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File 167710318474.png - (135.53KB , 800x600 , 1b.png )
1056785 No. 1056785 ID: 52800c

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/O/I/R
Discussion: >>/questdis/139280

“— all the paperwork I just went over.”

As we keep walking through the hallway, she hands me a huge stack of forms. This has to be at least sixty pages...

“Most of it you can just get done when you have time, but you’re going to want to get that medical stuff filled out as soon as possible, just in case.”

That’s concerning.

”Nothing you need to worry about, right now, but those are… pretty important to have on file.”

... That’s really concerning.

“Oh! Also you won’t have systems access until Systech processes their forms, and they can be a little slow to actually do that, so I wouldn’t wait too long on those either. I printed out the Director’s notes for you —”

“Director”? What? Who is she talking about?

“— so it’s not quite as crucial as with the medical forms, but, well, you are really going to want systems access sooner rather than later. Anyway, when you get those done, you — actually, what does your badge say?”

She grabs it without bothering to ask.

“Clearance level, um, two, really? Ouch, um. That’s not supposed to... that’s not ideal.”

Every third thing this woman says is making me more worried. My stomach is tying itself in a knot...

“You should really have at least four for this role. Um. Okay. With level two you’re going to want to stay in your wing unless explicitly authorized —”

They’re going to lock me in?

“— Oh, hey!”

I guess she found what she was looking for. She stops in front of a door marked “129” and holds her badge up to the proximity reader. It pops open of its own accord, which I would think was kind of cool if I weren’t mentally screaming.
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No. 1059497 ID: dee951

Why don't you get him a very large supply of air dry clay and massive amounts of various modeling supplies so he can both fidget with stuff with his hands and make useful things for himself?
No. 1059498 ID: 34713f

"... It's possible, but the real question is whether it's a good idea. Certainly not, at least not while I'm both in the room and not familiar enough with you to trust you with my life. Try to understand my position? But in general, that might be doable, assuming there's a way of opening this door remotely, though I might need time to furnish what I suspect is 'the common room' first."
No. 1059499 ID: 36784c

Tell him that because you're new here, you don’t have the security clearance necessary to do that.
No. 1059500 ID: 90c451

Maybe? To be honest you aren't sure how most of the stuff here works so while the badge reader might open the glass it might also fill his room with sleeping gas or something equally bad. Also if you were able to open the glass, doing so might end up with you getting fired, or worse.
For now I think it's better if we didn't push random buttons wondering what they did.
No. 1059501 ID: f24c1a

Well, you have to make sure it's safe, first. If you work together reliably, then maybe! Goals, you know?
No. 1059502 ID: e770db

You can be honest that you don't know. Up to you if you're ready for that but at least ask why he wants to. If you are still worried, maybe mention that to him. You'll figure something out eventually in that regard.

Getting that requisition request in is a good idea so we can start to get an idea of what our options are.

In my opinion, I'm not sure what else to do here if you aren't willing to open the door. It feels bad to leave him alone given how he's feeling, but we might have to go and get that order in and maybe look at at least one of the other subjects. We can still think about seeing if subject 002 would make good company for Orro.
No. 1059504 ID: 1ed92d

Explain that yes, you are able to open the glass, but you are also very new and are very small, and thus a certain level of trust is needed to open it because while you deeply, deeply sympathize with him, you are also afraid of dying.
No. 1059506 ID: 15a025

You might be able to, but you aren't sure yet if you're allowed to.
No. 1059522 ID: 5d9787

Are trideniks omnivorous? I assume you eat meat otherwise I would expect a freakout because of the mental image of his feeding habit.

The logistic behind the provision of food for those enormous alies must be challenging. Don't request better meat for Orro, instead ask for improvement on the flavor. This way the request will be vague enough that it could be interpreted as replacing the meat for higher quality food if they are well dispose to do so or the provision of seasoning to make the food they are giving more tolerable if they would refuse the alternative.

Can you imagine the cost of printing on paper large enough for Orro to read and tick enough for him to handle? One book would be a luxurious item. For budgetary reasons I wouldn't expect them to provide something like that.
Setting up a projector is a more viable solution, like suggested here:
It should even be relatively simple to set up giant buttons he could use to interact with the computer. At minimum two buttons to move the text.

When he say bottles does he expect water to be delivered in such containers the same way the food is or does he want containers to filled in his shower? I can't imagine we have functional bottles for his size.
The closest thing should be a large metal water tank. One of those should work as a glass for him.
I imagine large bathtubs could be lower cost alternatives. The volume would be smaller and he would have to hold it with care to avoid crushing it but at least it should be able to be inclined without breaking unlike a full glass fiber water tanks.
Request for large water containers for the subject drinking purpose. Let's see what they will decide to deliver.

I don't know why they didn't provide him blankets. It's a lot of material, but assembling it should still be relatively easy considering everything that was already done for making this cell. They even made clothes his size just like our uniform.
Straight forward request: Large blankets for the subject.

The puzzle would have to be build. It's a very complicated request that could be justifiable rejected as a waste of effort, but it would also be something the engineers and mechanics love to work on. The approval would depend on how much fun whoever is making those decisions would get out of it.

>“... a-are you able to open up the glass?”
Maybe. We don't know if our clearance level is high enough.
If we can he would get access to this side of the room. If we're also allowed to open the big metal door it would give him access to an empty corridor. Our living space is too small for even his hands to enter.
Where exactly does he want to get at? His existence isn't known by the larger public, so if he escape this facility he will cause panic, there won't be accommodations his size outside and acquiring food will involve somehow capture large quantities of small creatures. Does this sound like a viable alternative to his current predicament?
If this is about physical interaction, give some time. We've just meet. Wait until we know each other better before we trust you to be all handy big boy. At minimum you will have to show us your gentle touch.
No. 1059524 ID: dee951


Wait, I'm confused, is there an actual portal in the glass, like a door, or some weird control setup *next to* the glass? Can you inspect whatever-it-is for details or instructions or print?

Maybe you could actively inspect it while narrating what you see while he watches? As a trust and rapport thing.
No. 1059530 ID: 708905

Tell him you'd have to check with your superiors before you can do anything like that.

It's at least partially true given we don't even know how to open the enclosure
No. 1059536 ID: d12415

Hard pass.

Given how sudden it is, even if they are completely trustworthy (which may or may not be the case), the rest of the facility won't know that they were released, rather than escaped. Plus, where would they go from here?
Its better to try to work with the system, rather than against it.

Plus, who knows. This may or may not actually be a neumono. There are a few things in the Asteroid universe that could potentially mimic a neumono to this level, and if we go beyond just that universe, then there is a plethora. Hell, just imagine if we open up door number 2 (or some other door) and another neumono is in there with each insisting that the other isn't real?
No. 1059537 ID: d12415

To add: there could be some serious health issues with opening up the glass as well. Given how gravity works and square cube law, there must be some serious gravitational fuckery being generated around that cell to keep them from turning themselves into pulp.
No. 1059539 ID: e770db

Not really sure why people are worried about opening the glass leading to his "escape". If he can't break out of the glass, how is he supposed to break through at least two giant metal doors.
No. 1059540 ID: 668d30

You ought to take a quick break to calm your nerves. Maybe a short nap.
No. 1059541 ID: dee951


Regarding the square cube law, it could just be the Trideniks that are diminutive and lilliputian. A good way to figure that out is: How many times their height can a Tridenik fall from, and expect to survive the fall with only minor injuries? Especially if they're wearing slightly billowy clothing and fall with limbs spread to increase drag?

Otherwise, there are a number of weird scientific things that could be happening. Are the atoms themselves of the other entities different in a way that allows their matter to be more diffuse? How do your and their mass compare, are you hyper dense compared to them, close to similar weights perhaps despite the size difference?
No. 1059543 ID: c28082


Guys, let's please try to keep the speculation to the discussion thread, linked in the OP. It's a great place puzzle out such things, and we've already got one or two posters trying to reason through what "translation" might entail.
No. 1059601 ID: d12415

I get that, but this is literally just pertaining to the here and now consequences of opening that door. Just saying we don't want to open the door next update and then Bam! chunky salsa.
No. 1059609 ID: b4b039

Asking why, to be clear, seems like a good idea, even if the answer probably IS because he needs a hug.

If so.... Attempted facts time!
1. Giving him a hug probably WOULD be good for his mental health.
2. It is completely understandable for you not to be ready for that. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably be pretty hesitant, too. (Even if my own predicted fate upon being dropped into the forest is "eventual death by trying-to-hug-something-I-should-not.")
3. You DON'T actually know if you can open the glass. (Though given the giant metal doors past the glass, the answer is probably yes, at least SOMEONE can open them.) Though, I'd be careful about lying or trying to mislead too much - trust seems like it's going to be a major component of this/these relationships, by necessity.

If you decide to defer, you can say e.g. "I'm not sure. I can ask about it and see what they say."

If you decide to try for it (and have confirmed he wants a hug), you can again try to control the situation for your own mental stability - have him lie down, approach him rather than the other way around, whatever you're sufficiently comfortable with that accomplishes the goal.
No. 1059640 ID: 8b8ea2

“Yes, but I’m not ready to do so. It’s just… there’s a lot for me to take in. I’ll try again later.”
Was that so hard?
No. 1059644 ID: e4595e


Also your breath rate, resting heart rate, hearing range, voice rajge, relative amount of space the heart equivalent takes in the body, and the like. If he can, you know... hop without issue, and seems to fall at a 'typical' rate, in a world where your own species can't fall many many times the length of their bodies, something very very weird may possibly be going on.
No. 1059695 ID: b78edd

Is there any way you can see and hear that shower in action? Looking and listening to the water falling will help you figure out if the laws of physics are being obviously fucked with. IE, does it seem like a massive epic waterfall, or more like a shower on your own scale, just somehow bigger? Does the water fall at a normal rate? etc. etc.
No. 1059696 ID: 2a97e8

Yes, let’s ask if we can watch him shower. We need to get acquainted with the subject facilities so we can help others learn how to use them.
No. 1059699 ID: 00589d

He's not going to let us watch him shower. And I'm pretty sure Kuvusha doesn't want to be known as a pervert, so she's not going to ask that.
No. 1059706 ID: 4e4195


Turn on the shower WITHOUT HIM IN IT, like from the side, and then step away! God, I didn't think that needed to be said! He'd get in the way of watching the water anyway, because he's big and would get, you know, literally in the way!
No. 1059707 ID: 668d30

I think even mentioning the shower at this point in your blossoming relationship might sound a bit demented. You've got to be more subtle about these sorts of things.Perhaps offer to share dinner with him, or something, first.
No. 1059711 ID: 7bc4ff

>Telling Orro that there are other numono but he’s banned from seeing any of them feels like kicking him when he’s down ...
Letting him think he’s alone and not checking if this place secured any of his family members whose presence may aid with their mutual inevitable depression also seems kick-y. You don’t have to tell him right away, but it’s something to check up on, right? If anything the lack of info on these guys is a reason why you don’t know if you can trust whether that restriction was the right call or not.

>can you open the glass?
Possibly, yes? For one, there appears to be a larger area outside of this room, presumably something like a common room area for the sake of... giant aliens.

Is he feeling cooped up? You’ll take it into consideration, but you shouldn’t let him out right away. Even if he begs, which, please. Don’t? That would just make this day the worst. It’s just that you’re... comparatively small. Would be great if you could get to know each other a bit more first, okay?

... and if you could figure out if there’s an official procedure for doing it.
No. 1059712 ID: aa23a8
File 168004629176.png - (117.18KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

>If you can get him a projector and some kind of remote big enough for him to use, you could probably give him an ebook or something and have the projector just beam it onto a wall big enough for him to read it... or if we have a "he can't read your language" kind of deal I guess you could have it play movies. It's something at least.
>Why don't you get him a very large supply of air dry clay and massive amounts of various modeling supplies so he can both fidget with stuff with his hands and make useful things for himself?
If I am allowed to request things for the subjects, I’ll keep this in mind. Hopefully I am ...

>The logistic behind the provision of food for those enormous alies must be challenging.
>For budgetary reasons I wouldn't expect them to provide something like that.
I feel like my employer has an unimaginable amount of resources to throw around, judging by this place. They gave him custom clothing, after all.

>I don't think we can actually open the glass can we?
>is there an actual portal in the glass, like a door, or some weird control setup *next to* the glass?
There’s a badge reader by the glass just like there is with every door in this place. I don’t think it’s much of a reach to guess that it opens the whole thing up, especially since the main room is also huge.

That said ...

>you can again try to control the situation for your own mental stability - have him lie down, approach him rather than the other way around, whatever you're sufficiently comfortable with that accomplishes the goal
... this makes thinking about it a little better, but I still can’t make myself do it. It’s too much. I don’t think he’d hurt me, but ...

>Be honest about it
If I’m honest with him, he’s going to want me to open the glass. That’s the only obvious reason to ask me about it. And I was dreading the idea of him bringing it up this whole time, because I am not ready to try that yet. But, I feel like he won’t take it very well if I tell him to his face that I’m terrified of him. I wouldn’t feel great if someone said that to me as a reason for keeping me trapped in a box after getting abducted.

... I never thought I’d have to imagine myself in a situation like that, and yet, here I am ...

>Tell him you don't know yet
>Tell him you'd have to check with your superiors before you can do anything like that
... I could try to put things off, especially since I really haven’t tried using the control, but of course he could just ask me to try it, and then I’m right back to the same problem, because I’m still not willing to open it yet.

>I do not have an obvious known mechanism for opening up the glass at this time
... Or I could just lie to him. I could even play it off as a misunderstanding if I decide I’m okay with opening it later. Everything here is already weird enough that I doubt he’d ever suspect anything.

... But ...

... Even if he’s the size of a house, he’s still ...

I would feel guilty about it for months. I don’t ... think I can handle that on top of everything else.

... I think I have to just tell him the truth. He’ll be sad either way but at least my conscience won’t eat at me for the entire rest of the time I’m here.

... I’ve taken long enough to respond that he knows something’s up. I can only hope he’s mentally bracing for a response he’s not going to like. Please be doing that, Orro. I take a deep breath.
No. 1059713 ID: aa23a8
File 168004632374.png - (125.64KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

“I ... can open the glass.”

There’s a glimmer of genuine hope in his eyes that I wasn’t prepared for. I should have lied. Why didn’t I lie.

“I ... I can’t do it yet, though.”

“W-why not?” It’s still there. In his eyes. I’m going to break his spirit and my conscience is going to try to kill me even though I told the truth.

“I’m ... I’m sorry, Orro, but ... it’s not that I think you’re going to hurt me, but you could, and I just met you ...” I trail off a little. I’m fumbling my words.

“... n-no, I ... I understand ...” His voice sounds shaky again and he’s looking at the floor. ... I think I screwed up. ... I definitely screwed up.

... But feeling that way doesn’t make me any more willing to actually let him out. I’m a terrible person.

There’s a long silence. He doesn’t say anything else and I can’t decide what to say either. I’m left with my own thoughts for the moment.

>You ought to take a quick break to calm your nerves. Maybe a short nap.
I wish I could do that.

>Promise to open it at your next session! Deadlines work wonders.
... That would be tomorrow. I really don’t think I’d be ready by tomorrow.

>I'm not sure what else to do here if you aren't willing to open the door. It feels bad to leave him alone given how he's feeling
I can’t just leave now, can I? This feels like a terrible place to end the conversation ...

What do I do ... ?
No. 1059715 ID: 99f29a

Ask about his language. Try "Mirrat te a" for starters!
No. 1059716 ID: 668d30

Hey, Kuvusha, as your conscience, I’m not gonna lie to you. You really beefed it there. First impression gone right down the drain.

That said, the guy’s not exactly rich in the market of friends, comrades, or lovers. And he doesn’t really seem the type to hold a grudge. This is probably repairable. Maybe not an apology - and DEFINITELY don’t just leave, especially not now - but maybe if you promise to stay with him for a little while.

Extrapolating a little further, you could potentially offer to drag your bed in here and sleep in the same room as him, given he seems so lonely. That might help him adjust to you in the long run. It’ll also give him ample time to compute the actual difference in size between you, and, hopefully, that’ll lessen the possibility of a jamstain incident if you ever /do/ end up opening that glass.
No. 1059717 ID: a7a180

Your session's not over yet. Take this pause to write down your impressions and check the subject notes again, see if any observations need updating. Why is he called Vakolibol in your notes? Ask about his biology, see how it differs from yours. Start with the obvious things like anatomy and then more abstract things like sleep cycles, mating rituals, attractive features in a mate and how big he is relative to other creatures of his home.
Tomorrow you'll feel differently about things, you just can't see it from here. You can practically feel through the glass how soft that green fur is!
It can't be assumed he can read your language, though he maybe able to use audiobooks.
No. 1059722 ID: bc24cb

You kinda have to open the glass now, unless you want to leave him behind incredibly disappointed.
No. 1059723 ID: d12415

I think you could have been a bit more eloquent, but you did good. If we really want to say something, just ask him if he would open the glass up if he was in your situation. While he is probably nice, he could also be manipulating you. Time will tell if that is the case, but I think he would agree that it would be incredibly irresponsible and reckless to open the glass after such a short meeting. In time, the glass probably can be opened, but there needs to be more mutual trust built up first.

You know, you could tell him about some of the other subjects and see what he thinks about them. You could even let him pick one on the opposite side for you to open (the shutter not the glass) so you both could talk to them together.
No. 1059724 ID: dee951

Nah, I'm also your conscience. You did the morally right thing. Good Is Not Nice. You told him a difficult truth, with emotional vulnerability for yourself AND information that he didn't want to hear but could benefit by hearing. You established, as a first impression, that you'll be honest and forthright with him, that you'll share information he has a right to know even at a personal cost, and you'll value his long term benefit and well-being and ability to make informed decisions over his short term emotional state or that of your own.

You showed real vulnerability, and that took courage. Provided you keep to this path, he will, AT WORST see you as a very honorable jerk who will never lie to him, even by omission, and who is absolutely trustworthy.
No. 1059725 ID: e5709d

The whole point of you being here is to study a general unknown. You can comprehend a general shape, but that doesn't make your guess automatically correct.

Start out with the obvious: his microbiome could kill you. Things that are harmless or beneficial to the neumono could instantly invoke cardiac arrest in you. Then talk about the other species (don't specify that they're sapient) and how their diseases could kill each other.
And then there's the potential for his 'empathy' to do something in close-contact.
And there's the potential harm of him tripping and squishing you. Duh.

Until you're certain of how his biology will affect you, that glass stays put.
No. 1059726 ID: 273c18

Tell him it's something you'll work towards. Starting now. Ask him about other creatures on his homeworld. What is there aside from neumono?
No. 1059729 ID: 36784c

You really should've told him that because of how new you are, you don’t have the security clearance necessary to open the glass. That way he would understand that it's not your choice on if the glass is removed or not.

But now that you've made it clear that you specifically don't want to open the glass, you'll need to think of something to tell him.

You should try telling him that you didn't say you'd never open the glass, just that you wouldn't do it right now. That way he'll know that you'll remove it eventually.
No. 1059732 ID: 2aa5f0

ask him if he'd like you to set up your office in here so you can talk while you work.

You could probably leave him with a glimmer of hope as well that you could ask your superiors about what the protocol is to letting individuals roam though probably also let him know that all he'll be able to access at this time is the half of the room you're on and the "hallway" that leads to the other rooms since the way you came from is to small for him to enter outside of the... would we call the area next to the big door that leads to the "hallway" a lounge? Yeah he wouldn't be able to go past the lounge since everything pass that is made for things you size and the other rooms have other guest in them that we have yet to even talk too. Plus you still need to furnish everything so it has a color beyond grey.
No. 1059733 ID: dee951


THIS!!! This is perfect.
No. 1059734 ID: 5d9787

I was thinking we could end things here and go to the next subject, but the way you put it even I am feeling guilty for leaving him.
If you're planing to open eventually anyway get this over with. Ask him to do whatever do you think will reduce the chances of giving you another irrational panic attack and do it.
No. 1059735 ID: a8f755

Hey, this is recoverable, just keep calm. I'd pose a rhetorical question to keep him from thinking it's something he's doing wrong, which where I suspect his thoughts are going. He seems anxious and a bit prone to spiralling. What if the situation was reversed, he was tiny and you huge? Then follow up with saying that you want to be able to open the glass, doesn't have to be true right now because you'll likely have to open the glass at some point anyway, and insist that you'll work towards getting to that point.

Next will be to get him to think of it as something that can be worked towards, which it is- so this would be more thinking out loud about strategies: You have paperwork you need to do, requisition forms for the things he's requested, observation reports, etc, do the paperwork here. Meals can be had here too. Anything to acclimate yourself to his presence.

The key thing here is to make it seem like something achievable to him, and to you as well too! He needs to understand it's not something wrong with him but a very natural reaction to dealing with a giant creature that can be overcome, you need to understand this is something you can work towards, and you both need to see that it's not impossible.
No. 1059737 ID: e770db

There really isn't anything else to discuss at this point. If you aren't willing to open the glass, then you should be spending your time trying to figure out what you can do for him. Lying was never going to be a good solution and pretending you aren't intimidated isn't either. There's nothing really left to debate here. Let him know you are going to see what you can do to make him feel better and you can work on becoming more comfortable later. You can even tell him you'll work on feeling more comfortable for something like that in the future unless you are adamant you'll never do so. You didn't do anything wrong by telling him you weren't comfortable opening it even if it made him feel bad. Given how this situation has been laid out there was never a way for you to figure out what you needed to do before speaking to him. So, regardless of what you do, he will have to deal with being as he is for at least a little while longer.

If you aren't going to leave then steer the conversation back to talking about each other. Maybe you could open the outer garage door so he can at least look into your work area to see you while you do your paperwork? That way you can do your thing and he can maybe call you if he has more questions, concerns, or just wants to talk.

If possible, ask him if he has interacted with any others of your kind yet.

Also, your job is to assist with their recovery from translation and each of these subjects are one of multiple individuals of their species found. You are not the team making first contact; concerns about deadly viruses and the like are concerns that have certainly been dealt with by former teams associated with the project. Clamp down on the paranoia. You are basically the alien psychologist/therapist, not a xenovirogist.

If we're going to throw random paranoid theories around: what about the uniform we were told to wear whenever we are working? Are we sure it's not messing with our body? Maybe without it, we're even smaller. Maybe the uniform on the subjects is keeping them from being even bigger. food 4 thot
No. 1059748 ID: 12b116

Tell him that you are a small bean and you are afraid because he is big and it's going to take a bit to get over that. You want to open it but you're too nervous right now. Tell him you also feel bad about it
No. 1059749 ID: f24c1a

Make a promise that if you two can work together well, you can see about lowering the glass.
No. 1059775 ID: 1ed92d

Inform him about your day and how stressed out you are that you've been locked in here for six months and you, too, need a hug!
No. 1059785 ID: 82f362

What to do? Simple:
Ask him about himself, ask him about hid hobbies, ask him about his vocation, tell him about your likes, tell about your friends, tell him about whimsical and fantastic world.

Have a genuine conversation and it will become not only a productive work day, but a fullfilling experience, for both of you.
No. 1059790 ID: b4b039


Here are some points I've pulled out of some posts. And/or added myself.
1. You could ask him how he'd feel if the positions were reversed.
2. You could tell him you'll work towards it. Either "I'll" or "we'll", depending on how you feel about it. The point about mutual trust was a fair one.
3. Good vs nice: I have had several relationships where really, I ought to have told the other person something MUCH sooner, but I didn't want to make them sad. It usually went even more poorly in the end. I think what you did was within a stone's throw of optimal.
4. I wonder if you CAN requisition power armor or something? Ask the quartermaster what's available. As you've said, they appear to have insane resources.
5. You could offer to move your desk into this entry room, for company? I'm not sure what desk work there is to be done, yet, though.
6. Beyond that, maybe just talk for a while? You could, like, lean back against the glass or something?
No. 1059812 ID: f30c55

Kuvusha, I am your TRUE conscience... You should feel very terrible for insulting the canned beans in your kitchen! Beans are good for you Kuvusha, you want to eat lots of beans. Eat enough beans and you may grow big and strong like Orro! Your conscience demands beans...
No. 1059837 ID: 34713f

"Look... I'm not ready to open it with me in the room, but I'll look into whether it can be done remotely. You're not the only subject in my ward, and there's a chance I'll be able to set up 'social time' with folks who w-won't get terribly hurt if you're less than perfect in handling them. Alright? Ah- but none of the others in this wing are numono, either, just keep in mind. Sorry..."
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