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File 163105435337.png - (227.58KB , 500x500 , SR2_000b.png )
1009742 No. 1009742 ID: afe7de

A quest about Reincarnation.

You follow CHI, a WING-KIN girl who used to be a MALE HUMAN in another dimension.

You’ve just become a teacher at the TENGU ACADEMY at the ripe young age of 16.

What change will you bring to your WORLDPLATE?


SHARDS PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango

AUTHORS NOTE: This Quest will probably cointain 18+ content including violence, death, and cartoon gore. Sexual content might be present, but won’t be the focus and won’t get multi image updates. Reader discretion is advised.

This quest is more of a LIFE SIM that takes place over a long period of time. Part 1 took place over 16 years, Part 2 might be a similar length, but there will be a few more moments where we zoom in on particular events in this arc.

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No. 1009743 ID: afe7de
File 163105439176.png - (14.84KB , 500x500 , SR2_001.png )

[YEAR 16]

You stretch your wings and crack your back, waking up to a brand new year. A lot happened in the past few months you haven’t really been able to catch up with. But thats okay, you’re ready for a nice and slow orientation and whatever else the TEACHERS over at TENGU ACADEMY have in store for you.

You head over to YONDO’S office, it’s a fairly clean room, shelves lined with books you can tell are maintained and managed by hand. They appear to be LEDGERS and HAND MADE TEXTS, you assume most of them are the original copies of whatever books students get and are reproduced by the ROYAL PRINTING PRESSES. You heard a rumor that they’ll soon be ready to release the press publicly, or at least in a smaller scale to allow the normal citizen to produce and publish their own texts. This excites you and makes you feel like there might soon be a RENAISSANCE of TECH and LITERATURE. You take your seat in front of the man and he goes over your duties as a professor. You’ll be in charge of teaching classes of up to 30 students, classes here tend to be closer knit which you’ve known from experience. Your class in particular will probably be PACKED nearly constantly. You’ve thought over several ways to handle this and go back and forth with the bird.

First you’ll need to decide on a LESSON PLAN, this is HOW YOU PLAN TO TEACH, tied to that will be your CLASS FREQUENCY, or how many classes you offer a year. Most teachers offer the first class in both semesters and then extra classes on a minimum student basis, but you can also offer fixed classes. It’s a flexible system where the teachers have to teach at least 4 courses a year, every 2 courses taking up [1 TIME POINT] You know many that teach 6-8 courses a year, but that is by choice, as it’s EXTRA PAY at the cost of STRESS.

Speaking of pay, you are handed a bag of SHINIES, these are of the highest grade, and total to a value of 6400. This is your UP FRONT FIRST MONTH’S PAY. You’re payed 6400 SHINIES per time point you spend teaching, and he lets you know that there’s incentive to do well, as being consistently successful is grounds for a PAY RAISE. You’re also recommended to raise up a few TUTORS, or offer TUTORING yourself until you have a good PUPIL. As a TEACHER you won’t get paid to do tutoring, but are expected to devote a BACKGROUND TASK to it until you can find a PUPIL or TWO.

You’re reminded that due to the contract you signed you cannot QUIT BEING A TEACHER for 4 years minimum, but at YEAR 20, you are free to continue working here or leave. Should you chose to resign at any point after the 4 year period, you are to give a [3 TIME POINT] notice, basically a semesters worth of time so that they can find a replacement.

You can also get COMPLIMENTARY COURSES for every [2 TIME POINTS] you spend TEACHING. This will allow you to take one of the many classes offered at the ACADEMY for free. You’re also reminded of a few PERKS you get now that you’re a teacher. Once every 2 YEARS teachers get a FREE LIBRARY TICKET, this allows you to rent a book from the TENGU ROYAL LIBRARY for a year. This was updated from the previous 4 YEARS per ticket due to high demand from the various professors and their excellent work training the youths of today. You could also BUY A RENTAL for 10,000 SHINIES, where you are refunded 5000 upon return of the text. But you don’t need to do that anymore since you have a PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY unless you want to help someone out.

You think a few things over. It’s been a year since any RUNESCRIPTING has been taught here, and most of the kin that were taught it by SHIMON, the SHITTY PROFESSOR as you’ve taken to dubbing him, have graduated without passing the second course. You did a quick calculation, but after checking with YONDO you find only 17 have actually passed the course, and there’s only a small number who are choosing to pursue it as a career like yourself, the RUNESCRIPTERS, PAWN, two young women whose name escapes YONDO, and another sole student whose name also escapes his memory. You’re still upset that SHIMON didn’t pass your brother, but SHIMON is gone now and that gives you at least some SMUG SATISFACTION. But anyway, back on topic, you know you’ll need to train a student from the GROUND UP if you want them to be a good tutor, you’ll probably just have to GET LUCKY and find one that takes one of your classes.

As for the LESSON PLAN, you’ve got several options to pick from. Your STATS contribute to the planning and think you should make a SYLLABUS to let students know what they’re getting into in the long term, none of the other teachers do that, but you assume that’s because they never thought to. You think up the following options:

- This is a class that could be a PRELIM to the others, you could start it with any manual, TRIGGER maybe
- And allow students to decode another one if they finish.
- This class would WEED OUT THOSE WITHOUT LOGIC, so they know not to invest heavily
- You tend to be able to teach FRESH FACES at least ONE MANUAL in the time it takes them to do ONE CLASS
- Fresh faces would find this harder to get into, but repeat students could learn more COLORS and RUNES
- This class would be on the theory and practicality of RUNESCRIPTING but act as a primer for your next class
- This would be like SHIMON’S second class, only using the foundation they already developed to learn how to MAKE THINGS
- You could use the time teaching this class to EXPERIMENT with other students as well
- This would be a more free formed and ADVANCED version of the previous course
- Only teaching others how to THINK and how to INVENT, but it might be redundant to the ENGINEERING course
- Just teach 2 classes like SHIMON with your updated knowledge per semester
- You’d get improved rates, but would suffer from the problem of students needing to SELF STUDY to be effective in COURSE 2
- Feel free to suggest other ways to teach or class combinations

You’ll also have to consider if you’re going to offer EXTRA COURSES, you could just spend the minimum [2 TIME POINTS] teaching 4 classes, or you could go deeper and offer other courses, even something not listed. YONDO says that if you have something else you’re willing to TEACH and can prove your competency in like a THEORY class, he would be fine with you offering that course as well.

What classes do you teach? You’ll be teaching 2 a SEMESTER at a minimum, and can mess around with order and frequency of classes at least until students get a good grasp of the subject matter and you have a regular pull of them.

AUTHORS NOTE: Glad to be back everyone! There’s some upkeep left over from the end of PART 1, so for the next few updates we’ll be handling this stuff one at a time. First is your TEACHING SCHEDULE. Then we’ll handle DRIFT, IGNIS, and the WATER BREATHING DEVICE.

Then You’ll get to see a single class in action, be updated on RESEARCHES, FINANCES, MEMORIZED BOOKS, and other minor things, and we’ll be all caught up enough to get back to the TP ECONOMY like it was. Thanks for your patience! Updates will be slow until I settle into my new work schedule, but when I do, I’ve got weekends scheduled so that I can update TWICE A WEEK like I used to.

Ah, and if you’re having trouble with the teaching course you can simplify it into something like Teach x courses, or spend x TP teaching, and teach Y classes

No. 1009747 ID: 5232cd

>lesson plan
How about this: offer one basic course, one advanced course, and one repeatable syntaxes course. The basic course is offered on a regular basis, and your other two courses are offered half as often. That way if you weed out half the students from the basic course, you still have a full class in the other two. Avoid redundancy with engineering.
So basically, A+B+C, splitting time halfway between A and B+C.
Try to figure out (optimally BEFORE teaching students) if Shimon's mana color matching approach was correct or not. You should at least start the first class with a basic description of what they'll be able to do with runes at an expert level, to hype up the field and see if you can get more students who pass to get into the advanced classes.
No. 1009749 ID: ce39da

This seems like a subject you can't teach in only two classes, but since nobody's getting to a third this year, let's start with A and B, then add C/2 (out of Shimon's two) the next year. (We'll be open about this plan, of course.)

For tutoring, start with yourself in that position, but it'd be good to have some TAs during the classes regardless of what happens there. Maybe ask if one of the RUNESCRIPTERS wants to fill the position for now - but only if one of them has an actual rank or two in TEACHING, of course.

Make sure to spell out a disciplinary plan in the syllabus, too; you need something in your arsenal for the inevitable return of the problem students. Don't make it too severe, but do clarify that you aren't just going to grin and bear it if a student decides to be disruptive. Also, know how to gently let go of the more subtle and complicated questions fired at you - "that's an excellent question I sadly don't have time to answer today - but if you'd like to discuss that with me later after class..." will be your ultimate weapon. Class time is something you can't afford to waste, but free time is, by definition, free. You can afford to take some minutes to delve into these when it's not on your students' time.
No. 1009750 ID: 629f2e

Right off the bat, let's rule out E: STATUS QUO. There's plenty of evidence to demonstrate how poorly that works around here. This is a difficult subject for a lot of folk to really grasp, and there aren't many alternative sources for them to get help from. Especially while we don't have a tutor, we can't run classes like that

I would also agree on the CON listed for D: INVENTION COURSE. To put it simply: There are already classes to help students learn how to apply their knowledge. The students that want to invent will probably already be in there, or can easily be directed to it. While practical application shouldn't be ignored, we should focus on getting students into the material.

A: MANUAL DECODING, is probably our best pick for a first class. Give everyone a baseline experience so that they can decide if this is right for them. Starting off with something more complicated could result in losing students who had the potential to learn. Even if not every student who passes will be ready for the following course, it'll be a start in spreading comprehension of RUNESCRIPTING to the next generation. That's a win, no matter how you look at it.

B and C are a toss-up, as they both have elements worth teaching. I'm leaning towards C: APPLICATIONS OF RUNESCRIPTING, but the syntax is worthwhile as well. Between the two, I think the syntax is easier to pick up in self-study, as it doesn't require discovering how to do things such as link runes by yourself.

Would it be worth the TP to teach all three this semester? Dedicating the time early may help us develop a pupil faster, and getting someone else to potentially help with tutoring duties would be better done sooner rather than later. It'd save us TP in the long run.

Ultimately, I think it's worth dedicating time to this early. We can drop the extra class later, once we get our tutor. For now though, I suggest the following lesson plan:

A: MANUAL DECODING, B: 6 SYNTAXES, C: APPLICATIONS OF RUNESCRIPTING. 3 classes a semester, 6 a year. Spend the extra TP, Earn extra SHINIES at the cost of extra STRESS. We'll likely be meditating to work on our MIND CAMPUS when we get the chance anyways, so we'll be able to get rid of it quickly enough. When we have a tutor that students can turn to, consider dropping the class on the 6 syntaxes.
No. 1009752 ID: dfbac0

Since pretty much everyone is gonna be new to runescripting we should start off with two classes of the A type for the first semester and then focus on the B type for the second semester.
But this is just for the first year as nobody will have any experience with this.
However, after this year it seems like we can do our classes in a way to allow our students to learn runescripting in just two years.
>First Semester
Class A and Class C
>Second Semester
Class B and Class B (adv.)
The structure of this is designed around the fact that nobody would be taking class A and class C at the same time as they are different levels entirely, and since Class B is repeatable we can have a beginner orientated Class B and an advanced Class B.
This way a student's first year they will learn how to decode manuals and then the basic syntax and the basis of how runes work together, and the second year they will experiment with making things utilizing what they've learned in Class B and what we will teach in Class C. Afterwards we have an advanced class B overlooking the intricacies of rune interactions and compound runes as well as becoming fluent in rune syntax enough to understand messages left in dungeons if not to read an entire book in runescript. Having classes set up like this will give them everything they need to create things using runescript apart from the materials. Afterwards it's up to them to experiment and invent as the new generation of runescripters.
No. 1009763 ID: c92a02

Replace Runescripting 1 with a manual decoding course, and teach the applications of runescripting as a second semester offering. Teach extra classes to try and spread out the number of students you have to teach at once.
No. 1009802 ID: e51896

Whatever courses we decide, I'd say for DECODING CLASS, instead of starting the students out with TRIGGER, let fresh faces start out with the scripting manual that matches their MANA VEINS. Or maybe a small percentage if we want to experiment how well they'll learn magitech throughout the semester by starting them out with a matching color scriptingmanual.

Our friends said that they had an easier time solving a manual that matches the color of their veins. With that in mind, fresh faces can start out with a manual that is easy for them to figure out, and won't scare them out of the class and we can ease them into the harder manuals (like start out someone with black mana veins with a black scripting manual, then after they solve that, encourage them to work on the other manuals that isn't white, and then once they finish those, have them work on the white scripting manual)

A good introduction on the first day of decoding class will be to let them know how runescripting can be used for pretty much any career they are majoring in, such as sharpening or hardening a weapon as a hunter for better defense or offense, using it for cooking to heat up food, use it for artwork like putting a light rune on a sun they drew, and even invent new things, or even add things to architect like electricity, err, you mean light runes in certain parts of a room. IDEA: as an example bring your CHIller on the first day of class with Pon Pops as an example to get students hyped! Give everyone a Pon pop to show them the wonderful things they can make with Magitech.

Getting ahead of myself though

As others said, A, B and C. I liked the idea of doing 6 courses a year with those 3 classes, so we can take an extra course since most other teachers do that. B will be repeatable for students to take until they solve the other syntaxes for the third class (C), though they can self study to make the process faster. Maybe one day, we can switch it to two classes (A and C) if we get good enough to be able to teach a majority of student all six syntaxes in one class.
No. 1009803 ID: 8483cf

Manual Decoding! First priority!
No. 1009805 ID: 459598

We're all in agreement here that starting with A is a no-brainer. A and C seem like a good start.
No. 1009806 ID: 36784c

I’m not sure if we can even teach B. We haven’t done any research on the Colors or the Syntaxes, so we might not be able to teach those until after we do some research to better understand them.
No. 1009807 ID: dfbac0

We've done plenty of research on that stuff. We could read a whole book in runescript.
No. 1009815 ID: 094652

Shimon corrupted everything he taught, it's time to fix that.

Teach Manual Decoding and Runescripting. Advocate basic syntax to the diligent students on their free time.
No. 1009836 ID: 36784c

I actually went to double check the previous thread and found out that, no, we haven’t researched anything about Color Theory. So I’m pretty sure we can’t teach anything about that until we research it for ourselves.
No. 1009845 ID: ce39da

We did learn all the (publicly known) syntaxes, and I think we started to develop a baseline for teaching it at some point. Plus, if it's being presented as an option, I doubt we'd actually be unable to choose it.
No. 1009964 ID: f8fa51

Teach manual decoding and applications of runescripting the first semester, since there won't be any repeat students yet. The second semester, add the course on the six syntaxes. If we start getting some pupils who seem particularly interested in applying themselves, we can start offering more advanced courses like invention.
No. 1009986 ID: 59f588

A to decode as first class, B to understand the colors more and to inspire them to work on decoding the manuals they have left to decode (repeatable), and C to learn application once they decoded enough manuals and took the second. class
No. 1010472 ID: afe7de
File 163158348361.png - (13.99KB , 500x500 , SR2_002.png )

You discuss your plan of approach with YONDO, you want to teach 2 classes this semester, and then 3 from that point forward. You need students who know the material and that want to take future classes, and think this approach would be good. You mention that it might take you some TIME to prepare all of the MANUALS and that you'll need some FUNDS to get the class going, he reminds you of the TEACHING SALARY that you may apply for YEARLY. IT's 2000 SHINIES. You'll probably end up spending it all on MATERIALS FOR MANUALS and RUNESCRIPTING PENS.

You devote [3 TIME POINTS] to teaching this year, teaching 5 classes and the last 1 class's worth of time being taken up by maintenence, setup, and enscribing runescripting manuals by hand.

The first semester you plan on teaching two courses of RUNESCRIPTING - DECODING as you're tentatively calling it. This is going to be your PRELIMINARY course on the topic of RUNESCRIPTING. You’re going to introduce the subject, let the students know of it’s potential applications, difficulties of learning, and overall importance. Since you’ll be leading TWO COURSES in the first semester this also gives you time for an EXPERIMENT. In one course you’ll be assigning students A SINGLE MANUAL, the TRIGGER manual. In the second course you’ll be assigning students their manuals based off of the COLOR of their MANA VEINS that you can see using your GOGGLES OF MANA SIGHT. You have a THEORY, that SHIMON was giving individuals their opposite color to make things HARDER on them and more difficult to learn. You also think that with your TEACHING it might be possible to get everyone on the same page with a SINGLE MANUAL easier then it might be with multiple spread throughout the class. Only time will tell what seems to be the more effective approach.

The second semester you plan to teach one course of RUNESCRIPTING - DECODING, one course of RUNESCRIPTING - SYNTAX, and one course of RUNESCRIPTING - APPLICATIONS, reccomending students take each course in that order, with the SYNTAX course being one where you teach the students all of the colors as opposed to a single one and encourage SELF STUDY. RUNESCRIPTING - APPLICATIONS will be for advanced students that are interested in taking what they know and learning practical applications and inventions.

YONDO suggests holding off on the advanced class and instead offering a second course of the SYNTAX class during the second semester. Then during your second year offering one of each course as the student load will have stabilized by then and you’ll have actual applicants to the course. It takes some back and forth, but you trust his judgment as he has been teaching longer then you have. At least in this life anyway.

You spend a good chunk of time, the rest of this [TP], using up your yearly stipend to make as many SCRIPTING MANUALS as you can of each color. It’s a little STRESSFUL but you’re patient enough to see it through as it’s one of your jobly duties now. And by the time you’re done you’ve got about 3 years worth of manuals, tens of RUNESCRIPTING PENS, making new materials in your spare time in class won’t be too difficult or making custom ones for special students won’t take any time now that you have this foundation in place. You also get a few supplies, some random materials, wood, stone, cheap metals, etc. But this does take up ALL of your 2000 SHINY salary.

But you’re as prepared as you’re going to get to teach now. You’ll have to wait and see the results of your planning and teaching.
No. 1010473 ID: afe7de
File 163158349968.png - (12.42KB , 500x500 , SR2_003.png )

Ignis has been fairly busy since you assigned him his task. You’ve seen him draft numerous documents and he’s popped in and out with you to discuss terms and the like. He says that the process with ROYALTY is a bit harder then with other ORGANIZATIONS and he’s very happy for the opportunity you’ve presented him with. Your initial intent was to establish business relations with the ROYALS, see if you could find a way to either SELL YOUR GOODS to them, or TAKE ORDERS to help build up an INFLUX OF SHINIES so that you can expand your experimentation and develop useful technologies.

They HAVE A GOOD RAPPORT with IGNIS and WILLIAM already, so they are interested in starting business with you on a CONTRACTUAL BASIS to start with. They have 3 OFFERS for you, each with their UPS and DOWNS. IGNIS has worked hard to make each arrangement as favorable as possible.

- A 2-Year contract where you will be given a small list of WEAPONS that have been observed by the HUMANS
- You are to develop PROTOTYPES of their WEAPONRY and even IMPROVEMENTS if possible
- This is a MILESTONE based contract where each new weapon developed will earn you more funds then the last
- Both YOU and the ROYALS will retain copies of the BLUEPRINTS for these WEAPONS
Ignis: This is more of a PREVENTATIVE measure we think. The HUMANS have been increasing SECURITY on the BORDERS and do not like that we are MIXING with the AQUANS and are on the verge of a TRADE AGREEMENT.
Ignis: I don’t know how you feel about ARMING our KINGDOM, but completing this one satisfactorily or better will open us up to new avenues of both INCOME and RESOURCES we haven’t heard of yet.
Ignis: Pay will be in BARS OF ARCANUM or SHINIES, whatever we need.
Ignis: In addition, they are willing to pay [30,000 SHINIES] A YEAR in SALARIES, which we should split between the four of us

- A 2-Year contract where you will be given a series of LIFESTYLE UPGRADES that have been observed by the HUMANS
- You are to develop PROTOTYPES of their APPLIANCES and IMPROVEMENTS if possible
- This is a MILESTONE based contract where each new weapon developed will earn you more funds then the last
- Both YOU and the ROYALS will retain copies of the BLUEPRINTS for these APPLIANCES
Ignis: This is stuff like the CHI-LLER, Lighting infrastructure, plumbing, and the like.
Ignis: They’re not expecting us to be able to develop things for the entire plate, but if we can set the groundwork for future developments that would be ideal.
Ignis: We’ll probably need to develop a BATTERY of some kind to store energy to use on these DEVICES
Ignis: PAWN might be of use to us if we take this contract.
Ignis: Pay will be a LITTLE BIT MORE then the weapons contract, but they’ll have more strict REQUIREMENTS
Ignis: In addition, they are willing to pay [30,000 SHINIES] A YEAR in SALARIES, which we should split between the four of us

- A ONE TIME contract where they will purchase a NON EXCLUSIVE COPY of ANY of the following blueprints
- They will pay you 2 INGOTS of ARCANUM per blueprint
- But they will also require CHI’S TIME for you to ATTEMPT TO TEACH some KIN how to MAKE THESE PRODUCTS
- They will PAY YOU [10k SHINIES] per TP spent TEACHING and you must successfully teach AT LEAST 1 ADULT KIN within 4 YEARS
= The ROYALS will assess the possibility of FAILURE after you spend [3 TP] attempting to teach
= You will not be PENALIZED for FAILURE financially, but instead in a minor drop in relations
Ignis: So this one could probably be the most lucrative up front, but would require the most from YOU.
Ignis: None of us went down the TEACHING TRACK, which might have been a lack of FORESIGHT on our end
Ignis: Though me and WILLIAM are both CHARISMATIC we have too much on our plates to LEARN the SKILL and APPLY it.
Ignis: It might be a good idea to find a PROTOGE in your CLASSES to train up to also become a TEACHER.
Ignis: I’ll also say this one was given straight up by MOM, the QUEEN.
Ignis: She wanted to talk to you, but understood you were extremely busy with all the recent preparations for TEACHING
You: I would have totally talked to her if I saw her.
Ignis: She didn’t want to bother you, she saw you a few times in the library but said you were and I QUOTE
Ignis: “Searching through books like a woman determined”
You: Uhhh, oops.
You: I’ll let the LIBRARIAN know that if she shows up to talk to me to just interrupt me, I can just read fast
Ignis: I can let her know too whenever we decide what contract to take.
Ignis: I just wanted to show you first before we talked about it with the RUNESCRIPTERS.
Ignis: Which, we should come up with a name for unless we just want it to be that GENERIC one.

You ponder over this and introduce the contracts to your group-mates. IGNIS is the most interested in the WEAPONS contract. DRIFT is half and half on the PURCHASING/TEACHING and the STANDARD OF LIVING ONE. WILLIAM thinks the TEACHING contract would be a smart move and get you in the good graces of the QUEEN if it’s successful. Though the thing that’s brought up by DRIFT is that he needs FINANCES and it costs QUITE A LOT to live in the city proper, but not an UNREASONABLE amount to live in the OUTSKIRTS. You also discuss the need to have an actual BASE OF OPERATIONS, somewhere to work out of and develop.

To this IGNIS provides a few options and suggestions. His MANSION has 3 EMPTY ROOMS, so DRIFT could live there, paying something similar to what you are, and he could TEAR DOWN the remaining 2 rooms to make one LARGE ROOM which could act as a WAREHOUSE/WORKSHOP. This would take [4 TP] of CONSTRUCTION though and since you no longer have access to school labs would have to pay to use a WAREHOUSE in the meantime. The other option is to build AN ADDITION to the MANSION, just off the grounds on the land there’s enough room for a WAREHOUSE. This would take [8 TP] to construct as there would most likely be EXTRA SIDE ROOMS, and a SMALL SECOND FLOOR that would be used for MEETINGS. There’s also the option of just continuing to use the WAREHOUSE, though the costs will add up and IGNIS can’t afford to keep renting it for more then 4 more years unless your finances change.

You all take some time to think this over, it looks like you’re going to have to decide on how much you all can INVEST into this venture. Ignis looks sorry, but it sounds like you will be doing a lot of the HEAVY LIFTING financially until all of this can be settled, you PAY OFF IGNIS’S LOAN, or you take out a ROYAL LOAN for [30,000 SHINIES].

It takes [30K+ SHINIES] to BUILD YOUR OWN WAREHOUSE, with extra EXPENDITURES coming up depending on what ADDITIONS you want
It takes [5K SHINIES] A YEAR to rent the WAREHOUSE

WILLIAM is FINANCIALLY UNAVAILABLE. He’s expending funds searching for RUBBER TREES as he believes that could be another avenue to FINANCE things. He would appreciate an influx of [10K SHINIES] to the cause, but understands that it’s a low priority at this point.

DRIFT is FINANCIALLY UNAVAILABLE. He is dirt poor and needs SHELTER and FOOD, he’s willing to work with you on low pay because of the MASSIVE FAVOR you did for him.

IGNIS is LOW ON FUNDS. He has around 10K SHINIES that he is willing to spend on this venture, but can’t put forth more or everyone’s QUALITY OF LIFE in the mansion will drop to MISERLY, potentially causing a lot of STRESS, among other things.

You reach out to PON and he’s willing to add a No-Strings-attached influx of [2.5K SHINIES]. He needs the rest to ESTABLISH HIS BUSINESS, and he just hands you the money when you talk to him about it. He’s spotted a shop to rent in the MERCHANTS DISTRICT and the OLD LADIES there are really fond of him. You also hear strange rumors about him spending a lot of time at their houses but you disregard them, you’re sure PON knows what he’s doing.

NOODLE wants to contribute but she’s just starting her work with the HUNTERS and won’t be available for THE REST OF THE YEAR. Once she’s back she will have STABLE INCOME, and would be more than happy to CONTRIBUTE, It’s because of YOU that she’s even here. You get the idea it might be good to ARM NOODLE with some of the GEAR you’ve made at some point.
No. 1010474 ID: afe7de
File 163158352650.png - (10.64KB , 500x500 , SR2_004.png )

You’ve been busy, but DRIFT has been patient, he knows that you needed to find out all of this before you could make a firm decision on how exactly to divvy up the CORES. He’s twitching in excitement. He’s been quiet and hasn’t said much about it, afraid you’d decide to just sell them all.

You: So you’ve got an idea of our financial situation, so I’d like to at least sell SOME of these, but.
Drift: That was forever ago, I didn’t think you remembered??? We were what? 8?
You: 6 Actually.
Drift: Damn, you have a good memory.
You: The best. Anyway, You said you could DO SOMETHING with one of these, well, we have tons here
Drift: I-I-I never thought I’d get this far uhhhh.
Drift: I always thought we would fail at some juncture or everyone would die

Drift starts crying, you go up to support him but he holds up a feathered hand

Drift: No, no, no, these are happy tears. *cough*
Drift: But this is a lot, and I don’t know how many I need.
Drift: Maybe the bones will help, but I don’t even know, this is uncharted territory.
Drift: I-I-I I trust you, you got these, well, we got these, but we wouldn’t be here if not for you.
Drift: Tell me, how much should I take?

You weigh over your options, there’s too many choices if you were to just decide on a core by core basis. You get the feeling that there’s about a 60% chance you won’t see any cores and bones you give to DRIFT again afterwards, or that they will become unusable in RUNESCRIPTING or for SELLING. Here are the options you decide on:

- You give him everything, pass or fail, you’re not sure WHAT is going to happen
- But you remember DRIFT said he CULTIVATED ENERGY to EVOLVE in that past life, maybe it will happen again
- Putting on the goggles you see small wisps of energy curling away from the CORES, they’re not losing vibrancy, but it is an interesting effect.

- Give him the strongest core, it’s potentially worth [30-100K SHINIES] and would solve a lot of your financial problems
- You’d gain around [23K SHINIES] if you sold the remaining cores
- Or you could use them in RUNECRAFTING and they would have the energy of around 3 INGOTS of ARCANUM in total

- You could earn between [30-100K SHINIES] or create a device using runescripting with a LUDICROUS power source.

- You just take a flat [10K SHINIES] from selling a few cores and give him the rest

- You give him the strongest non-leader core and sell the rest

You get the feeling that he would be satisfied with any option, but you see him obviously drawn to the LEADER’S CORE. He understands that you are RATIONAL and will abide by your decision, but you can tell that the more generous you are to him, the harder he will work with you.

[UNDERSTANDING] I also really want to see what happens if we give him everything, I think CURIOSITY infected me or something
[CURIOSITY] It’d be really cool! I mean I hope it will!
[LUCK] I’m sure he’ll leave SOME STUFF leftover afterwards
[???] Okay but what if you fuck up this time, you’ve done it before
[LOGIC] I’m bad in these situations because I’d probably suggest D, we could always find more MIST PUMAS right?
[UNDERSTANDING] Actually, we don’t know if they hunted ALL of the pumas on the mountain. It’s probably not LIKELY.
[UNDERSTANDING] We should take a MONSTER THEORY class or something at some point
[LOGIC] That was Taught by SHIMON who isn’t here anymore
[UNDERSTANDING] Daughter of a fuck.
[CHARISMA] You could ask NOODLE to investigate since she’s actually in the WORLD-PLATE HUNTERS now.

No. 1010475 ID: afe7de
File 163158353484.png - (17.53KB , 500x500 , SR2_005.png )

You mull over the decisions you have in front of you. They’re important, but it doesent hurt to reiterate them for clarities sake in this case. You take a second to look over your current FINANCES and FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS.

Current - [5123 SHINIES]
You spent [1000 SHINIES] on a TUTOR that you refunded partly
You spent [800 SHINIES] on RENT
You spent [170 SHINIES] on your LIFESTYLE
You gained [1335 SHINIES] from GAMBLING
You gained [6400 SHINIES] as EARLY PAY for your TEACHING JOB
You gained [2500 SHINIES] from PON
You currently have [13,388 SHINIES]

You have 1 ingot of ARCANUM valued at [15,000 SHINIES] but have a feeling reselling it would net you only [10,000 SHINIES]

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows
DEBT TO IGNIS - [20K SHINIES] due before the end of YEAR 18

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year

Which contract do you accept with the ROYALS if any?
What do you do about your RUNESCRIPTERS WORKSPACE?
- You can pay in installments, setting a GOAL for now will just make future progression more streamlined
Do you RENAME the RUNESCRIPTERS to something COOLER?
What do you give to drift?

AUTHORS NOTE: Heyo, still figuring out my schedule and getting adjustments IRL. Next up is an update on your library books, letting you know what bg tasks are still active, a choice for the BREATHING APPARATUS, what you want your new RESEARCHES to be, and then you’ll have your TP back to normal. Also feel free to suggest options not presented like always!
No. 1010482 ID: 96c896

>testing the color matching theory by doing the opposite of what Shimon was doing
Hmm, well, the problem with that is it isn't 100% confirmed until we actually try doing the same thing Shimon was doing. A 80-90% confirmation is if it goes way faster than teaching everyone TRIGGER. If it seems to be about the same, then we'd have no idea until we try what Shimon was doing. Though, if we notice someone struggling and they have the opposite mana color as the TRIGGER rune, then that's a soft confirmation.

Let's go with the blueprint/teaching contract for now. It's important that we decentralize tech development asap. If the humans see Chi developing weapons on her own they're going to want to assassinate her to put a halt to weapons research. If there's multiple scientists developing/producing weapons and armor then it's going to be much harder to stop.
Once the nation has gained a solid foundation of runescripters and rune-based equipment, we can start to develop the big shit to serve as a deterrent. We can also probably complete this in a single year, and take weapons development next year.

Let's start building the mansion addition for the warehouse. Get a royal loan of 30k to pay for it.

Give him EVERYTHING. Our funds are basically fine right now and we're going to get a lot more income soon.
No. 1010483 ID: 96c896

Oh, and
>Do you RENAME the RUNESCRIPTERS to something COOLER?
The Sabachi Initiative.
No. 1010487 ID: 629f2e

Tough choices. Here are my picks:

Contract - Standard of Living Development: Taking on a Weapons contract right now is almost guaranteed to attract more trouble than we need right now. The Blueprint/Teaching is also pretty good, but it just uses up more TP than we would want to spare rn. This is our best pick. Besides, having to design a battery to get things working here will be helpful to have in future work.

Name - Honestly, I don't have any good ideas for this. I'm just gonna support one of the ideas above me and say that I like The Sabachi Initiative.

Cores - D. As much as I'd like to support quick money, and man would it be nice, we put too much on the line to just sell this leader core. Let's let Drift do what he will, and take just enough for us to make 10K. That should leave us with enough to either pay our debt to Ignis early, or invest in William's rubber hunt.
No. 1010494 ID: ce39da

Start with the TEACHING one - becoming 100% financially secure while paying off our debts is a priority; then we can focus on improving the nation.

The whole extra warehouse seems excessive for now; go with the in-house room combo and let PON fund the first installment.

Naming it after yourself? Really? Not sure if our PRIDE has quite reached those heights yet. (Plus, WILLIAM would absolutely catch you out on what you're trying to do there.)

Not sure what we should name it, though. We could go the semi-PRIDEFUL option and simply call ourselves "The Runescripters Guild," essentially declaring ourselves to be the de facto authority on this.

Ooh, if COOLNESS really is the name of the game, let's play up to national PRIDE by way of an old-life mythology reference; LAPUTA RUNETECH. We play our cards right, and it'll soon be us (and ours) looking down on the humans!

On that note, giving Drift ALL BUT 10K should be good if we're taking the TEACHING contract. (If we're NOT doing that, we should obviously exercise just a little more frugality here.)
No. 1010504 ID: e51896

I'm fine with either STANDARD OF LIVING DEVELOPMENT or BLUEPRINT PURCHASING/TEACHING. Though I think I'll lean more towards BLUEPRINT PURCHASING/TEACHING since we owe the queen a FAVOR for helping us with setting us up with Hook for decoding, and the Library access. Plus, it seems like both Drift and William voted for that, so...
And not only that, it'll give us some TEACHING BONUSES from training some adults, and make some money to sell blueprints.

CONVERT TWO ROOMS to a LARGE ROOM in IGNIS’S MANSION. We don't need to go too crazy yet. Plus you remember from your previous life that some huge companies started out small like in their garage.

Nah, we don't need to raise Chi's pride stat another level by naming it after herself. She already renamed the fridge after herself after all. How about the "Rune's League", named after the Heroes league Saba had founded... actually, nevermind. the Hadlee family was never good with names, and it might get Marth upset if she finds out. I support LAPUTA RUNETECH.

What to give Drift?
A. EVERYTHING. This is the highest chance to see if he'll evolve, plus, Chi values friendship the most than she did from her previous life as Saba.

(If we do D, then I suggest we also make sure give him the Leader's core)
No. 1010513 ID: 1c0351

I vote A. We give Drift everything he needs. I feel like this will be a game changer somehow if it succeeds.

Name: General Runecraft.
Much like General Electric, General Mills, General Atomic, etc. It may seem a bit bland at first, but it is easy to remember, has some serious lasting power, and gives the connotation of being the the standard choice to any other potential company's alternative.
No. 1010519 ID: bdfc95

I agree, let's avoid the weapon contract: If we start an arms race the humans are bound to win it.
No. 1010522 ID: c92a02

We're carving a bold new path through the landscape of runescripting. Let's try the moniker the RUNESCAPERS!
Take the weapons contract. Everything's pointing towards the humans raising hostilities as we continue to jump ahead in technology and allies, and while we may already be best known for our warriors, matching the humans' tech level means we won't just be throwing our numbers at the wall to try and overwhelm them.
Noodle gets as much of our gear as she can carry.
For now converting a section of Ignis' mansion is our best bet, we can expand operations later.
D. Logic's right. Get your money for certain, consider everything you give to Drift consumed and anything you get back a bonus.
No. 1010527 ID: f8fa51

Give Drift everything. We'll be getting a big shot of income, so we probably don't need the money, and I don't want to keep the leader core which is the only one that's better than money, right?

Take the blueprint/teaching contract, for the reasons >>1010482 stated.

If it's not all going to have to be spent at once, let's build the warehouse addition. Having our own specialised workshop will be a big boon, and we don't want to knock down walls in Ignis' mansion.

We aren't starting an arms race, we're trying to catch up. If we surrender military superiority to the humans they can just keep walking all over us. We need invading us to be an unsavoury option at best in order to be able to hold our own.
No. 1010644 ID: afa6f6

Yeah, take the BLUEPRINT CONTRACT, but should make it clear we'll be open to the others once our situation is more stable.

>>Runescripters Workspace
Lets do the room conversion, and ask PON if he'll pay the first installment, with the money he offered. Maybe in the future we'll buy or build our own location, but this should work for now.

>>Group Name
Im also going to support Laputa Runetech.

>>What to give DRIFT
D, Everything but 10K worth. Would like to give him everything, but we're going to need the money.

>>William's Search for Rubber
This is NOT a low priority, given how much trouble were having with seals and waterproofing so far. A source of rubber will also probably make future work on the Quality of Life contract, and anything to do with the Aquan Worldplate way way easier.
I'd say we should consider just giving Will the 10k as soon as possible.
No. 1010648 ID: 36784c

I’m honestly not entirely sure on what to do here. The only thing I know that we should do is that we absolutely need to give the LEADER’S CORE to Drift.
No. 1011034 ID: 8483cf

Give it all to drift. No sense holding back when we have plenty of support elsewhere.
No. 1011087 ID: 031458

You know what?
Tempting as the money is, we did this for Drift.
We have our own paths forward, but this decision will determine Drifts future.
Let's give him the chance to take hold of his destiny.
Let's give him everything.


Let's take the queen's one time contract. It's straight forward and gets us the money and connections we need.
No. 1011247 ID: afe7de
File 163221639386.png - (14.12KB , 500x500 , SR2_006.png )

Something tells you, no, SCREAMS at you that you should give him EVERYTHING. You don’t know what the result will be, but DRIFT is a friend, he’s been with you for a while, is innovative and intelligent, and is LOYAL. You trust him. So you give him everything, but let him know if he can’t use some things, you’d be interested in the LEFTOVERS so that you can FINANCE your endeavors going forward. He’s a bit flustered by this but accepts this. He says that he’ll probably be BUSY FOR A WHILE, and can only do minor stuff with the RUNESCRIPTERS until he’s finished DOING STUFF with the cores. It’s unclear what he’ll be doing, but he makes it clear he wants his privacy.

He also moves in with you at the MANSION, taking up IGNIS’S offer, but still being concerned about the financial end of things. Drift says he’ll wait off on doing anything drastic until after the contract negotiations though.

The event DRIFTING has been generated, but you’re not sure WHEN you’ll see results

Your group heads to the ROYAL PALACE to confirm the deal. You didn’t all have to be there, but think it’s polite to do this AT LEAST ONCE to show them who they’ll be working with. After a 20 minute wait you are led into a wide room with a large table. In it is seated the QUEEN, a man you only recognize after the fact to be the KING, and three other KIN.

The KING is SHORT, almost as short as IGNIS who you’d argue is the runt of the group. But the CHARISMATIC AIR around him is palpable. He carries himself with a regality that surpasses even the QUEEN. You know his name to be IGNACIOUS DE MARE RONDALPHUS. He does not wear a crown similar to the queen but instead wears a YELLOW WREATH to indicate his position as ADVISOR and MARTIAL WARRIOR. You wouldn’t assume him to be a warrior at first glance, but have heard that he is SWIFT and STEALTHY.

The other kin are a mixed bag, two WING-KIN and one BEAST-KIN. You haven’t seen them before, but they introduce themselves as the QUEEN’S ROYAL SCIENTISTS. Or at least the ones leading the charge.

RUTHERFORD THE POSSUM is a lanky lad drabbed in a long LABCOAT. You notice that he actually DOES NOT HAVE A TAIL, instead a bandaged nub existing where it once was. He’s also MISSING AN EAR, but can apparently hear just fine using the one. He has BANDAGES over his paws. Apparently he’s QUITE THE ENTHUSIAST when it comes to his work, but can be slightly SELF DESTRUCTIVE.

SATINA THE BAT, also known as SATINA DE WELLINGTON RONDALPHUS and HOOK’S MOTHER, is a tall, beautiful WING-KIN. Her wings are TATOOED with SPIDER WEB-LIKE PATTERNS and you notice RINGS around the lower part of your wing. You imagine she WRAPS THAT PART so that her wing flaps don’t get in the way of her studies and experiments. Apparently she’s QUITE THE BRAT, but has known the QUEEN and KING since CHILDHOOD, so she gets away with a lot of remarks she probably shouldn’t. You immediately understand where HOOK gets her attitude from.

LILITH THE OWL is a slightly pudgy woman with large glasses. She’s short and for some reason has breasts, or is that just her chest fluff, you’re not sure. Her gaze is PIERCING, you remember reading that CROWS and OWLS have a sort of RIVALRY, but you’re a RAVEN and think that’s probably RAVEN DROPPINGS, but she does give you a VIBE that says you’re NOT WELCOME HERE even if she doesn't explicitly state it. Apparently she’s quite PROUD and is responsible for adapting the PRINTING PRESS and recreating it for it’s soon to be slightly more public use. She’s also responsible for some minor improvements in the world of WING-KIN ARCHITECTURE saving your people millions of SHINIES in development costs. Or so you’ve heard.

You introduce yourselves one by one and bow with one wing held in front of your heart which you’ve learned is normal customs to do towards the QUEEN and KING. They hurry you to stop as they DON’T QUITE CARE for those formalities. You take the lead and announce to the group your intentions to accept the BLUEPRINT/TEACHING contract, selling all the blueprints you have available for 6 ARCANUM and as much SHINIES as you can get for 2 of those 6. They’re able to provide you [12,500 SHINIES] per ingot during this trade, 2,500 less then market price, but greater then the price they bought it at because they want to make this relationship work.

They take your ANNOTATED BLUEPRINTS for the CHI-LLER, ARMORED PLATE VEST, and SHARPENED WEAPON TEMPLATE. The Queen informs you that the group of ROYAL SCIENTISTS to her right will be the ones you will be TEACHING. They look at you and your blueprints, GREEDY for the knowledge contained. You pull out the SHARPEN, HARDEN, ARBSORB, and COLD rune manuals you had prepared and hand them to the three, informing them to attempt to solve these manuals in their spare time before you get to TEACH them. They admit that they’ve attempted some before, but were baffled and gave up after HALF A YEAR to a YEAR of study. RUTHERFORD having spent the most time attempting them. They understand you are quite busy this year what with STARTING CLASSES, so won’t ask you to start teaching this year UNLESS YOU ARE EAGER TO EARN SOME FUNDS. But you can tell that RUTHERFORD would like to start as soon as possible. LILITH thinks it’ll be a waste of time and SATINA is silent, simply watching your group.

The Queen also has a final gift to all of you, 4 LIBRARY TICKETS so that you can CHECK OUT any books that might be important on your RESEARCH. You can tell she REALLY wants you to be a successful group. The rest of the meeting goes off without a hitch, the KING being eerily silent throughout the process. And then you leave. The four of you discuss the situation on your way home. You all immediately agree to give DRIFT 5000 SHINIES so that he can live comfortably and has pay until a PAYROLL has been established for everyone. He also moves into IGNIS’S house as part of your earlier discussed arrangement. WILLIAM is thinking of moving in as well, but is unsure what to do about his HOUSE. He’s still fairly attached to it.

- You have 4 years to teach AT LEAST 1 ROYAL SCIENTIST to RUNESCRIPT and how to make the BLUEPRINTS you’ve sold them.
-- The deadline is [TP 1] of [YEAR 20]
- You will not be PENALIZED for FAILURE financially but instead by a minor drop in RELATIONS
- You gained 4 INGOTS OF ARCANUM
- You gained [25,000 SHINIES]
- You’ve paid DRIFT [5000 SHINIES] as his starting SALARY
- IGNIS took [1000 SHINIES] as payment for his services and the legwork required
-- You will need to figure out a PAYMENT STRUCTURE for your group AT SOME POINT after you start earning more funds

Your group spends time in the LIBRARY one day on getting permission with the QUEEN, getting accustomed to what books are there and what might be of use in their RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. They’ll occasionally suggest books for you going forward. In the meantime, you’ve memorized quite a few books and think it’s time to review the books you can read in your MIND CAMPUS.

[FRACTURED FAIRY TALES] [3TP] - A collection of FOLKLORE including Riichi’s previously told story. Among other things is the tale of SQUAWK and the GREENJACK. A tale that inverses the story you know to be JACK AND THE BEANSTALK from the other FAUNUS. It talks about a fantastical place owned by a giant at the bottom of the WORLD PLATE and the stalk that gets cut down sending yours into the sky. The writer is UNKNOWN, and a statement at the beginning says these tales were originally ORAL TRADITION and have no specific creators.

[CESARE’S TRAVELS] [1TP] - A travelogue belonging to an eccentric man of unknown species, detailing in ANCIENT COMMON the history, geography and culture of the WORLD-PLATES of his time. The brief glimpses you’ve gotten inside the book describe FANTASTICAL LOCALES that seem to be much greater then reality. You think you should take this one with a grain of salt

[DYNASTIC DIARY] [1TP] - A well maintained tome that keeps a record from the perspective of TENGU’S OLD QUEEN of the time of the previous HUMAN INVASION. This is a compilation of actual diary entries spliced in with narrative that details the events not listed between each entry. Some of the letters are a bit risque, with a few redacted entries. Fortunately they weren’t redacted that well. You think if you improve your [PERCEPTION] by one tick then you could fill in the blanks with your [UNDERSTANDING].

[BOOK OF ORDERS] [1TP] - This book discusses various organizations throughout the HIVEN, HUMAN, and TENGU worldplates. A small addendum has recently been added for a single DOPUS organization as well. You made sure to not let anyone see you were memorizing this one.

[THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF KAMAL LIN: OMNIMBUS] [7TP] - This was a VERY big tome. You thought it would take you [8TP] or more to memorize, but it turns out a lot of the final stories are incredibly short. You imagine reading this could let you bond with PAWN a bit better as you’d have some common ground. There’s a lot of stories in here.

[THE HAWK THAT COULD SEE FOR 10 MILLION KILOMETERS] [1TP] - A book on PERCEPTION made to help train a WING-KIN’S EYESIGHT. It was written a long time ago and the author’s name is obscured.

You have gained a few options now when it comes to READING THINGS:

- It takes 8TP of time to read a book (so one year)
- But UNDERSTANDING won’t be able to focus on UNDERSTANDING something as it’s own task while this is active.
- UNDERSTANDING might also find extra insights on certain books but it’s not guranteed
- It takes the normal amount of time to read this book, costing the requisite TP
- But you just don’t get progress on your MIND CAMPUS while you do this

No. 1011248 ID: afe7de
File 163221640671.png - (13.34KB , 500x500 , SR2_007.png )

Given your new INFLUX OF SHINIES, you give IGNIS the funds that PON gave you as well as [5K SHINIES] allowing him to front the last bit to construct the MANSION WORKSHOP by tearing down two rooms. Construction won’t be complete until [TP 5] of this year, but once it is, you’ll have a specially designed space for you all to work in. Ignis also converts one of the adjoining rooms, which was originally his OFFICE SPACE to an OFFICE AND MEETING SPACE. You can keep paperwork and supplies there and there’s enough room to fit 12 KIN inside easily for a meeting or discussion. But with that, every room in the mansion is now filled. You make a mental note of exactly what’s in the mansion.

THE FOYER - A large open space that is the main entryway
IGNIS’S ROOM - the master bedroom
CHI’S ROOM - The third largest room
PON AND NOODLE’S ROOM - A decently sized space
DRIFT’S ROOM - The smallest room, but it’s still the largest room he’s ever lived in
KITCHEN AND SUPPLY ROOM - This is where the mansion’s staff lives
WORKSHOP - WIP, soon to be RUNESCRIPTING ROOM, made of two adjoining empty rooms on the ground floor

IGNIS has 2 maids, 2 chefs, and 4 guards on staff. This is typically where his finances go to, to keeping them well fed and paid and to keep the mansion well kept. Only one of the guards lives on site at a time. You’ll never need to manage or maintain these workers, IGNIS is in charge of that and he only has TRUSTED INDIVIDUALS working with him. You could spend [1 TP] in the future or a BACKGROUND TASK to get to know the staff, their wants and needs, etc if you’re interested in knowing more.

You’ve made progress in several fields as of late. You’re still new at this, and it takes some time to progress, but you have a feeling these RESEARCH PROJECTS might take longer now to progress then they did before. Everyone’s getting busier and has less and less time. Not that it’s bad, it’s just life.

You’ve researched the following already:

SCRIPTING PEN RESEARCH - Allows for thicker and thinner RUNESCRIPT, but nearly useless without MICROSCRIPTING
UNDERWATER BREATHING - Allows for the construction of simple underwater breathing apparatus

After completing this research, NUBS came to you with [10000 SHINIES] specifically for you to construct either 2 HEADBANDS OF AIR or a LANTERN OF BREATHING if you are willing to spend [5000 SHINIES] of your own funds. Luckily the ROYALS have given you ingots of ARCANUM, so you pocket the money for your team and now have a decision to make. What do you make? You can decide who to bring to DOPUS with you later.

HEADBANDS OF AIR - costs 1/3 of an ingot of ARCANUM per headband
LANTERN OF BREATHING - Costs 1 ingot of ARCANUM per lantern

The headband can take the form of a CHOKER if you wish and acts as a BUBBLE OF AIR surrounding your head by activating the TRIGGER. This will last multiple trips to and from the surface and when you are done could even be resold to the ROYALS.

The LANTERN OF BREATHING could allow you to take more kin with you, but also requires a path down the water that’s SAFE TO WALK, as everyone would kind of have to walk IN UNISON. Your LOGIC states that the HEADBANDS are more SECURE, but the LANTERN could allow you to bring a ROYAL DIPLOMAT with some DRY GOODS underground if that’s something you’re interested in.

You won’t need a BACKGROUND TASK or TP to create these devices, but should decide soon what you want to make so you can visit DOPUS.

The rest of your potential research options are as follows:

- Costs 4000 SHINIES worth of MATERIALS to do
- Costs [2 TIME POINTS] to research
+ Could allow for increase in EFFICIENCY in MAGITECH production
- Costs 16000 SHINIES worth of MATERIALS to do
- Costs [2 TIME POINTS] to research
- Cost can be reduced with actual cores
+ Could allow for increase in EFFICIENCY in MAGITECH production
- Cost unknown
- [TP] required unknown
+ Could potentially allow for COLORED MANA as a more efficient energy source
- Costs [2 TIME POINTS] to research
+ Grants you insights on what MANA VEINS are and their potential uses
+ CREATIVITY thinks you could find out potential applications of MAGITECH directly on the BODY
- Requires HUNTERS or WARRIORS to capture a LIVE SPECIMEN to study and DISSECT
- Costs [1 TIME POINT] to research
- Has a chance of failure that decreases per attempt
+ Will grant insights on exactly how MANA is generated in BODIES and what MANA CORES might add to the process
- Cost unknown
- [TP] required unknown
- Could be assisted by DESTROYING your GOGGLES OF MANA SIGHT
+ SENSOR GLASS will allow for new INNOVATIONS in the field
+ Results might take a long time without any INSIGHTS or a more FORCEFUL approach
- [TP] required unknown
+ It’s possible to harden and sharpen, why not reduce or increase the weight
+ You do not yet know how to INVENT new runes, but starting early might give you insights towards the future

You have 2 RESEARCH SLOTS available, these will run in the background similar to a background task and take [8 TP] per TP it costs to actually do the research.

Right now you only have ONE BACKGROUND TASK slot available, given you have to be a TA for your class until someone can fulfil that role.

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (2/3)
+ Provides XP to your ATHLETICISM, TENACITY, CLAW SKILL, and M&B technique with a focus on your CLAW SKILL
+ Causes YEARLY EVENTS at [TP 4] every year
+ Is slowly becoming less effective and needs to be INTENSIFIED

- TAing for RUNESCRIPTING (no bonuses)
+ Just doing your JOB, [CANNOT BE DROPPED]
+ Will RANDOMLY assign you students, maybe one is an aspiring pupil


Each BACKGROUND TASK takes [8 TP] to complete per [1 TP] it would cost normally and will create yearly events updating you on it’s progress. You can drop most tasks at any time but lose any invested funds.

You have a few NEW TASKS you can chose from

- Read a memorized book or one you’ve been recommended or found in the LIBRARY
- 300 SHINIES per year to have a chance to increase your PRECISION skill
- NICO isn’t a TEACHER, so it will be down to your LUCK and RETENTION
- Memorize more books
- You managed to get 14TP worth of books this time, but will average around 6-10TPs Worth on a regular basis
- Riichi is gone, but you can still GAMBLE
- Has a chance of increasing GUILE and other related stats
- Also has a chance to net you SHINIES and OTHER THINGS if you play well enough
- Costs an extra [180 SHINIES] a year, guarantees you gain [3 STRESS] every year
- But also means your body will improve at a more normal rate
- Make gear custom made for NOODLE and her SQUAD
- Costs 5000 SHINIES in MATERIALS, they’ll be providing their own weapons to modify
- She will SHARE HER LOOT with you as thanks
No. 1011249 ID: afe7de
File 163221644163.png - (14.07KB , 500x500 , SR2_008.png )

You’ve got a good mental grasp on everything that’s happening now. Your YEARLY FREE TIME has dropped from [8 TP to 5 TP], but you’re okay with that. You decide to run your classes in [TPS 1, 2, and 8] leaving the others free for whatever you want to do. You’ve got less FREE TIME now, which means that each bit is more important then it used to be. But you’re not worried. You have a whole life ahead of you and you’re not even 1/3 of the way through what SABA lived through. There’s plenty of time and you DONT NEED to rush things at this moment.

You’re RIDING OFF THE HIGH of getting a job and being productive so you gain [1 FUN POINT]!

AUTHORS NOTE: Basically the new TP DISTRIBUTION will be 1/2/2 because there might be maintenance stuff at the beginning of the year depending on what RESEARCHES you took and if I have any events planned. This also helps me make updates shorter, which means (hopefully) more updates because I need to do less writing.



Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
= MIND DORM 100%

- You’ve gained 1 GOAL POINT

CONGRATS! You’ve reached a GP milestone
- You’ve received an UNKNOWN BOON
- Occasionally when MEDITATING you will get the sense that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING inside of THE MIST
- Checking it out could lead to a RANDOM ENCOUNTER
- Current encounter rate is set to “RARE”
[PERSERVERENCE] That just means you could take STRESS or WOUNDS if you are hurt while you’re there
[PERSERVERENCE] I can only act when you are in danger, not PREEMPTIVELY
[PERSERVERENCE] So be careful.
[UNDERSTANDING] I also don’t know if you can die in there so uh yeah, be safe
[UNDERSTANDING] PERSERVERENCE is the only one that can go in with you anyway as far as I know.

Your GP has been RESET, your next goal is 15 and will award you with a FREE STAT POINT
Your current GP total is 0/15

You can assign or drop a goal at any time, but it requires at least 3 similar suggestions for me to slot it in/out and you are not awarded partial progress for partially complete goals.

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows
DEBT TO IGNIS - [20K SHINIES] due before the end of YEAR 18

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year

You gained [25,000 SHINIES]
You’ve paid DRIFT [5000 SHINIES] as his starting SALARY
You gained [10,000 SHINIES] from NUBS for you to make UNDERWATER BREATHING APPARATUS’
You have [35,888 SHINIES] remaining

You have 5 INGOTS OF ARCANUM valued at [15K SHINIES] But can only get a max of [12.5K SHINIES] by reselling them to the ROYALS.

Do you assign any new RESEARCH TASKS
Do you assign any new BACKGROUND TASKS?
Do you set a NEW GOAL?
Do you assign a task to UNDERSTANDING for them to READ or RESEARCH something?
You have enough money to PAY OFF YOUR DEBT TO IGNIS, do you pay it off, withhold funds, or partially pay it off?
You have some FUNDS, you could give WILLIAM [10K SHINIES] or more to invest in his RUBBER HUNT

You have [1 TIME POINT] to spend, you can spend it now, or after you finish deciding your TASKS.

AUTHORS NOTE: I’ve decided to make an ACTIONS LIST pastebin to just clear up clutter in the text, then I don’t have to type it up or copy/paste it each time, just updating the bin whenever something new is added! Thanks for your patience!

No. 1011255 ID: e51896

For our comfortable lifestyle fund, lets buy Pon a Chefs hat, and chefs apron! He wants to be a master chef, so he's gotta look the part! Apron can say "kiss (peck) the cook", since that was a line you remember back at your old Fauna, and so that is now your idea that you're stealing, mwahahahaha!



Either a Date with Ignis. Since we're 16 now, we can go on dates, and I think Ignis deserves a dates with us to see if we really click. He's done so so much for us. Could give us another fun point which I feel we will need this year. Plus I think Chi was thinking about doing this on her 16th year? Best get it outta the way.


Meditation, so we can work on Pride's room, I'm thinking a dressing room with a vanity so that they will be too distracted focusing on themself and how awesome they are over trying to get us to brag about us. Though if we feel there is something going on in the mist, we can go in there so we can get the Willamina event




keep in mind we can also use our decoding classes to see how scripting manuals effect the mana veins to help us out on our research task, both the trigger rune (since some students will have the opposite color veins as the trigger rune) and assigning the same color scripts as veins to students. I think the classes will really help with both Color theory and mana veins this way.


read THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF KAMAL LIN: OMNIMBUS. Pawn will be a very good addition to our team, and this could help us.


(if we want to make a mana pistol, this will be good to learn sooner rather than later)

succeed in your very first contracted job BEFORE the final year.


also read THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF KAMAL LIN: OMNIMBUS so we can do this faster and get to be better friends with Pawn more.

Ignis debt:
Pay it off.

William research:
give him 10k

should leave us with 5,888 shinies left


One lantern (to give dry food as a peace offering, maybe PON POPS)
5 headbands one for you, one for Ignis, one for William, one for Pon (he and Nubs seemed to made a good connections), and one for Drift or Hook or Noodle. (Drift said he can only do minor stuff, so he probably can't come. If he can't, we'll take Hook instead, she'll probably appreciate it and would probably like to make connections with DOPUS. If she can't come, then maybe Noodle)

should leave us with 2 arcanum and 2/3 of arcanum left I think.

No. 1011267 ID: ce39da

Fill out Noodle's order with headbands and use the pay from that along with 10K of your own money to PAY OFF IGNIS'S LOAN. (Do ask - as a friend - what she plans on using these for, and also make sure she's been warned about the specific kinks in the design you're still working out.)

Meanwhile, finding a path for the lantern is something that should be up to NUBS'S people to solve - explain that you'd love to come bearing gifts, but your one solution to that requires a safe walking passage along the ocean floor. How this turns out will determine which apparatus set you'll make.

Read the BOOK OF ORDERS with UNDERSTANDING. While meditation would be even more expedient, getting UNDERSTANDING'S insight is doubly important for this particular book.

> 1 TP
You've got FUN to burn; no reason we can't get a head-start on TEACHING THE SCIENTISTS. They've made it abundantly clear that you need to start from square one, so we can't put this off.
No. 1011269 ID: f8fa51

You have debts and can pay them off, do so. If you're really hard-up for cash, I'm sure he can lend you some again later, but you're not right now. Rubber has been a consistent problem, so go ahead and pay William to search for some. That leaves you with 5,888 SHINIES, but without debts and a steady income.

The headbands/chokers (chokers sound best because they're less likely to come off at an inconvenient time) sound like the best idea for a visiting mission, but that lantern will definitely come in handy down the line. Make the chokers for now because it'll allow the visitors more independence if there isn't much affordance for air-breathers down there. Once you're sure there's a proper path and quarters with air, a lantern could be used to bring a larger group or visiting dignitaries. However, you're getting paid for this so you should attempt to clarify the clients' use-case before you finalise that decision.

As a primary task (using your own TP), you should start working on MANA DENSE MATERIALS I. I have a feeling many of your financial troubles could have been easier if you'd worked on this right away. This will eat into most of your remaining funds.

Assign research slots to designing runes and colour theory.

No. 1011271 ID: ce39da

I've since learned that NUBS made the order, not NOODLE, and she's already paid us though we still need to deliver. Scratch the immediate crafting; skip to the discussion about finding a route. We only decide what we're making after that issue's been determined.
No. 1011277 ID: 1f63c8

To start, I think we should research Manda Dense Materials I (as it may help our efficiency in further pursuits) and Color Theory (as it may simply be good to know).

For our background tasks, let's train our Precision with Nico.

It's better to pay off debts earlier than later, so give Ignis the 20K shinies we owe him. And since we have more to work with, let's alsosend Willamina 10K to find some rubber.

I think we should make 3 headbands of breathing and one lantern. This will use two arcanium ingots, but will be well worth it to make sure we can get the most out of the trip. We don't need to make a headband for every member of the team, as if it really comes down to it you could share them together, taking turns exploring areas the lantern can't let you reach.

Let's set Understanding on that Omnibus Pawn likes. It's pretty long, so cutting the timr i half would be for the best. Sire it'll make Pawn happy, but really it just seens like a fun read.

Finally, for our last TP, let's spend it on teaching the scientists. The sooner we get them to understand, the sooner we can claim those sweet sweet shines for the job, which will open more doors for us.
No. 1011285 ID: 019a8d

Hey William, can you turn that house of yours into an orphanage?
No. 1011286 ID: 96c896

...hold up. I have a theory. Is it possible that this tale has an element of truth to it? Maybe there used to be a smaller plate attached to the bottom of TENGU, and that's where the magitech ruin is. Maybe if we find the attachment point and fly/fall directly down we can access it? Like, maybe there's a hole in the field that teleports people back to the top of the worldplate.


Read the Book of Orders, since we kindof need to do it via Understanding in order to keep it secret that we know what's in the book.


>water breathing stuff
Ok, we've got a pretty solid indication that the human worldplate doesn't want a TENGU-DOPUS trade agreement. Therefore, we can expect they will attempt to interfere if a diplomat gets sent, which means it'll be dangerous to do that. The lantern of air would require we bring a bunch of guards, and plan ahead to ensure the path is safe. How about we discuss it with the royals? Personally I think making more than one lantern would be needed for that.
Regardless, make headbands. In the long run, we're going to need lanterns for the trade route, and headbands for personal trips. Make as many headbands as needed for whoever wants to come with us, plus one extra. Just in case, for instance, a spy steals one of them to try to prevent us leaving DOPUS.

>1 TP
Spend it on helping RUTHERFORD learn manuals. We really do need the money, and the faster we get this done the safer we're going to be in the long term. Once he's up and running the other scientists should fall in line and we can teach them after. Or maybe the plan was to teach them as a group from the start? That's fine too.

Pay Ignis 10k right now, and 10k again next year.

>Rubber hunt
Yeah, give William 10k.
No. 1011305 ID: c92a02

First TP of the year? Read a book! Cesare's Travels to be exact. Set Understanding to read the Fractured Fairy Tales.

New goal: Plan a runescripting road trip. Find out what destinations are likely to have new and powerful runes, and figure out what it takes to make it there!

Research task: Mana veins. What do they do? How do they do it? Also, shinies as mana materials.

Background task: Arm Noodle.
Speaking of, make Nubs the headbands/chokers. Dry goods can be packaged with much more mundane watertight materials.
Pay off three quarters of the debt now (15K), and the rest next year, plus a little extra. Invest 10K in William's hunt as well.
No. 1011333 ID: 4569cf

Precision with Nico

(We dont need intense training especially since we are busy now. We can wait a few years to reach our goal with reaching level 7)


Color theory (to teach the course of the 6 syntaxes better)

Mana veins (being able to apply runescripts on our body might be useful.)

Understanding task:

Fantastic adventures omnibus


Pay off ignis, he could use the shinies
Give william 10k

Teach the scientists. The earlier the better in case they have trouble

Teach more than one scientist how to make your inventions. (More points if we teach all 3)
No. 1011337 ID: ce39da

> SECOND ADDENDUM (last one, I swear)
Also, I just realized that our trip might be coming immediately after we decide something here; make those COLLARS OF AIR now instead of later - make an even three so you can bring a plus one and an escort (or a plus two). I forget who we're bringing, actually.

Also, warn your sensei about the trip that will prevent you from attending at the appointed time this year.

Also also:

Form a LINK with someone in DOPUS during your visit. You already get the feeling that this is IMPORTANT. It'll probably be NUBS unless you find someone with a RIDICULOUSLY GOOD INNATE SKILL.
No. 1011358 ID: 235c53

Idea: isnt bubblegum made from rubber?
If so, we should tell Pon about Bubble Gum from our old Fauna, and how it is made from rubber, and see if he'd be interested in researching rubber with William and see if he'd help him out on that venture if he wants.

Pon is going to make an awesome food invention if this works to change what people think of food in our worldplate.
No. 1011406 ID: 36784c

Mana veins sound interesting to me. If we could figure out how those work in a living thing’s body, would it be possible to create some prosthetic limbs that could be powered from the user’s mana in their body?

That doesn’t seem like something we could introduce to the world in a way that would make sense. We got inspiration for the Chi-ller from a story told by Chi’s dad, but what would we say inspired us to want to make bubble gum?

Also, I’m not sure many people would like a food that you’re only supposed to chew and not actually swallow.
No. 1011776 ID: afe7de
File 163279759942.png - (9.53KB , 500x500 , SR2_009.png )

You’re torn between several NEW PERSONAL GOALS to set for yourself, so you decide to POLL YOUR STATS, it’s a weird concept, but maybe they’ll have some insights and suggest a few new GOALS for you


You also decide to check up on your old buddy NICO. He’s working at an HERBAL REMEDY shop that specializes in growing SPECIFIC HERBS. He’s taken on an apprenticeship there and while the pay is ONLY OKAY, he’s working hard to improve enough to become a FULL TIME WORKER there. You ask him if he’s willing to teach you PRECISION still and he jumps at the opportunity, excited to have someone to hang out with. He mentions kind of being a RECLUSE lately, what with his MOM constantly giving him ERRANDS.

You’ve started the task - PRECISION WITH NICO
- Every year you’ll have a chance of gaining a new rank in PRECISION

You assign the COLOR THEORY task to LAPUTA RUNETECH. Drift apologizes for his lack of assistance for a bit. He’s still preoccupied with the HORNED MIST PUMA cores. The team has no idea where to start on this, and will take random approaches until they can figure this topic out.

You will be updated YEARLY on this project as breakthroughs are discovered
You cannot estimate how long it will take to research this as it’s uncharted territory

You also assign the MANA VEINS task to the group. DRIFT mentions that he will be performing his own examinations and tests in his spare time and will share his results when he’s finished with the CORES. IGNIS mentions how it could be cool if you could figure out a way to RUNESCRIPT TATTOOS onto a kin, but isn’t sure if that’s even a possibility.

You’re going to do your part on this task by EXAMINING OTHERS MANA VEINS while they RUNESCRIPT IN CLASS to see if there is any feedback or response. Studying this process might bring you new gains in the field.

Results should be found by [TIME POINT 1] of [YEAR 18]

You set [UNDERSTANDING] to reading the KAMAL LIN OMNIMBUS, they’ll give you updates whenever they finish a new stories, or enough stories to give you some STAT GROWTH.

Your RUNESCRIPTERS BOND has been updated and is now called LAPUTA RUNETECH after the company you're starting. Everyone’s excited about the NEW NAME and you get a signboard commissioned by CHIPPER to hang up in front of your WORKSHOP ROOM to commemorate the occasion.

IGNIS visibly loses stress and relaxes as you hand him the funds. It was causing him a bit more stress then he was used to, and he appreciates that you paid it off early. He says that with the extra funds construction should move along easier and they might even have enough for A FEW ADDITIONS. You press him for more but he keeps his mouth shut.

- Completing this goal 2 years early has earned you bonus GP
- You’ve gained 3 GOAL POINTS
Your current GP total is 3/15

William appreciates the investiture. He shows you a map of the areas he’s scouted, showing that there’s about 2/5 of TENGU that hasn’t been explored yet with the intent to find RUBBER. This will expedite the process by a factor of at least 2. He was originally expecting it to be found in 5 years, but now estimates it might take 2.5 or less to do so with the extra WINGPOWER afforded by the funds.

He says that if that fails he has another lead that he’s hesitant to look into. There are some CAVERNS that are said to grow FUNGUS rather deep down and he vaguely remembers scientists from [FAUNUS 08-C] discussing FUNGUS BASED plastics and sealants as an eco-friendly PLASTIC. It’s not exactly RUBBER, but it might be the next best thing should he fail on this endeavor. You ask why he’s hesitant and he mentions that it will require hiring HUNTERS as the monsters ABOVE GROUND have all been cleared, and most of the CAVERNS have been cleared, but one can never be too careful IN THE CAVES. It’s why your parents always told you to be careful and not go in CAVES as a kid.

A new EVENT has been added - RUBBER HUNT
- Updates will be given yearly until it or an alternative has been found

You get PON a present! It’s an APRON that says “PECK THE COOK” You think it’s cute and he likes the present! CHIPPER made it to be easy to clean since he expects it to get dirty from all the cooking.

You also think to suggest to PON about something called BUBBLEGUM, you explain the concept but he says that there are probably better uses for REFINED SUGARS then making that. He doubts that WING-KIN would find it tastier then the CANDIES that are sold. He also mentions with WING-KIN not typically CHEWING food, he doubts it’ll be a hit. Though BEAST-KIN might enjoy it a lot, he considers it if you can get the material.

PON feels energized from the gift, something GOOD will happen to him in the near future.

You also inform LOU XIN that you are GOING ON A TRIP soon, so you can’t participate in a TOURNAMENT for a bit for fear of being too injured to travel. She understands and lets you know that you can perform an alternate activity at a later date.

Future DOJO EVENTS will happen during [TP 6] of each year now to accommodate for your request
No. 1011780 ID: afe7de
File 163279768453.png - (11.40KB , 500x500 , SR2_010.png )

You decide to make 4 CHOKERS OF AIR, thinking that design is MUCH SAFER to travel with then the HEADBAND. You just innately fear the HEADBANDS would snap off in water. You plan to bring 2 other individuals with you, and store the remaining one in your POCKET DIMENSION along with 1 ingot of ARCANUM and a few tools that you bundled together after experimenting so that it would see it as ONE ITEM. You never know if something might happen and one might get lost, or if you’ll need to improvise on the spot.

You would make a LANTERN OF BREATHING, but it requires one major conceit. A PATH. You ask NUBS if there is a good path to walk from the tunnel to the city, and she says that she’ll work on it. You thought of a few other solutions, like flying as a group, but there were many issues involved with it and neither you nor your friends know of any SYNCHRONIZED FLYING exercises. Well, except for WILLIAM, he took the AEROBATICS classes. No, the LANTERN OF BREATHING would be good for a SOLE INDIVIDUAL carrying goods to float down to the city, but wouldn’t help as a group.

After some talks, NUBS returns to you and informs you that there IS NOT a direct path, that walking would take A FEW DAYS of underwater travel, and your LANTERN can’t quite cut it for that long. Apparently the city is located near the CENTER of the plate, just like QARA TENGU is. And while DOPUS is in fact SMALLER then TENGU, it’s still a trek. It’s possible that you could at some point help them develop an AIR TUNNEL of sorts from the bottom to top that would allow them to transport dry goods to the surface, but that’s something you can discuss later she says. She also suggests that the lantern might have its uses exploring AROUND the city exterior, but implies that you probably wouldn’t want to do that without elaborating.

This is one of those moments where you really wish you had RUBBER or a SEALANT of some kind so that you could transport things without such a large ARCANUM investiture. NUBS lets you know that she’s ready to go to DOPUS when you are and after you’ve picked whose coming. She’s interested in having at least ONE OTHER FRIEND join you, but leaves the decision entirely up to you. She also requests that you not bring anyone HIGH PROFILE, meaning she would prefer you not bring a ROYAL that would be EASILY RECOGNIZABLE. Those in your FRIEND GROUPS are fine like WILLIAM and IGNIS, but she’s even a bit hesitant about them too, mentioning that they should probably WEAR A HOOD to disguise themselves. You get the feeling that she wants this trip to be LOW KEY, but that there’s more to the trip then she’s letting on.

[UNDERSTANDING] I think she wants to TEST THE WATERS with somewhat regular WING-KIN citizens she’s friends with
[UNDERSTANDING] She’s probably under some pressure to bring KIN over, but would rather it be someone she trusts
[UNDERSTANDING] Plus, with the rising tensions we can only guess as to what might happen.
[LINK] Though if I might make a recommendation.
[LINK] Take someone LINKED with you.
[LINK] They might come in handy!
[INTUITION] You should find someone to LINK with while you’re there.
[INTUITION] I still think this is important.

You were thinking of inviting a ROYAL to be a DIPLOMAT, but guess it might be better to pick someone less so. You could invite one of your PARENTS if you were interested.

EVENT - NUBVENTURES IN PARADISE - will occur in [TP 5] of this year
- You have [1 TP] to prepare
- This event will take place over a few updates and follow a more traditional quest structure
- You can bring 2 others with you, or 3 if you use your HIDDEN CHOKER that you prepared
- Make sure you come prepared!

Your first four classes of RUNESCRIPTING - DECODING are a pretty big hit. You were expecting some frustration from your students, but no such thing happened. You had one or two bad eggs, but you quickly and swiftly handled them. You’re used to this by now, and none of them are on the same level as the other students. After looking it over, and with your rather large sample size of students broadly taking the classes, you’ve come to a few conclusions.

Namely that SHIMON really was actively making things hard on the students. Students with OPPOSITE affinities tended to have a MUCH harder time and require more direct teaching. Though with your methods it was not too difficult to get them to catch up. Ones with MATCHING affinities tended to have a SLIGHTLY easier time going about it and making connections. But it’s REALLY SLIGHT. Almost inconsequentially so. You could go with teaching everyone based off of their COLOR, but it’s less STRESS on you to just teach the same manual.

One thing you do note, from all of your examinations, is that it’s fairly rare to find anyone with a WHITE or BLACK MANA VEIN. You would say more than 50% are YELLOW veined, with the rest being a spattered assortment and GREEN being the next most common, typically found in BEAST-KIN. There are some exceptions of course, but that seems to be the majority of what you see. You think that you’ll keep teaching the TRIGGER rune to students in your DECODING class as very few students seem to have BLACK or WHITE mana veins and it’s just the easiest rune to learn.

Your time TA-ING students is also going well enough. But there’s no outstanding students yet. You’ll be keeping your eye out for a good one, hopefully your classes in [TP8] will get you a better idea of someone to fill the role.
No. 1011789 ID: afe7de
File 163279973055.png - (12.48KB , 500x500 , SR2_011.png )

You decide to get an early start TEACHING the scientists. You’ve never taught an ADULT before, as most of your teaching was geared towards those your age and below. SABA taught adults before, but always found they required PATIENCE to deal with. So you expect the experience to be more STRESSFUL then normal.

Originally you were expecting to teach all 3 at once, but instead they request individual tutoring. You decide that this time you’ll split your attention amongst them equally. You can chose to focus on one with future TP, but it’s better not to push this off for the future as they’re all basically at square one.

RUTHERFORD is QUIRKY and SHY. You take your time explaining the basic concept of RUNESCRIPTING and he avidly takes notes. He’s full of questions but none of them are intrusive or obstructive. You note that his LOGIC is only slightly less then yours, and he is MORE CREATIVE then you, but that there is a lot of basic things that need to be unlearned about the process. He attempts to approach this from a RESEARCHER’S point of view, which isn’t wrong, but doesn’t allow him to even ATTEMPT something until he knows about it in full. You wrestle with this point of view as you try to get him to learn the SHARPEN rune. He’s slower then your normal STUDENTS as a result but gets about 3/5 of the way through the MANUAL before your time with him is up. You have high hopes for him.

[INTUITION] I like this guy

SATINA on the other hand is BRASH and OVERBEARING. It takes nearly all of your PATIENCE not to argue with her. You’re here to teach her but half of her comments make it seem like she’s trying to tell YOU what approaches you should take to teach her. It’s infuriating in a way, and you immediately [UNDERSTAND] that she’s doing this because she’s SCARED that she won’t be able to LEARN the material. Which just makes the job harder on you. You instead spend most of your time trying to let her know that FAILURE is just a part of the process and even demonstrate how easy it is to mess up a rune, which calms her down slightly. Because of a few false starts you only get around 1/8 of the way through the HARDEN manual, which she insisted she learn first. You feel like you have JUST ENOUGH PATIENCE to deal with her, but that it might take more then [3 TP] to teach her this.

[GUILE] She’s got a good poker face, but it’s not THAT good.

LILITH is STRICT and does not appreciate the change in HIERARCHY here. Instead of allowing you to control the flow of the topic she asks to see your LESSON PLAN and elects to study the ABSORPTION and COLD runes to create a CHI-LLER. You very strongly recommend she not do that and focus on one, but she says that you can’t tell her what she can and can’t learn, not with who your MOTHER is. You pause at that. Your PATIENT, and PROUD of your family. You don’t appreciate that, and in a moment of COURAGE you hand her the manuals and let her know that if she’s going to disrespect you for the job you were hired for, that she can learn this on her own, without your help, and that you’ll be letting the QUEEN know about her conduct. This gives LILITH pause. She wasn’t expecting that. You walk out of the room. You feel like LILITH might be a lost cause unless you can figure out what her BEEF with you or your family is.

[ANGER] You shoulda snapped harder!
[CHARISMA] Good move Chi
[PRIDE] Atta girl!
[CURIOSITY] I wonder what THAT was all about?
[UNDERSTANDING] Not enough data for me to make a further conclusion then we already have. Some kinda grudge?

You’ve made progress in teaching the ROYALS
You’ve learned a little about PATIENCE by working with the ROYALS, but not enough to increase rank
You gained [3 STRESS] due to the DISRESPECT and FRUSTRATING nature of the individuals you taught
But [2 STRESS] was blocked due to your PATIENCE and FUN POINT!
You were paid [10K SHINIES] for your work TEACHING the ROYAL SCIENTISTS



Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
= MIND DORM 100%

Goals will now be selected and tracked via poll. New additions will be added to the poll whenever a GOAL SLOT opens up. If you’d like to suggest what GOALS get added, use the link below:


Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6)

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You spent [20K SHINIES] paying off your debt to IGNIS
You spent [10K SHINIES] Investing in the RUBBER HUNT
You spent [40 SHINIES] on a custom signboard for your company
You spent [20 SHINIES] on an APRON for PON
You set aside [300 SHINIES] preemptively for your PRECISION WITH NICO task
You were paid [10K SHINIES] for your work TEACHING the ROYAL SCIENTISTS
You were paid [12.8K SHINIES] for TEACHING [2 TP] worth of classes at TENGU ACADEMY
You have [28,328 SHINIES] remaining

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year

You have 2 2/3 INGOTS OF ARCANUM and 3 AIR CHOKERS stored with LAPUTA RUNETECH along with your other inventions

You have [1 TIME POINT]
What do you do?
And who are you bringing to DOPUS?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
No. 1011790 ID: 629f2e

Agree with the comment above on both LINKing with Pon, and bringing him and Noodle.

I think we should work on our HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE already. It's gonna take a while, so we need to get started eventually.

If that ain't a popular pick, I say we spend our TP directly working on our one of our research projects. COLOR THEORY is my preference.
No. 1011791 ID: ae43bf

use the timepoint to date Ignis or William (aiming for Ignis, hes done so much for us)

Or we could practice making new COMPOUND RUNES! So we can break our Runescripting SOFT CAP. Do it with our group. I recommend merging blue with red to make STEAM! We can turn Tengu into a steampunk worldplate potentially.

Or meditate. Work on prides room, or HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE, or go into the fog (only if we sense someone

Who to bring? Pon and Noodle. We cant bring a royal, too risky. Lets also LINK with Pon, he's our bro after all...

But since we cant bring a royal, we will def need to date ignis and/or william to compensate in the future.

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