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File 166888849331.png - (728.01KB , 800x600 , YQ1.png )
1049624 No. 1049624 ID: 481e64

Or 'Yooper Quest'

A short quest about living in Northern Michigan where anything can happen.

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No. 1056575 ID: 407ea6

Addendum sorta mirroring this:
If she continues to be really worried about dying, I can understand that, and we could compromise by using a wish NOW that at the end of today she'd return to being a spirit (with the ability to toggle freely?). If that won't kick in if she's dead, we could say "end of today OR the instant before she'd die".
No. 1056591 ID: 481e64
File 167693181014.png - (345.08KB , 800x600 , YQ32.png )

>Seems like Nashi is a real girl now.
With no strings attached!

>Take a second to calm her down and help her out of the water.
I pull her out of the water and give her some room to breathe. She takes the opportunity to vocalise her dissatisfaction as it pertains to being a new member of this mortal coil.
>"I've been real for a minute, and I already hate it! How are you able to deal with this all the time?"
"It's not all bad. There are good things to being alive”.
>"Easy for you to say! I'm experiencing stuff I didn't know was possible! I'm cold and shaking! I'm wet and uncomfortable! Everything is so loud, and my nose is doing this thing - what is this?"
>"Yeah! Uh - that one isn't so bad. It smells fine so far - but everything else is awful! What happens when something hurts me? I don't want to experience pain!"
"Calm down - nothing with hurt you. Lay in the sun and smell the flowers."
>"Smell the flowers? why?"
"Trust me."
She pulls a flower from the grass and smells it.

>Aw, come on, being a meatbag is fun. We have pizza.
"Us living things have pizza - and I mean the delicious American kind and not the silly Italian kind."
>"Pizza? What's that?"
"It's a type of bread plate with tomato, cheese, ham and pineapple on it, you've gotta try it."
>"Food? What if I'm allergic? what happens if I eat too much and explode? What if it has parasites and makes me ill? I've never eaten before, I don't know what I'm supposed to do!"

I give her a hug, this mostly results in getting my clothes wet, but Nashi's reaction is different from the hug I had given her in the dream. She tries to reciprocate a hug of her own even if she still doesn't seem to get it.

>You've got TWO wishes left. Tell her you'll wish her back to normal if she grants a wish without trying to trick you with it.
"I've got two wishes, right?"
>"Yeah, and I need one."
"Do you have enough magic to grant both?"
>"It took a lot just to turn me physical! I don't know how much magic I have left, but I'm betting it's barely enough to turn me back."
"What about the takeback? Didn't you offer one to Mire?"
>"She didn't get that offer because she didn't hesitate in deciding what to wish for or how to word them."
"I want a wish too. One that'll affect the physical world without any tricks. Sound fair?"
>"What? No! No way I'm able to give you a wish! I'd need a way to get magic for two wishes."
"Then I suppose I'll have to wait on making those wishes until you have enough magic for the both of us."
>"Wait! Look- maybe we can think something out?"
"Later. I don't feel like making any more wishes, I'd like to hang out with my friends and continue on with my day."
>"What about me?"
"We'll take care of you. I promise. After showing you the world outside the lake, we can make a wish later."

I bring her over to Mire's truck and tell Mire she's coming along. For better or for worse, Mire doesn't seem to recognize her from the dream and quietly insists that she must be some kind of strange mutant bunny. With Mire being the kind soul she is, she offers her the towel and clean clothes she brought in case we went swimming. Nashi tries not to look at Mire, likely out of fear of being recognised while accepting the clothes nonetheless. Nashi and I sit in the back of the truck while waiting for Nifa to come by.

>"I feel pain."
"What? Where?"
>"In my belly."
"What kind of pain? A sharp pain?"
>"No no, it's like some kind of ache. A burning ache with occasional rumbling. When are we going?"
"Shortly. Just need to wait for our friend Nifa to come by so we can bring her along to see aliens."
>"WAIT - Did you say Nifa?! As in - Nifa the half-naked cat witch?"
"Yeah, that's the one. You know her?"
>"I've heard the rumors from other spiritual inhabitants - You can't let her find out that I'm a lake spirit!"
"Why not? Seems like you two would have lots to talk about."
>"You can't tell her – promise me!"
No. 1056592 ID: a7a180

Okay, we promise I won't tell her you're a lake spirit. Now let's cure what ails you with beer.
No. 1056593 ID: 15c72a

Promise. Pinky swear. It's unbreakable!
Then ask what the rumors are. Juicy goss...?
No. 1056594 ID: 09d6b8

Isn’t Nifa into the occult and trying to cast a spell to destroy pants? She might actually have the ability to mess with Nashi.

Sure, we can promise not to tell, but we can’t guarantee the safety of your pants.
No. 1056599 ID: bbb04b

"Okay, deal. By the way, how much strain would making me an oracle of some kind in my dreams - with truthful (but perhaps cryptic) visions based on reality - put on you? Information is intangible, after all; I'd only need to be able to observe realities, not act on it in any way. Heck, they can be cryptic as hell for all it matters. I only care about confirming whether or not someone, someplace, or something has an exciting or interesting secret I've yet to uncover."

(I'm assuming that trying to make it so you can set a target while awake was what was too much about the wish?)

"Oh, and I think you're hungry. We can do lunch?"
No. 1056600 ID: 9a2966

>why not
Because she might bind or enslave a spirit like her or something, you guess? Or bother her overmuch after she returns to being a spirit, if she knows she's real.

You can at least promise to introduce her just as... er, an amnesiac stranger you hauled out of the river, nothing odd there! But she needs to quickly learn to pretend to have been mortal all along, then! Which means you should get food, and learn uh, how to handle certain facets of existence. Basic basic facets.

... you should probably stay close with her for most of this.

>pause for a beat
So wait... Nifa's being spoken about by spirits. She actually IS a witch, then? Huh.
No. 1056605 ID: 90c451

I promise, we'll just say you're a homeless amnesiac we pulled from the river, it's only half a lie.

That tummy ache is hunger, let's get lunch.
Also, let's not get Nashi drunk, sure it could be fun but we don't want her first mortal morning to be accompanied by a hangover.
No. 1056607 ID: 79c2bb

Yeah, besides, her first drink should be something sweet. Bitter drinks like beer are typically an acquired taste, so let’s work her up the enjoyment chain before trying alcohol. Getting a mischievous spirit ‘into’ drunkenness seems like it might backfire in the long run anyhow.
No. 1056617 ID: 407ea6

Time for root beer floats!!!
No. 1056618 ID: 2aa5f0

give that girl some snacks, she sounds hungry.
No. 1056683 ID: 36784c

We better avoid giving her alcohol. I’m afraid she’ll be one of those people that gets drunk really easily and after a single sip of alcohol, she’s starts giving away her secret identity as the lake spirit that grants wishes.
No. 1056685 ID: 5d9787

Than don't drink in public. Buy one bottles of wine and bring her home at the end of the day to experience light inebriation.

She is unfamiliar with physical experiences so tasteful aliments and perception altering drugs are the best novelties we can introduce her to, beside the obvious. Let her discover the joy of becoming a little silly in friendly company, it might not even be that unfamiliar considering her wish trolling pastime.
No. 1056686 ID: fb2164

Speaking of wish trolling...

It might be wise to ask "Have you by chance given any wishers immortality before?"
Any potential uh...

..."Displeased" customers around still?
No. 1056724 ID: c28082


... oh shit, is she like, WEIRD about spiritual stuff? Because we have this one acquaintance who is weird about everything in general and probably secretly a stripper-flasher or something. It's weird.

But yeah, we promise, sure. You're some half-drowned hobo-bunny we picked up at the lake, which is ... not entirely inaccurate!
No. 1056779 ID: 481e64
File 167710119289.png - (336.25KB , 800x600 , YQ33.png )

>Promise. Pinky swear. It's unbreakable!

"I pinky swear that I won't tell."
>"Pinkie swear?"
"Yeah, it means it's impossible to break."
>"Oh, like some sort of binding spell? fascinating."

>Then ask what the rumors are. Juicy goss...?
"You mentioned rumors?"
>"Without getting into anything too specific, she knows of ways to mess with us. I know a guy who had to move out of the house he was haunting because she showed up and started sleeping on all the furniture in the nude."
"In the nude? Is that a problem?"
>"For spirits? yeah. Nudity makes ghosts very uncomfortable."
>"It's hard to explain. It just does."
"When she comes over, how should I introduce you?"
>"I don't know, you'll have to think of something that won't be suspicious."

"Have you by chance given any wishers immortality before? Any displeased customers still around?"
>"Not personally but I've heard stories about that kinda thing. I've been told about some ancient warrior who was given immortality and used it to become some bigshot warrior. But over the centuries he just resorted to drinking, then eating, then watching TV and now he just plays videogames in his apartment. I couldn't tell you if he considers his current position his lowest point or his highest."

>Give that girl some snacks, she sounds hungry.
"Oh. I think I know what you need. Wait just one moment."
I reach into the snack pack which still has a decent amount remaining to grab a bag of 'Flavored Cheeze(sic) Triangles™'. I open the bag and hand it to her.
"Try one."
>"What is it?"
"You'll love it, trust me."
She grabs a chip from the bag, inspecting it and sniffing it hesitantly. she cautiously nibbles it at first only to change her expression as the flavor kicks in.
"Don't forget to chew."

After a bit she gets into it - finishing the first chip and moving onto her second, then third then fourth and so on. She begins to shovel it in before too long.

"D-don't forget to breathe!"
>"Thanks - the pain in my gut is starting to fade. So, this is what food is like? I'll give you meatbags credit just this once, but I’m betting it doesn't get much better than this!"
"Just you wait until you've had a few beers."
>"Why? Does something cool happen?"
"Maybe later. For now, I'll set you up with something softer."
>Time for root beer floats!!!
That'll do. I set her up with some of the sweet stuff and she seems to enjoy it immensely. She tries to mix it with the food, but I stop her just in time. She continues to go to town on snacks and beverages, even as I insist that she slow down. I can't help but roll me eyes. I've warned her so if she gets a tummy ache, it's her own fault.

I hear a voice call for me from behind us.
No. 1056780 ID: 481e64
File 167710122506.png - (469.65KB , 800x600 , YQ34.png )

Well look who it is! If it isn't the friendly neighbourhood witch Nifa. She seems a bit overdressed, I wonder what the occasion might be.

>Isn’t Nifa into the occult and trying to cast a spell to destroy pants? She might actually have the ability to mess with Nashi.
I should clarify that she didn't want to 'destroy' pants more than she wanted to make them more revealing. She holds the belief that clothing that covers more than half one's body is cumbersome and restrictive. Nashi should be fine, I don’t think she has pants on right now.

>So, wait... Nifa's being spoken about by spirits. She actually IS a witch, then? Huh.
She certainly tries to identify as such. Nice to know she's getting the recognition she wants.

"Hey Nifa! It's nice to see you!"
>"Likewise! Sorry I took so long, I was talking to that hunk that was fishing in the lake."
"Looking stylish today, you get a new wardrobe?"
>"Nyaa! I'm glad you noticed! Even with My family's stigma against wearing certain clothes, I've been trying to get into sewing my own stuff."
"Speaking of the family, how are they doing?"
>"Oh, you know how they are. Older sister still doesn't wear pants, older brother still doesn't wear shirts. The whole family is like that, but it means we got less laundry at the end of the day! So - who's your friend there?"
Nashi shifts nervously and looks at me.
"That's my uhhh... cousin?"
Nashi gives me a worried, confused expression.
>"Really? I don't see the resemblance. She doesn't look much like a deer”.
"Uhhhh... what about the antlers?"
>"Nyaaaaaa yeah! now that you point it out, she does have antlers! Forget I said anything."
"Ready to go out and find some aliens?"
>"You know it! I even brought my equipment." She climbs onto the truck with us. I knock on the window to let Mire know that we're ready to move.
No. 1056781 ID: 481e64
File 167710124471.png - (348.60KB , 800x600 , YQ35.png )

As the truck starts to move further away from the lake, we keep the conversation going.
"How much do you know about aliens?"
>"Not as much as I know about magic and the supernatural, but I know that aliens have known about this place for a long time and don't want much to do with us. Tangible evidence is hard to find because the government is always trying to cover stuff up to keep it for themselves. That’s why I prefer the supernatural stuff more, authority figures can't find reliable ways to control it."
"But you can control magic stuff, right?"
>"You know I can! Here, check this out."
She reaches into her satchel and pulls out a magic 8 ball with symbols all over it.
>"There was this spirit trying to mess with me, so I trapped it in this."
This catches Nashi's attention, making increasingly nervous. Seems she wants to change the subject matter.
"Really? How'd you do that? Also, that looks like the eight ball I have at home."
>"I'm borrowing it. It was pretty easy to get the spirit in, I just tricked it like it was trying to trick me and boom! I activated the spell, and the markings did their thing."
"How do I know you're telling the truth? I've uh... never seen a spirit before! Is there proof?"
>"Why don't you ask it yourself? Just shake it and ask questions and its responses will show up on the window."
"How does it feel being trapped in there?"
>"It hates it! But don't feel bad for it. The only good spirits are the ones that never leave their resting places."
Nashi squirms around anxiously.
No. 1056782 ID: 68216b

Is there a spirit on this pickup truck right now?
Were you trying to harm Nifa?
Can spirits accumulate magic by eating cheesy snacks?
No. 1056784 ID: 23ba19

What’s your name?
No. 1056790 ID: bbb04b

Question - just the one:
> "What was your goal in engaging with Nifa?"

"So, Nifa, how do I know when a spirit's 'left their resting place?' Mire, Nashi, and I all had dreams recently wherein we played a round of 'Asshole Genie' with a lake spirit, but it was relatively harmless since it was contained to the dream."

"Also, what happens if someone forces a spirit to involuntarily leave their 'resting place?' Are they still bad?"
No. 1056796 ID: dee951

Only good spirit...? So, is it that you've never seen a benign, benevolent, or a constructively mischievous spirit with a sense of wanderlust, or that there's some systemic reason why they can't exist, or what?
No. 1056802 ID: 3caae9

What about spirits that are taken from their resting places? Should we make pants more revealing and/or destroy pants? Does Nifa offer good working conditions?
No. 1056805 ID: 9a2966

Smile, pat Nashi on her arm and tell her Nifa's a friend-quaintance, so she really doesn't have to be nervous. Act like you're reassuring her 'look, this woman isn't that crazy', that you're just playing along for now and that she doesn't have to join the conversation here or anything.

>don't feel bad for asshole spirits
Aw, but you can't help it, if you're going to play along with the premise here! It is unquestionably kinda cruel locking someone up and forcing them to answer questions all day that you could just ask the interwebsters or an encyclopedia! Even if they were trying to be a tricksy boob - she hasn't said how - and the sorta questions they could answer had more value and worth, wouldn't the punishment be a little cruel and unusual? You're not disparaging her achievement and witchy ways here, she's definitely the expert, it's just... hm. Would it truly be proportionate? What if you, like, use up all their magic or something, doing this?

Man, you know very little about spirits, on reflection. How does she suppose they even form and grow in power and stuff?

(Re: the 8-ball, they might be a spirit acquaintance of Nashi's and asking questions might drain them of magic, which you now know is a big deal and a hard-won resource for them. So don't overdo it, if you do ask them anything! Cuz that'd be taking without giving anything back, and you doubt the spirit, once it inevitably frees itself of this shoddy vessel, is going to take it kindly. Plus it sets a bad tone with Nashi.)

>wonder about the nature of spirits
As for there being no good wandering spirits, wouldn't that be just because they'd mostly be the bored sort or something? Ain't got a whole lot of distractions going on other than floatin' about doin' spirit stuff and lookin' and hearing about things nearby, right? Except possibly interacting with other spirits, you suppose. Or folks who can see them.

Frankly, you might've wanted to move to somewhere more interesting with more interesting things to look at after a while if that'd been you. Then you might put down roots and just hang for a century plus, then for a lark offer some guy a few joke wishes with your magic spirit powers that didn't lead anywhere except for somewhere funnily healthy as opposed to classically greek.

Would that make you a good or a bad spirit in Nifa's expert opinion? Or are there neutral spirits she kinda just leaves alone as long as they don't bother nobody in too bad a way?

>Switch topics
ANYWAY, how about them aliums, huh? Hunter said it was okay to come over, so y'all should make your way there now that you've gathered up! Beat the tourist rush! Or the black governmental vans, depending!

>squirms around anxiously
Hmm. But first, can you ask Mire to make a pit stop at your home? You should drop of your guitar there, anyway, maybe get some more snacks and money. Plus, bringing your 'cuz' inside gives you a moment to speak to Nashi in private about hanging around Nifa... and maybe, just maybe, relieve her anxiousness a little by making her hit the 'loo after all these snacks and floats.
No. 1056807 ID: 2aa5f0

sit between your "cousin" and the witch, ask what the spirt did to mess with her.
No. 1056813 ID: 4ab383

>8 ball
>Just shake it and ask questions and its responses will show up on the window.
An 8 ball already does that without a spirit being trapped inside it! And it's only good for answering yes or no questions!

Even if we play along, there's no way to prove if there is a spirit in there or if it's just a regular 8 ball and Nifa is just messing with us!

>Mire, Nashi, and I all had dreams recently wherein we played a round of 'Asshole Genie' with a lake spirit, but it was relatively harmless since it was contained to the dream.
Don't mention that! If we tell Nifa that there's a lake spirit, then she'll constantly hang around the lake! And I'm sure when Nashi returns to being a spirit, she won't want Nifa around out of fear of potentially seeing Nifa naked if she decides to camp near the lake!
No. 1056828 ID: 5d9787

8-Ball spirit, do you know Nashi?
No. 1056830 ID: e5709d

Ask the 8-ball what the 2^627th prime number is.
No. 1056854 ID: c28082


Get that poor girl a napkin. She's got flavored cheeze triangle dust all over her snoot.
No. 1056855 ID: d57b3f

A basic test in SETI for intelligent alien life is the Fibonacci Sequence. Ask it, 'what is the next number in this sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5"
No. 1056856 ID: d57b3f


Oh! Instead ask it what are the next three numbers in the sequence!

And if it answers correctly, turn pointedly to the witch with a frown and say, "You've unjustly imprisoned a thinking being without due process."
No. 1056970 ID: 15a025

Ask what kinda spirit it is.
No. 1057191 ID: 15c72a

Ask what the meaning of life is.
Ask what next week's lotto numbers are.
Ask what trick it was going to try to pull on Nifa.
No. 1057461 ID: 481e64
File 167799712948.png - (299.84KB , 800x600 , YQ36.png )

I shake the 8-ball and ask it a question.
"What’s your name?"
"Plead all you want, it won’t get you out of eight ball jail. Were you trying to harm Nifa?"

"Can spirits accumulate magic by eating cheesy snacks?"
"Do you know any other spirits?"
"You're a spirit, right?"
"Uh... well, do you know any spirits?"
"If you're not a spirit, what are you?"
I look closer at the silhouette on the other side of the glass. I notice wings and a hand with an extra finger.
"Some kind of... deformed radioactive dragonfly?"
"Do you grant wishes?"
"What did you do to Nifa to get imprisoned in the first place?"

"What's the meaning of life?"
"What are next week’s lotto numbers?"
"What is the next number in this sequence: zero, one, one, two, three, five."

I bring my voice down to a whisper, so Nifa doesn't hear.
"Do you know Nashi?"
"That's the one."
"What? I don't know what that's supposed to mean."
The text becomes too small and difficult to read.
"I'm sorry I don't really want to know about spirit drama and spirit insecurities. Is she trustworthy?"

Seems I've got all I wanted. I can now choose to set it free or hand it over to Nifa. After that we'll head on our way to the farm to see if we can find aliens.
No. 1057462 ID: 50363a


Then make a trash offering.
No. 1057463 ID: fb2164

> I can now choose to set it free or hand it over to Nifa.
Wait for the truck to hit a bump, and conveniently "OOPS it slipped out of my hand! Oh no~"

Though beforehand, do ask if Aliens exist before you do.

And maybe if there's some "Spirit Boss" who's at the top of the Spirit spiriting, or something...?
No. 1057466 ID: f914a5

Distract Nifa by asking about her pants destruction spell, then free the spirit! Maybe demand a favor in return, some extra magic for Nashi perhaphs?
No. 1057468 ID: e4a3dc

Whoa whoa hey guys making deals with magic stuff usually only works with deals so we gotta get it to agree to whatever it is before we think on freeing it.
No. 1057469 ID: a7a180

Rub the runes on the sly and return it. She's served her sentence.
No. 1057470 ID: 15c72a

Verify her story. Ask Nifa what the trick was. If it's really as harmless as fairy dust then free the spirit.
No. 1057472 ID: 38349b

remember to always confirm or get your wishes/desires confirmed before freeing extradimensional entities!
No. 1057474 ID: 708905

Get it to swear to do no harm if released
No. 1057484 ID: 2aa5f0

ask friend when she planned on freeing the dragonfly spirt. Seems a bit mean to trap them in an 8 ball for a long time.
No. 1057498 ID: 9a2966

>fox spirit, make a trash offering
You now know how to 'summon' a second spirit. Maybe something to test out later. Or it's just a prank and you'll attract vermin. But maybe they will be cute ones and you can wildlife cam it? Ooh. Some win-win potential there.

>deformed radioactive dragonfly
So a faerie, then. What should you call them, by the way? If they wanna say.

>That cat is crazy
Aw, she's not that bad. Sure they don't want to hang about and prank people by pretending to be an actually magic magic eight-ball for a bit? That does sound way up trickster alley. Except for the whole being imprisoned bit, which may be karmic street.

Look, you could try to convince Nifa to improve working conditions, like replace the dirty water and provide sweets. Make it an optional side-gig type thing, with an exit where they can enter and leave of their own free will in order to play up the bit. It's a thought. They ever done something like that before?

Generally you're not a big fan of imprisoning folks for minor infractions, so either way you'll get them released - it's your property anyway. But they gotta promise to not just fuck off. Nifa'd probably hate it if you made something magical leave her alone! Besides, she might need some more educating on the topic of the supernatural from the sound of things. Can pranks be educational? Eh, probably. Guess it depends on the person.
No. 1057502 ID: 01fe07

>"Do you know Nashi?"
So Nashi is jealous of spirits that have bigger boobs than her? Huh. I wonder if we can somehow tease her about that?

>set me free
The best we can do is wait for a bump in the road and we "accidentally" drop it and hope it breaks.

Just don't drop it over the side of the truck. Because it'd really suck if it doesn't break and that spirit is stuck in there on the side of the road!
No. 1057521 ID: c28082


Yeah, pretty sure keeping anything trapped against its will -- especially in something as filthy as a magic 8 ball that was stolen -- is pretty scummy.

I think we'd best set it free, Nifa, on the condition that it brings no harm to ourselves (our jackalope friend and Mire included). And yes, this is probably going to be Nifa's one get-out-of-spiritual-retribution-free card, so she better not waste it.
No. 1057522 ID: 9a2966

Given spirits could probably take whatever shape they like, 'endowed' may mean something different in spiritual circles. Like, maybe it's really just the fact they secured themselves a really cool name? Or how powerful they are.

Either way, silly mortal standards might not apply at all!

Arguably the faerie might be the one on the get-outta-jail-free card side here.
No. 1057557 ID: f8083d

This. Confirm first, then free her.
No. 1057563 ID: c51943

Breaking the prison right after it got handed to us would rather thoughtless of us.

Also the fairy has to learn not to cause mischief on people.
Hand the ball back and let's go look for those alien investigator friends.
No. 1057576 ID: dee951

Endowed is probably to do with power, mana reserves, capabilities, and the like.

Which is why you gotta science the SHIT out of this and figure out Wishes and how this magic works and everything to get her and you in a positive feedback loop of awesomeness that ends up with all of you being a super powerful superhero team!!!
No. 1058760 ID: 481e64
File 167902628774.png - (406.49KB , 800x600 , YQ37.png )

"Do aliens exist?"
"Is there some kind of spirit boss? like a spirit authority?"

"Hey Nifa, what was it this thing tried to trick you with?"
>"Offering dust which allows me to fly! but I know the trick. It makes you float in the air, but you can't move around with it. Then they rob you blind! Tricky things try to rob the clothes off your back. But they can't rob you if you're nake-"
"Sweet, cool." Seems harmless enough.
"How long did you plan on keeping this?"
>"Let’s see... I was gonna stop by a friend’s house to pick up a bird cage to keep it in. Then some newspapers and uhhh... y'know - pet stuff! Think they prefer bird food or hamster food?"

"If you swear never to do it again, I'll let you go. Deal?"
"Are you crossing your fingers?"

Good enough. I smudge the runes and weaken the tape holding the halves of the ball together. I lean forward and reach my arm out to hand the ball over to Nifa and just as she touches it, I pretend that the truck hits a bump in the road and drop the ball 'by accident.'

The ball falls off the back and onto the road, breaking open and setting the troublemaker free.

"Ooooooh Nifa, I'm sorry!"
>"Oh darn. Welp, that clears up my plans for the day. Don't worry, I'm not mad or anything. It was kind of annoying!"


>"No! Hey! Let go of meeeeeeee!!!"

No. 1058761 ID: 481e64
File 167902630423.png - (374.73KB , 800x600 , YQ38.png )

We arrive at a nice place just outside the cornfield right next to Hunter's place, we come to a stop and step off the truck. We all stand beside one another to soak in the scenery. Corn. A lot of it.

Nashi seems timid, but that goes without saying. She seems paranoid that she'll get run over by a tractor or something, even though that barely ever happens around here!

Nifa is content. She seems like the wants to meet any extra-terrestrials so she can... trap them in 8 balls? I'm not sure.

Mire is along for the ride, happy to go where the wind takes her.

All seems perfect, but there's just one problem...

There's no atmosphere! I mean, who goes looking for aliens in broad daylight? People who actually want to find things, probably. Should we wait for a later time like sunset or midnight, or should we start looking now? It probably won't affect what we find, but I bet it would improve the cosiness factor. We got a couple flashlights too, but not enough for everyone.
No. 1058762 ID: 11f77a

Waiting til sunset sounds real nice right now. Right at dusk. That's when the aliens really hang out.

Then you'll have to share a flashlight and split the group. That way it'll be faster to find what you're looking for.
No. 1058765 ID: cbe09b

Dont we have pizza, or were going to get pizza? Lets get a pizza delivered here while we wait, to introduce to Nashi. She was wondering about that earlier.
No. 1058766 ID: e51896

Hey, if we're looking for aliens, maybe we can bring them down here easier if they find out where to land.

For example, that looks like a cornfield behind you. Go create a crop circle with your friends to signal the aliens to come visit at night.
No. 1058768 ID: 5d9787

Could you time whatever it is that you are doing in such way you can watch the sunset somewhere with a nice view? Something like: do stuff until twenty minutes before the sunset, go to somewhere with an unobscured view to spend less than an hour watching the sun go down followed by more of the stuff you are planing to do.

Having less than one flashlight for each of you is not a big problem because you won't walk alone in the dark in a forest. That's not even up to debate. Everyone stick together, or move around in pairs but only if unavoidable.
No. 1058770 ID: a7a180

Let's wait. And make corn on the cob!
No. 1058778 ID: 2eb3cc

>Nashi is paranoid
I mean, consider.
Up until now she was safe - ignoring apparent loopholes where she can be turned mortal and THEN killed, and ignoring speculation on what other powerful spirits might be able to do, nothing could harm her. Her life expectancy may well have been in the millions of years, if not longer. All of a sudden, her life expectancy is probably under a thousand based on accidents alone, even for someone accustomed to mortal life, and until she's immortal again, she is not safe. Meat people are very fragile. It doesn't take much to kill us. From her perspective, it probably feels like standing in a football field full of spinning saw blades.
No. 1058806 ID: 2aa5f0

wait, isn't hunter suppose to be joining you? Couldn't you bum at his place until it's closer to the time to head out and see what you can see?
No. 1058825 ID: 34713f

Yeah, and your JoJo synced step forward wouldn’t be complete without a fifth person. Still, you could probably get the boring parts of investigating done now, like examining how the crops were trampled or getting a statement from the farmers while you wait.
No. 1058828 ID: 708905

You need to find a recording of the X-files theme music. That put anyone in the mood for an alien encounter
No. 1058829 ID: 5d9787

The full track have a very different vibe from the short clip everyone is familiar with. Less "the truth is out there" and more "let's do drugs in a night club".
No. 1058830 ID: d3bf48

No. 1058876 ID: 481e64
File 167909250223.png - (422.43KB , 800x600 , YQ39.png )

>Waiting til sunset sounds real nice right now. Right at dusk. That's when the aliens really hang out.
This is true, they must be attracted to the sunset scenery too.

>watch the sunset somewhere with a nice view.
Sounds good to me. We find a nice little cliff off to the side with a nice flat patch of grass to lay on. Should've brought a picnic blanket.

>corn on the cob!
I can microwave popcorn, that is about the extent of my knowledge when it comes to preparing corn.

>Don’t we have pizza, or were going to get pizza? Let’s get a pizza delivered here while we wait, to introduce to Nashi. She was wondering about that earlier.
We order a couple of the local pizza place's finest pizzas. I'm surprised to learn that they even deliver all the way out here, he even said it wasn't the first place close by that they've delivered to tonight, someone must be having a party!

we tip him the appropriate amount, plus a beer for the road. I introduce Nashi to what is sure to be her new favorite thing. She takes a bite and gets hooked right away.

If there are any aliens nearby, they better come out while the pizza is still hot! Assuming there's any left there is.

>that looks like a cornfield behind you. Go create a crop circle with your friends to signal the aliens to come visit at night.
How do we make a crop circle? Do we need to get in Mire's truck and do a bunch of donuts in this guy’s cornfield? Sounds look a good way to get in big trouble. I'm pretty sure we're already trespassing to begin with.

Nashi is eating a little too much pizza and making funny faces.
>"I'm getting weird tummy feelings again but eating isn't fixing these ones."
"I'm thinking you need to go easy on the cheese.”
>"It's... so good though..."

Nifa pulls out a video camera. Looks like she's getting ready to record something.

>wait, isn't hunter supposed to be joining you? Couldn't you bum at his place until it's closer to the time to head out and see what you can see?
I would invite Hunter if I could, and I don't think anyone would have a problem with him being here! But there's a reason he doesn't go out with us much... it's a bit sad, we don't spend as much time together as we used to. We could try paying him a visit now, or we can pay him a visit once we're done here.
No. 1058880 ID: a7a180

Let's visit him later.
Can that camera see spirits too, Nifa?
No. 1058881 ID: 5d9787

Are you... aware... of the face you are making? If Nifa was butt naked next to you right now you would still look more lewd than her. If she film you eating the clip could end up in the back room of the local movie rental.
No. 1058891 ID: 273c18

She's gonna record the puking. Because Nashi is definitely going to puke if she eats much more. Take it away from her before she hurts herself.
Has she had any water? Or beer? Don't let her have more than one beer, she probably has very low tolerance. Not sure how you'd communicate that it's technically poison.
No. 1058902 ID: 985c79

Boy, wait till Nashi learns that mortals poison themselves with alcohol for fun.
No. 1058918 ID: f914a5

What's the sad reason? Maybe by helping him you can gather magic, through happiness! Or something. That's how it works, right?
No. 1058923 ID: f8ca62

Also, let's visit Hunter later. We have pizza and beer, this is the time to relax.
No. 1058937 ID: 36784c

>"I'm getting weird tummy feelings again but eating isn't fixing these ones."
You're eating too much food. You should stop before you make yourself feel worse.
No. 1058989 ID: 15a025

Give Nashi a napkin and help her wipe her face off. Let her know if she eats too much, it's going to come back out in a painful way.
No. 1059797 ID: 481e64
File 168010196737.png - (185.07KB , 800x600 , YQ40.png )

>Let's visit him later.
Sounds good to me, we're in no rush after all, and it isn't like he's going anywhere any time fast.

"Can that camera see spirits too, Nifa?"
>"Some spirits yes, some spirits no. Some spirits don't even show up in mirrors, other spirits only show up in mirrors! it's a whole thing. But we're not looking for spirits, we're looking for aliens or creatures with big feet. Experience tells me that cameras only capture things in low quality, so I got just the thing."

>Are you... aware... of the face you are making?
don't call me a pizza face, you'll hurt my feelings!

>She's gonna record the puking. Because Nashi is definitely going to puke if she eats much more. Take it away from her before she hurts herself.
That's a good point, she's only been alive for half a day but is one barf away from lifelong embarrassment. I take the pizza away from her and insist that it's for her own good, despite her protests.

>Give Nashi a napkin and help her wipe her face off. Let her know if she eats too much, it's going to come back out in a painful way.
I provide a napkin and tell her about food rules.
>"What?! Why did nobody tell me food had rules?!"... *urp*...

>Has she had any water? Or beer? Don't let her have more than one beer, she probably has very low tolerance. Not sure how you'd communicate that it's technically poison.
I uh... hm. I give her some water, but she tells me she doesn't like the taste as much as soda. How am I going to tell her that she needs to eat her greens? parenting must be hard!

>Boy, wait till Nashi learns that mortals poison themselves with alcohol for fun.
I don't want to teach her that, she's too young and pure!

>What's the sad reason?
The wheelchair thing - Hunter lost the ability to walk in an accident when he was young. He's actually quite different now from how he was back then, these days he's very kind and plays videogames or watches movies indoors. It's a shame he doesn't tag along with us as much, but I enjoy his company on winter days where we can hang out online.

As the crew and I go investigate the field now that the mood has been set, we find a lot of corn but not much else. With only a couple of flashlights, this isn't the most efficient way to look for stuff! That is when I have an idea.

"Let's split up, gang!"
>"Cool." responds Mire.
>"Meerow!" chants Nifa.
>"HuhWhatWhy?" whimpers Nashi.
"Pairs of two will do." But who should I pick to go with me?
No. 1059798 ID: 755582

Nashi. You said it yourself, you’re a mom now.
No. 1059799 ID: b4b039

Yeah, it's not super kind (or wise) to leave Nashi with one of the others, I think. It MIGHT be fine...or she might come running back to you with the cornfield on fire behind her, or something.
No. 1059802 ID: e51896

No. 1059806 ID: f8083d

Yeah, this choice is obvious.
No. 1059807 ID: 9a2966

Nashi. You should keep an eye on her, and you could ask he what she actually knows about the aliens, other than them being here. Does she know why they make crop circles?

If that's them and not just regular mortals fooling about. Or supernatural fooling about, now that you think about it.
No. 1059811 ID: f30c55

No. 1059814 ID: b968fc


Obviously the only sensible thing is to go with Nashi, so we can talk and whatnot. Also keep her from Nifa.
No. 1059822 ID: 383b58

Nashi. You can take the oportunity to explain how stomachs have limited capacity for pizza.
No. 1059824 ID: 362f21

As incredibly tempting as it is to force Nifa and Nashi together, reject chaos and go with Nashi.
No. 1059830 ID: 34713f

Yeah, pairing Nashi up with ourselves seems the least awkward option - Nifa's got a reputation with spirits, and Nashi's got a personal history with Mire (even if Mire doesn't quite remember it).
No. 1059905 ID: 481e64
File 168019412849.png - (302.81KB , 800x600 , YQ41.png )

Fair enough! I've not seen her interact much with the others, I think maybe she's shy or something. At least now Mire and Nifa can get to know each other a little more. I would have wanted to spend a little more time with Nifa but maybe we can hang out tomorrow instead.

"Come along Nifa, we got aliens to find!"
She wastes no time in trailing behind me.

>you could ask her what she actually knows about the aliens, other than them being here. Does she know why they make crop circles?
"Hey Nashi, what do you know about aliens? Why do they make these crop circles?"
>"You think aliens did this?"
"Duh, who else?"
>"I don't know. People? I wasn't exactly around to see it but just because nobody saw anything doesn't mean it was extra-terrestrials."
"You don't believe in aliens?"
>"I mean sure, even if I haven't met any. It's just that making shapes in a field seems like something a group of mischievous teens would do, not something carved into the earth with an alien orbital space laser."
"Wait, how do you know what that is?"
>"Just because I'm a spirit doesn't mean I don't read the comics that people accidentally drop in my lake."
"Huh, interesting! Well, whatever is causing these circles, it could be a mixture of things. Like, maybe it's aliens and people messing around and having fun together?"
>"A positive way to see it, I guess. ugh... can you turn me back soon? my body is all... shaky, just like it was after getting out of the water."
"Are you cold?"
>"I think so."
"Here, I'll let you borrow my hoodie." I take it off and help her put it on. Easier said than done with the antlers she has.
"Don't mention it! Just make sure to give it back later. Hold on, I think I hear something."

There is rustling going on around the other side of the wall of corn. Could it be Mire and Nifa? Or could it be little green men? Or secret undercover government agents working on a coverup?! only one way to find out!

I brush the corn stalks aside and...
No. 1059906 ID: 481e64
File 168019415024.png - (423.42KB , 800x600 , YQ42.png )

>"Hey, who are you guys?"
Darn, none of the above. just a couple of fellow alien enthusiasts. Another deer and a hare by the look of it. Strange, I don't recognize who they are, are they from the town over?
"Us? We're nobody. Who are you guys?"
>"Who's asking? Are you both working undercover or something?"
"Undercover? for who?"
>"The government, or aliens - duh. Are you wearing suits to hide your identities?"
No. 1059908 ID: f8083d

Tell them you're looking for aliens. After all, why else would people be wandering around in a corn field?
No. 1059909 ID: 11f77a

You've entered the cornfield that intersects thousands of multiverses where you'll meet alternate selves of varying deer and jackalopes. Before you stands Hazel and Nashi from (we'll call it) Universe 2 if you were a buncha dudes (Boy-Nashi must've shed his antlers earlier).

Anyway, exchange names and ask which town they're from. They might have VHS tapes there.
No. 1059910 ID: 5d9787

I feel mirrored. This is oddly coincidental. Do you thing they are shapeshifting aliens messing with us? That sound more like a mischievous spirit thing to do... Do they look like spirits to Nashi?

What do you mean suits? We couldn't be dressed less formal if we tried.
No. 1059913 ID: b968fc


>Wearing suits to hide your identities
That's exactly the sort of thing a narc would say. I bet they're here to catch aliens and give the locals a hard time.


Nah, man, that's Almond and Ume, they're totally different and one of them is definitely NOT secretly a materialized spirit from an alternate reality, nope.
No. 1059914 ID: f2b747

Clearly these are aliens in disguise
No. 1059916 ID: 9a2966

Sigh and shrug, saying 'aw, the jig is up, I guess' and then make to tug dramatically on your ears, as if trying to remove a mask - then laugh and tell them you're for sure not wearing no skin suit, you've never held a job with the gubmint, and as far as you're aware you're from the local galactic cluster... of hills, lakes and houses!

Playfully poke the other guy's horn. What about him? He got some fancy fake-person suit on? Where they from?
No. 1059917 ID: 17e1b0

Well yeah, aren’t you?
No. 1059924 ID: 1f1917

Yeah, you got us. Was it my mutant bunny friend with the antlers that clued you in?
No. 1059926 ID: e4a3dc

Say she's a cryptid that only stupid people can see the antlers of and You're a super powerful shape shifter that can turn into dragons and shit but aren't gonna show them.
No. 1059928 ID: 34713f

"We're here to look for aliens, prolly the same as you are. But... Hmm... There are some mighty suspicious similarities between you and us... How do we know you aren't the alien shapeshifters here?"
No. 1059931 ID: 20a60b

Tell them you're not aliens but a magic shapeshifting dream dragon with a huge rack, a wish granting foodie lake spirit, a future present past rockstar, and a nudist anti-pants witch.
No. 1059948 ID: fb2164

(Oh no they're hot)

No. 1059959 ID: 043f12

... You'd recall meeting someone this cute before, right? They're both objectively cute, really, and that would be memorable. Confirm where they think they are versus where you think you are, as you might not be in Kansas anymore.
No. 1059962 ID: e5709d

Rare opportunity to clone yourselves
Just saying
No. 1059965 ID: 273c18

Suits? You're not wearing suits...
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