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File 163105435337.png - (227.58KB , 500x500 , SR2_000b.png )
1009742 No. 1009742 ID: afe7de

A quest about Reincarnation.

You follow CHI, a WING-KIN girl who used to be a MALE HUMAN in another dimension.

You’ve just become a teacher at the TENGU ACADEMY at the ripe young age of 16.

What change will you bring to your WORLDPLATE?


SHARDS PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango

AUTHORS NOTE: This Quest will probably cointain 18+ content including violence, death, and cartoon gore. Sexual content might be present, but won’t be the focus and won’t get multi image updates. Reader discretion is advised.

This quest is more of a LIFE SIM that takes place over a long period of time. Part 1 took place over 16 years, Part 2 might be a similar length, but there will be a few more moments where we zoom in on particular events in this arc.

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No. 1012399 ID: afe7de
File 163339863228.png - (9.85KB , 500x500 , SR2_012.png )

You want to find a RUIN while you’re here, might be a good idea to get in contact with the ROYALTY here or someone who has TRAVELED AROUND the plate.

You want to teach at least 2 of the ROYAL SCIENTISTS, it might be hard, but it’s doable. You’re not sure how successful getting all 3 would be, but if you do it, you’re sure the reward would be worth it.

> Bring FAAN and PON
You mull over who to bring with some pretty intense trepidation. You wanted to bring WILLIAM or IGNIS but decide to take NUBS’S caution to heart and bring someone else. You nearly invited DRACO, your FATHER, but also took a step back on that too. After a brief visit home with PON, you share some recent updates in your life and invite FAAN and PON to DOPUS with you. They’re both really excited to go, PON hopes to learn new recipies for things he could make and sell while he’s there. FAAN is just excited to be included and that you were thinking of her.

> What’s the deal with LILITH?
You ask your parents what the deal is with LILITH THE ROYAL SCIENTIST, you don’t appreciate how she’s treated you and wanted to know the source of the TENSION. FAAN and RIICHI both pause for a moment and look over to DRACO whose expression darkens a tad. RIICHI does a gesture, ceding the floor to FAAN.

Faan: So it was probably like a bit before you two were born.
Faan: She was a teacher here, we were colleagues.
Faan: But she was kind of uhhhhhhh
Riichi: Bad at her job
Faan: I wouldn’t go that far
Draco: I remember how often you complained about it
Faan: Aaaaaaaanyway
Faan: She was always the more inventive type, making stuff instead of focusing on TEACHING.
Faan: And she got her hands on a BROKEN PRINTING PRESS
Faan: Asked for my help, helped her a bit
Faan: But you both needed care because you were just born so I had to take a pause from that for a bit
Faan: It was a HUGE argument over me throwing away my life for “some kids”
Riichi: I almost clawed at her when she said that
Draco: But she was being considered to join the ROYAL SCIENTISTS, so I stopped her
Faan: What you have to understand is she doesen’t have friends, family, none of that, or didn’t I dunno about now
Faan: So WORK was her life and her HOBBIES I guess
Faan: She just… took heavy offense to me not dropping my life to go become a SCIENTIST
Faan: And frankly we need good teachers to teach the young ones
Riichi: So basically she’s a bird brain workaholic peck neck piece of-
Draco: Riichi, please, come on.
Riichi: It’s TRUE!
Riichi: She just holds a grudge because we didn’t pick a path like hers

[GUILE] There’s more to this then they’re letting on, like how Faan was qualified to help at all?

You: Uh did you know each other when you were kids or something?
Pon: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, and like if you were an inventor or something?
Faan: Yeah, we were like best friends for a while, well, as close to friends as you can get with someone so…
Riichi: Insufferable, Guileless, lacking in Charisma?
Faan: She’s not a bad person, just uhhh, didn’t appreciate how I didn’t drop everything for her.
Faan: I have some regrets about the past, but not about raising you two.

You notice that she’s very much avoiding any mention of what she did in the past before teaching. You think she’s not comfortable sharing that with you yet. With that out of the way, you spend some more time at your parents place and plan to leave after you finish some PREPARATIONS.

You decide to link with your BROTHER. It’s a strange sensation, creating the link, like getting a minor headache in a part of your head, or like a blood vessel bursting in your head. It’s slightly painful, but then the [LINK] is established. PON does NOT have any sort of INNATE SKILL, so it seems like he’ll only be gaining the IMPROVED STAT GROWTH from the [LINK]. But you do feel a sort of RESONANCE from him. It’s something you can’t quite put your finger on. You invite him to join you on your meditation later and see what happens.
No. 1012400 ID: afe7de
File 163339864853.png - (119.10KB , 500x500 , SR2_013.png )

You take the time to expand your MIND CAMPUS, focusing on the HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE. It’s a large building that as you make it appears to form itself slightly into a building that extends infinitely into the sky. It’s a strange illusion that you’re not sure if you’re consciously making, but certainly feels cool to look at.

You’ve made progress on your HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE

IGNIS and WILLIAM occasionally pop by in your meditation sessions to chat with you. Watching as you sculpt and work on your MIND CAMPUS. PON eventually has a free moment and joins you as well. [UNDERSTANDING] and [LINK] are both especially polite and nice to him, and he doesn’t freak out as he joins you in your MIND CAMPUS because you gave him enough advanced warning. It’s a strange sensation, but the RESONANCE is stronger here. You get the feeling that you should EXPERIMENT in the future with your LINKS while you’re here. See what they can and can’t do. You’d be curious if you could assign DOMAINS to them in your MIND CAMPUS where they could CREATE and MANIFEST their own STATS or otherwise. You could always make another DORM explicitly for LINKED GUESTS and see what that does.

You can now create the GUEST DORMS, a space for your LINKED companions in your MIND CAMPUS. You’re not sure what effect this could have, or if it would have any benefits. You can also dedicate a portion of your time to TESTING THE LIMITS of the MIND CAMPUS and see what can or can’t be done.

You were about to suggest this to your companions the next day, but something happened that paused your train of thought.

The MIST started… Ringing? You’re not sure what to call it. Without a moment of hesitation you flew into the mist. A SENSATION could be felt in your mind in the distance, so you continued to fly in that direction until you hear something. A KAW-ING. Once, then twice. You stop and look to the sides before you see a half white, half black RAVEN. Your [STATS] are eerily quiet throughout the process, well, PERSERVERENCE is just as quiet as normal, but you still pause with caution, tilting your head in confusion. They KAW at you, in what sounds more like a form of COMMUNICATION then anything else.

So you speak back to them in CANON as your first instinct, a CURIOSITY and FANATICISM taking over you as this strange thing is attempting to speak to you in your mind. You try a few ways of communicating and it appears the RAVEN is as well. It covers up one of their eyes and you just get more confused. Are they trying to be WILLIAM? Maybe someone else? You gesture back to your MIND CAMPUS, inviting them and poking at them to see if they get it but you just get pecked a few times in response.

The RAVEN then starts to pluck out feathers, the first feather falls into your palm as the bird vanishes and then reappears a few moments later about 10 meters away from you. You fly towards them, still very confused. They pluck some more feathers and you’re enthralled at this point. You try to fly the creature back to your MIND CAMPUS, eager to figure out what is happening with the help of your [STATS]. It’s obviously INTELLIGENT, beyond that of a normal RAVEN.

You put a concerned expression on your face as it trues to spell out something with the feathers. It’s a “W” and a “3” written in ENGLISH or at least that’s what you presume. You stop moving and your thought processes try to go into overdrive. W3? Could this be WINNEBAGO the THIRD? Inventor of the WINNEBAGO? WILLAMINA the THIRD? Your granddaughter? Could this just be random letters and numbers with no actual meaning?!?! You stare at the RAVEN with a fiercer intensity, trying to [UNDERSTAND] but finding yourself unable to make the MENTAL LINK with them in this MIST. You try once, twice, and then when you think you’re just about to succeed something happens. You feel an intense burning from the RAVEN and jerk them off of you. It’s floating in the space now. There’s an expression in it’s eye, that brief moment you [UNDERSTOOD] this was no ordinary bird, this was your GRANDDAUGHTER, or well, SABA’S GRANDDAUGHTER. You start shouting.


Unfortunately the twitching from the RAVEN turns into a mad vibration. Her feathers start bubbling unsettlingly. You can hear the sounds of BONES CRACKING as it’s form begins to shift and change, to EXPAND. WILLAMINA doesn’t break eye contact with you the entire time.


Your composure is a little broken from this strange scenario, but you heed their words, flying backwards out of the mist as fast as you can, PERSERVERENCE flies past you as you see the beast morph into what you assume to be it’s final form. It’s inky black, dripping almost with some sort of ICHOR. The mist seems to CORRODE at it as it drips down. And it’s eyes, they’re twisted, not in any right place. There’s a weird sensation as it reaches it’s limb at you and ichor slowly moves in your direction. You feel the faint tickle in the back of your mind that you need to TOUCH it, to join whatever IT is. That thought is cut off with a YELL from PERSERVERENCE.


And like that, you’re out of the mist, out of your MIND CAMPUS, and back to reality. It made no noise besides the cracking of bones, no terrifying scream, no guttural moan. You could only barely hear the bubbling. It’s unnerving. Your [STATS] are clamoring asking what happened and as you explain the situation there’s no word from [PERSERVERENCE] other then a lone statement.

[PERSERVERENCE] It’s gone, I need to rest.

You’re given no context and your STATS seem worried. You think you’ll need to have a talk with [PERSERVERENCE] when they’re recovered because this was STRANGE even by your standards.

You’ve gained [1 STRESS] from the encounter in your MIND
- After experiencing your first RANDOM ENCOUNTER you will now be notified when one is happening
- You will have to chose to visit the encounter, rather then having it be automatic due to the potential DANGER
- Encounters will last 2 years before they go away

You think you’re going to keep quiet on this one. You’ve already asked your closest and most trustworthy friends, and you think it’s better if you keep this one closer to your vest. It’s already a slightly open secret that you’re a reincarnator even if most kin won’t believe you, best to keep that one quiet for now. For the record, only MARTH, IGNIS, and WILLIAM have INNATE SKILLS to the best of your knowledge. You hope DRIFT gets one, but aren’t sure what’s going to happen when he’s done.
No. 1012402 ID: afe7de
File 163339868605.png - (8.89KB , 500x500 , SR2_014.png )

After that STRESSFUL encounter in your mind that you were expecting to be more relaxing you take some time to PREPARE yourself for the DOPUS trip. You’re excited to see the WIDER WORLDPLATES as is PON. IGNIS and WILLIAM are both excited for you and sad they can’t go, but understand the reason and promise to keep things running in your absence.

You want to bring some things with you, like snacks and scripting manuals, but think it might be a bit hard without REVEALING YOUR POCKET DIMENSION. And that’s something you’re not really keen on doing. You talk to NUBS about WATERPROOFING solutions and she mentions that she could get an EMPTY URN, block it with CORK, and then use that to transport stuff to the CITY. So you fill a small backpack with SUPPLIES. You bring some PON-MADE snacks, some SCRIPTING MANUALS, SCRIPTING PENS, some SHINIES, and a few other things. PON mostly brings FOOD and a simple COLD MODULE he plans to install in a BOX he can find to make a MAKESHIFT CHI-LLER and FAAN just brings some BOOKS. NUBS triple checks to make sure it should fit and the four of you are as prepared as you’re going to be.

You also bring 10,000 SHINIES worth of GEMS as an EASY TO CONVERT source of CURRENCY should you all wish to BUY ANYTHING.
You also bring an old prototype SUN SCEPTER that’s been modified to just produce light
You have [2 STRESS]

NUBS sends a RUNNER out ahead of you all to let her WORLDPLATE know that you’re coming. You mention your concerns of UNDERSEA MONSTERS and she says that you’ll be escorted to the city proper in the water by GUARDS as a safety precaution, but you’re recommended to bring your CLAWS along anyway. You ask how they fight UNDERWATER, and she points to her tail. She mentions that most AQUA-KIN tend to have NATURAL WEAPONS of some kind, some have CLAWS, others have SHARP LEGS, but most have BLADED TAILS. They tend to move EXTREMELY FAST in water, about as fast as you can fly, which makes them EXTRA AGILE and able to use their BLADED LIMBS to good effect. It’s how they hunt for most of their food.

You fly out of the city and head towards the TUNNEL. NUBS is riding in a pouch of a RATHER STRONG LOOKING ROYAL GUARD. He does not say much throughout the flight, but from what you understand, this individual has been working with her for some time now and is regarded well for his SILENCE.

You occasionally look around during your flight, and you don’t really notice anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes a tree rustles and you see several WINGIES fly out into the sky, but that’s about it. As you reach the tunnel you notice that it’s fairly MASSIVE, not big enough to fit a whole PLANE in it, but definitely large enough to fit a crowd of kin and then some. There are a few WING-KIN guards standing in the TUNNEL and flying around it, but they recognize you all and let you pass. One of them is even drooling over FAAN, which you find strange, but dismiss as you move through it and are let out into a brand new plate.

You read about CANUS, but it’s still amazing to see in person. The Plate is a DENSE JUNGLE, the edges of which are just like your plate, leading to a sheer drop. The THICK CANOPY obscures the sky except for one area that has been constructed upon to prevent such a thing from happening. Apparently the vegetation near the TUNNELS grows at a RIDICULOUS rate. The WING-KIN guards here also let you pass, allowing you to head to the skies above.

The plate is BEAUTIFUL as you take to the skies, the sky is tinted a slight GREEN, but one thing you notice that’s readily apparent is that it’s FAIRLY HOT. Much hotter then your PLATE. It’s mitigated by the breeze flowing up against you, but you can’t imagine living here without some COLD runes to cool yourself off and you wonder how it is the BEAST-KIN can even live in this climate with their FUR.

FAAN explains that it’s because the heat is actually absorbed by the canopy of the jungle and reflected up, causing the area above the canopy to be warmer then normal. It’s actually quite cool under the jungle itself and is an environment the BEAST-KIN have adapted to.

As you continue to fly, occasionally taking breaks as the journey does take a few days, you feel a tingle from your [INTUITION]. Something is amiss but you can’t quite tell what. The thing you can tell, as you near the next TUNNEL is that there’s a small speck in the distance. It’s barely visible, and there’s a BLUE GLOW. You dismiss it for now as it’s gone a moment later, assuming it was your imagination.
No. 1012403 ID: afe7de
File 163339869653.png - (48.68KB , 500x500 , SR2_015.png )

As you enter DOPUS you notice the largest SEA you’ve ever seen. Though you guess it’s probably more accurate to call it an OCEAN. The sky is a similar hue of BLUE that you’re used to, but the OCEAN is a mix of greens and blues and lilacs. It’s also fairly CLEAR, you can see a fair distance through it. Nubs disembarks from the WING-KIN GUARD whose name escapes you. He mentions that he’ll be waiting by the tunnel when you all return and leaves.

One thing you notice about DOPUS is that the only LAND MASS around is the one you entered on. You can’t see a single outcropping anywhere. There are a few HUTS scattered about on the land and there’s a few BOATS scattered about, but they’re few and far between. They’ll be easy to avoid. Nubs leads you to a spot in the ocean after a few several hours of flight. At this point your arms are getting a bit tired from all of the EXTENDED TRAVEL, but it’s not enough to really impact you as you are fairly ATHLETIC. You eventually reach the spot, there’s a few other AQUA-KIN floating about on the surface and they wave at you and shout to come down. You notice a large urn floating near the surface which they remove the cork and allow you to place your belongings in. It BARELY fits the small amount of supplies you brought, you imagine that they’re not used to transporting goods between here and the surface and that this was a MAKE-SHIFT solution at best.

After activating the chokers you are led down the water, attached to ropes just so that you don’t get lost. They make sure to descend at a pace that won’t cause any wooziness, but the water pressure doesn’t affect your HEAD so you’re fine as you descend. It’s a claustrophobic experience, descending as it gets darker and darker away from the surface. You pull out your PROTOTYPE SUN ROD and it helps, but everything else is still dark. You feel like it would have been a good idea to make a stronger variant or something as you continue to descend, but that thought is cut off as you start to see flickerings of light in the distance.

CONSUMA DOPUS, the capital city. It’s covered in what you can only assume is phosphorescent coral. It glows dimly in some areas and brighter in others. If you were to describe the city it would be reminiscent to an anthill with lots of spires outcroppings on top, covered in a variety of different corals and sea life. As you get lower you can see in the distance, highlighted by a large CRYSTAL of some kind, is a large enclosure made of a similar CRYSTAL or GLASS. It looks like there are JELLYFISH-LIKE creatures inside.

You continue to descend until you reach the ground and notice a small tunnel going down and then up, which you eventually pass through and reach a pocket of air. There are dozens, possibly hundreds of AQUA-KIN wandering about. Their colors vary from hues of blues, greens, purples and reds as they scatter about doing various tasks. You can see several food-stalls advertising unrecognizable seafoods and fungi. You take a broader look around and see that you’re in some sort of PLAZA, and in the distance there are SCULPTURES built into the wall of various AQUA-KIN. Nearby the statues is a large WATERFALL with a small opening in the center that you can see some individuals standing at, looking in your direction. You gather your supplies and get out of the water, the guards dispersing to the crowd.

Nubs: Welcome to CONSUMA! The kingdom of good food and great times!
Pon: Woah, it’s a huge cave!
Faan: How deep do the caverns go here?
Nubs: Dunno, we can’t fly so we rnt sure how far down it cod go like you are of your plate.
Nubs: I’ve got TONS to show ya! And since yer all on yer breaks, there’s no rush!
Nubs: I should probs introduce ya to the fam, but that can totally wait.
You: Well let’s get started then!

CONSUMA is a large city in similar scale to QARA TENGU, there are lots of small hidden things throughout here and you’ll be able to explore it at a slower pace. Each ACTION you take will take around a day to complete including eating and resting. Sometimes you’ll be prevented with a CHOICE of something to do, each CHOICE will lead to different character interactions and develop the story of this plate.

NUBS wants to show you three MAJOR THINGS
- THE COOKING GUILD, a place where famous chefs compete and make amazing dishes requested by others
- HER HOME, you’ll meet her family and learn more about NUBS
- THE MISTY CAVERN, a beautiful spot that really lets your pores breathe, she wants to introduce you to somekin

She also says there’s tons of OTHER PLACES that you could visit like the PLAZA, CRYSTAL CAVES, and BACK ALLEY DINERS among other things.

What do you do?

AUTHORS NOTE: I’ve suggested a few areas here that you could visit, but where you actually go is entirely up to you all! If you have a cool area you want to suggest visiting or that you want to exist, suggest it and if I like it enough or it’s suggested enough I’ll put it in! This is one of those LORE BUILDING MOMENTS like from the first part where you can ADD THINGS that you think would be cool within reason.
No. 1012405 ID: c92a02

First, let's meet our home away from home. Nubs' home!
No. 1012413 ID: 96c896

>skill checks
Hmm, someone noticed us leaving I think, and the blue light was the spy arriving in CANUS. You were being followed. They probably reported back that you visited DOPUS. Not a huge deal, we expected that to happen.

THE COOKING GUILD! Let's go sample the local cuisine!

>suggest other things
How about like, a zoo?
No. 1012414 ID: 629f2e

Nubs' Home is top priority for today, and The Misty Cavern for tomorrow. After that, we should check out the city tomorrow and do a run of popular spots. Get some local diner food, walk the town, etc.
No. 1012415 ID: 629f2e

(Forgot to add my new place suggestion) See what the closest thing Dopus has to a library is.
No. 1012416 ID: dfbac0

I think our best bet is to go to Nubs' house, we can do the others later but I feel like we should meet her family and chill in hopefully a less professional environment before we go to public places where we would certainly be accosted by curious individuals. It's also extremely important we don't keep her family waiting as though I doubt they'd have a problem with us wandering off before meeting them it's better safe than sorry.
Otherwise after that I would love to go to the cooking guild and see if we can't teach Pon how to cook some new cuisines.
No. 1012418 ID: dfbac0

That's a good idea, I imagine handling books isn't an easy thing down here, I'd love to see if they have their own way of preserving information that doesn't use anything that could be harmed by water.
No. 1012421 ID: ce39da

... has caught something important, yet unsurprising. You should probably bring this up with NUBS, who figured the wrong sort would take notice, and FAAN, the group's designated adult.

"As much as I'm sure your family wouldn't mind waiting for us, I do think we should dedicate our first day to getting situated here before we run off on any adventures. I'm quite eager to meet them myself."
No. 1012427 ID: d0ebbe

Lore building: Nubs warns you about a place you should never visit, a certain cavern containing: the HOLLOW EYES

The cavern is really deep, but in the bottom, there is a set of two giant holes on the ground, vacuuming everything around it in its two vortexes.

Strangely, the two holes that have the vortexes are arranged in the shape of a set of eyes. There are cracks on the ground around the holes forming what look like eyelashes, and a small piece of land poking out from each hole forming what looks like pupils.

the vortexes are strong enough to pull even the strongest swimming aquakin and mysteriously appeared about 16 years ago after an earthquake. apparently, Nubs' older brother got sucked inside the vortex after it formed 16 years ago when he was 6 and was never seen again. This happened before Nubs was born, and isn't too sad about it, but would of still liked to get to know her brother. She asks not to bring it up with her family, it may open old wounds.
No. 1012431 ID: 094652

Lore Building: Nhalim's Generator
There is an anomaly in a specific area of this kingdom; a sub-surface whirlpool that has never stopped since recorded history. In general, this area was generally surrounded by toxic chemicals and Leviathan-class beasts, so the population was mostly kept in the double-digits and made of Cults who typically worship some fictional Dragon responsible for the ongoing spiral. Most scientific studies agree that the whirlpool is directly responsible for the horrible environment of the region, but only after millions of years of slow buildup.
But 250~ years ago, something weird happened. The whirlpool conducted electricity - permanently. Nhalim, one of the few desperate souls willing to colonize the area, discovered the new phenomena akin to lightning gifted from the earth rather than the sky Yes I know that's not how lightning works but worldbuilding. They performed multiple studies to find some way of harnessing this power.
They didn't last long. But the results of the study have resulted in AQUA-KIN advances in electric technology, especially warfare. Standard subnautican soldier equipment includes EMP Bombs, which can easily fry a target in seconds if they connect. Praetorian Guards have special access to electric spears and even anti-electric body armor. The public has no idea how they do this.
Today, ongoing research into civilian uses for electricity in an undersea kingdom are still crawling at a slow pace, partly because of the dangers of turning everyone into sashimi, and especially since nobody knows if the electricity will eventually dry up. Not helping matters is that no weapons manufacturer using the site has lasted a half-century before getting sent into the red due to medical costs or wrecked by a giant beast, even with the ongoing project to terraform the area for large-scale housing.
Whatever the case, nobody has successfully made it to the bottom of the whirlpool alive.
No. 1012432 ID: e51896

Nubs family home first. It was a long journey to get here and we want to relax a bit and get situated. Also wanna get to know the family we're visiting.

Lets ask nubs family about any ruins in the area. You want to potentially find new scripting manuals or something similar in a ruins. Might want to ask if theres any strong aquakin that wanna come too (maybe whoever Nubs wants to show us is that strong kin, may have an innate ability too)

Also, show the family your scripting manuals, ask if they seen one before and where. Would be cool to get a new manual here, but i doubt theres any in dopus
No. 1012438 ID: 67dd8e

Let's start with Nubs's home. Next, I'm sure Pon would be very interested in the cooking guild.
No. 1012441 ID: b3d8ad

I wanna know what their schools are like here. Maybe we can give certain students some runescripting manuals, and inspire them to come to Tengu academy to learn runescripting and bring that knowledge to Dopus to make new inventions
No. 1012442 ID: 09db13

Oh, and do not bring up the possible spy in any place where another spy could hear.
I bet DOPUS's own spies are already looking for the guy, so they could have them distracted in the event of a royal visit.
No. 1012446 ID: f8fa51

I feel that the polite thing to do here is to go say hi to the Nub's family on the first day.
No. 1012452 ID: 36784c

>You notice a large urn floating near the surface which they remove the cork and allow you to place your belongings in. It BARELY fits the small amount of supplies you brought, you imagine that they’re not used to transporting goods between here and the surface and that this was a MAKE-SHIFT solution at best.
Unless we’re provided with a bigger urn when it’s time to leave, I don’t think we’re going to be able to bring any souvenirs home with us.

>Many places to go!
Let’s start by visiting Nubs' home.

>World building
The kingdom is named Consuma and is advertised to have good food. I’m pretty sure there’s a few places around here that have Eating Contests.

Are we staying at Nub’s home? I’m not sure if she’s going to have room for our group and her family in her home.
No. 1012479 ID: f3f534

>What do you do?
I agree with everyone else. Let's go meet Nub's family!

>Lore building
>Add things that you think would be cool
Lots of Aqua-kin are fairly muscular, but because of all the food, it's not too unusual to find a few kin that are fat. Which doesn't hinder them when they're in the water, since the extra blubber insulates them from the underwater pressure and the cold temperatures in deeper waters.

There are 2 major competitive sports in here: Kickboxing (which the more muscular kin participate in) and Sumo wrestling (which the more rotund kin participate in). Both of these sports forbid anyone that's not an Aqua-kin from competing because it'd be too dangerous for the other races to participate.
No. 1012501 ID: b72032

>Eating contest
If it's a place reknowned for its cooks, the "eating contest" would not be speed-eating; it would me more a matter of identifying the flavors in the dishes. Something more akin to a tasting contest, in short.
No. 1012517 ID: 36784c

>not be speed-eating
>more akin to a tasting contest
There could be both kinds of contests.
No. 1012521 ID: a46fb1

Deifinetly should do the three major activities Nubs had planned for us, especially meet that kin Nubs wanted us to see at thr misty caverns. That kin might have an innate ability, and the sooner we meet them, the more time we'll have to bond with them enough to form a [LINK]
No. 1012773 ID: afe7de
File 163400342055.png - (121.14KB , 500x500 , SR2_016.png )

You collectively decide it’s probably better to get acquainted with NUBS’S FAMILY and where you’ll be staying. She groans at this but assents that it’s probably the right call. You get the feeling that the groan is less a FRUSTRATION and more that she finds that to be particularly BORING.

The walk to her place heads towards the WATERFALL, bypassing a few big buildings that remind you of STALAGMITES and HOLLOWED OUT MOUNDS. There’s a few buildings that are more traditionally structured but it appears that most of them are made of STONE and CORAL. It’s rare to find a DOOR on most of the buildings here and you see no WOOD anywhere. You imagine that either the security here is really good or there’s none to speak of. As for the AQUA-KIN themselves, you notice that their body types vary from ATHLETIC to PLUMP and even ROTUND, but none of them look OBESE or OUT OF SHAPE, and it seems to not affect them while they’re in water either.

As you pass by several groups you notice that they’re all about as affectionate as NUBS is. It’s slightly more affectionate then the WING-KIN are, and basic greetings from even what sounds like basic strangers involves a lot of skin contact and even light kissing. If you had to read the vibe of the place as you wander, you’d say that it definitely feels HAPPY or even HEDONISTIC here. You pass by a few more structures and one stands out to you, it’s got a lot of bright CORAL surrounding it and you imagine that at night it would look kind of cool. You ask what the building is and Nubs lets you know that it’s a BROTHEL AND DOCTORS PLACE. You wonder why they’d be a combined establishment, but shrug it off and carry on.

Eventually you reach the waterfall and NUBS points UP, at the BALCONY.

Nubs: I live up there, y’all can just fly up to it, I’ll take the fun route!

And in what is a feat that you were not sure was possible, Nubs begins to swim UP the waterfall. And she does it at a ridiculous pace too, getting up there faster then you think you could if you flew. You and your companions are in shock that someone could actually swim UP a waterfall, but you guess that’s just one of the AQUA-KIN’S many talents. After a brief flight up you land on a platform, your steps make it feel like you are touching PORCELAIN of some kind, and it appears to be a pattern of some kind, in the shape of an AQUA-KIN cradling a child you think. You touch down and notice there are two guard-like individuals in small nooks in the wall, they nod at you and continue to lounge. You look forward and notice a larger room, NUBS is embracing two individuals, one you know to be CECIL, NUBS’S AUNT. The other is wearing a small PONCHO with CORAL ACCENTS and YELLOW DYE. You notice they don’t have any hair, or SEAWEED on their scalp. You always wondered if that was a fashion thing. He introduces himself as NUBS’S FATHER, ARBOLETH OGUIG’LIA SHTEROT, current leader of CONSUMA DOPUS. He knows you all don’t have lips or the throats to pronounce it as it’s naturally meant to be, so says you can call him AROBOLETH SHALLOT, as he’s been advised by NUBS.

He gives you a brief welcome to the city and lets you know what he does. The LEADERSHIP of the plate isn’t a monarchy, but is instead a DEMOCRACY. The leader is chosen as the most popular individual that is qualified to lead. But leading mostly involves scheduling and planning FEASTS, EVENTS, RESOURCE GATHERING, and HELPING THE IMPOVERISHED. There is a form of GUARDS that he leads as well, and they mostly patrol occasionally to make sure any fights that happen are LAWFUL and that no one gets KILLED. It’s rare to see anyone get so JEALOUS or WRATHFUL here, and there’s no shortage of FOOD or ENTERTAINMENT, so the citizens are typically FAIRLY HAPPY.
No. 1012775 ID: afe7de
File 163400366945.png - (14.71KB , 500x500 , SR2_017.png )

He only asks you to abide by a few rules while you’re here. NO ASSAULTING ANYONE, NO THEFT, and to EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY. He trusts you all from NUBS’S recommendation. He also says that while it’s not required, he recommends you give a competition a shot at the COOKING GUILD. Some of the KIN on the plate are WARY OF OUTSIDERS after the HUMANS attempted contact AGGRESSIVELY, and would like to see you all participate in some of their CULTURAL NORMS so that they would be more likely to vote positively for potential TRADE DEALS and DIPLOMACY.

Your theory at this point is basically confirmed. You’re the soft test to see if your people would be able to TRADE and COMMUNICATE with the DOPUS individuals on good terms, but it looks like the decision lies in the COMMUNITY rather then the LEADERSHIP. You wonder how DECISIVE the kin here are, NUBS seems to be PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD, and so was ARBOLETH, you could extrapolate that the KIN here value TRANSPARENCY and STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS, but it’s too early to tell.

You’re treated to a large banquet of a meal, you were worried that it would be wasteful, but on the contrary it was nearly EXACTLY the amount needed to feed the 6 of you. You think back to when NUBS shared meals with you and she watched intently, imagining that she was calculating this to reduce FOOD WASTE for these kinds of events.

After that you’re treated to a tour of the CONCORD, the area you’ll be staying in. A few other individuals also live there, but they seem preoccupied with something and only spare you a brief greeting before getting back work, promising that they’ll give you a proper introduction in the future. Your rooms are separate and are decently sized. There’s carved out shelves, cabinets, toilets, fountains, and beds made of SEAWEED and some SOFT MATERIAL you assume to be some sort of MUSHROOM. The opposite side of the room also has a LARGE TANK OF WATER that appears to be for housing FRESH FISH and other SEA LIFE, and a SMALL POOL, you ask what it’s purpose is and they say that it’s the typical AQUAN’S BEDDING, most prefer to sleep in the WARM, SLIGHTLY SLUDGY LIQUID as it’s fairly comforting. You touch the liquid and realize that it doesn’t actually stick to your feathers in any way. It’s thick but not at all sticky. You imagine that sleeping in one of these might be good if you can figure out a way to keep your head above water, and if not, then It’ll at least be nice to lounge in.

Lastly you’re told about some of the major attractions in the city that their KIN prefer to enjoy.

THE ARCHIVES - Is where they keep their recorded knowledge and history, there are MAPS of the region kept there. Apparently since they lack PAPER they have kept their records as ENGRAVINGS on TABLETS and THE WALLS. There’s not too much information there, as most of their records were kept through ORAL TRADITION instead.

THE WHIRLPOOL OF EYES - Some AQUA-KIN like to perform FEATS OF BRAVERY, attempting to swim as close to the whirlpool as possible without being sucked in. However those sucked in are rarely seen again, the few that do survive claim they appeared somewhere RANDOM underwater in the plate and manage to get back home via luck. Though the few that make it through claim that they were scared out of their wits by some GIANT MONSTER, rumors aren’t substantiated though because it is DANGEROUS. The whirlpool actually comes from two holes that look remarkably similar to EYES.

SCHOOLS - EDUCATION is kept to simple things like cooking, survival, underwater navigation, and the like, it does not go nearly as in depth as the TENGU ACADEMY does. CHILDREN are also taught the basics of ORATORY and DEFENSE with their NATURAL WEAPONS. FAAN is interested in visiting and imparting some KNOWLEDGE to the KIN here.

EATING CONTESTS - Various restaurants will offer CHALLENGES to their PATRONS, should you complete it, you’ll win a small prize. The prize doesn’t really matter to the KIN that are here, but maybe one of the prizes will really speak to you and your group as a cool souvenir.

SUMO - A form of martial art where the AQUA-KIN attempt to wrestle the other out of a ring. Typically the LARGER KIN participate in this sport.

CHELAE - A form of martial art where the AQUA-KIN fight using their HIGHLY MINERALIZED CHITIN. You commonly see this as TAIL BLADES, like the one NUBS has, LEG BLADES, CLAWS, and rarely as HORNS. Duels go until their opponent’s weapon BREAKS or they CONCEDE. The CHITIN grows back by MOLTING, and the more often they participate in this form of combat, the faster it grows back and the stronger it grows back. You briefly wonder if they can regrow limbs as well, but don’t ask as you feel it would be a strange question to bring up.

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY - a Beautiful area full of a collide-scope of colors and wonders, some KIN participate in JELLYFISHING, trying to catch the most COLORFUL of them with a net. They move at HIGH SPEEDS and don’t seem to mind it.

DUELS - Another popular event is to see AQUANS challenge the other to DUELS, they can be COMBAT duels, COOKING duels, or slightly LEWDER duels but those aren’t held on the streets and you’re too young to see them.

There’s also the COOKING GUILD and MISTY CAVERN that NUBS wants to take you to, but she says that there’s NO REAL RUSH. You can now go out and do whatever you like in the city. You can travel AS A GROUP, or SOLO. If you don’t mention what someone else is doing, they’ll go off and do their own thing, but NUBS will act as your GUIDE unless it’s to somewhere she finds BORING.

- Impress some AQUA-KIN while you’re here
REWARDS: Depends on how much you impress them

Eventually the day passes and it’s night time. You’re all tired from your trip so you hit the hay.

What do you do? And do you sleep in THE SLUDGE?

Feel free to suggest other activities based off of ones listed here, some will be unlocked by going to specific locations, I have a few in mind that you gotta do repeat visits to places to see. I might have you do more than one at once to expedite it if enough people suggest. Otherwise, have fun!
No. 1012777 ID: c92a02

Let's try the sludge. Try meditating as you go to sleep to keep yourself still. Pile lots of pillows to make a cradle for your head above the liquid.
Tomorrow, start the day with a visit to school.
No. 1012778 ID: 96c896

COOKING GUILD. Then EATING CONTEST. Let's go in hard on the food this day.

Also uh, yeah try the sludge. Just don't drown or whatever.
No. 1012782 ID: 25e6ce

Strategically thinking, I say the sooner we go to THE MISTY CAVERN and meet that kin Nubs was talking about, the better.

Reason why is that they might have an innate ability we could link with, and if that is the case, we would want to do a lot of activities with them each day SOONER rather than later so we can build up our BOND with them and they'd be more willing to link with us.

Meeting them later might not let us get the chance to bond with them with multiple activities during our vacation here.

Also, lookout for ruins in the misty cavern, check out spots you can fly up to that aquakin can't reach. Take Pon with you too since he is POWERFUL.

Oh yeah, and sludge time.
No. 1012792 ID: f8fa51

Try not to get thrown out, you definitely want to come back here when you're older.

Going to the cooking guild sounds amazing. You have to go there immediately.
No. 1012801 ID: e51896

My vote is Misty Caverns. Bring Pon and Nubs. Nubs to introduce her friend, and Pon for exploration after we meet Nubs' friend

Not choosing cooking guild yet, but when we do go to the cooking guild, make sure you go in a group and take Pon with you, that way he can get inspired, maybe even find someone to look up to. Whatever the case, he should bring his pon pops to share.
He can probably compete too, though it might be only for famous chefs. Maybe there are competitions for up and coming chefs to compete in though.

Sleep in the sludge. I also like the idea of meditating in it too. If perseverance isn't too tired, we can ask about what happened, like what was that thing chasing us, if Willamina is still around, and maybe if there is a way for her to become our daughter or grandaughter in this world after she passes on from her world, and can reincarnate into this world. Also ask why he was acting or talking weird the previous years

Though if he still needs to rest, leave him alone and ask Understanding about stuff.
No. 1012808 ID: ce39da

Yeah, let's meet the people Nubs wanted to introduce us to before we dedicate ourselves to sightseeing - we'll go to the MISTY CAVERNS.

Yes, but not before asking Nubs or some other aqua kin about keeping our head above the surface or continuing to breathe if we don't.
No. 1012810 ID: c3e059

>sleep in sludge?
>how to keep head above water?
Couldn't you just wear one of the Air Chokers? You wouldn't have to worry about your head going under the water if you're wearing it. Put it on and try sleeping with your head above the water, that way if you do slip underwater, you can still breathe.

But if the Air Choker doesn't have a large enough charge to last through the night, it might be best to not risk drowning on accident.

>where to go?
Pon still has a chance of something good happening to him. We should go to one of the cooking places so that Pon's bonus can trigger for him!
No. 1012812 ID: ce39da

You're right in that this probably won't work out, but probably not for the reason you're thinking; what would even happen if we used the water-consuming choker in an enclosed pool with a much more finite liquid content? We could end up burying ourselves alive in dehydrated slime or wake up in a slimy but otherwise dry pit, assuming the runes we used count this as "water" at all.
No. 1012856 ID: 36784c

No. 1012870 ID: a9af05


Let's have a little fun on our first day here before we do any kind of business.
No. 1012871 ID: f6a455

Adding to my earlier post: Quick, while no one is looking to potentially think we're weird, before sleeping or meditating in the sludge, take a little bit of the sludge and... put it in your mouth... for research purposes and definitely not to see how it tastes. (Consider asking to take some sludge home with you for mana research later).

We can probably arrange ourself to keep our head supported on a surface and pillow while the rest of our body is in the sludge without the choker, kind of like what they do in mud baths.
The beds is said to be made of SEAWEED and some soft material chi thinks is some sort of mishroom, which I assume is a pillow. Maybe we can use the mushroom to support Chi's head above the sludge? Lets ask an aquakin about the idea.
No. 1012912 ID: 36784c

Does anyone know the maximum number of days we can stay here before we have to leave? I want to to stay here for as long as possible so that we have more time to impress the Aqua-Kin, since our rewards depend on how much we impress them. And if we do a good enough job, that would also convince everyone here that we’re cool and it’ll be a good idea to start trading with everyone back home.
No. 1012923 ID: afe7de

I havent decided how many days, it's taking up a TP though. I was going to do maybe 2-3 updates and then give you a deadline of 2-3 updates, but it depends on the pace I set when I write the next update. I'll make it a little clearer when I update on monday
No. 1012924 ID: 96c896

If we're spending 1 TP in town shouldn't it be around 1/8th of a year? Well, we did have to spend time making the chokers. Perhaps half that is the actual vacation.
No. 1013134 ID: afe7de
File 163460899242.png - (7.35KB , 500x500 , SR2_018.png )

You decide to rest in the sludge. It’s a strange sensation, laying in it. Your body is kept kind of in the middle of it, not floating too high, or too low. You use some of the leaves and upon recommendation get a few stones to lie your head on so that you can keep breathing in the night. It’s not exactly… COMFORTABLE, but it’s not exactly UNCOMFORTABLE either. More a different way of sleeping. Your body is resting in a more natural position though, so you assume this might have some LONG TERM HEALTH BENEFITS if you were to keep at it. The first night’s rest is less restful then you would have wanted. Couple the fact that you’re sleeping somewhere new with using a whole new medium of sleep and you only really sleep for a third of the night. You’re a bit EXHAUSTED, so when you wake up the next day, you decide to take on a lighter task and head to the MISTY CAVERNS.

NUBS seems to want to introduce you to a KIN that she knows. FAAN wants to go to the SCHOOL, and PON wants to go to the COOKING GUILD, but he joins you in heading to the MISTY CAVERN for today at NUBS'S insistence. The path is a bit of a ways away from your residence, but it's not that hard to travel there. You decend into the depths of CONSUMA, following some glowing coral used to outline the path and eventually start to see a fine mist forming in front of you as you reach a rather substantially large cavern. It's hard to see exactly, but you put on your goggles and notice that it's even HARDER to see, with small particles of mana infusing with the mist, how strange.

You're led through the place and notice that there's a lot more foliage here then there was in the city proper. Large algae-like vines spread across the room, small streams are scattered about, but you feel a certain RICHNESS from the place. It's RELAXING in a way and you feel yourself lose [1 STRESS] immediately due to the new experience. NUBS talks about this place as you wander, saying it's been around for a while, since before she hatched from her clutch. Occasionally kin would come here to HEAL THEIR BODIES after fighting some of the larger MONSTERS in the sea and would grow stronger. Though the mist has been denser in recent years. You wonder if the AMBIENT MANA is strengthening those that stay here.

Eventually you reach a small cabin, it's made of vines and some sort of shoot you can't recognize. It looks SIMILAR to BAMBOO, but not quite, sharing the sea-green that most of their SEAWEED does. NUBS knocks on the frame and pats the flap made of SEAWEED and a voice inside says that they should GO AWAY, only after hearing that it was her does the kin inside open the door. They at first open the door wide, excited, but they notice you and PON and immediately close the door to just a crack. While the door was open you noticed that they were an AQUA-KIN that seems to share more features with an AXALOTL then the more populous AQUANS like NUBS. His voice is but a whisper but you can make out what he's saying, albeit barely.

???: Who are these KIN???
???: You know I don't like talking to others.
???: And they have… FEATHERS!?!?!?
???: You said you had friends but they have FEATHERS?!?!
Nubs: Clam down bucko, I told you I had friends coming!
Nubs: I even told you the WORD for FEATHERS, cod dang dude.
???: So that’s what feathers look like…
???: Oh, the ones from the other plate?
Nubs: Yep.
???: Okay whell I saw them, bye!
Nubs: Clam on bro, they’re really nice!

He starts talking even quieter to NUBS and now you can only make out every other word.

???: …-e here for a reason…
???: -I- … -ant, I just… ca-
Nubs: -ne step at a time man you ca-
Nubs: past control your fu-

After a while they finish chatting and Nubs walks away from the cabin to YOU and PON.

Nubs: He doesen’t want to come out, he’s uh, real shy?
Nubs: We can just try again lay-tor

[CHARISMA] Looks like they’re a bit more then shy
[UNDERSTANDING] Seems like some things might’ve happened in the past to really SHOCK them into hermitage

Nubs: Ah, right, that’s my brother XOLOTL’RAINAXL SHTEROT, just call em RAIN
Nubs: He’s really a sweetheart just uh, has his own sitch that kinda makes life hard
You: What happened?
Nubs: It’s not really my place to talk about it.
Nubs: There was this incident a long time ago, maybe he’ll open up to ya
Pon: Your hope was since we weren’t from here he could sorta open up a little
Nubs: Yeah, sorry, I’d appreciate it if you could try spending some time here with him occasionally
Nubs: He could use a friend that’s not just me ya know.

You spend the rest of the day wandering around the MISTY CAVERNS, it’s kind of hard to see but you feel rejuvenated as you wander around. The loss of sleep doesn’t bother you as much as you thought as you feel reinvigorated by just being here. And after a day of hiking and exploring you decide to head back. You get the distinct feeling that there’s something here though and decide to come back after you’ve explored the other things you could do.
No. 1013135 ID: afe7de
File 163460900613.png - (14.02KB , 500x500 , SR2_019.png )

You sleep in the sludge again, finding sleep easier to come by since you were exhausted last night. You get nearly 2/3 of a night of rest and that’s enough for you to not feel any side effects. You’re half tempted to just sleep in a bed because you’re used to it, but decide to COMMIT to this for at least another day.

In the morning, after eating you decide to give into PON’S begging and head to the COOKING GUILD with NUBS. It’s one of the larger structures in the city, built into a sort of giant PILLAR. There are streams of water streaking out from the sides like small waterfalls. There are also several balconies with various KIN eating and joking scattered about. Outside the guild you see TONS of food stalls, creating a pseudo labyrinth with various meals and cookery. The stalls themselves are made of Seaweed, that BAMBOO-LIKE substance which you find out is just called BAMBOO strangely enough. You don’t question it and are glad for the colloquial similarities so you don’t have to shoehorn in a new word to your vocabulary. One thing you spot that you didn’t before was that most booths serving hot food have a small stone chamber storing some kind of creature. It’s producing HEAT enough to BOIL things or create SMALL OVENS.

These creatures you learn are called FLAME TOADS. They’re amphibious creatures that produce an aura of heat to protect themselves underwater. Catching them in the wild is a slight pain, but breeding and domesticating them is a breeze. They use them to cook their food, but at least half of the stall are serving COLD or ROOM TEMPERATURE FOODSTUFFS. Apparently they live off the scraps of waste and are kept in tanks like the one you remember from your room like pets.

You watch several performances as AQUANS fillet different sealife and make SASHIMI and other SUSHI-LIKE products. You can’t help but wish for some RICE or some kind of GRAIN and would imagine the quality would go up. Maybe you can even find SOYBEANS or SOY SAUCE in another plate.

[SABA’S KN] God damnit Chi you’re making me HUNGRY
[???] That’s the good stuff, dangit me too
[LINK] Man I’m missing some context aren’t I?
[PERSERVERENCE] It’s only okay I guess
[YOU] Wait are you back!?!
[CURIOSITY] Ooh I smell something sweet

You’re broken from your thought process by the smell of something sweet and savory. One stall in particular sells these small balls made of what look to be some kind of shrimp and powderized onion of some kind. But they’re covered in this sauce that smells to die for. Nubs orders you some and says that this is a more recent creation, pointing at the woman behind the counter and introducing herself as GNARL’PHOEL PUNIEAS. She bows at the introduction and says you may greet her as PUNI.

Puni: I hope you like it, It’s a new recipe I’ve been experimenting with!
Nubs: You gotta let me know the recipe for this sometime!
Puni: Nope! I wanna keep winning some of these CONTESTS after all!

You learn that PUNI has been clearing out the minor COOKING GUILD contests but refuses to participate in the LARGER SCALE ONES as she doesn’t want to give out the recipe. Nubs thinks that this is isn’t very AQUA-KIN-LIKE but shrugs and leads you to the main building. Inside is a large room with various tables and spiraling staircases to other floors. The outer edge is lined in glass with various sea life swimming about. It’s almost like a large aquarium. You even see a few AQUA-KIN children in there playing with the various fish. It’s got a fairly LIVELY atmosphere to it. Inside the booths are various individuals selling COOKBOOKS, handling CONTESTS, and other services that the place provides.

PON signs up for a COOKING CONTEST next week and the judge is both shocked and excited at this, saying that it would be great if their guests to the city could participate. PON says that he’s going to spend the time up to it sampling food and figuring out what different kinds of resources there are. He’s seen various VEGETABLES, SEA-LIFE, MUSHROOMS, and the like, but no GRAINS or FRUITS. Though there are some SWEET DRINKS, he’s unsure where the sugars come from and plans to investigate. He wants to try making some CHILLED FOODS to see how the AQUA-KIN react!

And with that your day comes to a close. You rest up in the SLUDGE again, willing to give it another shot and this time actually get a full night’s rest. At first it wasn’t that comfortable, but after a while you realize that it’s rather cozy. Nostalgic almost. It gives you the feeling of being wrapped in a womb, it’s strange, but other then a weird nagging feeling there doesn’t seem to be any difference between sleeping in the SLUDGE or sleeping in a BED. You try meditating in the sludge, but can’t really focus since you’re too tired from the day’s journey.

The next day you wake up refreshed and plan out your next move.

Where do you go next?

AUTHORS NOTE: Heyo, so I’ve figured out the format of this segment a bit better. For the first part you’ll be exploring 2 locations at a time. We’ll do this 2 more times, which means you won’t get to visit all the locations. After that we’ll be switching to week-long stints of doing single activities. You’ll get 6 1-week-long activities and then there’ll be a closing event as you leave. So there’s around 5-6 updates left in the CONSUMA arc. This isn’t exactly how much time is in a TP, but TP was always an abstract thing anyway and you’ll get to do cool stuff anyway.

After you leave DOPUS, you’ll then be given the opportunity to go back to DOPUS using a TP once a year, but it won’t be as in depth as this, instead you’ll just pick from Dopus specific activities to do and it will act like a normal TP or two depending on how long you spend there. Hope that clears stuff up for ya!

No. 1013142 ID: 96c896

EATING CONTEST, SCHOOL. Let's try to impress people today. I hope the eating contest doesn't give us a level of Gluttony...
I want to go to THE ARCHIVES tomorrow and memorize some of the more useful knowledge there.
No. 1013147 ID: 466bfd

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY (bring Pon and team up to go jellyfishing, see how he hunts. Maybe he might even find something that he can use at the cooking contest there too. Dunno if jellyfish are edible or if we're allowed to take any we caught, but if we can and if they are, try to help him catch some for him, and any other seacreatures that can be used as ingrediants.)

SCHOOL (bring Faan so she can help make a good impression of how wingkin teach in Tengu and we can study how she teaches as a teacher and get some advice on teaching maybe if they let her sub for a bit. Also show off your scripting manuals to some students, give some to aquakin you see potential in so that maybe they'll one day be inspired to come to Tengu to learn more magitech and become an apprentice to you.
No. 1013148 ID: 629f2e

Try to find an EATING CONTEST with a sick prize, and visit THE ARCHIVES to memorize some pretty sick info.
No. 1013161 ID: c92a02

Go to the archives and schools with Faan!
No. 1013175 ID: ce39da

If this is solely exploring and we aren't revisiting places yet... then again...

I have a funny feeling about that funny feeling you had about the MISTY CAVERNS. Is it possible to explore deeper than Nubs originally wanted to take us?

And yeah, we've indulged Nubs and Pon; now, it's Faan's turn. Let's go see what their SCHOOL is like.

If MISTY CAVERNS (CONT.) is a no-go, then let's indulge ourselves with an EATING CONTEST. (Though I can see ourselves being PRIDEFUL enough to see ourselves as being suited to the GOURMET identification contests, despite our stats probably giving us slightly better odds for the GOURMAND endurance ones.)
No. 1013176 ID: afa6f6

We should catch a MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, Which is something I was too slow to suggest as a feature earlier. For an underwater society it feels like a no-brainer. Theres probably at least one club or amphitheater around, so im picturing lots of dancing, drinks and the like.

Chi should also take the time to do some sketches while shes on this plate. At the very lest it'll be a good gift for someone when we get back, or a display piece for the house.
No. 1013185 ID: a9af05

>2 locations at a time
Let's go to the school with Faan. It'll be interesting to see how they teach here. Just make sure you're respectful of their teaching methods.

Then let's go to an Eating Contest with Faan, Pon, and Nubs. If the Aqua-kin see us all participating, that'll help us with our objective of impressing them.
No. 1013204 ID: f3f534

>[SABA’S KN] God damnit Chi you’re making me HUNGRY
There's an easy fix for that: Let's eat something! Sample some of the local cuisine! It doesn't necessarily need to be an eating contest, but you can do that if you want.

Although, I kinda want to go watch a Sumo wrestling match. It'd be interesting to see how that works. Plus, we might get a chance to train our guile there if they allow betting on who would win.
No. 1013258 ID: 36784c

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