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File 167071125404.png - (436.55KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
1051450 No. 1051450 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest
Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place.

And by my hand, this shall be a grand dungeon.
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No. 1054495 ID: ad76be

That’d be cool. It’s penalize non-magical Chaos parties, but it can be offset by going after the merchants first, corrupting them, and getting cheaper heals. Different strats for different builds makes sense.
No. 1054505 ID: 298597

I think having to pay for heals is an acceptable immersion break here. I mean, Ashley normally heals them even with the heroes being aligned against Slimecrown, and she's still going to be healing the Law faction for cost. So Chaos Aspen healing for cost is fine. As Chaos faction, they don't have to head back to the center for heals. They can call in a heal at any time they're not in the middle of a fight and Lucia will send the corrupted healer over.

If you really need some benefit from Lucia favoring them, then maybe have it be a regular healing cost instead of the scaling healing cost we normally do on raids.
No. 1054506 ID: 4b4d4e

Charge them money, they may be part of chaos, but revives and heals will cost them as their way of "paying tribute to using their Master's limited powers". Why else would the Chaos faction require funds and offerings?
No. 1054513 ID: d12415

Lets let Lucia offer free heals if she is not preoccupied with something else, but also give the option to pay to get items to heal without the need for Lucia.

Also, lets keep the spa as is for team law, but make it capturable by team chaos where they have to corrupt Oilivia (by fighting, convincing, backstabbing, or whatever other method they can come up with). If they win, they now have control of the spa. If Law wants it back, they need to defeat and revive Oilivia.
No. 1054514 ID: ad76be

We could lore it that Ashley doesn’t mind healing normal adventurers since slimes can normally come back. As long as the seal that keeps Jeffrey locked up remains strong enough, the adventurers are really just proving that a Jeffrey fight isn’t a suicide mission for them. And they make money to trade with the outside world, of course.

In this case, Chaos is involved so normal rules are out the window.

I would say if we wanted free heals/resurrects then keep it in the hamlet. It’s meant for lower-level players anyway, and they don’t carry nearly as much money. The competing influence of the magic in Slimecrown vs. Chaos means our local healers need to dip into the merchant stocks to provide their services, hence the still-increasing costs as the merchants bleed them dry.
No. 1054516 ID: ad76be

Hah, got it. Since Chaos entered the hamlet, there’s a creature of some sort shielding everyone from her influence. Probably the same one that is keeping the seal on Jeffrey from deteriorating as expected from her presence. It’s nowhere close to perfect, but enough so that items are the best way to cover healing since this creature could poison/uncorrupt like she did if she gives an opening. Lucia is doing the same for this creature by shielding team Law from on-demand healing/rez so the scales are still fair.

Lore-wise, the creature is us, a demon of law that is overseeing this castle on behalf of her god to ensure Jeffrey doesn’t escape. Side job is to kill Jeffrey so she can be redeployed elsewhere. Mechanically, we’re the DM and if we say heals cost money for everyone then that’s the way it is.
No. 1054517 ID: 58c090

By "us" do you mean Mary? Cause I don't think we ourselves are really in the lore as more than an object (for which the whole Citadel is named, mind you, but still).
No. 1054518 ID: 298597

Hopefully the first DM can't detect us and shut us down when he frees Mary from her curse.
No. 1054522 ID: ad76be

Ah, you’re right. I do mean Mary.

I don’t always flip the switch mentally to treat whoever we’re “piloting” through the crown as separate. Too many other quests where it’s not a concern.
No. 1054534 ID: f710ca

Just slap some sort of "chaos has incompatibilities with slime-derived revival, so it takes some rare reagent to do" patch over it. It could be YUM!-based reagent if you want to go full shill. It would prevent unlimited revives, and could involve questing for maguffins.
No. 1054535 ID: 08229c
File 167452321958.png - (148.28KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

I know that they're dead but the body is uh... Charcoal. So the soul is still attached to it but its useless. I don't think they have to worry about healing too much since the chaos slime repairs their wounds.

I think we'll keep the spa for the law side for now. I can't really think of a good reason why Oilivia would work with them. They can take it over, of course, but they just have to take on a nerfed five rune monster.

Now, I think we can make it so revives still cost money but without breaking the lore. Technically speaking, revives are just restoring the body to normal, so...

As Mary explains her idea to Lucia, Mindflayer pokes Cultists corpse. It's very much not moving.

Through the cracks in the arena, Lucia emerges. She looks at the corpse and explains to Mindflayer that due to the extensive damange, Cultists soul is struggling to remain attached to the body. She can restore it to full function for free but it would mean she's more chaos slime than person...

Or Mindflayer can make an offering to their god. Gold and treasures will do.

"I suppose I can pay it. We brought plenty of gold. I had a phoenix down but I guess it won't work on someone who's already dead."

She gives Lucia 400 gold to fully restore Cultists body.

While she's doing that, the pair DID win a boss fight. What reward should we give them?
No. 1054536 ID: 1effd3

Rewards: Stone of Corruption
Mindflayer Weapon: a shark black stone that can the thrown with Mindflayers abilities. It deals Chaos damage.

Staff of the Sealed One: Cultist Weapon: Boosts the damage/healing of Chaos skills. (standard stat buff outside of this event)
No. 1054537 ID: 6f4507

More lore is always a good reward! Otherwise, maybe some corrupted chaos armor, with some stat buffs and minor cosmetic changes? Make it so that it gets stronger the more and more they do or something like that.
No. 1054538 ID: 58c090

yess, new outfits to fit their new classes!
No. 1054539 ID: 1effd3

i was thinking of giving them thier new armor at the end of the event, but now's a good time as any i suppose.
No. 1054540 ID: e917f8
File 167452392138.jpg - (25.83KB , 285x300 , illithid mask.jpg )

Mask of the Brain Eater for Mindflayer
-Twisted by chaotic energies, this headgear makes no bones about what its wearer is going to do.
No. 1054543 ID: a7a180

>Mindflayer's helmet
Illuminati confirmed!
Well, Mirelle already dropped gauntlets for Punch Wizard, so what if we drop a stone gauntlet for Psion too, as a psi focus that shifts her stats more towards agility and telekinesis than mental feats? The gauntlet catches and launches her orbs harder, faster and stronger. As for Cleric, she's looking for cooler clothes. How about a corrupted tabard from the archer slimes? It's burnt through the middle and held together by chaos slime, and after you take piercing damage you regenerate some of the HP back from the corrupted slime.
No. 1054548 ID: 298597

Give them a Chaos Knife. You stab it into someone's heart/core and it adds a Chaos Rune to them and gives them a corrupted form.
No. 1054549 ID: 58c090

That's kind of unfair to the other team, 2/3 of which are basically tanks.
No. 1054550 ID: 298597

Maybe flavor it as "sacrificing them to Chaos" or something.
No. 1054555 ID: 04697a

Cleric did want some new wardrobe and she's been a good sport about all of this, give her some sick new robes.

Robes of Chaotic Zeal
The caster's single target healing or buffing spells spread to another nearby ally (potentially including the caster) at between 50% and 150% of the effect's strength.
No. 1054557 ID: 06095b


- Chaos Flame
"The essence of Mirelle's fiery spirit, her last defiant spark of will snatched away before Chaos took hold of her completely. This too now belongs to chaos."
The wielder of this item can transfer mana into the item in order to summon Chaos flames, a highly taxing but powerful offensive technique which can even burn creatures normally immune to fire.

Why? Cleric now gets an offensive option, as a treat.
No. 1054558 ID: ad76be

>Corrupted Cultist Robes (Cultist)
>Robes certainly weren’t Mirelle’s style, before or after her corruption. But in honor of one of the first ones to give her a real purpose, she gave a piece of herself in making some anyway.
>Healing spells can be converted to an AOE flame explosion centered on the caster at a 50% rate healing-to-damage rate.

The exact conversion rate is up to DM fiat. I just know healing spells can be powerful, so I figured it should be downscaled.

I like most of the Mindflayer stuff, so no ideas there.
No. 1054559 ID: 06095b


Ideas for Costumes:
> Robes of the Heretic
"Void black and red robes that seem to shift and dissolve around the edges if stared at too long."
These sturdy robes grant good defense (with the exception of holy and fire) and greatly enhance the wearer's agility. Three times per dungeon, the wearer can briefly vanish from their current location and reappear somewhere else at a medium distance from their origin.
No. 1054560 ID: 06095b


> Helm of the Mindflayer
"Even in death, the faithful serve."
This helm falls down over the wearer's eye, replacing their vision with a single, nightmarish eye. From the rear of the helm drape what appear to be two Watcher eye stalks. When worn, the wearer gains awareness of everything in a 360 degree radius around themselves and true sight in a cone centered on the eye. By concentrating their psionic power for a brief period, they can replicate the Watcher's disintegration ray.
No. 1054580 ID: 08229c
File 167453556061.png - (132.55KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

When the Cultist is restored she's wearing the scraps of her former outfit. Mirelle walks over to her and tosses her her reward for victory.

The group gains...

Corrupted Cultist Robes - (Mage Robes)

Robes certainly weren’t Mirelle’s style, before or after her corruption. But in honor of one of the first ones to give her a real purpose, she gave a piece of herself in making some anyway.

Grants the wearer Cultist Stance, turning most heal spells into damaging chaos fire spells.

They also gain G100 and two whole bags of YUM Candy.

Cultist seems absolutely overjoyed and strikes a few poses.

"Well, Mindflayer? What do you think?"

"You look great in it?"

"Right, right? Man, I kinda wanna spec into chaos magic when we're done here. What do you think?"

"It wouldn't be too hard, I think. I don't mind helping you level grind a bit for it."

"Hehehe. God, alright, so uh... Where too next?"

"Mirelle suggested Rosa. I think that's a good idea."

"Then let's go. TEAM CHAOS."

"Team Chaos!"

That's going well it seems.
Looks like the others are making their way to... Sophie. That's good.

Alright, what should we have for Rosa?
No. 1054581 ID: 58c090

Hmm... how about a context change? Since the law side seems to be done with their first princess too, looks like the perfect time to switch. You can't focus on both at the same time but can still switch between them every now and then, right?
No. 1054582 ID: 6ccff3

Well, they have the element advantage. Its just a matter of if they can get rosa before the law side gets there to make it a big battle. If they're still dealing with lily maybe have rosa try to call for backup that chaos can have the chance to intercept and block?
No. 1054583 ID: e2339e

Well, the Giselle and Germaine are going to hard bar their way, while Rosa makes the Terrain a living hell for them while also giving her servants an advantage.

have the Bulter and Maid pelt the Servants of Chaos with mixed drinks, REALLY REALLY strong mixed drinks. Ones taht could not only cause Mirelle and Cleric to Hit others with FF but alos inebriate them all and cause shenanigans. Ideally, they are stalling for Colt/ Another royal knight and guards to show up and apply the smackening.
No. 1054584 ID: a7a180

Have Mage Slime casting fire magic as a last stand to buy time, and save the Guide for part of a citadel survivors' band in the fight between chaos and order. Have Flit and Magnus been doing business with the other team? Psion and Cleric don't really need their services, only Ronin and Marauder would.

Well, Rosa's always been a more intellectual challenge, so have her prepare to deny herself to the 'enemy'. If they can craft the antidote to a poison that is withering her away to a useless husk, they can use her body as they please. At least she will die knowing that chaos can create as well as destroy.
Or, maybe she's drunk a bunch of holy water turning her into a trojan horse for corruption. Holy water reacts violently with slime, and should they sense the trap in how easy it is to corrupt her, they could set off the violent reaction themselves later. Otherwise, overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer...
No. 1054585 ID: 1effd3

i feel like team chaos (besides the still living members) are hard counter to Rosa because of.. well the dead kinda being poison immune. so Rosa definately needs some kinda holy or fire support. or maybe just stab them with vines
No. 1054591 ID: 53bc24

Guys Cultist is kinda cute. I wanna keep her.
No. 1054592 ID: 4b4d4e

So on the off-chance that Team Chaos wins the Faction fight, We can give the losing Law faction a second-chance in a follow up quest after the raid is over.

Prince Slimeon and his Bodyguard Rosalyn are away when the whole Chaos v. Law thing went down right?

So hear me out: what if as a consequence of Team Chaos gaining control of the Citadel at the end of the quest, Prince Slimeon returns from his expedition and finds Slimecrown in ruins? Cue the next raid team coming in and seeing the sole Heir to Slimecrown crying an utter wreck at the entrance to Slimecrown Hamlet, and the starting point for a long quest chain for Law Faction's endeavors to reclaim Slimecrown from Chaos.

What do you think guys?
No. 1054593 ID: 4b4d4e

Rosa has Magic wizard slime with her right? She's in a library right? Spawn Multiple copies of "The Guide" to give the feeling of the Magic Library's defenses coming to life, add in the Punch and Fancy mimics in the corner as ambush mobs.
We could also have Magic Wizard whip up some wicked Alchemy potions that do random but debilitating effects while and Giselle and Germaine throw those potions with style.
No. 1054597 ID: 298597

We should probably tune into Law side as soon as we set up the Maids and Butlers to defend Rosa. We never actually made any sort of fight or challenge with Sophie.
No. 1054599 ID: 06095b


I think we need to settle what happens in the hub area before we worry about Rosa's room.

What NPCs are still there? Will they help the Chaos faction? Is the Law faction going to show up for a team fight? Where is Metal Slime?

As for Rosa's room, Giselle and Germaine are both about as strong as Mirelle, rune count wise. Add in Rosa plus Magic Slime, and you have a very uphill battle for the Chaos team.

As for how to structure the fight, we currently have the area broken into three rooms plus a miniature hub. Giselle and Germaine are in one, Magic Slime is in the other, Rosa is in her own (usually sealed room), and the hub area has The Book running around. We can swap that around since we are in Raid mode.

I'd say:
> Giselle and Germaine are in the main hub with the book, waiting for the group
> Germaine and Giselle open the fight by throwing two freezing flasks directly at Mirelle to try to immobilize her for most of the fight
> Germain will then pull a powerful weapon out of the book and engage the group in melee
> Giselle, with Germaine acting as cover, will begin rapidly creating a damaging infusion
> Both move extremely elegantly throughout the fight, dodging blows and raining death
> If disarmed, The Book will continuously supply Germaine with more weapons, allowing him to switch offensive styles

> Upon their defeat, the library catches fire, with Rosa asserting from behind her heavily reinforced door that Chaos will not have her
> This begins a time attack to find the key to open the door before Rosa is incinerated
> This is complicated as the key is inside Metal Slime, who Magic slime has hasted
> Even if Magic Slime is corrupted, the haste sticks because Metal Slime is moving too fast to be counterspelled
> Maybe he fights, maybe he flees to another part of the dungeon, but chaos is guaranteed
No. 1054600 ID: 0cd664

don't wanna focus too much on chaos, yeah. Some voices already acting decidedly non-neutral on this
No. 1054602 ID: ad76be

I’d prefer that. I want Chaos to win against Curi because I really like the idea of Mary as the DM teaming up with Team Law in a last-ditch defense against Team Chaos after Lucia “frees” Jeffrey, but we need feedback on both sides to craft a good experience.

I’d say that the center area is fair game for Law and Chaos to fight if they want. Chaos may want to gank Lily anyway and have Mirelle “absorb” her so she can’t fuse with Reginald. Even if Lily won’t power Mirelle up, it makes some sense for a slime to be able to “erase” another slime by absorbing it. Certainly gives credence to hit-and-run tactics that some future parties may prefer to bleed the other side of fighters.

Not sure if it works this way, but maybe a slime killing and absorbing another does grant a smaller rune boost than fusion normally does. It may be needed for Chaos as everything in Slimecrown is weaker than Curi and she’s clearly going to fight for Law. At 6 runes, there needs to be some way for Chaos to close the power gap since they’re working with a reduced party and against their own people, princesses, AND Curi. Lucia isn’t nearly powerful enough to offset that rune-wise.

Which… may be why Oilivia needs to get involved. Oilivia with a chaos rune would be 6 runes, right? The actual goal of gathering the princesses for Chaos may be to fight her (and deny Law them, of course), then Chaos can actually stand a chance against Curi and the combined Law side.
No. 1054619 ID: 1586c4

If chaos wins, I suggest rewarding them with an item that lets them switch to their Chaos classes (doesn't turn them into undead with a slime inside of course, but changing several of their abilities). Along with a piece of chaos gear for Mindflayer too, since Cultist just got hers.

That sounds neat for a hidden objective. Like an optional hard boss that gives them much better odds if they pull it off.
No. 1054621 ID: 4aaa23

I know, right?

I'm glad she's enjoying herself. Even though her experience so far has mostly consisted of getting murdered
No. 1054625 ID: 447b74

This run more or less awakens her M side.
No. 1054630 ID: ad76be

Agreed. I think she’s really happy with doing something for herself instead of for others, even if she’s getting blasted in the process.
No. 1054738 ID: 4ac37a

Slime Matron told us more about how fusing works. I think Lily would just hinder Mirelle, even if she could be corrupted so they were on the same side.
No. 1054797 ID: 58c090

Oh, I don't think they're talking about fusing with her but eating her, which is a different thing. Larro did confirm that's a thing wild slimes do (and how Slime Matron got her start)
No. 1054809 ID: ad76be

Basically what >>1054797 said. I used bad wording.

I am assuming Lily will still respawn as normal after being eaten by another dungeon creature. Might want to call up Slime Matron and ask her for some deets on what can happen. Even if it’s not a power boost, ganking one of the two and having a different princess eat the corpse is probably the main way a party would cut back the threat of Queen Lily or Reginald, The Royal Right Hand. They’re pretty OP in a solo fight, let alone a team fight.
No. 1054824 ID: 08229c
File 167486920743.png - (37.87KB , 580x510 , you_have_to_eat_all_the_runes.png )

Nothing lingers for the dungeon denizens after a run. Everyone returns to normal and there's no permanent damage. Minions all know they're basically performing a bit for the adventurers.

Fusion is VERY difficult between slimes. Typically they just consume another one. Even those really close can have issues trying to fuse. Lily and her guardian are an exceptional case.

Also, update soon. This is the cutoff point for suggestions on it.

No. 1054829 ID: 08229c
File 167487313830.png - (754.72KB , 800x2289 , 54.png )

Eh. I'm not for or against either team. Ideally they will all wipe out. What we ARE for is making sure they have a good time. And so far we've been doing great at that.

I can already feel the five star reviews.


"How do you think the final battle is going to play out?" Mindflayer asks, "Curi is going to be tough."

"Yeah, but, look at us! We're a couple of bad bitches with super dark powers. I think we have a chance."

"I think you might be underestimating Curi. She's a nightmare. And it seems like every time we fight her she has a new strategy."

"If we get Rosa and uh... I dunno the names of the other ones... What was the handsome one? Colt?"

"You think Colt is handsome?"

"He has a very rugged look."

"Hm. Well, yeah, if we can get him that would help. I really hope the other group didn't grab Lily an-"

The two groups bump into each other in the middle area. The shops have closed in the presence of chaos but Ashley still guards it.

"You guys!" Marauder shouts.

"Oh my god Cleric has a new robe! She looks so freaking cool!" Ronin says.

"Hrm." Bulk Mage says.

"Have you come to surrender?" Marauder asks, pointing her axe at them.

"Ha, no." Mindflayer says, "We're busy doing OUR job. How's yours been going?"

"We got a princess." Marauder says.

"So do we."

"And her guard!"

"... Okay that is one more than us but we're still doing better."

"You won't win!"

"Neither will you!"

Lily says something in slimish. Whatever she says it angers Mirelle. Chaos flames flicker from her gauntlets.

"You wanna say that to my face!?"

Lily laughs going 'oh ho ho ho ho'. Mirelle lets out an inarticulate scream of rage.

The two groups glare at each other. No one moves. Everyone is waiting for the first strike, the first word, to determine what will happen next.

No. 1054831 ID: 08229c
File 167487328153.png - (233.00KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

There is only a click before Mindflayer is cut in half. Ronin's blade was faster than anyone can see. Cultist backs off in shock.

Mindflayer just laughs. Her pieces are kept together by the thick sludge that is Chaos slime. The pieces pull back together.

"Do you really have the time to be doing this? You can fight us here but we're not Chaos's only champions. The dark one's work continues. So go ahead, sister. Cut me apart all you want. I'll only come back..."
No. 1054834 ID: 08229c
File 167487347831.png - (184.69KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

Ronin looks to Marauder for guidance. The small warrior hasn't put away her axe, but she's not attacking. She gestures to her group.

"She's right! C'mon, guys! We have more people to save! Every life we save is a warrior they're denied!"

Team Chaos watches as Team Law leaves. There is tension in the air until the group enters Sophie's area.

Mindflayer lets out a massive sigh of relief.

"Oh thank the gods she bought that. They could have destroyed us."

"Haha, right? I mean not dying after being cut in half is pretty good evidence good bluff."

"I can feel my insides moving around. I don't like this."

"Eh. You get used to it."

Mindflayer gives Lucia G300 to restore her body properly. Mirelle pouts. She wanted to fight Lily so bad.
No. 1054835 ID: 08229c
File 167487353798.png - (23.42KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

We're making bank.

Alright, do you guys wanna keep following Chaos or swap to Law?
No. 1054837 ID: 0b4fd6

Keep to chaos.

They're more fun.
No. 1054841 ID: ad76be

Swap. I’d ask Mary to share some of our ideas with Lucia to communicate with the group or keep in mind for later, like Oilivia being a secret boss to hold up against Curi or to have them try and gank someone on Law to make the field more level. But let’s focus on tuning the experience for Law next.
No. 1054842 ID: 58c090

On the one hand, team Chaos has been having actual combat and that's been fun, plus I don't think Rosa's been in the fighting spotlight, or at least not much? On the other, it seems like the voices are getting biased, and that's no good. There are many suggestions around that are basically suggestions for the chaos team to defeat the law team, and we should be impartial. And to be able to give them all a good showing we need to give attention to both sides. So I vote Law.
No. 1054843 ID: 1effd3

While i *do* want to follow Chaos because it's argubly the more fun side, balancing to law would probabbly be a good idea.
No. 1054844 ID: 63a1ed

Lets have a spin with Law. I think we can make it so both are having fun. Its their turn!
No. 1054845 ID: ad76be

Hey, I’m all for having Chaos beat Law in the Curi battle just so Mary can play “hero” since how often do DMs fight alongside other players? But as far as who wins in a DM/Law vs. Lucia/Chaos matchup, I don’t care. A near TPK so that we have at least one person to solicit live feedback from would be best, especially since this is highly experimental.
No. 1054847 ID: 6f4507

Poor Mirelle, she wants to break her sister into little bits.
No. 1054848 ID: 1ed92d

I do vote Chaos.
No. 1054851 ID: a7a180

Let's switch to Law, shake things up a little. Chung-gunk!
No. 1054852 ID: 58c090

>especially since this is highly experimental.
Oh, that reminds me. Mary! Casually let Dungeoneer know the Big Guy is coming over as soon as the run is done before it's too late. You don't even need to tell her to make herself scarce, I'm sure she'll realize that's in her best interests herself.
No. 1054853 ID: 1effd3

I do kinda want to give Mindflayer her new clothes, but we need to balance out who we are watching
No. 1054854 ID: ad76be

I’m sure Rosa and Sophie secretly wish Mirelle would do it too.

Oh, that’s a good call. Mary, you should definitely let her know about that in advance.
No. 1054858 ID: 091b30

Law. We should give them a challenge in trying to recruit sophie after having succeeded in recruiting Lily and Reginald. the forces of Chaos should basically be aware of their progress and would act accordingly to balance the scales lore-wise. Meta-wise, its to ensure that any repeat pvp events like this in the future don’t end in a one-sided slaughter.
No. 1054862 ID: 1effd3

Lets go team law, they overall have a slight power/numbers advantage, even thugh Cultist and Mindlfayer have slightly boosted stats due to the chaos.

Also we can beat up team law for money
No. 1054865 ID: 340403

Continue with team Chaos. They're more fun. Corrupted Meirelle is also super good, tell her that~
No. 1054868 ID: 06095b


Since we already have good ideas worked up for Rosa's chambers, I'd say let's put some effort into Law. That way we can make sure both sides are getting a favorable experience.
No. 1054869 ID: 08229c
File 167487733039.png - (106.94KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

I'll be sure to relay your ideas to the others. I think having Oilivia be a part of it is a fantastic idea. She's a princess too, technically, even if in the lore she has given up the throne.

I think we'll swap over to law. Oh, we ARE getting close to the end of the run...

Mary summons Dungeoneer and tells her that the Original Dungeon Master is coming by. Is there anything she should know?

"O-oh! The big guy, huh? Wow that's uh... So rare.... I mean the odds of that happening are a million to one haha... But I guess you're just lucky, boss!

Don't worry I don't think you need to know anything but uh... Man, do you need anything from the store? I just... I just really wanna stretch my legs for a bit, you know? Go for a walk. So, you need anything?"
No. 1054870 ID: 58c090

Hmm. I'm thinking we can hit kill birds with one stone here. You don't wanna call your parents, right? So maybe you could just send someone to tell them you're okay without needing to talk to them? Say, someone who really wants to be out of the dungeon right now?
No. 1054871 ID: 340403

Sure, you can hide outside while he's here.
No. 1054872 ID: 06095b


Have her get you something caffeinated... or alcoholic. Also, get the staff some of that special construct chow. It's going to be a long day, and you guys are going to need to unwind.
No. 1054873 ID: a7a180

...Dungeoneer, could you take Ruth out to see a baseball game? Isabelle can come too, I'm sure she'd love it.
No. 1054874 ID: ad76be

Baseball game with Ruth sounds good. Isabelle would probably enjoy a trip with cool aunt Dungeoneer too.

A trip by the parents to let them know we’re alive would be nice, but I doubt Mary will go for it.
No. 1054875 ID: 4b4d4e

If you're going out to stretch your legs and stuff, can you take Isabelle with you too? We'll give you some allowance money if you feel like shopping.
No. 1054877 ID: 61235c

You know, we got that trade magazine for DMs. But I kind of want to get a trade magazine for adventurers too, to keep abreast of their interests and gossip and such. Good to keep in the loop on their perspective too, even if we can’t use everything in it directly. Although, with the way we might be doing some fighting personally now, maybe it’ll be more directly applicable than I think.
No. 1054878 ID: 1effd3

Have Dungeoneer take the children out for some fun
No. 1054879 ID: 08229c
File 167488110990.png - (179.39KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

I'm going to call them! I will!

Just... Later. I'm busy right now.

"That sounds like a good idea. Can you get me some more magazines? I was wondering if they had anything for adventurers specifically. And get yourself something you'd like."

"You got it boss."

"Also, take Isabelle and Ruth."


The two have seemingly heard this and rushed in. Mary hands Isabelle a bag of gold.

"Wow! You're the best, Dungeon Mom!"


"Mary, you serious? I'm not good with children."

"It'll be fun. Take Ruth to a ball game. I think she'd like it."

"But... Nh..... Fine!"

She walks off with the pair.

Okay. They're gone.

Now, it looks like Law is heading into So You Think You Can Slime, the dance room. Are we closing it down or what? If we close it they'll have to reach Sophie via the maze.
No. 1054882 ID: 1effd3

i mean.. we could throw chaos explodys at them.
No. 1054883 ID: 58c090

ye-es, that'd be for the best. It doesn't really fit the tone right now and if the Chaos teams comes here they could get a shot at corrupting a weakened Curi early.
No. 1054885 ID: 2aa5f0

well we have a Curi clone in there right? you could turn the room into an improve mission control room with her learning about how the chaos is spreading. Give it the tone that things are bad at slime citadel right now. Maybe have her not know that one of her daughters have been turned to chaos and freak out a bit if someone brings it up.

As for what to do... instead of dancing you could have it she's trying to cast a spell to weaken chaos or close a gap they're sneaking into the castle with and players can help her by bringing her things to speed up the process and/or defending her from attacking chaos mobs. That way you still have something similar to the dancing but with something that fits the tone better.

HELL, if you want this could be a good time to induce yourself to the dungeon proper if you're going with the "you're the one who sealed away jeffery and are now sticking around for some reason" angle that was being thrown around awhile ago with you being the one cast the spell/seal the breach.
No. 1054886 ID: 4b4d4e

Close it down or change up the challenge. If we want to change up the challenge here's my suggestion:

Have it be that Curi's getting accosted by the forces of chaos and the only thing that's keeping her safe is Music Slime's hypnotic music rhythm.

The Catch? Everyone is affected, both enemy and ally. All attacks, effects, and moves MUST be on the beat. AoE attacks will travel slowly and advance at pace while keeping to the rhythm of the song. Any out of rhythm or off-beat movement or attack will incur Music Slime's music magic effects and stun the offender for the duration until the song's end or until they take hits from an attack. The Forces of Chaos and NPCs will somehow always stay on-rhythm, the challenge is for the raid party adventurers to stay on the beat.

The party members of course are allowed to hit and/or kill Music slime in order to stop the room-wide rhythm effects, but each time they hit music slime, the music will change to a different genre.

And no, they cannot recruit Curi from "So you think you can slime."
No. 1054887 ID: d12415

If she is bad with kids, then this is the time to learn.

Also yes, SYTYCS is shut down and is a staging area instead. Have some slime archers be there along with some crates and Yum provisions. Law can use it as a fallback point if they need one during a battle with Chaos.

Just to summarize, basically the main objectives for Law is to kill team Chaos and Lucia. Curi is on their side by default. For Chaos, their main objectives is to kill team Law and Curi. Dungeon is over if Chaos completes their goals. If Law completes their goals, they have the option to fight Jeff, but otherwise the dungeon will also end at that point.

Is this accurate?
No. 1054890 ID: a7a180

Close it down. This lengthens the route they have to take and is a proper challenge. A raid group can abuse the boss monster's appearance in here as it's not exactly standard.
No. 1054895 ID: 36b2ef

We must properly represent the increasing tide of chaos. Do so you think you can slime but with chaos enemies showing up as adds to try and disrupt things.
No. 1054900 ID: 4b4d4e

That look of awe, wonder, and happiness on Isabelle's face is the cutest.
No. 1054905 ID: 8e07f4

What a very Lillie expression Mirrelle is making. Guess they're sisters after all.
No. 1054913 ID: 06095b


Shut it down, since tonally, it doesn't fit. Neither Sophie or Curi would want a short route available to the baby slime playground. This also forces them into the maze, which will provide more challenge. As for the route:
> The Maze is dark, as per previous raid protocol.
> The monsters in the Maze have succumbed to chaos, giving us Chaos Explodies and Chaos Defender.
> Music Slime's room is now a mini-boss room, with Music Slime taking Sophie's order to keep everyone away as absolute. However, he will yield if he takes enough damage and let them pass.
> Sophie is panicking in her room and preparing for battle after her own fashion.

We'll need to flesh out mechanics for Music Slime and Sophie, since neither have been combatants before. Also, keep in mind that Music Slime cannot be allowed to die or the musical scores for the entire dungeon disappear.
No. 1054914 ID: 36784c

Shut it down
No. 1054915 ID: 06095b


For Music Slime, fighting to the beat sounds interesting per (>>1054886). Maybe his mechanics could go something like this:
> The party starts on the far side of the room from Music Slime who opens the fight with a loud blast of bass infused orchestra.
> Magical score lines (like on a music sheet) then appear on the battlefield before his boss theme begins.
> As he sings, waves of musical force begin cascading down the sheet, battering and forcing back whatever is caught in their path.
> The group must dash and dodge along the path that is left open, moving to the rhythm to approach safely and deal a decisive blow.
> When they strike him, if we want repetition, he lets out another blast of bass that forces the group back to the far side of the room.
No. 1054917 ID: 06095b


For Sophie, I honestly can't remember what her room layout is, if it's a tower or an open garden. For this, I will assume garden.
> Sophie has used her earth powers to cocoon herself in stone/crystal in front of the entrance to the Slime Playground.
> She has also dug trenches leading up to the barricade, making approach that much more difficult.
> With the party having gotten used to a rhythm game with Music Slime, they now must put their footwork to the test as Sophie begins using her earth powers to shoot spikes of stone out at those who approach.
> She can detect where they are so long as they are touching the earth, though if they fully disappear somehow, she panics, shooting spikes out everywhere.
> Those who fall into the trenches, need to be careful, as she can seal the trenches or open new ones at will, trapping people inside the earth.
> When her barrier takes sufficient damage, part of it dislodges from the entrance to the Slime Playground and begins rolling around, trying to crush the intruders.
> When that breaks down, Sophie herself pops out in stone/crystal armor, ready to fight.
> However, now she can see who she is attacking more clearly and will stop.
No. 1054919 ID: 340403

Either close the dance hall or make it a refuge safehouse. The citadel is on fire, remember?
No. 1054920 ID: ad76be

Man phoneposting is trash here.

I like these ideas, but I’m not as sold on Music Slime since it’s gimmicky. It does have the ability to control slimes, so how about
>Chaos is invading the room
>Music slime is turning them against each other, causing random fights and explosions across the battlefield
>Law has the choice of getting through the battlefield as-is, or taking out Music Slime from a distance to stop the fighting. Chaos won’t stop to fight the party, they’ll simply move into Sophie’s room.
>If Music Slime is left alone, Sophie is more difficult as she can focus on the party.
>If Music Slime is defeated, Sophie’s room is easier as she is also fending off the Chaos slimes and won’t focus on the heroes.
>Once Sophie is rescued, Music Slime is “rescued” by Metal Slime and they become a wandering anti-Chaos mob. Having it be another 5-rune recruitable on top of Reginald/Lily is a bit much.

I am actually okay with Music Slime stopping the music score in the dungeon if corrupted/killed. It tells one team where the other is to allow for ganking strategies.
No. 1054921 ID: 4b4d4e

We should also toss in some Lost Wizards, Lost Soldiers, and Hoodlums into the mix to show that the Chaos insurrection has attracted other forces of darkness/evil who are looking for opportunities to plunder/exploit Slimecrown.
No. 1054922 ID: 4b4d4e

Throw in some Hoodlums and Lost Wizards in Sophie's room for a classic "Princess Kidnapping" plot once the party members take too long get into her room, then put her into the Dark Garden Maze and have the party members rescue her there. She'll be automatically be recruitable/corruptable once placed in the garden maze by the Lost Wizards and Hoodlums.

Oh and as an additional condition that makes things more difficult for both Law faction to recruit her if they get to her fast enough, her mood is dependent on how many slime children you save from the Slime playpen after rescuing her. If you kill all the slimes in the playpen, she'll be furious and that will trigger the Hoodlum/Lost Wizard Kidnapping event. If you save the slimes in the playpen, she'll be relieved.
No. 1054923 ID: 4aaa23

I like that idea. We don't have to stick music slime in the dance room though. We can place them in the maze or near Sophie.

My only issue with it is that a stun might be too annoying. I think a heavy debuff or weakened attacks/defenses is a better option. Then they could still do stuff if they mess up and it would be easier to get used to the timing without being interrupted by stun

How about this for the music slime, if Team Law fails to protect them it gets corrupted. Then the music that plays in the dungeon gets creepier and corrupted
No. 1054924 ID: 4aaa23

You bring up a good point. The way things are set up, it would be better for Chaos teams to try and fight Law teams and Curi seperately. Where the Law teams would prefer to fight with Curi on their side. Lucia being with Chaos team makes sense.

I like the opposing objectives and incentive to start/avoid fights but I want to make sure it still feels balanced. What do you think other voices, does it seem fair so far?

What about fail state? What happens if a team fails? I think they should be returned to the main area and become unable to immediately challenge that area again. But the other team is free to make an attempt.
No. 1054925 ID: 06095b


The main issue as I see it right now is that Chaos does not have anything comparable to Curi in terms of strength, nor a room to serve as a last hold-out point where their champion can fight at their fullest potential. Even if Chaos slime was as strong as Curi, and she is doing her best, she couldn't fight as hard as Curi unless she was literally in her boss room.
No. 1054927 ID: 4b4d4e

A failed attempt on recruiting a princess by one faction means that the other faction will have an easier time recruiting the same princess, bordering on near-automatic success if they fail certain conditions during their attempt to recruit said princess or High ranking member of Royalty (aka Colt or Reginald).

For example(s):

Team Law tries to recruit Sophie, but Sophie's recruit condition is that she wants the slimes in the playpen to be saved from chaos. If the slimes in the playpen are corrupted or killed, then Sophie becomes heartbroken and refuses to join team Law out of grief. This locks out Law and makes it easier for Chaos to attempt to recruit her as all they need to do is to reach Sophie and exploit her emotional grief to join chaos.

Team Chaos tries to recruit Colt, the Captain of the Guard. Colt's condition is a straight up boss fight with the additional condition that one of Chaos' corrupted Princess must remain alive throughout the whole encounter in order to fully corrupt Colt. Should that corrupted Princess die in the fight, then Colt will have a steeled will and will automatically pledge to Law after seeing the Chaos insurrection being real with his own slime eyes.
On the flip-side, Team Law's condition will be to prove their strength defending one of their recruited princesses and not letting their princess get hit. If they fail, then Colt will be dismissive of the news of a Chaos insurrection, brush them off, and then Chaos can swoop in and present a corrupted princess to make him collapse in despair.
No. 1054930 ID: 4b4d4e

Wasn't there prior talk about having each corrupted princess locking away a portion of Curi's powers due to the whole "Bloodline of the Royal Slimes"?

I remember that for each corrupted member of Royalty team Chaos recruits, Curi gets weaker from the stolen power and Lucia gets stronger because of Slimecrown's royal bloodline, and the chaos champions receive a battlefield buff to help them withstand team Law's power.

Keep in mind, the whole PvP event of Slimecrown is/will be marketed as a Siege.

So Team Law's goal as a whole is minimizing and strategizing what part of Slimecrown they are willing to lose to Chaos in favor of preserving the greater whole and fending off the siege. Team Law are the defenders while team Chaos is the Besiegers.

Team Chaos's goal is to kill/corrupt their opposition, but their challenge is that their attempts at making a breakthrough is limited and they only have so much manpower before they exhaust themselves.
No. 1054934 ID: ad76be

Since this is a raid, the DM has to appear at some point. The dungeon can’t end until that happens.

If Chaos beats Curi, I propose Mary appears, auto-rezzes the humans on the Law side, wipes any remaining corrupted princesses, and joins them in combat against the weakened “Jeffrey” and Lucia. Spin it as he partially escaped, and the split in his attention let Mary lock up the seal fully with him weakened on both sides, so she can fight this piece of him directly with help. Law will probably lose since Mary is only 3-runed so far, but it gives the opportunity to wipe some Chaos members for extra loot. As Mary gets stronger, it becomes more likely that this “final battle” can end with Law winning.

Perhaps it can even be tied to some side-objectives later on. Complete certain tasks to empower the DM and Mary will equip higher-leveled gear in the final fight. It adds another siege layer as Law decides whether they want to beat Chaos in the Curi fight using Princesses) or during the final phase with the DM (assuming Mary auto-wipes the Princesses, possible exception of Oilivia as she’s much stronger).

If Law wins, she meets them at Jeffrey’s door and thanks them for their assistance. No fighting needed, and they can challenge Jeffrey directly if they so choose. Mary can keep the seal intact after they enter.

I’d like to limit general buffs to Chaos since they could be in a dominant position anyway in the last battle. It depends on how the party gets broken up. Having the corrupted princesses weaken Curi makes sense, but I’d then expect the uncorrupted princesses to give her a boost. With average play, Curi shouldn’t end up too much weaker. But that feeds into why I think Oilivia should be on the table since she can really help offset a Curi/Queen Lily team and has lore reasons to weaken Curi more than most Princesses. That’s a lot of runes to toss around on the Law side otherwise, and Chaos should have a slime that can take at least one of them and help with the other so the rest can keep the main party engaged.

I think there’s going to be a lot of potential moving parts here. Lily/Reginald is the power play for Law. Corrupting them can be spun as making them unable to fuse as Reginald isn’t a doormat anymore, so Chaos would go for them to keep them out of Law’s hands (and keep them from getting both Oilivia and Queen Lily). Alternately, they can go after Mirelle for her army in the final battle since she commands a ton of archer slimes.

Chaos has the option of Oilivia, who Law can’t recruit since none of the Law princesses will want to breach her barrier and make her vulnerable or something similar unless Chaos is already fighting Oilivia, making the spa a secondary “final arena” if Law wants to contest it. If Law succeeds, they can take Oilivia to the throne room to free up Curi instead, who can then leave and clear out Chaos herself. Basically an alternate win condition. If Oilivia is corrupted, then Law can get other princesses to auto-join as the corruption can be felt by everyone and Oilivia, the true first to the throne, weakens “the pretender” Curi more than the other Princesses. Lily’s recruitment in particular will be easier since Reginald will auto-join over any of her demands. Going after Sophie is an option to turn on the wandering Music/Metal slime mob to run interference against the other team. Going after the merchants first allows you to jack up the prices of the other team, useful if you know they don’t have many healers or money. To say nothing of strategies where you wait for one team to pass the challenge then wait to gank whoever they just recruited in the main area.

There’s a lot of scope for asymmetric play here, while still giving some clear strategies to pursue.
No. 1054942 ID: 8e07f4

I'm totally down with the idea of turning SYTYCS into Crypt of the Necrodancer. WARNING CONGA LINE IN PROGRESS!
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