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File 163105435337.png - (227.58KB , 500x500 , SR2_000b.png )
1009742 No. 1009742 ID: afe7de

A quest about Reincarnation.

You follow CHI, a WING-KIN girl who used to be a MALE HUMAN in another dimension.

You’ve just become a teacher at the TENGU ACADEMY at the ripe young age of 16.

What change will you bring to your WORLDPLATE?


SHARDS PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango

AUTHORS NOTE: This Quest will probably cointain 18+ content including violence, death, and cartoon gore. Sexual content might be present, but won’t be the focus and won’t get multi image updates. Reader discretion is advised.

This quest is more of a LIFE SIM that takes place over a long period of time. Part 1 took place over 16 years, Part 2 might be a similar length, but there will be a few more moments where we zoom in on particular events in this arc.

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No. 1009743 ID: afe7de
File 163105439176.png - (14.84KB , 500x500 , SR2_001.png )

[YEAR 16]

You stretch your wings and crack your back, waking up to a brand new year. A lot happened in the past few months you haven’t really been able to catch up with. But thats okay, you’re ready for a nice and slow orientation and whatever else the TEACHERS over at TENGU ACADEMY have in store for you.

You head over to YONDO’S office, it’s a fairly clean room, shelves lined with books you can tell are maintained and managed by hand. They appear to be LEDGERS and HAND MADE TEXTS, you assume most of them are the original copies of whatever books students get and are reproduced by the ROYAL PRINTING PRESSES. You heard a rumor that they’ll soon be ready to release the press publicly, or at least in a smaller scale to allow the normal citizen to produce and publish their own texts. This excites you and makes you feel like there might soon be a RENAISSANCE of TECH and LITERATURE. You take your seat in front of the man and he goes over your duties as a professor. You’ll be in charge of teaching classes of up to 30 students, classes here tend to be closer knit which you’ve known from experience. Your class in particular will probably be PACKED nearly constantly. You’ve thought over several ways to handle this and go back and forth with the bird.

First you’ll need to decide on a LESSON PLAN, this is HOW YOU PLAN TO TEACH, tied to that will be your CLASS FREQUENCY, or how many classes you offer a year. Most teachers offer the first class in both semesters and then extra classes on a minimum student basis, but you can also offer fixed classes. It’s a flexible system where the teachers have to teach at least 4 courses a year, every 2 courses taking up [1 TIME POINT] You know many that teach 6-8 courses a year, but that is by choice, as it’s EXTRA PAY at the cost of STRESS.

Speaking of pay, you are handed a bag of SHINIES, these are of the highest grade, and total to a value of 6400. This is your UP FRONT FIRST MONTH’S PAY. You’re payed 6400 SHINIES per time point you spend teaching, and he lets you know that there’s incentive to do well, as being consistently successful is grounds for a PAY RAISE. You’re also recommended to raise up a few TUTORS, or offer TUTORING yourself until you have a good PUPIL. As a TEACHER you won’t get paid to do tutoring, but are expected to devote a BACKGROUND TASK to it until you can find a PUPIL or TWO.

You’re reminded that due to the contract you signed you cannot QUIT BEING A TEACHER for 4 years minimum, but at YEAR 20, you are free to continue working here or leave. Should you chose to resign at any point after the 4 year period, you are to give a [3 TIME POINT] notice, basically a semesters worth of time so that they can find a replacement.

You can also get COMPLIMENTARY COURSES for every [2 TIME POINTS] you spend TEACHING. This will allow you to take one of the many classes offered at the ACADEMY for free. You’re also reminded of a few PERKS you get now that you’re a teacher. Once every 2 YEARS teachers get a FREE LIBRARY TICKET, this allows you to rent a book from the TENGU ROYAL LIBRARY for a year. This was updated from the previous 4 YEARS per ticket due to high demand from the various professors and their excellent work training the youths of today. You could also BUY A RENTAL for 10,000 SHINIES, where you are refunded 5000 upon return of the text. But you don’t need to do that anymore since you have a PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY unless you want to help someone out.

You think a few things over. It’s been a year since any RUNESCRIPTING has been taught here, and most of the kin that were taught it by SHIMON, the SHITTY PROFESSOR as you’ve taken to dubbing him, have graduated without passing the second course. You did a quick calculation, but after checking with YONDO you find only 17 have actually passed the course, and there’s only a small number who are choosing to pursue it as a career like yourself, the RUNESCRIPTERS, PAWN, two young women whose name escapes YONDO, and another sole student whose name also escapes his memory. You’re still upset that SHIMON didn’t pass your brother, but SHIMON is gone now and that gives you at least some SMUG SATISFACTION. But anyway, back on topic, you know you’ll need to train a student from the GROUND UP if you want them to be a good tutor, you’ll probably just have to GET LUCKY and find one that takes one of your classes.

As for the LESSON PLAN, you’ve got several options to pick from. Your STATS contribute to the planning and think you should make a SYLLABUS to let students know what they’re getting into in the long term, none of the other teachers do that, but you assume that’s because they never thought to. You think up the following options:

- This is a class that could be a PRELIM to the others, you could start it with any manual, TRIGGER maybe
- And allow students to decode another one if they finish.
- This class would WEED OUT THOSE WITHOUT LOGIC, so they know not to invest heavily
- You tend to be able to teach FRESH FACES at least ONE MANUAL in the time it takes them to do ONE CLASS
- Fresh faces would find this harder to get into, but repeat students could learn more COLORS and RUNES
- This class would be on the theory and practicality of RUNESCRIPTING but act as a primer for your next class
- This would be like SHIMON’S second class, only using the foundation they already developed to learn how to MAKE THINGS
- You could use the time teaching this class to EXPERIMENT with other students as well
- This would be a more free formed and ADVANCED version of the previous course
- Only teaching others how to THINK and how to INVENT, but it might be redundant to the ENGINEERING course
- Just teach 2 classes like SHIMON with your updated knowledge per semester
- You’d get improved rates, but would suffer from the problem of students needing to SELF STUDY to be effective in COURSE 2
- Feel free to suggest other ways to teach or class combinations

You’ll also have to consider if you’re going to offer EXTRA COURSES, you could just spend the minimum [2 TIME POINTS] teaching 4 classes, or you could go deeper and offer other courses, even something not listed. YONDO says that if you have something else you’re willing to TEACH and can prove your competency in like a THEORY class, he would be fine with you offering that course as well.

What classes do you teach? You’ll be teaching 2 a SEMESTER at a minimum, and can mess around with order and frequency of classes at least until students get a good grasp of the subject matter and you have a regular pull of them.

AUTHORS NOTE: Glad to be back everyone! There’s some upkeep left over from the end of PART 1, so for the next few updates we’ll be handling this stuff one at a time. First is your TEACHING SCHEDULE. Then we’ll handle DRIFT, IGNIS, and the WATER BREATHING DEVICE.

Then You’ll get to see a single class in action, be updated on RESEARCHES, FINANCES, MEMORIZED BOOKS, and other minor things, and we’ll be all caught up enough to get back to the TP ECONOMY like it was. Thanks for your patience! Updates will be slow until I settle into my new work schedule, but when I do, I’ve got weekends scheduled so that I can update TWICE A WEEK like I used to.

Ah, and if you’re having trouble with the teaching course you can simplify it into something like Teach x courses, or spend x TP teaching, and teach Y classes

No. 1009747 ID: 5232cd

>lesson plan
How about this: offer one basic course, one advanced course, and one repeatable syntaxes course. The basic course is offered on a regular basis, and your other two courses are offered half as often. That way if you weed out half the students from the basic course, you still have a full class in the other two. Avoid redundancy with engineering.
So basically, A+B+C, splitting time halfway between A and B+C.
Try to figure out (optimally BEFORE teaching students) if Shimon's mana color matching approach was correct or not. You should at least start the first class with a basic description of what they'll be able to do with runes at an expert level, to hype up the field and see if you can get more students who pass to get into the advanced classes.
No. 1009749 ID: ce39da

This seems like a subject you can't teach in only two classes, but since nobody's getting to a third this year, let's start with A and B, then add C/2 (out of Shimon's two) the next year. (We'll be open about this plan, of course.)

For tutoring, start with yourself in that position, but it'd be good to have some TAs during the classes regardless of what happens there. Maybe ask if one of the RUNESCRIPTERS wants to fill the position for now - but only if one of them has an actual rank or two in TEACHING, of course.

Make sure to spell out a disciplinary plan in the syllabus, too; you need something in your arsenal for the inevitable return of the problem students. Don't make it too severe, but do clarify that you aren't just going to grin and bear it if a student decides to be disruptive. Also, know how to gently let go of the more subtle and complicated questions fired at you - "that's an excellent question I sadly don't have time to answer today - but if you'd like to discuss that with me later after class..." will be your ultimate weapon. Class time is something you can't afford to waste, but free time is, by definition, free. You can afford to take some minutes to delve into these when it's not on your students' time.
No. 1009750 ID: 629f2e

Right off the bat, let's rule out E: STATUS QUO. There's plenty of evidence to demonstrate how poorly that works around here. This is a difficult subject for a lot of folk to really grasp, and there aren't many alternative sources for them to get help from. Especially while we don't have a tutor, we can't run classes like that

I would also agree on the CON listed for D: INVENTION COURSE. To put it simply: There are already classes to help students learn how to apply their knowledge. The students that want to invent will probably already be in there, or can easily be directed to it. While practical application shouldn't be ignored, we should focus on getting students into the material.

A: MANUAL DECODING, is probably our best pick for a first class. Give everyone a baseline experience so that they can decide if this is right for them. Starting off with something more complicated could result in losing students who had the potential to learn. Even if not every student who passes will be ready for the following course, it'll be a start in spreading comprehension of RUNESCRIPTING to the next generation. That's a win, no matter how you look at it.

B and C are a toss-up, as they both have elements worth teaching. I'm leaning towards C: APPLICATIONS OF RUNESCRIPTING, but the syntax is worthwhile as well. Between the two, I think the syntax is easier to pick up in self-study, as it doesn't require discovering how to do things such as link runes by yourself.

Would it be worth the TP to teach all three this semester? Dedicating the time early may help us develop a pupil faster, and getting someone else to potentially help with tutoring duties would be better done sooner rather than later. It'd save us TP in the long run.

Ultimately, I think it's worth dedicating time to this early. We can drop the extra class later, once we get our tutor. For now though, I suggest the following lesson plan:

A: MANUAL DECODING, B: 6 SYNTAXES, C: APPLICATIONS OF RUNESCRIPTING. 3 classes a semester, 6 a year. Spend the extra TP, Earn extra SHINIES at the cost of extra STRESS. We'll likely be meditating to work on our MIND CAMPUS when we get the chance anyways, so we'll be able to get rid of it quickly enough. When we have a tutor that students can turn to, consider dropping the class on the 6 syntaxes.
No. 1009752 ID: dfbac0

Since pretty much everyone is gonna be new to runescripting we should start off with two classes of the A type for the first semester and then focus on the B type for the second semester.
But this is just for the first year as nobody will have any experience with this.
However, after this year it seems like we can do our classes in a way to allow our students to learn runescripting in just two years.
>First Semester
Class A and Class C
>Second Semester
Class B and Class B (adv.)
The structure of this is designed around the fact that nobody would be taking class A and class C at the same time as they are different levels entirely, and since Class B is repeatable we can have a beginner orientated Class B and an advanced Class B.
This way a student's first year they will learn how to decode manuals and then the basic syntax and the basis of how runes work together, and the second year they will experiment with making things utilizing what they've learned in Class B and what we will teach in Class C. Afterwards we have an advanced class B overlooking the intricacies of rune interactions and compound runes as well as becoming fluent in rune syntax enough to understand messages left in dungeons if not to read an entire book in runescript. Having classes set up like this will give them everything they need to create things using runescript apart from the materials. Afterwards it's up to them to experiment and invent as the new generation of runescripters.
No. 1009763 ID: c92a02

Replace Runescripting 1 with a manual decoding course, and teach the applications of runescripting as a second semester offering. Teach extra classes to try and spread out the number of students you have to teach at once.
No. 1009802 ID: e51896

Whatever courses we decide, I'd say for DECODING CLASS, instead of starting the students out with TRIGGER, let fresh faces start out with the scripting manual that matches their MANA VEINS. Or maybe a small percentage if we want to experiment how well they'll learn magitech throughout the semester by starting them out with a matching color scriptingmanual.

Our friends said that they had an easier time solving a manual that matches the color of their veins. With that in mind, fresh faces can start out with a manual that is easy for them to figure out, and won't scare them out of the class and we can ease them into the harder manuals (like start out someone with black mana veins with a black scripting manual, then after they solve that, encourage them to work on the other manuals that isn't white, and then once they finish those, have them work on the white scripting manual)

A good introduction on the first day of decoding class will be to let them know how runescripting can be used for pretty much any career they are majoring in, such as sharpening or hardening a weapon as a hunter for better defense or offense, using it for cooking to heat up food, use it for artwork like putting a light rune on a sun they drew, and even invent new things, or even add things to architect like electricity, err, you mean light runes in certain parts of a room. IDEA: as an example bring your CHIller on the first day of class with Pon Pops as an example to get students hyped! Give everyone a Pon pop to show them the wonderful things they can make with Magitech.

Getting ahead of myself though

As others said, A, B and C. I liked the idea of doing 6 courses a year with those 3 classes, so we can take an extra course since most other teachers do that. B will be repeatable for students to take until they solve the other syntaxes for the third class (C), though they can self study to make the process faster. Maybe one day, we can switch it to two classes (A and C) if we get good enough to be able to teach a majority of student all six syntaxes in one class.
No. 1009803 ID: 8483cf

Manual Decoding! First priority!
No. 1009805 ID: 459598

We're all in agreement here that starting with A is a no-brainer. A and C seem like a good start.
No. 1009806 ID: 36784c

I’m not sure if we can even teach B. We haven’t done any research on the Colors or the Syntaxes, so we might not be able to teach those until after we do some research to better understand them.
No. 1009807 ID: dfbac0

We've done plenty of research on that stuff. We could read a whole book in runescript.
No. 1009815 ID: 094652

Shimon corrupted everything he taught, it's time to fix that.

Teach Manual Decoding and Runescripting. Advocate basic syntax to the diligent students on their free time.
No. 1009836 ID: 36784c

I actually went to double check the previous thread and found out that, no, we haven’t researched anything about Color Theory. So I’m pretty sure we can’t teach anything about that until we research it for ourselves.
No. 1009845 ID: ce39da

We did learn all the (publicly known) syntaxes, and I think we started to develop a baseline for teaching it at some point. Plus, if it's being presented as an option, I doubt we'd actually be unable to choose it.
No. 1009964 ID: f8fa51

Teach manual decoding and applications of runescripting the first semester, since there won't be any repeat students yet. The second semester, add the course on the six syntaxes. If we start getting some pupils who seem particularly interested in applying themselves, we can start offering more advanced courses like invention.
No. 1009986 ID: 59f588

A to decode as first class, B to understand the colors more and to inspire them to work on decoding the manuals they have left to decode (repeatable), and C to learn application once they decoded enough manuals and took the second. class
No. 1010472 ID: afe7de
File 163158348361.png - (13.99KB , 500x500 , SR2_002.png )

You discuss your plan of approach with YONDO, you want to teach 2 classes this semester, and then 3 from that point forward. You need students who know the material and that want to take future classes, and think this approach would be good. You mention that it might take you some TIME to prepare all of the MANUALS and that you'll need some FUNDS to get the class going, he reminds you of the TEACHING SALARY that you may apply for YEARLY. IT's 2000 SHINIES. You'll probably end up spending it all on MATERIALS FOR MANUALS and RUNESCRIPTING PENS.

You devote [3 TIME POINTS] to teaching this year, teaching 5 classes and the last 1 class's worth of time being taken up by maintenence, setup, and enscribing runescripting manuals by hand.

The first semester you plan on teaching two courses of RUNESCRIPTING - DECODING as you're tentatively calling it. This is going to be your PRELIMINARY course on the topic of RUNESCRIPTING. You’re going to introduce the subject, let the students know of it’s potential applications, difficulties of learning, and overall importance. Since you’ll be leading TWO COURSES in the first semester this also gives you time for an EXPERIMENT. In one course you’ll be assigning students A SINGLE MANUAL, the TRIGGER manual. In the second course you’ll be assigning students their manuals based off of the COLOR of their MANA VEINS that you can see using your GOGGLES OF MANA SIGHT. You have a THEORY, that SHIMON was giving individuals their opposite color to make things HARDER on them and more difficult to learn. You also think that with your TEACHING it might be possible to get everyone on the same page with a SINGLE MANUAL easier then it might be with multiple spread throughout the class. Only time will tell what seems to be the more effective approach.

The second semester you plan to teach one course of RUNESCRIPTING - DECODING, one course of RUNESCRIPTING - SYNTAX, and one course of RUNESCRIPTING - APPLICATIONS, reccomending students take each course in that order, with the SYNTAX course being one where you teach the students all of the colors as opposed to a single one and encourage SELF STUDY. RUNESCRIPTING - APPLICATIONS will be for advanced students that are interested in taking what they know and learning practical applications and inventions.

YONDO suggests holding off on the advanced class and instead offering a second course of the SYNTAX class during the second semester. Then during your second year offering one of each course as the student load will have stabilized by then and you’ll have actual applicants to the course. It takes some back and forth, but you trust his judgment as he has been teaching longer then you have. At least in this life anyway.

You spend a good chunk of time, the rest of this [TP], using up your yearly stipend to make as many SCRIPTING MANUALS as you can of each color. It’s a little STRESSFUL but you’re patient enough to see it through as it’s one of your jobly duties now. And by the time you’re done you’ve got about 3 years worth of manuals, tens of RUNESCRIPTING PENS, making new materials in your spare time in class won’t be too difficult or making custom ones for special students won’t take any time now that you have this foundation in place. You also get a few supplies, some random materials, wood, stone, cheap metals, etc. But this does take up ALL of your 2000 SHINY salary.

But you’re as prepared as you’re going to get to teach now. You’ll have to wait and see the results of your planning and teaching.
No. 1010473 ID: afe7de
File 163158349968.png - (12.42KB , 500x500 , SR2_003.png )

Ignis has been fairly busy since you assigned him his task. You’ve seen him draft numerous documents and he’s popped in and out with you to discuss terms and the like. He says that the process with ROYALTY is a bit harder then with other ORGANIZATIONS and he’s very happy for the opportunity you’ve presented him with. Your initial intent was to establish business relations with the ROYALS, see if you could find a way to either SELL YOUR GOODS to them, or TAKE ORDERS to help build up an INFLUX OF SHINIES so that you can expand your experimentation and develop useful technologies.

They HAVE A GOOD RAPPORT with IGNIS and WILLIAM already, so they are interested in starting business with you on a CONTRACTUAL BASIS to start with. They have 3 OFFERS for you, each with their UPS and DOWNS. IGNIS has worked hard to make each arrangement as favorable as possible.

- A 2-Year contract where you will be given a small list of WEAPONS that have been observed by the HUMANS
- You are to develop PROTOTYPES of their WEAPONRY and even IMPROVEMENTS if possible
- This is a MILESTONE based contract where each new weapon developed will earn you more funds then the last
- Both YOU and the ROYALS will retain copies of the BLUEPRINTS for these WEAPONS
Ignis: This is more of a PREVENTATIVE measure we think. The HUMANS have been increasing SECURITY on the BORDERS and do not like that we are MIXING with the AQUANS and are on the verge of a TRADE AGREEMENT.
Ignis: I don’t know how you feel about ARMING our KINGDOM, but completing this one satisfactorily or better will open us up to new avenues of both INCOME and RESOURCES we haven’t heard of yet.
Ignis: Pay will be in BARS OF ARCANUM or SHINIES, whatever we need.
Ignis: In addition, they are willing to pay [30,000 SHINIES] A YEAR in SALARIES, which we should split between the four of us

- A 2-Year contract where you will be given a series of LIFESTYLE UPGRADES that have been observed by the HUMANS
- You are to develop PROTOTYPES of their APPLIANCES and IMPROVEMENTS if possible
- This is a MILESTONE based contract where each new weapon developed will earn you more funds then the last
- Both YOU and the ROYALS will retain copies of the BLUEPRINTS for these APPLIANCES
Ignis: This is stuff like the CHI-LLER, Lighting infrastructure, plumbing, and the like.
Ignis: They’re not expecting us to be able to develop things for the entire plate, but if we can set the groundwork for future developments that would be ideal.
Ignis: We’ll probably need to develop a BATTERY of some kind to store energy to use on these DEVICES
Ignis: PAWN might be of use to us if we take this contract.
Ignis: Pay will be a LITTLE BIT MORE then the weapons contract, but they’ll have more strict REQUIREMENTS
Ignis: In addition, they are willing to pay [30,000 SHINIES] A YEAR in SALARIES, which we should split between the four of us

- A ONE TIME contract where they will purchase a NON EXCLUSIVE COPY of ANY of the following blueprints
- They will pay you 2 INGOTS of ARCANUM per blueprint
- But they will also require CHI’S TIME for you to ATTEMPT TO TEACH some KIN how to MAKE THESE PRODUCTS
- They will PAY YOU [10k SHINIES] per TP spent TEACHING and you must successfully teach AT LEAST 1 ADULT KIN within 4 YEARS
= The ROYALS will assess the possibility of FAILURE after you spend [3 TP] attempting to teach
= You will not be PENALIZED for FAILURE financially, but instead in a minor drop in relations
Ignis: So this one could probably be the most lucrative up front, but would require the most from YOU.
Ignis: None of us went down the TEACHING TRACK, which might have been a lack of FORESIGHT on our end
Ignis: Though me and WILLIAM are both CHARISMATIC we have too much on our plates to LEARN the SKILL and APPLY it.
Ignis: It might be a good idea to find a PROTOGE in your CLASSES to train up to also become a TEACHER.
Ignis: I’ll also say this one was given straight up by MOM, the QUEEN.
Ignis: She wanted to talk to you, but understood you were extremely busy with all the recent preparations for TEACHING
You: I would have totally talked to her if I saw her.
Ignis: She didn’t want to bother you, she saw you a few times in the library but said you were and I QUOTE
Ignis: “Searching through books like a woman determined”
You: Uhhh, oops.
You: I’ll let the LIBRARIAN know that if she shows up to talk to me to just interrupt me, I can just read fast
Ignis: I can let her know too whenever we decide what contract to take.
Ignis: I just wanted to show you first before we talked about it with the RUNESCRIPTERS.
Ignis: Which, we should come up with a name for unless we just want it to be that GENERIC one.

You ponder over this and introduce the contracts to your group-mates. IGNIS is the most interested in the WEAPONS contract. DRIFT is half and half on the PURCHASING/TEACHING and the STANDARD OF LIVING ONE. WILLIAM thinks the TEACHING contract would be a smart move and get you in the good graces of the QUEEN if it’s successful. Though the thing that’s brought up by DRIFT is that he needs FINANCES and it costs QUITE A LOT to live in the city proper, but not an UNREASONABLE amount to live in the OUTSKIRTS. You also discuss the need to have an actual BASE OF OPERATIONS, somewhere to work out of and develop.

To this IGNIS provides a few options and suggestions. His MANSION has 3 EMPTY ROOMS, so DRIFT could live there, paying something similar to what you are, and he could TEAR DOWN the remaining 2 rooms to make one LARGE ROOM which could act as a WAREHOUSE/WORKSHOP. This would take [4 TP] of CONSTRUCTION though and since you no longer have access to school labs would have to pay to use a WAREHOUSE in the meantime. The other option is to build AN ADDITION to the MANSION, just off the grounds on the land there’s enough room for a WAREHOUSE. This would take [8 TP] to construct as there would most likely be EXTRA SIDE ROOMS, and a SMALL SECOND FLOOR that would be used for MEETINGS. There’s also the option of just continuing to use the WAREHOUSE, though the costs will add up and IGNIS can’t afford to keep renting it for more then 4 more years unless your finances change.

You all take some time to think this over, it looks like you’re going to have to decide on how much you all can INVEST into this venture. Ignis looks sorry, but it sounds like you will be doing a lot of the HEAVY LIFTING financially until all of this can be settled, you PAY OFF IGNIS’S LOAN, or you take out a ROYAL LOAN for [30,000 SHINIES].

It takes [30K+ SHINIES] to BUILD YOUR OWN WAREHOUSE, with extra EXPENDITURES coming up depending on what ADDITIONS you want
It takes [5K SHINIES] A YEAR to rent the WAREHOUSE

WILLIAM is FINANCIALLY UNAVAILABLE. He’s expending funds searching for RUBBER TREES as he believes that could be another avenue to FINANCE things. He would appreciate an influx of [10K SHINIES] to the cause, but understands that it’s a low priority at this point.

DRIFT is FINANCIALLY UNAVAILABLE. He is dirt poor and needs SHELTER and FOOD, he’s willing to work with you on low pay because of the MASSIVE FAVOR you did for him.

IGNIS is LOW ON FUNDS. He has around 10K SHINIES that he is willing to spend on this venture, but can’t put forth more or everyone’s QUALITY OF LIFE in the mansion will drop to MISERLY, potentially causing a lot of STRESS, among other things.

You reach out to PON and he’s willing to add a No-Strings-attached influx of [2.5K SHINIES]. He needs the rest to ESTABLISH HIS BUSINESS, and he just hands you the money when you talk to him about it. He’s spotted a shop to rent in the MERCHANTS DISTRICT and the OLD LADIES there are really fond of him. You also hear strange rumors about him spending a lot of time at their houses but you disregard them, you’re sure PON knows what he’s doing.

NOODLE wants to contribute but she’s just starting her work with the HUNTERS and won’t be available for THE REST OF THE YEAR. Once she’s back she will have STABLE INCOME, and would be more than happy to CONTRIBUTE, It’s because of YOU that she’s even here. You get the idea it might be good to ARM NOODLE with some of the GEAR you’ve made at some point.
No. 1010474 ID: afe7de
File 163158352650.png - (10.64KB , 500x500 , SR2_004.png )

You’ve been busy, but DRIFT has been patient, he knows that you needed to find out all of this before you could make a firm decision on how exactly to divvy up the CORES. He’s twitching in excitement. He’s been quiet and hasn’t said much about it, afraid you’d decide to just sell them all.

You: So you’ve got an idea of our financial situation, so I’d like to at least sell SOME of these, but.
Drift: That was forever ago, I didn’t think you remembered??? We were what? 8?
You: 6 Actually.
Drift: Damn, you have a good memory.
You: The best. Anyway, You said you could DO SOMETHING with one of these, well, we have tons here
Drift: I-I-I never thought I’d get this far uhhhh.
Drift: I always thought we would fail at some juncture or everyone would die

Drift starts crying, you go up to support him but he holds up a feathered hand

Drift: No, no, no, these are happy tears. *cough*
Drift: But this is a lot, and I don’t know how many I need.
Drift: Maybe the bones will help, but I don’t even know, this is uncharted territory.
Drift: I-I-I I trust you, you got these, well, we got these, but we wouldn’t be here if not for you.
Drift: Tell me, how much should I take?

You weigh over your options, there’s too many choices if you were to just decide on a core by core basis. You get the feeling that there’s about a 60% chance you won’t see any cores and bones you give to DRIFT again afterwards, or that they will become unusable in RUNESCRIPTING or for SELLING. Here are the options you decide on:

- You give him everything, pass or fail, you’re not sure WHAT is going to happen
- But you remember DRIFT said he CULTIVATED ENERGY to EVOLVE in that past life, maybe it will happen again
- Putting on the goggles you see small wisps of energy curling away from the CORES, they’re not losing vibrancy, but it is an interesting effect.

- Give him the strongest core, it’s potentially worth [30-100K SHINIES] and would solve a lot of your financial problems
- You’d gain around [23K SHINIES] if you sold the remaining cores
- Or you could use them in RUNECRAFTING and they would have the energy of around 3 INGOTS of ARCANUM in total

- You could earn between [30-100K SHINIES] or create a device using runescripting with a LUDICROUS power source.

- You just take a flat [10K SHINIES] from selling a few cores and give him the rest

- You give him the strongest non-leader core and sell the rest

You get the feeling that he would be satisfied with any option, but you see him obviously drawn to the LEADER’S CORE. He understands that you are RATIONAL and will abide by your decision, but you can tell that the more generous you are to him, the harder he will work with you.

[UNDERSTANDING] I also really want to see what happens if we give him everything, I think CURIOSITY infected me or something
[CURIOSITY] It’d be really cool! I mean I hope it will!
[LUCK] I’m sure he’ll leave SOME STUFF leftover afterwards
[???] Okay but what if you fuck up this time, you’ve done it before
[LOGIC] I’m bad in these situations because I’d probably suggest D, we could always find more MIST PUMAS right?
[UNDERSTANDING] Actually, we don’t know if they hunted ALL of the pumas on the mountain. It’s probably not LIKELY.
[UNDERSTANDING] We should take a MONSTER THEORY class or something at some point
[LOGIC] That was Taught by SHIMON who isn’t here anymore
[UNDERSTANDING] Daughter of a fuck.
[CHARISMA] You could ask NOODLE to investigate since she’s actually in the WORLD-PLATE HUNTERS now.

No. 1010475 ID: afe7de
File 163158353484.png - (17.53KB , 500x500 , SR2_005.png )

You mull over the decisions you have in front of you. They’re important, but it doesent hurt to reiterate them for clarities sake in this case. You take a second to look over your current FINANCES and FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS.

Current - [5123 SHINIES]
You spent [1000 SHINIES] on a TUTOR that you refunded partly
You spent [800 SHINIES] on RENT
You spent [170 SHINIES] on your LIFESTYLE
You gained [1335 SHINIES] from GAMBLING
You gained [6400 SHINIES] as EARLY PAY for your TEACHING JOB
You gained [2500 SHINIES] from PON
You currently have [13,388 SHINIES]

You have 1 ingot of ARCANUM valued at [15,000 SHINIES] but have a feeling reselling it would net you only [10,000 SHINIES]

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows
DEBT TO IGNIS - [20K SHINIES] due before the end of YEAR 18

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year

Which contract do you accept with the ROYALS if any?
What do you do about your RUNESCRIPTERS WORKSPACE?
- You can pay in installments, setting a GOAL for now will just make future progression more streamlined
Do you RENAME the RUNESCRIPTERS to something COOLER?
What do you give to drift?

AUTHORS NOTE: Heyo, still figuring out my schedule and getting adjustments IRL. Next up is an update on your library books, letting you know what bg tasks are still active, a choice for the BREATHING APPARATUS, what you want your new RESEARCHES to be, and then you’ll have your TP back to normal. Also feel free to suggest options not presented like always!
No. 1010482 ID: 96c896

>testing the color matching theory by doing the opposite of what Shimon was doing
Hmm, well, the problem with that is it isn't 100% confirmed until we actually try doing the same thing Shimon was doing. A 80-90% confirmation is if it goes way faster than teaching everyone TRIGGER. If it seems to be about the same, then we'd have no idea until we try what Shimon was doing. Though, if we notice someone struggling and they have the opposite mana color as the TRIGGER rune, then that's a soft confirmation.

Let's go with the blueprint/teaching contract for now. It's important that we decentralize tech development asap. If the humans see Chi developing weapons on her own they're going to want to assassinate her to put a halt to weapons research. If there's multiple scientists developing/producing weapons and armor then it's going to be much harder to stop.
Once the nation has gained a solid foundation of runescripters and rune-based equipment, we can start to develop the big shit to serve as a deterrent. We can also probably complete this in a single year, and take weapons development next year.

Let's start building the mansion addition for the warehouse. Get a royal loan of 30k to pay for it.

Give him EVERYTHING. Our funds are basically fine right now and we're going to get a lot more income soon.
No. 1010483 ID: 96c896

Oh, and
>Do you RENAME the RUNESCRIPTERS to something COOLER?
The Sabachi Initiative.
No. 1010487 ID: 629f2e

Tough choices. Here are my picks:

Contract - Standard of Living Development: Taking on a Weapons contract right now is almost guaranteed to attract more trouble than we need right now. The Blueprint/Teaching is also pretty good, but it just uses up more TP than we would want to spare rn. This is our best pick. Besides, having to design a battery to get things working here will be helpful to have in future work.

Name - Honestly, I don't have any good ideas for this. I'm just gonna support one of the ideas above me and say that I like The Sabachi Initiative.

Cores - D. As much as I'd like to support quick money, and man would it be nice, we put too much on the line to just sell this leader core. Let's let Drift do what he will, and take just enough for us to make 10K. That should leave us with enough to either pay our debt to Ignis early, or invest in William's rubber hunt.
No. 1010494 ID: ce39da

Start with the TEACHING one - becoming 100% financially secure while paying off our debts is a priority; then we can focus on improving the nation.

The whole extra warehouse seems excessive for now; go with the in-house room combo and let PON fund the first installment.

Naming it after yourself? Really? Not sure if our PRIDE has quite reached those heights yet. (Plus, WILLIAM would absolutely catch you out on what you're trying to do there.)

Not sure what we should name it, though. We could go the semi-PRIDEFUL option and simply call ourselves "The Runescripters Guild," essentially declaring ourselves to be the de facto authority on this.

Ooh, if COOLNESS really is the name of the game, let's play up to national PRIDE by way of an old-life mythology reference; LAPUTA RUNETECH. We play our cards right, and it'll soon be us (and ours) looking down on the humans!

On that note, giving Drift ALL BUT 10K should be good if we're taking the TEACHING contract. (If we're NOT doing that, we should obviously exercise just a little more frugality here.)
No. 1010504 ID: e51896

I'm fine with either STANDARD OF LIVING DEVELOPMENT or BLUEPRINT PURCHASING/TEACHING. Though I think I'll lean more towards BLUEPRINT PURCHASING/TEACHING since we owe the queen a FAVOR for helping us with setting us up with Hook for decoding, and the Library access. Plus, it seems like both Drift and William voted for that, so...
And not only that, it'll give us some TEACHING BONUSES from training some adults, and make some money to sell blueprints.

CONVERT TWO ROOMS to a LARGE ROOM in IGNIS’S MANSION. We don't need to go too crazy yet. Plus you remember from your previous life that some huge companies started out small like in their garage.

Nah, we don't need to raise Chi's pride stat another level by naming it after herself. She already renamed the fridge after herself after all. How about the "Rune's League", named after the Heroes league Saba had founded... actually, nevermind. the Hadlee family was never good with names, and it might get Marth upset if she finds out. I support LAPUTA RUNETECH.

What to give Drift?
A. EVERYTHING. This is the highest chance to see if he'll evolve, plus, Chi values friendship the most than she did from her previous life as Saba.

(If we do D, then I suggest we also make sure give him the Leader's core)
No. 1010513 ID: 1c0351

I vote A. We give Drift everything he needs. I feel like this will be a game changer somehow if it succeeds.

Name: General Runecraft.
Much like General Electric, General Mills, General Atomic, etc. It may seem a bit bland at first, but it is easy to remember, has some serious lasting power, and gives the connotation of being the the standard choice to any other potential company's alternative.
No. 1010519 ID: bdfc95

I agree, let's avoid the weapon contract: If we start an arms race the humans are bound to win it.
No. 1010522 ID: c92a02

We're carving a bold new path through the landscape of runescripting. Let's try the moniker the RUNESCAPERS!
Take the weapons contract. Everything's pointing towards the humans raising hostilities as we continue to jump ahead in technology and allies, and while we may already be best known for our warriors, matching the humans' tech level means we won't just be throwing our numbers at the wall to try and overwhelm them.
Noodle gets as much of our gear as she can carry.
For now converting a section of Ignis' mansion is our best bet, we can expand operations later.
D. Logic's right. Get your money for certain, consider everything you give to Drift consumed and anything you get back a bonus.
No. 1010527 ID: f8fa51

Give Drift everything. We'll be getting a big shot of income, so we probably don't need the money, and I don't want to keep the leader core which is the only one that's better than money, right?

Take the blueprint/teaching contract, for the reasons >>1010482 stated.

If it's not all going to have to be spent at once, let's build the warehouse addition. Having our own specialised workshop will be a big boon, and we don't want to knock down walls in Ignis' mansion.

We aren't starting an arms race, we're trying to catch up. If we surrender military superiority to the humans they can just keep walking all over us. We need invading us to be an unsavoury option at best in order to be able to hold our own.
No. 1010644 ID: afa6f6

Yeah, take the BLUEPRINT CONTRACT, but should make it clear we'll be open to the others once our situation is more stable.

>>Runescripters Workspace
Lets do the room conversion, and ask PON if he'll pay the first installment, with the money he offered. Maybe in the future we'll buy or build our own location, but this should work for now.

>>Group Name
Im also going to support Laputa Runetech.

>>What to give DRIFT
D, Everything but 10K worth. Would like to give him everything, but we're going to need the money.

>>William's Search for Rubber
This is NOT a low priority, given how much trouble were having with seals and waterproofing so far. A source of rubber will also probably make future work on the Quality of Life contract, and anything to do with the Aquan Worldplate way way easier.
I'd say we should consider just giving Will the 10k as soon as possible.
No. 1010648 ID: 36784c

I’m honestly not entirely sure on what to do here. The only thing I know that we should do is that we absolutely need to give the LEADER’S CORE to Drift.
No. 1011034 ID: 8483cf

Give it all to drift. No sense holding back when we have plenty of support elsewhere.
No. 1011087 ID: 031458

You know what?
Tempting as the money is, we did this for Drift.
We have our own paths forward, but this decision will determine Drifts future.
Let's give him the chance to take hold of his destiny.
Let's give him everything.


Let's take the queen's one time contract. It's straight forward and gets us the money and connections we need.
No. 1011247 ID: afe7de
File 163221639386.png - (14.12KB , 500x500 , SR2_006.png )

Something tells you, no, SCREAMS at you that you should give him EVERYTHING. You don’t know what the result will be, but DRIFT is a friend, he’s been with you for a while, is innovative and intelligent, and is LOYAL. You trust him. So you give him everything, but let him know if he can’t use some things, you’d be interested in the LEFTOVERS so that you can FINANCE your endeavors going forward. He’s a bit flustered by this but accepts this. He says that he’ll probably be BUSY FOR A WHILE, and can only do minor stuff with the RUNESCRIPTERS until he’s finished DOING STUFF with the cores. It’s unclear what he’ll be doing, but he makes it clear he wants his privacy.

He also moves in with you at the MANSION, taking up IGNIS’S offer, but still being concerned about the financial end of things. Drift says he’ll wait off on doing anything drastic until after the contract negotiations though.

The event DRIFTING has been generated, but you’re not sure WHEN you’ll see results

Your group heads to the ROYAL PALACE to confirm the deal. You didn’t all have to be there, but think it’s polite to do this AT LEAST ONCE to show them who they’ll be working with. After a 20 minute wait you are led into a wide room with a large table. In it is seated the QUEEN, a man you only recognize after the fact to be the KING, and three other KIN.

The KING is SHORT, almost as short as IGNIS who you’d argue is the runt of the group. But the CHARISMATIC AIR around him is palpable. He carries himself with a regality that surpasses even the QUEEN. You know his name to be IGNACIOUS DE MARE RONDALPHUS. He does not wear a crown similar to the queen but instead wears a YELLOW WREATH to indicate his position as ADVISOR and MARTIAL WARRIOR. You wouldn’t assume him to be a warrior at first glance, but have heard that he is SWIFT and STEALTHY.

The other kin are a mixed bag, two WING-KIN and one BEAST-KIN. You haven’t seen them before, but they introduce themselves as the QUEEN’S ROYAL SCIENTISTS. Or at least the ones leading the charge.

RUTHERFORD THE POSSUM is a lanky lad drabbed in a long LABCOAT. You notice that he actually DOES NOT HAVE A TAIL, instead a bandaged nub existing where it once was. He’s also MISSING AN EAR, but can apparently hear just fine using the one. He has BANDAGES over his paws. Apparently he’s QUITE THE ENTHUSIAST when it comes to his work, but can be slightly SELF DESTRUCTIVE.

SATINA THE BAT, also known as SATINA DE WELLINGTON RONDALPHUS and HOOK’S MOTHER, is a tall, beautiful WING-KIN. Her wings are TATOOED with SPIDER WEB-LIKE PATTERNS and you notice RINGS around the lower part of your wing. You imagine she WRAPS THAT PART so that her wing flaps don’t get in the way of her studies and experiments. Apparently she’s QUITE THE BRAT, but has known the QUEEN and KING since CHILDHOOD, so she gets away with a lot of remarks she probably shouldn’t. You immediately understand where HOOK gets her attitude from.

LILITH THE OWL is a slightly pudgy woman with large glasses. She’s short and for some reason has breasts, or is that just her chest fluff, you’re not sure. Her gaze is PIERCING, you remember reading that CROWS and OWLS have a sort of RIVALRY, but you’re a RAVEN and think that’s probably RAVEN DROPPINGS, but she does give you a VIBE that says you’re NOT WELCOME HERE even if she doesn't explicitly state it. Apparently she’s quite PROUD and is responsible for adapting the PRINTING PRESS and recreating it for it’s soon to be slightly more public use. She’s also responsible for some minor improvements in the world of WING-KIN ARCHITECTURE saving your people millions of SHINIES in development costs. Or so you’ve heard.

You introduce yourselves one by one and bow with one wing held in front of your heart which you’ve learned is normal customs to do towards the QUEEN and KING. They hurry you to stop as they DON’T QUITE CARE for those formalities. You take the lead and announce to the group your intentions to accept the BLUEPRINT/TEACHING contract, selling all the blueprints you have available for 6 ARCANUM and as much SHINIES as you can get for 2 of those 6. They’re able to provide you [12,500 SHINIES] per ingot during this trade, 2,500 less then market price, but greater then the price they bought it at because they want to make this relationship work.

They take your ANNOTATED BLUEPRINTS for the CHI-LLER, ARMORED PLATE VEST, and SHARPENED WEAPON TEMPLATE. The Queen informs you that the group of ROYAL SCIENTISTS to her right will be the ones you will be TEACHING. They look at you and your blueprints, GREEDY for the knowledge contained. You pull out the SHARPEN, HARDEN, ARBSORB, and COLD rune manuals you had prepared and hand them to the three, informing them to attempt to solve these manuals in their spare time before you get to TEACH them. They admit that they’ve attempted some before, but were baffled and gave up after HALF A YEAR to a YEAR of study. RUTHERFORD having spent the most time attempting them. They understand you are quite busy this year what with STARTING CLASSES, so won’t ask you to start teaching this year UNLESS YOU ARE EAGER TO EARN SOME FUNDS. But you can tell that RUTHERFORD would like to start as soon as possible. LILITH thinks it’ll be a waste of time and SATINA is silent, simply watching your group.

The Queen also has a final gift to all of you, 4 LIBRARY TICKETS so that you can CHECK OUT any books that might be important on your RESEARCH. You can tell she REALLY wants you to be a successful group. The rest of the meeting goes off without a hitch, the KING being eerily silent throughout the process. And then you leave. The four of you discuss the situation on your way home. You all immediately agree to give DRIFT 5000 SHINIES so that he can live comfortably and has pay until a PAYROLL has been established for everyone. He also moves into IGNIS’S house as part of your earlier discussed arrangement. WILLIAM is thinking of moving in as well, but is unsure what to do about his HOUSE. He’s still fairly attached to it.

- You have 4 years to teach AT LEAST 1 ROYAL SCIENTIST to RUNESCRIPT and how to make the BLUEPRINTS you’ve sold them.
-- The deadline is [TP 1] of [YEAR 20]
- You will not be PENALIZED for FAILURE financially but instead by a minor drop in RELATIONS
- You gained 4 INGOTS OF ARCANUM
- You gained [25,000 SHINIES]
- You’ve paid DRIFT [5000 SHINIES] as his starting SALARY
- IGNIS took [1000 SHINIES] as payment for his services and the legwork required
-- You will need to figure out a PAYMENT STRUCTURE for your group AT SOME POINT after you start earning more funds

Your group spends time in the LIBRARY one day on getting permission with the QUEEN, getting accustomed to what books are there and what might be of use in their RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. They’ll occasionally suggest books for you going forward. In the meantime, you’ve memorized quite a few books and think it’s time to review the books you can read in your MIND CAMPUS.

[FRACTURED FAIRY TALES] [3TP] - A collection of FOLKLORE including Riichi’s previously told story. Among other things is the tale of SQUAWK and the GREENJACK. A tale that inverses the story you know to be JACK AND THE BEANSTALK from the other FAUNUS. It talks about a fantastical place owned by a giant at the bottom of the WORLD PLATE and the stalk that gets cut down sending yours into the sky. The writer is UNKNOWN, and a statement at the beginning says these tales were originally ORAL TRADITION and have no specific creators.

[CESARE’S TRAVELS] [1TP] - A travelogue belonging to an eccentric man of unknown species, detailing in ANCIENT COMMON the history, geography and culture of the WORLD-PLATES of his time. The brief glimpses you’ve gotten inside the book describe FANTASTICAL LOCALES that seem to be much greater then reality. You think you should take this one with a grain of salt

[DYNASTIC DIARY] [1TP] - A well maintained tome that keeps a record from the perspective of TENGU’S OLD QUEEN of the time of the previous HUMAN INVASION. This is a compilation of actual diary entries spliced in with narrative that details the events not listed between each entry. Some of the letters are a bit risque, with a few redacted entries. Fortunately they weren’t redacted that well. You think if you improve your [PERCEPTION] by one tick then you could fill in the blanks with your [UNDERSTANDING].

[BOOK OF ORDERS] [1TP] - This book discusses various organizations throughout the HIVEN, HUMAN, and TENGU worldplates. A small addendum has recently been added for a single DOPUS organization as well. You made sure to not let anyone see you were memorizing this one.

[THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF KAMAL LIN: OMNIMBUS] [7TP] - This was a VERY big tome. You thought it would take you [8TP] or more to memorize, but it turns out a lot of the final stories are incredibly short. You imagine reading this could let you bond with PAWN a bit better as you’d have some common ground. There’s a lot of stories in here.

[THE HAWK THAT COULD SEE FOR 10 MILLION KILOMETERS] [1TP] - A book on PERCEPTION made to help train a WING-KIN’S EYESIGHT. It was written a long time ago and the author’s name is obscured.

You have gained a few options now when it comes to READING THINGS:

- It takes 8TP of time to read a book (so one year)
- But UNDERSTANDING won’t be able to focus on UNDERSTANDING something as it’s own task while this is active.
- UNDERSTANDING might also find extra insights on certain books but it’s not guranteed
- It takes the normal amount of time to read this book, costing the requisite TP
- But you just don’t get progress on your MIND CAMPUS while you do this

No. 1011248 ID: afe7de
File 163221640671.png - (13.34KB , 500x500 , SR2_007.png )

Given your new INFLUX OF SHINIES, you give IGNIS the funds that PON gave you as well as [5K SHINIES] allowing him to front the last bit to construct the MANSION WORKSHOP by tearing down two rooms. Construction won’t be complete until [TP 5] of this year, but once it is, you’ll have a specially designed space for you all to work in. Ignis also converts one of the adjoining rooms, which was originally his OFFICE SPACE to an OFFICE AND MEETING SPACE. You can keep paperwork and supplies there and there’s enough room to fit 12 KIN inside easily for a meeting or discussion. But with that, every room in the mansion is now filled. You make a mental note of exactly what’s in the mansion.

THE FOYER - A large open space that is the main entryway
IGNIS’S ROOM - the master bedroom
CHI’S ROOM - The third largest room
PON AND NOODLE’S ROOM - A decently sized space
DRIFT’S ROOM - The smallest room, but it’s still the largest room he’s ever lived in
KITCHEN AND SUPPLY ROOM - This is where the mansion’s staff lives
WORKSHOP - WIP, soon to be RUNESCRIPTING ROOM, made of two adjoining empty rooms on the ground floor

IGNIS has 2 maids, 2 chefs, and 4 guards on staff. This is typically where his finances go to, to keeping them well fed and paid and to keep the mansion well kept. Only one of the guards lives on site at a time. You’ll never need to manage or maintain these workers, IGNIS is in charge of that and he only has TRUSTED INDIVIDUALS working with him. You could spend [1 TP] in the future or a BACKGROUND TASK to get to know the staff, their wants and needs, etc if you’re interested in knowing more.

You’ve made progress in several fields as of late. You’re still new at this, and it takes some time to progress, but you have a feeling these RESEARCH PROJECTS might take longer now to progress then they did before. Everyone’s getting busier and has less and less time. Not that it’s bad, it’s just life.

You’ve researched the following already:

SCRIPTING PEN RESEARCH - Allows for thicker and thinner RUNESCRIPT, but nearly useless without MICROSCRIPTING
UNDERWATER BREATHING - Allows for the construction of simple underwater breathing apparatus

After completing this research, NUBS came to you with [10000 SHINIES] specifically for you to construct either 2 HEADBANDS OF AIR or a LANTERN OF BREATHING if you are willing to spend [5000 SHINIES] of your own funds. Luckily the ROYALS have given you ingots of ARCANUM, so you pocket the money for your team and now have a decision to make. What do you make? You can decide who to bring to DOPUS with you later.

HEADBANDS OF AIR - costs 1/3 of an ingot of ARCANUM per headband
LANTERN OF BREATHING - Costs 1 ingot of ARCANUM per lantern

The headband can take the form of a CHOKER if you wish and acts as a BUBBLE OF AIR surrounding your head by activating the TRIGGER. This will last multiple trips to and from the surface and when you are done could even be resold to the ROYALS.

The LANTERN OF BREATHING could allow you to take more kin with you, but also requires a path down the water that’s SAFE TO WALK, as everyone would kind of have to walk IN UNISON. Your LOGIC states that the HEADBANDS are more SECURE, but the LANTERN could allow you to bring a ROYAL DIPLOMAT with some DRY GOODS underground if that’s something you’re interested in.

You won’t need a BACKGROUND TASK or TP to create these devices, but should decide soon what you want to make so you can visit DOPUS.

The rest of your potential research options are as follows:

- Costs 4000 SHINIES worth of MATERIALS to do
- Costs [2 TIME POINTS] to research
+ Could allow for increase in EFFICIENCY in MAGITECH production
- Costs 16000 SHINIES worth of MATERIALS to do
- Costs [2 TIME POINTS] to research
- Cost can be reduced with actual cores
+ Could allow for increase in EFFICIENCY in MAGITECH production
- Cost unknown
- [TP] required unknown
+ Could potentially allow for COLORED MANA as a more efficient energy source
- Costs [2 TIME POINTS] to research
+ Grants you insights on what MANA VEINS are and their potential uses
+ CREATIVITY thinks you could find out potential applications of MAGITECH directly on the BODY
- Requires HUNTERS or WARRIORS to capture a LIVE SPECIMEN to study and DISSECT
- Costs [1 TIME POINT] to research
- Has a chance of failure that decreases per attempt
+ Will grant insights on exactly how MANA is generated in BODIES and what MANA CORES might add to the process
- Cost unknown
- [TP] required unknown
- Could be assisted by DESTROYING your GOGGLES OF MANA SIGHT
+ SENSOR GLASS will allow for new INNOVATIONS in the field
+ Results might take a long time without any INSIGHTS or a more FORCEFUL approach
- [TP] required unknown
+ It’s possible to harden and sharpen, why not reduce or increase the weight
+ You do not yet know how to INVENT new runes, but starting early might give you insights towards the future

You have 2 RESEARCH SLOTS available, these will run in the background similar to a background task and take [8 TP] per TP it costs to actually do the research.

Right now you only have ONE BACKGROUND TASK slot available, given you have to be a TA for your class until someone can fulfil that role.

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (2/3)
+ Provides XP to your ATHLETICISM, TENACITY, CLAW SKILL, and M&B technique with a focus on your CLAW SKILL
+ Causes YEARLY EVENTS at [TP 4] every year
+ Is slowly becoming less effective and needs to be INTENSIFIED

- TAing for RUNESCRIPTING (no bonuses)
+ Just doing your JOB, [CANNOT BE DROPPED]
+ Will RANDOMLY assign you students, maybe one is an aspiring pupil


Each BACKGROUND TASK takes [8 TP] to complete per [1 TP] it would cost normally and will create yearly events updating you on it’s progress. You can drop most tasks at any time but lose any invested funds.

You have a few NEW TASKS you can chose from

- Read a memorized book or one you’ve been recommended or found in the LIBRARY
- 300 SHINIES per year to have a chance to increase your PRECISION skill
- NICO isn’t a TEACHER, so it will be down to your LUCK and RETENTION
- Memorize more books
- You managed to get 14TP worth of books this time, but will average around 6-10TPs Worth on a regular basis
- Riichi is gone, but you can still GAMBLE
- Has a chance of increasing GUILE and other related stats
- Also has a chance to net you SHINIES and OTHER THINGS if you play well enough
- Costs an extra [180 SHINIES] a year, guarantees you gain [3 STRESS] every year
- But also means your body will improve at a more normal rate
- Make gear custom made for NOODLE and her SQUAD
- Costs 5000 SHINIES in MATERIALS, they’ll be providing their own weapons to modify
- She will SHARE HER LOOT with you as thanks
No. 1011249 ID: afe7de
File 163221644163.png - (14.07KB , 500x500 , SR2_008.png )

You’ve got a good mental grasp on everything that’s happening now. Your YEARLY FREE TIME has dropped from [8 TP to 5 TP], but you’re okay with that. You decide to run your classes in [TPS 1, 2, and 8] leaving the others free for whatever you want to do. You’ve got less FREE TIME now, which means that each bit is more important then it used to be. But you’re not worried. You have a whole life ahead of you and you’re not even 1/3 of the way through what SABA lived through. There’s plenty of time and you DONT NEED to rush things at this moment.

You’re RIDING OFF THE HIGH of getting a job and being productive so you gain [1 FUN POINT]!

AUTHORS NOTE: Basically the new TP DISTRIBUTION will be 1/2/2 because there might be maintenance stuff at the beginning of the year depending on what RESEARCHES you took and if I have any events planned. This also helps me make updates shorter, which means (hopefully) more updates because I need to do less writing.



Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
= MIND DORM 100%

- You’ve gained 1 GOAL POINT

CONGRATS! You’ve reached a GP milestone
- You’ve received an UNKNOWN BOON
- Occasionally when MEDITATING you will get the sense that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING inside of THE MIST
- Checking it out could lead to a RANDOM ENCOUNTER
- Current encounter rate is set to “RARE”
[PERSERVERENCE] That just means you could take STRESS or WOUNDS if you are hurt while you’re there
[PERSERVERENCE] I can only act when you are in danger, not PREEMPTIVELY
[PERSERVERENCE] So be careful.
[UNDERSTANDING] I also don’t know if you can die in there so uh yeah, be safe
[UNDERSTANDING] PERSERVERENCE is the only one that can go in with you anyway as far as I know.

Your GP has been RESET, your next goal is 15 and will award you with a FREE STAT POINT
Your current GP total is 0/15

You can assign or drop a goal at any time, but it requires at least 3 similar suggestions for me to slot it in/out and you are not awarded partial progress for partially complete goals.

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows
DEBT TO IGNIS - [20K SHINIES] due before the end of YEAR 18

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year

You gained [25,000 SHINIES]
You’ve paid DRIFT [5000 SHINIES] as his starting SALARY
You gained [10,000 SHINIES] from NUBS for you to make UNDERWATER BREATHING APPARATUS’
You have [35,888 SHINIES] remaining

You have 5 INGOTS OF ARCANUM valued at [15K SHINIES] But can only get a max of [12.5K SHINIES] by reselling them to the ROYALS.

Do you assign any new RESEARCH TASKS
Do you assign any new BACKGROUND TASKS?
Do you set a NEW GOAL?
Do you assign a task to UNDERSTANDING for them to READ or RESEARCH something?
You have enough money to PAY OFF YOUR DEBT TO IGNIS, do you pay it off, withhold funds, or partially pay it off?
You have some FUNDS, you could give WILLIAM [10K SHINIES] or more to invest in his RUBBER HUNT

You have [1 TIME POINT] to spend, you can spend it now, or after you finish deciding your TASKS.

AUTHORS NOTE: I’ve decided to make an ACTIONS LIST pastebin to just clear up clutter in the text, then I don’t have to type it up or copy/paste it each time, just updating the bin whenever something new is added! Thanks for your patience!

No. 1011255 ID: e51896

For our comfortable lifestyle fund, lets buy Pon a Chefs hat, and chefs apron! He wants to be a master chef, so he's gotta look the part! Apron can say "kiss (peck) the cook", since that was a line you remember back at your old Fauna, and so that is now your idea that you're stealing, mwahahahaha!



Either a Date with Ignis. Since we're 16 now, we can go on dates, and I think Ignis deserves a dates with us to see if we really click. He's done so so much for us. Could give us another fun point which I feel we will need this year. Plus I think Chi was thinking about doing this on her 16th year? Best get it outta the way.


Meditation, so we can work on Pride's room, I'm thinking a dressing room with a vanity so that they will be too distracted focusing on themself and how awesome they are over trying to get us to brag about us. Though if we feel there is something going on in the mist, we can go in there so we can get the Willamina event




keep in mind we can also use our decoding classes to see how scripting manuals effect the mana veins to help us out on our research task, both the trigger rune (since some students will have the opposite color veins as the trigger rune) and assigning the same color scripts as veins to students. I think the classes will really help with both Color theory and mana veins this way.


read THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF KAMAL LIN: OMNIMBUS. Pawn will be a very good addition to our team, and this could help us.


(if we want to make a mana pistol, this will be good to learn sooner rather than later)

succeed in your very first contracted job BEFORE the final year.


also read THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF KAMAL LIN: OMNIMBUS so we can do this faster and get to be better friends with Pawn more.

Ignis debt:
Pay it off.

William research:
give him 10k

should leave us with 5,888 shinies left


One lantern (to give dry food as a peace offering, maybe PON POPS)
5 headbands one for you, one for Ignis, one for William, one for Pon (he and Nubs seemed to made a good connections), and one for Drift or Hook or Noodle. (Drift said he can only do minor stuff, so he probably can't come. If he can't, we'll take Hook instead, she'll probably appreciate it and would probably like to make connections with DOPUS. If she can't come, then maybe Noodle)

should leave us with 2 arcanum and 2/3 of arcanum left I think.

No. 1011267 ID: ce39da

Fill out Noodle's order with headbands and use the pay from that along with 10K of your own money to PAY OFF IGNIS'S LOAN. (Do ask - as a friend - what she plans on using these for, and also make sure she's been warned about the specific kinks in the design you're still working out.)

Meanwhile, finding a path for the lantern is something that should be up to NUBS'S people to solve - explain that you'd love to come bearing gifts, but your one solution to that requires a safe walking passage along the ocean floor. How this turns out will determine which apparatus set you'll make.

Read the BOOK OF ORDERS with UNDERSTANDING. While meditation would be even more expedient, getting UNDERSTANDING'S insight is doubly important for this particular book.

> 1 TP
You've got FUN to burn; no reason we can't get a head-start on TEACHING THE SCIENTISTS. They've made it abundantly clear that you need to start from square one, so we can't put this off.
No. 1011269 ID: f8fa51

You have debts and can pay them off, do so. If you're really hard-up for cash, I'm sure he can lend you some again later, but you're not right now. Rubber has been a consistent problem, so go ahead and pay William to search for some. That leaves you with 5,888 SHINIES, but without debts and a steady income.

The headbands/chokers (chokers sound best because they're less likely to come off at an inconvenient time) sound like the best idea for a visiting mission, but that lantern will definitely come in handy down the line. Make the chokers for now because it'll allow the visitors more independence if there isn't much affordance for air-breathers down there. Once you're sure there's a proper path and quarters with air, a lantern could be used to bring a larger group or visiting dignitaries. However, you're getting paid for this so you should attempt to clarify the clients' use-case before you finalise that decision.

As a primary task (using your own TP), you should start working on MANA DENSE MATERIALS I. I have a feeling many of your financial troubles could have been easier if you'd worked on this right away. This will eat into most of your remaining funds.

Assign research slots to designing runes and colour theory.

No. 1011271 ID: ce39da

I've since learned that NUBS made the order, not NOODLE, and she's already paid us though we still need to deliver. Scratch the immediate crafting; skip to the discussion about finding a route. We only decide what we're making after that issue's been determined.
No. 1011277 ID: 1f63c8

To start, I think we should research Manda Dense Materials I (as it may help our efficiency in further pursuits) and Color Theory (as it may simply be good to know).

For our background tasks, let's train our Precision with Nico.

It's better to pay off debts earlier than later, so give Ignis the 20K shinies we owe him. And since we have more to work with, let's alsosend Willamina 10K to find some rubber.

I think we should make 3 headbands of breathing and one lantern. This will use two arcanium ingots, but will be well worth it to make sure we can get the most out of the trip. We don't need to make a headband for every member of the team, as if it really comes down to it you could share them together, taking turns exploring areas the lantern can't let you reach.

Let's set Understanding on that Omnibus Pawn likes. It's pretty long, so cutting the timr i half would be for the best. Sire it'll make Pawn happy, but really it just seens like a fun read.

Finally, for our last TP, let's spend it on teaching the scientists. The sooner we get them to understand, the sooner we can claim those sweet sweet shines for the job, which will open more doors for us.
No. 1011285 ID: 019a8d

Hey William, can you turn that house of yours into an orphanage?
No. 1011286 ID: 96c896

...hold up. I have a theory. Is it possible that this tale has an element of truth to it? Maybe there used to be a smaller plate attached to the bottom of TENGU, and that's where the magitech ruin is. Maybe if we find the attachment point and fly/fall directly down we can access it? Like, maybe there's a hole in the field that teleports people back to the top of the worldplate.


Read the Book of Orders, since we kindof need to do it via Understanding in order to keep it secret that we know what's in the book.


>water breathing stuff
Ok, we've got a pretty solid indication that the human worldplate doesn't want a TENGU-DOPUS trade agreement. Therefore, we can expect they will attempt to interfere if a diplomat gets sent, which means it'll be dangerous to do that. The lantern of air would require we bring a bunch of guards, and plan ahead to ensure the path is safe. How about we discuss it with the royals? Personally I think making more than one lantern would be needed for that.
Regardless, make headbands. In the long run, we're going to need lanterns for the trade route, and headbands for personal trips. Make as many headbands as needed for whoever wants to come with us, plus one extra. Just in case, for instance, a spy steals one of them to try to prevent us leaving DOPUS.

>1 TP
Spend it on helping RUTHERFORD learn manuals. We really do need the money, and the faster we get this done the safer we're going to be in the long term. Once he's up and running the other scientists should fall in line and we can teach them after. Or maybe the plan was to teach them as a group from the start? That's fine too.

Pay Ignis 10k right now, and 10k again next year.

>Rubber hunt
Yeah, give William 10k.
No. 1011305 ID: c92a02

First TP of the year? Read a book! Cesare's Travels to be exact. Set Understanding to read the Fractured Fairy Tales.

New goal: Plan a runescripting road trip. Find out what destinations are likely to have new and powerful runes, and figure out what it takes to make it there!

Research task: Mana veins. What do they do? How do they do it? Also, shinies as mana materials.

Background task: Arm Noodle.
Speaking of, make Nubs the headbands/chokers. Dry goods can be packaged with much more mundane watertight materials.
Pay off three quarters of the debt now (15K), and the rest next year, plus a little extra. Invest 10K in William's hunt as well.
No. 1011333 ID: 4569cf

Precision with Nico

(We dont need intense training especially since we are busy now. We can wait a few years to reach our goal with reaching level 7)


Color theory (to teach the course of the 6 syntaxes better)

Mana veins (being able to apply runescripts on our body might be useful.)

Understanding task:

Fantastic adventures omnibus


Pay off ignis, he could use the shinies
Give william 10k

Teach the scientists. The earlier the better in case they have trouble

Teach more than one scientist how to make your inventions. (More points if we teach all 3)
No. 1011337 ID: ce39da

> SECOND ADDENDUM (last one, I swear)
Also, I just realized that our trip might be coming immediately after we decide something here; make those COLLARS OF AIR now instead of later - make an even three so you can bring a plus one and an escort (or a plus two). I forget who we're bringing, actually.

Also, warn your sensei about the trip that will prevent you from attending at the appointed time this year.

Also also:

Form a LINK with someone in DOPUS during your visit. You already get the feeling that this is IMPORTANT. It'll probably be NUBS unless you find someone with a RIDICULOUSLY GOOD INNATE SKILL.
No. 1011358 ID: 235c53

Idea: isnt bubblegum made from rubber?
If so, we should tell Pon about Bubble Gum from our old Fauna, and how it is made from rubber, and see if he'd be interested in researching rubber with William and see if he'd help him out on that venture if he wants.

Pon is going to make an awesome food invention if this works to change what people think of food in our worldplate.
No. 1011406 ID: 36784c

Mana veins sound interesting to me. If we could figure out how those work in a living thing’s body, would it be possible to create some prosthetic limbs that could be powered from the user’s mana in their body?

That doesn’t seem like something we could introduce to the world in a way that would make sense. We got inspiration for the Chi-ller from a story told by Chi’s dad, but what would we say inspired us to want to make bubble gum?

Also, I’m not sure many people would like a food that you’re only supposed to chew and not actually swallow.
No. 1011776 ID: afe7de
File 163279759942.png - (9.53KB , 500x500 , SR2_009.png )

You’re torn between several NEW PERSONAL GOALS to set for yourself, so you decide to POLL YOUR STATS, it’s a weird concept, but maybe they’ll have some insights and suggest a few new GOALS for you


You also decide to check up on your old buddy NICO. He’s working at an HERBAL REMEDY shop that specializes in growing SPECIFIC HERBS. He’s taken on an apprenticeship there and while the pay is ONLY OKAY, he’s working hard to improve enough to become a FULL TIME WORKER there. You ask him if he’s willing to teach you PRECISION still and he jumps at the opportunity, excited to have someone to hang out with. He mentions kind of being a RECLUSE lately, what with his MOM constantly giving him ERRANDS.

You’ve started the task - PRECISION WITH NICO
- Every year you’ll have a chance of gaining a new rank in PRECISION

You assign the COLOR THEORY task to LAPUTA RUNETECH. Drift apologizes for his lack of assistance for a bit. He’s still preoccupied with the HORNED MIST PUMA cores. The team has no idea where to start on this, and will take random approaches until they can figure this topic out.

You will be updated YEARLY on this project as breakthroughs are discovered
You cannot estimate how long it will take to research this as it’s uncharted territory

You also assign the MANA VEINS task to the group. DRIFT mentions that he will be performing his own examinations and tests in his spare time and will share his results when he’s finished with the CORES. IGNIS mentions how it could be cool if you could figure out a way to RUNESCRIPT TATTOOS onto a kin, but isn’t sure if that’s even a possibility.

You’re going to do your part on this task by EXAMINING OTHERS MANA VEINS while they RUNESCRIPT IN CLASS to see if there is any feedback or response. Studying this process might bring you new gains in the field.

Results should be found by [TIME POINT 1] of [YEAR 18]

You set [UNDERSTANDING] to reading the KAMAL LIN OMNIMBUS, they’ll give you updates whenever they finish a new stories, or enough stories to give you some STAT GROWTH.

Your RUNESCRIPTERS BOND has been updated and is now called LAPUTA RUNETECH after the company you're starting. Everyone’s excited about the NEW NAME and you get a signboard commissioned by CHIPPER to hang up in front of your WORKSHOP ROOM to commemorate the occasion.

IGNIS visibly loses stress and relaxes as you hand him the funds. It was causing him a bit more stress then he was used to, and he appreciates that you paid it off early. He says that with the extra funds construction should move along easier and they might even have enough for A FEW ADDITIONS. You press him for more but he keeps his mouth shut.

- Completing this goal 2 years early has earned you bonus GP
- You’ve gained 3 GOAL POINTS
Your current GP total is 3/15

William appreciates the investiture. He shows you a map of the areas he’s scouted, showing that there’s about 2/5 of TENGU that hasn’t been explored yet with the intent to find RUBBER. This will expedite the process by a factor of at least 2. He was originally expecting it to be found in 5 years, but now estimates it might take 2.5 or less to do so with the extra WINGPOWER afforded by the funds.

He says that if that fails he has another lead that he’s hesitant to look into. There are some CAVERNS that are said to grow FUNGUS rather deep down and he vaguely remembers scientists from [FAUNUS 08-C] discussing FUNGUS BASED plastics and sealants as an eco-friendly PLASTIC. It’s not exactly RUBBER, but it might be the next best thing should he fail on this endeavor. You ask why he’s hesitant and he mentions that it will require hiring HUNTERS as the monsters ABOVE GROUND have all been cleared, and most of the CAVERNS have been cleared, but one can never be too careful IN THE CAVES. It’s why your parents always told you to be careful and not go in CAVES as a kid.

A new EVENT has been added - RUBBER HUNT
- Updates will be given yearly until it or an alternative has been found

You get PON a present! It’s an APRON that says “PECK THE COOK” You think it’s cute and he likes the present! CHIPPER made it to be easy to clean since he expects it to get dirty from all the cooking.

You also think to suggest to PON about something called BUBBLEGUM, you explain the concept but he says that there are probably better uses for REFINED SUGARS then making that. He doubts that WING-KIN would find it tastier then the CANDIES that are sold. He also mentions with WING-KIN not typically CHEWING food, he doubts it’ll be a hit. Though BEAST-KIN might enjoy it a lot, he considers it if you can get the material.

PON feels energized from the gift, something GOOD will happen to him in the near future.

You also inform LOU XIN that you are GOING ON A TRIP soon, so you can’t participate in a TOURNAMENT for a bit for fear of being too injured to travel. She understands and lets you know that you can perform an alternate activity at a later date.

Future DOJO EVENTS will happen during [TP 6] of each year now to accommodate for your request
No. 1011780 ID: afe7de
File 163279768453.png - (11.40KB , 500x500 , SR2_010.png )

You decide to make 4 CHOKERS OF AIR, thinking that design is MUCH SAFER to travel with then the HEADBAND. You just innately fear the HEADBANDS would snap off in water. You plan to bring 2 other individuals with you, and store the remaining one in your POCKET DIMENSION along with 1 ingot of ARCANUM and a few tools that you bundled together after experimenting so that it would see it as ONE ITEM. You never know if something might happen and one might get lost, or if you’ll need to improvise on the spot.

You would make a LANTERN OF BREATHING, but it requires one major conceit. A PATH. You ask NUBS if there is a good path to walk from the tunnel to the city, and she says that she’ll work on it. You thought of a few other solutions, like flying as a group, but there were many issues involved with it and neither you nor your friends know of any SYNCHRONIZED FLYING exercises. Well, except for WILLIAM, he took the AEROBATICS classes. No, the LANTERN OF BREATHING would be good for a SOLE INDIVIDUAL carrying goods to float down to the city, but wouldn’t help as a group.

After some talks, NUBS returns to you and informs you that there IS NOT a direct path, that walking would take A FEW DAYS of underwater travel, and your LANTERN can’t quite cut it for that long. Apparently the city is located near the CENTER of the plate, just like QARA TENGU is. And while DOPUS is in fact SMALLER then TENGU, it’s still a trek. It’s possible that you could at some point help them develop an AIR TUNNEL of sorts from the bottom to top that would allow them to transport dry goods to the surface, but that’s something you can discuss later she says. She also suggests that the lantern might have its uses exploring AROUND the city exterior, but implies that you probably wouldn’t want to do that without elaborating.

This is one of those moments where you really wish you had RUBBER or a SEALANT of some kind so that you could transport things without such a large ARCANUM investiture. NUBS lets you know that she’s ready to go to DOPUS when you are and after you’ve picked whose coming. She’s interested in having at least ONE OTHER FRIEND join you, but leaves the decision entirely up to you. She also requests that you not bring anyone HIGH PROFILE, meaning she would prefer you not bring a ROYAL that would be EASILY RECOGNIZABLE. Those in your FRIEND GROUPS are fine like WILLIAM and IGNIS, but she’s even a bit hesitant about them too, mentioning that they should probably WEAR A HOOD to disguise themselves. You get the feeling that she wants this trip to be LOW KEY, but that there’s more to the trip then she’s letting on.

[UNDERSTANDING] I think she wants to TEST THE WATERS with somewhat regular WING-KIN citizens she’s friends with
[UNDERSTANDING] She’s probably under some pressure to bring KIN over, but would rather it be someone she trusts
[UNDERSTANDING] Plus, with the rising tensions we can only guess as to what might happen.
[LINK] Though if I might make a recommendation.
[LINK] Take someone LINKED with you.
[LINK] They might come in handy!
[INTUITION] You should find someone to LINK with while you’re there.
[INTUITION] I still think this is important.

You were thinking of inviting a ROYAL to be a DIPLOMAT, but guess it might be better to pick someone less so. You could invite one of your PARENTS if you were interested.

EVENT - NUBVENTURES IN PARADISE - will occur in [TP 5] of this year
- You have [1 TP] to prepare
- This event will take place over a few updates and follow a more traditional quest structure
- You can bring 2 others with you, or 3 if you use your HIDDEN CHOKER that you prepared
- Make sure you come prepared!

Your first four classes of RUNESCRIPTING - DECODING are a pretty big hit. You were expecting some frustration from your students, but no such thing happened. You had one or two bad eggs, but you quickly and swiftly handled them. You’re used to this by now, and none of them are on the same level as the other students. After looking it over, and with your rather large sample size of students broadly taking the classes, you’ve come to a few conclusions.

Namely that SHIMON really was actively making things hard on the students. Students with OPPOSITE affinities tended to have a MUCH harder time and require more direct teaching. Though with your methods it was not too difficult to get them to catch up. Ones with MATCHING affinities tended to have a SLIGHTLY easier time going about it and making connections. But it’s REALLY SLIGHT. Almost inconsequentially so. You could go with teaching everyone based off of their COLOR, but it’s less STRESS on you to just teach the same manual.

One thing you do note, from all of your examinations, is that it’s fairly rare to find anyone with a WHITE or BLACK MANA VEIN. You would say more than 50% are YELLOW veined, with the rest being a spattered assortment and GREEN being the next most common, typically found in BEAST-KIN. There are some exceptions of course, but that seems to be the majority of what you see. You think that you’ll keep teaching the TRIGGER rune to students in your DECODING class as very few students seem to have BLACK or WHITE mana veins and it’s just the easiest rune to learn.

Your time TA-ING students is also going well enough. But there’s no outstanding students yet. You’ll be keeping your eye out for a good one, hopefully your classes in [TP8] will get you a better idea of someone to fill the role.
No. 1011789 ID: afe7de
File 163279973055.png - (12.48KB , 500x500 , SR2_011.png )

You decide to get an early start TEACHING the scientists. You’ve never taught an ADULT before, as most of your teaching was geared towards those your age and below. SABA taught adults before, but always found they required PATIENCE to deal with. So you expect the experience to be more STRESSFUL then normal.

Originally you were expecting to teach all 3 at once, but instead they request individual tutoring. You decide that this time you’ll split your attention amongst them equally. You can chose to focus on one with future TP, but it’s better not to push this off for the future as they’re all basically at square one.

RUTHERFORD is QUIRKY and SHY. You take your time explaining the basic concept of RUNESCRIPTING and he avidly takes notes. He’s full of questions but none of them are intrusive or obstructive. You note that his LOGIC is only slightly less then yours, and he is MORE CREATIVE then you, but that there is a lot of basic things that need to be unlearned about the process. He attempts to approach this from a RESEARCHER’S point of view, which isn’t wrong, but doesn’t allow him to even ATTEMPT something until he knows about it in full. You wrestle with this point of view as you try to get him to learn the SHARPEN rune. He’s slower then your normal STUDENTS as a result but gets about 3/5 of the way through the MANUAL before your time with him is up. You have high hopes for him.

[INTUITION] I like this guy

SATINA on the other hand is BRASH and OVERBEARING. It takes nearly all of your PATIENCE not to argue with her. You’re here to teach her but half of her comments make it seem like she’s trying to tell YOU what approaches you should take to teach her. It’s infuriating in a way, and you immediately [UNDERSTAND] that she’s doing this because she’s SCARED that she won’t be able to LEARN the material. Which just makes the job harder on you. You instead spend most of your time trying to let her know that FAILURE is just a part of the process and even demonstrate how easy it is to mess up a rune, which calms her down slightly. Because of a few false starts you only get around 1/8 of the way through the HARDEN manual, which she insisted she learn first. You feel like you have JUST ENOUGH PATIENCE to deal with her, but that it might take more then [3 TP] to teach her this.

[GUILE] She’s got a good poker face, but it’s not THAT good.

LILITH is STRICT and does not appreciate the change in HIERARCHY here. Instead of allowing you to control the flow of the topic she asks to see your LESSON PLAN and elects to study the ABSORPTION and COLD runes to create a CHI-LLER. You very strongly recommend she not do that and focus on one, but she says that you can’t tell her what she can and can’t learn, not with who your MOTHER is. You pause at that. Your PATIENT, and PROUD of your family. You don’t appreciate that, and in a moment of COURAGE you hand her the manuals and let her know that if she’s going to disrespect you for the job you were hired for, that she can learn this on her own, without your help, and that you’ll be letting the QUEEN know about her conduct. This gives LILITH pause. She wasn’t expecting that. You walk out of the room. You feel like LILITH might be a lost cause unless you can figure out what her BEEF with you or your family is.

[ANGER] You shoulda snapped harder!
[CHARISMA] Good move Chi
[PRIDE] Atta girl!
[CURIOSITY] I wonder what THAT was all about?
[UNDERSTANDING] Not enough data for me to make a further conclusion then we already have. Some kinda grudge?

You’ve made progress in teaching the ROYALS
You’ve learned a little about PATIENCE by working with the ROYALS, but not enough to increase rank
You gained [3 STRESS] due to the DISRESPECT and FRUSTRATING nature of the individuals you taught
But [2 STRESS] was blocked due to your PATIENCE and FUN POINT!
You were paid [10K SHINIES] for your work TEACHING the ROYAL SCIENTISTS



Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
= MIND DORM 100%

Goals will now be selected and tracked via poll. New additions will be added to the poll whenever a GOAL SLOT opens up. If you’d like to suggest what GOALS get added, use the link below:


Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6)

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You spent [20K SHINIES] paying off your debt to IGNIS
You spent [10K SHINIES] Investing in the RUBBER HUNT
You spent [40 SHINIES] on a custom signboard for your company
You spent [20 SHINIES] on an APRON for PON
You set aside [300 SHINIES] preemptively for your PRECISION WITH NICO task
You were paid [10K SHINIES] for your work TEACHING the ROYAL SCIENTISTS
You were paid [12.8K SHINIES] for TEACHING [2 TP] worth of classes at TENGU ACADEMY
You have [28,328 SHINIES] remaining

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year

You have 2 2/3 INGOTS OF ARCANUM and 3 AIR CHOKERS stored with LAPUTA RUNETECH along with your other inventions

You have [1 TIME POINT]
What do you do?
And who are you bringing to DOPUS?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
No. 1011790 ID: 629f2e

Agree with the comment above on both LINKing with Pon, and bringing him and Noodle.

I think we should work on our HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE already. It's gonna take a while, so we need to get started eventually.

If that ain't a popular pick, I say we spend our TP directly working on our one of our research projects. COLOR THEORY is my preference.
No. 1011791 ID: ae43bf

use the timepoint to date Ignis or William (aiming for Ignis, hes done so much for us)

Or we could practice making new COMPOUND RUNES! So we can break our Runescripting SOFT CAP. Do it with our group. I recommend merging blue with red to make STEAM! We can turn Tengu into a steampunk worldplate potentially.

Or meditate. Work on prides room, or HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE, or go into the fog (only if we sense someone

Who to bring? Pon and Noodle. We cant bring a royal, too risky. Lets also LINK with Pon, he's our bro after all...

But since we cant bring a royal, we will def need to date ignis and/or william to compensate in the future.
No. 1011797 ID: 96c896

Bring WILLIAM to the underwater trip. He's a fighter, he can protect you and himself if something goes wrong. You can also ask your family if any of them want to come. Also ask if any of them have an Innate Skill, then you can LINK with them. Hell, you should ask all your friends if any of them have Innate Skills. My guess is that Drift will get one after his core stuff is done...
If we find someone other than William and Ignis that has an Innate Skill we can LINK with, then we may as well bring them instead and leave behind the royals. But obviously, only if we're already besties. We shouldn't make friends with someone just for their Innate Skill. Like, do we know if Noodle or Pon have Innate Skills or not?

>Lilith is being weird about your mom
Which mom? Ask your family what that was about.

Let's meditate and work on the HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE.

Can we make some armor to wear on the trip? Now that it's researched we just need money to make it right?
No. 1011802 ID: c92a02

Invite Faan with you! Teacher skills are a good match for diplomat skills. Also take Will, out of your two linked companions he's the lower ranked royal.
You could link with Nubs in Dopus, but she's not planning on staying there, is she? That would be all four of your link slots taken, until you develop more slots.
Time point: Meditate on your Mind Labs.
No. 1011809 ID: e51896

changing my vote a little. Forgot the diplomatic plans. Still bring Pon (only after we link with him), but instead of Noodle, make it Faan, or Draco for diplomatic purposes. Faan because as >>1011802 said, her teaching skills are good for diplomatic purposes. Or Draco because he's worked for the royals before as a captain of the guard. If Faan or Draco is interested, be sure to have Ignis, or William get the king and queen to know about our plans to make one of our parents a diplomat for this visit and make it official.

when we talk to Draco and Faan about it, also ask Faan about what Lilith's deal is, and tell Draco about Yondwa (our mana theory teacher who gave us the mana goggles) wanting to catch up with him

Still not sure on bringing William or Ignis along with how hesitant Nubs is.

>Make sure you come prepared!

Almost missed that line. to prepare for the visit, anything can happen, so...

- Link with Pon, even if we don't bring him, and even if he doesn't have a innate ability, he's our bro! plus he's got good stats to share anyway I'm sure. his twin bond benefits we got with him will also be helpful

- bring your stone claws weapon just in case, you never know if you come across some ruins that we could maybe explore with pon, our knowledge might come in handy when exploring to protect Pon, and maybe draco if he comes. tell any fighters we bring to bring their weapons. (we may even be lucky enough to find a gold or pristine manual in the ruins) sharpen and harden the stone claws and other weapons maybe too. (might need new claws for martial arts training and tournaments if we do this so we don't lethally hurt anyone with our sharpened stone claws)

- snacks (though I bet they have food there, our food might get soggy unless we bring them in our dimensional storage)

- maybe some scripting manuals to give to Dopus residents and maybe teach them a little runescripting. Might be a good idea to introduce to runescripting so they too can advance in technology. Who knows, they might get so interested, they'll send some kin from Dopus to learn runescripting and take that knowledge back to Dopus. (We should consider at some point when we find a pupil interested in teaching runescripting to try teaching Runescripting in Dopus, especially if the pupil happens to come from Dopus.

- art tools. we can draw pretty good, remember? we can draw important details to show to Tengu.

I'll think of more ideas for preparation.
No. 1011817 ID: ce39da

Plan to bring FAAN and PON. Do LINK with PON beforehand. Ask NUBS about what's used for SELF-DEFENCE when underwater and get enough of that for both you and PON if feasible - I'm sure NUBS understands how you're under no illusions regarding the wildlife situation on DOPUS, and no escort is infallible.

> TP 4
You'll take care of some stress at DOPUS, maybe even get some FUN POINTS. However, taking care of some stress now could help us generate EVEN MORE FUN POINTS, and that OMNIBUS is going to take an entire BOAT ARC to get through if we don't upgrade our headspace reading skills.

I suggest we MEDITATE WITH THE M & B TECHNIQUE on the HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE to help with that.
No. 1011888 ID: 8483cf

Pretty much everything here. Runescripting > art, though.
No. 1012399 ID: afe7de
File 163339863228.png - (9.85KB , 500x500 , SR2_012.png )

You want to find a RUIN while you’re here, might be a good idea to get in contact with the ROYALTY here or someone who has TRAVELED AROUND the plate.

You want to teach at least 2 of the ROYAL SCIENTISTS, it might be hard, but it’s doable. You’re not sure how successful getting all 3 would be, but if you do it, you’re sure the reward would be worth it.

> Bring FAAN and PON
You mull over who to bring with some pretty intense trepidation. You wanted to bring WILLIAM or IGNIS but decide to take NUBS’S caution to heart and bring someone else. You nearly invited DRACO, your FATHER, but also took a step back on that too. After a brief visit home with PON, you share some recent updates in your life and invite FAAN and PON to DOPUS with you. They’re both really excited to go, PON hopes to learn new recipies for things he could make and sell while he’s there. FAAN is just excited to be included and that you were thinking of her.

> What’s the deal with LILITH?
You ask your parents what the deal is with LILITH THE ROYAL SCIENTIST, you don’t appreciate how she’s treated you and wanted to know the source of the TENSION. FAAN and RIICHI both pause for a moment and look over to DRACO whose expression darkens a tad. RIICHI does a gesture, ceding the floor to FAAN.

Faan: So it was probably like a bit before you two were born.
Faan: She was a teacher here, we were colleagues.
Faan: But she was kind of uhhhhhhh
Riichi: Bad at her job
Faan: I wouldn’t go that far
Draco: I remember how often you complained about it
Faan: Aaaaaaaanyway
Faan: She was always the more inventive type, making stuff instead of focusing on TEACHING.
Faan: And she got her hands on a BROKEN PRINTING PRESS
Faan: Asked for my help, helped her a bit
Faan: But you both needed care because you were just born so I had to take a pause from that for a bit
Faan: It was a HUGE argument over me throwing away my life for “some kids”
Riichi: I almost clawed at her when she said that
Draco: But she was being considered to join the ROYAL SCIENTISTS, so I stopped her
Faan: What you have to understand is she doesen’t have friends, family, none of that, or didn’t I dunno about now
Faan: So WORK was her life and her HOBBIES I guess
Faan: She just… took heavy offense to me not dropping my life to go become a SCIENTIST
Faan: And frankly we need good teachers to teach the young ones
Riichi: So basically she’s a bird brain workaholic peck neck piece of-
Draco: Riichi, please, come on.
Riichi: It’s TRUE!
Riichi: She just holds a grudge because we didn’t pick a path like hers

[GUILE] There’s more to this then they’re letting on, like how Faan was qualified to help at all?

You: Uh did you know each other when you were kids or something?
Pon: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, and like if you were an inventor or something?
Faan: Yeah, we were like best friends for a while, well, as close to friends as you can get with someone so…
Riichi: Insufferable, Guileless, lacking in Charisma?
Faan: She’s not a bad person, just uhhh, didn’t appreciate how I didn’t drop everything for her.
Faan: I have some regrets about the past, but not about raising you two.

You notice that she’s very much avoiding any mention of what she did in the past before teaching. You think she’s not comfortable sharing that with you yet. With that out of the way, you spend some more time at your parents place and plan to leave after you finish some PREPARATIONS.

You decide to link with your BROTHER. It’s a strange sensation, creating the link, like getting a minor headache in a part of your head, or like a blood vessel bursting in your head. It’s slightly painful, but then the [LINK] is established. PON does NOT have any sort of INNATE SKILL, so it seems like he’ll only be gaining the IMPROVED STAT GROWTH from the [LINK]. But you do feel a sort of RESONANCE from him. It’s something you can’t quite put your finger on. You invite him to join you on your meditation later and see what happens.
No. 1012400 ID: afe7de
File 163339864853.png - (119.10KB , 500x500 , SR2_013.png )

You take the time to expand your MIND CAMPUS, focusing on the HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE. It’s a large building that as you make it appears to form itself slightly into a building that extends infinitely into the sky. It’s a strange illusion that you’re not sure if you’re consciously making, but certainly feels cool to look at.

You’ve made progress on your HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE

IGNIS and WILLIAM occasionally pop by in your meditation sessions to chat with you. Watching as you sculpt and work on your MIND CAMPUS. PON eventually has a free moment and joins you as well. [UNDERSTANDING] and [LINK] are both especially polite and nice to him, and he doesn’t freak out as he joins you in your MIND CAMPUS because you gave him enough advanced warning. It’s a strange sensation, but the RESONANCE is stronger here. You get the feeling that you should EXPERIMENT in the future with your LINKS while you’re here. See what they can and can’t do. You’d be curious if you could assign DOMAINS to them in your MIND CAMPUS where they could CREATE and MANIFEST their own STATS or otherwise. You could always make another DORM explicitly for LINKED GUESTS and see what that does.

You can now create the GUEST DORMS, a space for your LINKED companions in your MIND CAMPUS. You’re not sure what effect this could have, or if it would have any benefits. You can also dedicate a portion of your time to TESTING THE LIMITS of the MIND CAMPUS and see what can or can’t be done.

You were about to suggest this to your companions the next day, but something happened that paused your train of thought.

The MIST started… Ringing? You’re not sure what to call it. Without a moment of hesitation you flew into the mist. A SENSATION could be felt in your mind in the distance, so you continued to fly in that direction until you hear something. A KAW-ING. Once, then twice. You stop and look to the sides before you see a half white, half black RAVEN. Your [STATS] are eerily quiet throughout the process, well, PERSERVERENCE is just as quiet as normal, but you still pause with caution, tilting your head in confusion. They KAW at you, in what sounds more like a form of COMMUNICATION then anything else.

So you speak back to them in CANON as your first instinct, a CURIOSITY and FANATICISM taking over you as this strange thing is attempting to speak to you in your mind. You try a few ways of communicating and it appears the RAVEN is as well. It covers up one of their eyes and you just get more confused. Are they trying to be WILLIAM? Maybe someone else? You gesture back to your MIND CAMPUS, inviting them and poking at them to see if they get it but you just get pecked a few times in response.

The RAVEN then starts to pluck out feathers, the first feather falls into your palm as the bird vanishes and then reappears a few moments later about 10 meters away from you. You fly towards them, still very confused. They pluck some more feathers and you’re enthralled at this point. You try to fly the creature back to your MIND CAMPUS, eager to figure out what is happening with the help of your [STATS]. It’s obviously INTELLIGENT, beyond that of a normal RAVEN.

You put a concerned expression on your face as it trues to spell out something with the feathers. It’s a “W” and a “3” written in ENGLISH or at least that’s what you presume. You stop moving and your thought processes try to go into overdrive. W3? Could this be WINNEBAGO the THIRD? Inventor of the WINNEBAGO? WILLAMINA the THIRD? Your granddaughter? Could this just be random letters and numbers with no actual meaning?!?! You stare at the RAVEN with a fiercer intensity, trying to [UNDERSTAND] but finding yourself unable to make the MENTAL LINK with them in this MIST. You try once, twice, and then when you think you’re just about to succeed something happens. You feel an intense burning from the RAVEN and jerk them off of you. It’s floating in the space now. There’s an expression in it’s eye, that brief moment you [UNDERSTOOD] this was no ordinary bird, this was your GRANDDAUGHTER, or well, SABA’S GRANDDAUGHTER. You start shouting.


Unfortunately the twitching from the RAVEN turns into a mad vibration. Her feathers start bubbling unsettlingly. You can hear the sounds of BONES CRACKING as it’s form begins to shift and change, to EXPAND. WILLAMINA doesn’t break eye contact with you the entire time.


Your composure is a little broken from this strange scenario, but you heed their words, flying backwards out of the mist as fast as you can, PERSERVERENCE flies past you as you see the beast morph into what you assume to be it’s final form. It’s inky black, dripping almost with some sort of ICHOR. The mist seems to CORRODE at it as it drips down. And it’s eyes, they’re twisted, not in any right place. There’s a weird sensation as it reaches it’s limb at you and ichor slowly moves in your direction. You feel the faint tickle in the back of your mind that you need to TOUCH it, to join whatever IT is. That thought is cut off with a YELL from PERSERVERENCE.


And like that, you’re out of the mist, out of your MIND CAMPUS, and back to reality. It made no noise besides the cracking of bones, no terrifying scream, no guttural moan. You could only barely hear the bubbling. It’s unnerving. Your [STATS] are clamoring asking what happened and as you explain the situation there’s no word from [PERSERVERENCE] other then a lone statement.

[PERSERVERENCE] It’s gone, I need to rest.

You’re given no context and your STATS seem worried. You think you’ll need to have a talk with [PERSERVERENCE] when they’re recovered because this was STRANGE even by your standards.

You’ve gained [1 STRESS] from the encounter in your MIND
- After experiencing your first RANDOM ENCOUNTER you will now be notified when one is happening
- You will have to chose to visit the encounter, rather then having it be automatic due to the potential DANGER
- Encounters will last 2 years before they go away

You think you’re going to keep quiet on this one. You’ve already asked your closest and most trustworthy friends, and you think it’s better if you keep this one closer to your vest. It’s already a slightly open secret that you’re a reincarnator even if most kin won’t believe you, best to keep that one quiet for now. For the record, only MARTH, IGNIS, and WILLIAM have INNATE SKILLS to the best of your knowledge. You hope DRIFT gets one, but aren’t sure what’s going to happen when he’s done.
No. 1012402 ID: afe7de
File 163339868605.png - (8.89KB , 500x500 , SR2_014.png )

After that STRESSFUL encounter in your mind that you were expecting to be more relaxing you take some time to PREPARE yourself for the DOPUS trip. You’re excited to see the WIDER WORLDPLATES as is PON. IGNIS and WILLIAM are both excited for you and sad they can’t go, but understand the reason and promise to keep things running in your absence.

You want to bring some things with you, like snacks and scripting manuals, but think it might be a bit hard without REVEALING YOUR POCKET DIMENSION. And that’s something you’re not really keen on doing. You talk to NUBS about WATERPROOFING solutions and she mentions that she could get an EMPTY URN, block it with CORK, and then use that to transport stuff to the CITY. So you fill a small backpack with SUPPLIES. You bring some PON-MADE snacks, some SCRIPTING MANUALS, SCRIPTING PENS, some SHINIES, and a few other things. PON mostly brings FOOD and a simple COLD MODULE he plans to install in a BOX he can find to make a MAKESHIFT CHI-LLER and FAAN just brings some BOOKS. NUBS triple checks to make sure it should fit and the four of you are as prepared as you’re going to be.

You also bring 10,000 SHINIES worth of GEMS as an EASY TO CONVERT source of CURRENCY should you all wish to BUY ANYTHING.
You also bring an old prototype SUN SCEPTER that’s been modified to just produce light
You have [2 STRESS]

NUBS sends a RUNNER out ahead of you all to let her WORLDPLATE know that you’re coming. You mention your concerns of UNDERSEA MONSTERS and she says that you’ll be escorted to the city proper in the water by GUARDS as a safety precaution, but you’re recommended to bring your CLAWS along anyway. You ask how they fight UNDERWATER, and she points to her tail. She mentions that most AQUA-KIN tend to have NATURAL WEAPONS of some kind, some have CLAWS, others have SHARP LEGS, but most have BLADED TAILS. They tend to move EXTREMELY FAST in water, about as fast as you can fly, which makes them EXTRA AGILE and able to use their BLADED LIMBS to good effect. It’s how they hunt for most of their food.

You fly out of the city and head towards the TUNNEL. NUBS is riding in a pouch of a RATHER STRONG LOOKING ROYAL GUARD. He does not say much throughout the flight, but from what you understand, this individual has been working with her for some time now and is regarded well for his SILENCE.

You occasionally look around during your flight, and you don’t really notice anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes a tree rustles and you see several WINGIES fly out into the sky, but that’s about it. As you reach the tunnel you notice that it’s fairly MASSIVE, not big enough to fit a whole PLANE in it, but definitely large enough to fit a crowd of kin and then some. There are a few WING-KIN guards standing in the TUNNEL and flying around it, but they recognize you all and let you pass. One of them is even drooling over FAAN, which you find strange, but dismiss as you move through it and are let out into a brand new plate.

You read about CANUS, but it’s still amazing to see in person. The Plate is a DENSE JUNGLE, the edges of which are just like your plate, leading to a sheer drop. The THICK CANOPY obscures the sky except for one area that has been constructed upon to prevent such a thing from happening. Apparently the vegetation near the TUNNELS grows at a RIDICULOUS rate. The WING-KIN guards here also let you pass, allowing you to head to the skies above.

The plate is BEAUTIFUL as you take to the skies, the sky is tinted a slight GREEN, but one thing you notice that’s readily apparent is that it’s FAIRLY HOT. Much hotter then your PLATE. It’s mitigated by the breeze flowing up against you, but you can’t imagine living here without some COLD runes to cool yourself off and you wonder how it is the BEAST-KIN can even live in this climate with their FUR.

FAAN explains that it’s because the heat is actually absorbed by the canopy of the jungle and reflected up, causing the area above the canopy to be warmer then normal. It’s actually quite cool under the jungle itself and is an environment the BEAST-KIN have adapted to.

As you continue to fly, occasionally taking breaks as the journey does take a few days, you feel a tingle from your [INTUITION]. Something is amiss but you can’t quite tell what. The thing you can tell, as you near the next TUNNEL is that there’s a small speck in the distance. It’s barely visible, and there’s a BLUE GLOW. You dismiss it for now as it’s gone a moment later, assuming it was your imagination.
No. 1012403 ID: afe7de
File 163339869653.png - (48.68KB , 500x500 , SR2_015.png )

As you enter DOPUS you notice the largest SEA you’ve ever seen. Though you guess it’s probably more accurate to call it an OCEAN. The sky is a similar hue of BLUE that you’re used to, but the OCEAN is a mix of greens and blues and lilacs. It’s also fairly CLEAR, you can see a fair distance through it. Nubs disembarks from the WING-KIN GUARD whose name escapes you. He mentions that he’ll be waiting by the tunnel when you all return and leaves.

One thing you notice about DOPUS is that the only LAND MASS around is the one you entered on. You can’t see a single outcropping anywhere. There are a few HUTS scattered about on the land and there’s a few BOATS scattered about, but they’re few and far between. They’ll be easy to avoid. Nubs leads you to a spot in the ocean after a few several hours of flight. At this point your arms are getting a bit tired from all of the EXTENDED TRAVEL, but it’s not enough to really impact you as you are fairly ATHLETIC. You eventually reach the spot, there’s a few other AQUA-KIN floating about on the surface and they wave at you and shout to come down. You notice a large urn floating near the surface which they remove the cork and allow you to place your belongings in. It BARELY fits the small amount of supplies you brought, you imagine that they’re not used to transporting goods between here and the surface and that this was a MAKE-SHIFT solution at best.

After activating the chokers you are led down the water, attached to ropes just so that you don’t get lost. They make sure to descend at a pace that won’t cause any wooziness, but the water pressure doesn’t affect your HEAD so you’re fine as you descend. It’s a claustrophobic experience, descending as it gets darker and darker away from the surface. You pull out your PROTOTYPE SUN ROD and it helps, but everything else is still dark. You feel like it would have been a good idea to make a stronger variant or something as you continue to descend, but that thought is cut off as you start to see flickerings of light in the distance.

CONSUMA DOPUS, the capital city. It’s covered in what you can only assume is phosphorescent coral. It glows dimly in some areas and brighter in others. If you were to describe the city it would be reminiscent to an anthill with lots of spires outcroppings on top, covered in a variety of different corals and sea life. As you get lower you can see in the distance, highlighted by a large CRYSTAL of some kind, is a large enclosure made of a similar CRYSTAL or GLASS. It looks like there are JELLYFISH-LIKE creatures inside.

You continue to descend until you reach the ground and notice a small tunnel going down and then up, which you eventually pass through and reach a pocket of air. There are dozens, possibly hundreds of AQUA-KIN wandering about. Their colors vary from hues of blues, greens, purples and reds as they scatter about doing various tasks. You can see several food-stalls advertising unrecognizable seafoods and fungi. You take a broader look around and see that you’re in some sort of PLAZA, and in the distance there are SCULPTURES built into the wall of various AQUA-KIN. Nearby the statues is a large WATERFALL with a small opening in the center that you can see some individuals standing at, looking in your direction. You gather your supplies and get out of the water, the guards dispersing to the crowd.

Nubs: Welcome to CONSUMA! The kingdom of good food and great times!
Pon: Woah, it’s a huge cave!
Faan: How deep do the caverns go here?
Nubs: Dunno, we can’t fly so we rnt sure how far down it cod go like you are of your plate.
Nubs: I’ve got TONS to show ya! And since yer all on yer breaks, there’s no rush!
Nubs: I should probs introduce ya to the fam, but that can totally wait.
You: Well let’s get started then!

CONSUMA is a large city in similar scale to QARA TENGU, there are lots of small hidden things throughout here and you’ll be able to explore it at a slower pace. Each ACTION you take will take around a day to complete including eating and resting. Sometimes you’ll be prevented with a CHOICE of something to do, each CHOICE will lead to different character interactions and develop the story of this plate.

NUBS wants to show you three MAJOR THINGS
- THE COOKING GUILD, a place where famous chefs compete and make amazing dishes requested by others
- HER HOME, you’ll meet her family and learn more about NUBS
- THE MISTY CAVERN, a beautiful spot that really lets your pores breathe, she wants to introduce you to somekin

She also says there’s tons of OTHER PLACES that you could visit like the PLAZA, CRYSTAL CAVES, and BACK ALLEY DINERS among other things.

What do you do?

AUTHORS NOTE: I’ve suggested a few areas here that you could visit, but where you actually go is entirely up to you all! If you have a cool area you want to suggest visiting or that you want to exist, suggest it and if I like it enough or it’s suggested enough I’ll put it in! This is one of those LORE BUILDING MOMENTS like from the first part where you can ADD THINGS that you think would be cool within reason.
No. 1012405 ID: c92a02

First, let's meet our home away from home. Nubs' home!
No. 1012413 ID: 96c896

>skill checks
Hmm, someone noticed us leaving I think, and the blue light was the spy arriving in CANUS. You were being followed. They probably reported back that you visited DOPUS. Not a huge deal, we expected that to happen.

THE COOKING GUILD! Let's go sample the local cuisine!

>suggest other things
How about like, a zoo?
No. 1012414 ID: 629f2e

Nubs' Home is top priority for today, and The Misty Cavern for tomorrow. After that, we should check out the city tomorrow and do a run of popular spots. Get some local diner food, walk the town, etc.
No. 1012415 ID: 629f2e

(Forgot to add my new place suggestion) See what the closest thing Dopus has to a library is.
No. 1012416 ID: dfbac0

I think our best bet is to go to Nubs' house, we can do the others later but I feel like we should meet her family and chill in hopefully a less professional environment before we go to public places where we would certainly be accosted by curious individuals. It's also extremely important we don't keep her family waiting as though I doubt they'd have a problem with us wandering off before meeting them it's better safe than sorry.
Otherwise after that I would love to go to the cooking guild and see if we can't teach Pon how to cook some new cuisines.
No. 1012418 ID: dfbac0

That's a good idea, I imagine handling books isn't an easy thing down here, I'd love to see if they have their own way of preserving information that doesn't use anything that could be harmed by water.
No. 1012421 ID: ce39da

... has caught something important, yet unsurprising. You should probably bring this up with NUBS, who figured the wrong sort would take notice, and FAAN, the group's designated adult.

"As much as I'm sure your family wouldn't mind waiting for us, I do think we should dedicate our first day to getting situated here before we run off on any adventures. I'm quite eager to meet them myself."
No. 1012427 ID: d0ebbe

Lore building: Nubs warns you about a place you should never visit, a certain cavern containing: the HOLLOW EYES

The cavern is really deep, but in the bottom, there is a set of two giant holes on the ground, vacuuming everything around it in its two vortexes.

Strangely, the two holes that have the vortexes are arranged in the shape of a set of eyes. There are cracks on the ground around the holes forming what look like eyelashes, and a small piece of land poking out from each hole forming what looks like pupils.

the vortexes are strong enough to pull even the strongest swimming aquakin and mysteriously appeared about 16 years ago after an earthquake. apparently, Nubs' older brother got sucked inside the vortex after it formed 16 years ago when he was 6 and was never seen again. This happened before Nubs was born, and isn't too sad about it, but would of still liked to get to know her brother. She asks not to bring it up with her family, it may open old wounds.
No. 1012431 ID: 094652

Lore Building: Nhalim's Generator
There is an anomaly in a specific area of this kingdom; a sub-surface whirlpool that has never stopped since recorded history. In general, this area was generally surrounded by toxic chemicals and Leviathan-class beasts, so the population was mostly kept in the double-digits and made of Cults who typically worship some fictional Dragon responsible for the ongoing spiral. Most scientific studies agree that the whirlpool is directly responsible for the horrible environment of the region, but only after millions of years of slow buildup.
But 250~ years ago, something weird happened. The whirlpool conducted electricity - permanently. Nhalim, one of the few desperate souls willing to colonize the area, discovered the new phenomena akin to lightning gifted from the earth rather than the sky Yes I know that's not how lightning works but worldbuilding. They performed multiple studies to find some way of harnessing this power.
They didn't last long. But the results of the study have resulted in AQUA-KIN advances in electric technology, especially warfare. Standard subnautican soldier equipment includes EMP Bombs, which can easily fry a target in seconds if they connect. Praetorian Guards have special access to electric spears and even anti-electric body armor. The public has no idea how they do this.
Today, ongoing research into civilian uses for electricity in an undersea kingdom are still crawling at a slow pace, partly because of the dangers of turning everyone into sashimi, and especially since nobody knows if the electricity will eventually dry up. Not helping matters is that no weapons manufacturer using the site has lasted a half-century before getting sent into the red due to medical costs or wrecked by a giant beast, even with the ongoing project to terraform the area for large-scale housing.
Whatever the case, nobody has successfully made it to the bottom of the whirlpool alive.
No. 1012432 ID: e51896

Nubs family home first. It was a long journey to get here and we want to relax a bit and get situated. Also wanna get to know the family we're visiting.

Lets ask nubs family about any ruins in the area. You want to potentially find new scripting manuals or something similar in a ruins. Might want to ask if theres any strong aquakin that wanna come too (maybe whoever Nubs wants to show us is that strong kin, may have an innate ability too)

Also, show the family your scripting manuals, ask if they seen one before and where. Would be cool to get a new manual here, but i doubt theres any in dopus
No. 1012438 ID: 67dd8e

Let's start with Nubs's home. Next, I'm sure Pon would be very interested in the cooking guild.
No. 1012441 ID: b3d8ad

I wanna know what their schools are like here. Maybe we can give certain students some runescripting manuals, and inspire them to come to Tengu academy to learn runescripting and bring that knowledge to Dopus to make new inventions
No. 1012442 ID: 09db13

Oh, and do not bring up the possible spy in any place where another spy could hear.
I bet DOPUS's own spies are already looking for the guy, so they could have them distracted in the event of a royal visit.
No. 1012446 ID: f8fa51

I feel that the polite thing to do here is to go say hi to the Nub's family on the first day.
No. 1012452 ID: 36784c

>You notice a large urn floating near the surface which they remove the cork and allow you to place your belongings in. It BARELY fits the small amount of supplies you brought, you imagine that they’re not used to transporting goods between here and the surface and that this was a MAKE-SHIFT solution at best.
Unless we’re provided with a bigger urn when it’s time to leave, I don’t think we’re going to be able to bring any souvenirs home with us.

>Many places to go!
Let’s start by visiting Nubs' home.

>World building
The kingdom is named Consuma and is advertised to have good food. I’m pretty sure there’s a few places around here that have Eating Contests.

Are we staying at Nub’s home? I’m not sure if she’s going to have room for our group and her family in her home.
No. 1012479 ID: f3f534

>What do you do?
I agree with everyone else. Let's go meet Nub's family!

>Lore building
>Add things that you think would be cool
Lots of Aqua-kin are fairly muscular, but because of all the food, it's not too unusual to find a few kin that are fat. Which doesn't hinder them when they're in the water, since the extra blubber insulates them from the underwater pressure and the cold temperatures in deeper waters.

There are 2 major competitive sports in here: Kickboxing (which the more muscular kin participate in) and Sumo wrestling (which the more rotund kin participate in). Both of these sports forbid anyone that's not an Aqua-kin from competing because it'd be too dangerous for the other races to participate.
No. 1012501 ID: b72032

>Eating contest
If it's a place reknowned for its cooks, the "eating contest" would not be speed-eating; it would me more a matter of identifying the flavors in the dishes. Something more akin to a tasting contest, in short.
No. 1012517 ID: 36784c

>not be speed-eating
>more akin to a tasting contest
There could be both kinds of contests.
No. 1012521 ID: a46fb1

Deifinetly should do the three major activities Nubs had planned for us, especially meet that kin Nubs wanted us to see at thr misty caverns. That kin might have an innate ability, and the sooner we meet them, the more time we'll have to bond with them enough to form a [LINK]
No. 1012773 ID: afe7de
File 163400342055.png - (121.14KB , 500x500 , SR2_016.png )

You collectively decide it’s probably better to get acquainted with NUBS’S FAMILY and where you’ll be staying. She groans at this but assents that it’s probably the right call. You get the feeling that the groan is less a FRUSTRATION and more that she finds that to be particularly BORING.

The walk to her place heads towards the WATERFALL, bypassing a few big buildings that remind you of STALAGMITES and HOLLOWED OUT MOUNDS. There’s a few buildings that are more traditionally structured but it appears that most of them are made of STONE and CORAL. It’s rare to find a DOOR on most of the buildings here and you see no WOOD anywhere. You imagine that either the security here is really good or there’s none to speak of. As for the AQUA-KIN themselves, you notice that their body types vary from ATHLETIC to PLUMP and even ROTUND, but none of them look OBESE or OUT OF SHAPE, and it seems to not affect them while they’re in water either.

As you pass by several groups you notice that they’re all about as affectionate as NUBS is. It’s slightly more affectionate then the WING-KIN are, and basic greetings from even what sounds like basic strangers involves a lot of skin contact and even light kissing. If you had to read the vibe of the place as you wander, you’d say that it definitely feels HAPPY or even HEDONISTIC here. You pass by a few more structures and one stands out to you, it’s got a lot of bright CORAL surrounding it and you imagine that at night it would look kind of cool. You ask what the building is and Nubs lets you know that it’s a BROTHEL AND DOCTORS PLACE. You wonder why they’d be a combined establishment, but shrug it off and carry on.

Eventually you reach the waterfall and NUBS points UP, at the BALCONY.

Nubs: I live up there, y’all can just fly up to it, I’ll take the fun route!

And in what is a feat that you were not sure was possible, Nubs begins to swim UP the waterfall. And she does it at a ridiculous pace too, getting up there faster then you think you could if you flew. You and your companions are in shock that someone could actually swim UP a waterfall, but you guess that’s just one of the AQUA-KIN’S many talents. After a brief flight up you land on a platform, your steps make it feel like you are touching PORCELAIN of some kind, and it appears to be a pattern of some kind, in the shape of an AQUA-KIN cradling a child you think. You touch down and notice there are two guard-like individuals in small nooks in the wall, they nod at you and continue to lounge. You look forward and notice a larger room, NUBS is embracing two individuals, one you know to be CECIL, NUBS’S AUNT. The other is wearing a small PONCHO with CORAL ACCENTS and YELLOW DYE. You notice they don’t have any hair, or SEAWEED on their scalp. You always wondered if that was a fashion thing. He introduces himself as NUBS’S FATHER, ARBOLETH OGUIG’LIA SHTEROT, current leader of CONSUMA DOPUS. He knows you all don’t have lips or the throats to pronounce it as it’s naturally meant to be, so says you can call him AROBOLETH SHALLOT, as he’s been advised by NUBS.

He gives you a brief welcome to the city and lets you know what he does. The LEADERSHIP of the plate isn’t a monarchy, but is instead a DEMOCRACY. The leader is chosen as the most popular individual that is qualified to lead. But leading mostly involves scheduling and planning FEASTS, EVENTS, RESOURCE GATHERING, and HELPING THE IMPOVERISHED. There is a form of GUARDS that he leads as well, and they mostly patrol occasionally to make sure any fights that happen are LAWFUL and that no one gets KILLED. It’s rare to see anyone get so JEALOUS or WRATHFUL here, and there’s no shortage of FOOD or ENTERTAINMENT, so the citizens are typically FAIRLY HAPPY.
No. 1012775 ID: afe7de
File 163400366945.png - (14.71KB , 500x500 , SR2_017.png )

He only asks you to abide by a few rules while you’re here. NO ASSAULTING ANYONE, NO THEFT, and to EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY. He trusts you all from NUBS’S recommendation. He also says that while it’s not required, he recommends you give a competition a shot at the COOKING GUILD. Some of the KIN on the plate are WARY OF OUTSIDERS after the HUMANS attempted contact AGGRESSIVELY, and would like to see you all participate in some of their CULTURAL NORMS so that they would be more likely to vote positively for potential TRADE DEALS and DIPLOMACY.

Your theory at this point is basically confirmed. You’re the soft test to see if your people would be able to TRADE and COMMUNICATE with the DOPUS individuals on good terms, but it looks like the decision lies in the COMMUNITY rather then the LEADERSHIP. You wonder how DECISIVE the kin here are, NUBS seems to be PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD, and so was ARBOLETH, you could extrapolate that the KIN here value TRANSPARENCY and STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS, but it’s too early to tell.

You’re treated to a large banquet of a meal, you were worried that it would be wasteful, but on the contrary it was nearly EXACTLY the amount needed to feed the 6 of you. You think back to when NUBS shared meals with you and she watched intently, imagining that she was calculating this to reduce FOOD WASTE for these kinds of events.

After that you’re treated to a tour of the CONCORD, the area you’ll be staying in. A few other individuals also live there, but they seem preoccupied with something and only spare you a brief greeting before getting back work, promising that they’ll give you a proper introduction in the future. Your rooms are separate and are decently sized. There’s carved out shelves, cabinets, toilets, fountains, and beds made of SEAWEED and some SOFT MATERIAL you assume to be some sort of MUSHROOM. The opposite side of the room also has a LARGE TANK OF WATER that appears to be for housing FRESH FISH and other SEA LIFE, and a SMALL POOL, you ask what it’s purpose is and they say that it’s the typical AQUAN’S BEDDING, most prefer to sleep in the WARM, SLIGHTLY SLUDGY LIQUID as it’s fairly comforting. You touch the liquid and realize that it doesn’t actually stick to your feathers in any way. It’s thick but not at all sticky. You imagine that sleeping in one of these might be good if you can figure out a way to keep your head above water, and if not, then It’ll at least be nice to lounge in.

Lastly you’re told about some of the major attractions in the city that their KIN prefer to enjoy.

THE ARCHIVES - Is where they keep their recorded knowledge and history, there are MAPS of the region kept there. Apparently since they lack PAPER they have kept their records as ENGRAVINGS on TABLETS and THE WALLS. There’s not too much information there, as most of their records were kept through ORAL TRADITION instead.

THE WHIRLPOOL OF EYES - Some AQUA-KIN like to perform FEATS OF BRAVERY, attempting to swim as close to the whirlpool as possible without being sucked in. However those sucked in are rarely seen again, the few that do survive claim they appeared somewhere RANDOM underwater in the plate and manage to get back home via luck. Though the few that make it through claim that they were scared out of their wits by some GIANT MONSTER, rumors aren’t substantiated though because it is DANGEROUS. The whirlpool actually comes from two holes that look remarkably similar to EYES.

SCHOOLS - EDUCATION is kept to simple things like cooking, survival, underwater navigation, and the like, it does not go nearly as in depth as the TENGU ACADEMY does. CHILDREN are also taught the basics of ORATORY and DEFENSE with their NATURAL WEAPONS. FAAN is interested in visiting and imparting some KNOWLEDGE to the KIN here.

EATING CONTESTS - Various restaurants will offer CHALLENGES to their PATRONS, should you complete it, you’ll win a small prize. The prize doesn’t really matter to the KIN that are here, but maybe one of the prizes will really speak to you and your group as a cool souvenir.

SUMO - A form of martial art where the AQUA-KIN attempt to wrestle the other out of a ring. Typically the LARGER KIN participate in this sport.

CHELAE - A form of martial art where the AQUA-KIN fight using their HIGHLY MINERALIZED CHITIN. You commonly see this as TAIL BLADES, like the one NUBS has, LEG BLADES, CLAWS, and rarely as HORNS. Duels go until their opponent’s weapon BREAKS or they CONCEDE. The CHITIN grows back by MOLTING, and the more often they participate in this form of combat, the faster it grows back and the stronger it grows back. You briefly wonder if they can regrow limbs as well, but don’t ask as you feel it would be a strange question to bring up.

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY - a Beautiful area full of a collide-scope of colors and wonders, some KIN participate in JELLYFISHING, trying to catch the most COLORFUL of them with a net. They move at HIGH SPEEDS and don’t seem to mind it.

DUELS - Another popular event is to see AQUANS challenge the other to DUELS, they can be COMBAT duels, COOKING duels, or slightly LEWDER duels but those aren’t held on the streets and you’re too young to see them.

There’s also the COOKING GUILD and MISTY CAVERN that NUBS wants to take you to, but she says that there’s NO REAL RUSH. You can now go out and do whatever you like in the city. You can travel AS A GROUP, or SOLO. If you don’t mention what someone else is doing, they’ll go off and do their own thing, but NUBS will act as your GUIDE unless it’s to somewhere she finds BORING.

- Impress some AQUA-KIN while you’re here
REWARDS: Depends on how much you impress them

Eventually the day passes and it’s night time. You’re all tired from your trip so you hit the hay.

What do you do? And do you sleep in THE SLUDGE?

Feel free to suggest other activities based off of ones listed here, some will be unlocked by going to specific locations, I have a few in mind that you gotta do repeat visits to places to see. I might have you do more than one at once to expedite it if enough people suggest. Otherwise, have fun!
No. 1012777 ID: c92a02

Let's try the sludge. Try meditating as you go to sleep to keep yourself still. Pile lots of pillows to make a cradle for your head above the liquid.
Tomorrow, start the day with a visit to school.
No. 1012778 ID: 96c896

COOKING GUILD. Then EATING CONTEST. Let's go in hard on the food this day.

Also uh, yeah try the sludge. Just don't drown or whatever.
No. 1012782 ID: 25e6ce

Strategically thinking, I say the sooner we go to THE MISTY CAVERN and meet that kin Nubs was talking about, the better.

Reason why is that they might have an innate ability we could link with, and if that is the case, we would want to do a lot of activities with them each day SOONER rather than later so we can build up our BOND with them and they'd be more willing to link with us.

Meeting them later might not let us get the chance to bond with them with multiple activities during our vacation here.

Also, lookout for ruins in the misty cavern, check out spots you can fly up to that aquakin can't reach. Take Pon with you too since he is POWERFUL.

Oh yeah, and sludge time.
No. 1012792 ID: f8fa51

Try not to get thrown out, you definitely want to come back here when you're older.

Going to the cooking guild sounds amazing. You have to go there immediately.
No. 1012801 ID: e51896

My vote is Misty Caverns. Bring Pon and Nubs. Nubs to introduce her friend, and Pon for exploration after we meet Nubs' friend

Not choosing cooking guild yet, but when we do go to the cooking guild, make sure you go in a group and take Pon with you, that way he can get inspired, maybe even find someone to look up to. Whatever the case, he should bring his pon pops to share.
He can probably compete too, though it might be only for famous chefs. Maybe there are competitions for up and coming chefs to compete in though.

Sleep in the sludge. I also like the idea of meditating in it too. If perseverance isn't too tired, we can ask about what happened, like what was that thing chasing us, if Willamina is still around, and maybe if there is a way for her to become our daughter or grandaughter in this world after she passes on from her world, and can reincarnate into this world. Also ask why he was acting or talking weird the previous years

Though if he still needs to rest, leave him alone and ask Understanding about stuff.
No. 1012808 ID: ce39da

Yeah, let's meet the people Nubs wanted to introduce us to before we dedicate ourselves to sightseeing - we'll go to the MISTY CAVERNS.

Yes, but not before asking Nubs or some other aqua kin about keeping our head above the surface or continuing to breathe if we don't.
No. 1012810 ID: c3e059

>sleep in sludge?
>how to keep head above water?
Couldn't you just wear one of the Air Chokers? You wouldn't have to worry about your head going under the water if you're wearing it. Put it on and try sleeping with your head above the water, that way if you do slip underwater, you can still breathe.

But if the Air Choker doesn't have a large enough charge to last through the night, it might be best to not risk drowning on accident.

>where to go?
Pon still has a chance of something good happening to him. We should go to one of the cooking places so that Pon's bonus can trigger for him!
No. 1012812 ID: ce39da

You're right in that this probably won't work out, but probably not for the reason you're thinking; what would even happen if we used the water-consuming choker in an enclosed pool with a much more finite liquid content? We could end up burying ourselves alive in dehydrated slime or wake up in a slimy but otherwise dry pit, assuming the runes we used count this as "water" at all.
No. 1012856 ID: 36784c

No. 1012870 ID: a9af05


Let's have a little fun on our first day here before we do any kind of business.
No. 1012871 ID: f6a455

Adding to my earlier post: Quick, while no one is looking to potentially think we're weird, before sleeping or meditating in the sludge, take a little bit of the sludge and... put it in your mouth... for research purposes and definitely not to see how it tastes. (Consider asking to take some sludge home with you for mana research later).

We can probably arrange ourself to keep our head supported on a surface and pillow while the rest of our body is in the sludge without the choker, kind of like what they do in mud baths.
The beds is said to be made of SEAWEED and some soft material chi thinks is some sort of mishroom, which I assume is a pillow. Maybe we can use the mushroom to support Chi's head above the sludge? Lets ask an aquakin about the idea.
No. 1012912 ID: 36784c

Does anyone know the maximum number of days we can stay here before we have to leave? I want to to stay here for as long as possible so that we have more time to impress the Aqua-Kin, since our rewards depend on how much we impress them. And if we do a good enough job, that would also convince everyone here that we’re cool and it’ll be a good idea to start trading with everyone back home.
No. 1012923 ID: afe7de

I havent decided how many days, it's taking up a TP though. I was going to do maybe 2-3 updates and then give you a deadline of 2-3 updates, but it depends on the pace I set when I write the next update. I'll make it a little clearer when I update on monday
No. 1012924 ID: 96c896

If we're spending 1 TP in town shouldn't it be around 1/8th of a year? Well, we did have to spend time making the chokers. Perhaps half that is the actual vacation.
No. 1013134 ID: afe7de
File 163460899242.png - (7.35KB , 500x500 , SR2_018.png )

You decide to rest in the sludge. It’s a strange sensation, laying in it. Your body is kept kind of in the middle of it, not floating too high, or too low. You use some of the leaves and upon recommendation get a few stones to lie your head on so that you can keep breathing in the night. It’s not exactly… COMFORTABLE, but it’s not exactly UNCOMFORTABLE either. More a different way of sleeping. Your body is resting in a more natural position though, so you assume this might have some LONG TERM HEALTH BENEFITS if you were to keep at it. The first night’s rest is less restful then you would have wanted. Couple the fact that you’re sleeping somewhere new with using a whole new medium of sleep and you only really sleep for a third of the night. You’re a bit EXHAUSTED, so when you wake up the next day, you decide to take on a lighter task and head to the MISTY CAVERNS.

NUBS seems to want to introduce you to a KIN that she knows. FAAN wants to go to the SCHOOL, and PON wants to go to the COOKING GUILD, but he joins you in heading to the MISTY CAVERN for today at NUBS'S insistence. The path is a bit of a ways away from your residence, but it's not that hard to travel there. You decend into the depths of CONSUMA, following some glowing coral used to outline the path and eventually start to see a fine mist forming in front of you as you reach a rather substantially large cavern. It's hard to see exactly, but you put on your goggles and notice that it's even HARDER to see, with small particles of mana infusing with the mist, how strange.

You're led through the place and notice that there's a lot more foliage here then there was in the city proper. Large algae-like vines spread across the room, small streams are scattered about, but you feel a certain RICHNESS from the place. It's RELAXING in a way and you feel yourself lose [1 STRESS] immediately due to the new experience. NUBS talks about this place as you wander, saying it's been around for a while, since before she hatched from her clutch. Occasionally kin would come here to HEAL THEIR BODIES after fighting some of the larger MONSTERS in the sea and would grow stronger. Though the mist has been denser in recent years. You wonder if the AMBIENT MANA is strengthening those that stay here.

Eventually you reach a small cabin, it's made of vines and some sort of shoot you can't recognize. It looks SIMILAR to BAMBOO, but not quite, sharing the sea-green that most of their SEAWEED does. NUBS knocks on the frame and pats the flap made of SEAWEED and a voice inside says that they should GO AWAY, only after hearing that it was her does the kin inside open the door. They at first open the door wide, excited, but they notice you and PON and immediately close the door to just a crack. While the door was open you noticed that they were an AQUA-KIN that seems to share more features with an AXALOTL then the more populous AQUANS like NUBS. His voice is but a whisper but you can make out what he's saying, albeit barely.

???: Who are these KIN???
???: You know I don't like talking to others.
???: And they have… FEATHERS!?!?!?
???: You said you had friends but they have FEATHERS?!?!
Nubs: Clam down bucko, I told you I had friends coming!
Nubs: I even told you the WORD for FEATHERS, cod dang dude.
???: So that’s what feathers look like…
???: Oh, the ones from the other plate?
Nubs: Yep.
???: Okay whell I saw them, bye!
Nubs: Clam on bro, they’re really nice!

He starts talking even quieter to NUBS and now you can only make out every other word.

???: …-e here for a reason…
???: -I- … -ant, I just… ca-
Nubs: -ne step at a time man you ca-
Nubs: past control your fu-

After a while they finish chatting and Nubs walks away from the cabin to YOU and PON.

Nubs: He doesen’t want to come out, he’s uh, real shy?
Nubs: We can just try again lay-tor

[CHARISMA] Looks like they’re a bit more then shy
[UNDERSTANDING] Seems like some things might’ve happened in the past to really SHOCK them into hermitage

Nubs: Ah, right, that’s my brother XOLOTL’RAINAXL SHTEROT, just call em RAIN
Nubs: He’s really a sweetheart just uh, has his own sitch that kinda makes life hard
You: What happened?
Nubs: It’s not really my place to talk about it.
Nubs: There was this incident a long time ago, maybe he’ll open up to ya
Pon: Your hope was since we weren’t from here he could sorta open up a little
Nubs: Yeah, sorry, I’d appreciate it if you could try spending some time here with him occasionally
Nubs: He could use a friend that’s not just me ya know.

You spend the rest of the day wandering around the MISTY CAVERNS, it’s kind of hard to see but you feel rejuvenated as you wander around. The loss of sleep doesn’t bother you as much as you thought as you feel reinvigorated by just being here. And after a day of hiking and exploring you decide to head back. You get the distinct feeling that there’s something here though and decide to come back after you’ve explored the other things you could do.
No. 1013135 ID: afe7de
File 163460900613.png - (14.02KB , 500x500 , SR2_019.png )

You sleep in the sludge again, finding sleep easier to come by since you were exhausted last night. You get nearly 2/3 of a night of rest and that’s enough for you to not feel any side effects. You’re half tempted to just sleep in a bed because you’re used to it, but decide to COMMIT to this for at least another day.

In the morning, after eating you decide to give into PON’S begging and head to the COOKING GUILD with NUBS. It’s one of the larger structures in the city, built into a sort of giant PILLAR. There are streams of water streaking out from the sides like small waterfalls. There are also several balconies with various KIN eating and joking scattered about. Outside the guild you see TONS of food stalls, creating a pseudo labyrinth with various meals and cookery. The stalls themselves are made of Seaweed, that BAMBOO-LIKE substance which you find out is just called BAMBOO strangely enough. You don’t question it and are glad for the colloquial similarities so you don’t have to shoehorn in a new word to your vocabulary. One thing you spot that you didn’t before was that most booths serving hot food have a small stone chamber storing some kind of creature. It’s producing HEAT enough to BOIL things or create SMALL OVENS.

These creatures you learn are called FLAME TOADS. They’re amphibious creatures that produce an aura of heat to protect themselves underwater. Catching them in the wild is a slight pain, but breeding and domesticating them is a breeze. They use them to cook their food, but at least half of the stall are serving COLD or ROOM TEMPERATURE FOODSTUFFS. Apparently they live off the scraps of waste and are kept in tanks like the one you remember from your room like pets.

You watch several performances as AQUANS fillet different sealife and make SASHIMI and other SUSHI-LIKE products. You can’t help but wish for some RICE or some kind of GRAIN and would imagine the quality would go up. Maybe you can even find SOYBEANS or SOY SAUCE in another plate.

[SABA’S KN] God damnit Chi you’re making me HUNGRY
[???] That’s the good stuff, dangit me too
[LINK] Man I’m missing some context aren’t I?
[PERSERVERENCE] It’s only okay I guess
[YOU] Wait are you back!?!
[CURIOSITY] Ooh I smell something sweet

You’re broken from your thought process by the smell of something sweet and savory. One stall in particular sells these small balls made of what look to be some kind of shrimp and powderized onion of some kind. But they’re covered in this sauce that smells to die for. Nubs orders you some and says that this is a more recent creation, pointing at the woman behind the counter and introducing herself as GNARL’PHOEL PUNIEAS. She bows at the introduction and says you may greet her as PUNI.

Puni: I hope you like it, It’s a new recipe I’ve been experimenting with!
Nubs: You gotta let me know the recipe for this sometime!
Puni: Nope! I wanna keep winning some of these CONTESTS after all!

You learn that PUNI has been clearing out the minor COOKING GUILD contests but refuses to participate in the LARGER SCALE ONES as she doesn’t want to give out the recipe. Nubs thinks that this is isn’t very AQUA-KIN-LIKE but shrugs and leads you to the main building. Inside is a large room with various tables and spiraling staircases to other floors. The outer edge is lined in glass with various sea life swimming about. It’s almost like a large aquarium. You even see a few AQUA-KIN children in there playing with the various fish. It’s got a fairly LIVELY atmosphere to it. Inside the booths are various individuals selling COOKBOOKS, handling CONTESTS, and other services that the place provides.

PON signs up for a COOKING CONTEST next week and the judge is both shocked and excited at this, saying that it would be great if their guests to the city could participate. PON says that he’s going to spend the time up to it sampling food and figuring out what different kinds of resources there are. He’s seen various VEGETABLES, SEA-LIFE, MUSHROOMS, and the like, but no GRAINS or FRUITS. Though there are some SWEET DRINKS, he’s unsure where the sugars come from and plans to investigate. He wants to try making some CHILLED FOODS to see how the AQUA-KIN react!

And with that your day comes to a close. You rest up in the SLUDGE again, willing to give it another shot and this time actually get a full night’s rest. At first it wasn’t that comfortable, but after a while you realize that it’s rather cozy. Nostalgic almost. It gives you the feeling of being wrapped in a womb, it’s strange, but other then a weird nagging feeling there doesn’t seem to be any difference between sleeping in the SLUDGE or sleeping in a BED. You try meditating in the sludge, but can’t really focus since you’re too tired from the day’s journey.

The next day you wake up refreshed and plan out your next move.

Where do you go next?

AUTHORS NOTE: Heyo, so I’ve figured out the format of this segment a bit better. For the first part you’ll be exploring 2 locations at a time. We’ll do this 2 more times, which means you won’t get to visit all the locations. After that we’ll be switching to week-long stints of doing single activities. You’ll get 6 1-week-long activities and then there’ll be a closing event as you leave. So there’s around 5-6 updates left in the CONSUMA arc. This isn’t exactly how much time is in a TP, but TP was always an abstract thing anyway and you’ll get to do cool stuff anyway.

After you leave DOPUS, you’ll then be given the opportunity to go back to DOPUS using a TP once a year, but it won’t be as in depth as this, instead you’ll just pick from Dopus specific activities to do and it will act like a normal TP or two depending on how long you spend there. Hope that clears stuff up for ya!

No. 1013142 ID: 96c896

EATING CONTEST, SCHOOL. Let's try to impress people today. I hope the eating contest doesn't give us a level of Gluttony...
I want to go to THE ARCHIVES tomorrow and memorize some of the more useful knowledge there.
No. 1013147 ID: 466bfd

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY (bring Pon and team up to go jellyfishing, see how he hunts. Maybe he might even find something that he can use at the cooking contest there too. Dunno if jellyfish are edible or if we're allowed to take any we caught, but if we can and if they are, try to help him catch some for him, and any other seacreatures that can be used as ingrediants.)

SCHOOL (bring Faan so she can help make a good impression of how wingkin teach in Tengu and we can study how she teaches as a teacher and get some advice on teaching maybe if they let her sub for a bit. Also show off your scripting manuals to some students, give some to aquakin you see potential in so that maybe they'll one day be inspired to come to Tengu to learn more magitech and become an apprentice to you.
No. 1013148 ID: 629f2e

Try to find an EATING CONTEST with a sick prize, and visit THE ARCHIVES to memorize some pretty sick info.
No. 1013161 ID: c92a02

Go to the archives and schools with Faan!
No. 1013175 ID: ce39da

If this is solely exploring and we aren't revisiting places yet... then again...

I have a funny feeling about that funny feeling you had about the MISTY CAVERNS. Is it possible to explore deeper than Nubs originally wanted to take us?

And yeah, we've indulged Nubs and Pon; now, it's Faan's turn. Let's go see what their SCHOOL is like.

If MISTY CAVERNS (CONT.) is a no-go, then let's indulge ourselves with an EATING CONTEST. (Though I can see ourselves being PRIDEFUL enough to see ourselves as being suited to the GOURMET identification contests, despite our stats probably giving us slightly better odds for the GOURMAND endurance ones.)
No. 1013176 ID: afa6f6

We should catch a MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, Which is something I was too slow to suggest as a feature earlier. For an underwater society it feels like a no-brainer. Theres probably at least one club or amphitheater around, so im picturing lots of dancing, drinks and the like.

Chi should also take the time to do some sketches while shes on this plate. At the very lest it'll be a good gift for someone when we get back, or a display piece for the house.
No. 1013185 ID: a9af05

>2 locations at a time
Let's go to the school with Faan. It'll be interesting to see how they teach here. Just make sure you're respectful of their teaching methods.

Then let's go to an Eating Contest with Faan, Pon, and Nubs. If the Aqua-kin see us all participating, that'll help us with our objective of impressing them.
No. 1013204 ID: f3f534

>[SABA’S KN] God damnit Chi you’re making me HUNGRY
There's an easy fix for that: Let's eat something! Sample some of the local cuisine! It doesn't necessarily need to be an eating contest, but you can do that if you want.

Although, I kinda want to go watch a Sumo wrestling match. It'd be interesting to see how that works. Plus, we might get a chance to train our guile there if they allow betting on who would win.
No. 1013258 ID: 36784c

No. 1013603 ID: afe7de
File 163521578038.png - (12.16KB , 500x500 , SR2_020.png )

You decide to head to the school with FAAN, NUBS doesn’t join you and instead heads off with PON to sample some food. You see kids ranging from age 8-16 there. It’s in a large building similar to the COOKING GUILD, but each floor is just one large classroom with simply built mats and low to the ground tables. There aren’t any chairs or backrests, which you think is a tragedy, but none of them seem to mind.

FAAN, already familliar with a few of the teachers there, invites you to a few classrooms and you watch their teaching styles as well as teach a small bit yourself. The students are EXTRA CURIOUS about you and your mother, seeing as you’re a completely different race, and you happily answer their questions. You’re offered an opportunity to teach a few WEEK-LONG courses if you like, and you let the teachers know that you’ll think on it. There is one thing though, and it’s that the SHARP TEETH of the AQUANS is extremely apparent in these children. Their smiles stretching across most of their faces. You’ll have to admit it’s a little CREEPY, but you’ve got enough COURAGE to ignore it. None of MALICIOUS in anyway, you understand it to just be them as kids really.

As for the quality, it’s sub par at best. They teach students SCULPTING, LOGIC, ORAL TRADITION, COOKING, AND SURVIVAL, but not much else. It seems the students are mostly expected to learn the basics here and then go out and learn a trade under someone else, be it weaving, working at the guild, or anything else. You think that you could teach a good course on PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING and leave a SMALL IMPACT on that group of kids. FAAN plans to teach a few courses as she really enjoys teaching the YOUNGER STUDENTS and would love to promote visiting TENGU ACADEMY if they can go.

You think on what you’d teach if you were to offer a small class and at the end of the day you go around to various food stalls with PON and NUBS, eating some sort of JELLY that’s very MEATY and FILLING. Almost like a PUDDING, but NOT QUITE.
No. 1013604 ID: afe7de
File 163521584550.png - (12.90KB , 500x500 , SR2_021.png )

The next day, after your rest PON invites you to spectate an EATING CONTEST that he’s signed up for. Having nothing else planned, you join him and NUBS. It’s a cacophony of noises in this ARENA-LIKE place. The eating contest is in a medium sized crater, about 20 meters wide with stairs leading to the bottom and chiseled out seatings for the audience. Apparently places like this are used to host MUSICAL PERFORMANCES, another cherished pass time at CONSUMA.

After taking your seat with NUBS near the front, a other kin start to gather. The seats are around 2/3 filled by the time it starts, some kin wandering over in excitement, wanting to see the performance of a WING-KIN. The contestants line up and seat themselves while several chefs come out of small holes you didn’t notice to the side. You think they’re kitchens or prep-rooms.

Today’s contest is a challenge to crack open and eat the most SHELLFISH. It looks like some sort of CRAB/PRAWN creature, and the smell causes the audience to cheer. You even see a few of the cooks wandering about and handing off some of these creatures on sticks as free snacks. You take one and it tastes SALTY, CHEWY, and a bit SPICY. It’s not a bad combination as tears flow down your cheeks from the spice. You never could handle SPICY FOODS. You wonder how hard it will be to eat as you watch the contestants begin. Some of the AQUA-KIN use their NATURAL WEAPONS to crack open the shellfish to some success, whilst PON surprises the audience by using his beak to just crack them open and his tongue to slurp up the insides.

It’s a fierce competition as the only kin able to keep up with PON is a VERY short AQUA-KIN girl. She looks to be about IGNIS’S height and your age. You find out her name is LILYOG OSTEPH O’GUULA from an audience-member nearby. You shorten it to LILY in your mind for the sake of sanity. On one of her hands is actually a CLAW, she only has three fingers on that hand, but she makes short work of the SHELLFISH, scooping the insides out with her other hand and occasionally giving a wink out to the audience.

After about 20 minutes the contest ends with LILY beating out PON by 2 of the SHELLFISH. The crowd goes wild at this. You guess they REALLY enjoy these kinds of things. LILY ends up getting a BRACELET made of RED CORAL to commemorate her win. PON gets one in BLUE, and in the end the contestants couple up, embrace hands and bow to the audience. You plan to head over to congratulate PON, but it looks like that LILY is FLIRTING with PON, so you leave them alone for a bit.

You get the feeling that you could impress a lot of KIN if you participated in several of these COMPETITIONS. You could definitely PERSEVERE and try to OUT-EAT others, but you’ve never had that big of an appetite. You get the feeling if you do this you could become a little more GLUTTONOUS, but with the amount you exercise, that might mean it’ll go right to your THIGHS and you’ll be fine anyway. You could also instead go to these vents and GAMBLE on the victor, if you WIN BIG it might impress the AQUA-KIN here, but if you lose hard then there might be no effect at all.

After that day’s events you head home and rest up. The next day you feel recharged, what two places or events do you visit next?

AUTHORS NOTE: You can totally revisit places you’ve already been or go to new locations during this phase. Doing so will unlock extra segments or options. This phase is mainly to allow you to get more details on what these locations have in them and what could be gained. When you get to the week-long phase you can also explore stuff you haven’t gone to either, I’ll give you a vague interpretation of what you could get out of it or what skills it would be checking, so don’t worry if you can’t do all the cool things, you can always come back to DOPUS another year.
No. 1013607 ID: 96c896

It's been a couple days so let's go back to MISTY CAVERN and investigate the area, maybe talk to the shy fishfolk again.
Then check out the ARCHIVES.
No. 1013608 ID: 629f2e

Gonna vote for Archives again, as well as another visit to the Misty Caverns. Gotta build that bond.

As for potentially teaching the kids, there is one subject that comes to mind. It's definitely been a while, but maybe it's time to brush the dust off those lately unused Art Skills. I'm sure the children would have a lot of fun with it, and you'd get some experience in the types of art that are practiced down here.
No. 1013617 ID: c92a02

Let's go back and visit the hermit. Maybe we can go see a sumo match together!

As for little lessons to teach for a week, hmm... You should treat them to a little of Saba's knowledge. Older adults wouldn't understand, but their minds are open and impressionable! Maybe you can share stories ("myths" and "legends") about really deep sea life, thermal vents and their denizens. Who knows where you'd find those on a worldplate, though. Or maybe share the stories of your own plate?
No. 1013622 ID: ce39da

MISTY CAVERNS: You said you had a strange feeling about the place's depths? It would be best to investigate that and, while you're at it, see how far you can get with RAIN without NUBS there to back you up. To be honest, her presenting you as an obvious ploy to try and get him to socialize probably backfired back there. I think the strategy will be to capitulate immediately to his demands to leave him alone, but gently inform him that you'll be sticking around for a bit. A combination of CURIOSITY, suppressed LONGING, and a simple need to LEAVE HIS HOUSE FOR STUFF will eventually get the better of him. Once it does, just... treat him like a person. No tiptoeing or pity, but no... no CURIOSITY about his situation either, at least to start, however hard that may be. Let him get to know you before you get to know him.

Not sure what else to check out, but a DOJO seems like something you'd be into (and something you could impress people at).
No. 1013634 ID: 9164c5

Changing my vote a little

For the first one:

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY (bring everyone and team up to go jellyfishing, see how Pon hunts. Maybe he might even catch something that he can use at the cooking contest there too. Dunno if jellyfish are edible or if we're allowed to take any we catch, but if we can take some and if they are edible, try to help him catch some jellyfish, and any other sea creatures that can be used as ingrediants. Just be sure to ask if we can keep any jellyfish or seacreatures we catch.


MISTY CAVES (bring Pon and Nubs with you to help get the shy kin to interact with us (support detective Caillou's idea on that bondin method with the shy kin), but also to explore the cavern.
Since we are Wingkin, we can probably fly to areas that the aquakin can't reach, and try to find some ruins in unexplored areas. But mainly, lets see if we can find some creatures when exploring that Pon and Chi can hunt for in the caverns to help Pon find ingrediants.

I want Pob to win the cooking contet, and i feel helping him hunt something in the misty caverns or at the jellyfish observation might be able to help him

For the second thing:

CHELAE DOJO and/or DUEL (bring Pon and Nubs to watch and compete too. It's your turn to compete in something. It'll be nice to use our fighting style from our dojo in a duel without someone trying to break our legs for once, and we'll impress everyone


THE ARCHIVES with Faan, try to find something about mana or runescripting or new teaching techniques. Study whatever you find with Faan qnd have a mother and daughter moment.

Lastly, lets see if Lily can come too, either to the misty caverns, jellyfishing, or duels.
No. 1013645 ID: 36784c

>what two places or events do you visit next?
Go visit Nubs’ brother in the Misty Caverns and see if he’d be willing to explore with you a little. You might need to bring Nubs with you, so that he’ll be more comfortable with having a familiar face nearby. You don’t need to bring Pon with you this time, since he might be more likely to come out with less strangers around.

Honestly, I think you’ve got a decent chance at out-eating others in an eating contest, so you should try entering one to try and impress a lot of Kin.
No. 1013671 ID: a9af05

Enter an eating contest to try and impress the Aqua-kin.

Then go to the archives with Faan to spend some time with her.
No. 1013812 ID: f3f534

Go participate in an eating contest! I'm sure you'll be able to persevere and win!

Then you can go watch a sumo match with Nubs! You can scope out how things work, then next time you can attempt to gamble on who you think will win!
No. 1013935 ID: 3513c8

Instead of playing to our strengths of logic and being a smarty-pants, I want to take a risk and do something else! Let's make an attempt at that eating contest!
No. 1013939 ID: e51896

locking down my votes here to be just going to the MISTY CAVES with Pon and Nubs, and visting the ARCHIVES with Faan. (can't delete my previous post unfortunately.
No. 1013968 ID: bbdaaf

No. 1014058 ID: afe7de
File 163582089793.png - (13.88KB , 500x500 , SR2_022.png )

You know. You totally COULD go check some other stuff out, but you feel a kind of URGE and DESIRE to enter an EATING CONTEST. PON is ESPECIALLY INSISTENT that you do so. PON and NUBS fully support this decision so you sign yourself up for a small one like PON did. You think that you’ll probably have better luck impressing these kin on their own terms, instead of playing the long game and teaching right now. At least thats what you tell yourself as you slowly walk onto the stage in the center of the crater. You’ve given speeches before to KIN in your classes and to students as you teach them, but for some reason word gets around and there’s WAY MORE AQUA KIN then you would have even expected to see here. It’s nearly double the amount PON had and although you’re decently [COURAGEOUS], it’s a bit INTIMIDATING. IT feels really weird to be in this position at all. The MANY EYES on you, but you [INTUIT] that things will be fine, so after some deep breathing and MEDITATION the show begins.

This meal is different this time, it’s some sort of FISH BASED SAUSAGE in some sort of WRAP, it looks to be made of processed GREENS of some kind, you take a nibble just to see and find it to be pleasant and earthy. The SAUSAGE itself is a big PUNGENT but wildly flavorful. You taste more than one type of fish in there that’s for sure, but its somewhat reminiscent of a HOT DOG in flavor. This definitely causes your head to cock to the side as you’ve not met any other KIN who’ve made something like this. You also then ruffle your feathers as you realize this is essentially a HOT DOG EATING CONTEST, only they’re called HOT FISH, which nearly makes you break out into a chuckle. At least, a few of your [STATS] agree that there’s some humor to the situation too.

You request a few CUPS OF WATER, which only one of the others do as well, and when the contest begins, you DIVE IN. To your right, much to your surprise is LILY, she gives you a wink and you realize that there’s also a SPECTACLE part to this show. You have your [PRIDE] and you want to be admired, so you try to SHOW OFF a little bit as you eat, dipping and soaking the food, downing it quicker then a few of the other participants first. This drives up their competitive spirit, but a few don’t pace themselves well and end up quitting earlier then they would have, had they not risen to your PROVOCATION. The contest ends similarly to PON’S. You [PERSEVERED] to the VERY LAST HOT FISH, but had to STOP, lest you vomit out what you’ve already consumed. LILY beat you, but sounds like she’s a very good SPORT as she congratulates you, stating that most others can’t even KEEP UP.

She compliments your PLUMAGE and states that both you and your brother are quite AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. She gives you a wink and goes in for a hug that DEFINITELY lasts longer then it should, even by AQUA-KIN standards, but it’s not unpleasant. She squeezes just a little too tightly though and you let out an embarrassingly loud belch, to which she takes a step back and there’s silence. There’s silence all around you. And then all at once every participant also lets out a belch of varying volumes and the crowd goes absolutely APE-SHIT. You find out later that it’s a GOOD OMEN when something like this happens. She smacks your ass and tells you to put some MEAT on those THIGHS, that you’d look pretty HOT that way as she walks away with a WINK. You FLUSH at that, but it’s not that apparent due to your darker plumage.

You’ve impressed the crowd, rumors are spreading of your achievement today
- They were out of the normal colors, so you got a PINK ONE when asked what you’d like
- You wear it on your ANKLE, as putting it on your WING is a little obstructive
You’ve gained the GLUTTONY STAT
[GLUTTONY] So I know others might see me as bad but like hear me out, food is dope and we should live in DOPUS.
[PRIDE] Welcome aboard compadre!
[ANGER] Why am I the only one that’s demoted from his actual thing!!!!
[CREATIVITY] Maybe it just… sucks to suck?

No. 1014060 ID: afe7de
File 163582100074.png - (7.50KB , 500x500 , SR2_023.png )

You head back to the CAVERNS, hoping to either find some creatures to eat, find something unexplored, or befriend RAIN. Nubs joins you and you try to coax RAIN out first. It’s just the two of you, and you see RAIN open the flap just SLIGHTLY more then before, poking his head out. They’re still extremely shy, but you two are able to exchange a few words between each-other.

You mention wanting to EXPLORE THE CAVERNS and, while he seems interested, he hesitates nonetheless. Thinking that he needs MORE TIME to warm up to you before he’s willing to travel anywhere DANGEROUS with you. But he remains silent on what possible DANGERS there are. After splitting from him and walking into the CAVERNS with NUBS, you inquire, and she states that there are some PREDATORS deeper down in the CAVES. Mostly LARGE INSECTOID MONSTERS. Some of them get used in dishes, but they stay away from the MIST in this and many of the OPEN CAVERNS. It scares them.

You make a mental note of that and continue to explore. Your cursory exploration reveals that there are 3 main paths, an UNDERWATER TUNNEL that has not been mapped according to NUBS, the MAIN CATACOMBS, which have many twists and turns, and the SHAFT.

You remark that CATACOMBS had to have been made by SOMEKIN, as it’s in the name and she shrugs, saying that that’s what they’ve always been called and that she has no idea if they were KIN-MADE or not, just that the area used to have more KIN before the MIST started, but she doesn’t have much details other then it started around 20 YEARS AGO.

You ask a bit more details about THE SHAFT and she leads you to what appears to be a large, cavernous void. She says that no one really knows how DEEP it goes, or what’s down there, but that it’s DANGEROUS. She’s heard THINGS down there, and since there’s not much WATER, climbing it’s a PAIN, so they mostly IGNORE it. You make a mental note to investigate at some point in the future, but you’ll definitely need some kind of EQUIPMENT to take rests depending on how deep this goes. You imagine it can’t go THAT FAR down, but this world is STRANGE, and you’ve been surprised before.

You’ve discovered the MISTY CATACOMBS
- There are monsters the deeper you go, but there’s also the potential to get some REALLY GOOD FOOD
You’ve discovered the UNDERWATER TUNNEL
- It goes pretty far and is unmapped
You’ve discovered the MISTY SHAFT
- It’s unknown how deep it is and there are weird noises coming from it
You get the feeling that RAIN will need MORE time to OPEN UP to you and be willing to DO ANYTHING with you.

You’ve finished your preliminary snooping, and have now decided to spend more time on each activity going forward. These are the activities you’ve found:

THE ARCHIVES - The records of history and maps of this world-plate
THE WHIRLPOOL OF EYES - a strange whirlpool shaped like two eyes
THE SCHOOL - Teach some young KIN
EATING CONTESTS - Be GLUTTONOUS, show off and impress some KIN
SUMO - Watch them participate in a cultural passtime
CHELAE - Participate in a CONTEST of strength and martial prowess
JELLYFISHING - Go Jellyfishing, get some fish to store in your FISH TANK
DUELS - Challenge someone in an attempt to impress some of the KIN on the plate
MISTY CAVERNS - Spend time with RAIN
MISTY CATACOMBS - Explore a potential dungeon [WARNING, DANGER PRESENT]
UNDERWATER TUNNEL - Explore an uncharted path underwater [WARNING, PREPARATIONS NEEDED]
MISTY SHAFT - Explore a dark, deep hole [UNKNOWN DANGERS PRESENT?]
COOKING GUILD - Learn to cook like a DOPUS resident
BOND - Spend time with one character specifically, giving them more attention
OTHER - Feel free to write in a suggestion

Your MANDATORY OBJECTIVE has been updated
- You’ve impressed some AQUA-KIN by getting 2ND PLACE in an EATING CONTEST
- Impress more AQUA-KIN to improve your REWARD
REWARDS: Depends on how much you’ve impressed them

You decide to spend 1 WEEK on each action going forward. What TWO ACTIONS do you do next? Your trip to DOPUS will be over in 6 WEEKS.
No. 1014066 ID: e9d730

We will need to watch Pon's cooking contest But other than that,

BOND with Rain, take Nubs

CHELAE, compete in martial arts. bring Pon to compete. Maybe we'll have a brother and sister fight if we're lucky. work off that fat from the eating contest. We might win some weapons to explore more of the misty caverns!
No. 1014067 ID: 629f2e


Full agree here. It'll be nice to get into a fighting contest without any risk of the humans rigging it to get you badly injured.
No. 1014068 ID: 96c896

MISTY CAVERNS - Spend time with RAIN
THE ARCHIVES, let's memorize some books.
No. 1014078 ID: ce39da

Time to spend more time with RAIN - he's frickin' adorable (even if it sounds like he's older than us - must be an axolotl thing). Heck, if he's lived here a while, he'd prolly know better than anyone as to which exploration options would be the most interesting for us. Maybe talk more about you first if he has trouble talking about himself - interests, home-plate stories, perhaps even drop an extraordinary ability fact on him if it looks like he'll be impressed by it.

Second, let's start working on the SCHOOL. Getting that far in a contest is good as far as one-and-done impressions go, so we should start focusing on the slow-burn option that'll also go towards helping the plate. Hmm, they already learn stuff that'd help them understand the RUNESCRIPTING BASICS, though that's a bit advanced for younger folks, especially with such a narrow timeframe... But hey, what's the harm of laying down a basic manual as an optional challenge over the total time of your stay? Maybe teach a class that helps them achieve that challenge as a consequence? (If it's just on the elementary level, you could try teaching GENERAL CREATIVITY as a separate thing from direct skills.)
No. 1014092 ID: 36784c

>2 actions
I think we should compete in one of those martial arts things. But if we’re gonna compete, then we should meditate to pick our Combat Style, since we can only switch it when meditating. I personally think we should switch over to our Capoeira Fighting Style, but I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks about that.

I think our next action after that should be to continue bonding with Rain.

>We will need to watch Pon's cooking contest
Yeah, we definitely don’t want to miss that!
No. 1014094 ID: 96c896

I'm still voting Mind and Body.
On the subject of meditation, I'm thinking the Mind as One technique will be more useful than we thought. We can strengthen aspects and have them guard us in the mist.
No. 1014100 ID: 1333f0

The school and Rain.
No. 1014106 ID: a9af05

>You’ve impressed some AQUA-KIN
We should try getting in the spotlight more, so that everyone will be more likely to notice us.

Let's go do some Chelae!

Afterwards, we can take it easy and go to the Archives to study what's there.
No. 1014115 ID: afa6f6

CHELAE! Its a good learning experience and shuould further one of our GOALS, and if we do well it should be impressive.

MISTY CAVERNS! Maybe we could invite Rain to meditate with us and Nubs?
No. 1014127 ID: f8fa51

You should definitely try dating both Nubbs and Lily while you're here. Maybe not at the same time.
No. 1014169 ID: ce39da

I already voted in favor of RAIN, but yeah, MEDITATION seems like something he'd get a lot of peace of mind from, not to mention something he has a lot of FREE TIME for even when we're not there.
No. 1014183 ID: c92a02

Chelae versus claws should be an interesting matchup. And don't forget to give lessons at the school with Faan!
No. 1014229 ID: f3f534

>Lily tells you to put some MEAT on those THIGHS, that you’d look pretty HOT that way
She's right, you definitely would look pretty hot with some more meat on your thighs!

>What do?
Go to the Archives and go watch a Sumo match!

We could still get badly injured since we don't have any natural weapons that can break off and grow back like everyone else does!
No. 1014315 ID: 3513c8

Participate in some Chelae. Then go relax by watching the cultural passtime of Sumo.

>She's right, you definitely would look pretty hot with some more meat on your thighs!
I agree.
No. 1014397 ID: 7ffb59

All of this
No. 1014439 ID: bbdaaf

Let's go do some Chelae.

And I'm not sure what the next action should be so I guess we could go watch some Sumo to see what that's all about.

>you'd look pretty hot with some more meat on your thighs!
Fully agree with this.
No. 1014532 ID: afe7de
File 163642411387.png - (10.81KB , 500x500 , SR2_024.png )

There’s a near RAUCOUS agreement from nearly all of your [STATS] as you reflect on that day’s passing. It’s kind of surprising because they mostly don’t chime in on that sort of thing. Though now that you think about it having some thicker thighs means there’s more to turn into muscle which you could use to crush some heads if the need to fight arises. A few [STATS] try to chime in and correct you but are silenced by the others saying that this is the more wholesome way to think about it.

> Dating?
You were thinking of trying to date WILLIAM or IGNIS first, but maybe it won’t be a bad idea to get a test date on with NUBS or LILY just in case, SABA ever really DATED, so you’re really lacking in the field. You know they wouldn’t mind so long as you gave them a fair chance later. Maybe after some test dates you’d be more willing to expand out, dating more then just 2 kin at a time, really build that HAREM of pets, uh you mean lovers, yeah definitely the second one.

You head off to see that first and it’s a pretty big deal, bigger then the eating contest. He signed up for a MEDIUM DIFFICULTY one, as he’s not that confident in his cooking skills to go for a HARD one, but thinks he’s way better then EASY. The contest is a general one that only requires the use of a single SPECIAL INGREDIENT, with the rest being left up to the participants. There’s a series of 8 mini kitchens made and lined up in a large STADIUM. The crowd is actually fully packed and in PON’S area you see a LARGE FREEZER, it looks like he made one using the supplies he had and even put in a lot of chilling plates, maybe he plans to FLASH FREEZE some food just in case he doesn’t have time to let them freeze normally?

Of the contestants participating you notice a familiar face, PUNI. Her setup is small and simple. The rest of the participants arrive and the Judges enter the stage. They announce that the objective is to create a SIGNATURE DISH for the JUDGES and then to create as many SMALL SAMPLES as they can for the audience should they have some free time. Apparently the more small dishes they can make to appease the crowd, the more support they give as the JUDGES occasionally take the AUDIENCE REACTION into consideration with the judging. You see that PON has a sparkle in his eye at that.

The secret ingredient announced is an absoutely massive pile of FISH EGGS. Apparently these are from a certain fish that tends to lay thousands of palm sized eggs that the first fish to hatch would then eat and grow to a massive size. They have a high SUGAR CONTENT and are fairly sweet. You can see PON wing pumping with excitement as he you imagine he’s coming up with a PON-POP recipe in the moment.

The contest begins and ends within an hour of tense rushing around, cooking, using of tools, and after a few testings a horn is blown to signify the end. Pon has made PON POPS by mixing the juice of the eggs with WATER, and several different smaller minced forms of SEA LIFE that he cooked in an attempt to bring a more DOPUS flavor to the pops. You regret never mentioning SHAVED ICE to PON as that might have led to an easier creation, and remind yourself to throw the idea at him at a later date. He presents the judges with his POPs and is met with gasps, one of them seems hesitant to lick the cold pop, but after a while finds it to be both SWEET and SAVORY, biting the ice with their sharp teeth and asking about it and the process.

PUNI on the other hand made her little SHRIMP BALLS, which were met with praise, but not as much as PON’S was. The participants then spread their samples to the crowd, PON of course having the most to share, being able to give enough out to around 1/3 of the crowd before running out. His FLASH FREEZER came in quite handy and you inwardly praise his ingenuity. The crowd munches it and they let out pleasurable moans, some complain about aching in their head from the cold and eating it too fast but remark that it’s a UNIQUE flavor they haven’t experienced before that they thoroughly enjoy.

In the end PON is the champion and is awarded a basket of those EGGS that were used, should he want to make more food. He’s elated to try EXPERIMENTING with them. PUNI wins second place but you can tell even from a distance she is NOT HAPPY and while she does congratulate PON and hug him as is the norm, you can tell that she is fairly upset.

Pon has THUROUGHLY IMPRESSED those present in the cooking contest
A new activity has been unlocked: PON-POPS - CONSUMA BRANCH
- Earn some PEARLS by making PON-POPS with him and establishing a SEASONAL BUSINESS here in DOPUS
- Pon will be preoccupied with this and more COOKING CONTESTS unless you ask him to join you on something else

No. 1014533 ID: afe7de
File 163642414239.png - (13.20KB , 500x500 , SR2_025.png )

You decide to participate in the COMBATIVE PASSTIME that the citizens of CONSUMA prefer. You sign up for a tournament and at first they decline you, but you motion that you can just apply the same rules to you, if they break your WEAPON, the STONE CLAWS, you’re out. They think this is reasonable so you participate. You also talk to some CRAFTSMEN and they make you a few extra STONE CLAWS free of charge, excited to learn how to make a new DEVICE and for you to participate.

You fight with the MIND AND BODY style you’ve been developing and your CLAWS and the first thing you note is that these AQUANS are FIERCE. You’re more used to a sort of SLOWER PACED and TACTICAL fight as how most other KIN you’ve trained with do. Fights are BRIEF, but but CALCULATED, leading to your impression that they’re SLOWER PACED. But the way that they fight here on DOPUS is so different you’re caught off guard. They fight with such an intense FEROCITY and what feels like MADNESS almost. You squeak your way through to the SEMI-FINALS with your skills, kind of unnerved by just how GOOD they are at fighting, maybe their NATURAL WEAPONS and TENDENCY TO HUNT WILD SEALIFE gives them a natural COMBATIVE EDGE. You shake off the tension and look to your opponent. They’re BIG, you refuse to believe they’re your age, but this is a YOUTH’S bracket after all. In their right arm is a massive claw and they speak in a slow, booming voice as they greet you and welcome the challenge. You do the same and begin again.

It’s CLAW vs CLAW, one on your feet and one in his hand as he moves with a surprising level of FLUIDITY given his STATURE. You can feel your CLAWS cracking with each kick, but notice his CLAW is not better off. You can feel the tension in the air, smell the blood from occasional scraps but you also feel a certain moment of FREEDOM in it all as you enter a FLOW state and feel yourself improve ever so slightly in your CLAW as it shatters and you fall to the ground defeated.

The large man introduces himself as Hein’grek Olgoth Himlturgen, saying that his friends just call him TURG and that you fight well. You’re happy you could actually fight for once and get in the zone without fearing that you’d BREAK A LIMB and hug the man as is tradition. The crowd celebrates as you only just now tune in and notice that everyone’s eyes were on your fight. Unfortunately you didn’t win the tournament but those watching felt the PASSION from your fight and you can see their gaze towards you all changing ever so slightly for the better.

You met a worthy foe, your CLAW SKILL has improved to rank 6
The crowd was impressed by your FEROCITY and wonders if other kin from the other plates are like you

You head back to the place, you want to try to BOND with RAIN, but they’re making it hard, so you visit briefly every day with NUBS and have small conversations at first. In your free time you MEDITATE instead, feeling rejuvenated in the MIST. Your mind keeps feeling distracted by RAIN and your attempts to talk to him, so you don’t make much progress, but do work a little on your HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE.

One day you see RAIN beside you, the mist is ESPECIALLY THICK so you can’t even make out much details other then that it’s him. He asks what you’re doing and you mention that it’s MEDITATION, describing the practice and it’s benefits. He asks to join you so you guide him through the process.

On the last day of the week he mentions that you don’t have to keep doing this, forcing yourself to spend time with him, but you mention that it’s nice to get away from the bustle of DOPUS and to be in a QUIET PLACE, plus the MIST feels good. He pulls his coat up higher on his face as he departs back to his cabin, his expression unreadable.

You’ve made progress on your HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE

RAIN is opening up to you a little more, you’ve gained a new activity.
- He seems interested, but slow to grasping the process, it might take a while.

Your MANDATORY OBJECTIVE has been updated
- You’ve impressed some AQUA-KIN by reaching the SEMI-FINALS of a CHELAE TOURNAMENT
- PON THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED some AQUA-KIN by winning a medium difficulty COOKING CONTEST
- Impress more AQUA-KIN to improve your REWARD

What TWO ACTIONS do you do next? Your trip to DOPUS will be over in 4 WEEKS.
No. 1014536 ID: 629f2e

We have to stop by the Archives at some point, and now seems as good a time as any.

Aside from that, why don't we try Jellyfishing? It may be a good way to impress more kin, potentially improve our speed, and really just have a good time.
No. 1014557 ID: e51896

Spend some time with the mother and daughter bonding

Check the ARCHIVE with FAAN. See if the have info on the misty caverns locations such as the misty catacombs or MISTY shift. Maybe we might find a scripting manual, except in stone tablet form instead of paper form? Study the history of dopus with FAAN as well for bonding

Either that or

Impress the students, teach the class about Tengu and its culture, some drawing skills, or maybe give them some scripting manuals. We brought our runescripting materials, it'd be a shame for them to go to waster. Help them solve it, and treat it like a fun puzzle game for them. Who knows, one of them might get so interested, they'd want to learn more and study abroad at our world plates' tengu university. Ask Pon if you can Bring the CHIller to show them what runescripting can do (with pon pops) to get them motivated

Leaning more towards ARCHIVES

For the second activity

we only got 4 weeks left, so lets spend time trying to teach him as a bonding activity, especially since it said it'll take awhile. It will be the best way to LINK with him too before we leave DOPUS
No. 1014567 ID: ce39da

GUIDED MEDITATION WITH RAIN. We've thoroughly impressed the populace; it's time to focus on our other goal, and getting this poor sweet boy on the road to some peace of mind will make all the difference.

If we can't double up on BONDING WITH RAIN, let's run a TEACHING GIG on the side - assuming that their public education is solely at the elementary level, we could teach GENERAL CREATIVITY alongside their preexisting LOGIC course and work them into each other using a BASIC MANUAL as an overarching challenge you can leave behind for them to solve. (Something tells me that the alien and unintuitive ways of thinking needed for it will come easier for the kids of DOPUS than it did for those of the more structured systems of TENGU.)
No. 1014570 ID: c92a02

Don't leave school to the very last minute! Teach at school, stick with Rain. Time to try teaching meditation.
Maybe Turg's worth a link. You'll both grow stronger and you could even spar again mentally!
No. 1014603 ID: 96c896

No. 1014633 ID: a9af05

Let's keep trying to teach Rain how to meditate.

Then we can head over to the Archives to learn more about this place.
No. 1014727 ID: f3f534

Go watch a Sumo match and teach meditation to Rain!
No. 1014799 ID: 36784c

>The crowd munches it and they let out pleasurable moans some complain about aching in their head from the cold and eating it too fast but remark that it’s a UNIQUE flavor they haven’t experienced before that they thoroughly enjoy.
It’s good to see that, despite experiencing a brain freeze, everyone enjoyed Pon’s food!

>PUNI wins second place but you can tell even from a distance she is NOT HAPPY and while she does congratulate PON and hug him as is the norm, you can tell that she is fairly upset.
……why do I feel like Puni is going to challenge Pon to a Cooking Duel?

>Pon will be preoccupied with making Pon-pops and more Cooking Contests
Ask Pon if he’d want someone to taste test his food before he tries to use them in the cooking contests? Because you’re willing to volunteer as a taste tester for him!

>progress with Rain
Yay! He’s opening up to us!

>Next 2 actions?
We obviously need to continue trying to bond with Rain! Since he’s interested in our meditating, we can use that as a way to bond with him.

After that, we really should go check out the Archives to try and learn more about Dopus.
No. 1015130 ID: bbdaaf

No. 1015268 ID: afe7de
File 163702468573.png - (14.25KB , 500x500 , SR2_026.png )

You decide to spend some time in the ARCHIVES. It’s a public place where anyone is welcome to come and look at the knowledge kept there by their ancestors. You see a few AQUANS wandering around, keeping the documents DUST-FREE and in good condition, and they let you know to ask them if you need to look for something in particular, though they don’t have much. You thank the ARCHIVIST who names themselves as FLOWFLOWFLOW FLOW FLOWFLOW, but says you can call her FLOW. You kind of reel back at that name and how it doesn’t really follow the established naming conventions of the others but you just proceed to read through what you can, ignoring whatever that was. It’s all written in CANON which makes our job of understanding it easier and FAAN joins you, curious about this as well.

The history of DOPUS starts off dark, they spawned in these caves in CONSUMA and there was the constant threat of MONSTERS, however there’s mention of [GUARDIANS], large creatures similar to the AQUANS that trained and raised them for some 40 years before they vanished one day. They taught them CANON, how to HUNT and FORAGE, but not much else. Just enough so they could get started. This led to the development of their civilization and the activities they loved. They practiced their HUNTING via CHALAE, their COOKING via CONTESTS to attempt to feed the GUARDIANS, and hunts to prove themselves. Since they had extremely powerful beings protecting them they never became too GREEDY and PRIDEFUL. They became welcoming of those of their ilk and those that could communicate and pride FOOD and COMMUNITY above all else as they lived in a DARK PLACE. It took them until fairly recently to reach the surface and the first kin they met were the HUMANS. Unfortunately the humans saw them as UNINTELLIGENT FOOD at first and this led to immediate conflicts. The rest is rather recent, some mention of who the leaders were and their foodie accomplishments, but nothings been recorded for around 40 years. An ARCHIVIST tells you that they update the records every 50 YEARS due to the lack of LONG LASTING MATERIALS and the space required to hold all these STONE PLATES. Plus, not as not much happens down here of note. Though they mention that might change as they eye you excitedly.

You turn your attention to the most interesting bit of info, the [GUARDIANS]. Unfortunately all imagery surrounding the [GUARDIANS] is scratched, destroyed, or otherwise obscured so you only know they looked SIMILAR to an AQUA-KIN. The maps show a pretty good understanding of the plate itself from an underwater point of view by a HUGE MAP that is engraved on the wall. There are some LARGE GAPS as those places have MASSIVE CHASMS from which very few kin dare to venture. You notice one place in particular however is denoted by several SKULLS. More then any other place on the plate. You ask a few of the ARCHIVISTS about it and they mention that it’s an IVORY PALACE filled with TRAPS in the first room one can enter. It’s killed many kin who enter it so it has become a FORBIDDEN ZONE. You think this must be a RUIN, you ask if there’s AIR there and they confirm the entrance is a DOME of AIR that one can breathe in.

Your mind accelerates and your [STATS] begin communicating. You want to go, no, NEED to go. But the problem is expeditions take a while, and you have to go back soon. It’s deep and since no humans have come here it’s doubtful they’ve found it or gone to it, but you never know. You mention this to PON, FAAN, and NUBS and they state that maybe you should speak with the ROYALS back at your WORLDPLATE and HERE before venturing in. It’s DANGEROUS, but also could be fruitful for BOTH NATIONS. You contemplate this as you continue your vacation.

You’ve discovered what you assume to be an ANCIENT RUIN
- You could potentially visit, however you are SORELY UNDERPREPARED
You’ve memorized the history of DOPUS
- There’s nothing left in the archives for you to search through

No. 1015270 ID: afe7de
File 163702471975.png - (148.27KB , 500x500 , SR2_027.png )

You spend the week teaching RAIN the basics of MEDITATION, you’re not able to get any active progress in, but you do feel twinges of… SOMETHING coming from RAIN. Unfortunately the MIST is so dense that when you use your GOGGLES you don’t see anything other then the dense MANA of the area. You get the distinct feeling he spends a lot of time IN HIS HEAD and doesn’t like to talk too much. Or maybe fears the way his words will come out, or maybe even fears the construct of socializing with someone he doesn't know intimately like NUBS.

What’s even stranger is as you watch him practice you sometimes notice the mist get DENSER and SPARSER. Both your [INTUITION] and your [UNDERSTANDING] tell you that some thing’s up but you get that you can’t just ASK this question. Your [CURIOSITY] is practically screaming at you to investigate this, it’s strange it’s cool, it could be an INNATE SKILL, or it could be MAGIC, true, actual MAGIC and not MAGITECH.

You hold back your [CURIOSITY] for now and remain professional, but you need a break from RAIN. You only have a few weeks left, and while you COULD spend more time with him, it’s almost MORE STRESSFUL to be near a mystery you can’t pry at or pick apart. You’re PATIENT, but you don’t know if you’re THAT PATIENT yet. Originally you were just hoping to be a friend, but now you sense there’s something more, and who knows, maybe you can help if they’re having problems. You feel a desire to [LINK] with them or something and SHOW OFF, or wait, maybe that’s [PRIDE] talking.

In the end he thanks you for sticking through with him. He’s slowly getting the hang of this MEDITATION stuff, and he even says he might be a little sad when you leave.

You’ve made progress in teaching RAIN some MEDITATION
- If you chose to hang out with RAIN again before you leave you have to ask
- Here are some example questions:
OTHER [user input but it must be SIGNIFICANT]
- If you chose to REFRAIN and just teach him and try to BOND you will take 3 STRESS
- You get the feeling asking the WRONG QUESTION might slow your progress or cause it to go back a few steps

You feel like you are VERY CLOSE to gaining a BOND with RAIN

What TWO ACTIONS do you do next? Your trip to DOPUS will be over and a GRAND FAREWELL FEAST will be held.

You also remember something, it’s been on your mind but you never said anything about it. You had the feeling of BEING FOLLOWED at one point BEFORE entering Dopus but dismissed it. Now might be a good time to BRING THAT UP and potentially spend a week PREPARING just in case. But your [INTUITION] doesn’t feel like anything is wrong, so you could also PASS on that.
No. 1015278 ID: 96c896

You bet your ass we're gonna try to complete that BOND with Rain and finish his meditation training.
Share a secret. That's the key to friendship right? Tell him about your innate skills. Maybe if you develop Link enough you could talk to him even when you're apart!

Also, prepare for there to be trouble on the trip out. Your Intuition isn't perfect, we can't rely exclusively on it.

...huh, did we not wind up spending much time with Nubs?
No. 1015286 ID: ce39da

> 1st Action
Yeah, complete that BOND WITH RAIN. In this case, I believe TELL HIM ABOUT YOUR INNATE SKILLS is the play here. He's isolated himself in conjunction with (or perhaps because of) having some ability that he only has one person he can confide in about (unlike our friend support circle). We're the first to do the confiding; he isn't as likely to take offense. He may see us as "like him," and he might feel a sense of solidarity with us. LINK specifically will provide a possibility to continue where you left off even if you don't end up visiting again, as long as you work at the distance problem from both ends (assuming he's learned enough to practice on his own, at least). Finally, while we shouldn't expect it, the best-case scenario is that he'll feel the need to reciprocate our confidence and let us in on what his deal is, on top of everything else. (I can't stress this enough; we are not entitled to this info, even if getting it would be awesome.)

> 2nd Action
We can help two birds with one stone if we SOCIALIZE WITH THE ROYAL FAMILY. We can report what we (generally) know of regarding the ruins, plus our hope to venture in at some point. Then, we can include them when we huddle around to discuss that feeling of being followed and what to do about it (if anything).
No. 1015321 ID: f8fa51

Definitely SHARE A SECRET WITH RAIN, though I'll let others decide whether our PAST or our ABILITIES are a better secret to share. The key point is we don't want to be seen to pry.

See if you can get a meeting with the LEADERS here and talk to them about the ancient ruin. Tell them you want to talk to your own ROYALS and maybe organise an expedition. See what they think about the idea.
No. 1015324 ID: c92a02

Tell him about your link. But definitely, before you leave Dopus, go to the school with Faan! Maybe you can teach them about the history you just memorized and fill in any gaps they might still have! Or maybe it'd be safer to stick to something new like the history of your own plate.
No. 1015330 ID: e51896

I think intuition says we are fine because we didn't bring William or Ignis, or anyone else royal here, just our [LINKED] bro Pon and mother. If we did bring them, Canus might give us a hard time going back home. But we didn't bring them, so we be fine. Might be wise to let them know our concern regardless, but I don't think we need to be super protective, otherwise we'd look suspicious in Canus.

1st action: DON'T meditate with Rain, it'll bring up stress we dont need, and we want to relax this time. I think if he practices on his own, he'll figure it out like Chi did.
Instead, just chill with him. Only let him know of our secret innate abilities. It may make him interested in linking with us, which we should do.


2nd action, One last chance to impress the citizens here, go to school with FAAN, teach them stuff you know like Tengu world plate, and a little bit of runescripting to impress the students.

For the goodbye ceremony, mention the ruins and being interested in exploring and making arrangements with the tengu royals.
No. 1015350 ID: 36784c

Let’s continue teaching meditation to Rain and we should reveal a secret to him by telling him about our innate skills. Hopefully he’ll want to form a Link with us if we tell him about this.

>You had the feeling of BEING FOLLOWED at one point BEFORE entering Dopus but dismissed it. Now might be a good time to BRING THAT UP and potentially spend a week PREPARING just in case.
Better to be safe than sorry. Let’s bring this up and make some preparations.

This means we’re potentially only getting 1 action this time, but I feel this is important, so giving up an action is worth it.

>But your [INTUITION] doesn’t feel like anything is wrong, so you could also PASS on that.
Your Intuition isn’t perfect.

>DON'T meditate with Rain, it'll bring up stress we dont need, and we want to relax this time.
You might want to check again because that’s not what the update says will happen.

The update says we’ll only gain stress if we choose to REFRAIN and we DON’T ask a question or reveal a secret to Rain. So as long as we do one of those, we will NOT gain stress.
No. 1015351 ID: 094652

Ask about the Mist.
No. 1015432 ID: a9af05

Meditate with Rain and tell him about our skills.

Then spend a week to prepare, just in case something happens during our trip home.
No. 1015449 ID: 031458

Obviously Spend some more time with Rain. Either our skills or our past lives is fine.

2nd thing tho, More CHELAE. Now that were more used to how they fight, I think we could do better this time.
No. 1015533 ID: f3f534

Yeah, let's finish making a bond with Rain. Once we bond with him, we'll have to ask if he'd be willing to make a Link with us.

Then I guess we can spend a week preparing for the trip home.

>Your trip to Dopus will be over and a Grand Farewell Feast will be held.
Awesome! Make sure you eat as much as you can so you can enjoy the food as much as possible! It's going to be a while before you'll be able to come back to Dopus for a visit.
No. 1015590 ID: ce39da

Oh, yeah! This seems like a great venue to discuss that stuff about the RUINS and the FEELING OF BEING FOLLOWED.

And yeah, not changing my vote (>>1015286), but an added benefit of telling RAIN about our INNATE ABILITIES is that if we want to ask him to LINK WITH US in the same TP (last chance before the end) with his CONSENT, we kinda have to actually tell him about its existence. XD
No. 1015715 ID: bbdaaf

I agree with everyone saying we should bond with Rain and prepare for our trip home.

>Awesome! Make sure you eat as much as you can so you can enjoy the food as much as possible! It's going to be a while before you'll be able to come back to Dopus for a visit.
I agree with this. Make sure you enjoy the food!
No. 1015829 ID: afe7de
File 163763397349.png - (11.45KB , 500x500 , SR2_028.png )

She’s been right by you in most of the events! She cheered you on during the CHELAE competition, was there to sample the PON-POPS, and you had BREAKFAST with her every day. She only really abstained from the more BORING places like the ARCHIVES and SCHOOL. You can tell that she’s very happy you got to come to her home and get a taste of what her life and her people are like!

Your bond with NUBS has increased twice to RANK 5!
- Nubs TRUSTS you
- Nubs APPRECIATES the effort you put into trying out her culture
- Nubs might be willing to do slightly unreasonable things for you
- You can request any number of favors from her but she might ask for some in return
- You feel a bit GLUTTONOUS and COMFORTABLE when you think of her
- Your INTUITION thinks that LINKING with her might be a good idea

You don’t train RAIN on MEDITATION this time and instead try to talk to him a little. He’s rather silent for the most part, so you take the lead and talk a bit about yourself. There’s lots of things you could cover, so you chose something simple. You talk a bit about your life and briefly mention that you can [UNDERSTAND] things better than others. You call this an [INNATE SKILL] and he cocks an eyebrow at you, not sure if you’re telling the truth. You say it’s prerequisite is that you have enough knowledge in a subject to connect the dots, but it gives you more information then most would.

For example, you reply that this fog is MANA DENSE, but you can’t tell it’s source even with your equipment. It MUST be coming from somewhere, and if it’s natural, it could even be used to fuel technologies to improve the life and livelihood of those who live here. You can tell he’s becoming uncomfortable at this line of dialog and pause, waiting for him to speak or for you to continue.

It takes several long minutes before he briefly mentions there was an INCIDENT when he was younger, something happened and he caused a TREASURED LOCATION some major damage inadvertently. But that turned this space into what it is today, so he says that maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, no one knows.

Your [STATS] kick into overdrive in attempt to analyze this information, it’s the most that you’ve gotten and you’re definitely greedy for more info. You intuit that they potentially caused the effect, but are unsure as to how. You’re also not sure what TREASURED LOCATION was damaged, if it’s these CAVERNS, or if it’s somewhere else. You get the feeling he knows more, even if he’s not sure exactly of the details and mechanics behind it, but you can tell by the fact that he’s not running away that he’s at least not uncomfortable with this line of dialog now. He seems to be TRAUMATIZED by something, and you get the idea that this INCIDENT was probably worse then he just described. You share a PON-POP in the silence that remains.

You made no progress on BONDING with RAIN but you think you [UNDERSTAND] them a bit better.
No. 1015831 ID: afe7de
File 163763403836.png - (12.18KB , 500x500 , SR2_029.png )

You decide to talk to the leaders of CONSUMA and explain your WORRIES on being followed, your and your PLATE’S potential INTEREST in the RUIN, and talks of DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS.

They take a bit of time to talk to the populous and you find that there’s a significant chunk of the population that has had their CONCERNS ALLEVIATED over your kind.

You took 2ND PLACE in an EATING CONTEST which is no small feat for many kin on the plate
PON started a small business and played by the plate’s rules and everyone really enjoys his meals.
PON won a cooking contest using ingredients from the plate
You participated in a CHELAE tournament and whilst you didn’t win, you put up a valiant and respectable effort
Your mother improved upon many of the educational systems in place and while it isn’t as popular as the other things, that is a respectable and appreciated gesture, as she did it free of charge.

They say that they were honestly not expecting you to MAKE A SHOW of yourselves and attempt to ingratiate yourselves into their culture but they appreciate the fervor that you went at it, even if it was potentially motivated by external factors.

They inform you that they would be more than happy to initiate DIPLOMACY between their plates, however they voice that they are concerned about the members of CANUS and the HUMANS interfering in said diplomatic procedures, as after you informed them of your worries they noticed MOVEMENT near the entrance of the PLATE. A small party of what appears to be DIPLOMATS or WARRIORS of some kind. They number just 4 individuals, but radiate an aura of intensity, and all of them are HUMANS.

You squint your eyes at that, now practically confirming your concern. You request a potential increase in GUARDS, at least until you can take to the SKIES in CANUS, after which you doubt they’ll be able to catch up. It’s kind of hard to pretend you’re not a WING-KIN coming out of the sea with a bunch of AQUANS, though you could also attempt to leave at NIGHT, however MORE DANGERS might occur then. After a bit of deliberation you all decide to bring a few GUARDS, just enough to double your number against the 4 in case something were to occur.

Negotiations with the LEADERSHIP of DOPUS were a rousing success
- You’ve gained TEMPORARY GUARDS that will follow you until you take flight on the other side of the TUNNEL
- You’ve prepared your crew for a potential encounter, and cannot be SURPRISED on your trip back
- A member will be added to your party to initiate DIPLOMATIC DISCUSSIONS upon return

No. 1015832 ID: afe7de
File 163763405185.png - (11.29KB , 500x500 , SR2_030.png )

On the night before taking your leave of the plate you are welcomed to a rather large feast held in the same crater that you participated in the EATING CONTEST in. You see various kin that you met and discussed things with.

TURG is there and you have a friendly spar with him, besting him, but you’re unsure if he put in his full effort.
LILY comes and is very touchy with both you and PON, there’s even a moment where she drags PON away briefly and he comes back VERY flushed, whilst LILY looks absolutely EXSTATIC.
Several children surround FAAN saying that they’ll miss their COOL FEATHERED TEACHER a lot.
PUNI caters the event but seems to still be bitter over her LOSS to PON.
RAIN wishes you well, but does not leave the CAVERN.
ARBOLETH SHALLOT then gives a toast to all of you and gives you a gift of FREEZE DRIED FISH, PEARLS, and a few small WRAPPED PARCELS, saying that he hopes you enjoyed your time here and that you’ll stop by again and remember them by these gifts.

Everyone then BURPS in unison, including yourselves and you all laugh, having enjoyed the time you had. Though you’ve definitely PUT ON A FEW POUNDS, specifically in the THIGH region. You imagine you can just WORK IT OUT and then they’ll be TOUGHER THEN EVER though and your [STATS] sigh as you still don’t get it.

As you leave the plate you do a routine check to make sure that everyone has their CHOKERS and come to find out that YES, everyone did, however FAAN, not knowing how to use it properly, had accidentally used up the full charge. You secretly pull out your second CHOKER and present it to her, saying you planned for this eventuality.

The trip back up is just as interesting and mysterious. The darkness consuming you as you leave the well light CONSUMA and enter the inky blackness. But then all too soon you start seeing the bright seawater dyed by the sky and you reach the surface. After a bit of assistance you all take to the skies after packing your equipment up and head off to the ENTRANCE, some of your remaining supplies still in tow behind your RETINUE OF GUARDS.

You head to the TUNNEL and the four individuals can be seen loitering in front of it, blocking your way out. All four of them are humans and they appear to be wearing SILK FINERY AND ROBES, disguising what they wear underneath. However your [UNDERSTANDING] picks up a few things from the creasing of their robes. One is wearing METAL ARMOR, and is not moving much to prevent it from making noise. Another has a LONG ROD of some sort barely poking out of their back. The rest of them are obscured but you assume them to be armed.

You’re still a fair distance away from them, walking whilst the guards swim beside you just below the surface and the 4 don’t seem to have spotted you. A tan skinned and bearded man sits dazing around, apparently bored. You can approach this situation however you like and several of your [STATS] pipe up with ideas.

[GUILE] You could gather the fish and pretend you’re traveling FISHERMEN
[GUILE] Though the DOPUS kin might be harder to disguise through that lie
[PRIDE] You could just have the guards come out, make them leave, and then sneak on by when they’re distracted
[LOGIC] The bearded man seems to be their leader, or hated by the rest
[LOGIC] I assume he’d try to talk to you if you went up to him
[PERCEPTION] There’s no one around, where’s NUBS’S GUARD?
[ATHLETICISM] You can carry NUBS and PON can carry the DIPLOMAT easy
[STRATEGY] You think they could have backup?
[CREATIVITY] Okay what if
[CREATIVITY] Give them CHOKERS, entice them to go down
[CREATIVITY] But have a guard stay behind and give them orders to take a LONG ASS TIME taking them back
[CREATIVITY] So the POWER runs out, they nearly drown and pass out, you leave them on the shore, they’re left confused
[LOGIC] That’s extremely convoluted, why not just shove them in a cave somewhere and take away the chokers and keep em
[LOGIC] imprisoned at that rate
[LOGIC] We also have the DOPUS DIPLOMAT, maybe they could do something
[CURIOSITY] But you have always been interested in what other HUMANS were like, maybe they’re not all bigoted and evil?
[SABA’S KN] I mean, I wasn’t that bad but still…

What do you do?
No. 1015835 ID: 629f2e

I'm gonna side with Pride on this one. This isn't a confrontation we want to have. We will have to deal with humans someday, but we should do it on our terms. Call on the guards you've been sent with to send them away, and try to leave without being seen.

Also, we should totally Link with Nubs. Nubs is awesome, let her into our brain college.
No. 1015841 ID: 96c896

That LONG ROD is a ranged weapon for sure. Trying to fly past will probably not work, because even if they're not here to kill you they might fire a warning shot to make you stop.
Trying to pose as fishermen won't work because they definitely have your description.
Sneaking past has a chance to work, but if they're disciplined enough one of them will keep an eye on the tunnel even if the guards make them move away...
I don't know how we'd convince them to go underwater with the chokers without forcing them to, and that would require a confrontation, and I'm not really confident about winning that engagement without serious losses, because the DOPUS guards don't have magitech equipment.

I say just get all the guards to come up with you and talk to them. A show of force, to make them think twice about trying to intimidate you. Get them to go away willingly and you won't have to worry.
Either that or have the guards make them disperse, and try sneaking past. That's the only plan to bypass that I think could work.
No. 1015846 ID: e51896

Not sure what to do here yet, might just have the other suggestors decide if I can't think of something until then.

But one thing for certain, [LINK] with Nubs, she might not have an innate ability, but she is one of our good friends, and is someone from Dopus we should [LINK] with as we were recommended. And who knows, maybe Pon and Nubs might get an innate ability one day. But for sure, we'll one day link with someone with an Innate ability one day.

(Also, it'd be cool to link with everyone that we see in the titlecard of this thread, lol)
No. 1015848 ID: c92a02

They probably know or expect the guards, so bring them out so that they're ready to act. Confront them and tell them to move out of the way - but if that fails, blind them with the light rod and try to fly off.
No. 1015857 ID: 64942c

Why not a hybrid approach? Ask the guards to make them leave/distract them, and sneak above while their eyes are turned to the surface?
No. 1015892 ID: 36784c

Aw, we didn’t bond with Rain. I guess that means that we can’t form a Link with him.

Then that means we should form a Link with Nubs!

>Everyone then BURPS in unison, including yourselves and you all laugh, having enjoyed the time you had.
Yeah, that was fun, since it was socially acceptable to do that in Dopus. Just remember not to do that when you get home, since it wouldn’t be socially acceptable there.

Have the temporary guards come up and make the humans leave. While they’re distracted, you can hopefully sneak by them.
No. 1015895 ID: e51896

I say talk with them, have the guards close by under the water. If there is an issue, we'll give them the signal to come up and take care of things. I really think that Canus started a toll service to enter and leave their worldplate, which might become an issue if their waiting at for a toll to get to Tengu as well. See how much they are asking to pass if this is the case.
No. 1017107 ID: ce39da

Wait! You need to tread carefully, but not for the reason you think!

[INTUITION] didn't fire, even though you knew you were being followed. I don't think these humans will choose to pose a threat, at least this time.

And honestly? It makes sense!

They have intel on the goings-on in TENGU, at least enough to know that you're family with a FORMER MILITARY OFFICER. They'd need a really good reason to attack you outright here and risk an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT involving both your plates.

Maybe if you had brought someone more politically alarming (like IGNIS, WILLIAM, or DRAGO), these humans would be forced to take further action, but as it stands, you or your friends from DOPUS would have to be the aggressors if a fight is to break out. And I don't think we're ready to risk slam-dunking our current relationship with the humans (as weak as it is) into the waste bin just yet.

The humans don't know who NUBS and the DIPLOMAT are, really, though it may be concerning that you're with one more AQUAKIN coming home than when you arrived. Consult the two on this concern, stressing that the best thing we can do is act like we're coming back from a lake trip and pretend we aren't aware of exactly what the humans are here for. This gives them the least room to conduct an interrogation unless they call us out directly, which risks tipping their own hand on certain things. (If things go south, of course, trust that the guards will act. Maybe work out a code phrase, like "my [CURIOSITY] is satisfied," just as an early warning.)

Whether the diplomat decides to conceal himself on one of your persons or not, I say you round the bend, "notice" the humans, and start waving as you approach the gate. Act like you think they're here to vacation, too. (And this is not at all motivated by how actually [CURIOUS] you are about them and intrigued by how [CURIOUS] the humans are about you. No siree.)

If a human says something offensive or clearly facetious, just laugh it off before it can get a rise out of anyone.

Oh, and once you're past them, one way or another, do discuss forming a LINK WITH NUBS before arriving home.
No. 1017115 ID: cc328e

This is actually well thought out. Support. Intuition says we have nothing to worry about, and even though our intuition can be wrong, it is however at it's highest it can be without it going into supernatural power territory.
No. 1017160 ID: f18162

>you’ve definitely PUT ON A FEW POUNDS, specifically in the THIGH region. You imagine you can just WORK IT OUT and then they’ll be TOUGHER THEN EVER though and your [STATS] sigh as you still don’t get it.
Since you don't get it, I'll try to explain it. It's not about making your legs stronger, it's about you looking more attractive. That's why Lily said you'd look hot if your legs got plump!

Do this.
No. 1017164 ID: 36784c

It doesn’t matter if Chi’s legs are plump or muscular. She’s going to be thicc either way.
No. 1017183 ID: e51896

Agree with this. Also, keep our guards underwater as I previously said in my post, tell them we'll give them a signal for them to come out if something really bad happens. I'm still thinking all that is going on is that Canus just started a toll to enter and leave their worldplate after they found us going to DOPUS to make trading between Tengu and Dopus, and forming alliances more difficult, and profit off of it.
No. 1017312 ID: afe7de
File 163945356457.png - (11.56KB , 500x500 , SR2_031.png )

You decide a twofold approach after discussing it with your companions. You decide to pretend to know nothing and talk to them, having a [CODE PHRASE] that once said will let the guards know to act. All of you are at least somewhat competent in combat, at least you’ve never seen you mom fight, but can’t imagine she wouldn’t know how to given who your father is.

You definitely aren’t this persuasive because you want to actually talk to real live humans and find out more due to your [CURIOSITY], definitely not that. There’s certainly no ulterior motive to speaking to them at all and it’s certainly not to validate any biases that may or may not be brewing in that young mind of yours. You sort of wave your arms above your head to disperse the thoughts as you head forward and “notice” the humans, but FAAN grabs your shoulder and guides you, letting you know you still have a long way to go with your GUILE, and to tone it down a tad. You do so, thanking her before continuing with the plan.

You take NUBS to the side momentarily and ask her if she wants to do BOND with you. She blushes and says that if you really want to she’s down, but she thought you wanted to wait until you were 18. You pause, not quite getting what she meant before you mention that it’s more like a melding of the minds that lets her grow faster. Nubs in this moment turns the largest scarlet pink that you’ve ever seen as she seems very nervous at your proposition. You hear her stuttering about how you do have some pretty great HAMS, and how she does appreciate your thighs but she starts poking her fingers together in embarrassment, mumbling about how this isn’t the time or place.

You form the link with her and you gain the same small headache as before. She also suffers from a similar affliction, but after a moment it passes. You don’t really have time to explain what happened as she looks confused but also full of wonder. She doesn't have any sort of [INNATE SKILL], so will only be gaining the IMPROVED STAT GROWTH from the [LINK] but there’s that same RESONANCE from her. And strangely enough you feel your bond with the others grow a bit more firm.

You think something might happen the next time you MEDITATE.
Your bond with NUBS has increased to RANK 6
- Nubs now trusts you IMPLICITLY
Your stats feel like they need to give you a talk about what having good thighs really means

No. 1017313 ID: afe7de
File 163945357453.png - (13.47KB , 500x500 , SR2_032.png )

You approach and wave at the humans who get up with a start, the tan skinned man gets up at the notice of one of the other guards and he quickly pats down his robes of the sand and walks towards you. He pulls out a small cigarette and lights it as he heads towards you. He opens his mouth to speak, but before he gets a chance you intervene.

You: Well hey there stranger!
You: You here on vacation too?

The man opens his mouth and looks like he’s about to say something before closing it and looking at you in utter confusion.

???: I… no? I mean, the beach is nice and all, but-
You: Oh yeah, it’s lovely out there floating over the sea, lots of real nice DELICACIES and FISH out there
???: Uhhh, yeah, the food we’ve fished up is good and all but-
You: Well if yer not here to VACATION, what’re you doing by the tunnel?
???: *AHEM* Yes, well I’m MUD RUNDY
Mud: I’m in charge of diplomatic relations between DOPUS and CANUS
Mud: You see AQUANS don’t tend to leave this plate, or respond to our attempts at communicating
Mud: And I just so happen to have heard of some kin entering the plate with an AQUAN
Mud: So I was given explicit orders to bring them back with me to the capital for DISCUSSIONS
Mud: We believe they visited one of their CITIES.
Faan: That’s strange, wouldn’t the CANUS diplomat a BEAST-KIN?
Mud: I’m a recent acquisition.
You: We’ve never heard of that being a thing, we just came here on vacation
[PRIDE] You: You’d have to be PRETTY IMPORTANT to get to see one of their cities
You: Unfortunately me and my mom here aren’t even ROYALS
Mud: Ah but you are with Aquans right now

The man gestures to your two companions, both of which look rather uncomfortable, NUBS stands as tall as she can, but the other diplomat looks a mix of fearful and angry.

[COURAGE] You: Well uh, we wanted to show them our home.
[COURAGE] You: Maybe they’ll stop by when they’re done visiting with us.

Pon takes a moment to step by your side and stand firm, helping you assert your claim. There is a deep and ceremonious silence as you face off against this man who, now that you take a moment to look him over, is actually nearly a head shorter then you. You wonder to yourself when you got so tall, but brush it off a moment later. The man looks contemplative for a moment before a wry smile approaches his face.

Mud: I’ll have to insist on you accompanying us
You: You know, I was always interested in how HUMANS acted
You: I guess you can say my [CURIOSITY] is satisfied today

Upon uttering the code phrase you worked out earlier, the guards from the ocean leap from the water to your side in a motion that takes barely 4 seconds. The smile on their faces is completely wiped clean as they see that not only are they outnumbered, but that your group has taken several steps back from them. They humans are currently surrounded by the AQUAN GUARDS who have yet to draw their weapons, but are poised and ready. The HUMANS have also yet to draw theirs as they stare at each other.

Mud: Ah, so our assumptions were correct, interesting.
Mud: I wouldn’t leave if I were you, or you’ll have a bad time later.
Mud: Both your plates.

There is a brief moment where your entire party looks at you. The exit is completely unobstructed. You could leave, but something is gnawing at you. What if he’s right, what if this will cause more problems?

[GUILE] What if he’s lying, what if they’re just bandits
[LOGIC] They seem armed to the teeth, what kind of bandits have that much gear
[GUILE] They could have stolen it?
[LOGIC] Intuition what the heck?
[INTUITION] I’m not infallible you know…
[INTUITION] And I mean, you have guards, you can just leave
[INTUITION] It’s not like I was wrong, they’re not currently a threat
[LOGIC] Right that leaves me and my long term thinking to yell at you later
[SABA’S KN] If I may…
[SABA’S KN] This situation is quite common in my world
[SABA’S KN] They’re obviously hired by humans
[SABA’S KN] Weather or not they’re diplomats is irrelevant
[SABA’S KN] They’re likely also hired under the table
[KNOWLEDGE] Meaning given what we know they could only put pressure
[LOGIC] But not actually act or consider this an act of war
[CHARISMA] What if he’s really the diplomat though?
[ALL] …
[LUCK] Bet on me ladies.
[PRIDE] Can I just say I’m proud of you CHI.
[CURIOSITY] Though I am curious about going with them as to what we’d learn
[LOGIC] It’s obviously a trap, you’ll be kept INDEFINITELY if you really follow them
[LOGIC] But ignoring them might also incite a conflict between your plates
[KNOWLEDGE] I rarely speak up, but I feel right in this case
[KNOWLEDGE] They have nothing on us other than a few Aquans left, yes this is *strange*
[KNOWLEDGE] And yes, it’s strange that there is guards
[KNOWLEDGE] However, if they really ignite over this very minor thing
[KNOWLEDGE] It just goes to show how little the HUMANS really wanted to co-operate at all
[KNOWLEDGE] They could only resort to SUBTLE means of dealing with this
[KNOWLEDGE] And we live with guards
[LOGIC] What you’re saying makes sense, but…
[???] Someone called for me?
[COURAGE] Nobody needs you PARANOIA, not in this life.
[???] Who said I was PARANOIA, all I’m saying is this could run deeper
[KNOWLEDGE] Plus, what if they’re literally just random bandits using the humans name as a threat

You return to your senses after the brief mental exchange. The others are still looking at you, waiting for your call.

What do you do?
No. 1017321 ID: ce39da

"... Many apologies, but put simply, I don't believe you. You certainly aren't working for the humans on the official record, at the very least - and if that is somehow the case, then the humans are far more problematic than we thought. In fact, I'm quite [CURIOUS] about what would happen if whoever you're answering to doesn't hear back from you at all. What say you, Mr...?" Glance at the diplomat on whether to PROCEED in that way - both 'capture' and 'kill' work; his choice.
No. 1017325 ID: 629f2e

So obviously we're leaving, and having the guards watch our backs to ensure we get out safely. So as not to incite conflict, we should be very reasonable about the whole situation.

"With all do respect, these aren't the proper channels to take if you want us to come with you, and neither is this the proper amount of notice. I have dates to keep, as do all of my companions I imagine. Beyond that, this is not a meeting of diplomats, nor would I be present at one given that is not my profession. If you would like to invite any of us to your city, then you should communicate this through the leadership of our plates instead of ambushing us at the tail end of our vacation. Formalities are important you know, something I would imagine a diplomat should know about."

"As it stands, you're a collection of strangers, and I have no way to verify your claims of being important. You could easily be bandits, or have far worse intent than that. So if you don't mind, or frankly whether you do, we're going to leave. If you try to stop us, then I will have to assume the worst about you and things will get very unpleasant very fast."
No. 1017326 ID: 96c896

Threats mean little when leaving *with* them is an obvious bad move. They *might* do something bad later if we don't cooperate. They *will* do something bad if we do cooperate.

Tell them to fuck off, you're not such a coward that you'll be swayed by a nebulous threat at a nebulous time in the future from a group of thugs with no proof that they're even associated with CANUS.

Then leave.
No. 1017336 ID: c92a02

We know everything about you, Paranoia. You've been set up.
"Well, that's on you for not checking if we had prior commitments. Be seeing you, Mud Runty."
No. 1017337 ID: 076735

This sounds the best.
We politely tell them to fuck off and use the proper channels.
No. 1017342 ID: b5c538

What's that symbol on his necklace?
No. 1017362 ID: 6c227a

Sir, we are civilians on vacation with school friends, traveling across a border that has nothing to do with you. If you are who you say you are, which frankly I DOUBT, then you have no business with us, and I encourage you to work through proper channels to request an audience with whoever you think you are supposed to be talking to, instead of trying to kidnap random passersby like some kind of bandit. As you can see, they keep an eye on the tunnel, I'm sure the guards could deliver a letter or something.
No. 1017363 ID: 3cca5c

You know... Since they ARE here to abduct us, I'd say we are within our rights to Beat them up and take thier stuff!
No. 1017470 ID: 36784c

>Your stats feel like they need to give you a talk about what having good thighs really means.
I wonder what our stats want to tell us?

>now that you take a moment to look him over, is actually nearly a head shorter then you. You wonder to yourself when you got so tall
He might just be a really short human.

This seems best.

Should we also have something prepared to say to him in case he does have something with him that proves he is who he says he is?

>Be seeing you, Mud Runty.
If we can get away with it, then I want to say this to him.
No. 1017506 ID: ce39da

Agreed regarding the last word, now that I think about it. In fact: "Be seeing you, Mud Runty, if that is your real name. Ah- My apologies; of course it is. I can't possibly imagine a native ENGLISH speaker ever assigning himself such a label. I can only imagine the thought process of its conceiver. Ta-tah."
No. 1017666 ID: f3f534

>She blushes and says that if you really want to she’s down, but she thought you wanted to wait until you were 18.
>You pause, not quite getting what she meant
Sex! She thought you were talking about sex!

>Your stats feel like they need to give you a talk about what having good thighs really means
Are we going to have "the talk"? Normally your parents have this conversation with you, instead of you talking to yourself about it.


>Should we also have something prepared to say to him in case he does have something with him that proves he is who he says he is?
If he does have something to prove himself, then he would've shown it to us already.

But if he does show us something as proof, we simply tell him that there's no way for us to know if his "proof" is real because we've never seen what a real one looks like and we can't take his word for it.
No. 1017945 ID: afe7de
File 164005665989.gif - (104.32KB , 500x500 , SR2_033d.gif )

You think about what was just said to you, you think about the implicit threats, and you think about the long term harm that could come to you because of this. It feels like it was never a matter of IF this was going to happen in some shape or form, but more of a WHEN.

You’re not going with them, period. All of your STATS agree on this one, but you’re not going to just murder them either, this isn’t the place or time for that kind of thing. Part of you really wants to just take their stuff after the guards beat them to a pulp, but you hold off on that after looking at the man’s necklace.

[UNDERSTANDING] It appears to be similar to the BLACK LOTUS symbol we saw in the book of orders
[UNDERSTANDING] But it’s missing the rook in the center, perhaps he’s a lower ranking member
[LOGIC] You’d think a secret society wouldn’t just showcase their symbol
[GUILE] Maybe he’s a low ranking idiot member

You’re unnerved by this, but it’s just an assumption at this point. So instead you attempt to diplomatically tell them to fuck off, to which you feel a resounding confidence towards doing.

You: With all due respect, these are NOT the proper channels to take if you want someone to come with you
You: I have dates to keep as well as my companions, I imagine.
You: Beyond that, this is not a meeting of diplomats, nor would I be present at one
You: That’s not my profession.
Pon: If you would like to INVITE any of us to your city
Pon: Please communicate that through the leadership of our plates instead of ambushing us
Faan: Formalities are important you know, something I imagine a DIPLOMAT should know a lot about

You can see a vein practically pulse with anger on Mud Runty’s face as you say this. You intuit his expression to be that of disgust, disgust that someone beneath him is spitting on his shoes.

You: As it stands, you’re a collection of strangers, potentially bandits even
Nubs: There’s no way to verify your claims of importance, and I imagine you’d show SOMETHING to prove that
You: But you seem to have no intentions of showing this, so even if you do mind, we’re leaving
You: If you try to stop us, then we, and our friends here who have NOT unsheathed their weapons
You: Will have to assume the worst about you and things will get unpleasant very fast
Mud: You’ll regret this you fucking fish and egglaying whore-

There’s a brief moment where your [ANGER] flourishes and you look at the man with as much [KILLING INTENT] as you possibly can muster, something you thought was buried deep in your soul with Saba, that would never come up again. Your companions shift slightly away from you and you can even tell from his body language that Pon is in shock.

[PERSEVERANCE] I think that’s enough
[SABA’S KN & ANGER] Sorry…

And after a moment your veneer of logic and calm returns. Mud Runty is visibly sweating and uncomfortable as you walk past the shocked opposing party, urging your companions along.

You: Be seeing you, Mud Runty

And the group of you go down the tunnel, with nary a sound being heard in the background as you enter.
No. 1017946 ID: afe7de
File 164005667205.png - (9.59KB , 500x500 , SR2_034.png )

Pon: Uh, Chi
You: Hmm?
Pon: What was that?
You: What was what?
Nubs: You know exactly what we mean.
Faan: …
You: It was nothing really, just a little repressed [ANGER]
Pon: You felt like a MONSTER for a moment there
Faan: Did… did your father teach you that?
You: [GUILE] Oh hey look we’re at the other end of the tunnel

Your lackluster attempt to derail the conversation is fortunately successful as you reach the other side. There’s still no sign of Nubs’s guard, but something else worries you. It’s about your return trip, while there’s no other guards here, since typically no one patrols the DOPUS-CANUS tunnel, you can’t help but shake a feeling that you missed something. The diplomat, YOXARU who has been silent the whole time, speaks up. As he does you take a good look at him, failing to do so earlier out of concern. The man is similar to Noodle in some ways, without legs, however they appear to have more Eel-like features than snake-like ones.

Yoxaru: You… handled that quite well.
You: Thanks, but why were you so quiet?
Yoxaru: I… detest humans, and was once told, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all
Nubs: We don’t all have as intense feelings, but seeing something like that…
Yoxaru: Yes it stirs negative emotions from their… interactions with us in the past.
Yoxaru: I’m sure the guards would have roughed them up farther
Yoxaru: And might even be doing so now that we’re far gone, especially with their… final comment

You sigh and nod, you don’t particularly have good feelings on the matter, but genuinely hope to not become too biased towards them, lest you fall down the slippery slope of racism. You hold out HOPE that this was just a group of bandits, or a secret order, or something, and is not the general way of business that humans take. But there’s no way to know for now.

The group looks to you on how to proceed, You and Pon can easily carry Nubs and Yoxaru. But how will you travel back, should you just rush the trip, or should you take the longer path of traveling through the forest?

How do you travel back home?

A. Fly home casually
- Take the same amount of time as you did before
- You’ll be prepared for an ambush
- You’ll likely encounter someone

B. Fly home as fast as possible
- Go home twice as fast
- Gain stress and become exhausted for your next TP
- Lowers the likelihood of someone catching up to you

C. Use the forests for cover
- Takes much longer to get home
- You’ll likely encounter Monsters
- No chance of encountering humans

D. Other
- Feel free to suggest another way home!

No. 1017947 ID: c92a02

Fly fast. the Lotus would have a plan B. They might have a plan C at home, too, but at least you'll be there for it.
No. 1017948 ID: 629f2e

Y'know what, we have not really encountered any monsters at all this quest. I say we go with C, and take this opportunity to not only guarantee avoiding humans (B only says that there are lower odds, and with how we've been rolling in PQ it's probably best we leave luck out of this), but see something new and cool. A beast acting on instinct may be risky, but I like our chances against one of those than against a member of the Black Lotus.
No. 1017949 ID: 138b64

C. Faan has red markings of a hunter on her, so she knows a thing or two about hunting if monsters come. And Pon is like a master at hunting! Might even get some monster cores for runescripting even. Plus we can use our fighting skills too.

Better ask Nubs where her guard is tho.
No. 1017960 ID: 094652

C. May as well get the tour on monstrous species.
No. 1017966 ID: 96c896

Hey, where's our escort? We got one on the trip here, shouldn't we have one on the trip back? I'm guessing the humans scared them off... I think the escort guards were few enough that that wouldn't have been difficult. We should take a look around near the tunnel to see if there's signs of a fight. That'll give us an idea of whether or not our escort ran into trouble.

Spending some extra time fighting monsters in the forest doesn't sound so bad, HOWEVER it will cause everyone back home to become extremely worried. It's also a bit cowardly. We shouldn't be intimidated by the humans. Lastly, it would also delay the diplomat's arrival at home.
We were also told that the repercussions would come later. There's no reason to believe we are currently in danger.

Though if we DO wind up going through the forest... is there some way we can let people at home know? Maybe we can leave a message by the tunnel that we're taking a longer route?
No. 1017975 ID: 076735

A. I'm not sure how well we're equipped for monsters.
No. 1017980 ID: 36784c


We have a chance to encounter someone, it’s never specified that someone would be human.

Also, we do not have the equipment to be fighting monsters and we do not have enough supplies to last for an increased trip or treat any injuries that may happen from a monster attack. On top of that, it’d be extremely reckless to endanger the diplomat Yoxaru by going through the area with monsters in it.
No. 1017994 ID: 665b34

For people mentioning we're not equipped for fighting monsters, Nubs told us to bring our weapons earlier and said she has natural weapons on her species body here: >>1012402

And Chi mentioned a rule during the Dopus dojo about being out of the match if her stone claws break, and even has extras made for her.

The group is well equipped and we can even eat the monsters we hunt down if it comes to it.
No. 1018000 ID: ce39da

A: "If human combatants - especially Mud Runty's group - are noticed in our presence a second time, we fight without hesitating. And... I'm willing to talk about where I got that from, but only once we're safe at home."

Heck, if it is Mud Runty who catches up to us, hit him with: "We welcome your continued foolishness, pretender agent of the Black Lotus. I admit a small part of me desires for things to get unpleasant between us." He's free to interpret that as either 'we see through the Black Lotus's scheme' or 'we know you're faking being an agent of the Black Lotus.'
No. 1018009 ID: c29395


We were told by Marth that the Black Lotus is something pretty serious and shouldn't be taken lightly. If there are more stronger members, that might be an issue. We should probably keep ourselves uninvolved with them as much as possible and not have us be one of their top person of interest so early on. I think the monsters are less of a threat than the black lotus currently.
No. 1018017 ID: eb11d8

B. The Black Lotus are a threat, and they’re not afraid to go after family members. I worry what will happen if they beat us home.
No. 1018033 ID: a9af05


I don't care if we end up suffering through some negative status effects for our next TP, I just want to get home as quickly as possible so that we don't have to worry about running into anymore humans.
No. 1018195 ID: f3f534

B. Fly home as fast as possible

The sooner we get home, the sooner we can alert someone of authority about the situation. We could even tell Ignis and William about the ambush and they can get in contact with the royals to see if they can do something.

Plus, I really want to make sure our diplomat friend can safely get home with us. Then our plates can start working together with each other!
No. 1018409 ID: e51896

(still voting C from my previous post since we gotta practice fighting monsters sooner or later if we wanna travel in some ruins, and we'll get loot and experience from the monsters that confront us, and Ignis has something from Secret Santa that will maintain his stress from us being gone) Just some thoughts:

Whatever route we take, if we come across anyone, I really do not think it would be a good idea to let any humans or combatants know we know about or mention anything about the Black Lotus, even if we mention them to lower ranking members like Runty as a threat. They pride themselves in working in the shadows, and if we let them know that we suspect them of working with the black lotus, or suspect the black lotus is spying on us instead of Canus, they might double down in causing trouble for us whether it be keeping us from making peaceful relationships with Dopus and even Canus, or our Runescripting and teaching. Lets keep our cards close to our chest, and talk only to the royalties in private about our thoughts later (meditation with William and Ignis talking about our concerns will really help)

I also been thinking of the possibility that the Black Lotus might not be associated with Canus and has actually been trying to stir political unrest between Canus, Dopus, and Tengu with this stunt, otherwise they would have sent someone higher up to take Chi with them and instead let her go easily to continue her runescripting and give her a hard time doing it while making everyone think Canus is responsible like they have been doing to us in the past. I think they knew Mud Runty wouldn't be able to take Chi and would cause agitation, so used him as a fall guy to act as a fake diplomat from Canus to make Canus look bad in Tengu's, and Dopus' eyes. For all we know, Canus might not actually be complete assholes and be willing to form peaceful relationships, but the Black Lotus is just trying to ruin Canus' reputation with threatening us.
No. 1019196 ID: f8fa51

No. 1019351 ID: afe7de
File 164125665468.png - (15.62KB , 500x500 , SR2_035.png )

You convince the group to travel through the jungle, that the monsters you encounter there will likely be less of a hassle than dealing with any humans hunting you in the sky. The group assents and you begin your trek. You occasionally bump into a few wander beasts, you even think you catch sight of a mythical PAPERLING. They say the beast is made entirely of paper, but is far too fast to be seen. The others joke about your sighting, mentioning that it’s just an URBAN MYTH, but you play back that memory in your head and you [UNDERSTAND] that it was real. You make a mental note of the area it was spotted in to return to at one day.

About halfway home you end up encountering what seems to be an entire pack of DUSK RABBITS. Due to what you can only assume is BAD LUCK, Pon sneezes at the worst moment and they’re alerted, attacking you. You were expecting a rough fight, but it turns out that Pon is incredibly efficient in hunting these, almost like he has a vendetta against them. Your group doesen’t have the space to hold any of the carcasses, but you carry the meat and cores with you and use them as food for the rest of your trip.

You also feel closer to everyone, including your mother after all of that. You feel like the next time you spend time with her she’ll truly see you as your own person and you could even form a BOND with her. The layer of child-like film preventing it before is gone, she’s seen you as your own, incredibly capable person.

You’ve gained 10 SMALL MONSTER CORES, they each glow with a dull red light
- These will be added to your crafting supplies
You can now form a bond with FAAN
- Forging this bond will give you context into your families history

It took far much longer, but you’re safe, no one’s pursued you, and you think no one even saw you enter the worldplate, well, no one other than the guards. You take to the skies, having spent so long without flying it’s a freeing sensation to be able to do so. Your mom escorts you back to the city before heading back to her house, ruffling your head and giving you a massive hug.

Faan: I’m soooo proud of you Chi!
Faan: You’re so young but you’re already the pride of our family!
Pon: Hey!
Pon: I actually agree but you don’t gotta say it moooooom!
[PRIDE] Yessssssssss
[EVERYONE] Please don’t get an ego from this please

You try not to let this make your head bigger than it already is, but you do revel in it for a moment. It’s satisfying in a way, especially since you have been working so hard and doing so much. You land at home when NUBS speaks up.

Nubs: I’ll take Yoxaru to the tower
Yoxaru: Twas a pleasure, now for the probably long and boring process of politics
Nubs: Awww don’t worry the birds are way better then us fish about efficiency
Yoxaru: We’ll see
Yoxaru: I’ll pop by… later, check up with you and let you know.

The two of them head out and before you can even turn around you see a very excited Ignis rush at you and nearly tackle you to the ground in the biggest hug he’s ever mustered.

Ignis: CHIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
Ignis: You’re LATE!
Ignis: I was so worried!
Ignis: We were so worried!
Ignis: My secret santa thing came in!
Ignis: There’s so much to talk about!
William: He really missed you, you know.

William walks over, giving you a hug as well, the hug is over a still-attached Ignis though. It’s a nice hug, a warm hug, a comforting hug, a hug that reminds you of home. The both of them. You were gone for about 1/4 of a year, which is technically not that long, but is the longest you’ve been apart from these guys in a while. There’s EMOTION building up in you and you’d be lying to yourself that seeing these two immediately greeting you didn’t stir any feelings at all.
No. 1019352 ID: afe7de
File 164125667556.png - (83.34KB , 500x500 , SR2_036.png )

You arive near the end of [TP6] and take some time to share a moment with your confidants, each of your links. Nubs, Pon, William, and Ignis all join you in a group meditation session and you discuss the events. There’s shock and awe in William and Ignis’s expressions, not believing humans would be that rash.

Ignis mentions that a HUMAN DIPLOMAT came by to try to speak to the higher ups, but it was more of the same demands. He says he doesn't know their name, but can check for you and get back, just in case that kin really was a diplomat. Nubs is just fascinated by everything in your space and asks if she can try making something. Everyone else hears that and also wonders the same. You pause and think about it when [LINK] appears.

[LINK] Yeah I mean they could I guess
[UNDERSTANDING] I don’t think that’s wise
[LINK] Aw let em have their fun!
[UNDERSTANDING] There’s still not a lot we understand about this space
[LINK] Take some risks you big baby
[LINK] If you don’t live a little then you’ll be stuck up like Saba
[LINK] You know, the guy you’re dressed as
[UNDERSTANDING] You know that there’s…
[UNDERSTANDING] FINE, Just don’t go into the fog with them.

This interaction was entirely out of earshot to your companions, but you find it strange. They certainly had a lot more… personality than normal today. And it almost seemed like [LINK] was dancing around saying something, but not saying it clearly. You think [UNDERSTANDING] knows something, but can’t tell you. You file this away as another strange thing to research in the future.

You: I’ll let you guys know when we can experiment on that.

You’ve gained a new option for meditation - LINKED MEDITATION
- Meditation with your linked companions
- You’re not sure what the end results would be

Life gets back to normal and you start to work yourself into the daily routine you’ve been so used to. You check your mental checklist and go through the motions, seeing what’s happening soon, how progress with LAPUTA RUNETECH has progressed, and see that the status quo is being maintained. You check on DRIFT but he says that he’ll still be a while. He’s having meals delivered to him in his room and refuses to let anyone see him. You could attempt to force your way in, but aren’t sure if that would help or hurt him.

Two of your AIR CHOKERS had all of the energy in them siphoned and they’ve broken.
- Your last remaining AIR CHOKER could be recharged, but you’ll need to make a BATTERY SYSTEM at some point.

- You’ve gained 1 GOAL POINT
- You’ve gained a bonus 2 GOAL POINTS

You have unlocked a new activity TRAVEL
- Traveling to locations and back takes a TP, however complications can arise
- You are recommended to stay at home for the remainder of the year, as you have work soon

You have unlocked a new PAID ACTIVITY - DREAM TEA
- Have dream tea with your companions

- How does it work, what can you do with it
- Ignis suggests not thinking too hard about it
- But instead suggests letting PON mess around with it for fun


Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
= MIND DORM 100%
Your current GP total is 6/15
Your next reward is a FREE STAT POINT

You have a free GOAL SLOT, feel free to suggest goals and I’ll make a poll after we get a few

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6) (skipped this year)
- PRECISION WITH NICO (-300S/yr) (Events at TP 3)

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You spent 200 SHINIES on general food and goods while at DOPUS
You have [28,128 SHINIES] remaining

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year


It is the end of [TP 6] You have [1 TIME POINT]
What do you do?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
No. 1019355 ID: c92a02

Keep messing with meditation stuff - Mind and body meditation specifically. Letting Nubs make something will probably influence you strongly, which is why Understanding is against such a major decision. However, Nubs is cool and being more like her is a good thing!
There's a lot of facilities of your own you have yet to build... mind labs... knowledge halls... guest dorms...
No. 1019359 ID: 629f2e

Let's try out that new LINKED MEDITATION thing. If we can work on our campus while doing so, I nominate the Halls of Knowledge because we have so many fucking books we want to process and it would be REALLY nice if that went faster.
No. 1019379 ID: 96c896

Work on teaching the royal scientist we've been working with.
No. 1019384 ID: ce39da


Come on, are we really going to leave this unfinished?

> TP
We have fun new toys to play with, both with the dream tea and the mind palace, but I suggest we deal with some PROMISES first - the bare minimum, at least, before we do anything else! Teach the Royal Scientists, focusing on RUTHERFORD and SATINA. Rutherford, of course, you expect to complete his studies. With Satina, maybe she'll take additional solace that she isn't the worst student of the three by a long shot - LILITH wears that crown proudly at the moment. Heck, maybe a bit of outright venting about Lilith in Satina's session as you assuage her worries might prompt her to spill some additional hot goss (like daughter, like mother)?
No. 1019388 ID: 3439d7


Ignis has done so much for Chi to help her achieve her dream in becoming a teacher in runescripting, and get the workshop up and running that we should return the favor by helping him achieve his own dream in being a DIPLOMAT. it was explained in the secret santa thread that while he knows some English, he struggles with English literacy, and he might not know other spoken English words. He'll need English knowledge to catch that dream. Plus, who knows, with his high charisma, he might form peaceful relationships between our worldplate and canus!

And after the lessons, we'll take him on dates! Go for theaters and see plays, go to festivals and amusement parks, dinners, share dream tea, etc. This should lower stress and get us to see if Chi and Ignis truly click.


We should use our free dinner action on Hook. With that competition coming up in a few years to replace the queen, it might be best to raise our bond with her a bit.  or exquisite quality (fit for royalty)


Trades fair coming up, yeah? We should ask teaching staff if we could judge runescripting contest or attract students into taking our class there
No. 1019391 ID: ce39da

Oh shoot, yeah, I forgot about the free dinner action. Assuming we've yet to spend that this year, let's have a mother-daughter outing if FAAN is still around. Strike while the iron's hot, and all.

(This is an addendum to my earlier suggestion: >>1019384)
No. 1019406 ID: 3439d7

Changing the dinner plans from Hook to Faan, because we can use that time to learn more about her relationship with Lilith the owl (without our dad and other mother), and maybe find some way to better approach her and teach her runescripting.

Hook bonding can be later.

Still wanna have those study dates and teach Ignis english, but failing to do it this tp, I encourage to do it the next available free tp we aren't teaching our classes. (I might change my vote later to linked mindpalace depending on amount of votes later)
No. 1019442 ID: 076735

I really like both these ideas (English with Ignis, and the Scientists). Not sure which we should go about first, I'd say the scientists since it's contracted.
No. 1019467 ID: 36784c

Let’s see if the Royal Scientists have made any progress on their studies while we were on vacation. I hope they didn’t just sit around and do nothing while we were gone.
No. 1019534 ID: a9af05

>Secret Santa gift is canon
If the gifts Ignis received are considered canon, then I'm curious if Ignis' gifts of owning land and being given the status of royalty to Amica Amilia is also canon?

>What do?
Knock on the door and let Drift know that if he needs any help, he can ask everyone here. If he still insists that he's ok, then respect his privacy and leave him alone.

>let's have a mother-daughter outing if FAAN is still around.
Let's do this.
No. 1020217 ID: c3e059

I want to let Pon mess around with that Dream Cooking activity.

>I wonder if Amica Amilia is also canon?
I doubt it, so don't get your hopes up.
No. 1020549 ID: f18162

Spend some time talking about what you did on your vacation. You can even show them the bracelets that you won. Lift up your legs and show them off while you're wearing them on your ankles!

>TP activity
Instead of jumping straight into more work, let's spend some time with Faan. We never spent any time with her during our vacation, which might have hurt her feelings. Let's fix that and spend some time with her now!

And maybe ask for some advice on how to handle that one stubborn royal scientist that doesn't want to listen to us.
No. 1020658 ID: afe7de
File 164248783636.png - (11.30KB , 500x500 , SR2_037.png )

You decide to spend time with FAAN, inviting her to the city to get a nice meal. You splurge and make it EXQUISITE just to show your appreciation and she’s very excited to have the meal with you. You hope it makes the conversation just a bit more pleasant than it would have been.

You: So, about Lilith
Faan: Hmm? Oh yeah, her.
Faan: What about her?
You: Could you tell me more, I kind of have to teach her some things
You: I’m sure I could get out of it, she was downright disrespectful though
You: And I have my own [PRIDE] to not let her talk down to me
Faan: Hmmm, well that will be a problem of it’s own
Faan: My advice, wait her out, she’s arrogant, strict, and disrespectful at times
Faan: But she is actually pretty smart
Faan: She just uhh… Has social problems…
You: Like some disability?
Faan: Maybe… She just can’t understand kin like she understands objects and devices
Faan: Though she lacks nearly any CREATIVITY, which leads to her downfall in a lot of fields
Faan: She also got a huge beak about the printing press she refurbished
Faan: But she knows when to ask for help
Faan: My advice, refuse to help her a few times until she’s desperate or apologizes
Faan: There’s nothing for me or you to apologize for. I’m [PROUD] of you and your brother
Faan: And I would never change having either of you.

You get the feeling your bond with Faan has grown closer, you share some details about your days and plans and she wishes you the best. But not before she asks who that boy who hugged you was, she’s heard some rumors about that and you blush, mentioning it’s IGNIS, a great buddy of yours. She gives you a knowing nod and a smirk before heading off and wishing you the best. You’re going to have to figure out what to do with Ignis soon enough, and William too now that you think of it. Though he seems significantly less romantically interested in you than before, or maybe it’s that Ignis is way more interested than he ever was? Hard to tell.
No. 1020659 ID: afe7de
File 164248785264.png - (10.28KB , 500x500 , SR2_038.png )

You spend some time teaching the royal scientists, RUTHERFORD takes to your teaching with ease and grace. He’s spent the time since your last session half a year ago attempting to unlearn his more problematic tendencies. He truly wants to learn this and figure it out to help his people. You can respect a guy like that. After finishing the first manual you hand him a binder filled with the rest, encouraging him and showing him how to make some of the blueprints you’ve given to the royals. He is flush with excitement and praise for your teaching.

RUTHERFORD has fully learned how to RUNESCRIPT

You also spend some time teaching SATINA. Your pride from RUTHERFORD is replaced with a TEMPERANCE and PATIENCE towards her. She’s infuriating in the way your worst students are, but it’s much less of a chore compared to before.

Satina: Oh right, almost forgot
Satina: My daughter wants to know if you have time for DINNER soon
Satina: I get the feeling she wants to recruit you
Satina: But she’s a little brat so make sure you get good terms
You: Aren’t you supposed to encourage me to make decisions that benefit your kin?
Satina: HAH, you don’t know me that well, equality goes both ways
Satina: Can’t be biased when you’re in my position
Satina: Though if you do reject her be nice about it alright?

[UNDERSTANDING] I get the feeling she doesn't want her daughter to be the next queen
[GUILE] I feel the same
[LOGIC] Why though?

You think this over as you continue your teaching of SATINA.

HOOK has invited you to dinner anytime between TP 5-8
- She is not available until then
SATINA is 3/8 of the way through the learning process
- You get the feeling it might take 2-3 more sessions to teach her

All the while you haven’t seen feather nor talon of LILITH. It seems she too does not want to talk to you, or you would say that if not on the final week of your sessions you had a distinct ping towards your [INTUITION] that you were being watched. You slyly looked around, not alerting her to you noticing her stare. She’s staring daggers at you, and you can even see crumpled notes in her hand. You don’t acknowledge her and instead continue on with your day.

You have no idea how LILITH has progressed.

After all was said and done you had a brief meeting with the ROYALS. They handed over your stipend and congratulated you on technical completion of your contract. The Queen then speaks to you.

Queen: Well done young raven, I will admit it is a bit surprising that you were so successful.
Queen: Since we were told it was impossible for adults to learn the craft.
Queen: Now we can truly confirm that “that man” was a liar.
Queen: Your work is truly appreciated.
You: It’s a pleasure to assist, even if it’s a bit draining
Queen: Ah, you mean Satina? Or Lilith?
You: With no disrespect your majesty, Lilith hates my guts
Queen: I’m aware
Queen: However sometimes we must work with individuals we dislike
Queen: She does do good work, just… isn’t social
You: So I’ve been told
Queen: She’ll come around eventually
Queen: Her professionalism is more important to her than her face
Queen: Though your family is the sorest of subjects for her
Queen: *sigh*
Queen: I have a request, an open request, since the contract had you working for 4 years
Queen: But you technically finished
Queen: Could you pop in now and again and keep helping Satina?
Queen: And eventually Lilith, if she comes around
Queen: We’ll increase your rate from [10K SHINIES] a session to [12K SHINIES] a session
You: … I’ll consider it, it depends on what our plans become soon.
Queen: I understand, and since you accomplished your task so quickly I will offer you a BOON
Queen: Should you need something, a loan, supplies, etc.
Queen: We’ll assist you at no charge once so long as it’s within our means.
Queen: Let it not be said we do not reward those who work with us.
Queen: Ah, and thank you for bringing YOXARU back safely
Queen: Negotiations are taking a while, but I believe this will benefit both our plates
Queen: You have our gratitude.

It’s strange when the queen stands up and bows to you, but you do the same to her as you leave. There’s a bit of dissonance between what you remember royalty acting like on Faunus and what you remember it acting like here. Though you have to say, this version is way nicer.

You’ve gained [12,000 SHINIES] from teaching the ROYALS
You’ve been offered a pay raise should you try to teach SATINA or LILITH
You’ve gained a ROYAL BOON
- This can be redeemed at any time for a cash influx or for something specific
- You were told to keep this a secret from others, but will not be punished if you speak of it

- You’ve gained 2 GOAL POINTS

No. 1020660 ID: afe7de
File 164248788155.png - (15.44KB , 500x500 , SR2_039.png )

One evening in the teachers lounge Ignolia spots you and waves you over, so you take a seat and eat your meal by her. She gossips with you about how her MONSTER THEORY class is going along well. She’s been studying leftover notes by SHIMON, but has trouble with it. So instead she’s been spending a lot of time with the HUNTERS, gathering data. You nod and mention that that was probably the right choice.

Ignolia: I wassss wondering, your father, he’s DRACO right?
You: Hmm yeah? *munch* what about em?
Ignolia: He’s practically a legend amongssst huntersss!
You: Really? He’s always just been my dad?
Ignolia: No, really he’sss incredible. If uh…
You: You wanna meet him?
Ignolia: If that would be uhhhh pleasssant for him…
[GUILE] I think she has a crush on your dad
You: Wait do you have a crush on your dad?
[INTUITION] Okay but why did you say that without thinking
Ignolia: Uhhh No! I mean uh! He’sss Uh! Nice! And Handssssome!
Ignolia: I uhhh
You: I can see about him meeting you, but I don’t know if he’s interested in someone his daughter’s age
You: Plus I have two moms already

Ignolia is turning absolutely beet red. There’s part of you, the Ignis part, the one that knows Charisma, that is covering their metaphorical face in shame at what you just said. It takes you a bit to realize that you were kind of stuck in LOGIC mode rather than EMPATHETIC mode, so you cough. And move the conversation around.

You: Uh, sorry, sometimes I’m stuck in my own head, didn’t really think about what I said.
You: I’ll uhh, think about letting him know and get back to you
You: He’s a nice guy, at least I think, he’s always nice to me
Ignolia: I heard hesss actually a nice guy yesss…

The air turns a bit awkward as you finish your lunch in silence.

You’ve gained a new OPPORTUNITY
- Introduce DRACO to IGNOLIA
- You get the feeling her MONSTER THEORY classes will improve if this happens
- You’ll have to think of a reason to get DRACO to stay with her for an extended period of time
- And get the idea “for the school” isn’t a good enough reason

No. 1020662 ID: afe7de
File 164248792893.png - (10.43KB , 500x500 , SR2_040.png )

The year is coming to a close as you start your last RUNESCRIPTING class before the new year, and one student catches your eye amongst the crowd. You can see a look in his eye, a determination whose source you cannot determine. It’s familiar to you, however the student is showing middling to poor results in class due to a large lack of CREATIVITY. You nearly let them fall through the cracks in the class but put the minimum effort in anyway.

It wasn’t until you really, truly took a look at the situation when the student came up to you that you realized something. This kid was a human. His name was Clark and in his introduction he claimed he wanted to learn Runescripting to support his family. At first you suspected he would just give up and leave like other students that said something similar, but he had this drive. And nearing the end of the semester, with him only barely 3/4 of the way through the material he comes up to you.

Clark: Teacher Chi, can I speak with you for a moment?
You: Hmm? Sure. How can I help?
Clark: I… I don’t really get some of this, I’m trying but it feels…
Clark: I feel like I’m missing something

You think back to Clark’s performance, the things he was stuck on. You always see him stay late working on this, studying, and have noticed him around in study spots on the campus. Working deep into the night even. It’s hard not to notice a human in this city. You also remember the frustration at a problem he couldn’t wrap his head around. Moments that were cracks in to you what looks like a more apathetic outer shell. It bothers you, it bothers you so much, and then your stats chime in and you realize why.

[UNDERSTANDING] It’s because he’s like we were
[LOGIC] Highly logical, lacking in creativity, wanting to do something for the ones he cares about
[CHARISMA] You see something in him that’s a reflection of yourself

It’s true, you do, and were actively not helping him, like others did to you. You kick yourself for this, he’s just a kid. And your expression turns to a more sad compassion, to which Clark quirks his eyebrows.

You: It’s CREATIVITY, you’re too focused on the LOGICAL parts of this
Clark: What do you mean, can’t you just brute force it with LOGIC?
You: I thought the same at one point
You: But it’s why students don’t continue too often past the first class
You: You can’t have one without the other
Clark: *Tch* I don’t really have the TIME to learn that
Clark: I’m doing apprenticeships and I’m trying to get a job next year
Clark: So are you saying I should just give up on this field?

This conversation pains you, it feels like one you’ve had before long, long ago. Like someone telling you you weren’t good enough and never could learn it. You [UNDERSTAND] his frustration, only unlike those teachers who thought they knew better you actually do know that unless he trains his CREATIVITY, he won’t excel in the field. There’s something going on behind the scenes with this kid too, he’s only 12 and he’s trying to get a job so early. Maybe you should investigate his background.

[UNDERSTANDING] Rough family life?

You eventually end the conversation with some tips on practicing his CREATIVITY, simple things he can practice for 10 minutes a day that will help him until you can come up with a better solution. You wrack your head over this problem, you can’t spend all of your time teaching every student, and he only has limited time in his day to do things. You could put some money towards him, but that would just be sponsoring him without a goal.

Then it hits you, you need a TA, he needs a job. You know yourself, you know the school curriculum, and get several things about how things work here. If you spend [1TP] next year teaching him directly you get the idea that you could get him to understand the basics and improve his creativity. Then it’ll just take him one class and he could TA. But there is where the problem is, do you have the time to do this? You could also pay for him to get a private tutor, someone else, though the results may vary.

- Requires [1TP] of your time next year
- OR 2-6000 SHINIES to hire a personal tutor for him
- You will gain a TA for 2-4 more years, freeing up your time
- You can then chose to directly hire him for LAPUTA RUNETECH or suggest a job to him for the ROYALS

- You could hire someone to look into Clark, Ignis or William might know more
- You could also go through the teacher’s records and find out more about his family
- You could also ask him directly, but get the idea he may not be happy about your snooping

No. 1020663 ID: afe7de
File 164248795266.png - (9.59KB , 500x500 , SR2_041.png )

> [YEAR 17]
Your 17th birthday passes with little fanfare as many things happen. The WORKSHOP has completed its construction and now you have a proper place to make things with your crew. Ignis looks proud at the new space and says that they’ll have a much easier and less stressful time working with this new space. You agree, and now Ignis can save some money, no longer needing the WAREHOUSE. You look to Ignis and his eyes are stars, he’s excited at what you all can do and your heart pangs with guilt. You think you should make some time for him soon, but with your TAing, Training with Nico, Exercise at the dojo, and all your other things, it’s hard to make time. Though if you can teach Clark, or find someone else, then you’ll free up that TA slot.

You’re also informed that you’ll be judging the RUNESCRIPTING competition this year, it’s an easy task and won’t take up too much of your time. Plus this might be a good chance to find some good pupils should you choose not to work with Clark.

You’ve gained a new BACKGROUND TASK - DATING
You’ll need to drop a current background task to do it, but then you can go on consistent dates.
- Once you form a relationship with someone you will HAVE to accommodate a background task to it
- Or lose [1 TP] a year so long as you are in the relationship
- The DATING task can let you be in a relationship with up to 3 kin at once
- Dating can sometimes add STRESS, but can also sometimes COMPLETELY ELIMINATE it and provide bonuses

There’s been no progress on the matter, but they get the feeling that there might be progress in the middle or near the end of the year, at least giving themselves a direction to move forward in.


Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
= MIND DORM 100%
Your current GP total is 8/15
Your next reward is a FREE STAT POINT

You have a free GOAL SLOT, feel free to suggest goals and I’ll make a poll after we get a few

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6)
- PRECISION WITH NICO (-300S/yr) (Events at TP 3)

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You gained [12,000 SHINIES] from TEACHING the royals
You gained [6,400 SHINIES] from TEACHING at the academy
You spent [800 SHINIES] on rent
You spent [240 SHINIES] on lifestyle expenses and food with FAAN
You gained [2,000 SHINIES] for your yearly SUPPLY STIPEND at the ACADEMY
You have [28,128 SHINIES] remaining

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year

You have one ROYAL BOON
- This can be redeemed from the royalty for one thing within reason


It is the beginning of [YEAR 17] You have [1 TIME POINT]
What do you do?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
Stat list: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards_Stats
No. 1020665 ID: c92a02

Hmm... Could this human's tale be too good to be true? Check the teacher's records yourself, and in the meantime hire a good tutor, 4K shinies.
Precision training will be over eventually and then we can use the background slot for dating, but until then - use this TP to get some reading done.
Goals - Hmm. Find a way to free up more personal time, and join a ruins expedition.
No. 1020666 ID: 629f2e

Let's wait on dating for now, we can spend a TP dating later to make up for it until we lock in a TA.

I think we should take a Tactics class to buff up one of our weakest stats, STRATEGY. It'll do us well in the future if things keep getting hairier around us and we need to start making plays to stay safe. Plus, it may give us another shot at bonding with the PHANTOM RANDOLPHUS TRIPLETS, and the more of them we can befriend the merrier.

Let's also invest in Clark by hiring a tutor to help with his CREATIVITY. If we know somebody perfect for the job, even better.

For our next goal, let's try to lock in a TA for this class.

Ignis is bae and we can totally do favors for him in return. Ask him to look into Clark's family to better figure out the situation there. It may change how we choose to handle him. This totally isn't us wanting to check out the human's background out of racism, absolutely not, we are above such things. But also make sure he's not associated with the Black Lotus just in case, you never know.
No. 1020669 ID: 96c896

>he’s only 12 and he’s trying to get a job so early
Ah, your Knowledge is getting mixed up. That's not unusual in this world. In fact, you got a TA job at 12 yourself!
>rough family life?
He's doing this for his family. I find it more likely that he's having trouble making friends, since he's a human and the nation is not friendly with them. You were human in your last life and thus can empathize more but I bet your countrymen are less accepting.
Also possible that he's got a sick parent, and he needs money to pay for medical bills...

You should definitely investigate Clark. If you see potential in him to be part of Laputa Runetech then you need to make sure he'll be loyal. This isn't because he's human. This should be standard operating procedure for any new potential hire. You're a royal scientist after all, and will soon be developing tech for a war effort.
If he comes up clean then you can teach him!
I'm not sure who to put on this task. Which of Ignis and William has better connections? Ignis is a social bug but William might have a closer relationship with secret intelligence.

Precision Training is about to give an event. Hopefully that will end the training and we can use the slot for dating.
I wouldn't object to dropping M&B Training since it's not doing a whole lot right now anyway.

I can think of some.
1: get a proper workshop.
2: invent 5 new military-application designs
3: find the Tengu magitech ruins
4: prepare to delve into magitech ruins
5: Form a BOND with Rain (we don't have long distance communication... what about mail? we can be penpals!)
6: delve into magitech ruins

>1 TP
Okay, uh...
Invent an actually good mana pistol. Or mana rifle, even. Or augment claws with something strong like an electrical discharge on impact.
No. 1020670 ID: f8fa51

I think we should take the time to date. We've got several love interests (primarily Nubs, William, and Ignis) and haven't really spent any time on them romantically yet.
No. 1020671 ID: 96c896

Supporting goal: Hire a TA
No. 1020674 ID: 0764c5

Oh yeah, goal idea: Teach Ignis English to help him acomplish his dream to become a Diplomat
No. 1020678 ID: 5e9c45

In response to the mana pistol idea, I think before we invent the mana pistol, we should work on the mana battery and mana charging station for the pistol first.

Also, we should keep the precision training if we are gonna make the pistol so that our precision and aim will be at a high enough level to be really good at using the pistol once we invent it.
No. 1020679 ID: 36784c

A good teacher doesn’t give up on any of their students! Let’s help him out!

I’m getting excited! I hope whatever Drift has been doing will be good for him!

>1 TP
I think we should use our TP to try and help Clark. We can’t let such a promising student give up before he can reach his full potential!
No. 1020713 ID: 34dfce

>William Romance
I mean, that's fine, right? I mean, you both seem to care deeply about each other, to the point I would call it love, it just isn't the romantic kind. Still, (and this goes for many of our very close friends) unless something drastic happens, you are in this together, probably even past this lifetime. Romantic, familial, and platonic love are all still love.
No. 1021068 ID: ce39da

Best. IGNIS. Face. Ever.

- Complete your GURUSHIP with RAIN/form a BOND with him.
- Hire a TA to free up a BACKGROUND ACTIVITY.

> TP
Yeah, let's help out CLARK ourselves. Throwing money at the issue would be more time-efficient, but it's not as sure-fire and would be kind of awkward for him, you, and perhaps the whole class in the meantime. Do ask him ahead of time if he's fine with you doing this, of course.

Meanwhile, ask IGNIS to look into CLARK's family. It doesn't matter whether you've been asking a lot of him, because you plan to start repaying him with...

Of course, explain ahead of time that, while you don't currently have the free time for a long-term relationship, you'd like to test the waters with the first prince at a FANCY restaurant - your treat. He gets to decide what you do with the rest of the evening (though insist on PROTECTION if he wants to take it in that direction).
No. 1021084 ID: e51896

Okay, I'm changing my vote to use our tp to help Clark. It'll help form a good working relationship with him, something that hiring a TA won't do. Plus, it may help us free a background activity for dates if we convince him to be our TA to help with him getting a job

I'm personally against having Ignis or william do us a favor to check on clark and instead, I want to just check the teacher's records ourself. We've already asked much from them, and Clark might want his privacy.

But if we do have Ignis check on him, we absolutely must spend a tp to date him and teach him english this year to help him achieve his dream to become a diplomat (hopefully next TP). promise him STUDY DATES sometime this year to teach him english, and date him afterwards, tell him you want to help him reach his full potential as a diplomat by teaching him english and tell him you'd like to research on this dating thing and if it's right for you.

My question is, I know that Hook invited us for a dinner meeting at 5-8 tp. Does that mean we'd use up our dinner activity if we use it with Ignis beforehand, or is Hook's invitation to meet her something we will do automatically without using up that free dinner activity? if the latter, then yeah, let's have a dinner date with Ignis for our free dinner activity this tp. However, If using the activity on Ignis will prevent us from spending time for Hook this year, then save it for Hook. She wanted to talk to us anyways.
No. 1021088 ID: 629f2e


However the TP shakes out, I think it's worth temporarily dropping SOMETHING to make time for Ignis. He's worth it!

I'm also gonna change to helping Clark ourselves since my original pick didn't gain any support. Retaining my pick of asking Ignis to look into Clark for us. If he wants anything in return, we'll gladly pay him back!
No. 1022292 ID: afe7de
File 164394102257.png - (13.23KB , 500x500 , SR2_042.png )

You decide to do a quick investigation on the boy, getting Ignis to help you out in exchange for a dinner date later that week. He’s absolutely ecstatic and excited about this, so you go through the Academy’s records and he goes through his small intelligence network.

Ignis: It won’t be hard to find info on him
Ignis: He’s one of the like 6 Humans that live in QARA TENGU after all
You: Should we be concerned that we’re keeping tabs on them like this?
Ignis: You could be, but considering the Human’s track records…
Ignis: AND what you told us about, well…
You: Yeah, I know, better safe than dead, hence the investigation.

The investigation is brief and doesn't take much of your time. You find out that he is orphaned, adopted by a seemingly normal family of Canine Beast-Kin that live in the capital. He has a single brother, named RODGER, notable for frequently pestering the old ladies in the marketplace for snacks. He usually gets them, but never eats them in front of them. His parents sell herbs in a small shop that has been closed for a few months.

Ignis returns a few days later with news that absolutely attempts to tug at your heartstrings. He was in fact orphaned, orphaned at the age of 3, adopted by political dissidents from MARA CANUS that preferred the socioeconomic situation in QARA TENGU. Unfortunately, his mother fell ill after birthing RODGER, and their father has been injured. They are both recovering and have extensive medical bills.

[LUCK] That’s unfortunate
[LOGIC] It’s nothing un-fixable
You: I think I need to have a talk with him
Ignis: What’re you thinking?
You: I think I might get him to be my TA, see how it goes, and get him to join us
Ignis: A human at LAPUTA RUNETECH?
Ignis: I… normally I don’t question you like this but are you sure?
Ignis: That uh, might make for a kind of strange public image.
Ignis: Especially with rising tensions between the plates.
You: I’d rather him be a friend than an enemy, right?
You: Plus, who else on this plate would even offer him a job if things are like you said
Ignis: You should be prepared for him to be abused by the students he teaches
Ignis: Or be prepared to intervene, it WILL be stressful
Ignis: But might be good to soothe racial tension…

You nod, deciding to have a conversation with Clark after the Trades fair and you get a few more things out of the way. You hand him a note after class and indicate he should read it and if he’s interested to come see you after the Trades Fair. He seems quite excited.
No. 1022293 ID: afe7de
File 164394103847.png - (19.45KB , 500x500 , SR2_043.png )

The trades fair comes and there’s an exciting hustle and bustle to the kin as they wander around testing their skills and trying to find out what will or won’t fit their future careers. The air smells of fresh seafood as you wander by a stall that Pon has put up, he’s selling PON POPS, but he’s also making some fried goods with a makeshift BURNER he made. You try out the FISH STICKS as he calls them, and they’re surprisingly good.

You pass by CHIPPER, he’s working hard, trying to get the other kin into crafting, sculpting, wood carving, and sewing, but there are fewer takers this year.

Nubs has been hanging out with the BLACKSMITHS, having enjoyed their company a few years back, she smacks you on the ass, surprising you when you turn away, thinking she was deep in conversation.

Eventually you head back to the Runescripting competition, and much to your surprise, there’s only around 4 participants. You’d have thought with the higher number of students passing your class that at least SOME of them would attend. It kind of frustrates you. Of the participants, none seem all that interested, finding it QUITE HARD. The only one you see actively trying is of course Clark. They even mock him a bit, to which you offer strict criticism of their creations, which immediately silences them.

[CHARISMA] Is there something wrong with how we’re teaching?
[LOGIC] I feel like we’re doing the right thing…
[UNDERSTANDING] I think that Shimon did more harm than good, making others think it was…
[UNDERSTANDING] Too hard or incomprehensible
[SABA’S KN] You need to make practical creations to display it’s use
[SABA’S KN] The CHI-LLER hasn't been rolled out by the royals yet due to how behind they are
[SABA’S KN] And we’ve been busy, Pon’s the only one making use of things really

After the competition ends the only one to complete anything is CLARK, he’s put in overtime and makes a stone board that you can write on, triggering the NULL rune on the board to erase anything that's been inscribed or written on it.

This was something you considered at one point but never actually put into practice and you’re honestly surprised that this idea came straight off of the cuff for him. You’re so impressed that you realize that making these things to be used at LAPUTA RUNETECH over chalk might actually be a smart play. You could just outright take the idea and use it privately, or you could work with him and come to some sort of financial agreement.

You sigh as the Trades fair comes to an end, realizing that the fair might be a good way to gauge overall how everyone perceives your trade. You know that it’s worthwhile, and that it’s applications have seemingly no limit for now, but others don’t quite get exactly how far into the future you’re thinking.

You’ve gained a new OPPORTUNITY
- Buy off the RUNE ETCHING blueprint
- Clark just thinks it’s a nice experiment but that no one would be interested.
- You could work with him to find a buyer, buy it yourself, or just use the design
- You get the feeling he would just assume you came up with the idea already
- But you get the feeling he should be rewarded for his innovation.

> [YEAR 17] TP1-2 - TEACHING
Teaching goes by with relative ease this year, but the stress starts to come in. You try to impress upon others the practical applications of these devices, but they see them as luxuries, satisfied with what they can get now. Some students seem to perk up at this and you feel like you’re reaching a few of them, but you can only hope that these seeds flower in the future.

You’ve gained 1 STRESS due to your students
No. 1022294 ID: afe7de
File 164394105121.png - (14.25KB , 500x500 , SR2_044.png )

After a few talks with Clark you come to an agreement, you agree to teach him bit by bit throughout the year (taking up a full TP’s worth of time). And in return, by the end of the year, if he’s doing well in his studies with you as a direct tutor, he’ll be hired on as the TA, earning a solid 500 SHINIES a semester, totaling to 1000 SHINIES a year. You let him know that it typically involves a small amount of work post classes during the week and that he’s free to work other jobs if he still needs more funds afterwards. You recount how you managed your schedule and he scrunches his nose at you.

Clark: Have you heard the story of the GOLEM AND THE WIZARD?
You: No, I haven’t but I’m familiar with the concepts.
Clark: The wizard in the story created a creature called a golem
Clark: This uhhh rock monster kind of thing
Clark: It would work under his orders and on schedule every day
Clark: Never deviating from it
Clark: Do you… do you have a social life?
You: Uhhhhhhhh
You: Do YOU?
Clark: I can’t afford one
You: Oh…
You: I’m just an ambitious young lady!
Clark: Well uh, my parents got sick because of that kind of ambition
Clark: Maybe you should take some time to do NOTHING occasionally
You: Hey! I had a vacation recently!
You: Ate a ton of food, meditated, fought in some contests!
Clark: Ooookay, if you say so teacher Chi.
You: I also go out sometimes with friends!
You: I live with a lot of them so it's easy to see them!
You: And I work out, and blah blah blah blah blah

At that point you kind of start rambling a bit in an attempt to justify yourself while your [STATS] kind of chuckle at the scene. For all his lip, he’s actually a good student, learning and asking the right questions as you help guide him. It kind of makes you a little [PROUD] if you’re being honest. Plus, you think it’d be boring if he was a yes-man all the time. Saba was into kinda mean kin after all. You sigh and ruffle his hair, continuing your lessons.

A new EVENT has been scheduled
- EVENT - CLARK’S PROGRESS - [TP8] has been added to your events list

You’ve formed a BOND with CLARK at RANK 1
- You know that CLARK is having financial problems
- Increase your bond to find out more

It feels like forever since you’ve seen NICO, when in reality it’s only been a few weeks, seeing as you try to meet up with him once a week and all. You’ve just been busy lately! He looks a little more haggard than normal, and his hands are wrapped up in bandages. He mentions that it was from some of the herbs and salves he was making. He mixed up the wrong kind and it burned his fur off a bit. His hands still function properly, he just doesn't want to show off the burns.

The two of you talk about random things, you tell him about DOPUS and he sounds excited about your tales, asking if you get a chance to invite him and his mom over some time. You mention you’ll think it over.

Your [PRECISION] stat has increased by 1 to [3]!
- You feel like you’re barely passable in throwing things
- You get the feeling making a gun and practicing could let you lean on [SABA’S KNOWLEDGE]
- Thus increasing your learning speed.
- You get the feeling NICO is trying his best but he doesn't quite get how to teach

No. 1022295 ID: afe7de
File 164394110069.png - (17.41KB , 500x500 , SR2_045.png )

You feel like you should have done this a long time ago, but you take IGNIS out to the fanciest dinner you can possibly afford. You’ve got [SHINIES] to spare now and he’s worth it. The diner you go to is located in the tower and is probably the best restaurant you could find here. The meals they serve are served in portions over the course of a few hours with several dishes and appetizers. At first you were worried you couldn’t eat it all, but it turns out they’re portioned out just right. Ignis hasn’t eaten here since he was a kid, but he’s incredibly excited to join you.

Ignis: Wooooahhh it’s been so long!
You: Only the best for you!
You: And me too!
You: When I’m not lazy anyway.
Ignis: You? Lazy? Impossible.

The two of you talk over dinner, first about how teaching’s been going, then about Laputa Runetech, then about your roommates before the conversation lulls. Sure, you’ve talked about stuff before, and have had a relaxing time with Ignis before, but you fail to remember a time where you actually talked about anything that wasn’t urgent, or business, or about where you’ve been.

[LOGIC] I mean he’s a wholesome guy who's really devoted
[CHARISMA] Also incredibly handsome
[INTUITION] And who actually cares about your wellbeing!
[UNDERSTANDING] Okay was that charisma talking or Ignis’s Bond talking
[LINK] I think he’s a sweetheart!

You try your best to get into the right headspace, but if you’re being honest, you haven’t been in that headspace for so long, both in this life and the last. Sure, your hormones are practically screaming at you all the time, but you handle that in the privacy of your own room, similar to how you handled them in the past, well, when it was a problem.

Ignis: So, have you ever thought about what you wanted to do?
You: All the time.
Ignis: No, I mean like… You’re 17, I’m 19, like we’re young but I’m talking far down the line
[CHARISMA] I’m gonna bump in and let you know he’s not talking about LAPUTA RUNETECH
You: I uhhh, well. There’s that Karma stuff
Ignis: That’s a bit too long term
Ignis: I mean like uhh…
Ignis: Dating
You: I’ve been trying to budget time for that actually
Ignis: REALLY!?
Ignis: *AHEM* I mean… RREAAALLY!?!??
You: Yeah, but with training and work and the company
You: I’m bringing on Clark to make it so I can have time to actually think about it.
You: He’ll be the new TA and I can finally breathe.
Ignis: I’ve been talking with William about this and he just said to be patient with you
Ignis: But I never expected you to ask me out first so I’m kind of antsy

What do you talk about with Ignis? Different topics will steer the conversation in different ways, now’s a good time to establish just what you want from a relationship with him if you do in fact want one.


A. Do you want kids?
- If you suggest this, decide if this is something you want
- Ignis will respond with his own answer

B. Do you want to travel a lot?
- Do you?
- Ignis will respond with his own answer

C. How large of a harem do you want this life?
- How many relationships do you want to maintain
- You can maintain 3 with a single BACKGROUND task or [TP] assigned to it a year
- Ignis will respond with his own answer

D. How important will work be in your life?
- You don’t get to choose the answer to this
- Ignis will respond with his own answer

E. Are you going to be interested in physical affection more than just hugs?
- What kind of sex life do you want?
- Ignis will respond with his own answer

F. Other
- Suggest a question and your position
- Ignis will respond with his own answer
- You can also suggest to just tell him something in confidence

No. 1022303 ID: 094652

Don't sweat your lack of laziness, you know what will happen if you don't rack up the points, and he doesn't.

C, and E.
No. 1022307 ID: 629f2e

Two notes:

One: We definitely can't steal Clark's idea. We've got money and connections, while he doesn't have either (and is clearly in desperate need of the former atm if Ignis' report is accurate). We should definitely buy that off of him.

Two: Next chance we get, let's spend a TP or two just meditating, or hanging out, or just doing fucking NOTHING. We just picked a verbal fight with a child and lost. For the sake of our [PRIDE], we can't let this happen again. Plus, yeah he had a good point. We have been going pretty hardcore for a while. Why not take some time to ourselves to be more social, or to just relax for a bit. We still have our whole lives ahead of us, it wouldn't kill us to relax.

Anywho, DATE TIME!

B, because Ignis' plans will absolutely affect our own future plans. It's a nice practical question, and one which will help us be a better partner to know how he feels about.

As for how we feel about travelling, there certainly are some very nice places out there. Dopus was a blast to visit, and you're sure that there are others which would benefit you to visit. Learning about other cultures can make you more well-rounded, and be a good source of inspiration. Plus, it's just fun! Beyond touring and vacations, you have a soft spot for home and aren't sure if you'd ever want to pull out your roots and fully move away.

And E, because I want to make him blush, he's adorable damnit.

What kind of sex life do we want? /shrug

You want sex, but it's less important to you than the actual romance in a relationship. You're happy to get frisky if Ignis wants to, and there'll definitely be times where you have needs of your own. But it probably won't be a constant thing. Like, you wouldn't do it daily, but maybe once or twice a week? You're not sure, hormones are weird. You'll figure it out together.
No. 1022310 ID: 96c896

>medical bills
Yep, called it.

>Rune etching
I think the appropriate thing to buy the rights to manufacture your own version since you'd like to cut out the middleman, and help him find a public buyer to increase visibility of runetech.

Also, we should start working on some inventions to show off in class, to inspire students. Simple things that demonstrate how runes work together, like one that creates water floating in the air in a specific shape.
To reduce the cost of manufacturing these "toys" you should invent a device that works like a mana battery without relying on expensive materials. Just something that will power the toys for a couple minutes, and can be recharged afterwards without much effort. Something that stores mana inside it in liquid form, then outputs it through a connection (cables? hull to hull connection? wireless somehow?) you can hook up to compatible devices? Could be wind-up or run on ambient energy like other devices. It can be bulky since you're using it in a stationary setting.
Hmm, a large mana tank would be useful in the workshop too... In that case a windmill powering a wind-up mechanism would be quite useful.

>the GOLEM
Uh, idk how we'd fix that; we're only able to paint the broad strokes with our suggestions, and right now we're kindof forced to assign TP for social/fun stuff later in the year because the start of the year is so full.

>precision leveled up to 3
From here on it's probably a worthwhile investment to teach Nico how to teach, so that he can teach you precision better.


B: you'd like to travel some. Maybe a vacation once a year. Or once every other year. If your schedule opens up more you'd like to do it even more than that.

C: up to 3. You've got your romantic interests lined up and if they all work out then you're perfectly willing to indulge them all. Any more than that feels greedy. Not to mention it would be too easy to spread yourself thin.
No. 1022311 ID: ce39da

I feel like B and C are both questions whose answers will become relevant sooner rather than later.

B: "Gee, that feels... complicated. I don't see myself leaving the plate much within the next decade outside of the occasional DOPUS visit. I've just got way too many obligations here, plus CANUS and the other HUMAN-controlled plates just feel so... hostile right now, given how invested I currently am in TENGU's future. But later, when I'm not so thoroughly plugged into the concerns of my country? Who knows? Honestly, I could see myself wanting to travel a lot because, really, I'm [CURIOUS] to see what's out there - and if I can't make it happen this life, I'll definitely make it a higher priority for my next go-around."

C: "I've no intentions of being MONAGAMOUS, that's for sure - that's one quality I don't regret carrying over from my previous incarnation. I know it sounds rich coming from a fellow aware, but life is simply too short not to partake in all who have love to give. Not that there's anything wrong with wanting to DEVOTE one's self to a single partner, of course. I could see myself comfortably being with up to two others, besides yourself. You?"
No. 1022315 ID: 7b9d09

F. What are his dreams?
For Chi, she's living it, teaching and inventing stuff to help society! Something that was taken from her in her previous life. But now, she has another dream: to make her friends happy and help them catch their dreams!
(Maybe we'll learn his dream to be a diplomat and get the opportunity to teach him english)

B. You dont see yourself traveling much, but wouldnt mind spending a tp in dopus or a ruins every one or two years.
No. 1022316 ID: b4a765

Wonder if the view Clark got here helped with the social link at all?
No. 1022336 ID: 34dfce

So hold on, do we even know what our own answers would be to these questions?


>public image, etc.
That is honestly pretty racist. It is the human faction that we are against, not humans themselves. Yeah, lots of people probably are low-key racist, but that shouldn't sway our decisions.


Make sure he knows that this date is just to pay him back for doing the background check on Clark. So there is no pressure here. This isn't romantic at all.


Saba was very much polyamorous and bisexual.

Honestly, I feel like Chi probably wouldn't really be specifically polyamorous, like I don't see her actively building a harem. She seems to passive on that front. That being said, I don't think she would be against it; instead just sort of going with the flow (que sera sera). I also feel like she wouldn't be too terribly physical, with much stronger emotional bonding.


So are we okay with that? I mean, that is kinda harassment, regardless of our being friends. May want to ask her to lay off that one.
No. 1022341 ID: 96c896

Wait how did Clark get the null rune to stick around and link a trigger to it? I thought null runes erase themselves along with whatever is on the surface.
No. 1022343 ID: 93ba79

Can't really pick two, but on individual subjects I'm leaning towards:

A: Would be great eventually, but not in the immediate future.
B: What is "A lot"? Like >>1022310 said, once a year or two years is good.
C: Small.
D: Pretty important, but should not be allowed to supplant it entirely, may need to be reminded of that.
E: Pretty much what Himitsu said.
No. 1022347 ID: c92a02

C/E. I'm kind of curious what Ignis' thoughts are on this, because... well, mushroom. He's got about as different a background as you can imagine!
No. 1022352 ID: 629f2e


Good question. Maybe he found something out about them that we don't know yet? If not that, my best guess is that he drew a line of them and had the TRIGGER rune activate via a slider, so to erase the board you just have to slide down to the next NULL rune. That does give you limited uses per board though, and you can only inscribe so many runes on an object relative to your level...

Oh! What if it was a clamshell design, like a Nintendo DS? The NULL rune is on the surface of the top piece, and the TRIGGER is set up on the very bottom, with a circuit drawn so that it activates whenever the device closes. The top part could be made of stone too, or something lighter like wood. Over time the NULL rune will reach the TRIGGER rune and erase it after enough uses, but they're far enough away that it will take some time for it to happen.
No. 1022415 ID: a9af05

>Pick two
A. Do you want kids?
When we're ready, yes, we do want kids. Not sure about the number of kids, but definitely not a number that requires two hands to count them!

B. Do you want to travel a lot?
Maybe not a lot, but we enjoyed visiting Dopus, so we wouldn't mind going back for another vacation sometime. In other words, maybe a little bit of travel.

>From here on it's probably a worthwhile investment to teach Nico how to teach, so that he can teach you precision better.
I think we're better off doing what Chi suggested, make a gun and lean on Saba's Knowledge for practicing, which will significantly increase how quickly our Precision stat goes up.

It's not harassment. Remember, Nubs is from Dopus. The people there are more open with their affections, meaning that's Nubs' way of flirting with Chi.
No. 1022431 ID: 36784c

>Nubs smacks you on the ass
That’s what happens when you become thicc. You’re pretty much inviting others to smack your ass! And considering Nubs’ culture, she just gave you a compliment and flirted with you!

>You could just outright take Clark’s idea and use it privately, or you could work with him and come to some sort of financial agreement.
Chi, don’t steal from your students! Work out an agreement with him.

>You get the feeling making a gun and practicing could let you lean on [SABA’S KNOWLEDGE]
>Thus increasing your learning speed.
If it’ll help us improve our Precision stat faster, then let’s figure out how to make a gun and start practicing with it!

>2 topics
A. Do you want kids?
Yes. Not sure how many though.

E. Are you going to be interested in physical affection more than just hugs?
Obviously yes. Gonna be interested in more than just hugs because you gotta have sex in order to have kids.

>Also, we should start working on some inventions to show off in class, to inspire students. Simple things that demonstrate how runes work together
Yeah, I agree. Show everyone what they could do with what they learn in our class and they might end up inventing something we’ve never seen before!

It’s not harassment, it’s Dopus style flirting!
No. 1022482 ID: 34dfce

>not harassment
Yeah, i haven't forgotten about the Dopus thing, which is why I don't think we should be mad. I just think if we don't appreciate that specific act of affection, we should gently tell her not to do that specific thing.

>Asking for it
That is honestly dangerous logic.
No. 1022487 ID: f18162

>Smack on the ass
Return the favor and smack her on the ass next time you see her!

>A. Do you want kids?
Once things calm down, yes.

>E. Are you going to be interested in physical affection more than just hugs?
Yes, you'd be interested in having sex. But only with whoever you're in a relationship with. You're not going to let just anyone get intimate with your thicc thighs!
No. 1023018 ID: afe7de
File 164452290845.png - (17.82KB , 500x500 , SR2_046.png )

You let Ignis take the wheel at the beginning of the conversation. The food's actually pretty good, you expected as much from how much it costs, but it's a different thing entirely to actually experience an exquisite meal.

Ignis: So are you thinking of traveling a lot?
[CHARISMA] He's starting off easy, awwww how adorable
[LOGIC] He's just nervous, look at the poor kin
[ANGER] Quiet I wanna hear
You: Probably not
You: Well, not like my dad, gone for half the year
You: I did like that Dopus trip though
You: Wouldn't mind something like that every year or two
You: And OF COURSE I have to visit a ruin at some point
Ignis: Those are pretty dangerous you know...
You: Well we don't really know how dangerous they'd be
You: Everyone's working with BAD INFO, we know runescripting
You: And the Humans seem to use that to their advantage
You: What about you?
Ignis: Well I wanted to be a DIPLOMAT for a while
Ignis: But the work we're doing could be more important
Ignis: William's also been applying himself into more of those channels
Ignis: He thinks he's at a breakthrough in the rubber hunt
You: Oh?
Ignis: Turns out there are other kin who could use that a lot here
Ignis: It's a prohibited good in CANUS
You: So the humans have a monopoly on the stuff
Ignis: Precisely.
Ignis: Sorry, that was more work uh I uh
Ignis: I just get nervous when it's not focused like that
Ignis: I think traveling the same amount would be good
Ignis: I mostly just want to be near you, working on projects
Ignis: Really just doing that would make me happy
Ignis: Days like these are really precious to me, given my uh
Ignis: My prior circumstances
Ignis: It's also why I was nervous to ask you out
Ignis: You treat me like me, expect things from me, but not like...
Ignis: Not like it's some royal connection, you treat me with competence
Ignis: You don't put me on a pedestal, you call me out when I'm wrong
[UNDERSTANDING] He mentioned being a naval captain, maybe he sees his connections
[UNDERSTANDING] Under a similar light, treated how he is due to his position
[CHARISMA] Sounds like he was coddled a bit
[SABA'S KN] Probably like how they treated "gifted" kids
[SABA'S KN] That's how you get burnout
You: Sorry they treated you like that
Ignis: It's not your fault, it's better here, just...
Ignis: It feels weird to realize that I'm being treated opposite to my old life
Ignis: There's a dissonance, a mistrust, even if I bury it.[/]b

The conversation lulls on this moment and you reach out a feathered hand to hold his. He returns the gesture, his grip slightly firm, betraying his attempt at a calm demeanor. You can tell he's really nervous. Whelp, it's time to make him blush and calm down, you've been practicing with your [STATS] a little bit, just hope it's not too direct, but even if it is, fuck it. You're young again.

[b][CHARISMA] I’ve been waiting for this day
[LOGIC] Uuuuggghhhhhh
[???] Alright ladies I’m finally here
[???] Kept you waiting, huh?

No. 1023019 ID: afe7de
File 164452293098.png - (14.56KB , 500x500 , SR2_047.png )

You: So how often are you looking to scramble some eggs
You: Y'know dock in the skies
You: Peck some necks

You look at him and give him the most suggestive eyebrow wiggle you can and he's stuck, shocked for a moment. You can [UNDERSTAND] that he's VERY confused, like he never expected you to talk about this, almost like he didn't even register what you said. You can imagine gears turning in his head, or whatever setting appropriate gear equivalent there is in his old mushroom world.

After about 10 seconds of silence you see realization dawn on him, he begins trembling manically, dropping his fork and covering half of his face with his hand before turning the deepest shade of red, an act that is hard considering he's covered in feathers. You lean closer and pull him in a little bit before trying to pull out your most sultry voice.

You: You know, I'm talking about making some sweet sweet love
Ignis: *Snrk*

He bursts into laughter a moment later and fans his face before speaking with a bit of a stutter

Ignis: Phew oh man Chi, you, you're a naughty bird
Ignis: Got jokes too, where is this side of you normally?
You: Hidden away under layers and layers of logic
[ANGER] Eyyyy
[PRIDE] Pull up a seat
[LUST] Nearly thought she was going to be asexual there
[CHARISMA] We were trying to steer away from that okay, but it's hard to-

You’ve gained the [LUST] stat!
- [LOGIC] was hoping you wouldn’t

It takes a few minutes to calm him down, but he seems to be in a much less serious mood and you actually talk about the intended topic.

Ignis: I guess uh, I’m flexible, I have a high sex drive, but like am kind of scared of it?
Ignis: It’s not like there’s no one to have sex with around here
Ignis: But there’s very few that I WANT to do it with
Ignis: I’m trying to be patient and not ruin the experience
You: That’s respectable. I’m mostly in it for the emotional experience I think.
You: Not to say that’s a no to sex entirely
You: I have SOME needs, just way less than when I was a guy
You: And way less when I was an old fart
You: Probably a few times a week, no more than 3 partners
You: I’m flexible, but you also know that I kind of [PERSERVERE] through moods and work
Ignis: Yeah, it’s a quality trait.
You: [STAT] but yeah.
Ignis: I might branch out after my first time and date around
Ignis: There was this one girl who wanted to meet me and thank me for a gift I gave her
Ignis: But I don’t remember giving her a gift?
You: Was it that secret santa thing?
You: Maybe she moved to our world
You: I’m going to pretend I didn’t think that because otherwise I’ll obsess over it
Ignis: I’ll let you know what happens!

You: Man I should smack Nubs’s ass more
Ignis: Hah! She getting you too, I don’t see her as often as you
You: Yeah she got me the other day and it got a chuckle out of me
You: My thighs are getting a bit wide
Ignis: It’s a great look!
Ignis: …
Ignis: So uh, Chi
You: Hmm?
Ignis: I was wondering…
Ignis: About your MIND CAMPUS
Ignis: Do you think I could try making something there?
You: Hmmmm…..

[LOGIC] I still think it’s unwise
[UNDERSTANDING] We don’t know what will happen, is this an exclusive space?
[UNDERSTANDING] Is this in your mind somewhere
[UNDERSTANDING] Is it an extra dimensional domain?
[LUST] Is it possible to have sex up there?
[LUST] Can you get mind pregnant?
[LUST] Sorry there’s a lot to catch up on since, yknow.

The date is almost over, how do you respond?

A. Accept his request
B. Reject his request

And how do you end the date?
No. 1023020 ID: 094652

>Build a thing in your mindscape

>End Date
Get a piggyback ride back to his place for a sleepover(~~~) and press your thighs and other parts all over his face.
No. 1023021 ID: 629f2e

A, that sounds rad as hell! Find a good opportunity to meditate with him in the future, and see what he comes up with.

As for how to end things, give him the Nubs Special and give him a firm slap to the ass. And just to leave him a mess, be sure to let him know that you'd be happy to tie the knot with him whenever he's ready. Lust will be proud of us.
No. 1023031 ID: 93ba79

Conditional A.

Would be good to experiment it, but not unsupervised.
No. 1023035 ID: f8fa51

Yes to supervised experimentation.
No. 1023036 ID: 96c896

A, but carefully. There could be unforeseen consequences. Like, worst case scenario I think is that when he puts something into your mind campus it opens a permanent channel to his that the mist-monsters can access, and he's undefended so he gets corrupted. That, or it could weaken your mental defenses and allow the mist in.
No. 1023037 ID: ce39da

A, but not unsupervised; you want to observe what happens directly! [CURIOSITY] thinks this is too interesting not to try at least once! (And, also, maybe get a third or fourth party observing to stop us if things start to go wrong in a way we're not noticing. That too. Something, something, "safety first.")
No. 1023042 ID: 934c2b

A. Tell him he can build what he wants, your recommendation: his own room
No. 1023045 ID: c92a02

Accept, and hold hands when you meditate. Maybe it will help you build faster. Also, it better not cover your grey matter in spores.
No. 1023046 ID: c92a02

Oh, and end the date with a trip to somewhere with a nice view. Must not be hard to get a good vista in this kingdom.
No. 1023050 ID: 934c2b

However we end the date, offer to help teach him english, you've been wanting to help him achieve his diplomat dream as a repayment for helping you reach your dreams.
No. 1023104 ID: 34dfce

I think we should reject BUUUT, maybe we could set up something like a docking port or a puzzle piece thing where different mind campuses (if they exist/could exist in the future) could connect like city blocks. Try to get him to make his own and go from there.

That way one person isn't carrying the whole mind city, but everyone could still connect.
It would also add a layer of security (against as of yet unknown threats).
No. 1023116 ID: 34dfce

Also put a collar on [LUST]. We should nip that in the bud and keep it in check.
No. 1023130 ID: 36784c

A. Accept his request

>And how do you end the date?
A kiss on the beak.

>give him the Nubs Special and give him a firm slap to the ass.
Also this.
No. 1023164 ID: 031458

Oooorrr we could give [Lust] a wardrobe of collars to put on other people.
If we let someone colonize our mind.... Isn't that sort of like obsession? or Love?
Let the wrong person do that, and they could take advantage of us, not that we need to worry about Ignis...
If we to fall away from each other, or if something happens to him, the changes he made will remain, like a scar...

...But sure. Yes. Definitely. It's Ignis. He's amazing and we trust him. But he should know that what he's asking... is big, is serious.
It's not something that should simply be punctuated over dinner...
He's basically just said he wants to be part of the rest of our life, that was practically a proposal!
He didn't even get on one knee or nothin!
We need to fuck the shit out of this bird. Right Now.
No. 1023168 ID: 96c896

Oh I missed a thing.

>how do you end the date?
A kiss!

Pretty sure we're not having sex this year.
No. 1023175 ID: a9af05


>end date?
Romantic kiss

>Pretty sure we're not having sex this year.
No. 1023176 ID: c22c0e

>Nearly thought she was going to be asexual there
Of course we're going to be a sexual! We're just not old enough to do any sex yet!

>You: My thighs are getting a bit wide
>Ignis: It’s a great look!
Complimenting a girl's figure? He's just earned himself some bonus points for doing that!

Obviously we're going to agree!

Ask if he wants to order a dessert before you leave? When you do leave, give him a kiss on the beak and a slap on the ass!

I don't think we're going to have sex yet.
No. 1023192 ID: 34dfce

You pretty much outlined most of the reasons why we should deny his request. This is not a proposal, there is no marriage yet. It is way too soon for any of that.

I still think we should find a way to link different mind campuses so we could have the best of both worlds.
No. 1023318 ID: b5c538

Yes. If only for CURIOSITY of what could happen and how it would work.
No. 1023319 ID: b5c538

Also a nice, intimate nuzzle. Kissing with a break is hard, but I'm sure you know that.
No. 1023348 ID: f18162

Ask if he wants to order a dessert?

Maybe end the date with a kiss? (A Nubs style slap on the ass is optional.)
No. 1023352 ID: 1a3aae

A big ol hug!
Dessert too! You want a pink pie! I mean peach pie!
No. 1023462 ID: fba123

Agree, but with supervision, but let him choose what he wants to build

End date by flying to the roof and gaze at the stars together quietly.
No. 1023755 ID: afe7de
File 164515246762.png - (12.91KB , 500x500 , SR2_048.png )

You decide to agree to Ignis's request, on the condition that it's supervised, and that he attempts to make his own isolated space, near, but not attached to the campus. You have some reservations on what might happen if he works DIRECTLY ON your mind campus. You mention the MONSTERS IN THE FOG, and he agrees. He mentions that he might attempt to make a sort of VESSEL to float along the side, something reminiscent of his PAST-LIVES home.

The next time you meditate you will perform a LINKED MEDITATION with those who are available.
- You will construct a MIND DOCK
- Ignis will attempt to construct a MIND VESSEL
- You have no idea if this will work

After all of that is sorted you get the waiter over and order a PINK PIE, they look at you, quite confused and you blush a bit before adjusting your order to a PEACH PIE. Ignis chortles at this.

You finish the desert and fly up to the peak of the tower, where posts typically are placed. You know that couples come up here frequently to stargaze, so you think it's the right mood. You want to kiss him, but the huge problem with that is that you both have beaks! You could just open your maws and jam your prehensile tongues against each other in some sort of dance, but you're trying to be classy here, plus your beak is way too long to do that comfortably. You let out an internal sigh at that, nearly missing being human for a moment before Ignis snuggles up against you.

You settle for a just-as-lewd gesture of beak rubbing, touching forehead to forehead, cheek to cheek, and cooing ever so slightly into each other's ears. It's sweet, it's slow, and it's above all else, right. It feels right. You might not get along in all aspects, and he might be a bit of a yes man, but he's certainly your yes man, and you're more than okay with this sweet man.

You both look up at the moonless sky, and gaze at the stars, quite possibly taking them in for the first time, taking in their beauty, how they sparkle in blues, reds, greens, yellows, and Whites.

Wait what?

You look again and can confirm that the stars are in fact in various hues, scattered and plentiful, which you find quite odd. Ignis nuzzles his head against you and your state of confusion is broken, there's always another day to look into it. Your [CURIOSITY] can wait. You do surprise him with a firm smack on his ass though. A greeting, Dopus style, he blushes.

- Why do the colors correspond to RUNES?
- This can be assigned as RESEARCH or as a task you work on yourself

No. 1023756 ID: afe7de
File 164515247342.png - (9.72KB , 500x500 , SR2_049.png )

You want more free time, hopefully your gamble on Clark works out in your favor.
[GUILE] YESSSSS you called it a gamble!

You still have one empty goal slot, your torn between wanting to ENTER A RUIN, BOND WITH RAIN, or MAKE SOME WEAPONS. Unfortunately the last goal is nearly completely predicated on you producing some sort of BATTERY for your devices, which is still on your to-do list.
- You may assign one of the above goals, or suggest an entirely new one.

You take some time to talk to Clark about his invention, letting him know that he could sell the design or the product itself and make some SHINIES were he to put in the time. This makes him look contemplative, so you decide to give him an offer.

You: I made a deal with the Royals with my designs in the past
You: Why don’t we do something similar
Clark: I’m listening.

You offer him 5,000 shinies for a non-exclusive contract of the design, allowing both you and him to produce it and sell the product. You say that if he’s really desperate for shinies you could offer him 10,000 to outright buy the blueprint and rights to it, but you heavily emphasize that he would be forgoing long term profits for short term gains. He pauses at that and looks contemplative before muttering something you barely catch.

Clark: ... -ike this I won’t have to- …-penguin and shitty loa-
[UNDERSTANDING] Loan sharks? Or I guess Penguins?
[GUILE] Didn’t we meet a guy called Rufioh at the gambling hall?
[GUILE] It might be worth investigating but uh, I’m not good enough to get info out of him
[GUILE] At least not without more trips to the gambling hall
[LOGIC] You just want to gamble more
[LUST] Ooooh there was a penguin? Was he cute
[LOGIC] It was so nice without you around, sigh.
[ANGER] Booo logic boooooo

Clark is silent for a few minutes while he thinks it over before speaking up, a determined look in his eye.

Clark: I’ll take the deal. I-
Clark: This- You- Thanks.
Clark: I… I’m telling you this in confidence.
Clark: My family isn’t doing too well, and this will help them for a year or so
You: Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help
[SABA’S KN] You: Health care here’s at least better than…
Clark: Better than where?
You: It’s nothing
You: Making money is hard, but I’ll help you get to a point where it shouldn’t be a problem
You: My brother’s a good example of barely using Runescripting and making off well
Clark: The guy selling those frozen treats?
You: Yep, Pon!
Clark: I uh… Maybe I’ll get myself and Rodney a treat later.
Clark: Thanks Teacher Chi
You: You know you can just call me Chi right?
You: You make me feel old when you call me “Teacher Chi”
You: I’m barely 4 years older than you!

You then walk Clark home, he doesn't want you to see the situation but agrees that someone watching him while he’s holding this much money is probably a good idea. The evening passes uneventfully and you leave him at the door of his place, it’s a rather normal looking building, but is near the outskirts of the city. You firmly pat him on the head as you leave.

Your bond with Clark has increased twice to RANK 3.
- Clark feels like he can trust you
- You’ve learned that Clark has been having financial troubles
- You’ve learned that his family at home is worse off than you expected
- But it looks like those troubles are far from over
- Clark might occasionally request a FAVOR from you

No. 1023757 ID: afe7de
File 164515252587.png - (5.99KB , 500x500 , SR2_050.png )

(NEW) - DINNER WITH HOOK [TP 5/6/7/8] - You may opt in at any time

Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
Your current GP total is 8/15
Your next reward is a FREE STAT POINT

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6)
- PRECISION WITH NICO (-300S/yr) (Events at TP 3)

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You spent [100 SHINIES] on an EX meal
You gained [12,800 SHINIES] from TEACHING
You spent [5,000 SHINIES] on the ETCHING DEVICE contract
You have [35,528 SHINIES] remaining

Your [STRESS] has been reduced to 0 due to the excellent date!

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year
You have one ROYAL BOON
- This can be redeemed from the royalty for one thing within reason


It is [YEAR 17] at the beginning of TP 4.
You have [2 TIME POINTS] to spend.
What do you do?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
Stat list: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards_Stats
No. 1023758 ID: 0f05cb

do what Clark suggested and take a break, earn some FUN POINTS! Lets travel the city with Ignis or something, find plays to watch with him and other fun stuff!

For the other timepoint, teach Ignis english! Help him become a diplomat! He helped us reach our dream, lets help him reach his.
No. 1023759 ID: c92a02

Goal: discover more runes.
Append to studying the stars: You can't reach the stars if you just loop back around to the plate. If it's teleportation, though, maybe you can avoid it. Figure out a magic blocking rune combination and use it to get past the teleport boundary... if that's what it is.
1: Meditate: Read a book, build a boat, or whatever.
2: Bond with Noodle over a game.
No. 1023765 ID: 629f2e


I'mma agree with Polt here, but add on with a specific fun activity. Let's Bond with Ignolia. Invite her to our house and let dad know she's a big fan. Gives us an excuse to visit home, hang out with a fan, and facilitate a meeting between Ignolia and Draco. Win all around.

And yeah, let's finally help Ignis learn English. He's the best boy, he deserves our attention.

Now that we've seen hatless Chi, we gotta ditch it. Or at least mix it up more often, maybe keep the hat when teaching or on business, but go hatless for casual events. Be Chi, the hot bird with more than just one look.

And yeah, let's opt in for that dinner with Hook. She'd better have a great proposal though if she wants anything from you.
No. 1023766 ID: ce39da

First of all...
I think it's time to retire that hat. You tried to own the look, make it not an aggravating symbol, but after MUD RUNTY, your heart just isn't into making that statement anymore. Your hair looks fabulous, anyway. Maybe get some hair accessories and clothes that are slightly more bright while you're at it. Not neon or anything, but not dull, either.

Gonna push BOND WITH RAIN for this again. Case in point:

> TP 4
Let's go visit him in DOPUS - check on his progress, maybe give him that final push he needs for a breakthrough - in addition to fun touristy stuff! Bring guards with you, Pon, and Nubs, obviously. (Maybe talk to Nubs and bring up your wish to BOND with someone who physically lives in DOPUS. Don't seriously suggest anything, but let that thought stew in her mind for a while.)

Let's lock in Hook's dinner for during [TP 7], just to clear that scheduling task.

> TP 5
Let's do that LINKED MEDITATION EXPERIMENT. No M&B this time; we want all of our focus for this. (And if we have left-over brain juice, dedicate it towards wrangling your loose VICES, starting with PRIDE'S GILDED CAGE.)
No. 1023783 ID: 96c896

Have Dinner with William next!
Then Dinner with Nubs since we have 2 TP, and can thus have two dinners.
Exquisite for both because they deserve it as much as Ignis.

Dinner with Hook should be on timeslot 6 I think.

>still an empty Goal slot
Suggesting my list again.
1: get a proper workshop.
2: invent at least 3 new military-application designs
3: find the Tengu magitech ruins
4: prepare to delve into magitech ruins
5: Form a BOND with Rain (we don't have long distance communication... what about mail? we can be penpals!)
6: delve into magitech ruins
7: discover more runes

>2 TP
Spend 1 TP inventing a magitech pistol for self-defense, and for practicing Precision.
Spend 1 TP teaching Ignis English.
No. 1023798 ID: e51896

As for new goal: going with discover a new rune, specifically a gold or Prismatic one
No. 1023802 ID: 34dfce

So, kind of out of the blue, but there are magnets and copper, right? Could we use copper wire and magnets to generate electricity? Could we use said electricity to power runed devices? Specifically, could we use a flywheel or something to store energy as kinetic and then transfer that kinetic energy back with copper and magnets?
No. 1023804 ID: 96c896

Yes but we don't have rubber to coat the wires so they'd be very dangerous and of limited application.
Maybe we can use something else to insulate the wires, but lack of rubber still makes a lot of things awkward.
No. 1023811 ID: 34dfce

The mechanism itself doesn't use rubber. If we want to use external wires, then yes, but if it is enclosed, we would just need contact points.
No. 1023838 ID: a9af05

I agree with all of this. Especially the part where we take a break to relax a little.

>dinner with William and then dinner Nubs
>Exquisite for both
Nubs might not like Exquisite. I think Nubs might like a Normal dinner, since she wouldn't need to worry about having to dress fancy or anything like that. It'd be a super casual date.
No. 1024105 ID: f18162

>take a break and earn fun points
This. We've been working pretty hard lately, so I think we're allowed to take some time for ourselves. The last thing we need is to suffer from burnout and lose our motivation.

>TP 4 go to Dopus
>TP 5 linked meditation experiment
We can't do that. The trip to Dopus will take multiple TP, so its impossible to go there and then come back to do the meditation thing with Ignus.

Also, after what happened with the humans, I don't think it's safe for us to be traveling alone. And let's we not forget that we just barely came back from a vacation over there. It's too soon for another trip to Dopus!

We should wait a while before we try going again. By the time we can go again, the Queen will have worked out something with the Dopus diplomat and we'll have better protection for our next trip.

Nubs might not be comfortable with an Exquisite date. Maybe we could try something less fancy? That way she's not so nervous about having to dress fancy or something.
No. 1025182 ID: afe7de
File 164627123328.png - (12.91KB , 500x500 , SR2_051.png )

You decide that it’s been a busy while, so you take some time to relax, without doing anything in particular. This lets you catch up with some of the Kin you’ve been neglecting. One of which you decide to take up on her previous offer. Ignolia seems quite nervous at your proposition, but you assure her that he’d be happy to meet her.

Ignolia: What if he thinkssss I’m weird…
You: Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine
You: Who knows, maybe he has a soft spot for chameleons

She blushes at your gentle ribbing. You have to admit that it’s a little fun to see her get so flustered. Your father, currently on a small break, also has the time to spend with you and Ignolia. The meeting goes differently than you expected as after a few minutes of talking, Ignolia gets REALLY into the conversation.

Ignolia: So you’re saying that regional diets also affect the manifested abilities?
Draco: It’s a significant possibility, many worldplates just have different MATERIALS available
You: You mean like how it’s nigh impossible to find rubber here?
Draco: Exactly, I’m surprised you know about it at all though.
You: It’s my job to know about materials and applications!
Ignolia: So then is the power held in their cores? Or is it the materials?
Draco: That, I don’t know.

After the conversation you feel your [MONSTER KNOWLEDGE] has improved by 1 rank to 3.
- Certain research efforts might show better results as a consequence
- Ignolia has formed a BOND with Draco
- They will now interact without your supervision from time to time.

While you’re home you take some time to lounge on a branch overlooking the small park you used to play in. You reminisce on those days and feel a child-like sense of nostalgia. It wasn’t too long ago, and you can remember it clearly, but it’s still a nice feeling.

You gained [1 FUN POINT] from the memorable experience.

One morning during a sleepy breakfast you’re notified by a rather excited [UNDERSTANDING] about his progress in reading the KAMAL LIN OMNIMBUS.

[UNDERSTANDING] I’m about 9/28ths of the way through the series
[UNDERSTANDING] It takes a bit of time to get through it all in the background
[UNDERSTANDING] But I thought I should share with you the gains

Your understanding of [LUST] and [GUILE] has deepened slightly, but not enough to rank up.

[LUST] I really liked the one about the Vampire Wing-Kin Yaoi
[GUILE] Hmm these are some interesting tactical and flirtatious applications, interesting.
[CHARISMA] Meh, they had some good lines, but I never felt like they had real chemistry.
[UNDERSTANDING] This is a pretty horny series
[UNDERSTANDING] There are practical lessons scattered about it too, but…
[LUST] This is really good smut okay, the bare touches, the denial of satisfaction
[LUST] It’s so riveting
[LOGIC] Please goddess someone stop her, she’s ruining my work with you!
[UNDERSTANDING] Something that might interest you, however…
[UNDERSTANDING] Is that the author changes from chapter to chapter
[UNDERSTANDING] There are prose and stylistic variations which we could have missed
[UNDERSTANDING] But the main bulk of the novel appears to be made by a single author
[UNDERSTANDING] I’m unsure as to why or how this was made in such a way
[UNDERSTANDING] It’s a riveting read though!

At the pace you are going at right now, you will finish passively reading the Omnimbus by the end of [YEAR 19]

No. 1025184 ID: afe7de
File 164627131049.png - (16.21KB , 500x500 , SR2_052.png )

As part of your rejuvenation initiative you decide to take some of your potential romantic interests out on a few dates. You go out with Ignis a few more times, but, much to Nubs’s delight, you take her out to have some street food. You get the feeling she’d prefer a more down to Faunus walking and eating kind of experience than a high society one and she seems to appreciate the thought put into it.

Nubs: So I heard you and the shrimp went on a few dates!
Nubs: He a good kisser?
You: Actually we don’t have lips so we have to nuzzle
Nubs: Aw what? But it’s so fun!
Nubs: He… ruffle your feathers?
You: Maybe we did… Maybe we didn’t!
You: Though I’m mostly waiting until next year for uh, various reasons.
[LUST] Y’alls are boring
You: Anyway, I was always curious if you were into me as a passing thing or-?
Nubs: What? Naw, you’re cool as shell!
Nubs: Yer smart and gots nice plumage
Nubs: You also smell faintly of dew and ink
Nubs: Also yer super soft…
You: Well you’re not so bad yourself, though uh, as you can tell I never really have the TIME
You: Or at least the TIME I’d want to spend on other stuff
You: So many Irons in the fire
Nubs: I can also respect a grill with her own desires and focus.

You talk more with Nubs about the future and she lets you know that she’s likely going to be spending some time in DOPUS in the nearby future, so it might be hard to meet if you both don’t plan some meetups. Nubs says that she’d love to be stationed permanently here as some sort of diplomat or political figure, but it’s mostly so she can keep eating good food off of someone else’s dime.

In reality, she’s unsure what career path she’d be willing to pursue, she’s not great at RUNESCRIPTING, but is fairly good at BLACKSMITHING. Unfortunately there’s just not enough minerals between the two plates for her to make more than minimum wage, given how demand isn’t meeting supply these days. You suppose that would change if war were declared, but she’d probably seek shelter at her own plate. As the date ends you give her the firmest slap possible on her ass and as she turns around to get you back, you take to the skies, chuckling all the way.

[LUST] I’m so proud
[LOGIC] I’m not.

You’ve gained an additional [FUN POINT] from sharing a meal with Nubs!
A new OPPORTUNITY presents itself
- Find Nubs a form of employment she’d enjoy so she can stay in Tengu
- Nubs refuses for you to outright pay for her living expenses and wants to provide for herself

Dinner with William on the other hand is a softer, more somber affair. You both pick up a conversation you were having long ago, without missing a beat. Like meeting an old friend for cards one day even if it had been decades since you’ve seen them. There’s a connection there, something deep, deeper than you can recall with anyone else. But you’re not sure if it’s romantic anymore. There’s certainly a deep level of CARE between the two of you, and there’s a physical attraction, but you’re both flailing on that step.

William: So, want to get together this run?
You: I dunno, I get the feeling you’re on the same page.
William: Yeah, sometimes I feel like we’re the only ones that get the bigger picture
You: Don’t I know it. We lived through wars, Ignis too.
William: Yeah but his were so vastly larger in scale than ours
William: He gets it…
You: But he doesn't get it… Yeah, I know.
You: The more I find out, the weirder things seem here
William: You mean about the stars again
You: Yeah…
You: It’s almost like…
You: On Faunus it was like a globe you could escape
You: Here you’re actively teleported around and its…
You: I just don’t [UNDERSTAND] and the more I learn about RUNES the less I do
You: I NEED to get to a RUIN, an UNEXPLORED one.
William: Just don’t get yourself killed.
You: Yeah, yeah, I’m careful
William: Bird who broke their leg says what?
You: Touche
You: How’s the rubber hunt?
William: Surface’s been fully searched, so we’re looking into caves
William: I THINK we’ve found something
You: Need anything?
William: No, we just need to try some distillation methods
William: We found a type of fungus underground that changes properties
William: When mixed with a type of mineral from Dopus
William: It’s a more natural process then plastics and my hope is that it will act as an insulator
William: It should be usable by the [END OF THE YEAR]
William: We both know how in demand that kind of thing would be
You: Not to mention the advances and tech skips we could pull
William: Sorry to put a lot of this on your shoulders
William: I’m just worried this peace won’t last.
You: Yeah, mee too William, me too.

No. 1025185 ID: afe7de
File 164627136248.png - (12.97KB , 500x500 , SR2_053.png )

After debating over it for about half a year you decide to make some more time for Ignis. He’s been flailing in his ENGLISH studies and you know he loves the attention, so you set up a series of study dates. He’s a wonderful student, who hangs on every word. Every. Word. And he retains them all somehow, able to parrot even the most detailed statements. Though sometimes you wonder if he comprehends it all. Either way, by the end of the sessions you are able to shore up his English deficiencies by a significant margin. If you spend [1 TP] with him teaching him some more, he’ll be about as proficient as you, he’s only really lacking on more obscure terms, so his conversational English is already functional.

IGNIS’S ENGLISH FLUENCY has improved significantly due to your private tutoring
- Ignis will now participate in smaller diplomatic meetings, gaining knowledge of any incoming events relating to the overall politics of the plates.
- Ignis is really happy that you spent time with him

It’s been a while since you’ve had a conversation with Drift, and your [CURIOSITY] is getting the better of you at this point. You knock on his door, once, twice, and a third time before he opens it, letting you in. His room is by all accounts a mess, and there’s a smell, ugh, it makes you gag.

Drift: Sorry about the mess uh
You: Ugh when’s the last time you bathed
Drift: This morning, it’s uh, well, okay don’t freak out okay
You: Why would I freak out

It’s at this moment you notice that he’s wearing a hood, and that he looks… different, a different stature almost. There are tufts of fur around the room even, and on his head are… horns? Ears?

[UNDERSTANDING] Is this still Drift?

He takes off his hood and what you see is… unexpected to say the least. You can tell by his voice and the minor details that it is in fact, still Drift, but he’s completely changed. He still has wings, but his hands are clawed and of a dark fur. His beak remains, but there are two symmetrical horns protruding from his scalp, and he has furry ears. If you had to pick a word to use to describe his current form, it’d be CHIMERIC, almost like someone took a HORNED MIST PUMA and put it into a quantum tunneling machine with a SECRETARY BIRD.

You: Woah
Drift: You’re not freaking out, phew, that’s good
Drift: I’ve uh, been in and out of consciousness for a while
Drift: I’m fine now, but uh, all the cores are gone, I uh
Drift: I ate them
You: You WHAT? And… you’re fine?
Drift: Don’t copy what I did, It’s only… I got some of my memories back
Drift: And figured some things out
Drift: It’s… It’s physically impossible to describe without some sort of uhh
Drift: I dunno, I can’t describe it as anything more than a FEELING or INSTINCT
Drift: But uh yeah, we’re going to need to basically burn everything in this room.
You: No kidding. Wait you said you bathed this morning… How?
Drift: Oh, I’m harder to see now
Drift: I’ve picked up the QUALITIES of the Horned Mist Puma.
Drift: Also my EYES have improved so much so that I don’t need glasses
Drift: Honestly I feel alive again.
Drift: Like before we lost Blitz.

DRIFT has EVOLVED, so you may see some strange developments going forward.
- Drift can now consume Cores
- Drift mentions that cores from any beast will do
- You have no idea what effects might happen if you get him more cores

No. 1025186 ID: afe7de
File 164627148014.png - (14.65KB , 500x500 , SR2_054.png )

Right on the heels of that, Noodle has finally returned, she was gone a bit longer than normal due to a field injury that she had to recover from outside. She’s gained a rather long scar along the ridges of her head and arm, and seems to have gotten slightly more assertive.

You: Noodle are you okay?
Noodle: Ehh, I’m fine now.
Noodle: Learned a lot, tons even.
Noodle: Speaking of learning a lot, I now value my life a lot more than I did before.
Noodle: And as such, I’m going to ask point blank
Noodle: Can I date Pon?
[COURAGE] You’ve gotta admire her boldness.
[LOGIC] Why is she asking us?
You: Why are you asking me?
Noodle: Because he trusts and listens to you and I’ve been gone
Noodle: And If you don’t appr-
You: Why wouldn’t I approve, you were one of my closest friends
You: I’m not about to restrict you!
You: You should be asking him if he wants to date
Noodle: Oh. That’s probably right.
Noodle: Also, this is for you.

Noodle places a bag on the table, inside are a variety of cores, materials, and Shinies. You’d estimate it’s about 10,000 SHINIES worth of materials.

Noodle: On top of my regular pay this was the harvest from that mission I nearly died on.
Noodle: Make me better gear, something with ranged capabilities please.
Noodle: I’m NEVER going to let a monster drop me from the sky again
Noodle: And certainly not into a pack of FLAMING WOLVES either.

You can see the horror in her eye as she recollects the traumatic experience. Normally someone would quit after an experience like that, but it seems that she has instead been emboldened by it.

- Noodle wants some sort of ranged weapon that is easy to carry
- Noodle wants some sort of lightweight armor that she can slither in
- Noodle wants something that can help slow down a fall
- Noodle will be satisfied if you can make any one of these for her
- Should you complete this opportunity, Noodle will continue to provide resources for you at a similar or greater value.

Seeing as you now have a rather large influx of cash you take a moment to ponder the gravity of your situation. You’ve paid off your debts and now have a rather large sum of cash and goods. A few years ago everyone talked about needing to be paid, and, while your teaching job is enough for most things for now, It’s only fair that everyone gains a salary for the mostly unpaid work they’ve been doing.

William’s been trying to find resources, but is still a member of LAPUTA RUNETECH.
Ignis has been the most fervent of your workers and has been spearheading most projects.
Drift is finally back and can help out again.

[LEADERSHIP] It’s good to have him back
[LEADERSHIP] Once William wraps up the rubber hunt, the whole team will be together again!
[LEADERSHIP] Can we enjoy a healthy amount of pride over these wonderful kin?
[PRIDE] Way ahead of you partner.

You think that you should at the minimum set aside [12,000 SHINIES] for salaries for them. But then realize you’re forgetting yourself, so you’d need to set aside [16,000 SHINIES] for yearly salaries, and that’s not including cost for resources and other labor. A lot of this is coming out of your pocket, and while your Teaching job can subsidize a lot of this, you’ll need to make something worth a good chunk of change soon so that you can keep things in business. While everyone currently working might be reasonable and accepting of the status quo, you know better, you know that everyone deserves to be paid well, so that they are more willing to put more effort and enthusiasm into the work.

You now have a FINANCIAL CHOICE to make - [You have around 35,000 SHINIES]
A. Set the salaries for everyone to the bare minimum [16,000 SHINIES/YEAR]
- 4K shinies a kin a year
- Everyone will be happy about this for a while
- However after a few years, depending on developing events, they might want a pay raise

B. Set the salaries for everyone to slightly above average [20,000 SHINIES/YEAR]
- 5K Shinies per kin a year
- No one will complain about their wages for some time
- If you set the pay rate higher than this everyone will be happy
- However you’re not sure if you can maintain the pay rate unless things change

C. Don’t set a salary
- Maintain the status Quo
- Once money starts coming in if you refuse to pay them then, some of them might get upset
- Drift Especially needs the money

D. Other
- Make a convincing argument for some other pay structure or amount

No. 1025187 ID: afe7de
File 164627150084.png - (8.57KB , 500x500 , SR2_055.png )


Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
Your current GP total is 8/15
Your next reward is a FREE STAT POINT

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6)
- PRECISION WITH NICO (-300S/yr) (Events at TP 3)

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You spent [100 SHINIES] on an EX meal with William
You spent [30 SHINIES] on a meal with Nubs
You have [35,398 SHINIES] remaining

Your STRESS is at 0 and you have [2 FUN POINTS] that will block newly gained stress

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year
You have one ROYAL BOON
- This can be redeemed from the royalty for one thing within reason

- [10,000 SHINIES] worth of misc supplies and resources


It is [YEAR 17] at the beginning of TP 6.
You have [2 TIME POINTS] to spend.
What do you do?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
Stat list: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards_Stats
No. 1025189 ID: 094652

Set wages to 17,000 shinies/year with a party budget of $500 for events and gifts. You're confident you can maintain the business for two years even if the worldplate flips over.

>Noodle paid you 10,000 shinies for gear
That's one heck of an investment, you should prioritize helping her. Work on building a collapsible parachute within a chainmail suit with arm-mounted air jets.

Work on your Mind Labs.
No. 1025195 ID: c92a02

Set it to the minimum and enjoy the morale benefits of raising it later.
Some big product to work on might be a fall arrestor like Noodle wanted - it's not just for flightless folk, it's also an emergency backup for wingkin!
Spend more time with your friends. Preferably Noodle (even if Pon's stolen her heart), but there's so many other people and so little time! Rekindle the spark with William, go job hunting with Nubs, write letters for Marth, test Drift's power strength relative to mist pumas, all are worthwhile!
No. 1025199 ID: ce39da

> Finances
No reason not to do A: your friends will be happy to get paid at all, and you'll have time to find a windfall so that when they do ask for a raise, you can give it to them without a fight. Speaking of which...

> TP 6
Time for something that usually eats stress: TUTORING SATINA. Let's see how far along she's coming.

> TP 7/8? (Not sure which is the non-event.)
It might be time to try that MIND PALACE ADDITION WITH IGNIS. Make sure everyone who can be there is in case something goes wrong. Maybe suggest he make some kind of pavilion that's entirely his own space to do with what he pleases (but acquiesce if he insists on having his own idea already). Forgo M&B for this - we want to give our full attention and possibly help - and use whatever leftover meditation focus we have remaining to cage more of our VICES, starting with a VANITY for [PRIDE] to reside within - yes, "within;" like, inside the mirror. (Yes, [LUST] is being very loud and intrusive right now despite being only RANK 1, and we should move on to their HORNY JAIL if we're still good to go after dealing with [PRIDE], but this is normally par for the course in, ya know, being a teenager. They should calm down on their own in a few years even if we don't try to actively control them.)
No. 1025209 ID: 96c896

>noodle wants a ranged weapon
>lightweight armor
Well, we've already got something like that invented, just gotta make some for her. Maybe adjust it for her frame?

A, but as soon as the company starts actively selling stuff we should give everyone a raise. At the moment we have no contract to sell inventions, we're just teaching royals.
Can we take on a second business contract and set the company on it instead of doing it personally? Well, once they're done with one of the research tasks I guess.

Invent Mana Pistol
Meditate to work on the Mind Campus, perhaps we can give Lust a dwelling to get it under control a bit.
No. 1025212 ID: 629f2e

Start small on the salaries. It would be embarrassing to have to take a pay cut later, and if you introduce Clark into the group then that'll only raise the number of salaries you're paying. Start with the minimum, so you can go bigger later.

I say we start on TWO projects for Noodle. Mainly because getting something to help her fall slower will take no Runescripting on our part. She just needs a parachute, not something complex like a jetpack. And thankfully, it should be easier for y'all to test it out since you're Wing-kin. Actually, for as simple a product as it would be, it could be helpful for warrior or hunters who are either wing-kin or being carried by them. It'd make for a good safety precaution when in terrain where people can get injured and may fall out of the sky. Maybe ask Ignis about marketing it later.

NOW let's get into the really interesting shit: A ranged weapon. Hell yeah, let's talk RUNE combos!


Here's how it works: SPARK does what it says on the tin by creating a spark, but at higher intensities can create fire or lightning. We'll be using the ABSORPTION rune to ensure it's getting a nice supply of mana funneled into it, raising this up to a full fledged flame. The EJECTION rune, when written in RED, makes the energy ejected come out as a flame, enhancing the energy of our little spark even further. The EJECTION should be able to send it in the direction we want it to travel in, but we don't want the fire to just plop right out of the barrel. That's why we add the SPEED rune, so that the fire blast rockets forward towards whatever you aim it at.

ABSORPTION and TRIGGER are easy to understand. ABSORPTION provides needed mana to the gun, while TRIGGER is used to fire it. Put it all together, and our favorite snake shall become a paratrooper raining fire from the sky.

Split these projects up between 1 TP, and prioritize finishing the parachute since it's hopefully simple enough to put together with your stats (pre-existing knowledge of them via Saba especially), with some extra time for modifications and improvements.

As for your other TP, I say we take up a trade offered some time ago and learn MICROSCRIPTING from Pawn (https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1002288.html#1006742). Trade him the ARCANIUM INGOT we have in our personal storage and the SHAPE rune for that sweet tine rune writing shit. And hey, maybe get an update from him on how his experiments are going. If he needs help, you cold always offer some Laputa support. More successful experiments benefits everyone, as it makes the plate a better place to live.
No. 1025225 ID: 860984

>Finance: Lets start at 16K, and we'll bumb it up next year if things go well.

>Job for Nubs: Well, if shes into blacksmithing,
theres probably going to be more activity in Dopus in the future, so boats are probably going to be in demand soon, maybe submersibles too. We can design them together and she can build them, maybe start her own company. Theres rivers and lakes on other plates too, so theres probably enough demand.

>Invention for Noodle: Both the ranged weapon and anti-fall item are things we could either reuse the design of for ourselves or sell, he weapon because we need something tto train with thats gun-like, and the anti-fall one would probably be really good for tourists and any other non-wingkin who are visiting the worldplate, and we could probably sell the design to the Royals. As such, a couple ideas:
-The Ranged Weapon: The quick, low tech way to go would be to just make an ordinary thrown weapon, like javelins, boomerang, bolas,or what have you, and enchant them to be better, more accurate, whatever. Most of them would probably be pretty cheap material wise, so we could afford to experiment, and probably provide Noodle with a regular supply. Probably the least interesting and effective though.
Second solution, We cant make guns yet, and we dont have proper elastic, so a super slingshot it out, but we can almost certainly make springs and levers, So I think it wouldnt be absurd to make a single shot, tension powered launcher of some kind. Maybe some kind of harpoon gun or just something to launch shot, probably depends on how much we're willing to spend and how big we can and should make it. I think if we are able to make enchanted springs/coils, we could get a lot more force out of them.
Third, probably the one most realistic, we could probably make her some kind of hand/pistol crossbow. She brought us a lot monster materials, maybe theres some good sinew we could use for the strings in there. If we really work at it, we could probably make a good repeating crossbow, or one that auto loads or such, if we get creative. And if successful, we could have a good practice weapon for training PRECISION too.

-The Anti-Fall item: Its possible we could make something that fulfils both the lightweight armor and the anti-fall request in one, somehow. Im thinking of either some kind of suit thats enchanted to absorbs impacts, or or some kind of wingsuit. It'd have to be something that would work for someone without legs, for Noodle, and preferably something that you could either engage quickly or without using hands, since shes intending to use it on the hunt. A standard parachute pack would probably work, but it'd probably be too bulky and heavy to use reliably in the field, and theres a certain height requirement. I think a better option would be either the wingsuit idea, or some kind of cloak or glider that can be worn, and then simply spread it out to slow a fall and maybe glide temporarily when needed. The material would probably need to be enchanted, but unless we're worried about falling from several miles high, it'd probably only need to be active for a couple of minutes at a time at most, so energy consumption could be minimized.
No. 1025295 ID: 36784c

>armor for Noodle
We’v already got something like that, but the problem is trying to cover her body.

If we only cover her torso, that leaves all of her tail exposed. But if we try to also cover her tail, that would cost a lot of materials and the armor itself might interfere with her how she moves around. If the armor wraps all around her tail, would she still be able to slither around or would the materials of the armor not allow her to move the way she wants?

>something to slow falls for Noodle
Is it possible for Chi to remember the runes that were on Marth’s boots here: >>/questarch/1003793 ? Those boots let Marth fly, so using those runes would help!
No. 1025296 ID: 36784c

Oh, yeah, set the salaries for everyone to the bare minimum.
No. 1025297 ID: 1c0351

Fuck that, lets take it a step further.


Mag-fed crank crossbow would be cool too.
No. 1025361 ID: e51896

(Edited, had a better idea for who to bring for dream tea time)

TP 6, Continue teaching Satina and the other royal scientists
Also, as far as Lilith goes, im gonna copy my idea on how we can teach her runescripting here from discord:

Have Chi make a copy of some pages of her lesson plan that she didnt already give Lilith, and the next time Lilith spies on Chi, Chi can pretend to accidentally drop some of her pages for Lilith to pick up and read without Having to swallow her pride and speak to Chi. This might also maybe plant the seeds of realization that she needs Chi"s help, and maybe one day ask for it.

TP 7: LEARN MICROSCRIPTING FROM PAWN. We've learned a bit about the book to have some connections with him, and we got an ARCANUM in our pocket dimension to give him. Lets learn it now so we can make some cool stuff later! His offer was he's teach us if we teach him shape runes and give him the arcanum

Plus we can bond with him over what bit of info we read from the book!

It'll be best to learn this before everyone in laputa is back together to make stuff

Other stuff: lets have dream tea with Drift and Ignolia! Introduce the two to each other! I have a feeling they'll make good friends, plus Ignolia can probably learn more about monsters through Drift's past memories, and even study him as he is part horned mist puma now for her classes! (With his consent of course) also, if Ignis' secret santa happens to be around, invite her to this tea party too.

And lets feed Drift our rabbit cores! (Also, inspect him with mana goggles)

For finances, I think everyone will be happy with A for now until we're more stable. We've helped our buddies so much, so they should be fine with this for a few years.
No. 1025366 ID: 629f2e


Agree on dream tea and rabbit core stuff
No. 1025390 ID: 629f2e

Guns may not be on the table at all, so here's an alternative idea Chi could spend some time working on:

THE ADVANCED PARACHUTE - A parachute that does more than allow the user to simply float down, allowing the user to travel upwards as well.


EXPLANATION: After the rip cord is pulled, another cord comes out that controls a strong HEAT and EJECTION (Yellow, Gas) rune near the chute via TRIGGER. When turned on, hot air pours into the chute, generating lift via the same properties that allow hot air balloons to float. A SPEED rune added to the system could speed up how quickly the hot air pour out, or how much speed the lift will give you. It won't be super controlled, but it will allow the user to get out of a bad landing spot in an emergency, or outmaneuver an opponent trying to strike them out of the air with an unpredictable movement. It could also be used as a quick way to get into the air, though it will require some effort to set up the parachute without the air keeping it open.
No. 1025405 ID: 96c896

I wonder if we could upgrade the sun scepter enough that it'd work like a laser rifle? It's a decent weapon already, so if we can just increase its range and focus the power output, it could deliver a large burst of energy. Maybe more shots than we could manage with a mana pistol, even.
No. 1025727 ID: 49a022

Teach royal scientists
Invent something for Noodle
No. 1025737 ID: 36784c

We’d need to be careful if we tried something like that. The scepter already has a problem of getting really hot when it’s being used, so trying to weaponize it might make it get hot enough to burn the hands of whoever is using it. And a weapon that hurts the user when they use it isn’t something anyone would want.
No. 1025759 ID: 34dfce

Hang on, are we even that close with Ignolia? I thought she was bonded to our dad, not us.
No. 1025762 ID: 36784c

Correct. Ignolia has bonded with our dad, not us. I don’t think we have that much of a bond with her in the first place.
No. 1025768 ID: 96c896

I mean, yeah? That was a problem with the high intensity version already.
A long handle with lots of radiating segments would work fairly well without requiring mana for active cooling... we could also try something hilarious:

SHAPE to anchor two parts to eachother, with an air separation. Then to fire it, we'd use what is effectively a button-pushing device. Like, a lever that pushes a rod forward to press a button that activates the laser for a burst.
No. 1025783 ID: 34dfce

Wouldn't this just be a hot air balloon? Couldn't we do that with just fabric and fire already(like og hot air balloons)?

I mean, making a hot air balloon would be cool, but we don't need to reinvent the wheel.
No. 1025829 ID: 860984

I'd add inventing Hot Air Balloon to the list of things to work on soon, I can see that being useful, even for wingkin that can already fly. It'd make it easier to carry stuff, and as far as I know most winged folks cant do intricate hand stuff while flying.

I think we talked about upgrading the Sun Scepter before, but we might need to upgrade either our Scripting/Runecrafting or our materials first.
No. 1025831 ID: 96c896

I am like 90% sure you can't use hot air to sharply change vertical trajectory.
No. 1025837 ID: 36784c

>suggestions for a Hot Air Balloon
The humans will definitely sabotage us if we made that. They’ll see a big, slow moving, easy to hit target, and attack the Hot Air Balloon. And it wouldn’t be too hard for them to do, since they can fly with rune powered magic boots.

Even if the Hot Air Balloon has guards with it, protecting it would be difficult if enough enemies show up to attack.
No. 1025841 ID: 34dfce

Depends on how sharp. Quick google says balloons can rise and fall as fast as 36kph/22mph, however going faster than about 10kph/6.7mph can risk ear barotrauma.
No. 1025856 ID: 7d8982

That's speed, not acceleration.
No. 1025988 ID: f2320a

Hmm we should start making dinner training for when we ever return to the kingdom for the eating competitions as a sort dramatic showing where we claim firstplace would make good diplomatic points.
Interesting fact Real Life birds dont really taste hot spiceiness or EXTREMELY dulled sense as birds dont chew they are the what the peppers evolved towards to use as seed spreaders
No. 1025990 ID: 34dfce

Yes, yes it is. I can't find any info on the acceleration (outside of physics word problems), but I would guess that they can hit those speeds pretty quickly, relatively speaking.
No. 1025992 ID: 96c896

Yeah, while using a LOT more hot air, and a very large heat source that's separated from the balloon material. I don't think it would work on a small scale for extra air maneuverability. We'd be better off generating thrust directly, rather than trying to grab hot air with a parachute, which... won't capture it for long enough to produce much lift.

Oh, really, the problem isn't acceleration, it's "jerk", which is how fast you can generate acceleration.
No. 1025994 ID: 96c896

EJECT rune can form a solid... what kind of solid is it? Can we make metal with it? How expensive are various materials? Could we make something cheap like stone or wood and use it as ammo, perhaps? A crossbow that uses mana for ammo would be pretty neat.

I wonder if we could make a repeating crossbow that has decent force behind the projectiles? Most repeating crossbows were pretty weak and were used with poison-tipped darts.
No. 1026092 ID: f2320a

Is it a actual solid or just kinetic energy in a shaped form
No. 1026101 ID: 5c0b30

We should make sure that any mana pistols we make don't explode in the hands of whoever is using them.

But if making a mana pistol is too difficult for us right now, we can just make a crossbow for now. It'll at least be something until the mana pistol can be made.
No. 1026154 ID: afe7de
File 164723095356.png - (6.68KB , 500x500 , SR2_056.png )

You gather everyone together and talk about financing and Laputa Runetech. Everyone assembles into the newly finished workshop and you pull out a chalkboard before outlining your plan. As of right now, you’re in the startup phase of the operation. You recently expanded so as to not waste money on renting the warehouse, and can take on bigger projects.

You: But we’ve been without proper funding
You: Ignis and I have been handling a lion’s share of this and until we can establish
You: … A steady stream of income, it might continue to be the case.
Ignis: So after some deliberation we’ve come to a conclusion
You: Essentially I’ll be fronting the SHINIES in the beginning due to my teaching job
You: 4K shinies a year for each member of Laputa
You: It’s better than minimum wage, but it’s all I can really afford at the moment
Drift: I’m happy to be paid at all
William: Hopefully when I can get the rubber nonsense figured out we’ll have dual incomes
You: That’s one route, but you’ve been struggling, so we can’t put all the eggs in that basket
You: I recently purchased rights to produce and sell Clark’s RUNE ETCHING blueprint
You: That’s one avenue to start making minor funds, and it’s also useful for our ends

You give a small demonstration of the device and several of them nod.

William: One step closer to a computer I suppose.
You: Sigh… one day.

Eventually the meeting closes and you all resolve the basic logistics of the company finances. A few of the members ask why, since you’re paying everyone, you’re paying your own salary. After a bit of contemplation you reply.

You: I want us all to be on an even playing field
You: I don’t want this to be about GREED
You: I want it known that if you put in the work you’ll be paid and treated correctly by everyone
You: Even me, with my multiple jobs and projects
You: And eventually we’ll get paid in even larger sums, which will then go to the company funds
You: Which will then get redistributed to new projects and other kin.
Ignis: Ooooh
You: Plus, we may reach a stage where you want to work on your own projects independently
You: If everyone’s paid the same, they can hire others to work with them later on their projects
You: I’m already looking into one or two potential recruits, so you might do well to do the same
Ignis: Plus I figure there’s way to distribute payments based off of contributions
William: We should develop bonuses or incentives for that kind of thing
You: We just have to be careful we don’t fall into… certain old pitfalls

> You are now paying the members of Laputa Runetech!
- Morale has increased!
- This will cost you [16,000 SHINIES] a year
- Everyone is being paid [4,000 SHINIES] a year
- You currently have enough funds to maintain this for 2 years
- Barring accidents and not including the cash influx from your other work.
- Your portion will be banked and can be withdrawn at any time
- If nothing changes, a [FINANCING] event will occur mid [YEAR 20] to reassess the situation

No. 1026155 ID: afe7de
File 164723097059.png - (14.71KB , 500x500 , SR2_057.png )

The brisk wind brushes against your feathers as you fly across the Tengu skies, eventually reaching Pawn’s apartment. The space seems a bit more organized then when you visited him last year. There’s a small prototype on his desk of what looks like a water wheel and you see a crude box next to it connected with cables. He greets you and gestures for you to have a seat, serving you some tea.

Pawn: It’s been slow going, but I’ve got some rudimentary stuff going
You: I can see that, do you have a prototype for energy storage there?
Pawn: It’s… certainly a prototype.
Pawn: Had to get another job to supplement my work, so it takes time
Pawn: You been up to anything interesting?
Pawn: I heard rumors of you recruiting a Human boy.
You: I’m training him to TA, he has potential
You: Also I’ve been reading that book
Pawn: The OMNIMBUS?!?
Pawn: Oooooh what do you think? Have you gotten to the end?
You: Not yet, about ⅓ of the way through
You: It reads like a rather good smut novel
Pawn: Right!!? It’s so interesting, and the characters and blah blah blah blah

The two of you chat about the book in brief snippets, he’s trying hard not to spoil the later chapters, but you can tell his enthusiastic to have someone to share this with.

Pawn: Well, glad to see you, I have to get back to it though.
Pawn: If I had half an ingot of Arcanum I could MAYBE do something
Pawn: Maybe you can reconsider my offer from earlier?
Pawn: MICROSCRIPTING for a little less Arcanum and your SHAPE rune?
You: Actually I wanted to talk about that
You: I think we could come to an agreement.

After hashing out the details you come to a new arrangement, teaching him the SHAPE rune, half an ingot of ARCANUM, and some various parts costing around 500 SHINES. You also feel like your bond with PAWN has deepened ever so much more, and that he might be amicable to joining Laputa Runetech, should you offer him a good deal.

A. Hire PAWN
- Pawn wants to be hired at a base salary of [5,000 SHINIES a year]
- This is more than the others of Laputa Runetech are being paid
- He wants a guarantee that he won’t be unjustly let go within 2 years
- His current passion project is in relation to ENERGY STORAGE and GENERATION
- Development and research will increase in speed

- Pay him half an ingot of Arcanum (you have enough in stock)
- Pay him 500 SHINIES worth of MONSTER PARTS
- Give him the SHAPE rune manual
- Pawn may develop his own RUNESCRIPTING STARTUP

You can chose to negotiate any of those terms by suggesting alternatives and any justifications you feel are valid.

After finishing your visit, you encounter someone outside, heading to Pawn’s place. They look surprised to see you and give you a wide grin as they walk past. You recognize them as a previous student of yours. She was a rather spiteful one, and was seen spending time with Clausey. You shudder when you think about that student.

You look her over, her plumage is a bright orange and black and her species reminds you of the Pitohui, a bird known to consume insects to secrete poisons on their feathers to deter predators. You’ve heard that it’s rare for Wing-Kin to actually adopt that trait, but it’s not impossible. You remember her name to be Caissa, but pay no mind to her as you saunter onward.
No. 1026156 ID: afe7de
File 164723099248.png - (14.36KB , 500x500 , SR2_058.png )

You head to the tournament this year, ready and stronger than ever. Your unexpected growth at Dopus really helped give you that edge you were missing. You experimented with styles and with techniques related to SUNDERING, or destroying weapons, so your blunt weapons become more about disabling your opponents and this lets you absolutely curb stomp your opponents.

It’s a little disappointing actually, just how easy it was. They were expecting your usual fighting style, reminiscent of the Mind and Body Claw style you’ve been working on, but the minor mix ups break the concentration and flow of your opponents. All but one, that sloth from before actually provides you with a minor challenge, but you still beat him.

And with that, the tournament comes to a close, you’re the victor in your weight bracket and the crowd cheers for you. Lou Xin approaches you from the sidelines and congratulates you.

Lou Xin: Woah, well done there!
Lou Xin: Looks like you’re reaching the limits of what we can teach you with the Claw
Lou Xin: Well, without much more intense training
Lou Xin: Though most hobbyist’s don't really care to go much farther
You: That felt weird though, almost too easy compared to the other times…
Lou Xin: Well that’s because you got outside experience from the looks of it
Lou Xin: Sometimes seeing the world is a good way to get inspiration and learn
Lou Xin: This year’s fees are on me since I lost a bet and you did so well.
Lou Xin: Oh, and here’s your medal!

The medal is a small thing made of stone and inlaid with what appears to be some sort of brown metal. You [UNDERSTAND] it to be iron that has been painted to look like bronze. You feel it prick at your [PRIDE] but the feeling is subdued by the bitterness you felt from the lack of challenge. You think back to 5 years ago, to that bald human. She was 3 years older than you then and you haven’t seen her since.

[TENACITY] Who was that anyway, it’s almost like she came specifically for you and then left
[INTUITION] Maybe it was exactly that.
[LOGIC] There must have been a reason behind it

You: Hey you remember that girl, Wanda?
Lou Xin: Hmm? Yeah, what about her?
You: Do you think I could take her?
Lou Xin: Hmmm, you? Now?
Lou Xin: Maybe… But good luck finding her, she went missing a few years ago
You: Really?
Lou Xin: Yeah, without a trace
Lou Xin: Anyway, when you finally reach a good growth point we can talk about…
Lou Xin: Well we should have talked about it a while ago, but you could become a Senior Disciple
Lou Xin: The only thing that would change is
Lou Xin: That you’d also help other kin like yourself learn the art
Lou Xin: Oh and your fees would be waived
Lou Xin: There’s other stuff involved too
Lou Xin: But I can’t really tell you about it, Lara says it’s a LEAP OF FAITH
You: That’s a weird saying considering we can all fly
Lou Xin: Yeah, I don’t get it either…
You: I’ll think on it.

- Your Background task will continue to be filled
- You will no longer owe dues to the M&B dojo
- You will gain the chance to gain something
- [GUILE] There’s most certainly going to be some hidden cost
- [INTUITION] There’s no such thing as a “free lunch”
- [LOGIC] Isn’t the cost… teaching?

You also get the feeling that you’ll finally achieve your long-term goal of reaching BASIC MASTERY of the CLAW soon! Your body quakes in anticipation.

No. 1026157 ID: afe7de
File 164723101516.png - (17.08KB , 500x500 , SR2_059.png )

You visit the Royals, intending to check up on Rutherford and Satina. Rutherford seems to be making good progress and has taken the last year to go through and learn all of the Runes you gave him. He’s still a bit sloppy on practically applying them, but you can see that his room is just filled with papers and documents and research. It seems he’s taking a more scientific approach and is plotting out potentialities from each of them. You get the feeling he’ll just be lost in the weeds unless he’s given a DIRECTION. That he’s enthusiastic, but when given so much knowledge becomes a bit SCATTERBRAINED.

[CREATIVITY] He has boundless creativity but lacks direction

Satina on the other hand has made 0 progress since you’ve been gone, her knowledge hasn’t deteriorated, and she tries your patience a bit less than she did before, but it’s still a slog. Luckily you don’t have to split focus and you can spend all your time on her, thus making substantially more progress than before. You get the feeling that on your next visit she’ll have finally cracked the HARDEN rune and can actively communicate properly with RUTHERFORD on projects.

Satina: Ah right, yer visiting my daughter soon right?
You: Yeah, after I finish a few things
Satina: Good, good!
Satina: Don’t settle for the minimum, make sure to push her buttons
Satina: Yer a good egg

[UNDERSTANDING] I still can’t quite wrap my head around her…
[CHARM] Is this reverse psychology?
[PATIENCE] I feel stronger after this!

And then there’s Lilith. You tried teaching her again, just out of the vain hope that something would change. Nothing has changed, in fact she seems more hostile than before. You cut your session with her after 10 minutes. Time to change tactics, if she won’t listen to you, then it’s time to pull out plan B. You ACCIDENTALLY leave some annotated notes on the runes she so frustratingly chose. The notes are extremely pedantic and talk down to the reader. Is it petty? Absolutely. Will she likely read them? Absolutely. Maybe she’ll swallow her pride, but this is already the best you can do. You can bring an owl to water, but you can’t force it to drink.

Your PATIENCE skill has increased to rank 3!
- Due to the increase, you did not take any stress damage from your recent encounters!

You’ve gained [12,000 SHINIES] from teaching the ROYALS
- Satina has nearly learned her rune
- The QUEEN will likely speak to you after she’s been fully taught

No. 1026158 ID: afe7de
File 164723104228.png - (17.06KB , 500x500 , SR2_060.png )

You get the team together and begin on Noodle’s Commission. Everyone’s onboard because the ideas are just overall helpful. William pops in every now and again to assist, but has been spending more time away at his house experimenting. He’s said he’s finally got some good samples and that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, he’ll have a working rubber solution next year. You pat him on the head and he scoffs as he heads off. You think this is a matter of [PRIDE] with him, he wants to figure this out on his own. You did know Willamina I to be rather [STUBBORN] in her past life, but that’s fine, so were you.

You spend a larger chunk of time than expected working on a Parachute prototype with Chipper’s help supplying the goods. Your first few experiments were… awful, just plain awful. Just because you [UNDERSTAND] the constituent components and the abstract concept of a parachute doesn't mean you get the mechanics behind it. [SABA’S KN] kicks in with some of the mechanisms and you eventually have a rudimentary Parachute, it’s non-magical, but is rather bulky.

Ignis then comes around with a modified WINGSUIT, it’s lighter, but takes up the whole body. He says the design was inspired by GLIDE.

Ignis: Basically it’s a wingsuit, but I’ve applied some HEAT and EJECT runes
Ignis: Thus producing hot air and decelerating the fall!
Ignis: The only real problem is… well…
Ignis: The suit disintegrates after a very short amount of time
Drift: So we need a power source
Drift: Preferably a cheap, non Arcanum version
You: Hmm, maybe we should work on that next
Ignis: And the runes are too large, too much surface area taken up
Ignis: If we had MICROSCRIPTING we might be able to make something modified
Ignis: A glove that acts like a wing?
You: Hmm.

Your group continues this discussion before Drift gets an idea

Drift: What if we made a Hot-Air Balloon?
Drift: It’d give us an easier way to transport kin and goods from the tunnel
You: I feel stupid
Ignis: I’ve never seen one
You: We’re all bird brains UGH!
You: It was so SIMPLE!

You then spend a significant amount of time creating a few hot air balloon prototypes. It’s a simple principle to understand and after a while you get some curious onlookers examining your first test run. A few guards even approach to question if you’re invading, but are quickly assuaged by Ignis and William. The balloon is a success, the material costs are low, the only issue is that it requires a significant number of HEATING RUNE-PLATES, or ⅕ of an ingot of Arcanum if you want to use it for a significant amount of time. Either way, you see this as a rousing success.

> You’ve developed 3 [PRODUCTS]
[Clothing Damage Wingsuit]
- Tears apart after a single use, but can slow falls from most heights
[Traditional Parachute]
- Requires no Runescripting to create
- Is a bit bulky
- Cheap

[Hot Air Balloon V.1]
- Requires too many heating plates or ⅕ of an ingot of Arcanum
- Can transport a significant amount of weight
- Is vulnerable to attacks to the balloon

And now for the last project. You’ve been sitting on this blueprint for a while and you’ve been craving it, desiring it, wanting it. Now, no one would call you a gun nut in your past life. To your face anyway. But you were. Unfortunately, Science doesn't translate exactly to Runescripting so your measurements and calculations were off for the most part.
No. 1026159 ID: afe7de
File 164723106160.png - (17.18KB , 500x500 , SR2_061.png )

Back when you made this blueprint you were under certain assumptions about how RUNESCRIPTING works, these have since changed, but as you worked on other projects your mind kept wandering to it, to this pistol design. How to improve it, how to change it, how to make it your own. The main problem you’re facing right now, though, is SIZE, and POWER. Your first prototype, one made of stone, using runes at the size of a pistol, is a complete dud. You can’t make the projectile go fast enough to do anything significant.

So you upscale, and you upscale, and you eventually get this idea for a FLAME-GUN, or the closest equivalent. It’s… big. And heavy, and even by exhausting ½ an ingot of ARCANUM you can only get one and a half shots out of it, but, it’s a gun, one ready to fall apart at a moment’s notice, but your excitement just got the better of you as you put it together. You think, no, you KNOW that you could make one now, a proper mana pistol, if you knew Microscripting. The power source though, now that’s a problem.

You go through all the designs and ideas and plans you’ve come across and you see 3 main routes to take to resolve that.

A. Make a Battery and Generator
- You’d use arcanum and other resources to make a sort of universal battery
- You’d need to construct some way to charge them, as absorbing Ambient mana takes too long
- You think Pawn would be able to greatly help in this endeavor
- Would save the most funds on the long term
- Might take multiple [TP] to get a fully usable pistol or rifle

B. The Crank-Gun
- Forgo a battery system, use the crank system that Shimon developed for the light
- This would allow you to charge a shot and have it fire at potentially ridiculous strengths
- The wind up time may be a problem
- Would be the most cost effective in the short term
- Would let you get a fully usable rifle in [1 TP]

C. Use pure arcanum
- You’re not sure how many shots you could get out of a microscripted pistol as of now
- But [15,000] shinies a clip sounds reasonable right?

[LOGIC] You really like guns don’t you

And even after all that has been figured out you have one final hurdle to cover. Do you make the gun sized for your WINGS? Do you make it shoulder mounted, and thus harder to aim? Do you make it sized for your claws? Or do you make it a size that can be used by both claws and wings, if so, what’s a good middle ground? Unfortunately you’ve run out of time this [TP] and these questions remain unanswered. But it’s a good step forward and you feel those glimmers of happiness welling inside of you from effort well spent.

Ignis has requested to take on the role of merchant relations, he’ll lease with potential buyers and help you get consistent income sources based off of your creations.
- Buying and selling produced goods will become automated
- You’ll receive a notification when he has found a buyer
- These notifications will let you know the [TP] investment and reward for completion
- You can reject his request to take on this role if you prefer (not recommended)

Ignis: I’ll see about finding local groups and Royals interested in this!
Ignis: I can certainly see this being useful to groups wanting to invite and transport
Ignis: At the Tunnel!

You’ve gained the following Designs:

You’ve spent ⅔ of an ingot of ARCANUM on experiments and [2,500 SHINIES] on supplies


You also offer Drift some of your Rabbit cores, but he says that he’s not hungry yet. You tilt your head at that and say that he’ll take one for now, and let you know when he can absorb it.
No. 1026161 ID: afe7de
File 164723112220.png - (16.88KB , 500x500 , SR2_062.png )

Dinner with Hook was something you’ve been looking forward to for quite a bit. It’s been a long time since you’ve had a proper chat, so you head to the appointed dinner and wait. And wait. And then 20 minutes have gone by and she’s not there. You’re confused, so you fly over to the tower, only to find that she’s been in her room the whole time, waiting for you. You’re flabbergasted. You have a pretty damn good memory and don’t remember that being the meeting place.

Hook: Ah! You’re here! What took you?
You: You were the one who told me to meet you somewhere else.
Hook: No, you’re very wrong, I explicitly said my room.
[GUILE] No, her expression says otherwise, she knew that this would happen
[LOGIC] The only question is why
Hook: But hey, it’s okay, we all make mistakes sometimes!
You: Uh huh, so, are we still getting dinner or…?
Hook: Oh, I could have them bring something up if you’d like
You: Nevermind, let’s just cut to the chase
You: You wanted to talk to me.

You can see her eyes twitch at your blunt behavior, you also notice bags under her eyes, like she’s been lacking sleep. You don’t let that bother you as you continue to wait, staring at her. She turns towards you and arches her fingers together contemplatively before giving you a smug look.

Hook: So, I take it you know that the elections are coming up?
Hook: How’s about you back me up?

A. No.
- Decline and walk out
B. Hell No.
- Rudely decline and walk out
C. What?
- Press her for more details
D. Other
- What’s your strategy here, feel free to ask any questions
- Also, feel free to add any requests or demands you want

No. 1026174 ID: 629f2e

Will respond to the rest later, but rn just focusing on Hook.


First of all: No, you said DINNER bitch. As in, I'm hungry, and I want to eat. Don't try and gaslight me and then ask me a favor, this conversation does not proceed until I have stuffed my face with so much delicious food that I cannot physically walk away from you.

Second: Why? Not to be rude, but why should I back you up? I don't have any motivation to go against you, that's true, but you haven't given me a reason to back you up over anybody else. If you just want me to go off of my impression of you... Well you're kind of a bitch, and you also just lied to my face about our meeting place. And like, I've known you for a while, but that doesn't translate into liking you. So I don't really feel like doing you any favors just because you asked.

If you want me to do anything for you, then I'd like you to convince me. Show me why I should back you up over anyone else with the relevant experiences needed.
No. 1026175 ID: c92a02

Pawn's contract: Those are all very important things. 4500, aka. 4k salary plus a 500 'consulting fee', and when the team gets a raise everyone will be elevated to the same new salary.
Chi fu: Frankly, there's been so many coincidences in the martial arts tournaments that I'm beginning to wonder if Lou Xin has trained you wrong, as a joke. You should find a new dojo if you begin devoting TP to this style... or develop your own style!
Hot air balloon: Can you use the extra heat runes as ballast? They'll get used up as you go but a lighter carriage won't need as much hot air to lift either.
Crank dynamo. Hell yes. Let's get some god damn Gatling guns built!
A. She expects questions. You expect dinner.
No. 1026176 ID: 96c896

How about a combination of A and B? He has to be paid the same as everyone else- 4k. However, you'll give him first priority access to the SHAPE manual (hey, does everyone in Laputa Runetech have access to the manuals? They should), the 2 year good faith contract, and half an ingot for his own personal use. Not sure what else we could do to sweeten the pot, tbh.
Also tell him once your business gets off the ground, the pay will go up.

...I'm worried about him associating with Caissa, since it seems clear Clausey was an agent to attack your morale. Might want to ask Pawn what Caissa is like, and investigate him (or her?) a bit before the hire, to make sure he hasn't been compromised. Everyone we don't have a long-standing Bond with needs to be screened, because we ARE going to wind up doing secret projects eventually, and we ARE going to have problems with spies.
It seems unlikely that Caissa is in league with the humans though since her being seen with Clausey is all we've got, and it's not like Clausey would tell just anyone about his secret allegiance.

Eh, sure. If it doesn't work out we can just leave.

>original weak mana pistol blueprint is useless due to things working differently than expected
Well, okay.
The crank gun seems like a good design for a siege weapon if we sized it up. We could retrofit it with a different method for generating power, but a chargeup system seems good even on a small scale, for an opening shot. You can pre-charge it, right? I wonder if someone could carry multiples of these, like on a bandolier...
Anyway, actually producing one of these is gonna throw red flags (plus we kindof need Microscripting to make anything good). I think we should just fit some ceramic armor for her, along with the parachute.

>hook pullin' some bullshit
Tell her you have a literally perfect memory.
Also, B.
She brought you here under false pretenses, and tried to gaslight you. She's unfit to be queen. (also you were told to push her buttons)
No. 1026185 ID: e51896

my decisions

For gun:

A. I think it is really really important to make a Battery and Generator. Not only will this help with gun work, but it will help out with other runescripting projects as well! Our patience will reward us if we take this route, and we'll be able to make a high quality mana pistol after making the battery and generator even if it'll take us several TPs. Patience is key here!.

Plus if we design a high powered gun like a Gatling gun too early, Canus and the Black Lotus might raise some eyebrows at us and make things very difficult for us. Don't forget, we've had spies looking into what we've been doing in the past. We don't want them highering the prices if we get too technologically advanced, especially with weapons that they could feel threatened by. Really, let's play the long game here.


For Pawn: A or B is fine.

A to help us immensely as things go on,

but also B because it's good to have competition with a rival to get us motivated to improve our work!

Can't decide here just yet. will probably change my mind later.


Mind and body, ehhhhh... I think I just want to master our claws one more level, and be done, or switch to improving our dodging skills if that is possible after we level up to 7 with claws.


For Noodle: Continue the wing suit improvements after we learn microscripting in memory of Glide who probably left Tengu to go on adventures... you hope!



well, fake B, but actually C. fake B to show her you're not bullshitting here, and see if she'll try to convince you to stay, and then C because you do have some level of respect of her and want to at least let her explain herself. She has potentially, but the next ruler gotta respect her workers after all.
No. 1026186 ID: 894419

Hell no, and fuck off. Then find her opposition and support them.
No. 1026200 ID: f80c2f

It's pretty much what Satina said: We'd be OK with working with her, but absolutely not for free. Time to negotiate, and make her EARN your help.
No. 1026313 ID: 36784c

Did we ever decide on if we were going to start selling Chi-llers? We could sell those in order to help give us a boost in money.

Hiring Pawn would be an issue, since we’d have to spread our finances even thinner to fit what he wants as a salary. But with his interests in Energy Storage and Generation, hiring him will help us with building a Mana Pistol!

>You can chose to negotiate any of those terms by suggesting alternatives and any justifications you feel are valid.
I’m not smart enough to figure this out, so I’ll let everyone else think of something.

>former student
>You remember her name to be Caissa
She’s probably going to start spreading rumors that we had to go to Pawn for help because we’re not as good as we claim to be.

>Senior Disciple
>you’d help other kin learn the art
We may be good with teaching, but I don’t think we’d be able to teach this at the same level we can teach Runescripting.

So basically, she’s telling us to not just blindly do whatever Hook wants. If Hook wants our support, we’ve gotta make her earn it!

>invention issues
Seems like having Microscripting would help improve all of these.

>Ignis has requested to take on the role of merchant relations
Yes, agree to let him do that.

>So, I take it you know that the elections are coming up?
>How’s about you back me up?
Tell her that normally, all she’d have to do is ask and you’d help. But with something as important as the elections coming up, she’ll need to give you a good argument to convince you to give her your support.

And let her know that lying to you about where you were meeting her isn’t helping her. A future Queen shouldn’t try to deceive someone that she wants to support her.

All of this.
No. 1026343 ID: e51896


Adding to my post >>1026185

I forgot to say, yes, let Ignis take care of MERCHANT RELATIONS

And I wanted to add, since Drift is back from his Monster Core stuff and evolving, why don't we ask if he wants to handle ACCOUNTING, considering we're teaching, William is usually looks for new materials for us to work with (rubber and plastic search and research) and Ignis is taking care of negotiations. He can look into our income vs our yearly costs for stuff, warn us if we're going over budget with certain ventures, give us shinies related goals such as amount of shinies we should try to make each year, advice on ways to reduce costs and gain better profits, and other stuff like that.

Of course, if he doesn't want to do that, that is fine, we'll do it ourselves.

... and no, it isn't because he is a SECRETARY WINGKIN.

When we see Pawn again, BRING IGNIS WITH YOU TO HELP YOU WHEN YOU WORK OUT WHATEVER DEAL WE CHOOSE WITH PAWN, Ignis is a trained professional at this, and wants to do stuff like this. He should be able to help us out with whatever deal we choose.

and I decided to go with B as far as Pawn is concerned, it'd be good to have worthy competition to encourage Laputa to do better instead of being a monopoly.


doing some budgeting,

we currently have 44,898 SHINIES

our current income is

6400 per time point teaching at the university (19200 for the 3 tps)
12,000 for teaching the royal scientists

we currently have to yearly pay

16,000 SHINIES for Laputa
300 for Nico precision
800 for the rent with Ignis
160 for comfortable lifestyle

unless my calculations are wrong and i missed something, We will have to pay 17260 yearly (we'll make a profit of 13,940 if we only do one class with the royals plus our teaching at the university)

22,260 if we hire Pawn, unless we can negotiate with him (profit of 8,940)

We most likely will get another 12000 once we finish teaching Satina, and then after that, we'll have to decide whether or not to pursue Lilith, as she might be the source for some stress if we teach her might be good to meditate between sessions or take breaks if thats the case. But hopefully our plan to accidentally drop our plans to her will help out.

But after that or otherwise, we should really consider getting another contracted job for Laputa, especially if we want to make the budget with Pawn work...
No. 1026346 ID: 860984

-Pawn: I dont know if im alone on this here, but ive been actually been hoping Pawn would start his own company. Competition is healthy, and he seems to have been doing great with his own research, as well as the fact that he genuinely cares about improving the Plate with his crafting, which I thin Chi also agrees with. I feel like were going to have rival business eventually, and i'd rather it be someone like Pawn than anyone else.
That being said, I do think working with him would be beneficial to us both, and would be a good chance to raise a bond, so, as >>1026176 said, a combination of A+B seems good, hire him on a limited contract, and have Ignis help you iron out the contract. I STILL want to see what he can do with microscripting and the goggles btw.

-Senior Disciple: I wouldn't consider it until we've got our full time teaching job ironed out and our TA(s) settled, as well as getting our mastery.
Would really like to get into the more advanced Martial Arts stuff though, I feel like its going to be useful, and its a good outlet besides. So maybe consider getting the more intense training when we next have free time.

-GUNS: A seems like a no Brainer. Battery and charging will solve so many present and fuure issues that we could probably start improving almost ALL our current blueprints, as well as get to the type of guns we actually want.
Also, My money is on an over-the-wing, short barrel shotgun type.

Hook: A+C
No, why would we support her if THIS display is the best she can do to get us on her side? I find it hard to believe this is the best sell she can manage, so im wondering whats up.
No. 1026367 ID: a9af05


>I'm beginning to wonder if Lou Xin has trained you wrong, as a joke.
I'm pretty sure she's teaching us correctly.

That's a bit of an overreaction.

>go with B as far as Pawn is concerned, it'd be good to have worthy competition to encourage Laputa to do better instead of being a monopoly.
I agree with this.
No. 1026375 ID: 01f77d

Supporting this.


A. but keep negotiating. Having a higher salary is a hard pass due to the equality issues.

Become Senior Diciple
No. 1026406 ID: 11b316

You came here expecting food, so you're going to want something to eat while speaking with Hook. And there better be a really good dessert too!

No. 1026408 ID: 7b910f

Okay, now to finally respond to the non-Hook stuff.


A. We should bring Pawn into Laputa. Yeah, it's good to have competition and get nore independent runescripters, but Pawn's all on his lonesome and may not have the social graces to market himself to potential team members (reminder that he recommended us a smut book without giving any indication that that is what it was, and then went straight into gushing about it as soon as we brought it up).

We aren't officially paying him more than anyone else, that isn't acceptable. However, the sign-up bonus an earlier suggestor mentioned is a good idea. Let's have that come from our personal coffers, and officially label it as payment for a read of the Micsroscripting Manual.

>Senior Disciple

Not interested. Chi isn't someone who is going to be picking fights on the regular. She's a researcher, not a warrior or hunter. We're literally designing guns now, we're clearly swerving away from this path. Finish mastering the claw, and then drop M&B permanently to free up a background slot.

For Noodle's commission. I think a crank gun would be something nice we can get to her quickly, while we start work on a battery and generator for future designs (with Pawn's help, seeing as his research would be relevant). The wingsuit can be improved with microscripting, so learn that first and THEN see how it could be better. Maybe we really cold make it into a glove, that'd be a lot more lightweight...


Hell yeah he can try to make some sales
No. 1026409 ID: d0108b

Hook's mom said there would be dinner, and she also doesn't want Hook to be queen. What if she mislead us to make Hook look bad?
No. 1026417 ID: 36784c

Now that I think about it, you've got a point. Right here: >>1020659 , Satina told us about Hook wanting to meet for dinner. Since she was delivering a message to us from Hook, that means that she had an opportunity to alter the message.

So yeah, Satina could've lied about where Hook said to meet her!

And if that's what happened, then we should make sure we don't blame Hook for lying about our meeting location, since it was most likely a misunderstanding that was caused by her mother!
No. 1026419 ID: 629f2e


Oooohhhhh very solid point. Let's let Intuition and other relevant stats debate whether we think Satina may be to blame before deciding how poorly to respond to Hook. If the chance for sabotage is decent enough, then lets change our approach a bit. After all, if we got bad info from Satina, then Hook may have been fed bad info from her too. Maybe she thinks that we're on board with this already, and this is basically a formality?

Still, there's this to consider:

>[GUILE] No, her expression says otherwise, she knew that this would happen
>[LOGIC] The only question is why

I think we may need more information before we take a hard stance on how to handle this discussion. For now, bring up the fact that you aren't sure Satina has been relaying Hook's messages correctly, and ask if she's been told anything by her that may make her think you were ready to join her. Once you rule that out, then you can be a bit ruder.

And if you CAN'T rule it out, give Hook a bit of a break, while still making it clear you're going to need to be persuaded.


You still want food though, this remains unchanged.
No. 1026486 ID: e51896

Further Thoughts on Noodle: still against making crank gun early as there are spies from Canus watching us, and i still want wingsuit, BUT to add to the wingsuit, we should also give noodle the parachute in case wingsuit breaks while flying and needs a soft landing

Also, can we get an estimate on when Noodle is going to go on a hunting trip again plz? That way we can plan our inventions and schedule accordingly

Further thoughts on Hook: Yeah, i agree that there is a possibility Satina gave us false info. Check with stats on that.
And also, use you're awesome visual memory to see if Satina was lying about the message with Guile, Might be good training for that stat to do that too.

Hook probably knew this would happen, but for a different reason: she probably knew Satina would falsify the message.
No. 1026488 ID: ce39da

... Crap, you're right. Come to think of it, maybe accusing her mother of sabotage right to HOOK's face (before saying ANYTHING ELSE) will force her hand a bit.

"I'm going to be blunt; if you're not trying to lie to my face right now, then the only other possibility is that your mother is trying to sabotage you. She told me you had invited me to dinner. I even remember the specific hall I was supposed to meet you at, in her words. For all I know, she probably told you I was already on-board, and that this was a formality; that's the only reason I can see for you to simply make the offer with zero explanation or appeal to your merits as queen and expect me to make a decision right here and now."
No. 1026508 ID: 76c949

Yeah, we'd better straighten out this misunderstanding before we snap at Hook for something she didn't know about.
No. 1026565 ID: 35bb13

I know Satina said that she didn't want Hook to be the queen, but would she really resort to sabotaging Hook?

This all seems reasonable to me.
No. 1026599 ID: 274345

I'm too dumb to think of anything so I'm just going to support this.
No. 1026672 ID: 68f89f

No. 1026748 ID: 93181a

Take a deep breath and slowly let it out so you can calm down before you snap at Hook!

It's a good thing we already gave Anger a doghouse to get it under control. There's no telling how bad this situation would've been if we didn't do that!
No. 1026822 ID: afe7de
File 164783676723.png - (10.53KB , 500x500 , SR2_063.png )

You take a deep breath. You pace it out. You feel your heartbeat, you feel your [THOUGHTS] and then you exhale. If there was ever a moment for [ANGER] this would certainly be one of them. You’ve got plenty of reasons to be mad right now. An innumerable one in fact, at this kind of treatment. And you feel yourself about to tell her off, like it’s on the tip of your tongue, but stop to consider the alternate possibilities.

[LOGIC] Only at the appropriate moment
[LOGIC] We must consider the alternative, what if, she isn’t pulling a fast one
[IGNIS’ CHARISMA] There are many ways to phrase what she said, but let’s consider them again
[GUILE] Her expression looks like she knew that something like this would happen, what though?
[GUILE] Have we considered that Satina is in fact, sabotaging her daughter

You think back into that moment, those moments, when you were teaching Satina, the setup for this meeting. You never saw Hook in person any of those times, and were only ever told secondhand when and where to meet her. The majority of the information comes from Satina herself, but what would she gain from this, from a duplicitous and easily verifiable attempt at sabotage? Your stomach growls, frustrations or not, you expect food, and by the feathers on your wings you will have food.

You: I think we need to have a chat, a proper chat
Hook: That… isn’t that why you’re here??
You: No, I mean

Your stomach audibly growls as the two of you look deadpan at each other.

Hook: I’ll get us some food.

It only takes a few minutes before some warm food is put in front of the two of you, you immediately dive in and… it’s not the best, certainly worse than the place you were going to eat at. Actually, no, it’s downright terrible and you can’t tell if it’s your mood, or if the food actually sucks, but if Hook’s been eating this then you can see why she’s got bags under her eyes.

You: Do you eat this regularly?
Hook: Yeah? Why?
You: Isn’t this uh… Pretty low quality
Hook: Eh, does it matter?
Hook: Grubs are grubs right?

You don’t really feel like arguing the basics of nutrition with her at the moment, though you pin that in the back of your mind for a future thing to look into.

You: I’m just going to be blunt
You: It’s my specialty and I don’t want to waste time in the song and dance of it all
You: It’s why I’m not trying to become the QUEEN
Hook: You’re not even a little interested?
Hook: Even after all this time?
You: Not at all, too much work, overhead, and above all else, TIME to commit.
You: Now this, either you’re trying to gaslight me
You: Or, if you’re not lying to my face right now
You: That means your mother is trying to sabotage you or me
Hook: Why would she do that? She’s a bitch but she’s my mom.

You give Hook the largest eye-roll you could quite possibly muster. Adding that attitude to the list of reasons.

You: How’s about I start with a question.
You: What were you told or what did you tell her to tell me?

She begins to tell you that she requested you to meet in her room, that she’s been busy with a few projects and hasn’t had the time to leave. But she'd also been hearing some rumors about your GLUTTONOUS behavior, lateness streak, and lack of overall productivity.

[GUILE] As far as I’m aware, Hook’s telling the truth, or believes she is
[UNDERSTANDING] I think she believes that’s what she was told

You take a few more deep breaths, you’re glad you’ve felt a bit more [PATIENT] lately or you would have snapped. So, ridiculous fabrications are being spread around about you, you sigh, deeply, as you exhale. Well, at least it will get kin to UNDERESTIMATE you, which you could use to your advantage later. You explain to her your side of the story, being sure to emphasize that you have literally the best memory anyone has ever seen, and when asked to prove it, quote her word for word for each encounter you’ve ever had with her. She seems a bit unnerved by that but believes you in the end.

Hook: I didn’t know you had that good of a memory…
You: I don’t get to be where I am now by being forgetful.
Hook: Fair… enough… So my mom is just… What, sabotaging me?
You: Look, I don’t know, and I’m a bit irritated, can we just start over and get the basics down
Hook: Uh yeah, sure.

No. 1026823 ID: afe7de
File 164783678077.png - (16.87KB , 500x500 , SR2_064.png )

Hook: So the ELECTIONS, they’re a big thing, only Kin ages 26 and under can participate
Hook: They’re essentially the way we elect new leaders
Hook: But it is a Monarchy, and the queen ultimately decides
Hook: Each election has been different but they actively look for…
Hook: Well, new ideas, each generation brings something new to the table
Hook: A few generations ago brought the education reforms
Hook: And we’ve been on a slow growth upwards since then
Hook: But none of the recent Queens have been well… radical in change.
Hook: And the idea is to pick a new queen from the nascent hatchlings
Hook: Ones not yet tainted by old ideals and coming to their own as a kin
Hook: It’s not a perfect system, but we’re doing well.

You’ve known a decent amount of the royalty selection before this from your studies, but it’s interesting to hear someone actively living as a royal give their take on the matter. You see she pauses, so you nod for her to continue.

Hook: Anyway, any female wing kin can attempt to become queen but…
Hook: Really there’s only 5 true candidates this go around,
Hook: And this is where the ELECTIONS take place
Hook: Rather than democratically electing someone, the Queens to be are put through a trial
Hook: Election is the wrong word, but it’s a… psychological thing
Hook: A manipulation of language meant to make it easier for the public
Hook: Though I mean it is the Queen electing the person so it might still be accurate…
Hook: Semantics aside it’s a TRIAL through and through testing the following qualities:
Hook: There are other bits, but those are the main points
Hook: Can you lead the people
Hook: Can you make the right choices in the heat of the moment
Hook: And can you sway others to your side
Hook: The last thing we want is a coup and you need someone to keep the kingdom together
Hook: Especially now, on the eve of a potential conflict we so hope won’t happen.
You: But you still haven’t explained my part, what do you mean by back you up
You: I’ve heard rumors, but nothing concrete

Hook then describes to you what sounds a lot like scenario roleplay, somewhat similar to that game you played in your TACTICS class, only dialed up to 11. Each group will be given a different, yet random distribution of resources, citizens, and soldiers and will be forced to compete in a miniature kingdom-building and defense game. She needs to select a SCIENTIST, a WARRIOR, and a WILD CARD. She’ll be acting as the LEADER.

The WARRIOR will be in charge of TACTICS and unit distribution
The WILD CARD will be in charge of misc tasks, and can take the form of anything ranging from a DIPLOMAT, a MERCHANT, or even an ASSASSIN.
The SCIENTIST will be in charge of charting growth and developing tools to help the kingdom based on the resources available. The objective is simple, economically, tactically, or scientifically dominate your opponents.

[SABA’S KN] This is a motherfucking game of PARTISANS OF STELLARIZATION
[LOGIC] Huh, that’s… weird.

She mentions that there are other examinations as well as mock interviews, speeches, stress tests, and other things the actual queen will have to deal with, but that’s the most you’ll have to do. It also helps if she’s swayed the popular opinion of the kin in the kingdom, and she’s been working on that. You ask her what she means by that.
No. 1026824 ID: afe7de
File 164783680981.png - (19.07KB , 500x500 , SR2_065.png )

Hook: I haven’t been leaving my room because I’ve been working with the spymaster
Hook: Keep it secret but I’ve been identifying the underground groups that “control” certain sectors
You: You mean like the mob
Hook: I don’t know that term
You: Organizations that rule by force from the back lines
You: Not in the public eye
Hook: Something like that
Hook: I’m planning a clean sweep and my debut afterwards.
Hook: As for the others, well I expect their debuts soon, it’s only 2 years away, so now’s the time.

You ask Hook for details on the other candidates and she mentions the ones she knows of at the moment.

- She’s using teaching as a springboard, letting it be known she cares about education and teaching others. You know that she does care about teaching, but it also explains why she’s gotten into it so early as well. It’s a prestigious school and kin are bound to talk about her.
- Hook expects her to be the first one to drop out
- One of the Randolphus triplets, they’re a triple threat and fully back her attempt.
- Hook says that they’re extremely skilled in the TACTICS department and trickle down with skills in other fields too, but has been too focused to dive any deeper.
- A runescripter like yourself
- Plans on starting a munitions business using her extensive merchant connections, she’ll likely sway public favor by making the HUNTER’S jobs easier.
- Wants to clean up crime in the city, of which there is a small budding seed
- It’s also hook
> ???
- The secret candidate
- No one knows who this one is yet, but it’s likely someone you’ve met before
- Apparently they’re a recently graduated member of the HUNTERS with a fierce gaze
- But they apparently also have extremely strong MERCANTILE SKILLS

Hook says that there are others but that they’re not worth considering. You don’t quite buy that, but will take her word on this for now.
No. 1026825 ID: afe7de
File 164783683091.png - (10.89KB , 500x500 , SR2_066.png )

Now that you have more information, you feel like you’re not quite sure about this all. It might be worth speaking with all of the candidates to find out more, or you could wait and see how each member’s debut goes. The thoughts are churning in your head. Especially about the last one. You have a sneaking suspicion that you actually know the secret candidate quite well, but it couldn’t be her right? She’s not even a Wing-Kin, and did she suddenly learn merchant skills?

You: Are you sure that only Wing-Kin can apply to be Queen
Hook: It’s possible the Queen changes that qualifier
Hook: But without a doubt it will be limited to TENGU natives
Hook: No one from outside the plate.
You: So, what’s in it for me?
You: You want me to help you, I think you’ll have to convince me.
You: My time is pretty valuable, and this sounds like it will take at least [1 TP] or more
Hook: Well yeah, it’ll take around [2 TP]
Hook: I mean, what do you want? You have money, and are working on your company right?
Hook: You don’t seem to lack for much of anything except TIME
Hook: And I can’t just magitech up time for you
Hook: Hows about a promise I’ll make you a royal scientist
Hook: And get you a consistent supply of Arcanum barring war or anything

You take a moment to consider this, to consider the future. Is Hook really the kind of Kin you want leading the plate, one you want to back. Your [PRIDE] tells you that the kin you back will have significantly increased odds of championing the throne, but is that true, or is that just your ego talking?

Then there’s also the matter of Satina, why sabotage her daughter? What could she gain? What could she lose? There’s too many questions.

A. Accept her offer
- Take the deal
- You will be busy for your first 2 free [TP] in [YEAR 20]
- You will back Hook’s attempt at the throne

B. Investigate all the candidates in general
- Actively investigate the candidates with William and Ignis’s help
- You will get a brief profile of their plans and tactics
- You will delay accepting Hook’s offer
- You will meet with 2 of the other candidates briefly

C. Declare you won’t participate in the election
- You will not be involved in the queen selection process
- This storyline will quietly enter the background
- Should you, after hearing updates in the background, decide to rejoin, you may
- Skip to the new year

D. Other
- Say or do something else
- Feel free to skip to the new year

No. 1026828 ID: e51896

D: Lets fix up the deal a little There's something important that Clark, and even our father have told us, REST IS IMPORTANT, and Hook isn't getting it right now. So I'd say we'll accept the offer... but ONLY after she fulfills the condition she uses a couple TIMEPOINTS to TAKE A BREAK, maybe hang out with us before the election starts during those times. will be good to get to know each other and get our bonds up too before the event which I feel might help out. Let her know that while the amount of work she puts into becoming Queen is admireable, SELF CARE IS IMPORTANT! Even the other canidates have been looking pretty healthy and getting sleep, and you fear her not taking care of herself will bring her campaign down. People would want a strong leader, not someone who looks like they're about to collapse at any moment from stress and not sleeping.

Also, I have an interesting idea, if we decide to take the offer, the steady arcanum supply for us will be really good, but what if we decide NOT to become royal scientists and just focus on being regular scientists for Laputa, just to not bring as much attention to ourselves in the future. That way, we won't be as restraint, and have more freedom with our inventions. Doesn't mean we won't still work with the royals. We'll just be happy with accepting the steady supply of arcanum for Laputa without becoming a royal scientist... maybe double the supply at the cost of not becoming royal scientists as part of the altered deal

I mean, I guess we can ask what benefits a royal scientist has first, might actually be important to do that actually before we jump to conclusions, but right now as it stands, I think it'd be cooler if Chi worked as a regular scientist and focus on Laputa

And before Hook fulfills her obligations to take breaks and hang out with us, we can do B and investigate the competition.
No. 1026829 ID: c92a02

B. Maybe there's a better candidate for the throne. Maybe some of them you wouldn't want on the throne. Maybe some of them are plants by the human kingdom... and you definitely don't want one of those on the throne.
Well! If Hook wants to taste some real food she knows where she can hit you up.
No. 1026830 ID: 629f2e

Right off the bat: A. We should take the offer. She went out of her way to ask when nobody else in this contest has, she seems like one of the better candidates to take the job, and I feel a little bad that she's been getting sabotaged and fed shitty food. Ignolia is our friend to, and I love her, but if I'm being brutally honest I don't really see her making for that great of a queen. Caissa is in league with Clausey, the worst person. And Tinuptia... Well she's probably fine actually, but she hasn't asked us to join her. Plus, her focus on tactics may not serve the throne well. Could lead to the plate getting into a war if her tunnel vision is really bad.

Even after accepting however, we should figure out what we're getting into and try to meet a couple of the other candidates.

We should talk to Ignolia of course, because it's kind of a dick move to go against a friend without at least offering some heads up and assuring her that we still really like them and that there are no hard feelings.

If the secret candidate is on the table, we should look into them, but most importantly of all I want to look into Caissa. What the fuck is her deal?


Based on what Hook tells us, and what we eventually wring out of Satina later, we may or may not be tattling on her to the Queen later. She had better have a damn compelling reason, because if she doesn't then she can go fuck herself, we're not finishing her lesson.

Unless the Queen asks us to, because we like the Queen, the Queen is cool. In that case we'll get her back some other way. Ask her to test out our cool wingsuit design at a party or something.

(Also, maybe recommend a few restaurants to Hook so that she finally understands what good food tastes like? You could like, bring her something to taste if she can't leave home rn.
No. 1026831 ID: 96c896

Tell her you think she has a good cause but you want to do some research on the other candidates before deciding. Like, what are IGNOLIA and TINUPTUA planning to do once they're Queen?
B, and see if you can figure out what Satina is doing too. Maybe find out what other candidates there are, and confirm if Noodle is really trying to become Queen. I bet she hasn't told you because a, it's a secret, and b, she doesn't want to make it sound like she wants you to do even more for her than you have already.
No. 1026841 ID: 34dfce

So, it seems like we are the best candidate by a long shot to rule; however that really isn't something we want to do. Could it be possible that we could be forced into it somehow?

Also, isn't Ignolia kind of old if she is in your parents' generation?

Does Noodle know if she is a candidate or not?
No. 1026848 ID: 96c896

OH. Even if we *do* wind up deciding to support Hook right away, we should keep that fact a secret from Satina. We've caught on to her games, but we don't want her to know that, so it'd be best if she thinks we turned Hook down, and maybe Hook could act pissed about it to boot, since we were told to push her buttons.
No. 1026850 ID: 864e49

So that's why shes interested in Pawn.

B Lets meet with Caissa and the Mystery candidate.
No. 1026857 ID: ac883c

The two main explanations are (A) she genuinely doesn't want Hook to be queen or (B) she wants to make it harder so Hook will have to work for it.
Let's just assume the latter: If Hook succeeds, Satina's motivations will be their own reward/punishment.
Let Hook hear your reasoning.
No. 1026858 ID: 2aa5f0

the reason Satina doesn't want hook to be queen is because Satina is a royal concubine and doesn't want to be a concubine to her own daughter... this is a joke by the by
No. 1026873 ID: ce39da

First, D: Grill Hook on what she plans to do AFTER she becomes Queen. What's her policy beyond "clean up crime?" Does she plan to expand that to counterintelligence and even proactive espionage? If so, you can voice your opinion that this does seem like a strong policy, given we're in the grips of a cold war right now, but she'll need to have some front-facing plan as well that the people of TENGU are actually allowed to see. Also, you're concerned about whether she can perform if the war were to turn hot. (Also, did she uncover dirt on anyone we're close to? We don't want anything nasty coming their way to be a surprise.)

This is followed by B:
"Given that you were likely told I was already on board, it should likely come as a disappointment that I'm going to investigate some of the other candidates; specifically, TINUPTUA and the MYSTERY CANDIDATE - I have a sneaking suspicion to her identity. I'm with you in writing off IGNOLIA, for what it's worth; it sounds like her heart's in the right place, but unless she plans to somehow fix what isn't broken in the first place, she seems to be a status quo candidate, and that's not what we need right now. Meanwhile, I simply don't trust CAISSA; she was a former student of mine who was close to CLAUSEY, the worst of the suspected 'plant' students hired by a foreign group, which I'm sure you heard about if you'd even been casually following my business. I don't know if CAISSA knew about that, but she was a spiteful one herself. Even if her 'friend' doesn't resurface, I wouldn't trust her not to get entrenched in FOREIGN INTERESTS over her own people's, at least a little bit. Plus, she's already looking into PAWN, I think, so I probably won't get 'in' with her even if I wanted."

"Your mother made it clear to me that she doesn't have familial bias in this matter. Given this context, I think what she truly meant by that is crystal clear; she's supporting someone else. She's possibly going to be that candidate's WILD CARD, in fact, assuming the non-LEADER roles don't have the same age restrictions."

"By the way, tell your mother she owes me that FANCY DINNER she promised, or I'm not finishing her lessons."
No. 1026947 ID: f2320a

Perhaps we should take up the throne we got a halfwit, warmonger,peacetime leader and wildcard that can be a forgain wingkin or perhaps our snake friend
No. 1026961 ID: 36784c

>Then there’s also the matter of Satina, why sabotage her daughter? What could she gain? What could she lose? There’s too many questions.
Now that I think about it, despite Satina saying that she won’t support Hook trying to become Queen (which makes sense, since a Royal Scientist helping her daughter become Queen looks extremely biased), she might be trying to help in her own subtle way. For example: The misinformation between Chi and Hook. That could’ve been prevented if Hook didn’t stay in her room all the time and came to speak with Chi herself. This could be a lesson to Hook that she should be more aware of what’s going on around herself instead of focusing completely on her goal.

And the reason Satina didn’t just tell Hook herself was probably because she thinks Hook would more likely listen to Chi instead of her.

As for what we should do about Satina, I think we shouldn’t do anything about it.

It would be unprofessional of us to stop Satina’s lessons because of this and it would hurt the kingdom by not helping one of our Royal Scientists learn Runescripting. And let’s not forget that the Queen herself has told us: “Sometimes we must work with individuals we dislike.” So even if we dislike Satina for what she’s done, we have to continue working with her.

Also if the Queen found out we stopped teaching Satina because of this, then she would be disappointed in our pettiness and she might take away that ROYAL FAVOR we haven’t used yet!

>What do?

Tell Hook that she looks terrible. The bags under her eyes shows that she isn’t getting enough sleep and if the meal we just had with her is something she’s been eating for a while, then that also means that she isn’t eating properly. If she continues like this, she’ll end up getting sick and that’ll force her to drop out as a candidate for the throne!

You highly recommend that she takes some time to relax so that she can get some sleep and get some real food to eat. You’re confident that she’ll feel better and she’ll be able to work more efficiently when she does that.
No. 1026962 ID: 0eb26b

All this.
No. 1026983 ID: a9af05

If you end up being right about Satina, then she's got some terrible parenting methods.

Other than that, I agree with everything you said.
No. 1027000 ID: e51896

IDEA: Lets have a dream tea break with some of our friends, and VENT OUR ANGER, blow off some steam about what happened with them in a healthy way, gotta let that dog out every now and then, but in a safe environment. Our friends will listen and understand. I think the Runescripters will be willing to listen about what Satina did, and get their opinion on Hook since it's partly business related as we're teaching Satina. No sense in suppressing anger all the time, it is an important emotion as our others. Just let them know ahead of time that you're going to be ranting so that they can be prepared if they want to listen.

And we can ask Drift about him being an accountant during the dream tea break.

Yeah, agreed, lets just keep things mutural with teaching Satina, the whole situation is Hook and her mother to deal with, not us, even if we got caught in the middle of it. Do it for the royals if not for Satina. If Satina asks how things went the next time we see her, we'll just say things went as expected, and nothing more, let her interpret it as it is.
No. 1027123 ID: afe7de
File 164809394352.png - (16.32KB , 500x500 , SR2_067.png )

You think on her statements for a bit, there’s a pregnant pause as she looks towards you expectantly.

You: This will probably come as a disappointment
Hook: I knew it.
You: But I’ll have to investigate the other candidates before committing.
Hook: C’mon just take a leap of faith would ya’

After taking much longer than necessary to let her know that you’ll still consider her proposal you find out a few things from her. First, the position of Royal scientist is rather lax, with you needing to develop something new to assist the kingdom once every 4 years at the minimum, where the more productive and helpful you are, the more resources you will be allotted. You will also occasionally be given a MAJOR PROJECT which you will need to devote at least [2TP] a year to. These are rare, but typically quite important. Upon completion it will count towards your contributions.

You also let Hook know the virtues of PROPER NUTRITION and ask her to either come with you to get some food or visit PON. She tries to brush you off but you take a firm stance, stating that she’s cooped up in her home too much and needs to see the kin she wants to lead, which segues nicely into your next question, what are her future plans.

You rightfully guessed her future plans were to conduct counterintelligence and proactive espionage, but her forward face to the public was rather fuzzy and indistinct. You recommend she comes up with a solid plan on that front after taking some rest. She’s tired and even you know the proper importance of RESTING. You can practically smell the STRESS coming off of her. She sighs and brushes you off for now, you can only do so much. Lastly, you share some theories you have.

A. Satina is actively supporting another candidate
- Perhaps she’s not a fan of nepotism
- She might think Hook’s approach and apparent shut-in lifestyle isn’t good for the kingdom
- She’s likely someone else's WILD CARD or SCIENTIST
- You’re not sure what she has to gain from this

B. Satina wanted to use this as a growth opportunity for Hook
- Hook’s staying in her room a lot and relying on others for info
- This miscommunication could have easily been fixed if she took a second to investigate
- Perhaps she (rightly) assumed that Hook wouldn't listen to her and would only listen to a friend
- This has the bonus effect of slapping Hook’s ego down a peg no matter the result

C. Somewhere between A and B
- She’s supporting someone she thinks is more qualified
- And wants to use this moment to show Hook her focus should lie elsewhere
- It’s still an absolutely clucked up move

You plan to treat Satina the same, albeit keeping yourself at a distance, just in case. This situation has certainly unnerved you, but the Queen did tell you that “Sometimes we must work with individuals we dislike.” Hook sits on the thoughts for a bit as you head out, urging her to take some rest and maybe spend some time with you and the others at the Laputa house. She looks tempted, sorely tempted, but you get the feeling she’ll only do it if you too take a break.

You’ve gained a new OPPORTUNITY
- Take a break with Hook
- If you chose to take a break next year, Hook will join you on the break
- You get the feeling she’ll be quite clingy and annoying though…

You get WILLIAM and IGNIS to investigate the other candidates. After a few days they return with some information.

- She’s planning on enlisting your father’s help, as she’s convinced him of her value
- She’s been more proactive helping other students and there are rumors going around about her
- You can see that she’s putting in an effort to try to be more outgoing, but is still shy
- Ignolia knows she’s adorkable and is trying to use that to her advantage
- Her policies are related to better access to better education to the whole plate
- She also wants to try to make better ties with Canus
- She’s Anti-Human due to their treatment of Canus

- She’s been greasing the wheels at the merchants district
- You’ve heard she was in contact with Pon a few times
- You think she’s planning some food based advertising to get the common folk on her side
- Her siblings will be supporting her but it’s unknown who will fill the wildcard slot
- She’s pro free trade
- She’s neutral on Humans
- She’s Pro Dopus ties

- Caissa has played a lot of cards to her vest so most of this is inflection
- She’s aggressively attempting to make ties to the Hunter’s guild with mixed success
- She’s supposedly developing weapons but has shown no evidence of success
- She’s boastful
- There are concerns she might be exaggerating in an attempt to attract bad press to the plate
- She’s Pro Human, Canus, and Anti Dopus
- Clausey and someone named Plum will be backing her
- There are rumors that Plum doesn't fully support this plan but supports Caissa as a person
- It might be worth talking to Plum to find out more

- She’s been a shut in for a while
- Has been training with the Spymasters and diplomats
- Ignis knows personally that she’s extremely stealthy
- William thinks she’s actually not a shut in and has been spying on others
- You assume that might be why she’s so tired and lacking rest
- Her outward facing plan is currently unknown, but the rest of what she said was accurate
- She’s Anti-Human
- She’s Pro Canus/Dopus

> NOODLE?!?!?!?!?
- Noodle actually isn’t sponsoring herself, it’s the Hunters and various merchants
- Apparently she’s been promoting Pon’s cooking and other cooking
- There are rumors that Noodle is a skilled merchant and warrior
- Apparently Noodle made connections when she was injured in Dopus
- And they’re bringing business to Tengu
- Noodle is blissfully unaware of this.
- She’s slightly anti-Human and neutral towards Canus, but fully Pro Dopus

- Apparently there’s one other candidate that lives on the outskirts of the plate
- They’ve created a small settlement on the edge of the plate as a stop-gap town
- They planned for it to be a trading hub for visitors to the plate
- This town is being funded by a duchess from Canus
- The Queen has tacitly approved of the idea
- They’re Pro free trade and Pro Human
- Ignis mentions that the woman likely doesn't know she’s being propped up to be queen
- Ignis mentions that she was the kin who got his writ of land from the secret santa
- This news concerns you, Ignis, and William

No. 1027124 ID: afe7de
File 164809396357.png - (11.24KB , 500x500 , SR2_068.png )

You IMMEDIATELY go to talk to Noodle and ask her about the news.

You: Are you going to try to become the QUEEN?
Noodle: Huh? It’s 4AM Chi… Let me sleeeeeep
Pon: Hmmm, we were sleeeepiiiinnngggg
You: Oh, uh, right, but is it true!?!?!?
Noodle: Uhhh maybe, I haven’t thought it through
Noodle: They said something about me having the heart of the kin
Noodle: And that we needed someone who struggled to get where they were
Noodle: But I just want to be helpful y’know
Noodle: Helpful to you, helpful to others
Noodle: I dunno if me being Queen is the right choice
Noodle: I just know about fighting and other random junk
Noodle: Plus it takes forever for me to learn stuff
Noodle: I’m sleepy, can we talk more later
Pon: Yeah, ya peck neck its 4AM.

You leave the two to their little cuddle nest and sneak off. Maybe you should have timed that a little better, oh well, now you know!

With the last bit of your spare time you try to speak with Caissa, catching her wandering around one day. Her plumage is a nice black on the upper half and a bright orange on the lower half. She’s got a manic grin on her face.

Caissa: Can I help you teacher.
You: I heard you were going to run for Queen
Caissa: I AM going to be queen, don’t worry
Caissa: No thanks to you
You: Excuse me
Caissa: You heard me, I won’t have any of your help
Caissa: I’ll show you who the real RUNESCRIPTERS are around here

She then takes to the skies and flies away. What the cluck? Does she have beef with you? When did you do anything to gain her ire? You let out a sigh, it looks like the next few years will be a bit complicated.
No. 1027125 ID: afe7de
File 164809397682.png - (9.11KB , 500x500 , SR2_069.png )

You invite everyone in the company for some DREAM TEA. Ignis has been messing around with it with Pon and they’ve come up with a nice platter of flavors. You ask everyone if they’d be okay with you ranting and they’re very excited to hear you rant, since you typically bottle it all up inside.

You gained [1 FUN POINT]!

You honestly feel so refreshed after that. Unfortunately, everyone other than Ignis looks absolutely drained. That guy could really listen to you talk about anything for hours on end. You give him a nice pat on the head and call him a good boy.


You then bring up the idea of Drift becoming the team’s Accountant, helping manage the funds for the company, allotments and influx of materials needed, etc. He brightens up at that and is incredibly excited to be given more responsibility. You also Assign Ignis to the role of Merchant relations, he coos with excitement.

Morale at Laputa Runetech has improved!
- Drift feels needed
- Ignis feels loved
- William looks excited
- Upkeep has been automated
- You will see a slight discount in costs associated with experimentation

After class you hold Clark and speak to him. He’s looking slightly more rested, to which you sigh a breath of relief. It turns out he’s been focusing on his studies now that he has the influx of cash needed and has reached the requirements you’ve set for him to be the TA for the class. This lets you sag in your seat with relief, finally, freedom from that damned TA job. He accepts the position with a happy face and lets you know to ask him if you need him to work on anything else.

Clark is now your new TA
- You’ve freed up a new Background slot

CONGRATS! You’ve completed the GOAL - FILL THAT TA SLOT!
- You’ve gained 2 GOAL POINTS

You’re finally free to assign something to that background task. You could always assign it to DATING to get into a formal relationship with up to 3 kin at once. Ignis would certainly be pleased.
No. 1027126 ID: afe7de
File 164809399039.png - (228.62KB , 500x500 , SR2_070.png )

Drift has made headway on COLOR THEORY, he still has no way to distill mana of different colors, but he has noted that there is a significant link between the stars in the sky and their colors. He thinks that ASTROLOGY and RUNESCRIPTING might be intimately tied together, but that it required further testing. He also has a theory that this may have something to do with PRISMATIC RUNES.

The COLOR THEORY task has been updated to COLOR ASTROLOGY
- The ETA on a new update is [TP4 of Y19]
- Investigating the stars independently may lead to a breakthrough in this field
- It’s unknown how it relates to Runescripting, but the idea intrigues your group nonetheless

You’re conflicted heavily on the matter. First of all you’re not financially stable enough to support him joining long term unless things change. Second of all, there’s no way in the worldplate you’re paying him 5k, it’s just not happening. You wanted everyone to be paid EQUALLY, not to elevate someone to a higher status and thus bring all the problems associated with that. You bring Ignis with you for a second round of negotiations, and they go by quite smoothly. Pawn even appreciates the amount of consideration you’re putting into this.

As you’re negotiating a thought comes to your mind, about how it might be better for more COMPETITION to exist in the runescripting market. Sure, you could monopolize most of it, hire all the good kin, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of what you were doing, letting kin of all walks that can learn it learn it to improve themselves. Your way might not be the right way after all.

[PRIDE] Lies, our way is always the right way
[LOGIC] Yeah there’s no way we’re wrong if we know so much!
[UNDERSTANDING] Logic, get back over here
[PERSEVERANCE] You’re doing fine, Chi.

After some back and forth you’ve got new options for pawn.

A. Hire PAWN
- Pay him a base salary of [4,000 SHINIES a year] (the same as everyone else)
- Give him a [500 SHINY] consultation fee for his additions
- Guarantee him 3 years of safe work
- Development and research will increase in speed

B. Help fund his STARTUP
- Pay him half an ingot of Arcanum (you have enough in stock)
- Pay him 1000 SHINIES worth of Monster parts
- Loan him Ignis or Drift for a little bit
- Give him the SHAPE rune manual
- Pawn will establish his own startup
- Ignis or Drift are free to take the knowledge they gain and share with them back to LAPUTA
- Opens the road for JOINT VENTURES with Pawn in the future
- Increases the likelihood of others working with him instead of you in the future

If you chose this, you may set a [TP] to learning Microscripting Immediately
In the event of a tie vote, Chi will pick the option she prefers

No. 1027127 ID: afe7de
File 164809402850.png - (6.63KB , 500x500 , SR2_071.png )

- ELECTIONS [TP 2 of Y20]
- RUBBER?!?!?!?!?!? [SOON]
- THE SECOND BUYERS [??? of Y18]

Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
Your current GP total is 10/15
Your next reward is a FREE STAT POINT

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6)
- PRECISION WITH NICO (-300S/yr) (Events at TP 3)

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

Your current OPPORTUNITIES are as follows
- Become a M&B Dojo Senior Disciple [Expires Y19 TP1]
- Rest with Hook
> PAWN (You may immediately spend a TP to learn Microscripting if you chose this)
- Hire Pawn
- Help fund Pawn’s startup
> GUN DEVELOPMENT (You may decide this the next time you spend time inventing)
- Battery and Generator Development (>>1026159)
- Crank Gun development
- Pure Arcanum pistol
- Join Hook’s team for the elections
- You’ll need to approach others and be offered a position before more options are added

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You spent [2,500 SHINIES] worth of resources from the LAPUTA INVENTORY
You gained [6,400 SHINIES] from TEACHING at the ACADEMY [TP8]
You gained [12,000 SHINIES] from TEACHING the ROYALS
You gained [2,000 SHINIES] from your yearly SUPPLY STIPEND at the ACADEMY
You spent [800 SHINIES] on rent
You spent [300 SHINIES] on excess lifestyle expenses this year
You spent [16,000 SHINIES] on Laputa Runetech Financing
You have [36,198 SHINIES] remaining

Your STRESS is at 0 and you have [3 FUN POINTS] that will block newly gained stress!!
- You’ve held onto these FUN POINTS for so long you will lose one and gain a GOOD VIBE
- Your [FUN POINTS] are now at 2

- Everyone’s feeling energetic
- Your Linked companions will need less sleep for a bit and will have slightly more energy

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year
You have one ROYAL BOON
- This can be redeemed from the royalty for one thing within reason

- [7,500 SHINIES] worth of misc supplies and resources
- [4,000 SHINIES] banked from your own funds
Chi - Management
Ignis - Merchant Relations (NEW)
- Will now start trying to find potential buyers for creations
Drift - Accounting (NEW)
- Will reduce the overall costs of research
William - Resource Acquisition (NEW)
- He’s trying to find rubber and he’s so close!


CONGRATS! You’ve turned 18! You can now be as nsfw as you want!
- Please note that the quest’s focus isn’t on nsfw content
- But now there will be mentions of it and you can sleep with kin

It is [YEAR 18] at the beginning of TP 1.
- This year your TP distribution will be 2/1/2
You have [2 TIME POINTS] to spend.

You may assign a new BACKGROUND TASK
You may assign a new GOAL

What do you do?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
Stat list: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards_Stats

AUTHORS NOTE: So we’re reaching the point where y’all will likely want to do stuff like one-offs with characters all event style, so I’m removing the restriction of one dinner per year and it’s now going to be one character event per clump of TP. You all can suggest stuff you want to happen, be it dinners or character interactions, and rather than these being selected by popular vote, I’ll be picking the ones I think would be the most interesting or plot relevant. But if an idea does win the popular vote I’ll likely include it as well.
No. 1027135 ID: e51896

PAWN: B. If we have competition, it’ll push us to do better with our runescripting, AND we’ll see faster and greater development in technology in Tengu as well if we have two competing companies!

GOAL: Break Runescripting's softcap by either discovering 2 Compound Runes or learning a gold or prismatic rune

We’ll do Ignis, William, and Nubs and see where that gets us.

1. Lets use that TP to learn MICROSCRIPTING with PAWN, and help fund his STARTUP
2. improve the WINGSUIT for NOODLE in memory of Glide since we haven’t seen him in awhile. We should also consider making a parachute on the side too in case her wingsuit breaks while she’s flying

With everyone having good vibes right now, it'll be a good idea to start improving our invention! Against gun making for now, too soon for that, and might cause Canus to raise some eyebrows if we start making higher tech weaponry too early.

Oh yeah, and lets do dinner with Ignolia, I want to learn about her stance at being queen. Maybe we can suggest introducing her to Drift too, seeing as she is teaching monster theory and all.
No. 1027139 ID: 96c896

>- Ignis mentions that she was the kin who got his writ of land from the secret santa
Well we need to meet her, then.

So far I like these candidates, listed in order of preference:
- a competent spy as a Queen would be huge, tbh, and she's likely to ally with both Canus and Dopus. She's got bonus points for seeking us out first as well, but what is going on with her mom? I guess she lost a couple points for not being totally upfront with us but that's good infosec anyway.
- because it's like having three queens, and her neutral attitude towards Humans might avoid war? Maybe? Well, it'd prolong peace a bit, at least. War is probably inevitable. Of course, she has good TACTICS so once war breaks out she'll be good at it.
- because she's being clever about it and having better ties with Canus will severely reduce our exposure to Human interference. Plus, a focus on education, which is always a good long term investment. How good would she be once war breaks out though?

I don't like Caissa for obvious reasons(everything she's doing looks like trouble), and I think Noodle is being set up to be a figurehead, which is not great, even if she'll be a decent enough war queen.

>free background slot
DATING. Ignis, William, Nubs. YEAR 18 HERE WE GOOOOOO

Get laid! Well maybe that's too easy, I'm sure Ignis or Nubs would take care of that in a second. Become Royal Scientist is good too.

>Pawn Choice
B. Joint ventures are exciting! Also tell him it's important that he keeps good infosec. If he makes anything he'd rather not get into the hands of the Human government then he needs to restrict access, and he should generally vet his hires. Come to think of it, with two companies like this we'd avoid the "all your eggs in one basket" problem, which is a side benefit.
Immediately apply 1TP into Microscripting because let's be honest it's like the most important skill we can get at the moment.

Join Hook. We did our due diligence and nothing jumped out at us as clearly better.
>TP usage
1 TP Microscripting
1 TP Manufacture the wingsuit and some of that ceramic body armor for Noodle. Maybe we can make a hot air balloon to sell? Some parachutes for any non-wingkin that want to ride it? Get some income for the business by leveraging our working designs.
No. 1027141 ID: e51896

Also, I realize the we still need to find Nubs a job. I have an idea though, lets introduce Nubs to Chip, maybe he and her can make a startup business with his crafting, and her blacksmithing. Either that, or ask Chip for some advice to find some work for Nubs and her blacksmithing. In return... ummm... we'll commission him to design a figurine of a Laputa logo and display it somewhere!
No. 1027153 ID: 629f2e

Well let's get the obvious out of the way:

TP1: Microscripting
TP2: Use Microscripting to improve the glide suit (save one or two of the clothing damage designs for rainy day entertainment. Nubs or Noodle might get a kick out of it). Take advantage of the good vibes and get this ready for practical use on the field!

Moving on from there:

Honestly, yeah I'm board with just having it be "Get Laid". I like Polt's idea too, but it's not bad to take an easy one every once in a while. Chi should get laid, this is a plan of action that LUST supports fully, and which LOGIC should appreciate the emotional benefits of.

(Shut up LOGIC we're doing it.)

>Free Background Slot
Yeah this is going to be dating. Ignis, William, Nubs. We'll have another opening once M&B clears up, so that'll be where we do something less predictable.

B, fund the start-up. You're right, it'll be better to have more groups working on more things than it would be to hoard all the talent in Laputa. Besides, if Pawn can manage his own group, then that opens up spots for runescripters we haven't even considered for Laputa! Though I'd prefer if we take Clark ourselves when the time comes, I want to see what having a human will do to Laputa's reputation (and if it's negative, let's not sabotage Pawn's startup by making him deal with that).

Loan him Ignis. Look, we JUST got Drift back from his extended leave, let him work on some stuff at home for a while. We'll still see Ignis, he just won't be working with us for a short bit. We'll make it up to him by doing his meditation thing next chance we get.

>Who To Support?
I firmly support backing Hook, BUT! Before we do, I would like to talk to both Noodle and Ignolia. They're our friends, and if they have any stake in this then they deserve to know where we stand. Just tell them that we're heavily considering joining Hook, share some of your reasons why, and give them a chance to invite us to their side. Make sure there are no hard feelings no matter what you choose, and if there are?

...Well that's petty af and they probably shouldn't be Queen then.
No. 1027175 ID: f2320a

Honestly want to perhaps become queen or win the dopus eating competition return as a champion scoring major dopus points and for a sense of completion as its sort of the one thing we did not manage also how develop our one sexual feature.
Perhaps backing the winning candidate?
No. 1027180 ID: ce39da

Dating with IGNIS, NUBS, and... I'm not sure if the spark of romance is really there with William anymore? Like, we've been over how we're more like platonic life-partners at this point. I'm struggling to think of anyone else besides maybe Noodle, though, and she's got a political career to think of (plus dating the same person as PON could be awkward as cluck).

Let's see about returning to DOPUS to complete our GURUSHIP with RAIN.

> TP 1: PAWN
Yeah, supporting B; not only is a competitive market a happy market, but A can't really be supported long-term, and we also have uh... personal experience regarding what can go wrong with putting all of a new industry/authority's eggs into one basket, even if the scope is a bit smaller this time.

Drift's theories excite you. Maybe runes were originally derived from making CONSTELLATIONS from same-colored stars! (It's as good a theory as any for how the peck runescripting's first practitioners figured it out and might be a hint for how GOLD and PRISMATIC work differently.) Peck, even if you don't solve the key to GOLD and PRISMATIC RUNES right there, you'll have more than enough insight to tackle the SURFACE RUINS later this year! (And if you have time in there to invent something, use MICROSCRIPTING to improve the WINGSUIT design.)

Let's arrange a private dinner with IGNIS, plus possibly HOOK and SATINA if you can fit them in - for business rather than pleasure this time. You have... concerns about one of the queen candidates; while you haven't decided who you are supporting, one thing you're truly sure of is that CAISSA literally cannot be allowed to win. She was boasting to you earlier about not needing your help, but in a way that seemed oddly confident; given CLAUSEY's timely reappearance after clucking off back to CANUS for so long and his history of suspected sabotage, plus CAISSA's strongly pro-human stance, you suspect she might be cooperating with FOREIGN INTERESTS. "It would be no exaggeration to say that I firmly believe her victory to be the WORST-CASE SCENARIO for our country, irregardless of who might be considered the 'best-case.'" Obviously, these are just suspicions, which is why you're taking them to people who are capable of investigating her activities and associates more thoroughly, as well as maybe pass on your concerns to the queen.
No. 1027260 ID: 36784c

>What the cluck? Does she have beef with you? When did you do anything to gain her ire?
You said she was a former student of yours. Odds are, she failed your class and blames you instead of wanting to admit she was a bad student. Which is why she hates you so much.

>Logic hates Lust
Come on Logic, don’t be like that! Lust isn’t just for sexual stuff! It can be a passionate desire for something! For example: A lust for knowledge!

Surely both Logic and Lust can work together for something like that, right?

>Chi is 18 now
>people are suggesting that Chi should get laid
Really? Come on, she just barely turned 18! She doesn’t need to immediately get laid! That can wait for a bit!

Besides, we need to at least learn how birth control works in this world first. That way Chi doesn’t accidentally end up getting pregnant before she’s ready to have kids.

>What do?
First of all, let’s take a break with Hook. That way we can make her relax and treat her to some real food. The sooner we do this, the better. That way she can work more efficiently and she won’t look like she’s about to collapse! After taking that break, we can tell her that we’ll support her.

However, her Anti-Human policy is a problem for us, since one of our best students is Clark, who is a human. Would it be possible to get her to change to “Slightly Anti-Human”, so that Clark doesn’t get affected? It’d really suck if Hook becomes Queen and she kicks out all the humans, including Clark.

>Caissa cannot win!
>possible foreign interests!
If the Spymasters that Hook has been training with are able to dig up any proof of this, then that could possibly disqualify Cassia as a candidate for the throne. Hook would be happy with that, since it’d mean less competition for her.
No. 1027271 ID: d6436d

Fund Pawn’s startup, loaning him Drift. Two organizations can research more tech at a time and builds a wider foundation for the scripting industry.
Approach Noodle and encourage her to accept the nomination. You’d love to help any way you can. Personally, I see Hook as a better spymaster than a sovereign.
New goal: return to Rain.
New background task: Dating! Hang out with your friends more!
No. 1027283 ID: a9af05

>Really? Come on, she just barely turned 18! She doesn’t need to immediately get laid! That can wait for a bit!
>Take a break with Hook
I agree with these things.

>Noodle should be Queen
I don't know about that. She seems like she'd rather be out doing things instead of being tied to the throne. She also seems like she'd struggle with politics, since she said that she only knows about fighting, some other random junk, and it takes forever for her to learn stuff.

But if she wants to try to be the Queen and she isn't being pressured into it by everyone around her, then she's welcome to officially announce herself as a candidate.
No. 1027306 ID: e51896

OH! just thought of an idea for when we design the wing suit

since you're good at remembering, look through your memories and visualize the boots Marth wore https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1002288.html#1003793. visualize what designs are on there as a reference if you recognize and know any of them to maybe help with the wignsuit design. Might not work since we might not know all the runescripting symbols on the boots yet and unable to draw them, but a frame of reference to perhaps get us inspired at least and think of alternatives nonetheless.
No. 1027435 ID: 01fe07

Let's find somewhere to relax with Hook.
No. 1027822 ID: afe7de
File 164878776363.png - (307.93KB , 500x500 , SR2_072.png )

Drift has been incredibly enthusiastic over this particular topic, especially after you very hesitantly lent him the GOGGLES OF MANA-SIGHT. He mentioned that his body's original 2 veins, with a core centered around his head and one in his chest have shifted, so he wants to study them. It appears that they’ve developed significantly. His veins connections are more robust and form something akin to a nervous system throughout his body. No longer limited to the two nodes, there are instead four, two in his skull, one WHITE and one YELLOW, one GREEN node near his heart, and one BLUE one near his stomach. The WHITE and GREEN nodes are significantly larger and you can see the veins leading out towards or even through his horns. The veins are thick and pulse like a heartbeat with a thicker, more potent energy. His full-body change must have had a significant influence on the veins which sends your mind reeling at the possibilities.

The changes don’t stop there. There’s a very minor, yet very noticeable, increase on the efficacy of devices created with a rune that corresponds with a vein that someone has. You never noticed before because there was never an instance where someone had extra nodes in their body of the same colors. It appears this is why it was slightly easier for kin to learn manuals that matched their veins. You check the others for progress, their mana veins haven't changed at all.

- Blue Veins
- Yellow/White/Green/Blue
- Red
- Black

Drift still mentions that consuming cores is incredibly risky for anyone other than him, but offers another solution to experiment with, though everyone seems uncomfortable when he brings it up. He suggests attempting to inscribe runes onto FEATHERS or SKIN in an attempt to create RUNE TATTOOS. This brings up a potent question, who would you test this on? Livestock? Kin? Flesh bought from the store? Likely it’d need to be with a living subject, but you’re unsure of what results it would have, or if the rune would vanish after use. You shudder to think of someone disintegrating after being inscribed with a rune, like what happens with other materials. But if you’re able to tap into an individual's veins, it’s possible to strengthen them like a muscle. The idea excites you, as much as it slightly worries you. There’s no way humans haven’t discovered this… is there?

> LIVE SPECIMEN RUNE TATTOOS - [Requires live specimen] [Updates after 1 TP]
+ Learn more about Runescripting applications on the body
+ Has 25% chance of failure
+ Learn more about Runescripting applications on the body
+ May provide you with misinformation on how it functions on living bodies
> FEATHER RUNE TATTOOS - [Requires willing participant] [Updates after 1 TP]
+ Learn more about Runescripting applications on feathers.

Teaching goes by smoothly this year, and with Clark acting as your TA you have a lot more free time to listen to the rumors going about the campus. Every-kin’s been talking about Ignolia lately. She’s been teaching a few more classes and actively getting students involved and excited about education, filling out the teaching classes. You think she’s hoping to get more teachers of a higher quality and it fits the information you were given. You share lunch with her occasionally and she invites you to DINNER later on in the year. You decide to take her up on the offer and invite NOODLE, whom she is excited to meet.

[IGNIS’S CHARISMA] I think she’s a little embarrassed about talking to your dad
[GUILE] It also looks like she wants to talk to you about being queen
[LOGIC] I think she’s just nervous
[LUST] Maybe she wants a three-

This decision is a simple one to you, this works to further your goals, and you help build goodwill, and avoid putting all of the eggs in one basket. A saying that you rarely hear in Tengu, but should definitely be said more considering how you’re mostly wing-kin. You give Pawn the Half-ingot, Monster parts, Shape rune manual, but then are torn between who to send over to help.

Instead of sending one, you send both, they’ll alternate and get to feel him out. Drift’s got different perspectives and ideas than Ignis does after all. You think this will be a good time investment for both of them as well, maybe they can learn to script from different perspectives, and maybe it’ll make Pawn more willing to work with you in the future.

You’ve gained the MICROSCRIPTING manual, you’re excited to dive into its secrets
- So excited that it’s the next thing you do!

Pawn has established a Runescripting startup called:
- [Runes & Ruminations: Arcane and Esoteric Consulting]

[CHARISMA] It’s a clucking mouthful
[LOGIC] So does he do consulting?
[PRIDE] I like his gumption!

No. 1027823 ID: afe7de
File 164878777325.png - (214.56KB , 500x500 , SR2_073.png )

You gather the crew, even a busy William, to work through the manual as a group, passing it between one another and pondering its infinite mysteries. Well it’s not an infinite mystery, you wrap this up rather quickly and create the updated runescripting pens using the design you made a few years back. It’s sleeker, simpler, and more portable than the older design and you beam with pride as your group now has a new tool under its belt.

You’ve unlocked MICROSCRIPTING!
- Your designs will have fewer limitations!
- Instead the limits will be mostly on energy minimum/maximum/uses
- As well as your current rune limit per object
- Unfortunately Microscripting does not enhance the speed or volume of the absorb rune
- You will still need to work on energy sources/containers

You notice as well that there’s a singular page with not much to go on of some notes about a NODE rune or subscript, you remember reading about that in the JOURNEYMAN'S REFERENCE VOLUME XII. It looks like Pawn was attempting to brute force the rune and left some of his notes in here for you. He hasn't made much progress, but Imagines that it lies somewhere between regular runescripting and microscripting.

Your bond with PAWN has increased to RANK 2
- Pawn will occasionally pop by to say hello or share a project idea

The last few weeks of training with Nico have been uneventful and less than fruitful. You’re starting to see the limit of what he can teach you, and can tell that he’s rather uncomfortable as of late. You try to press for some information and on a particular day of the month he speaks up.

Nico: I might be going away for a little while
You: How come?
You: You alright?
Nico: It’s uhhhh complicated
Nico: I just got the news that some relatives passed away
Nico: Under uhhh
Nico: Questionable circumstances
You: Oh no!

You’re unnerved to hear that, but also get the distinct impression that he’s nervous and being a bit cagier than normal. Like a facade you never noticed was cracking. He hands you a small object wrapped in a rather nice sheet of paper.

Nico: Keep it, consider it a graduation gift or something
You: But I’m still not anywhere near your level?
Nico: Well, you being you, I’m sure it’ll be useful.
Nico: ... hedging too many bets…
Nico: Just… do your best in the future alright, I’ve heard the rumblings
Nico: Hopefully the worst doesn't come to turn.

He excuses himself to the restroom, so you take a moment to look over the present he gave you. Inside is a single dart, but it shines bright and appears to be made of… Arcanum? No? This is something else. You look at this with your goggles and it is DENSE with mana, so much more than a single ingot it’s blinding. The color itself is an iridescent black and bronze. It refracts as you look and move it. The paper itself also has a slight glow, so you look closer, noticing a small black mark on it, it looks like a rook, the chess piece. Your eyes squint as you debate its meaning before the paper itself disintegrates, just like the letter you got before, leaving you with the dart in your wing.

[UNDERSTANDING] This has to be COPCANUM, I think that book talked about it
[UNDERSTANDING] Wait and is this related to that letter you got?
[INTUITION] He’s not coming back is he
[LOGIC] Likely so

You get up, rushing to the restroom only to notice that he’s nowhere in sight. You take to the skies immediately afterwards, in some semblance of an attempt to find him, but the results are fruitless. He’s left you with many questions, concerns, and a gift. You wonder why he would give you this. You’ll have to research it to know more.

+ Requires [1TP] of study
+ Seems to be more than just a chunk of COPCANUM
+ Results of study are currently unknown

- Nico has left for somewhere in Canus
- Your bond with Nico has been frozen
- You now have another free [BACKGROUND TASK] slot!
- Feel free to set it at any time!
- Not setting it to anything will automatically have it default to the rest action

No. 1027824 ID: afe7de
File 164878779483.png - (361.86KB , 500x500 , SR2_074.png )

This was a mistake. It’s been a week and she hasn’t left your side. It turns out Hook has been desperate for socialization and physical affection and has been looking for an excuse, any excuse to take a break. Seriously, the hug quota that was reserved for Ignis mostly has been all but absorbed by her, not that you’re complaining, her neck fluff, whilst a bit untamed, is quite soft.

[ANGER] Woooo! You tell her!

It seems Hook just hadn’t invested in making bonds or connections with anyone other than her direct instructors, the spymasters, and those she directly worked with. But it’s so strange, how could she, with access to resources and knowledge like she is, have ended up this way, so sheltered?

At first you thought it was just an aftereffect of being raised by Satina, but other than her impeccable observational skills, her charisma is absolutely atrocious. The woman lacks grace, charm, fails to regularly take care of herself and is rude at every turn. Yet she clings to you and when admonished appears genuinely hurt. You can tell during the time she spends with you that she genuinely respects you as a person and as the days go by she starts to also care about your opinion.

If you had to pick at her faults, a truly easy task, you’d say that she’s intense, having a passion and heat to certain topics that you hadn’t expected. She also is quick to Anger and acts defensive at times. And when she’s upset, truly upset, she becomes mopey and defeated rather easily. You read her as a woman of extremes, who feels quite intensely and so shuts herself off from bonds so that she can focus her emotions, to tune them specifically and use them as fuel towards her goals. You’d say she’s full of herself, but that’d be wrong, she’s fully aware of her limits and is harsher on herself than others.

But, that’s not to say that the time is all bad, she has genuinely good insights when she sees your work and their potential applications. She isn’t shy when it comes to discussing things, and although she lacks decorum and is blunt like yourself, she refuses to back down from a challenge. She’s a fount of knowledge on oft overlooked elements as you take her out to eat a numerous amount of times, and she’s also decisive, staying her course to completion if she can.

You: So, why do you want to be queen anyway?
You: I feel like you’d be a great spymaster, maybe even Tactician, but why this?
Hook: Well…
Hook: Don’t laugh…
You: Uhhh no promises
Hook: UGH, whatever.
Hook: It’s spite. Pure spite.
You: I’m sorry what?
Hook: I was always told “You can’t do this, you can’t do that” growing up
Hook: And so I learned those things, I worked on those things, just to prove those fuckers wrong
You: Uh huh, and someone said you couldn’t become queen?
Hook: My mom, my dad, the king, the kids in my classes, merchants, yadda yadda
You: Your DAD said that? The King?
Hook: Well… not exactly
Hook: Look my family doesn't want me to do it because they think I’m too hot headed
Hook: I stay and work at home all the time
Hook: Yadda yadda
Hook: But that’s exactly WHY I should do it, push past those morons who don’t believe in me!
Hook: So I took an interest in the crime that was cropping up
Hook: All related to human influence and elements by the way
Hook: And want to pull a clean sweep and show that I CAN get things done
Hook: And before you ask I DO CARE about the city beyond that
Hook: Just… do you know how hard it is to find anyone else with VISION around here!?!
Hook: I’m not “unfit to be Queen”
Hook: I put in the work goddess dammit!
Hook: I even know just the tiniest bit of RUNESCRIPTING just to prove that SA-TIN-A SUCKED!

She slams the table in a huff, her voice heated and chest heaving. Spite seems to be a big motivator for her.

You’ve learned a bit more about Hook’s motivations
- Hook wants to be queen to prove others were wrong about her
- Hooks policies will be laden with espionage and anti-espionage operations
- She won’t purge humans from the plate, but will be strict with any non-natives
- She’s severely lacking in DIPLOMACY and CHARISMA
- She’s incredibly strong in INTUITION and PERCEPTION and GUILE
- She has a skillset that you would consider GENERALIST

You get the feeling that other queen candidates will be revealing their motives and qualifications soon. You can expedite this process by spending time with them or getting someone to spy on them.

Your bond with HOOK has increased twice to RANK 3
- Hook might occasionally suggest activities or provide intel to you
- Hook considers you a good friend (likely her only one)

After what seems like an eternity, Hook finally goes back home, you got to show her new things, and introduce her to new kin, but you’re not sure she made progress on forming bonds with anyone else, it looks like she really needs the other party to invest in her the most for her to care in return. Part of you kind of misses her constant presence, and the rest, the other 85% is so glad to have her out of your feathers, you like your featherin’ alone time!
No. 1027825 ID: afe7de
File 164878780969.png - (409.19KB , 500x500 , SR2_075.png )

You’ve done it! You’ve blocked out the perfect amount of time in your schedule to allot to the big one, RELATIONSHIPS. [LOGIC] is a bit sad that you’re losing a task to this, but you don’t see it as a loss, instead you see it as a gain, to get closer to those near you. You care for them, and they’ll care for you back. But the question of who to actually date remains…

Just kidding, you know exactly who you are going to date. When you approach Ignis and ask him if he wants to start dating more regularly as “a thing” he faints. Immediately. So when he wakes up you ask him again, and you have to grip ahold of him to make sure he doesn't pass out. It’s kind of adorable.

Nubs practically bounces with giddy energy, exclaiming how she’s always wanted to kiss you but has been worried about being “too forward” or “a bother” or “too sexually charged.” She plants a huge wet smooch on your cheek and you refuse to admit that you blushed or were a bit heated after that. It just didn’t happen, no matter what your [STATS] say. You watch Nubs’s tail wiggle with sheer excitement as she leaves that day.

The tricky one happens to be William, the third you planned on pursuing, he’s absolutely hooked on his current goal, producing rubber and says that he doesn't really have the time for formal dates. You roll your eyes at him, knowing he does in fact have *some* time but don’t push him. He’s approaching this with a single-mindedness and perseverance you haven't seen from him. It’s not a self destructive obsessiveness, he’s just fully exploring the project, though he’s a bit behind, claiming to have something at the beginning of the year, but now pushing it back to [NEXT TP]. But there’s something else, something underlying in the frustration. You know he cares, and so do you, but it feels… weird, like something isn’t right. Eventually, after a bit too much pestering, you find out what.

William: I uh, I have no libido okay
William: Like it does not function that way anymore
William: I still care but is that even something you’d be okay with, just… not?
William: Also I’m calling bullshit we got the option for good bodies
William: What is this pile of bird droppings?!?!?

You wonder if William just isn’t interested in sex. Not that that’s a big driving force for you or anything, but he seems… flustered about it. It could be entirely mental if his body is functioning normally.

[LUST] Maybe he’s scared that when he has sex he’ll have kids
[LOGIC] That… could explain why he’s trying to find rubber… for condoms
[GUILE] What if he’s lying about having no libido, what if it’s the opposite?
[STRATEGY] Maybe it's that he has such a high libido but a fear of having kids?
[STRATEGY] Causing a sort of conflict in his mind turning off the valve so to speak
[SABA’S KN] Maybe, we were both raised in shitty circumstances surrounding childbirth anyway

You’re now DATING!
- Dating events will happen at random or by audience request
- You are dating Ignis
- You are dating Nubs
- You have one free dating slot

William has rejected your offer to date at this time, you can try asking him to date again later, or date someone else.

Dating situated, you decide to have a nice dinner with Ignolia and Noodle. Ignolia is excited to meet Noodle and Noodle is just happy you want to invite her to a fancy dinner. The three of you meet and have a simple, yet flavorful meal in a quiet corner. After talking with the ladies about life, wings, monsters, boys and girls, the topic shifts towards your true purpose, the elections.

You: So Ignolia, I didn’t know you were planning on running until a friend told me
Ignolia: Well you’re sssometimes in your head
Ignolia: I’ve hinted it a few timesss
Noodle: Yeah she does get up in her mind sometimes
You: I got a lot to think about okay!
You: So many runes in the scripter!
Ignolia: Woah you made a machine to do it!
You: uh… it’s a figure of speech, but that might not be a bad idea.
Noodle: Please, no rune talk, my head will burst
You: Fine, fine, fine!
Ignolia: But uh, I just want everyone to have equal opportunitiessss!
Ignolia: I mean, not everyone’sssss lucky enough to get in the academy
Ignolia: And they only have ssssso many teacherssss
Ignolia: If we can improve the quality of the ssssmall ssssatellite sssschoolsss
Ignolia: Or increassse the breadth of their teachings it’d help the kin who fall through the crackss
Noodle: I know I got lucky with Chi over here, I wouldn’t be in such a good spot if she didn't help
You: I’m sure you would’ve done great Noodle!
Noodle: No, I wouldn’t have.
Noodle: You spent months tutoring me and I BARELY got in.
Ignolia: More kin like Chi ssshould exissst in the world!

[GUILE] They’re buttering you up!
[LOGIC] I don't think Noodle is…

You: But if that was your goal, why become queen?
You: Why not go the extra mile and run a school for teachers or something?
Ignolia: Too ineffective, becoming Queen greasesss wingsss easssier
Ignolia: Also that kind of thing requiresss SHINIES which, while we’re paid well
Ignolia: Isn’t enough.
Ignolia: And I feel bad for Canus, I want them to learn too
Ignolia: A lot of them don’t know how to read
Ignolia: And they promote bad practices over there and encourage martial ones
Ignolia: The Humansss ruined my homeland, and we’re not ssstrong enough to fight back
Ignolia: So education isss how I want to fix it!
Noodle: This is all dumb why cant we just all work together, why one specific queen?
Ignolia: Yeah it is kind of dumb, but it’s just the sssystem
Ignolia: Not like we’re Insects from Hiven
Ignolia: Operating under the collective of a unified force that’s unselfish
Ignolia: It’s all “For the Colony” “For the queen” etc.
You: I’m pretty sure their society is run by the ROOKS though
Ignolia: Well it’s just an analogy, imagine I talked about regular bugs and about a collective
Noodle: Y’know I met some bugs on my journeys
Noodle: Insect-Kin I mean.
Noodle: Most of them were dumb as bricks and didn’t have like… hands
Noodle: Almost like their brains were exchanged for tools
Noodle: Except for the Knights, those guys had one hand at least.
You: Yeah, their societal structures are interesting too, but we’re off topic.
Ignolia: Oh, right!
Ignolia: Yeah, sssingle monarchy kind of sucksss but it’s how things are run
Ignolia: And we’re doing well off compared to Canusss, so I can’t really complain

Eventually the dinner dies down, Noodle shares that she’d rather someone like Ignolia be Queen, she just doesn't have the acumen to consider all of the different aspects and feels like she’d just pick things at random or listen to Chi.

You’ve learned a bit more about Ignolia’s motivations
- Ignolia wants to be queen to repair the broken ties between Canus
- Ignolia’s policies will lean towards education and diplomacy
- Ignolia will likely enact policies to restrict the rights of humans
- She’s severely lacking in TACTICS and GUILE and is a bit SOFT SPOKEN
- But she has a lot of physical CHARISMA, KNOWLEDGE, and EMPATHY
- Her skill set focuses on intellect

Noodle is unsure if she’s even interested in running and would require your support
- Noodle has no plans should she become queen
- Noodle would likely act randomly or seek advice from those close to her
- She’s lacking in KNOWLEDGE and DIPLOMACY
- She’s strong in TRADE, TACTICS, and EMPATHY
- You think that it’s possible to stoke her passion for queendom
- Thus removing how random her policies would be
- But you’re currently unsure how to do that

No. 1027826 ID: afe7de
File 164878782710.png - (127.50KB , 500x500 , SR2_076.png )

- ELECTIONS [TP 2 of Y20]
- RUBBER?!?!?!?!?!? [NEXT UPDATE]
- You’ve heard rumblings that Caissa is going to do something

Your CURRENT GOALS are as follows
= Microscripting was a technique/syntax and did not count towards this objective
Your current GP total is 10/15
Your next reward is a FREE STAT POINT

Your CURRENT BACKGROUND TASKS are as follows (3/3)
- MIND AND BODY DOJO TRAINING (-20S/yr) (Events at TP 6)
(NEW) - DATING - Ignis/Nubs/[Empty]

Your current RESEARCH TASKS are as follows (2/2)

REMINDER: RESEARCH SLOTS run in the background similar to a background task and take [8 TP] (1 year) per TP it costs to actually do the research.

Your current OPPORTUNITIES are as follows
- Become a M&B Dojo Senior Disciple [Expires Y19 TP1]
(NEW! - I forgot to add this last update)- Get Nubs a job! [Expires mid Y19]
> GUN DEVELOPMENT (You may decide this the next time you spend time inventing)
- Battery and Generator Development (>>1026159)
- Crank Gun development
- Pure Arcanum pistol
- Join Hook’s team for the elections
(NEW)- Join Ignolia’s team for the elections
= She’d be more than happy to have your support
(NEW)- Convince/Inspire Noodle to become queen

- You’ll need to approach others and be offered a position before more options are added

Your current OBLIGATIONS are as follows

You gained [12,800 SHINIES] from TEACHING at the academy [TP 1+2]
You spent [100 SHINIES] on resources for MICROSCRIPTING and snacks
You spent half an ingot of ARCANUM on Pawn
You spent ⅙ of an ingot of ARCANUM on your new MICROSCRIPTING tools
You spent [1000 SHINIES] worth of Monster parts on Pawn
You spent [100 SHINIES] on your break with Hook
You have [48,498 SHINIES] remaining

Your STRESS is at 0 and you have [2 FUN POINTS] that will block newly gained stress!!
- Your [GOOD VIBE] is over

You can take out a LOAN from the ROYALTY for [30,000 SHINIES]
- You need to pay it back within 4 years with a yearly interest of +2000 SHINIES a year
You have one ROYAL BOON
- This can be redeemed from the royalty for one thing within reason

- [6,500 SHINIES] worth of misc supplies and resources
- [4,000 SHINIES] banked from your own funds
Chi - Management
Ignis - Merchant Relations +Buyers
Drift - Accounting +Reduced research costs
William - Resource Acquisition +Rubber… eventually…


It is [YEAR 18 - TP 5]
You have [1 TIME POINT] to spend.

You may assign a new BACKGROUND TASK
You may assign a new RESEARCH TASK
You may assign a new GOAL

What do you do?

Action list: https://pastebin.com/Fd7Yzmmv
(NEW) Research list: https://pastebin.com/bG3aVMLY
NOTE: Adding a research pastebin for ease of reference
Stat list: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards_Stats
No. 1027841 ID: c92a02

How did he disappear so fast? Did he jump off the worldplate? Did an eagle swoop him up? You read the book about secret societies, did the rook symbol appear in there? Is the rook symbol actually a rune maybe? ...No, it's probably the hivers.
Hook, becoming the leader of a country out of spite... there are seriously worse reasons to do so! You don't doubt her competence at it either, but you had better be real sure to delegate, delegate, [i]delegate[i] diplomatic tasks, and learn to act real well. Perhaps to someone like Ignis.
Still, I support Noodle. Think on how to stoke her passion. Not queendom, not hunting, but... Protection? Encouraging teamwork? Maybe taking down the system from inside the system - improving education and making more leaders, teachers, scientists and soldiers.
New goal: Make Noodle a true Queen contender.
New background task: Daydreaming... Can you set exploring the mist in your mind palace to a background task? If not, how about you set a background task to NETWORKING: Spend more time with your students outside of class, perhaps by running an extracurricular activity, to identify prospective future recruits for your company, and perhaps steer them away from human interest groups. Also, reach out and identify the others in your field. Do they hold some sort of international runescripters convention?
New research task: Copcanum!
Finally, work on inventing batteries. Do the theory now so you know what material you have to gather in the future.
No. 1027842 ID: 96c896

>humans must have discovered rune tattoos
Probably! And they're in places that they can easily hide by covering it with clothing. Or maybe they've developed invisible ink. Uncolored mana ink... That might actually be a thing!