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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 135268474209.png - (497.24KB , 900x1022 , uu_by_dragonmanx.png )
22778 No. 22778 ID: 2eac65

Official Site:

Thread 1:

Thread 2:

This thread is for Homestuck, the current adventure in MS Paint Adventures.

Act 6 Part 4 is coming. Brace yourselves.
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No. 22780 ID: d5bfb0

5 Martian Dollars that there won't be anything up by the date he guesstimated.
Those 11k signatures are going to dick him in his hand's butt.
No. 22781 ID: e3f578

Curse the sentimental value that turns into monetary value such as autographs
No. 22783 ID: 2eac65

Seems so, unfortunately. A shame to miss such a numerically significant date, but things happen.
No. 22784 ID: ecfcdc

Especially since he missed it by less than half an hour.

Looks like he back-dated it, though.
No. 22785 ID: 2eac65

Well, that was a long and fulfilling saga.

Seeing as we've just hit the end of an act, who here thinks it's time for a new thread?
No. 22786 ID: e3f578

It was still Sunday somewhere at that time.
No. 22789 ID: 011678

Caution! Weird Plot Shit approaching!
No. 22792 ID: 1d5849

Oh man, I do hope we'll get to alchemize stuff.
No. 22793 ID: db0641

lol at you
No. 22795 ID: f2c20c

Hussie's getting all meta-philosophical up in this bitch.
No. 22796 ID: ab3218

I don't know what he was talking about. because I didn't read it. it was too fucking boring.

I hope MSPA gets back to being awesome soon.
No. 22797 ID: ecfcdc

Yeah, it's just a dude in a wasteland! I can't ship this!
No. 22798 ID: bf54a8

dude <3< wasteland is my OTP
No. 22800 ID: fd2a9d

>Finally get to see Caliborn's session
>it's nothing like we've seen before
>laden with references to many of the jokes we've come to know
>Caliborn even shows some level of metaacknowledgement
>mystery abound

>too fucking boring

Get out and don't stop getting out
No. 22802 ID: 29654e

>~3 paragraphs of meta-refferential text
>too boring
>~3 paragraphs

Do you have the attention span of a small dog?
No. 22803 ID: 0093c2


>3 paragraphs

Are you honestly so retarded that you think writing more of something banal and unfunny magically makes it interesting?

Seriously you are just confirming everything about the homestuck fandom right here.

Here, I'll spoil it for you; having more of something does not magically make it more interesting.

No matter how much I shit on your table it isn't going to turn into a steak.
No. 22804 ID: f2c20c


Dude, he was saying that 3 paragraphs isn't enough to be boring!
No. 22805 ID: 0093c2


Which is also not true. This update is the very definition of banal, tedious garbage.

Being over quickly doesn't prevent something from being boring.

Get standards.
No. 22806 ID: 29654e

You, sir, are a gormless churl.
No. 22808 ID: 51132b

That's dumb. It wasn't even an argument, and it was over already.

Regardless: updates:

Today we get at least a bit of exposition of the last act, even though it's of the act before the last act, but it's better than nothing I guess. Calling Calliope's name won't work now? Which means the hilarious plan of saying it and having big bad adult Lord English turn into a sweet thing on the dime won't happen.

How disappointing.
No. 22809 ID: d6ae01

Fair enough. It's sometimes hard to tell how over arguments are. I restored the posts and I'll leave them in this thread. But try to remain kinda civil, ok?
No. 22811 ID: 51132b

Oh, neat. And oh dear, it was getting kind of bad.
Oh well. We never spoke of it again and it was good.
No. 22813 ID: 4eb26d

first off, I would like to point to the fact that there has not been a single update that didn't reference a jillion things in years. it's nothing new. in fact, it's old.

Caliborn's situation may be unusual and interesting, sure, but what I'm saying is that said situation has been presented in a most unentertaining manner.

well, it's either that or the fact that the sheer magnificence of the previous updates raised the bar by a fuckton.
No. 22814 ID: 1d5849

I thought the reference to "It's hard and no one understands" was a touch clever this time around, but I guess that's just me and in reality the whole thing was boring as fuck?
No. 22816 ID: c59939

Have I got a conspiracy for you. Lord English IS Calliope.

No. 22817 ID: c073c8

Yeah, most of these points are fairly good ways of explaining some of the inconsistencies between Caliborn and Lord English.
Other points to consider are:
-Calliope is the one of the pair that wears a coat, Lord English is heavily associated with his Cairo Overcoat, which I feel would be a certain item that Caliborn would associate with his sister.
-Lord English's presence in paradox space, mainly the dead and a select few classes can act outside of dream bubbles in there. Calliope has been described as being killed.
-Calliope's self-insertion showing distress at the events of the mini-strife flash, as the large number of people gathered there would allow Meena to gather an army which Vriska could use as bait.
-Caliborn's strange self-monologuing, in particular the fact that he feels that his thoughts are being dictated to him, and his feeling of semi-lucidness, to be fair I don't think Calliope is posing as Caliborn, but it is obvious that she is influencing his thought patterns in some way. Lord English required a host to possess and it's possible that a muse could do this to other individuals associated with themselves.

...I really don't think the whole Limebloods being able to change their blood colour is a thing, nor do I think Calliope has that ability either though. Kind of strikes me as a cheap way to explain the posing theory and tie Karkat's persecution in with the apparent threat of limebloods.
No. 22818 ID: 1d5849

>Lord English’s MO is complete and utter destruction of space with no plan and no strategy. First off, Caliborn’s domain isn’t Space - but Calliope’s is. Secondly, he is far too obsessed with strategy and rules to do anything so haphazardly.

What? Come on, why would Calliope destroy her own domain? Rather, it would make sense for Caliborn to do so, to wreck up everything his sister owns, so to speak.
No. 22819 ID: 8d7792

its been outright stated the LE is Caliborn, so still trying to figure out his identety is kinda redundant.
plus the reasone he's wercking space and junk is beacuse LE is a grifer, he didnt have any fun in his session, so is determined that no one else will.
alternitavley he's a sore winner, who dosent want anyone else to win as it will lessen his achivment.
No. 22820 ID: f2c20c

1: Caliborn hates Calliope so it makes sense that he would want to destroy anything related to her, IE Space. Plus, a Muse of Space doesn't destroy space, jeez. Secondly, he likes rules but destroying stuff isn't against any rules. He isn't actually very good at strategy since he lost to Calliope so much. He only one ONE time and that was due to a stupid trick.
2: Who the fuck knows how Gamzee got that laptop, or how Calliope got it? It's probably some crazy time shit, like how Ahab's Crosshairs keeps showing up everywhere. Besides, Calliope NEVER EVEN USED IT. The Prospit connection is tenuous at best since we don't even know the significance of being a Prospit dreamer vs a Derse dreamer. The only difference seems to be that Prospit dreamers can see Skaia and thus get visions of the future. "Calliope" being in the name of Gamzee's theme is coincidence, as a calliope is part of you know, a circus?
3: Calliope mentioning topspin and thus "english" means nothing, since she didn't connect it with billiards. If anything, it was a red herring. We as yet have no indication at all where the pool theme or the name Lord English came from. It's even possible that Caliborn took that name because of Jake's last name! Time loop. Caliborn abandoning "games with idiots" actually fits with Lord English, since he doesn't even play games. He just up and destroys shit. He delegates the game playing to his servants like Doc Scratch.
4: Calliope lying actually makes her less likely to be Lord English, since, for example, Doc Scratch doesn't lie. I'm not sure she ever really did directly lie, though. She compared herself to a troll, but did she say she was a troll?
5: Now this is just silly. Caliborn requested Dirk to draw a lot of 'smut' of Roxy and Jane. That's plenty of evidence that he's fond of ladies.
6: Calliope was writing over the code in the ~ATH book. I dunno about you guys but I wouldn't draw all over a textbook for a programming language that I was using, even after learning it. Who knows where the code on the server came from? Maybe Caliborn had one of the pre-scratch loyalist Trolls write it for him.
7: The Green Sun has nothing to do with Space players. It's the source of First Guardian powers, that's it. It being gold is most likely just due to his pimp theme.
8: He overkilled Hussie. Him having a rifle/wand specibus would compliment Calliope's pistol/wand specibus, so that's a non-issue as well.
9: This is just stupid. It's not a Death Note reference. Also, no fan wants to destroy an author's work to make it their own, jeez.
10: In Lord of the Rings, Gandalf essentially gave Frodo the ring. It's far easier to equate Calliope to a good person through that parallel. Besides, the rings in Homestuck aren't evil. They are just tools.
11: Uh? I don't see how trickster mode is relevant. Also, her chat symbol is associated with healing and space, not tricksters.
12: The switched roles in the book make sense if you take into account that it was written to anger the Batterwitch. Calliope expressed reluctance to kill her brother, and was turning to it out of desperation, not hate. The rainbow drinkers don't change their appearance- they just glow due to a biological trick, and Jade transformed via God Tier/sprite prototyping shenanigans. A Muse of Space's powers would not by any stretch of the imagination include disguises, and besides, there are so many specific details tying Lord English to Caliborn's appearance that it's just beyond ridiculous to say that Calliope is posing as him. Saying that Caliborn is a good guy because his outfit references Doctor Who is also ridiculous.

A: Under the coat, Lord English has suspenders, which is part of Caliborn's theme. Also the cairo overcoat contrasts rather heavily with Calliope's tailcoat. It doesn't fit her theme at all.
B: It's easy to travel to the Furthest Ring, but difficult to navigate in it. The dead CANNOT leave the dream bubbles, and Lord English definitely is doing that.
C: Calliope was trying to get them to stop fighting, which would be good for them working together and succeeding in their respective plans. It would be better for Lord English if one of them died, so them fighting is a good thing for Lord English!
D: It's rather clearly been demonstrated that Hussie is the narrator most of the time. Caliborn being aware of the narration is lampshading the thought insertion for humorous purposes. If Calliope as a Muse of Space could influence characters, Lord English's timeline manipulation would be much more difficult, would it not?

Anyway this is all absurd conspiracy theorist bullshit. Lord English has TIME POWERS, not space powers. Caliborn is Lord English because Caliborn is the Lord of Time.
No. 22821 ID: 8d7792

Also if caliborn became aware of hussie inerting thoughts into his head, it may explaine why he stopped of to kill him.
No. 22823 ID: 0093c2


Calliope is either Skaia or Skaia is her sprite, so no.
No. 22824 ID: 8d7792

No. 22825 ID: f2c20c

Skaia is a passive font of creativity. A Muse. It's also responsible for housing the Battlefield, which is the birthplace of new universes. Space. A Muse of Space.
No. 22826 ID: 0093c2


It also only has one direct power, that being opening portals to send things to other places.

It is also the source of universes, which Lord English consumes (and from what we've seen, apparently by means of his sprite, a red and black sphere)

And everything related to the cherubs is framed by the game between the two.

Also, even more than being a passive font, Skaia is the ULTIMATE passive font. It is a source of unlimited creative potential, it just can't do anything with it itself.

The Muse is the ultimate support class.
No. 22827 ID: f2c20c

Portals to other places and times, note.
No. 22832 ID: d45405

Alright Elephant Guy, tell me you didn't enjoy THAT update.
No. 22833 ID: 0093c2


It's kind of just another update where nothing happens, unless they decide to establish after the update that caliborn can bypass god tier immunity just by shooting things (because exceptions).

The music is pleasant though.
No. 22834 ID: 8d7792

except gamzee isnt god tier, those wings are fake, you can see the harness
No. 22835 ID: f2c20c

I don't see one. Also of note, he didn't have wings when he met Jane. The wings are NEW. I think he actually is god tier now.
No. 22836 ID: c59939

The wings are strap-ons
No. 22837 ID: 8d7792

i think the real questions we should be asking are how the fuck did gamzee get into caliborns seesion, and was getting machine gunned to death part of the plan?
No. 22838 ID: 0093c2


He already got into Jane's before the meteor arrived, this is nothing new.
No. 22841 ID: 1d5849

I don't like to make any assumptions of whether Gamzee really is god tier or if he isn't. That could be just a suit and strap-on wings, or they could be real: there's no real genuine proof to either direction, so I'd rather wait until we see for sure.
No. 22842 ID: c59939

The visible straps when his wings came off while being shot are a pretty good sign that the wings were strapped on.
No. 22843 ID: f2c20c

Oh, I see the straps now.

Hmm. Seems kinda odd that he'd go through all that trouble to get the outfit just to get shot and die.
No. 22844 ID: ca8307


I enjoyed the shit out of that update. in fact, Caliborn is officially my fucking hero.
No. 22845 ID: 8d7792

Gamzee and his ancestor have been working towards serving lord english, they probably should have stopped and thought for a moment wether he'd want to be served..
looks like a big no on that front.
No. 22847 ID: f2c20c

I'm not so sure Gamzee is interested in serving LE. Personally I think he's been manipulating his ancestor. It's just the impression I got from how terse he was when he got the codpiece.
No. 22849 ID: f2c20c

Caliborn pls
No. 22851 ID: eead88

Yeah pretty much this. Though it remains to be seen why Gamzee even wanted to Godtier-dress up, unless it can give you immortality that way (which is unlikely, given that godtiers can wear normal clothes and still be godtier) and with this update, it's unlikely we'll see an answer.


In retrospect, if he got the codpiece from a dreambubble, it's probable he got the rest of the outfit the same way. Maybe all Godtier troll wings are clipons.

But IDK I don't think Hussie would make a point of showing they aren't connected if we weren't supposed to draw the conclusion that Gamzee's just a big fake.
No. 22853 ID: 011678

hmmm... gamzee could be functionaly immortal in the same way pre-god dave was, ie hed go back in time creating doubles of himself who would go do dangerus stuff, while he himself was fine..
No. 22854 ID: 6a5a08

Of note, in a previous conversation with Doc Scratch, another servant of LE, Gamzee appeared to be plotting with or following orders from Scratch. When Gamzee asks what they are, Scratch replies:
S u c k e r s
No. 22855 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, I thought of that too. This Gamzee could be a doomed clone, like how Dave found his own corpse.
No. 22867 ID: f2c20c

Well. Looks like Caliborn found the site.
No. 22868 ID: 011678

Maybe this is why he exists in multiple sessions at once and is so ripped/ over powered... he's literaly a self insertion fan charecter..
No. 22869 ID: 1d5849

This being Hussie, I'm actually going to write that down as plausible.
No. 22870 ID: 5744ba

either way, he's the most important character.
No. 22871 ID: 5744ba

oh dear god he's about to slaughter us now

goddammit Hussie we get it you like being meta and you like to cross the line twice when it comes to crossing the line twice stop it you are creeping me out
No. 22872 ID: 2f4b71

Speaking of Hussie, having an actual god-tier dressing up in a fake god-tier outfit seems like the sort of thing he'd do.
No. 22873 ID: 8d7792

of course we could have just given gamzee Waaaaaaaay to much credit in the scheming department.
No. 22875 ID: ecfcdc

Wow, way to make us sympathize with the BBEG in like two lines.

Hussmaster does it again.
No. 22876 ID: f2c20c

I don't sympathize with him, I look down on him. He's an evil little fuck who is also a fucking idiot. He doesn't deserve the power he has. He only beat his sister in that 'game' because he was more willing to resort to murder than she was. He only won because he was an evil fuck.
No. 22889 ID: ecfcdc

Yeah, but it's because he's an idiot, and it's hard being an idiot. It's hard and nobody understands.

Also, I think you missed the moral of the whole troll bloodbath thing.
No. 22891 ID: f2c20c

I don't know what moral you're talking about and what bloodbath either.

Also does anyone remember what happened to Gamzee's dream self?
No. 22892 ID: eea638

Presumably he was killed off by Jack's destroying of Prospit/Derse. We didn't see all the Troll dreamselves die, but it was stated and/or implied that they are all dead and that everyone who is alive (that is, around the time of the trolls chatting to the kids) is either in their body with a dead dreamself, or a dreamself with a dead body. Only Vriska fits that latter category, except for maybe Gamzee because we just don't know.
No. 22893 ID: 1d5849

It starts to look to me that perhaps Gamzee did go to God Tier after all, merging with his dreamself before Jack had the time to murder it.

After all, if his dreamself had died, then there would be one Gamzee in the afterlife, and there is none.
No. 22910 ID: 6a5a08

So either his dreamself came with them and nobody knows, or he's a God Tier. The latter seams more likely, judging by the lack of visible bullet holes in his torso at the immediate present.

As for how Gamzee got to the session, I imagine it's similar to how Roxy's dreamself dreamfloated out of Derse and into the void, then eventually a dreambubble. That would, maybe, mean Gamzee could access a session (such as the Cherubs') the same way.
No. 22912 ID: e3f578

I actually pretty sure that in the Homestuck universe, clowns just don't die like Hussie(?) says. Beside the Insane Clown Posse Administration, those got killed by BroDave.
No. 22915 ID: c59939

With the whole, clowns somehow don't die "for reasons that basically don't make any sense." thing, it seems most likely that this is just Gamzee's dreamself, who simply managed to not get killed, just like regular Gamzee, and all the Gamzees from every doomed timeline.

Going God Tier would be a perfectly good reason for him to not be dying.
No. 22922 ID: 011678

Wich is why he probably isnt god tier, as that would make sence
No. 22924 ID: 1d5849

Clearly they were not true clowns.
No. 22925 ID: ecfcdc

So if everything from a doomed timeline is killed, but clowns aren't killed ever, even in a doomed timeline, that means eventually doomed timelines become empty wastelands of nothing but clown.
No. 22926 ID: ecfcdc

>Skaia doesn't provide very good lighting when it's all clouded over like that.
>Just bump up the brightness on the display.
That is not how display brightness works.
No. 22931 ID: 8d7792

.....My god...its full of clowns..
No. 22933 ID: 1e9d01

Okay, I'm tired of that music too now.
No. 22945 ID: 011678

i think this ship is sinking...
No. 22948 ID: 62496e

it's already at the bottom of the Marianas Trench
No. 22949 ID: f2c20c

I didn't think those two would be just this bad at relationship stuff. They're both being really shitty about it.
No. 22955 ID: 2ae337

Okay Jake's ignorance went from being funny to kinda annoying.

Then back to funny for a brief moment.
No. 22956 ID: 8e0f9d
File 135451640914.gif - (11.12KB , 650x450 , uhm_.gif )

seriously, he's so terrible I actually feel empathetic rage for a fictional character.

also: this panel is great and Hussie should feel great.
No. 22957 ID: e3f578

This just in, just being associated with the aspect Hope makes you terrible, no exceptions.
No. 22958 ID: f2c20c

Well, maybe we're supposed to hope he grows as a character and becomes not-horrible.
No. 22960 ID: 1d5849

Is it just me, or are all Prospit kids horrible stupid derps that never get to do anything decent and are basically just there to do what they're told and acting retarded, while Derse kids are the cool ones that get to do all the awesome shit and actually advance the plot and save the day?

This is pretty awful.
No. 22961 ID: 2133e3


dude, the most important character of the story is Prospit.
No. 22963 ID: 1d5849

I said kids, not trolls. If trolls counted down to this rule as well, then it'd be infinitely worse.
No. 22965 ID: de6d57


...I'm not really ready to get into an argument over whether John and Jade were useful or not- the thoughts of it alone scare me shitless.
No. 22967 ID: f2c20c

Jade was super useful. John was too once he got his god tier.

...oh god I just realized that dead dreamselves go into the furthest ring just like timeline clones, as evidenced by Jade's initial self-prototyping resulting in the sprite weeping over being separated from her friends out in the dream bubble. Gamzee's dream self is still floating around out in the ruins of the troll session, chopped in half or stabbed or something. Unless he simply evaded Jack somehow? We never saw what happened to his dream self. Maybe there are two Gamzees wandering around doing shenanigans.
No. 22977 ID: 1d5849

Also feels like Hussie is deliberately fucking with us with this whole shipping deal. Not just how absolutely every romance, or potential for such, seen in previous acts ended with one or both side killed horribly, but now we have Jade and Davesprite breaking up, Karkat and Terezi being on the rocks, and as the latest development, Jake and Dirk about to break up with Jane's feelings to the former apparently waned away.

Makes me feel a little sad for Rose and Kanaya, who are probably going to be next.
No. 22983 ID: e3f578

Don't forget that deadJohn and Vriska.
But GodJohn seems to be the only one immune to everyone fake charms and bad relationships. Kinda just mocks them or jokes about them. He is the pure one.
He is the Heysus.
No. 22989 ID: 1d5849

Can't wait for Araquiussprite. Should be a hoot.
No. 23001 ID: e3f578

Don't you mean Dirquiusssprite?
Gamzee doesn't have Aradia's body, all he had was Vriska's, Tavros', Sollux's, Eridan's, Nepeta, Equiss' and Feferi's bodies.
I believe there's been a theory that dirk's smart sunglasses are going to go into his sprite.
No. 23002 ID: 49f442


Aradiabot parts.
No. 23006 ID: 29654e

Or, you know, Eridan's legs. He was chopped in half, you remember.

No. 23008 ID: 1d5849

Is the site down again?
No. 23011 ID: f2c20c

Yes. This time it's just his hosting service being completely fucking stupid.
No. 23012 ID: 0ae771


oh dear god that would be worse than the worst.
No. 23013 ID: f2c20c

Caliborn is literally the worst person ever.
No. 23014 ID: 49f442

Caliborn's conversation with Jane is the first time the comic has been entertaining in a long while.

It's like Hussie finally remembered how to right dialogue with a cadence to it.
No. 23020 ID: 011678

hold on a moment, this is probably a dumb question but have we ever actually seen gamzee's dreamself?, like, ever?
No. 23022 ID: a68e3e

We've never seen his dreamself I think and for sure haven't seen a dead version of him. Even during that massive sprite battle the only version of him we see is the one we've always seen
No. 23023 ID: a68605

i was wondering about that myself actually, weve only ever seen one of him..
no dead dream selfs, no dead alternate timeline versions...
is that why he is the most important character? timeline with him in them are automatically alphas?
now that i think about it i dont recall him bieng mentioned in any of the alternate timeline visions/memories...
No. 23024 ID: f2c20c

Looks like Caliborn is a big fat liar, unlike his servants.
No. 23026 ID: 1d5849

We've seen his handiwork in a doomed timeline, from which Doc Scratch got his code.
No. 23027 ID: e3f578

I am in love with this hat chat log update
I want to set up candles and play sensual funky music for it.
No. 23028 ID: 241443

Derse is the best kind of insane.

I wonder who the pipe guy is.
No. 23035 ID: 6a5a08

That's Dad.
No. 23039 ID: fd4600

so did anyone actually read all that
No. 23040 ID: f2c20c

Yes, I imagine people do read things that are entertaining.
No. 23041 ID: a68605


.....oh god no...
No. 23042 ID: f2c20c

Oh god no what? Nothing there is particularly surprising.
No. 23043 ID: a68605

i thought she was going through the whole dead memories thing, but it looks like i jumped the gun a bit -,-
No. 23044 ID: 49f442


She probably is.

It's not like it is a surprise that Roxy Died. Did you already forget when DD did the Red Miles?
No. 23046 ID: a68605

*Smacks forehead* i totaly forgot that each body/form/version gets thier own afterlife...
No. 23048 ID: 536f9a

holy frankenfuck the twins look creepy.
No. 23055 ID: f2c20c

Ah. I knew there had to be a parallel somewhere to the chess game where the Queen looked like a King and vice versa.

Now I see what it is.
No. 23056 ID: 1d5849

There's no way the alternate Calliope isn't consumed with hatred and spite, directed towards the paradox space in general and this main Calliope in particular. Why the fuck did SHE get killed by the universe itself and kicked back here when she did nothing wrong, and fared infinitely better in the game than her alternate self did?

That'd make anyone mad.
No. 23057 ID: e3f578

Lord English is alternate Calliope, turns out the reveal was that the one where Caliborn takes over was the real doomed timeline.
Here's the thing, Lord English is a villain that presents against Homestuck's main theme, growing up. Alternate Calliope also fits this description along with Caliborn.
There also might even be a timeline where Caliborn and Calliope actually got along, and that's probably the real secret weapon and this altcalli is a red herring or trap of epic proportions.
No. 23059 ID: 011678

yur argumentshavemerit, but calliope always struck me as the more mature of the two and morre inclined to "grow up" so to speak.

im wondering if the queen/king thing is a reference to the actual gender of lord english? it may explaine his rampant mysoginy
No. 23060 ID: 011678

Your* arrguments have merit* god damn it im unlearning enlish!
No. 23061 ID: e3f578

altcalli could also be the force behind Lord English, if one refers to that log a few months back when they were discussing how villains usually work, with a bad guy behind the bad guy, and how the discussers of that log assumed LE was the top dog, but were curious if he wasn't, and just decided he was anyway arbitrarily because they were tired of this shit.
I doubt altcalli has a bad guy behind the bad guy behind here, but who the fuck knows. It's probably Hussie if there is one. But this time, it probably circles between bad buy behind the bad guy, creating a Mobius Double Reacharound of bad guy behind the bad guy.
No. 23062 ID: f2c20c

Calliope isn't LE because LE has red dots on his face, amongst other less concrete and obvious evidence. It is definitely, 100% Caliborn.
No. 23063 ID: eacc9b


it could be, like, both at the same time.
No. 23064 ID: f2c20c

No. That's stupid.
No. 23065 ID: e3f578

That's just what Hussie wants you to think. All it takes is a little make-up and it's the most perfect frame-job.
No. 23066 ID: 011678

maybe alt-calli is doc scratch.
after all, caliborn took over after calliope died, with alterations to the body during the switch over.. maybe those get more pronounced with adulthood..
No. 23068 ID: f2c20c

No, we already know exactly how Doc Scratch was created. We SAW it.
No. 23070 ID: e3f578

the thing I'm most confused about is how exactly Doc Scratch works and why. Why is he the body of Lord english? How did the ritual get made in the first place to make Doc Scratch Lord English? Why are Lord English and the Green Sun related at all? Who is the true architect of all these cosmic schemes and meanings if it doesn't happen to be Hussie?
No. 23071 ID: 49f442


Why are you operating under the assumption that anything that happens in homestuck has a reasonable reason for doing so?
No. 23072 ID: f2c20c

The Green Sun is most likely Calliope's juju that she had in the box.

Doc Scratch worked the way he did because ~ATH code shenanigans combined with time shenanigans combined with genetic code shenanigans.
No. 23343 ID: 2eac65

Holy fiddlesticking shit.

I believe we've just witnessed something majestic.
No. 23360 ID: 027156
File 135695991544.gif - (18.07KB , 500x800 , JAKETHISISUS.gif )

I feel disgusted. also, I'm terrified. and somehow I'm laughing my ass off.
No. 23371 ID: a68605


The weird plot shit reaches dangerous levels..
No. 23374 ID: 1d5849

How much you want to bet Jake (or the good guys in general) ends up combining the two Jujus and uses it to destroy Lord English?
No. 23375 ID: 49f442


Lord English's Juju is the little red ball the rabbit is dancing on.

Calliope's is a blue ball.

They were combined together to create the green sun, because they also represent the Red and Green universes that were the trollverse/kidverse.
No. 23376 ID: a68605

Calliopes JuJU is green and glowy.

is it just me or dose that ball look like the tadpole of the genesis frog?
No. 23386 ID: c3e3d0

When they combine together they make a white ball. A magic cue ball.
No. 23399 ID: 1d5849

No. 23400 ID: a68605

HOLY CRAP! Thats why calliope drew them covered in sweets!
Not even gamzee knows what the fuck just happened!
No. 23402 ID: f2c20c

This is fucking dumb.
No. 23404 ID: 011678

so trickster mode is now canon, as normal this only creates more questions...
No. 23405 ID: f2c20c

Possibly only as canon as Hero mode.
No. 23406 ID: a68605

if anything its good to see jane smiling agin
No. 23410 ID: 027156

way to mix silly with creepy, Hussie.
No. 23411 ID: 78c6ea

Jane. Jane stahp.
No. 23413 ID: 2f4b71

This is the most terrifying thing Hussie has ever created.
No. 23414 ID: a68e3e

I don't think we can just ignore the fact that Jane just annihilated beasts that the entire group had trouble fighting in one hit but also changed the ecosystem of HALF THE BLOODY PLANET.
All in one move!
That is some powerful juju
No. 23415 ID: a68e3e
File 135784439627.png - (71.08KB , 558x349 , juju.png )

also each juju had a symbol in it
No. 23416 ID: a68605

it seems trickster mode supercharges thier class powers, as she's the maid of life and she just resorected half the damn planet just by standing on it..
No. 23420 ID: 027156

at the price of only getting useless piece of shit grist she can get by alchemising a few more suckers.

...oh god there can be more suckers WHAT IF EVERYONE GOES TRICKSTER MODE
No. 23421 ID: f2c20c

No there can't. There is only ever one juju of each type.

Also I don't believe that grist is useless. I remember it being needed for some special items.
No. 23422 ID: f2c20c

Oh, okay, it was needed for the Warhammer of Zillyhoo.
No. 23423 ID: 78c6ea
File 135787773683.jpg - (13.98KB , 300x328 , 219229-caduceus01_large.jpg )


Each symbol corresponding to one worm on the Caduceus.
No. 23424 ID: 49f442


well, no. not at all.

It's an ouroboros reference.
No. 23425 ID: bf54a8

yeah both heads may be shown on top when separate but when they combine one flips over and they bite tails.
No. 23426 ID: 059ca3

>ACT 6 ACT 5 ACT 2
We have surpassed silly and are entering the realm of the just plain confusing.
No. 23428 ID: c59939

maybe act 6 is going through all the acts of homestuck (since act 5 had two acts).
No. 23429 ID: 027156

he's made me partake in the silliness and now I feel dirty.
No. 23430 ID: f2c20c

This is still incredibly dumb.
No. 23431 ID: 3e2b13

Try clicking the top bar with the scrolling candy.
No. 23433 ID: a68605

So... jane created the squidllies?... and turned the winged cherubs into winged cals?... i dont even.. what.. WHAT.
No. 23434 ID: f2c20c

I refuse to believe that anything within that particular update was meant to make any sense or correlate with anything in the canon of the comic.

It's like the previous zilly-related flashes.
No. 23435 ID: 78c6ea


That's ridiculous. The sticks wouldn't even face the same way if you flipped it like that.
No. 23436 ID: 49f442


the suckers spiral together, they don't overlay.
No. 23437 ID: 78c6ea
File 135794759955.png - (5.73KB , 650x450 , hmm.png )

Whatever they do is lost in the animated gif. They are biting each other's tails though.
No. 23438 ID: 78c6ea
File 135794762932.jpg - (99.20KB , 720x545 , auryn%20book.jpg )

Wait... that symbol...
No. 23440 ID: bf54a8

No. 23441 ID: a68605

itsw the uroburos snake, the symbol of infinity.
No. 23442 ID: 7d4474


I thought the Ouroboros was just one snake eating its own tail.
No. 23443 ID: c59939

that's because that's what an ouroboros is.

well, a snake or a dragon
No. 23444 ID: f2c20c

Nice catch! I figured they were overlaid like that but didn't realize the reference.

It's worth noting that the symbolism involved here (two snakes biting eachothers tails and entwined in an infinity knot) may mainly be noting that it's a juju resulting from the combination of two jujus. Every juju has a convoluted progression through paradox space, and so two jujus combined would result in a really weird history for that item. That it ALSO has ties to a weird existential novel/movie and a memory-stealing amulet of ultimate power is probably not related to Homestuck. Unless we find that the zilly sucker has a terrible cost in exchange for its power... okay, that's not terribly unlikely.

I suspect the suckers in particular are self-propogating. I'll call it now that the spiral sucker is split later on and the resulting green and red suckers are warped over somewhere/when else to come into possession of the cherub twins. It's an infinite loop.
No. 23449 ID: 1f8505

Hussie trolling the Tumblr fanbase again, I see.
No. 23450 ID: 1d5849
File 135799952562.png - (744.14KB , 2364x1528 , 1357981314816.png )

Delicious hate.
No. 23453 ID: 57a559

what in the world is a POC?
No. 23454 ID: 49f442


'person of color'

the best part is that hussie has been saying 'they don't have a canon skin color it isn't important' forever but the tumblr crowd KEPT MAKING A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT. So he gave a character a canon skin color. And now they're angry, and it's hilarious.
No. 23455 ID: e899ea


agreed. everybody who doesn't have Morgan Freeman's outlook on racism is at least one outlook short of being an awesome person.
No. 23456 ID: a68e3e
File 135801850332.png - (52.14KB , 656x506 , guild.png )

Noticed this while watching a retsupurae vid.
It's everywhere.
No. 23459 ID: 3d518e

I hope you didn't expect anything less from the homestuck fanbase.
No. 23460 ID: 2f4b71

I'd just assumed it was a joke about their being a Pantone name for every fucking indistinguishable-without-the-aid-of-a-colourimiter shade possible.
No. 23461 ID: 1d5849

Oh, it gets even better: they STILL don't actually have a canon skin color.

It's just the TRICKSTER MODE that's canonically caucasian, and outside of it they can still be anything.
No. 23463 ID: 57a559

How to make sure Homestuck doesn't trigger anyone, no one has white privilege to even check. Now no one gets offended.
Dirk, Dave, Rose and Roxy are all blonds african americans
John is also black.
Jake is latin
Jade is Asian
Jane is all of them except white.
No. 23465 ID: 29654e

More like, How to make sure Homestuck doesn't trigger anyone:
The comic is replaced with a series of completely politically correct POC-approved blue rectangles.
Readership plummets.
The site is taken down.
No. 23470 ID: f2c20c

Anyone that concerns themselves with "triggers" is just fucking clueless as to how society actually works.

Also apparently Trickster Mode spreads like a virus. This is bad. If everyone becomes a super-powered annoyingly silly grinning shithead, there will be no meaningful conflict and the comic becomes boring as shit.
No. 23471 ID: a68605

Depends on how long it lasts, it could stop at any moment.

for some reason calling someone a Person of Colour strikes me as racist, it like your saying "he's black, but dont worry hes a person too!"
No. 23473 ID: a68605

hmmm jakes shirt went from LE's skull to lil cal, and in the traveling part of janes trickster mode when she was flying through....were ever that was, activating the cherubs trick mode made them into lil cals. intresting.
No. 23474 ID: c59939

It's a way to talk about non-white people as a whole, without making it sound like they're missing something.
No. 23475 ID: 78c6ea

Well, isn't that just peachy.
No. 23476 ID: f2c20c

No. 23480 ID: 011678

what strikes me about this is that they dont actually seem happy, its like theve goen full stepford smiler over here.
No. 23491 ID: 011678

its like candyland mets dawn of the dead...
No. 23499 ID: 011678


The only sensible reaction
No. 23505 ID: f2c20c

I agree wholeheartedly.
No. 23506 ID: f2c20c

I hope to god that Dirk ends this somehow.

Alternatively maybe they all go off and kill themselves to ascend to god tier and that ends it. That would be okay too.
No. 23507 ID: 78c6ea


eh... needs a pipe.
No. 23509 ID: 62f448

Dirk will be infected. This is a virtual certainty. I am interested in how they're going to get out of this one, though.
No. 23510 ID: 1d5849

As much as I am afraid of them all going Trickster, I'd rather it happened to Dirk as well than he was the one to stop it. Because I'm starting to despise how he's always the only one to get shit done.

Seriously, let someone else save the day for a change.
No. 23517 ID: c59939

I agree, kinda, but at the same time, the Prince of Heart destroying trickster mode makes sense.
No. 23519 ID: f2c20c

...in hindsight I should've figured it out earlier.

Trickster Mode is just letting the Muse of Space take over. They're acting out Calliope's fanfic.
No. 23521 ID: 78c6ea

I hope they all enter Trickster mode, and don't save shit. Sometime later, the original kids arrive. Lord English is dead. Calliope is double dead. The horrorterrors are squiddles. And the scratch kids are the FINAL BOSS
No. 23524 ID: 57a559

Does everyone realize that if everyone goes Trickster mode and no one comes to stop them we're probably going to get at least attempts at disgusting teen pregnancy right?
They're talking about it constantly and it's freaking me out.
All the terrible fan porn in the world isn't half as bad as canon trickster date-rape impregnation.
No. 23528 ID: d9ab1a

No. 23529 ID: f2c20c


Can we have a quadruple murder-suicide now?
No. 23532 ID: 1a8973

The new calendars are out, and im kinda jealous of rose..
No. 23533 ID: 1a8973

Also, yet more ethnicity for idiots to flip thier shit over.
No. 23534 ID: 1a8973

Have to say, chinese jane and black jade just seem to really do it for me..
probably shouldnt have shared that information..
No. 23536 ID: 57a559

it's not creepy if they qualify under the age/2 + 7 rule
otherwise yeah you shouldn't have
No. 23537 ID: a68e3e

I want to say Hussie wouldn't do something like that but I just can't bring myself to say that.
No. 23547 ID: 1a8973

Oh thank fuck! dirk, by actually confronting his emotions and realizing the problems, is immune to this shit.
shame his wardrobe isnt..
No. 23548 ID: 1a8973



No. 23564 ID: 2eac65
File 135909234145.jpg - (318.96KB , 600x560 , behold.jpg )

This is incredibly zilly.
No. 23568 ID: 3df959

I don't ever recall being thankful for an author pulling an "it was all just a dream".

also, fuck you Hussie.
No. 23575 ID: c59939

If you notice, it's not 'just a dream'. Jane's inside Prospit now. Shit happened on those drugs.
No. 23576 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, she went reverse grimdark.

Like... sillybright or something.
No. 23579 ID: 1a8973


Welp i know what will be haunting my sleep tonight!
No. 23580 ID: 57a559

Okay, cool, there's two timelines. We've avoided seeing teen pregnancy!
But then again, that timeline will probably continue and be filled with babies. But whatever, we don't have to see it!
No. 23583 ID: f2c20c

No, it's one timeline. There was no split.
No. 23584 ID: 78c6ea
File 135926386365.jpg - (37.03KB , 500x426 , tumblr_m9jr2kb0Ju1rtcfaqo1_500.jpg )


> It's not just a dream. Jane's inside Prospit now.

>> not a dream
>> inside Prospit
No. 23585 ID: f2c20c

You realize dreaming never actually puts you in a dream during these games, always switches your consciousness with your dream self or with a phantom image in the Furthest Ring?

No, she's not fucking dreaming. She only has one body right now ANYWAY.
No. 23592 ID: 1d5849

There was marriage and sex, and she's now pregnant.
No. 23595 ID: b53faa

so qhat would happen if you were sent into the game
and all you had on-hand to prototype the kernelsprite with was your massive collection of horse dildos
No. 23599 ID: 78c6ea
File 135934976760.png - (150.00KB , 479x474 , dave\'s childhood.png )


You're not thinking ironically enough. Jane only has her dream self left. Thus she is always dreaming, and it is always just a dream.
No. 23600 ID: f2c20c

No, see, that's just stupid and makes no sense.
No. 23601 ID: 1d5849

So what about when she actually falls asleep and goes to a dream bubble? Double-dreaming?
No. 23605 ID: 78c6ea
File 135941539279.jpg - (60.48KB , 640x360 , t1larg_inception.jpg )

No. 23606 ID: 57a559

I think you can dream inside dream bubbles too, but I can't cite the exact page this happens or if I'm remembering wrong.
No. 23607 ID: f2c20c

I don't believe that is the case.

You only dream once. YODO
No. 23609 ID: f8a43b


didn't trolls dream of the horrorterrors when Noir killed all their dreamselves way back on the meteor before Gamzee stopped being awesome and started being a different kind of awesome?
No. 23612 ID: bf54a8

when you kiss a corpse the dream-self becomes the real-self.
No. 23613 ID: 78c6ea
File 135952456943.png - (96.52KB , 1300x450 , ohnoooooo.png )

Oh... oh god.

I just realized.

They're on the wrong beds.
No. 23615 ID: b53faa

not really? They are all on the correct aspect beds, and as far as I can tell those are the exact same kinds of slabs rose and dave wound up getting god tiered on, so I am not really seeing your reason to panic here?
No. 23616 ID: 78c6ea


That's just it though. How do they know they have the right aspects?

The colors are all wrong.
No. 23617 ID: b53faa

nnnnnoo they aren't?
The colors are all pretty damn spot on to me, mate
The aspect colros and the colors asssociated with the characters are not one and the same, buckaroo
No. 23618 ID: b53faa
File 135952710622.png - (10.22KB , 214x434 , dad.png )

Also, I feel this belongs here
No. 23619 ID: 9ffca3

You silly goose, all these colours are correct.

While John and Dave had their colours in their respective aspects, Rose and Jade didn't.

Also in regards to the previous conversation, everyone has a skaiaborn dreamself used when the real body sleeps, but when that dies (or becomes the main body after the real body dies) then dreamselves happen in dreambubbles instead.
No. 23656 ID: 78c6ea
File 135968387491.jpg - (206.54KB , 664x459 , Daves_eye.jpg )


It's the eye colors that determine it. John and Jade traded signature colors at one point as a show of camraderie, so Jane is supposed to be green and John blue. Similarly Dave is red, with red eyes. And Rose is... wearing... color contacts.

So it totally makes sense! Wrong beds.
No. 23657 ID: b53faa

that isn't at all how it works? The eye colors have nothing to do with the quest beds, dude
See also: troll session. No eye colors, yet still same quest bed colors for the corresponding classes.
Also, hope and light tend to lean more towards yellow beds, just for common reference here.
The eyes have fuck all to do with bed colors, sorry dude
No. 23658 ID: 57a559

Jade's bed was black, for example, and Rose's orange.
No. 23659 ID: f2c20c

You're trolling, aren't you? Making up bullshit, obviously-wrong theories to get people to argue with you?
No. 23661 ID: cca334

I read it more as "so this supports the theory, but then uh it sort of falls apart here so here's a joke"

I remember jokes
No. 23663 ID: b53faa

Sarcasm is notably difficult to get a read on over the internet.

In other news, if you see a guy wearing a headband outfitted with two candy-corn colored bad dragon dildos and a hearty slathering of grey at the next meetup next year, chances are my master plan has not only gone into effect but succeeded in the best possible way.
No. 23664 ID: 860535

Oh god, what have you done
No. 23667 ID: 78c6ea


Jade's bed was black, with a green spiral in the center. It just had low saturation so it looked white. You can see its color a little in Cascade. The center symbol for the 4 kids was identical to their eye color. John's blue, Dave's red, Jade's green and as I said before Rose is wearing color contacts. Her eyes are naturally yellow.

It's like how Jake's eyes are green, for the green vines of Life. Except Jane is sitting on his bed. They thought they knew which heroes they were, but they were wrong. All wrong.
No. 23670 ID: b53faa

Here is something I found out exists recently
I feel I should share it with you all

And part two:


No. 23671 ID: 1a8973


No. 23672 ID: 1a8973


No. 23673 ID: f2c20c



No. 23674 ID: 74e4c2

No. 23675 ID: b53faa


because it was only a matter of time before character-based smuppets became a thing.
No. 23681 ID: 78c6ea
File 135988509707.png - (189.71KB , 462x462 , wut.png )

Did... did he stab his own eyes out to stop the infection from spreading? Or... or did he do it to make room for the eyes in the puppet?
No. 23682 ID: 5cf982

>love is a brutal shitninja w/ turds 4 nunchucks
No. 23684 ID: 1a8973

it seems that he did it to make use of the parts sent to him, truning himself into a sort of vodo-doll/juju of lord english...
No. 23724 ID: 204571

Well, I don't understand but the site doesn't want to let me embed this video.
But hey, I made a thing for TF2.
No. 23725 ID: eecf1f

Oh and hey an update in which more things happened.
Like, a whole lot of pages happened
No. 23731 ID: f595d3

Pretty sure that this
is the single most disturbing thing ive seen on homestuck so far...
No. 23734 ID: 750903


the Batterwitch is too sexy to be disturbing.

also, Duttle.
No. 23736 ID: f595d3

personaly i find Jane more attractive.
...i mean..i would.. if she were legal..
..and real..
No. 23739 ID: 1d5849

She just turned sixteen. It's legit.
No. 23740 ID: f2c20c

Not in every state.
No. 23741 ID: f0d2e5

it was a creepy comment either way.
No. 23747 ID: b53faa
File 136042207723.gif - (151.60KB , 500x405 , tumblr_mhy3c9fy8p1s0341yo1_500.gif )

Let's discuss Jake's new attire, why don't we?
No. 23748 ID: f595d3

id rather curl into a ball and cry, cause that face is going to be haunting my dreams for some time..
jesus fucking christ hussie..
No. 23749 ID: b53faa
File 136047533559.png - (27.10KB , 500x347 , tumblr_mhz6cyhTUA1qe1t5ko1_500.png )

Jake in a G-string, courtesy of tumblr.
(source yo: http://g-l-i-t-t-e-r-d-i-c-k-s.tumblr.com/post/42701227405/homestuck-fandom-i-present-to-you-jake-english-in)
No. 23750 ID: f2c20c

I would like to NOT see that, please.
No. 23751 ID: f595d3

it looks like jade is in serious need of a hair cut
No. 23827 ID: 78c6ea
File 136099777062.png - (7.47KB , 650x150 , 05923_2.png )

No. 23832 ID: c59939

oh god jade went grimbark
No. 23833 ID: 1d5849

That was more painful than the updates themselves. Shame on you.
No. 23835 ID: dfa9b0

You could also say that jane went...
No. 23836 ID: c59939

Jane went full Crocker. She has achieved God-Tiara.
No. 23840 ID: 78c6ea
File 136109677324.png - (57.13KB , 650x650 , terezi too much faygo.png )

No. 23842 ID: 57a559

this has implications that make me uncomfortable.
No. 23852 ID: f2c20c

She was probably just hatesnogging Gamzee.
No. 23853 ID: 6c2edc

Clearly, Rose's method of auspitiscing between Terezi and Gamzee was to get Terezi synaesthetically high off sheer redness.
No. 23857 ID: e5a562

>fuck that guy with a balloon poodle

how do these things not catch on
No. 23886 ID: f2c20c

Well that explains what that 12-planet session was.
No. 23890 ID: 1d5849

What explains what now?
No. 23891 ID: f2c20c

Oh wait, nevermind, it was an 8-planet session:

On the top-right there. I guess that's just the now-8-planet post-scratch Kids' session.

The TROLLS' session had 12 planets though... not sure if there's a connection there. Probably not. He's certainly not on any of the planets that were in that session.

...hang on. If him conquering each planet unlocks a new minion with a billiard-ball hat, will he get a regular ol' green minion for the 8-ball?
No. 23897 ID: 011678


suddenly i can see how they may rid themselves of LE's influence...
No. 23926 ID: 30df25
File 136215264357.jpg - (316.86KB , 504x3738 , what_can_stop_him.jpg )

*this* is how they can defeat Lord English
No. 23928 ID: fb4a12
File 136216285101.jpg - (189.52KB , 1920x1080 , fear no anvil poster.jpg )

Gentlechums, I've uploaded my Homestuck TF2 hammer thing, if anyone is at all interested.
No. 23929 ID: f81162
File 136225619494.png - (94.46KB , 1496x1044 , v68nf.png )

Somebody didn't read the intermission.

Snowman is the eight ball and the Troll session's exiled black queen (and also a universe I guess?)
But who knows how he gets her.

No. 23931 ID: f2c20c

We were already told how he gets her. When she's exiled, LE snatches her up.

She was definitely NOT the original Snowman, though.
No. 23932 ID: f2c20c

I just realized... if Gamzee becomes Snowman, whatever universe he represents will NEVER DIE.
No. 23933 ID: f81162

Imagine if he ends up holding the universe the alpha kids eventually make, if he became Snowman
No. 23947 ID: 17e4f3

if I was a universe and Gamzee was my Snowman, I'd want to die.
No. 24028 ID: 2eac65

Well. It looks like someone just happened.
No. 24029 ID: ba5f2c

I read Aranea's ramblings in Meg Griffin's voice. it's so appropriate.
No. 24033 ID: 011678

three more points for the "thats not the real LE!" inasne fan theory, basicalt caliborn is controling some poor shmuk and using him to do all the dirty work while he stays all safe and hidden.
first point is that if LE is full grown caliborn, then where are his wings?
second point is that he hasnt really done anything time related on his own, time players have been shown to no longer need thier fancy gizmos after achiving thier god mode, yet LE is still reliant on his coat.
final point, the use of magic, wich requires a open mind and hope, two things caliborn lacks.

No. 24034 ID: c59939

oh hey the fantrolls from the kickstarter showed up.
No. 24035 ID: 57a559

Lord English has circle cheek swirls
Caliborn doesn't, at least the one where he's with Gamzee. And can't ever merge with the Calliope half like other Cherubs do, making him likely unable to gain full circles.
Lord English is probably Caliborn from a different timeline where he did dominate naturally. So, interestingly, Lord English is a doomed Caliborn like how a dominate Calliope was doomed too.
No. 24036 ID: 57a559

granted, the LE we know and fear doesn't have wings, so he might be the alpha Caliborn, but wings may be lost god of war style too.
No. 24038 ID: 78c6ea


Oh is that what that was?

Damn Hussie, you cruel.
No. 24039 ID: ba5f2c

Caliborn has already been told by the narrative screen guy that we wasn't supposed to "win" the way he did, effectively blocking him from ever becoming a full mature cherub, at least emotionally. on the outside, he did gain the red cheeks of a mature cherub but he didn't get the wings. not that we know whether evil (or male) cherubs actually get wings or not.
No. 24040 ID: c59939
File 136277915798.gif - (613.73KB , 650x719 , godtier_reward2.gif )

hey man, they're canon. Surviving past the first panel was more expensive.
No. 24041 ID: f595d3

i think itsa safe to assume that they do, considering the white/black wing thing they've got going on, and i think his development was Emotionally stunted, weve not seen/heared anything about him not aging properly.
No. 24042 ID: f595d3

the thing thats really getting me going on the whole fan thing is his lack of time-shenanigans and use of magick, they dont quite seem to fit with what we know of him so far..
No. 24045 ID: 952246

It makes me wonder what kind of person can look at this and say "Yes, I'm spending my money well."
No. 24046 ID: 370c40

top 1% of world controls 40% of the world's wealth.
top 10% controls 85% of the wealth.

You just don't understand what it's like to be wealthy.
No. 24047 ID: 6b2fce


kinda off-topic, but doesn't that mean that globally, one out of ten persons has at least 20 billion dollars in the bank? because that's insane.
No. 24049 ID: 952246

Even assuming all the numbers involved are indeed correct, no. First of all, it's not distributed evenly. Some people have way way more than others even in the same bracket. Second, who keeps their entire worth liquid? Most of that money is going to be tied up in possessions and investments, not in a bank account.
No. 24050 ID: f595d3

Aaah, it looks like his emotional stunting will actualy have the physical side effect of no wings.
No. 24051 ID: 1b7ef8

Well the ugly one with the hat was donated by some army guy whose only joy was Homestuck. Dunno about SPORTS though.
No. 24054 ID: 57a559

I just thought of something, though it's not relevant to current events, just past ones. I think the only person who can kill Gamzee is Dave, because his ancestor version killed the clown presidents.

Clowns CAN die by Dave's hand.
No. 24055 ID: d79664

Who isn't Lord English?
No. 24057 ID: f2c20c

The problem isn't that he's a Juggalo. The problem is that he's Gamzee.
No. 24059 ID: 57a559

Andrew brings considerable attention that he's a clown, which means that clowns in general are very tough to kill. Gamzee's probably much tougher than the juggalo presidents, but still, I feel like there's significant parallel foreshadowing with Dave's guardian self and the Dave we know and love when it comes to fighting clowns.

IF Gamzee will die, it will probably be by Dave's hand, maybe with Karkat's help too. Gamzee's fucking with Terezi, so, hey, likely Dave-Karkat Moriall team against Gamzee.
No. 24061 ID: f595d3

No. 24065 ID: 33c723

You have to remember though, it was said that cherubs that matured CORRECTLY grew wings

LE forced his predomination and as such stunted his growth, if Im remembering what was said about it correctly. He will not grow wings.

This, thusly, would put him at a disadvantage (presumably) to the alternate Caliope who might be out there that predominated instead and could actually have wings.

It will be a battle of land and sky, calling it.
Or, giant snakes.
No. 24066 ID: 33c723
File 136297040860.gif - (43.55KB , 650x650 , 05966.gif )

>not that we know whether evil (or male) cherubs actually get wings or not
No. 24067 ID: bd1d08


>I actually believe that everything on the internet is posted when I see it


Further: We do know that Caliborn isn't going to get his wings properly, because they don't get them if they dominateword improperly.
No. 24068 ID: 6630b7


yeah I posted that before that update.

also, Caliborn was right about the elevator music. I've heard it enough to hate it by now.
No. 24069 ID: 1d5849

Okay so, let's see if I've understood this correctly: cherubs hatch in the light of a dying sun, absorb its power when they mature, and return to the black hole later to mate, then find a new sun to lay the egg on.

Assuming the two adult cherubs seen here were the ancestors of Calliope and Caliborn, can SBURB throw those ancestor meteors to an entirely different planet than the ones for the players? Since there's pretty much no way either of the ancestors grew up on Earth, like the players did, in this case.
No. 24070 ID: 57a559

Cherubs were never supposed to naturally play the game, which makes Cal/Cal a natural born Cherub over the humans and trolls ecto-clone origins. This is probably because the game can't find a way to kill all or at least most of the Cherubs off in the universe, so they're disqualified. But Cal/Cal did it anyway, so they have the bonus of not making their species extinct while having all the benefits of playing. This implies it's possible for humans to have escaped into suburb that were natural born and never sent to earth on a meteor, I suspect these sessions are ultimately built the same way, with an inert black Skaia. Fedora Freak probably has an inert Skaia, for example.

He does have full circles for cheeks though. I still have a theory that the Caliborn we know isn't LE because of that, and that LE lost his wings god-of-war style before he went god-tier, or Cherubs have the ability to hide their wings, or LE is stuck between the metamorphosis of the skull-face form and the snake of eternity form because he's tapped into those energies without a mate, which is apparent through the use of the flashy colors that surround LE. The snake form doesn't have wings because it is a giant space snake.
No. 24072 ID: 011678

sooo.. cherubs only have that magic stuff when mating, but LE has it all the time, and there indestructible until theve finished mating... so to remove LE's energy they have top get him to mate?

...ROAD TRIP!!..
No. 24073 ID: bd1d08


Earth is in a different place at the point in time the Cals are born on it. Explicitly.


> I still have a theory that the Caliborn we know isn't LE because of that, and that LE lost his wings god-of-war style before he went god-tier, or Cherubs have the ability to hide their wings, or LE is stuck between the metamorphosis of the skull-face form and the snake of eternity form because he's tapped into those energies without a mate

No, he never developed them because he didn't dominateword properly. This has already been explicitly stated.
No. 24074 ID: 57a559

What about the full cheek circles? My theory states that Alpha Caliborn is a red herring, that LE is a doomed Caliborn where he predominates naturally. If LE didn't dominate naturally, how did he develop the cheek circles? Regardless of wing status, we cannot just ignore his cheeks! You can't just tear the cheeks off! You can do it with wings, but not cheeks!
No. 24075 ID: f595d3

both caliborn and LE have full circle cheek's
No. 24076 ID: d49f71

Caliborn has full red cheeks.
You either don't read the comic or you need to get your ass to Eyemaster's.
No. 24078 ID: 57a559

Oh my god when the fuck did that happen, wait shit a few minutes into this flash when we see the change for the first time, they just pop full.
I never paid attention then, fucking christ, my memory overwritten shit. I never noticed, I just assumed and went, oh, that would make sense that he had squiggles, but then he doesn't and my memory is fucking blown wide open
No. 24083 ID: 011678


we forgive you, here, have a puppy.
No. 24111 ID: ca977c

That would make sense. It does seem like you're able to smuggle others into the game, anyway, since people in houses seem to come along with them in the transfer to game.

Like those chess guys in Roxy's and the Mom/Dad/Bro/pet figures.
No. 24116 ID: 011678

Dawww, isnt this the cutest thing you everIS THAT BABY WEARING A COD PICE!?
No. 24117 ID: 011678

a (pointless and stupid) idea occurs. le is the lord of double death right?
we keep saying/ thinking its cause he kills the ghosts, but the ghosts hes killed have all been the alternate timeline duplicates of the other charecters, maybe thats what it meant, he is death of the doubles.
now that i think about it this also kinda works into his role as destroyer of paradox stuff, hes removing all but the originals..
No. 24119 ID: 15c312


that's one of those old diapers where you gotta close it by folding one side over the other and fastening it with a pin. I hope. I'm convincing myself that's what it is, anyway.
No. 24126 ID: 952246

>ARANEA: And while such trials might discourage most players from even trying, our villain's response was quite the contrary.
>ARANEA: He was only em8oldened 8y the mind num8ing chores.

Just in case it wasn't obvious enough that his super power is crippling autism, let's rattle off textbook symptoms!
No. 24127 ID: f2c20c

So, he sunk 11, 15, and 7 in on the break.
No. 24128 ID: 24947d
File 136342569811.gif - (48.03KB , 650x450 , The_Felt.gif )

The members of the felt that were already dead correspond to the destroyed planets

Also, remember that Homestuck music album? Colours and Mayhem?
What's the name of his planet look like it's gonna be? With those flashing colors? And that tendency to go bonkers?
.... Eh? Ehhh?
No. 24129 ID: f2c20c

NICE. I love these little throwbacks. Slick didn't kill them in the same order that Caliborn is destroying planets, though.
No. 24130 ID: f595d3

Holy crap!
That means that the felt before Slick jumped timelines was run by a even more powerful LE..
No. 24132 ID: 25fa27

That, or it's the same LE and Slick somehow knew about the three minions that would have been on those lost planets and counted them anyway.

Makes you wonder how he could have really known that... unless, that slick was somehow a depowered version of his more god-like form.
No. 24133 ID: f2c20c

Wait, wait. No.

15 was sunk on the break, but 14 was dead before Slick started killing Felt. It doesn't match.
No. 24134 ID: f595d3

Caliborns planet is the Land of Seizures and Epilepsy
No. 24135 ID: b270b4


I'm assuming a typo.

anyway, pool with planets and bombs is hella cool.
No. 24136 ID: bd1d08


Danger Mouse, of all things, already did it.
No. 24137 ID: f2c20c

A typo? He would have to get the striped ball's color completely wrong.

It doesn't match.
No. 24140 ID: 78c6ea


I'll bet Hussie is kicking himself for not making them match though. What a great opportunity to add in another red herring for the sole purpose of making the fans go ballistic again!
No. 24151 ID: 011678


No. 24156 ID: f59095

>Karkat's tantrum over a chair

see, this is the conversations that made me fall in love with Hussykins.
No. 24183 ID: a869cb

that orange piece of shit.
No. 24184 ID: 1d5849

Can someone explain to me what Vriska is so mad about, and what Eridan and Cronus have to do with this?
No. 24185 ID: ad5c38

Presumably, Vriska is mad that she doesn't have the ring that could bring her back to life.
She is so mad, she is making God-tier Eri and Cronus slam into each other.
No. 24186 ID: b5f389

The guy she's yelling about is Hussie. He tried to propose to her several times.
No. 24188 ID: 78c6ea


She also may be angry at Cronus, who keeps trying to hook up with everyone with this schmaltzy ring he's got.
No. 24190 ID: 011678


No. 24194 ID: f595d3

hey you noticed what happanes when you try and hit the back arrows on those flashes..
its a little..odd
No. 24195 ID: 44c7d9

I doubtshe's mad at Cronus. His rings are all very blingy and not plain at all, like the two she's thinking of.

It was Hussie, just as I said.
No. 24199 ID: b28612

Andrew Hussie: Sinking ships since 1979.
No. 24204 ID: e9140c

who else likes Vriska again?
No. 24205 ID: b28612

What sort of pleb stops liking Vriska?
No. 24206 ID: 5d5ee0

haha this ridiculous speech about sacrifice and heroism.

Kind of falls flat when the character was already established to be a murderous bitch before any of this current arc even came up.

Way to go, Hussie. You're a champion.
No. 24208 ID: 16fad9

the particular way you put a point into words always matters. besides, the speech established her as an anti-hero.

and it looks like Rose is about to be established as having gone batshit.
No. 24210 ID: f2c20c

I don't really like Vriska that much either (she is a bitch regardless of her goal of taking down a universe-destroying BBEG no matter the cost) but you don't see me shitting all over this thread.
No. 24212 ID: ecd0ab

To be an anti-hero there has to be something heroic in your actions. To date, Vriska has done absolutely nothing heroic. Not even the treasure hunting thing she is doing now is particularly heroic, more like self-preservation. Vriska is not an anti-hero.
No. 24213 ID: c8a283


motivations don't matter. you help save the multiverse, you're a hero of one kind or the other. TV Tropes says so, so it must be true.
No. 24214 ID: a68e3e

Can we stop talking about Vriska and discuss Rose's new drinking problem? Did I miss something? Why did she suddenly pick that up?
No. 24215 ID: 997ce7

She has always tried to have that.
No. 24216 ID: f06036


she discovered the joys of booze when she had that date with Kanaya, remember?
No. 24218 ID: a68e3e

It was kinda funny at first but now it seems to be a big problem for her.
She's ruining her relationship with Kanaya..
No. 24219 ID: d6ae01

You expected Hussie to not go out of his way to troll his fanbase (further) by ruining another OTP? :X

Also let's keep personal attacks down a bit okay great
No. 24228 ID: 78c6ea


It's the old trick of switching the hats on the chess pieces. Rose is actually Roxy and Roxy is Rose. They switched when they first met.
No. 24229 ID: f2c20c

Where is the egg now, hmm? I BELIEVE IT IS ON YOUR FACE.

This takes me back to what Rose said when she first kissed Kanaya.
No. 24234 ID: d21e20

That would mean Kanaya kissed Roxy....
No. 24235 ID: f595d3


you know, i was just thinking her coat looked a little... english.
No. 24236 ID: f2c20c

Oh god, you're right. The coat's going to be alchemitized with some sort of time thing to make the Cairo Overcoat.
No. 24237 ID: a68e3e

You know what this means? They knew that they would make it that far. Kurloz could've rounded up some guys sooner and maybe killed them all or something. With English's time powers I don't think that's impossible at all.
He just let it happen.
No. 24239 ID: 78c6ea


Yes the whole story is pretty much preordained to make Lord English win everything and subsequently destroy it. It's been like that since the first Intermission.
No. 24240 ID: f2c20c

A true Lord of Time ensures that everything that comes to pass is because of him. Even retroactively.

However, that doesn't mean he understands the ramifications of what comes to pass, or is aware of all the details. It doesn't even mean he's omniscient.
No. 24245 ID: e71208
File 136507953506.gif - (5.81KB , 650x450 , 06088.gif )

No. 24258 ID: 74e4c2

No. 24259 ID: f2c20c

John: Retrieve arm from hole in reality
No. 24260 ID: f595d3

did...did john just go everywhere at once?
No. 24263 ID: 2eac65
File 136523845906.jpg - (643.43KB , 768x1024 , lotus_breeze.jpg )

EB: oh, hey guys!
EB: what's going on around here?
No. 24266 ID: f2c20c

I'm pretty sure Hussie is a Lord of Space, at this point.
No. 24267 ID: 78c6ea


He's a Waste of Space. When kidding, he is the Huss of Lips.
No. 24268 ID: 2df574

Andrew Hussie: floating ships since 1979.
No. 24275 ID: f2c20c

...I kinda doubt that LE left his weapon behind by mistake.

Also that isn't even what the doll DOES, dammit hussie!
No. 24276 ID: c008a5

I agree that he's fucking about with the doll in ways that don't work with established canon (like, if he put the pins in without holding onto Ms. Paint, she'd be left behind in one timeline while he'd boldy go forth elsewhere), but perhaps conveniently, in this timeline, all the Felt are gathered in this one post-snowman universe?

It sure is hard to explain away plotholes.
No. 24277 ID: 011678

It couold be acting that way due to the location, as we dont know where the blue office/mansion actualy is.
it may not be part of the time line at all, in fackt judgeing from the plot windows id say its actualy the origin point of the plot/alphatimeline
No. 24278 ID: 011678

he left the gun to take the wand, he may have gotten over excited about the wand and forgot his gun, as its looking more and more likley that people have massivley over estimated his intelligence..
No. 24280 ID: 78c6ea
File 136545033696.gif - (14.91KB , 650x450 , hussdead.gif )


But he left the wand.
No. 24281 ID: f595d3

huh... so were did the one from Caliborn: Enter come from?
No. 24282 ID: f2c20c

It's reasonable to conclude that Caliborn took it from Calliope's half of the room. At some point he lost it, and Hussie got it, but there's no bullets for it so it's useless.
No. 24296 ID: 011678

Its that timt again! Time for another Insane Rambeling Thoery That Dosent Make Sence!

With the inclusion of robo slick to the Outer-session Party thing theyve got going on, it suddenly struck me how all three of the guys currentley outside have things related to LE and his activitys.

Crazy-eyes slick has LE soul/mind control ands both crazy eyes and love of destruction as well as the super usefull juju.

Robo-slick has the mobster kingpin thing going on as well as the felt, who were suprisingly quick to accept him as leader, and the cane gun.

And finally Dirk has LE's apparant love of puppets and dudes, as well as being the Destroyer of souls, wich is what LE has been doing the whole time...

i cant help but feel this isnt co-incedence..
No. 24297 ID: 011678

By apparent love of dudes i mean that so far most of Caliborns "Romantic" aggresion has bee ndirected towards the guys, with his interactions with women bieng limited to either bullying or assigning them extreme subservial roles.
scince cherub romance is purley antagonistic in nature, i feel that he's more into guys then gals.
No. 24303 ID: f2c20c

What? Since when has Caliborn ever approached another guy in a romantic manner? Also he has been hitting on all the girls. Literally all of them.
No. 24304 ID: f595d3

The stuff with Dirk and Jake feels more like cherub flirting, were he's trying to set the "Mood" so to speak by making Jake his arch-rival.
were as the pictures he sent jane just felt like bullying, he dosent register them as a actual threat/romantic posability, he just wants to see them cry,suth the hell up and do what he tells them.
No. 24307 ID: 011678

So...yeah..john is omnipresent now..
No. 24309 ID: f2c20c

I don't think you understand how cherub romance works. It is literally all blackrom. Thus, he has been hitting on the ladies, and not the guys.
No. 24310 ID: 011678

its why i started out saying i was more then likley wrong :)
it could be im placing more importance on his guiding Jake to be his enemy, to me it felt like his father killing all those people in order to make his mother hate him enough, Setting the mood, ect, whilst his interactions with the girls just kinda felt a little.. impersonal? like he dosent actually care wether they hate him or want to fight him.

thinking about it i could have misread what is supposed to be another sign of his lack of emotional growth, it could be he's still in the "Girls are stupid!" phase of childhood..
No. 24313 ID: f2c20c

He knew ahead of time that Jake would beat him, so he was making sure he at least had a hand in getting Jake to be strong enough to do so.

It was a task he undertook because he was the Lord of Time, and for his own pride, not because he was romantically interested in Jake.
No. 24314 ID: f2c20c

Oh also he outright said he was hitting on Jane. Not everyone in homestuck is gay, goddamn it.
No. 24315 ID: 2eac65

Well, it looks like it's now officially happening.
No. 24316 ID: 011678

Huh, i must have missed that bit, the only time i rember him saying he was flirting with her was, i think, just a lead up to a insult about her weight "Like a girl with meat on her bones ect ect".

Also i was working under the impresion that, like the trolls, cherubs are sort of omni-sexual due to thier genders being totaly identical to the point that the males can be fertalized with the egg. so he isnt gay by human standards, theres only one person in the whole thing we know for sure is Human style gay, and were not all that certian about wether rose fits any label yet.

Im going to have to resist the urge to use that in normal conversation now. "oh thats steve, he's gay, Human style."
No. 24317 ID: 2eac65

Cherubs aren't really identical except when they're young. The two in Aranea's story had clearly different body types. It's also been said that a cherub will seek out a mate who is similar to their missing sibling. I'd guess that cherubs are heteronormative, like most species, and that it requires a combination of male and female gametes to produce an egg, though either parent could carry it afterwards.
No. 24318 ID: f595d3

aahhh i see what may have threw me, its the serpents that can only be told apart by a experienced observer.
That and the lack of sexual dimorphism beyond the male having apparently pumped alot of iron up to that point..

Im still on the fence as to wether gender matters to a cherub, as it seems they go by personality/psychology in these matters.
plus they turn into giant snakes that are plugged into reality.. kinda think biology is a moot point..

But anyway, what ever half assed theory was growing in my head has been joshed by the arrival of PM and BN, as they dont seem to have any real connection physically/metaphorically to LE.
No. 24320 ID: 78c6ea
File 136576294897.gif - (10.74KB , 650x450 , 8C.gif )

>this thread
No. 24321 ID: 011678

Indeed, i appologise, let us change subject imidiatley.

is it me or has rose become something of a "Quitter" so to speak?
when ever anything gets to hard she seeems to just drop it and retetreat into the bottle, like with her attempts to auspistice gamzee and terezi.
No. 24324 ID: bf54a8

she's seen too much future. basically she thinks she knows how things are going to turn out before hand so why bother trying to go against what the visions say will happen?
No. 24326 ID: f2c20c

Her powers don't work that way. She sees possibilities for the future, and can pick out the "most fortuitous path". Personally I think she knew she needed to turn into a drunk, or maybe just knew it didn't matter if she was drunk or not, and decided it would be easier to deal with things while intoxicated.
No. 24327 ID: f595d3

Now that i think about it, it could be said she's always done this, taken the easy route to power/success. like when she ignored the warnings and took the Horroterrors power, going all grim dark instead of slowly and steadily gaining power like john.
No. 24329 ID: f2c20c

She didn't even do that. What's wrong with you?

She asked the cue-ball "Are the Horrorterrors evil?" and she went grimdark because of the eldritch answer she got. She didn't seek out that power.
No. 24332 ID: bf54a8

john is pro at pants ironing.
No. 24334 ID: 4c45e6


you mean EXxXTREEEEME pants ironing.
No. 24335 ID: f595d3

Either Jane is resisting the condes..conacenc.. IC's controll or queeny has some strange plan up her sleeve...
No. 24336 ID: f595d3

Its so ridiculously heart warming to see john gushing over Con-air/Nicholas cage again :)
seems the SLAB OF THE JADED FOOL'S ENNUI really perked him up :)
No. 24341 ID: f595d3


Best reaction face Ever.
No. 24344 ID: bf54a8

i... what? what am i looking at here, is there a disk three or something?
No. 24350 ID: f2c20c

Apparently not.
No. 24352 ID: a68e3e

>So what it comes down to is, either I delay finishing Homestuck by a few months, or delay the release of the game by what would probably be a lot longer than that.

>I delay finishing Homestuck by a few months

>a few months

No. 24365 ID: 952246

Disk three is what he's taking a few months off to create. Enjoy shelling out for it if you haven't already.
No. 24367 ID: 011678

the game isnt Disk three, but he is taking time off to work on it foir a while.
No. 24368 ID: 57a559

I'm going to guess we'll be getting updates in July then
No. 24369 ID: e8c15b

first they tell me Breaking Bad won't be coming back until October and now this.

I am a very sad man.
No. 24370 ID: b53faa
File 136614564801.png - (183.76KB , 500x419 , tumblr_mld8h3byV41rlu5wso1_500.png )

You guys should really check out the tumblr homestuck tag, there is some CRAZY SHIT going down there
The caption on this monstrosity was "so kanaya is a jadeblood right?"
No. 24372 ID: b9ac02

dude no don't say that
that can't be
don't fucking
No. 24373 ID: b53faa
File 136618828972.png - (5.18KB , 156x431 , tumblr_mlbspbQqtx1s2r94ko1_400.png )

More from the tumblrsphere
No. 24378 ID: 9ef3c0


nevermind, it apparently premiers on August 11

anybody know when exactly Homestuck will return?
No. 24379 ID: f2c20c

6 months.
No. 24429 ID: af9733
File 136658842540.jpg - (183.64KB , 500x733 , hokuto.jpg )

As language barriers fall, the infection spreads.

Even Japan isn't safe anymore.
No. 24430 ID: af9733
File 136658890310.jpg - (126.10KB , 500x539 , corvus.jpg )

The condition is already critical.
No. 24433 ID: 7f88ed

I'd say those are pretty nice.
No. 24434 ID: 7f88ed

I'd say those are pretty nice.
No. 24504 ID: b53faa
File 136711029420.png - (97.60KB , 428x374 , badfanons.png )

I made a fantroll
No. 24506 ID: 7e1b7f
File 136717197031.png - (92.59KB , 214x314 , karkatbuschemi.png )

Karkat's face on things is the best blog
No. 24542 ID: 4fbef4
File 136753200081.png - (11.60KB , 300x336 , karkatcodpiece.png )

No. 24543 ID: 2eac65

I agree. The yatagarasu lusus was a nice touch.

I agree. The yatagarasu lusus was a nice touch.
No. 24572 ID: f595d3


Actually i think we may be looking at the third disk right here..
No. 24575 ID: b53faa
File 136796074356.gif - (381.63KB , 500x400 , sheepula pyrope.gif )

I did a thing
No. 24576 ID: f595d3

And it is Glorious
No. 24917 ID: ea4b0b
File 137108338117.png - (620.59KB , 10496x4328 , update.png )

No. 24945 ID: 011678

I find it oddly haertwarming that caliborn regards the felt as his friends
No. 24947 ID: ca1c58

Homestuck is gay.
No. 24948 ID: f595d3
File 137115807725.jpg - (64.25KB , 500x423 , tumblr_me4w2uLlCU1rex76jo1_500.jpg )

your point being?
No. 24949 ID: ca1c58

It was just an observation.
No. 24967 ID: 2e4b29

Well, it's certainly not un-gay.
No. 24985 ID: d59dc9

when did Jade turn African?
No. 24987 ID: f2c20c

She's not African, she's Grimbark.
No. 24991 ID: 011678

A thought occurs, since LE has seized control of the narrative and is in the process of retroactivley creating it, perhaps the reason the felt came back to life with no time-line repercusions is simply down to LE writing it that way?

also john can teleport now..
or maybe as Hier of breath he can exists anywere ther is air?
either way, shenanigans are afoot.
No. 24997 ID: f2c20c

He's teleporting because he stuck his hand through the fourth wall and became everywhere at once for a while, which I imagine he learned to control. It has nothing to do with his Heir of Breath powers.
No. 25000 ID: f595d3

true, but i was under the impression that had worn off
No. 25005 ID: f595d3

looks like i was right, john is wind
No. 25006 ID: c23ab0


John has displayed that windy power before when fighting. He can dissipate to make weapons pass through him, and apparantly can dissipate entirely...

...or was that a fanstuck? I can't tell anymore. ;_;
No. 25007 ID: 011678

The first time we saw john do the windy-vanish thing was (i think) when he fought JN in a dream bubble, so we kinda just assumed it was a dream thing.
No. 25008 ID: f2c20c

I don't think very many people assumed that?
No. 25061 ID: af88b0

okay why would you make kk's death scene so deliberately anticlimactic

I mean sure lots of other previous deaths have included silly faces which somehow actually worked but come on this is way too over the top
No. 25062 ID: 4b04e8

No. 25063 ID: f595d3

Although john dose have the ring that brings people back to life, plus the life maid is right there and probably killed him to resurrect him to prove that they can kill/res over and over until he dose what they want.
No. 25065 ID: c23ab0


Actually Jade just admitted that Jane can only do it once per person.

I'm just wondering why Karkat didn't auto-parry. Sometimes I suspect the Alternian trolls can't actually fight at all and their whole terrible society consists entirely of bluffing.
No. 25066 ID: 96c896

It's because he's obviously not going to stay dead you moron.
No. 25067 ID: f595d3

A, your right i didnt notice that, although i dont think healing people from near death counts as resurrection.
B, karkat didnt spec for auto parry. fool put all his points in Shout and reverse chair sitting.
No. 25069 ID: f595d3

aw he dead.
No. 25070 ID: f47c06


I don't care about the consequences. having a trident shoved through your ribcage is always dramatic.
No. 25072 ID: f595d3

Whew indeed, now please dont kill him again :(
No. 25078 ID: 9b57d3

I wonder what would happen if Jane tried to resurrect Calliope.
No. 25079 ID: c23ab0


Obviously that can't happen because that would actually solve a lot of problems.
No. 25081 ID: 011678

Actually i dout it would do much good, as caliborn out manuvered her back when he was just a bratty little moron. now that hes a all powerful, bratty giant he'll probably just instantly consume her
No. 25082 ID: c23ab0


Assuming of course that Caliborn is Lord English.
No. 25083 ID: 011678

Its about 80% likley at this point that he is LE, but its always possible he's controllting LE remotley, like with Knife eye slick.
No. 25090 ID: a68e3e

it's pretty much confirmed it's him. No doubt there.
No. 25091 ID: f595d3

true, but the small uncertainty comes form this bieng written by andrew "Red herring" hussie and the fact that aranea has never explained exactly how she knows all this information (correct me if im wrong and she has stated. also it could be down to her sylph of light status)
No. 25106 ID: ea4b0b

So someone made some absolutely fantastic redglare sprites.
No. 25128 ID: 011678

Another (Stupid) thought occurs.
Could caliborn be falling for a Red herring ploy?
i mean, the thing with jake is that everyone, himself included, put's him on a pedastle and expects him to act in a certian way (confidont, boyfriend, adventurer ect) and each time they are dissapointed when he fails to live up to thier image of him.
LE is fixated on the image of Jake bieng his final fight, and is completely ignoring john, who by total accident has now removed himself (apparentley) from the controll of paradox space.
Is it jake or john LE should fear?
Will caliope recive a happy ending?
Will dirk ever sort his shit out?
And whats up with that creepy ass wolfs head?
Join us next time for the answer to None of these questions!
No. 25207 ID: a23afd

Dave hasn't used any time powers at all since he reached God Tier, has he?

...wait a minute, as God Tier, doomed clones could only die via the two established circumstances. Therefore, time travel as a God Tier is kinda shitty because you can't usually even create doomed clones because of how the universe works, and would have to rely almost entirely on closed loops, which suck for combat.

Dave must have some other way of weaponizing time as God Tier to make up for this...
No. 25214 ID: 35037e

Aradia didn't seem to have problems getting doomed timeline clones to fight Jack with.
No. 25215 ID: a23afd

She wasn't a God Tier when that happened. The only time she fought Jack as a God Tier she just froze him in place then used him as a portal to the Green Sun.
No. 25217 ID: a23afd

On second thought, being God Tier would mean it's fairly easy to create closed loop clones, because all your killed clones will just come back to life and complete their loops.
No. 25218 ID: c23ab0

Here's how you kick ass via time travel. Go back in time 30s. Join forces with yourself. You both go back in time another 30s. Now there's 3 daves 15min ago. Repeat for an hour. Now there's 120 daves all god tier, who can then go kick the bad guy's ass. The reason this doesn't cause a paradox is the first dave that goes back encounters all the other daves in his past an hour before the fight. Then he goes back before the fight and is dave #2. Then he goes back 30s and is dave #3. Repeat until he's the last Dave. Basically his timeline is folded like an accordion, but not broken.

You can reverse the process similarly, but why would you want to? With 120 alpha timeline daves you wouldn't even need a casting call for SBAHJ the moive.
No. 25220 ID: a23afd

Um, no. If you change the timeline in a way that prevents your original self from time traveling, you are now in a new timeline and if you ever return to the original timeline you're a doomed clone. That's a bad thing for God Tier.
No. 25231 ID: c23ab0


That's the thing though, your original self isn't prevented from time travelling. They just magically have all these time clones to back them up, then afterwards begin the cycle by going back to be the second time clone. The second goes back to be the third, etc.

And God Tiers are immortal, so you could build up a lot of clones that way...
No. 25234 ID: a23afd

Dude, the way that sequence was set up, the original dave goes back 30 seconds and convinces his earlier self to go back 30 seconds 30 seconds EARLIER, preventing him from going back 30 seconds at the proper time and creating the original clone. That's NOT a closed loop, that's a bunch of timelines stacked on top of eachother, and would actually be full of doomed clones.

True closed-loop time travel clone combat involves your clones always having been there, and you HAVE TO go back in time to live out what they went through. It's not even a choice you can make spontaneously. It's something Dave always saw coming.
No. 25235 ID: c23ab0


Yeah, that's what I mean. In normal linear boring chronological order, all the Daves can appear before Dave even considers making time clones. His decision to employ time clones comes after they are employed, effect coming before cause. That's what weird time shit is.

To get a better idea of this, Dave resolves to do one of two things: make time clones in the future, or kill Clover. Since the alpha timeline is always what works out best for Clover, Dave's time clones will appear. All the timelines where he decided not to make time clones, or never saw any time clones are doomed timelines that he never even visits. Clover's just a convenient macguffin for this strategy though, and it can quite well happen without him.

Frankly I wonder if LE will be defeated when he tries to kill Clover.
No. 25347 ID: 2eac65

Was it ever specifically stated that highblooded trolls are more psychically resilient than lowbloods, or is that just something that lots of people assume?

Because the Serkets sure don't seem to have much trouble controlling them.
No. 25348 ID: 96c896

Who else was controlled?
No. 25351 ID: 2eac65

Gamzee during this sequence, and the Amporas during the "Vriska gathering a ghost army" antics.
No. 25352 ID: 2219d0

Well, by the time they've been dead for a while, especially Aranea, so it could be said they've had a lot of practice in mind controlling people.

I dunno, really. I'm just adding in more assumptions.
No. 25366 ID: 96c896

Well, that didn't seem particularly Heroic or Just.
No. 25367 ID: 96c896

Okay, Hussie is definitely just plain cheating to get out of corners he wrote himself into, now.
No. 25368 ID: bf54a8

inb4 john fucks it all up.
No. 25372 ID: bc903c

Seemed Just to me. She'd changed her alignment to Evil and was planning on having a great deal of the her friends and others killed, as well as trying to help Condy revive the troll race just so it could be enslaved.

Whether she's brainwashed or not, that's a just death.
No. 25376 ID: 96c896

She was being mind controlled. It wasn't a Just death- Aranea directly manipulated the clock via an ability she really should not have. It would probably require a Prince of Life or Light to do what she did, not a Nymph. A Nymph heals, not kills or manipulates. It showed her eye affecting the clock somehow but according to Vriska all that does is let you see stuff/through stuff that you normally shouldn't be able to. Which also doesn't explain how she could tell Roxy was there without using her eye.

Hussie is just making up bullshit powers for her to have that solve his plot dilemmas as fast as possible.
No. 25378 ID: 0bc691


>It wasn't a Just death

Sure it was.

Fun fact: People bitched about Vriska's death not being 'just' either.

>It showed her eye affecting the clock somehow

No, it showed a flash of her eye and said 'lucky br8k,' it didn't show her actually do anything. She was just lucky (as a light player) that jade's death was decided to be just.

>Which also doesn't explain how she could tell Roxy was there without using her eye.

The dead trolls already know what happens at this point in the timeline, as evidenced by the fact that they know aranea isn't supposed to be there.

>Hussie is just making up bullshit powers for her to have

The only 'made up' power she has been shown to have is making Roxy fall asleep.
No. 25379 ID: 96c896

Vriska was about to effectively kill everyone on the asteroid by her own choice, of course it was Just. Grimbark's actions didn't have anything to do with Jade. There's NO REASON for the clock to show Aranea's eye unless she had something to do with the decision, so she did.

The dead trolls do not actually know a whole lot about this timeline. Vriska sure as hell wasn't acting on future knowledge. How could they possibly know what happens? I think they just have some vague sense of how things are supposed to generally go, because their living space is in the Furthest Ring.
No. 25380 ID: 0bc691


>There's NO REASON for the clock to show Aranea's eye unless she had something to do with the decision, so she did.

The clock only stopped on Vriska because it got smashed by a crowbar. Events that lead to the clock stopping are just how paradise space works.

>How could they possibly know what happens?

Because Hussie is not a good writer?
No. 25381 ID: 96128a

Im going to repeat myself for you.
>Whether she's brainwashed or not, that's a just death.

She was still planning on killing and enslaving countless people, or at least assisting with that and being okay with it. Whether she's brainwashed or not, that's a just death.

Also,Aranea couldn't have influenced the clock (as far as I know). Her control powers only work so far as living creatures. The eye showing up and the 'tough br8k' or whatever was probably just artistic choice, showing that she could at least see the clock stopping where it did, and was pleased with the outcome.

She does have the power to see things like that, after all. Probably. Hell, for all we know, she might just revive Jade and heal her, too, assuming she can.
No. 25385 ID: 96c896

First off, it's paradox space, not paradise space.
Second, no, that was pretty clearly hussie fucking with us- actually you know what, I changed my mind. BOTH instances of "outside interference" with the clock are just Hussie throwing doubt into the equation to fuck with his readers. However, just like the crowbar, *it was outside interference*. Aranea did something. If she had not done anything, Hussie would've just had "Lucky Br8k" up there, or not anything at all. The eye showing up very clearly lays blame on Aranea. There is absolutely no narrative reason to put it there otherwise. Heck, even the "Lucky Br8k" lays blame on her.

Aranea not legitimately being able to influence the clock is my entire point. Hussie is making up powers for her, like what they originally did with Superman.
No. 25386 ID: 0bc691


> However, just like the crowbar, *it was outside interference*.

No, it was in the Vriska case (which was warranted), but it wasn't necessarily in this case. You are assuming it was because you think that any of this bullshit storytelling is a change in the way the comic is worked and are mad about it. Everything in the comic has always worked like this. Nothing has changed. This is what homestuck has been for years.

>There is absolutely no narrative reason to put it there otherwise. Heck, even the "Lucky Br8k" lays blame on her.

Good Luck is a natural passive ability of Light players.

> Hussie is making up powers for her,

What power did she use to mess with the clock?

You just said yourself that the entire purpose of the clock scenes is just to fuck with the readers. And yet here you are, getting super worked up about it.
No. 25387 ID: 0bc691


Oh and while we're at it:

What is the full set of powers available to a Sylph of Light to begin with? You obviously know what it is intended to be, since you know that she used a power to actively force the clock to settle on just; and also know that it is a power that she 'shouldn't' have.
No. 25388 ID: 96128a

You completely skipped over the point I was trying to make, didn't you?
I said that Aranea DOESNT have the power to influence the clock, so she DIDNT INFLUENCE THE CLOCK. The eye and the words were probably just ARTISTIC CHOICE or TROLLING, or even her EXISTING POWER TO SEE SHIT being used to SEE the clock but NOT influence it.

Sorry for the caps spam, but I really felt like you needed some help getting the point there.
No. 25389 ID: 96c896

Hussie has established rules bit by bit, and EVERYTHING has followed established rules. Most things up until act 6 have been surprising because we didn't know the rules. Surprising events nowadays are mostly due to unexpected interplay of the various characters, not because something happened that we didn't know was possible before. An example of that would be the quest beds in the middle of Derse that allow players with dead dream selves to become god tier.

Good Luck isn't a passive ability of Light players, cmon. Light is the element of the "Most fortuitous path", and the only person who has powers that run that way is Vriska- she can "steal luck" from other people. Also, LUCK DOES NOT EVEN EXIST. There is literally no random chance in major events. Essentially, timelines in Homestuck have infrequent major branches but minor choices don't divert from the main timeline at all. Besides, if it was passive, her eye certainly wouldn't have shown up. Are you even thinking about this or just throwing out shit logic to be contrary?

As for how she did it, she messed with the clock with some bullshit troll psychic power linked to her eye, obviously. She already used some bullshit psychic power to topple a goddamn building.

She is a Healer of Light. She heals *others* with the power of light or fortune or fate, or heals light/fortune/fate itself. It's a healy light/fate power. Anything that does not fall within that rather broad theme(for instance, keeping a God Tier dead by altering their fate) is something that cannot originate from her Role. Any other powers she has have to be due to her being a psychic troll with a freaky eye, and of course the ring she's wearing.

As a side note, I'm pissed off that Hussie is fucking up his writing, not about the fucking clock itself. That should be obvious. He pulled Aranea out of his ass so he could get himself out of the corners he wrote himself into with Jake and Jade.

Oh, one last thing... Aranea making Roxy fall asleep isn't anything new at all. Vriska did that LOTS of times to Jade.
No. 25390 ID: 96c896

No, I saw your point. I disagree with it.
No. 25391 ID: 2eac65

We've seen players use their Class and Aspect abilities in separately from each other. Dave's the Knight of Time, which means he "exploits time as a weapon to protect others", but he's a good fighter even without time travel, and he's used time travel for things that don't involve fighting.
No. 25393 ID: 0bc691


>Hussie has established rules bit by bit, and EVERYTHING has followed established rules.

For someone who likes writing about homestuck so much, you sure don't pay much attention to it.

>Besides, if it was passive, her eye certainly wouldn't have shown up.

Why not? It sure was a lucky break for her that Jade's death was just. When has the vision eightfold symbol been shown for a reason other than perceiving something? It obviously isn't even involved with mind control since Vriska could already do it.

The vision eightfold was appearing to show that she was aware that things were progressing according to her plan.

>She is a Healer of Light. She heals *others* with the power of light or fortune or fate, or heals light/fortune/fate itself.

No, she's a sylph of light.

And while a sylph is a powerful healing class, she is also a powerful god-tier character. Idly destroying a nearby inanimate object with a gesture could well be something basically anyone can do at that point.

> He pulled Aranea out of his ass so he could get himself out of the corners he wrote himself into with Jake and Jade.

Wait, you actually think that this is the resolution of things? Oh my god that's so fucking rich.

>Vriska did that LOTS of times to Jade.

No scorpio symbol, so clearly it wasn't her psychic troll power.
No. 25395 ID: 96c896

Name one thing that didn't work within established rules. John's current state doesn't count, as it's due to something that was stated to have reality-altering power.

The 7-fold eye has never just popped up out of nowhere before, sight-related or otherwise.

>No, she's a sylph of light.
Sylph is a HEALER class. There's no indication that god tier characters all get any sort of psychokinetic power. You're just making up shit now to be contrary.

>Wait, you actually think that this is the resolution of things?
Don't be a fucking jackass. Yes, it's the resolution of things- Jake is no longer a blubbering mess(and is powering up because of that), and Grimbark Jade is no longer a threat. Those are the TWO THINGS he wrote himself out of that I referred to.

Aranea not displaying her scorpio symbol when putting Roxy to sleep is probably just a demonstration of how good she is at psychic powers. It's not something that requires continuous effort, you know. It could also just be implied because WE ALREADY KNOW PSYCHIC TROLLS CAN DO THAT.

I think I am done with this stupid argument.
No. 25397 ID: 0bc691


>Name one thing that didn't work within established rules.


You genuinely do not understand how homestuck works. Hussie doesn't establish rules and then follow them, he does things and then has characters exposit that the rules are what made that happen.

But since you just asked for one example: We were explicitly told that there was one quest bed, until we were told that there were also other quest beds later. And also things just plain worked differently for Aradia because exceptions.

> There's no indication that god tier characters all get any sort of psychokinetic power.

All God Tiers can fly, even if the players previously showed no indication of flight.

>Those are the TWO THINGS he wrote himself out of that I referred to.

Neither of which was solved by anything any more 'made up' than anything else that has ever happened in the story. You're just mad that a boring, terrible character is the one that was doing things at the time. Even by the narrowest interpretation based on what we were told a Sylph of Light could do, powering up Jake (for the moment, since this isn't permanent) is well within the bounds of her abilities. And crushing Jade with the building was just aesthetics, She was helpless and unconscious and could easily have been killed in basically any other way, but it wouldn't have been a wizard of oz joke.

>Aranea not displaying her scorpio symbol when putting Roxy to sleep is probably just a demonstration of how good she is at psychic powers. It's not something that requires continuous effort, you know. It could also just be implied because WE ALREADY KNOW PSYCHIC TROLLS CAN DO THAT.

She scorpio'd gamzee.

You seem to be confused here. Do you only think that the rules in Homestuck are consistent when it is convenient for you? Or are you just too angry about realizing that the comic's writing just isn't very good to make sense of your own arguments?
No. 25398 ID: 96c896

Except absolutely not everything. Yes, Hussie does tend to toss in new things and explain them later, but a lot of things happened because of rules laid out beforehand. Like for instance ascending to god tier in general, since you used that as YOUR example. Before anyone ascended, there were rules for it. The process was clearly described. The Derse quest beds weren't mentioned by the people that told us the rules because hey, guess what? THEY DIDN'T FUCKING KNOW ABOUT THEM. Neither group of players found out about the Derse quest beds before their timelines lost communication with eachother.

>You're just mad that a boring, terrible character is the one that was doing things at the time.
YOU'RE ignoring my argument. The only thing Aranea did that defies explanation is "manipulating" the clock to keep Jade dead. Hussie still pulled her out of his ass because she was never shown to have any sort of agency of her own. Before this she always played a passive role, so it's like he just picked whoever would be the best tool for the job of hurrying things along. It's an obviously unplanned, lazy maneuver. Sortof like Trickster Mode, which was also complete garbage.

>She scorpio'd gamzee.
My point there was that requires continuous concentration, but guess what? The symbol's gone now anyway, despite him still being manipulated by Aranea. So obviously it's not required ever.

>You seem to be confused here.
No, you're just ignorant and full of yourself. Perhaps we should stop talking to eachother before things get even more hostile between us.
No. 25399 ID: 96c896

Oh, I almost forgot. When I said psychokinesis I meant being able to shove things around with your mind. Only psychic trolls have been shown to be able to do that- for instance, both Captor trolls.
No. 25400 ID: 0bc691

>Before anyone ascended, there were rules for it. The process was clearly described.

No, the process was vaguely described, and then exceptions happened whenever it was inconvenient for them not to.

I mean, when your argument is, and I am going to bold this shit:

Hussie has established rules bit by bit, and EVERYTHING has followed established rules.

You run into serious fucking problems when rules are established and then changed (see: Aradia).

>The only thing Aranea did that defies explanation is "manipulating" the clock to keep Jade dead.

Then what happened to:

>She already used some bullshit psychic power to topple a goddamn building.

I mean, you were just saying that that was a bullshit out of nowhere thing with no explanation. Can't even keep your own arguments straight?

Also, Aranea didn't manipulate the clock.

> Hussie still pulled her out of his ass because she was never shown to have any sort of agency of her own.

And lamented it.

And started to enjoy actually doing things during the pirate adventure.

And opined longingly about the wonderful backstory adventures and importance of her alternian ancestor existence.

>It's an obviously unplanned, lazy maneuver.

Despite being set up. Despite your arguments that Hussie sets everything up via rules and then follows them.

wow. I was joking about you somehow managing to not understand Homestuck but now I think it might be true.

> So obviously it's not required ever.

It was still shown when she used her power to control him in the first place.

> Perhaps we should stop talking to eachother before things get even more hostile between us.

You being too angry at a bad webcomic to think straight does not equal hostility -between- us. Any hostility in said space is solely emanating from your direction.

>When I said psychokinesis I meant being able to shove things around with your mind.

So? Who said she used her mind and not some manner of other attack? All she did was break the tower. The glow effect no longer exists on it as it is falling.
No. 25401 ID: 96c896

>I mean, you were just saying that that was a bullshit out of nowhere thing with no explanation.
No, I just said it was bullshit. The explanation is that she's psychic. Which I said. In that sentence. You jackass.
>Also, Aranea didn't manipulate the clock.
That's your opinion, and beside the point.

>And lamented it. And started to enjoy actually doing things during the pirate adventure. And opined longingly about the wonderful backstory adventures and importance of her alternian ancestor existence.
That is a good point and I will concede that she isn't a complete asspull. So I guess you win, Hussie isn't just making shit up. Wait, weren't you just saying he makes everything up? I guess you were just being a jackass.

"It's an obviously unplanned, lazy maneuver."
>Despite your arguments that Hussie sets everything up via rules and then follows them.
Yeah. That is what pissed me off- that it looked like it wasn't following the rules.
>wow. I was joking about you somehow managing to not understand Homestuck but now I think it might be true.
You only think you understand Homestuck. You just don't like how it's written and look at it in the most negative light possible, and think that's the only explanation for it. You are wrong.

You can't even understand ME, how can you possibly understand Homestuck?

>It was still shown when she used her power to control him in the first place.
So what?

>Any hostility in said space is solely emanating from your direction.
Yeah, you sure aren't hostile to me at all. You sure aren't bending what I say to make me look bad and talking down to me. That sure doesn't sound suspiciously like "You mad, bro?" You sure aren't a massive jackass.

But uh, thanks for resolving the thing I was upset about! I GUESS WE CAN STOP TALKING NOW. By which I mean stop provoking me.
No. 25402 ID: 0bc691

>No, I just said it was bullshit.

What made it bullshit? Not being established beforehand? Why can't something be established by being shown instead of having every character saying 'I can do this' immediately before doing it like some sort of silver-age schlock?

>I guess you were just being a jackass.

Yes, everything is made up. In fact, in a work of fiction, even things that ARE foreshadowed or set up are made up. The point about 'everything was made up' was that you were saying you were mad about things that Hussie was 'just making up.' Which is inherently hilarious.

What this has to do with me being a jackass is kind of confusing though.

>You just don't like how it's written and look at it in the most negative light possible, and think that's the only explanation for it. You are wrong.

You just said my explanation of events was correct.

Also I fail to see how understanding that a work has failings is looking at it in 'the most negative light possible,' but I'm also not a teenager any more so that might be why?

>You can't even understand ME, how can you possibly understand Homestuck?

-you- are an inarticulate guy on a forum who is making arguments that are internally inconsistent.

Homestuck is just a very simple story that happens to be long and to have an overreliance on 'plot twists' that occur by changing what is known about the rules of the setting instead of by applying established rules.

>So what?

Does consistency matter or not?

>Yeah, you sure aren't hostile to me at all. You sure aren't bending what I say to make me look bad and talking down to me.

I'm being condescending, not hostile.

> That sure doesn't sound suspiciously like "You mad, bro?" You sure aren't a massive jackass.

Perhaps, and this might shock you, if you weren't insulting me in ways that had nothing to do with the actual argument, you wouldn't come off as looking angry. Just a thought!

>By which I mean stop provoking me.

Correcting somebody for being openly wrong about something is 'provoking them,' now? And clearly from the context this is supposed to be a negative thing?

This isn't tumblr, chief.
No. 25405 ID: 96c896

You're presenting opinions as fact, misinterpreting what I'm saying, and contradicting yourself. That is all I will say on the remaining matters. Most of this really belongs on BDA but I haven't a clue how it could be split off from the meaningful discussion.
No. 25409 ID: 0bc691

>You're presenting opinions as fact,

Where? You -do- know what an opinion is, right? I mean sure you've already used the word incorrectly in this conversation, but I hold out hope that you were just angry and not thinking straight.

>misinterpreting what I'm saying,


>and contradicting yourself.

No. 25419 ID: c23ab0

Aranea toppling the tower with psyychyk pywyrs wasn't ham handed. Keeping Jane from reviving Jade now *that* was ham handed. In fact I suspect it's becoming extra ham handed because while naysayers are bitching about Aranea's clock break, a bunch of clearly contrived events are hindering Jane one after the other, something the naysayers are missing entirely in their clock rage.
No. 25475 ID: d23420

So, how about that gigapause?
The prospect is horrifying - months and months without Homestuck, followed by all of it at once.
I don't think I'm ready for the end.

And did one of the two clowns up there back in September legitimately think Areana had nothing to do with Jade's Just death?
What a clown. That was clear manipul8ion via light powers.
No. 25476 ID: 8ab426

>The prospect is horrifying - months and months without Homestuck, followed by all of it at once.

So basically like the last big pause except at the end something happens.

Real Talk: I actually had to go back and check what the 'big cliffhanger' it was leaving off on was because I didn't remember anything significant happening. I guess it's the condesce appearing?
No. 25479 ID: 1413c8

God, I fucking hate homestuck. I am so glad I do not waste my time with that shit anymore.
No. 25482 ID: f68f9d

how rude
No. 25484 ID: c23ab0


But there is so much hapening! There was even a curtain closing! This is all clearly very big important stuff! No shenanigans here at all!
No. 25525 ID: 30df25
File 138336844040.gif - (65.46KB , 386x283 , repentmeow.gif )

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