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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 125532150264.png - (348.52KB , 1282x1026 , Johnsdad.png )
76 No. 76 ID: c7daa1

Expand all images
No. 78 ID: 7d87d9

No. 79 ID: c7daa1
File Ascend.swf - (3.49MB , 650x450 )

No. 81 ID: 43d730

Wait what
No. 83 ID: 6deae0

That was cool and everything, but... huh?
No. 87 ID: c7daa1
File STRIFE.swf - (295.93KB , 650x450 )

No. 88 ID: 7d87d9

MSPaint Adventures
No. 99 ID: 9ded94

I mean, it's not like this shit wasn't epic in the first place...

Wow. Honestly. Wow.
No. 100 ID: 7eda8b


Also read Problem Sleuth. It's amaaaaaaaazing.
No. 102 ID: 4553b2

Dad confirmed for badass.
No. 103 ID: c7daa1

Works as a wallpaper too.
No. 107 ID: 10d05c

I don't like the new MSPA. It's far too much complicated and weird. I can't get into it.
I loved PS though.
No. 110 ID: 7d87d9

It took about halfway through for PS to not be just as bad.

We're effectively only in part 3 in next comic.

Here come the first "Boss fights"
No. 111 ID: 87a37b

I felt the same way so I stopped reading it for a while, but it's recently been getting better. I do agree that it feels needlessly complex though. Problem Sleuth had a bunch of complexities that were entirely for the lulz and were often ignored, never seen again, or subverted. Whereas the intricacies of the rules in Homestuck are played completely straight. I guess we just have to hope it pays off later.
No. 112 ID: 3c85ff
File 125536015086.png - (845.28KB , 1000x1000 , vagabond3.png )

One of the best things that come out of this comic is the music, definitely.
The next act is going to get badass.
No. 114 ID: 7d87d9

So what is Dad's dex like?
No. 115 ID: 87a37b

You mean his sylladex? We haven't seen it. I don't even know if an NPC can have a sylladex.
No. 119 ID: 10d05c

Anyone can give me a summary of what happened in the first chapters? I totally missed them.
No. 120 ID: 35cea2
File 125537330155.png - (8.35KB , 650x450 , Bro.png )

Dave's Bro is so damn cool. I wish I could be cool like Dave' Bro.
No. 121 ID: 7d87d9

Who says he won't be a NPC. I mean for a bit we thought the Vagabond wouldn't be a PC
No. 129 ID: 7eda8b

>It took about halfway through for PS to not be just as bad.

The early parts of PS were marvelous and hilarious.
No. 142 ID: 104706

I don't really think any of the Guardians would be playable. Dad, Mom and Bro have a different agenda.
The vegabonds will be as playable as the kids, I think.
No. 147 ID: 2fce45

Besides, I was just saying that up til now he's been an NPC, not that he will forever remain an NPC.
No. 162 ID: 25c853
File 125551307092.gif - (77.00KB , 650x450 , 00767.gif )

Inb4 "What blue pumpkin?"
No. 165 ID: 277821

It's now a blue leaf
No. 166 ID: 954933

No. 167 ID: c7553f
File 125553683172.png - (122.83KB , 236x217 , hrururur.png )

So the next few hundred updates are going to be fucking around with a new version of the inventory, again?
No. 177 ID: f4963f

No. 190 ID: de913c

God knows I wish I could pull off the awesome that was Sepulchritude and Pax Probuliscum. PS went from simply awesome to God-Like at that point in my mind.

Also, this board ain't so bad, and both of those flashes had nice 8-bit themes. Downloads for those anywhere?
No. 200 ID: 4553b2


Part 1 of the soundtrack. Part 2 will be coming sometime in the near eventually.
No. 204 ID: 7d87d9

I think we confirmed we have a Lemon here in this character.

I mean MEMORY modus. Yea she'll be useless. She can't even do the Item Launch Attack like John can
No. 205 ID: 6550ad

Well, at least she can choose between other 11 useless fetch modus.

Pictionary looks promising.
No. 206 ID: 4553b2

I am confused and concerned as to how the Connect 4 modus would work.
No. 208 ID: 7d87d9

I guess she'd have to draw what she'd want.

Watch that she can't draw to save her life.
No. 209 ID: 6550ad
File 125577998617.gif - (47.27KB , 650x450 , 00778.gif )

WTF is with her shirt?
No. 210 ID: 1e1932

Considering the world they're living in, this shouldn't really come as that much of a surprise.
No. 228 ID: 7d87d9

Is it me or is she in a complex akin to that of the Wayward Vagabond? I mean some of the tech is definitely giving that vibe.
No. 234 ID: 277821
File 125603598859.gif - (150.69KB , 650x650 , 00789.gif )

No. 235 ID: b1788f


No way man.

She just has a profound zeal for marvelous and fantastical FAUNA OF AN ANTHROPOMORPHOLOGICAL PERSUASION.
No. 236 ID: cc0da4


Nah, she's totally a furry.
No. 280 ID: 3d8e92

You didn't see that coming?
No. 320 ID: 9bbf0f

I actually like that. Every kid has one (maybe not that common) likeness defining their

John -> bad movies
Rose -> cthulhu-esque
Dave -> rap and net-culture
Jade -> apparently furries and gardening?

Also, without knowing all that much of her yet - what will her kernelsprite be? I call it's that pet+...something.
No. 325 ID: 6550ad
File 12561417287.gif - (100.79KB , 650x650 , 00790.gif )


We haven't seen enough oh his house yet. All the other kids have a tutor with some weird and creppy hobby flooding the house, that, if it follows John's pattern, ends up being part of the Kernelsprite.

John -> clowns
Rose -> Wizards
Dave -> Puppets
Jade -> ?

PS: Fuck yeah, Strife Specibi Sniperkind. Now we're talking!
No. 332 ID: 7eda8b

But we saw a glimpse of Dave's kernelsprite. It was the dead bird with a sword through it.
No. 335 ID: 6550ad


The kernelsprite has to be combined with two... "things".

John's was combined with the harlequin doll his father bought to him and the ashes oh her grandma.

So Dave's kernelsprite would be combined with the dead crow and something else. And my money is on the puppets.
No. 338 ID: 7eda8b

On second thought, the only thing in common between the two kernelsprites we saw so far (or was there a glimpse of a third?) was that they had elements of something dead in them. Nana and the bird. Rose's dead pet cat has been sitting right next to her lappy, so that's a strong possibility for hers.

>So Dave's kernelsprite would be combined with the dead crow and something else. And my money is on the puppets.
Wouldn't the sword be thing number two?

Puppet is a strong contender, but that would be pretty terrible for Dave at this point.
No. 347 ID: bf1e7e


The bird is currently impaled upon a sword. On one hand it is likely to be prototyped as-is. ON the other hand, though, it was a fully-formed floating entity whereas the single-prototype kernelsprite was basically a floating icon.

Perhaps the prototyping for dave's will count the crow and sword as simultaneous prototypes?
No. 357 ID: e3e35b

Riflekind confirmed for Homestuck. Woot. :D
No. 358 ID: 7d87d9

And the strangeness of the shirt is explained.

Anyone taking bets her grandfather developed SBURB or something since that house is so much like the complex that WV was in. I mean we got teleporters and those flowers are VERY odd looking.
No. 362 ID: 6550ad


Yeah, I didn't notice at first the shape of the flowers. When someone pointed it out I went FFFFFFFFFF
No. 366 ID: 7d87d9

I'm worried that to use our rifle we'd have to use Memory Modus again...
No. 371 ID: af9e69
File 12562896879.gif - (61.75KB , 650x450 , 00797ff.gif )

Oh, wow...

Andrew just put on his cool face.
No. 372 ID: 81e7dd

No. 373 ID: 4bb122


And dozens of idiots raged.
No. 374 ID: 7d87d9

Well she's a little girl and they tend to be able to get away with this stuff.

Also Its not as bad as puppet ass EVERYWHERE.
No. 380 ID: 35cea2


It's Hussie's brand of irony, I know. But his forum fans (Read: People who post the suggestions) seem to love it, and it annoys some people.
No. 391 ID: 7d87d9

Also Memory Modus has reared its stupidity already!
No. 411 ID: 7d87d9

Also was anyone else disappointed with NO MUSIC with the last two flash animations?
No. 415 ID: 6550ad


Yeah, kinda. Jade's VR workspace deserved a theme.

But it's true that all the music is being donated by authors, with little to no profitable outcome. So I guess he can't ask them to put music to every screen, as we all would wish.

Also, Dave confirmed for furry too.
No. 420 ID: 3d26c9

Nothing has alarmed me as much in this latest sequence as Dave's rambling there. I know he's just being so ironic that we can't understand, but good god.
No. 452 ID: 9d07d9


Today, we see why there wasn't any music with the recent updates: they were saving it all for this one.
No. 467 ID: 7d87d9

Andrew's being all Ironic and stuff now
No. 483 ID: 6550ad
File 125720944155.png - (33.70KB , 325x300 , Excited_John_Egbert_by_Nintens.png )

>Last update
No. 917 ID: 6f245f
File DAVE_STRIFE.swf - (2.12MB , 650x450 , DAVE STRIFE.swf )

No. 920 ID: 7d87d9

Why couldn't we see more...

I know he's being all ironic... Or is she having access akin to WV just in the present
No. 933 ID: f4963f

Hahaha, poor John.

See, stuff like this is why Homestuck is just epic.
No. 934 ID: 9ded94

>See, stuff like this is why Homestuck is just epic.

Because you get to see an adolescent getting his ass handed to him by two big mean assholes?

You sadist.
No. 936 ID: 6550ad

I was expecting a new remix of "Showtime" for the ogre battle. But a remix of "Harlequin" if fine too.
No. 940 ID: 7d87d9

So... is GG sending advice to John or is it WV?

Or both...
No. 941 ID: 5ba271

Harleboss is my favorite theme so far.
No. 1227 ID: f4963f

>Nov 18 Update
Andrew Hussie comfirmed for badass.
No. 1228 ID: 4553b2

Its amazing how far he has gone in 4 years, really.
No. 1230 ID: 9ded94


That's like six levels of irony I can perceive. And there are probably still several hidden layers us mortals could ever find.
No. 1231 ID: 4553b2

Am I the only one who thinks that levels of irony is pretty much pointless? There either is or is not irony, and that is about it.
No. 1232 ID: 7eda8b

>Am I the only one who thinks that levels of irony is pretty much pointless?
No. 1234 ID: 20083e
File 12585710619.png - (46.96KB , 644x443 , cantabscondbro.png )

Can't abscond, bro!
No. 1235 ID: 7eda8b

The whole Faceless Authority Figures thing is pretty weird.
No. 1236 ID: 7d87d9

All the NPCs have been faceless.

And whats the deal with Dave's bro... I mean I thought you weren't supposed to deal with that kinda stuff until you installed Spurb.
No. 1237 ID: 7eda8b

Have there been any NPCs other than the faceless authority figures?
No. 1238 ID: f4963f

The whole Faceless Authority Figures thing is AWESOME. God I can't wait to see Jade's grandfather.

No. 1240 ID: 7d87d9

He's the key to the entire Spurb Disaster. Everything we've seen of her house is screaming that this is the core of event.
No. 1241 ID: 1717ee

From what we have seen so far it will take one hell of a monster to take down Daves bro.
No. 1242 ID: e3f578

You know it makes me wonder... did John's Dad willingly get taken?

His speeches about Manhood seem to come from an intelligent, yet strong person (He also inferred that it's normal to be strong enough to lift a damn safe). Which means that Dad is the Magnificent Bastard of the group, leading his enemies in a strong sense of security and wiping them out.
No. 1243 ID: 4bb122


John's grandma.

P.S. Hoo hoo!
No. 1245 ID: 7d87d9

She's still faceless.
No. 1248 ID: 7eda8b

He's right, though. I figured it was just the four faceless authority figures, because I forgot about her.

Then again, she's a Kernelsprite. That might not count.
No. 1252 ID: ecbaad

They're not entirely faceless: each one has a single facial feature. Bro has glasses, Dad has a nose, Mother has lips. I expect Granddad will have a giant big game hunter mustache or bushy eyebrows or something.

This trend makes Nanna unusual, as she had two facial features from the beginning - in her framed photo, she had a mouth and glasses. Since being sprite'dd, she has more.
No. 1264 ID: a1ac99

It's likely because she's important. A key player, as it were. I doubt that the letter from her in the unabridged copy of Sassacre's from the safe was a last minute addition.
No. 1299 ID: 9ded94

No. 1300 ID: f4963f

That was a pretty badass update.
No. 1304 ID: 7d87d9

Dave vs John.

Who wins now?
No. 1308 ID: e3f578

John would win now with that badass hammer. Gee, I wonder what kind of awesome sword we can make combining things?
No. 1328 ID: ab2767

So... what happens when the Alchemiter levels up?
No. 1380 ID: 6550ad
File 125888812754.png - (180.47KB , 1087x453 , wut.png )

What the fuck...!?

I mean... what? Either this is a really uncanny coincidence, or shit just went so meta it blows my mind.
No. 1384 ID: 9ded94

Dude, have you seen the artwork of this guy? It's fucking awesome. There are no coincidences with his artwork.
No. 1437 ID: df0287

he uses quite a lot of copypasta in his works so dont feel special
No. 1474 ID: 8896b9
Audio 00871.mp3 - (422.60KB )

I extracted this after it was mentioned and then forgot about it. I don't know you take it meep.
No. 1492 ID: 7d87d9

what the hell DOESN'T Her grandfather collect...
No. 1558 ID: 5ba271

That's a rather lackluster tune. Where's Guardian?
No. 1568 ID: 6550ad


Grandpa ;_;

That was weird and kinda depressing at the same time.
No. 1569 ID: 51d0f5

Man, and after all the lead-up he got. :(
No. 1583 ID: 7d87d9

Then... who's running the house?
No. 1587 ID: bde1b8

...Jade is.
No. 1589 ID: 7d87d9

This scares me... From all we've seen it looks as she's living in a MAJOR Spurb site just as Tentacle Therapist was located on.

But whats the reason for Dave having a large asteroid targeting his location?
No. 1645 ID: 277821

Man that Jaspers flash was depressing
No. 1646 ID: 7d87d9

But the thing is.... What made Jaspar so important to the whoever is/was operating the device
No. 1654 ID: 51d0f5

Man, how about that two-headed, six eyed, two-limbed mutant and its creepy playing card double smile?

Also, easter egg from the jaspers flash: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=pony
No. 1655 ID: 697b23

The answer to that lies in the period of Jasper's disappearance, frustratingly blocked from the time review logs. Obviously he did something important that we'll undoubtedly find out about later.
No. 1686 ID: 6550ad

Most shocking twist yet.
No. 1687 ID: 7d87d9

Terrifying... so horrifying.

I mean shit man what did we deserve to see this
No. 1689 ID: 632862

Serious Business is... serious business.
No. 1691 ID: 778e29

... and then he uses a safe as a projectile weapon. Clearly, the business in which this businessman is employed is the Business of Kicking Ass.

No. 1692 ID: 7d87d9

Looks like he used that joke today.

No. 1698 ID: 4553b2

I laughed so hard. You sir, are a genius.
No. 1710 ID: 7d87d9

Fiesta Ace Dick vs John's Dad in arm wrestling. Who wins?
No. 1711 ID: 099247
File 126007059649.png - (448.14KB , 640x480 , 1221357052008.png )

No. 1716 ID: 4553b2

FAD. Because Fiesta Ace Dick is the toughest thing in EVER.
No. 1717 ID: 51d0f5

FAD was the strongest, not necessarily the toughest.

Toughest clearly goes to Demonhead Mobster Kingpin. Took half the goddamn series to put down.
No. 1718 ID: 4553b2

Right, sorry.

The point is FAD wins at arm wrasslin.
No. 1724 ID: f4963f

But does he win at pastries?
No. 1725 ID: 43d730

Weddings? Arson? Art? Irony?
No. 1731 ID: 4553b2

Only Churros, and then he gets angry at the implied racism and destroys everything.

So he loses at pastries, yes.
No. 1744 ID: 277821

Cool dog
No. 1745 ID: 6550ad

Best dog ever.
No. 1747 ID: 51d0f5
File 126028095419.png - (20.30KB , 657x602 , jade_what.png )

What in the goddamn is going on with this crazy island.
No. 1748 ID: f68a75

Its probably the birthplace of Spurb. Or a place where a lot of SCIENCE! has gone on. And the dog is a result of SCIENCE!
No. 1750 ID: 51d0f5

Some Exaltedy Doctor Doom science, yeah. I guess he's displaying the same kind of crazy spatial/temporal warping that the SBURB tech uses.

And here I thought Dave's Brother's speed was imba. The dog is absolutely nuts. And, as has been discussed, John's Dad has his own powerset.

I wonder what Rose's Mom can do.
No. 1756 ID: 7d87d9

She's the only one who's not gotten a lot of background done on. I mean Jasper's has a lot of info and seems to be vital.
No. 1858 ID: 7d87d9

Looks like Rose's mom was working on Spurb related projects too... Who hasn't been in contact with the project? I mean John's dad's company might have funded Spurb...
No. 1881 ID: 171e7b

Is it just me, or is there a theme of the Guardians not being what they appear to be? Dad had a reveal as a SRS businessman, Jade's Grandad was built up to be one but he's actually dead and her dog is the guardian, and there are hints with the other two that they're not actually as ironic as their child sees them as being.
No. 1882 ID: 7d87d9

Holy shit... what the hell is THAT?!
No. 1883 ID: f4963f

I'm pretty sure that it's going to turn out that the Mother was not (at least initially) as passive-aggressive as she's seen by Rose (who's probably projecting some), and that Dave's brother isn't quite as cool as he thinks he is.

Also, what's with the robot? I thought it was CarcoGenesist for a moment. Jade's house gets weirder and weirder.
No. 1884 ID: 7d87d9

Who says its his brother (at least any more)?
No. 1890 ID: 6550ad

>Last update



No. 1891 ID: 4553b2

Lets just repost this every time MSPA updates.
No. 1898 ID: 8213d8

Rose does have a history of projecting. Remember her response to the present John sent her? The knitting thing. She assumed that it was a slight.
No. 1923 ID: 6550ad
File 126104413148.png - (25.13KB , 500x625 , Sexycakes.png )

I thought I should leave this here.
No. 1925 ID: 7d87d9

No. 1933 ID: bb9fda
File 12610951277.gif - (29.73KB , 650x450 , 01.gif )

AR looks awesome
No. 1937 ID: f4963f

That is AWESOME. You win an internet for posting this. Whoever drew it wins an internet as well.
No. 1938 ID: 43d730

No one's going to do the DO NOT OPEN gag?
No. 1944 ID: 099247

So Jade is part of the gold city in opposition to the dudes who have 'kidnapped' Johns dad. Fuck i don't even know what to make of the latest update.
No. 1945 ID: 7d87d9

We don't really know.
No. 1949 ID: f4963f

I assume they would be the forces of light.

I'm beginning to suspect that Jade's story will be quite different from the other three kids.
No. 1950 ID: 7d87d9

So is Jade Railroading the future cast or is she just lucky with guessing.

Or does she have the same thing that Rose ran into but without the time lock issue
No. 1952 ID: 6550ad
File 126130160799.png - (464.81KB , 891x655 , Bec_and_mutant_kitten.png )

So far all the weird things Jade is able to do can be explained by SCIENCE. I think that the whole clairvoyance thing will have a "reasonable" explanation too.

Also, for no reason, I'll just post sum awesome fanart I found.
No. 1953 ID: 9ded94

Ohh, love is in the air...!

So are bullets.
No. 1954 ID: f4963f

Is it funny that I'm more surprised about the 'Ms. Mail Lady' thing than about the actual 'Jade writing notes into the future' thing?

I always assumed the Peregrine Mendicant was a guy. For that matter, I had assumed earlier that the Wayward Vagabond was a lady.

I'm amused to be wrong on (apparently) both counts.
No. 1955 ID: fce6fd

So black = male, white = female? I dunno.
No. 1956 ID: 6550ad
File 126132830933.jpg - (77.92KB , 252x516 , Whatisthisidonteven.jpg )


We don't know yet. For what we know, AR might even be female.

Pic related.
No. 1957 ID: 9ded94
File 126133414063.gif - (7.68KB , 650x450 , 01033_3.gif )

No, see, blacks are from the Dark World, whites are from the Light World. Dream-Jade has just met the past version of PM, for instance. See image.

Anyway, WV and PM will get together and produce a child, that will unite the two warring kingdoms in a new era of prosperity and peace.
No. 1958 ID: 83a776


But... no. That would make WV an imp, and we know he's not an imp.
No. 1959 ID: 6550ad


Imp is the name Nanna uses to reffer to them. It doesn't mean that's how they call themselves.
No. 1961 ID: 83a776


Imps are made of oil. WV is not. They have different teeth and eyes, as well. Not the same species.

Ah reckon.
No. 1970 ID: 697b23

By now I just feel like Andrew should just get to the damn point already. This thing feels like it's dragging something fierce.
No. 1971 ID: 632862

Hey, we know that the imps got clownsuited when John entered the whatever, so maybe WV's the resulting form after either everyone's in, or after everyone's done doing whatever it is they're doing?
No. 1972 ID: 6550ad
File 126143469277.jpg - (94.05KB , 900x600 , Arms2.jpg )


In the future, WV, PM and AR seems like they're dressed with rags, towels, police cordon...

I think that by then everything's gone to hell, post-apocalyptia and all, and all the Sburb thing has been forgotten and all that it's left is the struggle to survive.

And mail.

Also dumping some moar fanart.
No. 1976 ID: 277821

No. 1977 ID: 697b23

No. 1978 ID: 277821

Man, John is getting pimped out here.
No. 1979 ID: 9ded94

Sure was an expensive painting.
No. 1980 ID: f4963f

Awesome hammer is awesome. John better smash some shit up with awesome hammer.
No. 1992 ID: 6550ad
File 126156636358.gif - (158.47KB , 650x650 , sweet_loot.gif )

Talk about overpowered.
No. 1993 ID: 7d87d9

Remember when Problem Sleuth started to get the characters incredibly powerful? Guess who showed up...

Also wait for CRAZY PUZZLE SHIT that will mean all those cool weapons won't help at all
No. 2008 ID: c1b520

Wrinklefucker looked like an axe first time I saw it... then I saw they were irons. There were no survivors.
No. 2014 ID: 7d87d9

Well Dave is doomed.
No. 2119 ID: 277821

Jesus Christ Dave, that was brutal.
No. 2146 ID: fa7b85

Jade's story is really a mindfuck...
No. 2181 ID: 3297aa
File 12630859448.jpg - (32.11KB , 469x428 , coolface.jpg )

Since Dave has lost his katana, who would join me in conspiring to equip him with a masterwork bastard sword?
No. 2237 ID: 9ded94

Holy fucking shit.
No. 2238 ID: b1788f

That was fucking awesome.
No. 2239 ID: 2cbe3e

Yeah that was the best flash yet, I think.
No. 2240 ID: fa7b85

Did you see one of the Items John picked up during the brawling to the peak? Looks a bit Hard Boiled
No. 2241 ID: 0f4cff

But the Cosbytop was lost!

I just about shat my pants when I watched that flash this morning. Amazing shit. I then promptly went and bought all the Homestuck music, and have been working to it.
No. 2242 ID: bde1b8

The cosbytop is less useful than JOHN'S DAD'S HAT.
No. 2245 ID: fa7b85

We could always get another Cosbyputer built. We got more materials than we need. Also IRONFUCKER RAMPAGE!
No. 2247 ID: 0f4cff

That's WRINKLEFUCKER you swine
No. 2249 ID: fa7b85

Either way its the most badass thing we fucking got!
No. 2263 ID: 04eff9

THEORY: Hypothesis in the MSPA forums is that each kid gets their own "world" as represented by WV's wall scrawlings; John got the "oil world", as shown by his enemies and the kind of grist-stuff he got (it's all based on oil derivatives).

So my theory is that Jade doesn't get a special world, or rather, that her world is earth; she later somehow prototypes the sprite she just found with a mummy, and that explains why WV and his two "co-players" dress in wrapped bandages.
No. 2269 ID: 3297aa
File 126359012944.png - (12.64KB , 769x301 , holyshit.png )

This was my reaction to the latest flash. Also, CTHULU CAT is superior kernelsprite.
No. 2273 ID: 3d8dc7


Depends on whether he/she/it/misc can talk. It's possible Jaspers' ability to speak was all in Rose's head, seeing as she thought he was talking when he was dead.

Also he was a cat.
No. 2727 ID: fa7b85

What the hell is with the Felts anyhow? Are they all time travelers or something?
No. 2730 ID: 6c4eda


They all seem to have some sort of time-related power, at least.
No. 2741 ID: fa7b85

Since we know that the Midnight Crew thing is an interlude you must wonder what is Andrew planning...
No. 2807 ID: a85626
File 126484004374.gif - (61.81KB , 650x450 , 01274.gif )


>> Since we know that the Midnight Crew thing is an interlude you must wonder what is Andrew planning...

>> we know the Midnight Crew thing is an interlude

Ha ha Internets.
No. 2808 ID: 6550ad


I just don't fucking know anymore...

GJ, Andrew, because the plot wasn't convoluted enough already, let's bring on the time travel shenanigans.
No. 2809 ID: cfad4e

Nothing makes sense anymore.
No. 2813 ID: f44349
File 126488974587.gif - (144.08KB , 650x450 , Itishiseye.gif )

Something about this picture is different than it was before.
No. 2817 ID: f0e7e3
File 126490417427.png - (7.00KB , 345x491 , progress.png )

Both Peregrine Mendicant and Snowman have had big bumps in popularity when they were revealed to be female.

We should call it the "Daisy Effect".
No. 2819 ID: 126d08

I second this motion.
No. 2823 ID: 6550ad
File 12650344897.jpg - (385.12KB , 1000x1324 , gurpsmcjpg.jpg )

I would play.
No. 2825 ID: f68a75

you sure you didn't edit that???

Else... Oh boy...
No. 2826 ID: f68a75

I just checked.... Let it be said that I just shat a brick
No. 2827 ID: 3297aa

I knew it. This interlude has officially gone MIND-BLOWINGLY META.
No. 2828 ID: fa7b85

Well with that Voodoo doll if you pull enough pins or insert them in the right order you might get to Homestuck.
No. 2838 ID: 6550ad




God fucking dammnit.
No. 2840 ID: f68a75

at least its not as confusing as some of the PS charts
No. 2848 ID: f44349

Oh good.
A timeline should make this easier to sort out.
And by 'easier to sort out' I of course mean mind-meltingly impossible to comprehend.
No. 2852 ID: 126d08

Really, it makes more sense just reading through it. Trying to organize it only ends up with more chaos.
No. 2918 ID: 8cbeef
File 126561036540.gif - (93.90KB , 650x450 , 01334_1.gif )

well fuck
No. 2924 ID: fa7b85

Barcode Tattoo on arm.
WV's Pattern
Act3 Finally loading screen.

All the same
No. 3035 ID: 6550ad
File 126575396143.gif - (17.69KB , 650x450 , Urp.gif )

What the fuuuuuuuu-
No. 3037 ID: fa7b85

Well remember Midnight Crew is in another universe. Pull the right pins and well we get this outcome. Perhaps a BADEND of Homestuck.
No. 3038 ID: 277821

No. 3039 ID: 6550ad


I realized that this must be one of the pesterchum trolls.
No. 3040 ID: fa7b85

Well the Imps have certainly changed now.
No. 3074 ID: fa7b85

Pretty sure we can declare Dave dead because he's got the narcoleptic one driving.
No. 3241 ID: 277821

No. 3242 ID: 6550ad

Fucking time travel.
No. 3246 ID: 6550ad
File 126701268533.jpg - (279.97KB , 800x734 , clevergirl.jpg )

I found this and I think it's awesome, so I post it.
No. 3248 ID: fa7b85

Holyshit things just got crazy
No. 3350 ID: c1b520

I don't know what you guys are talkin bout, this thing seems pretty straight forward. I'm following it fine.
No. 3356 ID: b1788f
File 126752980619.jpg - (328.40KB , 590x640 , and_make_believe_with_you.jpg )


No. 3363 ID: eb6d46

No. 3378 ID: f0e7e3

Sir, I find the insinuation that anything Andrew does -isn't- plot relevant to be completely absurd!
No. 3381 ID: 277821

What's up with the queens' limbs?
No. 3382 ID: 6550ad


You mean her missing arm?

My guess is that it's something that happened in the past. I think that Spades Slick got revenge on her, cutting the same arm she pulled out from him.
No. 3383 ID: f68a75

Well look at the imps. Now you got Cthulu imps AND female imps running around in instead of just the jester/clowns that John faced. Everytime one of the players get in well it looks like the game changes
No. 3393 ID: 601a90

her arm is missing because maimed harlequin had a missing arm.
No. 3398 ID: 277821

Oh boy, this is gonna be good
No. 3400 ID: eb6d46

dude, that means that bird ninja imps!

fuck year, dave!
No. 3404 ID: 6550ad

Oh, dear. The queen isn't going to enjoy having feathers and a sword stuck in her chest, then.
No. 3405 ID: 277821

>Suggestion Boxes are locked until 4/13

No. 3755 ID: 277821

No. 3765 ID: 277821

No. 3853 ID: 1ac39d

oh god, the 4/13 update is off all the hooks that have or ever will exist.
No. 3854 ID: 277821

Don't lose your head too soon, there's going to be another whammy.
No. 3855 ID: 1ac39d

i don't know man, if andrew makes something crazier then that, i think the internet will break or something.
No. 3857 ID: 3297aa
File 12711851562.jpg - (50.44KB , 431x300 , headasplode.jpg )

Bracing for impact.
No. 3859 ID: 277821
Audio EddieMorton-ImaMemberoftheMidnightCrew1909a.mp3 - (2.46MB )

Relevant to today's update
No. 3860 ID: e3f578

Guys, holy shit the fuck-up is Jade's present getting to Derse and doing this thing.

Also it's a Bec puppy. It's gotta be.
No. 3874 ID: c5bc5a
Audio 13_Black.mp3 - (5.62MB , 13 Black.mp3 )

A fantastic song. I suggest buying the album - Homestuck Volume 4 is easily the best yet.
No. 3875 ID: 1ac39d

man, with that image it was official that the midnight crew was not just an interlude of silliness but totally plot relevant.
No. 3877 ID: 277821

No. 3878 ID: 277821

Also, there needs to be more fanart. And rule 34
No. 3881 ID: 6550ad
File 127136119222.jpg - (217.07KB , 515x762 , Black_Queenxjack_noir.jpg )


Like this?
No. 3882 ID: 6550ad
File 127136130079.jpg - (120.10KB , 340x480 , 2q.jpg )

Also this.
No. 3884 ID: 277821

Yeah, that'll do
No. 3892 ID: 277821

Huh, so Cal is alive after all
No. 3893 ID: 1ac39d

or his dream self brought him to life by thinking he is alive really hard. like how dream jade grew a bunch of extra arms to play her bass. basically real dave thought Cal was alive so hard that it became the truth.
No. 3898 ID: e3f578
File 127166050869.gif - (227.22KB , 650x753 , charles.gif )

I want this book on my shelf.
No. 3900 ID: fa7b85

Dream Jade is the ROBOT remember.
No. 3901 ID: 957aa8

Dream Jade and Robot Jade basically are the same thing.
Jade can just interact with the world around her while asleep.
No. 3908 ID: eb6d46

oh dicks, did you see that look rose gave dave?

if there is a time skip and they're married, I'm punching andrew hussie in the dick.
No. 3909 ID: b1788f
File 127176536273.png - (278.22KB , 443x745 , Jaspers.png )


Hah, that would be lame, I doubt Andrew would pull something like that.

But anyways, I found that part (the yarn-tossing and the look she gave to Dave) cute.

And I couldn't stop giggling for a minute at what Dave has drawn on his walls.

Also Jaspers needs to appear more because he's the awesomest of all the kernelsprites. Pic related.
No. 3910 ID: fa7b85

No. 3915 ID: b8883a

Theory brought on by bunny:
They are all past versions of their own role models.
No. 3918 ID: ad18ae


Well, there is a theory that John and Jade are each others' grandparents, based mostly on teeth. I think that is a little silly, though.
No. 3920 ID: 3297aa

With all the temporal shenanigans going on, I could believe it.
No. 3921 ID: 1ac39d

man, andrew had better draw a full timeline of this thing once it's over. of course, it still wont make any sense since it is chock full of ontological paradoxes. such as the meteor with the frog temple and bec in it only showed up because the kids started playing the game and releasing the meteors.
No. 3927 ID: 3297aa

>implying a timeline wouldn't be MORE confusing than reading the story
Remember those timelines for the MC interlude?
No. 3928 ID: 1ac39d

>of course, it still wont make any sense since it is chock full of ontological paradoxes.

i admitted it wouldn't make any sense, i just want one.
No. 3939 ID: b1788f

I find awesome the fact that when Rose and Dave finally met each other in person, the first thing they've done is party up.
No. 3963 ID: 277821

sweet hammer
No. 3992 ID: 277821

No. 4004 ID: 1ac39d

No. 4005 ID: f44349
File 12723524193.gif - (124.09KB , 650x450 , 01773.gif )

>But seriously what in the hell is going on in here.

This is an excellent question.
No. 4009 ID: 3441fa

If I were to hazard a guess, each side is making people out of the chess pieces via cloning vats, as shown. Meanwhile, John is riding a pony. Also they store data with giant tape reels.

This should be obvious, I would think.
No. 4016 ID: 6550ad


It's been mentioned before that the Agents are cloned via genetic engineering in the asteroids.

What is a surprise is that they are apparently cloned from chess pieces' DNA.

Also, CD has the best hat ever. And Jade confirmed for kickass.
No. 4036 ID: 3441fa

>The best way to remind yourself about a ring is to wear it!
>Next update
OH.... Oh shit?
>Next next update
....Oh, shit. Hahahaaa.
No. 4040 ID: 277821

So apparently there's gonna be another flash before the big end-of-act one
No. 4059 ID: 6550ad

No. 4060 ID: f82d85

Jesus fuck this flash kicked ass
No. 4062 ID: 1ac39d

forget WV being an imp. he is problem slueth, with charisma out the WAZZOO.
No. 4066 ID: 3297aa

I do believe you mean PULCHRITUDE.
No. 4071 ID: e6f4d4

Rose needs to try combining the ink with her hubtopband. It doesn't exactly fit in with her current outfit right now.
No. 4089 ID: eb6d46

she needed to combine the salamander with the grimoire.

and then become the BBEG.
No. 4149 ID: 6550ad


Dave shouldn't be allowed to Alchemize stuff.
No. 4156 ID: e3f578

No. 4164 ID: 2cff42

Homestuck: The exciting adventure of instant messaging and inventory/resource management.
No. 4165 ID: 1ac39d

rose is burning a book because old ones are communicating with her through her sewing needles... i'm scared for rose's mind.
No. 4166 ID: 6550ad


Don't forget that said book has nothing written but MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOW from the first to the last page.

Which, according Rose, is genetic code.

Yap. Lookin' completely sane there, Rose!
No. 4167 ID: 3441fa

It doesn't say MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOW. Look again.

The letters are arranged randomly. MEOWMOEWMWOEMOEWMEOMEOWMEOEMWOMEWOMEOW and such.
No. 4172 ID: 3297aa

It is a genetic code. The letters are arranged randomly and MEOW = GCAT.
No. 4173 ID: e3f578

Oh my god, Jaspers is a gangster!
No. 4191 ID: 6550ad

>TT: But the gods were pretty emphatic about it.
>TT: Have you ever known them to be wrong?
>TG: i guess not
>TG: but they sort of freak me out
>TG: i mean listening to gross space mutants all day isnt my idea of an awesome time
>TG: especially the ones that sing oh god
>TT: Is that why you always kept the music turned up?

Shit is going lovecraftian by moments.
No. 4215 ID: 3297aa

There hasn't been an update in two days. Bracing for epic flash.
No. 4219 ID: 1ac39d

oh god.
they are clones. PARADOX clones! made by john!
No. 4220 ID: e973f4

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
No. 4221 ID: e973f4

(read: WHAT)
No. 4224 ID: 277821

Huh, so John and Jade might be related after all

No. 4227 ID: 1ac39d
File 127435073488.png - (59.58KB , 200x500 , latestupdate2.png )

perfect image for my feelings
No. 4228 ID: 2fa60a

So THAT is how babby is formed.
No. 4244 ID: c1b520
File 12744695161.gif - (17.32KB , 650x450 , 01902.gif )

Row row fight the powah.

(first saw this while listening to Libra me from Hell... to say the least, it fits.)
No. 4250 ID: 277821


No. 4290 ID: eb6d46

manly tears were shed.
No. 4299 ID: 3297aa

Oh man oh man the next flash is gonna be SWEEEEEET. Also, holy shit I think Rose coded Bec's DNA or something.
No. 4598 ID: e3f578

it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, this flash
No. 4603 ID: e4e060

I'm... so happy.
No. 4604 ID: 1ac39d

so beautiful.
No. 4617 ID: 6550ad

I lol'd.

So hard.
No. 4798 ID: 0c9b6a

Poor aT

No. 5055 ID: 277821

No. 5057 ID: 1177ca
File 12756485873.jpg - (19.30KB , 648x450 , Slayer.jpg )

Look at him. Just... LOOK AT HIM.

What the fuck happened?! This was supposed to be fun and lighthearted, and then... then... what?!
No. 5058 ID: 6550ad

Holy shit, that was awesome.

So... does this mean that Becquerel is evil? Or maybe it has some subroutine programmed in his DNA to betray Jade and the others in the worst moment? Or maybe Diamond Drogg has an agenda on his own...
No. 5059 ID: f6140b


I think Droog has plans for Becpup, but he'll get thwarted by Hass and the other two. He'll then send Bec back to hellmurder island, where he's already met him prior to coming to the medium.

Maybe even Becpup will go on a rampage or something, and stop when he smells his older future self on Hass?

aaargh time travel
No. 5060 ID: 1ac39d

time travel is just... ugh!
No. 5062 ID: 6550ad
File 127566684148.png - (71.39KB , 649x450 , shit is off the hook.png )

So much shit happening, I had to watch it again to get more details.

Like, crap, Dream Jade died trying to save dream John :/

And pic related, Dave using the Unreal Air to get to the gate :D
No. 5063 ID: 1ac39d

man, i know that first unreal air he made is going to come back sometime and just do something crazy. everything in the universe is a chekov's gun EVERYTHING!
No. 5065 ID: 6550ad
File 127566862740.gif - (89.02KB , 654x1388 , datass.gif )

No. 5171 ID: 277821

No. 5175 ID: a594b9
File 12761397965.png - (13.08KB , 650x450 , frame2.png )

Bro is pretty awesome.
No. 5176 ID: a594b9
File 127613981488.png - (20.06KB , 650x450 , frame.png )

No. 5177 ID: c4c313
File 127614764568.gif - (31.69KB , 650x450 , 01961_1.gif )

what is this I don't even
No. 5186 ID: 1ac39d
File 127618083980.gif - (13.29KB , 650x450 , 01972_2.gif )

... oh god.
No. 5194 ID: 8bdb6a

I didn't realize dream selves could die independent of real selves. (And vice versa!)
No. 5195 ID: e3f578
File 127622325349.gif - (28.57KB , 650x450 , aT.gif )

aT revealed all the dream trolls selves are dead because of Jade's screw-up, followed by the best image ever
No. 5196 ID: 7f44e4

I died a little inside when I saw that.

No. 5198 ID: 3297aa

"family tradition"? Man, the Harley family has some fucked-up traditions.
No. 5241 ID: f21281
Audio Homestuck_-_Descend.mp3 - (4.14MB , Homestuck - Descend.mp3 )

Have some Descend.
No. 5244 ID: 7ea95e
Audio 19_Nightlife_(Extended).mp3 - (5.97MB , 19 Nightlife (Extended).mp3 )

And some Nightlife.
No. 5252 ID: b53efc

homestuck vol. 5 is out

It has quite a few tracks on it.
No. 5253 ID: b53efc
File 127642412466.gif - (14.85KB , 650x450 , 01993.gif )

oh yea also act 5 started
No. 5254 ID: 277821

>It has quite a few tracks on it.

Huge understatement, bub
No. 5257 ID: e3f578

Pumpkin Cravings <3
No. 5271 ID: 3297aa

Dammit, I just noticed Mutiny got removed from the soundtrack. Would any of you be so kind as to upload it?
No. 5278 ID: b53efc
Audio 03_Mutiny.mp3 - (6.97MB , 03 Mutiny.mp3 )

No. 5290 ID: 3297aa
File 127657895054.jpg - (275.17KB , 680x425 , basket of kitties.jpg )

Many thanks, bro! Here, have some kittens.
No. 5297 ID: 6550ad
File 127660984254.gif - (69.84KB , 650x450 , 02011.gif )

Andrew why
No. 5313 ID: 3fec76


You gotta remember: they're trolls.

Each one is based off a certain troll archetype. The angry troll, the disability excuse troll, the condescending troll, the incompetent troll, the hacker troll. And this, this is the inane subculture troll.

Hussie's said that he expects bad reactions, and that there's worse on the way.
No. 5316 ID: 3297aa

WORSE? Emperor preserve us all if we're going to see something worse than THAT.
No. 5318 ID: c1b520

i LiKe ThIs GuY. He'S sO cHiLl... DuDe WhAt ThE fUcK aM i TyPiNg?
No. 5325 ID: fc5f60

fucking miracles, how do they work?
No. 5326 ID: 6550ad
File 12767629287.png - (99.73KB , 1024x640 , 2mxqx6s.png )

No. 5327 ID: fc5f60
File 127681965120.gif - (20.72KB , 650x450 , gamzee.gif )

No. 5335 ID: 9f875b

You are now aware that blindy's horns are caramel corn teeth
No. 5337 ID: 6550ad
File 127687468944.jpg - (61.44KB , 284x400 , edwardtroll.jpg )

>Hussie's said that he expects bad reactions, and that there's worse on the way.

>Emperor preserve us all if we're going to see something worse than THAT.

I'm fucking calling it.
No. 5352 ID: b94e61

Guro/shock image troll is a possibility.
No. 5361 ID: fc5f60

damn hussie for wasting our time with ALL of the past posts instead of just making the entire quest about Gamzee and his plucky troll friends!
No. 5410 ID: 6550ad

I know that it would be crazy to recap the entire game of the trolls, it would take like another year.

Still, I feel kinda disappointed that we're rushing through it, they're so disfunctional, it would be really fun.

At least we could've seen Karkat's Strife. Showdown sounded like a cool song :/
No. 5419 ID: f9f4d9
File 127726843620.gif - (82.56KB , 650x450 , 02074.gif )

cat girl troll.
No. 5443 ID: 6550ad
File 127733735756.png - (177.27KB , 700x950 , 1277289844789.png )


Ohgod she's so adorable.
No. 5446 ID: f21281
File 127734379798.png - (256.29KB , 300x1500 , 1277338815296.png )

No. 5447 ID: 5d84fb

where is awkwarderection.jpg when you need it?
No. 5456 ID: badf27
File 127738067817.jpg - (90.00KB , 732x277 , aaaa fap.jpg )

does this work?
No. 5457 ID: 6550ad
File 127738650460.png - (141.26KB , 560x630 , 1277335835783.png )

I think that Andrew managed to achieve the Ultimate Shipping with this pair.
No. 5459 ID: 67c611

No. 5464 ID: e3f578
File 127743740380.gif - (9.17KB , 650x450 , 02089_2.gif )

He may be a juggalo but goddamn...
:_: I'm SAD. I'M SAD
No. 5470 ID: f16b80


I have no idea what's going on here.
No. 5472 ID: 8bdb6a

Monster kid's monster guardian died due to forces outside his control.
No. 5477 ID: 3297aa

The demon mentioned in the latest update is Lord English. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
No. 5479 ID: 711ab4

a demon that exists outside of spacetime? GENIUS!
No. 5483 ID: fc5f60

No. 5486 ID: e3f578

Jack? Don't you mean Spades Slick? Jack is the other universe agent
No. 5488 ID: 01e059

actually, he was jack too. just after the end the troll's jack became spades slick and the kid's jack is becoming something..... worse.
and from what is being said you need at least 1 pre-entry prototype to win with more just making it harder but still winnable. if you don't enter with a prototyped sprite what does it infuse? raw power.
No. 5489 ID: 3297aa

Dawfags. We need drawfags NOW.
No. 5502 ID: fc5f60


lord english exists outside of time, this means that he may (andrew loves that word, 'may') go to the kids' session to fuck shit up, seeing as jack, at this point has tzeench'd it up, he would most likely be the only one who could defeat lord english. it seems pretty likely that this will be the progression of events.

then again, I have been wrong before.
No. 5503 ID: fc5f60


No. 5528 ID: 6550ad
File 127763312540.png - (253.37KB , 1300x900 , Aw shit.png )

No. 5529 ID: fc5f60

these trolls really suck at making me angry, I'm just feeling bad for them or understanding where they come from.

and that angers me.
No. 5530 ID: fc5f60


he seems too happy to be a troll, don't most trolls loathe themselves?
No. 5542 ID: badf27

Oh god that's terribly sad.

I think only Karkat genuinely hates himself.
No. 5544 ID: 6550ad

I think that Karkat mostly hates everything and everybody, he's that kind of troll.

Sollux is the one that really loathes himself. He tries to hide it behind a cool guy attitude, but everybody can see how broken he is through it.
No. 5549 ID: 277821
File 127768738280.gif - (16.81KB , 650x450 , 02108.gif )

First it was Muppet Babies + Saw, NOW THIS?!?
No. 5550 ID: fc5f60

I'm willing to bet that all of the trolls' problems stem directly from karkat being a faggot.
No. 5559 ID: 6550ad


No. 5562 ID: 2fa60a

I'm willing to bet all of Homestuck's problems stem directly from it trying too hard to be cool.
No. 5576 ID: fc5f60
File 127774607446.jpg - (69.07KB , 800x533 , Ilold.jpg )

No. 5586 ID: 277821
File 127776996062.gif - (12.53KB , 650x450 , 02111.gif )

No. 5596 ID: 277821
File 127785887922.gif - (11.46KB , 650x450 , 02120.gif )

No. 5631 ID: 2d428e

I'd consider that a successful troll.
No. 5667 ID: c4c313
File 127822195985.gif - (215.46KB , 650x450 , 02154.gif )

So I decided to check the update to Homestuck and HOLY CRAP
No. 5668 ID: 3297aa

Man, and I thought we humans had some weird drugs.
No. 5683 ID: 479c7b

No. 5700 ID: c4c313
File 127839032645.gif - (7.67KB , 650x450 , OHNOOOO.gif )

No. 5701 ID: 3297aa

No. 5703 ID: 4ca869

simple, Andrew is the true troll. i can just see the smug bastard troll facing while reading his forums.
No. 5711 ID: 8bdb6a

I don't understand how the code Karkat ran made all the lususes die. Is this clear, yet?
No. 5721 ID: c4c313


The code Karkat ran creates among other things a kernel sprite for them to prototype. The best thing to protoype the kernel with (apparantly you lose if you use anything else) is a dead lusus. Neither the game nor the kernel sprite kills lususes. Only the trolls' utter ineptness and possible malicious deliberation kills the lusus. It's just that those lususes (lusii?) are then coincidentally prime material for prototyping with.

On the other hand, the code Karkat ran is part of a larger program written in Ath~ by an unknown demon (quite possibly Lord English) under which all the trolls actions, ineptness, maliciousness, and coincidental killing of lususes is determined. To be precise, the entire universe the trolls live in was created for the purposes of destroying it to fulfill Lord English's unrevealed plans. So yes, you could say overall the "program" killed the lusus, but it didn't do so using anything in the code Karkat ran, because then the trolls could detect that something fishy was going on instead of just blindly attributing it to coincidence, leading to a system crash.

On the other hand, Andrew Hussie is the artist of this comic, and none of the suggestions he's received have involved killing the lusus, that I know of, so he's got to be the one killing 'em all.
No. 5725 ID: e973f4

The suggestion boxes are DEAAAAAAADD!!

(Except for naming stuff.)
No. 5736 ID: e2d0a6
File 127847553347.gif - (21.24KB , 650x450 , 02176.gif )


>AG: Fly, Pupa!!!!!!!!
>AG: Flyyyyyyyy!
>AG: Hahahahahahahaha!
No. 5740 ID: a594b9

Andrew trolled us so hard his server crashed!
No. 5741 ID: e3f578

aT - The Tragic Theme
No. 5743 ID: c4c313


Check the forums if you care to. You can sit there suggesting until you turn blue, as long as posting is enabled.


Let's just say I'm growing less and less concerned about the destruction of them and their entire world. ಠ_ಠ
No. 5744 ID: e3f578

Man, what the are you talking about, aT is made of nothing but lovability. Sure, he may believe in fairies and shit but he's just so fucking innocent.
No. 5750 ID: e2d0a6

fuckin blue team breaks people's legs
No. 5760 ID: c4c313


Yes and as long as aG and the others are around aT's life will do nothing but slowly descend into a sort of living hell full of the pity he seems to wallow in. So I don't think it's such a bad idea to take them all out!
No. 5765 ID: 6550ad

Yeah, but just wait some updates more and we'll see how Terezi goes blind because some other Blue Team asshole's fault.

And Karkat will be like:


Or something like that.
No. 5776 ID: a6008c

Didn't she start blind? She had that big introduction with the fake courtroom where she hung a puppet because she was blind.
No. 5779 ID: 3297aa

It will be a flashback, just like the one Tavros is having to show us how he became paralyzed.
No. 5781 ID: e2d0a6

So wait...
Does this mean that they aren't really screwing up the game...
But that they're letting the Blue team win... somehow?

Still, we now know that blue are dicks, a fact which is likely to be important
No. 5811 ID: e3f578

Oh god... cT's bedroom
No. 5813 ID: 4f6e37

oh GOD
No. 5814 ID: e3f578

the nature of the troll bullhorns on the "I AM STRONG" poster makes me question his opinion on Tavros
No. 5981 ID: aa80cf

No. 6010 ID: fc5f60

so manly...
No. 6062 ID: bf1e7e
File 127907738773.png - (133.48KB , 768x768 , demrobotarms.png )

I'll just leave this here, then.
No. 6064 ID: e3f578

Man, who keeps drawing these things. They look like they're all made by the same person.
No. 6065 ID: 3fe86a

good chunk is by irrisorie
No. 6076 ID: bf1e7e


It is astonishing how many things in this post are incorrect.

>The code Karkat ran creates among other things a kernel sprite for them to prototype.

The code Karkat ran has nothing to do with the Kernelsprites.

>The best thing to protoype the kernel with (apparantly you lose if you use anything else) is a dead lusus.

You do not lose for prototyping the kernelsprite with something that is not dead, that has never been stated. They just have a 'preference' for the deceased.

>On the other hand, the code Karkat ran is part of a larger program written in Ath~ by an unknown demon (quite possibly Lord English) under which all the trolls actions, ineptness, maliciousness, and coincidental killing of lususes is determined.

Sollux's ath code that Karkat ran is completely separate from the ath file that he pulled off of the outer ring server, and the sole function of that code is to pull Lord English into the world at its ending. He has simply traveled back in time and taken personal actions that will lead to the universe's eventual unmaking and his entry into the world.

>To be precise, the entire universe the trolls live in was created for the purposes of destroying it to fulfill Lord English's unrevealed plans.

No, Lord English found the universe and targeted it for predation, and once he was there traveled back in time to set into motion the events that would inevitably allow him to enter it.
No. 6077 ID: bf1e7e


>and from what is being said you need at least 1 pre-entry prototype to win with more just making it harder but still winnable.

Actually, it's that EVERY sprite needs a pre-entry prototyping to make the game winnable. Doing both prototypes pre-entry just makes it harder for you, though.
No. 6078 ID: e3f578

this confuses me again, does a pre-entry prototype make the sprite more powerful so that's how it makes the game winnable? I don't see how exactly when the sprite prototype gains or loses anything from the pre-entry while the monarchs only get anything from that. Is it that the forth prototype transforming Skaia into the forth shape is what's necessary for their success thus it only being possible if the sprite is prototyped once pre-entry (Trolls having twelve dimensions on skaia blows my mind a hell of a lot more)
No. 6081 ID: bf1e7e


Each important object within the realm of Skaia/Derse/Prospit has a number of orbs equal to the number of players inevitably within the game's player-loop. The castles, the combined moons of Prospit and Derse, and (and this is probably the most important) the scepters and rings carried by the monarchs.

All pre-entry prototypes empower one of each of these orbs. This is clearly seen by Rose's Orb containing both elements of jaspers and the squidprincess in its prototyping silhouette. In the future, we see the fully prototyped ring when WV pulls it out of his spear to return it to the white queen. The ring is glowing with power that it appears to be constantly emanating. In the present time, when only 3 of the orbs have been prototyped, the ring is mundane (and one of the four orbs on it is greyed out, rather than white).

In all likelihood, a fully prototyped ring/scepter (or possibly several) is necessary for successful completion of the game. As such, one pre-entry prototype (as the orbs are only empowered by pre-entry prototypes) is required for successful completion, but since further prototyping of the same sprite seems to have no effect on the rings, but empowers all of the monsters further, it only makes the game more difficult.
No. 6090 ID: 54aa3e

i think the question is why do you need to prototype the thing at all? what happens if you enter with 0 prototypings? most likely it would fill the enemies and monarchs with RAW imagination making them ungodly powerful.
No. 6091 ID: e3f578

I hope Jade enters with 0 prototypes, so we can find out what happens. The human players are just going fuck all with the rules of the game now. The trolls did it the proper way I believe. At least that's what their previous conversations with the Homestuck gang imply I think.
No. 6094 ID: 277821

Aradia already fucked up the trolls' game by prototyping herself
No. 6095 ID: a6008c

The trolls fucked it up. They didn't get enough prototypes, and so, they lose in the end. Some of them will probably even die before we get to Homestuck time. If they'd won, then the game would not repeat. That's what victory is - breaking the cycle of apocalypse that is going on. And the trolls will not be the ones to do it.
No. 6097 ID: 54aa3e

no, the trolls won the challenge. the planet was doomed from the start. all those trolls are still alive at the end.
No. 6100 ID: a6008c

Survival =/= victory. They didn't beat the game. They just played, and managed to not get annihilated.

At least, that is my theory. The end of Hivebent will tell us for sure.
No. 6101 ID: e3f578

Fucking SGRUB, how does it work
No. 6102 ID: a6e87d

actually we know the trolls failed cause the queen still exists in their line. She's become 8. The opponent of Slick

Which means the Homestuck kids were lied to (Trolls said their Jack helped kill the queen)

No. 6103 ID: e3f578

No, they said Slick helped them EXILE the Queen, not kill her.
No. 6104 ID: 54aa3e

not kill, subdue.
No. 6105 ID: a6e87d

but to win, you have to kill...
so they lost after all
No. 6106 ID: e3f578

where in the hell does it say you have to kill the king/queen? You just gotta get the scepter and ring to win.

Something Homestuck Jack did fucked up the trolls if I recall correctly. Since Jade's initial fuck up gave him power and made all the trolls mad at the humans. It wasn't really much of their fault I'm pretty sure. The horrible fates that AA and TA allude to probably relate to Homestuck Jack or something.
No. 6107 ID: 54aa3e

i also just remembered! slick is telling karkat what to do after he enters the medium!
No. 6113 ID: bf1e7e


>I hope Jade enters with 0 prototypes, so we can find out what happens.

I was hoping for this, but it will not happen. We have already seen the kids' future earth where the ring WV pulls out is fully prototyped.


Given the time difference, it is possible that they are all dead (as we do not know troll lifespans or the time gap separating the two sessions). However, at the point where they are in the veil and harassing the kids all 12 trolls are still alive.

Or, well, active in Aradia's case.


Aradia did say that their defeat would briefly masquerade as victory.


>Something Homestuck Jack did fucked up the trolls if I recall correctly.

No, Homestuck Jack is what fucked up the game and made it 'unwinnable' for the kids. Jade creating 'the Rift' is what fucks up the trolls.


>slick is telling karkat what to do after he enters the medium!

Yep, Karkat even mentions as much when he is expositioning to John.

And here's my newest pre-revelation theory:

Aradia is still around as a 'ghost' or whatever (despite being dead), and is still able to play the game, for one particular reason.

She was inevitably a player of the game, so her dream self was already on either Derse or Prospit. Just like a Dream Self can die and leave the regular self alive, Aradia's regular self died but her dream self did not.
No. 6118 ID: e3f578

>I was hoping for this, but it will not happen. We have already seen the kids' future earth where the ring WV pulls out is fully prototyped.

While the ring was fully prototyped, whose to say when her kernalsprite splits into three pieces to power the Derse and Prospit spires as she enters that it isn't just a blank prototype. Thus making all prototypes after-entry instead of at least 1 pre-entry.
No. 6128 ID: bf1e7e


I am saying that that will not happen, because it will not. The necessity of a pre-entry prototype has already been established, and all of the pieces fit together. Trying to finagle a means to doubt it is just tilting at windmills.
No. 6129 ID: 984a05

... what? there is no NEED to prototype it before entry. you just do. she opens the thing get's the totem lathed, makes the item and enters the medium. no where does it say that prototyping needed to do that.
No. 6130 ID: 525c12


Well, according to Tavros, all the troll dream-selves died during their game. So that would mean that both "versions" of Aradia would be dead. But yet she's apparently still active in the timeline of the kids.

Maybe as a Kernelsprite? We haven't seen any of the troll kernelsprites around when the trolls are hidden behind the veil, trolling the kids.

Maybe ghosts aren't that uncommon in Alternia. It's a world with dragons, magic, mutants and mind powers anyways.

PS: Vriska is the hugest bitch of all.
No. 6131 ID: bf1e7e


There is if you want to be able to win the game.

Pay attention.
No. 6132 ID: 9560c6

and we already know the kids are royally screwed, what's one more nail in the coffin? so while you need to prototype to win, you don't need to if you are gonna lose.
No. 6133 ID: bf1e7e


Which ignores that we see that, in the future, we see that the ring is fully prototyped.
No. 6142 ID: e3f578

Okay, I'm not sure if there's just been some bad explaining on what we mean here or that you're just being skeptical on the fact that Jade is going to experiment with what happens with entering the medium with no pre-entry prototypes because it is necessary for some sort of succession (I still don't know HOW or WHY but pre-prototypes are somehow as beneficial to the players as well as transforming the king and queen as you have pointed out so yeah)

I think what we're trying to get across is that in this page http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002151, that when the kernalsprite splits into three pieces it will have no things prototyped to it instead of a Harlequin, Dead Crow, or Cthulhu Princess Jackspers, and will split anyway. A blank prototype if you will. It still lights up the final sphere in the ring and fully prototypes the Monarchs (Now just Jackspers), but it harbors no characteristics like the other three prototypes thanks to it being blank as Jade enters.

Simply put, a blank kernalsprite enters the final spire and fully prototypes the ring, still fitting in with what we saw when WV pulled out the fully powered ring for WQ in the timeline.
No. 6179 ID: 98ce68

THEORY: Jade's pen pal is Earth's guardian, the Earth version of D c Scratch.
No. 6186 ID: 277821

That would be Bec
No. 6191 ID: a41aaf

Too obvious.
No. 6192 ID: bf1e7e


No, Bec is pretty clearly the Earth's first guardian.

It's so obvious because it's true.
No. 6193 ID: c4c313
File 127942433219.gif - (22.06KB , 650x450 , 02268_2.gif )

Dammit Andrew. Why are you making me feel sorry for all of them?
No. 6197 ID: e3f578
File 127943150489.gif - (19.79KB , 650x450 , 02273.gif )

jesus christ so much gore
No. 6200 ID: 98ce68


Do you mean, as the first guardian of the kids, or as the Guardian of the planet?

Because he was made by DD, remember? Unless DD is working for Lord English too, it doesn't make much sense.


I still don't feel bad for Vriska. Bitch should die in a fire.
No. 6203 ID: a594b9

You're kidding, right? She's not likeable at all.
No. 6204 ID: e973f4

Yeah, pretty much all of the other eleven are at least kind of sympathetic, but Vriska appears to be some manner of sociopath.
No. 6253 ID: 98ce68
File 127950293519.gif - (26.04KB , 400x400 , alternia_cover.gif )

"Walls Covered in Blood" gave me sweet, sweet diabetes.
No. 6256 ID: bf1e7e


Where does it say that the First Guardian, as a title, is in any way related to Lord English's service? Alternia's First Guardian ALSO happens to be in the employ of (that is the term that was specifically used, 'in the employ of.' Not 'a creation of.') Lord English.

The First Guardian exists to ensure that a planet serves its destined purpose. Not necessarily Lord English's purpose for that planet. And if you believe that Lord English had a hand in Sburb/Sgrub/Set cetera, and that it is a tool to further his own ends, we reach another revelation.

The 'gods of the distant ring,' which are the Dersian equivalent of Skaia's clouds (Summary Canon, btw), attempted to lead Rose to destroy the notebook before Becquerel's creation. This would mean that it was in Lord English's grand design for earth to NOT gain a first guardian, as by all other meters (design, concept, graphical effects, near-omnipotence) Bec appears to be nothing short of a first guardian.

Jade even has a fucking magic cue ball.
No. 6315 ID: c4c313


>> Vriska appears to be some manner of sociopath.

It's like we're sisters!!
No. 6319 ID: a594b9

Oh god what
No. 6336 ID: bffa2a

So, is this rape? Romantic rape with roofies for the heart?
No. 6358 ID: 8bdb6a

I'm not sure what's happening, and I'm not sure if Equius knows what's happening, but I know he's enjoying it.
No. 6366 ID: a594b9

She removed the heart (and by extension the chip) so that shouldn't be the cause.
No. 6369 ID: 1ac37b


The heart was removed but the "love" was in the blood already. That might be the cause.

Or maybe she went with it because it's been the only thing she's really felt since she died.

Or maybe she's fucking crazy.
No. 6370 ID: 1177ca

Poor Sollux.
No. 6379 ID: fc5f60

she and equius just wanted the taboo relationship that they are. simple as that.
No. 6380 ID: bf1e7e

In before Equius tries to get Gamzee to tell him to break up with Robo-Aradia.
No. 6406 ID: dad664

If anyone has the pesterChum app, I'm aberrantChronologist on it.
No. 6407 ID: 4f6e37

No. 6412 ID: dad664

also FYI, if you use version 1.5 instead of 1.6, you can add the kids and trolls to your chumlist.

Some of the trolls are actually pretty good at imitating them.
No. 6414 ID: e3f578

I hope in 1.7 the that Shimala guy and Armada undo that because it's fucking lame to restrict names at all. They ever give a reason why they did that?
No. 6417 ID: dad664

They didn't want people hogging the names.
No. 6418 ID: e3f578

Hogging them? Like what kind of hog? Are we talking about the stockpiling, greedy kind of hog? Because that makes no sense if they're unusable in the first place. You can't hog something that isn't there.
No. 6419 ID: e3f578
File 127992095488.png - (63.26KB , 320x318 , Yourridinthathog.png )

disregard that message I'm an idiot. It's for sharing the canon names. I just couldn't comprehend someone sharing names so the concept of hog-prevention didn't get through to me.
No. 6420 ID: 527bd9

Because I didn't have enough with IRC and AIM running at the same time.

Mine is propitiouslyVitriolic
No. 6793 ID: 277821
File 128087913295.gif - (167.54KB , 650x450 , 02346.gif )

Huh, I should have seen that coming.
No. 6933 ID: 277821
File 128113232894.gif - (42.59KB , 650x450 , 02364.gif )

No. 6934 ID: 227f86


About fucking time.

Someone still has to bitchslap Vriska, though.
No. 6935 ID: 277821
File 128113355857.gif - (19.35KB , 650x450 , 02223.gif )

already happened
No. 6940 ID: 9d50c7

No. 6957 ID: 277821
File 128126018320.gif - (16.62KB , 650x450 , 02375.gif )

what is this i don't even
No. 6958 ID: b38a8a


Vriska is roleplaying.

If I were Tavros, I would fear for my life.
No. 6969 ID: 55e935

Oh god she's fucking with him so badly. No matter who you think the best troll is, you have to admit she's the best at trolling.
No. 6970 ID: 1062a1
File 128132443894.gif - (31.16KB , 650x450 , 02380.gif )

... i don't know anymore.
No. 6971 ID: 55e935

I think I get it. She's trying to truly lovehate Tavros to prove Karkat wrong, but can't get over what he said about her. She can't properly lovehate and just can't get into it.
No. 6973 ID: b38a8a


I dunno, I think that Vriska kinda crosses the line between "trolling" and "being psychotic". And I don't know how much of this is she purposely fucking with him, or just her deranged mind acting.
No. 6982 ID: 55e935

Watch this.

Now watch this.
No. 6984 ID: 283fa9
Audio SadoMasoPedoRoboNecroBestiality.mp3 - (2.48MB )

I linked this in IRC, and it's kinda old, but -I- just found it, damn it. :(
No. 6985 ID: c4c313
File 128138611771.gif - (16.33KB , 650x450 , OHWHATTHEHELL.gif )

Hussie nailed my reaction down to the eyebrow twitch.
No. 6986 ID: bf1e7e

You are now manually aware of Kanaya's potential ulterior motive for getting Tavros his new legs.
No. 6996 ID: fc5f60


does it involve chainsaws? IS it chainsaws?! I bet it's chainsaws!
No. 7029 ID: 8f63ab
File 128151936081.gif - (9.73KB , 650x450 , 02396.gif )

No. 7030 ID: 805b7e


how tough do you think the drone is? it supposedly can slay you instantly, and unless almost all trolls on the planet are like karkat and the ones with powers is rare the thing must be a beast.
No. 7031 ID: e3f578

I ponder if a drone is natively an underwater creature and is one of the two remaining kid's lusus. Unlikely, but you don't have something that big and intimidating in a story without implementing it somehow.
No. 7032 ID: b3f237

well kananya had a mother grub for a lusus, so someone having a drone isn't that far fetched.
No. 7035 ID: fc5f60

being an imperial dron must be a great job.

"jizz in this cup or I'll gut you"
No. 7041 ID: 55e935

The drone being... you know, a DRONE... it's probably a robot made by the glorious Alternean empire to enforce a mandatory reproduction standard so that there are always masses of warriors for their galactic conquest.
No. 7079 ID: fc5f60

wait, if you had an imperial drone as a lusus, what would you feed it?

...oh god.
No. 7080 ID: 206401

it would eat normal food, it only goes 'collecting' when it is breeding season. and you had BETTER jizz in it's buckets.
No. 7107 ID: fc5f60

but seriously, a drone wouldn't make a good lusus, since the term itself implies a hivemind. a single drone would be near unable to think, much less help the trollkid survive.
No. 7108 ID: e3f578

I still hope a drone does somehow appear in the arc aside from the explanation.

In recent news, it appears Eridan kill a royal blooded lusus. I would say it might have been his own but it turns out to be a darker hue. The whale could be CC's because I forgot her hue, but I also surmise that its lighter than that. Gamzee's is a goat sea thing so it seems like Eridan killed a random Troll kid's lusus, whose child is either already dead or going to be very soon thanks to the meteors.
No. 7214 ID: 0c9433
File 128225103759.gif - (6.54KB , 650x450 , ohchristno.gif )

Oh sweet Christ, Cthulhu Lustus

Also, am I the only one who finds the trolls to be rather...sad? I mean, their lives are pretty damn sucky even before the reality warping game showed up.

Especially with this song --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLMvAVyhm0c
No. 7227 ID: 55e935

I think the drones are robots meant to enforce a mandatory reproduction rate for the Alternian empire's armies.
No. 7250 ID: 446ab5
File 128229225118.gif - (48.84KB , 650x450 , 02470.gif )

Oh snap!
No. 7265 ID: 2c53c2

The whole troll Act thus far has been wonderful, depressing, and fascinating. I like all the trolls- as characters, if not as people- and watching their trials and tragedies is pretty great. I find myself wishing that they weren't being subjected to a fast-forwarded storyline, and we could see their full tale play out rather than just seeing a few scenes and summaries of major events.

Also, troll romance is awesome.
No. 7266 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128236047717.gif - (15.11KB , 650x450 , 02395_1[1].gif )

>Also, troll romance is awesome.
And important to the main plot, evidently.

Apparently, failing to properly diagnose Jack Noir is at least one reason why he went totally psycho in the Homestuck instance of Sburb. (Not that they even had the chance to try)
No. 7285 ID: 93ebff

Theory: It's all a Troll romance movie, even the human parts.
No. 7305 ID: 2c53c2

I know that this most recent sequence with AH is kind of silly, but I can't help but wonder if in some ingenious way he's somehow going to prove a critical component of the story's plot, as well. Everything in MSPA always ties together in such an effective fashion that I can't take this at face value.
No. 7318 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128251753322.jpg - (22.20KB , 216x503 , absinthe[1].jpg )

No. 7349 ID: f35afd

Wait, people actually like the retarded troll romance shit? It is just an example of Hussy being autistic. I like the characters and the character interactions, and the Troll chapter in general, but the romance schema with the divisions in it is just dumb on top of double dumb. There is nothing funny or clever about it and it is pointless categorizing for categorizing sake. I think Hussy honestly believes he thought up something unique instead of just describing regular human relationships in a more strictly regimented and totally retarded way.
No. 7351 ID: 416e10

Nope. He's being double triple pseudo ironic. You can't comprehend the hundreds of shades of irony being employed here, because I damn well can't either.

He is the best damn troll there ever was.
No. 7356 ID: a41aaf

>romance schema
>categorizing for categorizing sake
>just describing regular human relationships in a more strictly regimented and totally retarded way
Yes, this is totally serious and not intended to be humorous in any way.
No. 7360 ID: 117dce

>Yes, this is totally serious and not intended to be humorous in any way.

>There is nothing funny or clever about it
No. 7361 ID: 3ef9ad

I find it downright hilarious.
... you know. In a... ironic kind of way.

Seriously, I thought we established all this when he introduced Dave.
No. 7364 ID: 231806
File 128264188538.gif - (109.33KB , 650x450 , 02510.gif )


I love this little guy.
No. 7365 ID: 0c9433




is very humorous when said out of context. Just so you know
No. 7366 ID: 81343b

that was my most favorite part
No. 7383 ID: 726120

So, we have 12 troll kids, but only 5 known exiles to "control" them. (the Midnight Crew and Snowball, AKA the Black queen).

Who do you think are going to be the other exiles? The Felt, with Lord English himself? Or someone completely new?
No. 7393 ID: f44349
File 128287090611.gif - (235.79KB , 650x450 , 02263.gif )

>Land of Little Cubes and Tea
>Land of Little Cubes and Tea
No. 7394 ID: 97cb33

No. 7415 ID: 283fa9

Oh wow, I didn't see that.
No. 7420 ID: 4f6386
File 128299430318.png - (74.12KB , 1129x676 , tanglebuddies.png )

>My face after listening to Squiddles album.
No. 7452 ID: 1e3bf0

I don't get it...
No. 7453 ID: 10c20a

take the first letter from all 6 words in the title of Nepeta's world
No. 7462 ID: 1e3bf0

My brain just died a little...
No. 7465 ID: e3f578

I fucking love the memos
No. 7467 ID: 754124

Me too. Largely because they're long, so i get a lot all at once. They are very amusing in their own right, though.
No. 7471 ID: ac4f0e

Okay, I have to go back and look at what the other world names are now.

No. 7506 ID: dad664

>carcinoGeneticist [CG] began trolling gallowsCalibrator [GC]

>CG: <3

D'aaaaaaaaaw :3c
No. 7514 ID: 754124

Oh, by the way


They totally fucked! Woohoo!*
Or, you know, whatever other repulsive thing trolls do instead of sex.

*You can tell something is well-written when it triggers the generic frat boy impulse to give out high fives ad congratulations for sex in someone who normally lacks such urges.
No. 7515 ID: 4f6386


Dude, they're they're like 13 (In equivalent of Troll years).

She must be talking about somethin else. An intimate moment. But not THAT kind of moment.

Also yeah:

gallowsCalibrator [GC] ceased trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]

carcinoGeneticist [CG] ceased trolling gallowsCalibrator [GC]

carcinoGeneticist [CG] began trolling gallowsCalibrator [GC]

CG: <3

carcinoGeneticist [CG] ceased trolling gallowsCalibrator [GC]

This was so cute it gave me a cuteness aneurysm.
No. 7522 ID: c71597

I have known some guys who started to get busy at 13. It's hardly unheard of. And who knows how it works for trolls.
No. 7523 ID: 754124

13 is sort of early to start with that sort of thing, but it's still well within the realm of normality.
No. 7570 ID: fc5f60

trolls don't have sex, they 'donate' their seed.

they might have done something that has similar connotations to trolls, but most likely it was maybe a kiss.
No. 7571 ID: 055f63

hell, who knows about their reproduction

As far as we know, kissing is their sex.
No. 7611 ID: e3f578


That is all.
No. 7612 ID: ee8bca

I'm not entirely sure what happened in the flash...
Someone lost an arm, and two trolls died...
i didn't get anything else out of it...
No. 7613 ID: f35afd

The first part were flashbacks: Vreska's arm has been gone. It showed how she blinded whatserface.

The second bit was watserface II beating the shit out of Vreska, prolly for killing her.

There was a bunch of random other stuff too.
No. 7614 ID: 754124

Vriska was shown missing her arm and eye. This is the aftermath of the cue ball exploding. She does some sort of psychic thing involving taurus and Libra's lusus, causing Libra to go outside and become blind. Then we see trolls fighting assorted monsters. Then the guy with two eyes fights Aquarius, probably because he was jealous of the princess.

Then Vriska goes somewhere and fights Aries, and loses badly. Vriska dies and goes to the yellow planet, where Libra slaps her.
No. 7616 ID: 5752b6

That slap at the end made me laugh so hard.
No. 7626 ID: dad664

Vriska mind controlled Tavros into using his Animal Communion powers to control Terezi's lusus, in turn controlling Terezi to go stare at Skaia/Alternias Sun, which blinded her.

Robo-Aradia kicked the shit out of Vriska as a sort of come-uppance for all the bullshit Vriska had pulled in the past (murdering trolls in their FLARP games then feeding the corpses to her lusus, crippling Tavros, and blinding Terezi). She only held back from delivering the final blow because Tavros was there.

Vriska isn't dead, she's just beat the hell up (as seen from the memo she replied to in the far-flung future). There's theories that Vriska secretly wanted some kind of retaliation for all the shit she's done. I dunno, troll romance sure is confusing.
No. 7630 ID: 754124

>Vriska isn't dead, she's just beat the hell up (as seen from the memo she replied to in the far-flung future).
Wait, how does replying to a memo in the future indicate that she didn't die? What text indicates she was never killed?
No. 7631 ID: 56dc25

If she was able to write in the memo from the future, at least one of her is still alive. Either her normal self or her dream self can die, but not both, or she wouldn't be around to write her reply.
No. 7632 ID: 754124

Yeah, and we know her dream self didn't die. It doesn't have anything to do with whether Aries killed her, though. In fact, the way she woke up as her dream self is more suggestive that she did die, as that's exactly what happened to Gemini.
No. 7634 ID: e3f578

I still have no idea why Aradia doesn't have a dreamself in that big list picture. Did Sollux steal one of her lives or something or is it the fact she died outside the game for the first time?
No. 7637 ID: 97cb33

it's probably a combo of both.
also, idea.
Jade's sprite will be prototyped with Bec. suffusing the ring with the power of the first guardian and totally dicking up EVERYTHING.
No. 7638 ID: 0e9c62

Totally see Tavros getting REALLY pissed and managing to destroy Aradia in some ironic way considering his inability to use his legs.
No. 7653 ID: bf1e7e


>Jade's sprite will be prototyped with Bec. suffusing the ring with the power of the first guardian and totally dicking up EVERYTHING.

Welcome to months ago when Becquerel was first created.
No. 7658 ID: dad664
File 128416637443.gif - (144.52KB , 1581x1125 , 1284164579196.gif )

Found this over on /ck/, interestingly enough.
No. 7660 ID: 754124

Well, you know what they do with blood over there.
No. 7833 ID: 277821
File 128474909223.gif - (1.10MB , 650x2500 , 02603.gif )

well shit
No. 7837 ID: 754124
File 128475538390.gif - (23.49KB , 650x450 , 02601.gif )

Oh hey, Scorpio's eye is better.
No. 7840 ID: 4aa717


That's because it's her dream version, who didn't get the eye damage. Her arm is fine too (even if it can't be seen in the picture).

That probably means that Aradia actually killed her "normal" self.
No. 7843 ID: 754124

Indeed. No totally new information, but a solid confirmation of stuff that some found to be vague before.
No. 7846 ID: e3f578

thing is that other dreams/normal selves died too, leaving only one life left for each troll (sans Aradia since she dead, sorta) according to Tavros. Which makes me really fucking curious how walkable dream tavros died. Probably the scratch killed those extra lives off, whatever self the troll wasn't currently using.

Also Kanaya's hair blocking Gamzee makes it look like he has a Mustache.
No. 7859 ID: 277821
File 128484450610.gif - (82.23KB , 650x450 , 02623.gif )

holy shit
No. 7860 ID: bf1e7e


This confirms that the kids are going to be responsible for the creation of the trolls' universe.

In yet another DOUBLE MOBIUS REACH AROUND. Hell, the universes are even Indicated as Red and Blue.
No. 7861 ID: 754124

Not necessarily. There could be other unrelated universes too. And the trolls had some large amount of constellations, not four.
No. 7887 ID: bf1e7e


You are also not taking into account that Hussie specifically uses callbacks and repetition whenever he can. This was mentioned in his Formspring Question Sessions.
No. 7907 ID: 3297aa

Alright, someone farther up this thread said something about Karkat thinking John was his kismesis, I can't be bothered to find the post but HOLY FUCK IT JUST GOT CONFIRMED.
No. 7908 ID: cebddc

So trolls made Homestuck universe (ours?)
and Homestuck made a scratch on the Hivestuck universe...
And Jack was suddenly able to cross dimensions and effectively fight the gods?

Cool stuff...
But that still makes trolls much more powerful.
No. 7917 ID: 987386

Awwwww... Karkat's fallen in hate with John~

No. 7918 ID: e3f578

>trolls made universe through SBURB/SGRUB, indicating that's how universes reproduce (thanks to Andrew's formspring)

And suddenly a tgchan session based on quest authors makes even more sense. There are universes EVERYWHERE
No. 7921 ID: 0c9433
File 128497741163.png - (560.08KB , 1000x1000 , allthebitches.png )

Karkat's got his red and black romances covered.

He's ready to fill them pails so to speak.
No. 7933 ID: 754124

Nobody is going to come, there is no empire anymore. And there are no mother grubs, so they couldn't work it out in some more natural way. The Troll species dies with this generation. Barring ass-pull, anyway.
No. 7934 ID: e3f578

No, most of the trolls are well and fine. The home planet is in ruins, but they only housed young trolls. Adult trolls are off to war somewhere, and I imagine with their bigger empire that even if the queens and drones on Alternia are dead there might be a few other colony planets with such things. It's just that the troll race is going to experience some sort of culture shock with an entire generation and their home planet dead.

I'm not sure where I got this information, mixes of vague memories of troll culture descriptions a few months ago in Hivebent and some recent plunders into the wretched lair of the MSPA fora with hopes of loot and XP. I have seen the shipping carvings on the walls, the inane theories echoing through the void and the idiots foaming from the mouths in righteous fury, occasionally spouting nice information recorded in the wiki.
No. 7935 ID: e3f578

Double trouble. The rest of the forum is fine though. Nice taste in webcomics and their banter on the bad ones is fun to read.
No. 7938 ID: 754124

I don't think there would be any hive mothers on other planets. It seems contradictory to their outlook.
No. 7940 ID: 3297aa

No, ALL trolls are dead. The cthulhu lusus did the glub thing that killed all the trolls in the galaxy. That's what killed notdream!Sollux.
No. 7941 ID: bf1e7e


None of that matters, though, because Feferi's lusus sent its glub on out. The highest grade of Glub was going to ripple across the universe and kill the entire troll race, and that is probably what happened when she died.
No. 7943 ID: 008399


Yeah, they're all dead. Chuthlu Lusus did it.
Just like humanity died in John & company's session.

That's actually something that SBURB does, it genocides the entire species of the session, giving only the chance to save themselves to the players.
No. 7944 ID: e3f578

I fucking hate that lusus. What good did it ever do besides raising Feferi? At least spidermom wasn't exactly ALL that needy, and was nice to Vriska when she was injured.
No. 7946 ID: bf1e7e

RE: Newest Update -


I guess we know what Karkat and Terezi's 'moment' was!
No. 7947 ID: 0c9433

But Kanaya still has the mother grub egg.

Their bucket filling society can still be restored!
No. 7948 ID: 56dc25

This comic is ridiculously adorable. Really, it is.
No. 7951 ID: f4963f

Oh my god, that conversation was brilliant.
No. 7953 ID: 754124

Oh. Cool!

No. 7954 ID: fd6d7e
File 128505019822.gif - (77.59KB , 650x450 , 02627.gif )

See you soon! :)
No. 7956 ID: e3f578

Why... why did he make cosbyphones/holograph projectors?
No. 7957 ID: fc5f60


because crosbyphones would be absurd.
No. 7985 ID: f44349

>CAG: Do you guys realize you are sharing a key8oard and taking turns to argue with each other?
>CAG: That is kind of cute. ::::)
>CTA: yeah ii hate to 2ay iit, but iit really 2ort of ii2.
It really ii2- er, is.
No. 7987 ID: 0c9433

>CAC: :33 < *the especially impurrtant pouncellor looks really serious and thoughtful as she scoots her chair out from under the official courty looking table and begins to pace around thoughtfurry
>begins to pace around thoughtfurry

No. 7994 ID: 0f736b

Because Hussie is a master troll out to dismantle people's own distaste for things.

Rastin would be proud.
No. 8000 ID: 56dc25
File 128520989070.gif - (23.77KB , 650x450 , 02634.gif )

Vriska: Assume Power Stance!

...or at least, that's what I guessed was going on here. While laughing.
No. 8005 ID: 0b7894


That's the dream version of John. I just realized that. Something awesome will happen.
No. 8009 ID: 5d5aec

nope, vriska confirmed the programs can't lock onto dreams. if his real body dies then yes they can talk to dream self.
No. 8015 ID: 754124

>Remember that both the kids' and the trolls' chum handles are needed to make the full set of ACGT combinations. They are not two unrelated groups of players as they first appeared, nor are their universes unrelated. Sollux's shades, the ~ATH code, etc help illustrate this, that they are bifurcated, interwoven realities.
Wait, what?
No. 8019 ID: 56dc25

What is unclear? I thought that was pretty understandable, really.
No. 8021 ID: 754124

I apparently missed a significant amount of correlation there.
No. 8032 ID: 56dc25

Oh. Yeah, MSPA does that to you sometimes.
No. 8044 ID: cebddc
File 128544583363.gif - (7.47KB , 650x450 , 02659.gif )

He done gone have a ring.

He can rule the world.
No. 8045 ID: e3f578

any bets he puts it on and actually goes and helps the kids before he goes and gets exiled, which means we get a SS/WV dueloff
No. 8057 ID: 4307ff
File 128550801318.jpg - (31.65KB , 641x480 , shado.jpg )


No. 8088 ID: 754124

>He done gone have a ring.
That is not a viable sentence in any dialect of English. Perhaps you meant "He done got his self a ring"?
No. 8118 ID: f44349
File 128564520387.gif - (33.82KB , 650x650 , 02681.gif )

>EB: i suddenly don't understand anything.
I think this line sums up all of Homestuck pretty well.
No. 8414 ID: 0c9433
File 128613393361.jpg - (9.43KB , 230x230 , bucket.jpg )

No. 8429 ID: f4963f

You pervert! Stick that on /questdis/ immediately!
No. 8435 ID: 099247

Jegus, what the fuck are you doing? Get that shit outta here.
No. 8537 ID: fd6d7e
File 128623080343.gif - (71.56KB , 650x450 , WHAT.gif )

What do you know about the Green Sun?
No. 8538 ID: a9bea6

looks like they managed to captchalouge a star in a giant card. i wonder what would happen if it's let out...
No. 8552 ID: 3d74a8
File 128625434420.gif - (14.11KB , 650x450 , 02732.gif )

stop being adorable i'm supposed to hate you
No. 8553 ID: 127c1a

hahaha, she is so embarrassed about that ninth exclamation.
No. 8554 ID: 754124

No. 8913 ID: 277821
File 12873802158.gif - (271.39KB , 300x194 , H3LLFUCK1NGY3S.gif )

No. 8916 ID: 277821
File 128738793749.png - (94.20KB , 637x715 , Croc34.png )

I know the artist for this did a turtle one, but I don't want to wade through the forums to find it. Does anyone have it?
No. 8917 ID: 277821
File 128738878398.png - (90.31KB , 795x557 , LOLARturtle.png )

Nevermind, found it!
No. 8919 ID: 277821
File 128738906948.png - (58.20KB , 808x511 , SecretSorceress.png )

Here, have a salamander too!
No. 8920 ID: 277821
File 128738914649.png - (56.23KB , 563x539 , Crumplebonnet.png )

No. 8921 ID: 1b42c5

WHA- *BOOM!!!!*
No. 8926 ID: f03d2b
File 128743324369.jpg - (125.64KB , 500x333 , oh.jpg )

Hussie is a furry?
No. 8927 ID: 277821

Hussie has nothing to do with this, Kazerad's the one who drew these. You know, the guy who put Tavros in a wheelchair?
No. 8930 ID: f16b80


Wait, I'm confused. Who drew these? Like, is it suppose to be the "characters" drawling them or something? I missed the memo.
No. 8931 ID: 277821
File 128745948929.png - (186.71KB , 728x1144 , PillowDoesntEvenHugBack.png )

Kazerad's an artist on the MSPA forums. He drew all this borderline-furry-erotica and he also drew pic related long before Tavros got a proper introduction. So yeah, I think that's where Hussie got the idea for crippled Tavros.
No. 8934 ID: 277821

Well, furry-smut aside, all I have to say to this latest update is:



No. 8935 ID: 754124
File 128747568351.png - (19.46KB , 589x375 , 1268980266207.png )

>[S] Vriska: Watch street tough maverick with nothing to lose
No. 8936 ID: 93e8e3

Oh god I did not see that coming
No. 8944 ID: 919826

I'm calling that jade's penpal is nicholas cage.
No. 8945 ID: 6550ad


That would be...GLORIOUS!
No. 8948 ID: 93e8e3
File 128754834416.jpg - (106.70KB , 400x1384 , too_strong_by_crystallizedtwilight-d2zw5wc.jpg )

No. 8958 ID: 754124

Wheeeeeeee, fucked up romance shit all over the place.
No. 9196 ID: 0c9433

Homestuck Reaction Faces: The Game is the shit
No. 9198 ID: 73befb

Sucks that we can't play as every troll. Really wanted to do Gamzee.

Maybe later?
No. 9223 ID: e3f578

No. 9239 ID: bf1e7e

>You have climbed so much faster than I did in my youth.

Guardians confirmed for having played sBurb already.
No. 9240 ID: 6550ad


How is that even possible, if Sburb destroys your home planet and genocides your entire species?
No. 9241 ID: bf1e7e


Obviously they were playing before the session started. Time shenanigans aplenty.

It certainly explains how they already knew how to get to Skaia.
No. 9245 ID: a41aaf

Can't unhear Mio Laugh.
No. 9273 ID: fd6d7e
File 128825204493.jpg - (58.41KB , 657x531 , roseimad.jpg )

Seems like Rose is just a wee bit butthurt.
No. 9274 ID: 18610a

no, just that guy is a jackass.
No. 9277 ID: 91b836
File 128826276268.gif - (6.04KB , 125x125 , 00163235_0001.gif )

Nah, he's just a hateslut with no one to hate with. Everyone he hates leaves him for someone else.
No. 9287 ID: 93e8e3

Did you read the conversation? Eridian is a brainless moron, it was entirely warranted.
No. 9311 ID: 3af16b

Eridan is a fool and his advances were shameful, but still, blowing up a guy's computer is pretty fucked up.

Rose is sort of always like that.
No. 9312 ID: e3f578

Eridan wll probably be redeemed by the end of homestuck. probably
No. 9318 ID: 56dc25

I'm pretty sure that was just Rose being awesome.
No. 9324 ID: 6550ad


Eh, I don't think Eridan is a character that needs redemption. I would think that about Vriska.

But Eridan is just a self-hating twat desperated to find someone to be close to, either through love or hate.
No. 9326 ID: f4963f

Eridan's pathetic attempts to get hooked up in a troll hatemance are adorable~
No. 9336 ID: 4ef8a9

Thing is, Rose is only encouraging him with blowing up his computer~
No. 9371 ID: 6550ad
File 128851334385.gif - (37.23KB , 650x450 , 02821.gif )

Holy shit, it's MoThErFuCkIn On NoW.
No. 9372 ID: fd6d7e


I didn't even think he could get angry. o.o
No. 9373 ID: 51ae63

Shit, I mean... I thought him and Dave meeting would be awesome and fantastic and fun. And instead he ends up being his kismesis?

It's better than I could ever have expected!
No. 9375 ID: 754124

Man, what? His Kismesis is ICP.
No. 9454 ID: 9b6c31
File 128882513025.jpg - (29.88KB , 674x382 , lordgerome.jpg )

AGAIN with the spirals what IS it even with you and SPIRALS MAN
No. 9710 ID: e3f578

this flash man this flash
No. 9714 ID: 27fe93

let's be tangle buddies~
No. 9739 ID: bffa2a
File 128944284385.jpg - (399.00KB , 1500x1350 , horrorterror.jpg )

No. 9742 ID: 55c4cf

if this doesn't give me more insomnia, nothing will.
No. 9743 ID: 2563d4

I am now fully aroused.
No. 9755 ID: 12dfa3

guys i can't stop watching this flash page
it's all cute and happy and then
what the fuck.
No. 9756 ID: e3f578

the beats of the sonic glubs are also funky fresh
No. 9785 ID: a09a03
File 12895795919.gif - (62.29KB , 650x450 , 02851[1].gif )

Today's chatlog is absolutely incredible.

Also, it sure sucks to be Jade now, huh?
At first she seemed like she had all this crazy and amazing stuff going on with her, but she's pretty much the most mundane of the kids at the moment because she hasn't gotten into the game. She doesn't travel through time or have a million story house or what have you.

Also, she visits a tiny pocket dimension held within the jaws of an infinite number of monsters whenever she sleeps. And she's narcoleptic. :(
No. 9789 ID: 5a2e05

Oh man I forgot about the narcolepsy. That's gonna suck so hard.
No. 9790 ID: f5e4b4


I think they all do. All the kids and trolls have mentioned to hear the voices of the Old Ones during their dreams, but most of them ignore them.

It's also easier to ignore the Old Ones when you dream about Prospit or Derse. But when their Dream Moon is destroyed, there's only the void and the dark ones when they sleep.
No. 10020 ID: d33b8f
File 128994000453.gif - (33.63KB , 650x450 , 02881[1].gif )

No. 10156 ID: a09a03

Jade's going to enter the Medium just as the timer hits 0 even though they started with loads of time, because they keep fucking around with their instant messenger.
No. 10163 ID: e3f578

it also looks like he's going to accidentally prototype that big worm typheaus. I can sense this with my savvy powers.

Thanks for fucking up the game john for prototyping the goddamn remains of your Denizen
No. 10187 ID: 9b6c31
File 129009108473.gif - (107.61KB , 650x450 , 02891.gif )

No. 10195 ID: 099247

Bracing for one hell of an [S] soon.
No. 10199 ID: 2abeac

FUCK, jade is probably going to join right when jack is on the ropes and he will get a massive powerup and beat the shit out of bro and dave-sprite.
No. 10321 ID: 88a9b4

>And we then proceeded to watch.

No updates since 22...

No. 10322 ID: e3f578

Did you read the news? It's been there since monday that Andrew will be working on a flash page for about a week
No. 10333 ID: 88a9b4

Ups, never read the news ¬¬
No. 10452 ID: 71afaa

That [S] was the best [S] ever. It totally kicked WV:Ascend
No. 10453 ID: 0b7894


Definitely, things are sure to get completely ridiculous now.
No. 10455 ID: 8bdb6a

Oh look, the worst possible thing happened for no reason. What a shocker.
No. 10461 ID: 754124

okay, shit's all fucked up. Goddamn.
No. 10467 ID: 2e1ed7

Suddenly I understand Everything.

No. 10473 ID: f5e4b4

Status of Everything: Fucked Royaly.
No. 10477 ID: 620bfb

Dammit, he foreshadowed the other one just to troll us. Things are even worse than expected.
No. 10478 ID: f16b80

Did jade die or something? I don't get it.
No. 10479 ID: a695ae
File 129095884540.gif - (13.40KB , 516x358 , stumped.gif )

Oh God.
No. 10481 ID: 7c4eb6

Descend is still better.
No. 10482 ID: bf1e7e

>Dammit, he foreshadowed the other one just to troll us.

Foreshadowed the other what? Everything that happened in this animation (except for Bec apparently destroying the rest of earth to save Jade) is exactly what we've expected to happen for months.
No. 10483 ID: bffa2a

So, why did Vriska do that? Besides being a crazy bitch.
No. 10484 ID: f5e4b4


>Besides being a crazy bitch.

I don't think she needs more reasons than that.
No. 10488 ID: 1854db

So apparently... uh... Lil' Cal can actually move on its own.
No. 10490 ID: 71afaa

Well he could in Derse, in Dream!Dave's room...
No. 10491 ID: e9ab30


No. 10499 ID: bf1e7e


Because if anything other than Bec had been prototyped, The meteor would have hit jade before she would have been able to get into the game. Both holding off the meteor for long enough AND ensuring that the bullet hit her GEO were things that Bec needed to do.
No. 10527 ID: a09a03

They had 10 minutes and Bec has super powers. Don't tell me that's "the only way." He could've just hurried them along, teleported her upstairs in an instant, etc.

It happened this way because stable time loop, and that's just totally lame. That means there's no plot. It's just stable time loop. Things happen because they happen.
No. 10530 ID: bf1e7e

>He could've just hurried them along, teleported her upstairs in an instant, etc.

They never tried to get him to, and he is a dog. Hussie has mentioned on formspring that Bec is incredibly powerful, but -is still just a dog-.

He didn't do anything until he had to to protect his master. Like you said, they had plenty of time. Until shit hit the fan, by your logic here, she wasn't actually in danger and he didn't need to protect her. Once she WAS in danger, he needed to immediately leap to the sprite to be able to do so.
No. 10531 ID: bf1e7e


>It's just stable time loop. Things happen because they happen.

This is a story. 'Things happen because they happen' PERIOD. Even if there weren't a time loop that would be the case.

You can say 'bluh bluh but they normally happen for a reason bluh BLUH BLUH.' all you want. The characters in play still have reasons that they put stable time loops into action, and there is still a root cause for the loop to occur in the first place. Reasons are still there even if you don't like them.
No. 10558 ID: 620bfb

My attention wasn't on this until like a week ago, and they were talking about that stuffed denizen thing. I thought that would be the prototyping.
No. 10573 ID: d8cbe7

>This last update
I... I don't think I'm having fun anymore...
No. 10574 ID: 5e384f

Dave needs to use his rewind button pronto, if he doesn't, well, Hussie's a fag.
No. 10582 ID: bd5ae3

Bro? BRO!?

Oh god, why, Hussie? Do you need to kill the kids' lussi-guardians as well?

- On the other hand, we now have Jec Kaminoir.
No. 10587 ID: c2c29d

Bro, no!

I'm not sure he can. Remember, alternate timelines=doomed timelines=all travelers from them are marked for death (or, at least, it seems alt-timelines always tend to be doomed). Also, Dave can hop through time, but I'm not sure he can bring people *with* him, else future-dave would have brought bad-future-rose with him. So that would still doom current John, Jade, and Rose.
No. 10589 ID: a09a03

>Hussie has mentioned on formspring that Bec is incredibly powerful, but -is still just a dog-.
One who knew to prototype himself to get access to beam weaponry, and how to allow Jade to finish her task to get into the game. But not how to much more simply save her by acting a few seconds sooner, or in a different way.

>Reasons are still there even if you don't like them.
What reason was there to waste ten minutes? What reason was there for all of the trolls to neatly sidestep mentioning the one thing that would have prevented all this? How many pages of text has Karkat written without adding "btw prototype something other than bec and then get Jade upstairs quickly"? Why did Rose suddenly decide that it was bad to try and change fate, therefore avoiding telling John about what was going to happen?

Plus that's just assuming that Vriska had a good excuse to get everyone killed.

It's not just time loops cleverly closing in stable ways. It's everyone playing Time Cops with one another to make sure everyone stays on the rails.

This doesn't even feel like time travel. It's just Karkat following John around going "I knew you were going to do that" over and over, doing complex gymnastics to carefully prevent himself from saving the day by accident.
No. 10591 ID: dad664

"And then everyone died, especially Heath Ledger. The End."
No. 10592 ID: c2c29d

Because if Karkat does save the day, then that may mean his timeline IS screwed. HE'S still screwed, it's a different alternate-future him that gets un-screwed. And, seriously, why should he help THAT asshole? He's a total jackass, fuck him.
No. 10593 ID: 1963d1

Oh dear god.

The consequences will never be the same again.

And yet, perhaps we will get to see some Simon-like development from Dave? Not that he isn't already a pretty cool guy, but a little added GAR couldn't hurt.
No. 10599 ID: f44349
File 129107707034.gif - (184.65KB , 650x450 , 02938.gif )

>WQ findin' a thing
Heh, looks like Bec's hea-
>Has the Sgrub logo instead of Sburb
No. 10601 ID: ba1062


not anymore it doesn't
No. 10612 ID: f44349

And apparently it was just a mistake.
Boring! :/
No. 10618 ID: a09a03


oh you
No. 10623 ID: 825909
File 129109303797.jpg - (98.48KB , 1280x1024 , Broslaststand.jpg )

No. 10652 ID: 71afaa
File 129116290789.gif - (264.05KB , 650x450 , 02947[1].gif )

Hey everybody, Jade's world!
No. 10654 ID: 754124

I do hope you're not serious. That's the battlefield in Skaia.
No. 10661 ID: f44349


In the cloud dumpass :V

...Although now that you mention it, that COULD also be the battlefield after the BEC-PROTOTYPE-END-OF-WORLD-SHITTHEFUCK
No. 10665 ID: 71afaa

Now that you mention it... yea, it could be...
No. 10668 ID: 754124

Well it sure as hell doesn't look like any world I ever saw,
No. 10676 ID: 6c4937

It is a world based on Uranium. It really really shouldn't look like any other world you ever saw.
No. 10679 ID: a09a03

No. It's a Valcien.
No. 10684 ID: 1854db

The tumor is in the middle there.

Oh, by the way, guys... it just hit me. That ring WV has? The White Queen's ring? It's got Bec Power in it. It does the same thing that the Black Queen's ring does... the ring SburbJack is wearing.

I wonder who will wear it?
No. 10689 ID: bf1e7e


PM will, years in the future (but not many).

Also we've just about confirmed that these aren't even linked sessions, but just one big session. After all, WV appears to know the skaian titles for all of the trolls.
No. 10693 ID: b12d01

No, he doesn't know the titles and doesn't knew that Karkat wasn't a human... The guy answering (Andrew?) is the one that said that.

Anyways, Me: "Hey, I'll check my feed!" *26 homestuck news* me:ಠ_ಠ
No. 10700 ID: bf1e7e


>No, he doesn't know the titles

Read it again, chief.

WV responses:

> the master thief! is that who you are talking to now, john?
> i don't like the gray text knight. it is an unpleasant human

WV doesn't understand the differences between trolls and humans (and, ultimately, neither do we), because that isn't important to the game. But he knows that Vriska is the thief and karkat is the knight, because that IS relevant to the game.
No. 10713 ID: b12d01

Of course, I am not saying that "WV knows about the trolls" is impossible, I just don't believe it, and heres why:

First WV tough that John was an apprentice thief under the tutelage of a Master thief, but that doesn't imply that he knows about Vriska or his title, Adrew loves to do mindfucks like that. Then WV ask if he is taking to "the master thief", and... ¿the voice? says that he is talking to the knight, THEN he refers to karkat as the grey knight, and as a human.

In other news, that re-read made me look more closly this picture...
Look at all those... things in the sky... maybe we have already saw what they are forming? >>10652
No. 10734 ID: 20fc85


the clouds show the future...
And the entaglment has begun...

Which raises the question:
Where is the greenness in the future?
No. 10736 ID: a09a03

>EB: that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.

You said it, John.
No. 10753 ID: f5e4b4
File 129137049481.jpg - (335.61KB , 800x800 , cover.jpg )

Hell yeah
No. 10756 ID: 6c4937

And then John did the windy thing.
No. 10768 ID: dad664

<Theta][Sigma> http://www.mediafire.com/?tu8v4681seb69m5
<Theta][Sigma> The Felt
<Theta][Sigma> http://www.mediafire.com/?t95va8kc7188cp8
<Theta][Sigma> The Felt - Reversed Album
No. 10805 ID: e3f578

hey guys i'm disappointed that no one even tried to prototype a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff poster, even the furry version that got blown up in Jade's room.

I would so like to see what the pre-entry prototype would even do to ring-users. I wonder if instead of green fire Jack would release artifacted fire
No. 10809 ID: e9ab30

>Last update

What a tweest?
No. 10825 ID: 3297aa

Guys guys I just thought of something. So the minions got prototyped with Bec, that means they're now immensely powerful. Could it also mean they are now fiercely loyal to jade?
No. 10828 ID: 754124

Could be. I wouldn't count on it, though. After all, Bec Noir would be as well, then.
No. 10851 ID: a09a03

Cycling through the latest [S], all I can think is

"Now We Are All Sons of Bitches."
No. 10857 ID: 6a0f18

My reaction was mostly: "Oh oh, we are fucked... hey, the volcano, maybe if shot somewhere else... no, I can only shot the imp, oh well lets see ifBecsprite! Now the imp is going to feel the wrath o... he did nothing, oh well, I'm pretty sure that we are going to beat him somehoDAVE, awaken and seeing us! Maybe if he uses his temporal powers to... no, he did nothing again..."
No. 10862 ID: 754124

The imp did just as much nothing as Becsprite. If we just ignore it, everything will be fine.
No. 10867 ID: f44349
File 129168367437.gif - (47.50KB , 650x450 , 03003.gif )

>"Now We Are All Sons of Bitches."
No. 10869 ID: 6a0f18

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
No. 10870 ID: 5a2e05

No. 10872 ID: 20fc85

Universe benders:
Immortality now is in question
No. 10873 ID: e3f578

She only gained one rung :(
No. 10874 ID: 754124

It was one imp. What did you expect?
No. 10941 ID: 039199

OK, the Horrorterrors are screwed... that's bad in so many levels
No. 10943 ID: e3f578

I wouldn't say they're screwed so to say it's just that Bec Noir is powerful enough to actually rival them.

Obviously now the solution is for the kids to become as powerful as eldritch abominations.
No. 10955 ID: 22d5a9

Rooooooose ;o; You god damned martyr.
No. 10959 ID: 1963d1

Wait, so are they trying to destroy the Green Sun or Lord English?

I am so confused.
No. 10960 ID: bf1e7e


The green sun.

They only said it like a dozen times.
No. 10964 ID: 22d5a9

They want to kill the Green Sun, but that powers the First Guardians, so destroying it will kill all of their god powers. Which would make Jack, Bec, and English not immortal and all powerful, which is a Good Thing.
No. 10965 ID: e3f578

English isn't a guardian, he's a god or something. Well he at least hasn't been confirmed as a guardian. It's probably just a green motif is why he has all that green in the felt. They're not guardians either, just some imps with time powers.

The Green Sun won't be destroyed until at least when Jack makes it to the troll universe, at least from our perspective. Rose traveling through the Furthest Ring is going to make things as cosmically confusing as possible in regards to when the green sun is destroyed.
No. 10977 ID: 754124

The Green Sun is Lord English. Calling it now.
No. 10979 ID: 22d5a9

And so, Tavros was responsible for the death of the coolest character we never met. Somehow, I am not angry with him for this.
No. 10983 ID: 1963d1

Silly Anon,

Tavros is responsible for Grandpa's death, not Bro's.
No. 10984 ID: 2bc775


No. 10985 ID: e43bfe

>AG: Make sure her chat client isn't 8eing holographically projected for all to see, ok?

Aaaaagh, oh god. It's like a conga line of terrible events
No. 10986 ID: c700ce

Wait, so Vriska did Jade's narcolepsy?
No. 10990 ID: f4963f

And Terezi's blindness.

And Bec.

And WTC.

God, man. You gotta think /big/.
No. 11004 ID: c700ce

Fuck that shit, it's the narcolepsy thing that's important. SHE MADE A CUTE GIRL SLEEP ALOT, SHE MUST DIE!

Also the battlefield better not contain a lot of stairs, for Tavros's sake.
No. 11007 ID: 0c9433
File 129223998072.gif - (7.83KB , 650x450 , tavrosgoing.gif )

Oh man Tavros is going to man up and
No. 11008 ID: 0c9433
File 129224002558.gif - (10.47KB , 650x450 , tavrosSTAIRS.gif )

No. 11017 ID: efa85e

So, I just realised, Homestuck is just a black romance, about a girl trying to get a boy to hate her and be his kismesis... Everything in the story happens because of that.
No. 11020 ID: c700ce

Yeah sure, Vriska makes a lot of shit happen, owns everybody, yeah? Well... who was it again, that gave John the jetpack, that allowed him to find Rose's diary and set this all in motion? TEREZI!

All this planning, and Terezi is still owning Vriska!
No. 11104 ID: 5a2e05

AH what are you doing no stop that.
No. 11286 ID: f5e4b4

...Someone needs to slap the shit out of Vriska. Like now.

Goddamnit, John ;_;
No. 11287 ID: c700ce

Relax, he's got an extra life.
No. 11291 ID: b6178d

...AWGHRLGHLG. Vriiiiiiiiskaaaaaaa!
No. 11293 ID: e43bfe


Here watch this

the end bit will make you feel better
No. 11297 ID: efa85e

No. 11323 ID: 20fc85

Now he'll infinitely go into god tier?

But watch it turn out Vriska is the baddie in the end...

playing the game for her own fun, and endangering everything to just feel like she beat gods...

and using Jack to take down certain people...
No. 11330 ID: fab4c8

Na, Vriska COULD be the real villain, but I think that she just have an incredible complicated plan... probably evil plan, but a bigger plan, outside of Rose, she is the only one that appears to know what's going on...
No. 11429 ID: 20fc85

looks like Vriska was in the right after all.
Refer to John becoming a god.
No. 11466 ID: 1854db


Check out that pose Vriska was in, floating in the air.

It's the same pose.
No. 11469 ID: f5e4b4


Hussie recycles a shitload of drawings and poses, how's that news at this point?
No. 11489 ID: 51a648

Oh, hey there Dave! And hey Dave! Wait... D:
Flash incoming?
And what is going to happen with Jade?
No. 11506 ID: e3f578

there is nothing about this video that I do not love.
No. 11510 ID: 1854db

If you ask me it looks like it was intentional, since apparently Vriska wound up getting God Tier soon after the pounding in that animation, and the pose matches.
No. 11511 ID: 754124
File 129293121097.png - (89.32KB , 788x750 , DaveAggressTerezi.png )

Oh hey I made a thing.
That's an unusual enough occurrence that I may as well share it.

Pretty repetitive.
No. 11518 ID: 1963d1

y u do dis
No. 11520 ID: 754124

Because it is a thing that should totally happen.
No. 11522 ID: 3392ab

Hasn't a Dave wearing Terezi's glasses been in a few panels?

No. 11532 ID: f44349
File 129300429213.gif - (40.04KB , 650x450 , 03117.gif )

No. 11533 ID: 754124
File 129300464298.gif - (14.70KB , 650x650 , 03116.gif )

No. 11534 ID: 754124
File 129300480224.gif - (15.86KB , 650x650 , kiss.gif )

o god this is even worse
No. 11537 ID: 886306

...so this is a webcomic or something like that?
No. 11539 ID: bffa2a

Sure. A very entertaining one at that.

No. 11544 ID: a6008c

The OP image makes me miss Dad.
No. 11545 ID: e3f578

At least he's not dead like Bro
No. 11547 ID: 55c4cf


I can almost promise he will be dead soon anyway.
No. 11561 ID: f5e4b4
File 129311655092.gif - (116.80KB , 650x800 , 03127.gif )

And she had to have motherfucking FAIRY WINGS.

If there's a god, he hates Tavros to death.
No. 11824 ID: 9b6c31
File 129367248292.gif - (206.01KB , 650x450 , 03188.gif )

Dave oh no!
No. 11976 ID: 1963d1
File 129386178539.gif - (55.93KB , 650x450 , 03216.gif )

It seems Gamzee's had his world shattered.

No. 11982 ID: 3297aa

Did I miss something that explained why Gamzee is apparently decorated with a liberal helping of his own blood?
No. 11992 ID: 4bdb13

As far as I've noticed, we don't know.
No. 12110 ID: e790dd
File 129401644245.gif - (165.97KB , 650x450 , 03224.gif )

He actually looks damn fine in that coat.
No. 12199 ID: f5e4b4

>JADESPRITE: and i was so lonely, but i finally got over it when i met my friends.....

Calling that the "friends" he meets after she dies are the chthulhian horrors.
No. 12211 ID: 4812df

I thought it was just an afterlife situation
No. 12220 ID: e3f578

oh thank god Jade wants the bitch to shut up too now. All that boohooing got on my grill, that shit will never wipe off. Those slaps were so satisfying.
No. 12223 ID: bffa2a
File 129419949143.png - (17.62KB , 585x450 , lawl.png )

Had to happen, it's a rule I think.
No. 12226 ID: 1854db

Oh god I knew that scene was familiar but I thought it was when Ariada beat the shit out of Vriska.

If that happens... hussie will trollface SO HARD
No. 12243 ID: e3f578

the new album is delicious

I fucking love this guy and his vocals, whoever that motherfucker is.
No. 12247 ID: 8bdb6a

Jade needs to:
1) Powerlevel like crazy
2) Do the God Tier thing
3) Merge with resurrected dreamself jadesprite and unlock phenomenal cosmic power
No. 12256 ID: f5e4b4


She can't, her dream self is already dead, she can't get to god tier.

The only one still able to do it is Rose. But her current attitude is "fuck the game and its rules" so maybe she doesn't care about getting to god tier.

And Dave I guess, if he dooms another future/past dream Dave and has the balls to kill him this time. But it seems unlikely to me.

I have the feeling that John is the only one that is going to be god tier.
No. 12305 ID: e3f578

What're you talking about. her dreamself isn't dead anymore it's in the goddamn sprite.

If she tried to godtier that holyfuck man that would be weird
No. 12308 ID: f5e4b4


I don't think that works because to do it, the dream kid has to sleep on the super-bed thingie and then get killed.

And for what we know, Kernelsprites don't sleep! And we don't even know if they're alive in the same sense the kids are, of if they're kind of ghosts.

Anyways I don't think they can use the Jadesprite to get to God tier.
No. 12336 ID: 1729f3


The dream self doesn't have to do anything at all. The only condition for becoming god tier is dying on one's quest bed. The very act of sleeping on said quest bed pulls the dream self to the appropriate quest bed on the battlefield. That is what the quest bed is ordinarily for.

If you don't believe me, check out how Vriska's dream self bamfs away from prospit to become the Thief of Light amongst the battlefield's clouds.
No. 12360 ID: 4bdb13

inb4 Jadesprite murders Jade on the quest bed and becomes a double god.
No. 12377 ID: c162ea
File 129437039791.gif - (27.72KB , 650x450 , WHAT.gif )

Oh god, it actually did happen. In a form.
No. 12380 ID: 1963d1

Holy HELL.

Did this >>12223 picture originate on this board? Because Hussie's version is pretty much an exact copy and there's no fucking way that would happen by accident.
No. 12385 ID: c162ea

I doubt it originated here. (Probably floated around in /co/, which would make sense)
No. 12403 ID: 15b51b
File 12944435247.gif - (47.04KB , 650x450 , 02293[1].gif )

They're both edits of this.

It follows the sequence beginning: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004191
No. 12404 ID: bffa2a

And the original edit is from bay12 forums as far as I know.
No. 12428 ID: 4bdb13

>dorfs and homestuck
This was really awesome in my head for a split second, and then it was gone.

Lower forums, I'm guessing?
No. 12429 ID: bffa2a


No. 12435 ID: 1854db

Just so you guys don't have to translate it, here's what the firefly said:

No. 12471 ID: c162ea

Oh god, you are my hero, as I'm too lazy to translate Morse code.
No. 12516 ID: 15b51b

There's a webapp for that:

No. 12517 ID: f5e4b4
File 129456968332.jpg - (411.98KB , 2349x679 , 1294568491503.jpg )

Both of /co/'s obsessions in just one picture!
No. 12520 ID: 15b51b

Serenity is a weird bug. I hope she doesn't get eaten.
No. 12525 ID: f44349
File 129462515077.gif - (4.04KB , 650x450 , 03276.gif )

And then they made out.
No. 12526 ID: e3f578

reminds me of Red
No. 12527 ID: 4bdb13
File 129463171839.png - (26.21KB , 155x207 , Untitled.png )

No. 12528 ID: 4bdb13

Man I totes said that already
No. 12529 ID: f4e0e7

Dammit. I want to see the rest of them done up like this. Where's the other four!?
No. 12530 ID: f5e4b4
File 129464359087.gif - (55.13KB , 650x450 , 03282.gif )

In his dream
he is the star.
its him
No. 12533 ID: e3f578

Aww man which Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff was that strip?
No. 12534 ID: 9b6c31
File 129468679361.jpg - (508.26KB , 730x3000 , SBAHJsports.jpg )

No. 12556 ID: 1963d1
File 129488034662.jpg - (58.92KB , 368x480 , ahab.jpg )

Thar be an [s] a brewin'.

I can feel it in me bones.
No. 12562 ID: 98d4de

That and he said there'd be a flash within the next couple of days!

Your bones are pretty reliable, though.
No. 12576 ID: c9dd37

Hussie turned off formspring ;_;
No. 12577 ID: d677cc

Nah he just made a new account.
No. 12578 ID: e3f578

I just want to say I like this post. It feels like a quality post.

can't wait for that [s] action baby
No. 12604 ID: e790dd


No. 12605 ID: bffa2a

Okay. Who still has Vriska as waifu?
No. 12606 ID: e9ab30
File 129514892093.jpg - (27.88KB , 455x427 , shockedassdude.jpg )

>last update

Wow. Lotta shit happened.
No. 12607 ID: e3f578

Whoa whoa doggy brutally kills kitty and squiddy, a player death pre-goddening does not exclude them out of the god tier (or that girl is a very super special case) etc. etc.

Hoh shit
No. 12610 ID: 55c4cf

it makes me happy to finally see Aradia happy. 0u0
No. 12612 ID: 98d4de

>Nepeta and Tavros

Oh gog damn it. Not cool.

The Aradia thing was pretty awesome though!
No. 12613 ID: f44349

inb4 [S] Up.
No. 12614 ID: 20fc85

So... Aradia is now a god...

And Vriska was a bitch...

And Travos died? (chance of randomly falling on quest bed?)

I called Vriska killing Travos, but.. Aradia's awakening made no sense. She went to god without a quest bed.

I am confused.
No. 12615 ID: e9ab30

You, see >>12577

Also, is anyone else confused about the whole Vriska/Timeline thing? Here's what I mean:

When Vriska gets her shit slapped by Aridia, she is still on her planet, correct? Then Tavros flies her to her quest bed, where she dies, and is reborn the Thief of Light. She gets her head-scarf and everything. But then, we get the whole game segment where you walk around as her NOT BEING THE THEIF, and all those scenes where she's talking to Tavros where she's in her normal clothes. Then, all of the sudden, she's asleep in the facility in her Thief outfit again and asleep. Then she kills Tavros.

You follow all that? Good. Neither did I.
My main question seems to be: why was she not the Thief for that period of time? Did she just change out of the suit and change back into it? If so, why? That seems like a waste of time.

tl;dr Hussie probably doesn't care
No. 12616 ID: bffa2a

Dream self seemed to be sleeping on the quest bed. Apparently they have to those even there. So self dies in wake, dream self becomes god?
No. 12618 ID: c328b9

>Die anyway

No. 12620 ID: 0c9433

You can probably take it off and on. And she put her godhood on when it was time to get Serious. She was going to soon be fighting Bec Noir after all.
No. 12623 ID: f5e4b4

Tavros ; _ ;
No. 12630 ID: bffa2a
File 129523137226.png - (79.50KB , 500x3000 , spoilers_vriska_being_vriska_by_koma404-d37c68i.png )

Rub it in.
No. 12634 ID: c328b9


No. 12635 ID: 1854db

in b4 Tavros ascends to God Tier as well
No. 12636 ID: 20fc85

If Tarvos god tiers

Many manly tears shall be shed in the epicness of his revenge/attempt to save everyone

Plus it makes it 2 gods vs. Vriska
No. 12642 ID: e790dd

It won't be Tavros to take vengeance. It'll be Aradia.

Think about it. Upon her ascension, she conveniently gained not only the emotions required to once again fully care of one of her best friends from back when she was alive, the emotions required to be distressed of his death, and desire to take vengeance for him just like she did before - but also the sufficient powers to stand up against the murderer, Vriska Serket.
No. 12643 ID: a6008c

>Breeding duties
I... what? Kanaya, what?
No. 12644 ID: bf1e7e


Kanaya retrieved the grub ball from her mother grub lusus after it died, theoretically for eventual use re: repopulating their race in the next universe.

We already know that Jade (apparently) eventually ends up with a grandson.
No. 12645 ID: e3f578

The implications.

I'm half expecting this role just to involve weird ectobiology or similarly normal science test tube babies since Jade is a genius with all the SCIENCE! and probably could invitro like one suave smart baby making machine. You know because I feel like this situation needs to be complex, confusing and sciencey rather than romantic for the human session. But even with the other more normal explanation it just makes DAVE the FATHER OF ALL NEW MANKIND and thus really more cool and important.
No. 12666 ID: 20fc85

Anybody see any parallels to Bro/Dave and Kamina/Simon?

anyway, back to what I wanted to say:
So the priority is frogs... When do you think the significance of frogs is gonna be revealed? Soon? Toward the very end?
No. 12667 ID: e3f578

Andrew doesn't keep up with the animes (At least what his old Formspring said) so the parallels don't really matter besides if you just want to wank at some TTGL/Homestuck symmetry.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
No. 12686 ID: f5e4b4

Frogs. Gotta catch 'em all.

And clone them. And then send them back in time to become themselves.

No. 12736 ID: d605fc

FUUUUUUCCCCCK that's not good.
No. 12737 ID: 98d4de

Damnit Eridan.

What the hell.
No. 12738 ID: 693d88
File 129575867644.jpg - (59.48KB , 300x300 , 1295758571922.jpg )

No. 12739 ID: 15b51b



I can't say 'yeah I knew exactly this was going to happen,' (personally, I figured he'd try to kill Rose) but it was abundantly obvious that making him that wand was a terrible, terrible idea.
No. 12741 ID: 4331ca


Actually, I'm wondering if it's not so much the wand as, say, THE RINGS. If just one of those are the of the 'royal' kind, that'd explain his increase in power.
No. 12742 ID: ba1062

The rings don't work on humans, so it can be assumed that they won't work on trolls either, only carapace-people.
No. 12743 ID: f5e4b4

Goddamnit trolls stop killing each other.

Imma slap your shit if you don't stop killing each other.
No. 12744 ID: bffa2a

Watch Eridan and Vriska hook it up together. It will be the blackest of the black quadrant. Watch me trying vainly to decide who is the biggest douchebag around.
No. 12751 ID: f44349

inb4 the rift is caused by the fact that [spoiler] all of the trolls die. All of them.