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File 161672789745.png - (358.06KB , 1500x1050 , FOG WORLD.png )
993129 No. 993129 ID: 8fb3ba

It came out of the oceans, like steam rising from a boiling pot. Then it swept over the shores, over the mountains, and down into the valleys. What was at one time a freak phenomenon quickly turned into a disaster as people, landmarks, and eventually small towns disappeared into the fog. So much was lost, even time became less and less reliable. No one's sure how long ago it was, that's been lost to the fog, but the survivors do their best to get by in the new fog world.

Among the survivors are an odd breed of rare human that have come into existence; Distinguished by an odd sort of affinity for the fog. Simply known as the Taken, these beings mingle amongst regular humans, some not even knowing they are Taken. Some people of the fog world believe these taken to be the next evolution of human, a new creature made to survive in a new world; Other's believe them to be servants of the fog, demons hell bent on destroying what's left. The Taken themselves suffer from odd dreams, strange visions, and are haunted by voices. it's hard to say what's true, the truth's been obscured by fog, either way the Taken too must struggle to survive…
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No. 993130 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161672795034.png - (0.97MB , 1500x1050 , TheLineUp.png )

Who do we follow?

A scavenger picking what he can from the fog ridden world. The stalker prefers stealth; moving silently, yet quickly, through dilapidated streets, infested wilderness and other such places. His keen eye allows him to not only find valuable objects, but also locate and avoid traps with ease. The stalker has known conflict, but shy's away from it when possible, as such when fighting in close quarters he is outclassed.

+Stealth Expert
+Keen Eye
-Close-Quarters Coward
Fun Fact: Speaks fluent Russian.

Ex-cop, or perhaps ex-military? Regardless her previous occupation has given her a strong build and a predilection towards violence, and she's done her fair share of pillaging to get by and it may have taken a toll on her mentally. The marauder is skilled in a number of close quarters weaponry from knives to swords, even her bare hands are deadly; Though her missing eye makes ranged combat a bit harder she still knows how to fix and clean guns.

+Weapon Expert
Fun Fact: Used to drag race when she was younger.

Every bit of metal finds new purpose in the hands of the engineer. Just as his title suggests the engineer excels in building machines from what useful garbage he can find in the fog ridden world. He lacks combat expertise of any kind, hardly knows how to use a gun, but his inventions can make up for that; In fact his hopelessness in battle led to the loss of his left arm, which he's replaced with a old but reliable prosthetic. The engineer's strongest trait however is his attitude, never letting himself lose his head even at the worst of times.

+Engineering Expert
-Bad Fighter
-Missing Arm
Fun Fact: Plays guitar nicely.
No. 993132 ID: 9a2966

Time to get out of here, Stalker.
No. 993133 ID: 36784c

No. 993134 ID: b1b4f3

I'm gonna go with Stalker.
Engineer was tempting but if we can't even make a cool gun to shoot I don't wanna.
No. 993135 ID: 0fae41

Marauder, just cause.
No. 993136 ID: e7c7d3

No. 993137 ID: 031458

Sentry up!
No. 993139 ID: 894419

No. 993143 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161673283566.png - (931.30KB , 1500x1050 , TheLineUp-2.png )

We will follow the Marauder

Who will follow her? Pick another.
No. 993147 ID: b1b4f3

Marauder can cover for engi, and engi can make cool guns for marauder. Also engi can be the face of the party, to keep marauder's unhinged-ness from mucking everything up.
No. 993148 ID: e7c7d3

Engineer again. Seems rather complimentary
No. 993153 ID: 031458

The Sword and the Shield!
The Rifle and the Bayonet!
No. 993154 ID: 0fae41

Engineer had better build her a car.
No. 993155 ID: 8a51ec

Engineer. Why solve practical problems all on your lonesome?
No. 993156 ID: 094652

No. 993158 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161673729294.png - (170.51KB , 704x767 , Rolling In___.png )

The Engineer and the Marauder


Let's get started...
No. 993159 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161673731447.png - (336.31KB , 1500x1050 , Fog's Rolling In.png )

The skies are the same overcast grey they've always been since the world was shrouded in fog. Damn I miss the sun. I've been trekking for lord knows how long; it feels like it might be around a week but it could very well be two. Don't know how far I've moved either, just hope it's far enough.

I haven't seen any settlements I'd be keen on joining or any that wouldn't attack me on sight since I got to this region. I'm so sick of moving, especially by foot.

Shit, and now the fogs rolling in. Taken or not I can't be caught out in the fog.
No. 993160 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161673734887.png - (767.43KB , 1500x1050 , Train Car.png )

A little ways away I can see something a top a hill, it looks like an old metro car displaced from the city ruins nearby. Boards have been screwed onto the windows and doors. It's been made into a shelter, but it doesn't look like anyone's been here for a while. Maybe they tried finding somewhere better to stay? Only desperate idiots would try that, it looks more likely they may have been forced out from the dried blood and scratches on the windows and doors. It doesn't looks very sturdy or secure, but it just needs to be secure enough to shelter you from fog. There's a small grave out front, hopefully for a pet.

It looks like I still have a little time before the fog completely closes in, I still don't want to dawdle though.
No. 993161 ID: 3f0c7b

Best sweep the inside first, make sure there's no nasty surprises or the door is stuck or anything, then a quick check of the surroundings.
No. 993168 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161674064037.png - (764.27KB , 1500x1050 , Peek.png )

I peak inside through the windows and through the door. More dried blood against the wall to my left, a dead fire pit, a box, a bag, a sleeping cot. The inside reeks of old beer and rotten anchovies. No individuals or creatures to be worried about.
No. 993169 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161674064329.png - (294.85KB , 1500x1050 , The Surrounding.png )

As for the surrounding area, a quick sweep shows the skyline of a ruined city slowly being engulfed by the fog to the west. To the north are the mountains, I came from the east which was just about all grass and shrubland. Whatever's south I cannot see it, the fogs obscuring it.

With the fog comes the cold, most of the time my coat's not enough to stop it. I can already feel a chill
No. 993173 ID: b1b4f3

Alright get in there and seal the place up. Search the bag and box. Do you have a backpack yet?
No. 993177 ID: 094652

Make a base quickly, but your main goal is to loot the city before the fog takes anything of value.
No. 993187 ID: 031458

Ah, a fire pit.
Make a sweep of the internal and immediate external area of the shelter for combustibles and anything immediately useful, and then bunker down inside and light a fire for warmth.

Those mountains look promising. Perhaps not in utility, but rather in height. Surely at least one peak must pierce the clouds?

Some might consider it a foolish endeavor, but to see the sun again... That would make it all with it.
No. 993192 ID: ce39da

Check above and underneath the car to make sure you didn't miss anything, then get inside and seal it up.

> Two distinct splatter patterns on the outside door.
> No smears or significant mess on the door to suggest anything fell back against it.
The occupant fought back, his shots finding their mark at various ranges through a cracked door.

> Droplets leading to the firepit.
> Very short drag across the floor.
But he was wounded. It doesn't look like he made it.

> Droplets leading to a different door.
> A grave.
Someone with some healthy respect for the dead came along, picked him up, and dropped him into a place the fog will have a hard time reaching. Maybe that's also where his attacker wound up, or perhaps its body was disappeared before the gravedigger got there.

> One of the involved doors is boarded up.
Someone, perhaps the gravedigger, boarded this place up a bit better.

> Stuff left behind.
> A mess left uncleaned.
They had to leave in a hurry, though... or perhaps they have yet to abandon this place, and they intend to come back.

This is just one hypothesis, of course.
(Though, if this is just the Marauder and we haven't met the Engineer yet, feel free to have much of this go over her head.)
No. 993205 ID: 36784c

Better get inside before the fog gets here.
No. 993219 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161680196692.png - (507.86KB , 1500x1050 , Under the Train.png )

>Check above and underneath the car to make sure you didn't miss anything
I check below the car. There's a few things scattered underneath, mostly bits of metal not rusted enough to be entirely useless to me. Half of a broken binocular, and a scrap of cloth. I take it all.

>your main goal is to loot the city before the fog takes anything of value.
Definitely could be good salvage there, no doubt there's wild animals and maybe people also. Shouldn't be too much of a problem for me hopefully.
No. 993220 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161680198246.png - (790.05KB , 1500x1050 , Search.png )

>Get inside
I head inside the car and close the door. Next I check everything I can. The bag on the floor has a lighter, a cracked die, and a single shotgun slug.

>Do you have a backpack yet?
I do now.

The box at the back has a hatchet and timber, enough to keep a fire going for a good while.
No. 993221 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161680199742.png - (725.28KB , 1500x1050 , Fireside.png )

>Start fire
The lighter's still got some fluid in it. Starting the fire's easy enough. I take a seat on the bench and relax, the cushioning creaks as I recline.

>Those mountains look promising. Perhaps not in utility, but rather in height. Surely at least one peak must pierce the clouds?
The last thing I need right now is false hope from a voice in my head. I haven't tried hiking up any mountains, but I doubt there's any in the immediate area that get's high enough to see the sun...Still the mountains might be worth investigating when I get the time.

I can see the fog begin to press against the windows; a few wisps sneak in through cracks in the walls but not enough to be a problem. The warmth of the fire and the gentle cracking of the wood as the sound from outside fades out is almost calming. I start to doze of for just a minute...but I snap back to alert as I hear something outside.
No. 993222 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161680201322.png - (762.32KB , 1500x1050 , Alert.png )

There's movement close by. Footsteps and panicked breathing. It must be just outside the metro car, the rustling is moving closer to the door quickly.
No. 993224 ID: b1b4f3

Ambush them as they open the door. Drag them inside and restrain them, find out who they are and if they're a threat.
No. 993225 ID: a9af05

Do this.
No. 993226 ID: 0fae41

Prepare to greet them by seductively posing on the pole. Then spin around it and kick them in the face.
No. 993228 ID: 094652

This could fail in so many ways but do it because it's funny and totally in character
No. 993236 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161680880530.png - (500.81KB , 1500x1050 , In Wait.png )

The poles too far from the door for me to be entirely confident in doing that. Also it's a dumb idea, the seduction part I mean, if I could spin off the pole and kick whoever's out there I'd do it.

Also it is not "In character" for me. Who the hell do you think I am?

I wait next to the door, the metal creaks as it's pried open by the intruder. The labored breathes become clearer as the doors open. A figure steps through and I spring forward and grab them by the front of their poncho.
No. 993237 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161680883051.png - (605.80KB , 1500x1050 , Ambush.png )

I swing around and slam them into the wall. I can already tell this person's very little threat to me. Asking who they are seems a little pointless, I don't really care who they are. He speaks through gasps and coughs

???: W-WAIT Wait! Please d-don't hurt me! I was just-just looking for somewhere to wait out the fog!

He holds his hands up pleadingly. You can see his left arm's been replaced by a robotic one.

???: L-look I didn't know someone was already here, the place looked abandoned. I'm sorry.

He looks around the train car

???: But I…Do you think I could stay here? J-just until the fog is gone at least?

Normally I would've already crushed this guys windpipe and taken his stuff, but since I'm trying to move away from senseless murder I think I'll hold off on killing 'til I have to. Still, do I really want to let this guy stay? I was looking forward to sleeping here but I sure as hell won't do that with some nobody in the same room. Kicking him out wouldn't be too bad right? Or maybe I could just let him sleep under the train instead of in it, there's enough space he'd probably be fine down there.
No. 993238 ID: b1b4f3

Ask for some form of payment for staying. Nothing in this fog-blighted world is free.
No. 993239 ID: 031458

Oh yes, throw him under, that way the fog creatures will be drawn to his shivering please to be let in closer to the warmth. Go ahead and get both of you killed.

You know, talking isn't pointless, even if it feels that way. It builds trust.
You're looking pretty bad, y'know. Like a tired animal that's forgotten life without violence.
Would it be so bad to at least pretend to be human again? How long has it been since you say around a fire and just enjoyed someone's company.
C'mon. Talk to the guy. Neither of you are going anywhere.
No. 993240 ID: 36784c

Let him stay. Make sure you close the door.
No. 993257 ID: 0fae41

Fine, but you're going to sit on him so he doesn't try anything funny. Ask him where he wandered in from, if geography still has any meaning when subway cars can get lost in the countryside.
No. 993259 ID: 2aa5f0

ask why you should let him stay, that he won't just try to rob you or worse when your guard is down?

Just try and gauge what this guy can do before you deicide to do anything with him. Who knows he might know something useful.
No. 993260 ID: 610dc7

eh, let him in.
It's temporary, so you can sleep when he leaves, but while waiting out the fog you can see if he knows anything useful about the area since he probably came from a different direction from you.
No. 993274 ID: 8a51ec

If he's playing the long con then he's doing it pretty goddamn well, frisk him for weapons just to be safe. It sure as hell doesn't incriminate him if he has any, but anything could happen. How about you ask his name during the pat down?
No. 993284 ID: 094652

Sit on top of him.
No. 993398 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161688459355.png - (441.88KB , 1500x1050 , Annoyed.png )

>Oh yes, throw him under, that way the fog creatures will be drawn to his shivering pleas to be let in closer to the warmth. Go ahead and get both of you killed.
Fucking fine, I guess I can-

>You're looking pretty bad, y'know. Like a tired animal that's forgotten life without violence
Okay I said I'll-

>Would it be so bad to at least pretend to be human again? How long has it been since you say around a fire and just enjoyed someone's company?
SHUT UP ALREADY I SAID FINE. God I spent so long getting rid of my conscience just to have it replaced by something louder and more annoying. At least before I wasn't being told to pole dance at stupid times for no fucking reason!
No. 993399 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161688460428.png - (429.31KB , 1500x1050 , Payment.png )

ME: Name.
???: W-what?
DELL: Uh Um…D-Dell. Dell Corrigan.
ME: Okay. What are you gonna give me if I let you stay here?
DELL: Oh! Of course I can pay you for this! I lost a lot of my stuff on the way here, but I still have food.

He pulls out a couple of cans from his backpack, the sack is completely empty I can tell.

DELL: Beans, tuna ,peaches, and two bottles of water too.
ME: The beans, peaches, and a water bottle, give 'em.

He holds out the food and I snatch it from his hands.

ME: Now. Weapons, hand them over
DELL: I don't have any! I lost the ones I hadn't broke already.
ME: Sure. Arms at your sides.
No. 993400 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161688461099.png - (582.66KB , 1500x1050 , Yoink.png )

I move forward and pat him down, arms, legs, back. His body's not flabby or scrawny, He's muscular, not body builder muscle but the physique of someone who's done labor. It's absolutely possible he could be a threat in a fight if he's just acting like a wimp. There's something on his hip.

ME: No weapons?
DELL: That's my wrench! It's a tool not a weapon.
ME: You could easily crack a skull with it, regardless I'm keeping it until you leave.

I eye the mechanical arm too, doesn't look like any sort of weapon I've seen. He can keep it. for now.
No. 993401 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161688462813.png - (777.00KB , 1500x1050 , Lunch.png )

I move to the other side of the train car and drag the sleeping bag over near the fire.

ME: Don't do anything dumb. Stay on your side
DELL: Is it alright if I get closer to the fire?
DELL: Never mind, I can… feel the warmth from here.

Dell moves to his side of the cart.

>C'mon. Talk to the guy. Neither of you are going anywhere.
>Ask him where he wandered in from
ME: Where'd you come from? What direction?
DELL: I came here from the mountains, I think that's north? It's hell over there.

The calming silence and crackling of the fire has been interrupted by Dell's breathing, and the creaking of the car as he shifts his weight. At least I have food now.

DELL:…How long have you uh…been here?
ME: Long enough
DELL: Ah, okay…

I pop the can of beans open with my teeth.

DELL: I have spoons if you want.
ME: I don't need one.
DELL: …So, what's your name?
No. 993418 ID: 0fae41

Rita. Maureen was your first name but's not as cool as your middle name.
What's wrong with the mountains, "Dell"? I thought fog tended to cling to lower altitudes.
No. 993419 ID: 031458

Now-a-days most people call me "Oh God please not the face!" or... How do I describe it... You know that gurgling sound someone makes when you bust in a dozen of their teeth?

My father called me Amina.
That was a long time ago.
No. 993425 ID: b1b4f3

Celica Rudd.
No. 993435 ID: 33cfcc

Rita sounds good, but what about an alias?
How about "Pummel"? It's intimidating and kinda what you do.

What is so bad about the montians? Can't be fog, it tends to go down, not stay up. People perhaps? Shity people? With valuable things?
No. 993480 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161690604049.png - (777.86KB , 1500x1050 , Lunch 2.png )

>What about an alias?
>How about "Pummel"? It's intimidating and kinda what you do.
I'm an ex bandit, not a pro-wrestler. I don't need an "alias"

RITA: Rita
DELL: That's a nice name

I immediately get a bad feeling in my gut from sharing my name. He's never gonna meet me again so I guess there's no harm, but if we’re never going to see each other again why'd I tell him? Winds howling outside. I throw another piece of wood onto the fire.

>What's wrong with the mountains, "Dell"? I thought fog tended to cling to lower altitudes.
Regular fog does clings to lower altitudes. This is not regular fog. Still there's fog everywhere, so there must be something else about the mountains.

RITA: What's wrong with the mountains?
DELL: lots of creatures try to nest up on the mountains. I also got ambushed by bandits while I was going through one of the passes, barely made it out and I lost a lot of my stuff. Lost my wagon, and my guitar…

Bandits in the mountains, noted. Another creak fills the train car as Dell sits down after is more silence. I down the beans, they're lukewarm but I'm too hungry to care.

RITA:…Where'd you get your arm from?
DELL: I built it! I'm an engineer.
RITA: Did you build it one handed?
DELL: I'm good at what I do.

I finish my food, a full stomach makes me sleepier, and I definitely still don't trust this guy to sleep near him.
No. 993481 ID: 0fae41

What's in the boooooox?
Again, restrain him with your bulk by sleeping on top of him. He'll be extra padding between the floor and the sleeping bag.
No. 993485 ID: b1b4f3

Do you have something you can tie him up with?
No. 993496 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161691109144.png - (781.76KB , 1500x1050 , Bedtime.png )

I guess if it's the best way to get some shut eye.

RITA: Hey, I'm gonna go to sleep and I don't trust you enough to let you alone
DELL: A-am I going under the car?
RITA: No, get in the sleeping bag
DELL: I don't-
RITA: Just do it.
No. 993497 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161691109431.png - (441.04KB , 1500x1050 , Sleeping.png )

I kick him over towards the wall and sit on him while I lean against the train car wall. I've slept on worse.

DELL:...Hey Rita?
DELL: Do you think maybe I could j-just sleep on the other side of the car? I swear I won't do anything dumb, cuz it's a little hard to breath like this...
DELL: Rita?
RITA: ZZZzzzzzz
DELL:...At least I'm closer to the fire.
No. 993498 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161691110463.gif - (242.03KB , 720x480 , Fog Sleep.gif )

No. 993499 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161691111299.png - (445.83KB , 1500x1050 , Wake Up.png )

The sound of snarling wakes me up. Sounds like it wakes Dell up too, though I'm not entirely sure if he got any sleep with me sitting on him.

DELL: What was that?

A quick check shows the fog has passed, I can't see anything out any of the windows. The thing must be under the car.
No. 993500 ID: 4605a0

"shut up moron, do you want us dead!?"

Draw the pipe wrench and move slowly to the door.
No. 993501 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him shhh. Get yourself armed and listen. Maybe the thing will stay where it is?
...is the door secure?
No. 993504 ID: 031458

Whisper: I hear food outside.
Relinquish Dells affects.
Creep open the door and see what's going on.
No. 993518 ID: 0fae41

Equip yourselves to go hit the thing until it stops making noises.
No. 993538 ID: 92b744

Let's do this sneaky beaky like, or at least as quiet as you can. Tell Dell to stay close and quiet.
No. 993572 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161696710364.png - (495.96KB , 1500x1050 , Listening.png )

RITA: Hush! I something outside
DELL: But-
RITA: Are you a Taken?
DELL: I-No I'm not
RITA: Then stay quiet, if it's something serious you won't be able to shake of being dead like me. If it's not so serious then we have breakfast
DELL: B-but what if it's a person?
RITA: I'm hungry enough.
DELL: Gross…

>Relinquish Dells affects.
No way, just because there's something else outside doesn't mean suddenly I need to give everything back to this guy. Besides if he's not playing a long con then he's too soft to be of any use. I'm hanging on to the wrench for now.

I clench the wrench and slowly creep towards the door. I listen. the snarling isn't close to the door, it's off to the side. I exit the metro car…
No. 993573 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161696711198.png - (274.37KB , 1500x1050 , Fleabag.png )

Slowly I creep around to the side of the car and peek around the corner. There I can see it. A large mangy wild dog skulking around the field, it either hears me or smells me and turns to face me. The snarls turn to loud barks and It begins to approach. Not a big deal really, but I'm not sure I can eat this thing; Probably too disease ridden. I ready the wrench…
No. 993574 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161696711963.png - (302.76KB , 1500x1050 , Combat Tutorial.png )

To defeat an enemy in combat you must utilize your traits. The traits useful in combat Rita possesses are [WEAPON EXPERT] [BRAWLER+] and [STRONG]. The weapons Rita has are a Hatchet and a Wrench, both deal 3 damage.

Think of combat as a "stack". You and your opponent must stack traits to fight and defend. Your stack must exceed your opponents for the most favorable outcome, with meeting the opponents stack as a second best outcome.

To land an attack you must either meet your opponents defense with an equal number of your own traits to do half the damage or exceed the number to do full damage. Like wise to defend against an attack you must meet your opponents attack with an equal number of your own traits.

Traits are situational in both offense and defense. [WEAPON EXPERT] has no use without a weapon, and [BRAWLER] and [STRONG] are useless when in use with a firearm.

Certain traits have EXCEED BONUSES marked by a [+]. [BRAWLER+] causes your attack to do double damage when it exceeds an enemy's defense.

After attacking you will have to defend. If you use a trait to attack you will not be able to use it to defend. Your traits will become reusable every attack phase.

Tip: These rules can and may be broken and changed
No. 993575 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161696712919.png - (412.22KB , 1500x1050 , Fleabag Encounter.png )

Your enemy, Fleabag, is currently DEFENDING with it's trait [SHAKEY]. It's erratic movements make it harder to hit.

[BRAWLER+]: Double Damage on Attack Exceed

Rita has 15 Health
No. 993576 ID: b1b4f3

[Brawler+] and [Weapon Expert] to attack. The choice between half damage and double damage is 4x effectiveness, that is too good to pass up.
No. 993578 ID: 36784c

No. 993579 ID: e7c7d3

Attack with the hatchet with [WEAPON EXPERT], and get a grip on the mutt and use [BRAWLER+]

Then use [STRONG] to brace for an attack
No. 993606 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161697828432.png - (598.56KB , 1500x1050 , Fleabag Encounter -1.png )

Rita's [WEAPON EXPERTISE] allows her to over come Fleabag's [SHAKY] movements. Rita slashes Fleabag with a hatchet dealing 6 damage.
No. 993607 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161697828920.png - (540.76KB , 1500x1050 , Fleabag Encounter -2.png )

Fleabag snarls and uses it's [FEROCITY] to lunge forward to bite Rita. Rita's too [STRONG] for it to be effective, but it still hurts. Rita suffers 2 damage.

Fleabag teeters back and forward on shaky legs, if no action is taken it may simply retreat rather than continue to fight.

Your enemy, Fleabag, is currently DEFENDING with it's traits [SHAKEY] and [FEROCITY]. It's frantic shaking now accompanied by gnashing teeth and wild barking.

[FEREOCITY]: When used to defend, deals 3 damage unless defense is exceeded

[BRAWLER+]: Double Damage on Attack Exceed

Rita has 13 Health

Tip: Damage and other such numbers are normally rounded down
No. 993608 ID: b1b4f3

Well, that outcome was fine. Let's do it again.
Use all three traits to attack, since the enemy used both traits to defend and won't have any traits to attack with.
I'm not sure if that allows them to attack at all. Even if it does, we can defend traitless and take half (2) damage.
No. 993611 ID: 92b744

Let's go for another attack. See if something changes or we can just finish it off.
No. 993615 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161698069667.png - (847.39KB , 1500x1050 , Finish.png )

Rita doesn't let Fleabag get away, Rita closes in for the kill with her hatchet and ends it fast.


It's over. Dog's dead. I could harvest the wild dog effectively if I had a knife, but a hatchet might do well enough...
No. 993616 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161698070097.png - (439.37KB , 1500x1050 , Finish 2.png )

Dell calls to me as he comes out of the car

DELL: Woah, I saw all of that from the car...Are you uhh...really gonna eat that?
RITA: Why do you want to eat it?
DELL: Ugh, No. Not at all
RITA: It's probably disease ridden. I won't eat it.
DELL: Cool
RITA: So, Fog's gone.
DELL: Yeah it is...Look Rita I-

Dell shuffles in place

DELL: I know you want me gone but, well you know I'm not really good at...I think surviving is easier when you're not alone and...

He stares at me.

DELL: Y'know what? Never mind I'll just be on my way. Can I uh, have my Wrench back now?

He holds his hand out for his wrench.
No. 993619 ID: b1b4f3

Ask him if he can make guns.
No. 993623 ID: 8a51ec

Back away a little, drop the wrench on the ground, and take enough paces back that he can't just club you in the head the moment you look away. If he really does want to come with you though, let him know he's going to have to do a lot to gain your full trust.
No. 993624 ID: 36784c

You can let him have the wrench.

Just make sure you don't forget to gather up all the useful stuff in the train car before you leave.
No. 993634 ID: 92b744

What good are you to me? What can you bring to the table?

You said that you can make things, right? What kinds of things?

What can you do if things go south? I can keep myself alive, but i can't babysitter you.

If you don't fight, stay out of the way.

You do as i say and when i say so. I might have to do nasty things, and whatever you thing about it, i don't care.

If you can't keep up, or just don't want to, you are on your own. Got all that?

If you agree, that is that. We pick all we can and we leave. I will be keeping the wrench for now. I'll try not ot use it to fight, as to not break it.
No. 993636 ID: 894419

If you want to stick near me, then that means you're working FOR me. Tell me what you bring to the table, I'll consider it
No. 993639 ID: c09f5e

He wants his wrench back? Fine.

Dump your new MULE that along with everything that's not good for bashing, blocking, or patching.

Get what he can make out of that, then he have his wrench back. Call it a fair trade.
No. 993666 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161702320273.png - (517.66KB , 1500x1050 , Wrench.png )

Oh Jesus Christ fine…

RITA: You're an engineer right?
DELL: Uh-Yeah, Yes I am!
RITA: Can you make guns?
DELL:If I have the material and tools for it yes I can.
RITA: Okay, If I need something built you build it, If I give you orders you listen. Don't do anything stupid, Don't get in my way. I'm not going to baby sit you so you'd better be able to handle yourself on your own got it?
DELL: D-does that mean-
RITA: And if you backstab or kill me I WILL find you and I WILL make you pay. Don't think this means I trust you just yet.
No. 993667 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161702323107.png - (510.83KB , 1500x1050 , Wrench 2.png )

I hand Dell his wrench

DELL: Great! So what now? Are we going to keep wandering?
RITA: Dell, I've been traveling for two or three straight weeks with very few breaks mostly on foot. It got to a point where fresh boots were just as important a resource to me as food and water. The idea of wandering anymore makes me sick. Unless you can build a car out of thin air we will not be travelling anywhere and even if you did I'd want to come back somewhere. I've missed having a place I can rest and feel semi-safe since before I began walking.
DELL: Yeah I understand, I think a lot of people would understand.
RITA: So this metro car is my new home.
DELL: It's our new home!
DELL: Right, pushing it. It's your home and you let me stay here.
RITA: Correct, that being said it's a bit of a dump. It keeps wild animals and fog out, but the second actual people want to get inside they'll do it easily.
DELL: Not to mention heavier weather will probably ruin this thing. With the right stuff I could reinforce it…And maybe we could also…N-never mind we should just focus on reinforcing the car.
No. 993668 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161702326363.png - (228.85KB , 1500x1050 , Home.png )

With the fog cleared I can see further to the south. There's a forest there. I'll need to find materials to give to Dell to reinforce the metro, best place to look is the city but that may not be the only place. The smell of ozone's on the breeze

There's only a single can of food left, gonna need more.

Dell is cleaning his wrench with his poncho nearby.

My inventory currently consists of...
-Half a Binocular
-A lighter
-A scrap of cloth
-A cracked die
-One Shotgun Slug
-A Hatchet
-5x Mechanical Scrap
-1 Bottle of water
-1 Can of peaches

The metro car's inventory consists of...
-x6 Wood
No. 993670 ID: 8a51ec

Dump the Mechanical Scrap on Dell, it's more appropriate for him to be taking care of it anyway. Meanwhile, you should scout out any points of interest in the city with the half a Binocular, if possible that is.
No. 993677 ID: 92b744

Scouting the city sounds good. Mind the mountains too tho, if there was bandits there, they are bound to be roble down the road. And they have Dell's stuff, might want to take those back at some point.

Dell had some things in mind for the metro car. Ask him about it.
No. 993687 ID: a9af05

So Rita, what exactly were you talking about when you mentioned that you could be killed and then get back up? How did you first discover you could do that?

>And maybe we could also…N-never mind we should just focus on reinforcing the car.
What was he going to say? If it was some kind of improvement, I'd like to hear about it.
No. 993691 ID: 031458

Plenty of rocks round here. Can fill the area beneath the Metrocar To stabilize it...

For there to be bandits in the mountains there needs to be prey in the mountains.
Bandit Prey = travelers
Travelers need settlements to go between.
Settlements need resources to exist.

There should be a settlement somewhere in or around this city, and one in or beyond the mountains.
Seeing as were not exactly geared for war, might as well start searching the nearby suburbs for supplies.

Even if we don't find any maybe we'll get lucky and run into an animal that doesn't have fucking brain worms this time.
No. 993692 ID: ce39da

Ask Dell if there's anything that got taken from him that won't be easily replaceable. If he asks whether you were the one who made the bloody mess in and around the car, truthfully deny it - honestly, it looks like that guy and whatever was attacking them got each other, but either the guy nice enough to dig a grave for them took the shotgun they were using or...

> Didn't bother taking the spare shell.
Add "dig up the grave to be safe" to the list of stuff Dell can do while you're out alongside "reinforce what he can with what we have" and "clean up that mess the second-to-last guy left."
No. 993759 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161706626255.png - (350.18KB , 1500x1050 , Chatting.png )

RITA: Stop doing that.
DELL: W-what?
RITA: If you have something to say then say it. Quit stopping mid sentence. If it's something stupid don't start in the first place, and if you do start finish it and live with the dumb thing you said.
DELL: I just- I knew you wouldn't like it but, if you manage to get extra material then maybe we can, I don't know, make some houses?
RITA: Why would I do that?
DELL: Well! Being on the road for so long I noticed a lot of people wandering like me, and a lot of dead people who couldn't find shelter or safety. I just thought-
RITA: Okay forget what I said, keep dumb ideas to yourself.
DELL: Wait! Wait. If we get people here they can help us too!
RITA: Or they can be a problem, a BIG problem.
DELL: Rita, I can tell you don't like being around people, but I've met plenty of survivors who'd be happy to be part of a community and look out for each other. I know it's your house, but just give it a thought okay? It could be beneficial for you too. I won't push it anymore but more hands would make all of this easier.
No. 993760 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161706637212.png - (546.85KB , 1500x1050 , Map.png )

I dump the mechanical scrap on Dell, he puts it in the metro inventory.

>Scout with 1/2 Binocular
I do the best I can and scope out the surroundings. From where I stand I mostly see ruined buildings in the city, none too descript. I can see what looks like a radio tower, maybe that's something?

Another sweep shows a large gorge to the east. I must not have seen it through the fog on my way here.

>So Rita, what exactly were you talking about when you mentioned that you could be killed and then get back up? How did you first discover you could do that?
Taken don't stay dead. The fog just brings me back to the fold after a few minutes. I discovered it by dying obviously. It's not pleasant; If I could stay dead I would, but since I can't I'm going to avoid dying as much as possible. I've heard Taken that die too many times lose their minds and become possessed by the fog; They turn into wandering Husks, Something tells me it's a fate I want to avoid.

>Ask Dell if there's anything that got taken from him that won't be easily replaceable.
RITA: What'd you lose when you got robbed?
DELL: Uh, food, supplies, my guitar.
RITA: All that stuff can be replaced
DELL: I liked the guitar though...
No. 993761 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you can see about taking out the bandits once you're better armed. Maybe armor too.
Go to the city, head towards the radio tower and loot targets of opportunity. Priority one is food and general supplies at the moment since you have none. Priority two is weapons and armor.
No. 993766 ID: 92b744

It may sound dumb, but a guitar has its uses. Its not imperative to take it back right now, but you should have it in mind for the future.

But right now, you need food and water, along with any scraps of useful materials.
No. 993767 ID: 36784c

A community isn’t a bad idea. It would at least mean you’d have someone to cover you if you start running into stronger and/or more numerous monsters.

And having more people around would mean that someone would be around to defend your home while you’re out exploring.

……ah shit, we’re gonna have to leave Dell here while we go somewhere. Unless you want to bring him along?

>Another sweep shows a large gorge to the east. I must not have seen it through the fog on my way here.
Sounds like you got lucky that you didn’t fall in! Because even if you can revive, I don’t think you’d be able to get back out!

>Where to?
Let’s head for the Radio Tower.
No. 993787 ID: 031458

Hmm... It would take multiple trips but... Scraping the radio tower for equipment would be real fucking useful.
Having a powerful radio transceiver would let us communicate with the outside of world- while keeping them at arms reach.

I think that would be a reasonable first goal to work towards, though we'll need to Carve a path there and find food along the way.
No. 993790 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161708616004.png - (743.66KB , 1500x1050 , Enter the City.png )

>Bring Dell?
Dell has no interest in leaving the safety of the metro, and I'm certain he'd slow me down.
DELL: Be on the look out for mechanical and electrical salvage! And anything else you think I could use. Good luck.

I give Dell a list of tasks to do while I'm gone including: stabilizing the metro car, cleaning the mess inside, doing whatever reinforcements are possible, and digging up that grave. I expected him to complain desecrating a grave or something like that, but his only complaint was not having a shovel.

>Into the city
Over the river and through the city outskirts, I enter the city. The sound of buzzing and chirping bugs cut through whistling wind. A constant acrid scent sticks in the back of my throat as I take a breath. Still fields and country sides are tranquil, almost peaceful even under the circumstances, but a quiet and still city does nothing but disturb me.

I head toward the direction of the radio tower, with my head on a swivel for food and other useful things.

>Scrapping the whole tower
That doesn't seem like something I can do alone, Dell may have had a point about having extra hands to help.
No. 993791 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161708616452.png - (945.25KB , 1500x1050 , Bobby's.png )

As I make my way to the radio tower I see the first building that doesn't look like a burnt out shell or a pile of rubble; Unfortunately it looks like a god damn madhouse. The front of the shop is covered in dried and wet blood, a bag of gore hangs from a lamp post nearby, and a row of skulls lines the window top. The odd part is the smell, it isn't the smell of a disgusting murder house but cooking food, food being prepared with seasoning. It makes my mouth water, even though I'm sure the food is being prepared with human meat. I'm not desperate enough to eat human meat just yet, but maybe there's something in there not made of human I can eat.

Or I can try my luck elsewhere, though from the look of this place the occupants may find me on their own later on. A rusty hook on a chain lay on the sidewalk, probably dropped by the psycho's that live here.
No. 993792 ID: b1b4f3

Eh... might want to come back later with a gun. Steal that chain though. Try not to make a shitload of noise when you pick it up.
No. 993794 ID: 031458

That's a sick ass chain.
GET THAT SHIT Also, maybe come back here when you get procure some Munitions.
No. 993810 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161710783444.png - (912.53KB , 1500x1050 , Nah.png )

I ignore the smell and move on. This place looks like it's more trouble than it's worth until I get better equipped. Still the thought of that aroma leaves my stomach growling…

Rita gains status: [HUNGRY]

I still grab the chain though, it's a good swinging chain for sure.

Hook Chain deals 4 damage and requires two hands, could be useful for grappling and entangling

Tip: One handed weapons can be dual wielded to do extra damage, but landing a hit with them might be harder
No. 993811 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161710785601.png - (638.98KB , 1500x1050 , Radio Station.png )

With a little more trudging through the streets I reach the radio station with little trouble. There doesn't seem to be anyone else here. I can hear the faint sound of static coming from the building. I don't know how much I'll find in the way of food here, but there still could be something valuable.

There's a gap filled with acrid smelling liquid between me and the land where the station sits, it looks about knee deep. A large pipe connects the land.
No. 993813 ID: 92b744

Might as well take a look inside, if anything, you can use this place as a high ground to take a better look to your surroundings.
No. 993814 ID: 92b744

Question, can we use the chain as a "shield" for one hand while while we wield a weapon in the other? Like, wrap it around your arm?
No. 993815 ID: 01d4f3

That pipe screams ambush. Place like this would make a solid base for like 4 or 5 guys Take a closer look before proceeding.
No. 993858 ID: a9af05

You don't have any way to pay for the food.

We can always stop by on our way back from the radio tower to check it out. If it turns out that there's a psycho that killing and cooking people, we can kill them and steal all the food not made of people.

That liquid might be sewage. Let's not fall in and find out.

That pipe looks like a good place to cross. Make sure you test it before you start walking across.
No. 993879 ID: 0fae41

Walking across is going to be slippery and loud. With all these rents in the earth, maybe you can find a way to get in the pipe to cross.
No. 993884 ID: 36784c

*insert sounds of vomiting here* Sorry about throwing up in your head. The thought of all of that possibly being human meat is making me sick.

Try to carefully cross the pipe.
No. 993885 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161714795129.png - (295.36KB , 1500x1050 , Pipe Crossing.png )

>Take a closer look before proceeding
I use my half binocular and scout the area a bit, I see no place for anyone to hide near or under the pipe.

>can we use the chain as a "shield" for one hand while we wield a weapon in the other?
I wrap the chain around my arm, it's hardly a shield and if I hold it like this my swings won't be as effective.

>Get inside the pipe
Crawling through the pipe sounds like a one way ticket to crawling through more of that shit in the gap, I'll stick to walking over it for now.

I place a foot on the pipe and apply weight, it holds nicely from the looks of it. Carefully, I begin to walk over the pipe. it's not slippery, though I can keep my balance well the pipe does shake a bit. With every step the pipe squeaks and quakes; As I get to the middle I begin having second thoughts about using the pipe to cross. I'm barely past the middle of the pipe before I can hear the metal give out behind me. I expect to start falling…
No. 993886 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161714795876.png - (352.22KB , 1500x1050 , Pipe Crossing 2.png )

…But instead I feel the pipe begin to rise. The back of the pipe starts to lift up as if it's being torn out of it's place by something I can't see. I can't help be stumble forward as the end of the pipe lifts higher, at the same time debris from the pipe fall into the sewage below causing the liquid to splash me; The droplets that hit me burn my skin like acid, and the fumes make me dizzy.

An odd distorted clicking noise starts to echo around the place.
No. 993887 ID: b1b4f3

I'm not so sure this is a pipe...
No. 993905 ID: 36784c

Oh shit! Run run run!
No. 993947 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161716416538.png - (667.30KB , 1500x1050 , Pipe Crossing 3.png )

I rush to the end of the other end of the pipe, again I can feel the metal shake beneath me. I leap off the pipe before it can be completely torn from the rock, I barely catch the ledge of the ground. The pipe is tossed back across the gap.
No. 993948 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161716416974.png - (533.50KB , 1500x1050 , Pipe Crossing 4.png )

>I'm not so sure this is a pipe...
From across the acid gap it certainly looks like a pipe. I can't see anything inside that could've moved it, unless it went back into the sewers the pipe connected.

As I take breaths I can hear a quiet noise on the air, it sounds like an odd sort of radio static.

Tip: Your traits are useful both in and out of combat
No. 993952 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god it's some kind of poltergeist.
It's about to play catch. If you're STRONG enough you could deflect the barrel maybe?

You're gonna need to either find what's doing this and kill it, or get out of the area so it stops attacking.
No. 993957 ID: 8a51ec

That barrel behind you doesn't look good, are you STRONG enough to bat it out of the way? You also might want to start hiding behind stuff to get a bead on the thing trying to kill you, if it even physically exists that is.
No. 993958 ID: 36784c

There’s a bunch of rocks and a metal barrel being thrown at you! Be STRONG and stop the barrel from knocking you into the acid!

>Oh god it's some kind of poltergeist.
If that’s true, then how do we fight it? Rita, can you hurt a ghost since you’re a Taken?
No. 993961 ID: 0fae41

Gravity, nooo! Find some securely anchored cover.
No. 993974 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161717533395.png - (755.97KB , 1500x1050 , Poltergeist.png )

>Stop the barrel
Stop the wh-OH FUCK

It's easy enough to block, I almost get pushed back into the acid pit but I'm strong enough not to have it hurt or stun me. The barrel lands in the acid pool and more fumes rise as a result. I dash to the nearest piece of stable-ish cover I can.
No. 993975 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161717533955.png - (420.58KB , 1500x1050 , Poltergeist 2.png )

A piece of sharpened rebar pierces the concrete rubble cover, it's not exactly impenetrable but it gives me enough time to just get my bearings for just a second. My breathing grows heavier, the fumes rising from the acid start to fill my lungs.

The sound of clicking get's louder. I can hear more rubble being lifted off the ground.
No. 993985 ID: 9c1ef3

It's only moved metal.

Quickly check yourself for metal so it can't toss YOU, then try to find line-of-sight cover from other metals. Given your environs, this might be hard - so prioritize avoiding things that are sharp or pointy.

Hope you have something nonmetal to whack the whateverthefuck, if not, find a nice rock and close the distance to the whateverthefuck.
No. 993997 ID: 9a2966

That clicking static seems to be a component to whatever psychic or magnetic shenanigans are going on here.

Run for the building, whatever's doing this has got to be inside, looking out at you.

Or maybe it's at the antenna? Glance up at it.
No. 993999 ID: 36784c

>My breathing grows heavier, the fumes rising from the acid start to fill my lungs.
You’ve gotta get to higher ground, away from the fumes! Unfortunately, this also means that you’ve gotta run towards whatever is throwing shit at you.

>It's only moved metal.
It’s not just metal. See here: >>993948 , the enemy is also moving rocks.
No. 994016 ID: b1b4f3

Push through! Move move move!
No. 994058 ID: 031458

Can you pinpoint the clicking sound?
If so, Strike at the invisible enemy!
No. 994066 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161724587625.png - (377.61KB , 1500x1050 , Tossed Weapons.png )

>It's only moved metal.
>It’s not just metal…the enemy is also moving rocks.
It's not throwing rocks though. Maybe it's influence over metal is stronger, strong enough to fling it instead of just making it float.

>maybe it's at the antenna? Glance up at it.
Nothing up there.

>That clicking static seems to be a component to whatever psychic or magnetic shenanigans are going on here.
>Can you pinpoint the clicking sound?
It's distant, echoing. Best bet is it's coming from the building

>whatever's doing this has got to be inside, looking out at you.
>You’ve gotta get to higher ground, away from the fumes!
The radio stations up higher, If I want to be able to breathe and get whatever's doing this it looks like I'll have to book it.

>Quickly check yourself for metal so it can't toss YOU
My chain and my hatchet are both made of metal, I'll have to sacrifice them for now just in case. I throw away my hatchet and chain.
No. 994067 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161724587948.png - (337.08KB , 1500x1050 , Wait A Minute___.png )

Wait a minute.
No. 994068 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161724588401.png - (810.10KB , 1500x1050 , Oh Shit, Oh Fuck.png )


I can feel the hatchet slash into my back as I'm running away. (3 Damage: Rita's health is at 10)
No. 994069 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161724588993.png - (464.38KB , 1500x1050 , Radio Station Reached.png )

Despite the pain I reach the front door of the radio station.
No. 994070 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161724589589.png - (823.34KB , 1500x1050 , Reception.png )

Inside it's dusty and stinks like rotten flesh. Dried blood on the floor, wouldn't be an abandoned building without it. A large pile of garbage and rubble lies to my left

Now that I'm inside I can tell that clicking's coming from above me, It's much quieter now but it's still audible.
No. 994072 ID: b1b4f3

First thing's first clear the room. Check behind the desk for threats, and around the corner. Then loot. Check the bag, poke the hand, open the box in the wall-- wait no that's a toolbox, it's metal, avoid it.
No. 994075 ID: 8a51ec

Severed arm is a bad sign, keep your peepers peeled. Anything of value inside that bag? Speaking of, you might be able to use it as an improvised weapon if it's heavy enough.
No. 994089 ID: 36784c

Since the metal in this room isn’t immediately attacking you, that means that the enemy needs to be able to see you in order to throw things at you. You’re safe for now.

Start with checking that bag next to the severed hand. Make sure you watch the ceiling for anything that could drop on you.
No. 994129 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161727066137.png - (846.50KB , 1500x1050 , Searching___.png )

>wait no that's a toolbox, it's metal, avoid it.
I'm pretty sure whatever was attacking me had to see me to throw things at me, else the rebar behind me would be flying off the wall to impale me.

>Check Toolbox
There's a book with a faded cover, and two food cans; one is dog food and one is empty corn. I'm still fucking hungry, I could eat dogfood if I had too.

>Poke Hand
I kick it over, it's holding a pill bottle. They're painkillers, very useful.

>Check bag
There's a giant hole in the side, useless as a container. It's got a makeshift club made from a rifle butt with a nail ran through it and some duct tape. I take it.

>Check behind the counter.
I find… What is this? It's some sort of big piece of machinery like the size of a computer. It looks like it has mechanical and electrical bits, good salvage. I take it.

Rita's Inventory (15.1/30)
-1/2 binocular (.1)
-1 lighter (.1)
-1 scrap of cloth (.1)
-A cracked die (.1)
-1 shotgun slug (.1)
-1 Bottle of water (.5)
-1 Can of peaches (.5)
-1 Can of dog food (.5)
-1 Empty tin can (.1)
-1 Bottle of painkillers (.5)
-1 Stock club (1)
-1 Book (.5)
-1 Unknown broken machine (10)
-9ft of Duct tape (1)

Tip: Don't worry, I'm actually keeping track of the inventory from the beginning this time.
No. 994137 ID: ce39da

Hm, still, the embedded rebar in this room proves the telekinetic entity (let's call them the Radio Star - better to sound like a dork than a nerd when referring to these things) was in the room; they're most likely on the move.

Considering there's no blood pool nor drag marks here, it seems like this dismemberment wasn't immediately fatal. Whoever that hand was attached to seems to have stumbled off south (relative to this angle). Go that way if possible; either someone needs our help, or there will be a body to loot.
No. 994153 ID: 36784c

Read it. It might be a journal from someone that figured out what’s causing the metal to fly all over the place. It could even give us a clue on how to deal with it.

>I'm still fucking hungry, I could eat dogfood if I had too.
You might as well eat it. There’s no telling how long we’re going to be here. This might be the only chance you get to eat for a while.

>makeshift club
At least you’ve got a weapon now. Might want to remove that nail if you can.

Let’s follow the trail of blood.
No. 994156 ID: 9a2966

Nothing is attacking you. Attacker probably needs line of sight - good to know. Make sure anything you have that is metal is secured tightly and out of sight - or just secure it down here and hope you get a chance to come back for it.

Grab cloth, wrap around hand. Your hand is now extra protected in case you need to PUNCH something really hard.

Grab gun stock, pry loose nail and discard. This is now your CLUB. With which you'll use to beat to death whatever's up top.

Grab duct tape, slap some over your wound so you don't keep on bleedin' while you exert yourself clubbing whatever's up top to death.

Quick skim the book - is it a diary? If so, read last entries. If not, and it seems useful, secure it. If it does not seem immediately useful, congratulations, you now have something else to beat the thing upstairs to death with - or a piece of ablative cover - or something to toss at it to distract it.

Then you really should move so whatever's up top doesn't have time to grab EVERY sharp or dangerous implement in reach to ready for an ambush.
No. 994157 ID: 5cc67d

I hope we can get your weapons back. I was going to suggest to keep teh hand to fuck with Dell a bit, but that might be a little too much...

Is there something else in the hole in the wall? if not, keep moving forward, carefully.
No. 994226 ID: a9af05

Follow the blood.
No. 994329 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161732486143.png - (747.25KB , 1500x1050 , Follow the Blood.png )

>Read Book
It's filled with scribbles, illegible babble and some sort of schematic I can't understand. Dell might be able to make more sense out of this than I can.

>Remove nail from rifle stock
I pry the nail out of the wood, better safe than sorry.

>Duct tape wound
It helps, just barely
(Rita's Health 10 ==> 12)

The painkillers would do more, but I should probably save those for later.

>Eat the dog food
What is this? Turkey and gravy flavor? Not bad.
(Rita lost status [HUNGER])

>Follow the blood
I climb over the knocked over locker and follow the blood into the hallway. The blood continues on into the room. To my right are two doors, one's been ripped to shreds and the others armored and chained up, I'm strong but not strong enough to tear off chains. A low dial tone is coming from the shredded door.

>Secure any metal
This machine thing is made of metal, it's also heavy as all hell. I stash it under the knocked over locker. If I'm gonna carry more stuff I gotta get Dell to make me a wagon or something.
No. 994331 ID: 8a51ec

That's one sharp-looking piece of wooden door, think you can break it off and duct tape it to the rifle stock? And be sure to peek into both rooms before you enter either.
No. 994332 ID: b1b4f3

Why don't you eat the dog food now?
No. 994344 ID: 36784c

Speaking of Dell, let’s be glad he didn’t come. Even though it would’ve been funny to tell him to stop hitting himself while he’s getting smacked by his metal arm, it still would’ve been annoying when he starts to unintentionally attack us.

Look through the bars of the locked door to see what’s in there.

Then carefully look through the broken door to see what’s making that noise.
No. 994355 ID: 5cc67d

Take a peek at both doors, see what is behind them.
No. 994408 ID: 031458

Wall saw blade suggests this thing may be mobile. Do a few practice vaults over that fallen locker so it's not an obstacle later if you need to MOVE
No. 994415 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161736491479.png - (604.71KB , 1500x1050 , Need a Hand_ Hahaha don't read this please.png )

>Why don't you eat the dog food now?
I just did. It was turkey and gravy flavor. That's why I'm not hungry anymore.

>Peek shredded room
I look inside the sundered door room, no danger, but there is a grotesque severed arm and some teeth along with some sort of radio terminal, a broken coffee maker, and a phone; the source of the dial tone.
No. 994416 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161736493765.png - (314.12KB , 925x1050 , Spear.png )

>That's one sharp-looking piece of wooden door, think you can break it off and duct tape it to the rifle stock?
Unnecessary, I can manage a nice enough wooden spear from it. Some duct tape around the haft makes it easier to hold, in fact those teeth from the next room would do nicely on the tip. I use the scrap of cloth and some more tape to affix the teeth to the end of the wood. I have a decent bone spear now.

>Do a few practice vaults over that fallen locker so it's not an obstacle later if you need to MOVE
I do a couple of leaps over the fallen locker. If I ever need to run I sure as hell won't trip over this thing
No. 994417 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161736495421.png - (473.33KB , 1500x1050 , Barred Room Peak.png )

>Peek barred room
First thing that draws my eye is the dead body. Looks like the guy succumbed to his wounds while waiting for help. Whoever lost their hand with the painkillers must've been trying to reach this guy. I also notice the guitar case by the radio terminal, it probably doesn't have an actual guitar in it but it still could have something good in it. There's food in the cupboard above.

I stop and listen for a bit. The clicking isn't above me anymore, I can't hear it at all now.
No. 994418 ID: e7c7d3

Looks like we need in that room. Just continue through the open doorway for now though
No. 994419 ID: 2aa5f0

I think the body is holding a knife. either that or it's his foot.
No. 994420 ID: 36784c

>Need a Hand_ Hahaha don't read this please.png
Too late, I already read it!

>a phone; the source of the dial tone.
You’d think that would get annoying for whoever is here and they would’ve stopped it.

Although, since we’ve been hearing clicking and radio static sounds, maybe whoever is here left the phone like that on purpose? They might be using it like a sonar or something. Maybe we should hang up the phone and unplug it just to be safe?

>I stop and listen for a bit. The clicking isn't above me anymore, I can't hear it at all now.
Can you still hear the dial tone of the phone or has that also gone silent?
No. 994426 ID: 031458

Put the phone receiver back on, then just... Listen.
No. 994438 ID: a9af05

Hang up the phone and listen for any unusual noises.

>Unplug phone
We might need to rip the cord out of the phone to prevent it from being plugged in again.
No. 994446 ID: b1b4f3

We need to find a room without dangerous bits of metal in it, and stage an ambush there.
No. 994458 ID: 5cc67d

After we make sure we are safe and don't hear any noices, take your time to look at the cupborads. I can see some boxes and cans, and a bottle. check the corpse, carefully, and the guitar case. might as well take it as well.
No. 994462 ID: a9af05

We can't do that, the door is locked.
No. 994464 ID: 5cc67d

Ah, right, well, do it with the door that isn't loked.
No. 994567 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161742684920.png - (589.36KB , 1500x1050 , Hang Up.png )

>Can you still hear the dial tone of the phone or has that also gone silent?
Of course I can still hear the dial tone it's right there.

>Hang up and unplug the phone
I put the phone back on the receiver, With the dial tone gone the clicking becomes a bit more audible, still quieter than before though. Doesn't sound like it's above me now.

>Search cabinets
Empty. all of them.

>We need to find a room without dangerous bits of metal in it, and stage an ambush there.
Good idea, but hard. Seems like whatever lives here's check sharp metal all over the place, it's difficult to avoid. Even this phone and coffee maker could be chucked at my head.
No. 994569 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161742687473.png - (744.50KB , 1500x1050 , Continue Following the Blood.png )

>Continue through the open door way.
Another wrecked hallway. The room to my right is filled with rubble and has a small locker

The blood trail ends in a ruined room full of red splatters.

I can hear footsteps, and the clicking's clearer and closer than before...
No. 994572 ID: b1b4f3

Run. Go to one of the rooms without metal things stuck in the walls. Toss everything metal out of the room. Then wait.
No. 994588 ID: 031458

Take cover!
It's here.
No. 994608 ID: 36784c

Something is coming! Hide quickly!
No. 994625 ID: 5cc67d

Take cover bihind the wall at your right! It has a small corner that hides you very well.
No. 994723 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161750544308.png - (431.84KB , 1500x1050 , Mutant.png )

I duck into the collapsed room to my right and hide in the corner. I keep my breathing steady. I hear footsteps and haggard breathing. Something comes closer and closer to my hiding spot. Soon enough it comes into my view.

I can make out enough of it's features to tell it isn't human. Skin covered in lesions, disfigured gangly limbs, a jaw filled with jagged teeth which seems to have set itself into the chest, and most notably a large swollen head, I can hear the engorged brain pulsating from where I am. It reeks of rotten fish and filth.

This thing is clearly a mutant, I've heard of them but never saw a live one before. It looks around the hallway not noticing me, it seems it's mutations have left it with poor eyesight and a ruined nose. I hasn't noticed me at all. The creature lets out a low clicking noise; The metal locker behind me shakes and floats maybe a half inch off the ground before falling back down.

It looks like it'll continue on into the next room soon.
No. 994733 ID: b1b4f3

Stab it in the brain. My guess is people tried to shoot it before now, and obviously it just stopped the bullets.
No. 994736 ID: 36784c

>The creature lets out a low clicking noise
It's using echolocation. That's how it can "see" around it. As long as you're quiet, it can't see you.

>Stab it in the brain.
Do this. Let's use your new bone spear!
No. 994783 ID: 2aa5f0

probably best to jump this thing and kill it now while you have the chance. This thing is clearly dangerous and having to hide from it could bite you in the ass if it finds you in a later room full of more hazards than in here. Plus I'm kinda hoping that if you can get close enough to stab it you can prevent it from using really big things to hit you with since it would risk hitting itself.
No. 994784 ID: e71563

Strip from yourself all that clatters, clanks, jingles, tattoos, cops, and rustles.
Sneak up on it, and ambush it like a primal hunter.
No. 994798 ID: f9464a

Attack with your spear.

Doing that would make noise. We're better off attacking now.
No. 994958 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161766314413.png - (816.27KB , 1500x1050 , Squelch!.png )

>Attack with spear
I grasp my spear, and quickly dart from my cover out into attack range. I plunge the spear into the mutant's head, thick blood gushes from the wound splattering my mask, the creatures clicking turns to loud screeching. Though I know the attack did a considerable amount of damage, it looks like the spearhead's hit hard bone beneath the exposed brain. It's not an instant kill like I'd like for it to be, but I know the mutant's injured badly.

The mutant thrashes, and manages to get a little distance from me. The loud clicking resumes…
No. 994959 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161766314897.png - (486.53KB , 1500x1050 , Radio Star.png )

Rita has surprised Radio Star with a sneak attack (x2) Radio Star took 12 Damage!
Radio Star is [SURPRISED]!

Radio Star defends with it's traits [Vector Field] and [Heightened Reflexes]
-[Vector Field] Counts as 2 traits when defending against metal-
-[Heightened Reflexes] Counts as 2 traits when defending against projectiles -

The metal locker lifts from it's spot and circles the air around Radio Star
Ability: [Magnetism] Counts as a number of traits equal to the size and number of metal objects nearby, maximum 5 (Metal Locker = 2)

Radio Star looks like it's planning to retreat after it's finished defending

Radio Star's Defense
[Vector Field]-[Heightened Reflexes]-|[Magnetism]-[Magnetism]|

Rita's Attack
[Enemy Surprised]

Tip: Negative Statuses on enemies can make them easier to hit, for example Radio Star is [Surprised] so that get's added to Rita's stack to make it easier to attack.

[Weapon Expert]
[Brawler+]: Double Damage on Exceed
No. 994961 ID: b1b4f3

Ugh, all we can do is match its defense. Well, half damage is better than nothing, and it's about to run away anyway.

Slam all our offense traits into the attack.
No. 994962 ID: 8a51ec

Assert dominance by going on the full offensive before Radio Star can run away.
No. 994963 ID: ce39da

If it's making a run for it, then we can use [ENEMY SURPRISED], [STRONG], [WEAPON EXPERT], and [BRAWLER+] to tie without too much worry.
No. 994965 ID: 2aa5f0

kick it's ass before it can flee.
No. 994966 ID: 031458

I wonder how much brain he can lose before he stops being able to magnetize.

Let's find out!

Full Attack his other lobe!

Yell a cheesy one liner as you do.
No. 994967 ID: 1a5633

If it want's to excape and we have an opportunity to attack, we should hurt its legs. Try targeting those. The worst case scenario we take a hit, but it will either a harder time running away or won't be able to escape at all.
No. 994973 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161766671945.png - (788.25KB , 1500x1050 , Slashed.png )

>Aim at the other lobe
>Aim at the legs
Rita can't do both, She decides the legs might be a better target.

Rita meets Radio Stars defenses. She dashes forward and ducks the floating locker; In the same motion Rita swings her spear at Radio Star's leg. The creature's retreat makes hitting it's legs harder, but Rita does manage to slash at it's back of it's calf.

Rita deals 3 damage.

The cut's a decent size, but it doesn't hinder Radio Star from fleeing. The mutant hastily stumbles back into the room it came from. The clicking and screeches of pain still audible as it runs away. The locker drops to the ground.
No. 994974 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161766673570.png - (716.28KB , 1500x1050 , Retreat.png )

It ran. It's probably still close, I can hear it. It's definitely hurt, one more encounter with it and I'm sure I can kill it for good. It'd be easy.

There's probably more metal deeper in though.
No. 994977 ID: b1b4f3

With more metal it'll be harder to land a scratch, and it'll be able to overwhelm our defenses.
Let's ambush it again. Put the locker on top of the rubble pile so you can jump up a floor and get ahead of it so it won't be expecting you. Then just hide somewhere and get another sneak attack off on it, so it doesn't matter how much metal there is.
No. 994980 ID: 031458

You are the HUNTER.
It is your PREY.

Lighten your load.
Shed all that is unnecessary.
Grip your spear.

STALK IT, Into the bowls of this forgotten place..

It cannot defend itself from what cannot detect.

It will die in silence.
No. 994987 ID: 3f7e60

it got away, following it maybe be suicide but it could lead to good stuff (canned food, metal weapon used by other scavengers, etc). nothing ventured nothing gained, go after it.
No. 994995 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161767595936.png - (699.27KB , 1500x1050 , Up the Hole.png )

>You are the HUNTER.
>It is your PREY.
That goes without saying.

>Lighten your load.
I'm not [ENCUMBERED] yet. Dropping anything won't help me.

>STALK IT, Into the bowls of this forgotten place..
I'll move as silently as I can, but I assume this thing knows the place better than me...

>Put the locker on top of the rubble pile so you can jump up a floor and get ahead of it so it won't be expecting you.
I drag it over and clamber up to the next floor.

I'm startled for a second coming out of the hole. Three silhouettes of odd figures turn out to be statues or figurines made from scrap metal. A severed leg lays on the floor, I can see a metal hip replacement jutting from the bone. Makes me glad I don't have any prosthetics or fillings.

The room at the back behind the broken window looks empty.

I can still hear the mutant clicking below me.
No. 994996 ID: ce39da

No matter what, you must not be caught in a room with tons of scrap. Move on from this room. (I assume "right" is the only new way forward.) Assume all metal to be less than useless until you've disposed of the threat.
No. 994997 ID: b1b4f3

Peek through the window. Maybe that spot is a good ambush point.
No. 994998 ID: 1a5633

Bellow you say? Is it epecting you to jump right after it? Try to find another way down there. Search the place for something useful, mind the things made out of metal.
No. 995002 ID: 36784c

You could probably bait the monster into attacking something that isn’t you. If you find something that isn’t made of metal, you could throw it past the monster and make it look away from you, then you could sneak up on it again.

Pick up some glass for later so we can use it later for distracting the monster.
No. 995019 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161770296529.png - (541.49KB , 1500x1050 , Collapsed Room.png )

>Peek through the window. Maybe that spot is a good ambush point.
Seems like it could be. Main problem is all the metal, If I get the drop on the mutant then it may not be a problem, but I also feel like it's guard may be up after the last sneak attack.

>You could probably bait the monster into attacking something that isn’t you. If you find something that isn’t made of metal, you could throw it past the monster and make it look away from you, then you could sneak up on it again.
A diversion would definitely make a second sneak attack easier against something that knows I'm here. I grab a chunk of glass just in case.

>Move on from this room.
I leave the metal sculpture room. The next room I enter has a giant hole in the ceiling that gives way to the outside. There's another one of those metal sculptures at the back, a broken mirror, and an old mattress. The doorway at the back leads to the stairs.

The clicking and breathing of the mutant is much louder from this room.
No. 995022 ID: 8e8aa6

Despite it's relatively short run time, that cartoon was LIT as hell while it lasted.

Also didn't he use a spear like you're using now? Sweet.

Fucking Score, dude.
No. 995029 ID: 8e8aa6

Take a piece of broken mirror to help look around corners more subtly. Find out which direction the clicking is coming from. Stick to the wall and check the stairwell first.
No. 995030 ID: e7c7d3

Hug plushie for good luck
No. 995041 ID: 36784c

It's probably below you. Try looking down through the hole in the floor to see if you can spot it.

Don't. It might be one of those plushies that makes some kind of noise when squeezed and that would alert the monster to where we are.

But we should definitely collect it after killing the monster. It's too cute to leave here.
No. 995058 ID: a9af05

Peak down the hole in the floor to see if you can see the monster. If you think you can handle the drop, you could try to jump down and attack from up here.
No. 995063 ID: b1b4f3

Is nobody else gonna mention that the mutant is making sculptures, which means it's not a mindless monster?
Not saying we have to spare it, but maybe it attacked us for a reason.
No. 995109 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161776183385.png - (164.60KB , 883x903 , Shameless Self Reference.png )

>Despite it's relatively short run time, that cartoon was LIT as hell while it lasted.
I'm sure the show would've gone on a lot longer if the world didn't end. Just a hunch. I had a shirt from this show once, I'm taking the plush.

>Take a piece of broken mirror to help look around corners more subtly.
No. 995110 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161776185909.png - (578.52KB , 1500x1050 , Through the Crack.png )

>Peek through the hole
I look down the crack in the floor. The mutant is sitting at the back of the room in a pile of rubble, metal weapons orbiting it ready to attack anything that enters the room. I can't attack it from here.

>Is nobody else gonna mention that the mutant is making sculptures, which means it's not a mindless monster? Not saying we have to spare it, but maybe it attacked us for a reason.
I've had plenty of humans attack me for plenty of reasons a lot of which tend to be pretty good, not wanting to starve being the most common, so I really don't care what it's reason is. Still, It's intelligence should be noted; A smarter enemy is a lot more dangerous.
No. 995111 ID: b1b4f3

It's focused on one doorway. I can't quite tell because of the perspective... do you think you could get close enough to attack if you entered from the other direction? It's the stairs.

Alternatively we can look around up here for something that we could drop down there to kill it. Like a molotov.
No. 995120 ID: 36784c

It’s a good thing you didn’t chase after it, you would’ve been torn to pieces!

It’s still expecting you to come through the door where you ambushed it earlier. If you go down the stairs in the room you’re in, you’ll be able to get to the room the monster is in.

The good thing about it being blind is that it can’t see you throw something from around the corner, so tossing something at the door where it’s focused will work in distracting it. However, since it’s intelligent, that means that you might only get one chance before it figures out what you’re doing. Gotta make it count!
No. 995172 ID: 1a5633

Wait, we wasted the oportunity to be a creepy mother fucker through the hole in the floor. Shame on us!

I think that if you manage to go through the other door you can sneak up to him hugging the wall to his right and make a surprise attack.

Do we now where that door leads to?
No. 995212 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161783582764.png - (228.20KB , 1500x1050 , Can Throw.png )

>It's focused on one doorway. I can't quite tell because of the perspective... do you think you could get close enough to attack if you entered from the other direction? It's the stairs.
>It’s still expecting you to come through the door where you ambushed it earlier. If you go down the stairs in the room you’re in, you’ll be able to get to the room the monster is in.
I creep down the stairs quietly but quickly. I move to the corner of the room.

>The good thing about it being blind is that it can’t see you throw something from around the corner, so tossing something at the door where it’s focused will work in distracting it.
I put the shards of glass into an empty can and chuck it at the doorway.
No. 995213 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161783583147.png - (598.68KB , 1500x1050 , Can Throw 2.png )

The mutant screeches and throws the metal objects at the door, I take my chance and move out to the middle of the room to get the clearest shot on the mutant
No. 995214 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161783583559.png - (385.38KB , 1500x1050 , Pit Trap.png )

As my foot makes contact with the ground I begin to fall…
No. 995215 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161783584096.png - (604.13KB , 1500x1050 , Pit Trap 2.png )

My head hit's solid rock, and something sharp has pierced my side. Looking around I see that I feel into a shallow pit filled with sharpened pieces of metal, one of which has stabbed me.

(Rita's Health: 12 ==> 6)

My ears are ringing, but I can still hear the mutant's clicking above. After some time the other bits of metal in the pit begin to vibrate and lift up out of the pit one by one, the mutant's checking it's trap.
No. 995221 ID: 8a51ec

Probably not the time for "penetration" jokes. Is the spear not broken or out of reach, is your throwing arm unaffected? If both are a yes then try throwing the spear at it, otherwise play dead and hope you won't be no longer just playing in a moment.
No. 995222 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, why did you go into the middle of the room? You were supposed to attack while hugging the wall. You know, around the corner?
Also I don't understand how this trap was even possible. What was supporting the rugs?

Well, regardless, you can get out of this situation fine if you remove the spike from yourself so that it can't tell you got stabbed, and wait for an opportunity to strike.
No. 995224 ID: 031458

Jam your shotgun shell into one of the nearby jagged metal pieces to set it off!
Even with gloves it'll fuck up your hand, but the disorientation it'll cause to a mutant that relies on sound will gain you the precious seconds you need to get up and stab it in the face!
No. 995225 ID: 1a5633

FFFFFFFudch, that went out baaaad. If he is checking the trap, he doesn't know that you are hit, or that you are there at all. Try to pick yourself up as fast as you can and shank the fucker. He doesn't seem to have any more "ammo" around him, it will take time to pull it out of the floor.
No. 995226 ID: d99663

well poop
the turns have tabled
if you can grit through the pain you need to get whatever piece of metal is in you out of you before the mutant makes it worse.
No. 995256 ID: 36784c

The monster's blood trail on the floor shows that it clearly walked around the carpet on the floor! Fuck! Why didn't I see that?!

Sorry for getting you in this mess, Rita.

>the mutant's checking it's trap.
If it feels any resistance when trying to lift the piece of metal in your side, then it'll know that it got you. You're going to need to remove the metal so that it can't know that you're there!
No. 995259 ID: 2aa5f0

so we lost half our health, lost the element of surprise, are pinned I believe by the metal rods sticking out of the pit, and are now in a room of metal set up to be a kill zone by fugly over there. Whelp GG everybody.

Honestly the only thing I can think of is maybe see if you can lunch a surprise attack while that thing still thinks you're down and book it out of the room to try and treat some of your wounds... or if that doesn't work just say fuck it and run (if you can) to go lick your wounds because this is not a position you want to be in to fight something like that.
No. 995260 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161784821620.png - (880.03KB , 1500x1050 , In the Pit.png )

>Probably not the time for "penetration" jokes.
No, please I'd love to hear 'em. I need to make sure I write down the good ones for later.

>Is the spear not broken or out of reach, is your throwing arm unaffected?
My spear is fine, my arm's okay too.

>Jam your shotgun shell into one of the nearby jagged metal pieces to set it off!
I clutch the shotgun slug in my left hand and my bone spear in my right. I take a deep breath and slam the shell down onto the closest piece of jagged metal as hard as I can. Sure enough the shock of the blast hurts like hell, but I can hear mutant screech in surprise, startled by the bang.
No. 995261 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161784821724.png - (516.18KB , 1500x1050 , In the Pit 2.png )

At the same time I tear myself from the piece of metal impaling me as fast as I can and take aim with my spear. The mutant's too dazed by the shell blast to notice my groans of pain.
No. 995262 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161784823691.png - (1.39MB , 1500x1050 , Like Spear Fishing.png )

The mutants clicks and screeching turns to rasps of pain and gargling blood as my spear runs through it's chest. It shakes and thrashes as it dies, until finally if falls down motionless. I can hear my spear break as it falls down. The mutant's finally dead.
No. 995263 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161784824343.png - (615.43KB , 1500x1050 , Out.png )

I climb out of the pit, it's not easy but I don't want to stay in there.

>Sorry for getting you in this mess, Rita.
Don't worry about that you voices are more help than I thought you'd be...I'm really talking back to the voices like they're people now aren't I? It's definitely all the blood loss...

Without the constant clicking all that's left is the sound of gentle breeze and the buzzing of insects. I relax, but not too much, there's always a chance things can get worse after they get better.
No. 995264 ID: b1b4f3

Alright time to stop the blood loss then start looting the place. May as well start with this hidey-hole the mutant had.
No. 995272 ID: 36784c

If the mutant left a trap, then that means you’re gonna need to be careful when walking around this place. We might run into more traps while looting.

First things first, duct tape your side to stop the bleeding, then take those pain killers to dull the pain of duct taping yourself up.

There’s some keys over in that hole in the wall. Maybe one of those will get you into the locked room with all the food? There’s also some other stuff next to the keys.

And that wagon will help with carrying any loot you find back home. Hopefully the mutant’s previous victims had some good stuff on them.
No. 995276 ID: 1a5633

>It's definitely all the blood loss...
Definitly, 100%.

Well well, a cart, that is going to be REALLY useful. Search the room, loot it, and before you forget, get back the stuff you left behind. After that we need to find a way to open that locked door, and finish sweeping up the rest of teh building. Your chain and the hatchet should be in the entrance laying around, don't forget about those too.

About your injuries, might as well use the pain killers, you are quite beat up, and there is a long way back home.
No. 995279 ID: e29c1e

Now would probably be a good time to down those painkillers
No. 995281 ID: 8a51ec

Or you're just a schizophrenic. Anyway, CRACKHEAD CHARIOT ACQUIRED! Even a cart that rinky-dink is great at lightening the load. Go see what's in the wall hole over the rubble before you get out of tetanus hell.
No. 995284 ID: 031458

The Wagon might come in handy. Though it'll be loud enough to attract attention...

...It would be best to avoid the Madhouse on the way back all together in our condition, but if you HAVE to pass by it again, might as well load the corpse up in it. Could leave it at the front. Maybe they'll let you pass?

I'm getting ahead of myself though. Patch yourself up as best you can and- oh. Looks like this guy had a stash in that wall there. We also haven't been on the roof yet. Got the whole place to ourselves... For now.

Should load up with what we can, and bring the Nerd with us later. A lot of nerd shit here.
No. 995294 ID: 36784c

Hey, Rita, I’ve got a few questions I’d like to ask:

Do you think Taken develop special powers, besides coming back to life? Do you think you might eventually get some kinda special power? When a Taken becomes a Husk after dying too many times, do you think they lose the ability to revive?
No. 995364 ID: e16acb

Taking the painkillers now would be a good idea, after wrapping up your wounds that is.
No. 995389 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161793658237.png - (637.65KB , 1500x1050 , Loot.png )

>Do you think Taken develop special powers?
Probably, I don't meet a lot of taken and a lot of what I hear sounds like hear-say so I don't know what is and isn't true.

>Do you think you might eventually get some kinda special power?
Don't know, probably not. Sounds too far fetched to happen to me.

>When a Taken becomes a Husk after dying too many times, do you think they lose the ability to revive?
No idea, I don't see why they would though.

>Tend to wounds
I use the last of my duct tape on the puncture wound.
(Health: 6 ==> 8)

I down the painkillers. They kick in pretty quickly.
(Health: 8 ==> 14)

I feel like a million bucks.

>Check the hole in the wall
I find two cans of food, some tomato soup and…hold on this isn't food. I find one can of tomato soup and one can of Sunderland brand canned lightbulbs? Weird. There's also a coupon for Benny's Burger Joint; That place was disgusting, burgers tasted like flavorless mush, I'd kill for their fries though. There's a map to a Benny's Burgers on the back of the coupon. Finally I find a doll made of scraps of metal, Allen wrenches, a bottle cap, and a key.

Definitely gonna come in handy, though it is squeaky and loud.

(Wagon Inventory 0/100)
No. 995390 ID: b1b4f3

We can use the wagon to store all the loot we find here. Maybe if you find some oil you can take care of that squeaky wheel.
First follow the blood trail into the "previous" room.
No. 995397 ID: 1a5633

>Definitely gonna come in handy, though it is squeaky and loud.
Dell might know how to make it less noisy. Maybe some oil or something.

I bet the key opens the locked door. Lets go open it.

Don't forget to pick up the stuff you left behind!
No. 995399 ID: 36784c

Go look at the things the mutant threw at your distraction by the door. Anything worth taking?

>That place was disgusting, burgers tasted like flavorless mush, I'd kill for their fries though. There's a map to a Benny's Burgers on the back of the coupon.
It may taste bad, but food is food. Can’t be a picky eater if it means surviving. I doubt they’re still in business, but maybe there’s something we can get over there?

>Finally I find a doll made of scraps of metal, Allen wrenches, a bottle cap, and a key.
Let’s bring that key over to the locked door that had the food behind it. Hopefully this key will unlock it.

…Rita, I’ve been wondering, when did you first start hearing us? And do you think we’re only voices in your head? I ask because earlier, we alerted you to that metal barrel that came flying at you before you even knew it was there. Don’t you think that’s pretty strange?
No. 995416 ID: 031458

All these dolls make me feel like this mutant was mostly all there, just the loneliness gave way to Paranoia.
I almost feel bad for him... But he did try to kill us first so fuck him.

Before we leave we need to Check the roof, check out any rooms we missed, collect our metal items we set aside, and see if we can find anywhere this key fits.
No. 995420 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161796887472.png - (742.85KB , 1500x1050 , Through the Hallway.png )

>Check projectiles
A handle-less knife, a sharp pipe, A saw blade, and an arrow, lot of garbage. I grab it all, garbage can be useful.

>Follow the blood out into the next room
It just leads into the hallway I wounded the mutant in.

>when did you first start hearing us?
Why do I need to answer that? Don't you remember when you started bothering me? It was right before I started wandering. You were all quieter before, like whispers, less coherent.
No. 995421 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161796888848.png - (547.87KB , 1500x1050 , Locked Room.png )

I try the doll key it on the chained door and the lock opens.

I take everything from the upper cupboard. Bottled water, canned pumpkin, tuna and a box of crackers, probably a little stale but should be fine to eat.

I pop open the guitar case and find…oh shit an actual guitar. That's surprising, it could be useful for something later on.

I check the dead body; He's got a pack of five cigarettes, a gun so broken it's basically just gun parts now, a necklace made out of a monopoly top hat playing piece, and a picture of the dead man with two other people surrounded by tree's. There's something written on the back of the photo…

Don't forget. Behind the old windmill. Bring lots of ammo

I also can't help but eye his belt…the buckle's nice…
No. 995422 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161796890802.png - (237.65KB , 817x1081 , New Belt Buckle.png )

…And now it's mine.

-Stock Club (1)

-1/2 binocular (.1)
-Lighter (.1)

-Can of tomato soup (.5)
-Can of pumpkin (.5)
-Can of tuna (.5)
-Box of stale crackers(.5)
-2 Bottles of water (1)

-5 Cigarettes (.5)
-Monopoly hat necklace (.1)
-Guitar (5)
-1x Gun parts(.5)
-Key Doll (.1)
-Knife blade(.1)
-Cracked die (.1)
-Illegible Book (.5)
-2 Empty Tin Cans (.2)
-Benny's Burger's coupon (-)
-Can of light bulbs (.5)
-Sharpened Pipe(.5)
No. 995428 ID: 8a51ec

If you only started clearly hearing us once you got within the area of this place, there might be something else in the building more directly psionically screwing with you. Best to bring whatever it is with you all things considered. You should probably start navigating your way out of here before Dell gets disemboweled by something, you have a lot of scrap for him to tinker with right now.
No. 995430 ID: 031458

That's a nice fuckin buckle. Consider it a reward for taking down fucking magneto. Professor X aint got shit on you.

We still haven't checked the roof or collected our set aside items.
No. 995434 ID: 36784c

Nice belt.

Let’s go to the entrance and explore the hallway that wasn’t covered in blood.
No. 995450 ID: 194806

>Behind the old windmill
We should keep an eye for that windmill.

Sick. I just hope that it doesn't bring trouble in the future with the friends of the previous owner.

Let's keep picking up the stuff you left behind.

Dell is going to be very happy with our finds. Especially the guitar.
No. 995454 ID: b1b4f3

Alright check the big blood splatter room next.
No. 995471 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161801539307.png - (748.31KB , 1500x1050 , Loot 2.png )

>Collect stashed items
I pick up the weird machine and toss it into the wagon.

>check the big blood splatter room next.
I follow the previous trail into the blood splattered room. It's mostly empty save for some metallic crap I take (+10 Mechanical Scrap, +5 Electronic Scrap).

There's a dead body against the nearest wall. His face is fucked up, almost makes me sick. He's got a crossbow on him, but the metal's bent and part of the front's broken off, it needs to be fixed before it's useable. He's also got 3 bolts, a fountain pen, a bottle of whisky, and a monopoly thimble playing piece necklace.
No. 995472 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161801540199.png - (581.20KB , 1500x1050 , Other Room.png )

>Explore other hallway
Down the other hall I find a small room, the furthest wall and the doorway with it collapsed. To my left through a collapsed wall is a dead body.

The dead body has gun parts, a roll of clean bandages, three pistol rounds, and a monopoly boot playing piece necklace. I take it all, especially the bandages, I'm sick of using duct tape to close wounds.
No. 995473 ID: 8fb3ba
File A_whistle_on_the_roof.webm - (959.82KB , A whistle on the roof.webm )

>The roof
I return to the top floor and head for the hole in the roof. As I draw closer I hear something, I can't tell if I couldn't here it before because of the clicking or if it's new. Somebody's whistling on the roof...
No. 995474 ID: b1b4f3

Try getting a look without exposing yourself. Whoever it is, they were here at the same time as the mutant. Maybe they were allied with it, or did they just have a different route to the roof and used it as an unwitting guard dog?
No. 995475 ID: 031458

Was that a... Mechanical sound with it? Is there an air ship or something up there?!?!

No. 995528 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161805251668.png - (554.05KB , 1500x1050 , Moth.png )

>Try getting a look without exposing yourself
I slowly peek over the side of the hole.

A figure stands at the edge of the building over looking the city; Their cape is an odd design like moth wings, and they wear a strange sort of mask. The person sways back and forward as their cape flutters slightly with the wind. The atmosphere appears to shift; I don't feel the cold city air, and the rushing of wind is muted. The roof of the building is covered in weird doodles, spirals and other drawings that seem to wobble and wave like air on a summers day.

When I do hear a voice, it's a deep and gentle one. She's muttering to herself as she scans the city

???: I spy with my little eye…something that begins with the letter R…
???: Rubble, ruins…radio tower!...rats, wreckage…wait no not wreckage…roads…
No. 995529 ID: 8fb3ba
File 161805252009.png - (351.72KB , 1500x1050 , Moth 2.png )

As she's thinking her head turns toward me. I duck quickly down back into the hole, there's a long silence before she starts whistling again. The song sounds familiar, I know I would've heard it before The mutant should've known she was here too...

???: Pearl.

Her whistling is cut short abruptly by the curt statement.

PEARL: My name is Pearl.

I stay quiet, unmoving.

PEARL: I think I've heard a little about you, occasionally I over-hear a survivor from a wrecked enclave tell tale of a woman matching your description. Of course lots of people may be missing eyes and wearing masks so maybe you're not who I think you are; If you're not sorry for assuming.

There's a long silence as I stare at her. She suddenly points at something scurrying below.

PEARL: Racoon!
No. 995531 ID: 303286

A lovely song, traveler.
... Did you fly here?
No. 995532 ID: 9a2966

Stand up, but move no closer. If she's talking she's not completely crazy, paraphernalia and iconography aside.


Gesture at yourself as you say it.

"You sound Taken. Got 'nother one of you suggesting we make a community outside town. Don't really care, except he sounds handy 'n might make the place decent if I shovel enough scrap at 'im."

Crack your neck and / or knuckles.

"Not real keen on trustin' anyone quick, but if you're lonely enough to try chattin' up ME ya might wanna join. Or ya can fly off 'n listen to more peeps bitchin' to one 'nother 'bout 'that murderous Taken thug, boo hoo, she wouldn't let me steal her stuff, broke my goddamn nose, I am such a weenie rat's ass', or whatever word's been spreadin'."

... no one would ever accuse you of being very persuasive.
No. 995552 ID: 36784c

I guess ask what she’s doing here and if she was wanting to meet with you or something?
No. 995555 ID: 3d5d68

hmm, willing to bet people hunting you down in the past hasn't ended well. keep a weapon in hand but sure why not talk, this seems interesting.

everything here is weird though, any patterns and stuff on/circling you Rita?
No. 995557 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah may as well introduce yourself. She already knows your name, and knew you were there.

Ask why the mutant didn't attack her.

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