, which is why they might have installed the pneumatic system.
No. 1066296 ID: 12b116

What kind of food does it eat?
No. 1066297 ID: 8c8cd4

You probably can't do anything here yourself.
Scream at bureaucracy and stamp PRIORITY EMERGENCY P1 P0 all over requisition forms because that's all they expect you to do your job with and you have to use the tools you were given.
No. 1066298 ID: e770db

You can immediately send a requisition request titled as an emergency. Maybe check your tablet if it has some kind of emergency line? Last resort maybe take a bunch of your food from the kitchen and bring it here to her. Requisitions can probably bring you more in a reasonable amount of time when you aren't starving.
No. 1066299 ID: b1805a


Tablet time! Lets go see if there's anything for emergency protocols, like "a subject desperately needs more food."
No. 1066300 ID: 443b73

>is there something I’m forgetting?
I hope you are not expecting us to remember some specific detail we read four months ago.

As far I as I remember the papers is the only communication method available. If it's absolutely necessary to obtain food before the bureaucratic process allow you will need to ask Orro and Yaku to share their portions and, of course, open their containers.
No. 1066301 ID: dacac3

Well, you've got your food supply but that's probably too tiny. "Subject CN0129-004 caloric needs higher than previous morphs, requesting rations on an expedited basis. Subject health already negatively impacted."
No. 1066302 ID: 4314ed

Second this
No. 1066303 ID: 2aa5f0

I guess you could ask what kind of food they like so they can get something other than the gruel that seems to be the default for all the subjects.
No. 1066326 ID: 273c18

You can get food from other cells? Wait, no, it was delivered by tray, so unless one of the subjects left food uneaten there won't be anything available. You can check the buttons on this side of the wall to see if you can make the system deliver food manually. There is also the "backup communication system", which should be faster than the requisition form.

Make this your priority. Though, it looks like she's still got some fat on her so she's not in danger of dying.
No. 1066333 ID: 36784c

Maybe fill out one of those forms and write "Urgent" on it when you send it through the pneumatic tube? That might get things sped up. Just make sure you specifically state the exact reason on why it's urgent!

You may not enjoy being around these giants, but you're not going to let one of them starve to death!
No. 1066343 ID: 2eb3cc

Ask her how many times her current food rate she needs. Request double that daily amount be delivered immediately, and the same again tomorrow, I think. (I'm going to hope refeeding syndrome isn't applicable, here.) Check-box or write-in "emergency" on the form, note that subject requested food and collapsed. Once she's ok again, you can adjust the rates and check on other things etc.
No. 1066344 ID: 2eb3cc

Oh - and also tell them the requested normal daily amount, of course. (It's not as urgent, though.) And maybe ask about medical inspection or something? I don't know what systems, if any, they have for cases like this.
No. 1066357 ID: 413791

...This is kind of a long shot, but on the wall opposite the pneumatic tube... wasn't there a phone? Maybe you can nake an emergency call?
No. 1066358 ID: e5709d

"Okay, but I need to know if you're pregnant or something."
"Don't expect royal jelly, okay?"

Request more 'calories' from command. State that Subject 4 is malnourished and you will accept processed gruel.
No. 1066363 ID: a3931e

It's actually a radio, but we were told to not use it by the orientation lady here >>1056786 .
No. 1066364 ID: 1c1bb9


Fuck that, let's use the EMERGENCY phone radio thingy! Say one of the subjects has collapsed, immediately after saying they were starving and needs immediate medical intervention!
No. 1066366 ID: 273c18

We were told not to use that.
No. 1066368 ID: 36784c

>The orientation lady
Yeah, she also told us "I know this radio says ‘EMERGENCY’ but it, doesn’t, um. Don’t use it. Just, trust me on that one."

I think she was about to tell us that it doesn't actually work or something.
No. 1066373 ID: 8f9bc4


She was *about* to say that, but she didn't. Ergo it does work but... something terrible will happen if you try to use it...
No. 1066374 ID: f61cd9


You know what is also terrible? Someone dying to something completely preventable.
No. 1066383 ID: 8f9bc4


It'll probably be a long time before they die!

...maybe consider it a little.
No. 1066386 ID: 1ed92d

Rush to the request dispenser and write "EMERGENCY!" at the top. Then write that this subject requires additional food on it. A lot of additional food.
No. 1066399 ID: 53b46b

What if they're faking it for some reason
No. 1066446 ID: f8083d

I'm suspecting that as well.
Either way, there's no harm in ordering extra food. The potential harm will be in opening the door to deliver it.
No. 1066466 ID: cb71f3

They can communicate; they're not likely to die instantly, don't use the radio, just order a LOT of food. Also ask them, like, what kind of food would be helpful to them, maybe you could get them like an entire cement truck full of jam if they're like some super huge insect type thing that drinks nectar or something.
No. 1066477 ID: 708905

Wern't we given a manual at some point? We should check if it says anything about emergency actions
No. 1066944 ID: 15a025

Write EMERGENCY! URGENT!! on some forms, very large. Explain this subject is malnourished and needs more food for survival.
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