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File 165776614520.png - (337.02KB , 1000x1000 , 143.png )
1038066 No. 1038066 ID: 629f2e

A mystery/horror quest about children uncovering the horrifying mysteries surrounding their small town.

THREAD 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1010078.html
THREAD 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1019132.html
THREAD 3A: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1038059.html
WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity


[Monday, Two and a Half Years Ago]
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No. 1052279 ID: 5f4c71

There's another interesting question: If this is just a small closet, what occupies the space where your mom's room supposedly was? Is there a secret room in the house?
No. 1052306 ID: 15c72a

That's a big fat no to talking to Dad. He just threatened to rip off your arms.
No. 1052354 ID: e51896

Here is another idea if we decide not to talk to dad

What if we sneaked into Jhonen's house? he apparently discovered something about you before he graduated. The adults probably got rid of the evidence, but Knowing him, he probably hid some stuff before he was captured. The hard part would be trying to get IN his house, especially if we want to sneak in. But if Jhonen was able to sneak into your home before, so can you.

Another idea would be to probably see how Jolene is doing, find out why she was out in the rain. I'm not sure if she is back home, or still in the hospital though. Bec said she brought her there while the only info we got from the teacher was that she was sick...
No. 1052500 ID: 22eda9

I think I'm personally against looking in the boxes- although if just opening the closet was bad for preserving whatever was in there, that's been a done deal since Lemmy crashed by. That aside, I think it would make Dad genuinely livid.

In terms of Graduation, I feel like understanding more about Pastlin instead of Franklin and his current family is... potentially dangerous?

My hypothesis is... that Dad, like Franklin here, also has some trauma. Enough to pursue the art of resurrection- the means meeting the ends to bring back his wife.

Dad might be overjoyed to hear that you remember memories from your brain's past life at best (if he's got Mom's brain preserved somewhere), dismiss it as more nonsense, or at worst... I can think of two different outcomes, one being that he tells you the truth and it wrecks you emotionally (I could be wrong about that part) or that he Graduates you.

Franklin, could you ...give Lillian a brief rundown on how you've been remembering things that happened to "someone else" (aka still you, 'cause it's your brain) in a Graduation-Fear free life, and then her opinion on talking to Dad?

I like these ideas, but I'm not sure when the best time for them would be.
No. 1052529 ID: 22eda9

I feel like I'm honestly pulling at straws here with the
>"Wants to resurrect his wife"
thought, but I've been surprisingly pretty on track with a lot of this stuff so far, so maybe this isn't too far off the mark.

I could still be wrong though, and this so called mad-scie- sorry, doctor, is a lot better at moving on than would be ...stereotypically expected.

Also, just throwing out the idea again, but, Franklin- make sure you share more of what you're thinking with... well, not us, you already do that (for now), but everyone else.
It's tricky trying to figure out that filter, what's fine to say, what's not fine to say, what you don't want to say, what you're willing to. Never really gets easier.

I'm sure of how often it's been happening since we're in your headspace too, but all this thinking sometimes makes you halt in place, but what I do know is that at least some of your friends get worried when you do that, regardless of whether they're used to it or not.
While it might take a while for both you and them to get used to the new level of... chattiness, as it were, not sorting through all your thoughts alone will likely help.

That's probably why we were able to be as helpful as we have been to you.
No. 1052536 ID: 38349b


> Sees someone present a Jhonen centric option

Listen we have to pick this now, we're in THE pov for this with THE guy who spent the most time with Jhonen, if anyone can know where his hidden knowledge may have been overlooked at, it's you.

At the very minimum, you can use the excuse of having *forgotten* jhonen had graduated and that you left some stuff over, thinking you'd play and it was weird you hadnt seen him.

Yes it's a little sus, but you're LITERALLY the guy to pull this off.
No. 1052541 ID: c58093

Very good point. I think Franklin can pull that off. Im sure Jhonen has stolen his stuff before, so just saying you've come to see Jhonen, and wanted to search his room to get some stuff back can work. Might have some info on Graduation too since i think whatever he found out about you was something that got him graduated. We can even have Lilian distract his parents, or break a window again if it comes to it.

Hopefully his parents didnt take all the evidence, but I think Jhonen might have some hidden places he's keeping evidence that even his parents doesnt know of.

i also realize there is plenty of time to talk to your dad when you get back home from Jhonen's place. So yeah, I'll change my vote to visiting Jhonen's house and see if we can get a little more information on yourself, and whatever the adults are hiding, and then see dr. Dad after our visit.

If we can sneak in without having to speak to his parents though, that's be ideal too.
No. 1052964 ID: 629f2e
File 167245764842.png - (145.69KB , 500x500 , 262.png )

> WAIT! Before we decide whether to speak with Dr. Dad or not... I really want to know WHY he lied about your mom not being in here.

I hadn’t thought about why he did it, but now that I have I’m not sure. Maybe he just keeps lying to me because he’s a liar.

> I really see no reason as to why he had the need to lie about her being here and sick when she wasn't other than keeping you out of this particular closet.

You think so? If he just wanted me to stay out though, couldn’t he have just locked the door? All his story did was make me want to see it open at some point, I don’t think that’s the effect he wanted.

> I think we should investigate the closet while we still can, and more importantly, those two boxes up there.

> I'm starting to wonder if the stuff in this closet actually belongs to your second mother, and if dr. dad is preserving her memory by keeping her stuff in here.

...I don’t think I have a second mother.

I just had the one, and then dad... well, The Doctor just made me think she was in here. Even if that picture of him and his wife is real, I’ve never actually seen her. She’s not actually my mom, just what I Thought my mom looked like.

...I think. If the doctor is actually my dad, then I guess she would be my mom still. I guess it would make sense for him to put me back together if I was his son and something bad happened to me. I do kind of hope that’s the case, because it’s a little easier then. I’d still just be Franklin, instead of not knowing who I am.

I don’t know if the stuff in this closet is hers or not, but that doesn’t seem important to me. All I can see without looking closer are a number of jackets, dresses, lab coats, and even a couple fancy shirts. Just to be sure though, I check one of the boxes on the floor.

The box is much lighter than expected, and I quickly realize why. It’s empty. There’s a hole at the bottom of it.

...Oh, there’s also a hole in the floor, at least a few feet deep. I think the doctor was keeping some of his Inventions in here.

> I'm going to say yes, talk to Dad, but only AFTER you journal all your realizations on paper, and give them to someone you trust to keep them safe. Writing ideas down almost always helps ferret out more details and draw better conclusions.

That’s not a bad idea. I think my friends have suggested I keep a diary to help me remember things before, but I never did for some reason. Probably because I forgot.

I shut the closet door and turn to Lillian.

Me: “I want to go write some things down, so that I don’t forget them.”
Lillian: “You could always just tell me. I can usually remember important junk.”
Me: “That’s true... But I think I should still write them.”
Lillian: “If you say so.”

I grab a notebook out of my room and start writing on it, just going in whatever order feels right.

I had a sister named Judy.

My mom was nice and made me feel safe.

I misunderstood dad a lot.

I died.

Everything before dying is fuzzy and hard to remember.

The doctor brought me back from the dead.

My scars are from when he put me together.

My name probably isn’t Franklin Stein.

My mom isn’t sick in the closet.

The doctor probably isn’t my dad, and his wife probably isn’t my mom.

Is that it? It doesn’t feel like everything. What else...?

Aren’t there other things about Judy that I just kind of know? Not anything I remember happening, but things that are just there when I think about her? I try writing that.

Judy was 15 three years ago.

Judy has long black hair, wears dark clothes, and likes the occult.

Temmie knows about Judy.

I blink, surprised at my own hand for writing that last tidbit. It’s true, Temmie gave me a fortune about Judy, so she has to understand something, right?

But if Temmie gets her fortunes from you guys, doesn’t that mean You know about her too? Can you tell me whatever you told her?

Oh well, I think that’s enough for now. I take the paper and put it in my pocket for later.
No. 1052965 ID: 629f2e
File 167245767920.png - (171.63KB , 500x500 , 263.png )

> Another idea would be to probably see how Jolene is doing, find out why she was out in the rain. I'm not sure if she is back home, or still in the hospital though. Bec said she brought her there while the only info we got from the teacher was that she was sick...

That’s something we could probably do later. I know Jolene lives in the apartment block like Albert, but I dunno which one she stays in. If she’s still at the hospital though, I should be able to see her easily enough.

I don’t know if now’s a good time, but remind me to stop by later if there’s time.

> What if we sneaked into Jhonen's house? he apparently discovered something about you before he graduated. The adults probably got rid of the evidence, but Knowing him, he probably hid some stuff before he was captured.

Jhonen’s House? I hadn’t thought of that, but...

Jhonen did a Lot of experiments on me. I don’t understand a lot of it, but I always remember him saying how weird my whole body was. I guess I have a better idea why that is now, but I know where he kept all of that stuff in his room. If he found out anything else... It could still be there!

And you said he discovered something? I guess Lillian may have been right with her guess about that fortune earlier then.

Come to think about it, he was saying some weird stuff the last time I saw him. Not too weird, I don’t want to bring up how weird the meaning of weird is again, but... I just mean that the things he was shouting were a little different than normal. Just a little. It could be nothing I think, but maybe it’s Something?

I still want to talk to da- the doctor, but maybe it’d be better to do that later? He’s lied to me already, and I believed him because I didn’t know better. If I can figure out as much as I can about myself, then maybe I’ll be able to tell if he does it again.

I walk back over to the others, who are still discussing places we could go. If I’m going to say anything, it’s now or never.

Me: “...Do you think we could go to Jhonen’s house?

They pause, turning to look at me.

Me: “I think... Jhonen figured something out before he graduated. Something about me. If we go over, I think we could find out what it was.”
Lemmy: “Ehhhh don’t freak out, but I don’t think it’s worth visiting The Freak’s place.”
Me: “Really? Why not?”
Lemmy: “I get that it’s important to you, but that’s ‘cuz you’re focused on your past or whatever. I dunno, I’m only vaguely following your personal journey.”
Lemmy: “Finding out who your real dad is or whatever doesn’t really change anything for the rest of us. Unless you know some way that your past connects to graduation?”

I look over at Lillian to see how she feels, and her expression is conflicted. It makes sense, she wants to rescue Phillip, and this doesn’t really help with that, but she probably wants to help me too. If I don’t come up with some way it connects, I think she’ll side with Lemmy on this.

What part of my past can tell us something about graduation?

Me: “...It Connects.
Lemmy: “It does?”
Me: “...My sister Judy was fifteen years-old in my memories. But she was still at home with me, mom, and dad. She Didn’t Graduate.
Me: “So... If I can find out more about her, like Temmie said I can today, then we should find out something about graduation also. Like, why it didn’t apply to her.”
Me: “...I’m pretty sure.”

Lemmy opens his mouth, but pauses to consider what you just said. Lillian finally decides to speak up.

Lillian: “Y’know, Jhonen looks into a bunch of crazy mystery junk. Most of it is crazy fake sounding, but... Technically, he was on the right track with Franklin.”
Lillian: “He might have better instincts than we gave him credit for.”
Lemmy: “I mean, saying Franklin is weird isn’t an award-winning theory. Besides, his reasoning for why was way off.”
Lillian: “That’s true... Still, it’s not impossible that he may have looked into graduation. If we can find something about it in his place, that’d be worth a visit, wouldn’t it?”
Lemmy: “Hmmm...”
No. 1052967 ID: 629f2e
File 167245774342.png - (170.27KB , 500x500 , 264.png )


Lemmy: “Yeah, I guess it would be.”

After about five or six minutes of walking, Lemmy finally chimes in with that remark

Me: “What would be?”
Lemmy: “Investigating Jhonen’s. It could definitely be worth it.”
Me: “...Huh?”
Lillian: “Lemmy, that conversation ended a long time ago.”
Lemmy: “I know, but if they ever novelize what we’ve been through, then I’ve set up a perfect scene transition. You’re welcome future editors!”

I stare at Lemmy, slowly blinking twice, before shaking my head and accepting that I simply do not understand what he is talking about. Lillian doesn’t treat it like it’s anything important though, so I’m probably fine.

More importantly, we’d made it to Jhonen’s house. His parents usually aren’t home at this time, but I try knocking anyways.

...Not even a peep of movement from inside. They are out.

Lillian: “Any chance Jhonen gave you a spare key?”
Me: “I don’t think so.”
Lillian: “Well, then this was a bust. Sorry, maybe we can swing by later?”
Lemmy: “We could probably check if any of the windows are unlocked first. Not bragging, but I’m pretty much an expert on breaking in now.”
Me: “Really? Do you have a plan for if they’re all locked?”
Lemmy: “Yes!”
Lillian: “Is the plan giving up?”
Lemmy: “Yes!”

She sighs. Slowly, we start circling the building to test out every ground floor window. We have to be sneaky and keep a lookout to make sure nobody sees us trying to break in, but thankfully I don’t think anybody notices us. Though I do catch Rosie from class heading towards the clearing.

The two in the front are shut, as are the ones in the back. There is one last ray of hope though.

Lemmy: “Yeah there’s no way any of us are fitting through that.”

The back door had a Pet Door installed! Jhonen doesn’t have a pet, but according to him his parents had one before he was born. They must have put off removing it for a while.

Lillian shoves her arm through it, but can’t squeeze past her shoulder. It’s the same for Lemmy and me. Unfortunately, it’s too low for us to reach the door’s lock either.

Lillian: “Maybe if we had a long stick or something...?”
Lemmy: “I think this has the kind of lock where it’s a small twisty thing in the middle of the sphere. Even with something like that, it’d be a pretty sticky situation.”
Lillian: “Less puns, more solutions.”
Me: “Hmm... Oh! I have an idea.”

The words leave my mouth before I process my idea, and I regret saying them afterwards. The others look at me expectantly.

Me: “...I think I can reach it with my arm.”
Lillian: “You already tried that, didn’t you?”
Me: “Only with one. If I use Both arms, I think I can make it.”

She blinks, as I start rolling up one of my sleeves. I quickly peek around to make sure there definitely isn’t anyone else watching before I pull the sleeve past my scar. No point hiding it from Lillian and Lemmy, they already know. Lillian’s even seen the neck one already, which is a lot worse looking I think.

Lillian: “...How would that– That wouldn’t extend your Reach though. How would using both–”
No. 1052968 ID: 629f2e
File 167245775855.png - (182.00KB , 500x500 , 265.png )

I rip my arm off.

Suddenly, Lillian and Lemmy start screaming VERY loudly! What happened to Stealth?
No. 1052969 ID: a320af

It's because you ripped your arm off! That's why they're screaming! Normal people don't do that! You're scaring them!
No. 1052975 ID: e51896

*deep breaths*

Jeez! I almost fainted! Franklin, people having their limbs removed severely hurts people that haven't been revived and stitched back together and doesn't feel much pain like you have, and is really gruesome, Thank goodness you aren't bleeding out, or this could have gone a lot worse.

Man, just how much fear points did Lilian and Lemmy get from that?! In any case, just open the door with your arm quick before the screaming attracts attention!
No. 1052976 ID: 8483cf

That's highly unusual, an arm coming off. Does your dad have rigorous engineering standards? Presumably it wasn't designed to come off. Is it sewn in with cardboard? Cardboard derivatives?
No. 1052978 ID: e51896

Oh, and this is going to sound lame, but in order to calm Lemmy down a little to stop the screaming and avoid attention, you'll need to make a dumb pun. Say something like "what? I thought you guys needed a hand getting in." Yeah it's a lame joke, and I'm cringing over it, but it's better to have Lemmy laughing than screaming. Might also get Lilian angered enough to calm down a little too over that pun and getting Lemmy to laugh annoyingly.
No. 1052979 ID: 22eda9

'Watch out! He's armed!'

...Hooh, boy. Just, uh, make sure to warn people the next time you do that. Typically when people's parts come undone, they have to tear the still active muscles which would feel the full pain of what you just did. Even though it's not their arm, they probably imagined that pain.

You can't, like, do that with your eyes, can you? That'd be really weird, pulling it out to look around a corner.

...Please don't try that.
No. 1052986 ID: a2d88b

Oh yes, a lame pun is the best idea now.
No. 1053808 ID: 629f2e
File 167376718150.png - (146.50KB , 500x500 , 272.png )


You too? Did I do something wrong?

> It's because you ripped your arm off! That's why they're screaming! Normal people don't do that! You're scaring them!

...But I’m not normal?

I know that This isn’t normal, but I kind of thought we covered this already. I mean, Lillian said that my body was stitched together, so shouldn’t pulling limbs off make sense? I mean, they’re only held on by stitches, she said so herself.

> Does your dad have rigorous engineering standards? Presumably it wasn't designed to come off.

No. No he does not.

My arm comes off about once a month at least. Sometimes more when Jhonen wants to run tests on them, he thinks it’s cool. The first time he saw it happen was actually an accident. He cuffed me, and I was trying really hard to pull away, but my arm didn’t follow.

And then he passed out. Okay, I guess maybe I should have expected some sort of negative reaction here, but I really thought it wasn’t a surprise now.

> This is going to sound lame, but in order to calm Lemmy down a little to stop the screaming and avoid attention, you'll need to make a dumb pun.

Me: “Oh, watch out. I’m armed.

I make finger guns with my dismembered hand, like I see Lemmy do sometimes. Can’t do both, holding the arm with the other one.

Lemmy stops screaming, making a weird face. That’s progress, right? Lillian’s voice just gradually lowers, until she’s not screaming with her voice at least. Her face still feels like it’s screaming, if that makes sense.

I pause those thoughts, as I swear I hear something a few yards over. A gate opening up maybe? That could be someone wanting to check up on all the screaming. That would be bad, I think. Right? Stealth was definitely supposed to be a part of this.

They shouldn’t be able to follow us inside unless it’s the Horvitzes, right? It probably isn’t them, so heading in seems like a good idea. I stick my dismembered arm through the pet door, reach up, and unlock it. The door opens easily after that, so I wave the others through.

Me: “Come on, let’s go inside.”
Lemmy: “...Okay?”
Lillian: “Yeah, let’s... do that.”

They slowly hobble in behind me, and I shut the door. Hopefully that wasn’t too frightening for them.

You notice that Lillian and Lemmy were a bit shaken by your prior dissociation, resulting in previously unnoticed Fear gain
[Lillian is a little on edge]
They both seem slightly traumatized by your sudden limb removal. +10 Fear for Lemmy, +5 for Lillian
[Lemmy’s smile is looking a lot more forced]

Party Fear Levels:
[Franklin: 60/100]
[Lillian: 28/100]
[Lemmy: 54/100]

No. 1053809 ID: 629f2e
File 167376721123.png - (158.53KB , 500x500 , 273.png )

Me: “...Are you guys okay?”
Lillian: “Are we– Are you!?
Me: “I think so.”
Lemmy: “Franklin, I gotta hand it to you, this is weird even by your standards.”
Me: “This is normal for me actually. Here, can you hold this?”

I hold my arm out to Lillian, who just stares at it for a few seconds. Eventually she takes it, letting me dig through my shirt and pull out my First-Aid Kit.

Lemmy: “Uh, I think you’re gonna need a little more than a bandage for that.”
Me: “That’s okay. I have more than just bandages.”

I give him a thumbs up, unconsciously trying to do so with both hands. Lillian screams again, dropping my arm. I wince when it hits the floor, rubbing the nub it connects to.

Lillian: “It moved!?”
Me: “...Yes? You’ve seen it move before.”
Lillian: “That was you– You can move it when it’s not attached!?”
Me: “Well, yeah. It’s still My arm, why wouldn’t I be able to?”

I make it wave from the ground to demonstrate. Both of them take a step back. Weird.

I set the limb on the dining room table. I’ve done this here plenty of times, so nothing about this really feels unnatural. From my first-aid kit, I take out a needle and thread.

Me: “This is going to take a minute. Do you want to watch, or–”
Lemmy: “I’m not gonna believe any part of this actually happened unless I watch it all.”
Lillian: “Yeah, I couldn’t look away if I wanted to.”

Well if they insist. I poke the arm into myself, letting out a small “ow” as I start reconnecting the limb.

It’s honestly a pretty boring process, just doing the same motion over and over again. I’m a little out of practice doing it solo too. Usually Jhonen helps me put it back, and we’ll watch cartoons while he holds it for me.

...Thinking about that actually gets me a little sad. I miss not having to explain stuff to him. He was Used to me, even the parts of me that I don’t even show most others. Having someone like that felt nice...
No. 1053810 ID: 629f2e
File 167376723899.png - (144.04KB , 500x500 , 274.png )


I pause mid-stitch. That had been the front door.

I turn to the others, who are frozen in place as well. Lillian holds a finger to her lips, silently telling us to be quiet.

We wait...





And then... nothing.

After about a minute, Lillian slowly approaches the window to peek outside.

Lillian: “I think they left.”
Lemmy: “phew! Get a look at who it was?”
Lillian: “Probably just a neighbor who heard the noise.”
Lillian: “As long as nobody saw us come in, we probably don’t need to worry? ...Keep an eye out when we leave though.”
Lemmy: “I’m fine with going out the back when we do. It worked fine coming in.”

I stand up, flexing my re-stitched arm.

Me: “Alright, I’m done. Do you want to see Jhonen’s room?”
Lemmy: “No.”
Me: “...”
Lemmy: “...We can go anyways though.”
No. 1053811 ID: 629f2e
File 167376729228.png - (155.77KB , 500x500 , 275.png )

I lead the way, being the only one who has ever been up to Jhonen’s bedroom apparently. The others approach the door warily, unconvinced that Jhonen wouldn’t set some sort of weird boobie trap out of fear of his research being stolen. I assure them that his mom made him take down the net, which does not put smiles on either of their faces.

Jhonen’s room is... kind of a Mess to be honest. Not like when kids just leave stuff on the floor, he isn’t lazy. It’s more that he just has way too much stuff in here.

Every surface in the room is covered in evidence he’s collected. Vials of fluid, bags of DNA, sketches of creatures you’ve never before seen, rolls of film, books he uses for research, etc. It’s a lot to store all in one place.

Lillian: “...Starting to regret coming here. How are we going to find anything in all this junk?”
Me: “Hmm... I’ve been here a lot. Maybe I can just tell you which areas look like they’ve changed? Like if he’s added onto them, or has been moving things around.”
Lemmy: “I’m guessing if it’s caked in dust, that’s a sign we can ignore it.”
Me: “Unless it’s a dust sample, then yes.”

I do a quick sweep of the place, looking at all of his various spots.

Let’s see... He’s changed out the clues on his Peg Board, which is usually a sign that he’s been trying to solve something. Trying to make sense of the various bits and pieces he’s hung up can be tough however. The Samples he’s taken from me are in a different place than they usually are. His Bed doesn’t look made, which is unusual for him. And finally, it looks like one of his Shelves is a lot emptier than it used to be.

Where should we start? Also, is there anything I can have Lillian and Lemmy check for themselves? They haven’t been here like I have, so I think they might miss some things.

We’re not really on a time limit, but if we’re here for too long then eventually Jhonen’s mom and dad will come home. We should try to be out of here before they arrive.
No. 1053817 ID: e51896


hmm... his bed being unmade probably means that he had to leave somewhere in a hurry and didn't have time to make his bed... maybe in a rush to try and find you last Sunday probably? Maybe he found out he was going to be graduated soon, and was running from the people who captured him and had him graduate early? Do you know if he said anything about somebody coming after him when he was chasing you that day?

Or maybe anything about where you might find something important before he was captured, like any evidence he's hiding?

I think having Lilian look into the peg board will be best while you investigate other things might be best, she'll understand this stuff more than just having to try to find stuff since she'll have no clue what changed and what didn't when investigating.

Let her borrow your notepad and pen so she can take notes or draw pictures of what she is looking at so that if there is stuff she doesn't understand, she can show it to the group, or us later.

As for what you and Lemmy should do... I'll get back to you on that soon. Maybe somebody will come up with an idea.
No. 1053819 ID: 22eda9

To be honest, with Lemmy, I feel like we don't have a good read on him or what his talents/things he likes being good at are. (Other than maybe puns and/or being potentially the center of attention.)
It makes it hard to factor him into plans, as much as I hate to admit it...

Although, he did find out about the Closet by pure chance, so maybe it's best to just have him search for "Secrets" - mainly closed or intentionally obscured things.
A part of me vaguely considered having him think up a funny story, which maybe he still could, but I think the alternative here is seeing if he can decipher any of the Drawings.

I think I agree on having Lillian look at the Conspiracy Board- that way we can get caught up to speed once we get to it with some thought behind what it might mean.

Franklin, I think you're probably the only one who's going to understand any of the DNA samples (which I'm honestly very curious about, and may prove to be helpful in discovering more about you) - but it's probably good to do a quick sweep of everything.

I'm unsure how important it is that the Bed and Shelves get checked. The Bed seems... self explanatory, but I guess maaaaybe it wouldn't hurt to move the sheets to see if there's something there?

Also, what's normally on the Shelves?
No. 1053821 ID: a2d88b

Check the shelves to see if you can piece together which books are missing.
Have Lillian and Lemmy check the peg board, as it looks like the one item that doesn't need external knowledge.
No. 1053826 ID: 8483cf

I highly disagree with asking Lillian to look at the peg board. She’s not known for her brilliant deductive reasoning. If Albert was here, absolutely have him there, but for now, we need to have someone able to draw quick connections between unrelated items- a skill set related to punning. I vote Lemmy examine the board and give him a chance to prove his stuff.

Lillian can check around the bed for signs of a hasty exit or struggle.

Franklin needs to examine the shelf. He’s the most familiar with the room, so ONLY he will be able to determine what’s missing.
No. 1053827 ID: 38349b

Franklin - The peg board, you knew him best, interacted with him the most, and probably know what's in his head better than anyone else

Lillian - Shelves, if there's anything of value, notes or otherwise I think Lillian can handle it like she did with the book earlier

Lemmy - Look at the samples, get bored and grossed out and then lay on the bed, only to discover something purely by chance. At least that's my read on how Lemmy works lmao
No. 1053836 ID: bbb04b

> Cork Board
Lillian and Lemmy are both iffy people to assign to this one, but considering you know Jhonen had an Epiphany the day he graduated, noting it down is absolutely vital. Heck, considering that someone already knows that Someone was here, there's not much reason for us not to just Take It on our way out. Do see if fast-thinker, faster-talker Lemmy can try to make sense of it, in the meantime.

> Bed
If Jhonen was in a hurry, I somehow doubt he'd just lie down in bed only to hit the ground running the next day. (I mean, unless his ultimate conclusion came to him in a dream or something.)

... Do you know if Jhonen kept anything under or around his bed or mattress or pillow? It's honestly likely he either hid something in the mess before he left, or someone tried to search that area already. Maybe have Lillian tackle that.

> Shelves and Samples
Do you remember what was supposed to be on those shelves? If anyone would know, it's you. Maybe also check the samples to see if there's anything new there, or anything missing that you can recall.
No. 1054243 ID: 629f2e
File 167425796396.png - (122.72KB , 500x500 , 276.png )

> To be honest, with Lemmy, I feel like we don't have a good read on him or what his talents/things he likes being good at are. (Other than maybe puns and/or being potentially the center of attention.)

If it makes you feel better, that’s about all I really know about him too. We don’t spend much time together.

> I think having Lilian look into the peg board while you investigate other things will be best.
> I think I agree on having Lillian look at the Conspiracy Board- that way we can get caught up to speed once we get to it with some thought behind what it might mean.
> I vote Lemmy examine the board and give him a chance to prove his stuff.
> Have Lillian and Lemmy check the peg board, as it looks like the one item that doesn't need external knowledge.

A few of you disagree, but most of you are for having Lillian and Lemmy look at the board. I know from experience that I usually need the meaning of what’s on it explained for me to understand, so I’m inclined to agree.

Me: “Can you two look at Jhonen’s conspiracy board? It could tell us what he was looking into the day he graduated.”
Lillian: “Can do.”
Lemmy: “You’re really gonna make us try and get in Jhonen’s head. That’s just cruel.”
Lillian: “Quit whining, it beats digging through the rest of this junk.”

They approach the board, while you head deeper into the room. Okay, since they’re both on that, what should I check out?

Hmm... Since those two are busy, I should probably at least give everything a glance.

> Also, what's normally on the Shelves?
> Do you remember what was supposed to be on those shelves? If anyone would know, it's you.

So many things. I don’t even know where to start. I don’t remember anything from that side of the room really having to do with Me at least. It was more a mishmash of other things he’d been looking into.

He had some plaster molds of footprints that he swore belonged to the mythical big-footmoth woman, a few newspaper articles that had “proof” of aliens (as well as a few funny comic strips), a bottle of bear repellant, and a drawing of a human/cow hybrid that he insisted was real. All of that is gone now.

Hmm... Nope, I can’t identify any real pattern in what’s missing, save for them being in generally the same location.

> ...Do you know if Jhonen kept anything under or around his bed or mattress or pillow?

No, just normal bed stuff normally.

> If Jhonen was in a hurry, I somehow doubt he'd just lie down in bed only to hit the ground running the next day.
> I'm unsure how important it is that the Bed and Shelves get checked. The Bed seems... self explanatory, but I guess maaaaybe it wouldn't hurt to move the sheets to see if there's something there?

A quick peek wouldn’t hurt.

I lift the nice warm quilt up to see what’s hiding beneath, and am met with... Nothing!

Well that’s a little disappointing. Oh well, I doubt there’s anything else here. I do wonder why it’s like this though. Did he not get a chance to make his bed?

He definitely should have, right. I mean, he was at school the morning he was taken, right? That means he was here in the morning. I guess that means he just forgot? Something must have Distracted him. Something he found out maybe?
No. 1054244 ID: 629f2e
File 167425799916.png - (99.03KB , 500x500 , 277.png )

> Franklin, I think you're probably the only one who's going to understand any of the DNA samples (which I'm honestly very curious about, and may prove to be helpful in discovering more about you)
> Maybe also check the samples to see if there's anything new there, or anything missing that you can recall.

In the end, I feel like I can get the most out of spending time on the samples, a point that you guys seem to... well, not agree with. You were all pretty split on what I should focus on, but if not the peg board, then this seems like the next best option.

Jhonen has taken a lot of these samples from me over the past couple years, something about not having a good way to store them, and needing to update his collection frequently. He has a small mini-fridge for some, but it gets packed quickly. Several other vials are sitting out openly, but they’re at least sealed shut.

If I’m looking for something specific, then I guess... I want to learn something new about myself? He should have some notes here, as I know he writes things down. Where does he keep them...?

It takes a bit of searching, but I find the notebook I’ve seen him writing in before. Next, I should probably check out the samples for myself too. He’s taken all sorts of different types, but there are a few he keeps repeating. Those are Blood Samples, Skin Samples, and Urine Samples.

...Those last ones are gross.

If these samples were related to what he found out, he would have kept the most important ones in his fridge. I open it up, and check out each sample type.

Urine... Yep, that’s pee. I don’t have anything to add there.

Skin. Well it’s... It’s definitely flecks of skin. Okay, I’m starting to think this is a waste of time.

How about blood? It looks about the same as ever, Sludgy and gross. Normal for me, but not quite the same as other kids’.

Thankfully, Jhonen always has a control sample (taken from himself) on hand for comparison. I pick up one of my blood samples and hold it up next to his. The difference is clear as day. His sloshes around in the vial when I move it, like a liquid is supposed to. Mine is more like... Have you spirits ever seen wet sand? Well it’s kind of like that.

My blood is weird, but it’s pretty convenient for me, I think. Actually, Jhonen thought it. He pointed out that when my arms came off, if my blood was all sloshy and normal, it’d spill out fast and I’d die.

...Though I guess if that happened, dad would just bring me back. I would probably forget everything all over again though, which wouldn’t be fun.

...Oh, I’m getting lost in thought! I was going to check Jhonen’s notes, right? What do they say?
No. 1054245 ID: 629f2e
File 167425801814.png - (123.36KB , 500x500 , 278.png )

I quickly flip to the last few pages with anything filled in, not wanting to waste time. A recent breakthrough means These are the pages that should matter.

Observations of Biological Anomaly “Franklin” - DNA Sample Analysis #62

Blood Sample #35

Observations (Taken within a minute of being drawn): “As with previous samples, Franklin’s blood demonstrates abnormal traits unlike any found in the rest of humanity. This includes presenting as a semi-solid slurry when drawn and properly stored, and rapid clotting upon exposure to air. “

Analysis: “No further conclusions at this time.”

Urine Sample #46

Observations: “Tests show abnormal chemicals present in the sample. Results similar to several prior tests.”

Analysis: “As concluded previously, these results have been proven to be caused by simple over the counter pain medication. Reminder to retrieve urine samples prior to any testing that requires removal of limb.”

Skin Sample #14


I blink. Aside from Observation and Analysis being in the same place as in other sections, I can’t make out most of these results. Much of the text is scratched out and scribbled over, as if he couldn’t agree with his own conclusions and kept going back and forth while writing.

There is one word that breaks free from this mess though. The space around it is erased, as if he wanted it to break free of the noise. There are no scribbles over it, so this was likely the conclusion he’d landed on.


...What could that mean?
No. 1054246 ID: 629f2e
File 167425804689.png - (201.21KB , 500x500 , 279.png )

No other page seems to have an answer unfortunately, so it seemed that was all I’d be getting from this. Since Jhonen isn’t here, I decide to stuff the notebook in my shirt for now. I don’t think his parents will notice it’s gone, and it’s fine if they do since nobody should know we were here.

Having finished with that, I decide to check on the others.

Me: “Hi, how is it going for you two?”
Lillian: “Not amazing. This whole board is utter nonsense. Look.”

She starts pointing at a few images.

Lillian: “This is just a drawing of you as an alien, and there are pictures and a few newspaper articles that are trying to push that narrative, which we already know is wrong.”
Lemmy: “Right, you’re not an alien, just a living dead kid.”
Me: “Yeah... That’s been there for a while now.”
Lillian: “And then this side is something about Temmie, and it involves cows wearing wigs or something dumb like that, and this definitely isn’t gonna help us.”
Lemmy: “Unless we need milk to go with our cookies. Then it might be worth looking into this.”
Lillian: “No matter how much we try to work it out, it just looks like a bunch of stupid drawings that make it seem like he wasn’t onto squat.”

That seems weird. There were definitely a few different images up than last time, so this should show us what Jhonen figured out. The more I stare at it though, the less sure I am of that. Maybe... he Didn’t reach any big conclusions?

Lemmy: “...I think it’s the first thing I said.”
Lillian: “Huh?”
Me: “Wait, first from when? Like the first time we met?”
Lillian: “Probably when we first started staring at this board.”
Lemmy: “Ooh, you didn’t hear it before? That means I get to make the pun again!”
Lillian: “Fine, but only because I already forgot it.”
Lemmy: “What kind of kid would obsessively journal what they’re thinking of for everyone to see? One with a bad case of diary-ah!
Me: “...”
Lillian: “...”
Lemmy: “...”
Me: “...Gross.”
Lemmy: “Yeah yeah, anywho the point was: This is Weird.
Lillian: “Jhonen was weird.”
Lemmy: “Nooo, Jhonen was obsessive and believed in weird junk. None of that explains why he’d just put a board of thoughts up for anyone to come in and read.”
Lemmy: “I mean, does that really sound like him? Sure, he loved to show off, but he was also pretty paranoid.”
Lillian: “Pretty sure he was just wary about You, after the eighth or so time you convinced him that a mythical creature was lurking in Cattenom.”
Lemmy: “Well you got me there~!”

He sticks out his tongue with an expression that just screams “ain’t I a stinker”.

Lemmy: “For real though, I’m not sure I buy this board.”
Me: “Well... It isn’t really a diary though. It’s more like... a Tool?
Me: “Jhonen would use this to organize his thoughts. Sometimes he pulls things off, so it wouldn’t really be a good place to record his thoughts, right?”

Lemmy makes a face, looking at the board skeptically. He isn’t convinced.

Lemmy: “...Alright. That’s important, right? Let’s say he does exactly what you describe.”
Lemmy: “What if I’m still right about this?”
No. 1054247 ID: 629f2e
File 167425805827.png - (142.49KB , 500x500 , 280.png )

The last part is barely a mumble, as he walks forward and puts his hand on the board. He rubs it lightly, squinting at the material. I’m about to ask what he’s doing, but Lillian stops me, convinced he’s onto something.

Lemmy: “...You need a board to put things together, but nobody wants to leave all their thoughts out for anyone to see.
Lemmy: “How do you do both...?

His hand moves towards the Edge, then over it. It stops. His eyes go wide, as a smirk creeps across his face.

Lemmy: “...Heh. Ha ha ha hah ha! That’s Clever!
Me: “What is?”
Lemmy: “Look! It’s thick! Thick!

He points wildly at the sides of the board in a fit of laughter. I look to Lillian, wondering if she gets it– Nope, just as confused.

Lillian: “Okay, now do you want to explain in a way that makes sense?
Lemmy: “Are you kidding me? You’d better not, that’s my job! Really though, do you need me to explain it? It’s thick!”
Lillian: “Why do you keep saying that?”
Lemmy: “Because it’s Too Thick!

She raises an eyebrow, and opens her mouth like she’s about to ask for further explanation again.

And then she closes it. She turns to look back at the board, throwing her hand onto the side of it.

Lillian: “...Oh my gosh.”
Me: “What?”
Lillian: “Franklin, there are Two boards here.”
Me: “...Huh?”
Lillian: “Hey, Lemmy, help me flip this around. We gotta see the other side of this.”
Lemmy: “Fine by me. I was getting board of staring at this one.”

I stand back, perplexed at what’s happening. Two boards...

...He never told me about there being another one. How many times have I been here? How many times has he ran over his theories with me? All that time... He wasn’t lying to me, right?

We’re friends, so he wouldn’t... I th– I want to think that. But... I was already wrong about dad.

...Am I being dumb for Doubting my friend, or for Believing in him?
No. 1054256 ID: 15c72a

>why put his thoughts in plain view?
A paranoid person would leave a diversion in plain sight, and hide away the "real theory". Which seems to be exactly what's going on here.

>is it dumb to doubt or believe?
He was your friend. You were right to believe him. In fact, maybe you should have believed in him more; maybe you should have realized his front-facing silly theory was fake. At any rate, he was keeping his real theory a secret from everyone, for both his safety and his friends'. After all, he got taken due to getting too close to the truth... anyone else who knew would be in danger as well.
No. 1054278 ID: 22eda9

I don't think Jhonen was lying to you, he just didn't tell you. That doesn't mean he wanted you to know, and it's fair for people to keep secrets.

What if it's something that would permanently change the dynamic of your friendship? Would he risk that? Does he care about you as a friend, or just for your secrets?
...I think it's fine to believe what you want to, just... keep an open mind.

You're not dumb for believing him. That's like saying that those who get tricked are at fault for being naive. If it's possible, I want you to continue to believe in him.

You're not dumb for doubting him either, though. It might be a bit mean to him, though.

Also, be sure to make it look like the board wasn't touched when you're done if it's possible, because if he was onto something then you definitely don't want the adults knowing.

Either that, or if the graduation was anything to go by, it's something the adults don't want people knowing, that they already know.

...In any case, Jhonen seems to have been very thorough about looking into you, so...
I guess, be prepared for your life to change dramatically once you see whatever's there.
No. 1054299 ID: f8083d

Boards are good for organizing your thoughts, but they're also good for explaining them. Jhonen would use the private board for the former, the public board for the latter.
No. 1054366 ID: e51896

>Lemmy finding the second pegboard

I think we found Lemmy's skills: deductive reasoning, and good at being perceptive.


Hmmm, well, to answer that question, Franklin, let me put things in perspective for you.

From what I've seen, You have been real good friends with Lilian, Roger, and Albert for a very long time, just like you were with Jhonen. With how long you've been friends with them, I believe you put a lot of trust in them too, correct?

And yet... just like how Jhonen lied and kept this peg board a secret from you for so long, you too have held a deep secret away from your own friends and lied to them about it too for so long, until recently when you told Lilian about it...

Your neck scar and your easily detachable limbs.

And even then, you only revealed it because the circumstance of the situation called for you to do it, and because you felt ready to reveal the truth to them when previously, you stated you didn't want to because it would creep her out. Ask yourself this too: if you never accidentally removed your arm in front of Jhonen that day, would you have ever told him about that secret, along with your neck scar?

I also remember yesterday, Albert asked about your neck, and you lied to him when you said you didn't have a scar on your neck behind your turtleneck, with fear in your eyes, while trying to hide your head under your turtleneck to make sure the scars stay hidden.

And I want you to know something, Albert RESPECTS your secret. Even though he pushed for you to reveal your scars, he in the end dropped it. And when you fainted yesterday night, Albert was given the perfect opportunity to lower your turtleneck to see your scars.

But... he ultimately decided NOT to do that out of respect and value of his friendship with you, despite the strong urge he had to reveal your secret for himself. You can ask Lemmy about it too, he was there to witness Albert fight the urge, and not do it.

So really, I think as a friend, you should respect why your friends keep the secrets they want to keep private from you and others, and understand why they might lie about certain things when you yourself have lied and kept secrets in the past from your friends too.

Food for thought too, what if this secret pegboard was what Jhonen was trying to tell you about before he was taken away, as he knew he was going to graduate and needed you to find the truth?

>I would probably forget everything all over again though, which wouldn’t be fun.

Before you split off from Lilian and Lemmy for the day, give them your notes you wrote, and Jhonen's diary, just in case. Not now, just later


For now, ask Lilian if you can hold her hand, for comfort. I have a feeling what you might find from that second peg board might be pretty serious.
No. 1054463 ID: 8483cf


I’m not sure the adults are fully aware of the scope of Jhonen’s investigations. Odds are high he was picked up for something he uncovered, but I have a strong suspicion that the adults haven’t done serious digging into this room yet, mainly because of the biohazards in the fridge. That would be the first thing to get disposed of in the event of a coverup.

So the idea here for use isn’t to cover up Jhonen’s investigation, but to cover up that we’ve stumbled upon Jhonen’s investigation. Don’t leave traces that we were here, and if that’s unavoidable, make it seem like the traces were left by Jhonen himself. So that means studiously replacing the board when we’re done.

The good news is that whatever we find behind it is likely a secret that the adults don’t know Jhonen has stumbled upon, meaning that if this room ever gets cleaned up, we’ll know they know about Jhonen’s investigation, but they don’t know we know they know.

> Am I being dumb for Doubting my friend, or for Believing in him?

No, you’re not dumb. People always have secrets, and sometimes they’re kept for good reasons. Like keeping you from being swept up in this.
No. 1054949 ID: 629f2e
File 167495449938.png - (118.69KB , 500x500 , 281.png )

> I don't think Jhonen was lying to you, he just didn't tell you. That doesn't mean he wanted you to know, and it's fair for people to keep secrets.

I don’t mind if there were things Jhonen didn’t want to tell me. He can have his secrets, that isn’t the part that bothers me.

Where I’m confused is that he made me think the board in front was real. He would always tell me about his budding theories, and when we were in here he’d point as pieces of evidence he’d collected on it. So what I’m wondering is... Was there any truth to any of that? What if he Never believed in any of that stuff?

...Jhonen didn’t tell me everything. How much of what he did tell me can I still believe though?

> I also remember yesterday, Albert asked about your neck, and you lied to him when you said you didn't have a scar on your neck behind your turtleneck, with fear in your eyes, while trying to hide your head under your turtleneck to make sure the scars stay hidden.

Th-That’s not the same. Dad told me that I’m not supposed to tell people about my scars, and I don’t like thinking about them. They make me uncomfortable.

> He was your friend. You were right to believe him. In fact, maybe you should have believed in him more; maybe you should have realized his front-facing silly theory was fake.

So... It’s my fault for not knowing when I was being lied to? Then that means it’s my fault for thinking mom was in that closet for so long too. Or for thinking I was actually the doctor’s son, right?

That doesn’t feel right to me. If you tell a lie, it should be your fault that people believe something that isn’t true.

> No, you’re not dumb. People always have secrets, and sometimes they’re kept for good reasons. Like keeping you from being swept up in this.

I guess we’ll see if that’s true once we know what “this” actually is.
No. 1054950 ID: 629f2e
File 167495454426.png - (970.48KB , 1000x750 , 282.png )

Lemmy and Lillian manage to get the board off the wall, and flip it around for us to look at. The immediate subjects are obvious, but nobody says anything. We’re all just taking it in. Lillian ends up putting what I was thinking into words.

Lillian: “This makes a lot more sense.”

Unlike the other side, where the connections involve making massive leaps that only Jhonen really understands, this side was different. The connections were more... Coherent? Like, I can tell there’s a point to it, even if I’d need to really read it to understand what that point is.

It should be relieving, but instead it just makes me frown. I’m counting this as a point towards Jhonen being a liar.

Lemmy: “Oh my gosh, it’s about Franklin? Who could have possibly seen this coming? I mean, personally, I’m shocked.”
Me: “Really? Isn’t this why–”
Lillian: “Sarcasm.”
Me: “Oh.”
Lillian: “I think it’s a little surprising though. You’re not actually at the center of it all, your dad is.”

She was right. While drawings of us both were both on the board, his was the one in the center. A lot of the lines connected back to the Doctor, not me.

Lemmy: “It looks like there are three main splits. How’s about I look at the center, Franklin takes left, and you take the right, Lillian?”
Lillian: “Yeah, okay.”
Me: “Um, so I should look at this one...?”

The others are already reading through the notes and images on their sides. Mine is shorter, but I shouldn’t waste time. I’m not the fastest reader, I could still wind up finishing last if I don’t get to it.

I trace the string from my father down to what looks like a drawing of the Morgue. That much makes sense, it’s where he lives. I live there too though, so shouldn’t it also connect to me?

Well... Maybe this is more about how dad works there, instead of being about how he lives there. I guess that makes sense then.

There are a couple of notes connecting to it with text scribbled in Jhonen’s terrible handwriting.

“Exterior Analysis: Claim of additional full room connected to living room is dubious at best.”

“Bedridden for over a year, never visits hospital?”

Bedridden? Is this about the things I told him about Mom? It sounds like he didn’t believe them. That’s actually a point towards him being honest though, he always claimed that the stuff about my mom wasn’t what it seemed. In his words:

Jhonen: “Obviously your mom isn’t some normal human, because then YOU wouldn’t be an abnormal alien! That whole explanation is therefore HIGHLY suspect!”

The reasoning here isn’t exactly the same, but it’s the idea is the same at least.

The drawing of the morgue connects to a printed photograph of what looks like a Grave. Did he take this in our backyard? I don’t remember letting him in there with a camera.

There’s a note scribbled underneath it.

“No name engraved. Grass hasn’t grown back fully, indicating the plot is more recent.”

Honestly, I don’t recognize the grave, but the photo makes it clear why that is. It seems to be in the corner of the yard, in an area blocked off by a hedge. It’s almost deliberately placed Out of Sight.

...Which really raises the question of how Jhonen got this picture. I’m convinced he probably climbed the fence and let himself in. I want to say something about how he shouldn’t do that... but we’re standing in his bedroom right now.

On the topic of invading privacy, the final image in this line is much worse at that. He didn’t really dig it up, did he?

“Cadaver dressed in a wedding dress and ring. Height and presumed build matches with evidence, probable match for Elizabeth Stein.”

He did! That’s... We might have to talk about that! I feel like that shouldn’t be okay.

I guess this confirms one thing though: The woman from the picture did exist. She probably isn’t my mom, and the stories dad told me might not be true, but she was a real person. And now she’s gone now.

That’s sad. Not really for me, I never knew her. I guess it’s sad for dad. He had somebody he really loved, and she died. I wouldn’t want to know what that feels like.

Maybe that’s why he’s been lying about her? He could be so sad that he just doesn’t want to accept that she’s really gone, and pretending she’s still around is how he copes with the loss. That would make me feel better. It would mean he didn’t lie to hurt me or anything, but because the truth was too painful.

I don’t think that’s true, but it would be nice if it was.

That’s all that was on my side. I inform the others, who launch into explanations of their lines.

Lemmy: “So apparently, your dad has got something going on with Aiden’s dad.”
Lillian: “You mean Mr. Sheppard? The farmer?”
Lemmy: “Eeyup.”
Lillian: “Okay, what though? And why is it so important that Jhonen was looking into it?”
Lemmy: “Ee I Ee I dOn’t know the full extent. The two had some kind of Exchange going on it looks like.”
Lemmy: “There’s a picture of Mr. Sheppard walking up to the morgue here, and a few notes about him bringing his Truck when he did.”
Lemmy: “Apparently that implies he needed to carry something there or back. No explanation on what though.”
Lillian: “Maybe dead farm animals? Franklin’s dad is apparently big on messing with corpses, he could be doing experiments on them or something.”
Me: “...Can you not describe the way I was made like as “messing with corpses”? Something about that makes me feel... bad.”
Lillian: “Er, sorry. You know what I mean.”

Lemmy taps the board to get our attention back, and points at an image.

Lemmy: “The end of this line has a picture of Sheppard’s truck at the High School, so we might actually get something out of looking into this.”
Lillian: “We should keep it in mind, that’s for sure.”
Me: “Did your side have anything Lillian?”
Lillian: “Nah, I was missing a piece I think.”
Me: “Huh?”

She taps a drawing of me, as well as a newspaper page it connects to.

Lillian: “There’s a piece missing from this paper, and nothing else from it matters.”
Me: “...I was in the paper?”
Lillian: “I think so. If it’s the section I think it is at least.”
Lemmy: “What, the Obituaries?
Lillian: “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.”
Me: “What is an obituary?”
Lillian: “The part of a paper where they talk about recent deaths. You wanted to know what your name is supposed to be, right?”
Me: “...Oh! So if it said something about a kid dying, that could be me? And they’d use my name before the doctor told me it was Franklin Stein?”
Lemmy: “Who knows? Maybe your name was Franklin Stein back then too? Mournful over the loss of you, his son, the doc brought you back good as new.”
Me: “You really think so!?”
Lemmy: “No.”
Me: “Oh...”

I deflate a little bit. Lillian slaps him harder than usual. I’m glad she did this time. He got my hopes up for a second.

Lillian: “Don’t tease Franklin about that.”
Lemmy: “Just trying to bring some levity. Laughter’s the best medicine! The doc’s probably got some whopper jokes if he can bring back the dead.”
Lemmy: “Maybe he even knows why the chicken crossed the road?”
Me: “...Why would a chicken cross the road?”
Lemmy: “To get to the other side.

I blink. He said it like a joke, but I don't get it. Not even a little bit, it just sounds like a statement of fact.

Lillian swings again, but he dodges. This is going to break out into a fight if we don’t move on.

Me: “Um, so why is there a picture of Temmie here?”

I point to a line coming off the paper. She blinks, scratching her head.

Lillian: “Hard to say. The stuff that’s written doesn’t seem like it involves her, unless The Freak sees a connection that I don’t.”
Lemmy: “One of her family members probably bit it on the same day. Like a grandparent or something.”
Lemmy: “It could have even been the same cause of death if it was an accident or a virus going around that did it. It’d make sense to put her on then, right?”
Lillian: “Hm... Yeah, maybe.”
Me: “Was there anything else?”

She pauses, scanning the board again. After a second, she nods.

Lillian: “Just one: Jhonen Knew you died.”
Me: “...Oh.”
Lemmy: “Feeeeeeeellls like the obituary clue covered that already.”
Lillian: “Yeah, but I wanted there are really no doubts about it. He has a write-up on your anatomy here where he concludes you’re some kind of zombie or flesh golem.”
Lillian: “Plus, we’re just Guessing it’s an obituary. It makes sense, but y’know, still some doubt there.”
Me: “...”

He knew. Jhonen was Sure that I died.

Every time we talked, he told me all about his theories. The ways he was going to prove that I really was an Alien.

...Did he actually believe any of that? When did he figure out the truth? Maybe That was what he was going to tell me on the day he graduated.
No. 1054951 ID: 629f2e
File 167495459043.png - (142.62KB , 500x500 , 283.png )

Lillian: “...So does this actually tell us anything?”
Lemmy: “I’unno, Franklin?”
Me: “Hmmm...”
Me: “...”

Frowning, he mimes winding me up like a toy, muttering about how fast these things run out. I choose not to treat it as an insult.

Lillian: “Maybe we should review a little. Do you remember why we came here?”
Me: “...Because finding out about Judy might tell us about graduation. So... we wanted to find out about my past, and Jhonen figured something out about me before he graduated.”
Lillian: “Right! So what did Jhonen figure out? This board should tell us, right?”
Me: “...That I died?”
Lemmy: “Eh, that’s not really what this board is focused on though. It’s just one branch. There, but not the biggest deal.”
Lillian: “It’s surprising that Franklin isn’t at the center of it. Our Franklin.”

She shuts down Lemmy’s comment before he can make it. He sticks his tongue out.

Lemmy: “Well maybe he was onto Franklin’s dad for something? The guy is pretty sketchy, and this board just proves it all the more.”
Me: “...”
Me: “What did he say?”
Lemmy: “Huh?”
Me: “Back then, I remember... I was listening. I didn’t give it much thought, but I heard it. What was it...?”

Back then, while I was hiding down the alley, somebody had stopped to listen to Jhonen. What did Jhonen tell him?
No. 1054952 ID: 629f2e
File 167495460962.png - (141.98KB , 500x500 , 284.png )

Jhonen: “You don’t understand his True Nature! He’s committed crimes against humanity itself!”
Jhonen: “He can’t be allowed to operate freely! Do you understand what horrors he’s getting up to every second that passes?”
Jhonen: “We don’t have time for an investigation! I have the Proof, we should arrest him posthaste!”

Me: “Jhonen seemed... Kind of Desperate. And he wanted me arrested?”
Lillian: “Really? But there’s nothing here that says you did anything wrong.”
Me: “But he said... I mean, I thought that’s what he meant.”
Me: “But, now that you mention it...”

Jhonen: “Franklin Stein needs to be brought to justice. If you give me a chance, I promise I can show you I’m right.”

Me: “He knew all of this... So he should have known that my name isn’t actually Franklin Stein.”
Me: “Which means he was talking about...”

I had Misunderstood him. Even after he had been taken, I still hadn’t realized what he’d wanted to tell me. I didn’t see how desperate he was to make me listen.

Jhonen: “Stop running! You need to hear this, I’ve finally pieced it all together! I know the Truth!
Jhonen: “You need to see what I uncovered! This is important, slow down! Or at least don’t go home! Please, don’t go home!”

Me: “...I think Jhonen wanted to Warn me about the Doctor.”
Lillian: “Yeah. That makes more sense than the alternative. He found out that your dad was actually some crazy dude messing with corpses, and wanted to keep you safe.”
Lemmy: “Well that’s surprisingly decent of the kid who tried to dismember you in the middle of class last year.”
Lemmy: “...Which, looking back, wouldn’t have been as bad as it sounded then.”
Me: “It still would have hurt...”
Lemmy: “Anywho, what now? It’s neat to figure that out, but it doesn’t–”
No. 1054953 ID: 629f2e
File 167495463994.png - (144.25KB , 500x500 , 285.png )


We all freeze at the sound. It wasn’t against the door of this room, but sounded like it was coming from downstairs. The Front Door again.

Had the neighbor returned? It seemed weird that they’d go away and then come back after so long. Maybe it was something unrelated? Like a kid who forgot Jhonen graduated who wanted to see him?

We stay silent and wait, not wanting to let anyone know there are people inside.




There’s sounds, almost like people talking. It’s too muffled to make out the words though.

Lemmy tiptoes across the room, and slowly opens the window. The words are a lot clearer through it than the walls and floors.

Woman: “Well?”
Man: “It sounds like the family isn’t home. Are you absolutely certain you heard something?”

Lemmy’s eyes go wide at the man’s voice. I’d ask why, but if we can hear them, then they can hear us.

Woman: “There were children screaming here, I just know it! Go inside and look for yourself if you don’t believe me.”
Man: “Can do.”

Lemmy closes the window, just a little harder than I feel like he should have.

Lemmy: (Whispering) “We need to hide!
Lillian: (Whispering) “Who was that?
Lemmy: (Whispering) “It’s My stupid dad! He’s a cop, he’s going to come inside and search for intruders.
Me: “...Aren’t we intruders?
Lemmy: “Exactly!
Lillian: “Forget hiding, let’s get out of here!

Run, hide, both options sounded better than staying here. We can’t do both though, so we need to make a choice. There are plenty of spots in this room or other rooms of the house we could hide if that’s what we want. And there’s always the back door if we want to get out, or maybe the window? We’re only on the second floor.

Also... Is it okay to leave Jhonen’s board like this? Turning it back will take time, which we don’t have a lot of it sounds like.
No. 1054954 ID: e51896

Something tells me... you shouldn't go back home, Franklin, Jhonen was warning you not to do that. That said, we'll probably need to find you a place to hide. We'll think more about that later.

There is something I remember Lemmy doing a couple nights ago, he used his blanket, or bedsheets as a way to escape from his bedroom, using them as a rope. He can set that up, and you guys can escape that way easily. The only thing is that they will know somebody was in here after seeing the bedsheet rope hanging from the window, but they won't know who.

If it takes time for Lemmy to set up that escape route, then go ahead and set the pegboard back in position, but if Lemmy finishes before you can put the pegboard back, then just escape. Have Lilian help Lemmy if she can help set the escape route faster,

so basically, Lemmy and Lilian works on tying the bedsheets from the bed to out the window, while you try and put the pegboard back in place, but be prepared to escape immediately as soon as Lemmy finishes the escape route, even if you don't manage to hide the pegboard in time. It would be great if we can escape without them knowing we know about the secret pegboard, but don't feel too bad if you can't. Not all missions can be a complete success.
No. 1054956 ID: e51896

Oh, and if you manage to escape, and you need to figure out where to go next, let's make our next stop to see Jolene, just to see how she is doing. You asked us to remind you to do that if we have time.
No. 1054957 ID: f8083d

Escaping sounds like the best idea for now. But if you can't hide the secret pegboard behind the public one again fast enough, then take it. Since hostiles don't know it exists, they won't notice it's missing.
No. 1054959 ID: 22eda9

Don't bother moving the pegboard back, it'd take less time to just unpin what's on it and take it with you. (Plus, moving it would probably make noise in the panic you guys are in.)
If you're not confident about how many you can remove, just grab the important ones- Doctor, Franklin, and ESPECIALLY Mr. Sheppard.
From what I can understand right this moment, he's the "Legs" of this whole operation. I... don't know if that analogy makes much sense, but my point is that he could be just as important if not more important than the Doctor's role in this whole Graduation Conspiracy... assuming it's connected.
It's a small town. It probably is.

The more you leave on the board, the more they'll have to be able to piece together, and that's a risk you'll have to decide on your own.
If you leave the ripped obituary, it's likely they can find that article easily, and the house, grave and corpse are also self explanatory.

I don't want to gamble on the possibility Lemmy's Dad won't search thoroughly, so I'm voting on Escape.
While it was Lillian's idea, I think Lemmy should take the lead on it while she assists, since he's already succeeded in escaping his parents.

I feel like it's a bit early to mention that, but, yes. Also worth considering Temmie if this or something immediately happens is 'the sign'.
No. 1054961 ID: e51896

Actually, yeah, that's a better idea. just removing the pics and putting them in your pockets will be much faster. And don't worry about them getting wrinkled or damaged or anything, you all already saw what we needed to seen. It's more important that the adults don't see WHAT was discovered from the peg board. The Mr. Anderson stuff is the most important stuff to remove especially.
No. 1055020 ID: 87e33c

Okay, so I have a really stupid plan.

Lillian should escape with a bedsheet wrapped around her, making noise as she hops out the window, she can do it easy and distract them. Though you gotta trust that she can get away and lose her tail.

You and Lemmy take the important notes and then hide, if Lillian's distracting enough, then you'll be able to take the rest of the evidence, flip the board over, and leave with no one on your tail, and with no lingering evidence even if they find the stuff on the back of the board.

Getting caught would be a problem though.

I only think we should do this if others like my dumb plan

My less stupid plan is basically >>1054959
Go escape, grab stuff from the board but dont bother hiding it, have franklin flop out the window and lose some limbs your friends have to carry, yknow, the comedic exit!
No. 1055079 ID: e51896

I just thought of a some things regarding the peg board after doing a lot of thinking since we're removing pictures:

Call it a hunch, but what if we DON'T remove the pictures on the left side? (the section talking about Dr. Franklin Stein's wife)? From what it looks like, with him hiding his wife's grave with it being unmarked and in the corner of the yard behind a hedge, he doesn't seem to be only hiding her death just from you, Franklin, but from everyone.

I have a feeling if the adults need to see anything from the pegboard, it's gotta be that one. Jhonen knew the doctor was doing really sketchy things, and if the adults find out about his wife's death that he seems to be hiding from the world, something tells me he'll get justice served to him like Jhonen was hoping for, or at least some kind of punishment.

And as for the right side, if we can only remove a few things on the right side, definetly remove Temmie's picture. Something tells me they shouldn't see her on that peg board. She's been implying she is going to be in danger, and while it might be unavoidable, I would rather it not be worse than it is going to be.

So that said, I think as far what we should remove in order: definitely the middle section first, that should be the top priority out of everything here to remove (the stuff about Mr. Sheppard), then the right side talking about proof of you being a "zombie" (if you don't have time to remove everything from the right side, remove Temmie's picture, I don't think it will be a good idea to leave her picture there) and then leave the left side talking about Franklin Stein's wife alone.

Leave immediately as soon as Lemmy and Lilian finishes the escape route, no matter if you finish removing the pictures or not. Take what you can.
No. 1055125 ID: 8483cf

I vote ESCAPE. No need to conceal too much; the priority here is a clean getaway.

There’s nothing I can say here that hasn’t been said already, except…

When this spirit says “lose her tail” that doesn’t mean what you think it means.
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