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File 166908482606.png - (65.67KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1049788 No. 1049788 ID: 9ea24b

Gen 1 thru 3 mainline Pokemon and mystery dungeon red rescue team nostalgia quest. Potentially NSFW.

Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html
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No. 1051091 ID: 92796c

We could try talking to Grovyle.
No. 1051092 ID: 7c0da2

B. Stay behind Zigzagoon, he doesn't have a weakness to plant types. Spam sand attack and tell Zigzagoon to start by applying any debuffs he has once or twice too for good measure. Once you can't debuff anymore switch to dig and faint attack, prioritize faint attack, you can't afford to spend half the battle underground.
Use the revive on Zigzagoon if he faints first, you really need to fight two on one. Call for help if he faints a second time.

And try your best to look useless, you don't want to give him any reasons to capture you. Try to look afraid and not worth adding to his team, that shouldn't be too hard, you should be afraid anyway because there is a chance you'll spend the rest of your life inside a PC if you lose. On the plus side, if you win you are entitled to the content of his pockets.
No. 1051093 ID: a9af05

Hinder the enemy's stats as much as possible! Use Sand Attack!

>Arena Trap
It was explained here >>1049956 that there are no abilities in this quest.
No. 1051095 ID: 224608

Why not beat up a child and his pokemon instead?

+1 you sound like you know what youre doing
No. 1051096 ID: 92796c

Even a lower level Grovyle should be much faster than us. We'll have to see how battles work.
No. 1051097 ID: 49246c

Call for help, you’re at a type disadvantage. You have maybe one turn before you’re at critical health. At least if you’re KO’d, you have the revive and he won’t bother catching you.
No. 1051098 ID: b01382

No. 1051101 ID: 556cba

B. No leaving a friend behind, and relying on Team Friendlies will just give them more leverage.

Follow >>1051083 and maybe talk to the Grovyle telling them you're on your way to a tournament and to leave you alone.
No. 1051113 ID: 9ea24b
File 167037561936.png - (117.36KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>Can you attack the kid?
Not while he has any active Pokemon.

>B, accuracy drop strats
You don’t want to leave Zigzagoon and relying on Team Friendlies is unappealing. That doesn’t mean you want a fair fight! It might be two versus one but the kid has beaten Wattson and probably made a lot of progress towards Flannery so you’re outleveled. If you can lower the Grovyle’s accuracy enough that the kid gets frustrated after three missed moves, you and Zigzagoon can run while he switches his Pokemon.

>Turn 1
:poketrappanik: H-hey! I’m a human who was turned into a Pokemon, don’t attack me.

:pokegrovface: What?

:poketrappanik: Yeah, I worked at Mauville City Lights crunching numbers. I can read human language if you want me to prove it.

:pokekidface: Grovyle, use Leaf Blade on that Zigzagoon.

:pokegrovconf: Sorry, I have to do what my trainer says. He wants to catch you so I need to knock out your friend first.


You’ve successfully wasted Grovyle’s first turn, letting Zigzagoon land an accuracy impeding shower of dirt on the Gecko Pokemon.
No. 1051114 ID: 9ea24b
File 167037564993.png - (88.16KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

To estimate damage from moves, this calculator is used with all neutral stats and natures: https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/?gen=3. Grovyle is Level 30, Zigzagoon is Level 15, and you are Level 22.

>Turn 2
Grovyle is much faster than both of you and tries to attack Zigzagoon.

>Leaf Blade (2/3 chance to hit): Miss!
You and Zigzagoon follow up with dual Sand Attacks, putting Grovyle at 2/5 accuracy.

>Turn 3
Grovyle tries to use Quick Attack this time, still aiming for Zigzagoon.

>Quick Attack (2/5 chance to hit): Miss!
Another two accuracy stage drops put the Gecko at 2/7 accuracy. You almost feel bad for him, he’s basically digging the grit out of his yellow eyes.

>Turn 4
>Leaf Blade (2/7 chance to hit): Miss!
The kid stamps his foot with frustration and holds out a Pokeball, which zaps Grovyle back into its spherical shell. You and Zigzagoon turn and sprint away into the forest.

You were extremely lucky to get away without Zigzagoon taking damage. You both gain two levels from the encounter, putting Zigzagoon at Level 17 and you at Level 24. Shaken, you continue north until you spot a large clearing full of scuff marks and other evidence of Pokemon battles. There are a variety of Pokemon milling around, but you don’t see Gengar.

How do you announce your arrival?
No. 1051115 ID: a7a180

Sand Attack! -Er, I mean, "we're looking for a friendly battle."
No. 1051116 ID: 556cba

And to think some of us thought Sand Attack was useless. GOAT move.

Wait for Gengar to appear out of something like you know she will and try to spook her instead.
No. 1051117 ID: 5d9787

That was impressive. I don't think I ever witness sand attack work in my favor. Maybe it's rng only bless wild pokemons.

Say hi and watch. See how their fights go before participating in one. Eventually someone will want to challenge the new guy and will have to explain the rules.
No. 1051119 ID: 623d9b

It may be a good idea to just watch first, they could have one of those "pick on the new guy" traditions so if one of them comes up to challenge or starts attacking or something say you're "waiting for someone first", if they keep persisting holding your ground can be a bad idea but so could agreeing so pretty much try to look unassuming but not harmless (we also don't want to attract bullies)

(Idea: change someone to somemon that'd be funny)
No. 1051121 ID: 623d9b

Alternatively you could just pretend you have no idea what is happening and just ask one of the roaming pokémon "what's going on around here?", in case suddenly showing up at a (potentially) known battlesite and just plopping down like you own the place and just watching sounds like a bad idea that someone incredibly suspicious would do.

After all it is evident you are not from around here (trapinches are supposed to be in the desert, right?) maybe that's why gengar kept pestering you to join, a sort of collection of every pokémon? Maybe look around and see how "exotic" some of these pokémon are for your area for future reference
No. 1051137 ID: e51896

you should probably warn them that there is a trainer lurking about.

I think I see a hoppip and a Shroomish over there.
No. 1051151 ID: dc2256

High five ziggybro. We couldda totslly beat that mon's butt if their trainer didn't switch out. We're two pretty cool dudes!
Also thanks for having my back back there bro.
No. 1051173 ID: 63f410

>High five ziggybro.
And then we immediately fall flat on our face because our limbs are too tiny for high fives.
No. 1051180 ID: 5499f4

This because it’s adorable
No. 1051186 ID: b01382

This is an adorable mental image
No. 1051199 ID: a9af05

I guess we just wait for Gengar to show up like she usually does.

Would Zigzagoon even know what a high-five is?
No. 1051208 ID: 9ea24b
File 167046172166.png - (78.67KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Wait for Gengar to pop out and surprise you
>Don’t get picked on
The closest mons are a Shroomish and some round blue Pokemon you don’t recognize. They look at you and Zigzagoon curiously but don’t challenge you to a fight and continue their conversation when you don’t approach. There is no one currently fighting.

>In the meantime, perform the ultimate awesome friendship high-five
:poketraphap: We totally defeated that Grovyle with our strategy! You did great out there.

:pokezigshock: I was scared, but I couldn’t let my best bud be captured.

:poketrapchad: It was amazing. You’re amazing.

:pokezigcry: T-thank you, you’re very amazing too.

:poketrapface: Let’s do a high-five to celebrate, it’s hitting our paws together to make a clapping noise.

:pokezigface: Okay!

You bat at Ziggy’s paw with your stub, lose your balance, and fall on your big heavy head.
No. 1051209 ID: 9ea24b
File 167046173346.png - (121.61KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

Gengar doesn’t show up after a while waiting, so you decide to engage the Shroomish.

:poketrapface: Hi, first time visiting Team Friendlies, what’s going on around here?

:pokeshroomface: Just hanging out, slow day. There’s supposed to be this cool tournament for me and Spheal here but the third Pokemon meant to come is tardy.

:pokesphealmad: It’s very inconsiderate of them. Salamence has been working so hard to get everyone excited and organized, getting food every day and saving all the Pokemon he can!

:pokeshroomface: Anyway, if you’re passing through you can have a bite to eat and get any rest you need. Trainers don’t come near here.

Spheal and Shroomish are both female.
No. 1051215 ID: e13b1d

Yeah that's me, sorry for the delay. We didn't even know about the tournament until Gengar told us yesterday, and we were in no shape for fighting that day.

Introduce yourself. Come to think of it, have you ever told Ziggybuns and the others your name? Do you even remember your name?
No. 1051218 ID: f89136

You were also just held up by a trainer battle don't forget to mention that.
No. 1051219 ID: b01382

That's me, but we got delayed by a trainer. We managed to run away tho. We're here now!
No. 1051222 ID: 19ea25

We just fought a grovyle! A trainer Grovyle!
No. 1051225 ID: 36784c

Let’s ask if they know where Gengar is, so we can go tell her that we’re here. If she’s not available, we can ask for Salamence and go tell him to tell Gengar that we’re here.

>claim that we’re the late Pokémon
No we’re not! Don’t claim to be someone else! However, if they’re still not here, we can ask if it’ll be alright to take their place.

But if we are the Pokémon they were waiting for, then we can blame Gengar for signing us up without our permission or even telling us that we were supposed to be here to participate!
No. 1051254 ID: a7a180

Oh, that sounds like it might be us. We're willing to fight whenever you are. Who recruited you to this tournament?
No. 1051257 ID: b01382

Oh my god Spheal is crying she is absolutely adorable!
No. 1051259 ID: b01382

Oh, right, Ziggy is like his own merchant. Keep this quiet, but how often do other pokemon trade for any of his magazines? If he actually get some trade for themz just offload all our pokeperv mags ro him so he can use those to trade with, as its probably more likely for pokemon to seek our his collection than we are to find someone who wants some. If he doesnt have pokeperv customers then i guess we just hold onto the mags until we do find someone.
Hmmm. Maybe we shoyld consider visiting a pokemon appearal store in the future. They'd probably have pokemon backpacks.
No. 1051265 ID: 2c7ac2

We are not the third pokemon, even if we think Gengar expects us to be. So don't say we are.
No. 1051266 ID: b01382

But it is us, why wouldn't it be? We did say we were coming today.
No. 1051270 ID: bbb04b

"It's possible I'm supposed to be the third. If I am, sorry for the wait - got held up by THE TRAINER, but me'n Ziggy here got away after frustrating him with accuracy stall strats."

"I mean, I would've come yesterday when Gengar first told me about the tournament, but given she conveyed the message by using (I think) Nightmare on me - it felt like she even refreshed it, I think - I wasn't really in a state to be fighting afterwards..."

"So if there's supposed to be three of us, does that mean Team Friendlies has five proper members? If the idea's to test our endurance and strategy as we advance without healing, I could see the tougher members seeding themselves all together on the opposite side of the bracket from us as a handicap..."
No. 1051294 ID: bceec2

I agree. Don't say anything.
No. 1051295 ID: b01382

But we are the third mon. Gengar has been hounding us for days, it can't be anyone else.
No. 1051299 ID: 36784c

It can definitely be anyone else.

There’s absolutely no way that we’re the only pokemon that Gengar has been hounding to come over here.
No. 1051310 ID: 9ea24b
File 167054159783.png - (51.04KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

>You’re totally who they’re waiting for
>But you’re going to pretend you’re not with the power of denial

You think back on the chain of events that led to this day.

Night 1: Gengar first contact
Day 1: Food foraging with Eevee and meeting Zigzagoon
Night 2: Gengar second contact and Friendlies Base location
Day 2: Kirlia and the dirty mags
Day 3: Stayed in because of kid
Day 4: Trade with Zigzagoon
Night 5: Gengar mentions the tournament and Dream Eats you
Day 5: Dig and Smeargle
Day 6: Today!

You’re not late because of the kid running into you just now, you’re “late” because you didn’t want to visit the base since the second night when Gengar presumably nominated you for the tournament without your knowledge.

So you’re not going to say a damn thing about that to these mons until Gengar comes back and explains things to you!

>What’s your name?
Your Pokemon name is Trapinch. Your human name isn’t important when you’re a Pokemon.

Zigzagoon, Spheal, and Shroomish look at you with great concern as you furrow your brow with concentration and fall silent for a full minute while you think this through.
No. 1051311 ID: 9ea24b
File 167054162228.png - (90.39KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

>Tell them about the kid
:poketrapface: I’m Trapinch, nice to meet you two. We ran into one of those super ambitious young trainers on the way here. He wanted to knock out my friend and catch me!

:pokeshroomoh: How did you escape?

:poketrapchad: Me and Zigzagoon lowered his Grovyle’s accuracy until the kid had to switch Pokemon, then we ran away.

:pokesphealoh: Wow, I would have been really scared. Trainers are rarer where I’m from but poachers come by all the time for fur. Salamence sank one of their boats last week and that’s when he told me about Team Friendlies and how I could get stronger to defend myself and the other Spheals!

:pokeshroommad: My trainer stopped me from evolving when I was ready to become a Breloom. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t because of my Pokeball. Houndoom freed me, but I was far enough from my home in Petalburg Woods that I decided to stay and train.

:poketrapface: Wow okay you guys have had very ethically straightforward experiences with Team Friendlies.

:pokeshroomface: That’s a weird way to put it but we sure have.

It sounds like Houndoom is the only bigwig around at the moment. What would you like to do while you wait for Gengar to return?

A. Talk to Houndoom
B. Spar with Zigzagoon for some last minute levels
C. Talk more with Shroomish and Spheal (suggest topics)
No. 1051312 ID: e13b1d

Don't want to tire ourselves out with B. Let's talk to Houndoom and see if he's as weird as Gengar is.
No. 1051314 ID: ba605b

No. 1051320 ID: 19ea25

Lets talk with houndoom. Get to know the other team friendly besides Gengar.
No. 1051333 ID: 15c72a

So the Shroomish hasn't gained another level since and hasn't had a chance to evolve? Well, that's a good reason to enter the tournament! (I bet the trainer wanted to get Shroomish high enough to learn Giga Drain before evolving)

A, get a read on them.
No. 1051336 ID: 316b57

I want to know how a "most improved pokemon" tournament is supposed to work. What's the baseline?
No. 1051338 ID: a7a180

You must be excited to evolve after this tourney, huh? It'll be nice to have fingers.
Spar with Houndoom.
No. 1051339 ID: bbb04b

C: "I'm just gonna say it's literally impossible to reunite me with my trainer and leave it at that for now. I've picked up a lot of strategy and trivia, though; it's possible your trainer was holding out for you to learn Giga-Drain at Lv. 45, which is admittedly a pretty wicked move. Even if that is the case, though, I know for a fact you can brute-force learning a new move if you use the right approach and keep at it."

Ah, misleadingly technical truths that'd make a Fairy type blush (if they were around in this generation). Maybe we can be more forthright once we get to know them well enough to determine whether their sour opinion extends to all humans or not.
No. 1051342 ID: e13b1d

Should we tell her about this?
No. 1051349 ID: 5d9787

If she agree with her trainer after understanding the reason behind that coice she can't evolve now. She need to be told so she can make an informed decision.

Spheal case is much more concerning than running away after a disagreement. Her family and friends were killed and skinned, that is a nightmare scenario I wouldn't expect in a pokemon story.
This is much more serious than Team Rocket Slowpoke tails incident. We should find a way to informe that ambitious kid about this criminal group.
No. 1051350 ID: e13b1d

That's a good idea. We could get Smeargle's help to make a sign and put it up in one of his known hunting grounds.
No. 1051352 ID: ba605b

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