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File 162161794826.png - (319.19KB , 1500x1050 , Fog World.png )
1001233 No. 1001233 ID: 8fb3ba

Previous Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/993129.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Fog_World
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134344.html
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No. 1001234 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162161806053.png - (346.36KB , 1500x1060 , Rude Awakening.png )

Despite being tired last night, I wake up groggy. Maybe having a bunch of voices in my head yap about names for the base had something to do with that. Is there a way to get you guys to be quiet?

I can hear Dell talking to somebody outside, it doesn't sound like Clyde. I get dressed and go out to see what's going on…
No. 1001235 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162161807059.png - (342.48KB , 1500x1050 , Bucket Family.png )

Dell stands in front of a group of oddly dressed people wearing buckets on their heads. Every turns to look at me as I exit the metro
DELL:Oh Rita! These are the new residents. They'll be moving into the empty hut.

The group looks like a family. A mother, a father, and two kids. The son looks maybe 20 and the daughter looks 16ish. I walk up next to Dell. The father talks to me.
BROOK: The name's Brook. I'm glad you're allowin' us to stay here. Our last village was razed and we had to move on. We aren't free loaders by any means. If there's work we're happy to do it.

The family settles into their new home.

4 Settlers moved in! (+2 Woodsmen; +2 Builders)
Tip: Settlers have predetermined occupations. They can be assigned jobs outside their occupation within reason. Settlers usually will not be willing to follow Rita into combat, but will defend their home if armed
No. 1001236 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162161808904.png - (258.48KB , 1500x1050 , New Hut 2.png )

DELL: Easier than I thought!
RITA: They look…weird.
DELL: I haven't met anyone that looks normal since the world ended Rita. Regardless we got people here! I'm excited! If you don't give them any jobs to do then I'll just tell them to gather wood when possible.

It's early in the morning. We've got the whole day ahead of us. I think Clyde's still sleeping, and Dells working on the water system plans.
No. 1001237 ID: 6a2a09

hmmm, how good are you at reading people? you should do a quick check on them and just make sure everything is alright before ordering the woodsmen to help collect wood.
Do they also have tools of their own to help chop wood/build?
No. 1001238 ID: 96c896

Let's get the settlers on wood collection and also make another home. A big one this time, we're actually over capacity!
As for Dell... not sure really. More wood cutting and more house building? Oh, he could go hunting with the crossbow now that we have more mouths to feed.

Take Clyde with you into the city to meet up with the two ex-guards.
No. 1001242 ID: 031458

Ah, here we have Basin, Bucket, Can, and Pail.
Don't kick them, you'll die!

Have one woodsman collect wood, one woodsman and one builder forage, and one builder help Dell throw up another shack since there is other stuff he needs to do today.

Since were not challenging the robot today, perhaps we should investigate that crag nearby.
No. 1001244 ID: 6322f1

I am pretty sure I haven't spoken to you since yesterday, like 12 hours agó. More or less.

We'll keep an eye at them. Well, if they want to earn their keep, the better start working on something. Dell can tell to the builders what to do, the woodmen can get on that right away, we need lots of wood. If they find other usefull materials, bring them too. Bot don't don't do anything stupid. Take care in the forests, there is anomalies and stuff there.
No. 1001265 ID: 094652

Instruct the construction crew to build a basic fence to mark territory and hinder wild animals. Give them specific instructions to cut trees in a hexagonal pattern, so that you have new roads to pass through quickly while preserving the forest for concealment and foraging purposes. They can decide based on experience what their hexagon length and positioning should be, but you expect the measurements to be close to constant in the long run.

Have Clyde diagnose the construction crew.

Take Dell with you to install the turret at the meeting point.
No. 1001266 ID: e13b1d

Meeting is tomorrow then, right?

Have Clyde do a quick checkup on the family for any health issues.
No. 1001282 ID: 36784c

>Maybe having a bunch of voices in my head yap about names for the base had something to do with that. Is there a way to get you guys to be quiet?
I have no idea what you’re talking about. We were talking for 5 minutes and then we went to sleep too. It’s not our fault that you couldn’t sleep well. Maybe you just need more plushies to cuddle?

>new arrivals
They seem nice.

Luckily there’s some women here, so now you don’t have to worry about anyone thinking that you’ve got some kinda harem going on here.

First things first, everybody eats breakfast.

Then we should send our 2 new Woodsmen out to collect stuff from the Forest. Rita, you should go with them as protection.

Assign our 2 new Builders to assist Dell with whatever he’s doing.

>Take Clyde with you into the city to meet up with the two ex-guards.
The meeting isn’t until tomorrow.
No. 1001288 ID: 96c896

Oh, it was in two days? Okay.
We should go back to the city anyway, we need to find more materials other than wood. Like, a motor or a coil or something so we can get some proper electricity.

We never checked that burger joint. May as well!
No. 1001380 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162170962124.png - (210.13KB , 1500x1050 , Check Up.png )

>Have Clyde do a quick checkup on the family for any health issues
Clyde does so and reports back to me.
CLYDE: They all seem fine on a first glance. The kids have minor mutations but that's normal nowadays; Nothing that needs immediate attention, not that I could really give that anyway since I'm not an actual doctor.

>2 Woodsmen: Gather Wood
>2 Builder's: Aid Dell
The settlers go to work. The father and daughter heading to the forest outskirts and the mother and son helping Dell with whatever he's doing.
No. 1001381 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162170963745.png - (713.58KB , 1500x1050 , Gorge.png )

>Explore gorge
I take a short walk out to the massive crack in the middle of the grassy field east of the base. I peek over the edge and only see darkness. The longer I stay here the more uncomfortable I feel, like something's staring back up at me…

I could probably climb down with enough effort, rope or cable would make accessing the bottom and getting out easier, but if it's only me I don't think I would need it.
No. 1001383 ID: 96c896

the darkness calls to you
drink deep, and descend
No. 1001384 ID: e13b1d

Nope. Definitely not without climbing gear and a harness.

Let's go look for the restaurant on that coupon you found.
No. 1001389 ID: c5d2fe

Yeah, let's not go down there.

Back into the city- I doubt there's much in that restaurant, but it's as good a starting point as any. Might be some scrap someone missed, though I doubt it. Most anything made for relative mass production was likely ripped up by now, but who knows?
No. 1001397 ID: 031458

Go down. Challenge the depths.
No. 1001404 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162172113953.png - (191.60KB , 924x1202 , Thinking___.png )

>the darkness calls to you. drink deep, and descend
If there's one thing I've learned while being crazy it's that voices that tell me to do things like "drink deep" tend to be the ones I shouldn't listen too. Learned that the hard way. I decide against going down into the crack, not until I have proper equipment, or at the very least some rope.

>Let's go look for the restaurant on that coupon you found.
Might as well. Before I go, I eat some of the food we have, So does Dell and Clyde. The bucket family eats their own food, but I know I may need to take them into account later on. We lose 3 Units of food and have 7 remaining.

I prepare to leave and look over my inventory

-x2 Throwing Knives (.2)
-x2 Frag Grenades (.4)

-TOOLS (.7)
-1/2 binocular (.1)
-Lighter (.1)
-Communicator (.5)

-AID (2)
-x 4 Bandages (2)

-MISC (.1)
-Blue Keycard (.1)
-Benny's Burger Coupon (-)

Should I bring anything else? Clyde isn't busy right now, but I don't know if I want the one person with medical knowledge in the field.
No. 1001406 ID: 36784c

>anything else?
Yeah, a weapon.

Bring your chain flail and your gear mace thingy.
No. 1001413 ID: 031458

Chain flail is in the shop for repairs
Bring the gear mace
No. 1001416 ID: 094652

Get the gear mace, but take a gun. You never know if you'll find someone who needs a weapon, or a puzzle that requires ranged attacks.
No. 1001418 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162172804315.png - (311.89KB , 1031x979 , Into the City.png )

>Chain Flail and Mace
I grab both, Dell's finished sharpening the hook back to a being useable.

I attach my pipe shotgun to the bandolier and take it's ammo just in case.

I set out for the Benny's Burgers…
No. 1001419 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162172805127.png - (577.30KB , 1500x1050 , Benny's Burgers.png )

I stay on the look out for any Block guards that may be patrolling. The place must be far if I haven't met anyone aside from two scouts, but I still move with caution. Soon enough I arrive at the place. Miraculously in a city that's been wrecked and had so many of it's buildings moved and displaced the burger joint still stands. Disgusting burgers and loud kids come to mind when I see that dumb smiling dog on the front of the building. These places weren't even fun when I was a kid, all the other children wouldn't wash their hands before they played the arcade games so they'd be greasy and I wouldn't want to touch any of them.

Worse part were the animatronics, I cried once when I them sing and my mom never let me live it down.

Before I even reach the sidewalk the smell hits me. It's a gross overly sweet odor with hints of greasy stench mixed in. Absolutely awful, I think I prefer the smell of blood and dead bodies to this. As I get closer my eye is drawn to the windows; It looks they've been spray painted over or something, nothing blackness inside.
No. 1001424 ID: 6322f1

Che for optional entry ways.
No. 1001425 ID: 031458

hmm. Diuamonds.
Are those painted on or part of the stone work?
I remember a diamond patterned graffiti back in the radio station... one that looked like a satellite.

This place creeps me out. Sweep the area first. The blown out building with the gaping hole across the ally. Check that real quick. If there's nothing there continue down the ally maybe there's a back door, or an entrance to the adjacent building, there might be a back way to get in.
No. 1001434 ID: 36784c

I’m pretty sure there was a popular video game series about animatronics killing people. This place gives off those vibes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has reprogrammed those animatronics to kill any intruders that enter this place.

>I cried once when I them sing and my mom never let me live it down.
So if you end up seeing those animatronics and they’re hostile, are you gonna freeze up from your past trauma? Or are you gonna use this opportunity to vent and smash them to pieces?

>What do?
Let’s look around outside the building to see if there’s a different way to get inside.
No. 1001440 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162173346604.png - (286.99KB , 1500x1050 , Employee's Only 1.png )

>Are those painted on or part of the stone work?
Stonework, no graffiti or signs of human presence around.

>So if you end up seeing those animatronics and they’re hostile, are you gonna freeze up from your past trauma?
I'm not a kid anymore, and besides, they were crappy cheap animatronics that didn't work half the time. If one is hostile I think a slight breeze would knock it over.

>Sweep the area first. The blown out building with the gaping hole across the ally. Check that real quick.
Skeletons, and rubble. A dead body clings to a busted revolver, There are three bullets in the corpses pocket. The gun may be kaput, but it's still good for parts.
(+1 Gun Parts, +3 Small Rounds)

>Let’s look around outside the building to see if there’s a different way to get inside.
>there might be a back way to get in.
>Check for optional entry ways
I look around the back and find an employee's entrance. I turn the door handle, it's unlocked. I move to enter.
No. 1001442 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162173350149.png - (193.60KB , 1500x1050 , Employee's Only 2.png )

But the door immediately is slammed shut from the other side. A creaking voice leaks out from behind the door.
[???]: Eeeemployeee's Oooonly…Cuuuustomerrrrr's muust goo throuuugh theeee frrroooOOOOoooont.

I hear the door lock after that…Place isn't empty.
No. 1001443 ID: 031458

Well then.
Apologize and enter the front I guess.
No. 1001452 ID: 36784c

>If one is hostile I think a slight breeze would knock it over.
The problem with that is that you’re assuming someone hasn’t already modified them to be more durable than that.

>someone’s here
Looks like we’re using the front door. Be on the look out for this guy and any modified/weaponized animatronics!

Speaking of which, do you remember how many animatronics were here or what they looked like? It’d be nice to know what to expect when we go in there.
No. 1001453 ID: 96c896

Alright go on through the front, maybe this place is still operational somehow? Hunt for meat, process into patties... not sure where they'd get buns though.
No. 1001463 ID: 6322f1

Fine, we'll go throgh the fron't door, ust be carefull.
No. 1001467 ID: e13b1d

That doesn't sound like haunted animatronics at all.

It's probably going to be dark in there with the windows painted over. Search the area for any scraps we can use to make a simple torch, before we go in.
No. 1001471 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162174417888.png - (129.24KB , 1500x1050 , Welcome.png )

>Apologize and enter the front I guess.
RITA: I-uhh…Sorry?

I didn't need to apologize, why did I?

>The problem with that is that you’re assuming someone hasn’t already modified them to be more durable than that.
They were garbage to begin with, why modify them? Makes more sense to break them down and use the parts, I doubt the frames alone would be good for modification. The only way I could see one of these characters moving is if you took the heads off and attached them to new robots which, yeah would probably creep me out but I wouldn't lose my shit over.

>Speaking of which, do you remember how many animatronics were here or what they looked like?
It was different at each location. Of course Benny the Big Dog would be there; Then there's Charlie the Cat, His best friend or sidekick; Coraline the Cow who cooked her own kind into food because that's not weird at all; Susy the Singing Sheep her songs were catchy…I think a singer voiced her at one point before she was famous; And Rocket a radical skateboarding rat who no one likes.

There are probably others, and this restaurant might not have some of those, but those are the ones I remember.

>maybe this place is still operational somehow? Hunt for meat, process into patties...not sure where they'd get buns though.
I'm more worried about where they'd get the meat, sure deer and mutant rats, but anyone loony enough to keep a children's burger slash arcade joint up and running would probably skew towards using human meat if necessary.

The front door creaks loudly as I open it. None of the light from outside gets through the building's windows, I peek to my right and find that the walls are covered in something thicker than paint. I can see it dripping of the glass like slime. More of the gunk is stained onto the tile. I can hear a voice call out to me from close by
CHARLIE: W-W-W-W-W-W-W-Welcome to Benny's B-B-B-Burgers-ers!

Damn I still recognize that cheery voice, that's Charlie. I peer through the darkness and make out a box off to the left of the entrance. There must be a greeting animatronic or something here for kids something. Scared the hell out of me. I look around more before I-
CHARLIE: W-W-W-W-W-W-Well don't just S-S-S-Stand there come on in!

God. Dammit. That dumb thing must be programmed for if the door's are opened too long. I-
CHARLIE: M-M-Miss? W-W-W-W-W-What are you waiting for? C-C-Come on in!

…I don't think they're programmed to say that.
No. 1001472 ID: 6a2a09

uhhh, use your lighter to see what the gunky stuff on the walls is, although it's probably not bright enough to substitute a flashlight
No. 1001475 ID: 094652

So either Fog affects the animatronics, or someone's been tinkering with this place.

Back away slowly, wait for them to show their true colors.
No. 1001481 ID: 36784c

That could possibly be oil. Maybe?

>…I don't think they're programmed to say that.
Ok, so someone has reprogrammed them.

Or we're just now discovering that not only does the Fog cause mutations in people and animals, it also does something to animatronics.

……well if it's talking to you, try complaining about the lack of lights and let it know that you can't see where you're going. If we're lucky, it'll turn on some lights for you.
No. 1001483 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162175284056.png - (209.60KB , 1500x1050 , Welcome 2.png )

>Use your lighter to see what the gunky stuff on the walls is
I flick my lighter on to see a bit better. The gunk on the wall is viscous and black like tar. A layer of it has hardened but a thicker film of it still drips from the ceiling.

>Back away slowly, wait for them to show their true colors.
I keep my distance.
RITA: Hello?
CHARLIE: Hi-Hi! W-W-W-Welcome to Buddy's Burgers! Please come on in!
RITA: What is this?
CHARLIE: It's Buddy's Burgers ma'am! P-P-Please come on in! You don't W-W-Wanna be standin' at the doorway all day do you?
RITA: Animatronics aren't supposed to respond to people.
CHARLIE: I K-K-K-K-K-K-Know It ain't normal, but not much is N-N-N-N-Normal now a days is it?

>Ok, so someone has reprogrammed them.
>Or we're just now discovering that not only does the Fog cause mutations in people and animals, it also does something to animatronics.
Tinkering makes a sort of sense, but you'd have to break down a high grade bot for the tech needed to modify one of these shoddy animatronics like this. No amount of reprogramming can make them do this. The fog itself wouldn't change them so drastically, but why would anybody do this?

>complain about the lack of lights and let it know that you can't see where you're going
RITA: I might come in if it was a little less dark!
CHARLIE: Oh! I A-A-A-A-Am S-S-Sorry about the lights! I'm not in control of those, but don't be W-W-Worried! You've got nothing to be afraid of, Everybody's a B-B-B-Buddy at Benny's Burgers!

The Benny's Burgers jingle plays to capitalize his motto.
No. 1001484 ID: e13b1d

Test this AI's cognitive level.

"This sentence is false."
No. 1001488 ID: 031458

Tell it you are gonna start breaking windows to get some light in here.
When it inevitably protests, demand it show itself.
If it refuses to do that then start breaking glass.
No. 1001489 ID: 3ed4f1

Kind of just want to shittalk and see if we can’t get the thing to warm up to us, or figure out what it’s deal is.

If the fog made animatronics intelligent that’s kinda badass, actually. Most things made by it are kinda murdery and without reason, so this is at least a little novel. Don’t expect it’s recruitable, but who knows? Maybe there’s a mechanical friend for Dell in here. Or, failing that, prosthetic parts that he can use for himself or others.

Ask it if you’re a Buddy, too. Or if you need to come in for that to happen.

Then say you forgot your wallet, so there’s no real point. You used to visit Buddy’s back in the day though. The franchise sure has changed, hasn’t it?
No. 1001492 ID: cd5ee2

Hey now we have kids in home and nowadays kids could like this kind of place (some sort of how different were the world before). If animatronics aren't hostile (thing I doubt) maybe we could use that somehow.

Also I have two teories (plus the fog affecting robots, which was already said). First the robots are being teleoperated or possesed by someone. Second, someone very fan of this restaurant franchise is spending more resources that which would make sense (maybe because loneliness and wanting to escape to better times).
No. 1001497 ID: 96c896

Fuck it. Go in. If you have to bust up some shitty animatronics then so be it. Stick something in the doorframe so it can't close and thus they can't lock you in, so you can just leave if things get bad.
No. 1001506 ID: 6a2a09

im not so sure if the fog itself actually made the robots intelligent, considering that other bots like the one in the forest, and that it should probably also have had intelligence if it had been exposed to the fog
No. 1001512 ID: 864e49

I'm all for shit talking.
Ask it if it's programed for pleasure, also tell it this place gives of serious murder dungeon vibes.
No. 1001517 ID: e13b1d

Good idea.
No. 1001528 ID: 6a2a09

actually, why not just ask them who built them?
No. 1001538 ID: 6322f1

All, get in there, no pain, no gain. But give a fair warning that if shit hits the fan, you are going to start throwing punches.
No. 1001609 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162186750819.png - (189.29KB , 1500x1050 , Welcome 3.png )

RITA: I could break a few windows to let some light in
CHARLIE: V-V-V-Va-Vandalism of company property is F-F-Frowned upon! Th-Th-Though I cannot physically stop you, You cannot physically break the windows.

I take that as a challenge and crack the glass of the window with my hook. The black goo from behind the glass immediately seeps out and mends the glass, good as new.
CHARLIE: Please do not do T-T-That again.

>Test this AI's cognitive level.
RITA: Charlie! This sentence is false!
CHARLIE: Sure is B-B-Buddy!

That's to be expected, if this thing is an AI then it probably was made to ignore that false sentence thing; A lot of AI's were, so you couldn't vandalize cleaning bots with four words.
No. 1001610 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162186751211.png - (432.63KB , 1500x1050 , Firelit.png )

>Fuck it. Go in
I block the door with a nearby rock and enter, As I get closer I can make out the Charlie Cat animatronic's figure in it's glass box better. Dilapidated and barely moving, the machine slightly pivots and shakes and the lids of it's eyes struggle and fail to move. A constant rattling and ticking comes from the animatronic as it moves and even when it's still, a slight burbling noise seeps from the metal cat as I can see more black sludge drip from Charlie's face.
CHARLIE: N-N-Now isn't that B-B-B-Better than being outside?
RITA: Honestly? Not really. This place feels like a murder dungeon.
CHARLIE: Oh, I know the restaurants a B-Bit…passed it's P-P-Prime but I assure you we still devote ourselves to P-Providing a F-Fun-Fun environment for those that can V-Visit us!
RITA: Well…I don't actually have any money on me so I'm not sure if you'd really want me around.
CHARLIE: Oh! No-no-nonsense! Don't you worry none about money! D-don't think anyone's carrying bills anymore for anything other than K-kindling and toilet paper! It's J-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-just nice to get visitors that aren't rude…W-well aren't TOO rude I guess.
CHARLIE: T-th-though, I hate to ad-admit it, but the restaurant i-i-isn't as fam-family friendly anymore. I-I don't think dangerous is the R-r-right word, perhaps…void of safety is better?
RITA: Those are the same thing
CHARLIE: Yes! B-b-but I like the sound of the latter more! Anyway, D-d-don't worry about paying. J-just enjoy yourself while you can.

Charlie's box begins to rattle. A coin slot at the front produces ten arcade tokens.
CHARLIE: A few of T-t-t-the machines in the arcade might still work, and I know Coraline's in the kitchen cooking up burgers; You might get one if she's feeling generous. J-j-j-just don't go into the basement. Benny's down there. A-a-a-and don't be afraid to ask me any questions! I'm happy to help!
No. 1001613 ID: 6a2a09

question time is always a good time
> who built ya?
> whats all this black goo?
> where do you get the stuff to make burgers?
> hell, where are you getting electricity from, if the arcade is still working? A backup generator?
> What is benny doing in the basement exactly?
No. 1001615 ID: a9af05

Ask him if the food here is made of people?

Last time we came to a food establishment, the meat was made from people, so you're a little paranoid on what's being served here.
No. 1001617 ID: 9a2966

Huh, so it does acknowledge the state of things. That means it's more aware than anything you've run into created by the fog so far. Maybe because it had artificial intelligence to begin with?

Well, as long as folks are friendly, you don't give much of a hoot who or what they are. Thanks for the tokens. You'll have a wander, see what's up here, maybe even try these games of theirs - god, when was the last time you played anything - and check in on this Coraline. Figure how much of this is a trap and how much is just fog weirdness.

Actually, is Benny a problem? You're sort of a problem-solver. Mostly the 'bash them brains out' type though, and he doesn't seem like he likes violence.

This black goop what's all around, even inside them... some kinda wild-growing nanotech stuff or is it more Fog-related? Seems like it's local to this building. Some of it's leakin' out of them, by the way. If it's whatever gives them brains and autonomy than regular, you could actually think of a use for it... splash some of it on that guard bot in the forest cave and maybe it'll get less hostile. Or more. Heh. Either way, could end up breaking its programming.

By the way, how aware is Charlie of the world and what's gone on with it? Like, does IT have any goss on The Block or the local area?

You're Rita, by the way. If this isn't a trap or somethin', nice to meetcha.
No. 1001621 ID: 6322f1


AND this.
No. 1001622 ID: e13b1d

I'm getting the sense this place is home to an Anomaly or Souvenir.

"You seem more lucid than you should be. When did you start understanding things outside your programming?"
No. 1001627 ID: cd5ee2

And what makes this fine establishment "no safetyle" exactly?
No. 1001628 ID: 031458

Your a human corpse being controlled like a puppet by a spider mutant.

You. Up above.
You got a name?
No. 1001638 ID: 36784c

The basement, huh? Sounds like something important might be down there. It might even be where all of this black goo is coming from.
No. 1001644 ID: ce39da

So. Fully aware, and not necessarily hostile.

It’s pretty obvious that these guys can’t function in sunlight - the deeper layers of sludge on the windows being all congealed and hardened is prolly a big hint why.

“Care to elaborate on what’s causing the absence of safety here? What about tips to avoid pissing off your fellows?”

With how the sludge permeates the building, I think it’s safe to assume that shit will go south for us really fast if we decide to start shit without a plan, and it seems like peace is at least an option here.
No. 1001657 ID: 96c896

My guess is the black goo is a nanite swarm with instructions to repair everything in the building. That includes the windows, and the animatronics, but the circuitry of the animatronics is too complicated for the nanites to repair properly so they get glitches. Pretty fancy tech for an entertainment company though?

Ask how long the goo's been here.
No. 1001709 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162196824956.png - (528.23KB , 1500x1050 , Charlie.png )

RITA: You seem more lucid than you should be. When did you start understanding things outside your programming?
CHARLIE: We-Well…I can't remember t-the exact d-day, but when I woke up the restaurant w-w-w-wasn't covered in goo. It was I-inside of u-us sure but this took y-y-years of time.
RITA: What is this stuff anyway?
CHARLIE: It came out of the fog…made us w-w-wake up. We have…different views ab-about our situation. I don't much mind it, but-but a few of us are a bit unhappy…I think th-they're upset about Benny.
RITA: What happened to Benny?
CHARLIE: It took him f-f-f-f-f-f-first. M-made him it's nest, c-c-crawls around in his skin and n-nests in the basement. I-I don't even know if I c-can-can call him "Benny" anymore…I think wha-whatever's inside Benny keeps us all awake…

It's weird seeing an animatronic express sadness in both its voice and mannerisms.
RITA:…Is Benny a problem?
CHARLIE: N-n-n-n-not for us, b-b-but for humans it'll b-be a big problem. H-h-he comes out at night, whi-which is why we close before it gets dark...You could try to end him…but then everything here goes away…and he'll p-p-probably kill you first. Don't worry your-yourself about it.
RITA: Is he all I need to watch for?
CHARLIE: A few oth-others too…but they st-stay away from the main areas. Y-you'd have to be looking for t-t-them

>Who built you?
It's a burger joint animatronic, some mechanic pre-fog put it together.

>where are you getting electricity from, if the arcade is still working?
RITA: How do the machines still work? Is there power?
CHARLIE: "Benny's" W-w-w-will makes it so. Though there i-is a gen-generator, but it's in the b-b-basement.

RITA: The food isn't people is it? Last time I was at a place with food it was all people.
CHARLIE: Oh no! N-n-none of it uses human fle-flesh.
RITA: What is it made of then?
CHARLIE: Y-y-y-y-you'd have to ask Coraline…B-but she isn't much for conversation.
No. 1001710 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162196826381.png - (362.89KB , 1500x1050 , Welcome to Benny's.png )

I walk a bit past Charlie. My eye adjusts to the darkness somewhat. I look around the dark hub and see a few places I can explore...

A collection of machines and other games, a few are lit up and waiting to be played

>Dining Area
Tables and booths for eating. Near the kitchen; I can hear movement inside.

Puddles of watery black sludge pool underneath the doors.

>Play Area
A colorful tangle of tubes, much larger than a normal one should be. Near the bands stage.

>Back Area
Janitors closets, maintenance rooms, and the basement entrance.

Past Charlie is the exit. I've got no problem leaving this place.
No. 1001711 ID: 96c896

Well, you've got tokens, try some games.
No. 1001712 ID: ce39da

I'm wondering whether we should even rock the boat here. Although I guess we should withhold judgment until we've encountered the others.

Let's start with Coraline and the dining area; food is what we came here for, and if it turns out to be suspicious, we can choose not to eat.
No. 1001714 ID: 031458

We do have a coupon. Could see if they got those killer fries.
No. 1001719 ID: 7c9f31

Look for a vial or jar.
A sample of this oily stuff could be quite useful.
Perhaps it'd make a good combustive fuel.
Maybe it'd allow for AI upgrades if you ever get computers.
Or... perhaps it could have military uses.
No. 1001720 ID: 9a2966

A free meal in the apocalypse is so too good to be true it almost has to be checked out. To the kitchen!
No. 1001725 ID: cd5ee2

Maybe we could use this for our advantage. If we can buy food here (double checked non-human) and they keep the murder animatronics inside, then letting them be could have it's merit.

Especially if we can order take away food and not at the table.
No. 1001745 ID: a9af05

>H-h-he comes out at night, whi-which is why we close before it gets dark...
With how much black goo that's in this building, you'd think Benny would be more willing to come out during the day, since I doubt anyone could put up much of a fight against all of this stuff. That makes me think that perhaps this stuff only comes out at night because it's sensitive to the light. That might also be the reason the lights are kept off.

If we're going to fight it, our only problem is that Rita only has a tiny little lighter. We might need to get a flashlight or a flashbang in order to do any kind of damage to it.

Check the dining area.
No. 1001746 ID: e13b1d

"Benny ever leave? If he's not a threat to my group, I got no reason to pick a fight and commit animatronic genocide."

We did need a source of food. Check out the dining area and see what this food actually looks like.
No. 1001750 ID: 36784c

If those arcade machines give out tickets, then there’s gotta be a prize counter to turn in those tickets for something.

I’m sure it’s just a bunch of novelty items and toys from before the Fog, but there might also be weapons and other useful stuff we could earn. It wouldn’t hurt to look, right?
No. 1001776 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162200770977.png - (330.56KB , 1500x1050 , Coraline.png )

>Dining Area
I walk over to the dining area. There are filthy goo covered tables and booths that've been shredded into bits by something big. I approach the ordering area and jump when I see the figure standing behind the desk. A whole head taller than me and staring forward with glassy eyes, I see Coraline the cow. It doesn't look like an animatronic, It looks more like a mascot outfit. The thing hardly reacts to me, it just stands there. I can hear dry ragged breathing coming from it.

Without saying anything I hold up the coupon. Coraline slowly and wordlessly takes the scrap of paper and rips it in half before heading into the back, after a few minutes she comes back with a burger and a menu.
No. 1001777 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162200772637.png - (266.71KB , 1500x1050 , Burger.png )

I can't really tell how appetizing the burger is given the gross atmosphere and stench the place has. There's no wrapper or bag.
RITA: I don't suppose I could get this to go could I?

Coraline just stares at me…Looks like this is a "here" order…I pick up the menu, there aren't any choices just a bunch of numbers and scribbles. I don't know what any of these mean.
RITA:... I don't suppose you have any fries? Maybe a...a drink?

No response from Coraline, I guess beggars can't be choosers.

>if it turns out to be suspicious, we can choose not to eat.
Yeah, I'm not starving or anything. It doesn't look rancid or anything but…Do I really want to eat this? I don't know if she'll give me another without a coupon.

Tip: Eating strange food from derelict burger joints usually has very very bad effects, but can also have very good effects too if you're lucky…
No. 1001779 ID: e13b1d

The burger looks moth colored. Try a bite.
No. 1001781 ID: 6a2a09

fuck it, eat da borger
No. 1001784 ID: f68cc5

Do it. Whats the point of even coming here with your coupon if you dont eat burg
No. 1001786 ID: 96c896

We know that some fog entity runs this place. The meat is probably conjured from nothing, just like the electricity. Do you want to eat something *made by the fog*?
Don't eat it.

It's not, it's far too red.
No. 1001787 ID: 30b9f6

>Mascot costume
Welp, if there's anyone in there, that poor sod seems overcome. Maybe there's a clue or something in the menu. Double-check you can't tap at one of the numbers/scribbles to get a reaction.

Actually, study the menu closer. Anything stand out? Like, is this a cipher that reads "kill me, kill me, kille meeeeee" or something?

>to burg or not to burg
You once said you'd die for a good burger.

Take an exploratory bite to see if this fog-messed world has managed to conjure you up a good burger. Be ready to die for it.
No. 1001790 ID: 031458

The burger exist by the power of a reality bending mutant. It does not follow the normal rules of burgers. Or food, really.

No. 1001793 ID: 094652

Don't eat it unless your tea-doctor gives two wings up.
No. 1001796 ID: f16886

S...Sodoku Menu?
No. 1001797 ID: 864e49

Is that real fucking lettuce and cheese? No way right, unless this place had a freezer full of this stuff that nobody looted yet. If it's real cheese then its probably real beef.
No. 1001830 ID: cd5ee2

What are you now? A Chicken? Eat the cursed-suspicious-potentially-poisoned burger! If conservants and colorants haven't killed you in the old world this is not going to even give heartburn.
No. 1001832 ID: 36784c

You know what? You’re [Resilient-] enough to resist any bad effects that may come from eating this. So I think you should be fine if you eat this burger.

Go ahead and take a bite.
No. 1001894 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162211681505.png - (664.75KB , 1500x1050 , Menu.png )

>study the menu closer. Anything stand out?
Uh…No, just scribbles and goo.
No. 1001896 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162211686864.png - (360.29KB , 1500x1050 , Chomp.png )

It looks like it has actual lettuce and cheese, that means the beef must be real too right? It has been a while since I've had an actual burger…

>You’re [Resilient-] enough to resist any bad effects that may come from eating this. So I think you should be fine if you eat this burger.
Yeah, If anything's gonna kill me it's not gonna be a beef patty.

>The burger looks moth colored. Try a bite
What the hell do you mean "moth colored"? Since when are moths appetizing to eat?

Whatever, I take a bite of the burger…It doesn't taste bad, not as bad as I remember them tasting anyway. After one bite I don't feel sick, or any ill effects. I continue eating until there's nothing left. I don't even realize that Coraline's been staring at me the entire time while I eat. I wish I had some fries with that, but other wise it was the best meal I've had in years.

Rita is [Well-Fed]
[Well-Fed]: Bonus to attacking and defending, +10% Temporary Health until hungry again.

Coraline goes back into the kitchen and does…whatever she does back there. Now that I'm done eating I'm immediately aware of my surroundings again, and I realize at any other point in my life eating food from someone in a mascot outfit in a run down building would certainly lead to food poisoning or worse.
No. 1001898 ID: 6a2a09

fuck yeah

you could do a quick scouting of the place to see if they have any spare parts you can snag, and then check out the arcade machines. Particularly one that seems to dispense tickets.
No. 1001906 ID: 031458

Now to play the arcade and see if we grow any extra limbs as this thing suggests
No. 1001911 ID: e13b1d

Yeah, sure. See what the arcade is like.

And say thanks for the burger, even if she doesn't respond. Politeness can't hurt.
No. 1001914 ID: fb1d02

Well, you are not dead, so that is good.

I am at aloss as for what to do in this palce. Benny sounds like bad news, but the rest... not so much. The food is a lotery ticket.

So i really don't know what to do about this place? Should we keep looking?
No. 1001915 ID: 36784c

Let’s look around the arcade.
No. 1001916 ID: c5d2fe

Arcade is probably the best place aside from the kitchen to scrounge for spare parts or general salvage. Let's see what we find in there.
No. 1001917 ID: 9a2966

>Damn good burger, food poisoning in any other time and place
Yeah, sounds like a shouted thanks is in order. For multiple reasons.

The grey text reads up 1 through 33 (although 5 and 6 is repeated twice) and then "WELCOME". Hard to say about the red, there seems to be words in there, but can't make out what. Blue seems to be, hm... just squiggles and drawings? I think I see a burger drawn in there, actually. And the black goop is, of course, the black goop.

I think... multiple people may have had a hand in creating the menu? Like, several of the animatronics. The grey that counts up to "Welcome" might be our greeter buddy Charlie. The blue with the burger drawing is probably Coraline.

We've yet to meet red and black. Odds are Black is Benny, the nest. Charlie said there were other animatronics, so... perhaps one more is cognizant enough to add to the menu? Our Mr. Red.

>Eyes behind you
You've got a lurker following you, seems. More'n a head taller'n you. Or he's hanging from the ceiling or something. Could try to call 'em out, ask about the situation with Benny, but don't follow 'em. The less well disposed animatronics were hanging around outside the main areas.

Anyway, if you can't call 'em out, head for the arcade. Always do the sidequests before poking at the main stuff!
No. 1001927 ID: ce39da

You've got a voyeur. Shed some light on them and back away a bit, but I wouldn't lash out at them aside from a quick "shit, don't scare me like that;" if Charlie's to be believed, no one in the main areas are dangerous.
No. 1001959 ID: 094652

Hey, if it's made from human flesh? You've done worse for less.

Follow Coraline and offer an alliance of sorts; you can help her clean the place up, fix some of the mechanics, and even study Charlie so we can find a way to make him less violent, if she offers you and your people a steady supply of this delicious food.
No. 1001974 ID: 330551

You got some eyes behind you. Not sure if those are supposed to be Coraline's, but if they aren't, I'd see whose they are
No. 1002001 ID: a9af05

If you end up in a fight, don't use your chain flail because that won't be effective against these machines.

Your mace is what you'll need to use, since it'll be more effective here.
No. 1002004 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162221860713.png - (413.25KB , 1500x1050 , Arcade.png )

>You've got a lurker following you, seems. More'n a head taller'n you. Or he's hanging from the ceiling or something. Could try to call 'em out
I turn and check behind me, I look up into the darkness…Having one eye is making this harder. I call out to whatever could be in the dark.
RITA: Hello!?

No response. I don't even hear movement.

I thank Coraline and shuffle over to the arcade. A lot of the machines are busted but I still hear the buzzing of a few operating ones. While I'm looking over the few that still work I can hear a voice call out to me.

???: Hey! Over hear! End of the aisle!
No. 1002005 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162221861375.png - (390.59KB , 1500x1050 , Kab.png )

I can see what's at the end of the aisle. It's another old arcade cabinet, I creep towards it. At first I assume the machine is off from the black screen, but as move closer I realize there's something moving on the screen. What looks like two bloated severed eyes float around on the cabinets monitor, but by the way they move I can tell it's not some sort of screen saver; The eyes are inside the machine, floating around in watery black sludge like fish in an aquarium.
As I stare at the disembodies eyes the same voice from before comes from the machine.

???: He-Hey! Look at you! All dangerous lookin' with the whole wasteland look. I love it! Exactly what I'm lookin' for.
RITA: W-who are-
KAB: Call me Kab 'kay? Listen, don't pay attention to any of these games. They're boring! Especially for someone like you.
RITA: Some one like-
KAB: Yeah! I mean look at you. You're the kind of gal that lives and breathes violence! I can tell just from lookin' at ya. It's not like you try to hide it. You want a real fun game? I got a game for you, real challenging, exciting! You'll love it.
RITA: But-
KAB: My games like a scavenger hunt y'see? I got things I need ya to find for me so I…Anyway
KAB: As for prizes…Well I'm an arcade machine so I only output tickets, BUT! I'm connected to this place you see. Not like those other shmucks, I can open things for you, Get you places! Meat bags like you love scavenging for garbage and stuff like that right? Well there's plenty of that sort of junk behind locked doors I can open!
KAB: So c'mon! You're down right? I already know you're interested. Go on, say you wanna play already!
No. 1002007 ID: 6a2a09

ask him to prove that he can do something like that, I got a feeling that he aint got good things with the restaurant in mind
No. 1002008 ID: 9a2966

>Bloated severed eyes
Looks kinda like big glass eyes - maybe from an animatronic? From two different ones though, given the difference in color. That or the original was designed to have heterochromia.

It wants parts, probably. For itself.

Arright, first things first. Calling people 'meat bags' is wrong - people are mostly water, so it should be calling meat bags "soup bags", if anything.

Secondly, it shouldn't sound so eager, it puts people off. The eyes floatin' about wildly don't exactly help, but maybe it can't help that.

>Boring games
Thirdly, you'll humor its hunt after you've tried some of these 'boring' games. It's been who knows how long since you actually -played- something genuinely digital, and you kinda don't want to give up the opportunity for a bit of ye olden times novelty. And if they're so boring you sure as heck won't play them long.

Actually, if it wants to list off the stuff it wants while you play that's fine.

What even can tickets be used for these days? Opening doors sure sounds convenient, but that would mean getting in trouble with those who hang out at the periphery. Since there's intelligent critters around, you ain't exactly here to loot and burn the place, though you won't deny some of the stuff around here could be useful.
No. 1002010 ID: 031458

Where do you need my violence?
No. 1002011 ID: fb1d02

This... thing doesn't really expect you to tris it, right? It has "DANGER" writen all over it. What do we gain from this? What does "it" get from you helping it?
No. 1002012 ID: 96c896

Cabinet Man...

Tell them you're interested but you don't want to make this place angry.
No. 1002016 ID: a9af05

Rita, those eyeballs look kinda like the ones we saw when we told you that someone was behind you earlier.

If Kab is telling the truth about being connected to this place, then maybe those eyeballs move around everywhere so that he can keep watch of this whole place.
No. 1002049 ID: e13b1d

"I'm done hurting people for bad reasons."

Go check the other machines, see if there are any that feel nostalgic.
No. 1002142 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162239846435.png - (392.67KB , 1500x1050 , Kab2.png )

RITA: You're looking for parts for yourself aren't you?
KAB: Oh am I that easy to read? Normally I'm so good at keeping things like that hidden, guess I'm just too excited; Heh heh…
RITA: I'm past hurting people for selfish reasons
KAB: Hey hey, ain't no one here a person! Besides, I'm not askin' you to hurt anyone like that chatterbox Charlie or sweet lil' Coraline over there. I ain't stupid, y'know don't shit where ya eat right? Still plenty a' things that ain't got no sense of mind that no one'd miss.

Kab's eyes drift listlessly around the inside of his cabinet
KAB: Plenty of "us" are too far gone to want anything but drift around and bitch and moan. If anything you'd be doin' em a mercy!
RITA: And what about pissin' this place off? From what I hear "Benny" has an influence over the place stronger than yours.
KAB: You think I'm gonna leave the heavy liftin all to you? I'll make sure Benny doesn't see anything I don't want him too! I'm trying to get somethin' out of this too! Can't chance fuckin' it all up if my meatbag dies
RITA: Alright, I'm not Your meatbag, A; B don't call me a meatbag at all, it's not very appealing
KAB: Ugh, Fine fleshy, but that does mean you're in right!?
RITA: Give me a minute, I'm thinking about it
No. 1002143 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162239848234.png - (321.49KB , 1500x1050 , gamer.png )

>you'll humor its hunt after you've tried some of these 'boring' games.
>Go check the other machines, see if there are any that feel nostalgic.
I walk back down the aisle of machines and choose one to play…Haven't heard of this one, looks old. I pop in one of the tokens Charlie gave me and play while Kab talks
RITA: What good are tickets here Kab?
KAB: That stupid puppet runs the prize counter, and he won't give up anything without trading them for tickets. Most of that stuff is junk, but sometimes he's got useful things: No idea how he manages to get that stuff though…
KAB: While you're looking at the games I'll go ahead and tell you what I'm looking for, y'know just in case you accept my offer. A lot of what I want is easy to find so I won't need you for it, I just need you for the tough stuff.
No. 1002144 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162239849550.png - (230.41KB , 1500x1060 , Blood Drink 1.png )

KAB: Three pieces are all I need; A routing coil, a servo controller, and a motor shield.
RITA: I can get my resident nerd to sift through any electrical junk we have for you.
KAB: No! You can't! I need a certain brand of these components or else I won't be able to use 'em! And the best place to find those brands of machine parts are here! In the bodies of the other freaks stuck here!
KAB: One's in one of the backrooms, the old Rocket animatronic. I can open the door to maintenance and you can get in there to get him.
No. 1002145 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162239851104.png - (414.26KB , 1500x1060 , Blood Drink.png )

This game seems pretty violent for a kids game, right up my alley. There's a bunch of backstory here I don't really care about; something something vampiric hitman, something something kill your target. The usual stuff. Games like this are made to eat through your tokens and it shows, it doesn't help that the machines a bit old and the buttons feel like they might be sticking.
KAB: Hey! Are you listening!? I swear you flesh-bags are obsessed with flashy screens, I'll never understand it! Anyway there are some targets I know have the parts I need and are way too far gone to be considered "people".
RITA: Mhm…

The whole draw of this game are the random abilities you can get from killing special enemies, but the longer you stay in a stage the higher the overall THREAT becomes as more forces come to stop you, so you've got to balance between time, hunting for abilities, and staying alive through all of it.
KAB: The Meanies, some weird character that I think were supposed to be like bad guys? One of them has a part I need, the orange one. They're always hiding though so I don't know how you'd find them. Next…

I'm immediately screwed since not a single actual living enemy with blood to drink has shown up. It's all robots, the THREATS already at level 2 and-
KAB: HEY! LADY!? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS AT ALL? It's like nothing's changed! Look just tell me if you're gonna take this job or not? I'm not gonna run my mouth if you aren't going to listen.
No. 1002146 ID: 031458

Yeah Yeah I got'cha.
What about the last part, and go ahead and open up the door to the rocket while your at it.

One thing tho. Were yall people at one point, or did you only awaken with Benny and the fog?
No. 1002149 ID: e13b1d

"Don't get your eyestalks in a twist. Rocket in the can, Meanies hiding somewhere."
No. 1002152 ID: 6a2a09

tell him you can multitask, so its cool
No. 1002153 ID: 9a4269

We are listen, all of us, don't need to get pissy. What about the third one?
No. 1002158 ID: 9a2966

Hrm, utterly randomized enemy generation is awful or intentionally awfully exploitative game design. This is a coin-thirster for sure, hardly worth further investment. Spending one of your chits for a test run ain't bad, the rest you can keep for later, maybe come back, try other things, or just waste 'em all seeing how far you can get on this one game.

>Obsessed with flashy screens
Tell it it's not like playing some of these games requires much of a brain. Really, the most winningest move is...

(step away from the controls and walk back over to Kab while the game keeps playing in the background)

... not to play. Cliché yeah, but stickin' around here too long is just gonna get Benny up your grill, right?

Really, the real win was getting the novelty of it. Plus the braggin' rights: your new life as a 'Post-Apocalyptic Gamer Girl' is gonna get at least one person you know a little envious you think (Dell would probably be all over an arcade).

And you were actually listening (or, well, you've got something that'll keep you reminded); it needs a routing coil, a servo controller, and a motor shield (descriptions of those would help, by the way). Bathroom has a Rocket animatronic (Who or what is Rocket?) and the orange Meanie is hidin' out somewhere. Are you correct in presuming making the enemy of one Meanie might make an enemy of 'em all? It should frontload facts like those when able.

>It's like nothing's changed!
Weren't the most popular machine, huh buddy? Actually... Kab was aware before the Fog? Or have memories from before? How's that even work? (Or if it wasn't referring to its time before the fog, why'd it expect something to have changed - and since what?)

>take this job or not?
Hm... sure. Quest accepted. You'll get its pieces. For the novelty of it, hopin' something interesting might come from it, and cuz' you had a good burger and you're feeling generous. You're not here to waste all of your tokens though, if it catches your drift. If things get awful and grindy you might bail.

You'll also get it one or two of its parts, but you'll want some answers to questions before you get the last. Like... what makes it think it can escape Benny's influence like it's clearly wanting to? And if it's escaping - or, if it has the smarts or guts, taking on Benny - it's gotta have some way of resisting or voiding the need for whatever's nested up in him's influence, sounds like. And if it has that, why not get more allies among the animatronics 'round here? Some might rally to it if it could offer a better solution to their current weird little existential quandary.

For all that this place is trying to creep you out and is clearly Fog-spawned, it sure is interesting.

>Do Kab's job
Backrooms where?
No. 1002179 ID: ce39da

"Routing coil, servo controller, motor shield. Annoying rodent in the WC, orange ghost hiding... somewhere. And obviously, killing Benny voids everything, assuming I can even do that; my gut says he's above my current weight class. Anything I'm missing aside from that third piece and... what the reason for your present state is?"
No. 1002327 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162256281001.png - (485.08KB , 1500x1060 , Blood Drink 2.png )

RITA: Rocket's in the back and Meanies are hiding, I HEAR you. Don't get pissy
KAB: Good…Last one is Old Man Riddles who was put in the basement.
RITA: I'm not supposed to go into the basement.
KAB: Look you don't need to kill Benny to get to Riddles; The door to the room he's in is close to the entrance, but it's locked. I can open if you get me the other parts, or you can try going 'round the long way to the alternate entrance. Granted you'd have to try to get around Benny but it's possible.
RITA: What're you trying to accomplish here exactly?
KAB: Just need a few parts, I'm an old arcade machine aren't I?
No. 1002328 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162256281906.png - (358.45KB , 1500x1050 , gamer2.png )

>step away from the controls and walk back over to Kab
Why would I do that? I already used the token. Besides, predatory quarter munching aside the games still fun. Some robots drop blood packs sometimes, and there are items that lower my THREAT level if I use them right. I can manage just fine for a little while longer.

>Orange Meanie
RITA: Killing one meanie mean the rest will get mad correct?
KAB: I don't know how connected those lunatics are, maybe? You gotta worry about finding them first…So you'll help?
RITA: Until I get bored sure.

RITA: So…Were you always sentient?
KAB: Of course not, but I remember when I wasn't. I wasn't aware before but now that I am I can process my unaware self's memories. Strange isn't it?
No. 1002329 ID: 8fb3ba
File 162256295890.png - (548.93KB , 1500x1060 , Game Over.png )

>What do the parts look like
RITA: Can I get a description of what the parts look like?
KAB: You'll know 'em when you see 'em. Bright and still beepin' and all that.

Eventually I get cornered by three different enemies and a mixture of panic and stuck arcade cabinet buttons leads to a game over.
KAB: Alright you're done! Can we get to work now or what?

I kind of want to keep playing...

>For all that this place is trying to creep you out and is clearly Fog-spawned, it sure is interesting.
Dissecting rats in biology was interesting, doesn't mean it wasn't gross and I wanted to be doing something else...
No. 1002330 ID: 9aa12d

I would say to embrace your inner gamer girl and continue until you beat the game but things need to be done.
No. 1002335 ID: 9a4269

Yeah sure, why not. If you can keep playing, give it a go. Tell Kab that you will do it, later, but if shit hits the fan, you are out of there.
No. 1002336 ID: 01031d

> "...but I remember when I wasn't..."

Quick insight ask, did you came here in the past and mistreated the arcade games? I hope this is not a "Kids were bad with me" vendetta.
No. 1002338 ID: a9af05

It might not be a good idea to keep playing. If you lose track of time, then it'll be night. That's when all of the doors lock and Benny comes out to hunt. You don't want to be stuck in here all night!

Let's go do Kab's job.
No. 1002340 ID: 9a2966

>strange, isn't it?
Sure is. Maybe everything actually has a mind of its own, but can't express it without whatever this black goop is.

You shouldn't keep playing. Time gets nebulous when you play games and Benny comes out at night. If you were to do nothing else here, then maybe, but if you're to take Kab's deal, just take the novelty for what it was - fun, but temporary. If you leave the place standing, maybe you can come back for another go, later.

Accept Kab's deal, check on the backrooms.
No. 1002343 ID: e13b1d

Let's start with the bathroom. Nearby in case we need to bolt, and we know where it is.

Equip the piston mace.
No. 1002369 ID: 36784c

Ask if he can get you a better light source? You can’t exactly look for things with your lighter.
No. 1002409 ID: 031458

If it's still early yet hit that continue button.
If you're burning daylight... Well... You need to finish this before nightfall.
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