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File 166888849331.png - (728.01KB , 800x600 , YQ1.png )
1049624 No. 1049624 ID: 481e64

Or 'Yooper Quest'

A short quest about living in Northern Michigan where anything can happen.

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No. 1049758 ID: b2510d

Do that and bring snacks, drinks and your guitar.
No. 1049760 ID: 46bd34

Let’s bring beer and guitars to the woods.
No. 1049761 ID: 11f77a

Ditto. Hang out with Mire and see if we get to play a minigame of practicing guitar.

There's one spot in the woods kids would go to and dump a bunch of stuff like an old couch, a mannequin, a bathtub, a basketball net stapled to a tree, and a bb gun range with random cans and shit for target practice.
No. 1049762 ID: 8483cf

Time for crimes, guitar and beer with Marsh!
No. 1049764 ID: 04697a

just hanging out is good, could be fun to go check the crop circle thing while at it
No. 1049765 ID: 8f8464

Call her Marshmellow and ruin your entire relationship.

And go investigate the crop circles. One of you acts masculine yet wide-eyed, the other acts femenine yet skeptic.
No. 1049766 ID: bbb04b

Seems we're torn between guitar and crop circles. In the interest of avoiding being driven anywhere by a drunk person, I vote learning the guitar without going anywhere - it's possible that Swamp is some kind of consequence Houdini who never dies, but no promises are made for anyone in her proximity.

"Pretty sure those laws are about not being inebriated while driving. I got beer at home, so no need for us to go anywhere else."
No. 1049767 ID: fecf07

Sick, lets the raise the dead while under the influence.
No. 1049776 ID: 15a025

Chill out by the lake and get some guitar lesson
No. 1049784 ID: f2320a

nice we a friend to hang with instead of packing away food from our fridge into our gullet and drinking booze to numb the feeling of emptiness, guess we could have guitar lessons with crop circles and like pack a pick nick basket
No. 1049832 ID: fec07f

Let's gather some more peeps and try a seance in the most likely to be haunted place in the area
No. 1049844 ID: 481e64
File 166909887460.png - (495.88KB , 800x600 , YQ6.png )

>Chill out by the lake and get some guitar lesson
Sounds like a fine afternoon to me!
"Hey Mire, feel like chilling out by the lake and teaching me to play some guitar? There'll be snacks with the booze of course, courtesy of yours truly."
>"Now we're talking. I've got my guitar with me, meaning we're all set. By the time the day is over, we'll both be playing Classical Gas like it's nobody's business."
"Know any good spots by the lake?"
>"Of course. There's a place with all sorts of junk and furniture we can mess around with. We can shoot empty cans and bottles with the old twenty-two. There's also a secret fishing dock around there, I got my rods with me in case you're keen for a cast."

>Ask if Mire is up for driving you out to look at those crop circles, maybe pick up Nifa on the way.
"Hey Mire, think we can head over to the crop circles after we visit the lake?"
>"Sure. I've been wondering what those are about myself. Don't forget the beer because if we get kidnapped by aliens, I won't be able to fight them all off while sober."
"Think we can bring Nifa along? the supernatural seems right up her alley."
>"Do we have to? The smell she left behind after riding in here last time still lingers. Even the air fresheners I got don’t cover it fully..."
"Pretty please?"
>"Fine, whatever. As long as she sits in the back and keeps her hands to herself."

>Call her Marshmallow and ruin your entire relationship.
>"Ok you can go back to calling me Mire. See you soon."

The call ends and I go to pack by things for the trip. I put my guitar in its case, and I back a backpack with the essentials. After I'm ready I say my goodbyes to my family and head to the road outside my property. Standing outside, I admire the atmosphere.

>Yeah, don't go riding with her if she's been drinking
I'm not worried about Mire being drunk. She's no lightweight that can get drunk off a single beer. Also, even if we crashed, her tank of a truck will keep us safe... even if seatbelts and mirrors didn't come with it at the time of its production.

>Sick, lets the raise the dead while under the influence.
Now that's an idea. We can get the undead drunk too while we're at it.

>Have there been disappearances?
Not as of recent. I heard a story or two of someone going missing a decade ago, I’d be surprised if we found them all this time later, but It’d certainly make for a fun story.

>Summon demon, sleep paralysis demon even... Maybe hot? Always a gamble
Hot demons? Seems like the kind of thing Nifa would try to summon. She reads books with hot vampires and werewolves; demons don’t seem too far removed.

>>but we don't talk about those.
>Let’s talk about those...
Let’s not! people act so out of character if I ever try to bring it up.

I'm standing by the road and the fact that I'm back where I started hits me. I'm bored again. What should I do in the ten or so minutes it takes for Mire to get here? Call up someone else? Talk to a random stranger that passes by? Do a cartwheel?
No. 1049846 ID: e5709d

Think about that hot tanuki girl with a rack that would fit in a department store.
No. 1049847 ID: 35f407

Tune your guitar! Or just start playing songs right there.
No. 1049848 ID: fb2164

Chat up the bnuuy while you wait, ponder the power of Big Ears™.
No. 1049850 ID: 8483cf

I dunno, can you do a cartwheel?
No. 1049855 ID: dc13c4

The place where you live truly looks beautiful and the nature nature all around your house is like something from a ferry tale. But I am just wondering has in your town been cases of people disappearing? Never let your guard down, you don't want to be caught like a deer in a headlights.
No. 1049856 ID: 374d53

Why does it look like the stranger is taking a piss by your mailbox? Also isn’t your house in the middle of the woods with the closest neighbor being over half a mile away? The fuck he doing out here?
No. 1049858 ID: f89136

I concur
No. 1049868 ID: bbb04b

Huh. So, the problem's just with discussing the supernatural with other people, huh? Ever consider the idea that it's a personal subject for them? Like they might be involved in one or more of the supernatural goings-on around these parts?

Even if you can't talk about it with other people, there's nothing stopping you from sharing what you do know of it with us, right? There's a lot of weirdness up here, but being judged for thought-crimes ain't one of them, I imagine.

Also, who's the cute bnnuy boi behind you?
No. 1049881 ID: 30b9f6

Could say hi to yonder neighbour.
No. 1049886 ID: fecf07

Consider the idea that your the only person not in on the secret regarding weird forest cryptids and be annoyed at the subject.
No. 1049914 ID: 481e64
File 166916292176.png - (327.64KB , 800x600 , YQ7.png )

>Think about that hot tanuki girl with a rack that would fit in a department store.
I didn't know raccoons could have antlers. I don't personally know of any...

>Never let your guard down, you don't want to be caught like a deer in a headlight.
The worst kind of situation to be for someone like me. I always freeze up in tense situations.

>Also isn’t your house in the middle of the woods with the closest neighbour being over half a mile away?
Our neighbours aren't too far away from each other, but most houses are built a fair distance from the road. That being said it's common to see people taking walks on the footpath in the morning, especially on days like this.

>Consider the idea that you’re the only person not in on the secret regarding weird forest cryptids and be annoyed at the subject.
Is there some big secret I'm being excluded from knowing? I just assumed the subject made everyone uncomfortable. I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t at least a bit intrigued.

>the problem's just with discussing the supernatural with other people, huh? Ever consider the idea that it's a personal subject for them? Like they might be involved in one or more of the supernatural goings-on around these parts?
I've got no doubt that most people have a personal experience or two with strange things. I myself have seen weird stuff, sometimes with others present. When I ask about it, they just say they don't want to talk about it or just straight up pretend they didn't see anything.

>I dunno, can you do a cartwheel?
With ease! I do one but nobody was around to see it. What a shame.

>Talk to the rabbit neighbour
Oh. I'm not sure who that is, there's no one who lives around here that looks like that. Must be a stranger, which isn't a problem. It's refreshing to meet new people from time to time.

"Howdy! Have we met? I don't recall seeing you around here before."

The rabbit turns around

>"Hazel? Is that you? Ha! Long-time no see!"
No. 1049915 ID: 481e64
File 166916294352.png - (350.05KB , 800x600 , YQ8.png )


Oh no no no.

It's... her. An overwhelming sense of dread washes over me.

>"I almost didn't recognize you!"
"H-hey... Koara... Didn't know you were out..."
>"Eeeyup! I learned a lot during those six months! Now I'm out and I got a really chill parole officer and an annoying beeping foot bracelet."
"I hope jail wasn't... all bad..."
>"Not jail - Prison! There's a big difference, but still eerily similar to our old high school - just with a lot more violence! I made a lot of friends there that I'm starting to miss... committing another crime to get back in is starting to seem a little tempting... but enough about me! How are you doing? Is this your house here?"
"I-I uh... no. I live... far away."
>"That's a shame. Here, let's hug and catch up! Also, can I borrow twenty bucks?"

She reaches her hand out for a shake. I then notice something under her sleeve. Is that...? no. abort. I repeat, abort! I need to find a way to disengage from this interaction immediately.
No. 1049916 ID: 894419

No matter what you do, don't mention the suit. Don't mention it. Clear it from your mind, do not blurt out anything about the suit.
No. 1049918 ID: a7a180

Suits me just fine. Don’t have a twenty on me, sorry.
Talk about her friends!
No. 1049919 ID: 2aa5f0

quick, trip over your gaiter to avoid shaking her hand and then act all embarrassed about it and quickly try to change the subject of you tripping over yourself and ask what her plans are now that she's out.

Also was she your high school bully or something?
No. 1049920 ID: 15c72a

Tell her you gotta go, you're late for a gig.
Walk down the street in the direction Mire will be arriving from.
No. 1049922 ID: 7c0da2

Do not hug, that looks like a great way to lose your wallet.
And don't panic, Mire is on her way, she will probably be here soon. Well, she will probably be here at some point, anyway.
No. 1049924 ID: dc13c4

Do you have a taser or paper spray? Or are they even legal to possess in your town? If the answer to both of them is yes mentally remind yourself how to use it. Just in case, also why saw she in prison?!
No. 1049925 ID: 36d2e1

Reflect on the nature of your dread involving this woman whose life of crime has taken her to darker places than Mire - and the thing up her sleeve that got you so spooked.

... as you stumble backwards, almost fall, swing around and end up barely saving your beerpack and guitar from disaster, if not your butt.

That’d be one way to avoid a hug...
No. 1049931 ID: 15a025

Call Mire, tell her to book it.
No. 1049943 ID: 8f8464

Quick, run! Run to the house of Louis Zen-pie, the handsome exchange student bachellor who can protect you!
No. 1049981 ID: 481e64
File 166918690383.png - (569.01KB , 800x600 , YQ9.png )

>No matter what you do, don't mention the suit
Mention the suit? I don't even want to think about the suit!

>was she your high school bully or something?
Nothing like that. I just don't gel well with those that lack filters or boundaries!

>Do you have a taser or paper spray?
I've never had a reason to carry either of those, we live in a pretty safe town. Worse that ever happens is the occasional trash fire.

The idea of moving away from her is favourable but doing so too quickly may prove risky. Her legs are much longer than mine, it'd be best to go at a brisk pace where it doesn’t seem like I’m trying to escape her instead.

>why was she in prison?!
I don't know, nobody does! One person says it was second-degree arson, another says possession of illicit substances, another says indecent exposure. I'm kinda leaning more towards that last one.

>Do not hug, that looks like a great way to lose your wallet.
that's what I'm afraid of. I need to find a way to avoid it.

To avoid shaking hands (or hugging), I pretend to clumsily stumble over my guitar case. She takes a step back to allow me to recompose.
>"You alright?"
"Yep - I'm fine. What were we discussing again?'
>"I forgot..." phew!

I take my guitar out of its case and start to pluck a few strings to calm me down.
>"Sounds nice. Do you take requests?"
"Sorry. I'm not that good."
>"Ah. Keep at it and you'll get there some day. Everyone starts somewhere, y'know? My first batch of toilet wine was nothing to ride home about, but I improved."
"...I appreciate the sentiment." even if it's totally gross.

>Call Mire, tell her to book it.
I take my phone out and message Mire inconspicuously
'Floor it. Koara is here. She is wearing the Koara suit.'
>'on it.'

>Tell her you gotta go, you're late for a gig.
"Ah, I just remembered. I gotta go. Late for a gig." I try to walk away.
>"You play in a band? Sweet! Mind if I see you play?"
"I don't think our music is your thing. It's uh... classical. With violins and stuff."
>"Never mind then."
"don't you have plans of your own?"
>"I was planning on going to the thrift store actually. To buy clothes. Hence why I asked for the money. Since my folks moved south to become trolls, I'm here crashing at a friend's place. This jacket I'm wearing is borrowed from said friend, so you'll never believe what I'm wearing underneath."
>"It's the same thing I was wearing at the time of my incarceration!"
"Would it be rude to ask what that was about?"
>"I like to keep people guessing. Wanna know what the best part about being a convicted felon is? You don't gotta worry about going out to vote!"

We talk as we walk. It's really not all that bad. She's strange, but not completely intolerable. I still enjoy the company on this nice day.

After a moment, something breaks the tranquil silence as I hear a voice coming towards us.
>"Watch out Hazel! T-the brakes are no good!"
No. 1049982 ID: e51896

Become a deer in the headlights
No. 1049983 ID: 8483cf

No. 1049985 ID: 11f77a

Hop the fence! Maybe Mire will run into Koara on accident
No. 1049986 ID: a7a180

Tackle Koara into the bushes. You can't let Mire take a hit and run charge for your sake, she'll learn to make toilet wine too!
No. 1049987 ID: dc13c4

Advents moment activated avoid the incoming car. On the lighter subject the reason why somebody would need to wear an ankle monitor are Sex offenders, domestic violence offenders, those involved in drug crimes, prior DUIs, flight risks, and others on parole or probation, Also since she brought it up, who did you vote for?
No. 1049989 ID: 15c72a

Yeah you might wanna just open that fence gate there and step in.
No. 1049993 ID: 374d53

Get on the other side of the fence
No. 1049994 ID: 40ce9c

Jump out of the way and push/drag Koara with you.
Also, what is "the Koara suit" ? And maybe you should actually give her money if a weird suit is all she has to wear.
No. 1050000 ID: fec07f

I feel like I'm missing some context here
No. 1050007 ID: 30b9f6

It sounds like Koara's a streaker. A birthday suit-er. A newdist. Both voluntarily and involuntarily, atm.

Maybe you should just take her to the thrift store and get her some gear. For peace of mind.

>Watch out!
Fail to watch out as you freeze in a panic. Get rescued by Koara, in a very... Koara way.

... then realize it was just one of your friends on a bicycle speeding past, downhill, to a probably-imminent wipeout. Should've checked those breaks before you went for a ride, Nifa!
No. 1050008 ID: bb78f2

Accidentally jump in Bunny's arms like Scooby.

Speaking of her, you're being kind of really cold than feels normal with this girl...

It's not that you don't like people with no boundaries... I got it! You smashed at a party once before she went away and were glad it was only one time! And you remember better than SHE does!

Oooh, girl, you're a dick! Well, joking about your past aside, you actually are kind of being a dick to her right now. She just got out of Prison. Wait, six months? Even with Parole, I don't think she can't be a felon! Minimum Sentence for a Felony is a year! Unless, covid circumstances?
No. 1050013 ID: 4286b4

Jump in Koara's lap to evade the danger.
No. 1050022 ID: c28082


>the suit

Oh no. Oh NO. Don't tell me she's secretly one of those MEGA-NERDS who got that costume from the CometQuest promo that's horribly skin-tight and slinky and looks like it was picked up at that "adult novelty" store just off the highway ...

... anyway, probably time to dodge or something? I dunno, what's coming toward you and your friend unfortunate acquaintance?
No. 1050243 ID: 663c95

Is it a voice you recognize? This COULD be Mire (or even somebody else with quick reactions) trying to provide you with an out. And even if not, it may yet still be spun into an out, so I guess act fast and think faster.
No. 1050262 ID: e5709d

Ask what she's using to stuff her trenchcoat.
Glaze your vision with imaginary office plant plushies as she streaks.
No. 1050828 ID: 15a025

You broke the breaks?!
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