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File 167487033970.png - (38.29KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1054825 No. 1054825 ID: 9ea24b

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Contains out of focus NSFW
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No. 1059456 ID: 273c18


Dealing with the politics of badges is a long term project that can be started once you've dealt with Setson. Like yeah, it's a bit of an issue right now but there's no way Tracy is going to implement something in time for it to matter, so you should focus on resolving his wish.
No. 1059462 ID: dee951

Why not just order a 'faraday cage beanie' online? They're targeted at schizophrenic humans, mostly, but they might actually be useful for you? You will have to test!
No. 1059463 ID: 276f4d

Same problem as the tinfoil hat but more expensive.
Ask Blaziken about fighting Groudon with you. He’s weak to ground moves but resists Solarbeam.
No. 1059464 ID: bf9b7c

They just look like a normal beanie. I'll second the faraday beanie because it's funny and might be useful, but looks less dumb than the tinfoil hat.
No. 1059466 ID: 73bfd3

Couldn't you read your Coding Book to learn how to program your PokéNav to emit a signal that cancels out the signals coming from the Gym Badges?
No. 1059475 ID: abe56f

A.Romance the fight chikin, and aren't they lvl 100?
Also I'm curious, now with your laptop charged look into reports about pokemon escaping The BOX and reports about pokemon killing their trainers, specifically a houndoom.
No. 1059505 ID: 9ea24b
File 167979204251.png - (100.74KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

>Invest in schizo tech
You’d need to be completely surrounded by metal to deflect the signals, a conspiracy theorist’s 5G beanie wouldn’t help. Also, while noise canceling technology exists, the same strategy doesn’t work for electromagnetic waves, especially in an open space. The best thing you can do to escape badge influence is to avoid badges.

>Romance check: Failure
You don’t feel very charitable towards Blaziken after his rude comments. He’s still a very handsome bird, but you’re not into the mood to flirt with a trainer suckup.

>Recruit for Groudon fight
Blaziken has a good moveset and is max level. He might be weak to ground, but he’s a strong fighter and Groudon is going to be one-shotting everyone anyway. When you propose the idea, Blaziken hesitates, but when you mention that Salamence is also on the squad he agrees to join.

What would you like to do this afternoon? The option to browse the web has been bundled with learning to code, since both involve a charged laptop.
A. Visit a person or Pokemon
B. Address a specific task on the wiki list
No. 1059519 ID: 956261

Let’s contact Breloom and organize that thank you? He doesn’t like human foods so let’s make some berry treats ourselves.
No. 1059520 ID: 273c18

The houndoom thank you sounds good. Maybe it's time to start working on that wish.
No. 1059521 ID: dd15aa

No. 1059525 ID: dd15aa

Side note, we should invest in Focus Sashes.
No. 1059527 ID: 273c18

Sadly, that item was introduced in Gen 4. We're limited to Gen 3.

...I wonder what moves this Groudon has. We're immune to ground-type moves thanks to Levitate!
No. 1059528 ID: 273c18

Useful held items:
Bright Powder (reduces enemy accuracy by 10%)
Quick Claw (20% chance of going first regardless of speed)
Choice Band (50% boost to Attack stat, can only use one move)
King's Rock (10% chance to flinch on hit, works with multi hit moves)
Focus Band (10% chance to survive a OHKO)
Scope Lens (higher crit chance)
various held items that boost power of specific Types of moves, by 10% (objectively worse than Choice Band for this task I think)

Oh hey, there are scarves for pokemon contests. Those are useful now that we have a chance of failure.
No. 1059529 ID: d34a79

>We're immune to ground-type moves thanks to Levitate!
The author has said that Abilities were too much of a headache to keep track of, so nobody has any Abilities. Which means we're NOT immune to ground-type moves.
No. 1059535 ID: dee951

So, uh. Why don't we take it slow, and try and find someone, even someone we don't yet know well, who is defensively and offensively a good match in this fight?? Rather than rush in?? We can always use new friends! We can ask our existing friends for introductions!!
No. 1059538 ID: abe56f

>look into reports about pokemon escaping The BOX and reports about pokemon killing their trainers, specifically a houndoom.
Maybe also do a search for yourself and while we're at it we can look for thing as gifts for all our friends.
No. 1059542 ID: dd15aa

Gengar would be a good pick because of Hypnosis, Sleep could get us multiple turns.
No. 1059568 ID: 9ea24b
File 167986501090.png - (143.91KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

>Useful held items
The list of held items that can be found at the Battle Frontier has been added to Tracy’s trading list. They are absurdly expensive and buying them would quickly deplete your cash.

>Colored scarfs for contests
Good point! You’ll tell Stetson to look for those when you see him or buy them yourself the next time you go shopping.

>Recruit a Pokemon who can put Groudon to sleep
That would be Gengar or Smeargle. Sleep will last for fewer turns on Groudon but still be a helpful tool in the battle.

>Losing against Groudon
Would be okay and not unexpected on the first attempt. Since you decided not to talk to Groudon, you’re not sure what his moveset is or how willing he’d be to throw for content, since it’s in his interests to be defeated and go back to sleep.

>Recruit a Pokemon with a type advantage
You don’t know any top level Water, Ice, or Grass types. You start by asking Smeargle about Tracy’s other retired Pokemon once you get home.

:pokesmerface: Hm, there was Gyarados and Ludicolo. I think Gyarados stays near Slateport and Ludicolo is up by Meteor Falls, if you want to search for them.

:pokeflyface: Thanks, would you be willing to fight Groudon? Spore would be super helpful.

:pokesmerworry: It sounds kind of scary, but you’d be there, right?

:pokeflylove: Yes, I’d whisk you away to safety if anything went wrong!

You’ve recruited Smeargle for the Groudon fighting team as well. You’ll aim for Gyarados or Ludicolo for the final member.

>Meet with Breloom
You bring a bag of apples with you when you go to see Breloom, for bribery purposes. How much do you share with Breloom about Houndoom’s past?
No. 1059581 ID: dd15aa

Just share that he, like the other Friendlies, has had trouble with humans and doesn't like human products for that reason. His dirty laundry isn't ours' to air.

>Final Ally
Gyarados sounds like a hard hitter, and he's immune to Ground which removes Groudon's biggest STAB.
However, Ludicolo is in the same location as Jirachi, so meeting the two of them on the same trip could be a time saver.
No. 1059583 ID: dee951

Wow, can we get both? More friends!!
No. 1059592 ID: 276f4d

Don’t need to share much history. Let’s aim for Gyarados!
No. 1059596 ID: 556cba

If anything, we should ask Breloom for more info about Houndoom, what he was like and how he rescued her.
No. 1059659 ID: 9ea24b
File 167996997832.png - (144.79KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

>Can you recruit both Gyarados and Ludicolo?
Sure, if you want. You’ll aim for Gyarados first.

>Don’t share Houndoom’s tragic backstory with Breloom
Breloom doesn’t need to know the gory details, you’re more curious about her personal experience with Houndoom when he rescued her.

You find the Friendlies Base bustling with activity. Salamence has returned from his journey with Walrein and is directing groups of Pokemon for patrol and food gathering. Several unfamiliar ghosts are floating with Gengar under the shade of her tree, in a thick miasma.

>Gengar activity check: Failure
You can’t tell what Gengar’s doing through the ghost fog. Probably just chatting with the girls.

Breloom is talking to Absol, the same one you mercifully spared from a beating the other day. The disaster Pokemon seems stressed, paws kneading the dirt and peering from side to side. When he spots you he squeaks with alarm.

:pokeabspanik: Doom!

:pokeflypanik: Doom?

:pokeabspanik: Hanging over you, the threat of doom!

Breloom snags an apple from your bag, her usual reserved self.

:pokebreface: Hi Flygon. I don’t think living under an active volcano when Groudon is awake has been doing Absol any favors.

:pokeflypanik: Is he okay? Absol, are you okay?

:pokeabspanik: There aren’t any impending calamities but there’s a lot of potential ones and it’s confusing.

:pokeflyface: Don’t worry, I’m sure if Groudon wanted to make Mt. Chimney erupt and kill everyone you know and love he would have done it already. Anyway, Breloom, I was thinking we could throw a thank you party for Houndoom. He helped you a ton and I’ve met the guy a few times and want to cheer him up.

:pokebrefrown: He doesn’t want to be bothered. I tried to talk to him after he brought me here and he told me to leave him alone.

:pokeflypanik: Breloom, think of when he rescued you from your trainer! Don’t you want to show your gratitude? What was that even like?

:pokebrefrown: My trainer was camping for the night when Houndoom snuck up on her. She sent me out to buy time and he just asked me how I felt about my trainer and told me that he was part of a rescue team. I attacked him a few times, but he kept waiting for my answer, not like I was doing much damage. When I told him about wanting to leave, he knocked over my trainer, melted my Pokeball, and gave me a ride here.

:pokebresad: And that’s the last time I really had a conversation with him.
No. 1059664 ID: a7a180

If they sent you out against Houndoom, they were either not thinking straight or really low on options. Have you thought about your trainer much since then? It seems like it was a bit sudden, not that you can change what happened now.

Absol needs something to relax... too bad they're Dark type, so psychic moves wouldn't work. Is there a Vileplume or Roselia we could take Absol to for some aromatherapy?
No. 1059667 ID: 556cba

Tell her doom, Houndoom I mean, has been feeling really down and Salamence is worried about him. We thought getting together all the Pokemon he helped could make him feel like things aren't so dim.

Ask Absol how he feels about that island Deoxys is supposed to hang around.
No. 1059669 ID: 273c18

>chatting with the girls
They fuckin

Tell Absol your life is pretty complex right now, you can think of three things that could go horribly wrong just off the top of your head. Thanks for the warning though.

Anyway, don't take no for an answer. Go badger Houndoom with Breloom in tow. You're NEVER going to make progress in this task unless you force Houndoom to talk to SOMEONE. Gotta get your foot in the door!
No. 1059681 ID: 36784c

Let’s ask Salamence to see if he has any ideas on what to do. He’s close with Houndoom, so he might be able to help.

Going in there without a plan is a great way to piss off Houndoom, which is the opposite of what we want. We better think of something else.
No. 1059708 ID: 273c18

>without a plan
Ok, you got a plan?
No. 1059714 ID: 9ea24b
File 168004653764.png - (91.03KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

:pokeflysad: That sounds like it was really sudden. Do you ever think about your trainer?

:pokebrefrown: Sometimes, but I’m happy here.

:pokeflysad: I guess you don’t want to disturb Houndoom by having a party then.

:pokebreface: I’d be down to organize something, but I’m not going to be the one who makes sure he shows up.

>Absol needs something to relax
You give him an apple and ask permission to pet his flank with long, calming motions. This seems to help.

:pokeflyface: Do you know anything about Deoxys? He should be on an island somewhere far south.

:pokeabsface: No, he’s too far away for me to get a good sense of anything.

:pokeflylove: That’s okay, thanks for warning me about the doom, I’ll keep an eye out for danger.


You ponder your next move. Salamence did advise you during your flight lessons to talk to Houndoom directly about his trauma. Last time you had a chance to, you couldn’t think of what to say besides asking Houndoom if he liked to sing and weirding him out. Good times.

A. Go talk to Houndoom about his history (50% chance he gets mad at you)
B. Go talk to Houndoom about something weird to get him more used to your presence
C. Flirt with Absol
No. 1059718 ID: eee93f

Absol is a cute and seems like he really needed that positivity... but we came here with a mission. Focus, Flygon!

B. We don't want to push him away. Acting like Gengar seems to be disarming him?
Ask Houndoom if Salamence ever took him flying. If he's afraid of heights we could maybe help so he and Salamence could go flying together!
No. 1059719 ID: a7a180

A, the odds aren't terrible. He's not the only one he's hurting by withdrawing into himself, and if that gets him mad he should think about who he's mad at.
No. 1059731 ID: 273c18

Eh I guess B. Coinflips are terrible odds tbh. Ask him what he does for fun, hobbies, that sort of thing. When's the last time he got laid? Does he have a favorite food? Read any good books lately? Does he want you to buy anything from one of the traders?
No. 1059736 ID: 5d9787

He seem to be enjoying this belly rub...
C. This is probable the most natural emotional contact you ever established in your entire life: no awkward conversation about porn, no asking a friend to take a look at your dick, no explicit declaration that the next friendly interaction is meant to be romantic. Don't waste this moment.
No. 1059738 ID: 0097ed

You make a good point. There's a moment here, and it might not come again if we let it pass.

Changing my vote to C. Let's try to curb our usual Vibravaness with some of our new Flygon smooth. Make quiet eye contact and smile to let him know you're comfortable wherever this is going if he is.
Ask about him a bit. He seems like he might not get much positivity in his life, so take the belly rubs slow and gentle, maybe ask if he has a special way he washes his fur.
No. 1059742 ID: 273c18

What belly rub?
No. 1059752 ID: dd15aa

A flankrub, rubbing the side of the belly between the rib and hip
No. 1059753 ID: 5d9787

I might have misread or invented details in my head...
No. 1059767 ID: 4ae479

No. 1059800 ID: 3d3771

C, have a moment.
No. 1059808 ID: 7b8042

C, he's cute and it would be a shame to let this moment pass you by.
No. 1059810 ID: abe56f

C. Maybe if we spend time with him here something will come up to help with Houndoom, plus he really needs to relax, didn't Salamence say there was some leftover massage oil.
No. 1059817 ID: dd15aa

He could help a lot with risk assessment too. I get the feeling that pissing Houndoom off by being too forward or letting slip to Houndoom that we're human are some of the potential misfortunes he sensed. Maybe failing to fulfill the wish is one, too.
No. 1059823 ID: 2a97e8

Just what we need, a vague portent of doom we can use as an excuse to never take risks again.
No. 1059857 ID: 9ea24b
File 168013974945.png - (125.42KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

>C, flirt with Absol
You can tell Absol already likes you after a few kind words, physical touch, and an apple. That’s the power of apples, baby. You settle yourself more comfortably on the ground and say nice things about how soft Absol’s fur is and how he’s cute.

Breloom notices that you’re focusing on Absol and drifts toward a different group of Pokemon. She’ll work to organize the Friendlies and have them ready to go for a party whenever you have a breakthrough with the canine.

You spend the rest of the afternoon chatting with Absol in a warm patch of sunlight, which thanks to Groudon is not hard to find. You both eat the rest of the bag of apples. He tells you about his life near Fortree before he was rescued from a pack of angry humans who thought he was making their crops fail. Since he’s a walking danger detector, Gengar offered him a good deal to stick with the Friendlies and he’s been here since.

You’ve successfully befriended and romanced Absol, who’s interested in a physical relationship. You can choose to have a steamy rendezvous with him as an action another day, and he can be brought to different locations to assess danger related to Legendary Pokemon.

>Kirlia and Espeon gain a Level
Kirlia is one Level away from evolving! He and Espeon will stop training together after tomorrow.

>Stetson scarf check: Failure
You text Stetson that tip about the colored scarfs, but he doesn’t respond and won’t have anything ready for the contests tomorrow.

The wiki has a contest tracking section now. Which Pokemon (including yourself) do you choose to go first and what contest do they enter?
No. 1059866 ID: dd15aa

>Absol past
Many such cases, sadly. That explains why he reacted so well to being thanks for his prophecy.
With his help we might be able to get a sense of the urgency of the Groudon and Jirachi situations and which we should focus in hard on first, instead of being a bit aimless, as well as which ones would be safest to befriend/meet with Stetson.

Let's put Torkoal in the next stage of Beauty contest, since she has a good moveset for it. Maybe discuss Contest movesets with Stetson in person as well and see what his thoughts are on building towards that.
No. 1059918 ID: 17e1b0

Choose Torkoal and stick to simple yes-no questions in your conversation. Does she like the yellow pokeblocks? Has she spent time in the PC? Was she awake for it?
No. 1059960 ID: 9ea24b
File 168023423547.png - (106.01KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

Stetson is in awe of your new pear shaped figure. You catch a hint of greed in his eyes before he’s all business. It’s a little harder to pass through human populated areas without being noticed, and you see a few other trainers eying you and your notebook curiously.

>Ask Stetson about teaching contest beneficial moves
He looks at you like you’re crazy.

:pokekiddismiss: I’m not messing with movesets just to win some contests, I’d rather use more Pokeblocks. I still want to be a super strong trainer!

>Torkoal in a super rank beauty contest
She has the moves and the sheer presence to be a contest star, you just know it. Perhaps you could even talk to her, though the thought makes you feel shy.

You clear your throat a few times when it’s just you and Torkoal left to wait by the portrait wall.

:pokeflyface: H-hi again! I evolved since the last time you saw me.

:pokekoalface: Sceptile told us all you’re a human.

Ah, Stetson must have let everyone out to socialize, per your recommendation. Good for him! By the smell of it he’s learning personal hygiene as well.

:pokeflypanik: Er, yes, I was, but now I’m a Flygon and trying to improve life for Pokemon kind.

:pokekoalface: Ok.

:pokeflyface: Hey, what’s it like being in a Pokeball?

:pokekoalface: Dozing. Awake enough that being let out isn’t a huge shock but not aware of much.

:pokeflyface: Have you ever been in the PC?

:pokekoalface: I don’t know.

At this point Stetson returns and you stop talking.

>Random Pokeblock buffs (beauty, cool, cute, smart, tough): Tough, smart
You weep with joy when you see Torkoal nibbling upon the proffered blocks. It’s like seeing a famous work of art conducting an orchestra made of flowers.

>Super rank beauty contest chance of success: 3 beauty moves x 0.25 x 1 (0 beauty buffs) x 1 (super rank multiplier) = 75% chance of success, Success

Stetson praises Torkoal for her victory and parades her and her new ribbon around the contest hall, which gives you a chance to talk to her or him a little more.
No. 1059967 ID: dd15aa

>I’m not messing with movesets just to win some contests
Let Stetson in on a little secret. Technical Machine companies don't want you to know this one easy trick: you can train and retrain some moves manually. We could teach Pelipper a Cool move and then retrain her on Fly once the contest is done. All it would take is some time.
He could use the same trick to teach them moves that are good for a particular gym or fight he's expecting, then retrain them to their utility movesets later.

Is there anything that she thinks would improve her situation?
No. 1059968 ID: 273c18

>training moves manually
Oh, do you mean like how we learned Dig? I guess that might work... but it's RNG. Being able to slot Fly back in quickly since it's an HM makes sense though.
No. 1059969 ID: 36784c

>Stetson is in awe of your new pear shaped figure. You catch a hint of greed in his eyes before he’s all business.
Aggron said that Stetson was wanting a Dragon type for team composition and you are now a Dragon type. Be on guard, he might try to catch you.
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