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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 130267018217.gif - (41.82KB , 650x450 , 03402.gif )
14434 No. 14434 ID: 2eac65

Official Site:

Thread 1:

This thread is for Homestuck, the current adventure in MS Paint Adventures.

4/13/11 is coming. Brace yourselves.
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No. 14441 ID: 4eea13

4/13/11 is here. The most we have for the moment is a dead cat. ;_;
No. 14445 ID: 5f0943

I find it an amusing coincidence that my birthday is 13 of April.

Though it isn't THAT amusing...
No. 14446 ID: 336748

The day isn't over yet...
No. 14449 ID: e3f578

she isn't dead until there's a dead symbol over her moveless corpse.
Hell, she isn't even KO'd, she's probably just slowly dying in pain as Terezi just stands there a watches.
No. 14450 ID: cf244d

She looks pretty dead to me, and Terezi sure seems to think she's dead. And there wouldn't be much point in her not being dead.
No. 14451 ID: e3f578

There's a point because she's devolved into a Schrodinger's joke.
No. 14454 ID: 4eea13

She was never anything more than a joke, just like Equius.
No. 14455 ID: 28e94e

>just like every single troll
No. 14456 ID: e3f578

First she was a joke about cat waifu roleplayers or whatever, the nature of her joke has changed since she can't roleplay anymore on account of being in a horrible state of between being alive and dead.
No. 14458 ID: cf244d

>just like all of Homestuck
No. 14461 ID: e3f578

Well fuck me and call me Shirley. That was the best flash yet.
No. 14463 ID: 1854db

No. 14465 ID: 6ba8b3
File 130280282773.png - (337.77KB , 609x6203 , dentistry_by_pancakestein-d3avafz.png )

Well it has been over 5000 comics/flashes and nearing the six. So it's no suprise that not everything goes according to plan. Pretty good.
No. 14466 ID: 2eac65
File 130280692486.png - (1.11KB , 231x130 , Sburb_Disc_2.png )

...and we have impact. :pomf:

>Homestuck Thread 2
>Insert Disc 2

How appropriately meta. I feel special now!

Well, that was an anticlimax. Some neat character development, but it was the sort of thing that would pass for an everyday update. Not the sort of epic climax that usually happens on 413, despite the buildup with Rose vs. Jack and the Aimless Renegade's bombs.

Of course, that's sort of unavoidable, with Hussie's moving to a new house and all.
No. 14467 ID: bf1e7e


>Not the sort of epic climax that usually happens on 413

You mean that happened once on 413, right?
No. 14468 ID: 6ba8b3

Don't worry, I've got your epic climax here.
No. 14469 ID: 1f2692


this scared me, big time
No. 14470 ID: 1963d1
File 130281387705.jpg - (24.80KB , 250x200 , skwis.jpg )


She is not deads. She just sleeps in some bloods.
No. 14472 ID: e3f578

Someone even paid 60$ to make an ad linking to this on the front page as Disc 2. The price has skyrocketed to 100$ now.
No. 14479 ID: ba1062
File 130285351223.gif - (17.55KB , 350x350 , mediumcover.gif )

Ah, ambient music!
No. 14480 ID: 0c9433

Combine the songs!


No. 14481 ID: 5d54a5
Audio Cirno_Symphony.mp3 - (2.86MB , Cirno Symphony.mp3 )


Hmm... This doesn't sound right.
No. 14505 ID: 1854db

Before anyone goes mad with worry we already know Terezi survives past the critical moment to post on the memo.
No. 14562 ID: 8c73c8

dammit terezi, stop being so black rom over vriska, we know you hate her but jesus.
No. 14661 ID: 1854db

So... I guess Eddie Morton is Lord English?
No. 14665 ID: e3f578

At this point, I'm thinking Lord English is Lord English. His own character.
It's the least and most disappointing reveal at the same time.
No. 14666 ID: f5e4b4

I think that Lord English is, using a stupid trope, the Giant Space Flea From Nowhere in Homestuck. Just like in many jRPGs, it's the final enemy that reveals his form only when the main villain has been defeated. And just like in those jRPGs, his presence in the story is anecdotical, other than giving the heroes a last enemy to fight.
No. 14667 ID: 4eea13

Nah. To be a true Giant Space Flea, there shouldn't be even hints of LE's existence until he shows up.
No. 14668 ID: cf244d

Dictionary redirects to "Anecdotal"
>1. also an·ec·dot·ic (-dtk) or an·ec·dot·i·cal (--kl) Of, characterized by, or full of anecdotes.
>2. Based on casual observations or indications rather than rigorous or scientific analysis:

Are you sure you didn't mean "incidental"?
No. 14669 ID: bf1e7e

Probably 'ancillary.'

Though really Lord English is way, WAY more relevant than most jRPG out-of-nowhere bosses like Zeromus and Necron.
No. 14749 ID: 0c9433

I suddenly understand...nothing
No. 14754 ID: 5f0943

You were actually expecting to understand anything?
This is Homestuck, not understanding something about it is basically a trademark.
No. 14772 ID: f7aa74

yay disk 2, imagine my excitement of extra clickery
No. 14779 ID: 8c73c8

terezi, why are you so dumb?
No. 14780 ID: dad664

Because plot demands that every troll die.
No. 14784 ID: 28fb23

Oh dammit, I knew this would happen.
No. 15043 ID: 0c9433
File 130457675989.png - (20.50KB , 700x794 , vivalatrollrevolution.png )

Confirmed in newest update: Karkat's ancestor (and surprisingly Tavros' too) is a badass

A very dead badass.

But still
No. 15046 ID: 1854db

...where'd you get that image from? I don't see if in any recent update. Also what the hell's with these artifacted gifs?
No. 15047 ID: e41ad5

>Also what the hell's with these artifacted gifs?
We're playing on a cratched CD, remember?
No. 15056 ID: 4eea13

Didn't the "Karkat was a revolutionary" thing originate from /co/?
No. 15060 ID: 15b51b

Wait, was this hidden inside the .gif errors? Or just inside the purple prose?
No. 15061 ID: bf1e7e


Karkat's 'ancestor' was probably a human who ended up in Alternia due to shenanigans.
No. 15063 ID: 8c73c8

tavros ancestor, dem horns. also rufio!
No. 15065 ID: e41ad5

His army thus inspired would spearhead a major re8ellion. Surely one at least on the scale of the sectarian revolt crushed 8y the High8loods, who thereafter for8ade its mention, or any invoc8tion of the heretical sym69ls at all, even in private journals.

>Heretical sym69ls



It's not all that hidden :V
No. 15075 ID: 1963d1

He totally looks like Simon from Gurren Lagann, and that's awesome (just saiyan).

Also, I'm guessing it's fan-art.
No. 15081 ID: 7dda9a

I'm willing to bet that theres something extremely important about Kakarat's red blood...
mainly as it's apparently special... and the first color in the rainbow... and most humanlike...
and other things.
No. 15199 ID: e41ad5

It's special because anyone who had the color was apparently killed off for being a rebel. It's shameful to karkat for that reason, most likely.
No. 15212 ID: bf1e7e


>It's special because anyone who had the color was apparently killed off for being a rebel.

Actually, that was the sym69ls, not necessarily blood color.
No. 15286 ID: ba1062


Glitches everywhere
No. 15287 ID: 6eeadb

And, for some reason, they rule. They are really well used
No. 15289 ID: 0d7a83
File 130544368786.jpg - (119.74KB , 540x540 , 1.jpg )

Looks like someone needs one of these badboys.
No. 15290 ID: e41ad5

Shit is getting so real

THe universe is breaking

or at least that is the feel I get here
No. 15291 ID: cab4cf

I respectfully disagree. I hate them.
No. 15292 ID: e41ad5

Shit is getting so real

THe universe is breaking

or at least that is the feel I get here
No. 15297 ID: 2eac65
File 130546561513.png - (97.67KB , 649x447 , coin_of_fate.png )

I just realized something.

Vriska wants to fight Jack, but Terezi wants her to leave the decision up to chance. Vriska can manipulate luck to ensure herself the best possible outcome to Terezi's coin flip... but which outcome is really the best? That depends on whether she's actually strong enough to defeat him or not.

If Vriska can beat Jack, then the best outcome would be "go". She will go out and fight Jack, win, and save the trolls. If it had landed on "stay", she would have wasted time and risked her life and the lives of her friends when she could have saved them.

If Vriska can't beat Jack, then the best outcome would be "stay". She'll avoid a fight she couldn't have won until she and her friends can come up with a better solution. If it had landed on "go", she would have wasted her live in a futile struggle and possibly destroyed the last hope her friends have.

That's the true purpose of Terezi's challenge: to prove whether Vriska's confidence is justified or not by revealing which option will really be the "luckiest" for her.
No. 15298 ID: 7dda9a

immediate realization I had.
So, how long until our human players are back on the scene? They have a scratch to escape... Which I have a feeling will bring a certain foe to existence...
No. 15300 ID: f5fe2f

If allowed to continue falling un-apprehended it would land on STAY which is the best option and is what Vriska actually wants.
But what will actually happen ins Gamzee will show up and snatch it out of the air.
No. 15303 ID: 0c9433

I still don't get it.

Just wtf is Gamzee DOING aside from clowning around!?

And Karkat and Sollux. Where the fuck are they?
No. 15304 ID: 0c9433

OR if Vriska fighting Jack and getting killed WOULD be the best outcome
No. 15306 ID: e41ad5

>What is Gamzee doing

>Gave Terezi her dragon and outfit
>Sent her after Vriska
>Used the heads to make a "jury"
>is using the Hammer as a gavel

He's re-enacting the Trial from the journal. DERP
No. 15307 ID: 0c9433

I think the bigger question is WHY.

Lil Cal should stay away from him. He's dangerous :(
No. 15310 ID: 35e1a0

well see, gamzee get's his power FROM clowning around. if he stopped being a insane clown he would become weak. hussie said this on the forums. it's why the joker is such a powerful villain even though he is mostly just dicking with people. evil clown power.
No. 15312 ID: f5e4b4


Are you being ironical? Otherwise that's just dumb.
No. 15321 ID: cab4cf

Actually, it really is how things are. Hussie himself said so.

And I don't think it's dumb. The only thing I honestly hate in this comic is all this predestination bullshit, and lo, we just got MORE of it!
No. 15327 ID: 2eac65
File 130568613897.gif - (22.99KB , 650x450 , 03768.gif )

>The Thief used her abilities to steal the fortune of her opponent, and forced the flip to yield what she regarded as the most favorable outcome.
So apparently my interpretation was off, and Vriska's abilities are dependent on her own biases.

Or maybe it has more to do with her stealing the luck from Terezi, her "opponent", and picking whichever outcome is worse for her as a result.

This, of course, would mean that Vriska going to fight Jack is the worst thing that could happen to Terezi, because it will get Vriska killed and lead Jack to their asteroid hideout, as opposed to staying in the asteroid and doing whatever it is she would have done there. Hopefully, Terezi can convince her of this in time.

I agree. If there's one thing I don't like about Homestuck, it's the constant references to "non-linear time". It sometimes seems to render the events of the comic pointless, as if the characters were just going through the motions and nothing was actually occuring for any particular reason.
No. 15333 ID: 35e1a0

no see. the key is "what she regarded"
terezi must of worded it such that even though she lost the flip she still won the battle.
No. 15334 ID: ba573c

>If the result was the undamaged side, the Thief would agree to stay. If not, she would "go."
Notice the "go" is in quotes?
Vriska has just unwittingly opened herself up to actually be killed.
Her agreeing to the terms of the coin flip will make her death 'just' and thus actually possible.

Whether Terezi can actually kill her or not is another story, though.
No. 15340 ID: 1963d1

It turns out she can't.

>You cannot do it.
>You cannot kill the girl.
No. 15342 ID: 07416a

Welp. That was an utter fucking letdown. I usually love everything hussie does, but this scratched disk and doc fucking scratch summarizing? Complete copout. He's gonna have to pull out something huge to make up for this.
No. 15343 ID: f5fe2f

Oh hey he's pulling something huge now.
No. 15347 ID: 0c9433
File 130582889591.gif - (206.59KB , 650x650 , STRIFE.gif )



No. 15350 ID: 7dda9a
File 130585295494.gif - (206.06KB , 650x450 , 03780.gif )

Rose confirmed as a hero.
Also confirmed as more dangerous than Noir.
This will be great to watch
No. 15354 ID: bf1e7e


>Also confirmed as more dangerous than Noir.


The only thing confirmed was that the noir at this point in the timeline is less dangerous than the one in the trollverse.
No. 15355 ID: 35e1a0

that's cause at the moment he is holding back because he want's a foe to fight for a while so he isn't so ungodly BORED.
No. 15384 ID: f5e4b4
File 130601113473.jpg - (207.85KB , 500x667 , tumblr_llj1behNsB1qcmjxfo1_500.jpg )

No. 15387 ID: bf1e7e

>I warned my neophyte protege not to stare into that ball.

Bullshit, he did exactly the opposite of that.

So much for 'I never lie.'
No. 15388 ID: 35e1a0

he probably warned her in some round about an obtuse manner.
No. 15391 ID: 35cea2


Man, Dad looks like a weird superhero in that image.
No. 15395 ID: 2eac65

My thoughts exactly. For all his pretense of truthfulness, he's still a very dishonest man. Even when he doesn't technically lie, he knowingly omits information, is deliberately vague with the intent of being misinterpreted, lets others (Aradia) tell lies for him, and otherwise renders the claim "I never tell a lie" into essentially meaningless trivia. Rose called him out on this once, and he responded with an ad hominem statement about her feelings of entitlement.

Doc Scratch claims to play with his cards face up, but he still keeps them up his sleeve.
No. 15422 ID: 383006

Hussy is such a pretentious dipshit. Since he started the disk fixing, nothing has been done in a way that's shorter or more condensed than how he was doing things before. And before you say that that's part of the joke (dragging out the coin flip, waiting forever to post these updates) I'd say that just because it's done on purpose doesn't make it either good or clever.

He's "trolling" his fan base. It doesn't make me mad, though, it just makes me not really give a shit about the characters or the outcome. I don't think it's all on purpose, either. I genuinely believe that he has a lot of cool ideas, but no clue how to properly string a narrative together, and, hell, a lot of the best stuff in Problem Sleuth was user-generated, although it suffered from the same painfully bad pacing as Homestuck.
No. 15426 ID: 5094a5


This is pretty much exactly how I feel.
No. 15430 ID: 15b51b

Yeah, this, pretty much.

I like the characters (most of them, anyway) but don't really care about the plot. So when we step away from the characters and focus on the plot, (in probably the worst way possible) it's pretty bad, from my perspective.
No. 15431 ID: f5fe2f

Well, I'm enjoying it just fine.
No. 15432 ID: 35e1a0

all the john/vriska shippers probably went SQUEE when they saw the hammer.
No. 15433 ID: e3f578

She probably dies and someone mixes her corpse and Zillyhoo together and gives John the code.
And her doomsday device possibly. Probably through some weird computer screencap using the trollian timeline viewport.
No. 15448 ID: f5fe2f

It seemed to also incorporate the aesthetic of Eridan's gun.
No. 15796 ID: 1854db

Vriska is so dumb.
No. 15797 ID: 1ee502

Dammit Vriska
No. 15799 ID: 0d7a83
File 130679634205.jpg - (11.89KB , 320x344 , Spidurr.jpg )

She has the dumb. ALL OF IT.
No. 15800 ID: 441b13

Noticing the action in the upper banner.
No. 15826 ID: 1854db

Two more fake deaths.
No. 15827 ID: e3f578

at this point I don't even care anymore
deaths have lost their meaning. There just have been too many, either permanent, with some form of revival, or fake.
Now I'm like happy because there's literally no suspense anymore about this shit. They're dead in a form. They're going to die again somehow. And another timeline shows up or we go to the afterlife bubbles and chill out there with them or just plain never see them again okay.
Where the fuck do we go from here?

Hussie and Whedon are going to form a singularity at this rate. The main difference is that Whedon's death sort of matter. You know there coming but how and who? Hussie doesn't have any fucking prejudice with those that have plot armor, all you care about is HOW. Which just inspires curiosity, not much emotion.
No. 15832 ID: cab4cf

This isn't even the right way to do it. Just hearing (sorta) Scratch monotonely explain everything as a fact is not good storytelling.
No. 15833 ID: e3f578

There's no right way of storytelling
But this storytelling's quality is iffy at best
I wish I could be one of the fans getting all shocked and getting the suspense out of the situation. Yes, they exist. Been lurking in the PA forums and I see a few. I wish I could be one of those fans right now, but all I can do is sit back and go "alright. So when does the cool unpredictable parts happen? The last was when Rose went Grimdark." Alright alright, now lets move on to someone we do care about that isn't essentially acting in futility, like Jade or future Dave or Dead Past Dave and Aradia... or Gamzee. He's doing shit too in his crazy behavior. His wild card factor kept him from becoming a trophy at least, and Kanaya isn't a corpse either.
No. 15835 ID: e3f578

Music's still A-O-Fucking K though
No. 15837 ID: 0d7a83

No. 15865 ID: e3f578

You know at this point I realize that the banner-picture storytelling is what's really entertaining in these updates.

I doubt Hussie truly intended that in any form of irony whatsoever as he can't be that good a manipulator of emotions, but I could see it in that way so it's more impressive. The story going on in the banner is more interesting then the panels because we don't have a immortal villain Jack Noir killing everything we care about, we have the cool original Jack Noir being a good old fashioned renegade and tearing shit up.

He just brings a tear to my heart you know?
No. 15872 ID: 0face4

Oh god yes ahahahaha. Always bet on Spades to save the story.

The only question now is how Scratch could possibly be surprised by this.
No. 15876 ID: 0c9433

Unsurprising but still incredibly rude. Now the question is how Scratch can continue relating the story with...well..fire everywhere
No. 15880 ID: 1854db

Doc Scratch said there were dark spots in his omniscience. I'd guess this is one of them.
No. 15881 ID: 0d7a83

That or he just doesn't care. Fire can't kill him, after all.
No. 15884 ID: 234c26

...okay, I have to admit, seeing Doc Scratch's face? The funniest thing in Homestuck in a long time.
No. 15885 ID: 7dda9a

he isn't surprised... he's filling up the candy...
I think he doesn't really care
No. 15886 ID: e3f578

Makes me wonder if Doc Scratch is Hella Jeff, and since he's made of both a omniscent cueball and Cal, and he's really Hella Jeff under that orb face, that means Hella Jeff is Lil Cal's son...

Making Sweet Bro's Mom Lord English. Make's me wonder who Sweet Bro is. I'd think the 8 ball person but that's Snowman. No, Sweet Bro is the pool stick
No. 15887 ID: bf1e7e

>and he's really Hella Jeff under that orb face,

He's not. He's projecting it because he's currently making a 8^Y joke. It's not even the first time he's projected it.
No. 15888 ID: cab4cf

But Lord English is already the pool stick.
No. 15907 ID: 1854db

If nothing in Paradox Space is new... everything is a variation of something that has already happened... Doesn't that mean that Paradox Space is made of remixes?

Like the albums?
No. 15909 ID: cbc115

Dave would enjoy the deep irony of this, and then make some biznasty remixes, for more irony.
No. 16026 ID: 0c9433

...Huh. I dunno what to feel...

I really didn't see this coming, I can say that much.
No. 16028 ID: f5fe2f

SO people complaining about the presentation of this arc: Now you know why.
No. 16030 ID: 383006

So he can do a cheap fake out and waste more time? OK.
No. 16031 ID: e3f578

Wasn't paying attention to what was happening below the banner as I flipped pages. There's nothing significant happening there.
Spades Slick is all that's important.
No. 16032 ID: 1c38f5

Nothing has happened since this part of the story started. It started with the coinflip. Assuming this even kills Vriska, it will be the first thing that actually happened since Scratch started a supposedly shorter narrative to get us to the next point. We knew John wasn't dead because god tier, so what, exactly, is 'shorter' about this? I think it just proves the arguments above.

The banners are pretty great, though.
No. 16033 ID: e3f578

The banner is the star. It is him.
No. 16034 ID: 1854db

I think this is to show us more of Doc Scratch's character, more than it is to show us more of the plot.

Think about it. Doc Scratch goes on about he doesn't speculate, doesn't gamble, and currently isn't in a mood to waste time. ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE LIES. Doc Scratch is a big fat liar, and the point of this whole thing (besides having Slick be awesome and get his ass killed, maybe?) was to illustrate that point.
No. 16037 ID: 2eac65

Which begs the question: What does the Scratch do?

And what will destroying the Green Sun accomplish?
No. 16041 ID: f5fe2f

Slick died. That's a thing.

I think the thing about this being intended to be shorter may have just been a case of Hussie lying to us to cover up the fact that this was being shortened because it was unimportant.

>waste more time
Homestuck isn't about cramming a maximum amount of meaningful shit into as short a time as possible. Faffing about is an important part of the story telling. We spent this time on Scratch faffing. It'll read better when not limited by update speed, which is how Hussie intends it to be read anyway. So that's something.
No. 16042 ID: 98a70a


the Scratch is still a mystery.

blowing up the Sun will appease the horrorterror gods, kill Bec Noir, kill the good doctor, and unleash his master Galactus.
No. 16045 ID: 049dfa


ACtually, if you were in the IRC you when it was being discussed I already mentioned that this wasn't even the alpha timeline.

It's still stupid.
No. 16050 ID: 7dda9a

The joke is that THIS IS the scratch...
and it's being repaired. in doing this, things get reset.

half expecting a rimshot
No. 16051 ID: 2eac65

That's one of the things I don't like about the comic. The whole deal with the Scratch being a scratch on the real-life game disk and such seems to be an attempt at a plot twist, but it isn't. It looks like a plot twist, but it's so meta-surreal that it's pretty much incomprehensible and therefore irrelevant to the actual plot.

Why is it Doc Scratch's job to do this anyway? He's part of the Trolls' session. If the Kids made their own universe, would it be Bec's job to repair it if it got Scratched?
No. 16052 ID: 35e1a0

it's another time loop. the disk was always going to get scratched so he is there to fix it. EVERYTHING is a time loop.
No. 16091 ID: 1854db

No. 16092 ID: f5fe2f

I really doubt this is the case. I think that the current scratched disk is just meant to parallel that.
No. 16096 ID: 9b8f1d

No. 16098 ID: 2eac65
File 130769284969.gif - (8.68KB , 650x450 , 03839.gif )

Karkat looks so sad...
No. 16113 ID: f5fe2f

No. 16193 ID: f5fe2f

so adorable~
No. 16194 ID: 1854db

No. 16197 ID: 35e1a0

oh god, vriska actually admitted to liking him, and now she is DEAD. son of a bitch!
No. 16198 ID: e3f578

i laugh at her pathetic death
it is funny to me
haa haa hee hee hoo hoo
No. 16199 ID: c0b6e3

No. 16200 ID: f5fe2f

It's not totally clear whether her death is considered just or heroic, so it might not be permanent. I don't think it is, but I'm not sure how much wishful thinking is influencing my judgement.
No. 16202 ID: f5e4b4


Given all the people she's killed, and the fact that if she lives she'll get all the trolls murdered because of her stubbornness, yeah, I think her death was pretty just.

In other news, Doc Scratch is the worst omnipotent being ever. He's also an awful narrator.
No. 16203 ID: f5fe2f

I'm reasonably certain that she didn't kill anyone she didn't have a right to kill, considering that in Troll culture it's acceptable to kill anyone of lesser blood. The fact that she was in the process of making a poor decision doesn't make her death just. The fact that she was attempting to go be a big damn hero could arguably make her death heroic, but since she died like a bitch to a backstab I really don't think that counts.
No. 16205 ID: e3f578

How does the whole godclock thing work anyway? How something is just and heroic is debatable enough with just human definitions. Is it a constant between sessions of alien races and philosophies?
No. 16207 ID: 35e1a0

maybe it determines it by what everyone the god in question knows thinks of the death? everyone john knows thinks his death was shitty. with vriska though... at the end terezi was only telling herself that it was for justice but it was more to stop her from trying to fight jack. and john feels she is a good person. so..i dunno, think she died around neutral as well.
No. 16208 ID: 049dfa


>How something is just and heroic is debatable enough with just human definitions.

Human definitions don't matter. Skaia's definitions do.
No. 16221 ID: f5e4b4


The godclock and epic death system isn't based on alien points of views, is based on goddamn storytelling. Because that's the only thing that determines if a death is "heroic" or "just". Is just Homestuck going meta as fuck again.

So in terms of the story, yeah, her death is just because she was going to destroy any hope they have, and kill all the trolls. And because Terezi is the Judge or whatever and Vriska is the Thief. And because Vriska's ancestor killed Terezi's ancestor, now it should be the other way around.

All of those things make her death "just" in a cheesy, storytelling way. That is pretty much the way HS runs.
No. 16222 ID: f5e4b4


Not that it means anything, whether she dies or not. Andrew has worked really hard to make sure that death is completely meaningless in Homestuck.
No. 16223 ID: e3f578

oh god slick
you just made her death all the more violent with that noise
No. 16224 ID: f5fe2f

Looks like Skaia's definitions are superseded by a crowbar in the wrong time and place.
No. 16225 ID: 35e1a0

but she didn't WANT to kill the rest of the trolls she wanted to go and kill noir. terezi killed vriska because she knew he would follow her trail of fairy dust to the base.
No. 16227 ID: 1478a4

No. 16228 ID: 1478a4

And of course doc scratch can fix it and hussie is just pulling our collective leg.
No. 16230 ID: 0d7a83

Could be, although it would be exceedingly lucky to have a clock that is linked directly to your only two ways of dying get struck by a weapon with odd temporal effects just as it's about to stop ticking.
No. 16239 ID: 2ae337

In other words, beat the damn thing with a crowbar and break the game by going over the limit. And the douche deserves it he broke up an interesting looking snog session.
No. 16249 ID: e3f578

there it is ladies and gentlemen
No. 16250 ID: f5fe2f

I think Scratch would be less mad if that were the case.
No. 16251 ID: cc4cfe

Or maybe he just really likes that clock
No. 16253 ID: 2ae337

Latest update...is that Death from Problem Sleuth on the book?
No. 16254 ID: e3f578

it's karkat's death code book about making programs that deal or activate based on death or some shit. Apparently by using one of those types of codes, one summons Lord English because the universe dies
No. 16392 ID: 35e1a0

wait... couldn't that mean something was programmed to activate when vriska died?
No. 16394 ID: e3f578

there has been no evidence or foreshadowing insofar to even implicate that. However, it's still a possibility if only because now Doc Scratch has reached for the book after Jack trashed Vriska's clock, but now it mainly serves as a function of reading out his own DNA brought together by a few trolls in a separate time-line and Doc Scratches personal scrap book for different timelines.

A code from that book doesn't necessarily mean a death has to happen for a code to activate, but it can happen in reverse. Someone runs the code on a computer and a curse on all the troll's custodians were created, meaning they were all to die.

I wouldn't draw any conclusions anytime soon with that book beyond the fact Doc Scratch is reaching for it
No. 16400 ID: 35e1a0

woah. doc just snapped a foot thick book on his head. while bloody it seems it didn't kill him. slick is tough shit.
No. 16402 ID: 2ae337

I'd say the falling part is what'll kill Slick. Unless Snowman does her thing again.
No. 16408 ID: 9801a2

No. 16413 ID: e3f578

how shit
trolshey shore joke in the final log
"it's a troll thing. you wouldn't get it"
No. 16419 ID: 234c26
File 130845772486.jpg - (325.26KB , 560x803 , homestuck___spoilers_by_atomicfireball-d3ill1k.jpg )

So I don't look at a lot of fanart, but this was hilarious.
No. 16462 ID: 2ae337
File 130861073124.jpg - (62.52KB , 498x461 , shit just got tf2.jpg )

Not homestuck but MSPA related...
No. 16463 ID: 2ae337

Oh yeah and DEUDLY FIREARMS...

further proof Doc may just be Hella Jeff with a bowl on his head.
No. 16464 ID: 0d7a83

I want this to be true so bad.
No. 16690 ID: 0c9433

EB: won't there be other players in the new session?
EB: like, alternate universe versions of ourselves or such?
EB: yeah... it's just kind of a weird thought.

Hussie. Thou art a fool or a madman.
No. 16691 ID: 35e1a0

i'm gonna go with madman.
No. 16748 ID: 0d7a83

Uhhh, im not sure im getting it. What makes him a fool/madman? Is it the possibility of him introducing yet more characters?
No. 16853 ID: 0c9433

huh. I actually don't mind this format..also poor Jaspers :<
No. 16854 ID: e52666
File 130967617196.gif - (25.00KB , 650x450 , 03886.gif )

No. 16855 ID: 35e1a0

everyone who shipped jadesprite/davesprite is probably about to feel super vindicated.
No. 16856 ID: e3f578

>The nepeta/jaspers convo
>JASPERSPRITE: Was she nice to sniff?
>AC: :33 < yes she smelled really good, and also, she was SUPER beautyifful.

ahaha oh fuck nepeta
No. 16857 ID: f5fe2f

>JASPERSPRITE: Thats my story and thats why i think theres always hope even if you die.
>John and Vriska
Ships are magically floating back up from the bottom of the ocean.
No. 16858 ID: f5fe2f

Nepete X Pounce de Leon confirmed for incest/bestiality.
No. 16860 ID: 2eac65

Is it really incestuous if they're of different species?
No. 16862 ID: e3f578

trolls don't even HAVE the concept of incest
No. 16863 ID: 35e1a0

pounce is also a girl so it would be LESBIAN bestiality.
No. 16864 ID: 049dfa


>Ships are magically floating back up from the bottom of the ocean.

They have ALREADY MENTIONED that they're going to go hang out in deadville to ride out the scratch. That's where the whole meet-up is scheduled to happen in the first place.
No. 16865 ID: 049dfa


>Ships are magically floating back up from the bottom of the ocean.

They have ALREADY MENTIONED that they're going to go hang out in deadville to ride out the scratch. That's where the whole meet-up is scheduled to happen in the first place.
No. 16866 ID: 049dfa


Actually it's more that they don't really care, since due to the mother grub shenanigans their familial relationships are all potentially incredibly interconnected to begin with and they don't have to worry about inbreeding causing genetic problems since all of their gene-combining is manually overseen.
No. 16867 ID: 2eac65

I don't recall a mention of any manual oversight. I thought they just collected geneseed from Matesprits and Kismesis, delivered it to the Mother Grub, and let her make babies from it. It's been said that stronger feelings give their genetic material an advantage in the selection process, which would make the troll race predisposed towards irrational emotional extremes, and we've seen quite a lot of that.
No. 16868 ID: 35e1a0

which also results in a lot of people thinking that the trolls were a created race. the entire thing seemed to of been falling apart for a long time. and alternia is the birthworld, every troll ever is born on it, so when the feferi's horror monster killed everyone it was a quick death rather then a years of knowing you are doomed because all the mother grubs died in meteor fire.
No. 16875 ID: 049dfa


>I don't recall a mention of any manual oversight. I thought they just collected geneseed from Matesprits and Kismesis, delivered it to the Mother Grub, and let her make babies from it.

The mother grubs are at least as intelligent as the trolls. They can speak. The mother grub oversees the mixing, like you just said.
No. 16885 ID: 0c9433

Big question...do you think the trolls look just like real gray horned humans or do they maybe have a more exoskeletal or leathery appearance?
No. 16886 ID: 35e1a0

the first one. the grub thing is where bug similarities end.
No. 16904 ID: 0c9433


What is this I don't even
No. 16906 ID: 9c538a

Duh. The trolls don't make much sense because their universe was slapped together at the last minute by a few clueless kids who were trying to get it done before The Scratch. Of course it's not going to entirely make sense. But why else would everything in the trollverse be based in some way on terrible human films?
No. 16908 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh, universe creation doesn't work taht way. to make a universe you need to make the perfect frog it will then make a vast croak and cause the new universe to spring into existence. the universe is made in it's entirety right in the croak, you can't slap it together.
No. 16909 ID: 05686e

This is brain-abvsingly sad.
No. 16910 ID: f5fe2f

This makes me thing about an imperial troll, who's all Roman and shit, with troll SPQR and troll eagles and shit.
No. 16936 ID: e3f578

oh my
No. 16937 ID: 453e62

and.. it seems this is alternate john who was killed by terezi.
No. 16942 ID: 1854db

Yep. Looks like non-alpha timelines produce ghosts as well. This is new information.
No. 16943 ID: ba1062

It's not really new (why do people keep forgetting this?)
No. 16944 ID: 1854db

Oh, right. Hmm. Wouldn't this mean there are an infinite number of ghosts floating around from all the doomed timelines?
No. 16945 ID: 453e62

no no, see, that dave, while doomed, was still part of the alpha timeline. this dead john died in a DIFFERENT timeline altogether. so it was unsure if he would exist.
No. 16947 ID: 049dfa


Aradia told the dead dave that there were other non-alpha-line dead daves in bubbles that he could go visit.

And really, since the whole area exists outside of normal time (and hence why they have to go through the rim to get there, by which they mean to actually physically visit the location), why WOULDN'T there be dead people from splinter timelines there?
No. 16948 ID: 8576f8

No, because the dream bubbles are floating around outside of universes, where there is no time. Therefor, if any timelines can excrete ghosts, they all can. Ther is no logical possibility for this to not be the case.

Not infinite. Only things that have a chance of happening cause splits. The coin falling didn't create a new timeline, because Vriska had obligated herself to make it fall in favor of leaving. Terezi's decision was not clear cut, there were two possibilities and thus two timelines.

Even were that not the case, it would merely be almost infinite, because the Incipisphere is finite.
No. 17280 ID: 2eac65

New update, with new plot critical information! Namely: fedorafreak is still awesome.
No. 17281 ID: e3f578

he also gonna godtier
No. 17282 ID: 0c9433

>fedorafreak alive
>laying down on something suspiciously described like a quest bed
>Betty Crocker a non-human monster

I...I have no...what...I ...

I don't know if this is awesome or ridiculous
No. 17283 ID: 28e94e

I'm going to have to go with ridiculous.
No. 17285 ID: 2eac65

If you think there's a difference, maybe Homestuck isn't the series for you.
No. 17288 ID: e44eb4

I wonder how dead the black queen really was, because right now we're running kinda low on evil female non humans.
No. 17289 ID: e3f578

Betty Crocker could just be someone we don't know, which is likely the case with Lord English, so Lord English's parallel is Betty Crocker, which makes perfect sense.

Lord English is Betty Crocker
No. 17290 ID: 0d7a83

He destroys universes and... makes cakes?

No wait, he destroys universes with cakes.
Yeah, that's it.
No. 17291 ID: 0c9433

Or...the creator of Fruit Troll-ups

THE TROLL EMPRESS *dun dun duuun*
No. 17293 ID: e3f578

i wonder who fedorafreak's server player was, and who he served
No. 17294 ID: f5fe2f

Why would any of this be a different session or have parallels?
No. 17295 ID: 0d7a83

Well one possibility is that he didn't have one and was brought into the same way the parents were. I pretty sure he's in another session, which is interesting because his conversation with nansprite seemed to be happening at the same pace for both of them, unlike with the trolls.
No. 17296 ID: e3f578

but he has to be a hero to go godtier! if he's a guardian, that mean his own kid has to be playing and only he would go godtier, but it sounds like his family died :(

maybe his kid or whatever ordered the beta, installed it and everything but he started playing it first because he was curious what his kid was up to and if it had anything to do with stylish wear? then meteors started falling and had to save all his hats while he and his kids friend did everything while he really ends up being the hero.
No. 17298 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah that could be true, although everything is just speculation at this point.
Now that I think about it he could be in the same session. If he was near John's house when it left he could have came though and then took John's postbox as a weapon. And as for becoming a god the games so fucked up he might be able to anyway.
No. 17302 ID: 9c538a
File 131097712972.png - (287.62KB , 900x550 , facing the end.png )

It doesn't seem unclear what's going on to me. John's Dad only met Rose's Mom in dreams. They were sleeping when Bec-noir killed their dream selves. Dad upon waking up was accosted and fatally wounded by "undersized, sportive rascal" aka an Imp. He then crawled onto his god bed for a bit of a nap. Nice, sensible causality.
No. 17316 ID: 2f6341

fedorafreak isn't Dad it's one of his friends on SERIOUS BUSINESS.
No. 17322 ID: 2eac65

Homestuck is getting much more interesting now. I like it better when it's not focused on predestination and stuff; now it feels like things are actually happening.

In recent news, WV vs. SS! Is he going to use the Queen's Ring? Perhaps his nightmare about going on a rampage was, in fact, a flashback to what we're about to see.

Which brings up one of my many minor complaints: how the power scale is portrayed, particularly the strength of Jack Noir pre- and post-Becsprite. The final prototyping was portrayed as a semi-apocalyptic event, but when Jack first got the ring, he was already strong enough to slaughter entire armies, kill the Black King, and force Prospit's moon out of its orbit. Bec Noir honestly didn't seem like much of an upgrade at first; the only major change apart from a vague power boost was that he could do the warpy thing. It wasn't until the Jack vs. Dave/Jade fight that we really saw just how much of an upgrade his First Guardian powers are.

That might have something to do with how First Guardians in general are portrayed. They're said to be virtually omnipotent and omniscient, but they don't really do much. The powerset seems to be just teleporting, superspeed, glowy green lightning bolts, and {in Doc Scratch's case) ESP and a wireless typewriter.
No. 17330 ID: 35e1a0

i am sure that, if bec wasn't a dog and was better able to see the future he could of teleported the meteor away. instead he just shot it with a laser. cause he could only see moments into the future and moving something larger then his silhouette takes time to charge.
No. 17338 ID: 2eac65

I've thought about that, and the only way Bec's actions make sense is if he intended to power up Jack for some reason. One might assume that he just wanted to protect Jade and just didn't think about it too hard, but that leaves a lot of things unexplained. Let's review what he did:

1: Warped away all objects in the vicinity of the kernel. There would be no need to do this unless he wanted to prototype himself specifically.

2: He does so.

3: He destroys the meteor with a laser. It's been suggested that he prototyped himself for the power boost, but First Guardians are already superpowerful; based on what we've seen them do, he should have been able to save Jade without sprite powers.

4: He warps Jade's bullet into the path of her pinata, ensuring her entrance to Sburb. This shows a level of understanding towards the game mechanics, and intelligence enough to apply his portals effectively.

Simply put, Becquerel seems to have known enough about the game to know what his prototyping would mean, and most likely would have been able to save Jade without doing so. He must have had some other reason for prototyping himself; perhaps Bec Noir was a means to some end, or an unwanted side effect, but it was his intention.
No. 17340 ID: 383006

It also keeps Jack from being able to harm Jade, which is a pretty reasonable thing for Bec to be concerned about, considering his disposition. It's more like he intended to help Jade without really thinking or caring about the other consequences of his prototyping.
No. 17341 ID: 2eac65

Good point. If what happened with Jack happened to all the other uranium underlings, that would do a very good job of protecting Jade.

Come to think of it, when Jade first STRIFEd with an imp [url=http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004900]here[/url], it didn't make any move to attack her, did it? Maybe that was Bec's intention.
No. 17342 ID: 2eac65

Tag fail. I meant this:


Oh well. Now we know what doesn't work.
No. 17432 ID: 75ce8a
File 131151264534.png - (91.33KB , 651x451 , trollan.png )

Even though he's just trolling again I have to admit I laughed at this.
No. 17437 ID: 0c9433
File 131154147773.gif - (38.87KB , 650x450 , stupidsexygamzee.gif )

Worst rap off in the history of paradox space and to top it all off:

TC: ThIs iS BeAuTiFuL, dUdE, i fEeL So aT ChIlL WiTh yOu.
TC: HeY...
TC: WhEn wE Up aNd sTaRt tO KiCk aT ThIs rEd TeAm NoIsE,
TC: YoU ShOuLd mAkE YoUr wAy tO GeT YoUr hAnG On aT My hIvE.
TC: We cOuLd sPlIt a tIn oF ThE PiMpEsT SnEeZe i gOt oN HaNd, BaKeD Up aLl sPeCiAl fOr yOu.
TC: AnD ThEn mAyBe mAkE OuT A LiTtLe.
AT: uH,
TC: ;o)
AT: ,
AT: ,,

Things just got a little...gayer
No. 17476 ID: f5fe2f

We were already pretty gay with
That comment just made it undeniable.
No. 17488 ID: 2eac65

First Equius, and Tavros too... Gamzee seems to have a talent for subjugglation. Maybe it's the blood.
No. 17541 ID: 1854db

...you know, I wondered for a long time why Karkat's handle was carcinoGeneticist. I guess now we know.
Karkat giving the kids' universe cancer was planned for a long time, I guess!
No. 17543 ID: aa66a4

No. 17544 ID: 35e1a0

No. 17556 ID: 2a4687


what the fucky fuck is going on? Ihavenoclue
No. 17563 ID: 10cefe


No. 17568 ID: b6ca92

I click on that link and it errors out. THis is the URL that spawns.
No. 17572 ID: 35e1a0

that's just you. you got a virus dude.
No. 17596 ID: 8fb31c

aww yeah, EoA bitches.

Everyone get ready. Its coming, and soon.
No. 17610 ID: 0c9433
File 131320708401.gif - (61.34KB , 650x800 , trolljegus.gif )

Well shit

The Sufferer was a foul-mouthed troll jesus

That explaaaaaaaaains everythiiiiing
No. 17611 ID: 1854db

Dammit hussie, that is more than a yard. Get the hell out of your own story!
No. 17612 ID: e3f578

I hope the next page says
>You are now Andrew Hussie
please suggest an action

and then in the first time in a long time AH opens a suggestion box and asks his fans to go to town on his ironic, self-indulgent ass. And we all have a good laugh about it.
No. 17615 ID: e17686

One yard is not enough for Hussie.
No. 17618 ID: e3f578

He's broken the fifth wall, not the fourth wall yet.

Oh hey, look, more ancestors, a whole bunch of them. And KanayaAncestor was sold into slavery, which pretty much confirms yeah mindfang mindraped her.
No. 17619 ID: 1854db

He broke the fourth wall when Doc Scratch started speaking to the viewer.
No. 17621 ID: e3f578

No as you can plainly see when Aradia is banging the chair against the fifth wall the forth wall is merely covered by Lord English's coat. Ain't broken yet.

By normal definitions, yes, you'd be right. But this is the Hussie definition of forth wall breaking we're talking about. Merely having an omnipresent being referring to us as guests doesn't count.
No. 17623 ID: fea7dd

Now I see what the dicks you're talking about.

The actual fourth wall, in literary terms, was broken when Hussie and Scratch have spoken to us.

The literal in-universe fourth wall however is still intact. Also there are two of them.
No. 17624 ID: f5fe2f

I'm pretty sure it's the same thing.
No. 17628 ID: 0c9433

So Kanycestor was Virgin Mary

Nepta's Nyancestor was Mary Magdalene

Now we just need a Judas
No. 17633 ID: 2eac65

I'm liking the recent updates. It's nice to see troll culture fleshed out; the comic could really use the extra world-building. It's usually just laid out some basic framework for the civilizations, like "Prospit is the light kingdom, Derse is the dark kingdom" and not bothered with too many details. Plus, we get fodder for more plot stuff.

For instance: At the time of Sollux's "birth", his ancestor was still alive. And since the Empress takes over 500 sweeps to get back to Alternia, then she's still a long ways off with respect to the trolls' personal timeline (time has been mostly synchronized between the Medium and the host planet).

Another thing: The previous troll civilizations' session didn't make its players in the ectobiology lab. So what did they make? And the players still came down on meteors; where did those come from?
No. 17636 ID: f5fe2f

>"Prospit is the light kingdom, Derse is the dark kingdom"
They're just game constructs, so that's excusable.

>The previous troll civilizations' session didn't make its players in the ectobiology lab.
Are you certain?
No. 17637 ID: 35e1a0

nope, good chance they were made that way. they SWAPPED positions with the currant gang, meaning last time karkat and gang were the ancestors.
No. 17638 ID: 2eac65

>They're just game constructs, so that's excusable.
Sburb is a game that creates entire planets populated by sentient races. And there have been references to friends Jade made on Prospit's moon, and bits of Prospitian and Dersite culture, and the Dersite agents... it's not that the details aren't there in-story, they just don't get as much exploration as I'd prefer.

>Are you certain?
That's what was said. The players weren't spawned from their own session, which is a sign of Lord English's influence, and thusly weren't prepared to win, so they scratched their universe and ended up with trollkind as we know it.
No. 17640 ID: 049dfa


>The players weren't spawned from their own session

Of course not. Karkat made them in the post-scratch session and then Doc Scratch made sure they ended up in the pre-scratch timeline (where they would fail, scratch, and then re-emerge as the ancestors in the post-scratch timeline) in order to preserve the loop. This isn't complicated.

>And there have been references to friends Jade made on Prospit's moon, and bits of Prospitian and Dersite culture,

Yes but none of that is actually relevant to the story at all.

>For instance: At the time of Sollux's "birth", his ancestor was still alive.

And Feferi's was still alive when she died, what's your point?

>Alternia, then she's still a long ways off with respect to the trolls' personal timeline (time has been mostly synchronized between the Medium and the host planet).

Except for all of the flashbacks and flashforwards that have been all over the goddamn comic. The empress's return is in the future of the trollverse, and from there doc scratch will port her over to become betty crocker in the past of the humanverse.
No. 17655 ID: 0c9433


...Wait..what's going on...is this self insertion that isn't silly or...I think I need to lay down

(Also for any of you who missed it the Troll Empress is obviously Betty Crocker. Discuss)
No. 17656 ID: 1854db

Hussie is just writing Doc Scratch as if he's fond of being needlessly wordy when Scratch has, in fact, stated otherwise.

No. 17660 ID: 2eac65

>Of course not. Karkat made them in the post-scratch session and then Doc Scratch made sure they ended up in the pre-scratch timeline (where they would fail, scratch, and then re-emerge as the ancestors in the post-scratch timeline) in order to preserve the loop. This isn't complicated.
That's one possibility.

>Yes but none of that is actually relevant to the story at all.
It's nice to learn more about where a story is taking place. A problem that a lot of "epic" stories have is that they portray world-shaking events but don't show much about the worlds that are being changed by said events. Homestuck involves entire civilizations being created and destroyed in the process of making a new universe, and this is only one of many such occurences. Going into detail about the people and worlds involved gives the reader a sense of just how big and complicated they really are, even if they pale in significance to the impersonal cosmic forces that command their fate, and makes said cosmic forces seem all the more epic by comparison. Details like that are relevant to the storytelling, in that they highlight the tragic irony of Sburb.

>And Feferi's was still alive when she died, what's your point?
Not much. I just thought it was an interesting detail.

>Except for all of the flashbacks and flashforwards that have been all over the goddamn comic.
Except for... except what? What is being "excepted" here? Yes, it's true that the comic has flashbacks in it. It's also true that time in the Medium passes at the same rate as it does for the host planet, at least with respect to online messaging services and the Sburb game itself; of course, the Exiles' terminals are synchronized to the Medium's past, and Skaia's portals can travel in both time and space.
No. 17661 ID: 049dfa

>It's also true that time in the Medium passes at the same rate as it does for the host planet,

Which is why her return is just yet another flash-forward and isn't really worthy of temporal note.

>Details like that are relevant to the storytelling,

No, they really aren't. At all. They're completely ancillary. They don't highlight shit about sBurb, they would just waste time introducing elements that have absolutely no bearing on the story whatsoever. The story has enough chaff already and does not need more.
No. 17662 ID: bdf35e

>The story has enough chaff already and does not need more.

Sing it, sister. If you balled up all the loose ends and dangling plot threads, you'd be able to knit a scarf from here to Barnard's Star. Dr. Pompous' little yarn can wait.
No. 17663 ID: 2eac65

Ah. You meant that you didn't like something about Homestuck that I liked about Homestuck. Now I get it.

Personally, I like the character/world development.
No. 17664 ID: e3f578

well okay he's messing with the way the narrative is being told but now just messed with the narrative by letting a character escape from their captor who just so happened to be the narrator

Something tells me she comes back with a yardstick or something and Hussie kills Scratch with it, kicking off the summoning of Lord English. That's how he influences the narrative. Impalement by one yard. Because narration and narrative just got into this big ol' clusterfuck and I can't really tell what Hussie means anymore.

I'm telling you this whole one yard business has some of that "for none of woman born" ironic shit written all over it.
No. 17665 ID: 049dfa


>Ah. You meant that you didn't like something about Homestuck that I liked about Homestuck.

No, I mean that dersian culture or the nature of Jade's prospitian friends are literally irrelevant. That they EXISTED establishes skaia's 'tragic irony (there is actually nothing ironic about it)' as much as it would if they were fleshed out. All fleshing it out would do is waste more space. It has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

I am not saying 'I do not like it.' I am saying that that would be even worse storytelling.
No. 17666 ID: e3f578
File 131367511045.gif - (38.38KB , 650x450 , 04072_1.gif )

can't get enough of this .gif
No. 17667 ID: 2044df

I keep getting reminded of the Dark Tower series, where Stephen King showed up as a character and was the most important person in the universe.
No. 17668 ID: 2eac65

So you think that developing a story's setting and history has nothing to do with said story and is bad storytelling (which, for some reason, is completely different from you not liking it).

Even if they were destroyed, they're still part of the setting. They give us a sense of how the Homestuck world works. It's one thing to have a character say "my friends all died". It's another to actually see her interacting with her friends, to meet them and get to know them like she does.

It's fine if you're not entertained by the little details and want to get to the main events. I just personally like having these things fleshed out.
No. 17669 ID: e3f578

I think that what was said about bad storytelling is that Homestuck is basically a big epic. Until a piece of culture is important to the development of the plot or characters, it's just going to slow shit down painfully to explain pointless specific details for curiosities sake.

Epics have always been more about characters and plot anyway, with the setting taking a back seat. The LOTR movies never went into super detail about each race (dunno about the book beyond Tolkien inventing a whole legitimate language) and LOTR seem to be a part of the epic genre, or it's at least what I hear what some people call an epic so I figure it's a decent example. Doesn't mean they're culture hasn't been discussed, demonstrated, or thought out, just that it wasn't told in the story and in a wiki form, interview, spin-off books/Expanded Universe fiction. I doubt Hussie would even want to fill out a big ass wiki or documentary on Dersian and Prospitian marital traditions, games, architecture, language etc. on the level of Tolkien elves have been established.
No. 17670 ID: 2eac65

In other words, you think that Homestuck has too many little details that don't have enough relevance to the main plot to warrant so much elaboration. I like the elaboration, but I can see where you're coming from. Homestuck does tend to be somewhat overly elaborate and meandering.

>Epics have always been more about characters and plot anyway, with the setting taking a back seat.
To me, Homestuck's setting is a big part of what makes it epic. It's about a game that creates and destroys entire worlds, and has done so countless times before. I'd actually like to see more than one other session for comparative purposes, so we can see just how the game and its offspring differ across the realities. It would be hard to tie them into the plot, of course.

>I doubt Hussie would even want to fill out a big ass wiki or documentary on Dersian and Prospitian marital traditions, games, architecture, language etc. on the level of Tolkien elves have been established.
Not that much, obviously, but I think the Light and Dark Kingdoms suffer from too little development. We know that Derse are the bad guys and Prospit are destined to lose the war, but we haven't delved too deeply over why they're fighting the war or how their culture or government works. We know that there's a king and queen, and they have some subordinates, and that's pretty much it. There have been some snippets of Prospitian mythology here and there, but we haven't seen the "big picture", so to speak. The trolls had the same problem until recently. So did the consorts, come to think of it.

Then again, putting in too much detail would make the comic even more of a convoluted mess than it already is. And wouldn't leave as much room for fanworks. Or maybe it could inspire more fanworks; who knows?
No. 17671 ID: 2ae337

Well then as fans shouldn't they add it in? with Hussie's approval...

And I'd rather not think to hard about why the two fight. I just figure they do it, because they don't know anything else. Makes it easier for me.

And you can't really predict what fans will do with new stuff. Maybe they can build whole game sessions revolving around it, or maybe they'll find it too confusing and ignore it altogether and make 'non-canon' stuff like so many people do with Trancy's sergals.
No. 17672 ID: 049dfa

>So you think that developing a story's setting and history has nothing to do with said story and is bad storytelling

No, I KNOW that the things you are suggesting are bad storytelling. Not 'think.'

>to meet them and get to know them like she does.

Except that they don't matter at all. Their only relevance is that Jade liked them.

>I'd actually like to see more than one other session for comparative purposes,

Which would, of course, have nothing to do with the story. It would add nothing. We have already been handed an outline of the structure of a 'correct' session in the story, we don't need to see three or four examples of one. It would be redundant.

>We know that Derse are the bad guys and Prospit are destined to lose the war, but we haven't delved too deeply over why they're fighting the war

Because that's how the game works. There is no real cultural reason for there being a war, it's just a part of the game. Derse and Prospit are already at war with one another before the timeline advances far enough for them to even interact because that is how Skaia produces them.

>The trolls had the same problem until recently.

The trolls never had 'this' 'problem.' Everything about their culture that was genuinely relevant (except that it was post-scratch) was already revealed during the troll arc.
No. 17673 ID: e3f578

You know, if there's one useless detail I desire to gain information on and it doesn't further the story it is the status of Nic Cage, Troll Will Smith, and Human Will Smith.

We only have confirmation that Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and a few other celebrities of rom-coms have universal constants, but not Nic Cage. Nic Cage might be the one and only, since Vriska hasn't heard of Troll Nic Cage.

you know speaking of Nic Cage I watched Raising Arizona and it is an awesome movie
No. 17674 ID: 1854db

As has been stated, he was already there.
No. 17675 ID: e3f578

there's ONE loose end I also care about that may or may not be important.
the kid's weird dream drawings and traumas have all been explained in some form (Harlequin's from Gamzee and maybe the exsistance Cal too for Dave coming from Gamzee, MEOW from Jasper) but no suitable origin has been discovered for the SBaHJ on Dave's walls.
No. 17677 ID: e3f578

consequently, I can also not get enough of this
No. 17679 ID: 2ae337
File 131377729045.gif - (76.56KB , 650x450 , snop.gif )

The latest pages really lend evidence that Doc and Lord English may just be Sweet Bro and Hela Jeff.
No. 17680 ID: 2eac65

Is something supposed to happen when you hover your mouse over the banners? The text stopped showing up for me after it switched from Hussie to showing the troll girl escaping.
No. 17681 ID: 6a5a08

Yes. Large green text appears.
No. 17683 ID: 35e1a0

it was from when terezi sent him that one comic. it was so bad it haunted him.
No. 17696 ID: 9c538a
File 131390071606.gif - (406.53KB , 940x175 , ogodogodogodogodogodogodogodogodogodogodogod.gif )

Oh god. Oh. God.
No. 17699 ID: 2eac65

Romance has been achieved.

Yes. That is totally a thing that happened.

Nice to see something finally going right for someone. Not even the paradoxical force of entropy can stand up to the power of love! Or the power of pity. However it works for trolls.
No. 17700 ID: e3f578

Man, morails ain't romance
it's bromance (from our perspective and culture)
sure troll's consider the bro relationship as the diamond romance and it's really all semantics
but yall got gushy about it
fuck gushy, that's a bro hug right there
No. 17701 ID: f5fe2f

No. 17705 ID: a7469e

That was...
No. 17706 ID: 09ab5b

No. 17707 ID: 9c538a


No. 17708 ID: 35e1a0

pap pap pap
No. 17711 ID: 0d7a83

Godammit when is someone gonna get their stabs on or something? Where did all the epic showdowns go?
No. 17713 ID: 0c9433

Saving it for the EoA flash I believe
No. 17753 ID: 0c9433


I shamefurly admit I larfed at the end
No. 17791 ID: 2eac65

We've all been anticipating the end-of-chapter flash, but until now all we could do is wait. Soon, that will change. The deadline is almost here. September 5th is when it finally happens.

That's right! In just a little while, we will find out what the deadline is!

Be ready.
No. 17800 ID: 1a04ae

Oh man I am so fucking ready right now I think I just broke every record for being totally ready with how fucking ready I have made myself at this point.
No. 17804 ID: 0c9433
File 131527662041.jpg - (48.32KB , 1024x436 , illidan.jpg )

No. 17840 ID: 09a312

I wish I was standing behind your monitor when you saw "MUSIC ISN'T READY, ART ASSETS AREN'T READY, I'M NOT READY, MAYBE 3 WEEKS GUYS LOL"
No. 17930 ID: ab6eee

Any normal flash project, even counting in the fact that nothing's ready yet, would be taking a week at most. But three weeks?

Words cannot describe how much I am expecting this.
No. 17931 ID: 2eac65

Yep, it's a pretty exciting deadline. A bit lackluster compared to the last one, though. The vagueness bumps it down a few notches. Plus, the deadline's deadline was 09/05; that's just one away from 09/06, which would have been a nice reference to the Sufferer's emblem. Compared to that, the flash's deadline is kind of lacking.

The joke is that I'm more excited about the deadlines than the actual flash itself.
No. 18028 ID: 88d3ff

35% complete.
No. 18043 ID: eb14db


If 5% continues to take 2 days, then we will have EOA6 in....

24 days.
No. 18047 ID: 1854db

Hussie needs to stop trying to top himself. It's getting out of hand.
No. 18060 ID: 30df25

Oh shoosh. shoooooooooosh. (pap.)
"Of course man's reach exceeds his grasp; what else is Heaven for?"

End of Act 5 is gonna be a base-breaker, that's obvious. There's too much build-up. The real test will be what people say about it months after it's been published. People hated the Intermission, and now there's more slash art about the Felt than I can count.
No. 18071 ID: bdb895

What? People loved the intermission. It felt like Problem Sleuth again.


And now look. Everyone loves the trolls [citation needed].
No. 18135 ID: 048064

>4 days later

I am going to kill myself
No. 18181 ID: 78b9fc

>> 4 days later
>> still 56%

Have you killed yourself yet?
No. 18193 ID: fdc089

Sucks if he did, it just went up to 66%.
No. 18194 ID: 1854db

Well, that's faster progress. Not really what I would call fast yet of course. Ugh.

26% in 12 days. About 2% a day? Applying pure math, the estimate is for it to take 15.7 more days. So, 20th or 21st?
No. 18197 ID: 0d7a83
File 131783452050.jpg - (14.04KB , 302x448 , frustrated20black20man1.jpg )

>Hussie says it might be done in three weeks
>go away for a while then come back
>progress bar at 50%
>go away again then come back
>see there's been 16% progress in 8 days
>do some maths
No. 18200 ID: d5c93b

Once we near completion, Hussie needs to reset the meter to around 13%. Just to fuck with everybody. Maybe have a message indicating that there was a setback (without being specific) or maybe not.
No. 18201 ID: 30df25
File 131787460099.png - (22.12KB , 297x335 , estimation.png )

> thinks that the progress bar can be extrapolated linearly

Has Microsoft Windows taught you nothing? The progress bar previous performance has no bearing on it's future performance. Picture related.
No. 18205 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah sorry I'm used to the illegally torrented films files on my computer downloading at a steady pace.
No. 18206 ID: 2563d4

That, or it'll sit at 99% for three months.
No. 18271 ID: 2eac65
File 131827365739.png - (84.55KB , 318x523 , ticktock.png )

New deadline, everyone! The flash arrives at 10/25!

That's right, the deadline is finally here! I'll admit I was a bit disappointed by the last one, but this new deadline more than makes up for it.
No. 18272 ID: d60822

So do you guys reckon he actually has been working on the flash non-stop since he said he'd start? If so, this is going to be fucking huge.
No. 18276 ID: d33148

I think you really know the answer to that question.
No. 18301 ID: 7029dd

Based on a tweet it sounds like he's had some Flash issues.

I hope whatever song has been made becomes the new Descend, ie, absolutely fantastic.
No. 18310 ID: 1854db

81%. He's slowing down. At this rate he'll just manage to have it ready by the 25th.
No. 18325 ID: edec80

Au contrair, mon ami. 88% now.
12 percent to go in just 11 days. He'll have this thing done.
No. 18326 ID: b57910

Knowing hussie, the result of all this waiting will either be:

a) Trolling


b) overwhelmingly awesome

Is it sad that I expect a more?
No. 18328 ID: d4155c

You seem to be forgetting C Shot.

C) Awesome trolling
No. 18350 ID: 0448b9

Yes please.
No. 18364 ID: d2d9a3

I'm of the opinion that the flash is going to be severely underwhelming. I'm sad to say that I lost interest about a month and a half ago.
No. 18380 ID: 78b9fc
File 131917092216.gif - (3.41KB , 640x400 , 000.gif )

Superego is what has my interests these days.


Homestuck will finish when it finishes.
No. 18395 ID: 1854db

YAY 100%!
No. 18399 ID: e3f578

oh god wow
these couple of months have felt like ages
I barely even remembering switching from one site to MSPA every 5 minutes. And now the habit will start all over again.
No. 18401 ID: 78b9fc
File 131934580291.gif - (790B , 355x46 , EOAprogress.gif )

No. 18408 ID: e9da18

Oh, so this is how I wound up there.
Read the whole thing in one sitting. It's good stuff!

But now I go back to whistfully counting the days. THREE DAYS.
No. 18410 ID: b57910

No. 18411 ID: b57910

No. 18418 ID: bd7cc2

No. 18419 ID: d4155c

Damn, Hussie pretty much just shanked newgrounds in the kidney! I've never seen it take such a hit before.

Though I guess that means my answer of C was right on the mark. All hail Andrew Hussie slayer of sites, breaker of mirrors, king of the trolls.
No. 18421 ID: 0c9433


From our Lord Huss. Praise his name...

Though seriously I just...oh my god...I can't even

Scratch you bastard.
No. 18424 ID: 35e1a0

S u c k e r s
No. 18425 ID: d60822

What in the seven ever-loving fucks of Dionysus did I just watch?
No. 18427 ID: 049dfa

>mfw I told you all a goddamn year ago that everyone was going to go god tier instead of dying during the aradia resurrection shenanigans and everyone disagreed

Also Crux, what happened was:

CD killed Jade (I guess)
SS put her on her quest bed
Jade turned God tier, Looks all Furry because she fused with her furry sprite that was jer dream self, picked up all of the planets and skaia from the kids' universe, and took them with her through the fourth wall
Sollux Pulled the asteroid the kids are hiding of out of their universe
SS destroyed the universe
SpS killed snOwman (in the future), destroying the trolls' universe
The Tumor mixed the two universes (which were in the process of destruction) together and created the Green Sun
Dave and Rose ascended to God Tier and popped out of the sun
PM put on the ring and followed Jack
No. 18432 ID: dcb8dc

Stand aside, mortals. I have your back for all questions in the theme of "what the fuck was that?"
No. 18436 ID: 3fd4fb

MS Paint Adventures is way too good at producing a reaction of "I have no idea what the fuck happened, but I'm sure it was incredibly epic."
No. 18437 ID: 0a0982


Not only does that not answer my questions (not that I had any to begin with) it is wrong about the tumor, since the tumor machine, since the tm actually created the green sun.
No. 18438 ID: d60822

>fourth wall
How do we know it's the 4th?

>The Tumor mixed the two universes (which were in the process of destruction) together and created the Green Sun

>Rose removes The Tumor from the card, and it breaks open like an egg
Whoever wrote this has never seen an egg in his life.

>This overexertion kills Sollux
I saw no DEAD. Just a little bit of bleeding.
No. 18439 ID: 0c9433

>Blue + Red = Purple
>Inverse of Purple is Magenta

It took me having to read a Homestuck general thread to get it.

Still, looks like Scratch got the last laugh.

Haa haa
Hee Hee
Hoo hoo
No. 18440 ID: 0c9433

I mean Green. Fuck me I need coffee after that flash
No. 18443 ID: 049dfa


The thing explicitly explodes into a big green sphere that expands, becomes the green sun, and then we see aradia looking at it.

It became the Green Sun. This doesn't have anything to do with colors, it has everything to do with what we saw happen.
No. 18446 ID: 0448b9

(My response to everything.)
No. 18448 ID: d33148

My body was definitely not ready for this.
No. 18453 ID: e1e975

I revised the part about the sun being created.

But Sollux dies, it is implied with Aradia and Sollux' previous conversation. I guess technically he may not have died yet, but death isn't far.
No. 18471 ID: 78b9fc
File 131966751321.gif - (1.16MB , 250x197 , omg holy crap star trek.gif )

My reaction to the latest flash.
No. 18473 ID: 4bdd79

I'm only just realizing right now that the MSPA flash was timed to come out at about the same time as the Prequel flash.
No. 18474 ID: c7b6c2

10/25 was the BEST DAY EVER.
No. 18475 ID: 15c331

So that'swhat Hussie meant when he said it would be on a significant date!
No. 18476 ID: 0c9433

well that and

413 + 612 = 1025

Weird ...
No. 18477 ID: 35e1a0

worlds merged.
No. 18478 ID: 588f19

If anyone has been following Red Vs Blue, a new episode also came out on the 25th. It was a good day for me.

Also on Hussie's Tumblr account he covers the Flash in a whole lot of words.
No. 18480 ID: 3bd8ec

Pretty sure that was the other way around -- Kaz said on /co/ he didn't want the Prequel flash to be overshadowed by the MSPA flash coming out immediately afterward, but didn't want to follow the MSPA flash either, so he just released it on the same day, or something along those lines.
No. 18481 ID: 049dfa


>mfw I was right about everything
>mfw anyone didn't expect this
>mfw no face

I think I realized the problem people have with following MSPA. They are so intent on trying to puzzle together what will happen or try to figure out what everything means that they completely forget to just read the story and comprehend what actually happens in it.
No. 18482 ID: 1854db

Uh, right about which things?
No. 18486 ID: 0c9433

Obviously you are the prophesized one. Teach me your ways.

Tell me your ships
No. 18489 ID: 049dfa


About everything that happened in the flash?
No. 18490 ID: 1854db

...OH you mean your summary. I thought you had predicted stuff. Yeah, that was spot on.
No. 18494 ID: 0c9433

So who is looking for Scratched Kids who make their session talking to Ancestor Trolls who fuck theirs up?

I know I am.
No. 18495 ID: ffb074

No, I made the pastebin summary after the flash. That guy is some other guy.
No. 18497 ID: 1854db

No. 18579 ID: 9f36c9




I am an excellent host.

No. 18581 ID: 2ae337

I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to see Hella Jeff.
No. 18584 ID: 78b9fc


Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

Big Bro and Lil' Cal

Hella Jeff is Dave's metaphor for Lil' Cal.
No. 18585 ID: e3f578

I hope that someone suggests the name JEFF STRIDER for when we get to name Bro
if we get to name the guardians-now-kids in the reset universe
No. 18586 ID: 049dfa

>if we get to
>Suggestion Box has been closed since act 2
No. 18587 ID: e3f578

We got to name the trolls
suggestion box has been closed since sometime in Act 5, it opened for naming
No. 18588 ID: e3f578

it was in MSPA forum though
so you had to tread through fans a bit, all try to get their name in
No. 18596 ID: d60822

Heads up, /co/ is mailing dragon dildoes to Hussie and his woman.

I'm reposting it because it is IMPORTANT

The Anthro Dragon
Size: Small (6.5 inches)
Firmness: Soft
Color: Candy Corn
Cumtube: No
Price: $54.00

Chance the Stallion (Flared)
Size: Large (17.4 inches)
Firmness: Soft
Color Halloween Black (Black with pearlescent blue)
Cumtube: Yes
Price: $175.00

Price: $28.99

Current total: $170.34/$257.99

the paypal to send money to is ipgdpp@gmail.com

Of note, Hussie's girl has said that if this is receives, she will mount it on a plaque.
No. 18597 ID: 797925

i would pay money to see that

i mean, not to actually be a part of the purchase, but if it were in some kind of museum, i would actually pay money just to look at the weird dicks mounted on the wall and contemplate the evolution of humanity
No. 18598 ID: 2ae337

So Lord English is the Lovecraftian equivalent to Skipper Plumbthroat then?
No. 18606 ID: e967aa

I think so, however, despite what you might read over and over again I'm pretty sure Plumbthroat decidedly does not have a peg leg.
No. 18609 ID: cbfb9c

Wouldn't it be more worthwhile to be a progenitor?

Not that I'm donating either.
No. 18614 ID: 797925

sure, maybe. but i think the first three letters of your ID say it best.
No. 18638 ID: 4bdd79

...Do I want to ask why?
No. 18661 ID: 0c9433

Is there a word of silly but disturbing?

I mean...

I wasn't scared of Lord English until the fucking Honks
No. 18662 ID: 453e62

not sure, but i do know it's the same reason people hate clowns.
No. 18663 ID: 0c9433

>I am an excellent host
>excellent host

...Jesus fuck. Why didn't I see it before?
No. 18664 ID: 78b9fc


Scary but fun?
No. 18674 ID: 049dfa

Told you guys that the kids' scratch session was going to result in the exact same inversion as the trolls (for the exact same reason, as well), and that it was going to be the jade equivalent protagonist that was Jade's Grandson that John was destined to meet.
No. 18675 ID: e3f578

Since Hussie set today's date as the day in the new timeline, I'm surprised there's no Skyrim joke.

Bro will probably pass off Nana's infatuation with her new SBURB playtest by saying he has a cooler game, SKYRIM!
Something about the setting seems harsher too I can't place my finger on it, probably something to do with the fact we couldn't name Nana and that it was prechosen and engraved. I'd understand Hussie probably doesn't want to deal with even opening the suggestion box anymore even just for names like he did with the trolls. There'd be too many names, too fast with the size of his fanbase now. But there was this harsh taste in my mouth when her nametag came up, almost like the feeling of prisoner number designations or a barcode ID tatoo. Maybe Betty Crocker rules the world in a corporate government, Shadowrun style? I don't have much evidence for that theory besides the solid, nametag/barcode thing though, Nana(Jane) seems to have a happy life and outlook.
No. 18676 ID: 5b4693

Well this is odd. If Nana's a kid, then Bro and Dad can't be around yet, though we know where Grandpa Harley is. So that leaves us two unknown characters.
No. 18677 ID: c7b6c2

>R63'd Egbert
I don't know what to feel.
No. 18678 ID: 453e62

dad can't exist, but bro can be around easy.
troll ancestors played the game together, but were in different times after their scratch. so bro, nanna, mom, and grandpa can all have arrived at the same time. it's like you don't understand time travel.
No. 18679 ID: e3f578

Nothing, because your "Rule 63'd Egbert" is really just the younger version of an established character, the grandmother of the supposed genderbender.

Of course they're going to look alike, maybe even share similar interests or two. They're genetically related. I mean hell, Jade is a Rule 63'd Egbert if we're going by that logic.
No. 18680 ID: fa59a2

Goddammit the names 'Jade' and 'Jane' are way too fucking similar

This is going to take ages for me to get used to
No. 18681 ID: d7488b


It's not a timeline issue. Bro, nana, grandpa, and rose's mom are going to be the four kids, with john, Dave, jade, and rose as their guardians through whatever means. Jade is grandpa's grandmother, we don't know how the others relate yet.
No. 18682 ID: 453e62

the only special thing is the original kids weren't wiped so there will be 2 jades, roses johns, and daves running around in this timeline.
No. 18683 ID: e3f578

I wonder if we'll see Dad again ;_; he's the odd man out, the guardian that doesn't get his own reset character guy because he's the normal son of a ectoclone in the pre-scratch timeline.

The best shot we have seeing him is in a dream bubble.
No. 18684 ID: c7b6c2

No. 18686 ID: 453e62

oh god it updated again!
No. 18687 ID: e3f578

All right
Now that was a cool name
Could not have come up with a better one
It's better than even Dave fucking Strider for god's sake.
This really makes me question how cool Bro's name is going to be. Since the first name seems to be alliterate to the original 4 it has to start with D. All I can come up with is Doug
No. 18688 ID: 78b9fc
File 132105658118.jpg - (114.69KB , 500x684 , then_i_am_a_dog.jpg )

No. 18690 ID: 0c9433

>Dat gray finger
>Serpents on computer



No. 18691 ID: 453e62

doubtful. the 13th's symbol is ONE snake, that is two snake.

the twin snake represents mercury, which in astrology effects how your sign COMMUNICATES.
No. 18692 ID: 76de36

Jake English's T-shirt symbol seems... familiar, somehow.
No. 18693 ID: 453e62

No. 18694 ID: e3f578

But this Dad grounds people!
There isn't a single "I'm proud of you, Daughter" message anywhere
No. 18696 ID: d60822

That image seems like it should have been in response to jade got tiger.
No. 18697 ID: 78b9fc


Jane's dad isn't Jake. It's either Dave or John. Probably John, since the fedora is there.

Besides she hasn't found the huge gift box abstrata downstairs yet.
No. 18698 ID: 453e62

>I hereby declare all of your fantrolls to be canon. Yes, even the shitty ones.

No. 18701 ID: c7b6c2

Aw shit. Does that mean that the rainbow-colored hererochromia furry dog fantroll is canon?

No. 18703 ID: e3f578

>Does that mean that the rainbow-colored hererochromia furry dog fantroll is canon

This makes Alternia more funny a place you know and matches Hussie's brand of humor. I mean he made a Juggulo and Horse-porn fanatic as Main Character trolls, there has to be more deliciously awful sorts of trolls. And the best worst characters are fanfic characters. Alternia is a truly awful place and it's fucking awesome because of it.
No. 18704 ID: 453e62

oh god her dad is... oh god.. i.. it.. it's beautiful.
No. 18705 ID: 1854db

Heyyyy, wasn't there that other guy that was in beta universe's Dad's bulletin board?
No. 18717 ID: 5bd832

Fedorafreak, you mean?

Really, the implication was that since the ancestors of the player trolls became the new player trolls and the old ones became the ancestors, the same would happen with the kids. Meaning John would be Nana's dad, Dave would be Bro's bro, Rose would be Mom's mom, and -most importantly- Jade would be Grandpa Harley's grandmother, making Jake the penpal.

Hussie seems to be rolling with that, since we've got the bunnies, but I was hoping for something a little more... visually distinguished. Like an adult John instead of John just becoming Dad.
No. 18718 ID: 0c9433

The best part is that means that all the fan trolls are in canon dead thanks to the Vast Glub.

So essentially, Hussie killed all fantrolls. Forever.

You brilliant motherfucker
No. 18720 ID: 049dfa


>Like an adult John instead of John just becoming Dad.

John isn't Dad. John is Dad's father.
No. 18721 ID: 5bd832

Yeah, I posted that before we just found that out.
No. 18722 ID: 049dfa


what do you mean 'just?' Did it update again?

I mean, it was obvious that John wasn't Dad because Dad's role in the previous universe was the guardian's son acting as a surrogate parent to their time-displaced offspring.
No. 18723 ID: 453e62

crocker has her claws in everything. i am guessing in this timeline her and sass's locations were swapped. and since she is a tough shit troll, a bullet to the chest from a baby duel-wielding flintlocks isn't deadly.
No. 18726 ID: d60822

>the switch on her weapon turns it back and forth between fork and spoon
>the logo on the poster behind her remains unchanged
Hell of a missed opportunity there.

Yeah we're back to frequent updates.
No. 18727 ID: 1854db

No. The swap is the guardians and the kids. If anyone got shot by flintlocks (not guaranteed since apparently Tavros caused that in the first place) it was newJade.
No. 18728 ID: 1854db

...hang on. I just realized that Jake referred to his grandmother as a Witch of Space. There is no newJade, it's the same Jade.

Which means there wasn't a switch. Unless the new versions of the beta universe kids are in a completely different time altogether? Like how the ancestors worked in the trollverse?

...I'm banking on there not actually being a switch. I think that the beta universe Guardians (except for the two Dads) are the dream selves of the alpha universe kids.
No. 18730 ID: 049dfa


>I think that the beta universe Guardians (except for the two Dads) are the dream selves of the alpha universe kids.

None of the alpha universe kids HAVE dream selves any more.

He referred to her as the witch of space because none of the betaverse kids (that we've seen so far) are even aware of the alphaverse. So while Jake knows that he's talking to 'his grandma when she was younger,' he thinks that he's just talking about time travel or something. He doesn't understand the alternate universe aspect. He knows that Jade is the Witch of Space because he's been pen-pal-ing with Jade.

Also Jane's grandpa is dead, is John, and we already know that John and Jake are going to meet at some point in the near future.
No. 18733 ID: 30df25
File 132128872177.gif - (10.72KB , 242x469 , 22851.gif )

So the boy-formerly-known-as-John, after the scratch, is Jane's poppa. Dad is Poppa's son, and one day in April, Dad was taking his father for a walk (the same day and on the same street that Ms. Rose Lalonde was talking her daughter for a walk), when a freak meteor crashed into a bakery, killing Poppa Egbert.

The grief-stricken Dad combed the wreckage for survivors, and found an infant girl in a dirty old fedora, unharmed and in the centre of the explosion. Dad saw it as a sign, and adopted the infant as his own daughter.

--- the above is what we can deduce from synchronicity. Below is what I imagine also happened ---

There was one other survivor of the crash; Miss Crocker. By a fluke chance, she survived the disaster but everyone else was smelted. She saw Dad floundering in the wreckage, trying to help, and she could sea that he had a good sole. Her heart went out to him, she offered to help raise the little minnow found in the wreckage, and the two fell in love. When they married, he took her last name, because Poppa Egbert named his son "Dad" as a practical joke, so Dad didn't have a last name of his own.
No. 18734 ID: 453e62

shot by GRANDPA with duel flintlocks.

one of them then lives with crocker

in this universe crocker raised john, who made DAD.
while dad is outside john is tending to the joke shop and is then meteored. dad finds jane.

the bakery crash didn't kill anyone. it was where MOM lalonde found rose.
see nanna is fine.
No. 18735 ID: e3f578

SO are we making theories that the new guardians and grandparents are the same kids we know and love from pre-scratch or is it the post-scratch made and the pre-scratch kids are going to get to meet their post-scratch selves?

Because I dunno if anyone is making that distinction. I think Grandpa John and Grandma Jade are separate people then John and Jade, Same goes for Mom Rose and Bro Dave.
No. 18737 ID: 453e62

unknown at this time, but john meeting johnsprite is going to probably be HILARIOUS
No. 18740 ID: 1854db

You misunderstand me. The beta universe was the first one we saw. SBURB Beta. This one with the 'new' kids is SBURB Alpha.

Jane dreamt of the SBURB Beta session, and was being given subliminal messages to stay asleep, so I postulated that the SBURB Beta version of herself is her dream self. It would explain why Nannaquin (Jane) said that she played the game "before", without playing in the SBURB Beta session.

The only really weird part is that their dream selves are so much older than they are.
No. 18741 ID: 1854db

Oh also
>He referred to her as the witch of space because none of the betaverse kids (that we've seen so far) are even aware of the alphaverse.
What? I'm talking about the letter that got sent to John, talking about how Jake's grandmother was a witch of space.
No. 18743 ID: 453e62

we need to make which universe is which easier. we are conflicting.
from now on the first one is universe B, and this one is universe A.
their dreamselves always live on the moons of prospit and derse. jane lives on prospit so she would get cloud visions of the future from skaia. your idea would require grandpa john to be the dreamself of the first john.
No. 18744 ID: 1854db

No, I was thinking that only the A universe kids had that odd split-universe dream self thing going on, but yeah, it being a skaia prophecy makes more sense.
No. 18749 ID: d60822

Oh great, more trolls.
No. 18753 ID: 1854db

That's no troll... That's a CHEERLEADER.

Also how did I know that this one's blood would be white? Well, actually it's a light grey but close enough. Or I guess she's a 63 Karkat and is hiding her real blood color.

You know, I bet this is one of the trolls that played the session in their pre-scratch session. It's another double mobius reacharound, with each pre-scratch session interacting with the opposite universe's post-scratch.

I find myself wondering exactly why the troll universe caused a scratch, though. Was it intentional in order to start up this trap for Lord English? Or did they really try to win and failed?
No. 18757 ID: 30df25
File 132140538963.gif - (11.39KB , 100x100 , 1312929499268.gif )

The new troll's chat colour is #939393.
Karkat's chat colour is #636363
No. 18759 ID: 1854db


And I still can't quite tell if the... no nevermind I'm being dumb. Yes, there is a newjohn and newjade, newrose, newdave. The four godtier kids will be INVADING this universe. I believe Jake's letter was written after he found out that the other Jade became the Witch of Space. So it's, like... he was making a joke, I think.

John dying due to an accident wouldn't be heroic or just, after all. Unless he like, ran off after resurrecting.
No. 18760 ID: 2eac65

Jane doesn't know the whole story; she's confusing the pre-scratch kids with their post-scratch Guardian selves, of whom her grandfather John has presumably died, as Nanna Egbert did in the original timeline.
No. 18761 ID: 1f617a

The new troll is actually just Karkat but upside down.

The next time we see Karkat he will be doing a headstand. And then we will discover all trolls have alternate personalities that only surface when the troll is physically inverted.
No. 18762 ID: 1f617a

The new troll is actually just Karkat but upside down.

The next time we see Karkat he will be doing a headstand. And then we will discover all trolls have alternate personalities that only surface when the troll is physically inverted.
No. 18764 ID: 1854db

Jake wrote the letter, bro.
No. 18765 ID: cdb8cb
File 132142230504.gif - (62.98KB , 650x450 , YtDiP.gif )


The original troll universe tried to win and failed, because they were a bunch of pansies. They caused the scratch, tricked into doing it by the denizens. It reset their timeline except all of them who god moded had to be Doc Scratch's slaves, and he could manipulate their society to be cruel evil and unstoppable, thereby "winning" the game for their descendents. Scratch explained at one point that the Sufferer had been able to recover some memories from their pre-scratched non-cruel universe, which is why he got strung up and killed because he threatened Scratch's centuries of artificial antagonization. We only got to see the scratched troll universe though.

The scratched troll universe then created the unscratched kid universe, who scratched, creating the third universe, the scratched kid's universe, with switched roles between ancestor/player. And now thanks to the evil machinations of Betty Crocker, the scratched kid's universe is sure to win the game, creating the unscratched troll universe in the process, and thereby completing a stable time loop. Then Lord English wins and everything dies.
No. 18767 ID: e3f578

Sounds like Uu is from the pre-scratch troll universe then
Judging from its pansy-ass attitude.
No. 18770 ID: 1854db

We've seen already that these new Alternians know some nature of the game already, and are aware of the struggle involving Lord English. I can't believe they could be tricked into the scratch at this point.

Go on and read Scratch's summary of it again. Nowhere did he say they were tricked; in fact the only thing Scratch said they did not know was that they did not recognize as a bad omen the fact that they were not created via their session, but via the post-scratch session.
No. 18773 ID: 453e62

yeah they failed and were told straight, "accept the loss or scratch and have your race try again" they scratched.
No. 18774 ID: 0c9433

If Rose Mom starts talking valley girl, I may flip something
No. 18779 ID: 0c9433


Drunk 16 year olds
No. 18927 ID: aebc1f
File 132185069403.gif - (52.65KB , 650x450 , 04180.gif )

... lord english? makes sense.
No. 18931 ID: d60822

It's shit that Jade alchemized, presumably with the remains of LE during act seven or potentially later.
No. 18933 ID: 453e62

that is such a red herring it could possibly wrap around to normal.
No. 18937 ID: aebc1f
File 132187133182.gif - (150.36KB , 650x450 , 01890.gif )

hey guys, seems the dave/jade never happened.
Look, jake is right there.

plus spoilers for other characters?
No. 18938 ID: d60822

>TT: Just about the only way I could salvage endearment from this perilous slope of horseshit would be to discover, really fucking soon mind you, it was a preamble to some floundering invitation for me to rush to your vicinity as nakedly as possible.
Time for some Grampa/Bro porn.
No. 18945 ID: 0c9433

...Scratch Kids or Guardians?

I'm sure either exists.
No. 18959 ID: bbcd66

>hey guys, seems the dave/jade never happened.
I've followed this comic since conception and I have no idea what you're talking about.
No. 18962 ID: 453e62

think he thought somehow jake or bro or something were a time displaced son or something.
No. 18968 ID: d60822

Could be he's just reminding us that these folks aren't the offspring of the kids from the alpha timeline.

Although actually, we don't know that for sure. It seems like it certainly should be the case, but the birth picture bamump now posts is from the alpha timeline, and the beta timeline could be different; we thus have no proof.
No. 18969 ID: 049dfa


The kids/Guardians that John made in the Alpha Timeline are the ones that ended up in this universe.

The ones that Jane (probably) will make are going to be the alpha people.

This has been covered.
No. 18970 ID: 4c4aa5

Now I get it. And thus I believe this is >>18969
is correct
No. 18971 ID: d60822

Are you certain? What's the source on that? Seems to me that by logic there would be a separate ectobaby session for the separate universe.
No. 18982 ID: 1854db

It's what happened in the troll universe's scratch. The fact that they were created in the other universe's session is Lord English's calling card.
No. 19056 ID: 1854db

Well, this is a new situation.

We saw what happens when a player enters the game already dead. What happens when a player enters the game with their dream self already dead?
No. 19120 ID: 453e62

No. 19172 ID: 0d7a83
File 132277318063.gif - (377.29KB , 475x268 , rainbowlasers.gif )

Mad staxx.
No. 19287 ID: 55f0cc

No, I'm not going to read this thread! And don't even bother me with your future or past selves! I just want to take this out of my chest!


Oh, yeah. I started reading last week. I'm still reading. I'll probably read a second time and more. Words fail me.
No. 19303 ID: e3f578

oh thank god
Dad is still Dad
just scared for his daughter
No. 19342 ID: cdb8cb
File 132331331264.jpg - (62.73KB , 492x600 , goat.jpg )

No. 19377 ID: c6b7c8

oh my god JC a bomb
A bomb!

business is booming at the crocker household
No. 19499 ID: e3f578

Goddammit Hussie
No. 19503 ID: 597dc4

you, uh, got that kinda wrong there buddy.

<3 for jack
<3< for whitey

spade and heart... you know.
No. 19602 ID: 616fe9

Silly old planet, grandma? Crapsack World, alright!

From that moment I knew. Andrew will make everyone, including readers, suffer. Then everyone will die. For real.
No. 19631 ID: cdb8cb

JOHN: you are like a furry now, but not really the weird kind that people on the internet like to have sex with in their imagination.
No. 19632 ID: d60822

And then Jade was sad because she totally wants to have sex with furries.
No. 19633 ID: 2eac65
File 132410377847.gif - (179.65KB , 650x650 , planeteering.gif )

And Jade continues to be awesome.

This Godsprite thing seems like it has a lot of potential for fun. What if you had prototyped your dreamself-sprite with, say, a Mother Grub? Or Gl'bgolyb? Or a genesis frog?

Wait a minute... what happened to Derse?
No. 19634 ID: 1854db

Derse and Prospit were left behind. Nobody was on them tho.
No. 19635 ID: 0c9433

JOHN: so, the dog ears...
JOHN: is that a permanent thing now, or what?
JADE: i think so
JOHN: i like them.
JADE: i do too!
JOHN: you are like a furry now, but not really the weird kind that people on the internet like to have sex with in their imagination.

Amen John.

No. 19638 ID: 2eac65

That's right; Jack wrecked stuff in Prospit, but only the moon crashed into the Battlefield. Though I'm pretty sure there were some people left; DD mentioned having to do government work that SS was too lazy for, and there wasn't any mention of an evacuation, was there?

Still, large parts of the universe were missing. I wonder what effect it will have on the new session to have pieces missing from the old one when it was reset. We know there's a Skaia, at least.
No. 19641 ID: 453e62

oh god, john is throwing bucket at karkat.
No. 19643 ID: 2eac65

Before Jade mentioned the whole

>three years

thing, how many of you thought their conversation was taking place in a fraction of a nanosecond?
No. 19644 ID: 453e62

prospit was evaced. while it may of not of been destroyed it suffered massive damage. and the ships carrying dudes flew away from it. like the ship WQ was on.
No. 19645 ID: bdb886

relativity bro
No. 19648 ID: 1854db

That's not how relativity works. In fact this is the opposite of how relativity works.
No. 19649 ID: 453e62

indeed, and andrew knows that, not sure why he is doing this, but yeah.
No. 19651 ID: 2eac65

They're smaller than the Hussiebot, which makes the distance proportionately longer. From his perspective, the distance is one yard and takes a fraction of a nanosecond to cross. From the kids' perspective, the same distance is three lightyears, and takes as long to cross.
No. 19652 ID: 3f976e

No. 19661 ID: 3fd4fb

ARADIA: can you please explain to my friends what a human funeral is like?
ROSE: I would describe it as an occasion marked by a great deal of jubilation at the expense of one or more well dressed cadavers.
ARADIA: could you go into more detail?
ROSE: Well, in my experience, a loved one, typically an elder, arranges to have the departed placed in a small box, and then forces you to stand in the rain all day.
ROSE: Then, presumably winded by all the deeply ironic catharsis, she gets drunk and passes out on the couch.

I haven't laughed this much at Homestuck in a long while.
No. 19666 ID: 1854db

Distance is not relative. It's easily measured by how fast light is going, and since everyone sees light as going the same speed, everyone measures distance the same way. Unless of course it's parallel distance observed by someone going at relativistic velocities. Then everything looks shorter.

It's still the opposite of what hussie's doing. You go near the speed of light, and trips take a shorter amount of time by your perception, not a longer amount of time.

There is absolutely no reason for Jade to think it will take 3 years. It's Hussie interfering with the story over that one yard, by making it 3 light years long.

What I don't understand is why jade doesn't just make them and the ship bigger and thus the distance shorter simply by messing with reality-breaking powers. Her Witch of Space powers are a clear loophole that she just isn't exploiting.
No. 19675 ID: 453e62

because hussie is the space god of the universe they are in. and perhaps has locked them down to that size.
and hussie knows relativity and all that. made a huge post about it when people asked him what was up with black hole in problem sleuth.
No. 19685 ID: 616fe9

Karkat is the savior, the prophet, the messiah of Homestuck. The Only Sane Man. At least I can count with someone to have a natural reaction in the middle of all this shit. The rest is just insane.
No. 19691 ID: a611d6

I was going to say "Except for his creative swearing", but then I realized that anyone who had to go through the absolute crazy things he had to (losing friends, nearly dying many times, having your entire DAMN SPECIES die out, being forced to play a convoluted game that defines the fate of the universe) would probably drive a normal person to similar language.
No. 19701 ID: b79855

Considering it makes absolutely no sense for it to take so long, and hussie flatly stated it would only take nanoseconds, I'mma guess basically everyone.
No. 19702 ID: 1854db

And now apparently you can ride on light's coattails while it's moving towards you. Yep.
No. 19703 ID: 453e62

they are going to be FOLLOWING the sun's photons through the veil to the next session.
No. 19710 ID: 1e3433

People really need to stop getting surprised when fictional physics doesn't work like rl physics.
No. 19718 ID: 1854db

No, Rose said they'd be able to see the sun soon and... oh, yeah, I guess you're right. Derp.
No. 19720 ID: cdb8cb
File 132453151444.gif - (91.52KB , 650x450 , The Only Sane Man.gif )

No. 19722 ID: 616fe9

Thus is the fate of The Only Sane Man.
No. 19726 ID: 453e62

it's like getting slapped in the face with a dildo.
No. 19729 ID: 0d7a83
File 132458990497.jpg - (30.10KB , 452x339 , thats_the_joke.jpg )

No. 19733 ID: 02c112

Karkat's face fucking made that sequence.
No. 19740 ID: f208e4

Eyebrows everywhere!
No. 19741 ID: 51d399

It's like being slapped with a USED dildo.
Recently used.
By members of both sexes and a bird.
No. 19758 ID: 2eac65
File 132482370570.gif - (140.77KB , 650x450 , mage_of_doom.gif )

And Sollux continues to be awesome.

This made me realize something interesting. Apparently, First Guardians can't move faster than light without teleport hax... but troll psychics can. That's pretty neat.
No. 19760 ID: 72d49b

I thought they were just going at nearly lightspeed.
No. 19761 ID: 2eac65

Perhaps currently, but remember, the troll empire used psychic slaves as living FTL drives. Which might be due to some exotic amplifier tech, but given what Sollux put into getting to the Green Sun, I'd say it has more to do with the psychic.
No. 19762 ID: 453e62

yeah going super mega FTL caused him to die. making something go lightspeed is probably simple enough.
No. 19771 ID: 30df25
File 132520307959.gif - (82.65KB , 500x417 , 30737.gif )

Nah mate, the Witch of Space can't violate the rules of space. The First Guardian can, but only to teleport there, not to bring things from there.

Every god-tier has stupid amounts of power in their fields of expertise, but must still obey the rules of their power. John can use the Breath of Skaia to summon useful items, but not anything like the TUMOUR that is sealed air-tight underground, nor something from another world where the atmospheres aren't connected. Feferi can give the kiss of Life, but she has to be physically present to resurrect someone. Eridan could fulfill hope, or destroy hope, but not make someone hope for something of his choosing.

> So why didn't Jade go to the Green Sun faster than light, bring John, then bring him back to the ship?

Because Jade can access the Green Sun, but not go there, just as Becnoir couldn't follow Aradia to the Green Sun, and had to use the -ifier to get to the other session.

> But if Jade's space powers are making her go almost at the speed of light, then shouldn't time be compressing for her and John, not stretching?

Well that's because fuck you. Fuck you is why.
No. 19774 ID: 1854db

Um, Feferi never reached God Tier. Are you just like... theorizing on what her Witch of Life abilities would be?

Kissing corpses just wakes up their dream selves.
No. 19775 ID: 1854db

>Jane waking up in the session before the game starts

Stop cheating, you cheater.
No. 19776 ID: 049dfa



Jade was awake before the game started, too.

So was Terezi.

And Dave.

Possibly others.
No. 19782 ID: 2eac65

>Kissing corpses just wakes up their dream selves.
Dreamself waking is just something that can happen due to any number of reasons. Kissing a dead person resurrects them by allowing their dream body to take over as their real body.

Which gives me an idea. If someone dies before entering the Medium, can their dreamself still be revived with a kiss? If so, then it could be possible to enter the Medium without ever using the actual Sburb game. But that would lead to a very screwed up session: no building, no alchemy equipment, no sprites, no prototyping, and the Battlefield will still be stuck on its lowest stage. And the Reckoning will still have to happen somehow, for timey wimey purposes. It would make for a very interesting session if it isn't completely doomed.
No. 19785 ID: 1854db

Nope! All the dream selves were 'dreaming' and not sharing memories or anything. Jade's robot recorded the dreams so she could replay them and see the cloud visions. Dave's dream self was active but not truly awake. Rose had to wake him up with the ball of yarn. Terezi was the same way.

Jane has essentially entered the session fully at this point. I wonder if the SBURB computer game will only include three players?

>If someone dies before entering the Medium, can their dreamself still be revived with a kiss? If so, then it could be possible to enter the Medium without ever using the actual Sburb game.

This is what Jane just did, except without any kissing. She died before the game started, and entered the session early. She could travel to the battlefield right now and just knock over the black king who is still a chesspiece.
No. 19786 ID: e3f578

Man, how are they gonna get Jane and the house in game without here though? Dad plays the game? Dad probably plays the game to see his daughter alive again.

Maybe he might be more than a cool joke character now! He might get less vague development! Pesterlogs from Dad!
No. 19787 ID: 453e62

the battlefield needs to be replaced with the one jade has. then when the first prototype of this session is added it will be fixed.
No. 19788 ID: 049dfa

>Kissing a dead person resurrects them by allowing their dream body to take over as their real body.

When did this EVER happen?

You know, just out of curiosity?

The only time it did anything it just caused Dave's dream self to wake up instead of just lying there asleep.


>Nope! All the dream selves were 'dreaming' and not sharing memories or anything.

Jade's Dream Self was actively moving around and doing things. It wasn't dreaming, it was awake. And she was completely aware that it was dreaming, and used the term 'awake' to refer to it. She even made a specific mention that John's Dream Self was still sleep and hadn't awakened yet. Dave's dreamself wasn't 'active' the entire time, it was 'awake' the entire time.

If you want to play the 'nuh uh it was totally something other than being awake' thing, you're going to need to find a case of the dreamself not being able to be awake.

>Terezi was the same way.

Terezi explicitly and specifically remembered the tastes and smells of skaia before they ever started the game. So you are wrong.

Also, Jane remembered her dreamself tooling around Skaia and seeing Jake's dead dream self. She just thought it was, you know, a dream. She still remembered it, though.
No. 19793 ID: 2eac65
File 132530079334.gif - (86.37KB , 650x800 , corpsesmooch.gif )

Sollux, when he got caught in the Vast Glub.

And Rose, after she went Grimdark and lost to Jack Noir.

And Dave, after his battle with Jack.

As Karkat put it,
No. 19795 ID: 049dfa

>Sollux, when he got caught in the Vast Glub.

When Feferi kissed Sollux, his dream self woke up and flew through the medium to the planet.

>And Rose, after she went Grimdark and lost to Jack Noir.

Where her dream self woke up on prospit and talked to dave.

>And Dave, after his battle with Jack.

When he woke up again on Derse.

The kiss shortcuts the 'dream self is still asleep' issue. It hasn't been shown to do anything fancier than that.
No. 19796 ID: 2eac65

>When Feferi kissed Sollux, his dream self woke up and flew through the medium to the planet.
Yes, that happened.

>Where her dream self woke up on prospit and talked to dave.
Again, yes, that happened.

>When he woke up again on Derse.
Yes, he woke up on Derse.

The way you described it is the way I described it: person dies, person gets kissed, person lives on as dream self. What did you think I meant? That it also teleported their dream self to their real body's location or something? What I meant was that it brings them back to life as their dream body, which has been clearly shown and told to us multiple times. One would think that would be clear from the context, as I had suggested it as an alternate means of entering the Medium (implying that the dreamself would still be in the Medium).
No. 19799 ID: 049dfa


>What did you think I meant?

That it actually involved resurrection in some manner, since you specified it?


>person dies, person gets kissed, person lives on as dream self.

Except that people live on as their dream selves all the time without getting kissed. The kiss is just an alternate wake condition.
No. 19801 ID: 453e62

no the kiss keeps the dream self from dying also. the dreamself starts gaining the wounds of the realself until it dies too unless kissed.
vriska's dreamself was turning bloody all by itself before her real self finally died on the slab.
No. 19802 ID: e3f578

No, she was on her god-tier bed and was slowly dying, her dreamself was melding with her body slowly.

Jane may just end up being a ghost like Aradia. But that means Dad doesn't get ordered around to start the session.
No. 19803 ID: e3f578

I like this post-scratch Jack Noir
Very practical and brutal
Not just a boring killing machine Bec Noir is
No. 19804 ID: 365adf

Goddammit Jane stop dying.

That's Sollux's thing.

Spotlight stealer.
No. 19805 ID: 2eac65

That depends on just how much a dreamself has in common with their real self. If they're pretty much the same, with the same mind, the difference is purely semantic. But the comic seems to suggest otherwise. Dreamselves have properties that normal selves don't, such as the ability to fly, and that thing Jade did with her arms. The comic also shows that injuries to a real self quickly carry over to the dream self, presumably resulting in death if appropriate measures are not taken.

Plus, Rose's was already awake long before John kissed her. So was Vriska's, and she specifically asked Tavros not to kiss her, because she wanted to go God Tier instead. If it were just an "alternate wake condition", there would have been no need.
No. 19806 ID: 2eac65

Actually, no. I checked the most recent updates, and they seem to support your point of view. Jane died and woke up as her dreamself without needing a kiss or having her real-world injuries carry over. Since it happened, it must be possible. So that's settled.

Or it could mean that Jane didn't really die from the bomb. I guess we'll see.
No. 19809 ID: 453e62

could also of happened too fast for her real self's wounds to start appearing.
No. 19811 ID: 049dfa


>The comic also shows that injuries to a real self quickly carry over to the dream self

When? That has ONLY happened with Quest Bed shenanigans.

>So was Vriska's, and she specifically asked Tavros not to kiss her, because she wanted to go God Tier instead.

Actually, she got mad at him for trying to kiss her when she was asking him to kill her, when he WOULDN'T do it earlier when she asked him to.

>If it were just an "alternate wake condition", there would have been no need.

Have you considered that it is actually entirely possible that the trolls just don't KNOW any better? The kids have only done the revival kiss thing at the trolls' urging, and the first time the trolls saw somebody die and come back it was after feferi kissed sollux (which might just have been his -normal- wake condition for at least one of his dreamselves).
No. 19812 ID: 049dfa

oh, and as for 'real world injuries carrying over,' Vriska's dream self had two arms and Tavros' dream self had legs. Vriska's couldn't see, but she specifically mentioned that that was because she didn't really WANT to see after she learned to view the world in a new manner.
No. 19813 ID: 453e62

could be it carries over your cause of death only, regular damage doesn't do anything.
No. 19817 ID: e3f578

There's no hard evidence to prove that theory at all, like just Vriska dying on her god bed which can't count because it's a very special condition.

In fact, here's evidence to the contrary of the theory, Sullox died barfing out of his orifaces for his first death and when his dreamself woke, there was not a single drop of blood on his body on prospit.
No. 19821 ID: 2eac65

What are you trying to accomplish at this point? Are you trying to convince me of something I already admitted was true?
No. 19822 ID: 049dfa


You aren't the only jackass I respond to. Notice how other people have also talked about injuries carrying over? And they're still doing it? Even though it's fucking stupid?

You've quite the ego on you!
No. 19825 ID: 2eac65

Sorry, I figured that, since your post consisted entirely of direct responses to out-of-context quotes from me, it was probably directed at me. Or at least based on the (false) assumption that I hadn't acknowledged the truth immediately afterwards and immediately before you posted.
No. 19926 ID: c681b2

> Kindly ask for a computer

GG: With your license, my good sir and/or madam. I'm part of the chosen ones and I'm in need of a computational apparatus to play the game that will decide the fate of a universe.
GN(?): Of course! Everything for our saviors!
GG: I'm not sorry to say this, but you all will die buried by a meteor shower and never be mentioned again.
GN(?): Oh.
No. 19944 ID: 1854db

Hmm. So, the remaining four archetypes are Mage, Sylph, Thief, and Bard, and the remaining four elements are Rage, Doom, Blood, and Mind. Assuming the post-scratch kids all go god tier...

I wonder who'll wind up with them? Maybe some pre-scratch trolls survived and jumped sessions just like Jade, or Karkat and crew? It'd make for a fantastic double mobius reacharound, and that's probably the best evidence that it will happen.
No. 19946 ID: f00b99

You're forgetting that we already have some trolls with Rage, Blood, and Mind on a meteor hurtling towards the scratched universe at nigh-light speed.
That just leaves Doom.
The obvious conclusion is therefore, that UU is an X of Doom
No. 19948 ID: e3f578

For a tense second I thought Dirk's full name was going to be Dick
Then I got reminded of Don Draper from Mad Men
Dirk Strider is John Hamm
No. 19950 ID: 1854db

Those four trolls aren't going god tier though. They can't, because there won't be any appropriate quest beds for them to die on. I'm assuming that the four post-scratch kids will go god tier, and that at the end of the story we will have 12 god-tier heroes encompassing all the archetypes and elements.
No. 19956 ID: b894af


We already know that Jane is the hero of life. And characters can still easily go god tier. Even the already dead ones, since jade established that just dumping a corpse on a quest bed causes it to go god tier as well. And gamzee has been collecting and preserving corpses.
No. 19962 ID: 1b0f2f
File 132677479694.jpg - (43.89KB , 650x450 , karkat.jpg )


>> and gamzee has been collecting and preserving corpses
>> since jade established that just dumping a corpse on a quest bed causes it to go god tier as well
No. 19963 ID: 1854db

That was one of the first things I thought when I heard he was collecting corpses. HOWEVER, you still need a living dream self for that to work on the normal quest beds. Gamzee would have to find appropriate-element quest beds in Derse and Prospit to dump them on to create god tier folks in the new session from the corpses.

We know the new kids are Void, Life, Hope, and Heart. So if this actually does work and there's no time limit on how recently they died (or, perhaps Jade was not killed instantly? Kanaya was pronounced DEAD but she was still "alive" at that point) then we can have the following trolls resurrected:
Eridan (Hope)
Feferi (Life)
Equius (Void)
Nepeta (Heart)

I'd rather Eridan not be brought back, for obvious reasons. If Prospit and Derse have more than four quest beds, then more trolls might be able to be brought back. For instance, if the previous session's kids gained quest beds in the new session, then these dead trolls are viable:
Tavros (Breath)
Vriska (Light)

The troll heroes of Space and Time are still alive, but they could go God Tier if the previous case is true.

So are the heroes of Mind, Rage, and Blood. But... that leaves Sollux (Doom) permadead unless something weird happens. I guess if his corpse is delivered to the trolls' prescratch session then it could get him God Tier there.
No. 19964 ID: e3f578

Honestly, at this point, I'm just going to assume there may be another way to go God Tier, even for the deadest of the dead and those that make it to other session, because Lord knows we were all on about the whole thing that "No, you have to have both lives and die on the quest bed on your planet" at first too. Remember when we thought death was a big deal? It really has been made cheap, not even by the fact that we still see and interact with characters that die, but by the simple fact so many die you get used to it and suddenly it's fucking DBZ all over again. I think Hussie was trying to avoid that, or maybe he did it on purpose, I have no idea anymore.

Also, dude, the Time Troll is already god tier, what are you on about?
No. 19966 ID: 365adf


Add to that, I think it was implied that Jane and Jake are Maid and Page respectively.

"The Page is dead, our Hope is lost."
"The Maid is dead, our Life is pathetic. (or something)"
No. 19967 ID: b46e0c

Okay so jake's the Page of Hope then.
Man, that completely went over my head when I first read it.
No. 19969 ID: 1854db

>But his apprentice was able to beat him in the wizard's duel by first becoming checkmated, and through some unprecedented enchantment, continuing to play beyond the death of the king.

I gotta say this is an amazing analogy for what's going on in Homestuck right now.
No. 19970 ID: 1854db

Oh boy, the code journals are back.

I just had a strange thought. If the codes are written down due to the players being manipulated at some emotionally critical moment, who's doing the manipulating? If it's always an agent of Lord English, then that means in every universe that has a First Guardian, there will be a Lord English.
No. 19988 ID: 2eac65

There's another method of bringing back the dead, one that's already been established: kernelsprites. And if you leave out Eridan, who nobody's going to want back, and Feferi, who's happy chilling with the horrorterrors, that leaves just enough kernels in the alpha session for each player to get their own trollsprite companion.

Of course, given how these plans tend to go in Homestuck, there's a good chance that one of them will prototype something they don't want to overwrite.

It's kind of the way a Sburb session goes normally. Black checkmates the White king, then the players come in and win the game for White.

It's important to remember that the players are all custom-made by Sburb via ectobiological time paradox. A simpler answer is that they simply have the First Guardian code buried in their subconscious, and it will inevitably be brought out by something because that's how fate works in Homestuck. Rose's was triggered by hearing her cat MEOW. But then, the simplext explanation isn't necessarily the correct one.

That reminds me of something interesting I noticed. Part of Doc Scratch's code came from a doomed timeline; specifically, the "honk HONK" code, which describes what Lord English does after he's summoned (t1CK t0ck 8rk H34DS describes the summoning itself). Perhaps this is meaningful, or perhaps not; I wouldn't put it past Homestuck to say "yes".
No. 19995 ID: e3f578

If that's true it's obvious Nepeta is going into Roxy's sprite and Equis into Dirks
Hey, there's decent foreshadowing and parallels to that!
No. 19997 ID: 1854db

Nepeta and Karkat, together forever~~~
No. 19998 ID: 365adf


Sweet Brother and Hella Jefferson, Karkles is god-tier in this drunken dream to boot!

What could this mean?
No. 20002 ID: 1854db

It's an alternate-timeline Karkat, obviously.
No. 20042 ID: 1854db

Oh boy, the roles are more than just symbolic. +/-, eh?

Rogue +
Thief -

Page + (Tavros was the epitome of a support class)
Maid - (Aradia is offensive, definitely)

Bard + (Gamzee seemed to get a PASSIVE benefit from Rage, alternatively his natural state is to be CHILL and CHILL OUT other people, which means he sortof reverses Rage into peace or whatev)
Knight - (Knight is definitely ACTIVE, as we saw from Dave.)

Seer + (Rose is support, as is Terezi)
Sylph - (Kanaya is offensive)

Witch + (Feferi had a full-on support role, so does Jade even though she's supremely powerful)
Mage - (Don't tell me EYE LASERS aren't active/offensive)

Prince + (Eridan was not passive or support at all, but perhaps he was perverting his role because he was a giant fuckup?)
Heir - (John is definitely offensive, so is Equius)
Or maybe this pair of aspects both have offensive qualities to them?
No. 20089 ID: 2ae337

I think the Prince is more of a glass cannon. Capable of really dealing the damage, but crap at taking it. Hence fragile ego, and easily dispatched.
No. 20095 ID: ed57e8

it's how their POWERS awaken. not their personality. until tornado, the breeze simply warped around john doing it's own thing. also you may be linking the wrong ones. a page is a knight's apprentice so if anything it would go with that.
No. 20101 ID: 1854db

Fragility doesn't really have anything to do with how the roles operate. We were told it's just... like, if their powers are mainly focused on helping others or helping themselves.

No, it's how they USE their powers. I didn't link Page to Knight because they are not similar roles. Every pair is similar, and often are defined by the same phrase.
Page and Maid can both be defined as "One who serves".
Prince and Heir can both be defined as "One who inherits".
Seer Sylph Witch and Mage are all related to magic and I honestly don't know exactly how they would be defined but those pairings seem most appropriate.
Sylph not being a very well defined word is the main problem here. It's like, an air elemental or slender girl? How does that work as a role? And there's a few ways Bard could be defined.

Honestly I don't think much of anything matches Knight or Bard, and thus I just threw them together.
No. 20104 ID: 2ae337

Well then obviously to help himself. Nearly everything he did was for self-gratification. Anything he did for others was for some hope that it would benefit him.
No. 20109 ID: 1854db

Again, the personality has nothing to do with how their powers are used. And we never really saw him using Hope powers; all he did was use a wand that Kanaya made. We clearly saw John using his Breath powers to do the windy thing. I guess you could have a point anyway; maybe since his powers are half support (flight, item delivery) he's the + side?

It's really difficult to pin down the roles. I'm betting that Hussie will make everything clear eventually.
No. 20183 ID: 2eac65

Who's to say it doesn't? Or maybe it's the other way around. Again, it's important to remember that the roles aren't something added to a normal person; a Sburb player is custom-made by the game and sent into the past to play it, with fate being shaped around them to fit them into their destined roie. Class could define a lot about their personality and talents.

For example, Terezi is the Seer of Mind, which ties into her talent with manipulating people and guessing how they will act. But that's not limited to her future-telling ability; she's been good at it since before the game started, in the same sense a normal person would be manipulative. It's hard to tell where her mundane skills end and her class powers begin, and there may not be such a line.
No. 20184 ID: 1854db

Okay, look at the duplicate roles we have.
Dave and Karkat are both Knights.
Jade and Feferi are both Witches.
Rose and Terezi are both Seers.
John and Equius are both Heirs.
Dirk and Eridan are both Princes.
Roxy and Nepeta are both Rogues.
Jake and Tavros are both Pages.
Jane and Aradia are both Maids.

Ask yourself what their personalities have in common.
No. 20187 ID: 2eac65

Okay, let's see what we can come up with...

>Dave and Karkat are both Knights.
They're both devoted to their friends' well-being, and have an interest in melee weapons (not just as weapons of choice, they were genuine hobbies pre-game). Fits perfectly with their class, which is meant to be a powerful front-line fighter who protects their friends.

>Jade and Feferi are both Witches.
Well, they're both very cheerful and upbeat, but isolated from the rest of society. They're both friends with horrifically powerful supernatural monsters, which others find horrifying (redundant but true!), because they were raised by them.

>Rose and Terezi are both Seers.
...Okay, you got me there. Terezi as an individual fits her class very well, personality-wise, but doesn't seem to have much in common with Rose. Then again, Rose doesn't seem to be a very good Seer.

>John and Equius are both Heirs.
That's pretty hard to say. I guess you could compare John's elaborate family legacy to Equius' struggles with the caste system, but I'll admit that's pretty tenuous.

So it looks like class doesn't always have anything to do with a player's personality. but it doesn't necessarily have nothing to do with it either.
No. 20188 ID: e3f578

I'd say the comparison between Rose and Terezi is that they are the brains of both their groups.

John and Equuis, by comparison, are either the dumbest or most naive.
No. 20189 ID: 1854db

FUCK. Prince/Bard?! And they're attuned to "destruction"? Looks like I have to match classes based on how they use their powers more than what their titles mean.

Updating my pairs, then.

Rogue +
Thief -

Bard + (turns out Gamzee gets dangerous when other people make him mad. He can't take the initiative, so passive.)
Prince - (yeah, Eridan was pretty active I guess)

Page + (Tavros did barely anything on his own)
Maid - (Aradia is offensive, definitely, and was a loner)
Hmm. Page/Maid seems associated with groups. Aradia summoned a bunch of clones of herself, and Tavros charmed a bunch of imps.

Knight - (Knight is definitely ACTIVE, as we saw from Dave.)
Sylph + (Kanaya is offensive, but... she didn't take the initiative to gain her powers. This implies that they are passive.)
Knight/Sylph seems to use transforming weapons.

Seer + (Rose is support, as is Terezi)
Mage - (Don't tell me EYE LASERS aren't active/offensive)
Seer and Mage are both related to sight and knowledge.

Heir - (John is definitely offensive, so is Equius)
Witch + (Feferi had a full-on support role, so does Jade even though she's supremely powerful)
Heir and Witch seem to be related to purity and manipulating the element directly.

I think I nailed the pairs this time... though I guess I could still be wrong about one or two of the +/- things.
No. 20196 ID: 1b0f2f
File 132883753346.gif - (357.46KB , 500x346 , shoosh pap.gif )


Gamzee is not a class who creates rage. Gamzee is the Bard of Rage. To put that in the terms UU explained it, Gamzee is the one who allows the rage to be destroyed. Shoosh pap.
No. 20197 ID: e3f578

or destroys through rage or something like that.

Eridan fulfilled his title well. He could have destroyed through hope or destroy hope. He destroyed hope.
No. 20198 ID: 1854db

>"one who allows x to be destroyed, or invites destrUction throUgh x," as if by the will of the aspect.
He invites destruction by succumbing to rage. He cannot summon up rage to do the destruction. It has to be there already. Karkat managed to remove the rage and thus defuse his powers.

Oh, and I forgot, Karkat is a Knight... he doesn't have a transforming weapon or anything. I'm actually not sure what his Knight of Blood powers even are, though. Maybe it's because we don't know what Blood actually represents just yet.

Maybe I'm just wrong about the Knight/Sylph powers anyway... hmm.
No. 20203 ID: 365adf


Well, in Karkat's case, it seems Blood is referring to...well. Blood. His blood.

So let's recall that Karkat is the lowest of the low on the blood color ranks.

And yet he is the Leader of the troll's group. Where everyone (which includes trolls at the very top; Eridan and Feferi) else is above him.

So in a way, he's fighting the blood "caste system" by positioning himself in a role that leads even our purple fish trolls. Karkat, in a sense, is fighting blood.

So a Knight fights x? Perhaps also fights through x?

Does this make sense?
No. 20204 ID: 365adf

Ugh, damn lack of edit button.
I meant "Fights in the name of x" for the second one.
No. 20208 ID: 2eac65

I think the Knight is "One who protects X, or protects others with X." That's what Dave does with his Time powers.
No. 20286 ID: 2eac65

I've got a weird thought.

Okay, so Snowman is connected to her entire universe, right? And if she dies, the universe dies, because it's inside her heart. But she's still a chess person, so she would theoretically be able to use the Queen's Ring if she got her hands on one. How might that affect the rest of the universe?
No. 20288 ID: 1854db

That's a pretty weird thought.

Good thing we know that never happens.
No. 20290 ID: 2eac65

There's more than one Snowman in paradox space. Potentially, at least; we know there's more than one Doc Scratch, but we don't know where the rest of the Felt come from. Maybe the 8-ball is always an exiled Dersite; maybe she's drawn from another local race sometimes, or has a green version like the other Felt. Maybe all of the positions are filled by locals in some worlds.

Then again, there might be only one Felt, or even just a single Doc Scratch. He never actually said there were more of him, did he? He said he was spawned in "countless" other universes ("countless" isn't a number, and might mean "zero" if you take it literally), and had never failed his mission in the past or future (which doesn't mean he had ever succeeded more than once).

Assuming that the Snowman-with-a-ring (or scepter) thing is possible, I'd imagine it would share the prototypings with that universe's genesis frog. Could be handy if your world ever comes under attack from the outside (but you'd still have Lord English to deal with).
No. 20291 ID: ed57e8

freaky idea, what happens if your prototype a RING? like get one of the queen's rings outside the session and prototype, then enter. would is cause a resonance cascade as it infinitely powers up?
No. 20324 ID: 2eac65

Wow! It's been quite a while since we've had a flash like that.

Just to get it out of the way, the soundtrack seemed kind of inappropriate for the Derse scenes. We've got this badass, high-octane action music playing over a guy in purple pajamas leisurely floating down the street.

On a more positive note, this could explain what Dirk's mythological role is supposed to mean. The Prince of Heart is "He who uses souls to destroy", which is a pretty good description of leading an army (a group of people, or souls) in battle.

I'm also enjoying the scenes of Derse citizenry. For the most part, they didn't do too much to portray the chess people as actual civilizations; it's nice to see them fleshed out. It also fits in with this idea I had, that Derse would use their moon as a prison planet for low-level political dissidents who didn't warrant a harsher punishment; that's where their legendary foes are sleeping, so it makes a sort of sense.
No. 20325 ID: f8cfd0

Nice [S]
No. 20327 ID: 049dfa

>the soundtrack seemed kind of inappropriate for the Derse scenes. We've got this badass, high-octane action music playing over a guy in purple pajamas leisurely floating down the street.

That's because the prince just suddenly marching down the street with the Hegemonic Brute's head, ripping down a dersian flag, and putting the head on it like a pike is some serious boat rocking.
No. 20329 ID: 2eac65

True, but "dramatic and plot-important" doesn't necessarily mean "some badass action music would go great here". The scenes were pretty slow-paced; they would have gone better with a more atmospheric tune.
No. 20330 ID: 049dfa

No, contextually speaking they were NOT slow-paced. The music echoes the Beatdown remix of Dirkbot wailing on Jake because it's the same thing going on. The same thing going on when Bro beat Dave down while beatdown played years ago. Dirk was basically turkeyslapping the entire planet of Derse, and rubbing their face in it.
No. 20331 ID: 2eac65

You're talking about the general idea behind the scenes. I'm talking about the cinematic aspect of the scenes, which were people slowly walking or floating around. They could have been made differently, or set to less intense music; as it is, we've got a soundtrack full of energy over scenes which are rather serene.
No. 20332 ID: 049dfa

There's nothing serene about them. At all.
No. 20333 ID: 2eac65

I rewatched the flash and... nope, there are a few scenes of people clamly walking/floating around.
No. 20335 ID: 72d49b

>Dirk was basically turkeyslapping the entire planet of Derse
Psychologically yes, but what he did physically was drift forward with a head under his arm.
I thought the music was fine, though.

Serene may not be a perfect word for it, but it's close enough to make arguing over it pointless.
No. 20337 ID: 2eac65

On a more important note, the flash revealed a significant plot point: the Queen's Ring has no orbs. Which implies there aren't going to be any prototypings in the alpha session.
No. 20338 ID: ed57e8

no, the derse queen's ring has no orbs. for obvious reason's. only a carapace person can gain power from the ring, which she is not. so she broke the orbs off to prevent anyone on derse from ever gaining enough power to beat her.
No. 20339 ID: 1854db

>He who uses souls to destroy
No, he destroys souls. He is the Destroyer of Souls. Or the Breaker of Hearts, perhaps.
No. 20340 ID: 2eac65

That's what he concluded, but the Prince title has more than one interpretation. Of course, we don't know for sure either way at this point.

That's a possibility that I hadn't considered, but it wouldn't explain the lack of prototyping towers on Prospit and Derse.
No. 20347 ID: ed57e8

pre-scratch mindfang?
No. 20348 ID: 1854db

But of course. Did you think there were more than four sessions? That would be silly. Kids A(pre-scratch) is linked with Trolls B(post-scratch). Kids B is linked with Trolls A.

It's another mobius reacharound. I am willing to bet MONEY that the post-scratch Kid session will create the pre-sratch Alternia universe, just like the post-scratch Troll session created the pre-scratch Earth universe.
No. 20349 ID: ed57e8

no actually, it has been said that the trolls universe was made by something else.
No. 20350 ID: b82a1d


The troll universe was made by a 48-player Squiddle session, if we can believe Hussie.
No. 20351 ID: e3f578

Double Reach arounds bore me now
I really do hope the troll universe was made by somebody we'll never develop on, just because it wouldn't be expected yet also be expected because it's more probable and simple. And it means that these 4 sessions just go on in a loop forever, never contributing to a bigger picture, which makes me feels like all these struggles and tribulations are meaningless.
I hope the kids go on to be awesome freedom fighters against these doomed sessions, helping out other sessions and shit and being the best heroes ever, making the bleak, depressing circular nature of Sburb less depressing. Granted, Life is very circular while still being meaningful but still, these kids would go on to beat fucking nature itself if that happened. "What is with your nihilistic, long-term nonsense? Son, we came from doomed sessions and beat the fuck out of the word 'doom'."
No. 20356 ID: 2eac65

Plus, it would go against the point of Sburb itself. It's supposed to be a universe's reproductive cycle; if it's really just the two worlds endlessly creating each other, then there's no purpose to it. That would solidify the "time travel = static" thing that's been hanging over the comic.

Fortunately, that seems to be very unlikely. The Green Sun is supposed to preside over a large number of universes, and the trolls were implied to have been made by a 48-player session, so there must be more to the world than just our heroes.
No. 20357 ID: e3f578

Oh man I just realized something about my wishes of the kids going around saving other doomed sessions, that would mean they could save fedorafreak and other earthlings that ended up playing the game that won't bear fruit out of one reason or another.
No. 20358 ID: 2eac65

On the subject of saving people, it should be entirely possible for the Beta kids to save Alpha Earth from the meteors. John could use his wind powers to suspend them in midair, and Jade could captchalogue them or teleport them away, while only dropping the ones necessary to complete time loops, like the Exiles' stations. Then, the game could be completed without destroying its host civilization.

Then again, the game is essentially a bargain between Skaia and the Horrorterrors. If the "extinction" component is bypassed, they might not be too pleased.
No. 20393 ID: 2eac65

I think I just figured something out! I've been thinking about the various classes, and I've come to an epiphany of what the Witch class does. Remember how the two witches used their element?

Feferi Pyxies, the Witch of Life, spoke with the Horrorterrors to create the dreambubbles. These offer a semblance of life to those who have already died.

Jade Harley, the Witch of Space, used her powers to shrink the planets and take them with her across the Yellow Yard. She also took her Genesis Frog from a doomed session to a healthy one, saving both it and the planets from the Scratch.

Therefore, the Witch could be "One who saves X from destruction, or restores X after its destruction". Does that make sense?
No. 20394 ID: e3f578

Just found out why there's no prototype towers
Jade be bringing their universe frog thing to the new session and it already has all the prototypes programmed into it, removing the need for the new kids to even make a new universe in the process.

So that means all the trolls and humans will rule this next universe as gods while the earth and its universe manages to survive. So basically it means Hussie gave humanity and its home a free pass to survival in his horrific circular creation mythos.
No. 20402 ID: 2ae337

Okay I'm confused. Does EVERYONE have the hots for Jake?
No. 20408 ID: 2eac65

Looks like it's 5 for 5 so far (3 if you don't count Dirk's bots). At this rate, Jake will need to into quadrantshipping to sort it all out.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

>removing the need for the new kids to even make a new universe in the process.
That much is true, given the lack of a Time or Space player. However, there still has to be a healthy Skaia for the Genesis Frog to gestate in, and the godkids' Skaia is barren.

As for sparing Earth from the game's destruction, there still has to be a Reckoning to seed a session in the first place. And the frog itself comes from an already ruined world and a scratched Sburb session. Assuming that the new universe is healthy, it will host its own session of Sburb and continue the cycle of spawning more and more universes at the cost of entire civilizations; if Earth's extraordinary situation becomes a stable mutation, that would be far from a solution to the problem. And if the new frog doesn't host any sessions, then it will be an evolutionary dead end while other genesis frogs continue the cycle throughout paradox space. There really doesn't seem to be a simple solution to this problem.
No. 20410 ID: e3f578

Why did Jade take their sessions Skaia if its so useless then?
No. 20414 ID: ed57e8

that isn't skaia, she took the battlefield which was at the center of skaia. skaia is the blue thing with the clouds.
No. 20416 ID: 578e4a

...did the queen herself just come and whoop his ass? lol
No. 20417 ID: ed57e8

she has the king's staff. it and her ring are also lacking orbs. so prototyping is not a thing needed in this session.
No. 20422 ID: 6a5a08
File 133006024166.jpg - (33.01KB , 350x332 , 1234567.jpg )

Anybody else notice John and Karkat's weapons?
The only possible explanation is that Hussie is a Communist traitor.
No. 20424 ID: ed57e8

... i would need to wait a year and then use a slowpoke in order for it to be slow enough for this. but i'm not cause fuck that.
No. 20434 ID: 1b0f2f
File 133013995368.jpg - (101.23KB , 400x300 , cyril_sneer.jpg )


Because Soviets are the only ones who use hammers and sickles, which they totally invented just for their flag.
No. 20524 ID: 365adf

So Jigsaw is an alien.

...That explains...

...not much.
No. 20526 ID: 1854db

Except he's not? I think this is a split personality.
No. 20528 ID: 365adf

It's a joke.

Nah, I don't think so, I mean, according to Dirk, only s/he and Umbra are participating (or at least to their knowledge, and the Condescension is up to her own things wherever the hell she is.) And if it's actually Umbra and a split personality, it would only work up to either of them being inside the session. And then complications start popping up.

Also and then she's sending herself sordid literature in the first person.
No. 20529 ID: 1854db

Whoa, okay, yeah. Can't be a split personality. There's only two of them in the session, that's crazy!

...you know, there would almost be a number sequence going on here if the post-scratch human session weren't so aberrant. 48-12-4-2. 48 squiddles in the session that created the troll universe, 12 trolls in the session that created the human universe, 4 in the human session (pre-scratch definitely, but post-scratch...?), 2 in the pre-scratch troll session.
No. 20530 ID: 049dfa


>2 in the pre-scratch troll session.

The pre-scratch troll session explicitly had 12 players. The same people who were the ancestors in the post-scratch session, just like the humans swapped between scratches.

If the umbra characters are in the pre-scratch troll session, the session will be made up of six separate teams that each consist of two players. Because there were explicitly 12 of them.
No. 20531 ID: ed57e8

no, the umbras are EXTRAS. the other pre-scratch trolls will have a normal game while these two bozos will have a tiny one themselves. there will be 14 trolls playing. 12 ancestors and 2 weirdos.
No. 20534 ID: 1854db

Ugh, Dirk is having deja vu. This means he is probably dead and in a dream bubble.
No. 20535 ID: 6a5a08

The umbras' sign is Serpentarius/Ophiuchus. I'm led to believe they are separate from the ancestors, as no troll had the Serpentarius sign.
No. 20536 ID: 0b8b61

So is there any reason the Umbras can't be trolls from the product universe of the session that is yet to start?

I mean they keep talking about the reset kids like they're legends and shit
No. 20538 ID: 6a5a08

The theory appears to be that the product universe of the human scratched session is the troll pre-scratch session, which is scratched to make the scratched troll session, which makes the human pre-scratch session.
No. 20539 ID: e3f578

I have a theory that the two Uus are each other's ancestors/decendants, and come from both the pre-scratch session and the post scratch session of the troll universe so they can somehow be in the same session.

Just thinking that because its convenient with the fact that the two are very different, there's two interaction of the troll universe, ecetera, and how really violent this new guy is compared to the other girl. Of course, pre-scratch Condesence is violent too, so even if prescratch trolls were less hardcore, doesn't mean they were all hippies and nice and loving. Probably slightly more hardcore than human culture.
No. 20543 ID: ed57e8

it's simple, pre-scratch trolls are mostly good because the place is run by FEFERI. condense is ALWAYS a crazy bitch and her in change made laws that made all the other trolls bitches. but feferi spreads the message of LOVE AND PEAVE.
No. 20544 ID: 0b8b61

That's ridiculous. Why can't the product universe of this session be an actual new universe which the Kids, the R-Kids, and the remaining Troll survivors enter into?

And if I remember right, Kanaya still has the grist recipe for the Matriorb somewhere, it's not too far-fetched to think that the Kids and R-Kids will have enough grist/grist varieties to make one... which leads to the continued propagation of the Troll race, and allows for a Troll-Human universe.

Also, the Trolls' universe was made by a 48-player session, wasn't it? It doesn't make sense for the R-Kids to be making that particular universe.
No. 20553 ID: 6a5a08

Because loops.
No. 20555 ID: 1854db

It's worth noting that Rose did not say that Kanaya would make the orb. Which means she probably won't. Granted, the troll race might continue in some OTHER fashion.
No. 20556 ID: 72d49b

Roxy got some nice hops.

And what the fuck is a ghost punch?
No. 20620 ID: 2eac65

Crap. I think we just had a zero-prototyping entry. That can't be good.
No. 20621 ID: 8250f2

We already knew that the omega session was going to have no prototyping, since the rings don't have any orbs on them.
No. 20623 ID: ed57e8

yes but what does it mean for the sprite? is jane going to have to deal with a insane sprite or what?
No. 20624 ID: 8250f2


There is no indication of what that will mean for the sprite. But since the scepters and rings will never be empowered it probably also means that there won't be a reckoning at all, just the troll queen invading earth directly. Also no prototypes means that the battlefield will be basically nonexistant and the one that jade is bringing with her will take its place.
No. 20625 ID: e3f578

Probably nothing. Grampa John's corpse will probably end up somehow finding it's way into the session from outer space and normal prototyping will begin from there.

Pre-entry prototypes really only affected the enemies and Skaia really, the type of prototyping never did much to the sprite itself, or changed much. This fortunately means that the bosses cannot get any abnormal super powers.

You know, I wonder if Jade will randomly "woof" like Aradia randomly ribbited.
No. 20627 ID: ed57e8

jadesprite woofed so who knows.
No. 20690 ID: 2eac65

>Karkat: Recover from human disease known as "friendship".
One is not easily shaken from the magics of friendship and love. They are stubborn throes.
No. 20694 ID: 0d7a83

It is a tenacious disease, able to survive almost anything, even the death of the host.
No. 20717 ID: e3f578

I just realized something a little late
If Papup John got prototyped instead of spaced, we would have John augmented imps roaming the session, along with John prototyped royals.

This would have been amazing.
No. 20718 ID: ed57e8

fuck no, all that mangrit in them imps? jane would of been destroyed.
No. 20720 ID: 1854db

Oh god. They are going to break everything by fertilizing the battlefield from a null session inside a void session.

What the fuck is going to happen?
No. 20725 ID: 72d49b

>What the fuck is going to happen?
You know that predetermined destiny shit that people often complain about as one of the primary flaws of Homestuck?

They're gonna break it.
No. 20726 ID: e3f578

But what if breaking predetermined destiny shit was predetermined by destiny?
No. 20727 ID: ed57e8

yeah, skaia knew this was going to happen it's cagy like that.
No. 20728 ID: 2ae337

It's like Yahtzee says.

Even if you are going against fate, that still seems to be going in line with what fate had planned or some reacharound shit like that(Not his exact words but pretty close)
No. 20730 ID: 049dfa


>They're gonna break it.

Except that they've already established that that is going to happen because it's a part of the predetermined destiny.
No. 20739 ID: 1854db

Oh god no, Karkat don't pull an Eridan on us please. Don't be that guy.
No. 20745 ID: ed57e8

i lolled when rose yoinked karkats trashy troll romance novel.
No. 20746 ID: 1854db

This is pretty much the opposite of being Eridan isn't it.
No. 20748 ID: 2ae337

Why does Karkat even have a trashy romance novel?
No. 20749 ID: e3f578

You expect the romance expert NOT to?
No. 20751 ID: 2ae337

NO I'd expect him to keep a "Troll Romance for Troll Dummies" book.
No. 20752 ID: e3f578

this latest update
i am dying
No. 20753 ID: 602cbb

Oh wow.
I am dying here.
Dave mutherfukin strider everyone.
Master manipulator.
No. 20756 ID: 72d49b

>thats the spooky thing about penis ouija you can never be sure who did the dicks
That sounds like the sort of thing that might be said in #rubyquest.
No. 20757 ID: 365adf

> Karkat fails to fall into quadrants with females.

> Karkat instead falls into quadrants with males.
No. 20759 ID: 4bdd79

>Somehow, this surprises the fans.
No. 20761 ID: ed57e8

>this kills the crab
No. 20762 ID: e3f578

>Hello, I'm DeceasedCrab!
>Let's Play Sburb
No. 20763 ID: 97486c

No. 20765 ID: e3f578

DeceasedCrab, Page of Piss
BillyMc, Knight of Light
ElectricBeast, Seer of Heart
Dunno who should be number 4
No. 20766 ID: a76cbb

Chuggaaconroy, Prince of Taste
No. 20767 ID: e3f578

as long as BillyMc is the leader, I'm fine with that.
No. 20840 ID: 00d367

totally saw that coming
No. 20850 ID: b85f8c

I think it's telling that I don't care if self-insert Hussie lives or dies.
No. 20860 ID: b85f8c

Well, he's dead. But uh... if he is god-tier then that wasn't a just or heroic death so he'll be back.
No. 20861 ID: ed57e8

depends if he was still thinking about getting ms paint. if so then it's heroic because he died trying to save someone.
No. 20862 ID: 365adf

More importantly, it seems Umbra wears a suit.

A very Felt-like suit.
No. 20870 ID: 52a564

No. 20871 ID: 431fa8

I know that it shouldn't, but even now Homestuck can draw a "what the fuck was that" from me.
No. 20872 ID: 97a9e6

what the hell was that
No. 20873 ID: b85f8c

Goddamn it Hussie.
No. 20879 ID: 30df25
File 133365189078.gif - (204.96KB , 649x448 , QUIT_STEALING_THINGS.gif )

No. 20959 ID: aefd56

What the..

Oh, Hussie. You magnificent bastard.

We now return you to your regular freak-out session.

No. 20960 ID: ed57e8

people wanted vriska back, they got her.
No. 20961 ID: b85f8c

Or not!
No. 20962 ID: 2ae337

What they got was this abomination: The Tavriska-sprite
No. 20963 ID: 210977


and then it exploded.
No. 20970 ID: 2ae337

And here I thought it was just an April fool's joke.

Looks like Hussie self inserted himself as creepy stalker.
No. 20978 ID: 72d49b

Things that are jokes can also be real. And in Homestuck they always are.
No. 20991 ID: 2eac65

...aaaaaand we just got the bad news. I suppose Sburb doesn't take kindly to loopholes.
No. 20995 ID: b9e291


What are you on about?
No. 20998 ID: 2eac65

We had previously learned that the alpha session was a "void session", which meant that the Reckoning wouldn't occur, which meant that Earth wouldn't have to get bombarded by meteors to preserve the timeilne. Rose had hoped that they could replace the aborted Skaia with their own, healthy Skaia, allowing them to win the game without killing off the host species as a consequence.

But now we know that humanity dies out anyway due to the Condesce's evil overlording. So that bit of hope, sadly, didn't work out.
No. 20999 ID: 1268e6

I thought the point was to, you know, be able to win the game to begin with.
No. 21001 ID: 2eac65

^ In what way do you believe you are correcting me?
No. 21002 ID: 72d49b

Killing off the host species was never really a relevant part of the scenario. The scheme was for the sake of winning, nobody ever thought too hard about the effect on the host species.
No. 21003 ID: b9e291


Man, the Condesce tried her best, but humans are just too squishy you know? I see your point.
No. 21004 ID: ed57e8

it wasn't being squishy,it was giving babies to giant monsters and hoping they would just raise them. she wanted her old empire back so hard she refused to just have a new one.
No. 21006 ID: 2eac65

Every component of that statement was the truth.

It is true that the session would not include a Reckoning.
It is true that the lack of a Reckoning would, hypothetically, mean that the host planet could potentially survive.
It is true that they could still "win" by replacing that session's Skaia with their own.
It is true that Rose stated all of this directly in her talk with Dave.
It is true that, despite Rose's hopes, humanity did not survive in the alpha universe.

I don't see how your statement corrects anything I said. I never claimed that saving humanity was the main reason they caused the Scratch, just that it would happen. Unless you're claiming that Rose was indifferent to the survival of the human race and only brought it up incidentally, which is highly only out-of-character and not supported by anything.

...You know, it's very frustrating to have to guess what people think I'm saying.
No. 21007 ID: 72d49b

You said:
>Rose had hoped that they could replace the aborted Skaia with their own, healthy Skaia, allowing them to win the game without killing off the host species as a consequence.
implying that that by your perception the intent of the endeavor was to win specifically without killing off the host species, rather than simply to win in general. This statement, as written, isn't about winning but only about the side effects of winning.

The next person said:
>I thought the point was to, you know, be able to win the game to begin with.
In other words, that your specific caveat (not killing the host species), whether it's what you meant or not, was not the main or primary motivation for the action (the scratch) which you describe it as the motivation for.

Then I came in and attempted to clarify but I apparently misdiagnosed the source of the communications breakdown, that being that what you said wasn't what you meant.
All the statements you list in your post here are true, but the conclusion which you implied with your previous post (The saving of the race is the primary motivation/reason for the scratch) is faulty. Also you shouldn't have to guess. Assuming your autism is at a reasonably manageable level it should be trivial to just reread your post and see what you actually said.
No. 21008 ID: 2eac65

I said:
>Rose had hoped that they could replace the aborted Skaia with their own, healthy Skaia,

I also said:
>allowing them to win the game without killing off the host species as a consequence.

I admit that the way I phrased it was unclear and could be interpreted as saying the latter was the real motivation, but that wasn't my intention.

>Then I came in and attempted to clarify
Actually, you said this:
>Killing off the host species was never really a relevant part of the scenario.
Which is untrue, as the death of the host species is part of the scenario, in the sense that Rose mentioned that it could be avoided, as I proceeded to point out. It wasn't her explicit goal, but you said it wasn't relevant, not that it wasn't intentional.

>what you said wasn't what you meant.
>All the statements you list in your post here are true, but the conclusion which you implied with your previous post
You are making two contradictory claims here. The first is that I had unambiguously stated something that was untrue, but was not what I meant. The second is that I had not stated something untrue, but my phrasing was ambiguous enough to imply it. The latter claim is the truth; that is the reason I couldn't "just read" what I wrote and know how he interpreted it and how it differed from what I actually meant.
No. 21010 ID: 0d7a83

Man I would do anything to have the sbahj experience.
No. 21012 ID: 2eac65

Which apparently involves defrauding customers at random.

Sometimes it seems like Dave is just using "irony" as an excuse to be a jackass.
No. 21022 ID: 365adf


I downloaded Sbahj the moivive. It gave my hard drive 11GB more space. :O
No. 21024 ID: 72d49b

>It wasn't her explicit goal, but you said it wasn't relevant, not that it wasn't intentional.
It was not relevant to the decision, which you implied that it was.

>You are making two contradictory claims here.
Nope. The implication was totally concrete and unambiguous, This is pretty clearly apparent since everyone besides yourself (who is biased since you knew what you meant) read the same thing from it.
No. 21025 ID: 2eac65

Okay, I'll accept your criticism.

For the record, the reason I was so defensive before was because you were treating me like I was somehow less than a person because of my communication mishap. That sort of thing tends to make me uncomfortable.
No. 21027 ID: 72d49b

I apologize if I seemed unnecessarily rude.
No. 21028 ID: 2eac65

Thanks for that, then. Not enough people are willing to do that.

Oh hey a new update! Perfect excuse to change the subject.

So... it seems that the post-Scratch guardians were as badass as the pre-Scratch guardians. It's probably a standard feature, assuming their purpose is to guide the players' growth.

Random thought: Is a First Guardian the only form Doc Scratch can take, or can he be created through alternate means? For example, if a player puts Lil' Cal and the cueball in his kernelsprite, would that make a Scratchsprite? And would it hatch into a Lord English with sprite powers instead of First Guardian powers?
No. 21029 ID: e3f578

I kind of hope Lil Cal eventually redeems himself and fights his English incarnation somehow.
No. 21237 ID: b85f8c

Calling it right now that UndyingUmbrage is Lord English.
No. 21259 ID: 6a5a08

I don't think he is yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes English.
>uu described as so fanatic about games that it is complete and utter horror
>English has turned reality into a game rigged so that in the end he and he alone will always win
No. 21260 ID: e3f578

Uu is the person who kills whoever is the symbol that represents Zazzerpan from Guardian Rose's book series. Which could either be LE himself or the Batter Witch.

Zazzerpan is supposed to be one undefeatable son of a bitch, even against gods, so Uu likely kills Lord English through some elaborate scheme that represents a chess match, which likely involves all the kids who represents Calmisis disciples (there are twelve kids counting John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Karkat, Terezi, Kanaya and Gamzee. These eight are heading for the current session in which Uu is an influence) each of which shall be systematically killed by LE in some form because they are Uu's pawns. Whether this means permadeath or not is not predictable at this point.

Calmasis is an antagonist and anti-hero at the same time, so Uu is probably very much an enemy to our heroes as well, in fact s/he may have been pulling strings from the start of the story just like Scratch/LE has, but actually against LE in the first place.

As readers, we support Uu's pawns/disciples and hope they all make it out okay, which may mean rooting for LE eventually if Uu antagonizes them in any form that makes him worse than Lord English. This is all a game between Uu and LE, this entire story, which is probably why Andrew dressed as Rose's symbolical representation of Uu with troll horns. He's the author that made the story, so he's trying to portray that Uu has been pulling plenty of strings from the start as well.
No. 21350 ID: 197830

Well I can't see any way that attacking the dead former-reality-incarnation of a psychotic demigoddess might backfire.
No. 21424 ID: b85f8c

So... if the whole chess match was a metaphor for the fight between Lord English and Skaia, who are the red king and queen? Or are they representing the two human sessions?

Also I have to wonder, what was the equivalent to uu's gambit...? The scratch, perhaps?
No. 21429 ID: f387a1

The Cerebus Syndrome is irreversible.
No. 21430 ID: 1963d1

You say that like it's a bad thing.
No. 21432 ID: 71d68e

You say it like things being grimserious is a new thing.
No. 21435 ID: f387a1

I say a lot of things.

Not complaining, though. Just indecisive, like I lost something along the way. I'm having a hard time at sympathizing with the characters.
No. 21436 ID: ba573c
File 133953658187.gif - (93.05KB , 650x450 , 04597[1].gif )

That part of the metaphor might be a little more literal than you think.
No. 21516 ID: 365adf
File 133993825569.gif - (20.54KB , 650x650 , 05094.gif )

> UU's face
The worst part is I actually saw that coming.
No. 21517 ID: f387a1

This... I'll wait for the man to do his magic before saying anything. Except that magic... Oh, my...
No. 21519 ID: 6a5a08

>uu is the Master active class of Time
>obsessed with games to the point of horror
>Lord English can supposedly travel through time at will
>UU is going to sleep and believes they will never wake up again; cannot be awake at the same time as uu
>it was always meant to be a session of one
Calling it: UU is uu, uu is English. They could only diverge through their dream selves, but UU's is now apparently dead. So English is probably uu having achieved god tier. Thus why UU can never wake up again, since their dream self and English's pre-game body would both be dead.
No. 21520 ID: fb9603

Muse of Space
Lord of Time
Lord English
UU's use of British terms
Jake was the Red Herring all along.
In the comic, UU/uu is Lord English.
It's them.
No. 21521 ID: e3f578

Say Calliope in front of Lord English
He falls asleep
Calliope takes over.
Everyone celebrates with a Squiddles marathon
No. 21522 ID: 3581fd


This isn't even remotely news.
No. 21523 ID: 2eac65

I am very satisfied with this plot twist. I've always thought that, of all the characters in Homestuck, the Felt were disappointing in that their existence was barely explained. Unlike everything else, Sburb-related, they had no known origin; they simply were. It looks like that's starting to change, and I'm looking forward to it.

On another note, there was a really clever bit of foreshadowing in the chess match. When the two called out their moves, they were both counting from the same side of the board. Which means they were looking at both armies from the same direction. If it weren't otherwise obvious, that would be a well-hidden hint as to the "split personality" theory.
No. 21524 ID: b85f8c

No. 21525 ID: b85f8c

Oh also calling it right now that the universe created by the null/void session will be uu/UU's universe. AND their session won't create a new universe, or the one it creates will not have a session at all.

48,12,4,1... nothing comes after that.
No. 21526 ID: f387a1

Sounds boring.
No. 21562 ID: e3f578

uu with every passing description sounds more and more like Hussie describing himself rather than LE.

The mystery still beckons. IS he fucking with us once again, all that foreshadowing, those implications that so easy to twist and turn. Are they more lies of omission rather than implications?
Perhaps LE is actually uu's ancestor. Or descendant. Or both.
No. 21570 ID: 197830


I would be horrified if that were not so goddamn adorable.
No. 21573 ID: f387a1

We are the uu and UU! It's us! No, really. It's the fandom.

I fear that I've contributed to the characterization of uu.
No. 21575 ID: 72d49b

>dualing weapon
Not sure if this is a typo or a pun.
No. 21576 ID: b85f8c

...oh. Of course. The Scratch, and ancestors. It would stand to reason that their session has those things happen to it as well, because Homestuck is always about the repeating patterns.

On the other hand, it's been shown that ancestors don't have the same Hero type as descendants. If uu is the Lord of Time and a Master class, then his ancestor isn't.
No. 21577 ID: eea689

Definitely an intentional pun.
Calliope is English is Calliope. There is only one body for the two characters.

Fuck. I don't think we're going to get out of this without Callie dying, or the kids/trolls dying, or both.
No. 21580 ID: b85f8c

They could always throw her dream corpse into a sprite, if they can get the thing.

Also fyi this is why Lord English has one leg missing. He rips off his leg to be free from the shackle he can't unlock.

That pretty much proves that uu is Lord English, rather than any ancestor/descendant/Scratch shenanigans. Maybe their session doesn't Scratch at all?
No. 21582 ID: 197830
File 134028403366.gif - (23.26KB , 191x263 , LordEnglish2.gif )

Sir, you have just blown my mind.
No. 21583 ID: 3581fd


The shackle that he can't unlock would be on his left leg, not his right leg.
No. 21584 ID: 09e5bf

No, the sprite flips. That's the correct leg.

Here's Calliope in the non-sprite mode, the shackle is on her left leg.
No. 21585 ID: 197830

Thank you for the clarification, I keep forgetting about sprite flips.

For that matter, it looks like in sprite-mode the caduceus (duality again...) and shackle are always on the same side, when in 'realistic'-mode they're opposite. Wonder if that's intentional or just for simplicity's sake?
No. 21586 ID: b85f8c

I'm predicting that uu's name starts with Cal as well.
No. 21587 ID: 72d49b

Lord Calvin English.
No. 21588 ID: b85f8c

It has to be 8 letters long though.

Also, on the most recent update- Does this mean that the Cherubs are in the far, far-flung future of the new kids' universe...?
No. 21589 ID: 72d49b

It certainly appears that way!
No. 21591 ID: 55eec3

At first glance, yes, but then you remember that the Alpha kids' universe was being destroyed in 2422 or whenever by the RED MILES. So, probably not the exact same universe. Somewhere lower in Bilious' Slick's vast body, perhaps.
No. 21592 ID: 927efa

Isn't it obvious? Lord English's name is Calmasis.
No. 21595 ID: c8d807

Too obvious. Seems more likely uu's name is ###masis.
No. 21609 ID: 09e5bf

uu being Lord English has fantastic connotations.

like this http://caledscratch.tumblr.com/post/25491714328/atenineten-i-really-want-uu-to-be-le-a-lot
No. 21613 ID: b85f8c

Psst, here's a little secret.

Calliope becomes Skaia. Think about it. She's the Muse of Space, the most passive of all classes, and Skaia is described as a "dormant crucible of unlimited creative potential". That is a passive muse. The Space part comes in in that Skaia presides over the sessions which create new universes.

All the players have seemingly been revealed, yet there is no hint of an explanation for where Skaia came from. Also, why the carapacians are chess themed, despite not all characters knowing that chess exists (Dirk went "What's Chess?" when uu referred to it as an explanation for using the term 'mate'). Calliope chose chess as her theme, as she imagines this as her final game against uu. The Scratch is based on uu's king/queen switch gambit.
No. 21615 ID: d88ac1

What about this:

Anyway, what about these legs:
No. 21616 ID: b85f8c

Yeah that's what I meant about Dirk not knowing what chess was. What's Calliope's dreamself's legs got to do with it?

Oh, and Skaia darkening right as Calliope loses faith really says something.
No. 21621 ID: b2f225

> What's Calliope's dreamself's legs got to do with it?
That they aren't green?
No. 21622 ID: 0d9d4d

Could it the dreamself is wearing stockings like all the other Prospitian female dreamselves do?
Yes, yes that is what it is.
No. 21623 ID: b2f225

Damn, I forgot that!
No. 21757 ID: 67de1a
File 134180552705.png - (242.55KB , 500x1000 , bigsavingonprintersupplies.png )

As the dog returneth to his vomit, so does a criminal return to the scene of the crime.

And I, apparently, return to jokes about troll boobs.
No. 21763 ID: 132b99

could have a whole thing about what each color does.
No. 21792 ID: 197830
File 134186214107.jpg - (418.87KB , 500x726 , calliope roxy.jpg )

...for some reason my brain is convinced that the ink would taste like soy sauce.

Shut up, brain.
No. 21793 ID: 72d49b

Taste some ink. A little bit won't hurt you any.
No. 21798 ID: 01f6f1

> calliope roxy.jpg
I'm a yuri veteran! Not even all the cotton-candy in paradox space can fool me anymore! I know it will never happen! Stop tormenting me!
No. 21799 ID: f5832c

Poor calliope... that is, if it is in fact her brother who becomes lord English, its still possible that the lord is a lady...
No. 21800 ID: f5832c

yeah i know, thats stupid, but im kinda grasping at straws in my mind over her, cause i find her worryingly attractive.... i think i need to see a therapist..
No. 21801 ID: 72d49b

Dirk is awesome as fuck, goddamn.
No. 21802 ID: 01f6f1

> no cotton-candy
I knew it.
No. 21803 ID: b85f8c

This is why Lord English will lose. He can't see this happening and could NEVER have predicted what just occurred. I mean goddamn.
No. 21811 ID: 011678

Well he did say that when he finaly got to kiss jake it would be epic, with oceans rising, citys falling to ruins and volcanoes errupting.
Look up badass in the dictionary and you just get a picture of dirk, and the words "Pretty much this.."
No. 21830 ID: 197830

This last update was chock full of HUSSIIIIIIIEEEEEE like that.

For instance, the headaport. Remember how the last component of the Dirkbot was delivered?
No. 21832 ID: f5832c

It just struck me, the prince is a destroyer class like calliope said, she also said that heart=self=soul, what did dirk just do? he killed himself...
No. 21934 ID: bd5edb

That's really fucked up.
No. 21935 ID: 6a1ec2


Save the world.


Kill yourself.
No. 21936 ID: 6a1ec2
File 134350202079.jpg - (23.73KB , 854x480 , eva-2-22-13852-shinji-red-eyes.jpg )

> the latest update
No. 21937 ID: bf54a8

and jake supposedly BEATS this guy!
No. 21940 ID: 1d084b

What a prick who turns into a prick on steroids DBZ style has to do with fake freudian psychology and crowning moment of awesome?

Everyone dies, but they will do it with some convoluted plan. And shenanigans, all of them. On the same page, horrorterrors are a bunch of pussies and sissies.
No. 21941 ID: f5832c

Actually as i understand it they arnet going to beat him, or defeat him in any way, they will simply create a area safe from him and wound him slightly, proving to all of reality that he Can be hurt
No. 21942 ID: f5832c

it also looks like jack and the mail lady may decide that what ever the fuck LE just did to the after life is more important then killing each other, it may be that the thing that doomed our universe may be what saves all the others
No. 21943 ID: 6a1ec2


He shattered the Incipisphere.
No. 21944 ID: e3f578

I'm curious what his motivation for doing this super destructive shit is.
I mean, yes he is a blood thirty psychotic, but this is a lot of effort just to destroy shit.
No. 21945 ID: 1d084b

Motive? That doesn't exist in Homestuck.
No. 21946 ID: e3f578

That's a really weird thing to say. A lot of people have detailed motive in Homestuck.
Like, all of them.
Even Jack, he went fucking absolutely nuts and decided to kill everything because Jade died. At first, it was to rule shit and get into cool fights. Then it was that.

I read a theory in the PA forum that when you prototype a sprite with another sprite (if you look at the flash, note that Cal's was flashing between Green and Red, their colors. A black hole is what happens when you prototype sprites together), all the imps, monsters, kings and queens transform into a universe because of how Skaia functions. That the dream bubble he destroyed was an imp and that he's just getting grist.
He's just playing the game as intended if so.
There's some proper motivation
No. 21951 ID: 1d084b

The kids and trolls don't have anything that drive them, they're just playing the game or trying to survive.
They don't take that seriously, however.

John and Jake initially wished to save Earth, but soon gave up just because someone said that it was impossible or insignificant.

Rose and Dave seem to have something in their minds, but this is never revealed becausse Mexican soap opera drama and cliffhanger.

Jane, Dirk, Jake and Roxy want to find their parents, but they spend more time and effort with tomfoolery and bad teen romance.
While everything around them is being destroyed.

Gamzee, English and Noir are just there.
Some like to say that they are like forces of nature, but they break many rules and destroy the purpose of the game.
Scratch is just another bitch of English.

Noir was already a destructive jerk before becoming Bec Noir, where only Bec's loyalty to Jade kept him in check.
When she died Noir resumed his senseless destruction.

Truth be told, some have their reasons, like Her Imperious Condescension.
However, paradox space conspires against those in the most brutal way possible.

Formspring says that we're supposed to laugh with the senseless deaths of the trolls, which the majority is just cannon fodder.
Nicolas Cage and trophy binge make everything funny.
Narrative causality can kiss our asses because Homestuck has more than seven thousand "pages".

Have I said that horrorterrors are a bunch of pussies and sissies? They are.
And Skaia is Homestuck's Eastern Supreme Kai, unlimited potential that anyone can destroy.
Why those two complex forces want to create or destroy universes? Because.

I like Homestuck, but in my opinion it doesn't have good characters and good story, nor is a comic.
I love the narrative and most jokes, these are really great.

Of course, with the fandom and Andrew there's no room for interpretation.
Everything must be the absolute truth, canon set in carbonite.
Therefore, I'm already wrong. Don't pay attention to my ramblings.
Or maybe I'm autistic and just want to prevent someone from winning this discussion.

No. 21954 ID: a23a1a

You seem frustrated
No. 21956 ID: 4bdd79

You are correct.

Except that second to last paragraph. That's bullshit and you know it.
No. 21957 ID: fa9f7e

Eh, the characters are good, but there's too damn many of them. It'd be better if there were fewer, I quit reading it when the kids' descendants were introduced and got into trouble. I just couldn't bring myself to give a fuck about them.

And the story is generally better in retrospect when you've had time to find all the little hidden foreshadowings, etc.

Everything else you said was fairly accurate, though.
No. 21958 ID: 6a1ec2


No. 21977 ID: f25c20
File 134387036863.jpg - (238.35KB , 1920x1080 , 440_screenshots_2012-08-02_00003.jpg )

I could either make another drawthread or I could post this here.

No. 22047 ID: 2eac65

I just thought of something. You know how Caliborn prototyped his entire planet and himself? Well, he said earlier that there were "millions of corpses littering the soil" or something along those lines. We know that prototyping a corpse gives the kernelsprite its personality, and as Tavrisprite showed, prototyping multiple dead bodies can end poorly.

Which means that Lord English has the entire cherub race in his head. And if you look at him animated, he's always shaking and jittering spastically, as if he were full of primal energy just waiting to be released. This may be the reason why.
No. 22048 ID: ce47da


that theory makes too much sense for this thread.
No. 22051 ID: 7d3622

Honestly it's hard to say what exactly we saw. He COULD have been prototyping everything. Maybe there were two kernalsprites released at the same time and they prototyped each other. Maybe he and the planet weren't prototyped, but instead they entered into their session.
Until Hussie confirms in writing we can't B. sure.
No. 22052 ID: 50b072


> Maybe there were two kernalsprites released at the same time and they prototyped each other.

Caliborn's sprite is anti-skaia, a place of infinite destructive potential.

Calliope's sprite is Skaia.
No. 22053 ID: 6a1ec2

It'd honestly make more sense if Caliborn's sprite was Skaia, or perhaps the entire Incipisphere (assuming said "prototyping" eventually consumes the cherub's entire universe as black holes are wont).

Calliope can't have a sprite since she never had access to a computing device with which to run the SBurb client. She never even got a chance to prototype, much less enter the medium. Caliborn's trying to be his own server by stealing Calliope's computer (thus the need to bite off his leg), so he has a sprite and prototyped it with (something?), but there's no possible game mechanism left for Calliope to gain a sprite, since there is nobody to be her server player, to deploy the Cruxtruder.

I still say Lord English's name is Calmasis.
No. 22056 ID: bf54a8

SIGH, it's OBVIOUS it's two sprites eating eachother.every other sprite we have seen has been a color, black, and white, while thos one had two colors, red and green. a sprite is basically infinite potential. so infinity x infinity is what happened.
No. 22057 ID: 50b072


>Calliope can't have a sprite since she never had access to a computing device with which to run the SBurb client.

It's going to switch to Calliope's sprite when they say 'Calliope' to Lord English, causing her to wake up and take over the body briefly. When the player changes form, the sprite will change form as well. Because of time shenanigans, both Skaia and anti-Skaia will exist indefinitely and at the same time.

The reason lord english's predations are 'accounted for' by skaia's plans is that they are actually caused by the same entity (the sprite which is either infinite destructive or infinite creative potential, and as such is both simultaneously at different places).
No. 22059 ID: f5832c

Caliborn/calliope's session seems to have been a null one, judging from the lack of prototyping towers of their prospit, so it looks like the two kernals consuming each other robs them of that ability. so i higly dout Cal has a sprite or is himself prototyped.

i have a sneaking suspiscion that the potions gamzee gave jane are going to have something to do with LE's colour flashing thing, it may also be that as a single player in a very broken session, LE somehow gains ALL the god tiers, space, time heart ect ect hence his massive ammounts of power and jittery motions.

of course we have no idea how old LE is at this point, he could gain his time god tier, then move on to someone elses session and gain more power over thousands of years.
No. 22064 ID: 2eac65

Something just occured to me. Assuming that Lord English is, in fact, Caliborn, how did he get inside Doc Scratch? We know how Scratch's life began: he started as an ectobiological clone of Lil' Cal and a cueball, then he grew up and Lord English erupted from him at the end of time. Which, again, leaves the problem of how he got there; he couldn't have been hiding in the cueball or the puppet, since a paradox clone is completely separate from the original.

It's possible that Doc Scratch either acted as a portal somehow, or left the universe at one point and smuggled him in. But there's another, more dramatic possibility: Lord English isn't Caliborn, he's a paradox clone of Caliborn. How could this be? Perhaps the puppet/cueball is his/Calliope's juju. Or it could be one of those extra codes spliced into Doc Scratch; he was, after all, made from six of them, while Becquerel was made from only one.
No. 22065 ID: b85f8c

>Scratch's origin
He was made with Lil' Cal, a cueball, and the combined troll code. The code is obviously LE's essence.
No. 22069 ID: 6a1ec2

Lord English isn't a paradox clone of Caliborn. He's Caliborn's alternate universe ancestor, like Vriska and Meemaw.
No. 22070 ID: bf54a8

... english IS caliborn, not a clone or ancestor. he just won and grew up.
No. 22080 ID: 6a1ec2

LE is Calmasis. He's the anti-hero who will inexplicably beat Caliborn at his own game, which is cheating at chess. He's Caliborn's paradox sibling cast into the "scratch" universe, whose equivalent in Caliborn's universe is Caliborn's ancestor.

Of course, Caliborn, Calliope, and both their ancestors all share a single body. So do all the paradox clones of Cherubs. Caliborn, Calliope, Lil' Cal, and even Calmasis are all one and the same Lord English. The reason for this is that when you think there is more than one of a Juju you are being misled, because there is only one. Lil' Cal is Dirk's Juju, therefore every Cal is Lil' Cal, and Lil' Cal is Lord English.

Jake is also Lord English.
No. 22083 ID: f5832c

Hold on a moment... if Calliope/borns planet is earth(wich it seems to be)... how has it avoided the red miles... because if its earth then it's a product of the trolls bilious slick, and all his universes are gone by this point...

unless this one particular version of it has somehow avoided them long enough for the sun to reach red giant levels... Whoa! dose this mean the Black hole is going to swallow the red miles?
No. 22089 ID: b85f8c

I don't believe the Red Miles are destroying the Earth at all. They're just being used to seek and destroy the kids.
No. 22091 ID: 886a4d

You do realize the red miles that destroy the Earth are the same that Noir sends out to destroy the frog that is the universe right?
No. 22093 ID: 6a1ec2


Which Earth? The Scratch-Earth's Red Miles are sent by a so far unidentified Bishop who, having been paid off with Licorice Scotty Dogs by Caliborn, is taking a hit out on Dirk. (The wiki says it's Bec-Noir, but I have my doubts.) The ones that kill Roxy may or may not be the same Red Miles. Actually Caliborn never reveals exactly what he paid the bishop to kill, so possibly targeting the entire population of Earth. Roxy and Dirk are the only humans left anyway.

The Pre-Scratch-Earth's Red Miles are sent by Bec-Noir who just doesn't like frogs, and is thus killing the universe surrounding the devastated planet. Also he's ultra-powered by green sun shenanigans, so GreenRed Miles normally may not be able to target something so game-breaking as the entire Black+White armies, or the entire universe of a game's Final Reward.
No. 22094 ID: 011678

both the pre and post scratch earth's red miles are from Bec noir, Bslick containes all versions of the universe he containes, this includes scratched versions and doomed timelines.

caliborn's statement of there bieng a "Hit" on the human universes may be him having noticed that someone, possibly LE seems to be doing everything in thier power to sabotage the kids session/s
No. 22095 ID: b85f8c

>unidentified Bishop
>Caliborn paid him

The Draconian Dignitary used Red Miles to kill Dirk in the post-scratch session, and was NOT paid off by Caliborn. He's in a different session entirely!

Caliborn paid off his version of Noir so that he'd stab the shit out of Calliope's dream self. Of note is that he is wearing grey rather than the normal black.

That said, I *was* wrong about the post-scratch Earth's Red Miles being from DD. Them being from Bec Noir suggests that Caliborn is not on Earth at all. Now, I remember that Dirk mentioned that most of post-scratch Dave's artifacted junk was launched into space. I'm guessing it all wound up on the Cal planet by random chance... except, that's not originally where they came from, is it?

Caliborn/Calliope are chained up so they cannot escape a particular room inside what SEEMS to be the same meteor-borne science facility the trolls have been holed up in and are now using to travel to the new session. The facility landed on the planet the pair are now stuck on. It's not where they came from.
No. 22098 ID: 50b072


>The Scratch-Earth's Red Miles are sent by a so far unidentified Bishop who, having been paid off with Licorice Scotty Dogs by Caliborn, is taking a hit out on Dirk.

No, the scratch-earth's red miles came from Bec Noir. DD's Red Miles were used on Derse only.

>The Draconian Dignitary used Red Miles to kill Dirk in the post-scratch session,

Technically he used them to kill Jane, they failed to kill Dirk at all.
No. 22100 ID: 4349bf

Caliborn's goal is to kill his sister, right? In order for Caliborn to be awake, Calliope must be asleep. Calliope's dreamself is dead, which means she goes to the dreambubbles when she's asleep. Therefore, if Caliborn/LE keeps popping every dreambubble he comes across, he'll get her eventually.
No. 22101 ID: 50b072


Getting killed in a dream bubble while you are not dead causes you to wake up. This has happened several times already.
No. 22102 ID: 6a1ec2

I still don't get how Bec Noir is supposed to have destroyed Scratch Earth too. The Scratch Earth is in the Scratch Universe, an entirely separate frog than the pre-scratch one Bec dostroyed. He'd have to destroy the Earth equivalent of Snowman before all alternate Earths were destroyed, right?
No. 22104 ID: 886a4d

Same frog, alternate timeline. Bilious Slick doesn't just hold one instance of a universe he holds them all... doomed, post scratch, pre scratch... all of them. I believe Calliope says that in one of her pesterlogs.
No. 22105 ID: 50b072


Like, >>22104 said, Bilious slick has every possible incarnation of the kidverse in it.

This is explicitly stated.
No. 22106 ID: 6a1ec2


OK fine, let's say Bilious Slick has all incarnations of the kidverse. But Bec Noir destroyed the frog, not Bilious Slick. Slick was in the trollverse, killing Snowman, which destroys all incarnations of the trollverse. Subsequently via shenanigans Slick survived to be tenderly cared for (dumped in a lake) by Hussie. The frog was in the troll's game medium, entirely unconnected with the trollverse. Slick's status is uncertain, and it certainly isn't Death By Red Miles.

Bec Noir came closer to killing *himself* when he escaped the Red Miles by transportalizing into the troll's session, only to cause the Red Miles that originally threatened him. But Slick wasn't involved in that? Bec's miles destroyed Prospit, and Skaia, and Derse, and he basically annihilated everything in the troll's medium, but Slick was never in the medium, and he's still not definitively dead.
No. 22108 ID: 50b072


>But Bec Noir destroyed the frog, not Bilious Slick.

The frog IS Bilious Slick, you astonishing dumbass.
No. 22109 ID: 6a1ec2


wut but


I thought Bilious Slick was the troll's black bishop.
No. 22110 ID: f5832c

you seem to need some clarification on the names.

the universal frog is called Bilious Slick.
Bec noir's real name is Jack noir, who also went by the nickname Spades slick
No. 22111 ID: f5832c

the guy who unleashed the Red miles on Dirks derse is called the Draconian dignitary, or diamonds droog.

hes Jacks second in command and is a hell of a lot more chilled and relaxed the jack, hence he just destroyed derse to get at dirk, rather then wipe out the whole universe during what is basicaly a tantrum like jack did.
No. 22112 ID: b85f8c

I'd also like to point out here that there aren't any bishops. All the carapacians are pawns. Even the king and queen are pawns.
No. 22114 ID: 886a4d

I think the best place for you is re-reading Homestuck... and pay attention to the pesterlogs this time instead of just watching the flash .
No. 22115 ID: 6a1ec2


No, the king and queen are most certainly kings and queens. Just look at what the queen's ring can do! You're just confused because of the rule that when a pawn gets to the opposite end of the board they may be promoted to a queen.

Also Spades Slick (thought he was Bilious Slick, sorry) is the troll's equivalent to Jack Noir. They aren't the same guy. At least, not any more than anyone else is. Remember the end of Spades' invasion of the Felt mansion? "It's been a long time..." he says to Karkat.


I think the best place for you is a looney bin! You expect anyone to be able to keep up with those pesterlogs? Good grief! I bet you have the dictionary memorized too, Colonel Sassacre!
No. 22116 ID: bf54a8

well yeah, NOW. since the thing is paused, you got time.