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File 164210390778.jpg - (257.04KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom.jpg )
1020382 No. 1020382 ID: dd40ce

Previous Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/977359.html

You are part of the Secret Extermination Command

You control a squad of Constructed Organisms, each with useful biological powers.

Your job is to monitor and command your squad to exterminate paranatural threats to Gray Lake, an amazing and prosperous city. It is extremely important that the people of Gray Lake aren't aware of the somewhat unfortunately common paranatural threats, and so officially, you don't exist.

Do well, and you will be assigned more C.Orgs, or even be able to commission specific gene combinations, and reap the probably-existent benefits of being part of a secret government organization.

Do poorly, and your squad will be recycled and you'll have to get a real job or something.

Detailed Rules:

Equipment Pastebin

Equipment GDoc (Weapons, Armor and Items all on different sheets)

C.Orgs Pastebin

C.Org Relationship Pastebin

GDoc Relationship Matrix

Species List

Trait list
Expand all images
No. 1020383 ID: dd40ce
File 164210405340.jpg - (328.23KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom115.jpg )

Zarah is "interrogating" a Corporate Cultist
Fucc is helping Lurleen back at the base.
Noot is caring for the Frilled Demon
Danovin is investigating the Pee Bandit
and Eilie, Rockit, Ixander, and ViiVeen are resting.

You have agreed to send your remaining C.Orgs to invade the Kobold Kaverns and kidnap kobolds!

There are five types of kobolds:

You gain increased rewards for each type captured, and must capture at least one to succeed in the mission. You can also capture eggs for increased rewards. This will require you to explore the kobold kaverns.

To complete the mission, you must return to the Extraspace gate that your troops deploy from or use a Portable Gate Relay.

Your C.Orgs are outfitted as follows:
Batons You have brought batons instead of knives, greatly reducing the chance of killing an enemy if you engage them in CQC


Wolf Abilities:
Animal Senses - Larger detection radius
Improved Animal Senses - spend an action to learn specific number and traits for detected enemies. has a chance to detect invisible/hidden enemies.
Animal Toughness - Harder to kill than a human.
Trophilaxis - when drug is used on this troop, an adjacent troop also gets the benefit.
Healer - Trauma kit has 3 uses
Presence - The Calm action has 100% chance of success when used on adjacent units. Can Calm units that aren't adjacent as long as they can see or hear her. All adjacent allies gain a bonus to Calm.
Tough as Nails - The unit has to be reduced to 1/3 HP to be injured. The first time she would panic during a mission, she is shaken instead.
Lead From the Front - as long as Kayree goes on a mission, reserves get XP
Camo Suit - less protective than a standard plate carrier, but can spend an action to hide, making the troop wearing it harder to detect. Flechette weapons will not reveal location.
Stinger Rifle - Medium range, Single shot, low damage.
When hit, most non-mechanical enemies have a penalty to Aim and movement for several turns, and there is a chance based on how wounded they are that they either only get one action per turn or become paralyzed for several turns.
Can be used underwater.
5 round magazine.
Trauma Kit - Use to revive a disabled teammate or remove injuries.


Horse Abilities:
Animal Senses
Animal Toughness
Juggernaut - Can interact to push/throw as part of move action.
Monstrous Frame - High HP, DR, CQC damage, and speed. Large profile. Equip restrictions.
Leggy - Bonus movement.
Steady - Firearm attacks with an aim bonus deal extra damage
Guts - bonus to death/injury role if he becomes a casualty
Energy Katana[i] - CQC range, no ammo, high damage, 1h.
Deals very high CQC damage and the troop carrying it is harder to hit in CQC. Can be equipped alongside one other weapon with the 1h property.
[i]Capture foam gun
- short range, no damage, 1h
Targets hit and encased in immobilizing foam. Alternatively, removes "on fire" from a unit.
1 round magazine.
Ballistic Shield - troop carrying it takes reduced damage from firearms and is harder to hit in CQC.


Centipede Abilities:
Alien Anatomy - Can carry an extra weapon, tougher than a human. Affects armor.
Extra Venomous - Deals very high CQC damage that also gives penalties to the target
Murder Noodle - Deals increased CQC damage against larger opponents. Harder to hit with CQC attacks.
Wriggler - Can wiggle through vents. Less movement penalty when prone.
Eagle Eye - Can Lookout with S. Rifle for 1 action.
Agility Frame - Slightly better than plate carrier. Can jump long distances and move further. Exotic anatomy can use.
Capture foam gun - short range, no damage, 1h
Targets hit and encased in immobilizing foam. Alternatively, removes "on fire" from a unit.
1 round magazine.
Sniper Rifle - long range, high damage.
Takes two actions to fire.
Can't be used at point-blank range.
6 round magazine.
Portable Gate Relay - Spend an action to permanently deploy this exit gate, which can then be used to leave the mission area instead of the original Gate.


Striped Hyena Abilities:
Large Frame - Hp+, CQC+ but larger profile.
Low Light Vision - Ignores all penalties for in darkness.
Improved Plate Carrier - Better than the standard-issue.
Light Machine Gun - Medium range, high damage.
Ammo takes up item slot.
Reduces movement when carried.
Only fires in 10 round bursts.
[/i]LMG Ammo[/i] - 200 rounds for the LMG

And in reserve:


Nudibranch Abilities:
Animal Toughness
Waterborn - bonus mov in water. Can't drown.
Improved Alien Anatomy - Bonus CQC and toughness. Long instead of tall. Equip restrictions.
Eagle Eye
Light Mulit-Limbed Plate Carrier - Worse than the standard-issue.
Blood Plasma Gun - Long range, high damage, single shot.
Can be used underwater.
Overpenetrates, hitting multiple enemies in a line.
Uses firing troop's HPs as ammo.
Hero Juice - his item is a one-use combat stim.
The troop under the effects of this stim cannot be Shaken and is immune to Calm checks from large creatures.
The troop gains a bonus Aim and Calm, but sometimes may not follow orders and will act recklessly.
The troop cannot be Injured or become a Casualty while the stim is in effect, but once the effect ends, they will make any appropriate death or injury checks with a very large bonus to prevent Injury or death.
This item can be used on troops who are currently Injured or Casualties.

The light of the Gate illuminates the cavern around your C.Orgs. Sinthee can see three Cutebolds with Assault Rifles in the room ahead.
No. 1020384 ID: 094652

Welcome back, I missed this.

D'aww, maybe we can deceive them with some fuzzy hugs and ice cream-
>with assault rifles
... shoot two, capture one.

Head to cover and hunker down. Try to converse with the cutebolds, throw them off guard with persuasion! Once they've wasted a clip trying to hit you, charge in and take em out!
No. 1020388 ID: 3f3b39

First we need to learn if these kobolds are all of the same type, or are there several. If they're all of the same type, then we don't need the other two alive. So, Kayree should first use Improved Animal Senses.

And then, it depends if we detect extra enemies hiding in the room or not.

Kayree: Improved Animal Senses, and if you can, stinger the middle kobold. If not, then move behind the left barricade.
Sinthee: Move behind the right barricade and hunker down. Use your low light vision to possibly notice any traps.
Yiann: If no extra enemies are detected, rush in while avoiding any traps, to the leftmost kobold (but in a way that you've got full cover against the other two kobolds. If you still got a move left, use CFG on it.
Beatriss: Move behind the cover of the middle kobold.
No. 1020389 ID: 96c896

Seems like we started pretty close to the enemy.

Kayree: Spend an action to activate camo, then use animal senses.
Sinthee: go to the barrier on the right and shoot at the bold on the left.
Yiann: run up and smack that middle 'bold with baton. If you can't quite reach one, double move to get off to the side of the middle stalagmite, blocking line of sight to as many enemies as possible and granting some cover.
Baetriss: if you're within movement range(thanks to agility frame), go with Yiann to beat up a 'bold. Otherwise, get up to that barrier on the left, and use Lookout.
No. 1020398 ID: c92a02

Keep the airwaves clear of chatter, they probably can't understand you anyway.
They are all cutebolds.
K: Move up into cover. Animal senses, make sure this is all of them.
Y: YEE HAW. Move up into melee with the forward left cutebold, take him down if you can.
B: Move up into right cover and lookout.
S: Double move up to the right cutebold's position. If you can't make it due to LMG... drop the LMG it was a dumb choice to pack hunker down with Kayree.
No. 1020417 ID: 12eb7b

Hell yeah, charging again! But why our bosses want kobolds?

Send the stealiest one (Baetriss?) to take a look from the cover and plan a stealth attack.
No. 1020423 ID: dd40ce
File 164217863158.jpg - (341.91KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom116a.jpg )

Kayree uses Improved Animal Senses! There is an invisible creature (not simply hidden) somewhere in the room.

She is already behind cover, so activates her Camo Suit. She won't be attacked by enemies until she's detected.

Baetriss moves up and goes on the Lookout. She will automatically attack anyone who moves within her field of view.

"We don't want to hurt you, just kidnap you a little" she says.

Sinthee moves up behind cover and hunkers down.

"Surrender and nobody gets hurt," she says.

Yiann moves up to the closest Cutebold and attacks. The small humanoid is reduced to a fine red smear.

"Nobody other than that guy," Sinthee says.
No. 1020424 ID: dd40ce
File 164217899982.jpg - (376.60KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom116b.jpg )

Kobold 1 is dead.

Kobold 2 burst fires at Sinthee and hits! She has a penalty to AIM! He fires at Baetriss and hits! She has a penalty to AIM!

Kobold 3 fires at Yiann twice and misses twice!

Two more Cutebolds move in from the top passage and hunker down.

Baetriss fires and misses.

A Dragonbold moves up from the far passage.

The invisible enemy moves. Its location is unknown.
No. 1020425 ID: 3f3b39

Beatriss: If you can get to [2] in a single move, do so and CFG it, otherwise do whatever
Sinthee: Burst the two far kobolds
Yiann: If you can get to [3] in a single move, then do so and melee it, otherwise go for [2]. Should also go for [2] if it's still up
Kayree: If it's not too far, double move to [3], otherwise to [2]
No. 1020428 ID: 894419

Sounds like a workable plan
No. 1020430 ID: 96c896

Does Yiann not have a baton?

Baetriss: move to 2 and baton it. Or CFG if you don't have a baton (I don't see it in the equipment square)
Yiann: move to 3 and baton/kill it.
Sinthee: double burst at the pair of kobolds that just entered. If no line of sight, move to the cover at 2 beforehand.
Kayree: move to cover at 2, or any cover that gives a good view and can be reached in one move. Then Lookout, because that invisible enemy is probably going to attack this turn.
No. 1020431 ID: c92a02

K: Advance and suss out the invisible pursuer. Who could they be going after, I wonder? Yiann or Sinthee are my guesses. Give whoever the stalker is closest to a warning.
B: Move up and baton kobold 2.
S: Move up to Yiann's current position. Lookout if possible.
Y: Advance to top passage and reconstitute kobolds into a fine paste.

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